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Here it is, another piece of the Pie! This piece is as tasty as ever, with flavours of art, community, fashion, style, philanthropy, and home. It is with great pride this issue gets to you after navigating our rapidly-changed world. I love that so many of our clients and friends have collaborated with me to support charities and the arts in our community. Thank you Julie Woolsey, Christy Fines, United Roofing and The Doctor’s House for your impact. Inspiration comes in many forms, and I celebrate both maximalism and minimalism in this issue. The sparseness of Dana Walton’s art and space. The lushness of Friday Harbour. The extremes of the rugged landscape against the warmth of the hospitality in Newfoundland’s Battery Bluff Cottages on Airbnb.

It’s about contrast for me.

Then there’s the throwback to the photoshoot in downtown Barrie that’s been sitting in the archive. Our small team was ready to put on an immersive fashion show when the lockdown cancelled our plans. Instead, we created our own art. The BIA, Audi Barrie, Danielle May, Alley Nightclub and Katie Meyer were the glue that kept this together for David Hou to create imagery in unique circumstances so that we were still able to support Girls Inc. We were inventive and resourceful as a team.

I am following the careers of so many artists like Marc Andrew Smith. He was only 21 when we first met. He modelled for me and acted in a fashion film that we created. Now we are showcasing his fashion styling, and I am proud of his accomplishments.

Immersive fashion theatre came to Kleinburg as my friend Melissa Protomanni and I merged our contacts and communities to create a night of magic called The Wonderer. It was without hesitation that Marc Graci and his team at The Doctor’s House said yes to this collaboration knowing the attention it would bring to the town.

This issue is just scratching the surface of what is coming in our next offering: more unexpected features, unusual wellness destinations and, as always, inspiring artisans. I have to confess, though, I am excited to share this Pie with you. Enjoy.

In search of the authentic. With grace, Sandra Roberts

publisher publisher@piemediagroup.com Publisher
The Art of Luxury Event Management

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Resolve your dispute with practical results. Private mediation services for family, estate and civil matters.
FEATHERANDSTONEBOUTIQUE.CA 303 Sunseeker Avenue R26 - Innisfil, Ontario
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"There is something beautiful about everyone and it is my privilege to help them find it"
"Yes, its about feeding the soul, as much as feeding the hunger."
- Chef Marco Ormonde


Ferox Wines by Fabian Reis personify the excellence and qualities that are naturally created by a pure and focused passion for wine making. A supreme collection of Estate Vintages comprising of full bodied complex reds, along with delicate crisp whites that are all produced in Niagara-On-The-Lake for truly international tastes.

For questions regarding Ferox Club Membership, contact info@ferox.ca or 905 468 2271 www.ferox.ca

The beauty of MINIMALISM

Dana Walton uses her intuition when seeking stories through the lens of her camera. She excels at isolating a subject in a creative composition, guided by details, timing and a minimalist aesthetic. After two decades as a photographer, she continues to be inspired by simple things in her immediate surroundings. At Friday Harbour, where she lives with her husband, son, and two nearlyfamous felines, there is a constant flow of visual inspiration. Dana’s extraordinary photographs are spare and soulful, yet they make a major statement, giclee printed and mounted on canvas as signature art pieces.

As a self-taught artist, Dana enjoys encouraging others and discusses her process in published articles and posts. She shares her love for “storytelling images with emotive details” and explains how the evocative power of minimalist photography serves as her ideal format. Relocating several times prompted her to adopt minimalism as a lifestyle, as well.


While one use of the word describes an artistic style, the other implies a lifelong practice which involves being much more selective, making deliberate choices and growing to understand what is needed and what is not. She explains the parallel: “that’s true for photography as well, where incorporating a minimalist aesthetic has led to carefully executed and compelling works of art.”

To implement minimalist principles, Dana uses various strategies, skills, tips and tools of the trade which she shares quite eagerly. Her very readable content often includes personal and informative details meant to educate as well as inspire. She includes descriptions of her lighting conditions, cameras, lenses and accessories. In an article for Click magazine: 6 Important Elements in Minimalist Photography and Why They Work, Dana admits that minimalism in art is completely subjective. She encourages you to trust your own vision. She also outlines some key elements that photographers can implement for a minimalist effect and you can see them at work in her own photos.

It’s quite clear that simplicity requires careful thought. We can see how the negative space has visual mass, sometimes smooth, sensuous, veiled or detailed. Dana asserts the incredible power of the composition to indicate the significance of the subject. She finds new and fascinating perspectives to isolate her subject in the frame. Her use of colour is at once harmonious and bold, creating dramatic contrast, while the lines and shapes guide the viewer through the visual field. With her command of the genre, Dana is currently developing two books: Simply Beautiful -Seeing and Creating Remarkable Photographs and The Art of Minimalism - The Power of Simplicity in Photography. Featuring her stunning photos, these e-books will be both beautiful and informative for amateur and professional photographers alike.

Dana’s main platform is Instagram, where she shows her new work and shares giveaways, tutorials and announcements @danawalton. Her art and Friday Harbour coffee table book are available exclusively from AVI GALLERY in Friday Harbour. www.danawaltoncollection.com. Silently observing and being selective, finding the simple story and framing it for us, Dana captures enthralling images that speak to us all.

“It’s your move...let me help you make the right one” - Tenneil TENNEIL HOLLENBECK Real Estate Sales Professional 416.678.7625

Located in the heart of picturesque Kleinburg, Ontario, The Doctor’s House and the surrounding estate date back to 1867. Significant to local history and heritage, The Doctor’s House has retained its name and its prestige. The hallmarks of this world-class event venue are “exquisite cuisine, elegant ambience, and attentive service,” but it has taken a deep commitment and considerable investment to make it so.

From its humble beginnings, the property began to transform under new ownership and in 1993, four beautiful banquet halls and a chapel were added to the original house. A couple of years after that major build, the Graci family began a tradition of Sunday brunches, frequenting the restaurant in the famous house.

A walk through the gardens and some family photos always completed the experience, so when the property came up for sale in 2002, it already felt like home.

After the Graci family took ownership, they added a patio, fountain and 20,000 square feet of additional space, effectively enlarging capacity. The constant, ongoing improvements of the facility keep it fresh and relevant while maintaining its traditional charm. In fact, a series of renovations and upgrades are slated for the spring of 2023.

Promising to fuse new and old features, the renovation will be akin to getting a facelift. With new chairs, ceilings, bars (and much more!) the same historic style will be maintained, but with updated details and features. The banquet halls on the estate are aptly named: The Great Hall, The Country Fare and The Garden Room. The bright, spacious rooms accommodate a range of seating/capacities (50 - 300) and each has unique attributes. Eighteen-foot ceilings, private patios, outdoor fireplaces, floor to ceiling windows and exposed beams enhance these gorgeous rooms.


There are also two formal spaces for ceremonial events: the endearing chapel and the Heritage Ceremony Room. Two overnight honeymoon suites round out the amenities to support and accommodate guests. The estate is ideal as a romantic, vintage setting for a wedding, featuring stunning backdrops with incredible photo opportunities among the gardens and grounds. The combination of quaint, traditional architecture, manicured landscaping and the natural frame of the Humber River create an atmosphere that is accessible but affords the ambiance of a northern cottage, a historic site and a botanical garden all in one.

The Doctor’s House plays host to an incredible variety of events and celebrations. Family milestone moments are common, resulting in the development of special gourmet menus to delight and impress your guests. Anniversaries, birthdays, retirement parties, bat/bar mitzvahs, reunions and more are all welcome. Accommodating meetings and corporate events for 10 to 300 guests with ample on-site parking (and proximity to downtown Toronto) makes The Doctor’s House a premier destination for professionals and businesses, too.

A recent sponsorship highlighted the versatility and possibility inherent in such an incredibly well prepared venue.

