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Applauding Mental Health Awareness Mary Walsh Mark Shapiro Michael Landsberg HISTORY IN THE MAKING

Arianna Huffington SLEEP REVOLUTION









It’s your community.

MaKE a SPlaSH!

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W W W. S T A P L E S D E S I G N G R O U P. C O M



eyes lips cheeks chin jaw neck

m w
























chest body

Photography Korby Banner

N o N - s U rGIc a l sol UtIoNs

achieve results with combination therapies lasers + skIN care + INJectaBle NEW! Coolsculpting fatfat reduction New! coolsculpting– permanent - permanent with no surgery no downtime reduction with noand surgery and no downtime

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w w w. l a s e r h e a lt h w o r k s . c o m


Dear Readers,


elcome to the newest slice of Pie, a Digest with many wonderful flavours to digest!

Pie goes Canadian exploring from Barrie to MontTremblant to Fogo Island Inn. A delightful visit to my other home — Newfoundland — where one of my dream teams of photographers, Dan and Sebastian, offer up a series of breathtaking landscapes that reveal the beauty of the island and the hospitable people who reside there. Flipping through the pages we move from the “Rock” to life’s rocky times, as we open up the conversation about mental health. At one time a controversial topic that was discussed only in hushed tones and veiled in stigma, Pie offers up real life celebrities and business people that are sharing their personal diaries to stand up for progress and bringing mental health to the forefront. We dedicate this edition to a courageous group of people who are not only sharing their stories, but offering advice on how to nurture one’s health. Like our cover story with pop singer Steven Page, who candidly speaks about his own battles, and how he overcame them. We also feature comedian Mary Walsh and television personality Michael Landsberg, who speak openly about their struggles, and what they have learned from them. As you move through the pages of Pie, we take you on a journey from mental fitness to physical fitness, in the areas of health, sport and wellness. We learn how snowboarder Alex Massie has travelled the world, winning medal after medal, rising above his physical circumstances. Journalist and entrepreneur Arianna Huffington tells us all about the body’s need for sleep, and of course there’s Blue Jays CEO Mark Shapiro, keeping an eye on his players’ skills, talents and strategies.

As always, we take pride in our local businesses and their accomplishments, and feature stories on Gary Kopp and Leah Smith-Size, and how you can live life to the fullest. The Greater Simcoe Region has a finger on the pulse of what makes this area a unique place to be. That’s why we are here. Location is everything.

Sandra Roberts CEO/Editor-at-Large/Publisher

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Kris Caetano


Fine Irish Tradition of Great Food, Quality Ales and Genuine Hospitality


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Peter Moore

Craig Wallwin

400 Blonde Ale

Flight Delay IPA

Billy Bishop Brown

Watermelon Summer Ale

Now available in The Beer Store and LCBO

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“Innovation is the only insurance against irrelevance. It’s the only guarantee of long-term customer loyalty. It’s the only strategy for out-performing in a precarious economy.”

Innovator of the North

Chef Marco Ormonde Creates a Beautiful Palate photos

Jan Strouhal


“I LOVE THIS CITY!” 221 Cundles Road East, Barrie

Devon Spence Owner, Era 67

“Here at Era 67, we guarantee to highlight Canada’s beauty with the highest quality of food that is prepared with the utmost passion.”

Era 67 Restaurant & Lounge

64 Mississaga St W, Orillia | (705) 259-1867 www.era67.com



Photographs, Memories and Keepsakes


hen you’re looking for a great new way to

treat guests at an event, and to capture memories at the same time, one idea that is gaining popularity is PhotoBooth2Go.

What is PhotoBooth2Go? PhotoBooth2Go is a creative open air photo booth supplier

to the Future, Great Gatsby,

that began five years ago. In

Christmas in New York, Sock

its first year, we had nearly a

Hop with Fonzie, Avengers, 007,

hundred events, and in recent

Las Vegas, and more plus kids

years about one a day. Three

themed events. We also provide

quarters of our clients are repeat

a wedding “Memory Book”

clients. We pride ourselves in

that people can sign, as well as

being one of the top innovators

a custom flash drive with all of

in photo activation. In 2015 we

your photographs captured at

started Photo Party Extreme.com

the end of the event.

to use cutting edge technology

Smart Green 4D we could put people in, behind and in front of the DeLorean, and with

experience with Smart Green

What clients have really motivated your growth?

Technology with 3/4D effects,

When a clients asks for us to

Future, the people could be on

Morphing, Light Paint Parties

do something we have never

hoverboards and with Marty

and a lot more.

done, we love the challenge.

McFly and Dr. Brown.

to create an unforgettable photo

props special for Back to the

That has happened with CDW,

What services do you provide that are different than other event booths?

Bank of Canada, Mercedes

With the same technology we can

Benz Financial, Marriott Eaton

place you with any celebrities,

Center, Great Wolf Lodge,

including Julia Roberts, Ryan

We print hard copies of photos

Restaurants Canada, Ottawa

Gosling, Kim Kardashian,

in under twenty seconds, we

Golf Show and more.

Justin Bieber and more.

offer instant ability to email and and we supply WiFi. We can

What are some of your favourite photos?

offer amazing themed events

I think of the most recent:

— just use your imagination!

With the Bank of Canada’s

Some examples include Back

Back to the Future theme, with

Facebook the pictures on-site






Barbara Allin

he 3 day diet. The 7 day diet. The

in our daily meals and snacks are jam packed in a

grapefruit diet. The cabbage soup

glorious whirl of all fruits and greens you love, and

diet. The lemon detox diet. The

even some you don’t. RIPE explains: “Many people

don’t-even-eat diet. The diet just

eat the same vegetables every day which violates

to say you’re on a diet, diet. It’s enough to make

the principle of regular food rotation and increas-

anyone’s head spin.

es their chance of developing an allergy to certain

foods. Juicing expands the number of different

It’s enough to send you right to your freezer

for some Haagen Dazs. Media has a reputation for

phytochemicals that you receive as each vegetable

giving people what they think they want, but not

offers unique benefits. Juicing also allows you to

actually what they need. The “get-rich-quick, out-

consume vegetables that you may not normally

er-beauty” mentality. Well, society is waking up!

enjoy eating whole.” Only one juice is loaded with

People are stepping up and stepping out into the

the recommended six to eight servings of fruits

spotlight, armed with information and inspiration

and vegetables a day. One juicer explains feeling

on the seemingly “new-age” lifestyle of healthy

a “kick start” of energy and overall general sense

loving and healthy living. A healthy narcissism

of well-being. “There is no price limit for your

that is all about how to get oneself clean and

health! You get what you pay for!”

healthy, from the inside out.

of juice cleansing. From beginners to the seasoned,

Meghan Attwater and Lindsay Haley of Barrie,

Along with daily juice, there is also the option

Ontario, know a thing or two about what it takes

juice cleanses eliminate toxins,

to maintain the type of healthy lifestyle that puts

filling the body with vitamins

the bounce back in your step and the glow in your

and minerals, renewing and

skin. Owners of RIPE Organic Cold-Pressed

restoring health and

Juicery, nestled in the heart of downtown Barrie,

wellness for both the

these two entrepreneurial beauties have taken

body and the mind.

juicing to a whole new level. Along with a team


of staff, RIPE works around the clock crafting nut mylk for smoothies, creating energy balls and fresh salads daily and pressing and bottling juices in-house. Many question the difference between throwing some fruits and vegetables into a regular blender, versus going the cold-pressed juicing route. It’s called HPP. High Pressure Processing. This modality of juicing takes up to six pounds of organic, fresh fruits and vegetables and presses them to extract every last drop of savory goodness, into just one cup. Nutrients and enzymes lacking 32 PIE DIGEST


Protein Pancakes • 1½ cups egg whites

Flourless Black Bean Brownies

• 1½ cups black beans, rinsed, drained & puréed

• 2/3 cup rolled oats • ¼ cup fresh or frozen berries

• 2 eggs

• ¼ cup protein powder

• ½ cup unsweetened applesauce

• ¼ tsp vanilla extract

• 2 mashed bananas

• ¼ tsp cinnamon

• 1 tsp vanilla extract


• ½ cup cocoa powder

• ½ tbsp peanut butter

• ¼ tsp salt

• ¼ banana

• ½ tsp baking soda • 2 tbsp honey

Blend all ingredients until a batter forms. Over

• ½ cup dark chocolate chips

medium heat, melt coconut oil in a skillet. Pour small amount of batter and flip when lightly

Add all ingredients, EXCEPT chocolate chips, to

browned. Evenly brown both sides. Serve with

food processor. Blend until smooth. Add chocolate

fresh berries and sugar free syrup.

chips after batter is well blended. Pour batter into

HINT: Prepare ahead, cool pancakes, place on

8x8 greased baking dish. Bake for 30–35 mins.

wax paper to separate and freeze. Reheat in

Let cool for 10 mins then cut into 16 bars.

microwave for 30–60 seconds.

Serving Size: 1 bar

Serving size: 2 small pancakes

Protein: 2.8g, Carbs: 14.2g, Fibre: 3.1g, Fat: 3.4g

Protein: 16g, Carb: 10g, Fibre: 3g, Fat: 0.63g

Recipes by Robin Clay | Owner & Operator of Robin Clay Fitness “Your Body, Your Goal, My Passion” | robinclayfitness.com | 705-305-7593 photos

Stephen Plumley


The Creation of Swirleez Frozen Yogurt Inc photo

Chris Digerati


he birth of Swirleez began while

and creativity to bring in our own product line

on a family trip in Myrtle Beach in

and decor ideas. We wanted to offer more than

March 2013. After a fun game of mini-

just delicious tasting frozen yogurt. From the

putting, our family felt like having

beginning, we have offered home-made crepes

an ice cream. Around the corner from us was a

and waffles — warm, comfort food that could be

quaint, bistro-style shop called The Barking Fish

accompanied with a scoop of our yogurt, fresh

Yogurt Company. We were happily greeted by the

fruit and paired with a cup of our freshly-brewed

middle-aged female owner who explained this new

coffee or loose leaf tea. All of our products and

concept to us, spoke of all the health benefits of her

supplies (other than our printed custom yogurt

yogurt and showed us how to help ourselves to the

bowls) are sourced locally here in Ontario with

yogurt machines and toppings. We were hooked! I

many right here in Barrie.

fell in love with the ability to create your own treat

from choosing what flavours of frozen yogurt to

respond more readily to customers’ needs. Upon

dispense into your bowl to the variety of toppings

several requests to host birthday parties, which

to top it off. I was like a kid in a candy store!

was not in the original business plan, we rented

additional space behind Swirleez that serves as

My husband and I being entrepreneurs, our

Being independently-owned also allows us to

“wheels” started turning as we indulged in our

our fun Party Room and meeting space for up

frozen treats on the bistro patio. “Would the

to 20 people. Our birthday parties are a hit with

people of Barrie embrace something like this?” we

both kids and parents alike! We have trained party

asked ourselves. “Would frozen yogurt survive in

coordinators that lead the children through a

the North where it’s cold 5–6 months of the year?”

variety of fun, yogurt-related games and activities

We thought, yes! So that family trip started an

as well as teach them how we make a batch of

endeavour that eventually became Swirleez.

yogurt in our Yogurt Factory. And of course, they

get to enjoy a bowl of yogurt of their own choosing.

Upon returning home, we researched all

aspects of the frozen yogurt industry from

design, franchises, suppliers, locations, names,

yogurt flavours based on customer demand

We have brought in various toppings and

and colour schemes to accessory product

because we care about our customers, we listen

items and equipment. We chose to build our

to our customers, and we want everyone to have a

own independent store rather than purchase

very positive experience at Swirleez. >

a franchise because we wanted the flexibility



Swirleez has recently added an extensive dessert menu and specialty coffee program.


rom our first explosive weekend when we

amongst many Swirleez customers (including the

opened on May 8 , 2014 to winning the

owner). We continually bring in new flavours,

New Business Award seven months later,

new flavour combinations and new products for


we strive to continually “WOW” our customers

our customers, especially our “fans” who come

with our delicious products, cool chic decor, and

regularly, even daily!

unsurpassed customer service. After hearing over

and over from our customers how happy and

a social, cultural and fun meeting place in down-

cheery they felt when at Swirleez, we actually

town Barrie where everyone is welcome and feels

changed our tagline to “Your Happy Place”

comfortable. Whether you come to enjoy a bowl

because that’s what we are.

of delicious tasting frozen yogurt on our beauti-

ful waterfront patio or to enjoy a hot mug of our

We would put our frozen yogurt up against

Our vision moving forward is to make Swirleez

any others, as we believe (and are told almost

gourmet hot chocolate by the cozy fireplace in our

daily) that we have the best tasting and creamiest

lounge, we want everyone to leave feeling happy.

yogurt around! We make our yogurt fresh on site

with fresh milk (skim, 2% or homogenized) and

menu and specialty coffee program, our aim is to

plain, non-fat natural yogurt. Our flavour bases

become more of a dessert lounge for families or

are of the highest quality, created from fresh,

restaurant-goers to enjoy after dinner, for a treat,

authentic and natural ingredients and obtained

or for couples on a date night. The atmosphere

from reliable and sustainable sources. To satisfy

will be unlike anywhere in Barrie. And with the

those customers with lactose intolerant issues,

new Meridian Place coming in next door, we are

or for those who simply prefer a more refreshing

excited to wow even more customers with our

taste, we always offer dairy-free options too. Our

Swirleez experience so they too can call it their

Pink Grapefruit for instance is an award winning

“Happy Place”!

dairy-free frozen yogurt that is a popular choice 36 PIE DIGEST

With the addition of our extensive new dessert




Ahmed Saleh | photos Stephen Plumley


t only takes a short stroll through Barrie’s downtown core to witness a taste of history coupled with modern day conveniences. “Many of Barrie’s older buildings in downtown have now been repurposed to house cafés, specialty shops, restau-

rants and bars,” says Chef Marco of Barrie’s The North Restaurant.

Over the years, Barrie natives and visitors have praised the city

for being able to successfully reinvent its downtown core while still managing to preserve its culture. “I wanted to contribute to the growth of Barrie’s downtown, but I also wanted to make sure that guests knew exactly where they were. I had to provide not only the perfect ambiance, but also guarantee that each dish is made with a zeal that can’t be found anywhere else but downtown Barrie,” says Chef Marco.

Although the downtown core has grown tremendously,

pedestrians pride themselves on being able to walk through the city’s streets at any time of day or night with ease. This northern Ontario gem known for its unprecedented level of safety has also been widely acclaimed for putting families first. “Barrie is the perfect city for raising a family while still being part of a lively community that provides safety, entertainment and convenience,” says Chef Marco.

“The future looks bright for downtown Barrie and the city’s

people,” he adds. The growth of commercial, residential and public spaces will continue to provide a place for families, friends and visitors to share memories today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Marco Ormonde PIE DIGEST 37




ave you ever wanted to throw your

own house party, but didn’t want

see in a regular house, The Johnson’s Residence

With 6 rooms matching that which you would

your things broken? Have you ever

has the perfect balance where an Event Centre

wanted to host a get together for

layout meets the integrity of a home.

your co-workers, but didn’t have the space?

The Johnson’s can tailor parties and events to

The list goes on, but one thing stays the same

And with these 6 rooms of different sizes,

… The Johnson’s Residence Private Event venue

whatever vision you may have.

in Downtown Barrie has the perfect set up able to

cater to any of your special event needs, all within

you want to use just the living room and rec room

the theme of a gorgeous home.

for example, no problem! >


Scott Cooper


If you want to use the whole home, great! If



HOW CAN YOU USE THE HOME? Baby Showers Banquets Celebration of Life Charity Events Corporate Meetings Corporate Parties Corporate Team Building Engagement Parties

Exhibitions Family Reunions Fundraisers High School Reunions Kids Birthday Parties Murder Mystery Dinners Product Showcases Social Gala


Sports Team Parties Stag and Does Tradeshows Training Sessions Wedding Showers Anything else you can set your mind to!

ith a background and diverse

Whether a corporate event for 10 people, or a

experience with event planning, the

party for 450, The Johnson’s Residence can be

passionate team at The Johnson’s

your solution, and home away from home where

Residence has done it all, and can help transform

you can comfortably hang your hat during your

your event’s vision into a reality, and success!

next event.


KEY FEATURES OF THE JOHNSON’S: • C entrally located in the heart of Downtown Barrie • Parking garage within walking distance (directly behind the venue) • The venue has a high end home look and feel • Can cater your event whether full meals or appetizers, based on your vision. • A coat check highlighted in the Foyer of the home • 4 different fully functional bar service areas

• L ighting able to be set to meet your wants (casual or party) • Has a sound system featuring speakers in every room which can be set at any level you wish. • An in house DJ setup available. • Wireless microphones available. • Includes social games such as Pinball, Golden Tee Golf, Bubble Hockey, Mario Kart on N64, as well casual board games you’d find in a home.

• A ‘Rec Room’ that consists 4 big screen TVs, perfect for product displays or just watching the game. • 5 high end booths incorporated in the space with more room for tables and chairs to be added if needed! • Inside capacity of 350 • A ‘Back Yard’ patio which can fit another 95 people, that also features some interactive lawn games

151 Bradford St, Barrie • Open daily till 2pm

LIFE: Don’t settle for OK, ALRIGHT or FINE. Strive for AMAZING, FANTASTIC and INCREDIBLE. We all deserve it.

