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Explore your creative potential I invite you... Nestled within the Santa Monica Mountains surrounded by vistas of the Pacific Ocean and with the entertainment capital of the world only moments away, Pepperdine University is the ideal setting to explore your creative potential. The Division of Fine Arts at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, offers excellent training in the disciplines of Studio Art, Art History, Music, and Theatre Arts. Pepperdine University is grounded in the context of the liberal arts tradition and the Fine Arts Division is led by a renowned group of faculty who are revered in their fields as practicing scholars, artists, and teachers. Our graduates continue to distinguish themselves as evidenced by their successful admission into graduate programs in such institutions as the New England Conservatory of Music, Julliard School of Music, American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco, National Theatre

Conservatory in Denver, Yale University, Claremont Graduate University, and California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). Many students are currently working as actors, stage managers, professional musicians, professional artists, and educators. Art History graduates have also achieved distinction working in prominent galleries and museums worldwide. I invite you to take a look at this brochure and explore what the Division of Fine Arts has to offer. You will find the information required to apply for and audition for study in the arts should you desire to major in one of the represented fields. You will also find information about other ways of being involved. I encourage you to plan a visit to our campus so that you will be able to learn firsthand what we offer in the arts. Dr. Gary W. Cobb Chair, Fine Arts Division Pepperdine University


dynamically changing world dynamically changing world of the 21st century. Our students examine art in its historical context; assess art and the field of art history critically and analytically; master research, writing, and presentation skills; and foster community engagement in art through outreach and education. By examining works of art from multiple perspectives, students develop an appreciation for diverse cultures and the vital role that art plays in human expression across time and space. Scholarships are available to students who demonstrate strong past achievement. Contact the Fine Arts Division office for criteria and information on applying.

The Art History Program at Pepperdine University prepares students to be leaders in the global, connected, and

artistic resources The Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art is an on-campus museum that offers exhibitions of historic and contemporary art by internationally recognized artists and also offers students a chance to gain firsthand experience in museum work.

Cocurriculars are an important part of the Art History Program. The Art History Lecture Series invites prominent scholars to present their research on a variety of art historical and archaeological subjects. Offered several times throughout the year, the lectures introduce students to current scholarship and career paths in art history. The Art History Student Society is a student-run organization that offers opportunities throughout the year to explore Los Angeles’

artistic resources

while enhancing student collegiality and success through a variety of programs, including an informative Career Night.

Our students are encouraged to spend a summer, semester, or year exploring abroad in one of our renowned

international programs. With Pepperdine campuses in the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, China, Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain

Shaanxi History Museum, Xi’an, China

and Argentina, and special programs in many other countries, Pepperdine art history students can take full advantage of studying original works of art in their cultural context.

international programs

Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England

world class

The Pepperdine University campus is conveniently located in the Greater Los Angeles area. Our central location allows students to gain firsthand experience through visits to and internships with


The Norton Simon Museum

museums galleries auction houses The Getty Center, Los Angeles The Getty Villa, Malibu

The Huntington Library and Gardens, San Marino

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles


class museums, galleries, and auction houses, including:

The Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena Christie’s Auction House, Beverly Hills

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

The Getty Center

The Museum of Contemporary Art

››Situate works of art in their historical context. ››Analyze and critique works of art based on form, content, and medium. ››Critique the history of the discipline of art history. ››Engage significant issues and debates in the field through critical thinking, research, writing, and oral presentation. ››Practice the professional code of ethics regarding art, the art market, cultural heritage, and museology. ››Demonstrate understanding of and sensitivity to diversity as visualized in art. ››Foster community engagement in the arts through outreach and arts education.

Art History Students


key artistic creative elements

The Studio Art Program at Pepperdine University contributes

key artistic and creative elements to the liberal arts environment of Seaver

College. Students pursuing the Studio Art major generally specialize in painting or sculpture. We also offer a Studio Art minor in Multimedia Design. All students in the program receive personalized mentoring, are encouraged to explore their medium in depth and display the best of their work in the Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art in the senior exhibition.