When Pie Media Group met with Marc Graci to discuss a very unique event, he was enthusiastic and curious. Maintaining the element of surprise for himself, he managed to resist the planning and development. He wasn’t sure what to expect from an evening of immersive fashion theatre, but he loved the idea of offering something different and unexpected. Striving to support growth for the community and generate positive energy through collaborations with local businesses is an ongoing intention for the Graci family. Charitable initiatives such as this event make that goal visible. While these are admirable actions, Marc had an additional motivation, both simple and profound: “We needed something to bring people back together.

To see them, to talk to them, mingling and enjoying, just being together... these feelings we used to have, that people have maybe lost. Having everyone together felt really good.” The Wonderer event was truly magical and gave us all a moment to rejoice, to revel, to wander and wonder together. It would not have been possible without the generosity of the Graci family, and it clearly demonstrated how the setting enhances the jewel. If we have learned anything, it’s how much we need one another. It’s time to reconnect to others and to parts of us that have, perhaps, remained dormant for far too long. At The Doctor’s House, contemporary, relaxed luxury, historical ambiance and the allure of nature all conspire to make the moment more than memorable. When you are ready to get together again, all the beauty and splendour await you.



Fine dining aficionados in Kleinburg, Ontario, do not have to travel far to satisfy their epicurean appetites. Elevating Canadian hospitality and cuisine, XXI Chophouse opened in 2014 with a definitive vision. Taking inspiration from Miami and Las Vegas built steakhouses, the Graci family sought to offer a similar highend dining experience on The Doctor’s House estate.


The vast property encompasses several banquet halls, the historic original structure, beautifully landscaped grounds and a charming chapel. A world class event space merits an indulgent menu in a sumptuous setting. XXI Chophouse features cozy intimate areas, bright daylight seating under banks of windows, and terrace dining surrounded by botanical gardens. Glowing fireplaces, lush velvet, buttery leather and gleaming marble surfaces raise the ambiance to the next level.

There is also a shiny Rolls-Royce available for VIP car service. While presentation is important, it’s the phenomenal fine dining chefs and the savory delicacies they prepare that pack the house. For the very best in beef and steaks, look no further; fresh, organic, prime USDA beef (dry-aged in house) is always on the menu. Choose from perfectly prepared filet mignon, striploin, aged porterhouse, rib steak or tomahawk.

The use of a Montague broiler makes a delicious crust on the outside of the meats. Operating at 1600 – 1750 degrees, it allows for rapid cooking, which means sealing in flavour for higher quality and faster service. The menu also offers fresh seafood selections, a wide array of appetizers, some pasta and salad choices and decadent desserts, including cheesecake cigars. The voluptuousness of taste continues on the beverages menu, featuring specialty coffees and an incredible array of elite spirits. There is also a staggering variety of fine wine, with hundreds of labels. The separate drink menu also lists many brands of tequila, amaro, cognac and grappa, but the scotch selection is definitely top shelf. Bottle values from $1,000 to $200,000 indicate discriminating taste and invite the connoisseur. In order to offer a truly elevated experience to customers, it is necessary to continue to evolve. The Graci family is constantly keeping up with trends in the culinary world, traveling, exploring and gathering insights to raise the bar. The objective is to bring it back to Kleinburg, to enrich the culture of the community and to heighten Canadian hospitality in the process. Experience the investment in flavour and quality with an exceptional meal in opulent surroundings the next time you visit XXI Chophouse.

xxichophouse.com | Kleinburg

Ripple of Kindness

A gathering of like-minded women who recognize the need for community support. Creating ripples of change in our community for the greater good.

Barrie Orillia Muskoka London


PIE DIGEST 39 NUGENTMILLEREVENT.COM Book an appointment with our event rentals specialist.

Redefining GENTLEMEN

Vintage Throne Barber Lounge


In the pursuit of our goals, we may find that the journey gets challenging and we need to refresh, regroup and fortify ourselves along the way. Vintage Throne can fulfill that need, specializing in wellness for men: relieving stress, comforting the body and providing therapeutic care and relaxation. Their goal is achieved when you leave feeling better than when you walked in. After many years of operating large chain salons and spas, Daniel & Sabrina Di Tommaso recognized that more men were interested in spa treatments for themselves and they were becoming more open to indulging in them.

They wanted to offer men the time and effort that they deserve and the encouragement to establish a self-care routine.

With their European background and upbringing, the concept of a spa has a different connotation. Having little to do with beauty and more to do with well-being, a European spa is a common lifestyle choice for all adults. When we allow someone to take care of us, however briefly, it is an act of surrender, the ultimate self-care. When we place ourselves in a setting that induces relaxation, our shoulders drop, we breathe easier and we become the best version of ourselves.


At Vintage Throne, it is a daily affirmation: a gentleman values the ability to put his best face forward. As a barber lounge, they offer professional men’s grooming. As a wellness space, they offer spa services provided by a carefully curated team, capable of guiding you through the vulnerability of newness. Whether you decide to have a pedicure, massage, or energy work, at Vintage Throne you are in good hands, literally. With total focus on men’s health, the vision was to create a space dedicated to their clients.

Beyond notions of a man cave, it has become a community hub; most clients like to linger, have another espresso, enjoy a good conversation and connect with other guests. The philosophy and the ambiance at Vintage Throne can be summarized with a phrase: siamo disponibile, meaning always available. The nuances of the words, like many beautiful Italian phrases, go far beyond the literal translation: we are here for you, no questions asked, whenever you decide. Gentlemen, siamo disponible.



The car rental disruptor

With ride-sharing becoming more common, it was only a matter of time before a company came along that offered car-sharing and Canada’s own RideAlike stepped in to fill the void. If you’re working remotely, for example, most days your car is probably gathering dust in the garage… with RideAlike, set your desired price, rent it out, and start an additional income stream. Perhaps you need a minivan for a family trip to the cottage, beach or slopes. Simply open up the app and book it! Level up your ride for a special occasion by trading your car for someone else’s, short or long-term. With the app’s unique feature, RideSwap, car owners can skip, like or swap easily. RideAlike is helping people to utilize what they already own.

Zelani Bhuiyan, Co-Founder and CEO of RideAlike, said that he wanted to fill an increasing in-demand niche in the car rental space, transforming the experience to something, “more user-friendly, less corporate and more personable.” There are real people (owners) behind the cars.

“It’s a good feeling to know that you’re interacting with an individual who is directly benefiting from the transaction.”

RideAlike’s user-friendly app features a wide selection of cars, SUVs, hybrids, trucks or vans, including all the background information about each one to make the perfect choice. Every vehicle is protected by 24/7 North America-wide roadside assistance, and $2M commercial liability insurance. Whether owner or renter, there is no fee to join and they ensure all members are verified across Ontario, for pick up and drop off.

To help offset the cost of insurance, roadside assistance and operations, RideAlike takes a small fee of 10% from renters and 25% from vehicle owners. For car swaps, the fee is 25% of the car rental amount.

The overall client response to the platform has been positive and enthusiastic, according to Bhuiyan. “Absolutely I’m excited that RideAlike has taken off like it has,” Bhuiyan added. “It speaks to how much people really wanted this service and I can’t wait for it to grow!”

PIE DIGEST 45 The ultimate vehicle sharing marketplace for both owners and renters. ridealike.com


This SUV is for you

The Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer is full of best-in-class sophistication and the latest technology, leading to an unmatched ownership experience

When Jeep planned to bring back a vehicle that was as iconic in its time as the Wagoneer was, they set out to redefine North American prestige. The Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer are full of best-in-class sophistication and the latest technology, leading to an unmatched ownership experience. The interior of the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer represents the pinnacle of premium SUV interiors, exuding modern styling, meticulously crafted details, and elegant appointments throughout the interior.

With available massaging seats, 19-23 custom designed McIntosh speakers and over 75 inches of screens available, you will be finding reasons to spend more time on the road. When you transition to the exterior of the Wagoneer you will see similarities to the Jeep brand with the legendary 7 slot grill. The dramatic contemporary design that pays homage to the original in many ways, with brilliant LED lighting on the front and rear and a road presence that will leave people staring.


