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Ripple of Kindness

A gathering of like-minded women who recognize the need for community support. Creating ripples of change in our community for the greater good.


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Beloved. Betrothed. Beautiful. CROWNEDBYJULIET.CA

Sunrise kisses.

I am calm. Soon we will have a heart to heart. Face to face. We have been guided to slow down and connect. I am inspired by people, sharing and the tender sunrise kisses I get everyday. A global pandemic comes with many changes, and I believe this time will create a fundamental shift in our values. This has been a journey that has changed history and ourselves. Flatten the curve, they said. I did. And I have enjoyed many moments of the wild journey. The time not taken for granted.

My passion to support local has grown even stronger, making this edition my biggest issue to date. A focus on a selection of businesses who survive and thrive. This digital content runs the gamut from local features to vibrant international art.

Judge Judy inspires independence and wisdom through her personality and drive.

David Yarrow inspires the freedom of being wild.

Executive Yacht took us on a journey of water and wanderlust. FreshSpoke reminded us of our business ecosystem providing an ecommerce solution for fresh, local suppliers. The art in this edition is inspired by an emotional response, as it relates to many.

What I want to say to you all individually would take too long: take the time to take deep breaths filled with compassion, kindness, forgiveness, create art, listen to music, sing, dance, write your story, communicate and love. I am essentially me, being the best I can for us.

Pie Media Group curated content in a time when emotional branding was delicate. Focused on community, and supported who we could as a Pie family. Ultimately, it came down to my sweetheart and I, caring for each other, in our cozy nest. Home is where we are. I truly believe this time has been one of reflection on our understanding of humanity.

With love from my home to yours,




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Design Director

When you are passionate about something, I feel it is important for your passion to be a refection of who you are. What I love about graphic design is the ability to craft imagery and type together to create designs that strike the viewer, right from the first glance. Something you can see with your eyes yet feel with your heart.

As the Design Director at Pie Media Group, I have an intimate relationship with every step of the creative process. I love being a part of reinventing the way Canadian publications approach the medium of print and I am proud to be a part of the continued tradition of crafting beautiful content while reimagining what it means to stimulate readers.

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Making the earth a healthy place one mushroom at a time




An industry first, FreshSpoke’s sales & logistics platform makes local food more accessible by providing wholesale buyers with the ability to source directly from local food suppliers and delivering to Sobeys and Foodland stores using the excess capacity that already exists in commercial delivery. “Instead of putting more trucks on the road, we’re tapping into what already exists and goes largely unused”, explains Marcia Woods, CEO and co-founder of FreshSpoke. “This reduces food miles and delivery costs.”

The Covid-19 Pandemic has upended traditional sales channels used by small to mid-scale Ontario local food producers and processors to generate sales. This has left many local suppliers scrambling to adopt an e-business strategy to sustain revenues and keep pace with the demand for no-contact grocery delivery by consumers.

Online platforms, like Shopify, provide e-commerce tools to facilitate sales transactions. However, they do not address the requirements of delivery, logistics, and traceability, which continue to be a barrier for most local suppliers.

Additionally, a fractured system in which consumers are expected to place orders over multiple sites, incurring various delivery fees, is exhausting and causes friction with consumers.

With interest in local food and home delivery/ no-contact pick-up at an all time high, the greatest opportunity local food suppliers have to generate sales and create resilience is through the adoption of e-business. Providing an organized e-commerce solution creates consistent cash flow while addressing the concerns of local suppliers; food safety, integration, and delivery logistics. This will not only sustain their business now, it will allow for growth far into the future.

Since 2019, FreshSpoke has generated over $1M in sales for local food suppliers through its wholesale sales channel. Now, FreshSpoke is expanding to include home delivery and curbside pick-up from a distribution hub in Barrie that has been secured for this purpose. This facility will serve Simcoe County, Muskoka and York Regions and provide storage and order processing for frozen, refrigerated and ambient products.

FreshSpoke's expansion to residential service will double current local food sales projections and contribute an additional $1.5M in sales for participating local food suppliers by the close of 2020.

Upon completion of this 6-month pilot of home and business, FreshSpoke will be profitable and prepared to expand to other markets in Ontario starting in Q1 2021.

Their deep experience in food distribution and market-proven commercialized technology provides the opportunity for rapid deployment, improving consumers' access to healthy food and prosperity for local food suppliers. FreshSpoke 4

Home ensures that their food systems are more resilient and increases food security in the event of future catastrophic events.


Cinnamon Cookies



2 3/4 cups gluten-free all purpose flour

2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp cinnamon

1 cup unsalted butter

1 1/4 cup granulated sugar

1/4 cup brown sugar

2 large eggs, room temperature

1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract

Cinnamon Sugar: 3 Tbs granulated sugar

2 1/2 tsp cinnamon


1. Preheat oven to 350°F and line a baking pan with parchment paper or a non-stick baking mat.

2. In a bowl, mix together dry ingredients- flour, baking powder, salt, 1 tsp cinnamon and set aside.

3. In a mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, cream together butter and granulated and brown sugar.

4. Next add vanilla extract and eggs one at a time, mixing after each one and scraping down the sides of the bowl.

5. With mixer on low, gradually add the bowl of dry ingredients and mix only until incorporated, do not over mix.

6. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and place in freezer for 15 minutes to chill. You do not have to chill the dough, but it is much easier to roll into a little bar if chilled.

7. Measure about 1/2 Tbs of dough, roll into a ball then roll in the cinnamon sugar and place on the prepared baking sheet.

Bake for 9-12 minutes.






1 cup peanut butter (I like to use crunchy) or almond butter

1 large egg ¼ cup chocolate protein powder (can sub for cacao powder)

1-2 tablespoons cacao powder 1/3 cup honey

1 teaspoon vanilla ¾ teaspoon baking soda ½ - cup chocolate chips or cacao nibs


1. Preheat oven to 350°F and line baking sheet with parchment paper.

2. In a large bowl add in peanut butter, egg, honey and vanilla. Whisk until all combine together.

3. In another medium sized bowl add in protein powder, cacao (or cocoa) powder, baking soda and chocolate chips. Stir to combine, add to wet mixture and again stir to combine.

4. Using a cookie scoop, scoop balls onto prepared tray.

5. Bake for 10-12 minutes. Cool on rack.

Makes 12 Cookies





6 grams of Cannabis, ground finely 1/4 cup granulated sugar.

~yields: about 600mg THC total

1 teaspoon =50mg THC


2 Mason jars


Coffee filter

Small heat proof baking sheet

Heat proof pie dish

High proof alcohol (100 proof if possible)


1. Decarboxylate (gently heat) the Cannabis: Preheat oven to 250°F. Put the cannabis in a small, heat proof baking dish and place in the oven. After 15 to 20 minutes, check the temperature of the cannabis with your digital temperature gun; once it has reached 250°F, put it back for 30 minutes, checking the temperature frequently. If it goes over the correct temperature it will burn and turn the THC to CBC and you will lose potency.

2. Remove the baking dish from the oven and reduce the oven temperature to 200°F. Transfer the Cannabis to a mason jar. Pour in just enough alcohol to cover the Cannabis and seal the jar. Shake the jar every 3 to 5 minutes for 20 minutes, then open the lid.

3. Line the strainer with a coffee filter and place it over a bowl. Pour the alcohol solution through the coffee filter to strain off the plant matter. Gently press with the back of a spoon or your fingertips, being careful not to break the filter.

4. Place the sugar in a heat proof glass pie dish. Add the strained alcohol solution to the sugar and bake for 30-60 minutes, stirring well every 10 min, until the liquid has evaporated and the sugar is evenly coloured. (The colour can change to light to dark amber.)

5. Store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. There is no need to refrigerate. Cannabis sugar is good for 1 year.

Roasting up the best coffee in the 705. DELIVERED TO STRAIGHT TO YOUR DOOR GROUNDEDCOFFEE.CA

Together, let’s come together

Donations of non-perishable gluten-free items can be picked up in the Greater Simcoe Region. ‘safe food for all’. 705.627.8545 | gfreewifey.com/gfreewifey-foodbank

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Grown by nature

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An intimate supper club

When Covid-19 hit, restaurants across the country locked their doors. Some of their owners would eventually just have to walk away. Others were nimble and managed to pivot to a new model. They kept the chefs working, put the waiters on the phone lines, and turned to curbside pickup and delivery. Problem solved, right? Customers got their food and everyone was happy.

Of course, something was still missing. The camaraderie, the interaction, the socialization were all gone. Eating an isolated meal at home in front of the TV just wasn’t the same. Jennifer McLachlan, owner of Newmarket’s Cachet Supper Club, knew she had to come up with a better option. At a time when businesses were flocking to Zoom for virtual meetings, and when restaurant customers were sitting at home looking for anything to relieve their boredom, McLachlan figured out a way to blend tech and entertainment: virtual dinner parties, known as #CookingWithCachet. It starts with something similar to the popular meal kits. The day of the event, a box of fresh ingredients is delivered to your door, all perfectly portioned and ready to go. Customers also have the option to add wine or beer designed to pair with the food on the menu. But instead of just using a paper card to guide you as you cook, you get a real chef, online, using Instagram or Zoom.

