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PHI GAMMA DELTA Vol. 142 No. 2 | Spring 2021

Making Our Case:

The Positive Impact of Fraternities

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Phi Gamma Delta was founded at Jefferson College, Canonsburg, PA, on May 1, 1848. 200,931 men have been initiated into the Fraternity since its founding.

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Spring 2021 VOLUME 142, NO. 2

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36 Making Our Case


President's Message


Gamma Gram

The Positive Impact of Fraternities

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A Year (or So) in the COVID Life A historical overview

26 Spring 2021 Colonization Results


& Fall 2021 Expansion Plans

27 Graduate Volunteers

Roles and their importance to the Fraternity

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35 2021 Housing Conference

The 1848 Housing Committee hosted the first annual Housing Conference


42 Persistence & Determination

On the Cover

Featured in CBS's New Comedy James Miervaldis (Johns Hopkins 2006) consulted on CBS's "United States of Al"

43 2021 Fiji Academy

Highlights from the 2021 Fiji Academy, held virtually on January 8-9


45 Courageous Leader Award Winners 46 2020 Honor Roll of Donors Brothers from the Epsilon Rho Chapter at Embry-Riddle

North American Interfraternity Conference

Fraternity Communications Association THE PHI GAMMA DELTA


President's Message


ecently, I enjoyed the privilege of celebrating the 50th anniversary of my initiation into Phi Gamma Delta. Alas, the limitations of this column will not allow me to share with you the treasure chest of fond memories of my chapter and my brothers that I hold dear after all these years. While reflecting on those wonderful moments, I could not help but think about how much things have changed since my time as an undergraduate at the University of Illinois. In days of old, we would look forward to a twice-yearly visit from our Field Secretary. This dedicated brother would drive into town and work with us for a few days to sharpen up our game before heading off to his next chapter visit, often hundreds of miles away. Today, we have video technology that enables our Field Secretaries to visit with multiple chapters during the same day. There was, of course, no internet, cell phones or personal computers; they had yet to be invented. Telephone communication was still primarily conducted by people speaking over copper wires strung across the country (“long distance” telephone calls were expensive and often required the assistance of an operator). Anybody hoping to reach a fraternity man back then was held hostage to the hope that someone would answer a pay phone, usually located in the coat room of the chapter house. Each week, we awaited the appearance in the mail of The Friday Letter, sent to us by Bill Zerman, the venerable Executive Director of our Fraternity. By the way, that communication was dispatched to us originally from Washington, D.C., as the move to Lexington and the eventual 4

construction of our terrific headquarters building were still future events. Consider that Bill Martin, who served us for 29 years as Brother Zerman’s worthy successor, had yet, at the time of my initiation, to enlist as a pledge at Mississippi State University. The copy of The Purple Pilgrim that I received when joining Phi Gamma Delta continues to reside on my bookshelf. A slim book, it still speaks to me in volumes. In only the second paragraph of the foreword, I can read that a fraternity should exist for two fundamental purposes: service to the institution that fosters it and the development of its members. It, then, suggests that a chapter that fails “to display the potential advantages with which fraternities are endowed…is hiding its light under a bushel.” Just four pages later, we can find the Statements of Position on Hazing and Pre-initiation Activities promulgated in 1962 by the College Fraternity Secretaries Association, which expresses the Association’s “opposition to hazing and pre-initiation activities which do not contribute to the positive development and welfare of pledges and members.” Furthermore, the position paper clearly states “that one of the most damaging instruments to the fraternity system is the employment of a program of education which includes hazing, and that this unproductive, ridiculous and hazardous custom has no rightful place in the fraternity system.” All of this thinking was offered by The Purple Pilgrim well before the triumph of the space program which resulted in one of our own, Gene Cernan (Purdue 1956), setting foot on the moon. In other words, the Phi Gamma Delta policy in


opposition to hazing is nothing new. Nic Loiacono The Statement of (Illinois 1974), Position advocated Archon President to “recommend to its members and their fraternities: that they continue to approach their undergraduate members with the assumption that they are mature, intelligent and self-governing men and that they alone can eradicate hazing in all varied forms; that they appeal to their alumni to bury and forget injurious practices; that they endeavor to broaden and strengthen their programs for the development in members of special talents and leadership responsibility...” This clarion call has led over time to the strengthening of the Fiji Academy and the establishment of other programs, such as Building Courageous Leaders and Foundation of Courage, intentionally designed to acquaint our undergraduates with the benefits of displaying strong leadership traits under challenging circumstances, such as those that may arise when conditions sympathetic to hazing are discovered within their chapters.

At this time, we remind all members of Phi Gamma Delta, both graduate and undergraduate, to help us remove from our midst, in those places where it could potentially exist, the suffocating effects of ungentlemanly conduct and replace it with behavior that exemplifies our enduring values (Friendship, Knowledge, Service, Morality, and Excellence) so that they may be accessible to all, as they very well should be. Fraternally,

Gamma Gram

News, Events, Feedback

Headquarters Staff Updates Paige Prylinski departed staff in January after serving as Coordinator of Communications for over two and a half years. Paige joined staff in May 2018 after serving as the National Panhellenic Conference's communications and marketing intern for one year. Paige moved to Norfolk, Virginia, to be with her fiancé, and she works for OrangeTheory Fitness.

In February, Tayler McCrabb joined the Fraternity staff as Coordinator of Communications. Prior to joining the staff, Tayler worked as the marketing director for The Lexington Church for over six years. She graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2020 with a B.A. in integrated strategic communication.

Additionally, Jake Lueck (Kansas 2017) departed the Fraternity staff on March 17. Jake first joined staff as a Field Secretary in 2017, serving for one year. He became the Director of Expansion in 2018, serving for nearly three years and overseeing 11 expansion projects. Jake moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, to work for GrubHub.

Virtual Summer Events



[Gamma Gram]

Leading the Fight Against Hazing Simply put, hazing contradicts our mission and values, and has no place in Phi Gamma Delta. Most fraternity chapters and fraternity men do not haze, but when they do it will not be tolerated. A number of chapters have been closed due to hazing, making it the number one killer of fraternity chapters. Phi Gamma Delta is committed to the elimination of hazing. We continue to work through a comprehensive Hazing Prevention Plan intended to improve our approach to new member education, engage interested constituencies and, ultimately, stop hazing in our chapters before it has a chance to start. The primary goals of the plan are to reinforce hazing’s risks and consequences and to rally our undergraduates, graduate brothers, parents and campus partners to take a unified stand against hazing.

Rethink the Joining Process One of the key components of the Fraternity’s comprehensive plan is to improve the new member experience. In January, the Fraternity launched Foundation of Courage, the Fraternity’s fully revised onboarding and socialization program for new members, providing participants with a Preparation for a Lifetime of Courageous Leadership. The program focuses on helping new members become acclimated to their chapter, as well



as build trust and affinity to Phi Gamma Delta through safe and meaningful events and learning experiences. For more information about the program, visit NewMemberEducation.

Recent Interfraternal Tragedies The deaths of Stone Foltz at Bowling Green State University and Adam Oakes at Virginia Commonwealth University - following alleged hazing activities - are reminders of the urgency needed. We must be clear that hazing is a betrayal of the fraternal values that every member commits to and that it has no place in any student organization on any campus. When alcohol is added to the mix, it is a formula for tragedy.

Anti-Hazing Legislation With 50% of college students exposed to hazing in high school, it is a critical issue facing campuses today across all student organizations, marching bands and athletics. Through the AntiHazing Coalition, the Fraternity supports two current pieces of legislation – END ALL Hazing Act (federal legislation) and Collin's Law: The Ohio Anti-Hazing Act. For more information on the two

pieces of legislation and how to contact your legislators to show support, visit

Join the Fight Against Hazing The Fraternity continues to look to all brothers to stand with us and Join the Fight Against Hazing. We invite you to do so in any/all the following ways: 1. Share the Fraternity's #JoinTheFight posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or create your own posting sharing your stance against hazing using the hashtag #JoinTheFight. 2. Learn more about the Fraternity’s efforts and make your position against hazing known to others by visiting 3. Sign the Pledge to Join the Fight Against Hazing, and invite others to sign it as well, at FightHazingPledge.

[Gamma Gram]

Future Rests on Ability to Raise, Recruit, Retain & Recognize Diversity Among Brothers An Update from the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee By Josh Holly (Tennessee 1997), Chairman As I walked into The Press Room for Kappa Tau’s Pig Dinner recently, something struck me as different. No, it wasn’t the masks. Those have become ubiquitous (particularly in the Washington, D.C. area). There was something else. After sitting down for dinner, it hit me: progress. My previously homogeneous chapter had a Black brother serving as a chapter officer, and I was sitting next to a Filipino brother from Dyersburg. This was major progress for a chapter that had not experienced a lot of (if any) racial diversity since being founded in 1890. In talking with brothers after dinner, several shared that there was a sense of relief within the undergraduate ranks after they crossed the Rubicon. As the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee completes its work and prepares to present recommendations to the Archonate, we hope to advance ideas that will create opportunities for Phi Gamma Delta’s members to listen, speak, and raise their voices about the importance of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging efforts. It is common in the context of current events to think about diversity as solely about race and ethnicity. The Committee’s work

has focused on the importance of stating affirmatively that Phi Gamma Delta’s efforts to advance diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging also include diversity on the basis of sexual orientation, religion, class, physical and mental ability, and other differences that are found on our campuses and in our communities. Our work has been rooted in a set of principles that served as the lens through which the brothers on the Committee viewed our charge. First, we want to advance systemic change within the Fraternity from the institutional to local levels. Performative, self-serving actions and words are not acceptable in 2021. Many within our brotherhood are demanding better. Change must be real and sustained. Second, we will seek to evolve what Phi Gamma Delta owns. Large-scale societal issues are playing out in real-time with the Fraternity being a microcosm of our communities. The Committee has been focused on developing implementable recommendations - recognizing that there will be some constraints and issues that the Fraternity does not control.

measured gets managed; therefore, we will emphasize gathering and sharing more demographic information and metrics to gauge progress. Fourth, we will seek to generate a return on investment from the Building Courageous Leaders (BCL) initiative. Phi Gamma Delta has promoted and built educational programming around BCL, and now is the time to harvest that work. Ultimately, we hope to provide recommendations that will allow Phi Gamma Delta to reorient its North Star to ensure the path is diverse, respects all, and provides equal opportunities for all members. The brothers on the Committee appreciate the road could be rocky. Real generational and regional challenges exist, and our members are impacted by broader societal discussions. But we have confidence in our brothers. Phi Gamma Delta is a leader on tough issues within the fraternity world — particularly when those actions are the right things to do. Our values demand nothing less. t

Third, we will call for more transparency, intentionality and accountability. Basically, what gets



Despite COVID-19 restrictions, Gamma Tau at Georgia Tech recruited the largest fall new member class of any fraternity on campus, with 25 men.

A Year (or So) in the COVID Life When Did the Distant Threat of COVID-19 Become a Reality for You?

For Matt Novak (Bucknell 2021) it was about 2:00 a.m. Barcelona time on Thursday, March 12, 2020. He and his chapter brothers who were studying abroad were out on the town. A few minutes earlier in Washington, President Trump had declared that the U.S. border would be closed to travel from Europe at midnight on Friday, March 13. The announcement triggered a rush by college students to get home as quickly as possible. When the Bucknell brothers went outside to make calls to plan their travel home, they saw hundreds of other students doing likewise. Matt’s father advised it was best to be cautious and get home as fast as possible. In two days, Matt was home in Harrison, New York. On March 11, the World Health Organization had declared the coronavirus a pandemic. At that time, 1,281 U.S. citizens had been diagnosed with COVID19, and 36 had died. Within a matter of days, campuses emptied as students migrated back to their homes and to online instruction for the remainder of the term. Meanwhile, at the International Headquarters on Thursday, March 12, nine brothers already had arrived for the Archives Weekend being coordinated by



Curator of Archives Joe Weist (Rose-Hulman 1987) and Historian Towner Blackstock (Davidson 1994). But developments were cascading, and the pandemic would not be denied. Joe and Towner huddled with Executive Director Rob Caudill and decided to cancel the event. The brothers present were sent home, and 26 others yet to arrive were told not to come. As Joe said recently, “Over those few days, COVID went from a disease in Washington State and New York to something very close and personal.” The emptying of chapter houses triggered challenging financial decisions. At Bucknell, as at many other chapters, the house corporation reimbursed unused rent, and the Chapter paid their cook and housekeeper through June. Amid the shutdown, the brothers at the University of Idaho were grateful for their good timing. On March 7, the Chapter had celebrated its 100th Pig Dinner with 508 Fijis and guests in attendance. Just under the wire. Across the U.S., steps adopted to stem the spread of the coronavirus ranged from inconvenient to painful: masks, social distancing, quarantine, restaurants closed or providing only takeout and delivery, sports seasons canceled, weddings and funerals postponed.

Pivoting to Virtual By mid-March, most staff members were working from home, and the Headquarters was closed from March 25 to June 1. With undergraduate brothers scattered

[COVID-19] to their homes, the staff prioritized guidance and resources to keep them connected. Field Secretaries made chapter visits via phone and video conference. Chapters pivoted to virtual meetings, and Pig Dinners were either canceled or moved to video conference. In April, two of the earliest virtual Pig Dinners were Rho Alpha at Virginia Tech, with over 140 brothers participating, and the Houston Graduate Chapter, with brothers from 17 chapters in attendance. The Ekklesia was scheduled for early August in Phoenix. Hoping for improving conditions, the Archons delayed as long as possible a decision to cancel the in-person convention. However, in late spring they could wait no longer and scheduled Phi Gamma Delta’s first virtual Ekklesia for August 8. Through spring and summer, the 1848 Housing Committee developed guidance and resources for the challenges house corporations were facing. Although the Headquarters re-opened on June 1, most staff continued to work remotely. The staff changed two summer events. The Leadership Institute, a week-long leadership conference, was canceled. And the Summit, a weekend workshop for recruitment chairmen and new member educators, became a summer-long online series. Students waited anxiously to learn what fall would bring. If the decisions by university leaders in March to close campuses were unavoidable and thus relatively simple, the decisions of when to bring students back, and how to do it safely, were incredibly complex. The spread of the virus was unpredictable and fluid; much could change between a decision to re-open and the actual re-opening. Campuses are densely populated and socially intense, two factors known to facilitate the spread of the virus. And university leaders had to consider the impact on the surrounding community. On the other hand, most campuses are reasonably selfcontained. Campus housing and other facilities can be adapted for social distancing, and a campus is better suited than most settings for testing, contact tracing, and quarantine. Further, experience with COVID-19 had shown that the risk of death or serious illness for college-age persons was slight.

Personal Responsibility Purdue was one of the earliest universities to announce plans for fall 2020. In a message on April 21,

President Mitch Daniels (Purdue Faculty Initiate) wrote, “Purdue University, for its part, intends to accept students on campus in typical numbers this fall…” On May 25, in a column in the Washington Post, Daniels made the case that the virus had shown a “near-zero risk to young people.” And he outlined the steps the University would take to provide “maximum protection for the unusually small minority [of the campus community] who could be at genuinely serious risk.” Those steps included reconfiguring classrooms, labs, and dorm rooms to lower occupancy; offering courses with large classes both online and in person; testing systematically and isolating anyone testing positive, as well as tracing their contacts; forgoing large gatherings, and requiring masks. Because, as Daniels stated, “nothing makes a more positive difference than personal behavior and responsibility,” students would be asked to sign the Protect Purdue Pledge, committing to practices and accepting inconveniences “not primarily for the student’s own protection but for the safety of those who teach and otherwise serve them.” Most universities implemented measures similar to Purdue’s. Many also adjusted their calendars. To reduce the number of times students left and returned to campus en masse, they eliminated fall and spring breaks and had students remain at home after Thanksgiving, taking their final exams online. The house corporation at Purdue briefly discussed not opening the house in the fall but decided instead to develop a comprehensive plan to mitigate risk. The plan included spreading out beds in the “cold dorms,” placing partitions between bunks, limiting the number of guests at any time to 20, and implementing a signin system for guests. In mid-July, House Corporation President Chris Burke (1977) sent a letter to parents with the COVID-19 Response Plan, giving parents the opportunity to opt out of their housing contract if they found the regulations excessive or inadequate.

A Historic Ekklesia On Saturday, August 8, the 172nd Ekklesia was conducted via video conference. With 575 undergraduate and graduate brothers in attendance, Archon President Clark Robertson (Nebraska 1982) presided from a makeshift studio in the Headquarters. Although the




[COVID-19] video format was cumbersome, undergraduate participation was in keeping with the original design of the Ekklesia, as the delegates amended fraternity laws, approved a budget, and elected Archons. As the staff planned to support chapters in the fall, they found host institutions’ instruction models were all over the board: 32% were primarily in-person; 22% were primarily online; almost 40% had a hybrid model, and a handful were either fully in-person or fully online. Each of these models, as well as health regulations, had implications for house occupancy, recruitment and chapter operations.

Life in the House At Indiana University, a local regulation limited occupancy of fraternity houses to 75% of capacity. For the Zeta Chapter, where all brothers live in the house, most of the seniors had to live elsewhere. The regulation also prohibited non-essential guests, including live-out brothers. At Purdue, the Chapter achieved occupancy of 54, compared to a typical 56. Many other chapters were able to achieve occupancy at or close to normal, including Bucknell, Idaho, Toronto, Western Ontario, and Mississippi State. However, some chapters experienced low occupancy and financial stress. At Akron, where occupancy was less than half of normal, graduate brothers donated over $50,000 to sustain the house corporation. Chapter meals also were disrupted, as regulations prevented brothers from dining together. The arrangement

Mu Beta at Coastal Carolina purchased and packaged 33 boxes of nonperishable foods, which were donated to a local food shelter.



at Bucknell was typical, with brothers picking up packaged meals from the kitchen and eating in their rooms. In one exception, the Purdue Chapter arranged with the University to serve plated meals from behind plexiglass partitions, and brothers ate together in shifts, safely distanced in the dining room.

Become Their Friend First The staff ’s priority in servicing chapters in the fall was recruitment support. Social restrictions meant that chapters would have to find new ways to meet men and build relationships. Kentucky Recruitment Chairman Justin Harris (2023) said, “We decided that everything we did in a normal year, we would just have to find a way to do virtually.” Later in the fall, Rob Caudill reported, “Those chapters that adapted quickly are seeing great success, with about half of chapters that have reported thus far seeing recruitment numbers as good as or better than last year.” The chapters at Toronto and Western Ontario took larger classes than normal. Section Chief Bob Boothby (Toronto 1986) was impressed that the chapters “pivoted quickly, monitored social media sites for incoming freshmen, assigned brothers to prospects based on common interests, and built a personal relationship before introducing fraternity.” At Kentucky, the results were particularly impressive: a class of 47, the largest on campus. Brother Harris identified three keys to success: building a structured team of brothers who would put in the work; getting a head start by contacting prospects in early June, and following the motto “Become their friend first, recruit after.” Could some of the practices necessitated by the pandemic be useful upon return to normal? Senior Director of Chapter Support Helen Lahrman sees at least one: “Virtual recruitment opened the process to more maybe-joiners, men who might not have gone through traditional recruitment. The virtual setting was more convenient and not as intimidating, where potential new members could learn about fraternity from a safe distance.”

Disruptions To limit the spread of the virus in housing, universities adopted protocols to quarantine residents when some

[COVID-19] tested positive. Fifteen chapters are known to have quarantined during this academic year. The following two cases are typical. On August 20, the Mississippi State Chapter was notified of three positive cases in the house, which was considered an outbreak. All residents vacated the house for 14 days, with those testing positive quarantining in a hotel rented by the University, while the remainder found other arrangements.

In April 2020, the Houston Graduate Chapter hosted a virtual Pig Dinner, with brothers from 17 chapters in attendance.

In early November, the Bucknell Chapter suffered a similar disruption. All brothers vacated the house, either going home or to a hotel rented by the University and shifted to online instruction through the end of classes.

Helping Others…and Each Other Chapters have been creative and diligent in service and philanthropy, with many going fully online to raise funds for charities. To help those most disadvantaged by the pandemic, many chapters have donated to food banks, the Salvation Army, and student assistance funds. Responding to growing awareness about mental health, chapters have implemented wellness and mental health programming. Aldo Buttazzoni (2022), President of Epsilon Lambda at Michigan State, said of his chapter’s programming, “We all know that at its core, our fraternity is about uniting men in enduring friendships, and mental health is a key component of that mission.”

Not for College Days Alone There have been numerous successful Pig Dinners and reunions by video conference this year. On November 21, Tau Kappa at Toronto conducted its virtual Pig Dinner, with approximately 80 brothers attending. About 150 brothers from Western Ontario attended their virtual Pig Dinner on February 6. Also in February, the Purdue Chapter had a successful Pig Dinner via Zoom, with 200 attending, including over

90 graduate brothers. On March 11, more than 100 graduate and undergraduate brothers from Idaho marked a century as the Mu Iota Chapter with a virtual 100th Anniversary Toast. (See the story on page 30.) Virtual gatherings have filled the need for brothers to re-connect and allowed them to attend regardless of where they live. A number of chapters plan to incorporate video technology when they resume in-person Pig Dinners.

Looking Ahead Widespread vaccinations are critical to a safe transition back to normal. As of late April, over half of American adults and almost 30% of Canadian adults have received at least one shot of the vaccine. Neither yet qualifies as widespread, so the push continues. On campuses, there are early moves toward normal. Some universities are planning in-person commencements, and some have announced that they will broaden in-person instruction in the fall and bring other operations back to normal, including full occupancy in housing. Notwithstanding the surprises the coronavirus has already sprung, the next year promises to be better than the one now ending. Circumstances will vary from chapter to chapter, but the Fijis will press on. No doubt they agree with Jack Pachner (Idaho 2022) regarding chapter life this past year: “Life in the house is not the same, but I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else other than this fraternity and with the members in it.”t



On Campus

Please keep in mind that news continues to come in, even when an issue has gone to press. While it may seem dated to include events from the previous semester or school year, the goal is to give credit to all our brothers, chapters and colonies.

ITALICS indicates Colony


the end of the spring 2021 semester.

During the 2020 calendar year, Alpha Omicron began several renovation projects to update outdated amenities, including the kitchen, library and private bathroom. Ryan Matthew (2022) led the charge on these renovations, overseeing most of the construction work himself. The library was completed in spring 2020, the kitchen was completed at the start of the spring 2021 semester, and the private bath is projected to be complete at

Alabama Birmingham

| Akron, OH


| Birmingham, AL During philanthropy week, the Alpha Beta Chapter participated in Alpha Omega Pi Sorority’s Autism Speaks philanthropy and Alpha Xi Delta Sorority's Arthritis Foundation philanthropy. The Chapter raised the most money of any Greek organization for each philanthropy. The Chapter also set a record fundraising amount


for their spring philanthropy, raising $6,500 for the American Cancer Society. Jordan Archer (2021) and Will Larsen (2021) were elected to serve in student government. Brett Aultman (2023) and Jason Miller (2021) were elected IFC President and Risk Chair, respectively.


| Edmonton, AB

6 Despite the fall 2020 semester being held entirely online, brothers

still found time to safely gather (all brothers wore masks and got tested for COVID-19) and for a composite photo shoot. It was also the last time brothers had a chance to spend time with Steve Qiu (2021) before he left to attend medical school in Ontario. Pictured (L-R): Back: Jaryl Schmidt (2020), Seth Mutch (2021) and Vincent Pham (2021). Front: President Armeen Ahmadian (2021), Kenneth Cajucom (2021) and Steve Qiu. The Chapter also hosted a

[On Campus] blood drive during the fall 2020 semester. Additionally, on March 3, the Chapter held their second clothing drive for the Bissel Center (BC), a local nonprofit that donates clothes to single moms in Edmonton. The Chapter collected 10 bags of clothes for BC, which has become a very important organization to the Chapter, because several brothers were raised by single moms. The Chapter hopes to continue to host philanthropy events and clothing drives for BC in the future.

Appalachian State | Boone, NC

Justin Marks (2021) was selected as a contestant in an episode of Ellen's Game of Games, Ellen DeGeneres' gameshow, which aired March 14 on NBC. Justin was selected because of his role as an active citizen, someone who strives to make their community a better place.


| Tucson, AZ


Francois KohlmanAsselin (2023), Calvin Choi (2021) and Cameron McDowell (2021) were elected to Alberta's IFC as Vice President - Recruitment, Vice President - Greek Relations and Vice President - Social, respectively. Francois Kohlman-Asselin and Devin Doherty (2023) were appointed councilors of the University's Student Union, where they are representing the faculty of education.


| Meadville, PA Max Boshaw (2022) completed a 24-hour charity live stream and raised $200 for Feeding America. Max currently serves Pi Chapter as Philanthropy Chairman.

the cause by donating, buying merchandise and even modeling merchandise for pictures to help Zac build his brand.

| Auburn, AL John Kozar (2022), Thomas Summers (2023) and Christian Spence (2024) were selected to serve as IFC Vice President of Recruitment, Director of New Member Education and Director of Public Relations, respectively.

5 While in high school,

Zac Armbruster (2023) started his own company, Free the Fish. The company sells sustainable T-shirts, masks and other clothing items to raise money for ocean and marine wildlife conservation. Fifteen percent of all profits are donated to various charities centered on ocean conservation. Additionally, Upsilon Alpha brothers have pledged to support

Rett Waggoner (2022) was elected President of the Student Government.

Boise State | Boise, ID

5 On February 20-21,

several Beta Psi Chapter brothers packaged meals at the Idaho Food Bank. The Chapter also welcomed eight men to their spring new member class.

Bowling Green | Bowling Green, OH

6 In November 2020,

the Beta Gamma Chapter volunteered with the First Christian Church to help them set up for their annual Thanksgiving Food Drive.



[On Campus] Bradley | Peoria, IL

Beta Pi hosted a brotherhood event, where brothers participated in a pool tournament and played board games.

to raise money to purchase more food. All the canned food was donated to a food pantry in the Lewisburg, Pennsylvania area. Pictured: Chapter President Jeff Perkins (2022) selling Souper Bowl T-shirts.

British Columbia Central Arkansas | Vancouver, BC 6 Pi Gamma collected

necessary toiletries, like toothbrushes, toothpaste and deodorant, to make care packages for people in need. And on February 13, several brothers traveled to downtown Vancouver to deliver the packages.


| Lewisburg, PA

6 The Delta Chapter

partnered with the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority for their Souper Bowl philanthropy event. During the week of January 31 – February 6, the chapters collected canned food and sold Souper Bowl T-shirts


| Conway, AR

In November 2020, Alpha Rho volunteered with Community Connections by helping them set up their Good Night 2020 event. Community Connections is a nonprofit organization that supports special needs children and their parents by providing support groups and a variety of activities. The Good Night event was created to help the organization raise money for equipment, supplies and everything else needed to operate. In February, the Chapter sent flowers and cards to each sorority on campus for Valentine's Day.


Ryan Taneja (2024) noticed that the pandemic was causing hardships for many people, especially for women and children who are victims of domestic violence. Ryan saw this as an opportunity to provide resources and funding for local domestic violence shelters, which saw an influx of residents during the pandemic. Ryan’s mother, Mini, also does a lot of humanitarian work, so he decided to continue in her footsteps by creating the Mini Taneja Purple Initiative to curb domestic violence in Arkansas. Starting with local businesses, Ryan went doorto-door to collect money to support his nonprofit organization. Additionally, Ryan and his organization have recently

been nominated for several awards, including Arkansas Person of the Year and AY Magazine's Nonprofit of the Year and Fundraiser of the Year.

Central Florida | Orlando, FL

5 In December 2020,

brothers from the Omega Phi Chapter volunteered with Feeding Children Everywhere by packaging 50,000 meals.


| Chicago, IL Jackson Ross (2021), a defensive lineman on the Maroons football team, was one of 22 players from all divisions of college football named to the 2020 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team.

[On Campus] Joe Franklin (2022) was elected President of Order of Omega, the Greek Honor Society. As president, Joe inducted four of his Chi Alpha brothers: Nick Jones (2022), Dawson Imhoff (2023), Alex Arias (2022) and Dan Novak (2022). Joe previously served as Chapter President.

Coastal Carolina | Myrtle Beach, SC

Christopher Newport

| Newport News, VA

5 The Delta Colony

recently welcomed six men to their Delta New Member Class.


| Clemson, SC

6 Chi Alpha welcomed

18 new members during the fall 2020 semester and

10 new members during the spring 2021 semester (the largest spring new member class in chapter history). Pictured: Brothers who played on the intramural soccer team. The Chapter also had a 3.372 GPA for the fall 2020 semester, the 2nd highest GPA among IFC fraternities.

Brothers from the Mu Beta Chapter participated in Food Lion Feeds, the Food Lion grocery store’s campaign supporting Feeding America. Brothers helped purchase and package 33 boxes of dry and canned foods, which were donated to a local food shelter. Aaron Pickering (2021) was named Vice President of Public Relations of the IFC.

Colorado State | Fort Collins, CO

Brothers from the Phi Kappa Chapter were the intramural dodgeball champions for the fall 2020 semester.


| Davidson, NC Despite COVID-19 restrictions banning in-person events, Delta Kappa was able to secure nine new members through virtual recruitment efforts. The Chapter also moved their weekly in-person Brickhouse event to Zoom, and they moved meals outside on the porch. Additionally, brothers have been volunteering at local COVID-19 vaccination centers to help end the pandemic and support their local community.



[On Campus] Drake

| Des Moines, IA During the fall 2020 semester, Delta Iota was #1 in grades among fraternities with a 3.35 GPA. The Chapter also participated in the universitywide slow pitch softball tournament, winning all four games.


| Daytona Beach, FL

6 Cameron Wilk (2023) spent his winter break giving back by packaging 500 meals for people without homes. Cameron currently serves his chapter as Historian.

The Chapter decided to host a gift card raffle instead. Raffle tickets were sold for $5, and the prizes were gift cards to various local restaurants and stores. The Chapter raised over $1,000. CK is a national nonprofit dedicated to supporting children through and beyond their caregiver's cancer. The Chapter also participated in the University's Dance Marathon on March 5-7. The Chapter raised over $26,000, contributing to the University's total of $1.47 million. All funds were donated to the Children's Miracle Network and FSU College of Medicine's Pediatric Outreach Program.


| Urbana-Champaign, IL This year, Chi Iota raised over $3,500 for three philanthropies. The Chapter raised money for Lake County Breast Cancer, Illini Fighting Hunger, an organization that feeds people in the local community, and their former house chef, whose house recently burned down.

Florida State | Tallahassee, FL

Due to the pandemic, the Phi Sigma Chapter had to rethink their annual Camp Kesem (CK) philanthropy event, a sorority-fraternity flag football tournament. 16

Arnav Agarwal (2022) was elected IFC Vice President of Health & Safety. Cameron Marsh (2022), Zack Cesati (2022) and Arnav Agarwal have worked to implement a new Advocacy & Awareness position that will focus on the severity, importance and impacts of topics regarding men's mental health, sexual violence prevention, substance abuse and health & safety. This new position should be implemented schoolwide at the beginning of the fall 2021 semester.


| Bloomington, IN The Zeta Chapter's new

member class received the Top Fundraising Group Award for the University's Dance Marathon, which benefits the Riley Children's Hospital. New members raised over $40,000, bringing the Chapter's fundraising total to $66,483.


| Iowa City, IA

5 On February 25, Mu

Deuteron brothers wore blue to raise awareness for suicide prevention.

6 John Howell (2022)

(left) and Danny Osafo (2022) (right) were elected IFC VP Academic Achievement and VP Diversity & Inclusion,

Illinois Wesleyan | Bloomington, IL

This spring, Alpha Deuteron hosted a Polar Plunge that raised over $700 for the Special Olympics.


[On Campus] Kansas

| Lawrence, KS The Pi Deuteron Chapter partnered with the University to host a blood drive, collecting nearly 200 pints of blood for hospitals in the state of Kansas. The Chapter also initiated 26 brothers during the spring 2021 semester.

Kansas State | Manhattan, KS

On October 17, 2020, Chi Deuteron brothers participated in their annual clean community service event.

3 The Chapter also

respectively. Previously, John served as Risk Manager and Community Service Chair, and Danny served as Brotherhood Chair and DEI Chair.

Iowa State | Ames, IA

During the fall 2020 semester, Alpha Iota decided they wanted to improve their academic standing in the Greek community. Brothers increased their cumulative GPA, placing 6th among all fraternities and 11 spots higher than the previous semester. Their GPA also was above

the all-men's average. Due to the University’s restrictions on many in-person activities, the Chapter had to rethink how they were going to maintain brotherhood involvement in a safe, socially distant way. The Chapter decided to make intramural sports a priority, creating teams for brothers to participate in every intramural sport. Additionally, the Chapter initiated 14 men during the fall 2020 semester and welcomed 10 new members during the spring 2021 semester.

James Madison | Harrisonburg, VA

From October 25 November 10, 2020, Mu Chi raised nearly $3,000 for Camp Kesem, a summer camp for children whose families have been devastated by cancer. On November 9, 2020, the Chapter partnered with the Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority and the Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority to host a blood drive at the Harrisonburg Red Cross. Additionally, the Chapter initiated nine brothers during the fall 2020 semester.

helped put together wellness packages for the University's Every Wildcat a Wellcat program. The Wellcat program is a university initiative that promotes safety and supports physical and mental health during the COVID19 pandemic. Logan Ebert (2023) was elected IFC Director of Judicial Affairs.

Kent State | Kent, OH

The Kappa Upsilon Colony hosted Heal Hearts with Hearts to raise money for the American Heart Association (AHA). The Colony sold hearts with messages for a $1 donation, and each heart sold was placed on the Colony's house.




[On Campus]

The Colony organized Wellness Weekend, a campus-wide mental health event, with the University and Active Minds. The event was created to help raise money and awareness for mental health and teach students how to combat difficulties of the pandemic and college life. The Colony also organized

a Run-a-Thon philanthropy to raise money for the USO during the spring 2021 semester.


| Lexington, KY Upsilon Kappa received Fraternity & Sorority Life’s 2020 Outstanding Philanthropy Event award for their Out of Darkness

Walk (OODW), which benefitted the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The OODW was held in collaboration with the Chi Omega Sorority, Kappa Beta Gamma Sorority and Theta Chi Fraternity. James Russell (2021) was named Outstanding New Member Educator.

Kettering A | Flint, MI

Alpha Gamma A Section raised money for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) by selling football squares for the Super Bowl.

Kettering B | Flint, MI

3 Alpha Gamma

B Section had a very 18


successful recruitment effort, doubling their size despite COVID-19 restrictions. All events were adapted to a new half virtual - half outdoor socially distant plan. One of the more popular activities was the game of life-sized "Clue," where brothers dressed up like fantasy characters acting as murder suspects and potential new members had to find clues.


| Galesburg, IL

5 In March, Gamma

Deuteron hosted a headshaving philanthropy event for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, which supports childhood cancer research. Nine brothers shaved their heads, raising over $5,000. The Chapter also donated an additional

[On Campus] $1,500 to St. Baldrick’s, bringing their total donation to over $6,500. This is nearly double the amount the Chapter donated during last year's event. In October 2020, the Chapter hosted a virtual Homecoming to give graduate brothers a chance to catch up and share stories of the past and present.


| Orono, ME On March 27, Omega Mu participated in the 3rd Annual Northeast FIJI Summit, which was held virtually this year. Topics included chapter relations, improving operations and Building Courageous Leaders. Other chapters participating included Nu Eta at Northeastern, Eta Chi at Quinnipiac, Kappa Rho at Rhode Island and Pi Iota at WPI.


| Oxford, OH Kyle Naderhoff (2022) was recently elected President of the IFC. Previously, Kyle served the IFC as VP of Philanthropy & Community Service, leading 25 fraternities to increase their community service by 1,000 hours and raise $40,000 in donations during the pandemic. He also serves as the Finance Committee Chairman of the Miami University Commercial Banking Club.


| Minneapolis, MN During the fall 2020 semester, Mu Sigma hosted a virtual 5k to raise money for the Masonic Cancer Center. The Chapter raised over $1,600, which will help the hospital research and fight children's cancer. The Chapter also partnered with UMN fraternities and

Ghostfit Apparel to raise money for Project UMN, which supports mental health. They sold a variety of apparel, and 50% of the profits will be donated to Mental Health America.

Roadrunners are student recruiters who give tours to prospective students and their families.

Mississippi State

Lambda Nu hosted a virtual raffle on March 5 to benefit CureSearch, a program that raises money for children diagnosed with cancer. Graduate brothers donated items to raffle, including gift cards to Lululemon and Amazon. The Chapter raised over $5,000 for CureSearch.

Nebraska | Lincoln, NE

| Starkville, MS

5 Five brothers were

selected to serve the University as Roadrunners: Luke Johnson (2023), Lou Smith (2024), Owen Tyrone (2023), Rayce Messman (2022) and Drew Saucier (2023).

During winter break, Cole Murphy (2023) gifted toys to over 600 families with the Sarpy County Toy Distribution.

Nevada Reno | Reno, NV

3 In November 2020, the Delta Colony volunteered at the Sierra Safari Zoo, cleaning and disinfecting the zoo so families could still safely visit.



[On Campus] North Carolina State | Raleigh, NC

During the spring 2021 semester, Nu Sigma welcomed nine new members, despite ongoing recruitment difficulties due to the pandemic. This number is high for spring recruitment, even during a normal year. On February 19, seven brothers volunteered at the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina. Brothers helped inspect and package over 4,500 potatoes for families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Chapter will continue to volunteer at the Food Bank throughout the semester. Additionally, the Chapter hosted Fiji for a Cure, raising $550 for The V Foundation for Cancer


Research in November 2020.

North Carolina Wilmington | Wilmington, NC

During the 2020 calendar year, Pi Chi participated in several Bootscrap Downtown Wilmington Trash Pick Up community service events, which were organized by the IFC. During these events, brothers picked up trash throughout Wilmington’s beach, downtown and surrounding highways. The Chapter participated in "Beers Aren't Bad," an alcohol awareness program that was presented by UNCW's IFC for the fraternities on campus. The program was originally created and presented by Pi Chi graduate brothers at the Chapter's


2018 Pig Dinner, but now it is being used for all fraternities. Additionally, during the spring 2021 semester, the Chapter welcomed 12 men to their new member class.

Northeastern | Boston, MA

On March 27, Nu Eta participated in the 3rd Annual Northeast FIJI Summit with brothers from Omega Mu at Maine, Eta Chi at Quinnipiac, Kappa Rho at Rhode Island and Pi Iota at WPI. The virtual event included sessions on chapter relations, improving operations and Building Courageous Leaders. After the Chapter finished their spring 2021 recruitment, they held an online brotherhood retreat. The retreat was followed by

an Iron Chef cooking competition, where teams competed to create the best dish.

Northwestern | Evanston, IL

Phi Chapter brothers participated in a virtual paint night with the Kappa Delta Sorority. Everyone painted their own canvas and enjoyed each other's company while sharing their masterpieces on Zoom.


| Athens, OH

6 Alpha Omega wel-

comed 13 men to their spring 2021 new member class. The Chapter's new wellness chairmen, Nick Miller (2023) and Noah Wagner (2022), organized a hike to

[On Campus]

help members stay mentally and physically healthy.

an internship at Procter & Gamble this summer.

