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Lake Simcoe Estates The FabStay A Surreal Aesthetic

BOB DYLAN A Premium Spirit





LUXURY Beau Lake’s revolutionary runabout combines the rustic mystique of a simple wooden boat with the eco-conscious ideologies of today’s audience. The self-draining pedal boat consists of three primary construction components, including the hull, cockpit liner and deck surface, while an ergonomically designed, hand-carved wooden tiller with joystick component steers its course. Built for excursions, sunset cruises and lake explorations, the Runabout’s molded fiberglass body, inlaid veneer deck and beautifully finished stainless steel castings and hardware invoke the essence of a Beau Lake state of mind. Added luxury includes one-inch thick leather seat covers that snap off for easy storage and a compartmentalized cooler that contours to the boat. Use code BeauSandra to save $100 off your boat purchase.





LUXURY Inspired by Gibson guitars and 50s surf culture, The Malibu evokes California sun and music in the form of a majestic longboard. Rosewood wraps around all sides of the board with a Sunburst edge paint finish named for the iconic Gibson guitars that made it famous. Its depth and colour will make you want to dive right in. Available in a 11’6” SUP flat water and a 11’ SUP wave board. All paddleboard purchases come with a free travel bag. It's our way of saying thank you for caring for your board. Use code BeauSandra to save $100 off your board purchase.








alairspringwater.ca - 705.796.7933


Glass Edge Diamond Standard Quality as a commitment, not a bonus. Expert craftsmanship and inspired designs. This is what the Diamond Standard means to us. If you can dream it - we can build it.




Own a residence at Nova Scotia’s landmark oceanside luxury resort Only 90 minutes from Halifax, on the stunning Northumberland Shore • Top-rated 18-hole championship golf course • 9-hole par 3 course • Spa & fitness centre with indoor pool • Gourmet dining • Resort vineyard • Sporting clay shooting • Fly fishing • Horseback riding • Boat tours & yacht charters • Kayaking & paddle boarding • Biking & hiking trails + Pacific Links global golf membership



PIEMEDIAGROUP.COM editor-in-chief

Sandra Roberts

Two issues in One Indulge your senses.

design director

April Barber Harry Rosen Georgian College Design Amanda Chapman [inn]space Julie Woolsey Doug Stephens Chris Gariepy Angela Baldwin A Ripple of Kindness Lucian Matis

chief financial officer

Eileen Hicks proof reader

R. Leigh Krafft cover story

Dave Gordon writers

Kolter Bouchard R. Leigh Krafft Tamara Rossignol Stu Lynam cover photographer

John Shearer photo illustrator

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Dan Lim Morgelli Photography Kevin Williamson Wylie Ford Autumn Photography Ryan Rowell Scott Cooper Stephen Plumley Braxton Parks Robin Waters contributing photographers

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The Culinary Issue Bob Dylan Jon MacNeil Nehera FabStay Luxury on the Lake Harvey Kalles

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Dear Readers,

Pie Media Group launched in Autumn 2005.

Dan Lim | makeup Kerry Chambers Archer

We like to speak with those confident in

It is still rooted in a desire to share legacy stories,

standing behind what they design, plan, and

travel destinations, culinary experiences, and

create; people, like Angela Baldwin and Chris

shopping discoveries. Pie loves to interview a

Gariepy, who enhance our communities with the

blend of local and international leaders and icons.

work they do. Perfecting your craft demands time,

We continue to showcase and celebrate a curated

passion, and ambition.

book introducing some of the best visual artists in

our communities.

Heaven’s Door whiskey, a brand he co-founded.

His dexterous creativity allows him to design

The entrepreneurs, artists, designers, and

Bob Dylan, our cover feature, holds a glass of

risk-takers that grace our pages are innovative

and deliver everything from song to sculpture.

and deep thinking creatives. I loved sitting down

Intimate photos of Dylan at his Black Buffalo

to speak with Harry Rosen about his business and

Ironworks studio give a glimpse of the artist at

family and change within both. For sheer beauty,


enjoy the images of Greg Swales—for Lucian

Matis—in Halton Hills.

boast a variety of aspirations. We’re excited to

dream with you.

Experience luxury a little closer to home, as

Pie is about a lot more than lifestyle—dreamers

we motor on a vintage wooden boat, cutting the waters of Kempenfelt Bay and tour via helicopter some of the luxury estates—including a waterfront compound—we feature for sale in this issue.



With love,

Sandra Roberts publisher


Absolutely unique. Extremely exceptional. The new BMW X2 makes its sporty ambitions quite clear at first sight. Thanks to its bold athleticism, it supplies a dynamic and agile performance that is unrivalled in this class. Coupled with a high-quality interior and many innovative technologies, it is the extroverted protagonist of a new era. Are you ready? Experience the unrivalled performance of the new 2018 BMW X2 today at Georgian BMW.

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Harry Rosen THE VOICE OF MEN'S FASHION interview by

Sandra | by Tamara Rossignol | photos Dan Lim



Things have certainly changed since Harry

Canadian designers. Harry Rosen has partnered

and his brother Lou opened a small men’s clothing

with Samuelsohn for decades; the Montreal-based

store, specializing in made-to-measure suits. “Looks

label is responsible for manufacturing the retailer’s

are now universal,” he says, but surely that doesn’t

house brand, JP Tilford.

mean that the fashion world is shrinking. Their

initial investment of $500 is now worth the cost of a

with soft-shouldered suits, popular at the time in

suit by Ermenegildo Zegna, a brand the menswear

England: a smooth line, from the cuff through

chain was first to introduce to Canadians over forty

to the sleeve and shoulder, to the lapel, requires

years ago. Since then, it has acquired exclusive

precision tailoring. The idea that such a casual

collections from some of the industry’s top brands,

style was, in reality, one of the most time, and skill-

including Canali, Brunello Cucinelli, and Tom Ford.

intensive to manufacture, was in was in keeping

Currently, their website boasts over 136 brands.

with the integrity that formed the central tenet of

Harry’s burgeoning empire. It’s apparent in the

Mr. Rosen knows, however, that this business is

Harry recounts a decades-old infatuation

about more than labels. From his humble beginning

way he stocks his shelves and the way he treats his

as a 500-square-foot storefront, he has bucked the

customers and employees.

adage: “the clothes make the man.” Instead he

preaches the opposite.

three outlets, he serves as the Chairman of the

Toronto Cancer Society, and is a key player in

His team takes great pleasure in discovering

Outside the company’s fifteen locations and

their customers’ unique tastes believing every

the McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine,

individual has distinctive character, which can be

the University Healthcare Network, and Ryerson

exhibited through the clothing they wear. It’s the

University. In over a decade, his company has raised

same way a certain piece of entertainment, perhaps

more than $4 million in support of prostate cancer

a song or film, can transcend the medium to evoke


powerful feelings of confidence or tenacity in the

consumer. Harry is motivated by personally assisting

customers create the best possible versions of

his customers to reveal their strengths. At special

themselves. It’s evident not only in his philanthropic

request, he continues to style his customers.

