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Indian Charity Trip | Page 12

What would make two teenagers from Karratha say goodbye to family, food and Facebook to head overseas and live in a remote Indian village with next to no possessions?

buy local

100% Locally Owned & Produced |

Sprint-Karting Champ | Page 32 Local 14-year-old Nicholas Rowe finds success at the recent 50th Australian Sprint Karting Championships, including a second place title for Junior National Heavy.

Big ride for coppas Last Thursday morning the Karratha Police started their 30-hour bike ride from Karratha to Broome to raise money for Police Legacy. Pic: Riding for 16 years, SGT Colin Tunstead from Hopetown Photo courtesy of Margaret Bertling

For full story, see page 6




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TICKET DIRECT 1300 798 550 KARRATHA 15 - 26 AUG Adj Karratha Golf Club 0429 MOSCOW (0429 667 269) Searipple Rd

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With local Newman tradesman George Baramily entering the Big Brother house last Monday PROPERTIES AVAILABLE 44 4663 Roebourne PH: 9 Commercial shed night, we at Pilbara Echo thought we would follow George’s adventures. 1Available 44 46 for 6

18-19 August 2012


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Serah Walter wanted to share this photo with the community. It reminds her of how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful part of the world with our endless summer and unique landscape. Oh and the kids love it too! Serah used a Canon 5D Mark II

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Call Crime Stoppers

1800 333 000

Police attended a house in Nickol last week due to a report of loud music coming from the residence.

Police walked up the carport and spoke with the occupants who were all sitting outside. While the officers were talking to the occupants they observed a bong on the table. Police seized the smoking implement

By Senior Constable Newby



Karratha Police

9143 7200

and charged an adult female with possessing a smoking implement under the Misuse of Drugs Act.


Police were conducting pro-active patrols around Karratha Central Business District when they heard a suspicious noise coming from the direction of Moxham Motors.

Police Assistant Line

131 444

Police patrolled through Moxham Motors and observed a male person run from the area. Pilbara Traffic Police set off after the offender and chased him across a short distance. The offender was apprehended mid-flight and arrested. The juvenile male was charged with trespass. Karratha Detectives Office and the Volume Crime Team arrested three juvenile offenders and charged them with a total of 19 offences. These offences included two burglary offences and 17 stealing offences. When the juveniles were interviewed it was ascertained that they walked the suburb of Baynton systematically trying car doors until they found one unlocked.



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All 17 stealing offences were from vehicles that were left unlocked!


Unit 2, 18 Hedland Place PO Box 848 Karratha WA 6714



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Should Thevenard Island become the Rottnest of the North? By Courtney Bertling The Shire of Ashburton is inviting public comments on a recent application to use and/or develop Thevenard Island. The Mackerel Island Pty Ltd seeks approval from the Shire of Ashburton for a temporary change of use for facilities on Thevenard Island to allow for transient workforce accommodation for a period up to five years to allow Mackerel Islands Pty Ltd to provide accommodation for Chevron during the construction phase of the Wheatstone project. Mackerel Islands Pty Ltd has held leases on Thevenard and Direction Islands with the Minister for Lands since 1968 and has operated tourist facilities on these islands continuously since that time. The Mackerel Islands Pty Ltd proposal will ensure the financial viability of the Mackerel Islands during the Wheatstone construction phase and allow it to relaunch an exciting tourism product on completion of the construction phase, that will assist to promote Onslow and the region as a viable tourism destination. Importantly, reverting to tourism after a finite period will ensure the continuation of a successful local tourism operation and provide economic diversity that is not reliant on the resources industry and will provide opportunities for local employment, recreation and associated local tourism products.


Local Onslow residents, Janet and Gary said that they believe the request for public comments should not be confined to just Onslow.

boats driving in and out - day and night or more often to service passengers embarking and disembarking,” they said.

“This proposal will affect a lot of people, more people than have probably holidayed at the Resort or visited the beach or beach moorings at Thevenard Island for years,” they said.

“We do not want to see another Garden Island where the Navy took control and visitors to the island were restricted to the beach in certain areas and then only until dusk.

“Thevenard Island will become an ‘exclusion zone,’ probably a bit like Barrow Island and Garden Island.”

We do not want a Rottnest of the north – we want Thevenard!”

“This will have a devastating effect on tourism and the other three towns that make up this Shire of Ashburton and whose inland workers make this coast a ‘getaway location’.   “There won’t be any tourist benefit for the region now or in the future if this change in zoning is allowed to proceed. “Leave the Island as it is currently leased and it’s intended use - a tourist resort and strictly for tourism.  “No to Chevron. No to Mackerel Islands Management and yes to Tourism.” Janet and Gary believe that the Shire and more importantly, Chevron need to know that people, especially Onslow people are not happy. “Who is to say that in five years it will actually revert back to tourism and what state will the island be in after it has been used as a commercial premises and the damage that may occur to the channels into the small lagoon from

Details of the proposal are available for inspection at the Shire of Ashburton Administration Centre, Poinciana Street, Tom Price and will be open for public inspection during office hours. The application may also be viewed on the Shire’s website: www.ashburton. Comments on the proposal may be submitted to the Shire of Ashburton in writing on or before August 20, 2012.


ck Ma

Thevenard Island Approx 22km North of Onslow



Is rel





PAIN..? what’sh t Moscow Circus The circus is in town! From daredevil motorbike stunts to cute horses it was a great night out for all. Coming home smelling like popcorn is all part of the fun! The weather What a gorgeous week of weather in the Pilbara. There were lots of great photo opportunities - checksout on Colette’s mpage 10. a photos of the fogt on S P

Roebourne 27




219 Hit and runs C HICH We’ve heard reports of drivers hitting ESTE R Fortescuon our roads and not stopping wildlife eR Millstream to check. If you hit an animal, please Homestead Pannawonica stop to help it. Visitors Centre 79 22

Public toilets Why do some people feel the need to65 trash public restrooms? Please keep it clean and report filthy toilets you come across in your town.

North West Cape

Exmouth Learmonth

Visit And let us know what’s hot Paraburdoo or visit facebook and search for Pilbara Echo

Minilya Roadhouse

National Workforce Development Strategy Consultations What challenges face our workforce now and over the years to 2025? How should we address them? AWPA is producing a National Workforce Development Strategy that will recommend policies to address Australia’s skills and workforce development needs. We are seeking your input through public consultation sessions. Register now to attend! Date: 28 August 9.30 am – 12.30 pm Venue: All Seasons Hotel Karratha Our vision for this strategy is that Australia has the workforce capability it requires for a productive, sustainable and inclusive future, and that Australian enterprises have the capacity to develop and use the skills of their workforce to maximum advantage for the benefit of industry and the community. To register to attend visit our website: • Thevenard Island facilities - Photo by Glen Dillon


Naughty or nice? There’s grown up gifts for everyone at Secret Fantasies RPE AVE



Medical Centre


3 K


18+ Products •Costumes • Lingerie •



Shop 42 Karratha Village | Ph 9185 6498


Cinema CR

10.30am - 7.00pm 10.30am - 9.00pm 10.00am - 2.00pm


M-F: Thu: Sat/Sun:


Regular Hours


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Anvil Legal Workers Compensation Lawyers PROVIDING SOLID & DEPENDABLE LEGAL SERVICES Workers Compensation Claims Superannuation claims for TPD Workplace Disease General Law Contact us to arrange a

FREE initial phone appointment Most workplace injury claims are no cost to you for our legal assistance

Ph (08) 6143 5200 E:

Free Weekly 18 - 19 August 2012

The Pilbara Poet

by Elise Batchelor The Pilbara’s North West Fest says to the world: We rock, we roll, we rap, we beatbox, we do all of that thingummy groovy popular music stuff. And it’s quite in-tents. Speaking of which, given that I was the only Arts student ever to fall asleep sober by 9.30pm at parties in my youth, do you think it’s cool to take a pillow or other snoozing devices to a massive, day-night music festival and beg for a sleeping mat mid concert?

Nosebleed nap Blue dacks: check. Blue boots: done. Healthy snacks. Packed. Loo stop? Run!

Elbows: ready. Give me space. Tent skills: primed. Tents: they’re ace.

And so: I’m set. My ticket: in hand. The gig: looms large For every band.

Tshirt: cool Ticket lost: what?! Joke Joyce. Phew. None of that rot!

Sunnies: designer (shhh….they’re fake) Nothing’s sublimer, Make no mistake

But just one question. (May I be bold?) Is it a sign You’re getting old,

Sunscreen. Really? 30 degrees. That’s how we roll here. Done it for years.

than winter: up north. And music: up high. That volume: cranked loud. And doubters: Don’t try.

When in your bag (she huffs and puffs) You can’t forget Your good ear muffs?


From litterer to mental patient I recently took my four year old son to a playground here in town and was horrified to find a huge amount of litter liberally scattered about it. As usual I picked it all up and put it in the bin and my little son helped. A quick survey of the litter led me to believe it was left there by children not parents; empty plastic water bottles, popper cartons, lolly packets, icy pole plastic wrappers, etc. This got me thinking as to why these children haven’t picked up their litter after themselves and I can only come to one conclusion; lack of discipline in that they haven’t been taught to do so by their parents. This reminds me of a friend of mine. She wouldn’t discipline her young son because she herself had a disciplinarian upbringing. Whenever her husband tried to discipline the boy she threatened to leave him and as a result the kid received no discipline, grew up with no self respect, had no respect for his parents or others and no respect for society. He didn’t ever pick up his clothes

in his room or his litter at the park when he was a young boy as his mother pampered him and did everything for him. By 13 he was doing as he wanted. He started drinking alcohol at that age and by 15 he was an alcoholic, by 17 a marijuana smoker, by 19 a marijuana dealer, by 21 a hard drug user and dealer and at 24 he ended up in a mental hospital due to drug induced schizophrenia. Today he is on a range of medication trying to rebuild his life and fit back in to society (and his mum is still supporting him, both financially and otherwise). I can understand my friend’s parenting philosophy, given her background, but I believe she swung the pendulum too far.  A little discipline or teaching goes a long way, especially at an early age, and there are ways to discipline and teach your children without resorting to physical or mental abuse. It’s just a matter of setting boundaries. It’s your choice parents, the path from litterer to mental patient is not as far fetched as it sounds. Anonymous, Karratha

All letters must be signed and addressed. Profanity is unacceptable. All letters are subject to editing for clarity by the editor. The views written in the Letters to The Editor do not necessarily reflect the views of Pilbara Echo, nor does Pilbara Echo take any responsibility of the views stated by those who write to the editor.

10.27am Pilbara, WA. Brett McCormack begins work on a gearbox the size of an office cubicle.

Are you ready for a bigger challenge? You don’t get the opportunity to work on some of the biggest machinery in the country every day. Unless of course, you’re a maintainer at Rio Tinto. The scale of our operations is phenomenal and it requires an equally remarkable team to keep production on track. We’re currently looking for skilled operators, engineers, trades, project professionals, geologists and other specialists who are ready to take on the biggest challenges of their career. Sound like you? Go to or call 1300 MINING.

K 4

Brett’s story

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Tax Tips

Hedland Accounting & Finance

Local Accountants - Local Knowledge - Local Experience

Dan Collins is a local Accountant at Hedland Accounting & Finance in Plaza Arcade on Edgar St, Port Hedland. Dan is contactable on 9173 2060.

In the past, most small businesses Dan Collins have kept their accounting records on their laptop or server. However, over recent years, a number of software providers like MYOB and Zero, have introduced online software. This software allows you to store your accounting records on the web in a relatively secure fashion. To access your accounting records, you go to the company’s website, log in with your password, and hey presto, you’ll have access to your accounting records. Storing your records online has a number of advantages and disadvantages, particularly for Pilbara businesses. One advantage is that your records can be accessed from anywhere you have internet access. For example, if you got called out of town for an urgent job, you’ll still be able to access your records so long as you can access the internet. If your payroll person needs to work from home on payday, they’ll still be able to access your records and process the payroll. Another advantage is that if your computer is lost, stolen, or just stops working, then your accounting records are still accessible from any other computer. Of course, along with the advantages are some disadvantages. B.Bus, CPA

Shop 8 Plaza Arcade 4 Edgar St Port Hedland PO Box 320 Port Hedland 6721 Ph: 9173 2060 Fax: 9467 2872

The biggest disadvantage associated with keeping all your accounting records online is security. Your MYOB accounting records will contain a lot of very sensitive information about your business and your employees. Details like your employees name, address, tax file number, date of birth and bank details are all stored in your MYOB accounting records. This makes your records very attractive to hackers and those wanting to commit identity theft. With identity fraud costing Australians over a billion dollars a year, you’d need to think very carefully about storing your accounting records online. Without a doubt, keeping your accounting records online can be very convenient, particularly for businesses in remote areas like the Pilbara. Business owners will just need to weigh up if that convenience is worth the risk from hackers and identity theft. The information provided is of a general nature and should not be considered to be advice. For advice on how this information relates to your specific situation, please contact your financial advisor.

Paul Olivier, senior principal, has been visiting Karratha regularly, meeting with clients and the community generally. His next scheduled visit is Wednesday 29 August 2012 when he will be available to discuss your legal issues. Paul provides advice and representation in relation to Mining Act issues and contract advice, interpretation and formation. He also takes instructions in the following areas: • Commercial

• Liquor and hospitality

• Construction

• Litigation

• Corporate

• Mining, energy and resources • Personal injury

• Criminal

• Property and settlements

• Family law • Franchising

• Wills, estate planning and administration

• Insurance

• Workplace relations and safety

Paul is pleased to provide public notary services upon prior request. To arrange an appointment with Paul or any of our practitioners, or for further information about our services, please telephone: 1800 732 445 (freecall)

1800 732 445 (free call)

Family Home. Investment. Get the best of both worlds.

Right now, you and your family need a place to call home but you don’t want to compromise on comfort or pay through the nose. You want a home that suits both the environment and your family’s needs. You also want your home to be an investment for your future, so building the right size of home with quality finishes is very important. That’s why you need a builder that’s more flexible, that understands the area and is willing to change to your needs not make you bend to their rules. You need Summit North West because they build homes that fit your world today and tomorrow.

WINNER Golden Key Display Home of the Year 2012 HIA WA Pilbara Housing Awards

Homes that fit your world


The Mitchell open by appointment at Lot 618 Ganbarr St, Bayton West.


Talk to one of our sales consultants Kimberley on 0419 649 269 or Pilbara on 0420 958 348. See our full range of architect designed steel framed modular and insitu built homes at

Summit North West and Spirit Radio are looking for people who deserve a helping hand. If you know someone who needs a lift and would benefit from a Random Act of Kindness then log onto and nominate a friend, a local sports group, charity or school.



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Off they go to Broome


Last Thursday morning, the Karratha Police started their 30-hour bike ride from Karratha to Broome to raise money for Police Legacy. There are currently 35 widowers and 45 children under 18 years of age being supported by WA Police Legacy. The bike ride is a non-stop, relay ride to Broome, where they arrived on Friday. There were 61 people on the ride, 30 riders and 31 volunteers. 10 of the riders even travelled from Perth to participate. Everyone trained for the event, although as Karratha Police constable Jackie Newby said, all the training cannot prepare us for a non-stop relay ride to Broome.

ABN 53 152 312 760

• Free quote • No job too small • Domestic

Free Weekly 18 - 19 August 2012

• Commercial • Industrial • Test tagging

Clint Hanson 0413 271 088 Email:

Photos courtesy of Margaret Bertling


• Into the sun and towards Broome


• Waving to the camera

• Showing support for a friend, Peter and Vicki Long with former Karratha Detective Steve Perejmibida

Work underway on radar installation in Pilbara Work is underway by Airservices Australia, the national air traffic control services provider, to install an en route radar in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The radar, being built at Paraburdoo, will be used to provide air traffic control surveillance in the region and enable Airservices to respond to the increase in air traffic due to significant resource sector growth. It will provide air traffic controllers with the ability to ‘see’ aircraft down to the ground at Paraburdoo. The radar will also provide coverage down to approximately 10,000 feet for traffic operating in or out of West Angeles, Barimunya and Fortescue Dave Forrest and to about 15,000 feet for traffic to Newman.

