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Winter - an eventful period in Arjeplog

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Sled dogs, ready to go!


The Hot Seat

Chris Shortt, Lead instructor, Jaguar Land Rover Experience

Family Mother, father and three older sisters in the UK.

Spare time activities Flying Helicopters and riding my Triumph Daytona 675 Motorbike

Home Lemington Spa, near Birmingham.

Dreams about the future To keep traveling the world

Company Jaguar Land Rover Experience

Do you have a motto in life Anythings possible

Occupation Lead instructor at Jaguar Land Rover Ice academy.

The place you enjoy being most Dartmouth on the southwest coast in the UK. I go there every year with my family and girlfriend.

What about your job I have been with Jaguar Land Rover Experience for six years. For the past two years, I have been working for our Adventure travel department. I was brought in as the lead instructor for the JLR Ice Academy programme last February 2016. I am responsible for the Instructors, cars, tracks and the guest’s driving experience. Present car Land Rover Discovery Dream car Jaguar XKR-S GT Favourite food Mum´s lasagna. What’s important in life You only get one chance, so do what you love.

A dream trip Alaska, to see grizzly bears.

Most of us have noticed that the weather has been kind of strange this winter. We usually have short spells of mild temperatures, but this long period of warm weather is not normal to us. Old people, however, say that warm winters like this one have occurred in the past, but we all seem to have forgotten that…

Maybe someone is prepered to take the boat instead of the snowmobile soon...?

Do you have any special skills I play the drums.


Tell us a secret about yourself that you don’t think people know I secretly listen to classical music, helps me focus when I’m working

Xpress Arjeplog is a biweekly magazine published every two Fridays in the winter season, between January 20 - March 31, for the benefit of our foreign guests during this time. The paper version is free and you also find it on our website

Something you learned from your parents that you want to pass on to your children It’s important to build relationships with your friends a colleagues. You’re only as good as the team around you. Something you want to say to people in Arjeplog Thank you for letting us use your beautiful lakes. Hope to see you at the Silverhatten! 2

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Ma st et hiryn yofou rthere acdrihft! is wi

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This week’s local - Dan Larsson Guns & Roses The best place to be Nåttiön, which is located near Arjeplog and we stay there part time. Tell us something that nobody knows I have been a pro in snowmobile racing. I was employed by Movac for three years (1976-1979), and I won the bronze medal in the Swedish Championship1978 in Arjeplog. Special skills I am great at pistol shooting. What do you think that other persons think/says about you I think that they appreciate that I am meticulous.

Family Partner Anna-Lena and my daughter with her family in Malå (I have three grandchildren), and my son in Umeå. Home Arjeplog and Adak-where I still have a house. Both of our houses are built in 1912. Job The stores “Guns & Roses” - a Hunting, Gun and Outdoor shop together with the flower shop. Best thing with my job It´s a hobby and leisure at the same time. A great interest of mine. Favourite food Reindeer meat, especially thick flank. Spare time activities I hunt, practise gun shooting, goes fishing and drive snowmobile. Future hopes/Important in life That everyone in my family is well. Current car None Dream car Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

Motto Don´t put off till tomorrow what you can do today. What can you approve about yourself I should get started with exercise again: jogging and skiing. Dream vacation India - to see another culture and Australia. Do you let out your house No, we don’t.

OKQ8 has started selling German tabloids Sandra Svensson started in May 2016 as Sales Manager at the petrol station OKQ8 in Arjeplog. She came from Coop Konsum, where she had worked for 13 years. In her new role, she has learned about oils and other things belonging to a petrol station. But it has only been fun, she enjoys it. Right now, OKQ8 has high season and it lasts until September. It is first vehicle testing season, and then snowmobile season, summer and fishing season. The idea to start selling German newspapers came during a conversation with the CEO. There has been a huge job to get permission to sell the papers and to get them in their assortment, because the retail chain has a special assortment. So now they are trying during the vehicle testing season with two different “tabloids”, and if it goes well, they will continue. - I guess that we are the only ones that have this service in this area, sales manager Sandra Svensson claims. - If there are other requests, talk to the staff and we will see if it can be solved, Sandra says with a smile.

