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Dear Readers,

This edition seems to lend itself to powerful

This is what truly allows us to embrace

women and leaders in business, all of whom

what our region and neighbourhoods excel

are a creative force and influential voice to the

at: living the good life, enjoying fine food and

entrepreneurial community.

beverage, exploring our artistic communities and

appreciating exceptional home design.

And like Michele Romanow, working with

people I care about and believe in does bring me

the most joy. Doing what it takes to succeed and

influencers through storytelling is the heart of Pie

keeping up the hustle by surrounding myself with

Media Group. With a desire to share and entertain,

those I love is an important part of the success.

we have been presenting captivating stories within

these pages, and daily through our website, to

Our cover story, one of the most recognizable

Shining our light on the world’s great

faces on the planet – Christie Brinkley – is not

engage and build an awareness that there is more

just a model, but an example of pure gratitude,

to business than the bottom line: there is passion,

inner beauty, health and wellness, family, success

family, philanthropy, and community. So, take a

and good living. She imparts the valuable lesson

moment of your time and explore what propels us,

of achieving your goals in a way that inspires you,

links us, and ultimately excites us.

while inspiring others.

Similarly, when it comes to following your

Enjoy your piece of the pie,

passions, acclaimed actor Kiefer Sutherland followed his calling for storytelling through music. Through it, he reveals that there is more that binds us than divides us – we have more commonalities than differences.

When you grasp the intricacies of what makes

a person, a brand, and a community, a shift to being consumed in the successes of everyday occurs.

Sandra Roberts publisher

publisher@piemediagroup.com published in canada by pie media group photo

Jennifer Klementti


Carpe Diem


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From farm to fish to fintech by

Dave Gordon

Michele Romanow spent her childhood on

She also co-founded SnapSaves, a mobile

a Regina, Saskatchewan farm, with chores that

couponing app, acquired by Groupon in June 2014.

included everything from mowing the lawn,

Romanow had already brought four successful

pulling weeds, and even changing car tires.

companies to the fore before her 28th birthday.

“There were no boy tasks or girl tasks. It was just

Among scores of business ventures, she currently

farm mentality, where there was work to be done,

heads financing platform clearbanc.com.

and you did it,” said the tech entrepreneur and the

youngest of TV’s Dragons’ Den judges.

Powerful Women in Canada, and was named

“Inadvertently, that turned out to be such a

as one of the Forbes Top 20 Most Disruptive

powerful message,” noted Romanow.

“Millennials on a Mission”.

She quickly learned she became the “scrappy

Today, Romanow is on the list of 100 Most

Pie caught up with Michele Romanow, to ask

woman who really built something from nothing.”

her about what makes a business tick, and where

Her business ventures began as a Queen’s

she likes to travel…

University student in 2006, when she opened up a


sustainable coffee shop. “It gave me the first sense

five years, could it be because many don’t realize

that I could build something.”

that they are obligated to do everything necessary?


Not long after, she and two friends launched

Since 80 per cent of businesses flop in the first

CEO isn’t ‘Chief Executive Officer’ it’s

Evandale Caviar, a start-from-nothing sturgeon

‘Chief Everything Officer.’ I think it’s hard to know

caviar business out of New Brunswick, “the

– there are a lot of reasons businesses fail, so it’s

craziest thing that three twenty one year olds

hard to put it down to one but certainly this is part

could come up with.”

of it.

You just have to do whatever it takes to succeed. I

Romanow and partners had to literally scout

out and hunt for fishermen, fishing boats and

believe there are people who keep hustling, they

haggle for licensing.

keep living one more day and eventually build a

big company out of that. I think that is just a really

The hands-on farm girl hauled sturgeon to

a manufacturing plant, where she did “all of the

important part. I think that you’re right. Most

processing – a really polite way of saying ‘getting

often people are not prepared to do what it takes to

the fish to the end product.’” In their first year,

win. They don’t appreciate how scrappy it’s going

they netted roughly $100,000. The recession

to be. They don’t appreciate that they are, literally,

hammered the business, but that didn’t deter the

going to have to do everything. If you are not ready


for that, it’s probably not the best choice.


In 2011, the launch of the discount ecommerce

You often talk about the rate of disruption. How

site, Buytopia.ca, had its humble beginnings at a

is that going to affect business?

convention booth - with merely a screenshot of the


website-to-be. It became one of Canada’s fastest

substantial now. If you look at the time of a

growing companies, with 2.5 million subscribers.

company on the S&P in 1952 it was 50 years; today

The rate of disruption is just so

it’s 20 years the average lifetime.


So you are getting disrupted at double the rate you

We did this with a team of incredible people

used to be. I think you want to be trying to look

who were along for that journey in building it

at the solutions that are the most cutting edge.

with us. You have people that you’ve worked so

Artificial intelligence is up next.

closely with and you’ve solved problems that

We are already seeing radiologists with machines

– it seemed for the longest time – to be totally

that can do this much better than people who’ve

insurmountable. You did it with people you

been looking at broken arms and X-rays forever.

liked and really cared about. That brings you an

That does not mean we do not need people

enormous amount of joy.

anymore, it just means we are going to use people

There is nothing that can replace what a small and

in a totally different way.

mighty group of people can do. I think it is easy to


get caught up in all the struggles and why things

How can a company best position themselves

differently, amongst its competitors?

don’t’ work. But when you build a good team, it’s


pretty awesome.

If you are going to, for instance, build

an ice cream company, your start up doesn’t need


to be twice as good as what is out there already.

with or surround yourself with?

It needs to be ten times as good. That’s what your


standard should be. If things are like ‘eh, that’s a

lowest amount of drama.

little bit better,’ you have to change consumers’

There’s a lot in that. It’s not just an off the cuff

behavior, you have to market, you have to teach

statement. You are looking for talented, smart

people about your product, you have to do an

people who are incredibly hard working, don’t

enormous amount to get this in your hands. So, if

give up. And then you are looking for people

you are not going to be ten times better, you’re not

who are not there to make it constantly about

going to win.

themselves, constantly cause issues. It truly is

Look at Swell, the water bottle company.

that ratio. How talented you are versus how much

Water bottles have been around a long time.


People have been putting water bottles in


tradeshow bags since the beginning of time.

great manager?

Nobody is short on water bottles at their house.


Swell comes out and they create a truly better

constantly paint the amazing vision of what is not

water bottle. It keeps things colder for three times

there, but what could be, and conceal their own

as long. It looks great.

fears. Because, the reality is when you lead, you

Now she’s able to create a multimillion dollar

have no idea what is next. As an entrepreneur,

company, but she truly has something better.

after ten years, I think my hit ratio has gone up a

It’s not just ‘not another water bottle’. Everyone

little bit.

knows there is a huge market in water bottles, or

Maybe instead of one in five ventures working out,

ice teas, or ice creams, or whatever it is, but are

one in four ventures work out? You never quite

you really better than Häagen-Dazs? Because you

know the future.

are going to have to be to win.

The best leaders just have such a strong sense of,


‘I can see this, I can build this, I can sell this to

What is the thing that has brought you the most

meaning? romanow:

So, what do you look for in the people you work The highest amount of talent for the

What differentiates a good manager, from a I think great leaders are able to

you, and I can actually hide the fact that I have That’s a good question. I think that

no idea what’s going to happen.’ It’s not an un-

ultimately, it’s been the teams that I’ve worked

genuine hiding. It’s that you need someone to say,

with that have been the best. It’s very easy – now

‘If this is going to happen I believe in it.’

that I’m a celebrity – to be about me, me, me, and I

Good leaders make good plans. They can rally

did this. I didn’t do all this on my own.

good teams.


"I think great leaders are able to constantly paint the amazing vision of what is not there, but what could be, and conceal their own fears"

Really great leaders just continue to see the future,


and not share their fears as they bring the team


along. Which is why it is so lonely as a leader.

I think top of my list was a safari in Kenya and


Tanzania. It was just so magical. The thing about

Behind the scenes Dragons' Den, what is some-

Tell me about your favorite travel destinations. I’ve been to so many amazing places.

thing that people might not know that goes on?

the safari that they don’t tell you is you are in


this jeep and you get so close to the animals.

We make fun of each other a lot. We

make fun of each other for falling into their own

The jeep is like an inanimate object. It’s like a

stereotypes. ‘We knew you’d say no to that one!’ and

shadow. It doesn’t feed the animals, it doesn’t

‘You just had to do that, didn’t you?’

interfere with them. So, you can be a perfect

These are really good fun. None of us knew each

voyeur into these animals’ lives. I loved that. I

other. There are deals that we’ve done together, and

did India ten years ago.

all of us really care about entrepreneurs. That’s one

I did it the year before Caviar. It was a magical

thing that really binds us together.

trip that I still take a lot of things away from.

We all got into that chair in a very different way –

It is just the ultimate place where you realize

very different professional accomplishments, very

you don’t need money to be happy. There’s so

different style. There was a totally different kind of

much spirit and joy, and colors, community. It’s a

risk taking.

really cool place. It can be a bit intense if you are

It’s really long days. We sometimes see twelve

not expecting it, but I was expecting crazy. So, it

pitches a day. So, you can imagine, on the twelfth

was good.

one, you’re just tired.

I did a really beautiful trip in Vietnam that I


absolutely loved, if you want something calm.

What is a common entrepreneurial mistake?


I think the first mistake is just not getting

going. That’s usually the one that I see the most.

To go to the rice fields, and Sapa, take a bike and ride. It’s just a really cool spot. Then, for work I do a lot of North American travel – lots of New York, lots of San Francisco, lots of Toronto.


destination growth the heart of a city by

Stu Lynam

When Karen Dubeau, Barrie’s new Creative

of the Toronto Region on the way to the cottage,

Economy Director, steps into her office in the heart

have long since given way to an exciting new

of downtown, she’s effectively sitting down to


begin a day of storytelling with her team.

City that features world-class lifestyle amenities

“We’re responsible for bringing together

They’re discovering a dynamic, high growth

Barrie’s culture, arts, innovation and

coupled with one of the most vibrant economies in

entrepreneurship communities, helping them


connect, build capacity and flourish as our city goes

through this enormous growth phase. There are

opportunities for businesses and residents alike to

so many exciting initiatives in Barrie, the best way

collaborate and pursue new ideas in a burgeoning

to share what is going on is through stories of the

metropolis that has quickly grown to encompass

incredible people and exciting things happening

a vast array of platforms for innovators, artists

here," she says.

and entrepreneurs. Building on a long history

of original music, theatre and arts, and now

This department, a key part of the city’s Invest

Karen and her team are authoring

Barrie portfolio that aims to support economic

merging with technology startups and innovative

diversification and resiliency, is a welcome and

businesses, Barrie’s creative industries are

much needed voice to champion the vast potential


of one of Ontario’s largest and fastest growing


creative community has attracted more than $2

million in investments and grants, fueling job

“Over 70,000 people will be moving to the

In the last calendar year alone, the Barrie

region in the next few years, and the level of

creation and attracting attention at a provincial

investment and number of building permits

level. The Invest Barrie team at the city has

is breaking historic records. We’re one of the

harnessed partnerships to raise the profile of the

few cities undertaking large scale greenfield

city as a destination for innovation, including

development, and shovels are in the ground this

launching a public-private partnership for the


Sandbox Entrepreneurship and Knowledge

Exchange project. The Sandbox will be a place

Drawn at first by the appeal of affordable

housing, waterfront living, and close proximity to

and space for synergistic collisions to occur

Toronto and Muskoka, this influx of new residents

between existing businesses, startups, innovators

are quickly finding that any traditional perceptions

and technology leaders, helping businesses in

they may have had of Barrie as just the City North

Barrie to compete on the global stage.

