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establishing frequent connections with leadership and ensuring robust communication: Expleo

g N ell-bei w Expleo is a global engineering, technology and consulting service provider that partners with leading organisations to guide them through their business transformation. The company initiated a ‘Gift a Leave’ policy in 2020 that allows its workforce to support their colleagues during challenging times and create a culture of goodwill and trust. Additionally, the workforce is given practical, easy-to-follow guidelines for improving transparency and maintaining a healthy work-life balance to help them manage their time and communication effectively. Close monitoring by the leadership team and connecting with employees and their family members help strengthen the trust and serve as an opportunity to learn more about the needs of everyone in the organisation.

The company’s ‘Employee Wellness and Assistant programme (EWAP)’ provided support and resources to all employees, delivered in a confidential manner. Besides providing medical support, the programme offers access to professional counsellors, ‘Tranquil’ mindfulness application, peer support groups, self-help tools, and health and wellness webinars.

Due to the scale and scope of these proactive measures and initiatives, employee satisfaction grew by 15 points in the past two years, and a majority of the new employees have started considering the wellness programme and healthy work culture a considerable perk. The efforts taken by the Human Resources function also benefited the organisation in finding new talents, observing 23% of the talent inflow coming through referral, as current employees appreciate the measures taken to offer wellness benefits and health support.

The focus during implementation was to ensure communication channels were accessible and involve the leadership team to set the best benchmark. Sharing employee experiences and success stories and organizing one-minute challenges, competitions, and quizzes helped strengthen communication and boost confidence. The organisation also runs customised programmes that include healthy lifestyle campaigns, financial fitness campaigns and safety campaigns, policies and processes and much more. The company’s leadership team, HR team, and employee assistance partners collaborated to create a seamless framework that encouraged employees to focus on their health at work as well as at home.

To ensure that everyone remained connected and engaged, Expleo helped resources to take needed breaks and set a fixed time for schedules, limit the number of calls, and take time off as required. The company also supported managers in following healthy and productive professional habits. Expleo used digital collaboration platforms to establish virtual connections regularly.