Email Dave Fraser – dave@coreevolutionfitness.ca

Sweet Trinity

Contact us to book a consultation


705-500-1470 | facebook.com/SweetTrinityBarrie


At the Lake text and photos

Jennifer Klementti


lake is the landscape’s most beautiful

many blissful summer days spent swimming in

and expressive feature. It is earth’s

Kempenfelt Bay at the many beautiful beaches

eye; looking into which the beholder

our city has to offer. Our city has a beautiful

measures the depth of his own nature.”

lakefront, which can be enjoyed throughout all

— Henry David Thoreau

seasons. Barrie is still my home. Every day I make a point of seeing the lake, whether I am driving

The lake … oh, to be near the water. I have always

down Lakeshore as part of my daily routine, tak-

loved living near water. Being near water can give

ing the time to go for a walk along our waterfront

us a sense of calmness and clarity and can connect

or in summer days paddle boarding and swim-

us with our soul. The lake is both peaceful and

ming with my family. The lake brings so much joy

rejuvenating. I grew up in Barrie, and remember

to our daily lives.



his fine art portrait series was photographed in Barrie on the shores

of Kempenfelt Bay. My vision was to create a portrait series that captured a feeling of the fleeting innocence of childhood, the pure joy of play and the calmness that the water brings to our souls and our being. There is nothing quite like being at the lake. At the lake we remember ourselves. — Jennifer Klementti



The Great City


Mayor Jeff Lehman | photos Jennifer Klementti


reat cities are characterized

sticks out in my mind is a young and fast-growing

by dynamic economies, where

tech firm, TygerShark, that was located in a

successful companies and

suburban location in an industrial area. Knowing

organizations are borne out of the

their employees liked the thriving food and

collision of talent and opportunity.

drink scene, live music, and culture of downtown

This is why attracting talent has become the

Barrie, they moved into space in the heart of the

economic talisman for cities across the globe. In

city. For them, challenges like parking and older

my ten years as an elected official in Barrie, we

buildings were more than offset by the benefit they

have joined the search for the secret sauce: that

saw for the employees of being in such a vibrant

legendary but elusive alchemy that can take a town

environment. Longer workdays were easier to

or city not known as an engine of entrepreneurship

tolerate with places to socialize and interesting

and make it a powerhouse of innovation.

events in the area.

The argument has been well made that top

The impact of that food and drink scene is

talent is attracted to places that offer a fulfilling

hard to overstate. Busy people and takeout food

lifestyle. It’s often said that, in turn, a city should

go together like Matt Damon and Ben Affleck; and

ensure it offers all the necessary components of a

there’s a 6 block area of downtown Barrie that

fulfilling lifestyle.

teems with more than 60 independently owned

places to eat. If the way to a busy entrepreneur’s

And therein of course lies the challenge.

Everyone has a different idea of what fulfills them.

heart is through their stomach, downtown Barrie

For some it’s a party lifestyle; live music, nightlife,

is an easy place to love. Canada is a country where

a thriving restaurant scene is key. For others it’s

climate and related suburban growth patterns can

recreation — being Canadians that can mean lots of

suppress socializing and the vibrancy of public

snow as well as lots of sun. Sports, professional and

places. But where we get it right — those teeming

amateur can be a tie that binds. And for others it’s a

cauldrons of food, drink, entertainments, and

more quiet beauty — waterfront parks, quiet cafés,

comfort, from George Street in St. John’s to Main

or just proximity to friends, family, or institutions.

Street in Vancouver — we are actually building

places for socializing and for the economy. >

Barrie’s entrepreneurs would likely give you

one or more of the above as an answer. One that


“…we have joined the search for the secret sauce: that legendary but elusive alchemy that can take a town or city not known as an engine of entrepreneurship and make it a powerhouse of innovation.”



“…a city should ensure it offers all the necessary components of a fulfilling lifestyle.”


hose places aren’t just about the food,

to establish their first North American location.

it’s about places for people to meet who

They focused on function — a site with good road

are doing interesting things. Nobody

access, with shovel-ready land and infrastructure,

showcased this better than TygerShark, who not

surrounded by other value-added manufacturers

long after moving to downtown Barrie, partnered

and related uses. But it was the combination of the

with another downtown business — Flying

lifestyle of Ontario’s cottage country to the north

Monkey Craft Brewery — to send a weather

and Canada’s corporate and financial capital to the

balloon with GoPro cameras attached to the edge

south that led them to Barrie.

of space. The fact that the balloon’s platform also

carried a bottle of Flying Monkey’s AntiGravity

urbanity of greater Toronto with the pure bliss of

Lager was just brilliant marketing.

Ontario’s cottage country. And for those business

leaders seeking an environment that will be its

It’s not always about downtown — it’s often

This location is a sweet spot, one that links the

about the lifestyle of the region as a whole. A Ger-

own top talent recruiting tool, it’s hard to imagine

man autoparts manufacturer, BurgerGruppe, who

a better one.

make gearboxes for seats in luxury cars, wanted 50 PIE DIGEST




gary kopp Good Guys Finish Well by

Corrine Dayman | photos Jan Strouhal


isionary, philanthropist and solid

“When I was growing up people would say,

family man — traits that describe

‘you are going to do great things.’ Now that

entrepreneur Gary Kopp, the

I am an employer, I think I understand

likeable, yet unstoppable force

what they were seeing.”

within the Greater Simcoe business community. With his multi-million dollar venture and tight

Falling back on his forte of systems analysis and

knit team of specialists, it was a pleasure to spend

problem solving, his team of specialists have a

time getting to know the assiduous, yet light-

keen sense of how to deliver long-term solutions

hearted gentleman behind the Roofco Empire.

to existing roofing maintenance situations, while

prioritizing what can be done now versus later.

Growing up the middle child of a hard working

family, and resisting the notion of ‘good guys finish

It is this foresight, which has continued to shape

last’, it would be his solid work ethic and “salt

the company’s growing reputation, and why he

of the earth” parents, that would mould Gary’s

believes his team is invited to the table as partners,

deep commitment to ‘being part of the solution’ in

time and time again. >

whatever challenge life had to offer up.




“It’s not as much about how I’ve led the company, as it has been how the people in the company have gauged themselves, set down good roots and made good decisions.” Identifying the need to service the savvy consumer, the company has changed from hiring specifically on skill set and has put a focus on aptitude and attitude. While learning the business is essential, Gary explains that it is as important for his team to be prepared to be part of the solution. Under his guidance, he encourages people to make their own assessment, however he is quick to say that “he doesn’t abandon his right or obligation to make a final decision.” When asked what is the secret to the company’s success, he thoughtfully confesses that it is in large part due to “the engagement of the individual employees and their interest in the company moving forward as a whole.” “This is a big ship, everybody’s rowing, I’m


here is always the opportunity to get

steering it but I am just the guy in the back of the boat.”

more jobs. The problem arises if you get the job and you can’t do it well. One

Reflecting on the company values the theme of

bad job is worth ten good ones when it comes to

family surfaces, and it is no wonder why this


humble industrialist has such a solid network and

positive outlook on the future. He acknowledges

Branching out into the residential arena was

a natural but steady transition for the Roofco

that it will be the staff that will reap the rewards

Corporation. With over 20 years of commercial

for their efforts in the long run, and that his

flat roofing experience, Gary recalls identifying

proudest moments are at the company party where

a demand for quality roofers on the residential

he can stand in front of the large group of people

side. Doing his due diligence and taking careful

with their families and children in tow, knowing

strides to ensure that he was entering into a

that they have a solid foundation for their futures.

landscape where they would perform effectively, the company has found a comfortable fit to deliver

“Don’t give up. Look after your people. Stay

a high-end product that meets professional

true to whom you are. Work hard.”

standards in a niche market. The ongoing commitment to openly communicate with clients

With that in mind, it is family first in his company.

has served the company well, and makes it a

Using safety and taking extra precautions on site

driving force. Although Mr. Kopp agrees that he

are imperative for this visionary, identifying that

is the leader, he is the first to confess that it is his

“everyone needs to go home at night”.

team that pushes the company forward. 54 PIE DIGEST

It is the constant undertone of care and responsibility for each of his staff that resonates throughout our conversation. Not only does Gary value his clients, but also he acknowledges his responsibility to do what it takes to send the men and women, under his direction, home safely to their families each and every night. “We put a lot of emphasis on the fact that we are doing the work and we are responsible to do it not only safely, but finding a safe way to do it, if it’s not available.” With his good fortune and entrepreneurial successes in tow, Gary enjoys a good life with his wife, that includes touring the waters of Lake Simcoe and travelling whenever possible. While he admits that he enjoys living a good life, he recognized his need to improve the lives of others early on and is committed to providing service about self within the community and abroad. As

in the position to look after those less fortunate


in our society.” Seeing the value of participating

that the only way to achieve lasting results is to

in local community efforts, as well as travelling

“get down to the personal level, and to do that

abroad to assist those in need of the resources that

people need to do the work themselves.” By

Rotary provides, Gary understands how critical

providing the tools for success, he identifies that

it is to have people on the ground doing the work

there is a deeper appreciation for the work and

and continues to reach out across borders to make

better chance for sustainability and future success.

a difference wherever possible.

incoming President for the Rotary Club of Barrie, Gary notes that it is “not enough to be successful in this day in age,” and that “the government is not

rue to his character and solid roots, when asked what he has learned along the way in helping those in business and

throughout his philanthropic efforts, he remarks

Winding down our conversation, it is evident

that this self-made success story has no plans “The philanthropy in Rotary is reaching

of slowing down in the near future. With the “if

out beyond borders to people to make

you’re not moving forward, you’re failing” attitude,

connections and it’s those connections that

Gary Kopp is not one to ignore his decree to do

will bring benefit to the world. If we don’t do

great things. As he thoughtfully considers what he

that and leave it up to our government to do,

would be doing if not in the roofing business, he

I don’t think they will get it right.”

remarks, “honestly, if I wasn’t doing this, I would be doing something else 12 hours a day. It’s the nature of who I am.”



Building Long Term Relationships by

Marcelo Millar | photos Nat Caron


have worked at Investors Group Barrie York-Simcoe for the past 6 years. I joined in late 2009, and it has truly been an amazing experience. I have learned the

value and strength of being a part of such an

outstanding financial institution, and I am very

me that I maintain the level of servicing that my

proud to be one of their advisors.

clients have been used to, and deserve to have.

By adding Kas and Amy to the team, we have

Being both a project manager and a business

Over the years it became very important to

owner in the past has allowed me to understand

been able to achieve that. My team has become

the dynamics and professionalism required to run

an important part of helping the practice to grow

a successful business. This insightful experience

while also maintaining our high level of servicing.

has helped me to service my clients efficiently.

realize both their short and long-term financial

Most people look at the Investors Group

My team is devoted to helping our clients

sign above the door and think they need to

goals through our comprehensive planning. We

have a cheque ready to invest, for us to work

also believe that building long-term relationships

with them. This is a common misconception. I

with clients is the best way to help them explore

want people to know that building wealth is not

the financial planning options that are best for

just about investment planning and managing

them at each stage of life.

wealth, although those are both important parts

of it. There is a much bigger picture – the truth

not need to be ready to invest when they walk

is that you build wealth with a holistic and

through our door — if they are worried about their

comprehensive Financial Planning approach.

financial future, and that of their family, that is

a good enough reason to come sit down with us.

The way I help my clients achieve success is

What I want people to know is that they do

through a financial planning process. My team

Everyone needs to start somewhere. Having a full

and I work through the six disciplines of financial

financial plan equals success.

planning with every client. These disciplines include Cash Management, Tax Planning, Investment Planning, Risk Management, Retirement Planning, and Estate Planning. Each discipline is a key component in a complete and successful plan.




Leah Smith-Size WOMAN ON FIRE by

Corrine Dayman | photo Jeff Buchanan


conference call with head office is complete; twenty-two emails have been delivered; in-store promo planning has been wrapped up, and

it isn’t quite 9:00 am. For Leah Smith-Size, it is just another busy day in her incredibly rewarding world of beauty.

An entrepreneur at heart, Barrie native Leah

Smith-Size makes her work-load look easy as she mingles with clients and manages her staff at two Beauty Supply Outlets (BSO) and two SuperCuts locations, located in Barrie and Wasaga Beach.

“I often will drive to work and think, I just got

more accomplished by 9 o’clock then most people do all day. I think that it’s awesome, and then I think, ‘Leah, you are crazy!’”

Her management role in the beauty business

flowed naturally from a two-decade stint in the retail industry. While she was only in her 20s, her commitment and determination earned her a position as District Manager for a major retail chain. Then as today, people were not sure what to make of such a young success story.

business is building relationships. She admits that

“People used to say to me, ‘you run this? Well

regulars become like extended family, and though

you can’t be the owner.’ Then I would ask, ‘What

her husband teases her about it, she looks forward

do you mean?’”

to seeing them when they are out and about town.

She acknowledges that she is fortunate to

An important notion that she maintains is that

have great people by her side and it is precisely

“you cannot truly be successful without paying it

this respect and enthusiasm that resonates with

forward.” She includes beauty events in her quar-

clients and staff. When asked about her leadership

terly planning to support the local food bank.

style, Leah says, without hesitation, “I’m firm but

fair.” Leah gives employees the tools they need

firmly believes that, “you need to experience

to reach their objectives without micromanaging

something to see if you want to apply it to your

each phase. One of her favourite things about the

own business.”


When it comes to evolving her business, Leah

The BSO blow dry bar was an ingenious con-

No stranger to the highs and lows of retail, she

cept that she experienced first-hand while out

has learned that you “can’t control everything.”

of town with friends. After paying an exorbitant

She will be the first to say that she has learned to

fee for the service, she recalls looking around and

accept that things will go wrong from time to time

asking, “Can someone tell me why I’m not doing

and you need to be ready to roll with the punches.

this?” Not long after this ‘ah-ha’ moment, a blow

It is this quick wit and charm that make Leah

dry bar was designed and installed at both of the

Smith-Size an inspiration within the business

BSO locations; prices were adjusted to appeal to


the local market and she hasn’t looked back since.

happens, but life goes on!”

“It is okay to pat oneself on the back once in a

“People Change, things go wrong, shift

while, and to acknowledge that small wins can be celebrated.” PIE DIGEST 59


Allan Hawco


Corrine Dayman | photos Dan Lim


o one said showbiz would be easy,

control of my own destiny. I just wanted to be in

but for Newfoundland native Allan

front of the roles that I wanted to play.”

Hawco, it would seem that he has

found the secret to his success.

Christine Horne, which shed light on the difficulty

He references an article written by fellow actor,

Best known as a noteworthy actor, creator, writer

of trying to be a successful actor in Canada and

and producer of The Republic of Doyle, Allan is

still pay your rent. Though he has faced his own

winding up to unveil his creative work, Caught —

struggles, Allan believes that if one is serious about

a collaborative effort with eOne entertainment,

being successful in the business, “you have to be

to air on CBC.

willing to do whatever it takes.”

While recently in Toronto, Allan graciously

Committed to the theatre and no stranger to

took the time to talk about the entertainment

hard times, Hawco has been careful to implement

business and what it means to make his mark in an

a strategy to become the “author of his own story.”

industry that he truly loves.

His first step was the creation of the Company

Theatre in 2005, which he founded with his friend

Joking about originally enrolling into business

school after graduation Allan recalls, “that lasted

and fellow actor, Philip Riccio.

for a minute. I was bored out of my mind.”

Allan recalls, “we wanted to have control over

Luckily, Allan followed the advice of a friend to

Fondly reminiscing about those early days,

try out for the National Theatre School. It was then

the types of plays that we were doing, the kind of

that Allan recalls being “bitten” by the acting bug.

content we were exploring, and the types of roles

Embracing his passion for the stage, he has been

that we wanted to play.”

pursing the craft ever since. “Acting is just a beating

that comes from your heart. You can’t stop it.”

instincts, Company Theatre has attracted actors

locally and internationally. It has turned industry

From the get-go, Allan was all too aware that

Fuelled by ambition and following their

there were no guarantees that he could make a

heads over the years, earning several Toronto

long-term career of being an actor, yet he was

Theatre Critics Awards and Nominations.

“enticed by the creative license to do what he

craved as a performer.” He reasoned that if he were

Allan maintains that personal commitment has

to ‘make it’ in the biz, he would need a strategy.

always been one of the key elements to his success.

“What always drives me is asking myself, what is

“In the beginning, I devoted my life to the

Like many of his past and present projects,

Canadian theatre. I was fine with this. And was

my interest level personally, professionally, and

so creatively fulfilled. I was never motivated by

what is the quality of the material I am going to be

financial reasons. I wanted to have the power and

taking on.” >




he CBC series, Caught, an adaptation of

his journey, Allan confesses, she is his “number

the police and wars novel by Lisa Moore,

one ticket to achieving balance.” He met his wife,

was the answer for Allan to create an

Carolyn Stokes while working in the theatre

all-encompassing role for himself. In addition to

and he claims that she has been his rock and

playing the main character in his new series, he is

cheerleader from the start. “My wife never

the co-executive producer and head writer for the

complains about me having to go and do my

show. Call it smart business, or his ‘all-in’ passion

job. She knows what it means to me. She always

for the craft. Allan says that his motivation comes

encourages me creatively to do the thing that I

purely from his own happiness and how important

want to do. She is perfect that way.”

it is to him to “have some semblance of my own

involvement in the direction of my career, and the

for those interested in getting into the business, his

types of challenges that I wanted to give myself.”

response is candid:

“It was simple to take on the task of writing

When I asked Allan what his advice would be

“It is not for the faint of heart. You have to want

about something like this. Being a producer and

this job more than you want anything. For me, I

writer just felt like the right thing.”

always knew why I was doing it.”

He admits that he feels extremely lucky to

“It may look easy for someone who is a massive

have had the opportunity to wrap up his character

movie star to be doing his or her job, but it’s not.