The group dinner party has a set start time each week, and you can get your friends and family to join in and interact with other online diners too.

It’s not just about the food, either. Each event starts with live music from local musicians, bringing that restaurant atmosphere into your home, and some events throw in fun extras like yoga stretches or instructions for floral arrangements. There are even games and prizes. Then you and the chef get to work, and you learn all the tricks of the trade, so even the most inexperienced chef can produce a professional quality meal.

For McLachlan, it was originally a chance to keep her staff working and her restaurant in business during a time of crisis. It was also a great way to support other links in the restaurant industry chain, many of which were feeling the strain. She also folded in support from other community businesses. For her customers, it was a chance to go out for dinner without leaving the house and get some much-needed social interaction at a time when many of them were suffering from cabin fever. Now the fun continues. McLachlan is being credited with creating a clever revenue stream for her industry: a virtual dinner party that lets restaurants reach out to clientele at home, for those days when they can’t, or don’t feel like coming in. Or, for when they just feel like having the party come to them!

Great chocolate is an art.


Offering a variety of the highest quality certified organic produce.


A classy photo booth




The Crazy Fox Bistro has been providing the best casual fine dining in Barrie since 1986. Divine meals complemented with fine wines and impeccable service will provide you with an experience that memories are made of.

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Canada is fortunate to be home to many talented and skilled chefs. Among them is an award-winning, worldclass pastry chef, who has dazzled people with his craft for more than a quarter century.

Chef Dimu uses his creative talent to produce edible art. The best part is that not only has he wowed judges in global competitions, but he brings that same exquisite artwork to his customers.

Mastering in superior quality pastries, chocolates, and wedding cakes, Chef Dimu uses modern techniques combined with the purest quality ingredients to deliver a truly exquisite product.

You name it, he can make it: French pastries, chocolate praline or truffles, edible carvings (fruits, chocolate, marzipan, etc), centrepieces, or a unique table arrangement… the sky’s the limit.

Dimu has entered his work in various exhibitions and competitions, and has won many prestigious awards, including two gold medals in the IKA/Culinary Olympics in 2008, and a gold in 2016.

In addition, he holds awards from Culinary Salon in Toronto, taking home a total of eight golds, two silvers, two bronze prizes, the Grand Gold Excellence and Best Professional Pastry Chef and Best Culinary Artist. At the Emirates Culinary Salon he won a gold and two silver prizes.

His passion for culinary art is a great treat to bring home or have delivered.


World Class Pastry Chef




Elegant, Creative and Downright Delicious!

Over 200 varieties of cheese sourced from around the world. Flavours that are wonderful alone, yet reach a sublime tasting experience when presented in the right pairing. Now offering curbside pick up. Shop the variety of gourmet products including a series of Tasting Boxes. www.jadorefinecheese.com




No Holds Barred


That’s the stuff of TV’s most famous Judge, Judy Sheindlin — the Brooklyn-born gal with the nononsense attitude, never taking any guff. As odd as some of the cases can sometimes be, they are all treated with the weight of the law – and the full weight of her tongue-lashing admonitions. Sheindlin has presided over her own courtroom series, Judge Judy, since 1996, and in the process winning three Emmys, and an Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019.

Today, Judge Judy is the number one rated daytime show in America, regularly drawing upwards of ten million viewers each day. Why it’s such a hit is, of course, attributable to its straight-talking star, but she also believes she fills a void, as the show taps into people’s inner desire to see the guilty pay for the harm they cause.

“There is a message of personal responsibility which permeates 90% of the cases that we do. I really think that most people long for a world where people accept personal responsibility for the things they create –both positive and negative – in families, and being good neighbors, and doing the right thing in the community. I think that people really like that,” she explained.

“They seem to, in some areas, be missing it. So, for an hour or so a day, they get to see a good guy who is doing the right thing be rewarded, and the bad guy gets slapped around.”

Fourteen years prior to the launch of her show, in 1982, she was appointed as a judge by New York City Mayor Ed Koch, beginning in Family Court, and later, as Supervising Judge in Manhattan. It was one thing to have an impressive 20,000 cases heard in the course of her judicial career. It was another that she became known for her spiked barbs, and swift decisions, her now-famous signature style. It quickly caught the attention of various media.

“Do I have stupid written on my forehead?”

Her outspoken reputation resulted in features in Los Angeles Times, and CBS’ 60 Minutes in 1993, with the then-50year-old garnering not just national recognition, but opened the door for her first book, Don't Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It's Raining, a critique of the family court system. Two critical moments provided an opening for Sheindlin to be courted for her own show: Judge Wapner’s People’s Court had ended in 1993, and the public had renewed interest in courtroom drama from the OJ Simpson trial in 1995.

In addition to her televised cases, she has imparted her signature wit and wisdom in seven books, many of which have become bestsellers.

Among them are: Beauty Fades, Dumb Is Forever; Win or Lose By How You Choose, and You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover. Keep It Simple, Stupid: You're Smarter Than You Look, shares her brutally honest insights on solving family issues, borrowing not just from real cases on the bench, but values assuredly influenced by what she learned in her own home growing up.

“You know, I was sort of lucky. I didn’t have to go past my own door to find a person who I wanted to fashion my life after. That was my father… He had a sense of fairness and community,” she explained, also adding that her mother was a shining light in “how she wanted to give to everybody.”

In that spirit, Sheindlin noticed how few youth today have people they look up to, and sought to help others have great role models. Along with her stepdaughter Nicole Sheindlin, they created an initiative to help young women move ahead in life, and reach their full potential. Dubbed “Her Honor Mentoring”, it teaches them practical skills, and how to launch their professional careers.

It began when she visited a “state of the art” detention center for delinquents in the American South, that had computers, indoor pools, and a track and field.


On route, she said she noticed a contrast with a public middle school that was “totally deteriorated, but still a functioning school.” It had no air conditioning; the grounds weren’t being taken care of, she noticed.

“Isn’t it interesting that the squeaky wheel, the ones who cause the trouble, the ones who make it difficult to learn, the ones who have to be removed from the community, get all the attention. And the kids from the same community are neglected.”

The Sheindlin ladies took steps to remedy what they saw was a serious issue plaguing young women, the lack of resources for those who need it. Today, program recipients — typically firstgeneration college students, often coming from single parent homes — are assisted with career coaching, and paid internships in the fields of their choice. Imagine having that on a resume: a mentorship in an organization led by one of the most successful women on daytime television.

And successful she is: after a quarter-century of the show in 2020, her net worth was said to be about $400US million. Her brand was so trusted, that in 2014, Hot Bench, a new courtroom program she created and her Queen Bee Productions, produced, debuted in national syndication. Most weeks it ranks as the #3 show in daytime television.

After decades of being at the top of her game, what’s that one piece of advice she offers to get the most out of a career?

“You have make yourself indispensable, no matter who your boss is. Even if it’s your own company. You usually do that through hard work and excellent performance,” she insists. “It all starts with the premise that you try to find something to do that you are good at, and that you enjoy, so it doesn’t feel like work.”

And take it from someone who is good at what she does – and shows no signs of retiring the gavel.

JUDGE JUDY airs in Canada, the U.S. and all over the world. (check your local listings.)

Judge Judy Sheindlin received a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame in 2006. Pictured are Judge Judy Sheindlin and Judge Jerry Sheindlin. Photography Craig Mathew/CBS Paramount Television 2006


As a much-loved Hollywood star, it is fair to say that a great many movie fans would be relieved to know that Dan Aykroyd didn't pursue his initial career plan to become a priest. Instead of following that path of spirituality, he pursued acting, for which he is best known for battling evil spirits in the 1984 box office smash Ghostbusters. Aykroyd has delved into the business of another kind of spirits - alcoholic drinks - selling both tequila and vodka. He was also one of the co-founders of the successful franchise, House of Blues, a themed restaurant business. As well, he lent his likeness to Blues Brothers Coffee, partnering with the late (great) John Belushi’s widow. The move into the alcohol industry came in 2005, when Aykroyd set up a company to import Patron tequila into Canada. Two years later he launched his pride and joy – made-inNewfoundland Crystal Head vodka. Dissatisfied with the existing vodkas available, which he claims contain additives, oils and artificial flavours, he decided to create a pure version for the market. The unmistakable bottle – a glass skull – was a “mystic Indigenous element.” Within fifteen years, 13 million units were sold and distributed across 70 countries. The vodka has won scores of high marks at worldwide competitions. What have you discovered about the business world? The moment I entered the acting trade I was in ‘show business’, and I had to market and broker deals for myself. Any actor who goes into the business has to work with a broker or agent who establishes ones’ value and make a sale. Every audition is a sale, then you have to follow it up with a contract, union obligations, tax planning, as well as – if you have a good job as an actor – investment.

Then, when I was originating my projects; that is selling a piece of material, setting a value, brokering a deal. So, I’ve been in ‘show business’ all the way through. It’s not too hard to look at the numbers in another dimension.

What are some key qualities to leadership?