In 2017, gShift Labs, a Barrie-based tech

company, was recognized as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies, while motorcycle giant Suzuki Canada moved their warehouse and employees from Richmond Hill to the City’s south end. FreshSpoke, a local company disrupting the wholesale food distribution system, was just awarded a Premier’s Award for Agri-Innovation excellence, and OneMoreStory Games was tied for

"Over 70,000 people will be moving to the region in the next few years, and the level of investment and number of building permits is breaking historic records. We're one of the few cities undertaking large scale greenfield development, and shovels are in the ground this spring".

#1 best PC Games by Toronto Game Devs.

Talk Is Free Theatre, an innovative and original

To keep track of all the success stories, a

producer of immersive theatre experiences, just

hashtag #CreativeBarrie has been developed for

secured a $650,000 Trillium grant to expand their

social media users.

immersive programming and engage youth.

are filling up quickly. The city by the lake, anchored

From food entrepreneurs, online game

For Invest Barrie, the chapters of Barrie’s story

developers, high-end technology companies

by its vibrant downtown and bustling with activity

working with content platforms and

beyond their office window, keeps them busy.

cryptocurrencies, disruptors in the health

innovation space and new manufacturing

will be centre stage as people discover and

companies, Barrie’s business community is

experience the next evolution of the city.

diversifying and growing at a rapid pace.

It is a clear sign that Barrie’s creative industries


"NORTH" OF THE NORTH Chef Marco Ormonde by

Mandy Johnson |


Scott Cooper

There are many things that punctuate the

One such establishment is The North. The

culinary experience in our thriving city. One such

owner and executive chef, Marco Ormonde, is

landmark is the thriving culinary community. Not

a visible supporter of the culinary scene and all

only do we have great restaurants with exciting

it has to offer. The very name suggests that our

gastronomic delights, we also have a group of

geographical location is unique and it speaks to

restaurateurs that care about the city and each

the northern culture. The fare is anything but

other, that are involved in our festivals and events,

ordinary but the vibe is steeped in loyalty and

and support each other to create an exciting

familiar relationships. The North’s achievements

dining experience for our “own” and anyone

are the culmination of perfect “ingredients.”

fortunate enough to be visiting this great region.


Marco chose Midland to invest in his latest

vision of whole, quality food and will open “The Maple”. Steeped in the same dedication to great cuisine, The Maple Canadian Pub will be a family friendly establishment that will appeal to all those that appreciate real food prepared from scratch. The menu will be “Canadiana” and representative of the northern town and our Canadian roots, but offer that elevated culinary integral experience on the dining horizon. Marco’s vision is clear and the space will be an indigenous reflection of our signature “North.” This organic modernism will speak to a unique experience: stone and wooden plates, barnboard, and steel all reminiscent of the comfort of a summer get together in the depths of Algonquin.

In addition to the quality food, Marco

will be sharing his talent for home grown talent too. Mentorship is as important to Mr. Ormonde as the ingredients he carefully selects for his menu. Saundra Vezeau has been working with Chef Marco since the inception of her career and will be overseeing the new venture in Midland. “Training the right people is key. Growing the chefs of tomorrow is important. I am fortunate to have some great people that understand the overriding mission of my business – great food that is home made.” Marco will still be a great part of The Maple and will be on location most mornings/ nights. The Maple will be an extra demand on time, for sure, but the entrepreneur’s vision

Marco’s success has hinged on a passion to

is clear and exciting. The Maple will be more

create food that is locally sourced, prepared with

than just good food, there will also be live

the utmost passion and artfully presented. The

music to entertain during the later part of the

same applies to the people Marco surrounds

week. It will speak to our senses and our sense

himself with: passionate staff that honour the

of community.

mission of this establishment. “When you have

great support, the loyalty and vision are unified,”

culinary purveyors add up to a recipe for

says Chef. Hence, it made perfect sense to share

success. Now, the residents of Midland have

this and create another culinary establishment.

the fortune of enjoying great food infused with

our own Canadian signature.

Relationships with food, future chefs and




A Culinary Philosophy

FunDoozies gives you the best in Cheese, Vegetable, Meat, and Chocolate Fondues with a Table Side Grill. Have great conversations and fun while you eat at a comfortable pace with your friends and family!



was popularized in Switzerland in the 1930’s as a way to increase domestic cheese consumption (a surplus was amassed due to a lack of international demand following World War I) The tradition travelled abroad in the ‘50s, spreading first as a dynamic new menu option to the cafes of France, and then further afield thanks to a determined awareness campaign spearheaded by the Swiss government. And today this melted deliquesce is providing Barrie an exciting culinary choice. FunDoozies Bar & Eatery, the brainchild of local restaurateur Paul Phillips, opened its doors downtown and offers guests not only a trendy spot to enjoy a vivacious meal, but an entire culinary philosophy steeped in the traditions of the fondue. Each table comes equipped with a grill and two fondue pots, permitting foodies to cook the best in cheese, meat, veggies, breads and chocolate to their desired temperatures. Yet it’s as much about atmosphere as it is food choices. Evenings at FunDoozies are routinely complimented by live music, unique events and flaming drink displays, while the warm buzz of people relishing their company and cuisine percolates in the background. Enjoy an evening with your friends playing with your Food.





Era 67 Restaurant & Lounge

Creatively fresh and delicious local food Conveniently located in downtown Orillia, we serve gourmet and casual cuisine inspired by our Canadian heritage. Our food is freshly prepared and made from locally sourced, organic and sustainable ingredients wherever possible. Enjoy the fine dining restaurant, casual lounge and patio with local, live entertainment Thursdays through Saturdays.

Era 67

Restaurant & Lounge

64 Mississauga St W, Orillia |705.259.1867 www.era67.com



Making Waves by

Dave Gordon

There was a time when North Americans

“So, he gave me some of the phytoplankton to

might have bristled at putting seaweed in their

try myself, and I ate it, and it pretty much changed

mouths, in the days before nori made its way to

my life overnight,” said Hunter, explaining that his

these shores. Today, nori, and its compatriot sushi,

lifelong allergies and migraines have been non-

are ever-present.

existent since that day.

Now, one man is trying to bring another marine

food to the masses, and this time, it’s … microalgae.

to find where phytoplankton could be harvested

Thanks to Blugenics Innovations Ltd, it has

and mass produced, leading him to a man named

turned what is already a food for krill, shrimp, and

Carlos, in Cadiz, Spain, who had been growing the

whales, into the newest “superfood” for human

marine food for ornamental aquariums.


he was trying to sell his phytoplankton to the

Also called phytoplankton, it’s packed with

Hunter was determined, scouring the Internet

“He thought it was kind of interesting because

omega fatty acids, vitamins A, C, D and K, beta

aquarium market, and then all of a sudden this

carotene, dietary fibre, antioxidants, calcium,

guy from Canada calls him and says, ‘I think it is

magnesium, selenium, iron and protein.

medicine, and I’m going to eat it,’” joked Hunter.

David Hunter, the driving force behind this

His late mother, as a nurse, helped people

revolutionary product, was inspired to produce

recover from their health conditions, seemed a

phytoplankton after hearing of its powerful effect.

fitting homage to call the new product after her,

Karen, and “because ‘marine phytoplankton’ is

He had a friend who had cultivated

phytoplankton, because he thought it would

pretty unsexy to market.”

be a natural feed for shellfish sold to high-end


a pharmacist in Sackville, New Brunswick, who

eschewed his Pepto Bismol for acid reflux, for

When he fed the shellfish the phytoplankton,

The first “guinea pig” given the mixture was

they grew twice the size. The story, however,

Karen. It worked so well that he bought a ton -

became a little bit deeper. The friend ate the

$5,000 worth, and purchased Karen for seven of

phytoplankton, and he claims it was responsible

his stores.

for curing his diabetes.

cultivated in a state-of-the-art facility, certified

And yet, the story becomes even deeper.

Approved by Health Canada, Karen is

Not long after, the friend was diagnosed with

according to strict global food safety protocols

mesothelioma cancer, which would eventually

HACCP and ISO 22,000.

require surgical lung incisions. Again, he ate the

After its launch in 2015, it took just two years for


Karen to be the fastest and best selling nutritional

supplement among distributors, with $2 million

Doctors at the operating table, to their

amazement, noticed the cancer had been staved off.


in sales.

No surprise, given how popular it has

development of phytoplankton, in clinical

become with NHL players, marathon runners,

trials, to have it widely accepted for its healing

bodybuilders, nurses, professors and the list

properties amongst the medical community.

goes on.

an interesting use for it.

Those who have consumed Karen have

In the interim, one restaurateur has found

claimed it has minimized the symptoms of

digestive issues, inflammation, fibromyalgia,

proprietor of The Inn at Bay Fortune on

Best selling cookbook author, and

arthritis, migraines, colitis, and skin issues as

Prince Edward Island, Chef Michael Smith,

psoriasis and eczema.

is using it in his recipes that call for a smoked

It is widely available, in powder, tablets,

oyster taste, therefore consumable by people

cosmetic lotion, in drug stores and health food

with shellfish allergies.

stores, such as Canadian Drug Mart, Rexall,

Pharmasave, and Guardian pharmacies.

phytoplankton becomes as ubiquitous as

Who knows – maybe it’ll be no time before

According to Hunter, Blugenics Innovations


Ltd is leading the innovation, research and



THE FINE TUNED Barber Lounge


Tamara Rossignol |


Paul Koziorowski

Daniel Di Tommaso, owner and operator of Vintage Throne Barber Lounge, met with Pie to discuss the formative process of curating a fine-tuned barber lounge. Located in the heart of downtown Barrie, Vintage Throne exudes the energy of a luxurious space within a masculine barbering environment. Daniel, along with his wife and partner Sabrina, make one thing clear from the beginning of the conversation, family is at the center of everything they do and everything they want their clients to be a part of.


