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Talking about their generation The Shire of Roebourne invited seniors from across the region to celebrate Seniors Week with a morning tea at St Luke’s College on November 3. Over 20 seniors were greeted by the year 10 students who had provided entertainment, refreshments and of course tea for the seniors. The students and seniors enjoyed sharing stories about their life experiences. For full story see page 16

SCHOOL’S OUT Graduates celebrate their successes. Page 9


• Maria Van Den Broek is treated to a delightful morning tea by St Lukes’ College Students Leighton Campbell and Tess Van Niel during Senior’s Week Photo courtesy of Margaret Bertling

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An Echo Apology The Pilbara Echo made a mistake, last week the photo published was actually taken by Mel Brown on a Canon Powershot SX200 IS. When out sailfishing with friends she was lucky enough to get the shot whilst the dolphins were playing.

Submitted by

Sharee Dew

Sharee and her family were lucky enough to watch the performance put on by the dolphins on their way out to Norbell Bay. “This was such an exciting time for us and our 2 young daughters Sommer 7 & Bella 5, and even more special that we had family over from Melbourne to show off the magic of this amazing place.” Taken with a Canon EOS 1000D

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y thda r i B t py 1os ur son p a H to

Happy 3rd Birthday

Rawdon We love you lots! Kisses from Mum, Dad, Anais and Siana x

Happy 9th Birthday

Sharn Lots of Love Mum, Dad & Camden x

! s a c Lu Love Mum & Dad

Celebrating 30 Years of Entertainment

Tara Breslin Singing all her favourite hits from the 80’s


MP requests more police for Pilbara echonews



donated many prizes. to the Cancer Council a total $3021.05. Amanda Van generously Staden and $1300 willofremain with” the KCSG. August.

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These were Jamaica Blue, Oceanus KCSG’s Coordinator Michelle Louis The Cancer Council now raise Fishing Charters, Home Hardware,Mitre said “This year was so amazing as aroundof$8the million every Daffodil Day it 10/Farinosi, Thrifty Hardware, Member North West, full swing, is inconceivable Karratha Karratha a city, then they need their current staffing levels?” we are handing over more than we making it the biggest fundraising Place, Point has been The no Other to increase the number of Vince Catania has called that thereNewsagency, The allocation did last year to the resource Cancer Council. ” event in the Southern Hemisphere. Samson’s Lodgethe and Ta Ta’s Restaurant, increase police in the Shire by at least model being used by the WA upon the State Government thought to Search “Pilbara Echo” on “Last year we raised and handed over Proud, Karratha15Cancer Support The serious money raisednumbers is ofHouse police to cope officers. ” Mr Catania said. to take action to Police Service determines Facebook to join. put vehicle towards vital research, Group, Amanda Van Staden and to the Cancer Council a total of $3021.05.” describedensure the as that policing levels with the growing population” Mr Catania also raised the the cost of the placement of Upgrades Karratha black/grey fouratwheel are increased signifiAquatic cantly Mr Catania stated. “There obvious issue of the FIFO officers throughout the state. are Pilbara. being finalised are over 500,000 people workforce not being included “I firmly believe that this model drive. Centre within the this month and will open this coming through the airport in the Census statistics for is punishing the Pilbara region The described State have She further weekend withGovernment a free family fun at Karratha annually, the region. “Everyone knows due to the enormous cost of announced that and there will be numerous expansion and day to cially he male as celebrate having a offi that the true population of housing an officer here” Mr the vehicle as Parents this week are offidescribed the centre. an extra 500 police cers new beard re-open and wearing a mining developments the Shire of Roebourne is Catania stated. “Once again afiblack/grey four wheel being told over tofun remind employed the ve The and family daynext will be occurring withpeople, and the region Whitening through the Shire well over 20,000 black shirt black that is generating drive. children about atheir free-entry day on Sunday years but appears with little of Roebourne and yet there it is set to get bigger with the wealth for the country is beanie.November • The Karratha Cancer Support Group sold daffodils to raise money for the Cancer Council potential dangers they She further described 7 andtowillthe include the can now grab a FREE coffee consolation Pilbara has only been an increase of 2 the approval of several new receiving less than 1% ofYou the may encounter while aqua runs all daythe andmale as having a This use isof two a expecting timely and who are a minimal officers over the past 5 years.” General cosmetic dentistry. projects. •How are the&police promised extra police for thethe latest edition of the to school. awalking free sizzle, beard and wearing a eminder to sausage talkofto number offiyour cers toice becreams sent. Pilbara Echo at McDonalds Karratha the black State government realistically going to be able to with State. It simply isn’t good Whitening andItcool between black shirt“If and wasdrinks reported by 11am hildrenand and remind numbers enough. ” Mr Catania said.Drive-Thru every Monday HICAPS - FastonHealth Fund “WithPrimary the mining in are serious about making cope with• these 12pm. beanie. Karratha Schoolboom You can now grab a FREE coffee morning until 10.30am hem of the need to that theis morning of you This the Karratha International Hotel. education and support services. The Karratha CancerClaims Supporton Group Theonday to say thank to is a timely the spot. and the latest edition of the • General & cosmetic dentistry. (KCSG) helped to raise funds for be vigilant when they thecommunity 31st August, malepatience The Karratha volunteers Michelle, the foratheir The KCSG like reminder to talk to your Pilbara Echo at McDonaldswould Karratha also the Cancer Council on Friday 27th Greg and Jack Louis, Sandie Sopp, to thank Karratha Florist and person had wider attempted and over thechildren last re out inunderstanding the and remind Drive-Thru every Monday - Fast Health August by selling of • HICAPS • 17hundreds years experience. Blanche Emms andFund Carol McKimmie Woolworths for their donations. to months. coerce a female them of the need to few morning until 10.30am ommunity. daffodils in the Karratha Centro as Claims were on selling their daffodils for the spot. The KCSG managed to raise an student into his vehicle part of their Daff odil Day. be vigilant when they The reason for the delay in $1 per stem or $10 a bunch. outstanding $5395.20 of which Children are advised • Visiting implant surgeon. before school. Daffodil Day is held on the the opening followed fromaretheout in the wider Theyexperience. also held a raffle $4095.20 will be handed to the • 17 years 27th August throughout Australia whereby o walkresults in groups, in run ofcommunity. Thefrom astay student local companies had Cancer Council and the extra second tests but donations can be made generously donated many prizes. $1300 will remain with the KCSG. immediately went on the samples. afe areas andwater reminded Children are advised • Visiting implant surgeon. anytime throughout August. Theseavailable were Jamaica Blue, Oceanus Mon - Sat — After hours appointments straight tohoped the school not to talk strangers. It to was thattothe to pool KCSG’s Coordinator Michelle Louis walk in groups, stay in The Cancer Council now raise Fishing Charters, Home Hardware,Mitre report re-open it. It’sThrifty free to place Karratha said “This year was so amazing as would on November safe 1areas and reminded around $8 million every Daffodil Day 10/Farinosi, Hardware, As part have of the ongoing If any parents Mon - Sat — After hours your appointments available making it the biggest fundraising butThe the parents results that came not back to talk to strangers. andatthe Newsagency, The Other Place, Point we are handing over more than we classifi ed ads development the Karratha event in the Southern Hemisphere. ny queries, please Samson’s Lodge and Ta Ta’s Restaurant, did last year to the Cancer Council.” from a were Perthcalled basedand laboratory policeAirport, Shop 5 / 16 Hedland Place Karratha If any parents have new check-in desks in theKarratha PilbaraCancer Echo. “Last year we raised and handed over House Proud, Support The money raised is not considered adequate. ontactwere Mark Smyth, have taken control of Enter via Searipple RoadShop any queries, please Dental Care were unveiled last week. Group, Amanda Staden and to the Cancer Council a total of $3021.05.” put towards vital5 / 16 Hedland research, Place Karratha Pilbara Just visit ourVan website theShire matter. • Head to the Karratha Aquatic Centre November 7 for a free family day Principal, on 9185 1026. of Roebourne your locally owned newspaper contact Mark Smyth, Enter via Searipple Road Dental Care The facilities temporary check-in recreational coordinator Principal, on 9185 1026. The student your locally owned newspaper pilbaraecho area that opened on Monday Tony Wear said although water for new equipment, new week,” Cr Lockwood said. 13th September, consists in the pool system was fine, piping laid, completion of the “It is expected the Karratha seven desksabout at the there of were somenew concerns filter renovation, Parents concreting, Aquatic Centre thewill vehiclebe as this week are described western end of the departures the quality of the water in the sandblasting, ground work,to remind a black/grey four wheel being told operational by the fi rst week concourse. backwash system. drive. and we hope about installation of their new children joints, of November, The new willrisk provide potential they To ensure therearea is no to painting and fitting She further out of dangers the everyone comes alongdescribed to the may encounter while the an improved as work plant room. male as having a patrons, Mr Wear service said another free family fun day on Sunday walking to school. stilltests continues within onthe beard and wearing 7a set of were taken November. ” The old gas barbeques with Whitening shirt and black It washave reported by black existing Qantas area. November 2. been removed withKarratha new electric beanie. Primary School The Karratha Aquatic Once the area is complete that on being the morning of The facility has received a barbeques currently is aMonday, timely Centre will This be open • General & cosmetic dentistry. it will include 12 check-in the 31st August, a male breath of life, with new paving sourced. reminder 6am to talk to8pm, your Tuesday, Thursday till person had attempted children and remind counters that willand run play to the to the concourse • HICAPS - Fast Health Fund 7amoftillthe 8pm,need Friday newa Wednesday coerce female them new incentralised baggage It is hoped tothese to equipment the toddler pool. Claims on the spot. student into his vehicle 6am till 5pm and Saturday, barbeques will be installed and be vigilant when they handling system through before school. Since its closure in July, the arePublic out Holidays in the wider Sunday and 9am to an enlarged baggage operational by Christmas. • 17 years experience. pool has undergone many The student till 5pm. community. handling area. Until then three portable immediately went renovations, including upgrades Children are advised • Visiting implant surgeon. Please note due to the free barbeques will be straight available for school to the to to Stage two has now walk in groups, stay in to critical infrastructure such been as open day, Flippa Ball and lap public use. report it. 310 fiparking safe areas and reminded plant,completed drainage, with gutters, lters Mon - Sat — After hours appointments available lanes will not betalk available. not to to strangers. parents and the bays via the overflow car park. Shire of RoebourneThe president and decking to improve water police were called Entry and feesIf are any parents have adults $3.90, Nicole Lockwood said while quality, The comply mainwith car relevant park has have taken control of any queries, please Shop 5 / 16 Hedland Place Karratha Pilbara $2.80, family standards and closed extend thethe works were not completed now been and as the matter. in child/concession contact Mark Smyth, Enter via Searipple Road Dental Care pass (2 adults/3 children) $12. A it facilities’ life. remaining cars are cleared time for the school holidays, The student Principal, on 9185 1026. one month membership is $70, was now only a matter of days then stage include three; thethe final Upgrades or $179 for three months. stage canofcommence. excavation the centre until it opened. The Michael Leslie Foundation for the Performing Arts in association with For more information about “The majority of works are Rio Tinto Ltd, Healthway, the Pilbara Development Commission and the channelsUpgrades and joints, topreliminary access roads Tasmania White Beach Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts presents...From $135,000 the Shire of Roebourne visit now complete, with a few last work and to the the development balance tank, of a this preparation of off the / plant room new drop pick up point minute things to be fi •nalised The new check-in desks are included in this stage. park, adjacent to the main car Goddard Street has been Safe access for pedestrians park, is also progressing well, closed to allow for access from the overflow car park with asphalt currently being roads to be constructed, to the terminal is also being added and line markings and Hood Way has been constructed with a temporary and lighting permanently closed. Derschaw’s name. installations someone using his name. A 42 year old Karratha man sealed footpath to be Performing will set you free! happening throughout stands trial for murder before Vehicle access the completed soon. Skill-up and have fun at school and in holiday workshops with Defense lawyer toLinda He had been visiting a September and October. some of the nations best young performing artists! terminal drop off is via Bayly a Supreme jury this Lighting Court towers have friend and neighbour, Tanya Black said that Mr Lockyer’s Featuring young performing artists from the It is expected to be open Avenue, Rowell Street and also been placed in the week. NAISDA Dance College (NSW), Kurruru was the “key to the in mid-October and he on autopsy Leanne Shrone, when Norman Road. Youth Arts Inc (SA) and Indigenuity (WAAPA Aboriginal Theatre overflow car park and will be A new elite waterfront estate completion will provide 400 Dwaine William ‘Billy’ would that Program) also outstanding Pilbara youth performing arts groups placed along the temporary was accosted by another case” TheandShire of show Roebourne These premium blocks are located at the end Performance of a quietCompany cul-de-sac parking bays. As well as these Embryonik Ovation and Sharpay’s Song. Derschaw Mr Lockyer was pedestrianappeared footpathbefore once neighbour, Stephen Harrison, although has asked all airport users to • 3 generous waterfront allotments adjoining the Crown Reserve HOLIDAY WORKSHOPS: upgrades, renovations are Justice Eric Heenan accused complete. thesigns. killer blow followinjured, the detour who Derschaw of fatally • Absolutely breathtaking views from allCommunity lots Roebourne (50c) Hall: Monday Sept 27, Wed Sept 29, also accused happening for airline of the murder of 44will year oldbe attempting Friday Oct 1. All 10am - 1pm Speed humps also • Underground power and phone will be available had not come from Derschaw. staff, withtorefurbishment The $4.9 million Karratha rape his wife. of Dampier Pavilion Tues Sept 28, Thursday Sept 30. All 10am - 1pm installed‘Tony’ to slowLockyer traffic. on Anthony • Excellent boating, both bay and ocean fishing handy the toilets, the addition of Airport Car Park Expansion is Ms Black said Derschaw SCHOOLS PROGRAM: After • Public boat ramp only approx 5 mins away new Lockyer’s lease areas, body and a one of the Shire of Roebourne’s December Drivers23, are2009. to be aware of two St Pauls, Dampier, Tambrey, Millers Well, Roebourne, Pegs Creek, “never ever punched or was found by a neighbour, • Ideal for those seeking a lifestyle change common use kitchen area. pedestrians road major infrastructure upgrades Tom Price and Wickham Prosecutor crossing the Laura • Popular surf beaches are nearby Tonymore in the abdomen and observe speed limits in Derschaw Page 1 of 1 was arrested by struck and will than double The works are due Christian said Derschaw • Only 5 minutes to Nubeena – school, shops and Medical centre the construction area. had Karratha or chest”, which were the sealed parking at Karratha for completion by midpolice about 1am. confronted after • Approximately 1hr 20 mins from Hobart. Airport bythat December Work onhis thecousin long-term car November. injuries led 2010. to Mr He admitted he “had a being accused of raping a See more Amazing Lifestyle properties on Lockyer’s death. local woman, a crime he fight” with Mr Lockyer, and The trial continues. believed his cousin had had punched him to the

Aquatic centre due to open



you smile!accomod NEWSPAPER Karratha Cancer Support Group



Attempted abduction



New check-in desks at Karratha Airport 9185 5600


We’ll make you smile!

9185 5600

Karratha man on trial for murder





head for attempting to rape



Attempted abduction




9185 5600


ac accom FREE COFFEE &

Source: WA Today


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me, LOTE star, just because


filling our heads? Have if I e’er did leave Oz, a read and, if you’re I’d order ‘vichyssoise’ keen for translations, including pi to a million in France and I would say, ‘Monsier, errr…Je voudrais decimal places, head les Pomme frites,’ at Maccas, hey, to my website www. on the Champs Elysees. pilbarapoet.blogspot. In Deustchland, what a winner, com. Meteorologists know all about that little boy, El Niño and


I did the sixth for kicks, just threw it in the mix, maths knowledge, well, was nix.

What’s with you and Maths? Was not your subjectFREE track WEEKLY 6 -Your 7 November 2010 for languages? knack?’

‘Suzanne,’ I pinned her eye, ‘The thing, Suzanne, you see, ‘Oh why oh why oh why this Maths is language glee, did you pick maths, like I?’ I love it like boats the sea, She said, ‘’Cause I like pi.’ but it’s all quite…Greek…to me…hehe. ‘You mean,’ I said to her, Well…we passed with fine aplomb, So,apple as apie?’ little this week, ‘like, This wish blur for the safety of Cocos parabolasIsland now done, atI dawn now caused a stir whence I fl ew towards sun wrote a poem to La Niña, whilst Cyclone Anggrek the jumped and she said,’‘Well, um, err…’ Santorini - that’s the one.

The Pilbara Poet Elise Batchelor nude folk in Berlin’s inner,

his sister La Niña. der Tiergarten, me - grinner ‘Ich bin ein Berliner!’ What we know now is thatshouting, La Niña’s cool Pacific waters might bring us more cyclones this year. Sorry…have already brought the first!


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Stress ight • Reduce We’ll make you smile! Appointments Essential

• Quit Smoking • Lose We



Whitening NW Realty

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Hedla nd Place





• HICAPS - Fast Health Fund Mary-Jane 0418 161 288 Claims on the spot.• 17 years experience.

Sea rip ple

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2/16 Hedland Place • Karratha • General & cosmetic dentistry.


See page 186 of the directory for more details • Visiting implant surgeon.

Training for Today Shop 5 /Today 16 Hedland Place Karratha Pilbara Training for Skills for Tomorrow 9185 5600 Enter via Searipple Road Dental Care

Mon - Sat — After hours appointments available

the November gun and squiggled around its shores.

Roebourne: In the Shadow of a Mountain

Salvo thieves La Niña

And maybe she heard me…

I'm a resident in Karratha and we live very close to the Salvation Army shop. Most days I travel to the Centro to pick up a few items, do some shopping etc and more often than not Thesomething little girl we call La Niña, going on. To be frank, little girl, you’re loopy, I see disturbing Sitting top our hill, the sun sets Roebourne, our tiny town thatWEEKLY lays in the FREE she’ s a coolin little chick, currently. your plans to drift on where youofwant, People this town are very generous and with donate west on the horizon, shadow of a mountain, 4 - 5 September 2010 Like a wildtonight she’s putArmy us to the test do a lot so kneeling, not Cocos Keeling, regularly thefiesta, Salvation (who forwe’re ourbegging, the cool ocean breeze flows to us from is home to many....on our Ngarluma and she’s twirling sea. just go away and nibble a croissant. community) andaround thesethedonations are left outside the Point Samson, Nation. premises for the volunteers to collect and sort before Over looking our town we call Theare littleput girl she’ s put foot down. And we love you when you’re a piñata, they into thehershop. For as here I stand on the shoreline, Eiramugadu, is a place where my Yep, she’s have jumpingbeen the gunanthisalarming year. you burst all clouds and we’re soggy. peering outRoebourne as the windsonce whip afar. There number of when people but to out-siders, you call it Roebourne. Ancestors roamed, The littlethe girl, Salvo's she’s all insorting a tizz withthrough her bizz, the itemsButwhen oh my, lordy be, can’t you please, just for me, Just please Roebourne skip the island,iskeep us all smilin’ outside Roebourne, the one place they a knot we fear. got are her knickers twirl around in the sea and get boggy. and come back anon, superstar. I call home. Our town might be small, our town may These people are not finding a way to put their be tiny, For November’ s just ticked over the little but girl is Roebourne making her markis now For La Niña,Sitting we reallyon love you donations undercover, they are looking for aYes,'free' my home and that’s the banks of the Harding bargain. and we all know the buzz on the street, and we hope where that she’llyou bringwill us aalways shower, find me. when the dry’ s snapped our bones andsurvived our rivers. all sorts of River, our town has but for goodness’ sake, one why can’t she wait her island of choice finds it rather un-noice Please stayweather; on soon to dance, but just give us a chance This is not just 'type' of person it hasbutbeen Lakey that the aimed at Children aged up 5but years old that ‘til we’rediff psyched and ready to meet. andsaid just it willactivities keep all itsain’t power. andfor we hope that your wet it delivers.floods and storms. several erent people the thing made mehopes droughts, cyclones, Being small no disadvantage, more angry whenYears I saw Literacy two males in mining thea older children recently hadabeen enjoyed thewas Early we are many with big, strong heritage. Roebourne was built very strong, company car lalooking through the items that had Hey little girl, darlin’ So,been Lasuccess. Niña, you andculture your cyclone, ‘Hasta luego! Niña!’foundation. Our still lives, when we are So, gone on a lasolid a huge Showcase lastNiña, week at, the Karratha donated late Sunday afternoon. we know you’ve come to swoon. your Anggrek,and whatour the heck, no! and dance will always as you swellRoebourne, and you rumble and swirl the songs ouryoutiny Community Library as part of the performance of Tashi, carry on. I have lived up here that But a cyclone already? Hold long on, takeenough it steady,to know“With If youthe like a surprise, pick on someone your size, and we know you holdofsway return on the day shadow thebut mountain. literacy week. mining very well so why did you feel Just chillcompanies out, maybe gopay via the moon? or nick off skis, head forTheatre, snow. that I find my umbrella dear girl. provided by, buy Thesome Walkington the need to pilfer through the Salvos donations? Camping, hunting and fi shing may be a They say Roebourne comes alive all but There were fun activities for and other literacy-focused activities, All you people have to do is wait until they open great pass-time, once a year, had lot ofoffun, ” Ms is our the children the to items. get involved in to the kids reallybut and purchase foramany us locals, when the thunder of hoofs race around Lakey said. life-line. further develop that their literacy It's disgusting people thinkand they can get away the track to the peoples cheer. with stealing from a charity. People come and people go, several community organisations RDA Pilbara Karratha Early Years • Alison Nolan, 3, enjoys the puppets at Even moreinso when they rock up in a company The great iron snake rolls through our they move faster, faster than the wind participated storytelling. Karratha Community Library Group coordinator Natalie Dewson country, vehicle and start sifting through items. can blow. carrying pieces of our land out across there was a focus on literacy AI think display books aimed should at said that of video surveillance be placed the rate payers? the sea. I write this letter to express one point of view out the front (without letting people know) so we can for children across the When you’re all gone back to your development 0-5 year olds was available for the as a Karratha rate payer (owner/occupier). Towns perhaps pop up providing here and there, Have you homes, shame the thieves, get their number plates and doconsidered children read andratesAngus and allregion. My familyto of six hasthis. paid to the Shire rate payers withthe onemining FREE airport parking boom has hit, there’s people have a thought for where you have something about of Roebourne for over fifteen years now, permit which might be used for their annual everywhere. Robertson provided a book been, “The Literacy Reference Group is a The Salvation Army is $30,000. a sale. great organisation and which equates to approximately holiday travel? for Roebourne is our home...our home needs community support, not tight ar*es stealing We as manyHeath other rate payers and do sub-committee of Ms theLockwood, KarrathaorEarly ThedoPilbara Network Are you a rate payer are Timesyour may have changed with the land you haveperformed seen!!! fromwait it!! with anticipation in the hope the rate payers funding • The Red Earth Choir at the and housing, your Years Group (KEYG), ” Ms Dewson said. the Water Corporation were there to outside world, so we have to learn to that day weexpressed may see ina portion of ourto the vehicle, your Theone opinions the Letters Editor aretravel and your airport parking? Bollywood production adapt and move forward. those of morning thebewriter and are not theAllen views of the Pilbara contributions spenttea on areas to enhance provide and Nola Landon Punch is KEYG enough! is made up of “The Echo newspaper, Pilbara Newspapers Pty Ltd orEnough its staff. To many people, changing with the the environment in which we are raising our The ECHO needs your name and residential address, plus a and Ada Hanson from Perth State numbers The Shire to provide times canneed be hard, but you are not alone, members who identify family. daytime phone number for verification. Street community areof Roebourne essential services for not published. If you want your name and/or address withheld forthe wesafety haveand a needs historyof and culture that Library’s Better Beginnings attended My husband and I do not work for the activities andstands actions that support from publication, please specify so in the not-for-publication our local community right now. so proud. comments. You will businesses; still need to provide your government or big we work in name and address


Children celebrate literacy week

LDOEMSELDOM E S E E N N E MSCELDOMSCEOMSCENOMSCENE O D L E S CESafety SELCDENESELDNESELDOME NES CENSkills E S Safety N MS LSkills CE OMSCEecholetters DOMSSELDOMSDate SELCDEONESETopic D EL ESELDOME S E NE SFurniture N E S OMSOutdoor E C CENOMSCEN First AidDOM C 9 &M SNovember LReps ESELD15O- 1910Nov, E SELCDENESafety S D OM E D 29 L - 3 Dec SEL S Disgusted rate payer Leather Lounges E N N E SIndustrial E E C N C S E S M C M O S D ETopic DO SBaths OMDateSELDOM LDOM ELSpa SELIndustrial D S L E N E E NE CENESE EN MSDirect SC OMImporter E C C S DateS OM ELDOESELD SELCDENETopic S LDecDOEM 14 -15 September E S E N Forklift 11-12 ,23-24 Nov , 2-3 N E S Delivered to Karratha SC DOMSC28E- 29 September EN M C LDOMSEElevated S M LDONM L O E Work 29 SPlatformNESAvailable LD- 30NNovember DO L E E E S E Catalogue E C Business S Dogging EDecember CENE MS6C- 9D OMSSCEELDOCOMING S ELDOEMSELWEBSITE D M O L NESELDOM E E S N E E CENOBusiness N C S CE OMSCE SCENE The Red Earth ELD EMSELDOMESSSOON! M D M L O O E D L D E yours Date ESEL also. ES ETopicNor the development of happy, healthy N C SCEN N E S Ring email for E E C M N C S Please contact our Karratha team 91596841 O Choir lives on E S M D Cert IV Training and assessment 15 19 & 22-26 November C M L O S O Following last year’s successful children and families in Karratha.” D 0438 M SE NESELPh: D M L O O E D S 271 L NESELDWest Pilbara Early Literacy Project, The next KEYG meeting is Thursday This unique group of local women will SE830 E91596841 N CENourE E S E SCENtheELiteracy Forum this year extended Please contact Karratha team C M continue to meet together, and make S O M SEL NESELDONMESELDOMSSEC 9 September from 9.30am to 11am at beautiful music. M O O D LD a new secret in E to children agedThere’s 6-12 as well. S The Red Earth town... Choir  has the featured in at E the Karratha Baptist Church. There is a SCEDOMSCE MSCENE SLCShhhh.. N • Shalu Singaram, 2, enjoys puppets E recent events including Twilight Tunes in L O E D crèche provided and all are welcome. Community Librarian Kathleen Karratha Community Library S SEL Dampier, the Walkington production of Regular Hours 18+ Hours Skills for Tomorrow




13 & 27 September

First Aid

20 - 21 September


20 - 22 September


Elevated Work Platform



Conflict Resolution

24 September

Team Building

23 September



Character parade






Tropical tranquility in 4* apartments at Cable Beach




Whilst to us. that Published that support carry names and addresses havethere far are obviously (obvious to the sectors offer letters essential services more credibility than those where the writer’s details arepayers) withheld. rate many areas that need to urgently to the local community. be addressed, I have outlined one that should We do not receive company housing concern every parent in Karratha below. or any other employment benefits and You have children Ms Lockwood, so as therefore rely solely on our weekly wages to a parent you should be aware of the risks support our family. associated with sun exposure and skin cancer. It was extremely disappointing to learn Can you tell me why with such a of Ms Lockwood’s plans to introduce paid significant following, do children in Karratha parking at the airport. Cinema Barber aged between six to 10 play soccer (I am Bollywood, and ABC radio. M-F: 9.30am - 5.00pm Our M-F: 5.00pmbe- 7.00pm family would fortunate to fly referring to the junior games) between 10am Thu: 9.30am - 8.00pm Thu: 5.00pm 8.00pm perhaps once a year, provided we have The choir consists of women of varying and 12pm, which according to the Cancer Medical Sat: 10.00am - 2.00pm 10.00am accruedW/end: sufficient frequent- fl2.00pm yer points as we ages, from 20's to 60's. Centre Council of WA is when the damaging ultra do not receive any flights or travel bonuses Shop 42 K arratha Village Ph 9185 6498 violet ray level is at its most dangerous?Adult ToysMeetings • Lingerie • Fancy Dress are Wednesday evenings at the Icon from our respective employers. Karratha Baptist Church from 7 - 9 pm. The recommendation is to reduce sun We pack our family into the car, travel exposure during these hours, seek shade, and Some of the more energetic ladies to the airport and set off to stay with family wear protective clothing, sunglasses, hat and and friends for perhaps a four week period even go to a belly dancing class there sunscreen. (annual leave). beforehand! How do you suggest that children of this Pristine sands of Cable beach Taxi transport is not an option as we would All past members are welcomed back, require two taxis to transport our family, age play in this get up? and new ones encouraged. Spacious Apartments with Private Patio The additional clothing would be too hot, which aside from being expensive would be Join a friendly bunch of ladies, take time near impossible, as most locals know; trying sunglasses and hat impractical, and sweat Tranquil Garden or Pool Views would reduce the effect of sunscreen. to get one taxi in Karratha is a task in itself, out, and have some fun singing. unless of course you are employed by one of So the logical alternative to protect our Call Irene on 9144 2439 for more Fully equipped kitchen & laundry the ‘priority’ companies. kids skin would be to play night games would information. it not? The introduction of airport fees (in ‘FOXTEL’ addition to the exorbitant shire rates we are Why then are the Shire of Roebourne not already paying) is just not acceptable. Walk to restaurants, lounge bars, taking any action and ensuring lights are Published letters that carry names and addresses have far more credibility Ms Lockwood, why are you making the installed to enable night games to occur? store, tavern, day spa & local attractions. than those where the writer’s details rate payers • Ilah responsible Ody, Tyler for the overheads When are you going to start caring The ECHO needs your name and are withheld. of the airport, when in fact most rate payers about the needs and rights of the rate Waterstrom-Muller, Jasmine Your email address will not be used residential address, plus a daytime (home owners) canJankowski, least afford to fly? Hastings, Bodhi payers and provide our families with the phone number for verification. Street for any other purpose, nor will it be Aden Swepstone, Izac Once again it’s the private rate payers safe environment we deserve to live in ‘here addresses are not published. If you passed on to anybody else without Hodge-Englishby, Casey who are being forced to fund the bigger to raise and nurture our families’ instead of want your name and/or address your permission. 08 9158 3300 • 1800 647 333 The views and opinions in the Echo withheld from publication, please MacDonald andinadvertently James companies and are funding theof literacy forcing usweek to fundTambrey the toxicityPrimary of the fly in fly specify so in the not-for-publication Letters section are not necessarily As part have Cantwell fly in fly out workers who hammer the airport. out workforce; ‘here today, gone tomorrow’. the opinion of the editor, printers comments. You will still need to been celebrating in many ways. Why can you not give something back to Disgusted local resident. provide your name and address to us. or publishers.

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The Pilbara Poet

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Parabola Palabra

Elise Batchelor

Was sitting with Suzanne, the dawn of our exam, With the joie de vivre with little of a plan, that comes of spring, except the plan to cram. and in celebration of The apple pie now eaten, eight pieces fully beaten, Literacy and Numeracy ARTWORK/DESIGNS/LAYOUTS with icrecream, too, that sweetened Week, I bring you a poem the morning we were greetin’. of languages, culture

2009 Western Australian Finalist businessowner Micro-Business Award


And Japanese, yippee! I’d have an ‘ichi ni’ and use chopsticks for tea, drink sake ‘til I pee. (But truly, to my core, ah, I’m anCHANTAL Exploradora RICUPERO 2009,Western Australian Finalist © PILBARA ECHO 2009 so jaunting with my ‘mochila’ businessowner Micro-Business Award SALES EXECUTIVE/BUYERS AGENT I’d be a…conquistadora?)


CLIENT and…the maths exam. Six subjects I had chosen. I remember the bliss of My mum had stood quite frozen conquering said year 12 and once done recomposing 100% locally owned exam along with friends had challenged my proposing visit our website: Suzanne andARTWORK/DESIGNS/LAYOUTS Jeni… all LANGUAGES it was, or was that CLIENT delirium me, LOTE star, just because filling our heads? Have if I e’er did leave Oz, a read and, if Katrina you’re I’d order ‘vichyssoise’ keen for translations, SOR in France and I would say, including pi to a million ‘Monsier, errr…Je voudrais decimal places, head • Woodside Laboratory Superintendant Fiona Ellis nominated Sinners Clubwww. and les Pomme frites,’ at Maccas, hey, to mySoftball website club representatives Ashley Norris and Rayne Jackson received the on the Champs Elysees. pilbarapoet.blogspot. sponsorship on October 28 In Deustchland, what a winner, com.



• Selling • Buying IMPORTANT: You And English, well, compulsory. ‘NO I mean…3.14159 • House and Land Not that it made me ulcery - Packages 2653589 It is YOUR responsibility dressed in organza glory I love pi, it is sublime. • Investment Properties If alterations are required, ple our teacher told great stories. I love singing it in time.’ would appreciate your signatu © PILBARA ECHO 2009 • Property Management Thus, five subject of six, ‘Elise?’ Suzanne asked back INDICATED BELOW, THE ADV I did the sixth forAll kicks, Areas What’s with you andIMPORTANT: Maths? You incorrect information publishe just threw it0411 in the mix,664 184 Was not your subject track and appear differently on It iswill YOUR responsibility maths knowledge, well, was nix. for languages? YourIfknack?’ alterations are required, ple exactly as shown on a newspa would appreciate your signatu


Local organisations Salvo thieves awarded sponsorships

nude folk in Berlin’s inner, der Tiergarten, me - grinner shouting, ‘Ich bin ein Berliner!’

‘Suzanne,’ I pinned her eye, ‘Oh why oh why oh why did you pick maths, like I?’ She said, ‘’Cause I like pi.’ ‘You mean,’ I said to her, ‘like, apple pie?’ This blur at dawn now caused a stir and she said,’‘Well, um, err…’

‘The thing, Suzanne,INDICATED you see, BELOW, THE ADV incorrect this Maths is language glee, information publishe and will appear differently on I love it like boats the sea, as shown on a newspa exactly but it’s all quite…Greek…to me…hehe. Well…we passed with fine aplomb, parabolas now done, whence I flew towards the sun Santorini - that’s the one.

