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KURUMA Marthudunera News April 2014 Edition

Clockwise from left: Rock shelter found on K&M land; TO Mark Lockyer with a yandi; TOs Sara Slattery, Darielle Lockyer and Pamela James with artefacts in one of the uncovered rock shelters.

A look into the past:

archaeological finds on K&M land K&M members who undertook a cultural heritage survey with Terra Rosa along Iron Ore Holding’s proposed Buckland Haul Road in April last year discovered two significant rock shelters, each containing important artefacts. The GnirringnohYowgurru rock shelter contained a yandi made from the bark of a Eucalyptus tree and an old tin billy can. The billy can is thought to have connections with nearby Old Yalleen Station, which suggests that the shelter was used during the 1950’s and 1960’s.

The MardaJingagurru rock shelter was found just 125m from the GnirringnohYowgurru shelter and contained a deep, decorated yandi that might have been used as a baby carrier. A granite muller, stone tools and grindstones were also located in the shelter. These finds highlight the importance of K&M cultural heritage work in protecting significant sites and allowing the K&M community to stay connected to the past. Thank you to all involved in the day for helping to make it a success.

The Kuruma News incorporates news from Kuruma Marthudunera Limited and the Kuruma Marthudunera Aboriginal Corporation

KMAC cultural heritage services: open for business KMAC’s new cultural heritage business has commenced operations with the engagement of Sheelagh Conran as the Cultural Heritage Manager. Sheelagh is a welcome addition to the KMAC team, having previously worked with the K&M community and bringing invaluable international experience. If you are interested in participating on heritage surveys you need to provide your details at either the KML or KMAC offices.

Alternatively, you can contact the KMAC office on 9183 8217 or email Sheelagh at After undertaking an extensive selection process, the KMAC Board of Directors has assembled KMAC’s Heritage Provider Panel. Five consultants were selected for the panel: Terra Rosa, Big Island Research, Gavin Jackson Cultural Heritage Management, Anthropos Australis and Horizon Heritage Management.

K&M MEMBER JASON MASTERS HONOURED WITH PRESTIGIOUS AWARD K&M’s very own Jason Masters has been honoured as a winner at the 2014 40under40 Awards hosted by Business News.

Kuruma Marthudunera Limited 1-4 Welcome Road, Karratha WA 6714 (08) 9185 5005

K&M TOs Brendan Bobby and Elaine James on country in the new KMAC heritage shirts.

KMAC is proud to present K&M members with new cultural heritage shirts to wear whilst undertaking work on country. The shirts will be distributed by the KMAC office to members involved in heritage works before they commence a survey.

An update on KMAC’s new office

Established in 2002 by Business News, the 40under40 awards programme recognises and celebrates Western Australia’s 40 leading business entrepreneurs under the age of 40. These awards recognise personal determination and commercial drive, as well as philanthropic pursuits in the welfare of Western Australia. Jason is a truly worthy recipient of this honour. As a traditional landowner, he has endeavoured to maintain Aboriginal culture in the face of development by playing a pivotal role in the management of agreements between mining companies and the Kuruma Marthudunera people. Furthermore, his work in setting up a school holiday program for the Roebourne community, a senior support program and a law and culture program demonstrates

KMAC cultural heritage shirts

Following consultations with the K&M community, detailed plans of KMAC’s new office space have been finalised by the project manager and approved by the Jason’s strong commitment to, and pride in, the K&M community. He is the first Pilbara traditional owner to successfully manage a trustee company on behalf of his own people. We congratulate Jason on his incredible achievements and his outstanding contribution to the K&M community. Winners of the 2014 40under40 awards were treated to a spectacular evening at the Crown complex in Burswood.

KMAC Board. The plans will now be sent out to tender so that builders can be engaged to refurbish the office. Tenders close at the end of May and it is hoped that work will commence shortly after a builder has been appointed. In the meantime, KMAC will be working from a temporary office located upstairs at the new KMAC building. The address of the temporary office is Unit 1, 9 Hedland Place and the phone number is 9183 8217. Kuruma Marthudunera Aboriginal Corporation PO Box 1944, Karratha WA 6714 (08) 9183 8217

Working for Rio Tinto:

‘having a go’ the first step to success K&M member, Howard Lockyer, was honoured as Cape Lambert’s NAIDOC Service Person of the Year in 2012. Howard encourages all K&M people to make the most of work opportunities with Rio Tinto.

commitments, Howard was honoured as Cape Lambert’s NAIDOC Service Person of the Year in 2012. Howard encourages any K&M person interested in working for Rio Tinto to be brave and ‘have a go.’ By having a good work ethic, seeking guidance, and balancing commitments between work and home, Howard believes any K&M person can enjoy a successful career with Rio Tinto. An expression of interest form is available at the KMAC office (1/9 Hedland Place, Karratha.)