endeavours but also the way Harry runs his

company. His realization: that style is an innate

During a mid-1960s European adventure,

The menswear magnate is driven to help his

Harry was exposed to designers and merchants who

process, but the proprietor “…always had a feeling

inspired him to reinvent how he dressed himself

that men needed advice when it came to their

and his customers. Subsequent tours allowed him

clothing.” Harry intended to build a reputation

to study the fundamentals of menswear. His love of

that reflected quality clothing and superior client

finely-crafted apparel drove him to incorporate the

relations. He wanted to show each customer they

best of European tailoring with the sensibilities of

were capable, with a little guidance, of discovering

his Canadian clientele to create a unique shopping

how to look their best.

experience in the rapidly expanding Toronto fashion


building a library of contact information, personal

tastes, and measurements. He made house calls and

The digital revolution has allowed designers

Harry kept meticulous records on his customers,

from under-serviced markets to showcase their

visited his customers’ places of business, a point of

wares, but according to Harry the “voice of men’s

difference between him and his competitors. Many

fashion is still Italy.” Although he adores—and

thought an upscale menswear retailer in Toronto’s

stocks—a stunning number of brands hailing from

working-class Cabbagetown was doomed to fail.

the Mediterranean nation, he also gives a nod to his

Instead, his single storefront grew to six by the time

neighbours: established, as well as up-and-coming

his eldest son, Larry entered college.

The father-son team have worked together for

over thirty years, the latter half named CEO in 2000. Larry has been able to grow the business to over $300 million in annual sales, an exponential increase over his father’s first year in business, but that’s an unfair comparison. Much has changed in the sixty years between then and now. The company has surely come a long way from its modest blue-collar beginnings, boasting fifteen stores, three outlets and flagship locations at some of the country’s biggest commercial locations. In fact, Toronto’s current 82 Bloor Street West location is 1,000 times larger than Rosen’s first tiny storefront.

It’s the same integrity that Harry Rosen has

embodied since the Canadian company’s opening day. They are thriving in a market now saturated with American department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom’s, and fast-fashion retailers like Suitsupply and Indochino. During each expansion, Harry has retained what initially made it successful: excellent clothing and resourceful sales associates. Though now stored digitally, the chain still records customers’ sizes and styles. They still follow up, outperforming most of their competitors in the postsale timeline. It’s one of the reasons many of their customers are so fiercely loyal, sharing shopping trips across generations of family members.

That is what it’s always been about for Harry:

family. He started the business with his brother and passed it on to his son. It’s why many of his employees have been with the company for so long and it’s the reason his customers return, generation after generation. Harry makes you feel like you are part of something much more than merely visiting a shop and choosing a suit. This is especially true, given the breadth of his work in many Canadian communities and the passion and generosity with which he supports the work of cancer researchers. After more than sixty years and over a dozen expansions, the only thing that has outgrown the size of the menswear chain is the size of Harry’s heart.


Kolter Bouchard | photos Dylan VanLeeuwen

The Arch and Helen Brown Design and Digital

This also allows the school to build academic and

Arts Centre is pure Kubrick: vaulted ceilings,

educational partnerships within the community.

rounded white walls, small flashes of colour. A

Georgian College will also be able to foster new

walk inside feels like a trip to the set of motion

learning opportunities internally through inter-

picture 2001: A Space Odyssey. Much like the 1968

program collaboration.

Academy Award Winner for Best Special Effects,

we’re witnessing a stunning vision of the future.

to Mulcaster, is known as the Creative Corridor

And, thanks to the studied instructors and eager

and includes, in addition to Georgian’s new real

students, we get to be a part of it.

estate, the Five Points Theatre and a number of

planned innovation spaces. The area is also home

Georgian College’s downtown Barrie location

This section of Dunlop Street, from Eccles

is ideal: students have greater opportunities for

to dozens of local businesses including shops,

work-integrated learning and collaboration,

artisan markets, and restaurants, all of which will

because the physical address is amongst many

benefit from increased student traffic.

belonging to industry leaders. Students can build

According to Mayor Jeff Lehman, “downtown

personal and professional networks with experts

[Barrie] is rapidly becoming the location of choice

who are basically across the street.

for creative industries such as digital media,

food entrepreneurs and artisans, and visual and



performing arts.” Ultimately, the move was an easy

Digital Arts faculty is equipping students with the


knowledge and skills to bulldoze the status quo and

burrow beneath the crust of superficiality.

The Arch and Helen Brown Design and Digital

Arts Centre houses two programs: Graphic Design

and Photography. Georgian College is known

preached by the program. Beyond the utilitarian

for its hands-on approach to learning and its

component of education, Georgian College hopes

creative faculties are no exception. Students work

its students will use the expertise they gain to

with creative experts, utilizing state-of-the-art

bring awareness to—and aid in repairing—issues

technology to contribute to—and advance—their

in local and global communities. Graduates are

desired fields. By the time they graduate and move

charged with the responsibility to bring beauty and

into full-time positions, students will have already

inspiration where needed, in order to proudly unite

garnered first-hand, frontline experience—they’ll

people. It’s one of the many things about the school

each have a competitive edge.

that energizes students: the ability to participate in

the change they want to see.

The work students are producing is first-rate:

“Creativity mobilizes change” is a credo proudly

it’s unlikely much time will pass before these same

For more information on the Arch and Helen

individuals are shaping the way we see the world.

Brown Design and Digital Arts Centre, the faculties

Whether it’s capturing a story many of us don’t—or

it houses, and Georgian College, please visit

choose not to—see, or digitally manipulating those


same images to tell a new one, the Design and


amanda chapman a seat at the table


Kolter Bouchard | photos Nat Caron

A benefit of running a business in the area

The firm’s outreach goes beyond the office

where you were raised is having an intimate bond

space it provides to the community. Members of

with the people around you. They’re not just

her team are part of a referral program whereby

your clients; they’re your friends and neighbours,

Ontario residents can receive complimentary legal

too. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Perhaps

information from area lawyers. This is congruent

Amanda Chapman, raised in Muskoka, opened a

with the values Amanda strives to provide. “We

law practise in Greater Simcoe Region because

don’t drag litigation. We’re able to be time-

she’s eager to give back to the community that

effective because we put our clients’ interests and

made her who she is today. In truth, it’s partially

well-being first.” It’s one of the reasons her firm


is constantly taking on new clients. They share

years of expertise while remaining efficient and

It’s incredibly fitting that her firm, Chapman

Law, is located inside a designated heritage home


built in 1883. The sprawling estate once belonged

to the Dyments, a prominent Barrie family who

is a point of pride for Amanda. Her all-female legal

resided there until the 1960s, and is now used

team is more of a family than perhaps a typical

intermittently for legal proceedings. “It gives

firm, but Amanda eschews the role of matriarch.

everyone their own sense of space. When we have

“We’re a team and everybody deserves respect. I’m

guests for mediation, they feel comfortable—

not ‘the boss,’ we’re colleagues.” This goes back to

there’s plenty of room for privacy.” Building trust

trust. Although clients assigned a lawyer keep that

begins at the front door and Amanda has created a

lawyer—a point of pride for Amanda—the team at

space where everyone, client or otherwise, receives

Chapman Law are constantly advising amongst

the empathy and respect they deserve.

themselves, providing help where help is needed.