The first thing is that you have to respect what other people are doing for you, respect that they have skills and abilities that you may think you know something about, but you don’t, because you don’t do that particular function within an organization. Let them do their work. Let them teach you. Learn about it. Lay back and enjoy the results. The other thing, in a team, is to immediately make the decision as a leader to remove any poisonous elements, any elements that are going to be clashing with personalities because of a fault with a person. You meet people sometimes and you think as a leader or executive, ‘They are so skilled and great, but their behavior is appalling. If their mother and father couldn’t alter their behavior, it’s not my job to do that.’ Those people have to go.

“Don’t give up. Keep at it. Prepare for disappointments, but those disappointments will filter your experience.”

The Duct Tape King STEVE SMITH

Steve Smith is likely one of the most generic names in the English language, but there’s nothing generic about the television character the actor created, Red Green. Launched in 1990, The Red Green Show centred around the bumpkin handyman, in a lampooning of home improvement and outdoors shows.

The show’s famed segments include “Handyman Corner” and “Possum Lodge Word Game,” as well as the obligatory DIY contraptions cobbled together with his trusty sidekick, duct tape. Because "…if the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.” The show lasted until its 300th episode, in 2006, making it one of Canada’s longest running comedy series.

Since the time the series ended, Smith has brought the Red Green character to the stage in sold out shows across the US and Canada, but is considering shelving the duct tape. But that doesn’t mean new and old fans are left without their dose of this quirky handyman’s legacy. There’s always Smith’s four books, written in character, including Woulda Coulda Shoulda Guide to Canadian Inventions, and Red Green’s Beginner’s Guide to Women. Online, the shows continue to be watched, and have accrued millions of views, and Red Green’s homepage offers regular messages from the Lodge. He grabbed the duct tape one last time in 2019, for a North America-wide live tour of his much-beloved television character. One of the last shows, on the “This Could Be It Tour,” was at Barrie’s Georgian Theatre.

Pie Digest caught up with Steve, er Red, and picked his brain about life, the universe, and the Zen of mismatched suspenders. Why did you decide that this last tour was going to be your last tour?

Well, it's been a lifelong pattern of mine to not be the last one to leave the party. I don't want to do that one tour too many for a live performance. Just trying to make it a pleasant experience for everybody and a good memory, rather than you know, ‘you ruined it, and you ruined a 40 year career in the last six months.’ Ha ha. It doesn't seem like a good idea. Honestly, let's leave it on a high note. Are they laughing with you or at you?

I would say with me, because there's definitely an affection for the character. I don't think you laugh at a character that you like. Fair enough. What has made the character so endearing?

It's a strange combination of characteristics in Red Green. I think at some basic level, there's common sense, and some of the things he says, there's a lot of creativity and ingenuity in the things he does. And what that equals to, is a tremendous amount of self-reliance and self-sufficiency. I mean, when something breaks in Red Green's world, the last thing he reaches for is the telephone.

He's going to grab a roll of duct tape or some zip ties, or bailing wire, or something. Anything to make it work. And people like that. It kind of gives you that sense of independence.

Red Green was on PBS, and PBS folks used to say to me: ‘you know, this show is smart.’ I said: ‘Oh yeah. It's not a lack of intelligence it's a waste of intelligence. It's a much higher calling.’

What is Red Green's proudest contraption?

If I had to pick one, it would be the very last episode, episode number 300. I made a perpetual motion machine, that would have worked, but I couldn't get it started.

To me that to me says it all. The perpetual no-motion machine.

There have been a lot. I do "a clip of the week" (and one was) the amphibious car, where I mounted an aluminum boat under the car, rather than on the roof, because I thought it was too dangerous on the roofs. I put tractor tires on a Honda Civic, like the rear tractor tires, the big ones, four of them on there. And then I decided it's probably amphibious, so I drove that into a lake.

A question from Facebook, from Rita: "What advice would you have for a woman who just moved to Sault Ste. Marie?"

[Laughs] Don’t unpack. How did Duct Tape become so central to your character?

I really thought that the duct tape was kind of... the physical world's version of Red Green.

You know, it was kind of a quick fix. Somewhat effective, short term results. But it allows you to get on with life. So, it really was a metaphor, for the whole Red Green attitude. And it's funny, because it really resonated as soon as I started using duct tape, and called it the handyman’s secret weapon.

It connected me, connected the Red Green character, with something much bigger than that, that a lot of people related to. It really helped me boost the brand by associating it with duct tape.

I'm surprised that there isn't now a Red Green company label of duct tape.

You know there probably should be. We went to 3M very early and said: ‘we think you're selling a lot more duct tape.’ They said: ‘we absolutely are. Thanks, what do you want?’

What’s the most valuable relationship advice you can offer?

Here's the one I would deliver: If your wife is having fun and you're not, you're still having way more fun than when you're having fun, and she's not.

Would Red Green, the character, in the 21st century, be any different?

Absolutely no. And this is something that struck me, as society changes a lot, more than men do. They're being dragged, kicking and screaming, and Red is such a simple person.

When I ended my tour, I ended with a wish, that my fans would have a simple life. Try to be as self-sufficient as you can be. Don't complicate your life.

What trait can Red Green teach us, to be better friends?

I would say be a low maintenance friend. If you've got a friend who only calls when they need something, and they call every day for a year, it's time to cull the herd. Hospitals have intensive care units, not intensive need units, so that's a step in the right direction.



Water, Wealth and Wanderlust

Derek Mader, president and CEO of Executive Yacht, provides the alchemy to turn dreams into reality for his Canadian and international clients. As an industry leader in the sales and resale of luxury yachts and superyachts, EY is providing full-service education, consultation, management and acquisition of a signature boating experience. For busy executives, investors and business owners, Derek and his team work to exceed his client’s expectations while tailoring a vessel that fully represents a mark of achievement for its owners.

A genuine enthusiasm for boating was always part of Derek’s DNA and, even as a young boy, boats were very much a part of his joy and focus. “My passion with boats goes back a long way. I started boating as a kid with my family and I built my first boat with my dad before I had a driver’s licence. It was something that I was invested in at a young age and I just never really left the business. I got hanging around boats and marinas and that bug just never left. It stuck with me forever.” This early interest speaks to the passion at the core of his business and his understanding of a very specialized industry of luxury watercraft. Those early years provided the foundation for lifelong passion that led to Executive Yacht’s special place in the yachting market. These boats are far beyond the utility vessels that the mainstream recreational enthusiast would enjoy. The product lines that Executive Yacht represent, speak to the affluent client that is investing in a bespoke yacht or superyacht that often marks a reward for them personally and professionally.

That “trophy” often personifies the accomplishments of the client and it is a symbol of success and “arrival”. So, who is the typical investor in luxury watercrafts? Executive Yacht’s Head Office may be in the heart of Toronto but that does not mean that the reach is limited to the Canadian borders. EY primarily works with the Canadian consumer but also works with clients in the US and European markets as well. “We meet the client where they are,” Derek emphasizes. These consumers are busy with business, travel and family so they do not depend on the physical office in Toronto only. EY will travel to meet them directly. Technology also plays a big part in the process and our world today can facilitate the exchange of information and continue to move the process along when physical meetings are impossible. True to our domestic roots, the Canadian investor is surprisingly modest when it comes to “visible wealth”. As of 2019, North America represented approximately 43% of the global collective of affluent purchasers so EY is, very much, well positioned to service this discriminating group. The yachting industry has always been part of this culture but what is interesting to note is that the clients accessing this market typically have not come from a boating background. Derek points out that over 85% have never owned a boat previously. So, entry is not exclusive to the experienced boater. Some will use the craft for personal use, some will enter into a charter program and others will do both. There is much flexibility in ownership and EY is connected to facilitate how the vessel is used.


Charter programs are helpful to assist with carrying charges when the yacht is not being used for personal enjoyment. All these options carry different financial and opportunity costs and a full understanding of the ownership picture is tantamount to the patron motivation. Clients today view the investment in a yacht much like a real estate investor would view purchasing a cottage. What has changed in recent years have is that it is not an “either” “or” choice between a vacation home and yacht - these investors will probably have both. Let’s talk products…..Executive Yacht is working with some of the world’s signature brands and shipyards in the Industry.

The Ferretti Group represents a product line of Italian distinction and mastery that includes: Ferretti, Riva, Pershing, Wally, Custom Line and CRN. Ferrari, who is also a stakeholder in the manufacturer, aligns their brand with this signature company and further defines the exclusivity that translates to couture crafts. In this arena, anything is possible. Executive Yacht is the conduit to “make real” the contemplations of his clients. How the crafts will be used is one of the first conversations. Other parts of the macro conversation may be: how many guests, what features are important (eg. Hot tubs, beach clubs, etc), will there be a need for a crew, where will the vessel be used, etc.

Likewise, the details can be as specific as matching the stitching to that of their sportscar seating or the colour palette of the interior design. Oh, and let us talk size. The typical yacht ranges in size up to 100ft and the superyacht starts at 100ft plus. It all depends on the dream. And when you have the ability to enter this market, your dream is both limitless… and very short lived. Surprisingly, the yachting investor will replace this purchase with new yacht every 1.5-2 years. Once bitten though, the possibilities are endless, and clients are usually discussing the next purchase on delivery day of the current yacht.

