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Celebrating St Georges Day The Right Way - Pages 38-39 #Brum is the talk of the City Pages 4&5

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‘Sorry!’ D

riven to tears, the so called ‘Windrush Generation’ (those who arriving in the UK between 1948 and 1971 from Caribbean countries) recalled how they were forced out of the UK for not get sufficient proof and correct documents to prove they had come here legally. Prime Minister Theresa May was dragged into the mess when it emerged that thousands of landing documents that could have helped prove the right for the thousands who were brought in to rebuild a war-torn Britain to remain were destroyed when she was Home Secretary. At the time, Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, also apologised for the scandal before announcing a taskforce to help the people affected prove, within two weeks, their right to remain in the UK. Tottenham MP David Lammy stormed: "I am disgusted. Justice must be done and will be done," whilst Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott, then called for Rudd to consider resigning after urging her to

grant a “group exemption” to stay in the UK to members of the Windrush generation who arrived decades ago. Lammy, whose parents arrived in the UK from Guyana, describes himself as a "proud son of the Windrush." He said: “I am campaigning for an amnesty but in reality it would not be an amnesty because that word implies wrongdoing. These people have done nothing wrong. The government must simply do the right thing; establish a humane route to clarifying their status in this country and change the burden of proof.” Ms Abbott said of Ms Rudd at the time: “I think she needs to consider her position. There are so many things that have gone wrong,” “She has information about who was deported and who was in detention and she needs to make that information public. “This has caused so much misery and has ruined so many people’s lives - and there is so much unity in the House of Commons on both sides of the chamber about this subject - she needs

to consider her position.” Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness called for “compensation” for people affected – saying he knew of people who had travelled to Jamaica and were then unable to return to Britain. “My interest is to ensure that the Windrush generation and the children of the Windrush generation get justice.” St Kitts and Nevis foreign minister Mark Brantley said the policies which led to the row had been “misguided” or had “unintended consequences.” He also warned that the way the Government handled the situation could have implications after Brexit as the UK faces having to deal with the status of millions of EU citizens. It is still not known whether there are any Windrush immigrants who have

Is Birmingham ‘Game’ for Diversity – or Still Divided?


ignposted as probably the most diverse city in the UK, yet, on the surface, it still seems divided. The Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Catholic, LGBT and Chinese communities have, in large, been able to maintain their celebratory presence on the city streets – which are often closed specifically - for years now, with the authorities at pains to make sure all goes well – year in, year out.

However, as it appears that this will go on unabated, are the needs of all of Birmingham’s communities being met – on a level playing field? The idea is to bring the community together to show a pride in a vibrant diverse city, as we are still so segregated. Birmingham is putting on events for individual communities. Those in the Caribbean community, alone, are still suffering for being ‘shortchanged’ in all aspects

when it comes to inclusion of celebrating their heritage and culture. With wheels fully in motion for the Commonwealth Games in 2022, and billions of people from the wide and diverse world converge onto the city, what will they see – a ‘diverse’ or ‘divided’ second city? After all, there’s no racism in Birmingham…is there?

been made to leave the country. MP Lammy succeeded another maverick Labour MP, Bernie Grant, who madean immediate mark in the House of Commons by wearing a traditional Ghanaian cotton robe at the State Opening of Parliament. He will always be remembered for being forthright in his criticism of discriminatory policing methods, immigration rules and institutionalised racism in health. He was passionate about the preservation of history and after his untimely death in 2000, the Bernie Grant Trust in partnership with Heritage Lottery and Middlesex University appointed a professional archivist to catalogue the Bernie Grant Archive Collection, now held at Bishopsgate Institute in London.


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Connecting Communities Shardfest aims to combat the segregation in Birmingham’s Diversity


onnecting Communities is something that we do as a matter of course here at The Phoenix Newspaper, which is why we are proud to announce that after following Shardfest for the last few years, The Phoenix Newspaper is now Media Partners with the festival held in Shard End annually. Shardfest is a 2-day festival bringing communities together to have fun in a secure space within Shard End, Birmingham. Aimed at the family, Shardfest brings together different acts from around the world as well as home grown talent from the UK. “Shardfest was born from a group on Facebook reminiscing about the fantastic Shard End Carnival from years gone

by,” explained Paul Smith - Chairman of Shardfest Committee. “Shard End Carnival is one of the oldest in the city dating back to the early 50s, but was ended in 2001. So in 2014 a group met to reignite the carnival under the new name - Shardfest.” “The idea of Shardfest is to bring the community together. I am so proud of Birmingham and I will push it everywhere I go, it is such a vibrant diverse city, but we’re still so segregated within that. Communities are putting on events for just their community, and I wanted to put on an event that everybody from every community can come to and enjoy a great, and for what you get for your money, very inexpensive day out for the family. “The park is set out into zones with the focal point being the main stage. Having

zones allows us to cater for all tastes, making Shardsfest the true people’s festival, with artists such as Bugzy Malone, Chip, Big Narstie, E17, Artful Dodger, Raveology and many more.” With the focus of bringing the community together and using the proceeds to reinvest it back into the community, Shardfest is about the love of music and entertainment. Shardfest is all about bringing entertainment to its goal of raising funds for the community. The legacy fund is about supporting the local area and reinvesting in the people and places around the community and into wider Birmingham. The legacy fund wants to be a helping hand within the community and help give a jumpstart to young entrepreneurs to help

put in much needed infrastructure, or help with much needed regeneration. “Shardfest is aimed at the whole family, with entertainment for everyone. Children can enjoy a huge amount of activities to keep them occupied, including workshops with the Big top, face painting, crafts, with a super funfair as well as “Funworld” the inflatable city, it offers the perfect day out for all the family.” There will also be multiple bars, plus a wide range of quality food outlets selling food from around the world. Shardfest will take place Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th July 2018. The gates will open at 11:00am and close each night at 10:00pm. While tickets will be available on the door, they will be at an increased

price, so get your tickets now from Birmingham is a very diverse city. Wouldn’t it be harmonious if all the communities that we have in Birmingham would come together and work together to be more inclusive rather than exclusive. We are proud to be the city chosen for the Commonwealth Games in 2022, and it would be of great importance for the communities who make up this great city to understand that it is all for one and one for all. This divide and conquer that seems to be indicative of many organisations that represent diversity and community values needs to stop. Lets make Birmingham a United City in preparation for the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

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Business Insights with Dr Christopher Johnson


ven though women comprise approximately 51% of the UK population, only 29% are self-employed. Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon Theresa May (a former Home Secretary) stated that, “If women started businesses at the same rate as men, there would be an additional 150,000 extra start-ups each year in the UK. “And if the UK had the same level of female entrepreneurship as the USA, there would be approximately 600,000 extra women-owned businesses, contributing an extra £42 billion to the economy” (Home Office, 2011). The growth of creative industries (incl., soft furnishings), personal care, events management, healthcare as well as the education and training sector, has been boosted by a growing influx of professional women – a blend of youth and experience. Many who worked in public, private and the voluntary sector, are keen to ‘convert’ their overall experience into thriving, commercially-viable and independently-driven enterprises. Independent studies (England, 2000-2011) conducted by this writer along with consulting tasks done for, and on behalf of a wide cross section of women, highlighted critical factors or attributes associated with the success of business owners. These factors included:• Acquisitive –different ways of self-development and business ideas; • Creativity –imaginative approaches or ‘thinking outside the box’; • Determination – persistent attitudes towards aims, objectives and goals; • Ethics –consideration of commercial imperative versus customer care; • Faith –having a moral and spiritual compass; • Focus – beyond the lure of the ‘quick buck’ or noveau riche; • Intelligence – investment in academic and professional skills development; • Vision – incremental paths to business development and growth. In addition, numerous studies have been conducted on the ‘diversity agenda’ and its impact on business ownership. Yet, little is known about the type of industry sector representation featuring women. By appropriating the ‘Standard Industrial Classification’ or ‘SIC’ model, one can analyse the percentage of women who comprise businesses, the professions, services and the sciences. (SIC, 2007). For instance, women are represented across ‘primary and secondary industries’, ‘construction’, food and hospitality’ as well as other traditional areas of business and industry that used to be the male preserve.

Trading Features

Another area of concern that is seldom discussed in mainstream economic literature, are the visible ‘trading features’ that women, like their male counterparts, are


ward-wInnIng journalist, editor and publisher Dr Christopher Johnson writes his monthly column in The Phoenix aiming to inform, educate and entertain.

renowned for. These features tend to be rather ‘unpopular’ in formal research, especially with the use of case studies to evidence best practice in business leadership and management. Female business owners, therefore, demonstrate a wide gamut of features in commerce and trade. These characteristics consist of: • Competition; • Diversity; • Overcoming entry barriers; • Using internal support mechanisms; • Self-financing and borrowings; • Belief in an enterprise legacy; • Symbols of heterogeneity; and • Succession planning

Way forward

From all indications, the future of female entrepreneurship is set to rise and attract more interest from a wider cross-section of society –professional and lay advocates, supporters, sponsors and/or benefactors. The litmus test will be, the type of policy instruments that are instituted, similar to other segments and sectors of the economy, to sustain this burst of resource advancement. As always, we believe that, in order to sustain wealth creation activities by citizens, the following recommendations [among others] are keys to success:• That further investigation is needed to determine the reason why most research on womenowned business activities are mostly London or Southeastcentric. • That more focused work is required on the organisation and performance of femaleowned firms to increase public understanding about entrepreneurs from various heritage ancestry in the UK. • That additional empirical evidence is needed to identify the factors that are responsible for women dominating the creative industries, personal care, events management, community healthcare and other essential services, affected largely, by statutory reduction in expenditure. • That further investigation is also needed to determine the difference in entrepreneurial success rates based on educational attainment, faith orientation and other forms of demography as well as geography [or location –be it city, suburban or rural]. • That greater analysis is needed to interpret high levels of female business ownership vis-à-vis the sharing of best practice with other women with lower entrepreneurial rates. • That policy makers and other influential figures should formulate appropriate investment and business support policies that encourage the growth and development of more womenowned commercial, industrial and social enterprises. • That top priority should be given more to ethnic and gender-based ‘monitoring’ to reinforce the ‘fairness doctrine’ that Britain espouses as a fundamental principle or the rule of law.

Victorious Team England’s Homecoming Spectacular I

by Steve Williams

t was the ‘party of all parties’ at Team England’s homecoming spectacular, following their Commonwealth Games triumphs in Australia, as hordes of fans welcomed the athletes in Birmingham's Victoria Square a week after the second city’s Lord Mayor, Anne Underwood, ‘took on the baton’ at the official handover, during the closing ceremony in the Gold Coast. As the flag was handed over to Councilor Underwood the cheers outside the Council House erupted into glorious raptures, with organisers saying; "these celebration was an opportunity to share this amazing city with the rest of the world." "This showcased Birmingham's youth, diversity and talent at its very best,” organizers, Culture Central, emphasized then. The performance told the story of a city that is young, diverse and full of talent," said CEO Gary Topp. "Its energy leaves you looking to a bright and exiting future." And the party was never going to stop there, as a week later, hundreds gathered to see the medal-winning stars including the ‘Golden’ netball squad who grabbed victory in their dramatic nail-biting finale against the host nation. Hosted by Wolverhamptonborn Blue Peter presenter Radzi

Chinyangangya, it almost felt as if Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 was already on us. He (Chinyangangya) took part in the incredible Mr Blue Sky dance for the handover ceremony that week before. The rousing rendition of ‘Jerusalem’ by Britain's Got Talent, winner Tokio Myers, alongside The Voice star and athlete Jazmin Sawyers - a silver medallist from the Glasgow games four years ago – with performances from Erdington rapper Lady Sanity (who performed at the Gold Coast closing ceremony), spoken word poet Amerah Saleh and the what is proving to be emotionally charged screening of the short ‘#BRUM’ film by Daniel Alexander. Sawyers, from Stoke-onTrent, said: "The Aussie crowds out in the Gold Coast were unbelievable, the noise every time an Aussie athlete came on was incredible, but the Brummie crowd is even better.” Gymnast Dominick Cunningham and long-jumper Jazmin Sawyers showcased their skills on stage. Cunningham, 22, who won both gold and bronze medals, said: "Seeing everyone here like this today unites everyone. This is what the games are going to do unite everyone - and it's going to make the experience a lot better. “We've got four years and I'm looking forward to it." An exciting line-up of regional

performers included Afro-fusion dance group ACE Dance and Music, Humanhood, MDK Crew B-Boys, Birmingham MC P-Shand, award-winning vocal group Sons of Pitches and teen singer Kellimarie, from Coventry. “#Brum was an awesome experience,” said poet Amerah.”Birmingham will be a shining light of diversity to the rest of the world.” Bollywood dancers, Shiamak Company, lit up the stage alongside artists championing the best of rap, grime and pop from the Midland, before an unforgettable finale which saw Team England stars joining Shiamak on stage for a neverto-be-forgotten Bhangra routine, the likes of which will stay long in the memory for all who were there. One billion people watched the official handover with Team England’s Homecoming celebrations in Victoria Square to remain fixed in athlete’s and fans’ minds for some generations to come - leaving the City Council Leader, Ian Ward, declaring: "The stage is now set for Birmingham to really show its youth, vibrancy and diversity. We will keep the momentum up for the next four years. Birmingham should be really proud of itself." It’s all ‘go-go-go’ with ‘#BRUM’ providing four years of the feel of what’s to come as Britain gets ready for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.



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8 8th Anniversary Gala Dinner & Awards

Save The Date

30.11.18 Tickets via


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Nominations Are Open!

8th Anniversary Gala Awards • Championing Diversity Award • Peoples Choice Award • Community Engagement Award • Business of the Year Award • Charity Of The Year Award • Faith Connection Award • Education Excellence Award • Leadership And Empowerment Award • Entrepreneur Of The Year Award • Sporting Hero Award • Veteran Award • Lifetime Achievement Award Send Us: 1 The name of your nominee 2 Which award you are nominating them for 3 Contact information for the nominee 4 A brief explanation as to why you feel they should be shortlisted to :

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Monthly views withTony Kelly

Windrush Generation or Prostate Cancer?


ometimes in life we have hard choices to make and I was really faced with one for this month’s article in the Phoenix newspaper. Should I share my views on the appalling situation of the Windrush Generation which quite rightly is having and will continue to have extensive coverage or comment on an unbelievable situation that I experienced at Spire Parkway Hospital in Solihull on Saturday 14th April. I have decided to focus on the latter and will explain why. I start this article with a disclaimer since I am not medically qualified but am knowledgeable enough to explain in simple terms an issue which affects all men as they get older. ‘The prostate is a small gland found in a man’s lower abdomen. It’s located under the bladder and surrounding the urethra. “The prostate is regulated by the hormone testosterone and produces seminal fluid, also known as semen. Semen is the substance containing sperm that exits the urethra during ejaculation’. - Heathline Information about the Prostate. It is a well known fact that prostate cancer if caught early is one of the easiest cancers to cure. The prostate the size of a walnut is the only organ in the human body which increases in size as one gets older. However as a general rule and this goes for all ethnic groups, men are not usually prepared to get their body health checked but tend to suffer in silence when problems surface. The typical ostrich like approach of burying one’s head in the sand hoping that the problem will go away but of course it gets worse instead of better. The PSA test is a blood test that measures the amount of prostate specific antigen (PSA) in your blood. PSA is a protein produced by normal cells in the prostate and also by prostate cancer cells. The power of social media including e-mail, text messages, Facebook and WhatsApp went in to overdrive and cannot be underestimated as I received the information about the free PSA screening at least ten times in the lead up to the date at the aforementioned hospital. I arrived and saw one of the longest queues imaginable of men some with their partner/ wife with a waiting time of at least one and a half hours to get a PSA test done, a simple needle prick in the arm for a sample of blood to be taken and sent for analysis at a laboratory. This would determine if one

has an elevated or raised PSA reading which does not necessarily mean it is cancer. In diabetes awareness training events that I do in the West Midlands I mention the apathy and inertia with specific reference to men and health issues. Our motor vehicle which after all is metal or junk is taken for its annual MOT test certificate and some men choose not to do the same with their body which is far more important in the scheme of things than an inanimate object such as a vehicle. I was truly pleased at the large turnout of men and it reminded me of the long queues at some entertainment theme parks except this was for a more serious cause. Nobody left whilst I was there or complained about the length of time they had to wait whilst one of about 8 nurses took a blood sample. People in the queue kept saying this needs to be repeated and I hope that does happen sooner rather than later. I applaud this proactive initiative that brought so many men out to be tested. Having attended many funerals to pay my respects to men who have died sometimes in their 40s, 50s, 60s and early 70s from prostate cancer it hammers home the point that should not be the case. Those were in my view premature and avoidable deaths. I want to use this medium to encourage men to stop suffering in silence and get tested annually. Recently it was headline news that the death rate from prostate cancer in Britain has now surpassed that of breast cancer. Theresa May the British Prime Minister having been presented with such alarming statistics by the health care professionals then announced the sum of £75 million pounds for research to be undertaken in to this terrible medical condition and that includes trials. So men must step up to the front as volunteers when the need for volunteers is announced for more in depth clinical trials. My late mother who trained as a nurse in England always told me that I must have my PSA blood test done annually once I reach the age of 50 and that has always been the case. My GP has given me advice about making sure to cut down on my consumption of red meat which is one of the leading causes of this terrible but treatable disease and eat more beetroot and drink more beetroot juice. I hope and pray that like with all other cancers a cure will be found one day and hopefully sooner rather than later.

