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6 Dana Graves, DDS, DMSc: Bridging the Gap Between the Clinic and Laboratory


by debbie goldberg

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Penn Dental Journal Vol. 7, No. 1 University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine

New Technologies


by beth adams

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ON THE COVER: With the introduction this academic year of the Dental Auxiliary Utilization (DAU) class, Penn Dental Medicine students will now gain hands-on clinical experience in all four years of their dental education. Pictured: Second-year student Matthew Ryskalczyk (D’13), right, assisting third-year student, Marni Glick (D’12), who is part of Dr. Olivia Sheridan’s Primary Care Unit within the School’s Main Clinic. Dr. Sheridan, center, helped to develop the DAU course.

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A Message from the office of the dean


he 2010- 2011 academic year launched with great momentum, fueled by a year of great work and support from the Penn Dental Medicine community, and I thank you for it. When I stepped into the role of Dean last year, my charge was to help build upon the tradition of excellence that is the legacy of Penn Dental Medicine; and with the considerable energy and cooperation of our faculty, staff, students, alumni, and Overseers — we quickly addressed this task.

I am committed to creating new paths to advance our leadership role in dental education, research, and clinical care, and we are taking steps on a number of fronts. In the area of education, this academic year brought the beginning of new clinical experiences for all students as we introduced a revision of our preclinical instruction to bring first- and second-year students into the clinics for hands-on assisting of upperclassmen (see story, page 2). Students will now be fully engaged in the clinic environment from the start of their dental education. The strengthening of our scholarship through faculty recruitment and new research collaborations also moved forward with the addition of Dana Graves, DDS, DMSc, who joined Penn Dental Medicine as Professor of Periodontics in July (see story, page 6). Dr. Graves, whose main area of research focuses on diabetes and its implications in dental health, brings a depth of research projects and experience to the School. And in the newly created role of Associate Dean for Translational Research, he will also be working with faculty and students to enhance basic science research opportunities that have clinical applicability. New facilities and new technologies have also been added this year, including the introduction of digital radiography within our teaching clinics, the addition of a new 3D imaging system, the expansion of the Penn Dental Medicine CAD/CAM Ceramic Center, and the creation of a new electronic classroom/study room for students (see story, page 10). Other new spaces include the Allan J. Olitsky, DDS, Central Registration, Scheduling, and Cashiering Suite, streamlining clinic patient management; a new Office of Admissions, creating a welcoming setting for prospective students; and a complete renovation of the third floor east wing of the Thomas Evans Building, featuring modular office space for staff and visiting/part-time faculty and a Faculty Lounge. And at the time of publication of this issue, others are underway. In this issue of the Penn Dental Journal, we gratefully acknowledge the alumni and friends who have supported the School this past fiscal year (see page 24). I thank all of you for your ongoing commitment to Penn Dental Medicine and the students and patients we serve. As we work to continue to strengthen ties with alumni, I am also pleased to report that we have a new Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations, Maren Gaughan (see story, page 17), to lead those efforts. This truly is an exciting time at Penn Dental Medicine as we continue to plan for the future and engage the entire Penn Dental Medicine community in moving this great institution forward.

Denis F. Kinane, BDS, PhD Morton Amsterdam Dean

DENTAL AUXILIARY UTILIZATION: CREATING HANDS-ON CLINICAL EXPERIENCES FOR ALL STUDENTS Through a restructuring of preclinical course and lab instruction, first-and second-year students are now working side-by-side with upperclassmen as they see patients. by juliana delany