Maintaining a team of four—including herself—


The firm operates as smooth as a high-end

Amanda admits that without her schooling,

restaurant during a busy shift, and it’s no surprise:

she wouldn’t be where she is today and wants the

Amanda worked part-time through law school,

call for universal education to reach the planet

a difficult feat. She knows how to manage a busy

over: “some parts of the world don’t allow girls to

work environment.

receive an education.”

We often speak of the “second shift” women

Even today, Amanda is still studying. In

work. After a day at the office, many are then

addition to completing her Master’s at Osgoode

expected to run the household unallied. She

Hall, she has been teaching part-time at Georgian

stresses her family is priority number one and

College for six years. She even helped plan the

expresses gratitude for having a supportive and

paralegal program. It gets back to her passion for

hardworking partner. “I pack the kids’ lunches,

community outreach—her students are exposed

he drops them off at school. We’re equals.”

to and discuss real cases. As a teacher, she is

Both parents run their own businesses and it’s

in a unique position to demonstrate how she

important to her that the whole family enjoys

herself overcame the same obstacles the class is

time—and dinner—together. She fosters the same


nurturing atmosphere at home that she does at the


remains the same vocal supporter of justice she

But there’s a third sphere: the classroom.

has been her entire life. “I’ve always known I was

Amanda is a tireless champion of education and

meant to help people.” Whether it’s educating the

she would like to see more people take up the

next generation of legal professionals, raising a

cause. Though she admits a University degree isn’t

family alongside a supportive partner, or operating

necessarily requisite, “post-secondary education

a principled, community-oriented law firm,

opens doors and everyone should at least have the

Amanda Chapman is doing exactly that.



Though law school is well in her past, Amanda

Find Amanda and her team online at

chapman law

Redefining the Office

It is said that employees who enjoy their

The three separate board rooms are available

workspace are more engaged, productive, happy

to other businesses looking for meeting space, and

and healthy. Large corporations such as Google and

are utilized by external lawyers as a special setting

Deliotte know this to be true and have re-created

to hold mediations, arbitrations and other client

the traditional office to incorporate wellness


centres, high-end bistros and collaborative lounge

areas – with the sole intention that it will facilitate

behind this unique office design; choosing bold

a different and improved employee experience.

paint colours, textiles, beautiful furniture and

statement lighting. The space is dramatic, elegant

Chapman Law, also understands the importance

Lawyer Amanda Chapman is the mastermind

of creating a beautiful workspace for employees

and thoughtful. Feedback from her clients is that

and clients to feel “more relaxed, comfortable and

the space does not feel anything like an office,

at-home.” Built by lumber king Mr. Dyment, the

rather, an intimate meeting in a private home.

building is one of Barrie’s few Heritage Homes

This concept was important to the tight-knit group

within the city; boasting stunning architectural

at Chapman Law who feel more like a family, than

features such as high ceilings, original plaster

co-workers. The feeling of comfort, family and

moldings and stately millwork.

home transcends into the beautiful office design

and has a lasting impression on those who utilize the space.


In design, we are often guided by ‘rules’ and trends of what an office space should look like; however, when you have a clear vision of the overall atmosphere, or feeling your design will emulate – truly beautiful and special spaces are created. -Anne McNamara, Owner, Partner White House Designs -



[inn]space by

Kolter Bouchard | photos Wylie Ford

[inn]space Executive Offices & Business

[inn]space offers private areas, ranging from

Centre is a one-of-a-kind, co-working space in

micro offices to executive and deluxe suites, all

Greater Simcoe Region. Though the area—chiefly

with secured 24/7 keycard access. Clients working

Northern Barrie, Oro-Medonte, and Midland—has

late may arrange appointments using after-hours

been introduced to the concept before, there’s

doorbells and can accept overnight deliveries

a sheen of refinement throughout this property.

using secure drop-boxes. “We tend to attract a

“The amenities, technology, and decor,” according

hybrid co-worker. Professionals that value their

to the site’s Community Manager, “were all

private space when it’s time to work, but are first

chosen with a professional executive in mind.” It

in line when feeling social!”

provides much more than four walls, a roof, and a

desk—this is an environment that fosters growth

will please the most discerning of clients, but

and creativity. “Our space is your space. Your

where the property truly excels is in the details.

goals are our goals.”

“If you need something and we can make it

happen, consider it done.” The boutique business

Whether you’re starting out or your operation

The functionality and versatility of the space

has outgrown its current square footage, the site

centre offers Room Service packages including

is perfectly outfitted for expanding visions and

dry-cleaning, a lunch program, and even chocolate

solid bottom lines. “When you sign up at the [inn],

fountains—the finishing touch on any business

our Guest Services team sits down with you to

meeting. “These are amenities that are exclusive

assess your needs and customize your plan. We

to us.”

include everything from basic administrative

tasks, to report generation and creative services.”

spaces: the Quarry and Ridge rooms, named after

[inn]space employs user-led evolution of the

the property’s address. “You need an environment

space; the lines of communication are always

that stimulates your senses. Our boardrooms were

open and guests feel comfortable communicating

designed to not only make the content of your

their needs.

meetings more memorable, but more productive

as well.” When bringing guests to your new home,

Above and beyond is the name of the game

You’ll also find sprawling luxury meeting

with [inn]space. A commercial Nespresso

you can rest assured they’re about to experience

machine—complete with a wide assortment of

something special.

creamers, sweeteners, and flavourings—makes

the lounge feel more like a high-end coffee shop.

creative development and company growth is by

The [inn] encourages clients to bring groceries

enforcing a non-compete practice. It’s something

and use the available kitchen appliances to

that, although sometimes difficult to do, felt right

prepare meals. “In addition to the complimentary

to the owner. “Our policy is to only rent out full-

snacks provided, we have Muffin Mondays and

time space to one individual or business in each

the Community Cart—a monthly, mobile treat


inspired by traditional ice cream trucks.”