Doyle for this fresh adventure. He is also quick to

It’s a life that can be pretty difficult if you are not in

acknowledge his creative partners who have been

it for the right reasons.”

invaluable in the process. It is precisely this team

mentality that keeps Hawco excited for the future.

Allan describes the thrill he still gets when

boarding a plane to go to work on location. Well

Allan knows all to well that “there is a volume

After over a decade of being in the spotlight,

of content out there.” He makes no promises of

aware of the struggles to stay relevant in the highly

guaranteed success. He stands by the notion that

competitive field, he has an overwhelming feeling

“in order to be successful, you have got to really

of being lucky.

believe in your stuff and be willing to extend

yourself and take the risks, and do the work.”

risks outside of my business is because you only

have so much luck. I want it to last in the right

“There are lots of things I didn’t do in my ca-

“The reason I don’t gamble or take too many

reer, and continue not to do because it’s not some-


thing that motivates me. I’d rather be out there

hustling for my own project, or a friend’s, than

triumphs with each of his endeavors. He sees his

making choices that don’t necessarily satisfy me.”

company, Take The Shot Productions, and the

team he surrounds himself with, as a “world force”

Allan is grateful for his ties in the industry and

Without a doubt, Allan Hawco will find

his life in general. When I asked him about the

which he is “so glad to be part of.”

notion of ‘balance’ in his busy schedule, he remarks,

“I work my guts out until I cannot work anymore,

interview comes to a close and I ask him one final

and the minute I stop working, I start thinking

question about what he would say to fellow actors

about work I should be doing, or could be doing.

still trying to break into the business. He pauses

There is so much to do, but there is so little time.”

for a moment then replies: “Never stop; never look

back; just keep moving forward.”

Grateful for his wife’s solid support, and her

genuine interest in encouraging him throughout


Allan and I exchange some laughs as our



Dave Gordon | photo courtesy Toronto Blue Jays


n 2015, the Jays almost made it. Being a

Accountability is going to be extremely important.”

World Series team, for the first time in 22

years, was inches away. We’re crossing our

organization that obsesses about fan experience

proverbial fingers we’ll see that same Blue

at every interaction and every touch point.”

He also says he wants to “build a business

Jay magic — and more — in the months to come.

need of a reno, one that may cost in upwards

Eyes will particularly be on the new leader at

Next on his list, the Rogers Centre is in dire

the helm, Mark Shapiro, who officially joined the

of $400 million. Shapiro, like anyone who’s

Toronto Blue Jays as president and chief executive

experienced the dome, has been a fan of the awe-

officer two months before 2016.

inspiring structure since his first exposure to a

Jays game just after he polished off his history

Shapiro arrived at a pivotal time for the fran-

chise, as it was celebrating its 40th anniversary.

degree at Princeton in 1989. “My memory was

And many are eager to find out what direction

seeing this building and just being blown away at

he’ll take as the Jays’ CEO.

what an incredible engineering marvel it is.”

One thing is abundantly clear: He wants to

And the Rogers Centre isn’t the only spot that

win. “Clearly, winning has to be the primary area

needs an upgrade. The team’s spring training facil-

of focus,” Shapiro says. “A relentless, obsessive

ity in Dunedin, Florida, is widely considered to be

commitment to building a winning team.”

the worst in Major League Baseball. Shapiro has

to choose between a reno or moving the Jays to a

How he’ll do that is a multi-step process, one

that he has apparently been thinking much about.

new facility when the team’s lease expires in 2017.

“It’s where you look at structuring and

Still, there’s every reason to believe he’ll hit it

integrating sports science, sports psychology

out of the park with each and every pitch, given

and strength and conditioning,” he says. “I’m so

that he’s spent an entire lifetime surrounded by

excited to kind of build out and integrate those

the game, its players, its strategy, and its details.

areas a little bit … and hopefully build out the

analytics program to new heights.”

the Cleveland Indians, having worked his way up

from player development to team president. It

Naturally, it’ll also come down to performance

Shapiro invested nearly a quarter-century with

and success on the field. Contrary to what some

was there that the Sporting News named Shapiro

might believe, it’s more layered than the necessary

Executive of the Year in 2005 and 2007.

synergy and skill. “Building a team isn’t just

collecting talent,” he adds. “It’s about players that

much, he maintains. “If you have a moral compass

are committed, that are willing to take risks and

and a set of well defined values, those are going to

commit to something bigger than themselves.

be the determinacy of how you lead,” he explains.


His managerial style hasn’t changed all that

“I think you want to create a values-driven

the Cleveland Indians from 1947 to 1956, was also

culture … you identify those attributes and players

a role model.

that you recruit, you acquire, and that you actively

seek to establish that as a culture.”

of him, another thing that has been a constant,

contrary to popular belief, was his name. There’s

Those values may have been groomed very ear-

And so, while baseball has always been a part

ly on, in fact, since baseball and Shapiro go farther

been no shortage of times he’s been asked why he

back than the Indians. Way back. Son of Baltimore

pronounces his name as Sha-PIE-roh, instead of

attorney and sports agent, Ronald M. Shapiro, the

the usual Sha-PEER-oh. For the record — and he

game was ingrained at a very early age. “Baseball

wants to set the record straight to quell those silly

was a part of the fabric of my childhood growing

rumours — his name has always been that way.

up. It was a connection and a bond for me, with

my dad. It’s hard to separate out baseball from my

coming through Ellis Island, a name change, and

childhood,” he continues. “Whether it was stick-

an obligatory mispronunciation that stuck. Phila-

ball, wiffleball, little league or playing catch in the

delphia and Cherry Hill, New Jersey, lay claim to

street. Maybe it was the fact that my dad, at some

the “only places in the world you’ll hear ShapIro

point in my adolescence, started representing

spelled Shapiro, and you’ll hear Shapiro spelled

major league players and they started being part

Schapiro,” he says.

of my life. Baseball, informally or formally, was

always a part of my life.”

name as they are about the game. And if he could

impart one message to his skeptical fan-base it

Among his baseball heroes growing up was

The story is familiar to many: Immigrants

To be sure, fans are less concerned about the

Baltimore Orioles’ Brooks Robinson, for “consis-

would be that he’s here to win.

tency, the way he treated people, and his artistic

style of play.” Ball player Al Rosen, who played for

be written,” Shapiro says.

“My favourite Blue Jays stories are waiting to



Alex Massie by

Dave Gordon | photos Jan Strouhal


all me Ali,” he insists. That

closure. But he wasn’t out of the proverbial water

is Alex Massie’s preference

yet. As it happens, there were more hurdles along

over his given name, and to

the way; a few more accidents, actually.

his other chosen nickname,

December came around, and with it, a thrice

Bubz, he says.

broken knee in the same month. Matter-of-factly,

he explains, it was simply three strokes of bad

Not to anywhere equate the 74-year-old

legendary champion heavyweight boxer with

luck. “Just hoppin’ around the bedroom, getting

a similar name – Muhammed Ali – but the two

out of the shower. Stuff like that.” That was three

fellows do have some similarities. (Surely, a

more months in the wheelchair.

sacrilege analogy for some, but do permit us

to indulge.) Alex Massie, the 21-year-old Barrie

and decide what to do.” While in hospital, he had

native, is also an athlete of an extreme sport —

seen a video of competitive snowboarding — an

snowboarding; is also the holder of several title

influencing factor, he notes, to take up the sport in

wins; has taken his fair share of tumbles and falls;

more than a leisure capacity.

and has also shown that nothing — truly, nothing

— can keep the man down. Even when he didn’t —

was ready to slide back downhill on the board the

quite literally — have a leg to stand on, he found a

following winter. “It was at first an escape from

way to rise again.

everything. I wasn’t sure I wanted to compete,

Indeed, Massie, an avid snowboarder even

though. I like to goof around a little more. But

since age four, is fresh off winning a medal for the

once I gave it a try at Horseshoe Valley, I was

sport in Italy, the latest in a string of medals in the

hooked,” he notes, adding that the first time he

past two years.

was away from home was training in Whistler,

British Columbia.

Thing is, he’s been accomplishing this feat

Undeterred, he says it gave him “time to focus

After the uphill climb of rehabilitation, he

without the benefit of a foot.

swift, impressive, and myriad: Bronze Medalist

Five years ago, a boating accident changed his

In the past two years, the medals have been

life, when the propeller struck his left foot five

IPC Snowboard #SBX World Cup in Predazzo,

times. It was only the quick thinking of a brother,

Italy, 2016; Bronze Medalist, Snowboard X

nearby to wrap and torque the wound, that kept

Adaptive, Aspen X Games 2015; Silver in the same

Massie from bleeding out.

competition this year; Bronze Medalist, IPC Para-

Snowboard World Championships, La Molina,

“I thought my life was over. And if I made it, I

definitely thought I’d never be an elite athlete,” he

Spain 2015; 4th Place, IPC World Cup Banked

recalls of that dread day in July, 2011.

Slalom, Big White, B.C. 2015; 1st Gold, Alberta

Provincials 2014; and 1st Place, Para-Snowboard

It took four months until his left leg was

finally amputated and given prosthetic limb, a day

Canadian Nationals 2014. >

in October that was supposed to have provided PIE DIGEST 67



aturally, none of this comes without

One of whom was renowned Danny Davis.

hard work, motivation, persistence —

and the requisite on-site support crew.

accident in 2010 on an ATV, after which he

They then began discussing Davis’ own

As is often the case, key to making sure the athlete

suffered a debilitating back injury, that quashed

stays strong is a committed family member ready

his Olympic aspirations. Davis recovered, however,

to swoop in to help.

and continued competing — and winning. Quite

the admitted inspiration for Massie.

“My mom’s everywhere with me,” Massie says.

“She’s always bringing me a granola bar, a half

ham sandwich, or is at the top of the hill with an

Games last year. “All I can say, that it was unbeliev-

extra jacket, whatever I need.”

able.” And now, looking back at the adventurous

past five years, Massie takes it all in stride.

One particular family moment last year

Massie would eventually meet Davis at the X

contained eerie shades of coincidence, as they

travelled last summer to Vimy Ridge, France,

have thought I’d be winning all of these medals,

where Massie’s grandfather lost his leg in battle

traveling all across the world, doing something

during World War I.

like this I love,” he says.

In a fascinating twist, Massie’s grandfather

“When I lost my leg, of course I never would

“I’m happy to be doing what I’m doing, doing

was a prosthetist — one who designs and fits

what I love, and happy that I’m still here.” Not to

prosthesis for the replacement of body parts lost

rest on his laurels, meanwhile, Massie is setting his

to amputation. Moreover, according to Massie, his

sights on a lofty goal, the coveted PyeongChang

grandfather also helped start War Amps Canada —

2018 Paralympic Winter Games.

an organization whom for nearly a hundred years

has assisted those with amputations. Perhaps, in

determination, this “Ali” will be taking his best

this instance, there’s something genetic in turning

swing at it, and no matter the result, surely come

tragedy into triumph.

out a champion.

“That was an incredible experience that I’m

still trying to understand,” recalls Massie.

It wasn’t the only time Massie had exposure

to an influential person in his life, who had experienced bodily harm and rose to accomplish great things. A role model of Massie’s is fellow snowboarder Danny Davis, whom he says, “does a lot of cool things for the sport.”

As it turns out, Davis’ grandmother and Massie

wound up using the same Florida physiotherapist. When the two happened to have been in the same waiting room one time, she spotted Massie, and asked him if he was a snowboarder. Though puzzled, he responded in the affirmative, and asked what made her think to ask. The clothing was the apparent tip off, as her grandchildren are snowboarders with similar attire, she remarked. 68 PIE DIGEST

And no doubt, given his past successes and




Corrine Dayman | photos Kris Caetano


t just 33 years of age, Mike Olah feels

encourage people, wherever they may reside, to

that he is running out of time. With

support local business initiatives whenever possible.

a newly formed business and natural

instinct to look out for the underdog,

Barrie, patches and stickers made in Markham,

With shirts and metal goods manufactured in

it appears that he has found the winning formula to

Olah and partner Suzi, believe it is worth seeking

use his passion for design and street-smart savvy,

out local businesses to do the work.

all the while promoting a positive community-

minded message.

the existing Osgoode Metal Company clothing and

Support The Locals, an online brand of

Combining the Support The Locals logo with

apparel line, it was the right combination to bring

apparel and accessories, is gaining a following

this brand’s message to the forefront. Receiving

within and outside of the Canadian border. With

offers to work on joint ventures is something that

its simple reminder to support local business

Olah will need to become accustomed to.

where possible, the brand has resonated with

communities near and far. In keeping with its

tell me that they love what I’m doing and what

grass-roots image, the product is promoted with

‘Support the Locals’ stands for. It’s rewarding. It

unassuming, hand drawn artwork. The apparel

encourages me. I would do it anyway, but it is cool

and accessories line combines comfortable rural

that they like it.”

simplicity with urban city chic.

Support The Locals brand, he feels that time is not

But Olah is adamant that it is not a “cause”.

He says, “I love when people message me and

For all that he strives to accomplish with the

He says that he is passionate about where things

on his side. Perhaps he is driven by the urgency

are going with the brand. He admits that he gets

he feels to help as many people as possible, or his

enjoyment out of designing nice things, but it is a

fundamental belief that “you shouldn’t take things

deeper satisfaction that drives him.

for granted.”

“I love creating the designs,” he says, “but if I

With the Support The Locals official launch,

can create the designs and help people at the same

Mike Olah’s life is buffeted by a little bit of

time than that is a great combination.”

craziness and his plate is full. His plans and ideas

may keep him up at night, but for him, he wouldn’t

Perhaps inspired by his grandmother’s gestures

of kindness and devotion to helping others, Olah

have it any other way.

says that the purpose of Support the Locals is to PIE DIGEST 71


Sadelmager Design House photos

Hannah Sever | hair and makeup Izzy Verwolf


e believe art is so important, that everything including even the most mundane yet most used and functional

pieces should be meaningful and inspiring. Artisan made, all our designs start in a sketchbook and are then hand patterned, cut, edged, edgedyed and burnished. They are sewn by either machine or by hand (although we’ve got calluses to prove it’s mostly by hand). We see our pieces as investments, one time buys, so we go for broke, sometimes literally, in getting the highest quality materials and make our products in small batches to ensure we are creating a piece up to the highest standards. So choose carefully, this may just be the last one you ever need to buy.




Jay Herman


Donna Zibresky | photo Korby Banner


avigating the competitive field of

result of hard work and dedication, and the

leading edge health technologies,

ongoing pursuit of providing elite products in

Jay Herman is at the forefront.

various areas of healthcare and wellness. Each

Infusing only the best of the best,

technology is properly tested and reviewed to

backed by rigorous testing and peer reviewed

ensure top notch performance and efficacy. The

studies, his team meets the ever growing demand

goal is nothing less than excellence, and Jay’s

for top-of-the line surgical laser and diagnostic

formula is right on point. Strong adherence to


maintaining an honest playing field, Salient’s

successes is rooted in the ethical belief that

Jay’s background began in physiology, landing

him in clinical research for a top pharmaceutical

transparency is key to building trust with his

contract research organization. His work enabled

clients. While others may spout grandiose claims

him to foster strong relationships with doctors, and

on social media, Salient Medical employs actual

build a network that includes experts in all levels

research, testing and endorsement from reputable

of the medical field. He moved on to a company

medical professionals backing their products.

specializing in Emerging Health Technologies,

which Jay took over as president when the

in their respective fields, Salient Medical

opportunity presented itself. His work involved the

offers a wide variety of products, including

evaluation of top medical technology and current

diagnostic equipment and surgical lasers for

trends, and helped build his philosophy upon

ophthalmology, dermatology, otolaryngology,

offering his clients the best technology in whatever

gynecology, phlebology and urology. Some

arena they were focused in.

notable technologies include “Artas™” — a robotic

hair transplant system and “In-Mode™” — a

Now, with the addition of seasoned partners,

‘Salient Medical Solutions’ is the foundational 74 PIE DIGEST

Partnered with superior manufacturers

revolutionary multi-functional esthetics machine.

''... Salient Medical Solutions is the foundational result of hard work and dedication..."

“Artas™” is the future of hair transplant

along with excellent results. LVR has become

systems, boasting a sophisticated robotic arm that

increasingly popular due to the attention brought

executes at micron level accuracy, and a unique

to it by one of the leading and respected plastic

algorithm that hits 1000 follicles per hour. This

surgeons in Beverly Hills, Dr. David Matlock. This

system is light years ahead of traditional manual

revolutionary technology can address many of the

follicular extraction,” says Jay. “You can basically

issues women face, due to physical changes after

design a patient’s hair transplant on a tablet

natural childbirth and hormonal changes involved

beforehand to show actual results and what they

with the aging process.

will look like after the procedure. This is a game

changing technology that is swiftly replacing the

and their philosophy is such that they won’t

painstaking manual methods of hair transplant

take on a device if it doesn’t deliver as promised.


Once approved through analysis and testing,

marketing items are created, along with resources

“In-Mode™” is a top-of-the-line esthetics

Salient Medical continues to lead the pack

machine, working as an add-on system, and

to properly educate their clients. A typical product

as client services demand, new functionality

launch takes a full year, as many of the products

and device hand pieces can be added. Instead

Salient provides are a substantial investment, and

of purchasing 5 different machines, In-Mode

they work with their clients to equip them with

is multi-purpose providing practitioners with

everything they need to be successful in their

everything they need to service their clients,

business and application of these technologies.

with leading edge technology, at a fraction of the

price. In-Mode options include laser hair removal,

surgeons, to dermatologists, to clinic owners.

skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, and body

Their next line of products recently launched

contouring. Jay says this machine is “the best of

will present more affordable options for smaller

the best in each arena, and responds to the current

businesses and esthetic boutiques, to best meet

needs of the market.” Initial investment can start

their budgetary needs, while still providing top

with just one function, and build from there as

quality technologies for their patients.

needed to accommodate varying budgets.

