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Grylls takes backseat | Page 3

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Member for the Pilbara Brendon Grylls said a heavy workload and travel schedule led him to resign last week as leader of The Nationals and member of the WA cabinet.

23--24 23 24 November 2013


10/8/12 10:48 AM

Frank fun | Page 12

Heath Franklin delivered plenty of laughs when he performed his Mark “Chopper” Read parody act to comedy fans in Karratha and Port Hedland.

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Supporting local local businesses businesses Supporting

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Sports awards | Page 22

Two BMX stars, a boxer and a gymnast claimed the top honours at this year’s Shire of Roebourne community sports awards night on November 15.

Dampier debate Keeping Dampier’s renowned community spirit alive and attracting more shops and services to town topped the wishlists of residents at a community meeting on November 15. For the full story see page 6 Photo by Ben Leahy




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First, take all precautions in cleaning damage has happened passenger - $500. • Fail to display ‘P’ Plates -until $ is all to make sure we take precautions just •upUsing your your property andphone tying down your3 clear and you canfail venture out. • Interstate driver to carry or produce mobile $250 and in season case one ourwe way. possessions, so things like your boat damage Cyclone is comes here and allbeen needout in First, take all precautions in cleaning has happened is all passenger - $500. • Fail display ‘P’ $100. Karratha Traffi c Police have Iftoyou were intoxicated anditwalked a drivers licence - Plates $100. -until demerit points. By Senior Constable Newby or rubbish don’t fly into youryour next- clear to make sure we take precautions just your property andphone tying down and you can venture out. There are cyclone outside to see your neighbours in force making sure we packs are allavailable obeying • Interstate driver fail to carry or produce • Follow too close $100 and 1 demerit •upUsing your mobile $250 and 3 •door Speeding: 01-09 km over the speed neighbour’s bedroom, possibly from the Shire of Roebourne and need of assistance you would be more in case one comes our way. possessions, so things like your boat the traffi c road rules. Karratha Traffic Police have been out in demerit point. If you licence were intoxicated and walked a drivers - $100. points. limit $75 the occupants. injuring information at of a hindrance than help. We need in to or rubbish don’t fly into your next- outside There cyclone packs to see your neighbours I are have put together a list of force making sure are allavailable obeying • Leave vehicle with engine • Follow too close $100 and 1running demerit • Speeding: 01-09 km over the speed • 09-19 km over the speed limit $150 and emerg_cyclone_prep, so please make Second, make sure you have put all our focus on helping people door neighbour’s bedroom, possibly from the Shire ofso Roebourne need assistance you would be more infringements you can makeand sure you the traffi c road rules. $50.of 2 demerit points the effort to clean up your house in emergency equipment on standby point. and not sorting out intoxicated people limit $75 injuring the occupants. information at of are aware what not toa do. of •a Driver hindrance than help. We needintoor I have put together of and •including permits passenger to travel preparation for the highlist winds athe first-aid kit,limit candles or • causing trouble. Leave vehicle with engine running 20-29 km over the speed $300 • 09-19 km over speed limit $150 andand emerg_cyclone_prep, so please make Second, make sure you have put all our focus on helping people I have selected some infringements onWe the back an open utility to - $500 and heavy rains. infringements so you can make sure you torches, drinking water, a radio with $50. just ofwant people think 3 demerit points 2 demerit points the effort to clean up your house in emergency equipment on standby and not sorting out intoxicated people thatThere you maynot not know about so have a spare batteries and canned food. 4 demerit are aware of what do. lot to of information in the ahead andpoints. have their cyclone parties • Driver permits passenger to travel in or preparation foris athe high winds and including akmfirst-aid kit,limit candles orandcausing trouble. • 30-40 over the speed limit $700 read through the listwebsite, and make sure you • 20-29 km over the speed $300 and • Passenger travels in utility ornot on during the back of packs and on the but there Last, but by no means least, I want after the clean-up and the I have selected some infringements on the back of an open $500 and heavy rains. torches, drinking water, a radio with 5 demerit points do not ned! Weopen just want people to tothink 3 demerit points the dangers of holding event, an utility - $500. aremay a get fewfiknow important points police to reiterate as you could be needed help thatThere you not about so have a 4 demerit points. spare batteries and canned food. pointsahead and have their cyclone parties is ato lot of across information ina the •cyclone Over km $1000 and 7 demerit •want Fail wear aand seatbelt ifsure you are the to put before cyclone parties. When a cyclone save a life. Alcohol not mix with • 30-40 km 40 over the speed limit $700 and • Portion of bodydoes (including arms) read the listwebsite, make you • Passenger travels and in ornot on during the back of packsthrough andKarratha. on the but there Last, but by noknows meanswhat least,amount I want of after the clean-up the (vehicle seized) hits driver - $500 and 4 demerit points. hits, nobody cyclones. protruding from the vehicle - $50 and 1 5 demerit points do not get fi ned! andemerit open - $500. are a• few important points police to reiterate the dangers of holding event, asutility you could be needed to help point. Fail to wear a seatbelt if you are the • Fail to notify change of address - $50.

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Truck rollover highlights heavy vehicle danger echoletters

Now that Brendan Grylls has resigned to manage – a situation that could of the north west was divided into as Minister for Regional Development be detrimental to family life and the specific areas of the Kimberley, Pilbara, and Leader of the National Party, I feel Pilbara electorate. Gascoyne and Goldfields-Esperance. the Western Australian Premier should Editorial Now that Brendan Grylls has resigned to manage – a situation that could of the west was dividedduring into A separate ministry responsible for Thisnorth arrangement continued Tamara Binamat goByback having aDevelopment minister for the the north west was established the 2006 Carpenter Labor government. as Minister fortoRegional be detrimental to family life and during the specific areas of the Kimberley, Pilbara, PhotosNews north of west. National Party, I feel Pilbara / Sports: Wed 5pm theelectorate. Mitchell Nationalist government in Gascoyne and Leader Goldfields-Esperance. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING But and when the 2008 Barnett Pilbara the Traffic police are urging truck Currently, the minister for regional A 1919. Sinceministry then there have been 21 government the Western Australian Premier should Display Advertising: Wed 5pm came to continued power, the minister separate responsible for This arrangement during drivers to check loads and drive IS FREE IF LODGED ONLINE goByback Tamara Binamat development looks after development ministers for the north west. to having minister for thein the regional development became carefully afteratwo truck rollovers the north west was established during thefor 2006 Carpenter Labor government. Classifieds: Wed 5pm in all regions of the state, including in There was no ministry for the north responsible for all regional matters or $2.50 per line via phone north west. Karratha area in as many weeks. the Mitchell Nationalist government in CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING But when 2008 including Barnett the Traffi Pilbara. Pilbara c police are urging truck Advertising west in the Collier, Mitchell and Richard [across WesterntheAustralia, Currently, thea minister for regional 1919. Since then there have been 21 After cement truck rolled over a government came to west. power, the minister drivers to check loads and drive [But] I believe the state of Western Court governments. In the Gallop those in] the north IS FREE LODGED ONLINE development looks after development for the north west. Editorial roadside barrier and onto itsinside atministers a development became carefully after two truck rollovers the Australia isthe too big for one person government in 2001, the ministry for regional Joanne Pritchard, Karratha in all regions of state, including in roundabout at Karratha Town Centre There was no ministry for the north responsible for all regional matters or $2.50 per line via phone f. 08 9219 4678 Photos Karratha area in as many weeks. the Pilbara. last week, a 22-year-old man from west in the Collier, Mitchell and Richard [across Western Australia, including All letters must be signed and addressed. Profanity is unacceptable. All letters are subject to editing for clarity. The views written in Echo Letters do not necessarily 9am 5pm Mon Fri After a cement truck rolledwith overcareless a Nickol has been charged [But] I believe state of Court governments. In the Gallop those in] the north west. reflect the views the of Pilbara Echo, norWestern does at Pilbara CLOSED Thursday for production roadside barrier and onto its side a Echo take any responsibility for views stated by those who write to the editor. driving. Australia is too big for one person government in 2001, the ministry Unit 2, 18 Hedland Place Joanne Pritchard, Karratha roundabout Karratha Townanother Centretruck f. 08 9219ADVERTISING 4678 Just at over a week later, PO Box 848 CLASSIFIED last week, aon22-year-old man from rolled Monday morning on King All letters must be signed and addressed. Profanity is unacceptable. All letters are subject to editing for clarity. The views written in Echo Letters do not necessarily 9am - 5pm Mon - Fri Karratha WA 6714 Nickol Road has been chargedPort with careless IS FREE IF LODGED ONLINE Dampier reflect the views ofnear Pilbara Echo, nor doesAuthority. Pilbara Echo take any responsibility for views stated by those who write to the editor. CLOSED Thursday for production driving. PROUDLY LOCALLY OWNED About 4:50am Monday a prime 2, 18per Hedland Place orUnit $2.50 line via phone AND PRODUCED Justmover over arolled week near later,a another truck bend after one of PO Box 848 PILBARA NEWSPAPERS PTY LTD rolled its ontrailers Monday morning left the road. on King Karratha WA 6714 ABN 88 264 242 530 Road near Dampier Port Authority. The 35-year-old driver from Port PROUDLY f.LOCALLY OWNED 08 9219 4678 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander About 4:50amreceived Monday a injuries prime and Melbourne minor • A prime mover on its side on King Road- Photo by Luke Nielsen AND readers-are warned that this conveyed Nickol Bay one Hospital mover was rolled near atobend after of for 9amPRODUCED - 5pm Mon Fri publication may contain images of Pilbara Traffic office said the incidents or it is their manner of driving. PILBARAThursday NEWSPAPERS PTY LTD precautionary treatment. its trailers left the road. CLOSED for production and references to deceased people. are concerning. ABN 88 264 242 530 Unit 2, 18 Hedland Place “That certainly will be looked at and Department of Fire and The 35-year-old driver •from Port KARRATHA •The DAMPIEr • ROEBOUrne WICKHAM •scene, PORT HEDLAND“Trucks • SOUTH HEDLAND • TOM PRICE • PANNAWONNICA • PARABURDOO • ONSLOW • PT SAMSON don’t roll over for on noKing PO Box 848 there will be some operations Emergency Services attended the PROUDLY BYIslander Aboriginal andPRINTED Torres Strait Melbourne received minor injuries and • just A prime mover on its side Road - Photo by Lukeupcoming Nielsen readers are warned that this Karratha WA 6714 where fuel leaking from thefor vehicle. reason,” he said. with Main Roads. was conveyed to was Nickol Bay Hospital publication may contain images of Pilbara “There’s Traffic offi ce said the incidents theirmessage manner of It tooktreatment. crews around two hours to lift precautionary 13,975 something that’s causing or it is “[My to driving. truck drivers is] and references to deceased people. PROUDLY LOCALLY OWNED are concerning. the truck upright. This publication has been independently audited by these trucks to roll over - whether their ensure loads are will secure driveattoand the “That certainly beand looked The Department of Fire and AND PRODUCED the Circulations Audit Board. Acting Sergeant Dan Major from the “Trucks roadwill conditions.” load is just moving or not properly don’t roll secured over for no there be some upcoming operations Emergency Services attended the scene, PILBARA NEWSPAPERS PTY LTD PROUDLY PRINTED BY Audit Period: 01/10/2012 - 31/03/2013 where fuel was leaking from the vehicle. reason,” he said. ABN 88 264 242 530 with Main Roads. It took crews around two hours to lift 13,975 “There’s something that’s causing “[My message to truck drivers is] Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are warned the truck upright. This publication has been independently audited that by this these trucks to roll over - whether their ensure loads are secure and drive to the publication may contain images of the Circulations Audit Board. Acting Sergeant Dan Major from the load is moving or not secured properly road conditions.” and references to deceased people.

Photos Advertising


Truck rollover highlights heavy vehicle danger

p. 08 9185 5570

p. 08 9185 5570

p. 08 9185 5570





Audit Period: 01/10/2012 - 31/03/2013


13,975 K2


This publication has been independently audited by the Circulations Audit Board. Audit Period: 01/10/2012 - 31/03/2013

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Free Weekly 23 - 24 November 2013



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Paradise Planning Wedding Package for 2014

Grylls resigns from cabinet By Ben Leahy Member for the Pilbara Brendon Grylls said a heavy workload and travel schedule had led him to last week resign as leader of The Nationals and as a member of the WA cabinet. He now takes up a position on the backbench and said he plans to move to the Pilbara to be more available to the people of his electorate. He also said he was proud of the key role he played in creating the Royalties for Regions program, which sets aside 25 per cent of mining royalties for regional areas. “We have built the foundations of a sustainable regional WA into the future, and I am damn proud of that,” Grylls said. “However, what happens in this life is you get to the point of realising when your time is coming to an end, and where the opportunity is for the next generation of leaders to come forward. “I don’t think that just sitting in the leadership and staying there is a sustainable option.” The decision to step aside caught many by surprise, coming just eight months after Grylls made the gamble to leave his safe seat in the wheatbelt and stand for election in the Labor-held Pilbara. Some commentators had even tipped Grylls as a potential candidate for federal politics after he led The Nationals from being a party in trouble in the 2005 state elections to one that held the balance of power in 2008.