Did you know... * Did you know... that Hornavan in Arjeplog is the deepest lake in Sweden with it´s 221 metres. Hornavan is located 425 meters above the sea level. The lake is 262 square kilometres on the surface, which can change since it is regulated. * Did you know... that many years ago there were some tourists that tried to trap an elk with a loop. That could have gone very wrong... First, it´s not allowed and second it could be really dangerous. During the autumn it´s allowed to hunt elks, but only if you meet several requirements, such as hunting license and permission. 4

- We wanted to try something new that could be interesting for the German guests that visits Arjeplog during the winter, Sandra says.


A new tunnel is under construction, on the Norweigan side, 150 kilometers from Arjeplog Since the mid 70´s there has been a road through Junkerdal on the Norweigan side near the Swedish border. The road connects Sweden with Norway and continues on the E6 motorway on the Norweigan side. It is a beautiful road with astonishing scenaries both winter and summer. ”Graddisvägen” it´s called in popular speech.

WARNING! When the road to Norway is closed, this sign will be visible outside Arjeplog and in the crossroad to Laisvall. It says that the road is closed in Merkenes and that it is tough weather.

But the road has always been narrow and dangerous, especially during the winter when big trucks have problems to pass through. This is about to change, as a new tunnel is under contruction that will make a much safer part of the road. During the winter it sometimes happens that the road is closed according to bad and stormy weather. This will be the same even after the tunnel is built, since a long part of the road is very open and exposed to winds and snow. But the safety will be much better with this 3,3 kilometer long tunnel with 4% gradient and 8,5 meters width. In the beginning of February they had reached 500 meters into the mountain, and the tunnel and the The scenary makes everyone connecting roads are planned to be stop to take photos. finished in the autumn of 2019. During the winter, there are always personnel stationed near the border that takes care of the snow removal. Sometimes they have to drive in front of the cars that want´s to pass the border and do convoy driving. This winter they have also closed the road entirely several times, either due to the wind or the snow. But not all drivers accept that, and one tried to go by himself. He managed to drive 4 kilometers before he was stuck. 6

This winter the sign has been visible several times due to the climate.

The views that meets you when you drive to Norway during the summer, are spectacular. It´s a trip that really can be recommended. It´s beautiful in the winter too, but be careful on the slippery roads.

Photo: Caroline Torfve The elk cow is in the sheep closure and eats their hay.

Adolfström - where the road ends and the wilderness beginns The winding road between Laisvall and Adolfström, a small village 75 km west of Arjeplog, is a beautiful drive in both summer and winter. Activities here depend on the season, but this winter they had some very special guests arriving to the village - elks. A little too close a visit, according to some, but others enjoy to have them close.

Vera, fourteen months old, enjoy all the animals at their farm. Mother Caroline keep an eye on what she´s up to.

The Thorfve/Viklund family have an elk cow and calf right up by their house. They even enter the closures of the family’s goats and sheep - and munch their hay.

This is ”Allan”, one of the billy-goats.

- We live a great life here, Caroline says. In the summer time several mountains can be entered rather easily by foot. And the fishing are splended in the surroundings of Adolfström. 7

Close to nature on a dogsledge tour with Cold-Nose-Huskies The feeling is silence and peacefulness, when we are pulled by the incredibly strong and eager Alaskan Huskies. Malin Strid and Lars Hoffmann have worked with dogsledding for several years and they make our tour an interesting, professional and enjoyable adventure. This time they used twelve dogs in front of each sled, and we were four guests plus guide. In total they have 50 Alaskan Huskies at home in Gargnäs, whereof 39 are adults. Malin and Lars work full time with dog sledding and regularly participate in competitions with a length of up to 1000 km. Their goal is to be part of the 1800 km long “Iditarod” in Alaska, the longest and toughest sled dog race in the world. If you want more information, they have a website:

© Cold-Nose-Huskies If it´s colder, much more snow and a more ”normal” winter, it can look like this during a dog sledge tour. 8

© Cold-Nose-Huskies

New tipis at Bosch, Vaitoudden

Time schedule for the coin- and bill change New bills and coins have been distributed

Not valid after June 30 2016

Not valid after June 30 2017

Like last year, there are some bills and coins that will not be valid after June 30, 2017. It´s the 100 and 500 bills, & 1, 2 (old) and 5 sek coins.