With a variety of trim levels and options to make the Wagoneer almost uniquely yours, you will have a hard time handing over the keys to someone else. With the available tripane sunroof, every person can enjoy the view. Even though there aren’t many Jeep logos on the Wagoneer, capability is still at the forefront of this Jeep. The Wagoneer has the best-in-class towing with up to 10,000 lbs. When it comes to off-roading or inclement weather, it will have you covered. The Quadra-Trac II 4X4 provides unmatched traction and with 5 drive modes at your fingertips, with Jeeps Selec-Terrain, you can be sure that the Wagoneer will get you where you want to go. The available Quadra-Lift air suspension system adds an element of comfort and performance that will continue to surprise you.

There are 5 different ride heights available that consist of Normal, Aero, Park/Easy entry, Off-road 1 and Off-road 2, that will assist you in doing things you never thought you could with a large SUV.

With the Wagoneer family being the newest addition to the large SUV segment in the market, it is certainly leaving the competition with their work cut out for them. This “do it all” SUV is a must see to really appreciate it to the fullest. If you need a vehicle that can move up to 8 people, tow your toys with ease, have all the connective features you would ever need, safety features like night vision and active driving assistance, then this is the SUV for you.

STATUS SALON HAS BEEN BEAUTIFYING AND GROOMING SINCE 2004. There’s nothing like a new hairstyle to make you feel fresh and confident and just plain gorgeous. The best way to get those results is to book an appointment at a salon where training and experience go hand in hand, and promises to produce an outcome you know you’ll love.

Status Salon has been in the business for nearly 20 years, and constant education for their staff produces award-winning results over and over again. Their warm and welcoming salon will have you feeling pampered and nurtured, and secure in the knowledge that you’ll walk out feeling like a better, more beautiful you. Known for blonding, extensions, and colour wizardry, this level of expertise is trustworthy.

Top-notch stylists and aestheticians use their impressive skills to offer the most current trends in salon services, including beautiful waves of balayage colour, delicate blondes, and shimmering silvers. Precision cutting produces exactly what you want, whether it’s a sophisticated classic style, relaxed casual waves, or an edgy look that will turn heads.

Status specializes in hair extension technologies. Their experts can alter hair length, thickness or colour, with several types of extensions available. They use only high-quality hair and their professional staff are properly trained to maintain the integrity of your hair and scalp.

The dedicated staff at Status are not only committed to the local aesthetics industry, but to the community in general. Their retail boutique donates a portion of specialty item sales to Youth Haven and Friends of the Homeless and as a staff, they traditionally volunteer by giving haircuts, donating clothing and serving a hot meal. Donating their time to Empower Simcoe’s annual fashion show and piloting a job readiness program are also cherished endeavors. It’s an indication of the heart and cohesiveness of this team.

Jacqui Green, owner and stylist, describes their intention: “for our fresh, youthful talent and Status branding to keep the beauty industry to a reputable standard and to provide ongoing employment, education and futures in our community.”

An admirable goal.



Art is a way of expressing yourself

She started off studying art, but stopped to raise 4 kids. Jesse grew his love of the arts by going to film school. When a well-known tattoo artist friend moved in with them, they spent months learning the craft from him, developing their own styles. “I do old school, where I have a light board, where I actually draw it and trace it, whereas Jesse will draw and design the tattoo on his iPad. He’s tried to teach me how to use it and I just can’t. It doesn’t compute with my brain from 1972,” Lisa laughs. They eventually created their family business, starting with a studio at home, an intimate space with top products and equipment, aftercare, and lovely music and candles.

Mother and son team Lisa and Jesse James Marshall have opened a tattoo studio and art gallery, Lakeside Ink, in Barrie. The walls of the uplifting space are covered in art, and art is being created for each client in the form of tattoos. “We want the atmosphere to feel like you’re in a spa-like gallery.” says Lisa.

Now they’ve taken the feeling of that home studio and moved downtown, complete with a growing artistic team. “We are a beautiful space that you can get tattooed in, but also just come in and sit down and immerse yourself in the art.” Their space has a studio where they offer lessons and artists’ workshops. They welcome everyone from newbies and people getting memorial tattoos, to people covered in piercings and ink. Lisa says, “you can feel safe with us. It’s all about that, I think, just the trust.”


Li has performed more than 10,000 permanent makeup procedures and with a background in Fine Arts it is easy to see how this talent translates onto skin. It is with great pride that our studio donates our services to work with The Breast Cancer Community.

nano brows. powder brows. lip shading. micro blading. eyeliner & lash enhancements.

cosmetic tattoo studio & academy


Liby brows


A one hour workout is only 4% of your day

Created by actor and personal trainer Desirée, The Trilates Method is a fusion workout that combines pilates, cardio and resistance training. Inspired by her mother’s love of Jane Fonda and the classic workouts of that decade, Desirée designed three-in-one workouts that focus on form and technique, yet also feel graceful and beautiful. With so many fitness trends that can feel complicated to navigate, the Trilates Method is based on simplicity and effectiveness which allows clients to get back to their busy lives. Trilates is for people who lead full, active and glamorous lives.


“We believe the most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence. That’s why all of our collections are dedicated to uncompromising, modern women who deserve comfort, elegance and quality in their wardrobe.”
— Byron Bay design team


That’s the challenge SickKids faces: we’re limited by our old building. The cornerstone was laid in 1949. Modern and up-to-date then, a beacon of civic pride for Toronto and Canada, our building now limits what we can do. Because of low ceilings, certain equipment doesn’t fit in patient rooms. Families find themselves in public spaces when they need privacy. Our clinic configurations lack the flexibility to adapt to growing patient populations. We need a building that accommodates everything we can now do for our patients. We need to build a new SickKids. And it’s going to take all of us. fundthefight.ca

We need a building that accommodates everything we can now do for our patients.


Missoni | Greta Constantine | Marie Saint Pierre | Pinko | Over 20 brands


LEFT: SHIRT Christopher Bates | DRESS Steven Lejambe | GLOVES The Pie Pop-Up RIGHT: DRESS Whyte Couture | BAG Liz Beckley | HAT The Pie Pop-Up | NECKLACE KLB PHOTOGRAPHY DAVID HOU SHIRT Rock ‘N Karma | DRESS Whyte Couture | HAT & GLOVE Liz Beckley SKIRT The Pie Pop-Up & Liz Beckley | JACKET & HAT Sentaler | MUFF Liz Beckley LEFT: JUMPSUIT Rock ‘N Karma | HAT House of Flora | SHOES Gothic Shoe Company | GLOVES The Pie Pop-Up RIGHT: SUIT Free People | GLOVES The Pie Pop-Up | HAT Liz Beckley | BAG House of Dwir CORSET Ritual | BELLS ADM Design and Decor NECKLACE KLB | JACKET & GLOVES The Pie Pop-Up | MUFF Liz Beckley | BEAR AND ROSES The Rosarium JACKET, SHIRT, & PANTS House of Dwir ART ADM Design and Decor NECKLACE AtelierZCY | VEST AND PANTS House of Dwir | SHIRT Steven Lejambe | JACKET Hugo Boss JACKET Ritual | DRESS Whyte Couture


HAIR BY: Sharon Smith

MAKEUP BY: Sephora Canada & Sterling Cat Eye Studio

PROPS FROM: ADM Design and Decor

ROSES FROM: The Rosarium


Stacey Oostrom- Katie Meyer- Val Carter- Rayne LaLonde

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Sergio Morales, BIA, Audi Barrie, Alley Night Club

“Leave your footprints there for you honour it by taking off your shoes and letting your soul touch its beauty because to walk in such a place is more than prayer and is in itself a journey of love.”
Excerpt from “Holy Land” by Bruce Meyer, Emeritus Poet Laureate of Barrie
of York Region Support the new generation of #StrongSmartBold Leaders girlsincyork.org
MITS The Pie Pop-Up



Thank you to our supporters...

