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Creating multifaceted wellness initiatives and addressing work-life balance: Infosys

Infosys, the Indian IT giant, has had a long record of putting employees and their mental and physical well-being on top of their list of priorities. Today, the company has over 900 ongoing initiatives aiming to better the work life of 150,000 Infoscions. Two of Infosys' most empowering initiatives have been Samaritans-on-the-go and HALE, Infosys' employee wellbeing programme. Samaritanson-the-go is a peer-to-peer counselling network of Infoscions who are trained in barefoot counselling and provide support to other employees, helping them cope with personal and professional issues. Employees can access this programme through Infosys' internal app, InfyME. This programme encompasses over 100 Samaritans across different locations.

HALE, Infosys's Employee well-being programme, was reimagined during the pandemic. They built a sustainable 3-tiered model to help employees navigate their wellness journey. The programme covers three aspects: self-help, micro environment and macro environment. Having moved to a hybrid work model, Infosys' future points more in the direction of creating virtual environments that nurture and harbour the concept of "Co-exist, Co-create & Collaborate". When it comes to the macro environment, the focus is on driving programmes centrally and integrating all the pieces of the puzzle.

As the pandemic forced everyone to become more physically distant, technology became the solution for all needs, connectivity and otherwise. Infosys has leveraged several solutions to curate a culture of well-being in the 'new normal. For example, mapping a well-being profile of the organbenefits such as applying for COVID leaves, accessing COVID helplines and emergency support, COVID soft loan, wellness FAQs and more on the Infyme Mobile App.

Infosys also conducts fortnightly, organisation-wide, comprehensive employee satisfaction surveys to gauge the effectiveness of processes and programmes, including the

isation by using feedback data from various initiatives, analysing patterns in utilisation of wellbeing services and following global contemporary well-being trends were all part of the wellness efforts. By using all this data, the company was able to get a bird's eye view of the well-being strata present in the organisation. This enabled them to launch more focused interventions for various employee categories. Infosys also ensured all employees could access Health and Wellness initiatives. The IT major has seen a 14% increase in participation from Infoscions quarter-on-quarter in their response towards wellness initiatives. The wellness measures available at every employee's disposal have enabled them to be more active and reduce their sedentary lifestyle. The opportunity to work from home and continuous focus on wellness has decreased absenteeism by 98% from FY20 to FY21.