Having moved to Barrie in 2009 after owning

When you come in for a service, Daniel says the

and operating numerous salon and spas in the

commitment to these three questions is where he

Greater Toronto Area, the couple desired to

starts his relationship with his clients: "We want

rebuild their careers with a business that gave

to know your name, we want to know who you

them a better work-life balance. Vintage Throne

are, and we want to know what you do.” Although

evolved from the need for a lifestyle that allowed

at first this may seem like a courtesy, all of these

for more creative independence and that could

intimate details are crafted into the services that

exist in a laid-back lavish atmosphere. Daniel's

will best fit the individual client.

extensive and diverse twenty-five years of styling

background and ongoing position as Canadian

experience for all of their customers by catering

Artistic Lead with Sebastian Professional laid

not only to their barbering needs, such as cuts and

the foundation for the high-end services Vintage

styles, but also facial services like hot towel shaves

Throne provides. Runway shows with Gwen

and beard lineups that leave them feeling whole

Stefani, Stella McCartney, Boy George and Greta

again. Daniel, his right-hand barber Michael and

Constantine, and styling for New York Fashion

the rest of his team, believe everyone is deserving

Week as well as Bono's wife, Ali Hewson, also

of a personal experience and will receive a full

bring large-scale style, vision and sophistication to

spectrum of services once they enter the doors.

Vintage Throne.

"Every client is serviced from beginning to end,"

Daniel says.

However, being closer to home and getting the

Vintage Throne looks to maximize the

family involved was the motivational force for the

transition into a more cultivated creative setting.

Operating onsite, the Daniel Academy offers

Daniel and Sabrina love that they've fostered a

local courses, workshops and specific training in

locality where their family and yours can come in

everyday salon and barbering skills. “Continued

and feel at ease. As for the kids, Sabrina says, "They

education available to salons across the region

know life is different. We're not driving one to two

reinforces the community ties that are being

hours just to get home. Their schedules reflect our

created,” explains Daniel.

availability now, and they love this place.”

you can see them working on mannequin heads

Since their opening in 2015, Vintage Throne

Education also plays a role for Vintage Throne.

At Vintage Throne, barbers evolve daily. In fact,

has jumped into becoming a part of the local

perfecting their craftsmanship in the Academy.

community family. Participating in local events,

Everyone here has their own touch. Their passion

wellness events and philanthropy has only helped

for achieving the best skills and implementing

further their genuine desire to operate more than

them back into the services provided in their

just a business – they’ve become a familiar face

own establishment speaks volumes to the kind

and welcoming space. "Let's not just be people that

of business, values and sense of community that

moved here. How can we become a part of Barrie?

Vintage Throne reflects. As Daniel said, Vintage

We want to be a part of this community,” say the

Throne strives to showcase barbering at its best. It


is a family establishment looking to learn from and

positively touch every person they meet by sharing

Stepping off the local downtown street into

Vintage Throne, you’re instantly greeted with an

a true love for the craft and the essence of running

ambience that emits a blend of welcoming, warm

a well-rounded, loyal and local business.

and well-tailored notions.


"Vintage Throne instantly greets you with an ambience that emits a blend of welcoming, warm and well-tailored notions.� PIE DIGEST 39



When it comes to skincare trust the experts

After 24 years of establishing close relationships in the Canadian market, PCA SKIN is very excited to partner with Salient, an esteemed and reputable distributor, who knows what it takes to grow the business in this market

Exclusive Canadian Distributor

salientmed.com PIE DIGEST 41

411 Bayfield Street, Barrie ~ 516 Bryne Drive, Barrie

Microneedling Trilogy


MASK Treatment




PCA SKIN Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum

By combining medical grade PCA SKIN’s serums and Eclipse PRP you will Intensify your Micropen collagen induction therapy

Exclusive Canadian Distributor



T H E K E Y TO A H E A LT H I E R YO U, I S AT YO U R F E E T! N O N I N VA S I V E A N D PA I N L E S S L A S E R T H E R A P Y To treat foot pain such as: Plantar fasciitis, repetitive sprains and strains, fractures. ARTHRITIS AND D I A B E T I C N E U R O PAT H Y In as little as six treatments you will be completely pain free and able to continue with your activities of daily living. • • • • • • • •

Orthotics Diabetic Foot Care Nail problems Fungal Nail Cure Wound Care Lower Limb swelling Medical Pedicures Reflexology


Owner and Director of care at Feet for Life Medical Foot Care Ltd. and President of the Ontario Podortho Nursing Association Inc. Erin brings 17 years of experience in Podiatric care and 25 years experiences as a Nurse. Erin is passionate about creating the best possible experience for her patients at her state of the art clinic with a professional, relaxed and informative environment and accommodative friendly staff.


705-812-2272 PIE DIGEST 45

Our passion is to transform nature's beauty with non-traditional materials, creating unique pieces of floral art. BEAUTY • INSPIRED


beauty . inspired

W W W. M E G A N L A U R A P H O T O G R A P H Y.C O M


Through hope and determination

Finding The Warmth (FTW) is a year round

When in Toronto, they saw there was (and

apparel company, which came to life from the

is) a homeless crisis; yet rarely do you see youth.

simple idea of mixing fashion and warmth.

When Alexa was in grade school, she came across

a magazine article covering the homeless youth in

FTW was created by two Canadian sisters,

Kacie Statia and Alexa Schopfer who have a love

Toronto. This article stayed with her to this day,

for all things fashion.

and due to this, FTW has made it their mission to

raise awareness, and give what they can to youth

FTW was established in December of 2017

when Kacie was in pursuit of a hat which was both

and young adults in need.

warm, and fashionable. Each FTW hat, regardless

of style or colour, all have a fleece lining.

to as many shelters and organizations as they can.

What makes FTW unique? Other than the cozy

It is FTW's goal to grow and with that, donate When each donation toque arrives at Covenant

lining, each hat purchased allows FTW to donate

House Toronto, each hat is individually wrapped

a toque to Covenant House Toronto. Covenant

and labelled with an FTW logo, the same logos on

House Toronto is Canada’s largest agency serving

the retail hats. This represents FTW’s message of

at-risk, homeless and trafficked youth.

hope and determination to those youth and young

adults wearing the FTW toque.

Why Covenant House Toronto? Alexa had an

idea and mission, to find a way in which they could

give back to the community and those around

want to find warmth in the summer as well, right?

Now warmth is not only for the winter, we all

them. Growing up in Scarborough, Kacie and

FTW has many summer options and a year round

Alexa frequented Toronto.

pursuit to donate.




Greater Challenges Paul Koziorowski John Linkert Salon make up Kim Andrews, Shoppers Drug Mart, Prince William Way photos hair

Apryl Munro and Sarah Lajeunesse have

It allowed them to work from home around

always worked within labels and titles. They

their kids' schedules but still do videos in the

were TV news reporters, they were women,

city they loved. Focusing on local people, local

wives, and then they became moms. That last

events and local issues, but from a unique

one was the one they liked the most, but it came

female perspective, TKL was hard to put in a

with greater challenges.

box. They were compared to Mommy Bloggers,

identified as local media, considered a talk

“In TV news it's hard to be both a career

woman and a mom,” Apryl says of her time

show to highlight the community. Now they

juggling her job at Breakfast Television and

embrace all the titles that come at them.

raising her son. “I would be at work in the

middle of the night and miss all kinds of things

are not as black and white as they are on TV,

when Cooper woke up in the morning. I loved

TKL found that there was some freedom in

my job, but I loved my family more.”

not being stuck to a label like TV show or vlog

that identifies them. Except for one that they

Sarah had the same conflict. Working

In the age of digital media where the rules

very long days at a production company in

steadfastly believe in: REAL.

Markham, her family would eat dinner at 7pm

when she got home, or worse, eat without her.

TKL is how real it is,” Sarah says. “And that's

what we strive for every day. If it's not real and

“Our family needed balance, and in my head

“We hear all the time what people like about

I had to figure out how I could be a mom and

not offering a window into our own female

still do the job I loved.”

issues and struggles, then we're not doing our

jobs. I wish someone out there told me I'd be

That would come in 2016, when the two

founded This Kinda Life, a lifestyle vlog based

peeing my pants all the time after having kids!”

in Barrie.


This Kinda Life produces three to four videos

TKL has teamed up with 93.1 Fresh FM,

a week using the ladies' skills in broadcasting,

producing online content for the Fresh Mom's

and is shared through social media. The women


say they chose that platform because people were

getting their information through Facebook and

people are embracing it,” Apryl says. “For us, it

Twitter more than the traditional ways. From the

allows us to have more in our lives. We can be

get-go, the community caught on. Their weekly

Apryl and Sarah: Moms, wives, friends, women,

chat shines a humourous spotlight on their world

business owners, community members at all the

behind the cameras, and one segment called Keys

same time. Not just one or the other. It's exactly

to the City of Barrie with Pratt Homes, brings local

the balance we were longing for.”

events to life, and is popular among viewers.

these pioneers of Barrie's digital media wave

The mix of community coverage, entertaining

“TKL is a labour of love and it's so great that

This Kinda Life may not fit into one box, but

dialogue, their unapologetic realness, as well as

prefer it that way!

tips and tricks with local businesses have made

You can see more of TKL online at tklmedia.ca

This Kinda Life a hit. It only continues to grow.



Things Change "Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat". by

Mandy Johnson |


-Theodore Roosevelt

Nat Caron

Sometimes, there are those rare moments that

Not a second thought or feeling of regret. It

offer a clarity of vision that you know things will

was my time.

be different tomorrow. The very thing that most

defines us does not serve us well. That’s not to

is exciting again. They say, when you close a

say the lessons learned, the skills acquired, the

door another one opens. In my case, “openness”

relationships built are for naught. It’s just that you

has created space for many new things. My real

aren’t living the greatest expression of yourself.

estate license has paved the way for me to join my

Those “epiphanies” reminded me that I was off

husband, Ross Harris, in his established real estate

course, that I lacked balance and that there was

practice. I am able to confidently tap into a wealth

more “out there” for me.

of experience working with customers, vendors,

Hence, came the hard work of investing in

trades and the many years of relationships I have

the changes that I wanted for myself. We all have

created over the past two decades. Whether new

to work, but I definitely had a different vision of

or existing, those relationships will be built on

what my future “work life” would look like. More

trust, honesty and professionalism. That is part

time: for family, for health, for a new career, for

of me, it’s organic and it’s fulfilling. All those

whatever “my openness” had to offer. The lack

‘benefits” and skills will migrate with me to my

of balance I had operated in was all consuming,

new career.

unhealthy and occupied far more than the “finite

moments” I had left. I was ready. That meant

free ourselves from the things that make us stuck.

leaving a role as an Asst. Warehouse Manager

I know it sounds cliche, but aging is more about

for a Fortune 500 company, changing my work

a relationship with yourself. My younger self

relationship after 24 years, going back to school

offered an energy that enabled me to raise a family,

and rethinking who I was and what I wanted. I

create a career, and, generally get stuff done. I

can say, with assurance, that it was probably the

evaluated my success by the volume of work I

biggest gift I could give myself.

could do.