As Derek points out, exceeding the client’s expectations is the fulcrum of Executive Yacht. From face to face meetings at the Italian shipyards, consultations at private homes or zoom meetings across continents, the task of building “the vision” is an exciting process. Creating a product experience that is tailored and custom every step of the way is the cornerstone of Executive Yacht. It is an exciting business that is never passive. The desires of the client, the changing technology and manufacture of the yachts themselves and the ability to create synthesis and integrated collaboration, where vision and execution meet, is the highest reward for EY and its partners.

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coalition of leading women entrepreneurs and community partners launched XcelerateHer to unite women entrepreneurs and connect them to the support and resources available in the central Ontario entrepreneurial ecosystem.


What features do you look for when choosing a designer bag?

Classic style, artistic details, roomy compartment, or is it more about the way you wear your bag: across the body, over the arm, or as a handbag? Perhaps there are other factors in your decision-making process. As consumers, we are beginning to understand how our choices make an impact. There is incredible power

in how and what we choose to spend our money on. Eve Cork's mission is to support your belief that style can include a positive, ethical impact. Not only are we providing other people with a means to make a living, but our choices say a lot about our values. We know that the production of everything we see has a cost, that there are raw materials involved. What are those materials, and who does the making?


Some people are asking the question: can living things really be deemed raw materials?

Is that what I believe? Ideally, we want a product that aligns closely with our own values.

Jennifer Vandervelde is the name behind Eve Cork premium vegan handbags. Her journey was gradual; she had always loved animals and recalls that in her teens, she just didn’t feel right about eating meat. She began to make changes. By the time she was in university, she was vegetarian. Her awareness grew. She chose to educate herself further, learning more about the animals that we traditionally raise for food. She began to search for leather alternatives, so that she could feel good about what she was wearing on her body, and carrying, as well as what went into it; this proved to be quite difficult. She recalls travelling abroad in those early years of awareness and getting excited about merely spotting some advertisements for a vegan shoe company – a rare treasure. Things have changed, and there are growing numbers of people who are interested in a plant-based diet and lifestyle, but finding good products is still challenging. Leather alternatives are often lacking in quality; the texture, processing, chemical component, and even the scent are factors. Additionally, consumers who are interested in supporting compassionate companies are also concerned about fair and ecological practices in production.

Jennifer was thrilled to discover the Eve Cork line of designs. She fell in love with the material immediately. The cork fabric is supple, lightweight, smooth, durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. The lining is organic, vegetable-dyed cotton, and the Italian-sourced hardware accessorizing each bag adds a little panache. Investing in a single bag wasn’t enough; Jennifer was eager to take on the company, making only the slightest adjustment to the logo, while keeping the excellence of the product intact. These bags check all the boxes: no animal products or harsh dyes or chemicals are used, the materials are sustainable and ecologically harvested, and the beautiful hand-crafted designs are fairly traded. Eve Cork is cruelty-free from start to finish, and PETA approved,

but Jennifer wanted to see for herself what was involved in the production of these gorgeous bags. Everything Eve Cork carries is imported from Portugal, where the process from harvest to artisan takes place, and where Jennifer met with her supplier. She wanted to make sure that she was taking on a truly sustainable and fair product that she would be proud to represent, and that would fill a growing need: informed, aware consumers who want high-end options. What she discovered is the incredible cork oak tree. While there isn’t actually a shortage of cork, it must be harvested responsibly. Eve Cork bags begin here, where the bark of the cork oak is carefully cut by hand and laid out to dry. The outer layers are utilized in other products, but the softer, inner bark is the real magic of these bags. Once cut, the trees are carefully marked with the year of harvest. Sustainable practices dictate that this tree cannot be cut again for another 9 to 10 years. Meanwhile, harvesting the bark is actually good for the tree! The cork oak grows stronger and lives longer as result of this careful, knowledgeable process, allowing them to continue to grow for as long as 250 years. In addition to this assurance, there is an added benefit: the trees will actually filter more carbon dioxide from the air once the bark has been harvested, in order to regenerate. This is the picture that like-minded consumers need to see in order to feel good about toting around a fabulous, hand-crafted designer bag: unique, ethical, and sustainably sourced. The quality and integrity of the brand is powerful, and it speaks to the passion of a woman who is much more than an animal lover, she is her ideal customer: buying with an ecological conscience and supporting cruelty-free practices and products. She urges us all to “think about what you’re buying and where it’s coming from. Even small changes can have an impact.” It’s sound advice, and we are hearing it more and more. When choosing a designer handbag, what features are you looking for now?

Eve Cork, available exclusively at evecork.com.




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Canadian Craftsmanship

vineyard vogue

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When he was twenty years old, in 1986, David Yarrow snapped the now-famous London Times photograph of Diego Maradona holding the FIFA World Cup in Mexico City. It was the harbinger of what was to become a multi-decade stellar career as one of the foremost living fine art photographers. Yarrow’s evocative photography has earned him a following among art collectors, and placed him as a regular feature at established art fairs and galleries.

In recent years, he has set price records for photos. At the Sotheby’s photography auction in London in May 2017, Yarrow’s iconic image from South Sudan, “Mankind” sold for $75,000. In April of 2018 “The Wolf of Main Street” – with a real wolf standing on a bar table– sold for $100,000. And in December 2019, “The Wolves of Wall Street,” a depiction of the partying elite business class, sold for $200,000.


Even the casual observer will note that whether it’s wolves, or other beasts of the wild, Yarrow’s signature work involves peering face to face with some of the Earth’s most exotic creatures.

“The hardest animals to shoot well are the most dangerous and the most scarce, so that would probably be the polar bear and the tiger,” he explained. “They both have their own issues in terms of photographing them, and because they are not that common, you get a visceral rush when you see them. I think the big tusk elephants – there’s probably only about 19 left in the world - when you come face to face with them, that’s probably my most exciting.”

As much dedicated to immortalizing animals on film as he is to saving them, in 2016, the royalties from his book Wild Encounters were donated to Tusk, the British NGO focusing on African animal conservation.

“Tusk has relationships (in Africa) that are two or three generations long, and that helps,” he said, noting the importance of funds being trusted to go where they need to go.

“But if you had to pick out the two animals that we are most concerned about, it would be the lion – we do a lot of work for lion conservation – and then elephant conservation,” he said. The book received major endorsements: a foreword written by The Duke of Cambridge (Prince William), and was awarded Art Book of 2017 by Amazon.

After Wild Encounters he followed up with the 2019 photography book, David Yarrow, with royalties again donated to Tusk, and WildAid in the US. Showcasing 150 eye-popping images, it features a foreword written by NFL star Tom Brady and an afterword by American supermodel Cindy Crawford. Suffice it to say, being in the field to set up a shot with the unpredictable nature of nature, is one of the job’s toughest challenges.

“We had a shoot in Botswana. It was a complicated shoot, it was a nice shoot, but the previous night a hundred elephants showed up in this watering hole.

And we’d been told that happened for the previous five nights – so we spent the day preparing, then when it came to the night not one elephant turned up.

There’s not much you can do about that.”

But even with a hundred elephants showing up, the task isn’t anymore to grab a snapshot in time.

The goal is to be relentlessly compelling, since in recent years, people have become insatiable consumers of images.

“We are the most visually content generation that ever lived. This is true of the moving picture as well as the still picture. We are visually spoiled and are more discerning than we used to be. For what I do, I have to try five times as hard,” he lamented.

“I think, to put more interesting stuff in now is a high bar, because everyone has seen everything. So, our threshold for what is mundane is much higher than what it was.”

Mobile devices have changed everything.

“I think Instagram has made photography go from a peripheral art, to a mainstream art. It is the most relevant art form for our children, and therefore for us all,” he notes.

“For photographers, what has happened is like what Dickens says in A Tale of Two Cities, ‘It’s the best of times and the worst of times.’ It is the best of times in the fact that the medium is totally recognized and appreciated. It is the worst of times in that there is a plurality of content.”

With decades behind the camera, and hundreds – if not thousands – of subjects represented in his art, the question must be asked: which is his favourite?

“I think the best answer to that is, ‘I haven’t taken it yet,’” he noted.

“I think you always have to have a mentality that your best work you haven’t done yet. If I thought that the best picture I took about eight weeks ago was never going to be bettered, that’s a miserable way to wake up everyday.”






I started making my knitted masks in the beginning of April 2020 when the virus was at its peak here in Iceland, but we are very lucky on how well we‘re recovering from it. Before the change of the everyday I was working on a big show of upcycled sweaters collaborating with the second-hand stores of the Red Cross of Iceland for Design March in Reykjavík and now after this mask adventure I’m putting my focus back to that project.

Now face-masks are becoming such a necessity and part of our life I thought it could be interesting to translate my ideas into that form, inspired by current events. I was not expecting to connect well with the form of the face mask, but it makes sense, I do use forms of the face and expressions a lot in my usual work. I was not expecting them to become so popular and being written about all around the world, I’ve seen articles in Russian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and now Canada with this article.

