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ON THE COVER: Dr. Beverley Crawford (center), the new Director of Diversity Affairs, with students (left to right) Rachel Callaway (D’13), Chioma Nwaneshiudu (D’13), Ernesto Perez (D’14), Sara Shah (D’13), and Kenneth Kronstadt (D’14), members of active student groups helping to build diversity programs for current and prospective students.

A Message from the office of the dean


he new academic year has gotten off to a terrific start. We have been bolstered by the tremendous generosity of the many loyal alumni and friends who supported Penn Dental Medicine in fiscal year 2011. We are pleased to acknowledge all of you in this issue of the Penn Dental Journal (see page 24), and extend our sincere thanks for your commitment to this great institution.

It is also heartening to see strong alumni involvement in many different areas of the School — through the new mentoring program for prospective dental students (see page 32), by teaching in our clinics (see page 18), through volunteering in our classrooms (see page 31), and through the time and talents shared by members of our Alumni Society Executive Committee, Dean’s Council, and Board of Overseers. Your contributions are immeasurable. And of course, our students are stellar! This academic year, we once again welcome some of the best and brightest with the incoming Class of 2015 and the new class of the Program for Advanced Standing Students (PASS), joining the Class of 2013. In this issue, the story of four new PASS students’ journey to Penn Dental Medicine (see page 6) is not only reflective of the unique diversity of our student body, but also the shared sense of purpose our students have in achieving their goals. I am inspired every day by the hard work and achievements of our students, and their engagement beyond the clinic and classroom within School programs and the wider community. They truly are second to none; in fact, the first-time pass rate on the clinical portion of the NERB exams for the Class of 2011 was nearly 92% (compared to a national average of 80%) — which says everything about the quality of our clinical teaching and faculty. Among other news, new strides are being made toward the goal of recruiting more dental students from underrepresented backgrounds with the appointment of a new Director of Diversity Affairs (see page 2), and within faculty recruitment, we welcomed two new members to our standing faculty (see page 19) with a number of key searches continuing in earnest. On the research front, student participation is at an all time high (see page 12), and in this issue, we highlight the work in two faculty labs as Dr. Elisabeth Barton of the Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology gains samples from the final NASA shuttle mission (see page 15) and Dr. Marjorie Jeffcoat of the Department of Periodontics continues to explore the possible link between periodontitis and preterm birth (see page 10). One of our most ambitious goals for this academic year will be to raise the remaining funds needed to move forward with the renovation of the School’s Endodontic Clinic, one of the key projects of Phase I of the School’s 10-year Master Plan (see page 23). We have $1 million yet to raise for the $2.5 million project. Transforming patient care and educational resources, this state-of-the-art facility will also pay tribute to Dr. Syngcuk Kim and the impact he has had on advancing the field of endodontics at Penn Dental Medicine and around the world. Indeed, this academic year is off to an extraordinary start, and I am confident that as we move forward, the Penn Dental Medicine community will continue to take the School to new heights.

Denis F. Kinane, BDS, PhD Morton Amsterdam Dean

Exploring New Ways to Champion Diversity

Through a recent recruitment grant and the input of current students, Dr. Beverley Crawford, the new Director of Diversity Affairs, strives to create a more diverse student body.



In a small office on the first floor of Penn Dental Medicine’s Evans Building, new strides are being made toward an important School goal: recruiting more dental students from underrepresented backgrounds. Here, Dr. Beverley Crawford is exploring new and creative possibilities for bringing minority students to campus, and for ensuring that these students feel welcomed and supported once they arrive. As a Clinical Assistant Professor of Preventive & Restorative Sciences and dentist in the Penn Dental Faculty Practices since 1989, Dr. Crawford was already an active and visible asset to the Penn Dental Medicine community when, last summer, she was named director of the Office of Diversity Affairs, formerly known as the Office of Minority Affairs. In her new role, Dr. Crawford is charged with recruiting underrepresented minority students — defined by the federal government as African Americans, Native Americans, and Hispanics — into the dental school population, including those from the community surrounding Penn. Once the underrepresented students enroll at Penn Dental Medicine, the Office provides academic and advisory support and works closely with minority student organizations to ensure a smooth and comfortable transition to campus.

Exploring New Ways to Champion Diversity

Diversity Leads to Innovation, Professionalism Nationally, dental and other professional schools are working hard to recruit qualified candidates from underrepresented populations in an effort to make their campuses reflect more closely the communities that their graduates will someday serve. Penn Dental Medicine is no exception. Because urban communities like West Philadelphia are often underserved by qualified dentists, and because dental patients often feel more comfortable with practitioners who look like them and share their experiences, having more graduates who come from these neighborhoods could help ensure that residents of the surrounding community receive better dental care in the future, Dr. Crawford says. But the benefits of a diverse student body don’t end there. “Diversity among students is critical to Penn Dental just as it is to all dental schools,” says Dr. Crawford. “Bringing a diverse group together leads to new and different points of view, which ultimately leads to innovation and growth.” Like other professional fields, she adds, dentistry can’t be practiced in a vacuum. “Part of becoming a professional is learning how to interact with and relate to all kinds of people,” she says. “In the real world, there is diversity, and our students must learn to work effectively in the real world.” Updating Tried and True Programs For years, Penn Dental Medicine has offered successful shadowing and mentorship programs to students who might otherwise not have considered dental school an option — or Penn Dental Medicine as a specific possibility. These programs bring high school or college students to campus for a firsthand look at what dentistry is really like. Other outreach efforts offer support to underrepresented students already attending Penn Dental Medicine. Dr. Crawford is updating these valuable programs to make them more streamlined and consistent, with dedicated faculty members who will remain involved from year to year. (For a full list of these programs, see the sidebar box, page 5.) In addition, Dr. Crawford will continue to work closely with the international and minority student organizations on campus, such as the Student National Dental Association (SNDA), the Hispanic Student Dental Association (HSDA), and the Indian Student Dental Association (ISDA), providing support and direction in organizing events, and suggesting ways for these organizations to pool their talents and energies for the benefit of all underrepresented students. The efforts of these organizations are subsidized financially as well: special funding from the Linda Gilliam Endowed Education Fund, established by Board of Overseers member Dr. Linda Gilliam, supports

members of these groups who attend conferences and initiate programs that impact the minority community and strive to improve dental care for underrepresented populations. Fresh Funding for an Innovative Partnership Recently, Dr. Crawford received some good news: The University had agreed to support a brand new outreach program that will soon join the existing ones. Last July, the Office was approved for a $30,000 specialty recruitment grant from the Division of the Vice Provost for University Life. Dr. Crawford’s grant proposal outlined a new recruitment partnership with Howard University, in which interested and qualified undergraduates from the largely African-American school in Washington D.C. will be invited to visit Penn Dental Medicine for a week-long internship program, shadowing students in the Graduate Residency programs in endodontics, periodontics, oral surgery, oral medicine, and

“I’m glad to have a chance to use my experiences to positively influence other young people in following their dreams the way I was able to follow my own.” —Rayna Strong (D’13)

orthodontics. The grant will help pay for housing for these college juniors as well as supplies and other administrative aspects of the program, which is slated to start next year. Once the students have completed their internships, Dr. Crawford’s office will follow up periodically with application and admissions information in the hope that these students will maintain an interest in Penn Dental Medicine, possibly returning as full-time dental students after graduating from Howard. The Office is also looking closely at its traditional recruiting strategy with an eye toward innovation, drawing current dental students into the effort in creative ways. Through Penn Dental Medicine’s new honors program, Dr. Crawford is collaborating with two enthusiastic students who are committed to the recruitment effort, and she is guiding another student in a promising research project that asks some fascinating questions about what it means to be a minority student at Penn Dental Medicine. Fresh Faces: Honors Students Lend a Hand Last October, Penn Dental Medicine launched an honors program allowing exceptional students to earn a DMD with honors in research, clinical dentistry, and/or community health. Two of those students, Rachel Callaway (D’13) and Rayna Strong penn dental journal: fall 2011 3

Exploring New Ways to Champion Diversity

(D’13), have chosen to work directly with Dr. Crawford in her efforts to recruit underrepresented students, particularly those from West Philadelphia. The two students, both of whom aspire to work in community dentistry after graduation, collaborate with Dr. Crawford on recruitment strategies and accompany her to local high schools, and community and career fairs, connecting with area students who have thought of dentistry as a career but need information, support, and a real-life example of minority achievement. “As a recently recruited underrepresented minority myself, recruiting other underrepresented students comes very naturally to me,” says Rayna. “I am part of a biracial family, raised in both low-income rural and urban settings. I’m glad to have a chance to use my experiences to positively influence other young people in following their dreams the way I was able to follow my own.” The opportunity also struck a chord with Rachel: “When I arrived at Penn Dental Medicine, I found it interesting — and also unfortunate — that despite the population we serve here, there are so few students that can relate to the culture and background of our patients,” she explains. “What we are trying to do is to expand the reach of Penn Dental beyond simply serving the local community to actively supporting those in the community who are best prepared to become dentists and return to work in their neighborhoods.”



Support, Opportunity and Resources In talking with prospective students, Rayna and Rachel are honest about the challenges minority dental students may face academically, but they also let them know that help is available. “Penn Dental has an intimate support network that allows underrepresented students to thrive in the vigorous process that is dental school,” says Rachel. “Among minority students, faculty, and staff members, there is a supportive community that welcomes new students to the school and helps us as we progress through the years.” In addition, she adds, the SDNA can be particularly helpful in providing support, information, networking, and social events for underrepresented students who are new to the School. As the SDNA’s minority recruitment officer, Chioma Nwaneshiudu (D’13), who also aids Dr. Crawford in her recruitment efforts, agrees. “SNDA is critical to Penn Dental because it provides an opportunity for dental students from diverse backgrounds to get involved in different volunteering activities, both at the institution and in its surrounding communities, and exposes them to different career possibilities in dentistry,” she says. Having all experienced firsthand the benefits Penn Dental Medicine has to offer to minority students, students like Chioma, Rachel, and Rayna are in an excellent position to spread the news. “What Penn has to offer underrepresented students is opportunity upon opportunity,” Rayna says. “At Penn the world is yours, and your education is what you make of it, just like anywhere. The difference is the resources that are at our disposal here. There are few other schools which hold within their doors the expertise that Penn Dental has maintained throughout its history. This is a highlight point I use when I am recruiting students, because this is what makes Penn stand out.”

Exploring New Ways to Champion Diversity

A Promising Research Project While the team of student recruiters works hard to connect with prospective students, another ambitious student is also collaborating with Dr. Crawford — in this case, to further the recruitment effort by better understanding the minority experience at Penn Dental Medicine. Through a research project entitled “Implications of Outreach Programs on Campus Climate and Sense of Community in Dental Education Among Students of Color”, Deena Alani (D’13) and Dr. Crawford are trying to find out how outreach efforts to welcome and support underrepresented students on Penn Dental Medicine’s campus are working and how this type of outreach can be improved. “There have been very few qualitative studies that look at the experiences of underrepresented students in dental education,” says Deena, a student in the Program for Advanced Standing Students (PASS) and a native of Iraq (see story, page 6), who is conducting personal interviews with students for the project. “We know that the number of underrepresented students has increased, but we do not know how they feel in our School environment. Do they feel as though they belong? Do they feel they are part of the community? Our findings will hopefully assist the Office of Diversity in working toward increasing the number of satisfied underrepresented students graduating from Penn Dental,” she says. Dr. Crawford welcomes the chance to work closely with a student on a research project of this nature, which she hopes will lead to a published paper, and which, she says, “will give us a good idea of what students are concerned with in this environment. Already, it has alerted me to issues that I wasn’t aware of and has changed my perception of how our outreach efforts should work.” A New Era Armed with fresh ideas, grant funding, and the input of talented and ambitious students, Dr. Crawford looks forward to a new era at Penn Dental Medicine, one in which minority students are more fully represented on campus. “In the past, our diversity policy has focused on what we will not do — we will not discriminate, we will not stereotype — and of course those are critical goals,” she says. “But to move forward, we need to make our policy more positive and clarify what we will do. We will actively recruit as many highly qualified minorities as we can to make our campus more diverse, and we will ensure that it is as welcoming and supportive an environment for underrepresented students as it can possibly be.” PDJ

Reaching Out: Ongoing Recruitment & Mentorship Efforts ..... The Office of Diversity Affairs oversees the following recruitment and mentorship programs that offer underrepresented students an inside look at real-world dentistry.

For prospective students ..... Summer Mentorship Program: This University-

wide program is a month-long, full-day immersion experience for select juniors and seniors from Philadelphia public and charter high schools. Shadowing Program: Participants from recruitment initiatives and predental undergraduates from local colleges and universities may shadow both dental students caring for patients and alumni in local practices. Impressions Program: Sponsored by the Student

National Dental Association, the program offers a series of one-day workshops for college students, focusing on careers in dentistry, the application process, and financial aid.

For current Penn Dental Medicine students ..... Mentorship Program: Dental students are paired

with local alumni role models for support and networking. Peer Mentorship Program: Upperclassmen provide support to incoming dental students to ensure a smooth transition to dental school.

—Juliana Delany penn dental journal: fall 2011 5



ZAID AL-ANBAKI knew it was time to leave his home and dental practice in war-torn Bagdad after he was the victim of a suicide car bomb attack in 2006, from which he suffered deep wounds in his shoulder. It wasn’t easy, however, to get out of Iraq. Finally, he volunteered with a French agency to provide dental care for children in Jordan, and when his three-day visa expired, he simply didn’t go home. His wife, dentist Dali Al-Saud, was at the end of a two-month visit with her brother in Jordan when Dr. Al-Anbaki arrived on his medical mission. The sectarian violence following the downfall of Saddam Hussein’s regime was getting worse and she implored him not to go back. Fearing for her safety as well as his own if they returned, he agreed to stay in Jordan and plan for a life outside of Iraq. In March 2003, Deena Alani was in the first year of an orthodontics program when she and her sister managed to get the last plane out of Bagdad before the airport closed as the city fell into chaos at the start of the U.S. war in Iraq. She was helped by the fact that she is a U.S. citizen and her Iraqi parents were living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She returned briefly several months later after the fall of Saddam Hussein to finish her school year, but left again at her parents’ insistence when she became the target of kidnap threats. Her fiancé Wesam Alani, an instructor at the University of Bagdad Dental School, wasn’t so lucky. Despite her efforts, he was stuck in Bagdad throughout the initial fighting. As communications from Iraq dried up, for a time she didn’t know whether he was alive or dead. Finally, her mother, a doctor, implored two dentists she knew who had a clinic in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to sponsor him, and he was able to leave Iraq. He was heartbroken, however, to leave the rest of his family behind and in danger, although they were later able to immigrate to Jordan. Two married couples. Four dentists. All seeking refuge from a country at war. And, now, all four are third-year students at Penn Dental Medicine, recently enrolled in the Program for Advanced Standing Students (PASS) for foreign-trained dentists who want to practice in the U.S.

penn dental journal: fall 2011 7

Starting Over: Leaving the Violence in Iraq for a Penn Dental Medicine Education


1980s when applications increased from South Africa, which was in turmoil as apartheid was ending. Drs. Al-Anbaki and Al-Saud and Drs. Deena and Wesam Alani What is highly unusual about this year’s PASS class, are among the 35 foreign dentists who entered this year’s PASS though, is the presence of two married couples, both in the class, joining third-year dental students to become part of the same year, and from the same country. “We have never had two Class of 2013. The PASS students started in March with an married couples at the same time,” says Dr. Hangorsky, 11-week preparatory program, which encompasses language and although he notes that on occasion spouses have been in the cultural skills as well as dental education review, before inteprogram at different times. grating with the rest of their classmates. This PASS class, like Even after leaving Iraq, the path to Penn Dental Medicine previous ones, is an impressive group of students, culled from for these two couples was not easy. a pool of about 650 applicants, Drs. Deena and Wesam many with specialty training and Alani lived in Dubai for five master’s degrees in addition to years following their exit from their dental educations. Iraq. He worked as a dentist, but “It is a very select group, she was not able to do so and determined and motivated,” says worked as an oral health educator Dr. Uri Hangorsky, Associate and dental school administraDean for Academic Affairs and tor. Dr. Deena Alani was born Director of PASS. “Many are in Jackson, Miss., where her ob-gyn separated from families in their mother taught at the University home countries, some are of Mississippi’s medical school, refugees seeking asylum, their although she grew up primarily children may be sent to live with in Riyadh. As she and Wesam family members. It’s not easy for married and started a life together many of them, and they’ve made Drs. Dali Al-Saud (D’13) and Zaid Al-Anbaki (D’13). in Dubai, her mother retired to great sacrifices,” he says. Knoxville, Tennessee, and her To practice in most U.S. sister and brother also returned to the U.S., and this is where states, dentists must graduate from an accredited U.S. dental they wanted to settle and start a new life. school, Dr. Hangorsky explains. PASS students do this by While waiting several years for Wesam’s green card to be completing the third and fourth years at Penn Dental Medicine. issued, Deena traveled to Knoxville in 2006 and gave birth to While a number of dental schools offer programs for foreigntheir daughter, Leya, now five, without her husband present. trained dentists, Dr. Hangorsky says Penn’s program is unique in The family finally came to the U.S. for good in 2009, where completely integrating PASS students into existing classes. As a they worked and raised their daughter while studying for the result, each third-year class increases by about 30 to 35 students. National Dental Boards Examination Part 1 and the TOEFL While the program offers foreign dentists the opportunity test of English proficiency in preparation for applying to U.S. to pursue their careers in the U.S., Penn Dental Medicine also dental schools. Wesam worked as an assistant to an orthodontist benefits from the PASS program, Dr. Hangorsky says. “We get during this time, even though he had more than a decade of highly trained dentists; it expands our international reach, and experience as a dentist himself. is a great education for our four-year students, who become exposed, directly and indirectly, to cultures and dentistry from SEEKING REFUGE IN THE U.S. all over the world. Many of the students strike up friendships.” Dr. Al-Anbaki and Dr. Al-Saud, also graduates of the Since the PASS program was established in 1986, University of Bagdad Dental School, remained in Jordan for 732 dentists from more than 75 countries have gone through two years after leaving Iraq, while applying for refugee asylum the program. While scores of countries are represented, in the U.S. for those being persecuted in their home countries. Dr. Hangorsky says applications do sometimes reflect politiIn 2008, now with a four-month-old daughter, they were cal and social unrest in parts of the world, such as the Iraqis finally able to move to Ann Arbor, Mich., where Dr. Al-Anbaki in this year’s class and a period in the late 1970s and early 8


Starting Over: Leaving the Violence in Iraq for a Penn Dental Medicine Education

Dubai, whatever you need to do, you go ahead and do it,” he got a job selling sporting goods and hunting licenses at Wal-Mart. says. “Here we have to ask the patient, give them information, When the store manager balked at hiring him because he was and let them choose what they want for their health.” overqualified, Dr. Al-Anbaki told him, “I don’t want to be Another thing they weren’t used to: the paperwork, insuroverqualified, I just want to pay my rent.” ance and otherwise, that comes with practicing in the U.S. Although their paths barely crossed in Bagdad, the four are Dr. Deena Alani says it is also challenging to deal with the now friends in Philadelphia, sharing some of the challenges of demands of being a mother while in school this time. Her returning to dental school, living in a new city and culture, and daughter often asks to be picked up from preschool earlier than raising young daughters. And each is grateful to be in the PASS her parents are able to do so, and family time is limited because program with their spouses, sparing them difficult decisions to of schoolwork and studying. But, because of her parents’ expeseparate their families during two long years of dental school. rience, she knows the sacrifices “To start over again in the will be worth it in the long run. U.S. was not easy,” Dr. Al-Saud “My mom finished medical says. “We were in a new country, school and came to practice in adjusting to a whole new life. But the U.S.,” she says. “I witnessed it is a huge achievement to be here what a degree from the U.S. together at Penn, and we feel so would bring. This is what you do lucky we are able to do it.” to get where you want to be.” Going through the PASS Dr. Al-Anbaki agrees. “I program together has other want to go on with my life,” he benefits, as well. “Wesam has says, reflecting on the difficulties extensive knowledge of the dental of leaving his home country and field from over 14 years of pracstarting over. His daughter ticing, so he helps me study and Nye, now 3, only knows life in understand a lot of things,” Dr. America. “It’s a blessing to live Deena Alani says. “I have better Drs. Deena Alani (D’13) and Wesam Alani (D’13). here and the Penn program is language and research skills, and an opportunity to fulfill what we want to do in life.” can help him understand material and perform literature As for now, both couples are focusing on completing their reviews. We complement each other very nicely.” studies at Penn Dental Medicine and starting their professional The Iraqi dentists say adjusting to American dental careers in the U.S. Returning to Iraq is not an option, they say. training has not been difficult, since it is not that different “After all we have been through, I don’t think at any point in from what they learned in Iraq, although they do have access time I will be able to go back home,” Dr. Al-Saud says. “I would to newer materials and equipment. “It’s the same principle, rather keep the good memories and forget the bad ones.” PDJ drilling, doing the cavity,” Dr. Wesam Alani says. What is very different, however, is the way dentists communicate with —Debbie Goldberg patients, discussing treatments and options. “In Iraq or


penn dental journal: fall 2011 9

Customizing Feature a Dental TitleEducation

Exploring the Link between Oral Health and Systemic Health Recent research from the lab of Dr. Marjorie Jeffcoat shows an antimicrobial mouth rinse regimen may cut the risk of preterm birth in women with periodontal disease.