Ohio State

Old Dominion

6 Clay Scherer (2022)

Rasheem Thornton (2022) was elected President of the Omega Deuteron Chapter. He is the first Black president in the Chapter's history.

| Columbus, OH was one of the recipients of the 2021 Pace Setter Award, which is given to the most distinguished students in OSU's Fisher College of Business. Clay is a finance and marketing double major and political science minor, and he currently serves the Chapter as a social chair. He also earned

| Norfolk, VA


| Eugene, OR Epsilon Omicron created a fundraiser for a friend in the Greek community who was diagnosed with a brain tumor that must be surgically removed. To help with the cost of the surgery, the Chapter created an in-house fundraiser and raised over $1,300, donated directly to their friend's GoFundMe.

Pennsylvania | Philadelphia, PA

The Beta Chapter formed a team to participate in

the Virtual Out of the Darkness Campus Walk for the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. The Chapter set a fundraising goal of $1,000 for the Walk, which was held on April 17.

Penn State

| State College, PA The Gamma Phi Chapter participated in the University's THON, a student-run philanthropy that raises money and awareness for childhood cancer. THON is a 46-hour (no sitting and no sleeping) dance marathon, which is held annually in February. The Chapter raised over $64,000, contributing to the over $10.6 million total raised for THON this year. Kyle Ampthor (2021), Frederick Hayton (2021), Drew Parks (2021) and John Paulik (2021) participated as the Chapter's dancers this year.


| Pittsburgh, PA

5 In February, Pi Sigma

brothers participated in the University's Day of Service. Twenty brothers volunteered at the Northside Partnership Community Center, where they organized supplies, cleaned and helped rearrange several rooms. Several other brothers volunteered in Millvale, Pennsylvania, where they helped finish a house by painting, cleaning, mortaring brick and finishing floors.


| West Lafayette, IN Lambda Iota hosted their Pig Dinner on Zoom this year, with 200 brothers, including 80 graduates, attending. Mitch Daniels (Faculty Initiate 2013), President of Purdue University and former Governor of Indiana, was the keynote speaker, and Chapter President Alex


4 21

[On Campus] Paskill (2023) gave the State of the Chapter speech.

Rhode Island

During the fall 2020 semester, 45 brothers made the Dean's List.

On March 27, Kappa Rho, along with brothers from Omega Mu at Maine, Nu Eta at Northeastern, Eta Chi at Quinnipiac and Pi Iota at WPI, participated in the 3rd Annual Northeast FIJI Summit. During the virtual event, brothers learned about chapter relations, improving operations and Building Courageous Leaders.

Boxi Gond (2023) was elected Recruitment Chair of the IFC.

Quinnipiac | Hamden, CT

Eta Chi participated in the 3rd Annual Northeast FIJI Summit on March 27. During the virtual event, brothers learned about chapter relations, improving operations and Building Courageous Leaders. Brothers from Omega Mu at Maine, Nu Eta at Northeastern, Kappa Rho at Rhode Island and Pi Iota at WPI participated as well.


| South Kingstown, RI


| Richmond, VA William Bartnett (2022) was elected IFC President. Hunter Chalhub (2022) was accepted into the Student Managed Investment Fund, which


manages over $1 million of the University’s endowment.

Sam Houston State

Spencer Organ (2022) was awarded a scholarship from the Robins School of Business.

6 During the fall 2020

Kevin Spear (2022) was one of five students from the class of 2022 to receive the University's Pinchbeck Prize, which honors service and dedication to the University. Josh Zimmerman (2021) and Jack Gsell (2021) landed full-time positions upon their graduation. Josh was hired as a technical solutions engineer at Epic Systems, and Jack was hired as a junior financial consultant at Ballast Consulting Group.

| Huntsville, TX

semester, the Sigma Eta Chapter hosted Phi Gams and Yams, a canned food drive for the SAAFE (Sexual Assault & Abuse Free Environment) House in Huntsville. In just one day, the Chapter collected over 1,200 pounds of food. The event was organized by Philanthropy Chairman Jace Burns (2023), Corresponding Secretary Collin Clifford (2021), Troy Holmes (2022) and Purple Legionnaire Rubin Sandlin (2017). SAAFE House is a crisis intervention agency that advocates victims of domestic

[On Campus] semester and welcomed 16 new members during the spring 2021 semester. This brings their membership to 115, the highest chapter membership in recent history.

3 In October 2020, Nick

violence and sexual assault. Pictured (L-R): Troy Holmes, Matthew Barber (2024), Jace Burns, Nick Watkins (2023) and Collin Clifford. The Chapter once again partnered with the Shriners Hospitals for Children for their philanthropy. The Chapter raised over $15,000, which will help the Shriners Hospitals treat children with disabilities. Additionally, the Chapter won the IFC football tournament during the fall 2020 semester.

Tennessee | Knoxville, TN

On March 7, Kappa Tau partnered with South Coast Pizza to pick up trash around the city. The Chapter partnered with the Alpha Chi Omega Sorority to compete in Homecoming, which was rebranded as Spirit Week this year. They won first place in the competition for the first time in the Chapter's history. The Chapter also initiated 20 men during the fall 2020

Pell (2023) was diagnosed with stage 3-C testicular cancer, which spread to his lymph nodes, liver, kidneys and lungs. Selflessly, Nick asked the Chapter to create a fundraiser for the Testicular Cancer Society to help other men who are fighting a similar battle. Currently, the Chapter has raised over $25,000, beating their $20,000 fundraising goal. Nick recently completed chemotherapy and surgery and is doing well through his recovery.

Tennessee Tech | Cookeville, TN

Theta Tau is in the process of building a new chapter house.

Texas San Antonio

| San Antonio, TX In January, Sigma Alpha hosted a canned food drive for The Roadrunner Pantry, UTSA Student Union's food pantry. The Chapter volunteered to clean up Roadrunner Way, one of the most traveled streets in the area.

6 Additionally, during

the fall 2020 semester, several brothers volunteered with Habitat for Humanity by landscaping for a local family.


| Toledo, OH Upsilon Tau has been working hard to keep brothers motivated, because the Chapter's numbers and morale have declined during the pandemic. Throughout the spring 2021 semester, the Chapter has hosted weekly brotherhood events, and

Seton Hall

| South Orange, NJ The Delta Colony partnered with the women of the Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation during the fall 2020 semester.



[On Campus] fundraiser for the Michigan Humane Society (MHS). Typically, the Chapter hosts an annual petting zoo to raise money for the MHS, but that was not an option due to the pandemic. The Chapter adapted the event to a cutest pet competition, where participants were asked to donate and vote on the cutest pet. All proceeds were donated to the MHS.

6 Alex Pouttu (2021)

was elected IFC President. officers are working hard to help their brothers stay active and involved.

Utah State | Logan, UT

5 Several brothers from

Upsilon Sigma volunteered at a local indoor triathlon.

Virginia Commonwealth | Richmond, VA

Several Mu Pi brothers made the Dean's List for the fall 2020 semester, including: Greg Barengolts (2023), Dayvonte Davis (2021), Dalton Draper (2022), David Ellis (2021), Perry Freed (2021), Augusto Gonzalez (2022), Chase Heroux (2021), Thomas Levine (2021), Erik Libao (2022), Jack Mitchell (2022), Owen Nemeth, Andrew Nunn (2021), Bas Philipsen (2024) and Michael Portillo (2021). 24


| Crawfordsville, IN During the fall 2020 semester, Psi Chapter's BCA hosted a socially distanced cookout to help graduate and undergraduate brothers connect.

| Detroit, MI

Western Kentucky

In November 2020, Delta Mu hosted FIJI's Furry Friends Contest, a virtual

Garrett Edmonds (2021) was elected President of

Wayne State


| Bowling Green, KY

the Student Government Association. Kendall Wheeler (2023) and Matthew Wininger (2022) were awarded the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship from the University. They were two of 25 students who received this scholarship for studying abroad.

Western Ontario | London, ON

Veer Shete (2021) and his team won the 7th Annual Expand Your Empire, a real estate development case competition. Students from 14 schools across North America, Europe and Asia compete in the competition each year.

William Jewell | Liberty, MO

6 In February, several

Zeta Phi brothers volunteered with Habitat for Humanity by removing

[On Campus] debris and weeds from a local property. During the fall 2020 semester, the Chapter introduced a new Diversity & Inclusion Committee dedicated to promoting a healthy and welcoming atmosphere and holding every member to a high standard of character. Additionally, WJC's Vice President of Access & Engagement, Dr. Rodney Smith, reached out to the Chapter about a Radical Inclusivity Task Force, asking the Chapter to select an undergraduate and a graduate representative to join the Task Force. The Chapter selected Treasurer Evan Sanders (2022) to serve as one of two undergraduate representatives and Jack Still (2021), former Chapter President, to serve as a graduate representative upon his graduation in May.

brothers participated in the plunge, raising over $3,000 for RISE. During the spring 2021 semester, the Chapter initiated their largest new member class in chapter history, with 39 men. Additionally, the Chapter has begun to emphasize the importance of mental health this academic year. The Chapter created a Mental Health Committee to encourage constructive conversations about mental health and to host educational events for brothers. Some of these events included group meditation sessions, outdoor activities, and workshops about improving one's mental health called "Chapter Chill Backs."


| Worcester, MA Due to the pandemic, Pi Iota has been hosting frequent Zoom gatherings outside of their normal chapter meetings. Through these virtual connections, the Chapter had a successful fall 2020 recruitment season with 21 new members. The Chapter hosted their annual Pledge-Parent event on Zoom, so new members' parents could talk to the Chapter's undergraduate and graduate leadership to learn about the Fraternity. There were 47 people in attendance.

6 During the fall 2020 semester, the Chapter held two philanthropies. Brothers sold 9/11

Memorial Ribbons to raise money for the USO (pictured). And they hosted a Call of Duty tournament to raise money for the ALS Therapy Development Institution in memory of Steve Rubin (1974), who died from ALS in 2015. Additionally, the Chapter organized and participated in the 3rd Annual Northeast FIJI Summit on March 27. The event was held on Zoom, and brothers learned about chapter relations, improving operations and Building Courageous Leaders. Brothers from Omega Mu at Maine, Nu Eta at Northeastern, Eta Chi at Quinnipiac and Kappa Rho at Rhode Island also participated. t

Wisconsin | Madison, WI

In March, the Mu Chapter hosted their first annual FIJI Polar Plunge philanthropy on frozen Lake Mendota to raise money for RISE. RISE is a nonprofit organization that focuses on mental health services and care coordination for families in need. They have provided over 43,000 hours of childcare in their Respite Center, which is accredited by the city of Madison. Over 60



[On Campus]


During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Spring 2021 Expansion Results During spring 2021, the Fraternity continued its expansion efforts at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi and the University of Memphis. Because of the pandemic, these projects were entirely virtual, meaning the expansion staff worked remotely and

did not travel to the campuses. Under normal circumstances, such projects take about two months; however, these projects all took place over the entire academic year. Staff relied on heavily upon technology solutions such as ChapterBuilder (CRM for Greek organizations), listservs, social media and referrals to recruit men on each campus.

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Texas A&M Corpus Christi Memphis | Corpus Christi, TX

| Memphis, TN

Timeline: September 2020 - April 2021 Staff: Field Secretaries Logan McLendon and Robbie Guilford Recruitment: Virtual formal recruitment Fun Facts: • The Colony participated in Alpha Phi Sorority’s Hoops for Hearts philanthropy competition within weeks of accepting bids. • Historian Nicholas Hausman is the son of Fiji sire Andrew Hausman (Michigan State 1989).

Timeline: Fall 2020 - Fall 2021 Staff: Field Secretaries Tyler Fisk and Jarrett Keyton Recruitment: Virtual formal recruitment Fun Facts: • Members are majors in a variety of fields ranging from business administration to kinesiology and several engineering fields. • Members already have participated in Greek Week and other local philanthropy events.

Timeline: Fall 2020 - Fall 2021 Staff: Field Secretary Eli Ussery and Director of Expansion Jake Lueck Recruitment: Virtual formal recruitment Fun Facts: • The members had a combined 3.42 GPA during the fall 2020 semester. • Members are involved in a number of organizations on campus, including: Tiger Elite, Weeks of Welcome, Up 'til Dawn, Honors College, Emerging Scholars and Orientation Guides.

| San Luis Obispo, CA

Fall 2021 Colonization Plans At press time, Phi Gamma Delta has received an invitation to colonize at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, and the Archons approved it for colonization during fall 2021. The Fraternity will also continue providing support to the University of Memphis and University of Texas A&M Corpus Christi throughout the fall semester. Plans are always subject to change, and additions to our expansion schedule will be posted on Expansion. If you know men at any of these schools, please recommend them to us at t 26


Wisconsin Milwaukee | Milwaukee, WI

Colonization Founded: 1956 Enrollment: 21,027 IFC Fraternities: 5

Graduate Volunteers

Roles & Their Importance to the Fraternity's Success

Vacancies As of 4/13/2021

Graduate volunteers play a critical role in the success of the Fraternity and its chapters. Brothers in these roles have a tremendous impact on the undergraduate members' lives, serving as mentors and ensuring a proper support network to the men in each chapter. Accurate advisor listings ensure the proper brothers are contacted by Headquarters staff and that database records are up to date.

Section Chief Section Chiefs serve as Appointed General Officers of the Fraternity, and they are approved by the Archons. Their main responsibility is to identify, recruit and support graduate advisors and house corporations for each chapter in the section.

Purple Legionnaire The Purple Legionnaire (PL) is the primary advisor at each chapter, monitoring chapter efficiency and providing guidance, support and counsel where needed. PLs are selected by the Section Chief and affirmed by a vote of the chapter.

Board of Chapter Advisors Board of Chapter Advisors (BCA)

members serve as an extension of the advisory support provided by the PL and work directly with undergraduate officers and chairmen. They provide counsel in various areas, such as administration, fraternity law, graduate relations, new member education, PR, Ritual, recruitment, philanthropy and scholarship.

House Corporation A house corporation is a nonprofit entity with a board of directors comprised of graduate volunteers. Its purpose is to provide safe, comfortable and competitive housing for the undergraduate chapter it supports. The house corporation oversees housing finances, insurance, repairs and business operations of the facility. t

Section Chief:

• Kansas City, KS Area: Kansas, Kansas State & William Jewell • Nashville, TN Area: Sewanee, Tennessee & Tennessee Tech

Purple Legionnaire: • California Irvine • Illinois • Penn State • Sewanee • Texas • Tulane • Virginia Commonwealth • Washington & Lee There is always a need for BCA and house corporation members. If you are interested in serving in any of these roles, please contact us at or 859-255-1848. All vacancies can also be found at VolunteerDirectory. THE PHI GAMMA DELTA


Graduate Almanac professionally as football coaches. The podcast sometimes features guests but is mainly two coaches talking about life and football. Jeffery Price (1992) was recognized on Barron's 2021 "Top 1,200 Financial Advisors" list and Forbes's 2021 "Best-in-State Wealth Advisors" list. This is the 9th consecutive year Jeff has been named to the Barron’s list and the 4th consecutive year he has been recognized by Forbes. Jeff and his son, Connor (2020), are both graduate brothers of the Kappa Chapter.


| Meadville, PA

5 Frank Steinle (1949)

received his Diamond Owl certificate, celebrating 75 years since his initiation.

Ball State | Muncie, IN

Andy Koenig (2005) was appointed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to serve a four-year term 28

California Los Angeles | Los Angeles, CA

Emmett Loverde's (1989) film Beauty, Brains and Personality was selected for the 2021 Kapow Intergalactic Film Festival. The official (virtual) screen time was on February 25.

Chapman | Orange, CA

6 Mark Jackson (2012) and Omega Chi Purple Legionnaire Steve Caine (New Mexico 1997) met Famous Fiji Rob Riggle (Kansas 1992) at the 2021 Waste Management

on the Florida Board of Physical Therapy as Budget Liaison.


| Waco, TX Travis McClain (2011) recently started a podcast with his friend Trenton Kirklin called The Quick Six. The podcast is about sports and coaching and is hosted by Travis and Trenton, who both work


[Graduate Almanac] Phoenix Open in February. Rob congratulated the Omega Chi Chapter for raising $250,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation over the last few years. Brother Riggle played in the Annexus Pro-Am and the Phoenix Suns Charities Shot at Glory, where celebrities compete at a shot to win $1 million for a charity of their choice. The Shot at Glory took place on the 16th hole after the Pro-Am. Pictured (L-R): Mark Jackson, Rob Riggle and Steve Caine.


| Cincinnati, OH

6 In February, four of

the 31 Founding Fathers of the Chi Omicron Chapter met in Naples, Florida,

for lunch. They gathered in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Chapter's chartering on February 20, 1971. Pictured (L-R): Bruce Ziegler (1971), Chuck DeWitt (1972), Steve Crowe (1972) and Bill Dowdney (1973).


| Boulder, CO Rick Taylor (1967, Idaho 1986) recently released his first novel, Ballad of the Blacksmith's Son. Rick is retired, but he continues to write freelance for regional and international boating magazines, and he also wrote a column for a local paper. In 1988, Rick won the Durrance Award as the Fraternity’s

most outstanding Purple Legionnaire while he was teaching ROTC at the University of Idaho.

Colorado College | Colorado Springs, CO

5 James Milmoe (1949)

received his Diamond Owl certificate, celebrating the 75th anniversary of his initiation into Phi Gamma Delta.


| New York, NY Eric Drath (1993) directed Macho: The Hector Camacho Story, which aired on Showtime. Eric is a two-time Emmy Award winner for sports documentaries 30 for 30 (2014) and Cornered: A Life Caught in the Ring (2010).


| Greencastle, IN Phil Thomas (1986)


4 29

[Graduate Almanac]

Mu Iota Celebrates 100 Years By Don Shelton (Idaho 1976) Graduate brothers couldn’t travel to their chapter house at 600 University Avenue to celebrate Mu Iota’s 100th birthday, so we brought the chapter house to them. Idaho Fijis on March 11 marked a century since their installation as a Phi Gamma Delta chapter with a virtual 100th Anniversary Toast attended by more than 100 graduate and undergraduate brothers. The event was organized after Mu Iota’s 101st Norris Pig Dinner was postponed from March to June 12 due to COVID-19 restrictions. We couldn’t let the big date pass without a proper celebration, though. So exactly 100 years after


our installation and first Pig Dinner in Moscow, Idaho, I was one of four graduate brothers who hosted the virtual celebration on Zoom from the living room of the chapter house that has been Mu Iota’s home for 95 years. Undergraduates gathered a few feet away in the dining room for a longawaited formal dinner, with two wide-angle cameras capturing both scenes. BCA Chairman Mitch Sonnen (1986) joined me and Alpha Kappa Epsilon House Corporation officers Dan Dorman (1979) and Dan Harris (1981) in front of our iconic fireplace. Looming above us, a painting of two ships sailing on turbulent waters served


as an apt metaphor for our chapter’s remarkable 100-year journey, which is framed by two worldwide pandemics. Mu Iota was chartered on December 30, 1920, and installed March 11, 1921, a year after the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918-19 killed an estimated 675,000 Americans. Our 100th Norris Pig Dinner drew 508 Fijis and guests on March 7, 2020, making it the largest fraternity gathering in U of I history, but the COVID-19 pandemic closed campus to live classes a week later and shut down most gatherings for the past year. That didn’t stop Idaho Fijis from celebrating virtually. I kicked off the night off with a brief history presentation

based on research and interviews for a chapter history I’m writing, which is due to be published in June. Don Eddy (1955), whose father Allan Eddy (1919) was one of Mu Iota’s “First 46” initiates, raised the graduate toast to our 1,894 initiated brothers, living and dead, and John Mansanarez (2022) led the undergraduate toast to all brothers who built our proud legacy and the young men who kept Mu Iota open during the current pandemic. Nick Sassaman (2022) delivered an update on the house and answered graduate brothers’ questions. We also met 13 new members, gave out undergraduate awards and scholarships and invited brothers to share memories and sentiments in an “open mike” segment. The two-hour program finished with breakout rooms for each era. One brother checked in from Ireland, where it was 2:00 a.m. Bjorn Bergvall (1962), an 82-year-old former Olympic gold medalist in sailing, watched and listened into the wee hours from Norway. Time and distance didn’t matter that night. What came through was how proud we were to be Mu Iota Fijis.

[Graduate Almanac] Relations Association's "Top 35 School PR Professionals Under 35." Jared currently serves as public information officer of the Owensboro, Kentucky Public Schools. In February, Mike Deetsch (1998) was named the Emma Leah Bippus Senior Director of Learning & Interpretation at the Toledo Museum of Art.


| Moscow, ID

3 Patrick Ngalamulume

was named the 2021 Outstanding Middle School Educator by the Indiana Music Educators Association in January 2021.

Georgia Tech | Atlanta, GA

J. Greg Robbins (1968) recently became a new novelist with the release of his book, Unrestricted Access. He is scheduled to

release another book in 2021. For more information, visit


| Hanover, IN Several brothers from the class of 1995 gathered on Zoom to celebrate their 25th reunion. They met for an hour to catch up and to enjoy a bourbon tasting. The brothers who attended the event were Paul Clark (1995), Brian Daniel (1995), Kevin DeFosset (1995), Josh Hammond (1995), Jonathan Ricketts (1995), Matthew Sackett (1995) and Bill Zorn (1995).

(2017) was sworn in as an attorney in October 2020. Becoming a lawyer was a dream of Patrick's since he immigrated to the U.S. from Zambia 13 years ago. To learn more about Patrick, read the spring 2017 magazine cover story at www.


| Lawrence, KS Rob Riggle (1992) played in the 2021 Waste Management Phoenix Open Annexus Pro-Am

and the Phoenix Suns Charities Shot at Glory. The Phoenix Suns Charities Shot is a competition where celebrities take a shot at winning $1 million for a charity of their choice, and it took place on the iconic 16th hole after the Pro-Am. Bill Quatman (1980), senior vice president and general counsel of Burns & McDonnell in Kansas City, Missouri, has been awarded the Brunelleschi Lifetime Achievement Award from the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA). The award honors DBIA members who have exhibited originality, vision and breadth over the course of their professional life, with 25 years or more of strong and well-documented commitment to design-build project delivery.


| Galesburg, IL

6 In October 2020,

the Gamma Deuteron Chapter hosted a virtual Homecoming event to give

3 Jared Revlett (2012) was named one of the National School Public



[Graduate Almanac]

graduate brothers a chance to connect and share stories.

Louisiana State | Baton Rouge, LA

5 On April 3, about a

dozen graduate brothers and their families traveled to visit Jessie Hamilton, Beta Rho Chapter's former cook, at her home in Baker, Louisiana. For her 74th birthday, brothers surprised Jessie with the money to pay off her mortgage. Jessie worked as the Chapter's cook for over 14 years, but she recently worked two jobs at the Baton Rouge airport. As the Chapter's cook, Jessie formed a very special bond with the brothers. She gave brothers rides to the grocery store and the doctor, and she was always a warm presence which left a mark on many brothers, even 30 years later. At the beginning of the


pandemic, Andrew Fusaiotti (1992), who has kept in touch with Jessie over the past 30 years, called Jessie to check on her. Andrew was sad to learn that Jessie was still working two jobs at her age. He decided to ask his brothers to help raise money to pay Jessie's mortgage, enabling her to retire. Andrew and 90 Beta Rho brothers raised $51,765, which included $45,000 for Jessie's mortgage and $6,675 to spend on herself. Brothers called the day "Jessie Hamilton Day."


| Orono, ME While on a ski trip in Beavercreek, Colorado, in 2020, Luke Nevermann (Wisconsin 2014) and Johnny Koremenos (Wisconsin 2013) met Andrew Bradford (1987) while playing a game of darts. As they were talking,


they realized they had a shared connection - Phi Gamma Delta. The group spent three days together skiing, and they decided to continue this tradition for many years to come.


| College Park, MD Rolf Buff (2005) recently published his first book, Go UP the Mountain, available in paperback and eBook on Amazon.


| Minneapolis, MN Tyrel Nelson (2002) recently published his new book, Travels and Tribulations, which is available in paperback and eBook formats.

Their Twenties for 2020" list as an emerging leader in the Kansas City area. In 2017, Andrew founded Let It Fly Media (LIFM) with his partner, Ben Walnick. Previously, Andrew worked as a broadcast journalist in sports and news for over four years. He also won the 2016 Heartland Chapter Regional Emmy Award for Weekend Newscast Medium Markets.

North Alabama | Florence, AL

Matt Axley (2008) and Dave Oechslein (Penn State 2004) work together as flight instructors for the


| Columbia, MO

4 Andrew Carter (2013) was recently named to Ingram's Magazine "20 in

[Graduate Almanac] U.S. Navy, teaching new aviators the T-45C Goshaw. The two first met when Dave was Matt's flight instructor in the Navy's E-2C Hawkeye.

teaching new aviators the T-45C Goshaw. The two first met when Dave was Matt's flight instructor in the Navy's E-2C Hawkeye.

Oregon State

| West Lafayette, IN

| Corvallis, OR

Kolby Owens (2019) was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps in March. Kolby also served the Fraternity as Archon Councilor from 2017-2019.

Penn State

| State College, PA Matt Axley (North Alabama 2008) and Dave Oechslein (2004) work together as flight instructors for the U.S. Navy,


4 Lambda Iota hosted

their Pig Dinner on Zoom this year. There were 200 brothers, including 80 graduate brothers, in attendance, and Mitch Daniels (Faculty Initiate 2013), President of Purdue University and former Governor of Indiana, was the keynote speaker.


| Sewanee, TN

6 Dan Scott (1950) (left) received his Diamond Owl

certificate, which celebrates 75 years of membership. Phillip Smith (1983) (right) traveled to Dan's assisted living facility in Murfreesboro, TN, to present him with the certificate. Not only are Phillip and Dan connected as chapter brothers, but they also know each other through family. Dan is the fatherin-law of Phillip's older brother, Rick.

Southwest Florida Graduate Chapter | Naples, FL

The Southwest Florida Graduate Chapter recently announced the Edward A. More II - Southwest Florida Graduate Chapter Scholarship, named in memory of Edward A. More, II (Missouri 1939).



[Graduate Almanac] This scholarship is available to any undergraduate brother who has a minimum 2.7 cumulative GPA and is in good standing in an active chapter/colony in the state of Florida. The scholarship recipient will be selected based on the Fraternity's values of Friendship, Knowledge, Service, Morality & Excellence.

Jewell College's Radical Inclusivity Task Force in an alumni capacity. Jack will serve a two-year term on the task force along with two WJC undergraduates, including Chapter Treasurer Evan Sanders (2022).

William Jewell

Beavercreek, Colorado, in 2020, Luke Nevermann (2014) and Johnny Koremenos (2013) met Andrew Bradford (Maine 1987) while playing a game of darts. As they were

| Liberty, MO

Jack Still (2021), recent graduate brother and former Chapter President, was asked to serve on William

Wisconsin | Madison, WI

6 While on a ski trip in

talking, they realized they had a shared connection - Phi Gamma Delta. They spent three days together skiing, and they decided to continue this tradition for many years to come. Pictured (L-R): Luke

Nevermann, Andrew Bradford and Johnny Koremenos during their ski trip to Vail in February 2021.

Wittenberg (Sig Fiji Alumni Association) | Springfield, OH

5 The Sig Fiji Alumni

Association's Board of Trustees held its first-ever virtual board meeting over Zoom. The Association was founded in 1911.


| Worcester, MA The Pi Iota Chapter at WPI held their Pig Dinner on April 24. This year, the event was adapted to a hybrid structure, with some brothers participating on Zoom while others were able to safely gather in person following state guidelines. t




2021 Housing Conference


n January 23, 2021, the 1848 Housing Committee hosted its first standalone Housing Conference. This virtual conference aimed to provide additional resources and information to house corporation members. The Housing Conference included a “State of the Fraternity” address by Archon President Nic Loiacono (Illinois 1974), a keynote speech by Dave Schreck (Kansas State 1969), and eight breakout sessions that attendees could choose from. Seventy-six attendees participated in the fourhour conference. The event was a great success, and our house corporation members were able to take home new ideas and practices to continue to strengthen the operation of their facilities. The conference sessions were recorded and are available on the Fraternity’s YouTube channel.

What Is 1848 Housing? 1848 Housing was created by the Archons to provide housing programming for the Fraternity. Its goal and purpose are to support the Fraternity’s efforts by providing resources and assistance to promote competitive living environments for our undergraduate brothers. While a chapter house is not essential to a positive fraternity experience, we believe that housing is an important aspect of fraternity life and quality, safe housing is important to the longterm success of the Fraternity and its chapters. 1848 Housing has created extensive resources to support house corporations, including those related to facility management & operations, finances, safety & security, fundraising and graduate communications. Learn more at t

Conference Recap By the Numbers

76 Attendees Representing 38 Chapters

Preferred Partners Columns Fundraising CSL Management Holmes Murphy Insurance Upper Crust Food Service

Breakout Sessions • Five Things You Can Do to Improve Your HC in 2021 • Fundraising in 2021: The New Realities • Getting Started with a Reserve Study • Reducing Liability & Exposure • Roundtable Discussions • Ten Reasons to Outsource Your Kitchen Operations • Why Using a Third-Party Management Company Makes Sense in 2021 All session recordings are available at PhiGamHeadquarters. THE PHI GAMMA DELTA


Making Our Case The Positive Impact of Fraternities


raternities and sororities provide experiences that are an important part of higher education, with an estimated 750,000 undergraduate members and nine million living alumni members in the United States alone. But how do you prove it? Anecdotally, many alumni point to their membership as the opportunity to develop lifelong friendship, gain valuable leadership experiences, and thrive civically. While many have leaned on those experiences, research on educational and experiential outcomes of fraternity and sorority membership has been limited. Until now. The North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC), the trade association representing 58 men’s fraternities, including Phi Gamma Delta, recently began an aggressive research agenda intended to empirically show the value and opportunities of fraternity membership. With many more projects underway, the results of three recent studies show positive impacts around student engagement, mental health and positive youth development.

Research Reaffirms Fraternities’ Positive Impact for Students In August 2020, Dr. Gary R. Pike of Indiana University, a prominent higher education researcher, released a study that examined the relationships between fraternity and sorority membership and student engagement, learning outcomes, academic performance and satisfaction with college. 36


For this study, which is one of the largest of its kind, Dr. Pike replicated his 2003 research which utilized National Survey on Student Engagement (NSSE) data to determine whether levels of engagement and learning outcomes changed over time. According to Dr. Pike, the NSSE is a good instrument to understand students broadly and fraternity and sorority members specifically. “The scope of the NSSE data is significant to these findings. Each year, approximately 700 institutions participate in that survey and we get complete responses from over 200,000, either first-year students or seniors,” said Dr. Pike. “It is a tremendously robust and representative data set.” Dr. Pike found that fraternity/sorority membership is associated with significantly higher levels of engagement in several areas, including high impact practices, collaborative learning, student-faculty interactions, perception of a supportive campus environment and discussions with diverse others. Some specific conclusions found in Dr. Pike’s study included: • Fraternity/sorority membership also indirectly improved learning gains, acting through higher levels of student engagement. • Despite being less diverse than students in general, fraternity/sorority members reported higher levels of interaction with people different from themselves than other students did. • Membership in a fraternity/sorority is associated with greater involvement in curricular and

Areas of campus life where fraternity members display


cocurricular activities, promotes student learning and development, and promotes satisfaction with the college experience. • The largest positive effects were generally found for first-year students, arguing against deferred recruitment until the second semester or second year. • The findings of this study indicate that fraternities and sororities are not antithetical to the values of American higher education. According to Dr. Pike, the collaborative learning effects were most dramatic for first-year students. He saw much higher participation and interaction with faculty in first-year fraternity members compared to first-year, non-affiliated students. There was also significantly higher perception of a supportive campus environment for first-year fraternity members. “The first year of college is a time of transition for students,” said Dr. Pike. “Engagement during the first year, one of the research results that George Kuh and others have reported, tends to help students stay in college. It also positively affects their learning.” Additionally, the study found while members of fraternities and sororities were more homogeneous than the general student population, they reported significantly higher levels of discussions with diverse others than non-affiliated students—including people from different races, ethnicity, economic backgrounds, religious beliefs and political views. Moreover, the relationship was strongest for fraternity members. “There have been several studies, including mine, that find positive relationships between fraternity/sorority membership, student engagement and student learning. While specific findings on a scale differ from study to study, the overall results are consistent about fraternities and sororities having this positive effect on students’ engagement in college,” said Dr. Pike.

Fraternity Members Report Higher Levels of Positive Mental Health & Support Mental health concerns, including anxiety, depression, stress and loneliness, are growing on college campuses, and they have only increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. A report released in February from the Postsecondary Education Research Center (PERC) at the University of Tennessee Knoxville sought to determine the impact of fraternity and sorority membership on mental health. The PERC report used data from the 2018-19 Healthy Minds Study, an annual survey that explores mental health, service utilization and other issues related to student mental health, with a data sample that included 41,302 students from 78 colleges and universities. When comparing unaffiliated students with those who joined fraternities and sororities, the PERC report found members of fraternities and sororities reported overall higher levels of positive 4

unaffiliated peers, according to Dr. Pike's study: High-Impact Practices: Participated in study abroad programs; held an internship

Collaborative Learning:

Worked with other students on projects and assignments; asked another student for help understanding course material

Student-Faculty Interactions: Talked about career plans or academic performance with a faculty member

Supportive Environment: Used

learning support services; attended events that address important social, economic or political issues

Discussion with Diverse Others: People from different economic backgrounds, race/ethnicity or religious/political beliefs

Fraternity members report higher levels of POSITIVE MENTAL HEALTH, according to the PERC report: • Members report higher levels of positive mental health along with lower rates of depression and anxiety • Members believe good support systems exist on campus for students going through a tough time • Members are more likely to seek therapy or counseling at some point in their lives • Members have a lower chance of being diagnosed with depression throughout their lives THE PHI GAMMA DELTA


[Making Our Case] mental health along with lower rates of depression and anxiety. Some of its key conclusions included that members of fraternities and sororities: • Report higher positive mental health scores • Report lower mean scores related to depression • Have lower lifetime diagnosis of depression • Have higher rates of lifetime use of therapy or counseling • Have a higher positive rating of campus support systems The PERC report continues to reinforce the benefits of fraternity membership, including those identified by Dr. Gary Pike. This is important at a time when 60% of college undergraduates reported having an increasingly difficult time accessing mental health care, even before campuses closed and instruction moved online due to the pandemic.

Evidence of Positive Youth Development & Civic Thriving in Fraternity Members EVERFI, a company that offers several online education programs, including AlcoholEdu for College and GreekLifeEdu, partnered with the NIC to examine both the perceptions of fraternity life by nonmembers and the unique developmental strengths of fraternity members, by analyzing data through the lens of a positive youth development model. EVERFI’s first report, New Perspectives on Fraternity and Sorority Life, used data from 49,152 students

Membership in a fraternity is associated with greater involvement in curricular and cocurricular activities, promotes student learning and development, and promotes satisfaction with the college experience. 38


in fall 2019. In their analysis, EVERFI found that fraternity/sorority members scored higher than nonmembers on measures of community connection, service contribution, social competence and physical competence – supporting a case for social, physical and civic thriving among members. Other measures of positive youth development were analyzed but did not find statistically significant differences between members and non-members, including academic competence and character. Their findings provide evidence that while all students equally value contributing to their communities and society, members of fraternities and sororities more often act on those values and have a stronger connection to their local communities. They are also more likely to excel socially and athletically than non-members. The EVERFI report also provides valuable insight into why students do not join fraternities and sororities, identifying areas where organizations like Phi Gamma Delta can strengthen their positioning to support current membership, build future membership and improve perceptions of fraternal organizations. This year is the first of a three-year research partnership intended to provide robust data and strengthen fraternities nationwide. While these findings are of little surprise to most members, they are important as we promote the value of fraternity to potential members, parents, and colleges and universities. The NIC, with support from the Foundation for Fraternal Excellence and numerous member organizations, has many more projects underway that are expected to continue to prove the positive impacts fraternity membership can offer. Among them is a soon-to-be released update to the 2014 Gallup research which found alumni who are members of fraternities or sororities are more likely to thrive in all five critical elements of well-being, have higher workplace engagement and exhibit higher emotional attachment to their alma mater. Full study reports and other updates on interfraternal research can be found at www. t

ON THE BANKS PODCAST Series 2 Coming June 2021

Series 2 features interviews from Bill Snyder (William Jewell 1962), Hall of Fame college football coach, David Priess (Illinois Wesleyan 1993), former CIA intelligence officer, and more! Visit for more information or to watch and listen to past episodes. THE PHI GAMMA DELTA



on Graduate Brothers

Casey Jones (Knox 1987)

Otto "Casey" Jones (Knox 1987) was selected as a 2021 recipient of the Knox College Alumni Achievement Award. Casey received this award for his lifetime of service as a nurse, educator, community activist, fundraiser and two-time Peace Corps volunteer. After graduating from Knox College with a degree in Spanish in 1987, Casey served as a Peace Corp volunteer in Guatemala. Then he worked as a scuba diving instructor in Mexico for several years before attending nursing school at Linfield College. He was inspired to do something different and to serve others in a different way after the events of 9/11. As a nurse, Casey has extensive experience working in both ICU environments and palliative care and as a nursing educator. In 2016, he volunteered with the Global Health Service Partnership (GHSP) in Uganda. GHSP is a collaboration between the Peace Corps, the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief and Seed Global Health. During his time in Uganda, Casey established a nursing education program at Muni University, where he taught students and graduated the first class of nurses. Currently, Casey works and helps train nurses at the University of Colorado Health Memorial Central Hospital in Colorado Springs.

Tim Kilduff

(Kent State 1968) Tim Kilduff (Kent State 1968) was selected as one of seven inductees for Kent State University's College of Education, Health & Human Services (CEHHS) 2020 Hall of Fame. The CEHHS Hall of Fame recognizes alumni whose career and accomplishments have brought distinction to KSU. Tim was specifically recognized with the



Centennial Alumni Award, the highest honor bestowed upon a CEHHS alumni. The award is given to an individual who has made significant contributions to society, whose accomplishments have brought distinction to KSU, and who has advanced the field of education, health and human services. Tim graduated from KSU in 1968, earned a Certificate in Public Relations from American University, and graduated from the United States Chamber of Commerce Institute of Organizational Management. Following graduation from KSU, he spent four years on the Fraternity’s staff as the Assistant Executive Secretary under Bill Zerman (Michigan 1949). Tim has 40+ years of experience in corporate affairs, organization management and internal/external communications. He is the founder of the 26.2 Foundation, a nonprofit that supports the virtues of marathon running. Additionally, Tim has been an active volunteer with the Fraternity. He served as Section Chief for 10 years, also serving on the Section Chief Executive Committee from 2018-20. Currently, Tim serves as Archon Councilor, having been elected by the 172nd Ekklesia in 2020.