RAPID RESPONSE TO PILBARA INDUSTRIAL GROWTH Following the completion of Stage 1 civil works (120ha creating 41 lots), we are commencing the civil works for stages 2, 3 and 4 which will provide an additional 42 lots in a range of sizes from 2,000sqm to 6ha, some of which will benefit from direct frontage to Dampier Highway. So far we have released a total of 160ha at the 260ha estate, and already 32 companies are set to call Gap Ridge home including Toll, Monadelphous, Centurion, KTEQ Rentals and Coates. This equates to approximately 60,000sqm of new office and warehouse accommodation.

NEW ADDITION TO GAP RIDGE SALES TEAM We welcome our new sales agent to the team - Leigh Anderson of Crawford Realty in Karratha will be joining our Perth based sales agent, Warick Irving from CBRE.


LAND NOW SELLING Stage 4 lots have recently been released for sale and range from 3,600sqm to 1.3ha, they are priced from $974,000 (GST inclusive) and are ready for occupation by 2013 in the light industrial precinct. These lots all benefit from direct exposure to Dampier Highway.

Do you have a complaint that you have not been able to resolve directly with: • a State Government agency, local government or public university? • a Western Australian electricity or gas company? If you do, you are invited to a FREE complaints clinic where you can speak directly with ofcers from the Western Australian Ombudsman and Energy Ombudsman.

Stage 3 lots are available for sale and range from 4 to 6ha and are priced from $5.7M (GST inclusive). These lots will be ready for occupation in mid 2013 in the general industrial precinct.

Complaint clinics will be held at the following times:

Fully constructed lots are still available in Stage 1 sized from 3,897sqm to 1.13ha and priced from $1.12M to $2.35M (GST inclusive). These are ready for immediate occupation.

SOUTH HEDLAND Tuesday 28 August, 12 noon - 1.30pm Lotteries House, 2 Leake Street, South Hedland


For more information about what’s available at Gap Ridge contact the sales agents: Leigh Anderson at Crawford Realty Karratha on 0427 568 010 or Warick Irving at CBRE on 0413 863 335

KARRATHA Wednesday 29 August, 4.30 - 6.30pm and Thursday 30 August, 11.30am - 1.00pm Lotteries House, 7 Morse Court, Karratha

Call 1800 117 000 or email to RSVP or for further information. K 6

It will also provide some radar coverage of traffic operating to and from Karratha. Airservices Executive General Manager Projects and Engineering, Mark Rodwell, said that air traffic in Western Australian had grown exponentially in the last five years. “Perth Airport, the hub for growth in Western Australia, has experienced a rise of 12.5 per cent in aircraft movements in the last year alone,” Mr Rodwell said. “With so many additional planes flying to and from the Pilbara region, radar provides us with the capability to know the exact location of an aircraft in real time. “This enables us to make safer and more efficient use of the airspace,

allowing aircraft to operate more efficiently, and reducing pilot and controller workload to further enhance safety.” The radar installation is expected to be completed by November 2012 and before the onset of the wet season. The radar will be installed on a sublease site at Mt Mysery, which also contains other Airservices equipment including a communications tower. Airservices has carried out a comprehensive safety assessment to ensure there are no risks to the environment or local residents. This includes an assurance that the radar complies with all Australian and international standards relating to radio frequency transmissions.

Safety Skills Topic

Fire Extinguisher and Warden Working Safely at Heights Snake Handling Safety for Supervisors

Skills Centre Date

23 August 31 August 6 September 13 - 14 September

Industrial Topic


Enter & Work in a Confined Space Forklift Elevated Work Platform

22 August 3 - 4 September 5 - 6 September

Business Topic


MS Project

4 - 5 September 11 September 13 September

Excel Introductory Word Intermediate

Please contact our Karratha team 91596875

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The Dark Knight Rises (M) 7pm 19 August and 24 August ON SALE NOW Eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, the terrorist leader Bane arrives in Gotham City, pushing it and its police • Ned Cheedy’s life is being celebrated through two films

Films to commemorate the life of Ned Cheedy Two films have been created to celebrate the late Yindjibarndi elder, Mr Ned Cheedy’s life. Produced by the Juluwarlu Group Aboriginal Corporation of Roebourne, the films showcase Mr Cheedy’s story, one that offers something beautiful and strong to many people. The first film, ‘Mayaringbungu, a Beautiful Mind,’ is a collection of songs, stories and journeys through country featuring Mayaringbungu, drawn from the archives of Juluwarlu. This film opens a small window into the miracle of Ned’s vast knowledge of Yindjibarndi history and culture, a taste of one hundred years of knowledge, which

carries the Yindjibarndi community into the world of the old people. The second film, ‘When The Ground Is Hard, Yindjibarndi Dance,’ shows traditional Yindjibarndi Jalurra (dance songs) and Ngurnda (dances) performed at Cheeditha Community by their men, women and children, after Mayaringbungu was honoured with the 2011 national NAIDOC Lifetime Achievement Award. Every time they perform Jalurra they renew the physical and spiritual connection of today’s generation with their Yindjibarndi country and all previous generations.  Both these films can be seen online at

force to their limits, forcing its former hero Batman to resurface after taking the fall for Harvey Dent’s crimes. (M Drama, Action, Adventure Run Time 165mins) Visit for tickets

Ice Age 4 (PG) 7pm 26 August ON SALE NOW Scrat’s nutty pursuit of the cursed acorn, which he’s been after since the dawn of time, has world-changing consequences – a continental cataclysm that triggers the greatest adventure of all for Manny, Diego and Sid. In the wake of these upheavals, Sid reunites with his cantankerous Granny, and the herd encounters a ragtag menagerie of seafaring pirates determined to stop them from returning home. (PG Comedy, Animation, Run Time 92mins)

ted (MA 15+) 7pm 31 August ON SALE NOW Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane brings his boundary-pushing brand of humor to the big screen for the first time as writer, director and voice star of Ted. In the live action/CGanimated comedy, he tells the story of John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg), a grown man who must deal with the cherished teddy bear who came to life as the result of a childhood wish... and has refused to leave his side ever since. (MA15+, Comedy, Fantasy, Run Time 106 • Members of the KVFRB with Sebastian, Nathaniel, Ziana and Shyla

Pedal car a huge hit This year’s festival was a great opportunity for fire fighters to speak with people of the community about safety and fire awareness. The lucky winner was Lea Crummer from Karratha. A special thanks goes to the community for supporting the local brigade.

To book tickets

visit For information or to become a FOTT call 9186 8653 between 10am and 2pm Monday to Friday or email Karratha




Point Samson



This year the Karratha Volunteer Fire & Rescue Brigade ran a raffle for a Child’s Pedal Car Fire Truck for the FeNaClNG Festival. Tickets were $3.00 and the raffle was run over two days with all contributions going towards the Volunteer Brigade. The car caught the attention of young children and parents, which enabled this to happen.




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Got News?

As a contributor-based newspaper, we accept articles from the public. Were you there? Then send your articles & high resolution photos to

Newman local enters BIGBROTHER house George Baramily

Fresh every weekend

Age: 24


Occupation: Tradesman Residing: Newman Equity: $3.722 Million

Pregnancy Counselling

S ex

u a l H e a lt h S e r v i c


Just found out you are pregnant? Not sure what to do or who to talk to? Family Planning WA offer appointments with a counsellor for unplanned pregnancy and post termination counselling*. Free telephone counselling is available for country callers. • FPWA offers pregnancy counselling that is non-directional and options based • Post termination counselling available

What we love about George this week: - George shows off his torso and explains how he got his tattoo which says ‘Legendary’. It involves Mexico, a nightclub and booze. - George asks Ryan about modelling. “I feel like a bit of a tool when people ask you what you do,” Ryan replies.

By Courtney Bertling With local Newman tradesman George Baramily entering the Big Brother house last Monday night, we at Pilbara Echo thought we would follow George’s adventures and give you a weekly update on what George has gotten up to. Firstly, if you’re just tuning into Big Brother, George is a multi-millionaire 24-year-old from the Pilbara.

• Talk to someone who can help you decide what is best for you

With his ‘strawberry’ smelling dreads, George confessed to Sonja Kruger before entering the house that when he goes out, he will always end up kissing a girl.

Counselling Ph: 9228 3693 Freecall for country callers: 1800 198 205

George comes across as a ladies man who loves to have a good time, and friend Mark Pages-Oliver admits that it is all true!

• Counselling for partners and significant others

Free Weekly 18 - 19 August 2012

“I first met George over a year ago

*An admin fee of $15 covers up to 4 sessions

in Perth and the second time, I bumped into him while in Bali for a friend’s birthday party,” he said. “He is very much a people person, he loves to spend time with people. “He loves getting out there and having a good time, he doesn’t need to be the centre of attention, but people do tend to gravitate towards him, because he is generally a nice guy. “Something people may not know about him is that he is actually a really good boxer. I think it’s his super long reach which gives him an advantage.” Mark said that while watching the show on Monday, before George entered the house, George was more nervous than ever before. “He was really nervous on stage before entering the Big Brother house, that was probably the most nervous I have ever seen him before,” he said.

“It’s a big deal to come from Newman, being pretty much one of the most known people in town, to go to the Big Brother house, where you have millions of people watching you. “When he went into the house though, that’s where I saw him be the George that I know. “He was a lot more comfortable, chilled out and just trying to get to know everyone. “He does love a drink, so I can’t wait until they start pouring the alcohol, because that is when we are going to see some highlights from George.” The reason behind George’s success is property investing, where he currently owns six houses, four located in Newman and two located in Perth. Check out next week to see what George has been up to in the Big Brother house.

Don’t let your safety equipment expire Responsible skippers know certain pieces of safety equipment have an expiry date. Flares, EPIRBs, fire extinguishers and inflatable life jackets all have expiry dates. There are some easy ways to remember to replace safety equipment with an expiry date: 1. Put the dates in your diary 2. Put the dates in your mobile phone The Department of Transport has also produced a special sticker to act as a visual reminder. To get a sticker or more information about this initiative, visit or call the information line on 1300 863 308.


Learn to

Expiry date reminder

Vessel registration no: MONTH


Fire extinguishers MONTH


Inflatable life jackets MONTH


Distress flares MONTH



YEAR Information line: 1300 863 308

K 8

A safe boating initiative from Marine Safety, supporting Western Australia’s Boating Community.

Swing dance

Swing dance instructors from Melbourne, Shob and Andy, run one of the biggest swing venues in the country and are heading to Karratha. Known for their diversity, they love slow and sultry blues dancing, swinging out at lightning speeds and highflying aerials. Plus, they hold multiple Australian titles and have taught all over Australia, New Zealand and in London.   They are excited to be part of the Red Earth Arts Festival and to bring swing dancing to Karratha between Friday, August 31 and Saturday, September 1.

These include: Taster class on Friday, August 31 between 7-8pm. Beginner class on Saturday, September 1 between 10.30-11.45am. Beginner class on Saturday September 1 between 12-1.15pm. Beginner Aerial (Partner Required) on Saturday, September 1 between 2.30-4pm. These classes will be amazing and are not to be missed. Open to all ages, a partner is required for the beginner aerial workshop. For further details please contact Kim McColl on 9186 8555 or

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• The installation of a remote community Electrodialysis Reversal (EDR) water purification unit – the containerised design enables the entire unit to be moved and installed cost-effectively, despite the challenges involved in operating in remote areas

Purified water for remote communities This ensured enough Australian Drinking Water Guidelines compliant water could be supplied whilst minimising waste. By comparison, other water treatment technologies such as Reverse Osmosis (RO) would only achieve around 60 per cent recovery on this very challenging ground water source. Engineered Systems at GE Power & Water Irshaad Hakim said while it seems incredible that any Australian should go without access to clean, safe drinking water, it does demonstrate the challenges of ensuring access to clean, safe drinking water in the most remote regions of the country. “GE has experience in solving some of the toughest water challenges around the world and we have applied our knowledge to ensure the communities of Kiwirrkurra and Parnngurr have the best possible water purification technology that will deliver compliant water for many years to come,” he said. “Our work with the Department of Housing in Western Australia and Parsons Brinckerhoff is an excellent example of how we take global innovations and tailor them to local conditions.” Each site will be supplied with two containerised AQ 5 EDR units, capable of producing 170,000 litres of water per day. The design is highly robust which is supported with remote operation and a 12-month operations and maintenance service provided by GE.

Horizon Power continues to be committed to delivering underground power through the Pilbara Underground Power Project (PUPP), improving safety and reliability of power supplies to thousands of customers in cyclone prone areas in the Pilbara. Residents should be aware that contractors are now working through areas in Millars Well and Bulgarra. We will continue to update residents on works in the Karratha area. If you would like to find out more information, please contact the Karratha Horizon Power office on 9159 7250 or visit










GE is ensuring some of Australia’s most remote communities have access to clean and safe drinking water. Through a partnership with Parsons Brinkerhoff, GE’s Power & Water business is supplying treatment equipment to improve water quality in the Kiwirrkurra and Parnngurr communities for the WA Department of Housing. Access to clean drinking water is a basic human right that most Australians take for granted. However, in remote communities where quality drinking water can be scarce, action must be taken to improve the quality of the available water supply. This simple step greatly improves health outcomes in the community. Kiwirrkurra, located on the edge of the Gibson Desert 1,200 km east of Port Hedland, and Parnngurr, 370km from Newman in the Pilbara, are both remote indigenous communities that use groundwater as the main water source. Under the Remote Area Essential Services Program (RAESP), Parsons Brinckerhoff analysed the past 10 years of water quality data for these communities and identified elevated levels of naturally occurring inorganic compounds. GE worked with Parsons Brinckerhoff to identify an appropriate treatment solution that considered the targeted removal of certain compounds, provided a high water recovery rate of around 90 percent and could work in remote situations.

Community Update

ARtS AnD cultuRE community DEvElopmEnt WoRkShopS During the Red Earth Arts Festival the Shire of Roebourne is offering the following workshops: DAtE





Friday 31st August

7pm – 8pm


The Youth Shed

Open to all ages

Beginner Swing Dancing

Saturday 1st September

10.30am – 11.45am


The Youth Shed

Open to all ages

Beginner Swing Dancing

Saturday 1 September

12pm – 1.15pm


The Youth Shed

Open to all Ages

Beginner Aerial – Swing Dancing

Saturday 1st September

2.30 - 4pm


The Youth Shed

Open to all ages

cultural Awareness training – introduction

Thursday 6th September

9.30am – 2pm

$50 per participant

The Youth Shed

Open to organisations, companies and broader community

cultural Awareness training – Broader perspective

Thursday 13th September

9.30am – 2pm

$50 per participant

The Youth Shed

Only participants whom have completed the Introduction sessions

Developing community, capacity and Spirit

Tuesday 11th September

8.30am – 4.30pm

$35 per participant

Shire of Roebourne

Open to organisations, companies and broader community

music Workshops

Monday 3rd September and Monday 10th September

3pm – 5pm


Amenities Building, Wickham rth

Open to all ages

e Ar ts F






rth Ea






e Ar ts F





rth Ea

Open to all ages


For further details or to download a registration form visit the Shire website es es Ar ts F Ar ts F Alternatively you can contact kim mccoll on 9186 8555 or via email at ti






3pm – 5pm


Roebourne Youth Centre Re

Tuesday 4th September and Wednesday 12th September


rth Ea


music Workshops



EvEnt taster class - Swing Dance


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Karratha covered by blanket of fog by Tamara Binamat

• Heavy dew on the hills behind St. Luke’s College

If you woke up on Tuesday morning and things looked a bit foggy around Karratha, it was either too much wine or perfect weather conditions for a cloudy morning. Daniel Hays, Observer at the Port Hedland Bureau of Meteorology, says the conditions lined up perfectly allowing an impressive fog to cover town. “We’ve been getting these radiation fogs over the last few weeks which generally happens under conditions of clear skies. “The temperature of the ground cools as it radiates the heat away overnight. So as the surface of the ground cools, it then cools the surrounding air. If the temperature of the air drops enough that it reaches the dew point, that’s when we are going to see fog” Daniel explained. “Once at dew point, the water in

the air condenses out, which is what we saw as the thick fog” he said. The BOM explained that the light wind conditions allowed the cloud to form and stay hovering over the town. The night before the fog, wind conditions were low, with a west/ north-west breeze through the evening bringing the moisture in. From 4pm the humidity was at 50 per cent, steadily declining overnight to about 10 per cent. Daniel said temperatures in Karratha will continue to be cold at night, but will start to warm up soon. “Temperatures are running below average minimums and above average maximums so far in August, it would be pretty significant if conditions continued for the rest of the month.” said Daniel. The long-term average for August minimums in Karratha is 14.2 degrees. Temperatures have been running 1.2

degrees below average at 13 degrees. The Bureau of Meteorology says Karratha will continue to see fairly similar conditions over the rest of this month.