he relationship between oral health and systemic health regularly. Given the often limited access to dental care among piqued the interest of Dr. Marjorie Jeffcoat, Professor, at-risk groups, and the lingering concern of some patients Department of Periodontics, from the very outset of and clinicians over the safety of dental therapy during pregnancy, her dental career, and it continues to be the focus of her our research suggests that the use of an alcohol-free mouth Penn Dental Medicine laboratory today, with one of her most rinse could provide another more accessible and acceptable recent studies showing that the use of an alcohol-free, option for helping to control periodontal disease during antimicrobial mouth rinse containing cetylpyridinium chloride pregnancy. Furthermore, such use may be associated with a (CPC) may be associated with a reduction in the incidence of reduction in the incidence of preterm birth.” preterm birth in pregnant women with periThe controlled single-blind study looked odontal disease. In the study, pregnant at pregnant women at 6-20 weeks gestation “Our recent study may women with periodontal disease who who also had periodontal disease, refused show early evidence of a adhered to an antimicrobial mouth rinse mechanical dental care during pregnancy, role for topical oral routine had significantly less incidence of and had no gynecological infections. A total antimicrobial therapy in preterm births (defined as less than 35 of 226 subjects were included in the analysis, weeks) than members of the control group including 71 assigned to use the antimicrobial controlling periodontal (5.6% vs. 21.9%, respectively). rinse and 155 untreated controls. Dental disease during pregnancy, This study and its findings were recently and obstetric examinations were performed published in the October 2011 issue of and with it reduce the risk at baseline with dental exams performed 3 of preterm birth.” the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. and 6 months later to assess periodontal Dr. Jeffcoat conducted the research with health. The subjects in the rinse group were Dr. Samuel Parry of the Department of Obstetrics and given an alcohol-free, .07% CPC rinse (Crest® Pro-Health®) and instructed to rinse for 30 seconds twice daily (with 20 ml Gynecology in Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine, and of the supplied rinse) after brushing. researchers at The Procter and Gamble Company, who had “For the health and well being of the mother and child, been studying the effects of chemotherapeutics on oral health it was important to have an alcohol-free rinse,” notes Dr. and systemic outcomes. The study was funded by the Jeffcoat, adding that the rinse also has a unique CPC timeCommonwealth of Pennsylvania and an educational grant release formulation that creates substantivity in the oral cavity. and contract from Procter and Gamble. The study’s outcomes showed that along with the incidence “We are all excited by the potential public health impliof spontaneous preterm birth being significantly lower in the cations of these initial findings,” says Dr. Jeffcoat. “Within rinse group than the controls, the gestational age and birth the high-risk population for preterm birth that we studied, weight were also significantly higher in the rinse group. sadly many of these patients don’t have a dentist they see 10 features

Exploring the Link between Oral Health and Systemic Health

In periodontal outcomes, when comparing the mean number of bleeding sites and probing pocket depths per subject at baseline and six months later, both showed results in the rinse group indicative of an improvement in periodontal health. Building on a Body of Work

Dr. Jeffcoat first perceived a correlation between women with untreated periodontitis and preterm birth while completing her dental training at Harvard in the late 1970s; as a periodontics resident in a hospital she provided dental care for women who were pregnant or who had recently given birth. Dr. Jeffcoat first presented work on the topic in 1984 and published a large study in 2001, and in recent years, there has been a growing body of research looking into this connection. “We found that there is a correlation between the two, but we know that correlation isn’t always causation,” says Dr. Jeffcoat. “While the literature is mixed on whether treating periodontal disease works in preventing preterm birth, findings from previous work of our group suggest that indeed successful periodontal therapy [characterized by reduced inflammation, no increase in probing depth, and no loosening of the teeth] may be correlated with full-term birth after controlling for other factors.” The outcomes of that study, in which subjects received oral-hygiene instruction and scaling and root planing above and below the gum line, were published in January of this year in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Jeffcoat M, Parry S, Samuel M, Clothier B, Catlin A, Macones G. Periodontal infection and preterm birth: successful periodontal therapy reduces the risk of preterm birth BJOG. 2011 Jan;118(2):250-6. doi: 10.1111/j.14710528.2010.02713. Epub 2010 Sep 14.). Dr. Jeffcoat notes that the differences in findings from the various studies in this area may be due to variations in the extent/style of periodontal treatment/cleaning provided and differences in the risk levels in the patient populations studied. “It is important to select subjects that have periodontal disease to a level that would make it an issue,” explains Dr. Jeffcoat. “In the study we published in January, we actually did a mathematical formula to determine that and used it as well in selecting the patients for this rinse study.” “While the results of our recent study may show early evidence of a role for topical oral antimicrobial therapy in controlling periodontal disease during pregnancy, and with it reduce the risk of preterm birth, further study is needed to confirm the results in this and other populations,” says Dr. Jeffcoat. Already she is taking up that task. With a generous

grant awarded this summer, she is beginning work on a follow-up study that will build upon the first. As a multicenter study in collaboration with the University of Alabama School of Dentistry, it will look at a much larger group of patients and include the capture and analysis of genetic data as well. “Preterm birth is the major cause of perinatal mortality and morbidity worldwide and still difficult to predict and prevent,” adds Dr. Jeffcoat. “So, if something as simple as mouthwash could possibly help to change outcomes, that’s very exciting.” PDJ —Beth Adams

CURRENT RESEARCH PROJECTS With a common focus on the connection between oral health to systemic health, the current research projects within the lab of Dr. Marjorie Jeffcoat include studies related to preterm birth, diabetes, and osteoporosis as well as research training grants for students and junior faculty. Active projects include the following: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial to Evaluate Late First- to Mid-Second Trimester Introduction of Advanced Daily Oral Hygiene on Pregnancy Gingivitis and Birth Outcomes: Oral Hygiene and Maternity Outcomes Multicenter Study — building upon the study of the role of an antimicrobial rinse to control periodontal disease during pregnancy and its possible impact on preterm birth. A Clinical Study to Assess the Effects of an Oral Hygiene Regimen in Type II Diabetes with Gingivitis — looking at the impact of a combination of scaling and root planing and an antimicrobial rinse on lowering the hemoglobin A1c level in Type II Diabetes patients. Actonel for the Maintenance of Bone in Adult Chronic Periodontitis — looking at what happens to bone around the teeth when on bisphosphonate drugs for osteoporosis. Affect of Dental Treatment on Medical Costs: A Succinct Protocol — analyzing patient records from dental insurer United Concordia to assess the impact of periodontal treatment on medical costs, the number of doctor visits, and the number of hospital stays. Building Clinical Research Capacity — supporting students and junior faculty who participate in the ongoing clinical research within Dr. Jeffcoat’s lab, it provides training in clinical research and adds to the capacity within the lab.

penn dental journal: fall 2011 11

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Student Research Programs Continue to Draw Strong Interest

Penn Dental Medicine’s strong commitment to research continues to attract the interest of students through the School’s long-standing Summer Research Program, and now, through the recently introduced Research Honors Program as well. This summer marked the 31st year of the Summer Research Program, which teams student researchers with a faculty preceptor of their choice to work full-time on a research project during the months of July and August. “This was an exceptional year for the summer program,” says Dr. Joseph DiRienzo, Assistant Dean for Student Research. “We had outstanding applicants. The interest and intensity level of the students, as well as their preceptors, was at an all-time high as we began to incorporate the first Honors in Research  participants.” Among the 27 students in this summer’s program, there were three incoming freshmen participating as part of the Honors in Research Program, which they opted to pursue at the time of their admission. The degree honors program, which enables students to earn their DMD with honors in research, clinical care, or community health, was introduced last year, but this is the first academic year the Honors in Research Program was an option for incoming students. Their participation in the Summer Research Program is just part of their Research Honors requirement. “The research opportunities at Penn Dental certainly influenced my decision to matriculate. I had been involved with chemistry research since my undergraduate freshman year, and it became a major passion of mine,” says Prescott McWilliams (D'15), one of the Research Honors students participating in the Summer Research Program, who worked in the lab of 12 on campus: news

Dr. Ellis Golub, Professor, Department of Biochemistry, studying the properties of matrix vesicles. “Of the many highlights this summer, the most significant was confirming some successes of my research using instruments and resources across the Penn network to conduct my research in ways that I couldn't have imagined a year ago.” The availability of extensive research opportunities at the School also attracted first-year Honors student Chris Kim (D’15), who worked as an engineer in the As the first place winner in the School’s 2011 Oral Health Fair biotech industry before and Table Clinic, Sara Shah (D’13), above, represented Penn coming to Penn Dental Dental Medicine at the ADA/Dentsply Student Clinician Medicine. “This summer Research Program, held during the 2011 ADA Annual Session this October. She presented her project from last year’s I was able to extend my Summer Research Program — Biomimetic Calcium Silicate knowledge in fracture Support Differentiation of Human Orofacial Bone Marrow mechanics and dental Stromal Cells, with preceptor, Dr. Sunday Akintoye. The other materials,” says Kim, Table Clinic winners included: 2nd place —Tu-Anh Vu (D’13), Anti Kaposi's Sarcoma Associated Herpes virus Activity of who worked in the Topoisomerase II Inhibitors: Merbarone and Etoposide, with dental materials lab of preceptor Dr. Yan Yuan (she will represent Penn Dental Dr. Francis Mante, Medicine at the Hinman Meeting in Nashville this November); Associate Professor, 3rd place — Monjir Bakshi (D’13), ER Chaperone GRP94 Depletion Modulates IGF-I Secretion in Skeletal Muscle, with Department of preceptor Dr. Elisabeth Barton; and for the community oral Preventive & Restorative health Bridging the Gaps program, Deep Shah (D’13). Sciences. “I am currently designing new experimental procedures to goals,” adds Matt Paradisgarten (D’15), measure fracture toughness of biomaterial the third, first-year Honors student in interface. I am so glad that I can fully utithe Summer Research Program, who lize my background to conduct a research worked with Dr. Gary Cohen, Professor, project that is strongly intertwined with Department of Microbiology. “As a the principles of engineering.” new student to the School, a highlight “The program is the perfect way to of the summer experience was meeting figure out if I would like to incorporate fellow students in the Summer research into my long-term career

Research Program and fellow honors students. Above all, just being part of the lab and getting a feel for research at a dental school was the best part.” In addition to the Honors in Research Program students, the 2011 Summer Research Program participants included: Hang Zhou (D’14), Matthew Zimmer (D’14), Justin Zimmer (D’14), Bryan Wheeler (D’14), Trevan Samp (D’14), Alexandra Radu (D’14), Ryan Peters (D’14), Sunyoung Park (D’14), Kristopher Paik (D’14), Thomas Logsdon (D’14), Qiong (June) Lei (D’14), Donguk (Kevin) Lee (D’14), Jamie Lazin (D’14), Christine Lama (D’14), Benjamin Keyser (D’14), Justin Kang (D’14), Jae Yeon Jang (D’14), Kevan Hosseini (D’14), Kamyar Giglou (D’14), Roma Gandhi (D’14), Margaret Buell (D’14), Sara Ahmed (D’14), Manika Agarwal (D’14), and Jeremy Aczon (D’14). All participants will present posters of their research projects at the 2012 Oral Health Fair and Table Clinic, to be held in the spring and organized by the Vernon Brightman Research Society, the School’s student research group. The Summer Research Program is funded by Penn Dental Medicine with additional support this year from Septodont.

School Supports Veterans through VA’s Yellow Ribbon Program

Military scholarships have long been supporting students at Penn Dental Medicine earning their degrees in return for service upon graduation— currently there are 34 students on such scholarships— but this academic year, there are military veterans gaining support as well through the School’s participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program. Implemented in 2009, the Program is a provision of the Post-9/11 GI Bill that allows degree granting institutions of higher learning in the U.S. to voluntarily enter into an agreement with the Veterans Administration (VA) to fund tuition expenses for eligible veterans. Penn Dental Medicine and the other schools of the University of Pennsylvania partnered with the VA on the Program from its start, but this is the first year eligible veterans have entered Penn Dental Medicine with support from the Program. The School has committed $10,000 per recipient for up to five postdoctoral students each year to the Yellow Ribbon Program (renewal of recipient support in subsequent years will be assessed annually); the VA matches the School’s support. Three Penn Dental Medicine postdoctoral students applied for and received support through the Program this academic year.

“The Yellow Ribbon Program represents Penn's sincere commitment to military veterans. For this reason, I am honored and very thankful to receive the scholarship,” says Dr. Peter Jackson, who is beginning the orthodontic residency program. “It makes me proud to be a Penn Dental resident.” Dr. Jackson, who earned his predoctoral degree through the military’s Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) served in the U.S. Army. His tour of duty included Fort Lewis, Wash., (July 2007 - August 2008), where he completed a 12-month AEGD program, followed by service as the dentist in charge of South Camp Sinai, Egypt (September 2008 — September 2009). He completed his service obligation at Fort Lee, Va., (September 2009 - June 2011) as a general dentist and the infection control and HAZCOM officer.  Dr. Greg Kim, an endodontic residency student and Yellow Ribbon Program scholarship recipient, is also a U.S. Army veteran, completing his service obligation for a three-year HPSP scholarship from 2006 through 2009. He was stationed in Korea, treating U.S. soldiers stationed there. “Overall, practicing dentistry in the U.S. Army Dental Corps was very satisfying,” he says, “And, the Yellow Ribbon Program is extremely helpful because it allows veterans to attend institutions they may not have been able to consider otherwise due to cost. It's great that Penn participates in the Program.”

Oral Cancer Walk 2011 a Great Success

The student-led Oral Cancer Society raised awareness and funds for the fight against oral cancer, presenting Oral Cancer Walk 2011 on April 16; the 3.1-mile walk went throughout the west Philadelphia neighborhood surrounding Penn Dental Medicine. Now in its third year, this annual event included free oral cancer screenings; a continuing education lecture by Dr. Thomas Sollecito, Chair and Professor of Oral Medicine; and motivational talks by oral cancer survivors Eva Grayzel and Robert Unruh. Penn Dental Medicine faculty, students, and staff volunteered their time for the event, along with local alumni and area dentists. With 185 participants, the registration fees raised $3,700 in support of the Oral Cancer Foundation.

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The Program also extends to dependents of eligible veterans, and Dr. Nancy Oronoz, a resident in the School’s periodontic/prosthodontic program, is this year’s third recipient of a Yellow Ribbon Program scholarship through the service of her husband, Gaspar Oronoz. While on active duty with the U.S. Air Force, he served in Afghanistan and South America and is now a member of the Air Force Reserve. Prior to entering the residency program, Dr. Oronoz practiced in both private and government firms and most recently completed a preceptorship in prosthodontics at the University of Texas Health Science

Center in San Antonio. “We are very thankful to Penn,” says Oronoz. “Although the funds won't cover all of the yearly costs, they will help tremendously toward reducing our school loan debt.” At the time of implementation, the VA reported that the Post 9/11 GI Bill, through its Yellow Ribbon Programs and partnerships with colleges and universities nationwide, will provide service members with the most generous educational benefits package since the original GI Bill of 1944.


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Penn Dental Medicine Joins Penn Visit to East Asia

Dr. Denis Kinane, the Morton Amsterdam Dean of Penn Dental Medicine, and members of the Penn Dental Medicine faculty joined Penn President Amy Gutmann on a trip to East Asia the week of May 23, 2011, visiting Seoul National University (SNU), Korea’s oldest national university. Faculty and leadership from Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine, the School of Arts and Sciences, and the School of Law were also part of the delegation. As part of the visit, President Gutmann and Seoul National University (SNU) President Yeon-Cheon Oh signed a memorandum of understanding between the two universities. At the signing ceremony, Presidents Gutmann and Oh were joined by Dean Kinane and Dean Rebecca Bushnell from the School of Arts and Sciences. The memorandum of understanding will facilitate further collaborative research projects and other academic activities between the two universities. Penn Dental Medicine also has a memorandum of understanding with SNU College of Dentistry. The Penn delegation presented two symposia during their visit, including the Penn Global Oral Health Symposium at SNU by Dean Kinane; Dr. Syngcuk Kim, Louis I. Grossman Professor, Department of Endodontics and Associate Dean for Global Affairs; Dr. Dana Graves, Professor, Department of Periodontics; Dr. Yan Yuan, Professor, Department of Microbiology; Dr. Kelly Jordan-Sciutto, Associate Professor, Department of Pathology; and Dr. Alisa Kauffman, Assistant Professor of Preventive and Restorative Sciences. The Penn Dental Medicine group continued on to also present a symposium, May 27, in Peking. Focused on the Relationship between Systemic Disorders and Oral Health, it was organized in conjunction with Peking University School of Stomatology.

~ Research Spotlight ~ Penn Dental Researchers Studying Mice Brought Back from Final Shuttle Mission

It is not every day that researchers get access to a mouse that has been to space and back, but investigators at Penn Dental Medicine did just that this summer, gaining samples from mice that were brought back on NASA’s final space shuttle mission. So while the shuttle program may have ended with the landing of Atlantis July 21, 2011, it meant the start of a new round of studies for Dr. Elisabeth Barton, Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology, and her postdoctoral fellow Anastasios Philippou. Dr. Barton’s lab, which focuses on the mechanisms of muscle repair, was among 25 labs and the only one from the University of Pennsylvania to receive samples from 15 mice, gaining the opportunity through past work with NASA and encouragement from Penn Dental Medicine Board of Overseer Dr. David Tarica (D’83), who also had connections with the

shuttle program. “We had just completed a grant from NASA, studying how muscles sense load and the molecular pathways involved, but all of our experiments involved stretching tissues and cells in the lab,” says Dr. Barton. “Because of this previous work with NASA, we were able to write a proposal to study samples taken from mice that went up on the shuttle for a different experiment,” continues Dr. Barton, who received masseter Dr. Elisabeth Barton’s Penn Dental Medicine lab was one of 25 and limb muscles from nationwide to receive samples brought back on NASA’s final space shuttle mission. the shuttle mice. “When you’re in space, there’s no load we’ll look at them at the molecular on your muscles, and we want to under- level.” stand the consequences.” “We’re looking for clear differDr. Barton and Philippou study the ences in loading between jaw muscles sarcoglycan complex, a combination of and limb muscles in mice,” Dr. Barton proteins in muscle cells. On earth, leg adds. “We can use the database we devmuscles bear the weight of an organism eloped in our previous NASA work to whenever it’s standing, but without gravity see how important this complex is to there is nothing to support. The mouth load sensing.” muscles involved in chewing, however, The sarcoglycan complex is also are less dependent on gravity to function. involved in diseases such as muscular “Our first experiments will be on the dystrophy. Understanding how these histology, or the appearance of the cells proteins are involved with the weakof these muscles,” says Philippou. “Then ened muscles of those with the disease could also help astronauts prevent similar atrophy that stems from long periods of living in microgravity.  “If we could use this complex to trick the muscles into thinking they’re loaded, that would be a great advantage for astronauts,” says Barton. “Comparing limb and jaw muscles will also allow us to see whether there are effects of microgravity on muscles beyond the lack of load.”

Postdoctoral Fellow Anastasios Philippou at the NASA lab to collect the muscle samples.

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The 2015 Class, welcomed at the annual white coat ceremony, includes 121 members (72 women and 49 men); seven members are legacy students with relatives who are also Penn Dental Medicine alumni or current students.