The Nationals were able to use their leverage in 2008 to then secure three ministerial positions, including the regional development portfolio, as part of the Liberal-led government. They also pushed for the creation of the Royalties for Regions fund, which generated $1.12 billion in the past financial year. The program has been used to help fund a series of major projects in the Pilbara, from the Karratha CBD redevelopment and hospital upgrades to multimillion-dollar sports facilities. Grylls claimed in the lead-up to the state election last March that his role in cabinet was key to ensuring the program continued to benefit the Pilbara. “I am determined to deliver … with Royalties for Regions, and sitting at the cabinet table is the only true way to drive the sort of change that is needed in the Pilbara,” Grylls said in an ABC Mornings broadcast in March. Now he has stepped aside, the Liberal Party is yet to confirm if The Nationals will retain the regional development portfolio and, with it, control of the Royalties for Regions purse strings. Grylls, meanwhile, said he was looking forward to a break from the travel and demands of his former ministerial position. “Having your diary compartmentalised in half-hour logs for 12 months in advance, and missing important events because of that – that’s tricky and difficult.”

Government of Western Australia

Department of Local Government and Communities

Fully customised Ceremony & Reception Conditions apply. Must book by 31st of December 2013.



$279 TO



New laws for dog owners From 1 November 2013 amendments to the Dog Act 1976 came into effect.

For more information on how the changes will affect you and your dog visit the Department of Local Government and Communities website at

Microchipping has been introduced for all dogs from the following dates: • From 1 November 2013, dogs must be microchipped when they are registered for the first time or when a change of ownership occurs. • By 30 November 2013 all dangerous dogs, which includes restricted breeds, and commercial security dogs, must be microchipped. • By 1 November 2015, all dogs must be microchipped.


The changes, which have followed extensive community input, have resulted in new requirements around assistance dogs, greyhounds, dangerous dogs and nuisance behaviour.


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Free Weekly 23 - 24 November 2013

Dampier hub moves forward A new community hub for the town of Dampier is one step closer following the approval of initial concept plans by the Shire of Roebourne Council at its November meeting. The project will now progress to the detailed design phase, where engineering, design and facility fittings, fixtures and finishes will be finalised. Shire of Roebourne president Peter

Long said the community hub would be an iconic building in the heart of Dampier that would facilitate a range of community uses. “[It] will be the first major development in Dampier for nearly two decades, so it’s important we produce a facility that will accommodate the needs of the local community and improve the level of service and amenity for the town,” Cr Long said.

“We are working extensively with the Dampier Community Association and local community groups and [the council is] confident we have a concept that will support the community now and into the future.” The concept for the new Dampier Community Hub includes an early learning centre, new community library, multipurpose and not-for-profit spaces, coffee

hut and refurbishment of the existing community hall. The community hub project is part of a partnership between the Shire of Roebourne and Rio Tinto, which will deliver significant community infrastructure improvements in Wickham, Dampier and Karratha as well as a range of new and improved cultural events and community services and programs.



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Free Weekly 23 - 24 November 2013



Recreation precinct planned for Roebourne

The children of Roebourne are looking forward to a new community precinct that will have the capacity to host more youth functions. A recreation precinct for the town of Roebourne will start to take shape next year with the development of a community skate park and kitchen. Shire of Roebourne Council endorsed planning concepts for the Roebourne Recreational Precinct, which also includes the redevelopment of the Roebourne Community Aquatic Centre and Community Hall. Shire of Roebourne president Peter Long said extensive community consultation with local residents and stakeholders had contibuted to the plans. “We have held more than 30 consultation sessions with indigenous

corporations, private and government stakeholders and community groups to establish a vision for the Roebourne Recreational Precinct,” Cr Long said. “Initial planning is already underway for the first phase which will include the development of a community skate space and outdoor community kitchen.” “We have had overwhelming community support for the redevelopment of the Aquatic Centre as well as the Community Hall so will also start to explore options for the best use of those areas.” The precinct will be rolled out in phases over the next 10 years.

Late-night drive ends in tragedy Police are investigating a fatal crash at Karijini that claimed the life of a 26-yearold East Victoria Park man. The man was driving a Toyota Hilux ute southwest along Karijini Drive in Karijini about 4am on Sunday, November 17, when he apparently lost control of the vehicle, causing it to travel onto the gravel shoulder and roll over several times.

The car came to rest in bushland on the side of the road. The man was taken to Tom Price Hospital, but died from his injuries later that morning. He was the only occupant of the vehicle. Local police are investigating the cause of the crash. So far this year 144 people have lost their lives on West Australian roads.

Public Notice

Marble Bar Road Northern Railway Crossing BHP Billiton Iron Ore advises that an upgrade of the Marble Bar Road Northern Railway Crossing has been completed and there will be an increase to the frequency of rail traffic at this level crossing.

Advance warning signs and the level crossing layout have been modified to accommodate the increased train traffic; this includes signage, flashing lights and boom gates. Motorists are asked to please drive with care and obey all signage at the level crossing. For further information please contact: Tony Holland BHP Billiton Iron Ore Phone: 08 9265 4593

We welcome your feedback on any aspect of our operations.

Development opportunities in the Pilbara. Seven lots available in South Hedland Town Centre. We are seeking proponents to help build on the established South Hedland Town Centre vision. These opportunities will ease the current under-supply of quality commercial, retail and residential accommodation in the dynamic Pilbara market. The opportunities: • Seven lots ranging from 3,505sqm to 1.21ha • Zoned Town Centre • Sites offer a mixture of commercial, retail, mixed use or residential potential

For more information and documentation visit Artist impressions are for illustrative purposes only.

No matter what your background is, a Curtin Scholarship can help you attend WA’s most preferred university with reduced financial pressure. There are many scholarships available that may suit your needs, and applying is easy. For more information, or to apply, visit and sign up to Curtin’s scholarship email alert. Make tomorrow better. K5


Lots are for sale via structured sale offers to purchase, closing 2pm WST, Thursday 28 November.

Our scholarships allow people from all walks of life to attend university.

CRICOS Provider Code 00301J CU-SC-0016 / BRAND CUCC1026A Curtin University is a trademark of Curtin University of Technology


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Free Weekly 23 - 24 November 2013

Terry Rogers Mobile 0407 982 146

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Please contact Terry or Nathan on

Residents turned out in force to have their say on Dampier’s future.

9144 4018 to arrange an appointment email:

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Domestic & Commercial Cleaning





Dampier residents band together for a say on their future


• Domestic Cleaning • Commercial Cleaning • Police Clearances • Locally owned and based • Itemised checklists Now with

CALL Lyn 0418 412 462 Tracy 0418 425 147

By Ben Leahy



Thinking Differently

Expectations Exceeded! At Woollett Partners we don’t just do tax, we offer cutting edge tax planning and business strategies designed to add value to our client’s portfolio.

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Preparation of tax returns 14 day refunds Property Investment strategies Taxation advice Email and/or postal tax return service BAS statement preparation Corporate taxes Payroll Tax

Servicing the Pilbara for over 20 years We have an office right here in Karratha for your convenience

Unit 4/16 Hedland Place KARRATHA - Phone 9144 1066 Perth: Suite 6, 36 Cedric Street, Stirling. Ph 9440 7100

Dampier residents hope to preserve the town’s relaxed lifestyle and family-friendly atmosphere, while also attracting more shops and services, according to the results of a community meeting held on Friday, November 15. With the state government looking to revitalise Dampier, the meeting was designed to give residents a chance to have their say on the town’s future. Dampier Community Association president Conor O’Brien said the most common theme from the night was the desire by residents that any future development should not detract from the town’s safe and family-friendly lifestyle. He also said residents were keen to see more essential services located in town rather than in Karratha, 16km away. “It is all about lifestyle – about maintaining the character that Dampier has while not losing any more of its services and preferably regaining some of the things it had in the past,” Mr O’Brien said. The meeting came after Dampier was last year found to be Australia’s richest town by household income, even though it lacked basic services, such as a post office, doctor’s clinic and bank. And despite being one of the oldest mining towns in the Pilbara, Dampier’s population has declined over the past decade, leading several retail shops and essential services to close their doors. Much of the growth and investment generated by the past decade’s mining boom has instead

centred on nearby Karratha, amid plans to transform it into a regional centre with a population of 50,000 by 2035. Investment in Dampier has been slower, however, due to much of the town’s infrastructure being historically run and owned by Hamersley Iron. But with the Shire of Roebourne and state government body LandCorp now looking to revitalise Dampier, Mr O’Brien said it was important to consult the community. With motivational guest speaker Peter Kenyon encouraging debate, O’Brien said the meeting brought out plenty of ideas. “There was 10 per cent of the population of Dampier there on Friday night,” Mr O’Brien said. “That is a reasonable representation of the population when you combine it with other consultative exercises we’ve done. “From the 100 people there on Friday night, we had 200 ideas, of which there were probably 60 or 70 big-ticket ideas. Mr O’Brien said plans to move the sewage treatment plant away from the centre of the town and the creation of a more beautiful waterfront with extended beaches and grass areas were among the “more realistic” ideas. He said the community association would publish all the suggestions in a paper that will be available for public comment in early December. With the community association receiving $200,000 in funding from the Shire of Roebourne, Mr O’Brien said it would also use the suggestions to help inform its operational plan in 2014-15.

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Free Weekly 23 - 24 November 2013

Teachers meet to protest against state school cuts



Saturday 30 November at 7.30pm

THOR: THE DARK WORLD (CTC, Action, Adventure)

funding needed for schools. She said Premier Colin Barnett had refused to sign up to the Federal Government’s so-called Gonski school funding plan, which would have brought around $600 million in education funding to the state, because it was not high enough. “The Premier fought Gonski all the way saying it wasn’t enough money and then here we are having him pull millions of dollars out of our schools,” she said. Labor Member for Mining and Pastoral Stephen Dawson was also at the meeting and said the Government planned to cut $103 million from education spending in 2013-14. This included an estimated loss of 600 teaching positions, 350 education assistants and 94 Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers. There is also a $16 million cut to funding for student support programs, equivalent to a 30 per cent cut per school, while schools will also need to pick up a collective bill of $13.25 million to go toward long service leave pay for teachers. Union president Gisborne said next Tuesday November 26 was planned as a day of action. In Perth, the union will present a petition with signatures of people against the cuts to parliament, while morning teas were being planned at schools across the state. Gisborne said the government had already backed down in areas, such as cuts to solar panel tariffs, and she hoped they could be forced to do the same in education. “It is absolutely possible to reverse the cuts,” she said. “They cuts are very short sighted because they affect the vulnerable in our society and what will be a short term win in treasury will be a long term loss for our communities.”


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When Jane Foster is targeted by the denizens of the dark world of Svartalfheim, Thor sets out on a quest to protect her at all costs.

Saturday 7 December at 7.30pm



Captain Phillips is a multi-layered examination of the 2009 hijacking of the U.S. container ship Maersk Alabama by a crew of Somali pirates. It is simultaneously a pulse-pounding thriller, and a complex portrait of the myriad effects of globalisation. The film focuses on the relationship between the Alabama’s commanding officer, Captain Richard Phillips (Tom Hanks), and the Somali pirate captain, Muse (Barkhad Abdi), who takes him hostage. Phillips and Muse are set on an unstoppable collision course when Muse and his crew target Phillips’ unarmed ship; in the ensuing standoff, 145 miles off the Somali coast, both men will find themselves at the mercy of forces beyond their control.

Saturday 14 December at 7.30pm



Save money using reverse osmosis to purify your own tap water and cut out the high costs of bottled water delivery!

✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓



By Ben Leahy Teachers and parents have continued to oppose Budget cuts to the state’s education system at a meeting in Karratha on November 20. State School Teachers’ Union of WA president Anne Gisborne told more than 40 community members at the meeting that the State Government’s cuts would likely have greatest impact on school’s literacy and special needs programs. Cuts to the funding of special programs at Pilbara schools ranged from $17,162 at Yandeyarra community school and $74,035 at Roebourne high to $105,011 at Hedland Senior High, according to union estimates. The union also estimated that the education cuts would lead to a total loss in funding for Pilbara schools, ranging from $141,896 at Roebourne high and $320,743 at Karratha Senior High to $327,007 at Hedland Senior High. Gisborne said a particular worry for teachers and parents was that in some cases they may not find out until the start of the 2014 school year which programs and teaching positions could be cut. “What was evident from last nights meeting is that, in some schools in the Pilbara, the school communities are still not clearly aware of how the cuts are impacting,” she said. “They may not hear until next year what the cuts mean in terms of which programs may not run or which may be reduced in their schools.” The cuts come as a slow down in the resources industry and drop in income from the good and services tax puts pressure on WA’s state debt, which is predicted to blow out to $22 billion in the 2013-14 financial year. Education Minister Peter Collier said in August that the decision to tighten the state’s purse strings was justified because WA already spends $4.4 billion on education “One out of every four dollars of the State Budget goes to educating our children - our responsibility is to ensure that the money is used effectively,” Collier said. However, teachers’ union president Gisborne said the Liberal and The Nationals parties had been sending mixed messages about the level of


(M, Drama, Adventure)

Katniss and Peeta’s victory is cut short as the Quarter Quell puts them back into the Hunger Games for the second time. ON SALE NOW

For more information call 9186 8653 (10am to 2pm, Monday to Friday) or email





echonews echo news


Ask Peter

• • • •

Peter Gianoli, general manager of Investor Assist

Buy this property! $20,700* p.a. 10-Yrs Tax Incentives + Tax-free Cash + 2 Rents!

