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Sir Lenny promoting diversity as Chancellor


irmingham City University was delighted to install Sir Lenny Henry as the institution’s new Chancellor during an official ceremony held at Birmingham Town Hall. In his inaugural address as Chancellor, actor, writer, comedian and charitable campaigner, Sir Lenny was able to emphasis that “education is a right, not an accident of birth” and highlighted what he hopes to achieve with his role at Birmingham City University over the next five years. He said: “I grew up with the belief that education was not intended for the likes of me. It wasn’t until I was doing a summer season with Cannon and Ball in 1981 that I was brave enough to embark on my GCSEs. It was tough going, but I got through it.”

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irst and foremost, we wish to recognise the guidance, strength and support of our almighty God. Following on from our 2015 Gala Dinner Anniversary this year has been remarkable year for The Phoenix Newspaper and the team. We would like to thank all of our readers, businesses, supporters, advertisers and friends for your unwavering support throughout the year. We are delighted to announce that we now have reached 6.2 million views worldwide online. 2017 will bring with it a new website for The Phoenix Newspaper, new opportunities and new sections, including the jobs section. This year has seen many firsts, important engagements and more, including attending the Caribbean Tourism Organisation State of the Industry Conference in Barbados in September, being invited to a garden party for Barnardos at Buckingham Palace, meeting with the delegation of the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, and attending Commonwealth Day celebrations at Westminster Abbey, to name but a few. We appreciate the opportunities afforded to us, and are proud to say that the events that we attend enable us to really reach into each and every community up and down the country, bringing the positive energy from all of them into one place that everyone can benefit from. We need to give special thanks to Paul Ramsey of McDonalds, Dr Saroj Duggal of Crownsway Insurance, Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée CBE, Olusegun Dosumu, Paul Harrison of PK Media, and HRH Nana Agyemang Nyamekye Amlak, the Aduana Head of Kwakye Dida Nsuta Ashanti in Ghana. Bhai Sahib Dr Mohinder

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ome strange and unexpected events have been happening in world politics in recent times. The hitherto voiceless, powerless and marginalised communities in different parts of the world, seem to be striking back at the once apparently unmovable, un-listening and un-caring governments. There appears to be movements of change, led or inspired by previously powerless minority groups. The key question, however, is whether these signals indicate that minority groups are finally going to get what they want? Things seemed to start, or at least come to world attention, in 2010. In December of that year the unthinkable happened. Ordinary working people took to the streets in Tunisia demanding changes and reforms from their governments. By 2012, political regimes had been removed in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen, and there were major social uprisings and protests in at least ten other countries with populations which are predominantly Muslims, giving rise to the label the ‘Arab Spring.’ They wanted more transparent and accountable governments. The marginalised and minorities were striking back. They might have risen to a point where their voices were heard, but today, it has to be asked whether these peoples’ revolutions resulted in significant changes.

The Phoenix – December 2016

Marginalised Strike Back The morning of 24 June 2016 also seemed to signal a turning point in British politics when working people, older people, those unhappy with the rising tide of Eastern European migrants, as well as those who generally felt un-listened to by mainstream politicians, voted, by a simple majority, to leave

the European Union. With very few government officials actually knowing how to leave Europe, and bearing in mind, the time it might take to work this out, it might take years to leave, and thereby give the sense that we are not really leaving any time soon. Furthermore, with the triumph of Trump in the USA on 8 November 2016, also seemed to demonstrate the level of discontent among ordinary working people towards established politicians. Black voters, Latinos, and younger voters did not turn out

in significant numbers to support Clinton, while the white non-college educated turned out in larger numbers for Trump. The disillusioned, marginalised and ignored and thereby turned against the elitist establishment. The ongoing Greek tragedy regarding its response to the austerity measures announced to be imposed on the country in 2010, led to the rise of the ant-austerity activists, organised by the direct democracy now, which played a role in helping to challenge mainstream political power. Sadly, by May 2016 the Greek socialist Government which came to power on the banner of protests against austerity measures, was forced to accept such harsh measures amidst scenes of further protests. As the poor and the powerless minority groups in Britain continue to witness global attempts to bring about change, but see very few long-lasting signs of such reforms, will they too, question whether the marginalised will ever have their day in politics? Words by Dr Tony Talbut

The Phoenix – December 2016

Local youngster, Hannah May Gregory celebrates her century!


ut of all of the birthdays to celebrate, your 100th has to be the biggest milestone, and so on the 17th November, at Hodge Hill Grange Care Home in Birmingham, Hannah May Gregory was surrounded by her family and friends, along with the Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Cllr Carl Rice. “It’s a special day today, it’s not many of these that we will attend in our lifetime,” said Carlton Ellis, Hannah’s son-in-law, before leading a prayer to bless the celebration. Born on the 17th November 1916 in the Parish of Clarendon in Jamaica, Hannah had seven children with her late husband Constantine, who she married in 1940. Hannah followed Constantine to England a few years after he came here, in 1961 and spent her adult

years both as a housewife and mother, while giving support to her husband, who was very active as a Minister in the Church. “These are from the people of Birmingham” the Lord Mayor said as he presented the birthday girl with a bouquet of flowers and a card, “Nothing gives me greater pleasure than being able to attend events like this.” “Hannah May Gregory, I’ve only met you today, but I’ve fallen in love with you! I’m glad my wife isn’t here!” joked the Lord Mayor, “You’ll have to speak up, I can’t hear good!” said Hannah, to which he replied “Well I can’t talk good, so we’re well suited!” Until she was 98 years old, Hannah lived with her youngest daughter, Hyacinth, who fondly remembers living in Erdington, in the north of the city since 1967. “Mum was a very quiet lady, and

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she loved everyone. She only dated and married one man, my dad. She’s never worn makeup or jewellery, and is a committed Christian and has been for most of her 100 years.” The family has grown over the years to now include seventeen grandchildren, thirty great-grandchildren and four great-great-grandchildren. “She was always sick all the way through her life, she was a bit lazy!” laughed Hyacinth, “whereas my dad who was always healthy, died at 67!” Hannah, who appeared to have a great time with all of her family and friends around her, only moved into Hodge Hill Grange Care Home at 98 after a fall left her needing more help, “Prior to that she would be up and about with her walking frame,” explained Hyacinth. “She is a woman filled with love, a virtuous woman with integrity,” commented a friend of the family - and may she have many more birthdays to come! Words by Daniel Riley

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The Phoenix – December 2016

The contribution of South Asians to Britain

ABCC extend Diwali celebrations l L-R Ian Dutton, Lee Currier, Saqib Bhatti, Anita Champaneri (ABCC), Paul Faulkner (Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce), Qasim Majid (ABCC) and Anjum Khan (ABCC)


sian Business Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) held its event to celebrate Diwali to make its mark during the recent Festival of Lights celebrations among the Hindus, Sikhs and Jains communities with ABCC president Saqib Bhatti saying: “It was a real privilege to celebrate Diwali in such a great venue. Entrepreneurial Spark-powered by NatWest-who sponsored the event, at Birmingham City FC, is doing great work in moulding the entrepreneurs of tomorrow and

were able to showcase not only their brand but gave an opportunity for the Asian Business Community to meet the impressive entrepreneurs shaping the future.” E-Spark’s entrepreneur development manager, Lee Currier, said: “It was an absolute pleasure to support the ABCC Diwali celebration and networking event. NatWest is committed to supporting Birmingham's diverse business community, and through the NatWest Entrepreneur Strategy and our partnership with Entrepreneurial Spark we are delighted to support

some of Birmingham's most exciting Asian lead start-ups and scaleups.” Ian Dutton, head of commercial at Birmingham City FC, said: “As a club it was great to showcase what we can offer off the football pitch, which is a very impressive multi-purpose conference arena. It was also great to showcase how we are embracing the local community. We are delighted to become a new member of the ABCC and we look forward to many more of their events to come.”


or centuries, like their ‘ethnic cousins’, British South Asians have been contributing to the country in multiple ways. Studies have pointed to recurring themes on ethnicity, faith, discrimination, prejudice and immigration status, as ‘indicators’ of minorities’ presence. Yet their unique contribution to British society is seldom acknowledged, more so publicised. Estimates (2012) suggest that 320,000 minority ethnic-led firms are contributing close to £25 billion to the British economy. An independent evaluation of South Asian firms showed that they contributed approximately £5 million- £2 billion across 11 industry sectors during 20132016. The history of Britain is often seen through the lens of war and conflict rather than the rich diversity-elements of its citizenry. There are centuries of settlement by (former British colonial) Commonwealth, dating back to intervening periods - the 16th and 19th century. Much is made of the ‘second wave of immigration’ of Africans, Caribbeans and South Asians to Britain. Nevertheless the input of these distinctive groups is yet to be publicised in definitive terms Studies have also failed to capture the real value of minorities’ indomitable will; namely South Asians –‘old’ and ‘new arrivals’ - as professionals, artisans, students, refugees and other settler-categories. The 2011 census reported an estimated 3.3 million South Asians in the UK. Their presence is indicative of wealth creation, improvement in civic life as well as the strengthening of the cultural and social fabric of British society. In common with traditional Africans, South Asians are also known for their linguistic dexterity and diverse faith-based practices. The majority speak over four languages and although English language fluency is a challenge, the need is to improve on this. It is quite heartening to learn that large sections of the second and third generation have moved towards the attainment of this linguistic goal.

Business Formation

Since the early 1800s, South Asians have been involved in pioneering aspects of enterprise formation. The creation of tens of thousands of businesses and social firms in the 12 UK Regions is thus a remarkable feat and testament of ethnic entrepreneurship. Bengali-born Sake Deen Mahomet was the first recorded South Asian to set up a business in Britain. He founded the ‘Hindoostanee Coffee House’ in 1809, Portman Square, London. Even though he went bankrupt, the business survived for several years. The establishment of ‘balti houses’ in city centres where a high concentration of Indian/

South Asian residents live and operate successful businesses, reflects the growing affinity Britons have with ethnic cuisine. One report stated that hundreds of Indian companies paid over £600 million, as an increase in their share of corporate taxes (Grant Thornton 2015). The enterprise contribution of Afghanis, Bangladeshis, Indians, Nepalese, Pakistanis and Sri Lankans particularly, is worth recording here. Studies have referred to ‘transformative diversification’ involving the movement of ethnic groups and their countries of origin in present-day Britain (Vertovec 2007). Nevertheless, institutional discrimination has not dampened the longevity of the British South Asian firm sector, in owners’ quest towards financial independence. The lifespan of this business

segment of the economy according to industry, is as follows (2016 estimates):• Business and the Professions – 97 years • Construction – 39 years • Creative Industries – 44 years • Education and Training – 40 years • Food & Hospitality – 207 years. • Health and Social care – 60 years • Information Technology – 40 years • Manufacturing – 40 years • Personal care – 15 years • Social Enterprise -125 years • Transport & Logistics -32 years. (Source: independent review of South Asian firms from 1800 to the present)

Diversity Elements

The element of ‘business clusters’ is akin to the guiding principle of ‘spatial distribution’. Firms are located in London, the Southeast, the Midland Counties, other Home Counties, Scotland and Ireland. As signifiers too, business clusters can offer a better understanding and appreciation of the performance-value of firms across industry sector or business segment. The term ‘Banglatown’ for example, refers to Fournier Street and Brick Lane, the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, where there is a high concentration of Bangladeshi firms. Gender and [youth] age diversity elements are equally important in this realm of ‘ethnic-corporatism’. These are yet to be given much traction in academic and policy studies as well as the mass media.

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w a r d - w i n n i n g journalist, editor and publisher Dr Christopher Johnson writes his monthly column in The Phoenix aiming to inform, educate and entertain.

Over 30% of South Asian women either own, part-own and/ or manage retail firms including convenience stores, in much of the nine English Regions. Structurally, South Asian women-owned social enterprises have a ratio in excess of 50%. There is a strong desire to encour-

age diversity in culture, gender, economic and social aspects of development and growth. Female entrepreneurial qualities include acquisitiveness, creativity, determination, ethical standards, faith inspiration, focus, intelligence, work-life balance and strategic vision. Youth enterprises are led by ‘Third Age’ or third generation entrepreneurs. Their survival is premised on the maxim of inter and intra ethnic relations. Most are under-40s and they compete in mainstream and minority markets irrespective of community or institutional prejudices. Their enterprise success is pivoted around qualities such as cultural, educational, financial, managerial, social and technological savviness. Further, young Afghanis who have multiple faiths and language-dialects, regard their faith as integral towards excelling in their chosen field of business and the professions respectively. With the minority ethnic population set to increase incrementally, over the next 20 to 30 years, largely within inner-cities, there is a veritable need for an evaluation of the organisation and performance of minority firms. This would allow for a more informed understanding of the presence of minorities such as Africans, Caribbean and South Asians in the country. Moreover, this will serve as a litmus test towards recognising the value-add contribution of the ethnic economic dividend in terms of ideas, goods and services to corporate Britain in the 21st century and beyond.

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The Phoenix – December 2016

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The Trump Plebiscite RIP


s millions around the world rise to the plebiscite exacted upon the new Trump Administration, the consequential effects of such a national decision would be subjects for analysis, discussion and debate for years to

come. Over 50% of Americans rejected the conventional wisdom of ‘establishment politics’ by replacing it with an ‘untested’ media-savvy corporate approach, as the proletariat class swung the pendulum. The maxim of economics pivoted the outcome, although cultural, social and other demographic tonalities excoriated the forlornness of this historic occasion. Triumphalism aside, the Presidency is integral to both representative and participative democracy, which means that the new

administration has to set not only a tone of civility and inclusivity, but also humility and grace. Of course, questions remain as the impulse of sections of the electorate remain befuddled. For instance, what leadership style will the new administration bring to the office? Will it be authoritarian, consultative or delegative in character? How will relevant personnel be chosen for the executive branch of Government? Will they be appointed, chosen or selected according to ethnicity, faith, socio-economic persuasions and/

or political loyalty and tribal affiliation, rather than love for country? The fact that ‘democracy has spoken’ is not necessarily a fait accompli. The Trump Administration must seek to ‘govern for all the people’ and maximise every talent whilst tapping into the reservoir of potential in the country and elsewhere around the world. Doing these and more, will set possibly, a ‘de-jaundiced’ example to mature and fledgling democracies globally. Words By Dr Christopher A. Johnson

l Warwickshire CCC receiving the Community Engagement Award

Warwickshire win ECB Business of Cricket Community Engagement Award


arwickshire C o u n t y Cricket Club has been named as winner of the Community Engagement Award at the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) Business of Cricket Awards (BOCA). The Community Engagement Award - which Warwickshire CCC also won in 2014 - was presented in recognition of the club’s campaign to make cricket more accessible in inner-city areas where opportunities to play are limited due to a lack of green space, equipment and coaching. As part of the programme, the club worked with Selco Builders Warehouse and Birmingham City Council to fund 1,000 plastic cricket bats to donate to local children, whilst also providing free Friday night coaching sessions at Edgbaston. It also launched its Edgbaston Classroom programme, which accommodated more than 1,500 pupils from local

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The Phoenix – December 2016

schools who experienced a cricket-themed educational classroom activity, a behind the scenes tour of Edgbaston and coaching session. Neil Snowball, Chief Executive of Warwickshire CCC, said: “We’re working hard to make cricket more widely available to local youngsters, by creating new opportunities to play at home, in schools, at clubs and through Warwickshire Cricket Board programmes. Our Board is already working with 201 schools across the region, but with increased investment and the development of our Edgbaston Foundation charity, we expect to create even more opportunities in the coming months and hopefully see many more youngsters experiencing and benefitting from cricket.” Staged at Lord’s, London, the ECB BOCAs celebrate business excellence across the county game and Warwickshire CCC’s were one of six award winners.