I didn't really make the masks to wear, in my mind they are more like wearable sculptures, not made for safety more as a fun approach to the rule of keeping distance, if you look scary enough people will stay away! The masks could work as fashionable covers over the real deal face masks. I am offering People my experimental DIY tongue knitting pattern. (www.yrurari.com/shop). People with basic knitting knowledge can easily transform that pattern to something similar to my masks. I think this is the time to develop some new skills and knitting has proven to be soothing for some people!

I‘m very happy with the responses for my masks, and they seem to give people some laughs, smiles and maybe the occasional eye rolling, which is just fantastic, this is a good time to spread out some joy while we keep on following all safety measures, take care of each other.

Take care of you! @yrurari






This music section is dedicated to a special person, Darryl Weeks. Darryl was my brother, my best friend and my hero. Darryl and I grew up in a typical rural Ontario household with hockey games on Saturdays and Sunday dinners with family. Starting at a young age Darryl always had a passion for music. While other kids were listening to hair bands of the 80’s Darryl was listening to bands such as New Order and The Smiths. All of this influenced him into the obsession of the Manchester music scene and Manchester culture. Darryl always had an ear for the “next” cool band. I remembered as teenagers he used to come home excited with new music from The Charlatans, Oasis and Verve. Later in life he would advise me about upcoming bands such as TOY and Average Sex. When Darryl and I were in school we did not have much money to spend as students. Sometimes, we had to make choices on whether to purchase groceries or the new Primal Scream CD. We always chose the Primal Scream CD. As life goes, Darryl got married and had a beautiful loving family of his own. With the support of his new family, Darryl launched Stage Fright Publicity where he had the opportunity to represent his favorite band The Charlatans and many other great Canadian and International artists. Darryl became accomplished and well known in the Canadian music industry. Stage Fright Publicity was not just a business to him, but it was his way of sharing his love of music to the world. Personally, I will miss going to record shops and concerts with Darryl, we used to get so excited to see our favorite bands. I will also miss flipping through his record collection showing me his latest purchases, and explaining to me in detail why the records were significant to own. Most of all having him as a brother. To everyone, please enjoy this music section, go out and support your local record shops and go to concerts as soon as you can.

I will miss my brother, my best friend, my hero forever Bryan Weeks



Love , your brother Bryan

TIM BURGESS incorporating a city into music

One to Another, peace to my brother.

In the fall 1990 my 16-year-old brother came home with two of the first three cd singles (The Only One I Know and Then) from an up and coming band from Manchester called The Charlatans. Little did we know the impact that these two CDs would bring. With the Manchester scene echoing across the world The Charlatans were becoming the benchmark of cool. The leader singer Tim Burgess would become a major influence on two teenage boys from Barrie. The Charlatans would release over 13 incredible albums over the next 25 years and with each album was a history lesson in music. The Charlatans introduced us to Bob Dylan, Curtis Mayfield and Northern Soul. In the last eight years Tim Burgess created record label O Genesis and released three solo albums and published two books an Autobiography –Telling Stories (2013) and Vinyl Adventures (2016) which every record collector should read. With no grass growing under his feet he has released his third book, One, Two, Another, which is an arm chair guide to Tim’s inspiring work.

Explain the process of writing music. Who is your biggest influence in music?

There are different processes, some are solitary when a song lands in your brain and it’s a case of translating it into music and words. At other times it could be with all of The Charlatans, or sometimes one of them - often Mark. So, it’s a case of finding the circumstances that make songwriting possible and seeing what happensoften not much, and then it can hit you like a bolt from the blue.

My biggest influence isn’t necessarily another artistmy son is 6 years old and he has an amazing world view. As far as other musicians, everyone from Bryan Ferry to Quelle Chris - I’m always checking out new music too. I’ve been making music for over 30 years, so it’s ever changing too.

We hear The Charlatans are in the studio. Any hints what the next record is going to sound like?

Well that could be awkward as they must be doing it without me! We played a few gigs over the summer and have a couple next month but we’ve not been recording. I’ve just finished a solo album and I was tweeting photos from the studio, so that might have confused people.

Some of the recording was done at Rockfield where we’d recorded lots of classic Charlatans tracks but the record has its own sound - with strings and even some castanets making an appearance. So, yeah, no new Charlatans songs yet but never say never.

Any plan to write another book?

It’s not really crossed my mind. It’s more of a case of enjoying the events around the publication and taking some time away from the typewriter. Maybe it’s like when people run a marathon, straight after finishing, it’s not something that you consider, until you wake up one morning and think about doing it all again. I’ve never run a marathon, by the way. That could be an idea for a new book.

What records are you listening to right now?

Chastity Belt, Daniel O’Sulivan, 10CC, Miss World, Keel Her, Claire Welles, George Clanton, Boy Pablo and Sky Ferreira.

Love , Bryan

BORN RUFFIANS Canadian Rock Indie

Born Ruffians are an energy packed indie rock band from Midland, Ontario. Uncle, Duke & The Chief (2018) featuring single Forget Me should be on everyone's playlist as it was on my brother's. Be aware Born Ruffians' spirit is very contagious. They are great supporters of the Canadian Music Therapy Trust, which is a music therapy service to help improve the mental, physical, and emotional health for Canadians.

Mitch Derosier, Bassist

Where is one of your favorite places to write music? We've been to just about every jam space/rehearsal factory that Toronto has to offer, which all range from grim and dank to very chill and dank. When we first started this band and moved to the city, we lived together and had a dank basement to practice and write in. Ever since then I think we've been chasing that feeling of being able to wake up and head downstairs whenever an idea struck. We've rented places outside of Toronto that has more space where we can live, sleep, eat and jam whenever we please, as opposed to booking a time and clocking in and out at a rehearsal space. My favorite has to be an old church that has been renovated into a loft a few hours outside of Toronto.

Even with the creepy lifelike sculptures that occupied the place and water that smelled like farts, the charm of sleeping under the same roof and getting up excited to play music was worth it. What was the first album you purchased?

I had some regrettable first albums. Some I wouldn't even consider albums. The WWF Theme Music soundtrack. The soundtrack to the Austin Powers movie. I loved Barenaked Ladies but I'm pretty sure my dad bought me those records. The first record I remember going into a store and buying it with my own money was The White Stripes' Elephant. I cherished it almost as much as the WWF record. Where is your favorite place to play? We have been to a lot of places. I love the hospitality and sightseeing in Europe. You get to a show in Germany and they've put out a meat and cheese spread, and then say, "Hey we're all going for dinner, c'mon". I love the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland. It's connected to its own hotel so after your show you can stumble out of the venue and fall face first into your bed. I love the Hume in Nelson, BC. It's a magical place that may only exist in our minds. Really I could go on forever because we've been really fortunate to do this for our job for so many years and travel to so many places. I want to be able to put Japan on this list.

Love , Bryan


The Rural Alberta Advantage is a humble folk song writing trio (Amy Cole, Paul Banwatt and Nils Edenloff) with Alberta roots and now in Toronto. The band has released four stomping studio albums in the last ten years, debuting with Hometowns in 2008 that gained International attention as the highest selling act ever at the time on eMusic Selects, a popular US Indie Music website. The RAA’s follow up album was Departing (2011) which was nominated for the 2011 Polaris Music Prize and two Juno Awards. Departing contains my personal favorite song, “Under The Knife”, and a chilling video for single “Tornado '87" about the devastating Edmonton tornado of 1987, which occurred while Nils Edenloff was living there. Mended with Gold (2014) is a faster paced and progressive album that The RAA propelled with vigor. They came back to more of their original folk sound with The Wild (2017) and the single “White Lights”, which is just simply a perfect song for a beautiful album. The band is currently working on their fifth studio album, a process that started off in their rehearsal space and now has progressed to much different socially distant recording sessions from their individual homes.

Explain your favourite music memories?

Nils: There have been a number of moments over the last couple of years where I have had to stop for a second and just try to take it all in. But recently, I’ve been thinking back to the first show that Amy, Paul and I played in Feb 2006.

For a sliver of time The Rural Alberta Advantage existed as 5-piece. We played a couple of shows, most of which went ok, some better than others. After a particularly bad show, Paul and I decided less is more and went the 2-piece route. We realized that something important was still missing and we coaxed Amy to come back and starting practicing with us. From the very first show that we played as a trio (Clintons in Toronto), there was something special that worked and connected with people at the show. It was the first step towards getting to where we are today.

Amy: We are lucky to have been a band for this long for many reasons, one of which is that we've gotten to experience a lot of my favourite music memories with each other. Watching amazing musicians like Sharon

Jones and the Dap Kings, Bahamas, St. Vincent, The Tragically Hip, and so many others perform from the side stage at music festivals we get to play too are special moments that I never take for granted.

Paul: There are a few- Playing Coachella was one. Our first show in the U.S. was another – it was a sold out show at Pianos in New York City, and people knew all the words to our songs. The most unforgettable moment, though, was touring with The Hip, and getting to play “Canada Geese” and our song “Stamp” with Gord Downie.

What inspires you to write music?