Pre Cyclone Pre Cyclone Clean Clean Up Up 2010 2010

Residential Roebourne: Residential areas areas ONLY ONLY In the Shadow of a Mountain

I'm a resident in Karratha and we live very close to the Salvation Army shop. LAST DATES FOR PLACEMENT OF RUBBISH ON ROAD VERGE Many local organisations were lucky Relations Advisor Rob McPhee said LAST DATES FOR PLACEMENT OF RUBBISH ON ROAD VERGE Karratha Airport..................... 4 October Most days I travel to the Centro to pick up aDampier, few enough to receive sponsorship funds "Each year Woodside and the North Bulgarra, Town Centre .......................... 4 October October Dampier, Karratha Airport ..................... 4 items, do some shopping etc and more often than not from Woodside and North West Shelf West Shelf Venture are proud to support Millars Well, Pegs Creek ....................... 18 October Bulgarra, Town Centre .......................... 4 October I see something disturbing going on. Baynton & Nickol .................................. Venture on October 28 as part of their and work with a range of not-for-profit Sitting on top of our hill, the sun sets1 November Roebourne, our tiny town that lays in the Millars Well,onWickham Pegs Creek ....................... October People in this townour are very generous and donate Roebourne, & Point Samson . 18 15 shadow November west the horizon, of a mountain, annual initiative. organisations which help make Baynton & Nickol .................................. 1 November regularly to the Salvation Army (who a lot for ourup will Nodo cyclone clean be undertaken within or adjacent to Industrial Areas, Workforce the cool ocean breeze fl ows to us from is home to Transient many....on our Ngarluma community a great place to live and Over 60 people attended the event Accommodation Caravan Parks. community) and these donations are left outsideRoebourne, the Point Samson, Wickham & PointorSamson . 15 Nation. November held at the Kats Club, Millars Well and work. take place within approximately two weeks of the above dates. premises for the volunteers toCollections collect andwill sort before Over looking our town webeto call ess Materials verge theundertaken Shire collection NOT removed. No placed cycloneon clean upafter will be withinWILL or adjacent Industrial Areas, Transient Workforce t • Reduce Str“I’d e Weigh are put the shop. over •25 awarded like tothey thank theintoWoodside Smoking • Loswere Quitsponsorships All items must be placed outEiramugadu, on the verge for collection. Roebourne is a place where my Accommodation or Caravan Parks. Please note: of people to local community organisations employees have been who an alarming number andThere contractors  but toseparately out-siders,from you call it Roebourne. Ancestors once roamed, KARRATHA • Tree loppings are to be stacked other rubbish. Appointments Essential Collections place within approximately two weeks of the above dates. nominated by Woodside employees and nominated theoutside the will items • Metal items totake bewhen separated from other rubbish and tree loppings. varietythe of Salvo's groups  sorting as it through Roebourne is Roebourne, the one place • Keep allplaced rubbish of after fences, power vehicles & trailers, letter boxes, Telstra pits, Materials onclear verge thewater Shire meters, collection WILLpoles, NOT be removed. closed. contractors. demonstrates they theirare commitment to 2/16 Hedland Place • Karratha driveways andbe gardens. town might small, our town may I call home. All items must placed outOur on the verge forbe collection. • Items mustto beput cut their or dismantled into pieces not exceeding 2.5 metres in length. These people are not finding a way of local community be tiny, The organisations that161 were288 awarded supporting a range Please • Items note: placed out that do not meet these criteria will not be removed. Mary-Jane 0418 donations undercover, they are looking for a 'free' Littering Fines are may for materialis placed outrubbish. that problem such as loose paper, • Tree loppings tobe beimposed stacked separately from but Roebourne myother home andcreates that’s a litter Sitting on the banks of the Harding sponsorships ranged from sporting organisations. plastic bags, cardboard food containers, clothing etc. bargain. • Metal items to bemay separated fromyou other rubbish and tree where will always find me.loppings. River, our town has survived all sorts of groups to schools including the Karratha • Other items that be temporarily stored on the verge that does not require removal is to be clearly “We’re glad these funds will assist the Keep all rubbish fences, meters, power poles, vehicles & trailers, letter boxes, Telstra pits, weather; able &itseparated from itemswater requiring removal. This is not just one 'type'•identifi of person has clear beenof Cancer Support Group,  Apex and West groups in providing community servicesbut the driveways and made gardens. several different people thing cyclones, flasks oodsthat anddrivers storms. Please bethat aware that me clean-up crews will ain’t be working on the roads.for The droughts, Shire of Roebourne Being small no disadvantage, Pilbara Sea Search and Rescue. Items must or dismantled pieces not exceeding metres in length. be patient & be prepared tointo stop and slow down when2.5 approaching work area. and recreational opportunities in ourI saw •please Training for Today more angry was when two males inbea cut mining we are many with a big, strong heritage. Roebourne was built very strong, Items placed out that meet these criteria will not be removed. Woodside’s Community town." company car looking through •the items that had beendo not The below items WILLstill NOT be removed by the on Shire of foundation. Roebourne: Skills forSenior Tomorrow Our culture lives, when arecreates gone solid • Littering Fines may be imposed for material placed outwe that a littera problem such as loose paper, donated late Sunday afternoon. and our songs andConcrete dance plastic bags, cardboardDirt/Rubble food containers, clothing etc. will always Roebourne, Liquids our tiny the carry on. stored on Other I have lived up here long enough know that the • Other to items that may be temporarily the verge that does not shadow require is to be clearly Flaresremoval of the mountain. Paints chemicals mining companies pay very well so able why &did you feel identifi separated from items requiring removal. Food Batteries Gas Bottles the need to pilfer through the Salvos donations? Pesticides Fridges Freezers Camping, hunting and fishing be aThe They Roebourneasks comes all but Please be aware that clean-up crews will be working on themay roads. Shire say of Roebourne thatalive drivers Tyres Air conditioners Any items great pass-time, All you people have to doplease is waitbe until they open oncework a year, patient & be prepared to stop and slow down when approaching area. containing glass Car Bodies Topic Date Firebut for many of us locals, is our Builders working on housing get involved. and purchase the items. when the thunder of hoofs race around Oils/Fuel Extinguishers life-line. The below items WILL NOT Bricks be removed by the the Shire oftoRoebourne: It's disgusting that people think they can get away track the peoples cheer. 13 & 27 September Heights projects in the Baynton West “It is great to see local builders Please note - this is a pre-cyclone season yard clean up for residential areas ONLY. with stealing from a charity. People come and people go, area participated in a clean up on NOT a general household cleanLiquids up. First Aid 20 - 21 September working in partnership with the Dirt/Rubble Concrete The great iron snake rolls through our they Even more so when they rock up in a company move faster, faster than the wind October 29 in preparation for the Shire of Roebourne’s For enquiries, please call Customer Services on 9186 8555 CleanSweep country, Flares Paints Other chemicals can vehicle and start sifting through items. blow. Industrial cyclone season. Taskforce to address the important carrying pieces of our out across Food Batteries Gasland Bottles I think that video surveillance should be placed Topic involved in the clean Date issue of litter in our community,” he the sea. Companies out the front (without letting people know) so we can When you’re all gone back to your Pesticides Fridges Freezers said. up included homes, shame the thieves, get their number plates and do Towns pop up here and there, - 22 September CraneRapley Wilkinson,20Timik, Tyres Air conditioners Any the mining boom has hit,items there’s people have a thought for where you have Eaton Building, DME Contractors aboutclean this. “Keeping something the streets containing Car Bodies Forklift everywhere. STEP 2 -glass ARTWORK APPROVAL 14 -15 September STEP 1 SIZE & PRICE Fire been, and NW Kerbing. The Salvation Army is a great organisation and requires a whole of community Oils/Fuel Extinguishers Bricks SIZE: 15x4EGN for Roebourne is our home...our community support, not tight ar*es stealing Elevated Workdonated Platform the skip bin 28 - and 29 September This artwork is correct, please proceed with the order. home effort and I needs commend the o local Tox Free Standard Price: $285 ex GST Accountswith are payable prior toland publication an account has been established. Times may have changed the youunless have seen!!! from it!! LandCorp donated money for the builders who participated in this Please note - this is outside a pre-cyclone yard clean up for residential areas ONLY. world, so season we have to to learn tosome I’d like make changes to the artwork, The opinions expressed in the Letters to the Editor are barbecue which the builders were initiative. adaptNOT and move forward. a general household cleanabove. up. Do not proceed withLandon which are marked the order yet. those of the writer and are not the views of the Pilbara Punch select an option below Topic Date Echo newspaper, Pilbara Please Newspapers Pty Ltd or its staff. treated to afterwards. To manyplease people,call changing withby: the “I would encourage whoname For enquiries, Customer Services on 9186 8555 (name) Approved ____________________________ The ECHOanyone needs your and residential address, plus a This ad will appear for 1 week only on times 28 August can be hard, but youSignature: are not alone, Street numbers are Conflict Resolution 24 September ______________________________ date: / sees littering todaytime report itphone to thenumber Shire foryourverification. David ‘Harry’ Hipworth, Councillor not published. If you wantThis and/or for address withheld we have a history and culture that adname will appear 7 weeks until 13for November from publication, please specify so in the not-for-publication of Roebourne on 9186 8555 or online of the Clean Sweep Initiative23was Team Building September stands so proud. comments. You will still need to provide your name and address ” pleased to see so many companies at to us. Published letters that carry names and addresses have far



We l

co m e

Sea rip ple





Hedla nd Place

Roa d

NW Realty


The builders clean up

Safety Skills


Please contact our Karratha team 91596841

more credibility than those where the writer’s details are withheld.

Electronic Transfer: Name: Coral Coast Print BSB: STEP066 1 -531 SIZE & PRICE Acc: 10223430 SIZE: Your 15x4-Booking EGN Ref: #


Credit Card Payments - there is no charge for credit card payments

Card Type:

STEP 2 - ARTWORK APPROVAL Shhhh.. There’s a new secret in town...

This artwork is correct, - please proceed with the-order.


Accounts are payable prior to publication unless an account has been established. Cinema



I’d like to make some changes to the artwork, which are marked above. Do not proceed with the order yet. S TA



$285 ex GST

Signature: RPE

Amount Authorised:


18+ Hours M-F: 5.00pm - 7.00pm Thu: 5.00pm - 8.00pm W/end: 10.00am -Please 2.00pmselect an option below

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o Standard Price: $285 ex GST


© COPYRIGHT WARNING: All artwork / layouts are protected by internatio Approved by: ____________________________ (name) IES

Regular Hours M-F: 9.30am - 5.00pm Thu: 9.30am - 8.00pm Sat: 10.00am - 2.00pm

Name on card: .................................................................................................

Medical Centre

Shop 42 Karratha Village Ph Any 9185 6498 artwork by Pilbara Echoonly or Coral Print cannot be photocopied, or reproduced in ANY form. Use of this artwork in any Adult Toys •scanned, Lingerie • Fancy Dress This adprepared will appear for 1 week on 28Coast August Icon


without purchasing the design rights or written consent from Pilbara Echo is ILLEGAL. Breach of copyright will incur legal action which may resu




FREE WEEKLY 6 - 7 November 2010

Karratha’s up and coming DJs As part of the Shire of Roebourne’s Make a Move Plan youths in Karratha were treated to a days session with two top DJs on October 31. DJ Ben Mac, a well renowned DJ from Perth and local DJ Panda took the five young men and taught them the essential DJ skills of basic mixing and scratching. Following the days events the students got to impress their parents and friends with a performance of their new skills.

Take shorter showers. For every minute you shorten your shower, you’ll save around one Take shorter showers. bucket of minute water. you For every shorten your shower, you’ll save around one bucket of water.

Catch the cold water, too. Waiting for the shower to heat is a waste; keep a Catchupthe bucket nearby and use the cold water, too. warm-up on yourto Waiting forwater the shower garden. heat up is a waste; keep a bucket nearby and use the warm-up water on your garden.

Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth. And make sure everyone else your Turninoff thehousehold tap when does the same. easy brushing your How teeth. is that! And make sure everyone else in your household does the same. How easy is that!

• Manager of the Karratha Visitor Centre Kyle Barnes presented the cheque to Dr Elaine Sabin from the Royal Flying Doctors Service

Donations to the flying doctors The Karratha Visitor Centre were pleased to present a cheque for $2000 to the Royal Flying Doctors Service (RFDS) recently. The money was raised through sales of the book ‘Red Dog the Pilbara Wanderer.’ Author of the book Beverly Duckett requested that for each sale of the book, $1 was to be donated to the RFDS. Manager of the Karratha Visitor Centre, Kyle Barnes presented the cheque to Dr Elaine Sabin.

echoworldwatch Fix leaking taps and toilets. This literally is water down the drain. Fix leaking tapsFix a dripping tap, and toilets. and you’ll save aroundis2.5 buckets This literally water of water day. down theeach drain. Fix a dripping tap, and you’ll save around 2.5 buckets of water each day.

Do a full wash. Your washing machine uses around 16 buckets of water each time you turn Do a full wash. it on. washing By alwaysmachine doing a full Your wash, you’ll save water and uses around 16 buckets of electricity too. water each time you turn it on. By always doing a full wash, you’ll save water and electricity too.

Use a half-flush when you can. Every time you use your toilet half-flush Use acistern’s half-flush button, youcan. save up to when you half a bucket ofuse water. Every time you your toilet cistern’s half-flush button, you save up to half a bucket of water.

It’s easy to Save 6 every day. It’s easy to Save 6 every day. As part of our 50-year ‘Water Forever’ plan, we are asking every household in WA to save at least six standard (10L) buckets of water each day. As you can see, this is very easy to achieve. For lots of tips to start saving six in your home and garden, visit today. As part of our 50-year ‘Water Forever’ plan, we are asking every household in WA to save at least six standard (10L) buckets of water each day. As you can see, this is very easy to achieve. For lots of tips to start saving six in your home and garden, visit today.




Halloween decorations revealed as human bone Source:

An Orlando man thought he was buying a Halloween decoration when he spent $US8 ($8.11) on a box of bones at a yard sale, but later discovered it was a real human skeleton, reported Friday. Judith and Mitchell Fletcher of Hillsborough County, east of Tampa, called police when they got home and took a closer look at their purchase. "I got looking at it and thought, gosh, this is the real thing," said Judith Fletcher. Detectives took the mystery bones to the medical examiner's office where experts determined they were from a professionally prepared human anatomical skeleton - the kind used in college and university medical courses. The estimated value of the skeleton is more than $US3000 ($3042). "We did find a serial number on the femur," said Hillsborough County Sheriff's spokesperson Cristal Bermudez Nunez. Detectives are contacting colleges and universities in an attempt to find out where the skeleton came from. The Fletchers could not remember the exact address of the yard sale but told deputies the name of the street it was on. Florida state law says individuals can't own human skeletons, so the Fletchers won't get their bones back. "If I see any more, I'll report them to the sheriff's office," said Mitchell. "But I don't want them." The couple say they will continue to search for deals at yard sales.


FREE WEEKLY 6 - 7 November 2010



Lunatics let loose in Karratha By Jessica Selbie, Pilbara Joblink Wondering why there were crazy people running around Karratha on Friday 22nd October? Yes, it was the Pilbara Joblink bi-annual Car Rally! Community Organisations, Industry, Government and small businesses were invited to take part in this fun filled (but challenging!) day to build stronger networks and to work with people from all sectors. “There is no I in Team” was the theme of the day. The action packed day saw participants solving cryptic clues taking them from Dampier to the LIA, digging for treasure at Hearson’s Cove, singing Old Macdonald at the McDonalds drive through, and scouting for the hairiest chest in Karratha! All teams got into

• Karratha Queens - Sandy Watkin Pilbara Joblink, Kylie Bryant DSA, Wayne Sharpe St Lukes College and Kristy-Lee Cooke Shire of Roebourne.

• The Car rally Crew the spirit by dressing accordingly. Adrian Whitely from Chevron looked lovely in a ballerinas tutu for team Twinkle Toes, the Karratha Convicts were locked up in Dampier Police Station, and the Karratha Queens were dazzling in their feather boas and wigs! The day was not about winning (although fierce competi-

tion was rife!) The Red Dogs won by a mere three points, with Twinkle Toes and Karratha Convicts coming a close equal second. Pilbara Joblink would like to thank all the good sports who contributed on the day by hiding clues in their stores, allowing us to set up “Road Blocks”, and for perhaps giving away a few cheeky

clues to those teams lagging behind. They were Nirvana, Farinosi’s Mitre10, McDonalds, BP, Life and Soul, The Kiwi Shop, Pilbara Echo, Welcome Lotteries House, Dampier Library, Poinsiana Nursery Salvation Army, and the Karratha Country Club. Look out in 2012 for they will be at it again!!



High $500,000

Relaxed elegance, sensational vista

Sparkling & new, professionally designed & engineered home featuring... • Italian porcelain tiled floors throughout the open-plan living areas • Quality fittings & fixtures including NZ wool carpet in the halls & brms • All 3 brms have access to the deck, 2 bathrooms, separate laundry & toilet • Spacious main brm with ensuite & WIR, large enough to be used as a nursery • Choice of either front or rear decks ideal for entertaining & outdoor living • Sunny, elevated position, northerly aspect with great views from every room • Two vehicle spaces plus a potential for further development under house Page 1 of 1 • Moor your boat in the bay & keep an eye on it from the deck • Only 45 mins from Hobart airport. A selection of beaches nearby. This is an ideal lifestyle property. See more Amazing Lifestyle properties on

• Pilbara Pinkies - Vivienne Seers Pilbara Joblink, Mary Field Chevron, Brittany Moxham Shire of Roebourne and Tash Campbell Pilbara Joblink

• Twinkeltoes - Joanne Eastland Pilbara Joblink, Adrian Whiting Chevron, Madge Mohi DSA and Hayley Sture Department of Education

• Opposing teams meet head on! • Red Dogs - Melissa Emmanuel Pilbara Joblink, Linda Hill Pilbara Joblink, Wayne Sharpe St Lukes College Shanine Ryan Woodside and Peter and Tash Campbell Pilbara Joblink Gaiter Pindan College


Sheepskin Combo Front & Tailored Fabric Rear $398 - SAVE $120 Tailored Sheepskin Combo Front & Rear $899 - SAVE $140 Free fitting (in our Perth Factory) by appointment WA Owned, 2 year warranty



BOOTS 20% OFF CHOOSE FROM: • Velour • Canvas • Water Resistant Fabric

Seat covers to suit all budgets

• Karratha Convicts- Jessica Selbie Pilbara Joblink, Ingrid Page FacsHIA, Vanessa Glover Chevron and Kim Henshaw KDCCI


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 FREE WEEKLY


6 - 7 November 2010


                                                        

Kinesiology Distance Education


With a huge demand for qualified Kinesiologists in Country WA, this is the time to begin an exciting and fulfilling career. Only 6 campus visits necessary to complete a Certificate IV in Kinesiology – common units completed via correspondence.

Enrol Now For 2011 Start Your New Career Today

To learn more about Kinesiology you can see live demonstrations at our Open Day on November 20, 10am –1pm at our College in Perth, Myaree or you can come and “whet” your appetite in our Introduction to Kinesiology Workshops.

Introduction To Kinesiology Workshops Next workshop dates are December 4 & 5, 2010 & February 19 & 20, 2011 Cost: $250 Time: 9am –5pm (both days) Where: 75B North Lake Road, Myaree, Perth *Pre-requisite for further training To enrol or find out more, please call 08 9330 7443

HURRY! Workshop Enrolments limited... ENROL NOW


   •  Jed Teague - just one week into the month of Movember     Government Accredited Training: • Advanced Diploma • Diploma • Certificate IV

Can you grow the best Mo?

      The month of Movember 128,000 Mo Bros and Sistas in   us and that means Australia got involved, raising  is upon Gentlemen, that it’s time to over $21million.     grow the best moustache this If you think you have what it    

 O C T O B E R

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nation has ever seen.

takes to grow a Mo, or for more

  Men who sport Movember information on the charities then

moustaches known as Mo Bros, register at    are supporting and raising au awareness and funds for men’s Jed Teague, a salesman from   health, in particular prostate Moxham Motors in Karratha has Training Accreditation Council WESTERN AUSTRALIA

EvEn if you arE thE last pErson to rEad this, you still havE timE to rEgistEr for Baynton WEst.

cancer and depression. Supported by the women around them, known as the Mo Sistas, Mo Bros can raise this money by seeking sponsorship for their Mo growing efforts. You had to begin Movember clean shaven and are allowed the 30 days of November to grow your moustache. It has to be a moustache however, beards don’t count. Movember originally began in Australia between a group of friends and now takes place throughout many countries across the globe. In the first year of Movember, only 30 Mo Bros participated, compared to 2009 where around

taken on the challenge to become a Mo Bro for the first time. Already a week into it, Jed says he is dreading growing his Mo, not only because he knows his wife back in Perth will refuse to kiss him, but his father fashioned a handlebar Mo back in the day and fears his will take on the same style. In support of Movember, the Pilbara Echo will be on the hunt for the best Mo Bro, donating $100 towards their sponsor funds. To enter just send us a photo of your desirable Mo to news@ by December 2. Come back next week to see how much Jed’s Mo has grown.

Here’s some style ideas for your mo!

onlinE rEgistration noW opEn. If you’re looking to own in Baynton West you now have ample time to register for the latest release. Stages 5 to 8A include 100 residential lots sold by draw. Lots range in price from $165,000 to $303,500 and size from 381sqm to 987sqm. Preference will be given to first home buyers and owner-occupiers. Buyers must not have previously purchased in the estate and businesses are not eligible to apply. Online registrations of interest are now open. Registrants will receive a draw number and a confirmation by email. The draw will take place under probity auditor supervision on 2 December. Successful applicants will be contacted at a later date to select their preferred lots. For more information and to register your interest visit


Final registration closes 2pm WST Wednesday 24 November.


         

Show us your mo! Send photos of your Movember progress to au for your chance to win sponsorship cash from the Pilbara Echo.


FREE WEEKLY 6 - 7 November 2010



• KSHS Award Winners with Year Coordinator Kate Harris and KSHS Principal Greg Kelly

Karratha Senior High School bids farewell On Friday October 29, Karratha Senior High School farewelled the Year 12 Class of 2010 at the annual Presentation Evening. The event was held at the Walkington Theatre and celebrated the success and the conclusion of the educational journey of the 66 Year 12 students. The evening was well attended by parents, teachers, members of the wider KSHS community, representatives from local businesses and community organisations and students from a

range of year levels. Principal Greg Kelly was very pleased with the success of the event, describing it as a fantastic evening. Year 12 Coordinator Kate Harris has been impressed with the students’ dedication to their final year of study, and wishes them all the best for what she knows will be their bright futures.

Indiginous contractor supplier form If you are an Indiginous contractor wondering how to get work with Rio Tinto, and what opportunities are coming up, then please come along to one of these meetings. When & where

From top-left, L-R: • Building and Construction Award winner Mathew Peters with Greg Kelly • Citizenship Award winner Sally Gamble with John Lally from the Shire of Roebourne • Human Biological Sciences Academic Award Winner Erin Fox with Cat Samarco • Joel Sturzaker, Inclusive Learning 2010 High Achiever, with ILU Coordinator Jenny Sharpham • KSHS Dux Todd Whisson with Principal Greg Kelly • KSHS Highest Achievement in Vocational Education and Training winner Wendy Hipworth with Mr Rob McPhee from the Northwest Shelf Venture • Materials Design and Technology Wood and Metal winner Luke Morrison with Greg Kelly • Stage 1 Physical Education Award winner Jacob Fitzroy with Kym Quatermaine • Year 12 Coordinator’s Award winner Amelia Stribley with Year 12 Coordinator Kate Harris • Zoey Lethbridge, recipient of the Gumala Mirnuwarni Education Project Award, with Coordinator Rex Halse

Tuesday 23, November 2010 Pilbara TAFE Fraser Street, Roebourne. Wednesday 24, November 2010, Town Hall Onslow. Friday 26, November 2010 Chamber of Commerce 5 Wedge Street, Port Hedland. Wednesday 1, December 2010, Sports Pavillon Tom Price. Friday 3, December 2010 Mia Mia Hotel Conference Room A, Newman


9.30am – 2.00pm (morning tea & lunch provided)



Alison on 0457 561 490 or




FREE WEEKLY 6 - 7 November 2010

• Wes, Jared, Charli, Lucas, Dakoda, Airlie, Zak & Jayke

The hunt for the ultimate burger A grilling year-long quest to find Australia’s best burger with the lot has led two men's tastebuds to Karratha. The pair of 25-year-old Queenslanders, Sean Muir and Tye Lincoln, threw in their jobs two months ago to search for the country’s ultimate burger. Now with close to 50 burgers under their belts from across the top end of Australia, Mr Muir said their sights were set on Karratha. “We’ve already had a few emails saying that Karratha has great burgers so we are looking forward to seeing how they fair against the rest of Northern Australia,” he said. Mr Muir, a former journalist, said he had been beset with the idea of finding the perfect Aussie burger since he was 19.

But he said he first had to convince childhood mate and building designer, Mr Lincoln, to quit his job to traverse the country by Triumph and sidecar. “A trip around the country eating burgers was pretty hard to sell, but Tye came around in the end,” he said. The pair have been reviewing the best burgers based on size, manageability, and taste on their website and hope to have found the best by mid next year. They will be spending two months in Karratha where they hope to find work to continue to fund their mission and fix the bike which Mr Muir said is rattling to pieces. Anyone who knows of a good lot burger can email seantmuir@msn. com or visit

Trick or treat! • Ashwin (the pirate) and Divya (the little witch)

As night time crept upon us on October 31, the witches, demons, ghosts and....Shrek came out to play! With plenty of parties to keep the adults

• Michael 11 and his bubba brother Deagan 7 months all ready for halloween

entertained throughout the wicked night, the little demons of Karratha went trick or treating. Thank you for sending these horrifying photos in.

• The witches ready to go! Airlie and Dakoda Aldridge

Western Australia Mining Expo 2010 • Claremont Showgrounds, 10 - 12 November, 2010

Western Australia’s largest and most established mining & engineering expo is better than ever!



10th - 12th Nov ‘10 Claremont Showgrounds

FREE WEEKLY 6 - 7 November 2010




Celebrating the Melbourne Cup in Pilbara Style

Each venue joined in with the Big hats, champagne and horses can mean only one thing and traditions and held competitions just because the races are held such as ‘best dressed’ and much in Melbourne, doesn’t mean we more. From top-left, clockwise: can’t celebrate it in Karratha. • The Keyspot Girls As the grounds filled once again • Mars, Oteha, Jasmine, Vouela and Andrew at the Flemington Race Course on • Lauren Havelberg and Ash Knight November 2, hundreds of men and • APEX Karratha women dressed up throughout • Helen Goimil, Tiffany Korman and Julie Australia to celebrate a day at the McInnes races. • Angus Stanley and Monty Casey Watched on the big screen, the • Ladies enjoy lunch out at the Karratha Tavern major highlight of the day is of • Tara and Sarah Hodnett. course the Melbourne Cup race and • Catherine Horlock and Bel Parker luckily it happened to take place at lunchtime in WA. Americain, ridden by jockey Gerald Mosse came first taking the Melbourne Cup title, Maluckyday came second and So You Think came third. There were many events to attend to around town including lunch at the Karratha Tavern, The Icon and the All Seasons Hotel.

Come and check out our range of new cook books!

The Fort d by Bernar Cornwell

Life by Keith Richa rds

The Em Delicious More of Nih peror onPlease by John F Ja by lanagan tle Lit lli Va

Shop 11A (opposite Kmart) Centro Karratha Phone 9183 8367 Fax 9183 8368 Website - K




C O M P E T I T I O N 2 0 10

S E Z I R P N I 0 0 0 $7 S A M T S I R H FOR C

For the second year, Pilbara Echo will be holding one of the largest Christmas lights competitions in W.A. It’s FREE to enter, all you need to do is visit our website or drop into our office for an official entry pack.

Important dates to remember Now 1 Dec 09 Dec 11/12 Dec 14 Dec 18 Dec

Install your Display LIGHTS ON Entries Close 5pm Thursday Judging from 7pm - 10pm Winners notified & photographed Final edition

Entry forms now available online:

This year we will also introduce a new category of ‘best street’. Get together with your neighbours and light up your whole street! Judging by a four member panel will take place on the weekend of 11-12 December. Official entrants will be published weekly in the lead up to our special Christmas edition. Winners will be announced on Tuesday 14th December and published on Saturday 18th December. Entries will be assessed from the street, based on first impressions, creativity, use of colour, special effects and Christmas themes. 100% of sponsorship money will be returned to the community as prizes.

• Left: 2009 Winners the Tostevin family from Andover Way, Bulgarra. • 2009 Runner up on Shadwick Place.



Wishing you a Merry Christmas

pilbaraecho echo

FREE WEEKLY 6 - 7 November 2010




A heavy night with Karnivool The Mermaid Hotel was full of some serious heavy metal fans as Karnivool took to the stage on October 31. Karnivool have been touring the North West on their Northern Lights Tour which came to an end in Geraldton on November 3. With lead singer Ian Kenny providing the vocals for popular band Birds of Tokyo, the Mermaid was a popular place that night. Playing songs from their two albums Themata and Sound Awake, they opened up with Simple Boy. Throughout the night they had their dedicated fans head banging along to hits such as Roquefort and Cote. Although an incident occurred, causing the ambulance to be called out, the night was a winner with the crowd.

Red Dirt Camera Club Monthly Comp As part of their ongoing monthly competition, the Red Dirt Club’s October theme was ‘humorous’ with winner Pip Arthur. Taken on her Nikon D700 with an 18-200 lens she captured this delightful moment of Josh and Lachie Arthur and Lily and Sophie

Anastazjew in the bath tub. “The kids had been playing all afternoon together and had ended with a bath in the evening. They




entertaining so I had to grab my camera to capture the moment” she said.

2010 DANCE FX CONCERT Show Times First Show Saturday 20th Nov at 6:30pm Encore Performance Sunday 21st Nov at 11:00am

Tickets on sale Saturday 13th November in the Walkington Theatre Foyer from 2:30 - 3:30pm

For more information call Jess on 0438 938 908 K





Outback Coast Property Gascoyneʼs only independent Real Estate Specialists.... Find us at $720,000 • 10 Glaris Street, Carnarvon

$1,300,000 • 2 Yardi Quays, Carnarvon

Elegant and Embracing Situated on 941sqm block in the prestigious Northwater Estate, this magnificent 3 x 2 timber framed, reverse brick veneer home has a 35 degree pitched colourbond roof. Careful consideration has been given to the design and construction of this quality built home with the environment in mind. Fresh rain water tanks, environmentally accredited quantum heat pump hot water system and it is built to maximum cyclone specifications. The northern aspect allows for maximum utilization of light and cool sea breezes to maintain the natural control of the inside temperature. From the moment you walk in you are enveloped by the neutral tones against a backdrop of 3.3m high ceilings and solid antique oak timber flooring which flows from the main entrance through to the opulent open planned kitchen, dining and lounge area. This home has to be seen to be appreciated please call Burke today for an inspection.

$395,000 • 5 Smart Street, East Carnarvon

Smart Move  809sqm block Zone R12.5  Three bedroom 1 bathroom brick veneer home  Modern Kitchen with Stainless Steel Appliances  Spacious Tiled Open Plan Living Area  Split System Air Conditioning and Ceiling fans throughout  Outdoor entertaining area  All Bedrooms with BIR’s  Close to East Carnarvon Primary

$275,000 • 6 Ridley Place, Carnarvon

Carnarvon Charm Located at the top end of a cul-de-sac Charming 3 x 1 Home Open plan living area gives it a spacious feeling Ceiling Fans throughout Driveway allows for side access to the rear of the property  Timber decking and boardwalk area  Vegetable garden for the chef of the house  Ideal for the First Home Buyer or investor rental return estimated at $280 - $300 per week     

The Kingsford Castle Land Size 1 acre (approx) Zoned R2.5 Fenced in one half for horses Corner block with dual access Veranda’s on two sides of the house 9m x 7m outdoor entertaining area 2 Bay Covered Carport 15m x 10m Colourbond shed and 2 garden sheds  GWC Water License with new tank ready to be connected  Modern 4 x 1 Brick Veneer Home  Solar Hot Water System, Split System Air cons and ceiling fans throughout       

$615,000 +GST • 39 Hudson Street, Carnarvon

Rare Trucking Dirt         

Direct Triple Roadtrain access off NWCH Over 1 ha 10,2000sqm Fully fenced and secured yard Currently used as a stock and general freight yard Improvements include drive thru shed with trailer length service pit Overhead lighting for night operations 3 Phase Power and Phone connected Fully set up wash down bay Onsite ablutions with shower and toilet

$825,000 • 26 Freeman Street, Kingsford

Free Reign on Freeman  Well appointed 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home on 6500sqm (approx)  Double lock up garage and a man size shed, currently being used as a tack room  Approximately 25 well established Mango Trees  Large exercise yard and stalls for the horses  You need to see this beautiful lifestyle block to appreciate it

$315,000 • 15 Pincombe Street, Carnarvon

Real Value for Money  Three Bedroom one bathroom Norwester  Ideal for the First Home Buyer or the astute investor  Polished floor boards  Updated roof with timber beams and Colour bond sheeting  Vernada with stylish timber decking  Split system Air Conditioning and Ceiling Fans throughout  Partially reticulated with established gardens  Open plan living area  Modern kitchen  Colour bond fence enclosing the entire perimeter  Corner elevated block  Land area 840sqm (approx)

$410,000 • 418 Robinson Street, Carnarvon

Lifestyle on Main Street       

3x2 Home located at the rear of the block Land area 1143sqm Zoned Light Industrial Open plan kitchen/dining and living area 3 large bedrooms New Heat Pump Hot Water System Established gardens Office, shed and storage space

Burke Malsen - 0409 265 156 Boris Bagaric - 0421 802 031 231 Robinson Street, Carnarvon WA 6701 email:


PHONE 9941 3413 FAX 9941 3412


FREE WEEKLY 6 - 7 November 2010



State awards recognise small businesses Pilbara small businesses have excelled in this years “The success of these businesses showcases the GWN Western Australia Regional Small Business strength of our business community to Western Australia. Awards with six Karratha businesses named as finalists On behalf of the KDCCI I would like to sincerely in the statewide awards. congratulate all of the nominees and finalists for their The Pilbara region has the highest number of finalists outstanding achievements, and wish them all the best in in this year’s awards program. the awards.” McLaren Hire has again been announced as a finalist Following their success at the recent KDCCI Business this year in the Business with 10 to 20 Employees category. Excellence Awards, these outstanding businesses were Managing Director, Lisa Clarke, said they were proud nominated to represent the Pilbara in this statewide to have moved the company to the next category and win awards program, which recognises and celebrates the achievements of regional small business in Western for the third consecutive year. Australia. “Growing any company can be difficult and to have The winners will be announced at the GWN Western your business recognised for its service 3 years in a row is Australian Regional Small Business Awards, hosted by the a fantastic team accomplishment. Small Business Development Corporation on November We now eagerly wait to see if we can top the year off 12 in Perth. with a win at the GWN state awards.” Signature Music was announced as a finalist for the Home Based Business category, and both Harvey World Travel and Travelworld Karratha were finalists in the franchise category. Westregent Aluminium Pool Fencing Portaccomm SX5 Building Systems has been Fence 1200mm high x 2400mm announced as a finalist in the Aboriginal Business category, wide - $130.00 per panel and Point Samson Resort will represent the Pilbara region FREE WEEKLY Fence Post 50mm x 50 mm x in the Business with 5 to 10 Employees category. 21 - 22 August 2010 1500 mm - $30.00 per post Kim Henshaw, Chief Executive Officer of the KDCCI, Brackets - $1.00 each said that the achievements reflect the thriving Pilbara Gate - $150.00 each economy as well as the many business development programs and organisations available to assist small Mobile 0417 911456 WESTREGENT businesses in the region. PTY LTD Email


• Secret Fishing Spot

• Kangaroo Bones III

Local art at the airport echoentertainment 12


As Karratha Airport continues to showcase local artwork, the latest exhibition by Diane Campbell, titled ‘Sky, Land and Sea’ depicts the Pilbara and West Australian pilbaraecho landscapes and scenery.

to the local arts industry. She has also facilitated painting workshops and has ran several solo exhibitions throughout the region.