Marxist dictator Fidel Castro


Marxist revolutionary who ruled the Western Hemisphere’s only Communist state, Fidel Castro, who divided international opinion, ruled Cuba from 1959- handing power over to brother, Raul, in 2008. Passionate about social justice, he saw himself as leading a struggle with some of the same noble aims as those of Christianity — including humility and concern for the poor. That’s despite carrying out repressive measures against the church in the wake of the 1959 Cuban Revolution, and then being excommunicated. Reshaping Cuba in his own image, for both bad and good, he a frail Fidel Castro was 90 when he died.

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The Phoenix – December 2016

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Name and Shame

Chambers say that childcare is impacting on businesses

Hajj travel firm ordered to pay nearly £45,000


he British Chambers of Commerce published a Workforce Survey which shows a third of companies (33 per cent) in the UK regard the availability of childcare as a key issue in recruiting and retaining staff. The figure for the West Midlands was slightly higher, with 34 per cent of respondents highlighting childcare as a key issue. According to the survey, 28 per cent of businesses experienced reduced working hours from employees as a result of the cost of childcare. Eleven per cent said the issue led to a reduction in productivity, with eight per cent citing it has a reason for changes in job roles and employees leaving their organisation. However, 37 per cent said the cost of childcare had no impact at all on their business. Forty-four per cent of respondents believe the government’s plan to offer 30 hours per week of free childcare for three to four-yearolds – up from 15 hours – will have a positive impact when it

(ATOL). B i r m i n g ham-based AlHashmi Hajj and Umrah Tours Limited’s company directors Mohammed Abdul Odud (50) and 45-year-old Merajur Rahman Choudhury were also found guilty of the same offences in 2015. The company was fined £14,000 and both directors were fined £7,000 each. Choudhury was also ordered to pay £16,484 in costs. A further £7,500 was secured through a Confiscation Order. Trading Standards officers identified Al-Hashmi Hajj and

Umrah Tours Limited during a routine inspection of travel websites, which claimed that “Al Hashmi are protected by ATOL reg no 9899.” While posing as consumers attempting to make Hajj bookings – and asking whether the company was ATOL protected – officers were told this was correct. Councillor Barbara Dring, Chair of the city council’s Licensing and Public Protection Committee, said: “Package tour operators have a captive audience because visas for Hajj have to be booked through these companies, people can’t do it themselves. This leaves pilgrims exposed to criminals who wish to exploit them.”

Landlord to pay £7k and do 150 hours community service

Regulations. Khan, 30, intimidated his tenants together with an accomplice to make them leave the property and threatened to change the locks if they did not leave. The property was unlicensed between 13 December 2014 and 28 December 2015 and breached HMO Management Regulations including insufficient smoke alarms, a tripping hazard on the stairs and general disrepair including a sparking electrical socket and holes in the ceilings.


l Elliot Mason comes to recruiting staff. When it comes to the retention of staff, 39 per cent hailed the government’s planned changes as a positive step. Elliot Mason, policy and patronage adviser at GBCC, said: “At a time when other structural issues, such as skills gaps, are making it difficult for businesses to access the skills they need to grow, childcare is an area where additional Government support could be particularly effective in supporting working parents to stay in the workplace.” British Chambers of Commerce Director General, Adam Marshall, said: “At a time when economic growth is softening, and skills gaps and recruitment difficulties

are hindering businesses, the government should consider the childcare system as part of Britain’s core business infrastructure – in the same way that it thinks of energy, transport, or broadband. Government must take a clear and detailed look at the costs and benefits of a universal childcare entitlement, to bridge the gap between parental leave and the start of school. As businesses have evolved to become more flexible, government policy should also evolve – to help as many working parents as possible stay in the workplace. Expanded childcare options are good for families, good for businesses, and good for the economy.”

Hajj travel company and its directors were ordered to pay a total of £44,484 at Birmingham Crown Court after being found guilty of seven offences under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations at an earlier hearing for false claims that the company held an Air Travel Organiser’s Licence


landlord has been ordered to pay more than £7,000 and given 150 hours of community service at Birmingham Magistrates Court for breaching regulations and forcing his tenants out of their home in Yardley Wood Road, Moseley, in Birmingham.

Zahid Khan was fined £2,000, with full costs of £5,070.93 and a victim surcharge after being found guilty to causing acts likely to interfere with his tenants’ peace and comfort under Section 1(3A) of the Protection from Eviction Act 1977, failure to obtain an HMO license and breaching HMO Management

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The Phoenix – December 2016

Legend, Sir Lenny, g n i t o m o Pr xcellence at city Academy to launch NT initiative E As part of our ongoing commitment to promoting the positive and inspirational individuals and organisations in our communities, The Phoenix Newspaper presents Promoting Excellence - a closer look at our role models, entrepreneurs, community figures and success stories.

l Yuan Gong, ‘Turbulence’, performance at the ‘Asia Triennial Manchester: Harmonious Society’, Manchester Cathedral, 2014


ir Lenny Henry was a major attraction in Birmingham as he visited Shenley Academy to launch the National Theatre’s On Demand in Schools Primary, the second phase of the National Theatre’s digital initiative offering acclaimed curriculum-linked productions free of charge, to schools across the country. At the Academy, in Weoley Castle, in the south of the city, he facilitated workshops for the students, providing rudimentary pointers, before opening up to questions, the multi-award winning star of stage and screen imparted some of the knowledge he accrued, as a stand-up comedian and theatrical actor, to an auditorium of students who were keen to take-in his every passing word. On the art of acting and performing before a live audience; “The influences that the right people around me was the most import on my career, in particular, and life, in general,” said the much-loved star. “Whilst others didn’t take my talent seriously, my friends always encouraged me,” Henry said. “They were the ones who were always behind me.” Speaking about the ‘On Demand in Schools Primary’ initiative, to

making the very best theatre and sharing it with as many people as possible, he said; “The National Theatre is the greatest there is in the UK so it’s important that everybody takes advantage of this scheme to fulfill their potential. Art is everywhere you walk – Whatever you do,” he said. “Wherever you go there’s art, but the very best art is that which you create yourself.” “We have been using On Demand in Schools for the last year and in that time pupils and teachers have found it a brilliant resource,” said Academy Assistant Principal, Ian Horgan. “The programme means teachers can study key scenes with students or show the full production over a number of lessons.” Of his proudest ever moments in his life, Sir Lenny enthused; “That’s simple – my daughter, Billie, and Comic Relief. They, without doubt, fill me with the greatest pride ever imaginable.” Every primary and secondary school in the UK can now access world-class theatre on demand with Robert Louis Stevenson's classic adventure ‘Treasure Island,’ the first primary age production to be made available.

BCU launch UKs first Contemporary Arts China Master’s degree


urope’s first interdisciplinary Master’s degree bringing together artists, curators and researchers to develop their own research and practice in relation to Chinese Contemporary Arts was launched at Birmingham City University’s Centre. Chinese Visual Arts (CCVA) has developed the new course to provide a unique opportunity to gain expertise in the field of Contemporary Arts in China, cultivating research and practice from multiple perspectives. Centred on practice-based research, theory and professional experience, the MA Contemporary Arts China offers students the chance to undertake an extended work placement with internationally renowned partner organizations in the country. Working closely with the

CCVA and its prestigious partner organisations, students will learn about complex issues and challenges within Chinese contemporary arts in a local, regional and global context. Professor Jiang Jiehong, Course Director launched the MA Contemporary Arts China with a webinar that offers an insight into current research and curatorial projects within the CCVA. He said: “At a time when Chinese art is really expanding and coming to prominence, this course becomes the perfect opportunity for us learn from each other through our original research, interdisciplinary practice and professional development.” In a varied and vibrant working environment students will also be introduced to broader issues of transcultural communication and the global arts

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ecology, responding creatively to a wide variety of cultural contexts and stimuli. Director at the OCAT Xi’an Museum,Karen Smith, said: “This course will encourage research in China that can go beyond the clichés, and the somewhat arbitrary demographics that have come into popular usage due to the limitations of access to research materials and to colleagues at work in China. The MA would enable postgraduate researchers to work on the ground and have access to a support network of curators, educators and artists.” Recent graduates, artists, curators, designers, researchers and practitioners who want to pursue an international career in the arts can now apply for the Master’s degree, which commences next year with two entry points - January and September 2017.


Sir Doug gives over £1million to university school and cancer research

ormer Aston Villa chairman Sir Doug Ellis has donated £1.1 million to the University of Birmingham, which will split the cash between the school it is building in Selly Oak and a new medical facility aimed at finding cures for cancer. Sir Doug said he pledged the cash to the £23 million school after being left impressed by its plans to provide a top class education to children from deprived areas of the city. “I’ve always been keen to support children’s causes and the provision of high quality education to those who would otherwise be denied the opportunity is something very close to my heart,” he added. Principal Mike Roden said he was “incredibly grateful” for the donation to the school. “We’re trying to create an excellent facility that everyone in Birmingham can be proud of, so it’s fantastic that such a senior figure in the local community has recognised the school’s worth and chosen to support the project,” he added. The Year 7 intake will consist of 75 pupils living near the site, while another 75 will come from homes nearby. The free school has been described as a facility that will provide the standard of private education without charging fees. Those vying for one of its 200 sixth form places will have to meet strict selection criteria, including top GCSE

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The Phoenix – December 2016

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Youngsters celebrate The Prince's Trust Team success A

l Pictured at PwC’s Birmingham office are the group of 11 young people who celebrated successfully completing Team, a 12-week personal development programme run by The Prince’s Trust.

grades as the school aspires to secure students places at universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. Part of Sir Doug’s donation will also go to the university’s Institute of Translational Medicine, a new facility being built that will aim to find cures for cancer and liver disease through pioneering science. “As a cancer survivor myself, I felt compelled to support this exciting new approach that will touch the lives of so many patients, both locally and nationally,” Sir Doug said. The facility, based at the former Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Edgbaston, in the city, will deliver potentially life-saving drugs trials for cancer patients and will also see clinicians and researchers working together under one roof.

group of young people, not in education, employment or training, celebrated successfully completing a Prince’s Trust employability programme at a special presentation evening in Birmingham. The 11 young people, aged between 16 and 25, were taking part in Team, a 12-week personal development programme designed to help gain skills, work experience and self-belief, as well as achieve a nationally-recognised qualification. The evening was an opportunity for the young people to give individual presentations on the highlights of their project to family, friends, volunteers and local

businesses, and talk through their own personal journeys. They also received The Prince’s Trust Certificate in Employment, Teamwork and Community Skills. This year’s Prince’s Trust Birmingham East Team programme, sponsored by PricewaterhouseCooper, was run by West Midlands Police in conjunction with the Heart of Worcestershire College which saw the young people complete a residential week in Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, to build team morale and trust, also engaging in community projects helping to transform the outdoor space, a nursery, kids club, and a youth den based. They also supported Yardley Great Trust and Millwater care home in their work to support

Connecting our cultural Heritage


he links between Africa, Jamaica, Brazil, Haiti, America, Cuba and other countries can be found in their shared spiritual/religious practices, dances, music and linguistics. Their/our spiritual traditions whether Mayala (Myal), Obea, Palo Ndombe, Kongo, Vodou, Santería, Candomble etc. They all share common characteristics

which reveals a unique common heritage. The fusion between the original African spirituality and colonial religious beliefs was born when the slave-owners imposed their languages and their religion(s), initially Christianity onto captive slaves. It was from this that the ‘fusion’ began. Practitioners were forced to use colonial names instead of traditional ancestral ones. After

older people - raising all the money needed for each of the projects by carrying out various fundraising activities. In addition, they took part in employability sessions at PwC’s Birmingham office, where staff coached them on interview and CV skills to help build their confidence for seeking employment when the programme ends. Terri-Ann Sparrow (22) who suffers from agenesis of the corpus callosum (ACC), a rare neurological condition which means that she struggles to retain information, took part in the programme. She commented: “Before starting the Team programme my confidence was really low. I found it difficult to discuss my disability with em-

ployers and I lost my previous role because I was struggling to understand instructions. The 12-week programme has been fantastic and I’ve learned lots of new skills. Now I am working with the team leaders to try and get an apprenticeship in administration roles.” Senior Associate in Transaction Services at PwC in the Midlands, Harriet Wileman, said: “I’ve been working with the team on the community projects and at the employability skills sessions. So far, five of the group has been successful in securing jobs or apprenticeships.” Matt Hammond, Regional Chair of PwC in the Midlands, said: “We’re proud to support the great work The Prince’s Trust

carries out in Birmingham. Their positive experience highlights how important it is to give young people an opportunity and help to build their employability skills.” The evening also included talks from PC Vicky Jones and PC Gareth Sankey from West Midlands Police and Ingrid Ludolph, Team programme coordinator from The Prince’s Trust. There were also short presentations from JLR (who took on several team members for work experience during the programme) and the Heart of Worcestershire College who have supported the programme.

several generations had passed all but the most zealous practitioners had forgot the names of the Pantheon of their deities. Practitioners in Jamaica later gathered under the name of the ‘Revivalist of the Zion` church where they secretly continued their practices which were prohibited by the colonialist’s church authorities. Christian names for Deities were superimposed over the African deities i.e. Santeria, the Spanish name for Holy Mary. It wasn’t until 1898 in Jamaica, that the Obeah law was brought in. The distinguishing factor was that Obea was deemed to be used by those who would harm others, whilst Mayala (Myal) was seen to be used to cure ailments, problems and to detect persons who misused the science. The term Obeah was used to demonise Sister Nanny, some years earlier, stating that she was

a witch because of her knowledge of natural resources and more importantly her struggle for independence. When Haiti gained its independence in 1804 the colonialists who ruled in the adjacent islands feared that this might be a turning point for the revolutionists throughout the Caribbean. The use of our spiritual tradition was the major contributing factor in the Haitian Revolution where they became the 1st Black republic in the new world. Linguistic ties to Brazil include Nganga Zumbi`s whose name is of Kikongo origin, and its documented that 90% of the slaves came from the region now known as Angola which was part of the Kingdom of Kongo before the Berlin conference. Practitioners do not worship the Ancestors, however we Honour them, pay tribute, thanks and glory for their sacrifices and the

teachings that they left for us. Doesn’t every culture do this? Do the British not honour their Ancestors? Their God(s)? Do not the Hindu’s and Muslim’s do the same thing? Then why when we as Black people do the same thing we are demonized? Today we can embrace without fear the pureness of our Spiritual Traditions. It is found especially in Bundu Dia Kinabi which is a global spiritual movement, promoting positive aspects of our culture. We can see the vastness of our spiritual traditions, which was the sole principle practice for us before the arrival of the Europeans. We as a people must now show mental maturity in our understanding and in our reconciliation to these fundamental aspects of our culture. It`s now time to wake up. Words by Kesa Nkulu