White Coat Ceremony Welcomes Class of 2015

Penn Dental Medicine welcomed the Class of 2015 to the study of dental medicine with its annual White Coat Ceremony, held August 22 at the University of Pennsylvania’s Zellerbach Theatre. This annual tradition — now in its eighth year — holds symbolic significance for the incoming class as they declare their commitment to assume the responsibilities and obligations of the dental profession.

The program included welcoming remarks by Dr. Denis F. Kinane, Morton Amsterdam Dean of Penn Dental Medicine; a keynote address by Dr. Vincent Price, the Provost of the University of Pennsylvania; highlights of the history of Penn Dental Medicine by Dr. D. Walter Cohen, Dean Emeritus of Penn Dental Medicine; and the presentation and introduction of each class member in their white coats.

The 121-member class includes 72 women and 49 men and represents 29 different states and 15 foreign countries. Seven members of the freshman class are legacy students with relatives who are also Penn Dental Medicine graduates or current students. They include Yasaman Hakakian, cousin of Saman Souri (D’06); Caroline Heidt, sister of Julie Heidt (D’13) and granddaughter of Dr. Ivan Martin (D’53); David Kang, brother of Michael Kang (D’12); Sheedeh Madani, daughter of Dr. Farideh Madani (D’84) and Dr. Mansoor Madani, (D’82); Hillary Rosen, daughter of Dr. Ira Rosen (D’83) and Dr. Karen Rosen (D’85); John Ruch, son Dr. Donald Ruch (D’82); and Katherine Schier, sister of John Schier (D’13).

PennSmiles Mobile Dental Clinic Debuts New Look, Expands Outreach

Penn Dental Medicine has a new face in the neighborhood as its 40foot PennSmiles mobile dental clinic gets a new look. Debuted in September, the new design features friendly faces from the Penn Dental Medicine community that reflect the diverse audience served through this outreach program, and coincides with an expansion of this schoolbased oral health program targeted to Philadelphia school children. Outfitted with two dental chairs and all the equipment for dental care, the PennSmiles mobile clinic was first introduced in 2003. Since then, Penn Dental Medicine students and faculty have provided over 5,300 dental visits with children from 22 schools and four community agencies in West and Southwest Philadelphia, providing comprehensive dental

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Since the PennSmiles mobile clinic was first introduced in 2003, students and faculty have provided over 5,300 dental visits for children in West and Southwest Philadelphia.

care, including diagnostic, preventive, and restorative services. Pictured, Dr. Andres Pinto, Chief of the Division of Community Oral Health, and Dr. Joan

Gluch, Associate Dean for Academic Policies, with the newly designed PennSmiles mobile dental clinic.

On Campus people

Dr. Alisa Kauffman (D’85) Named Clinical Director of Penn Dental Faculty Practices

Dr. Alisa Kauffman (D’85) has been named Clinical Director of the Penn Dental Faculty Practices. In this role, she will oversee the clinical staff within the three office locations of the Penn Dental Faculty Practices. Her appointment was effective July 1, 2011. “The Penn Dental Faculty Practices are comDr. Alisa Kauffman (D’85) mitted to providing the highest quality of care using the most knowledgeable team so as to exceed the expectations of the informed patient,” says Dr. Kauffman. Having earned her DMD from Penn Dental Medicine in 1985, Dr. Kauffman brings a strong commitment to the School and its reputation for quality to her role. Here at Penn, Dr. Kauffman also serves as the Director of Dental Services at the School of Nursing’s LIFE (Living Independently for Elders) Program, overseeing dental care for the Penn Dental Medicine students who rotate through that clinic as part of their community health requirements. Since 1995, she has limited her practice to Geriatric Dentistry and is currently also an attending at Mt. Sinai and Lenox Hill Hospitals in New York City, and serves as the Dental Director at six skilled-nursing facilities.

Dr. Sunday Akintoye, Assistant Professor, Department of Oral Medicine, teaching dental hygiene in Uganda.

Dr. Sunday Akintoye Serves in Uganda

For two weeks in July, Dr. Sunday Akintoye, Assistant Professor, Department of Oral Medicine, joined a team of 30 people from five different countries and another 20 from within Uganda on a service trip to Gulu in the rural districts of northern Uganda. The team consisted of doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacist, teachers, and other professionals and was organized by Adonai Partners. Medical doctors on the team provided basic medical care, while Dr. Akintoye and the two other dentists in the group taught dental health and gave demonstrations on good oral hygiene practices. Approximately 2,000 people benefited from this free healthcare program and about 1,200 people received toothbrushes and toothpastes (donated in part by Procter & Gamble and Colgate). “It was unbearable to see several people in acute dental pain, but no dental surgery was performed this year because

the resources were not available,” notes Dr. Akintoye. “However, the local community is looking forward to provision of basic emergency dental care next year.” Dr. Akintoye plans to return on a service trip again next summer; this year’s visit was his second service trip to the region, having first gone in 2002. Student Leadership Recognized

Fourth-year students Ben Drane (D’12), Lauren Katzel (D’12), Jeff Li (D'12) and Purvy Shah (D’12) were the recipients of the 2011 Herman and Gladys Rosenstein Foundation Awards Scholarship. This award is given annually to third- and fourth-year dental students who have demonstrated leadership which directly contributes to both the academic and non-academic experience of students at the School based on their academic and extracurricular activities at Penn Dental Medicine.

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Students Expand Research Experience with NIDCR

Penn Dental Medicine students Bhavendrasinh Sayania (D’14) and Wynee Lee (D’14) expanded their research experience this summer at the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR), chosen to be among the 14 students nationwide to participate in the 2011 NIDCR Summer Dental Student Award. The Award program is designed to give talented dental students hands-on research experience

Alumni Named PCU Group Leaders

Three Penn Dental Medicine alumni — Boris Babiner (D’04, GD’08), Jonathan Waasdorp (D’06), and Wenguang You (D’05) — have been named Primary Care Unit (PCU) Group Leaders within Penn Dental Medicine’s Department of Preventive & Restorative Sciences. Their appointments were effective July 1, 2011. “It is quite exciting to see more and more alumni returning to the School to share their great knowledge and experience with the future generation of dentists,” says Dr. Markus Blatz, Chair and Professor of Preventive & Restorative Sciences. “As faculty and PCU leaders, they play a fundamental role in our continuous strive for excellence. The great, measurable successes we have achieved in the quality of our preclinical and clinical educational programs are due to the invaluable commitment of such faculty.” As PCU Group Leaders, they work with a team of faculty members, overseeing clinical instruction for the predoctoral students assigned to their respective PCU Groups. Currently, there are 14 PCU Groups within the predoctoral clinics. Dr. Babiner, Clinical Assistant Professor of Preventive & Restorative Sciences, has been part of the Penn Dental Medicine faculty since 2009, having earned both his DMD and certificate in perio/prosthesis from Penn Dental Medicine.

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and exposure to the latest advances in oral health research. Lee worked in the lab of Dr. Wanjun Chen in the Section on Mucosal Immunity on a project titled RNA isolation from tissues to measure TGFbeta expression. “The highlight was learning more about the field of immunology and gaining more experience with biological lab techniques,” says Lee. “After this, I am definitely thinking about doing additional research here at the school.”

“It is quite exciting to see more and more alumni returning to the School to share their great knowledge and experience with the future generation of dentists.” —Dr. Markus Blatz, Chair and Professor of Preventive & Restorative Sciences

Dr. Waasdorp, Clinical Assistant Professor of Preventive & Restorative Sciences, joined the faculty in 2010; along with his DMD from Penn Dental Medicine, he holds a certificate in periodontics and MS in Oral and Craniofacial Biology from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery and was an Implant Periodontal Prosthesis Fellow there as well. Part of the faculty since 2010, Dr. You, Clinical Assistant Professor of Preventive & Restorative Sciences, went on to earn an MS from the University of Maryland Graduate School and a certificate in prosthodontics at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery after completing her DMD at Penn Dental Medicine.

Sayania, whose project was titled Developing the tools to understand the dynamics of ppGalNAcTs in the biosynthetic pathway, worked in the Section of Biological Chemistry in the lab of Dr. Lawrence Tabak, the current Deputy Director of NIH. “I cloned different isoforms of the gene of ppGalNacTs into different vectors in order to visualize the location of our enzyme inside the cell using different microscopy techniques,” explains Sayania. “I chose this field of science because I am interested in biochemistry and had done research as an undergraduate in a very similar area. I believe that studying biomolecules such as proteins are the starting points of studying and preventing diseases and illnesses, since proteins play a vital role in all biological processes that control the well being of a cell, and more importantly, the well being of one's health.” Sayania hopes to continue to pursue additional research opportunities during his time at Penn Dental Medicine. Association for Women Dentists Recognizes Penn Dental Medicine Students

Penn Dental Medicine students Rosa Mathai (D’12), Cherissa Chong (D’12), and recent graduate Nina Tran (D’11) were among 10 students nationwide chosen to receive the 2011 American Association for Women Dentists (AAWD) Colgate Research Award. The Awards are presented annually to junior and/or senior dental students who have shown academic distinction and demonstration of excellence in research. Mathai’s research activities have included being part of the NIDCR Summer Dental Student Award program in 2009, studying mouse bone marrow stem cell therapies for inflammatory diseases and salivary proteins as markers for appetite and obesity. Currently, she is also part of a team of honors scholars working at Puentes de Salud, a free clinic in Philadelphia, where they are assessing the oral health care needs of the local Latino population. “My active involvement in both clinical and lab research at Penn Dental has given me the opportunity to explore

my interests in periodontics and orthodontics," notes Chong, whose research, among others, has included a study with the Department of Periodontics at Magee Rehabilitation. While at Penn Dental Medicine, Tran’s research activities included a study with the Department of Endodontics on the success rate of implants and work with the Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology on the affects of IG-1 on muscle hypertrophy. The award winners were recognized at the AAWD’s Annual Meeting, June 23-25, 2011 in Oklahoma City, Okla. The AAWD’s mission is to be the recognized resource for connecting and enriching the diverse lives of women dentists. New Standing Faculty Appointments

Penn Dental Medicine Graduates Receive Leadership Award

Penn Dental Medicine welcomes two new members to its standing faculty — Dr. Patricia A. Miguez, Assistant Professor, Department of Periodontics; and Dr. Ricardo Walter, Assistant Professor of Preventive & Restorative Sciences — both appointments were effective July 1, 2011. Dr. Miguez earned her DDS Dr. Patricia A. Miguez and certificate in periodontology at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil. She also holds a second certificate in periodontology from the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill and earned a MS in operative dentistry and PhD in oral biology from there as well. Her main research interest is in the role of extracellular matrix proteins in oral health and disease. Throughout her years at UNC, she published in the areas of type I collagen biochemistry, dentin characterization and degradation, materials sciences, and biglycan function in bone repair. Craniofacial connective tissues biology, including repair and prevention of their loss, will be the

Four members of the Class of 2011 were recipients of the 2011 Delta Dental Outstanding Student Leadership Award. Presented to students at 17 dental schools in 10 states and the District of Columbia, it recognizes graduating dental students who demonstrate outstanding leadership abilities. Delta Dental established the awards in 1977 in honor of Dr. F. Gene Dixon, the first chief executive officer of Delta Dental of California, which is now part of the other Delta Dental member companies in New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania. This year’s recipients from Penn Dental Medicine included Drs. Kimberly Farrell (D’11), Jena Marie Roath (D’11), Alexander Paul (D’11), and Janmeet Grover (D’11), pictured left to right with Dr. Cheryl Lerner (D’82), a Penn Dental Medicine alumnae, who is Vice President, Professional Relations, for Delta Dental Pennsylvania. The awards were presented following the 2011 Commencement, May 16, 2011.

main focus of her research here at Penn Dental Medicine. Prior to joining Penn Dental Medicine, Dr. Walter was Clinical Associate Professor at UNC School of Dentistry. The study of adhesive dentistry is his main area of research interest, Dr. Ricardo Walter focusing on the understanding of the interaction between dental adhesives and the tooth structures. He earned his DDS at Federal University of Santa Catarina,

Brazil, and his MS in operative dentistry from UNC. Drs. Walter and Miguez are husband and wife.


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Scholarly Activity Awards & Achievements Dr. Mark A. Koup, Clinical Associate, Department of Preventive & Restorative Sciences • Awarded Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry. Fellowship is awarded by the Academy after completion of 500 continuing education hours and passing of a comprehensive examination on all facets of dentistry. Dr. Phoebe Leboy, Professor Emeritus, Department of Biochemistry • Named a Fellow in the Association for Women in Science. Dr. Robert A. Levine, Clinical Associate Professor of Periodontics • Presented “Accelerated Implant and Restorative Dentistry” in the 1st Annual Straumann Distinguished Speaker Lecture Series, Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry, October 2011. Dr. Vicki Petropoulos, Associate Professor of Preventive & Restorative Sciences • Named Chairperson of the Scientific Investigations Committee of the Greater New York Academy of Prosthodontics. Dr. Louis Rossman, Clinical Professor of Endodontics • Named Chair of the Corporate Relations Committee of the American Association of Endodontists. Dr. Shalin R. Shah, Clinical Associate, Department of Orthodontics • Named a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics.

Dr. Thomas Sollecito, Chair and Professor of Oral Medicine • Awarded Fellowship in Dental Surgery without examination in The Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh Scotland, September 2011. • Elected to Fellowship in the International College of Dentists in recognition of contributions to the art and science and general welfare of the dental profession, U.S. section induction, October 2011.

Standing Faculty Promotions Dr. Bekir Karabucak has been promoted to Associate Professor of Endodontics, effective July 1, 2011. Dr. Karabucak has been part of the Penn Dental Medicine Standing Faculty since 2001. Dr. Rochelle G. Lindemeyer has been promoted to Associate Professor of Preventive & Restorative Sciences, effective July 1, 2011. Dr. Lindemeyer has been part of the Penn Dental Medicine Standing Faculty since 2002. Dr. Andres Pinto has been promoted to Associate Professor of Oral Medicine, effective July 1, 2011. Dr. Pinto has been part of the Penn Dental Medicine Standing Faculty since 2002. Dr. Eric Stoopler has been promoted to Associate Professor of Oral Medicine, effective July 1, 2011. Dr. Stoopler has been part of the Penn Dental Medicine Standing Faculty since 2002.

Selected Publications A selection of recently published work by Penn Dental Medicine faculty and researchers (indicated in bold). Akay C, Lindl KA, Wang Y, White MG, Isaacman-Beck J, Kolson DL, Jordan-Sciutto KL. Site-specific hyperphosphorylation of pRb in HIVinduced neurotoxicity. Mol Cell Neurosci. 2011;47(2):154-65. Benoliel R, Svensson P, Heir G, Sirois D, Zakrzewska J, Oke-Nwosu J, Torres SR, Greenberg MS, Klasser GD, Katz J, Eliav E. Persistent orofacial muscle pain. Oral Dis. 2011;17(SUPPL. 1):23-41. Bernstein DI, Earwood JD, Bravo FJ, Cohen GH, Eisenberg RJ, Clark JR, Fairman J, Cardin RD. Effects of herpes simplex virus type 2 glycoprotein vaccines and CLDC adjuvant on genital herpes infection in the guinea pig. Vaccine. 2011;29(11):2071-8. Bish LT, Yarchoan M, Sleeper MM, Gazzara JA, Morine KJ, Acosta P, Barton ER. Chronic losartan administration reduces mortality and preserves cardiac but not skeletal muscle function in dystrophic mice. PLoS One. 2011;6(6):e20856. Buduneli N, Kinane DF. Host-derived diagnostic markers related to soft tissue destruction and bone degradation in periodontitis. J Clin Periodontol. 2011;38(SUPPL. 11):85105. Cairns TM, Whitbeck JC, Lou H, Heldwein EE, Chowdary TK, Eisenberg RJ, Cohen GH. Capturing the herpes simplex virus core fusion complex (gB-gH/gL) in an acidic environment. J Virol. 2011 Jul;85(13):6175-84. Chung K-, Kim S-, Choo H. Class III correction using biocreative therapy (C-therapy). Semin Orthod. 2011;17(2):108-23.

20 scholarly activity

Cohen ME, Xiao Y, Eisenberg RJ, Cohen GH, Isaacs SN. Antibody against extracellular vaccinia virus (ev) protects mice through complement and fc receptors. PLoS ONE. 2011;6(6). Damek-Poprawa M, Haris M, Volgina A, Korostoff J, DiRienzo JM. Cytolethal distending toxin damages the oral epithelium of gingival explants. J Dent Res. 2011 JUL;90(7):874-9. Denisco RC, Kenna GA, O'Neil MG, Kulich RJ, Moore PA, Kane WT, Mehta NR, Hersh EV, Katz NP. Prevention of prescription opioid abuse the role of the dentist. J Am Dent Assoc. 2011 JUL;142(7):800-10. Diamantis S, Giannakopoulos H, Chou J, Foote J. Descending necrotizing mediastinitis as a complication of odontogenic infection. Int J Surg Case Rep. 2011;2(5):65-7. Dickinson BC, Moffatt CE, Hagerty D, Whitmore SE, Brown TA, Graves DT, Lamont RJ. Interaction of oral bacteria with gingival epithelial cell multilayers. Mol Oral Microbiol. 2011;26(3):210-20. Dong L, Guarino BB, Jordan-Sciutto KL, Winkelstein BA. Activating transcription factor 4, a mediator of the integrated stress response, is increased in the dorsal root ganglia following painful facet joint distraction. Neuroscience. 2011 Jul 28. Edrington TC, Sokolov M, BoeszeBattaglia K. Peripherin/rds co-distributes with putative binding partners in basal rod outer segment disks. Exp Eye Res. 2011 May;92(5):439-42.

Fong KP, Tang H-, Brown AC, Kieba IR, Speicher DW, Boesze-Battaglia K, Lally ET. Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans leukotoxin is post-translationally modified by addition of either saturated or hydroxylated fatty acyl chains. Mol Oral Microbiol. 2011;26(4):262-76.

Gu L-, Kim YK, Liu Y, Takahashi K, Arun S, Wimmer CE, Osorio R, Jun-qi L, Looney SW, Pashley DH, Tay FR. Immobilization of a phosphonated analog of matrix phosphoproteins within cross-linked collagen as a templating mechanism for biomimetic mineralization. Acta Biomater. 2011;7(1):268-77.

Fontana F, Rocchietta I, Addis A, Schupbach P, Zanotti G, Simion M. Effects of a calcium phosphate coating on the osseointegration of endosseous implants in a rabbit model. Clin Oral Implants Res. 2011 JUL;22(7):760-6.