At Vaitoudden, 10 kilometres west of Arjeplog does Bosch have its proving ground. Like several other test companies Bosch believes in Arjeplog and wants to continue with the vehicle test industry here. The part that is growing is the customer events, and for that purpose they have built three brand new tipis that are connected by an entrance and hallway. Bosch can use the tipis for presentations and other arrangements. An event can for example consist of showing a new car model and then go out testing them on the test tracks. - I am sure that there are possibilities for more actors regarding evening events with authentic food and environments, Uwe Burkart says, deputy site manager for the Bosch proving ground. They want to continue to be more attractive to the proving ground user. A concern is the infrastructure in Arjeplog that is not growing as fast as the testing business. If there would be more possibilities for the guests to sleep, more parking lots for trucks in central Arjeplog, better Internet and more ambulances it would be beneficial for the whole industry.

Bernt Adolph, Kulturfärg in Arjeplog, has painted some decorative pictures in the tipis.

They have also built new garages for electrical vehicles. Bosch is very careful with safety and security as well as environmental safety.

When Xpress Arjeplog visited Vaitoudden, the tipis were almost finished. The tipis will be painted outside during the summer, and they are already in use for presentations and different groups.

Uwe Burkart

It has never occurred any major incident, only a few small - much thanks to the good security. Each season, all employees go through a ”safety briefing” to get important information regarding the safety on the proving ground. Before they are allowed to drive on the land tracks, the ice tracks and the roads they must also participate at the winter driving school. When I ask Mr. Burkart what he think about working in Arjeplog, he answers: - We are guests here and I think that we get all the help that we need and everyone is very friendly.

Photo: Michael Gromig 9


Useful Information


Fish, meat and seafood in the shop. Open: Mon and Fri 8-10 & 14-17, Tues-Thurs 14-17, We offer ice-fishing tours. Info and booking tel 073-181 31 99.


In our shop and café, you will find a large assortment of Reindeer and Moose meat. Also of Fish (marinated, cold and warm smoked, sometimes also naturel/fresh), and seafood. You also will find a lot of souvenirs and handicrafts in the shop. We are on the Market square in central Arjeplog. Open: Mon-Thur 10-17, Fri 9-16, Sat 11-15 and Sun 12-16. Phone: 0961-100 01. Find us on Facebook as Viltbutiken

◗ ATM - ARJEPLOG TEST MANAGEMENT Ice tracks, office and workshop. Engineering service, driving school. Info: 0961-58 28 00, Åsa or Gunilla.


Parish of Arjeplog. Church services on Sundays at 11.00. Open every day 8-16.


Cold-Nose-Huskies offers everything from exclusive sled dog tours for one or two persons to events for bigger groups and companies. Always with the focus on giving their guests an experience for life! 0046-728277697 (Lars), 0046-702878502 (Malin) Instagram: @coldnosehuskies Follow us on Facebook!


Testing facilities for rent - short and long- term. Workshops, offices, tracks. Magnus Holmgren tel 070-641 99 98, Rickard Larsson tel 070-635 8110.


Snowmobile adventures beyond the ordinary. Deep snow, basic safari or northern light hunt. Speed car Xtreme at our ice-track. Snowshoes: Rental and guided tours. Shop with clothes, parts and accessories for snowmobile. Daily update at facebook. Open 7-16. Tel: 0961-10102.


