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Edition 191 17-18 March 2012

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Don’t forget to check out the latest of misadventures of dating in the Pilbara with the Pilbara Romeo.

Kid Kenobi | Page 17

Kid Kenobi and MC Shureshock have been wowing crowds together now for a massive 12 years, and now Karratha has become one of those crowds.

DeckArts Studio | Page 29

DeckArts Studio is now offering kindy ballet classes two mornings a week. The tippy toes ballet classes are perfect for little kindy aged ballerina’s.

For full story see page 6

Bundraising at Bakers Delight Thai Lanna

Karratha Bakers Delight are set to bake over thousands of hot cross buns on Saturday, March 24, to raise money for sick kids at the Princess Margaret Hospital. On ‘Bundraiser Day’ the bakery (along with the other 69 Bakers Delight branches throughout WA) will donate $1 from every sixpack of hot cross buns sold to raise over $25,000 for the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation. Pic: Head down to Bakers Delight on March 24 to help them raise money for PMH

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Light painting in Roebourne

Free Weekly 17 - 18 March 2012

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Tyson Mowarin took this photo of the Catholic Church in Roebourne on the side of Mt Welcome. Tyson took it a few weeks ago at around midnight when he saw the lightning and thunderstorm heading towards Karratha on the coast from Whim Creek. “That’s when I went up there because the storm was in the right position to be in the background. “I used a technique called light painting, where the camera is on a long exposure and i just paint things i want to expose, with a torch beam.” You can view more of Tyson’s photos on tyson1978/ Tyson used a Canon 5D

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Wildlife watch: Mains Frog By Jenny Fox Now we’ve had a few inches of rain the burrowing frogs are out and about. The Pilbara is home to several species of burrowing frogs and toads but the one featured this week is the Main’s frog so named after Professor Burt Main of the University of Western Australia. The one in the photo is rather engorged with water and can be identified by the faint white line running along the spine. It’s an abundant, moderate sized and rotund water holding frog that inhabits some of the harshest country in the the arid regions of Western Australia. They are found on flood plains and short lived bodies of water and around temporary water courses or stream beds. These frogs emerge to procreate as soon as the ground becomes saturated. It is noted that in some environmental situations the tadpoles can change to frogs within a 14 day cycle, due to the

higher water temperature in the puddles and the evaporation rate. As the water dries up the frogs burrow back into the soil and depending on species, can go as far down as a meter. They then encase themselves in a water tight bag that prevents them from drying out between rainfalls and there they wait till the next seasonal falls (which can be years between). Once the ground becomes wet again the frog eats its surrounding cocoon and emerges to find a mate and start the cycle all over again. People with swimming pools will often find these frogs in the pool and skimmer box after the rains. I’m sure there are people reading this that have dug them up while digging the 600mm holes for patio or shade posts sometimes unintentionally chopping them in half with the shovel. These little creatures can make quite a

Karratha pub linked to missing person A Karratha pub has been linked to the murder case of missing Melbourne barmaid Elisabeth Membrey. Shane Andrew Bond has been accused of murdering Ms Membrey and disposing of her body, his former housemate, Daniel Riera has told the Victorian Supreme Court Mr Riera, who lived and worked briefly with Bond in Karratha told the court that he overheard Bond bragging about the act to a friend at a Karratha pub in late 2008. Mr Riera said Bond had told another man that he killed Ms Membrey by punching her, causing her to fall and strike her head on a coffee table. “He was going on about how he had tried to pick this girl up at a bar... they went to either his or her house for a few drinks... he must’ve thought he was getting somewhere and put a move on and she hit him and he hit her back,’’ Mr Riera told the court via videolink. Mr Riera said Bond referred to another unknown man who had helped him dispose of the body. Ms Membrey was last seen leaving work at the Manhattan Hotel in Ringwood, in Melbourne’s east, on December 6, 1994. Prosecutors allege she was attacked by Bond in her Ringwood flat. Her body has never been found. Bond has pleaded not guilty to murdering Ms Membrey. The trial is continuing before Justice Terry Forrest.

Photo courtesy of Madi Harvey racket that reverberates across the still nights. They are not poisonous and eat the usual creepy crawlies. Regardless of how you feel about frogs, it’s important to remember that in most areas the frog population reflects how healthy the environment around us is, so matter how annoying these little creatures are, they are an important part of our world.

This time last year… As part of Clean Up Australia Day, students from Year 6S and 7M at St Paul’s’ Primary, along with their teachers Mrs Nancy Spiteri and Miss Queva Mills participated in a huge clean up. Collecting rubbish from the school perimeter and grounds, proved a fun competition between the upper primary students and

• ABOVE - Year 6S and 7M at St Paul’s’ Primary, along with their teachers Mrs Nancy Spiteri and Miss Queva Mills

• RIGHT - The students learnt a lot from cleaning up

raised the awareness of rubbishing the environment. Both integrated the annual event in classroom studies about the environment. After one hour of picking up rubbish, the students managed to collect a shopping trolley full plus eight big rubbish bags.

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Free Weekly 17 - 18 March 2012

Howlett geared to grill Grylls By Elise Batchelor It’s no secret anymore! Passionate Port Hedland Mayor Kelly Howlett has formally announced her intention to run for pre-selection as Pilbara’s Labor candidate in next year’s state election. It’s a surefire chance the north west will see Ms Howlett up against Royalties for Regions pioneer Brendon Grylls, who is leaving his safe Wheatbelt seat to run as a Nationals candidate for the Pilbara also. Pending Ms Howlett’ s pre-selection success, north west residents will have the chance to vote for a candidate who actually lives here. “I’m running because I’ve made my home here for the past 13 years and I genuinely care about the people in my community,” Ms Howlett said. “The people and decision makers in Perth don’t know what it’s like to live and work in the Pilbara.” Ms Howlett is known to many residents for her integral awareness of day to day local and regional issues through pervasive use of social media site Facebook, through which she generates ongoing dialogue with community members. Formally a Greens member, she said part of her reasoning for the political move has been frustration with not getting traction on issues such as indigenous welfare, homelessness and the ability of locals to set up and build a small business successfully. “I want to make sure the Pilbara is represented by someone who understands,” Ms Howlett said. Over 13 years, Ms Howlett has developed several new town initiatives and she holds board positions with many Pilbara groups, advocating for women, education, the environment, regional development and tourism. In a recent ABC interview, Mr Grylls was buoyant with enthusiasm regarding his relationship with Pilbara towns and Royalties for Regions, which is pouring millions into the north west. He also indicated that with young children of his own with whom he’s travelled in the Pilbara, he’s well placed to understand the needs of young families here. However, Mr Grylls’ response to whether he’d move to the north west should he win the Pilbara seat in the 2013 vote was evasive, if not somewhat confusing. “I look forward to not counting my eggs before they hatch,” he said, notwithstanding it’s the chickens, not the eggs he’ll be waiting to count. In any case, both potential candidates no doubt hope to see voters emerge from their political shells and make a noise.



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As a contributer-based newspaper, we accept articles from the public. Were you there? Then send your articles & high resolution photos to • Kelly Howlett speaks with fellow Soroptimists for International Women’s Day

• Kelly Howlett with Atlas GM David Flanagan getting their hands dirty at 3 Mile Aboriginal Community in Hedland

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WA’s growing pains require urgent medical attention. Over the next 30 years our population is set to double. WA is the fastest growing state in the nation and forecasts indicate we’ll need a significant number of new doctors over the next 10 years to cope with the growing demand on our healthcare system.

We want to help by opening a medical school at Curtin University in 2014. Curtin University has submitted a proposal for a medical school to the federal government. Now we need your support to ensure this essential training facility is established here, for the benefit of the entire Western Australian community.

Why Curtin University? • Our proposed school wouldn’t duplicate existing degrees in WA. We would offer a new way of educating medical students, and provide the only five-year direct-entry undergraduate medicine degree in our state. This would result in more doctors in the workforce sooner. • We would address doctor shortages in rural and regional WA. Our proposal includes establishing a number of clinical schools in priority rural and regional locations across the state. • We already have a strong history in health education. Curtin teaches most of the allied professionals in WA, and we are currently leading the way in providing a team-based approach to teaching that will improve patient safety and quality of care. • We would provide more choice for those wishing to study medicine in WA. Without Curtin’s proposed medical school, school leavers would need to move interstate to commence a medical degree straight away, and that could mean fewer doctors for WA in the future.

How you can help. Help us show the federal government that you support Curtin University’s proposed medical school here in WA. Visit or call 08 9266 3985 and register your support by 31 March 2012. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and share our message with your friends, family and community. Make tomorrow better.


Quit Cigarettes In Sixty Minutes GUARANTEED

Professor Jeanette Hacket, AM Vice-Chancellor, Curtin University

Call: Olivia Antonic Quit Cigarettes Specialist

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The Pilbara Poet

Free Weekly 17 - 18 March 2012

by Elise Batchelor

What do you call a shaved female cricketer who goes surfing, having been called out for LBW at an overseas match? A bold bald bowled broad aboard a board abroad. The World’s Greatest Shave is happening all over the Pilbara, with people shaving their heads to raise money and awareness for Leukaemia. This includes the lovely Lisa Bowen…another B word. Good on you all! It’s a fabulous look.

The ‘B’ word Bold, Bare, Brave And Beneficial too. A Buzz cut breezy No, not a bad booboo

A bauble, a bubble, A berry bright, a blimp (a beaut, bright blimp, I qualify) No shiny, whiny wimp

Buffed and bulbous burnished Where all before was bobbed Or brittle burnt or blown by breezes Now it’s bloody mobbed

Were you blonde? Or black or beige, brunette? It’s been so long I’m baffled I basically forget.

“It’s beautiful! It’s brilliant! It’s like a baby’s bum Not blistered but a body-hugging ballerina’s bun.

It suits your…briefcase It brings out your brown eyes Or are they blue? Or black ones too? Now nothing would surprise.

But then again, a bun’s a bit of Bristle bumped atop. By golly yours is…sweetly put, a Boston bun, gone plop! Buxom, built with big, bright brains, You have bemused, you’re cheeky. You’re bathed in beauty, beaming bright (that top bit that bit squeaky.)

Oh boy, you’ve brains! You’ll pull in bucket loads. A binge of cash a bulky sum Brought in in big bus loads

Your brain is brittle, bruised. Uh huh, I’ll bet. But what, you are enthralled? (Oh dear, ho ho, she does not know) Be brave, big breath…you’re BALD.

But now, it’s bed. What’s that? You are confused? You’re baffled by my bantering

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Misadventures of dating in the Pilbara By Pilbara Romeo “I was engaged two years ago. But, you know, he dumped me on Valentine’s Day because he realised he was gay,” she said between mouthfuls of corn chips. Can’t say I blame him, poor bloke. I had tried internet dating before but decided to give it one more shot. I lined up a date with a girl who seemed promising. She had a good job, loved the outdoors, was looking for a serious relationship and appeared to have only a healthy level of interest in cats. I scanned the bar, looking for my e-date. She looked nothing like her picture. Her athletic build was not that of any athlete I’d ever seen compete. Her face was somewhat wider than her picture portrayed. She was supposed to be twenty-six; she was twenty-six about fifteen years ago. Lucky she found me as I didn’t even recognise her.

Ever the gentleman I ordered us a couple of drinks. From that moment on it was quite clear she was totally in love with herself. Between the gay ex-fiancé and her string of other failed relationships, I didn’t get a word in most of the night. She only paused her tale of inappropriate sexual partners to reply to a text message. The whole time I stared at her trying to find where that cute picture had gone. There it was, back in her uni days; a lifetime of bad choices and Winnie Blue’s had taken their toll. By this point she’s talking about taking a holiday together and how, ‘Virgos and Capricorns are made for each other’, and how it’s, ‘so weird’ that she used to be in trade sales and I’m a tradesman, ‘so we’ve probably talked to each other on the phone before without even knowing...<giggle>’ As she leant over to eat my chips, I saw what she was doing. We had moved passed getting to know each other and straight onto the picking food off the other person’s plate phase. I remember why I don’t date girls off the internet – it’s because they eat my chips.



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Free Weekly 17 - 18 March 2012



New prisoner worker camp • Some of the partners working towards the production of the Nickol and Madigan Road dwellings

More residential land for Karratha By Courtney Bertling Last week, Lands Minister Brendon Grylls announced that more residential land for Karratha is now underway. The development at Nickol and Madigan Road will eventually yield more than 1200 lots. Mr Grylls marked the start of the development of 369 dwellings on 24ha of land in Nickol by the company Otan Property Funds Management. “LandCorp will work closely with Otan to develop the land and bring it to the Karratha market, with earthworks expected to start in the next few months,” Mr Grylls said. “A key aspect of the Otan development will be the provision of affordable housing, and a diverse range of housing options to cater to the changing residential needs of Karratha. “Otan will create 220 lots sized about 550sqm for traditional homes as well as 89 grouped dwellings and a site which can be developed for up to 60 apartments. “This project is yet more evidence of the success of the State Government’s Pilbara Cities initiative to attract more private developers to the Pilbara.” Otan managing director Mark Butler said that this is a very exciting project for them. Mr Butler said that they are not going to be the one to fix all the

problems with prices of rent, housing or land but we are going to put their best foot forward to deliver this project as fast as they can, delivering for the people that want to live here in the Pilbara. “Rio have been very good to help us off with the first part, but there are two thirds of the project for working mums and dads to continue on the dream of the Pilbara Cities,” Rio Tinto has signed an agreement to purchase 100 four-bedroom houses and land packages. Rio Tinto chief executive Sam Walsh said the agreement demonstrated the company’s ongoing commitment to maintaining a predominantly residential employee base for its coastal operations and supports the Pilbara Cities vision to grow Karratha to a large regional city. Earthworks are also under way for the first 148 lots in Stage 1A of LandCorp’s newest estate Madigan Road, a 68ha parcel of land next to Baynton West in Karratha. With sales expected to commence later this year, the Madigan Road development will offer a range of lot sizes and housing options, providing affordable and diverse housing options. Consisting of more than 1,000 residential and mixed-use lots, the new development will include a mixed-use commercial precinct main street, which will connect with the new town centre.

A new work camp aimed at rehabilitating offenders through valuable community work is to be built at Roebourne. Corrective Services Minister Terry Redman and Regional Development and Lands Minister Brendon Grylls said the Royalties for Regions-funded facility would adjoin and be managed by Roebourne Regional Prison. Mr Redman said the work camp would provide prisoners with enhanced opportunities to develop job skills while improving the local community. “Work camps have been operating successfully in Western Australia since 1998 when the first was opened at Walpole,” Mr Redman said. “Since then, work camps have opened at Wyndham, Warburton and Dowerin and $20million of Royalties for Regions funding has been allocated to enhance these camps.” The Roebourne camp will see 30 lowrisk prisoners undertake conservation, maintenance and construction projects for the Roebourne community. This adds 30 beds to the prison system. Mr Grylls said the projects undertaken through work camps were immeasurable in their benefits to local communities and an effective way to reintegrate prisoners before their release. “Work camps also provide the additional benefit of keeping indigenous prisoners ‘in country’, close to their home and family,” he said. “Not only do communities appreciate being part of making a positive difference, but they in turn have their local amenities, environment and services enhanced. “The work camp is an important part of transition of prisoners back into the workforce.” The Roebourne Work Camp is at design stage and expected to take 12 months to build.

Lazy Lands proponents Lands Minister Brendon Grylls announced the successful proponents for a number of sites in Karratha as part of the State Government’s Lazy Lands residential infill project. The Lazy Lands project, which is run across the Pilbara, involves identifying vacant, useable Crown land and making it available to the private market for residential development. “As part of the Pilbara Cities Vision, this will help in meeting the Pilbara’s housing needs to 2015,” Mr Grylls said. The Minister said that in Karratha the Lazy Lands project was being delivered in three stages, and Expressions of Interest (EOIs) were sought for seven sites. Six sites have been awarded and one site would be readvertised.

“I’m pleased to announce that the successful proponents for the six sites in Karratha are Questus, Sulcon, Blue Waters Development Corporation and Big Wig Enterprises,” he said. “Big Wig Enterprises, who have been awarded three of the sites, are a consortium of local tradespeople, business owners and professionals, and this demonstrates the continued growth of the local economy. “The EOI criteria focused on affordability and urban design, and the successful submissions propose the development of up to 91 dwellings with a mix of one, two, three and four-bedroom homes. “This increased access to housing will see more families being able to settle permanently in the region.”

• Minister Brendon Grylls speaking with some of the local media

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Local businesses ‘doing the right thing’ This week our ‘Head Honcho’ purchased new suspension for their 4WD form TJM on Crane Circle... stock was available straight away with no delays. Rain! Rain is always good, it makes people happy, it make’s you want to dance, it fills up our rivers and makes our hills come alive with greenery.

what’snot No recycling Karratha should invest in recycling bins for every household. It may cost a bit of money to start, but it will be better for the town in the long run. Food gone bad Don’t you hate it when you’re craving something to eat, you grab it out of the fridge and it is off. Visit And let us know what’s hot or visit facebook and search for Pilbara Echo

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Free Weekly 17 - 18 March 2012

Bus car park upgrades at Karratha airport Work to upgrade the bus only parking area at Karratha Airport will start on Thursday, March 23. The project will include sealing of the car park, drainage upgrades and the installation of lighting at the car park and along the walkway to the terminal. Shire of Roebourne Chief Executive Officer Collene Longmore said improvements to the car park were needed to ensure the many large buses, which frequently transferred passengers to and from the airport, had access to an adequate parking facility.

“The bus only parking area is located east of the public Long Term A parking area and, once completed, will mean buses can continue to park in close proximity to the terminal but without disrupting the flow of other traffic and airport users,” Ms Longmore said. “During construction, public parking areas will not be affected by these works. “However, a section of the Long Term B parking area will be closed off for use as a temporary bus parking area with access from Cook Close. “Bus operators have been advised by

airport management of the temporary arrangements.” Ms Longmore said, in addition, signs would be erected so that the temporary bus parking area could easily be located by both bus drivers and pedestrians wanting to locate the temporary parking area. “Additional signage will clearly indicate where bus passengers should enter and exit the temporary parking area and direct them to existing walkways,” she said. The works are expected to be completed at the end of May.

Other significant upgrades were completed at Karratha Airport in 2011, including a $6.9-million front-of-terminal precinct upgrade incorporating controlled parking. The upgrades, in combination with the implementation of new ground transport policies, have already resulted in improved traffic flow and management at the front of the terminal. Further upgrades to the airport are planned for 2012. For more information contact Karratha Airport on (08) 9186 8611.

• $1 from every six pack of hot cross buns sold on March 24 will go towards PMH

Bakery to raise money for PMH By Courtney Bertling

Thanks for taking part in the program. H2 ome Smart, the Water Corporation’s 12-month program to help households in the North West reduce their water use, is now complete. And with preliminary savings equivalent to 83 Olympic sized swimming pools of water, it has been an undoubted success. A big thank you to everyone who took part. By being H2 ome Smart, you have been an integral part of our community’s effort to save water and secure the water future of the North West region.

Now it’s vital to keep on saving. Now you’ve adopted water saving habits, it’s important to keep them up. Especially since we live in a climate where rainfall patterns are unreliable and our increasing population means demand for water will continue to grow. For more information on Water Corporation’s other water saving programs, visit


Supported by:

Program achievements

We replaced and fixed

We coached 5,000 households

184 toilets

We conducted 15,209 coaching calls

3,131 showerheads

We conducted 56,586 meter reads

1,343 leaking taps

We endorsed 4 waterwise specialists

574 leaking toilets

Karratha Bakers Delight are set to bake over thousands of hot cross buns on Saturday, March 24, to raise money for sick kids at the Princess Margaret Hospital. On ‘Bundraiser Day’ the bakery (along with the other 69 Bakers Delight branches throughout WA) will donate $1 from every six-pack of hot cross buns sold to raise over $25,000 for the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation. Money raised will go towards the Centralised Patient Monitoring Project, personal bedside monitoring systems that tracks patient data including pulse, respiration and oxygen saturation and also helps increase nursing efficiency. The equipment is essential to the hospital’s Emergency Department, which handles near 65,000 cases each year. Karratha Bakers Delight franchisee, Ceanne England said that there will also be some merchandise displays where 100% of the proceeds will go to PMH. “We will also have some donation tins, so if you don’t want hot cross buns, you can still donate to the cause,” she said. “Over the last couple of years, we have raised about $500 each year from the hot cross buns sales and then we can raise up to a couple of grand from the tins. “The people in Karratha are really generous, and in the region people are aware that is your kid is sick, you will do anything to help them. “And to support our states hospital, particularly for kids, it is a big incentive and something that everyone should be happy to be apart of.” For past seven years Karratha Bakers Delight bakers have been baking fresh hot cross buns from scratch, to raise money for PMH, this year will be no different with Bakers Delight Karratha providing traditional, fruitless and choc chip varieties.