Send in your stories to

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Respect due to Eric Jarrett – the promoters promoter


hey lined-up in their droves to wax lyrical in their praise of a true warrior of the streets, but when it came to bidding their final farewell to Eric Jarrett, the conspicuous absence of a large number of those who owe him a debt of great

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gratitude, at his funeral, was puzzling... to say the least. When walking the streets of Birmingham, and wider afield, his death was all the talk – so much so that there was questions about whether the designated church-big as it is-could take the anticipated numbers. Expecting the New Testament Church of God, in Lozells, in the city, to be heaving with wall-to-wall promoters, sounds-men, DJs and fellow-promoters, the actual turnout for this final ‘good-bye’ proved palpable. But, the absence of the few didn’t cloud a day which was, after all, bathed in happy memory of one of Birmingham’s brightest, most colourful characters whose years spent traipsing the streets made certain that many an events promoter got the turnout their night hoped for. A sentiment not lost on one close friends and promoters, the legends who are Studio City, Jammi, Elric Brandy, Studio 1, plus the likes of DJ Stevie G and comedian John Simmit. “Eric was always giving, supporting and loving,” was the heart-felt remark from Studio City “Despite his open, ‘ever-smiling’ persona – despite him always being there for you, inside, he was a very private man. Something I respected immensely.” “A ‘walking monument’ for the community,” said Jarrett’s nephew, Lincoln Joseph. “You couldn’t find a better man than my uncle.” With celebrated reggae-turn-gospel stars, Lytee and Annette B marking their presence in remarkable voice, for those who really had him at their respective hearts, this was the sending-off Eric Jarrett, if not expected, would have loved. Those who loved Eric Jarrett the least they did was to be at his final resting place to say ‘farewell’ to a loved, cherished and dedicated pilot of the music scene.

The Phoenix – December 2016


The Phoenix – December 2016

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Including all your regular


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The Phoenix – December 2016

TV - Online - MAGAZINE /markdwaynehost


Jess Glynne

Live at the Genting Arena


will start this review by saying that this was simply the best concert of the year for me. This was what you call real live soulful music and the way it should be done currently. The once underground house songstress is now an international sensation admired by millions of fans young and old. This was my first live Jess Glynne experience and all I did was sing songs all the way through. As a performer she is very captivating and knows how to connect with her audience, getting us all involved holding hands with each other and really enjoying the show. I was lucky to be right up front to see everything! The stage graphics and and I have to say the absolutely amazing live band

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December 06 Bullet For My Valentine 07 Bullet For My Valentine: Playing ‘The Poison’ Live in full 08 Pixies 10 Black Rose Cadillac 14 A Matt Goss Christmas 15 Ne-Yo 17 The Twang - Annual Christmas Show 23 Jaykae


December 07 Christmas Queens 08 The Fratellis - Costello Music 10th Anniversary Tour 09 Robyn Gordon 10 Super Furry Animals 11 Beartooth 12 Kula Shaker - K Tour 13 Mist 16 Clutch 17 Dancehall Vs Soca 18 Yellowcard 21 The Temper Trap 21 James Arthur 26 Trevor Nelson Club Classics UK Tour

BARCLAYCARD ARENA December 07 Biffy Clyro 08 Placebo 09 Reeves & Mortimer 10 The Human League

and backing singers where some of the best I have seen in a long while. Jess really does the UK proud, Genting Arena was sold out with 12,000 fans who were ready for songs like ‘Right Here’, ‘Aint Got Far To Go’, ‘Rather Be’ , ‘not letting go’ and many other gems. All songs were sang to perfection it felt like one amazing arena party full of energy and crowds full of love. If you know Jess her songs have a message and have touched you in some way. For me this was definitely a nice night out and a concert highlight of the year and has got me wanting a Live version of her album as her songs sound even better the the studio recordings When is the next one? I am there! Review: Mark Dwayne

15 Korn and Limp Bizkit 16 Status Quo 17 Madness 19-22 Snow White - The World’s Biggest Panto 22-24 Marvel Universe LIVE! 26-30 Marvel Universe LIVE!

Extravaganza (TH) 27 Last Night of the Christmas Proms (SH) 28 ABBA Classics (SH) 29 The Sound of Musicals (SH) 30 Zimmer vs Williams (SH)


December 10-11 Red Hot Chili Peppers 18 BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2016 21 André Rieu

December 6-23 Zulu Sundance Christmas Parties 9-11 Insomnia59 - The UK’s Biggest Gaming Festival 10-11 Ladies Kennel Association 27 Toy Collectors Fair


December 09 White Christmas (SH) 09 Johnny Marr (TH) 10 Christmas with The Overtones (SH) 12 Ed Doolan’s Christmas Show (SH) 13 Enigma Variations (SH) 14-15 Jools Holland and his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra (SH) 14 THE CHRISTMAS SKA PARTY (SH) 17 ALAN CARR - Alanatomy: The Inside Story (TH) 18 Christmas with Clare Teal (TH) 20 Roy Wood’s ROCKMAS 2016 (SH) 22 Katherine Jenkins (SH) 23 The Andy Williams Christmas



December 09 The Bootleg Beatles in Concert (CH) 09 Paul Foot (SR) 10 VIP Music Fair (SR) 10 The Ken Dodd Christmas Happiness Show (CH) 10 Magnum plus VEGA (WH) 15 Devilment (SR) 15 Bay City Rollers The Sweet (CH) 16 The Circus of Horrors - The Never Ending (CH) 16 The Wildhearts Wish You A Messy Christmas (WH) 17 Wolftown ft. Tinned Astronaut (SR) 23 Roy Chubby Brown (WH) 26 Dorch Reunion (SR)

0121 339 5885 or 0208 865 1922

The Phoenix – December 2016

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Laura wows hometown crowd at O2


he came home with a ‘bang’ as internationally renowned soulstress, Laura Mvula wowed her hometown crowd with her soothingly dulcet tones and beautifully shy composure. From the moment she bounced on stage, Laura was full of energy, anecdotes and jokes, clearly loving being back in Birmingham. When she came on stage, at the O2 Institute, in Digbeth, in the city, she wowed he people with some of the classic tunes which has made her the worldwide star she is today, mixing it with her often acid down-to-earth humor and warmth which makes her so alluring. That rich, dark, smooth resonance of her voice enthralled the room from the very start of her set as appeared confident and relaxed from the moment she walked on stage.

Monthly views

with Anthony Kelly


n this month’s article I am offering some practical seasonal advice to all the Phoenix readers. These are simple and standard tips which are often repeated at this time of the year but you would be surprised at the amount of people who do not heed them. I could add more but am focussing on the usual tried and tested ones. Whilst Christmas shopping and being attracted to the television adverts and shop window displays, stick to a budget bearing in mind your financial situation instead of going crazy, overspending and finding yourself in debt in the New Year. Remember the various utility bills will need to be paid in 2017 so be mindful of that fact. Be vigilant with your contactless cards as in October of this year I was supposed to have used one of my credit cards in a well known book store in Birmingham which I know was not the case. I strongly advise which a lot of people apparently don’t do, is check your credit card statements when you receive them and query anything on there that you do not recognize. I never do contactless card transactions preferring instead to always enter my four digit pin number for extra security. As was expected the credit card company has refunded the illegal transaction. Most family rows and disagreements happen over the Yuletide season especially when relatives and friends who

Her polished set was dynamic; ranging from the hypnotic songs like ‘Green Garden’ and ‘Like the Morning Dew’, to the upbeat, relaxed and almost tropical sounds of her second track ‘Let Me Fall’ and her latest gem, ‘Overcome,’ produced in collaboration with the legend that is Nile Rodgers. Mixing classic pop, jazz, and soul with creative and accessible twists, it has been an eventful year for the MOBO Award-winning singer having also made the Mercury shortlist, and singing a sumptuous version of Abide With Me for the Queen at the recent Festival of Remembrance, really ‘brought it home’ in no uncertain way, leaving her adoring crowd not only crying out for more of her unique, sensuous tones, but also appreciating that she is ‘one of their own,’ with no equal.

Simply Red – Simply Brilliant


arking Mick Hucknall’s 25th anniversary of the release of “Stars” in September 1991, the concert started with iconic performance of the album - 45 minutes of memorable, beautiful, relaxing music. Mick’s wonderful vocals were enhanced by his six-piece band who played amazingly with Kenzi Suzuki (guitars) playing a superb funky guitar solo piece, lifting the spirits of the already engaged audience! After being transported through Mick’s music, his talented six piece band, wonderful backdrops

Christmas Greetings have not been together for ages gather in one place and everyone wants to take the lead and boss others about. The usual family routine might have changed so being flexible and more accommodating are crucial for peace and harmony. If you are struggling in terms of what to buy someone for a Christmas present there is no harm in giving the person a gift voucher from the Post Office that can be used at nearly a thousand retail outlets. In fact the person receiving such a present might end up getting a better deal in the usual January sales. Don’t drink and drive as the combination is lethal and can lead to terrible injuries, loss of life, being banned from driving and imprisonment. Take a taxi to and from your destination or share a car with someone who plans to remain alcohol free for the entire time when out celebrating. For the office Christmas parties it is advised that you go as a group and leave as a group instead of being bold to depart alone. There is always safety in numbers and in pubs and clubs watch your drinks carefully as some pundits are known to spike drinks and take advantage

of someone who is in a vulnerable situation. With the abundance of food available do watch the diet as my motto is ‘moderation in all things’. Eat sensibly and do not overindulge. Try to do some form of physical activity knowing your strengths to burn up the calories instead of leading a couch potato or sedentary lifestyle. I emphasise the health and well being agenda wearing my Diabetes UK Community Champion hat. I do by no means want to be a spoilt sport like Mr Scrooge but eating and drinking to excess can be a recipe for disaster. Think of others who are less fortunate such as the homeless and other vulnerable, infirm, frail elderly people living on their own and extend compassion and empathy to them Finally remember no matter what your religious beliefs are ‘Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season’ and one should not lose sight of that fact. Going to a church service whether as a believer or non believer should be encouraged. Have a happy Christmas and I look forward to sharing my monthly column with you in the New Year.

of striking, busy multimedia screens, there was an interval allowing time to come back down to earth and browse through the merchandise on sale. Lights dimmed, waiting in anticipation for the second half! Mick once again amazed the audience with his hits and classics. Wonderful hits including “If You Don’t Know Me by Know”, with Mick turning the mike into the audience encouraging the crowd to sing their hearts out to the chorus! Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time, leaving many singing along to Simply Red songs on the way home.

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The Phoenix – December 2016

Local Heroes at AJN Gala


he 12th November saw a slightly later than usual return to Villa Park’s Holte Banqueting Suite for the Association of Jamaican Nationals Local Heroes and The Be Inspired Youth Gala & Awards. Celebrating not only the national heroes that make up the backbone of this annual event, but the local heroes who may not have been recognised before, the Youth Gala and Awards were attended by a number of high ranking dignitaries, including Deputy Lord Lieutenant of the West Midlands and the AJN Chairman, Beverly Lindsay OBE OD DL, Vice Lord-Lieutenant of the West Midlands Colonel George Marsh TD, Lord Mayor of Birmingham Cllr Carl

Rice, Lord Morris of Handsworth OJ DL, Sir Geoff Palmer OBE DSc OBE and Minister Counsellor for Disapora and Consular Affairs, Miss Leonie Livingstone on behalf of the Acting High Commissioner for Jamaica, Mrs Angel Rose-Howell. With a slightly lower turnout than previous years, due to being later in the year thanks to Aston Villa’s home fixture schedule, and also due to being held on the same night as the 2nd Generation Barbadians and Friends 50th Anniversary of Independence Dinner Ball, the venue was nonetheless packed out. Following greetings and messages by the attending dignitaries, and presentations from Mustard Seed Communities, the AJN Nominated

The Phoenix – December 2016

Page 15


s Celebrated & Awards Charity, and Anthony Kelly of Diabetes UK, attendees tucked in to a delicious 3 course meal. The Be Inspire Youth Awards, presented by Genelle Aldred, went to Sadah Graham and Crystal Taylor for their relentless hard work, dedication and success in their respective fields, before Dr Aggrey Burke addressed the room as the Keynote Speaker. Beverly Lindsay then gave out her Special Recognition Awards as Chairman, which went to the Birmingham Community Association, Colin Johnson, Secretary of the AJN Carol Thompson, and longstanding DJ for the community, Loxley Stewart, before she was surprised herself with a bouquet of flowers for all of her hard work during her recovery

period following an operation. The main section of the night saw the Local hero awards given out to deserving individuals from across the region, as Editor-in-Chief and Founder of The Phoenix Newspaper, Marcia McLaughlin, Levene Bruce, Carole Dawn Francis-McGann, Samantha Hudson, Dr Tony Talburt, Joy Simms, and Dr Aggrey Burke received their awards following a short bio. Entertainment on the night came from saxophonist Millicent Stephenson, local group Vision, ad Lurine Cato, who brought the whole room to their feet, singing and waving their napkins with her at the end of the night.

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The Phoenix – December 2016


Celebrating the 50th year of the Frankfurt-Birmingham Partnership


s the Frankfurt Christmas Market descends upon Birmingham city centre, sprawling across the vast majority of it, the city celebrates its 50th year of partnership. The Lord Mayor Cllr Carl Rice was joined by the current Mayor of Frankfurt, Peter Feldmann, in opening the Frankfurt Christmas Market before joining Council Leader Cllr John Clancy to sign a renewed pledge. The text of this is written in the same spirit as that signed in 1966 and encourages our two cities to continue working

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together. The market, now in its 17th year, hosts the usual cohort of tasty seasonal and cultural food and drink offerings, handcrafted jewellery, clothing and gifts alongside the craft market, ice rink and big wheel. Recently named in the top six Christmas Markets in Europe in Tatler magazine, there really is something for everyone this Christmas. As the Lord Mayor stated, “Friendships are based on history, mutual understanding and above all an ability to work together and support each other. Long may ours continue.”