Free Weekly 23 - 24 November 2013

Essential to keep investors, tenants at front of mind Q: I would like to build an investment property but I am hesitant due to the time it will take. If I buy established, I can start earning an income now. What is your advice? Richard, Pretty Pool

Cash Flow Positive Property - The Days of Single Rental Incomes are over! Dual-keys available now in Broome ▪ Karratha ▪ Sth Hedland ▪ Newman ▪ Busselton Dunsborough & high-growth areas of Queensland Dwelling 3Br

Invest in clever designs that are cashflow positive. Empowers Dual-keys are two dwellings under one roof that provide owners with 2 sets of tenants. Or, you can live in one side and rent out the other. As Financiers too we’ll show you how to use your home equity or savings to purchase dual-occupancy property that produce up to four (4) incomes to a max 10-yrs.


Rental Incomes from a single Property!


1Br Dwelling

Robert on 0403 577 353

A: You are right. There are advantages and disadvantages with both options. If you buy established, you get an income now but the house might not be an ideal investment and you could miss out on the full depreciation benefits. If you build or buy new, you can build exactly what you want, where you want it, plus claim the full depreciation benefits. If you decide to build and partner with a builder who is not experienced with investment properties, it could take you extra time. You might need to modify one of their existing home designs or start from scratch, and you might not take possession of your investment property for another eighteen months or more. If you choose a builder who is experienced with building investment properties, they should have a range of specific home designs ready to choose from and once you have your block secured, your tenants could be moving

*National Rental Affordability Scheme provides owners with $10,350+cpi incentives during 2013/4. Visit the website for more details on NRAS

into your new investment property in as little as 12 months from the date you sign up for the house. Investor Assist has a selection of home and land packages ideal for investors that have been hand-picked as ideal investment opportunities in “hot-spot” locations. And they are fully complete, or “turn key”, which means your tenants can move in as soon as settlement goes through. With this option, you can benefit from the full depreciation benefits, plus you get an immediate return. Whatever option you decide on, make sure the property is designed with investors and tenants in mind. It should be located in a suburb with strong potential for growth, plus it should be well-designed and constructed from low-maintenance materials. If you would like some help assessing your options, our team of property investment specialists are only too happy to help or visit our website for further information. Got a question? Investor Assist general manager Peter Gianoli will answer your questions about financial security through property investment. Email AskPeter@

Whatever option you decide on, make sure the property is designed with investors and tenants in mind. It should be located in a suburb with strong potential for growth, plus it should be well-designed and constructed from low maintenance materials.



Join in the fun of our street party.

As part of the Alcock Brown-Neaves (ABN) Group, leaders in construction, property and finance, no one understands property investment better than us. So if you’re thinking about investing in property, whether it be in Perth, the South West, Melbourne, or even here in Karratha, have a chat to our Property Investment Specialist and find out how you can get started. Visit us at Tambrey, the ABN Group’s newest residential community in Karratha.

Free rides, entertainment and fun for the whole family as we celebrate the opening of Karratha’s new main street.

Tambrey Display Home – 13 Bowerbird Dve, Nickol Thursday: By Appointment Friday 1pm – 5pm, Saturday 12pm – 4pm Contact us today to secure your appointment.

Come and be part of the Pilbara Cities celebrations as we officially open Sharpe Avenue, Karratha’s new main street, with a huge street party. The kids will love the free rides and entertainment – and there’s even a surprise visit from Santa! Plus, there’ll be a great selection of food on offer too.

Simon Atkins | 0407 981 641 |

There’s never been a party like this before – so don’t miss out! 6-8pm, Saturday, 30 November Sharpe Avenue, between Warambie Road and Crane Circle

DISCLAIMER: Information provided is of a general nature only and does not constitute professional advice. We strongly recommend that you seek your own professional advice in relation to your particular circumstance. Investor Assist Pty Ltd. Builders Registration No. 13818



Financial Security Through Property

echonews echo news

Free Weekly 23 - 24 November 2013



Pilbara paintings exhibited in Perth More than 300 Pilbara Aboriginal artworks, painted ceramic plates and hand-carved artefacts are on sale in Perth until November 29 as part of the annual Woodside-sponsored Ngurra Nyingu Art Exhibition. The annual exhibition’s name Ngurra Nyingu means “We are from this country” in the language of the Ngarluma people, the traditional owners of the Roebourne area. Woodside views the exhibition as one of its cornerstone community activities, which is designed to support indigenous artists and help them use art as a means to communicate their culture, country and stories. Traditional custodians of the West Pilbara identified the exhibition as one of a number of programs they would like to see Woodside and its jointventure partners through Pluto LNG support. The exhibition is open to the public and will take place at Woodside Plaza Foyer, 240 St Georges Terrace, Perth. Visitors are welcome on weekdays between 8am and 4pm until November 29. To view the exhibition catalogue online visit woodside.

Artists with work on show include Alicia Sandy (above), Clifton Mack (top right) and Allery Sandy (right).


COMPLETE HOMES NOW SELLING FROM $738,000 Architecturally designed homes Fully finished and ready to move into Functional three and four bedroom designs Floor coverings and window treatments included Front and rear landscaping add the finishing touches An ideal leasing solution with furniture packages available All the hard work has been done for you, making your choice that much easier.

“Our vision was to create one of the finest precincts and something never before seen in Karratha. When you see it for yourself, I think you’ll agree this neighbourhood is a place you’ll be proud to call home for years to come.”

Contact us today and find out how you can make your move to Tambrey. Artist Impression

Chad Toquero 0423 772 200

Richard Naulls 0438 852 444


K9 | 9200 7200


echonews echo news


Free Weekly 23 - 24 November 2013

Psychologist brings fresh thinking to Pilbara businesses

Psychologist Christine McKee will speak at the Women’s Network lunch.

Hundreds of women in business will come together on Tuesday, November 26, for the Pilbara Women’s Network lunch at Ibis Styles in Karratha. Psychologist and holistic practitioner Christine McKee will be the event’s keynote speaker. McKee’s speech, “You Are Not Your Brain”, takes guests on a tour of the conscious mind to demonstrate the importance of understanding why people think and act the way they do. Small Business Centre West Pilbara manager Rachel Whiting said the theme for the upcoming event would challenge people’s thinking. “Understanding the reasons

behind people’s actions can go a long way to building long-term relationships in both business and personal situations,” Ms Whiting said. “We may not always agree with the actions or comments of others, however it is important to take their perspective into account. “Our business community is built on the foundations of strong relationships, and this will continue to be an important element of our success as a region as we continue to diversify.” Two business development workshops facilitated by McKee will follow the lunch. “The workshops are very

affordable for businesses thanks to the support of our event sponsors, so I encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity,” Ms Whiting said. “Although the luncheon is for women only, the workshops are not exclusive and I hope to see a number of men also in attendance.” Christine McKee will present Conscious Communication for Business and Relationship Success from 5-7pm on November 26. Creating Balance in Busy Times will run from 7.30-9.30am on November 27. Both are at Lotteries House. Tickets are $30 for KDCCI members and $35 for non-members.

Christmas craft market’s last hurrah Pilbara residents have the chance to buy handmade gifts next Saturday, November 30, as the Karratha Arts and Learning Centre holds its ever-popular Christmas markets in Bulgarra. With many new stallholders setting up alongside regular craft makers from previous years, the 2013 markets are booked out. This means there will be more high-quality, locally made crafts and goods to choose from than ever before.

Among them will be Baggirl’s handmade bags and diaries, Sturt’s Desert Pea’s cards, quilts and quilted items, Sewn by Sam’s ladies’ wear as well as pottery, ceramics, jewellery, candles and much more. The event is extra special for organisers, as it will be the final KALC craft market for the foreseeable future. With many other markets now becoming popular in town, KALC are happy to take a break with

Nat and Lorraine at last year’s Christmas markets.

organisers wishing to thank all the customers, stallholders and customers who helped make past events a success over many years. The Christmas markets run from 9am-1pm at the Karratha Arts and Learning Centre in Richardson Way, Bulgarra. Organisers are expecting a crowd and encourage customers to come early to get the best choice of goods, but not before 9am, as the stallholders will still be setting up.

Shire of Roebourne

RDS AUSTRALIA DAY AWA20 14 Nominations are now open!

High performance anti-corrosion industrial coating systems. LUMI 7227

K 10

You can pick up nomination forms and criteria information from reception at Shire of Roebourne office on Welcome Road, Karratha Leisureplex or Nominations will close on Friday 13 December 2013. For further information please contact Mitchell Kurtz on 9186 8691 or email

visit or call 1300 728 887



Mo money, no problems Team Tambrey gets hairy in support of men’s health

Photo: Tamara Binamat


CHOPPED! By Tamara Binamat

Australian comedian Heath Franklin certainly delivered the laughs the audience came for when he performed his hilarious parody of criminal-turned-author Mark “Chopper” Read’s life. The Ronnie Johns Half Hour host joked about nightclubs, bogans and aeroplanes but when the Karratha crowd decided to throw a few questions at him, Heath Franklin exclaimed that though the set had got “very weird”, it was not a bad thing. Franklin performed in Port Hedland and Karratha before going on to Perth.

RSL Members & Most Welcome


Eyes down at 7.45pm

Every Monday. Friday Members Night 6.30-11pm, meals available

GAWTHORNE DRIVE Proudly hosted by The Karratha Ministers Association Sunday 1st December, 6.30pm at Hampton Oval, Dampier

Local school

s performance light s Glow Q and family B B Nominations and the Selection The Roebourne Advisory Group advises nd beForms acan n... s Criteria accessed at fu the and provides recommendations to k C ombine d n i r Council on strategic projects, events and d following: m a re Shire of Roebourne website at: cecthe urch iOn services that thech Shire of Roebourne

choir and band...

F re e entry! should prioritise for Roebourne. In person at the Shire of Roebourne, The Group consists of: Administration Office , Welcome Road, • Roebourne Ward Councillor Karratha and the Roebourne Post Office, • 2 x Shire Councillors as Scholl St, Roebourne. elected For any further information please • 4 x Community Members call Sharon Nicholson at Community Nominations are being called for Proudly suppor ted by Services on 9186 8577 or email sharon. 4Free community members to chairs join theor blanket family event. BYO Group. Nominations closeservice on Friday and snacks. Free bus 8to/fromPoint November 2013, and the Shire of Roebourne, Samson, Wickham, Roebourne will Dampier. appoint community Karratha and members to the Roebourne Group at For bookings contact (08) 9186 8653. the November Council meeting. For more information contact the Karratha Information on the Terms of Reference,

Baptist Church on (08) 9185 4008.

• All photos by Tamara Binamat


t a e h e h t p u g n i n r u T r e v e F n with Urba

By Tamara Binamat One20 productions and Music Monkey Events threw another pumping Urban Fever event earlier this month when DJ Didier took to the stage to spin the best R’n’B, hip-hop and urban beats.

Check out the social pics here and be sure to “like” Music Monkey Event’s Facebook page for information on the next Urban Fever night.



4:07 PM

KC’s Karaoke & Small Town Band

• Ribs marinated in Makers Mark Bourbon (The Tambrey’s House Bourbon) with chips $25 Plus a Schooner of Carlton Draught or a Glass of House Wine

Friday 29th Nov from 8pm

28th Nov Doors open @ 6pm Comedy Night - tickets on sale at The Brey $50 pp includes 1 complimentary house wine or beer Plus your choice of a ‘Wok in a box” or a “Curry in a box”

• EAT • DRINK • Monday Dinner

Page 1


• All photos by Music Monkey Events


42 Decibel

• Traditional Italian Lasagne with garden salad $20 • WA Threadfin salmon with chips and tartare sauce $20 Plus a Schooner of Carlton Draught or a Glass of House Wine


on top of the Garden Bar Saturday 30th Nov from 8pm and Sunday 1st Dec from 5pm

Wednesday Dinner • PARMAGEDDON NIGHT Choose from 6 chicken parmigiania toppings with chips and salad $25 Plus a Schooner of Matilda Bays Little Ripper or a Glass of House Wine

Pacquiao v Rios Sunday 24 November @ 10.00 am

Thursday Dinner

Breakfast menu available

• Prawns and Horns 350gram T Bone steak with U10 prawns served with potato gratin and homemade red wine pepper jus $45 Plus a Schooner of Matilda Bays Little Ripper or a Glass of House Wine

Sunday Night


• Sunday Spit Roast from 5.30pm. Spit roast pork with a selection of salads and roast vegies served with gravy- $25

Little Creatures Pale Ale

White Rabbit Pale Ale

Little Ripper Sparkling Larger

Available Now

interview vwv


Send your gig guide events to SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23 Foo Fighters tribute band Karratha Tavern Smirnoff Saturdays ibis Styles Karratha $5 Smirnoff Blacks, club vibe, tunes and atmosphere, sound, lighting and DJs Free event, 8-11pm

Dash to grow best ’stache for Movember By Tamara Binamat Heading down to your local watering hole has become a more hairy experience this month, as a group of Tambrey Tavern staff have decided to grow some impressive moustaches in support of men’s health initiative “Movember”. Team leader Danny Blazeski said the blokes at The ’Brey are

doing all they can to support men’s health. “It’s important we get behind men’s health,” he said. “It’s very important. We are very community focused.” Funds are coming from parmagiana sales, online donations at au.movember. com and events at the pub. Danny said the team are aiming to raise $2000 for the

Chase the Ace Tambrey Tavern, Karratha 5-8pm, buy any drink or meal to go in the draw, $4600 jackpot Pool Comp Night Red Sands Tavern, Newman Names by 7pm, winner takes all

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 24 Sunday Funday Karratha Tavern, 2-6pm

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 29 Flicks in the Square South Hedland Town Centre 6.30-8.30pm, BYO chair or picnic blanket, drug and alcohol-free event

Sunday All-You-Can-Eat BBQ $20 per person Dampier Mermaid Hotel, 6-8pm MONDAY, NOVEMBER 25 Mexican Monday Karratha Tavern Burrito and Corona for $15

cause and are well on their way already. If you’d like to get involved and help Team Tambrey support a great cause, head to and search for “Tambrey” or “Danny Blazeski”. Results will be announced in the Pilbara Echo after Team Tambrey’s big shave-off event at the end of November.