Nils: I really do enjoy playing shows- getting out on tour, seeing the songs touch people in vastly different ways and meeting people after we play is something I don't think I will ever get tired of. However, as anyone close to me can attest, there is nothing that causes more stress and anxiety than writing new songs. I thought it would have gotten easier with a few albums under the belt, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Some days it feels like a futile effort trying to will something into existence. That moment when you figure out what makes a song work, and it all comes together- there is no greater feeling. Who is your biggest influence in music?

Nils: I don’t think it really comes as a surprise but I’ve always been drawn to singer-songwriters in general, of which Canadian ones have always had a special place in my heart. My dad was always a fan of Gordon Lightfoot which I have fond memories of as a kid. That led to discovering Hayden in highschool, then Leonard Cohen and Gord Downie’s solo music in University. That being said, I feel like musical influences are more of a tapestry, so it’s hard to pick out one major influence over another.

Paul: Honestly, these days my bandmates are my biggest influence. Nils and Amy have really different musical taste, and in our space we’re always bringing in different references. I’m always learning from the kinds of things they’re feeling, and it inspires me to try things outside my comfort zone. Amy and Nils said I’m their biggest influence too, right?

Love , Bryan


You’ve probably never heard of Porch FM.

In the era of iTunes and Spotify, there is becoming less and less humanity in the art of making a playlist. Algorithms and artificial intelligence have taken over the roles once occupied by select friends and family responsible for helping guide one’s musical journey, and establish a unique sense of self that only evolves as one dives deeper and deeper into the music they discover.

Porch FM is here.

The principal contributors: Mic#1, HitGirl, D-Wreck, and Dr. Weirdstuff, along with an ever-evolving cast of characters, curate an entertaining, eclectic, weekly mix of music that features everything from brand new material to deep cuts from the familiar and the obscure. Their decades of collective experience in and around the music industry informs a tremendous cross-section of genres, eras, and styles that coalesces into a real treat for the listener. Touchstones for the program include indie rock, new wave, post-punk, and electronica, but it’s not unusual to find them venturing into broader territories on a regular basis.

The program was borne of a simple idea to capture sessions that were already happening, quite literally, on the porch of the show’s producer, Mic#1. Sharing the show with a wider audience became possible with the discovery of mixcloud.com, a website platform that takes care of copyright issues that would otherwise prohibit broadcasting music globally. That was when the project really gathered momentum. It rapidly gained followers and listens from around the world, and continues to grow steadily.

A relatively new wrinkle in the growing archive of shows is the development of more focused programs entitled the “Showcase” series, that take specific subjects or areas of interest (Mute Records, Steve Albini, Sabresonic Studios, Canadian punk rock), and present the material in the context of a historical document. These shows often feature first-hand accounts and anecdotes from those that were there (Dave Dysart, Don Pyle, Jagz Kooner, Gary Burns), and is dedicated to informing an audience in much the same way as Alan Cross’ The Ongoing History of New Music series or BBC’s legendary John Peel.

Come for a visit, and spend some quality time on the Porch.

THE FIRST 10 RECORDS FROM THE FRONT OF DARRYL’S SPECIAL SOUL RECORD BOX 1 - STONED LOVEThe Supremes 2 - LOOKING FOR YOU Garnet Mimms 3 - I'VE BEEN GOOD TO YOUBrenda Holloway 4 - MISTER HIPDetroit Soul 5 - SEND HIM BACKPointer Sisters 6 - I'LL DO ANYTHINGDoris Troy 7 - THE GAMEWayne Gibson 8 - GO AHEAD ONDusty Springfield 9 - OH BABY DON’T YOU WEEP Luther Ingram 10 - MAKE ME YOURSBettye Swan

B.KNOX an unexpected musician

There are countless musicians who played out their passion in university pubs and gigs in their twenties, never to pick up a guitar again. Singer/songwriter B. Knox might have been one of those. He hung up his performance shoes, got to work as a teacher and didn’t think much about a future in music. It was more than a decade later when he started to pick up the odd chance to play in local Ontario restaurants and bars. That’s when he realized how much he was missing it.

The intervening years also gave him something else: life experience, good and bad, that gradually turned into a full slate of songs about love, loss, redemption, and more. That, combined with encouragement from friends and family, led to the release of a few singles, and now, his very first album.

Titled Heartbreak & Landscape, it features powerful emotional lyrics that look at decisions made, regrets that followed, the passing of time, and eventually learning to hope again. As someone originally from Newfoundland, Knox says he was also influenced by Canada’s landscapes, from lush and verdant to tough and resilient, and those themes are folded into the album as well.

Wide, barren spaces and brutal weather are external forces that can have just as much play on our emotions as internal ones.

His style is known as Americana, or alt-country, blending blues, country and roots rock, with both acoustic and electric guitar, plenty of storytelling, and a voice that’s not afraid to show vulnerability. There are keening vocals full of longing, pedal steel guitar and lyrics about madness and deceit that leave you feeling like you just read a great novel.

Knox was hoping to take those stories on the road, but as the old saying goes, man plans, and God laughs. A global pandemic was what it took to derail the tour, and put a damper on bar and restaurant performances for a while to come. That won’t hold him back, though. He’s already making plans to head back into the studio to lay down a whole new series of great stories and gravelly tracks, ready to tug heartstrings all over again.

DAVID BOTTRILL molding a cohesive sound

Record producers are often unsung heroes; they are quietly working in the background and only the utmost curious listeners will dive into albums credits to discover whom the team members are. A producer's role is critical in helping bands develop their sound, they coach musicians to be the best that they can be. They help mold an album into a cohesive sound that reflects the artists’ musical personality and talent. Meet David Bottrill, an internationally regarded Canadian record producer. He is the recipient of three Grammys, and over the course of his 30-year career he has been credited on over 100 albums, many of which reached #1 on international charts. David has produced an array of genres over the years, from progressive rock, alternative music, metal and world music. He produced acts such as Peter Gabriel, Dream Theater, Tool, Muse, Silverchair, Godsmack, Placebo and The Smashing Pumpkins, just to name a few. David has worked across the globe but is always happy to return to his home base in Toronto. Feeling the importance of giving back, David has also been on the Board of Directors of Make Music Matter for the past 10 years. MMM is a non-profit program that provides support through music therapy for survivors of sexual violence and other traumas.

Who where your idols growing up?

I had many musical idols growing up. Early on I would sneak into my brother’s record collection and there I found bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. The music was dangerous and as an early teenager, that was exciting. Then my brother, who also was an idol of mine, took me to a concert. I knew nothing about the artist playing, but the show was so long and exciting that it truly did rearrange how I thought about music. The artist was Bruce Springsteen and the tour was for the Darkness On the Edge of Town album.

What is the one album you wished you produced?

I don’t know if it’s a fair question, as the records I love, had I produced them, then they would be different records. Having said that, one that comes to mind is Grace by Jeff Buckley. It has such a great combination of stellar musicianship and passion that at least I would have loved to have been a witness. Who are some of the bands you are working with right now?

I am working on 4 great projects at the moment, all are slated to be released in 2020. I recently travelled to Pioneertown, California to record with Chris Corner (IAMX) http://iamxmusic.com, I am producing and mixing an acoustic album of some of his material spanning his career. I have also been spending time in Montreal, Quebec to produce and mix a project for an artist named Elsiane, http://www.elsiane.com/. Later this month I’ll be entering the studio with a group of seasoned Toronto musicians, who recently formed a new band called Imperial Ashes. This will be their inaugural album. And in the summer, I began pre-production with a new young American band from Chicago called Doublespeak, which we will be recording later in the fall. What album(s) changed your life? Definitely the aforementioned Bruce Springsteen album, and also of course his Born to Run album. I tell people the first 4 albums I saved up and bought (I never ever bought just one album when I went to the record store) were Led Zeppelin 4, Hotel California by the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours and Joe’s Garage Vol 1 by Frank Zappa. Those and really, my brother’s entire record collection changed my life. He didn’t leave them under the bed as he was leaving town like in the movie Almost Famous, but the results were similar.



Stay informed, stay safe.




Dr. Weber trained at McGill Medical School in Montreal and completed her residency in Family Medicine at the University of Toronto, opening her practice in 2001. In 2005, Dr. Stacie Weber’s Cosmetic & Facial Rejuvenation Clinic opened its doors in Barrie, Ontario. At first, she kept part time hours at the medical spa, but her passion grew. In addition to the experience she gained working as a surgical assistant in plastic and reconstructive surgery, she took on additional training. After 15 years as a regular care physician, Dr. Weber closed her family practice and devoted herself entirely to medical aesthetics. While she is organized and meticulous, she’s also creative and artistic. The change was about a more specific vocation; it was about joy. “I get to make people feel better about themselves… it’s fun!” (her eyes light up) “but it’s serious, too.”

While there is a science to beauty and what the human brain finds aesthetically pleasing, the goal isn't necessarily to bring patients closer to that formula. This is where artistry, medicine and experience intersect. It should not be an assembly line sort of process, since each person is unique.” The consultation process is crucially important, and it’s why Dr. Weber offers a complimentary preliminary meeting. “It isn’t about altering your features to look like someone else –it’s about highlighting your natural beauty.” Her understanding of the complexity of underlying facial structures and artistic mastery enable Dr. Weber to deliver the ultimate in medical aesthetic treatments.