The Doctors House, XXI Chophouse, R. Ferri Auto Group, Mier Human Capital, Metropolis Hair Studio, Kinkaid Construction, Ellicott Financial Inc., Pablynie Realty, Pell Rose Inc., 400 Chrysler, Ferox Winery, The Rosarium Luxury Roses, LaVain Cosmetic Clinic, Tenneil Hollenbeck, McNaught Real Estate Brokerage, Happy’s Fireworks





There is a sense of anticipation outside of the white gate as the guests gather in the golden hour before dusk. The low sunlight falls in angles on the lawn as a slight chill descends with the amber and lemon-yellow leaves. Music throbs from somewhere inside the estate and excitement begins to build as we are given an antique silver key on a satin ribbon. The distinctive tones of the bagpipe player bring formality and a sense of occasion as we begin to experience a transformation. This is to be an extraordinary evening. The key itself evokes a sense of mystery. There is a childhood tingle of adventure, surprise and fantasy permeating the air. Memory merges with story as we recall doors that were too small or too large, treasures and terrors alike on the other side. In the midst of our wondering, a strident voice interrupts us: “We’re late! We’re late!!” as we are guided along the stone path with great expectation, Alices in Wonderland.

Entering this enchanted space, we are greeted by a lounging, shimmering Caterpillar, puffing benignly on a hookah pipe. Figures glimpsed behind her appear stately and mysterious, almost as statues which surprise you with sudden animation. Others twirl and twist about the space, as familiar anthropomorphic characters that we soon come to recognize. As guests move about the garden and explore the installations, the acrobatic feats continue as two of the models perform daring partner poses and the Cheshire Cat frolics endlessly from the grass to the path to the top of the stone walls, contorting himself to match his grin. He pauses to speak to me: “I am spying to make sure everyone is obeying the Mistress,” he purrs, “She commands we all wear fashion!!” his eyes sweep through the crowd, and he seems satisfied, at least for now.

“The Queen relies on me for many things...” he confides with a suggestive wink. We met a pretty pink Garden Rose, rustling her long leaves and pink petals while trailing a nostalgic, scented sense of awe behind her. As we stroll the stately, elegant grounds, we recognize The White Rabbit, The March Hare, The Mad Hatter. Dancing and vying for attention, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee are constantly competing. They come closer, whispering a warning about wonderfully mysterious secrets which are hidden in the garden that might cause my heart to break.

The Cheshire Cat pounces and announces: “ The Queen is almost ready for us...” then he pauses and listens to something. He begins to wonder philosophically: “a world of chaos, a world of peace… can peace exist with chaos?”

The Mad Hatter joins the discourse: “Am I really playing a role? Who am I? Who are you? Will Alice finally be free from the illusion of the world? But I don’t want to be free from the magic that life really has... I see magic everywhere!” The Cheshire Cat curls himself at her feet in awe and stares; “I love the sound of that word’” he exclaims, “tell me more!”

All of the Alices wander through the garden and admire the cozy fireplace and the hedges studded with red roses as the wait staff, in formal attire, anticipate and circulate with trays of fine local wines and hors d’oeuvres. In the midst of all the dance and chatter, “Time is ticking!” calls the rabbit, “We’re late, we’re late!” and we are whisked away into the brilliant space of an elegant white tea party. Linen covered tables, fine place settings and chilled bottles of wine frame charming, traditional high-tea tiered trays.

We nibble sweet little macarons, finger sandwiches, assorted fine cheeses, crisp, seeded crackers & fresh fruit while listening to the most amazing and unusual vocal and instrumental artistry. The sonorous notes of a singing bowl, a delicate harp, and the strange and wonderful theremin all accentuate her voice as it lilts through the room. The well-dressed characters soon arrive to grace the guests with their presence at the tea party, only to vanish again and leave us to wonder. The room soon becomes animated with voices and laughter as we enjoy the morsels and libations. A onewoman symphony softens the room in a pink bliss. A more formal catwalk show begins, with gorgeous tactile pieces, flowy vibrant textile manipulations, substantial gold chains, large shimmering crystals, an eclectic selection of ornate shoes and a continued nod to their original characters. The Caterpillar emerged from her purple sheath in a metallic emeraldgreen cocoon and posed dramatically against the mantle wall. We watch the parade of panache to its conclusion. We nibble politely throughout the party but we’re soon jumping from our seats and grabbing a sandwich on the run when we hear the exclamations. “You’re late!” “You’re late!” “Time is ticking!” “Time is ticking!” We are led once again down the garden path, now covered in a mist, toward an open door and a beckoning Red Queen, whose reputation precedes her. We pass the guards with their weapons held severely in the darkening night and find our way through the smoke to our seats.

Far from an innocent chapel, it has been transfigured to house strange aliens and odd characters, scattered throughout the pews. We don’t have to wait long for the Queen to come bursting down the aisle shouting commands. Several guests are brought into the drama and after servicing the queen to her satisfaction, the startled congregation goes silent. The Queen ascends and begins to hypnotize us with her rhythmic, powerful acrobatic movements, as dark figures begin to emerge and take the stage behind her.

The benign garden actors have become her terrifying guards. The Cheshire Cat finally joins his Queen and the two contort in a curious conversation which we cannot understand, but cannot divert our eyes from, until the final act. The gothic figures tear their roses and rain the red petals upon the Queen’s twisted form, suspended and twirling, casting marvelous and monstrously beautiful shadows on the wall. In the end, they release us all.

Heads still turning, we emerge into the deeper night and follow a delicate, plaintive sound back through the garden, toward open glass doors and beckoning figures who whisper: “You’re late...” A glowing figure, the White Queen, wearing a cascading waterfall gown towers over the great room. The golden tiara on her head glints and sparkles as she sways, playing an electric violin. Her grace and fluidity pool around us; her music enchanting us. Mesmerized, some guests take their seats and remain while others are drawn to the gallery. Statement-sized pop art pieces line the walls. Portraits of celebrities, cartoon characters & iconic moments in popular culture are embellished with various materials encrusted into the surface: metals, glass, candy, glitter, and found objects. The images spark more pivotal moments, more memories. We are drawn like innocent moths to dark, lustrous flames. The final runway showcases sumptuous gowns, crystal armor and bold-powerful pieces. One model appears in a translucent sphere, flourishing her diaphanous gown so that, for a moment, there is the illusion of a giant, gorgeous glass marble rolling around the room. The surreal flicker of childhood fantasy tickles our imaginations yet again. This night of wonder offers us tremendous relief from all of the somber seriousness of the world outside its boundaries. A strange and sumptuous space where we could wander for awhile and wonder. A delicious and delightful disorientation but also a strange sanctuary. We needed this: to remember what a sense of wonder feels like and how it feeds us and makes us whole.


Stylist and creative director Marc Andrew Smith has infused images with erotic colourways, gripping muted movement and queer symphonies. Marc has committed to bringing excellence to his craft, from working on Sephora campaigns to styling the most prominent artists in the music industry. At eighteen, Marc moved from Saskatchewan to Toronto. Alone in Canada’s largest city and juggling multiple retail jobs, Marc felt that his new environment was a test of survival. “Meeting the right people and hustling, that’s what I would say helped me more than anything.” He has spent well over a decade working in his role as a stylist and a creative director, sometimes having to work multiple 12-14 hour days. As a creative director, Marc’s scope is far reaching, whereas he has a more concentrated focus on wardrobe as a stylist.

His dedication to hard work has contributed to his success, but Marc’s commitment to curiosity has allowed his inner creative to flourish. Marc sees the world through the temperaments we all experience—infusing the focus of each styling choice with inspiration that could have subconsciously simmered from a walk down Yonge Street. Past moments slowly resurface in current projects, revealing a new facet of himself. “I love creepy things, colourful things, I love cute things, it’s all over the place, I love sexy things! I always try to inject a little bit of a lot of those things because they kind of represent different parts of me - of all of us.” With the ability to create visual representations of your inner world can come a great responsibility to know what is yours to express.


