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Tech Mahindra Limited

Tech Mahindra, a leading provider of digital transformation, consulting, and business re-engineering services and solutions, adopted a multifaceted approach for its employee wellness needs. The company relied on personalised technology solutions to ensure employee well-being during the pandemic while maintaining business continuity. Its AI Coach tool uses positive reinforcements to nudge managers in improving their frequency of communication, reducing negative tones, using positive vocabulary, and recognising good work. This not only promotes psychological safety at the workplace but also improves managerial effectiveness and employee morale.

Tech Mahindra believes that ensuring a healthy workplace is more than just preventing illness, injuries and accidents. It’s a positive approach to improving the overall well-being of an organisation, its employees and their loved ones. Over 10,000 employees participated in their ‘Wellness 101 Challenge’, a global wellness contest to focus on physical and emotional wellbeing . The ‘Kick the Butt’ smoking cessation programme also witnessed a 79.4% increase in annual engagement, and 10% of the participants reduced daily cigarettes by 100%, 23% cut them by 50%, and 7% reduced them to 1 per day..

Tech Mahindra created an embedded wellness ecosys-

promoting Wellness first: Tech Mahindra Limited

tem accessible 24x7 through wellness apps and integrated portals to implement and measure these programmes. This helped provide personalised and real-time medical care to employees and their family members. The company’s wellness programmes are integrated into eight dimensions: Physical, Occupational, Emotional, Spiritual, Social, Environmental, Financial, and Intellectual. By making wellness more accessible and analysing data points to make targeted improvements, Tech Mahindra is demonstrating how its mantra of “Wellness Before Business” is a way of life.

Using a multi-layered approach that involved leaders, managers, and employees, Tech Mahindra has built a Human network of wellness champions. These ‘Wellness Samaritans’ work with the ‘Central Wellness Team’ alongside ‘Wellness Warrior Groups’ and ‘Location Council Members’ to facilitate check-ins, organise expert talks, and curate training and personalise wellness content across all locations. In addition, using external partners like Medibuddy and YourDost, Tech Mahindra has been able to provide value added counselling services, medical support, home sample collection, delivery of medicines, personalised diet, and nutrition plans etc. As a people-centric company, Tech Mahindra is focused on expanding their vision of holistic wellness with a tech-enabled bouquet of wellness services as well as a ‘Wellness Menu’ to let employees personalise their wellness experiences.