“Temperatures in Karratha will continue to be cold at night, but will start to warm up soon. “ - Daniel Hays Photos by Colette McEntee

TRAFFIC NOTICE Main Roads WA would like to remind road users that roadworks are continuing on the Dampier Highway between Balmoral Road and Burrup Road. Speed restrictions will be in place until these works are complete.

Upcoming changes – effective Monday 27th August Traffic signals operating at the Madigan Road/Exploration Drive intersection New southbound lane opened between Balmoral Road and Bayly Avenue

• Dew dripping from the wildlife

Refurbished bridge open to traffic There will be a series of temporary localised lane closures whilst off-road and median works such as street-lighting are carried out. Steel Avenue will operate as a left-in/left-out only. There will be no right turn out to Karratha. This movement will be available at Exploration Drive.


Thai Lanna K 10


• The misty mountains

Now open 6 days a week O P E N 5 . 3 0 P M - 9 P M -T U E S DAY T O S U N DAY - C L O S E D M O N DAY

Bookings Preferred - 9183 1515 S HO P 3 - DA MP I E R A R C A DE Ve n u e a v a i l a b l e f o r h i re / f u n c t i o n s

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Karratha Central Apartments AAA STAR RATING

• The 2012 Nameless Festival

Go for Gold in Tom Price Tom Price was a hub of activity as thousands of people celebrated the 2012 Nameless Jarndunmunha Festival. Now in its 41st year, the annual festival was held from Saturday, August 4 to Sunday, August 12 and honoured the Olympic Games with the theme ‘Go for Gold’. Opening the festivities was the ‘Go for Gold’ ball, held at the Tom Price Recreational Centre on Saturday, August 4. Party-goers were entertained by ‘Stone Circle’ who ensured the crowd danced well into the early hours of the following morning. The ‘Respect Yourself Respect Your Culture’ art exhibition was opened to the public on Tuesday, August 7. Hundreds of pieces of artwork were on display showcasing the talents of many local artists, including a number of primary school students. For the first time the ‘Pilbara Wearable Creationz’ exhibit was held, displaying unique and imaginative outfits designed to be ‘art that walks’. The ‘People’s Choice Award’ was presented to Lisa Chambers for her inventive Wearable Art’, inspired by her passion for recycling and turning ‘trash into fash’. From Friday, August 10 to Sunday, August 12, the festival stepped up a notch thanks to performances from headline acts Adam Brand, Johnny

Ruffo, the Justice Crew and Beside Lights. Clem Thompson Oval was transformed into a sideshow alley and the laughter and screams of children and adults alike could be heard as they enjoyed the amusement rides and stalls on offer. Local musicians who participated in the Western Australian Music Industry Association’s project ‘The Sounds of Tom Price’, launched their much anticipated CD, and children crowded around the main stage to watch performances from Dorothy the Dinosaur and Friends, and Fairy Queen Caroline. A lantern parade and fireworks display lit up the night sky on Friday, and Saturday morning saw many community groups weave their way throughout the town in the Nameless street parade. The event culminated on Sunday with a family day, which included a dog show and mini Olympics. The festival first started in 1971 and takes its name from the iconic Mount Nameless or Jarndunmunha as it’s known by the Eastern Guruma people. Once a one-day event, the success of the festival has seen it grow to a week-long celebration. Major sponsors of the 2012 Nameless Jarndunmunha Festival include Rio Tinto and the Shire of Ashburton, as well as many local community groups and businesses.

“SELF CONTAINED Deluxe Studio Rooms APARTMENTS” Fully Serviced Apartments Below Ground Swimming Pool FREE BBQ Facilites Located in town centre

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Friday, Saturday & Sunday only - minimum of 2 night stay, subject to availability. CONDITIONS APPLY

27 Warambie Road, Karratha

Need Accommodation in the Wickham / Roebourne area? Casual and long term rates available.

Point Samson Road Village ROnsite Dining REnsuited Rooms RModern Design RFlat Screen Television

Photos courtesy of Julie Glover

CONTACT US • There was something for everyone at the event

(08) 9182 1061 0488 110 444 WWW.MORRISCORP.COM.AU

• Lisa Chambers’ entry won the ‘People’s Choice Award’ .


Payment on collection via cash or EFTPOS

Wed 22nd Thurs 23rd Fri 24th Sat 25th Sun 26th Mon 27th Tues 28th Wed 29th Thurs 30th


BEEF CHICKEN bulk, fair & affordable prices!!

11 K




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Karratha teens leave western comfort for life changing experience By Tamara Binamat

• Aimee and Tori are looking forward to their Indian adventure

“It’s going to be a culture shock, it’s going to be different to anything we’ve ever experienced before but we’re up for the challenge” - Aimee Chappell

Walkington Award 2012 applications now open

Feeding Wildlife:

Calling for applications from STUDENTS, full-time or part-time students APPLY NOW! aged 16 to 25 years who reside or whose parents reside in the Shire of Roebourne. This prestigious $5,000 award aims to encourage students to continue full or part time studies at a recognised educational institution. The Walkington Award commemorates the service of the late Dr Al Walkington, Foundation Director of the Karratha College, now known as Pilbara Institute. Application forms are available from:     

Shire of Roebourne administration office Online at Karratha Senior High School administration office Pilbara TAFE administration office St Luke’s College administration office

Applications close 19 October 2012 and can be mailed to the Shire of Roebourne, PO Box 219 Karratha WA 6714 or emailed to For information and guidelines please contact the Community Development Team on 9186 8555 or view online at Karratha




Point Samson


‘The trouble with unnatural foodstuffs’ Join the official Pilbara Echo fan page on Facebook to keep upto-date with community happenings. Search “Pilbara Echo” on Facebook to join.

Why Hire?

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Tel: 1300 96 88 85 | Mob: 0405 96 22 42 K 12

What would make two teenagers from Karratha say goodbye to family, food and Facebook to head overseas and live in a remote Indian village with next to no possessions? Tori Raynes, 19-years-old, and Aimee Chappell, 18-years-old, are leaving the red dust of Karratha to live and work in India for three weeks as part of a charitable program to volunteer at an orphanage. The team will depart Karratha on September 15, saying its something they’ve always dreamed of doing. “I’ve always had an interest in Indian culture and volunteering was something I’ve always wanted to do,” said Tori. “I thought the volunteering program would give us more of an authentic Indian experience.” Aimee says it was the culture that persuaded her to visit India. “India is so colourful and the orphanage will be an amazing experience,” she said. “We thought there was not much point in going to India and just seeing the tourist side when there is so much more to do.” Aimee expects her three-week adventure in India to be emotionally challenging as well as rewarding. “It’s going to be a culture shock, it’s going to be different to anything we’ve ever experienced before but we’re up for the challenge,” she said. Tori said she is apprehensive about preparing herself for the emotional challenge. “I don’t think you can prepare yourself emotionally for the challenge,” she said. “I’ve read all the handbooks and we’re in constant contact with our coordinator but they say you cant really get the answer from a book, you just have to be there.” The duo will be based at an orphanage in Faridabad for the first two weeks of the program, and will be taking advantage of a third week of free time to explore the cultural offerings of the colourful country. “It will be Ghandi’s birthday, a public holiday, while we’re there,” said Tori. “We will be going to a festival in honour of the event in our free time, as well as visiting the Taj Mahal and the River Ganges.”

While they are volunteering at the orphanage the girls will be accommodated by a host family, who they will be matched with once they are in India and the program assesses their skills and suitability. Tori said beside the food, they are most looking forward to meeting the children at the orphanage. “I’m looking forward to making friends with the children and hopefully learning Hindi from the host family,” she said. “Living with the family is going to be very interesting.” There will be eight to 32 children in the orphanage at the time they visit, with ages of the children ranging from three to 15 years. “We get to wake up and help them get ready for school, then we walk them to school,” said Aimee. “Then we’ve got the day off to explore before picking them up from school to take them home, then get them ready for bed and stay with them until they fall asleep.” During the day while the children of the orphanage are at school, the girls will have the option to teach English at a local school. In such a huge population, Aimee says they are preparing themselves for their first time travelling on their own. “We’ve really downsized our luggage and we’ll be keeping an eye on our valuables while we walk around,” she said. “We’ve never travelled on our own before without our parents, but it’s all part of the experience.” Huge curry fans, Tori and Aimee are looking forward to traditional local foods and learning the secrets of traditional Indian cooking. “I can’t wait for curry and naan bread, although we’ve got to be careful about what sort of food we eat on streets,” said Aimee. “I hope it will be a really enriching experience,” Tori said. “I hope I’ll walk away feeling I’ve done my part, no matter how small.” Aimee agreed, “I’m looking forward to making friends and experiencing the culture, making memories and taking good photos.” After the three-week adventure Aimee and Tori will return to Perth.

By Jenny Fox Feeding animals bread or red meat continually results in dietary imbalance as the digestive system of most species is not designed to deal with human processed food. I often hear people talk about giving bread to the parrots or crested pigeons, or leaving it out for the kangaroos. Bread has preservatives, swells in the gut and crop and has no nutritional value. I also know of people who feed hamburger mince to the butcherbirds and mudlarks around the area. This is extremely detrimental to the birds as it is high in protein and saturated fat. The adults then feed this to their young, which leads to calcium and vitamin E deficiencies. Most of the ‘wild bird’ seed or honeyeater food sold in supermarkets is totally unsuitable.

The seed bags are usually made up of sorghum, black sunflower & dried corn. Some have added oats or wheat, but how is any of this natural food? Where in the wild will parrots or pigeons find this type of seed? Seed for most parrots and cockatoos only make up about 40 to 60 percent of their diet, the rest is of green feed, roots, and fruit. Black sunflower seed is extremely high in saturated fat, which will give the birds fatty liver disease (just like in humans) if fed continually. Many a pet parrot has died prematurely due to this fact. Pigeon and doves also eat greens and insects as well as seed. If wildlife is to be fed, such feeding should be done with the correct understanding of the animals needs. There are manufacturers that produce the proper food stuffs for wildlife.

Wombaroo and Vetafarm are two of the main suppliers. These companies provide for wildlife rehabilitators and for most of us who like to offer foodstuffs to wildlife, you can do so appropriately by doing a little research and buying or making up the appropriate food. It has to be kept in mind though and I can’t stress this enough, that wildlife can be intrusive if encouraged in large numbers onto properties and your neighbours or local business may not be so welcoming. Disputes can arise where daily feeding is established, especially with cockatoos, not to mention the aggressive swooping of meat eaters if the food is not forthcoming (Australian wildlife secrets: feeding wildlife). Feeding wildlife is an important way for people to connect with wildlife and the environment and it can be done correctly, but not through artificial seeds, meat and bread.

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Tom Price teens chosen to ASPIRE By Tamara Binamat According to the Oxford dictionary, the definition of aspire is to ‘direct one’s hopes or ambitions towards achieving something’ or ‘literally rise high; tower’. That is exactly what the University of Western Australia have achieved with Tom Price Senior High School students. The Pilbara teenagers attended an intensive five day camp called the Aspire Immersion camp,  encouraging students from communities typically underrepresented   in higher education to attend university after completing year 12. Tom Price’s year nine students caught up with teenagers from around the Pilbara to take part in activities across a number of facilities at UWA, including engineering, law and physics.

Tom Price’s maths teacher Aaron McRae helped coordinate the camp and says the students have responded extremely well to the opportunity. “It was a rigorous application process where 20 students applied to 10 spots. They put every effort into all the activities in the program. “Based on the students enthusiasm and engagement everyone got a lot out of Aspire. Everyone found bits of the program relevant. “It really opened their eyes to the grandeur of university life.” UWA representatives will be returning to Tom Price in October to conduct more workshops with lower school students, continuing the enthusiasm to attend university. The Aspire UWA program is a partnership with Tom Price SHS.

• Photo by Aaron McRae and Sarah Rose

Students perform classical music concert in Karratha By Tamara Binamat The Karratha hills are alive with the sound of classical music, as about 25 students from Karratha and surrounds get set to feature their musical talents at an upcoming concert called Encore. Classical music lovers will appreciate a repertoire from talented local music students performing light classics. The performance will be held at St. Pauls church on August 26, to raise

much needed funds for church air conditioning. The event begins at 2:30pm and afternoon tea will be provided. Tickets cost $15 for adults and children are free with the chance to win a lucky door prize of a train ride! Tickets will be sold at the door on the day. For more information contact Kitty Ranson on 0419 514 794.

Models Required For 1st and 3rd year apprentices. 1st year - Blow drys, all over semi’s, and permanent colours. Kid’s and men’s cuts. 3rd year - Short hair cuts, re-style’s and perms. Discounts apply. For appointments phone 9185 1892, • Violin and piano duet

Unit 1/18 Hedland Place.

Pindan College strengthens local offerings In response to increased demand for training in the region, Pindan College is escalating Stage II of their Pindan Training Centre workshop fit-out in Hedland and is finalising an application for Royalties for Regions funding to expand access to the Pindan College program through-out the Shire of Roebourne. In Port Hedland, Pindan College has engaged two new trade trainers in Hedland and a new lecturer in Wickham in the last three months.

“I wanted to work somewhere I could really make a difference in my community,” said Lee. “The way we work with students here at Pindan College, particularly in a real workshop situation, really helps to prepare them for a real job and a real future.” Recent recruit Gerhard Louw, Trainer & Assessor, wanted to join the team at Pindan College after he saw what a difference Pindan College was making to the local community.

The trainers, Lee Elgood and Gerhard Louw, have nearly 60 years of experience in the building and construction industry between them.

“Pindan College has a real pastoral care approach to working with students, I think for some kids that’s what helps them to succeed,” said Gerhard Louw.

Pindan College CEO, Dr Nancy Rees, believes the right staffing structure is key to Pindan College continuing to meet the needs of its students.

That philosophy is echoed by former Pindan College students, Yewie Tan, a Pindan College graduate and now a fully fledged tradesman working at Teekay Shipping in Port Hedland, admits that without the help of staff at Pindan College he would not be where he is today.

“Pindan College strives to constantly improve our training,” said Dr Rees. “These trainers and our workshop facility help the College to better meet the training needs of our students and local industry.”

“The staff at Pindan College got me trained, found me industry placements and helped me to land this job.”

SHADE SAIL REPAIRS - 28 AUGUST On Tuesday, 28 August 2012 from 6am to 4pm, the shallow end of the 50-metre pool will be closed to the public for shade sail repair and re-installation. Swimmers can utilise the Learn to Swim Pool, or the deep end of the 50-metre pool during this period. Regular operating hours will re-commence from Wednesday 29 August 2012. For more information please contact the Karratha Aquatic Centre on 9186 8527.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience. Karratha Aquatic Centre Sharpe Avenue Karratha WA 6714 (08) 9186 8555





Point Samson


13 K

Trade Trainer, Lee Elgood was impressed by Pindan College’s approach to working with students.

“Before I went to Pindan College I couldn’t get an apprenticeship,” said Yewie.



echohealth echo health


Angel of Cuisine


classifeds online

Homeopathic Medicine promotes Health & Well-Being

Every action has a reaction, every choice a consequence you have the power to choose whether the outcome is positive or negative.

weight loss tool, combined with little sprints here and there as you feel more energetic you can change your body shape if you stick to eating well.

about as enjoyable as exercise can get.