Chase the Ace Dampier Mermaid Hotel 6-9pm, cash and prizes

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Buy-in minimum $100, maximum $500 Karratha Rec Club, 8pm

Sunday Session Karratha Rec Club Free pool tables and juke box Open from 11am

Hair dare: Danny Blazeski and his Movember teammates are hoping to raise $2000 for charity. Photo: Tamara Binamat

Free to play, free to watch ibis Styles Karratha, 6pm-late

Bingo Karratha RSL Hall, Gawthorne Dr, 6.30-11pm Eyes down (start time) at 7.45pm TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 26 Pilbara Women’s Network lunch ibis Styles Karratha, 11.30am-2pm THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 28 Karaoke/open mic night: Get out of the shower and onto the stage

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 30 Sharpe Ave Street Party 6-8pm, Sharpe Ave, between Warambie Rd and Crane Circle, Karratha Free Roll Poker Ibis Styles Saloon Bar, Karratha 3pm, for first hand at 3.30pm Early bird registration 2pm Beginners welcome SUNDAY, DECEMBER 1 Carols By Glowlight 6.30pm, Hampton Oval, Dampier Sunday Funday Karratha Tavern, 2-6pm Sunday Session Karratha Rec Club, free pool tables and juke box, open from 11am Sunday All-You-Can-Eat BBQ $20 per person Dampier Mermaid Hotel, 6-8pm

MODERN APARTMENTS Whether you are visiting for business or pleasure, our hotel can cater for your needs with our friendly and personalised service. At Comfort Inn & Suites we provide a consistently high standard of cleanliness in our fully self contained modern apartments.


$185 per night - fully furnished and fully serviced Minimum 7 night stay *Subject to availability, conditions apply.

Make Comfort Inn & Suites your home when visiting Karratha.

2-4 Matebore St (off Tambrey Drive) Karratha

PHONE 9144 0777

echohealth echo health

Free Weekly 23 - 24 November 2013


Outstanding Ovation By Ovation Having finished its second year as a performance company, Ovation is putting on a spectacular show on Saturday, December 7, called Fantastical Fantasy, to celebrate another year of achievements. The community event features three acts, including a fantasy inspired work, a smashing tribute to the 1980s and Ovation’s float paradewinning Festivals of the World performance. Taliesha Hunter, Alisha Thorn, Jessica McAlpine, Ella Cartledge and Mya Kjellgren are among the cast of Fantastical Fantasy dancers. This talented bunch brought back a bag of trophies from the WA Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dance competition in July, making their Ovation teacher Leah Nagy very proud. Another Ovation dancer with good reason to celebrate on the night is 10-year-old Nathaniel Crummer. He made it through a nationwide audition process this year to be accepted into the prestigious Australian Ballet School Interstate


and jazz and for its internal ballet exams. Principal ballet teacher Megan Wood-Hill also passed her two-year Royal Academy of Dance ballet teaching course with flying colours. Kirra Doherty, 14, also recently completed her RAD intermediate foundation exam, accompanied by pianist Michael Brett. By audition only, Kirra has now become the youngest student ever to be accepted into the full-time ballet program at the prestigious Terry Simpson Studios in Adelaide for 2014. Ovation welcomes the Karratha community to celebrate these achievements and enjoy the inspiring Ovation spectacle at St Luke’s College on Saturday, December 7, from 6pm-9pm. There are rumours the infamous Men of the Red For Appointments Please call produced the show, Ovation Earth may even turn up to is now the first local act to be strut their stuff. professionally commissioned Tickets are on sale now at by the Shire of Roebourne to perform an original work at the festival. There will be a cash bar Ovation has also earned and food on sale with all recognition for its students proceeds going towards the completing their first installation of a professional Mon - Sat | After Hours Available internationally recognised sprung dance floor at the Shop 5/16 Hedland Place Karratha, enter via Searipple Road St Paul’s Parish Church Hall. RAG 2013 Art Sale for Pilbara Echo 1 5/11/2013 10:47:01 PM CSTD examinations in tap

Pilbara Dental Care

• Dental Surgeons • General & Cosmetic Dentistry • 60 years combined experience

Training Program for gifted students. One of Ovation’s most notable achievements this year was bringing together a cast of 30 dancers to perform the Alice in Wonderlandinspired The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party as part of Karratha’s Red Earth Arts Festival. Having written and

9185 5600

pilbaraecho mums & bubs

please send your photos to C








Harley Collin Hopkins October 5, 2013 Gareth (Gully), Natasha and sister Lilly would like to announce the arrival of Harley Collin Hopkins, born at 5.07am on October 5, 2013, at Nickol Bay Hospital, weighing 8lb 6oz and measuring 52cm. They’d like to extend a special

thank you to midwife Virginia, who delivered their gorgeous boy who arrived very quickly. They also appreciated the Nickol Bay Hospital midwives, who they described as Pilbara’s best-kept secret.

pilbaraechomums & bubs Mel’s getting clucky and she wants your babies!

please send your photos to

K 15


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air conditioning



Premo Reno


Renovation specialists and general house maintenance • Carpentry • Painting • Tiling • Bathrooms • Kitchens

Phone Garry on 0429 487 350 Email • All Air/Con installs supply, repairs and maintenance • Refrigeration repairs and maintenance • Locally owned and operated

Ph 0407 890 992

Creative carpentry & tiling



Residential | Building | Extensions | Additions Renovations and gyprock specialists


Reasonable rates for exceptional work



Your local Domestic, Commercial & Industrial electrical service.






RCD Safety switches & smoke alarms Phone & data points Rewires, Repairs & renovations Switchboard upgrades Construction Installation & maintenance n ac



All Computer Problems Solved! • Virus’s Removed

Andrew Macleod P: (08) 9185 2252 F: (08) 91851980 M: 0448 11 88 12

• Computers Repaired

Lot 992 Croydon Road, Karratha WA 6714

• Data Recovery

batteries TO U A



• L

• Picked Up & Dropped Off

Phone: 0418 292 384 E:

0400 69 4279


Point Samson

99% of people carry a misalignment of the Atlas bone or C1 vertebrae, the GATEWAY between MIND and BODY

BOOK TODAY ON 0417 986 775 Fast Pain Relief For Necks & Backs Without Manipulation


synthetic grass Kerbside display: 18 Hedland Pl, Karratha Domestic - Commercial 0414 557 714

electrical CJH ELECTRICAL EC 9473

ABN 53 152 312 760

• r • •

• • n •T



rc a ra a n

limousine service

Clint 0413 271 088 a








This could be yours for six months


BOOKINGS • 0447 695 460

• Karratha • Dampier • Roebourne • Wickham • Point Samson Port Hedland & Onslow by appointment

garden maintenance

JB’s Mowing • Lawn Mowing • Edging

‘I Care”

• Brush cutting • Weed spraying

Wedding Ceremonies Commitment Ceremonies Renewal of Vows Naming Ceremonies Justice of the Peace


Janette Parsons-Smith JP


New House Builds Reticulation Lawn Curbing Water features Paving Garden Walls

0407 11 56 77


w w w. nw l i m o s. co m . a u

marriage celebrant

15 years local experience Free quotes Ph 0417 097 902

0412 217 291

Massage Classic Finnish Swedish Deep Tissue Head and Face Sports Stretching Strickly Non Sexual








A-1 Traders La r arra a 185 1 0

• Custom Computers & Programs Built

• Private & Business Welcome

TT 14



• Civil Construction • Waste Water Plant • Ducting / Cabling • Trenching • Electrical Services

Please contact Frank for more information on our services provided.



Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Services

• Design and Construct • Bulk Earth Works • Sewerage Infrastructure • Concrete Works • Telecommunications

24/7 FULL

anny n

0411 661 678


Continuing to provide our clients with the very best in Civil Engineering. Operating throughout the Pilbara offering a variety of specialised operations.

EC 9900 AU32761



Contact Dean 0467 538 026 or Contact Shayne 0467 538 026

0408 763 833



building services


Building Services All types of block work, brick work, concreting and paving Call for a free quote 0411 752 455



• Domestic Cleaning • Commercial cleaning • Police Clearances • Public Liability Insurance • GST Registered • Tax Invoices Available • Locally owned / based

Lyn 0418 412 462 • Tracy 0418 425 147

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for six months

nutritionist Nutritionist and Health Coach • Weight loss • Allergies • Low energy • Hormonal issues • Insomnia • Food education Phone

0406 490 614


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waste removal

Northwest Accountancy Pty Ltd Certified Practising Accountants


Are you looking for a professional friendly accounting team?


MICK MALUSA 0430 840 769 MARTY MARSHALL 0423 911 323

Cyclonic Sheds Starting at $15000 Contact Terry Rogers Mobile: Facsimile: Office: Email:



Then get in touch with us today for all your tax needs.

0407 982 146 9144 4078 9144 4018

Phone: 9143 1300

Phone: +61 8 9185 6111 Email:

Shop 11 Karratha Village, Sharpe Avenue, Email: PO Box 1391, Karratha WA 6714

speech pathology

Specialise in waste removal for Residential, Commercial and Mining


Karratha Speech Pathology


Articulation - Dyspraxia School age language - Literacy - Spelling Auditory processing - CAPD Autistic Spectrum Disorders Assessment, Individual Treatment Home, School, Distance Programmes NO WAITING LIST Appointment/enquiries contact 0421 632 058 - 11 Desert Pea Blvd


PRINT SIGN DESIGN Full service printers on site in Karratha

500 Business Cards from $99 18 Hedland Place • Karratha



automotive - industrial machinery & commercial flat glass tinting specialist




PW for six months

for six months

Servicing the entire Pilbara Mobile - We come to your workplace or home. Fast - Sameday service Efficient - All vehicles fitted in one visit. Insurance


Complete range avilable * Std 20ft and 40ft Containers * 20’ft DG’s * Dangerous Goods Containers (6ft-20ft) * Site Offices * Mini Containers (6ft-20ft) * Container Rooms * New or Used

Call now 0408 515 110

Putt Legal

Ph 9172 5226 | Fax 9172 5228 | License No. MRB 3614

Migration lawyer/agent coming to

This could be yours

Karratha on 24 November for a week



Ring Alisdair Putt on 0499 953 977 to make an appointment MARN: 12810017”

Container Sales & Hire - 20ft & 40ft available

Geoff Carr 0418 923 847 Fax: 9534 4545

FREECALL 1800 093 402

Local Agent. Stock available in Karratha. Eastern state relocation.

for six months

yard supplies


Need help with Immigration?


Free visa assessment

Front Yard Supplies

Many people don’t realize that they have options to stay in Australia – often as a permanent resident.

• • • • • • •

Being a migrant myself, I understand the difficulties involved in moving to a new country. I have been living and working in WA as an Australian registered migration agent for over 10 years and have assisted several thousand people to obtain temporary and permanent residence visas. My commitment to you is that I will give you a clear assessment of your visa options and whether you have a good chance of success. If I don’t think your application will succeed I will tell you this up-front. My firm specializes in Permanent Residence visas such as Employer Nomination (186), Regional Sponsored Migration (187), General Skilled (189/190) as well as Temporary work (457) and Partner Visas. If you are interested in understanding your visa options, please give me a call

Limestone Blocks Paving Artificial Turf Post and Panel Retaining Specialised Soils & Mulches Letter Boxes Agents for: Stone Cladding

Carol-Ann Lynch LLB MMIA

Registered Migration Agent MARN 0320658 Immigration Network Australia

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companies billed direct.