Ontario, and Jay works closely with his COO

The newest product preparing for launch

Salient Medical’s clients can vary from plastic

Salient Medical is located in North York,

is in the field of feminine rejuvenation. LVR

Howard Miller and VP of Sales Darrell Simpson,

or Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation has become

along with a highly seasoned Board of Directors

sought after for various reasons, including stress

and Advisors to stay ahead of emerging trends.

urinary incontinence, premenopausal atrophy

Together they keep their fingers tightly on

and dryness, and other conditions that lead to

the pulse of the next breakthrough medical

pain or sexual dissatisfaction. This non-invasive

enhancement they can bring to the forefront. Visit

surgical procedure from Alma Femilift™ allows for

SalientMed.com to learn more about how Salient is

minimal to no discomfort and faster healing times,

changing the face of medical technology. PIE DIGEST 75



Kris Caetano | cakes by Sweet Trinity | location Swirleez, Barrie | hair and makeup Georgian Mall

top left : dress

Vintage by Aunt Shirley Harrington | dress Narces | pearls , earrings , gloves ImagoÂ

top right : vest

HSG Fur | dress Narces


Matthew Gallagher


crown dress


Forever 21Â

Matthew Gallagher


pant suit







For Love and Lemons




Matthew Gallagher

Matthew Gallagher



pearlesque POSHPERIT Y



Kris Caetano

Sam Kaye/L’une Beauty Boutique and Salon stylist

Marek Matwiejczuk

mua model assistants

Izzy Verwolf

Aly Stewart/Next Models

Hannah Sever & Paolo Cristante

dress with water pearl deco detailing

Lucien Matis by special order Merx

chinchilla hat with pearls

Andrew Matejnyj Arthur Mendonca corset Frascara neck piece worn on head Blue Chinese Fan satin ribbons Breen McCarney leather gloves ( couture 50 s ) Dior Divine Decadence Originals neck piece worn on head Merx satin full pant shawl

lace early

1900 victoriana dress 69Vintage

small pearl earrings in hair

Divine Decadence Originals

chinchilla fur hat with large pearls quills

Stylist’s own

Mother Nature

long white nape slim coat rabbit shawl and neck cravat



‘60 s suede gloves Divine Decadence Originals lace up boots

Anna Sui

American Apparel 69vintage Collection

turtleneck dress

Divine Decadence Originals Breen Mccarney | white ostrich boots Marciano

vintage vionet paris sheer dress with train kimono worn as hat

opposite page : blush with silver bead detailing on satin french braided and ribbon piece , feather hat , gloves

Divine Decadence Originals | cuff worn on upper arm Merx Breen McCarney | obi fashioned as a easter bonnet Breen Mccarney

satin kimono belt fashioned as hat

705-796-8090 • freshoccasion.com

22 Dunlop St E, Barrie | 705-734-0680 | helensbridalbarrie.com

A Safe Place for Women and their Children Serving the Communities of South Simcoe

www.mysistersplace.ca Crisis Line 705.435.3835 or 1.800.461.5419


Smoking In 1 Hour!

Safe, Natural & Effective

Call us today

• Stop Smoking • Weight Loss • Stress • Drug & Alcohol Abuse • Depression • Pain Relief • Soft Tissues and Sport Injuries • Repetitive Stress Problems • Arthritic Conditions • Musculoskeletal Problems • Now Offering Teeth Whitening

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After Optimera


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705-716-2535 | stopsmoking@rogers.com | www.sowman.nerium.ca



Try the Mobile Sauna


aving grown up in Latvia, experiencing the invigorating traditions of European sauna culture ever since he was a toddler, Gregory Wolfson decided he wanted to bring that very same distinct idea to Ontario.

It was in that spirit he began Casa de Sauna, what he touts

is North America’s first and largest mobile barrel sauna delivery company. He endeavours to change the way we experience saunas, and make it easier for Canadians to enjoy them. Indeed, Casa de Sauna will deliver a wood-fired barrel sauna that will fit up to 8 friends to virtually anywhere in Ontario: to your house, cottage, backyard, festival or any special outdoor event.

One can say Wolfson’s not just an entrepreneur, but an enjoyer

of all things sauna, a connoisseur. “All my life I’ve been going to the sauna, with friends and family almost weekly. It’s more of a tradition, than the exotic leisure experience it is for the majority of Canadians,” he says.


• Relaxes your body’s muscles

Moreover, a determining factor

for the home he bought was that it have

• Soothes aches & joint paint

a sauna, and his vacation accommoda-

• Psychologically relaxing

tions are decided based on sauna avail-

• Improved circulation &

ability. And who can blame him? Some of the benefits of a mobile sauna include mental relaxation and soothing joints, among other positive effects, he says. “You can expect to feel euphoric sensation throughout your body, which will be purified, detoxified and left feeling rejuvenated and reinvigorated,” he adds.

That’s also thanks to the custom materials the mobile saunas are

made from, the finest local Canadian White and Red Western Cedar, thus adding an aromatic experience.


Not least of all, you can enjoy a sauna whenever you please —

an indulgence far less costly than buying or maintaining one of your own. Think of it as a luxury vacation getaway, minus the packing,

draws more oxygen & nutrients to the skin • Sweating opens up your pores, lets out toxins and impurities • Due to the metabolism rising, possible weight loss • Sauna sessions help produce white blood cells to fight diseases • Cardiovascular health

driving, flying, cumbersome planning, or unwieldy expenses. @CasadeSauna 647.406.4734 info@Casadesauna.com PIE DIGEST 95


Discover the Magic


Dave Gordon | photo Kenesha Lewis


sers swear by it: it’ll relax you, ease

He says that men and women of all ages have

physical pain, and elevate your

come to his establishment, reporting on their

mood. It’s good enough for major

immediate psychological and physical improve-

league ball team Chicago Cubs, who

ments, particularly nurses, medics, firefighters and

are using it for effective mental preparation, and

others with high stress occupations.

to hasten injury repair.

metabolism, as it lowers cortisol levels, and

So what is this apparent magical device? Well,

Studies have shown that pod use has stabilized

it’s a “float spa,” also known as a floatation pod, or

decreases blood pressure. One report says that

floatation tank, and the first of its kind has appeared

it may help pregnant women who have trouble

in Barrie — at Drift Away Float Spa.

sleeping. There are promising studies that also

show it alleviates symptoms of fibromyalgia.

How does it work? You enter a mega-sized tank

that has been filled with both purified water, and

nearly a tonne of Epsom salts. True to its name, you

John C. Lilly had first tinkered with the “sensory

do indeed float on the water, warmed to roughly

deprivation tank” in the 1950s for relaxation and

the same temperature as the body’s skin so you

meditation. But the popularity of float spas has

forget you’re even in the water.

increased dramatically in recent years, especially

in light of studies that have shown its myriad of

After just an hour submerged in quiet, dark se-

clusion, many have reported feeling overall better

It’s not a new invention — neuropsychiatrist

positive effects.

well-being, including managing chronic pain and

injury, as well as staving off depression.

Alternative Medicine issued a paper noting the

decrease of stress, decrease in sleep difficulties,

Drift Away Float Spa offers luxurious towels

In March 2016, BMC Complementary and

for after your session, as well as private showers

and decrease in depression. That same month,

to rinse off, with top end soaps and shampoos. For

UK’s The Guardian reported the positive effects of

those who want to enjoy that extra zen experience

floatation tanks on anxiety and mood.

afterward, choose from amongst the array of qual-

ity cups of tea, brewed fresh to your liking.

for high performance athletes, The Australian

Institute of Sport, says the device aids in injury

To those who bristle about the idea of getting

Meanwhile, a sports training institution

into a bathtub after someone else has used it, fret

recovery, and promotes relaxation.

not. Between uses, Drift Away Float Spa’s tanks

are sanitized using special purifying substances,

new game in town, and all you have to do is hop in

and the water filtered four and a half times,

the water. “We like to say, ‘watch your stress drift

according to owner John Graham.

away,’” Graham says.

Move over yoga and meditation — there’s a

For his part, Graham opened the Spa after experi-

encing the positive effects himself. After he wounded

For more information on Drift Away Float Spa:

his shoulder, from skydiving and rough rugby play,

info@driftawayfloatspa.ca | 705-719-2427

he noticed a marked recovery of his own injury.

74 Cedar Pointe Drive, Suite 1003, Barrie


BENEFITS OF A FLOAT SPA Mental focus Fastens injury repair Staves off depression Decreases blood pressure Alleviates symptoms of fibromyalgia Alleviates arthritis pain Decreases of stress Decrease in sleep difficulties Decrease in depression

74 Cedar Pointe Dr. Suite 1003 Barrie Driftfloatspa.ca



Dave Gordon | photos Nikki Ormerod


as it already been over twenty five years since we first heard “If I Had a Million Dollars,” and “Be My Yoko Ono”?

It was early 1992, and Toronto-based

Barenaked Ladies’ first label recording, Gordon, was released. From it, also spawned classics “Enid,” “Grade 9” and “Brian Wilson.” It didn’t take much time for rock band superstardom to follow, particularly after the next series of hits “One Week,” and “Pinch Me,” and a string of infectious melodies emanating from a dozen albums to come over the next seventeen years.

It’s been said that frontman Steven Page,

who began the group with childhood chum Ed Robertson, wrote — or contributed to — 97 out of the 113 original Barenaked Ladies tunes. Since 2008, however, Page has pursued a divergent path. Beginning with a split from the band — hastened by his much-publicized 2008 cocaine bust — he has carved out a solo musical career, while, in the past few years, candidly speaking to a variety of audiences about his battle with mental health issues.



010 saw Page’s inaugural solo album of original material, dubbed “Page One,” and now, its follow up, titled

“Heal Thyself Pt. 1: Instinct” — symbolically

fitting, perhaps, from a man who fought with his own personal healing. Page discusses performance, perfectionism, police, Prince, and the possibility of being punk’d — and how these life events have shaped him. And appropriate for PIE Digest’s Mental Health issue, he also dabbles in psychiatry, pills, and staying positive. pie:

How does it feel to have wrapped up “Heal

Thyself,” the new album? steven page:

Now it feels like a total relief. You

know, in the weeks coming up to its release I was in full panic mode, ‘cause it’s hard to let go of something that you’ve been working on. Especially this one. I’ve been working on it for a long time. You spend all your time kind of obsessing over it, and massaging it and fixing it, and redoing parts. I learned a long time ago not to over-produce something so it just gets slick. But for me it was actually just a matter of trying to get what I heard in my head, coming out of the speakers. And that takes some tweaking. But it can lead to some pretty obsessive behaviour as well. I had thought “is this going to get ignored? Is everybody going to hate it, or not going to understand it the way it was meant? Did I do my job properly?” And then it’s out there. And you can’t control it anymore. pie:

But, you’ve never made anything that

anybody’s hated? Have you? steven:

No, I don’t think so. But you know, I

think most artists have those conversations in their heads. You know, they write their own worst reviews, before it’s actually released. But the wonderful thing is, people have been so positive about this record, in a kind of shockingly, exorbitant way. It’s out of my studio and actually in front of people, and sharing it. It’s really a nice feeling. > PIE DIGEST 99


What are trying to say with the new album?


most of those are marked by anguish and mental

One of the things that I’ve struggled with

health struggles. I’ve realized over the years that

a lot over the last twenty years has been: what is

when I’ve struggled the most, I’ve been the least

the value of what I do for a living? Am I creat-

productive and the least creative. The hard times

ing a product people may or may not buy? Am I

have given me perspective. Sometimes it has given

expressing myself, and if I am, who cares? Why

me an angle to write about, because I’m able to

would anyone want to listen to me? So all those

step back when I’m in a better place and assess it,

kinds of struggles, I think a lot of artists ask them-

and write about it and think about it. I’ve learned

selves, especially when art is becoming more

to take it more seriously and learned to try to take

devalued. So it’s like, where do we fit? At the end

care of myself. Where before, I think I would just

of the day, the record becomes all about finding

let it go, because it seemed almost acceptable to

humility. I’m exploring my own foibles. I think

me. You know, we always see these images of the

anybody else of my age comes to a point where

symphony conductor throwing a tantrum on the

your kids get older, your parents get older, and

back of the stage. And that would be completely

obviously you do too. And you can’t fix everything,

unacceptable if your band did it. It’s not that

and you can’t be responsible for everything, but

different. How you treat other people, the fallout

you can at least find some peace in what your con-

from your behaviour, how your illness influences

tribution is.

you, is serious.



And that is, thus Healing Thyself ?


Exactly. With that title also you know

Sometimes, people are frightened to seek help.

They’re not sure if the help they get is going to help.

it’s both sincere and ironic at the same time.


You know it obviously comes from “physician,

cation, and I don’t blame them. You know nobody

heal thyself” which you know is a biblical quote

wants to be on anti-depressants for the rest of

from Jesus. It means don’t judge anybody else

their lives. And if it’s the wrong medication then

until you fix your own self. But, when you take

it can totally mess you up. I mean it’ll make you

it out of context, it sounds ridiculously snarky.

sleepy, it’ll make you sad. You can never have an-

In Jesus Christ Superstar, “heal yourselves, heal

other orgasm again, like all these horrible things.

yourselves” he says to the lepers. I thought that

Yeah, there’s all kinds of side effects to this stuff.

was kind of a funny dual meaning. But also, it’s

And the biggest problem frankly is that most

that sincere personal side.

people get their prescriptions from their family

I think what people are afraid of is medi-

doctors. And they get one prescription, because pie:

I want to veer somewhat into the darker side

the family doctors says, “this one seems to work

of things. You’ve spoken a lot about your bout with

the most” or ‘“haven’t heard any complaints.” You

mental illness, to many audiences over the course of

have to able to go back and keep working until you

many years. How, over time, has your perspective

find the right dosage, the right medication, the

changed in your struggles?

right cocktail of medications. The person who can


I think the biggest change for me is just

prescribe should be a specialist, and a psychiatrist.

that I’ve learned to lose the romance. I think it’s

pretty easy when you’re in the arts to romanticize,

prescription, and it makes you feel bad, or it makes

especially depression, and anxiety, neurosis.

you temporary feel better after a couple of months,

I mean a lot of my favourite film makers and

and you go, “okay I’m better now,” and you stop

musicians and artists have multiple lives, and

taking it. I hear this all the time from people and


So what you end up doing is you get this one

I did it myself for years. You don’t follow up, you

uncomfortable. And they don’t go back. And people

don’t follow through.

have to know that they should be able to audition

people, until you find the right match. One of the

Depending on what their mental health

struggles are, there are therapeutic talk therapies

problems for most people is they can’t afford that.

that don’t involve any medications at all. I work with a therapist who practices CBT, Cognitive

pie: The

Behavioural Therapy, and it basically challenges


your ingrained assumptions about yourself. And

more seriously. I think people just need to keep

gives you skills to learn how to defeat what I

reminding politicians that it’s a priority. Mental

call the ‘sick brain’, by reminding yourself that

health, if it was treated with the same weight as

sometimes your brain lies to you when you’re

physical health issues by the public… We have

sick. It’s not so much about mental health but

a prime minister now who’s dealt with this first

mental fitness. It’s about having a relationship with

hand, with really horrific mental health issues

somebody you trust. People go to one therapist, and

with his mother. And she’s been such a great and

feel judged, or feel they don’t have a connection, or

open advocate, and hopefully that would start to

they feel like they are in a relationship like they are

help. I really hope that he starts to help push the

with a parent or a teacher and it makes them feel

public perception in the right way.

health care system needs to heal thyself too.

Exactly. It needs to take mental health far



paul brown It’s Okay To Be Broken by

Dave Gordon | photos by Kenesha Lewis


etting to know Paul Brown may

bond and enjoyed taking part in many sports.

have been one of the most profound

Though he was a smart young man with loads of

experiences I have had, learning

potential, he wasn’t serious about his education.

about and documenting the issues of

Instead, he was lured by the fast life and filled his

mental health.

days partying with the older crowd. Fueled by his

unmanaged adrenaline, Paul took his first drink at

A prominent businessman, loving father and

husband, it would appear that Paul Brown “has it

the age of thirteen. Paul admits, “alcohol became

all”. One sunny spring day, we sat down to get to

the way,” recalling that, “we partied like rock stars

know each other, and I quickly understood that

in my early years.”

Paul’s story is one that needs to be shared. It could

encourage families who suffer from mental health

experience, not a total loss.

But he considers his mistakes to be a learning

issues, to rally together to better understand the relentless disease.

Paul grew up in the small town of Orillia. He

was raised in a good home with a strong family


“I think life experience is everything.” >




ealizing his keen business sense and not afraid to take chances, Paul was lucky to find financial success early on. Deeply

entrenched in abusing alcohol and with money in his pocket, he began building his empire at the age of nineteen by purchasing and flipping houses. He enjoyed the fast life and accelerating through the highs of his disease. Keeping a competitive edge was everything. “I associate my success with who I am.” In a twist of fate one day, Paul’s abuse of alcohol would impair his judgment and nearly take his life in a single-car accident. He was twenty-one.