Tyres and repairs, wheel alignments. Everything for your cars. We can fix almost anything! Industrivägen 6. Tel 0961-615 09.



Hardware shop, kitchenware, tools, shavers. Sports department with large selection of equipment and clothes. Storgatan 9. Tel 0961-101 70.

Transfer to/from Arvidsjaur-Luleå & Skellefteå airport. We also offer bus tours, buses of various sizes at fixed prices. For info and booking: 0961-104 25. Email:




Opening hours 10-16: Sat-Sun January 14- February 19 Every day February 25-March 12 Fri-Sun March 17-April 2 Every day April 7-April 23. Rental of equipment, restaurant. 11 km from central Arjeplog. Tel lift: 0961-440 26, office 0961-109 08. Cell phone: 070-534 20 14,


In our well-stocked shop, you can find almost everything for your winter & summer fishing. We have maggot and worms, and let out ice drills, flotation suit, jigging rods etc. In our new cozy cafe we serve coffee, hot and cold sandwiches and cakes. Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00 - 17:30 Sat 10:00 - 16:00 Sun 13.00 - 17:00 Tel 0961-10089, 070-511 16 81


We perform vision test, we repair your watch and glasses, and we sell lenses, sunglasses, etc. Welcome to Storgatan 1E. Find us at: or Facebook


Hotel and conference in centre of town. Tel: 0961-612 10, Fax: 0961-101 50.

Accommodation in hotel and cabins, restaurant, bar, SPA area, entertainments. Tel: 0961-31500,,

Monday-Friday: lunch buffet 11.00-14.30 Saturdays: lunch buffet 12.00-15.00 Monday-Saturday: After the lunch buffet we have al a carte until 22.00. Sunday: al a carte all day, 12:00 to 22:00. You can find us at Drottninggatan 4, phone: 0961-614 44. Very welcome!


We sell fastfood, autoparts, leisure products and much more. Opening hours: Mon-Fri 6-22 Sat-Sun 7-22 Phone: 0961-102 35. Welcome to us.


Exhibitions, slide show, souvenirs, tourist information, coffee. Mon-Fri: 10-13, 14-16. Jan 22nd – March 26th also Sunday 16-18.,, +46 (0)961-145 00



Accommodation, restaurants, bar, SPA area, gym, entertainments, conference. Tel: 0961-10770,,


Fruit and vegetables, also organic. Salad bar (10-18), Newbaked fresh bread every day, grilled meat. Order your birthday cake or Swedish “smörgås tårta” from us. Post office services. Mon-Fri 9-20 Sat & Sun 9-18. On Facebook: Ica Nära Arjeplog Welcome! Tel 0961-10395


Welcome to Torggatan 7, Arjeplog 0961-10304 070-513 02 81

Meet Elisabeth Sjöblom, who le her house during the winter se t out ason How do you live when you let out your house? I live at “Samegården”, a hostel in central Arjeplog. I have my own room and share kitchen, bathroom and living room with the other persons that stay there. It is really interesting and nice to meet other people, and some are also persons that let out there houses. I have learnt to know them much better then I would have otherwise. It´s like a vacation from the house for me. I read books and take long walks.

Do you notice any differences in Arjeplog during the test season? I can see in my work at the Bank that there is much focus on the vehicle testing during the winter, but after the season the renovations, constructions and home sales is continuing.

What do you think about all the test activities in Arjeplog? I think that it is really positive for Arjeplog, and gives many residents work. I want all the guests to enjoy and feel welcome to the community.

For how long have you let out your house? For twelve years.

How do you prepare the house for the renting period? I don´t remove so much, I assume that my guests don´t touch my personal things. But I carefully prepair the house, since I want it to be a special way.

Are you afraid that something is going to happen to your house? Yes I am. I want them to take good care of my house, and I assume that everyone does. I rather want the guests to call me one time too much.

What is the best thing about letting out your house? The day when I can return to my home. Then I appreciate the house even more.

Elisabeth Sjöblom let out her house during the vehicle test season, and thinks that this period is really positive for Arjeplog.