I have to admit, the feeling of unpredictability

In the end, we can all identify with the need to

There is no “colour” when operating in that

What impresses me? - Independent thinkers,

void though.

honesty, self-effacing people, entrepreneurs,

creativity, compassion, dreaming, art, great coffee,

While I was investing in everyone else, I had

certainly dishonoured the balance that was so

humour (preferably laced with sarcasm).

crucial to my wellbeing. I think we just prioritize

things differently as we age. And you are honest

an end to everything: relationships, jobs, marriages,

about what makes you happy, what makes you

youth, etc. It’s what we do “in between” chapter one

“tick”. You are not fooled by the inauthentic in

and the last chapter that defines “our book”. One

your world and you certainly, respectfully, have

life. Period.

a bigger say in the way things affect you. There

are those times where, perhaps, big changes are

fulcrum of my life. I am a homebody, for sure. I

not possible (at that exact moment) but if you

love to write, read, enjoy my yoga practice and being

are patient, you can plan your way to where you

in nature. I love to create, daydream and discover

want to go. So, after the decision to make some

new challenges. I love to be around positive people.

big moves, came the equally challenging effort

I find it interesting to hear people’s history, what

of being a student while managing a family, a

makes them tick. Gratitude.

demanding job and well, just life. Fast forward.

Mission accomplished! Hard? Yes. Impossible?

feeling good is my barometer. That means a good

No. Oh, and sidebar….feels sweet when you feel

sleep, some sweat time on the mat, staying physically

in control of your choices! What can I say, things

and emotionally balanced. Taking care of yourself


requires a little investment but it’s a matter of

Some thoughts:

priority. Feeling good is palpable. It’s internally

Time - There is something more “real” about

time. Without being fatalistic, I think age reminds

Single best realization? There is a beginning and

What is important to me? - My family is the

Is beauty important to me? Sure, I think that

motivated with little regard to the external metrics and impact.

you of the finite journey we are on. Time invested well and enjoyed is fantastic. Unstructured time

We dwell in the realm

is important. But time that wears on you, ages

of infinite possibilities.

you and genuinely becomes part of what you have to do - the obligations and mindless routine - is dangerous.

Money - There comes a point where you have

enough. It’s not that you couldn’t use more, spend more, earn more. It’s just not, proportionately, bringing you more happiness. That was a big one for me. I realized, I have enough. That moment alone was freeing enough to give me permission to create a new career.

Personal inventory - sometimes you have to

clear out the “toxic”. Food, habits, people. If an experience doesn’t add value, then you are trading time and your personal investment on something that is costing you your mental, physical or spiritual health. It your responsibility to manage those things and give/or not give it space.

-Deepak Chopra


Home is not a place... it’s a feeling


705-718-1646 direct 705-720-2200 office Tenneil@kw.com - www.tenneil.kwrealty.com

KELLER WILLIAMS EXPERIENCE REALTY Brokerage, Independently Owned and Operated PIE DIGEST 57


Feel the way you want to feel photo

Nat Caron

If you’re like Mandy, every so often you find

Knowing how you actually want to feel is the

yourself reflecting on your personal and business

most potent form of clarity that you can have.

goals. More specifically, what are you willing to

It’s time to turn traditional goal setting inside out

do to become a happier, healthier, more inspired

and start creating some serious goals with soul.

version of yourself?

You meditate on questions like: What have I

Foster helps women find clarity in their innermost

always wanted to do? Where have I always wanted

feelings and teaches them how to create goals with

to go? What have I been most successful at? What

soul using principles from Danielle Laporte’s best

have I been too afraid to attempt but arm ready to

selling book, The Desire Map.

As a Desire Map Facilitator and Coach, Mandy

do now?

You reflect on your recent journey and dream

up plans for a brighter, more fulfilling year ahead. Bucket lists. Quarterly objectives. Strategic plans. Big dreams. Goals – lots of goals – and plans to achieve them.

But, hold up, if you dig deep and really think

, M= 21, Y= 18, K= 0

PMS= 503C about it, you’re not actually chasing that goal,

“I get so much pleasure out of empowering women to love themselves deeply – starting with their heart, tapping into their love, and bringing PMS= 503U their core desired feelings to life,”

that goal PMS= Cool Gray 10U 7, M= 50, Y= you’re 48, K= 16chasing the feeling that achieving PMS= Cool Gray 9C will give you.

0, M= 61, Y= 52, K= 8

PMS= 694C

Blissful. Empowered. Connected. Affluent. Vibrant.

PMS= 493U

Workshops begin with getting clear on what

So what if you first got clear on how you

you already have in your life, what you are grateful

actually wanted to feel in your life, and then

for, and where you are dissatisfied. You’ll get clear

you laid out your intentions? What if your most

on the root of your desire and create a map of how

desired feelings consciously informed how you

you want to feel in five areas of your life. From that

plan your day, your year, your career— your life?

place of clarity, you’ll be guided to discover and

declare your core desired feelings. It’s the kind of work that leaves you feeling lighter.

So, how do you want to feel?

Desire Map workshops led by Mandy Foster

are tailored to goal getters and seekers, and offered in group settings, virtually or one-on-one. Learn more at www.mandyfoster.ca




Passion Project by

Mandy Hayes |


Virgil Cheung

Do you have an injury that never quite

goes away even though you’ve tried numerous treatments? Do you have a child that is dealing with recurrent growing pains or athletic

injuries? Or are you just frustrated because

with clients of all ages and abilities, coming from

pain and stiffness is getting in the way of an

all over Southern Ontario. They love sports and

active life? If the answer is yes, Resolution

work with athletes ranging from National Team

Physiotherapy can help.

to weekend warriors. They love helping the entire

family stay healthy: treating babies with torticollis,

Resolution Physiotherapy truly loves

Resolution Physiotherapy proudly works

what they do. They get to help people, just

children ranging from toddlers to adolescents with

like you, resolve pain and return to full

growth and athletic related injuries, health-focused

function. Their team consists entirely of post-

parents, and grandparents who are adamant about

graduate qualified, extensively experienced

staying active and healthy.

physiotherapists who are passionate about

helping their clients get back to the things

expresses wonder when they finally feel relief from

they love as quickly as possible. This passion is

pain that has been with them for years that they

apparent in all the post-graduate training that

thought would never go away.

their team has completed, including Advanced

Manual Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy,

and treatment will vary as every client is unique, a

Graston Technique, Soft Tissue Release,

few techniques that help clients the most include

Active Myofascial Release, Active Dermo-

Gunn IMS, Advanced Manual Physiotherapy, and

Myofascial Cupping, Dry Needling, Women’s

Active Dermo-Myofascial Cupping (ADMC).

Health, and Gunn IMS. They are also proud to

have Physiotherapists who have attained the

many people, there are circumstances when these

highest certification in Manual Physiotherapy

types of treatments are ineffective. If you have pain

and Sports Physiotherapy in Canada, and who

which has lasted longer than a month and has not

now act as mentors within their clinic and

recovered with manual treatments or exercise, you

across the province.

may have ‘neuropathic dysfunction’.


What makes their day is when a client

While their Physiotherapy ‘tool box’ is diverse

Although traditional manual therapies help

Neuropathic dysfunction occurs when the nerve

Below your fascia are your muscles. Chronic

becomes unhealthy, which commonly occurs in

low level inflammation or inactivity can cause

chronic pain.

the fascia layer to become adhered down onto

the muscles. Although the muscles are usually

Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) is a treatment

that specifically addresses neuropathic dysfunction, quite stretchy, their mobility will be limited if targeting and improving the health of your nerves,

the inflexible fascia layer sticks to them. ADMC

allowing for pain relief - even with longstanding

uses cups attached by air suction to pull on the

chronic pain or athletic based injuries. Resolution

fascial layer separating it from the muscles.

physiotherapists are all trained in IMS and often

Once the fascial layer has been fixated by the

use this as a successful first line treatment with

cups, Resolution uses active motion to pull on

their clients. Once the nerves are healthier, they

the muscle layer and release it from the fascia.

then progress to using Advanced Manual Therapy,

After the cups come off, clients feel a noticeable

ADMC, and many of the other therapies in their

improvement in mobility.

extensive toolbox with greater success.

satisfied clients that Resolution Physiotherapy has

Advanced Manual physiotherapists have

It is through referrals from their healthy and

completed post-graduate training and are

won both the Barrie Reader’s Choice Award and

recognized as Fellows of the Canadian Academy

the Barrie Consumer Choice Award, and has been

of Manipulative Physiotherapy (FCAMPT), after

able to grow from a clinic of one physiotherapist

they attain the highest manual Physiotherapy

in 2010 to a busy clinic of seven physiotherapists

certification in Canada. Resolution Physiotherapy

today. If you have a new injury or have pain that

has numerous FCAMPT physiotherapists and the

has lasted longer than it should, the team at

rest of the team is working towards completion of

Resolution is here to help.

this highly-respected certification. They combine joint mobilizations and manipulations for the spine and peripheral joints, active and passive myofascial release techniques, core strengthening, and proprioceptive training with the goal of resolving pain and restoring function for their clients.

Resolution also has great success with Active

Dermo-Myofascial Cupping (ADMC). Below the layer of skin and fat that covers your body is a layer of fascia, that is very stiff and has very little stretch.


dr. barb Beauty Innovator by

Mandy Johnson |


Korby Banner

Back in the early 2000’s, Dr. Barb Loiskandl was a

recognizable figure on CKVR TV bringing information on the “new science” of medical aesthetics and leadingedge laser technologies. “That was a lot of fun,” Dr. Barb reminisced. Those early discussions have remained a big part of her business today. Fast forward twenty years, Dr. Barb’s business, Laser Health Works, has two locations (Barrie and Midland) and continues to be an innovator and offer mentorship in this branch of medical aesthetics/self improvement. That early vision enabled Dr. Barb to see the value of these services and the need for safe, qualified and leading edge medical aesthetic technology for our area.

When we think of self improvement/living well, we think

of the obvious: exercise, sleep and eating healthy. Many of us have already incorporated those things into our lives and are reaping the benefits of living a wholesome lifestyle. But that is only part of the way we experience the best version of ourselves. Enter Laser Health Works. The clinic only uses the best equipment, lasers and technology. Dr. Barb personally travels all over North America to test, train and select first class equipment for her office. Safety is number one and, of course, effectiveness is priority. Lasers are not all the same and there is also no regulation regarding who uses them. For that reason alone, it is crucial that you are working with medically trained professionals like the LHW team. Dr. Barb and her trained staff are there to take their clients to the next level of “looking and feeling good”.