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penn dental journal: fall 2011 21

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22 scholarly activity

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Grants Recently awarded research grants. Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology Preclinical Development of IGF-I Modulators for Enhancing Muscle Regeneration and Growth 5/1/2011 - 4/30/2012 Funding Source: NIH Principal Investigator: Elisabeth R. Barton, Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology Department of Oral Medicine Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act of 2009, Part B FY 2011 7/1/2011 - 9/30/2011 Funding Source: City of Philadelphia Principal Investigator: Andres A. Pinto, Assistant Professor of Oral Medicine Department of Pathology Role of Dyskerin in the DNA Damage Response (Abramson Cancer Center Pilot Projects Program) 7/8/2011 - 6/30/2012 Funding Source: University of Pennsylvania Principal Investigator: Faizan Alawi, Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology Role of Dyskerin in Oral Epithelial Homeostasis 7/8/2011 - 6/30/2016 Funding Source: NIH Principal Investigator: Faizan Alawi, Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology G-Protein Coupled Receptor Kinase2 on IgE Signaling in Mast Cells 8/15/2011 - 7/31/2013 Funding Source: NIH Principal Investigator: Hydar Ali, Associate Professor, Department of Pathology

Epithelial Cell TLRs in Disease Susceptibility 6/1/2011 - 5/31/2012 Funding Source: National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research/NIH/DHHS Principal Investigator: Denis F. Kinane, Professor, Department of Pathology and of Periodontics, Morton Amsterdam Dean Bacteria and Lymphocyte Suppression in Periodontitis 7/1/2011 - 6/30/2016 Funding Source: NIH Principal Investigator: Bruce J. Shenker, Professor, Department of Pathology Department of Periodontics A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial to Evaluate Late First to MidSecond Trimester Introduction of Advanced Daily Oral Hygiene on Pregnancy Gingivitis and Birth Outcomes: Oral Hygiene and Maternity Outcomes Multicenter Study 6/27/2011 - 6/30/2013 Funding Source: Proctor & Gamble Company Principal Investigator: Marjorie K. Jeffcoat, Professor, Department of Periodontics

Philanthropy highlights

Endodontic Clinic Renovation Campaign: Building Support in Recognition of Dr. Syngcuk Kim

The campaign for the renovation of the Endodontic Clinic at Penn Dental Medicine is well underway with plans to dedicate the state-of-the-art facility in honor of Dr. Syngcuk Kim, who has served as Chair of the Department of Endodontics for nearly 20 years. “Dr. Kim has alone already raised $800,000 toward this $2.5 million project, and our goal is to raise $1 million by June 2012 to be able to get this project completed in his honor,” says Dr. Samuel Kratchman (GD’91), Clinical

“Penn Endo is considered one of the best if not the very best endo program in the world, and we want to build a new clinic representative of this reputation.” — Dr. Samuel Kratchman (GD’91), Clinical Associate Professor of Endodontics at Penn Dental Medicine

Associate Professor of Endodontics at Penn Dental Medicine. He and his fellow endodontic alumni — Drs. Jung Lim (GD’ 04) and Brian Lee (D’00, GD’04) — are leading fundraising efforts for the clinic renovation among the Penn Endo Graduate Alumni Group. “Dr. Kim has been not only a professor, but a mentor for many of us. We recognize his global accomplishments and are honored to be supporters of this renovation in his honor.” The Endodontic Clinic renovation is one of the key projects of Phase 1 of the School’s 10-year Master Plan for facilities improvements. The Master Plan, completed last November, groups a series of capital projects over five phases. Plans for the Endodontic Clinic will transform the space into a modern clinic environment for optimum patient care and education; expanding into adjoining space, it will feature 23 chairs, two surgical suites, a consultation room, modular operatories with an operating microscope and computer at each chair, and a handicapped-accessible reception room. “Penn Endo is considered one of the best if not the very best endo program in the world, and we want to build a new clinic representative of this reputation,” adds Dr. Kratchman, noting that

The new endodontic clinic will be named for Dr. Syngcuk Kim, the Louis I. Grossman Professor of Endodontics, honoring his leadership and contributions to the Department of Endodontics.

contributions to the project can be pledged over a period of up to five years with monthly or quarterly payments that can break up a donation into manageable amounts, but still have a major impact on the project. For more information on how to support the project, contact Maren Gaughan, Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations, 215-898-8952,

New Scholarship Fund Honors Dr. Arnold Weisgold

Dr. Arnold Weisgold

Dr. Arnold Weisgold (GD’65), Adjunct Professor, Department of Periodontics, and his wife, Marci, have helped to establish the cornerstone for a scholarship at Penn Dental Medicine for postdoctoral students in periodontal prosthesis. The Department of Periodontics has named the fund the “Arnold and Marci Weisgold Scholarship Fund for Postdoctoral Students in Periodontal Prosthesis.” The fund has been established in honor of Dr. Weisgold’s 50 years of teaching at Penn Dental Medicine. For more information on how to contribute to the fund, please contact Maren Gaughan, Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations, at

penn dental journal: fall 2011 23

Philanthropy honor roll, july 2010—june 2011

Thank You! ON THE PAGES BEFORE YOU are the names of those of you who have so generously supported Penn Dental Medicine for the fiscal year July 1, 2010 — June 30, 2011. The School could not move forward without your annual and capital support, and we thank you for what your past generosity has made possible this year. We hope you will continue to support this great institution for years to come and we don’t ask without stating that we are listening too. Through many venues — a survey on Continuing Education; meetings with the Board of Overseers, the Dean’s Council, and the Alumni Society Executive Board; student and faculty forums for discussion and problem solving; and simply by word of mouth — we are listening to what you are saying and taking action. This summer you should have received our alumni mailing that highlighted many benefits of being a graduate of Penn Dental Medicine, including: “Find a Penn Dentist,” which will be a searchable database for visitors to the School’s web site to find Penn alumni practices; mentorship programs; teaching opportunities; and reconnecting with other alumni through our events. These programs are a direct result of your comments and suggestions. Please take the opportunity to utilize them today. We have heard from the students and faculty that the infrastructure of the School is in great need of updating. Dean Kinane is right now rolling out a comprehensive campaign to renovate the School’s clinics, labs, and student spaces. There have been many changes large and small over the past year with more in the works for the year ahead. Here are just a few of them: *

Capital Changes: The William W.M. Cheung Advanced Dental Care Clinic (ADCC) opened to students in November 2010. The honors program students practicing in the ADCC have given very high reviews of their experience in the clinic. Harkening back to Model B, Dr. Cheung and Dean Kinane were excited to give students the opportunity to utilize their skills at an even higher level than within the Main Clinic.


Capital Changes to Come: The Endodontic Clinic will undergo renovation this year, creating a new state-ofthe-art facility. The architects have been chosen and design work has started in earnest. Please see the full story on page 23 for more on this lasting tribute to Dr. Syngcuk Kim, who has led the Department of Endodontics for nearly 20 years.


Research Excellence: We have recruited new researchers to enhance our national position in relation to other dental schools. I am proud to welcome two new members to the Standing Faculty — Dr. Patricia Miguez, Assistant Professor of Periodontics, and Dr. Ricardo Walter, Assistant Professor of Preventive & Restorative Sciences (see story, page 19).


Academic Advances: The Dean’s Council has undertaken the job of reimagining Penn Dental Medicine Continuing Education. To that end, they have administered a survey to all dental alumni with email and asked for their input. The results are back and being analyzed — stay tuned for more information in the next Penn Dental Journal.

Our goal is to become more connected with you, and we will continue to listen. Check the calendar of events, log into Find a Penn Dentist, get involved, and help us make Penn Dental Medicine the best it can be. And again, we extend our deepest thanks to each of you for your support and generosity in the 2010-2011 fiscal year. Maren Gaughan Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations

24 philanthropy: honor roll

Annual Giving Donors This list includes all donors who made unrestricted gifts totaling $250 or more to Penn Dental Medicine’s annual giving funds between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011. By providing essential support to help Penn Dental Medicine meet its annual needs, the generosity of our donors is critical to the School’s success in adapting its programs to stay at the forefront of dental medicine. Their commitment sustains Penn’s preeminence in dental medicine, and advances the School’s mission of preparing its graduates to become dentistry’s leading clinicians, educators, and researchers.

benjamin franklin society The Benjamin Franklin Society is the University of Pennsylvania’s leadership unrestricted annual giving group. Members of the Benjamin Franklin Society form the most critical base of support for the University and serve as a powerful motivator for garnering greater participation. Through their vision and generosity, members of the Benjamin Franklin Society are an inspiration and example to others. Founder ($10,000—$24,999) Laurence B. Brody, C’52, D’56 Loretta T. Brody William W. M. Cheung, D’81, GD’82 Richard Copell, D’80 Robert I. Schattner, D’48 Jay Kevin Selznick, D’90 Catherine Y. Waung Fellow ($5,000—$9,999) Dr. Marion O. Bergman Stanley M. Bergman Robert A. Brody, C’80, D’84 D. Walter Cohen, C’47, D’50 Dr. Mary N. Doyle Dr. Matthew J. Doyle Harold D. Fink, D’41 Lawrence A. Friedman, D’62, GD’65, GD’67 Bentha Johnson Edward P. Johnson, D’72 Hope Rothenberg Kessler, CW’67, ASC’69 Lawrence Kessler, C’66, D’70 Glenn R. Oxner Lewis E. Proffitt, D’73, WG’80 Irving M. Rothstein, C’38, D’41 Lorain R. Rothstein Warren G. Woods, D’82 Serap O. Yigit Umit Yigit, C’81, D’86 Associate ($2,500—$4,999) Nina V. Aks, D’01 Clement C. Alpert, C’32, D’34 Sandra K. Alpert Frank R. Besson, Jr., D’94, GD’96 Geraldine L. Besson, D’94, GD’95 Michael J. Feldman, D’89 Harry S. Galblum, C’42, D’43 Velma Galblum W. Darby Glenn III, MD, M’56 Frances B. Glenn, D’56 Yeung-Yi Hsu, D’95 Anita Nayar Joy, D’81 Christopher H. Joy, D’80 Sam S. Kadan, D’95

Fred B. Kastenbaum, D’77 Lynn Jalens Kay, PT’79 William Kay, D’80 Denis F. Kinane, Ph.D. Allan D. Klenetsky, D’74 Bernard W. Kurek, D’73, WMP’03, WEV’04 Martin D. Levin, D’72, GD’74 Susan Levin Keith D. Libou, D’84 Donald F. Major MAGD, D’70 Estate of Harriet Worrall Mershon Randolph L. Mitchell, D’81 Phyllis L. Rosenbaum-Libou, SW’83 Tara Sexton, D’88 David Tai-Man Shen, D’79, GD’81 Olivia Sheridan, D’90, GD’91 David Richard Silver, D’85, GD’86, GD’88 Thomas L. Snyder, D’71, WG’74 Eric H. Spellman, D’76 Linda Spellman David S. Tarica, D’83 Michele Tarica Robert E. Weiner, C’72, D’79 Margaret S. Williams, CW’62, GED’85 Robert H. Williams, CHE’59, D’63 Deirdre Woods

thomas evans society Named after Thomas Evans, who left his estate to Penn Dental Medicine, the Thomas Evans Society honors those donors who, like Evans, want to support a dental school that is “second to none”. Fellow ($1,000-$2,499) Laura Roiff Adelman, D’91 Jeffrey W. Anderson, D’90 Ann Kearney Astolfi, D’92 Edwin C. Bartine, D’76 Jennifer L. Beaudin, D’04, GED’04 John David Beckwith, D’87 H. Russell Bernd, Jr., D’53 Marian W. Bernd Paul J. Carpinello, D’86 Gail Spiegel Cohen, C’76, D’80 Martin A. Cohen, MD Bruce W. Corbin, D’92 Marc Anthony Cozzarin, D’87 Mark B. Desrosiers, D’84 Gregory S. DiRenzo, D’87 Helen Haynes DiRenzo, NU’85, GNU’88 Paul J. Carpinello, D’86 Paul R. Feldman, D’83 Anita Garazi

Isaac Garazi, D’81, GD’84 Carl W. Gardiner, Jr., D’68 Douglas A. Gedestad, D’79 Albert F. Giallorenzi, D’71 Myron S. Graff, D’72 Daniel B. Green, D’60 Sidney Gutsin, D’68 Aaron M. Hader, D’58 Mark A. Higginbottom, D’74 Brian P. Hogan, D’84 Barbara Franco Hudson, DH’82 James D. Hudson, D’82 Aejaaz A. Issa, D’99 Benjamin P. Iuvone, D’74 William E. Jacoby, Jr., D’64 Dorothy A. Kinney, D’52 James Koretz, D’81 Ilze Lakstigala, D’54 Marc F. Lipkin, D’80, GD’81 Robert N. Lipner, D’77 Robert Litowitz, D’43 Kenneth Adams MacAfee, D’83, GD’86 Bruce D. Manson, WG’87 George H. Master, D’70 James S. Mckelvey, D’68 Philip L. Michaelson, D’99 Ann Nasti, D’81 Thomas Paul Petrick, Jr., D’87 Ronald Michael Pross, D’74 Dr. Susan Hymes Pross, GR’75 Robert P. Reiner, D’73 Henry D. Rohrer, Jr., D’54 Paul L. Segal, D’62, GD’64 Jeffrey Koslow, D’80 Amy Schild Spiegel, D’80 Louis Spiegel, D’79 William C. Stavrides, D’53 Debra Kamerling Stern, W’87, WG’92 Robert Marc Stern, D’87 Susan L. Stern, C’77, D’81 Edwin S. Sved, D’51 Gary P. Swistak, GD’83 Paul Michael Tedeschi, D’88 Barry D. Wagenberg, D’72 P. Deborah Weisfuse, D’77 Kijin Woo, D’08 Michael D. Yasner, C’79, D’83, GD’84, GD’86 Valerie Eisenberg Yasner, C’79, D’83, GD’86 Bernard Zeifang, D’59 Associate ($500—$999) Gerald Adachi, D’86 Eugene G. S. Adams, D’50 Edward B. Allen, D’47 Deborah Rosenblum Arlick, C’84, GED’84 Jay Lee Arlick, D’85 George S. Atebara, D’55 Joseph Bartoloni, D’80 Jeffrey A. Bassin, D’70 Frank R. Besson, D’65, GD’68 John Allan Bier, D’54 Ralph J. Bozza, D’79 Dennis M. Byrne, D’76 Corinne L. Cacas Andrew B. Casabianca, D’79 John A. Cerrato, D’80 James E. Clayton, Jr., D’82 Peter K. Cocolis, Jr., D’94 Leonard A. Cole, D’57 Richard G. Commons, D’53 Dean L. Cook, D’71 Stephen A. Cooper, D’71 Francine Trzeciak Cwyk, D’82, GD’84 William K. Deal, D’65 Dianne Woods Defrino, CW’58 Francis A. Defrino, D’58 Steven R. Diak, D’74 Dr. Breese M. Dickinson, M’34

R. Allen D’Innocenzo, D’88, GD’94 Barbara Fine, ED’57, GED’59 Gerald L. Fine, D’59 Craig W. Fischer, D’70 Walter F. Foto, D’97 Gregory L. French, D’85 Stephen H. Grossman, D’79, GD’80 Stewart V. Haggerty, C’54, D’65 William N. Hanafee, Jr. Louis Jameson Hardy, GD’88 Gary L. Hartz, D’79 Dr. & Mrs. Richard Hayashi Marc W. Heft, EE’70, D’74 Donald L. Henson, D’51 Lawrence T. Herman, D’72 Jesse H. Hogg, Jr., D’53 James G. Hupp, D’84 Michael L. Iczkovitz, GD’79 Dr. Syamala Jasti, D’94 Irena Jug-Weiss, D’87 John J. Keating III, GD’81 Joseph L. Keefer, D’84, GD’85 Steven J. Kerpen, D’81 Jerome A. Kleponis, D’81 David Mark Klugman, D’84 Anna Kornbrot, D’79, GD’82 Brian B. Lee, D’94 Melissa L. Lee, D’96 Brett R. Levin, D’00 Joanna Z. Levin, D’96, GD’97, GD’99 Deborah Pollock Levitt, CW’69 Richard E. Levitt, C’68, D’72, GD’77 Captain Eric Lewis, D’76 John F. Lhota, D’85 Richard J. MacFeeters, D’83 John R. Mann, Jr., D’55 Beatrice Mann Paul J. McKenna, Jr., D’79 Frederick Meiselman, D’64 Frederick R. Molander, Jr., D’72 Deborah Nash Molander, CW’71 Robert S. Morgenstein, D’65 Dr. Susan Morgenstein Diem-Trang D. Nguyen, D’91 Emmy Omoto, D’86 Francine J. Paladino, D’82 Douglas E. Peterson PhD, D’72, GR’76 Sang T. Pham, D’05 Richard L. Pickett, D’66 Dallas L. Pulliam, Jr., D’85 Lin Qiu, D’99 Peter J. Rattigan, D’76 Jeffrey H. Rempell, D’72 Steven Jay Reubel, EE’75, D’80 Bartley C. Reuter, D’56 Margaret Dillon Reuter, MT’56 Richard D. Riddle, D’84 Ruth Kosterlitz Rider, D’57 Linda E. Rigali, D’83 Alan B. Rosenthal Pc, D’79 David A. Rosh, D’94 Dr. Marian G. Royer, D’80 Michael B. Rulnick, D’74, GD’76 Donald J. Salomon, D’85 Jeffrey Sameroff, D’71 Thomas R. Schneid, D’79 Gail Ellen Schupak, D’83 Ronald J. Scornavacca, D’68 Lawrence H. Shendalman, D’74 Donald H. Silverman, D’73, WG’74 Thomas J. Simrell, D’84 Vincent J. Smith, D’54 Francis J. Smithgall, C’79, D’83 Dean Ford Sophocles, D’87 Robert M. Sorin, D’74

Theodore A. Souliotis, D’65 Brad M. Strober, D’86, GD’87 Leonard C. Taddei, Jr., D’79 Roberta Weiner Ronald G. Weissman, D’74 Patti Lee Werther, D’78, GED’78, GD’81 John C. Wheeler MD, D’66 Harold P. Wittman, D’60 Peter C. Wright, D’74 Member ($250-$499) Fred J. Alba, C’79, D’82 J. Craig Alexander, D’82 John D. Andrews, D’63 Clifford L. Anzilotti, Jr., GD’02 Ileana Arias-Munoz, D’04 Alan M. Atlas, D’86 Murry A. Awrach, D’68 Gail Downs Baer, DH’65 Dr. Robert L. Baer, CHE’65, GEE’67, GR’71 Alexandra A. Baker, D’77 Claudia F. Balderston, C’77, D’81 Richard A. Balderston, M’77, GM’82 Frank Joseph Beale, GD’89 Cindy M. Behrens, D’84 Pamela S. Benedon Robert M. Benedon, D’81, GD’84 Joseph S. Bienstock, D’52, GD’54 Phyllis Bienstock Jay A. Black, D’80 Sherrie Allemang Black, D’80 Peter T. Bliss, D’91 Mitchel J. Blumenthal, D’86 Thomas J. Boland, D’81 David N. Bordonaro, D’83 Margaret Bordonaro James V. Bordoni, D’80 Alvin T. Boyd, D’71 Colum J. Boyland, D’53 Deo Rhodes Boyland, D’55 Charles M. Brenner, D’73 Brian E. Breslin, D’81 Charles Bromberg, D’65 Howard Buckwald, D’66 Matthew S. Cantner, D’01, GD’04 Martin P. Carlin, D’69 Colleen L. Catera, D’96 Peter Chin, D’84 Richard E. Chodroff, D’79 Susan Dean Chodroff, NU’80 Barry S. Chudnofsky, D’81 William H. Claypoole, D’69 Robert J. Connelly, Jr., D’82 Philip A. Cooper, D’76 Charles R. Dagati, D’66 Annette Kriegel Davidoff, D’84 Robert Joseph Demarco, D’87 Alan J. Demaso, D’84 Richard E. Derrick, D’65 Alvin F. DeSiena, D’70 Gary A. Di Santo-Rose, D’79, GD’80 Michael G. DiFelice, D’06 Najibe Haddad Dow, D’93 William W. Dreyer, Jr., D’73 Edward Bronislaw Drozd, GD’87 Charles R. Dufort, D’70 Lee B. Durst-Roisman, D’83 Jay D. Edwards, C’49, D’51 Natalie O. Edwards, DH’51 James R. Elder, D’69 Bruce M. Elliott, D’66 Ira Michael Elliott, D’71 Sheila Anne Elliott, NU’67 Mitchell Joseph Farr, D’87, GD’89, GD’90

penn dental journal: fall 2011 25

Samuel W. Feinstein, C’72, D’76 Carol Falcone Fetter, DH’75 Kenneth A. Fetter, C’72, D’76 Robert A. Fischer, D’60 W. D. Fitzhugh III, D’88 Russell L. Forman, D’91 Spencer Z. Forman, D’75 Bennett F. Frankel, D’67 Robert D. Funk, D’84 Robin F. Gallagher, D’80 Rosalia Gallo, D’85 Harold V. Garrity, Jr., D’49 John A. Gawlik II, D’84 Cheryl Beddoe George, DH’81 Thomas Edmond George, D’84, GD’85 George M. Georgelis, D’98 Patricia Gibbons, D’94 David G. Gifford, D’62 Marc Phillip Gimbel, D’88 Bruce H. Godick, D’79, GD’83 Erick M. Goldberg, C’02, D’07 Tatyana S. Goldberg, NU’05 Ronald S. Goldenberg, D’75 Susan W. Goldenberg, OT’72 Joseph Gorelick, D’52 Alyssa Marlin Greenberger, D’02 Robert S. Hall, D’64 Payam Hanian, D’99 Jeffrey H. Harnett, D’66 David J. Hauss, D’81 Alan R. Hecht, D’94 Christopher B. Hill, D’82 Graeme L. Hudson, D’82, GD’83 Rowland A. Hutchinson, D’58 Joseph J. Iuliano, D’84 Andrew G. Jacobson, D’78 Karen Rones Jacobson, GED’77 Venu G. Jasti Charles W. Jensen, Jr., C’56, D’59 Mark A. Judy, D’71 Frederick E. Kane, D’88 Myron E. Katz, D’66 Patrick M. Keeley, D’71 Louis P. Kenyon, D’84 John A. Kerchoff, D’74 Gary N. Kitazawa, GD’76 Jeffrey C. Kleiman, EE’75, D’79 Ross E. Kline, C’80, D’84 Julie J. Ko, D’96 Kenneth L. Kobliner, GD’85 Debra A. Koehn, D’86 David H. Kornbluth, D’69 Michael R. Kremer, D’81 Edward Arthur Krukowski, D’87 Morton A. Langsfeld III, D’64 Judith Korman Langsfeld, CW’67 Steven D. Lasser, D’73 William S. Laubach, D’68 Ernesto A. Lee, GD’87 Sheron Leigh Charles E. Levy, C’67, D’71 Noelle Ling, D’99 Donald G. Lovejoy, D’59 Laura Clemente Mackey, D’84 Wayne W. Maibaum, D’84 John G. Manning, D’74 Anna Marchenko, D’94 Paul J. Markowitz, D’65 Laurene Alyse Marks-Wolf, D’94 LynAnn Mastaj, D’88 Walter E. Maust, Jr., D’67 Mark W. McDonough, D’90, GD’92