The goal is to accentuate, to soften. “I’m pro-aging!” she says emphatically. “It’s all about balance –youthfulness comes from within.”

Dr. Weber is enthusiastic about meeting new patients who are looking for comprehensive care and an individualized plan. She has a loyal team with their own areas of expertise. She has patients who have relied on her team for over a decade – it’s an indication of a positive, caring relationship as well as results. Many of her clients work in the medical field themselves – a considerable vote of confidence that suggests a reputation of integrity.

“We have a tendency to take care of things that we find beautiful,” Dr. Weber observes, noting that many of her patients report an improved motivation to eat well, exercise and maintain healthy routines for themselves following procedures. Her goal, aside from giving the best medical care possible, is for all of her patients to feel that way - to be able to see their own beauty and let that be the beginning of a powerful, positive relationship with themselves. From that very first meeting, Dr. Weber provides patient education and confidence in care - but it's also an opportunity for patients to explore their perceptions and feelings about their own appearance.

"There is something beautiful about everyone", Dr. Weber smiles, "and it's quite a privilege to help them find and enhance it.”

Connection + Purpose = Joy SHARON SMITH

If you were to ask Sharon Smith of Connect Hair Studio to give a single word to describe her almost four decade journey in the crazy, creative world of hairstyling, she would say ‘joy’. As a master stylist she is an artist, educator and entrepreneur who has given countless hours to promoting the industry she loves so much.

Her journey began with persistence and a bit of good fortune. Early in her training, a group of stylists left Vidal Sassoon’s and, through necessity, the apprentices were put on an accelerated program which saw them being trained by some of the icons of the industry at the time.

Legends such as International Art Director, Tim Hartley, as well as teachers and art directors from Great Britain, Los Angeles and New York instilled a work ethic which would direct her throughout her career. Perfection was demanded – mediocrity was not an option. Less than perfection sent you off the floor and back to training. Being a part of the ‘Sassoon’ culture was highly demanding, but exciting and fulfilling at the same time.

To graduate, hopeful stylists had to present a choreographed final show – make up, music and wardrobe in different categories demonstrating different aspects of cutting styles from men’s to Sassoon’s famous geometric creations. If a stylist did not meet expectations they were only given one more chance.

What Sharon learned, beyond the skills of precision cutting and the artistry and science of hair, was an understanding of the complexity of the hair industry: the changing trends, creativity, boundaries, and the importance of relationships with clients.

The Sassoon’s culture pushed all boundaries and expected every stylist to meet their internationally renowned standards and then go beyond.

Another huge impact on her career has been the work of Dr. Lew Losoncy, a psychologist who focuses exclusively on the beauty industry. His work has helped her better understand the intensity of relationships created between stylists (and their artistic egos) and their clients. Dr. Lew emphasizes the power of human touch. What was so challenging to attain in the beginning is easy to give and Sharon finds joy in being able to teach and develop new talent stylists, especially those who are truly hungry to learn. If she had a single piece of advice to give an upcoming stylist she would tell them to always be open to learn. Learning is a lifelong experience and the truly outstanding stylists push themselves and learn from others all the time.

In recent years, apart from her volunteer work, joy for Sharon is specializing in creating make-overs: a totally new look for clients who are ready to embrace themselves in a different light. It is not simply the cut or colour that changes. The stylist must bring their client on a journey of trust that prepares them psychologically for a completely different image. The client must feel confident that the change will reflect them and make them feel good about themselves as they step back into their world. The best cut is nothing unless the client is truly in love with it.



Stress Release

When it comes to the stress in our lives, it can take a toll on our mind, body and energetic body. As a chiropractor and acupuncture provider, Dr. Runyon addresses all three components with meditation, spinal alignment and auricular acupuncture. The latest research in psychology has shown us that the mind has a unique ability of protecting us from stressful states if it believes we are in harm's way. To accomplish this, the conscious mind can consult our sub-conscious mind for past experiences and emotions or it can harness information from the body via the vagus nerves. It usually does both simultaneously in the blink of an eye to form the most appropriate reaction to the world around us. However, that ‘appropriate’ action is all in the eye of the beholder. The mind is divided up into two parts: the conscious part and the sub-conscious part. The conscious part is responsible for keeping us alive and executing our decisions. It coordinates our breathing, our digestion, our movement and even our short-term memory. However, there is a limited storage capacity in our conscious mind. When it comes to the subconscious mind however, there is an unlimited amount of storage space available. So much so, that the capacity of the sub-conscious mind is still an elusive scientific question.

A great example for you to envision is a library and a librarian. The sub-conscious mind is the library that holds books on anything and everything you could ever imagine. The books hold all of your feelings, emotions and past experiences. While the conscious mind is the librarian. It is the librarian's job to choose the most appropriate books to help solve the issue it’s currently facing. And more importantly, just like you can go through a library and update books with newfound knowledge, you can do the same thing with your sub-conscious mind through meditation! The oldest part of our brain houses our twelve pairs of cranial nerves. They control our ability to see, hear, taste, chew, smell, smile, swallow, turn our head and feel our face. The longest and most unique pair is the vagus nerves. “Vagus” is Latin for ‘wanderer’ and it was named this because of it’s massive length and many innervations. The left and right pairs of vagus nerves are for mostly receiving information from our tissues and transmitting it back to the brain, but they are also responsible for activating and shutting down tissues with commands being transmitted from the brain. The vagus nerves alone innervate the following seventeen structures: ears, taste buds, soft palate, vocal cords, thyroid, thymus, lungs, heart, stomach, liver, gallbladder, small intestine, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, urinary bladder and the majority of our large intestine.


You’ve probably read somewhere that the nervous system in our body is divided up into sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathetic (rest and digest). The sympathetic nervous system is primarily located in the middle of our back. You know that unrelenting upper back pain and stiffness? This might be because you are overusing your sympathetic nervous system due to all the stress in your life! The sympathetic nervous system is meant to be a back up system for times of life-threatening stress. The problem with our lives today is that a Monday morning deadline for work is now being perceived as a life or death scenario. Your mind will spend all weekend mobilizing your fight or flight system so you won’t be able to sleep, digest your food properly or think of anything else except for the deadline. If this is you and you find yourself ‘always falling asleep during meditation’ you are experiencing sympathetic system burn-out. This sympathetic system was meant to be a back-up system only so it’s resources are limited. Ideally, you want to spend 80% of your day in rest and digest mode where those vagus nerves are fired up. If your nervous system has been out of balance for a long time and you find it hard to relax, consider getting a vagus nerve treatment. This is a one-of-a-kind proprietary protocol that was developed by Dr. Runyon. It combines the power of deep breathing, meditation, fascial release and acupuncture. You will leave the treatment having felt like a reset button has been pushed!

Breathing – is by far the MOST profound way to take control of your nervous system and ignite the vagus nerve into action – emphasis on the slow EXHALE.

Diving reflex – splashing cold water on your face, holding ice cubes to your face or drinking very cold water and holding it in your mouth

Probiotics – preferably lactobacilli and bifidobacter. These have been shown in double-blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled studies (which are the gold standard in research) to decrease psychological distress after 30 days of daily consumption. If you’re not into taking pills, you can reach for more fermented foods like: yogurt, kombucha, kimchi, kefir, sauerkraut, etc.)

Gag reflex – you can do this in the morning while you brush your teeth to activate the vagus and start your day from a calm state or before bed when you’re brushing your teeth again

Singing Loudly – it doesn’t matter how good or bad you are at singing, just put on some songs that you absolutely love and sing them in all different pitches. This will get your vocal cords vibrating at a tone of different frequencies, creating a symphony of vagus stimulation

Evoking a sense of safety – in places where you need to de-stress. Feng shui your bedroom so it does not stress you out. Remove tv’s or digital devices. Cover your alarm clock if it is a lit-up one. You should not walk into your house and feel unease. The easiest and cheapest way to evoke a sense of safety in your home is by de-cluttering. Other ways that are not décor-related are: making connections with loved ones, hugging, laughing, kissing

Loving-Kindness meditation – this is a traditional Buddhist meditation that has been consistently used in research setting. For the most part, this particular meditation is the factor behind all those headlines that read “meditation is good for our health”. It is believed that its success is attributed to the fact that it’s non-denominational. Although it’s a Buddhist’s meditation, there is no religion or dogma in it. It is simply a meditation that focuses on visualizing your ideal self, giving so much love to that self that it spills over and you can share that love with friends, family, strangers, acquaintances and the world.

"Helping people heal physically, mentally and emotionally through the use of Homeopathy"

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Kleen Green Naturally

A preformed enzyme cleaner specifically designed to assist in removing and eliminating dirt, germs, and odors naturally from hands and surfaces! Order yours here!


Once you go sugar, you never go wax!

Experience the sweeter side of hair removal with our professional Sugaristas. Don’t be shy, we are professionals that strive to make everyone feel comfortable!

Hair removal for men, women and teens.

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Strengthisnotfound in theabsenceofstruggles but in the ability to work through them.
“ ”




Nestled within the Carolinian forest, Langdon Hall is one of 14 properties in Canada recognized by Relais & Châteaux for a standard of excellence. Only one hour from Toronto and the Niagara area, Langdon Hall is a place for those who admire beautiful things and timeless experiences.