Marc has worked on projects that highlight the extensive beauty of different cultures, but he is always careful to center the voices of that culture.

Marc’s projects continue to impact the fashion landscape with innovation and creative persistence. The music video for Drake’s song “Falling Back” has over 14 million views and includes twenty-three wedding dresses. It was key stylist Caitlin Wright and Marc’s job to bring the director’s idea into a visual story expressed through wardrobe. With models flying in from all around the world and no time for alterations,

Marc and Caitlin were bombarded by chiffon and taffeta. “It was a cool experience because we had to troubleshoot things that would have needed more time, but we just didn’t have the time, so we made it work. The whole team was amazing; one after the other, we got everyone into the best version of what they wanted to look like.” With variations in style, size and silhouette, each model embodied the narrative of sensual extravagance. “We had to consider flattering the body, making girls confident and it’s not a cheap wedding, it’s a Drake wedding, so it was a lot of trial and error.


We had to pull a plethora of dresses, like so many, we were drowning in a sea of dresses to find the ones that worked.”

Marc was very cognizant of making the women feel empowered by their gowns. His attention to creating beauty is not limited to smaller sizes as Marc has fully embraced the influence of the body positivity movement. “The industry has been so linear in sizing and inclusivity and diversity whether that is body, shape, size, the look of the models or the brands themselves. There’s a movement of body positivity, but also diversity, within the industry that has really really really opened the door to people that haven’t been able to be part of the conversation in many ways.”

Marc explained that plus-size models were restricted due to the lack of resources. The Canadian fashion industry made styling plussized, midsize, and most bodies very difficult. With more designers pursuing inclusivity, Marc has been given the artistic tools to create a more comprehensive creative vision. “To me, I believe we are at this pinnacle point in fashion where it is so creative, and I think there are so many people that have been shut out of the creative process of fashion. Whether that is the people making the clothes, people in the clothes, and it’s so cool to see these minds speaking their truth and not afraid to throw fashion on its head and change the game.

I think that the biggest and brightest minds in fashion are people that have been on the sidelines.”

Marc’s work has ranged from models covered in live bugs to erotic lunar new year images outfitted in lattice boots. Marc’s attention to colour arrests the gaze, and even in the absence of colour, he creates new stylistic dimensions.

He builds layers in black and white portraits using tone and contrast, bringing depth to a colourless image. Marc explained the impact that dark leathers and crisp whites have on an image compared to the gray monotone of neons. “It’s like if I was going to put someone in all colours, it would just look gray. It would not look good and so boring.” Marc is enamoured by colour and loves being able to get lost in the whimsical nature of his projects. Accessing his inner child, Marc creates kaleidoscope worlds where his subject can live. “I am able to tap into my inner child in a way that I am creating a fantasy. Where you forget about everything you have to think about as an adult and you are just in this fantasy world where everything can be dark, bright and light and fun or creepy.” With over a decade of experience, Marc has held onto his creative instinct and continues to generate universes of visuals. The way that Marc sees himself and others allows his innovation to transform fashion’s canvas.



Jesse Woon Sam as a fashion line is really an extension of the designer himself. Jesse grew up watching sci-fi and apocalyptic films and that inspiration can be seen in his outfits. He’s all about storytelling, portraying a different world, and strives to have people imagine his models and outfits as characters in a story, film or video game. The line is riddled with dark earth tones, using natural dye techniques from fruits, flowers, tea and coffee. Outfits are sewn from scratch in Toronto with couture-like embellishing and detailing techniques. Excessive layering of unique fabric textures mimics a dystopian landscape, and transports the viewer to a whole new place.

DESIGNER Jesse Woon Sam | PHOTOGRAPHY Ehjay Estebar | STYLIST Joel Nnanna



Finding importance in the ordinary and practicality from the frivolous, he created a modern wardrobe enriched by historical references to evoke a feeling of nostalgic minimalism. A slow fashion approach, made-to-order in Canada.




With a strong attention to detail and expert craftsmanship, every cork handbag is designed with you in mind and the quality you deserve.




Built into the cliffs below Signal Hill in an area called the Battery


Rochelle Spracklin used to walk the trails in The Battery every day, rain or shine, during her university days. She would often say that she was going to own a home there, some day. Years later, after she met her husband, Ian Stewart, in Ontario, Rochelle took him to St. John’s. With family and friends scattered over the island, she has deep roots that need nourishing. On that first visit, he had only one question: “Why aren’t we living here?” and that was all the encouragement she needed. In 2014, they purchased their first cottage on the cliff and their journey began. While the cottage gave them a base whenever they came home, the rest of the time it was offered on Airbnb. It booked up quickly and when another cottage became available, they expanded.

There are now six Battery Bluff Cottages, which have been built into the cliffs below Signal Hill, that can be rented individually or for larger groups. You can also book through Vrbo or batterybluffcottage.com. Rochelle has hosted reunions, weddings, conferences and film crews, with many visitors returning again and again.

Situated in St John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, in an area called The Battery, these vacation home rentals are ideally located, with incredible postcard views from every window. The East Coast trail, Signal Hill national park, The Rooms, (provincial museum/ art gallery), the harbour, the Narrows and downtown St. John’s are all steps away.

Anchor Cottage | Bakeapple Cottage | Caribou Cottage | Dogberry Cottage | Egg Down Cottage | Figgy Duff Cottage PHOTOGRAPHY RAY MACKEY
“ The most incredible thing about visiting this picturesque city is the people ”

There’s no need for a car when everything is this accessible! As one of the oldest cities in North America, St. John’s offers charisma and character, charming narrow streets and numerous historic sites and yet it is a contemporary modern city with fine boutiques, cafes, galleries, theatres and world class cuisine.

“The Battery is my home and my favourite place on the planet”, Rochelle beams, “Port living in a city means you can have your morning coffee gazing out at the harbour and the ocean and later walk downtown to world class restaurants featuring Newfoundland fusion.” St. John’s boasts some of the best restaurants in Canada: Portage, Mallard Cottage and Merchant Tavern are home to acclaimed and accomplished chefs who are taking traditional Newfoundland cuisine and elevating it, from land and sea to table. If you’d like to host your own dinner party while staying at the cottage, Rochelle puts together meticulous packages for her guests, taking into account your individual wishes and interests, so you’ll know where to shop locally for the best ingredients.

In fact, Rochelle prides herself on promoting everything local.

When acquiring a new cottage, they have often had to bring each one back to a bare state and then redesign and redecorate. It was important to Rochelle to make the interior modern but with a nod to the traditional coastal charm and heritage of its location, even using the time-honoured technique of rug hooking to create wall art for each cottage.

Living on an island promotes more than a fascinating history and heritage, however. The most incredible thing about visiting this picturesque city is the people. There is an awareness of the need to remain connected and the importance of community. You depend on one another for survival in a way that isn’t as apparent elsewhere. The warmth, caring and humour of the people who live here are the real treasure. Combined with the breathtaking scenery, unique geography, historic and cultural venues, you can expect a transformative experience that will reconnect you to the planet and the people on it in a new way.

The warmth and humour of the people who live here are the real treasure.”




Respect. Dignity. Inclusiveness.

The Canadian Red Cross is helping those impacted by Hurricane Fiona. If you wish to donate, please go to redcross.ca for more information

Help to support the relief efforts throughout Eastern Canada from Hurricane Fiona.

Telling stories since 2005


Some people seem to be born with a passion for global wandering. For others, their interest in travel can be traced to a pivotal moment, far from home, that resulted in an incredible cycle of wonder, renewal and a continuing quest for new experiences. Savvy travellers can satisfy their wanderlust for less with a subscription to Infinite Travel. Whether you enjoy expanding your horizons, romantic getaways, challenging adventures or vacationing as a family, your next journey begins here. This team truly takes care of all the details, boasting the best possible rates on leisure products and services such as hotels, condos, cruises, all-inclusive and package deals.

