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Thank you to all of our advertisers for their ongoing support throughout our newsletter. All photos courtesy Diane Gromley, except where noted otherwise.

Pinewood Partyline created by Diane Gromley

September 2012 Meeting Summary Interim Governor • Plan 1 and Plan 5 governors submitted resignations in writing to the entire board via e-mail. Nomination for Plan 1 submitted by Migacz (Plan 1 Governor) in writing to entire board via e-mail on 8/5/12 for John Braun of 355 Booth Hill Road. Migacz nominates John Braun for Plan 1 Governor replacement (interim position - remainder of term) – Board vote carries with 7 in favor (includes Kingsbury proxy), 4 opposed and 1 abstention by Smaniotto.

T r e a s u r e r / A s s i s ta n t Treasurer • Total assets $243,760 vs. $305,460 last year with key points to insurance refund $7,969, final beach staff wages $11,915 and Member’s party $4,593. Take note of income totaling $10,095 some of which included: owner dues, insurance refund, rentals and swim lessons. Beach • 2012 Season: Beach Committee would like to thank all beach staff, Greg for tending to our grounds, Dan for caring for our waterfront and Sue Murray for planting and tending to flower pots. Members expressed their appreciation for additional Adirondack chairs. • Beach Incident: On 8/23/2012 there was gathering on the sand/ beach area with a bonfire. Beach Committee member approached party and requested they put out the fire in accordance with Trumbull’s ordinance against open fires. Members stated that they do this every year and did not comply. Fire department was contacted to confirm permits. No permit on file, so fire truck was dispatched. Some Safety Committee members also arrived on the scene when trucks arrived. Specific details of incident forwarded to Community Relations committee.

Social • BadmintonTournament and Breakfast: Great turnout and kids really enjoyed themselves. Trophies were handed out at the awards ceremony after Family Fun Day. Member’s Party: The 6th Annual Members party was attended by over 400 members (Look for recap in next Partyline). Family Fun Day: Over 150 members participated in another successful end of season event. Upcoming Events: Mucherino Fundraiser, Friday September 14th (look for details in the Partyline), Fall Dance hosted by Claire Rhodes, Saturday, September 29th (look for details in the Partyline), Ladies of the Lake has been changed to September 21st (look for more details in Partyline or e-blast) Canteen

• CoMac’s Food Service wants to thank PLA board and membership for support this summer and have expressed interest in returning next season. Equipment modernization allowed for faster and more efficient service to member’s but have made a few recommendations for upgrades to replace some obsolete equipment. community relation Committee • We hope committee will be of significant value on how to handle PLA problems and issues. What do board members think are values that the committee should follow, how we can improve on procedures–please send thoughts to Terry Seitz. Motions • Motion proposed by Sisson to rescind motion made at the last Board meeting regarding hearing invitation letter to Cooney per incident on patio and seconded by Smaniotto–motion passed with one opposed by Seitz and 2 abstentions by Ieronimo and Migacz.

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From the President’s desk

Volunteering: We have many Volunteers participating at many different levels but perhaps the most important of these are the governors that make decisions that affect the entire membership. It is a big commitment but also the most rewarding. We have a few openings for 2013 and we need to fill them. Plan five needs 2 and plan 3 has It is the duty of the outgoing governors to find and recommend a replacement but this is not always possible. In addition, we would welcome someone to fill the Assistant Secretary post. Lake Draw Down: Many of you noticed the quick draw down a few weeks ago. This was not a scheduled draw down but necessary to replace the drainpipe from the parking lot along the West Lake end of the beach. We are sorry for any inconvenience this caused as the draw down was a bit lower and the task took a bit longer than anticipated. Thanks to quick action by our Beach committee, they were able to have a load of pea gravel spread below the waterline at the beach. SCG Pipeline: My last conversation with SCG left the gas line extension off the table for this year although if enough members request the installation of Gas utilities ,particularly those on Pinewood Trail ,the gas Company may consider it next year…. Natural Gas is anticipated to be the preferred most economical form of energy far into the future and having gas as an option for your home will also add to your home’s value and marketability should ever decide to sell. David J. Cosenza OD PLA President Cell: 203-257-3983 • September 2012 Meeting Summary (continued from page 2) • Motion proposed by Sisson to dissolve Investigation Committee and form a new committee to handle complaint follow-up seconded by Letizia–motion carried with 1 opposed and 2 abstentions. Motion proposed by Cosenza to continue the work of the investigation committee with same members, same guidelines but calling it Community Relations Committee seconded by Ieronimo – motion carried. • Motion proposed by Ieronimo to not allow fires of any kind…campbon-smores-pit on PLA property unless prior approval for a PLA sanctioned event or grilling/cooking in designated location with standard cooking grill; seconded by O’Connor which was unanimously approved. • Motion proposed by O’Connor not to place minutes in Partyline before they have been approved which was seconded by Conroy which was unanimously approved.