It’s a 10 from Len after he joins the SAS

l Stephen Lawrence

‘Stephen Lawrence Day’ Memorial It was in 1993 when teenager, Stephen Lawrence, was murdered after being set upon by a gang, stabbed and left to die in Eltham, in south east London. Now, 25 years on, a national day of commemoration will take place on April 22, every year. The 18-year-old aspiring architect was stabbed to death in a racially motivated attack which shocked the world to the core and questioned race relations in the country – on all aspects of daily life. It wasn’t until the inquiry set up by retired high court judge, Sir William Macpherson, and the subsequent Macpherson Report into the investigation into Stephen's death found that there had been "institutional racism" in the police. The Report, which was published in 1999, highlights the Metropolitan Police’s key areas of failure during the investigation. Two of the group of up to six men who attacked the teenager and his friend Duwayne Brooks have been convicted of murder, but the rest have evaded justice. David Norris and Gary Dobson are both serving life sentences.



l Len Goodman knows how to sniff out a scam after SAS training ormer ‘Strictly Come TV presenter Len, 73, was first Dancing’ head judge, to sign up given his personal Len Goodman, has experience of fraud when his added a new string daughter-in-law lost around to his bow by enlisting with £16,000. the SAS - that’s the Scam He said: “It seems like Avoidance School - a free class scammers are everywhere today, offered to over 60s all over the using all kinds of sneaky tricks to UK to help them avoid being scam us over 60s. But enough is taken in by scammers. enough. The SAS is a nationwide People of my age – we’ve got to initiative by Santander and has have our wits about us, be more been developed in partnership aware and more alert to scams so with fraud expert Dr Paul Seager, we can quickstep our way around psychology lecturer at the the dangers and keep our bank University of Central Lancashire. accounts safe. Its creation follows research The Scam Avoidance School by Age UK1 highlighting how was a real eye-opener for me and older people are one of the most I want to pass on the knowledge at-risk groups for being scammed to as many people as I can.” – and that upwards of five million Head of Fraud Strategy at over 65s have been targeted by Santander UK, Chris Ainsley, scammers. said: “We recognise that

more needs to be done to help vulnerable age groups avoid becoming victims of fraudsters and scammers – which not only affects your finances, but can also leave deep emotional scars. “However, with a little bit of scam-avoidance knowledge older people can feel empowered to secure their savings and stop scammers in their tracks. “We’re delivering scam avoidance training across all our branches.” Additional research by Santander has revealed that the overwhelming majority of older people (82%) believe more needs to be done to help their age group learn about scams and avoid having their money and identities stolen.

Prime Minister Theresa May declared April 23 to be ‘Stephen Lawrence Day’ after making the announcement at a church service in London marking the 25th anniversary of his death. Royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended the service at St-Martin-in-theFields, in Trafalgar Square. May said that Stephen’s mother Doreen - now a peer in the Lords - and his father Neville “have fought heroically to ensure that their son’s life and death will never be forgotten.” She said the occasion would be used to “support young people” to attain their life goals as well as being a memorial to the wouldbe architect. “With Baroness Lawrence’s blessing,” May said, “I announce that the Government will work with the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust to establish a national, annual commemoration of Stephen’s life and legacy, to take place on April 22 each year - Stephen Lawrence Day. We will use this day to encourage and support young people in achieving their dreams, and to reflect on Stephen’s life, death and the positive change he has inspired.” It is right that Stephen’s name and legacy lives on.”


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Advertorial Feature

Ackee: a Caribbean delight for vegans worldwide!


s plantbased diets and lifestyles become more widespread and the depth of vegan and vegetarian cooking becomes better understood, people are expanding their horizons to include new and exciting international dishes. Ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica and has been gaining popularity the world over due to its incredible flavour, versatility and increasing availability thanks to companies such as the UK’s

Tropical Sun. Whilst ackee is traditionally cooked with saltfish, vegetables and spices, it can also be made without the fish, as a vegan preparation. It is also used as a key ingredient in a number of vegan alternatives including mac and ‘kees. Due to the need for careful preparation and preservation, ackee is generally not sold fresh but tinned in salt water for maximum flavour. Some of the best ackee available is from

l Tropical Sun’s factory in Central Village, Jamaica

Sandwell Taxi Team Hails WMP Award

Tropical Sun, who grow their ackee in Jamaica, where it is processed by hand to guarantee the highest standards. Available in 280g and 540g tins, it can be found in independent Caribbean and Asian grocers nationwide and in select Asda, Morrison’s and Co-op stores. Give it a try! You can visit to find out more about Tropical Sun and to explore their full range of products and inspiring recipes.


154 Soho Rd, Handsworth, Birmingham B21 9LN

Phone: 0121 554 7070

Fax: 0121 554 1400

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Dr. Paul Nischal (Senior Consultant) Email: or website:

Notary Public Services Every Tuesday & Thursday From 5pm to 6.30pm

We prepare & Attest all Kinds of documents Including:

l Sandwell Council’s taxi licensing team - Paul Arnold, Martyn Davidson, with Ch. Supt. David Sturman, Stephen Beresford and Stephen Potter.


andwell Council’s taxi licensing team has picked up an award from West Midlands

Police. The award from Chief Superintendent David Sturman, Commander of West Midlands Police’s Operations department, praised the team for their role in preventing child sexual

exploitation, fraud and traffic offences. The team were praised for enforcing laws and regulations among Sandwell’s 1,500 registered taxi drivers, as well as helping detect, suspend or ban poor drivers. The award also thanked the team for supporting the force’s camera enforcement unit and

assisting when police officers interview taxi drivers. Ch. Supt. Sturman said: “You continue to make the West Midlands, in particular the Sandwell area, a safer place to be and your tenacity, dedication to the role has resulted in you being part of the most successful licensing department in the West Midlands.”

* Power of Attorney * Sponsorship Declaration * * Accommodation * Affidavits * Change of Name Deed * Wills * * Letter of Authority * Passports * Birth Certificate Translation *

Transfer of properties, sale & purchase documents for West Indies & other Countries.

NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY In addition home or Hospital visits can be arranged by appointment.

g n i t o Prom xcellence E

Page 10 - The Phoenix Newspaper - May 2018

As part of our ongoing commitment to promoting the positive and inspirational individuals and organisations in our communities, The Phoenix Newspaper presents Promoting Excellence - a closer look at our role models, entrepreneurs, community figures and success stories.

The Education Show Informs and Inspires


edicated to the promotion of the education industries, the ‘Education Show 2018’ proved to be an informative and inspirational platform, highlighting new learning materials and methods. The show had products from Chemicals & Dyes, Office & Commercial Supplies, Computer Hardware & Software, Printing & Publishing, Research & Development, Business Services, Education & Training, Musical Instruments and Furniture aiming primarily at teachers and representatives of

schools and other educational institutions throughout the country. Held at the NEC Birmingham, it continued to develop and meet the demands of the education community, with over 7,000 visitors from across the education spectrum attending - to find resources and solutions that will make a real impact on the education experience for students and teachers alike. In fun-filled, lively and thought provoking sessions from an inspiring speaker line-up, hundreds of exhibitors were on hand to showcase innovative

Got 99 Problems bu Scholarship Ain’t On T he Shawn Carter Foundation Scholarship provides financial support to high school students as well as undergraduate students entering college for the first time with the purpose of helping underserved students who may not be eligible for other scholarships. Students who have either graduated from high school or earned their G.E.D. may apply. Minimum grade point average is 2.0. Students must have a strong desire to go to college and earn their degree. Students must also have a desire to give back to their communities. The scholarship fund was established by Gloria Carter and her son Shawn Carter (better known as rapper/business mogul Jay-Z) to offer a unique opportunity to students

who have been incarcerated or faced particular life challenges but still want to pursue higher education. The program gives them a chance that most other programs do not offer. The Carter Foundation is a firm believer in helping young people to not only reach their career goals but

also establish a secure future. Students up to age 25 may apply. The scholarship can be used for tuition, room and board, books, fees and other college-related expenses. All high school seniors, undergraduate students at two-year or four-year institutions and vocational

or trade school students are eligible. “The Shawn Carter Foundation have been influential throughout the college application process,” said student Craig Phillips. “And they will continue to support me through college. The college tour was major eye opener and I wish it could be available to all youth who intend on attending college. SCF has majorly benefited my life.” The grant can be used to cover tuition expenses and related supplemental educational expenses such as books, lab fees, travel and select costs of living. All Shawn Carter Scholars are required to “give back” by conducting community service and by serving as mentors to younger, aspiring Shawn Carter Scholars.

Commonwealth, Common Health

products and solutions to help make a real impact in schools. Literary legend, Michael Rosen, treated visitors to poetry readings, whilst sharing how poems can be used in schools, with Pie Corbett, Lorraine Peterson OBE and Julie Hunter also shared their expertise on the Main Stage. The ‘Health and Wellbeing Zone’ made its debut at NEC Birmingham, along with other new show features, including the ‘Teaching with Creativity’ and ‘Arts and Crafts’ workshops. Registration for 2019 is already well underway.


un in partnership with environmental c h a r i t y Groundwork, City Year UK, which sees grants raised from the sale of carrier bags awarded to thousands of local community projects, bagged £1,000 from Tesco’s ‘Bags of Help’ community grant scheme which will support its work in the West Midlands. Since its launch in 2015, it’s provided more than £48 million to over 13,000 local community projects. Gordon Higginson, City Year UK’s Director of Service Excellence, said: “We’re delighted to have been awarded this funding. “Our volunteers are dedicated to tackling low social mobility and educational inequality and the support from Tesco will allow our literacy programme to benefit more pupils in the West Midlands.” Tesco’s Head of

A Charity Bags £1k From Tesco’s Community Grant Scheme Community, Alec Brown, said: “Bags of Help has been a fantastic success and we’ve been overwhelmed by the response from customers. It’s such a special scheme because it’s local people who decide how the money will be spent in their community.” Voting ran in stores

throughout January and February with customers choosing which local project they would like to get the top award. Funding is available to community groups and charities looking to fund local projects that bring benefits to communities.

nursing lecturer at Birmingham City University is leading a medical programme in Zambia that is helping to set up a framework for developing and qualifying nursing personnel in the Southern African country. Major Chris Cater teaches in the University’s Defence School of Healthcare Education, where he heads a team responsible for training the British Armed Forces’ future nurses. Prior to this he worked in the Army as a nurse, having completed tours in Afghanistan and other deployments to the Middle East as part of the Queen Alexandra Royal Army Nursing Corps. In 2015 he answered an advertisement for volunteers to set

up a critical nursing care program in Zambia; “The doctors there realised that their project to develop healthcare was not going to reach its full potential,” he recalled, “unless investment was also being made in nursing staff. They were being trained in current practice, applied in the context of a developing country, dealing with diseases totally different to what we see in the UK, but which are common there. However, without the nurses who do the majority of the care, the project wouldn’t work.” What transpired was that, despite what the advert said, there was no project, no funding – nothing.” But, since 2015, 900 healthcare workers have been trained and the Army is keen to explore the benefits.

Last year Major Carter took six BCU students to Zambia as part of their training. He recalled: “There, I got them to think about what they would do in that situation. “Which is your sickest patient at that moment? Why do you think that? I got them to think through some of the clinical decisions they would never face in the NHS.” Not only did the students get to see the treatment of diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria – which while rare in the UK, in their careers they will have to know about – they gain valuable experience in the pressures of practicing in a resourcelimited environment. He uses the experience to get the students thinking in a different way - a way which might just make a difference when on the battlefield.



ut a ne

So, you thought that you were British?


by Kesa Nkulu

adly we have seen that this question of IDENTITY is one of the most fundamental questions for us as African descendants living in the U.K. and indeed worldwide. The Windrush scandal and the recent spate of knife crime killings amongst our youth have once again high-lighted that our Identity, who we think we are can either elevate us or lead us to despair. This big question who are you? has never been more important. Are we Jamaican, British, African? Let me add here that when Garvey was asked the question `are you a Jamaican or an African?` He replied “I would never give up a continent for an Island; I am an African Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.” Identity is what shapes you, moulds you and links you with yester-year, our todays and our tomorrows. It gives purpose; an individual can fit into the big picture like a jig-saw but, without the right identity you then fall into the trap of pseudo-identities whether religious or otherwise. The Bukongo teaches that History is the ‘foundation of knowledge’ and Marcus Garvey taught us that ‘A people without knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.’ These crisis that we find ourselves in need re-evaluating, more importantly our children need us to be strong and honest. Are we prepared to accept this second class status with all of its abuses, or do we learn from prominent visionaries and leaders such as, Mfumu Kimbangu and Marcus Garvey? Self- reliance, respect and affiliation for the Mother Land and the acknowledgment of a proud people - of who we are and where we come

from. The question of our children’s identity in particular is so important, their frustrations demonstrated in continual killings, imprisonment, poor attainment at school and poor family values to name but a few. There is an African proverb that sums up the situation; “The children who don’t feel the warmth of the community will burn it down to feel its warmth..!’ Another African proverb states.. ‘It takes a Village (community) to raise a child’..! White on white crime exists, as does Asian on Asian, however the mortality rate amongst their children is considerably less here in Britain. As an example, people who belong to the same groups i.e religious or otherwise have less conflict between themselves than with others, which is obvious. Those who identify together share common aims and goals. Over recent years certain unscrupulous media companies have been complicit in promoting violence and guns. Video cameras have been handed to gang seemingly to glorify gun crime. The youth are then supa-charged with these images, which ultimately shape their reality. We have seen Members of Parliament nearly reduced to tears on television over these matters, but that doesn’t help more than attract sympathy. They always seem to deal with the symptoms and not the cause. We must take responsibility and teach our children who they are. They are African by nature and by DNA, their Ancestors brought civilisation to the world. Read inspiring works from: Ne Muanda Nsemi, John Henrik Clarke, Amos Wilson, Sheik Anta Diop, The Afrocentrist psychiatrist Frances

Cress Welsing etc. Our cultural foundation is Paramount for a Healthy and productive existence. Unrealistic fake identity’s have made us dependant, whether religiously, politically mentally or other. In my opinion, the system itself is both arsonist and fireman. Selfdetermination is paramount, which does not mean isolation, however sometimes you have to put you and yours first. Isn’t that what the European Union does with its protectionist economy, doesn’t China or the United States do this? Of course they do. The reason some of the established members of our community cannot solve the problem is because they themselves are part of the problem, having relinquished their African identity. So where do we go from here? What is the solution? • Acknowledge who we are. • Return to our culture (which is the key and contains everything). • Take pride in our Ancestry and history. • Relinquish colonial deities and religions. • Set up commentary educational facilities tailored to the needs of our children`s specific needs. • Create co-operatives within our communities so that we build our own financial base. • Create employment for our children. • Create after school activities and sport to channel energies. Bundu Dia Kongo is a global movement working to achieve Spiritual independence, technological independence and political independence, maybe it’s time to support this global cultural revolution. May the glorious Ancestors guide us. Ingeta, ibobo ibobo.

The Phoenix Newspaper - May 2018 - Page 11

new secondary school has been given the go ahead, by the Department for Education, which will be built in West Bromwich, in the West Midlands. Subject to planning permission, the school - being sponsored by Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust who run a number of successful schools including Shireland Collegiate Academy in Smethwick, consistently rated 'Outstanding' by Ofsted - will be built on Kelvin Way. It will cater for 750 students, with hope that the first 150 year seven pupils will start at the school in September 2019 - with parents being able to apply for a place from July 2018. Chris Ward, Director of Education, Skills and Employment said: "This will be the second new secondary school to open in Sandwell in the last ten years, following on from the successful Q3 Academy in Oldbury which opened in 2016. The Shireland Collegiate Academy in Smethwick is giving young people an outstanding level of education and we hope to continue this in the new and much needed school in West Bromwich.” Chief Executive of the Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust, Sir Mark Grundy said: “We are incredibly proud to have been asked to work

Go Ahead for New School in Sandwell

l An artists impression of what the new West Bromwich Collegiate Academy will look like

with Sandwell Council on the development of this new school. Shireland has consistently been judged as Outstanding by

lity a u q High rom f e r ld ca child e years o iv f o t birth

Ofsted coupled with exceptional Progress 8 levels of achievement and the development of the West Bromwich Collegiate Academy will allow us to establish this quality of provision for the families and the community." The next steps will be to confirm funding streams and obtain planning permission before work can start on site.

Day Nursery


en N Copm Birm ingoswoaot i n g Birmin ham B n to gha us Parkm Biunseisnses s Pa!rk

g n i k a T ns o i s s i adm now For more information or to enquire about admissions visit: Contact us: 4360 Waterside Centre, Birmingham Business Park, Solihull Parkway, B37 7YN 07825082937

Page 12 - The Phoenix Newspaper - May 2018

l Vice Lord-Lietenant Dr Beverly Lindsay OBE OD

l Founder Dr Cheron Byfield

l Rev David Illingworth OSL

A New Chapter Begins


t was a time for joyous celebration all round as staff, students and specially invited guests and dignitaries from across the city came together to celebrate the opening of King Solomon IBS's new 8 storey building, marking a new chapter in the schools history. The building itself, the old

Waterlinks House just off the Waterlinks Island in the city centre, has been completely refurbished from top to bottom, with every decision, from the colours of each floor to the design of the roofspace all meticulously planned. This was despite initially not being a building they were even flirting with the idea of taking on, and as Business and External

Roslyn Jones who had handed Dr Byfield an envelope with an offering for the school 3 years ago. That offering was used to buy the wonderful crown that was unveiled on the day. The School is an all-through International Business School which will take children from primary age all through until they are 18.


Relations Manager, Stephen Brooks said, “But after a second viewing, and realising that it sat on Lord Street, next to Adam Street, and that the building was in the shape of a cross, we were sold.” Dr Cheron Byfield, Founder of King Solomon International Business School welcomed everyone to the new building, as attendees were treated to a brief

but in depth history, the building itself, and the hurdles they had to overcome to get to where they are now. The £12million refurbishment of the building has specialist science rooms, resistant materials workshop, drama studio, outdoor sports are, music rehearsal, food technology, ICT, language rooms and much more.