You can save 20 to 50% more than the best available public rates online. With over 700, 000 hotels and condos in its inventory, you can stay anywhere in the world at the touch of a finger with direct booking.

24/7 multilingual support ensures that your travel plans are smooth and seamless. Subscriber coaches can assist you with navigation while the concierge team is ready to take your detailed request and do all the research for you; no more endless browsing and comparing online! Set your compass and dare to dream of exotic destinations…and let us do the rest.


Canadian steak-house legend in a bottle!

www.barberians.com 7 e lm s t. t oronto For reservations, general inquiries, to reserve one of our private dining rooms or to reserve a bottle of wine 416-597-0335
mcnaughtrealestate.com cory mcnaught president|broker of record 647.802.3633


Lakewood Ranch Doodles of Lindsay, Ontario is a family business at heart

When you think of a family business, you may picture a company with generations of suited men at the helm, passing down their knowledge. Perhaps you envision a farm where the grandparents, parents and children work long hours nurturing the crops. Some of these same habits come into play in dog breeding. Lakewood Ranch Doodles of Lindsay, Ontario is a family business at heart, with over 15 years in the industry, and very specific skillsets among the family members. Lin is the CEO and sales manager and she has a passion for breeding Goldendoodles, Labradoodles and soon Cockapoos. Partner Sean is in charge of finances and also works on sales.

Daughter Vanessa is the kennel manager, an educational specialist and trainer, and liaison with their guardianship program. Daughter Sydney is a kennel tech, educational specialist and researcher and creator of Lakewood’s holistic line of dog products. Raegyn does social media marketing and sales as well as managing the Lakewood Pet Boutique but she’s also a kennel tech and guardianship liaison. Son Gryphon helps in the kennel with feeding and is also in charge of ranch maintenance and supply purchasing plus shuttling dogs to the vet for care.

The term ranch means animals vs farm which has crops, but this is no ordinary ranch. It’s a state-of-the-art kennel on a 96acre property, with 75 acres of forest walking trails for leashed walking, 20 acres of fenced meadows and fields for off-leash running and playing, even running with ATVs, and a pond for dog swimming. The family and staff are dog lovers on the next level. The love, care and nurturing of their dogs goes above and beyond. The ranch is not just for breeding, though. There’s the Red Star Dog Hotel, where your Lakewood dog can come back and stay for daytime visits, or overnight while you’re away on vacation, and with all the above amenities, it’s a little bit of dog heaven. Lakewood Ranch takes a holistic approach where the animals are kept safe from things like toxic cleaning chemicals, and fed healthy, natural foods. There’s even a dog grooming spa on site, to keep customers’ pets neat, clean and looking good. Also on site is the Lakewood Pet Boutique, which offers treats, toys and tools for your canine companion, and includes Lakewood’s own line of holistic products, pest spray, shampoo and ear cleaners.


The boutique has upscale collars, leashes, harnesses, toys, beds, crates, treats, probiotics for the diet, grooming items, dental products and much more. They focus on eco-friendly, North American-made, sustainable materials whenever possible. Sydney’s constant research led to the release of their own cookbook: The Joy of Cooking For Dogs, with instructions for making dog treats, natural remedies and holistic recipes made with no chemicals or preservatives. Lin points out that not all breeders are the same, though, and some may not be putting as much into their programs as Lakewood does. You get what you pay for. The education package that comes with a Lakewood dog and the breeder support after the dog goes home are big reasons so many people refer friends and family to Lakewood Ranch. Buying from a backyard breeder can mean trouble down the line, like furry friends being returned to shelters or breeders as problems arise, including behavioural issues, or massive medical bills from health complications. She says there are some things potential dog owners can look for to reduce the risk of problems.

When a breeder says they are registered, it just means they belong to a kennel club. A licensed breeder, on the other hand, faces some stricter criteria, adhering to the code of practice for Canadian Kennel Operations, standards set by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. It also means the municipality inspects their facility yearly. That means it’s the right size for the number of animals, it’s clean, properly heated and cooled, the dogs are checked by vets, given appropriate shots, and are well fed and socialized. Proper socialization and not releasing a puppy too early will help ensure a better-behaved animal once they’re released to their new homes.

Lakewood also ensures they’re not breeding related animals, since that can duplicate or emphasize genetic problems, and it gives a written guarantee of a replacement animal if one of their puppies dies of a congenital health condition in the first two years. Lin also says health problems can sometimes be a concern with purebred animals who are inbred for specific appearances, which may be detrimental to the animal’s overall health.

The health of the humans at home can also lead to the rejection of an animal. Lin had allergies as a child, so she’s now pleased to offer allergy-friendly and non-shedding dogs like Goldendoodles. She also says they’re the perfect mix for both family-friendly dogs, and for personal-support animals, thanks to their temperaments.

Sometimes the problem isn’t that the dog doesn’t match the family, it’s that the family doesn’t match the dog. A breeder should carefully question a potential owner to ensure they have a properly-sized living space, check on the number and age of children, whether someone will be home during the day with the dog, or whether a dog walker will be hired to exercise the animal. A bored dog could also lead to rejection because of behavioural issues.

Lakewood has an education visit with the future owners of their 6-week-old puppies to come in to meet the animal, in part so new owners interact, and to discuss their preparedness for the new animal in their home. A new dog can be a wonderful addition to a home, providing a lifetime of love, but it can also be incredibly difficult for both the animal and the family if things go wrong. The solution is to take the task seriously and use the education Lakewood provides to ensure both you and the animal can have a loving and happy relationship. At Lakewood Ranch Doodles, their whole family works to make sure your family’s new addition will be the perfect match. Lakewood is always available after the dog goes home to be your lifeline for help and advice. This breeder support is available for the life of your Lakewood dog.


Sharing Comfort for those dealing with loss

Comfort Kits are provided to individuals and families who experience pregnancy or infant loss and are intended to provide gentle direction and lots of compassion.

Theresa Morrison 705.321.1828 | Bridget’s Run sponsor@bridgetsrun.ca | bridgetsbunnies.ca
112 PIE DIGEST @ airsupplyballoons

Celebrating 30 years!




D.C. United Roofing


A home is much more than a roof over your head. In fact, your roof is integral to the structure, protection, efficiency and style of your home. Your roof shields you from the elements but it also protects the building’s interior and exterior. For as long as humans have been constructing their own shelters, the problem of a roof has inspired the use of various structures and materials: mud, thatch, animal hides, tiles, stone, wood, metal and concrete have all been used to build roofing for human inhabitants. Materials and methods have come a long way and it can be challenging to determine what is right for your home with so many modern options.

It’s helpful and reassuring to get some good advice from someone in the business who has a lot of knowledge and experience. When asphalt shingles came along, which were more waterproof and easier to install, they became the norm. Although they are still widely used today, there are new choices that you may not be aware of.

One of the goals for Joel Davis and Sheldon Gowen at D.C. United Roofing is to help you make those decisions. They strive to develop an individualized approach with each client, listening to you, building relationship, understanding the specifics of your environment and considering your budget. Customer satisfaction is important to them; they want to give you quality and make sure your expectations have been met. Their website is an education in itself, containing information on roofing systems, all the components and how they need to function for optimum performance and protection. A simple intake form streamlines the process of getting started. There’s a virtual remodeler so you can upload a photo of your home to try on various styles, (or use a photo of a similar home provided). They also offer payment plans with a simple application process. You will get sound advice based on all variables.

A steel roof, for example, while popular, is much more costly. Aside from a higher price point, there are some other differences. A steel roof is a painted product and therefore its aesthetic value depends upon the condition of the paint. Snow stops are often installed but snow sliding on a steel roof can be a problem at times and could still cause a lot of damage.