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Free Weekly 17 - 18 March 2012

Dreamer’s Hill debate 2012 By Courtney Bertling The permit system for Dreamer’s Hill was officially introduced recently with mixed responses of both positive and negative. Shire of Roebourne CEO Collene Longmore said that the responses from sellers at the reserve two weekends ago were mixed, with some supportive of the system and others expressing their opposition to it. “The new permit system at Dreamer’s Hill worked well over the weekend,” Ms Longmore said about the first weekend of the permits. “Shire officers in attendance over the weekend to instruct sellers of vehicles where and how to park. “However, they noted that a number of vehicles had been parked incorrectly either on the Friday night or before 6am on the Saturday.” Ms Longmore stated that there were no Shire officers were in attendance at these times. She added that a new larger

sign is being created to replace the small sign currently in place at the reserve. This new sign will include a parking map and a list of conditions, which sellers must comply with. “Shire Rangers contacted the owners of vehicles left behind on Tuesday and asked that they be removed,” she said. “Most vehicle owners have complied and those who do not remove their vehicles will have them towed.” Sellers are being reminded that permits are for sale at the Shire of Roebourne Administration Office on Welcome Road, Karratha. Alternatively, sellers can download an application form from the Shire website by clicking the Dreamer’s Hill quick link on the left-hand-side of the page. The completed form should be emailed to A list of answers to frequently asked questions about the permit system is also available by clicking the same Dreamer’s Hill quick link.

Locals have been very public with their thoughts of Dreamer’s Hill over the last few weeks, with more than 200 responses coming into the Pilbara Echo. Here is what people have said. For: “I have to say I was originally against this idea but now see that over recent years the corner is getting out of control and there are way too many items put at the hill and its in a very dangerous location with all the traffic flow now, I think the shire should look at providing another spot safer for people to use if they want to charge a fee.” Mrs Baker Against: “Thirty-three years here the shire have lost touch with us, we now pay for airport parking, underground power, now Dreamers hill. Next will be pay parking at the shops. Shire pull your head in we are losing this town to FIFO’s, don’t force us to leave too then you wont have a town just a big miners camp.” - Mr Whittles



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Litter, and you’re a fool On Friday, March 9 around 8pm, a local resident went down to the Back Beach boat ramp and came across a very disturbing and disgusting dumping of contents that someone had left behind. The below photos show under sized fish, shark fins, green mud crabs, crayfish tails with roe, old bait and rubbish/ glass. This is not how we want our town to look, respect our town and always get rid of your waste appropriately. Depose of properly.



Karratha and Dampier The 7 Mile Waste Facility

is approximately 10km from Karratha on the Karratha to Dampier Road. The turn-off to the Waste Facility access road is signposted and is on the left hand side of the road, when travelling towards Dampier. Roebourne and Wickham The Roebourne/Wickham Waste Transfer Station is located on the RoebournePoint Samson Road (on the old Speedway site, opposite the Roebourne Cemetary). Both facilities are open between 7:00am - 4:30pm every day excluding Christmas Day, New Years Day and Good Friday when the site is closed.

tropical tranquility 4 star apartments available at Cable Beach. Fully equipped & self contained spacious apartments with private patio. All with tranquil garden or pool views. FREE Foxtel, BBQ’s and heated pool. Walk to beach, restaurants, shops, tavern, day spa & local attractions. CONTACT US FOR GREAT DEALS TODAY! Ph: 08 9158 3300 Freecall: 1800 647 333






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Business After Hours

There are two Business After Hours to look forward to in the next month. The first one is being held on March 14 where people will be able to listen to what Creating Communities and the WA Defence Reserve Support Council have to say. Creating communities is Australia’s leading social planning and community development consultancy Members of their Pilbara team will make a short presentation on the topic, creating social sustainability in the Pilbara. The WA Defence Reserve Support Council will then show people what the benefits of Defence Reserve Service, employer obligations in respect of Reserve Service and activities undertaken by Defence Reserve Support Council. This will be held at the Karratha International Goldfinch Room on March 14 from 5.30-7.30pm. The next Business After Hours will be held on April 4 with EBM Insurance, Pacer Legal and RSM Bird Cameron. It will be held at the Karratha Community House Pam Buchanan Centre on April 4 from 5.30-7.30pm. To RSVP to either event, contact membership@ or call Brittney on (08) 9144 1999.

• The ladies at Desert Rose Hair Design

Profile: Desert Rose There is no doubt that Desert Rose Hair Design is a well established business in Karratha with owner Sharline Smith managing the business since 2001. In 2005, Sharline purchased the business, and in that time the community has seen the salon increase in popularity. Their current team is made up of three senior stylists, a third year and first year apprentice, a school based trainee and a junior who helps out on Thursday nights and Saturdays. Amy Saxild is the latest addition to the team, proving she is a qualified hairdresser with loads of experience and extensive city training from Perth. Amy Breslin is a capable young stylist and third year apprentice who is looking for models for short hair cuts and creative colour.

While, first year apprentice, JoJo Miller and trainee Jaye Carter are looking for models for blow drying, setting and basic colour application. Although it was hard to get an appointment after Christmas and in January due to staff still being on holidays, Desert Rose is now fully staffed so appointments are available most days or within a few days of calling. As most clients are aware, Sharline is expecting her first child in June. To all of her regular clients, she will be working all the way up until the end of May and will be back for clients on request after a short break. We look forward to welcoming new and existing clients, so ring the girls at Desert Rose Hair Design and book an appointment today on 9185 1892.


Ph: 9144 4678 Mob: 0409 683 778 Fax: 9144 4978 Em:

24 Hour Towing

Lot 71 Lambert Rd, Karratha WA 6714

ABN 29 689 374 739

For all your:

For all types of vehicles:

For all your:

Panel beating


Private & all insurance companies

Spray Painting


Fleet company repairs



All vehicle lease companies

24hr Towing needs


24HR We will better any competitive price in the Pilbara!!



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Free Weekly 17 - 18 March 2012

echofood 4 egg yolks 130g of caster sugar 500ml of cream 120g of 70% cocoa chocolate 140g of good quality cocoa powder 60ml of rum

Chocolate and rum ice cream Method In a mixer beat sugar and egg yolks until they form a creamy pale colour (approx 6 mins) Add cocoa powder to egg mix, Heat cream to approx 80 degrees and pour onto egg mix, Transfer to a clean heavy bottomed pot and put on a low heat, Continuously stirring with a spatula, add chocolate. Stir for approx five mins more, or until mixture thickens and coats back of spatula. Add rum. Transfer to a clean bowl and refrigerate for 30 mins, Transfer to ice cream machine

and churn until almost set. Freeze for 30 mins and serve.

FOODFACTS You can also make this ice cream without using an ice cream machine, by placing in the freezer and removing and mixing every hour until desired setting in reached.




per serve

By Aoife Conaway



Pilbara local McLaren Hire driven by company milestone It has been 14 years since McLaren Hire rented out its only vehicle – a Toyota Landcruiser. Director Sean Clarke said the company had come a long way since 1998 when he and his wife, Lisa, hired out vehicles from their Karratha driveway. “With a steady turnover of great quality vehicles over the years, building the fleet has been a gradual process, but a passion of mine,” Mr Clarke said. “As we grow our team and services, we have reached a new milestone in the company’s history by adding our 1000th vehicle to our impressive specialised fleet.” The dual cab Toyota Hilux was snapped up immediately by an engineering and construction client, joining an existing fleet of customised McLaren Hire vehicles McLaren Hire specialises in providing project-specific customised vehicle hire to Western Australia’s commercial and resources industries. “We like to ensure maximum safety and the best driving experience,” Mr Clarke said. “Our commitment to updating the fleet, adding new models and ensuring every vehicle can be fitted with site-ready equipment is key to our success. “The support from the Pilbara Motor Group has also been invaluable.” McLaren Hire boasts the most extensive fleet range in the North West, having consistently doubled its fleet every year since it started in 1998.

• McLaren Hire Eliza Carbines handing over the keys to its 1000th vehicle to a client

Refrigeration Mechanic $60 per hour We currently require an experienced refrigeration mechanic for 3 weeks work in the Karratha area. This is for a local resident only. We require someone with their own tools, gas bottles and gauges for installing, repairing and servicing air conditioning units. This position is for Monday-Friday work with the possibility of working a half day on Saturdays. For more information please contact Hayley Warne at our Karratha Branch on 9144 4198 or send resumes through to

The new Toyota Hilux is part of a strong fleet ranging from light commercial vehicles to trucks, buses, four wheel drives and water carts.

9144 4198

Well Servicing, Coal, CSG Drilling, Minerals and Water Well Drilling We are at the forefront of an exciting industry experiencing significant growth. As Australia’s leading energy and mining services company we value our people – the talented team who bring our unique blend of products and services together and set us apart from the crowd.

What makes us a great place to work? • Competitive pay and conditions plus additional employee benefits • Job security – long term contracts with Australia’s major resource companies • Exciting training and regular promotion opportunities • New rigs and innovative equipment • Professional and positive working environment

Be part of something all together better. Call 1300 395 627 or scan this code for more information.

DMS 1201067D K






UNTIL 2013

PAIR $3200






buy local

Supporting local businesses

Phone: 9144 1323


Centro Karratha Shopping Centre

Phone: 9172 3190 South Hedland Shopping Centre


BOUTIQUE Everything you would expect to find in the city you will find in our stores.

We stock highly sought after labels for girls and guys.

Creative, Quality Cakes For small family business owner Shelley Robinson, the brains and brawn behind Karratha based business SR Cake Designs, spending every day in her kitchen baking and creating quality custom cakes is a dream job.

to dream up a cake from start to finish!” “I remember being 12 and baking a cake for my brother as a surprise for his birthday,” she said.”At that early stage it was not much more than a chocolate cake with fresh cream and a few Smarties on the top.” Since then Shelley’s fondness for baking has only grown and her technique has certainly developed from her Smartie decorating days.

Not only does each and every single one of her masterpieces need to meet a heightened standard of perfection in the design department, they must also be super moist, fresh and ‘melt in your mouth’ delicious! She does this, not because it’s how she earns a living, but because it’s her passion.

From a small country town, Shelley has a huge sense of community and loves the local community in Karratha. Last weekend Shelley and other local businesses held a raffle at the Tambrey Tavern, successfully raising $2300 for two female participants in the Worlds Greatest Shave.

“I love what I do,” Shelley said.”I love baking and creating cakes for people.”I love the look on a customer’s face when they first see the cake I’ve made for them.”And I love being creative and delving into the design process in order

“I supply cakes for all occasions - from weddings and

buy local pilbaraecho

Supporting local businesses

birthdays to corporate supply and local community events. “All my cakes are baked in a registered council approved kitchen and there are no packet mixes here. “Everything is baked from scratch using only the freshest quality ingredients.” Personalised cakes don’t need to send you broke and Shelley is happy to work within a specified budget to create the perfect cake for you. “I’m so passionate about what I do that every cake has to be perfection. If I do something and don’t like it, I’ll scrap it and start over. Nothing goes out my kitchen door without 100 per cent approval from me. “My customers know that shopping with SR Cake Designs means they will get a quality professional cake - from start to finish.”


c an

a or








r e t



valued at $



buy local pilbaraecho

Supporting local businesses

Astron is a professional environmental consulting and contracting company which has been based in Karratha for over 25 years. With offices also in Perth and the Margaret River, Astron is one of WA’s most experienced environmental firms.

Astron’s Core Capabilities Include: Karratha • EP Act 1986 Part IV & Part V Approvals Suite 4, 11 Hedland Place, • Mining Act 1978 Mining Proposals PO Box 713, • Weed Strategy, Mapping & Control Karratha WA 6714 • Rehabilitation & Mine Closure Planning T: 08 9144 1679 • Flora, Vegetation Surveys & Monitoring F: 08 9144 1733 • Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems • Fauna Surveys, Monitoring & Feral Animal Management • Soil & Groundwater Monitoring • Contaminated Sites & Acid Sulphate Soils • Air Quality, NPI Assessment & Reporting • GIS & Spatial Modelling

91852766 or 0427 443 851

Pilbara Toyota

Supporting the local community that supports us. Karratha Crane Circle Port Hedland Anderson St


MON - FRI 8.30am - 5pm SAT-SUN 8.30am - 4pm

P 9144 4029 F 9185 4236

1508 Anderson Rd Karratha E: K

NO.1 for great gift ideas

Phone (08) 9143 1327

Terms & conditions apply, see in store. Promotion commences Saturday 17 March 2012 & closes Tuesday 17 April 2012 at 5.00pm. Prize draw is at 5.15pm, Tuesday 17 April 2012.

Down the Red Dot and Best & Less end of the Centre

Shop 5a Centro Shopping Centre

“All my cakes are made from scratch with fresh quality ingredients”

Located in Karratha

Australia’s largest gift & tobacco aox n i retailer wjukeb

It’s a dynamic blend of the world’s best apparel, footwear and accessories under one roof.

buy local pilbaraecho

Supporting local businesses

9185 5560

Nails for all occasions Nails Are Us offer all services for your hands and toes including gel, acrylic, shellac manicures and pedicures. They are always keeping up with the latest trends, therefore, they are proud to introduce the new Dashing Diva French Wrap Manicure.

It causes no damage to your natural nail and they have over 20 different colours, so you can mix and match for any special occasion, or even for just dayto-day wear. There is no fumes, no mess, no fuss, plus, it enhances natural nails not lengthens it.



Shop 15, Sharpe Avenue, Karratha WA 6714

Gel Nails | Acrylic Nails | Manicures | Spa Pedicures

9185 1154 9185 1154 9185 1154

Find us in Centro Karratha e nKt ar o K tahr a ratha F i n d F ui ns di nu sC ei n n tCr o rra

• Daily Delivery • Easy Online Ordering • Gifts for all Occasions

9185 3719 Shop 10, Sharpe Avenue, Karratha WA 6714


For All Your Beauty Needs

Nail are us promise a perfect French wrap manicure with no chipping or smudging for two weeks.  Nails Are Us are open extended trading hours for your convince, so get the perfect looking nails today by calling the girls on 9185 5560.

100% Guarantee We specially select the finest graded beef and Export Lamb and Vac Pack it fresh, giving you the most succulent and tasty steaks.

Enquiries call 0418 791 821

Saturday Karratha, Tambrey Tav. Car Park Thursday Port Hedland & Wed & Fri South Hedland

Wedding Dresses Available

Strictly By Appointment ONLY

9185 3719

buy local


Supporting Let local businesses your

For appointments call

9183 8468 Shop 15, Sharpe Avenue, Karratha WA 6714

For All Your Gift & Personal Needs

We Now Stock

9143 1931

In Karratha Centro Shopping Centre


wander. Shop 11A | Karratha Centro Shopping Centre | 9183 8367

Proudly supporting local business







Multimedia Speakers.

*Limit 1 per customer




SanDisk 4GB USB Drive Triple Pack.

The Quick-Start Compact Camera Photography Course. CFS-14

HUGE 65” PLASMA TV FOR A TINY 17 $ 18 23

USB-powered, magnetically shielded, volume control, headphone jack. M1250U










Kaiser Baas 1.5” Digital Photo Frame Keyring.


Stores over 100 images, up to five hours battery life. KBA04013, KBA04010, KBA04012

Alcatel OT-112 Mobile Phone. Polyphonic ringtones. 050354





Belkin Laptop ‘Cooling Lounge’.

Laser ‘Everyday’ 16” Laptop Case. PK-NB16E

Extremely fast and accurate optical technology. P58-00021






Crest IT Home Shredder. Shreds paper intro strips for easy disposal of *Limit 1 per customer sensitive documents. CRITXS510

Microsoft® 800 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. 2LF-00020


Panasonic (65”) 165cm Full High Definition Plasma Television with 3D Capability. Get the very best high definition TV experience as well as 3D capability. 1920 x 1080 resolution, 600Hz sub-field drive, 2D to 3D conversion, R R PEexternal 1 PE MIT 1 to LIMITfilter, USBLIrecording hard drive (not included), anti-reflective louvre 4x HDMI. THP65ST30A CUSTOMER CUSTOMER




Microsoft® Basic Optical Mouse V2.

B 55 HDD











• JBL 5.1 Channel Speaker System.

Includes 1x subwoofer, 1x centre speaker, 2x floorstanding speakers and 2x rear speakers. JBSTUDIO100

Compaq Desktop with 20” Monitor.

Also available separately…$2198 AMD E450 Dual Core, 2GB RAM, 500GB HDD, integrated Asus Plug & Play HD Media Player. LG 18.5” LED Monitor. USB-powered, adjustable height, Full high definition 1080p with auto-play function and 1366 x 768 resolution, 5ms response time, 16:9 graphics, DVD 3D burner, 20” screen, Windows® 7 Home • Onkyo 7.2 Channel AV Receiver with Capability. Panasonic 3D Capable Blu-ray/500GB HDD Recorder. *Limit 1 per customer suitable for laptops up to 17”. F5L028 remote control. OPLAYMINI widescreen aspect ratio. E1941T-BN *Limit 1 per customer *Limit 1 per customer QU332AA THX® Select2 Plus™ certified, HDMI®Premium. support for 3D, Dolby® TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio™, Twin tuners for recording of two channels at once, chasing playback of recording programme, Wi-Fi compatible, Viera Cast™ for watching 6x HDMI inputs and 1 output. TXNR609B online content*, Skype^ compatibility. DMRBWT700GL *Content features vary from model to model. Internet connection required. Data and Also available separately…$1199 usage charges may apply. Check your internet service provider for details.^Skype camera required. Camera sold separately.


Interest Free



Plus, we have a Professional Service available. professional • NInstallation O DEPOSIT • NO I* NTEREST Installation Service • NO REPAYMENTS until October 2013 Ends




Interest free not available online. Available at Harvey Norman® complexes only.

225173_P01_KAR_(jmaximo+20120301134726037).pdf;LOWRES RESFILE, FILE,NOT NOTFOR FOR PUBLICATION, PUBLICATION, PROOF PROOF ONLY ONLY 225760_P01_WAM_(mgiorgetta+20120309073721007).pdf;LOW



We’ve made shopping at Harvey Norman® even easier!

Ends 18/03/12. Ends 11/03/12. Harvey Norman stores are operated by independent franchisees. Harvey Norman stores are operated by independent franchisees. ® ®


Visit your local store:

Shop online:

Call 1300 GORd. HARVEY Balmoral 9186 8100 (1300 464 278) to find the store nearest you.


and either pick up in store or have it delivered.

• BELMONT FORUM^ 9479 4377 • BELMONT NORTH^ 9373 4400 • CANNINGTON 9311 1100 • GUTHRIE STREET^ (OSBORNE PARK) 9445 5000 • MALAGA 9270 6300

*1. Conditions of No Deposit, No Interest, No Repayments until October 2013: Available to approved customers on single or multiple transactions where the amount financed is $300 or more, on GO MasterCard, GO Business MasterCard, Buyer’s Edge, • OSBORNE PARK 9441 1100 •Offer PEPPERMINT GROVE^from 9285 5700 • PORT KENNEDY 9524 0111 • VICTORIA 4949Offer • WARWICK^ 9243 2300 Gem Visa and GE CreditLine between 17/02/12 and 11/03/12. available on purchases Harvey Norman franchisees (excludes Apple and Miele products, PARK^ and online9470 purchases). available on advertised or ticketed price. This notice is given under each of the GO MasterCard, GO Business MasterCard, Buyer’s Edge, Gem Visa and GE CreditLine Conditions of Use (as applicable), which specify all other conditions for this offer. A $25.00 Establishment Fee for GO MasterCard and GE CreditLine STORES OPEN 7 DAYS: ARMADALE 9498 4400 • EDGEWATER^ 9301 4833 • GREAT EASTERN HIGHWAY^ (MIDLAND) 9267 9700 applies to new applications. The GO Business MasterCard attracts a $40 Annual Fee. Account Service fee of $4.95 per month applies for GO MasterCard, GE CreditLine and Buyer’s Edge, and $2.95 per month for GO Business MasterCard and other • HARVEY NORMAN DOMAYNE WEST^ 9215 8600(ABN • JOONDALUP 9301trading 3311•asMANDURAH 9582 5800 • MIDLAND 9374392145. 8600 •*2. O’CONNOR 0888apply. ^Computers/Electrical only fees and charges are payable. Credit is@ provided by GECITY Capital Finance Australia 42 008 583 588), GE Money. Australian Credit Licence number Terms and 9337 conditions See in store for details.