Of particular mention must be the staff and students, who for the last few years have been in temporary cabins on a nearby site while work has been completed on their 'forever school', including Sean who so eloquently thanked everyone at the beginning of the celebration. The school was officially opened by widower and pensioner Mrs

l Deputy Lord Mayor Cllr Shafique

l Founder Dr Cheron Byfield, Roslyn Jones and Rev David Illingworth OSL

l Jamaica Honorary Consul Wade Lyn CBE

l Business and External Relations Manager Stephen Brooks

l Principal Designate - Rev. Brown

l Sean, a student at King Solomon


Serving Birmingham A Diverse Community K

l RBS Group Chief Executive Ross McEwan with The Phoenix Newspaper Editor In Chief, Marcia McLaughlin and Nachural’s Ninder Johal

eynote speaker, Andy Street CBE, highlighted the fact that the “fight against inequality was at the top of the agenda; with 1/3 of Birmingham’s population coming from a Black and/or Ethnic background is a huge strength,” he said, “but we are not taking full advantage of that huge strength.” He was speaking at the NatWest/ RBS ‘Serving Birmingham – A Diverse Community’ special breakfast meeting where the procurement of driving the city’s economical will be all inclusive, regardless of sexual orientation, race, or religion. Speaking at the Hotel Du Vin, in the city’s ever-developing and thriving Colmore Business District, West Midlands Metro Mayor, Street, continued; “We are the ‘soul of the Commonwealth’ and with Channel 4, for one, heading this way, it shows our strength as a business powerhouse. “Further to that, Birmingham City University - one of the regions many leading further education institutes – is a leading example of

The Phoenix Newspaper - May 2018 - Page 13 the diversity and aspiration of our communities. “Birmingham has got its ‘mojo’ back. Economic growth in the West Midlands is far outpacing UK figures and I am determined to maintain that – for everybody’s benefit – from every community. But that’s not enough!” Mayor Street’s speech came after RBS Group chief executive Ross McEwan said: “We at RBS aim to be at the forefront of innovation and change, with trust and advocacy at the top of the agenda. “Inclusion helps us connect with diverse communities with latest figures showing that 47% of our management are women, with 14% of our workforce here in the UK coming from a BME background – and that figure is rising. “But, however, only 4% of our leadership, here in the UK, are BAME. We are looking for that figure to rise to 20% by 2025. “We have set-up programmes to bring back mothers into our workforce and also people from the LGBT community.” In the Q+A which followed, TPN Media’s own, Dr. Neslyn Watson Druee, was one of a chosen few who were able to question the breakfast meeting panel, asking; “What can be done differently for people from a BAME background be part of the NatWest/RBS workforce?” “Unless we get diversity how do we make change?” McKewan responded. “We have to bring people from all of the UKs diverse communities and nurture and develop the skills they have.”

l Metro Mayor of the West Midlands, Andy Street

l RBS Group Chief Executive Ross McEwan

Beautiful Fresh Flowers

Prepared Especially For YOU

y prepared Weddings FRESH Birthdays flowers Funeralsespecially Thank You’s for you Retirements Memorials & More! l






Weddings Birthdays Funerals Thank You’s 18this Years the Retro FloralHandmade Arena Retirements NEW yearin 2017 Glass Vases for ALL Occasions 0121 454 4455 Memorials Studio 15, Northside Business Centre, 2 Wellington Street, Birmingham, B18 4NR


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A Leading Woman of Excellence in Hi Tech


s Managing Director at RnR Organisation, Pauline Roche works with SMEs in the voluntary and community sector, as well as with grassroots and minority

cultural and community groups, to enhance their skills and networks in governance, strategic development, data science and funding. Winner of many awards, including the ‘WMWA16 Outstanding Contribution to Tech Award,’ she is on the steering group for ODI Birmingham - a Node of the Open Data Institute which was formed in 2015 to explore the applications of open data beyond cities. And she also chairs the West Midlands Open Data Forum - both based at Innovation Birmingham - and is on the organising team for Open Data Camp. Pauline also co-founded and organises both the Net Squared

Midlands: tech for social good meetup series and the UK unconference for voluntary sector infrastructure organisations VCSSCamp, which has been hosted annually at Innovation Birmingham since 2013. A member of the global community for Women in Tech, Adas List, and organiser of the regular West Midlands members’ meet-ups, she says: “I am a networker, organising information, events and people, a digital maven, blogger, problem solver/trouble-shooter, leader, and innovator. After many years of engagement in the smart cities/ tech for good field, I always look forward to seeing more diversity in the ecosystem to stimulate

new ways of solving social issues using technologyand social value through open data. It helps unlock supply, generates demand, creates and disseminates knowledge to address local and global issues.” Led by Innovation Birmingham and supported by commercial, public and third sector bodies, the Node aims to bring together all of Birmingham’s open data and expertise under one roof to better facilitate the use of open data for public benefit. A tech connector, do-er and fosterer of skills and knowledge throughout the West Midlands and beyond, with over 30 years across sectors: running a VCS consultancy, CEO of an infrastructure/grant-giving charity, Birmingham City Council, also various regional & national third sector equalitiesand anti-poverty- based VCSE organisations, international architectural practice (designers of Birmingham's International Convention Centre & Symphony Hall), Pauline Roche’s passion for increasing the digital skills and data literacy of people in charities and equally less fortunate of life-circumstances shows no bounds. She also has 13 years of experience in working on Birmingham’s annual St Patrick’s Festival (Festival Chair, Company Secretary, Line Manager & Steering Committee Chair, Oral History Project). “Pauline is one of those passionate people who believes that the world can be a better place,” says Joy Warmington, of brap, the charity which transforms the way people think and do equality. “She lives by her values; a truly intelligent, insightful and informative.” Values and intelligence that make Pauline Roche a true ‘woman of great excellence.’

LTA Inspiring More Female Coaches


he Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), which currently boasts 800 women in coaching roles across the country, outlined its ambition at their second Women’s Coach Conference - which showcase the extraordinary efforts of women throughout the country - in Birmingham. Its aims are to empower and inspire. Sue Lawrence, Head of Category for Women and Girls at

the LTA said: “Tennis coaches are fundamental to growing the game and delivering an outstanding experience for people when they first pick up a racket.

“We have some incredible coaches in British Tennis and we want to help more women take up coaching roles.” The Conference, at the Birmingham ICC, celebrated women as role models within sport and featured an international line-up of female sports leaders including Judy Murray OBE, five-time Olympian and Chair of UK Sport Dame Katherine Grainger and BBC Sport anchor Gabby Logan.


The Phoenix Newspaper - May 2018 - Page 15

Music fashion Film Gadgets holiday education health and fitness

MAY 2018


there’s just no stopping him /streetcredmagazine

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Editors note Music fashion Film Gadgets holiday education health and fitness

MAY 2018


there’s just no stopping him /streetcredmagazine


ots of awesome stuff to bring you for this month, so bear with me as it’s a great line up of amazing talent in this edition. One of the biggest things that happened this month was the insanity that is Avengers: Infinity War. Breaking Box Office records all over the place, it is a film of epic proportions. Overhauling Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ opening-weekend record at the US box office, Avengers: Infinity War

/markdwaynemedia has earned an estimated total of $258.2m since its release on Friday, almost $11m ahead of The Force Awakens’ total in 2015. We’ve also got some stunning looks from some of the Queens of the entertainment industry. From #beychella to Kim and J-Lo, these ladies have class, beauty and sex appeal in abundance. Chris Brown is our cover this month, and it’s fair to say he’s on top right now with a new tour, despite ongoing beef! Keep it stylish, keep it sexy, keep it Street Cred!



eyonce’ continues to reign at the top as she was the first Black R&B female to headline the legendary Coachella Festival. Fans said that she took over so much that it should be named Beychella. The performance was a massive

performing new single


surprise for the fans as she brought out former Destiny’s Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Of course we also had an entry from Jay Z. Watching this performance has us very much excited about The major On The Run tour with her hubby in the UK.

JAY Z AND BEYONCE TOUR DATES Principality Stadium, Cardiff, 06 June 2018 Hampden Park, Glasgow, 09 June 2018 Etihad Stadium, Manchester, 13 June 2018 London Stadium, London, 15-16 June 2018


The Phoenix Newspaper - May 2018 - Page 17



ss is a young aspiring Rapper and producer signed to Shutdown Records and has fast become a big name from Birmingham city. There is a lot in store from this new kid on the block who already has multiple videos and an album in the process. His popular song right now is ‘Do it Again’ which was just an idea in his college. The track and video made big waves on the net! ESS did the infectious ‘Do it again’ challenge on his Instagram and

fans popped up from all over the country rapping and singing their own verses with his hookline. We must say the tune is a certified banger and doing big things. Check out his full interview on our Street Cred channel and see the buzz he is creating with his own music. Ess will also perform at Shardfest alongside the likes of Bugzy Malone, Abracadabra, and Lotto Boyzz on Saturday 29th July. This young guy is ready for the big stage and has bars to kill!

Jennifer Lopez Looking Like This In Her 40’S Is Insane If this doesnt show you that keeping fit eating healthy and drinking water is the way forward then we dont know what else to say. Just look at Jennifer Lopez in her 40’s? She is bagging young men like Drake and dumping them. She is still breaking hearts WOW!


Wedding Season: In White Of Course


his beautiful wrap front satin fishtail dress with embroidered sheer mesh sleeves, portrait back and button back fastening is available from Little Mistress for just £150! Its wedding season and why not pair it with these latest Breanna from Dune. We are loving the height and sheen look of these heels but how do you feel about them? They’re available from Dune London for £95

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Infinity War A s the Avengers and their allies have continued to protect the world from threats too large for any one hero to handle, a new danger has emerged from the cosmic shadows: Thanos. A despot of intergalactic infamy, his goal is to collect all six Infinity Stones — artefacts of unimaginable power — and use them to inflict his twisted will on reality itself. Everything the Avengers have fought for has led to this moment. The fate of the Universe is in their hands. Avengers: Infinity War simply should not work. It is juggling countless characters, story-arcs, subplots and locations all at once, jumping from one epic event

to another without pausing for breath. It is an all-out, relentless assault on the senses and more ambitious than anything that came before it. Yet, somehow, not only does Infinity War succeed — it absolutely soars. You have never seen ambition like this on film before. It’s huge, with a story stretching from galaxy to galaxy, from rag-tag group of heroes to rag-tag group of heroes, never wasting a line or missing a beat. The action is spectacular and constant, with the visceral war in Wakanda being a particularly breathtaking sequence, in amongst many other breathtaking sequences. On top of the action, the trademark Marvel comedy comes

thick and fast and it’s all held together by an absolutely insane ensemble cast, comprised of every major character Marvel Studios have introduced since their Cinematic Universe began way back in 2008. Directors Anthony and Joe

Russo, between the millionand-one other things they’re contending with in this movie, manage to give each and every character their moment to shine. Whether it be a whip-smart line of dialogue, an epic action sequence or a hard-hitting emotional moment, all of these characters we have come to know and love over these past ten years are each given the spotlight at various points throughout the movie, resulting in moments that will have audiences descending into joyous delirium. However, on top of being wickedly funny and endlessly entertaining, Avengers: Infinity War is somehow, simultaneously, the most bleak story Marvel Studios have ever told. The stakes are very, very real and the consequences are dire and it transitions from side-splitting hilarity to faceclutching despair in a way that isn’t jarring or confusing. It feels wholly natural and for a film of this scale to be able achieve such a thing is an astonishing accomplishment in itself. The cast are all fantastic, but what else can be said about them that hasn’t already been said? If you’re a devout Marvel fan who turn out in droves to see each new instalment, you’ll already know that each and every character has been perfectly cast — Robert Downey-Jr IS Tony Stark, Chis Evans IS Steve Rogers, Chris Hemsworth IS Thor Odinson, and so on. Now, as phenomenal as they all are, Avengers: Infinity War has a not-so-secret weapon; Josh Brolin as Thanos. With six years of build-up after his introduction at the end of Avengers Assemble, Marvel Studios had set themselves the Herculean task of not only delivering a good villain, which isn’t exactly something they’ve excelled at in the past, but also delivering a villain worthy of half a decade of anticipation. Well, to put it simply, after Infinity War, Thanos immediately

enters the ranks of some of the best movie villains of all time and is given one of the greatest character introductions in the history of comic book movies. It is abundantly clear that the filmmakers wanted to make a bold statement where Thanos is concerned and, in the opening fifteen minutes, he makes more of an impact than most villains do throughout an entire two-hour movie. Thanos is not a mindless being hell-bent on world domination — he is a wickedly intelligent, excruciatingly powerful force of nature who truly believes it is his destiny to bring balance to the universe. He has a purpose. He is on a mission and nothing will stand in his way. Yet, at the same time, by pulling the rug from under our feet and taking the surprising approach of having the entire story unfold from his point of view, Marvel

Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive are pretty badass and the hulking Cull Obsidian rounds out the group as the generic “muscle”. Now, no film is without flaw and Avengers: Infinity War is no different. Due to the sheer scale of this production, we spend the entire runtime hopping, skipping and jumping between a dozen different locations, following countless characters on several different missions and, at times, it can be quite overwhelming. However, this is due to the sheer ambition of this film, so it’s very difficult to nitpick too much. It is far better to have a film that shoots for the stars and winds up a little rough around the edges because of it than a film that plays it safe and fails to tread any new ground. Also, with the next Avengers movie being released less than a year from now, Infinity War very much feels like the first chapter in a much larger story and because of this, some of the emotional impact is diluted. Moments that should feel huge, because they are huge, don’t quite sting as much as they should. With the Infinity stones at play, anything is possible, and with leaked set-photos from the asyet-untitled Avengers 4 showing some of our Avengers in their old suits during the Battle of New York from Avengers Assemble, it is evident that time-travel will play a significant role in the next instalment, giving them the opportunity to retcon some of the

Studios are able to humanise him in stark and shocking ways. Thanos and his conquest are very much the driving force of everything that happens in this movie, and by allowing us the opportunity to spend so much time with him, we are given the chance to understand the inner-workings of his mind and the emotional core of where and why his conquest began. While his endgame seems twisted and evil to our feeble human minds, it doesn’t come from a place of anger or hatred. Thanos believes that what he is doing is for the betterment of life everywhere and there are moments during his many rousing monologues where you begin to think, “Maybe this big purple CGI bald dude has a point” and that really is a sign of a great villain. Then, of course, we have Thanos’ “children” known as the Black Order, who are a healthy mix of interesting and generic, with the creepy and endlessly loyal Ebony Maw being the standout among them.

events of Infinity War. However, having said that, Marvel Studios must be commended for doing something nobody ever expected them to do by ending the film with an absolute gut-punch. You won’t walk out of Infinity War with a huge smile stretched across your face like you do with most Marvel movies. It is a bold move on their part and one that demands to be respected. Against all odds, Avengers: Infinity War has not only emerged as the single biggest blockbuster ever made, but also one of the best action extravaganzas ever to grace the silver screen. While it isn’t without its flaws, the ones it does have feel so measly and insignificant and are completely swallowed by the grandeur of everything else happening around them. Avengers: Infinity War is a cinematic event for the ages — the culmination of a decades-worth of stories. Like it or not, history has been made here. Marvel Studios are here to stay.

wORDS by antony brown


The Phoenix Newspaper - May 2018 - Page 19

‘Time To Be Alive’

Matt Cardle M

att makes a welcomed return to Sony Music with new album ‘Time To Be Alive,’ with lead single ‘Desire,’ an electronic, hookladen delight serving as the perfect introduction to his new sound. with its fusion of gospel, rock and soul. The lyrics are all personal observations on addiction, redemption, atonement and eventual contentment - a collection that will surprise, and one Matt is incredibly proud of. All but one of the album’s 14 songs were co-written by Cardle, revealling a portrait of an artist struggling with personal battles, but ultimately winning the war. Producer Jim Eliot was chosen by Matt to help him translate these intimate songs into an electronic. It was mixed in Stockholm by Christopher Elms, best known for his work with Bjork. Early into the writing process, he spent six months in the lead role of West End hit musical ‘Memphis’ where

he received the ‘Best West End Debut’ award from ‘What’s On Stage’ for his portrayal of Huey Calhoun. As the resounding winner of The X Factor’s highest rating series ever in 2010, over 19 million viewers tuned in to see Matt triumph with his breath-taking fouroctave vocal range. His platinum-selling debut, ‘Letters,’ was released in 2011, followed by ‘The Fire’ (2012). Both albums went top ten while ‘Porcelain’ (2013) debuted at 11 driven by the Melanie C duet ‘Loving You’. ‘Time To Be Alive,’ Matt’s 4th studio album and showcases his new found maturity as a singer, songwriter and musician.

Birmingham Talent Takes Over Eastside As Gallery 37 Returns For Summer 2018


irmingham’s largest arts engagement programme is back! Gallery 37 will bring modern, practical, creative activities to hundreds of emerging artists, filmmakers and musicians as Punch recruit for a two-week immersive residency. The region’s hottest creatives will lead the Gallery 37 programme, and 50 artists outside of education and employment will leave it job-ready and realise their ambition in the UK’s flourishing creative industries.

Gallery 37’s campaign kicks off this May, working with over 50 of Birmingham’s most forwardlooking creatives through a bold programme of pop-up events and live workshops reaching every city constituency. Ammo Talwar, Punch Records CEO stated “ This is the biggest, most diverse and citywide engagement project Birmingham has to offer and were super excited about developing it for the future years. It’s the only place to be for artists wanting a a truly authentic experience with like minded creatives”


Spellbinding Ayanna Thrills Symphony Hall


s the audience took their seats at the back of the main stage of Symphony Hall, there was a slight confusion about the arrangement. Instruments and microphones were stationed at the front of the stage, but facing towards the back. One of the first ‘new, more intimate’ performances scheduled to come to the Symphony Hall, Ayanna WitterJohnson commanded the room as she started her performance with her re-imagining of ‘Feeling Good’,

immediately igniting the spark of interest of everyone present. This was certainly going to be an interesting evening. As she performed a repertoire of her own powerful pieces and inspirational covers all given that Ayanna twist, the crowd was invited to ask questions, making it more of an interactive event. Expecting questions of “How did you come up with the name for your Cello?”, Ayanna was surprised by a number of deep and meaningful questions about opportunities and possibilities taken or not taken, and how to remain true to yourself. Her inimitable playing style and buttery-smooth vocals lit up the room, especially during striking and powerful performances of her own tracks ‘Black Panther’ and ‘Denied’. All too soon however, the night was over, and Ayanna met with everyone on the way out to sign CD’s and talk with her fans, a down to earth and humble person belying her on stage persona Ayanna is coming back to Birmingham in the coming months, and it is a name you should definitely be on the lookout for.