0121 339 5885 or 0208 865 1922

The Phoenix – December 2016


he Portuguese capital of Lisbon is the perfect choice for UK travellers to enjoy a Christmas break and this year there is a new festive-themed 3D multimedia show at Arco da Rua Augusta joins the host of options on offer. With sparkling lights and one of the largest Christmas trees in Europe as the backdrop, the Portuguese capital will play host to a variety of events and performances throughout December and January to help visitors and locals alike embrace the festive spirit. No Christmas visit to Lisbon is complete without taking home

that original gift for relatives… or quirky souvenir for you. The Portuguese are known for having a sweet tooth, and joining the famous pasteis de Belém are a variety of sweets and cakes which are only consumed over the Christmas period. Bolo Rei is the most popular and a ‘must-have’ in all Lisbon homes. Also traditional at Christmas are the rabanadas – the Portuguese version of French Toast but with a twist: they are soaked in milk and/or wine and dressed with cinnamon – and the aletria, the pasta version of rice pudding, great for both angel hair pasta and sweet lovers.

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Shows, Shopping and Sweets - The Perfect Christmas Trio

hat better way to spend this Christmas, than being at one of the world’s most iconic places? Bondi Beach of course. One of Australia’s ‘jewels in the crown,’ this gorgeous stretch in Sydney, on the east is also the location for a range of awesome events, from surfing events to festivals to one of the biggest outdoor coastal sculpture exhibitions in the world, Sculpture by the Sea, held along the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk. But on Christmas Day people here enjoy an array of activities, around a festive picnic to celebrate the day before a huge music event inside the Bondi Pavilion. Whist there, you can also discover the very best of Sydney during Christmas Day, from the harbor and the city, to the exclusive Eastern Suburbs, before going into the city for one of Sydney's best offerings, taking in the views and enjoying lunch on a Sydney Harbour cruise. But with having undoubtedly one of the most spectacular waterfronts in the world Christmas on one of the world’s most beautiful venues is guaranteed not to disappoint even the most traditional of souls around Yuletide, or the most seasoned of travelers. Then, of course, there’s the chance to do it all again on Boxing Day…before repeating the ‘double dose’ of festive frivolities a week later – seeing the New Year in on what truly is one of the most iconic beaches ever.

Christmas with Sun, Sand and Sea?

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Grow your own and eat your way to health!

We Dont Just Create Edible Arrangements - We Live It.

“We invite you to become a part of the TwentyFourK catering family by experiencing the delicious journey of tastes from within the wide variety of our foods”

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Twentyfour K Catering

The Phoenix – December 2016


hen it comes to self-sufficiency, Roger Williams is one man who has the perfect remedy for escaping the ‘post-Brexit blues’ by becoming totally self-suffi-

Growing Chow-Chow, Jamaican Callaloo, Okra and more, even in rainy Britain, Roger shows us how it’s done

cient – when it comes to food. 70-year-old Roger has created a little food haven in his back garden, at his home in the leafy suburb of Handsworth Wood, in Birmingham – in fact, so much so, that family and friends are

lining-up around the block to get their hands on the array of fresh, organically-grown fruits and vegetables; the likes of which you would only expect to see in sunnier climes and conditions. Jamaican-born Williams, a ‘dab hand’ in the garden, has spent a lifetime growing, cultivating and being ‘at one’ with mother-nature and has continued his love affair with everything green here, in Brittan’s second city – in his own back yard. Continuing the ‘homegrown’ legacy, by using chicken and horse manure as fertilizer, he’s growing the very types of fruits and vegetables in his micro-allotment which has served his family well for generations, with copious amounts of chow chow – a condiment traditionally associated as a staple part of a Caribbean dish, callaloo – a type of greens akin to spinach, as

The Phoenix – December 2016

“My life has always been dedicated to healthy, organic eating,” Roger says, “ever since I was growing up back home in St. Anne’s. And with my wife, Leonie, suffering with diabetes, that in itself is incentive enough for me to do what I do – and I do love it. It’s my life.”

In fact so much is his love for the ‘Good Life’ approach to self-sufficiency, he even lends a willing hand to his cousin, Fitzgerald’s, allotment, in nearby West Bromwich and that of a very dear friend of his and widely known in his area, Uncle Tom, in even nearer Handsworth.

Page 19


well as the more roundly familiar garlic, onions, thyme, pumpkin, tomatoes and a variety of peas. Also growing great is his healthy crop of ripe strawberries. In fact so healthy is his regular crops, he finds himself giving it away in great numbers year-in-year-out.

“I find working on allotments to be very therapeutic for me,” says the very energetic and effervescent Williams. Now he is working on growing another of Jamaica’s great delicacies; Portland Red peas, peppers. Whether it’s the sun-drenched weather-extremes of his homeland, Jamaica, or the more diverse extent of the climate here, in the UK, one thing is a ‘given,’ that Roger Williams will be living the ‘Good Life,’ so that he and his can live a continuous great and healthy life.

• • • • •

Seasonings Plantains, green banana and yellow yam Household goods Root drinks Health Soaps & butters

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The Phoenix – December 2016

A Fantastically Festive Time For All At Annual Gift Fair


isiting the annual Festive Gift Fair at the NEC was brilliant - any lover of Christmas would be in their element. Just like children in a toy shop,

the crowds didn’t know where to go first. It is a good idea to go in with a plan on how to navigate these shows and the brochures given when tickets were handed in were invaluable.

The atmosphere was buzzing with so many people chatting and going from stall to stall. The most popular stalls were several people deep so you needed to be patient until you could get to the front.

There were so many Christmas decorations to choose from. It is a family tradition to always purchase something new for the Christmas Tree each year. This year, we managed to buy a beautiful angel to hang on the tree which will have pride of place. There were a number of familiar festive faces walking around the hall including a Jack Frost Stilt Walker, the Panto Dame and of course the very important person himself Father Christmas. With a list of presents to buy, money to spend and such unusual

gifts to choose from was a wonderful experience. A wide variety of foods to try and drinks to sip also added to the occasion. Live music from a number of groups took turns to entertain the crowds singing well known Christmas pop songs, and had shoppers singing, dancing and tapping along as they wandered around. Make sure you have your most comfortable shoes on though as there is a lot of walking involved! The Festive Gift Fair is an annual event that is a great opportunity for all to get their Christmas shopping done and out of the way before December even arrives. It is due to return to the NEC in Birmingham next year from the 16th to the 19th November 2017.

The Phoenix – December 2016

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SPECIAL REPORT Sir Lenny Henry to promote diversity, equality and creativity as Chancellor

Page 22


Continued from Front Page

“I was 46 before I got my first degree with the Open University and, while a comparative latecomer to higher education – whose career hardly relied on securing a BA or an MA after my name – that experience

changed my life. It opened my mind to more possibilities, new thinking and different perspectives. Being Chancellor of Birmingham City University is a chance for me to give back, to contribute something to the

generation of young people leaving school now and to those people coming back in to education – mature students – who, like me, missed out on the chance when they were younger.” The installation followed several visits to the campus earlier in the year when the Dudley-born star saw for himself how the University opens doors to the creative arts for young people from a range of backgrounds. Henry said that “exporting the ideas of diversity, equality and creativity is a concept very close to my heart”: The Birmingham City University student body is one of the most diverse in the UK, with over forty-five per cent of its students from low income households and forty-eight per cent from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds. In fact, from September 2017, Birmingham City University will offer Europe’s first Black Studies degree. This institution understands that education is a right, not an accident of birth, and if you’re smart enough, creative enough

and hardworking enough, Birmingham City University can provide you with life-changing opportunities, whatever your background. Birmingham City University is strongly placed to make a massive contribution to the world through their commitment to diversity, inclusion and

the creative arts.” Over 300 invited guests were present at Sir Lenny’s installation ceremony, which saw him wearing ceremonial robes as he formally accepted the position of Chancellor. The Chair of the Board of The Phoenix Newspaper, Neslyn Watson-Druée CBE was invited as a Doctor of Birmingham City University to attend

Sir Lenny’s Installation alongside the Managing Editor and Founder of The Phoenix Newspaper, Marcia McLaughlin. “He was a remarkable, humble, and genuine man,” enthused Marcia, “on behalf of The Phoenix Newspaper, I wish him all the very best in his new position, and the very best of health.” The evening featured bespoke performances by staff and students from the University, including jazz tutor Percy Pursglove – who composed a fanfare – and composition teacher Errollyn Wallen and postgraduate student Chris Cresswell, who debuted ‘Lenny’s Song’. Furthermore, a specially-commissioned short film; ‘Transformation,’ featuring Sir Lenny, was screened for the first time during the ceremony that marks the beginning of his five year term as Chancellor - ceremonial figurehead of the University whohas an important ambassadorial role, working with senior leaders to raise the University’s profile and advance its core values and interests locally, nationally and internationally.

The Phoenix – December 2016

The Phoenix – December 2016

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The Phoenix – December 2016

The Phoenix – December 2016 Page 25




he year is 1926 and a young Wizard named Newt Scamander has just arrived in New York with a briefcase full of magical creatures and plans of heading to Arizona. However, a chance encounter with a friendly No-Maj (American term for Muggle) named Jacob results in the accidental unleashing of some of his creatures, forcing Scamander to become embroiled in the seedy underbelly of the New York wizarding community, as the already fragile equilibrium between the world of magic and the world of Muggles is at risk of being broken. When an unseen, unpredictable and utterly devastating force wreaks havoc across New York, Scamander sets out to recapture his creatures in a desperate attempt to prove that they are not the ones responsible for the chaos, and with whispers of the heinous acts committed across Europe by the Dark Wizard Gellert Grindelwald, Scamander, along with The Magical Congress of the United States of America (MACUSA), are left wondering who or what

wORDS by antony brown

is responsible for the evil that has been unleashed upon the city. In 2011, the world of Harry Potter came to an end. It was a bitter-sweet send off, because while Deathly Hallows: Part Two was a fantastic conclusion to the saga, many of us knew that our time in J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World was over and we were left with nothing to do but sit and unhealthily binge all eight Harry Potter movies over and over again, desperately wishing Wizards were real and that our invite to Hogwarts would one day land on our doorstep. Alas, that moment never came, but thankfully, Rowling has returned with her screenwriting debut and granted us an invitation back into the Wizarding World we all know and love. Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them reunites Rowling with long-time collaborator, David Yates - a man who directed four of the eight Potter movies. Yates is a tried and tested veteran of this world, so it comes as no surprise that he and Rowling have achieved something wonderful with this movie.

They have delivered a bigbudget studio movie, laced with heart and emotion, that pays homage to the world it comes from without being swallowed by its shadow. Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them is not a cheap Harry Potter wannabe -- It is it’s own beast (pun very much intended, a-thank you very much.) Eddie Redmayne is an absolute revelation as Newt Scamander; a bizarre, awkward and quirky but infinitely loveable young man.


ased on his smashhit film and adapted for the stage by Oscar-winning writer Simon Beaufoy, The Full Monty is a feelgood, hilarious and heartfelt production starring Gary Lucy, Anthony Lewis, Andrew Dunn, Louis Emerick, Chris Fountain, Kai Owen and a cast of fourteen. “I heard the phrase ‘feelgood’ for the first time attached to The Full Monty,” said writer Simon Beaufoy, “who would have thought a film in which there is impotence, unemployment, despair and suicide attempts would be described as ‘feelgood’?” But it’s the way that the production handles these situations, and how the cast perform each of their roles that really creates that ‘feelgood’ sensation. With standout performances from Gary Lucy as Gaz, Andrew Dunn as Gerald and Kai Own as Dave, the production is steered along in great hands.

That isn’t to say the rest of the cast is being carried by these three, there are some brilliant interactions between Anthony Lewis’ Lomper and Chris Fountain’s Guy that produced some audible ‘Aww’s’ from the audience as well as a whole host of belly laughs. The stage was utilised brilliantly, with great use of the sliding door area and lighting to produce the variety of different scenes needed for the story, while still being unobtrusive to the actors and actresses on stage.

There were a lot of laughs, a lot of woo’s and some touching moments, and the memorable scenes from the film, including the infamous unemployment line ‘Hot Stuff’ scene were all present, correct and suitably transferred to the stage. All around a great fun production to enjoy with your friends. Birmingham Hippodrome welcomed The Full Monty from the 14th-19th November, and the show will be continuing its nationwide tour in January 2017.

It is a performance laced with nuance and offbeat eccentricities and one that goes down as one of the best of of the year, at least from a movie of this scale. Katherine Waterston is wonderful as shamed MACUSA agent Tina who is desperately trying to redeem herself and Alison Sudol shines as Tina’s wonderfully weird and kind-

hearted sister Queen. Colin Farrell delivers one of his best performances in years as the profoundly dislikable MACUSA agent Percival Graves and Ezra Miller delivers a immersive and tortured performance as the abused adoptee Credence, who is taken under the wing of Graves in order to help him solve the mys-

tery of the chaos that has been unleashed upon New York. However, Dan Fogler is the breakout star of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them as the No-Maj war veteran and aspiring baker, Jacob Kowalski. Delivering some of the biggest laughs and emotional moments of the entire movie, Fogler is instantly likeable from the moment he appears on screen. While the movie does suffer a little from some pacing issues and it’s difficult to deny that this is all just set-up for the many sequels yet to come, set-ups don’t come much better than this. Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them is pure magic. Different in a wonderful way, but also distinctly and unmistakably familiar. It is fun, fresh, hilarious, action packed and heart warming, full of rich, vibrant characters who are all brought to life by an excellent cast who have some of the best on-screen chemistry I've seen in a long time. This is a fantastic extension of J.K. Rowling's "Wizarding World" and I can't wait to see more.

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John Barrowman joins all star cast for Dick Whittington


irmingham Hippodrome is playing host to the classic rags-toriches tale, Dick Whittington this Christmas season. Legendary showman and star of Torchwood and Doctor Who, John Barrowman will take on the title role when it takes residence at Birmingham’s Hippodrome from Monday 19th December to Sunday 29th January 2017.

With an all-star cast joining John on stage this year including Steve McFadden, Britains favourite soap star ‘baddie’ as the dastardly King Rat, The Krankies and Matt Slack among others, the state is set for another brilliant panto season. Produced by Qdos Entertainment, the world’s biggest pantomime producer, Dick Whittington will be directed by Michael Harrison for the fifth year running.

The Phoenix – December 2016

Michael, also the producer behind Birmingham Hippodrome hits The Bodyguard, Annie and Barnum said: “Once again we are delighted to bring together a sensational cast of talented performers for Birmingham Hippodrome’s pantomime, which – as always – will be a spectacle on a par with any West End show in terms of scale.”