225760_WAM 225173_KAR




echoeducation echo education


Free Weekly 17 - 18 March 2012

Future leaders shine at camp By Millars Well prefects

enhance their leadership skills.

Recently, 80 year seven students from Karratha, Dampier, Roebourne and Wickham spent a week at the annual year seven leadership camp at the Dampier Camp School.

The camp was facilitated by Mr Des Prizmic.

These students included prefects, school captains and faction captains from Karratha Pimary School, Millars Well Primary School, Pegs Creek Primary School, Roebourne District High School, Dampier Primary School, Tambrey Primary School and Wickham Primary School.

• Having fun in the sun

The purpose of the camp was to encourage the students to meet leaders from other schools, develop strategies, work together in team situations and

On the first night the students listened to a talk from Nathan Baxter who is a Chaplain at KSHS and Oceania Weightlifting Champion. He spoke of goal setting, perseverance and commitment. Mr Prizmic coordinated the activities where the students had to solve problems and to achieve goals both in small groups and as well as the whole group. Students enjoyed building war canoes, problem solving activities involving holy pipes and testing their strength in tug-of wars.

A huge thank you and gratitude goes to North West Shelf Venture for their support and funding of the year seven leadership network program. Thanks also to Mr Brett Mullen from Tambrey PS who organised the camp and  lastly Mr Des Prizmic for coordinating a rewarding and engaging camp. A big congratulations to all of the students who represented their schools so very well over the two days and tested themselves with their physical abilities, achievement and team work. I’m sure that all of the Karratha schools will see a direct transfer of the skills the students experienced and learnt whilst on camp in their respective schools.

Do you need help with your staffing? Come see us at Drake International and let us do the work for you. We have AMAZING candidates in a wide Range of Industries. From Trades Assistants to Skilled Labourers and qualified Tradesmen To Administrators and Experienced Executives. We have the solutions that you are looking for. For enquiries email

• Four way tug-o-war.

New Tambrey school captains

Guess who’s coming to town... It’s taken 90 years but we are finally on our way. RSM Bird Cameron is delighted to announce that we will shortly open the doors to our office in Karratha. With an extensive understanding of Australian business trends and conditions including an unparalleled regional presence, we look forward to connecting with you.

We offer a range of services for you and your business including: • Year end tax planning • Wills and succession planning • Business plans • Self Managed Superannuation Funds


Connect with our experts today and find out how we can help you grow your business.

• 2012 Tambrey Primary School school captains

Chartered Accountants

By Kate Lyon

T: 0419 965 015 E:

The 2012 Tambrey School Captains were announced at the assembly on Friday, March 9 . Rachael Canning and Marco Duvenhage were chosen from the team of student leaders to represent the school in this capacity, after showing great initiative and responsibility in all the tasks they complete as leaders each week.

Principal Keiran Sullivan

Both Rachael and Marco stood out at the recent leadership camp at Dampier Camp School, which was attended by Tambrey’s team of student leaders and faction captains.

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Free Weekly 17 - 18 March 2012



pilbaraecho EVENTS CALENDAR Weekly Events Mon Mon

Clinical Pilates - Group floor classes. Runs Mondays at 6.30am and Thursdays at 6.30pm. Lilly Cook on 0425 608 831 @ the Karratha Family Centre Clinical Pilates - Mums & Babies. Run by a physiotherapist from 8.30am. Lilly Cook on 0425 608 831 @ the Karratha Family Centre


Trivia Night. Test your general knowledge every Tuesday night. Teams of up to 6 only. Booking essential for this popular night 9187 3333 @ Karratha International Hotel Arts and Everything. Beginners and skilled artisans welcome for a guided workshop from 7-9pm in Dampier. For information contact Club President, Tanya Montgomery on


Karaoke Night. Sing all your karaoke favourites with plenty of giveaways for everyone! @ Karratha Tavern Shake Your Sillies Out. Have a great time meeting new friends every Wednesday from 9:30am to 10:30am. No booking required. For more information call Lynsey on (08) 9144 1740 @ Karratha Family Centre Baby Explore. Enjoy a bonding session while meeting other parents at the newlyprogrammed Baby Explore for children aged 0 to 18 months. For information contact Lynsey on (08) 9144 1740. @ Karratha family Centre


Open Mic Night. Join us at Gecko’s every Thursday night for some great local live music. Everyone welcome (over 18) to show off their talent or enjoy some fantastic local entertainers. Free to perform... from 7pm every Thursday night @ Karratha International Hotel


Kinder Music. Classes are available for babies (0-18 months) and toddlers (18 -36 months) and runs from 10-10.45am. Contact Alet for more information on 0488 298 879. @ Karratha Family Centre All You Can Eat BBQ For only $20 from 4-6pm @ The Dampier Mermaid

Sun March 20

March 30


March 31

Senior’s Morning Quiz The Shire of Roebourne invites all local seniors to an entertaining Quiz Morning on Tuesday, 20 March from 10am to 11.30am at St Luke’s College, Rosemary Road, Karratha. Morning tea will be provided. Please RSVP your attendance to Karina Dafter by calling 9186 8555 or via e-mail to karina.dafter@ by Friday, 16 March 2012. @ St Luke’s College Free irrigation control checks The Water Corporation is offering up to 3,000 households in eligible North West towns the opportunity for a Waterwise Garden Irrigation Specialist to visit your property and correctly program your irrigation controller to comply with the current sprinkler roster and best suit the needs of your lawn and garden. If your current controller can’t be programmed to support the roster, it will be replaced* free of charge. To register for this free service, call 9241 1030 or email au before 31 March 2012. Electric Button Pres. DJ BLISS This Adelaide-based DJ has raised eyebrows, pulses and hands across club floors both locally and internationally. She is the former resident DJ at the Playboy Club in Macao, embarking her on a journey that has set crowds all over the world into overdrive, she is, DJ BLISS. She will be performing at the Karratha Tavern on March 31 starting at 8.30pm finishing at midnight. Presale tickets are $15 or $20 on the door @ The Karratha Tavern

April 2

Karratha Community House Playgroups Karratha Community House two-hour playgroup sessions run Monday to Saturday at times between 8.30am to 5pm at the Pam Buchanan Family Centre (Gardugarli Drive, Baynton West). Playgroups run throughout the term and during school holidays. Contact KCH for session times on 9185 6605 @ Pam Buchanan Family Centre Bookworms Early Literacy Program Aimed at children 0-5yrs runs each Monday morning from 9am to 11am at the Pam Buchanan Family Centre (Gardugardli Drive, Baynton West). Sessions includes a mat time, craft, guided inside play activity, fruit time (please bring a piece of fruit to share) and outside play. The program is run on a casual attendance basis and costs $12 per family. Bookworms runs during the term only and there are no sessions during school holidays. For information contact 9185 6605. @ Pam Buchanan Family Centre

• 152 people went down to help with the cleanup

Wickham becomes a tidy town By Courtney Bertling The Wickham Community Association’s Tidy Towns held a Cleanup Australia Day throughout the town on Sunday, March 11. One hundred and fifty two participants showed up on the day, including 16 sporting/ community groups, they collected a whopping 1360 bags of rubbish in only two hours. Together, the participants were able to clean the entire Wickham area including Tank Hill, 2 Tank Hill, Boat Beach Road, bushland around the town and the Roebourne Samson Road. The sporting and community groups focused on designated areas and roads, while the individuals took to the left over parts of the town. The sporting and community groups will receive $6 per bag of rubbish collected, the money raised will go straight back into their respective groups and the money raised from the rubbish collected by the individuals will go towards the Cleanup Australia Day tally. After the cleanup, everyone was invited to Saylor Park where a sausage sizzle and drinks were provided to those who participated. Tidy Towns coordinator Taryn Higgins said she was extremely happy with the turn out. “It is a big thing for our local towns to build on community participation and ownership of

programs within the town,” she said. “A massive thank you goes out to those who took the time out on Sunday to help improve the look of the town. “Everyone should be proud of the tremendous result, it really has made a big difference in our beautiful, yet sometimes neglected town. “It is just an awesome all-round, well attended, community event.” The Wickham Community Association’s Tidy Towns will continue to hold major cleanups once every three months.

RSL Members & Most Welcome


Eyes down at 8.00pm

Every Monday. Friday Members Night 6.30-11pm, meals available



• After all that hard work, people were able to chill with a sausage sizzle

You are invited to be a part of this unique and nationally respected art award… The Cossack Art Award provides an unmissable opportunity for established and emerging artists to showcase their work in a nationally recognised public forum. With ten categories and total prize pool of over $100,000, this is the richest regional art award in Australia, attracting high calibre entrants to the Pilbara region every year since 1992. Download the entry form and conditions of entry from the Shire of Roebourne website CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES: 9am, Monday 18 June OR when maximum capacity of entries is reached. For more info visit EXHIBITION: 22 July – 5 August 2012

• 1360 bags of rubbish were collected To add your event to our calendar for free, simply supply a brief description of your event, contact details and location. (max 200 characters)

Got News?

As a contributer-based newspaper, we accept articles from the public. Were you there? Then send your articles & high resolution photos to

Fresh every weekend


Enquiries can be directed to the Shire of Roebourne E. M. 0417 805 128 | T. (08) 9186 8555 Principal Partner



echoentertainment echo entertainment


Free Weekly 17 - 18 March 2012

There’s a new store in town By Courtney Bertling

Three months ago, Sanity began looking at sites and planning to open a store in Centro Karratha, and just last week, it did. The official opening of Sanity Karratha was suppose to be held on Thursday, March 15, however the crew set themselves a challenge and opened a day earlier. Sanity area manager Alicia Carrington said that they were given two days to set up the store once they received the goods sent from Sydney last Tuesday. “We received everything Tuesday morning, so we gave ourselves a challenge and with the dedication of the team along with the drive and focus, we were able to open a day earlier,” she said. Looking back three months to when planning began, Ms Carrington said that Sanity are really get excited about going regional.

“The great thing about the business is that we go with what the costumer wants and make changes to suit them.” - Alicia Carrington

“It is a big focus for us, so anywhere where we can get out there and help our customers, we will do it,” she said. In one day, the response the team at Sanity received was all really positive and proved how popular the store is. “Even prior to opening, people were saying how excited they were to see us coming to town,” Ms Carrington said. “Now the customers are coming in and saying how they love the vibe and the feel of the store. “The great thing about the business is that we go

• The team at Sanity Karratha are excited to have opened their doors last Wednesday with what the customer wants and make changes to suit them.” So now, the team have proved how dedicated they are by opening the store a day earlier then expected, so what is next? “Now it is about continuing the success and so far today

we have been really excited about everyone coming in and having a look,” Ms Carrington said. “So we want to continue that, by getting our Karratha team instilled with our motto of our customer promise.” Sanity is located at Centro Karratha between Swansonia and Jeans West.

Colour in to WIN The Pilbara Echo has some goodies to give away this week, just in time for Easter. The first prize is an Easter hamper, to be hand made by the girls on the Pilbara Echo team. All entries dropped off in person to the Echo office will also get an Easter egg. Winners will have their photo taken for the paper. Winners will be contacted on Tuesday the 3rd of April. The most creative entries will be published on the Easter long weekend edition of the Echo. Be creative! Name:................................................................................................................................... Age:.............................. Phone Number: ....................................................................... Address: .................................................................................................................. ....................................................................................................................................

HOW TO ENTER: • CUT OUT THIS PAGE AND DROP OFF TO 18 HEDLAND PLACE, KARRATHA and collect an easter egg for each entry or • POST TO PO BOX 848 KARRATHA WA 6714 Entries must be received by 5pm Monday 2nd April. Competition will be judged by Pilbara Echo staff at 6pm Monday 2nd April. K

Entries and photos may be published in the 7th April edition of the Pilbara Echo.

Free Weekly 17 - 18 March 2012

echoentertainment echo entertainment



Brothers in beats make crowd go wild

• Andy Gray and Hayley Welsh

Kid Kenobi and MC Shureshock have been wowing crowds together now for a massive 12 years, and now Karratha has become one of those crowds. Finishing up another hot WA summer, the dynamic duo stopped up north for a special show and left the dance floor pumping at the All Seasons last weekend. Local DJ, Cam Myles kicked off the night with the dance floor already full after 30 minutes of opening the doors. And from the first moment that Kid Kenobi spun the decks and Shurechock raised his mic up high, the crowd went wild. Kid Kenobi even stopped mixing during the night to capture a photo of the unforgettable crowd that he was performing to.

Photos courtesy of CB Snapz Photography

• MS Shureshock gets the crowd pumping

• Brodie, Tara, Shinnai and Marija • Taylor Burmester and Camille Woodruff

• Celebrating Jess’ 29th birthday in style

• Kid Kenobi at the All Seasons

• Taylor Palmer, Jessica Carr, Sinead Birdling and Shane Gray

DJ BLISS to rock out Electric Button is at it again, this time he is bringing Adelaide-based DJ BLISS to the Karratha Tavern on Saturday, March 31. DJ BLISS has raised eyebrows, pulses and hands across club floors both locally and internationally. She is the former resident DJ at the Playboy Club in Macao, embarking her on a journey that has set crowds all over the world into overdrive. It just keeps getting better, this rockin’ chick lands at the Karratha Tavern for the final night of March. DJing at the Playboy Club Sands Macau four nights a week has opened many new windows of opportunity. She has played for the likes of

You don t just take awesome photos... you capture the night

B.O.B, Lil Jon and took the main stage at the infamous Playboy Midsummer Nights Dream party. Bliss has also toured throughout Australia in every major city as well as Taiwan, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

DJ FL3GGLESS Whether you’re a DJ, in a band, holding a special event or the center of a birthday party, give CB a call.

Gracing the Mainstage at Future Music Festival 2012, Parklife 2011 in Adelaide, Bliss was supporting Duck Sauce, Diplo, Digitalism, Katy B, Magnetic Man, Nero, Tensnake, Simain Mobile Disco, Aston Shuffle, Wolfgang Gartner and many more. Tickets are only $15 presale or $20 at the door which open at 8pm on Saturday, March 31. For more information, contact the Karratha Tavern on 9144 4641.

• DJ BLISS will be at the Karratha Tavern on March 31 0458 493 399 | |

The Karratha Visitor Centre, March Markets are on again, buy, sell and swap Saturday the 31st March.


Sellers from 7am to beat the heat!! Buyers from 8 til 11am


With music and food under the eves of the Visitor Centre book your bay now for $25 call the KVC on 91 444 600

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Retreat/Granny Flats Designed for construction on existing blocks larger than 450m2

1 Bedroom

2 Bedroom

The Matilda the Check out all

S N O I S U L INC General

uite Bathroom/ Ens- Dr aw er & Cu pb oa rd s


sig n Dw gs • Ap prov ed De ct ur al Dw gs ru St ed • Ap prov e nt ra y In su ra nc an t sh ire . • Ho m e War ov al fro m re lev pr ap cil un co • Fu ll n. io ct tru na nc e co ns . • Lo w M ain te ea t “R ” Va lu es Effic ien cy & Gr gy er En gh • Hi .3 30 15 nc e to AS • Fi re Re sis ta ce to te rm ite on ard e nc ta sis Re • th Pe rfo rm Gu fa br ica te d wi Co m pl ian t • Fu lly BC A ct io n SI PS Co ns tru e • In no va tiv tim e n io ct tru Co ns . • Ex pe di te d y an d in te gr ity lit bi ra du e lif • 50 ye ar ” “D t Ca d te • Cy clo ne Ra

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ction Main Constru ed Co nc re te Sl ab

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to m ain or s. ed ve ra nd ah pa tio fro nt do • In co rp or at lea di ng fro m n io ct tru ns co . ah nd ra in g to ve ne ls • Ti m be r de ck to ex te rn al pa at pa in t fin ish co e ur xt Te • pe r dw g. k cla dd in g as • Ha rd ie pl an

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The Rose


your rental income with our supplementary accommodation & retreats.

These homes are constructed with SIPS panels which are highly energy efficient & cyclone tested.


ü State Of Th ü Sustainable cient ü Energy Effi ted ü Cyclone Ra nit ü Turn Key U proved ü Council Ap


www. intelligentbuildingsolutions

Unit 5, 33 Boranup Avenue CLARKSON WA 6030 North West Office: Karratha Village Complex “Coming Soon” K

Phone: (08) 6189 1127 Email:

echohealth echo health

Free Weekly 17 - 18 March 2012

Safe boating is no accident Boating is a big part of the Pilbara lifestyle. Over 1,000 boats are owned in Port and South Hedland, and as the weather starts to cool, more people will be enjoying being out on the water. Bonnie Matheson, from WA Country Health Service ‘s Pilbara Population Health, said skippers and passengers may like to enjoy an alcoholic drink while boating, but it is important to remember that alcohol can affect your balance, coordination, vision and judgement, leading to risk taking, accidents and injuries.

Drinking alcohol can affect your ability to safely skipper a boat”, Ms Matheson said. “The water, weather, wind, and waves can all dramatically increase the effect alcohol has on your body. “Passengers are just as likely as skippers to be involved in capsizing the vessel or in falling overboard. “Drinking while boating can also lead to alcohol-related road injuries once people have left the water. “In the Pilbara, residents are


Information sessions about the national regulations on early childhood education and child care services will be held in the Pilbara region in March. All State and Territory Governments agreed to new national regulations for early childhood education and care services and outside school hours care at a meeting of the Ministerial Council for Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs on the 14 October 2011. The National Regulations have served as a template for the Western Australian corresponding regulations, which are currently going through the parliamentary process. There has been a delay to the National Quality Framework implementation date in Western Australia and information session will walk services through the content

of the new Regulations and look at transition processes for WA. Some sessions were held in the south early this year with Community Services Minister Robyn McSweeney saying the forums on provided accurate information about the new framework due to take effect later this year in. “There has been a lot of discussion about the reforms to be introduced under Australia’s new National Quality Framework and the impact on providers and families,” Mrs McSweeney said. “The legislation will be debated when Parliament resumes and there will be local variations to the regulations.” The Minister said a staged implementation would assist services to make the changes smoothly, including longer transition periods for

can be misleading because they can contain varying amounts of alcohol,” she said. “A can of full strength beer for example is equal to 1.4 standard drinks. “People can also eat before or while drinking, try drinks with low alcoholic content, alternate with non-alcoholic drinks, and drink water to stay hydrated.” Funded by Healthway and the Drug and Alcohol Office, the campaign is supported by the Water Corporation, Volunteer Marine Rescue, the Town of Port Hedland, Department of Transport, Port Hedland Port Authority, Fortescue Metals Group, Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton Iron Ore and Harbourside Auto Centre. The public launch, which will include a free barbecue, boat safety checks and advice, merchandise and prizes, will be held from 10am on Saturday, March 31 at Captain Bert Madigan Park next to the Port Hedland boat ramp.

hospitalized for alcohol-related falls and road injuries at more than twice the state average.” Pilbara Population Health and Pilbara Police have formed a partnership to encourage boating enthusiasts to stay safe and enjoy low-risk levels of drinking. “This campaign is not about telling people not to drink alcohol”, Ms Matheson said. “It’s about recognising that if you do choose to drink while boating, there are ways to drink more safely. “Women and men should drink no more than four standard drinks on a single occasion to reduce the risk of alcoholrelated injury. “These drinks should be evenly spaced at one standard drink per hour.” Ms Matheson said managing how much you have consumed can be difficult. “Counting the number of glasses, bottles or cans of alcohol you have drunk

Have a say on national childcare regulations


WE DO...


some requirements. Mrs McSweeney said WA services were well placed to adjust to the requirements of the new National Quality Framework. “WA already has good staff to children ratios in child care and a strong history of sound regulations that support quality child care,” she said. The sessions will be held in Karratha on March 12 from 7pm at the Welcome Lottiers House, in South Hedland on March 13 from 7pm at the Lottiers House, in Newman on March 14 from 7pm at the YMCA Early Learning Centre and in Tom Price on March 16 from 7pm at the Nintirri Neighbourhood Centre. Any queries concerning the sessions, contact the local Children’s Services Officer, Kathy Holt on 0447 929 539.