Her inspiration comes from many echoentertainment BUILDING IN aspects such as things she’s read, PILBARA? Australian THE Academy of seen or heard, with attention to

FREE WEEKLY 21 - 22 August 2010

Port Hedland

Western Austframe manufactures rated steel Sarah, Allison, Chealsea & Blair • Celestial Avenue was the final film in the lineup. Performing Arts (WAAPA) graduate cyclone clouds, fossils and •opera and admires framing and trusses for residential Ms Campbell, said the and exhibition commercial buildings. painting styles by Charles Blackman, was a result of works focusing on Arthur Boyd, Howard Taylor, John It’s easy to build with Austframe: • Send us your plans a minute where a man is given curiously By Kane Tenadii-Hay the sky’s dominance and ability to Percival, Joy Hester, John Brack, Tony • Receive a fast quote at Perth prices specific demands by his Tom Tom GPS Last week as a part of its national tour, which leads him to a different destination • Fast, computer aided engineering set the mood, the life of the land and Windberg, Karratha was treated with the arrival than he had in mind. Short. Snappy. • Regular freight to Karratha Jason Benjamin and of the St. Kilda film festival, which Hilarious. its ancient existence and the sky’s Gerhard Richter. showcased some of the finest samples Before it had even finished, I was of Australian filmmaking. With a refl ection of the sea that surrounds diverse range of genres and lengths prepared to declare The Wake as the stframe manufactures cyclone rated steel • Sarah, Allison, Chealsea & Blair • Celestial Avenue was the final film in the lineup. “Working with oil is addictive,” Ms - some as short as a minute, others as best film of the selections - following land.for residential Unit 5, 20 Clark Court, Bibra Lake WA 6163 framing the and trusses long as twenty - each carried a distinct a hopeless, seemingly pathetic man Campbell said. identity of their own, ensuring there named Johnny, it is a different kind of and commercial buildings. portrayal of the bleakness of a funeral. would be something for everybody. 2969 • Mob: 0417 917 484 Depicting images Ph: of9494 Cottesloe, While notoriously failing at pretty much easy to build with Austframe: Email: Instead of going through all FREE of the “In the beginning I • might Rachael &apply Cass pilbaraecho WEEKLYeverything he attempted, including nd us your plansDampier, Millstream and the Pilbara 12 in where great detail, I’llgiven instead 21curiously - 22simply August 2010 pilbaraecho FREE WEEKLY echoentertainment a films minute a man is By Kane Tenadii-Hay trying to hit on a gay woman and getting 12 21 22 August 2010 echoentertainment point out the bestby of the ceive a fast quote at Perth prices media to specific demands his bunch. Tom Tom GPS fired from Coles (where he was a trainee), coast and land, the oil on canvas and acrylic and other mixed Last week as a part of its national tour, which st, computer aided engineering leadsthe him to a different destination When second short film came and he manages to somehow lighten up the Karratha was treated structure butwith it the arrival than hada good in mind. Short.- being Snappy. went,he it left impression less dark mood the funeral brings. It manages gular freight to Karratha acrylic on canvas pieces showcase create the underlying of the St. Kilda film festival, which Hilarious. than two minutes in length, Bad Timing this without being over-the-top, still showcased some of the finest samples a brilliant, about two maintaining a level of realism which Before it hadsnappy even sketch finished, I was the beautiful sunsets, amazing always ends in oils.” of Australian filmmaking. With a was men attempting to disarm a bomb. makes it all the more engrossing and to declare The Wake asWhen the diverse range of genres and lengths prepared told he needs to “make a decision”, CJ effective. Campbell’s artwork will on others as best film of the selections - following skies and wondrous ocean in rich, - some as short be as a minute, embarrassinglyAve, misinterprets this as a 3 Koombana South Brick 3x1, pool, secure, walk everything a hopeless, seemingly patheticHedland man BUILDING IN I was prepared to declare The Wake long as twenty each carried a distinct nit 5, 20 Clark Court, Bibra Lake WA 6163 BUILDING long-awaited opportunity. Short, snappy display until November and luminous colours. IN named Johnny, it is isa what different kind of as Very my favorite, but then the final film identity 29, of their own, all ensuring there and precise, which was needed 4 Dulverton Tce, South Hedland impressive, secure 4 bedroom brick spaces THE PILBARA? PILBARA? portrayal the bleakness funeral. would be something for everybody. Ph: 9494 2969 •THE Mob: 0417 917 484 after theofmixed response of thea first film arrived. Celestial Avenue is one of the artwork issteel for sale. While notoriously failing atthe pretty Austframe manufactures cyclone rated • Sarah, Allison, & Blair Celestial Avenue the final film in lineup.much most bizarre, quirky things in spaces Austframe manufactures cyclone steel Ms Campbell hasratedbeen a Dampier Email: • Sarah, Allison, Chealsea & Blair • Celestial Avenue was Chealsea the film in the lineup. all of the 4• Finch Crt, South Hedland Excellence in quality, 4/5x2,I have pool,seen 9 car brought onwas (or lack-of therein). Instead offinal going through


REAL St Kilda FilmESTATE Festival “Building on Reputation” PROPERTY OF THE WEEK

411/17 Welsh St, South Hedland St Kilda Film Festival 2x1 apartment



Residential Sales

• Rachael &forCass framing and trusses residential HAVE YOU AN INVESTMENT

framing and trusses for residential

everything he attempted, including

a very long time, and it was just too good.

St Kilda Film Festival St Kilda Film Festival

in great detail, I’ll instead simply While hada agay bit of and a slow start, and commercialInterested buildings. buildings. 20 trying to hitit on woman getting follows Kath, somebody hopelessly buyersfilms can 7 Councillor Rd,little Boodarie 12,000It sqm, building pad residentand commercial for over years and point out contact the best of theMs bunch. Tickets ultimately paid off - following fired from Coles (where he was a trainee),a trying to find love, who eventually finds delivery man who is constantly belittled HOUSE IN PERTH? When the second short film By came 11 Cone Pl, South Hedland Huge house on low-maintenance block, a minute where a man isup given curiouslyherself he manages to somehow lighten the has received many awards and CampbellBydirect resorting to a blind date. It is in the close to oval & school on went, 0427 831 176 or Kaneand Tenadii-Hay Kane Tenadii-Hay by everybody around him, Matt finally specific demands by his Tom Tom GPS it left a good impression - Last being less funeral brings. It manages alleyway as she lights herself a cigarrette week as a partdark of its mood national the which leadsagainst him to a different destination achieves atour, small victory theHedland world than two minutes in length, Bad Timing 411 / 17 Welsh St, South 2x1 apartment Karratha was treated with the arrival being Having trouble finding good tenants? commendation for her contribution this without still than heover-the-top, had in mind. Short. Snappy.that she meets Ah Gong - a very obviously that seemed of the St. Kilda film festival, which to treat him so unfairly. was a brilliant, snappy sketch about two It’s easy to build with Austframe:

It’s easy to build with Austframe:

• Send us your plans • Receive a fast quote at Perth prices • Fast, computer aided engineering • Regular freight to Karratha

• Send us your plans • Receive a fast quote at Perth prices • Fast, computer aided engineering • Regular freight to Karratha

a minute where a man is given curiously specific demands by his Tom Tom GPS Last week as a part of its national tour, which leads him to a different destination Karratha was treated with the arrival than he had in mind. Short. Snappy. of the St. Kilda film festival, which Hilarious. Hilarious. maintaining a level of realism which showcased some of the finest samples showcased some of the finestspecifically, samples More against a man datingI wasCaucasian man who doesn’t speak a word Before had even finished, IWhen was Before it had even finished, menWith attempting to itdisarm a bomb. of Australian filmmaking. a of Australian filmmaking. a makes itWith all the more andas theof English. She immediately swoons at as the declarefeel The aWake his ex-girlfriend. While ittoengrossing does little diverse range of genres and lengths prepared to declare The Wake diverse range of genres and lengths prepared told he needs to “make a decision”, CJ following - some as short as a minute, others as best film of the selections -- some best film of the selections - followingthe sound of his singing, and eventually effective. as short as a minute, others as like a slow boil aathopeless, first, when it reaches seemingly pathetic man embarrassingly misinterprets this as a long as twenty - each carried a distinct a hopeless, seemingly pathetic mancomes back out of business hours to long as twenty each carried a distinct Unit 5, 20 Clark Court, Bibra Lake WA 6163 kind of itsI ensuring climax, it is allnamed more thanitworth while. identity of their own, ensuring there named Johnny, it is a different was prepared to Johnny, declare Wake isThe a different kind of of their own, there long-awaited opportunity. Short, portrayal of the bleakness ofidentity a snappy funeral. would be something for everybody. portrayal of the bleakness of a him again. wouldmuch be something for everybody. Oh, and the guybut totally deserved it: “Don’t Ph: 9494 2969 • Mob: 0417 917 484 as my favorite, then the final film While notoriously failing was at pretty and precise, which is what needed Instead of going through all of the While notoriously failing at pretty much • Rachael Cass Email: & Instead of going through all of the he attempted, including hate me because I’m livingisthe dream. ” And it is during this encounter when • Rachael &everything Cass arrived. Celestial Avenue one of the films in great detail, I’ll instead simply after the mixed thefilms first film detail, in great I’ll instead simply everything he attempted, including trying to response hit on a gay woman and getting point out the best of the bunch. trying to hit on gay woman andingettingshe has him play her a song. When bizarre, quirky things Iahave seen Excluding the very thick Australian point out the best ofmost the bunch. Coles therein). (where he was a trainee), brought on fired (or from lack-of fired from Coles (where he was a trainee),she joins in, he falls for her also, and it When the second short film came and he manages to somehow lighten up the When the second came andLizard ashort veryfilm long time, and it wastojust good. accents and (being an too animation he manages somehow lighten up the went, it left a good impression - While being lessit had dark mood the funeral brings. It manages a little bit of a slow went, itstart, left a good impression - being less dark mood the funeral brings. It managestransitions into a karaoke video depicting than two minutes in length, Bad Timing this without being over-the-top, occupied position in the It that follows Kath, fourth somebody hopelessly stillminutes in than two length, Bad Timing this without being over-the-top, still Tickets ultimately paid offof- realism following a was a brilliant, snappy sketch about two maintaining a level selections), Mabuji was eventually the firstoftorealism reallywhichthe events that followed... “Wait, what?” was awhich brilliant, snappy sketchto about two trying find love, who finds men attempting to disarm a bomb. When makes it all the more engrossing maintaining a level and delivery man who is constantlymen belittled attempting to disarm When told he needs to “make a decision”, CJ effective. usea abomb. true Australian makes it theme. all date. the more herself resorting to a blind ItFollowing isengrossing in the andpretty much sums up the reaction from told he needs to “make a decision”, CJ effective. embarrassingly misinterprets as a by this everybody around him, Matt finally a young it reflects the audience. The entire thing is very I was prepared to declare The Wake alleyway asAboriginal she herself a cigarrette misinterprets this as a lightsstockman, long-awaited opportunity. Short, snappy achieves a small victory againstembarrassingly the I was prepared to declare The Wakequirky and offbeat, and I wouldn’t have finalworld film opportunity. long-awaited Short, snappy way and precise, which is what was needed as my favorite, but then the theshe Aboriginal of -storytelling - that meets Ah Gong a very obviously of the whichthat andunfairly. precise, is what was needed as my favorite, but then the final filmhad it any other way. While it was one after the mixed responsethat the first film arrived. seemed to Celestial treat Avenue him issoone is, athestory coming toCelestial life speak from most bizarre, quirky things I have arrived. Avenueaseveral isword one of the Caucasian man who doesn’t brought on (or lack-of therein). afterseen the inmixed response first film More specifically, a very longagainst time, and it a wasman just toodating good. most bizarre, quirky things I have brought on (or lack-of therein). perspectives. The young boy learns of the While it had a little bit of a slow start, of English. She immediately swoons atseen inof the longer members of the line-up, it It follows Kath, itsomebody hopelessly a very long time, and it was just too ex-girlfriend. While does feel a little Tickets ultimately paid offhis - following a While it had a littleuntimely bit of a slow death start, of his grandfather, butgood.doesn’t waste a moment. An awesome trying to find love, who eventually finds It follows Kath, somebody hopelessly theoffsound of his singing, and eventually delivery man who is constantly belittled Tickets ultimately paid - following a like a slow boil at first, when it reaches herself resorting to a blind date. 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of laughs during the comedies. I hope it comes this way again next year!

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snappy method prevails - this time with Tomorrow (GPS), a sketch that lasts hardly




FREE WEEKLY 6 - 7 November 2010

St Luke’s College celebrates Seniors Week


The Shire of Roebourne invited seniors from across the region to celebrate Seniors Week with a morning tea at St Luke’s College on November 3. Over 20 seniors were greeted by the year 10 students who had provided entertainment, refreshments and of course tea for the seniors. As well as the students talking to the seniors and sharing experiences and stories, Tess Van Neil sang to the audience followed by a performance by Jonathon Coutinho on guitar and Georgia Hay on vocals. Students of St Luke’s College are required to carry out 20 hours of community service between years 10 and 12. Although not part of the curriculum anymore it is seen as one of their Christian duties. The morning tea was part of a partnership between the Shire of Roebourne and St Luke’s College to enhance the lives of seniors and encourage inter-generational communication. The Seniors Events Plan supports the Shire of Roebourne’s Senior Plan to encourage seniors to get together more frequently and celebrate their contribution to the community. Senior week ran from October 31 to November 7 with many events taking place throughout WA.

• Byron Barkhuizen and Joshua Mosley with their Pre-Primary pals

• KSHS Year 9 student Laura Weston with her KPS Pre-Primary friend

Karratha SHS students return to Primary School Karratha Senior High School Year 9 students have headed back to Primary School – but it’s all for a good cause! Mrs Mittonette’s Year 9 English class have been visiting Karratha Primary School Pre-Primary classes and reading with them on a weekly basis. The program has formed part of the current unit of assessment for the Year 9 students. The Year 9s have been picking the Pre-Primary’s brains for ideas for original picture books. This discussion has enabled the students to create picture books of their own and to understand the concept of writing for a specific audience. Both classes of students

thoroughly enjoyed the interaction and looked forward to the weekly session. The Year 9s have really demonstrated their maturity and have embraced the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership skills and responsibility. The final product of this unit of study was to create an original picture book. Mrs Mittonette has been very pleased with the high quality of the finished books and the artistic detail and creativity that has gone into the completion of this assessment task. Literacy is a priority at KSHS and through this program students have been better able to understand the role picture books have in early reading and in cultivating the imagination.

• The students enjoyed learning all about space

Students enjoy staircase to the moon

Students and families of Dampier Primary School’s Year 4/5 class had a great night at Hearson’s Cove to observe the spectacular Staircase to the Moon on October 25. The Year 4/5 class has been learning all about space this term with Mrs Jenny Jan who has been completing her final practicum to become a teacher. As part of Mrs Jan’s practicum, she had organised the event and said that “it was a fabulous night where the Year 4/5 class was able to leave the confines of the classroom while learning all about the moon, stars, and planets outdoors.” Mrs Jan would like to take this opportunity to thank the students and families for making it a great night and a big thank you to Mr. Beard for his support and Mr. Marsden who provided the telescope and his insightful information on our night sky.


FREE WEEKLY 6 - 7 November 2010

Clothes, shoes, bags and accessories ranging from basics to designer labels were up for grabs. At the end of the evening many hundreds of items had changed hands and all the ladies enjoyed the ‘party’ atmosphere with food and drinks. To raise much needed funds for women’s cancer research, participants were asked to donate what they would normally spend on a night out to the cause. A raffle was drawn at the event with many prizes donated by local small businesses. The combined fundraising effort from both donations made online and on the night, plus raffle ticket sales, exceeded $2000. All those involved agreed the night was a great success and similar events will be held in the future.

Tony Heyns from the development company Sun Land will be in the Karratha area from Sunday 7th November to deal directly with purchase enquiries on the “Too Hot Walpole” brochure which is inserted into this issue of your local paper. Call him on 0428 889 988 to arrange a convenient time to meet with you.

Entertainer’s Delight • Jeans were very popular items

Karratha’s ballerinas recognised by Royal Academy of Dance Terre Rouge Ballet Inc (TRB) was excited to present 42 of their students for Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) exams last weekend at the Dampier Community Association Hall. The dancers ranged in age from 5 to 11, with the older Majors students sitting their exams in Perth earlier in the year. RAD is highly regarded and internationally recognised in the world of dance, therefore students of TRB will be rated equally to a student of the same grade nationally and internationally. This is a definite bonus given the transient population of Karratha and districts, enabling dancers’ grades and achievements within the RAD syllabus to be recognised when relocating. TRB is proud to be able to offer this opportunity to dancers in the Pilbara. The RAD Examiner Mrs Dale Coles, who flew in from Queensland, has amassed over 40 years teaching experience, including 30 years as an International Grade Examiner for the Royal Academy of Dance and is highly regarded in her field. The exams are the culmination of months of hard work by the TRB students, however their teachers have kept them enthused and inspired.

Private sale 3 bed 1 bathroom double carport house in Bulgarra. Viewing will inspire and delight with this renovated home with generously sized rooms and stunning outdoor entertainment area. Great location close to schools and shopping centre with no housing over the road makes this a very quiet neighborhood. Features include but not limited to: • block size 744m2 • new tiles through out • freshly painted through out • back yard with cubby,sandpit,below ground trampoline,full length patio,4x2shed and very large sail. • front yard has large insulated patio & double carport with fans and dimmer controlled down lights.7mx4m pool with 2 rotatable large umbrellas. • underground power,new switch board full RCD protected,15 amp supply to carport. • roller shutters on all windows & rear glass sliding door. • house and rear patio painted with solar heat shield paint • 3x water tanks plumbed of guttering • all gardens on automatic retic • shade cloth fitted to both sides of house.

Asking $849’000.00

• Principal teacher, Michele Cleaver-Wilkinson, with PrePrimary Ballet students waiting eagerly to enter the exam room

Next year will continue to excite with new teachers coming on board and the possible addition of a ballet class with a jazz edge. TRB is always looking for qualified teachers to expand their timetable so if you would like to find out more please call 0459 163 705. TRB would like to thank Tru Blu Hire and Aggreko for supplying air conditioning to the DCA Hall for the examination period, enabling the event to be held in this fantastic community facility.


Contact Mark 0458442600

BUILDING IN THE PILBARA? Austframe manufactures cyclone rated steel framing and trusses for residential and commercial buildings. It’s easy to build with Austframe: • Send us your plans • Receive a fast quote at Perth prices • Fast, computer aided engineering • Regular freight to Karratha

Unit 5, 20 Clark Court, Bibra Lake WA 6163 Ph: 9494 2969 • Mob: 0417 917 484 Email:


• Kate McMahon (front) and Kirra Doherty, Grade 4 Ballet students, ready to enter the exam room



A girls night in A “Girls Night In - Clothes Swap” event was held at the Karratha Kats Clubhouse on October 27 in order to raise money for Women's Breast & Gynaecological Cancers, and in conjunction with the WA Cancer Council and The Big Aussie Swap (National Recycling Week). The clothes swap allowed ladies to swap clothes they no longer want, wear, or need. It was a great way for women to upgrade, update and refresh their wardrobe without feeling guilty, and a fun way of recycling unwanted clothing items. The night was well attended with over 50 Karratha ladies coming along to show their support. After a few “swap etiquette and rules” announcements, the swap began.





FREE WEEKLY 6 - 7 November 2010

Soroptimists stand up Soroptimists of Karratha and Districts Inc (SI-KAD) have had a very busy month. Members and guests held a ‘Stand Up’ at their monthly ‘Speaking Personally’ dinner, in support of the United Nations Millenium Development Goals (MDG) 2010 campaign. As Australia is a signatory to the MDGs, Soroptimists members personally delivered a CD containing the UN’s ‘Manual for Use in Parliaments 2010’ to Cabinet Ministers of the Western Australian Government during their recent visit to Karratha. The Manual provides strategies that encourage Parliaments to engage with the MDGs, throughout decision making processes. Members also met with two individual Cabinet Ministers - to advocate for a quick resolution of the WA Prostitution legislation; and increased funding for local Non Government Organisations (NGOs). Soroptimists wish to ensure prostitutes in the Pilbara have not

been trafficked or coerced into service, and that their safety and health are protected. The State Coalition Government repealed the WA Prostitution Amendment Act 2008 (passed through Parliament but not proclaimed during the previous Labour government’s rule), and the current law is problematic to enforce. The good works of local NGOs are limited, and under threat, through insufficient public funding. They lack wage, housing, and training parity with public sector workers, which emphasises the difficulties of attracting and retaining experienced and qualified people for management and key service positions. Soroptimists advocated with the Minister, for improved resource allocations. Awareness, Advocacy and Action is a Soroptimists ethos, and SI-KAD is delighted to be recipients of a Chevron Australia Pty Ltd, 2010 Community Spirits Grant.

Safer boating in the habour Skippers need to consider the following when traveling in areas of commercial vessel activity: • Give vessels such as rig tenders, barges, bulk carriers and gas ships a wide berth • Look out for the bow wave or wake that a commercial vessel can generate • Be aware when passing across the bow of a commercial vessel that they have restricted vision • Don’t anchor in shipping channels • Don’t tie up to channel markers and beacons The Port of Dampier is the second largest bulk export port in the world. Often more than 4000 commercial vessels visit each year. Consequently, recreational boat users can come into contact with commercial vessels. The safety of all on the water is of the utmost importance to Dampier Port Authority.

The $4760 grant will be specifically used to provide advocacy training for local NGO staff.

Advocating is a complex and critical skill, and is a crucial aspect in supporting many clients’ needs. SI-KAD applied for the Chevron grant to support local services and will fund a unit of study with Pilbara College of TAFE. In consultation with NGOs, a two day nationally recognised training course will be offered as a first-step towards a qualification for NGO staff who advocate on behalf of their clients. If you would like to hear of other projects Soroptimists are engaged in, please join us at our monthly Speaking Personally dinners, held at 6.30pm on the first Wednesday of every month at the Karratha International Hotel (ring Judy Wright on 040439 932 104) or contact Judie Pettitt, Soroptimist’s Programme & UN Liaison Convenor, on 0409 296 298.

• Kristie Brown surrounded by her dance students

Young business woman and dance teacher recognised Kristie Brown, centre-stage and surrounded by members of one of her Dance Kix Karratha groups, received a nice surprise last month. Joanne Pritchard, Councillor and President of Soroptimist International Karratha and Districts, presented her with a $500 cheque to boost professional training opportunities for Kristie and her students.

Would you fly with a drunk pilot?

Earlier in the year Soroptimists had nominated Kristie for the WA Soroptimists Stella Giles Award for Excellence on the basis that as a very

young woman in a mining macho environment she started off her company in 2008 with 170 students. Now she is coach and mentor to 340 local dancers and has also developed specific classes for the 30 boys in her group to recognise their unique contribution to dance in Karratha. Karratha Soroptimists wanted to recognise Kristie’s achievement in the place where she dedicates much of her time, and where is happiest – in the middle of her students ready to kick up her heels and dance.

The Law

Effects of drinking alcohol whilst on the water Did you know that the combined effects of drinking alcohol out on the water, the weather, wind, motion and waves can dramatically increase the effect alcohol has on your balance, coordination, vision and judgement. In fact, if you’ve been drinking, your reaction time, coordination and balance can be worse on the water than on land. Drinking alcohol affects your ability to skipper a boat. The effects of drinking whilst boating can endanger the lives of the skipper and passengers. Passengers are just as likely as skippers to be involved in capsizing the vessel or falling overboard.

Risk taking Should you be involved in a boating accident as a result of drinking alcohol, then the chances of survival decrease through increased dehydration. Heat loss is also accelerated, especially if you are in the water.

Staying safe Alcohol is often a risk factor involved in drowning as it affects your performance and in some situations, not drinking is the safest option. However, if you are going to drink, do so responsibly, stick stick to the safer limits of drinking when out on the water.

Staying low risk The National Health and Medical Research Council recommend drinking no more than 4 standard drinks on a single occasion. This may reduce the risk of alcoholrelated injury arising from that occasion. These drinks should be evenly spaced at a rate of no more than 1 standard drink per hour.

rs are e p p i k s k n ! Dru dangerous HP11859 SEP’10 © Department of Health 2010

It is an offence under section 59(2) of the Western Australian Marine Act 1982 to navigate or attempt to navigate a vessel while under the influence of alcohol or drugs to such an extent as to be incapable of having proper control of the vessel. In addition, drivers of vehicles leaving boat ramps, yacht clubs and marinas can be subject to breath testing under the Road Traffic Act 1974.

The Pilbara Development Commission has recently changed our office opening hours. Our new opening hours from November 2010 are: KARRATHA PORT HEDLAND NEWMAN

8:30am to 4:30pm 8:30am to 4:30pm 8:00am to 4:00pm

The Commission offices will be closed for the Christmas period from 27th December 2010. Our offices will reopen on Tuesday 4th January 2011.


Government of Western Australia


WA Country Health Service


FREE WEEKLY 6 - 7 November 2010

Helping your child breathe It is a difficult to witness the physical distress of an infant or toddler that has succumbed to the fatiguing symptoms of a cold or flu, and yet quite often we allow this to go on and on. Often children can only get enough air by crying. As a result, they can neither eat nor sleep properly. The mucus that accumulates cannot come out thereby causing nasal congestion that could lead to secondary infection as well as poor breathing habits. Remember, a baby starts off breathing mainly through the nose and the relatively small size of their nasal passages can make the baby seem stuffy, even with a minimal amount of congestion.

Withdrawals of over the counter medications for children under the age of five do not leave many options open for frustrated parents. Thankfully there are options, one of the most common and cost-effective being nasal suctioning (nasal aspiration). This can be effective but unfortunately until very recently the only available methods in Australia have been found to be awkward, uncomfortable and relatively ineffective. Aspiration has been in place for a long time, starting with the Labour and Delivery rooms in hospitals and utilized by doctors around the world. Overseas studies demonstrated that

have nasal

aspiration is appropriate for home use and allows parents a significant addition in the treatment of their children, enabling them to clear their child's nose without the use of potentially dangerous drugs. Modern devices have potential for making nasal suctioning easy to perform in the home setting. Recently new devices in Australia have received TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) registration and are cleared for domestic use. Put a couple of drops of saline solution in each nostril, which helps to loosen the dry mucus, and use a quality nasal aspirator to suck it out. Naturally, it is not enough to


PilbaraC 19

clear the visible parts of the nose only; you must reach the inner ducts as well. To achieve this you need a device of appropriate strength, which is capable of providing continuous suction.

Hospital for their amazing care and support, thanks to Dr Perez and all the faboulous Midwives. He is pictured with his very proud big sister Matilda, 3.

conc ours equa radia www.pilbaraclassies.c


Class: Name: Where:


Mel’s Starting Saturdaygetting October 30th clucky & For all levels - Beginners • Intermediate • Advanced Trinity Natural Health she wantsTeesdale your Millars Well Pavillion, Placebabies!

Cost: Drop-in-class, $12.00 What to bring: Bare feet, a yoga mat & a smile

Booking ID: 10343 AdonID:041305847 For more information, call Bindu 015 653

Australia’s newest nasal aspirator is automatic and handheld, and can aspirate the nasal cavity with hospital-grade suction.


Complimentary and holistic therapy can help you FEEL BETTER...

W r

I invite you to experience the difference today

It is battery operated and as such portable, with the possibility of being operated any time/any where at your convenience.

Allergies Emotional trauma Motor skills Neurology Phobia Food sensitivities Goal enhancement

The unit operates by a single bi-functional on and off button.

Posture Illness Injury Lymphatic drainage Co-ordination Digestive problems Stress


Hormonal problems Skin irritations


Muscle strength Weight problems

0413 305 257

For further information please visit



2/16 Hedland Place KARRATHA


pilbaraechomums & bubs

p p a th

Pilbara Twins, Triplets and more

Luke Joseph Burgess 23rd October 2010 9th September 2010

Danya and Luke are proud to announce the arrival of Eliza Jane Breman on the 9th September 2010 at 9.10am. Eliza was born at Glengarry Hospital in Perth. She weighed 2.87 kg (6.5 lb) and was 47cm long. Together with her older sister Tulley (7) Danya and Luke are very excited about their new baby and are thoroughly enjoying their newly extended family - another beautiful miracle to love and nurture!

We welcome all families in the Pilbara who have,or are expecting, twins, triplets or more!

Sean Burgess and Audrey Pischetsrieder are please to announce the birth of their son Luke Joseph on the 23rd October 2010 at 2.45am.

Sean and Audrey would like to thank the staff at Port Hedland Hospital’s Ellery Ward and a special thanks to Colleen for her fantastic efforts in bringing this little man to the world and the Pilbara.

on higher quality paper with maximum colour definition. Due to the large b lightweight paper through high speed presses. It is therefore impossible to customer acknowledges and accepts this fact. 2. Registration may not represent the printed result. The published Pilbara Cla


• Keep this copy records, sign a 9920 8501

Names & addresses Telephone & fax numbers

17th October 2010

Sid Stephen English 19th October 2010

Deb and Steve English welcomed Sid Stephen English on 19th October. He weighed 3.8kg or 8lb 6oz and is being well looked after by his very proud big brother Rex and sister Cerys. A huge thank you to the wonderful midwives at Nickol Bay Hospital.

Nic and Debbi Garreffa welcomed their beautiful daughter Tia Lyn Garreffa into the world on Sunday 17th October 2010, weighing 5lb 9 (2.77kg). Little Tia was 8 days early and keen to join the world! Debbi and Nic would like to say a huge thank you to the midwives at Nickol Bay Hospital - you are amazing ladies and do the most wonderful job.


If you would like to contact th our group please call le Kate 0437 789 419 or Notes: 1. Variations Chelsea in appearance may occur902 in the Pilbara 0438 393 Classies due to the use o


Tia Lyn Garreffa


We meet casually to provide friendship and support for the whole family and we would love to meet you!

He was born in Port Hedland hospital weighing 3.63kg and measuring 50cm.


Eliza Jane Breman

o s

Email & Website Technical & trade terms Size of advertisement






Colours (please refer of Note 1. above)


Here’ MyCard Card Here’ss My

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Waxing, phone tinting, facials, peels, pedicures etc. 9185 3719 Please phone for a full price list. Shop 17, Sharpe Avenue • Karratha

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0419 749 freight & freight cars All general & cars Colours • Cuts &287 Schwarzkopf Excellent back load rates/leaving weekly Childrens• Exmouth and Ladies Karratha • Pt Hedland••Mens, Onslow Carnarvon • Geraldton • Perth

KARRATHA • Project Management 2• 4Sheetmetal HR • Labour Hire9185 Long & 2188 Short Term SE• RLine Boring VICE Engineering Construction • Machining • Aluminium & Stainless Steel PORT HEDLAND • Coded Welding Welding & Fabrication SAVANNAH 9173 3928 & Maintenance • General & Structural Fabrication ENGINEERS * Boat & Trailer Repairs NEWMAN (WA) PTY LTD • Maintenance Shutdowns 9175 1168 • Project Management • Sheetmetal Email: • Labour HireMobile: Long & 0438 Short194 Term221 • Line Boring KARRATHA 24HR& Stainless Steel • Machining • Aluminium Web: 9185 2188 SWelding ERVIC&EFabrication • Coded Welding HEDLAND Servicing the Pilbara region for more All general freight & cars • General & PORT Structural Fabrication * Boat & Trailer Repairsthan 20 years 3928 • Maintenance 9173 Shutdowns Excellent back load rates/leaving weekly

0428 71 3355

Office 91838214 Mobile 0417862303

hair dressing

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• Ptbeen Hedland • Onslow • Exmouth Accounts are1168 payable prior to printing unless anKarratha account has established. 9175 KARRATHA 24HR Email: Carnarvon • Geraldton • Perth 9185 2188 Mobile: 0438 194 221 SERVICE Web: I’dPORT likeHEDLAND to make some changes to the artwork, Introducing Deb Garratt Office 91838214 9173 3928 Servicing the Pilbara region for more than 20Do years which are marked above. not proceed with the$order yet. NEWMAN Mobile 0417862303 PW 9175 1168

C U R L S(6cm) Have



Open 7 Days Phone Michelle 9185 4792 / 0438 197 990

this 60 Specializing in: z t i l G No Minimum ’ space ‘N m a l G Approved by: ____________________________ family day care n

Email: Mobile: 0438 194 221 Web:

• Cuts & Schwarzkopf Colours

(name) shio a F s u lo u b a F • Mens, Childrens and Ladies Signature: ______________________________ date: / / New range of wedding

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A&L 0428 71 3355 Rebecca Williams © COPYRIGHT fashion C U R L S Cleaning WARNING: All artwork / layouts are protected by international co gowns have arrived!

Commercial • Industrial Residential Karratha

Servicing the Pilbara region for more than 20 years Call Kerry 0409 293 430 or

DEKA • EXIDE • ALCO For appointments, phone 9185 5560 call kerry 0409 293 430 beauty & make-up artist to viewtherapist specials and order directly

BATTERIES boilermaker Shop 15, Sharpe Avenue Village



beauty & make-up artist to viewtherapist specials and order directly








A-1 Traders 1493 Lambert Rd. Skincare productS – mobile facialS OPEN YOUR OWN ACCOUNT & SAVE K.I.E. Karratha Call Kerry 0409 293 430 or 9185 callPh kerry 04091390 293 430

boilermaker boilermaker


Terry Rogers (Build. Reg. 8257)



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PO Box 239 Karratha WA 6714 T: 9144 4018 F: 9144 4078 E:

Your Pilbara Builder


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Additions • Carpentry & Repairs

care service for Coast your children, purchasing the design rights or written from Coral Print is ILLEGAL. Breach of copyright will incur legal action which may result in heavy financ P:child 08consent 9144 4849 in a safe and nurturing environment.