It’s hard to find time every day to exercise if that’s what you need to do to reach your goals, so when you do make time for it, then you’ve got to move with purpose.

Often I go with a group of friends to one main road and we power walk our way through the loops of our streets to the next main road.

There will always be room to give yourself a push here and there. Each time you go you a little further and get a little fitter.

Its so lovely out there towards sunset as the scenery is changing and the weather is just perfect for it. Little sprints between light poles or street signs and walking with intent the rest of the time to keep your heart rate at pace can be

If you ran only twice for a small bit last time, then aim to try for three this time.

If you are making the effort to walk with a friend then make sure you use your time wisely.

Sarah Penrose Registered Homeopath

You have made a commitment to exercise now, so make it count.

0477 285 863

A power walk is a great

Karratha - Hedland - Broome

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Recipe of the week Savoury Mushroom Mix

Think about what you came to do and then what you can do.

Over time you will increase your fitness and enjoy the scenery. Hope to see you out there, have a healthy week!

“The best way to predict

the future is to create it – Abraham Lincoln

Serves 4 PER SERVE: Fat: 1.6 grams – Calories: 91 – Kilojoules: 377 I love meals that can transform a thousand ways. This Savoury Mushroom Mix is so tasty and easy to make and then you have so many options with it.

High Growth & High Returns

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600grms button mushrooms 1 small yellow or red capsicum 125grm 97% fat free short cut bacon Chop all ingredients into small pieces. Spray non stick pan with olive oil spray and fry bacon and capsicum for 2 to 3 minutes until softened. Add sliced mushrooms and cook for a further 2 minutes. Season with a dash of soy sauce and a grinding of fresh pepper. Now, how to eat it! •

on wholemeal toast

inside rye wraps with a sprinkle of low fat cheese

Add a tin of beans and a little taco flavouring instead of soy sauce for a healthy burrito filling

inside your omelette with fresh baby spinach leaves

as a pizza topping or inside toasted sandwiches

on top of a baked potato or sweet potato

stuffed inside grilled tomatoes

on its own or as a side dish to a BBQ steak or grilled fish

keep frying with some cubed boiled potatoes for a warm potato salad

So when you make this, make a batch and freeze some to make a convenient easy meal another day. If you do this with more and more things you love and think about how to use them in different ways you can have a freezer full of options at your fingertips each day.

pilbaraechomums & bubs Mel’s getting clucky and she wants your babies!

please send your photos to K 14

Free Weekly 18 - 19 August 2012

• The Angel of Cuisine before (left), and after her transformation

Healthy Tips and Tricks If you love fresh juice but just don’t have enough time to make it during the week, then try experimenting with freezing fresh juices. It takes me about an hour on the weekend to cut and chop and juice and blend all my juice shots for the week, but I save so much time during the week.

With all the fruit and vegetables spread out on my bench I set about juicing small containers of juice and freezing. Try fresh orange and green apple or apple, pear and cherry. Freeze them straight away and then take out the night or morning you want to thaw in the fridge.

Email me at and check out lots more recipes and inspirational ideas on my Facebook page


012 2 T S UGU


.a m o c . uide


ig g o h c e

18 A

The spectacular show had the audience on the edge of their seats

s i s u c r i c e h T in town

2 g p . . See.



22nd August 2012 Matt Dann Cultural Centre South Hedland


23rd August 2012 Tambrey Function Centre Karratha


EXPERIENCE MEDIUMSHIP AT ITS BEST! Share an extraordinary evening with Anthony as he gives messages from loved ones passed, help with real life decisions and answers to your questions about spirituality as he sees it. Anthony will take audiences on a spellbinding journey both emotionally and spiritually. The level of accuracy will astound!

AS SEEN ON CHANNEL 7 SERIES “THE ONE” Tickets $75* | Unallocated seating – Bookings essential | Starts 7:30pm Available by phoning (08) 9724 1881 or via our website.

K 15

*Transaction fees may apply

WB Whispers from Beyond

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LIGHTING HIRE • Party FX lights • Theatre lighting • Intelligent lighting STAGE HIRE • Corporate stages • Event stages


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s i s u c r i c e Th in town  During one of the clown acts

The Great Moscow Circus opened its tent to Karratha on Wednesday, August 15, with never-before-seen performances.

You don t just take awesome photos... you capture the night DJ FL3GGLESS Whether you’re a DJ, in a band, holding a special event or the center of a birthday party, give CB a call.

0458 493 399 | |

 Big leaps and jumps took the audiences breath away

 The little ponies were so adorable

The spectacular show had the audience on the edge of their seats, laughing until their sides hurt and holding their breath to these talented performers. The totally all-new show emphasises the brilliance of Russian Circus, with an explosive array of acts. Although, due to popular demand, the Globe of Death is back – with a little bit extra than in previous years, which will have you on the edge of your seat, wondering if they will pull it off. This show is bigger, better, brighter and bolder than ever before! However, if you missed out on the opening night, don’t worry, the Great Moscow Circus is in town until August 26. So get your tickets by calling 0429 MOSCOW or head to For more information, visit www.moscowcircus.

TWILIGHT TUNES in Point Samson Bring your friends and family and enjoy the free local music


Point Samson Park

(next to the Point Samson Community Hall)

Sunday, 26th August from 4pm to 7pm

K 16

Pack a picnic, bring a chair, sit back and enjoy!

events This show is bigger, better, brighter and bolder than ever before!

RSL Members & Most Welcome

 Brett, Blayne, Travis, Mary and Helen


Eyes down at 8.00pm

Every Monday. Friday Members Night 6.30-11pm, meals available



‘Like’ us on facebook

 Kiarnna Webber and Kelly Quay

 Renae Munro and Emilie Tucker

 One of the clowns with locals Jesse, Brad, Bailey and Lisa Gould

 Mia and Xavier Coelho

all seasons

 Maggie and Mathias


Searipple Road I For all info 08 9159 1000

PROUDLY LOCAL FOR OVER 15 YEARS George Levissianos Local owner and operator

Centro Karratha Shopping Centre • Phone: 9144 1323 K 17




TRIVIA NIGHT. Test your general knowledge every Tuesday night. Teams of up to 6 only. Booking essential for this popular night 9187 3333 @ Karratha International Hotel ARTS AND EVERYTHING. Beginners and skilled artisans welcome for a guided workshop from 7-9pm in Dampier. For information contact Club President, Tanya Montgomery on


KARAOKE NIGHT. Sing all your karaoke favourites with plenty of giveaways for everyone! @ Karratha Tavern

MIC NIGHT. Join us at Gecko’s every Thursday night for some great local THU OPEN live music. Everyone welcome (over 18) to show off their talent or enjoy some fantastic local entertainers. Free to perform... from 7pm every Thursday night @ Karratha International Hotel

YOU CAN EAT BBQ. SUN ALL For only $20 from 4-6pm

@ The Dampier Mermaid

KARAOKE NIGHT. Have a night out with your friends and sing all your karaoke favourites. @ The Tambrey

pilbaraecho KARRATHA EVENTS August 19

The Dark Knight Rises Eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, the terrorist leader Bane arrives in Gotham City, pushing it and its police force to their limits, forcing its former hero Batman to resurface after taking the fall for Harvey Dent’s crimes. To watch this mocie, head down to the Woodside Moonrise Cinema at 7pm on Sunday, August 19. To book tickets, head to August 24 au/wmc @ Woodside Moonrise Cinema Community Markets Every third Sunday of each month, between May and November, a community markets will be held for people to sell and purchase all different types of nicAugust 26 nacs. Whether it be art and craft, face paintings, kids toys, clothing and much more. For more information contact Arran on 0408 938 851 or email @ Millars Well PS between 10am-2pm

August 20

20x20x20 Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the

Cossack Art Award, 20x20x20 will showcase 20 artworks, objects or artefacts from 20 Shire of Roebourne residents that will be exhibited for 20 days. The entries on display have been selected by a panel of residents who have lived in the Pilbara for more than 20 years! Runs August 1 to 20. @ Karratha Visitor Centre The Dark Knight Rises To watch this mocie, head down to the Woodside Moonrise Cinema at 7pm on Friday, August 24. To book tickets, head to au/wmc @ Woodside Moonrise Cinema

Twilight Tunes Twilight Tunes at Point Samson Park from 4pm to 7pm. Free for all ages! Come and enjoy live music from local artists. For information contact Sophie Doy on 9186 8668.

The Youth Shed

 Shona and Mark from Crawford Realty are ready for a fun night at the Masquerade Ball

Masquerade Ball to raises funds for RFDS Local residents in Karratha have been urged to support a major fundraising event to raise muchneeded funds for the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS). The annual charity Ball for the RFDS will be held on September 1, 2012 from 7.30pm at the Tambrey Sunset Room.

meal with beer, wine and soft drinks provided. “This is a wonderful way for local residents both to enjoy themselves and well as support the wonderful work of the RFDS. “Every year, the RFDS is involved in providing urgent medical assistance to people in our community which in many cases can be a matter of life and death.

Crawford Realty Karratha has become a platinum sponsor of the event for the first time and is encouraging as many local residents to attend the fund raising event as possible.

“Crawford Realty decided to become major sponsors of the annual ball for the RFDS because of our strong support for local community projects and groups.

According to Mark Pages-Oliver, General Manager of Crawford Realty Karratha, the event will also include a charity auction on the night.

“Local community groups, which we currently give assistance to include SAFE, who finds homes for unwanted pets, and The Sprockets youth BMX Club.

“This year’s theme will be a Masquerade Ball and overall we hope that the event will raise more than $20,000 for the RFDS,” said Mark.

“In addition, we also hold fundraising events such as a prostate cancer barbeque and a Jeans for genes day,” he said.

“Early bird tickets for the Masquerade Ball cost only $199, which includes a three course

A limited number of tickets for the Ball are still available, and can be obtained from Crawford Realty Karratha on 9143 1599.

Bookings – Expressions of Interest The Shire of Roebourne is now calling for Expressions of Interest from community groups and organisations for the use of The Youth Shed commencing in Term 3. An allocation meeting will be held on Tuesday, 4th September at 5.30pm at The Youth Shed, which all user groups are required to attend. This meeting is to discuss the centre allocation procedures and user group bookings. Venue hire forms and facts sheets can be obtained by contacting The Youth Shed on 9186 8646. Groups wishing to tour the facility prior to submitting an expression of interest can do so by appointment only. To schedule an appointment and for more information please contact The Youth Shed on 9186 8646.

K 18

The submission period for expressions of interest will close at 4pm on Thursday 30th August 2012. Karratha




Licensed Bar

FORTNIGHTLY: Wed 22nd Aug WHERE: Ktha Bowling Club EYES DOWN: 7.30pm

Outdoor Patio

Lynda 0418 914 939


Light Supper, Coffee and Tea provided.

CONCIERGE EXPRESS KARRATHA Hungry? Don’t waste your time!

Your personal concierge can bring whatever you want All your favourite fast food delivered to your home! 6 pm to 10 pm Everyday

10 pm to Midnight Everyday

Midnight to 4 am Fri & Sat ONLY

$16 $28 $45 Send your order and address via Point Samson



0447 378 273



Corporate, Private, Christmas and New Years Eve concerts

Call Daz 0407 511 447

echohealth echo health

Free Weekly 18 - 19 August 2012

Inclusion WA Community Inclusion Workshop Professional Development Opportunity

Inclusion is not just a ‘buzz word’. Inclusion WA has some real and practical methods that will enable you to think and act to assist people that are experiencing integration difficulties to form meaningful connections in their community. Come and spend some time with other community services professionals talking about realistic opportunities and practical methods to support genuine community inclusion in Karratha.

What is this workshop about? Participants will explore methods to work alongside people with integration difficulties, such as mental illness or disability, to connect with others in the community. This training is beneficial for anyone who is involved providing support in a paid or unpaid capacity.

Topics Covered • • • • • •

Principles of community inclusion The multitude of inclusion opportunities in Karratha Your role in inclusion The Three-Phase Inclusion model Developing and implementing an individualised plan Lateral thinking for better outcomes

Inclusion WA FREE Professional Development Session – Community Inclusion Tuesday August 28 Frank Butler Community Centre, Bulgarra 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Book Now! Reservations Essential

Please RSVP by the 22 August 2012 to Department of Sport and Recreation Pilbara Office (08) 9492 9920 or via email;


Including people with disability in sport – a conversation Including people with disabilities in sport Are you involved in sport and recreation activities in Karratha? Are you keen to see more people getting involved in the Karratha community?

please send your photos to 2 August 2012 I never had the chance to have my first son Bryce’s photo in the paper when he was born as he was a home birth back in Perth. I would love it if Blake could be included in your new baby pics.   We have only just moved to Karratha a couple of months ago but Blake James Hinchcliffe was born at NBH on 2 August 2012.   As you can see he has a doting big brother already. Thanks, Dave & Lara Hinchcliffe.

St Luke’s 25th Anniversary

Att Valued Clients Sharline is back to work on Monday’s and Thursday’s from 11.30am - 4pm Book now to secure your appointment Phone 9185 1892, Unit 1/18 Hedland Place.

Coming soon:

This workshop intends to pull no punches. Let’s get real, let’s start talking, and let’s have a bit of fun while we’re doing it!

Abundance Health .COM.AU

What is this all about? Inclusion WA wants to work with the Karratha community to look at honest and achievable ways to make sport and recreation more inclusive for people with disabilities. This conversation is about working with what you have in Karratha to bring your community together. It’s about realistic strategies, relevant information, and some fresh approaches.

Let’s talk about... • The political correctness minefield • Adapting and modifying—some simple methods

Meet the world’s most advanced nursery furniture.

• The perception of disability

Inclusion WA FREE Training session – Disability in Sport Tuesday August 28

Blake James Hinchcliffe

Sharline’s Back!

Come and spend some time with other interested people to join in a frank and realistic discussion about including people with disabilities in sport.