Relief For further details please contact: ABUNDANCE HEALTH 16 Hedland Place, Karratha M: 0418 235 602 9am - Late, 7 Days a week

Check out our NEW website... • Fire threatens Pannawonica

Pannawonica community thanks fire fighters Rio Tinto recently held a community barbecue in Pannawonica to thank the Pannawonica Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services for their amazing efforts in the recent bush fires. The fires, which threatened the Pannawonica community on Sunday, February 19, were maintained and fought by the amazing volunteers, with other assistance provided by many community members. Rio Tinto community officer – Pannawonica Amanda Williams said the barbecue was a chance for the community to formally thank and

recognise the great work of the group. “The Pannawonica Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services did an excellent job in keeping the Pannawonica community safe and we would like to thank them for this as well as all the other great work they do throughout the year,” Ms Williams said. For more information about joining the Pannawonica Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services please email or

4/18 Hedland Place, Karratha


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Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Services

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batteries B AT T E R Y S A L E S & SERVICE Batteries, chargers & accessories SuperCharge, AC Delco Phone 9140 2400



Supreme Borderlines Landscape Concrete Kerbing

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Introducing Deb Garratt Specialising in: • Cuts & Schwarzkopf Colours • Mens, Childrens and Ladies

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Sari’s Mobile Hair Design Ladies, Mens, Childrens, Cut Colours • Updo • Perm • Hair Extensions Straightening/Wellastrate Keratin/Straight, smooth, Frizz Free

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Local operators for over 20yrs • All aspects of landscaping • Reticulation installation • Concrete garden kerbing • General earthworks, bobcat / dingo • Qualified tradesmen Steve 0418 911 850

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roidanindustries 6 x 4 Tipper in excellent condition available for dry hire. Long or short term rates available. Please call 0429862107 for quote.

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Qualified European Physiologist | Strictly non-sexual 1/2 hour = $50 • 1 hour = $100

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John Fitzgerald

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pet minding Don’t want to put your pet in a kennel? We come to your home daily. Karratha & Dampier Call Guilia 0403.750.646

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WEIGHT LOSS CONSULTANT Providing personalized coaching to achieve your desired goal weight and health.



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Local Agent. Stock available in Karratha. Eastern state relocation.

mobile mechanic cs Pty obile Mechani Lils.N.M - 146682662



weight loss

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tiling Servicing the entire Pilbara


• Flooring & walls • 27 years experience • Porcelain floor specialist

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Mobile - We come to your workplace or home. Fast - Sameday service Efficient - All vehicles fitted in one visit. Insurance companies billed direct.

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ABN 57 412 375 714

New houses, renovations and remote work Granite bench tops fitted Phone Clarky 0414 838 565 - free quotes

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echoclassif echo classifieds classifi