Langdon Hall has always been known for incredible Five-Diamond dining experiences, exquisite accommodations and storybook architecture. After years of development and obsessive planning, Langdon Hall’s latest addition includes a one of a kind event venue, a new spa, and eight luxurious guest rooms.

Sitting on an estate of 75 acres of woodlands and beautifully landscaped gardens, Langdon Hall provides guests with a sense of home away from the stress and complications of urban life. Offering 60 luxurious guest rooms and suites dispersed throughout the Main House, Cloister and Stable Wing.


The well-tended gardens surrounding Langdon Hall Country House and Spa were originally designed by the Olmsted brothers, who had completed numerous high-profile projects, many of which remain popular to this day, including the United States Capitol and White House Grounds, Yosemite Valley, and New York's Central Park. The grounds and gardens have been created as natural spaces that give people not only pleasure, but relief from stress, and spiritual freedom. Today, Langdon Hall boasts a garden wonderland, with 75 acres of Carolinian Forest, beautifully manicured lawns, and cultivated displays of colour. The gardens are brought to life and expertly maintained by Head Gardener, Mario Muniz.


The Spa at Langdon Hall is situated within the peaceful country estate. Julie Simcox, Spa Director, and her team offer a complete indulging spa service menu that is sure to please all guests. All spa visitors are welcome to enjoy some of the amenities of Langdon Hall, which includes the comfortable sitting rooms; the tennis courts and croquet lawn (available May-October); 12 km of walking trails; whirlpool and sauna; indoor exercise room; and Langdon’s famed vegetable and flower gardens. The Spa at Langdon Hall exclusively carries Valmont skin care lines, offering guest therapies and treatments that set new standards of excellence while delivering the utmost in relaxation, revitalization and rejuvenation. Created in Switzerland in 1985, Valmont is known for its scientifically advanced skin care products, incorporating cutting-edge Swiss technological research and Glacial Spring Water into all of their luxurious products.


Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa has 60 guestrooms and suites, all spacious and beautifully appointed, many furnished with fine antiques. With some of the most luxurious accommodations in Canada, all rooms feature feather beds with down duvets: many have a sitting area with wood burning fireplaces. Some rooms also feature private terraces overlooking the gardens. Guests are welcome to enjoy the amenities of Langdon Hall, which include the comfortable sitting rooms; the tennis court and croquet lawns; 12 km of walking trails; whirlpool and sauna; indoor exercise room; and Langdon’s famed vegetable and flower gardens. No matter what you decide to indulge in, the staff at Langdon Hall will arrange a day for you to remember. Some on site activities include: shopping at the Spa & Gift Boutique, exploring woodland trails, participating in cooking demonstrations, relaxing at the outdoor pool, taking archery lessons, indulging in wine tastings, using sports equipment and the exercise room, and taking advantage of the wonderful garden and history tours.


The gardens are just as useful as they are beautiful; the kitchen garden serves as constant inspiration for Chef Bangerter’s masterful creations, with fresh homegrown ingredients being foraged and harvested to be incorporated into 5 Diamond cuisine.


Notably an influential leader in the culinary industry, Chef Jason’s unbridled passion for excellence is fueled by his dedication to supporting and developing sources for sustainable, responsibly produced ingredients. As a focal point of his culinary vision, Chef Jason recognizes the importance of preserving a “sense of place” throughout his work and its impact on the future. As a champion for Canadian products, Chef Jason ensures over 80% of all food and drink in the restaurant is sourced from the Ontario region. This includes ingredients grown in Langdon Hall’s own kitchen garden, foraged from the surrounding Carolinian Forest and through supporting the local food community. When sourcing beyond Langdon Hall’s estate and surrounding region, Chef Jason’s commitment to quality and sustainability does not waiver. That is why he ensures every seafood and fish item on his menus are an ocean and fresh water certified choice. This enables guests to have an experience rooted in ethical choices that protects the health of the environment and the biodiversity of our food systems for generations to come. Chef Jason has successfully crafted a talented team that shares his philosophy and vision. Living by example, he is equally proud of his role as an innovator and a mentor, continuing to have a profound effect on Canada’s culinary scene.

Notable accolades include:

• Slow Food Canada Hero Award, 2019

• CARE’s Ethical Chef Days, Canadian Representative, 2019

• Ranked 4th top restaurant by Canada’s 100 Best 2019

• Iron Chef Canada, Champion 2018


The creative, award-winning cuisine at Langdon Hall starts with looking out the kitchen windows. It is inspired by the seasons, wild produce growing in abundance on the property and the bounty of the kitchen gardens. Relationships have been built with local farmers, foragers and artisans who hold similar beliefs of providing wholesome natural products that have been prepared with care and respect. They create dishes with purpose, embraced with a story behind each product and a glimpse at the terroir of Langdon Hall. All the ingredients combined, create an experience like no other, so grand, so captivating that it is impossible to forget. As the seasons change, the menu changes to reflect the reaps of the harvest. Langdon Hall proudly supports local farmers, foragers and artisans. As a Feast On certified and Ocean Wise partner, they are committed to ensuring their menu items are sustainably and responsibly sourced. In addition, they also have the luxury to forage wild produce growing on the property and harvesting from their kitchen gardens. This allows menus to be created to showcase a unique “sense of place” experience.



A reimagined century-old farmhouse perfectly located in Prince Edward County. Visit @redbarnfarmpec on Instagram for booking information.

Providing an unplugged outdoor environment where you can connect with all the senses of nature and the peace of quiet, eat outdoors, eat local and organic food. Unwind and breathe deeply…. Rest and relaxation guaranteed! :)

Nestled amongst the trees GEORGIAN BAY YURT

The Yurt rental (yurt.georgianbay) is an obvious sistering of our offerings on our property in the Beaver Valley. Nestled amongst the cedar trees in close proximity to Bills creek, a vital waterway that runs through our property playing a constant lullaby. The yurt space is a ‘glampers’ dream. A secluded retreat environment where one can really ‘get-away!’ Guests can take a 20 minute walk to the local Kimberley General Store, purchase locally grown supplies to make your own outdoor barbecue or take a day off and buy homemade foods and desserts.

The restaurant, Justin’s Oven, is a Friday night local favourite; wood fired pizza! Dine-in and enjoy a glass of wine, or dine-out fireside at the yurt camp site. We invite and welcome you to disconnect from your daily doings and reconnect with yourself and loved ones. Take an adventure walk and remember what if feels like to be a kid at play. Get lost and find yourself! Breathe deeply, let go and most importantly… Have Fun!

We are all in this together

Let T-ROC make your renovation dreams come true! Our team of skilled and experienced home renovation professionals work together for you, from initial consultation through to project completion, with respect to your home and schedule, to make your vision a reality.

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Shop our local home furnishings boutique at 65 Big Bay Point Rd in Innisfil or online at harbourhomeinteriors.com/shop

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Kare packages are customized goodie bags supporting local artisans for small groups and events.

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Ceramic is nano-ceramic, glass-like coating coating that provides a tough protective barrier against UV damage, environmental contaminants, scratches and corrosion. Dirt and water will bead up and fly off, leaving you with that freshly waxed look.


Paint Protection Film is a clear polyurethane film that is placed on a vehicle to help protect against stone chips, scratching, bugs, bird droppings, sand blasting and other road debris.


Window tint is a thin layer of dyed film that adheres to the inside of automotive glass to reduce sunlight that contributes to extreme temperatures inside the cabin. Window tint also reject harmful UV rays that discolour and fade the interior finishes.



Making the most out of Outdoor experiences.

Minutes to inflate, becoming rigid and supporting up to 1000kgs, the Island Pad will provide your family with the extra space they need for all their favourite water activities.




TerraBaltic is an investor and developer of luxury waterfront rental properties in Muskoka and Georgian bay. Chase Mariano and Vojtek Szwedowicz conceptualize each project and provide clean finishes and comfort for their cottages and their guests. Their love for family and four season waterfront living is the impetus for Terra Baltic.



Creating custom home design solutions specific to clients needs and wants. Meaningful spaces that utilize every square inch of a new home. Small Dwellings takes a holistic approach to every project with a balanced focused on sustainability, cost-effectiveness and incredible architecture.

We are all admirers of the tiny house movement, but the question remains; is this minimal lifestyle sustainable in your changing life?



Personally or professionally, you are a reflection of those that surround you. Who you decide to work with is one of the most important decisions when considering your investment transaction. The professional partnership you have with your realtor requires a relationship built on trust, market knowledge and the ability to be there for you when you need them. Our “Dare To Be Different” approach is about: a different standard of accessibility, unique and multichannel marketing and a relationship that extends beyond the transaction.

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Explore Mountain House at Windfall and imagine living in this four-season playground. This exclusive mountain community has it all; the chalet lifestyle; the tranquil Nordic spa-inspired amenity area; the connecting trail system; the perfect suite design with fabulous features; spectacular views of Blue Mountain and the excitement of the Village nearby. Mountain House offers chalet living as it was meant to be.

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