Barry D. Meiselman, D’58 Toba R. Meiselman, CW’56 Wei-Hsin Men, D’94 David M. Mendelson, D’73 Michael W. Migdal, D’84 Randolph C. Myerson, D’73, GD’78 Soochul C. Myung, D’96 Joel I. Nathanson, D’82 Judith Sinanis Nist, DH’69 Robert E. Nist, D’70 Franklin D. Niver, D’66 Evelyn Ofili, D’99, GD’00 Afolabi O. Ogunleye, D’01 Mindy Ok, D’97 Larry Pepper, D’78 Nicholas G. Pituras, D’59 Hugh L. Pollack, D’79 Martha Pollack I. David Popkin, C’59, D’63 Charles F. Post, D’74, GD’75 Albert M. Price, D’70 Noah A. Quinn, C’99, D’04 Monroe H. Rackow, D’66 Terry Francis Rakowsky, D’86 Barry D. Raphael, D’78 Joanne S. Reiffe-Fishbane, D’79 Cathy A. Reynolds, DH’73 Louis A. Rigali, D’57 Charles M. Riotto, D’80 J. David Rockafellow, D’52 Cindy Rosenbaum Neil B. Rosenbaum, D’78 David M. Roshkind, D’76, WG’76 Anthony M. Rossi, D’72 Andre Ruest, GD’94 Ronald V. Runyon Anthony J. Russo, D’52 Jacob A. Salzmann, C’59, D’63, GD’64 Robert Gerald Savarese, D’82 John W. Schreiber, D’73 Marion A. Scialabba Brown, D’91 Drew F. Seibert, D’56, GD’58 Jinyoung Shin, D’97 Albert J. Simkins, Jr., D’58 Joyce Siogros, D’86 David Alan Sirois, D’87, GD’92, GR’93 Edwin W. Slade, D’74 William G. Sloan, D’72, GD’87 Lillian C. Smith Randy L. Smith, D’80 Mark B. Snyder, D’74, GD’77 Dr. Andrea K. Solomon, C’78, GED’82, GR’88 Robert M. Solomon, D’78 Caryn L. Stark, GED’76 Alan M. Stoneback, D’57 Charles W. Tager, D’58 Dr. Idit Trope, GR’85 Martin Trope, GD’82, D’83 W. Michael Tuman, C’75, D’79 John V. Ward, Jr., D’77 C. Robert Waters, Jr., D’68 Amy F. Watson, D’90 Morton S. Weinstein, C’53, D’56 Arthur Z. Weiss, D’75 Michael A. Wernick, D’73 Andrew T. Wilson, D’98 Yudong Xu, D’05 Jonathan Zamzok, D’80 Ross A. Ziegler, D’86, GD’91

26 philanthropy: honor roll

Capital and Endowment Giving Donors This list includes all donors who made restricted gifts to Penn Dental Medicine’s capital and endowment funds in fiscal year 2010-11. Their gifts in support of enhancing and developing new programs, providing scholarship aid, renovating facilities, and upgrading equipment and technology are an enduring legacy and provide for the future of Penn Dental Medicine. Lester Burket Fund Matthew J. Cohen, C’54, D’57 Charles Dumas, D’57 International Friends of SDM Scholarship Fund Bucknell University Lee N and Grace Q Vedder Foundation Unger Dental Library Fund Dr. Samuel L. Hankell, DH’81 Robert Baker Scholarship Endowment Robert W. Baker, Jr., D’85 Nancy L. Baker Dental School & Library Plant Ivoclar Vivodent, Inc. Lenore and George Feldman Scholarship Jennifer L. Conry Drs. Samuel and Louis Rossman Endodontic Scholarship Fund David B. Block Corinne L. Cacas Dr. Ernest J. Dellheim William N. Hanafee, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. G. A. Markowitz Markowitz, Dellheim & Block, D.M.D., LLC Mr. and Mrs. James Matarese Louis E. Rossman, D’75, GD’77 Clement & Sandra Alpert Scholarship Fund Andrew D. Alpert Clement C. Alpert, C’32, D’34 Jonathan Barry Alpert, C’88 Sandra K. Alpert Brian M. Madden, Esq., C’71 Judith L. Madden, CW’71, GRD’06 Michael R. Madden, C’98 Mindy Madden Shelley L. Madden Trust Alan E. Sorcher, Esq., C’80 Dale M. Sorcher Class of 1971 Endowed Scholarship Fund Richard C. Drummond, D’71, GD’73 Robin David Harshaw, D’71

Goldin Seminar Fund Harriet Krangel Goldin, CW’62 Marshall J. Goldin, C’60, D’64 Morton A. Langsfeld III, D’64 Judith Korman Langsfeld, CW’67 Cheung Family World Scholar Fund William W.M. Cheung, D’81, GD’82 Catherine Y. Waung Fordham Family Scholarship Fund Kenneth C. Fordham, Jr., GED’81, D’82 Suzanne C. Fordham Periodontics Implant Fellowship Biomet 3i, Inc. Straumann Orthodontic Clinic Technology Fund Alta View Orthodontics George Georgieff, GD’62 Joyce A. Perih, GD’89 Joyce A. Perih, D.D.S., M.S.Orthodontics Paul Reed Trust Fund Andrew L. Schwartz, D’01, GD’03 Heidi R. Skanchy, Tony L. Skanchy, GD’91 Betty S. Vodzak Louis S. Vodzak, GD’67 Donald C. Yu, D’79 Penn Dental Oral Cancer Walk American Student Dental Assoc., University of Pennsylvania Corinne L. Cacas Delta Dental General Pipe Cleaning William N. Hanafee, Jr. Heartland Dental Care Brenda A. Jenkins Kathy Y. Kim, D’12 CAD/CAM Ceramic Center Alice F. Notis, NU’85 Mark I. Notis, D’90 Tokuyama Dental Corporation P&G Jeffcoat Research Initiatives Fund Procter & Gamble Company Student Research Fund Septodont, Inc. Dental School General Fund A Dec, Inc. Allendale Dental Benco Dental Dental EZ Alabama, Inc. Eastern Dentists Insurance Company Emergency Dental, LLC Kunaal Goyal, C’87, D’91, CGS’02 Schick Technologies, Inc. Michele Tarica Ultradent Diane N. Weiss

Serap O. Yigit Umit Yigit, C’81, D’86 Zeta Beta Tau Foundation, Inc. Zirkonzahn Measey Foundation Dental Scholarship Fund Benjamin and Mary Siddons Measey Foundation Morris Bradin Memorial Library Fund Bernice Bradin Vera Bradin Periodontal Research Fund Jonathan J. Coslet, W’87 J. Coslet & J. Rosner Comm Prop Trust Main Clinic Renovations David Brian Ettinger, M.D., D’87, GD’93 Fahmida Hussain, D’98, GD’99, WMP’02, GR’05, GRD’09 Heywood R. Kotch, D’77 Jacqueline S. Leder-Ettinger, GNU’87 Dr. Roger Levin Estate of Bruce W. Manning, D’64 Dental Periodontic Clinic Astra Tech, Inc. Nobel Biocare Endodontic Clinic Renovations Fund David W. Belardi, GD’73 Spyridon Floratos, GD’09, GD’10 Hiroshi Ishii, GD’06 Dr. Syngcuk Kim Brian Lee, D’00, GD’04 Donald Tsung-I Liu, D’96, GD’99 Georgia Marangou, GD’11 Michael Stephen Marmo, D’95, GD’98 Dr. Toshihiro Ushikubo Class of 1972 Main Clinic Renovation Fund Paul Gingras, D’72 Joseph R. Greenberg, D’72, GD’76 Susan M. Lee, D’72 Richard P. Simitis, D’72 William W. M. Cheung Advanced Dental Care Clinic Kerr Corporation Lower Concourse Clinic Renovation Fund Fara Copell Richard Copell, D’80 David S. Tarica, D’83 Michele Tarica Gift Annuity Pool of Dental Medicine Elaine M. Kuracina, D’76 Ora Dental School Project Fund P&G Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

This issue of the Honor Roll represents activity in Fiscal Year 2011 (July 1,2010 through June 30, 2011).

Arnold & Marci Weisgold Periodontal Prosthesis Scholarship Fund Nina G. Alpert, CGS’72, CGS’07 William A. Alpert William and Nina Alpert Family Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Alan J. Borislow Daniel P. Casullo, GD’75 Randall Cole Pauline Drazin Mr. and Mrs. James A Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Louis W. Fryman Hope Rothenberg Kessler, CW’67, ASC’69 Lawrence Kessler, C’66, D’70 Ferne F. Kuhn Stephen D. Kuhn Kenneth W. Laudenbach, GD’73 Laudenbach Charitable Fund Lincoln Financial Group Dr. Harold Litvak Sheila Litvak Nick H. Meyers, CFP Guna Smitchens Mundheim, CW’59 Robert H. Mundheim, Esq. Bernard N. Rothman Harriet K. Rothman Faye Wall Normal M. Wall, M.D., C’35, M’39 Norman M. Wall Trust Arnold S. Weisgold, GD’65 Marci Chernoff Weisgold, CW’61 Arthur W. Wessan Rita I. Wessan

Alumni Donors by Class Year This list includes all Dental, Graduate Dental, and Dental Hygiene alumni who made a gift to any Penn Dental Medicine fund in 2010-11. If a graduate has multiple degrees from Penn Dental Medicine, they are listed under the class year of their first degree. Class of 1934 Clement C. Alpert Class of 1939 Herbert C. Krout William A Sheehan Betty Staller Whittle Class of 1940 Mortimer J. Cohen Arnold J. Levine Eli P. Zebooker Class of 1941 — 70th Reunion Frederick L. Agnew Howard D. Dimond Harold D. Fink David J. Kennedy Irving M. Rothstein Class of 1943 Harry S. Galblum Robert Litowitz

Class of 1945 Harry R. Bruhn Herbert R. Chauser Kenneth Hollenbeck Freda Arnold Kirkley Seymour W. Silberberg Class of 1946 — 65th Reunion William Abesh Philip H. Dunham Peter A. Frank, Jr. Melvin B. Fuerst Jean Warfel Gage Frances Skorol Zikaras Class of 1947 Edward B. Allen Irving J. Alper Henry Gaines Daniel K. Gottleib Grace Donahue Loyle J. Raymond Moore, Jr. Mortimer L. Weisenfeld Joann K. Wilkins Class of 1948 Theodore H. Kirrstetter Harry R. Philipi Lee F. Reilly, Jr. Robert I. Schattner Thomas L. Smyth Class of 1949 Murry A. Decoteau Harold V. Garrity, Jr. George A. Krikos, PhD Joan Edwards Lukert William S. Lyon Class of 1950 Eugene G.S. Adams Theodore Adler D. Walter Cohen Ralph D. Fleming Henry A. Geidel, Jr. Harold Krivins Class of 1951 — 60th Reunion Edwin Cowen Jay D. Edwards Natalie O. Edwards Donald L. Henson Frank R. Lowrey Bruce L. Malcolm George C. Matthews Kenneth W. Miller William E. Rasberry John H. Rey Dillman C. Sallada, Jr. Edgar J. Schmidt Edwin S. Sved Joyce Barnett Unger Class of 1952 Joseph S. Bienstock Glenn F. Bitler Arthur W.D. Boss Mitchell J. Burgin Raymond K. Clark Ann Lindsay D’Anna Jane Sassaman Fleck Joseph Gorelick Richard C. Heinl Roger P. Kellogg Dorothy A. Kinney Sanford Krimmer James P. Nitschke Virginia K. Ostrander Kenneth E. Penny J. David Rockafellow Anthony J. Russo Raymond W. Salm, Jr.

Class of 1953 H. Russell Bernd, Jr. Colum J. Boyland Richard G. Commons Eric R. Cone Mary Elizabeth Cyr Joseph W. D’Anna Douglas M. Dunbar Joseph I. Gerber Jesse H. Hogg, Jr. Anne Sproule Hunnicutt Bernard P. Lewis Alex R. Matera Joan K. Mathews Wilklow Helen Lucas Price William C. Stavrides Thomas O. Sweet Arthur H. Tomlinson Class of 1954 John Allan Bier Errikos Constant Thomas T. Doran Joseph P. Falcetti Alan G. Harquail, Jr. Fred D. Heilbrunn Louis D. Kaplan Ilze Lakstigala Richard L. McClellend Diane D. Mckenzie Anthony F. Moreschi Henry D. Rohrer, Jr. Vincent J. Smith Claude W. Springer Class of 1955 Adam F. Andrews Karl F. Arbogast, Jr. George S. Atabara David J. Bleiberg Deo Rhodes Boyland Herbert A. Brode Howard M. Cyr, Jr. Donald B. Dolan Robert A. Greene, Jr. Arthur Edward Halprin Suzanne Weaver Huey Suzanne Cole Inman John L. Kotchick, Jr. Hillard I. Lerner, MSD Richard Levine C. Wendell Lofland Bruce G. MacKenzie John R. Mann, Jr. G. Edward McComsey, Jr. William C. Piarulle Arthur Z. Ponce Joan Marilyn Wunsch John T. Ziegler Merwin Zitomer Class of 1956 — 55th Reunion Charles V. Adrian Laurence B. Brody David C. Dickinson Alvin Eller Harold B. Ginsberg Frances B. Glenn Heber T. Graver Lois Greiss Graver Marjorie Baskin Kurcias G. Robert Lange Robert G. Latoff Myra H. Lehman Bernard M. Mechlowitz Paul G. Mosch Kenneth W. Purdy, Jr. Bartley C. Reuter Thomas M. Sagges Hope Weldie Schirard

Drew F. Seibert Irving R. Spector Dennis R. Tryon Morton S. Weinstein Class of 1957 Matthew J. Cohen Leonard A. Cole Leonard J. Drazik Charles Dumas Brooke D. Fulford Herbert A. Hammel Paul A. Kaye Ruth Kosterlitz Rider Louis A. Rigali Burton Rosan Col. Lloyd F. Shaver, Jr. Alan M. Stoneback Class of 1958 Richard S. Altman Jerome Lionel Blafer Richard J. Castor James L. Cusato Francis A. Defrino James B. Edwards John S. Eppolito Norman F. Faulkner Abe M. Finton John M. Fosnocht Aaron M. Hader George D. Harff Walter W. Hashimoto, F.A.G.D. Rowland A. Hutchinson Leonard G. Jewson Arnold Katz Arthur Marshall Barry D. Meiselman Joseph M. Nastri, Jr. Mary Lewis Berry Orsatti Joseph R. Pastorello David Rapkin Myron I. Schaffer Francis W. Siebert Albert J. Simkins, Jr. Marvin H. Sitrin Charles W. Tager Robert J. Valent Class of 1959 Chris T. Armen Joseph R. Bonacci Donald G. Cheek Richard Y. Cheskis Richard P. Dakin Gerald L. Fine Arthur M. Gitlin Jay I. Glat Charles W. Jensen, Jr. Richard C. Knoll Donald G. Lovejoy Fernando A. Mele Donald B. Olivie Omer E. Paquette Nicholas G. Pituras Frederick W. Richartz Robert B. Spilker John T. Stevens Peter H. Strife Bernard Zeifang Class of 1960 James L. Ackerman Capt. Barry Benn Philip S. Caplan Richard C. Durbeck James H. Dyen Frederick J. Ferrari Robert A. Fischer Stephen F. Goodman

Daniel B. Green Peter B. Gregory Hugh C. Howarth Carol Balla Hutzell Rein Maavere Nikki Marlowe Rabbino Harvey Wenick Harold P. Wittman Denison W. Young Malcolm B. Zola Class of 1960 — 50th Reunion Franklin M. Barber Richard L. Brilhart Richard F. Cassie Benjamin Chan Harry E. Dolph Donald M. Felber Bonnie W. Hartsock Robert A. Katin Edwin S. Mehlman Walter L. Myers James E. Pumphrey Louis Sandor, Jr. John W. Sheffield, Jr. Norman A. Whytock James Pinson Woolf Class of 1962 Marion Querido Aronheim Miss Clementina A. Bock Lawrence A. Friedman George Georgieff David G. Gifford Captain Gordon B. Groff Florence C. Kollmar Donald B. Munger Robert S. Rubler Anthony C. Ruggerio Paul L. Segal Norman Shapiro Robert J. Silverman Eli Wilks Dennis E. Winn Elsa F. Wixom Class of 1963 John D. Andrews Philip R. Barbell Howard Berg David J. Crossley Daniel P. Decesare Martha De Haven Frey Roger D. Goldberg Ronald L. Good Charles P. Hadtke, Jr. Henry S. Hammer Herbert Hodess Robert L. Massucco Albert S. Mowery, Jr. Jeanne Swallow Mowery I. David Popkin Jacob A. Salzmann Betty Brussel Shamas John A. Thomas, Jr. Emanuel R. Tress, D. D. S. Jeffrey A. Watson Robert H. Williams Class of 1964 Myron Allukian Jr. DDS, MPH Otis G. Beck Clair William Flinn, Jr. Marshall J. Goldin Robert H. Graeme Robert S. Hall William E. Jacoby, Jr. Lewis A. Kay Marvin J. Ladov Morton A. Langsfeld III

penn dental journal: fall 2011 27

Robert A. Lawton Warner E. Lund, Jr. Frederick Meiselman Michael M. Perl James D. Smallwood James A. Tatoian, Jr. Paul F. Zizza, Jr. Class of 1965 Peter J. Abell Gail Downs Baer Robert W. Beideman Frank R. Besson Charles Bromberg John W. Canzano Lawrence G. Caruth Kenneth A. Chernow William K. Deal Richard E. Derrick Stephen E. Ellender Martin H. Frost Alan L. Gartenberg Norman Goldberger Robert F. Goulstone Kaye A. Haggerty Stewart V. Haggerty William J. Haggerty Leon C. Holt David H. Hopkins Irvin G. Lubis Paul J. Markowitz George B. Marschall Robert S. Morgenstein Howard J. Schare Theodore A. Souliotis Vija Tamuzs-Rubans Arnold S. Weisgold Joseph R. Zaientz Class of 1966 — 45th Reunion Joel E. Abraham Howard Buckwald Charles R. Dagati Elizabeth Levan De Van Bruce M. Elliott Mary Ellen Breen Field Jeffrey H. Harnett Robert Henner Myron E. Katz Franklin D. Niver Donald C. Phillips Richard L. Pickett Jeffrey R. Plancey Monroe H. Rackow Albert G. Senger, Jr. John C. Wheeler MD Class of 1967 Eric G. Anderson Donald T. Dockstader Bennett F. Frankel Michael Russ Glogoff Joseph B. Hanley, Jr. Karen Wagner Hoerner Barry D. Kaufman Joanne C. Kettle Miles A. Kletter Harvey S. Levine Walter E. Maust, Jr. Charles B. Millstein Elizabeth G. Parker Samuel R. Selzer Norman H. Stoller Thomas N. Theise Louis S. Vodzak Donald K. Weilburg