nside Penn Dental Medicine’s Main Clinic, two students are focused intently on the patient in the dental chair before them. One is a fourth-year student performing a denture trial on her patient. The other is second-year student Matthew Ryskalczyk (D’13), who watches raptly, assisting when required. Earlier in the week, Ryskalczyk studied the trial denture visit in class and practiced it in the lab. Now, faced with a real patient, all of the pieces begin to come together. “It was so helpful to see this procedure in clinic, because it put into practice the numerous aspects of the denture that need to be assessed, and it showed me clinically how these are measured, evaluated, and attained,” he explains. “The mannequin in the lab can only show you so much and can't react to an uncomfortable or poorly fitting denture like a real patient can. Seeing it firsthand definitely enriched my understanding.” Ryskalczyk is in the clinic as part of the School’s newly introduced Dental Auxiliary Utilization (DAU) class, gaining clinical experience with patients much earlier than his predecessors at Penn Dental Medicine. In fact, this new addition to the curriculum will enable students to be in the clinic all four years of dental school – a step designed to enhance clinical education on myriad levels. STUDENT VOICES ARE HEARD. Launched this academic year, the DAU component will bring both first- and second-year students into the clinic to assist upperclassmen under the guidance of clinical faculty. Historically, underclassmen worked exclusively in the classroom and preclinical lab, entering the clinical setting for the first time when they began treating patients in their third year. Now, students will be fully engaged in the clinic environment from the start of their dental education. “In revamping the clinical schedule with the incorporation of DAU, we are not only making changes we feel important from an educational perspective, but also responding to feedback from our students,” says Dr. Uri Hangorsky, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. “Students come here with the ultimate goal of working in the clinic with patients, and we sensed some frustration on their part because for the first two years that was not happening. Instead of having them feel isolated in their preclinical work, we wanted to integrate them with the rest of the School.” Members of this year’s second-year class started assisting in the clinic in August, joining primary care units (PCUs) with upper-class students and faculty. And in February, first-year students will be introduced into the PCUs as well. BENEFITS FOR EVERYONE INVOLVED. First- and second-year students will benefit from the new program on many levels. Their revised schedule brings them into the clinic to assist with a procedure just days — or sometimes even hours — after learning the same skill in the lab, adding an invaluable hands-on component to their classroom and lab studies while the knowledge is still fresh in their minds. By closely coordinating the material presented in the classroom with the procedures performed in the clinic — a scheduling challenge that took time and patience — students are getting the best of both worlds: an integrated, highly relevant curriculum, says Dr. Hangorsky.


Creating Hands-On Clinical Experiences for All Students

“In the clinic, students get to see the application of all the things they have just learned in the basic sciences, with a reallife perspective,” he says. “The result is a more seamless and cohesive experience.” By learning the ropes of the clinic gradually, he adds, first- and second-year students will avoid the sudden transition into the clinic that third-year students have had in the past. By the time they reach their third year, the transition to performing clinical procedures on their own will be virtually seamless. At the same time, by assisting more experienced students, they are learning the critical communication and cooperation skills that every dentist must have. “By observing upperclassmen, we learn to evaluate and provide a treatment plan for each patient,” says second-year student

Incorporation of the DAU involved a complete review and consolidation of the preclinical courses and labs in order to make time in an already rigorous schedule for this clinical component. Because such a comprehensive DAU program (one involving students from all four years of study) doesn’t exist at any other dental school, there were no models for Penn Dental Medicine administrators to follow. The team tasked with creating the new program included Dr. Hangorsky; Dr. Alan Atlas (D’86), Clinical Associate Professor of Restorative Dentistry; Dr. Najeed Saleh (D’94), Clinical Professor of Restorative Dentistry and Director of Comprehensive Care Clinics; Dr. Olivia Sheridan (D’90, GD’91), Clinical Associate Professor of Restorative Dentistry; Dr. Heywood Kotch

Johanna Palacio (D’13). “I know I will learn a lot this semester because I can correlate the material we learn in classes with my observations in the actual clinic.” The upper-class students benefit from the change as well. By demonstrating techniques and explaining procedures to the newcomers — a time-tested method of solidifying knowledge — they are honing their own skills. They will also graduate from Penn Dental Medicine with the knowledge and ability to practice four-handed dentistry, through the training and experience they have obtained working in DAU. Through four-handed dentistry, patient care also can be enhanced, notes Dr. Hangorsky. “With more people to help with procedures, those procedures can be more efficiently delivered and more personal,” he explains. “In addition, the third- and fourth-year students will be able to delegate some non-clinical duties to a first- or second-year assistant, and as a result, can have more time to focus on the patient.”