During his two-week hospital stay, Paul’s

pedigree exposed a history of mental illness and he was diagnosed as manic-depressive. As Paul describes, it was during this hospital stay that

Now Paul was ignited by the traumatic experience,

“things got real.”

determined to re-establish himself and create a

life that he and his family could be proud of. This

Throughout the early years, super highs and

super lows, were the norm for Paul. The manic

would ultimately cost him his marriage.

state he experienced would push him to succeed. Then the crushing lows would bring about

“When I lost everything in the early ‘90s I

deeply depressing moments that seemed nearly

quit drinking and became a workaholic.”

impossible to overcome. Paul eventually found the success he was “There were days of being curled up in the

searching for when he opened Barrie Metro Glass

fetal position crying, believing that nothing

in 2002. He is arguably one of the most influential

is going to change.”

businessmen in the Greater Simcoe area, but Paul knows all too well that you can’t judge a book by its

Equipped with a diagnosis yet caught up in an

cover. Paul is reaching out to others who struggle

economic crash, Paul would encounter more

with mental health.

hardship as he was confronted by his failing

investments. He recalls that devastating time when

starting the conversation, and Paul believes that

he lost everything he had worked so hard for;

the more his family and colleagues understand

including the family home he had built for his wife

mental health, the more equipped they are to

and daughters.

understand what having “a bad day” means to

Maintaining that education is the key to

someone suffering from the disease, and how they “Handing the keys to the sheriff to the home you

can offer support.

built and walking away from it with your wife

and daughters is very sobering. I vowed never

concerns, Paul feels compelled to reach out to

to have anything taken from me again. Ever.”

encourage families to start the conversation.


With a daughter who also has mental health

“Without being bipolar, I sometimes wonder whether I would be where I am today?” When asked how he balances the super high and low feelings that his disease conjures up, Paul’s answer is simply this, “put good people in place.” Paul credits his wife Wendy for being a “great business partner,” joking that “without her in my life, I would be a disaster!”

Though he is approaching his fifties, Paul

doesn’t see retirement in his future any time soon. However, he is taking care of himself in other ways. He vacations as often as possible, seeking refuge at his cottage in Georgian Bay with his wife and their five daughters. There he has found ways to enjoy life at a slower pace, even if it is just for a weekend at a time. “There is something about the water that is He and his wife know all too well that it can be

so calming and brings me back.”

equally hard on the siblings as it is on the person suffering.

Speaking with Paul Brown, it is quite easy to feel the impact that mental health has had on his

“I feel for these families. They are your

life, and he is ok with that. As we wind down the

kids. You see so many people who are lost at

meeting, Paul wonders aloud, and leaves me with a

what do to.”

profound message to consider moving forward.

He still has his ups and downs on a daily basis,

“It’s time to talk about mental health.

and he knows he’s not alone. Paul believes that

I think people are scared to be seen as

there are other businessmen and women in the


community who are suffering, but are not seeking help for mental health. “I am not ashamed of it. I don’t have anything to hide. If someone could learn something from it, than I need to tell my story.” Ironically, as much as his disease has hindered him at times, it has also helped shape Paul into the successful businessman he is today. He says it was his illness that has pushed him to make “those difficult decisions” that he might not have made, had he been well.



History In The Making


Corrine Dayman | photo Dan Lim


ichael Landsberg is a self-

professed “man on a mission”

thinking, “wow, you know, I’m not really myself.

As he describes it, Michael remembers

to change the way we perceive

I’m not the person I was. The things that I enjoy,

and respond to the millions of

I’m not enjoying”.

Canadians suffering from mental illness. Brash,

witty, and real are the words that I would best

of days that would bring Michael to his first

describe this impenitent ambassador for Bell’s

psychiatric appointment to begin his journey

mental health awareness campaign, Let’s Talk.

toward understanding that his dark feelings and

fears had a name, and that he could face this

As Michael and I deliberate on what it means to

It was this “awakening” over the next couple

live with depression, I soon realize that Landsberg

monster that was slowly consuming his life.

makes no apologies for his candid approach to

this grossly misunderstood disease. It is no doubt

you like a baseball bat. It is just a little tap. And

that the public figure has earned his stripes with

the little tap happens every hour, every day, over a

his decade-long struggle and discovery with the

period of time, and before you know it, this tap has

life-altering illness. He is using his voice and his

turned into something more substantial.”

celebrity to share his experiences, and offers up

a no holds barred virtual stand; reaching out to

Landsberg appeared to have the world in his

fellow sufferers through his weekly video blog, and

hands as the popular television host of the highly

his new countrywide movement, #sicknotweak.

acclaimed TSN television sports talk show,

Off The Record. For 18 seasons the witty sharp

It may have been seventeen years since

“At the time, depression doesn’t typically hit

A self-proclaimed high achiever, Michael

Landsberg’s pivotal moment in understanding

shooter entertained audiences with his incredible

his own feelings of deep despair, but he recalls all

interviews and his playful verbal sparring about

too well how his turning point toward his road to

nearly anything in the sports arena. It would have

wellness was both profound and remarkable.

been difficult to believe that in 2008 this public

figure was secretly waging the hardest battle of his

It was in the fall of 1997 when Michael felt suf-

focated by his inner demons and deep emotional

life. Michael admits that he found ways to hide his

despair, but it wouldn’t be until the following year

depression and when the camera was rolling. He

that he would seek professional help. Like many

would turn himself on. When it was over he would

sufferers, despite the loving support of his family,

find refuge alone in bed, under the blankets. >

only he could take the first brave step. 106 PIE DIGEST


ot convinced that sharing his battle

and to be a place where people can go and know

publicly would be of interest to

that we understand what they are going through.”

colleagues and friends, Landsberg

Altering the stigma of mental health is at the

determined that his inner battle would be one

heart of the #sicknotweak campaign. The founda-

that he would need to fight alone. It wasn’t until

tion, with its over 700 volunteers across Canada,

his fateful interview with two-time Stanley Cup

reaches out to first responders, police, ambulance,

champion, Stéphane Richer on October 15, 2009,

fire, veterans and isolated indigenous groups, and

that became the turning point to open up about his

anyone else suffering from the disease to offer

personal dialogue about depression.

support and give a voice and a permanent out-

reach to those who suffer silently from the serious

The overwhelming response from that crucial

dialogue changed Landsberg’s life, and gave him

and sometimes deadly outcomes of depression.

new purpose. The number of male fans who came

forward, suffering from their own depression,

lonely person. We know that that he or she exists

surprised him. This changed Landsberg’s opinion

in every neighbourhood and every city. Our goal is

about the value of sharing his experience publicly

to reach as many as we can.”

and started his conversation about mental illness

with the masses. Sick Not Weak was born. It is an

depression, Landsberg’s efforts have earned him

initiative to encourage a better understanding of

the honourable title as ‘Champion of Mental

mental health as physical illness, and not a repre-

Health’ by the Canadian Alliance on Mental

sentation of human weakness.

Illness and Mental Health.

“When we use the term ‘mental illness’ we’ve

“We want to find a way to reach and help that

All too familiar with the dark pathways of

Like any grass roots project, #sicknotweak

made a mistake, because that suggests somehow

looks for corporate partners to assist in marketing

that it is not a physical illness to the brain.”

and the development of community focused

initiatives. “You have to ask yourself. Do you want

Landsberg admits that he has been severely

depressed and knows first hand that “it is possible

to be on the side that says we want to help those

to be alive without living.”

people, or do you want to be on the side that says

not my problem.”

“I know that a day spent severely depressed is

a day that is no better than death; the only differ-

ence is that you can come back from that.”

illness, Landsberg’s words are definitive, “look out

depression, I am coming for you.”

The initial concept and built-in support system

When asked about his attitude today about his

is quite simple. As explained by Landsberg, “the goal of #sicknotweak was to create a community

You can reach out to Michael by email Michael.lansberg@sicknotweak.com





take 3 deep breaths and give Peace a

e the change you want to see…it starts


with you to BE HERE NOW! Stress is everywhere. The world is

Practice this exercise when you feel stress coming on: Make a

evolving so quickly that it is very easy to be taken

“body fist” by tightening your whole body. Is this

over by it. Sadly, stress is a choice but SO IS

peaceful? No! Peace can’t be achieved in a tense

PEACE! As John Lennon spread, “Give Peace a

state. Now breathe, RELAX and let go. Expand and

Chance.” This Peace begins with you … NOW!

feel the flow of life in you. Be present and count

your blessings. Be grateful for everything in your

YOU can say no to stress as YOU have the

power and control over your inner being. Ignore

life, even the little things.

the world spinning out of control and realize

Peace begins with you.

‘Non Grasping’. It is your precious choice either to

grasp at stress or surrender, trust and let go.

AWARENESS is your first choice. Be aware

In Yoga we call this Aparagriha, which means

when stress takes over. Stop. Focus on your breath

What do you choose right now?

and consciously choose to BE HERE NOW then

This is practicing living Yoga. Peace is a Choice

ask yourself “What can I do to be peaceful?”

and the first choice is to BE here now. Can you

grace yourself with permission to be here now and

Most stress is from holding on to fear or the

past or lack of control of the future. When you feel

feel Peace? Say NO to stress!

stress tune into the moment and become present

~ Anastasia Love

with yourself. In this very moment CHOOSE to



sciously shift your breath to a deep inhalation

ur modern world is filled with

through the nose

overwhelming amounts of demands

and breathe deeply into your belly.

for our time and energy while mobile

communication has placed even greater burdens on

Exhale steadily through the nose and repeat twice

us, making us constantly available to life’s pressures.

more. Now observe how you feel. You may find in

Stress comes from every angle and under all this

that instant your peace of mind.

strain there is never a moment to relax and just … be.

breath? Do it now! All you need is to give it atten-

You can find moments of peace, even joy, and

Why wait for stressful times to befriend your

escape this maddening race. It is free, available to

tion to access its power. Pranayama is the yogic

all and right under your nose. Literally. It is your

practice of breath control. Mastery of this science

breath — with you from the moment you enter

can lead you to the highest and most fulfilling

till the moment you exit this world but it is often

states of consciousness. The benefits from per-

ignored. It is simple yet contains a potent secret

forming deep breathing for 5 minutes a day are

that can make your entire life better.

innumerable. Practice breath awareness, use it in

your life and find your stress transformed into joy.

In moments of stress observe how you breathe.

Often you will find your breath shallow through

Peace & Blessings ~ Christopher Love

the mouth. As you become aware of this, con-

Lovingspirit.co PIE DIGEST 109

coat , gloves and hat

Always in Vogue


Mary Walsh


Corrine Dayman | photos Dan Lim | hair and makeup Tracy Parsons


ne beautiful day in St. John’s

the comedy troop, CODCO. Despite spending

Newfoundland, I had the privilege

countless hours together performing in a craft, with

of speaking with funny woman,

the tight knit group, Mary never felt that she quite

Mary Walsh. Mary is a celebrated

fit in. For twenty-five years, she would drown her

Canadian icon and gifted comedic storyteller. I

loneliness and depression, using alcohol to cope.

was surprised to learn of Mary’s best-kept secret:

that she struggled with depression and alcoholism

with drinking is that it is a progressive disease and

for much of her teen and adult life.

the longer I drank, the worse it got.”

Raised by her two maiden aunts and an

What Mary would learn was that, “the problem

It wasn’t until 1992, that Mary decided to

invalid uncle, Mary Walsh was immersed in a

open up about her addiction and seek help for the

non-traditional lifestyle from the get-go. A self-

disease. The turning point came with the adoption

professed “young lady with raving ambition but no

of her beloved son. All of her past excuses of

plan,” Mary makes no excuses for her somewhat

feeling miserable became insignificant. She found

dysfunctional upbringing. Surrounded by

herself torn as she held her son yet still yearned

generations of alcohol, she took her first alcoholic

for a drink. Mary realized that she needed help to

drink at the age of thirteen.

control her haunting disease once and for all, and

to become the mother she so wanted to be.

As she recalls the all-encompassing control

that the disease had on her throughout her life, it

is reminiscent of telling the secrets of an old and

occurred to me that my son was worth it getting

trusted friend. Lonely and unhappy, Mary would

sober for.”

find solace in her isolation over the years, finding

refuge in literature, and uncertain as to where her

for her child and at the same time lured by alcohol,

path in life would take her.

Mary reached out to a close friend and bravely

began to face her demons through counsel and

“It is a weird old disease for sure and I thought

Mary recalls that moment of clarity: “it

Overwhelmed by the happiness she felt caring

of myself as a complete and utter failure.”

support. “Two of the best things in my life are my

son and getting sober.”

Detailing those dark, lonely days of adoles-

cence and young adulthood, Mary recollects the

overwhelming feelings of being alone and the

will tell you that the struggle with alcohol and

angst she felt while longing to belong.

addiction is very real and that it is time to “haul

mental health and addiction out of the closet”.

Mary recalls, “Sometimes I think I just

Today, twenty-three years sober, Mary Walsh

wanted the people to keep the party going so that

I wouldn’t be the only one drinking, because of

better mental health and addiction care, the passion-

course, that would mean that I was an alcoholic.”

ate spokesperson for the Bell Let’s Talk campaign is

adamant to uncover the statistics that 1 in 5 people

In 1973, while attending theatre school in

Toronto, Mary and a group of classmates formed

Joining the crusade to advocate for access to

suffer from a type of mental health issue. > PIE DIGEST 111


s she began to open up about her

impacts all of us in one way or another. Her goal is

addiction, Mary admits that she was

to make enough noise and educate others in order

astounded to learn of the number

to end the stigma around mental health. Mary

of Canadians who suffer from mental health

acknowledges that it is a disease that never ‘goes

and addiction and the lack of government

away’. However, it is one that can be managed

support to address the issues. She believes that

through the proper care, professional Mental

misconceptions have aided in the abandonment

Health resources, love and support.

of so many, such as that “addiction is a choice that

weak-willed, substandard people make.”

secret. Mary Walsh celebrates her sobriety. She

doesn’t know what her life would be like had she

According to Mary, only 1 in 10 Canadian

Alcohol addiction is no longer her best-kept

children who seek out assistance for mental

not stood up to her demons so many years ago. She

health issues receive any help at all. The reality,

is still working and loves to put smiles on the faces

Mary says, is that mental health and addiction

of her audiences. Busy putting the final touches on

is being dealt with in the legal system instead

her soon-to-be published novel, Mary is excited to

of where it should be dealt with, in the medical

produce a Christmas movie that is near and dear

system. Mary advocates that it is time for

to her heart.

Canadians to “up our game” and “address the real

issues of mental health.”

Talk, is to shed much needed attention on the very

real struggles that people with addiction face. She

Knowing all too well the power that addiction

Mary’s mission as an ambassador for Bell Let’s

has over one’s life and seeing how lives can be

hopes that through her story those suffering in

destroyed by substance abuse, Mary is adamant

silence will seek out the resources they need to

that access to care is essential in this fight that

come out on the other side of darkness.


Mortality & Marathons: THE JOURNEY OF JIM WILLETT by

Kaja Blackley | photo Adrienne Callan


im Willet was thirty-six years old when

he was diagnosed with cancer. Faced

through running and his travels; their gripping

Over the years, Jim has met many people

with his own mortality, and a sense of

stories of overcoming obstacles have inspired him

urgency to make the most of his life, he

to always push forward in his pursuit of spiritual

decided he wanted to run an ultra-marathon in the

and physical excellence.

Gobi Desert. Nine months after completing che-

motherapy, he achieved his goal, and buried his

Fredericton, New Brunswick, and Ottawa, Ontario.

chemo port in the sands of China, closing a dark

Continuing his quest to meet inspiring people

chapter in his life.

and document their emotional narratives, he will

run the distance between the provinces, about

Jim has since run ultra-marathons in the

Upcoming, Jim will run marathons in

Atacama Desert, Kalahari Desert, and Iceland.

60 kilometres a day—roughly 1,200 kilometres in

He is also the current record holder for fastest

total — and share his adventures on social media.

completion time of the 900 km Bruce Trail,

Currently, Jim has over 240,000 followers on

Canada’s oldest and longest footpath.


“Running is a great teacher,” explained Willett.

When asked if he would ever stop running,

“Whatever you’re facing, if you have the will to

Willett said: “If something else comes along that

push through it, you will succeed.”

gives me the ability to connect with amazing

people, coupled with that feeling of euphoria I

During Jim’s odyssey with cancer, he created

a blog and chronicled his struggle. It was meant

find being in the moment, competing with myself,

to be a therapeutic outlet for him, but his posts

pushing my limits … maybe, but I can’t imagine

went viral and he received correspondence from

anything else will.”

other cancer patients around the world. “What I was writing to help me was helping others too,”


Willett said.


Suffering from PTSD or other Mental Health issues?

WE CAN HELP STRC is a multidisciplined mental health therapy clinic, focused on helping people heal from trauma of all kinds. We specialize in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Psychotherapy and other counselling and psychological services. We can help sufferers of post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, disruptive anger, dissociative identity disorder, personality disorder, addictions, past or present abuse, relationship or marital stress, fears and phobias, and more. Covered by some health plans.

Reliable. Consistent. Positive Results.

Contact us now to find out more. strc.ca | 705. 881.9805 | Little Lake Health Centre, 11 Lakeside Terrace, Barrie ON






irst conceived in 2014, Simcoe Trauma Recovery Clinic (STRC) has established itself as one of the region’s leaders in treating trauma-related mental health conditions. Comprised of a team of registered psychotherapists,

family counsellors, and trauma experts, STRC specializes in healing the

emotional and psychological wounds caused by trauma of any kind.

Almost everyone who has experienced trauma in their life,

has been affected by it. It can often lead to depression, anxiety,


MA Coun. Psych, Registered Psychotherapist (RP), OACCPP, EMDRIA

disruptive anger, addictions, relationship stress, phobias, and even things like personality disorder and dissociative identity disorder. Essentially, trauma is almost always at the heart of most of our psychological afflictions. And that is the key to healing our symptoms: treat the root problem — treat the trauma.