Class of 1968 Anthony V. Angelichio Murry A. Awrach Donald G. Bell, Jr. Frederic J. Freidus Carl W. Gardiner, Jr. David I. Greenberg Sidney Gutsin William S. Laubach Arthur S. Liblit Brady Kenneth Lyons, Jr. James S. Mckelvey Frederick G. Preis Carl W. Schamu Ronald J. Scornavacca Dorothy Herrick Washburn C. Robert Waters, Jr. Andrew P. Zale Class of 1969 Michael L. Brugg Martin P. Carlin William H. Claypoole James R. Elder John F. Gell Thomas M. Jacoby David H. Kornbluth Judith Sinanis Nist Richard L. Rothstein John E. Spellman Juris M. Svarcbergs David S. Swersky Steven Aaron Wolman Class of 1970 David K. Anderson John R. Bartlett Jeffrey A. Bassin Bruce Blasberg Alvin F. DeSiena Charles R. Dufort Craig W. Fischer Frederick D. Hicks John W. Jost Lawrence Kessler Donald F. Major MAGD George H. Master Robert E. Nist Albert M. Price Sara M. Prioleau Brennan M. Thornton Class of 1971 — 40th Reunion Steven E. Berglund Alvin T. Boyd Patricia Anne Cohen Steven N. Cohen Robert J. Collins Dean L. Cook Stephen A. Cooper C. Dwight Decker Richard C. Drummond Ira Michael Elliott Albert F. Giallorenzi Allan C. Goldfeder Ira Goldman Sandra Terece Greenberg Howard B. Grover Robin David Harshaw Mark A. Judy Patrick M. Keeley Donald E. Kondrat Charles E. Levy Mary E. McFadden-Agostinelli Mark D. Rubin Jeffrey Sameroff Walter R. Shaghalian Thomas L. Snyder Douglas C. Walters

28 philanthropy: honor roll

Class of 1972 Robert B. Amley David M. Barnett Robert P. Cohen Jan Lerman Erlanger Paul Gingras Myron S. Graff Joseph R. Greenberg Lawrence T. Herman Edward P. Johnson Howard P. Kessler Susan M. Lee Martin D. Levin Richard E. Levitt David Levy Frederick R. Molander, Jr. Debra More-Williams Saul R. Payne Douglas E. Peterson PhD Peter I. Pfaffenbach Jeffrey H. Rempell Anthony M. Rossi Richard P. Simitis William G. Sloan Ronald P. Strauss PhD Barry D. Wagenberg James B. Wolf Class of 1973 Michael J. Alpert Robert W. Austin David W. Belardi Miss Annette A. M. Branco Charles M. Brenner Warren A. Brill David Brother William W. Dreyer, Jr. William F. Dudley Elliott K. Gutman Michael N. Klein Bernard W. Kurek Steven D. Lasser Kenneth W. Laudenbach David M. Mendelson Randolph C. Myerson Sharen S. Peters Lewis E. Proffitt Robert P. Reiner Cathy A. Reynolds Jay M. Rossell Bruce H. Schneider John W. Schreiber Donald H. Silverman Joel S. Teig Richard P. Traiger Michael A. Wernick Class of 1974 Lance J. Adelson Harvey J. Barbag John W. Blangiardo Robin Brewer Brennan John W. Burk Walter I. Chinoy Steven R. Diak Mark J. Doherty Ellen Eisenberg Eddy Gindi Carl S. Gulrich Marc W. Heft Mark A. Higginbottom Howard C. Hopenwasser Benjamin P. Iuvone Richard M. Kanter John A. Kerchoff Allan D. Klenetsky Jeffrey M. Leitner John G. Manning Charles F. Post Ronald Michael Pross Richard W. Ruby

Michael B. Rulnick Lawrence H. Shendalman Mark B. Snyder Robert M. Sorin Ronald G. Weissman Michael J. Whitehouse Charles C. Wilson Peter C. Wright Class of 1975 Melvin S. Babad Barbara L. Bozarth Daniel P. Casullo Reginald B. Edmonds Carol Falcone Fetter Spencer Z. Forman Ronald S. Goldenberg Michael A. Krane Ronald L. Loewinger Ronald M. Martin James W. McClellan James H. Mendillo Pamela S. Minter Louis E. Rossman Lisa Solden Schildhorn Kenneth R. Schneider Daniel M. Segal Philip A. Shore Arthur Z. Weiss Class of 1976 — 35th Reunion Edwin C. Bartine DO Dennis M. Byrne Philip A. Cooper Brian S. Duchan Samuel W. Feinstein Kenneth A. Fetter Robert M. Fleisher Mark J. Funt Robert J. Golden Dr. Alan J. Guber John D. Karabasz Gary N. Kitazawa Brian S. Kunz Elaine M. Kuracina Captain Eric Lewis Rosario F. Mayro Brian R. McCurdy Neil L. Moscow Gregory O. Page Peter J. Rattigan Howard J. Ritt David M. Roshkind Joe T. Ruby Eric H. Spellman Walter G. Spigelman Robert L. Wagner Class of 1977 Alexandra A. Baker Edward E. Best Robert B. Bookman Peter G. Campbell G. Frans Currier Arthur F. Eddy Peter R. Flynn Laurie L. Frischman Fred B. Kastenbaum Heywood R. Kotch Robin Shiffer Leidy Robert N. Lipner Arnold I. Maloff Dana L. Manchester Jay R. Melvin Bruce A. Miller Roland M. Naglieri Larry J. Quate MD Robert Resnick Barry P. Setzer Jo Apple Steinhart

Michael G. Town John V. Ward, Jr. P. Deborah Weisfuse Class of 1978 Lawrence A. Amsterdam Jay R. Augenstein Arthur F. Dean Lawrence M. Erwich Andrew G. Jacobson John L. Lenahan Farideh Moattari Madani Mansoor Madani Harvey Nash Larry Pepper Peter J. Pomazon Barry D. Raphael Neil B. Rosenbaum Steven J. Rothenberg Alan J. Seltzer Carolee S. Solof Robert M. Solomon Patti Lee Werther Class of 1979 Thomas E. Boytim Ralph J. Bozza Richard C. Buzin Andrew B. Casabianca MD Richard E. Chodroff Gary A. Di Santo-Rose Elizabeth A. Duane Martha Dunham Catalfamo Leslie S. Finkelstein Douglas A. Gedestad Bruce H. Godick Robert A. Goodwin, Jr. Stephen H. Grossman Gary L. Hartz Michael L. Iczkovitz William G. Kelly Jeffrey C. Kleiman Donald W. Kohn Anna Kornbrot Pasquale J. Malpeso Paul J. McKenna, Jr. Blane J. Nasveschuk Isaac V. Perle Hugh L. Pollack Joanne S. Reiffe-Fishbane Alan B. Rosenthal Pc Thomas R. Schneid David Tai-Man Shen Louis Spiegel Leonard C. Taddei, Jr. Marc S. Tindell W. Michael Tuman Robert E. Weiner Deborah J. Whitman Ellen Bailey Witsch Donald C. Yu Class of 1980 Pamela L. Alberto Marilyn Macleod Altbush Wendell Gross Anderson Joseph Bartoloni Jay A. Black Sherrie Allemang Black James V. Bordoni John A. Cerrato Eddie C. F. Chen Gail Spiegel Cohen Richard Copell Daniel F. Dunn, Jr. Lynn A. Elliott Maziarz Richard L. Fiese Robin F. Gallagher David S. Hershkowitz Christopher H. Joy William Kay

This issue of the Honor Roll represents activity in Fiscal Year 2011 (July 1,2010 through June 30, 2011).

Frederick Kwong Marc F. Lipkin Catherine Chan Ng Judith S. Post Ellen M. Poulton Steven Jay Reubel Charles M. Riotto Dr. Marian G. Royer Randy L. Smith Amy Schild Spiegel Jonathan Zamzok Class of 1981 — 30th Reunion Claudia F. Balderston Robert M. Benedon Thomas J. Boland Brian E. Breslin Paul W. Brown William W. M. Cheung Barry S. Chudnofsky Robert C. Director Isaac Garazi Cheryl Beddoe George Jeffrey M. Ginsberg David J. Hauss Anita Nayar Joy John J. Keating III Steven J. Kerpen Jerome A. Kleponis James Koretz Michael R. Kremer Stephen Allan Locke Charles T. Loo David O. Maltz Randolph L. Mitchell Ann Nasti Richard J. Phillips, Jr. Thomas W. Reinhard Peter S. Rosenman Susan L. Stern Dr. Samuel L. Yankell Class of 1982 Fred J. Alba J. Craig Alexander Rainer H. Bergmann Anne M. Chalemin Sara A. Chinn-Karabasz James E. Clayton, Jr. Robert J. Connelly, Jr. Francine Trzeciak Cwyk Kenneth C. Fordham, Jr. Paula Brown Gibney Lawrence E. Glaser Christopher B. Hill Barbara Franco Hudson Graeme L. Hudson James D. Hudson Janice R. Johnson Edward C. Kassab Robert Korwin Craig F. McBeth Joel I. Nathanson David A. Newman Francine J. Paladino Chester J. Palmieri Robert I. Rosner Robert Gerald Savarese Martin Trope Mark L. Waltzer Linda C. Weisenfeld Warren D. Woods

Class of 1983 Carolyn Izu Bergmann William H. Bohrod David N. Bordonaro Lee B. Durst-Roisman Paul R. Feldman David E. Freilich Martin J. Glassman Geordee Grable Terry A. Hurtt Gina M. Lombardi Kenneth Adams MacAfee Richard J. MacFeeters Michael R. Nawfel Thomas P. Nordone Douglas S. Ramsay Linda E. Rigali Gail Ellen Schupak Francis J. Smithgall Gary P. Swistak David S. Tarica Michael D. Yasner Valerie Eisenberg Yasner Class of 1984 Cindy M. Behrens Robert A. Brody Peter Chin Annette Kriegel Davidoff Alan J. Demaso Mark B. Desrosiers Joel Elliot Elfman Jay S. Fishbein Robert D. Funk John A. Gawlik II Thomas Edmond George David A. Goodman Paula Grant Brian P. Hogan James G. Hupp Patrice Ierardi Steven C. Isaacson Joseph J. Iuliano Joseph L. Keefer Louis P. Kenyon Ross E. Kline David Mark Klugman Eric M. Levine Keith D. Libou Laura Clemente Mackey Wayne W. Maibaum Michael W. Migdal Augustus Nogueira Richard D. Riddle Dr. Janet Romisher Suzanne J. Rubenstein Stuart M. Schnall Thomas J. Simrell Class of 1985 Jay Lee Arlick Robert W. Baker, Jr. Stephen R. Bradley Robyn J. Dogus Gregory L. French Rosalia Gallo Gregory L. Goding James A. Isaacson Richard D. Isaacson Kenneth L. Kobliner James E. Krochmal John F. Lhota Sarah M. Lynch Dallas L. Pulliam, Jr. Peter D. Russo Donald J. Salomon Maria Christina Sevilla David M. Sheintop David Richard Silver Timothy P. Sweet Eric A. Wachs

Class of 1986 — 25th Reunion Gerald Adachi Alan M. Atlas Mitchel J. Blumenthal Michael Andrew Carol Paul J. Carpinello Agnes Dziarski Ralph J. Kaye Debra A. Koehn Emmy Omoto Leighton R. Philbrick Terry Francis Rakowsky John W. Rosenlieb Joyce Siogros Brad M. Strober Nicholas Charles Tucci Umit Yigit Ross A. Ziegler Class of 1987 John David Beckwith Stuart Alan Chavis Marc Anthony Cozzarin Robert Joseph Demarco Gregory S. DiRenzo Edward Bronislaw Drozd Haris Ehland David Brian Ettinger, M.D. Mitchell Joseph Farr Donna M. Federici Albert Smith Harris III Irena Jug-Weiss Edward Arthur Krukowski Ernesto A. Lee Craig Steven Pate Thomas Paul Petrick, Jr. Michelle Kauffman Sandler Cheryl A. Sandor-Birnbaum David Alan Sirois Dean Ford Sophocles Robert Marc Stern Lisa D. Testa Newsome Arnold E. Weinstein Class of 1988 R. Allen D’Innocenzo W. D. Fitzhugh III Marc Phillip Gimbel Louis Jameson Hardy Frederick E. Kane LynAnn Mastaj Sadhana Prasad Thomas Basil Puschak Hilton Zvi Segal Tara Sexton Paul Michael Tedeschi Class of 1989 Frank Joseph Beale Michael J. Feldman Alice K. Lau Joyce A. Perih Thomas P. Sollecito Class of 1990 Jeffrey W. Anderson Howard E. Goldstein Mark W. McDonough Mark I. Notis Barry L. Sandor Marlene E. Sardina-Kelly Jay Kevin Selznick MD Olivia Sheridan Amy F. Watson Roanne J. Wiczer

Class of 1991 — 20th Reunion Laura Roiff Adelman Karl A. Arakelian Peter T. Bliss Victor J. Buccellato Stephanie E. D’Aprile Russell L. Forman Andrew T. Frank Daniel J. Gesek, Jr. Kunaal Goyal David Michael Ludwig Diem-Trang D. Nguyen Ysabel Madamba Padilla Marion A. Scialabba Brown Tony L. Skanchy Class of 1992 Ann Kearney Astolfi Bruce W. Corbin Mamle O. Mante Victor Charkin Wang Class of 1993 Paul Luff Boger Jyoti Deshmane Najibe Haddad Dow Dorit G. Hermann-Chasen Charles L. Hill Betsy Grand Kaplan Samantha A. Vitagliano Class of 1994 Frank R. Besson, Jr. Geraldine L. Besson Peter K. Cocolis, Jr. Joseph A. R. Gabany Patricia Gibbons Sheryl Y. Gomes Alan R. Hecht Dr. Syamala Jasti Brian B. Lee Dr. Jose R. Lugay Anna Marchenko Laurene Alyse Marks-Wolf Wei-Hsin Men David A. Rosh Andre Ruest Class of 1995 Yeung-Yi Hsu Sam S. Kadan Michael Stephen Marmo Class of 1996 — 15th Reunion Colleen L. Catera Mandana S. Etemad Benjamin E. First Julie J. Ko Melissa L. Lee Joanna Z. Levin Donald Tsung-I Liu Soochul C. Myung John Rawa, Jr. Constantine Simos Class of 1997 Cristen Kowalski Beard Walter F. Foto Mindy Ok Robert L. Perlot Jinyoung Shin Alena R. Spielberg Class of 1998 Michael F. Cardo Scott C. Dickinson Cathleen M. George George M. Georgelis Fahmida Hussain Andrew T. Wilson

Class of 1999 Sandra Strohecker Beckett Payam Hanian Aejaaz A. Issa Yi-Tai Jou Danielle L. Kilmartin Noelle Ling Philip L. Michaelson Evelyn Ofili Lin Qiu Corina Radu Class of 2000 Louay M. Abrass Takashi Koyama Brian Lee Brett R. Levin Biplab K. Malo Class of 2001 — 10th Reunion Nina V. Aks Matthew S. Cantner Andrew D. Hoch Afolabi O. Ogunleye Andrew L. Schwartz Maria Brinks Tiefenbach Class of 2002 Adelani Abimbola Clifford L. Anzilotti, Jr. Vinamra Bhasin Gerry J. Cellura Alyssa Marlin Greenberger Jay B. Laudenbach Penny M. Leong Adriana Mora Gregory R. Urfrig Vivian A. Wasmuht-Perroud, MD Class of 2003 Kai-Zu Chi Rohini Kataria Kathleen P. Lambert Class of 2004 Matthew S. Applebaum Ileana Arias-Munoz Jennifer L. Beaudin Michael Dustin Brown Linda Jubiril Noah A. Quinn Alison N. Shufran Xin Zhang Class of 2005 Sang T. Pham Yudong Xu Class of 2006 — 5th Reunion Adam C. Barbag Boriana Canby Michael G. DiFelice Hiroshi Ishii Juan-Carlos Mora Derek A. Sanders Saman Souri Class of 2007 Elizabeth L. Baker Erick M. Goldberg Class of 2008 Mariana Gitron Beer Bradley Schnebel Kijin Woo Class of 2009 Spyridon Floratos Marshall B. Montgomery

penn dental journal: fall 2011 29

Class of 2010 Joseph A. Foote Stephanie R. Golubic Shruti Oruganti Natalie K. Powell Maria F. Velasco

Friends Donors This list includes all friends who made a gift to any Penn Dental Medicine fund in 201011. We are grateful for their support as their generosity sustains Penn’s preeminence in dental medicine. Lawrence I. Abrams, Esquire, L’68 Nina G. Albert, CGS’72, CGS’07 William A. Albert Andrew D. Alpert Jonathan Barry Alpert, C’88 Sandra K. Alpert Jeffrey M. Altbush, WG’80 General Anonymous Deborah Rosenblum Arlick, C’84, GED’84 Dr. Robert L. Baer, CHE’65, GEE’67, GR’71 Nancy L. Baker Richard A. Balderston, MD, M’77, GM’82 Dr. Gordon H. Baltuch Mary Ellen Beideman, GNU’88 David L. Beik, C’81 Pamela S. Benedon Dr. Marion O. Bergman Stanley M. Bergman Marian W. Bernd Phyllis Bienstock David B. Block Margaret Bordonaro Dr. and Mrs. Alan J. Borislow Bernice Bradin Vera Bradin Loretta T. Brody Mark Bronsky Corinne L. Cacas Wendy W. Chen Susan Dean Chodroff, NU’80 Martin A. Cohen, MD Randall Cole Carol Cone Jennifer L. Conry Jonathan J. Coslet, W’87 Lawrence S. De Van, WG’74 Barbara R. Dean, PT’77 Dianne Woods Defrino, CW’58 Dr. Ernest J. Dellheim Dr. Breese M. Dickinson, M’34 Helen Haynes Direnzo, NU’85, GNU’88 Dr. Mary N. Doyle Dr. Matthew J. Doyle Pauline Drazin Natalie Zellat Dyen, CW’66, GED’67 Sheila Anne Elliott, NU’67 Bruce Allen Feldman, MD, RES’66 Douglas E. Feldman, MD Barbara Fine, ED’57, GED’59 Aaron E. Finkelstein, W’79 Mr. & Mrs. James H. Fisher Maxine Fleisher Suzanne C. Fordham

Renee Sigel Freilich, NU’78, GNU’81 Mr. and Mrs. Louis W. Fryman Velma Galblum Anita Garazi Joan Gerber Dr. Elena Gizang-Ginsberg, C’81 Vicki Dresner Glaser, G’82 Eleanor Behren Glat, GED’60 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gleason W. Darby Glenn III, MD, M’56 Tatyana S. Goldberg, NU’05 Susan W. Goldenberg, OT’72 Harriet Krangel Goldin, CW’62 Brenda J. Guber William N. Hanafee, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Richard Hayashi Karen Rones Jacobson, GED’77 Venu G. Jasti Brenda A. Jenkins Bentha Johnson Linda L. Kaplan Jo Ann F. Kay Lynn Jalens Kay, PT’79 Hope Rothenberg Kessler, CW’67, ASC’69 Kathy Y. Kim, D’12 Denis F. Kinane, Ph.D. Ferne F. Kuhn Stephen D. Kuhn Michael G. Kurcias, Esquire, W’55, L’58 Judith Korman Langsfeld, CW’67 Valerie Laudenbach Jacqueline S. Leder-Ettinger, GNU’87 Sheron Leigh Dr. Roger Levin Susan Levin Marlene S. Levine, CW’54 Deborah Pollock Levitt, CW’69 Dr. Harold Litvak Sheila Litvak Carolyn F. Locke, GED’84 Marie J. Lowrey, CW’50 Brian M. Madden, Esq., C’71 Judith L. Madden, CW’71, GRD’06 Michael R. Madden, C’98 Mindy Madden Beatrice Mann Estate of Bruce W. Manning, D’64 Bruce D. Manson, WG’87 Georgia Marangou, GD’11 Dr. and Mrs. G. A. Markowitz Marian Schmidt Marschall, CW’62 Mr. and Mrs. James Matarese William E. Mathews, WG’56 Julian Mayro, MD, C’54 Toba R. Meiselman, CW’56 Estate of Harriet Worrall Mershon Nick H. Meyers, CFP Deborah Nash Molander, CW’71 Dr. Susan Morgenstein Dorothy Mc Murray Mosch, HUP’55, NU’55 Ellen J. Moscow Guna Smitchens Mundheim, CW’59 Robert H. Mundheim, Esquire, Alice F. Notis, NU’85 Glenn R. Oxner Martha Pollack Beth Ageloff Posner, G’92