Frank Paredes

(California State Northridge 2006) Special Assistant Francisco “Frank” Paredes (California State Northridge 2006) was recently honored with the 2019 Award of Excellence by the Chief Probation Officers of California (CPOC). CPOC is an association of Chief Probation Officers from all 58 counties of California. Frank has served on the Los Angeles County Probation Department (LACPD) for over 18 years. He is currently assigned to the AB 109 Services Bureau, where he helps probation executive staff conduct administrative studies and investigations. He also




assists the Probation Department by cultivating an evidence-based organization for clients and employees, and he trains supervisors throughout the state as a facilitator for the Supervisor Leadership Academy. Frank began his career at LACPD as an intermediate typist clerk, also serving as deputy probation officer before being promoted to his current role. Additionally, Frank is working on a Women’s Reentry project and Prison In-Reach program. He recently participated in a documentary film about the lives of Post Supervised Persons with Adult Reentry.

John Schuele

(Nebraska 1986) John S. Schuele (Nebraska 1986) is currently developing a new premiere golf destination, the Ranch Golf Club, an 18-hole private course in Valentine, Nebraska. John formed an investment group to purchase the land and build the course. John is the President and CEO of Waitt Company, a position he has held for nearly 20 years. Prior to joining Waitt in 1998, he held top management positions at Deloitte, Convergys and First Data Corporation. John is a former board member of Customer Service Profiles, Election Systems & Software, and NRG Media, to name a few. He is also active in his community. He has volunteered as a mentor since 1987, beginning with Big Brothers Big Sisters and now with Teammates Mentoring. John volunteers as a board member for Catholic Urban Education, and he serves on




the advisory board for the University of Nebraska School of Accountancy. Previously, he was Chairman of the Teammates Mentoring Program, served on the Marian School Board, and was a member of the President’s Council of the Omaha YMCA.

Tremayne Smith

(East Carolina 2011) Tremayne B. Smith (East Carolina 2011) was recently hired as a business management associate with JPMChase Global Office of Diversity & Inclusion for JPMorgan Chase & Company. In this role, Tremayne will work directly with the Global Head and Chief of Staff to start this new global function of the firm. He is tasked with breaking down barriers of systemic racism and advancing racial equity for Black and brown communities. Tremayne will also help implement the company's $30 billion "Path Forward" commitment. Previously, Tremayne has worked as a staff member in both chambers of Congress. He graduated from East Carolina in 2011 with a B.A. in music education and political science. In 2017, he earned his Master's in political management from George Washington University, and he is currently working on a graduate certificate in social justice from Harvard University. Outside of his profession, Tremayne is a national speaker for The Jewish National Fund, a nonprofit organization that works to build a prosperous future for the land of Israel and its people.





Persistence & Determination Alone Featured in CBS's "The United States of Al" While interviewing General David Petraeus, Ambassador Ryan Crocker, and "The Big Bang Theory" creator and writers Chuck Lorre, Maria Ferrari and David Goetsch on an episode of his The Takeout podcast, Major Garrett (Missouri 1984) described CBS’s new show "The United States of Al" succinctly: “This is a show that will matter. It is the bravest comedy I have seen in about a decade." The show is about a Marine, Riley, trying to resettle his Afghan interpreter (Al) in Ohio. Yes, it’s a comedy, and it deftly tackles 20 years of war and the very serious issue of keeping our moral obligation to our allies. James Miervaldis (Johns Hopkins 2006) knows this all too well. He serves as the Chairman of No One Left Behind (, the only national nonprofit that works to resettle Afghan and Iraqi interpreters once they reach the U.S. After returning from Afghanistan in 2011, James worked for three years to help his Afghan counterpart navigate the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV)

process. Many Phi Gams have been deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq over the last two decades, and many served directly with interpreters who were the bridges between cultures. Most all of these interpreters have been targeted because of their affiliation with the United States while they wait for years for the visa that was promised them. The hope is that "The United States of Al" brings the SIV issue into America’s living rooms so that the country does not repeat what happened after the U.S. left Vietnam over 50 years ago. All that is standing in the way is the Taliban, a 14-step bureaucracy John Oliver described as harder to navigate than getting off heroin, and a waning interest in Afghanistan. Chuck Lorre decided to take it all on. When asked about the show by the Associated Press, Miervaldis said, “We were nervous. How was Hollywood going to capture this very serious situation, and make it funny and relatable to 99% of the country that hasn’t been overseas or worn the uniform in this day and age?” After seeing several episodes, he considers the series and its characters as “very true” to his own experience, starting with the airport reunion of Al, played by Adhir Kalyan, and Riley, the former Marine, played by Parker Young. Dean Norris (“Breaking Bad”) co-stars as Riley’s hospitable dad. “It brought back a lot of good emotions,” Miervaldis said. “I choked up. I laughed. I wasn’t sure how the other episodes would go, but I had the same reaction, having lived this life with my interpreter for almost five years.” Nothing in this world... t

James Miervaldis (left) with his Afghan Interpreter (right).



2021 Fiji Academy


he 2021 Fiji Academy, held on January 8-9, was the largest in the event's history, and it was the first time it was held virtually. While brothers missed the historic St. Louis Union Station, the usual Academy venue, the virtual platform allowed the Fraternity to provide this annual leadership training to more brothers, including those that might not have had the opportunity to travel for the event. The theme was “Lead with Courage,” which is more important than ever as chapters face challenges due to the pandemic.

By the Numbers The 2021 Academy included a record 858 brothers and guests. The previous attendance record was 723 in 2019. • Undergraduates: 706 from 142 chapters and colonies. • Chapters/Colonies with 3+ Delegates: 94 (including 12 from Kansas State, 9 from Wabash and 8 from Kent State.) • Graduates: 128 (including 50 Purple Legionnaires and 33 Section Chiefs.)

Archon President Opening & Better Fraternity; Better You The 46th Fiji Academy began on Friday, January 8, with remarks from Archon President Nic Loiacono (Illinois 1974). Nic discussed the importance of Courageous Leadership and responding to testing points through the stories of four people he admires: Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford, Billy Martin and Casey Stengel. Next, Dr. Lori Hart gave her presentation “Better Fraternity; Better You,” which focused on getting to and addressing the core problems in fraternity.

Chapter Officer Training & Breakout Sessions This year’s program offered robust opportunities for new chapter officers and chairmen to learn about their positions. It also included breakout sessions related to important challenges chapters face. There was training for officers, recruitment chairmen and new member educators. Some of the breakout sessions included Leading During Turbulent


3Archon President Nic Loiacono, President's Message

6Dr. Lori Hart, Better Fraternity; Better You



Times, Opening Doors: Simple Steps to Inclusion, Promoting Scholarship, and an Introduction to Foundation of Courage, the Fraternity’s updated new member education program.

Distinguished Fiji Keynote The first day of Fiji Academy closed with a keynote by 2016 Distinguished Fiji Award recipient Jim McCloskey (Bucknell 1964). Jim is the founder and retired CEO of Centurion Ministries, the first nonprofit organization in the world dedicated to the vindication of the wrongly convicted. Jim shared his life experiences that lead to the founding of Centurion Ministries, and he also talked about the importance of helping those in need and finding a purpose in life.

It's Okay Not to Be Okay The second day started with It’s Okay Not to Be Okay, sponsored by the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation. Lead by Archie Messersmith-Bunting, the program focused on the importance of understanding and assessing our own mental health, identifying ways to improve self-care, and assisting others when they are struggling.

Graduate Leadership Training Academy is not just focused on educating undergraduate brothers. At this year’s Academy, there

were sessions designed to educate and support graduate brothers in their volunteer roles. The graduate volunteer sessions focused on risk and accountability; housing; diversity, equity and inclusion; and strategic priority updates from the Archons. There were also sessions specifically for Purple Legionnaires and Section Chiefs.

Redefining Brotherhood The Fraternity is in its third year of a partnership with Dyad Strategies, which conducts an annual survey of undergraduate brothers to better assess the chapter experience. Dr. Gentry McCreary, CEO & Managing Partner, provided an update on utilizing the data and challenged brothers to think more critically about the chapter experience through the power of belonging and accountability.

Closing Session This year’s Academy concluded with the second annual presentation of the Courageous Leader Award (see next page). Although different in a variety of ways, the 2021 Academy was a huge success. We look forward to (hopefully) returning to an in-person Academy at the St. Louis Union Station Hotel in 2022.

3Jim McCloskey, Distinguished Fiji Award Keynote 6Purple Legionnaire Training session




2021 Courageous Leader Award Winners In 2019, the Archons established the Courageous Leader Award to recognize individuals who, through acts of selflessness or courage, make an impact in the lives of others and demonstrate a commitment to their values at a testing point. The second annual Courageous Leader Award winners were announced at the 2021 Fiji Academy during the closing session. The first recipient is David Ellis (Virginia Commonwealth 2021), former President of the Mu Pi Chapter. In the summer of 2020, when incidents of racial inequality and violence increased, David knew he needed to stand up for what he felt was right. The Virginia Commonwealth University community pulled together all student organizations to raise awareness and support for the Black community. David worked closely with his chapter to manage their interest in fundraising and joining the protests safely, while navigating challenging communication through the entire Greek community. As a part of this effort, David led others to assist local Black-owned businesses, raising over $3,000. He also worked with his chapter to make the house a safe zone for protesters to organize. The second winner is Richard "Rich" Zane, MD (Johns Hopkins 1988). Rich is an emergency room physician who worked on the front lines of the pandemic in Aurora, Colorado. Early in the pandemic, Rich faced a testing point when he chose to help people by sharing important medical facts instead of staying quiet. He has participated in podcasts and interviews and has been active on social

media. Rich is also the Chief Innovation Officer (CIO), professor and chair of Emergency Medicine at the CU School of Medicine. As CIO, Rich works to disrupt and reinvent healthcare, and he has led a massive redesign of emergency services. The third winner is William Bradshaw (Rose-Hulman 2023). William was elected Recording Secretary of the Rho Phi Chapter on February 17, 2020, as a freshman and new initiate. As an officer, he was heavily involved in his chapter's COVID-19 planning during the spring and summer of 2020. Once students returned to campus at the beginning of fall 2020, he personally created PPE kits for every brother living outside of the house. He also went grocery shopping and ran errands for brothers who were in quarantine. Even when William got COVID and was quarantined himself, he still organized brothers to get groceries for others who were quarantined. William's care for his chapter brothers is not the only reason he is a Courageous Leader. He also was selected because he spent the last half of his senior year working to become a volunteer firefighter, completing 400 hours of training in six months while attending school fulltime. William currently studies mechanical engineering and hopes to one day design lift-saving equipment for first responders. Nominations for the Courageous Leader Award are accepted year-round, and recipients are announced each year in January. All brothers, new members and friends of Phi Gamma Delta are eligible to receive this award. For more information or to nominate someone, visit CourageousLeaderAward. t



[2020 Donors]

2020 Honor Roll of Donors Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation Phi Gamma Delta never ceases to impress us! Our Fraternity and its undergraduate members responded to the challenge of operating during a pandemic. They had to be entrepreneurs of sorts and certainly leaders to make it all happen. You also helped us to navigate 2020 and we are grateful for your involvement allowing us to support the Fraternity during a challenging year. Thank you for keeping Phi Gamma Delta on your list of charitable priorities. Despite the downturn in the economy, the Foundation had a better year than we had anticipated back in March 2020 when the pandemic began. While the Fraternity undergraduates had to redirect or cancel many of their chapter activities in 2020, we anticipate a more active 2021, especially in the fall. As schools re-open, that rush of renewed enthusiasm on campus will need to be tempered with gentlemanly behavior and a watchful eye against unwanted activity. The Fraternity’s alcohol education programs continue to be important! As are our grants for Courageous Leadership, and mental health. Your Foundation operates using these guiding principles: use your gifts to encourage excellence; be open and

willing to try new approaches to solve problems; remain good stewards of your gifts; develop relationships to strengthen Phi Gamma Delta. While the past year had many disappointments, we move forward knowing that Persistence and “Not for college days alone…” remind us to keep our values in focus. These pages are dedicated to those who gave to help undergraduates navigate through life. As you look through the Donor Yearbook, you will find updates and brief reports on our grants, programs funded and programs to raise funds for Phi Gamma Delta. Fraternally, Matthew M. Amend (Iowa 1987), Chairman (left) Ben Robinson (Hampden-Sydney 1986), Executive Director (right) More information about the Foundation may be found online at

Educational Foundation Board Members: Chairman: Matthew M. Amend (Iowa 1987) Vice Chairman: Glenn D. Moor (Texas Tech 1984) Finance Committee Chairman: Kevin W. Haga (Jacksonville 1992) Secretary: William R. Brand (RPI 1987) Executive Committee: Kevin J. Hopper (Cincinnati 1973)



Directors: D. Michael Ainsworth (British Columbia 1987); G. Carl Gibson (Oklahoma 1981); Mitchell I. Henn (Case Western 1972); Michael A. Lucas (Bradley 1983); Scott R. Mowrer (Washington 1971); Michael J. Stewart (Penn State 1972); Robert A. Wunderlich, Jr. (DePauw 1988)

[2020 Donors]

The Phi Gamma Delta Foundation of Canada Your generous financial support allowed us to continue our focus on brothers and chapters in the form of scholarships, leadership training, mental health and alcohol abuse education. We continue to keep our administration, fund raising and operating cost low at 11% of income, which is a good percentage! As a result of the pandemic, we increased the amount and number of scholarships awarded by 24% to $90,900 this year, our largest ever. All chapters received scholarships, which were awarded to 104 brothers. These awards have helped to place an importance on academics in our chapters. Estate gifts continued to be important to our ability to fund, with the estate of William H. Gear (McGill 1956) again this year generously benefiting the Foundation. We are grateful to the brothers who have planned in advance to benefit Phi Gamma Delta this way. We also want to thank the hundreds of brothers over the last few years who donated to the Foundation. Keep it up, brothers, as your chapter benefits from your support! Thanks to our donors for supporting us in 2020 and helping us to do our job of supporting Phi Gamma Delta. Fraternally, D. Michael Ainsworth (British Columbia 1987), President

Financial Highlights Educational Foundation Fiscal Year: July 2019 - June 2020 *From audited financial statements

Revenues Donations: • Unrestricted gifts • Designated gifts Net Investment Income Other Total Income


703,250 1,063,671 1,122,090 94,620 $2,983,631

Expenditures Scholarships Leadership Health/Human Services Other Programs/Support House Corp. Grants Subtotal Management & General Fundraising Subtotal Total Expenses

$ 419,501 79,482 145,122 281,298 409,638 $1,335,041 $ 320,370 218,657 $539,027 $1,874,068

Foundation of Canada Fiscal Year: January December 2020 Receipts

Foundation of Canada Board Members: President: D. Michael Ainsworth (British Columbia 1987) Secretary: Murray L. Coulter (Western Ontario 1972) Treasurer: F. Norman Dundas (McGill 1963) Trustee Emeritus: L. Cameron Murray (Alberta 1972) Directors: Erez Bahar (British Columbia 2001); John B. Carswell (Alberta 1976); Donald J. Herman (Calgary 1985); Ashley A. O’Kurley (Alberta 1994); Tristan L. Patterson (Alberta 2010); Frank C. Smeenk (Western Ontario 1971); Rob Witchel (Toronto 1987)

Chapter Restricted Program/Unrestricted Other Total Receipts

$ 19,224 98,681 1,435 $119,340

Disbursements Scholarships Educational Programming Operating/Fundraising Total Disbursements

$ 90,900 20,000 12,773 $123,673



[2020 Donors]

The Perge! Society 2020 The Perge! Society is the Annual Fund of the Educational Foundation. By giving tax-deductible, unrestricted gifts to the Educational Foundation, you are supporting its activities, including alcohol education, scholarships and leadership programs. Your gifts allow Phi Gamma Delta to stay relevant on college campuses. Many thanks to all the brothers who generously give to Phi Gamma Delta. You can join The Perge! Society securely online at Click Donate. If you have questions, please email the Foundation at or call 859-255-1848 ext. 133. Listed here are the 430 donors who joined The Perge! Society in 2020 at the $500 and above levels. The number following a brother’s school and year indicates the number of years as a Perge! Society member. Thank you for supporting Phi Gamma Delta through the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation and The Phi Gamma Delta Foundation of Canada.

Norris Affiliates (Gifts of $5,000 and greater) Phi Gamma Delta Foundation of Canada 9 Phi Gamma Delta of MIT Fund 2 Edward R. Adams (Richmond 1941) 1 Erwin K. Aulis (Northwestern 1980) 3 Michael P. Bonds (Arkansas 1984) 17 William F. Brock (Purdue 1963) 18 Wayne H. Brunetti (Florida 1964) 11 John B. Carswell (Alberta 1976) 10 Douglas H. Dittrick Jr. (Ohio Wesleyan 1955) 23 Charles T. Doyle (Oklahoma 1956) 13

Thomas D. Earley (Illinois 1963) 6 David R. Frick (Indiana 1966) 15 William H. Gear (McGill 1956) 23* John Gottschalk (Nebraska 1965) 23 Kevin W. Haga (Jacksonville 1992) 17 Donald J. Herman (Calgary 1985) 12 Robert B. Knutson (Michigan 1956) 23 Alan W. Larson (Syracuse 1960) 18 Michael A. Lucas (Bradley 1983) 17 Richard D. McCormick (Iowa State 1961) 23

Glenn D. Moor (Texas Tech 1984) 17 William T. Morris (Penn State 1949) 23* Michael E. Morris (Kansas State 1977) 21 John G. Pappajohn (Iowa 1952) 21 Robert C. Pohlad (Arizona State 1976) 21 John C. Schroeder (Wabash 1969) 21 Omer G. Voss Jr. (Michigan 1968) 1 James E. Whistler (Idaho 1970) 18

Wilkinson Affiliates (Gifts of $2,000 and greater) Edwin M. Ahrens, MD (Denison 1973) 17 D. Michael Ainsworth (British Columbia 1987) 9 Matthew M. Amend (Iowa 1987) 16 Patrick Ball (SMU 1962) 1 Robert R. Boothby (Toronto 1986) 5 William R. Brand (RPI 1987) 20 Noel E. Briscoe (San Diego State 1991) 5 Mark J. Bulanda (Kettering A 1988) 1+ Jon B. Burmeister (Iowa State 1967) 21 Marvin J. Carver (North Carolina 1975) 22 Jeffrey M. Downey (UCLA 1983) 15 Matthew G. Etlinger (Montana 1998) 5 Christopher T. Fuldner (Missouri 1973) 7 William S. Garner Jr. (Arkansas 1971) 8 Matthew S. Garrison (Hampden-Sydney 1999) 14 Donald M. Heinrich (Chicago 1974) 3 Mitchell Ingram Henn DDS (Case Western 1972) 4

* ad astra 48

BOLD new member

Robert W. Higgins, MD (Washington State 1956) 15 G. David K. Hopper MD (Wittenberg 1963) 21 John M. Humphrey (Case Western 1981) 12 Anthony D. Kenkel (Drake 1998) 10 Patrick E. Matoole, MD (Denver 1991) 8 William H. Mautz (Kentucky 1965) 2 Donald J. Maxwell (Ohio Wesleyan 1956) 4 Phillip J. Meek (Ohio Wesleyan 1959) 21 Richard K. Merker (Gettysburg 1976) 5 Marc W. Myers (Wittenberg 1989) 5 George R. Oliver (WPI 1982) 4 Carl F. Pollard (Kentucky 1960) 16 Robert W. Reniers Jr. (Colorado College 1968) 17 N. Clay Robbins (Wabash 1979) 23 Clark A. Robertson (Nebraska 1982) 17 Mark N. Roth (West Virginia 1977) 15 John D. Rowell (Idaho 1948) 16 Robert C. Samuel (Oregon 1960) 22

Jeffrey M. Scattergood (Virginia Tech 1999) 5 Frederick A. Schoenbrodt (Gettysburg 1965) 2 Matthew L. Snyder (San Diego State 1988) 11 Andrew Z. Soshnick (Northwestern 1985) 11 Michael P. Spack (Minnesota 1996) 12 Bernard W. Stanek Jr. (Washington & Jefferson 1988) 7 Michael J. Stewart (Penn State 1972) 13 Robert A. Svoboda (Memphis 1978) 18 Craig C. Thorburn (Toronto 1985) 1 Norman K. Thordarson (Washington 1963) 19 Mark D. Turner, MD (Tennessee 1976) 9 Kirk D. Walden (Texas Arlington 1972) 19 Eric B. Westendorf (Wittenberg 1992) 12 Gary H. Wilkinson (Ohio Wesleyan 1951) 21 Joseph E. Williamson (Wittenberg 1967) 16 Samuel A. Wilson (Oklahoma 1952) 13

+ first time donor


[2020 Donors]

Wallace Affiliates (Gifts of $1,000 and greater) James J. Adams (Georgia 1983) 3 Peter J. Ashton (Colorado School of Mines 1991) 8 Richard Avendano (Minnesota 2012) 3 Robert H. Becknell (Kentucky 1967) 17 Towner A. Blackstock (Davidson 1994) 6 Bruce Blanchard (MIT 1957) 15 Tracy T. Bomberger (UC Riverside 1985) 13 William R. Bracewell (Georgia 1968) 18 Tucker S. Bridwell (SMU 1973) 2 Robinson S. Brown (Kentucky 2002) 12 P. Crismon Burnam (Missouri 1985) 2 William A. Carpenter Jr. (Missouri 1993) 1 Robert E. Carter (Johns Hopkins 1968) 13 Robert B. Caudill (Akron 2004) 11 Eric M. Cavanaugh (Wabash 1976) 8 Robert D. Cheeley (Georgia 1979) 19 Stephen A. Comunale (Ohio State 1972) 3 Thomas P. Cottrell (Indiana 1982) 18 Bernard J. DelGiorno (Chicago 1955) 18 James W. Dodds (Colorado 1954) 18 Michael R. Dumas (Purdue 2006) 2 F. Norman Dundas (McGill 1963) 21 Garry D. Elder (Indiana State 1974) 9 Robert S. Ellis (Oklahoma 1948) 15 Vernon D. Ellis (Arizona 1962) 5 Richard W. Esser (Gettysburg 1964) 9 Kenneth L. Farmer Jr. (Auburn 1972) 12 L. Jeffrey Fitterman (South Florida 1970) 10 Samuel H. Franklin (Auburn 1969) 23 Norman H. Godwin (Auburn 1991) 13 Manuel G. Gonzalez IV (UC Berkeley 1977) 9 William W. Graham (DePauw 1962) 3 Jerome C. Groniger (Illinois 1956) 14 James T. Guess (Memphis 1989) 18 Daniel M. Guggenheim (UC Berkeley 1960) 21 Scott A. Haldeman (Gettysburg 1991) 4 William G. Hanley (Purdue 1960) 21 Bruce H. Hart (Arizona 1982) 8 R. Michael Henderson (Wabash 1961) 17 Thomas M. Henry (Purdue 1971) 1 Alan F. Herbert (Purdue 1969) 17 Dana W. Hesse (Virginia Tech 1986) 5 Joshua C. Holly (Tennessee 1997) 3

Kevin J. Hopper (Cincinnati 1973) 17 Anthony M. Imbesi (Villanova 1996) 3 Michael B. Jeffers (Washington 1962) 14 Robert S. Jepson Jr. (Richmond 1964) 16 John J. Jolley (Washington 1980) 5 Henry H. King Jr. (Virginia Tech 1982) 3 Eric L. Kobrin (FIU 2003) 5 Christopher L. Kurtz (Ball State 2006) 8 Dexter K. Lee (RPI 1994) 13 Craig T. Lindsay (British Columbia 1988) 1 Robert H. Little (Illinois 1957) 13 Howard M. Logan (Iowa State 1946) 18 J. Kurt Mahrdt Jr. (DePauw 1956) 18 John J. Manginelli (Rutgers 1983) 16 Craig J. Mardany (Rutgers 1982) 16 William A. Martin III (Mississippi State 1975) 17 Paul D. McCluskey (WPI 1987) 2 Peter J. McNally (Iowa State 1990) 1 William R. Miller (Indiana 1962) 20 Judd Miller Jr. (Texas 1955) 8 Kevin F. Mitchelson (Kansas 1979) 9 Jeffrey J. Mongan (Arizona 1983) 16 Jonathan L. Moore (Auburn 2004) 8 Donald E. Morel Jr. (Lafayette 1979) 17 Samuel H. Mudie (Rutgers 1962) 16 Robert C. Muff (Gettysburg 1960) 20 James C. Murray II (Iowa State 1959) 20 William F. Myers (Ohio Wesleyan 1955) 2 Robert E. Nagy (Miami 1964) 3 Jason T. Newcomb (Virginia Tech 1998) 6 George Norman (RPI 1987) 4 Graeme W. Norval, PhD (Toronto 1983) 18 William T. Novak (Illinois 1963) 3 William L. Oliver (Penn State 1967) 20 Robert C. Orr Jr. (Texas 1979) 14 Gary L. Ostenson (Washington 1969) 22 Robert J. Pemberton (Michigan State 1962) 2 Scott Petty Jr. (Texas 1960) 15 Robert D. Potts (Minnesota 1964) 19 Michael L. Raisor (Indiana State 1995) 1 Peter J. Rathwell (Arizona 1965) 17 John L. Richeson (Kansas 1962) 5 Dr. Samuel W. Richwine Jr. (Georgia 1973) 19

James C. Rinaman Jr. (Florida 1955) 21 William E. Roberts, EdD (Arizona State 1975) 3 Ben Robinson (Hampden Sydney 1986) 22 Stephen E. Robinson (Georgia Tech 1966) 2 William W. Rodgers Jr. (Oklahoma 1959) 13 John M. Saada Sr. (Chicago 1956) 19 Ronald A. Sages (Ohio University 1973) 22 Richard L. Scheff (Gettysburg 1977) 5 Gregory R. Schermerhorn (Michigan 1987) 14 Lane T. Schnotala (Bradley 1992) 9 Paul C. Schorr III (Nebraska 1959) 3 John W. Schwentker (Purdue 1952) 5 R. Charles Scott (Florida 1975) 2 Jason J. Seeger (Wisconsin Eau Claire 2002) 5 Adam L. Shires (Iowa State 2000) 8 Richard D. Shirk (Gettysburg 1967) 1 James H. Stellar (Occidental 1954) 20 Marvin G. Stephens Jr. (Texas Tech 1964) 14 David T. Stewart Jr. (New Mexico 1980) 15 Jeffrey I. Stone (Auburn 1979) 13 Michael D. Stratton, MD (DePauw 1988) 20 William D. Swanson (Texas A & M 1992) 1 James C. Tauschek (Ohio Wesleyan 1976) 3 R. Wayne Thompson (Kansas 1964) 4 Neil R. Thornton (Idaho 1952) 5 David M. Todd (USC 1967) 17 Richard E. Trail (Idaho 1966) 11 William H. Valentine Jr. (Florida 1967) 11 William A. Vance (Amherst 1955) 9 John A. Vanek (Case Western 1970) 1 Paul L. Vogel (Missouri 1989) 15 M. Coleman Walsh Jr. (Richmond 1974) 10 DeWitt Waltmon Sr. (Texas 1949) 21 D. Garrad Warren III (Purdue 1974) 7 Gordon E. Watts (Florida 1967) 10 Peter G. Welsh (Wittenberg 1974) 19 Max A. Wernick (Arkansas 1974) 17 Robert N. Whitacre (Indiana 1967) 19 Andrew J. Williams (WPI 1992) 6 David J. Willmer (Akron 1992) 2 Richard M. Wright Jr. (William Jewell 1978) 4 Robert A. Wunderlich Jr. (DePauw 1988) 3 Alexander S. Wylie (Arizona State 1996) 8

Fairbanks Affiliates (Gifts of $500 and greater) The Harry G. Gram Foundation 3 David A. Abbott (Chicago 1987) 1 Owen H. Ackerman (Illinois 1959) 2 Thomas A. Adams (Emory 1970) 4 Ben H. Adler (Georgia Tech 1965) 2 Mark D. Aigner (Baylor 1984) 6 James L. Albrecht (Knox 1954) 1 Brett M. Alexander (Ohio State 1991) 6 Sean G. Alexander (Ohio State 1991) 10 Robert M. Allen, MD (Penn State 1950) 3 Allan C. Anderson (Syracuse 1954) 3 W. Scott Anderson (TCU 1982) 2 Leonard F. Anglis (Wabash 1976) 1 David G. Areghini (Arizona 1965) 4 Charles G. Armstrong (Purdue 1964) 9 John Fox Arnold (Colorado 1959) 21

Gerald R. Baker (Texas Arlington 1969) 1 Joseph D. Barnette Jr. (Wabash 1961) 23 Richard I. Barr (Kansas 1959) 13 John J. Barrett (Purdue 1992) 1 Gerald B. Bay (Purdue 1962) 22 Joy Benenson 1+ Rodney W. Bohman (Idaho 1967) 2 Michael M. Boone (SMU 1963) 18 Patrick P. Born (Miami 1973) 5 Bradford R. Boss (Rhode Island 1955) 4 Douglas J. Bourne (Oklahoma 1943) 16 J. Douglas Breen (Lehigh 1968) 11 John O. Briggs (Georgia Tech 1967) 23 Calvin E. Burgart (Penn State 1965) 1 J. Rance Cain (Georgia 1969) 1 Brian G. Carney (William Jewell 1996) 2

John M. Carulli Jr. (Vermont 1988) 3 Robert R. Cebula (Allegheny 1959) 6 Benjamin W. Chase (Idaho 1994) 10 Merritt B. Chastain Jr. (Oklahoma 1962) 2 Kirk A. Clark (New Mexico 1968) 1+ Dr. James L. Cook (Illinois Wesleyan 1964) 13 Norman K. Cook (Chicago 1958) 21 John R. Coomer (Hanover 1961) 3 C. Denny Cresap (Oklahoma 1956) 5 Ronald D. Crockett (Washington 1961) 16 John C. Cushman (Occidental 1955) 1 Dwight W. Davis (Oregon 1965) 19 Gerald R. Davis (Washington State 1958) 1 Erik de las Casas (San Jose State 1989) 3 Sean T. Donnelly (Iowa State 1995) 8 John H. Douglas III (Mississippi State 1981) 11




[2020 Donors]

The Perge! Society 2020 Fairbanks Affiliates continued... Brian M. Douglas (Tennessee Tech 1998) 6 George W. Drach, MD (Arizona 1957) 5 Steven D. Dugger (Nebraska 2003) 3 Stephen H. Edwards (Idaho 1964) 10 Stephen M. Edwards (Mississippi State 1973) 1 Andrew D. Egan (Georgia 2001) 1 Stephen H. Eibling (Ohio State 1962) 4 John W. Ellis (Washington 1950) 2 David G. Elmore (Indiana 1955) 9 Eric H. Ericson (Hanover 1967) 2 James H. Everest (Oklahoma 1971) 15 Harry N. Faulkner (Ohio Wesleyan 1963) 21 Michael S. Favo (Purdue 1984) 1 Erik J. Fay (Washington State 1999) 5 Jameson G. Fee (Kettering A 2008) 3 Carl M. Ferraro (Case Western 1978) 4 Jesse R. Ferreras (British Columbia 2006) 2 J. Dixon Fleming Jr. (North Carolina 1976) 8 Michael G. Fligg (William Jewell 1961) 8 David W. Forti (Pittsburgh 1992) 2 Craig L. Frost (Gettysburg 1989) 1 Charles E. Gabe (Hanover 1990) 8 Steven C. Galbraith (Washington 1967) 3 William O. Gamble III (Oklahoma 1961) 21 Joseph G. Gamble Jr. (Florida 1948) 7 John E. Gibson IV (Ohio State 1975) 8 G. Carl Gibson Jr. (Oklahoma 1981) 7 Robert T. Gladu (Maine 1987) 5 Ronald A. Glen (Alberta 1989) 3 Richard C. Gohl (Arizona State 1987) 2 James B. Goll (Nebraska 2001) 3 Richard Gonzalez (Jacksonville 1998) 20 James B. Gould (Ohio State 1959) 3 Matthew M. Green (Indiana 1994) 2 David C. Green (Virginia Tech 1994) 2 N. Michael F. Griffith (Virginia Tech 1973) 18 Scott E. Gurney (Kentucky 1995) 1 Lowell and Ruth Haga 7 Kenneth J. Hammerle (Utah State 1976) 7 Kevin M. Hayes (New Mexico 1997) 4 Matthew J. Hazleton (Colorado School of Mines 1996) 4 Mark L. Heinemann (Missouri 1971) 9 Charles M. High III (New Mexico 1982) 1+ Edwin E. Hightower Jr. (Denver 1990) 5 John E. Huber (Toledo 2006) 1+ Michael A. Huhnke (Rose Hulman 1975) 5 James A. Hull (Colorado School of Mines 1988) 8 J. Brent Humphries (Oklahoma 1991) 7 William S. Hunnicutt Jr. (Texas Arlington 1981) 8 J. Wilmar Jensen (Chicago 1947) 9 William W. Jessup (Alabama 1960) 3 Thomas H. Jones III (Richmond 1974) 3 Craig S. Kalter, MD (Emory 1984) 14 Bijan P. Karimi (UC Santa Barbara 1995) 3 Russell A. King (Syracuse 1952) 5 David D. Kinsman Jr. (Missouri 2004) 1 Joshua T. Kivett (Georgia 1995) 1+ K. Thomas Klimmeck (Illinois 1984) 1

* ad astra 50

BOLD new member

Michael J. Knoll (Kentucky 2008) 3 Paula Knutson 1+ Thomas H. Koops (Texas Arlington 1968) 5 William G. Kuchta (Union 1972) 6 Donald J. Kyte (Oklahoma 1990) 9 Ronald F. Larson (Wyoming 1970) 1 Joshua P. Laufenberg (Illinois 2008) 7 Benjamin B. LeCompte III (Virginia 1972) 23 James S. Lee (Minnesota 1978) 19 Robert D. Lindner Jr. (Ohio Wesleyan 1971) 3 Morgan Little (Arizona 1964) 3 Nicholas A. Loiacono (Illinois 1974) 5 John H. Lollar III (Oklahoma 1960) 1 John D. Lubahn, MD (Case Western 1971) 1 Andrew J. Lucyshyn (Central Florida 1995) 2 Michael W. Macconnie (Bradley 1983) 8 Martin J. Maher (Iowa 1997) 4 Ronald L. Marmer (Northwestern 1974) 22 Robert W. Marshall III (Rhode Island 1977) 8 John B. Martin (Kansas 1959) 17 Wesley J. Martin (Missouri State 2009) 2 Robert H. Martinsen (Colgate 1955) 1 Wilson K. Mason III (Texas 1964) 1 Phillip D. Matthews (Michigan 1960) 2 Jeffrey F. McEvoy (Tennessee 1985) 1 Dan S. McIntire Jr. (Santa Barbara 1995) 1 Rory L. McKean (Auburn 1976) 6 John V. Melick III (Michigan 1984) 2 John C. Meng Jr. (Wabash 1966) 16 Kenneth J. Mighell (Texas 1952) 3 Michael A. Mische (NYU 1976) 3 Lee M. Moss (Tennessee 1973) 5 Daniel P. Mossop (Akron 1989) 9 Scott R. Mowrer (Washington 1971) 5 Howard B. Moyes (Davidson 1987) 7 Kenneth G. Murawski (Syracuse 1973) 4 Derek J. Murphy (Coastal Carolina 2011) 4 Douglas A. Nemecek (DePauw 1985) 1 Jack W. Nicklaus (Ohio State 1961) 23 Robert W. Niebaum (Case Western 1969) 8 William G. Niederer (Indiana State 1985) 5 Shawn Noroozi (Tulane 1992) 1 Michael T. Novak (Chicago 1985) 4 Daniel F. Organek (Johns Hopkins 1994) 8 Roger W. Parkhurst (Purdue 1965) 21 William E. Parrish (Westminster 1957) 17 William G. Paul (Oklahoma 1952) 4 Jason D. Pauling (Iowa State 1994) 1 Orsen E. Paxton III (Texas Arlington 1971) 2 Howard A. Pelham (Hanover 1951) 16 Richard L. Pinkerton PhD (Michigan 1955) 15 Bruce M. Pitman (Purdue 1971) 8 Steven B. Pittman (Oklahoma State 1975) 11 John D. Porter III (Wisconsin 1983) 1 Nicholas A. Potter (Kettering B 1994) 9 Martin P. Powers (Case Western 1997) 2 John B. Purcell Jr. (Virginia 1964) 2 Thomas A. Raar (Michigan 1985) 22 Robert W. Rahal (Denison 1975) 6

Stephen W. Ray (Oklahoma 1979) 5 Eddie W. Rhea (Oklahoma 1980) 12 Gary R. Richert (Purdue 1974) 4 A. Peter Rimsans II (Iowa State 1993) 15 C. H. Roath Jr. (Colorado 1951) 8 John C. Robbins III (Union 1971) 6 Jeffrey L. Rosenthal (Georgia 1993) 1 William F. Ross III (Bradley 1987) 14 Todd Rotgers (Minnesota 2011) 4 William H. Rousseau (Texas Tech 1998) 1 Timothy J. Rueter (Drake 1998) 6 Stephen C. Ryan (Kansas 1964) 1 Andrew R. Sackin (Missouri 1973) 19 Adrian J. Sale (Miami 1995) 1+ James S. Samuel (Oregon 1984) 12 David S. Schramm (Knox 1978) 7 George L. Schueppert (Wisconsin 1961) 2 Eric W. Schwarz (Ohio State 1986) 10 Ralph L. Shanks Jr. (SMU 1963) 4 John D. Sheppard Jr. (Pittsburgh 1975) 3 William T. Shier (DePauw 1988) 18 Geoffrey H. Simmons (Missouri 1996) 3 James M. Singel (UCLA 1989) 4 Craig D. Singer (Florida 1985) 7 N. Gee Smith III (North Carolina 1984) 1 Jordan M. Smith (Washington & Lee 1957) 1 Martin C. Smith (UC Berkeley 1976) 15 Philip H. Smith (Washington State 1966) 2 D. Mark Smith (Texas Arlington 1983) 12 Nicholas Smock (Iowa State 2008) 5 Lee K. Souter (Vermont 2005) 8 William D. Spijkerman (Texas Arlington 1991) 3 Kevin M. Sprague (New Mexico 1981) 6 Thomas E. Spurgeon (Purdue 1961) 1 Lias J. Steen (Texas A & M 1980) 6 Kenneth B. Sternad (Ohio Wesleyan 1977) 1 Jack R. Sutermeister (Washington 1979) 2 Martin S. Suzuki (UC Irvine 1986) 2 G. R. Tait, PhD (McGill 1961) 8 Martin B. Tarlie (Michigan 1989) 10 Douglas C. Taylor (Case Western 1986) 16 Paul J. Testa (RPI 1989) 2 James L. Thomas Jr. (Oklahoma State 1966) 2 Lawrence H. Thompson (Iowa State 1964) 6 John J. Toner, V (Hampden Sydney 2001) 5 Charles L. Townsdin (Arizona 1963) 17 Jeffrey D. Vernam (Rutgers 1973) 3 Curt R. Ward, MD (DePauw 1988) 19 Joseph A. Weist (Rose Hulman 1987) 4 D. Lawrence Wickerham MD (Washington & Jefferson 1972) 1 Dale L. Wierman (Washington State 1964) 7 Vincent T. Williams (Kettering A 1984) 2 C. Daniel Wilson Jr. (Sewanee 1963) 4 Richard T. Wilson (Akron 1992) 1 W. Miller Wood, III (Tennessee 1967) 1 Paul A. Woods (Memphis 1993) 6 Douglas M. Workman (Western Ontario 1977) 1

+ first time donor


[2020 Donors]

White Star Legacy Society The White Star Legacy Society recognizes brothers who have chosen to leave a legacy for Phi Gamma Delta through their will, trust or estate plans. We are grateful to brothers who donate and plan to donate. We were notified by 5 brothers that they had included the Foundation in their estate plans indicated with an “+”.