Page 20 - The Phoenix Newspaper - May 2018


Culture Club Return with Birmingham Tour


ince their inception in 1981 Culture Club have sold more than 50 million records worldwide, with a stream of classic hits including; ‘Do You Really Want to Hurt Me’, ‘Karma Chameleon’, ‘Church Of The Poison Mind’, ‘Victims’, ‘It’s A Miracle’ and ‘The War Song’ . The group, fronted by singer/ songwriter Boy George, universally recognised as one of music’s most iconic artists is joined by Roy Hay, Mikey Craig and

Jon Moss who make up the remaining original line up for one of the most exciting tours of the decade! The Life Tour: starring Boy George & Culture Club will also f e a t u r e 80’s pop sweetheart Belinda Carlisle and new w a v e , s y n t h pop artist

Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey, the tour will visit 11 cities across the U.K, stopping at Arena Birmingham on 16 November 2018. ‘We put together an amazing show that is going to be filled with hits and fabulous memories, we know it will be hands down this summer’s best night out,” says Boy George.

It’s ‘Heartbrea a Full Moon’ Chris Brown I

t’s all for the love of music, now, for Chris Brown as he prepares to embark on the ‘highly anticipated ‘Heartbreak on a Full Moon’ tour. Starting in North America across the summer, the artist is due to play 27 gigs across the continent in support of his eighth studio album, which came out back in October. Set to kick off in Seattle on June 19, he will be taking the likes of 6LACK, H.E.R., and Rich the Kid as support on select dates. The jaunt will wrap up two months later in Las Vegas on August 4. The 29-year-old burst onto the music scene in 2005 with the release of his self-titled debut album to much critical acclaim. Citing influences like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Usher, Chris is a star on the R'N'B scene, already with performances alongside such legends as Lionel Ritchie and Smokey Robinson under his belt. Musically super-talented, with a perfect voice for R 'N' B/Hip Hop - and his tonguein-cheek lyrics adding to his all-round appeal, Brown’s worldwide appeal has seen him at the zenith It's been three years since the at times controversial celebrity embarked on his ‘Between the Sheets Tour’ with Trey Songz and Tyga, so it's just about

time for him to returned to the stage. Not one to do things by halves, Chris recently highlighted, on social media, an idea that even he admits is a little crazy - taking to Twitter with a pitch for his 26.7 million followers: a world tour with three of the biggest names in the industry: "Just thinking.... A CRAZY WORLD TOUR would Beyoncé, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, CHRIS BROWN. '2 for 2'. And if y'all decide to do it without me... give me 10%," he tweeted. Given history with Rihanna, some Twitter users raised their eyebrows over his proposal to reunite with his ex on the road. Others pointed out that Bruno is already signed on for a tour with Cardi B, and as for Queen Bey... well, she's just busy being Queen Bey. As unlikely as that may seem, the multi-award winning Virginia-born star has already collaborated with several artists such as; rapper Bow Wow, singer Jordin Sparks, T-Pain, and Lil Mama. Away from the mic, though, he’s been making headlines of a different kind; with his beef with fellow-rapper Soulja Boy over the actress and model. Karrueche Tran "This drama between both of these two is so ridiculous,” said Brown’s ex-girlfriend. “It makes no sense. There's so much more out there in

life then ‘twitter beefs.’ I just walk around my apartment and seeing my Emmy with my name on it. “I feel better giving away shoes and feeding the less fortunate.” For Chris and Soulja it wasn’t that easy, as it went as far as the two of them getting into a boxing ring to sort the matter out. The star-studded match was going to feature them going toe-to-toe, with boxing legends Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield serving as their trainers, respectively. Alas, after Soulja Boy shared on Twitter that his boxing match with Chris Brown was ‘off,’ the singer revealed why he chose to bow out from the highly anticipated bout on Instagram. “I bowed out of this Soulja Boy fight,” it read. “I'mma tell you why, “cause it was a legit thing on a positive scale. All the wrong people got in the way. The middlemen people got in the way. “The homies, so to speak [...] got in the way because they wanted a piece of the pie. It's immature, first and foremost. “Second of all, ain't no-one ever gon' hold me up. However everything goes, this how we rocking. He gon' see me.’ It’s ‘Heartbreak on a Full Moon’ for Chris, as sets out to ‘tear down’ the Americas.

'Golden' moment for lifelong Kylie fan


t HMV's flagship O x f o r d Street store in London on the 5th April, one lifelong Kylie Minogue fan finally met the pint-sized pop princess herself at a special meet and greet. Having won a competition at HMV to meet the one and only Kylie at a special midnight album launch night, Mandip Taunque joined 300 other fans from across the country to share a 'Golden' moment. Kylie's new album, 'Golden' is out now, and when it was his turn,

Mandip wasted no time in dancing over to her, saying "Kylie lets do Bhangra!" to which she gave an enthusiastic 'Whoop!' and started dancing. While she was personalising his record, Mandip told her how he had been a fan for the last 30 years, since he was a kid. "I also mentioned how my Indian parents both absolutely adore her, and she told me to give her love to them." The meeting was short, but sweet, and with about 280 other people behind him in the queue, Mandip said goodbye and wished her luck with the album.


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special report

ak on for


by Steve Williams

ith overwhelming c h a r i s m a , the enigmatic Jamaican Prime Minister, Andrew Holness was met his people from the Diaspora, at the Ruach City Church in Kilburn, in London, for a special ‘Townhall Meeting’ to provide updates on recent developments in his homeland and to discuss issues of national priority – both at home and abroad. An imposing figure, showing great humility, dignity and honesty, he pulled no punches in charting the best way forward for the country on the world stage as well as at home. He spoke as a ‘Jamaican’ – more so than as a politician. There were no ‘airs’ or ‘graces,’ or forceful party politics for him. He spoke as a man of the people – representing, wholeheartedly, his people. In the UK for the special Commonwealth Heads of

70th Anniversary

Jamaica PM On Point Government Meeting, at the Ruach City Church, he faced a packed audience to face questions on the matters of Jamaica’s economic and global interests, investments into the country and the tainted issue of those affected by the much talked about ‘Windrush Generation’ – especially following the public apologies by UK PM, Theresa May and Home Secretary Amber Rudd. He also took the time to reaffirm Jamaica’s commitment to working with the UK on other global commons. Speaking with great reverence and honesty, he faced every question put to him from concerned Jamaicans on what was the hottest topic on the night before urging the United Kingdom Government to address the Windrush Generation matter in particular. Despite living and working in the UK for decades, thousands of people who arrived in the country as children in the first wave of Commonwealth migration were being threatened with deportation.

Many of those affected being of Jamaican and Caribbean heritage. Warm and very engaging, a forthright PM Holness was clear and concise – a proud Jamaican: “I feel like singing for you” was his opening line. “We share the same dream,” he said, “to educate all and be able to live in peace with each other.” “He then welcomed noted Jamaicans who were present – people like Lord Bill Morris -e Lord Morris of Handsworth, celebrated comedian and actor Oliver Samuels, Wade Lyn – founder and CEO of celebrated Caribbean food producers Cleone Foods, Labour MP Dawn Butler Stock and his wife Juliet – resplendent supportive in all her husband’s views. On the Windrush matter, he said: “We responded well to the war efforts when so many of that generation came to the UK to rebuild the war-torn country and felt entitled to the stay they were offered.

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Jamaica’s National Anthem l His Excellency Mr. Seth George Ramocan, Jamaica High Commissioner

A United Front

Continued from Page 21

The principles of the Commonwealth must be maintained. – that citizens and people of the Caribbean get justice. We will follow through with this matter and stay on top of it.” Particularly encouraged by Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s statement which not only recognized the invaluable contribution of Caribbean nationals to the rebuilding of the United Kingdom after World War II, but also animated

a process which will ensure that these persons who arrived pre-1973 will have their cases reviewed with haste and with the required sensitivity, he stressed the importance of outlining clear procedural steps that will ultimately ensure that the rights of Caribbean migrants are restored. “The British Government must address the matter forthwith,” he demanded. On the Jamaican economy Mr. Holness the matter of huge chines investment on the island was also tackled; “Instead of

bashing Chinese investment into the country bash the original investors,” he said. “The United Kingdom and the US used to invest heavily in Jamaica but have not bothered so much in recent years. “Jamaica was almost insolvent in 2009 when our gross domestic product (GDP) was a whopping 140%, but with the Chinese investment in the country the figure has gone down to a more manageable 105%. “We want to reduce that figure even further. But that’s down to you – Jamaicans. “We can’t be ‘closed-minded’ when people invest in Jamaica – as long as they abide by Jamaica’s rules. “Our ability to define our identity and sovereignty is an exercise of economic independence. “The ultimate resolution – my dream - is to make our country economically independent.” He continued: “My mother is the most frugal person I know. ‘You can’t be independent if you owe people,’ she once told me. Jamaica is now in a position to ‘pay.’ We have to create an environment where people with money have the confident to spend and invest in Jamaica. “The ease in doing business is the best way to attract investment.” Concluding, on the ‘Windrush’ affair he said: “It is extremely important to have procedural steps clearly outlined by the UK government and widely shared to ensure that people are aware of the requirements;

that the evidentiary burden is reduced, the application process dramatically simplified and that pre-1973 Commonwealth Caribbean migrants currently detained as illegal immigrants are released and that those deported are afforded the necessary UK assistance in having their cases urgently reviewed and their rights restored. “We would like to encourage the UK government to use records at its disposal such as school, health, and tax records and that there be a presumption of legal residence on the part of the Windrush Generation while their cases are being reviewed and that these individuals continue to benefit from access to medical care, employment, and other services. “The British Government must address the matter unreservedly.” UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Home Secretary Rudd have both, since, made unreserved apologies to the victims of the ‘Windrush Generation’ with compensation packages to be set in place for those who unduly suffered. May’s response came on the heels of the matter being discussed in Parliament by the Home Secretary. “The Caribbean and the UK share an enduring relationship of commitment and mutual support on several issues and today allows us to make sure that partnership remains central to that relationship as we move forward,” Prime Minister Holness said.

l State Minister of Education,Youth and Information, Hon. Floyd Green

Eternal Father bless our land, Guard us with Thy Mighty Hand, Keep us free from evil powers, Be our light through countless hours. To our Leaders, Great Defender, Grant true wisdom from above. Justice, Truth be ours forever, Jamaica, Land we love. Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica land we love. Teach us true respect for all, Stir response to duty’s call, Strengthen us the weak to cherish, Give us vision lest we perish. Knowledge send us Heavenly Father, Grant true wisdom from above. Justice, Truth be ours forever, Jamaica, land we love. Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica land we love

Jamaica’s National Pledge Before God and all mankind, I pledge the love and loyalty of my heart, the wisdom and courage of my mind, the strength and vigour of my body in the service of my fellow citizens; I promise to stand up for Justice, Brotherhood and Peace, to work diligently and creatively, to think Generously and honestly, so that Jamaica may, under God, increase in beauty, fellowship and prosperity, and play her part in advancing the welfare of the whole human race.

l Brent Central MP Dawn Butler

Jamaica’s National Song I pledge my heart forever To serve with humble pride This shining homeland, ever So long as earth abide. I pledge my heart, this island As God and faith shall live My work, my strength, my love, and My loyalty to give.

l Bishop Llewellyn Graham

O green isle of the Indies, Jamaica, strong and free, Our vows and loyal promises, O heartland, ’tis to thee


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Windrush @ 70 – A Generation that changed the face of the UK


l Myrtle May McLaughlin with her mother, Elizabeth Smith (Mother and Grandmother of Phoenix Editor-In-Chief Marcia McLaughlin) with Paulette Burris (Cousin) taken circa 1948 in Jamaica in preparation to come to the UK.

n 1948 the UK government passed the British Nationality Act, which gave the status of citizenship of the United Kingdom and Colonies (CUKC) to all British subjects connected with the UK or a British colony. That year HMT Empire Windrush docked in Kingston, Jamaica, to pick up servicemen who were on leave. The ship was then filled with Caribbean men who answered an advert which offered cheap transport for anybody who wanted to work in the UK. Many, including former servicemen who helped to defend Britain and the wider Commonwealth, took up the opportunity with the hopes of rejoining the armed service - having served during the recently ending World War II - while others made the journey to see what England was like. Many only intended to stay for a few years. The ethos of the Commonwealth is to strengthen governance,

build inclusive institutions and promote justice and human rights and helps to grow economies and boost trade and address threats such as climate change, debt and inequality. Although a number returned, the majority of Caribbean people who were invited to work and make a life for themselves in Britain remained to settle permanently – and are now typically referred to as the ‘Windrush Generation.’ Legislation controlling immigration was passed in 1962.

“From humble Caribbean origins - Children of the Windrush Generation have received more education, traveled to more countries, had more access to information and the mysteries of leadership. More support and mentoring from elders with experience and have been given accelerated responsibilities - that have allowed us to overcome many barriers both internal and external - not sure that we have delivered yet - there is still time - before we pass on the baton - A new challenge has presented itself to our generation - there is always another mountain to climb.” Faith Communities and Windrush Generation Social Action Programme

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United W

The Phoenix Newspaper E mission to get out and meet very special occasion with th



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We Stand

Editor-In-Chief made it her with the community at this he Prime Minister of Jamaica


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Up Close A T

he hottest property at the moment, Jamaica's Prime Minister Andrew Holness brought the sunshine of his homeland to the UK in April as temperatures soared into a heatwave. At the request of His Excellency, Seth George Ramocan, High Commissioner of Jamaica, businesspeople, community leaders, politicians and veterans alike were invited to the Jamaica High Commission in London for a Welcome Reception for the Prime Minister of Jamaica The Most Honourable

Andrew Holness O.N. M.P. There was a palpable buzz in the room as the specially invited guests waited on the Prime Minister, before he made his way through the crowd to take his place. The Phoenix Newspaper Editor In Chief, Marcia McLaughlin had some time with Andrew Holness, welcoming him and introducing The Phoenix Newspaper. "Although we have achieved much, we could have achieved so much more," said the Prime Minister, addressing the room, "We must now strive for excellence, not to be



And Personal second best, not to be satisfied with not attaining the very best, because it is in our blood, it is deemed to us to do well, we just have to fulfil what is our true destiny." Threatening to eclipse the star of the night was Allan Wilmot, a Veteran of the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, who served as part of the Air Sea Rescue Marine Section from 19411947. The decorated veteran holds the 1939/45 Star, Atlantic Star, Defence Medal, War Medal and Achievement Medal, and regailed the room with

a brief history and how he was one of the people actually on the Empire Windrush when it came to the UK. Mr Holness was visibly honoured and impressed by the young man’s accomplishments and thanked him for his service. This was just the welcome that was needed ahead of the Town Hall meeting on Friday 20th, and the Prime Minister took the time out to speak with many of the attendees and pose for photographs.

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Youth & Vigor:

hloe Calvin won the title Miss West Indies UK at the Mr and Miss West Indies UK Pageant in October 2017, representing the beautiful island of Jamaica wherehere parents were born. She graduated last year in Media Production & Radio with honours, and is currently freelancing as a Radio presenter at Unity Xtra in London,where she host a Sunday afternoon show called the 'Soul Down Session'. A part of her prize for winning the title, Chloe will travel to Jamaica this year to volunteer in the local communities, having partnered with a charity of her choice, Jamaica Basic School Foundation. She also hopes to visit the parish of St Thomas and l Chloe (centre) with Jamaica Ambassadors Odayne Romaine Hanover where her parents are Haughton and Sujae Boswell from. Like all who attended, feeling invincible and stronger to share her desire to help to Chloe was very excited to hear as a family,” - something Chloe highlight the charities that she's the words of Prime Minister wants to achieve in her role as working with. Holness at the Town Hall, having Miss West Indies UK. Chloe has a long term personal followed his career before he took She will get a chance to engage goal of becoming a Radio office, and was delighted to meet with Minister in the Ministry of Presenter of her own radio the Prime minister who she cites Education and Youth Information station, whilst expanding her has having the ' Obama' effect Floyd Green on her visit to creativity and enthusiasm for the on people, "which leaves you Jamaica and was honoured arts and culture of black music.

Miss West Indies UK

It’s ‘Heartbrea a Full Moon’ The VisionBrown of Youth Chris

l Top Row:Ketan Kirit Lal - Pacific rep, Benjamin St Nicholas Fraser - Caribbean and Americas Rep, Odayne Romaine Haughton- Advisor to CSA. Bottom Row: Ajani Akil Lebourne- Vice Chair, Secretary General Patricia Scotland, Musarrat Maisha Reza - Chair of Commonwealth Student Association and Winnie Nyandiga Opiyo - Vice Chair.

by Joan ‘LJ’ Hunter


he Prime Minister of Jamaica’s visit included bringing his Minister for Education and Youth Information Floyd Green MP, to demonstrate Jamaica's commitment to the voice of the Youth in Jamaica and across Commonwealth. As Minister Green addressed the hundreds of Jamaicans who packed out the Rauch City church, he confirmed that 60 per cent of the population of the Commonwealth are below 30. The Secretary-General of the Commonwealth of Nations Baroness Patricia Scotland (appointed in 2016, the first woman to hold this post), has always been a strong advocate for youth empowerment and engagement and believes in the power and potential of young people

It was her pride in overseeing the ceremony which inaugurated the new leaders of Commonwealth Student Association (CSA). These young people will be in office from February 2018-2020. “This is an historic and very important moment because we’ve just sworn in your new leadership team. The Commonwealth is a wonderful opportunity to build peace, humanity and support each other,” said Secretary-General Scotland. “What each of the young leaders you have chosen is demonstrating, is that they are not only courageous enough to speak on your behalf, but also to speak truth to power". The General Secretary went on to charge the new team with their purpose when she said, “We have to make sure that the Commonwealth voice, in this troubled and troubling times, is heard and that we stand for

something good. I’m not putting pressure on you, when I say, you are the hope of our world.” New Chair Person Musarrat Maisha of Singapore, was invited also with youth leader Fahmida Faiza of Bangladesh to the address with the Prime Minister by Youth Ministers endorsed by the Jamaican government who are engaging with the CARICOM Youth Programme. Both leaders are from countries who are interested in collaboration, and wanted to find out how Jamaica's youth model works. Jamaica has a very unique and engaging model for young people which many other countries are astounded by. It is the pride of the Prime Minister that Jamaica's youth are good leaders to other Commonwealth countries, and is committed to make Jamaica a land for them to always to be proud of.