accommodation available

accommodation available



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for sale

for sale



COMFORTABLE Caravan for WHY rent a room in a share house BLUE Finn Bronco 5m, heavy duty TALL boy dresser wooden. LOST at Hearsons Cove on FOR SALE FOR SALE rent in backyard in Carlsen Way when you can have your own tinny for sale, Honda 50 4-stroke Excellent condtn with matching 12/3/12 cabrinha kite surfing bar Pegs Creek. $400 p/wk. 5 min caravan $500.00p/w couple or 100hrs, fully serviced all rcpts, mirror and jewellery stand. $150. and lines. Please contact Cameron walk to shops. Have your own $400.00 p/w for single NO BILLS lowrance HDS 5 sounder/gps and Also, double mattress, excellent 0447752983 PHONE CHAT space while sharing household air con 2x TV fridge microwave structure scan, offshore safety gear, condtn. $70. Day ph: 92244112. ~~MOTORCYCLES amenities with friendly respectful full cooking facilities and shower heaps of extra, $18,000 call 0457 After 6pm 0405213192. motorcycles housemates. Property includes and toilet in the caravan 1wk rent 990 005 ED OR NS TOILET with cistern. Still in box UNCE shaded swimming pool & tropical as bond required please call on CRF250R 2007. Rebuilt. 5 hrs BRAND NEW 2012 Ocean Pearl (ie never used!). Brought from garden. Call 0439963907, first in 0437805734 to inquire excellent condition 0401789779. Marine & Aluminium dinghy, 4m, Bunnings, Marble Trend Forence will not be disappointed. $5000 ~~ACCOMODTION WANTED 30HP Honda Outboard & trailer, S trap, vitreous china $160 accommodation Coromal Princeton 754 Mobile cool room pan FLATMATE wanted live with 3 $15,000.00 Call 0417966883 KTA ono ph 0439097888 KTHa HARLEY Davidson Fatboy 2008, wanted $50k ono. Modern decor, For sale. 2.5 m long 1.5 guys in Bulgarra in furnished room practically like brand new condition double bed, full ensuite, CLARKE 2000 model 5 metre TOYOTA Landcruiser tray top, CHOOSE a House-Sitter you can must likepilbaraecho dogs and have a job 300 only done FREE just over 4000kms, wide. Internal shelves. tv & dvd, annex, washing for rent WEEKLY runabout, 55hp 2stroke Yamaha 1999 model, 150,000 kms. Lock Trust! Experienced house-sitters pw plus power house in Bulgarra $25,000 ONO phone Tony2010 0417 machine, gas bottles. Well Bromic slide in unit. Gen 4 - 5 September outboard. Sturdy aluminum hull, up canopy, solar panel, roll out for KTA area since 2010. Reliable phone 0420600173 665 646 or 9185 3537 COMFORTABLE Caravan for looked after, currently located fwd controls, windscreen & Bimini. awning, under tray, water tank and set sold separate great . working couple available for MAYrent in backyard in Carlsen Way in Tom Price but can deliver. FULLY furnished rooms x2 to rent Northstar colour plotter/sounder. tool box, dual batteries, spot lights, KAWASAKI ZX6 Ninja 2003, Hedland 0459 786 391 JUNE. Enjoy caring for pets pools Pegs Creek. $400 p/wk. 5 min Phone 0400 768 786. in a 3x1 house in Baynton, to share VHF & Marine AM/FM stereo. electric, brake controller. $21000 35,000km, 6 months rego - $5500 & plants. Police clearanced & have for $450 sale for sale 406 EPIRB &garage motorcycles real estate real estate walk to shops. Have your own pets with 1 female. a week plus offshore safetysale ono KTA, 0419095633 ono. Ph: 0418 269 317 (Karratha) looked after 15+ homes in the area. space while sharing household one week rent in advance for bond. gear. Very well maintained boat & COROMAL Princeton 601 (2006), FISH tank with wooden stand, Email DMHouseSitting@hotmail. TRADIES trailer lic, racks, can RAPTOR 700r (2008). Excellent amenities with friendly respectful Must be tidy,sale working, trailer. $14000 ono. (Karratha) In excellent 5years quad old bike cupboard, filters and in SALE CABINET, low line, chocolate SATURDAY 11 Sept,ph: 8.00 - 12.00 pm condition, 80cc 2 stroke with helmet DOG HYDROBATH available in stones 3 x 1 with or 4th SANYO TV clean 36cm& for still in comTVor call 0457230691 be- HOME removed,IN BELMONT front lge toolboxMODERN condition. Very large well study maintained. FOR housemates. Property includes Easy condition, to get along with. 0423430334 $400. OUTDOOR SETTING, high-set, Leaving Town Some furniture items $1450 ono ph 91431829 South Hedland 7 days a week. Phone brm for rent. On large block in good $25 Very onohomely contact July 2011. Full annex with outdoor good condition $80.00, flat screen all lockable and enclosed, new Maxis Razr tyres. corner TAG bars. Just AVAILABLE - $500. shaded swimming pool & tropical house for the Pilbaradetails. if interested 6 seats, aluminium & white and assorted houes hold items. 722 Sarah on 0433655636 for appt! great location, huge 8m x 8.5m shed 0437202468 for more P.S is not HOUSESITTING setting. Phone ANSWER Mob 0439920716. TV speakers connect on either QUINTREX 3.75 Dart, 15 mercury tyres. Must sell. $3,200.00 O.N.O moto x boots size 8 great serviced. Nothing to spend. $7800 couplestyle available garden. Call 0439963907, first in Rusticworking Indonesian teak cabinet Way Bulgarra. with ono mezanine floor, below ground digital butcall canAnnie used with set top box. Mature please on 0448786193 Travelling at moment. mounting on wall only $300, condition only warn for rides LOOKING for size Female American stroke, Dolphin Stacer trailer, Lowrance 0427195916. call 0409104714 for $1600. housesitting Karratha/fisher2 & will anotfew be disappointed. Washingin machine, pool, undercover entertaining area, rooms available stereo CD and iPod dock in good SATURDAY 11th Sept 7am, 151A $100 neg call 0437362004 after 3 Staffy, to breed with our Male SATELLITE Dishnow for roof not Dampier. fi sh fi nder, safety gear. All near new COROMAL Princeton 754 for sale. Excellent references TYRES 1 x Bridgestone Duellertropical SUZUKI RF900R, 1995, 6parking months paykel $300. Teak bedside table $200. gardens with ample HOUSE FOR RENT.American 4x2 execStaffy, condition ph 0400718470 Crespics. Dampier, Bed,ono. C/ Modern oclock Call $80.00 Joe after freestanding for room sale. Dismantled FURNISHED available condition.Hannan Can email $4000 Q/S$50k decor, double available from 6006. experience in H/T 689 255/65R15 New, $140for boat, WA rego, reliableetc. comfy tourer, Phone 9185 caravans Available pool,on bar0407271076 Desk,B/Trailer, 5:30pm ktha ready to go. $250.00West ONO to rent in Baynton (KTA).Tel: the accommodation industry Ph: 0409441829 / 91841840plus heaps 3 bike home trailerin 4Millars sale.Well with bed, more full ensuite,ENCLOSED TV & DVD, annex, ono. 4 x Dunlop Grandtrek AT3now. tyres $1850 p/w.rack Contact 90%, w/bag,Jason stand on & bargains TV/DVD Combo with Built-in HD 91852025 andinspa. 12 month lease preferred, Brand new house to share with Single Axle. Located Wickham PURE Bred Staffordshire Bull Terrier washing machine, gas bottles. Well FLAG Pole steel 8mtrs coated for past eight years.54cm/21.6 AvailableHD LCD. QUINTREX bass 3.8M, 20HP 265/65R17 approx 75% tread $4000427442566 tank cover included. $3700 M: Nu-Tec no pets. $1700 pwpups inc pool & for Husband & Wife20ft - $550 per week $5200 ph 0400108181 looking new homes. Full SEPTEMBER 18th/19th Garage SEA Container Tropical Roof, fromTuner. looked after, currently located in in white anti rust $85, 91821126 first week April.beenEmail: Yamaha motor reg service, runs A1, ono sms 041 589 1969 0457537204 NEARLY 1 acre(KTA) cleared, leveled, Brand new, in never used. $150 garden maintenance registration - available papers, Vet checked, Sale, Lined plus inside utilities. $2700 You will ono have Phone: your Tom Pegs Price but HELMET can deliver.MDS Phonefull face 0417094558. black/silver phone fully floored and15 twoFrinderstein fixed chairs Way mixed YZ125 use land, ono. Phone Jane onor0409121030. TYRES 3 Coopers LT 225/75, R16dirt pad, now. Phone Tracy on Vacc, 0409301821 YAMAHA 2011with Verytown Low Wormed and L2-HGA Creek. Leaving town, combined 0419934043 own bathroom & toilet. Mature 0400 768 786. small new in box $50 0408510317 0427421722. for stability, sounder, GME marine and water, a walk to Exmouth IF anybodyFor is interested with tread, suit spare or trailer $25powerHours, Excellent Condition, Owners cleared by parentage. those in buying UHF radio 40 channel , includes mic, 2 houses. Tools, shelving, BBQ, • 3 Bedrooms aged person preferred**REDUCED** - not a party KARRATHA HOUSE For Rent SEA Container. radio, sand and reef anchors, Gulf beach for less than $100sqm. HONDA CBR1000R, 2007 MODEL, EVERNEW Deluxe 16’6 Caravan Avon products or having a look at LOOKING for caravan space and each 91821126 0417094558. Manual & Spares, $5500.00 Phone seriously please email and aerial, all in good working order, household items. Start 0700am Pleasesome call 0417978669 3 Bedroom/2 Bathroom Open planinterested • 1 Bathroom 20fthouse. Needs work. $500. life jackets, crap nets heaps of $380,000 make an offer call KMS, great cond, serviced $7000 - great 10,000 condition! 3 way the latest brochures, please contact a showerwilling towiring pay power and $100 also includes to battery, 0400 559181 SUNDAY 8am onwards, 5th sept UPRIGHT fridge/freezer as91895336 0428105790 Decking lock up garage & or 0417423875 FURNISHED room in Nickol 3x1 extras, $3,800 ONO Contact Alyce regularly, helmet $11,500 ono& pool with fully fridge, gas cooktop and oven, dbl, me and I can organise one to •beDouble onoHave conact 0437202468 water. full time work. Honestfor more at 9a Crockett way. Leaving town, RAINBOW LORIKEET. Free new $600 ONO. Port Hedland fenced yard. All applicants must 0439798277 SEA Kayak in notoutdoor on toparea type) reliable house with(Sit pool,large 0421101559 large driveway bed, annexe, dining area, lots of delivered to you. 0413234369. NO Banks Needed. Own Your own details people. Port Hedland ph everything has to go!!!!! Furniture, to p/w. good 0437576906 provide reference $1500 Availhome only. 3yrs old suitable for O/N trips to Single,full the islands. 0459 772 154 and great housemates. music cupboard space,HONDA two spare tyres 2009, Home~~PETS - 4 Sale by Owner 3x1 in CRF450R new tyres, QUINTREX Pun t3.2m, yard excellent LOUNGE and Suit loves 5 Seater Cream • 801 Sqm block WASHING Machine Simpson 6kg tvs, jewellery, blower, washing Hand reared, friendly soon, due to break of lease. All Includes paddle, spray skirt, time working person preferred, WASHING Machine, SamsungMyaree area (10Km from Perth CBD). and gas bottles. new Registered untilmint 29 condition, fuel chain, good creeketc. basher. 15hp birds. Top Loaderfor$50 call 0409208067condition,machine No early attention. GreatLeather. childs pet. Owner condition.. This house offers 3 bedrooms In excellent LOOKING housesitters? enquires: Claudia 0420 297 633 buoyancy vest, safety fl oat. $1000 $500 plus share in bills. Call 0408 excellent condition $300 ph$857 p.w. Call Tish 92648239 injected, comes April 2012. Please call Kristy 0418 with manual, only Evinrude ~~LOST recent service. Comes working long $1,500on. hours . Ph Regretfull 0427182782 all with8kg built in robes, Trustworthy German Japanese WATER CONTAINERS 2x 25 litre, ono. 9320439707553 322 Colleen 0424647359 done 6hrs. Goes hard.ONSLOW $8000. large Call house 4x2, d/w, Comes with cage and 158 057 with trailer but easy to chuck on STORAGE UNITS FOR SALE OR give away. lost only used once will both for $20 couple is looking after your contemporary kitchen, LOUNGE Suite chocolate brown 3 Mike 0411 392 714. a/c, large shed andfood. SHADE Sail, 5.5 x 3.6 x 2.4 yard,. Ph Can email picks. Please the roof. All in good condition, WELDER mig, double WIA fabricatorLEASE IN WANGARA. 31-61sqm. HINO BUS 1972, 36ft- Diesel or separate for $12 each, also 2x property. References and police bathroom and seater and 2 seater 18 months old mtrs JP Trim Shop Made 2007, 0419922702 TXT Carmen 0438943090 1yo$2300 desexed black byConvert motor home, hardly used. Karratha. 0427female- incatKTA 415v, single roller drive 6m lead24/7 access with fully monitored 5 litreavailable. water containers Vacant dates$5 each excellent condition. Ph Colleen Stainless Steel fittings,stainless clearance lock up ongarage, a pink 747 460 the name of Poppy, with3mth wire feederplus Kempislarge hand Store your boat car or other ~~FOR SALE rego, 1 DB, shower, small desk light -20September. watt $5, contact WE have a purebread male staffy from middle of April 424647359 wire rope,double stitched,galvo turn CLASSIFIEDS driveway$800 space for up to 6 toys. CCTV you can view online. collar and safe tag went space missing call 0438938505 0437202468 for details which we would like to breed Basic Lessons for port toilet, fridge/ pilbarahousesitters.rt@ SAVAGEfrom 5.2m with 75hp mariner for sale buckles, terracotta color, $300 ONO Email: Great investment. the units on Hillfreezer, Road,gas stove & oven, hot cars. Very close to schools, Trees staffy. for sale (3) Phone with another MANGO purebread GRANNY Flat available for rent , ph. 044 9898146 4x4 dualcab the lot WEIGHT or bench and weights.+ 1998 2 triton 0439914186 WHITE ikea wardrobes x2 large $30 p/h forsale. Call Rob on 0413270058 Dampier on the 30-8-10.water, Please AVAILABLE IN Please KARRATHA 0437052588 if shops, $300 meters public phoneDave 0448541160 fully furnished, Air con, Kitchen , modern kitchen, TV/DVD bar girls bells,returning 4 dumbto bells, of m:call 0457SAFE 549 188 9185know of her each orfrom $500 for both. Queen if w:you SHED,4 2m, 2m Already TWO work inheaps$15000 - KIRBY VACUUMinterested. CLEANER. WANT to invest in the booming Studio, by Laundry, Ideal high. for singles transport and 8km toPortable the city. *AIR CONDITIONING* Lots of per person MOBILE cool room for sale. 2.5 weights, weight stand & bench. 9436 size bed $200, aircon with whereabouts. dissembled for are relocation. Karratha need one room to rent for GEN 6. Comes with~~PUBLIC plenty of NOTICE Melbourne property market? Want couples ,Pets welcome, Consists Please space, everything to just move Furthermore, it isleafsituated A little rust but otherwise good m long 1.5 wide. Internal shelves. remote $400, blower / vac /to generate highest return with your of 7 pieces.$300.00 o.n.o. PH. medium to long term. STACERDOUBLE Riverra swag tinny fell 3.7m. attachments for multiplepublic uses, out nearin!Airport call 0448 579128 anytime. Contact: 0421 347507 for condition. You References Pickup. $400 Bromic slide in unit. Gen seton solda large notice 801sqm block, mulcher $50. Call 0439963907 91855101 on request. PhoneCall 0447633479. 15hp YAMAHA and on tank.SatSounder, hard earn money? I have plenty including carpet shampooing turn off, 28/8 5pm.If it was or to view $27,000, negotiable. 0402198547 after photos/info separate great . Hedland 0459surrounded 786 Ph 0488 924 750 for KARRATHA/NICKOL Pegsby Creek front and back battery and box.plsShade (Bimini) of properties in Melbourne found call 0437155466 SHED: 3m x 3m garden Master shed 12 WANTED cleaning PSYCHICS 6pm or room send/leave message. to renta for quiet ACCURATE 99% HYOSUNG GV kit, 250. upholstery First 0421347507 ono 391 bed room with all utilities internet gardens WIRE with Large development cover. LifeLOST jackets, anchors. New months old, VGC $750 ono. Table: married working couple, prefer Roll of interlockinvestors. Call me at 0430512503 or head, plus many 1902 more. 212 Just206 $2.95 min mob ex Gold wired back and white WHIRPOOL 7.5 kg toploader 2009.needs As replacement new & fox JAYCO 2000 registered 30ft Caravan. NISSAN Patrol 09 Alloy potential. 17x8 extra largefor2msingle x 2mfemale heavy400duty furnished, hitch, jockey winchat strap cyclone wire, offer 91821126email cord. Best pearl and bracelet Karratha Tavern, washinganything machine,considered. in good working C/C 03 5614 5387 $2.95 P/W couple 550, steel pls frame call /txtand Double bedroom, lounge/only Vacuum condition, 4800kms. standard rimsmin 5 of 1 with brand outdoor table with on trailer. All licensed and good ever! $800ono. Phone Further0417094558. details please call Fri 13th Aug. Not valuable but very Phone or text 04$150 371 66ono, 703 am/fm radio condition, 0423515256 pets kitchen, computer/storage, timber top VGC $500. Bunk bed: tyre $1200 good condition. ALCOHOLICS new ANONYMOUS working order. Great all day creek Mfrs warranty ‘till 0458691525 2011, runs sentimental. $100 reward. Please 0431978205 YAMAHA 4 String Bass Guitar portable,somewhere $5, jackeroo workshop WANTED to park double bottom, single top mattress not aircon, fridge, freezer, gas Meetings held every Wed and 0425287944. KTA boat. $3300 Karratha. 0427 747 KARRATHA/PEGS Creek contact me 0488513684 HANDSOME stumpy tailed red perfectly, genuine reason 25 RBX270 For Sale $350. Solid AVENT breast pumpSun x 2, at $20ea. ourmanual caravan.toWesuit are 1985 lookingonwards, for included $200 room Ph: 0408310551 7.30 pm,PANORAMIC venue: Salvation stove and oven, microwave, 460 LARGE VGC furnished in shared heeler X dingo male, 6 mths, bayside Manly wall photo BRISBANE of Red ono, contact 0437202468 LOST EURO JOEY! No, this isn’t $30,000. alder body,atmaple neck,17km rose wood for sale. $4,900 Phone 0400 $15.Army Lamaze playmat Tomy Family baby Church someone wanting to rent out space cnr Bond St 2x TV’s. Call Geoff SHIPPING CONTAINER 20FT house. Must be clean and tidy and lifestyle after p-style mining. beautiful temperament, needs lots Square, Moscow Russia.CBD. Size Greatfinger a3.3m joke,- I Savage care forwithjoey’s for the board, duel pickups. carrier $20. Mini monkey baby WHITE shelving unit. Approx TINNY 2m and Balmoral Rd (opp, Cattrall 218769 at their property in Port Hedland, 99371572 or mob 0419702542 GOOD CONDITION 461sqm cnr Laney block RBI on Amp top of hill Stand working full-time. $400 perSUITABLE week, of exercise. To approved home 30x90cm. Just needs framing. $50. flatExtra: Association sounder Wildlife and lifejackets. 15h and one $100; sling $25. Valco layback stroller high x 1m wide with 6 adjustable Park) need a place to park the van and FOR STORAGE $3000 with Marina &Q12E water views, can’t twoFURNITURE weeks in advance and 2 weeks ZZR250 $30. 2004Esprit Model, only. 0428 212 096 STH HED JAYCO10Pop topKAWASAKI 2006. Currently Ph 0414322084 INVESTMENT PROPERTY Yamaha escaped. only abouyHe60 weighs hours. around $25; Tuner $75. All in Great baby DEAR rocker $15. shelves. Very goodtocondition. Cost to be able to connect power 0419046780 Mark Peens happy be built out. Excellent location with red, of 18,500 bond. Includes all utilities and a in Karratha. extraskms, with full service kiloswith and shade is reddish very Heaps GOLD COAST $525,000 $3300in color, Condition. Call: 0428 678 190. $250 from Harvey Norman, $100Also or comes Playgro history, musical windup mobileyourP aR Ibig ~~PUBLIC NOTICE N T E R / S C A N / F A X / and water.. Clean and tidy couple, birthday, boy now. easy access to airport, walk to beach, goodfull condition, includes cleaner. 0413 429Black 157 steel frame friendly. Got out in Nickolsale West off includes SOFA bed/Futon. which annexe, 2one owner, Large double story house: 4 x 0404842902 bestcalloffer. Tel: 0429498201 after $20. Baby clothing sizes COPIER Epson TX300F asbuses, new, train,HED. 0438564023.. public notice Love00000 Jiggyshops, & pub. With DA cover lock. $4500. Call Tom of Balmoral. If you see xa full young withLARGE blue pattern mattress. master Folds to please size fridges, air and con, disc gazebo, 6pm (Nickol West) large b/rooms, 2 x bathrooms fully furnished 00 from $1. Phone 0458691525 with extra ink cartridges worth $270 WAKECRAFT 2008 wakeboard/ ready to build. Best value $ 585K Ph ~~FOUND 0430438299 or 93485789 Karratha joey in your yard or around double As new Never WORKING couple seeking room DECKARTS Studio - jazz, tap, BBQ, your washing machine, TV, drawers, would like to contact (spaI in main), powder room,former open room bed. available in condition. shared house. ono. Reverse 5 WINDSURFER, good condition $430 0403394805 wakesurf house boat. please PCM call 6L 0429854664. V8 BAR Excellent :: Beautiful ballet, dark solid found planboxer used. $200, ph 438929323 musicsell $120 theatre, sing Osmosis for rent in Pt Hedland NOW! bamboo fencing,KTM outdoor 450EXC furniture, 09 KEWMING living, LEWIS s/steel appliances, . Loads of cupboard space, floor ph 0407447126 stage fi lter, portable, New $600 ono engine w Heat Exchanger. 3x timber L shape bar, bar fridge enrolments anytime 0415999022 BULGARRA 3x1 home,$640000, 2 Relocating from Karratha ASAP. condition,1 Owner, Hardly used couch which folds into a bed. in relation to a matter SONY 68cm mirrors, CRT TVNotanda cabinet. study, theatre, parents retreat,of to ceiling party Air Conditioner sms 041 589 1969 Karratha bdrms withPANASONIC 250L WOODEN venetian blinds 6 ballast tanks.Trim Plate. bar road, chairs included. It has BIRs,as new kitchen and licenced and ready and for 4the non smoking. Ph 0408 321(NEW) $27000 ONO. Phone 0420504753 Excellent Includes Clean, family history. understand NICKOL Bay Hockey Association double garage, alarmI system, AC house. picture, $410 perworks week,well. two weeks Filter & Grille, brand new 1m x 1m, PerfectPass Cruise. Board Racks. ea 900mm wide x 137mm drop $30 a Top canopy and stained glass, paint throughout, carport, patio, QUALIFIED PAINTER - Free comes with many extras including manual and remote control. $100 Junior Hockey new players he was in theReturning Port Hedland Excellent tenants $510 in advance and 2 weeks bond. Thiscall 779ea or $150 the lot. PH 0417015240 still in box, found along highway. M/HOME Exc helmet perm orandfreedom Dual Ax trailer. Huge stereo w shed, currently leased $1000 pw can display bottles and has down quotes, No job tonight big or to small, riding gear, This is the 0437 488705 welcome every Monday area Josh in 0407471797 recent years. includes all utilities - power and ~~BABIES Serial0414249890 Number CZ.BT03P. Phone pw Ring living.42ft 3ax Ultimate Silv Eag auto 871 2xAmps&Sub. Board Racks. Fresh until mid Nov. lights. The Top and bar can Oval, package. $10,000 CallcanopyPegs Affordable Appointments ~~FOUND Creek 6.00 –prices, 7.00pm Any and all information SPA seater, Timber framing, good gas- 6and a cleaner. 0413 234 369 babies 9182 1126 or 0417 094 558 detriot 12 slr/10x200a/h bat. 2x Water shower. Built-in Esky. Heater. be dismantled, allowing for easier 0419556089 found call 140 0415110603 Contact: Kelly available Carter –now 0429 I have 3 properties for sale in would welcome. Phone condition. $3000 ono ph 0409952766 Dampier male Singles only a/c Sep shw & Vac toil.800l rodberepairs Too much Lost to list. in190HRS. HED - as/s 0451438755 Ski. Phone via emailRETAINING on kca51472@ Nsw.14 1 inWATER Tintenbar NSW, 0419 and 866276 2 MOTORCYCLE RAMP transport.$1000 Single Heavy Tel : 138 walkerMOUNTAIN $20,Jolly jumper Mary at 0431 942 977 or wall 8 uprights Burmese cat, blue/grey fr/1200l fuel 4 Burn stv/oven.Micro LADIES BIKE found SPA LANARK 8 for SEATER, wood BABY 0409143722 Ask $69,000ono ROOM available rent, fully karratha to register in new Lawerence NSW these 2 have Duty Rated towaeco 450KG. Collapsable Ideal play mat29/08/10. $5, baby bath $5, think it merrymacca3044@gmail. ~~FREE 1 1/2 mtr long. Brand FISHING ROD REPAIRS If you surround, near new $20,Sunday 2xrkr chairs 220l Fr/frz+80l in colour and is desexed furnishedlots, ofair features, con, TV/DVD, onto the Clarence for large bikes made BEER of lightFridgesx2. weight 1 PILBAR ~~CAMPING & OUTDOORS cot to+ you, mattress + 0438130727. fitted, Rev Heads Bait Freezer. com on pallet iscannow lift onon truck orwater trailer frontage camping & belongs contact cond, chems&and manual incweek, $6990 wooden new guides and tips fitted. garage sale in full through lockers,Wash mch 2x ~~GARAGE SALE microwave fridge, 350 per river. View these properties at my& micro chipped. He is aluminium folds down to 1400mm Facebook. (FB). Do you want a sheet, fl at $250 call 0432091538 Offers, ph 0429917478 $20 off new price per each item onobills 0415224166 outdoors your rods rebuilt likea LCD/DVD TV +sat. TOPLESS waiters-Having property-4u.commy contact are included, single female NEWrratedgranny@ COND never used $350. SAT 24 March. From detail 8am please. Have Weekend Cruise or Car show very spoilt and missed. KTAPOSTIE BIKE Red. ph 0432666807 91821126 / 0417094558. 0417106904 Wkm. shing rods for BIKE - Malvern Star XCS 5.0 night?fiPlanning a girls night SURF SKI please 4m call fibreglass 12Kg have been 3placed preferred, 0448 579128 CAMPER trailer 2000, excellent Tattlerin this Routewebsite Nickolfor West. new.HensAlso ~~FREE in your home town? How about QUAD Yamaha Grizzly 700 4x4 offered. - Lullaby with $135,000 48cm/19””. 27 gear Drags Disc Brakes. Hosting a party? Whyprices, not do reasonable adjustable you.3xTHESE HAVE BEEN RING yellow gold with Anytime. leg length suit female or CHICCO Portacotfree condition, $6000 Reward ONO, Ph 0409 Bargains!! Fridge,REDUCED bar fridge, Ikea salein? at and a place to 10ct do burnouts 2009 Automatic transmission near Includes Jet Black Sport Trainer, junior includes paddle and roo frack remote nite lite music & vibration have DUE FAMILY MEMBERS with new different fittings and please mysticCome topaz and NeverTO ASofa, Call 0419 283 848 125 688 legally and safely? joindiamonds. us MERCEDES new 2008condition Sprinter$10,500.00 TV cabinet, Cot,ILL Change all something Karratha ROOMCan for rent Creek harbour $400 cradles. test ininPegs Dampier sideEMPTY store change table $260 DRUMS 205L,ono, call Clint rear carrier and Cover. As and New postworn. some young 5257topless male waiters $550, sellHEALTH. $350. on FB yourValuation Cars, Boats Motorhome CDI0419359220 311 Deluxe or Maui table, kids toys general household Ph 9185 91821187 per week. Two bedroom house to OFF road camper trailer VGC, cost $2200 sell $1200 0439949374 ELC0417913903 light & sound walker $40 Condition $950. Ph & 0417242269 bring you drinks and nibbles all Ph 0414322084 Bikes of all types. Tell us about INVESTMENT Fitout + Fiama YAMAHA Awning, Queen items. PROPERTY All must go! GOLD ~~VEHICLES share with female - must be dog rego 12/12 S/S w/tank Kitchen 2007 or R1 exc cond 6200 km, Mark Mountain Urban Elite with English night.vehicles Excellent References Email It.(type PilbaraRING Revheads FB14 tanzanite COAST $525,000 Large double FREE Buggy 2 good home, 2 Single Beds,REDUCED Dig. TV +$12000, DVD, phKarratha 9ct goldinwith friendly. Please call Kristy 0418 and storage. New tiers and spare. 0419922413, SATURDAY the 17th of March at $500 onopuppies Chicco highchair search). TABLE Antique Wooden with Turned extras story house: 4 x large b/rooms, 2 bulldog for adoption. Inverter, Marine can Battery, Halogen + BOOKS- Jodi Picoult, Danielle and 16 diamonds. Beautiful setting, 158 057 Large canvas area. $6500 Ono deliver to Hedland 571 Emma Street Bulgarra 8am no $130 Ikea 06 4.2 turbo patrol ute mint With any enquiries and expressions Legs. Requires restoration to return to Polly x bathrooms (spa in main), powder Theydouble are phase vet checked and also Microwave, Shower/ Steel & misc others. Mint cond, never worn. Valuation $1100, sell LOST ring in the vicinity of Fridge/Freezer, early plan birds. living, Kids toys,s/steel trampoline,condition YAMAHA bull bar winch snorkel ROOM x1 IfAvailable Please contact phone me0417184500 former glory. you arefor intorent thisSthtype highchair room, open of interest. friendly. $30 If interested on WC. Price to Sell, As NewWR450F $70,000 - 2007. someImmaculate brand new & never read. $5 $700. Ph 0414322084 Hearson Cove or Karratha Water slide, dishwasher, single cond. 1100kms, White bros. pipe, ReReiki master healings & attunements only 62000km $39000 ono of woodwork please a look 91855226 appliances, study, theatre, parents Hedland- non smk, come clean ,have pref fml. ~~CARAVANS Linda 97731045 ea. FLU Ph 0414322084 WIN A DINNER DATE WITH shopping centre MondayPhone 2 Aug. bed. garage, Strollers alarm etc Suesystem, jetted and tuned carby. Design Karratha resident RING 9ct yellow gold withretreat, pear double 0459150949 $500. We 0416042359 md cpl working rate $250 p/w caravans RECTANGLE trampoline frame. Call COT solid timber white with MY DAD I am seeking interest Antique, three diamonds, white POP Top to suit couple, Annex, BRIDGESTONE D/Duellers full graphic kit. $6900 ono. Call Travis Call Andrea on 0457 354 229 shaped blue topaz and 3 diamonds. AC Excellent tenants Returning $510March1HZ landcruiser motor complete, call 0438938628 SUNDAY 18th of TIMBER slabs. sheoak. From $50 ea mattress 91441719 and CHANGE TABLE gold setting. Highly sentimental, from single Karratha ladies 0400870209 for more info. BEDFORD bus mobile home ‘66. double bed, Bedding, etc, 2 way 31x10.5 15r Tyres New. One on pw Ring Josh 0407471797 Exc cond. Valuation $420, sell of carages running, 8am -12pm. 143 Withnelltakenin out ph ROOMS 0407 447x2126 reward available in large 5x2 solid timberlarge whitepool Boori. Both in some between 40 and330 55 SLATE table. Needs SWIMMING poolPh 0414322084 fibreglass Runs well.generous 6 mths rego, wired 12offered. fridge,Call TV, toaster, jug, iron, cutlery White rim suit 6 studs Cruiser. $250. ~~PETS 000 kms old, suit re-build, lots INVESTMENT PROPERTY Way, Karratha. No early birds. Leanne on 0419041467. in Nickol. Av @ 05/03. $450 pwk. excellent condition $300 ONO for to win a date with a kind, TOYOTA ota Prado Dash Mat - beige tlc. Comes with cues and balls. Must resurfacing team in Port Hedland & 240 volts, fridge, aircon, shower, etc. $3.800 91821126 0417094558. $450 0429917478. Karratha. pets of extras. $1800.00 ono. Ph MELBOURNE. 5 bedroom, 3 Household items large and small. SEAT Covers (new, unused) to Bills inclusive w. Fox + internet. both or can sell sep. Avent breast $20 - 0427258044 attractive man. If this offer come and pick up 0400013784 toilet, stove, area shortly. Interested call Ray LOSThotrodwater andsystem, reel. last used in bathroom, residential warehouse ROPA Caravan 1997. $23000 COUCH, 3 Seater, Blue Swede, Books, picture frames, printer etc.91830448 suit 04TX-2010 Ford Territory front Mature singleson preferred. Must pump $15. Please call KTHA Ph91732283 appeals to you please send the right Hearson’s cove TRAMPOLINE legs, rectangle, large annex, doubleside bed, of2KVA within walking distance of City and o.n.o. Tandem Axel, New excellent condition, $1200 ONO, Donna 0424185649 2003 VY series Commodore seats, 2 tone greys, $40/pr M: 0457 be working. 1 wks bond and 2 91852327 details about 2yourself to me 15/8/10. Big reel line 3000 x 1900, pads covering springs. garage sales genny, cyclone ~~REAL ESTATE tiedowns. View with at blue MCG. Owner willing to sign a 3 year Roof-top Air-con & Tyres, Port Hedland, 0417 939 895 Ute 120000kms 6cylEmail soft 537 204 (KTA) wks in advance req. Pls call/txt and with0415809650 1 metre diver (orange and (pref include auto a pic!) ~~IN MEMORIUM real estate $100 91444229 ~~BOATING the Hill. $18,000 lease back at $75,000 per annum cover. Tow bar. Very clean straight 4 Sept Garage Sale 13 Treetop black) with foldable rod. Electric If foundbrakes, 3way Fridge, 0409030379. CUSTOMISED Scooter Grit SPA 1.9m x 1.9m 5 seater cedar (approx 4.3% return). $1.75mill. Ph jewellery TRANSPORTABLE commercial ~~LOST boating car $11500 ono 0417089439 COMFORTABLE Caravan for separate Freezer, Oven/ Nickol West- quality camping goods, please contact 0412450868. au to win a date! Deck Y Bars 50cm27 x GREEN 50cm. ACRES wood with sides, platypus lockable hardthetop, owner on 0413 176284 or email SHORT term 20accommodation kitchen.converted ft s/s seatainer. rent in backyard Dble island cared filing cab, motorbike stuff, long the coolelectronic tablelands near heater Port pump with 2004~~REAL GXLESTATE100 Series Wheelsfor. - Drill Metalcreek,on Core. Grit LOST in SatCarlsen 19th Way June grill/4burner pink & stove,All animals control for Walk in coolroom, a/c, h/w/s, to rent in Perth - northern beachs/s Pegs Creek. p/wk. Cover 5 min is locked skateboard, bodyboard, wetsuits, Private and natural, handy bed & Storage ++, Wardrobes, Landcruiser 125000 kms 4.7 FOR SALE Folks/Headset. ABEC Douglas. 11 Bearings. black$400 I Phone. to blower. Good cond $3300. 0448 more information. Daily visits to your home. benches, verandah, coved suburb. servery, 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, estate tools, early enquires to Jamie 0423 to everything. views over walk to owner.... shops. HaveREWARD your own OFFERED.... Mattress 1yr old, Gas Cylinder, V8 5 Speed real Manual, honest ODI Grips. Purple Quad Clamp. Exceptional floor, equipholiday inc. Very neat. fully some furnished home... 979 971 rainforest ranges137 and042 farmlands from space while sharing household Front Boot, Awning.Karratha Inc only and MANDURAH realiable car selling due to call 91855576 or 91441078 5 acre property. 5 mins Black Double Clamp. Red Grit Currently $36,000. Great for in a cityGeraldton. stay when visiting octagonal house.SPRINT Underground mains Exercise Bike $500, TX Keep them free amenities with friendly respectful Ph Libby downfrom sizing vehicle Microwave & Toaster. Leak-0404842902 GARAGE sale Sun 5th Sept. 8amshopping centre,comes 1 min with from 0419198790. Bars + Green Bars (New). 2 x Grip NOKIA mobile phone on Friday 13th Perth. Email thebolt-hole@ Huge range of mineral power, private timber plantation. Vibration Machine $500. Excellent Lodge online manyForrest extras housemates. Property includes proof. Ph 0437848791 12pm @ 9 Stewart Court, Millars Hwy.including Large 4 bed two 2 bathDVD (incl Tape &(New) approx 1.5Pictures years old. either in Evolution or on road. Phone Phone CABINET 2 orshelve glass0488 great ADORABLE AKC Male Female & more condition, info at both reduced for quick players. $31,500.00 call Rachel shaded swimming pool &much tropicalbut photos Well. Leaving town. Fishing gear, specimens SUPREME 2008 21’6”” puppies large spa bath), a/c, tennis court (with KTHA -available 0427 258 044Ref - $180.00 is not worth on Executive condition, English Bulldogs 996 274 never used did not suit No 40583 MB 0429838808 sale. Deal can be done for both. electronics, general household garden. Call 0439963907, fi rst in full length,full panel,full lights), sparkling salt pool, fenced phone are sentimental. Please call ensuite,solar Original silver20 andxgold decor $550 or adoption this Puppies are Akc LGA NO DISHWASHER 14 BANKS place NEEDED First in will not be disappointed. KIT HOME Large 2 storey, 12 goods, plants, BBQ. No early birds. HOME-OWN WHY rentPlease a roomcall in a 0414953605 share house will not be0410789278 disappointed.if you have it. oven, pull out pantries,internal waterChampion kids playground, beautiful shady Registered, With Bloodlines setting. Up graded so no longer TVwhen CABINET $300. Wakecraft m Decks, to Lockupjewellery Stage. Full Call- 0439963907, Pegs Creek YOUR OWN HOME 4 Sale by Owner. you country can havestyle yourforown 2008 Household goodsCOROMAL GARAGE Sale. & Family Series tank gauge,internal gardens, reticulated with 2 bores and And and Will external Come Withrequired.Good A Pedigree,condition ~~MOTORCYCLES $100area ph (10km A caravan medium $500.00p/w sized TV couple suitableor for wakeboard/wakesurf Cyclone rated Eng plans for NW. Myaree from Perth CBD), boatEverything furniture, books, games. STUDENT Study desks x 2 White. motorcycles Caravan (09) 21Ft Mint Condition, speakers,2 x 80lMicrochip, water tanks,queen ReducedVZ to $970,000 Enq Vet Check0439097888 With Health We deliver 2004more. Holden Ute, 6ONO. speed recess andp/wextra cupboards either PCM buyers ONLY Tks securely reduced 6L V8 engine w Heat Ex3x1 Double brickReasonable home $857 condition p.w. Call $50Serious $400.00 for single NO BILLS must go. Leaving town. Bargains each. cate, And All Shots And Wormer. QS bed & Bunks. Lounge, Shower / size bed,3 x Certifi sunbuster shade 0417580232 3x 250L ballast tanks. Trim manual, Reg July 2011, very neat sideair forconadditional storage. Contact changer. to Sell $110,000 Very Cheap Large 24Hr Pre-Recorded msg with all the Visit our website 2x tv fridge microwave to bePerfectPass had. Saturday 4 September. EARRINGS drop style 9ct 2008 Yamaha Raptor Limited Edition Karratha 0429917478 Plate. Cruise. Board The puppies available for adoption for Toilet. Loads more $40,000 ono Ph cloths,4 x support stands, filtered vehicle, moulded South tray West protector, 041850599.T Home Whole frame const. 2 already details 92648239 NORTHCLIFFE WA 2 6 Gregory WayHuge Bulgara. 8 0409118567 am Racks. Dual Ax trailer. stereo full cooking facilities and shower gold with pink sapphires and 700cc includes more info$45,000 contact rev.jonathan10@ product range KTAFuel Injected 30Hrs water tap, electric brakes car cover included. Drv.ourKarratha Pics TABLE lamp, brushed goldbuilt base Baynton for w 0437053724 2 x Amps & Sub. Board Racks. Small Rural Farmlets 124,000klm. 14 ha’s $245000 and toilet in the caravan 1wk rent helmet, ramps & fl y boots sz10 diamonds, $150. Nice gift or spoil call KTA 0409956840 Urgent sale. Leaving Ph Fresh Water shower. Built-in Esky. Keep them free with cream and gold edged avail. shade.Call Mark 0417991169, email & 15ha’ s $270000. Walkingtown. dist to town, $8,500ono Ph 0429132082 as bond required please call on yourself. Ph 0414322084 Heater. Too much to list. 190HRS. 0437649761 Freight cond. $30. Ph 0414322084 LodgeExconline 20 mins to beach, power conn. May be HED 0409143722 Ask $69,000ono 0437805734 to inquire Inc. subdivided. 08 97767125