Top Three Ways to Join the White Star Legacy Society: #1 Give a charitable bequest (a percentage or dollar amount) in your will or living trust to the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation.

#2 Name Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation as a beneficiary of your assets such as your 401K or other retirement plans upon your passing.

#3 Open a life insurance policy with the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation as the policy owner and cover annual premiums with gifts to the Annual Fund.

We Thank These Loyal Brothers for Their Consideration & Generosity: Akron

John P. O'Neill 1987+ Brad W. Petrella 1987


Frank M. Hardy 1955 Steven M. Hudson 1980 James E. Jones 1963


Bernhard H. Brinkmann 1983 L. Cameron Murray 1972


Matthew A. Bocchi 2013


Rick L. Allen 1962 Lloyd H. Wiborg 1961

Arizona State

Kenneth T. Bulahan 1987 Gary Emerson 1976


Steven E. Area 1973 Eddie W. Daniel 1978


Jeffrey I. Stone 1979


William F. Ross III 1987

British Columbia

David S. Armitage 1980 Warren T. Cooke 1983


Robert R. Dawson 1950 Ian Ferguson 1985

Jack W. Gresham 1957

California of PA

Anthony G. Canzonieri 2010



Jonathan C. Espy 1995 Timothy J. Rueter 1998


Donald J. Herman 1985

Dennis A. LaRosa 1969

Mitchell I. Henn DDS 1972 John M. Humphrey 1981 Michael K. Magness 1970 Clyde B. Myers Jr. 1962 Jason M. Prigozen MD 1997

Wayne H. Brunetti 1964 George C. Johnson Jr. 1975 James C. Rinaman Jr. 1955 William H. Valentine Jr. 1967

Case Western Reserve Florida

Central Florida

Rafael M. Padron Jr.2009 Jason J. Ring 2007


Peter O. Clauss 1955 Bernard J. DelGiorno 1955 Stephen E. Woodbury 1979


Kevin J. Hopper 1973

Colorado State

Christopher A. Guntermann 1974


Jere W. Dutt III 1990+ Paul O. Germann Jr.1952 Thomas B. Grooms 1966 Paul B. Qua 1982 James E. Sanford DDS 1971


Steven J. Bocher 1983

Florida State

Joseph W. Kuhn Jr. 1969 Donald S. Stuart 1972


Danny A. Neil 1968 Chadwik T. Teague 1988

Georgia Tech

John O. Briggs 1967 Raymond K. Elderd 1960 William G. Grip 1982 Andrew Kohl 1967 Ernest O. Rotramel Jr. 1952

Hampden Sydney Jarrod S. Benton 1990 Ben Robinson 1986


Timothy A. McGeath 1984


James V. Hawkins 1958 John D. Rowell 1948 James E. Whistler 1970


Owen H. Ackerman 1959 Thomas D. Earley DVM 1963 Jerome C. Groniger 1956 Victor S. Kamber 1965

Illinois Wesleyan James L. Cook 1964 Scott E. Huch 1986 Dale H. Spiess 1966


David G. Elmore 1955 Frederick E. Henoch 1964 Neil R. Hinchman 1957 Jay B. Hunt 1962 James A. Ramsey 1964

Indiana State

William G. Niederer 1985 Christopher B. Vance 1976


Bradley C. Nielsen 1986

Iowa State

W. R. Griswold Jr. 1964 Steven J. Hunst 1975 Howard M. Logan 1946 Harvey E. Mallory III 1957 Richard D. McCormick 1961 James C. Murray II 1959 Dean R. Plager 1964 Robert J. Roth 1978 Kevin A. Shires 2005 Robert A. Zeis Jr. 1997


Michael L. Brown 1988

Brian W. Dudley 1996 Kevin W. Haga 1992

Johns Hopkins

Jack Carlock 1958 David G. Shigekawa 1959


Charles K. Baber Jr. 1964 Charles T. Crawford 1952 Kevin F. Mitchelson 1979

Kansas State

Andrew J. Lutz II 1981 Michael A. Martin 1983 Michael E. Morris 1977 Gregory C. Stuart 1970 James E. Taylor 1970 Gregory H. Wilson 1978


Leonard M. Appel 1963 Robert H. Becknell 1967 William R. Connell 1994


Peter L. Clark 1968


David H. Aronson 1965 Bruce A. Wilson 1981


J. Douglas Breen 1968 John A. Hollingsworth 1955

Louisiana State

Arthur L. Roberts 1960 David G. Trepagnier Jr 2018+ 4



[2020 Donors]

White Star Legacy Society Want to Learn More?


Contact Executive Director Ben Robinson at 859-255-1848 ext. 133 or brobinson@phigam. org for questions about the White Star Legacy Society. The Foundation’s Tax ID is 52-6036185.


To leave a tax-deductible gift to the Foundation, consider the following: “I leave and bequeath unto the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation, Inc. the sum of $____, or ___% of estate (or specific securities or other property). Said Foundation is a non-profit 501(c (3) corporation (Federal ID Number 52-6036185), organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, with administrative offices at 1201 Red Mile Road, P.O. Box 4599, Lexington, KY 405444599. *This gift is unrestricted for general Foundation purposes.” *For estate gift restrictions, please contact the Foundation for specific wording.

Matthew D. Smyth 1980


Joseph E. Samora Jr. 2008 F. Norman Dundas 1963


Paul A. Woods 1993


Ted W. Goble 1968 James P. Horning 1977 Dave Houser 1970 + Lee C. Schmitt 1963


Franklin K. Gregory 1957 Eugene L. Hartwig 1955 Robert B. Knutson 1956 Kenneth N. Nemerovski 1972 Mark L. Persitz 1977 Richard L. Pinkerton PhD 1955 Kelley V. Rea 1966

Michigan State

Keith A. Anderson 2010 Timothy J. Costello 1968 David W. Pequet 1974

Mississippi State P. E. Burnside 1970 Malcolm B. Wall 1970


Gary L. Bussing 1973 David M. Dannov 1983 Edward B. Mullen 1957 Bradley P. Pemberton 1974 Andrew R. Sackin 1973 Paul L. Vogel 1989


John Gottschalk 1965 Brian M. Hensley 1998

New York

Bruce B. Blau DDS 1980 Michael A. Mische 1976

North Alabama

Thaddeus J. Boughton 2004

North Carolina

Marvin J. Carver III 1975 Theo H. Pitt Jr.1958 John T. Stanley 1971

North Texas

Jeffrey M. Fulton 2011+


J. R. Gorski 1968 Mark D. Kaufman Sr. 1971


Robert W. Holstrom 1946


John A. Cassese 1976 Ronald A. Sages 1973

Ohio Wesleyan

David R. Bennett 1977



Douglas H. Dittrick Jr. 1955 Charles P. Eichhorn 1955 John E. McKinnie 1954 Jerry K. Rinehart 1957 Kenneth B. Sternad 1977 Gary H. Wilkinson 1951



Byron M. McKnight DDS 1978 Ron D. Willis 1984

Texas Christian

Charles R. Stewart 1979

Texas Tech

Carl D. Campbell 1981 Robert J. Kepke 1963 William G. Paul 1952 William W. Rodgers Jr. 1959

Vance M. Hubbard 1962 Gary S. Jennings 1977 Glenn D. Moor 1984

Oklahoma State

Robert E. McCulloch 1965


John P. Gallagher Jr. 1966 Steven B. Pittman 1975

UC Berkeley

Old Dominion

UC Irvine

Robert W. Walter 1984


William J. Prenger 1968

Manuel G. Gonzalez IV 1977 J. Rand Petrie 1987


Oregon State

Jeffrey M. Downey 1983 Alfred L. Woodill 1946


David B. Marino 1985

Patrick C. Faessler 1990 Charles G. Armstrong 1964 Gerald B. Bay 1962 Robert L. Carrel 1955 William P. Gettings 1978 Richard E. Grace 1951 J. Richard Marshall 1959 Michael P. Schreyer 1965


William R. Brand 1987 George P. Norman 1987


Robert S. Jepson Jr. 1964


Mark G. Esposito 1982

San Jose State Brett C. Vigil 2000


Thomas H. Ewers 2008

Southern California Andre P. Affatato 1969 Donald W. Bradley PhD 1961 David M. Todd 1967

South Florida

Eugene N. Balter 1977 Paul E. Mendelssohn 1972

Southern Methodist Walter T. Henderson 1960 Robb Stewart 1952


Howard A. Rubin 1955


Jeff C. Crew Jr. 1967


James D. Froula 1967 Lee M. Moss 1973 John J. Sheridan 1972 Gerald L. Vantrease 1966

UC Riverside Union

Mace A. Bloom 1977


Scott J. Sarisky 1990

Virginia Tech

Dana W. Hesse 1986 Jeffrey M. Scattergood 1999


Eric M. Cavanaugh 1976


T. Michael Doyle 1968 Michael B. Jeffers 1962 Gary L. Ostenson 1969

Washington & Jefferson

Donald L. Wickerham MD 1972

West Virginia

Robert W. Martini 1974 Mark N. Roth 1977

Western Michigan

William G. McClimans Jr. 1979 Michael A. McDonald Jr. 2014 Bryan S. McNee 1989

Western Ontario

Frank C. Smeenk 1971


William E. Parrish 1957 Dale G. Schaefer 1958


Douglas L. Acker 1983 Earle L. Bowman Jr. 1948 William K. Johnson 1976


William H. Smith Jr. 1965

[2020 Donors]

2020 Donors Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation & the Phi Gamma Delta Foundation of Canada Both Foundations operate to support the educational endeavors of Phi Gamma Delta, its chapters and its members. Listed are the donors who gave either unrestricted annual fund gifts, restricted endowment gifts or chapter restricted gifts to the Foundations in the 2020 calendar year. Donors are listed in their lifetime giving societies. Perge! Society members donating more that $500 are listed at the end of each chapter section; the parentheses indicate the number of years the brother has given at a Perge! Society level. This listing is only Foundation donors. All brothers who gave graduate dues are listed at

Lifetime Giving Societies Founders $1 Million+ Calvin Coolidge $500,000-999,999 Thomas Marshall $250,000-499,999 Centennial $100,000-249,999 Black Diamond $75,000-99,999 Golden Chain $50,000-74,999 Royal Purple $25,000-49,999 Canonsburg $17,500-24,499

White Star $10,000-17,499 Log Cabin $7,500-9,999 Purple Clematis $5,000-7,499 Ft. Armstrong $2,500-4,999 Snowy White Owl $1,000-2,499 Delta $500-999 Friendship Up to $499

Perge! Society

Wallace $1,000+ Fairbanks $500+

Norris $5,000+ Wilkinson $2,000+

+ First Time Donor

Friends of the Foundation

Calvin Coolidge Fidelity Investment Charitable Gift Fund Horejsi Charitable Fnd Centennial Omaha Community Fnd Phi Gamma Delta of MIT Fund Schwab Charitable Fund+ William T. Morris Trust Black Diamond Greater Houston Community Fnd Phi Gamma Delta Fnd of Canada Golden Chain Bank of America Charitable Fnd Benevity Community Impact Fund Royal Purple Anonymous Glass Fnd J.P. Morgan Charitable Giving Fund Lilly Endowment Mrs. Lee T. Hanley San Diego Fnd Vanguard Charitable YourCause Canonsburg American Endowment Fnd

AA Ad Astra Ayco Charitable Fnd Dayton Fnd Knopf Family Fnd Markel Corporation Naples, FL (Southwest FL) Grad Chapter The Vaughn Fnd White Star Brunetti Family Charitable Fnd National Christian Fnd* IN+ Texas Instruments Fnd Log Cabin Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund Lowell & Ruth Haga National Christian Fnd* Houston United Way of Columbia Willamette Upsilon Alpha Building Corporation+ Purple Clematis Community Fnd of Northwest MO Facebook Mechanicsburg Area Fnd National Christian Fnd* CO United Way of Central & Northeast CT United Way of Central OH Ft. Armstrong Akron Community Fnd American Fidelity Fnd Central NY Community Fnd

Exelon Corporation Orange County Community Fnd Phi Gamma Delta MO Scholarship Fund+ Progressive Insurance Fnd Saratoga Charitable Fnd UBS Financial Services Snowy White Owl Amazon Smile Baird Foundation Suzette Ball BNSF Railway Company Fnd for the Carolinas Hartford Fnd for Public Giving Amy Kurtz Lisa & Bob Cheeley Fnd Morgan Stanley National Philanthropic Trust W. Carol Preston Salesforce Fnd State Farm Companies Fnd The Harry G. Gram Fnd Washington, DC (Natl Capital Fijis) Grad Chapter Delta Joy Benenson+ Community Fnd for Southern AZ Community Fnd of NJ Paula Knutson+ LMEPAC Charity Program Merchants Bonding Co. Fnd

Northwestern Mutual Fnd Berta Pettis+ Publishing Concepts+ Rose Community Fnd Kappa Tau Chapter of PGD+ United Way CA Capital Region+ Friendship Allstate Giving Campaign AT&T Employee Giving Campaign Mary N. Bragg+ Bristol Myers Squibb Fnd Dian Bruemmer+ Cannon Giving Fund Cardinal Office Products+ Erica M. Carlson Charles A. Collier+ Miriam Cromwell+ Robert S. Eastman+ William N. Finnegan+ Frontstream Anita Gulewitz+ Christopher Habig+ Gloria Holmes+ Honeywell International Charity Matching Laurelyn Horsfall+ Judy Jay+ Barbara M. Jones+ Gary Kane+ Helen C. Lahrman+ Carter Lawson Lauren P. Leif Inez McCamus+ Abby McCollum+ Midland Area Community Fnd Ted Moor+ Laura Morreale+ Joanne K. Murley+ Northrop Grumman Paypal Giving Fund Frances Pearce+ Kathryn T. Pontillo+ Prospera Financial Services+ Kathleen Rebollo+ Taren Robin Robert A. Scott+ Harold Shappell+ The Armstrong Fnd United Way of AL+

Amy Watson Rachelle Wish Brian Zolotor+

Total $499,442


Ft. Armstrong Christian P. Vaupel 1996


Canonsburg David J. Willmer 1992 White Star John P. O'Neill 1987 Log Cabin Joshua M. Blubaugh 1999 Robert B. Caudill 2004 Daniel P. Mossop 1989 Brad W. Petrella 1987 Ft. Armstrong Chuck Galmarini 1987 Daniel B. Ishee 1992 Bradley A. Strohl 2002 Kyle W. Sullivan 1988 Richard T. Wilson 1992 Snowy White Owl Brent M. Cherkala 2003 David S. Kaiser 1988 Robert C. Vanni 1990 Delta Ryan M. Naymik 2011 Matthew M. Perez 2007 Friendship Jose C. Garcia 2024+ Justin T. Halter 2020 Joseph H. Keller III 1990+ Brooks T. McKinley 2022 Roy E. Mosley III 1992 Nicholas A. Plaxton 1993 Christopher S. Ray 2016 Joseph W. Roth 2019 Anthony F. Signorino 1991 Perge! Wallace David J. Willmer (2) 1992 Robert B. Caudill (11) 2004 Perge! Fairbanks Daniel P. Mossop (9) 1989 Richard T. Wilson (1) 1992

Total $7,215


Royal Purple William W. Brooke 1978

Log Cabin William H. Ray Jr 1949 Snowy White Owl Hollis N. Gieger Jr 1980 William W. Jessup 1960 James E. Jones MS State 1963 Peter L. Lowe 1960 James L. Richardson 1979 Delta Eugene A. Moore Jr 1959 Walker Reynolds IV 2004 Friendship Thomas B. Brown III 1969+ Charles H. Gordon Jr 1960 James A. Keel 2009+ Douglas Martinson II 1986 Sidney T. Philips 1983 Bobby B. Roden 1971+ Duncan F. Williams 1990+ Perge! Fairbanks William W. Jessup (3) 1960

Total $2,108

Alabama Birmingham

Friendship Logan C. Dewberry 2022+ Austin B. Kimbrell 2023+ William W. Larsen 2021 Elijah J. Ussery 2018

Total $73


Golden Chain John B. Carswell 1976 Canonsburg Bernhard Brinkmann 1983 Micheal G. Harris 1987 White Star O. Sean Ennis 1989 Frederick C. Lynch Jr 1986 Log Cabin Ronald A. Glen 1989 Duane B. Schlereth 1971 Richard A. Toogood 1987 Purple Clematis Tristan L. Patterson 2010 Carl P. Rodriguez 1998 Ft. Armstrong Robert A. Graesser 1973 Christopher J. Tang 2005 Snowy White Owl




[2020 Donors] Arizona State

Lifetime Giving Societies Founders $1 Million+ Calvin Coolidge $500,000-999,999 Thomas Marshall $250,000-499,999 Centennial $100,000-249,999 Black Diamond $75,000-99,999 Golden Chain $50,000-74,999 Royal Purple $25,000-49,999 Canonsburg $17,500-24,499

White Star $10,000-17,499 Log Cabin $7,500-9,999 Purple Clematis $5,000-7,499 Ft. Armstrong $2,500-4,999 Snowy White Owl $1,000-2,499 Delta $500-999 Friendship Up to $499

Perge! Society

Wallace $1,000+ Fairbanks $500+

Norris $5,000+ Wilkinson $2,000+

+ First Time Donor

AA Ad Astra

Gregory T. Atkinson 1973 Bruce F. Durnford 1998 Christopher L. Footz 1993 Mark M. Harnden 1976 David E. Isaman 2004 Ashley A. O'Kurley 1994 Delta Steven Huynh 2013 Scott D. Lechky 1999 Zane M. Wei 1997 Friendship Logan W. Boyce 2014+ Wyatt J. Johnson 2013+ Michael J. Lee 2010 Braiden E. Redman 2016 Perge! Norris John B. Carswell (10) 1976 Perge! Fairbanks Ronald A. Glen (3) 1989


Total $21,355

In Memory of Murray W. Dorin 1976 by Laura Morreale, Bernhard H. Brinkmann 1983 Kenneth R. MacDonald 1987 by Ronald A. Glen 1989 Joseph A. Francese 1992 by Christopher L. Footz 1993


Log Cabin Silas R. Mountsier III 1952 Purple Clematis Robert R. Cebula 1959 Ft. Armstrong Gerald E. Gibbons, MD Washington 1953 Henry B. Suhr Jr 1955 Snowy White Owl Gary M. Brost 1974 Ralph D'Onofrio 1957 Stevenson Mountsier 1952 Delta Matthew A. Bocchi 2013 William Cunningham 1961 Ronald J. Klinefelter Jr 1990 Carl W. Stenberg III 1965 Gregory R. Vallano 2015 Friendship Maxwell J. Boshaw 2022+ William E. Bowser 1956 Elijah A. Dennis 2016 Nathaniel J. Gervais 2017 Cayton Hornberger 2020 Andrew Kirn 2020 Perge! Fairbanks Robert R. Cebula (6) 1959

Total $2,343 54

Log Cabin William A. Vance 1955 Friendship Richard B. DeMallie Jr 1959 Robert A. Went 1950+ Perge! Wallace William A. Vance (9) 1955

Total $1,150

Appalachian State

Friendship Damian N. Cornell 2015+ Ismael G. Gomez 2013+ Nelson J. Guillory 2017+ Matthew Guin 2015+ Jake W. Markland 2022+ Dio Protopapadakis 2017 Zachary J. Roos 2012+

Total $418


Thomas Marshall Lee T. Hanley 1964AA Centennial Deno P. Dikeou 1961 Royal Purple Charles L. Townsdin 1963 Canonsburg David G. Areghini 1965 White Star Jeffrey J. Mongan 1983 Peter J. Rathwell 1965 Log Cabin George W. Drach, MD 1957 Vernon D. Ellis 1962 Paul F. Gissel 1968 Bruce H. Hart 1982 James M. Webb 1967 Purple Clematis Deron P. Bocks 1986 Christopher J. Cacheris 1976 Jeffrey C. Derickson 1972 Dwayne A. Douglas 1986 Curtis J. Dunshee 1982 J. Gregory Garrett 1987+ Brian D. Horner 1984 John A. Sivo 1977 Ft. Armstrong Thomas W. Kennedy 1959AA Morgan Little 1964 John G. Mansour III 1987 Snowy White Owl R. Christopher Creith 1966 John P. Derickson 1975 Edwin D. Fleming 1981

Roger E. Garrett 1964 Marc A. Kates 1986 Robert C. Kersey 1989 James E. Korinek 1967 Ralph B. Miller 1958 Terrell A. Muse 1961 James G. Orradre 1991 M. Brett Parker 1989 Marty E. Sheber 1981 James W. Washington 1976 William J. Wheeler 1961 Lloyd H. Wiborg 1961 Delta Craig M. Courville 1981 William D. Gurley 1970 David E. Henrich 1958 Arthur L. Scarla 1973+ Charles A. Schneider III 1977 Brock C. Tella 1972 Richard M. Thompson 1959 Friendship James A. Allen 1976+ George F. Baker 2004 Thomas W. Constable 1966 James V. Eade 1991 David R. Ewing 1953 William T. Frerichs 1968 James P. Glasser 1973+ Robert L. Guilford Jr 2017+ David P. Sharp 1970+ David Stombaugh 2009+ Robin M. Sutton 2003+ Jack A. Tutalo 2020+ Christopher M. Wade 2008 Stephen L. Wegner 1966+ Thomas C. White Jr 1980 Perge! Wallace Vernon D. Ellis (5) 1962 Peter J. Rathwell (17) 1965 Bruce H. Hart (8) 1982 Jeffrey J. Mongan (16) 1983 Perge! Fairbanks George W. Drach (5) 1957 Morgan Little (3) 1964 Charles Townsdin (17) 1963 David G. Areghini (14) 1965

Total $89,131

In Memory of Karl Eller 1952, Brent Moody 1961 by David W. Graham Oregon State 1944 James E. Bruemmer 1956 by Dian Bruemmer


Founders Robert C. Pohlad 1976 White Star John C. Philips 1969 Log Cabin Alexander S. Wylie 1996 Ft. Armstrong Richard C. Gohl 1987 William E. Roberts, EdD 1975 Snowy White Owl John S. Boyd 1968 Mark W. Glasgow 1980 Richard S. Lin Sr 2005 Richard Sher 1974 Delta Duane C. Cooper 1974 George R. Duganz 1968 Gary Emerson 1976 Michael D. Engler 1972 William L. Godfrey 1976 William A. Pottenger III 1974 S. Michael Van Royen 1980 Friendship Bailey Z. Cadelina 2018+ Wallis E. Hubbell 1974+ Thomas J. Melita 1988 Ralph C. Morgan Jr 1973 Ronald J. Pompei 1981 James B. Stouffer III 1980 Cody Swonson 2023+ Mark G. Vogel 1975+ Perge! Norris Robert C. Pohlad (21) 1976 Perge! Wallace William E. Roberts (3) 1975 Alexander S. Wylie (8) 1996 Perge! Fairbanks Richard C. Gohl (2) 1987

Total $76,458

In Memory of David A. Knutson 1978 by Paula Knutson


Black Diamond Michael P. Bonds 1984 Canonsburg William S. Garner Jr 1971 Max A. Wernick 1974 Snowy White Owl Stephen C. Dunn 1986 R. Douglas Schrantz 1973 Joel Wernick 1976 Delta W. Grant Bray Jr 1984 John W. Schmitz 1982 William R. Thompson 2014 Friendship J. Parker Blackburn 2022+ Eric M. Fay 2009 Andrew W. Sanders 2013+ J. Chris Stotts 1982+ Perge! Norris Michael P. Bonds (17) 1984 Perge! Wallace Max A. Wernick (17) 1974 Perge! Wilkinson William Garner Jr (8) 1971

Total $12,014

In Honor of James H. Lennon 1972 by Joel Wernick 1976


Royal Purple Samuel H. Franklin 1969 Canonsburg Cliff J. Hare 1977 White Star Bruce E. Bartholomew 1978 Kenneth L. Farmer Jr 1972 Norman H. Godwin 1991 Edward O. Harris 1978 Jeffrey I. Stone 1979 Log Cabin Jonathan L. Moore 2004 Ft. Armstrong Edward B. Fischer 1967 Rory L. McKean 1976 Michael J. Ramsey 1990 J. Edward Ruzic Jr 1969 Snowy White Owl Don Craft 1965 Brian W. Elrod 1982 Hunter T. McCord 2004 Delta J. Nelson Knight, 1964 Charles R. Pelham 1967 J. Michael Roberts 2004 Jeffery T. Todd 1989 Friendship Andy B. Anderson 1971+ William Bernhardt Jr 1963+ George H. Blake III 1972 Matthew Carrington 1997+ J. Todd Croker 1997 Paul D. Dees 1999 James J. Gideon 1966+ Phillips B. Harrington 2005+ David E. Housel 1969 Emmett F. Johnson 1961 Graham C. LeJeune 2020+ James R. Lowry 1963+ John F. Riley 1967+ Johnie W. Sentell Jr 1962 William V. Tucker 1971 Christopher D. White 1993+ C. Daniel Woodfin Ball State 1964 Perge! Wallace Samuel Franklin (23) 1969 Kenneth Farmer Jr (12) 1972 Jeffrey I. Stone (13) 1979 Norman Godwin (13) 1991 Jonathan L. Moore (8) 2004 Perge! Fairbanks Rory L. McKean (6) 1976

Total $10,545

In Memory of James F. Holmes 1964 by Gloria Holmes

Austin Peay

Friendship Kory L. Gibbs 2014+ Daniel J. Smallen 2015

Ball State

Log Cabin Christopher L. Kurtz 2006 Ft. Armstrong Charles J. Camp II 2007AA Snowy White Owl Shawn M. Meier 2009 Delta

Ryan D. McFarland, RN 2002 Friendship Joshua S. Becker 2019 Jason W. Conn 2017 Daniel M. Delaney 2015+ Carson B. Lance 2010 Andrew J. Madison 2020 Dylan A. Pieri 2014 Drew A. Schafer 2008 Perge! Wallace Christopher Kurtz (8) 2006

Total $2,460


Purple Clematis Mark D. Aigner 1984 Snowy White Owl L. Hayes Fuller III 1977 F. Scott Nix 1982 Delta Kevin W. Durnell 1979 Alan B. Story 1978 Friendship Jorge A. Cervantes 2022+ John N. Copeland 2019+ David P. Duke 2022+ James E. Johnson 1989+ Samuel H. Neece 2011+ Stephen V. Perry 2011+ Christopher Renberg 1989+ Perge! Fairbanks Mark D. Aigner (6) 1984

Total $1,128

Boise State

Friendship Brock Arnold 2019+ Reegan B. Jacobson 2020 Joseph Mendonsa 2018+ Connor G. Robertson 2020 Hunter J. Underwood 2019 Tate D. Volbrecht 2020 Patrick G. F. Ward 2019+

Total $173

Bowling Green

Friendship Douglas W. Born 1988+ Andrew A. Christensen 1986 John M. McNally 1992+ Scott D. Snyder 1986

Total $210


Centennial Michael A. Lucas 1983 Canonsburg William F. Ross III 1987 White Star Ricardo J. Anesi 1983 Jason R. Preston 1995 Log Cabin Michael W. Macconnie 1983 Purple Clematis Lane T. Schnotala 1992 Snowy White Owl Joel C. Carr 1994 Delta Joseph A. Leone 1983 Amit A. Riswadkar 2007 Scott Shoup 1999 Joseph R. Sullivan 2003 Leslie E. Youngren 1987 Friendship

[2020 Donors] Matthew Heerdegen 2017 Perge! Norris Michael A. Lucas (17) 1983 Perge! Wallace Lane T. Schnotala (9) 1992 Perge! Fairbanks Michael Macconnie (8) 1983 William F. Ross III (14) 1987

Total $8,686

British Columbia Royal Purple D. Michael Ainsworth 1987 Canonsburg Stewart M. Marshall 1982 David H. Mills 1976 White Star Robert H. McGowan 1992 Ft. Armstrong Angelo P. Pulos 1951 Snowy White Owl Jesse R. Ferreras 2006 Ian D. Heine 1996 Craig T. Lindsay 1988 Delta Patrick B. Kelly 1980 John A. Roaf 1975 Warren Wilczewski 1998 Friendship Peter B. Brasso 1984+ Gordon Foreward 1961AA+ Ryan W. Hunt 2006 Robert F. Kavanagh 1989+ Christopher Marett 1997+ Andrew J. Mowat 1988 Greg R. Smith 1999+ Amir Zanjani 2020+ Perge! Wallace Craig T. Lindsay (1) 1988 Perge! Wilkinson Michael Ainsworth (9) 1987 Perge! Fairbanks Jesse R. Ferreras (2) 2006

Total $4,497


Centennial David S. Marren 1983 Ft. Armstrong J. Craig Fuehrer 1966 Edward M. Robinson 1986 Snowy White Owl George J. Andrush 1988 Ian Ferguson 1985 Dale R. Fernandes 1954 Geoffrey P. Mynott 1954 Robert J. Sampson 1993 Charles A. Weidenfeller Jr 1964 Delta Jonathan D. Leef 1988 Victor E. Rauscher III 1981 Dan W. Willcoxon 1983 Friendship Jeffrey W. Boyer 1977+ Laurence J. Casey 1964+ Carl J. Chambers 1989+ Richard J. Church 1967 Stanley H. Clow 1958+ Robert S. DeWaters Jr 1958+ Robert M. Femovich 1972 Gary W. Fritz 1982+ Thomas Hemingway 1952+ John S. Steele III 1985

Total $16,845

California State Long Beach

Snowy White Owl Steven J. Stonecypher 1992 Friendship Alec M. Quintero 2020+

California State Northridge Friendship David M. Burns 1995+


Royal Purple Donald J. Herman 1985 White Star David B. McQuaig 1987 Purple Clematis Tim G. Glowa 1993 Friendship Kevin S. Gibbons 1995 Randall W. Thurm 1985 Perge! Norris Donald J. Herman (12) 1985

Total $5,668

Case Western

Golden Chain Kun Chae 2004 Robert W. Niebaum 1969 Canonsburg John M. Humphrey 1981 White Star Douglas C. Taylor 1986 Log Cabin Mitchell Ingram Henn 1972 Jason M. Prigozen, MD 1997 Purple Clematis David Forbes Watkins 1961 Ft. Armstrong Carl M. Ferraro 1978 John D. Lubahn, MD 1971 Michael K. Magness 1970 Lawrence M. Oberdank 1958 Ross J. Pillari 1972 Snowy White Owl Edward C. Baran Jr 1964 Patrick T. Carney 1980 Michael P. Kapostasy 1970 Irving J. Katz 1994 Robert Koch 1953 Paul D. Norder 1962 Jonathan F. Plimpton 1970 Martin P. Powers 1997 Jeffrey C. Seiler 1962 Daniel L. Turner, DO 1991 John A. Vanek 1970 James L. Worthley OH State 1962 Delta Jonathan F. Diller, MD 1975 Richard E. Halverstadt 1969 Matthew A. Kosior 1989 Douglas Montgomery 1972 C. Robert Morgan II 1995+ Christopher E. Taggart 2002 Friendship Luke T. Beery 2012 Paul J. Carr, DDS 1958 Thomas W. Carr 1989

Healthy Environment & Leadership Opportunities Healthy brothers produce a healthy fraternity. Last year we provided $145,000 for mental health, substance and alcohol abuse education to identify and prevent problems, teach intervention, and show brothers how to get the support they need. The Fraternity encourages brothers to talk about their health and to get assistance rather than neglecting it. We have always contended the chapter environment is a powerful catalyst for developing future leaders. To that end, we granted $79,000 for leadership programs, including the values-based Leadership Institute, which is part of the Building Courageous Leaders initiative. The Leadership Institute is virtual for 2021. Vidyuth Chengappa 2001+ James E. Gavacs 1973 Christopher A. Gravius 1996 Norman T. Ingrassia 1962 Chris H. Partis 1976 Richard T. Reminger 1953 Ryan R. Shoup 2011 Gerald G. Snowden 1986 Kenneth H. Watson 1998 Bruce G. Yeager 1967 Perge! Wallace John A. Vanek (1) 1970 Perge! Wilkinson Mitchell Ingram Henn (4) 1972 John Humphrey (12) 1981 Perge! Fairbanks Robert W. Niebaum (8) 1969 John D. Lubahn (1) 1971 Carl M. Ferraro (4) 1978 Douglas C. Taylor (16) 1986 Martin P. Powers (2) 1997

Total $21,363

Central Florida

Snowy White Owl Andrew J. Lucyshyn 1995 Friendship Matthew L. Degraffenreid 2015+ Daniel B. Kaye 2007+ Bryan D. Morris 2009+ Matthew R. Scott 2014+ Perge! Fairbanks Andrew J. Lucyshyn (2) 1995

Total $650


Friendship Christopher Joondeph 2013 Kevin J. Wilson 2012+


Royal Purple Bernard J. DelGiorno 1955 White Star Norman K. Cook 1958 Donald M. Heinrich 1974 John M. Saada Sr 1956 Purple Clematis J. Wilmar Jensen 1947

Ft. Armstrong Edward D. Jones III 1966 James J. Monge 1955 Michael T. Novak 1985 Snowy White Owl David A. Abbott 1987 Stephen R. Baum 1975 Peter D. Richardson 1970 Paul T. Schuster 1974 James W. Vice Jr 1954 Stephen E. Woodbury 1979 Delta Jeffrey J. Harman 2009 James A. Kaplan 1976 Steven D. Williams, MD 1979 Friendship Daryl W. Bradley 1977+ Arthur D. Clark 1971+ Russell R. Dickerson 1975 Zachary M. Evans 2011+ Joseph G. Ferrari 1953+ Conway G. Ivy 1964+ Keith W. Millikan 1980+ Perge! Wallace Bernard DelGiorno (18) 1955 John M. Saada Sr (19) 1956 Perge! Wilkinson Donald M. Heinrich (3) 1974 Perge! Fairbanks J. Wilmar Jensen (9) 1947 Norman K. Cook (21) 1958 Michael T. Novak (4) 1985 David A. Abbott (1) 1987

Total $8,445


Golden Chain Kevin J. Hopper 1973 Snowy White Owl Stephen P. Hart 1973 Dennis L. Hemmer 1973 Jeffrey B. Linkous 1980 Ted M. Sharber 1977 Brian S. Todd 1998 Joshua M. Weitzman 2001 Delta Joshua I. France 2008 Phillip T. Mason 2000 Friendship Charles R. DeWitt 1972 Jonathan A. Gordon 2013+

David M. Myers 1976+ Perge! Wallace Kevin J. Hopper (17) 1973

Total $5,168

Coastal Carolina

Snowy White Owl Derek J. Murphy 2011 Friendship Nicholas M. Cerone 2013 Zay'Quan Chisholm 2019 Matthew Derrickson 2016 Stephen Kirkwood 2022+ C. Hayes McLeod 2014 Paul G. Rezuke 2014 Johnathan S. Sharp 2016 Maxwell W. Webster 2023+ Nicholas Wolodkowicz 2023+ Perge! Fairbanks Derek J. Murphy (4) 2011

Total $844


Ft. Armstrong Robert H. Martinsen 1955 Michael D. Milone 1978 Snowy White Owl Richard D. Leland 1960 William C. McClean III 1963 Darrell E. Weber 1963 Delta Gordon S. Brummer 1955 Curtis L. Norris 1950 Friendship Theodore Griggs III 1966+ Denis W. Schreiber 1976 B. Terry Skinner 1965+ Charles E. Wechsler 1988+ Perge! Fairbanks Robert Martinsen (1) 1955

Total $1,275


Royal Purple Fred L. Dixon 1944AA Canonsburg James W. Dodds 1954 Purple Clematis C. H. Roath Jr 1951 Ft. Armstrong George S. Writer Jr 1957 Donald B. Zinn 1965 Snowy White Owl

Rom H. Barnes 1965 John M. Lyon 1962 Curtis W. Spencer III 1970 Delta Roger L. Kinney 1960 Michael L. Rosen 1987 Friendship Peter G. Gunderson 1958 Theron R. Harley 1956 Charles J. Leckenby 1955+ George A. Newton IV 1963 Dell G. Van Gilder Jr 1963 Perge! Wallace James W. Dodds (18) 1954 Perge! Fairbanks C. H. Roath Jr (8) 1951 John F. Arnold (21) 1959

Total $30,019

Colorado College

Canonsburg Robert W. Reniers Jr 1968 Purple Clematis Brian J. Meek 1986 Kelly B. Powers 1984 Ft. Armstrong Gene C. Huang 1967 Bruce A. Kolbezen 1975 Robert A. Otto 1966 Snowy White Owl Edward V. Heath 1960 Delta Donald T. Bradbury 1964 James A. Gamache 1975 Friendship William W. Creasey 1973 Richard J. Harris 1974+ Carl E. LeForce 1961+ Jack D. Real 1961 Robert A. Seims 1990+ John P. Snyder III 1969+ Perge! Wilkinson Robert Reniers Jr (17) 1968

Total $4,135

Colorado School of Mines Purple Clematis Peter J. Ashton 1991 James A. Hull 1988 Ft. Armstrong Russell A. Frishmuth 1992 Jay R. Winkelhake 2000 Snowy White Owl




[2020 Donors]

Lifetime Giving Societies Founders $1 Million+ Calvin Coolidge $500,000-999,999 Thomas Marshall $250,000-499,999 Centennial $100,000-249,999 Black Diamond $75,000-99,999 Golden Chain $50,000-74,999 Royal Purple $25,000-49,999 Canonsburg $17,500-24,499

White Star $10,000-17,499 Log Cabin $7,500-9,999 Purple Clematis $5,000-7,499 Ft. Armstrong $2,500-4,999 Snowy White Owl $1,000-2,499 Delta $500-999 Friendship Up to $499

Perge! Society

Wallace $1,000+ Fairbanks $500+

Norris $5,000+ Wilkinson $2,000+

+ First Time Donor Matthew J. Hazleton TX Arlington 1996 Paul E. McElligott 1989 Friendship Alexander M. Briggs 2016+ Travis Graham Wright 2012+ Eric J. Leigh 1997+ Drake C. Minter 2021+ David A. Yount 1994+ Perge! Wallace Peter J. Ashton (8) 1991 Perge! Fairbanks James A. Hull (8) 1988 Matthew Hazleton (4) 1996

Total $3,585

Colorado State

Ft. Armstrong David J. Miller 1971 Snowy White Owl James C. Daley 1976 Christopher A. Guntermann 1974 Richard R. Ulery 1971 Delta Lawrence G. Liston 1975 Friendship Jeff A. Abramson 1982+ Robert L. Dimit 1981 Thomas Francomano 2017+ Lawrence McCormick 1983 Edward B. Miller 1977+ Gary M. Osterhout 1979 Wyatt A. Rehbock 2023+

Total $843


Ft. Armstrong Timothy D. Nank 1993 Snowy White Owl Eric M. Drath 1993 Dudley Ferris 1952 Robert H. Yunich 1965 Delta James N. Cooper 1959 Robert C. Lawson 1973