Another important way [inn]space fosters



“The thing I love most about coming to work at [inn]space is the inspiration and drive that comes from working alongside so many like-minded entrepreneurs.” - The Design Hub

'This creates an organic network and optimizes

Experience peace of mind with turn-key operation,

the productivity of the workspace.” It’s one of the

fixed monthly overhead, and month-to-month

many ways the property strives to make its clients

agreements. Taking advantage of the property’s

feel comfortable.

flexibility and all-inclusive concierge means you’ll

be able to spend time doing what you do best:

[inn]space is setting the bar in shared office

space within the Greater Simcoe Region and

running your business.

provides a cost-effective way to start or grow your

To book your stay, visit innspace.ca



At home with Julie by

R. Leigh Krafft | Morgelli Photography

Does a house make a home? What is that

One of the things she finds most gratifying

elusive quality that makes a space feel like home?

about her work is guiding people to that

You know it as soon as you walk in the door: your

wonderful feeling of refuge and relaxation;

shoulders come down, you breathe out a gentle

feeling happy in their new space and ready for the

sigh, kick off your shoes, and sink in. The sense of

next chapter.

setting everything down, all of the day’s work and

burdens, along with your briefcase and groceries.

with her clients, making an effort to get to know

The place that is uniquely you, your own little

you, listening deeply, and using her formidable

habitat, your haven. Perhaps home means family

resource bank to offer fresh possibilities that you

to you, or it may be your fortress of solitude; in

may not have considered. With a great deal of

any case, finding a place to create your space is

experience personally in renovation, remodelling,

often an emotional journey.

and the cathartic process of minimizing, she has

a lot to offer, to say the least. If you are looking

When considering buying a home, generally

She dedicates herself to building relationships

the largest purchase we make, we often have

for some help with transforming your life,

certain parameters and non-negotiables. On the

simplifying, having more time for pursuing what

other hand, we may not really have a clear idea of

you love to do, perhaps starting at home base is

what we want, never mind what we actually need.

wise, with a good coach. Her IG is a good place

The reasons behind a move are often complex

to start; you’ll be feeling inspired and supported

and sometimes unfortunate, and it is invaluable

from the beginning, (@juliewoolsey_realestate).

to have someone patient, invested, caring, and

sincere to support you as you begin your search.

walks away feeling like it was a transaction,”

Julie Woolsey, Realtor with The Knowles/

she said simply, noting that her family’s

Woolsey Team, is there for you.

award-winning, boutique team prides itself on

“providing tailored, personalized service.”


“I haven’t done my job properly if someone

A good example is the closing gift; always

thoughtfully chosen, based on your relationship and your journey together, rather than a closetfull of already wrapped, identical gifts with identical cards. It’s an interesting metaphor. Understated elegance and integrity deserves quiet success; and The Knowles/ Woolsey Team has achieved it.

The trend now is a movement away from

square footage; people want less maintenance, they want details and finishings, and more time. Often making the transition from a large home to a smaller space can be difficult, but powerful and freeing. “When you simplify, you love everything in your home, because it is meaningful, carefully chosen.” Julie works patiently with her clients, supporting their process, allowing them time, and understanding that “we may need to look at 20 houses, not 6… and that’s okay,” she adds with a smile. Many of her clients have become friends, and their relationship continues.

“People are valuing experiences over things”

she noted, a Realtor who values people over the bottom line. She is happy to help you find what you need in a home: a sense of release, a sense of safety, a sense of peace. At home with Julie, indeed.



Kolter Bouchard |


Stephen Plumley

There was a time, not long ago, when a kitchen

changes: a desire for bigger designs, sometimes

was just that—a kitchen. You probably had one:

blurring the lines between the kitchen and

functional but unexciting. Vinyl or laminate

living and dining areas. “A lot of people are

countertops, white appliances. Your neighbour’s

interested in open-concept.” Plus, Doug’s clients

likely looked similar. Most of us were only ever in

are often desiring higher-end finishes, opting

the kitchen to prepare a meal; entertaining was

for countertops made of quartz and granite,

done within the strict confines of the living room

refrigerators hidden behind cabinets, and pullout

or backyard. You may have done everything in

accessories of all sorts, to name a few.

your power to keep people out of your kitchen.

favourite, blends old-world charm with new-

But then a revolution began. With the advent of

Cartier Kitchens’ DaVinci line, Doug’s

consumer-level CAD (computer-assisted drawing),

world technology to give customers an experience

homeowners were able to envision possibilities

of true luxury. “People want soft-close drawers,

beyond the standard builder’s kitchen. Enter

antique finishes, all the bells and whistles. These

Doug Stephens, Sales and Operations Manager

are standard on our premium collections.” When

at Canadian-owned Cartier Kitchens, Inc. Across

asked the greatest kitchen he’s ever installed, Doug

North America, the company produces 80-100


kitchens a day. After 30 years in the business,

Doug himself estimates he’s handled about 25,000

Toronto to the North), is a tough marketplace, but

installations. He laughed when we suggested he

it doesn’t faze Doug. “We specialize in logistics

call himself the Kitchen King.

and service. We even provide complimentary

expert design, something that sets us apart.” This

During the past dozen years, the industry has

His territory, (Orangeville to Peterborough,

evolved. “People are entertaining in their kitchens

exemplary attendance is indicative at every stage

more than ever. It’s a gathering space.” Cartier

of the process. He’s practically beaming when he

Kitchens are the epitome of luxury and function

recalls transporting a manufactured kitchen to an

and in the last decade, the team has noticed

island in Muskoka.

“We used a Sea-Doo and a raft to barge the

Doug’s customers are more than homeowners;

product to the customer’s house.” The people at

he also has exclusive partnerships with some

Cartier Kitchens are passionate problem-solvers.

of the largest and most prestigious builders, not

only in the area, but throughout Canada. His

Having a kitchen installed by Doug and his

team couldn’t be more time-efficient. “The kitchen

experience, coupled with the prestige of Cartier

comes built, we don’t ship you flat-packed boxes.”

Kitchens and the quality it provides, makes Doug

After finalizing designs and manufacturing the

and his team ideal partners for projects of any size,

product, (at the company’s plant in Brampton,

at any stage of construction or ownership.

Ontario), Cartier Kitchens is in and out of clients’

homes in an average of 1-2 days. Doug can offer

Kitchens, Doug simply points to the myriad of

such time-effective service, because he has

referrals they’ve had over the years. “We know

lifelong connections with local tradespeople, who

a customer is happy when they recommend us

work with him to put the design and installation

to a friend or contact us again in the future for

together. It’s because of the trust he’s developed

remodelling.” He sits back and looks pleased.

that everything is able to move so smoothly, with minimal interruption to his clients’ day-to-day life.

When asked how he defines success at Cartier


CHRIS GARIEPY is a bit of a maverick. by

Stu Lynam photo Kevin Williamson

Utilizing over 40 years of experience and expert knowledge, Chris Gariepy is able to operate his consultancy business exclusively through referral and word-of-mouth to help his clients achieve their goals in the competitive construction industry.

It’s not often you hear about a business

“Often, people will come to me at different

thriving without advertising, and we had to ask

stages of a project, either residential or

how he even came up with the concept.

industrial/commercial, with nothing more than

an idea and we work together to determine

“When I finished school, I joined our family

business, working with my brothers and father,

how best to achieve it. My services can range

primarily in the concrete block, brick and

from (but are not limited to) recommending a

masonry industries. Over time our business

designer, developing proposals, recommending

evolved to offering a full range of building

and undergoing due diligence of subtrades and

materials. Throughout my career, I learned and

prime contractors, project inspection, assuming

listened to a lot of great people; fast forward to

a project management role or applying for

today, because of the building knowledge and

permits. Other related services include builder

relationships I developed through my career, I

mediation and expert witness services. But

now operate a professional consulting business.

ultimately, my clients make all the decisions;

We offer a viable solution for people to get their

I’m there to guide and advise and lay out

own projects built competitively and with as

possible outcomes. I help clients make better

little grief as possible”

decisions at the outset, which saves money and

limits frustrations with their project.”

