The Phi Gamma Delta Magazine - Spring 2022

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[2021 Donors]

2021 Honor Roll of Donors Educational Foundation

Fiscal Year: July 2020 - June 2021 *From audited financial statements


Donations: • Unrestricted gifts • Designated gifts Net Investment Income Other Total Income

Dear Brothers, $ 1,410,865 984,440 6,086,000 130,777



Programming/Services: • Scholarships • Leadership, Health, Human Services, etc. • Other Programs/Support • House Corp. Grants Subtotal Management & General Fundraising Subtotal Total Expenses

$ 459,775 149,379 287,082 689,410 $1,585,646 $ 340,155 248,481 $588,636


Board Members: Chairman: Matthew M. Amend (Iowa 1987) Vice Chairman: Glenn D. Moor (Texas Tech 1984) Finance Committee Chairman: Kevin W. Haga (Jacksonville 1992) Secretary: William R. Brand (RPI 1987) Directors: D. Michael Ainsworth (British Columbia 1987); G. Carl Gibson (Oklahoma 1981); Donald M. Heinrich (Chicago 1974); Mitchell I. Henn (Case Western 1972); Michael A. Lucas (Bradley 1983); Scott R. Mowrer (Washington 1971); John P. O’Neill (Akron 1987); Michael J. Stewart (Penn State 1972); Robert A. Wunderlich Jr. (DePauw 1988)


Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation


College campuses began to come back to life last fall. With that return, many sophomore brothers came to campus and for the first time attended an in-person chapter event. Many brothers missed that first year of experiencing all things Phi Gam and all things college. That missed year means that their knowledge of how a chapter operates and what it means to live the values of the Fraternity in their daily lives will have to be learned now. That is where you come in. Thank you for the generous gifts you gave last year. Because of your support, we are prepared to address the needs of our brothers. It’s not just learning how to run a chapter, but more importantly, how to be a Phi Gamma Delta brother. Our values guide our members to live courageously and to represent the whole fraternity well. Represented on these pages are those who gave to help undergraduate brothers to immerse themselves in the values. Updates and brief reports on the scholarships and programs we fund are placed throughout the list of donors. We hope you will take a look. Fraternally, Matthew M. Amend (Iowa 1987), Chairman (left) Ben Robinson (Hampden-Sydney 1986), Executive Director (right) More information about the Foundation may be found online at