30 philanthropy: honor roll

Dr. Susan Hymes Pross, GR’75 Margaret Dillon Reuter, MT’56 Nancy Reyes-Svarcbergs, GNU’82 Helen M. Rosan, SW’77 Cindy Rosenbaum Phyllis L. Rosenbaum-Libou, SW’83 Julia L. Rosner, W’80 Bernard N. Rothman Harriet K. Rothman Lorain R. Rothstein Ronald V. Runyon Lois Brown Schaffer, ED’59 Gary Schildhorn Andrea R. Schkolne, C’06 Eloise K. Sitrin Heidi R. Skanchy Edwin W. Slade, D’74 Hortense B. Sladek Susan F. Slatkoff, MD, CW’73, M’78 Lillian C. Smith Jane R. Smyth, D’50 Dr. Andrea K. Solomon, C’78, GED’82, GR’88 Alan E. Sorcher, Esq., C’80 Dale M. Sorcher Linda Spellman Caryn L. Stark, GED’76 Debra Kamerling Stern, W’87, WG’92 Dr. Melody Troeger Sweet, GR’85 Michele Tarica Diane M. Tindell, NU’78 Alison Slap Tress Dr. Idit Trope, GR’85 Dr. Toshihiro Ushikubo Betty S. Vodzak Faye Wall Norman M. Wall, MD, C’35, M’39 Catherine Y. Waung Roberta Weiner Myra Chernoff Weisgold, CW’61 Diane N. Weiss Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Wesolowski Arthur W. Wessan Rita I. Wessan Margaret S. Williams, CW’62, GED’85 Deirdre Woods Jean P. Wynn Serap O. Yigit

Tribute Gifts This list includes all donors who made tribute gifts of any amount to any Penn Dental Medicine fund in 2010-11. For many, a gift to the School is more than just a financial contribution — it is a meaningful way to honor or remember someone special in their lives. Lawrence I. Abrams, Esquire, L’68 Andrew D. Alpert Jonathan Barry Alpert, C’88 David B. Block Mark Bronsky Richard C. Buzin, C’75, D’79 Corinne L. Cacas Richard F. Cassie, D’61 D. Walter Cohen, C’47, D’50 Gail Spiegel Cohen, C’76, D’80 Martin A. Cohen, MD Dr. Ernest J. Dellheim Bruce Allen Feldman, MD, RES’66 Douglas E. Feldman, MD William N. Hanafee, Jr. Donald W. Kohn, GD’79 Jeffrey M. Leitner, D’74 Brian M. Madden, Esq., C’71 Judith L. Madden, CW’71, GRD’06 Michael R. Madden, C’98 Mindy Madden Pasquale J. Malpeso , D’79, GD’83 Dr. and Mrs. G. A. Markowitz Edwin S. Mehlman, D’61 Glenn R. Oxner Louis E. Rossman, D’75, GD’77 Ronald V. Runyon Jacob A. Salzmann, C’59, D’63, GD’64 Andrew L. Schwartz, D’01, GD’03 Hortense B. Sladek Alan E. Sorcher, Esq., C’80 Dale M. Sorcher Amy F. Watson, D’90 Diane N. Weiss Bernard Zeifang, D’59

This issue of the Honor Roll represents activity in fiscal year 2011 (July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011). We have made every attempt to ensure the accuracy of this report. If your name has been omitted or misprinted, please accept our sincere apologies and notify the Penn Dental Medicine Office of Development and Alumni Relations at 215-898-8951.

Tribute gifts were made in honor of the following alumni. Class of 1990 Clement C. Alpert’s 99th Birthday, C’32, D’34 William W. M. Cheung, D’81, GD’82 Sok Woong Han, D’07, GD’11 Daniel T. Kerrigan, CGS’06, D’12 David Mittleman, D’61 Louis Rossman, D’75, GD’77 Irving M. Rothstein, C’38, D’41 Robert Vanarsdall, GD’72 Robert E. Weiner, C’72, GD’79 Tribute gifts were made in memory of the following alumni. Brendan J. Boylan, D’55, GD’57 Samuel G. Conforth, D’59 Frederick M. Seilkop, GD’64 Alan M. Tenen, D’74

This issue of the Honor Roll represents activity in Fiscal Year 2011 (July 1,2010 through June 30, 2011).

Alumni news


Volunteering Time, Talents Jeffrey Garber (D ’71) and Thomas Snyder (D ’71, W ’74)

It’s been said that if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. For two Penn Dental Medicine alumni, that axiom defines their professional lives and how and why they give back to the School, volunteering their time and talents to work with students and share what they are most passionate about. For Dr. Jeffrey G. Garber (D ’71), a passion for ethical practice has come to define his extensive career in academic medicine and dentistry. He is a fully trained dental anesthesiologist, manages a private practice in Bala Cynwyd, Pa., and is the team dentist for the Philadelphia 76ers. Each summer, he takes some time to do a little more golfing and a lot more mentoring as he shares his knowledge about bioethics with students in the Penn Dental Medicine Summer Research Program, presenting the Ethical Conduct in Research lecture (something he has volunteered to do for the past 10 years).

Dr. Jeffrey G. Garber (D ’71)

“Ethics education is important for students for two reasons,” he says. “First, it helps them realize that they must stay open to a continuing variety of learning over the course of their lives. The world is changing so much that students and new dentists today are required to constantly take in a lot of information that may seem in conflict. Second, ethics education helps them understand how to think through decision-making in order to identify an ethical conflict and then thoughtfully come to a decision.” In his lecture, Garber presents the ethical concerns involved in human subject research, the dilemmas about underreporting data, and conflict of interest. “We are in a world of rapidly changing technology in general, and a confluence of business and academia,” he says. “Today’s students are learning in school to be responsible to find the truth. They are also bombarded with the corporate mantra about making a profit. I see this lecture as an opportunity to jump-start their thought process and help them build a good foundation for ethical decision making.” Because Garber has experience walking the same road the dental students are just starting down, his insights are particularly valuable. “Dr. Garber has been a wonderful asset to the Summer Research Program,” says Dr. Joseph DiRienzo, Associate Dean for Student Research. “His specific expertise and experience in bioethics as specifically related to dentistry, as well as the fact that he is a School graduate, truly captures the attention of the students.” Another classmate of Garber’s is equally devoted to sharing his career experiences with tomorrow’s dental practitioners. Dr. Tom Snyder (D ’71, W ’74), is the Director of Practice Transitions for the Snyder Group/ Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions,

Dr. Tom Snyder (D ’71, W’74)

a prolific author, and consummate lecturer, who has addressed nearly every major dental meeting throughout the United States and Canada over a span of 28 years. For him, volunteering his time and sharing his expertise is an opportunity to help prepare students to take on all the challenges of negotiating the currents of a lifelong career. “There are many challenges out there for dental school graduates today,” he says. “They graduate with exceptional dental skill. It’s important that they understand that they must continue to grow and learn clinically, but also learn about business: how to transition from associate to practice owner or partner; how to be a leader among practice employees; and how to financially plan for the various stages of their professional careers.” To help prepare students for careers after graduation, Snyder has lent his expertise to the Practice Management course required for juniors. “I find that students today are increasingly interested in how to make the business aspect of dentistry a success,” says Snyder. “In this course, we help

penn dental journal: fall 2011 31

them see the big picture of what their careers could look like over time, and help them understand their options in private practice, education, or public service.” Snyder brings an important dimension to the course; as president of the Snyder Group, a division of Henry Schein, he has spent his career successfully developing a business that provides turnkey dental practice sales and transition services. “Tom is a successful entrepreneur in practice consulting and evaluation. I knew he wanted to give back to the School, and three years ago when I became Director of the Practice Management course, I saw that opportunity for him to get involved,” says Dr. Robert Collins (’71), Clinical Professor of Preventive and Restorative Sciences. “He has been instrumental in helping to revise the Practice Management lecture series, suggesting speakers with specific expertise, and teaching several sessions as well each year.”

Alumni Society Executive Committee Launches Mentoring Program

The Penn Dental Medicine Alumni Society Executive Committee has launched a new mentoring program to team Philadelphia-area predental students with regional Penn Dental Medicine alumni, holding the initial kick-off for students and alumni this past spring. “Students considering a dental career really need to have some shadowing experience within a dental practice before they apply to dental school to demonstrate their interest in the profession; and with this new volunteer program, we hope to provide such opportunities, while at the same time, build an interest in the Penn Dental Medicine DMD program,” says Dr. Keith Libou (D’84), President of the Alumni Society Executive Board, who is leading the development of this mentoring program. The kick-off event, held April 14, drew approximately 15 predental students

32 alumni: news

“Students want...a career in which they can take pride in a job well done and know that they have helped people have better, healthier lives...Sharing our experiences and knowledge with them gives us the same fulfillment.” —Dr. Jeffrey Garber (D ’71) Chief among Snyder’s message to students is that throughout the lifetime of a career, it is imperative to seek out and retain relationships with other professionals that can help secure your success.

from the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University, and an additional 15 Penn undergraduates who were unable to attend expressed an interest in the shadowing program. Dr. Olivia Sheridan, Assistant Dean of Admissions at Penn Dental Medicine and a 1990 graduate of the School, made a presentation on the School’s admission process, and the alumni in attendance talked with students about setting up shadowing opportunities. In addition to Drs. Libou and Sheridan, those alumni attending this first meeting and volunteering to participate in the shadowing program included Benedict Bachstein (D’07), Melissa Bachstein (D’09), Lee Durst (D’83), Thomas George (D’84), Bernie Kurak (D’73), David Silver (D’85), and Steven Weinstein (D’08). “We learned from a survey we conducted last year that alumni are very interested in becoming more participative and giving back to the School, and we are launching this

“Too often, as dentists, we think that we have to do it all ourselves. That’s really a point of stubborn pride,” he says. “What really works is finding and relying on skilled professionals who can come alongside you and help encourage you to take appropriate risk in order to grow.” Both Snyder’s passion for career planning and Garber’s passion for ethical practice have a nexus in collaboration, as do their volunteer activities with the School. “By sharing our experiences, we can help students balance their expectations and goals with good business practice,” says Snyder. “Those of us who have been down the road a bit understand that students want to graduate and begin a career in which they can take pride in a job well done and know that they have helped people have better, healthier lives,” adds Garber. “Sharing our experiences and knowledge with them gives us the same fulfillment.” —Amy Biemiller

mentoring program as one way to provide such opportunities for our alumni,” says Dr. Libou. To date, more than 30 alumni from across the country and across specialties have signed-up as mentors, providing students with a wealth of opportunities. The Alumni Society Executive Committee is continuing to recruit alumni to participate and plans to reach out to other local colleges and universities to make their predental students aware of the program. Penn Dental Medicine alumni who are interested in getting involved in the program are encouraged to call the Office of Alumni Relations, 215898-8951, or sign-up online within the alumni section of the Penn Dental Medicine website,

Alumni Weekend 2011

1 1

More than 230 alumni and guests returned to Penn Dental Medicine May 13-15 for Alumni Weekend 2011. There was much to celebrate, including reunions for classes ending in “1” and “6” and the recipient of the 2011 Alumni Award of Merit, Dr. William Cheung, D’81, GD’82. Some of this year's activities included a continuing education presentation on oral health product recommendations, a marketing program, the Goldin Lecture Series, and student-led tours of the dental school. Also part of the festivities was the traditional alumni picnic and the parade across campus. The reunion class dinner was held again this year at the Union League of Philadelphia. Mark your calendars now for Alumni Weekend 2012, May 11- 13. This year marks the reunion year for classes ending in “2” and “7.” We hope to see you there!

2 1 Penn Dental Medicine alumni cheer and raise their toothbrushes in the Alumni Parade. 2 Dr. Irving “Bud” Rothstein, C’38, D’41, and wife, Lorain, pose with President Amy Gutmann at the Alumni Picnic. 3 Dr. Denis F. Kinane, Morton Amsterdam Dean of Penn Dental Medicine, stands among current students and this year’s tour guides at the Friday Welcome Reception.


penn dental journal: fall 2011 33

Alumni Weekend 2011





4 The Penn Dental Medicine Class of 1971 celebrated their 40th Reunion at this year’s Reunion Dinner, held at the Union League of Philadelphia . 5

Members of the Penn Dental Medicine Class of 1981 celebrated their 30th Reunion together at the Alumni Picnic.

6 This year’s Goldin Lecture presenter and renowned bioethicist, Dr. Arthur Kaplan, the Emmanuel and Robert Hart Professor of Bioethics, Chair of the Department of Medical Ethics and Director of the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania, poses with Dr. Marshall Goldin, C’60, D’64; Harriet Goldin, CW’62; and Dr. Elliot Hersh, Professor of Oral Surgery and Pharmacology and Director of the Division of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at Penn Dental Medicine.

7 Penn Dental Medicine dental hygiene alumni. 8 Drs. Irving “Bud” Rothstein, C’38, D’41; Claudia Balderston, C’77, D’81; and Melvin “Mel” Fuerst, C’45, D’46, before the Alumni Parade. Bud and Mel celebrated their 70th and 65th class reunions, respectively, at this year’s Alumni Weekend! Dr. Rothstein was also presented with a special award for his 70 years of dedicated service as an active member of the Penn Dental Medicine alumni community. 34 alumni: news


9 Dr. William Cheung, D’81, GD’82,

receives the 2011 Alumni Award of Merit alongside daughter Stefani Cheung, D’11, and Keith Libou, D’84, President of the Alumni Society.

10 Judy Zack Bendit, DH’81 (far left) and Samuel Yankell, DH’81 (far right), recipients of the Penn Dental Medicine Hygiene Alumni Association’s 2011 Alumni Special Achievement Award. 11 Members of the Penn Dental Medicine Class of 2006 celebrated their 5th Reunion at this year’s Reunion Dinner at the Union League of Philadelphia.

12 The Penn Dental Medicine Class of 1961 celebrated their 50th Reunion along with Dr. Denis F. Kinane, Morton Amsterdam Dean of Penn Dental Medicine.


13 Dr. Earl Pearson, D’76, with wife Deborah LeePearson at the Reunion Dinner held at the Union League of Philadelphia. 14 Fellow Penn Dental Medicine hygiene alumni listen in on the continuing education program “Oral Health Product Recommendations: Their Evidence, Your Decision!”



15 Even the kids got in on the fun at Penn Dental Medicine’s Alumni Weekend!





penn dental journal: fall 2011 35

Alumni Gatherings san francisco > Penn Dental Medicine hosted an alumni dinner on September 22 in conjunction with the California Dental Association Annual Meeting in San Francisco. Alumni gathered with Dean Kinane to learn what is new at the School and connect with fellow alumni and friends.

rome, italy In conjunction with the European Society for Endodontics meeting in Rome, Italy, alumni faculty members, Frank Setzer, GD’06, GD’07, D’10, and Meetu Kohli, D’02, GD05, along with European alumnus Francesco Maggiore, GD’99, and friend Gabriele Edoardo Pecora, DDS, hosted an alumni dinner on September 16, 2011. Thirty-six alumni attended the dinner, many made pledges to support the endodontic clinic renovation campaign and also made a pledge to form the European Penn Endo Society to foster education and communication within the field.

Dr.Tai-Man Shen, D’79, GD’81; Dr. Denis Kinane, Morton Amsterdam Dean; Maren Gaughan, Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations; Dr. David Tarica, D’83, and his wife, Michele Tarica; Dr. Ricci Yiu-Chi Chan, D’87; Dr. Rita Coslet, DH’78; Fara Copell; Dr. Anita Nayar Joy, D’81; Dr. Chris Joy, D’80, and his wife, Adrienne Joy; Dr. Susan So, C’94, D’97; Dr. Richard Copell, D’80; and Dr. Edward Loev, D’69.

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June 14-16, 2012 University of Pennsylvania • Philadelphia, PA The Annenberg Center – Zellerbach Theatre THE ADVANCE PROGRAM WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON - WATCH YOUR MAIL

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In celebration of his 70th Penn Dental Medicine reunion, Irving “Bud” Rothstein (C’39, D’41) and his wife, Lorain, visited Philadelphia at Alumni Weekend 2011, May 13-15!

In celebration of their 50th Penn Dental Medicine reunion, members of the Class of 1961 — James Hazlett (D’61), Charles Mirabile, David Payne (D’61, GD’63), Douglas Stalb (D’61) and David Zeyher (D’61, GD’64) — reconnected in Philadelphia at Alumni Weekend 2011, May 13-15!

1950’s Martha (Whitman) Edgar (DH’51) recently retired at the age of 81 after working as a Dental Hygienist for 60 years. In celebration of their 60th Penn Dental Medicine reunion, members of the Class of 1951 — Kathryn Beaudet (DH’51), Phyllis Downing (DH’51) and Marshall Vaughters (D’51) — reconnected in Philadelphia at Alumni Weekend 2011, May 13-15! In celebration of their 55th Penn Dental Medicine reunion, members of the Class of 1956 — Harold Ginsberg (D’56) and G. Robert Lange (D’56) — reconnected in Philadelphia at Alumni Weekend 2011, May 13-15!

In celebration of their 45th Penn Dental Medicine reunion, members of the Class of 1966 — Joel Abrahams (D’66), Robert Henner (D’66), Jeffrey Plancey (D’66) and Joseph Thompson (D’66) — reconnected in Philadelphia at Alumni Weekend 2011, May 13-15!


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Literally by accident, two Penn Dental Medicine alumni — Sonny Stern Class (D’54), right, and Louis Rossman (D’75), left — met on bicycles in Tuscany, Italy. Both have served on the Penn Dental Medicine Board of Overseers, and they shared the 91-degree weather, lots of hills, and great conversation as well.


Reamer (D’71), Thomas Snyder (D’71, WG’74) and John Spagnola (D’71) — reconnected in Philadelphia at Alumni Weekend 2011, May 13-15! In celebration of their 35th Penn Dental Medicine reunion, members of the Class of 1976 — Alfredo Alexander (D’76), John Boyle (D’76), Kenneth Fetter (C’72, D’76), Captain Eric Lewis (D’76), Earl Pearson (D’76), Roger Rundbaken (D’76), William Spangle (D’76) — reconnected in Philadelphia at Alumni Weekend 2011, May 13-15!

Robert M. Fleisher (GD'76) announces the publication of his book Bedside Manner — How to Gain Your Patients' Respect, Love & Loyalty. Much of the material has been part of his lectures series at Albert Einstein Medical Center's Endodontic Residency Program where he has taught for the past 30 years. He is working on another book that will help healthcare providers protect themselves from lawsuits titled Defensive Dentistry in a Dangerous World. On his website,, he discusses issues related to having better relationships with patients. Fleisher's motto: "patients judge your skills by your bedside manner" has motivated him to share his techniques and ideas with all healthcare providers to make the patient experience more fulfilling.

1980’s John T. Lynch (D’80) writes that he received his Fellowship at the AGD Convocation in San Diego, Calif., on July 30, 2011.

In celebration of their 40th Penn Dental Medicine reunion, members of the Class of 1971 — Frank Adshead III (D’71), Robert Anusbigian (D’71), Angelo Casagrande (D’71, GD’76), Patricia Cohen (DH’71) Steven Cohen (D’71), Robert Collins (D’71), Dean Cook (D’71), Maureen Fedorishen (DH’71), Charles Fetterhoff (C’67, D’71), Joseph Gian-Grasso (C’67, D’71), Allan Goldfeder (D’71), Robin David Harshaw (D’71), Kenneth Ingber (D’71), Mark Judy (D’71), John Leonard (D’71), Patricia Long (DH’71), Mary McFadden-Agostinelli (DH’71), Gary Nelson (D’71), Ernest

Ralph Van Brocklin (D’81) was elected to the City Commission of Johnson City, Tenn., on April 26, 2011. He had previously served on the Johnson City Board of Education from 2007 through this election. Dr. Van Brocklin has practiced oral and maxillofacial surgery in Johnson City since 1985. He and his wife, Deborah , have a son, Hunter, who is a sophomore student at the University of Southern California, majoring in music composition.