Sounds simple enough, as most great ideas

do. Yet, when we learn about the extent of the

services Chris provides, you’ll understand why

aspects of Chris’ career, both in the relationships

Long term is a phrase that applies to many

his expertise is in such high demand.

he’s built, and the time he has put in to grow his



Yet four decades is a long time to be focused on

one industry.

footsteps of my father, who led by example; he

was really the impetus for me to volunteer in this

What has kept him invested? “Frankly, I

A lot of my volunteerism followed in the

don’t know of anyone who is doing what I do,


or of anyone who has broad enough experience

in the construction business or been in it long

offers governance training for Not-For-Profit

enough to have gained the level of knowledge to

Boards in this region. He has studied and trained

do it. I love the construction industry, and finding

in this work as a personal passion.

this way of monetizing expertise, working with

great people and being able to continue to work in

understand their roles as Board members. I help

construction, that keeps me motivated.”

them to focus their efforts on the work of the

Board as opposed to the work of the organization.”

Business alone, no matter how prosperous,

On a completely different vein, Chris also

“Often Boards of Directors struggle to

can’t sustain one forever. And while Chris has

been devoted to his craft, he’s been equally

even though he’s built a career on professional

generous with his commitment to philanthropy.

consultation, I ask for one piece of advice

He’s been a volunteer with Georgian College,

(on the house) that he would give to aspiring

long time Rotary member and a Board Chair


with RVH, to name a few. He’s enthusiastic as we

discuss his motivation for volunteerism.

understand the business and work your way up,

there’s no better way.”

“Without volunteers, a lot of vital

I impose on Chris a little as we wrap up;

“It is really helpful to start at the bottom, to

organizations, like RVH, would have difficulty

filling these roles. I consider volunteerism a

understanding how Chris can help your project,

If you’d like to spend a bit of time

responsibility of everyone. What I love about the

don’t hesitate to reach out for a coffee at

work I’ve done with all of those organizations,


both as a volunteer and in leadership roles, is that I have learned so much from people. It’s more than giving your time; when you volunteer you can really get a lot of satisfaction and it can be extremely rewarding.”

Despite being a solo entrepreneur, Chris hasn’t

evolved from a part-time worker out of school, to the prosperous business owner he is now. We’re interested in the people who helped him along the way.

“My wife and family have been tremendous in

their support. I could not have achieved what I have, without their backing. I had many evening and weekend meetings that took away from our family time.


“When you

volunteer you can really get a lot of satisfaction and it can be extremely rewarding.”


ANGELA BALDWIN Planning ahead by

Stu Lynam | photos Stephen Plumley

Angela Baldwin is one of the Greater Simcoe Region's most vibrant citizens, and as Principal of her own Urban Planning Consulting company, she is well versed in the region’s growth. But professional success is only one component of what drives her.

Angela’s not late. Which is an accomplishment

From our meeting spot we can hear the

considering her heaving calendar.

performance of a street musician singing just steps

from the recently opened Meridian Square in the

Arriving for our interview after a meeting that

went long, we chat about the area’s upcoming

city’s downtown core.

outdoor film series, (presented by BFF, for which

she is Chair of the Board), and a recent charity

street, and about that new development, and

derby (which she attended).

about dozens of others across the City and Region.

“When I talk about my schedule, I have friends

Of course, she knows the in's and out's of that

In her role as Principal of Baldwin Planning

from out of town who tell me that it seems like

and Development Consultants, she works with

there is more going on here than in Toronto or

various levels of government and industry in the


monumental task of laying the foundations of


She’s right about there being so much to offer

in and around her home base of Barrie.


“Planners arrange big spaces. We consider

The use of development to assist those in need

how people interact in those spaces. We decide,

appeals to her; it is community building that offers

where are the parks going? Where are the schools

“Hope Through Housing”

going? What is the best road network? "

planners do; anticipating population sizes,

You’d think the awesome responsibility of

Projecting the future is a big part of what

drawing the blueprints of the places we live in

demographics and land uses; but our final

would be daunting, yet it’s more of a calling for

question is about projecting her personal future.

Angela. An extension of her innate curiosity in the

way people and structures intersect and interact

of the region as a cultural hub and destination for

in urban centres.

business, but we’re persistent about revealing her

own wishes.

“What drove me was a fascination with cities.

She first talks of her excitement for the growth

My Dad was a builder and we travelled a lot when

I was younger, and I was intrigued by how these

There’s something very endearing about it.”

communities came together.”

A bold plan.

Yet coming from a woman who has made a

That desire to learn pushed her to study urban

“My ultimate goal is to own a winery in Italy.

planning at the University of Waterloo. After

career of bold planning, we have little doubt she’s

graduation, she made her way back to the region

already on her way to achieving it.

to become a member of both the Ontario and Canadian Institute of Planners, and to work as a Director of Planning for ClubLink Corporation, developing and securing approvals for numerous golf courses, resorts and housing developments.

Ready for a new challenge, and wanting

to strike a balance between professional achievement and family life, it wasn’t too long before she took the initiative to form her own company, Baldwin Planning and Developments, which she has led for more than a decade.

Yet even as we turn to her significant

accomplishments as a planner, and business ambassador, her zeal for community engagement comes to the forefront.

“I like growth. I like cities. I like

development….growth can come from your professional life of course, but it also comes from being involved in the community around you.”

She enthuses about the many causes she

supports, and in particular is proud to work alongside Redwood Park Communities, a charity committed to building safe and affordable housing for families in crisis.



"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted" -Aesop by

Stu Lynam |


Scott Cooper

We’ve all done it…probably thousands of

After a little research, the pair adapted


their concept to meet the needs of busy women

Thrown a pebble onto the still waters of a lake

who were looking to be part of something

or river and watched as the tiny waves extend

impactful while only requiring a minimal time

beyond the point of impact.


The inspiration for Ripple of Kindness, a

“Ripple of Kindness is meaningful giving on

community give-back group, supporting charities

a local level, and at the same time provides a way

in the Greater Simcoe Region, didn’t come while

for our membership to engage in charities they

the founders were tossing rocks. Yet the impact of

may not have otherwise known about.”

their efforts in building this unique and beneficial

organization has been the same.

definitely made a splash. Ripple has grown to

over 200 members, resulting in contributions of

The notion of assembling a group of

Since 2016 the enterprising pair have

motivated women committed to change occurred

over $140,000 to Hospice Simcoe, Gilda’s Club

to the pair, who had been friends for several

Simcoe Muskoka, Season Centre For Grieving

years, when they attended a Gilda's Club Simcoe-

Children and the Women and Children's Shelter

Muskoka fundraiser. As board chair of Gilda’s,

of Barrie as of 2018.