Located in close proximity to the vibrant Los Angeles art scene, the Studio Art Program has been a part of Pepperdine University since its establishment in 1937. The emphasis and philosophy of the program provide a disciplined framework that allows the serious student of art to discover his or her


creative vision. A number of graduates have successfully completed advanced degrees in the field and are practicing professionals. Other graduates are excelling in education and professional design fields. Scholarships are available to students who demonstrate strong talent. Contact the Fine Arts Division office for criteria and information on applying.

unique creative vision.

geographic connection

As a liberal arts college, Seaver brings together the noblest ideas of Western culture with a modern, global


worldview. The increased importance of understanding not only regional, but also international trends in the visual arts, is apparent, especially through the impact of the geographic connection of the Studio Art Program to the diverse city of Los Angeles. Viewed as one of the world’s most important centers of art and culture, with internationally respected museums, galleries, and

provides unique educational and experiential opportunities. With a faculty who exhibit their own work regionally, nationally, and internationally, the Studio Art Program provides experienced leadership within this context.

Studio Art Students ››Converse using the vocabulary specific to art and visual expression. ››Demonstrate a level of education that provides a foundation for immediate work in many areas of art. ››Demonstrate an enriched cultural awareness and deeper understanding of the importance of the visual arts within the greater society. ››Demonstrate a technical facility and conceptual understanding of the discipline for admission to graduate school.

libraries, the Los Angeles region

To further respond to a more

“global community” influencing the knowledge and creation of

contemporary art, the Studio Art Program at Seaver College has had a close relationship with the highly respected art institute, Studio Art Centers International (SACI), in Florence, Italy. SACI’s mission is to provide a unique, life-enhancing study abroad experience in the center of Florence for students of both traditional and contemporary studio arts and design by offering direct access to centuries of Florentine and Italian culture, a wide range of arts and design studios, complementary academic courses of outstanding quality, and the opportunity to be part of an institution engaged in leading areas of research and exploration.

global community

MUSIC provide stimulating ensemble experiences. Annual opera and musical theatre productions, recitals, concerts, and master classes provide additional performance opportunities, enhance the regular curricular offerings, and enrich the University’s strong cultural climate. The Music Program offers the bachelor of arts degree in music. Students are able to choose a concentration in applied music (performance), music composition, or music education. Scholarships are available to students who demonstrate strong talent. Contact the Fine Arts Division office for criteria and information on applying.

››Demonstrate a proficiency of musicianship in aural skills, keyboard skills and sight-reading. ››Demonstrate a comprehension of music through accepted theoretical and formal procedures of analysis. ››Narrate the basic history of music beginning with the antiquities, being able to identify major periods, composers and significant works of music through a fundamental knowledge of music style. ››Demonstrate the techniques and skills specifically related to the individual student’s emphasis. ››Meet obligations of his or her community of peers, learning and applying lessons of leadership, service, and collaboration. ››Develop a general knowledge of the music industry, being able to identify significant contemporary artists, cultural centers, publications and trends. ››Design and perform a full program of music, a capstone experience synthesizing the acquired knowledge and skills with the developed talent of the individual student. ››Share his or her developed musical talent with the community at large.

Music Students


The Pepperdine University Music Program offers exciting music possibilities as expansive as the view of the Pacific. The department is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music. Our students study with distinguished faculty, leading soloists, and top studio professionals, including members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, and other outstanding professional music ensembles in the region. Our University choirs, University Orchestra, University Wind Ensemble, Flora L. Thornton Opera Program, Collegium Musicum, Jazz Ensemble, collaborative arts, and chamber music groups are open to all students by audition and

outstanding ensembles

The Choral Program of Pepperdine University offers a choice of three

outstanding ensembles. The Concert Choir, our largest mixed

performing group, is a diverse group of music majors, music-award recipients, and talented singers from other disciplines throughout the Seaver College community. Chamber Singers is a performance-based small ensemble with a varying mix of singers. This select vocal group performs a diverse range of accompanied and a cappella choral literature. Collegium Musicum, consisting of both singers and instrumentalists, performs music from the outermost edges of the concert repertoire, from medieval times to the present.

outstanding professionals

The Flora L. Thornton Opera Program offers performance opportunities in fully staged productions of opera, summer study abroad, and master classes with

outstanding professionals in the field.

Pepperdine graduates are now gracing the rosters of America’s Leading Opera Companies, including the Los Angeles Opera, the Santa Fe Opera, the San Francisco Opera, the Seattle Opera, the Lyric Opera of Chicago, and the Metropolitan Opera. The Flora L. Thornton Opera Program was endowed by Flora Laney Thornton, one of Southern California’s most beloved and honored arts philanthropists.

Students are able to use the Kwong Music Technology Lab, located in the Ahmanson Music Building, providing the necessary tools for students to acquire skills in music notation, MIDI sequencing, digital audio, sound design, and computer music.