AA Ad Astra Friendship Arthur P. Ajzenman 1983+ Robert A. Berselli 1960 Randal S. Bessolo 1987+ Kevin J. Fay 1981 Kenneth R. Ostberg 1963+ Peter M. Oxman 1986+ Samuel Ravani 2018+ James C. Shehan 1982 C. Robert Stocker 1950+

Total $1,210


Friendship Jackson J. Seymour 2022+ Ethan R. Shafer 2020


Centennial Kenneth H. Blanchard 1961 Ft. Armstrong Francis P. O'Hara Jr 2009 Alfred F. Van Ranst Jr 1974 Snowy White Owl Sean K. Andreas 1992 Joseph G. Bruce 1977 David L. Worrell 1967 Delta David M. Ayers 1980 Friendship Edward V. Arbaugh III 1966+ William K. Ebel Jr 1954 Philip Flemion, PhD 1957+ Richard A. Getzel 2008+ Joseph T. Kowalik Jr 1974+ John E. Marsteller 1973 David C. Matson 1953 James C. Miskell 1995+ Elliott J. Moreno 2012+ Kurt F. Reardon 1985 Langston Weinberg 1958+ Michael J. Zinkand 2001+

Total $1,174

Total $3,281

Denver Dartmouth

Delta Gerald S. Armstrong 1965 Friendship John C. Bennett 1958


Log Cabin Towner A. Blackstock 1994 Howard B. Moyes 1987 Ft. Armstrong Peter N. Andrews 1959 Snowy White Owl Carl H. Anderson Jr 1984 Theodore H. Davis Jr 1987 R. Bradley Johnson 1994 Delta Carl W. Loftin 1958AA Friendship R. Mills Antley Jr 1984 Clifford P. Culpepper 1974+ Taylor B. Hogan 2013 Robert W. Porter 1962 Matthew T. Richardson 2007 Thomas Ridenhour Sr 1960+ Carl K. Whipple 1989 Perge! Wallace Towner Blackstock (6) 1994 Perge! Fairbanks Howard B. Moyes (7) 1987

Total $2,790

In Memory of Thomas E. Hissam 1984 by Carl H. Anderson 1984


Friendship Michael A. Gutiérrez 2015+


Canonsburg Edwin M. Ahrens, MD 1973 Purple Clematis Robert W. Rahal 1975 Snowy White Owl John N. Oest 1974 James D. Parsons 1974

Academic Excellence The Fraternity’s cumulative GPA is 3.1. We remain in the top 3 fraternities in total scholarships awarded; 990 and amount granted; $419,000. Five additional chapter restricted scholarships were endowed or begun which helps to strengthen our scholastic ranking. 56

Harold P. Quinn Jr 1977 Delta William F. Brown Jr 1961 Friendship R. Dennis DuFour 1990 Patrick J. Forbes 1988+ Clarke R. Kahlo 1970+ Robert D. Stone 1965 John K. Upham 1962+ Laurence S. Vallee Jr 2005 Perge! Wilkinson Edwin M. Ahrens (17) 1973 Perge! Fairbanks Robert W. Rahal (6) 1975


White Star Patrick E. Matoole, MD 1991 Purple Clematis Edwin E. Hightower Jr 1990 Ft. Armstrong Adam S. Bashaw 1987 Steven J. Bocher 1983 Delta Peter Gonzalez 1985 Perge! Wilkinson Patrick E. Matoole (8) 1991 Perge! Fairbanks Edwin Hightower Jr (5) 1990

Total $2,648


Thomas Marshall Thomas B. Grooms 1966 Golden Chain William W. Graham 1962 Royal Purple Russell O. LaMore 1988 Canonsburg J. Kurt Mahrdt Jr 1956 James D. Moore 1974 Michael D. Stratton MD 1988 White Star Douglas D. Mitchell 1970 William T. Shier 1988 Curt R. Ward, MD Purdue 1988 Log Cabin Alex L. Rogers 1965 Purple Clematis Bruce A. Menk 1970+ Joseph H. Short 1987 Robert A. Wunderlich Jr 1988 Ft. Armstrong Michael W. Allee 1971 Jere W. Dutt III 1990 William T. McMurry 1956 Douglas A. Nemecek 1985 James E. Sanford, DDS 1971 Snowy White Owl John T. Axelberg 1983 Robert L. Erickson, MD 1958 Jeffrey R. Millard 1980 Jack D. Noyes 1956 James N. Ross Jr 1962 Eric J. Vale 1981 Delta Robert M. Bock 1957 Stephen W. Hayes 1966 Friendship

William D. Anderson 1973 Robert C. Canfield 1960+ Christopher Hamilton 1992+ John V. Hollensteiner 1989 Mark W. Holwager 2008 Patrick F. McNamara 2020+ Rawson H. Murdock Jr 1944 Douglas R. New 1984 William H. Taylor 1956 Andrew M. Turner 2006+ David Worthington 2008+ Perge! Wallace J. Kurt Mahrdt Jr (18) 1956 William Graham (3) 1962 Michael Stratton (20) 1988 Robert Wunderlich (3) 1988 Perge! Fairbanks Douglas Nemecek (1) 1985 William T. Shier (18) 1988 Curt R. Ward, MD (19) 1988

Total $69,303

In Memory of Norman F. Jay 1955 by Judy Jay


Royal Purple Anthony D. Kenkel 1998 Ft. Armstrong Timothy J. Rueter 1998 Delta Kyle B. Stolarz 2010 Friendship William Battistone Jr 2011+ Joseph A. Gamis 2010+ Perge! Wilkinson Anthony Kenkel (10) 1998 Perge! Fairbanks Timothy J. Rueter (6) 1998

Total $3,050

Embry Riddle

Friendship Kyle P. Bertram 2015+ George A. Cooper II 2023+


Log Cabin Craig S. Kalter, MD 1984 Purple Clematis Thomas A. Adams 1970 Ft. Armstrong Joseph Valvona Jr 1976 Snowy White Owl Dr. Charles O. Barker 1967 Robert L. Crenshaw 1971 Michael B. Shapiro 1978 Stanley L. Storey 1964 Friendship Stuart J. Doliner 1979 Ramon O. Parrish Jr 1977 Stephen B. Rohrer 1973 Richard C. Rollins 1969+ Perge! Fairbanks Thomas A. Adams (4) 1970 Craig S. Kalter, MD (14) 1984

Total $1,895


Snowy White Owl Christopher W. Cook 2002 Nathan L. Kortokrax 2003 Christopher Rafferty 2001

Jeremy R. Tarr 1998 Delta James S. Moryl 2000 Friendship Luciano D. Albanese 2023+ Joshua R. Bisher 2002+ Andrew M. Bradley 2006+ Jeremy D. Buente 2008 Thomas H. Burger 2020+ Alexander J. Conn 2017+ Ryan B. DeHoff 2018+ Jefferson T. Ebright 2008 Ezekiel R. Garris 2021+ Scott E. Gurgol 2003 Bryan Hamann 2012 Drew L. Landry 2006+ Nicholas J. Lewis 2021+ Quentin L. Meier 2020+ Conner R. Miles 2019+ Grant W. Oxford 2021+ Justin A. Pappas 2021+ Stuart A. Rose 2008+ Dane D. Turner 2017 Jake J. Watson 2021+ James C. Will 2011+

Total $1,072


Log Cabin Eric L. Kobrin 2003 Snowy White Owl David Velez 2001 Delta Jonathan L. Ross 2002 Friendship Jonathan Aguilar de Dios 2011 Wilver Almarales 2005 Henry V. Brimo 2015 Juan F. D'Arce Jr 2005 Daniel H. Lopez 2005 David J. Roland 2008 Scott H. Wade 2019+ Perge! Wallace Eric L. Kobrin (5) 2003

Total $2,508


Royal Purple Wayne H. Brunetti 1964 James C. Rinaman Jr 1955 William H. Valentine Jr CCU 1967 White Star Gordon E. Watts 1967 Log Cabin Joseph G. Gamble Jr Alabama 1948AA Purple Clematis R. Charles Scott 1975 Craig D. Singer 1985 Ft. Armstrong William R. Lomax 1964 Gregg T. Templin 1972 Snowy White Owl William W. Collins 1973 James C. Frishe 1971 Dane C. Griffin 1970 Douglas G. Lamb 1968 John A. Metts 1958 William K. Rinaman 1960 Fred F. Roberts, MD 1954 Loren H. Walker 1958 J. Christopher Wilt, 1976 Sam P. Young Jr 1950 Delta Alan H. Brown II 1966

[2020 Donors] Daniel S. Fahey 1993 Craig D. Goldwyn 1971 Richard A. Hull 1971 Michael J. Koch 1982 Richard L. Nelson 1956 J. Alex Stearns 1965 Friendship W. Dane Adkinson 1967 Robert C. Ellyson 1953 Greg Garcia 2009 Mark A. Lister 1983+ John M. Medlin Sr 1967 James M. Vignola Jr 1987+ Jeffrey L. Williams 1981 Michael H. Williams 1977+ Perge! Norris Wayne H. Brunetti (11) 1964 Perge! Wallace James Rinaman Jr (21) 1955 William Valentine (11) 1967 Gordon E. Watts (10) 1967 R. Charles Scott (2) 1975 Perge! Fairbanks Joseph Gamble Jr (7) 1948 Craig D. Singer (7) 1985

Total $18,379

In Memory of Russell W. Thresher 1978 by Robert C. Scott 1975

Florida State

Purple Clematis Paul W. Bonapfel 1972 Ft. Armstrong Steven L. Sparkman 1969 Donald S. Stuart 1972 Snowy White Owl Salvador Diaz Verson Jr 1974 William J. Duston 1975 Peter L. Jones 1993 Joe W. Osborne Jr 1977 Delta Jeffrey J. Reed 1991 Richard A. Schilling 1967 Glenn C. Trumbower 1967 Friendship Mark D. Anderson 1981+ Hillman G. Brannon Jr 1969 Gregory W. Hulen 1998+ Kenneth H. Kreps 2010+ James R. Rose 2020+ Steven W. Young 1975

Total $1,899

Fresno State

Ft. Armstrong Jason R. Anderson 1996 Delta John H. Peregrini 1995 Friendship William W. Doty Jr 2005+ Philip A. Ivancovich 1988 Michael R. Van Every 1992

Total $572


Centennial Robert D. Cheeley 1979 Royal Purple Dr. Samuel W. Richwine Jr 1973 White Star James J. Adams 1983 William Bracewell 1968

Log Cabin J. Rance Cain 1969 Jere W. Morehead 1988 Danny A. Neil 1968 Purple Clematis Steven L. Beard 1974 Robert B. Meyer 1970 Ft. Armstrong Joseph T. Fleming 1985 R. Glen Owen Jr 1986 Clay Stoddard 1970 Snowy White Owl Charles P. Conboy 2002 Carl W. Duyck 1975 Andrew D. Egan 2001 Dr. J. Steven Lammert 1985 Jeffrey L. Rosenthal 1993 F. John Semley 1970 Keith H. Vickers 1978 Delta Charles A. Cone 1970 Joshua T. Kivett 1995+ William E. Pyron Jr 1985 Samuel F. Smith 1974 Terry L. Sparks Auburn 1996 Friendship Dick G. Falcone 1981 Michael L. Leonard 1968 Harry C. Owen 2017 James R. Powers 1972 Phillip A. Reddick 1974 Neal A. Thompson 1986 Perge! Wallace William Bracewell (18) 1968 Dr. Samuel W. Richwine Jr (19) 1973 Robert D. Cheeley (19) 1979 James J. Adams (3) 1983 Perge! Fairbanks J. Rance Cain (1) 1969 Jeffrey L. Rosenthal (1) 1993 Joshua T. Kivett (1) 1995 Andrew D. Egan (1) 2001

Total $8,016

In Honor of Samuel W. Richwine 1973 by S. Winters Richwine 2004 In Memory of Mark M. McGough 1978 by James J. Adams 1983

Georgia Tech

Canonsburg John O. Briggs 1967 White Star Charles T. Brasfield III 1966 Stephen E. Robinson 1966 Log Cabin William E. Miller Jr 1967 J. Edward Stinson 1969 Purple Clematis David M. Katz 1991+ Denny Pryor 1951 Bob N. Robards 1960 Ft. Armstrong Ben H. Adler 1965 Harold F. Brinkley 1948 Jeffrey C. Korth 1977 James Maxey 1953 Donald T. Miller 1966 Stephen A. Pyburn 1996 J. Gregory Robbins 1968 Larry S. Sutton 1972

W. Scott Walker 1980 Snowy White Owl Bret D. Anderson 1990 Robert L. Bledsoe Jr 1977 Dale A. Brandt 1963 W. Martin Bretherton Jr 1977 G. Wayne Clough, PhD 1963 Frederick A. Dorsey Jr 1995 Brandon M. Drew 1999 Raymond K. Elderd 1960 Russell B. Flowers 1972 William G. Grant Jr 1963 William G. Grip 1982 Edward H. Guilbert Jr 1965 Robert H. Hormberg 1960 Richard A. Lawson 1986 F. Marion Mitchell III 1963 James D. Morrill 1969 Kirk A. Poucher 2006 Kyle C. Quick 2015 James S. Rountree 1972 John B. Snead 1988 Leslie A. Spencer Jr 1973 George A. Stewart Jr 1969 Brett D. Vogt 2006 Kenneth S. Weatherspoon 1962 Clifford D. Wells 1967 Delta M. Andrew Clark 1959 Mark J. Garlen 1984 Orville T. Guffin 1962 H. Dale Hartough Jr 1966 Dr. Glen J. Iannucci 2003 Garrett B. Korth 2003 Graham R. Neff 2007 Gale E. Sights 1962 G. Wayne Stewart 1971 J. Eric Taylor Jr 1964 Bradley A. Tilton 1981 Andy J. Van Epps 1999 Jeffrey S. Zickus 1996 Friendship Benjamin P. Belden 2013+ Kevin L. Bicknell 2010+ L. Darby Bryant 2006 Hugh A. Carter Jr 1964 Seth H. Conrad 1996+ Edwin R. Eldredge Jr 1967 Geoffrey O. Filker 1984+ Albert T. Gimbel Jr 2002 David P. Gricius 2009+ Michael D. Haney 1963 Robert D. Hazen 1954 Thomas N. Knowles 1962 Ritchey Marbury III 1960 William A. Morse 1987 Kirk P. Moss 2012 Thomas J. Myers 1959+ Walker T. Nance 2019+ Kevin J. O'Mahoney 1988+ Gary M. Potter 1964 Joseph W. Price 1966 Kevin G. Schoonover 1974+ Phillip J. Scott 1970 Charles Shoemaker 2010+ Connor M. Soutter 2018+ Brian D. Volk 1996 Dean P. Watts 1971 D. Collins Westcott 2005 Terry C. Whittington 1973+ Perge! Wallace Stephen Robinson (2) 1966 Perge! Fairbanks Ben H. Adler (2) 1965 John O. Briggs (23) 1967

Total $19,982

In Memory of Joseph S. Cromwell 1959 by Miriam Cromwell


White Star Richard K. Merker 1976 Robert C. Muff 1960 Log Cabin Richard L. Scheff 1977 Purple Clematis Richard W. Esser 1964 William M. Kramer 1978 Frederick Schoenbrodt 1965 Ft. Armstrong Fred F. Fielding 1961 Scott A. Haldeman 1991 R. Bruce McMahon Jr 1972 Edward L. Morgan Jr 1965 William R. Schinnerer 1965 Richard D. Shirk 1967 Robert R. Sieck 1957 Donald T. Zimmerman 1948 Snowy White Owl Philip J. Bernardi 1979 Harry W. Buzzerd Jr 1964 Craig L. Frost 1989 James D. Goodwin 1970 W. Scott Griffiths 1974 Bruce R. Limpert 1973 Calvin R. Patterson III 1985 Delta Gino Alberto Jr 1979 Patrick R. Dempsey 2008 Michael G. Haas 1976 Kyle R. Ibbitson 2005 Peter P. Wolynec Jr 1966 Friendship Chester Bright, DDS 1952 Jonathan E. Cordo 2005+ Bruce P. Craft 1957 William J. Groves 1975+ Richard W. Haigh Jr 1990 Robert W. James 1975+ Peter A. Levin 2008 Peter L. Lyon 1975 Arthur J. Pedgrift III 1967+ Denis L. Ryan 1991+ Jack M. Vishab 1990+ William E. Yacker 1973+ Perge! Wallace Robert C. Muff (20) 1960 Richard W. Esser (9) 1964 Richard D. Shirk (1) 1967 Richard L. Scheff (5) 1977 Scott A. Haldeman (4) 1991 Perge! Wilkinson Frederick Schoenbrodt (2) 1965 Richard K. Merker (5) 1976 Perge! Fairbanks Craig L. Frost (1) 1989

Total $13,318

Grand Valley

Friendship David K. Fountain 2022+


Royal Purple Matthew S. Garrison 1999 Canonsburg Ben Robinson 1986 White Star

J. Scott Benton 1990 Ft. Armstrong Brian P. Jeter 1984 John J. Toner, V 2001 Snowy White Owl William B. Dumas 1969 Charles L. McCullough 1986 Paul E. Pisano 1989 Delta William E. Linden III 1984 E. Winston Morris 1986 George M. Trible IV 1991 Friendship Christopher C. Altizer 1984 Michael J. Cahak 2000 Lucian A. Durham III 1980+ Craig A. Follo 1979+ Conner B. Frampton 2001+ Justin B. Jones 2000 Lloyd J. Kellam III MD 1977+ Robert D. King, DDS 1972+ Hillery B. Myers Jr 1969 Ryder L. Perkins 1989+ Charles Stringfellow Jr 1970 Randolph P. Tabb Jr 1970 Perge! Wallace Ben Robinson (22) 1986 Perge! Wilkinson Matthew S. Garrison (14) 1999 Perge! Fairbanks John J. Toner, V (5) 2001

Total $8,720


White Star Charles E. Gabe 1990 Howard A. Pelham 1951 Purple Clematis John R. Coomer 1961 Ft. Armstrong Raymond A. Bowden 1949 Bruce K. Bunger 1977 Thomas J. Nacca 1957 Snowy White Owl Larry W. Bennett 1982AA John V. Davis 1953 Eric H. Ericson 1967 Karl J. Klein 1966 Kip S. McDonald 2007 Bill L. Nighbert 1954 Delta Cooper W. Sinclair 1996 James R. Willey Jr 1987 Friendship Thomas W. Bruner 1961 Michael G. Erickson 1994 John D. Fawbush 2017 Nathaniel W. Glidden 2019+ Dennis P. Heishman 1982+ Timothy L. Hoyt 1964 Beau E. Huelster 2011+ Brian J. Murphy 1983 John R. Musgrave 1966 Christopher R. Neumann 2010+ Devon M. Sharpe 2013 Perge! Fairbanks Howard A. Pelham (16) 1951 John R. Coomer (3) 1961 Eric H. Ericson (2) 1967 Charles E. Gabe (8) 1990

Total $4,235


Centennial John D. Rowell OR State 1948 James E. Whistler 1970 Canonsburg Stephen H. Edwards 1964 Gerald R. Schlatter 1959 Richard E. Trail 1966 White Star Benjamin W. Chase 1994 Kenneth L. Reagan 1968 Neil R. Thornton 1952 Log Cabin Rodney W. Bohman 1967 Lawrence H. Halvorson III 1974 Purple Clematis Richard E. Fredekind 1975 Ft. Armstrong Robert E. Bohman, 1970 Carroll C. Livingston Jr 1964 Andrew J. Rice 1988 Snowy White Owl Jan R. Noorda 1971 A. James Sather 1955 Delta Edward A. Button 1979 David V. Uberuaga 1972 Friendship Justin A. Black 2014+ Michael G. Dehlin 1987+ Connor Hernandez 2019+ Robert J. Larson 1990+ Ivan T. Lewis 2000+ Tanner J. Mauseth 2019+ Jack A. Pachner 2022+ James C. Patton 1959 Richard A. Rogers 1985 Nicholas Sassaman 2022+ Donald L. Shelton 1976+ Ryan Steiner 2020+ H. Douglas Yearsley 1965+ Perge! Norris James E. Whistler (18) 1970 Perge! Wallace Neil R. Thornton (5) 1952 Richard E. Trail (11) 1966 Perge! Wilkinson John D. Rowell (16) 1948 Perge! Fairbanks Stephen Edwards (10) 1964 Rodney W. Bohman (2) 1967 Benjamin Chase (10) 1994

Total $22,548


Centennial K. Thomas Klimmeck 1984 Golden Chain Jerome C. Groniger IL Wesleyan 1956 Canonsburg Robert H. Little 1957 Nicholas A. Loiacono 1974 White Star Thomas D. Earley 1963 Harold E. Hindsley 1950 William C. Ieuter 1957 Log Cabin Owen H. Ackerman 1959 Purple Clematis C. Dan Chenoweth 1960 William T. Novak 1963 Ft. Armstrong Rodney S. Bond 1966




[2020 Donors]

Lifetime Giving Societies Founders $1 Million+ Calvin Coolidge $500,000-999,999 Thomas Marshall $250,000-499,999 Centennial $100,000-249,999 Black Diamond $75,000-99,999 Golden Chain $50,000-74,999 Royal Purple $25,000-49,999 Canonsburg $17,500-24,499

White Star $10,000-17,499 Log Cabin $7,500-9,999 Purple Clematis $5,000-7,499 Ft. Armstrong $2,500-4,999 Snowy White Owl $1,000-2,499 Delta $500-999 Friendship Up to $499

Perge! Society

Wallace $1,000+ Fairbanks $500+

Norris $5,000+ Wilkinson $2,000+

+ First Time Donor Roger J. Chamlin, 1962 John A. Helledy 1961 Joshua P. Laufenberg 2008 James B. Ruyle 1960 Snowy White Owl John M. Benson 1986 Richard A. Day Jr 1977 Thomas M. Hickey 1976 William D. Hickey 1986 Steven J. Scott 1977 Delta John W. Ramsey 1973 Friendship Robert M. Armstrong 1961 Brian S. Brown 1982 G. Mark Day 1973 Jeffrey M. Gardner 2010+ Samuel E. Honegger 1965+ Joshua M. Moore 2011 Ronald N. Peterson 1958 Derek S. Rockwell 2007 John F. Sullivan 1982 Jason Wandrey 2013 Steven A. Wright 1970 Perge! Norris Thomas D. Earley (6) 1963 Perge! Wallace Jerome Groniger (14) 1956 Robert H. Little (13) 1957 William T. Novak (3) 1963 Perge! Fairbanks Owen Ackerman (2) 1959 Nicholas Loiacono (5) 1974 Thomas Klimmeck (1) 1984 Joshua Laufenberg (7) 2008

Total $11,550

Illinois Wesleyan Log Cabin Dr. James L. Cook 1964 Purple Clematis Marvin D. Bower 1945 Ft. Armstrong Robert M. Bicket 1967 John P. D'Alessandro Jr 1988 William B.M. Fader 1957 Gerald L. Philpott 1959 Snowy White Owl Roy A. Ferguson 1959 Scott E. Huch 1986 Walter G. Krug 1969 Charles P. Kulier, PhD 1957 J. William Roberts 1964 John M. Sorensen Indiana 1968 Delta Elvin L. Gentry 1960


AA Ad Astra Larry D. Jensen 1963 Richard W. Nolen 1967 Friendship E. Richard Ahlenius 1956+ Tye M. Elliott 1986+ Wayne K. Falk 1963+ Roger J. Hahn 1961+ Bruce K. Imig 1963 KeShawn T. Jackson 2021+ Gary R. Nickels 1968 Lee A. Oncken 1971+ William F. Pfeiffer 1969+ Samuel L. Soto 2020+ Wilbert W. Winters 1966+ Perge! Fairbanks Dr. James L. Cook (13) 1964

Total $3,181


Centennial David G. Elmore 1955 William R. Miller Purdue 1962 Black Diamond David R. Frick 1966 Royal Purple Alan B. Graf Jr 1975 Robert N. Whitacre 1967 White Star Thomas P. Cottrell 1982 Purple Clematis Thomas C. Froehle 1985 Ft. Armstrong David F. Bennhoff, MD 1959 Eugene J. McGarvey Jr 1958 Warren H. Woolcott 1972 Snowy White Owl Don R. Ammerman 1968 Richard R. Fleck 1954 Matthew M. Green 1994 Justin B. Jones 1949 Thomas E. Mariani 1991 William K. McGarvey 1959 Douglas K. Moore 1972 Ronald F. Remak 1979 Timothy J. Wiley 1981 Delta Vincent J. Backs 1962 Richard L. Bennett 1954 David A. Drinkwater 1952 Thomas C. Eckert 1976+ Richard L. Geupel 1958 Frederick E. Henoch 1964 James L. Holland 1984 Dennis D. Smith 1969 Andrew R. Thompson 1968 Robert I. Thompson 1964 Mark F. Wheeler 1971

Friendship Grant J. Abrams 2007+ Richard C. Buck, MD 1963 David W. Carter 1960 J. Geoffrey Darr 1973+ Robert L. Fisher 1955 David D. Frey 1985 Adam P. Gemmer 2010+ Cameron Greenawald 2020+ Dobby D. Grossman 1976+ Taylor E. Hougland 2008+ Thomas A. Howley 1992+ J. Richard Hurley DDS 1959 Daniel K. Kim, MD 1978+ Corbin K. King 1986+ Jack W. Lenox, MD 1978 Eugene J. McGarvey III 1983 Matthew R. Panucci 1992+ Samuel L. Reed 1956 Nicholas M. Ryan 2002+ Joshua M. Storm 1996+ Maxwell Vandermark 2014+ Patrick J. Williams 1988+ John W. Zink 2007+ R. Riley Zink 2011+ Perge! Norris David R. Frick (15) 1966 Perge! Wallace William R. Miller (20) 1962 Robert Whitacre (19) 1967 Thomas P. Cottrell (18) 1982 Perge! Fairbanks David G. Elmore (9) 1955 Matthew M. Green (2) 1994

Total $13,181

In Memory of Herbert A. Miller 1957 by William O. Gamble Oklahoma 1961

Indiana State

Log Cabin Garry D. Elder 1974 Brent A. Leffel 1991 William G. Niederer 1985 Ft. Armstrong Michael L. Raisor 1995 James D. Spencer 1973 Snowy White Owl William E. Briggs 1972 Michael A. Schell 1973 Nicholas A. Willis 2002 Delta Charles D. Brown 1974 Christopher B. Vance 1976 Friendship


Michael P. Arnold 2000 James M. Hendrix 1976 John Paul L. Herber 2014 Jeffrey A. McMahan 1978+ Ryan M. Webster 2014 Perge! Wallace Garry D. Elder (9) 1974 Michael L. Raisor (1) 1995 Perge! Fairbanks William Niederer (5) 1985

Total $4,635


Thomas Marshall John G. Pappajohn 1952 Royal Purple Matthew M. Amend 1987 Ft. Armstrong Martin J. Maher 1997 Joel M. Oxley 1971 Snowy White Owl James D. Carstensen 1989 Scott A. Irlmeier 1993 Delta Christopher G. Nelson, MD 1968 Edward G. Olander 2005 Bradley J. Peterson 1984 James G. Pointer 1983 Robert A. Yetter III 1971 Friendship Jon E. Blumenthal 1993 Michael J. Busch 1998 Marvin L. Covault 1962+ Donald E. Derauf, MD 1945+ J. Scott Gregory 1987+ Steven W. Hickerson 1979+ Curtis B. Hollebrands 1974 Stephen D. Hopping 1980 Mark Lemon 1977 Mark B. Mahoney 1973 Thomas P. Mann 1957+ Mason A. Miller 2023+ Scott D. Prill 1974 Chester E. Rauch 1969 William W. Schwartz 2001 Stuart W. Thoms 1956 Perge! Norris John Pappajohn (21) 1952 Perge! Wilkinson Matthew Amend (16) 1987 Perge! Fairbanks Martin J. Maher (4) 1997

Total $14,307

In Memory of Stuart B. Bailey 1993 by James D. Carstensen 1989

Iowa State

Calvin Coolidge Richard D. McCormick 1961 Golden Chain James C. Murray II 1959 E. Scott Tieke 1964 Royal Purple Jon B. Burmeister 1967 Howard M. Logan 1946 White Star A. Peter Rimsans II 1993 Adam L. Shires 2000 Nicholas Smock 2008 Lawrence H. Thompson 1964 Log Cabin Sean T. Donnelly 1995

Purple Clematis Duane A. Renken 1955 Kenneth R. Sinibaldi 1966 Robert J. Taylor Jr 1968 Ft. Armstrong Richard J. Davidson 1976 Charles K. Ebann 1969 William W. McElrath 1971 Peter J. McNally 1990 Ronald L. Scharnweber 1967 Michael E. Smith 1978 Snowy White Owl G. Edward Deery 1988 Jon M. Dohrmann 1983 Kent D. Evans 1978 John E. Everson 1968 Roger E. Forrester 1954 R. K. Griswold 1953 W. Robert Griswold Jr 1964 Steven J. Hunst Iowa 1975 Adam N. Jacobs 1995 Eli Krambeer 2013 Jason D. Pauling 1994 Lynn R. Schroeder 1976 Kevin A. Shires 2005 Thomas M. Waldon 1979+ Robert L. Wilkes 1964 Eric L. Wilson 1977+ Delta Timothy L. Chambers 1988 James E. Ficke 1955 David J. Fletcher 1984 Shaun N. Gorman 2001 Robert J. Halverson 1964 John R. Krantz 1970 Leland T. Larson 1957 Benjamin J. Monson 2010+ James R. Tannhauser 1978 Scott G. VanScoy 1993+ F. Clark Warden 1960 Friendship James R. Barrett Jr 1978 Brad K. Brekke 1990+ Nicholas K. Costello Jr 2019 Thomas J. Crary 2011 Jeffrey O. Dawson 1971 Michael W. Downing 1969+ Patrick M. Garaghty 2007+ Jacob L. Goldenberg 2018+ Richard G. Kuhl 1957 William Lounsbury Jr 1967 Robert Macdonough 1963 David E. Moore 2015 Nicholas D. Park 2020+ Phillip E. Prybil 1990+ Trenton D. Purdy 2016+ David R. Sadler 1990+ Michael J. Schneider 2015+ Nathan P. Scott 2004 Joseph R. Shaw 2008+ Kurt R. Snitker 2001+ Spencer C. Stevens 1966 Hugh P. Stoll 1967+ Robert M. Walz 2004+ Perge! Norris Richard D. McCormick (23) 1961 Perge! Wallace Howard M. Logan (18) 1946 James C. Murray II (20) 1959 Peter J. McNally (1) 1990 Adam L. Shires (8) 2000

Perge! Wilkinson Jon B. Burmeister (21) 1967 Perge! Fairbanks Lawrence H. Thompson (6) 1964 Jason D. Pauling (1) 1994 A. Peter Rimsans (15) 1993 Sean T. Donnelly (8) 1995 Nicholas Smock (5) 2008

Total $33,342

In Honor of Tyler J. Glesne 2005 by Kevin A. Shires 2005 In Memory of Charles H. Logan 1974 & William C. Ziebell 1951 by Howard M. Logan 1946


Friendship Jared M. Abney 2021


Golden Chain Kevin W. Haga 1992 White Star Richard Gonzalez 1998 Purple Clematis Michael L. Brown 1988 Snowy White Owl Brian W. Dudley 1996 Gregory D. Sullivan 1992 Charles M. Walker 1981 Delta H. J. Devine 1985 Friendship J. Marcus Gentry 1994+ George M. LePorte 2008 Perge! Norris Kevin W. Haga (17) 1992 Perge! Fairbanks Richard Gonzalez (20) 1998

Total $7,263

James Madison

Snowy White Owl Brian M. Glass 2005 Marc G. Mertz 1996 Friendship Joseph M. Artabane 2019+ J. Ross Harrison 2015+ Gregory D. Kruger 2004 Craig S. Perry 1999 Jake A. Ronza 2014 Christopher Sampson 2004 Brian E. Tetro 1995+

Total $1,097

Johns Hopkins

White Star Robert E. Carter 1968 Daniel F. Organek 1994 Ft. Armstrong E. Bruce Bower 1963 Jack Carlock 1958 Krishna V. Potarazu 2006 Snowy White Owl Thomas D Bloomer Jr 2002+ Rob Caples 1958 David L. Koch 2002 Marc D. Leone 2005 Charles McCormick Jr 1950 Thomas S. Summers Jr 1951 Michael E. Villagran 2008 Delta

[2020 Donors] Brian W. Baumgardner 1983 Naveen Bhatia 2001+ Paul J. Boyle 1978 Anthony R. Corral 1999+ Andrew W. Croner 2006+ Stephen Grambling 2005+ William J. Hughes 1983 Michael D. Privitera Jr 1976 Matthew A. Schirripa 2002 Richard E. Webster 1963 Friendship Kevin A. Barry 2014+ Matthew J. Bee 2017+ Jarrod N. Bernstein 2002+ Charles J. Buffa 2013+ Traver A. Davis 2006+ Robert C. Hardy 2002+ Allan S. Huston Jr 1966 Omar A. Khatib 2018+ Jesse W. Kincaid 2003+ Paul A. Marcello 2013+ Maneet Singh 2001+ Kevin H. Strang 2012 Evan P. Tassis 2015+ Jamie M. Terranova 2001+ Mark T. Wegner 2001+ Matthew T. Weill 2003 Alan R. Wormser 1980+ Perge! Wallace Robert E. Carter (13) 1968 Perge! Fairbanks Daniel F. Organek (8) 1994

Total $15,021


Calvin Coolidge John S. Horejsi 1990 Stewart R. Horejsi 1959 Centennial John B. Martin 1959 Royal Purple Jason S. Austin 1989 Thomas H. Collinson 1964 Steven J. Heeney KS State 1978 White Star Richard I. Barr 1959 Kevin F. Mitchelson 1979 Log Cabin Larry S. Gutsch 1957AA John H. Mitchelson 1980 Purple Clematis Heywood H. Davis 1952 John L. Richeson 1962 F. Alan Stamper 1964 R. Wayne Thompson 1964 Ft. Armstrong Roger D. Johnson 1964 Steven C. Mueller 1980 Snowy White Owl Douglas W. Draper 1993 Larry L. Heck, MD 1962AA Jon P. Morris 1963 Stephen C. Ryan 1964 Friendship Todd A. Cleveland 1991+ David E. Crandall 1965+ Humphreys D. Hodge 1956 John R. Hunter Sr 1975 Ted A. Larkin 1964+ Glenn E. Moser 1960+ J. Miles Stevens 2017+ Walter A. Strauch 1958 Patrick L. Sullivan 2003+ Stephen F. Thorpe 1956 George E. Wainscott Jr 1955 N. Guy Waitley 1989+

David A. Ward 1967+ Perge! Wallace John L. Richeson (5) 1962 Wayne Thompson (4) 1964 Kevin F. Mitchelson (9) 1979 Perge! Fairbanks Richard I. Barr (13) 1959 John B. Martin (17) 1959 Stephen C. Ryan (1) 1964

Total $213,484

Kansas State

Centennial Michael E. Morris 1977 White Star Kendal D. Johnson 1979 W. Drake Shaw 1977 Log Cabin Christopher A. Hupe 1994 James E. Taylor 1970 Purple Clematis John M. Foust 1992 Ft. Armstrong Brett C. Bogan 1989 Daniel R. Carter 1975 William C. Giltner 1989 Corey A. Imhoff 1991 Larry L. Sears 1976 Snowy White Owl Roger T. Aeschliman 1982 Tom L. Haug 1982 Michael A. Kijowski 1990 Michael A. Martin 1983 Cecil E. Stout 1970 Robert J. Svec 1984 Allen L. Switzer 1971 Delta Ronald H. Buck 1992 Adam F. Gaines 1996+ Gordon G. Lewis 1974 Michael D. Moody 1979 Stephen G. Sexton 1980 Friendship Brian R. Campbell 2010 Trevor J. Hague 2001+ Robert W. Kobetich 1970+ Perge! Norris Michael E. Morris (21) 1977

Total $8,976

Kent State

Ft. Armstrong Thomas M. Vassallo 1964 Snowy White Owl Dennis J. Kowalski 1968 E. Alan Rumbaugh 1963 Delta Herbert A. Fotheringham 1960 Robert E. Rhode Jr 1969 Friendship Gerald A. Figurski 1966+ Jason E. Mosley 2023+ Ryan S. M. Noble 2021+ Robert P. Rubins 1964 Jeffrey E. Zink 1970

Total $687


Golden Chain Carl F. Pollard 1960 Royal Purple Robert H. Becknell 1967 William H. Mautz 1965 Canonsburg Benjamin R. Harper WKU 1969

White Star Robinson S. Brown 2002 Purple Clematis Charles D. Leffler 1972 Ronald D. Wagoner 1962 Ft. Armstrong Thomas E. Bloch 1972 Harry L. Dadds 1971 Ronald M. Green 1972 Scott E. Gurney 1995 C. E. Edward Hastie 1968 Michael J. Knoll 2008 Snowy White Owl Richard A. Bean 1969 John R. Bryden 1974 Robert A. Jones 1962 Kevin E. McKiernan Missouri 1973 Joseph T. Richardson 1971 Delta James W. Allison Jr 1960 Hugh A. Campbell Jr 1966 James H. Eckler 1974 Matthew A. Gillies 1995 Frank C. King Jr 1968 Dennis L. Willaman 1967 O. Steven Young 1967 Friendship Kenneth L. Combs 1967+ Andrew M. Depew 2010 Eric M. Dullen 2016 Luke I. Francis 2015 Max E. Jerrell 1964+ R. Burl McCoy Jr 1969+ Tyler S. Prater 2014+ James S. Russell 2021+ William J. Scott IV 1997+ Perge! Wallace Robert H. Becknell (17) 1967 Robinson Brown (12) 2002 Perge! Wilkinson Carl F. Pollard (16) 1960 William H. Mautz (22) 1965 Perge! Fairbanks Scott E. Gurney (1) 1995 Michael J. Knoll (3) 2008

Total $10,801

Kettering A

White Star David L. Schoewe 1975 Purple Clematis Craig H. Nickel 1974AA Bruce B. Roesner 1970 Ft. Armstrong Donald L. Barefoot 1977 Mark J. Bulanda 1988+ Jameson G. Fee 2008 Donald G. Kowalke 1968 Kyle McNeil 1975 Eric J. Rose 1991

Vincent T. Williams 1984 Snowy White Owl Clark P. Bailo 1981 Ronald D. Massar 1982 Dwenell A. Mills 1985 Peter Z. Rylko 1992 Dean A. Skinner 1997 John R. Williams Jr 1978 Delta Stacy E. Thompson 1969 Friendship Eli N. Ashwal 2018+ Paul L. Brill 1971 Halbert A. Crumes 1982 Jerome E. Kovach 1967 Richard H. Krentz 1987+ James G. Phillips 1975+ Michael T. Repetto 1988 Mark J. Robinson 1990 Roger L. Smith 1973 John R. Walker Jr 1977+ Gary L. Wolf 1975 Perge! Wilkinson Mark J. Bulanda (1) 1988 Perge! Fairbanks Vincent T. Williams (2) 1984 Jameson G. Fee (3) 2008