• Inclusion—The benefits to you

pilbaraechomums & bubs




Frank Butler Community Centre, Bulgarra

Phone 9185 6336

5:30pm – 7:30pm

4/18 Hedland Place Mon-Fri 9am-4pm Sat 9am-2pm

Junior Bed

and beyond


Gala Ball

Saturday 15th September 2012 St Luke’s College Performing Arts Centre Tickets: $120 Adults only. Formal Dress. Buffet dinner & drinks inc. Telephone 9144 1081

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FREE shipping in Australia

with coupon code ‘30free’

19 K

Tickets available for purchase from St Luke’s College

Large Selection to choose from


Andrew Macleod

Email: 10 Middleton Way, Karratha WA, 6714

pilbaraecho pilbara

From only

MEDIUM $20pw (4cm) To advertise: PW Phone 30 08 9185 5570


for six months or email


0423 815 531



Email: 10 Middleton Way, Karratha WA, 6714

Our procedures include all: MYOB & Quickbooks Consulting & Contract Bookkeeping Breast Enlargement Business Services Breast Reduction Face Lifts Liposuction Marc Fogarty Tummy Tuck and more..... 0423 815 531 Business Services T: 0427 501 749 Email: E: 10 Middleton Way, Karratha WA, 6714



0423 815 531

book keeping building spect



• Accounting, • Taxation and • Business Advisory Services • Skype Appointments Available

DEKA • EXIDE M• 0409 ALCO 290 134

BATTERIES air conditioning

Bradley Dean M: 0410 609 514 E:


Andrew Macleod

cakes Creative carpentry & tiling buy local

Reasonable rates for exceptional work



10 Middleton Way, Karratha WA, 6714


MYOB & Quickbooks Consulting & Contract Bookkeeping

for six months






Phone 0400 694 spect 279 79 Business Services

0423 815 531








Charmaine’s Mobile Dog Clipping Clipping of all breeds big and small

Over 10 years experience

Phone 0400 743 948

SMALL (2cm)

20PW for six months $


BATTERIES SPEK For bookings:I.T Phone 9185 5570 or email A


dog grooming

Ali 0428 218 660



David & Gail Brodziak

0438 738 351

rates on trades and service advertising 0421 393 852



0438 738  351

OPTIMA computers Book for 6 months for our best



PO Box 1130 Albany WA 6331 Paving - Swimming Pools - Patios - Stairs - Retaining Walls     PhFeature (08) Walls 9841- Cladding 3314 - Piers Mob: 0427& 447 245 - Cleaning Sealing Paving - Swimming Pools - Patios - Stairs - Retaining Walls Feature Walls - Cladding - Piers - Cleaning and Sealing

Specialising in realty/vacate cleans Carpet Cleaning Vinyl Strip & Sealing Work Guaranteed


MYOB & Quickbooks Consulting & Contract Bookkeeping

Long Term Rates

A-1 Traders 1493 Lambert Rd. K.I.E. Karratha Ph 9185 1390

Steve 0418 911 850

Email: 10 Middleton Way, Karratha WA, 6714

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• All aspects of landscaping • Reticulation installation • Concrete garden kerbing • General earthworks, bobcat / dingo • Qualified tradesmen

Marc Fogarty

Reliable Quality Service • • • •


Local operators for over 20yrs

MYOB & Quickbooks Consulting & Contract Bookkeeping





Paving - Swimming Pools - Patios - Stairs - Retaining Walls     Feature Walls - Cladding - Piers - Cleaning & Sealing

Paving - Swimming Pools - Patios - Stairs - Retaining Walls Feature Walls - Cladding - Piers - Cleaning and Sealing



for six months limousine service $ PW for six months NORTH WEST




BOOKINGS • 0447 695 460

• Karratha • Dampier • Roebourne • Wickham • Point Samson

ADspect etailing 10 Middleton Way Karratha WA6174

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Book for 6 months for our best rates on trades and service advertising


STONEWORK LARGE 0438 738  351 (6cm) MEDIUM 0438 738 351 (4cm)

Mobile: Samsom Mobile: Dampier—Point Dampier - Point Samson

Long Term Rates K 20


Carry On Cleaning




Contact Dean 0467 538 026 or Contact Ben 0429 117 095

Batteries, chargers & accessories MEDIUM SuperCharge, AC Delco Phone 9140 2400 (4cm)


0423 815 531 Services COMPUTER RBusiness SOLUTIONS


Supporting local businesses



A 0400 694 279 spect

Marc Fogarty

Builders Reg:

pilbaraecho Residential | Building | Extensions | Additions Renovations and gyprock specialists

P: (08) 9185 2252 F: (08) 91851980 M: 0448 11 88 12 Lot 992 Croydon Road, Karratha WA 6714

Business Services


0423 815 531






Refrigeration Services

24/7 A




Email: If we can be of assistance on any of 10 Middleton Way, Karratha WA, 6714 your upcoming projects large or small, MYOB & Quickbooks Consulting & Contract Bookkeeping give Brad a call on 0410 609 514


MYOB & Quickbooks Consulting & Contract Bookkeeping



A-1 Traders 1493 Rd. K Lambert G S K.I.E. Karratha PhConditioning 9185 1390 Air and


National Building Business Network Services

Bevan 0418 949 399


Email: 10 Middleton Way, Karratha WA, 6714

MYOB & Quickbooks Consulting & Contract Bookkeeping

Landscape Concrete Kerbing

MYOB & Quickbooks Consulting & Contract Bookkeeping

0423 815 531

Email: 10 Middleton Way, Karratha WA, 6714

Anthony D’Agostino CPA is a CPA quality assured firm of accountants offering the most quality services in:


book keeping beauty Marc Fogarty

MYOB & Quickbooks Consulting & Contract Bookkeeping

Marc Fogarty


I.T SPEK computers

0421 393 852

Email: Business Services 10 Middleton Way, Karratha WA, 6714

MYOB & Quickbooks Consulting & Contract Bookkeeping




0423 815 531

Email: Business Services 10 Middleton Way, Karratha WA, 6714


MYOB & Quickbooks Consulting & Contract Bookkeeping

Marc Fogarty

0423 815 531





Marc Fogarty

spect Business Services computers Email: 10 Middleton Way, Karratha WA, 6714

Business Services MYOB & Quickbooks Consulting & Contract Bookkeeping

P: (08) 9185 2252 F: (08) 91851980 M: 0448 11 88 12 Lot 992 Croydon Road, Karratha WA 6714

P +61 8 9450 7300 E

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Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Services

SMALL (2cm)



PW for six months

For bookings: Phone 9185 5570 or email

Port Hedland & Onslow by appointment

MEDIUM (4cm)


w w w. nw l i m o s. co m . a u

LARGE (6cm)


PW for six months



PW for six months

pilbaraecho marriage celebrant

Here’s My Card Kiphone Repairs

‘I Care”

Wedding Ceremonies Commitment Ceremonies Renewal of Vows Naming Ceremonies Justice of the Peace

Janette Parsons-Smith JP

0412 217 291

massage Need to stop and relax?

$80/hr and $115/1.5hr (15 mins reflexology therapy for extra $15) (Strictly non sexual and no mobile service)

Ai Pottinger

Facebook - Kiphone Repairs Karratha 0448 037 483

........................ .. ...... ...... ............................


Full Body Oil • Deep Tissue • Chinese Cupping

Treatment • For Muscle

Open 7 days, 9am-9pm Phone 0412527289 Address: Unit 7b, 18 Hedland Place

FREE QUOTES: 041 753 7682 ABN : 319 501 441 45 email:

Container Sales & Hire - 20ft & 40ft available

Geoff Carr 0418 923 847 Fax: 9534 4545

for six months

shiatsu - deep tissue

Chinese Massage

New And Re-Roofing Zincalume - Colour Bond Industrial Commercial Domestic

resumes Barrow Island Pilbara Mine Sites Fly-in • Fly-out

Mining Résumés

FREECALL 1800 093 402

Local Agent. Stock available in Karratha. Eastern state relocation.

$70 1 hr $100 1.5 hrs

years of experience & great rates

Floor grinding, vinyl removal. Porcelain tile specialist. Great rates on large areas Full Bathroom renovations

Phone Clarky 0414 838 565 - free quotes

towing MACTOW TOWING & RECOVERY SERVICES BREAKDOWN • ACCIDENT • EMERGENCY Seven Seater Tilt Tray Machinery & Equipment Transport

Ph 0412 304 780

training & assessment

SMALL (2cm)

Call us now 0400 703 742

Don’t let yourself down! Get yourself a decent Résumé. And get the right tickets! No tickets / No job! No Luck - Get Feedback!




No Minimum


Mining CV’s • Off-Shore CV’s Oil & Gas CV’s • Supply Vessel CV’s

• full body • deep tissue • neck & shoulder




Please contact Ai on P. 0429 066 130 E.

DJG Roofing Services



MEDIUM (4cm)

massage therapist

swedish - trigger points


phone repairs


National Plant Tickets & VOC’s

Loader Haul Truck Dozer Grader Roller Skid-Steer Water-Cart

Scraper Tele-Handler Excavator Backhoe IT Loader Compactor


Traffic Management Working at Heights Confined Space Quick Cut Saw Chainsaw ...and more coming soon (Forklift & EWP)

VOC only






Available daily from 9am - 9pm in the comfort of your own home

“We fight the big Cats!”

SMALL (2cm)



Category 5 Cyclone Approved Alum Roller Shutters AS 1700. 2. 2011

No Minimum

• Protection for Homes, Factories, Office & Shop Windows

Bayview Painting Services

• Give your family total privacy and keep out the intruders

Ph Des Coleman


• Block out light, heat, less noise for the kids & shiftworkers • You benefit from reduced heat and lower energy costs


• Now you can have peace of mind in every cyclone season




Interior | Exterior | Residential | Commercial Licence 171628C

P 1300 856 289

M 0499 200 029

F (08) 6230 2667 Servicing The Roebourne Shire



18 Hedland Place PO Box 368, Karratha 6714 P: 08 9185 2222 F: 08 9185 6072

• Protection from the damaging Category 5 cyclonic winds.


0424 566 324 *


National Provider Number: 52491

• Flooring & walls • 27 years experience • Porcelain floor specialist

CA LL DAVE 0418 937 477

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Long Term Rates Book for 6 months for our best rates on trades and service advertising

SMALL (2cm)



PW for six months

For bookings: Phone 9185 5570 or email

Servicing the entire Pilbara Mobile - We come to your workplace or home. Fast - Sameday service Efficient - All vehicles fitted in one visit. Insurance companies billed direct.

Call now 0408 515 110

Ph 9172 5226 | Fax 9172 5228 | License No. MRB 3614

MEDIUM (4cm)


LARGE (6cm)


PW for six months



PW for six months K 21

Cat 5 cyclone rollershutters

Message Erica 0434 352835 (non sexual massages only)


accommodation available FLATMATE wanted – Karratha & walking distance to town. Fully Furnished room with own TV, ceiling fan, A/C, vanity unit & own fridge. Seeking CLEAN & TIDY single mature person. $380 per week, 2 weeks in advance & 2 weeks bond. ( Includes all utilities & cleaner) 0413 234 369 Avail Now! KARRATHA / Pegs Creek - Fully furnished room, ceiling fan, air conditioner, double bed, bedside table, mirror and cupboards available now. $380pw, two weeks in advance and two weeks bond. All inclusive and including a cleaner once a week. Single only need to apply 0413 429 157. KARRATHA - 1st Room-Large master room FF, freshly painted with A/C, TV, queen bed & loads of cupboard space. $410 pw, 2nd room-Large in size, ff with A/C, TV and queen bed $400pw. Two weeks rent in advance and two weeks bond. This includes a cleaner once a week and utilities. Ph 0413 234 369 MASTER Bedroom With En-suit available in Baynton West, 2 year old house shared with young married couple with toddler, NO Alcohol in House also due to beliefs no Pork or Seafood. Call Jie 0425 273 217. $450/ Single, $550 couple ONO NEW renovated house to rent in South Hedland, $2000 p.w. 3 bedroom and 1 bathroom, all new facilities. A/c for each room. Fully fenced, home security alarm. House ready to rent on 18th August. Pls contact 0425 253 835 ONSLOW Sun Chalets has motel units available for $160.00 p/ night. Go to www. onslowsunchalets, enquiries@ onslowsunchalets or call 08 9184 6058 to secure your booking. ROOM available in DUNSBOROUGH. Fly in Fly out room available, central to beach and town. $120 per week plus expenses. Call Kelly on 0405 102 744



echoclassifi classif eds classifi

pilbaraecho accommodation available ROOM for rent in

4 x 2! 3-min walk to the Centro. Large open plan & modern kitchen, tidy household. Hispeed WiFi. Looking for a quiet & tidy single or couple. No pets, no drinkers or heavy smokers please! Not a party house! $420 single, $520 for couple. Bills included! Text or call on 0410 190 537 ROOM in Bulgarra $400 singles preferred, Couples considered @$500. Furnished room Foxtel in your room, all bills included and all communal utilities included. To apply call 0420 971 331, 3 weeks upfront ROOMS for rent x2, $350 each, no bills, air con, built ins and ceiling fan. Room includes fridge, share housework and 2 weeks up front. Call 0424 566 324 for details SINGLE Female or Male 36 plus. Room available in clean and tidy house, must be working and like dogs. Outdoor smoking, large a/g pool. $350pw plus 30% power. The right place for the right person. 0409 852 931 ~ ~accommodation ACCOMODTION WANTED wanted EXPERIENCED

HOUSESITTER AVAILABLE NOW in KTA. Reliable, animal loving, non smoking and quiet living female would love to care for your home and pets in your absence. Keep your house safe and well maintained and the pets happy. Short, medium or long term available. If you are interested please call Sabrina on 0415 303 254 (Christmas & March 2013 already booked out) HOUSESITTER

AVAILABLE SEPT Mature couple available to house sit including feeding pets / watering plants etc during Sept in KTA. We have our own van just need a place to park it. Call Judy 0427 177 231 RESPONSIBLE couple working locally. Perfect candidates to mind your house, pets & gardens in your absence. Would love the opportunity to stay over the summer. We are available now & look forward to discussing your requirements. Ref & police check Ava. 0498 035 242

babies CHILDCARE babycoat white $160, music mobile $20, Little Tikes cozy coupe $70, other kids toys $5 each. All in good condition. Hp no. 04 5896 8290 ~~BOATING


6.4 Barcrusher 150hp

Yamaha 4 stroke, Furuno 620 sounder, Lowrance 7”color gps/ sounder full map, VHF, CD mp3 player, stress free free fall anchor drum winch, sarca, plough & reef anchors, live bait & kill tanks, extd canopy, deck wash, dual battery. Genuine reasons $49,500. Ph 0400 669 671 KTA ASSASSIN 7.1mtr 8.3mtrLOA Dhu fish. 200 HO Evinrude Etec aprox 160hrs full length custom cover. Full roll out shade for deck. Massive deck area. 2 new Optima marine batteries. 2 marine radios, Norstar plotter, Norstar Sounder New No3 Saca plough anchor. Fun, ready Boat $62000. Ph 0400 190 370. BAYLINER TROPHY PRO 2359 - 2006 model - 7.8m - fantastic all weather boat with hard top and covered deck, V berth double plus single bunk. Full details on type SSE-AD-762773 into ‘Keyword’ area FREE DELIVERY to Pilbara! DINGY 14 foot, 15hp, $3200 ono. Phone 04377 66765 EAGLE Ray 5.2m ctr console. 100 Yami 4 stroke $20000 ono. 92 Pajero tow car $3000 ono. Ph 0447 623 107 or 9185 3505 NEAR new 2010 3.8mtr dinghy with 30hp Honda motor. Hardly been used, the motor has approx 5-10 hours on it. Brand new this dinghy and motor are worth $12,000. What a bargain at only $9000. Contact 0417 419 374 for more info. KTA MUSTANG boat 2004 7m with a 2011 250 Yamaha motor for sale. Very urgent sale once in a lifetime offer. $27,500 call Mickey on 0428 888 305

SeaRay 240 Sundancer great boat for overnighters on the islands sleeps 4 can sleep up to 6 5.0 ltr merc cruiser bravo2 leg fridge,stove,toilet 3xshowers genuine reason for sale furuno sounder and GPS sound system 240vlt shore power full covers and storage cover $62,000 ono call chad 0457534901

boating QUINTREX 610 Topender tournament 2009 - 115 Optimax Lowrance sounder and GPS - heaps of extras. $40,000 ONO call 0419 194 158 SEARAY 240 Sundancer. Great boat for overnighters on the islands, sleeps 4, can sleep up to 6. 5.0 ltr merc cruiser bravo2 leg fridge, stove, toilet 3 x showers. Genuine reason for sale. Furuno sounder and GPS sound system, 240vlt shore power, full covers and storage cover. $62,000 ono call Chad 0457 534 901 STACER 3.9m Tinny for sale in Karratha. 30hp Yamaha 2 stroke, Lawrence Elite 5 x fishfinder, 8 months rego. Very reliable, regretful sale. Heaps of extras. Price: $5,500 ONO Phone 0438 149 877 or 0439 012 762 STACER 4.8m Baymaster, 2005 model, Mercury 75hp 2 stroke 153hrs. Comes with ski ropes, skis and biscuit. Northstar fishfinder. Good clean boat. $16,500ono. Call 0413 082 566 KTA camping && ~~CAMPING OUTDOORSoutdoors CLOTHES line miniature rotary - in zip up bag - very compact. Great for extended camping trips or caravaning. $50.00 - 0418 937 307 KTA ~~CARAVANS caravans BUSHTRACKER

Offroad caravan, 1999, 16ft, very well maintained. Ensuite, queen bed, new tyres, 160ltr fridge/freezer, 3 x 125 watt solar panels, 3 batteries, 300mm extended A-frame, air con, full annexe, long rego. $55,000 ono. Ph. 0432 261 706 C’VAN Traveller 16’, Good condition, Dbl bed, Lounge, TV, DVD, All Appliances, Fridge and freezer, Annexe, Fujitsu split A/C, tie down straps, much more. Rego Aug 2013. Call 0401 196 414 Ktha. Great van.