Barbara had invited Mary Anne to the event,

and the two discussed the charity’s lack of

social events attended by members, and have

government funding.

been hosted at locales such as Drors, Georgian

BMW, Bear Creek Golf course and Bradford

“This started a conversation about other

Contributions are presented to charities at

charities in the area who are in the same

Greenhouses. “We meet four times a year at

situation, and that was how the idea came to

various locations; every event is dedicated

fruition”, say the co-founders.

to donation and spreading kindness in the


Mary Anne and Barbara were already heavily

involved in many local causes, so it was a natural

step to reach out to their respective networks

encourage any ladies who are interested to get in

about establishing ongoing community support


on a larger scale.

“ Women are welcome to join at anytime. We

The ripple is spreading. rippleofkindness.ca


“It’s exciting that there’s nothing that TIFT can’t or won’t do in pushing boundaries with their pieces.”

– Craig Lauzon, Actor






Luxury must be comfortable otherwise it is not luxury – Coco Chanel

Home is your sanctuary… your space to relax and connect with your favourite people. Signature home décor that reflects your personal style and provides the comfort of ‘you’ is within reach. An original approach to shopping for your home – Discount Luxury offers sophisticated home décor at approachable prices, and you do not need to leave your humble abode to explore! Browse their online collection, sourced through the Wayfair Professional Program, then go to the local warehouse to view your purchase in-person before bringing it home. Discount Luxury offers authentic, local customer service, saves you the cost of shipping, and has made a promise to beat competing same-product prices by ten percent! If you’re looking for chic yet practical necessities that beg the question “Where did you get that?” …You’ve found it. Polished. Timeless. Elegant. Inspired.

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WE WANT EVERY CLIENT TO LOVE THEIR HOME From large-scale residential remodels to small-scale interior projects, we approach spaces with an elegant yet relaxed style transforming spaces to be functional and beautiful.

DESIGN | REMODEL | STAGE whitehousedesigns.ca 52 PIE DIGEST

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your shanty bay neighbour -SINCE 1992-

“I care about people and their properties. There is no greater pleasure than seeing a family settled into their new home.”



Tan in Your Living Room! The safe and convenient way to tan is on your doorstep, literally. This high quality, organic spray tanning service will arrive for your 20 minute appointment in the privacy of your own home. No risk of UVA/UVB rays and customized for all skin types, this safe, hypoallergenic formula gives results for up to 7 to 10 days. tanontherun.com/barrie | penny@tanontherun.com | 705.817.8261



photography Greg designer Lucian Matis beauty model


Greg Wencel, P1M Management Sophie, Sutherland Models








At the age of seven, when he designed, produced, and sold his first custom garment, Lucian Matis began his career in fashion. He was surrounded by style as a child in Romania, learning the foundations of high-quality, high-end design from his mother, a talented seamstress with decades of experience. Attending design school in Toronto in the 90’s, he has become one of Canada’s rising stars in fashion. Lucian is known for making truly unique masterpieces, highly sought after and worn at premier events around the world. Women love the amazing ability of a Lucian Matis to make them feel incredibly romantic and sensual. His bold, unapologetic use of patterns and textures, combined with attention to detail, infuse his designs with a rich, sumptuous feel. "I don't just make clothes to fill a gap in a wardrobe or because someone needs a dress, I make beautiful, one-of-a-kind, artistic pieces that will make the person wearing them become part of my story.”

Prepare for the enchantment….




Black Buffalo



Dave Gordon |


John Shearer

Many know his songs, carved into our hearts

His paintwork had culminated in a collection

since the time the Beatles and Elvis broke onto the

that became a book dubbed Drawn Blank,

music scene. And like those icons, Bob Dylan is a

released in 1994. Six more books of his paintings

music legend himself; but also an artist of many

and drawings would subsequently be published.

facets. His hands play the guitar; less famous, but

Again, Americana as only he could reflect:

no less fascinating are the works of those same

portraits, landscapes, still lifes, and street scenes.

hands that craft paintings and sculpture.

All, which he conceded, created for the purpose

When he’s not in the music studio, he is creating

to “relax and refocus a restless mind.” Harkening

works of art in his Los Angeles metalwork

to the Monet series of haystacks, Dylan’s signature

studio,combining knickknacks, random pieces,

style is to duplicate certain paintings, with the

equipment and other found items from across the

main difference being the colours or tones.

American landscape. In 2013, The Halcyon Gallery

in London displayed his exhibition of wrought

they have for me and patterns can be seen in

iron gates, dubbed Mood Swings. Gracing the

the repeating images – roads, shacks, piers,

design label of his boutique bourbon, Heaven’s

automobiles, streets, bayous, railroad tracks,

Door, are iron gates and metal rods; inspiration

bridges, motels, truck stops, power lines,

from his tactile art.

farmyards, theater marquees, churches, signs

Dylan’s paintbrush has wandered across

and symbols, etc. – all establishing a certain type

canvasses for decades: the face on the cover of

of compositional value. I would say the purpose

his album Self Portrait from 1970, and in 1974, the

is plain, non-experimental or exploratory,” he

charcoal trio of faces on the cover of Planet Waves.


“I chose images because of the meanings

“The nature of beauty, the lines, forms, shape

“The common theme of these works having

and texture that emphasize the recognizable

something to do with the American landscape –

create harmony where natural scenery is the main

how you see it while crisscrossing the land and

feature. I restricted myself to traditional subject

seeing it for what it’s worth. Staying out of the

matter viewing nothing as shallow or gaudy.”

mainstream and traveling the back roads, free born

style,” he explained of his artwork.

In 2006, the curator of the Kunstsammlungen

Museum, in Chemnitz, Germany stumbled upon

“My idea was to keep things simple, only deal with

these exquisite works on a trip to New York.

what is externally visible. These paintings are

Through her determination, Dylan consented

up to the moment realism – archaic, most static,

to a public exhibition of the works, for the first

but quivering in appearance. They contradict the

time. In 2011 and 2012, he presented his works

modern world. The San Francisco Chinatown

at Gagosian Madison Avenue Gallery; the former

street stands merely two blocks away from

being The Asia Series, images of the Far East, and

corporate, windowless buildings. But these cold

the latter a satirical look at popular magazines,

giant structures have no meaning for me in the

such as Playboy, Milan, London, Denmark all

world that I see or choose to see or be a part of or

followed by exhibitions of their own.

gain entrance to. If you look half a block away from

the Coney Island hotdog stand, the sky is littered

Today, limited editions of his work are

available to the public for purchase.

with high rises.”

A Lasting Impression It’s something a good leader knows: he is as good as his team. Demonstrating a very fine work ethic and an intention to run his business with integrity, Jon MacNeil aspires to live by the age-old values of the Artisan. The level of pride and craftsmanship that goes into every project is the hallmark of his success. He and his team work with a sense of purpose and gratitude; they work to the best of their ability, pushing their limits, because the final goal is to “leave you with a lasting impression.”



Ryan Rowell

“ The hand of a


Engaged in his craft is

Always Pure ” -Manu


Aim “ Weabove the Mark to hit the mark. ” -Ralph Waldo Emerson


attitude of Team; “ It'sit'sanmore than just me.