At STRC, in treating the root causes, their trained practitioners

can employ various methods of therapy, including psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, solution-focused therapy, and lifecoaching; however, perhaps their most effective treatment is a


MA Coun. Psych, Registered Psychotherapist (RP), OACCPP, EMDRIA

relatively unknown practice called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). EMDR is recognized as a highly effective and efficient therapy for the relief of the symptoms of stress and trauma. Developed in the US in 1989 by American psychologist, Francine Shapiro, and is now recognized by many regulatory bodies around the world, including the World Health Organization, the American Psychiatric Association, and the US Department of Defense/Veterans Affairs. It has helped thousands of people process their traumatic past, and heal what ails them, from the source.

The basis of the treatment is in using our mind’s ability to


MSc Marital & Family Therapy, EMDR, Canadian Certified Counsellor

heal itself. By alternately stimulating the right and left side of the brain, we are able to access and reprocess memories that have been haunting us, and with the help of a trained professional, we can completely change the effect these memories have. It is truly one of the greatest and most effective tools in treating mental illness today.

If you or someone you know is suffering from any mental health

issues, there is no better time than now to reach out and get the care you need. Contact STRC and talk to someone who can help. www.strc.ca | 705.881.9805


C.P.C., Trauma Specialist, TASC Educator PIE DIGEST 115



Wings Of Change by

Corrine Dayman | photo Jeff Buchanan


ike many sufferers of addiction, Natalie

in the way we see and respond to those who suffer

Harris is no stranger to the hereditary

in silence. “The stigma is pretty much the main

gene that has brought her to her lowest

thing that holds anyone back from getting the help

point and challenged every fiber of

that you need.”

her being to stay alive. After coming out of the

“Wings of Change” is Natalie’s grass roots

other side of what she would describe as “hell”,

project, and is near and dear to her heart. The peer

she is standing strong against the stigma of mental

support model is aimed at helping those struggling

health, to tell Canadians that we must come

with addiction to openly communicate their

together, and support those suffering in silence.

feelings and emotions. The group has an open

With thirteen years as an Advanced Care

door policy and meets every first Tuesday of the

Paramedic, it would be easy to miss the signs

month at the Barrie CMHA on Anne Street. The

that Natalie was struggling with alcohol and

supportive, solution-based discussion encourages

drug addiction. In an industry that witnesses

open dialogue and understanding, while providing

trauma and loss on a daily basis, yet celebrates the

resources to professional care.

resilience to move on, alcoholism and drug abuse

have sadly become common coping strategies for

is a process, and like anything that has stigma

first responders and those on the front lines.

attached to it, it takes some time to have positive

momentum. “Mental health is still very much

As Natalie remembers “it became common-

What Natalie knows for certain is that healing

place to discuss with my peers the amount of

behind the scenes, but it is slowly becoming an

alcohol we consumed after a shift.” What she

issue that people cannot ignore.”

didn’t recognize was the downward spiral that

her disease was taking her on. It wouldn’t be until

is enthusiastic to work with area MPs and MPPs

after she was witness to a horrific crime scene, that

to help push forward Bill C-211 to protect all first

Natalie’s disease would overcome her, and nearly

responders and hopes to protect all those in the

take her life.

circle of care.

Luckily, with the much -needed help of

Busily preparing for the year ahead, Natalie

She believes that “the ripple effects are

professionals and group therapy, Natalie found

amazing,” and that through this and other efforts,

help when she needed it most. By sharing her

it will bring on positive momentum to change the

story and reaching out to others, she has been

way we see and understand mental health.

recovering from her illness in the most positive

way. A crusader for mental health, Natalie believes

born to do.’ I do believe that to a great extent,” she

that she has found her life’s new purpose.

says. “Just knowing that I’m a tiny little voice in

an ocean of voices is huge for my recovery. It has

Natalie admits that mental health disease is

both “cunning and baffling.” With too many tragic endings, Natalie has taken a stand for change, and


“People say, ‘Natalie this is what you were

definitely changed my life.”


Risky Business by

Waleed Hafeez | photo Sarjoun Faour


ark Rivkin is a man of reinvention — through challenges, noteworthy success and rock bottoms, Mark has

lived a philosophy of using life’s hurdles to attain higher heights.

His latest venture, Helix Healthcare Group, is

revolutionizing the application of neurosciencebased treatments for holistic recovery from crises of addiction, mental health, and the psychological and physiological effects of chronic stress.

Like most fruitful journeys, this one too

recovery outside the nurturing confines of an

began with a bold step. Mark’s first foot forward

inpatient treatment centre. It was with this vision

came with the admission that he needed to seek

that Helix Healthcare Group was founded.

treatment for an addiction that had derailed him

after losing his purpose in life. Previous success

the gambling world and it becomes clear that

as co-founder of a multimillion-dollar software

this man is unafraid to stare risk in the face if the

company, Cryptologic, wouldn’t let him accept

winnings are worth it. It was his road to recovery

failure, causing him to turn to substance abuse. As

that eventually led to his re-discovery. Helix

the story often goes, the pain only compounded,

Healthcare Group has evolved past its focus on

until the realization of his possible death became

addiction recovery services to tackle some of the

clear to Mark and he started looking into rehab

common struggles at the core of the modern,

programs. Knowing that the 12-step route was

urban, human experience. At the end of the day,

not for him, his search brought him to Passages in

it comes down to chronic stress, which when

California, a treatment centre that made sense and

at a boiling point, manifests itself in a variety of

whose approach appealed to his analytical mind.

dangerous and toxic ways. Mark’s latest battle

The inpatient program provided him with the

is not being waged within himself, but against

structure and psycho-spiritual support to achieve

a culture of business and profit that comes at

his sobriety; but maintaining it in the real world

a devastating mental and psychological cost to

proved more challenging.

society. Fortunately for us, this is a risk Mark

He had awakened his mind to his higher

knows will pay off, since he is testament to the

potential and ignited in him a fire to create his

power of opening your mind to higher potential

own program which specifically catered to the

through integrative treatment programs, the likes

on-going, outpatient needs of himself, and others

of those found at Helix Healthcare Group.

like him, who continued to grow and manage their


One look at Mark’s history as a visionary in


Simmering in the Pressure Cooker by

Ahmed Saleh


ndoubtedly one of the brightest stars in Canadian journalism, Rosemary Barton is a role model for women, who sees her gender

as irrelevant, and a champion who transcends politics with her skillful ability to get answers from people in power and to hold them to account.

Although she is still not sure how she stumbled

upon covering politics, it was her time as a Quebec Legislative reporter that sparked her interest; and that work became what she believes was the

my kid. That is something that was in my head, but

“best training ground” for her current job as host

I had to put that aside to do my work,” says Barton.

of CBC’s Power & Politics. “There was something

“It’s important to let part of yourself go in order to

about Quebec politics that evokes a sense of

do the job and that’s not always easy.”

passion,” says Barton.

that weigh on them: the whole profession is a

Throughout her time as a field reporter,

It’s not only the stories that journalists cover

Barton built a reputation for being one of the

pressure cooker. The 2015 election was a moment

first journalists on the scene, breaking the news

when Barton became the interim host of CBC’s

live on air. Putting in many hours on Parliament

flagship political show and the stakes were high.

Hill everyday, Barton learned very quickly

Like the federal party leaders in the election

how stressful the job can be. “When I speak to

race, Barton had a race of her own to become

journalism students, I am honest about it, but no

the permanent host of CBC’s Power & Politics. “I

one can prepare you for the demands of the job,”

knew I had to do a great job. I had a goal to make

says Barton. “I cannot turn off; my phone is always

it impossible [for CBC] to give the job to anyone

on, Twitter is always on, and I am always checking

else.” As ratings continued to soar and the level of

the news. I am aware of the toll it can take.”

engagement on social media peaked new heights,

the announcement of Rosemary Barton as the new

It’s a journalist’s job not only to be prepared at

all hours but also to disassociate themselves from

host for the show sent out a strong message about

stories they are covering. However, there are oc-

women and their place in politics.

casions when the job intertwines with a reporter’s

personal life, and this makes it nearly impossible

icon of sorts — the sort who won’t actually call

to separate work from personal life. “The day of

herself a feminist. Even so, her accomplishments

the shooting at Parliament Hill was difficult. My

speak for themselves and suggest how irrelevant

kid is in daycare, which was beside the Hill, and

labels can be in the face of excellence, commit-

the whole perimeter was locked down, including

ment and quiet confidence.

Today, Barton has become a Canadian feminist





Dating and romance scams are on the rise and it’s no wonder with the recent surge of online dating.

Constable Nicole Rodgers | photo Ty Jones


ace it, time is tight, you’ve been out of the dating world for some time and really, who wants to bar hop sifting through local singles trying to find the perfect match? However, buyers beware. Dating and Romance Scams are

on the rise and it’s no wonder with the recent surge of online dating. Popular dating sites Zoosk, Match, eHarmony and EliteSingles (to name a few) pride themselves on being the ideal option for “sophisticated daters” looking to find a “deeper connection”.

Truth be told, Canadians have lost over $14 million dollars

to such romance scams last year alone. These “catfishing” scams try to lower your defenses by appealing to your romantic and compassionate side, building trust and emotional bonds that are used later to pressure or guilt you into providing money.

So how do you protect yourself? Here are a few things to ponder

while exploring the ever-changing online dating scene: TOO HOT TO BE TRUE: If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Catfishers rarely use their own photo and personal info. Be wary of the 20 somethings interested in the 50 somethings. Although not impossible, still a red flag. HURRYING TO GET OFF THE SITE: Scammers are often anxious to leave dating websites upon making contact with a person, so they don’t get caught. However they want to keep talking through email, instant messaging or phone calls. THE ‘L’ WORD: ALREADY?! Be suspicious if someone tells you they love you sooner than you expect or are comfortable with. Flooding you with praise or emotional forwardness too early can be an indication someone may be trying to influence your compassionate side to create a bond. 120 PIE DIGEST

Justin Main photo illustration

TRUST ME: Scammers tend to talk about how

prey on emotions and do not think twice about

important trust is. Wanting you to trust them in an

how they are hurting others. Remember to never

effort to prepare you for a request for money that

provide your personal and financial information

they’ll promise to payback. Repayment will never

online or over the phone. Dig a little deeper and do


not let anyone pressure you into making decisions

SOB STORY: Scammers will do this in an attempt

about your money or investments. Do not be afraid

to gain sympathy and potentially money from

to ask the forward or embarrassing questions. If

you. Sometimes a family emergency, a sick family

they are asking for money, they should be able

member or a legal situation that’s needs immediate

to provide you with the answers to those hard

remedy. Pulling on your heartstrings is what these

questions. Lastly, never send money to someone

people do best.

you have not met, even if you feel close to them

AVOIDANCE: Fraudsters in the dating world will

or have been dating online for some time. Dating

try to avoid meeting you in person. They claim

and Romance Scams have no time frame and

they live far away, are working or with family

“dating” frequently lasts for many months with

overseas. Often this is how the scam occurs;

the fraudsters building a strong emotional rapport

claiming travel costs are too high and appealing

before asking for financial assistance.

to you to pay for the trip to be united.


hile we do not want to instill fear, cynicism and closed-heartedness onto everyone, it is important for

you to be vigilant in protecting yourself both emotionally and financially. These fraudsters

If you or someone you know has been a victim of fraud, contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center at 1-888-495-8501 or report online www.antifraudcenter.ca. PIE DIGEST 121


World , Meet Blake by

Lisa Graystone | photo Tom Fowler

Down syndrome, or in my son’s case, Trisomy 21 is the result of 3 copies of the 21st chromosome in each cell. One of 3 types of Down syndrome that effects approximately 1 in every 700–800 Canadians (The Canadian Down Syndrome Society) and in the US it is 1 in 691 (National Down Syndrome Society). T21 is not hereditary and was not passed to him by myself or my husband. I was 32 when I gave birth to my son and 80% of babies born with Down syndrome are born to mothers under the age of 35.

like everyone else. They also have skills, desires, hopes and dreams just like we all do. When we received the diagnosis we received a lot of, “I’m sorry.” What I want to make clear is, I am also sorry. I am sorry for the people in society who have never had the opportunity to see someone’s ability because they were too preoccupied with the label of disability. I am sorry that so many myths still surround this community. I am also sorry that we live in such a generic society that diversity and differences are still not adequately celebrated. Many of the road blocks to success are not caused by Down syndrome but by the un-inclusive world that we live in. I advocate and educate so that my son will grow to know a

This microscopic chromosome has had the most

world of opportunity, acceptance, understanding

profound impact on my life since giving birth to

and support. Down syndrome produces cognitive

my son Blake in 2011. Blake has Down syndrome

delays, but people with Down syndrome can learn,

but he is not Down syndrome, a ‘down’s kid’, a

attend school, form significant relationships, be

retard or any other out dated, disrespectful term.

employed, live independently and be productive

Having a child with exceptional needs has given

members of their community if provided the

me many gifts, one of the greatest is perspective.

opportunity. As a proud ability parent I am left to

People with Down syndrome have challenges just

wonder who the slow learner really is.


Telling your story in an incredible way.

Commercial Production • Corporate Video • Branded Content




Ross McKenzie


ost of us have been “stressed

spectrum of challenges that are simply normal

out” or “overwhelmed” and

human experience.”

have experienced a dark period

at one point in our lives. In

my 20-year personal healing quest. One being that

many cases your doctor may have prescribed

we are multi-dimensional beings and if we “numb”

medication for these “feelings” to subside. In 1993

out our emotions we affect all other components

during my struggle with a variety of mental health

of our being. Weaning off the medication allowed

symptoms, I received an alleged Bipolar Disorder

me to address the root causes of how I was feeling.

diagnosis. I was immediately put on lithium with

This is by no means easy work. We live in a society

the promise of feeling “normal” again. Truthfully,

that is programmed for a quick fix; Band-Aids

I felt worse.

cover wounds, but do they heal them?

In 2010 with the help of many health

I have learned many valuable lessons through

Choosing to address the root causes of negative

practitioners, healers and medical professionals

and maladaptive mental health behaviours and

combined with profound self-determination, I

patterns requires dedication, persistence and a

officially detoxed lithium from my system. This

willingness to never give up. It is my sincere belief

marked my quest back to optimum health and

that by making the choice to explore mental,

overall wellness. Fast forward, six years later,

physical, emotional and spiritual root causes of

I am proud to say I am lithium free. By sharing

one’s mental health symptoms, one can create the

my own story and listening to others including

foundation for living a healthy, vibrant, connected,

concerned MD’s and psychiatrists throughout

creative life.

the world, a light is being shone on the significant

challenges within our current western medical

mental health will evolve. People will be open

model of mental health treatment which may be

to holistic root-cause-resolution treatments and

contributing to the current mental health crisis

consider alternative therapies. They will invest in

that is growing at an alarming rate.

preventative care and communities will support

healing, awareness and compassion.

Millions of people around the world continue

I hold the vision that the understanding of

to be misdiagnosed, labeled with mental health

disorders. This usually involves a powerful

committed to helping others by working as a Life

psychotropic prescribed medication cocktail: in

Coach at Helix Healthcare Group in Toronto. I

many cases “causing much more harm than good,”

am grateful that I am aligned with a group that

according to psychiatrist Dr. Allan Frances, lead

shares the same values and perspective as me. My

task force member of DSM4. Dr. Allan Frances

personal work has been worth it and lead me on

goes on to say that his greatest concern is that we

an awakened path, living my truth.

are in many cases, “diagnosing and medicating the


My journey continues, and today I am


For the Benefit of Others by

Dave Gordon | photo courtesy Akiva Medjuck


ne in seven people live with a

disability in the province of Ontario.

process itself can take several months. In some

Complicated forms notwithstanding, the

By the Canada Revenue Agency’s

cases, it can take up to a year. This is something

(CRA) own estimates, more than one

that the NBA navigates on behalf of its clients.

million Canadians qualify for the federal Disability

Twenty-five per cent of those who have called NBA

Tax Credit. Unfortunately, barely half of all eligible

have already attempted the process on their own

Canadians receive this much-needed financial

— and were rejected, or were approved, but did not

relief that helps individuals and families cope with

receive money.

disability and illness.

entire family situation. Parents of children with

After assisting two siblings who live with dis-

The National Benefit Authority examines the

ability, Akiva Medjuck knew he had to help others,

disabilities can apply on behalf of their children

so he created The National Benefit Authority (NBA),

and additional amounts for children under 18 are

dedicated to helping Canadians receive the financial

available. This credit can be transferred to one’s

support they are entitled to. Now, 160 full-time

spouse, common-law partner, or any other assist-

team members at NBA have successfully helped

ing family member.

more than 40,000 Canadians from coast to coast.

and appeals for a vast number of disabilities,

“Almost everyone will know someone affected

The National Benefit Authority has won claims

by disability or illness. They might not realize they

both physical and mental, including depression,

are eligible for an annual tax credit worth anywhere

learning disabilities, addiction, and anxiety. The

from $1,000 to $4,000 per year, retroactive up to

National Benefit Authority also helps those who

10 years,” states Medjuck. “It’s possible to receive

may find the process overwhelming or don’t have

upwards of $50,000 from the federal government if

the ability or time to file for themselves.

you qualify for the Disability Tax Credit,” he added.

bassador. Paul Rosen is a three-time paralympian

The National Benefit Authority’s clients only

One former client is now NBA’s company am-

pay when they receive money. When NBA clients

and gold medal winning goalie for Team Canada’s

are approved for future years, they are then able

sledge hockey team at the Torino Games in 2006.

to collect that money independently without any

associated fees.