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Free Weekly 17 - 18 March 2012


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Pilbara Resumés Local knowledge for executive through to trades personnel... • Professional resumés • Selection criteria • Cover & resignation letters • Online applications Sell your achievements Marlene Cole 0434 122 659

vehicles ISUZU NQR 450 LONG CAB/ CHASSIS 03/05 87440KM H/duty front suspension, rust proofed, 150lt fuel tank, r/tyres-100%,f/tyres-60%, UHF radio, flashing light, bull bar, insulated cab, 10stack CD player. Serviced every 500km, One owner, excellent condition. $42,000. Located in Port Hedland. Ph-0419965143 LANDCRUISER 97 GXL Turbo Diesel, Auto, dual tanks, elec windows, only 2 owners - Great condition. $28,000 ono 0417966883 KTA LANDROVER Discovery 1995, Navy Blue in Karratha - Gas conversion, Reduced to $4000! Call 0400650269 MAZDA 3 Maxx Sports H/ Back 2005. Blue, manual, sports suspension, ABS, front, side and curtain airbags, full electrics, tinted windows, cruise control, audio controls on steering, well looked after, perfect first car! $15000 ono. Phone 0409474453.

vehicles MAZDA 6 turbo diesel wagon 2009, 6 airbags, 6 speed manual, 6.5L/100km, 6 stack- 6 speaker cd, climate control aircon, auto headlights and wipers, just serviced, new rego, metallic stormy blue paint, 76000km. Well maintained vehicle, only driven by a little old lady ,call abi 0407266954, $26,000 MITSUBISHI PAJERO 98 ESCAPE GLX - $5,000 3.5L V6, 256,000kms, automatic, CD stacker, 2 spare tyres, set up to go camping, double mattress, camping gear, tools, compressor and more included. Karratha. Ph: Ryan 0419 041 443 MITSUBISHI Magna Sports 2002. Excellent cond, 239,000 country km’s, excell motor, 2 owners, new sheepskin seat covers, Alpine stereo, view Dampier. $6,500. Ph 0429900174



shade sails




Cobra Sports, Red Paint, Good condition, 5lt fuel injection, FordXR8 Motor, near new tyres. Rego WA, location Darwin.



Phone Richard 0427363046 BUY ENGINE. Mitsubishi Pajero 1995 aut. txt or call 0414248756 Thomas FORD Festiva red 2000, cheap, reliable $2,500, 0439963907 FORD focus seden 2.2l 2005 white 156k very good condition Bluetooth hands free kit family car $ 11,950 0420870938 HOLDEN hsv vy clubsport v8 2003rego-sept 201. Odo-105.893, Only had 2 owners. Excellent condition good tyres. $20000.00 Phone 0437805734 HONDA Accord VTi 2009 Automatic silver only 7,500kms excellent condition $26,000 Phone Judy 91444334 or 0414814542 In Ktha HONDA Civic 2001, 1.7 Ltr Manual, Sedan, Metallic Silver, 130,000 km. Lady owner, leaving country mid March. Must see to appreciate beauty. $7,500 ono. Ph 9185 3825 or 0401 489 744 HONDA CRV 2007, manual only one owner. Low kms 45,500kms, reverse sensors, roof racks, tinted windows. $20,000 ono Please contact Fiona for further information on 0438 61 7075. ISUZU Tipper 1991 FVR900. Ex Govt in good condition. $27000 + GST. Phone KTHA 0419916113” ANOTHER MUST SELL!!! Have new car


Ideal Opportunity to be self employed Local Butcher Truck Pilbara Region You don’t need to be a Butcher to run this business $1 million turnover 25% Net Profit


The Karratha Netball Association will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday the 18th March at 7.00pm sharp at Welcome Lotteries House, Morse Court, Karratha. All members new and old, parents, coaches, umpires, supporters & volunteers are welcome to attend. All positions on the KNA Committee will be vacated and nominations for all positions will be called for at the AGM. For more information please visit Each team is required to have a minimum of two members present. If there is no quorum, there will be no AGM and no netball season. All team nomination forms must be handed in at the AGM between 6.40 – 6.55pm.

INTENDED APPLICATION FOR INCORPORATION OF: Pannawonica Gala Association Inc. NOTICE is hereby given that: Natalie Jordan 18 Ashburton Way Pannawonica WA 6716 Home Duties. Being duly authorised by the above named association intends to apply to the Commissioner for Consumer Protection on or after: 14th April 2012 for incorporation of: Pannawonica Gala Association Inc. The association is formed for the purpose of: Organising an annual community festival to foster a vibrant community spirit. Signed: Print full name NATALIE in block letters: JORDAN

Made up of 19x12 metre long sections that can be separated and is currently in complete assembly, with three separate areas. Comes with precast concrete anchor blocks. Has ablutions, crib facilities, reception area, aircondtioning (as is) and furniture (as is) Lying in Dampier Buy the lot or Half or a portion $350 k plus GSt for the whole $200 k for the half


Commencing April 2012


FOR SALE Demountable Office 680m2


Womens Season

AGM April 2, 2012 Lotteries House7.30pm

for sale

Business Opportunities


Teams are now looking for players, coaches, scorers & umpires Any interested persons please contact one of the following: WPSO PRESIDENT: WICKHAM: Barrie Sargent 9144 2443 Olivia Deacon 9182 1917 KARRATHA: DAMPIER: Kyla Thomas 0407 716 797 Sharon Sewell 9183 1187


Enquiries Helmut on 08 9185 4446, 0417 179 279 or


On Site: 10 Clayton Street Midland WA 10:00am WEDNESDAY 28TH MARCH 2012 **LIVE INTERNET BIDDING AVAILABLE**



Aerial Access Equipment



Agitators Bowl to Suit 6x4, 4x 20’ Containers, Container 1x 40’ Container, Excavator Buckets, Log Grab to Suit 20 Ton Excavator, 18” Trailer Mounted Wood W Chipper, Buckeye Trenching Machine

Slick 2x Gemco Rail Tamping Units, JLG 80HX Boom, JLG 33RST Scissor, JLG 25MS Scissor, 4x Hilo Unused 29.55 Slicks, 2x Toro o Groundmaster 302D Front Deck Mowers, Mowers Hyd JLG 25RST Scissor, Crown MHP12 Trailer Mounted Boom


2001 Mitsubishi BE600 Rosa 25 Seat, 1984 Mercedes Benz 305,, 1983 Mercedes Benz 305


Compactor ompactor mpactor p

Motor Scrapers

Pacific RP38 Multi Tyre

2x Caterpillar 633B, 2x Caterpillar 627B

Compressors Compressor

Plant Trailers


Compair D900Q, 3x Compair 400CFM, Compair 268CFM, Large Qty Plant & Box Compai Sullair 260CFM, Sullair D185Q, Atlas Copco XAS175

Skid Steer err Loaders



1995 Franna AWD12

Crawler Tractors

Caterpillar erpillar 226B, 2x Toyota 4SDK8, 2007 Bobcat S130

Telescopic p Han Handler Handl


Caterpillar D73T Vintage, intage, ntage, Caterpillar D6C


Diesel el Welders

2x Lincon con Vantage 575, 12x Lincon Ranger 405D


Hyster H10.00XM

Gen Sets

Various Cummins, Denyo, Atlas, Copco 15-500KVA

Hydraulic Excavator Light Vehicles

2010 Toyota KUN26 Hilux Crew/Cab, 4x 2007 Toyota KUN26 Hilux Crew/Cabs, 4x 2006 Toyota HZJ105 Landcruiser Wagons, 2005 Toyota HZJ105 Landcruiser Crew/Cab, 4x 2004 Toyota HZJ105 Landcruiser Crew/Cabs, 4x 2004 Toyota HZJ105 Landcruiser Wagons, 2004 Toyota ACV36 Camry Altise Sdn, 2003 Toyota ACV36 Camry Altise Sdn.



Ò avagoodone Ó 7.3 meter long, Yamaha 250 4 Stroke, Anchor Tractors Tra Trac Max Winch, JRC Fish Finder, Lowrance Global 7.3 meter Chamberlain Champion 4x2, Ford 5000long, 4x2, Yamaha 250 4 Stroke, Anchor Max Winch, JRC Fish Finder, Kobota M8030 Pump Tractor Lowrance Global Map, Map, GME CD Radio 3000, AMGME Transmitter GX300, GME CDGR Radio GRGME 3000, AM TransGME VHF Transmitter GX600, GME 406GME MHZVHF Radio Beacon, Trailers mitter GX300, Transmitter GX600, WashTriDown Pump, Fire Extinguisher, Duel Batteries, Bosich 2 Rows of 8 Float & Dolly, Jabsco Boomerang GME 300 406litre MHZ Axle Side Tipper, Custom Built Tri Axle Float & Dolly, 4x Tank approx, 100 litre Water FuelRadio TanksBeacon, approx, Jabsco Wash 2000 GTE Combination Tri Axle Tanker TrailersDunbar c/w Dolly Electric Down Trailer Brakes, Pump, 20 hoursFire Extinguisher, Duel Batteries, Trucks Phone Mark Mob 0407 997 686 1999 Volvo NH12 6x4 Prime Mover (Damaged), 1998 100 litre Water Tank approx, 300 litre Fuel Tanks Isuzu FTS750 4x4 T/Back, 2000 International approx, Trailer DunbarONO Electric Brakes, 20 hours Acco 6x4 Water Truck, International Acco $90,000. 2007 Caterpill Caterpillar TH360B Caterpil



2006 Hitachi ZX350H-3



2250D 6x4 Water Truck, Iveco Eurotech 3500 6x4 Tipper (Non Runner), International Acco 1830A 4x2 Tipper, 2005 Volvo FM9 6x4 Cab Chassis (Parts Only)

Wheel Loader

Phone Mark Mob 0407 997 686 $90,000. ONO

1993 Case 821


Motor Scrapers


Telescopic Handlers

2x 2006 Volvo A40D

accommodation available

Caterpillar 623G, 2x Caterpillar 633B

2x 2011 Caterpillar 432E Premier Unused, 2x 2011 Manitou MT 1436R (Unused) Caterpillar 428B



2x 2011 Action Tri Axle Water Tankers (Unused)Drake 4 Rows of 8 Float & Dolly, 2001 John Parsons Eng Tri Axle Grain Tipper

2001 Hino 43 Seat Auto Bus



2001 Terex A400 35Ton R/T

Isuzu 950 4x2 Tipper, 1998 Iveco Powerstar 7500 6x4 Prime Mover, 1998 Mitsubishi Fighter 4x2 Tipper, 2001 Volvo FH16 6x4 Prime Mover


2x 2011 Bomag BW 213DH4 (Unused), Caterpillar PS200B Multi Tyre, 2x 2011 Caterpillar CB14 Twin Drum (Unused), 2010 Underground Plant Cobra Multi Tyre 2x Toro 0011 Loaders, Getman Charge Up Machine, 2006 Toro 60 Dump Truck


2x 2011 JCB 940 4T RT (Unused)

Hydraulic Excavators

2002 Caterpillar 330CL, Caterpillar E300

Motor Grader 2002 Volvo G710


Wheel Dozers

2002 Caterpillar 854G, Tiger 690D

Wheel Loaders

2002 Komatsu WA500-3, 2007 Caterpillar 972H, 2006 Caterpillar 924G, Komatsu WA 320, 2x Caterpillar 950G, Caterpillar 928G

CHECK WEBSITE WWW.SBAUCTION.COM.AU FOR FULL DETAILS Inspection: Tuesday 27TH MARCH 8:00am – 4:30pm • Note: GST exclusive auction, buyers premium of 10% + GST applies up to $3,500 And 5% + GST thereafter on hammer price. • Photographic details & catalogues available via website. • Internet Bidding Assistance email or call our office. • Note This is a Split Ring Auction • Ring 1 - 10am Mobile Plant Trucks & Vehicles

• Ring 2 - 1pm Mining Inventory & Minor Plant

D/L 8586

• Bed spaces available $35/night • Share room accomodation • Kitchen facilities, Laundry, Diningroom, Loungeroom available • Outdoor area for relaxation

Town Centre location, 110 Wellard Way, Karratha All enquiries, please contact

Agner 0430 753 702 or Tony 0433 375 956 K


NISSAN PATHFINDER 02 Ti Plus 4X4. A/C, P/S, E/W, Sunroof, side steps and cruise. 4 Brand new Dueller tyres. Timing belt recently changed. Nice car. MUST GO, bought new car. $9500 ONO. Call 0431385165 NISSAN Patrol 2006 4.2ltr turbo diesel Ute, 41000km one owner has custom made Boston box on back inc power and fridge slide, elect rust protection, 2””lift kit, airbag suspension, roobar, towbar, snorkel winch - $43000 ono ph Shaun 0417454831 NISSAN PATROL 4.2 DUAL FUEL, AUTO. 1994, 248,000 Km’s, full service history. 4 months rego, met platinum, cruise control, good a/con & music. Clean reliable car. Never been off road. p/h. $10,500 ono Call Martin on 0447 790675 NISSAN Patrol GU 1999, 2.8lt turbo diesel, intercooled, 2 inch lift, tinted windows. New radiator, battery, water pump, thermostat and immobiliser. Needs new engine. $5500 ONO pick up only KTA. Ash 0409411125.


Nissan Patrol 2006

4.2ltr turbo diesel Ute, 41000km one owner has custom made Boston box on back inc power and fridge slide, elect rust protection, 2”lift kit, air bag suspension, roobar, towbar, snorkel winch $43000 ono ph Shaun 0417454831

business opportunitires


public notices

PILBARA SHADE SAILS Custom made locally for Pilbara conditions. Phone Steve Trevurza on 0410 867 102.


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vehicles NISSAN Patrol Wagon 1995. 4.2 Lt diesel engine with 5 speed manual gearbox, free wheeling front hubs, Air conditioned, Roo bar, dual battery system, 6 good tyres, rear fitted out with two slide out trays. Drives well. Located in Karratha. Asking $7,000 Phone 0417 469 235 for more details. NISSAN Xtrail 2010, TL turbo diesel, 10inch DVD, surround, reverse camera, roo bar with 2xspotties, sunroof, A1 condition, manual, silver Contact Alyce Ph 0421 101 559. $35,000 SUBARU OUTBACK AWD 2008 LUXURY EDITION Leather interior, 6 stack MP3 CD, New car and Paint protection warranty, Roof rack & basket, tow bar & trans cooler, Bonnet & headlight protectors, privacy tint, climate control AC, Aux jacks, Cooper tyres on alloy rims, Pristine. Ph Dean 0458922106KTA, $23,250 TOYOTA Camry 1999. $4500 ono. ODO 282 264 km/h. Good condition. Just serviced. Air con. CD player. Must sell quick. Call 0428 678 190 for more info. HED. TOYOTA Hiace Bus RZH125R 2003 Auto Great 12 seater petrol/ gas 568K km $12000 ono HEDKTA 0419 911 495 TOYOTA Landcruiser 1993 goes well $6000 ono. Ph Russell 0488166898 TROOPCARRIER 2009 V8 tracklander roof rack & ladder bullbar & towbar has dual batteries & exhaust system & has a chip fitted with only 40,000ks on the clock like brand new $60,000 ono ph 0429173056 ~~WANTED


BOXES packing/moving. Good Quality. Call Elly 0403 940 910 or FIVE x 15inch steel Ford rims OR rims and tyres. Karratha. Phone: 0413 918642 KARRATHA ladies softball team, ORBITS, are looking for new players. Please call Tracey on 91851625. Training starts shortly and season starts in late April. MUSICAL instruments, particularly Banjos, American Guitars and Ukuleles. Any condition, top price paid. Phone 0421046273 SUZUKI Grand Vitara 2005 v6 white 113000k’s, immaculate, full service hist, bull bar, roof racks, tow ball, spotties, lots of pics to email, like new, near new wide tyres coopers ATR, call 0427463907 $17000 in Exmouth can deliver WANTED!! & Will Pay for the right person- Require A Male papion/or chihuahua dog to breed with my female papion. Please call: 0458291065 WASHING MACHINE urgently required at SAFE. In good working condition and able to manage very regular use. Call SAFE 9185 4634

employment opportunities

employment available CARPENTER avail. Local tradesman, fully geared, licensed, insured. Property maintenance, fix out, exp supervisor. 0417188041 CHILDCARE PROVIDER. Full time Babysitter/Nanny available. Tutoring optional. Primary Education Qualifications and experience in Early Childhood. Karratha. 0405842248 FIX out carpenter available, local and surrounding areas. Phone Peter 0417188041

employment available I Can do vacate cleaning and commercial cleaning for after hours offices PROFESSIONAL RESUME/CV WRITING & COVER LETTER. Local, professional curriculum vitae writing for all professions and trades. A skilled writing service, marketing you to employers. Contact Elizabeth on: 0403 720 611 QUALIFIED PAINTER - Affordable Prices, Free Quotes, not job to big or to small appointments available now call 0415110603

employment opportunities

Can you fill these boots?

Manager – Tom Price State Emergency Service Unit (Voluntary Position)

Are you looking for a challenging and rewarding role assisting your community?

Experienced and confident carpenters in Steel Framing, first and second fix. Own tools and transport a must. Good rates for the right person, no time wasters! Contact 0400666085 or forward details to; OTR/Earthmover Tyres Sales Area Manager for the Pilbara Region

Selling OTR tyres to the mining, construction, and highway service industries. American Manufactured, Leading Brand Names. Ranging up to 57” giant OTR tyres including the supply of E3/L3, E4/L4. Excellent opportunity to join a rapidly expanding group marketing a wide range of OTR tyres. Above industry average package including monthly bonus. Email applications to

Project Manager

HSE Advisor Position

Short Brief (Classifieds) Project Manager - NTC COntarcing is seeking an experienced project manager for major earthworks projects in Onslow. Town accommodation provided, FIFO 3:1. Email CV to or call 08 9184 6025 Mon-Fri

Short Brief (Classifieds) HSE Advisor - NTC Contarcing is seeking a qualified HSE Advisor for major earthworks projects in Onslow. Town accommodation provided, FIFO 3:1. Email CV to or call 08 9184 6025 Mon-Fri


Description • Position is FIFO from Onslow, accommodation provided • Must have earthworks and roading project management experience. • Involved in site coordination, schedulling • Approx crew 50production cut to fill environment Requirements • Basic Computer Skills • Suitable experience


Description • Position is FIFO from Onslow, accommodation provided • Must have earthworks and roading HSE experience. • Auditing, inspections • Approx crew 50production cut to fill environment Requirements • Basic Computer Skills • Suitable experience

Onslow Information • Small remote town approx. 800 people, 80km off NW Costal Highway • Very hot and prone to cyclones • 2 large gas projects currently underway

Onslow Information • Small remote town approx. 800 people, 80km off NW Costal Highway • Very hot and prone to cyclones • 2 large gas projects currently underway. Wheastone (Chevron) & Macedon (BHP).