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Mobile: 0411• 340 630 Commercial Industrial Email: KARRATHA Residential KC CLEANING

Williams SteamRebecca Cleaning Karratha Office & Warehouse Windows & Restocking Builders Clean M: 0400 700 442 Strip & Seal Tile & Grout Cleaning Commercial & Domestic

For Quality Cleaning electrical

• White Cards • Quality Control System • MSIC Cards • Oil and Gas Exp. Commercial •• Mining Industrial • Police Clearances Services Exp. • Job Hazard Analysis • Hotel Experience Residential • Work Procedures & Plans • Professionally trained staff

S electrical

TEELE Rebecca Williams E LECTRICAL Pty. Ltd. M:0427 0400090 700 909 442

E • TES QUO ABN: 88 118 252 476 • EC: 007 814

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ABN: 88 118 252 476 • EC: 007 814

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• Air Conditioning Intallations Call: 0408 097 761

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itz ’ Gl0417250378 Glam ‘N shion Fabulous Fa florist New range of wedding

Shop 15 Sharpe Avenue, Karratha Village

Current vacancies:

• 5.30am to 2.00pm • 9am to 2pm • Wednesday all day • Vacation Care for Christmas school holidays • Some Casual care may be available • Government childcare rebates available For each full time or equivalent child enrolled in Embracing Children we will sponsor a World Vision Child, another way we can help children whom are less fortunate than P:ours. 08 9144 4849

gowns have arrived!

Karratha Village -Sharpe Ave Before, AfterAvenue, school, Care & Saturday Care Shop 15 Sharpe Karratha Village

Floral designs for every occasion Gourmet hampers Silk floral designs Unique home wares Exclusive baby gifts Beautiful pamper products Delicious Village chocolates Karratha -Sharpe Ave Floral designs for every occasion We Deliver...... smiles Gourmet hampers 9144 2888 Silkwww.karrathafl floral designs Unique home wares Exclusive baby gifts Beautiful pamper products Delicious chocolates

florist florist

We Deliver...... smiles 9144 2888



Licensed and Accredited. M: 0400 700 442 Deb Garratt Providing a professional, quality PTY LTD cannot be photocopied, scanned, or reproduced in ANY Introducing form. Use of this artwork in any newspaper, mag Residential & Cleaning Office Any artwork prepared by Coral Coast Print


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beauty thera call kerry aecho Here’s My Card beauty therap Skincare productS – mobile facialS OPEN YOUR OWN ACCOUNT & SAVE

Sari’s Mobile Hair Design Specializing in:

Home Independent Salon • Cuts &Experience Schwarzkopf Colours Senior - 30 Years BEST PRICES TOWN • Mens,INChildrens and Ladies Ladies, Mens, Childrens, Cut Colours • Updo • Perm •0428 Hair 71 Extensions 3355 Shop 10 Sharpe Avenue • Karratha Straightening/Wellastrate Keratin/Straight, smooth, Frizz Free For appointments phone 9183 8468 9am - 9pm Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm Sat-Sun Mob - 0418 906 689

Sari’s Mobile Hair Design


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Kunne colours,Avenue foils, perming, up-do’s Shop 10 Sharpe • Karratha Men’s, ladies & childrens Cuts For appointments phone 9183 8468 9am - 9pm Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm Saturday & Sunday

Sari’s Mobile Hair Design

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•colours, Backhoefoils,•perming, Loader up-do’s • Excavators Kunne Men’s, ladies & childrens Cuts • Pozi-Track Loader • Roller 9am - 9pm Tuesday - Friday• Bobcats • Watercarts 10am - 5pm Saturday & Sunday

For your machinery needs in the Pilbara call Phil (Banjo) Patterson

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0418 937 862

All machines come with comprehensive insurance and of course great service

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pilbaraecho hire



party light

Depot Unit 2, 200 Planet Street Carlisle, WA, 6101


limousine service



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+ ART if req’d

Email: Website:


Single Sided on thick digital gloss 300gsm - Pickup Only

Specialising in the Removal of Furniture & Personal Effects

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call Independant consultant









NAT big


Selected range discounts every month For orders or demonstrations


6 x 4 Tipper in excellent condition available for dry hire. Long or short term rates available. Please call 0429862107 for quote.

Phone: (08) 9355 5977 Facsimile: (08) 9355 5988 tprin lcoas cora


John Guy Manager

Emma Campbell 174 297 or 9144 2382


EN R O M RI O P O RENO PRIMO N SMALL $ RE MOREN O 30 PW O M I plastering R 3 -The complete home STEP 2 - ARTWORK STEP 1 - SIZE & PRICE RI specialist IM (2cm)APPROVALNo Minimum PSTEP PAYMENT P R O P renovation N O NO RE O EN E R R Painting • Building O M • Tiling RIMO RIM PRI NBricklaying P P NO Specialist in all Gyprock and Plaster work O O057 N recruitment IMORE E E O Ph Bennie on 0458 144 R R O free quotation O M No I obligation service M I R PR ALLAN FITZHENRY P NOPR OPRIM N RENO RE E O R WorkPac M I PLASTERING R PIndustrial sign writing Electronic Transfer:


BOOKINGS • 0447 695 460

• Karratha • Dampier • Roebourne • Wickham • Point Samson Port Hedland & Onslow by appointment

SIZE: 6cm - HMC o Standard Price: $22.73 ex GST

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Plastering and For all your Gyprock Gyprocking &

Contact Dave

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0410 101 657

Sally Wright Business Centre Manager WorkPac Industrial


Container Sales & Hire - 20ft & 40ft available

Geoff Carr 0418 923 847 Fax: 9534 4545 Suite 1, 20 Hedland Place (PO Box 919) Karratha WA 6714 T: (08) 9159 6622 F: (08) 9159 6633 M: 0439 422 004 E:

FREECALL 1800 093 402 Local Agent. Stock available in Karratha. Eastern state relocation. Quality ISO 9001

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For bookings: Phone Katherine 9185 5570 or email

22 24

echoclassifieds echoclassifieds


accommodation for sale available

accommodation for sale available

2SANYO x single TV Rooms in 4 for bedroom 36cm sale house still inin Bulgarra, with B/G Pool, a party good condition, $25 A/C, ononot contact house. Must beforclean tidy, P.S available 0437202468 moreand details. is not now callbut 0403 178.with Fr $380 digital can784 used set top box. CARAVAN Must have SATELLITEfor rent Dishin Nickol for roof not permanent full time work be clean & Tidy freestanding for sale. Dismantled references preferred. No party animals readyp/wtonogo. ONO Tel: $450 bills.$250.00 0403558538 91852025 CARAVAN to rent for a single person. $400 SEAperContainer 20ft Tropical Roof, total wk. PH:0438330825 Linedworkers, insidelong$2700 ono Phone: FIFI term accommodation 0419934043 available, quiet sea side town, large shed, Ocean views. 40 mins SEA 3x1.5, Container. **REDUCED** north Joondalup. PH 0439816321 or 20ft ofNeeds some work. $500. 0419816321 0428105790$250 per week FLY out top Perth, SEA In… KayakRelax… (Sit in Fly not on type)2 Furnished Doubles Share House NOR suitable for O/N trips to the islands. available … walk to Edgewater T/ Station/ Includes paddle, skirt, Shops Lifestyle choices spray incl beaches, buoyancy Perth vest, safety $1000 shopping, Nightlifefloat. $150.00pw ono. 0439707553 Quiet, home base to explore & relax 0413327334 SHADE Sail, 5.5 x 3.6 x 2.4 FSBO Spacious 4x1 2007, home mtrs inJP Dampier. Trim Shop Made on 1321m2 Steel block. Harbour glimpses. Stainless fittings,stainless Room to park cars, caravan, boat off wire rope,double stitched,galvo road. turn Covered areas$300 back ONO and buckles, entertainment terracotta color, front. Basic refurbishment completed. 0439914186 Ready for inspection. P.O.A. Contact SHED,4 byor2m, 2m high. Already 0438902740 91830175. dissembled for large relocation. Consists FULLY furnished house, pool, own of 7 couple pieces.$300.00 PH. fridge, or single x 2,o.n.o. $450 bills 91855101 included or $550 large room. 0437942255 SHED:FURNISHED 3m x 3mLARGE garden shed 12 FULLY ROOM CLOSE months $750 Table: TO TOWN.old, OwnVGC fridge, TV, ono. DVD Player and clean duty and extrainternet large access. 2m x Seeking 2m heavy tidy single table maturewith non smoker. Not a party outdoor steel frame and house in a $500. permanent full-time timberMust top beVGC Bunk bed: job $400bottom, inclusivesingle - 0413234369 double top mattress not HOUSE with$200 pool,Ph: available end Nov, included4x2VGC 0408310551 M/Well, fully renovated. Private lease SHIPPING CONTAINER negotiated with the right tenant. To 20FT view GOOD SUITABLE and discuss CONDITION terms call 0439900602. FOR FURNITURE STORAGE $3000 HOUSE sitter wanted for a large clean 4 0419046780 by 2 executive house in Nickol, required SOFA BlackMust steel frame for 25th bed/Futon. Dec til 13th Jan. be able to look dogsmattress. & 1 cat. Please withafter blue2 large pattern Foldscall to Gavin 0421363325 if interested. double bed. As new condition. Never used. $200, 438929323 HOUSE X 2 phtidy bedroom at Nickol available from onCRT 09/Nov.A/C, 350 SONY 68cm TV andpool. cabinet. all in for single, 500works all in well. for couple. pls Excellent picture, Includes text 0425240188 only. manual and remote control. $100 call LARGE room available for rent in Bulgarra, 0437 488705 close to shops. Share with young friendly SPA 6 seater,forTimber good couple-looking a clean framing, & tidy single or condition. 0409952766 couple! $430$3000 a weekono forphsingles & $450 for couples, includes bills. For bond we SPA LANARK 8 SEATER, wood require $1000, 0430037251 surround, lotscontact of features, near new LARGE Room forand Rentmanual in Nickol house cond, chems incin $6990 with pool. $400 per week plus bills Call ono 0415224166 0403130899 SURF SKI 4m fibreglass 12Kg LUXURY Exmouth Family suit Escape. Holiday adjustable leg length female or home with a sparkling blue pool and there paddle andlounge roo frack isjunior a full includes size pool table in the now cradles. Can test in Dampier harbour for your further enjoyment! Suitable for 2 cost $2200 sellup $1200 0439949374 families - sleeps to 10. Check it out on Mark or call 61619747 for more information. TABLE Antique Wooden with Turned Legs. Requires restoration to return to ROOM available for single person 30’s age group, ph, former400p/w glory. including If you areexp, intointernet, this type power & Gas ! please Millars come well. Share of woodwork have awith look2 girls house, 1 guy in garage. No heavy $ 0416042359 drinkers please, ph 0410887859 TIMBER slabs. sheoak. From $50 ea ROOM ph 0407available 447 126for two single or for couple,$400/week maximum stay 3 TOYOTA ota Prado Dash - beige months,2 weeks bond notMat refundable before 6 weeks.Contact 08 91838119 $20 - 0427258044 after 6pm. TRAMPOLINE on legs, rectangle, ROOM pegs creek, closesprings. to TAFE 3000 xavailable 1900, pads covering $350 $420 all up per week depending. $100ta91444229 Call 0458449358. TRANSPORTABLE commercial ROOM for rent in house in Bulgarra. kitchen.converted 20 ftonly. s/s seatainer. $370p/w bills-Singles Must be Walk inCall coolroom, a/c, h/w/s, s/s working. 0435292481 benches, servery, verandah, coved ROOM for rentequip in Baynton $350neat. per floor, some inc. Very week plus bills. Available now. Phone Currently in Geraldton. $36,000. 0416636806 0419198790. ROOM for rent in renovated 4x2 duplex. TV CABINET shelveopen glassplangreat Central location.2 Large & condition, neverHi-speed used WiFi. did not suit modern kitchen. Looking decor $550andPlease call 0414953605 for friendly clean people. Couples OK. No No alcoholics party TV pets! CABINET countryplease! style Not for a$300. house! $400 p/w. Text or call: 0403058096 A medium sized TV suitable for ROOM Furnished, Singleeither only recess forandrent.extra cupboards $410 Centro storage. on doorstep. Share side inc for bills. additional Contact with 3 ppl in neat tidy house. Please call 041850599.T Ben on 0419141260 ROOM Master Bedroom with ensuite in Pegs Creek. $500pw. Sharing with 1 shift worker guy. No couples or smokers. ph 0448899738

SEEKING responsible personchocolate working TV CABINET, low line, full time. 3 x 1 renovated home. Close $400. OUTDOOR SETTING, high-set, to per week inclusive bills. 6 town. seats,$450 aluminium & whiteof$500. Phone on 0447487706 RusticMel Indonesian style teak cabinet ~~ACCOMODTION $1600. Washing WANTED machine, fisher &


paykel $300. Teak bedside table $200. wanted Phone 9185 6006. CHEAP accommodation wanted in TV/DVDforCombo HD Karratha friendly with 27 yearBuilt-in old female. Please or msg54cm/21.6 0403322999HD LCD. Tuner.callNu-Tec Brand new, neversitter beenyou used. CHOOSE a house can $150 trust! ono. Phonehouse Jane sitters on 0409121030. Experienced for KTA area. Reliable, couple, includes availablemic, for UHF radioworking 40 channel any Enjoy working caring fororder, pets, andlength aerial,ofalltime. in good pools, & plants. Police clearance & have also includes wiring to battery, $100 looked after a number of homes in the ono conact 0437202468 for more area. Email DMHouseSitting@Hotmail. details com, or Call 0457230691 WASHING Machine - Simpson 6kg COUPLE in mid 30’s available to house Topimmediately, Loader $50and callover 0409208067 sit Xmas. Clean, reliable, employed, can after WATER both CONTAINERS 2x look 25 litre, plants, pets and pool.will Ph Di 0447790824 only used once both for $20 COUPLE seeking or separate for $12 each,temporary also 2x accommodation KTA for December 5 litre water incontainers $5 each through to Jan / Feb. Contact 0449195715 small desk light 20 watt $5, contact FIFO couple seeking room/caravan for 0437202468 for details rent in Karratha/Dampier. Both work WEIGHT bench and weights. 2 fulltime and are very neat non-smokers. bar bells, dumbour bells, of Would like to4 bring smallheaps dog up weights, weight stand & Pls bench. from perth to live with us also. ring A little rustor but good 0408178040 emailotherwise kmegk@hotmail. condition. You Pickup. $400 com negotiable. Call 0402198547 HOUSE wanted to rent/lease after in 6pm or send/leave message. Bunbury/South West aarea by 2 working professionals We are WHIRPOOL with 7.5 references. kg toploader presently who are washing working machine,in inKarratha good working leaving on the 17 December We condition, $150 ono, am/fm are house proud will lookworkshop after your portable, $5, and jackeroo property. Please contact Joe Samuels manual to suit 1985 onwards, 25 0412851326. Thankyou. ono, contact 0437202468 HOUSITTERS reliable active retired WHITE shelvingfrom unit. JanApprox 2m couple,available 4/11,tend high x walk 1m wide withHave 6 adjustable garden, pets etc. own van. shelves. Very goodPhcondition. References available. Cheryl & Cost Rob $250 from Harvey Norman, $100 or 0429135295 Please check spelling before submitting! best offer. Tel: 0429498201 after 6pm &(Nickol West)couple looking for a NICE tidy working room in Karratha. Call 0449154650 WINDSURFER, goodJana condition $430 ph 0407447126 PERMANENT Accommodation in town of Newman.venetian 22 year blinds old non-smoker, WOODEN (NEW) 6 hard worker and great housekeeping. ea - 900mm wide x 137mm $30 Need accommodation ASAP.drop Phone ea or $150 the lot. PH 0417015240 0422280167. ~~FOUND QUIET young working couple looking for somewhere tofound park caravan in Wickham

area. ph:0428740781 LADIES MOUNTAIN BIKE found RESPECTFUL couple seeking Sunday 29/08/10. If youcaravan think toit rent until to Christmas, willing to pay up to belongs you, contact 0438130727. 300 p/w. Must be suitable for use in local POSTIEpark. BIKECall Red. ph 0432666807 caravan 0424096046 SINGLE ~~FREE30 year old man with full time work looking to rent a room in Dampier 0401157075 EMPTY 205L,females, call Clint TWO FULLDRUMS time employed very 0417913903 tidy & clean looking for two separate bedrooms to sharehome, one largeEnglish room. FREE 2 or good Will live in granny flat etc. contact bulldog puppies forPlease adoption. ASAP selling They due are tovetowners checked andcurrent also property. 0423450554 friendly.0406527921 If interestedor contact me on YOUNG, friendly couple looking for room to rent in Karratha. Brooke - 0401843313, RECTANGLE trampoline frame. Call Dane - 0401636147 91441719 ~~BABIES


SLATE largebabies pool table. Needs some tlc. Comes with cues and balls. Must

BABY Purple $60, Bassinet Baby come Bumbo and pick up 0400013784 Teddy print $80, Baby Bath and Mat $20, Baby Stroller/Pram $30, all excellent condition, phone 91441263. BABY furniture, accessories, toys,Treetop clothes 4 Sept Garage Sale 13 Strictly 7 Nov 12pmcamping - 5pm. 1 Higham NickolSun Westquality goods, st, 91444243 filing cab, motorbike stuff, long BABY Sitter available. Very reliable, great skateboard, bodyboard, wetsuits, with children. have my licence. Available tools, early Ienquires to Jamie 0423 Monday-Friday after 3pm. $22 an hour, 979 971 negotiable. Call Denika on 0400924099. GARAGE sale Sun 5th Sept. 8amBABY SITTING for under 5 yr olds, Mon. 12pm @ 9 lady Stewart Court,littleMillars to Fri. Mature who loves ones, Well. beLeaving would ideal fortown. workingFishing mums. gear, Very electronics,rates. general reasonable Characterhousehold references goods, plants, No early birds. available. Please BBQ. ph 91852813 GARAGE Sale.Reliable Household & BABYSITTING: exp goods 20yr old female looking for baby sittingEverything work $20 furniture, books, games. per per night per Bargains child call musthr or go.$120 Leaving town. Chelsea 0405216767 to be had. Saturday 4 September. 6 Gregory Way Bulgara. am BOOSTER seat 11 months old, good8 cond $40. Steelcraft Pram, brought 2nd hand 0437053724 $40. Ph 91854593 BUMBO (red) with play tray $80. Excellent cond ph 0408884962

garage sales

garage sale babies

motorcycles babies

pets boating

real estate caravans

real estate caravans

CHICCO 4 functions baby food processor SATURDAY 11 Sept, 8.00 - 12.00 pm +Leaving steam +Town warmSome and defrosts withitems free furniture recipes, make food withhold no items. time nearly and assorted houes 722 new, sell for $ 130. BabyBjorn Carrier sell Dolphin Way Bulgarra. for $20. Ph no. 0458968290 SATURDAY 11th Sept 7am, 151A CHILD SAFETY GATE, good condition $25. Hannan Cres Dampier, Q/S Bed, C/ 0416244056 Desk,B/Trailer, plus heaps more CHILDCARE bargains Portacot in good condition. $20.00 PH:0411807303 SEPTEMBER 18th/19th Garage COMPLETE nursery with Australiana Sale, 15collection Frinderstein Way Pegs Heirloom cot, change table, Creek.rocking Leaving town,6-draw combined Glider chair, solid tall boy 2 houses. shelving, and baby bathTools, with stand. $1000 orBBQ, ono household items. would like to sell as set.Start 0700am SUNDAY 8am onwards, 5th‘n sept COT mattress, BRAND NEW Love Care at 9a Crockett way. support, Leavingside town, Innerspring, orthopedic air vents, high density foam, 1300Furniture, X 690 $90. everything has to go!!!!! 0433 834 822 yard blower, washing tvs, jewellery, machine etc. Noand early birds.chest of COT with mattress matching drawers ~~LOSTin exc cond, both are Groyears brand in baltic timber, $650 pls call 0400229323 1yo desexed black female cat and by COT, mattress, mattress protectors linen bundle of for Poppy, sale. Cot with is teaka finish, the name pink adjustable basesafe and has drop down side. collar and tag a went missing West made!onGood from Australian the units Hillcondition. Road, Mattress immaculate. call 91441719 Dampieris on the 30-8-10. Please $300 call SAFE if you know of her ELMO Toddler bed and mattress $100 whereabouts. ONO. Steelcraft porta-cot with bassinet DOUBLE outONO. near Portable Airport and changeswag table fell $100 turn chair, off, on Satflat, 28/8 it was high folds great5pm.If for travelling found plsNursing call 0437155466 $60 ONO. Mothers rocking chair and foot- stool ONO. Willand deliver to LOST Gold$150 wired back white Karratha. Phone 9172 (Sth Hedland). pearl bracelet at 5176 Karratha Tavern, FETAL DOPLER; pocket Sonalinebut C model Fri 13th Aug. Not valuable very fetal doppler, as$100 new working sentimental. reward.condition. Please Was greatme to 0488513684 use during my pregnancy, contact could hear heart beat from 16 weeks LOST EURO No, this whenever I wantedJOEY! to. Requires gel toisn’t use a joke, for Call the with it, easyI tocare comeforby. joey’s SELL $100. Wildlife Association and one 0407158665 escaped. He Steelcraft, weighs Swivelrite around Dlx, 10 JOGGER 3 wheel, reddish in color, very 5kilos y.o, inand goodiscond, incl. toddler seat. $100 friendly. Got out in Nickol West off 0416244056 of Balmoral. If you see a young JOGGER 3 wheel, Steelcraft, Swivelrite Dlx, your yard around 5joey y.o, iningood cond, incl.ortoddler seat. your $100 house please call 0429854664. 0416244056 KATMANDU Karinjo child carrier BRAND NEW, never been used, still got tags on. RRP $319.98. Bargain at $200. 0403464839. PEG Perego adjustable Highchair immaculate $250, Donut used Lost incond Dampier - anever male $30, Electronic adjustable swing $60, Burmese Fisher Price red &cat, yellowblue/grey swing excellent cond $40, Fisher Activity table in colour andPrice is desexed excellent cond $15. Ph 91830595. & micro chipped. He is Portable good missed. cond, mattress veryBassinette, spoilt and included, white in colour has zip top offered. bug net. Reward can txt pics. $50.00 ono ph: 0409633171 Call 0419 283 848 ROCKING Chair/Nursing Chair. Babyco Wooden Glider Chair. Forest Green/ patterned cushions. $50 Kelly 0403645252 SAFE and sound Royale car seat. Suit birth to 4 years. Excellent condition. LOSTSteelcraft ring in of $150. pramthe with vicinity toddler seat. Good condition. $150. Tel. or Hearson Cove or 9183080 Karratha 0407427684 shopping centre Monday 2 Aug. Antique, three STEELCRAFT strollerdiamonds, $40, walker towhite ride gold Highly sentimental, on car setting. $10, steam vaporiser $5, disney generous Call princess plasticreward storage offered. tubs in wooden stand $50,on toy0419041467. Dyson vacuum cleaner $15, Leanne pink trolley cover $15 all items in good LOST rod and reel. last used in cond. Ph 0400229323 the right side of Hearson’s cove VALCO Baby Bassinet, complete with 15/8/10. Big reel with blue line hood, wedge mattress, bassinet cover, and with 1 metre diver (orange and newborn safety belt, insect mesh and rain black)Charcoal with foldable rod. condition. If found cover. and white. Good please $50 0433contact 834 822 0412450868. LOST Runabout Sat 19th June pram pink with & VALCO 3 wheeler black Iseat Phone. is locked to toddler in goodCover condition. Reclining owner.... OFFERED.... back (suitableREWARD for newborns), new born harness, basket, sun cover, tyre pump, call 91855576 or 91441078 compact fold with quick release system. NOKIA mobile phone on Friday 13th $150.00 PH: 0411807303 either in Evolution or on road. Phone VAUDE (babyphotos carrier) on in is not Baby worthBackpack much but excellent condition. Suits 6Please monthscall to phone are sentimental. 40410789278 years. Sunshade, fully adjustable back if you have it. and straps with padding, change mat, ~~MOTORCYCLES storage pocket, adjustable neck rest with removable cover, all on a sturdy frame. Worth $400 new, $200 Ph 0411807303 2008 Yamaha Raptor Edition WANT to get some greatLimited books for your 700cc FuelforInjected 30Hrs little people Christmas? Whyincludes not hold helmet, ramps & fl y boots sz10 a Usborne Books at Home Party? We $8,500ono Ph 0429132082 have great freebies just for holding a party. Please email me at boofandmel@westnet. of phone 0439971632 for details

WANTED: walker,quad wooden toy 80cc 2 stroke bikebookcase, with helmet box, shelves, set 91431829 of drawers 0428521667 $1450 ono ph WHITE withx boots mattresssizein8 great good ANSWERcotmoto condition chest condition$50, onlyplus warnwhite for babies a few rides of drawsneg $40,call good condition. Callafter 91853 $100 0437362004 2246 after 5pm or 0418170363. oclock WOODEN baby play pen & foam mats. ENCLOSED 3 bike trailer 4 sale. Please call 0405656101. Single Axle. Located in Wickham ~~BOATING $5200 - ph 0400108181

TRAILCRAFT 2007, 570available Sportscab, DOG HYDROBATH in 135HP Mercury7Opti 98 Phone Hours South Hedland daysMax, a week. of use on . Incl GPS/Sounder, Full size Sarah 0433655636 for appt! boat cover, ski biscuits and ropes, LOOKING for Female American all safety equipment. $38,000 ONO. Staffy, with our Male Call Joshtoonbreed 0400030669 American Staffy, Call Joe after TRAILCRAFT 5.1 Freestyle. 4 stroke 5:30pm on 0407271076 Yamaha 80hp (230hrs) immaculate condition. full clears,Bull Lowrance PURE BredBimini, Staffordshire Terrier HDS Lowrance X97. homes. Deck wash, pups 5,looking for new Full VHF, 27meg and FM radios. All safety registration papers, Vet checked, gear. Must see. $27000 ono Call Brett Vacc, Wormed and L2-HGA0417032699 (Karratha) cleared by parentage. For those VENOM 6.8 SUZUKI seriouslyHORIZON interested please 175HP email 4-Stroke Brand new clears / Storm Cover Full Heavy duty boat cover Immaculate RAINBOW trailer Sounder / LORIKEET. Plotter Deckwash Free Live to good home only.Built3yrs old Bait Tank VHF / 27mg in esky built Kill tank Anchors Handin reared, friendlyDual andbatteries loves Floodlight manychilds extras list. attention.Too Great pet.$40,000, Owner PH 0439504515 working long hours . Regretfull give away. Comes VIVACITY Sailboat 20’.with Newcage sailsand w/ roller yamaha electric start, food.reefing, Can 9.9 email picks. Please reg 4 berths, bilge keels. Ideal TXTtrailer. Carmen 0438943090 overnight/weekends on Islands. Full safety WE have a purebread male$12,500. staffy gear (radio, lifejackets, epirb). which Call 0417we 935 would 855. like to breed with another purebread staffy. VOYAGER Ltd 5.4m, 120 Johnson, Please 0448541160 Dive ladder,phone rod holders, shade biminy,if interested. runs well. $12,500.00 ONO PH Brad 0419816321 ~~PUBLIC NOTICE WESTERBERG 6.4MM Alum, 2x90hp Honda 4str, Lowrance Global map 7500 colour GPS, Fruno sounder FCV585, ACCURATE PSYCHICS 99% CD, full safety EPIRB,min elecmob Capstan 1902 212gear 206inc$2.95 ex anchor winch, handles all conditions, both C/C 03recently 5614 5387 $2.95 minono, engines serviced, $37,000 ph 0419912027 ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Meetings every and YATCH, Sonataheld 7, w/-lic tandemWed trailer,8hp Sun atoutboard,full 7.30 pm, venue: Merc set of Salvation sails,safety gear, potti. $18000.00. ph a/h Armyporta Family Church cnr Bond St 0891734837. Port Hedland. and Balmoral Rd (opp, Cattrall Park) ~~CAMPING & OUTDOORS & camping

CARAVAN housedIN 2-3 people. FOR SALEcan- HOME BELMONT Good A/C.You need to collect and move asap. Urgent sale for $700 cash (bought $3000). Also, 1 smaller caravan housed 1 -2people and this one is FREEyou collect and move asap. Location: 29 Clam Court South Hedland. Tel: 0425411336. COMORAL Caravan Poptop 1989, Lic til 09/2011, A/C, New tyres, oven/stove, 3wy fridge, full awing/annex, 2 single beds, loads storage, Just serviced, Excellent condition. $13,000 ONO ph 3 0408708651 Bedrooms 0418954660• or • 1 pop Bathroom COROMAL 17ft top ‘92. New air con Double & of and •smec gas lock oven.up Ex garage cond. Lots extras. $15,900 Call Ian 0433 307 largeONO. driveway 824 or Lynn 0403044146 • 801 Sqm block COROMAL Capri 600 19ft body This house offers 3recent bedrooms 2003,Good condition, service, all A/C, with built double in bed, robes, Roof Expendable front kitchen, 3way fridge, freezer, microwave, contemporary kitchen, TV / antenna, awning with annex walls, bathroom double outdoor carpet andand more. rego 1/11. lock upall garage, plus largeph $36000 offers considered. 0457325563/ 0420526616/ 91725314 driveway space for up to 6 A/H cars. Very close to schools, CRUSADER 23ft bunk van P/T shops, meters fromvgc,dbl, public mattress, wardrobes, storage,L shaped transport and 8km to the city. lounge,220 ltr Waeco, g/o & hotplates, Furthermore, is situated pantry,3 bunks,chestitof drawers,75amp/ hronbattery & charger 12 & 240 volt a large 801sqm block, lighting,mains water connection,80ltr surrounded front andjerry back water tank,2 x 9kgbygas bottles, can gardensmth rego with0437331308 development holder,12 PERTH potential. DO you have a Caravan to hire from 23/12/10 - 07/01/11 required Further detailsonly please callfor accommodation for visiting family at 0431978205 Xmas will be based at a Ktha property. Must have A/C. Please call Nicole on BRISBANE bayside at Manly 17km 0417599309 CBD. Great lifestyle after mining. FAMILY 461sqmCaravan flat cnrCoromol block onLifestyle top of 700 hill 23ft - 5 star camping, it has absolutely with Marina & water views, can’t everything! Queen size bed, 3 bunks, be built out. rev Excellent location shower/toilet, cycle A/C, stove with top, easyand access airport,andwalk to beach, grill oven,toawning walls, lots of buses, train, & pub. DA storage space shops, plus much more.With Come ready ittoout build. $ 585K Ph check you’llBest be value impressed phone 0403394805 $52,000 ono. 0409208067. JAYCO Caravan. ft. Two single2 BULGARRA 3x1 17.5 home,$640000, beds, $20,000.00 bdrmsgood withcondition BIRs,as new kitchen Will and deliver . 0417997573 paint throughout, carport, patio, shed, currently leased pw JAYCO Sterling 2006. 25ft$1000 of Luxury Accomodation. bed, shower until mid Nov. Queensize 0414249890 seperate toilet, Vanity, W/machine, I have 3 properties in DVD/MP3/CD Flat screenfor TV,saleAFull Nsw. 1Awning, in Tintenbar NSW, and Annex, Full kitchen, Fridge2 in Lawerence NSWSuperb thesecondition. 2 have freezer, microwave, water frontage onto the Clarence $45500.00 Tel: 0428727894 river. View theseOUTBACK properties myJAYCO EXPANDA ( offat road) property-4u.commy detail 16.49.3B is in excellentcontact condition,16ft have been placed in thisliving website converts easily to a roomy areafor of you.(7.3m). THESE3 way HAVE BEEN REDUCED 24ft power conversion, A/c DUE TO A FAMILY MEMBERS ILL , Full oven, Micro, Shower/Toilet 1xQb HEALTH. 1xDb, O/Shower, Slide out BBQ,Many Extra’ s .$38,000 Phone 0448562663 INVESTMENT PROPERTY GOLD JAYCO 2007Large 25ft Asdouble new COAST Sterling $525,000 condition appointed, story house:Well 4 x large b/rooms,Air2 conditioned, TV in Full x bathrooms (spa main),ensuite. powder Enclosed and sun room, open planscreened living, annex s/steel with motorised awning. $45,000 appliances, study, theatre, parents 0428561283 retreat, double garage, alarm system, JAYCO Sterling 21ft Returning 2007 model in AC Excellent tenants $510 exc condition was $44,000 NOW pw Ring JoshPrice 0407471797 reduced to $41,000 as we require quick INVESTMENT PROPERTY sale!! Located at Pilbara Holiday Park on an ensuite site/washing machine incl.3 MELBOURNE. 5 bedroom, Please Ph Ashlee to view 0424820984 bathroom, residential warehouse within walking of City MOTOR Home distance Set up for two and Air MCG. OwnerGen willing signofa 3extras year Conditioned Set toLots Shower & Toilet Very Roomy Price lease back at $75,000 per annum Reduced to $45000.00 NEG. Call (approx 4.3% return). $1.75mill. Ph 0415699719 the owner onanytime 0413 176284 or email for MUST SELL (by 20th of November) more000 information. $28 ONO - 2007 Coronet Caravan 18.5FT available with permanent Site at Balmoral CP. Excellent condition, very spaciousKeep layout them with lotsfree of cupboard space plenty of extrasonline included, Awning Lodge with Double Shade attached. Gary 0409944050 PARAMOUNT 20082Poptop KIT HOME Large storey,Duet 20 x18ft 12 expands eachto end doubleStage. beds with m Decks, Lockup Full awning out for awning, Cycloneover ratedbeds. EngRoll plans NW. air con,121 ltr 3 way fridge.Digital TV, Serious buyers ONLY Tks reduced DVD CD$110,000 all in oneVery builtCheap in speakers to Sell Large Lots extras Home ofWhole frameincluded const. 2 modern already interior.$40,000 ONO 0409747693 built Baynton Drv. Karratha Pics Bryan avail. Call Mark 0417991169, email PARAMOUNT Classic 20ft Caravan. Freight A/C, Inc. TV, Built in CD/DVD stereo, 2 way stove/grill, 3 way full fridge, 2

gas bottles,3 xIsland size bed in MODERN 1 withQueen large study or 4th rear, island plus more. brm front for rent. On table, large corner blockAs in new. Hedland, $40,000 greatSouth location, huge 8m x 8.5mphone: shed 0447393080 with mezanine floor, below ground ROYAL Flair 07 Caravan 18’6””, pool, undercover entertaining area, As new,gardens unique d/b + tropical withlayout, ample parking 2for bunks, heaps & boat, caravans Available seating, lotsp/w. of Contact extras Jason such as now. $1850 on full annex & towing kit. $43,500 0427442566 ONO Ph: 0419963082 NEARLY Galaxy 1 acre1994, cleared, leveled, SCENIC 22f seperate dirt pad,toilet mixed useBed land,Fullwith town shower Island Oven & power and water, a walk to Exmouth Annexe Please call 0408918045 Gulf beach22”” for less than $100sqm. SCENIC Luxury Caravan $380,000 makeSuit an New offerBuyer, call 2008. Exc Con 91895336 or 0417423875 QS BR, Full ES, Wash Mach, 2NODR FridNeeded. Fzer, Own RC Air Banks YourCon, own Theatre Elect Home - 4System, Sale by Gas Owner/ 3x1 in Oven, M/W Oven, Gas/Elect Myaree area (10Km from Perth CBD). HWS, LCD TV, Fully Insulated, p.w.ltr Call Tish200 92648239 3$857 x 90 tanks, AmpSolar Panels,Awning,Gal STORAGE UNITS FORFloor SALEProt, OR 2LEASE JerryINCan holders.31-61sqm. $69500. WANGARA. 0419701801 24/7 access with fully monitored security. Store your boat other SUPREME Territory 03, car 22ft,or Open kitchen, plenty & toys. CCTV you ofcancupboards view online. hanging space, lots of seating, DIB, Great investment. ens withCallseparate hws, rc forsale. Rob on vanity, 0413270058 a/c, 2 tanks, rollout awning + annex, WANT Clean, to invest in travel the or booming extras. ready to live in. Melbourne property market? Want $33000 call 0439944569 to generate highest returnVelvet, with 24ft. your TRAVELLER 2009, Black I have plenty 2hard x 90earn litre money? water tanks. Full Amex. of properties Melbourne for Gas/Elec stove & in hot water, oven grill, investors. Call me washing at 0430512503 or full fridge/freezer, machine, email separate shower/toilet, queen bed. $74,000 ONO. Ph 0448037555. VISCOUNT $11 000. Rego 2011, Flatscreen /surround sound, A/C and spilt system, Kitchen, fridge/ freezer, Full annex, good condition 0410848802 or 0433617651 VISCOUNT POP TOP $8000 : No INVESTMENT PROPERTY air conditioner, Licensed until Feb 2011,15.6 long, single axle, 2 x GOLDfoot COAST $525,000 single gas stove/oven, Largebeds, double story house:2 x4 80L x water tanks, porta potty, microwave, large b/rooms, 2 x bathrooms good tyres, fridge, table, electric (spa in main), powder room, brakes, awning/annex. Call open Tess plan living, s/steel appliances, 0428577640 study, theatre, parents retreat, WESTERN Eyre 19’ Dec 2006 double Q/S garage, system, caravan. bed,alarm fantastic lay AC out, Excellent tenants plenty of bench and Returning cupboard $510 space, pw Ring Josh and 0407471797 R/O awning custom made shade sales included. Caravan is in excellent condition, perfect for single or couple. Towed once. Call Damon 0404706400. FISHING ROD REPAIRS WINDSOR Caravan 23ft, Full Annex, new guides and Split tips fiSystem tted. 22inch Plasma/DVD, HaveGasyour rods rebuilt like A/C, stove,Water Filter, Perfect tonew. live inAlso Contact Matt 0407098243 fishing rods for after sale6pmat reasonable prices, WINDSOR Hard all withGenesis new Caravan fittings2007. please toPh come by twin 9185 5257bed design (great for friends sharing). Full ensuite, m/wave, ~~VEHICLES large fridge, air con, TV/DVD big lounge. Price $39,000 ono. Phone 0427781048 WINDSOR Royal 20ft. Split system 06 con 4.2 18turbo patrol uteonmint air degrees inside the condition bar winch snorkel hottest daysbull 7kg front loader washing only 62000km $39000 ono machine shower toilet full annex. phone 0459150949 Independent suspension new wheel bearings brakes motor shocks complete, & tyres. 1HZ landcruiser $23,000 Ph 0428561283 taken out of car running, 330 WINDSOR Royale 000 kms old, suit Caravan re-build,2007, lots $35,000 ONO$1800.00 Excellent Condition, of extras. ono. Ph Many extras to go with it, Fully 91830448 self contained including two single 2003 Ensuite VY series 2 Commodore beds, and kitchen with Oven Ute Cooktop, 120000kms auto and Please call6cyl Tina soft on 0404862531 cover. Tow bar. Very clean straight