2 2 7 N OPE

What´s the difference from being at home? Since it is a dark time of the year, it doesn´t matter so much. It suits me fine and I can relax and take it easy.

Is it worth it? Yes, since I live alone it´s great to have a buffer. I can use the money to renovate the house.

PHONE: 0961-101 11


What’s on? FRIDAY FEBRUARY 17 * KRAJA: Pubnight

Where to Eat & Drink in Arjeplog!

EVERY THURSDAY * IGLOOTEL Icepub 20:00-23:00.

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 18 * SILVERHATTEN: 22.00-02.00, entry after 23.00 - 100 sek. Troubadour Börje Kaddik.

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 19 * EXPERIENCE ARJEPLOG: Snowmobile tours. 12.00 – 14.00. 2 hours. 1790 SEK. For more information and reservation, 0961-10102,, * 11:00 Church service at Arjeplog church. * 15:00 Baptismal at Arjeplog church.


SATURDAY FEBRUARY 25 * SILVERHATTEN: 22.00-02.00, entry after 23.00 - 100 sek. Nightclub DJ Metta.


EVERY SUNDAY * Dog sledge tour with Cold-Nose-Huskies. Starts outside Experience Center Arjeplog. 1,5h tour with dogsledge starts at 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00. Price: 1680 sek. Book via Kraja reception: + 46 (0)961 31500,

DAILY * Speedcar Xtrem. On request. 6 laps on our ice-track next to Experience Arjeplog. 650 SEK. For more information and reservation, 0961-10102, info@experiencearjeplog. se, * Snowmobile tours. On request. From 2 hour to full days or even longer. Easy trail tours or demanding deep snow! Always the best and newest snowmobiles. For more information and reservation, 0961-10102, info@experiencearjeplog. se,

* EXPERIENCE ARJEPLOG: Snowmobile tours. 12.00 – 14.00. 2 hours. 1790 SEK. For more information and reservation, 0961-10102,,

* Northern Light Hike. On request. Includes: Guide, Snowshoes, Pole/Stick, Headlight. Warm drinks and cookies. Ca 1,5 hour. 600 SEK. For more information and reservation, 0961-10102,, www.

* 11:00 Church service at Arjeplog church.

* 8-16 Arjeplog church is open for visitors.

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Xpress Arjeplog, produced & published by Mona Piribauer. Thanks Lisa A for the proof reading!

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Silverhatten Restaurant Breakfast: 85 SEK Mon – Sat 6.00 - 9.00 Sundays 7.00 – 10.00 Lunch: 95 SEK Monday – Sunday 11.00 – 14.00 À la carte: Monday – Sunday 17.00 – 23.00 Tel 0961-107 70. Wednesday February 15 - Sunday February19 Plankevenings – Choose between Artic char or Steak, price 190 Sek

Kraja Restaurant Breakfast: 85 SEK Mon – Friday 6.00 - 9.00 Saturday - Sunday 7.00 – 10.00 Lunch: 95 SEK Monday – Friday 11.00 – 14.00 Saturday – Sunday 12.00 – 14.00 À la carte: Friday – Sunday 17.00 – 22.00 Special offers every evening Tel 0961-31500.

Viltbutik & Café A cozy café, with a hint of wilderness. We have Reindeer and Moose meat, and also fish for sale in our shop. Products that we also use for our tasty sandwiches and toasts aswell in our Café. Our specialty is a plate we call it ”Kaffetåren”, served with traditional delicatessen as, coffee cheese, cooked reindeer tongue, and dried reindeer meat,-coffee included. We also serve a large selection of cakes and pastries if you just want ”Fika”, -a social coffee break with colleagues, friends, date or family. Open: Mon-Thur 10-17, Fri 9-16, Sat 11-15 and Sun 12-16. Phone: 0961-100 01. You are most Welcome!

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Read about the elk that is climbing into the sheep closure and munch their hay, or the new tunnel that will make the road to Norway much saf...

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