United Roofing carries an alternative product that is similar in price point to the steel roof but has so many advantages that it’s in a class of its own. Euroshield, a high-end interlocking shingle system is manufactured in Alberta, Canada. They are made from a unique formula which uses 95% recycled materials, (mainly rubber tires). An average sized Euroshield roof saves approximately 600 – 1000 rubber tires from the landfill.

They are maintenance free and guaranteed by warranty for 50 years (fully transferable for the first 20 years). These “cool roofs” are reflective, locked, impeccable and impenetrable. Your insurance rates will improve and you may get an incentive payment from the government for choosing an enviroroof.

They’re also certified Master Elite installers of the exclusive GAF weather stopper system, a very prestigious qualification. This super protection for the roof decking which is installed before laminated asphalt shingles comes with an amazing 50 year warranty. Only 7% of roofing companies in North America have achieved this certification.

Once your roof is installed, whatever you choose, that’s not the end of the relationship… if you have problems with your roof or require emergency repair, this is a 24/7 roofing service company.


They’re particularly responsive to their own clientele, but they have a great variety of experience among their hard-working crew members, so they have the capacity to repair any kind of roof. (60 repairs in one day after a tornado.)

Their timely, efficient and professional teams deserve credit here, too. After all, the work is only as good as the worker. The integrity with which Joel and Sheldon run the business is evident in the way they take care of their own. While other companies were laying off, during covid, they were actually hiring. They kept everyone busy with training, cleaning and working on some government contracts that helped see them through. “With good faith and good standing”, Sheldon says, “we’ve been able to keep good people.” Being family men themselves, they wanted to make sure that their staff could feed their families and weather the storm. They’ve had many roofers relocate into the area and because they live here too, they like to give back to the larger community as well. They donate time, skills and monetary contributions to Habitat for Humanity, Sick Kids and Candlelighters Simcoe, among others, as well as sponsoring youth sports.

“It’s a family-oriented business”, says Joel, “we want to treat every job like it’s your grandmother’s house or like your kids are sleeping underneath there.” Their crews take that seriously. Decades and generations of experience mean a strong work ethic and expertise that can be drawn on and applied to any problem at hand.

A grandfather who was roofing in the 40’s taught his grandson, Rene Rose, everything he knew about the trade and that young man is now a lead hand at United Roofing.

Another crew member came over from England in the 70’s to teach people how to install Marley tile roofing. All this experience and skill creates a confident and multitalented team whose goal is to mindfully minimize mess and intrusion while giving you top quality service. They stand behind their work and back it with a 15 year labour warranty.

They are succeeding. With an excellent reputation and stellar reviews, they’re one of the highest rated contractors around. They have an A+ rating from the BBB, (accredited, certified and fully insured), and have won Consumer Choice awards for 6 years in a row. Perhaps the biggest brag: becoming Google certified. This essentially means that Google guarantees their work, which includes all of the exterior renovations they offer.

D.C. United Roofing has been in business for 15 years, with owner Joel overseeing the residential side while VP Sheldon heads up the commercial division and high-end residentials in the Muskoka region. They’ve also opened an office in Collingwood, overseen by Chris Rawn. In that time, they’ve become known for superior workmanship, premium components, safety and customer satisfaction.

The next expansion is British Columbia where their services are in high demand and have been requested by leaders in the field. They’ve made it their mission to offer you superior workmanship, the highest quality materials and a premium finished product; protecting you, your family, your home.

118 PIE DIGEST FRIDAY HARBOUR • TORONTO • YORK REGION • DURHAM • PEEL • SIMCOE Resort living specialist. Representing you with extraordinary results. “I specialize in the Friday Harbour lifestyle, where every day feels like Friday! As the leader of the top Friday Harbor team, I am proud to be #1 at Re/Max Canada 2020/21 for transactions, representing buyers and sellers, investors and renters, on site. With my experience and knowledge, you’ll be in the best hands working with me.” Karin Rotem SALES REPRESENTATIVE karinrotem.com 647.262.4357 182 Sheppard Ave W, Toronto


ADM Design & Decor has been renovating and designing stunning bespoke spaces for property owners since 1991. Inspiration central is the 8,000 square foot studio, design and retail space in Newmarket. You can also browse a Lifestyle art gallery and decor boutique at Friday Harbour, where you’re sure to find unique and surprising treasures. The inventory is the ADM difference. Andrea McMullen, owner and principal designer, travels the world seeking innovative, intriguing pieces. “I follow form and function”, she emphasizes, “I’m here to increase the value of my client’s property while making it gorgeous at the same time.”

To achieve that end goal, Andrea has curated a team of professionals to match the stunning inventory. The detailed design process involves careful planning and graceful delivery to ensure that your personality, lifestyle, time frame, and budget are all accounted for. Advising you on the greatest return for your investment is only the beginning. From electrical plans, custom cabinetry, furniture and decor, ADM is with you every step of the way, taking pride in composing, constructing, and finishing your ideal space, designed for living well.

PIE DIGEST 121 DESIGN • DECOR • STYLE admdesign.ca FRIDAY HARBOUR 295 Sunseeker Ave., Innisfil, ON | DESIGN CENTRE 505 Queen St., Newmarket, ON

“I love the career I have created and it all starts with my client’s real estate. Whether I am building it, adding onto the home, renovating or staging it for resale, I’m happy to be a part of the process!”


Part of ADM’s successful formula is their dream team, which gives ADM the edge in designing and renovating residential, commercial, and condominium properties. As the owner and principal designer, Andrea has hand-picked staff that fit well with her personal aesthetic and design sensibility. ADM’s team is made up of interior designers, visual merchandisers, stagers, and licenced in-house construction crews. This advantage allows ADM to organize phases of the project with confidence and complete control for a more efficient timeline. Seamless communication between the design and construction teams means quality workmanship, accountability and a coordinated effort from planning to completion. ADM understands the importance of every detail, finishing touches and move-in-ready results. Andrea strives for “a space that my clients love to live in - to create something that they might not have imagined for themselves.” From potential and possibility, to inspired and impressive, the ADM team encourages you to dream big and let their expertise be your guide to the ultimate construction experience.

RENOVATE • CONSTRUCTION admdesign.ca FRIDAY HARBOUR 295 Sunseeker Ave., Innisfil, ON | DESIGN CENTRE 505 Queen St., Newmarket, ON


We feel inspired and uplifted in the presence of beauty but we may not all agree on what “good” art is. Art can bring that which is distant nearer to us; it can elevate our thinking and take us to new emotional heights. While art often reflects the culture it emerges from, it can also be a mirror in which to see ourselves or our aspirations. Being an artist means finding your own meaning, navigating the unknown and redefining beauty, as you see it.


A wallpapering odyssey

A vacation getaway at Wynn Las Vegas made Katie Hunt want to redecorate when she got home. The incredibly ornate hotel was virtually plastered with wallpaper and she noticed that it added a flair and finish to the walls, so she started there. The instant warmth and transformation of the space was an overwhelming success and Katie has been wallpapering ever since. She had been studying architecture, but this was a major turning point. What started as a home renovation became an odyssey of self-discovery as she realized that she much prefers being out in the field to sitting in an office. She is now a celebrity wallpaper installer, keeping her clients under wraps as she beautifies their homes, one wall at a time. Katie is personally involved in all installations, with a skilled team specializing in high-end, luxury and artisan wallpapers either provided by the client or carefully curated herself. Totally devoted to her craft, Katie has

made frequent appearances on popular interior design and renovation programs: The Property Brothers, The Marilyn Denis Show, Home To Win, Kortney and Kenny, Holmes and Holmes, and Brother vs Brother, (among others), giving her great exposure and launching her career to the next level. She now has the distinct privilege and advantage of working with top interior designers; being an observer behind the scenes, as they set the trends, provides her with valuable insight. Innovation in design has prompted Katie to try a variety of unique and unusual projects: wallpapering ceilings, (“the 5th wall”), covering furniture pieces, behind cabinetry, inside closets and creating surprising, quirky, converted spaces. If you want something even more original, a bespoke wall mural can be hand painted on high-end substrates such as silks or linens, using reflective mineral paints which look exquisite on the wall.