HELMET MDS full face black/silver

BARON Sportsman (6mtre). Must sell! small new in box $50 0408510317 Fully serviced, New coloured Navman HONDA CBR1000R, 2007carpets,am/ MODEL, gps &Garmin fishfinder, new 10,000 cond,more, serviced fm marineKMS, radiogreat + heaps great regularly,$14,000 helmetonoinc. ono condition PH $11,500 : 0431429533 0439798277 BLUE FIN 4m alum dinghy, 20hp honda &HONDA boat trailer approx 2009, 4 yrs old. CRF450R new Bimini tyres, shade finder,condition, marine radios, new cover, chain, fishmint fuel life jackets, 10 new crab nets, injected, comes with manual, oars, only fuel containers, all excellent condition, done 6hrs. Goesrecent hard.rego $8000. Call recently serviced, pd. Please Mike 0411 714. phone Scott392 0438008547. No time wasters. $7,000 BOAT Fuel Tanks 2 x 20L $15 ea. ph 91444235 CARIBBEAN RUNABOUT 2008, HARDTOP 300hp Verado, GPS sounder anchor winch Trim tabs s/s Platform s/s Rocket launcher s/s Bait board Fresh water shower Fresh water sink Deck wash Live bait tank toilet Ipod dock Dual batteries On heavy duty aluminum trailer Boat cover $129,000.00 Call HYOSUNG GV 250.ONOFirst 0417953691 registered 2009. As new HAINES signatureonly 575f 19ft etec 150 condition, 4800kms. 64hrs warranty all safety & nav factory set ‘tillbait2011, upMfrs gamewarranty polls kill-live tanks runs trailercamper-storage tandem galv trailer perfectly, covers genuine reason all in excellent cond.$42500.00.ono phfor sale. $4,900 Phone 0400 0417980368 218769 INFLATABLE 2.7m Boat/Tender, Aluminum floor,ZZR250 Inflatable 2004 keel, Rowlocks, KAWASAKI Model, Heavy duty, Good condition. Includes red, 18,500 full service history, pump, repair kms, kit and bag. $750 Call good condition, one owner, includes 0400005540 cover and disc lock. $4500. Call Tom JET SKI Yamaha FX160 3 seater (with 0430438299 or 93485789 Karratha cover) & Dunbier boat trailer. 2007 KTM black, 450EXC 09Life jacket Excellent model, runs perfect. inc. $14,000 ONO PhOwner, 0418937055 condition,1 Hardly used licenced and ready5.80 for the140HP road, KOOLYN CRAFT comes with SALTWATER, many extras including MERCURY 267HRS, helmetLITRE and riding This isFUEL the 140 UNDERgear, FLOOR TANK, UltimateFURUNO package.SOUNDER, $10,000 DECK Call WASH, BAIT BOARD, BAIT BOX, 0419556089 HYDRAULIC STEERING, 2 RADIOS, RAMP Single Heavy 7MOTORCYCLE HOLDER ROCKET LAUNCHER, Duty Rated to 450KG. Collapsable Ideal FULL STORM COVERS & CLEARS. for largeLAURIE bikes made of light weight PHONE 0407424719 aluminium LOST, Biminyfolds BOAT down SHADEtoon1400mm Dampier NEWonCOND usedREWARD $350. offered Hwy 14/10never at 8am. for return. Ph 0412998767 or 91441971 QUAD Yamaha Grizzly 700 4x4 2009 Automatic transmission near MERCURY 8hp Outboard Motor 2006, new condition Karratha Reliable and good $10,500.00 condition. Includes 10l Quicksilver Fuel Tank, 2 Stroke Oil and Ear 0419359220 or 91821187 Muffs. $900 0400005540 YAMAHA 2007 R1 exc cond 6200 km, OUTBOARD, Yamaha ph 4 0419922413, stroke 40HP. REDUCED $12000, 2003, power to trimHedland and tilt. Good condition. can deliver Call 0419434920. $2800 ONO YAMAHA WR450F - 2007. Immaculate PACEMAKER 20FT, 130 YAMAHA cond. 1100kms, bros. pipe, 192Hrs, $13,500 White ONO Must Sell, RePh: jetted and tuned carby. FLU Design 0400930666 full graphic kit. $6900 ono. Call Travis QUINTREX Getaway 04008702094.2for more info. runabout, millennium hull, 40 hp merc, sounder, ~~PETS sand and reef anchors, 2x Biminis, fuel tank, all offshore safety gear, VCG 0439924568 RECON TOHATSU 25 hp this is in excellent condition ph tony on 0412180381 SAILING CAT 14 meter in Bali. Excellent condition. Foam sandwich construction. Twin Volvo 40hp, Kohler genset, All animals cared for. Hood sailsDaily and rigging. Lewmar visits toHarken yourand home. hardware, Karratha Watermaker. djoleary@ only +628126016706 0404842902 SKIPh Boat,Libby 2007 Saw Craft Hull, Worked 253, Excellent Condition, Bimini, ADORABLE0412374341 AKC Male & Female Wakeboard, English Bulldogs puppies available STACER Seahorse 489, 2009. Latest tech or hp adoption are prop, Akc 60 Honda, this auto Puppies troll, solars Registered, 2x25lt HondaWith fuelChampion tanks, 55ltBloodlines live bait And New Will vhf Come Withsafety A Pedigree, tank, offshore gear, 7” Microchip, Vet Check lowrange gps/sounder, new With bimini,Health Bilge Certifiand cate,wiring And AllforShots And Wormer. pump nav lights .Boat & extras 14 months old orforless. Excellent The puppies available adoption for barra Luke moreboat.$21,000ono,0400669671 info contact rev.jonathan10@ TINNY 4.2mtr, 40hp Yamaha, Steer from front, Windscreen, seats, 6 months Boat and trailer rego, Motor in really good condition $6,500 ph: 0409613292



Pet Minding

it’s easy to book your free ad online.... 1: Visit 2: Go to the ‘Free Classifieds’ link 3: Fill in the form online for FREE advertising! K

FREE WEEKLY 46 -- 57 September November 2010

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birthday, a 40ltr, big hardly boy now. ENGEL Fridgeyour Freezer, used, Love6Jiggy ONLY months old $850 0407969100 DECKARTS - jazz,minelab tap, GOLD detector Studio GPX 4500 3ballet, extra music coils andtheatre, all standard sing equipment.$4500ono. Call0415999022 91830595. enrolments anytime GRANT cypress bike Association 1/2 mountain NICKOL Bay push Hockey 1/2 road $280 0407969100 Junior Hockey new players HUGE TENT!! every Never used. Fits 18 people. welcome Monday night Have it up once. Made by ‘The Camping PegssetCreek Oval, 6.00 – 7.00pm Equipment Retails for $499, Contact: Company’. Kelly Carter – 0429 140 sell SMSon0439944365 138for $280 via firm. email kca51472@ OZRRAIL 12x5 Canvas vcg $800 ono. to Tent register 0439924568 PILBAR Rev Heads is now on OZTRAIL 3 Dome $35; want Proracka Facebook. (FB). tent Do you universal Rack $100; Dodoshow USB WeekendRoofCruise or Car Modem (Optus) $50. 0414806557 in your home town? How about ~~CARAVANS Drags and a place to do burnouts

caravans legally and safely? Come join us

on FB and post Cars, project. Boats AEC Motorhome 36ft.your Unfinished & Bikes of all types. Bedroom, toilet, shower Tell andusfullabout size It.(typewithPilbara FB kitchen stove andRevheads fridge. Split in system search). A/C. All wired up ready for sale. $6,500. 0413 073 043. BEDFORD bus mobile home ‘66. Runs Reiki master healings well. 6 mths rego, wired &12attunements & 240 volts, Karratha fridge, aircon, shower,resident toilet, stove, hot Andrea 0457 354 229 bed, water Call system, largeonannex, double 2KVA genny, cyclone tiedowns. View at the SWIMMING pool fibreglass Hill. $18,000 0415809650 resurfacing team in Port BILLABOG 2009 Caravan 22ft.Hedland Off road area shortly. call Ray chassis, air con,Interested separate shower and Ph91732283 toilet, queen bed, oven, duel batteries, annex, ~~REALexcellent ESTATEcondition, $62,000.00 ONO Phone 0418257169 CARAVAN 2009 22 ft with bunk beds, 27 GREEN ACRESshower, with full platypus seperate toilet, seperate annex, creek,on the cool tablelands too many extras to list. $51,000 near ONO Port Call 0416224471 Douglas. Private and natural, handy to everything. over CAMPER TrailerExceptional 7x5, good views clearance, rainforest farmlands from deep sides,ranges awning,andJerry can holders, octagonalladder, house.heavy Underground mattress, duty floor,mains tow stabiliser. power, Good privateCondition timber0439924568 plantation. Pictures &2 more info spacious. at CARAVAN bedroom $3,500. Ref NoRob 40583 MB Phone on 0457256388 A NO BANKS HOME-OWN CARAVAN 23Ft , NEEDED very neat with plenty of storage. Great HOME air con -and makes very YOUR OWN 4 Sale by for Owner. comfortable living in Karratha All Myaree area (10km from Perthqueries, CBD), please contactbrick Mel home 0447487706 3x1 Double $857 p.w. Call CARAVAN 28 FT - Needs someallTLC, 24Hr Pre-Recorded msg with the uncompleted project. Has 2 x Rooms details 92648239 & kitchen with cupboards & plenty of space. Would be them ideal for free extra room or Keep storage. MAKE AN OFFER - ALL OFFERS Lodge online CONSIDERED Pls ring 0423052634 or 0423052629

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car $11500 ono 0417089439 clothing 2004 GXL 100 Series alterations Landcruiser 125000 kms 4.7 V8 5 Speed Manual, done. honest CHANGE ZIPS/Hemming and car selling due to Ringrealiable 0400862646 down sizing vehicle comes with many extras including two DVD players.disclaimer $31,500.00 call Rachel 0429838808



takes no responsibility for any

classifiHolden eds submitted 2004 VZ Ute, 6online, speed manual, July 2011,practical very neat this Reg includes vehicle, moulded protector, jokes. This isAVAILABLE antray automated ~~EMPLOYMENT car cover included. 124,000klm. you needtown. an adPh Urgent Leaving 0437649761 removed, please email us

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FREE WEEKLY pilbaraecho 6 - 7 November 2010

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employment for sale wanted

SANYO TV 36cm for sale still in good condition, $25 ono contact 0437202468 for more details. P.S is not digital but can used with set top box. SATELLITE Dish for roof not freestanding for sale. Dismantled ready to go. $250.00 ONO Tel: 91852025 SEA Container 20ft Tropical Roof, Lined inside $2700 ono Phone: 0419934043 SEA Container. **REDUCED** 20ft Needs some work. $500. 0428105790 SEA Kayak (Sit in not on top type) CLEANER Airport hrs to f/n the M/W/F Own suitable for O/N23trips islands. Transport. have police Includes Must paddle, sprayclearance. skirt, Equip/Chem supplied. Looking long buoyancy vest, safety float. for$1000 term please. Good Rate Imm. ono.employment 0439707553 Start 0419 981037 SHADE Sail, 5.5 x 3.6 x 2.4 CLEANER wanted Monday and Thursday mtrs JP4hrs Trim ShopCallMade 2007, Mornings per day. 0411340630 Stainless Steel fittings,stainless RELIABLE person wanted to do Ironing/ wire rope,double stitched,galvo turn cleaning a weekcolor, for a $300 big family. buckles,once terracotta ONO Please phone me on 0438639059. 0439914186 Karratha only please. SHED,4 by“”can-do””, 2m, 2m high. Already WANTED “”go-getter””, dissembled for relocation. business-minded, fun-loving Consists persons of build 7 pieces.$300.00 PH. to own business and o.n.o. brand using 91855101for workshop with internet facebook guru Kylie Bartlett. Apply online www. SHED: 3m x 3m garden shed 12 Phone Huia 0420457454 months old, VGC $750 ono. Table: ~~EMPLOYMENT extra employment large 2mWANTED x 2m heavy duty outdoor table with steel frame and wanted timber top VGC Bunk bed: BABYSITTER friendly$500. and Experienced. double bottom, single top not Available weeknights andmattress weekends. includedpolice VGC $200 Ph: 0408310551 Current clearance, working with childrens senior first aid.Two SHIPPINGcard and CONTAINER 20FT years childcare experience. Call on GOOD CONDITION SUITABLE 0424163701 FOR FURNITURE STORAGE $3000 BABYSITTING 0419046780 - Female 20yrs old looking to babysit over weekends. Karratha/ SOFA bed/Futon. BlackCurrent steel Police frame Dampier only. $25 p/hr with blueavailable. pattern Ph mattress. Folds to Clearance 0488999967 double bed. As newold condition. Never BABYSITTING 20 year female available used. $200, ph 438929323 to babysit Saturday nights and possible a few other68cm nights CRT duringTV the and week. cabinet. $25 per SONY hour call Chelsea 0405216767 Excellent picture,onworks well. Includes CARPENTER for all jobs big and manual andavailable remote control. $100 call small 0437specialising 488705 in renovations,sheds,pa tios,decking and much more. Competitive SPA - 6andseater, TimberPlease framing, pricing free quotes. call good Dave condition. $3000 ono ph 0409952766 on 0438940226 SPA LANARK 8 SEATER, wood CASH work wanted. 24/F - reliable, surround, lots ofhardworking, features, near new loyal, committed, friendly. 0405366194 cond, chems and manual inc $6990 ono 0415224166 CLEANER: very experienced cleaner looking around12Kg the SURF for SKI full-time 4m fiwork breglass Karratha region, do FIFO, adjustable leg would lengthprefer suit tofemale or can startincludes ASAP callpaddle 0405216767 junior and roo frack CLEANING/domestic, personalised cradles. Can test in Dampier harbour cleaning to suit your needs, reliable cost $2200 sell $1200 0439949374 and Markefficient. Police check available. Ph:0409359334. TABLE Antique Wooden with Turned DOMESTIC/COMMERCIAL CLEANING.. Legs. Requires returnalso to House, Office, restoration Caravan. toWill former glory. and If youironing are intoif this type do washing needed. of woodwork please come have a look Weekly/Fortnightly. References & $500. 0416042359 Police Clearances available. Please Ph 0409466840 TIMBER slabs. sheoak. From $50 ea FARMER in 126 his 50’s “”needs to ph 0407 447 save the farm””. Seeking well TOYOTA Dashput Matup- beige paid workota in Prado Aust. Will with $20 -conditions, 0427258044travel anywhere. any Caring, reliable, honest, uni TRAMPOLINE on legs, rectangle, quals, teacher HR licence, 3000 x ex 1900, pads also covering springs. excavator, tractor skills, First Aid $100 91444229 Cert, Police check, refs, ABN if TRANSPORTABLE commercial contract work Ph (03) 62950011 kitchen.converted Available. 20 ft s/s seatainer. HOUSE-sitting Police Walk in coolroom, s/s Clearance. No job tooa/c,bigh/w/s, or small. benches, servery, verandah, coved Happy to walk & feed pets. Contact Thea floor, some equip inc. Very neat. 0404309272 Currently $36,000. IM 13 n a inhalf Geraldton. and am interested in 0419198790. babysitting after 3pm school days and weekends Dampier only iglass can provide TV CABINET 2 area shelve great references look used after 1-10 condition,i can never didyear notolds suitif interested please call 0891830038 decor $550 Please call 0414953605 LOOKING for mining workstyle in camps okay. TV CABINET country for $300. Have HR, Forklift, operated large tractors, A medium sized TV suitable for single, available any time. Non drinker. recess0401339365 and extra cupboards either David side for additional storage. Contact QUALIFIED and experienced Hydraulic 041850599.T

SPRAY Tanning for self conscious TV CABINET, lowtheline, chocolate $25 the privacySETTING, of my own home. $ OUTDOOR high-set, Mums withaluminium bubs welcome. 6 seats, & 0419162276 white $500. Rustic Indonesian style teak cabinet TRADESMAN Tiler. Commercial/ Domestic/Remote. finished work.& $1600. Washing Quality machine, fisher Phone for Teak an estimate. paykelRob $300. bedside0457256388 table $200. Phone 9185 6006.carpenter, TRADESMAN, good all rounder, homewithreno,s kitchen TV/DVD Combo Built-in HD installations, decking, welding, Tuner. Nu-Tec 54cm/21.6 HDremote LCD. location work, mine camp work,mobile Brand new, never been used. power,4x4,reliable,careful Quote,$150 or ono. Phone Jane on 0409121030. hourly. Call Mark mobile 0401355652 UHF radio 40 channel , includes mic, ~~ENGAGEMENTS

No Stress! No Boss! More Time! More Fun!

Fitter & Machinist. Fork lift ticket, hardworking, reliable shut down exp. Fast learner seeking permanent employment in Pilbara region. Call John 0457927088

and aerial, for all in good working order, rent also includes wiring to battery, $100

CARAVAN available for rent for at private ono conact 0437202468 more resident details in Nickol, $450 p/week all inclusive, no bills, two weeks in advance WASHING Machine Simpsonmust 6kg and two weeks bond - required, have permanent work, no party Top Loader $50fullcalltime 0409208067 animals, references will be preferred, WATER not CONTAINERS 2x 10/11/10, 25 litre, caravan available until only used once will both for $20 0403131882 or separate for $12 each, also 2x CARAVAN for rent from the $5 10/11/10 5 litre water containers each at private residents in Nickol, $450 per small desk light 20 watt $5, week, 2 weeks in advance and twocontact weeks 0437202468 details bond required, for must be working in full time permanent no party animals,2 WEIGHT benchjob, and weights. quiet family home, for contact bar bells, 4 dumb enquiries bells, heaps of 0403558538 weights, weight stand & bench. “CARAVAN for Rent:24 foot, Doublegood Bed, A little rust but otherwise Triple Bunks, A/C, Cook condition. You Shower, Pickup.Gas $400 Top/Oven/Microwave, negotiable. Call 0402198547 after 6pmSize or send/leave Full Annex, Lotsa ofmessage. storage space, Long Term, Karratha $300 a WHIRPOOL 7.5 area kg onlytoploader week Ph:0427937686” washing machine, in good working HOME 4x2 in$150 Pegs ono, Break Lease. condition, radio Outdoor B.B.Q, pizza oven, portable,Kitchen, $5, jackeroo workshop in groundtopool, port,onwards, A/C, theatre manual suitboat 1985 25 room. All mod cons. Gardener & pool ono, included. contact 0437202468 clean $1900 p/w. Contact Deb, 0419385488 WHITE shelving unit. Approx 2m high xFor1m 6 adjustable ROOM Rentwide $400with PW Plus expenses. shelves. goodNew condition. Cost Single Only.Very No Pets. Baynton West $250 from $100Call or House, PoolHarvey to be Norman, added soon. Claire on 0419467500 best offer. Tel: 0429498201 after 6pm (Nickol West) ROOMS to rent in big four bedroom house in Bulgarra. Singles $450$430 and WINDSURFER, good condition Couples $550. ph 0407447126 If interested please contact Shona on 0459 696 307. WOODEN venetian blinds (NEW) 6 ~~FOR SALE

ea - 900mmfor wide sale x 137mm drop $30 ea or $150 the lot. PH 0417015240 12volt car cube pressure cleaner for ~~FOUND


sale, can be used anywhere $35 , solar powered magnetic light $10, small desk light 20 wattMOUNTAIN $5, batery operated LADIES BIKE colman found lantern with29/08/10. fm radio and amp $20 Sunday If you thinkam/it fm portable radio $5, jackaroo workshop belongssuit to you, manual 1985contact onwards0438130727. $20 contact 0437202468 details. POSTIE BIKEforRed. ph 0432666807 ABOVE ~~FREEground clark sunsoaker pool 5.0 x 3.8 x1.3.( 2 yrs old) Comes with pump, sand filter, kreepy crawly, solar blanket, 2EMPTY gates with locks some fencing DRUMS 205L, callapprox Clint 5m . $2500 ono 0409086202 91893547 0417913903 AEROGARDEN as seenhome, on TV. English Comes FREE 2 good with manualspuppies and all accessories, ready bulldog for adoption. to go, you just need to order seeds from They are vet checked and Global Shop Direct. $80 - Ph Tracyalso on friendly. If interested contact me on 0409301821 “AIRLESS Spray Gun, “”GRACO”” RECTANGLEspray trampoline frame.various Call professional gun including 91441719 tips. Purchased from a professional painter sincetable. left Karratha. Used SLATEwho largehaspool Needs some for home renovation. Excellent machine. tlc. Comes with cues and balls. Must $2000 Ph 91855272, text 0400308003 “ come and pick up 0400013784 ANTIQUE Premium furniture. Excellent Moran Chesterfield brown leather couch, Antique Pine mirrored dresser, New large 4 Sept Garage Sale Antique 13 Treetop upholstered footstool, low Nickol West- quality goods, drawers-many uses,camping Q mattress, filing cab, motorbike stuff, Rug long Traditional pattern Floor medium size.bodyboard, Ph 0891853068 to skateboard, wetsuits, view. tools, early enquires to Jamie 0423 979 971 guitar, inbuilt tuner, soft case. ASHTON Barely Bought $250. Selling for GARAGE Sunfor5th Sept. 8am$150. 12pmPH@0415221679 9 Stewart Court, Millars ASSORTED household furniture,white Well. Leaving town. Fishing gear, goods, pictures general and plants. Leaving electronics, household town. Ring 0416043857 for viewing and goods, plants, BBQ. No early birds. prices. GARAGE Sale. Household goods & AVON, Hi, If you are interested in buying furniture, books, games.a look, Everything Avon products or having I have mustlatest go. brochures Leaving and town.canBargains the deliver to be had. Saturday 4 September. direct to your door. Order through 6 Gregory Bulgara. 8 am e-mail, phone orWay in person. Call today on 0437053724 0413234369 BAMBOO POLES 5 x 6m $30 each. Base 30ml diametre tapering to point 5ml. Pick up only 0417724848


garage sales


garage sale for sale

motorcycles for sale

pets for sale

real forestate sale

real forestate sale

BAR L shape112400 1600- 12.00 jarrah pm top SATURDAY Sept,x 8.00 stainless orb corriitems face Leaving steal Townbench Someminifurniture home brew twin tap hold tower items. under 722 bar and assorted houes lighting bar fridge and two Dolphin$2000 Way optional Bulgarra. 19l kegs and reg $500 PH 0438875095 SATURDAY 11th Sept 7am, 151A BED Head with 2 side tables with 2 HannanWhite. Cres Suit Dampier, Q/Sbed. Bed,$120 C/ drawers. queen size Desk,B/Trailer, plus heaps more call Graeme 0410472363 bargains BED queen size ensemble - base is new in SEPTEMBER 18th/19th Garage packaging and mattress is only a few years Sale, Frinderstein old. Call15 91441719 $250 Way Pegs Creek. Leaving town, combined BED with two side drawers and dresser with 2 houses. BBQ, mirror black. AllTools, togethershelving, $700 ono. Phone householdoritems. Start 0700am 0488999967 0415389729. SUNDAY onwards, sept BED, single8am ensemble, Sealy5thbrand. Good $100town, Call at 9a condition, Crockett very way.clean. Leaving 0439965172 from 13 Furniture, Oct everythingAvailable has to go!!!!! tvs, jewellery, yardscrew blower, BERMICK type 17 fix washing to timber machinecolour etc. No early birds. shalegrey 14-10-50 ltxbra hexhead 25 mm 3 boxs 250 in the box phone tony ~~LOST 0412180381 BOOK Shelf (4) Unit with Toybox Base. RAW Lid black to toyboxs not cat in tact. 1yo PINE. desexed female by Comes with Lid, new hinge fittings and the name of Poppy, with a pink hydraulic attachment (so doesn’t little collar and safe tag went catch missing fingers). $100 units Kelly 0403645252 from the on Hill Road, BOOK shelves units, grey Dampier on and the storage 30-8-10. Please melamine, 6 to choose 0408510317 call SAFE if youfrom. know of her whereabouts. BOOK shelves x2 $20 ea, 1x white sgle bed$50, wooden outdoor DOUBLE swag9pce fell out near Airport setting,cushioned turn off, on Satchairs 28/8$200,390L 5pm.If itFridge was Westinghouse $100, Engel generator found pls call 0437155466 2kva $1000 ono, portacot $30. Ph 0408 371 475 LOST - Gold and white BOOKCASE withwired two back cupboards 1770 pearlx bracelet Karratha high 629 wide,at300 deep, L Tavern, Shaped Fri 13th Aug. Not xvaluable very Workstation 1670w 1630d xbut1370h, sentimental. Please light wood grain$100 with reward. grey edging, 14 contactold, meexcellent 0488513684 months condition, $300 ono for both,EURO must sell, leaving LOST JOEY! No,town, thisphone: isn’t 0430102127 a joke, I care for joey’s for the BOOKCASE, Ikea Expedit 5x5 cube style, Wildlife Association and one white, 6mthsHe old, 1.85m(w)x.39m(d) escaped. weighs around 10 x1.85m(h), 0416244056 kilos and$300, is reddish in color, very BOOKSHELF, white, 2 small square friendly. Got out in Nickol West off compartments $10 of Balmoral.oneIf above you each see other. a young 0416244056 joey in your yard or around your BREMICK fasteners drilling cyclone house please callself 0429854664. assy fix to metal 14-10-50 hexhead 25 mm 250 in box surfmist 7 boxs make offer ph tony 0412180381 in shop 2.22 each BRIC and Bracs, some furniture, fridge and freezer Bar size, DVD’s, videos, TV, CD player too many items to list, leaving town soon Call after 2pm 0457160843 Lost in Dampier - a male BRICKS Hand Made Feature Bricks. Burmese cat, blue/grey Approximate You Remove, in colour200-300, and is desexed $100.00. Contact Sally on 0407 698 467 & micro or 9185 6361. chipped. He is very/ TV spoilt and- DARK missed. BUFFET CABINET COLOUR WOODENReward CHINESE STYLE BUFFET $250. offered. CALL 0430085535 Call 0419plus 283 BUILDING materials large848 aluminum windows offers, 91821126 or 0417094558 CABINET Stationery, 2door lockable, 1080 tall, 5 shelves, Grey $200 call 0417950523 after 5pm CANON 50D SLR (Body Only). LOST EOS ring in Camera the vicinity of 15.1 megapixels, 3inch LCD 730g Hearson Cove or Monitor, Karratha inshopping weight. Includes centre2 batteries. MondayIn excellent 2 Aug. condition. selling due to upgrading. Antique, Only three diamonds, white Brought July 09. $800 Located in Hedland. gold setting. Highly sentimental, Please call 0421 408 848 generous reward offered. Call CAR never used goodyear Leannetyres on 0419041467. wrangler size 265-75r16 for 4wd ph sue LOST rod and reel. last used in 0402031132 the right side of Hearson’s cove CD Cabinet. Pine furniture piece with glass 15/8/10. Big reel with blue line door. Holds 180cds. Good Cond. $120.00. andGraeme with 10410472363 metre diver (orange and Call black) with foldable rod. If found CHEST drawers Solid good quality pine, pleaseofcontact 0412450868. fairly old, reasonable condition $65. Call LOST Sat 19th June pink & Rob on 0433561313 black I Phone. is locked to COFFEE table - Cover retro style surfboard owner.... OFFERED.... shaped coffeeREWARD table, wooden $75. Call call 91855576 or 91441078 0430085535 NOKIA mobile phoneTOP on Friday 13th COFFEE TABLE GLASS - SIZE 127L either in Evolution or on road. Phone X64WX48H - $50, 0437286568 is not worth much but COLOUR Bond Sheets (Mistphotos Green) on 11 phoneatare call sheets 5.5msentimental. and 3 sheetsPlease at 7m plus 0410789278 if you have it. flashing $485, Red Bumbo seat Good Condition - $50 , Fisher and Price Ride ~~MOTORCYCLES On Lion -$15, Sesame Street Ride On Toy - $10 plus much more! (Moving House) Keen Sell Phone 0438885180 2008ToYamaha Raptor Limited Edition COLOURBOND tin 30Hrs sheetingincludes offers 700cc Fuel Injected 91821126 helmet, ramps & fly boots sz10 $8,500ono Ph COMPOUND bow0429132082 hardly used, excellent condition, includes carry bag and arrows $300. Call Rob on 0433561313

