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The faculty and staff of the MUSC Campus of the SC College of Pharmacy would like to thank the following Class of 2010 donors. Together, they raised $18,395.00 for the Building Campaign. The Class of 2010 raised more for their class gift than any other pharmacy class before them, and more than any of the other MUSC colleges, ever. _____________________________________________________________________ Lauren Mantho Able Mary Jennifer Glace Latoya Leonard Sarah Somervell Ballentine Gretchen Goldberg Lacy McRae Monica Dawn Barden Lauren Courtney Harrison Haley Messich Danielle Renee Baskin Laura Hedetniemi Chad Messinger Laura Elizabeth Bonnette Daniel Heenan Janine Frances Mitchell Sarah Comolli Jean Bellevue Hilaire Tara Nicole Moore Khoa Dao Robert Hodges Rachael Brittany Nagel Marcus Courtland Dean Katherine Hoover Linda Nguyen Christopher Joseph Dykes Sean Robert Jesinkey Lisa Olson Bridget Floyd Briana Jones Annlizbeth Orara Jeffrey McGuire Floyd Vandana Joshi Heather Rae Paschal Crystal Freshwater Carrie Kibbey Deanna Elizabeth Pauley Sara Elizabeth Gibson Dawn Kruzan Elizabeth McClintock Peebles Lindsay Meredith Gilstrap Nicole Kristin Larsen Rebecca Lynn Rew

Raymond Reyes Leah Robinson Stephanie Lynn Rose Patrick Runey Timothy Schuller Beju Shah Brianne Nicole Shokri Jacqueline Hallie Siers Dixie Lynn Stephens Candace Lollis Strickland Melissa Lynn Thompson Jamie Downing Wiggins Lynn Wincenciak

Class of 2010 - Class Gift Names  
Class of 2010 - Class Gift Names  

Thanks to those members of the Class of 2010 who contributed to the Building Fund.