WINNEBAGO Mitsubishi 207,000 km 4 metres, petrol, 2.4 motor, toilet, shower, sleeps 5, TV, DVD, excellent sound system, gas hot water, 3 way fridge, reverse air, awning, all in top condition, lady owner. In Mandurah. $25,000 neg. Phone 95 815 485 or 0404 832 218

Free Weekly 18 - 19 August 2012


caravans CAMPER Trailer. Slide out kitchen with gas stove and oven. Portable sink. Large 3 panel fully enclosed annexe. Large storage under camper and on top. Optional extras. Good cond $7.500 mob 0488 684 799 CARAVAN 5 Mtr living space, new bedding, refurbished, good floor, TV, cooking utensils, A/C, plus extras. Unlic $5.000.00 Firm 9182 1126 or 0417 094 558 JAYCO 2005, 21.7 foot, caravan - Heritage Edition. Shower, toilet, washing machine. TV / DVD, microwave. 3 way fridge. AC, awning. 12mths WA registration. Great condition (nonsmoker/drinker) $38,500 ONO. Arrange an inspection at South Hedland with Bill: 0432 780 348 or joukhadar. JAYCO Freedom 2001, 16.5ft. Poptop roll out awning. Solar panel. Anderson plus house battery. Microwave, Annex, TV, A/C, Fridge etc. Excellent condition. Rego till Jan 2013. Lic.1TDS-693. $19,500 ono. Hedland- ph Warren 0429 897 688 JAYCO Heritage 2002. 21ft 6in, Good cond, sep toilet/shwr, R.C aircon, 3way fridge, m/ wave, TV, w/machine, full stove, DB Bed, R.O awning etc, $35,000 neg, located in Karratha. Colin - 0427 130 741 JAYCO Heritage 2004, 25’ ensuite, 3 way fridge/freezer, split system A/C, full gas oven, LED Lights, water fi lter, 21’ full annex, Good Condition. $40,000 ono Phone Joy 0418 125 997 JAYCO Sterling 2006 25ft excellent con. Slide out lounge, full en-suite, fridge sep freezer, washing machine, full oven, microwave, flat screen TV, A/C Queen bed. Full awning with walls & fl oor . Onslow. Ph 0437 288 911. $43,000 JAYCO Wesport Caravan 2001 21ft. double bed, full kitchen & ensuite, annexe, solar power, great A/C, electric & gas H/W, in Great Condition, located in Karratha. $32,000 ono 0408 588 648



MAZDA T 3000 1982

Mint Condition, 310000 KM’s, just serviced, solar panel, awning, bunk beds, dining area, 3 front seats, gas cooker , 187 litre Waeco 12-24 V fridge freezer, 12 V lighting, several 240 V power sockets, cooking utensils, A/C, good tyres. 1 yr rego, 1st to see will buy. 0405 357587 OFF road 6m Explorex Caravan, custom built in 2009, fully self contained. 2 x 120 w solar and 2kva Honda gen. Every extra inc satellite TV. Photos on gumtree. Will deliver. Ph 9592 6458 or 0428 926 458. $98,000 ono ~ ~ E Memployment PLOYMENT WANTED wanted

CARPENTER avail. Local tradesman, fully geared, licensed, insured. Property maintenance, experienced supervisor. Ph 0417 188 041 CLEANING/ domestic. Personalised cleaning to suit your needs. Vacate cleaning, Spring Cleaning, One off cleaning, Weekly or fortnightly cleaning. Reliable and efficient. Call Julie 0409 359 334 CLEANING Domestic, Business, Vacate Cleaning. ALL CLEANING. *Reliable *Efficient *Friendly. For a personalised quote call Trish on 0410 050 516 GET 40% off on your first cleaning service! Now only $30 per person for an hour. Ask for more information! Phone 0499 149 505 IRONING $30 per hour, non smoker. Call Jane 0418 951 719 MATURE lady available to detail your car. To clean your house on a regular basis or the one off spruce up, vacate cleans etc, all hourly rate. Please call 0431 553 476 TILER large floor area from $25mtr. Floor to ceiling, good rates, painting, gyprock. render. Ph 0488 973 023 KTA/Hed. Steven ~~ENGAGEMENTS for rent

New Home finished 1 Sept 2012 & avail for lease. 4 x2 with double auto garage Baynton West. $1900/ wk Neg. first 2 weeks free and half bond. For Inspection please email karrathahouse@ Or call Mark 0417991169


for rent


Fully furnished, Park Homes and Chalets. Available for long and short term lease. For enquiries please contact Karratha Caravan Park 9185 1012

BULGARRA - Nice part furnished, 3 bed House, plus granny fl at in garden, Suit family or mine workers. Must be committed to looking after garden. Available in 2 weeks - $2,000 per week, 1 month rent as bond, long lease preferred. C o m p a n i e s accepted. Tel. 0402 673 532 DAMPIER house for rent – Beautiful 4 x 2 house in Ashburton Crescent, Dampier close to shops, school and beach. Available immediately due to break lease situation. $1600 p/wk. Please contact Geoff on 0417 922 237 to arrange inspection HARBOUR views, two bedroom, one bathroom duplex, A/C, open plan living, ducted air conditioning, single carport with storeroom, double gates with side access to large rear garden, pets considered, garden shed. Call 9414 3888. to arrange a viewing $1250 per week LARGE Room 4 rent in large, spacious, New Baynton West house. Has all the perks of modern living including pool, outdoor entertainment, large kitchen with all new appliances, airconditioned rooms. Must work full time and be reliable. $600/week includes bills. Ph 0408 926 458 LARGE room available to rent in large new executive style house with all the perks of modern living. $600/ week inc bills and access to WiFi. Pool, outdoor entertaining etc. ph: 0408 926 458 ROOM for rent in Bulgarra for single in a friendly environment $350p/w + bills. Call Cody 0407 568 273. UNFURNISHED room for rent in South Hedland. Shared house 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom. Please contact 0415 826 535 for more information. ~~FOR SALE for sale

BRICKS new $1, $2,$3

ea, plenty left. Ph 9182 1126, or 0417 094 558

for sale BUILDING Materials pipes, poles, galvanised fence poles, tin some new, steel, brackets ect, offers Ph 9182 1126 or 0417 094 558 CABNET steel for hanging maps, plans ect 11/2 mtrs x1mtr. Ph 91821126 or 0417 094 558 EXERCISE Equipment: LIFECORE cross trainer -large, suit up to 130kg, great condition $1199 o.n.o. Ab Coaster machine (near new) $310 o.n.o (Baynton). Ph: 0449 00 8018 a/h FISHING spots for sale in close and out deep off Dampier from trouts to big reds. Always CLASSIFIEDS catch at these spots. $100 for all 18 spots call Mick 0428 888 305 FRIDGE/FREEZER LG Great condition 435L $450.00 KTA Ph: 040 080 6992 GARDEN Arch/ChairGreat to grow creepers over. Brand New. $55.00 Ph 0418 937307 KTA GATES variety of sizes, offers Ph 91821126 or 0417 094 558 GOLF clubs/buggy set only used twice $600, 210lt chest freezer $150, bar fri $25, Teac TV/DVD $100, TV/ DVD Palsonic $150. All excellent condition. Ph 0431 553 476 HOUSEHOLD items: Plastic plants (large bamboo/palm type look great) $50 each. TV cabinet 1500mm x 450mm $45. Ph 0449 00 8018 a/h only IF anybody is interested in buying Avon products or having a look at the latest brochures, please contact me and I can organise one to be delivered to you. 0413 234 369. LOUNGE suite 2+3 seater. Removable & washable Tetrad fabric in cream. Comes with 2 Queen size mid blue throws. Good condition & very comfortable. $200 ono. Call 0408 802 626 MAROCCO bedroom suite, queen size bed (excludes mattress), 2 side tables, 9 drawer dresser and full length mirror. 4yo, paid $4,300 (have receipts) Sell for $2,000. Ph 0417 903 046 MIRROR 9mm screw holes 1760 x 770 691/2inch x 301/2 inch $200 Ph 9182 1126 or 0417 094 558 NEW house bricks 2 ½ pallets. Good for rendering or hobs. Make reasonable offer. Ph: 0420 765 609


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Free Weekly 18 - 19 August 2012

for sale

for sale

racks suit Toyota Landcruiser $250 0no Ph 0408 957 432 PORTABLE refrig aircon, new, never used $200 ono Dampier Ph 0408 957 432 DYSON Upright Vac Cleaner new $550 sell $450 0no at Dampier 0408 957 432 SAMSUNG Fridge/ freezer 6 weeks old had to leave town fast! Bargain at only $300. Call Cody on 0407 568 273 SINKS, troughs, fly wire doors, offers ph 9182 1126 or 0417 094 558 SOLAR panel 12 volt 130 watt, brand new - $400, 25 amp solar regulator brand new $140, lowline white. TV cabinet 2nd hand - $50, Riviera moped 4400klms - $750, phone 0427 938 189 TEAK Wooden Chairs x6-$70, office/ computer desk with 3 draws $50, sofa brown lounge $60, 2 x mocha recliner chairs, suede material $40 each, BBQ Stainless Steel Jackaroo Platinum with 7 Burners & a wok burner $250, kids trampoline round shape w safety net $60, Johnston 35hp Seahorse $500. Call 0427 937 686 TITANIUM Kenwood chef major. Bought last month & used only once. It has many attachments including a food processor, blender, mincer,citrus juicer, digital scale,etc. A very powerful & versatile kitchen machine that you will like. Contact 0400 525 100 or 9144 4971 for inspection & price. TYRE & Rims 1 x 165R130 Tyre & 5 Stud Rim $50 2 x Bridgstone Dueler A/T 1 x 225 70R16 102S with white rim suit Hyundai Terracan (Brand new never used) 1 x 275 65R17 114H Tyre only suit Nissan Patrol (Tyre brand new never used. Ph 9144 2235 or 0409 904 846 RHINO

3 Coopers L.T.225/75 R16 with tread. Suit spare or trailer $40. Ph 9182 1126 or 0417 094 558 TYRES 8 with tread 225x70 R17 off Prado $85. Ph 91821126 or 0417 094 558. VK body kit, VR GTS style front/rear bumpers & side skirts, group A wing and grill. Made by spoiler factory never fitted or painted. Ph 0419 497 335. $500 TYRES

found GLUCOSE test kit. Found in Hedland Place carpark area, Karratha. Please call 9185 5570. ~~GARAGE SALE garage sale

25 & Sunday 26 Aug @ 8:00 am, 10 Wallaby Street, Baynton West. TV Unit, Coffee Table, Fridge/ Freezer, Household Items, Clothes, DVDs. No Early Birds! ~~IN MEMORIUM SATURDAY

in memorium


ZON TOBIAS CEDAR December 8, 1992 August 15, 2009

It’s been 3 years and there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think of you. You’re still in our hearts. Love always, Mum, P.C, Annai, Connie, Ryan and your nephew Malakai Zon Tobias (5 months)

lost YAMAHA 60hp Enduro 2 stoke outboard cowling stolen. Pegs Creek. Reward offered. Ph 0419 936 197 ~~MOTORCYCLES motorcycles HONDA CRF 450 2010 FMF race pipe, never raced, great condition, urgent sale, leaving town. $4000 Ono, Call Kyle 0411 651 786 KTA - 2007 TTR 125 Yamaha $2000 - has hardly been riden in the last year. Contact 0417 419 374 for more info.




XPLORER 4WD m/bike. New Front Tyres. Runs Well. Low Km’s. Red/Black. 2nd owner. Very Capable. $5500 o.n.o Call Tony 0417 920 098 YAMAHA Raptor 700cc White with new front tyres and nerf bars. $5500. Phone 0439 381 877 POLARIS



BEAGLE puppies. Pure bred tricolour & tan/white $500. 1 x Male and 4 x Female. Vaccinated & microchipped. Ready 17/8/12. Ring 0437 784 232 or 9185 1903 to view. HAND Raised Lovebirds, make great friends contact John in Karratha phone 0409 683 427

real estate I N V E S T M E N T

property: Here’s your chance to start or add to your portfolio. This 750sqm block boasts a lge entertaining area overlooking the b/g pool. Front access to rear for lge boat/cvn. Lge p/w shed, renovated throughout. Split a/cons. Company leased at @$1600 per week for 1 yr. ph: 0400 317 933 resumes Pilbara Resumés Local knowledge for executive through to trades personnel... • Professional resumés • Selection criteria • Cover & resignation letters • Online applications Sell your achievements Marlene Cole 0434 122 659



V8 racing engine new, Dart engine block Scatt Stroker crank. Balanced manual designed & build for road racing drift drag or marine use 550 HP with carburettors 600+ with injection 08 8359 6447 please email jchiodi@ for build sheet, too many specs. to mention S Aust can freight. HILUX 95 dual cab, 2.8 lt diesel, manual, good condition, runs well, licensed till 23 Oct, Lifted $ 5800 ono Ph 0427 652 352 HYUNDAI Excel 205,000 kms, 1999, 3 doors 5 seats. Bought in Moxham KTA last year. $2,500 ONO. Ph 0459 033 148 FORD

HYUNDAI Lantra 1999. Under 80,000 km. $3,800. Ph 0422 273 338. Kth JEEP Cherokee Ltd 4x4. 2006. Blue, Unleaded, 3701cc V6, Wagon, Automatic, 86,500 kms, Selec-Trac diff system, ARB Roo bars, tow bar. $19,500. Karratha, 0447 968876.

100 series, 2004, 170,000 kms V8 excellent condition $24,000 ono. Ph 0437 513 252. Call for a viewing. SUZUKI Grand Vitara 2003 4x4 new tyres, rego, runs well. Broome $5000 ono Ph 0488 146 764 LANDCRUISER




Triton GLXR 2007 4x4 turbo diesel man 140000 km silver, 4 x Lightforce s/lights. Just serviced (major) all oils. Cooper Off road tyres, blue tooth $25500 ph 0400 552 177 NISSAN Micra Red automatic 12/2008 KM 13000, very good condition. $9500. Call 0458 968 290 MITSUBISHI

public notice

Attention Notice: Please be advised that The Company West Pilbara Solar or Richard (Richy) Nankin is not associated in any way with Renewablelogic or Cablelogic.

public notice


Expert, Professional Resumes for when You want to Get Ahead • Mining Recruitment Skills • Recruitment Professional • Emphasising your Valuable Skills & Experience • For Results You Want

0401 812 060 / 9361 1531

real estate ~~REAL ESTATE

house Nickol West 5 b/room 2 bath. Huge open plan living.Strong corp. lease 1.1m. Phone Chris 0401 624 742. FIBRO Beach House 3x1 in Horrocks Beach in strata block. 2nd house from the front of the jetty. Awesome fishing and reef surf spots. Abrolhos Islands are 80km offshore. Reluctant sale but it is hardly used. $350,000. Contact 0438 343 069 for more details. EXEC.


country cottage on 52 acres of prime grazing land. All amenities. Great place to get away yet handy to everything. SE Qld. Phone for weblink. Ph 0450 303 330

shade sails

TRAFFIC NOTICE PILBARA SHADE SAILS Custom made locally for Pilbara conditions. Phone Steve Trevurza on 0410 867 102.

vehicles FORD Falcon AU for

sale with LPG, 1998. 4000cc, everything good, you can save the money for fuel, if LPG and petrol all full can drive more than 900km, do safe check before drives from Perth. Also can get staff for camping free, quick sale for $3,800, Mobile:0469 583 525 Kate

Main Roads WA would like to remind road users that roadworks are continuing on the Dampier Highway between Balmoral Road and Burrup Road. Speed restrictions will be in place until these works are complete.

Upcoming changes – effective Monday 27th August Traffic signals operating at the Madigan Road/Exploration Drive intersection New southbound lane opened between Balmoral Road and Bayly Avenue Refurbished bridge open to traffic There will be a series of temporary localised lane closures whilst off-road and median works such as street-lighting are carried out. Steel Avenue will operate as a left-in/left-out only. There will be no right turn out to Karratha. This movement will be available at Exploration Drive.