CORNER shaped quad desk &bike IKEAwith swivel chair 80cc 2 stroke helmet $100, Bed frame $150, White $1450Teak onoQueen ph 91431829 single bed base $50, 4 burner Everdure ANSWER moto boots sizeTeak 8 great BBQ with hood andxcover $150, chair condition only warn for a few rides $70. Ph: 91854418 $100 neg call 0437362004 after 3 CURTAINS Sheer purple, suitable for girls oclockApprox. 2.25m(l) x 1.45m(w) $5 per room. pair. 0416244056 ENCLOSED 3 bike trailer 4 sale. Single Axle. Wickham CURTAINS Suit Located dining Pale green 0400108181 +$5200 white- ph pattern. Approx. 2.0m(l) x 1.18m(w).$5 pair. 0416244056 HELMET MDS full face black/silver small newSuitable in box $50 0408510317 CURTAINS for lng/dining, khaki colour. Approx. 2.25m(l)x1.43m(w). Ikea HONDA CBR1000R, 2007 MODEL, brand. $10 per pair. 10,000 KMS, great cond, serviced D-LINK ADSL2/2 + Modem regularly,Wireless helmetG inc. $11,500 ono Router (DSL-2642B) still in boxe 0439798277 and never used for sell $ 90. Hp no. HONDA CRF450R 2009, new tyres, 0458968290 new chain,R301mintYorkcondition, DIAMOND Rower & fuel Ab injected, comes with sell manual, only Shaper as new RRP1080 both $500. done 6hrs. Free Goesdeliver $8000. Call 0429694563 Kar Mike 0411 392 714. DINING Chairs. set of 6. Black metal frames and white cushioning. Good cond. $25 each. Call Graeme 0410472363 DINING TABLE - antique art deco wooden dining table and 6 chairs $250. Call o430085535 DISHWASHER-Dishlex Global 300. Approx 4+ years sitting in shed unused $250 ono. Kelly 0403645252 after 2.30pm DOLLS HOUSE; ‘My Happy Dream House’ from Target. Assembled a month HYOSUNG GV for 250. First& barely used. SELL for $110 with 36 pieces registered 2009. As of wooden furniture. BARGAIN!new Call 0407158665 condition, only 4800kms. DOUBLE Bed and ‘till Mattress Mfrs warranty 2011,$200 runsWrought Iron/ Wooden bed frame perfectly, genuine reason and mattress. Great Condition. Call 0403130899 for sale. $4,900 Phone 0400 DOUBLE 218769bed, metal frame with wooden headboard. Chipboard base and mattress. KAWASAKI ZZR250 2004 Model, $60. ph: 0415651130 red, 18,500 kms, full service history, DVD player. Voxson brand. Silver/grey. good condition, one owner, includes Works well. $25. Call 0406702400 cover and disc lock. $4500. Call Tom EXERCISE Bike or - Health StreamKarratha like new 0430438299 93485789 $150. Phone 91441263 KTM 450EXC 09 Excellent FETAL DOPLER;Owner, pocket Sonaline condition,1 HardlyC model used fetal doppler, as new working condition. licenced and ready for road, Was great to use during my the pregnancy, comeshear withheart many could beatextras from including 16 weeks helmet and riding gear, This the whenever I wanted to. Requires gel is to use Ultimate $10,000 with it, easy package. to come by. SELL $100. Call Call 0419556089 0407158665 FIBREGLASS shark Single head,Great MOTORCYCLE RAMP Heavy White.$200 Call 91830595. Duty Rated ono. to 450KG. Collapsable Ideal for large Bed. bikes Hardly made used. of lightGreat weight FOLDING for aluminiumguests. folds Good downCond. to 1400mm unexpected $50. Call Graeme 0410472363 NEW COND never used $350. FRIDGE Freezer, Sumsung QUAD &Yamaha Grizzly 447L, 700Silver/ 4x4 Pewter Excellent condition. $550. near ph: 2009 .Automatic transmission 0415651130 new condition $10,500.00 Karratha FRIDGE Samsung 250ltr white freezer 0419359220 or 91821187 on top, excellent condition. YAMAHA 2007 R1 exc cond$350. 6200Also km, bar fridge for $50. Port Hedland. ph REDUCED $12000, ph 0419922413, 0416865526 can deliver to Hedland FRIDGE Westinghouse 430ltr freezer YAMAHA - 2007. Immaculate on bottom WR450F perfect condition still under cond. 1100kms, White bros. pipe, Rewarranty cost $1300 sell $700 ph jetted and tuned Design 0448732676 betweencarby. 7.30amFLU and 2.30pm week days kit. $6900 ono. Call Travis full graphic 0400870209 for4months more info. FRIDGE/freezer old $320 (good beer fridge), dishwasher 4 months old ~~PETS extended warranty 4 years $420, 2 wooden bedside cabinets & lge chest of drawers $300, bookcase $80, golden cane palms and assorted garden plants $2-15 Phone 91855524 FRIDGES (x2) Family Size and Drinks fridge, Packing boxes ($2 each), 2nd hand golf clubs ($75), 0410133044 All animals cared for. GAMES ALL to X BOX ARCADE DailyFORvisits your360home. Brand new still in box. Value $299 would Karratha only accept $199 ono. Call 0437051416 on Fridays weekend only. Ph and Libby 0404842902 GARDEN Shed. 1.8m x 1.8m approx. ADORABLEiron.AKC Female Galvanized Flat Male packed.&Yours 41 EnglishPureBulldogs puppies available carton Blonde 91441923 or adoption 1KW this Hyundai Puppies6 mths are old, Akc GENERATOR, Registered, Bloodlines runs well, paidWith $600Champion new, will sell for $300 Andwe Will Comeit any Withmore. A Pedigree, as don’t need Ph Grant Microchip, Vet Check With Health 0437702692 Certificate, And AllTable Shots Wormer. GLASS Top dining & 6And chairs $650, The puppies available forcorner adoption for Rocking chair $50, Wooden TV Unit moreTeacinfo contact with TV $200, Babyrev.jonathan10@ steel craft wooden bed $150, portable baby bed $75, wooden Antique cabinet $550, single bed & Orthopaedics Mattress-$200. Regrettable quality stuff sale. Call 0891852983

GOLD detector minelabavailable GPX4500. DOG HYDROBATH in Three extra coils anda week. all standard South Hedland 7 days Phone equipment.$4500 ono.callfor 91830595. Sarah on 0433655636 appt! GUITAR (Mexico) LOOKINGFender for Stratocaster Female American Deep Purple, excellent condition with Staffy, to breed with our Male hard case, strap and lead $750. Also, American Staffy, Call Joe after Peavey practice AMPLIFIER $75; Flange 5:30pm on 0407271076 digital effects peddle hardly used $100; old Thomas with light keys PURE Bred ORGAN Staffordshire BullupTerrier $60. Call Rob 0433561313 pups lookingonfor new homes. Full registration papers, Vet checked, GUITAR x2 1 washburn acoustic used twice 1x Monterey acoustic Vacc, $250. Wormed and L2-HGA with case and electric turner $250. PH cleared by parentage. For those 0438875095 seriously interested please email HAVE an iPhone or iPod Touch? Get all 200,000 AppsLORIKEET. for Free! Only Free $25 RAINBOW Contact to good home only. 3yrs old HOLDEN 1 tonne friendly Aluminiumand trayloves $400 Hand reared, -attention. 0403979020 Great childs pet. Owner HOLDEN acclaim. working Commodore long hoursvz . 04Regretfull 12 Full with service history. giveMonths away. reg. Comes cage and V6, A/c, picks. cruise Please control,, p/s. mirrors/windows. TXT Power Carmen 0438943090 Central locking. Engine immobiliser. Radio WE with have 6a purebread male owner. staffy cd speakers. 2Nd Excellent condition. Ph. which we would$ 12, like500toOno breed 0423002242 with another purebread staffy. Please phone HOLDEN CRF250R0448541160 2008 Limitedif interested. edition, Excellent cond, well maintained, raced once. must sell $7000 ono Please ~~PUBLIC NOTICE call 0408848590 HOMEMAKER Bar Fridge for sale. 1 year old and in PSYCHICS good working99% condition. ACCURATE $100, 0437387711 1902 212 206 $2.95 min mob ex HP, Fax, Scan, Printer - Excellent C/C 03 5614 $2.95 min Condition - $2005387 Ph: 0418842761 ALCOHOLICS HYPER extension all inANONYMOUS one gym set Meetings held every Wed and $350, 0417250378 Sun at 7.30 pm, venue: Salvation HYPER extension bike computerized Army0417250378 Family Church cnr Bond St $350, and Balmoral Rd (opp, Cattrall HYUNDAI Park) Terracan 4x4 spare tyre and rim as new $395, 0409056216 DEAR Mark IMPEOUS MAN Peens 1000mg, happy Male birthday,fastyour big lasting. boy now. enhancer, actinga long Info Love Jiggy SMS 0447177076 or hornpills@yahoo. com DECKARTS Studio - jazz, tap, ballet, music sing INSIGHT treadmill theatre, in excellent condition. incline and enrolmentsAdjustable anytime 0415999022 speed, can program in various modes NICKOL Hockey etc Pick upBay only, South Association Hedland was Juniorbrand Hockey new Call players $2000 new, $1000. Alice welcome every Monday night 0420765682 Pegs Creek Oval, 6.00 – 7.00pm JARRAH Hexagonal Table and 6 Jarrah Contact: Kellycondition. Carter – 0429 chairs in great $450 140 Call 138 via email on kca51472@ 91854391 to register KERBING machine for sale, 2yrs old. PILBAR Revvery Heads now on3 Honda motor, good iscondition, Facebook. (FB). you want profiles and all toolsDo included. $4500a call Scott 0417 910 053orKarratha Weekend Cruise Car show in your LOUNGE home town? How about LEATHER 2 x 3 Seater $1000 Drags a place to do burnouts for both!and Ph: 0418842761 legally and safely? Come join us LG frost free- fridge/freezer .291L on FB andfreezer, post your Boats fridge-131L brandCars, new.650.00. & 0412851326. Bikes of all types. Tell us about ph It.(type Pilbara Revheads in FB LG White frost free fridge (297l)/ search). good condition, $250.00 freezer(135l), ono text only - 0408090412 LIMESTONE Reiki master healingsblocks & attunements 7 @500mmx350mmx200mm $5.00 each Karratha resident 91854656 Call Andrea on 0457 354 229 LOUNGE 2 x 2 Seater - $150 for both, Ph: 0418842761 SWIMMING pool fibreglass resurfacing team in Hedland LOUNGE: 3 piece - 3Port Seater & 2 Recliners. Charcoal Suede Finish. 12 area shortly. Interested call Ray months old. $1500 M: 0419802286 Ph91732283 MATTRESS double $15. Mattress Queen ~~REAL ESTATE $30. Trampoline $30. Netball stand & ring $5. Piano keyboard $50. ph 91444235 27 GREEN ACRES with platypus creek,on detector the cool tablelands near Port METAL minelab 2200d,2x ddpro coils,light Douglas. Privateweight and battery natural,system, handy speaker boosterExceptional and backpakviews readyover to to everything. find gold $2200 ono 0427522031 rainforest ranges and farmlands from octagonal storage house. Underground METALIC trunks. Smallmains size 114cm(L) x 37cm(W) 36cm(H) power, private timber x plantation. $35. Large size 96cm(L) x 59cm(W) Pictures & more info at 77cm(H) $45. Call Ref No 40583 MB on 0400805801. METALTEX self screw 15-15-47 A NO BANKS drilling NEEDED HOME-OWN hexhead 25 mm shalegrey box, YOUR OWN HOME - 4 Sale250 by inOwner. 2 boxs make an offer ph tony on tony Myaree area (10km from Perth CBD), 0412180381 3x1 Double brick home $857 p.w. Call MICROWAVE. 700w,msgwhite,17 24Hr Pre-Recorded with all litre the capacity. Good condition- hardly used. 92648239 $details 40 . Call 0406702400 MIDEA 5Keep kg Topload washing them freemachine 3 month old extended warranty $350.00. Lodge online Sanli 4 Stroke Mulcher Lawn Mower $200.00. Contact 08 91442968

MOTOCROSS pants, gloves, FOR SALE GEAR, - HOME IN jersey, BELMONT goggles (FOX RACING), body armour (ALPINESTARS BIONIC JACKET 2), knee braces (POD K700), neck brace (MEGA), helmet (M2R), boots (ALPINESTARS), gear bag (FOX RACING). All gear hardly used. Ph. 0458195018 MOUTAIN bike, dyno, alum frame, discs, fat tyres, front suspension, hardly used in perth only, view at aspen ...0408099374 MTB Mens Norco Sasquatch Hard Tail, never used offroad, $470, call 91441603 after 6pm • 3 Bedrooms NARCISO Rodrigues Essense Perfume. • 1 Bathroom Limited Edition Only 1 OF 200 made. • Double lock up garage 1LITRE BOTTLE. RRP $2000 will& sell for $1000. large Great driveway Xmas present! Phone 0437906829 • 801 Sqm block NEAR Pine Wardrobe 3 drawers, ThisNEW house offers 3with bedrooms 1400 long 1900 high $500. Licensed all with built in car trailer $80. Foldable tablerobes, tennis contemporary kitchen, table, with bats, net etc $50. Phone Paul 91444665 bathroom and double NEED tie down for cyclone lock toup garage, plus season? large Ratchets & straps 2.5 tonne driveway space for from up $20.00 to 6 91854656 cars. Very close to schools, NEW dream home 4x2+off., Many shops, meters fromTilespublic feat.,qual. Carp. & int. transport 8km toA/C. the Close city. Des. Will and be rev.cyc. toFurthermore, schools, shops & trains, 20 it is situated mins to Perth. Private Estate, The on a large 801sqm block, Chase, Baldivis. To view e-mail surrounded by front and or back ph (08) 95941158with$559,000 gardens development potential. NEW UG pool still in box 5.49 X 2.74 X 1.32Further deep complete withplease Blanket,call pump, details ladder and two sail clothes buy today be 0431978205 cool tomorrow 91441143 NUTRIMETICS! For your free brochure BRISBANE bayside at Manly 17km contact Michelle p-mbrown@westnet. CBD. Great lifestyle after mining. or 0427632938. Shop online at 461sqm flat cnr block on top of hill with Marina water views, Product is sent & direct to your door can’t from be warehouse! built out. XMAS Excellent location with the brochure out now! easy access to airport, walk to beach, ORGAN old, $85, 91821126 or buses, train, shops, & pub. With DA 0417094558 ready to build. Best value $ 585K Ph OUTDOOR Setting $80.00, Table $10.00, 0403394805 Single Bed $30.00, T.V. Unit $50.00, BULGARRAMonitor 3x1 home,$640000, Computer $20.00, Cordless2 bdrms with BIRs,as kitchen and Keyboard,Mouse and new Webcam $80.00, Toyota and Tyre $20.00, 2 Bedside paint Wheel throughout, carport, patio, Lamps Iron $10.00 1 x Ironing shed, $10.00, currently leasedand$1000 pw Board $10.00 Ph:0414249890 91830175 Colin.... until mid Nov. OUTDOOR 6 seater glass table ali I have 3setting properties for sale in frame 0438875095 Nsw. $300. 1 inPHTintenbar NSW, and 2 PACKING boxesNSW (30) these $3.502 each. in Lawerence have 0438989879 water frontage onto the Clarence river. ViewBoxes these (Flat properties myPACKING Packedat large Removalist Boxes). $50contact for 23.detail Call property-4u.commy 0408562487 have been placed in this website for you. THESE BEEN call REDUCED PACKING boxesHAVE $4 each... Rob on DUE TO A FAMILY MEMBERS ILL 0433561313 HEALTH. PAIR of antique single seater lounge chairs. Circa 20’s/30’ s. Art deco.GOLD $450 INVESTMENT PROPERTY o.n.o 0409886254. COAST $525,000 Large double story house: 4 x1940 largeH b/rooms, PANTRY cupboard x 600 W 2x x bathrooms main),$150 powder 600 deep white(spa free in standing PH 0438875095 room, open plan living, s/steel appliances, study, theatre, PARTS: D40 2008 Navara 4WD - parents Original retreat, double garage, springs and shocks, plusalarm rear system, chrome AC Excellent $510 bumper. All new,tenants been inReturning storage. $600 for lot 0438977324 pwONO Ring. Phone: Josh 0407471797 PAVERS / Retaining blocksPROPERTY Limestone INVESTMENT retaining blocks 500x90x250 QTY 253 MELBOURNE. 5 bedroom, $6 each Limestone pavers 40x400x400 bathroom, residential warehouse $20sqm approxdistance 9sqmof City Contact within walking and 0427084050 MCG. Owner willing to sign a 3 year PIANO Celviano, AP-33, per with annum stool, lease back at $75,000 excellent $800, ph 91441294Ph (approx condition, 4.3% return). $1.75mill. PINE Planks,on 8 meter 91821126 the owner 0413lengths, 176284 or email for POOL TABLE Casa (slate/auto ball return) more accessories, information. excellent condition plus $2000, Outdoor Furniture - 8 Piece Setting (table, 6 x chairs & umbrella), great themDresser, freenear new conditionKeep $350, Kitchen $150 PH 0448875575 Lodge online POOL table for children. 7ft with all accessories, less than 12 months old. Paid KIT HOME Large storey, 20 x 12 $550, sell $350. Like 2new. 0427258044 m Decks, Lockup Stage. POOL UG, 5.5to x 2.74 x 1.32 deep new Full still Cyclone rated Eng for even NW. in box’s, complete with plans everything Serious buyers ONLY Tks reduced sail clothes $2300. Millars Well 91441143 to Sell $110,000 Very Cheap Large PORTABLE A/C MIDEA, offers taken. Big HomeTV, Whole frame 2 already screen as new, offersconst. taken. Phone Rob built Baynton Drv. Karratha Pics on 0457256388 avail. Call Mark 0417991169, email POTTED Crotons, Cordylines, Heloconias, Freight Ferns. Inc. Various Prices. Mango trees $20 EACH. Contact 91442968

PRADO dash3 xmat, beige, suitable MODERN 1 with large studyfororGXL 4th 2003 - $20 0427258044 brm for rent. On large corner block in great60gb location, hugeon8mduex 8.5m shed PS3 not turning to a broken with mezanine below groundit power supply, wasfloor, working fin before broke, it with the power cable,area, the pool, selling undercover entertaining AV cable, gardens 1 controller a 5m parking ethernet tropical withandample cable 0437390270 for boat, caravans etc. Available now.(Playstation $1850 p/w. Contact on PSP Portable) SlimJason and Lite, Colour Silver. In excellent condition, hardly 0427442566 used. Comes with hard red case. Brought NEARLY acrecallcleared, leveled, 12/09 $180 1Please 0421 408 848 dirt pad, mixed use land, with town PUREBLACK Black Labrador with Pedigree power and water, a walk to Exmouth Papers 15 months Born$100sqm. 12/06/09 Gulf beach for lessoldthan Full Vaccination Record+Micro chipped $380,000 make an offer call good home only $700 ono Call Patrick 91895336 or 0417423875 0408033263 NO Banks Own Your own PUSH Bike - Needed. CannonDale Jekyll - Never HomeUsed- -4$800Ph: Sale by Owner 3x1 in been 018842761 Myaree Timber area (10Km CBD). Q-Sized Stainedfrom BedPerth - $650 Ph: $857 p.w. Call Tish 92648239 0418842761 STORAGE UNITS FOR OR QUEEN bed ensemble. GoodSALE condition. LEASE IN WANGARA. 31-61sqm. $200 for urgent sale. Ph: 0415651130 24/7 access monitored QUEEN Mattress with $300 2fully Bedside 3 drawer security. car or other timber unitsStore $50eayour Mob:boat 0458121357 toys. CCTV you can view online. ROOF to suit Rover Disco grey Great Rack investment. Powered Coated $350.00/ Sunrazor rim forsale. Call Rob on 0413270058 with never been used Dunlop Adventure Tyre to suit Discothe$120.00 ring WANT to landrover invest in booming 91442968 Melbourne property market? Want to generate return design with your RUG blue and highest green geometric $40 hard0432298036 earn money? I have plenty ph. of properties in Melbourne for SAMSUNG 540L WHITE SIDE BY SIDE investors. Call me at 0430512503 or FRIDGE 85cmW x 68cmD x 173cmH, email excellent condition, light wood grain with grey edging only 14 months old, including 4 year warranty, must sell,leaving town, $1,500 ono, phone: 0430102127 SAMSUNG Analogue TV, 21 inch, colour, good condition, $40 ono 0419047852 SAMSUNG phone charger, brand new, for recent models. $5. Call 0459529319 INVESTMENT PROPERTY SAMSUNG Side by Side Fridge/Freezer, GOLD stainless steelCOAST look, 594L $525,000 good condition Large story house: 4 x $600 phonedouble 0439329940 large b/rooms, 2 x bathrooms SATELLITE dish, splitter and cables - $250. (spa in main), powder room, open Call 0409119635. plan living, s/steel appliances, SEA Container - 40’ Hi Top. Good study, theatre, parents Condition. Where would you retreat, like it?? double alarm system, AC $3000 ONOgarage, Ph 0419930325 Excellent tenants Returning $510 SEA CONTAINERS 40’ (2 of) - $4,500.00 + pweach. RingPh: Josh 0407471797 GST 91853522







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SECOND Hand 110L Waeco with Bag. Great Condition. $1000 - Call 0400251336 after 5pm FISHING ROD CSAREPAIRS SET of 4. Five spoke alloy mag rims new4 guides andGood tipscond. fitted. 15””. stud pattern. Suit corolla. Have$250. your91441923 rods rebuilt like new. / Also fishingExpressions rods forof SHED WORKSHOP interest x 12m shed located sale forat 8mreasonable prices,in port buyer to remove. please Call Syd all Hedland, with new fittings 0420944766 Ph 9185 5257 SHEEPSKIN front car seat covers. ~~VEHICLES White, headrest and seat covering. Good condition. $50. Call 0406702400 SHELVES glasspatrol TV cabinet great 06 4.2 2turbo ute mint condition decor conditionnever bullused bar didn’t winchsuit snorkel $500.00 Please call 0414953605 only 62000km $39000 ono SINGLE & mattress $50 each, small phone bed 0459150949 white display cupboard $65, white folding 1HZ landcruiser complete, shelves $50, telescopemotor Tasco space station taken out wood of car $50, polished spudrunning, n onion chest330 on 000$75, kms old, wood suit bread re-build, legs polished bin $15lots all of extras. Ph VGC, black vinyl$1800.00 recliner chair &ono. foot stool $50, old bedside cabinet $10. Hedland 91830448 0414522815 2003 VY series 2 Commodore SINGLE bed ensemble,auto great6cyl condition. Ute 120000kms soft $120 forTow urgentbar. sale.Very 0415651130 cover. clean straight SINKS variety, Stainless Steel 91821126 or car $11500 ono 0417089439 0417094558 2004 GXL 100 Series SOFA 2 Seater, dark blue fabric, Landcruiser 125000 kms good 4.7 condition, buyer collect $175.00 ONO Ph V8 5 Speed Manual, honest 91441282 After 5pm and realiable car selling due to SONY 68cm CRT TVcomes with remote. downTrition sizing vehicle with $100 many- 0427258044 extras including two DVD players.Hedland-200 $31,500.00 Rachel1 SOUTH litrecalldrums, diesel, 1 petrol at $25 each and a drum 0429838808 pump without hose for $100. Please ring 91723595 and leave message. SPA 6+SEATER , exc con, wood surround +step, and VZ hard Ute, cover 6inc speed $6000 2004 chems Holden ono. Call 0415224166 manual, Reg July 2011, very neat vehicle, moulded SPA 8 str, 2.5 yrs old, 2 tray speed protector, pump, 3kw heater, 52 jets,included. lounge, led 124,000klm. lights, waterfall, car cover ice bucket,sale. Hollywood blacktown. opal, teak Urgent Leaving Ph outer shell, hard cover & steps. Will 0437649761 deliver anywhere in Karratha. Over $11k new. $6200ono. 0405469290

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SPA Signature seriesfor2 Niagra, SANYO TV 36cm sale stillseatsin 7, cedarcondition, surround with good $25 steps, ono portable, contact excellent condition $4,000.00 0437202468 for more details.onoP.Scontact is not 0427084050 digital but can used with set top box. SPA, 4-6 seater, heater,forcedar SATELLITE Dish roofcabinet, not good condition $3000 ono 0408510317 freestanding for sale. Dismantled SPA, six seater good running condition. ready to go. $250.00 ONO Tel: Contact Claire $1500, 91871114 91852025 SPEAKERS -Jamo 20ft 165 approx years SEA Container Tropical10 Roof, old, good working order. $100. Kelly Lined inside $2700 ono Phone: 0403645252 0419934043 STEEL Bullbar, Black to fit Nissan patrol SEAgoodContainer. **REDUCED** GQ, condition, no dents, $200 Call 20ft91854724 Needsaftersome 08 5pm work. $500. 0428105790 STIHL - FS 160 Whipper Snipper $200 ONO 702(Sit 542in not on top type) SEA 0409 Kayak suitable O/N the islands. SUN Beamfor BBQ - 4 trips Burnertos/steel - Good Includes - $400 paddle, spray skirt, Condition Ph: 0418842761 buoyancyCIALIS vest, ,C80 safety M/F float. $1000 SUPER LOVE ono. 0439707553 ENHANCER, Xmas is coming up fast & SO CAN YOU with Super Cialis C80. SHADE Sail, 5.5 x 3.6 x Info 2.4 SMS or hornpills@yahoo. mtrs 0447177076 JP Trim Shop Made 2007, com Stainless Steel fittings,stainless SUZUKI SWIFT 2007stitched,galvo $11,500 one owner wire rope,double turn needs to go, Automatic good$300 condition, buckles, terracotta color, ONO new battery, Front two tires are new 0439914186 low KM 33,765. Just finished warranty. SHED,4Rachel by 2m, 2m high. Already Contact on 0417938537 dissembled for relocation. Consists SWIMMING Pool, Above ground, 7m x of Includes 7 pieces.$300.00 PH. 4m, Filter pump ando.n.o. Ladder. Paid 91855101 $1700, Selling for $850. Pool in Millars Well Ph: 0447509739 SHED: 3m x 3m garden shed 12 months $750 ono. T.V. Nec old, 52cmVGC screen. Good Table: used extra large 2m 10 x years 2m heavy duty condition. Approx old. Good spare roomtable TV. $50. 0403645252 outdoor withKelly steel frame and timber top VGC $500. THERMOMIX: 2nd hand unit Bunk wanted.bed: Ph: double0423199733 bottom, single top mattress not Nicole included VGC $200 Ph: 0408310551 THREE Tyres near new, LT 265/75R16 with 4SHIPPING rims $300, phone Neil 040719654920FT CONTAINER GOOD toys, CONDITION SUITABLE TODDLER play skool activity canopy FORF/Price FURNITURE STORAGE $30002 $45. Bouncy zebra $45. Coleman 0419046780 person tent new $80. Please text message 0437050178 SOFA bed/Futon. Black steel frame TOP range mattress. Evo fitnessFolds -Health with ofbluethepattern to stream computerized double 105E bed. AsElliptical new condition. Never brand new only 7 months old, in excellent used. $200, ph 438929323 condition with owners manual. $1350. SONY 68cm CRT TV and cabinet. 0417250378 Excellent picture, works Includes TREADMILL Platinum Serieswell. 8 months old manual remote $100 got all youand need to getcontrol. the results you call are 0437 488705 looking for. We are currently moving into aSPA smaller home and have framing, no room for it. - 6 seater, Timber good Its in perfect$3000 working closest condition. onocondition, ph 0409952766 offer to $1100 can have it, will deliver in SPA LANARK 8 SEATER, wood Karratha at no extra cost. 0425154373 pm surround, lots ofMaxPro features, near new TREADMILL, computer cond, chems$800 and ono. manual inc $6990 programmed Yamaha pocket ono 0415224166 rocket with stand $200. Please text message SURF 0437050178. SKI 4m fibreglass 12Kg adjustablesheets, leg length suit “TRIMDEK new, 9 of + 2female packers or of same, “”Deep Ocean junior1.6mtrs. includes paddle andBlue”” roo $100. frack Ph 91855272, cradles. Can text test0400308003” in Dampier harbour cost40cm $2200 selltheatre $1200suround 0439949374 TV Home sound Markplayer both NEC 6 speakers and play dvd station 2 the lot $300. PH 0438875095 TABLE Antique Wooden with Turned TV 68cm good restoration condition $50.00, DVD Legs. Requires to return to Player good Ifcondition $30.00, Port former glory. you are into this type Hedland 0432523874 of woodwork please come have a look TV cabinet . Grey three tier modern stand. $500. 0416042359 Approx 90cm wide and 60 cm high. $25. TIMBER slabs. sheoak. From $50 ea Call 0406702400 ph 0407 447 126 TV cabinet. Large timber, used condition TOYOTA Prado$50 Dashono. Mat - Phone beige but still otagood. $20 - 0427258044 0416636806 TRAMPOLINE rectangle, TV cabinet. Smallon blacklegs, wooden cabinet with front pads doors covering and one shelf. On 3000glass x 1900, springs. wheels. Approximate 50cm high and 60cm $100 91444229 wide. $15. Call 0406702400 TRANSPORTABLE commercial TV Corner Unit, Pine. and 2 kitchen.converted 20 4ft shelves s/s seatainer. door cupboard at the bottom. Walk in coolroom, a/c, Good h/w/s,Cond. s/s $200.00. Call Graeme 0410472363 benches, servery, verandah, coved TV unit baltic pine good floor,corner somewallequip inc. Very neat. condition, 29 bottle wine fridge Currently $200.00, in Geraldton. $36,000. new $250.00, 0407772650. 0419198790. TYRE - Bridgestone Dueler A/T 265/ TV CABINET 2 shelve glass great 70R16 1125. Brand New $200 ONO 0409 condition, never used did not suit 702 542 decor $550 Please call 0414953605 TYRES & RIMS x3 (100 series steel GXL TV CABINET country for $300. rims) x3 rims with tyres fistyle tted PLUS FREE A medium sized for with purchase x3 70% TV wornsuitable tyres to suit. recess each andContact extra Sally cupboards either $50.00 on 0407698467 or 91856361. side for additional storage. Contact 041850599.T TYRES Set of 4 BF Goodrich Mud Terrian KM2- 285/75R16 brand new $1300.00, Ph 0417990242

WARDROBE Harvey Style 2 TV CABINET, low Norman line, chocolate door, drawer 800mm(w) x 550mm(d) $400.2 OUTDOOR SETTING, high-set,x 1860mm(h) $320. 0416244056 6 seats, aluminium & white $500. Rustic Indonesian teak cabinet WASHING machine in style good working order $200 ono Washing call after 6pm 0438913719 $1600. machine, fisher & paykel $300. Teak LG bedside $200. WASHING machine Front table end loader, Phonecondition 9185 6006. good $250. Call Rob on 0433561313 TV/DVD Combo with Built-in HD WASHING Machine-Samsung Front Tuner. Nu-Tec 54cm/21.6 7kg HD LCD. Loader. 6 starnever water been & energy efficiency. Brand new, used. $150 $250 KellyJane 0403645252 ono. ono. Phone on 0409121030. WASHING Samsung mic, 7kg UHF radio MACHINE 40 channel- , includes Front Load all Washer 800RPM, 14 order, Wash and aerial, in good working Programs, 4.5 Star Water Efficiency Rating, also includes wiring to battery, $100 NEW (still in box) receipt available $600 onoPete conact 0437202468 for more Ph: - 0417904095 details WATER Tank - as new Rapid Plastics WASHING Machine - Simpson 6kg RT13500 Corrugated 13,500 litres. $2000 Top sell Loader call0459024579 0409208067 new, $600.$50 Ph Lee WATER CONTAINERS 2x new/never 25 litre, WEDDING Dress - Brand worn, 12, will strapless, only ivory, used size once bothsweetheart for $20 neckline with Swarovski flowing/ or separate for $12 crystals, each, also 2x kite-like suit beach $5 wedding, 5 litre bottom, water containers each $800(purchased for $1400), 0407325134 small desk light 20 watt $5, contact WEDDING DRESS HOOP; Three Tier 0437202468 for details wedding hoop from Tuscany Bridal in as WEIGHT bench and weights. 2 new condition. Cotton with double layer bar bells, 4 dumb bells, of tulle. Comes from a Smoke free, heaps very clean weights, & bench. home. SELL weight $100, callstand 0407158665 A little rust but otherwise good WEIGHT bench You 1 with preacher condition. Pickup.curl and $4001 with leg extension. $300 call 0438989879 negotiable. Call 0402198547 after WESTERN Heavy Duty Work Saddle 6pm or send/leave a message. $800.00. Sunbeam Elc Horse Clippers WHIRPOOL 7.5 kg toploader $100.00. washing machine, in good working WESTINGHOUSE 380 litre upright condition, DeepFreeze $150 ono, am/fm Frostfree $499 radio ONO. portable, $5,390jackeroo WestingHouse litre 2Door, workshop fridge 290 manual to suit 1985 onwards, 25 litre freezer 108 litre $400.00 ONO Contact ono, contact 0437202468 91442968 WHITE unit.Ph:Approx 2m WHIP Snipshelving - Petrol - $150 0418842761 highFit x& 1m wide adjustable WII WII Fit pluswith game6 Barely Used, shelves. Very$90 good condition. Cost Great Condition 0427995232 $250 from Harvey Norman, $100 or WII White Console & 6 games & best offer. Barely Tel: 0429498201 after accessoriesUsed 2 x hand 6pm (Nickol controllers, 2 xWest) hand controller covers, 2 xWINDSURFER, hand motion, 1 good x nunchucks, Wii $430 sport condition kit. Super Mario bros, Wii sport, ph GAMES0407447126 Wii sport resort, All star cheer leader, WOODEN Big family venetian games, Wiiblinds play. (NEW) $500ono6 ea - 900mm wide x 137mm drop $30 0427995232 ea or $150 the lot. PH 0417015240 WOODEN table sits 8 $200 2x sml ~~FOUND$2 each lge bookcase $20 bookcases change table with bath $50 tallboy & side drawers never been used $450 2x LADIEScouches MOUNTAIN 2seater $200 girlsBIKE clothesfound sizes Sunday 29/08/10. youcallthink 0&1 $2 each or make anIf offer naomiit 0400181596 belongs to you, contact 0438130727. YAMAHA guiterRed. brandphnew never used, POSTIE BIKE 0432666807 f350 6 srings plus a e410 auto chromatic ~~FREE tuner ph tony on 0412180381 asking 250.00 ~~FOUND EMPTY DRUMS 205L, call Clint

SATURDAY 15 -Brooks SATURDAY1311November Sept, 8.00 12.00Way pm Nickol 8amTown - 11amSome Combined sale - lots of Leaving furniture items household items,houes toys, clothes, and assorted hold books items. 722 Dolphin Way Bulgarra.7am onwards, 8 SATURDAY 13 November, Heron Loop, Nickol West. house SATURDAY 11th Sept Moving 7am, 151A sale. Awesome clothes for babies, kids & Hannan Cres Dampier, Q/S Bed, C/ adults, beds, couches x2, baby changetable, Desk,B/Trailer, plusjumper heaps& stand, more soothing swing, jolly bargains items and much more. household SEPTEMBER 18th/19th Garage SUNDAY 14th November 8am onwards. 5Sale, Barnett15way.Frinderstein Moving houseWay sale. Pegs Home Gym-professional quad Creek. Leavingtreadmill-150cc town, combined bike-clothing-kitchen and general household 2 houses. Tools, shelving, BBQ, items.Call 0419965456 for pre sale household items. Start 0700am ~~IN MEMORIUM SUNDAY 8am onwards, 5th sept

KTM 50cc “”06”” end helmet rebuild 80ccSX 2 stroke quadbottom bike with new clutch looked after.$2600 Ono $1450 onowell ph 91431829 ph:0458444041 ANSWER moto x boots size 8 great MOTO X Helmet condition only (blue warn and for black), a few Boots rides Size and Gloves. All Near New.after $200.3 $10012neg call 0437362004 Simon 0413718552 oclock MOTOR Bike - Pocket rocket GP replica ENCLOSED 3 bike2 person trailertent 4 never sale. 50cc $200. Coleman Single Located in Wickham used $60 Axle. Ph: 0437050178 $5200 - ph 0400108181 PIGGIO Zip 2006, 50 scooter in black HELMET MDS 12 fullmonths face black/silver duco, automatic, registration, small new in box $50 0408510317 ONLY 553km, hardly used, excellent condition. Helmet included $1,900 HONDA CBR1000R, 2007 MODEL, 0407969100 10,000 KMS, great cond, serviced QUAD - Kawasaki Workhorse regularly, helmet2010. inc. 360 $11,500 ono 4x4 Auto. Used only for recreational with 0439798277 low hours. Racks to front and back. In HONDA condition. CRF450R$9000 2009,ono. newCalltyres, excellent Ben chain, mint condition, fuel -new 0417963743 injected, withversion. manual,Tyres onlyQUAD for comes sale, sports donethread, 6hrs. new Goesbattery. hard. Small $8000. Call 80% electrical Mike 0411 392Call 714.0448894662 problem. $3,000. SUZUKI 2009 DR-Z250 (Build 8/09) current engine spec and graphic. Brand new, immaculate cond. Lady owner. 350kms. Alloy B&B bash guard, ego bark busters. All De-restrictions done. Save on freight and time. Buy new right now at a reduced price. Bike cover inc. $6,500 KTA Ph: 0400144847 SUZUKI Drz 400, 2006, sticker kit, acerbis headlight, x ring chain, bark busters, raised bars, radiatorGV guards, new battery, HYOSUNG 250. First just serviced. 3000 k’s. Been in storage for registered 2009. As new last 18 months $5100 042874462 condition, 4800kms. TRIUMPH Daytonaonly 2008, heaps of extras, Mfrs spent, warranty ‘tillreason 2011,forruns $$$$$ genuine sale, $15000, 0407773761 perfectly, genuine reason WIDEGLIDE vance-hines for sale. 1994,T $4,900bars, Phone 0400 short shots, new tyres, 17500.00 ono ph 218769 0412851326 VESPA Granturisimo 200L2004 2005 200cc in KAWASAKI ZZR250 Model, black, only 15,400km, months rego, red, 18,500 kms, full 12 service history, will do condition, hwy speeds one $4,300 0407969100 good owner, includes cover and1100 discV-Star lock.lots $4500. Call$7250 Tom YAMAHA of extras 0430438299 or 93485789 Karratha ono Ph Steve 0428840732 YZ250 Pro Circuit well. KTM 2004450EXC 09 Kit, runs Excellent $4000. 0459817404 condition,1 Owner, Hardly used licenced Raptor and ready for the Edition road, YAMAHA 2008 Limited comes Fuel with Injected many extras 700cc 30Hrs including includes helmet, fly boots sz10This $8,500ono helmetramps and &riding gear, is the Ph 0429 132package. 082 Ultimate $10,000 Call 0419556089 ~~PETS

ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS DOG HYDROBATH available in Meetings held every Wed and Sun at South Hedland 7 days a week. Phone 7.30pm,venue:Salvation Army Sarah on 0433655636 for appt!Family Church cnr Bond St and Balmoral Rd(opp, LOOKING Cattrall Park) for Female American Staffy, to breed with our Male AVON - Love more money for Xmas? American anStaffy, Joe after Become Avon Call Representative 5:30pm Training on 0407271076 TODAY! provided. Its FREE to join. Julie on 0411715570 PURECall Bred Staffordshire Bull Terrier pups sitting looking/ child for new homes. Full BABY minding AV. Stay registration Vettidychecked, at home mumpapers, with clean home. Police good Vacc, clearance, Wormed WWCC and and L2-HGA references. day and cleared byAvailable parentage. For nights. those Call Karlee (08)91854858. seriously interested please email BURRUP Mountain Bike Club Annual General LORIKEET. Meeting When: Free 13th RAINBOW November from 4pm; Where: 18 Mirfin to good homeMembers only. 3yrs old Way, Pegs Creek Free, $20 Hand $10 reared, and- loves adults, kids; friendly RSVP to Dale email attention. Great childs pet. or phone working long hours . Regretfull 0400854268 give away. bathroom Comes with cage and COMPLETE renovations by food. skilled Can email picks. Please quality professional tradesman. TXT Carmen 0438943090 Phone Rob Pierce 0457256388

BALI SALE AU $350.000 or FORHouse SALEfor- HOME IN BELMONT LEASE. Amazing views of jimbaruan and kuta beaches, the airport and volcanos. 3 story, fully furnished, 3 bedrooms, game room, swimming pool 2nd floor. garage, 2 decks, tiki hut - for more info call or text +62-81916-200100 or visit www. BULLSCREEK $999,000 - $1,100,000, Lot226/33 Alawoona Circle. Private B/CB home on fenced 6 acres. Stunning valley views all yr dam. 3m Bullnosed verandas, 4 Dble beds, 2 Bath, gourmet t/oak • 3solarhw, Bedrooms kitchen, study, quality features t/ Bathroom out. Sep G/fl•at1with pwd w/shop Michelle 95713327 or 0428652867 • Double lock up garage & BUY MY Unit -Seniors village $80,000 large driveway wiwio close to everything -meals -car • 801exitSqm block accom -no fee-secure-lots of fun things to do - make friends -no This house offers 3 bedrooms maintenance-privacy-good don’t all with built inif you robes, want to go into a nursing home. -walk to contemporary kitchen, RSL hot spring baths -park -caretaker - ph bathroom and double 0730386266 lock HOME up garage, plus onlarge FAMILY 4x1 in Dampier 1321 sq.driveway metre block.Covered space for entertainment up to 6 areas backVery and front. Basictorefurbishment cars. close schools, completed. Room for cars,boat, caravan shops, meters from public off road. Harbour glimpses. Contact owner 0438902740 0891830175. transport orand 8km to the city. I Furthermore, have 3 properties itfor is sale situated in Nsw. 1 inon Tintenbar NSW, 801sqm and 2 in Lawerence a large block, NSW these 2 have water frontage onto front andproperties back thesurrounded Clarence river.byView these with development atgardens my-property-4u.commy contact detail have been placed in this website for you. potential. THESE HAVE BEEN REDUCED DUE TO A Further details please call FAMILY MEMBERS ILL HEALTH. 0431978205 PRIVATE Sale:- 4x1 family home in Dampier on 1321 sq. metre block.Covered BRISBANE bayside at Manly entertainment areas back and 17km front. CBD. refurbishment Great lifestylecompleted. after mining. Basic Room 461sqm fl at cnr block on top of hill for cars, boat, caravan off road. Harbour with Marina & owner water0438902740 views, can’t glimpses. Contact or be built out. Excellent location with 0891830175. easy access to airport, to beach, SECRET Harbour - 4x2 onwalk 592m2 block. & pub. 4buses, yr old train, home shops, overlooking park.With R/C DA air, ready to build. Ph porcelain floor Best tiles, value 12x4m$ 585K alfresco, 0403394805 Fremantle Stone paving, 6x3m shed, cnr block, potential 3x1 for dual access & room for2 BULGARRA home,$640000, abdrms pool. $430k. Ph 0405160130 for further with BIRs,as new kitchen and details and photos. paint throughout, carport, patio, STORAGE 166m2 available for sub lease shed, currently leased $1000 pw in Crane month lease (Option until midCircle.12 Nov. 0414249890 available to extend period) Phone I91444375 have 3for details properties for sale in Nsw. 1 Beach in Tintenbar and 2 SUNSET - 103 VoluteNSW, St (556sqm). in Lawerence NSWbackthese have Cnr block one street from 2pristine water and frontage the parklands. Clarence beach oppositeonto sweeping these properties my5river. minsView to Geraldton. Excellent atvalue!!! property-4u.commy contact Phone detail Will sell at this price. $205,000. have been in this website for Matthew - Ph:placed 0404094074 you. THESE BEENforREDUCED URGENT SALEHAVE Looking a getaway DUE TOLand A FAMILY MEMBERS ILL Elevated 35Acres@ Boyup Brook HEALTH. 2 dams, flowing creek in winter,ideal for hobby farm, breeding horses, sheep or INVESTMENT PROPERTY GOLD erect your dream home.Large 10minsdouble from COAST $525,000 town. Your own private paradise and slice story house: 4 xprice large$275.000. b/rooms,ono2 of heaven asking x bathrooms (spa 985888 in main), powder Contact Hayley 0417 room, open plan living, s/steel WANT to investstudy, in the booming appliances, theatre,Melbourne parents property market? Want to generate highest retreat, double garage, system, return with your hard earnalarm money? I have AC Excellent tenantsinReturning plenty of properties Melbourne$510 for pw Ring Josh 0407471797 investors. Call me at 0430512503 or email INVESTMENT PROPERTY

AUDI 2.0lt TURBO A4 large Sedanstudy 2005 or (2006 MODERN 3 x 1 with 4th $29,000block Peter registered) brm for rent.60,000km On large corner in 0418863589 great location, huge 8m x 8.5m shed with mezanine oor, .below BMW 2004. X5 fl4.4I Toledoground blue, Sunroof, One Owner,entertaining Full BMW Service pool, undercover area, History, Excellent with condition. Lots of tropical gardens ample parking extras. For caravans questions etc. email Available me at : for boat, now. $1850 p/w. Contact Jason on CUSTOM SS FIFTY, Lambo Doors, 0427442566 super low, pacemaker extracors, l.e.d NEARLY 1 acre cleared, leveled, tail lights, alpine speakers, eclipse head dirt pad, mixed91444220 use land, with town unit, A/C, auto. power and water, a walk to Exmouth DECEMBER Clubsport Gulf beach for2008 less than $100sqm.E series R8, 1 OWNER since new. 15 $380,000 make an offer call MONTHS OF NEW CAR WARRANTY 91895336 0417423875 remain. Fullor leather interior, Red in colour, 6 speed manual, never missed NO Banks Needed. Own Your own aHomeservice,42,000km, Immaculate - 4 Sale by Owner 3x1 in condition $49,500, ph 0488344435 Myaree area (10Km from Perth CBD). DUAL cab Call ‘91 Tish Rodeo 4WD dual $857 p.w. 92648239 fuel Aluminum tray Racks needs STORAGE FOR249219 SALE OR work $4,400UNITS Bill 0427 LEASE IN WANGARA. 31-61sqm. FALCON Stationwith Wagon, ‘03, unlic, 24/7 access fullyBAmonitored also 97 Falcon Wgn boat unlic.carBAorneeds security. Store your other diff. $3000 for both. Ph: 91821126 or toys. CCTV you can view online. 0417094558 Great investment. FALCON XR8 Rob ute, on supercharged. 2004 forsale. Call 0413270058 ba man, vortech v2 supercharger, bov, WANT fpv to f/glass investbumper, in thecarbon booming custom fibre Melbourne property market? Want bonnet, c/f rear spoiler, c/f roof spoiler. Upgraded gt brakes, paint,with gd tyres, to generate highestgdreturn your 6mths rego, money? very fast,I no in hard earn havepilots! plenty perth-$32000 of propertiesono.in0423352196 Melbourne for investors. CallXR6 me2007, at 0430512503 or FORD Falcon 4.0L, 4 speed auto, sedan, 18inch ennix turbine emailblack rims, pirelli tyres, window tint, excellent condition inside and out, 70000kms, $20000 ono Please call 0409376398 to view. FORD 2004 BA XL Space Cab, Manual, includes 2 gullwing toolboxes on tray, 4 brand new tyres, 145,000kms, very nice INVESTMENT ute, $9,000 ONO, please call PROPERTY 0400553126 or 0400884412 GOLD COAST $525,000 FORD LargeFALCON double 2000 story AU11 house:WAGON 4 x power auto,tow cd player largesteering b/rooms, 2 x bar, bathrooms amp subwoofer 183000 kilms central (spa in main), room, locking reg till powder November 8thopen 2010 plan ono living, s/steel appliances, $3000. ph 0432562052 study, theatre, parents retreat, FORD Falcon 99, new parts, wicked double garage, alarmWsystem, sound system - 2x1200 sub. 7kAC with Excellent tenants Returning $510 music, 5k without. 0449982675 pw Ring 0407471797 FORD LaserJosh 94 hatchback, little rough around the edges after 2 fender benders by the wife so has 2 replaced rear doors-wrong colour. 5sp man, A/C, very fuel efficeint, good REPAIRS tyres, 4 months FISHING ROD reg, perfect car for work daily drive. new ono guides and tips fitted. $1500 ph 0413648102 Have your rods rebuilt like GME !uhf 40 channel radio inc mic & new. Also91854656 fishing rods for arial $140.00 sale at reasonable prices, HIACE POP TOP CAMPERVAN 84, all with 215K new kms fittings please petrol/gas mechanically Ph 9185 5257 sound, recent major service. New tyres, dual batt, microwave, stove, 3way ~~VEHICLES fridge, sink, CD player, bed, $5000. Ph 0447016871 or 0417840067 HILUX 06 4.2twincab turbo long patrolrange ute tanks mint exellent inside/needs condition condition bull bar winch snorkel work vn com make an offerono ph only also 62000km $39000 0457175288 phone 0459150949 HILUX twincab unregistered long range 1HZ landcruiser motor complete, tanks many extra’s unregistered as is taken out of car running, 330 $500 also have a vn com for wrecking 000gas kms old, suitmake re-build, has conversion an offer lots call of extras. $1800.00 ono. Ph 0457175288 91830448 HOLDEN Astra, Cdx Ah My08, 2008, 2003Black, VY series 2 Commodore Fwd, 3D Coupe, 147Kw, 5 Sp Man, Leather Int, soft Full Ute 20,000Kms, 120000kmsFullauto 6cyl Elec, Control, Control cover.Cruise Tow bar. VeryClimate clean straight Engine Immobiliser, 6 Cd Stacker car $11500 ono 0417089439 With 7 Speakers, Air Bags, Sports 2004 GXL 100 Series Suspension, Immacuclate Condition Landcruiser $25,000Ono, 125000 kmsContact 4.7 Throughout, V8 5On Speed Manual, honest Sarah 0447843744 and realiable car selling Lumina due to HOLDEN Commodore down Imac sizingcond, vehicle with 2007. onlycomes 60,000km. manylowered extras including two DVD Incl suspension, rear players.CalaisV $31,500.00 spoiler alloys,call darkRachel tinted windows, 0429838808bluetooth, TomTom GPS. *Number plates not incl* $21,000 ono. Dave 0447777467 HOLDEN Commodore Wagon 2005 V6 AutoHolden white, VZ Allows km) 2004 Ute,(95000 6 speed $15,000.00 WillJuly deliver. 0417997573 manual, Reg 2011, very neat vehicle, moulded protector, HOLDEN HX GTS tray gaurds, twin headlight bonnet windows, car cover front, included. 124,000klm. jelly beensale. mags Leaving x4 twelve town. slotters Ph x2 Urgent gq patrol sunrasher rims x4, all fair 0437649761 to good con, 0422485838 all offers welcome




FREEon Depuch. 2 goodIf it’s home, IPOD yours, youEnglish will be able to tell mepuppies the songs on bulldog forit. 91831806 adoption. They are vet checked and also ~~FREE

friendly. If interested freecontact me on BABY girl assorted clothes size 0-000, all RECTANGLE good condition,trampoline some with frame. tags stillCall on 91441719 and Baby carrier brand new, never been used. Pick-up from Wickham to take the SLATE large pool table. Needs some lot. or with message on PH:Must 0438 tlc.Phone Comes cuesBianka and balls. 401 746and pick up 0400013784 come

BOX of Tony Ferguson Chocolate Soy shakes. Ph 0419590622. FREE to a good home. Rabbit with wooden cage. Moving back eastSale and can’t with 4 Sept Garage 13 take Treetop us. GreatWestwith kids. PH: 0438152771 Nickol quality camping goods, filing ancab, motorbike stuff, Getlong HAVE iPhone or iPod Touch? all skateboard, 200,000 Apps forbodyboard, Free! Only $25wetsuits, Contact tools, early enquires to Jamie 0423 979 971 Pool large below ground SWIMMING fiGARAGE berglass 10 5metres salemeters Sun x5th Sept.approx. 8amFree. Ph 0407990896 12pmYou@remove. 9 Stewart Court, Millars SWIMMING Pool. Below ground Fibreglass Well. Leaving town. Fishing gear, pool 10 x 5 meters general and pool fencing. Free. electronics, household You remove. Phone 0407990896 goods, plants, BBQ. No early birds.

garage sales

GARAGE Sale. Household goods & garage sale furniture, books, games. Everything must go.Sale, Leaving town. Bargains GARAGE 10 Armstrong Drive, to be had. Saturday September. Baynton, 8am-12 no early 4birds. Loads of 6 Gregory Way am stuff to get rid of, houseBulgara. hold items,8 baby stuff, clothes, handbags etc. 0417241159 0437053724 LEAVING Town! - BIG SALE! - All house hold items - Nov 30 - Sat 7:00 - Plenty of Bargains Ph: 0418842761

memorium at 9ain Crockett way. Leaving town,

everything has to Furniture, Jenny Leo. “Sorry for go!!!!! your loss, deepest tvs, jewellery, sympathy to Terry, yard Brodie,blower, Darcy andwashing families, machine etc. No early birds. from past & present members of the Apex Club of Karratha” ~~LOST ~~LOST

lost lost

1yo desexed black female cat by BIMINY BOAT ofSHADE on Dampier on the name Poppy, with aHwypink 14/10 return. Ph collarat 8am. and REWARD safe tagoffered wentfor missing 0412998767 91441971on Hill Road, from the or units DARK Tortoiseshell lost from Truslove Dampier on thecat30-8-10. Please Way, s Creek, Sundayknow morning call Peg’ SAFE if you of 17th her Oct. Safe ID tag on collar. If seen /found whereabouts. - please call Safe 91854634. Named DOUBLE swag fellnotoutanswer near toAirport Honeycomb but may name. turn off, on Sat 28/8 to5pm.If it was Could attempt to return LIA Caravan found pls call 0437155466 Park. LOST JAGwired wallet around Shellwhite petrol LOST1 black - Gold back and station Monday at1/11/2010 reward $$ if pearl on bracelet Karratha Tavern, found and returned. please call 0439966480 Fri 13th Aug. Not valuable but very or hand it into the police. sentimental. $100 reward. Please LOST White. Tabby tail with a couple contact 0488513684 tabby patches. Dexsd Male. VERY scared LOST EURO JOEY! black No, this and timid. Was wearing collar isn’t blue a tag. joke,13/06 I care forfrom joey’s for way the ID Missing Hankcock Wildlifemaybe Association and 23one (Bulgara) walking to old house or 1 escaped.wayHe(Nickol) weighs around 10 Monaghan Any info or sightings kilos and in color, very Call RENAEis reddish 0423380227REWARD friendly.4Got OFFERED returnout in Nickol West off of Balmoral. If you LOST Sat 19th June pink &see blacka I young Phone. joey inis your around your Cover lockedyard to or owner.... REWARD house please call 0429854664. OFFERED.... Call 91855576 or 91441078


POMERANIAN cross, Tatton Street Port Hedland, one white leg, 3 months old, reward offered. Please call 0417933971. ~~MOTORCYCLES



LostNitrous in Dampier - aOilmale ATOMIK 140cc Pit Bike, Cooled, 4 Speed Manual, cat, Heaps blue/grey of Power, Great Burmese condition. $900 Call 0400005540 in colour and is desexed BOMBARDIER RACE QUAD & microDS650X chipped. He isProtaper bars with pillow top grips, tough durable very spoilt and missed. Shocks all round, heavy duty nerf bars fitted, fitted sideReward spot lights, strong polished alum offered. nudge bar, heavy duty rear grab bar, original 283 ownersCall manual,0419 huge heavy duty848 drive chain in excond 0400233134 IN BROOME CUSTOM sporster 2006, black 20,000 km screm’in eagle kit vance-hines long shots, rego til feb 11. 15,500.00 ono ph 0412851326 LOST ring in the vicinity of CRF450R well maintained excellent Hearson07 mod, Cove or Karratha condition, tag bars, excel rim, sticker kit, just shopping centre Monday 2 Aug. serviced,rebuild kit and manual included, Antique, three disappoint, diamonds,$6000ono white great bike wont gold setting. Highly sentimental, 0422485838 generous reward offered. Call DYNA Super Glide 2006, $8,100.00 Beautiful Leanne on purchased 0419041467. condition, new,continually garaged, lots ofand custom extras. pictures LOST rod reel. lastForused in email me side at: the right of Hearson’s cove/ 0390159861 15/8/10. Big reel with blue line and with metreCarrier diverClass (orange and HITCG Mate1 Bike 4 Towbar black) with If found receiver/ 60kg foldable carry, solidrod. stainless steel fiplease tting, structural grade dura gal steel, security contact 0412450868. strength aluminium bed, fully powder coated Sat 0407969100 19th June pink & fiLOST nish. $1,500. black I Phone. Cover is locked to HONDA CRF 450X 2008, 2500kms, Licensed, owner.... REWARD OFFERED.... Excellent condition. or $7,200. 0439327713 call 91855576 91441078 HONDA CRF250R 2008 Limited edition, NOKIA mobile on Friday 13th Excellent cond, wellphone maintained, raced once. eithersellin$7000 Evolution or oncallroad. Phone Must ono Please 0408848590 is not worth much but photos on KTM 300exc 3500km, fmf pipe, call new phone are 2008, sentimental. Please rim, new tyres, 14l tank, did chain, bark 0410789278 if you busters, graphics kit, have heapsit. of spares. Excellent condition. Ready to ride or race. ~~MOTORCYCLES $8200 ono. 0422500485 KTM 85SX 09 BIG WHEEL URGENT 2008 Yamaha Raptor Limited SALE! Bark Busters, Hour Meter Edition & CD/ 700cc Injected 30HrsIt’sincludes DVD KTMFuel Workshop Manual. in Brand helmet, ramps & fl y boots sz10 New condition, only done 3 hrs of learning Ph 0429132082 to$8,500ono ride by female. $5300 ono Please call 0421408848 or 0421404783 Located in Hedland.


MOTORCYCLEpets RAMP Single Heavy Duty Rated to 450KG. Collapsable Ideal for large bikes made of light weight aluminium folds down to 1400mm NEW COND never used $350. QUAD Yamaha Grizzly 700 4x4 2009 Automatic transmission near new condition $10,500.00 Karratha 0419359220 or 91821187 All animals cared for. YAMAHA 2007 R1 exc cond 6200 km, Daily visits to your REDUCED $12000, ph home. 0419922413, can deliverKarratha to Hedlandonly Ph Libby 0404842902 YAMAHA WR450F - 2007. Immaculate BIRDS for sale:Canaries (reds,yelows) cond. 1100kms, White bros. pipe, Re2jetted pairs,$50 pair.Heck and atuned carby.finches FLU $100 Designa pair,Gorden $50 Pair, hen full graphicBlues kit. $6900 ono. 1spare Call Travis $25,1 pair yellow back gouldians finches 0400870209 for more info. $100,4 young yellow back gouldians$50,2 ~~PETS pairs of black head gouldians $50 pair,1

Soggidog Pet Minding


male yellow head white breast $50:Contact Mark. 91871114 afhrs CHARMAINE’S DOG GROOMING All types of dogs 10 yrs experience mobile service Karratha only 0400743948 CUTE Baby Rabbits for sale $30 each, Call Jo for viewing 0437283287 All animals cared for. FREE to a good home. Rabbit with wooden Daily visits to your home. cage. Moving back east and can’t take with Karratha only us. Great with kids. PH: 0438152771 NATURAL Log Nest0404842902 for small parrots $20 Ph Libby Each ono. Contact 91442968 ADORABLE AKC - Male & Female PET Carrier / Crate International airline English Bulldogs puppies available approved. Ideal for cat or small dog / or adoption Puppies are Akc puppy. $50 o.n.othis Call 0408562587 Registered, With Champion Bloodlines PUREBREADBlack Labrador with Pedigree And Will Come With A Pedigree, Papers 15 months old Born 12/06/09 Microchip, Vet Record+Micro Check With chipped Health Full Vaccination Certifihome cate, And Shots good only All $700 onoAnd CallWormer. Patrick The puppies available for adoption for 0408033263 more info Puppies contact $200! rev.jonathan10@ ROTTWEILER Available for sale on 19 Nov. Ph 91856745 ~~PUBLIC NOTICE


Pet Minding

it’s easy to book your free ad online....


1: Visit 2: Go to the ‘Free Classifieds’ link 3: Fill in the form online for FREE advertising!

WE have a purebread male staffy ACCURATE PSYCHICS which we would like 99% to breed 1902 212 206 $2.95 min mob with another purebread staffy. Please phone 0448541160 ex C/C 03 5614 5387 $2.95 minif interested. FAMILY day care, caring for ~~PUBLIC under 5’s NOTICE including - All Day

public notice Care, Kindy Drop / Pick up, and Before and After99% School ACCURATE PSYCHICS Care, Vacation Care.min Fullmob Child 1902 212 206 $2.95 ex care and min Child C/C 03insurance 5614 5387 $2.95 Safe house, for your Childs ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS protection,held Senior FirstWed Aid cert, Meetings every and Working with card, Sun at 7.30 pm,Children’s venue: Salvation and Child Army Familyprotection Church cnrtraining. Bond St and Rd (opp,rebates Cattrall AfterBalmoral government Park) maximum hourly rate is $7.50, you will pay less again DEAR Mark Peens happy birthday, your a big boy now. if you have childcare benefi ts. Love Jiggy of 7 children at Maximum DECKARTS Studio - jazz, tap, any time, great small groups. ballet, music theatre, sing Only a few places left! Call enrolments anytime 0415999022 0417250378.

NICKOL BayDating Hockey Association FREE Mens Advice and or Junior Hockey Coaching I’m The new Fly-in players Fly-out welcome every Monday night Bachelor! I’m a NLP Practitioner, Dating Coach Oval, and Social Pegs Creek 6.00 –Dynamic’s 7.00pm Educator. hereCarter to help you, “The Contact: I’m Kelly – 0429 140 Bachelor”” results with 138 via gain emailgreater on kca51472@ women and a more enjoyable FIFO to register life! http://theflyinflyoutbachelor. PILBAR Rev Heads is now on “ Facebook. Community (FB). Do you want a KARRATHA Association Weekend Cruise or Car show A.G.M. & 1st Birthday Celebration in your -home town? about 7.00pm Tuesday 9thHow November Drags andHouse a placeAllto do burnouts Lotteries present and legally andmembers safely? are Come join us prospective welcome to attend on FB and post your Cars, Boats & Bikes ofWriters’ all types. Tell usmonthly about PILBARA Group It.(type on Pilbara Revheads in FB meeting Thursday 4 November, search). 7-9pm at Karratha Arts and Learning Centre. All writers are welcome to attend. Contact Sharon on 0458009759. Reiki healings & attunements Karratha UNDERCOVER wear resident is now in Karratha Andrea if youCall would likeona 0457 party354 or 229 to order please contact 0417997181 SWIMMING fibreglass WEIGHT Watcherspool Meetings being resurfacing Port 630pm Hedland held Tuesday team nightsinfrom at area shortly. callDrive, Ray Baptist Church, Interested 77 Gawthorne Ph91732283 Karratha.

Psychic Readings

~~REAL HealthyESTATE Minds

for real estate Healthy Mums and Bubs. We GREEN are currently new 27 ACRES seeking with platypus mums and bubs to join near in our creek,on the cool tablelands Port Douglas. Privatemorning and natural,Coffee handy Wednesday toGroup. everything. views over WithExceptional guest speakers rainforest rangesour andaim farmlands from most weeks, at staying octagonal house. Underground mains mentally healthy is to stay power, private timber plantation. socially &active. Weat provide an Pictures more info opportunity Ref No 40583 to MBconnect with other and bubs in HOME-OWN a relaxed Amums NO BANKS NEEDED environment. Wednesday YOUR OWN HOME - 4 Sale by10am Owner. – 11:30am Karratha Arts CBD), and Myaree area (10km from Perth 3x1 Double Centre brick home p.w. Call Learning – $857 Richardson 24Hr msg with all the Way Pre-Recorded Free Crèche facilities details 92648239 available Enquiries please phone SharnaKeep Timmer 0417free 183 813 them We hopeLodge to see you there online


MELBOURNE. 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom,resumes residential warehouse within walking distance of City and MCG. Owner willing to sign a 3 year Resource Resumes lease back at $75,000 per annum (approx 4.3% return). $1.75mill. Ph Professional resume writing service the owner on 0413 176284 or email All jobs, trades and professions for more information.

iza 0420 925 880

L Keep them free Lodge online KIT HOME Large 2 storey, 20 x 12 rod repairs m Decks, to Lockup Stage. Full Cyclone Eng REPAIRS plans for NW. FISHINGratedROD Serious buyers ONLY Tks reduced tonew Sell guides $110,000and Very tips Cheapfitted. Large HaveWhole your frame rodsconst. rebuilt like Home 2 already new.Baynton Also fiDrv. shingKarratha rods for built Pics sale Call at Mark reasonable prices, avail. 0417991169, email Freight all with new fittings please Inc. Ph 9185 5257

rod repairs


ADS MUST BE BOOKED ONLINE Terms & Conditions • Free advertising is available to people residing in the Shire of Roebourne, Ashburton and Town of Port Hedland only. • Free advertising must not be used for commercial purposes, including home based, party plan and tradespeople. • Ads are automatically removed after the specified number of weeks. • To remove your ad sooner than requested, please EMAIL your ad AND phone number to • Hoax and prank ads will not be tolerated. IP addresses are recorded for security purposes. • Deadline for advertising is noon Thursday prior to publication. Late ads will be accepted at the discretion of the publisher. • Ads lodged via telephone will be charged at the normal rate of $2.50 per line. • Whilst all care is taken, we have no responsibility or liability for ads placed by readers online.


FREE WEEKLY 6 - 7 November 2010










HOLDEN Rodeo crew cab ute 2002 red, 4x4 manual 3L turbo diesel. needs work, 2 damaged pistons. can be a working project or used for parts. $2000 contact neil 0407196549 HOLDEN Rodeo Turbo Diesel Dual Cab 1999, Dual Batteries, Canvas Canopy, Lift Kit, Long Range Fuel tank, 50lt water tank, many extras. $9000 Ph: 0423683808 HOLDEN VE SS-V $33,500 ONO. 66,000 km on the clock, 5 months rego. All the usual SS-V inclusions plus sun roof, lowered, sports exhaust, tint, after market immobiliser. Call Karyn 0414865043 HOLDEN VE SSV UTE 2008: full custom stainless steel exhaust, pacemaker headers, KnN cold air intake, DYNO tuned 345rwhp, lowered, chev badge, red and black leather, hard cover, car bra, 6 speed manual. (goes hard and sounds great, will not disappoint) phone 0400761413 HOLDEN VQ Statesman, 355 stroker engine, worked transmission. Ground up rebuild on whole car. $16000.PH: 0438330825. HONDA CRV 2008, silver, 18,000kms, 6 spd manual, excellent condition, one owner, full service history, floor mats, leather boot liner. $28,000 ONO - call Jess on 0439910207. HSV GTS 2007 E Series. V8 6 sp manual. Nickel. 20”” alloys. 6mths reg. 45 000kms. Immac cond. $50 000 PH 0403909187 HYUNDAI 2008 i30 SLX Black metallic, 3yrs wty,25k kms, ipod dock,c/c,tint,$16k ono 0408090525, 92195766. HYUNDAI Excel 1996. 4 door automatic, air con, good mechanically, Registered till Jan 2011. $3,900 ONO. Good reliable car. PH 0428158121/0418158121. HYUNDAI Getz. Late 2002. Only done 38,000kms. Red paint. VGC, CD-player. Service history. Manual. Slight Rear right quarter panel damage (very fixable). Car drives good. Very economical on fuel. Free car cover. $4500 ONO. Will consider swap for mid-cc sports bike. Call after 5pm. Ph: 0401305597. KAWASAKI 2010, 360 Workhorse Quad. Used only as recreational with low kms. Racks to front and back. Phone Ben 0417963743 LANDCRUISER 98 GXL 100 Series,Auto,4.5 Petrol,273Ks,White,Dual Batteries,Tint,CD/MP3,Good Cond.$12,000 ono Ph 0447875890 LANDCRUISER Prado 2009 KDJ120R White. 29,000km, ARB bullbar and Toyota towball. 6sp manual, 3.0L turbo diesel. $52,000 ono. Please call 91854532. MAKE ME AN OFFER, Holden sedan 87 VL, good tyres, rego til 2/11, motor and interior good, but needs new trans, paint faded will be good for parts or fix up! Extras thrown in $700 ono Call after 2pm 0457160843 MAZDA3 06 Maxx Sport, Sedan, 2.0L Auto, Dark Grey, Low 64000km, 6mths Rego, Alloy’s, Full Electrics, Svc History, Lady Owner,New front tyres. $17,000 ONO Ph 0421477586

MERCEDES 1987 230E, auto, 4 cyl, a/ cond, p/steering, CD and radio casette player, sunroof, new battery and registration till 23 May 2011. Cheap transport and good run about car. Ph 91862957 or 0417926037 after 5pm. $2500. MERCEDES 2005, 270Ml Exec Turbo Diesel. Immaculate !!! 120,000 Km 4X4, Auto Roof Rack Leather interior genuine Mercedes wool seat covers, elect s/ roof, chrome nudge bar, s/steps, tinted windows, cruise control, Blue tooth tow bar 2750KG new tyres CB Radio Reluctant Sale $36,990 ono Ph: 0400717617 MITSIBISHI Mirage CE 3 door hatchback, 2002, red, only 92k km, manual, great air con, very economical on petrol, excellent working order, $6500 ono, contact Nick 0432913606 MITSUBISHI 2005 Lancer ES reg till Feb, mags, spoiler, tinted windows immaculate condition. Defense package, one owner since new 51000kms $14,000 ono phone 91870758 after 5pm MITSUBISHI lancer 1994 glxi Reco engine auto Ac power steer 6 months rego great condition $5000 Matt 0459381122 NISSAN 300ZX, Twin Turbo, Targra top, Full veilside body kit, 18” Chrome mags, low profile tyres, Electric seat and windows, Red in Colour, Automatic Drive. $10,500 phone 0409613292 NISSAN Navara 2004 4WD Dual Cab Ute. 3 Ltr turbo diesel with 119000kms. Steel bull bar, spot lights, full electrics. Excellent condition. Must see $24000 ono. Call Brett - 0417032699 (Karratha) NISSAN Navara STX 2009 Turbo Diesel Auto- Titanium edition. As new cond. Only 18,000km. Incl side steps, bluetooth, roof racks, Nissan snorkel & canopy, dark tinted windows. $45,000 ono. Dave 0447777467 NISSAN PATROL 2000 3L Turbo Diesel 7 Seater. Great condition. Priced for urgent sale. $18,000 ONO. Phone 0439726665. Car in Tom Price but can deliver wherever needed. NISSAN PATROL 3.0L Turbo Diesel 200, Re-con engine, New radiator and new turbo, 7 Seater. 2inch lift kit. New shocks and springs including steering damper. Bullbar. Lightforce Spotlights. Immaculate interior & full tinted windows. Full service kit included. IN TOM PRICE. $20,000 ONO. Ph 0439726665

NISSAN Pulsar 2000, green 5 spd manual sedan, a/c, cd, drivers air bag, 4 new tyres, rego till Aug 2011, very good condition, ideal first car, $6000 ono. Sharon A/H 0402834324. NISSAN Pulsar 2004 Q model full electrics, sun roof, floor mats, white in colour, mag wheels, exellent condition, great first car or a round around car, cheap on fuel. $11000ono. Contact Dave 0408346378 NISSAN PULSAR Q 2002 Charcoal manual sedan, cruise control, tinted windows, leather steering wheel, low km’s 109,000, one lady owner from new, Excellent condition, Great first car $10 000 ono. Call Trish 0421343825 NISSAN Skyline r33 for sale lots of mods and in great condition Regretful sale and must sell soon. Call 0423741914 for more info anytime NISSAN X-Trail ST 2008 silver, auto, full electrics, towbar, paint/fabric protection, accident free, regularly serviced, anti-lock braking system. $26800 ono 0429047852 NISSAN X-Trail ST-R, 2003, 4cyl, 2.5l manual, air-con, tinted windows, diamond black, alloys, factory-roof mounted driving lights, exc cond, $15,900 ono Ph. 0457537204 PAJERO ‘94 Unreg Blown motor, 5 good tyres Many good features Best offer. Bill 0427249219 SELLING a brand new set of alloy running boards/side steps for Toyota Hilux Dualcab (recent model). phone 0459 529 319 “SKYLINE 95 gtst 5speed turbo. 18”” deep dish alloys, Cd, amp, sub. Front Mount, turbo timer $7500 ONO PH: 0410158958” SPOT Lights $10. Cargo Barrier suit 100 series L/cruiser $100. Polyair suit L/ cruiser $50 ph 91444235 STEEL rims and tyres x 4, to suit Landcruiser, 5 stud $350 - ONO. Call Jess 0439 910 207. SUBARU Forester 99Gt, 5 Speed turbo timer, sun roof, CD amp, leather interior min condition. PH: 0410158958 SUBARU Liberty Wagon/Manual/Good Condition $2800. Call 0439997554 SUBARU WRX 2000 163000km. $15000 ONO 2 lt inter cooled turbo, blow off valve, 3 inch exhaust. Call Daniel 0427366286

TOYOTA Hilux 09 SR D/Cab. 3L T/dsl. 24,700kms. Exc Condition. Canopy. Roller drawers. OME suspension (2””lift), ARB winch bar, Lightforce HID lights, Snorkel, L/Range Fuel, Dual Batteries, Alloy Rims, Kenwood GPS/DVD, Alpine d/down DVD, Cruise Cntrol. Replcmnt cost $70k Sell $47,500 0488072 35 TOYOTA Hilux 2000, 2W/D Dual Cab, 3L Diesel,5 Sp man, Pwr Str, Air/Con, CD Player, 4 Spkr Stereo, Towbar, Tray Liner, Low Kms (109,000), Great Cond & Economical. Ph: 0408916483 (Sth Hedland) TOYOTA Prado GXL 2005. 102,000km, diesel, cargo barrier, uhf, spotlights. $35,000 ono Ph 0438949753 TOYOTA landcruiser 1991 hzj75 tray back 320,000km. ali tray, dual tanks, new extractors and exhaust, new alternator. Mechanically good, body in fair condition.$6500 ono ph 0404706400. TOYOTA Rav 4 (2000) 4 door white, well maintained and in excellent condition 150K. $9000 ono. ph. 0429501527 (A/h) TOYOTA Troopie. Diesel 1996. Set up for camping. Fridge, stove, solar pannels, GPS, TV, and more. $15,500.00 ono. Phone 91855101 or 0468951112 TYRES 3x Bf Goodrich All Terrain 85%. 285/75r16 bargain at $350 for the lot. Phone 0416636806 ~~WANTED

EXPERIENCED MUSICIANS WANTED: Bassist, Guitarist and Drummer required to form new contemporary FUNK/ INDIE band with experienced Female Lead Vocalist. SERIOUS MUSICIANS NEED ONLY APPLY! If your keen to be involved, contact De: Email: demark09@bigpond. com or A/H M:0419 670 033. Cheers! De FALCON STN wagon BA/BF complete Diff. 91821126 or 0417094558 HAIR Models Wanted for high fashion cut & color only please contact or phone 0418942123 HOUSE Sitter wanted over Christmas break.. Must be good with animals.. Call 0429791403 IF you are looking to share the costs of a furniture truck to get your stuff up to karratha in February please contact me on 0409376398. I am looking to move my furniture down to Perth around this time and would be happy to split costs in the hire of a truck IF you are selling a Box trailer in road worthy condition and registered please contact me on 0409376398. LAWNMOWER - Please call or text 0416238177 if you want to sell or get rid of one. Thanks LOOKING for a treadmill to buy. Must be in Exc. Condition. Ph: 0404280318 MATURE 16yo avail for babysitting. Trustworthy and reliable, pref in Millars/ Nickol/Bayton. Wkends and some weeknights. Aprox $15/hr, neg. Call Chloe 0439808084 MODEL TRAIN (HO) gear, rolling stock, track, scenery, people and any bits and pieces. PAY CASH. PH 91441343. OUTDOOR setting, good weight bench with weights, 0428521667 PIANO Lessons. Call Christine 0400725986 PLASTICE shell-shaped kiddies pool for our puppy. Second-hand/used ok. If you have one in Karratha please call Rebecca on 0414567330. POOL Fencing - 0403979020

THERMOMIX, 2nd hand - wanted. Ph: Nicole 0423199733 WEIGHT bench with or without weights. also dive gear Full sets or pieces Ph 0427962000 WOOD working lathe Old motor bike preferably unfinished project. Single phase Metal lathe. Ph 91855101 or 0468951112

YOUNG, Fit man looking for employment in Karratha. Available weekends and long hours. Own Transport. White Card and ABN. Completed Construction school in Europe. Please call Oliver 0429334093 NISSAN patrol 4.2L turbo diesel 2000 trademate body a/c p/s spot light roo bar 90L water tank remote cent locking. $21,000 PH 0438 875 095 NISSAN Patrol ST 08 model original shocks and springs 12mnts old $80 0410307864 NISSAN Pulsar ‘94 (new tyres, radiator, starter, roof rack). Rego till Dec’10. $1850. PH: 0424295255

real estate

Ready to invest

Want to pay less tax?