For more information contact: Bruce Harris E: M: 0418 384 747

0487 153 082

This could be yours

This could be yours $


1488 Lambert Road, Karratha LIA

Phone: (08) 9429 8861 Mobile: 0402 514 741 Email:

0417 207 235

Here’s My Card Long Term Rates Long Term Rates

Book forfor6 6months our Book months for for our best rateson ontrades trades and best rates and service advertising service advertising

Terraforce, Arena Stone & Bradfords Retaining


SMALL (2cm) $SMALL (2cm) 20PW

20PW for six months

for six$months

For bookings: Phone 9185 5570 or email

LARGE LARGE (6cm) MEDIUM (6cm) MEDIUM (4cm) (4cm) $

30 30

PW $ for six months PW $ PW for six monthsfor six months $



for six months


echoclassif echo classifieds classifi






ROTAIR 120LPS 420CFM $27,500 inc. GST

ROTAIR 71LPS 250CFM $20,350 inc. GST

ROTAIR 95LPS 330CFM $24, 750 inc. GST

ROTAIR 52LPS 180CFM $17,050 inc. GST

accommodation available ALFRESCO Villa/Granny Flat $550 pw independent from main house on a Tambrey residential property, self contained, quiet environment, fully furnished. All utilities inclusive Ph 0400 806 992 Ktha ALFRESCO Villa/Granny Flat $550pw independent from main house on a Tambrey residential property, self contained, quiet environment, fully furnished.All utilities inclusive Ph 0400 806 992 Ktha BRAND New Large 70m2 Granny Flat.Fullsize kitchen, gas hob and dishwasher. Bedroom BIR, Ensuite with double shower and double vanity,separate toilet off ensuite. Laundry,Office,Covered alfresco. Own driveway and parking. Private.750pw inc power, water and internet. Furnished or unfurnished. 0404 289 908

National 12 Month Warranty

Full Specifications Available

D/L 8586

FOR rent self contained 38ft bus shwer full sized fridge/freezer everything is there even pots and pans, have your own privacy away from main house. $350 per week includes bills. Located in quiet house in dampier. PH: 0418 908 822 FOR RENT: 4x2 recently renovated brick home in Millars Well. Large corner block with rear access & high carport suitable for boat parking. Large shed with air-conditioned granny flat & third bathroom. Fully retic’d gardens. Available December $1,450/week. Phone 0438 418 009 E: ktawgrass@

Lodge Online for



accommodation available

NOTE: All Units New/Unused Made In Europe With Perkins Power Limited Qty Available ROTAIR 36LPS 130CFM $13,750 inc. GST

accommodation available

Full Board and Lodging/Room only


starting from $575.00 per week

Karratha Village is a boutique Villa style complex located in the Karratha Light Industrial Area. Call, email or drop out and see us to view our superior accommodation and amenities.

P 0458 091 164 - Kim & Jules E

Address Lot 1062 Mooligunn Road Karratha

accommodation available FULLY furnished master bedroom and ensuite available in new home Karratha - sharing with 2 working females. Split system air conditioning. 5 minutes from shops. Quiet area. NOT a party house. $400 per week plus elect. Suit couple or single. Enquiries. Please phone Lyndal on 0401 146 534 FULLY furnished room available to share for neat tidy and quiet persons including bills per week $190 only. Phone: 0425 139 766 FURNISHED room in Pelago with ensuite $400pw inc bills. Wanted single working person. 0437 645 046 GRANNY Flat Available in Perth. $400.00 bond, $200.00 per week, furnished, close to city, available now. Phone 6161 9258 KARRATHA – Large Fully furnished room and walking distance to shops available now. Seeking clean and tidy and working full time female. $350 per week this includes gas, water, electricity and a cleaner once a week. Not a party house. Available NOW. Ph 0413 234 369 KARRATHA, Pegs Creek - Quiet house, large fully furnished room. Seeking female. $340 per week includes ALL BILLS. 0413 234 369



Saturday 30th November at 10am

CARS: 07 GX Toyota Prado, Holden Rodeo 4X4 Tray Tops And Dual Cabs, 08 Toyota Hilux 4X4 Dual Cabs, 06 Nissan Patrol Tray Top, ‘00 Toyota Hilux Dual Cab, V8 Landcruiser Wagons and Tray Tops. TRUCKS: Iveco Acco 2350G Fuel Truck, 99 Volvo NH12 Prime Mover, Western Star 6X4 Prime Mover, Kenworth T650 And C510 Prime Movers, 03 Mitsubishi Cab Chassis, 98 Acco Cab Chassis, 08 Mitsubishi Rosa Bus, 96 Hino Omnibus, 99 International HI Rail Workshop Truck, 95 Isuzu Npr300 Tray Back, 99 Acco 2350g Service Truck, 88 Mercedes 1222V 4X4 Tray Back, 05 Sterling LT7500HX Diesel Tanker, 2005 Isuzu NPR400 Fridge Truck, 2007 Hino GH Tray Back. TRAILER: 2x Dual Axle Box Trailer, Fighting Trailer, Dual Axle Flat Top Trailer, Signal Trailer, 04 Jayco Caravan, Bobcat Trailer. EARTH MOVING: Caterpillar 315L Excavator, Caterpillar 992 Bucket, 04 Sumitomo SH200-3 Excavator, Caterpillar 16H Grader, Caterpillar 226 Skidsteer Loader. MACHINERY: Nissan 2,5t Forklift, CASE 430 Skid Steer, Harsco Ballast Regulator, Pettibone Rail Cranes, 3/7/10/16T Forklifts, Trailer And Skid Mounted Generators, Diesel And 3 Phase Water Pumps. DRILL CASING: 4 1/2 Inch, 8 5/8 Inch And 9 5/8 Inch Drill Casing And Pup Joints. TRANSPORTABLE BUILDINGS: 15mX12m Office Crib, 4.8 X 2.4m Shower Block, 40x Assorted 12mX3m And 6mX3m Cribs, Offices, And Toilet Blocks. CONTAINERS: Assorted 20Ft Sea Containers Including Site Office, Stores And Workshop. CLEANING EQUIPMENT: Cleaning Chemicals, Industrial Vacuums, Floor Scrubbers, Cleaning Trolleys, Etc. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE: TVs, Beds, Dining Suites, Cabinets, Mattresses Etc. MISCELANEOUS: 100mm Poly Pipe, Sand Blast Cabinet, Rubbish Crusher, Scaffold Tower Etc. Inspect On Site Friday 29th November 9am To 4pm

Contact: Geoff Smith 0411 649 607 or Frank Lee 0411 649 601 5% Buyers Premium on Cars and Trucks, 10% Applies To All Other Lots, GST Exclusive

MAYLANDS: (08) 9272 4644 WELSHPOOL: (08) 9258 3037 KALGOORLIE: (08) 9091 6555


Free Weekly 23 - 24 November 2013

ROOM for rent - Dampier quiet and clean house situated in great location. Fully furnished, undercover parking. Price includes: all bills, unlimited wifi, furnished with double bed, bedsides, etc. Also includes own fridge/freezer and outdoor area. Singles only $320 p/w - m: 0414 899 406 ROOM for rent - Dampier. Quiet, clean house. Fully furnished! Great spot, plenty of undercover parking. Price includes: All bills, unlimited WIFI, furnished with double bed, tallboy, etc. Also includes own fridge/freezer. $350 P/w, m: 0499 169 597 ROOM for rent - Karratha. Quiet, clean house. Fully furnished! Great spot, close to shops. Price includes: All bills, unlimited WIFI, furnished with queen bed, robes, etc. Also includes own fridge/freezer. $380 P/w, m: 0499 169 597 ROOM with queen bed available in Bulgarra. $350 pw. Rent includes gas, water and Foxtel IQHD in bedroom. House has underground pool with spa and large outdoor areas. On quiet street. Clean and friendly persons welcome. 0405 842 248 SINGLE Female or Male 36 plus. Room available in clean and tidy house, must be working and like dogs. Outdoor smoking, large a/g pool. $350pw plus 30% power. The right place for the right person, 0409 852 931. ~~ACCOMODTION WANTED accommodation


CHEF by trade,Rigger by design,good bloke, seeks largish room for rent,long term, in modern house, with an older crew, or one or two. clean, quiet, tidy, housetrained, but not boring, works full time, non smoker, occasional drinker, needs to move before Xmas... Karratha 0450 450 146 leave msg. tq


Wellcraft 23 Coastal 7.3m 2000

NUMEROUS LOTS UNUSED & UNRESERVED • Aerial Access Equipment • AG Tractors • Air Compressors • Articulated Dump & Water Trucks • ATV Utility • Backhoe Loaders • Bulldozers • Buses • Compaction Equipment • Converter Dollies • Crawler Tractors • Diesel Welders • Fixed & Mobile Plant Spares • Forklifts • Gen Sets • Hydraulic Excavators • Jet Ski • Lighting Towers • Light Vehicles • Mining Inventory • Miscelleneous Plant & Equipment• Motor Graders • Motor Scraper • OTR Tyres • Plant Attachments • Pumps • Sea Containers • Skidsteer Loaders • Telescopic Handlers • Tool Carriers • Trailers: Extendable, Semi Tankers, Side Tippers, End Tippers, F/Tops, Fridge Pans, Dry Pans, Plant & Box • Transportable Buildings: Accommodation, Office, Ablution, Kitchen Diner, Ice Room, Cribs, Gymnasium, Cool Room etc • Trucks: Concrete Agitators 8X8 & 6X6, Water Carts, Field Service, P/Movers, Tippers And T/Tops • Water Tanks • Wheel Loaders & Much More


Yamaha 250hp 2008(130hrs), Venture I beam trailer, 5 new tyres,elec over hyd brake, new bait board, new windless,new anchor & rope, fresh water shower, deck wash, 556 ltr fuel tank, many extras. Excellent condition!

PH:0419 244 512 PANNAWONICA



BID LIVE ONLINE IN REAL TIME WWW.SBAUCTION.COM.AU Inspection: Mon 2nd & Tue 3rd December 8.30am – 4.30pm • Note: GST exclusive auction, buyers premium of 10% + GST applies up to $3,500 And 5% + GST thereafter on hammer price. • Further information refer to • Internet Bidding Assistance email or call our office.

Dealer Licence Number 5681


visit our website and click on ‘advertise’




D/L 8586

How to lodge your FREE advertising K 18

CHOOSE the House-Sitters you can Trust! Experienced housesitters for KTA area since 2010. Enjoy caring for pets, pools, & plants. Police clearance, with references, & looked after 30+ homes. Reliable working couple *available from mid-Feb 2014*. Call 0457 203 691 or Email: ~~BABIES ~~BOATING boating ALI 6m walkaround xtreme marine commercial-leaving town must sell, 130hp V4 Yamaha 130lt tank gps plotter fish finder marine radio ipod ready radio LED flood light deckwash dual batt new anchor & rope epirb & safety gear + extras new trailer tyres & leafs 1yr boat rego 0429 108 686 $19500 ono KTA HAINES Hunter 4.40m, trailer, sounder, steering, cd player, new carpet & cushions, all the gear, great condition! This is a regretful sale, owner got a bigger boat and is moving from Karratha and must sell $7000 ono .CALL NOW to inspect! 0433 630 591 PACEMAKER Half Cabin 5.5m 1984, 130 Evinrude runs very well, colour sounder, VHF, Live Bait Tank, rocket launcher. $7k ono . Karratha, Text 0427 777 550 for enquiries and photos. SCOUT 24’ Sportfish, First purchased 2008. Game fishing or family/diving. 567L fuel,225HP Yamaha 4 stroke, 350hrs, Alum trailer, new Kodiak discs and tyres. Raymarine E80, Autopilot, Radar, JL audio sound,sub,amp,Taco outriggers,Custom clears/ cover,Live well, raw/fresh water,$55k, KTA, 0405 069 459 STESSCO 455 aluminium dinghy with bimini. 40Hp 2 stroke Yamaha outboard. $9,000 ONO Call 0429 688 750 for details. KTA



accommodation wanted

accommodation available

2 3

$15490.ONO KTA 0409443811 BOB

boating WELLCRAFT 23 Coastal 7.3m 2000, Yamaha 250hp 2008(130hrs), Venture I beam trailer, 5 new tyres, elec over hyd brake, new bait board, new windless,new anchor & rope, fresh water shower, deck wash, 556 ltr fuel tank, many extras. Excellent condition! Reluctant sale $63 000 Ph:0419 244 512 Pannawonica ~~CAMPING & OUTDOORS& camping


HD OFFROAD OUTBACK camper trailer. 60l water tank, full length custom built pull out storage drawer and kitchen with return by Drifta. Queen mattress, offroad spare tyre, 1x 12v battery system inc Anderson plug, 2 x 20l Jerry can holders, 1 x 4kg gas holder. $8,500 phone 0429 688 750 KTA JET Ski Yamaha Waverunner FZS Super High Output 2010 on Dunbier Trailer. Licenced. $15,000 ono. Phone 0418 858 881 KTA OUTBACK CAMPERS OFFROAD CAMPER TRAILER PRICE DROP for this awesome setup!Was $7200 now $6500 ONO.Read-to-go with many camping extras: gas bottles, jerry cans, beach tent, new spare tyre, rego til Dec 2014 and more! Camper in Exmouth but delivery to Karratha possible - 0429 492 255 or 08 9949 2255 OZ TRAIL 2 MAN TENT; Teepee Style Centre Pole; No Guy Ropes; Used once - As New; $100 ono 0457 519 798 ~~CARAVANS


AUSSIE Wide 2009 23’ Custom built for the Pilbara region tandem axel Simplicity Suspension solar powered gas hot water system gas cooking/ oven 150l 2 way fridge reversing camera full en-suite club lounge 2 TVs 2 Ibis air cons rollout and annex. Must sell $61000 ono. For more details Ph Jo 0429 432 568 CARAVAN 28foot, A/C, TV, DVD, raio, fridge, Freezer, microwave, cast stove & oven. Plenty of storage, anex, fully rego. $21000 or ono. Phone 0417 774 135 JAYCO 23ft 2008, shower w/machine split A/C, LCD TV+Foxtel gas stove fridge new annex +shaded walls, 180l fridge for annex family webber bbq 2 burner gas stove new custom cover with zipped side wall no cleaning req 12V LED lighting stereo system water tanks never been towed $30000 ONO 0419 190 177 JAYCO Sterling 2006 Family Caravan 29ft / Full ensuite, double bed, rooftop A/C and new TECO split system A/C, new microwave, 2 bunk beds, 4 burner stove), full annexe, 150L 3 way Domestic fridge, full oven, heaps of space. Loads of extras. Price: $36,000 Neg. John 0458 147 331 JAYCO STERLING 23FT 2006 $42,000, 0498 035 242. Located in Karratha avail now viewings. Door front L, Front u shaped dinette (inter-changeable spare D bed), kitchen ample storage, gas stove, 3 way fridge, microwave, sliding doors separate double bed wardrobe, rear ensuite, awning.