Optimizing the best features of each client

The role of educator is evident in our discussion

is as much art as it is science. LHW helps with

both regarding Laser Health Works and Dr. Barb’s

enhancing each person’s natural beauty, not

take on balance and well being. It was refreshing

changing it.

to hear that she too struggles with schedules, with

family, work and making time for self care. Dr. Barb

“There are so many effective technologies

that we have available, it’s really up to the client

is rather self-effacing and modest regarding her

where they want to focus,” mentions Dr. Barb. The

“mark” here in Simcoe.

success, and results, really come from listening to

what each client says, what their expectation is,

and her husband Dr. Rainer Loiskandl created

the time frame they are willing to invest in and,

Mikey’s Place for Autism in Midland. These phil-

of course, budget. The consultation and initial

anthropic efforts were born from the personal

discussions with a client are critical. From

and community need for education and support

there, the team can create a plan, set an expectation

for families and children living with autism. It’s

and begin treatment.

the bigger connection to community in which she

operates that reminds us of her mission to improve

It is no surprise to hear how the business has

In addition to her successful clinic, Dr. Barb

evolved over the years. Dr. Barb explained the

not only individual lives but those of many others

cross section of clients that seek the help of her

too. It is easy to see that the momentum of Dr.

clinic. First, and most obvious, is a group that is

Barb’s success is in her enthusiasm, honestly and

looking to “restore” their skin to a more youthful/

passion for helping people.

rested condition, clients, perhaps in their

40’s that are looking to “maintain” their skin/

again. There have been a lot of changes in

features. Armed with even more information

the beauty business over the years. The

regarding the benefits or regular skin care, this

technology and the information can be difficult

group of clients is a growing part of the LHW

to navigate. Working with a team that’s on top of

business. Now there are the millennials, armed

leading edge information, that has received the

with the most information, that are looking

highest level of training and is an ethical provider is

for “preventative” treatments. The success of Dr.

invaluable. There is a reason that Dr. Barb and her

Barb’s practice is the information and time that is

team at LHW have been a household name for two

invested in all that seek to benefit from her years

decades. They have helped us age well over the

of expertise, regardless what your personal

years by putting our best face forward.

It’s great to help clients find themselves

aesthetic goal is.

"Dr. Barb and her trained staff are there to take their clients to the next level of

looking and feeling good!" 64 PIE DIGEST

N oN- s U rGI cal s o l U t Io N s

achieve results with combination therapies LASERS ++SKIN INJECTABLES lasers skINCARE care+ + INJectaBle NEW! Double Chin Treatments – with

We help you achieve your natural look

New! coolsculpting - permanent fat reduction Belkyra/CoolSculpting with no surgery and no downtime CoolSculpting – permanent fat reduction Neuromodulators with no surgery and no downtime tissue Fillers to (Botox/Dysport) Volumize and Fill Neuromodulators wrinkle reduction: Tissue Fillers to Volumize and Fill Instantly with combined Laser approach Wrinkle Reduction: thermage with combined Laser approach clear and (Non-surgical Brilliant Thermage Lifting/Tightening) laserand hair removal Clear Brilliant treatment of Brown spots Laser Hair Removal Treatment of Brown Spots BBl BBL – Forever Young Treatments microlaser Peels MicroLaser Peels ProFractional laser ProFractional Laser acne scars Acne acneScars treatment Acne Treatment Varicose Veins Varicose Veins and hand rejuvenation Neck, chest Neck, Chest and Hand Rejuvenation rosacea Rosacea mole, skin tag removal Mole, Skin Tag Removal advanced aesthetics Corrective Aesthetics

Private. confidential. Dr. Barb loiskandl | Dr. rainer loiskandl | Dr. Darlene Newnham MIDLAND

527 Hugel MIDLAND Avenue

705.526.0721 527 hugel avenue 705.526.0721


93 Bell Farm Road, Suite 111 BARRIE 705.739.0721 93 Bell Farm road, suite 111 705.739.0721

W W W. L AS E R H E A LT H WO R K S. C O M 1-866-549-6757 w w w. l a s e r h e a lt h w o r k s . c o m PIE DIGEST 65

The Sophisticated Aesthetic RESTART RENEWAL


To tighten, smooth, and breathe life back into skin after aging by using the power of radio frequency energy to spur the body’s natural process of renewal. This process of renewal primarily involves jump-starting the production of collagen, a structural protein that makes your skin tighter, smoother, and more defined. Because Thermage spurs the creation of this collagen, it not only makes your skin tighter in the short term – it trains your skin to continue to make itself tighter and smoother over time.


Dr. Barb - Laser Health Works | photography Kate sZatmari Ceilidh @Want Management | makeup and hair Aniya Nandy @ Plutino Group




Experience serenity- you deserve it.

Personalized therapeutic and restorative treatments improve the health of your skin by counteracting the damaging effects of age, environment, stress and pollution. Age-reversing laser treatments in conjunction with nature-induced facials and micro laser peels will help to restore your natural harmony.


Vitamin-rich facials are the ultimate in European stimulating treatments, utilizing thermal spring waters, mineral salts and trace elements.


BBL functionally rejuvenates skin and delays skin aging. An innovative technology that allows your clinician to precisely treat your skin for desired results. The heat absorbed by the targeted areas will stimulate your skin cells to regenerate new collagen. The photothermal energy will eliminate fine vessels that cause redness and reduce unwanted melanin that produces pigmented lesions.


Gian Andrea di Stefano stylist Eryka Clayton make up artist Sandy Linter hair Mitch Barry photos


CHRISTIE BRINKLEY Timeless Body, Timeless Beauty by

Dave Gordon

“Stunning” and “Christie Brinkley” have been synonymous for decades. After

appearing on hundreds of magazine covers since the 1970s, supermodel Christie Brinkley still remains an ageless blonde beauty with an attitude of gratitude. In 2017, sixty-three-year-old Brinkley posed beachfront for Sports Illustrated, with daughters Sailor (18) and Alexa Ray (31), all in alluring swimwear. Her eternal appeal, undoubtedly, is among the reasons Allure and Men's Health named Brinkley one of the most attractive women of all time. As told to Haute Living, her flair for blending chic, elegance and everyday style means enjoying Gianvito Rossi footwear, Saint Laurent apparel, and still being a “jean girl”, loving labels like Rag & Bone or J Brand. She’s a model entrepreneur.

Focused mainly on health and wellness, her ventures have included Christie

Brinkley Authentic Skincare, her own line of hair extensions and wigs called Hair 2 Wear, a partnership with Total Gym, and her own line of eyewear.

No surprise from a woman with age-defying looks, in Feb. 2018, the fashion icon

launched a cosmetic line, Christie Brinkley Authentic Beauty - which she dubbed "Brinkley basics". She says the products are cruelty-free, and foolproof to use.

If that weren't enough for the powerhouse entrepreneur, Brinkley's also busied

herself with her branded line of Organic Prosecco called Bellissima, that includes a brut, a rosé and a zero-sugar prosecco.

According to Brinkley, the vineyard in Italy has been untouched by chemicals for

over forty years, and the beverage contains no animal by-product clarifiers, so common among wines.

“We really care about our environmental footprint.”

Perfectly supporting her lifelong ethos of good living, she published Timeless

Beauty: Over 100 Tips, Secrets, and Shortcuts to Looking Great. In the New York Times bestseller, she shares secrets about diet, fashion and makeup.

Pie asks the Uptown Girl about business sense, how to look great, and what’s in

store for the future...


pie: What are things people can do to look as

Two: You’ve got to feel good. The way to feel good

youthful as you?

is to have a healthy diet. I can’t emphasize this

christie: One: Gratitude.

I think that when you

enough: you truly are what you eat.

approach everything – find a way to be grateful.

Myself from about age 13, and my children, were

No matter where you are, no matter what is going

fed a vegetarian diet.

on in your life, especially in hard times – and we

I call it a ‘Rainbow Diet’. I try to put as many

all have them – if you can still reach for that thing

colours as I can in my diet, and in my children’s

that you have to be grateful for. Mine always

and my family’s diet. That way you are getting

starts with the top three: Alexa, Jack, Sailor (her

an abundance of antioxidants and vitamins and


minerals. Organic, as well, is very important. I

If I know they are happy and healthy, I just can’t

know that it can be costly, but if we all just say

feel sorry for myself anymore.

we’d rather pay for it now than pay for it with our

When you approach life with that spirit,

health, it’s really important.

everything else falls into place, including the look

Third is exercise.

on your face, the energy you project.

Fourth is skin care. I’m trying to get the word out

That’s the number one thing that people notice

now about oxybenzone. It’s one of the ingredients

about you – the energy you bring with you when

in a lot of sunblock.

you come into a room. You can have everything

It’s now in our oceans, and it is one of the major

else perfect, the perfect wardrobe, the perfect

things destroying the coral reefs. The health of our

hair, the perfect skin and make up and all of that,

oceans is directly related to the health of our air.

but you come in with a dark cloud around you, it’s

Oxybenzone is so strong that if you had a shot

not going to help.

glass in a pool, it would kill a coral reef if you had a coral reef in the bottom of your pool. We all need to check for that ingredient.

My daughters always say to me that it is my positivity that they love. I hear them in interviews saying that they are grateful that I've taught them to always look at the bright side, the sunny side. But I think, maybe it's just the fact that, I don't know, that I just kind of keep on ticking. -Christie Brinkley 72 PIE DIGEST




What advice could you impart to new

I’ve associated myself with good products, and


products that I believe in. So, I think I’ve created a

christie: I

trust, and a happy quality to the things that I do.

think it is really important to choose

wisely. The way that I choose my projects are,


I ask myself, ‘If I do a TV commercial for this

christie: I

product, could it be mistaken for a public service

of making this world a better place. Try to make

announcement?’ In other words, will that product

every encounter you have with somebody a

make someone happier, healthier, more satisfied in

smiling one, and leave them happy they came

some way or more confident, will it improve their

across you that day.

life in some way?

Totally, have an attitude of gratitude. I’m always

If I can answer ‘yes’ to my question, then I know

saying to them that expression ‘bloom where you

I’m onto something. My Total Gym will make you

are planted’.

healthier, stronger, better. My Bellissima will make

I just love that expression because I really believe

you happier. My skin care will keep your skin

it is the key to a happy life.

healthy, and return it to good health. My eyewear

pie: I

will make you cuter, and you’ll see better. My

christie: My

Hair 2 Wear: if your hair is thinning or broken off,

is my positivity that they love. I hear them in

or if you want to feel more stylish – you want to go

interviews saying that they are grateful that I’ve

from short hair to long hair – you can have more

taught them to always look at the bright side, the

flexibility to your life. You can get out the door in

sunny side. But I think, maybe it’s just the fact that,

five minutes and get to what really matters, time

I don’t know, that I just kind of keep on ticking.