A Brazilian Feast


l Mark with Viva Brazil’s Alex Chiesa,Viny Kaiser and Odu Bamgbose

or 15 amazing cuts of meat, authentic traditional Brazilian hot and cold dishes, and Caipirinhas, the traditional Brazilian cocktail, look no further than Viva Brazil. Located on Bennetts Hill in Birmingham, the award-winning authentic Brazilian steak house restaurant chain offers some tantalising cuts of meat, including chicken, beef, pork, lamb and sausages, as well as seafood and vegetarian options. Slow roasted over a charcoal barbeque, each delicious cut of meat is hand carved at the table in front of customers by a troop of Passadors. The meats come thick and fast, so thankfully they have provided you with a red and green disc, to signal if you want a break from the rodizio.

Head Chef Viny Kaiser spoke passionately about the culture and passion for the food that he creates, backed up by Area BBQ and Meat expert Alex Chiesa who gave a presentation on the history of the Churrasscaria. Odu Bamgbose, General Manager of Viva Brazil Birmingham enthusiastically told us of the 2 cocktails for £8 deal on Friday and Saturday nights between 9 and 11pm, and also of the fantastic offer that will be a deal breaker for a lot of families. Depending on the time of day you visit Viva Brazil, there are 4 meat, 9 meat and 15 meat versions of the rodizio available from just £9.99 per person, up to £24.99 per person at peak times. Throw in the fact that kids under 10 eat for free with a paying adult, and children between

10 and 16 only pay £8.95, and you’ve got amazing value. The food itself, from the delicately seasoned and cooked meats brought to your table, to the hot and cold dishes available at the salad bar is sublime, and each new meat you try brings a whole other world of flavour. Just be careful not to fill yourselves up on the salad bar before you’ve tried all 15!

The Phoenix – December 2016

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Leadership Excellence

with Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée CBE FRCN FCGI

Do You Care?


ast month I wrote about employee engagement. In this article I will take engagement even further by asking: • In your leadership role do you care for others? • How much do you care? • Are you able to show empathy? “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” - Theodore Roosevelt You see it is about how emotionally intelligent you are and how aware you are of the impact on the bottom line of caring for others. According to Harvard Business Review, employees who feel they work in a loving, caring environment reported higher levels of satisfaction and teamwork. They show up to work more often, and overall the company is healthier.

Why is it important to show genuine care?

This is something the Disney Institute understands and we could all learn even more from what Disney says: When you care holistically about employees in your organisation, they are going to stay with you longer, they are going to be more engaged and you will have a much stronger workforce.

Are you making an assumption that you care?

When your business is cited as a business that cares it can be attractive for the recruitment of people to your business and their retention in the business. There are other benefits, to caring.

“I worry that business leaders are more interested in material gain than they are in having the patience to build up a strong organisation, and strong organisations start with caring for people.” - John Wooden It is important that you provide genuine care for your employees, that means care for individuals beyond the job, care for individuals in their personal endeavours as well as professional endeavours. You need to understand your employees needs; for example, discussions from the sponsored business roundtables by The Telegraph has led to deeper understanding why business need to care even more. Here follows insights from the Round Table discussions, you can care for your employees by providing:

Financial education

The spectrum of financial worries among the people in your business can cover anything from house deposits to downsizing, and loans to investments. Research commissioned by Barclays confirmed that one in three employees worry about their finances and 20% of people

among your employees. You will be appreciated for providing your employees with the knowledge they need to fix their finances, and so you will be taking away worry and increasing concentration and productivity in the workplace. Given the current global and financial issues. It is a no brainer not to care for your staff.

Caring for the Elderly

think their finances affect the way they work. So when you as a leader go the extra mile and create access to credible, useful financial information, you are relieving stress

The Positive Ageing Company identifies itself as the only information, technology and health services company, dedicated to helping make ageing work better for everyone. The company concludes: the impact of employees dealing with elderly relatives can cost an organisation £301 per head per year. “We call the hidden cost of ageing issues within UK organisations their ‘Sleeping Tiger” - Chris Minett, Managing Director at The Positive Ageing Company. For example, ageing-issue-related absence, stress, employees pretending to be fit enough to carry out their duties, and replacement costs for business with 4,000 staff has a “Sleeping Tiger” cost of £1.25m per year. This cost is one that most companies are completely unaware of, so listen to what is difficult for your staff in life and in business. Bring in experts to give information on benefits for caring for the elderly that can provide help with looking after older relatives, giving your employees peace of mind.

Develop A Caring Culture by Talking With People

Talking with people will go a long way to create a culture that is inclusive and caring in your workplace. It starts from the top. “It really goes back to the CEO. If you’re going to create an atmosphere of appreciation, the CEO needs to take the lead for the company.” - Tom Gimbell, CEO of LaSalle Network Compassionate leaders are considerate and responsive to the feelings and circumstances of others. They listen and speak with empathy. Authentic and effective active caring requires courage plus compassion.

It’s not enough to have a great product anymore. Consumers want to buy into company culture that demonstrates care.

A Call to Caring asks: What Is A Caring Culture?

A caring culture is one in which all human beings have access to the resources needed for survival and advancement. A business that nurtures individual growth, fosters healthy relationships and respects the diversity of cultures worldwide is well on the way to being a business with a caring culture. “Without a sense of caring, there is no sense of community” - Anthony J. D’Angelo


There is a limited offer on Leadership Breakthrough Coaching at you can contact Neslyn at



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The Phoenix – December 2016

l Credit: Joan’s On Third

Thai Sweet Chilli Crabcakes

Spicing Up Your Christmas Turkey


ith Christmas just around the corner, once all the presents are out of the way, everyones mind turns to that amazing Christmas Dinner. A spread with all manner of wonderful dishes, making your mouth water as you sit and wait for it patiently. There is only one problem though - the same old dry boring bland turkey year in year out can really put a dampener on proceedings. Why not try using Dunn’s River Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

to add a kick of Caribbean flavour to your dish? With the whole range of Grace Foods products you can quickly and easily bring that excitement back to the dinner table and make it a magical Christmas dinner. With ideas for the turkey, a stunning starter and sizzling side dish, Grace has you covered this Christmas. If you decide to try any of the recipes here, don’t forget to take a photo, and send it in to us here at The Phoenix Newspaper, we’d love to hear from you!



4 ripe plantains Vegetable oil


1. Peel and cut the plantain diagonally or round, into 1/4-inch thick slices. 2. Add a little oil to a frying pan, to just coat the bottom of it before bringing it upto a me-

dium heat/ 3. Once the oil shimmers and is up to temperature, add the plantains in batches, frying for 1 and a half minutes, before flipping over and giving them another minute. 4. Drain the plantains on some paper towels to absorb excess oil, and repeat until all are cooked!

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METHOD TO ROAST FRESH TURKEY (For an approximately 7kg Turkey)

1. 9 hours before cooking, remove from fridge. 2. Clean the turkey and pat it dry. 3. Apply the Dunn’s River Jamaican Jerk Seasoning all over your turkey. Get it everywhere, in every nook and cranny, and inside the chest area. Cover the turkey with aluminum foil and return to the fridge. 4. 3 hours or so before cooking, remove the turkey from the fridge and season it all over and inside with garlic, pimento seeds, thyme, and any other preferred seasonings before leaving it out to come to room temperature. 5. Preheat your oven to 260C or as high as it will go. 6. Grease your roasting tin, before tucking the wing tips under the turkey and tie the legs together - this is imperative for even cooking. 7. Put the turkey bottom-sidedown in the roasting pan, and cook in the centre of the oven for 30 minutes, before reducing the temperature to 180C. 8. After one hour, rotate the roasting tray to allow for hot spots and even browning. 9. After 2.5-3 hours, or until a temperature reading of 72C or above at the thickest part of the breast, remove it from the oven and let it rest untouched for at least 30 minutes. 10. Enjoy your Caribbean touch of Christmas!

Cooking Time 4 mins Prep time 20 mins Serves 4

Ingredients 2 tins of white crab meat, drained 1 tin of brown crab meat, drained 1 tbsp corn flour 100g fine breadcrumbs 1 egg white, lightly whisked Juice of 1 lime

2 spring onions, finely chopped 5 tbsp Encona Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce (add a little more if you like it hotter) 1 tbsp coriander, finely chopped Salt and milled black pepper


1) In a large bowl lightly break up the crab with a fork. Stir in the corn flour and breadcrumbs. Season with salt and milled black pepper.

2) Add the coriander, spring onions, lime juice, egg white and Encona Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce and combine all the ingredients together, trying not to break the crab up too much. 3) Divide the mixture into eight equal parts and shape into little patties.

5) Chill in the fridge for 15 minutes. 6) Gently heat the groundnut oil over a low to medium heat and cook the crab cakes for 4-5 minutes until golden. 7) Drain on kitchen roll and serve whilst hot with Encona Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce, lime wedges and fresh coriander. Note:You will need a heavy based frying pan with approximately 1cm of groundnut oil for cooking the fish cakes.

4) Dust a tray or plate with a little corn flour and place the crab cakes on.

0121 339 5885 or 0208 865 1922

The Phoenix – December 2016

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Showcasing All Things Caribbean at Jus’ Caribbean Festival 2017


t Lambeth College in the heart of London, Carib Direct Multi-Media in association with Grace Foods UK held the pre-launch for the Caribbean Food and Drink Conference and Jus’ Caribbean Festival 2017. Continuing from the legacy of the Caribbean Food and Drink Expo 2015 which was held in Windrush Square in Brixton, the festival aims to expand the reach of the festival, targeting a more British/European Audience – essentially selling the Caribbean to Europe.

With the conference set to be held on Friday 18th August 2017, and the festival on the following 2 days, the doors have opened for potential stall holders to get in touch with the organisers to be a part of this event. It is hoped that this will provide untold benefits to small to medium size Caribbean businesses wanting to access the UK market as well as Caribbean businesses in the Diaspora wanting to trade or invest in the Caribbean. The very best of the Caribbean in terms of its culture (food, drink, music, dance) and the many other characteristics that make the Caribbean

unique including our love for laughter and comedy, will be showcased. CaribDirect CEO David F Roberts stated at the launch that entry to the park, which is still to be confirmed, will not be free, however as the event is aimed at families, the price will be a reasonable expense, especially with the calibre of the event that they will be entering. The conference will be held on the 18th of August at Lambeth College, talking to policy makers, linking buyers with sellers and also some food, l drink and mixology. It will be headed up by St Lucia born Bertram Leon, who was excited about the possibilities of the event. “ I look forward to engaging more in where we hope to take the Caribbean from a diaspora perspective, and how we from abroad can be an integral part of helping the regeneration and development of our islands across the region.” With sponsor Grace Foods taking a prominent role in proceedings, UK Head of Marketing, Nyree Chambers spoke of the task ahead. “We were talking about Borderless Possibilities earlier in

David F Roberts, CaribDirect CEO with Nyree Chambers, UK Head of Marketing at Grace Foods

the year, and this is something in the same vein to put the Caribbean on the map.” “It is an absolute honour to be sponsoring the Jus Caribbean Conference and Festival and it is a fantastic opportunity for Grace Foods to work across the Caribbean, not just Jamaica, to start to create a borderless ‘Caribbean State’.” With more information being released over the coming months, keep an eye out for updates in The Phoenix Newspaper.

Spic and D e up un y n’

Rice mad & Pe e u as sin m ns ade ed us Mi in g lk!

on as se s! t

ily favourite f fam River ing or th red e A unn’s – D ie n g

cona , En ce ra G ing! n

stmas Turke hri uces and y wi Se th r C er Sa u as o Riv o s


he og e P Nu e r f gN d ris ect, Festive E g Con e hm e n t a n d G ra c

*Source: IRI UK Caribbean Food & Drink - Retail Sales, Period: MAT 52w/e 5th November 2016


29/11/2016 17:07

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The Phoenix – December 2016


t the age of five, Sarah Forbes Bonetta Davies, born into a Royal, West African dynasty was taken to England and presented to Queen Victoria as a ‘gift’ from one royal family to another. A unique and admired figure in history, she spent her life between the British royal household and her homeland in Africa. A West African Yoruba girl, she was captured by the King of Dahomey in 1848 during a “slavehunt” war in which her parents were killed. King Ghezo of Dahomey gave Sarah to Queen Victoria through navy man, Captain Frederick E Forbes who said: “She would be a present from the King of the Blacks to the Queen of the Whites.” Queen Victoria commanded that Sarah be placed under the charge of Mr and Mrs Schon at Chatham. So impressed by her regal manner and academic gift, Sarah was given allowance for her welfare and became a regular visitor to Windsor Castle. Her genius was admired throughout the royal court and she continued to outshine her tutors with her advanced abilities in all studies. At 18, she received a proposal from James Pinson Labulo Davies, a 31 year old Yoruba businessman of considerable wealth who lived in Britain. The Queen sanctioned her to be married in St Nicholas Church in Brighton in August 1862 with a wedding party made up of ‘White ladies with African gentlemen, and African

The African Princess: Sarah Forbes Bonetta ladies with White gentlemen’ Settling in Lagos her husband became a member of the Legislative Council before giving birth to a daughter and being granted permission, by the Queen, to name the child Victoria – the Queen also became her Godmother. Soon after, she had two more children. In 1880, she suffering from tuberculosis before dying. On her death the Queen wrote in her diary: “Saw poor Victoria Davies, my Black godchild, who learnt this morning of the death of her dear mother.” Young Victoria was given an annuity and continued to visit the royal household throughout her life. “I have only to add a few particulars about my extraordinary present the African child. In a former portion of this journal I have mentioned the

Okeadon war; one of the captives of this dreadful slave-hunt was this interesting girl. So extraordinary a present would have been at least burden, had I not the conviction that, in consideration of the nature of the service I had performed, the government would consider her as the property of the crown. To refuse would have been to have signed her death warrant which, probably, would have been carried into execution forthwith. Of her own history she was only a confused idea. Her parents were decapitated; her brother and sisters she knows not what their fate might have been. She is far in advance of any white child of her age, in aptness of learning, and strength of mind and affection.”


elebrating its city’s elders, the ‘Vision2Reality Elders Gala Awards’ brought to light the outstanding, unseen contribution made by a generation who, in their own inimit-

Celebrating City Elders able way, laid their ‘foundation stone’ for future generations to be able to grow and flourish. Held at Birmingham City FC’s St. Andrews and in the presence of former West Midlands Deputy Police And Crime Commissioner, Councilor Yvonne Mosquito and Birmingham Deputy Lord Mayor Councilor Shafique Shah, some of the community’s unseen heroes were ‘foisted’ into the limelight at this, the Elders Awards event; celebrating the enriched values of a section of the UKs population who too often goes unnoticed and acknowledged. On an unforgettable night, in the Legends Lounge, their very presence was enough to celebrate. Vision2Reality Event Management Founder and Director, Mar-

cia Reid, said; “The support and help in our community is invaluable an incalculable. Our elders deserve to be honoured as everyday they show their true weight in gold. This is the very lease they deserve from us as we benefit from the unceasing foundations they each laid.” Winners on an unforgettable night were; Joe Williams, who picked up the Contribution to the Community award, Group Leader of the Year award going to Eunice McGhee-Belgrave MBE, Most Talented Elder of the Year, Hermine Brown, Gloria James picked up the Lifetime Achievement award, with Most Inspiring Female Elder award going to Gloria Sinclair and the Most Inspiring Male Elder being Stan Fairin.