We enjoy helping each other up. We try to do the Right Thing, we try to do a Great Job -Jon MacNeil


nehera a surreal aesthetic Michal Pudelka Paul Joyce-Pudelka styling Ai Kamoshita makeup L'ubica Krajnรกkovรก styling Tatiana Hromadovรก


creative producer


Artists and Designers as a product of their times. Those who create as people who see, document, and respond to the times they live in. Art inspiring new generations of artists: this stunning photo shoot by Slovakian fashion photographer Michal Pudelka, captures and interprets Nehera’s unique collection in a visual study of inertia and the languor of the suburb. PIE DIGEST 73

Pudelka is inspired by constructivist and Stalinist architecture and art, and his preoccupation with the behaviour of social groups and exploration of mask and identity found an ideal backdrop in suburban areas of Bratislava, Slovakia, where the mass housing architecture has hardly changed since the end of the cold war era, thirty years ago. 74 PIE DIGEST

Like an exhalation, a delicate breeze softens the scene. The airy garments and angle of light create a sense of movement, of flowing air. Oversized, tailored jacket, extra-large trousers, floor-length poplin trench coats and shirt dresses ripple and shift in the layered silhouette‌lilting and billowing, evoking subtle emotion and a sense of weightlessness, during a weighty time in our world. PIE DIGEST 75

“In Communism they used the tiniest amounts of space to house as many people as physically possible. The airiness and light fabrics of the clothes while shot against the heavy architectural backdrops created a very interesting visual momentum,� says the photographer, discussing the work that captures and interprets the collection.


Through Pudelka’s lens, what happens when modern fashion design meets an austere, constructivist urban environment, the ensuing images provide a superlative commentary on suburban living, the human condition, and our response to it. A sense of namelessness, a feeling of surrender is what echoes after you’ve turned the pages; a surreal, pleasantly hypnotic aesthetic that lingers like a forgotten and provocative perfume. PIE DIGEST 77




A Fairytale getaway

Entering the house at 6 Ordnance Street is like walking into a fairytale, complete with the ancient tree out front. From pocket doors to plaster moldings, the registered heritage property has been beautifully restored to its early twentieth-century construction and delights the senses with grandness unmatched in many of its contemporaries. The staircase, for instance, oozes wow-factor: there’s a statuette fixed upon the bannister and, when powered, softly illuminates the main foyer.

functional work of art. The house also has five fire-

dining area comes replete with antique silverware

The three-room Queen Anne Revival home

One of the home’s most beautiful features is

a stained glass sink in one of the four bathrooms. It, like so many other aspects of the property, is a places, four of which are fashioned with gorgeous mantlepieces. If you’re staying for a week, you could spend a night in front of each, telling stories or just enjoying each other’s company. If you’re on a vacation for one, it can be a great time to reflect, connecting with yourself. Sitting in a high-backed chair, sipping a glass of fine whisky, you’ll feel like a turn-of-the-century titan of industry.

Sitting down to dine feels like participating in

history: the house, over a century in age, has been host to many meals. It can be great conversation to discuss what dinner parties would have been like in decades past. It’s not hard to imagine, either—the

is as rich in history as it is in fine detail. It was

and bone china. The tablecloth is fine Irish linen.

originally built in 1904, when Newfoundland was

Everything, from the buffet to dining table, tells a

still a British colony, by architect William Frederick

story. There are historical tidbits, too, throughout

Butler. His previous project, Winterhome was, at

the home: decades-old dry cleaning receipts, for

the time, the most expensive house on the island;

instance, found during the property’s numerous

this home is more manageable in size. This prop-

renovations over the years. These are framed and

erty was owned initially by the McCoubrey family

proudly displayed throughout.

and throughout its history has been home to many

prominent St. John’s residents. For several de-

of the house, take some time to relax outside: the

cades it was run as a bed and breakfast; its current

second floor opens to a private balcony overlooking

owners, have restored the house to its roots and,

the beautifully secluded neighbourhood. If you

through FabStay Accommodations, are once again

have a larger group, the marble-and-hardwood

renting it to visitors.

kitchen leads to a sprawling patio complete with a

table and seating for six. At night, possibly swathed

Nestled at the foot of Signal Hill, the prop-

After taking your time to explore the interior

erty is located amongst a vast array of historical

in blankets (depending on the time of year), it’s the

landmarks. The Commissariat House and Colo-

perfect location for enjoying company, conversa-

nial Buildings are practically next door. If you’re

tion, and a bottle or two of wine.

looking for something a little offbeat: try the St.

John’s Haunted Hike. You’re also near a multitude

back in time while retaining all the luxuries of

of restaurants, shops, and museums—it’s a mere

modern living. The soft tones, rich hardwood floors,

fifteen minute walk to George Street, the epicentre

and bright open windows will transport guests to a

of downtown St. John’s. Enjoy fresh oysters, baked

simpler, more decadent period. Just remember to

goods, and other local fare. After lunch, experience

take some pictures.

The house is perfect for those who want to step

that signature Atlantic hospitality by pampering yourself at one of the city’s luxurious spas.





Heritage and High-Living Ask any St. John’s resident in the early 1900s about The Maples and they would point to a beautiful estate on the Northeast corner of Patrick and Hamilton. Perched halfway up a steep hill on a tree-lined section of downtown, the plum-and-white property strikes an imposing image. It’s been that way for over a century.

It was built in 1898 by John Steer, a prominent

And for an intimate meal early in the morning, prepare a light breakfast and read the paper in the bright breakfast nook. You could also enjoy yourself outdoors on the patio set.

After properly refuelling, take your time

exploring the house. The four bedrooms amongst the estate, along with most every space, have individual personalities which, be it the stately master bedroom or cozy loft-for-six, paint a cohesive portrait of luxury and fine taste. It’s easily apparent the owner, Italian architect Elena Patarini Slawinski, is skilled at interior design and enjoys the

English merchant. That name may sound

process of creating beautiful spaces. Staying in this

familiar—he’s one of the Steers after which the

home is like staying in a unique, curated art gallery.

downtown street was named, the site of the popular

store he owned. One of the jewels of St. John’s,

chosen collection of antique furnishings.

it hosted in 1922 his granddaughter’s marriage

Midcentury Le Corbusier sofas, high-pile rugs,

and for the next 30 years was home to her and her

and beautifully-ornate conversation sets. These are

husband. The Maples remained in the Steer family

expertly blended with modern finishings and high-

for over half a century.

end appliances. The study, for instance, is home to

a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind desk fashioned from plate

Now, it’s yours. For a few nights, at least.