What is Christie’s best parenting advice? always tell them: Find your own way

am a role model to young women because: daughters always say to me that it

with your family and your kids, or your work at the office.

I love people who make it their goal in life to make you laugh. -Christie Brinkley



What is something left on your bucket list?

christie: Oh,

quite a few things, actually. There’s

The biggest privilege of my life ever was to get to be on Broadway and play Roxie Hart, and get

still a lot of traveling I want to do. There’s still

people to laugh. I was told at the stage door that I

places I want to hike, places I want to go and do –

was one of the funniest Roxies.

sailing trips, hiking trips.

But anyway, it was during a moment at SNL – one

I still want to be fluent in Italian. I can speak

of the rare, rare moments – when people were

fairly good Italian for food and shopping. I do

like, ‘I’m not sure about the writing right now. You

speak French. I went to Le Lycée Français in Los

don’t have enough experience, and if it’s not good

Angeles, and when I was in school one year, I took

writing, you won’t know how to deal with it.’

Italian in French – which is a great way to learn

I don’t want to critique the show. Let’s just say

Italian because of the similarities. Sometimes I

I made the wrong choice to do something else.

find myself in Italy speaking French and doing ‘et’

I look back at that every time and I think, how

at the end of it.

in the world did I not just grab that opportunity

I would love to be able to converse. Oh, and

and do it? I guess I just secretly loved the show

Portuguese too, because I love that language. I

so much that it made me afraid. I just know that

think it’s so beautiful.

if I ever had the opportunity to do it again, that’s


something that I would definitely jump at the

Something you would have done differently?

christie: I

was asked to host Saturday Night Live. I

chance. That’s a Bucket List come true.

love people who make it their goal in life to make you laugh.

Find your own way of making this world a better place. Try to make every encounter you have with somebody a smiling one, and leave them happy they came across you that day. -Christie Brinkley




Dave Gordon

He played counter-terrorism agent Jack Bauer in the heart-racing TV show 24, and played the US president in the heart-pounding drama Designated Survivor. But like an unexpected plot twist, Kiefer Sutherland began crooning about heartbreak and heartache as a real-life country-western singer. With silver-screen credits in Stand By Me, Flatliners, Lost Boys, and A Few Good Men, Kiefer added to his repertoire the silver-bullets of spurs, Stetson, and a gee-tar. In 2017 his highly successful North America and Europe-wide Not Enough Whiskey Tour supported his debut album, Down In a Hole. Pie Magazine asked Kiefer about his newfound passions, and what people can expect from the actor-turned-musician. pie:

How would you compare being a musician, to the

experience of being an actor? kiefer:

Well, it’s funny. I spend more time trying to

explain the similarities. What I love about acting, and what I love about music is very similar. I love being able to tell a story. The delivery of that is massively different. When you do a play, you want to keep the audience riveted in their seats. At the end of the performance, if they've enjoyed it, they express their enjoyment. When you are playing a music show, you want people out of their seats, and you want them to move, and you want to them to have more a kinetic experience. But at the root of it, you are still trying to tell a story.



The songs that I write, I believe, have a beginning,


middle, and an end, and there is a story to that.

yourself through music?

You want to make that connection. So I guess


dynamically, the biggest difference is when I play

think at the root of that, it’s just more personal.

music with my band, I feel an incredible sense of

Whether it was 24 or Lost Boys or Stand By Me,

energy when we are playing. I want to convey that

those are all characters, and were written, and

to the audience, and have them feel that at the

they really have nothing to do with me except that

same time.

I portray them.

I think that is the biggest difference, is it’s

But the songs that are on the record, those are

immediate and tactile. When I’m doing something

all personal stories about my life - all except for

like Designated Survivor, I am doing something

Shirley Jean, which was a story.

that is much more internal, and the audience

Look, I am fully aware that a lot of people come

will see it almost a month later. A show is a much

to the show … and wanted to see a huge crash.

more energetic and immediate experience. pie: How, and when, did you know you wanted to

The audience may have a preconceived notion

record music, and become a performer?

preconceived notion of the audience.


If it goes really well, hopefully we realize that we

I would have to say it was the last minute.

Why is it so important for you to express It’s a different way to tell a story, and I

of what they are coming to see, and I may have a

I had 25 songs that I had written that I wanted to

have a lot more in common than you might think,

record, and really send to Sony or BMI, and see if

and that kind of shared experience is, from my

I could get other artists to do them.

point of view, has been really special for me.

And I recorded three songs with a really dear

There’s personal interaction in those songs about

friend of mine named Jude Cole.

me having a broken heart, me losing a friend who

And he said “I think these songs are so you, and I

passed away, me struggling with certain aspects

like the way that you are performing them, I think

of my life, and I talk about that with the audience,

you should make a record.” Being so aware the kind of trappings and cynicism

and it is much more of a meaningful performance. pie: As you know, the music industry is very

of any actor doing music, I said "no way".

crowded. How you would best describe how you

He took me out later that night and we had a

positioned you and your music differently?

couple of drinks and somehow it sounded like a


better idea.

trying to fill a stadium, and I am not trying to sell

So we agreed to record a few more, and I wasn't

a million records. Don't get me wrong. I would

happy with the idea we would just send them off

love to be able to play a stadium, and I would love

to BMI or Sony.

to sell a million records.

I was really happy with the way he was helping

But it is not why I did this. I can play a bar. If I get

me make them sound, and we went forward from

a crowd around me with a few songs, I am happy.

there. So it was a weird thing. It was almost like I

My goals are different that a younger musician

backed into it. I never sat down and consciously

where this is their life, and this is how they make

said “Oh God, I want to make a record.” But then

their living. They have a requirement and goals

what ended up happening, I really did fall in love

that would be different than mine.

with playing live. And that’s really what I enjoy the most, and it took off from there.

I feel like I am creating because I am not


What do you hope audiences experience in

I wrote a couple songs about people that I

your performance?

have lost, and people who have passed away


too early in their life. Anybody out there in the

We are all going through this life


audience who has to deal with the loss of a

So if you write a song about being heart

loved one, that song is meant to let them know

broken, that song is meant to go out to

that they are not alone in going through that.

someone who has been heartbroken, and

There's a comfort in that. And that's what

realizes that they are not alone, that you are

music has been to me all of my life. That is

going through this thing together.

something I would love to do for an audience when we play live.


Brand Storytelling by

Emma Reagan |


Scott Cooper

For six years, the filmmakers at FlyPress have been trailblazing a new

standard in corporate video. Directed by Richard and Amy James and their growing team of creatives, FlyPress prides themselves on authentically telling brand stories. Their approach takes a close look under the hood to see what drives companies and the people behind them.

Founded in 2012, FlyPress got its first big platform from an unlikely source,

when a simple video of their daughter donating her hair to cancer patients went viral.

The video, titled Emily’s Hair, quickly struck a cord with viewers and

caught the attention of many daytime programs including The View and The Doctors. Twenty million plays later, it was clear that even simple stories can wield great influence. “That experience really affirmed to us the power behind storytelling,” Amy says. “We realized that people are genuinely interested in connecting with each other through common and relatable circumstances.”

That human connection was something they noticed was missing in the

world of corporate video, and was what ultimately led FlyPress to dedicate themselves to being brand storytellers. “We saw a need and realized we could bring great storytelling to corporate video. Corporate videos felt flashy and impersonal. They had less to do with the people and passion behind the business and more about their services and products,” Richard explains.



The best part of this is that we get to meet so many individuals that are passionate about what

they do and that is so inspiring

To challenge this, FlyPress have made it their goal to bring authentic and

relatable content to businesses wanting to share their unique stories. “We

believe one of the reasons companies choose video is because they recognize that consumers want to know more before they buy. A video is a great way to show your people, your space, your philosophy and products.”

FlyPress creates videos for people to connect with their audiences in a

way that goes beyond traditional parameters by changing the narrative from an advertisement, to an exploration of the passion and motivation behind a company. “We can easily find information about services and products in this online generation, but buyers and consumers now want to make human connections and trust the people they are going to do business with,” Amy describes. "This is why video storytelling is such a powerful way to market your business.”

And that storytelling cannot be done without authenticity - a central

theme at FlyPress. “We want there to be a consistency between the viewers’ understanding of the company after watching the video and what they will truly experience when they personally engage with the company.” Authenticity also encompasses the standard FlyPress holds for themselves by refusing to produce video that doesn’t represent their detailed approach to their own diverse array of clients, who keep their job so interesting.

“The best part of this is that we get to meet so many individuals that are

passionate about what they do and that is so inspiring,” Richard says. “We are always looking for the story - what is the history, where did they come from, why are they passionate about what they do? These are the elements that viewers connect with. Real human moments.”



!XAM DIAMONDS Staying Ahead of the Curve

Sophisticated to no end, the Brenner brothers

Today, customers don’t want just a piece of

have built up a reputation of being prominent

diamond, but a kind of illustration to their life

lifestyle diamond experts with real experience

story. Reflections of preferences, traits of character

and expertise.

or love stories, many people want to capture their

emotions and happy moments.

With over thirty years in the diamond

industry and a rich heritage that traces back to

the diverse country of South Africa, Jeffrey and

dedicated team uses those preferences to enhance

Terry Brenner founded ‘!XAM Diamonds’ -a term

an individual’s piece with our one of a kind

derived by the San people meaning a ‘unit’ or

craftsmanship,” says Terry Brenner.

‘community’- in 2011.

Africa, !XAM’s outlook on design sets them

Stepping into their downtown Toronto

“We all have personal tastes and needs, and our

With diamonds that travel from Southern

headquarters, one is automatically transported

apart from the growing crowd of designers in

into a modern space with plush clean-lined

the industry. There are several aspects that

furniture that meets deco style elegance. Their

puts them ahead of trends, which includes the

collection is beautifully presented on lighted

Brenner brothers’ desire to provide quality and

three-foot showroom pillars. If ever there were

comfortable pieces that people will want to wear.

diamonds that dispel the myth that classically

Most importantly, their cohesive team’s ability to

modern pieces equal austere and cold, this place

carefully execute their clients’ ideas is what puts

is it.

them ahead of the curve.

Each of the elegantly displayed sets of

For !XAM Diamonds, their ability to turn their

jewelry are accompanied by ancient artifacts or

clients vision into a reality is where they show

colourful yet rugged pieces of mountain rock

years of unmatched experience.

from ethical Southern African diamond mines.

The combination of old and new show adoring

and engineering, the emphasis they put into

statements that embody timeless stories.

personalization and innovation is a clear

distinction from their competitors.

The mission behind !XAM Diamonds focuses

From their consultations, design technology

on personalization to create lustrous looks

that strengthens the brand’s lovingly detailed

step of their project tailored to the objectives of


their broad and well-versed clientele.