The Phoenix – December 2016

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l On the other side of the pond, Craig Brathwaite (below) celebrated with a huge cake!

Barbados 50 Celebrated as 2nd Generation continues legacy


s they continued there year of celebrations – both at home and abroad – the 2nd Generation Barbadians and Friends Dinner & Dance proved yet another example of the impact the Caribbean island has made, again, both at home and worldwide. On a night highlighting the major contribution from those of a Barbadians persuasion, they made their presence felt with typically great food, music, dance, poetry, fun and frivolities, plus high recognition as a room full of nationals and ex-patriots got together with friends of other nationalities to share in what was yet another massive international-wide, year-long bash. Honoured dignitaries included; the High Commissioner for Barbados to the UK, His Excellency Reverend Guy Hewitt, Deputy High Commissioner Alphea Wiggins JP, the Lord Mayor of Birmingham Councillor Carl Rice with Lady Mayoress Mrs. Dee Curry, Tyrone Roach Chair of the National Council of Barbados Association, and 2nd Generation patron, Tony Sealy OBE, at The Venue, in Edgbaston, in Birmingham. Compeered by Movie Video & Screen Awards creator, Dean Al-

Meet Your New

Agony Aunt!

A Rose Between Thorns


t is a privilege to introduce myself Dr Saroj Duggal (PhD) known as Rose Duggal to many people. I have been a role model to many and have been inspired by all ages as I assist the multicultural public, and speak many languages such as English, Hindi, Urdu, Gujrati and Punjabi. I am also an award-winning personality from the com-

exander, the night proved to be one filled with pride and adulation which had 2nd Generation Chair and the Executive Committee Member, Aaron Mapp, giving overwhelming thanks to the night, in particular and Barbadians worldwide, in general; “We thank all of those who have joining the 2nd Generation for what is a fantastic 50th anniversary for our nation,” he said. “This is a proud time to be a Barbadian.”

Reverend Hewitt called this; “A significant milestone for Barbados. “We have a significant place in international history and I am proud that our greatest blessing is our people.” Other high profile appearances included performances by Birmingham’s former Young Poet Laureate, Oxford University-bound Serena Arthur, saxophonist Carlston Medford and singers Ayanna and Dennis

Bovell There was also grand raffles and give-away prizes, including tickets for a flight to Barbados – courtesy of leading travel agent, Diamond Travel.. As Barbados continues to celebrate 50 years of independence – both at home and abroad – the 2nd Generation will keep alive the spirit and legacy of an island that’s hard to beat.

in different areas of their lives. Moreover I am very spiritual and a god gifted person therefore I would like to further assist the public by being an Agony Aunt, providing guidance with any difficulties in connection with problems associated with family, relationship breakdown or domestic violence etc, to better their lives. Please get in touch with me at rose@thephoenixnewspaper. com with your questions, comments and queries and I will respond to you in future editions!

munity and Lifetime Achievement Award-winner from The Phoenix Newspaper too and I have many other accolades as well. Life has taught me a lot and all the difficult steps I climbed in my life has made me a stronger person and gained valuable knowledge. Climbing these steps to what I am today was not easy but the positive attitude with clear conscious and aim to move forward kept me going. Not only that I am a Shayarana (a poetry writer) and have expressed myself well into the poetry form which has been enjoyed by the public and now I have many fans all over the country seeking advices l Dr Saroj ‘Rose’ Duggal

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0121 339 5885 or 0208 865 1922

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ovember 15th saw the launch of the Superkart Charity Challenge – a Le Mans style race, open to teams from the community as well as corporate, raising money for some important charities including Love Brum, Birmingham Childrens Hospital, Radio Lollipop, Cure Leukaemia, The National Autistic Society, Include Me Too and the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity working in partnership with Birmingham City Council and in association with Teamworks Karting. At Teamworks Karting Birmingham, movers and shakers from across the region turned up for what was a great afternoon of food, drink and networking, supporting the launch of what is set to be a huge fundraising effort for the charities, with Peter Masters announcing that there would be a minimum of £20,000 for each charity raised as a result of this event. The event aims to bring together people from all communities across Birmingham and the West Midlands, with 25 Business teams entering alongside 15 Community teams. “We feel this will bring a stronger bond and reinforce the cohesive spirit amongst the many different nationalities that have made Birmingham and the

wider West Midlands their home as a place to develop in peace, harmony and prosperity for now and the future generations to come.” “By bring together all these elements we feel that it can only enhance and strengthen the strength and diversity of our community and will create a long lasting bond of respect and friendship amongst competitors and the public as a whole.” Host for the afternoon, Raaj Shamji showed what he can do on the microphone alongside his toastmaster duties, ably assisted by the Dead Sea Skulls backing him up, as well as interviewing a number of key people attending the launch including media partners from The Phoenix Newspaper, Desi Blitz and The Asian Today, as well as Cllr Waseem Zaffar and Beverley Nielsen amongst others. Birmingham’s own Apache Indian turned up to rock the microphone, performing some of his hits and promoting the AIM Academy, as well as other prominent Birmingham-based organisations including The Phoenix Newspaper. The Karting event is scheduled for 2017, with full details available on the website at Also watch out for more information in the coming months in The Phoenix Newspaper!

The Phoenix – December 2016

The Phoenix – December 2016

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The Phoenix – December 2016


for Aston Martin’s most overtly sporting GT production model. This look can be further enhanced with a range of new options. These include carbon fibre bonnet louvres, new forged 5-spoke diamond turned wheels and a choice of striking painted graphics packs. A new Vanquish S badge sits proudly on the tailgate as the perfect piece of jewellery. Inside, the Vanquish S can be further personalised with a choice of spectacular new ‘Filograph’ quilted leather and the use of new materials and finishes, such as the Satin Chopped Carbon Fibre fascia panel. Sumptuous Bridge of Weir Caithness leather offers an added touch of luxury and tactility, while Vanquish S embroidery on the headrests provides a crafted finishing detail. Dr. Andy Palmer, Aston Martin President & CEO said: “From the moment the original Vanquish was launched it became a modern icon. “It propelled Aston Martin from an era of hand-built cars to one where craftsmanship and technology combined to create a new kind of great British GT.”


















MAY 24TH 10










JUNE 21ST 10




















ston Martin has turned up the heat on it’s ultimate Super GT to create the new Vanquish S. Sharper styling, greater potency and increased athleticism define this latest evolution of an illustrious model line. One that originated from Aston Martin’s legendary Works in Newport Pagnell and has proudly served as standard bearer for the marque’s sporting and stylistic values since 2001. In this, the second generation Vanquish’s evolution to S specification, careful attention has been paid to the engine, chassis and aerodynamics to create a machine honed to deliver more intense thrills and even more scintillating performance. Visually the Vanquish S can be readily distinguished by a new aerodynamic package. Fashioned from exposed carbon fibre, this revised front splitter and rear diffuser combine to deliver a meaningful reduction in frontal lift with a minimal penalty in additional drag. Combined with visually striking new quad exhaust outlets the Vanquish S has more aggressive appearance, entirely fitting


The Vanquish S Takes Aston Martin’s Ultimate Super GT To The Next Level




Welcome to “The Drive of Your Life” the most adrenalin fuelled – fun busting knock-out charity event to take place in Birmingham. Our mission is to create an exciting business event whereby teams of ten people from business and community projects can mix, mingle, compete and enjoy a fun filled informal atmosphere, whilst raising a fantastic amount of money for our chosen charities.

0121 516 7128 // //

The Phoenix – December 2016

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Genelle is aspiring to inspire


fter being so used to greeting viewers first thing in the morning with that effervescent smile as she read the morning news of ITV Central, Genelle Aldred bade farewell to her loyal viewing followers as she has moved on to pastures new, away from the glare of television, to a new role as Head of Digital Strategy and part of the senior leadership team at Christian charity Tearfund, in Teddington, in Middlesex. It’s a far cry for the self-confessed ‘regular girl’ who first broke onto our sets, as a weather girl, first on BBC TV, before switching to the commercial channel as the early morning presenter. The Birmingham-born star of the small screen gives immense thanks for the opportunities she had bestowed on her, thus far, and for the equally great challenge that’s ahead. She says; “I’ll be eternally grateful for what I was able to do to date but I do like change. Now the work pressure is a bit different to what it has always been for me.” After gaining an MA in Broadcast Journalism, at Staffordshire University, Genelle worked at BBC Midlands Today in the newsroom

Inspiring Birmingham Women in Leadership

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he Inspiring Birmingham Women in Leadership held by Birmingham City Council in the prestigious Council House and sponsored by Acivico, explored several challenges facing aspiring female leaders in the city. The conference was a platform for the leaders within the council and city to develop its approach to supporting women in business and pushing them to succeed in senior roles. Interestingly it was noted that Birmingham has a wide gender gap in relation to pay and women in leadership roles. The “Women in labour market” statistical report shows that women are still a long way behind men in advancement and leadership roles. Additionally women still face challenges in moving

putting the news onto the web, but landed the role as a Weather Presenter; “Just as journalism ‘found me,’ the same has to be said about doing the weather. It wasn’t my initial intension to do it, but I always like a challenge and it certainly was one. Training for the MET office was intensive, but it was something I enjoyed and found that I excelled in.” After which she had the opportunity to be a presenter, on ITV Central, which, she said, was, though just as intense, was more to her liking. Ms. Aldred always harbors a positive outlook to life, which tested her physically, mentally and emotionally when, as a

to senior positions within organisations. The programme for the summit provided the attendees the opportunity to network and connect with organisations that have made a commitment to engage with more women in senior leadership roles. The attendees had the opportunity to hear from women who are inspirational and innovative business leaders in Birmingham. The speeches were then followed by a number of workshops, identifying and tackling the barriers for women when reaching

19-year-old she gave birth to a baby girl, who was still-born – an experience which made her much more the stronger all round. “The experience of giving birth to a still-born baby was emotional torture. But, what that did was make me stronger, more positive and made me be able to learn to not despise the negative,” she said. “Baby loss is still a grief ‘taboo,’ but I talk openly about it to raise awareness. Also all that happens in life makes you who you are and that experience was certainly the making of me.” She cites her parents and close friends as those who brought her through that traumatic period in her life, which, ironically, now that she’s onto pastures new, she has more time to spend with them, and do all the things she was missing whilst having to be up at 3.45am each morning; “With my new job, which I know will be as challenging as my previous ones, I will have more time to spend with those close to me, as well as be able to go out to eat, go to the movies, do more shopping, reading and cooking. Media is quite all-consuming so I’m looking forward to having a life again.” Television’s loss is digital media’s massive gain as Genelle Aldred moves on to the next big challenge in her already packed life.

those senior roles in business. The event was concluded with a panel debate with influential leaders in the city,

who discussed and debated the future of leadership for women.

0121 339 5885 or 0208 865 1922

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Residents discover impact of alcohol in awareness week


ulfrunians were tasked with thinking how alcoohl affects their families, communities, society and not least themselves during Alcohol Concern’s annual Alcohol Awareness Week. Discussing the imact of drinking too much, even as ‘little’ as a few drinks every night, Alcohol trainers spoke to dozens of shoppers at the Wulfrun Centre. With a scratchcard game to find out how much people drink on a regular basis as well as ‘drunk goggles’ to shine a sobering light on how alcohol impairs you when drunk, people were encouraged to take part and

really engage with the topic. Councillor Paul Sweet, the City of Wolverhampton Council's Cabinet Member for Public Health and Wellbeing, said: "Alcohol Awareness Week was a good opportunity for our Healthy Lifestyles Team to offer advice and guidance to people about drinking. "Those that took part are now better informed of the risks they or someone they know face, and were provided with ways to receive more support if they wanted it, whether that be through information leaflets, resources on the internet or a oneto-one appointment with one of our health trainers to make lifestyle changes.

QEHB Charity bringing Christmas cheer to patients

l Staff from Ward 301 at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham get in the Christmas Spirit with Tony Hill


EHB Charity is once again aiming to bring festive cheer to patients and staff at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham throughout Christmas. Over the festive period approximately 100,000 patients will visit QEHB, meaning the ‘season to be jolly’ will be business as usual at the city’s biggest hospital, but they want to provide chocolate hampers for patients and staff to

share, Christmas trees for every floor of the hospital, decorations for the wards, gifts for children and young people with cancer, and free parking and TV for patients and visitors on Christmas Day. But we can’t do it without you! From joining their events, to visiting the Christmas shop, or making a company or personal donation, every support will help make Christmas that little bit nicer for the thousands of patients who will be at QEHB throughout the

TUESDAYS Birmingham The BCA Jenkins Street Small Heath 7.30pm Contact Rose 07482300587

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The Phoenix – December 2016

festive period. To help support patients festive events include: - Festive Jumper Day - on Friday December 16 - 12 Choirs of Christmas primary schools and community groups singing carols and hymns throughout the month - The popular Christmas Carol Concert at St Philip’s Cathedral on Monday December 16. A Christmas pop-up shop will be in the hospital atrium through-

out December for the first time, selling Christmas decorations and gifts along with the usual range of QEHB Charity merchandise. For any company looking to give to a local charity this Christmas, QEHB Charity offers a variety of packages to help organisations identify the type of support that’s best. To find out more or to make a donation to QEHB Charity’s Christmas Campaign, go to www.

type of hemoglobin that causes the cells to become sickle shaped when they lose oxygen. The least dense cells were disc-shaped and most like normal red blood cells and when the sickled blood cells return to areas of the body with more oxygen, most of them regain their original shape, while accumulating damages after each sickling cycle. As the cells circulate through the body repeatedly, they gradually become more dense and some of them become irreversibly sickled. Sickle-cell disease (SCD), most common in Africans and African-Americans, as well as other ethnic and racial groups, including people from South and Central America, the Caribbean, Mediterranean countries, and India, is a group of genetically passed down blood disorders. The most common type is known as sickle-cell anaemia (SCA). It results in an abnormality in the oxygen-carrying protein haemoglobin found in red blood cells.

New biomarkers could improve understanding of sickle cell disease


esearchers have established new biomarkers that could help improve the understanding of sickle cell disease treatments by separating cells in blood samples from patients with the disease to isolate cells of different densities. Results from the research programme shows that hydroxyurea, an FDA-approved drug, improved the biophysical markers across all densities as red blood cells in people with the disease have an abnormal

0121 339 5885 or 0208 865 1922

The Phoenix – December 2016

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Support Column


hristmas, a time for family and children, but spare a thought for those women who have to go through the holidays dealing with infertility. Most couples take it for granted their ability to have a child. In a study conducted by the NHS 25% of couples struggle to have children. Christmas is commonly known as a holiday celebrating a special birth, by a virgin nonetheless. Understandably it is a painful reminder for those couples without children as the holiday itself is centred around families and children. So spare a thought for those without children, don’t be tempted to ask the usual questions, “why haven’t you had a child yet” or “are you having problems” – no couple wants to hear that.