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enter your name and contact details enter your ad details Free ads must be less than 4 lines


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business for sale

AUTO ELECTRICAL Business For Sale KEY FEATURES: • Established 26 years • Management and Admin role for owner and some hands on work • $100k of Plant/Equip

vehicles NISSAN Navara STX

Turbo Diesel. Tinted windows, bull bar, tow bar, spot lights, recovery kit included. 85189 klms $30,000 ono. Still under warranty and road side assist. Contact Karen on 0417 979 560

vehicles NISSAN Patrol 1997 4x4 T/top with custom tool boxes. Diesel, 284000 kms, 5 months rego. Ideal work/trade vehicle. $8,200 ono. Ph: 0418 937 276

adult movies

WWW.SEXMOVIES.COM.AU Not Just Movies !!!! City Prices, Country Service email : Ph: 0458 785 964 caravan

Mainly domestic clients and mining industry. This is your opportunity A BARGAIN in a rapidly Due to family commitments OWNER KEEN TO SELL PRICE $285,000 (includes stock of $38,000 & Plant & Equip of $100,000)



Sundance fifth wheeler 31 foot, for sale never been licensed or used $110,000 and will license for you. Phone 0419943797

for sale

Great Opportunity Performance Business Sales JOHN DENTON Go to our website Ref No JDC4678K


Funky New iPad Cases and Laptop Bags Great for kids or anyone who likes colour. WA designed. Free postage Australia wide. Visit us at: or E:

vehicles NISSAN Patrol 2.8lt

Turbo Diesel 1999, manual, tinted windows, 7-seater. New recon engine with 80,000kms, new radiator, battery, thermostat, water pump, filters etc. Registered. $8000 in receipts available. $16,000. Call Ash 0409 411 125. NISSAN Pulsar ST-L, 2004. Great condition. Auto, low kms, tinted windows. One lady owner, full service history. Call Tracy 0414 519 256 NISSAN truck + Bobcat + Bobcat trailer $40,000. 1990 Nissan, 6 wheel, tiptruck, manual, diesel, registered until 22/4/13.1990 Bobcat: 2000 hours, 4 in 1 bucket. Point Samson. Call 0418 949 301. TOYOTA Camry 1992 2.2 rego until 03/11/2012. Air conditioner refilled, 4 new tyres, comes with camping equipment. Very good and economical car. Ph. 0477068442. Location KTH TOYOTA Hilux Extra cab 2003 $15, 500 ONO Petrol V6 seats 4. Very tidy unit. Only 114,000 kms with service book. Alum Tray, towbar, bullbar, tool box, central lock, CB Radio 4 new tyres, runs great, excellent A/C. Great first car. Call Mark 0417991169 Karratha

FIND STAFF FOR FREE IN AUGUST Register your business during August and receive your first ad FREE on * Limit one (1) free ad per registered business. Ads last 14 days online. Offer expires midnight 31 August 2012.

Local Jobs Local People K 24


Free Weekly 18 - 19 August 2012


employment available

TOYOTA Landcruiser Trayback - 2004 only 125,000kms, just been serviced. 2 new tyres. Under tray toolbox. Scrub bars, side steps. 2 Spot lights. $25000. Going overseas Ph 0427 180 602 CLEANER required for 4x2 in Nickol West on a weekly basis. Ph 0418933354 DESK CHAIR. Call/ SMS Elly 0403 940 910. DOMESTIC CLEANER WANTED. 2-4 hours per week - MILLARS WELL. Mobile 0404 698 055 WHEELS for BF XR Falcon. Ring 0438 023 492

employment available


GROUND with us Monadelphous is a leading national engineering group, providing extensive engineering construction, maintenance and industrial services to the resources, energy and infrastructure sectors. We are a S&P/ASX Top 100 company with more than 5,500 employees whose commitment to quality and strong customer focus has earned an enviable reputation for the successful delivery of some of Australia’s largest projects. We are continuing to grow, so if you’re looking to stand on solid ground, this is the place to be.

HIRING NOW • Oil and Gas – Pluto LNG • Karratha Residential Positions Monadelphous Maintenance and Industrial Services are experiencing a period of sustained growth within the oil and gas industry and are recruiting experienced oil and gas professionals for the following roles in Maintenance, Project and Shutdown works at Pluto LNG. Monadelphous have a strong commitment to safety and expect all employees to maintain our high safety standards and influence a culture of safety excellence and innovation. 2 x Mechanical Coordinator Ref: 200082040 1 x Electrical Instrumentation Coordinator Ref: 200081853 1 x Cladding and Insulation Coordinator Ref: 200081852 1 x Rigging, Scaffolding Crane Coordinator Ref: 200081858 2 x Cladder / Laggers Ref: 200084635 1 x Leading Hand Cladder / Lagger Ref: 200086811 4 x Rigger/Scaffolders Ref: 200084637 2 x Leading Hand Rigger / Scaffolder Ref: 200086810 Other positions we envisage requiring in the near future include: Mechanical Fitters, Boilermakers, Welders and E&I Technicians. If you would like to know more about these roles or to apply, please visit our career website and enter the reference number under “job search” or email a copy of your resume to The Safe Way is the Only Way!

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Free Weekly 18 - 19 August 2012

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Long & Short Term Positions

Service Consultant

DFP Recruitment Services is one of Australia’s leading recruitment services. Established in 1981, DFP has developed a reputation for delivering specialist services in temporary, permanent and volume staffing services combined with ethics, integrity and professionalism.

• Excellent career opportunity • Great culture

We are currently seeking experienced personnel for the following positions:

• Friendly work environment We’re exploring new and better ways to progress the business with energy and enthusiasm. Connected by integrity and clarity of strategy, there is a real sense of excitement about the future. The possibilities are endless.

Heavy Diesel Mechanics - Karratha based Heavy Diesel Mechanics - must have HR Licence - Perth based

As a Service Consultant (Teller), you will provide excellent customer service ensuring customer needs are identified and met along with contributing to the achievement of branch targets for products and service referrals. This role will see you dealing with customer enquiries face to face, building a positive relationship with each customer and referring sales opportunities.

Recruitment Consultant Ships Crane Operators

The successful incumbent will also have the ability to provide outstanding customer service, promote their extensive knowledge of transactional and relationship products and ensure that a customer is always made to feel welcome. Your previous experience will ideally be in customer service and sales environments such as retail or hospitality, where you have had to utilise your superior communication and interpersonal skills. Proven experience with working towards targets and set KPI’s in a team base environment will also be highly regarded.

Open Crane Operators Administrator with Marine Shipping Experience Master 2, must have STW95 and AMSA

This is an opportunity to undertake a role offering exceptional opportunities for professional development with a broad range of career paths. It’s a place where the determined can succeed, the willing can grow and together, we can prosper. We connect you to your world of opportunity.

Please note you must hold a current driver’s licence and be prepared to undergo a drug & alcohol screen. To register please email your resume to or call our Karratha branch on 08 9185 9700

Please apply online at quoting reference AUS013018.

Shop 7/18 Hedland Place Karratha WA, 6714 Phone: 9185 9700

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) ABN 11 005 357 522. ANZ’s colour blue is a trade mark of ANZ.

Become part of the team that builds capability in our new LNG generation The Santos GLNG Project is a pioneering initiative to convert coal seam natural gas (CSG), to liquefied natural gas (LNG) for export to global markets. It represents a major investment in a cleaner energy source and fuel for the future. To make history happen, we’re assembling some of the most talented people from all over the world. Our joint venture partners, TOTAL, KOGAS and PETRONAS are helping us build the skills, and the team, to operate this new industry. Based from Gladstone in Central Queensland, the Downstream Operations group of GLNG is responsible for the safe operations and maintenance of the plant and gas transmission pipeline facilities. We are now actively recruiting LNG and hydrocarbon specialists to assist in Operations Readiness preparation. This is your opportunity to join the start-up and commissioning of this world-class LNG project. The support employees moving to the region, GLNG provides an excellent relocation and housing package. We’re currently recruiting in Gladstone for: • Senior Reliability Engineers Ref IRC17642 •

Electrical Engineers – LNG Operations Ref IRC17643

Instrument Engineers – LNG Operations Ref IRC17647

Mechanical Engineers – LNG Operations Ref IRC13879

GTP Pipeline Superintendent Ref IRC20466

GTP Pipeline Engineer Ref IRC17646

For further information please contact Ian Flanagan, Recruitment Advisor:


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Free Weekly 18 - 19 August 2012

Government of Western Australia


A vacancy exists for a Local Resident to join our Company. The position involves all administration duties of the office in our Site Camp in Karratha. The applicant must be computer literate and have several years experience in an administration position. Hours are: 11 hours per day rotating over 6 weeks. Day shift only. The conditions and remuneration are excellent.

A position has become available for our Camp Site in Karratha for a person to carry out general maintenance duties. A trade background would be desirable. It is envisaged that one day a week would be sufficient initially. ABN is required. Hourly rate is negotiable.

Please forward your resume to by Tuesday 21st August 2012.

Please contact Suzanne on 0428 018 273.

Department of Corrective Services

Clerical Support Officer Community and Youth Justice Web Search No: 012254 Level/Salary: Level 3, PSGOGA, $60,330 - $65,503 pa Are you looking for a position with an exciting, friendly and motivated team, if so this position, based in South Hedland is for you. Successful applicants will be part of the Administration team and will perform effective reception and administration work for the office. This position is responsible for word processing, data entry, filing, maintaining stationery supplies and other varied duties that support Pilbara Youth Justice Services. A current drivers licence, WA Working with Children card and Police check are required. To Access Detailed Information: and key in the Web Search No. to access detailed information or Ph: (08) 9264 1562 to be mailed an information pack. For Specific Inquiries: Please contact Vanessa Atkinson on (08) 9140 0300. Location: South Hedland Closing Date: Monday, 03 September 2012 at 4.30pm.

Front Desk Receptionist

adcorp F76734

Government of Western Australia

Western Australia Police

Beachfront Village, Port Hedland is seeking to fill a full-time front desk reception/reservations position. The successful candidate must possess and








administration skills, show attention to detail and have sound knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite.

In this service-focused role you will work on a flexible basis over a seven day rotating roster

We put our people first

including weekend and evening shifts. Your

Located in the central Pilbara, west of Karijini National Park, Tom Price is Rio Tinto’s original Pilbara mine, currently employing about 950 people.

• Ensuring the smooth running of the front

Tom Price is one of the most attractive towns in the Pilbara with a high school, hospital and a high standard of recreation facilities.

• Checking in and out guests

Tom Price is currently recruiting for the following roles:

Senior Supervisor Trucks and Light Equipment (PIL008M4)

responsibilities include:


Admin/Front Desk   • Being the central contact point to all of our

Traffic Warden State Management Unit VACANCIES - TRAFFIC WARDENS Children’s Crossings The WA Police are looking to establish a pool of applicants to fill current and future vacancies in Karratha. Duties: The position of Traffic Warden is to ensure safe pedestrian access of essentially primary age children across carriageways at children’s crossings. Working Conditions: • School Days, Monday to Friday. •Contract: casual contract opportunities are available. (Terms and conditions of employment are those provided by the Western Australian Police School Traffic Wardens Agreement 2011). • Standard children’s Crossing Hours: 1 hour morning and 1 hour afternoon • Hourly Rate: $20.01 per hour, which includes 20% loading in lieu of payment for public holidays, annual leave and sick leave. • Laundry Allowance: $0.60 per week. • Motor Vehicle Allowance payable under certain conditions. • Full training and uniform provided.

For Further Information and Application guests and handling all guest requests Beachfront Village Port Hedland are an experienced FULL TIME Front Telephone: Desk. Package Traffic Warden State accordingly Management Unit on (08) 6274 8731 or via email

Residential - 5 days on 2 days off roster

Pit Production Supervisor (PIL007C0) Fly In Fly Out - 2 weeks on 1 week off roster For more information and to apply visit quoting the above reference numbers.

• Taking reservations andbeoperating The successful candidate will well presented, guest focused, confident highly organised. PLEASE NOTE:andApplicants must haveYou a current shouldthe be booking self motivated and self disciplined and have a natural workand within team vehicle WA ability drivers to licence useaofbusy a motorised system is desirable. Applicants will undergo an integrity and environment. criminal check, and if nothing adverse is recorded, • Organising and executing duties within will alsoOffice be required to undergo a Police Must be computer literate and proficient in the use of the Microsoft package. Experience in Health front office. Assessment. Once training is completed and the RMS is preferred but not essential.

Closing Date: 31 August 2012 To Apply please contact Arlion Kissick at (08) 9173 2000. Please send all resumes to

applicant is deemed suitable as a Traffic Warden, the applicant will be required to apply for a ‘Working with Children Card’. Successful applicants may be reimbursed for some of the costs of these expenses, subject to agency policy.

adcorp F76536





Office Administration Manager n Indigenous Trust Organisation n Pilbara Region The Kuruma and Marthudunera People have traditional rights to a large area covering approximately 15,759 square kilometres of land in the Pilbara region. It lies in the Shires of Ashburton and Roebourne and comprises part of the Fortescue River and the complete river system of the Robe River, in the most westerly part of the Hamersley Range. The majority of KM People reside in Roebourne, Wickham, Onslow, Karratha or Tom Price and retain a strong connection to their country.

The Kuruma Marthudunera group has established the KM Trust which is a single entity overseen by an Executive Officer. The Office Administration Manager role reports directly to the Executive Officer and will be based in Karratha. The role is responsible for the provision of high level, efficient and comprehensive administration support to the Executive Officer and other staff as required. Remuneration for the role is negotiable dependent on experience and includes provision for an accommodation subsidy.

K 26

International Executive Search and Board Consulting

Applicants should possess the following skills: • Proven management and administration abilities; • Effective communication skills; • Exceptional time management skills; • Highly proficient computer and MS Office capabilities; and • Ability to facilitate workplace induction and training. Enquiries to Tom Chapman on +61 8 9322 0859 quoting ref 11596. Please apply by pressing the "Apply Now" button below and quote ref 11596.

echobusiness echo business

Free Weekly 18 - 19 August 2012



Accountability agencies strengthening links The office of the Western Australian Ombudsman and the Office of the Information Commissioner will be visiting the Pilbara between 28 and 30 August as part of the Regional Awareness and Accessibility Program. The visit will involve staff from the Ombudsman’s office, Energy Ombudsman’s office and office of the Information Commissioner. The Pilbara regional visit aims to: Improve awareness, accessibility and use of the accountability agencies in the Pilbara region; Provide an opportunity for the local community to speak to officers from the accountability agencies faceto-face, to raise their concerns; and Promote good administrative practice, effective complaint/dispute resolution and appropriate access to information in the public sector. Western Australian Ombudsman Chris Field said that improving awareness of the office, and strengthening

relationships with regional communities, were key priorities for his office. “We want to ensure that the offices of the Ombudsman and Information Commissioner are as accessible as they can possibly be to Western Australians living and working in the Pilbara region,” Mr Field said. The events taking place in the Pilbara include: Complaints clinics, which provide an opportunity for members of the local community to raise their concerns face-to-face with the staff from the Western Australian Ombudsman and Energy Ombudsman;

Individual meetings will be held with Indigenous community members to discuss government service delivery and where the two agencies may be able to assist. Training and workshops for regionally-based public sector agencies and local governments will also take place. For details of events for the Pilbara visit go to

A seminar for regionally-based public sector agencies and local governments to discuss good administrative practice, effective complaint/dispute resolution and appropriate access to information; and

“We encourage interested members of the local community to attend the events to learn more about our agencies and provide feedback which can help us to deliver our services more effectively to the Pilbara region,” said Mr Field.

A seminar for community groups to discuss the role of the Ombudsman and Information Commissioner and how these agencies can assist in complaint/dispute resolution.

Senior officers from the office of the Western Australia Ombudsman, Energy Ombudsman and office of the Information Commissioner will be available for media interviews prior to and during the regional visit.