NTC Contracting Ph: (08) 9184 6025 | Fax: (08) 9184 6032 Address: PO Box 68, Onslow, 6710, WA Web: email:

NTC Contracting Ph: (08) 9184 6025 | Fax: (08) 9184 6032 Address: PO Box 68, Onslow, 6710, WA Web: email:

Adams Beaumont & Company

P: 02 9362 4798 | F: 02 9362 4765

Do you have the following attributes?

• Dedication and willingness to give personal time to the welfare of the Tom Price and shire of Ashburton communities • Proven people management skills • Demonstrated leadership abilities • Team participatory skills • Capacity to respond, often at short notice, to emergency call outs; and • Experience in the State Emergency Service (an advantage) If so, then this voluntary position may be of interest to you. For further details on this position please phone Jim Cahill on 0419 937 834 before 30/3/2012


Warehousing Trainee Galvins Plumbing Supplies are seeking an energetic team player to learn the plumbing supply industry as a Trainee at our Karratha Branch. A current drivers licence would be advantageous but is not essential. There is the opportunity for advancement should the successful candidate possess sales ability.

Deputy Regional Manager We are seeking a motivated and enthusiastic individual who has a strong desire to work with Aboriginal communities within the Pilbara region and advance their interests through the native title process. This position is based in the Karratha office. Reporting to the Regional Manager you will be responsible for assisting to promote YMAC interests and native title interests in the Pilbara region and co-ordinating and administering activities within the region. Your duties will include the promotion and representation of YMAC, management of the regional committee, office management and administration. To be successful in this role you will have a demonstrated ability in effectively and sensitively communicating with Aboriginal People, high level experience in a role requiring promotion and representation of minority interests and excellent communication skills. Job descriptions and an application form are available on our website or contact Human Resources on (08) 9268 7000 or email Closing date for the above positions is 5.00pm Friday 30th March 2012


Storeperson / Delivery Driver Galvins Plumbing Supplies are seeking an energetic and motivated person of neat appearance to join one of the leading plumbing supply companies as a Storeperson / Delivery Driver at our Karratha branch. A current drivers licence and sound knowledge of the area would be advantageous. Please forward your resume to: Reyn Bennell Galvins Plumbing Supplies PO Box 1192 OSBORNE PARK WA 6916

Qualified Chefs and Experienced Kitchen Hands Residential and FIFO opportunities available

The Company Outback Network is a dynamic and rapidly growing organisation. Capricorn Roadhouse is located 10 to 15km south of Newman, WA, and due to our development and expansion of our accommodation and Tavern, we are looking for Qualified Chefs and experienced Kitchen Hands for our Tavern and Steakhouse, Accommodation Buffet Dining, and our A La Carte Roadhouse Restaurant The Role • 24 hour operation • Excellent team environment • Highly professional service offered to customers • 9 hour shifts with 6 days on and 1 day off if residential • 3 weeks on, 1 week off roster if FIFO • Meal allowance and on-site accommodation provided • Great opportunity • Attractive remuneration plus benefits The Requirements In order to be considered for these opportunities you will demonstrate the following: • Trade qualification for Chefs plus substantial practical experience • Short order experience in hotels or cafes • High volume buffet service experience • Rolling service experience (24 hour operation experience desirable) • Remote experience highly desirable • Ability to work under pressure • Excellent communication skills

Please send resume to: Emily Baum, Human Resources Manager • PH: 08 6489 0333



Free Weekly 17 - 18 March 2012

Please forward your resume to: Reyn Bennell Galvins Plumbing Supplies PO Box 1192 OSBORNE PARK WA 6916

Casual Youth & Family Workers – Shift Work Crossroads West Karratha Youth Accommodation Services is looking to employ casual Youth Workers. Applicants need to be able to work shift work, be passionate, professional, mature and have a heart for young people. They must also be able to display a high level of integrity. Ideally applicants should have experience working with youth or qualifications in a relevant field as well as the ability to work strongly within a team. Salary and conditions will be in accordance with the CASH and Modern Awards. Applicants would be required to obtain a Working with Children’s Check, provide a current Police Clearance and have a current and valid Manual Drivers Licence. To obtain an application package: Phone (08) 9144 1881 or email:

Karuma Marthudunera Limited Vacant Jobs The Kuruma Marthudunera group has established the KM Trust which is a single entity overseen by an Executive Officer.

PROJECT OFFICER Kuruma Marthudunera Limited (KML) is seeking a suitable qualified person to fill the role of Project Officer for KML. The Project Officer will be responsible for assisting the KM people with their applications for assistance from KML. The Project Officer role reports directly to the Administration Manager and will be based in Karratha. Applicants should have: • Current unrestricted driver’s license; • Strong communication and Interpersonal skills; • Exceptional organizational and time management skills; • Computer skills; • High regard for confidentiality and attention to detail; and • An understanding of the KM people Position is based in Karratha 30 to 40 hrs / week $65,000 / year (pro rata) plus superannuation and may include provision for housing and Pilbara living subsidy.

BUS DRIVER Kuruma Marthudunera Limited (KML) is seeking a suitable qualified person to fill the role of Bus Driver. The Bus Driver will be responsible for driving the KML bus for the KM People as well as the upkeep of the bus. The Bus Driver role reports directly to the Administration Manager and will be based in Karratha. Applicants should have: • Current unrestricted driver’s license; • F Class Extension on license (if not, must be prepared to get it prior to starting the job) • An understanding of the KM people Part time position, 20 to 30 hrs / week $30/hr plus superannuation

Please contact the KML office on (08) 9185 5005 for more information on either of these positions. Resumeʼs to be handed in at the KML Office – 1/4 Welcome Rd, Karratha or emailed to by 5pm 30th March, 2012

adcorp F71018


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Free Weekly 17 - 18 March 2012




Karratha/Hedland • • • • • •

Plumbing & Gas licence essential Commercial & Residential Maintenance New housing Transportable hook-ups Accommodation provided in Hedland Ute supplied

ASSISTANT PROPERTY MANAGER (FULL-TIME) North West Realty has a vacancy for a full-time Assistant Property Manager for an immediate start. The successful applicant must be willing to progress, with training, to the position of Property Manager.

Email CV to Enquiries Phone 91431098

Previous experience in real estate will be highly regarded, but is not essential. Registered property managers are encouraged to apply.

Spread out and Entertain in Five Star Living

Salary package will be discussed at the interview and will be depend upon experience.

Karratha Jonathon Kimbleton

Applications, with contactable referees should be addressed to:


THE PRINCIPAL North West Realty PO Box 543 KARRATHA WA 6714


An exciting opportunity exists with our Karratha office for a motivated and experienced Property Manager.

Or can be emailed to:

Working for a nationally recognised brand, you will have the opportunity to manage a great portfolio of properties with a strong administrative support team.


The right candidate will have: • Current WA Property Management registration • Current WA drivers License • Previous experience managing residential property • Track record of business development • Rest knowledge and experience will be highly regarded Bring you positive attitude and join our great team today! In return for the above you will be offered: • An attractive salary package • Bonuses and incentives • Accommodation options; and • A company car!


All applications will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

Who is going to help shape one of Australia’s biggest LNG operations? Join us, and you will.

Work from home & Achieve Success

Please send your applications to






oil, gas and mining Renovate or Rebuild recruitment, local experts

Ediciam am nest doluptas dit, quia backed id exerro cuscias by a Inspect strong perecer uptiore doluptia dolorep rovidusae net et Thurs 1 July at 1pm national brand autatinciae labore, sinciis erchit vites nullo derovit Internet ID:roles: recruit for the following ullautem fuga. Offic tenissincto quatiamWeinvent • Administration posaper epudita tionsec ataectasped que la•sit fugia /5158963 Supervision • Open Cut Mining nosae nistio maximpor arumqui deliquam si odi • Underground Mining idipsaectur resequi autaspe ditiae id eror assi• aOperations sunte Support pa il erita num ilia volorit essit, sam anto •cusapid Maintenance • Mineral elenit am veritium il ma verferf eruptis que nobis Processing Joe Rowe services: eum etum num, inctatquo beariatem sam Other renditat • Volume Recruitment 0418 573 078 volum doluptatem hic tempore molut laut facerrum • Assessment Services Your street address Your town

• Graduate Recruitment • Payroll Services • Onsite Consulting Services • Testing (including psychometric and aptitude) • Unbundled Services

9123 4567

“DFP Resources truly appreciates the uniqueness of our industry because their staff have worked in the resources sector. Their knowledge and experience is what sets them apart.” Resources Firm General Manager

Field Services Superintendent - Onslow ow Chevron Australia has an exciting opportunity for an experienced Field Services Superintendent to join the Supply Chain Management (SCM) team, initially based in our Perth office before relocating to Onslow. This senior role will act as the focal point for directing and managing the service delivery for all camp and catering field services, maintenance and infrastructure activities in Onslow as part of the Wheatstone Operations team. Key skills and experience required: • Experience in a similar role within the resources industry • An in-depth understanding of the management of fly-in, fly-out camp operations, catering, buildings, assets and infrastructure • Strong knowledge of outsourced service providers • Ability to develop and build collaborative relationships with key stakeholders • Proven management and leadership skills If you meet the above requirements and would like to be part of the team working on one of Australia’s largest natural gas projects, we’d like to hear from you. In return for these skills, attributes and experience, Chevron Australia offers you an exciting role, a competitive salary and a fantastic opportunity to develop your career with one of the world’s leading integrated energy companies.

CLOSING DATE: Friday, 23 March 2012. For further information on this great opportunity and to apply online, please visit

Shop 7/18 Hedland Place Karratha WA, 6714 Phone: 9185 9700

An equal opportunity employer that values diversity and fosters a culture of inclusion. CHEVRON, the CHEVRON Hallmark and HUMAN ENERGY are registered trademarks of Chevron Intellectual Property LLC. ©2011 Chevron U.S.A. Inc. All rights reserved. ABU120300168


Local Jobs for Local People

Run your ad on our website for 30 days



Or just + $49 to your existing newspaper ad

Visit Site

Submit a Job powered by pilbaraecho K


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POSITIONS VACANT @ CPC PILBARA CPC Pilbara is a new operation of an established and very successful Western Australian engineering company. If you are a highly motivated worker looking for a new and exciting challenge with excellent pay and conditions the CPC Pilbara is the company for you. Due to an increase in business we are looking to employ experienced workers in the following categories:

Sharpe Ave Men’s Hairdresser MEETING THE CHALLENGE

CSSU Millars Well Early Learning Centre

Food Coordinatior

7.30 – 1.30pm Mon – Friday Please contact Juliana on 9185 1614 or email: Karratha Out of School Care

Port Hedland based only

If getting in on the ground floor of this exciting new venture appeals to you. If working with a friendly, dedicated team of professionals with a ‘no nonsense’ approach is what you need right now, then give us a call. We are waiting to hear from you.

For more information, please contact: Paul Baran or Loni Simeon CPC Pilbara 5 Leehey Street, Wedgefield South Hedland 6722 E: T: 9172 3513 M: 0419 952 482

Sharpe Avenue Men’s Hairdresser is looking for full time staff. Flexible hours. Above award wages. Contact Julie (08) 9185 3394 or 0419920226

Bus Driver

Government of Western Australia

Department of Housing

Housing and Property Services Officer Pool Recruitment Web Search No: Pool Ref DHW1612 Level/Salary: L3, $58,010-$62,984pa+Super PSGOGA To manage, control and monitor a designated number of Housing Service Delivery tenancies and properties to ensure tenants are supported, payment of rent is sustained and properties are cared for and maintained. To Access Detailed Information: and key in the Web Search No. DHW1612 or Ph: 9222 4685 to be mailed an information pack. For Specific Inquiries: Please contact Neila Penny on (08) 9160 2842 Location: Pilbara Closing Date: Monday, 26 March 2012 at 3.30pm. adcorp F70843

Mechanical Fitter Position 09/03/2012

Short Brief (Classifieds) Mechanical Fitter - NTC Contracting is seeking an experienced and qualified mechanical fitter for earthmoving plant in Onslow. FIFO 4:1. Email CV to au or call 08 9184 6025 Mon – Fri Longer Brief (Trademe) NTC Contracting is an Earthmoving & Civil Engineering Company with around 50 staff, based in Onslow. NTC Contracting are currently seeking an experienced and qualified diesel mechanic to join their team in Onslow, Western Australia. We have a proven history of delivering high profile projects and have secured contracts on two large $30 billion gas projects in Onslow starting this year there is a need for experienced and qualified diesel mechanic to repair and maintain our fleet of earthmoving equipment and trucks.

2 – 3pm Mon-Fri excluding school holidays Must have “F” endorsement Please contact Chantelle on 0407 045 980 or email:

• Supervisor / Estimator Company supplied housing Excellent Remuneration Package

Free Weekly 17 - 18 March 2012

ABC Open Producer, North West WA (based in Karratha) Do you want to be part of the future of Australian media? Do you want to help your regional community create and collaborate through the ABC? • An exciting ABC initiative: newly created roles for highly creative multimedia producers • Engage your community: help your local community find, capture and communicate their stories

Ideal Skills: • A minimum of 5-10 years experience working with heavy machinery • Experience of working on earthmoving plant especially Komatsu, John Deere, and Hitachi • Be able to work independently and at times in remote locations • Diagnosing faults and performing operational maintenance of machines, and overhauling and repairing mechanical parts and fluid power equipment • Relevant Trade Qualifications. • Knowledge and awareness of Health and Safety Position will be on a Fly in Fly out roster on a 4 weeks on 1 week off, flights will be supplied to Perth. Visit for more info Description • Position is Fly in Fly Out based in Onslow • Must have experience repairing excavators, rollers, loaders, road trains etc. • Will be a 4 weeks on 1 week off roster Requirements • HR Drivers License • Excavator, Loader, Grader, Dozer operator tickets and experience • Able to work competently by themselves, program servicing and emergency repairs • Answers to plant manager Onslow Information • Small remote town approx. 800 people, 80km off NW Costal Highway • Very hot and prone to cyclones • 2 large gas projects currently underway

• Collaborate, teach and inspire: share your creative and technical skills in text, photography, video and audio • Initiate innovative online projects Applications close: For more details visit... Sunday 1/04/2012

NTC Contracting Ph: (08) 9184 6025 | Fax: (08) 9184 6032 Address: PO Box 68, Onslow, 6710, WA Web:


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Free Weekly 17 - 18 March 2012

echosport echo sport

TPSH takes a dive By Andrew Storer

Tom Price Senior High School students braved hot conditions recently to compete in their interhouse swimming carnival.

• Year 10 boys winner Jayden Hall and runner up Lachlan Edge

Competition was fierce with a record number of students participating in the 50 metre events and an abundance of students participating in the ever popular novelty events. The lawns of the Tom Price Town Pool were awash with a vibrant display of red (Maitland), blue (Hardey) and green (Ashburton) as students showed their support for their Houses by dressing for the occasion. It proved to be an electric day in and out of the water. Students swam, cheered and did almost anything to try and get their team over the line.

• Racing to the finish line

There was friendly banter between students and staff as well as uplifting team songs bonding groups together. It was obvious to any on-lookers that it was a special day to be a part of.



were walking away from the pool looking like they had just finished a 40km marathon! And then not 20 minutes later they were back in the water again! All swimmers gave a supreme effort with new champions emerging in 2012 across all year groups. At the end of the day, it was Ashburton Team that took the flag with 1008 points followed by Hardey (802) and Maitland (612).

• Year 10 Girls winner Alyesha Billing with runner up Crysta Waller

Ashburton House Captains; Chloe Ogilvie-Widnalland Liain Cooper, thanked all staff, parents, spectators and students from all houses whilst accepting Ashburton’s second Swimming Trophy in as many years. Chloe Ogilvie-Widnall even attributed her teams’ success to a rousing speech given by Ashburton teacher Mr Eric Godfrey. An incredibly exciting and successful day such as this does not just happen without the valuable assistance from all staff, parents and helpers for making this carnival memorable.

Although it was an incredible sight to behold out of the water let this not distract us from the breathtaking sight in the water.

A special thank you goes to teacher in Charge Physical Education, Katharine Miller, who was the chief organiser for the carnival.

Students literally gave everything they had when competing. Some students put in so much effort they

Despite hot and trying conditions, student behaved and competed admirably on the day.

• Courtney Griffith, Tasma Neale and Chloe Johnson

• Year 9 boys winner Brandon Walawski and runner up Declan Reynolds

• Clinton Ishiguchi getting into the team spirit

• Syncronised dance cheerleading by the Hardy girls and boys • On your marks, get set, GO!

• Year 10 girls race

• Teachers Andrew Storer and Mat Boreland get into the team spirit


• Principal Trevor Henderson with Ashburton house captains Chloe Ogilvie-Widnall and Liain Cooper


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Free Weekly 17 - 18 March 2012

Nullagine to kick off Western Desert Cup By V Swans regional development manager Clint Degebrodt Over the last three days in Jigalong, the Western Desert Sports Council has met for the first time as an incorporated body to set out the Desert Cup season. Representatives from the Martu Western Desert Communities, Newcrest, V Swans and Department of Sport and Recreation worked together to optimise opportunities for adults, youth and kids in Softball, Football and educational activities. • DeckArts Studio tippy toes ballet students

DeckArts introduces tippy toes classes DeckArts Studio is now offering  kindy ballet classes two mornings a week. The tippy toes ballet classes are perfect for little kindy aged ballerina’s.

Students are currently doing a teddy bears picnic ballet dance which involves the dancers bringing their favourite teddy from home to dance with.

The classes take place at the DAS studio and their studio has ballet barres, mirrors and lots of space.

Lea is a WAAPA (WA Academy of Performing Arts) graduate in Dance and Music Theatre and trained in both RAD and CSTD ballet.

The classes are on Tuesday morning 10.15-11.00am and Friday morning 9.30-10.15am. The class is a  gentle introduction to ballet technique, stretching, and there is lots of imaginative movement involved.

She has held positons such as head of dance at the National Theatre ballet and drama school in Melbourne, senior dance lecturer at Ballarat School of Arts and senior dance lecturer at WAAPA.

DeckArts director Lea Cullen believes that ballet at this age needs to be fun.  The  students learn to stretch their feet properly, they do tippy toe walks and runs, gallops and skipping, learn to softly follow their hands with their eyes and just love any exercise that requires them to be imaginative. 

She understands how important any dancers early training is and feels confident that with over 20 years training and experience her littlest ballet students are in very good hands.... If you would like your little ballerina to try a class, please contact Lea on 0415 999 022 or go to website


Looks an early 2YO RESET sire of 16 international Stakes winners including Gr1 WS COX PLATE WINNER PINKER PINKER and Leading Victorian based Stakes winning sire. The dam’s family boasts many black type winners. Trainer Patrick Payne Vic – 2 shares left

BON HOFFA YEARLING COLT 10% SHARES $4750 BON HOFFA was Australia’s 2nd most popular stallion in 2011 covering 198 mares. BON HOFFA Stakes-winner; won 9 races and $710,900 inc. MRC Invitation S. [G1] VRC Bobbie Lewis Quality [G3] twice Dam winner 7 races Trainer Gerald Ryan NSW – 7 shares left

STRATEGIC YEARLING COLT 10% SHARE $3750 STRATEGIC winner 7 races and $654,385 inc. MVRC Australia S. [G1], STC Pago Pago S. [G2]; sire of 24 SWs (3 G1) The dam was placed and is by DANEHILL DANCER the sire of 1056 winners including 134 stakes winners and over $119m in prize money. Trainer Wendy Kelly Vic – 5 shares left

SKALATO 2YO GELDING 10% SHARE $2500 READY TO RACE – good breaker reports SKALATO winner 3 races and $192,150 inc MVRC AAMI Vase [G2] Dam a winner and half sister to 7 individual winners Trainer Matthew Dunn NSW/QLD 2 shares left


Win a 10% share in a racehorse valued between $2000 and $4000 Enter via our website www.kenkingthor oughbr


1300 657 987 Ken King

Free classifeds online

The dates have been set for Nullagine starting on Thursday, April 12 through to Tuesday, April 17 with the Grand Final set for 2pm Monday 16. The Carnivals are an outstanding experience with the communities coming together in one town to celebrate sport and culture.