Total $6,441

Kettering B

Log Cabin Nicholas A. Potter 1994 Snowy White Owl J. Keith Councell 2003 Friendship Thomas P. Belloli 2022+ Ryan P. Fisher 2018 Edward J. Kiell 2002 Perge! Fairbanks Nicholas A. Potter (9) 1994

Total $770


White Star David S. Schramm 1978 Log Cabin J. Phillip Morrow 1963 Ft. Armstrong Colin M. Harding 1963 Snowy White Owl Robert J. Anderson Jr 1954 Robert T. Boynton 1965 Delta James L. Albrecht 1954 Joseph S. King 1965 Karl K. Taylor 1960 Friendship Nathanial R. Carney 2008 Harry Channon, DDS 1958+ James E. Crowfoot 1961 Thomas J. Kanger Jr 2004

Jerry F. Kuzanek 1963 William K. Lindburg 1972 Misael Lopez 2016+ Thomas L. Minick 1982+ Stephen Roake 2000 Eugene C. Schwanke 1954+ Morton W. Weir 1955+ Perge! Fairbanks James L. Albrecht (1) 1954 David S. Schramm (7) 1978

Total $1,928


Royal Purple Donald E. Morel Jr 1979 Ft. Armstrong Barry A. Depew 1979 Snowy White Owl J. Todd VanCleef 1988 Friendship Steven R. Miller 2000 Gary Rake 1970+ John T. Yurconic 1989+ Perge! Wallace Donald Morel Jr (17) 1979

Total $1,575


Delta Carl J. Guecia 1985 Friendship Edward J. Barry, V 1997+


Snowy White Owl Edward C. Lake Jr 1967 Edward A. Rath 1966 Bruce A. Wilson 1981 Delta Bryn A. Fick 1965 Friendship Marc R. Mayer 1981+ B. Tyler Miller III 1969+ Peter A. Voy 1960+

Total $325


Log Cabin J. Douglas Breen 1968 Purple Clematis William D. Bast 1979 Ft. Armstrong Charles A. Reinhart III 1982 Snowy White Owl Mark L. Gardner 1983 Delta Charles A. Arcodia 1979 Robert S. Cortright 1979 Andrew D. Eckert 1982 Friendship

Douglas W. Caldwell 1991 Steven P. Huish 2005+ William Medford Jr, MD 1963 John F. Spahr Jr 1973+ Perge! Fairbanks J. Douglas Breen (11) 1968

Total $1,447

Louisiana State

Purple Clematis John V. Bailliet 1961 Ft. Armstrong Duncan L. Bridewell 1969 Charles A. Germano 1978 Arthur L. Roberts 1960 Snowy White Owl Stephen H. Cordill Jr 1962 P. Donald Hidalgo 1950 Ralph D. Jackson Jr 1966 John W. Mundinger Jr 1976 Jack B. Rettig 1976 Delta David G. Mauney 1976 Friendship Don W. Brown 1968 Ross P. Cook 2005 Connor H. Cutrera 2020+ James M. Funderburk 1965 Joseph J. Gondron 2006 Ryan L. Hemelt 2001+ Wilmer G. Hinrichs Jr 1982 Donald L. Lantz Jr 1958 Kirk M. Lipscomb 1963 C. Andrew O'Brien III 1971+ Brigham Y. Ragusa 1970 Warren Schnebelen 1965+ Denton C. Smith 1964 David G. Trepagnier Jr 2018 William G. Yates 1962

Total $2,752


White Star Eugene D. Cote' III 1981 Ft. Armstrong Douglas H. Banks 1982 Robert T. Gladu 1987 Snowy White Owl Charles J. Farnham 1982 Harold C. Flynn Jr 1987 Matthew D. Smyth 1980 Thomas C. Sullivan 1955 Delta Charles E. Morgan 1963 Raymond W. O'Keefe 1969 Friendship Jeffrey R. Brinch 1982 Jeffrey R. Brochu 1987

Foundation Income & Donors Gifts to the Foundation for all funds totaled $1,912,124 from 3,285 donors in 2020. The Annual Fund had 2,789 donors giving $855,000 in unrestricted gifts, which are used to fund grants to the Fraternity for educational programs, scholarships, administration of the foundation, stewardship and fund raising. A total of 430 Brothers gave $500 or more to the Perge! Society Annual Fund. They are recognized at four levels on page 48 for their unrestricted gifts. This fundraising Society has defined our success for two decades. Thank you, brothers, for your generosity. THE PHI GAMMA DELTA



[2020 Donors]

Lifetime Giving Societies Founders $1 Million+ Calvin Coolidge $500,000-999,999 Thomas Marshall $250,000-499,999 Centennial $100,000-249,999 Black Diamond $75,000-99,999 Golden Chain $50,000-74,999 Royal Purple $25,000-49,999 Canonsburg $17,500-24,499

White Star $10,000-17,499 Log Cabin $7,500-9,999 Purple Clematis $5,000-7,499 Ft. Armstrong $2,500-4,999 Snowy White Owl $1,000-2,499 Delta $500-999 Friendship Up to $499

Perge! Society

Wallace $1,000+ Fairbanks $500+

Norris $5,000+ Wilkinson $2,000+

+ First Time Donor Charles R. Cyr 1982+ Samuel B. Dorval 2022+ James S. Fassett 1983 Alfred T. Galella 1971 Thomas C. Hicks 1982 John L. Hone 1961+ Michael T. Kersey Jr 2021+ Michael A. Mark 2023+ David C. McCarron 1987 Sean T. McCarthy 1989+ John W. Schnauck 1994+ David R. Sposato 1974 Perge! Fairbanks Robert T. Gladu (5) 1987

Total $2,645


Snowy White Owl Christopher M. O'Brien 1989 Delta G. Phillip Albamonte 1980 Robert W. Ramsey III 1979 Friendship Jason H. Bell, MD 1996 Alan L. Clark 1987+ Dominic Gregorio 2014+ Andrew M. Griffin 2011 Michael D. Lanier 1993 Allan S. Lynn 1984 William W. Riggins III 1988 Wade M. Stephens 2011+

Total $612


Friendship Donald Doci 2016 Leo X. Lin 2015+ Blaine G. Stillerman 2012+


Calvin Coolidge William H. Gear 1956AA Royal Purple F. Norman Dundas 1963 Purple Clematis

AA Ad Astra G. R. Tait, PhD 1961 Ft. Armstrong J. Lorne Atchison 1959 Snowy White Owl John D. Surridge 1967 Perge! Norris William H. Gear (23) 1956 Perge! Wallace Norman Dundas (21) 1963 Perge! Fairbanks G. R. Tait, PhD (8) 1961

Total $77,013


Royal Purple Robert A. Svoboda 1978 White Star James T. Guess 1989 Purple Clematis Paul A. Woods 1993 Delta Ben Z. Rogers IV 1997 Friendship Benjamin P. Etters 1989+ Ashley Hutson 2012+ Kipling T. Turner 2005 Perge! Wallace James T. Guess (18) 1989 Perge! Wilkinson Robert Svoboda (18) 1978 Perge! Fairbanks Paul A. Woods (6) 1993

Total $5,201


Thomas Marshall David C. Lindner 1988 Black Diamond Gordon D. Harnett 1964 Golden Chain Joseph J. Martello 1981 Richard M. McVey 1981 Royal Purple Michael D. Bevis 1970 Robert E. Coletti 1979

Ted W. Goble 1968 James E. Lallathin 1972 Robert E. Nagy 1964 Thomas A. Roebuck 1968 Canonsburg Lee C. Schmitt 1963 Mark D. Sullivan 1981 J. Jeffrey Torrence 1973 White Star John W. Patton Jr 1980 Log Cabin Patrick P. Born 1973 Purple Clematis Brian F. Duggan 1985+ Mark E. Magee 1970 Ft. Armstrong David B. Bowen 1979 Erik D. Christensen 1982+ Mark A. Claus 1980+ James R. DeRoberts 1978+ Andrew M. Ferris 1990+ James W. Flood 1981 Charles E. Hilgeman 1978 Dave Houser 1970 Jefferey R. Ison 1981 Douglas C. Knisley 1979+ Timothy S. Lewis 1986 Steven S. Marino 1979+ James W. Morgan 1971 David W. Pryor 1978+ Daniel R. Tonseth 1980 Jeffrey A. Underhill 1982+ Jeffrey A. Walker 1981 James E. Walter 1964 Snowy White Owl Ken Berger 1965 James M. Cribley 1963 Philip R. Gibbs 2006 Charles E. Goodwill 1958 Richard C. Graeff 1977 Brian D. Gravitt 1990 Bruce S. Johnson 1990+ Peter D. Jones 1982+ John C. Kellenberger 1960 Jonathan W. Klaaren 1977 Daniel K. Leis 1994

MIT Gift for Alcohol Education In honor and memory of the over one thousand brothers initiated by the Iota Mu Chapter in its 100+ year history, the Iota Mu alumni organization has completed a pledged gift of $200,000 to fund alcohol and substance abuse education within the Fraternity. The Chapter’s loyal brothers are appreciated for their service and dedication to the values of Phi Gamma Delta. 60


Mark A. Mollenkopf 1989+ Timothy E. Phillips 1989 Edward K. Rutledge 1994+ Robert B. Schramm 1980+ Blair D. Shwedo 1979 John E. Sleeper 1991 Matthew T. Smith 1988+ Dale B. Stork 1977 William R. Thompson 1965 Michael C. Urbanski 1971 E. Larson Zalud 1982 Delta Timothy J. Batcha 1981+ David H. Borchelt 1969 James M. Corbett 1989+ Richard J. Glaisner 1990+ William R. Hineline 1963 Brian K. Lidington 1995+ Adrian J. Sale 1995+ Bradley S. Stevenson 1992+ Jeffrey J. Tennery 1990+ Michael J. Toth 1991+ Brian J. Wood 1995+ Richard A. Zak 1988+ Friendship Mark R. Bandsuch 1984+ Jeff Berding 1989+ Thomas M. Berry 1967+ Sean J. Bolger 1992+ Robert K. Burger 1989+ Martin J. Burke 1991+ Jeffrey D. Emmons 1993 Sean M. Flanagan 1990+ Brian A. Franck 1961 John D. Gordon 1974+ Michael E. Gutmann 1981 Jeffery E. Heisser 1989+ Joseph Hungate Jr 1990+ Karl T. Ieuter 1995+ Michael D. Klever 1985 Malcolm W. MacLeod 1965 Michael McGowan 2003+ Matthew J. Nelson 1991+ Jon M. Plennert 2007+ Daniel T. Pollina 1990+ Bryant R. Ramirez 1991+ Eric W. Reisch 1989+ Anthony A. Rizzuto 1995 Robert T. Scarcello 1995+ Mark S. Schaffer, MD 1975 Michael P. Scheible 1991+ James H. Secor III 1967 James B. Southworth 1989AA+ Christopher A. Widmayer 1994+ Timothy D. Winings 1988+ Perge! Wallace Robert E. Nagy (3) 1964 Perge! Fairbanks Patrick P. Born (5) 1973 Adrian J. Sale (1) 1995

Total $134,114

In Memory of Jeff J. Blank 1984 & Victor S. Fortini 1984 by Mark R. Bandsuch 1984 Robert E. Young 1990 by Jeffrey J. Tennery 1990


Calvin Coolidge Robert B. Knutson 1956 Canonsburg Gregory R. Schermerhorn 1987 White Star

Frederick A. Henderson 1980 Richard L. Pinkerton, PhD 1955 Thomas A. Raar 1985 Martin B. Tarlie 1989 Purple Clematis Omer G. Voss Jr 1968 Ft. Armstrong George L. Allen Sr 1952 Charles J. Andrews 1960 Richard W. Hodgman, MD 1953 Stephen K. Hunter 1961 Gregory F. Ippolito 1983 Thomas M. Leopold 1955 John V. Melick III 1984 John H. Upton 1955 Snowy White Owl James H. Davies 1957 S. Lee Davis 1964 Stewart M. Greenlee 1983 Richard A. Herrington, MD 1968 Scott F. Hesse 1992 Cyrus C. Hopkins 1959 William A. Irwin 1965 Hugh M. Jacob 1978 Phillip D. Matthews 1960 Douglas R. Murray 1956AA Kenneth Nemerovski 1972 James J. Spurrier 1968 Charles E. Thomas Jr 1965 Robert W. Thomas 1968 David M. Tremonti 1985 Scott R. Wilson 1974 Delta Thomas P. Anderle 1957 Todd M. Blosser 1994 Timothy A. Frye 1976 Kevin S. Gilligan 1982 Brian Henderson 1986 Robert L. Stahl 1958 Friendship William R. Barr 1970 Thomas B. Brush 1956+ Alan M. Christman 1956 Thomas R. Eames 1965 Paul T. Eichbrecht 1972 George A. Fischer Jr 1985 William J. Hartman III 1980 David L. Hay 1977 Joshua F. Henderson 2014+ Frank H. Mabley 1960 Jon E. Melkerson 1961+ Robert Montgomery 1981+ W. David Osmer 1967 Andrew C. Pringle Jr 1950+ Adam M. Rosen 1992 Paul H. Schultz 1959 David M. Sichel 1977 Ronald A. Sistrunk 1962 Gerald O. Strauch 1954+ Connor M. Terech 2023+ Mark C. Valente 1999+ Perge! Norris Robert B. Knutson (23) 1956 Omer G. Voss Jr (1) 1968 Perge! Wallace Gregory R. Schermerhorn (14) 1987 Perge! Fairbanks Richard Pinkerton (15) 1955 Phillip D. Matthews (2) 1960

John V. Melick III (2) 1984 Thomas A. Raar (22) 1985 Martin B. Tarlie (10) 1989

Total $29,070

In Honor of Kelley V. Rea 1966 by Omer G. Voss 1968

Michigan State

Purple Clematis David W. Pequet 1974 Ft. Armstrong Fredric J. Aichele Kent State 1963 James M. Galbraith 1966 Edward J. McKibbon 1967 Robert J. Pemberton 1962AA Snowy White Owl Edward W. Christoffers III 1969 Dan Pettigrew 1969 Delta Richard J. Anderson 1970 Clare R. Darlington 1961 Eric J. Gajar 1990 Bryant R. O'Dwyer 1982 Friendship Hugh V. Bogart Jr 1980+ Eric A. Deal 1977 Frederick E. Hagen 1968 Jeffrey L. Hewitt 1977+ William K. Langhorst 1968 Thomas J. Larouere 2014+ Kyle G. McKee 2016+ Donald L. Pierini 1977 David C. Reardon 1972+ John E. Venable 1988 Perge! Wallace Robert Pemberton (2) 1962

Total $2,536


Canonsburg Michael P. Spack 1996 White Star Eugene U. Frey 1952 James S. Lee 1978 Robert D. Potts 1964 Ft. Armstrong Richard Avendano 2012 William A. Crosley 1950 George J. Frey 1942 David L. Kieper 1960 Robert W. Ready 1966 Snowy White Owl David W. Johnston 1960 Troy M. Rossow 1986 Todd Rotgers 2011 Gerald K. Sognesand 1963 Dr. Amelious N. Whyte Jr 1999 Delta Thomas Bienemann 1971 William F. Hullsiek 1980 William A. Kowalski 1975 E. Joe Shaw Jr 1959 Friendship Ronald Montgomery 1965 Kyler B. Nerison 2009 Allen M. Ringer 2010 Perge! Wallace Robert D. Potts (19) 1964 Richard Avendano (3) 2012 Perge! Wilkinson Michael P. Spack (12) 1996 Perge! Fairbanks

[2020 Donors] James S. Lee (19) 1978 Todd Rotgers (4) 2011

Total $6,359

Mississippi State

Royal Purple William A. Martin III 1975 White Star Malcolm B. Wall 1970 Log Cabin John H. Douglas III 1981 Purple Clematis Stephen D. Brunson II 1984 Ft. Armstrong Stephen M. Edwards 1973 Walter C. Lindsey 1984 Snowy White Owl James A. Rumble 1985 John S. Rumble 1982 Norman L. Williamson 1970 Friendship Shane D. Ables 2013+ Gregory R. Blais 1993+ Alton M. Boggan Jr 1977 N. Wesley Bowen 1994+ Paul E. Curtis 2009+ W. Donald Doty DMD 1987+ Christopher B. Hines 1994 Jerry L. Horne 1981 Jeremiah S. Johnson 1994+ Raymond W. Jordan Jr 1974 Lance K. Stewart 2005+ William O. Woodall 2009+ Perge! Wallace William Martin III (17) 1975 Perge! Fairbanks Stephen Edwards (1) 1973 John Douglas III (11) 1981

Total $4,915


Royal Purple Robert L. Albin 1962 John Fox Arnold 1959 Paul L. Vogel 1989 White Star Richard N. DeShon 1957 Christopher T. Fuldner 1973 Mark L. Heinemann 1971 Andrew R. Sackin 1973 Purple Clematis Gary L. Bussing 1973 Michael R. Jones, DDS 1982 John M. McIlroy Jr 1966 Richard V. Stauffer 1993 Ft. Armstrong James R. Bartimus 1971 P. Crismon Burnam 1985 Larry R. Christenson 1969 A. Overton Durrett Jr 1954 Glen A. Glass 1968 Bryan M. Goolsby 1966 Larry J. Lewis 1969 Edward B. Mullen 1957 Snowy White Owl William A. Carpenter Jr 1993 Scott B. Craven 1992 David M. Dannov 1983 Frank R. Dawson Jr 1975 Allen D. Gillis 1966 Robert J. Holley 1993

George L. Holmes 1960 Charles W. James 1959 F. Ewell Lawson III 1992 Lee A. Mendenhall 1985 Morris J. Nunn 1967 Kenneth V. Roberts 2002 Geoffrey H. Simmons 1996 Clifton R. Spacek 1970 J. C. Spangler 1985 Hal R. Swaney 1970 LeRoy Vogel 1966 Marvin E. Wright 1958 Delta Scott C. Bruce 2004 John R. Cox 1994 William D. Dowd Jr 1966 Paul A. Holmes 1989 David D. Kinsman Jr 2004 George H. Kyd III 1972 Andrew J. McRoberts 1975 James C. Millan 1989 Geoffrey W. Peters 1994 David W. Pickering 1969 Alan L. Reser 1983 John F. Rolf 1972 Michael J. Stanard 1988 Todd A. Stich 1991 C. Brooks Wood 1969 Friendship Robert D. Alesi Jr 2002 Mark J. Anderson 1995 Robert C. Arnold 1961+ Kristopher N. Auer 2002+ Mark W. Baker 1981+ Andrew S. Barth 2004+ Bryan C. Breckenridge 1974 Jeffrey R. Brown 2005+ Leslie M. Burns 1970+ R. Todd Crabtree 1990 Hank S. Crowder 2004+ R. Andrew DeShon 1982 Michael C. Douglass 1988 Matthew J. Dykstra 2005+ Robert C. Dykstra 2002+ Stephen K. Fay 1979 Thomas P. Fluri 1973 Kevin L. Fritz 1989 Jeffrey D. Hardy 1990 George N. Hennen 1992 Richard E. Henson 1991 Adam C. Hunter 2001 Andrew K. Jones 1989 Richard T. Jones 1961 Lennox B. Leighton 1999+ John L. Livingston 1983 Timothy G. Lowe 1995+ Larry R. Marshall 1958+ Chandler Mendenhall 2017+ Greg R. Meyer 1979 Daniel J. Midden 2004 Sean R. Moise 2019 William J. Mowrer 1993 Peter J. Nachtsheim 2006+ Cameron M. Neiheisel 2017 John J. O'Neill 2012 Nicolas A. Pino 2003 Thomas C. Race 2004 Dr. C. Patrick Reid 1961 Phillip A. Rothermich 1984 Martin O. Rush 1982 Jon F. Sansone 1989 Stephen G. Scholl 1970+ Lee T. Shepherd 1969 David C. Stahlman 1992 Joe A. Stillman 1984

Lloyd B. Thomas Jr 1963+ Chad Vanlandingham 1990 Christopher Watkins 1992 Vincil M. Wilt, DVM 1976+ Jeffrey D. Zidell 1988 Perge! Wallace P. Crismon Burnam (2) 1985 Paul L. Vogel (15) 1989 William Carpenter (1) 1993 Perge! Wilkinson Christopher Fuldner (7) 1973 Perge! Fairbanks Mark L. Heinemann (9) 1971 Andrew R. Sackin (19) 1973 Geoffrey Simmons (3) 1996 David Kinsman Jr (1) 2004

Total $23,710

In Honor of Michael R. Bender 1973, Bradley P. Pemberton 1974 by Andrew R. Sackin 1973

Missouri State

Ft. Armstrong Wesley J. Martin 2009 Delta Garrett R. Holt 2009 Shayne L. Martin 2008 Jack M. Meyer 2013 John P. Torno 2011 Friendship Edward G. Jenkins 2011+ William A. Jones 2011 Noah C. Kelly 2013+ Marco F. Kilongkilong 2011 Perge! Fairbanks Wesley J. Martin (2) 2009

Total $1,240


Centennial Phi Gamma Delta of MIT Fund White Star Bruce Blanchard 1957 Snowy White Owl B. Gary Garmon 1967 Alfredo G.F. Kniazzeh PhD 1959 Donald A. Roellke 1957 David S. Wilbourn 1955 Friendship Steven J. Book 1972 Cesar A. Hurtado 1995+ Perge! Wallace Bruce Blanchard (15) 1957

Total $101,425


Canonsburg Matthew G. Etlinger 1998 Purple Clematis Michael L. Letson Jr 1997 Snowy White Owl Albert J. Nault 1996 William C. Rathert 1994 Perge! Wilkinson Matthew Etlinger (5) 1998

Total $4,400


Friendship Christopher T. Miller 2018+


Thomas Marshall John Gottschalk 1965 Royal Purple Clark A. Robertson 1982 Log Cabin Steven D. Dugger 2003 Purple Clematis James B. Goll 2001 Paul C. Schorr III 1959 Ft. Armstrong Lloyd D. McBeth 1950 Peter M. O'Shea 1968 Snowy White Owl James R. Commers 1974 F. Bert Linn 1955 Chad V. Mercer 2001 Delta Jerry P. Dierks 1957 Robert J. Hamer 1969 Friendship James R. Allen 1961+ George N. Bingham II 1969+ David R. Burgett 2010+ Michael S. Cassling 1986+ Charles F. Clifford III 1978 Malvin D. Dohrman 1959 James J. Ernst 1957+ John P. Gutschlag 1962 Scotty G. Hudson 1995+ David J. Patera 2002+ James M. Peterson 1969 Jason L. Schroeder 1995+ Bradley J. Stirtz 1980+ August M. Wagner 2016+ Perge! Norris John Gottschalk (23) 1965 Perge! Wallace Paul C. Schorr III (3) 1959 Perge! Wilkinson Clark Robertson (17) 1982 Perge! Fairbanks James B. Goll (3) 2001 Steven D. Dugger (3) 2003

Total $8,185

Nebraska Kearney

Friendship Matthew Allbright 2010+ Phillip R. Boon 2011

Nevada Reno

Friendship Cameron P. Yee Cespedes 2020+

New Mexico

White Star David T. Stewart Jr 1980 Purple Clematis Kevin M. Sprague 1981 Ft. Armstrong Kevin M. Hayes 1997 Snowy White Owl J. P. Bowdoin 1991 Timothy L. O. Savidge 1995 Edward W. Whitcher 1969 Delta Kirk A. Clark 1968+ John H. Coffman 1973 Charles M. High III 1982+ Friendship Tony Anthony 1993+ Patrick C. Brichta 2002+ Jeffrey D. Harris 1969+

100+ Not for College Days Alone… rang true in 2020. Phi Gamma Delta had eight brothers who were 100 years old or older and also gave a gift to the Fraternity as graduate dues and/or to the Foundation. Vincent M. Kirby 1991+ Michael P. Landgraf 2018+ A. Dominic Longoria 2007+ Jeffrey P. Luster 1984+ Perge! Wallace David Stewart Jr (15) 1980 Perge! Fairbanks Kirk A. Clark (1) 1968 Kevin M. Sprague (6) 1981 Charles M. High III (1) 1982 Kevin M. Hayes (4) 1997

Total $3,846

New York

White Star Louis G. Filosa IA State 1973 Log Cabin Ira D. Lieberman 1979 Purple Clematis Michael A. Mische 1976 Ronen Rotem, DDS 1988 Ft. Armstrong George E. Hansen 1962 Snowy White Owl Robert W. Brooks 1970 Frank R. LaBarbera 1978 Delta Thomas Diamantis 1962 Nickitas F. Panayotou 1961 Friendship Robert K. Amato 1984 Ian J. Duke 1992+ Benjamin W. Little 2011 Brandon C. Olivas 2017+ William F. O'Reilly 1986+ Timothy P. Rice 2014+ Richard T. Schulz 1978 Loring P. Tamaro 1993+ Kent L. Tor 2019+ Mark F. White 1954 Perge! Fairbanks Michael A. Mische (3) 1976

Total $7,100

North Alabama

Snowy White Owl Michael L. Johnson 1977 Albert H. Price III 1975 Delta Chris E. Hulvey 1988 Friendship John O. Glasscock 1985 John C. Hood 2009+ Donald H. Pitts 2001+ Michael S. Steenson 1984+

Total $725

North Carolina

Royal Purple Marvin J. Carver 1975 White Star J. Dixon Fleming Jr 1976 Purple Clematis

John T. Stanley 1971 Ft. Armstrong Ronald A. Batchelor 1981 W. Ward Marslender 1962 Snowy White Owl Kenneth F. Anderson Jr 1956 E. Lewis Bryan 1953 Frederick M. Dula Jr, MD 1972 Laurence B. Maddison Jr 1965 Frank P. Meadows Jr 1949 William C. Nelson Jr 1965 Theo H. Pitt Jr 1958 N. Gee Smith III 1984 Robert L. Thurston Jr 1975 Delta William P. Hobson 1964 Henry N. Lee Jr 1952 R. Hart Lee 1970 Wayne B. Venters 1960 Friendship Maclin R. Batchelor 2017+ L. Penn Clarke 2009+ Robert Exum Jr 1957 John W. Hawkins 1977+ Sherrill R. Holland III 1967+ James D. Justice 1966 Averette M. Lamm 1968 Gene F. Lyon 1954 Warner B. Perry 1971+ Robert B. Russell 2020+ Thomas Stoughton 2012+ Joseph B. Strandberg 1982 William R. Titchener 1969 Charles M. Vincent 1968 Robert S. Wooten 1990 Perge! Wilkinson Marvin J. Carver (22) 1975 Perge! Fairbanks Dixon Fleming Jr (8) 1976 N. Gee Smith III (1) 1984

Total $4,042

North Carolina State Delta Brian M. Price 1999 Friendship Ryan L. Halford 2018+

North Carolina Wilmington

Friendship Zachary T. Rogers 2012 John E. Saylor 2017 Adam E. Thomas 2010

North Texas

Delta J. Max Fulton 2011 Jonathon C. Linn 2011 Friendship Peter J. Harrison 2019+




[2020 Donors]

Lifetime Giving Societies Founders $1 Million+ Calvin Coolidge $500,000-999,999 Thomas Marshall $250,000-499,999 Centennial $100,000-249,999 Black Diamond $75,000-99,999 Golden Chain $50,000-74,999 Royal Purple $25,000-49,999 Canonsburg $17,500-24,499

White Star $10,000-17,499 Log Cabin $7,500-9,999 Purple Clematis $5,000-7,499 Ft. Armstrong $2,500-4,999 Snowy White Owl $1,000-2,499 Delta $500-999 Friendship Up to $499

Perge! Society

Wallace $1,000+ Fairbanks $500+

Norris $5,000+ Wilkinson $2,000+

+ First Time Donor


Friendship Chase B. Bivona 2020+ Chase S. Boni 2020

Northern Arizona

Friendship Michael D. Bulriss 2019 Alejandro V. Cruz 2017 Nathaniel Diamond 2019 Derrick R. Fookes 2019 Brock Walkenbach 2019

Total $380


Black Diamond Ronald L. Marmer 1974 Royal Purple Erwin K. Aulis 1980 White Star Andrew Z. Soshnick 1985 Ft. Armstrong George E. Irwin Jr 1940AA Edward J. Whalen 1966 Snowy White Owl Angelo J. Accetta 1973 Walter R. Derlacki 1945 Vernon E. George 1961 John R. Siragusa 1955 Gene P. Stepanovic 1959 Delta Richard E. Allen 1961 Robert M. Doench 1959 John E. Linderoth 1960 Friendship George H. Ehemann III 1974 Stephenson Emery 1981+ James C. Lampl 1969 Erik R. Nelson 2001+ John E. Smyth 1988+ Kurt H. Stiver 1970 Christopher Stockwell 1983 Norman Young, MD 1947+ Perge! Norris Erwin K. Aulis (3) 1980

AA Ad Astra Perge! Wilkinson Andrew Soshnick (11) 1985 Perge! Fairbanks Ronald L. Marmer (22) 1974

Total $13,975.00

Nova Southeastern

Friendship Fernando Reachy Guadarrama, MD 2016+


Royal Purple James H. Stellar Arizona 1954 Ft. Armstrong J. Michael Carey 1967 John C. Cushman 1955 Robert W. Fults 1960 Snowy White Owl Kenneth M. House MD 1962 Friendship Robert Donaldson 1954+ Robert M. San Miguel 1954 Perge! Wallace James H. Stellar (20) 1954 Perge! Fairbanks John C. Cushman (1) 1955

Total $2,250

Ohio Northern

Friendship Tucker P. Harris 2022 Nathan Meadors 2022+ Andrew J. Mitcham 2017 Maxim D. Smith 2023+ Shane Tilton 2016

Total $123

Ohio State

Canonsburg Edwin S. Kirby 1960 Jack W. Nicklaus 1961 Log Cabin Sean G. Alexander 1991

Purple Clematis Stephen A. Comunale 1972 Stephen H. Eibling 1962 John E. Gibson IV 1975 James B. Gould 1959 Frank J. McGavran 1962 Don L. Presar 1960 Eric W. Schwarz 1986 Ft. Armstrong Brett M. Alexander 1991 Darrell A. Hutchinson 1955 Snowy White Owl Christopher J. Hubman 1987 Joseph F. Oelgoetz III 1979 Delta William C. Crusey 1980 Theodore D. Griley II 1955 Paul R. Jannot 1990 Vernon L. Morrison 1984 Friendship Daniel M. Bonacci 2016 Ryan G. Cutler 2015+ John T. Downey 1975 Eric S. Evanoo 2005+ David M. Finnell 1969+ Martin Jelliffe Arizona 1969 Edward L. Kiefhaber 1954 Robert H. Lilienthal 1957+ Alexander K. Lindsey 2012+ Timothy J. Liutkus 2012+ Owen T. Manning 2018+ Donald W. Samuels 1963+ James C. Sayre 1964+ Theodore P. Schwartz 1960 Peter A. Seppi 1994+ Gregory J. Toupalik 2014 Thomas P. Tussing 1964+ William C. Wilks 1953 Ronald W. Zesch II 1988 Perge! Wallace Stephen Comunale (3) 1972 Perge! Fairbanks James B. Gould (3) 1959 Jack W. Nicklaus (23) 1961 Stephen H. Eibling (4) 1962

John E. Gibson IV (8) 1975 Eric W. Schwarz (10) 1986 Brett M. Alexander (6) 1991 Sean G. Alexander (10) 1991

Total $9,480

In Memory of Donald W. Dick 1976 by John T. Downey 1975


Golden Chain Ronald A. Sages 1973 Purple Clematis John A. Kemper 1984 Ft. Armstrong Jeffrey L. Reed 1971 Snowy White Owl Timothy J. Boesken 1971 Roger H. Goodrich 1975 Steven R. Shannon 1969 David F. Slater 1967 Kenneth I. Slon 1986 John D. Ziza 1978 Delta George J. Eschenfelder IV 1990 Friendship Peter S. Folz 2017+ Michael J. Hajoway 2006 Mark E. Holterhoff 1973+ Jeffrey B. Janas 1990+ Keith W. Johnson 1968 John A. Murphy 1967 David A. Widener 1992 Robert C. Witzel 1967 Perge! Wallace Ronald A. Sages (22) 1973

Total $3,585

Ohio Wesleyan

Thomas Marshall Douglas H. Dittrick Jr 1955 Black Diamond Phillip J. Meek 1959 Golden Chain Gary H. Wilkinson 1951 White Star Harry N. Faulkner 1963 James S. Hering 1961 John E. McKinnie 1954 Log Cabin Robert D. Lindner Jr 1971 Donald J. Maxwell 1956 Purple Clematis Thomas L. Grissom 1962 J. Patrick Huber 1962 James C. Tauschek 1976 Gregory P. Wilson 1974 Ft. Armstrong Daniel B. Bennington 1968 Raymond R. Dykes 1955AA William F. Myers 1955 Hugh D. Pace 1974 Kenneth B. Sternad 1977 David N. Young 1956 Snowy White Owl

Want to Double Your Donation? Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage philanthropy among their employees. There are some companies that will match to spouses and retirees. We have partnered with Double the Donation to provide you with a search tool to see if your company has a program. Search for your company at www. 62


T. Page Brightman 1953 Scott L. Chaney 1971 David R. Given 1956 George M. Heeschen Jr MIT 1963 Jon R. Hillegas, MD 1960 Richard W. Maxwell 1968 Charles E. Phifer 1955 George V. Pilat 1984 John G. Poulos 1960 William S. Vance 1957 Robert E. Zimmerman 1961 Delta Gerald L. Dickey 1960 James H. Hilborn 1963 Jeffrey L. Sprink 1971 Bruce C. Stoesser 1964 Friendship Bryn C. Casey Miami 2020+ William J. Chovan Jr 1986 John A. Dunham 1975+ David P. Lauffer 1998 George M. Rice 1959AA+ Christopher J. Swift 1977 Thomas F. Tootle 1968 William Wadsworth 1956+ Louis T. Yank 2020 Perge! Norris Douglas Dittrick Jr (23) 1955 Perge! Wallace William F. Myers (2) 1955 James C. Tauschek (3) 1976 Perge! Wilkinson Gary H. Wilkinson (21) 1951 Donald J. Maxwell (4) 1956 Phillip J. Meek (21) 1959 Perge! Fairbanks Harry N. Faulkner (21) 1963 Robert Lindner Jr (3) 1971 Kenneth B. Sternad (1) 1977

Total $34,779

In Honor of E. J. Dickey 1957 by Gerald L. Dickey 1960 In Memory of Raymond R. Dykes 1955 by Christopher Habig, Douglas H. Dittrick 1955, Robert A. Scott, Joanne K. Murley, Charles A. Collier, Robert S. Eastman Kenneth A. Saleski 1953 by William S. Vance 1957


Centennial C. Denny Cresap 1956 Charles T. Doyle 1956 James H. Everest 1971 W. DeVier Pierson 1953 Black Diamond William W. Rodgers Jr 1959 Lee Allan G. Smith 1951 Golden Chain Gerald D. Neff 1961 William G. Paul 1952 Royal Purple Douglas J. Bourne 1943 John W. Griffin 1985 Samuel A. Wilson 1952 Canonsburg Robert S. Ellis 1948 William O. Gamble III 1961 James W. Gorman Jr 1952AA

White Star J. Brent Humphries 1991 D. Lindsay Perkins 1963 Stephen W. Ray 1979 Robert H. Westfield 1959 Log Cabin Kenneth R. Carson 1981 G. Carl Gibson Jr 1981 Donald J. Kyte 1990 Eddie W. Rhea 1980 Purple Clematis Merritt B. Chastain Jr 1962 Steven L. Hawes 1980 Ft. Armstrong Christopher L. Chase 1993 William E. Ingram III 1964 John H. Lollar III 1960 Stephen H. Shelton 1971 Snowy White Owl William N. Beaton 1958 Gib James 1971 Carl S. Tinch 1950 Delta R. Joe Kepke 1963 Charles K. Webster 1963 Friendship Tyler L. Basham 2015+ Thomas G. Cleator 2013 T. Miller Davidge Jr 1964 James O. Harp 1981 Dan W. James II 1969 Robert B. Kellough Jr 1964 Myers W. Lockard Jr 1952AA J. Tony Madeira, MD 1963 Ronald C. McCallum 1997+ Ted Ownby Jr 1965 Zaine A. Ristau 2017+ Thomas A. Showalter 1996+ Benjamin D. Toler 2014 Craig W. Whitbeck 1982 Thomas H. Williams 1958 Perge! Norris Charles T. Doyle (13) 1956 Perge! Wallace Robert S. Ellis (15) 1948 William Rodgers Jr (13) 1959 Perge! Wilkinson Samuel A. Wilson (13) 1952 Perge! Fairbanks Douglas J. Bourne (16) 1943 William G. Paul (4) 1952 C. Denny Cresap (5) 1956 John H. Lollar III (1) 1960 William Gamble III (21) 1961 Merritt Chastain Jr (2) 1962 James H. Everest (15) 1971 Stephen W. Ray (5) 1979 G. Carl Gibson Jr (7) 1981 Eddie W. Rhea (12) 1980 J. Brent Humphries (7) 1991 Donald J. Kyte (9) 1990

Total $21,600

In Memory of Thomas G. Clark 1963 & Frederick R. Cornell 1961 by William O. Gamble 1961

Oklahoma State Centennial Randall L. Whittaker 1970 Royal Purple Steven B. Pittman 1975

[2020 Donors] James M. Wuerflein 1981 Canonsburg James L. Thomas Jr 1966 White Star Richard H. Godfrey Jr 1969 Ft. Armstrong Robert B. Lindsly 1967 Snowy White Owl Aaron M. Bonnett 2004 Delta Richard W. Hatter 1975 Mark H. Mayer 1998 Friendship Benjamin J. Barker 2010+ Thomas R. Lacki 1990 W. Layne Lambdin 1991 Charles C. Peppers III 1974+ Perge! Fairbanks James Thomas Jr (2) 1966 Steven B. Pittman (11) 1975

Total $2,407

Old Dominion

Delta Peter L. Ostrom 1991 Friendship James R. Barnes 1992 Ralph C. Dewey 1986 Rhadohn Epps 2022+ Matthew M. Matera 1990 George Thompson Jr 1981

Total $396


Royal Purple Robert C. Samuel 1960 White Star Dwight W. Davis 1965 Log Cabin James S. Samuel 1984 Ft. Armstrong Leslie T. Neighbors 1961 Snowy White Owl Robert L. Faucett 1955 William J. Prenger 1968 Aubrey L. Smith III OR State 1959 Delta Douglas C. Elkinton 1979 Friendship Stephen R. Aiken 2017+ Blake C. Arnold 2020+ Jason H. Bader 1990+ Robert J. Butler 1968 Bryson Cabacungan 2015+ John E. Dugan 1956+ Rob E. Kilbourne 1964+ Kent L. Newgard 2016+ Perge! Wilkinson Robert C. Samuel (22) 1960 Perge! Fairbanks Dwight W. Davis (19) 1965 James S. Samuel (12) 1984

Total $4,040

Oregon State

White Star Kirk B. Maag, JD 2005 Purple Clematis David W. Graham 1944 Benjamin N. Miles 2003 Michael B. Peterson 2002 Gary A. Wildish 1963 Ft. Armstrong Jared D. Blake 2010 Bert E. Loughmiller 1964