Medjuck and The National Benefit Authority

Among the philanthropic endeavours that

“Conditions like Crohn’s disease, colitis,

have led over the years includes the donation of

arthritis, shingles, addictions and other ailments

a wheelchair bus that helps adults with invisible

may qualify for the Disability Tax Credit,” says

and mental challenges. “We’re happy to help

Medjuck. “We often advocate for those living with

these individuals and organizations who are

invisible disability. Mental health is my personal

also working to make lives better by overcoming


challenges,” says Medjuck.




Sleep Revolution by

Anna Andrews | photo courtesy Huffington Post


he expression ‘You can sleep when

floor of my home office in a pool of blood. On my

you are dead’ is extremely crass and

way down, my head had hit the corner of my desk,

doesn’t lend to the importance of

cutting my eye and breaking my cheekbone. I had

sleep and how it affects our daily

collapsed from exhaustion and lack of sleep. In the

lives. Studies into the importance of sleep are

wake of my collapse, I found myself going from

increasingly linking it to death, more specifically

doctor to doctor, from brain MRI to CAT scan

the lack of sleep that causes long-term health

to echocardiogram, to find out if there was any

issues and physical dangers.

underlying medical problem beyond exhaustion.

There wasn’t, but doctors’ waiting rooms, it turns

Fortunately, someone is listening and doing

something about it. The Huffington Post has

out, were good places for me to ask myself a lot of

launched a global sleep campaign based around the

questions about the kind of life I was living.

book “The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your

Life, One Night at a Time” written by Arianna

concerned with solving my own personal sleep

Huffington, co-founder and editor-in-chief of

crisis. Now, my goal is to bring the lessons I’ve

the Huffington Post. HuffPost and Arianna are

learned to as many people as possible.

The change has been this: at first, I was

collaborating with some interesting companies to bring increased awareness to this sleep recession


and what the Centers for Disease Control and

“investing in the production of employee rest,” which

Prevention has called a ‘public health epidemic’.

is an interesting choice of words. Can you explain

The Washington Post reported that you were

this? Do you feel this is something all employers pie:

Despite the obvious indication in the title of your

should engage in?

new book, The Sleep Revolution, would you consider


yourself a revolutionary?

made, with great results. At HuffPost, there was

arianna huffington:

skepticism when we first installed nap rooms in

A very specific kind of

It’s an investment we’ve enthusiastically

revolutionary! But yes, in the sense that I’m doing

New York in 2011. HuffPosters were reluctant to

all I can to put a spotlight on an issue that affects

be seen walking into a nap room in the middle of a

us all, to help people take steps to immediately

bustling newsroom in “the city that never sleeps.”

improve their lives by discovering sleep’s benefits.

But now they are perpetually full, and we’re spreading nap rooms around the world, starting


When did this matter become so important to

with our London office… We have a growing

you? Would you say your intent has changed from

number of business leaders [around the world]

what it was initially?

realizing that well-rested employees are better


employees. I expect the nap room to soon become

It started with my own painful wakeup call.

On the morning of April 6, 2007, I was lying on the


as universal as the conference room.


The Journey & The Destination:



> What makes Fogo Island Inn a special place? ogo Island Inn is a special place for a number of reasons. It is the only 5-star Inn found in Newfoundland and Labrador. The Inn is a one hundred percent social business: all operating surpluses are reinvested in the community of Fogo Island through the projects and programs of the Shorefast Foundation; a federally-registered Canadian charity.


Dan Lim the traveller Sandra fogo island inn ambassador Paddy Barry photos


ne unique aspect of the Inn that sets us apart is our Community Host Program, which matches a person from the local community with guests of the Inn for a

half-day island orientation. The Inn is a contemporary structure that speaks to our 400 years of lived experience on the northeast coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. We have strived to source everything we need as locally as is humanely possible, and to keep the money here on Fogo Island, or in the province. That certainly sets us apart from from most high-end Inns worldwide, whether they be franchises, or independently owned.


> Why is winter your favourite season?


inter is my favourite season as it is the time of year when the pack ice

comes to our shores. Every year around March or earlier, the northern pack ice moves down from Greenland and surrounds Fogo Island. It blankets the sound of the ocean, and it is a sight to behold; a photographer’s dream. Winter is also the season where one gets the real feeling of belonging. It is during the winter months when there is the greatest sense of being part of a wonderful community. And in the cold months, you need that. It’s a good feeling.

front desk

Rhonda Rowe

snowmobile hosts

Ferg Penton Jason Penton Gail Penton

> What are the most common comments from your guests?


here are many common threads in the comments we hear from our guests. The most common is often a variation

of the following: “We came as strangers and we are leaving as friends.” Our guests seem to bond with the staff and with the community.

inn ambassador

Paddy Barry

squish art studio


Universal Helicopters (UHNL)


Guy Freake Earl Cull Jim Edwards


ne of our favourite comments, one which we hear from

Newfoundlanders and Labradorians a lot is, that we “built it old.” Fogo Island Inn, though brand new, gives many the feeling that they are visiting Nan’s place.


hen something is the best in its category, people on

Fogo Island will say, “That’s the head!” — meaning, that’s the best. People will say, “he’s got the head boat,” or “the head job,” or “the head car.”

winds and waves artisans guild

Millicent Dwyer Lillian Dwyer Violet Combden

longliner crew

George Jacobs Sr. George Jacobs Jr. Travis Jacobs

> How, in your opinion, has Zita Cobb ( founder of Shorefast Foundation, and owner of the Inn) changed Newfoundland hospitality?Â


ewfoundlanders and Labradorians, especially Fogo Islanders, have long been known to be some of the most hospitable people in the world. No one has, or will, change our friendly disposition. What has changed in the Newfoundland and Labrador hospitality sector, is that we no longer feel

the need to see ourselves, or our industry, as second-rate. We can set our sights high and position ourselves as world leaders in the hospitality business. Whether it be a small B&B or Fogo Island Inn, we are tops in hospitality. Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are just good at this.


Aidan Penton

artists ’ residence

Game bird terrine, beet root purée, last year’s pickles, mustard, brioche.

This food is — as they say on Fogo Island — “Never the like.”

food prep and styling

photos Sébastien Dubois-Didcock Murray McDonald, Founding Executive Chef, Fogo Island Inn

Sea buckthorn with hemp, meringue, sponge toffee and wild blueberries.

Tea & Toast, tetley tea ice cream, buttered toast, cream, bakeapple.


Pork roasted over a birch

fire, coal charred root veg, pickled cabbage, apple butter.


Whole pig’s foot, stuffed

with partridgeberry sausage.

“I’m just blessed to live and work in such a great place, that I want to share it with the world.” — Murray McDonald, Founding Executive Chef,  Fogo Island Inn


around the bay Brigus, Newfoundland

the beauties of brigus

Great Aunt Evelyn, Great Aunt Florence, Great Aunt Lil


Dan Lim

home sweet home


Da Jiggs



Conor, Uncle Bud, Mary, Mom

Mom & Silas

Luke & Angelina


Dan Lim

Uncle Roy

The girls & Victoria-Sandra

Aunt Barbara

Aunt Debbie

the townies

The House family

The Summers family

Victor & Emily

St. John’s, Newfoundland



St. John’s, Newfoundland: 21 COLONIAL STREET by

Anna Andrews


There is no question as to the solidity of 21

ou will find throughout history,

Colonial Street. After the great fire many of the

evidence of how fires forever

local homes were rushed to completion before

altered the landscape of many major

the harsh winter would set in — corners were

cities and the architecture found

cut, floor joists spread out further than normal,

within. Building booms were common following

the peaked roofs of the last generation of homes

a great fire, as insurance companies and private

abandoned for flat roofs that would use less tim-

donations fertilized the soil on which new styles

ber. Most of that was avoided on 21 Colonial for

of architecture sprung forth. Such was the case for

reasons still not clear, yet long after the fire the

St. John’s, Newfoundland and after the great fire

structure was expanded by 50% sometime in the

of 1892 raged through the downtown area, several

1920s when there was ample time to build well.

new architectural styles cropped up. One was the

Yet the new extension had almost no foundation,

Second Empire style featuring a mansard roof with

a fact that was only discovered when renovations

hooded dormer windows and many of the new

were well underway. With no inexpensive options

homes built displayed these characteristics. In fact,

available the owners removed the rear of the

so many of them did that, the style was renamed

building and had the entire foundation excavated

after John Thomas Southcott who brought the

and rebuilt while the home was still standing. As

design from England and they became locally

an added measure a 4-inch thick solid concrete

known as Southcott Style homes.

wall was added to separate between the adjoining

Which brings us to 21 Colonial Street.

row house to create a noise and fire break making

Cradled in the protective arms of historic

it one of the quietest and most fire-resistant homes

downtown St. John’s, this 3,700 square foot

from the Victorian Age.

masterpiece was extensively renovated over a 6

year period, completed in 2012 and while it still has

the hardwood alone costing more than $100,000

the authentic Southcott Style look, only 20% of the

with such species as oak, wormy sugar maple,

original home remains. High quality finishes are

white walnut, mahogany, bloodwood, mulberry,

hard to come by in Newfoundland and 2 shipping

mango, cherry and olive. Pattern designs from

containers arrived from England and 8 from the

the 1890s showcase solid walnut mill work on

US, laden with products that would transform the

reclaimed solid oak doors hung in custom walnut

original 8 bedroom configuration into a more open

frames, complex parquetry adorns the floors and

concept 4 bedroom layout custom showpiece. The

a portion of the Cambridge University gymnasium

house seamlessly blends old and new and with the

floor, made of solid mahogany, was shipped from

quality of materials used, makes it one of the most

England to form the roof in the master bath two-

unique homes in Newfoundland.

person shower.


The wood finishes throughout are magnificent,

All efforts were made to retain the Victorian

Era feel when the main floor was redesigned to open up the original 5 rooms to create one. Leaded glass Victorian windows were imported from Brighton, England and lend to the classic design and cast a cozy atmosphere. The front double, oversized entry door, hand-carved from solid mahogany is so exceptional that the local walking tours claim it is from the Basilica, which it isn’t. It was shipped from Spain, fashioned in the French-Spanish style, is over 130 years old and has brass door handles from the Leicester Library — again, reclaimed and shipped from England. The entry way features the “seed of life” and is a beach almond center with custom cut mango, oak, mulberry, elm, and bay tree inlay.

This incredible house is for sale! Sold

turn-key, totally furnished. Asking price: $699,000. For details, contact Jonathan Kitzen – mkafilm@yahoo.com PIE DIGEST 151


Boutique Bed & Breakfast


Dave Gordon | photos Dan Lim


ou’re heading to the Rock — Canada’s eastern most island in the Atlantic provinces, Newfoundland — and seeking the perfect place to stay in

the St. John’s area. That perfect place must be away from it all, with nature’s scenery in every direction, unhindered by developments, eyesore subdivisions, urban sprawl or the madness of traffic, but still contains the nearby comforts necessary to pamper yourself.

Located in the historic Waterford valley, you’ll

find Leaside Suites & Executive Apartments, tucked away amongst two and a half acres of towering mature trees and gardens. It so happens these series of impressive suites have garnered the distinction of being the highest rated accommodations in St. John’s. > 152 PIE DIGEST


nd for good reason. If you’re seeking the

amenities such as a fireplace, Jacuzzi and

B&B experience that’s touted as “where

stunning décor, your needs are taken care of at

old world craftsmanship and quality

your leisure, be it a manicure, pedicure, massage,

meets the latest in modern aesthetics,” there’s

facials, or a vishy shower room. It’s ideal for that

Leaside Manor or Compton House. The words

special wedding night, anniversary or simply

“majestic estate” are often bandied around justi-

to spoil yourself. Believe it or not, the staff are

fiably, as it is nestled amongst the manicured gar-

experienced at helping make that romantic

dens. Each lavish suite represents a unique décor

getaway even more special, arranging by-request

of its own, replete with multimedia entertainment,

bouquets in the room, in-room dining requests, or

mini-fridges — and where you can enjoy breakfast

delivering your favourite wine.

delivered at any hour. One illustrious example

at Compton House is the Avalon suite, with its

room. You don’t have to step outside the property

bright, airy bay widows overlooking the property’s

to enjoy all of the entertainment available on a

gardens and woodlands. Then there’s the fireplace,

regular basis, be it an open mic night, a poetry

one of the estate’s originals, which can be enjoyed

reading, an art display, a film night, concerts —

as sure as its double Jacuzzi tub, and the heated

or even a Shakespearean play.

marble flooring of the bathrooms.

just between the two of you, and don’t miss the

If you’re seeking more of that boutique hotel

Of course, there’s more to the stay than just the

Or if you prefer, a short jaunt away; keep it

experience, the idyllic choice is the Monastery

whale watching while you’re out there. Now that’s

spa and suites. There, in addition to high end


To book your flight to Fogo Island Inn Visit www.uhnl.nf.ca


Mont Tremblant


André Courey Hotel Quintessence

photos courtesy


here are many captivating places to

The lower part of the village, le vieux (old)

spend vacation time in this diverse

Tremblant, has a story of its own, its buildings

world, distinctively charming

from the original 60-year-old resort (the oldest

places that capture the heart. Mont-

destination ski resort in Canada) having been

Tremblant, in Québec, 120 kilometres north of

preserved and moved further down the mountain

Montréal, is among them. It’s a tri-village town,

base. Nearby, the endearing Saint-Bernard Chapel,

a cluster of three villages (total population:

dressed in white with bright red roof and spire,

10,000) mainly known for its ski mountain, Mont

stands as a landmark, inviting worshippers and

Tremblant, from which the town derives its name

curious visitors alike. A replica of a small 19th

and the colourful pedestrian resort village at its

century church on an island not far from Quebec

base — Tremblant. Just strolling through the

City, it is still, for seven decades, the place where

resort village is a delight and an illustrative history

skiers receive the priest’s blessings before taking

lesson as well. The architecture is straight out of

to the slopes.

the story of New France, inspired by the 400-year-

old City of Québec with colourful buildings,

snowboarding, lodgings, restaurants and après-

gable roofs, dormer windows and wrought iron

ski have earned it the title of Eastern North

balconies overlooking narrow cobblestone streets.

America’s Number One ski resort for 18 of the

Simply browsing the boutiques, dropping into

last 19 years, so voted by the readers of the widely

the cafés and bistros, dining in one of the many

read Ski Magazine. National Geographic recently

restaurants and lingering on the town square is

ranked Mont-Tremblant as one of the 25 best ski

enjoyable — “la belle vie”. The feel, the sights and

towns in the world. Other well-developed winter

the sounds of French, English and the many other

sports facilities attract numerous participants

languages of visitors from around the world give

for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and dog

the village a special ambiance.

sledding. The latest winter sport to have arrived


In winter, Tremblant’s alpine skiing and

in Tremblant, snow polo, enthralls hundreds of spectators. For those inclined to seek indoor entertainment, the Casino de Mont-Tremblant offers the game of chance for the intrepid!

Summer brings with it a feast of activities and

cultural events, among them, the highly rated International Blues Festival and the Fête de la musique, both drawing throngs of music lovers. The grueling Ironman triathlons, the marathons, cycling events and a yoga gathering draw hundreds of amateur athletes and yoga adherents from near and far. A number of spas including the region’s prominent Spa Scandinave cater to those looking for total relaxation. Those who seek the quietude of unspoiled nature find it at the door, in the 1,500 acre Domaine Saint-Bernard municipal eco-park and the vast 1,500 square kilometre Parc national du Mont Tremblant. Surrounded and cradled by the Laurentian mountain landscape, the oases of tranquility are always close by.

No quick portrait of Mont-Tremblant would

be complete without highlighting the food. The list of good restaurants on the Tremblant resort site or in the other two villages down the road — the laid-back Old Village district and the commercial Centre-town (Saint-Jovite) village district — is long and diverse, many with exceptional chefs, themselves like so many other residents having emigrated to the region, attracted by the sophisticated countryside lifestyle. Dining and the appreciation of good food, good wine and good conversation is an important part of Mont-Tremblant’s “joie de vivre” culture. The supermarkets, too, are a foodies’ delight, stocked with an uncommonly wide variety of foods and products from around the world.

Mont-Tremblant is a place apart, where the

difference is manifest in its European flavour with a French Québec accent, underlaid by a diverse outdoors lifestyle to enjoy and overlaid with a genuine hospitality. By any standard, it is a compelling Québec mountain resort.



The Quintessential Real Estate Opportunity OWN A SUITE AT HÔTEL QUINTESSENCE, MONT-TREMBLANT by

Dave Gordon


ou may already know that MontTremblant is the top ski resort in eastern North America. You may also know about the magnificent accom-

modations available there, including the premier luxury boutique hotel, Hôtel Quintessence.

But what you might not know is that there is

a unique and irresistible opportunity for a savvy investor.

You can actually own a suite at Hôtel

Quintessence, among its thirty, and make money off of it as it is being rented. Think of it as a country property that pays you when you’re not using it.

Within the purchase includes all contents of the

suite, all expenses and taxes — with a roughly 5% return on investment.

Celebrated for its perfect view in every suite, the

hotel is situated next to the lakefront, even garnering the accolades of Condé Nast Johansens magazine.

What are the other perks? All owners have the

privilege of using the on-site spa, the beach, enjoy the year-round polo, the gym, and their ski locker, at any time of year, as though they were permanent residents. > 156 PIE DIGEST


he owner can also resell the property, like

they would regular real estate, if desired.

anyone wanting to buy a magnificent property that

They can even own it in their company,

will make them a profit, and have that property

give it to staff for incentives, or offer nights as a

Hotel Quintessence has the perfect solution for

available for their own use six weeks a year!

charity donation.