Maybe a Sea Change

House and Land Packages from only $278,990*

Keep them free Lodge online SUZUKI SWIFT 2008, $13000.00 ONO, Great condition, 55,000 ks, Full electrics, Manual, Air con, Power steering, One lady owner, Still under warranty and rego, New tyres, Very economical, Full service history, Make an offer call : 0419869512 TOYOTA 80 series GXL Landcruiser 1996 petrol, 185,000km, full service history, dual batteries, roof racks, spot lights, side steps. Only 2 owners. $16,000 call Kate 0407404303


A Caravan to hire from 23/12/10 - 07/01/11 only required for accommodation for visiting family at Xmas will be based at a Ktha property. Must have A/C. Please call Nicole on 0417599309 CLEANER Required for residential property, 3 bdr, 1 bathroom. Must be reliable, able to supply refs & police clearance. Please call 0418942123 CONCRETE Pavers. Wooden outdoor table. Breville Breadmaker Model No BB200. Phone 91853859 COUCH under $500 reasonable condition please. 0448452234

public notice

Annual General Meeting Karratha Visitor Centre AGM will be held on Tuesday November 30, 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start all members are welcome items to include a change to the KVC constitution.

1998 Johnson 8hp 2 stroke motor Serial No.: G04463065 Condition: Runs

Bunbury • Busselton • Dunsborough • Margaret River

1999 Johnson 30hp 2 stroke motor

Now is the time to get in, Great equality growth while the market Is low and buy before the BOOM! Finance available Call your house and land specialist in the Southwest

1999 Johnson 30 hp 2 stroke motor

Serial No.: G04548628 Condition: Sort of runs Serial No.: G04650086 Condition: Not running, used parts

6 metre Whaler – Salt of Sea with unlicensed trailer Serial No.: AU-TWA047204EH9 Condition: Requires work

White Aquapro Rib with unlicensed trailer

Serial No.: NZ-XWI11122K404 Condition: Requires work nostreboR ytsirK 469  258  4140 ua.moc.semoharutnev@knostrebor

We’re on the hunt for an

Advertising Sales Representative to promote our locally owned community newspaper during school hours. You will: • Be willing to learn and show initiative • Work with a young, close knit team • Work to really tight deadlines and budgets • Have a flair for design and words • Be friendly, clean and well presented To find out more about this exciting position, please email or drop in and meet the team at 18 Hedland Place, Karratha Delivered fresh every week.


K A R R AT H A M ED I C A L R EC EPT I ON I ST: GEM 2 3 7 We are seeking two full-time Medical Receptionists for our Karratha Clinic. Successful candidates will possess proficient computer skills, enjoy working as part of a team and remain focused on providing a high level of customer service. Previous medical/clinical experience and or reception experience will be highly regarded however, is not essential to the role as on-thejob and external training will be provided to the successful candidates. To Apply, please quote Ad Ref: GEM237 and send your application to careers@primehealth. or contact Thu Ho on (08) 9242 0878. Closing date: 12th Nov 2010.

Tenders close 12 noon Wednesday, 17 November 2010 and items to be collected by 4pm Friday 19 November 2010


Expression of Interest Various Positions Pilbara Logistics WA Pty Ltd is a multi disciplined contracting organisation based in the Pilbara currently experiencing significant growth. We are seeking expressions of interest for experienced candidates for projects in Port Hedland. All applicants must have applicable licenses and tickets. Local and FIFO ( ex Perth ) positions will be available Scraper Grader Excavator Road Train Roller Loader Dozer

Articulated Dump Trucks Labourers Site Clerks Mechanical Fitters Servicemen

Please forward your resume to: Attn. Amy Ramage PO Box 2623, South Hedland WA 6722 Fax: 08 9172 0399 or email to: We are an equal opportunity employer; Indigenous people are encouraged to apply.



Kristy Robertson At Ventura Homes 0414 852 964

echo jobguide


Dampier Camp School currently has items surplus to our needs and will be sold by tender. Please forward your tender to: Dampier Camp School, PO Box 220 Dampier WA 6713

Keep them free Lodge online


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MC DRIVERS WANTED Working for a major contractor on the Pluto project you will provide administrative and clerical support to our management team, support guide and train other administrative personnel and maintain effective influencing relationships with other contractors, external stakeholders and the client.

For Local & FIFO work. Please forward your resume to or fax to (08) 9493 2100

Successful candidates will have: • At least 5 yrs administrative experience • Proficiency with multiple computer applications including MS Office • Proven organisational skills • Effective communication skills at all levels

Looking Forward 2011 and Beyond. Strategic vision forum for the Aboriginal Community

Would you like to provide advice and contribute to the

(Hairdressing $30 per hour plus bonus) Join a fun motiviated team passionate about hair and beauty. Contact via phone Russell 0413 223 668


Allmine is a WA owned mining and industrial equipment repair company with people located throughout Western Australia We are currently looking for:

Auto Electrician

Pilbara Dental Care

planning of programs for Aboriginal Education and Training for the future?


e value your input as it is important for us to have a community perspective about the programs we are offering. RSVP by 19th of November to Helen Pianta Email Phone: 91585617 or 91585600 Morning tea and lunch provided.

23rd November from 9am at Pundulmurra Campus Government of Western Australia

Vacancies - Traffic Wardens


Service/Kitchen Staff Required McDonald’s Karratha are seeking additional crew to work in drive thru and kitchen for their new Friday / Saturday 24 hour service. Flexible working hours make this the perfect opportunity for a second job for extra income.


Children’s Crossings The WA Police are looking to establish a pool of applicants to fill current and future vacancies in Karratha.


For Further Information and Application Package Telephone: Traffic Warden State Management Unit on (08) 6274 8731. PLEASE NOTE: Applicants must have a current WA drivers licence and use of a motorised vehicle is desirable. Applicants will also be required to complete a health assessment, integrity and criminal check and if successful, will be required to apply for a ‘Working with Children’ card. The cost of the Working with Children Card and up to $70 toward a health assessment will be reimbursed after a minimum of one month’s work as a Traffic Warden. adcorp F49212

Yard Person Required for our busy Karratha Workshop and Labour Hire operations in the Pilbara. Residential candidates are preferred. Please submit your resume, detailing your experience to: or call 0488 477 373 for any queries

Sales Position Available

The position of Traffic Warden is to ensure safe pedestrian access of essentially primary age children across carriageways at children’s crossings. • School Days, Monday to Friday. • Contract: 11 months, renewable contract opportunities are available. (Terms and conditions of employment are those provided by the Minimum Conditions of Employment Act 1993). • Standard Children’s Crossing Hours: 1 hour morning and 1 hour afternoon • Hourly Rate: $18.54 per hour, which includes 20% loading in lieu of public holidays, annual leave, long service leave and sick leave. • Laundry Allowance: $0.60 per week. • Motor Vehicle Allowance payable under certain conditions. • Full training and uniform provided.

Allmine is a WA owned mining and industrial equipment repair company with people located throughout Western Australia We are currently looking for:

McDonald’s Karratha


Working Conditions:

Required for our busy Karratha Workshop and Labour Hire operations in the Pilbara. Candidate must have A/C, Truck and Earthmoving experience. Residential candidates are preferred. Please submit your resume, detailing your experience to: x or call 0488 477 373 for any queries


If you are interested in knowing more, why not visit the store fill in an application form.

Western Australia Police Traffic Warden State Management Unit


Retail Position Apprentice Poition Hairdressing Position

the authority in hair

Interested applicants are to provide an up to date resume and 3 contactable work references. Please post your applications to Recruitment, PO Box 976 KARRATHA WA 6714

You r You Voice r Fu ture

FREE WEEKLY 6 - 7 November 2010

Allmine is a WA owned mining and industrial equipment repair company with people located throughout Western Australia We are currently looking for:

Spare Parts Interpreter Required for our busy Karratha Workshop and Labour Hire operations in the Pilbara. The job entails customer contact and good communication skills wth suppliers. Spare parts interpretation in the mechanical fields of mining and heavy road transport would be an advantage. Computer skills are also required. Please submit your resume, detailing your experience to: x or call 0488 477 373 for any queries

We are a leading IT & Communications Retailer, currently looking for candidates in the following positions: • Sales Consultant Full Time This is a fantastic opportunity for enthusiastic self-motivated individuals who thrive on a challenge. An attractive salary package will be offered to the successful candidate. Duties will include computer and communications sales including Telstra network services, providing customer quotations, customer service and stock control. The successful applicants will have experience in sales or the retail sector. Previous experience with computer and communication products and services will be an advantage although not essential. Training and support will be provided to the successful applicant. For an opportunity to gain job satisfaction in a friendly working environment please provide a detailed CV including experience and references to: The Manager NW Communications & IT Specialists PO Box 406 KARRATHA WA 6714

Perth Karratha Port Hedland Broome

echo jobguide Government of Western Australia


Department of Commerce


CASUAL STAFF REQUIRED Applicants interested in casual positions of bar staff, coffee makers, projectionists, and box office are required on a casual basis at the Walkington Theatre - particularly over November-January period. Bar Staff must have valid RSA and is preferable to have current first aid and coffee making experience. For further questions, please call Marina Couchman, Operations Coordinator on 9159 6867. Email resume, position of interest and outline of availability to

GER A N A M E C I OFF Position Available Position available for bright energetic person, who are looking for a challenge and physical role to join our vibrant hard working team.

Customer Service Officer Re-Advertised Please note the previous advert incorrectly stated the work hours as full-time. The position is part-time (37.5 hrs per fortnight). We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. Karratha - Office of the Director General Position No: ODGPRE07 Level/Salary: Level 1, $19,657 - $47,250 pro rata, PSGA Part-Time (37.5 hrs per fortnight) The Customer Services Officer is responsible for the provision of customer service, administrative and secretarial support for the regional office, assists with the provision of advice and information to customers on less complex matters, researches and investigates matters as required by Senior Officers, processes registration and licensing transactions. The Customer Services Officer is under direct supervision of the Customer Services Officer (L2), reports administratively to the Regional Services Co-ordinator and takes functional direction from senior officers of the operational divisions represented at the regional office. Visit: and key in the Web Search No. to access detailed information or Ph: 9282 0877 to be mailed an information kit. For Specific Job Related Information: Please contact Graham Hindle on (08) 9282 0963 Closing Date: Thursday, 18 November 2010 at 4:30pm adcorp F49344A



Kit Servicing Officer - Karratha St John Ambulance in Western Australia is a progressive community organisation, caring for people across two and a half million square kilometres, the largest area in the world covered by a single ambulance service. Each year we transport more than 200,000 people across the state and teach over 140,000 people life saving first aid skills. An exciting opportunity exists for a person who is passionate about First Aid, Relationship building and Sales! This is a casual position working three days per week with flexible hours. You will be reporting directly to the Regional Manager, based at our Karratha sub centre. Responsibilities: • Promotion of first aid products, equipment and services • Processing of computerised accounts • Management of stock controls • Calling on clients and customers to increase business and build strong ongoing relationships. Essential: • Experience in a sales based environment. • Strong customer service focus with good communication skills • Proven computing skills in Word and Excel • Flexibility with days and hours of work • The ability to work well in a busy environment • Excellent time management and planning skills • Professional and mature approach • Participation and cooperation as a team member Application instructions: Application must include a cover letter and a current CV. To apply please refer to our General Employment Section at on our web site mentioned below or alternatively contact Human Resources Department for an application form. Applications close on Monday 15 November 2010 at 4.30 pm St John Ambulance is an Equal Opportunity Employer

For th e Ser vice of Humanity

Change lives

adcorp F49407

FREE WEEKLY 6 - 7 November 2010

Good communication skills Work well under pressure and in a team environment Hands on environment Must have a I can do attitude Work well with a variety of people Good customer service skills General computer skills and understanding of excel spreadsheet etc

Please send resumes to or 1101 Cowle Road, KIA or Phone 9185 4000

ted n a W s r e v i r D Permanent Casuals Positions available for bright energetic persons, who are looking for a challenge and physical role to join our vibrant hard working team. Girls! Don’t sit behind a desk pale and flabby, give us a call.

Must have a LR drivers licence and good customer service skills. You will enjoy yourself that much, you will want to work for nothing, but we insist on paying you every week.

Required but not essential MR or HR Licence, Fork Lift Ticket. We can help you to get you Fork Lift Ticket and Truck Licences.

Please send resumes to or 1101 Cowle Road, KIA or Phone 9185 4000 K




Wildlife Watch:

Pheasant Coucal

Pilbara Wildlife Carers Association

FREE WEEKLY 6 - 7 November 2010

Pet Watch Award For a couple of days Peggy had noticed a little black cat wandering around her street. She thought it belonged to her neighbour so didn’t feed it. Everyday she returned from work the cat was still outside. Although it was timid and frightened, it meowed all the time as if it was trying to communicate. Peggy was concerned so she spoke to her neighbours who had also noticed the black cat, but they thought it belonged to her. She also asked the people in her street, but no one knew who the cat belonged to. Peggy felt sorry for the cat and after a week with no one laying claim to him, she decided to feed him. Peggy and SAFE worked together to organise his desexing. Peggy now has a friend for

• Gin is one lucky little black cat life and named him Gin. He waits for her to return home from work everyday and follows her everywhere – he even jumps on her lap for a pat. Thanks to Peggy for opening up her heart and her

home, Gin is now set for life. Peggy will receive a certificate from SAFE as well as a double movie pass compliments of the Walkington Theatre. Thanks Walkington!

Prepare your pet for a cyclone


The Pheasant Coucal is found across northern Australia and the eastern states as far down as NSW. It’s a large ‘pheasant like’ ground dwelling cuckoo with a long tail and rounded wings. The neck, head and back are a reddish brown chestnut color with black and cream barring. During breeding season the neck head and back turn black with the wings and under parts a deep, reddish brown. One notable thing about these birds is the red eyes. The female is larger in size than the males. These birds are often seen in backyards or gullies around the Pilbara region and when sighted, most assume the bird is injured due to its clumsy flight. They are a ground dwelling bird and prefer to run than fly, so when forced to do so, are not very good at it. They are a secretive bird and one is only alerted to their presence by the swooping and calling of the mud lark and miner birds when trying to drive this

intruder away from their nests. These birds eat the eggs and young of other birds as well as insects, small mammals, lizards and frogs. Surprisingly unlike most cuckoos these birds make their own nest and raise their own young. They form lasting pairs and the male incubates and feeds the young. The female helps with feeding. The birds like dense underbrush (backyard shrubbery), grasses, swamps and marshlands as well as open forests and woodlands. They like wet vegetation where they can find frogs and insects. These birds become water logged after dew or rain (or garden sprinklers) and can often be sighted sunning themselves on a fence or bush with wings drooped. Most people reading this that have seen one of these birds will be able to identify with this as well as the clumsy flight. The pheasant coucal call is a deep ‘oop-oop-oop-oop.’

With a big cyclone and flood season expected this year in North West Australia, the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) is warning pet owners to be prepared and plan for a potential disaster. Australian Veterinary Association spokesperson Dr Alex Burleigh warns that in addition to planning for cyclones and floods ourselves, it is important to also plan for the worst for our animals at this time of year. “It’s best to be overly cautious when planning for these events. Preparing ahead of time and acting quickly can be the best way to keep yourself, your family, and your pets out of harm’s way,” said Dr Burleigh. “Be prepared for possible

disruption to services, including power, water and phone lines for extended periods of time.


Prepare for your animals by putting together a pet emergency kit,” he said.

your pet up. Allow access to

The AVA has produced a series of brochures with useful information about protecting pets and livestock during the cyclone season.


Information is also available on the AVA’s website at: au/about_pets

proof containers.

Key things to remember when preparing for a cyclone are; If a cyclone hits, are you going to evacuate or stay at home?; If you need to evacuate, do you have a place to take your animals – consider friends, kennels and animal shelters (outside the danger zone); If your pet is staying at home,



it in the safest enclosed room of the house e.g. the bathroom, and DO NOT tie food and water; Talk to your neighbours and tell them your


plans in case you are away; Ensure



kit contains plenty of nonperishable food (e.g. dry food) and water in spillIf you are at home with your pet during a cyclone, try to keep them as calm as possible throughout the ordeal. The Australian Veterinary Association


those in affected areas to





local about

planning for a cyclone or flood and preparing an emergency kit.


FREE WEEKLY 6 - 7 November 2010


Amateur radio celebrates Centenary Karratha local amateur radio operator, Michael Tutt (VK6BHY) has gained the sought-after Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) Centenary Award. He qualified for the award after making 10 contacts with the special event callsign, VK100WIA, celebrating the centenary of the WIA. “This was not always easy. The VK100WIA callsign has been operated by radio clubs around Australia and not all frequencies used can be received here”, Michael said. The Wireless Institute of Australia started when radio was a new science being explored by ordinary people. They were sending and receiving wireless messages in the late 19th century, more than two decades before commercial radio began in Australia. Michael gained his licence in 1998. He said, “Hams all have in common a basic knowledge

of radio technology and operating, and pass an exam to operate their licence. “You can meet anyone on the radio, sometimes even astronauts in the space station. “You can visit the world and beyond on the radio.” Every year, Michael is one of many amateur radio operators who set up stations for the Scouts and Guides Jamboree on the Air (JOTA). This event sees 500,000 Scouts and Guides from all over the world chat by radio. Unfortunately this year, despite making contacts with Malaysia, England and Australian stations, few contacts with actual scouts were made. Amateur radio has undergone a huge revival in Australia over the past five years through the introduction of a new entry level Foundation Licence (no more need to know Morse code!).

• Michael Tutt works on his amateur radio station “While it is very interesting, radio amateurs have also provided emergency communications in time of disasters,” Michael said, “including after Cyclone Tracy in 1974 and the Black Saturday bushfires of 2009.” Michael also re-built and set up a radio beacon in Dampier in May. Rio Tinto have assisted

in housing this beacon which transmits Morse Code continuously, so amateur radio operators can discover the possibility of being able to transmit to that area too. Reports of the beacon being heard have come in from Japan and the Philippines. For more information on amateur radio, visit www.wia.


Birdwatching proves a weekend winner A Rio Tinto Birdwatch event was held recently near Karratha. A total of 59 bird species were recorded over the weekend with highlights including royal spoonbills, orange chats, osprey, rainbow beeeaters and a number of migratory shorebirds. About 50 people took part in the identification workshops and bird watching at Dampier Salt and at Miaree Pool on the Maitland River. The Dampier Salt lease contains a nationally significant habitat for many shorebirds, some of which undertake long migrations from the Tundra in Siberia and northern China through Asia to Australia’s north west coast. Ornithologists from Birds Australia gave a presentation on Australia’s Important Bird Area network and led a workshop on shorebird biology and identification. On the Sunday the focus shifted to water birds and bush birds at Miaree

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Pool. Small groups, assisted by a bird expert, set out to see or hear as many species as possible. Rose Best from the Pilbara Wildlife Carers Association donated her time to educate theSt participants in what to LUKE’S COLLEGE do if they encounter injured birdlife. Similar birdwatch events are held at Rio Tinto sites all over the world and are a result of the partnership between Rio Tinto and BirdLife International. The events are a way of promoting awareness of biodiversity at operational sites and demonstrating COLLEGE Rio Tinto’s St LUKE’S commitment to environmental management. They are also a great way to meet and network with others who are interested in birds and biodiversity conservation in general. If you would like to be part of future bird watching events please email or call 0416 754 001



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St Luke’s

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Saturday 6th November Eyes down @ 7pm sharp St Luke’s College Gym To book, contact Charmaine MacGowan on 9144 1081 Need some great gift ideas? Then come to Millars Well Primary School for...

Christmas Twilight Saturday 13th November

3.30pm to 6.30pm

Car Boot Avon Body Shop Craft Stalls

Markets Tupperware Plant Stalls Market Stalls Dog Wash

There’s many wonderful prizes in our monster raffle to be won. Our silent auction includes a signed 2010 Docker’s shirt and a one hour scenic flight with Karratha Flying Services. So, come and bag a bargain and beat the Christmas store rush, and help raise funds for Millars Well Primary School’s P&C. Stall Holders - $10 per site • Must call to book - filling quickly! Please call Amanda on 0417 993 497 or Margie on 0439 899 009 K




FREE WEEKLY 6 - 7 November 2010


Catch the biggest Mackie!

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The Nickol Bay Sportfishing Club is inviting the public to enter the 2010 Auslec Mackerel Fishing Family Fun Day on December 5.


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The competition is easy, and most of the prizes are open with no line class restrictions, so it’s a suitable comp for beginners and the more experienced. There are great prizes to be won for heaviest mackerel for male, female, junior, sub junior and one for the heaviest mackerel which is not a Spanish Mackerel. There is also a fantastic $1000 overall heaviest mackerel up for grabs from Auslec and a prize for the highest ANSA point scoring mackerel for those wanting to fish line class. There is also a mackerel fishing rigging night which will be held at the Hampton Harbour Boat

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and Sailing Club, Dampier on the November 10 starting at 7pm. Club members will demonstrate rigs and tactics for mackerel and this event is open to members and the public alike. To enter, download the forms at the clubs website on http://ansa. or pick one up at Adventure Sports and other local outlets. The Nickol Bay Sportfishing Club and sponsors look forward to seeing you at the comp for a great day on the water. This community event is proudly brought to you by The Nickol Bay Sportfishing Club, Auslec, Halco Lures, Adventure Sports, Pirtek Karratha, Fin-Nor quality fishing tackle, Daiwa fishing tackle and the Hampton Harbour Boat and Sailing Club.

• Emily Grey caught this 10.4kg narrow barred spanish mackerel last year

Pilbara Fishing

Ash Crawford was on holiday in Port Hedland and took this photo of his first ever spanish mackerel he caught about 80 metres from the beach. The fish was over one metre long.

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9A Crane Circle


Tue 9 Time Ht

Wed 10 Time Ht

0.35 0547 0.29 0625 0.37 0017 4.18 1148 4.18 1223 4.11 0701 1.05 1747 1.08 1823 1.18 1259 4.74 2341 4.69 1857 Visit

Thu 11 Time Ht

Fri 12 Time Ht

4.53 0054 4.29 0131 0.55 0737 0.81 0812 3.97 1333 3.79 1411 1.34 1931 1.56 2007 for up to date boating

pilbaraecho Sat 13 Time Ht

4.00 0212 1.12 0847 3.59 1454 1.80 2053 weather.

3.69 1.43 3.39 2.05


A family fun day at motocross at 9am.

There will be fun events held such as flag races, a slow race, tag team events and also a junior and senior rider partner race.

better educate them on the local laws regarding riding motorbikes.

Ladies Darts semi finals

The aim of the event is to show parents and kids that there are many types Prizes are on offer with of riding happening in in It was the Ladies Darts Association’s firstbe it motocross, local businesses helping Tom Price, semiout final on Thursday 26th August at with donations. enduro the events or just a Karratha Rec Club. social days ride with your champion, Both Local A andQuad B grades played with 8 teams Ryan Lancaster will be in mates. in total playing

is looking for all types of riders to attend, whether they be juniors, just starting out, or experienced senior riders to help make the day a fun one for everyone. Even if you don’t have a motorbike, come out to the track, grab a sausage from the sausage sizzle, and talk to the local riders.

to the track on this day to see what its all about. Their sponsors are always willing to step up and help the local community in bringing people together for events such as these. The Tom Price Motorcycle club would like to thank Rio Tinto, Coates Hire, Bucyrus Mining, Southern Star Motorcycles, Tru Cut Lawn and Gardens, The Pilbara Clean Machines, TP Kanga Hire, Moto Xtreme Clothing and Northwest Honda in helping make this fun day possible.

attendance talk to doubles, kids Committee and club So kids make sure you Each grade toplayed singles, reverse a team game but the are A keen to show keep reminding your anddoubles parentsand about what members gradeit teams played best of 3 for singles. takes to be a champion people that races are held parents to get you down In the A grade league Dart Vaders defeated 4Play and Midnight Warriors defeated Drifters. In the B grade league Barking Gecko’s defeated Wrong Bed and Dampier Mermaid defeated Silver Ferns B. The qualifying teams will go on to the grand final on the 9th September. drive on hole 9 and Rob By Norma Bilsborough

Mixed social netball

It was another heated night of games as the social mixed netball teams played for their third week on November 1.

In the second set of games, FnC’s (34) defeated Balls N All (19), Ball Busters (27) defeated Dreamers (16), Tap It & Gap It (22) defeated Angry Birds (18), Red Earthlings (40) defeated Bench Warmers (7) and Pluto Pirates (25) defeated Scorpions (13). Red Earthlings and Tap It & Gap It have so far won each game.

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bookings essential call now for a quote Club presentations and dinner to follow AGM Where: Karratha Bikers Club, KIE

Why: AGM for the Karratha Enduro and Motocross Club



Nominations open for executive committee positions. Everyone welcome.

More info contact Teniel Morgan - 0435956600



The soccer club will be holding its AGM soon. Date Time Where

Tuesday 16th November 7.00pm Karratha Priamry School staff room Entrance via Turner Way

All committee positions will be declared vacant at the AGM so seriously consider joining the committee if you want soccer to go ahead in 2011. Contact Maria on 0408 735 001 for all enquiries. The Bulgarra Glory Soccer Club wishes to thank and acknowledge our sponsors for their continued GA R UL support throughout the 2010 season: Baker’s Temptations • Signswest • BOC Gases • Home Hardware




Hinchcliffe on hole 17. In the Stableford Competition the winner overall was Shan Paramasibam with an outstanding score of 47. Second was Alf Worsley with 44 and Wayne Martyn was third with 44. The monthly mug final was won by Michael Giles with an awesome gross 82, nett 61. Second was Angie Rata with a gross 109, nett 64. Wayne Chadwick was 3rd with gross 83, nett 66. Fantastic golf and a great end to the season. Karratha Country Club and Karratha Golf Club can be found off Searipple Road, Karratha. Ladies golf is on Wednesday mornings at 7 am. Anyone interested in playing, come and give it a go. Members and guests are always welcome and social membership of the Country Club is available for a small fee. For more information call the Clubhouse on 9185 1045, or speak to the Men’s Captain, Michael Pennings on 04 00 66 29 19 or the Ladies’ Captain Sharyn Wieland.

It’s time to get a date...


Unfortunately this week some bad sportsmanship was present on the courts with a few players, with some unfair comments given to other opponents, umpires and spectators.

Last Saturday’s Golf Competition was the last of the winter 18 hole competitions with the season’s finalists competing in the Monthly Mug Final and the rest of the field taking part in a Stableford Event. With Coates Hire the sponsor of the day the generous prizes were worth playing for and the fifty golfers set off with a buzz of anticipation. Conditions were tough with strong onshore winds and persistant flies testing everyone’s skills to the limit. A hole in one doesn’t happen often but it did this Saturday. Sadly teeing off on hole 3 and landing in the hole on the 9th doesn’t quite make the grade. Good try, though! In the novelty prizes Shan Paramasibam was nearest the pin on hole 3. Michael Giles on hole 8, Alan Nolan on hole 11 and Nina Kovac on hole 16. Dave McLaren took best third shot on holes 4, 12, and 14. Alf Martin took that honour on hole 6. Mark Smyth had the longest



In the first set of games, Sir MixA-Lots (34) defeated Serenity (11), Team Ramrod (30) defeated Weena’s Warriors (5), Fuelies (18) defeated Bintang Bandits (7), The Drips (15) defeated Chameleons (13) and Toni V’s Team (33) defeated Young Guns (3).

The last of the winter 18 hole comps



the action. Racing will held on Friday night from 7.00 pm to give the riders a chance to practise with the main event on Saturday night with the gate dropping for the first moto at approximately 6.00 pm. With full canteen facilities in available the sport and show his strictly in a controlled and free entry the Karratha BMX skills. Club would like to invite riding environment, with safety everyone to come down on Friday or being their number one Tom Price police willaction. Saturday night and enjoy the priority. be inIf you attendance talking would like any further information please email the kids and parents to The Tom Price club


areFREE and WEEKLY deciding to travel up and see for6themselves. - 7 November 2010 This year will see Australian Olympian Luke Madill come to Karratha to compete and also hold coaching clinics. Luke is well known in BMX circles for building a replica of the Beijing Tom Motorcycle BMX track Price in his backyard so that he could practise Olympics. a Club arefor the holding Madill has been riding BMXon for a motocross fun day number of years and now puts back Sunday November into the sport by coaching28 upat and coming riders as well as competing. the local Track, starting The last round in Tom Price




FREE WEEKLY 6 - 7 November 2010

Catching Barramundi The Nickol Bay Sport Fishing Club held its 2010 Barramundi Challenge last weekend in a local Pilbara Creek. Organised as a camping weekend, there was a good turnout with 16 boating teams chasing the elusive barra. The fishing comp was lure only, measure and release and all hooks had to be barbless to minimise any damage to the fish.

started to recover in the last few years from previous overfishing and netting which at one stage made fishing locally for this iconic species unviable. Hopefully such measures will ensure the barra numbers in our area will remain sustainable in the future. The competition produced a few good catches, however numbers were down from last year’s event.


The club highly values the barra as numbers have just

In the biggest barra division,

an 82 cm fish was won by junior angler Jack Clarke who was delighted with the outcome. A good weekend was had by all and club members are looking forward to next years event. The Nickol Bay Sportfishing Club meets every second Wednesday of the month at 7pm in the Hampton Harbour Boat and Sailing Club in Dampier, anyone interested in joining the club is invited to come down.

Do you belong to a sport association or club? If so, why not tell us what your team or club has been up to? It can be anything. Maybe you entered a tournament recently or organised a fundraiser, or maybe you’ve just recruited a new player to your team. Whatever you’ve been up to and want to get it in your local paper then send in your article and any photos to

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Pilbara Echo 6 - 7 November 2010  
Pilbara Echo 6 - 7 November 2010  

Edition 127 Vol. 3