(D’77), Managing Director of Clinical Operations; Dr. Markus Blatz, Professor and Chair of Preventive and Restorative Sciences; Dr. Raj Shah, Clinical Associate Professor of Restorative Dentistry; and preclinical course directors Dr. Margrit Maggio (D’87), Assistant Professor of Restorative Dentistry-Clinician Educator; Dr. Vicki Petropoulos, Associate Professor of Restorative DentistryClinician Educator; Dr. Nathan Kobrin, Clinical Associate Professor of Restorative Dentistry; Dr. Joy Abt, Clinical Assistant Professor of Restorative Dentistry; and Dr. Kenneth Kent, Clinical Associate Professor of Restorative Dentistry. “There was a great deal of give and take,” says Dr. Atlas. “It was a true team effort.” “It took a tremendous amount of communication to ensure that the students’ needs were being met and the preclinical course and clinical components complemented one another,” adds Dr. Sheridan, the DAU course developer with Dr. Kotch.




Creating Hands-On Clinical Experiences for All Students

While the school had faith in their vision of the revamped program and its benefits, making such a significant alteration in a years-old schedule was challenging, notes Dr. Saleh. “We were departing from something everyone was comfortable with and venturing into unknown territory,” he recalls. “But, the course directors worked diligently to make sure that all of our questions were answered and concerns were addressed.” POSITIVE REACTIONS. Since its launch at the start of the 2010-2011 school year, the DAU component has been getting positive reviews from many students. “I was thrilled to know that we were going to have an opportunity to assist upperclassmen,” says Johanna Palacio (D’13). “The majority of my classmates were as excited as I was.”

In addition, from her perspective as Assistant Dean for Admissions, she says the change could have an impact on prospective students. “We can now say to students who are considering Penn Dental Medicine that they will be clinically involved for all four of their years here,” something other schools can’t say, she explains. (In a recent survey of U.S. and Canadian dental schools performed by Penn Dental Medicine, no other school reported such a high degree of clinical involvement.) WORK IN PROGRESS. Though the initial results of the restructuring have been positive, members of the team are quick to stress that the program is a work in progress, one that will be monitored carefully to ensure that all of the needs of the students are being met and that educational quality has not been compromised in any way.

Second-year student Jeff Pace (D’13) agrees. “Interacting with patients has been my favorite part of being in the clinic so far,” he says. “You can very easily get lost in your studies during the first two years of dental school. This new schedule allows you to experience what you are ultimately working toward, which is treating patients.” “I’ll have much more confidence next year when I start treating patients as a third-year student than I would have under the old program,” he adds. Dr. Sheridan is excited about the opportunity the new program affords current and future Penn Dental Medicine students. “As a whole, the learning process will now be much more complete and cohesive,” she says. “We are working with these students from the ground up, teaching them the things they will use every day as dentists — things like appropriate ergonomics, practice management, and improved efficiency.”

“We are developing a series of metrics to evaluate, objectively and tangibly, how both preclinical and clinical students are performing,” says Dr. Saleh. These will include measurements of the productivity of third- and fourth-year students in the clinics to judge the impact of having an assistant, along with the development of metrics to monitor the impact on preclinical learning. In addition, student and faculty evaluations of the experience will also be conducted. Dr. Atlas believes the increased clinic time will benefit many future generations of Penn Dental Medicine students, as well as their patients. “There is nothing that can take the place of hands-on experience with a patient in learning to be a good dentist,” he adds. For Matthew Ryskalczyk, that experience has already begun to pay off. “I learn from the mistakes and triumphs of the students around me,” he explains. “By observing and assisting them now, I’ll make fewer mistakes when I enter the clinical setting officially as a student dentist next year.” PDJ penn dental journal: fall 2010 5


Dana Graves, DDS, DMSc This New Professor of Periodontics and Associate Dean for Translational Research is Bridging the Gap Between the Clinic and Laboratory by debbie goldberg

Bridging the Gap Between the Clinic & Laboratory

When Dana Graves,

DDS, DMSc, Penn Dental Medicine’s new Professor of Periodontics and Associate Dean for Translational Research, was working toward his master’s degree in Oral Biology at Harvard School of Dental Medicine, he was required to participate in research projects as part of the program. That exposure changed the course of his career. He was so taken with the work going on in the laboratory that instead of becoming a full-time practicing periodontist, as he had planned, Dr. Graves took four years to complete a doctoral program in Oral Biology, while earning a certificate in periodontology. A 26-year career in academic dentistry, at Harvard, Boston University, and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, followed. Now, one of Dr. Graves’ main goals at Penn Dental Medicine is to create a similar opportunity for students training in specialty programs and, perhaps, ignite that spark of interest in research that so moved him years ago. “That’s what we want to happen here,” Dr. Graves says. “We want to open that door for students with curiosity.” In a wide-ranging interview two months after he joined the Penn Dental Medicine faculty in July, Dr. Graves talked earnestly about his responsibilities, goals, and vision in the newly created position. Maximizing research opportunities, building stronger collaborations within Penn Dental Medicine and with other schools at the University of Pennsylvania, and continuing to devote time to his research on diabetes-related problems are among his top priorities.