The whole bonus, though, is earning money

For information on this amazing opportunity,

with the luxurious rental suite year ‘round, while

contact Herb Ratsch | HRatsch@sothebysrealty.ca

the owner (or family or friends) can use the suite

Phone: 819.429.9019

for up to 36 nights a year. And with an average daily rate of $500 a night, that means it’s $18,000 worth (pretax dollars) of holiday time for those 36 nights — that is already paid for.





www.Locatingtoflorida.com Search over 60,000 properties including foreclosures and bank sell offs. Retire and enjoy life in endless Summer Florida. Close to white sandy beaches, shopping and attractions. Maintenance free living. We will manage your property and rent it when you are not using it. Own waterfront condos from $89,900 to over $1 million.

Contact Kay & Alex Szinegh,

Realtors with over 40 years experience.

Kay • 813.918.0624 • kayszinegh@gmail.com | Alex • 702.334.5570 • alex@cooperativeusa.com



Luxury in Costa Rica PURA VIDA IN STYLE

www.CostaRicaLuxuryProperty.com Live in luxury in the jungle! There is a full concierge service for booking tours and activities. Relax in this serene environment and let all your stress and troubles go. Owner financing available or rent this beauty from $450/night sleeps 10 people. Located in a 200 acre secure subdivision with small grocery store and a gourmet restaurant on site. Private maid service and cook available on request. Villa 21 – $799,000. Contact Kay & Alex Szinegh,

Realtors with over 40 years experience.

Kay • 813.918.0624 • kayszinegh@gmail.com | Alex • 702.334.5570 • alex@cooperativeusa.com



Stress-Free Real Estate realtors

Jackie Jones Team


s a very wise Benjamin Franklin once

said, “If you want something done,

be. We have come together to become a team. We

As Jackie states: “Everyone is the best they can

ask a busy person.” And according to

LOVE what we are doing and we are growing so

Charles-Guillaume Etienne, “If you

quickly. No other agents are investing their own

want something done right, do it yourself.” But if

money and time to create a business like this. We

you want something done exceptionally well, like

invest in our clients because they invest in us”.

sell your home for top dollar after a bidding war and

in record time after having been professionally ren-

what is required to sell the home; whether it needs

ovated and expertly staged, then ask Jackie Jones.

a simple, tasteful staging, small repairs and touch-

ups or a renovation to make it sale-ready. The

Jackie Jones and her all-female staff of

As part of her plan, Jackie quickly determines

buyer representatives are an elite team of highly

homeowner remains in their home, stress-free,

polished professionals that know real estate.

while her specialized team of local contractors,

According to Jackie and her team, “We have

decorators and stagers get to work using the best

completely changed the face of real estate”.

design concepts that appeal to the greatest number

The Jackie Jones brand, represented by a

of potential buyers. Even more appealing is that

modern-looking cherry red chair, is more about

the homeowner has no immediate out-of-pocket

creating a stress-free experience for the client

expense. The renovations, if required, not only

than real estate itself. Newly situated at 566

increase the value of the property but are also

Bryne Drive, Unit A in Barrie, the offices of RE/

deferred until closing. Within 4 to 10 days, the

MAX Crosstown Realty have modern clean lines,

renovations are complete and the house is listed for

adorned with red pillows and cool white couches

sale and usually sells within 2–3 days, most selling

that speak to a comfortable environment set up

over asking price.

exclusively for the enjoyment of the client. Red

candies and other take-home gifts add to the feel-

housing is becoming harder to find but this doesn’t

ing of luxury and relaxation. Listing and selling a

worry Jackie and her team. As Jackie states,

home is an overwhelming task for anyone but the

“Appreciation is good. The Barrie area is one of the

term ‘stress-free’ is used like a soothing balm for

fastest growing areas in Canada. People want to live

Jones’ loyal clients who swear they will never do

in, work in and invest in Barrie. If you are working

real estate any other way.

without a great agent, you will miss out. We will

have you winning the bidding war and not losing it

Jackie’s team seems more like a family, or even

a group of sisters, than a company of hard-work-

Housing prices are rising and affordable

so you have to move on to another.”

ing, round-the-clock, dedicated women who are sourcing, renovating, listing and selling homes in the Simcoe region and doing it all in less than two weeks. It seems surprising that such a small number could do so much — with Shelly Coulter, Tammy Joslin, Veronica McNamara and Natalie Kay joining Jackie Jones daily in the cozy corner at Bryne Drive. 160 PIE DIGEST

THE JACKIE JONES TEAM RE/MAX Crosstown Realty Inc., Brokerage | 566 Bryne Dr, Barrie 705.417.0249 | joneshomes.ca jackie@joneshomes.ca




FLAT is the new UP by

Colin Keddy | photo Stephen Plumley


iven the varying performance of the

themselves in 3rd position behind the bank and you,

stock market over the last few years,

the investor. This does not ensure the success of

it is encouraging to see the TSX

the project but it is an indication they believe in

trending upward lately. That said,

their product.

investors are likely concerned with a continuing

3. Track record. The past experience of the project

low returns that have dominated the market for

builder and the developer is a success indicator. If

the last half decade. In this “flat is the new up”

the project is on time, on budget and the developer

environment investors are looking for options

has a history of returning principal and interest

with the promises of better returns and many are

to investors this is also a positive indication.

hoping that the syndicate mortgage market will

Salespeople may not voluntarily offer information

provide the returns they seek.

about unpaid interest and lost capital so ask the

Unlike a traditional mortgage when a bank

hard questions.

lends money to an individual to purchase a home,

4. Dig deeper. Don’t believe everything you

syndicate mortgages are private loans that come

hear or settle for surface level information.

from groups of investors that are typically lent to

Investigative and fraud prevention firms, such as

developers in the pre-construction phase. As banks

Inquisit Solutions Inc., will conduct a full forensic

are inclined to lend less and less, the market of

accounting of the criminal and business history of

syndicate mortgage has become big business with

an individual. Larry O’Brien, Founder of Inquisit,

big profit. Like any investment there are risks and

and former Mayor of Ottawa was recently quoted

not all offerings are equal.

as saying: “You need to identify fraud before it

begins. Even if you are right and litigate, how

A Syndicate mortgage can diversify your

portfolio and the following are some things to

much justice can you afford, and will you even


recover what is lost?”

1. Where is this project in the development

5. Market suitability. While the saying “location,

stage? Getting a project “shovel ready” requires a

location, location” is true there are other details

lot of work. There are permits, entitlements from

to consider. Is the area over-developed? What is

city council and environmental concerns as well as

the demand? Is the region heavily impacted by

a number of other factors. Many companies have

changes in industry such as what we have seen in

raised money before these critical stages receive

the oil business out West? What are the city’s plans

approval and that could mean major delays or the

for development and revitalization? What do the

possibility of the project not moving forward at all.

pension funds know about this investment space

2. Is the developer’s interest in line with mine?

that we don’t? Success leaves clues. >

There are offerings where developers have invested their own personal capital and have put


William Ball, VP of Landmark Capital


illiam Ball, VP of Landmark Capital, one of Toronto’s largest syndicate brokers shared his

thoughts as Landmark positions itself for upcoming opportunities. In partnership with Landmark, Haven Developments has begun construction on a much needed 160,000 square foot retail/office building on Finch Avenue West that is strategically located across from the new Finch West TTC subway station.

Ball comments: “The landscape of the

syndicate market is changing. I welcome competition and more governance to this industry and we all need to make a serious commitment to our clients and the future of the syndicate mortgage landscape. As these investments become more popular, investors must ensure that they are diligent and properly educate themselves.”

Ball pointed out that historically these

opportunities have only been available to a select few wealthy investors. “A concern is poor design of the investment, over-valuation of the property, selective disclosure and conflicts of interest. Potential investors need to look beyond the one page term sheet.”

Although the syndicate mortgage investment

world is new to many people the approach is not. Use caution — don’t over invest in one place because of past performance or promises of high future returns. Educate yourself about the issuers, the developers and their track record. There is opportunity in the syndicate mortgage environment. You just need to know how to look for it.

Wallpaper: Waves–Grey $54 per roll heirloomandknot.com 164 PIE DIGEST




Eric Forget

orn by the desire to carve out a niche in which to share and collaborate on work, inspiration, and resources, Matthew Meisner launched the design

agency Heirloom & Knot in 2013 to bring together a career that straddled both the worlds of fashion and design. Since its inception, the Toronto-based boutique design agency has become renowned for providing clients with curated solutions to interior design, art direction, and styling. “More so than

textures that inspire us to design meaningful

any other industry, I found that the interior design

spaces that resonate with our clients’ visions.”

world was such a collaborative environment and

I wanted Heirloom & Knot to be an agency that

in both interior design and fashion into shared

embraced this principal of sharing ideas. Where

and inviting visual experiences, it is no surprise

we could collaborate with the people we admired

that the Heirloom & Knot brand is celebrating

from different sides of the industry and trades,

the launch of their latest textile and wallpaper

whose specialized skills and techniques give our

collection to much success. “When we started

clients interiors that truly encompassed the best

designing prints it was to fill a void in the

of the best.”

marketplace. We found ourselves time and time

again trying to source unique things for our clients’

Dedicated to creating work that embodies

With a deep passion for merging affections

a fun-loving approach to design and décor, it is

homes and just couldn’t find what we were looking

Meisner’s innovative ideas and personal mixture

for so I decided we would just design it in-house.

of vintage and modern influences, filtered through

And in the spirt of collaboration, we decided to not

the lenses of his seasoned design team that defines

only make it available to our fellow designers but

the Heirlooom & Knot signature style. “Our belief

market it for the everyday consumer.”

is that good design draws as much upon intuition

as tradition, and that rooms should feel as though

manufacturer Spoonflower, the Heirloom & Knot

they were furnished over time and curated with

textile and wallpaper collection can be viewed and

momentos that have a sense of personal history.

purchased online at www.heirloomandknot.com.

Designed in collaboration with indie textile

We embrace the bold patterns, colours and PIE DIGEST 165


Photo by Kenesha Lewis

INVEST IN WHAT YOU KNOW! It was a brutally cold winter and my husband and I had just finished our home renovations. We were excited to own another investment home. Sure we’d had some headaches in the past with tenants, but we were building a better future for ourselves with the hope that we would win in the long run. We had listed our home for rent and thought we’d found the perfect tenant. This particular family had endured a rough go and we wanted to help, but we quickly realized that we had been fooled. The government payments were never transferred into our names as promised by the case worker, and the rent went unpaid for months. Unfortunately, this led to a lengthy process with The Landlord and Tenant Board. Thankfully, we won but we had lost thousands in rent, and repairs, and of course we’d had to cover the mortgage without the income. So why am I telling you my personal story? I learned a valuable lesson; an expensive one. While investment properties have considerable benefits, you need to be prepared for the possibility that things may not go as planned, no matter how well you plan. I also learned that there are better ways of earning income from real estate without the risk and headaches of being a landlord. Until now, Canadians have been programmed to invest in something most know nothing about; in stocks and mutual funds, by professionals who claim to have the perfect plan for your money… oh, with lots of undiscussed fees and seemingly no accountability. The average Canadian lacks the knowledge of the markets to invest with confidence, myself included.

Why is it that banks are not landlords? Why is it that in good times or bad, the banks always seem to win? What if you could invest in the same asset class that the banks do? This is not a secret. Until now, it simply hasn’t been made available to folks like you and me. Now, you can, and it’s something virtually every Canadian understands... a mortgage. A syndicated mortgage may sound complex, and it is… for the legal minds who prepare the contracts, but for the investor it’s not. It’s very straight forward, and when presented properly and professionally, it should be something that you can relate to… unlike the stock market. A SYNDICATED MORTGAGE is described as several investors combining their money or resources to fund a real estate transaction, under one master contract. A syndicate mortgage opportunity through Strategic Capital provides investors a solid 8-12% return per year, while investing literally in the safest and most secure real estate market in the world. The projects are carefully selected by Canada’s largest syndicate mortgage provider, Fortress Real Developments. Fortress has a perfect track record. Why? They approve less than 7% of all development applications. And you, the investor, choose which project you want to invest your cash, RSP, LIRA, LIF, RIF, TFSA or RESP in. So why not invest in what most individuals understand? Safe, secure, proven… Mortgages! Strategic Capital is conveniently located in Barrie. We would be pleased to meet with you to discuss the products we have available. Contact me at 705 734 2111 x 14 or k.nabialek@scbroker.com. Invest with confidence! — Klaudia Nabialek — MORTGAGES | PRIVATE CAPITAL | INVESTMENT Licensed Agent. The Strategic Capital Network Inc. Lic# 11732

The brokerage other brokers call MORTGAGES | PRIVATE CAPITAL | INVESTMENT

The brokerage other brokers call MORTGAGES | PRIVATE CAPITAL | INVESTMENT


scbroker.com The Strategic Capital Network Inc. | Lic #:11732



he Gallery Condominiums Final

will result in her art submission H.I.O Big Chiefs

Phase has been released for sale.

being installed 70 feet in the air on one of the

This highly coveted community is in

condominium buildings looking over Barrie for all

demand by many people. In less than

to see. This will make The Gallery Condominiums

six months from its grand opening to the public,

a focal point for residents of Barrie and visitors to

phase 1 and 2 were already 75% sold out and the

our beautiful city. There will be pieces of Aylan’s

final phase is selling rapidly as well.

art placed throughout the community.

The passion for this Pratt Homes project

The Final Phase Release included floor plans

is substantial. The Gallery Condominiums is a

and prices for The Louvre, a 108 unit building.

limited edition collection and possesses all the

The most exciting part of this building is the

right components to make it a desirable place

11,000 square foot Roof Top Patio that will have

to live for people of all ages. When you build an

communal sitting areas, bbq’s and of course

equation with all of the differentiators that make

Aylan Couchie’s art. This will be Barrie’s first

this site incredibly unique, you can see why the

residential roof top patio and it will offer residents

only answer is, buy now.

unparalleled vistas of Barrie.

The Gallery Condominiums is inspired by art

The final touch is 14 acres of forested public

culture. It is designed and developed with the

park right beside the community. It will have

principal of being a work of art. Located at 300

trails, benches, look outs and more to make this

Essa Road in the heart of Barrie, in a high traffic

area a remarkable addition to living at The Gallery

area, it makes perfect sense why this community

Condominiums. It’s rare to get such a beautiful

should be so inspiring.

area beside a condominium development.

The site will host a lifetime exhibit of Aylan

The Final Phase of The Gallery Condominiums

Couchie’s art. She is a young female indigenous

is now selling. You should make one of their con-

artist who has won the International Sculpture

dominiums your personal work of art because one

Centre’s 2015 Outstanding Achievement in

they’re gone, they’re gone forever. Go to www.thegallerybarrie.com or visit their

Contemporary Sculpture Award. She was the

winner of Pratt Homes’ art competition which

sales office at 241 Essa Rd in Barrie. PIE DIGEST 167



Anna Andrews


ith a savvy eye focused on

the burgeoning real estate

home buyers are looking for. Working with

Eleanor recognizes what aspects current

market in Simcoe Region

trendy home stagers, professional decorators and

and a keen commitment to

photographers, she partners with the homeowner

the revitalization of the downtown Barrie core,

to create a unique property that catches the

one could say that Eleanor Faulds is a woman of

discerning buyer’s eye. Social media avenues,

distinction. With over two decades of experience

custom brochures and expert photography and

she has come to one very important conclusion

videography only add to the already impressive

and that is home buyers are looking for affordable

list of skills she possesses to sell properties quickly

luxury more than anything else.

and for top dollar.

That doesn’t mean Eleanor limits herself

Eleanor believes that working in the luxury

to high end residential waterfront homes or

real estate market is no different from working

commercial properties and while her sales

within any other sector in real estate. She states,

portfolio is quite impressive, she is dedicated

“It’s what you do with all properties except

to “helping people find the perfect property

everything is magnified. The high end luxury

that suits their needs...” As recent surveys show,

home buyers are very smart and business oriented.

particularly with an ageing population, more

You have to show people the value of their

homebuyers are focusing on the internal features

ultra-luxury investment. It is a challenging and

of a home rather than the architecture itself.

complicated business and every negotiation has to

be handled very carefully.”

When one thinks of luxury items within a

home, images of wood finishes, quartzite counter tops, large walk-in closets with innovative storage areas, open concept kitchens with shiny stainless steel appliances, tech-smart charging nooks and grand fireplaces come to mind. Many homeowners KELLER WILLIAMS EXPERIENCE REALTY

are investing in creating an atmosphere that feels like a relaxing retreat. An increasing number are focusing on their backyards, spending the money

Brokerage, Independently Owned and Operated Office: 705.720.2200


on cottage-like, serene settings with the added bonus of outdoor entertainment systems and technology stations. 168 PIE DIGEST


705.791.1199 EFLUXURY.CA

Building Dreams that Last a Lifetime


MTO Approved Beginner Driver Education Course Provider 705-733-8788 www.mccarthydrivingschool.ca

HeadQuarters Salon Being a well dressed man starts with his beard! * Premium All Natural Beard Products * * Cuts * Straight Razor Shaves *

Step back into the world again, runway ready on the outside, recharged on the inside! * Premium House Brand Ladies Products * Cuts * Colour *

HeadQuarters Salon #staysexy 47 Dunlop Street East, Barrie | 705-252-3402

㐀㘀 䐀唀一䰀伀倀 匀夀 圀䔀匀吀 ⼀ 䈀䄀刀刀䤀䔀Ⰰ 伀一 䘀䄀䌀䔀䈀伀伀䬀⸀䌀伀䴀⼀刀伀堀夀吀䠀䔀䄀吀刀䔀䈀䄀刀刀䤀䔀






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