Katie’s enthusiasm is contagious and her projects range from playful to powerful, but the result is always luxurious. She explains:

“Wallpaper design continues to evolve, and wallpaper is fast becoming a staple in homes. I believe that a home interior design is not complete until it has wallpaper.” She even designs her own high-quality wall murals @ REMIXwalls, offering collections that range from whimsical to more mature and edgy. Bringing her art into people’s lives is the best part of the job, as far as she’s concerned: “my collections are all about colour and scale, with crisp whites, contrast, and beautiful soft shades that are camera ready.”

Wallpaper certainly creates a very special ambience. We tend to remember rooms that had wallpaper in them. The patterns and designs become part of our memories, the backdrop to life’s milestones and the landscape of a family. You may also have some less-than-fond memories of stripping wallpaper, yet Katie herself follows the vintage tradition of changing the wallpaper periodically to freshen up her interiors. Of course, she is a professional: “We are at a convergence of technologies in the world of wallpaper where digital printing, wallpaper substrates and installation technology, (such as pasting machines), continue to propel wallpaper to the next level.”


Paper selection is important but Katie emphasizes how crucial preparation is and she suggests using a good wallpaper primer, such as the Roman Pro-977. She recommends sticking to the basics if you’re going to do it yourself: use pre-pasted or non-woven paste-the-wall papers, while keeping in mind that there is considerable skill involved in getting it just right. Katie loves her @tapofix pasting machine, which definitely makes the job easier. She also notes that modern wallpaper pastes by @romanproducts are designed to be easily removed. While new technology and tools are accessible, it would be quite an investment and many people make the cost-effective choice to hire an installer.

The only way to know if you’ll love it in your own home is to give it a try. You can start small, with an accent wall. Katie’s website (katieswallpaper. ca) and IG (@katieswallpaper) are full of inspiration; you’ll soon be envisioning patterns everywhere. What’s right for you or for the room you’d like to embellish? Let Katie give you the experienced advice you need for optimum results: so chic, so elegant, so luxurious.


Pablynie Calabro LIVING IN LUXURY

Living in luxury: it’s not a tagline for Pablynie Calabro, it’s a lifestyle. She summarizes her refined vibe in 3 words: Uniqueness, Experience, Integrity.

Just as every family is different, every home should be unique. Buying an opulent home allows you to tailor that purchase to your needs: a gourmet-quality kitchen for the family that loves to cook, a pool for lounging and entertaining, or a tennis court to help your kids get to the national level. Affluent finishes complete the lux experience. When it comes to high-end homes, Pablynie has an eye for extravagance. She honed her skills in Beverly Hills, the home of true opulence, on the Sotheby’s real estate team.

In the highly-competitive California real estate market, before coming to Canada, she gained experience with multi-million dollar sales. Accomplished in the purchase of investment properties, she knows what makes an estate desirable, and is a tough negotiator.

At a time when building wealth by investing in real estate can be complicated, you want to ensure that your agent has integrity and knowledge. Pablynie concentrates on the market so you don’t have to and can capably guide you through the nuances of contracting and financing options.

FOREST HILL COLLECTION | 10522 Islington Avenue, Kleinburg | 647.870.8477 info@PablynieRealty.com | pablynierealty.com

Expressive from the outside, impressive from the inside. Audi Q8.

Some things are unthinkable. Until they are there.

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This is Your Windfall

Be a part of an inspired enclave where nature & neighbourhood are in perfect balance.

Set at the foot of the Escarpment, Windfall at Blue is an inspired enclave of detached and semi-detached mountain homes next to Blue Mountain Village. This 148 acre master-planned community authentically represents the concept of resort living more than any other in or around Collingwood and Blue Mountain.

The distinctive architecture of the homes at Windfall represents an artful, modern and eco-considerate interpretation of Georgian Bay cabins, cottages and mountain chalets in timeless bungalow, bungalow-with-loft, two-storey detached and semi-detached designs.

A true escape from the ordinary, Windfall at Blue is a place where nature and neighbourhood are in perfect balance. Fully one-third of the land is a Nature Preserve with wetland preservation areas and other natural features. An extensive trail system leads through the forest, linking Windfall to its enviable next door neighbours – Blue Mountain Resort and Village to the west, and the award-winning Scandinave Spa to the east.

Blue Mountain Resort’s expansion of the Orchard chair lift brings the ski slopes literally to Windfall’s doorstep. In the heart of the community is The Shed, a barn-inspired gathering place that forms a hub for residents to network, socialize and relax. Cold and hot-water outdoor pools promote relaxed living.

This remarkable community has been popular since the beginning and has received mulitple prestigious awards. Many families have moved in and are enjoying their new home in this fabulous setting.

Another project developed by: COMMUNITIES GEORGIAN

the country estate, rethought.

When it comes to living the dream, Braestone Estates in the beautiful Horseshoe Valley goes beyond normal expectations to deliver a lifestyle that can only be described as remarkable.

When you drive down the quiet stretch of road to Braestone’s main entrance, beneath the leafy canopy of century old trees, the horse paddocks sharply delineate where the outside world ends and the storied world of Braestone begins. Residents enjoy a secluded, simpler, yet refined country lifestyle, with the convenience of being near countless forms of recreation and the neighbouring cities of Barrie and Orillia.

At Braestone, families experience authentic “Remarkables”: a term coined for the many timeless amenities that have grown organically from the community’s stunning landscape. A full 60% of the land is set aside as a Nature Preserve with forests, trails, and ponds and more. There are literally dozens of “Remarkables” to experience in every season. From watching the stars shine atop the observatory hill called Starfall, to the neighbouring Braestone Farm’s skating pond and maple sugar shack, residents at Braestone can experience this glorious style of living every single day.

The award-winning homes at Braestone are available in a variety of bungalow, bungalow with loft, and two-storey floor plans. Their unique artful architecture combines a simple, yet strikingly modern interpretation of country style influenced by the farmhouses, barns, and sheds of the Oro-Medonte region with refined contemporary finishing details.

Don’t miss your opportunity to live in Oro-Medonte’s last master-planned estate community. Braestone’s final lots have recently been released; book your personal tour of the property to see firsthand how amazing life at Braestone can be.

Another project developed by:

Building small town Canada.

We start with location. We let the land decide what our communities should look like. We create simple yet remarkable amenities to bring families together. That sense of place helps to determine the design and character of each community ’s Master Plan.

Ask yourself if what you’re looking for is a place to live – or a place to Live Remarkably.


There’s nothing like taking adventures to the next level in a Subaru. Firstly, because no other brand has won more IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK+ awards since 2013 (as of November 2022).† And, for added confidence, legendary standard Symmetrical Full-Time AWD for all conditions. It should also come as no surprise that an incredible 96% of Subaru vehicles sold in Canada over the past 10 years are still on the road today.‡ No wonder Subaru was voted Kelley Blue Book’s Most Trusted Brand 8 years in a row.* Book your test drive today.

welcome to uncommon™ adventures Model shown is 2023 Outback Premier XT (PDAPX). See your local Subaru dealer for complete details. Subaru and Outback are regis tered trademarks. “welcome to uncommon” is a trademark of Subaru Canada Inc. †Ratings are awarded by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Pl ease visit www.iihs.org for testing methods. ‡Based on IHS Markit Vehicles in Operation as of June 30, 2022 for Model Years 2013 to 2022 vs. Total New Registrations of those vehicles. *Based on vehicles available in the U.S. market. 2022 Kelley Blue Book Brand Image Awards are based on the Brand Watch™ study from Kelley Blue Book. Award calculated among non-luxury shoppers. For more information, visit www.kbb.com. Kelley Blue Book is a registered trademark of Kelley Blue Book Co., Inc.
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