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Rockwell Automation Pvt. Ltd

Rockwell Automation is the largest company in the world dedicated to industrial automation and information. Rockwell focused on building resilience and providing comprehensive wellness to ensure that employees experience maximum consistency and minimum disruption while adopting a remote or hybrid work model. Rockwell Automation India introduced an annual wellbeing calendar covering various wellness aspects, including the physical, psychological, financial, and cultural. It also geared its communication, engagement, and recognition policies to focus on health and wellness. Besides visible and regular communication from the top leadership, Rockwell provided access to wellness apps, organised educational wellness programmes, and facilitated employee resource groups focused on health. In addition, regular surveys and questionnaires with specific health-related aspects helped the company assess how the employees are feeling and what could be done to support them better.

These responses helped devise many innovative and engaging initiatives, such as the ‘Step It Up’ challenge, wherein participants logged in more than 16 million steps, and the ‘Healtha-thon,’ which saw the participation of over 500 employees.

Moreover, specific measures to help employees manage COVID-19 and its stresses were

make wellness a part of your culture: Rockwell Automation Pvt. Ltd.

introduced, including enhanced insurance coverage, modified leave policies, internal helplines, and easier access to scarce resources. These initiatives have helped the company improve employee engagement scores and helped well-being become an integral part of the workplace culture. Increasing participation and higher utilisation of employee assistance programmes and applicationbased services indicate the overall success in adoption and sustained engagement.

The company’s employee assistance programme and telemedicine are available 24x7 digitally, and remote counselling is also available to employees. The company’s leadership and, more crucially, managers became the most important drivers of these programmes. The company trained managers in conducting effective conversations and collecting feedback virtually. They were also made aware of how to identify signs of distress in their team members. Rockwell provided special attention and support to ensure managers could implement these initiatives without feeling exhausted or over-burdened. Rockwell’s timely shift to make wellness a strong pillar of its organisational culture by providing accessible and valuable resources has positively impacted its workforce and business by defining a new way of working that prioritises well-being and flexibility.