Students also have additional performance and study opportunities with the Heidelberg Summer Music Program offered every two years. This program provides intensive study of operatic repertoire, acting techniques, chamber music, theory, humanities, and languages. Field trips are included to such venues as Salzburg, Prague, and Vienna.

Whether you perform in Pepperdine’s orchestra, wind ensemble, jazz band, or small chamber ensembles, you will be taught by some of the best professionals in the business. The University Orchestra performs great orchestral music from classical to movie soundtracks and popular music. In addition, the orchestra participates in the musical theatre production in the fall and the Flora L. Thornton Opera Program in the spring. The Wind Ensemble performs traditional band literature, chamber works and contemporary works for wind band. The Jazz Ensemble explores music of the swing era to the music of big bands today. In chamber music classes, students receive weekly coaching by members of the instrumental faculty. The ensembles perform the finest selections from standard string, woodwind, brass, guitar, and percussion ensemble literature.


Christopher Parkening, one of the world’s preeminent virtuosos of the classical guitar, is a Distinguished Professor of Music at Pepperdine University and has occupied the Christopher Parkening Chair in Classical Guitar since the fall of 2002. Pepperdine is the home of the Parkening International Guitar Competition.

academic excellence


The Pepperdine University Theatre Program strongly supports the mission of the University through our commitment to using theatre to effect social change, our selection of plays for main stage productions, and our hiring of faculty. We hold students to the

highest standards of

academic excellence in each of our three majors: the bachelor of arts in theatre with a concentration in acting, production/design, or directing, the bachelor of arts in theatre and media production, and the bachelor of arts in theatre and music.

Believing that our students need to know how to behave professionally if they are to be successful in their work, we run our rehearsals according to the rules of Actors Equity, which places high expectations on both the actors and the production team. Whether we see the theatre as a mirror that reflects a fractured society, or as an engine that pushes society in new directions, we take seriously our responsibility to ask difficult questions that have no easy answers.

Driven by passion and committed to change, we, the faculty and students of the Pepperdine

driven by passion

Theatre Program, cannot help but use our gifts as theatre practitioners to incite widespread hope.



The Pepperdine University Theatre Program is from the theatre programs at other institutions in three primary areas.

›› We strive for a level of excellence in our productions that eclipses the standard expectations of “educational theatre.”


›› We believe in the primacy of mentoring our students. We limit enrollment in the program through the audition/interview process in order to ensure that the faculty will be able to take a personal interest in each of our students.

›› We take advantage of our geographical proximity to the entertainment industry to put our students into contact with professionals who can augment the mentoring and professionalism of the program.

››Apply a code of conduct mandated by the theatre profession. ››Demonstrate artistic self-expression grounded in analytical thinking. ››Demonstrate proficiency in modes of communication (visual, oral, physical, and written) appropriate to her/his emphasis within the major. ››Articulate the ways in which theatre serves as an agent of social change.

Theatre Students

most transformative

In addition to the classes and productions at the Malibu campus, the Theatre Program has produced new and existing plays at the international Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Edinburgh, Scotland, since 1985. The biennial

summer trip takes approximately 30 students, under the direction of Professor Cathy Thomas-Grant, to Pepperdine’s London campus for a month of classes and rehearsals, followed by two weeks of performances in Edinburgh. For


The Pepperdine University Theatre Program offers

scholarships to compete

for students from across the country and around the world. The Ubben Endowed Scholarship for Production Design Majors, for example, provides $25,000 per year to an outstanding student. Approximately 75 percent of theatre majors receive some form of financial assistance. For more information about available scholarships please contact Fine Arts.

more than 20 years, generations of alumni have described this trip as the their Pepperdine experience.

most transformative part of

FINE ARTS AT PEPPERDINE The Fine Arts Division is committed to excellent training in the disciplines of Studio Art, Art History, Music, and Theatre. Our students are prepared for successful entry into graduate schools and are able to pursue their disciplines through lives of purpose, service, and leadership. To learn more about the Fine Arts Division or to apply please visit our website: Contact Fine Arts Admissions 310.506.4111


studio professionals

distinguished faculty

leading soloists

FINE ARTS 24255 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu, CA 90263 - 4462 (310) 506-4462

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Fine Arts at Pepperdine University  
Fine Arts at Pepperdine University  

This brochure provides details on the programs offered by the Pepperdine University Seaver College Fine Arts Division.