The Phi Gamma Delta Magazine - Spring 2021

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Graduate Volunteers

Roles & Their Importance to the Fraternity's Success

Vacancies As of 4/13/2021

Graduate volunteers play a critical role in the success of the Fraternity and its chapters. Brothers in these roles have a tremendous impact on the undergraduate members' lives, serving as mentors and ensuring a proper support network to the men in each chapter. Accurate advisor listings ensure the proper brothers are contacted by Headquarters staff and that database records are up to date.

Section Chief Section Chiefs serve as Appointed General Officers of the Fraternity, and they are approved by the Archons. Their main responsibility is to identify, recruit and support graduate advisors and house corporations for each chapter in the section.

Purple Legionnaire The Purple Legionnaire (PL) is the primary advisor at each chapter, monitoring chapter efficiency and providing guidance, support and counsel where needed. PLs are selected by the Section Chief and affirmed by a vote of the chapter.

Board of Chapter Advisors Board of Chapter Advisors (BCA)

members serve as an extension of the advisory support provided by the PL and work directly with undergraduate officers and chairmen. They provide counsel in various areas, such as administration, fraternity law, graduate relations, new member education, PR, Ritual, recruitment, philanthropy and scholarship.

House Corporation A house corporation is a nonprofit entity with a board of directors comprised of graduate volunteers. Its purpose is to provide safe, comfortable and competitive housing for the undergraduate chapter it supports. The house corporation oversees housing finances, insurance, repairs and business operations of the facility. t

Section Chief:

• Kansas City, KS Area: Kansas, Kansas State & William Jewell • Nashville, TN Area: Sewanee, Tennessee & Tennessee Tech

Purple Legionnaire: • California Irvine • Illinois • Penn State • Sewanee • Texas • Tulane • Virginia Commonwealth • Washington & Lee There is always a need for BCA and house corporation members. If you are interested in serving in any of these roles, please contact us at or 859-255-1848. All vacancies can also be found at VolunteerDirectory. THE PHI GAMMA DELTA