Separated by Water Bonded by Culture


u n i v e r s i t y p r o f e s s o r ’s sponsored parachute jump to support the installation of a national monument in recognition of Caribbean military personnel’s service to Britain and the Commonwealth For over four hundred years women and men from the Caribbean - from all creeds and colour - have risen to the challenge to defend Britain and its territories. As such there are many individuals who feel duty bound to support the efforts to give them due recognition and see the realization of a monument to endorse the contributions made by Caribbean military personnel - at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire. Professor Martin Levermore

MBE, FRSA, Chartered MCISI, a visiting professor for Health, Education and Life Sciences at Birmingham City University will be taking part in a sponsored parachute jump to support the installation of the national monument. “I served in Her Majesty’s Royal Ordnance Corp (Army),” he proudly stated, “and as such I hold a deep respect and gratitude for the sacrifice and commitment of Caribbean women and men - serving and those who served - to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our way of live here in Britain. “At the age of 56 the last thing I should be considering is jumping out of an aeroplane but that is precisely what I shall be doing with colleagues from the navy and air force. “And, whilst I am sure I will be

l Professor Martin Levermore MBE, FRSA, Chartered MCISI blessed for this worthy and noble cause, what certainly would be encouraging is more support in getting the momentum in installed by 2021.” He went on; “A great orator once said: ‘We are able to sleep sound and our belly’s full for we have shared in the labour brought about by someone’s son or daughter.’ Please, let us truly remember those who have allowed us to feast on their labours so that their efforts will not be in vain.” The sponsored parachute jump takes place at Hinton Airfield, in Banbury, Oxfordshire, on May 26. For sponsorship details email:


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“May the Fourth be with you!”

ak on for


rom amateur programmers, arcade subcultures and industry pioneers, to iconic titles such as ‘Dizzy’, ‘Simon the Sorcerer’ and ‘Tomb Raider’, the UK’s Midlands region has played a pivotal role in the history of computer games. On Wednesday 9 May, Birmingham City University is bringing together a group of industry experts to celebrate the Midlands’ important contribution to this global industry and pastime, and give members of the public the chance to play some of their favourite games created in the region. Level Up: A History of Computer Games in the Midlands will take a gathered audience on a lively audio-visual trip across the last four decades, focusing on the iconic characters, developers and


hancellor of Birmingham C i t y U n i v e r s i t y, Sir Lenny Henry will be taking to the stage of the institution’s new Royal Birmingham Conservatoire next month. The Dudley-born actor, writer, comedian and charitable campaigner will be narrating Sergei Prokofiev’s classic story ‘Peter and the Wolf’ on Friday 4 May, with the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire Pops Orchestra playing the various characters in a performance that helps introduce youngsters to the world of classical music. Alongside ‘Peter and the Wolf’, the Pops Orchestra

Midlands gaming history celebrated

companies that helped create a regional industry that is still growing today. Featuring on the panel will be Louise O’Connor, Executive Producer at Leicestershire developer Rare. Louise will bring her wealth of knowledge and experience of the industry

from her extensive career at the Twycross-based company – known for creating ‘Banjo-Kazooie’, ‘Donkey-Kong’, ‘Perfect Dark’, ‘Viva Piñata’ and ‘GoldenEye 007’, the later considered one of the greatest computer games ever made.

will transport the audience to “a galaxy far, far away” with music from the original ‘Star Wars’ film trilogy on the day fans of the franchise celebrate Star Wars Day each year. Elsewhere, the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire musicians will conjure images of swinging through the skyscrapers of New York City with Danny Elfman’s ‘Spider-Man’ theme and then take concertgoers in to the domain of cowboys, cowgirls and the American West with ‘Hoe-Down’ by Aaron Copland from the 1942 ballet ‘Rodeo’. The programme will be further complimented by ‘Overture’ from Leonard Bernstein’s swinging ‘Wonderful Town’.

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Bringing the Sunshine


ew to the scene is LaTroya “Sunshine” Griffith an up and coming American actress, model and singer from Flint “Vehicle City”Michigan; Born December 28, 1987. The arts and fashion has always been a passion of mine since the young age of four. I am currently focusing on my music and acting careers. I have a hot new single out called “Ain’t Suppose To Be” that can now be purchased on iTunes and all digital platforms. I am currently starring in a new up and coming stage play called “Paw Paw’s House written by award wining playwright Andrew Aikens. This would be my second lead role since 2017. I am also a brand ambassador model for 2BEU (To Be Unique) clothing line headed by Flints own Tabitha Robinson. Flint is a cultural breeding ground that has been slightly overshadowed by its lead water crisis that began in 2014. The city’s people have been poisoned by its own governor Rick Snyder who has yet to find a solution. He simply just doesn’t care. It is now 2018 and the city is STILL without clean drinking water. The state has recently

Best Bar Nun! P

closed it bottled water pods that assisted many people in need; especially in impoverished communities. Flint continues to fight in the midst of creating. We can’t be stopped and giving up is never an option in my city. Flint is also the home of the great late MC Eric Breed and The Dayton Family. We consider them legends where I am from. Our music scene is on fire right now! With hot artists such as Curt Green, Velly Beretta, Tiera Santoya, and Jizzle just to name a few. Although we’re facing a water crisis we’re standing strong the like Flint Stones We are! Welcome to Flint Michigan! #FlintMade #FlintStrong #FlintVsEverybody stay tuned!!

eople were up dancing in their seats as Sister Act Live Choir came to Birmingham’s Symphony Hall last month. Featuring the hit movie played on stage with a live choir ready to blast out every dance-in-the-aisle track, the atmosphere was electric. The choir expertly performed every track, despite a slight mishap beginning of one of them, and the crowd loved every minute of it, some even attending dressed as Nuns

themselves! This is the latest in a growing number of films shown with a live choir, or live orchestra, and while Sister Act didn’t have as many hits as say a musical does, it was still a very enjoyable night. Sister Act Live ended with a rendition of the credits song from Sister Act 2, leaving many wondering if there will be a return. You can still catch Sister Act Live in Edinburgh at the Usher Hall on the 19th May!

0121 643 2047

54 Stephenson Street, Birmingham City Centre, B2 4HD


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Pre-17 Driver Training Receives Backing An event aimed at bringing road safety professionals together to help create safer new drivers has found in favour of pre-17 driving tuition at its key note debate. Taking place at the Young Driver Focus 2018, held on 25th April at the Royal Automobile Club in London, the ‘Big Debate’ saw motoring journalist, author, TV presenter and campaigner Quentin Willson and Professor Frank McKenna, an expert in psychology who has worked with road safety organisations and the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS), going head to head. Each delivered presentations on their side of the argument for and against pre-17 driver training, before being questioned by the audience. A vote at the end showed 65 per cent of the road safety professionals in the room were in favour of pre-17 driving tuition, put forward by Quentin Willson. Quentin Willson has been campaigning for better novice driver tuition for 20 years, and is a patron of the Young Driver organisation. He believes that teaching children from as young as 10 creates a safer next generation of drivers. Young drivers are at much higher risk of having an accident when they pass their test – one in five will crash within six months and almost 450 people are killed every year on our roads in accidents involving young drivers.

Ad-Vantage Aston Martin at the Beijing Auto Show


eijing is playing host to the world renowned Beijing International A u t o m o t i v e Exhibition, taking place from the 25th April to the 4th May, and one of the luxury sports car manufacturers taking pride of place is the British Aston Martin. They showcased an exceptional line-up of new models reinforcing the brand’s commitment to the Chinese market. Making it’s China auto show debut is the new Vantage, underlining its credentials as the most sporting model in Aston Martin’s series production range. Aston Martin’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Andy Palmer said: “The models on display here in Beijing are a vivid demonstration of Aston Martin’s


May as Supercars At The Palace roars into action. This hotly-anticipated event, the warm-up act for the 2nd edition of Blenheim Palace Classic & Super-

Electric Vehicles Leap By 128% A study compared April 2018 to April 2015 and found there are 21,019 more electric vehicles. Overall the numbers are still small with only 37,483 electric vehicles on the road today. The figures do not account for vehicles that have been scrapped or exported and include all types of vehicle. Commenting on the findings, Chris Plumb, electric vehicles expert at cap hpi said: “Drivers are showing growing confidence in the technology as the real-life ranges of vehicles increase and faster charging is available. “Electric vehicles can also make financial sense with total cost of ownership and tax savings. Increasingly, people are saying they enjoy the driving experience in electric vehicles. “As clean air zones roll out across the UK, we expect the popularity of these cars to continue to grow.”

unfolding ‘Second Century’ product strategy. “With the imminent launch of the DBS Superleggera, we are on track to replace each of our existing two-door sportscar models by the end of this year.” “In 2017, the Chinese market was our fastest growing region. This impressive performance reflects increasing demand for our new and special vehicles. “The continued roll-out of our new model pipeline, including the company’s first electric vehicle in 2019, will further improve Aston Martin’s market share in this key market, alongside investments we are making to strengthen brand visibility and sales performance. “These investments reflect our confidence in the Aston Martin brand and the attractiveness of the Chinese market”.

Supercars At The Palace

he magnificent grounds of Blenheim Palace will be brimming over with 130 classic and contemporary supercars on Sunday 6th


car to be staged on 2nd September, will see globally-renowned marques and boutique manufacturers vying for your attention in four distinct categories.

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Why is J-Hud off the Hollywood Casting List?


he Voice judge Jennifer Hudson, the lovable girlnext-door with a powerhouse voice, was enjoying a sensational rise to fame a little more than 10 years ago. However, the American Idol winner’s showing, away from the hit ITV show, has faded, leading some to wonder how such a talented performer has fallen off the radar. Was it the so-called ‘Oscar Curse’ that derailed her career just as it took off? Or perhaps it was the ill-fated

selection of roles she chose to follow her award-winning big screen debut. Somehow, she has simultaneously sparked controversy and complete audience disinterest post‘Dreamgirls’ - not to mention attracting seemingly unending scorn from critics. Even her music career, which given her obvious talent should have been the path of least resistance, hasn't exactly panned out. Will J-Hud ever get back onto the A-List? Can she overcome her apparent ‘shadow-ban’?



ollywood star Halle Berry’s 2.6 million Instagram followers have taken note as she documented her journey to transforming mind, body and soul through weekly #FitnessFriday updates.

Her personal trainer, Peter Lee Thomas who is responsible for helping her get in the best shape of her life, explained that it takes gut, grit and determination to work for your dream bod day in and day out. “She works hard – Like really hard,” he explained.



ollowing the release of ‘A Real Labour Of Love’ their most successful album for 25 years – and their headline show at the Royal Albert Hall in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust, UB40 Featuring Ali, Astro & Mickey have announced ‘A Real Labour Of Love and 40th Anniversary Tour,’ a UK Arena tour for 2019. With 2019 marking 40 years since UB40 first performed live, the legendary reggae band will be celebrating with a greatest hits set that features global smashes including ‘Red Red Wine’, ‘Cherry Oh Baby’, ‘Rat In Mi Kitchen’ and ‘Kingston Town.’ Ali, Astro & Mickey will be joined on-stage by their incredible eightpiece reggae band. You can see the boys at Arena Birmingham on Friday 29 March 2019.

The Phoenix Newspaper - May 2018 - Page 33

UB40 and a Real Labour of Love

l Michael McIntyre returns to Birmingham for his Big World Tour


May 03 Fischer-Z 03 Brainstorm 04 DJ Russke Live 05 Novana 06 ‘Full 100’ 2018 Ft. Tarrus Riley 09 Brothers Osborne 12 Roy Orbison & The Traveling Wilburys Experience 12 Narcos 15 Barrence Whitfield & The Savages 16 Rita Ora 17 Machine Head 24 CoCo and the Butterfields 24 Peace 25 The Wedding Present “Tommy” 30th Anniversary Tour 25 The Hunna 26 Enemo J 28 Over Atlantic 31 Broken Social Scene 31 The Shades

Rodney Earle Clarke


rom the age of about 14, Rodney Earle Clarke was encouraged by his teachers to focus on his voice with vocal training, through the Royal Academy of Music. Following 6 years there, learning about singing, languages, music, and a whole range of styles of music, Rodney landed on Opera, Classical and Classical Crossover pieces. An amazing vocalist, he will be showing his talents as part of a Gershwin Extravaganza, Crazy for Gershwin at

Birmingham’s Syphony Hall on the 4th May 2018. Expect Broadway glamour and toe-tapping tunes in an all-Gershwin extravaganza, featuring special guest singers, a ballroom duo and two sensational tap dancers. “It’s such a joy being able to spend an evening performing a cross section of his love for music.” “The orchestras we are working with are amazing groups of people as well,” beamed the baritone. This isn’t Rodney’s first visit to Birmingham, having performed Rogers and Hammerstein pieces previously as well as

another tour of these Gershwin pieces. “The Symphony Hall has probably the best acoustics of any hall in the UK dare I say, and is a clean, inviting, bright and vibrant space!” If you’re a lover of Gershwin, or indeed Rodney’s work, check him out at the Symphony Hall. “For anyone wanting to get into the music industry, I’ve got 3 words. “Ask, Believe, Receive. If you want it, ask for it, believe in yourself and work and be ready to receive it.”


May 02 An Evening With Puddles Pity Party 03 Mexrrissey 04 Bruno Major 05 Ashborn 06 We Are Scientists 07 NF - Perception World Tour 09 Gang Of Youths 12 Jungle 13 Black Coffee 14 The Bluetones 16 Nina Nesbitt 19 Stone Broken 19 Sara Cox presents Just Can’t Get Enough 80s 21 Gaz Coombes 22 Nines 25 DMA’s 26 Georgia Burgess




he smash hit production of the musical Annie will embark on a UK tour returning to Wolverhampton Grand Theatre from Tuesday 19 – Saturday 23 February 2019. Having recently been on


May 04-06 Creation’s Supernatural Official Convention 04-06 The Vaper Expo UK 05-06 Makers Central 10-13 Magic Grand Prix Birmingham 2018 11-13 The BodyPower Expo 17-20 This Morning Live 17-20 Birmingham Summer Sale 18-20 The Baby Show 27 The Beat/ Buzzcocks / The Selecter / Stiff Little 28 Slam Dunk Festival Midlands, NEC

ARENA BIRMINGHAM extended season in the West End following a sellot 2015/16 UK and Ireland tour, it will open later this month in Toronto. Set in 1930s New York during The Great Depression, brave young Annie is forced to live a life of misery and torment at

Miss Hannigan’s orphanage. Determined to find her real parents, her luck changes when she is chosen to spend Christmas at the residence of famous billionaire, Oliver Warbucks. Spiteful Miss Hannigan has other ideas and hatches a plan to

spoil Annie’s search… With its award-winning book and score, this stunning new production includes the unforgettable songs It’s the Hard Knock Life, Easy Street, I Don’t Need Anything But You and Tomorrow.

May 01 Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds 03 Unibet Premier League Darts 05 Tears for Fears 10-13 Michael McIntyre 19 Diljit Dosanjh 25-27 ESL One Dota 2 Major


May 04 The Vamps 10 Nickelback 12 Rise Up: Super Regional Championships 15 WWE Live 18 The Original Harlem Globetrotters 19 Jeff Dunham 25 Bryan Adams 27 The Beat/ Buzzcocks / The Selecter / Stiff Little Fingers 28 Slam Dunk Festival 2018


May 01 Sir Simon Rattle & the London Symphony Orchestra Mahler’s Ninth (SH) 01 Yo Lo Tengo (TH) 02-03 Sibelius’ Second (SH) 02 An Audience with Aston Villa Legends (TH) 03 Eric Bibb (TH) 04 Crazy For Gershwin (SH) 05 Shreya Ghoshal (SH) 06 Amanda Palmer (TH) 08 Christy Moore (SH) 09 Bartoks Piano Concerto (SH) 09 Mary Chapin Carpenter (TH) 10 Elkie Brooks (TH) 10 Don McLean (SH) 14 Nora Fischer (TH) 15 Foreigner (SH) 16 Sara Colman (SH) 17 Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (SH) 18 First Ladies Of Swing (SH) 18 Daliso Chaponda (TH) 19-20 Dinosaur World Live (TH) 20 Family Film Favourites (SH) 21 Tommy Emmanuel ‘The Intimate Sound Tour’ (TH) 22 Dan and Phil World Tour 2018 (SH) 23 Beethoven’s Triple Concerto (TH) 24 Prokofiev And Bernstein (SH) 25 Joseph Calleja & the CBSO (SH) 26 Echo and the Bunnymen (SH) 27 RuPaul’s Drag Race Werq The World Tour (SH) 29 A Change is Gonna Come (TH) 31 Fauré’s Requiem (SH)


May 02 Planet Of Zeus and Lionize 04 BALAAM & THE ANGEL 05 Love/Hate 12 Eternal Fear 17 The Slow Readers Club 18 Rebecca Downes 19 Never Mind The Wedding Here’s... 22 INK. 26 Kirvana

Page 34 - The Phoenix Newspaper - May 2018




elcome to another edition of Teen flair where I give you advice highlight real people and much more! This month I have been deeply affected by the amount of stabbings, and violence there has been among the UK. London suffered 22 fatal stabbings and shootings in

March, higher than the 21 which took place in New York. As a young person who grew up in area where gang culture is quite frequent, I kept asking myself how can I become a part of the growth instead of just becoming another statistic. It’s so important as young people that we are being apart of the change, instead of

adding to the problem. I held an interview with the inspiring Craig Pinkney who has over 14 years experience as an Outreach worker and much more. How can we be a part of the change? Please read on to catch this month’s advice, along with a in depth chat with Craig!