December Partyline Content due November 15th, 2012 (Information submitted after the deadline will wait until the next issue) Partyline on Website: Beginning with this issue we will be posting the Partyline on the PLA website where they will remain for your convenience ( Add or update your e-mail address today by sending an e-mail to or (type in PLA e-mail update in subject area) and include your name and address for verification purposes. We have been experiencing a number of e-mail blasts being kicked back and therefore undeliverable to member recipients. If you are not receiving the e-mail blasts, e-mail a TEST e-mail. This should tell your e-mail service that this is not a spam address. Please make sure that both e-mail addresses ( or are NOT BLOCKED by your computer. This will insure that you receive all e-blasts. You may contact your e-mail service provider if you need further assistance. Keep us updated, and we keep you updated with the PLA e-blasts! For your privacy, e-mail addresses cannot be viewed by others when we send out. Note: Please feel free to submit photos from recent events and happenings for consideration in the next Partyline. I’d love to attend all events, but sometimes I am not able to, or you may just snap that great photo you’d love to share... so feel free to share with your community...e-mail blackfootdesign@charter. net or Thanks! Diane Gromley PLA Partyline

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CANDIDATE CANDIDATE David Cosenza Dan Letizia OPEN Jennifer Izzo Tom Whelan Michele Kingsbury

* Note that there are two open spots in Plan 5

Ballot for 2013 Officers (to be voted by 2012 Board of Governors)

If you are NOT attending the Annual Members Meeting on 12/4/12 and still wish to vote, you may send in this ballot in a sealed envelope with another member to the meeting. See Candidates listed at right, or write in your choice for your Plan Number. Only one Owner Member from each Family Unit as defined in art. II, sect. 1 of the By-Laws, may vote. Any Owner member can vote either in person or by proxy. Every proxy shall be in writing, subscribed by the member and dated, but need not be sealed, witnessed or acknowledged.


Voter Signature:______________________________________________________________________

Voter Name:_________________________________________________________________________


YOUR PLAN NUMBER:________________________________________________________________

Position President Vice President Secretary Assistant Secretary Treasurer Assistant Treasurer

CANDIDATE CANDIDATE John Braun Jennifer Izzo David Cosenza Michele Kingsbury Robert Sisson Scott Smaniotto Plan 1 2 3 4 5* 6


Ballot for 2013 Board of Governors

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PLA’s 2nd annual monster ball The 2nd Annual Monster Ball was held on Saturday, October 27th in the Ballroom that was transformed into a creepy Halloween movie set! Over 125 members and guests attended, dancing the night away to the music of Undercover. Many commented that this was “the best party ever!” and enjoyed the music, food, and ambience. The top photo showcases our costume finalists that were voted on by audience applause. First place went to Carol Langer & Erin Letizia, the “No” Costume, second place went to Camille & Walter Chistoni, the “Nerds,” and third place went to Tracey & Gene Cleri, dressed as “Fred & Wilma Flinstone.” Many thanks go out to: owner/member Nick Montanaro for donating the Grand Prize of a PLA Membership and organizing Vazzy’s Pizza delivery; the Gromley Family for the 2nd prize donation of Dinner For Two at the Red Barn; Undercover for the 3rd prize donation of a Basket of Cheer; Regina Hobbs for organizing the food and catering by Smeraglino’s; a special thank you goes out to our friends Joe Gibbons & Michelle Moffett who did an excellent job with the decorations and set up/transformation of our ballroom; Scott Smaniotto for the interim music; and Greg Marconi for his help setting/cleaning up. Your efforts are all very much appreciated. Until next year! —Diane & Randy Gromley

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KIDS COMMITTEE NEWS Join PLA Kid’s Committee Today! Please contact: Jen Kapteina (203-380-9592) or Kathy Kayne (203-385-8557) Kids Committee Recruiting Co-Chairs

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2012-2013 CALENDAR NOVEMBER 9 Friday_ _______________________________________ Ladies of the Lake 7:30 p.m. 15 Thursday_______________________________ Partyline Content Deadline DECEMBER 2 Sunday___________________________________________ Believers Party 5:00 p.m. 4 Tuesday_________________________________________ Annual Meeting 7:30 p.m. Followed by the Board of Governors Meeting 14 Friday_ _______________________________________ Ladies of the Lake 7:30 p.m. 31 Monday_______________________________ New Year’s Eve Celebration 8:00 p.m. JANUARY 1 Tuesday________________________________________Happy New Year! 3 Thursday______________________________ Board of Governors Meeting 7:30 p.m. 11 Friday_ _______________________________________ Ladies of the Lake 7:30 p.m. 15 Tuesday________________________________ Partyline Content Deadline

Trick or Treating may have been postponed until November 4th, but the Pinewood Lake kids didn’t mind at all!

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