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Robert A. Levine (GD’84) recently addressed colleagues as keynote speaker for the International Team for Implantology’s (ITI) Australasian Congress in Melbourne, Australia. The two-day congress, held July 29 and 30, was titled "Working Together Works — Teamwork for Success in Implant Dentistry”. Dr. Levine, an internationally renowned guest speaker and one of only 600 ITI Fellows, co-presented a multidisciplinary approach to optimizing aesthetic and functional implant-based restorations, with an emphasis on the communication that should take place between implant surgeon, restorative dentist, and lab technicians. Additional topics presented by Dr. Levine included pre-implant surgical options for patients with varying bone morphology, biological basis for implant and abutment design for optimal aesthetic outcomes and management of hard and soft tissue defects.

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The School of Dental Medicine is pleased to announce the launch of the “Find a Penn Dentist” application on the Penn Dental Medicine website. This tool will allow potential patients to find Penn Dental Medicine alumni practices in their ar ea as well as allow you to area sear ch for rreferral eferral practices based on location search or specialty y.. Opt-in is required. required. Get counted specialty. today at www .dental.upen!!

Update U pdate tto o win win an iPad! iPad! Log in and update your information befor e Friday, Friday y, December 2, 2011 20 before for a chance to win an Apple Regardless of whether iPad! Regardless you opt in or out of the “Find a Penn Dentist” application, one d and winner will be randomly selected before the New Year Y ear. announced before Year. NOTE: Your Your QuakerNet username and password password is required required to access this form. If you ar e not yet rregistered, egistered, please do so by are clicking the “Register Now!” link. HINT: HINT: Your Your same QuakerNet username and passwor d also allow you to register register for Penn and password Penn Dental Medicine events quickly and easily; update your information; and access the Penn alumni dir ectory! directory!

James Lhota (D’85) of Central Park West Dentistry has joined with a select group of leading dental professionals from across the nation to co-write the forthcoming book titled, More Than a Mouthful. In celebration of their 25th Penn Dental Medicine reunion, members of the Class of 1986 — Beverly Baeder (D’86), Mark Elice (D’86), Debra Koehn (D’86), Pearl Lieberman (D’86), Katherine Sporn (D’86) — reconnected in Philadelphia at Alumni Weekend 2011, May 13-15! In celebration of their 30th Penn Dental Medicine reunion, members of the Class of 1981 — Philip Abramsky (D’81), Claudia Balderston (C’77, D’81), Mark Bayless (D’81), Judith Bendit (DH’81), Laura Berkowitz (DH’81), Mindy Jacobs Berson (DH’81), Judy Buxton (GED’77, D’81), Mitchell Charnas (C’76, D’81), William W. M. Cheung (D’81, GD’82), John Dewolf III (D’81), Karl Ellins (D’81), Beth Fienstein (DH’81), Steven Ganzberg (D’81), Jeffrey Gershon (D’81), Jeffrey Ginsberg (D’81), Amy Golden (D’81), Peri Greenstein (D’81), Barbara Gregor (DH’81), Barbara Hersh-Locke (DH’81), Constance Killian (D’81), James Koretz (D’81), Wendy Linker (C’77, D’81), Stephen Maloney (D’81), Charles Meier (D’81), George Moutevelis (D’81), Richard Oshrain (D’81), Bruce Patterson (D’81), Jeffrey Rabinowitz (C’77, D’81), Henry Salama (D’81, GD’86), Larry Snyder (D’81, WG’99), Shawna Winkler (DH’81), Samuel Yankell (DH’81) — reconnected in Philadelphia at Alumni Weekend 2011, May 13-15! William W.M. Cheung (D’81, GD’83) received the 2011 Alumni Award of Merit presented by the Penn Dental Medicine Alumni Society in recognition of his love for and loyalty to the School of Dental Medicine, excellence in the profession of dentistry, and community involvement.

1990’s John S. Horchos (D’92) was recently named a diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and was acknowledged at the ABPD annual meeting in New York City. Dr. Horchos also completed a summit attempt of Mt. Rainier, Wash., in August, 2010 and Mt. McKinley, Alaska this July, 2011.

Mark Gutt (D’89) was one of the 11 winners of Straumann’s Growth against Recession Worldwide competition for his treatment of a 32-year-old female’s gingival zenith recession and disharmony.

In celebration of their 15th Penn Dental Medicine reunion, members of the Class of 1996 — Timothy Bonniwell (D’96), Matthew Girardy (D’96) and Constantine Simos (D’96), — reconnected in Philadelphia at Alumni Weekend 2011, May 13-15!

In celebration of their 20th Penn Dental Medicine reunion, members of the Class of 1991 — David Nepa (D’91), Diem-Trang Nguyen (D’91), Laura Roiff Adelman (D’91), Richard Marc Rosenthal (D’91), Frederick Solomon (D’91) — reconnected in Philadelphia at Alumni Weekend 2011, May 13-15!

2000’s Alison Shufran (D’04) and her husband Christopher Colosimo welcomed the arrival of their daughter Claire Stephanie. She was born on Mother's Day, May 8, 2011.

SHARE YOUR NEWS We want to hear from you. Share your news on personal and professional accomplishments with your fellow Penn Dental Medicine alumni through the Class Notes section of the Penn Dental Journal. We have made it easy for you to make a submission — simply go to where you can quickly send us your information — we welcome photos as well. Or, you can send your submissions to: Robert Schattner Center University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine Office of Development and Alumni Relations 240 South 40th Street Philadelphia, PA 19104-6030 215-898-8951 (p)

Patrick T. Cuozzo (GD’97) was selected by his colleagues and peers as one of the top orthodontists in New Jersey. Dr. Cuozzo is a thirdgeneration dental professional and certified orthodontic specialist focusing on dental care and treatment, adult orthodontics, and the clear-braces system known as Invisalign. In addition to his selection as one of the best New Jersey orthodontists, Dr. Cuozzo has received multiple listings in the Guide to America’s Top Dentists, and been awarded the Academy of Operative Dentistry’s Award for Outstanding Achievement.

Hamid Kazemi (D’90) recently published a book, The Wise Guide to Wisdom Teeth Extraction, to help patients make better and more engaged decisions about their wisdom teeth. Although written specifically for patients, it is also of great value to dentists and their staff offering current and accurate information they can use to educate their patients. The eBook version of this book is available for free download and can be found on

In celebration of their 10th Penn Dental Medicine reunion, members of the Class of 2001 — Nina Matthew Cantner (D’01, GD’04), Tatyana Kaganova (D’01), Daniel Kubikian (D’01, GD’04, GD’05), Yulia Mayzenberg (D’01), Nicole Mermet (D’01), Shrikanth Rangarajan (D’01) and Rita Taliwal (D’01) — reconnected in Philadelphia at Alumni Weekend 2011, May 13-15! In celebration of their 5th Penn Dental Medicine reunion, members of the Class of 2006 — William Han (GED’05, GD’06), Touraj Khalilzadeh (D’06), Chad Lazar (CGS01, D’06), Mana Mozaffarian (D’06), Robert Nelson (D’06), Elizabeth Prada (D’06) and Saman Souri (D’06) — reconnected in Philadelphia at Alumni Weekend 2011, May 13-15!.

2012 2012 Alumni Award of Merit Nominations Sought Nominations are being sought for recipients of the 2012 Alumni Award of Merit, which will be presented during Alumni Weekend 2012, May 11-13. The Alumni Award of Merit recognizes love for and loyalty to the School of Dental Medicine, excellence in the profession of dentistry, and community involvement. The award is given to those graduates who have maintained their ties with the School through their support of alumni activities, who have demonstrated leadership in the dental profession, and who have fostered and maintained the ideals that the School of Dental Medicine has stood for since its founding.

Members of the Alumni Society Executive Committee will select the recipients from the pool of nominees. Nominations are due no later than DECEMBER 31, 2011. Nominees should be sent to: Sarah Burton ( Office of Development and Alumni Relations Robert Schattner Center,Penn Dental Medicine 240 S. 40th St. Philadelphia, PA 19104 215-898-3542

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In Memoriam Tai Chin Lau (D’19) Hong Kong, China, January 1, 2010 Philip H. Moll (D’19) Afghanistan, January 1, 2010 Robert M. Gillies (D’20) Brisbane, Australia, January 1, 2010 Leo Von Moos (D’20) January 1, 2010 Michael J. Cohen (D’21) Sylvania, OH, October 1, 1986 Rhea H. Dusinberre (D’21) Pompano Beach, FL, May 8, 1993

Paula Malm Weaver (DH’37) Saint Simons Island, GA, January 1, 2010 Nathan Feigelman (D’39) Jamestown, RI, September 10, 2007 George L. Price (D’40) Northampton, MA, January 3, 2011 Col. Lea M. Boyer (D’42) Bogart, GA, February 12, 2011 Embree F. Jarvis (C’42, D’43) Rochester, NY, June 20, 2011 George B. Kirkley (C’42, D’45) Fayetteville, NY, February 10, 2011

Rene C.E.W. Hamer (D’21) Binnenstad, Amsterdam, January 1, 2011

Henry P. Levy (D’42) San Diego, CA, September 15, 2009

Claude L. C. Henry (D’21) Townsville, Australia, January 1, 2011

Charlotte Williams Lothrop (DH’43) Shoreline, WA, April 1, 2011

Robert H. Mccready (D’21) Sloatsburg, NY, January 1, 2011

Marjorie H. Smith (DH’43) Allentown, PA, August 1, 2003

George W. Miller, Jr. (D’21) Albany, NY, January 1, 2011

Natalie Becher Stein (D’43) Plainsboro, NJ, August 31, 2010

Everett W. Moncrief (D’21) Montgomery, AL, January 1, 2011

Caroline Fox Dombrow (DH’44) Lansdale, PA, May 21, 2010

Charles G. Neukomm (D’21) Deutschland, January 1, 2011

Diego A. Ingaglio (C’44, D’47) Marmora, NJ, April 5, 2011

Bruno Paul Rell (D’21) Deutschland, January 1, 2011

Eugene R. Ball (D’45) New York, NY, April 25, 2007

Newton D. Schulman (D’21) January 1, 2011

Mary Jones Barrickman (DH’45) State College, PA, July 21, 2011

Richard T. Stanton (D’21) Millbrook, NY, January 1, 2011

Francis F. E. Morse (D’45) Greensboro, NC, January 10, 2011

Wouter L. Van Andel (D’21) Deutschland, January 1, 2011

Jane Rink Owens (DH’45) Langhorne, PA, February 5, 2011

Amelia Guzek Wassell (DH’28) Blakely, PA, March 28, 2009

Seymour Algus (D’46) Rockville Centre, NY, January 5, 2011

B. Bradford Weisiger, Jr. (D’29) Richmond, VA, January 1, 2011

John A. Ruffini (D’46) Newtown Square, PA, June 14, 2010

Ralph E. Rosen (D’30) White Plains, NY, January 1, 2009

Henry K. Lequear (C’47, D’51) Orlando, FL, May 24, 2011

Gwendolyn M. Holbrook (DH’33) Florence, OR, February 8, 2006

Jo Ann Jerr Bonaparte (DH’48) Wilmington, DE, February 23, 2011

Nathan Howitt (D’35) Westport, CT, April 3, 2007

A. Howard Mclaughlin (D’48) Woodbury, CT, December 10, 2010

Elsbeth Heinsheimer (D’37) Rolling Hills, CA, August 5, 2009

Horace S. Woodland (D’49, GD’62) Blue Bell, PA, February 20, 2011

40 in memoriam

Bernard R. Heitman (D’50) Houston, TX, August 1, 2009

Ann Hutchins Savidge (DH’56) Glen Allen, VA, February 24, 2011

Marilyn Whitlock Harding (DH’51) Reading, PA, March 1, 2011

James L. Weisfeld (C’56, D’58) Morrisville, VT, April 11, 2008

Earl G. Clouser (D’52) Oceanside, CA, January 19, 2011

Col. Joseph D. Belzile (D’57) Chester, VA, March 9, 2009

Elliot Dardik (C’52, D’56) Lititz, PA, September 12, 2008

Harold M. Faigel (D’57) North Andover, MA, March 3, 2011

Joseph Orthello Johnson (C’52, GD’63) Leesburg, VA, August 21, 2011

Jane K. Robinson (DH’57) Bear, DE, January 24, 2011

Justin E. Lacy, Jr. (D’52) Webster, NY, December 16, 2005

Phillips W. Brooks (D’58) Halifax, PA, July 30, 2004

Peter T. Cassalia (GD’53) Huntington Valley, PA, October 4, 2010

Frank C. Freer (D’58) Phippsburg, ME, June 13, 2011

Jack. M. Mallow (D’53) Reading, PA, February 4, 2011

George Andrews (GD’59) Naples, FL, December 14, 2009

J. Henry O’Hern, Jr. (D’53, GD’55) Middletown, NJ, May 6, 2011

Eugene B. Blanck (D’59) Boynton Beach, FL, June 7, 2011

Robert N. Reynolds (D’53) Branford, CT, September 2, 2010

Kenneth R. Callahan (GD’59) Cleveland, OH, June 1, 2011

Mary Rose O. Sharkey (DH’53, ED’54) Saint Marys, PA, November 18, 2010

David L. Korchek (GD’60) Beverly Hills, CA, November 21, 2009

Paul O. Weidler (D’53) Gladwyne, PA, October 10, 2010 Donald J. Brady (D’54, GD’61) Hershey, PA, March 5, 2011 Martin S. Lipsius (GD’54) Gwynedd Valley, PA, January 21, 2007 Henry D. Rohrer, Jr. (D’54) Fairport, NY, April 1, 2010 Richard P. Udall (D’54) Glens Falls, NY, August 13, 2011 Edmund A. Dabagian (D’55) Franklin Lakes, NJ, August 13, 2010 Robert J. Levey (D’55) Scarsdale, NY, September 4, 2010 Richard H. Perry (D’55) Saint George, UT, December 12, 2010 Stephen Wotman (D’55) Cleveland, OH, October 16, 2010 Charles F. Hoff (D’56) Wellsville, PA, November 25, 2008 Robert H. Leder (D’56) Boynton Beach, FL, November 16, 2010

Allen Findley (D’61, GD’62) Newport News, VA, March 28, 2011 Frederic S. Loder (D’61) Pittsford, NY, October 2, 2010 Gary S. Lessin (D’63) Stamford, CT, January 13, 2008 Barbara A. Weaver (DH’63) New Castle, DE, October 30, 2010 Alan B. Hinerfeld (D’64) Sacramento, CA, July 30, 2011 Suzanne M. Youmell (DH’66) Leominster, MA, February 17, 2008 Ashley M. Brown (GD’69) Rockville, MD, May 27, 2010 Robert L. Blevins (D’71) Thorndale, PA, April 20, 2011 James D. Metts (GD’71) Evans, GA, June 22, 2007 Robert S. Chastant (GD’78) New Iberia, LA, December 13, 2010 Jill Kaplan (D’81) New York, NY, December 4, 2009

Penn Dental Medicine Alumni Society 2010–11 Executive Committee Keith D. Libou, D’84 President Bernard W. Kurek, D’73, WMP’03, WEV’04 First Vice-President Spencer-Carl Saint-Cyr, D’97 Immediate Past President David Richard Silver, D’85, GD’86, GD’88 Secretary-Treasurer Members-at-Large John David Beckwith, D’87 Judith Zack Bendit, DH’81 Jeffrey R. Blum, D’80 Stefani L. Cheung C’08 D’11 D. Walter Cohen, C’47, D’50 Gail Spiegel Cohen C’76, D’80 Marc Anthony Cozzarin, D’87 Lee B. Durst-Roisman, D’83 Kimberly A. Farrell, D’11 Howard P. Fraiman, D’91, GD’93, GD’94 Marshall J. Goldin, C’60 D’64 Gautam Govitrikar, D’07 Alisa G. Kauffman, D’85 Sam S. Kadan, D’95 Michael B. Rulnick, D’74, GD’76 Donald H. Silverman, D’73,WG’74 Thomas L. Snyder, D’71, WG’74 Dean Ford Sophocles, D’87 Robert Marc Stern, D’87 Robert J. Tisot, GD’70 Orhan C. Tuncay, GD’74 Robert E. Weiner, C’72, D’79 Patti Lee Werther, D’78, GED’78, GD’81 Edwin J. Zimmet, D’70

Penn Dental Medicine Board of Overseers 2010–11 Past Presidents (last 7 years) Spencer-Carl Saint-Cyr, D’97 Tara Sexton, D’88 Marc B. Ackerman, D’98 Anna Kornbrot, D’79, GD’82 Lewis E. Proffitt, D’73, WG’80 Margrit M. Maggio, D’87 Laurence G. Chacker, D’85 Michael D. Yasner, C’79, D’83, GD’84, GD’86

William W. M. Cheung, D’81, GD’82, Chair Linda J. Gilliam, D’89, Vice Chair Stanley M. Bergman Laurence B. Brody, C'52, D'56 Richard Copell, D’80 Matthew J. Doyle, Ph.D. Patrik Eriksson Lawrence Kessler, C’66, D'70 Lewis E. Proffitt, D’73, WG’80 Robert I. Schattner, D’48 David S. Tarica, D’83 Umit Yigit, C’81, D’86 Robert Zou, WG’94

Ex officio Member Dr. Jaclyn M. Gleber, DH’74 Student Representatives Jeff Li Student Council President

Ex officio Members Martin D. Levin, D'72, GD'74 Chair — Dean’s Council

Matt Sones Class of 2012 President

Keith Libou, D’84 President — Alumni Society

Matt Ryskalczyk Class of 2013 President Alex Drew Class of 2014 President

Dean’s Council Academic Year 2010–11

School Administration Denis F. Kinane, B.D.S., Ph.D. Morton Amsterdam Dean Professor of Pathology and Periodontics

Martin D. Levin, D’72, GD’74, Chair Robert Brody, C’80, D’84 Joseph E. Gian-Grasso, C’67, D’71 Glenn R. Oxner Louis Rossman, D’75, GD’77 Tara Sexton, D’88

Maren Gaughan Associate Dean, Development and Alumni Relations Sarah Burton Director, Alumni Relations and Annual Giving Dana Dimitri Development Assistant

Congratulations Class of 2011! Where are they now? Here is a breakdown by the numbers of their post graduation plans: Advanced Education in General Dentistry/General Practice Residency Armed Services

44 8



Endodontics Residency


Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Residency


Orthodontics Residency


Pedodontics Residency Private Practice

5 51

Periodontics Residency


Periodontics-Prosthodontics Residency


Prosthodontics Residency


Masters in Implantology


Volunteer Service Abroad


The University of Pennsylvania values diversity and seeks talented students, faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds. The University of Pennsylvania does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, creed, national or ethnic origin, citizenship status, age, disability, veteran status or any other legally protected class status in the administration of its admissions, financial aid, educational or athletic programs, or other Universityadministered programs or in its employment practices. Questions or complaints regarding this policy should be directed to the Executive Director of the Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Programs, Sansom Place East, 3600 Chestnut Street, Suite 228, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6106; or (215) 8986993 (Voice) or (215) 898-7803 (TDD). Specific questions concerning the accommodation of students with disabilities should be directed to the Office of Student Disabilities Services located at the Learning Resources Center, 3820 Locust Walk, Harnwell College House, Suite 110, 215.573.9235 (voice) or 215.746.6320 (TDD).

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Calendar of events November 1, 2011 Making the Penn Dental Connection Alumni-Student Networking Event Union League of Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA November 14, 2011 American Academy of Periodontology Penn Dental Medicine Dinner Miami, FL November 28, 2011 Greater New York Dental Conference Penn Dental Medicine Reception The Penn Club 30 W 44th Street New York, NY

January 26–28, 2012 2nd Annual Overseers’ Invitational Golf & Tennis Outing Turnberry Isle Hotel & Resort 19999 W Country Club Dr Aventura, FL April 17–21, 2012 American Academy of Oral Medicine Annual Meeting Penn Dental Medicine Reception Charleston, SC April 18–21, 2012 American Association of Endodontists (AAE) Boston, MA

May 11–13, 2012 Alumni Weekend 2012 Reunions for classes ending in “2” and “7” Philadelphia, PA May 14, 2012 Class of 2012 Commencement Irvine Auditorium Philadelphia, PA June 14–16, 2012 Penn Dental Medicine Esthetics Symposium Annenberg Center, Zellerbach Theatre Philadelphia, PA

May 8, 2012 Senior Farewell 2012 Philadelphia, PA 42 penn dental journal

Penn Dental Journal Fall 2011  
Penn Dental Journal Fall 2011