Kenneth B. Ross 1971 Snowy White Owl Gabriel R. Carlton 2001 Gordon R. Everett 1954 Uri K. Farkas Montana 1997 Michael L. Hutchinson 1985 Delta Steven H. Adams 1966 Terence H. Dunn 1971 Ronald I. Enna 1965 William R. Graham 1970 Thomas H. Newman 1977 Jon T. Rodriguez 1981 Colin L. Walker, MD 1966 Friendship Keith W. Backsen 1987 Robert L. Bailey 1963+ Benjamin J. Binek 1998 Martin D. Breen 1987 Nicholas Brenneman 2014+ Frank H. Clark 1965+ Joseph D. Cleary 2022+ Bruce P. Frederick 1978 Terry L. Hanson 1974+ Steve V. Harper 1997+ Paul C. Harvey 1981+ Jon H. Hermon 1985 Richard D. Hobin 1971+ Michael C. Hoover 1968 Arthur H. Kroeger 1953 Harold A. Mackin Jr 1967+ Camden Q. Murphy 2022+ Roger P. Newman 1988+ Michael D. O'Donnell 1974 Jeffrey S. Parkins 1983 Robert L. Rector 1970+ Graham D. Retzlaff 2010+ Gary L. Romine 1954 Nikhil Sajeev 2022+ Frank G. Sauer 1949 Michael L. Sawtelle 1970 Kenneth F. St. Pierre 1970+ Larry P. Stevens 1956 Dennis A. Thompson 1980+ Stephen L. Wolfe 1990

Total $9,080


Ft. Armstrong Louis J. Petrie 1960 Friendship Malcolm C. Delorme 1992+ Paul J. Dinapoli 2017+ Robert B. English 1963+ John N. Gilbert Jr 1960+ Gregory S. Heins 1990+ M. Roy Jackson Jr 1961+ Stephen A. Jannetta 1986

Total $345

Penn State

Centennial William T. Morris 1949AA Black Diamond William L. Oliver 1967 Golden Chain Michael J. Stewart 1972 Royal Purple Calvin E. Burgart 1965 Charles E. Knopf Jr 1963 White Star William A. Rossi 1968 Purple Clematis

William M. Detterer 1957 Daniel B. Kohlhepp, PhD 1969 Ft. Armstrong Robert M. Allen, MD 1950 John G. Androski 1964 Snowy White Owl Edward E. Birkinshaw Jr 1955 Mark C. Krauss 1976 Matthew D. Nee 1999 David A. Oechslein 2004 Delta Olin A. Cramer 1946 William P. Mallory 1949 Ralston W. Merchant 1998 Ronald P. Moehler 1969 N. Jeffrey Muller 1971 F. Daniel Wilder 1955 Ryan D. Yarnell 2001 Friendship Robert P. Bookman 1958 Michael Cutler 2006 Charles M. Fink Jr 1962+ Alan W. Gesalman 1979 Robert S. Jones 1973 Daniel J. Kulbieda 1996 John A. Perks 1974 Richard D. Roth 1980 Robert E. Speer 1971+ Michael J. Stewart II 2005 Perge! Norris William T. Morris (22) 1949 Perge! Wallace William L. Oliver (20) 1967 Perge! Wilkinson Michael Stewart (13) 1972 Perge! Fairbanks Robert M. Allen (3) 1950 Calvin E. Burgart (1) 1965

Total $25,459

In Memory of Charles V. Henry 1956 by Robert P. Bookman 1958


White Star John D. Sheppard Jr 1975 Ft. Armstrong John M. Dougherty Jr 1971 David W. Forti 1992 Snowy White Owl Ira L. Horowitz 1994 James V. O'Rourke 1979 Richard D. Stoehr 1968 William H. White 1966 Delta Jeffrey J. Bloemker 1993 J. D. Duane Brannon 1954 Robert C. Furst 1962 Richard A. Platt 1987 Friendship Peter Ficarri III 1986 James A. Ketterer 1998 Dustin G. Osborne 1994+ Harold C. Sellers 1948+ Blake R. Seward 1968+ Perge! Fairbanks John Sheppard Jr (3) 1975 David W. Forti (2) 1992

Total $2,447


Centennial William R. Miller Indiana 1962 Black Diamond William G. Hanley 1960

Royal Purple Charles G. Armstrong 1964 William F. Brock 1963 Richard E. Grace 1951 Roger W. Parkhurst 1965 Canonsburg Alan F. Herbert 1969 Robert E. Swinehart 1965 White Star Gerald B. Bay 1962 John W. Schwentker 1952 Log Cabin Richard C. Cammerer, MD 1964 Gary R. Richert 1974 Purple Clematis Stanley E. Bissey 1965 Robert T. Martin 1962 Bruce M. Pitman 1971 James C. Redinger 1959 D. Garrad Warren III 1974 Ft. Armstrong Benton R. Bolles 1994 Michael R. Dumas 2006 Matthew J. Garrett 1995 Jack E. Goris, DDS 1976 J. Richard Marshall 1959 Larry M. Ray 1962 Robert C. Stephens 1964 Robert N. Supple 1957 Thomas J. Ubelhour 1975 Jay B. Votaw 1968 Snowy White Owl John J. Barrett 1992 Allen L. Gerard 1953 Thomas M. Henry 1971 Merlin G. Miller 1961 Carlton R. Mitchell 1991 Fredric C. Phares 1956 Robert G. Schmidt 1952 Thomas E. Spurgeon 1961 Herbert J. Wilken 1958 Delta Harry D. Ballard Jr 1953 William P. Becker 1976 William D. Carson 1960 Michael S. Favo 1984 Bill Getzelmann 1963 John W. Goodin 1980 Max L. Hill Jr 1948 Friendship Erik O. Gardstrom 2006 Richard C. Holmes 1962 J. Theodore Kinsey 2010+ Matthew J. Lehtinen 2004+ Jared J. Lester 2011 Larry J. Longman 1994+ James R. McCaffery 1951 David P. Rule 1969 Robert A. Ryder 1951 Frank H. Wadsworth 1980 R. Armean Wright 1973+ Perge! Norris William F. Brock (18) 1963 Perge! Wallace John Schwentker (5) 1952 William G. Hanley (21) 1960 Alan F. Herbert (17) 1969 Thomas M. Henry (1) 1971 D. Garrad Warren III (7) 1974 Michael R. Dumas (2) 2006 Perge! Fairbanks Thomas Spurgeon (1) 1961 Gerald B. Bay (22) 1962 Charles Armstrong (9) 1964

Roger Parkhurst (21) 1965 Bruce M. Pitman (8) 1971 Gary R. Richert (4) 1974 Michael S. Favo (1) 1984 John J. Barrett (1) 1992

Total $25,548

In Memory of John O. Coffin 1959 by Richard E. Grace 1951, Thomas E. Spurgeon 1961

Quinnipiac Friendship Ori Laby 2017+

Rhode Island

Log Cabin Bradford R. Boss 1955 Robert W. Marshall III 1977 Purple Clematis Kent T. Stepanishen 2006 Ft. Armstrong Michael K. Andreozzi 1988 Alfred Armstrong Jr 1948 Henry G. Caniglia 1958 Thomas J. Lusardi 1985 Snowy White Owl John Baldwin 1968 William R. Johnson 1966 Robert J. Mairs III 1958 Leonard C. Panaggio 1968 Delta Jeffrey R. Gardiner 1974 James W. Gormley Jr 1987 Robert T. McCann 1988 Louis J. Monari 1972 Richard W. Moore Jr 1974 Friendship Griffin H. Agnese 2022+ Scott G. Andreozzi 1984+ Brandon A. Auletta 2010+ Paul A. Croce 1962 Richard H. Kingsley 1970+ Michael J. Levesque 1980 Greg S. Marnik 2003+ John D. Perreault 1971 Thomas G. Picone 1986 Michael C. Wood 1976 Perge! Fairbanks Bradford R. Boss (4) 1955 Robert Marshall III (8) 1977

Total $3,380

In Memory of Armand J. Croce 1969 by Paul A. Croce 1962


Golden Chain Robert S. Jepson Jr 1964 Royal Purple Ronald L. Turner Jr 1989 Log Cabin M. Coleman Walsh Jr 1974 Purple Clematis Edward R. Adams 1941 Ft. Armstrong Tom C. Biede 1981 James A. Jacobs 1969 Anthony D. Sakowski Jr 1965 Robert S. Ukrop 1969 Snowy White Owl Thomas H. Jones III 1974 W. Keith McClure 1969 John N. Moreau 1964 Ronald C. Nelson 1977 George W. Paynter 1964

Gregory P. Williamson 1967 Delta D. Gregory Edel Jr 1978 Richard Galasso 1990 Robert W. Gay Jr 1959 Thomas C. Leffew 1969 Friendship R. Gent Cofer 1957 Nicholas A. Craig 2022+ Gregory W. Curry 1977 Jeff P. Horgan 1986 Brett L. Keller 1999+ Matthew C. McDonald 1991 Richard J. Moody 1967+ James F. Morano Jr 1964+ John C. Nagy Jr 1981 Richard P. Schott 1986 Joshua H. Steirman 2005 Perge! Norris Edward R. Adams (1) 1941 Perge! Wallace Robert Jepson Jr (16) 1964 Coleman Walsh Jr (10) 1974 Perge! Fairbanks Thomas Jones III (3) 1974

Total $9,553

In Memory of Keith R. Kunberger 1979 by D. G. Edel 1978


Centennial James M. Lowes 1970 Golden Chain Michael A. McKee 1984 Royal Purple Wesley J. Bolsen 2000 William L. Gibson 1974 Canonsburg Michael J. Schipper 1982 White Star Michael A. Huhnke 1975 Log Cabin David J. Steinbock 1975 Purple Clematis R. Edwin Fain 1976 Steven C. Goble 1971 James H. Graham 1972 Joseph A. Weist Evansville 1987 Snowy White Owl Ronald R. Andrews 1974 Robert M. Bunch 1975 Thomas M. Hendrickson 1971 Thomas L. Jackson, 1972 Leonard J. Muhlenkamp 1993 Royce A. Ramsay 1982 Delta Ryan C. Dick 2016 William R. Hentzen Jr 1980 Charles E. Huffman 1978 Michael R. Mann 1977 Michael F. Nisbet 1975 Mark L. Ress, 1976 Steven A. Richey 1977 Friendship Adam M. Clark 2021 Caleb C. Comstock 2014+ Roe C. East 1980 Robert C. Froetscher 1980 Ryan A. Landwehr 2014 Timothy M. McGrath 1980+




[2020 Donors]

Lifetime Giving Societies Founders $1 Million+ Calvin Coolidge $500,000-999,999 Thomas Marshall $250,000-499,999 Centennial $100,000-249,999 Black Diamond $75,000-99,999 Golden Chain $50,000-74,999 Royal Purple $25,000-49,999 Canonsburg $17,500-24,499

White Star $10,000-17,499 Log Cabin $7,500-9,999 Purple Clematis $5,000-7,499 Ft. Armstrong $2,500-4,999 Snowy White Owl $1,000-2,499 Delta $500-999 Friendship Up to $499

Perge! Society

Wallace $1,000+ Fairbanks $500+

Norris $5,000+ Wilkinson $2,000+

+ First Time Donor

AA Ad Astra

Thomas F. McGuire 1977 Gerald L. Mourey 1987+ David J. Parker 1980 Brian L. Pirtle 1989+ Dominick S. Smith 2001 Darrell L. Sparks 1978 Nathaniel D. Stewart TN Tech 2019+ Richard L. Story 1973+ Michael S. Weinert 1977+ Jack D. Wickham 1980 Timothy J. Wilson 2007 Patrick L. Zacherl 2010+ Perge! Fairbanks Michael A. Huhnke (5) 1975 Joseph A. Weist (4) 1987


Total $61,862


Royal Purple William R. Brand 1987 Canonsburg David A. Luecke 1985 White Star W. Matthew Hartley 1998 Dexter K. Lee 1994 Log Cabin Jonathan M. Couch 1995 Purple Clematis Andrew T. Linn 2004 George Norman 1987 Ft. Armstrong Michael D. Keats 1987 Paul J. Testa 1989 David T. Trayhan 1991 Snowy White Owl David J. Camerota 2007 Delta Michael E. Connelly 1998 Nelson P. Hildreth 1987 Friendship Allan R. Demarest 1994 Eric S. Lopez 1998 Douglas MacKechnie 1987+ Ross C. McKenzie 2008+ Rahul R. Parwani 2006 Blake E. Powell 2014+ Jonathan Robinson 2018+ Perge! Wallace George Norman (4) 1987 Dexter K. Lee (13) 1994 Perge! Wilkinson William R. Brand (20) 1987 Perge! Fairbanks Paul J. Testa (2) 1989

Total $11,539 64

White Star John J. Manginelli 1983 Craig J. Mardany 1982 Samuel H. Mudie 1962 Purple Clematis Jeffrey D. Vernam 1973 Snowy White Owl Joseph Carfora 1966 Lawrence C. Jones 1964 Donald R. Lehman 1962 Russell A. Schaible 1984 David A. Stout 1965 Delta Paul J. Benke 1961 Fred J. Billock Jr 1973 David H. Bugen 1970 James R. Hipsky 1967 Peter Navolanic II 1967 Albert Sanchez Jr 1979 Salvatore J. Sedita 1962 Edmund G. Zito 1970 Friendship William E. Baxter 1970 Marvin C. Engle 1962+ Hans D. Giesecke 1964+ John R. Hutchison 1969 Richard J. Janish 1962 Ralph W. Lloyd 1966 Thomas R. Scherr 1960 Edmund Tramont MD 1961 Jeffrey S. Vincent 1969+ Perge! Wallace Samuel H. Mudie (16) 1962 John J. Manginelli (16) 1983 Craig J. Mardany (16) 1982 Perge! Fairbanks Jeffrey D. Vernam (3) 1973

Total $5,105

Sam Houston

Friendship Collin F. Clifford 2021+ Michael Q. Gonzalez 2016 Ansony Jimenez 2015+ M. Leo Meshell 2017 Alejandro R. Perales 2014+ Samuel Puente 2017+

Total $180

San Diego

Friendship Luke J. S. Mueller 2014+

San Diego State

Canonsburg Matthew L. Snyder 1988 White Star Noel E. Briscoe 1991

Purple Clematis Michael A. Borton 1986 Ft. Armstrong Douglas W. Grover 1987 Snowy White Owl Edward G. Jimenez 1986 Brian G. Thorngate 1987 Delta David C. Born 1994 Jan R. Grywczynski 1988 Friendship Jan L. Buncher 1994+ Joseph D. Guarino 1993+ Perge! Wilkinson Matthew Snyder (11) 1988 Noel E. Briscoe (5) 1991

Total $6,321

San Jose State

Snowy White Owl Erik de las Casas 1989 Delta Brett C. Vigil 2000 Perge! Fairbanks Erik de las Casas (3) 1989

Seton Hall

Friendship John Serzan 2022+


Ft. Armstrong C. Daniel Wilson Jr 1963 Ronald R. Zodin 1963 Snowy White Owl Daniel F. Callahan III 1969 John S. Landrum Texas 1968 Friendship David J. Harvill 1962 Barton D. Perkins 2019+ James O. Quimby 1968+ Robert R. Struthers 2004+ William W. Wilson 1970+ Perge! Fairbanks C. Daniel Wilson Jr (4) 1963

Total $1,525

South Carolina

Friendship Joseph J. Fortune 2016+

South Florida

White Star L. Jeffrey Fitterman 1970 Ft. Armstrong Gene Balter 1977 Paul E. Mendelssohn 1972 Delta Joseph W. Guida 1977


Friendship Yousef Afifi 2019+ Michael A. Cardinale 1976+ Colin M. Fairman 2021+ Walter Packard, PhD 1970+ Perge! Wallace Jeffrey Fitterman (10) 1970

Total $1,968

Southern California

Canonsburg David M. Todd 1967 Snowy White Owl Donald W. Bradley PhD 1961 Willard B. Buchanan 1961 John R. Jordan 1967 Delta David C. Cashion 1957 William J. Dienz 1978 Paul T. Kott 1977 Henry B. Miller 1950 Eric J. Papalini 1983 Mark H. Peacock 1964 Stephen B. Tuck 1970 Douglas R. Tueller 1978 Friendship John P. Beckendorf 1969 Robert Cleveland Jr 1983+ Charles S. Cochrane 1973 David A. Hartquist 1963 William B. Hedekin 1962 Jeffrey J. Kaplan 1978 Kris N. Radovich 1971+ Bernard J. Rigney 1961+ Richard F. Sandifer Jr 1980 Perge! Wallace David M. Todd (17) 1967

Total $2,210

Southern Methodist

Royal Purple Jason A. Kulas 1993 White Star Michael M. Boone 1963 Purple Clematis Ralph L. Shanks Jr 1963 Ft. Armstrong Patrick Ball 1962AA Tucker S. Bridwell 1973 James G. Lea 1958 Allen R. Myers 1964 Gregg J. Smolenski 1969 Jesse D. Wilkinson 1960 Snowy White Owl Robert A. Frantz Jr 1959 G. Roger Gielow 1965 John M. Hawes III 1979 Steven L. Houston 1966 Peter F. Rusch, PhD 1965 Jeff E. Samford Jr 1960 Jeffrey R. Spain 1988 Alan C. Tatum 1969 Allister M. Waldrop Jr 1972 Delta Keith W. Belcher 1982 Kyle D. Lippman 1977 E. Tabor Scott Jr 1955 Friendship W. Kent Anger, PhD 1965 Pete Eckert Jr 1963+ Daniel R. Faulks 2007+ Andrew R. Fennessy 2015+ Grant C. Harbour 2016+

Ryland M. Hudack 2017+ David H. Hudnall 1970 Francis McGinnis III 1963+ William H. Millard Jr 1978 Jason D. Nichols 1996 Barry C. Sinclair 1971+ Casey S. Smith 1996+ David D. Swanson 1985+ William R. Walker 1960+ Perge! Wallace Tucker S. Bridwell (2) 1973 Perge! Wilkinson Patrick Ball (1) 1962 Perge! Fairbanks Ralph L. Shanks Jr (4) 1963 Michael M. Boone (18) 1963

Total $7,823

In Memory of Charles M. Martin 1963 by Michael M. Boone 1963, Francis K. McGinnis 1963, Ralph L. Shanks 1963, Allen R. Myers 1964


Ft. Armstrong William T. White III 1962 Snowy White Owl Richard J. Borda 1953 Philip G. Chapman 1966 Timothy F. Luria 1968 Friendship Robert Goldsworthy 1957 Willard C. Korn Jr 1964+

Total $720


Golden Chain Alan W. Larson 1960 Purple Clematis Russell A. King 1952 Robert W. Whiteford 1975 Ft. Armstrong Allan C. Anderson 1954 Bruce M. Kennedy 1954 Kenneth G. Murawski 1973 John P. Trever 1965 Snowy White Owl Frederick H. Clas 1969 Robert L. Coakley 1996 Jeff C. Crew Jr FL State 1967 Glendon O. Garvin 1993 Richard S. Golobic 1956 Charles D. Haggett 1960 Edward Hughes, 1982 Roy A. Sykes Jr 1970 Delta Ronald D. Brzezinski 1964 C. Edward Durei 1998 Richard A. Esposito 1961 Jon F. Hestley 1969 Daniel D. Park 1975 David O. Taber, MD 1960 Friendship Kenneth A. Golden Jr 2006+ William Skye 1953 Charles L. Ziegler 1975+ Perge! Norris Alan W. Larson (18) 1960 Perge! Fairbanks Russell A. King (5) 1952 Allan C. Anderson (3) 1954 Kenneth Murawski (4) 1973

Total $8,481


White Star Mark D. Turner, MD 1976 Log Cabin Lee M. Moss 1973 Purple Clematis Mark A. Medley 1968 Ft. Armstrong Joshua C. Holly 1997 Henry W. Hope 1962 John J. Sheridan 1972 W. Miller Wood III 1967 Snowy White Owl George E. Dominick 1957 Frederick J. Ergen 1972 James D. Froula 1967 P. Douglas Goddard Jr 1966 John I. Lillie Jr 1976 William P. Long 1969 Benjamin B. McCeney Jr 1957 D. Mark Nolan 1989 Timothy L. Pitts 1990 George H. Schultz 1982 David A. Thornton 1981 Delta J. James Kerr 1971 Bruce A. Kingshill 1972 Jeffrey F. McEvoy 1985 George M. Trotter III 1970 Friendship G. Tim Busby 1975 Richard E. Collins 1976+ S. Tyler Fogarty 2006+ Alvin M. Grisham 1967+ Joseph M. Haskins, MD 1979 Herbert B. Hill 1970+ Robert K. Koger, PhD 1958+ Harry W. Laughlin III 1972+ James McWhorter Jr 1971 Dane D. Moxlow 2010+ John L. Reagan 2017+ Philip A. Reisz 1983 Zach I. Rose 2022+ David K. Schopp 1989 Perge! Wallace Joshua C. Holly (3) 1997 Perge! Wilkinson Mark D. Turner, MD (9) 1976 Perge! Fairbanks W. Miller Wood III (1) 1967 Lee M. Moss (5) 1973 Jeffrey F. McEvoy (1) 1985

Total $8,682

In Memory of William M. Slayden 1972 by William M. Wood 1967

Tennessee Tech

Canonsburg Buford M. Guy III 1993+ James R. Simpson 1983 White Star Todd L. Fairley 1993 Michael S. MacIndoe 1984 Log Cabin Jackie R. Wilmore Jr 1982 Ft. Armstrong Bo W. Byers 2006 Brian M. Douglas 1998 J. Brent Ellis 1999 K. Paul Polpanich 1998 Mickey H. Williams 1980 Snowy White Owl

[2020 Donors] Kevin G. Givens 2002 R. Lee Wray 1981 Delta Andre J. Bahou 1993 Friendship David J. Berg 1996+ Matthew E. Graves 1996 Perge! Fairbanks Brian M. Douglas (6) 1998

Total $57,712


Centennial DeWitt Waltmon Sr 1949AA Black Diamond Robert C. Orr Jr 1979 Royal Purple Robert L. Butchofsky II 1984 Scott Petty Jr 1960 Canonsburg Mathew B. Benton 1993 Michael U. Ellington Jr 1990 White Star William T. Griffin Jr 1987 Douglas M. MacMahon 1999 David A. McAllister 1978 Judd Miller Jr 1955 James M. Nakfoor 1986 Robert T. Ray 1982 Log Cabin Jere W. Thompson 1954 Purple Clematis Lon P. Carpenter 1961 William N. Hamilton 1944 Don C. Wukasch 1959 Ft. Armstrong C. P. Butcher Jr 1961 Lee Caldwell 1957 Wilson K. Mason III 1964 Kenneth J. Mighell 1952 Snowy White Owl Marshall T. Clegg 1954 Frank B. Jones Jr 1959 Larry L. Loyd 1958 Walter W. McAllister III 1963 Byron M. McKnight 1978 R. Chad Pierce 1992 James E. Suttle 1959 Delta Robert F. Coffee 1956 Jack D. Liston III 1992 Robert J. Robertson 1959 Roy E. Rushing 1965 Friendship Ralph J. Aniol Jr 1951 William W. Brewer 1961 Taylor D. Fyfe 1987 David B. Parker 1958 Stephen Pearce, MD 1975 Jerry B. Peckham 1962 Charles C. Roberts 1959 Stuart A. Sharpe 2009+ Barton A. Shirley 1962 Andrew W. Sowell 1987+ Mark D. Stolaroff 1987+ Thomas A. VanZandt 1967 Albert E. Williamson 1962+ Perge! Wallace DeWitt Waltmon (21) 1949 Judd Miller Jr (8) 1955 Scott Petty Jr (15) 1960 Robert C. Orr Jr (14) 1979 Perge! Fairbanks

Kenneth J. Mighell (3) 1952 Wilson K. Mason III (1) 1964

Total $48,819

In Memory of W. W. Carter 1978 by David A. McAllister 1978 Donald R. Mighell 1956 by Charles D. Brown IN State 1974 Roy E. Miller 1961 & Jack D. Sides 1961 by William W. Brewer 1961 DeWitt Waltmon 1949 by William T. Griffin 1987, William N. Finnegan, James M. Nakfoor 1986, Andrew W. Sowell 1987, Taylor D. Fyfe 1987, Robert T. Ray 1982, Frances Pearce, Harold Shappell, Mark D. Stolaroff 1987, Robert C. Orr 1979, Paul D. Hains TCU 1987, Ben Robinson HSC 1986

Texas A & M

Log Cabin Lias J. Steen 1980 Purple Clematis Robert F. McGoldrick 1989 Ft. Armstrong Mack O. Forrester 1981 D. Greg Graham 1982 Snowy White Owl Case D. Fischer 1987 William D. Swanson 1992 Delta Scott T. Doggett 1980 Stephen W. McAllister 1980 Friendship Cameron P. Bell 1988+ Matthew Chapman 1993+ William D. Chesnut 1983+ Kevin A. Colpoys 2017+ Travis V. Dabney 1996 David E. Finck 1988+ Kyle A. Harris 1985+ E. Blake Hortenstine 1995+ Michael J. Martine 1989+ William R. Oliver 2012+ Edgar R. Ordorica 2003 Christopher Stallings 1983+ David A. Vandermeer 1984 Jerry D. Wood 1992+ Perge! Wallace William Swanson (1) 1992 Perge! Fairbanks Lias J. Steen (6) 1980

Total $3,627

Texas Arlington

Centennial Kirk D. Walden 1972 White Star D. Mark Smith 1983 Purple Clematis Gerald R. Baker 1969 William S. Hunnicutt Jr 1981 Ft. Armstrong Thomas C. Darden 1978 Thomas H. Koops 1968 Snowy White Owl Jack R. Barber 1970 Michael D. Jarrett 1972 Michael T. Mannion 1981 Orsen E. Paxton III 1971 William D. Spijkerman TX Tech 1991

Endowment We continue to use an investment policy that seeks growth of our endowment without taking on unreasonable risk. We use endowment income/appreciation as directed by the donor to fund scholarships, leadership programs, alcohol education and general operations of the Foundation. The Foundation’s principal investments are $13,585,000 at the end of February 2021. Current income from these investments combined with annual fund donations is sufficient to meet current program and operating expenses. Additional assets of $12,208,000 are restricted for chapter scholarships and qualifying chapter building projects. The endowment funds are managed and invested by a professional manager under the oversight of the Foundation’s investment committee, made up of board members and volunteer brothers experienced in financial management. Delta R. Adam Whitten 2009 Friendship Kim D. Andersen 1974 Richard C. Bates 1969+ Donald W. Ezell II 2004+ Perge! Wilkinson Kirk D. Walden (19) 1972 Perge! Fairbanks Thomas H. Koops (5) 1968 Gerald R. Baker (1) 1969 Orsen E. Paxton III (2) 1971 D. Mark Smith (12) 1983 Bill Hunnicutt. (8) 1981 William Spijkerman (3) 1991

Total $7,425

Texas Christian

Ft. Armstrong W. Scott Anderson 1982 Peter E. Dodd 2003 Paul D. Hains 1987 Snowy White Owl W. Steven Anderson 1984 Terry E. Skinner 1983 Friendship Andrew J. Adamson 2020+ Connor J. Albanese 2024+ Jeffrey R. Allaman 1988+ Ronald D. Denheyer 1989+ Andrew E. Gold 2014 Edward A. Gulewitz Jr 1990 Christopher Schulz 1995+ Perge! Fairbanks W. Scott Anderson (2) 1982

Total $2,001

Texas Dallas

Friendship Alexander J. Klein 2013+

Texas San Antonio

Friendship Jesse Alonzo 2021+ Wesley F. Crowley II 1996 Prinzton Flores 2021+ Andrew J. Gonzalez 2022+ Travis W. Grahmann 2012 Jacob M. Guerrero 2022+ Aaron K. Herrera 2021+ Jose F. Longoria 2021+ Alexander Quintanilla 2020+ Wyatt G. Sharifian 2021+

Total $303

Texas State

Friendship Matthew L. Barzilla 2018

Texas Tech

Centennial Glenn D. Moor 1984 Canonsburg O. Wayne Isom, MD 1962 White Star George H. Nelson 1958 Marvin G. Stephens Jr 1964 Purple Clematis Bobby G. Waddle 1955 Ft. Armstrong J. M. Brewer 1970 Lawrence M. DeHay Jr 1961 Mark L. Murdock 1963 Snowy White Owl Charles C. Beatty 1958 William H. Rousseau 1998 Gerald W. Russell 1955 John E. Scarbrough 1969 Delta C. Perry Wright 1966 Friendship Joshua L. Abel 2012+ Martin P. Atwood 1975+ Kyle M. Davis 2002+ Dr. Robert E. Maniss 1954 Clif J. McDougall 1988 Bob D. Palmer 1967+ Colin O. Stewart 2004+ Perge! Norris Glenn D. Moor (17) 1984 Perge! Wallace Marvin Stephens (14) 1964 Perge! Fairbanks William Rousseau (1) 1998

Total $51,925

In Honor of Glenn D. Moor 1984 by Ted Moor


Delta John E. Huber 2006+ Friendship Gregory R. Clausing 2008 Timothy G. Heer 2019+ A. Levi Hill 2022+ Kyle J. Kokotaylo 2019+ Andrew J. Rahe 2020+ Perge! Fairbanks John E. Huber (1) 2006

Total $676


Royal Purple Graeme W. Norval, PhD 1983 Canonsburg Robert R. Boothby 1986 Purple Clematis David W. Booz 1985 Ft. Armstrong Nicholas J. Poppenk 1971 Craig C. Thorburn 1985 Snowy White Owl Bruce C. Bone 1950 Arthur A. Stanley 1951 Delta Michael G. Moretti 2006 Friendship Robert Ciszek 2011+ Dwight D. Lupish 1967 Scott McCulloch, PhD 1989 John D. McKellar 1955+ James M. Rose 1965 Perge! Wallace Graeme W. Norval (18) 1983 Perge! Wilkinson Robert R. Boothby (5) 1986 Craig C. Thorburn (1) 1985

Total $6,699

In Memory of Hubert B. Keenleyside 1951 by Craig C. Thorburn 1985 Douglas W. Maddock 1953 by Inez McCamus


Snowy White Owl R. Thomas Williams 1993 Delta Shawn Noroozi 1992 Friendship Todd A. Erlandson 1987 Bryant J. Ingram 2009 Ted D. Klein 2008 Joshua A. Kornbluth 2002 Richard A. Reese 2007 Todd K. Rein 1990 Perge! Fairbanks Shawn Noroozi (1) 1992

Total $1,005

UC Berkeley

Golden Chain Daniel M. Guggenheim 1960 White Star Martin C. Smith 1976 Log Cabin

Manuel G. Gonzalez IV 1977 Ft. Armstrong Dennis M. Drew 1975 Timothy S. Lien 1979 James A. Vohs 1952 Snowy White Owl Stephen H. Booth 1964 Gerald F. Murphy 1967 Delta Peter A. Crosby 1967 Friendship Theodore M. Fagin 2012+ Fritz Howser 1990+ Henry E. Matthiessen 1985 Donald L. Rossi 1959+ Richard C. Rowson 1947+ Perge! Wallace Daniel M. Guggenheim (21) 1960 Manuel Gonzalez IV (9) 1977 Perge! Fairbanks Martin C. Smith (15) 1976

Total $3,450

UC Irvine

Ft. Armstrong Martin S. Suzuki 1986 Snowy White Owl Steven M. Shaw 1997 Friendship Patrick J. Cronin 1984+ Jonathan J. Kim 1988+ Tommy D. Nguyen 1996+ Juan Rodriguez Vargas 2019 Scott R. Rollins 1981 Jared J. Weinstein 2020+ Perge! Fairbanks Martin S. Suzuki (2) 1986

Total $1,875

UC Riverside

White Star Tracy T. Bomberger 1985 Ft. Armstrong Dennis J. Whitcomb 1986 Delta John S. Jordan 1985 Friendship David A. Cole 1985+ Kevin W. Ferguson 1984 Nathan K. Reed 1985+ Mark A. Rhoades 1990 Perge! Wallace Tracy Bomberger (13) 1985

Total $1,685


4 65

[2020 Donors] Virginia

Lifetime Giving Societies Founders $1 Million+ Calvin Coolidge $500,000-999,999 Thomas Marshall $250,000-499,999 Centennial $100,000-249,999 Black Diamond $75,000-99,999 Golden Chain $50,000-74,999 Royal Purple $25,000-49,999 Canonsburg $17,500-24,499

White Star $10,000-17,499 Log Cabin $7,500-9,999 Purple Clematis $5,000-7,499 Ft. Armstrong $2,500-4,999 Snowy White Owl $1,000-2,499 Delta $500-999 Friendship Up to $499

Perge! Society

Wallace $1,000+ Fairbanks $500+

Norris $5,000+ Wilkinson $2,000+

+ First Time Donor

UC San Diego

Friendship Benjamin Chan 2005 Neilrey H. Ochoa 2000+ Noureldine Yehia 2022+

UC Santa Barbara

White Star Paul W. Sams 1992 Log Cabin Bijan P. Karimi 1995 Snowy White Owl Christopher B. Gipson 1993 Dan S. McIntire Jr 1995 Friendship Brett D. Shofner 1994+ Perge! Fairbanks Bijan P. Karimi (3) 1995 Dan S. McIntire Jr (1) 1995

Total $1,630


Royal Purple Jeffrey M. Downey 1983 Snowy White Owl Z. C. Branson 1961 Allan M. Dawson 1981 Quintus A. Guthrie 1957 Richard Oberreiter 1984 James M. Singel 1989 David K. Smith 1987 Delta Felipe J. Sefchovich 1990 Friendship Warren J. Arnett 1950+ Robert S. Arp 1981 John W. Hermann 1956+ William L. Moore 1961 James A. Walker Sr 1950 Perge! Wilkinson Jeffrey Downey (15) 1983 Perge! Fairbanks James M. Singel (4) 1989

Total $5,992

AA Ad Astra


Purple Clematis William G. Kuchta 1972 John C. Robbins III 1971 Ft. Armstrong H. Frederick Wintsch 1962 Snowy White Owl Mace A. Bloom 1977 Ernest M. Myer 1956 Steven D. Pierce 1971 Douglas S. Tosh 1972 Delta James A. Burke 1977 Friendship Dennis F. Dodds 1973 John N. Eldridge 1993+ Gregory P. Geller 1988 Dudley C. Harris 1985+ Kevan N. McDonald 2017+ David R. McElhanney 1982 Denis P. McLane 1961+ Thomas P. Mullon 1959 Perge! Fairbanks John C. Robbins III (6) 1971 William G. Kuchta (6) 1972

Total $2,580


Friendship Sean D. Robinson 1992+ Aaron J. Whitehead 1997

Utah State

Purple Clematis Kenneth J. Hammerle 1976 Snowy White Owl Mitchell H. Mason 1974 Karl D. Zufelt 1969 Delta William L. Tennent 1971 Friendship Steven J. Butler 1979 Edward L. Carey Jr 1986 Trent Schafer 1982 John P. Seese 1980+ Brian S. Welch 2018+

Perge! Fairbanks Kenneth Hammerle (7) 1976

Total $950


Friendship Kurt A. Goeringer 2020+ Zachary McCormick 2013+


Purple Clematis John M. Carulli Jr 1988 David P. Harnois 1994 Ft. Armstrong Paul A. Laliberte 1986 Lee K. Souter 2005 Mark R. Wilkison 1983 Delta Sideris D. Baer, MD 1970 Jason W. FitzGerald 1998 Brett P. Joseph 1984 Friendship Alan C. Dalton 1973+ Michael Fortuna 1987+ Lucas F. Harmon 2008 Geoffrey N. Haskell 1986 Gregory Owen, PhD 1973 Martin Quatt 1984+ Jeffrey W. Whitmore 2011 Perge! Fairbanks John M. Carulli Jr (3) 1988 Lee K. Souter (8) 2005

Total $3,018


Ft. Armstrong Anthony M. Imbesi 1996 Delta Jeffrey A. Fuchs 1993 Friendship Robert O. Mannion 1992 Perge! Wallace Anthony M. Imbesi (3) 1996

Total $1,050

Educational Housing As a service to house corporations, we provided grants for construction of qualifying educational space, equipment, renovations and maintenance of $409,000. These grants are funded by generous brothers for such specific projects, sometimes over a few years, and did not come from the Foundation’s general funds. 66


Royal Purple Benjamin B. LeCompte III 1972 Ft. Armstrong Kevin L. Beicke 2001 A. Colquitt Shackelford Jr 1951 Snowy White Owl James G. Hunter Jr 1955 John B. Purcell Jr 1964 Delta Matthew J. Allman 2008 Christopher K Henningsen 1974 Jonathan R. Hilliard 2007 Friendship Gordon L. Gentry Jr 1959+ Timothy F. Hilliard 2014+ Kenton Holden, MD 1964+ George E. Holland 1976 Douglas C. Holmes 1973+ Posey B. Howell 1955 Charles Lockwood Jr 1947 James M. McGee 1991+ Perge! Fairbanks John B. Purcell Jr (2) 1964 Benjamin B. LeCompte III (23) 1972

Total $2,166

Virginia Tech

Canonsburg N. Michael F. Griffith 1973 White Star Jason T. Newcomb 1998 Log Cabin Dana W. Hesse WKU 1986 Jeffrey M. Scattergood 1999 Ft. Armstrong Jason A. Dean 1996 David C. Green 1994 Henry H. King Jr 1982 Brendan J. McMurrer 2001 Snowy White Owl Howard C. Canada III 1976 Paul V. Ditto 1989 Daniel M. Kallick 1980 Charles E. Radford 1980 Paul T. Zawistowski 1983 Delta Ethan B. Crockett 2008 Friendship Cory M. Curtin 2001+ Adil B. Dittmer 2014 Ronald K. Gheen 1972 Michael J. Morrone 1993 Leigh J. Perry 1999 Andrew M. Roberts 2013 Perge! Wallace Henry H. King Jr (3) 1982 Dana W. Hesse (5) 1986 Jason T. Newcomb (6) 1998 Perge! Wilkinson Jeffrey Scattergood (5) 1999 Perge! Fairbanks N. Michael Griffith (18) 1973 David C. Green (2) 1994

Total $8,762


Centennial John C. Schroeder 1969 Golden Chain N. Clay Robbins 1979

Canonsburg R. Michael Henderson 1961 White Star Joseph D. Barnette Jr 1961 Eric M. Cavanaugh 1976 Log Cabin John C. Meng Jr 1966 Purple Clematis Leonard F. Anglis 1976 Jeff D. Lundy 1978 Ft. Armstrong John B. Culley Jr 1969 Theodore F. Holland III 1971 Harry F. McNaught Jr 1976 Robert E. Sonnemaker 1967 Snowy White Owl John B. Bridge 1972 Roland N. Litterst Sr 1958 John C. Phares 1966 Delta Daniel C. Jenkins Jr 1967 Richard F. W. Sadler Illinois 1954 James C. Symanek 1994 Lonnie M. Therber 1959 Tyler J. Wade 2012 Michael E. Wingard 1972 Lorne A. Zielaskowski 1993 Friendship Charles K. Ayers 1966+ William F. Brown 1974 Robert D. Cebul 1980 Robert Crowe Indiana 1959 Callum Davies 2011+ Robert H. Hall 1974 Bernard D. Hammer 1960 Andre A. Navarro 2001+ Jeremy W. Overton 2000+ Gary W. Pottorff 1980+ Alejandro Reyna 2017+ Griffin A. Smith 2019 James F. Sonnemaker 1963 Charles H. Wunderlich 2021 Robert Wunderlich III 2018 Perge! Norris John C. Schroeder (21) 1969 Perge! Wallace R. Michael Henderson (17) 1961 Eric M. Cavanaugh (8) 1976 Perge! Wilkinson N. Clay Robbins (23) 1979 Perge! Fairbanks Joseph Barnette Jr (23) 1961 John C. Meng Jr (16) 1966 Leonard F. Anglis (1) 1976