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Free Weekly 23 - 24 November 2013 clothing alterations

employment wanted ACCOUNTS/BOOKKEEPING & Admin Exp with Myob, Quickbooks, Xero & other in house software. Part time/ contract or temp. Extensive office experience. Cashflow, customers, suppliers, payroll, tax and super obligations, banking and payments. Ph Paula on 0447 595 707. References and work history available. CARPENTER avail, specializing in property maintenance + all building works. Insured, licensed Phone Peter 0417 188 041 DREAM CLEANING & PROPERTY MAINTENANCE professional cleaners & licensed tradesman. Local & friendly service 0417 188 041 ~~ENGAGEMENTS

CLOTHING ALTERATIONS Alterations & Mending

Phone Val Mon- Fri 9185 1760 or 0427 851 760 No Saturdays

employment available LOCAL MC DRIVER REQUIRED 30+ hrs/wk, must have current MISC, must pass drug and alcohol screening and pre employment medical, local wharf and general freight work. Email: Phone: 08 9144 4342 LOVER of handbags and accessories? Design your own? Join an Aust team, be the 1st to sell GRACE ADELE PRODUCTS P/time or F/time, work your OWN hrs 20%-30% min comm + bonuses and incent. You can easily earn from $50-$500 p/m Call 02 4930 7454 https:// au/GraceAdele/Home

for rent HOUSE 3x1 in Pegs, Large b/g pool, large shed with double carport, close to shop, quiet area, relaxing back yard. Pool & garden maintenance inc. $1200wk neg Avail 2Dec. Please call 0409 981 370 after 4pm or text to arrange a viewing time.




for rent

for rent FOR RENT: 4x2 recently renovated brick home in Millars Well. Large corner block with rear access & high carport suitable for boat parking. Large shed with air-conditioned granny flat & third bathroom. Fully reticâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d gardens. Available December $1,450/week. Phone 0438 418 009 E: ktawgrass@

Lodge Online for

FREE CLASSIFIEDS PRIVATE Rental 3 Bedroom, 1 bathroom home with Spa and a self contained granny flat (1 Bed, 1 bath and Kitchen/living) in back yard great for a teenager or sub let. Pegs Creek walking distance to shops and KI available early Dec 13, $1100.oo per week, call 0417 097 870

RENTAL Beaconsfield $420.00 a wk, 2 x 1 duplex on 440sqm block w/carport, fenced w/lockable gate, and 5 min drive to Fremantle markets, 10 min walk to south beach. Renovated inside, w/ polished jarrah floors, & seeking tidy, caring person who love gardening. Call Julie 0448 166 001 UNIT 3X1 in Millars Well, new kitchen, new tiles throughout, air conditioned, courtyard, storage room in carport. Available 22nd November 2013 - $800 p/w. Not pets. Please phone Tracy on 0409 301 821. VERY Good 4x1 house is waiting to breake lease. Located in bulgarra 1200/ pw. Please contact 0439 445 002. Included fridge, washing machine, kitchen wear. Lease term is until 05/06/2014.

public notice



Annual General Meeting

To be held at the Karratha Country Club Monday 25th November 2013 6:30PM Friday for a 7pm start





All current teams must have at least one representative present.


New team nominations welcome.


Wednesday 11 th December 2013 7pm â&#x20AC;&#x201C; in the wardroom All members are welcome Election of committee for 2014


24th December 2013 for incorporation of: Pilbara Heavy Haulage Girls The association is formed for the purpose of: supporting driver education with a view to reducing road crashes and associated injury and fatalities Signed:

FILING cabinet 4 drawers $50, China Cabinet antique embossed glass $200, large cabinet with double glass doors, shelves and cupboards $400, LG Flatron computer monitor $50 all prices ONO Phone 0418 858 881 KTA GO Kart - 100 cc bitumen racer in enclosed dual axle trailer with many spares eg tyres / wheels / cogs etc. Contact Keith 0403 436 999. Perth

PKKP COMMUNITY MEETING To be held at the Ibis Styles Karratha Hotel 35-45 Searipple Road, Karratha Searipple Room

COMMENCEMENT 10.00 AM Saturday 30th November 2013

*IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a meeting intended for PKKP People only. No observers will be permitted to attend the meeting unless they have been given a prior invitation from The PKKP Aboriginal Corporation.










2013 SHIRE OF ROEBOURNE ORDINARY COUNCIL DATES At the 18 November 2013 Ordinary Council MEETING Meeting, Council resolved to adopt ORDINARY COUNCIL MEETING DATES

At 19 November Ordinary Council Council the the following 2014 Ordinary2012 Council meeting dates of the Meeting, Shire ofMeeting, Roebourne, At the 19 November 2012 Ordinary Council Council resolved to adopt the following 2013 Ordinary Council Meeting to adopt following are 2013open Ordinary Council Meeting noting meeting times will beresolved at 6:30pm. Allthe meetings to the public. dates of the Shire of Roebourne, noting meeting times times will will bebeatat dates of the Shire of Roebourne, noting meeting 6.30pm. All meetings are open to the public. 6.30pm. All meetings are open to the public. Date Meeting Location Date Meeting Location Date Meeting Location 28 January 2014 Ordinary Council Meeting Council Chambers, Karratha 21 January 2013 Ordinary Council Meeting Council Chambers 21 January 2013 Ordinary Council Meeting Council Chambers 17 February 2014 Ordinary Council Meeting Town Hall, Point Samson 18 February 2013 Ordinary Council Meeting Council Chambers 18 February 2013 Ordinary Council Meeting Council Chambers 17 March 2014 Ordinary Council Meeting Council Chambers, Karratha Town Hall, Town Hall, 18 March 2013 Ordinary Council Meeting 18 March 2013 Ordinary CouncilPoint Meeting 22 April 2014 Ordinary Council Meeting Peninsula Palms, Dampier Samson Point Samson 19 May 2014 Ordinary Council Meeting Council Chambers, Karratha 15 April 2013 Ordinary Council Meeting Council Chambers 15 April 2013 Ordinary Council Meeting Council Chambers

Peninsula Palms, 16 June 2014 Ordinary Council Meeting Council Chambers, Karratha Peninsula Palms, 20 May 2013 Ordinary Council Ordinary Meeting 20 May 2013 CouncilDampier Meeting Dampier 21 July 2014 Ordinary Council Meeting Roebourne Hall 17 June 2013 Ordinary Council Ordinary Meeting Council Chambers 17 JuneMeeting 2013 Council Meeting Karratha Council Chambers 18 August 2014 Ordinary Council Council Chambers, 28 June 2013 Budget Meeting Council Council Chambers 28 June 2013 Budget Meeting Chambers 15 September 2014 Ordinary Council Meeting Council Chambers, Karratha 15 July 2013 Ordinary Council Ordinary Meeting Hall 15 July 2013 CouncilRoebourne Meeting Roebourne 20 October 2014 Ordinary Council Meeting Wickham Bistro Meeting RoomHall 19 August 2013 Ordinary Meeting Council Chambers 19 AugustCouncil 2013 Ordinary Council Meeting Council Chambers 17 November 2014 Ordinary Council Meeting Council Chambers, Karratha 16 September 2013 Ordinary Council Meeting Council Chambers 16 September 2013 Ordinary Council Meeting Council Chambers 15 December 2014 Ordinary Council Meeting Council Chambers, Karratha Wickham Wickham 21 October 2013 Ordinary Council Meeting 21 October 2013 Ordinary Council Meeting Community HallHall * The January and April Council meetings will be held on a Tuesday due to Community the normal 18 November 2013 Ordinary Council Meeting Council Chambers meeting date falling on a public holiday. 18 November 2013 Ordinary Council Meeting Council Chambers 16 December 2013

Ordinary Council Meeting Council Chambers 16 December 2013 Ordinary Council Meeting Council Chambers

Any changes to the time, dates or venues will be publicly advertised. Any changes to the time, datestoor Any changes the time, dates or venues will be publicly venues advertised. will be publicly advertised. Chris Adams Chris Adams Chris Adams Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive OfficerChief Executive Officer

K 19

Print full name in block letters: KYLA THOMAS


HYOSUNG 2006 black motorbike $2,500 & fridge hisense 221ltr $150, make an offer to need sell leaving town. Call 0435167149 or SMS 0400 612 003 KTA RC Planes and Helicopters, new and used, buggy, motors, loads of spares $3000, ph 0409 297 763 LAWN mower 4 stroke $50.00 phone 0487 672 148 LAWN Mower Victor classic 35 good working condition $100, ph 0418 937 004 (KTA) LEATHER lounge suite charcoal grey. Only 17 months old, still under new warranty and in excellent condition. Paid over $6000, will sell for $2200. Location Karratha. Phone 0410 483 753

public notice


Pilbara Heavy Haulage Girls

Being duly authorised by the above named association intend to apply to the Commissioner for Consumer Protection on or after:

DOG Grooming Equipment Oldfields dryer, clippers, shears, and heaps more. Phone 0427 872 585 DRILL PRESS; Bench Mounted; Australian Made; Good Condition; DAMPIER area; Call Shane on 0457 519 798


NOTICE is hereby given that: Lyndal Denny â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Truck Driver of 36 Kallama Parade, Karratha

CHAIR cane rocking. Comes with cushion. Excellent condition. $200. Hedland. Ph 0408948965 COMPLETE Earthmoving Package. Owner/operator retiring.2005 S185 Bobcat. 2005 FVZ 1400 Isuzu truck, 4.5t Plant Trailer and 3,5ton IHI Excavator plus buckets, forks augers, attachments . Also available 20ft container style accommodation. As New transportable. Located Karratha phone Will 0419 916 113 CUSTOM built automatic boat loader $2000, clear view electric towing mirrors, $450,toyota Sahara 4.7 v8 , navigation system, built in DVD player, all the extras, gears up for towing phone 0427 550 270

for sale

THE PKKP ABORIGINAL CORPORATION Invites all members of the PKKP People claim group to a special Community Meeting to provide information about the establishment of the Trusts

at Agenda items must be submitted by 16th November by emailing the NPFL Secretary at


BIKE Road Avanti Vivace comp series looks near new all Shimano gear $500 ono, ph 0418 937 004 (KTA) BIRD aviary 1500 x 1500 x 2000. Can deliver to Karratha region. $200.00 ONO Dpr phone 9183 0050 BIRD cage portable on caster wheels. Can deliver to Karratha region. $80.00 ONO Dpr phone 9183 0050 BOOKS, second hand, very reasonably priced. Phone 0487 672 148 CARBA-TEC 10â&#x20AC;?â&#x20AC;? Saw Bench; Single Phase; Good Condition, Cast Iron Top; 2 Blades; Adjustable Fence with mm increments; $600. Contact Shane 0457 519 798; Dampier. CARGO Drawers â&#x20AC;&#x153;â&#x20AC;?Best Off Roadâ&#x20AC;?â&#x20AC;? brand. suit f/size 4wd $550 Ktha 0428 230 755

for sale

Please call Liz for enquiries 0418 767 724


Agenda items must be submitted by 16th November by emailing the



for sale

for sale



public notice





echoclassif echo classifieds classifi


for lease

FOR LEA S E INDUSTRIAL YARD CARNARVON 8900m2 hard stand Sheds & Office Road train access ,ideal for container or donga storage

$1000 PW + GST AND OUTGOINGS Conta ct - M a l

0419049510 windscreens

Karratha - Dampier - Onslow PAIN FREE WINDSCREEN REPAIRS Windscreens Side Glass Rear Glass We e a Gu rante l ta your to OR n o ti satisfac 0 .0 0 0 $1 ACK* CASH B

We come to your home or office Insurance repairs welcome Government licensed repairer 35 Years industry experience

Phone – 9144 4676

*$100 Cash back guarantee applies to retail customers only where faulty workmanship is confirmed. $100 Visa debit card will be issued.