Facts about Fertility

• One in 80 children born in Britain are conceived because of IVF. • One in six couples try infertility treatment. • Denmark has the highest proportion of test-tube babies in Europe - 2.6 per cent of all live births (it is 1.2 per cent in the UK). • IVF can produce high rates of multiple births because up to three embryos can be implanted in the uterus. 27 % of all IVF births produce two or more babies, compared to 1.4 per cent of all babies conceived naturally. • 47% of individual babies born because of IVF came from a multiple pregnancy. • Infertility is most commonly caused by problems with ovulation (the monthly release of an egg). Some problems stop women releasing eggs at all, and some cause an egg to be released during some cycles, but not others. Ovulation problems can occur due to conditions, such as: • polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) – a condition that makes it more difficult for your ovaries to produce an

Coping with infertility at Christmas egg • thyroid problems – both an overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism) and an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism) can prevent ovulation • premature ovarian failure – where a woman’s ovaries stop working before she is 40

Womb and fallopian tubes

The fallopian tubes are the tubes along which an egg travels from the ovary to the womb. The egg is fertilised as it travels down the fallopian tubes. When it reaches the womb, it is implanted into the womb’s lining, where it continues to grow. If the womb or the fallopian tubes are damaged, or stop working, it may be difficult to conceive naturally.

Scarring from surgery

Pelvic surgery can sometimes cause damage and scarring to the fallopian tubes. Cervical surgery can also sometimes cause scarring, or shorten the cervix (the neck of the womb).

Cervical mucus defect

When you are ovulating, mucus in your cervix becomes thinner so that sperm can swim through it more easily. If there is a problem with your mucus, it can make it harder to conceive.


Fibroids are benign (non-cancerous) tumours that grow in, or around, the womb. Fibroids develop in the muscle beneath the inner lining of the womb wall and grow into the middle of the womb. Submucosal fibroids can

One in 10 suffering with diabetes by 2035


ublic Health England said that, by 2035, one person in every ten, in the West Midlands, is expected to have diabetes. According to startling new research, 9.4 per cent of the West Midlands region aged 16 or over already had diabetes in 2015. Based on current trends, 538,000 people are expected to have either type one or type two of the disease. Across England, more people than ever before are suffering. Diabetes can lead to serious complications including foot amputation and kidney disease, and is associated with an increased risk of stroke and heart attack. Type 2 diabetes, also known as adult-onset diabetes, currently costs the NHS £8.8 billion each year and accounts for 90 per cent of all cases. Peter Shorrick, head of the Midlands for charity Diabetes UK, said: "These new estimates clearly show the scale of diabetes in the West Midlands and the huge impact on people living with the condition.

Too often, they only find out they have type two diabetes after they have developed serious complications, such as heart or kidney disease, or foot problems which can lead to amputations. Avoiding or delaying such devastating complications depends on people getting diagnosed earlier so they get help and support to manage their condition well." Public Health England launched

a prevention programme in conjunction with NHS England and Diabetes UK earlier this year. The programme is aimed at helping those at high risk of developing type two diabetes to reduce their risk. Birmingham, Dudley, Herefordshire and Worcestershire are four of the first areas in the country to start offering the service.

Living Healthy Starts Here!

reduce fertility, although exactly how they do this is not yet known. It is possible that a fibroid may prevent an embryo from implanting itself into your womb.


Endometriosis is a condition where small pieces of the womb lining, known as the endometrium, start growing in other places, such as the ovaries. This can cause infertility because the new growths form adhesions (sticky areas of tissue) or cysts (fluid-filled sacs) that can block or distort the pelvis. These make it difficult for an egg to be released and become implanted into the womb.

Pelvic inflammatory disease

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is an infection of the upper female genital tract, which includes the womb, fallopian tubes and ovaries. It is often the result of a sexually transmitted infection (STI). PID can damage and scar the fallopian tubes, making it virtually impossible for an egg to travel down into the womb. As always, if you are struggling and need somebody to talk to Cysters are always here to offer support. Whatever Gynaecological problem you are going through, you are beautiful and you are still a woman! Love Neelam <3 For more information, help or support get in touch with us. Twitter: @CystersBham Facebook: Cysters Birmigham Email:

We provide products that you need to live a better life. Natural blends and unique formulas that enhance our body’s abilities to cope with the stresses of a modern world and the lack of nutrients in today’s mass produced food chains.

Benefits Include: Anti Inflammatory, Reduce Cholesterol, Liver Protecting, Antioxidant Effects, Antiviral & Bacterial Effects, Anti Fungal Effects, Anti Ageing Effects, Stimulates Immune System, Support Healthy Blood Pressure Products are not intended to cure any sickness or disease

For More Information Contact

Grace Mitchell Innovations Hair & Beauty Salon 285 High Street, Harborne, B17 9QH

0121 439 3314 07949 436 333

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Bigger and Better than ever Inter Faith Week Launched at Council House


nter Faith Week is an incredibly important time in the year for inter faith learning, interaction, cooperation and celebration. It allows communities to highlight the achievements of local inter faith and faith based groups, and strengthen good inter faith relations at all levels. Taking place from November 13th to the 21st, it is an opportunity for people from all and no religious backgrounds to come together to learn more about each other and to gain a greater understanding of the people we live and work with. “As Lord Mayor I am the honorary president of the Birmingham Council of Faiths, I’d just like to congratulate you all on 42 years of promoting understanding and cooperation between people of different faiths in Birmingham.”

Explained Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Cllr Carl Rice. “Treat people as you yourself wish to be treated. It is ignorance that breeds fear and intolerance, and agencies like the Birmingham Council of Faiths play a vital role in focusing everyone on what unites us, rather than what divides us.” Some of the activities which have been successful in the past include interfaith discussions on topics of interest; exchange visits between different places of worship; open days in places of worship; interfaith walks visiting different faith buildings en route; events focusing around food; faith school open days; seminars focusing on health issues; and many more. Chair of the Council of Faiths

for this year, Tarang Shelat spoke of “It is an honour and a privilege to head the Birmingham Council of Faiths. We encourage people from all faiths and faith organisations to become a part of us. If we don’t find you, please come and find us.” The Birmingham Council of Faiths is currently affiliated with the Bahai’s, Buddhists, Christians, Confucians, Hindus, Jains, Jews, Mormons, Muslims, Sikhs and Zoroastrians, and with 4 out

of 5 Birmingham residents claiming to have a religion, it is more important than ever to ensure that interfaith initiatives such as these continue and flourish. 3 children from Nishkam Primary School were present to light 3 candles as part of the launch, and there were performances from Rabbi Lior Kaminetsky on the violin and dancing from Miss Krupali Parmar. The calendar for the week included over 20 events across Birmingham and the West Midlands, and for more information on interfaith activities which are taking place all year round in Birmingham, you can visit the Birmingham Council of Faiths website at

The Phoenix – December 2016

The Phoenix – October 2016

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“I am a Christian” When I say, "I am a Christian," I'm not shouting, "I've been saved!" I'm whispering, "I get lost! That's why I chose this way" When I say, "I am a Christian," I don't speak with human pride I'm confessing that I stumble — needing God to be my guide When I say, "I am a Christian," I'm not trying to be strong I'm professing that I'm weak and pray for strength to carry on When I say, "I am a Christian," I'm not bragging of success I'm admitting that I've failed and cannot ever pay the debt When I say, "I am a Christian," I don't think I know it all I submit to my confusion asking humbly to be taught When I say, "I am a Christian," I'm not claiming to be perfect My flaws are far too visible but God believes I'm worth it When I say, "I am a Christian," I still feel the sting of pain I have my share of heartache which is why I seek His name When I say, "I am a Christian," I do not wish to judge I have no authority — I only know I'm loved

Forgiveness across Faiths explored at Inter Faith Event

The Zampaladus Theory Creative Writing Workshops


ow much have you thought about Forgiveness? Chances are, unless someone has wronged you, you don’t think about forgiveness much at all. At an event organised by the Nishkam Centre for Interfaith Week on this very topic, forgiveness was explored from the view of a numbber of different faiths. Forgiveness has the power to transform deep-seated responses to memories and legacies of injustice, conflict and war. I didn’t believe this concept myself at first, however, how many of you have clung on to your feelings of anger and even hate for acts committed in the past and then allowed this to shape your decisions? I know I have done so in in the past. “Letting go” and practicing forgiveness can liberate people from being imprisoned in the past and the long ingrained mental and emotional conditions created by such grudges. Have we become so embroiled in our day to day material lives, that we have forgotten how to forgive? Have we forgotten how to awaken the best of our human spirit and potential, practicing love, mercy forgiveness and reconciliation to shape our destiny? The event at the Nishkam Centre sent a powerful message

out to the community that forgiveness starts from within, forgiving yourself is quite possibly one of the most powerful acts we can do. I know myself I struggle to forgive myself, for simple things beyond my control. So, I learnt a lot from this event. What also struck me as integral to this message was that it was echoed by all religious institutions. Forgiveness is such a big part of each religion, it is apparent that spiritually, forgiveness is a deep-rooted emotion that has the power to allow you to positively move forward with your life. I was fortunate enough to sit

through Kirtan Shabad by Beant and Gurpreet Singh, Poetry by Matloob Khan of Lozells Central Mosque, Singing by Rabbi Dr Lior Kaminestsky of the Central Synagogue, a speech by Sister Noreen of the Sisters of Mercy and a reflection of the event by Jaswant Singh Sohal. Well done to all those involved on this project, I hope to see more on going events tackling these topics with other religious organisations. The community deserve to see all different faiths working together for the good of our shared society – which this event beautifully showcased. Words by Neelam Heera

Based on ‘Award Winning Books’: From The Hood 2 Horses & Guess What? Learn the secrets to writing a winning novel

Equipe yourself with the necessary tools needed to

begin YOUR journey

• Be inspired to tell your story!!! • Choose from 6 - 10 week courses • Private and Group Tuition available Workshop Options: Option 1: Creative Writing Flying Start 4 Wks - £200pp* Option 2: How To Write A Novel (Beginners) 6 Wks - £325pp* Option 3: How To Write A Novel (Intermediate) 6 Wks - £425pp* Option 4: Self Editing Your Novel 4 Wks - £350pp* Option 5: Screenwriting 4 Wks - £200pp* Option 6: Self Publishing Success (Intermediate) 4 Wks - £150pp* *Workshops can also be tailored to needs.


Freedom T Zampaladus - 07475 974 837 or visit the website for further information Encourage - Inform - Inspire

The Zampaladus


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The Phoenix – December 2016


Farewell, former Villa star, Atkinson

M SPOTY 2016 in Birmingham The BBC will crown its 2016 Sports Personality of the Year in Birmingham on December 18. The annual awards will be held at the Genting Arena and hosted by Gary Lineker, Clare Balding and Gabby Logan.

ena Miss Me sala a & the Mns Quee

Celebration: 10 years of ‘One Love Festival’ rs Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee 50 yea r of yea th 40 & ess sin bu in the Greensleeves Records

17 1st - 3rd Sept 20 try Park,

Hainault Forest Coun Chigwell, Essex


will artridge r, John P ulti-award ta s ’ s r e d m EastEn ing role in hit s,’ at the Former the starr Cage Aux Folle hat will g in k ta w be ‘La eatre, in musical; winning mpton Grand Th venue. e a h th r Adrian t’ for Wolve be a ‘firs ollywood great, f; ‘T.J. H o s e the like alongsid ill Starring med for roles in ‘Grease 2,’ it w d fa n t , a h d ’ e ig r ty Zm enw r Par r the Bill K ‘Bachelo Hooker,’ rst ever tour of -loved spectacula be the fi on of the much 2017. in ti presenta new production nd the Gra ill be at 1, 2017. w s e ll o 7 to July e Aux F La Cag e from June 2 r t a e h T


op, Big S Little Sh

If you’ve got an event, notice or information that you’d like to advertise on our community notice board, get in touch with us on:

The funeral service for Delissa Spence - Friday 16 December, 11am to be held at, Sparkhill Methodist Church, Warwick Rd. B11 4QT.

embers of B r a z i l i a n football club Chapecoense were among the 81 people aboard the chartered flight that crashed on the way to the international airport in Medellin. A small but successful club, they

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he death of celebrated singer/songwriter, Leonard Cohen, was international news with tributes pouring in from friends, musicians and fans, including Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who heaped praise on one of his country’s true greats. “No other artist’s music felt or sounded like Leonard Cohen’s,”

he said. “Yet his work resonated across generations. Canada and the world will miss him.” Noted for iconic songs like the heavily-covered ‘Hallelujah’ and ‘Everybody Knows,’ poet and novelist Cohen, died aged 83.

Robert Vaughn Legend to the End

Football world in mourning for Chapecoense

RIP Delissa Spence

Sir Jimmy Young

ne of the first DJs on what was a new BBC Radio 1, in 1967, presenting the weekday mid-morning show to 1973, before joining BBC Radio 2, Sir Jimmy Young became the ‘Housewives Choice,’ presenting 'The JY Prog', until his retirement from broadcasting at the end of 2002. Knighted in 2002 for his services to broadcasting, the veteran presenter counted royals and prime ministers among his millions of loyal listeners - interviewing every prime minister since Harold Macmillan. He died “peacefully at home” at the age of 95, with his wife, Alicia, by his side.

Icon, Cohen, resonated across generations

0121 339 5885



Queens, Masala a & the n ens at ee M op i s Mis Vird Harvey ay by en on 9 M writt heatre k Palace T Warwic to Watford g n ri fore tou ampton th ou S 2017 be ffield tre, Nu kshire Arts Cen West Yor and the es tr ea Th se. Playhou

ux Folle

A La Cage

ourners paid an emotional farewell to former Aston Villa striker, Dalian Atkinson, at his funeral service, at the Telford Crematorium, three months after being tasered to his death by police officers following an altercation. His sister said: "Dalian was supposed to have been admitted to hospital for treatment on the day he died. We wanted to celebrate his life but the way he died while so vulnerable casts a dark shadow over everything." The ex-Sheffield Wednesday and Ipswich Town star was 48.

chartered the plane to play in the Copa Sudamericana final against Colombian club Atletico Nacional. The entire football world mourned the tragedy.


est known as the ‘Man from U.N.C.L.E’ the O s c a r- n o m i n a t e d veteran actor, Robert Vaughn, who played urbane superspy Napoleon Solo next to Scottish actor David McCallum’s Illya Kuryakin, nearer the beginning of his glorious career before starring, in re-

cent years, alongside Birmingham-born Adrian Lester in British crime-caper ‘Hustle.’ He had Hollywood success in ‘The Magnificent Seven’ before becoming friends with U.S. Sen. Robert F. Kennedy and campaigned for him during his 1968 run for the presidency. When Kennedy was assassinated, Vaughn was so upset that he moved to England for five years. He was 83.