• Practicing for the Western Desert cup With face painters and clowns on the periphery and musicians, cultural experiences and performances at the centre, the evenings are just as full as the sport filled days. It’s sport at its purest and well worth a look if you are happy to have a bit of sun, sand and heat with your barbecue sausage and game of footy.

Six coaches mark the grade hosted by Club Development Officer, Sam King. The six joined another nine from Newman, 13 from Hedland and 4 previous coaches from Dampier. With sessions yet to run in Tom Price and Onslow as many as 30 Pilbara coaches may gain their AFL accredited level 1 coaching qualifications in 2012.

• Up and coming coaches learning the skills

By V Swans regional development manager Clint Degebrodt Six more coaches from the Pilbara gained their level 1 coaching accreditations last Wednesday night with the Shire of Roebourne Club Development Evening

“It’s our players that will benefit, with a group of qualified, educated and dedicated coaches mentoring Pilbara Youth” said V Swans General Manager Nicole Graves. “These coaches are now part of the football family, and there is some guarantee that the environments they create will be supportive and welcoming to players and their development.” More courses are planned for the Shire of Roebourne, if you are keen you can book through your local football club president.

Sponsor me and help burn victims. I’m at it again.


As most of you were aware last September I (Callum Stowell) participated in the Kimberly 100.

I have set up a dedicated account for the girls, and kicked things off by donating $1000.00 to the cause. Please give generously. These girls have a long road ahead of them. It has been 6 Months since the race and both are not expected to return to work within the next 2 years.

A 100km Ultra Marathon in the Kimberly that was cut short as bush fires affected the course. Unfortunately several participants were caught up in the fires, in particular Turia Pitt & Kate Sanderson were left with burns covering up to 80% of their bodies and fighting for their lives under induced comas in intensive care.

Please help me support these girls. On the 24th of March I will be participating in the Northburn 100. This is a 100 Mile Ultra Marathon located in Central Otago New Zealand. (A rugged mountainous area in the centre of the South Island) I am dedicating this Race to Turia & Kate. These strong young girls have been through a tremendous amount of suffering and will continue to battle with the result of their injuries for the rest of their lives. Kate & Turia are both in the rehabilitation units of their respective hospitals as they continue the long road to recovery. Although out of danger, everyday they tirelessly persevere with their recovery and put bluntly both face a life-time of disability and disfigurement.

Account Name : Kate and Turia Donations BSB :

086 - 006

Account # : 12 - 796 - 4034 I understand if donators want to remain anonymous but I do urge you to email me and to let me know you have donated. I would love to be able to provide the girls with a card and a list of names of the people that have donated. Email:

Statements. Each week I will e-mail the statement and balance to keep all donators in the loop with how we are tracking and keep everything transparent. (Simply put anonymous in the comments on the transaction if you do not want people to see what you have donated.) Your details will not be visible. Once I have attempted the race I will be making a transaction to the girls (Split 50:50 Kate:Turia).

If you would like more information please contact me via email:

Free Weekly 17 - 18 March 2012

echosport echo sport



Sports groups to share $2M Sport and recreation groups in the NorthWest, Pilbara and Kimberley will share more than $2 million in State Government grants under the latest round of the Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund (CSRFF). Member for Mining and Pastoral Region, Hon Wendy Duncan MLC, welcomed the announcement of funding to 9 projects across 7 shires in the north of Western Australia. “Sport and recreation is a vital part of communities in regional Western Australia and the CSRFF highlights the State Government’s commitment to sustaining and maintaining sporting infrastructure and encouraging continued involvement,” Ms Duncan said. The funded projects will benefit people of all ages and with a range of sporting interests. The Yalgoo community will benefit from the installation of a rage cage, BMX track and skate park and a covering structure and resurfacing of tennis courts with a grant of over $400,000. In Tom Price, BMX Club will upgrade

power and lighting. Work will be done on the Exmouth Bowling Club greens and on lighting at Talanjee Oval in two separate projects whose combined grant value is over $436,000. $315,332 has been granted to the Karratha Country Club to enable the grassing of Club green. The Town of Port Hedland will upgrade courts at the JD Hardie Centre and install floodlights at Marie Marland Reserve; these two projects will be provided funding of over $518,000. Derby undercover courts and cricket nets will be upgraded and floodlights will be installed at Kununurra Ag Oval at a cost of $350,000. “There is no doubt that these improvements will contribute greatly to the enjoyment we all share from living in regional WA and it is particularly encouraging that such a wide range of projects have been put forward by community groups and Local Government agencies,” said Ms Duncan.

PB’s everywhere at the Country Pennants By Janine Wain Country Pennants is a prominent meet on the swimming calendar.  This year 31 teams competed in five divisions over two days.  Every hotel, motel, caravan park and community hall was booked out in Collie as almost 700 competitors and an estimated 1300 spectators converged for the 53rd annual Country Pennants.  This is one of the largest swimming events in the southern hemisphere.  Each team is allowed one swimmer per age per event.  Karratha Amateur Swimming Club sent a team of 22 swimmers to Collie. The weekend began with the team March past.  The Karratha team came better prepared for the cold weather this year and looked superb, sporting their new WBHO-Civil sponsored team tracksuits. Racing commenced with the medley relays where the combination of Stevie Stanley, Abby Bozanich, Isobel Norris and Mikaela Wilson took out the bronze in the 10 and under girl’s event.  The individual swims began with freestyle, where eight-year-olds Stevie Stanley and Laken Wain each earned silver medals.  They continued their reign of medals over the weekend, earning a spot on the podium in all their individual events. In the nine and 10-year-old age group, Keldon Wain grabbed victory in the freestyle and backstroke and also medalled in the breast and fly. 

Macie Bennetts also took out the number one spot in the 100m freestyle and 50m butterfly, setting a new Karratha club record of 32.46 in the fly. Ross Rann was another medallist, taking out silver in the backstroke and bronze in the fly.  Allanah Baxter was pipped for third in the 100m freestyle, by a mere eight hundredth of a second.  She fought a hard race in her second 100m fly of the day, gaining silver in the open fly, in a time of 114.47, only just being pipped for first.  Both Baxter and Bennetts were awarded Top six certificates for achieving the third and sixth fastest overall times in the women’s 50m and 100m fly event. In the Freestyle events, Matthew Oronce and Erin Shaylor came in fourth, with senior swimmers Amara Fowke, Cian Lynch and Grace Williamson all gaining new times.  The Backstroke saw Ben Watts smash his PB by 10 seconds, Mikaela Rice shave five seconds off her PB and Matthew Oronce with four.  Georgina Bushby & Nino Antonucci also reduced their previous times.  Eleven-year-old Jacynta Felix also did some whopping PB’s taking five seconds off her fly and a further four seconds off her breastroke, doing a 48.55.  Amara Fowke annihilated her 100m butterfly time by more than 10 seconds and Ben Watts and Shenae Murphy also achieved improved times. A meet such as Country Pennants requires enormous organization and support. 

Abby Bozanich, Heath Collins and Zane Smith experienced their first ever Country Pennants event with some fantastic PB’s.

The Karratha Amateur Swimming Club would like to acknowledge the hard work of Coach and Pennants Coordinator Kylie Rann and to also thank all their sponsors for their fantastic support and sponsorship which makes events like these possible.

Bozanich took a whopping 10 and 12 seconds off her backstroke and fly, with Collins also smashing his breastroke PB by five seconds.

Competitors from various clubs around the state will come to Karratha to compete.

Mikaela Wilson gained bronze in her butterfly event with a new PB of 41.34.

Next weekend will see Karratha hold its annual North West Open event.

• Pilbara AFL Women preseason competition started up for 2012 last Tuesday

Panthers pip hard working Naanda By V Swans regional development manager Clint Degebrodt The Pilbara AFL Women preseason competition continued last Tuesday night with Panthers having a first up win over newbies Naanda who were competitive and will be a handful for opposition in the coming weeks. Paige Callaby took Best on ground honours in that game from power forward Shirley Gospar with the two votes and dynamo Taneal Garlett with the one. The Panthers took the match by 10 majors in a strong performance. Angels look to be the team blooding new players again after 2011 was the training ground of


the competition. With new players in they will build their team in coming weeks to get some success. Reining premiers Hard Luck and Trouble took that game out by eight goals with Storm Ferrier, Teneeka Searle and Jess Creighton dominant. The Emergency Ward girls have split between the teams for this competition with a few already recruited by Hard Luck and Trouble and Daneele Dunham moving into the Angels side to provide some much needed grunt in the midfield. If you are interested in playing please feel free to come down to Bulgarra Oval Tuesdays at 6.30pm or call Clint on 0409 076 219.

footy tipping

Entry is now open to the Pilbara’s Favourite footy tipping competition. Enter now: echo pilbara echo K


echosport echo sport


Free Weekly 17 - 18 March 2012

Rain doesn’t stop golfers By Jo Cooper The weather turned on the taps last week at the Karratha golf Club but did not stop hardy players making their way around the greens. Perhaps it was the sponsorship from JP’s Trimshop that kept our soggy players – all 56 of them – in high spirits as they squelched their way around the back nine. Hole 19 was very quiet with most dashing off to a hot shower. Look out for next week’s edition to see the results.

• Sign up and get involved with Auskick this year

In the meantime, mark your calendar and look out for these upcoming events: April 7

Winter Fixtures Start


April 21 + 22

Pilbara Foursomes


April 28 + 29

Mountain View Open

Tom Price

May 6

Police Social Fundraiser


May 12 + 13

Paraburdoo Open


May 19 + 20

Roebourne Open


Auskick is back for 2012 Auskick Karratha, the AFL’s key introductory program for primary school-aged boys and girls and their families, is back bigger and better for 2012.

As Karratha enjoys the cooler weather - 12 of our Golf club ladies sizzle in Mandurah. Check out more details on the club notice board or speak to the club captains, Ladies Captain Gina Hipworth 0407 981 479, Club 9185 1045, Mens Captain Mike Pennings 0400 662 919.

Through a weekly coaching program, the children will learn the skills of the game through appropriately modified activities and rules. They can play football in a fun and safe environment and make plenty of new friends too. Auskick Karratha caters for boy and girls from kindergarten to year three.

Pilbara Fishing

Parents are encouraged (and required) to join in and help out and have some fun as well. If you are interested in playing a more active role and assist on the coaching panels, please do not hesitate to let the coordinators know. As a registered participant, children will also be receiving an Auskick pack jammed full of awesome goodies. Register online at www. and then come along on Saturday, March 24 at the Karratha Entertainment Centre

basketball courts between 9-10am to confirm registration and make payments of $60 for the season for one child. Please bring along your online registration form if you registered online. The season kicks off on Saturday, April 28 and runs for 10 weeks, until Saturday, June 30 between 9-10am at the Bulgarra Oval. Fore more information, contact Tony Wear on 0437 901 822.

Harry and his dad Greg went fishing in a creek north of Port Hedland last week and managed to catch this great sized Queen Fish. Greg said that Harry is a keen fisherman and is more than happy to go quad biking to get to the good spots.

Port of Call

• Last year during one of the Auskick games

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One point separated Sistars and Flyers Blue


Stunning French - Venezuelan Beauty


Round 15 of the Karratha Basketball Association was held recently with the Savannah Tigers defeating the Hawks, 5137 and The Heat winning by forfeit against the Coral Trouts in the men’s A grade.

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In men’s B grade, the Flikats defeated The Unnamed, 44-25, the Blazers defeated the Brixton, 34-35 and the Mayuga Majik defeated the Flyers A, 53-4.


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Ph: 9144 4411

In women’s A grade, the Raiders A defeated the Falcons, 36-24 and the Savannah Tigers defeated the Flyers A, 2416. And in women’s B grade, the Sistars defeated the Flyers Blue, 38-37, Crusaders defeated the Tequiras, 40-17, the Roebourne Mustangs defeated the Flyers Red, 40-25 and the Savannah Tigers B defeated the Beavers, 32-13.

9A Crane Circle

pilbara echo pilbaraecho


Visit for up-to-date boating weather.

Sun 18 Time Ht

0111 0806 1400 2006

2.17 3.04 2.47 3.41

Mon 19 Time Ht

0307 0926 1525 2123

1.90 3.42 2.09 3.71

Tue 20 Time Ht

0353 1004 1609 2208

1.59 3.79 1.70 4.01

Wed 21 Time Ht

0427 1035 1644 2242

1.33 4.11 1.36 4.24

Thu 22 Time Ht

0458 1101 1716 2312

1.15 4.36 1.10 4.39

Fri 23 Time Ht

0526 1126 1746 2339

Sat 24 Time Ht

1.04 0553 1.01 4.53 1151 4.62 0.92 1814 0.83 4.45

echosport echo sport

Free Weekly 17 - 18 March 2012

Girls given the chance to play AFL In addition to the normal Auskick program, this year they have introduced year four boys and all age girls programs. The year four boys program is for those waiting to play footy, but not yet ready, willing or able to compete in the clubs under 11s program. The year four boys will have two weeks skills clinic, conducted by the V Swans development coaches and then eight weeks of solid games. The All Girls program will be run similar to the Auskick model, combining skills, coaching and games. Please note - girls may choose to play in the mixed Auskick program or the specialist All Girls program. For more information, contact Tony Wear on 0437 901 822.



Big year ahead for speedway By Chantelle Dalgarno This year marks the fortieth birthday of Nickol Bay Speedway, and to celebrate, the club are making sure that 2012 will be a year to remember - for all the right reasons. We, as a club, have been listening to your feedback and to celebrate our birthday all year long, we’re going to be making a few changes to include more fun, more value and more speedway! You asked for better value for money so we’re fixing gate entry, canteen and bar prices at 2010 rates and offering up Season Passes, which will save singles $40, and families will save $100! You asked for more entertainment so we’re changing the program to include intermission competitions, games and giveaways with lots of cash, vouchers and products as prizes! You asked for more access so we’re bringing the drivers out of the pits and into the public areas during intermission to give away signed photos of their cars in action to the kids and bringing the cars to the front

lawn of Harvey Norman on a regular basis so that you can check ‘em out for yourself. You asked for better facilities so we’re working closely with our sponsors to refurbish our amenities, extend the trackbanks to allow for more parking and viewing areas, and working towards upgrading our lights so that we can eventually get rid of the mobile lighting towers. You wanted more information on what’s happening so we’ve launched the website which will include information on Points Tallies, so that you can see where your favourite drivers and riders are sitting on the ladder as well as upcoming events, latest news, driver profiles and more! On behalf of the Nickol Bay Speedway Club committee, we would like to thank all of our Sponsors, members, competitors, volunteers and fans for your support over the last forty years. We couldn’t have done it without you! For more information on season passes, upcoming events, and how to get involved with the club, check out:

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Masters away for 2012 By V Swans regional development manager Clint Degebrodt The AFL Masters WA preseason kicked off last week with their first hit out of the season at Bulgarra Oval in the AFL 9’s format. New team Crocs lead by Greg ‘Spider’ Stott fielded a strong side with some older masters of the game and some blokes that were playing their first game. The Crocs are predominantly a side out of the Water Corporation and lead the match for most of the night with standout performances from Spider and Richie Pollar. Paul Nolan was handy up forward and Nathan Cox dominant through the midfield. The ‘Rest of the World’ team was made up if Ishmal, Hacks and Baggers and Taggers players as the

first night was impacted by the country week basketball champs with many players nursing sore legs through the first fixture. It was Wayne Sharpe and Shane White who led the way for the World team with expert ball movement through the centre and accurate disposal. Mick Gospar and Dale Scott were the masters in front of goal while the run of Stan Begg was the difference in the last five minutes of the match which saw the World team snatch the match 11 to 9, not that anyone cares! Masters is all about having a run and a social game with some light refreshments at the conclusion game and no experience is necessary, if this sounds like you then feel free to wander down or call 0409 076 219 to find out more.

Show us the one that didn’t get away! Go out on the boat on the weekend? Send us your fishing photos and claim brag rights. Your local community newspaper


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Hard to find in this size at this price with a shower and toilet, 3 way fridge and awning. S/N7873

08 PARAMOUNT 605 DIRT VAN ROAD VAN Full ensuite shower and toilet, Island


RHD, 2 seater, RECARO racing seats, EFI, 5 speed, 150kph, quality built. Limited 150kph, 2 seater, numbers soRHD, be quick5orspeed, you will miss out. Chery EFI, Motor.Sparco Be the firstseats, in Aust toalloy own one wheels, CheryDon’t engine & gearbox (parts are local), 4 of these. 3winch, are now available. miss out. are pre-sold, 4 are available. Don’t miss out!










3.0lt Turbo Diesel Ducato, one owner with LASTonly ONE! 72,120km, rear island bed, shower & toilet, car licence, tow bar. 1COY722




Bunks ar front that convert to lounge, double isalnd bed at rear, air cond, like new cond. 1TMG180

Last one available for Christmas, can store at no charge. High and low range, independent rear end, built strong, safe and fun. S/N15053

BARGAIN! $59,950





Separate shower, toilet and washing machine, leather cafe dining, 186lt fridge $7,500 /freezer, like new. 2009 Ford Ranger also 88 CUB CAMPEROO HARDFLOOR available in package. 1TMB117


Bargain camper, easy to set up, rack on top for dunghy, water tank and awning. S/N7918

Shower and toilet, low kms, great cond, 4.2L, 1HT motor, quality fitout. 1DCL739

Like new, save thousands, TWO Slide 02 TOYOTA COASTER MOTORHOME Outs, Two air conds, sat TV, solar and much more. 1TJQ236

25 William St, BECKENHAM

• Secure premises • Professional staff • Trade-ins accepted • MTA Member • Finance available • Easy access


pilbaraecho echo pilbara

Delivery arranged to the Pilbara!

RANGE!! $23,950 and view our FULL02$48,950 Visit www.actonrv. 07 COROMAL SILHOUETTE CAMPER VAN ROADSTAR DIRT ROADER 24FT FAMILY VAN


• AFL Masters WA is back and ready to play



echosport echo sport


Free Weekly 17 - 18 March 2012

Rain changes race format By race director Mark Smith

• Father and son, Nino and Gino Antonucci

Inclement weather greeted competitors at race right of the Nickol Bay Triathlon Club 2011/2012 Series held at the Karratha street circuit. This forced organisers to drop the bike leg and include another run leg. The format being run-swim-run. A mass run start quickly cleared the transition area. The cooler weather enabled some competitors to push hard. Although entering the water for the swim leg with heavy legs and an elevated heart rate was something new. In the long course Todd Rintoul showed his strong swimming ability over 600m to haul in early 3k run leader Francis Blampied. Rintoul is on the come-back trail after a heat stress scare three weeks ago. On the final lap of the 6k run Blampied pushed past Rintoul to take the win. The improving Brett Greensil placed third. Superfit and consistent Jan Gallatly eased around the long course. In the short course three

• Todd Rintoul during transition

competitors battled it out with less than 300m between them. Greg Harris took the win followed by Justin Nicholls and Ashley Rogers. Busselton Half ironwoman hopeful Stacey Holden nailed down another strong race. Nino Antonucci stepped up into the enticer course distances and showed he is a pocket rocket to contend with by just pipping James Mackinnon. Amelia Greensil with a controlled race took third. A field of 14 juniors didn’t hold back either. Keldon Wain took the win with Lily Moore and Ailish Neeson showing some girl power before a wave of kids outrunning their parents. All individuals race well with some lucky competitors receiving random spot prizes kindly donated by Scott Cycles. Team entry with Matt Plumber, Kelly Manning and Bianca Williams from the Shire of Roebourne completed the long course and are seriously considering a team entry in the 30th Annual Dampier Triathlon on Sunday, April 1. For full details/entries go to www.

• Some of the short course participants during the swim

• Jan Gallatly during her swim

• All smiles after the kids course

• Kelly Manning running for his team

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Grand Re-Opening Specials The renovations are done!

Clarion CZ101A Head Unit





Save over $50

Save over $60

WIN AN XBOX All purchases over $50 from 19.3.12 - 30.3.12 go into the draw to win an Xbox with Kinect valued at over $250

buy local K


Supporting local businesses

Bonu sW Mult ingman value i-Tool d@$ 59!

- Available in black or white

GME GX600 Bonus Pack 25 watt VHF Marine Radio

Shop 2B, 3912 Sherlock Crescent, Karratha 6714 Phone: 1300 997 357 Monday to Friday 8am - 5.30pm, Thursday to 8pm, Saturday 9am - 2pm

191, March 17 2012  

191, March 17 2012

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