for sale MOBILE Coffee Van - Karratha/ Dampier. 2011 Toyota Hilux ute. Layout includes 2 Engel fridges, 68lt display fridge, slushie machine, pie warmer, 2 group coffee machine, grinder, sink, hot watersystem, 100lt fresh water tank and 35lt tank for waste. Run established in Ktha/Dpr. $69000. Ph: 0407969919 MOVING? Cardboard Packing Boxes for sale, large, good condition, used once, $4 each. Hedland Ph 0437 114 974. NOLAN helmet (medium) SHIFT enduro outfit (medium) FOX boots ( USA SIZE M9) ANSWER gloves ( adult XXL ) wanting $ 500 ono For enquires call cain on 0498 338 179 NURSERY set boys. Jungle animal theme. Kids line. C/W quilt rug lamp sheets musical mobile nappy stacker height chart & lots more! $300.00 Hedland. Excellent condition. Ph 0408948965 PROJECTOR Dell 1800MP in case. Laser Pointer and manuals included Excellent condition. Purchased for $1200 will sell for @750 ono. Ph 0409 262 203 RIVERINA Pool 7m X 3.6m Delivered within Karratha with all equipment. New kit you install $24000 Phone Will 0419 916 113 SEA container 20 foot $2000, Ph 0427 681847 Dampier SIMPSON 7KG front loader washing machine. Only used a few times. Includes 5 year extended warranty. $400 Ph 0428 541 800 KTA SINGLE Bed Divan with innerspring mattress, base has 2 deep cupboards & 2 drawers. $250 ono. Phone 0418 858 881 KTA TRACKLANDER Alloy Roof Rack as new suit GU Patrol $1200 PH: 0428 230 755

for sale TRAILER D/axial,encl,2.4mtr x 5.5mtr. H/duty, ramp for veh.also 4 cyc. dies. gen. Reg.6/14.cost 3.5K. 0419922702. WALL AQUARIUM for sale. Excellent condition and still unopened in the box. Not needed again. Price:$170.00. Please call 0400525100 to arrange for inspection if you are interested. WASHING machine 7kg front loader Ariston ARF105 AS NEW used only a few times. $500 ono Phone 0418 858 881 KTA WIND trainer Mag turbo good condition near new $150, ph 0418 937 004 (KTA) ~~FOUND free ~~FREE FREE SPA large outdoor spa you remove - you can have. Jets work but heater doesnt - who needs a heater anyway! Cheap easy pool to escape the summer heat. In Ktha. Please call for address and details 0438 514 105 ~~GARAGE SALE

for sale GARAGE Sale Sunday 1st December 8.30am, 22 Pelusey Way, Nickol. Ladies clothing size 12 and 14, ornament, CD’s and dad’s and much more. LEAVING Town Garage Sale 69 Hardey Cres Dampier 0409 880 090 Variety of household goods, shed gear, fishing gear, collectables, garden furniture & terracotta pots, books, kids games, huge variety of gear… Saturday 30th Nov . All must go LEAVING Town Garage Sale 69 Hardey Crescent Dampier Sat 30th November 830 am onward... HUGE variety of household goods, collectables, shed gear, fishing gear, terracotta pots, books, exercise bike, freezer, tent, camping gear and much more... All Must Go!

lost CINNAMON a light grey cat with tortie flecs in her fur went missing from Prym Crt Pegs Creek early November. She is young and a slim build and was wearing a purple collar & SAFE tag. She is likely to head to Edney way or Peirl way in Pegs Creek. Please call SAFE with any sightings 9185 4634 ~~MOTORCYCLES


HARLEY Davidson Vrod 2003 factory custom, screamin eagle pipes,seat,bar,health reason forces regretful sale. You won’t see another one like this,reduced price,bargain !!! $15490.Ono kta 0409 44 3811 Bob. HONDA CRF50 Motorbike 2011, excellent condition, one owner since new. Karratha, Phone 0459 433 476 KTM ATV 4 wheel motor bike 505SX colour Orange $15,000 ono, ph 0418 937 004 (KTA) YAMAHA banshee 04, big spec, very fast bike, needs to go ASAP, located Roebourne / Wickam, text or call for full spec, cheap for quick sale $2800 ono 0479 192 330


R/N, R/E and R class tuition Learn to ride safely Phone Zim on 0408 470 076 or 9185 4761

pets BICHON Frise dogs. 1 x Male (desexed) and 1x Female. Both are 2 years old, and are pure breds. Perfect lap dogs. They love company. Ph 0450 592 584

public notice


real estate

Great Lifestyle..

Block 13.76ha approx half a kilometre of Water Front on the Upper Murray Jingellic N.S.W. Rare opportunity to buy a block of this size with building envelope. Magnificent views Telstra Power run though the block, Cleared Fenced Sring Fed Dam, School Bus $280,000.00

Phone 0438431822

Now selling



Xmas Raffle:

Raffle drawn Friday 13th Dec

Block Bayton West 650sqm Flat level block $255,000.00 House plans avail. Private sale Andrew 0419853111

Pay for ten coffees or slushys of your choice upfront, AND your name goes in the barrel to win... 6 Pack giftpack (value $175.00!!)  • 6  Jesters pies, share them with friends • 6 Pack of standard beer to wash it down! • 6 Hot cinnamon donuts • Fun apron of your choice • Chicken souvlaki • 6 Free coffees!

K 20



Friday Nights “Pies in the Park” 5pm till 8pm Jesters pies at Tambrey Oval

Sundays @ Hearsons Cove Fish & Chips / Slushies Subject to tides & weather

Free Weekly 16 - 17 November 2013

Mobile Coffee Van 2011 Toyota Hilux ute. Layout includes 2 Engel fridges, 68lt display fridge, slushie machine, pie warmer, 2 group coffee machine, grinder, sink, hot watersystem, 100lt fresh water tank and 35lt tank for waste. Run established in Ktha/Dpr. $69000. Ph: 0407969919

pets Karratha

HYDROBATH PET MINDING PET BEDS Ph Libby 0404 842 902 CAT sitter available. Will come to your house, feed, do litter, water, give cat/s attention. Police clearance. Honest cat lover. email for bookings/enquiries: RAGDOLL Cat - Pedigree - Red Colourpoint - 5 yro desexed female - very affectionate Karratha - $250 - 0418 879 903 ~~PUBLIC NOTICE

real estate Karratha LIA. workshop, air con office and mezzanine storage. Available now for sale $410+ ph 0438 514 105 MORAWA- on 2 acres, large family home, 3/4 bedrooms, solar, reverse air cons, lockup garage. Town includes High School and College of Agriculture in mining and farming district. Property has many extras. $430 000.000 private sale 08 9971 1687 ~~TENDERS shade sails ~~VEHICLES

PILBARA SHADE SAILS Custom made locally for Pilbara conditions. Phone Steve Trevurza on 0410 867 102.

public notice BAYNTON West Primary School, Year 6 Fundraising Bike Raffle was won by Mr Richards of Karratha. THE final assembly for Mrs Sue Mitchell, a teacher at Dampier Primary School, will be held on Thursday 12 Dec starting at 8.30am in the school assembly area. Past students, community members and friends are invited to attend. ~~REAL ESTATE

real estate AS NEW house for sale to investor in Dawesville nr Mandurah. Owner will rent back at $380 p/w till new house built approx 1 year. 4x2with fam/din and home theatre, beautiful large kitchen, A/C, top fittings and fixtures and low care gardens.$325000 negotiable . call 0424 342 332 BOYA PERTH HILLS. LOCATION, LIFESTYLE & PRIVACY. 5 bed plus study, 3 bath family home with resort style pool area. 1/4 acre block in fantastic location. 10 minutes to airport, 25 mins to city, close to Swan Valley. Ideal family home or FIFO base. $679,000 PH: 0459 309 893 BRIDGETOWN duplexes; both leased, good rental return. Great investment opportunity. Close to town centre, fibro iron,500m block,sew,u/gd power. $350,000.00 please phone 0439 930 588 DAMPIER 3x1 house for sale,big block,close to school, shops, New air conditioning,new stove and oven, asking $799.000 ono. Please call 0421 645 349 to view. FALCON: W & B/N home 4 x 2, study, D/G, D-Vac. R/C aircon, bore, retic, 12 x 6 3 phase powered shed, 2000sq m. Block. 9534 3883 GREAT Lifestyle Block 13.76ha approx half a kilometre of WATER FRONT on the Upper Murray Jingellic N.S.W. Rare opportunity to buy a block of this size with building envelope. Magnificent views Telstra Power run though the block, Cleared Fenced Sring Fed Dam, School Bus $280,000.00 Phone 0438 431 822 HOUSE for sale in Dawesvillle near Mandurah investor only. As new 4by 2 with double garage home theatre room kit/din/ lounge low care gardens. A/C and fabulous kitchen owner will rent back at $380 per week till new house built aprox. One year $32,500 negotiable call 0424 342 332 HOUSE OPEN 23 Nov 13 This is a stunning, quality TIMIK built, 4x2 house, located in a quite street in Nickol, Karratha. House Open - 3 Woollybutt Way - 10am til 2pm - Sat 23 Nov. Other times by arrangement. Private Seller asking 920K ono. Contact Amanda 0438 915 462 INDUSTRIAL Unit for Sale

vehicles PRADO 2007 GXL. Auto. T Diesel. VG Condition, Reverse Cam. TJM bull & spotties. $28500 ONO. HDL 0457 976 952. TOYOTA land cruiser, engine replaced 1300kms ago, roof rack, awning, good tyres, dual batteries, $11,000.00 ono Phone 0487 672 148 Karratha TOYOTA Landcruiser 2001 Petrol, 6 cylinder Automatic 4 x 4 manual GXL Registration 12 /13 $10k Call 0419 866 099 TOYOTA Sahara 4.7v8 2005,navigation system,built in roof DVD player, sunroof, 8 seats geared up for towing all the extras, low klms phone 0427 550 270 VOLVO 2006 BL71 backhoe/ fel motor, 5 buckets, quick hitch forks. Phone 0418 901 158 ~~WANTED

wanted vehicles CLUBSPORT 2006 VZ, 182,xxx kms, Auto, Upgraded Exhaust, Bluetooth $19,000 ono in Karratha ph 0439 916 925 FALCON sdn ED 6 cyl auto lic runs, a bit rough needs some work, but licence and goes $850 ono 0418 343 773 F150 4x4 Tray Back, 199, 5.8LT 5 Speed Manual 6 months Rego $9500.00 ONO 0413 073 043. FORD falcon 1999 , Auto, Air con, Cruces control, Tow bar, 264000 ks 4 New Tyres, 5 Months Rego. Excellent motor & Gearbox, car is in Karratha, I need it gone, $2200, PH 0448 219 248 FORD falcon ute 2008 bf series 2 6 cyl auto ac ps cd on dedicated gas good condition $10,000 ono 0418 243 773 HOLDEN Ute HZ, tonner/ tipper, great car, in Bridgetown for pickup, needs a new owner. Excellent for restoration, lic, goes well. $5500.00 please phone 0439 930 588 NISSAN Patrol ST, 2004 Turbo Diesel $20,000ono - 191,000km, roof rack, lift kit, dual batteries/ controller system, onboard air compressor full service history, bull bar, UHF radio, Bluetooth Pioneer stereo, 7 seater, snorkel, dual tanks - Phone Lee 0459 024 579

I am looking for a person who can iron clothes on a fairly regular basis. Please contact me on 0420 470 413 if you are interested. I live in Karratha and I am ready to bring the clothes to your place and collect later or any other arrangement that suits you. MECHANIC to do cash jobs. Familiar with land cruiser 3f and Nissan d21 engines. 0411 700 778 PHOTOGRAPHER – volunteer required to take photos of SAFEs Cats and Dogs. It can be fitted around other commitments. Availability ideally at weekends or evenings. Opportunities for recognition. Call SAFE 9185 4634 PROFILE writers requiredvolunteer. To write about SAFE Cats and Dogs on SAFE website. Can be achieved by phone and to fit around other commitments. Experience not required. Call SAFE 9185 4634

Lodge Online for


Calway Logistics Seeks an MC truck driver MSIC an advantage.  


0427 448 734

Labourer Wanted We have the need for a labourer to commence immediately. 35 hrs / week in the bulding maintenance industry. Hourly rate will reflect the skill set you demonstrate. Please call Peter 0433 111 843


HEAVY DIESEL MECHANIC/FITTER required for local busy workshop. Min 3 years experience preferred

Please call Natham 0417 938 733



Bookings: 1300 655 720 or online

LOCAL STAFF • LOCAL JOBS • LOCAL TRAINING • LOCAL STAFF • LOCAL JOBS • LOCAL TRAINING • LOCAL STAFF • LOCAL JOBS • LOCAL TRAINNew WDP logo designs, allowing for 2 different spatial orientations options

Qualified Early Childhood Educator

TRUCK DRIVERS REQUIRED Keen and reliable, MC and HC required, local and some overnight work. Duties also included forklift work and yard duties, with weekend work.

Call Bishops Transport Greg 0488 977 709


SUPERVISING PATHOLOGY COLLECTOR (FT) We are seeking a full time pathology collector (Phlebotomist) to fill a vacancy in Karratha.

• • • •

Please submit your resume and a brief covering letter quoting Reference No: 68/13 to WDPHRAdviser@wdp. or to Administration Department, 74 McCoy Street, Myaree, W.A 6154.

We are looking for an enthusiastic Mobile (Truck) Service Fitter to join our team at our Karratha store full time! • Must have licence • Be mechanically minded • Aware of OH&S • Tyre fitting experience essential


Local civil workers, formworkers, concreters, steel fixers, labourers and part time Site Admin. Please send resume to Phone 9183 8221

You must have proven excellent customer service skills, highly developed interpersonal skills, excellent conflict resolution skills; good time management skills, and current Police Clearance. Enquiries to: Brenda Giblett Ph: 9317 0999


To apply email your resume to or Kathryn on (03) 8416 7296 with any queries

Previous phlebotomy experience is essential. Position involves alcohol and drug testing.

Applications close 30/11/13.

(Karratha) We are currently seeking a fulltime Qualified Early Childhood Educator to join our Karratha team providing a safe and stimulating environment for children. It is essential that the successful applicants have a degree or diploma in early childhood/children’s services or equivalent as well as a current (or willing to obtain) Senior First Aid Certificate You must also be able to obtain a Working with Children Check and National Police Certificate prior to employment. Above award rates and subsidised housing will be provided to the successful applicant. Please visit our website and click on the “Join Us” tab. A position description including selection criteria is also available on the website. Should you require any further information please call Nicki Blake, Director on phone (08) 9144 2022. Applications close: Sunday, 8 December 2013

Only people who have the right to work in Australia may apply for this position.