0121 339 5885 or 0208 865 1922

The Phoenix – December 2016

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Flybe’s Expanded 2016-17 Winter Schedule Takes Off


l Peter Mathews CMG, Export Ambassador West Midlands, Paul Willoughby, Flybe Regional General Manager and Jo Lloyd, Commercial Director at Birmingham Airport. lybe, Europe’s largest regional airline, started operating its 2016-17 Winter schedule that features a total choice of up to 375 flights a week from its Birmingham hub across 23 routes including brand new daily flights to Toulouse and a weekly Saturday ski service to Geneva. An additional four routes will operate for the first time this winter - to Knock, Luxembourg, Nantes and Rotterdam. Flights operate through to 25th March 2017 with one way fares from £24.99

including taxes and charges. The inaugural flight to Toulouse was celebrated with a special cake featuring the heraldry of both cities and arriving passengers were surprised with a presentation of locally sourced ‘purple’ gifts. The city of Toulouse - just a short 1hr 50 minutes’ flight away from Birmingham –is one of France’s most historic cities featuring medieval architecture and unique pink terracotta buildings. It is also the centre of the European aerospace industry and of leading companies within the

Any reason to escape...


technology sector. Vincent Hodder, Flybe Chief Revenue Officer, said: “We have expanded our winter schedule this year from Birmingham not only with new leisure and business routes but also by adding frequency to accommodate the needs of our business customers.” Flybe’s expanded schedule includes increased flights to Edinburgh and to Amsterdam, with flights to Geneva from where there are convenient onward connections to many of the most popular ski resorts in Switzerland,

ne in five Brits have taken a holiday to celebrate special days with their partners, including weddings and anniversaries, with 23% taking one for their Birthday! A survey by momondo also showed that Brits like to take a holiday as a reward for landing a new job, or quittin an old one Finishing a degree, diploma or certificate,or passing their exams are also reasons that many Brits take to their

France and Italy. The new route also provides Birmingham travellers with fast and convenient access to a city that is not just at the centre of world politics and finance but which is an attractive ‘must-see’ destination in its own right with a strong cultural heritage that includes many museums and galleries supporting plenty of reasons to visit. William Pearson, Aviation Director at Birmingham Airport, said: “It is excellent news that Flybe will be increasing its selection of

routes this winter for our passengers. Toulouse is one of France’s great cultural and commercial centres with a strong medieval heritage. Geneva is a commercial hub as well as being a fantastic gateway to many world class ski resorts.

“We are sure both of these routes will prove popular with our passengers looking for city breaks and fantastic Christmas markets, ski and snowboard holidays or for business trips.”

holidays. Lasse Skole Hansen, momondo’s spokesperson comments: “Travel can be a cathartic experience. Often emotions are stirred up when we remove ourselves from our sphere of normality. “We also found many Brits don’t actually need a particular reason to book a holiday however, such is the deep norm of taking an annual summer holiday, for example.” Basically, us Brits will use any reason to book ourselves a holiday!

Lets Salsa Break

S Delegation forges greater links with UK plc


n developing educational and vocational links, a delegation of professionals from Jamaica and the wider Caribbean were in the UK attending seminars,

visit employment and training establishments and create a greater collaboration between both countries, as well as flagging up the availability of students Britain being able to take

up Masters courses for international students both here and over there. During their visit to these shores they also took in the World Skill Show, at the NEC Birming-

ham, where they were able to see, under one vast roof, a vast array of businesses and organizations which all fell into the very ethos of their time in Britain.

outh of France residence Chateau Lou Casteou, has announces the dates of its next luxury dance and fitness break, to be held 6th - 9th April, 2017. The four-day, all-inclusive residential retreat will be led by dancers Juan Let’s Salsa and Simon and Becky Mascarenhas. Guests will try out the different dance disciplines of Merengue, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha, Salsa and Kizomba. The retreat will cater for both beginners and experienced dancers wishing to improve their footwork skills.

Dancing will also be complimented by fun fitness activities designed to improve the core and leg muscle groups used in dance. These include core strengthening and fun swiss ball sessions, plus water and Latino aerobics. Guests will also take in a visit to a local Provençal vineyard and the Cuban Club, La Bodeguita, All meals, drinks and wines will be prepared by Lou Casteou’s talented Chef Jimmy Karl. Prepared from the very best local ingredients, nutritionally balanced, the feasts on offer are designed to be both healthy and delicious.

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The Phoenix – December 2016



he latest analysis from Asteco has suggested that although the average price of property in Dubai has fallen by 4% compared to last year, a 2017 revival through the residential real estate market is likely. Developers are increasingly targeting the afforadable end of the property market, with numerous reports showing higher sales at the lower end of the market. For buyers, price is what matters, and with recent releases asking for significantly lower than current market rates, there is a big market out there. ‘We expect transaction levels to increase over the next few months as the general perception indicates the market is bottoming out,’ the report says. ‘Overall, value for money and budget have been the main drivers for tenants to downgrade to smaller units or to relocate to cheaper communities and this trend is likely to continue in the foreseeable future,’ the report adds. The report also says that numerous new off-plan launches seem to have diverted some demand away from completed or close to completed communities, as prices and payment plans have attracted buyers. Jumeirah Village Circle and Dubai Sports City saw rents increase by 2% and 3% respectively and the latter also recorded the

Brexit slowdown to hit house prices

Dubai Property Market Looks Set To Revive highest growth over the year, averaging 13%. Business Bay, however saw rents fall by 5% quarter on quarter. However, Dubai’s residential property market is set to rebound next year with prices expected to increase by 4% to 5%, according to Craig Plumb, head of MENS research at JLL. ‘The market is down almost 15% from its peak in 2014. We expect prices to decline by another 1% by the end of the year but prices will increase by 4% to 5% next year, Plumb said.


rowth touching eight per cent will become a thing of the past, according to experts, which is news for first-time buyers – but less so for homeowners. Experts have warned Brexit uncertainty will deal a blow to the region’s housing market – and predict little growth in the next three years. Fresh forecasts from estate agency Countrywide estimate that home price growth in the West Midlands will slow to 2.5 per cent next year, and will then fall by 0.5 per cent in 2017. Growth has been as high as eight per cent in recent years. Experts think growth will remain subdued into 2018, with only a modest two per cent increase predicted then – which is good news for first-time buyers – but less so for homeowners. Countrywide’s chief economist Fionnuala Earley said: “The weaker prospects for confidence, household incomes and the labour market mean that we do expect some modest falls in house prices

before they return to positive growth towards the end of 2017 and into 2018.” Government statistics have yet to reveal a drop in market value after Brexit, with the June release only accounting for the initial seven-day period following the EU referendum results. In the months ahead, Countrywide said home owners will continue to benefit from the UK’s limited housing supply, which will help prop up prices, the report explained. However, the average Birmingham property increased by 7.9 per cent in the year up to the Brexit vote, to £136,429, according to Rightmove. Domestic buyers find support from record-low interest rates, which were recently slashed by the Bank of England to 0.25 per cent in a post-Brexit stimulus pa Countrywide stressed that there was a higher than usual risk that its forecasts could change, citing the “extraordinary nature of the challenges ahead,” in negotiating the terms of Brexit.







Hand made by skilled craftsmen in our own factory






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Quality Furniture


UNIT 3, 113 SYDENHAM ROAD | SPARKBROOK | B11 1DG • TEL: 0121 772 4740 • MOB: 07811 018 526





The Phoenix – December 2016

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Globetrotters return to the UK


he world famous Harlem Globetrotters, featuring some of the most electrifying athletes on the planet, will be bringing their spectacular show to the UK during their 2017 World Tour. They recently wrapped a busy 90th year tour, during which they named Pope Francis the ninth Honorary Harlem Globetrotter in team history, they walked the runway at New York Fashion Week, launched the Great Assist initiative alongside Robin Roberts – whom the team also named an honorary Globetrotter – pledging to spread 100 million smiles over the next 10 years, broke seven Guinness World Records and remixed the

team’s legendary theme song, ‘Sweet Georgia Brown,’ with the help of Grammy Award-winning producer/songwriter Teddy Riley. Synonymous with one-of-akind family entertainment and great basketball skills, throughout their history, they have showcased their iconic talents in 122 countries and territories on six continents, often breaking down cultural and societal barriers while providing fans with their first-ever basketball experience. The Harlem Globetrotters will be visiting including; Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester, Cardiff and other towns throughout the UK, in April 2017.

England face Windies in UK inaugural day/night Test


ith England and the West Indies on the verge of making cricketing history the evolution of the game marks a significant milestone for Edgbaston Stadium its 115year history as an international

l THEN: Back row, left to right: Ian Benjamin (Sheffield United)*,Vernon Hodgson (West Bromwich Albion), Brendon Batson (Albion), Derek Richardson (QPR), Stewart Phillips (Hereford Utd)*, George Berry (Wolves), Bob Hazell (Wolves), Garth Crooks (Stoke City)* Front row: Winston White (Hereford Utd)*, Cyrille Regis (Albion), Laurie Cunningham (Albion), Remi Moses (Albion),Valmore Thomas (Hereford Utd) *Players who later joined Albion

After Making Ground-Breaking History, How Far Have We Really Come?


n 1979 it proved ground-breaking and watching the screening of ‘Whites Vs Blacks: How Football Changed a Nation’ proved ground-breaking viewing. As part of the BBC Black and British Season, and BFI Black Star season, the documentary, presented by lifelong Albion fan and broadcaster Adrian Chiles who journeyed across England to discover the truths, taboos and real meaning behind this remarkable game uncovered rarely seen footage and reunions of players from both teams, including Ally Robertson, Bob Hazell, George Berry and Brendan Batson. Together with the late Laurie Cunningham, Cyrille Regis and Brendan, known as the infamous ‘Three Degrees, they’ were integral cogs in history that has never been repeated since – anywhere. It was Albion legend Len Cantello’s testimonial match at West Brom’s Hawthorns ground, which fielded an all-White team against an all-Black team. For the White team it was nothing more than a light-hearted gimmick, but for the Black players it represented so much

more. It was a game they had to win. Racism was rife and Black people were far from welcome on the pitch, in the stands or in the boardroom. On his journey Adrian also discovers the so-called Fourth Degree – left back Vernon Hodgson, who 30 years on from the game, still resides in West Bromwich working as a refuse collector. Chiles also met the wives and girlfriends of some of the Black players, including Cunningham’s former girlfriend, Nicky Brown, who provided an insight in to what it was like as an outsider, as well as a white woman dating a Black man in provincial England during the 1970s. He also met the wives of Wolves players Hazell and Berry – Joy and Maureen -

who shared their experiences of being WAGS back in the day and victims of racism. Regis, now 58, a football agent and still in eye-watering shape, was candid, measured and astute after a pre-screening at mac birmingham, saying; "Football mirrors society. How many Black faces are there in board rooms up and down the country? Although what I was part of back then there’s still a long, long way to go for any sort of parity." Today, around 30 per cent of English professionals are Black. They are role models and superstars, some earning in excess of £100,000 a week. On the surface, everything seems rosy but how far have we really come?

l NOW: Vernon Hodgson, Cyrille Regis, John Wile, Ally Brown and Stewart Phillips

venue. In the England & Wales Cricket Board and Warwickshire County Cricket Club announcing that it will host the first ever day/night Investec Test Match, in 2017, it also marks the 50th Test Match to be staged at one of the country’s premier venues. Subject to ICC clearance, this first Test of the Series will be played, for the first time, with a pink Dukes ball between the hours of 2pm until 9pm. Thus, it

is thought, giving more people the opportunity to experience first class international cricket between two of the most historically respected Test teams in the game. Warwickshire Chief Executive, Neil Snowball, said: “Having staged the UK’s first day/night domestic match in 1997, bringing day/night Test cricket to England is an innovative and very exciting development for the game, and we’re thrilled that Edgbaston will be the first venue to host a match

played in this format. It has a great history of hosting and selling out some of the biggest fixtures in the game, with an iconic atmosphere. Marking our 50th Test anniversary with a game of this magnitude will be a great occasion. We will be working very closely with our delivery partners and key stakeholders on our planning and operations to ensure that this first ever day/night Investec Test Match is a huge success.”

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SPOTY nominees up for 2016 city bash


ndy Murray leads the shortlist for the 2016 BBC Sports Personality of the Year award. He won his second Wimbledon and Olympic singles titles before becoming the first Briton to finish the year as world number one. He is joined Jamie Vardy, the top scorer in Leicester City's Premier League title success, Real Madrid and Wales's Gareth Bale, equestrianism double Olympic champion Nick Skelton and three-time Rio Paralympic gold medallist Sophie Christiansen. Team GB women's gold-winning hockey team captain, Helen Richardson-Walsh, is also nominees, as is Masters golf champion Danny Willett and double Olympic female boxing champion, Nicola Adams. Britain's first ever gymnastics Olympic champion, Max Whitlock, features, as does 100m breaststroke world record holder Adam Peaty. Paralympian Kadeena Cox, who won gold medals in athletics and cycling is nominated, alongside triathlon champion Alistair Brownlee and Mo Farah, who successfully defend the long-distance Olympic double. Dame Sarah Storey, the most decorated female Paralympian is nominated for the second time, with fellow cyclists record-equaling Jason Kenny and his wife Laura Kenny, who won two Olympic and world titles during 2016. All roads leads to the Genting Arena in Birmingham later this month.

Netball ‘Super Ten’ to play out at Genting Arena

l Team Northumbria are ready and raring to go


feast of netball is in the offering as the new ‘Super Ten’ competition heads to Birmingham for five matches to be played out in one historic day for Round 2 of the new season. This sees ten teams competing for the 2017 title, with Vitality Netball Superleague fans getting their chance to run their eye over every single team on a day, at the Genting Arena, in Birmingham, on Saturday February 25, which will be followed by a meeting

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of the non-English teams as Sirens face off against Celtic Dragons. Gets underway at 12pm will be a mouth-watering clash between Loughborough Lighting and the newly formed Severn Stars, before Team Northumbria look to halt the final new team in the league as they face the challenge of Wasps Netball. The biggest clubs in Superleague history then go headto-head as Surrey Storm and Manchester Thunder renew their rivalry before the day

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concludes with another battle of former champions as Hertfordshire Mavericks take on Team Bath. England Netball Chief Executive Officer, Joanna Adams said: “The Vitality Netball Superleague has continued to grow in popularity since its launch in 2005 and with record attendances and ticket sales last year, we were keen to make a bold move in growing the number of teams and the aspirations of all involved. We feel this line-up really achieves this.”

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The Phoenix Newspaper - December 2016  

The Phoenix Newspaper - December 2016

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