“We encourage interested members of the local community to attend the events to learn more about our agencies and provide feedback which can help us to deliver our services more effectively to the Pilbara region” - Chris Field

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Accountants for miners in town RSM Bird Cameron, one of the largest accounting firms in Australia, has opened an office in Karratha, in response to market demand for accountancy and business advisory services in the Pilbara district. RSM Bird Cameron is the largest mid-tier accounting firm in Australia with national ownership and profit sharing and offers a full range of specialist advisory services, including business consulting and advisory, assurance and advisory, taxation consulting, corporate consulting and turnaround and insolvency. RSM Bird Cameron is a core member firm of RSM International, the sixth largest network of independent accounting and consulting firms in the world. The new Karratha office is operational from Monday, August 13. Judy Snell, Director of RSM Bird Cameron, said, “RSM Bird Cameron is opening this office to ensure that mining companies and businesses in the Pilbara district have easy access

to quality advice. “RSM Bird Cameron has a long standing association with the North West and the Pilbara region, and sees great opportunities and potential with rapid expansion and continued investment in the region.” Keiran Sullivan, Principal of RSM Bird Cameron, said, “As we celebrate our 90th anniversary this year, it is exciting to see this continued growth. “The Karratha office will open as we have operated across so much of Western Australia, with permanent staff based in the town who are part of the local community.” Sandy Hatherly, Director of RSM Bird Cameron, said, “RSM Bird Cameron’s success means that it can continue to commit to providing accountancy services where needed, including regional Western Australia.” Staff servicing the office include, Judy Snell – Director, Keiran Sullivan – Principal and Sandy Hatherly – Director.


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Free community workshops in Samba dance and drumming. 27 K

Mondays 5:00–7:30pm, 9 July – 24 Sept 2012. The Youth Shed (cnr Hillview and Balmoral Roads, Karratha). Feel the rhythm! (See the band live: Cossack Community Day, Sun 22 July; REAF Karratha Community Day Celebrations, Sat 22 & Sun 23 Sept.) Proudly supported by Kulcha, CITIC Pacific Mining and the Pilbara Multicultural Association.





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Two talented students attend winter dance camp DeckArts



“Every workshop, dance camp


and class with a guest teacher helps


students to develop a wider range


of skills and exposes them to the

attending a winter dance camp

dance world outside Karratha” she

at Vogue Entertainment in Perth.


students and







The workshop  was held over

There are many students at

four days and the girls were put

DeckArts who have their sights set

through their paces learning many

on a performing arts career and

different styles of dance such as

Lea is more than qualified to guide


them toward their goal.




jazz, tap, musical theatre, drama, film and television, singing and Jamaican dance hall.   Special



John Curtin College of Arts, Urban

‘Rock the Ballet’ principal dancer,

Dance Centre Sydney, Dance World

Joey Arrigo and fellow cast mate

Melbourne, WA Youth Ballet and

Tim Olsen.



Even though the water was very chilly, Coach Sara McRobb said she was very pleased that the swimmers were so committed. “It’s pretty gutsy of them to take this first step of their training season when the water temperature is so low,” she commented.






the Regal Theatre and it inspired

Arts) teacher and graduate in

them to work hard while in Perth.

Dance and Music Theatre.








She is very excited about the

opportunity to expose Ashlee and

progress of her current senior

Tesshara to different dance styles

students at DAS who range in age

and to be among dance students

from 12 to 18-years-old.

from all over Perth.

Like Ashlee and Tesshara, they

DeckArts director Lea Cullen

are keen to expand their developing

Lynes will continue finding exciting

talents and DAS is  planning to

opportunities for her upcoming

attend a winter dance camp in

senior dance students to develop

Melbourne next year, an intensive

their craft.

series of workshops over five days.

Braving it for Broome Talented, and very brave, Karratha Swimming Club members started their preparation for an upcoming swimming carnival in Broome (The Kimberley Open) in October.


performing in ‘Rock the Ballet’ at


• Ashlee from DAS

behind her with former DeckArts students attending schools such as

The girls witnessed their teachers

• Tesshara from DAS

She has many success stories

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It involves core strength training followed by a pool session.

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New members of all ages are welcome to join the club.

Phone 9756 1012

Go to: for information regarding registration.

For further information, please contact Leonie Peterson (Registrar) at:

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29 K

• Chenin Bez, Macie Bennetts, Cian Lynch, Lily Moore, Jade Bez, Tedd Stanley, Ross Rann, Zane Smith, Front- Finlay Moore and Stevie Stanley


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Free Weekly 18 - 19 August 2012

Junior Soccer Week 11 of the 2012 Karratha District Junior Soccer season was held over the weekend.

Under 13s

In the 13s competition there was a hard fought game between Nickol 1 and Dampier 2, with Dampier 2 running out winners by a single goal.

Nickol 3 - Brodie Newman, Timor Wailu; Salt Brock Crowhurst, Ross Rom Dampier 2 - Connor Hemmings, Toby Mason; Nickol 1 - W Cooney, M Wingeatt.

In the 17s competition Dampier came from behind to beat Nickol 2, and Glory defeated Nickol 1 who had to forfeit due to injury and illness.

Dampier 2 - Joel Broad, Michael Baker; Nickol 2 - Tom Sydney Smith, Katy Sydney Smith

Dampier 1, 4 d Nickol 2, 2:  



Dampier, 4 d Nickol 2, 1:

The results and best players for round seven of the FIFA games were:

Port of Call

Dampier 2, 1 d Nickol 1, 0:  

In the other games, Dampier 1 had a solid win over Nickol 2, and Nickol 3 had a strong win over Salt.

We wish these players a speedy recovery.

• Nickol v Salt

Nickol 3, 6 d Salt, 0:          

Dampier - Thomas Balch, Harrison Gray; Nickol 2 - Bastion Auna, Tom Lee

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9A Crane Circle

2012 footytipping

Round 21

Ben Cranston - Shire of Roebourne

Sharline - Desert Rose Hairdressers

POINTS - 110 Simon - NW Comms

POINTS - 129 Petina - DFP Recruitment

Geelong • Carlton Melbourne • Fremantle Collingwood • Crows WC Eagles • Sydney Hawks

Geelong • Essendon Melbourne • Fremantle Adelaide • Collingwoo WCE • Sydney Hawthorn Geelong •Carlton GWS • Freo Collingwood • Crows WC Eagles• Swans Hawks

St Kilda • Carlton Melbourne • Richmond N Meblourne • Adelaide WC Eagles • Sydney GCS POINTS -107 Steve - Falcons President Geelong • Carlton GWS • Freo Adelaide • Collingwood WC Eagles • Sydney Hawks POINTS - 113

POINTS - 111

Mel - Echo Team

Geelong • Carlton Melbourne • Freo Colllingwood • Adelaide WC Eagles • Sydney Hawks

POINTS - 133 Clayton - McDonalds

Bazz - Karratha Visitor Centre

Gellong • Carlton Melbourne • Freo Adelaide • Collingwood WC Eagles • Sydney Hawks

Geelong • Carlton GWS •Freo Adelaide • Collingwood WCE • Sydney Hawks

POINTS - 128

POINTS - 118

Round 20 winners: Sharline Best tipster to date: Mel

• Nickol1 v Dampier2

pilbara echo pilbaraecho

K 30

DAMPIER TIDE TIMES Visit for up-to-date boating weather.

Sun 19 Time Ht

0548 1143 1809

Mon 20 Time Ht

Tue 21 Time Ht

0.87 0002 4.39 0031 4.37 0620 0.68 0654 0.56 1214 4.42 1247 1839 0.53 1909

4.52 0.58 4.37 0.60

Wed 22 Time Ht

0101 0729 1321 1939

4.55 0.58 4.22 0.76

Thu 23 Time Ht

0133 0805 1356 2009

4.48 0.71 3.98 1.00

Fri 24 Time Ht

0208 0843 1436 2039

4.30 0.94 3.66 1.32

Sat 25 Time Ht

0248 0929 1524 2114

4.02 1.27 3.29 1.68

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Free Weekly 18 - 19 August 2012

Semi finals for NFPL



Some action shots from the weekend... Photos courtesy of Linda Rampant - eLaRz real pics

North Pilbara Football League held the semi final one last weekend with the Karratha Kats defeating the South Hedland Swans in League 18.18(126) to 4.3(27). Also in League, for semi final two, the Port Hedland Rovers defeated the Karratha Falcons 17.11(113) to 9.8(62) with Hart scoring a massive four goals for the Rovers, as well as Pyke and Dawson scoring three goals. For the Falcons, Cameron kicked four goals, while Crucdelli scored three and Cooper and Formancyzk scored one each. For the Reserves in semi final one the South Hedland Swans defeated the Karratha Kats, 10.8(68) to 6.11(47). And the Karratha Falcons defeated the Port Hedland Rovers in semi final two, 11.6(72) to 5.5(35), with Nowonty, Walsh, Johnson and Parmenter scored two goals each for the Falcons and Valentine scored two goals for the Rovers, while Deall, Win and Paton scored one goal each for the Rovers.

North Pilbara Football League Ladder League Pos Team                     

   P       W      L      D     B      FF    

F        A     

 %       Pts     

1  Karratha Falcons    2   Port Hedland Rovers 3   Karratha Kats  4   South Hedland Swans   5   Wickham Wolves       6   Dampier Sharks    

 15      13      2       0       0       0       1544     907     170.23 52        15      11      4       0       0       0       1607    1057    152.03   44         15      9        6       0       0       0       1523    1060    143.68   36       15      5       10      0       0       0       1381    1123    122.97   20        15      5       10      0       0       0       1162    1604     72.44   20         15      2       13      0       0       0        650      2116    30.72    8       

Reserves Pos Team                    

 P       W       L       D       B      FF       F        A        %        Pts     

1  Karratha Falcons   2   Port Hedland Rovers 3   Karratha Kats    4   South Hedland Swans 5   Wickham Wolves      6   Dampier Sharks     

15     14      1        0       0       0        1414    526     268.82   56       15      9       6        0       0       0        1263    619     204.04   36        15      9       6        0       0       0        983      913     107.67  36       15      8       7        0       0       0        1023   1016    100.69  32       14      3       11      0       0       0        650     1522    42.71    12       14      1       13      0       0       1        656     1393    47.09   8       

Wasps minor premiers The Wasps had total control of the first half and went into the break with an 18-point lead keeping the Hawks scoreless. The Hawks came out with a point to prove in the second half and tried their hardest to get back into the game. But as in the first half, the Wasps defence was steadfast holding out multiple attacking raids on their try line. The penalty count was mounting up against the Wasps and this kept the Hawks in the game. But like their defence, the Wasps attack was equally potent, crossing on numerous occasions in the second half, including a crowd pleasing try from around halfway by Luke Walker after being set up by Aorangi Stokes. Hawks managed to cross the line once in the second half but it was to no avail as the Wasps won the game

32 – 4, and claimed the PRLA Minor Premiership. Hawks tried hard until the end and were not disgraced despite the score, and will no doubt return next week for the 1st Semi Final trying to regain some respect. Following the game was the PRLA Best and Fairest award for the competition. This was taken out by Hawks Hooker, Dan Payne. Dan thoroughly deserved the Presidents medal with an impressive season dominating the ruck area for the Hawks. Next week is the first round of finals with the Roosters taking on the Storm at Millars Well oval and the Hawks make the trip to Wickham for the second week in a row in the other Semi-final. Both games will be played at 7:30pm, Saturday night.

Beach Volleyball Registration Day Sunday, 2nd September 2012 Lions Park Dampier 4pm until sunset Come along and register a 4-aside team or a 2-aside team. Individual nominations also welcome. $20 per person for the season. Scratch match games and sausage sizzle on the day. For further information contact Bruce Simpson (0439070805) or Pauline Soucie (0409875589).!/NorthWestVolleyball If you need some practise before registration day head down to Lions Park Dampier from 4pm on Sunday 19th & 26th August for some social scratch matches and drills. 31 K

The Wickham Wasps have claimed the Pilbara Rugby League Minor Premiership with an impressive win over the Port Hedland Hawks in the final home and away game of the season. It was a dominant performance by the Wasps from the start, with their strong defence setting the tone for the game. Hawks were missing their best player, Dan Payne, but as they have done throughout the season, travelled with a strong side. From the kick off Hawks struggled to make metres up the middle, due to the Wasps aggressive tackling. Once the Wasps got their hands on the ball it wasn’t long before the tries started to come. Mikolaj Cherrington and Willie Live for the Wasps again featured on the try-scoring tally as they have done throughout the season.

Registration Day


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Free Weekly 18 - 19 August 2012

Local takes out second place in Australian karting title By Jeanine Rowe

• Nicholas Rowe came second in the Australian Sprint Karting Championships

• Nicholas out in front

Recently local 14-year-old Nicholas Rowe competed in the 50th Australian Sprint Karting Championships giving him the second place title for Junior National Heavy and fourth place title for Junior Clubman. In the Junior Clubman, Nick qualified tenth in a field of 22 drivers and had a tough time getting the set up right in this class. In heat one, Nick started out of tenth and finished eighth and in heat two, starting out of tenth again he finished ninth. In the pre-final, he started out eighth and over the 11 laps only managed to make up one position finishing in seventh. This was great for the final, as for the first time he would be starting on the inside which is the preferred spot to be. The final over 16 laps saw Nick get a great start and he moved straight into fourth with 16-yearold old Champ Brock Plumb trying everything to not let Nick get away. This caused a large gap between Nick and first, second and third place. When Nick was finally able to make a break away from Brock he started catching third NT State Champion Luke Marquis, but just missed out on third by 0.158 of a second and only 1.484 seconds behind the leader. In the Junior National Heavy, Nick qualified third in a field of 26 drivers with Brock Plumb Qualifying Pole and Jordon Boys from Victoria in second. The rest of the meeting saw these three drivers dominating the class. Heat one was a three-way freight train between Brock, Nick and Jordon with Brock taking the win by 0.145 of a second.

Heat two was exactly the same just this time Nick got second by 0.119 seconds. The pre-final was set to be a disaster as Nick was starting on the outside in p2 and this is not where you want to be. Coming out of the first corner Nick was forced wide of the track and by the time he re-entered he had dropped back to thirteenth. Over the next 11 laps Nick fought his way through the pack and finished in fifth with Jordon Boys winning ahead of Brock Plumb. The final of this race was a full with action. Unfortunately for Jordon Boys as he went to start his engine for the race it would not start and as you only get two minutes to fix yourself he had to retire from the race. He had split the crank on his engine. Then as the green flag was about to drop fellow WA driver Jayden Meckenstock rolled his kart over on the start line and the race was red flagged and they all returned to the pits. On the re-start somehow the officials of the meet had decided to let Jordon Boys re-enter the race as he had got a spare engine from someone else. Nick started out of fifth and got a great start and by lap two was in the lead. The race was a three way race with Brock, Jordon and Nick all leading the race at some point. With four laps to go the boys really started to dice and this made other drivers catch up to them. The last corner came down to four drivers with WA’s Jesse Elliot joining them and a few kart lengths behind him was WA’s James Allen. With only 25 meters to go Jordon was leading from Brock and Nick, as they entered the last corner nose to tail Jesse Elliot caught them all and

went to go under Nick pushing him into Brock and Jordon taking both of them out of the race. As Nick turned to face the finish line with Jesse right behind him, out of nowhere it seems James Allen crossed the line first, 0.245 seconds in front of Nick. This was an awesome race and WA ending first, second and third is a wonderful thing at a National Title. Jesse and James are both 16-yearsold and this was thier last chance to take out a Junior National Title. After every major event your engine is taken from the top five drivers and stripped and checked to make sure they are legal. They start with the first place getters engine and if there is a problem they check seconds and so on. In this case James Allen’s engine was deemed illegal by the stewards of the meeting and he was disqualified from the event. Karting has an appeals system and if you are not happy with the decision then you can appeal the judgment and all places are put on hold until after the hearing. This costs thousands of dollars for drivers to do this and usually takes about three to four weeks to be heard. In James’ case the engine had not been tampered with, but had not been modified to AKA standards. Approximately two years ago all engine builders were instructed to recall their engines and check them and modify them if necessary. James’ engine builder claims he did not know the rule. The hearing which was heard two weeks ago, by the appeals board decided that James Allen was illegal and guilty, but as it was not engine enhancing he got a $1,000 fine and got to keep his title.

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