My name is Craig Pinkney. I wear a number of hats but my title that I go by is I am a criminologist, urban new specialist, and a lecturer at UOB (University of Birmingham). So my work essentially specialises in working with young people and families that are affected by gangs CSU violence. I also run a number of projects. I run a international project called the EU gangs projects. It is in 5 countries and I’m in charge from a UK perspective of training professionals about responding to those issues in there different countries.

At the university I teach, criminology, criminal justice, offending management. In terms of my community work I with families and many young people in the community that need help and support. Youth centres, community centres, people referral units, religious institutions and anywhere there is young people, I’m there.

That’s awesome! From the many places you’ve visited, from your talks do teenagers tend to confess or have a change of heart?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell. I think when you do a session they are to determine what a person thinking & feeling, genuinely the response that I

Dear Anonymous, I can completely empathise with your frustrations! Now, before you take this step, make sure you’ve tried all the options. Such as talking to your college mentors, addressing

Your Questions the head of the college with your concerns, I would definitely get your parents on board. I understand how stressful this must be, however thankfully there are many local youth centres based in Birmingham and around the UK, that help with these types of problems. Places such as The Lighthouse centre and the Oaklands centre. I would advise to make sure you are always telling someone, note down where you

have addressed the college. As your 17, I assume you have 1 year left in college? Keep focused, and don’t hang around where people you do not associate with hang out. And maybe it would be good to see if the college could let you leave early to avoid any drama that could happen after college. A quote I’ll always remember is “high school isn’t forever” same with college! It’ll be over before you know it, just keep working hard. - R.Dehaney

Proverbs 19:17 He who has pity on the poor lends, to the Lord, And He will pay back what he has given. NKJV

Discover what your lane is Who are you and what does your day to day work entail?

I’m worried college is not taking my problems further, someone was threatening me with a knuckle duster and I have had other problems with arguments and the college I attend isn’t really doing anything about it, they claim to be a “bullying free” place but my problem hasn’t been solved, no action has been taken. - Anonymous, 17

get is that people hear me and they like what i’m saying. However I understand that with every talk and every activity that is done in that particular way, all i’m doing is essentially planting seeds. Cause I know the reality is when I leave that room is that they have to go back to their reality, but my hope is planting seeds through the work that I do and what I’m saying, it enables them to be able to be more knowledgeable about their experience that they go through. A young person might go to a school and talk about knife crime now me just giving you awareness my argument is that most young people know the reality of knife crime.

And the consequences is they get caught, they know what’s gonna happen, they do something how long there gonna get in terms of the sentence. So my strategy is not about telling them don’t do it, rather making them be smart. So a young person might say well I hear what you’re saying, I’m feeling what you’re saying, however some man are down the road are trying to stab me up for example. My 1-1 work with that individual will be strategies of how they can keep their lives going, if they don’t feel that they are going to tell somebody else. The reality is I can’t change the fact that the individual that has a problem with him unless I know those individuals to intervene or mediate. If they continue to have that problem it’s about ensuring that individual is safe by all means necessary. So I’ll say things like so what do you do on the weekends? “I chill at the park” the same park where the individuals that wanna beat you up? They’ll be like yeah. My response would be so you don’t need to go to that park no more, you’ll have to find to another park. I try to give more realistic solutions and strategies and

how they can deter themselves away from being in situations that cause themselves trouble.

How as young people can we work together, and not become a product of our environment?

I think young people can work together in many ways. There’s never gonna be one way to work with anything. Why? Because there’s so many issues. There’s issues around education, community, religion, health, housing, resources, access to jobs, access to opportunities outside of their communities. So there’s so many different types of issues, there’s not to me one particular solution. So I always say to young people if you have best of interest in the community. I always use this slogan called find your lane, discover what your lane is. So, my lane is education my lane is, outreach work so because they’re my lanes, I make sure I make sure I’m the master of my lane. What do i mean my becoming a master? So that means your gonna have to go through of a form of training, some education to understand of how to become a master in your lane. Then you’ll start to develop your own ideas, than you’ll

bring people together, other individuals together that probably share your understanding and then you then do things that are realistic. And for me that is the best way for young people can engage with the issue that they feel, come together, find out what realistic solutions that they want to target and then deal with that from that particular basis, rather than having conversations that don’t really amount to anything. I think one of the other things, is young people being fearless and courageous and having mentors. Ensuring that there’s people that you can speak to. That have been in an environment, that understand the environment that’s going to enable to make the best decisions. Cause even myself, even at the best that I’m trying to be I still have mentors that are older than me, more skilled, more wise and have more experience than me. I essentially, listen to all the views thoughts and opinions, and I use that with my own knowledge and my experience. And then shape that into a product that young people families and the wider community can benefit from. You can contact Craig Pinkney via:

KEEP IN TOUCH As we are all aware there is power in social media, I will be using these networking sites, to promote this newspaper page, and #TEAMFLAIR which will not only advertise, but will promote

what to look forward to in the newspaper. I’m not only hoping to create just another column, but a movement, for young people of all races.

To Advertise on my page, or to send me news, information and more, contact me at


The Phoenix Newspaper - May 2018 - Page 35

Forces Breakfast Signals The Way


n a crisp sunny morning, BME business owners, community leaders and more came together to hear about the work being done in the West Midlands by the Armed Forces, and what is available to them and their businesses. Held at the Royal British Legion Offices on New Street

Elder, Jonathon, Celebrates a Beat The Century – plus 1 Chase

Brits love gameshows and for decades shows such as ‘Catchphrase,’ ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and ‘University Challenge’ have had the nation hooked, often playing along at home from the comfort of their sofas, however it’s ITV’s The Chase that’s been crowned the nation’s favourite. To celebrate the UK’s love of quiz shows, ScS, one of the UK’s leading sofa and carpet specialists, conducted research1 to determine the favourite gameshows of all time, and the ones people would most like to appear on themselves. When it comes to quiz shows, it turns out that the nation loves a mixture of new and classic shows, with recent programmes such as ‘The Chase’ and ‘Tipping Point’ joining the ranks of classics like ‘Gladiators’ and ‘It’s a Knockout.’ The top 10 gameshows to watch were voted as: 1. 2. 3. 4.

The Chase The Crystal Maze Catchphrase Who Wants to Millionaire? 5. Pointless 6. Tipping Point 7. Countdown 8. Family Fortunes 9. It’s a Knockout 10. Gladiators




ne of the originals of the ‘Windrush Generation,’ Jonathon Parkes celebrated his 101 birthday with friends at the Renaissance Club, as friends gathered to pay homage to his strength, resilience and perseverance. With immediate family sparse, and spread far and wide, it was down to members of the Handsworth community – his home since debarking at Southampton in 1955 – and especially the brother and sister

team of community champions Delores and Hector Pinkney, to make sure this special occasion, during this marked time for the Windrush generation of Caribbean people, one for him and all to remember. There was traditional African drumming, dancing and poetry the man from Portland, in Jamaica. And though as he sat frail in his wheelchair and almost oblivious to surrounding, it was clear that a near-packed club just had to be there - to pay their respects to one of the originals.

in the City Centre, the group was treated to a passionate presentation by Lt Colonel Richard Jones TD MA of 11 Signal. He told of the role of the reservist in the Armed Forces, and explained how they fit into businesses up and down the country. The Armed Forces Covenant is a document signed between a business

and the Armed Forces detailing the steps that will be taken to aid past, present and future forces personnel. This was followed up by Major Tony Freeman of 8 RIFLES and Paul from 605 Squadron RAUXAF, who gave further information about the Reserves work done in Sparkbrook with the BME Community, and based out of Cosford for the RAF.

The group also heard from Jane Britton, Area Manager for the West Midlands for the Royal British Legion and the wonderful work that the RBL do. For more information about the Reserves, what they do and how to get involved, search ‘armyjobs’.

Page 36 - The Phoenix Newspaper - May 2018


Mayor Street Celebrates Diversity at Vaisakhi Dinner


ayor Andy Street heaped huge praise on the South Asian community and the impact that they has made on the region’s economy, faith, education and general cohesion. Speaking at a special Vaisakhi celebratory dinner, West Midlands Combined Authority Metro Mayor Street was at pains to highlight the Sikh community in particular and the massive contribution they have made in the industrial growth – backed by the power of their faith and what it means to celebrate that fact. “We in the West Midlands are truly grateful for being embraced by your community,” he said to a special gathering, at the Ibis Hotel, in

l Mayor Street welcoming guests, and with specially invited dignitaries.

New National Awards to Celebrate Interfaith Understanding

Schoolgirl Hannah Champions Pakistani Christian Girls Rights

Twenty-one 21st century leaders will identify and celebrate seven Christians, Muslims and Jews under the age of 35 who are leading projects, running organisations and creating dialogues to bring followers of the three Abrahamic faiths closer together. It’s believed to be the first time anywhere in the world that media outlets catering to different faiths communities have worked together in such a way. They will work in partnership with Coexist House, which seeks to boost public understanding of the perspectives and practises of the world’s religions. “The

narrative of faiths in constant conflict is all too dominant today — often perpetuated by the media,” a spokesman for the project said. “Through this unique collaboration, we look forward to shining a light on those demonstrating in their work and their lives how their faith makes them more open, not less, to friendships and social action across cultural boundaries. “With a combined audience of hundreds of thousands across the three communities, we are uniquely placed to highlight the many glowing examples of positive interactions to our readers and viewers, and to spread awareness to wider society.” Those featured will be invited to a reception at Lambeth Palace in November. The project will conclude around Interfaith Week and, fittingly, close to the 70th birthday of Prince Charles, who has made furthering interfaith relations a priority.


l Hannah at the Entrance to the EU Parliament with UKIP MEP Nathan Gill hristian schoolgirl, Hannah Chowdhry, of Pakistani origins, gave up her Easter holidays to champion the rights of thousands of Pakistani Christian girls who are at risk of rape, kidnap and forced Islamic marriage every year in Pakistan. The BPCA (British Pakistani Christian Association) volunteer met with UKIP MEP Nathan Gill to discuss concerns about persecution of minorities in Pakistan, after the Welsh MEP and Welsh Assembly Member responded to an email correspondence sent out by the organisation.

MEP Gill was moved by the plight of Pakistani Christians and created a small video which he shared on social media to draw necessary attention to the issue of millions of Christians who have suffered oppression and discrimination since the creation of the South Asian country despite the original founder of the nation holding much more egalitarian views. During their meeting, Hannah explained that she had begun volunteering after learning how girls around her age had suffered brutality at the hands of men much older than them, often after the girls had been entrapped by friends at school who had been

actively involved in planning the kidnaps and knew that it would lead to brutal sham marriages enacted by corrupt local imams. She said: "The average age of victims is 13 but many can be younger than that. I am 14 and when I think about what these vulnerable girls have been through it makes me shudder. “I have written to the High Commissioner of Pakistan several times asking for him to help these girls, but have never received any response. “When I saw the video I realised he was interested in helping these girls and many other victims of oppression in Pakistan so I requested a chance to discuss

concerns about Pakistan and was pleasantly surprised when he agreed to meet.” Gill has agreed to help BPCA raise a series of questions to European Parliament ensuring that the EU is knowledgeable on the real human rights crises that is manifest in Pakistan. During her visit Hannah also met with South Asian Delegate for the EU MEP Jean Lambert (Green Party) and the First Vice President for the EU Mairead McGuiness (Fine Gael) during a seminar on persecution of nonbelievers. She also attended a regular prayer meeting that is attended by officials of the EU, lobbyists and MEP's.

Edgbaston, in Birmingham. “It is great to see confidence in your community to making great efforts in making this region great again.” He spoke of the importance of the faith communities in the West Midlands working together, for a better future, and legacy for diversity and for today’s youth: “I’m calling out to all the region’s leaders and encouraging them to encourage more women to be seen as leaders. “We must never forget to celebrate their spirit.” Mayor Street then marked the importance of Vaisakhi: “What is Vaisakhi all about?” he asked. “It’s about commitment; through business and communities – through women’s networks and each and every Gurdwara. “We must also, I must emphasize, and as you do so successfully, have confidence in our youth and the impact they will be making in the future. “We are creating a vibrant community here in a West Midlands that is sharing a cultural revolution. “Success must be for all.”

Pope Urges Healthcare for All Pope Francis has encouraged people from different disciplines, cultures, societies and religions to reflect on and share their knowledge on healthcare and commit themselves to care for the sick and the suffering, particularly those experiencing social and cultural hardships. Speaking at the end of an international conference discussing the impact of science and new technology on society and culture, he called for respect for the good of humanity and a sense of ethical responsibility in the field of genetics where, he said, it is "possible to modify our DNS." Recalling Blessed Paul VI, he went on to say that while caring for the sick and suffering, one must not forget the basic principle that "not everything technically possible or doable is thereby ethically acceptable. The "true measure of progress" is one which is directed to the "good of every man and the whole man." Entitled 'Unite to Cure', the event was promoted by the Vatican's Pontifical Council for Culture, in collaboration with the Cura Foundation, the Science, Theology and the Ontological Quest (STOQ) Foundation and the Stem for Life Foundation, bringing together experts in the fields of health, media, entertainment, technology, as well as faith-based organizations and government representatives. Among the attendees was singer Kate Perry, who gave a talk about meditation. She was accompanied by boyfriend Orlando Bloom,


The Phoenix Newspaper - May 2018 - Page 37


Barbara Bush


he Swedish superstar electronic dance DJ had some classic club anthems include ‘Wake Me Up,’ ‘Levels’ and ‘Lonely Together’ with Rita Ora. Reportedly making $250,000 (£180,000) a night on tour, he struggled with health issues in the past, having


he former US first lady and literacy campaigner was the matriarchal figure of a political dynasty that included two presidents - her husband George HW Bush and son George W Bush. The first lady from 1989 to 1993, her husband, at 93, is the

his gall bladder and appendix removed in 2014. He announced his retirement from touring in 2016, partly because of the health problems but later announced a return to the studio, and released a new self-titled EP in 2017. He died whist in Oman - no cause of death was announced. He was 28.

Henri Michel

longest-lived US president. Their son, George, was elected in 2000 and served two terms as the nation's 43rd president. She is one of only two women whose husband and son became US president, and the only one to have seen them both sworn in. She was 92.


charge of the United Arab Emirates, Equatorial Guinea and Kenya. As well as Zamalek he also worked with some of Africa's leading club sides, including spell with Morocco's Raja Casablanca, plus South Africa's Mamelodi Sundowns. He was 70.

o r k i n g with the Caribbean Tourism Organisation since 1996, as director of resource mobilization and development, Bonita had a positive impact on those with whom she worked or interacted, and touched hearts in the most fundamental ways. With a calm and comforting demeanour, her penchant for providing a listening ear, respect for colleagues, welcoming embrace and her self-

Notice Board


he television and radio presenter started his career as a DJ in London leading to work on local radio. In 1986 he joined BBC Bristol to present Pet Watch for BBC One before spending nearly a decade hosting ITV daytime hit ‘Supermarket Sweep,’ then back on the BBC to hosting BBC's lottery show ‘In It To Win It’ and appeared in game show ‘Hole In The Wall.’ Known for his ‘per-


est known for playing MiniMe in the Austin Powers films, the 2ft

lessness were exemplary as she introduced many impactful projects and programmes during her tenure. She faced the challenge of battling cancer without a complaint and with an upbeat attitude. But that was Bonita through and through – always positive, always believing. Leaving her husband, Paul, and children Jonathan, Maya and Ayana, she was 61.


, Big S p o h S e l t t Li

If you’ve got an event, notice or information that you’d like to advertise on our community notice board, get in touch with us on:

0121 339 5885


RHS Chelsea Flower Sh

innovative show See vivid floral displays and s RHS Chelsea Flower gardens at the prestigiou w tends to sell out in Show. Although the sho other floral-themed advance, there are lots of elsea during May. events in and around Ch ea Royal Hospital Chels 18 20 y 22 to 26 Ma


he five-time world darts c h a m p i o n (between 1980 and 1986) competed at a World Championship for the final time in 2000 - his 23rd in a career during which he won more than 70 professional titles. Inducted into the PDC (Professional Darts Cor-

poration) Hall of Fame in 2005 he retired from competing in 2007. A maverick in the sport, the self-proclaimed, self-styled ‘Crafty Cockney’ was a TV favourite during his playing day with his dry sense of humour and quick wit. He died, at the age of 60, after suffering a heart attack.

mi-tanned’ appearance, he made a show for Channel 5 called ‘Dale Winton's Florida Fly Drive’ - Channel 5 say the final episodes were due to air next month. He dies at his home age 62.