The team at !XAM focuses on keeping every

But their jewelry doesn’t get recognition

“Designs of our pieces continue to evolve and

through traditional means like flashy marketing

the needs of consumers are always changing, and

campaigns. !XAM Diamonds strive to make its

that’s what keeps us passionate about the diamond

most effective advertisement someone wearing

industry and the future of our business,” says Terry.

their pieces. “We believe there’s nothing that

speaks more for your diamonds than having

as the pieces they hand create. The team hopes to

someone else wear it,” says Terry. Their

continue to push the envelope on well-crafted, well-

expansion into Vaughan, Ontario is proof of

designed architectural diamonds through insightful

just that.

exploration and intriguing collaborations that

intersect arts and culture.

As for the brothers behind the brand, Jeffrey

The future of !XAM Diamonds looks as bright

and Terry say working with great people, beautiful merchandise and their equally unique clients on a daily basis is what makes !XAM Diamonds achieve incomparable results.




Everything Abstract and Beautiful by

Ahmed Saleh |


Wylie Ford

In an age of post-realism representational

Through the use of paint and colours in his

paintings, the renowned artist Zarum has a stark

sometimes life-size paintings, Zarum doesn’t hide

abstract style that separates him from the pack.

away from what his art is and where its destiny

With a critical eye for what is often described

lies. Instead, he embraces it with a free-spirited

by others as ‘mystical intersecting original’,

flare that has an equally profound effect to the

he expertly captures subtle nuances from his

viewer whether through a digital image or from

watchful eyes.

taking in the actual paintings in person.


What makes Zarum unique apart from his

To further accomplish this goal, every detail

originality is that painting is not the only form

inside was given a borderless element, from the

of art in which he practices. As a sculptor,

open concept kitchen to the glass panel staircase,

woodworker, musician, composer and vocalist,

through to the glass fireplace; segregation was not

Zarum holds a captivating style in his art that

an element that was practised in the making of

critics say provide “a blend of mystical, sensual

casa Zarum.

and emotional outreach.”

With a decision to make each corner of the

The passion in his art -whether it’s with

home shine with contemporary architectural

the use of a brush, a pallet knife, or his bare

details, the space complements the calm and

hands- addresses conventional ideologies of love,

serene feel of the lake. What goes unnoticeable

beauty, sexuality, and relationships. As his work

is Zarum’s ability to precisely pick out the

continues to grow and is exposed to audiences in

appropriate pieces of art from each of his critically

Canada, the US and Europe, it's his ability to draw

acclaimed collections in order to add, but never

inspiration from around the world that has made

clash, with the decor of his waterfront property.

his work commercially viable - a dream that many

artists have, but few reach.

create is for others to enjoy and such is the case

As a lifetime globetrotter, and a lifelong

with this masterpiece waterfront property. Zarum

learner, Zarum has understood that his detail-

has placed this property on the market for others

intensive pieces require a space that can inspire

to enjoy as he plans to build his next home on his

the brutal, bold, lively and provocative expressions

nearby Casa Lago Estate, the largest waterfront

that his admirers have grown to adore. “When I

estate of its kind on Lake Simcoe.

paint it's part heart, part brain. I want someone

who is looking at my painting to think and not just

he’s at home or abroad- to set a flurry of ideas

see a picture. I want them to delve a little deeper,”

for Zarum to begin to create. His ‘Lip Series’ of

says Zarum.

paintings for example, were created during a trip

After years of painting and living abroad in

to Monaco. A sudden inspiration while sketching

countries like Holland and Spain, Zarum returned

turned into a week of isolation in his hotel room

to Canada and sought a location to paint that

as he developed the nucleus of over a dozen

would hold an inspirational as well as tranquil

initial works.

setting for him. Having discovered a lakefront

property not more than a short one hour drive

than someone able to finely stroke colours on

from downtown Toronto, Zarum quickly set

a canvas. For Zarum, an artist is someone who

about creating yet another masterpiece, this time

can find ‘the art’ in whatever they do -whether

in a landmark house of his design. The result

they’re in finance, food, fashion, or in the tech

is a unique modern house with magnificent

sector- artistry says Zarum “is the ability to create

panoramic views of the lake through walls of glass

something from nothing.”

that is stately yet cozy.

-from his instant flashes of imagery that take him

“I wanted the space to be at one with the

However, true artists know that what they

It only takes the smallest instance -whether

However, for Zarum, an artist is deeper

The core qualities that Zarum holds deep

water,” says Zarum. Stepping through the front

into a creative utopia for weeks to his ability to

door you feel as though the house is floating on

never run out of colour, to the pride he holds in

the lake.

being able to truly commit to a vision he believes in- is what makes him a true artist with original and collectible works.



“The twelfth in the LIP Series”

Its original size is 184 x 102cm ( Approx. 72x40 inches). It is from the LIP Series of paintings. 90 PIE DIGEST




“That which lies within us all. The other side of us all which we seldom if ever expose or share with others. Sometimes bright, often dark.” Its original size is 90 x 90cm (Approx. 35x35inches). It is from the FACES Series of paintings. PIE DIGEST 93


“A play on the two primal but opposing complementary principles of the Yin and Yang in the being of Woman.� Its original size is 130 x 97cm (Approx. 51x38inches). It is from the FACES Series of paintings. 94 PIE DIGEST




“Another variation on the flamenco theme expressed in a large canvas of almost 2 metres in height. In this painting I have given the guitar the ’soul’ which it deserves as the primary element in flamenco music.” Its original size is195 x 114cm (Approx. 76x44inches). It is from the LINEAR Series of paintings. PIE DIGEST 97

Kelly Lazar, CGA, CPA, SALES REPRESENTATIVE Forest Hill Real Estate Brokerage Inc., Brokerage 416-930-0787 - sellinglakesimcoe.com

David Wagman, SALES REPRESENTATIVE/MANAGING PARTNER Forest Hill Real Estate Brokerage Inc., Brokerage 416-414-0007 - sellinglakesimcoe.com

MILLIONAIRES ROW 15 Pemberton Lane, Shanty Bay

Inspired by renowned artist Zarum, this magnificent landmark

6 bedroom 8 bathroom waterfront estate is located on 260 ft. of prime Kempenfelt Bay “Millionaires Row” (With an adjacent 100ft. lake frontage available). Located in Oro-Medonte, Kempenfelt Bay is a 14.5 km (9.0 mi) quiet, long bay that lleads into the city of Barrie, Ontario. Part of the historic Trent-Severn Waterway it is as deep as 40 metres (135 feet) in places, and is connected to the larger Lake Simcoe.

It is known for its ice fishing and huge lake trout. Located just 60

minutes north of Toronto, 10 minutes to downtown Barrie, and 20 minutes south of Orillia. The south shore location delivers cooling on-shore breezes and amazing sunrises. Access to this property is off of Range Road with private road access. It boasts a separate bachelor loft giving you 13,000 sq. ft. of spacious elegance, enhanced by a poolside cabana and double boathouse that features an outdoor roof-top patio perfect for entertaining. Constructed using triple layer steel siding with decorative longboard aluminum that is trimmed with black granite capping, this home is truly a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship. Soaring ceilings, wallto-wall windows with fabulous views from all principal rooms, a grand entryway, stunning heated salt-water pool, 12 seat state-ofthe-art theatre plus an elevator to transport from floor to floor. This is all seamlessly merged with over 20 cutting edge security surveillance cameras and a Sonos sound system throughout.

This is a 1.49 acre beautifully landscaped property and fully served

with an in-ground watering system. The lot is a balance of mature trees, lawn and beautiful gardens. The circular driveway with center garden, plus guest parking area creates a gracious and welcoming arrival, and is logistically efficient. Survey is available.

The waterfront also includes a double boathouse and docks with

remote controlled marine rails, multi-tiered waterfront decks with outdoor fireplace.

Water supply for the property is a Drilled well with a Sewage

system that is Large-capacity, and has a fully-inspected and approved septic tank and tile bed. There is Alternative Power supplied by a 70kw Generac generator.


This is a fabulous location one hour from Downtown Toronto and 7 minutes to the Simcoe Regional

Airport with daily 19 minute flights to Toronto Billy Bishop Airport. With GO train service to Union Station Toronto, this "Hamptons of the North" location is ideal for those who want to work in the city while enjoying a love of watersports, boating, fishing, nature, theater and the arts, fine dining with local chefs, entertaining and family time.

Situated only 20 minutes to some of Canada’s top golf courses. In the winter you can enjoy snowshoeing along the Oro-Medonte Trail or on Kempenfelt Bay, downhill skiing at Horseshoe Valley, Mt. St. Louis, Snow Valley, cross-country skiing at Hardwood Hills, ski-doo on nearby trails, or quiet family times by your outdoor heated saltwater pool or an after dinner drink by your outdoor wood-burning fireplace.

I’m your Realtor.





What sets Jon MacNeil apart from other contractors is his kindness, integrity and his positive disposition. It is apparent that building productive, transparent and openly communicative relationships are the foundation of his business and personal values. -Mike Windle, Project Manager, Level Design



MacNeil Construction by

Stu Lynam |


Scott Cooper

"I’d love to teach. Either a shop or trade class. Something where I could instill the knowledge I’ve acquired in the field of construction onto others. I feel skills like using a hammer, truly working with your hands and building something you can step back and be proud of, are being lost in our younger generations." Led by founder and namesake Jon MacNeil, the team at MacNeil Construction are one of the most respected firms providing building services across Simcoe County. While the focus of the business is construction, over the years Jon's expertise has evolved to include a wealth of entrepreneurial acumen, complimented by a profound sense of gratitude and purpose.


What is your company known for?


MacNeil Construction is known for drywall/

There were factors that would’ve stopped most from trying, but I took them, learned from them,

taping. As a company we have years of experience

built upon them, and continue to learn each day to

in the drywall trade, but we offer so much more. We have grown to be able to take any space and

be a better me and a better company. pie: What have you realized running your own

rework it in any capacity to suit a client’s needs. pie: What sets your company apart?

company? jon: That we are in charge of our own happiness.


Each of us has it within us to be happy, whether

MacNeil Construction is just a name. What

sets us apart are the people that make up the

that be through achieving a personal goal, having

company. Each of us brought specific skill sets,

like minded people around you or helping

beyond drywall, to the table. We shared them with

someone when they need it. Whatever you find

one another elevating all of our skill sets to new

brings you happiness, hold onto it, build upon it

levels. pie: How would you describe your style of doing

and grow. pie: Why is Philanthropy important to you?




a young age. I was taught by my Mother and

My style of business is ‘Old School Meets

It’s something that I have had in me from

New School’. I learned to make deals on a hand

Father to appreciate those around you and to

shake at the age of eighteen, which is the same

‘pay it forward’. My company helped with a

mentality I’ve tried to carry into my 30’s. My fav

clothing drive for both the Busby Centre and The

quote is something my Grandfather once told me,

Samaritan House. We were also fortunate enough

“If someone offers you money, you stick out your

to be able to donate fifty turkeys to the Barrie

hand and say thank you.” He was a smart man.