The property is populated with a carefully

FabStay Accommodations added the estate to their

glass and the inner mechanics of a piano, designed

portfolio of luxury short-term rentals and, much

by the owner herself. It sits between floor-to-ceiling

like the rest of the city, has intimate knowledge


of its robust history. The house has endured such

widespread and lasting acclaim that, until 1970, it

getting ready in one of the crown jewels of the

wasn’t even referred to by its street address—St.

property: a porcelain-and-chrome claw-foot

John’s residents simply knew where it was.

bathtub. The Maples truly offers an at-home spa

experience. It’s a refreshing way to start—and

St. John’s is a mecca for fine, world-renowned

If you decide to hit the town, take your time

cuisine. But, should you and and your houseguests

end—a day of East Coast Canadian adventure.

prefer to dine in, you’re in for a treat. The property

comes stocked with snacks and basic cooking

companions with a luxurious stay at one of


the area’s oldest and most beautiful properties.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet few days to

Gather under a beautiful hanging light fixture

Reward yourself, your family, and travelling

at the dining room table: there’s seating for eight.

yourself or a week of sightseeing and local fare,

Or spread into the parlour through massive sliding

The Maples offers an experience which, much like

doors for a more relaxed experience.

the house itself, is unforgettable.

The house has endured such widespread and lasting acclaim, that until 1970, it didn't even have a street address St. John's residents simply knew where it was. PIE DIGEST 81



" I’ve lived here my whole life and this is definitely the most beautiful view I’ve ever seen of my own city" 82 PIE DIGEST

Recharging in the Battery

The breathtaking panorama of St. John’s Harbour is worth the price of booking alone. The stay in St. John’s, in the world-renowned Battery, is reckoned to hold the best view on the island, and the impeccably-decorated ocean view estate is almost a bonus. Emilie Bourque, our rental agent and concierge is still taken aback by the splendour from this vantage. During a home-sweet-home family stay, Pie was treated to a world-class spectacle of the magnificent Eastern Canadian landscape.

Having said that, it was often difficult to concen-

has been dominating the comfortable luxury short-

A cast-iron spiral staircase connects two levels

In the loft area, a sofa can remain as such or be

converted into a third bed. There’s also a writing desk, which proved handy in producing this piece. trate with an across-the-harbour view of Fort Amherst filling every window.

Over 70 years old, the property is not without

its share of history. The previous owner, along with his wife, raised five children here and the house expanded with each one. In fact, the structure was far from today’s finished product: the original roof had so many holes that at night, stars were visible through the ceiling. Now, you’re welcome to stargaze on one of the balconies’ many comfortable deck chairs.

Bourque manages a number of beautiful homes

under her company FabStay Accommodations and

of the property, each with its own glass-railed bal-

term rental market in St. John’s since 2015.

cony. Guests can see the entirety of the harbour.

She loves that Airbnb gives people a comfortable

Cherry red and built into the face of a massive

and family-friendly alternative to hotels. “Every

rock, it is as much a beacon as the lighthouses for

time someone stays at a FabStay Accommodations

which the area is known. Another staircase runs

property, they know to expect the exact same

along the front of the property and invites guests—

things… [they] know they’re going to be well taken

of which there is room for six—to take ownership

care of throughout their vacation.”

of something truly special, even if only for a few


to detail. Bourque hesitates to label her exemplary

The striking exterior is in strong contrast to

hosting as anything akin to a concierge service. “I

the muted earthy tones inside. Studded couches

laugh to myself—that sounds really high-end! In

and large farmhouse tables give the interior a sleek,

Newfoundland, it’s just called great hospitality.”

modern look when paired with massive, floor-to-

This goes beyond the stocked pantry—there’s pan-

ceiling windows. Along with the open concept floor

cake batter and syrup for a quick breakfast—and

plan, this is a welcoming space; even a full house

luxurious, hotel-quality linens. Need baby gear for

would have room to relax.

a family travelling with little ones, or a certain type

When guests wish to sleep or spend time alone,

of beverage upon arrival? Bourque says consider it

two bedrooms are each equipped with queen-sized


beds and private washrooms. The shale-grey walls

offer peace and tranquility matched only by the

able in the short-term rental market. But be

rolling water outside.

warned: you may end up booking a few extra

Sinking into the soft memory foam and breathing


Most apparent was the cleanliness and attention

It’s clear that Newfoundland comfort is avail-

fresh, East Coast air made for an unimaginably restful sleep.


Luxury on the Lake photography

Matt Barnes

51 Barrie Terrace Shawn Murray/Air Bus EC 120 and Mr. Peter Moore/1935 33' Motor Launch built by J.J. Taylor location

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Tom Wood and Matty Manhire Marc Andrew Smith | model Amanda Strachan

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Narces | heels Vintage Manolo Blahnik PIE DIGEST 85

bathing/leisure suit

Vintage Sandro Paris | bag Louis Vuitton



Vintage 1930's | suit Miss Holly

Vintage Angora 1950's | pantsuit Miss Holly



Narces | shoes Christian Louboutin



Smythe | pants Pretty Little Thing | top Miss Holly



51 Barrie Terrace

Lake Simcoe Landmark Waterfront Estate


An artistic triumph sited on 5-acres of park-like grounds, commanding impressive south views over the pristine waters of Kempenfelt Bay. This spectacular home is defined by its bold architectural, contemporary design. The open and dynamic two-storey great room is enhanced by wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling windows that provide an abundance of natural light. Sun-dappled manicured lawns, exquisite gardens and stone pathways lead to the private point of land where two sandy beaches and the rare 1200-foot shoreline afford incredible sunrise to sunset views.

$13,500,000 PIE DIGEST 93



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2615 Ridge Road Lighthouse Estate Family Compound


Lighthouse Estate ~ Family Compound ~ 17.2 acre waterfront estate on Kempenfelt Bay, Lake Simcoe. Impressive panoramic views. Gate house stands at entrance to picturesque drive leading to 2 magnificent homes each with 12,500 sf including self-contained apartment over the 3-car garage. Soaring ceiling heights, wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling windows fill stunning living spaces with an abundance of natural light. 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms in each house. Park-like grounds. Tennis court, children’s playground. Swimming pool and gazebo. Glass enclosed boat house features a large deck. 525' private beach waterfront. The regional airport is 7 minutes away. There are also 2 additional deeds being sold with this property.




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1454 Robinson Place Lake Simcoe Estate

Resplendent waterfront mansion built by Joe Brennan blending flawless design with impeccable details. Stunning 2-storey great room graced by a wall of windows and french doors opening to the terrace that is the full width of the house. Hand-carved Italian marble gas fireplaces, recessed niches accented by keystones, elaborate plaster crown mouldings and waffle ceilings with decorative handpainted motifs. Sunny breakfast room with walkout to gardens and pool. The study is richly paneled in red mahogany.




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live remarkably What if a community developer invited ideas from beekeepers and berry growers. Left woodland paths for wildlife to traverse. Created skating ponds and built toboggan hills for neighbourhood kids to enjoy. Created their very own ‘Field of Dreams’. And named a hilltop ‘Starfall’ because you can see the Milky Way from there. Remarkably, there is only one... Georgian International.

windfallatblue.com | mountainhousewindfall.ca | braestone.ca 104 PIE DIGEST


georgianinternational.com PIE DIGEST 105

is not about the price. It’s about the The world is always changing, but at Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage, one thing that will never change is our commitment to our clients. We are proud of our company’s reputation in Greater Toronto, Muskoka, and Lake Simcoe. We love being part of this vibrant and cultured region.



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