Verne Troyer

Bonita Morgan


e was capped 58 times by France, who he coached from 1984 to 1988 and managed eight different countries. In his playing career he made over 500 appearances for Nantes winning three league titles. He also managed France's Olympic men's squad in 1982, winning a gold medal in Los Angeles '84 after beat Brazil in the final. He also managed Cameroon, Morocco, Tunisia and Ivory Coast and also had spells in

Eric Bristow

Dale Winton


Impossible - M an Arena Anniver chester sary Event Manches

ter blogge event for the M rs are hosting a charity anchester emer ge The night will include perform ncy fund. ances from artists and band of prizes dona s and also a raffle full ted from some awesome companies. 36 Peter Stree t, Manch 19 May 2018 ester

8in (81cm) star also played Griphook in the first Harry Potter film. He appeared on a number of reality TV shows, including Celebrity Big Brother in the UK in 2009 and making regular appearances on Celebrity Juice plus starring in Keith Lemon's feature length film, ‘Keith Lemon: The Film.’ He was treated for alcohol addiction last year and released a statement addressing his problems. He was 49

Matt Campbell


MasterChef semi-finalist, from Kendal, was running the in the London Marathon for The Brathay Trust in honour of his father Martin who died 18 months ago. He began his career working in Michelin-starred restaurants after finishing second in the BBC's Young Chef

of the Year in 2009 before leaving the UK for the French Alps and worked in private villas and "award-winning luxury" ski chalets, returning to the UK last year and entering BBC’s MasterChef: The Professionals. He collapsed at the 22.5 mile mark in the hottest race on record age 29.

Page 38 - The Phoenix Newspaper - May 2018

Sandwell a Lea St George’s Day


he annual St George's celebrations and family fun day in West Bromwich welcomed people to join in a parade which made its way from Stone Cross to Dartmouth Park in the Sandwell Borough. Organised by Stone Cross St George Day Parade, there the 21st Parade all started; with a short service

by the war memorial followed by the fun family day which includes fun fairs, craft stalls, charity stalls, music, dancing and food and n-going rolling road closures set in place for the parade to pass safely through. The parade was led by a horse drawn carriage carrying a cuddly dragon, followed by the British Legion, who held a small

service and a minute’s silence at the cenotaph, and Maritime Cadets from Ledbury and Malvern. Organiser Mark Cowles said: “This was a great day to get in the spirit of St George and celebrate our culture, history and identity. Despite a smaller turnout than last year, it was a fantastic day out for all the family. We paid


ading Light for ay Celebrations

for it ourselves through donations and fundraising activities throughout the year to raise the £10,000 cost to put it on.” Present at the Stone Cross starting point were two of England’s heroes, including the Black Country’s leading personality and famed fund-raiser Blind Dave, who is an ambassador for the Stone Cross St George Day Parade, who

was alongside champion middleweight boxer Tommy Langford, who said: “He (Blind Dave) should be knighted for what he does during these parades.” “Despite a smaller crowd, we are still the biggest St. George’s Day celebrations in the country,” said Cowles. “And we are a template for other towns and cities around England

to follow.” The day also saw St George’s-themed activities at Haden Hill House, in Cradley Heath which had a dragon trail where people were able to learn more about St George, with for craft items on sale. There was also shield decorating and searching for dragons at Oak House, in West Bromwich.

The Phoenix Newspaper - May 2018 - Page 39

Page 40 - The Phoenix Newspaper - May 2018


Jamaica Evening Highlights Progressive Growth of the ‘Pearl of the Caribbean’


pecial Guest Speaker, Jamaica High Commissioner for the UK, His Excellency Mr. Seth George Ramocan, said: “It’s about where Jamaica is and for you to be a part of it,” as he spoke to the specially invited audience at the ‘Jamaica Evening’ at the H Suite in Birmingham. “It warms my heart to see Jamaica’s unity in strength,” he said, “especially seeing it in work here. Seeing the work tonight’s organiser, Dean Alexander, and his mom, Dr. Beverly Lindsey, do in this city warms my heart.” H.E Ramocan was speaking as the gathered guests; who included the likes of the founder and CEO of Caribbean food producer Cleone Foods Wade Lyn CBE, TPN Media’s own Founder/Editor In Chief Marcia McLaughlin, Dr. Beverly Lindsey OBE OD VLL, Leighton Smith who is Chief Representative Officer at Victoria Mutual Finance Limited, former Aston Villa, Liverpool, Rangers and England footballer Mark Walters and many more. Lets not forget that Beverly Lindsay OBE OD VLL and

Diamond Travel have been championing Jamaica and the Caribbean as destinations for both tourism and investment for a number of years now. The Caribbean Evening was created about 6 years ago to promote Diamond Travel, and to give back to their loyal customers and and was started at the Birmingham Community Association. The first time had over 300 people, then it moved to the Drum, then Aston Villa, and last year was to celebrate Diamond Travel’s 30th year of business, done with Virgin Atlantic to give back to the community that supported them. Hosted by Tony Marshall – receptionist Noel Garcia in the hit BBC TV drama Casualty – everyone present was at pains to take in what the High Commissioner was addressing, especially in light of the current ‘Windrush Generation’ issue which has itself found a ‘casualty’ following the resignation of the government’s Home Secretary, Amber Rudd. “Jamaica is the ‘Pearl of the Caribbean,’” Ramocan said. ”There are more Jamaicans

outside of the country than ever before.” The topic of crime in the country was also raised by the High Commissioner and addressed, informing the audience exactly how the country was cleaning up problem areas. A prominent presence on the night was Victoria Mutual Finance Limited, with Leighton Smith, highlighting the investment opportunities on the Caribbean island; “Take a look at Jamaica...” he said, “...and you will fall in love with it. “Jamaica is much more than a holiday – it’s a great investment. “There’s a massive amount of foreign investment moving into the country and, as it is going, within 10 years or so, there probably would not be any land available to take on. That is why we, Jamaica’s first financial porthold, are here - to help you with your investment - on your land. “It’s about making Jamaica financially independent.” He marked up Stonebrook Manor, in Falmouth and Phoenix Park in Montego Bay, as highly appreciable property venues - for anywhere f r o m t h e

equivalent of £40,000 to £135,000 – before introducing a representative from the acclaimed Moreland Developments with highly sought-after property in Mandeville. It was refreshing to hear from someone making investment opportunities sound so sexy, especially at the prices that were quoted, enticing many in the room to take to their phones to make notes and bookmark opportunities. St. Elizabeth properties, they made clear, are also soon to come. For those not quite ready, there, there were opportunities to see the sun, sea and golden sands of Jamaica, on the night, with a luxury 7-day holiday to Moon Palace, on offer through a raffle draw. George Ruddock from the Jamaica Gleaner sent a message to the Jamaican Community to continue its support for an institution like the Gleaner. He reminded of the importance of the Gleaner for bringing news from back home since its inception back in 1834, and was excited to talk about their biggest selling front page news story they had two years ago, and how the paper will evolve looking to the future. Although his speech was quite informative, the main emphasis was to continue supporting the Gleaner. EastEnders star, Rudolph Walker, was also a very prominent presence as he highlighted the fight against one of the world’s greatest killers; prostate cancer. “Black men, especially,”

l Leighton Smith,VMBS

he said, “must know the risk. ‘Conversation’ saves lives and men need to open up and talk more about this issue – It can save yours, or someone else’s, life.” On the night there was also a presentation on diabetes by Tony Kelly of Diabetes UK, a well known supporter, and probably

one of the best at spreading the news about diabetes prevention and maintenance - before, on a lighter note, limbo dancing and music from Steel Pulse legend, Basil Gabbidon and Friends, made for this, the fifth Jamaica and Friends Dinner, probably the best yet.


The Phoenix Newspaper - May 2018 - Page 41


An Angelic Mission

l Adam Reader, Managing Director of Grace Foods UK with Angel Christian of Angel Foundation, Shaun Wallace, Marcia McLaughlin, Editor In Chief of The Phoenix Newspaper and host on the night DJ Elayne


n the glamorous Ocean Room at the Cumberland Hotel in Marble Arch, London, supporters, sponsors and friends of Angel Foundation UKJA A&E Care came together for their Black Tie Event Charity Ball and Fundraiser. In the presence of His Excellency Seth George Ramocan, High Commissioner For Jamaica, the audience heard about Angel Foundation’s mission, as well as their current drive, to sponsor a child from the mountain village of Luna, high in the hills of St Mary in Jamaica. “The main aim of today’s charity event to raise funds to go to educational development in the community of Saint Mary, is a commendable one” explained High Commissioner Ramocan, “which should help to enrich the lives of some of our future leaders now resident in Saint Mary.” “I am very proud of Angel” Shaun Wallace, a.k.a The Dark Destroyer from The Chase was in

attendance alongside host DJ Elayne, the Grace Foods team, The Esther Ajayi Foundation, Victoria Mutual, as well as high profile guests from a variety of backgrounds. Angel Foundation were attending the funeral of a 10 year old girl, Chrisuna Christine Smikkle who unfortunately died due to breathing problems that could easily have been seen to by private health care professionals. The family was too poor to afford this type of care for their daughter. They heard in her Eulogy that despite Chrisuna’s poverty she would share her lunch with her class mates who had none. After the funeral the team did a needs map and inspected the village and noticed that they are still using pit toilets, that electricity is scarce and the houses are poorly assembled which could be dangerous for young children. This is the poorest village the Angel Foundation has ever seen in Jamaica. "We were inspired by the joy and

l Marcia McLaughlin, Editor In Chief of The Phoenix Newspaper with the Esther Ajayi Foundation table

happiness of the children, despite the poverty, they were very polite well mannered, and were singing songs of praise as there is a deep faith rooted within the people. "Most of the parents cannot afford the schooling and the ones that go cannot afford food, it’s a dire situation." This is why Angel decided to set up a sponsorship program, to ensure that the children in this community would receive the best start in life that they can. Just £60 will send a child to school including their lunch every day for 3 months. If you are interested in sponsoring a child through the Angel Foundation, or want more information, visit, email or call 07507978029. The Phoenix Newspaper is very proud of the work that Angel Foundation is doing, and we wish her well for her future endeavours.

l Adam Reader, Managing Director of Grace Foods UK with the Grace Team

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Drug Used During Pregnancy Banned An epilepsy drug that can damage unborn babies must no longer be prescribed to girls and women of childbearing age in the UK unless they sign a form to say that they understand the risks. Drug regulator the MHRA says the new measures it's introducing will keep future generations of children safe. It is thought about 20,000 children in the UK have been left with disabilities caused by valproate since the drug was introduced in the 1970s. The MHRA has changed the licence for valproate, which means any doctor prescribing it will have to ensure female patients are put on a Pregnancy Prevention Programme. Dr June Raine, from the MHRA, said: "Patient safety is our highest priority. We are committed to making sure women and girls are aware of the very real risks of taking valproate during pregnancy." Affected families have called for a public inquiry and compensation.

Battling Blood Cancer Through Wolves Art

l Louise Cobbold painting Wolves head coach, Nuno Espírito Santo

As part of government plans to meet NHS staffing demands, over 3,000 places on midwifery training courses in England are to be created over the next four years, with the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) welcoming the move - but say training more midwives was only half of the problem. An extra 650 midwifery training places will be created next year, followed by 1,000 for the three subsequent years. The news, which was announced by Health and Social Care Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, came after midwives, along with more than one million NHS staff, were offered pay increases of at least 6.5% over three years. Alongside the increase in training places, he also promised mothers that they will be seen by the same midwife throughout labour, pregnancy and birth - by


arlier in the 2017/18 football season, artist Louise Cobbold decided to paint an image of her husband’s favourite player, Ruben Neves, as a gift. Wolverhampton Wanders-mad Chris was so delighted with the painting he posted it social media. The reaction was so positive and sparked such interest amongst the Wolves fans it led to an idea to raise funds for blood cancer charity Cure Leukaemia in support of Wolves’ goalkeeper Carl Ikeme who was diagnosed with acute leukaemia last year. Using photos taken by awardwinning Sam Bagnall, Suffolkborn Louise painted a set of 12 original pieces, signed by Louise as well as the Premier League bound Wolves players and staff who feature. All 12 framed pieces were auctioned in ‘The Great Big Art Auction’ through Cure Leukaemia’s eBay page with 100% of the funds raised going directly to support the lifesaving work of the specialist research nurses the charity fund in the Midlands. 38-year-old mother of two Louise said: “This idea brought together our two biggest passions as a couple, Wolves for Chris and art for myself. “We have always been passionate about supporting good causes and whilst the ultimate gift for all of us would be Carl’s swift return to full health, we are proud to be playing our part in the phenomenal fundraising

Plans now in Place for More Midwives

efforts of the Wolves family for Cure Leukaemia.” Chris, 41, an IT recruitment specialist said: “I absolutely loved Louise’s gift; it was Ruben, it was Wolves; of course, I was going to share with other fans on social media to get their thoughts! “I never imagined that it would receive such a positive reaction, but it has led to an idea which I hope raised vital funds for a fantastic charity in support of Carl. “It would not have been possible without the stunning photography Sam (Bagnall) so kindly allowed Louise to use as a reference for her illustrations and we are also very grateful to Wolves and Cure Leukaemia for helping make this idea a reality.” Cure Leukaemia’s Chief Executive James McLaughlin said, “Louise and Chris have driven a very unique and innovative fundraising idea in support of Carl and Cure Leukaemia. “The paintings are fantastic and we are very grateful to Louise, Chris, Wolves and Sam Bagnall for making this possible. Every penny raised went towards directly helping patients, like Carl, who are battling blood cancer in the Midlands.”



Over the last five years 7,700 newly-qualified midwives have joined the profession, but the numbers leaving - either because of retirement or, increasingly, quitting the NHS - reached 8,900. The RCM estimates that services in England are 3,500 midwives short, with Chief executive, Gill Walton, calling the latest move "a very long overdue acknowledgement" of the need for more midwives. "The announcement must be welcomed," she said. "It comes as some relief to NHS midwives who have been working incredibly hard, for many years, with increasing demands and inadequate resources." But she warned that the measures were "ambitious" and would "not transform maternity services right now." Adding the extra recruited midwives would not qualify until 2022. We must get a commitment from the government and trusts to employ them. The Department of Health scrapped its NHS bursary scheme for trainee nurses and midwives in England last year, which meant that students enrolling on most nursing and midwifery courses from August 2017 have to pay tuition fees like other students.”


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Hospice Precious Homes Are Pinders’ Calling for Champions Once Again Volunteers John Taylor Hospice is calling for volunteers to help in its first shop which is due to open in Erdington this month. The store, at 121 High Street, Erdington, in Birmingham, is the first retail venture for the hospice in its 108-year history and will feature high quality goods at low prices, including; clothing, accessories, books, DVDS, CDs and household items. And the hospice, which works across Birmingham, Solihull and in the West Midlands, is hoping local people will rally to its call to volunteer as retail assistants. Andrew Ray, John Taylor’s Business Development and Retail Manager, said: “This is a really exciting development for John Taylor Hospice. Every pound which shoppers spend will be used to ensure we are providing care for local families as they and their loved ones approach the end of their lives. “We have been in the heart of the Erdington community for generations so we wanted to open our first shop right here on the high street. And we are already looking at sites for future shops.” Hospice Head of Volunteering Mark Jones said: “We often hear from people who want to support the hospice and volunteering in our first shop is an ideal opportunity to do that.” To find out more about volunteering at the John Taylor Hospice shop see: www.

ocus F on Social Care

Caring for our Carers



l Precious Homes team receiving their award ndependent social care provider, Precious Homes, joined healthcare design finalists from across the UK, at the Pinders Healthcare Design Awards lunch held at the Royal Lancaster London, and were named winners in the category of ‘Best Regeneration Project, with judges recognising their innovative and bespoke approach to healthcare service design for the second year running. The Pinders Healthcare Design Awards aim to promote and recognise the very best developments in all types of carerelated property. ‘Swan Court’ is a redevelopment project from a

previous older person’s sheltered housing scheme into a threetiered residential and supported living service with social enterprise for younger adults with complex needs to become significantly more independent and confident at home and in the community. The overall aim was for the design of the new service to maximise safety and space, incorporating the design team’s innovative ideas and the creation of three innovative services with a social enterprise as separate entities but ensuring natural integration and a seamless transition of services within the complex. A key design feature are the

communal spaces and cafe which include new and upcycling projects. Examples include pallets used to decorate the café and a pool table re-designed into the café counter. Greg Lapham, Precious Homes’ Chief Operating Officer, said: “I remember the first time I walked around the original property and immediately saw the potential – truly envisioning that something very special could be created. “Being National finalists three years in a row and winning the Pinders Design Award two years in a row is a fantastic achievement and I am extremely proud of what we have achieved.”

owards the end of March, I attended a Carers event which was a joint event with Health. Carers are truly our unsung heroes without who our health and care system which is already at breaking point would have broken. Carers do a phenomenal and largely unrecognised job in looking after their families and friends who require care. • 107,380 Carers in Birmingham – 1 in 8 people that is a phenomenal number and without carers the already fragile health and social care system will collapse. • Carers make an enormous contribution to society and saving the economy billions of pounds through the care they provide. • Playing a valuable role in the provision of support and care of relatives or friends, be they older people, those with disabilities or people who are chronically or terminally ill. • Caring for people who are frail or ill not only requires a wide range of skills, it also requires an a lot of patience and strength and quite often carers feel isolated, vulnerable, stressed and frustrated. • The role of carer, can be a 24-hour-a-day, 7-daya-week job – although carers want to care for their loved ones they do need support as many are stretched to their limits which then impacts on their own health and wellbeing; • Many carers also lose out financially as some have to give up jobs but it is emotional and physical tiredness which leaves many at breaking point. There are also an increasing number of young people who are carers many who help look after someone in their family, or a friend, who is ill, disabled or misuses drugs or alcohol.

l Cllr Paulette Hamilton A young carer is someone under the age of 18, many of whom take on caring responsibilities at a very early age, it is estimated that 1 in 12 secondary aged children are carers. These young people do a lot of caring before coming into school and when going home in the afternoon – practical tasks such as cooking, cleaning, physical tasks helping someone of bed; helping them dress and wash, looking after siblings. Being a young carer has a big impact on a child growing up with many reporting it affecting their health, self-confidence and social life. Many young carers miss school because of their caring roles and many experience bullying because of their caring roles. There is an awful lot of services and support which is designed to help our Cities young carers; and there are charities offering young carers the chance to be young people free from their caring responsibilities and providing access activities, outings, holidays and one to one support. Caring for Carers is essential and the carers commissioning strategy will be developed with the real experts themselves; our carers. I am a real fan of codesign as I believe it is the only way in which we can ensure our services our direction of travel is fit for purpose. I would love our City to be a Carer Friendly City.