Employment opportunities with KMAC In an effort to support the expanding activities of KMAC, the Board voted to create two new positions within KMAC for K&M people at the Annual General Meeting last November. These positions are for a K&M Heritage Officer and a K&M Communications and Compliance Officer. Expressions of interest were sent out to K&M beneficiaries last December. The K&M Heritage Officer will work with the Cultural Heritage Manager to implement,




KMAC’s cultural heritage services and As the biggest employer of Indigenous people in Australia, Rio Tinto is well placed to offer its employees great opportunities to learn new skills and advance their careers. Rio Tinto is asking positive, enthusiastic K&M people seeking employment to complete an expression of interest form to be involved in one of their various employment programs. Howard Lockyer is one K&M person who has enjoyed a meaningful career with Rio Tinto. Howard started his work in mining in 1995, learning invaluable skills in plant operations. Howard’s hard work and dedicated attitude led to a position at the Dampier Salt mines; with later positions at West Angelas and Cape Lambert. Rio Tinto’s focus on providing employees with opportunities for professional development led Howard to successfully gain qualifications as a mechanical trade fitter. As a result of his outstanding work ethic, and his ability to successfully balance TAFE, work and family Kuruma Marthudunera Limited 1-4 Welcome Road, Karratha WA 6714 (08) 9185 5005

projects. They will play an important role

Welcome new directors The Annual General Meeting held last November saw KMAC endorse the reappointment of Josie Alec and Deanna McGowan as directors for a further two years. Annalee Lockyer and Kristie Willock were appointed as new directors for a period of two years. Deanna was appointed as Chairperson at the KMAC Board Meeting in January. The KMAC Board of Directors plays an integral role in providing accountable, representative governance. Their contributions and deliberations ensure that decisions made by KMAC meet the needs of the community and support the aspirations of the K&M people now and into the future.

in liaising with the various groups involved in the heritage process and ensuring compliance with KMAC’s various heritage agreements. The




Compliance Officer will assist KMAC operations by distributing information amongst members, representing the K&M people in their dealings with external stakeholders and ensuring KMAC meets its





agreements. The application period for these positions was extended to the 28th of February and is now closed. We look forward to welcoming the successful applicants into the growing KMAC team.

Kuruma Marthudunera Aboriginal Corporation PO Box 1944, Karratha WA 6714 (08) 9183 8217

SUMmer school holiday fun Kuruma Marthudunera Limited (KML), in partnership with Yaandina Youth Services and ‘The Academy’ youth group, kept local Roebourne and Wickham schoolchildren occupied during their summer holidays with a huge array of fun activities. The program saw participants enjoy swimming days, have fun at karaoke, undertake nutritious cooking classes and head out for a special ‘yarn by the campfire’ evening. Special games organised for the students, such as ‘Fear Factor’ and ‘The Amazing Race’, challenged students to try new experiences and work

as a team. It was encouraging to see so many K&M families attend the program and make the most of their holiday time. KML would like to thank the invaluable contributions of K&M staff, Yaandina Youth Services, The Academy, the Aquatic Pool, Shire of Roebourne Public Library and the PCYC for making the program a huge success. Special thanks go to junior volunteer counsellors, Donnicka Lockyer and Claudine James, who worked tirelessly to co-ordinate and supervise all the fun for the participants.

The KML school holiday program kept local schoolchildren busy during their summer break with campfires on the beach, time at the swimming pool, cooking classes, games and arts and crafts.

School holiday programs for 2014: 14 – 25 April, Theme – Back to Country A holiday program that will see participants enjoying time out on country.

7 – 18 July, NAIDOC Programs A special exhibition featuring multimedia and photographic stories.

29 September – 10 October, Performing Arts 4 different elements of a performing arts showcase will be undertaken by participants. Please contact the KML office on 08 9185 5005 if you would like any more information on these upcoming programs. The hard work of volunteers from the community is critical in making these programs a success. Please contact the KML office if you are interested in helping out.

Suggestions, please! A suggestions and correspondence box has been placed on the reception desk in the KML Office. K&M members are invited to leave constructive comments, questions and feedback in the box Kuruma Marthudunera Limited 1-4 Welcome Road, Karratha WA 6714 (08) 9185 5005

to assist the office in delivering the best possible service to the community.

Kuruma Marthudunera Aboriginal Corporation PO Box 1944, Karratha WA 6714 (08) 9183 8217

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