TEACHER WANTED YIC is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) that has been delivering essential youth services in Port Hedland 23 years. We are seeking a highly motivated and inspirational individual to join our energetic team and coordinate our Education Programs. Subsidised accommodation provided if required and other conditions can be negotiated after a successful probation period. Applicants must hold a formal qualification in teaching and a driver’s license. Experience working with Aboriginal youth and using innovative teaching and behaviour management techniques is desired. A current WA Working With Children Check is required & DCS screening will be processed on appointment. To apply send a resume to and short listed applicants will be interviewed. Applications close COB Friday 12th December 2013. The successful applicant will be required to start 27 January 2014.

Employment at Western Diagnostic Pathology (WDP) may be subject to a satisfactory pre-employment medical assessment.

The YMCA is an equal opportunity employer and committed to the safeguarding of children and young people.

WDP is an equal opportunity employer.

Graphic Designer / Typesetter Snap is Australia’s leading business print design and website group, and we are looking for a talented, driven and passionate person to join our professional team and contribute to the continued success and growth of our nationally recognised brand.

We’re thinking marketing… • Teamabout Environment

Frank, Maximum Meats Group • Ongoing professional and industry training opportunities • Career Development Opportunities


As Australia’s leading business print, design and website group, with over 150 Centres located throughout Australia and internationally, Snap prides itself on taking talented, driven and passionate people and providing them with the opportunities and challenges to develop their careers and reward their success.

start with a Marketing Health Check.”

thinking “We’re about marketing… ” Damien, Client Service Representative

Parenting Information Project Coordinator Local Information Network Karratha (LINK), a not for profit organisation, is funded by the Department of Local Government and Communities to provide a range of information, referral and support services to families with children aged 0 – 12 years living within the Shire of Roebourne. LINK provides support to families in the Shire of Roebourne on an individual basis as well as in group work. LINK conducts parenting education programs and workshops focusing on parenting skills. LINK relies on partnerships with other agencies and service providers to meet the needs of the community and is well known for delivering the annual Teddy Bears’ Picnic.

We are seeking an enthusiastic and motivated individual for the permanent part-time Project Coordinator position. The Project Coordinator reports to an Executive Management Committee and is solely responsible for day to day operations of LINK. The successful applicant will need to satisfy the following selection criteria: Ability to work with families and children, Must have a Working with Children Check and National Police Clearance or the ability to obtain one, Ability to liaise with other service providers within the Shire of Roebourne. Ability to coordinate and manage information sessions and events to enhance the capacity of parents in the community, Experience in working with committees, Experience with writing and acquitting grant applications, Excellent organisational skills and the ability to work autonomously, Computer literate with good general office skills. Level/Salary: Level 4 ‘Community Services Worker Award’. The position is for a 30 hour working week. The package includes 1 return flight to Perth a year and the option to Salary Sacrifice, this position does not include housing.

To apply, email your resume and statements to address the above selection criteria before Friday the 29th November 2013 to

Or post to: Attention Chairperson LINK PO Box 1420, Karratha WA 6714

Any enquiries can be directed to Pip Arthur 0408920028.

Snap Pilbara are seeking a passionate and talented person to join their new Karratha office as a graphic designer. The successful candidate must be confident, determined and prepared to combine their flare for design with professional customer service skills. Adobe Indesign experience is required.

Frank, Maximum Meats Grou

As the first point of contact within the business the successful applicant …let’s will st assist clients in determining their business needs, proposing the appropriate a Marketing Health solution to meet those needs and then utilise their graphic design skills to implement the solution. To be successful in this role you will need to display a positive, outgoing attitude, exceptional communication skills and an ability to handle a varied workload. Ideally the successful candidate will have at least 2 years graphic design experience within the print industry. If you believe you are the right candidate for this role please forward your resume and any supporting design samples to: Snap Pilbara or drop in and meet the team at 18 Hedland Place, Karratha.


echosport echo sport


Free Weekly 23 - 24 November 2013

Karratha sport stars honoured at awards Two BMX stars, a boxer and a gymnast have claimed top honours at this year’s Shire of Roebourne community sports awards, held in the Frank Butler Community Centre on November 15. More than 80 invited guests turned out for the 2014 Futureclubs Community Sports Awards, which are held to recognise outstanding athletic achievements as well as

the contribution of volunteers and umpires. BMX rider Rodney Gethin was named Sportsman of the Year after he claimed first-place finishes in the regional and state titles before finishing sixth in the national championships held in Queensland. Sportswoman of the Year Claire Hale showed her all-round athleticism by being the current

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WA Novice Senior Women’s State Boxing Champion, and also winning Karratha’s City to Surf foot race. Up-and-coming BMX star Dylan Bennetts claimed the Junior Sportsman award after competing in the BMX world championships and coming second at the nationals. Gymnast Erin Gethin was named Junior Sportswoman after picking up third place in the vault discipline at the state titles. Shire of Roebourne president Peter Long said the awards not only honoured sporting achievements but brought the sports community together to share ideas on how they can grow their organisations. “Our sporting clubs and associations, players and umpires, volunteers and spectators all play a vital role in ensuring our region is not just a great place to live and work, but also play,” Long said. “These awards are a fantastic opportunity to sit back and take stock of the year gone by and recognise those people, who make our sporting environment so great.” Gymnastics mentor Janet Nicholson was also a winner on the night, named Coach of the Year, while Mark Pieters took home Umpire of the Year for his junior soccer work.

Guests and award winners pose with their plaques. Below, Sydney Olympic gold medalist Lauren Burns and Rio Tinto’s Marnie Finlayson present Erin Gethin with her award.

Bluewater Tackle Exmouth Fishing Report Ph: 9144 4411

By Jenni Gates

9A Crane Circle

The water visibility has been sensational this week, according to divers and anglers. Leigh Mitchel, Matt Arscott and Ross Lawrence all ventured out with Matt Gates and had 25m visibility off the islands. They brought home some tasty mackerel, green jobfish, trout and bluebone. Spearo anglers (spear fishermen) are gearing up for the Freediving Fiesta weekend competition on November 30 and December 1. Entries are due in early to help with catering, so get into Tackle World and fill out an entry form. You could win a spearo package, even if you don’t compete. Jack Dandie turned 15 last week and spent the weekend spear fishing with his parents in the gulf. Jack has grown up to be a very capable diver and angler thanks to his mum, dad and brother Alex, who also enjoy most of their time on and in the water. I’ve mentioned the blue marlin fishing before, and it is really worldclass fishing, with nearly all the fish being caught from trailer boats. The average size of the blues has been up this year compared to last year, with some monsters being hooked as well. Large yellowfin tuna and some solid wahoo are also making their presence felt while anglers chase the blues out wide. Spanish mackerel and longtail tuna up to the 20kg mark have also been encountered on the bait throughout the sailfish grounds in the gulf.

Baked and Raised in the Pilbara

BT’s Bakery delivers

fresh bread daily to the following retail outlets in the Pilbara

Karratha • BP Karratha • Caltex Star Mart • Woolworths Karratha • Karratha Caravan Park • IGA Dampier • Woolworths Wickham • BP Roebourne • Roebourne Supply Mart more locations to come!

Port Hedland • Woolworths Hedland • Caltex Starmart Sth Hedland • BP Sth Hedland

Junior spear fisherman Jack Dandie with his weekend catch. The sails are still being found in big numbers in the gulf, though billfish anglers have been keener to get out among the big blue action. The gulf has also had some good catches of coral trout lately, especially on the vexed jigs. These jigs work well in the deeper waters for trout off the Muiron Islands and Tantabiddi side, but the reports in this week have been of trout on the smaller jigs in the gulf. Soft plastics also work well on trout in the gulf, while the everpresent trevally species tend to take a grab at these too. The west side has been a bit windy for shore-based anglers at times this week, but when you get a good window of weather combined with dawn or dusk, the results can be pleasing. When the winds are strong from the south, the best option is the tip of the cape and, though it is a bit of a walk, it is very peaceful up there and some good fishing can be had.


K 22

DAMPIER TIDE TIMES Visit for up-to-date boating weather

Sun 1 Time Ht

0325 0932 1525 2121

1.31 3.53 1.70 4.16

Mon 2 Time Ht

0407 1013 1607 2201

0.95 3.79 1.49 4.43

Tue 3 Time Ht

0447 1052 1648 2241

0.65 4.01 1.30 4.63

Wed 4 Time Ht

0527 1130 1729 2322

Thu 5 Time Ht

Fri 6 Time Ht

0.45 0608 0.36 0003 4.73 4.16 1209 4.25 0649 0.39 1.18 1809 1.13 1248 4.27 4.74 1852 1.16

Sat 7 Time Ht

0047 0730 1329 1937

4.61 0.53 4.21 1.27

echosport echo sport

Free Weekly 23 - 24 November 2013



Cricketers have a blast Hundreds of Karratha cricket juniors flocked to Pegs Creek Oval on Wednesday to swing their bats in a series of T20 games. The T20 Blast competition ran from 6-7.30pm with much of

the fanfare of the multimillion dollar Indian Premier League, including music blaring from speakers, games played under lights and parents enjoying a community barbecue. The games also help raise

money for the young players to travel to Junior Country Week early next year. The T20 Blast competition runs every Wednesday from 6-7.30pm. For more information email

Karratha Central Apartments AAA STAR RATING

Junior T20 cricketers wait for their chance out in the middle.

Deluxe Studio Rooms “SELF CONTAINED APARTMENTS” Fully Serviced Apartments Swimming Pool & Free BBQ facilities All rooms recently refurbished Located in town centre

Stay Friday and Saturday Night Bassett shoots into favour with netballers GET SUNDAY FREE!! * Subject to availability. Conditions apply


9143 9888 27 Warambie Road, Karratha

Caitlin Bassett giving the junior netballers some pointers. The trip’s organiser Jason Pedulla, manager of operations and events for the WA Olympic Council and Commonwealth Games Australia, said it was designed to inspire local kids. “Every year we look to take elite athletes up to regional

centres and use their inspirational stories and achievements to say to the kids that at this age the world is their oyster,” he said. “They can achieve anything in sport or in life in general. Living in a remote area doesn’t need to hold you back.”

Want to race a horse?

Jason Hunter Racing located in Kyneton Victoria is seeking new clients to join our progressive young stable. If you have thought about racing a horse but never new how please contact Jason and see how enjoyable and affordable racehorse ownership can be.

Its that time of year...........

Ho....Ho....Ho.....lets go cruising Day cruise Sundown cruise Resource cruise

Fishing Snorkelling kayaking

Jason Hunter 0407 845 579, or email

K 23

Karratha netballers are still buzzing after Australian national player Caitlin Bassett put them through their paces at the Leisureplex earlier this month. Standing 1.92m, Bassett plays as goal shooter for the Australian Diamonds and Perth’s West Coast Fever and cut a towering figure over the region’s juniors. Yet with a beaming smile and friendly personality, she quickly won them over during her clinic. After spending an hour answering questions and putting the juniors through their drills, Bassett took another session with the region’s senior players, going through more detailed drills and techniques. Earlier, she had accompanied Olympic 400m runner Ben Offereins, BMX rider Khalen Young and javelin competitor Kim Mickle who shared stories of their journeys with students at schools in Karratha, Dampier, Wickham and Roebourne.


echosport echo sport


Free Weekly 23 - 24 November 2013

Pros step up to the plate for Pilbara clash Hedland residents flocked to watch a rare professional-level baseball game on November 16, as Western Australia’s Perth Heat took on a USA All-Stars team in a tight, entertaining encounter. The USA All-stars eventually prevailed on the day with a hard-fought 1-0 victory. But while the home team might not have got across the line for a win, the Heat were still bowled over by the support from locals, who crowded into every vantage point at South Hedland’s Marie Marland Reserve to watch the game. The Heat and USA players also ran community and school skills clinics across two days, while a celebrity softball game and community barbecue were also popular drawcards. With thousands attending the free events, acting Tourism Minister John Day said the visit was a major boost for the Pilbara region. “To have a high-profile national team like the Perth Heat visit the Pilbara is a great achievement and our thanks go out to the team and Baseball WA,” he said. He said Pilbara baseball players were also well represented in the visit. WA’s Kennelly brothers, Sam, who this year signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates, and Matt, a free agent previously

signed with the Atlanta Braves, and Port Hedland’s Jesse Barron and Brendan Wise were all involved in the trip. The Heat and All Stars visit was sponsored by Royalties for Regionsfunded body Eventscorp, Tourism Western Australia, the Town of Port Hedland and Fortescue Metals Group. The Heat now hope to secure ongoing funding to enable them to play an annual game in the Pilbara.

The Perth Heat vs USA All-Stars game drew a crowd in Hedland in what was a low-scoring game dominated by the pitchers.

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PILBARA WATER & GAS home delivered - by the carton please call for prices!

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Hydrate Water Lipton Ice Tea Riverport Soft Drink Tru Blu & Diet Rite

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Karratha - Monday to Friday Dampier - Wednesday Roebourne, Wickham & Pt Samson - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

P h: 9 18 5 1 63 9 - Lot 1101 Cow l e Rd, Kar r at ha I n d u s t ri a l E s t a t e

ECHO 275 | 23 November 2013  
ECHO 275 | 23 November 2013