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Gate-to-Gate for Qatar

USVI Cruising To Success

Qatar Airways has announced that it will be the first airline in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) to provide gate-to-gate internet connectivity on-board. A decision by Qatar’s Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) will allow the provision on-board aircraft at all altitudes. Previously, internet connection was only permitted when an aircraft was higher than 3,000 meters above sea level. Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, said: “In another first for the MENA region, our passengers will be able to enjoy uninterrupted internet connectivity from the moment they step on board a Qatar Airways flight. “This is another significant enhancement to our awardwinning levels of service that our passengers around the globe have come to appreciate.” Approval by the CRA means that Qatar will be the first country in the MENA region to provide gate-to-gate internet connectivity on-board aircrafts. It also reflects CRA’s alignment with Qatar’s high rate of technology adoption across various sectors.

Jamaica takes #1 Position in the Caribbean


anked number one on the TripAdvisor® Travelers' Choice™ awards' ‘Best Destinations in the Caribbean’ list, the well-respected planning and booking website highlighted Jamaica as the Caribbean's best islands based on the quantity and quality of reviews and ratings for hotels, restaurants and attractions. Based on the data, which was gathered over a 12-month period, Jamaica was also named the 14th ‘Best Destination in the World.’ “Jamaica is honoured to be named ‘Best Destination in the Caribbean’ and be listed in the top 20 destinations in the world,” said Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett. “This is particularly special because it is bestowed on us by visitors who have ranked the services

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ith innovative thinking, leadership and continued public-private sector collaboration, the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) has a good opportunity to further develop its cruise tourism sector, reports Commissioner of Tourism Beverly Nicholson-Doty. However, Commissioner Nicholson-Doty - who held bilateral talks with a number of cruise line executives during the recent Seatrade Cruise Global cruise industry convention warned that the landscape of the tourism industry continues to be challenging as lines reposition itineraries to the Western Caribbean and passengers

demand a greater diversity of experiences. She noted that during a meeting with the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association's top brass, the Ports of the U.S. Virgin Islands was commended for the progress made to implement harbour transportation in the Charlotte Amalie Harbour, which they described as "the single most important thing we can do for cruise tourism on St. Thomas." The Territory will also continue to prioritize providing authentic Virgin Islands experiences for visitors, such as food tours, historical site visits, educational rum distillery tours and the ability to purchase locally made art and products.

we provide them as exemplary.” He went on to say that this accomplishment is a special one for Jamaica, and is one that should be especially cherished by all stakeholders and employees of the industry who have made it their duty to make the visitors' experiences unforgettable. “We've welcomed music power couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z to our island, comedian Mike Epps; Prince Harry and Meghan Markle; singer Shawn Mendes; Khloe Kardashian and her NBA star boyfriend, Tristan Thompson; and signers Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez,” Bartlett also highlighted. TripAdvisor® also named Seven Mile Beach in Negril the 8th ‘Best Beach in the World’ for 2018.

Go Goa to Experience India’s True Beauty

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rom party crowd to those seeking tranquillity, there is something for everyone when visiting Goa. With its predominantly magnificent golden beaches that would take your breadth away, or the many luxury hotels which offer excellent services and facilities, it is perfect for a relaxing luxury break.

For visitors attracted to this part of India, year on year, you can combine it with other destinations as part of a multi-centre holiday. For culture, diversity, and sheer beauty make sure to experience the Goa peninsular either as part of an India city break or a twin or multi centre holiday – to make a truly fascinating holiday.


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Sydney to Shine for Series Action

China and India Should be 'Good Neighbours and Friends,' Chinese President Xi Jinping said the country and India are the "backbone" of the world's multi-polarisation and economic globalisation, and the two countries should jointly make positive contributions to the global peace and development. Hosting an unprecedented two-day "informal summit" with visiting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in Wuhan, said that China and India are both important engines of the world economic growth. "As the two largest developing countries and emerging-market economies with a population level of more than one billion,” Xi said, “China and India” Modi replied, “are the backbone of the world's multi-polarisation and economic globalisation.” Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era and Modi also proposed the goal of building a "New India", he said, adding that on the road to development and revitalisation, China and India face similar tasks. Xi said: "We must firmly focus on development, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, and jointly realise national rejuvenation to jointly create a stable, prosperous and prosperous 21st century in Asia.”

VI Athlete Heads to Ghana for ICS Project S al Gamil of the Birmingham Barbarians Goalball Club is one of only 10 UK volunteers selected for an eight-week International Service project in Northern Ghana. The ICS REACT project will bring together 20 young people from the UK and Ghana - both visually impaired (VI) - and sighted. The group will work for two months to help raise awareness, and challenge the stigma, of visual impairment in the region using inclusive sports like goalball. With the aim to make goalball more sustainable in the country, the team will train players, coaches and referees and help equip local people to develop inexpensive resources using local materials enabling communities to hold their own goalball games.

The trip is made possible by International Service in partnership with the International Citizen Service (ICS) and Team Insight – which is run by GB goalball player Georgie Bullen. Sal said: “Coming from Yemen at a young age I can appreciate the difficulties VI people face in countries where there are fewer resources to help them reach their potential. I’m very passionate about community development – so there was never any doubt that I’d be applying for the project!” Goalball UKs Chris Davies – Team Leader in Ghana - said: ''I have seen first-hand how this inclusive sport can transform people lives in the UK – Sal is a great example of that. Using goalball as a vessel for change is an opportunity we couldn’t turn down.''

Tourism to Africa is new top Destination for Chinese Tourists


survey shows a record high number of Chinese respondents—more than 60%—who plan to travel in-depth in 2018. “In-depth travels” is a term used by travel websites in China to describe the type of trips that involve more unconventional journeys beyond the typical tourist experience. For the very first time, Africa moved up to first place as the top in-depth travel destination Chinese travelers hope to visit in 2018, dethroning the everpopular Japan and Australia. Among the destinations in Africa Chinese are most

interested in Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa, Namibia, Madagascar and Tanzania, according to Travelzoo’s website statistics. Deal experts say the rapid growth in popularity in exotic destinations such as Morocco and Tunisia is largely due to relaxation of visa requirements for Chinese nationals. Chinese passport holders have been granted visa-free access to visit Morocco since June 2016and Tunisia since February 2017, and visa-on-arrival access to enter Tanzania and Egypt. There was a 378% year-overyear growth in Chinese arrivals in Morocco and 240% in Tunisia

during the six months after the easing of visa requirements, which pushed Morocco to first place and Tunisia third as the destinations that enjoyed the greatest growth in Chinese visitors Additionally, the survey revealed that the U.S.—one of the top five destinations of all time for Chinese travelers—fell from the third place to fifth this year while Japan and Australia remain number one and two. The U.K. retains the fourth spot, while no other Western European country made it into the top 10 this year.

Originally devised as a rehabilitation programme for blind and visually impaired soldiers returning from World War II, goalball was one of the hits of London 2012 with crowds cramming into the Copper Box to support the men and women’s

teams. Sal and Chris want to take resources with them that may befit the people that they work and are looking to take out things that are not widely accessible in Ghana such as canes, goalball balls and shades, and playing kits.

This year, Sydney will host both a historic standalone State of Origin encounter when the NSW Blues face QLD Maroons at ANZ Stadium in Game 2 of the 2018 Series on June 24, and the first ever Women’s State of Origin game played under the Origin brand on June 22. To add to the anticipation, the men’s game could be the decider; with either the Brad Fittler-led Blues creating history in claiming just their second Series victory since 2005 in Australia’s most watched sporting event. This clash will also be the first time in 17 years that a State of Origin rugby league game will have been played on a Sunday and furthermore, there will be no NRL Premiership games contested that weekend, allowing State of Origin Game Two in Sydney to take centre stage.

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If You Can't Sell It Why Not Raffle It? There’s a fast-growing trend for properties are being raffling properties – home owners are selling tickets instead of their property – with some ‘high-end’ pads going for as little as £5. It is said to help struggling sellers and those who like a flutter to getting on the property ladder. That said, though, some house raffles have been shut down by the Gambling Commission and local councils after owners failed to comply with regulations. A spate of high-profile home raffles has hit the headlines - falling foul of officials who said that these DIY efforts don't conform to gambling rules. More are lined up for the platform, with speculators anticipating that it would 'fundamentally disrupt the property market and make home ownership a genuine possibility for all.' Plus, what might looks like a ‘winwin’ idea for many buyers and sellers could end up planting people in some pretty tricky legal territory - even seeing sellers being prosecuted for running an illegal lottery.

Kop King, Fowler, Scoring Great Numbers in a Different Game H e was a hero of the Kop during a career that spanned nearly 20-years, but these days, former Liverpool legend, Robbie Fowler, is just as massive a hit - in the property game. Having terrorised defences for club and country, winning trophies galore, the former England international has built up a property portfolio so large fans at one of his former clubs, Manchester City, used to chant

“We all live in a Robbie Fowler house” [to the tune of Yellow Submarine] while he was playing for them. One of the highest scorers in Premier League history, he couldn’t necessarily match the type of ‘on field’ earnings of some of today’s top strikers, but when it comes to the ‘property game,’ they will have to go some to match him. After retiring from football in 2012, and while other footballers lost millions in the property

market crash of 2009, Robbie was one of the few people to come out of it with – if anything – his fortune enhanced. Now 43, he even has his name on a school for other people looking to make money for property. It’s a far cry from the ‘mean streets’ of Toxteth, in Liverpool, where he grew up – In fact, his super-wealth from the property market is an even further ‘cry’ from what was, and still is in parts, so un-associated with top-

flight footballers in the country. “My manager at Liverpool, Graeme Souness took me into his office,” Fowler recalled, “and introduced me to a financial adviser who would look after me for the rest of my life. It was the smartest thing I did.” As a young kid of 18, I wasn’t really interested at that stage getting financial advice was far from my mind. I was focused on playing football. But I got on-board with this financial adviser and I heeded his advice,

and that was my smartest money decision.” Now he owns a mix of apartments, small family houses and larger properties – both in Liverpool overseas, and is always actively looking for his next investment. Robbie Fowler is one of the richest ever footballer to come out of the Premier League – by making his money in a completely different game.

Puducherry a Hotspot for NRI Property Hunters


t would not be an exaggeration to say NRIs remain the most sought-after segment of homebuyers for Indian developers. A 16-million strong community globally, NRIs have brought liquidity to the market and forced developers to upscale their offerings to match the more sophisticated products they are used to. Last year saw revived NRI interest in Indian real estate following recent economic and realty regulatory reforms, says Rahul Maroo, Senior Vice-President and Head of International Sales, Omkar Realtors. Jaxay Shah, President, Credai National, agrees. “NRIs, especially from the Gulf, have a

keen interest in Indian realty,” he says. “This interest has been further amplified with the implementation of Real Estate Regulatory Act (Rera), enhancing their confidence and trust in the newly transformed ecosystem. “The introduction of REITs will also encourage widespread participation from consumers who now have the opportunity to make safe and rewarding investments.” Market data suggests the main metros continue to hold NRI interest and their contribution to developers’ sales looks set to increase this year. Data from listings agent Quikr Homes shows that Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bengaluru remain investment hotspots due to increased employment opportunities,

improved connectivity and better infrastructure. “The NRI contribution to real estate developers portfolio was 10-12 per cent in 2017-18, which is expected to increase to 18-20 per cent in 201819, mainly because of higher transparency in the market post Rera implementation,” says Sonu Abhinandan, Head of QuikrHomes. But as residential real estate deals with a staggering inventory overhang and slowing returns, NRIs have turned to other segments, including; residential, commercial, senior living, second homes and one of the most awaited investment vehicles; REITS (real estate investment trust).


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l Billionaire Shahid Khan

Now Mums Play Football!

ECB Looking at New 100 Ball Format

Khan to Add Wembley to Portfolio

Billionaire Shahid Khan confirmed the anticipated deal to buy Wembley Stadium from the Football Association would be worth around £1bn with many fans saying they are against the sale of the national stadium. Meanwhile, former FA chairman Lord Triesman says he fears people at the organisation "who know very little about it taking the final decision." American Khan, who owns Championship side Fulham and NFL franchise Jacksonville Jaguars, has been in discussions with FA chief executive Martin Glenn and chair Greg Clarke, who he said were "happy with the offer." It is understood the proceeds from the sale of the 90,000-capacity stadium would allow the FA to make a major investment into football at grassroots level.


hildren at school in in the West Midlands are raising money to go towards installing an all-weather pitch on their school field. Local businesses are also being invited to support the project. To help towards the fundraising, pupils and staff at Ferndale Primary School, in Great Barr, which is one of only seven in the country that was selected - from more than 19,000 that originally applied - to be part of the project, took part in an obstacle course challenge in the school hall. The Football Association is leading the Mini Pitches initiative in conjunction with The Premier League and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). Staff and pupils are working had to raise £20,000 to go towards the pitch with the school has already managing to raise just over £10,000, with events planned to help raise more over the coming months. If the school is able to raise the money, the rest of the cost, estimated to be in excess of £80,000, will be met with a grant from the Football Foundation. Headteacher Ruth Gillett said she is keen to get local businesses


omen across Staffordshire have an exciting, new opportunity to have fun, keep fit, and make new friends through the power of football. In 2017, the county witnessed over 160 ladies between the ages of 30 and 67, lace up their boots to begin, or return to, football in a fun and enjoyable environment with the introduction of the Staffordshire FA Ladies Over-30s League being a key contributor to its success, although there are still ladies itching to get involved! The Staffordshire FA worked in partnership with This Girl Can and Sport Across Staffordshire and Stoke-On-Trent, to create an environment that was comfortable, enjoyable and flexible to cater the needs of

Staffordshire’s diverse female community. Following player consultation, Staffordshire FA is excited to launch the new Mums Play Football initiative for 2018 which is designed to allow all ladies the opportunity to try football for the first time. Bethan Woolley, Staffordshire FA Football Development Officer explained: “This initiative has helped not only grow female football in Staffordshire, but has also created a complete new meaning of football for so many women. The enthusiasm for the programme has been overwhelming and we are really excited to widen this offer and create further opportunities for a previously unengaged audience.” Staffordshire will play host to 8

School Fundraising for Mini Pitch

involved too. She said: “The mini pitch is very much needed at Ferndale as our fields are very water-logged and unusable for much of the year. “The pitch will not only benefit the school children as it will also be available to the local community and sports groups.

“Our school community has been so generous and I’ve been really touched that a couple of children have donated some of their pocket money to the cause. “If there are any local businesses that can help us raise the rest of the money, we would be very grateful.”

new Mums Play Football Centres - all of which are welcoming and welcoming new players to their sessions. So, for all those ‘soccer mums’ taking their children to training, a female looking for a

new and enjoyable way to keep fit, or looking to return to a fun format of football, Mums Play Football is providing the perfect foundation.

THE ENGLAND and Wales Cricket Board has proposed a new 100-ball competition that will be aimed "at mums and kids during the summer holidays," says England director of cricket Andrew Strauss. And they want to introduce the format into its new eight-team, city-based tournament. "What we're trying to do is appeal to a new audience, people that aren't traditional cricket fans," said Strauss. "We want to make the game as simple as possible for them to understand." The concept could see innings consist of 15 traditional six-ball overs, and a final 10-ball over. That would be 20 balls shorter than Twenty20 matches. Southampton, Birmingham, Leeds, London, Manchester, Cardiff and Nottingham have been selected as venues for the five-week competition, which will start in 2020. The new competition will take place alongside the existing T20 Blast which is expected to be unaffected by the proposed format changes.

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Alexander Stadium To Get £70m Commonwealth Games Revamp

l Pele’s Pearls Team

Pele’s Pearls fall Shy of FA Walking Glory


l An Aerial shot of the proposed look of the Alexander Stadium. lans to expand Birmingham's Alexander Stadium in time for the 2022 Commonwealth Games have been announced with a £70m investment that will boost its current capacity from 12,700 to 40,000 and retain 20,000 seats after the event. Its completion would see it become Britain's largest permanent athletics stadium outside London. In a visit to Birmingham, Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed the expansion of the 40-year-old

structure, saying the investment would transform and benefit the local community and the West Midlands region as a whole. She said: "Birmingham's dynamism, diversity and ambition capture exactly what it is to be part of the Commonwealth and I'm sure that in four years' time, the people of this city will host an incredible event which showcases the very best of Britain to the world." The Alexander Stadium, which already stages Diamond League events and is the administrative home for UK Athletics, was

confirmed as hosts for the Commonwealth Games 2022 in December after its bid was the only one submitted to the CGF (Commonwealth Games Federation). It was chosen ahead of Liverpool as Britain's candidate. The government is said to be paying 75% of the cost of hosting the Games, with the other 25% to be raised locally. The new, revamped Alexander Stadium will have new community sports facilities, a permanent warm-up track and a new conference meeting space.

A group of long retired footballers have found a new zest for life by taking up walking football and proving that age is just a number. Pele’s Pearls got through to the FA People’s Cup finals day for the over 50’s Walking Football category. Pele’s Pearls all from Birmingham hoped to be crowned champions on finals day which took place on Saturday 28th April at the St Georges Park Burton the FA training headquarters. The team were all from Birmingham and 4 out of the 7 players attended Slade Road Primary School in Erdington. Player manager Shane Ward said “We entered after our normal 5-a-side team stopped about 10 years ago. We didn’t even have a full kit but still managed to get to the local final losing to the national champions Birmingham Walking Football.” Top scorer Ian Ward said: “It was a great experience but we knew we could do better. We have added some quality to the squad now and know if we perform we will go close.” Pele’s Pearls had a mixed day at the FA People's Cup over 50's walking football finals day before losing in the semi finals against EFL League 2 team Fleetwood Town.

The Phoenix Newspaper - May 2018  

The Phoenix Newspaper - May 2018

The Phoenix Newspaper - May 2018  

The Phoenix Newspaper - May 2018