The Phi Gamma Delta Magazine - Spring 2021

Page 46

[2020 Donors]

2020 Honor Roll of Donors Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation Phi Gamma Delta never ceases to impress us! Our Fraternity and its undergraduate members responded to the challenge of operating during a pandemic. They had to be entrepreneurs of sorts and certainly leaders to make it all happen. You also helped us to navigate 2020 and we are grateful for your involvement allowing us to support the Fraternity during a challenging year. Thank you for keeping Phi Gamma Delta on your list of charitable priorities. Despite the downturn in the economy, the Foundation had a better year than we had anticipated back in March 2020 when the pandemic began. While the Fraternity undergraduates had to redirect or cancel many of their chapter activities in 2020, we anticipate a more active 2021, especially in the fall. As schools re-open, that rush of renewed enthusiasm on campus will need to be tempered with gentlemanly behavior and a watchful eye against unwanted activity. The Fraternity’s alcohol education programs continue to be important! As are our grants for Courageous Leadership, and mental health. Your Foundation operates using these guiding principles: use your gifts to encourage excellence; be open and

willing to try new approaches to solve problems; remain good stewards of your gifts; develop relationships to strengthen Phi Gamma Delta. While the past year had many disappointments, we move forward knowing that Persistence and “Not for college days alone…” remind us to keep our values in focus. These pages are dedicated to those who gave to help undergraduates navigate through life. As you look through the Donor Yearbook, you will find updates and brief reports on our grants, programs funded and programs to raise funds for Phi Gamma Delta. Fraternally, Matthew M. Amend (Iowa 1987), Chairman (left) Ben Robinson (Hampden-Sydney 1986), Executive Director (right) More information about the Foundation may be found online at

Educational Foundation Board Members: Chairman: Matthew M. Amend (Iowa 1987) Vice Chairman: Glenn D. Moor (Texas Tech 1984) Finance Committee Chairman: Kevin W. Haga (Jacksonville 1992) Secretary: William R. Brand (RPI 1987) Executive Committee: Kevin J. Hopper (Cincinnati 1973)



Directors: D. Michael Ainsworth (British Columbia 1987); G. Carl Gibson (Oklahoma 1981); Mitchell I. Henn (Case Western 1972); Michael A. Lucas (Bradley 1983); Scott R. Mowrer (Washington 1971); Michael J. Stewart (Penn State 1972); Robert A. Wunderlich, Jr. (DePauw 1988)