Total $29,565


Golden Chain Ronald D. Crockett 1961 Canonsburg Gary L. Ostenson 1969 Norman K. Thordarson 1963 White Star Michael B. Jeffers 1962 Purple Clematis Peter C. White Sr 1952 Ft. Armstrong John W. Ellis 1950 Steven C. Galbraith 1967 Eric Hanses 1993

Steven M. Helmbrecht 1985 John J. Jolley 1980 Scott R. Mowrer 1971 Ronald C. Wilderman 1965 Snowy White Owl Charles R. Ekberg 1968 James R. Hinz 1975 Chuck Howard 1962 Robert L. Kuebler 1954 Leonard G. Perry 1956 W. Jeffers Pickard 1965 Jack R. Sutermeister 1979 Delta Gordon D. King 1966 J. Thomas Kuebler 1955 Lyman W. Newton 1959 Brian E. Nixon 1977 Shane A. Richards 2007 Tad B. Richards 2003 J. Lewis Thayer 2010 Friendship James F. Barrington 2005+ Bruce H. Bittman 1978 Mark R. Capeloto 1977 Adam F. Ceteznik 1995+ Christopher Collard 2005+ Harry K. Doyle II 1961+ Benjamin Emanuels 2015+ Willson A. Fenton 2005+ James D. Fleming 1957+ Jeff S. Gilson 1980+ W. James Howard 1967+ Mark R. Koski 1982 Peter D. LaBarge 1961+ D. Stewart Lennox Jr 1957+ Todd Meadows 1987+ Edward S. Merlinos 1958+ Tom Napa 1974 Michael P. O'Halloran 2015+ Cliff Otis 1973 Robert Philbrick 2011+ Rodney E. Pressey 1956+ Nathan T. Thramer 2011 Perge! Wallace Michael B. Jeffers (14) 1962 Gary L. Ostenson (22) 1969 John J. Jolley (5) 1980 Perge! Wilkinson Norman K. Thordarson (19) 1963 Perge! Fairbanks John W. Ellis (2) 1950 Ronald Crockett (16) 1961 Steven C. Galbraith (3) 1967 Scott R. Mowrer (5) 1971 Jack Sutermeister (2) 1979

Total $10,812

In Memory of Barry C. Davidson 1965 by Ronald C. Wilderman 1965

Washington & Jefferson

Royal Purple Bernard W. Stanek Jr 1988 Log Cabin D. Lawrence Wickerham, MD 1972 Snowy White Owl William E. Allen Allegheny 1953 Friendship Timothy J. Gricks 1984+ Gregory E. Lindquist 1974+ William J. Morgan 1962

[2020 Donors] Nicholas G. Paouncic 2012+ Charles M. Robbins, DDS OH State 1966 Edward J. Robinson 1979 Perge! Wilkinson Bernard Stanek Jr (7) 1988 Perge! Fairbanks D. Lawrence Wickerham, MD (1) 1972

Total $3,535

Washington & Lee

Purple Clematis Jordan M. Smith 1957 Ft. Armstrong Nicholas H. Fuerst 2010 Samuel A. Syme Jr 1956 Snowy White Owl David L. Moore Jr 1974 Delta David K. Eubank 1976 G. Archer Frierson II 1973 Warren M. Posey 1963 George A. Robertson 1970 Friendship Jerry L. Broccoli 1981 Henry A. Fenn Jr 1963+ Stephen R. Kern 1980+ Dan B. Moore 1956+ Thomas P. Rideout 1963 Hugh B. Sproul III 1958+ Perge! Fairbanks Jordan M. Smith (1) 1957

Total $1,825

Washington State

Royal Purple Robert W. Higgins, MD 1956 Log Cabin Dale L. Wierman 1964 Purple Clematis Erik J. Fay 1999 Philip H. Smith 1966 Ft. Armstrong Augustan D. Kittson 1978 Harlan R. Mayer II 1970 John D. Metcalf 1992 Snowy White Owl Charles F. Diesen 1962 Gordon C. McLean 1966 Gary E. Schell 1970 Doug Shaul 1960 Delta Gerald R. Davis 1958 Robert D. Easton 1983 Donald J. Raz 1984 Gene Sutton 1959 Friendship Bradley M. Adams 2000+ Peter S. Dawson 1960 Matthew C. Files 2013+ Eric A. Lehman 1985+ Mark E. Longmeier 1966 James I. Mock 1959 Terry A. Mueller 1986 Rawlee J. Ridgeway 1960 Lawrence G. Shierk 1958+ Andrew P. Sobczyk 1982 Perge! Wilkinson Robert W. Higgins (15) 1956 Perge! Fairbanks Gerald R. Davis (1) 1958 Dale L. Wierman (7) 1964

Philip H. Smith (2) 1966 Erik J. Fay (5) 1999

Total $6,905

In Memory of Wallace S. Campbell 1956 by Gary E. Schell 1970

Wayne State

Friendship Jeremy J. Bojnowski 2019

West Virginia

Canonsburg Mark N. Roth 1977 Snowy White Owl Harold J. Creel 1984 Mark W. Obermann 1976 Perge! Wilkinson Mark N. Roth (15) 1977

Total $2,665

Western Kentucky

Golden Chair Ben Harper Kentucky 1969 Log Cabin Dana W. Hesse VA Tech 1986 Friendship Alec M. Brown 2017+ Dustin S. Clevidence, DMD 2009 Billy R. Hardison 2020+

Western Michigan

Snowy White Owl Corey A. Watt 1999 Michael J. Wygocki 1986 Delta Robert E. Akans 1976 Friendship Robert M. Abbott 1990 J. Eric Balancio 1989 Brian J. Ball 1994+ Ethan M. Bresnay 2020+ David J. Coffey 1993+ Jo Tokuda 2013+

Total $873

In Memory of Mark H. Gall 1990 by Michael J. Wygocki 1986

Western Ontario

White Star John G. Starzynski 1974 Mark P. Trenton 1986 Purple Clematis Douglas M. Workman 1977 Friendship John G. Inch 1991+ Gregory L. Stoddart 1971 Alex P. Wittenberg 1989 Perge! Fairbanks Douglas Workman (1) 1977

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White Star William E. Parrish 1957 Snowy White Owl Jimmy D. Adams 1957 Richard K. Elder Illinois 1968 Brian D. Johnson 1964 James E. Malarkey 1978 David C. Martin 1989

R. Andrew Miller III 1967 Thomas M. Murphy 1964 Neal B. Prater 1956 John M. Robinson III 1986 Dale G. Schaefer 1958 Friendship David G. Evans 1970 William L. Hassett Jr 1963 John T. Howe 1968 Michael C. Reid 1968 Thomas Schellingerhout 1979 Arch T. Wheeler III 1977+ Perge! Fairbanks William E. Parrish (17) 1957

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In Memory of James A. Clarkson 1962 by Ralph L. Shanks SMU 1963 Thomas L. McDonald 1960 by Ben Robinson HSC 1986

William Jewell

White Star Michael G. Fligg 1961 Log Cabin Jack L. Capps 1947 Purple Clematis Richard M. Wright Jr 1978 Ft. Armstrong William B. Black 1963 Brian G. Carney 1996 Snowy White Owl Kent T. Dicus 1980 H. Allen Dierking 1968 Delta Jonathan G. Curtis 1995 Douglas L. Gilpin 1964 Eric R. Sapp 1992 Friendship Jack M. Dymond 1964+ Taylor B. Evans 2009+ William G. Griffin 2012+ Larry D. Harman 1975+ Thomas M. Higgins 1973+ Michael H. Dermody 1992 C. Richard Moore 1981+ Charles H. Owens Jr IA State 1952+ Jeffrey E. Reed 1982+ John H. Tatlock III 1969 Perge! Wallace Richard Wright Jr (4) 1978 Perge! Fairbanks Michael G. Fligg (8) 1961 Brian G. Carney (2) 1996

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In Memory of John R. Davis 1969 by Michael G. Fligg 1961

William Woods

Friendship Cody V. Mathews 2018+ Evan P. Orr 2001 Palmer C. Soberg 2023+


Snowy White Owl Charles J. Kurtz III 1962 Delta John H. Dalton 1949 Friendship J. Roger Moody 1954


Purple Clematis George L. Schueppert 1961

Ft. Armstrong Kenneth R. DeWeerdt 1960 James E. Freytag 1958 John D. Porter III 1983 Thomas D. Stevens 1972 Snowy White Owl M. Gregory Anunson 1969 John C. Hofmann 1960 Richard E. Holdredge 1967 David L. Johnson 1964 Stephen R. Moore 1964 Joseph E. Ronan Jr 1969 Dag Sohlberg 1965 Delta Franklin P. Ciano 1974 Richard E. Ela Jr 1958 John H. Hendricks 1964 Scott R. Simon 1987 Malcolm P. West 1974 Friendship Peter B. CoBabe 1956 Reed E. Hall 1970 Chester R. Keller 1964+ Eric L. Lied 2014 Luke A. Nevermann 2014 Louis R. Preysz III 1968 Paul D. Schmutzler 1964 John E. Schumann 1967 John W. Seymour 1977 Paul L. Trump 1953 Robert C. Woolard 1958 William H. Zaeske 1966 Perge! Fairbanks George Schueppert (2) 1961 John D. Porter III (1) 1983

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In Memory of Thomas P. Creagan 1963 by Richard E. Holdredge 1967

Wisconsin Eau Claire

Ft. Armstrong Jason J. Seeger 2002 Snowy White Owl Terrance J. Ostrander 1981 Friendship Leo J. Pusateri 1989+ C. R. Sabathne 2002+ Michael A. Stanzak 1980+ Perge! Wallace Jason J. Seeger (5) 2002

Total $1,225


Golden Chain G. David Hopper MD 1963 Royal Purple Joseph E. Williamson 1967 Canonsburg Peter G. Welsh 1974 White Star Eric B. Westendorf 1992 Log Cabin Marc W. Myers 1989 Ft. Armstrong Peter C. Anderson 1961 David E. Baines 1969 Donald S. Hauck 1956 Richard F. Keier 1961 Ernest M. Manuel Jr 1980 David E. Moeller 1963AA Snowy White Owl Austin D. Adams 1970 Wayne E. Babler 1964 Robert C. Baden 1965 Lynn N. Carlton 1964

David A. Hammond 1968 Dean W. Shaffer 1948 Bertrand A. Trompeter 1950 Delta Thomas L. Meyer III 1986 Philip R. Teusink 1971 Friendship J. Christian Bartel 1969 Brian D. Buck 1989+ Marvin N. Cable 2005 David J. Davies 1979+ Brehan R. Doud 2002+ Robert M. Fisher 1966+ Alejandro A. Garcia 2013+ George S. George 1998+ William P. Hohnhorst 1971+ Christopher Jackson 2000+ M. Graham Jones 2015+ James D. Miller 1958+ Wesley A. Petzinger 2000+ Bradley K. Rechel 1978 Ronald K. Storfer 1964 Sean M. Williams 2013+ Steven C. Williams 1970 W. James Wintzer 1979+ Perge! Wallace Peter G. Welsh (19) 1974 Perge! Wilkinson G. David Hopper (21) 1963 Joseph Williamson (16) 1967 Marc W. Myers (5) 1989 Eric B. Westendorf (12) 1992

Total $15,037

In Memory of David E. Moeller 1963 & Jack P. Reynard 1961 by Richard F. Keier 1961


Royal Purple William C. Alexander 1981 White Star Garry P. Balboni 1974 Log Cabin George R. Oliver 1982 Purple Clematis Thomas I. Burns 1974 Ft. Armstrong Hans H. Koehl 1956 Paul A. Mannheim 1961 Paul D. McCluskey 1987 John A. Pelli 1970 Andrew J. Williams 1992 Snowy White Owl Paul R. Alasso 1954 John Fiore Jr 1967 Michael J. Irwin 1975 R. Andrew Muir Jr 1971 Vincent T. Pace 1971 Delta Kenneth Charak 1974 Richard N. Dresser 1966 Robert F. Ferrari 1974 Kyle R. Gauthier 2008 Douglas A. Riley, 1968 Richard E. Roy 1967 John C. Rupprecht 1962 David G. Valliere 2002 Dennis J. Wysocki 1981 Friendship David S. Clayton 1965 John M. Contestabile 1978 Henry J. Fitzgerald 1975

David N. Fleury 1991+ Christopher J. Godfrey 1994 Oscar H. Hawley 1959+ John J. Hyde 2013+ Sean M. Mulligan 2002+ Kalvin W. Ngoon 1970 Charles W. Richards IV 1980 Michael J. Severino 1975+ Kevin C. Walsh 2018+ Morgan Whitney Jr 1959+ David C. Willens 2009 Perge! Wallace Paul D. McCluskey (2) 1987 Andrew J. Williams (6) 1992 Perge! Wilkinson George R. Oliver (4) 1982

Total $47,036


Snowy White Owl Ronald F. Larson 1970 Perge! Fairbanks Ronald F. Larson (1) 1970 In Memory of Theodore P. Versteeg 1975 by Kathryn T. Pontillo


Snowy White Owl Edman L. Gray 1961 Thomas F. Hartch 1963 Delta Frank H. Eastman III 1963 David W. Mette 1966 Friendship Thomas L. Cranmer 1960+ James W. Hanson 1953 Malcolm W. McDonald 1958 Alfred C. Phillips 1952AA+ William W. Stork 1962+ Samuel G. Weiss Jr 1967

Total $550




Ad Astra Richard H. Clements (Oklahoma 1948)

passed ad astra on February 2, 2021. Brother Clements was the cofounder and chairman of Clements Food Company in Oklahoma City. Upon high school graduation in 1944, Dick entered the U.S. Navy’s V-12 program and was initiated at the Georgia Tech Chapter while stationed in Atlanta. He later completed his undergraduate studies at Oklahoma. He was called back into the Navy during the Korean War. In 1953 he and his father, Richard J. Clements (Oklahoma 1918), founded Clements Foods. Dick served as president of two trade associations of food manufacturers. His record of civic leadership in Oklahoma City included chairman of the Salvation Army board of advisors, the Chamber of Commerce, and the United Way, which named its Lifetime Achievement Award in his honor. Dick served on the house corporation of the Nu Omega Chapter at Oklahoma and generously supported the construction of a new house in 2010. He was the sire of two Fiji sons, Richard L. Clements (SMU 1978) and Edward B. Clements (SMU 1983). In 2019 he was named a Distinguished Fiji.

James D. McFarland (Nebraska 1970)

passed ad astra on November 27, 2020. A walk-on at tight end for the Huskers, he became a starter in the 1968 and 1969 seasons and was named All-Big Eight his senior year. In 1970 he was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals, 68


Fratres Qui Fuerunt Sed Nunc Ad Astra Alabama

Stewart G. Austin (1966), 11/6/2020 Walter Matthews Jr. (1959), 2/1/2021 William B. Robertson (1945), 12/29/2020 S. Eugene Sullivan Jr. (1960), 11/10/2020


William R. Probst (1954), 10/7/2020 Guy T. Warfield III (1951), 2/22/2021


Marr P. Mullen (1951), 11/27/2020



William E. Christopher Jr. (1951), 10/22/2020 Carl W. Loftin (1958), 1/16/2021 Mallory F. Miree (1956), 3/4/2021


William A. Manierre (1954), 2/9/2021

Bruce W. Bivert (1976), 3/5/2021 Rees C. Flannery (1962), 1/19/2021 Nicholas B. O’Connell (1949), 2/1/2021 Jon M. Counts (1959), 1/31/2021 John B. Funk (1986), 2/22/2021 Robert C. Garis (1962), 11/22/2020 Eric C. Jorgensen (1966), 12/11/2020 Charles J. Leftault Jr. (1954), 12/25/2020 Cleveland A. Smith (1969), 10/23/2020 Thomas R. Snee (1969), 12/12/2020 John V. Waddle (1957), 12/30/2020


James A. Burris (2008), 3/31/2021 Conner T. Day (2022), 1/23/2021


Richard E. Dick (1969), 2/11/2021


Thomas R. Chapman (1968), 1/30/2021 Alvin E. Duryea Jr. (1956), 12/17/2020 Edgar V. McGinley, MD (1960), 10/26/2020

California Berkeley

Richard M. Bond (1946), 12/1/2020 William J. Eggers III (1961), 1/26/2021 Herschel Hyde (1955), 10/11/2020 Neil R. McAllister Jr. (1944), 2/1/2021 Gerold G. Williams (1962), 1/31/2021

California Los Angeles

Alfred H. Godshall (1949), 2/1/2021

California San Diego

Eric C. Hofmann (1998), 1/17/2021

Case Western Reserve

Philip E. Dew, MD (1948), 2/14/2021 Robert C. Reed (1950), 3/4/2021


John D. Cussen (1959), 12/17/2020 Paul T. Scull Jr. (1962), 11/13/2020


Stuart A. Kilpatrick (1956), 11/15/2020 Peter B. Teets (1963), 11/29/2020

Colorado College

Denison DePauw

John W. Fulkerson (1992), 8/6/2020 Donald Jones (1949), 11/19/2020 Verne F. Knickerbocker (1950), 11/10/2020 James N. Ross Jr. (1962), 2/25/2021 Richard H. Showalter (1949), 2/4/2021


George F. Risi Jr. (1976), 12/12/2020

Florida State

John W. Harrington Jr. (1972), 11/18/2020


E. Knox Martin III (2019), 12/1/2020 Terrance C. Sullivan (1972), 1/16/2021

Georgia Tech

Edward M. Feeney (1950), 4/10/2020 Rudy B. Griffin (1972), 1/11/2021 Andrew Kohl (1967), 2/24/2021 Jim L. Willcox Jr. (1974), 1/2/2021


Walter R. Ernst (1964), 11/26/2020 Fred W. Hopkins Jr. (1956), 12/21/2020 Kenneth R. McKean (1956), 2/1/2021 Robert R. Sieck (1957), 3/14/2021


Thomas R. Salamon (2021), 1/30/2021


Raymond A. Bowden (1949), 1/25/2021 Robert H. Claxton (1946), 11/30/2020 Kenton R. Gebert (1970), 3/22/2020 Elmer E. Geissler (1951), 12/1/2020 William C. Kaag (1953), 3/14/2020 Henry C. Marshall (1968), 1/17/2021 Paul H. Mueller (1952), 2/4/2021 Joseph S. Rawlings (1952), 12/15/2020 Robert P. Wright (1957), 10/8/2020


John B. Leisure (1950), 1/27/2021

Robert L. Bassett (1967), 12/13/2020 Richard T. Hauff (1956), 11/19/2020



Frank V. Baracca Jr. (1965), 11/2/2020 Frederick K. Cross (1952), 10/26/2020 Peter A. Poole (1956), 10/4/2020 Louis A. Urban (1950), 2/1/2021


George S. Gulick Jr. (1956), 1/5/2021

Robert H. Nelson (1952), 12/15/2020

Illinois Wesleyan

Robert F. Klings (1956), 7/16/2020 John J. Larsen (1967), 4/28/2020 Ole B. Pace III (1963), 6/2/2020 Joseph T. Strow (1957), 5/24/2020

[ Ad Astra ] Indiana

Marion L. Bowers (1936), 3/1/2021 Stephen L. Craig (1975), 1/20/2021 W. Mark Findley (1973), 11/10/2020 John L. Hess (1965), 11/4/2020 Ernest H. Lockridge (1960), 11/15/2020 John T. Scott (1957), 3/12/2021

Indiana State

Donald L. Koss (1974), 1/5/2021 David A. Smith (1971), 10/26/2020


Newton J. Murphy (1952), 9/16/2020 Aristotle Pappajohn (1952), 12/24/2020 Frederick Stines Jr. (1949), 1/19/2021

Iowa State

James M. Adams (1953), 12/17/2020 Stanley M. Little Jr. (1944), 2/1/2021 Jeffrey Nolton (1962), 2/25/2021 William C. Ziebell, MD (1951), 12/6/2020

Donald C. Ungerott (1952), 12/5/2020 Robert M. Wachter (1950), 12/28/2020

Missouri State

Travis D. Reed (2007), 1/14/2021


Richard H. Haas (1943), 1/15/2021 Robert W. Morgan (1955), 11/9/2020 Carl C. Scheid (1953), 11/11/2020


Tykye G. Camaras (1956), 2/1/2021 Andrew H. Goranson (1999), 1/4/2021 Daniel S. Jones III (1950), 2/1/2021 Frederick W. Karrer (1953), 11/28/2020 Kenneth R. Laux (1968), 11/15/2020 James D. McFarland (1971), 11/27/2020 T. Charles Nilsson (1971), 10/24/2020 Murray G. Schad (1963), 11/6/2020

New York


John J. Brennan (1957), 1/5/2021 Thomas Diamantis (1962), 1/12/2021 Richard A. Plata (1937), 2/1/2021


North Alabama

James W. Collins (1987), 10/30/2020 Larry S. Gutsch (1957), 1/12/2021 Larry L. Heck, MD (1962), 11/19/2020 Richard D. Smith (1954), 1/11/2021 Harry T. Stucker (1947), 4/9/2020 James H. Suderman (1958), 2/2/2021 Jack C. Williams (1957), 2/26/2021


Jason B. Beem (1998), 2/15/2021 Joseph H. Kurre (1965), 10/20/2020


Guy Y. McClure Jr. (1984), 11/8/2020

North Carolina

Samuel M. Blount Jr. (1954), 1/28/2021 George W. Boss (1961), 12/5/2020 Kenton B. Creuser (1954), 11/20/2020 Lamar Jones Jr. (1982), 3/11/2021 John J. Schroeder (1961), 1/18/2021 William D. Smith Sr. (1953), 12/11/2020


Thomas A. Gallivan (1978), 12/15/2020 Len A. Kuchan (1953), 12/25/2020 Madison G. Sterne Jr. (1950), 12/3/2020

George E. Irwin Jr. (1940), 1/9/2021 Stanley L. Krejci (1964), 10/28/2020 Robert W. Meyers (1957), 2/1/2021 Thomas A. Russell Jr. (1949), 11/30/2020



William S. Luce (1956), 1/21/2021 Charles W. Ridinger III (1950), 12/2/2020 Paul D. Scull (1957), 2/25/2021 Donald K. Walsh (1946), 3/2/2021

John L. Bonham (1946), 6/15/2020


William T. Schneider (1976), 11/19/2020

Louisiana State

Ohio State


Ohio Wesleyan



Robert L. Capell III (1970), 1/1/2021 Terry G. Karns (1961), 12/2/2020 Paul P. Matthews (1962), 12/24/2020 Paul E. McCrea (1967), 1/25/2021 James M. Avore (1967), 2/1/2021 Joseph T. Cuccaro (1959), 2/16/2021 Carlton M. Lowery (1953), 12/10/2020 Stephen C. Brewer (1960), 12/25/2020


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Michigan State

Jeffrey Choi (1963), 2/22/2021


Paul S. Finden (1960), 5/24/2020


Donald E. Farmer (1960), 3/31/2021

Michael J. Horn (1980), 12/28/2020 John A. Hunter, DDS (1964), 12/8/2020 Richard F. Martin (1949), 3/15/2021 Joseph W. Ray III (1966), 1/19/2021 H. James Brown (1962), 1/24/2021 John S. Detrick (1957), 12/26/2020 Bruce A. Ewen (1963), 12/12/2020 Richard H. Clements (1948), 2/2/2021 F. Robert Cornell (1961), 12/12/2020 J. Daniel Coulter (1953), 12/15/2020 Jack W. Hensley (1959), 12/12/2019 Dr. Myers William Lockard Jr. (1952), 12/6/2020 William J. Rea Jr. (1952), 1/18/2021 Louis F. Trost Jr. (1950), 1/14/2021


Michael R. Graeper (1962), 12/13/2020 William W. Perry (1962), 2/22/2021

Oregon State

Rupert E. Fixott (1943), 3/12/2021


Samuel M. Jannetta (1962), 11/6/2020 William C. Seifred (1950), 11/9/2020

Penn State

Frederick D. Day III (1964), 11/17/2020 Charles V. Henry (1956), 12/8/2020

where he played for five seasons before finishing his NFL career with the Miami Dolphins in 1975. He was inducted into the Nebraska Football Hall of Fame in 1999. After retiring from the NFL, Jim earned a law degree from Cornell and practiced law in Lincoln for more than 35 years. In 1986 he was appointed by Governor Bob Kerrey (Nebraska 1965) to fill a vacant seat in the Nebraska Legislature. He was then elected to the seat and served until 1990. He also served six years on the board of the NFL Former Players Association. Jim was Purple Legionnaire for the Lambda Nu Chapter from 1994-97.

Frederick Stines, Jr. (Iowa 1949) passed ad

astra on January 19, 2021. A World War II veteran, Fred entered the Army following his freshman year at Iowa, serving with the 102nd Infantry Division in Europe. After returning to the University, he served as president of the Mu Deuteron Chapter as well as the Interfraternity Council. Fred enjoyed a 40-year career in publishing with the Meredith Corporation in Des Moines, starting as a sales trainee. Successive executive roles included publisher of Successful Farming magazine, the creation of private label publishing arm Meredith Publishing Services, general manager of a group of Meredith newspapers, and president of Better Homes & Gardens Book Group. He served as national chairman of Future Farmers of America in 1982 and was a board member of Homesteader’s Life Insurance Company. His extensive involvement in Phi Gamma Delta included service as a Section Chief, as Archon Councilor from 1984-88, and as Legate at the chartering at Drake in 1994. For his work on behalf of the Mu Deuteron Chapter, Fred received the Fraternity’s Coulter Cup in 1982, and he was named a Distinguished Fiji in 1989.

Louis F. Trost, Jr. (Oklahoma 1950) passed ad astra on January 14, 2021. Upon graduation from high school, Lou enlisted THE PHI GAMMA DELTA

4 69

[ Ad Astra ] in the military and at 19 was the youngest master sergeant in the Pacific Theatre. He later rose to the rank of captain in the Army Reserves. As an undergraduate at OU, he was president of the Nu Omega Chapter. Over a long career in banking, Lou rose to become president and CEO of Lincoln National Bank in Oklahoma City. He served three terms on the board of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Topeka, was president of the Mental Health Association of Oklahoma City, and served on the State Pension Commission. Lou’s service to the Fraternity included Section Chief, the Nu Omega House Corporation, and nine years on the board of the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation, including three as treasurer. He received the Distinguished Fiji Award in 2004.

DeWitt Waltmon, Sr. (Texas 1949) passed

ad astra on November 27, 2020. DeWitt’s long career in the insurance business in Houston began shortly after graduation, as an underwriter for American General. Later he and a partner built an agency that grew and transformed multiple times before being bought by Alexander & Alexander in the late 1970s. He served as president and managing chairman of Alexander & Alexander’s Houston office until his retirement. In Phi Gamma Delta, DeWitt was president of the Houston Graduate Chapter on multiple occasions and spearheaded fundraising for a complete renovation of the chapter house at the University of Texas. He also served on the board of the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation from 1991-94. His devotion to family is reflected in his Phi Gam heritage: his father DeWitt Waltmon (Texas 1920), sons DeWitt Waltmon, Jr. (Texas 1980) and Scott Waltmon (Texas 1987), four grandsons and a grandson-in-law. He was named a Distinguished Fiji in 1996.t




James R. Edmonston (1958), 2/12/2021 William F. Minnick Jr. (1950), 1/5/2021 G. Christie Watson (1940), 2/1/2021


Robert L. Carrel (1955), 1/2/2021 Jack E. Chappell (1950), 2/1/2021 John W. Goodin (1980), 2/6/2021 Mark A. McCoy (1976), 12/5/2020

Rhode Island

Raymond G. Lundgren Jr. (1954), 2/1/2021 Timothy J. Mills (1984), 12/10/2020


Edward R. Belknap (1967), 10/24/2020 J. Earle Dunford Jr. (1948), 10/25/2020 Ernest A. Lumsden Jr. (1953), 12/17/2020


Anilkumar C. Patel (1979), 10/24/2020


Alan E. D’Elia (1969), 11/3/2020 William H. Nigh (1971), 12/18/2020 Donald J. Taylor (1958), 2/17/2021


John M. Blanchard (1975), 12/23/2020

Southern Methodist

G. Robert Chenoweth (1959), 12/24/2020 Douglas R. Dettman (1975), 12/26/2020 C. Alan Ferguson (1962), 10/10/2020 Theodore L. Lindbergh Jr. (1960), 12/15/2020


Earl W. Brydges Jr. (1959), 3/19/2021 Robert W. Feucht (1954), 11/1/2020 Edward J. Ralston (1952), 11/4/2020


John E. Bassingthwaite (1965), 1/25/2021 Edward A. Overton (1958), 10/19/2020


Kenneth A. Payment (1963), 3/11/2021


Richard L. Green (1975), 11/30/2020


James C. Clark (1951), 2/14/2021 Robert E. Harris (1942), 3/2/2021 Donald B. Korb (1945), 1/4/2021 Donald R. Vorce Jr. (1964), 11/13/2020 Charles R. Zimont (1954), 1/11/2021


Dr. John B. Carbery (1971), 2/14/2021 John P. Day (1959), 10/26/2020 Dean W. Saffle (1951), 12/26/2020 Howard E. Shiel Jr. (1948), 11/30/2020

Washington & Jefferson

James H. Chester (1966), 10/22/2020 Jerry R. Duffie (1964), 3/21/2021 Charles W. Kipp (1976), 2/22/2021 Sheldon N. Myers (1951), 1/28/2021 Thomas V. Shoop (1963), 2/17/2021

Washington & Lee

C. Thomas Skeen II (1989), 1/14/2021 Guy T. Steuart II (1953), 10/10/2020 Dudley B. Thomas (1955), 12/17/2020 Stanley A. Walton III (1962), 10/28/2020 Wiley R. Wright Jr. (1954), 11/30/2020

Washington State

Wallace S. Campbell (1956), 10/25/2020


Robert S. Allison (1954), 3/24/2021 Henry G. Arnold Jr. (1966), 4/2/2021 William T. Bozeman (1969), 12/18/2020 Gregory H. Kill (1992), 2/5/2021 William M. Slayden III (1972), 10/28/2020 Allen J. Ware Jr. (1952), 3/4/2021

Tennessee Tech

Stephen L. Wilson (1989), 3/4/2021


Duke M. Covert (1968), 12/22/2020 Porter Farrell II (1977), 2/10/2021 Robert W. Little (1963), 1/15/2021 Horace W. Netherton Jr. (1948), 1/18/2021 Fred W. Riley Jr. (1954), 3/24/2021 DeWitt Waltmon Sr. (1949), 11/27/2020 William W. Wise (1977), 1/16/2021

Texas Dallas

Andrew P. Sockwell (2015), 10/10/2020

Texas State

Christopher W. Carman (1990), 3/3/2021

Texas Tech

Connor M. Pickett (2019), 1/28/2021 W. Lawrence Scott (1989), 2/11/2021 Louis N. Thomas (1967), 11/6/2020

Larry K. Lowe (1967), 11/4/2020

Western Michigan

Mark A. Case (1980), 11/1/2020 Mark H. Gall (1990), 11/14/2020

Western Ontario

Peter D. Macdonald (1969), 2/22/2021


Phillip L. Reynolds (1961), 12/20/2020 Francis J. Taylor (1951), 12/30/2020

William Jewell

Donald L. Crain (1954), 11/24/2020 Lewis W. Tapp Jr. (1951), 9/30/2020 James G. Trimble (1950), 1/13/2021


Robert C. Erzinger (1955), 3/3/2021


John P. Long (1957), 12/7/2020 Thomas G. Mattern (1959), 1/3/2021 Jack P. Reynard Jr. (1961), 12/21/2020 E. Davis Woellner Jr. (1943), 12/1/2020


Spencer J. Schnaitter (1954), 1/15/2021 Harry L. Stern (1952), 11/14/2020


Obituary Notifications Submit obituary notifications online at www.phigam. org/AdAstra or email to

Fraternally Speaking O

ver the past 14 months, we have grown accustomed to several phrases, with a new one gaining momentum that is bound to be used in a number of different ways - What’s Next? Perhaps the most popular use will be that of frustration. We are simply ready to move on, whether the issue at hand is really solved. Or we pessimistically wonder what disastrous thing could possibly happen now? (Remember, the murder hornets are still out there.) Some leaders may use it because they recognize that their team is stuck, and it is time to move forward. They are dwelling on an issue that has already been handled, going in circles or are otherwise not productive on the issue. But others will ask that simple question to gauge the opportunities and challenges that are on the horizon. What adjustments do we need to make to best position ourselves or our organizations for what we think may be coming? Change is inevitable and natural. Adaptation and evolution are healthy. But particularly for an organization rooted in history and tradition, change can be hard but far from impossible. It is natural to immediately resist change. More than one Section Chief, Purple Legionnaire or former staff member can share stories of chapters (and graduates) resistant to change – citing what they believe are core traditions that may only be a few years old at most, or claiming, “but this dates back to the Immortal Six!” (I can assure you, though our Founders would be very proud of where we are today, there is a lot about the Fraternity that they would not recognize.) Consider just a few of the substantial

Rob Caudill, changes to the Executive Director Fraternity in our 173 years. Within our first 50 years, we determined our governance model no longer best served a growing organization, and in 1898, we adopted our current Ekklesia model, which itself has been significantly modified several times over. Though many important roles date back to our very early days, our volunteer and staffing models evolved over more than a century – the first staff member, a single Field Secretary, was hired in 1913. We adopted risk management and alcoholfree housing policies in the 1980s and 1990s to better align with our changing environment. This issue, and prior issues, of The Phi Gamma Delta outline countless adaptations throughout 2020 and 2021, many of which are likely to carry forward and make us stronger for years to come. Phi Gamma Delta has been so durable through the years because it adjusted when the time was right, without abandoning our core values. Its resilience is also a function of leadership – talented brothers who served as Archons, who knew when to lead versus when to follow and continuously scanned the horizon to understand when bold actions were needed. We continue to be blessed with leaders who understand the opportunities and challenges coming from societal shifts and changing campus dynamics. Leaders who are ready to learn from our past and prepare for our future, believing that our best days are still in front of us. We are all ready to move forward, and Phi Gamma Delta is well-equipped for what’s next. t

Founded at Jefferson College, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, on May 1, 1848, by John Templeton McCarty, Samuel Beatty Wilson, James Elliott, Ellis Bailey Gregg, Daniel Webster Crofts & Naaman Fletcher.

The Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta

1201 Red Mile Rd, PO Box 4599, Lexington, KY 405444599 | (859) 255-1848 |


• President: Nic Loiacono (Illinois 1974) • Vice Pres: Bill Hunnicutt (Texas Arlington 1981) • Treasurer: Don Herman (Calgary 1984) • Secretary: Ed Gabe (Hanover 1990) • Councilor: Tom Waldon (Iowa State 1979) • Councilor: Dana Hesse (Virginia Tech 1986) • Councilor: Tim Kilduff (Kent State 1968) • Councilor: Davis Hardell (Georgia 2021) • Councilor: Jack Foley (Ohio Wesleyan 2022)

Headquarters Staff

• Executive Director: Rob Caudill (Akron 2004) • Asst Executive Director: Todd Rotgers (Minnesota 2011) • CFO: Will Shier (DePauw 1988) • Sr Dir of Chapter Support: Helen Lahrman • Dir of Chapter Services-East: Joe Roth (Akron 2019) • Dir of Chapter Services-West: Bryan Hartzell (Western Kentucky 2014) • Dir of Communications: Erica Carlson • Dir of Education: Lauren Leif • Dir of Graduate Engagement: Dionysis Protopapadakis (Appalachian State 2017) • Dir of Membership & Operations: Amy Watson • Asst Dir of Education: Andrew Depew (Kentucky 2010) • Coordinator of Communications: Tayler McCrabb • Senior Executive Assistant: Taren Robin • Administrative Assistant: Mahogany Dobbins • Receptionist: Kitty Brown • Field Secretaries: Eli Ussery (Alabama Birmingham 2018); Robbie Guilford (Arizona 2017); Logan McLendon (Alabama Birmingham 2020); Tyler Fisk (Wayne State 2020); Jarrett Keyton (Mississippi State 2020)

Appointed General Officers

• Curator of Archives: Joe Weist (Rose-Hulman 1987) • Educational Dir: Amelious Whyte (Minnesota Faculty) • General Counsel: Jim Boyers (Hanover 1994) • Historian: Towner Blackstock (Davidson 1994) • PR Dir: Mike Sacks (James Madison 2004) • Ritualist: Justin Burns (Ohio State 2007)

Educational Foundations

Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation 1201 Red Mile Rd, PO Box 4599, Lexington, KY 405444599 Board Members • Chairman: Matthew Amend (Iowa 1987) • Vice Chairman: Glenn Moor (Texas Tech 1984) • Finance Comm Chairman: Kevin Haga (Jacksonville 1992) • Board Secretary: Bill Brand (RPI 1987) • Executive Comm: Kevin Hopper (Cincinnati 1973) • Directors: Michael Ainsworth (British Columbia 1987); Carl Gibson (Oklahoma 1981); Mitchell Henn (Case Western 1972); Mike Lucas (Bradley 1983); Scott Mowrer (Washington 1971); Michael Stewart (Penn State 1972); Rob Wunderlich (DePauw 1988) • Directors Emeriti: Peter Clark (Kettering 1968); Jack Nicklaus (Ohio State 1961); Peter O’Malley (Penn 1959); Roger Parkhurst (Purdue 1965); William Rodgers (Oklahoma 1959)

Phi Gamma Delta Foundation of Canada

20 Raintree Path, Etobicoke, ON M9C 5A9, Canada Board Members • President: Michael Ainsworth (British Columbia 1987) • Treasurer: Norman Dundas (McGill 1963) • Secretary: Murray Coulter (Western Ontario 1972) • Directors: Erez Bahar (British Columbia 2001); John Carswell (Alberta 1976); Donald Herman (Calgary 1985); Ashley O’Kurley (Alberta 1994); Tristan Patterson (Alberta 2010); Frank Smeenk (Western Ontario 1971); Rob Witchel (Toronto 1987) • Trustee Emeritus: Cameron Murray (Alberta 1972)

US & Canadian Foundations Staff

• Executive Director: Ben Robinson (HampdenSydney 1986) • COO/CFO: Will Shier (DePauw 1988) • Sr Dir of Development: Duke Murphy (Coastal Carolina 2011)



The Fraternity of PHI GAMMA DELTA 1201 Red Mile Road Lexington, KY 40504

Non-Profit Organization U.S. POSTAGE PAID Bolingbrook, IL Permit No. 1908

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Graduate brothers from Beta Rho at Louisiana State raised over $50,000 for Jessie Hamilton, the Chapter's former cook of 14 years. Over 90 brothers donated the funds to pay off the remainder of Jessie's mortgage and then some. (See the full story on page 32.)