Food Bank at Thanksgiving.

[Laughs] pie: What is your biggest achievement?


on solid ground.

My biggest achievement is starting my

As for the future, it's a bright path for Jon and

his team, as he and his business grow -

company when the odds were against me.


SHINING BRIGHTLY Alliance Electric photo

Jeff Buchanan

If you’re a woman transitioning into a

I was put off by the "Get it done fast, I don't care

traditionally male-dominated skilled trade at

how" attitude, and it led me to consider going into

the entry-level, and in just a few years you have

business for myself. I wanted to be able to take

established yourself as a successful entrepreneur in that very same industry, you must be doing

more time to complete jobs properly and safely. pie: How often should owners have their house's

things right.

electrical systems checked or upgraded?

That’s the top line and guiding philosophy of Jen


Ellins, a Simcoe County success story who exudes

setups in very good condition and newer ones in

experience and independence as the founder and

poor condition.

owner of Alliance Electric.

The main thing is to have any electrical work

We sat down with Jen to chart her unlikely

performed by a qualified electrician and address

journey from equestrian trainer, to one of the region’s most successful and sought after

any issues as soon as possible. pie: You're in an industry that is dominated by men;


do you ever encounter resistance or skepticism from


clients who perhaps expect a stereotypical gang of

How did you get started in the electrical

There really is no time limit. I've seen older

business, and what attracted you to it?

guys with hardhats and lunch pails to show up?



The short answer is I didn't want a desk job! I

Of course there are occasions when I show up

was training standard bred race horses and it was

and clients say something along the lines of, "Oh, I

fun, but I knew I couldn't make a very good living

thought they were coming to do the job today, not

doing that.

quote it?" Some are mildly surprised when I say,

A friend mentioned that a local electrical company that he was working for would be hiring

"Yes, I will have it done today." pie: What advice would you give to other

soon. I threw in a resume and after two interviews


I was hired! pie: What inspired you to build your own company?



The last company I worked for was not very

safety-orientated, so that was one of my reasons. 108 PIE DIGEST

Don't take short cuts. It looks bad on all of us

as contractors and business owners.



PHILLIP MOORE The Sophisticated Property Manager by

Shawn Gibson | photos Jeff Buchanan

Phillip Moore launched Carpe Diem Asset and

Unfortunately, he has seen too many other

Property Management Inc in 2013. But, he wanted

businesses lose sight of these elements, focused

it to be something different, something better and

too much on the bottom line.

a higher level. It became evident to him that there

was a void to fill: a need for a local sophisticated

Management is somewhat of a thankless job.

property management company - and Moore

When you do everything right, very rarely do

believes Carpe Diem is just that.

you receive a thank you. But when something

goes wrong, you hear all about it. I think it’s our

In order to stay one step ahead, and continue

“It’s tough to do, especially when Property

to strive for excellence, by the company’s fifth

proactive attitude, and keen focus on customer

anniversary, Moore invested a considerable amount

service, that adds a lot of value, and separate us

of resources into additional training of staff,

from the rest.”

improved SOP’s, upgraded hardware and software,

Even a look at his office is symbolic of The

and a new and improved website. He continues

Sophisticated Property Manager’s attention to

to boast a vibrant social media, print, and radio

detail, and the care he places in pleasing the

marketing campaign.

customer. It’s the hard wood floors, designer

kitchen, and a glass curtain wall that rounds out

Putting his money where his mouth is, he paid

for his assistant to become a Certified Property

his boardroom.

Manager, and a member of the Canadian Real

Estate Institute. Additionally, he enrolled in

faces is educating his clients.

courses to obtain his Real Property Administrator

“Most people think property management is easy,


and it’s just a matter of picking up the phone to

“If you are going to be a part of this profession, it is

call a repair man. And I suppose there’s probably

important to have the correct education, and be a

property managers out there that operate at that

part of the associations in this field,” he notes.

level,” he notes.

Though it’s not just about the education or tools -

which anyone can acquire with time and money.

maximization through keeping costs down, while

retaining tenants, is challenging. It’s knowing

It’s about his professional approach to his

Moore says one of the biggest challenges he

Carpe Diem is much more comprehensive. ROI

business. For him, it’s a combination of “exemplary

about environmental assessments and hazards, and

conduct, accountability, a finely-tuned moral

how to avoid them. It’s preventative maintenance

compass, and always doing what is right - even if

programs, and health and safety compliance issues.

it means losing money.” As part of that work ethos,

Supplier manuals that are audited to insure WSIB

he will not let more than 24 hours go by without

clearance certificates and insurance policies are

returning a phone call.

current. It’s using contractors that don’t over

“People just want updates. Delays happen all the

promise and underachieve. And it’s especially

time, but as long as the lines of communication are

about the inspection of work performed.

open, both landlords and tenants are at ease.” 110 PIE DIGEST

“I believe dressing well is important, as it is part of the first impression people have of you.� These, and other examples, might go a long way in explaining how by 2018, Carpe Diem oversaw a million and a half square feet of industrial, commercial and multi-residential real estate, throughout the Greater Barrie Area. PIE DIGEST 111

“It’s not what you expect, it’s what you inspect!”

There are operating statements, budgeting

says Moore firmly.

reports and TMI (taxes, maintenance and

Risk management is also major these days, and he

insurance) reconciliations that need to be

says that most landlords do not even know how

completed and completed properly.

much liability they are responsible for.

and challenging world of property management.

In some cases, landlords can be held criminally

Moore didn’t always work in the ever changing

responsible (as can the property manager),

At first glance you probably wouldn’t imagine that

so Moore stresses the need for experienced

Moore’s first career was on the runway.


“I don’t actually like talking about it,” says Moore humbly.

With so much on the go, it’s a wonder how Moore manages it all. His hard work ethic probably comes from growing up with two over-achieving parents who grew a small, two person, part-time, corrugated packaging company from their garage in Baxter, to a medium sized business which now employs 250 people. Moore also learned the importance of quality customer service from his parents. “I try to remind myself of my humble beginnings, of my parents’ customer service skills, of my father’s ability to be fair - even if it meant costing a little extra - all the while trying to mimic my mother’s effortless classiness. It’s a tough balance, especially when you might not always have the answers your clients want to hear.”

Phillip Moore is the owner of Carpe Diem Asset & Property Management Inc. He is a licensed Realtor at Sutton Incentive Realty Inc. with a focus on ICI. He is a member of the Committee of Adjustments and a contributor to his favorite charity The Christmas Cheer.


“I had moved to Hong Kong to pursue a job

“I never thought my modeling career would do

in corporate finance after university when SARS

anything for me once I moved home, but as it turns

struck. I was told to return to Canada, but instead

out, I’m now leveraging my international network

took a casting at Elite Model Management, on

to begin a new development venture,” Moore says.

advice from a friend, and the next thing I knew I

His plans include the first development just South

had a contract. It was surreal.”

of Barrie, and expanding internationally from there

Moore sported the likes of Calvin Klein, Armani,

under a new brand.

Dunhill and Tommy Hilfiger to name a few.

For Moore, the focus always has been, and always

He even landed a credited role in the feature

will be, on striving to be outstanding in his field,

film Ultraviolet.

and going above and beyond in every possible way.


Applying technology to protect your home and business for over 20 years roofcoresidential.ca | 800-301-0023 114 PIE DIGEST



Views abound from this Lakefront gem at 18-1025 Appian Way, Port Carling








info@teamohara.com | www.teamohara.com



ICONIC WATERFRONT HOME OF INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC SKATING COACH DOUG LEIGH. This 100’ in town waterfront is an iconic property, constructed with the same high standards and smallest attention to details the Mr. Leigh is notorious for. Positive energy flows throughout every room of this open concept masterpiece. Stunning panoramic views, and incredible sunsets from the wrap-around wall of windows. This Nantucket inspired home overlooks the sunny shores of Kempenfelt Bay. A one hour drive from Toronto, you can let go of everything once you have arrived home to this sanctuary. 2arbourtrail.com

The Waterfront is crystal clean and sandy for swimming, yet deep enough for a large boat to dock. Catch some sun or entertain on the enormus deck over top of the double boathouse. There are Two marine Rails with this intricate docking system. Nearby Brentwood Marina is convenient for extra boat storage, docking, gas etc.

ELEANORFAULDS Sales Representative


705.791.1199 eleanor@eleanorfaulds.com PIE DIGESTefluxury.ca

KELLER WILLIAMS EXPERIENCE REALTY Brokerage, Independently Owned and Operated

Perfection is the key.


Stunning Panoramic Views, and Incredible Sunsets from the wrap-around wall of windows. This Nantucket Inspired Home overlooks the sunny shores of Kempenfelt Bay. A one-hour drive from Toronto, you can let go of everything once you have arrived home to this sanctuary.

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Windfall Streetscape

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This is Your Windfall Fall in love with our mountain homes nestled between Blue Mountain Resort and the award winning Scandinave Spa. A community set proudly apart yet connected by nature. Distinctive architecture inspired by Georgian Bay cabins and mountain chalets. This is everything you want Blue Mountain living to be. This is your Windfall. PIE DIGEST


experience the remarkable The smell of freshly cut grass on the fairways, the bright colour green everywhere you look, the sound of the club slicing the air and then making contact. Golf season is here. What once was the Orillia Golf Club is now the Braestone Club, and a renaissance is underway that will make the experience of playing, and visiting, the Braestone Club as remarkable as the stunning natural setting.


More than simply a new name, the Braestone Club promises so much more. The striking new farmhouse-inspired club and social house will be situated atop the ridge, and designed to capture vista views of the Horseshoe Valley. A remarkable revitalization will be made of the already much improved 18-hole golf course.

PIE DIGEST Follow our vision & experience the journey at braestoneclub.ca


your nexT Windfall iS riGHt Here

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PIEiDIGEST R124 eg s t e R to day at m o u n ta i n h o u s e w i n d fa l l . c a

mountain house, an exclusive collection of 230 luxurious suites. True to the vision of our Windfall enclave, these artful new homes reflect Georgian Bay’s mountain chalet-style design, balancing seclusion and simplicity, with amenity-rich sophistication. Set over 10 magnificent acres, this inspired low-rise community will offer contemporary open-concept one bedroom + den, two bedroom, two bedroom plus loft, and three bedroom options, all with private terraces, so you can enjoy the gorgeous views. Wellness is a way of life at Windfall. With the world-class Scandinave Spa as your next door neighbour, Mountain House is truly designed to soothe the soul. Warm and cold pools, outdoor wood burning fireplace, a sauna and relaxation room, and more await residents.