Building on the Research Enterprise A soft-spoken man who weighs his words carefully, Dr. Graves says his arrival at the West Philadelphia campus during the summer heat was the result of it being “the right place at the right time.” He earned his DDS from Columbia University in 1980, and his DMSc in Oral Biology and Certificate in Periodontology in 1984 from Harvard University, where his interest in research was ignited. Before coming to Penn Dental Medicine, Dr. Graves was Professor and Chair of Periodontics at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, charged with building the periodontal department. From 1987 to 2008, he taught at Boston University’s School of Dental Medicine, most recently as Professor of Periodontology and Oral Biology, and was an attending periodontist at BU’s Dental Health Center. Earlier in his career, he taught at the University of Texas Health Center in San Antonio and at Harvard’s School of Dental Medicine. In addition to his on-campus roles, since 2006 he has been associate editor of the Journal of Dental Research, and for the last three years has served as Chair of a National Institutes of Health Review Panel. When Penn Dental Medicine came calling, it appealed to him because of the reputation and quality both of the dental program and the University, and the opportunity it offered him to be part of and help build upon the School’s highly regarded research enterprise. In his role as Associate Dean for Translational Research, a newly created position, he will be working closely with Dr. Bruce Shenker, Associate Dean for Research, to enhance basic research opportunities that have clinical applicability. It is a role that Dr. Graves is wellsuited for, given his own commitment to research.

“My goal is to have students work on important externally-funded research...and I’m hoping if students are given the opportunity to do this a light will turn on, and they will consider going into academic dentistry.”

penn dental journal: fall 2010 7

Bridging the Gap Between the Clinic & Laboratory

Tackling the Complications of Diabetes Dr. Graves’ main area of interest in research involves diabetes, a disease that has implications for dental care, as it can impact oral and dermal wound healing, bone repair, and lead to a host of complications, including periodontal disease. Currently, he has five ongoing research projects and several more being developed. One of these projects is a new collaboration with Penn Dental Medicine colleagues Joseph P. Fiorellini, DMD, DMSc, Professor and Chair of the Department of Periodontics, and Keisuke Wada, DDS, PhD, DMS, Instructor of Periodontics; Kathryn Uhrich, Ph.D., Professor and Dean of Math and Physical Sciences at Rutgers University, is also collaborating on the project. This new project, which like the others is funded by the National Institutes of Health, is studying whether the slow release of anti-inflammatory polymers can enhance bone healing in diabetics. Both normal and diabetic animals will be tested to determine whether slow-release salicylate-based polymers alleviate inflammation and thus help in bone formation, a process that often is compromised in diabetics. Diabetes-related inflammation also has a significant impact on the periodontium by enhancing bone resorption and limiting the repair of damaged structures, explains Dr. Graves. In another project, he is using specific inhibitors to examine how the cytokine tumor necrosis factor (TNF) affects the periodontium, thus possibly leading to ways to ameliorate these impacts of diabetes. His other ongoing research involves host bacteria interactions, investigating different mechanisms through which oral bacteria may stimulate cytokine production and gingival epithelial cells. And in development is a research project with Claire Mitchell, PhD, Associate Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology at Penn Dental Medicine, and Sayon Roy, PhD, Professor of Medicine and Ophthalmology at Boston University, to study diabetic retinopathy, an inflammatory problem that involves issues similar to those in periodontics.



An Important Role in Dental Research and Education Outside the laboratory, one of his main responsibilities as Associate Dean for Translational Research “is to better integrate the basic and clinical sciences and develop programs that have a common agenda and shared resources,” Dr. Graves says. “There has been a long and rich history at this school of excellent clinical research, and one of my jobs is to promote this excellence.” To this end, he is spearheading a new initiative to encourage master’s students in clinical departments to participate in substantive research activities with the dental school’s basic science laboratories. Students in some clinical specialties – those with two-year certificate programs, such as endodontics and orthodontics — will now receive a stipend to pursue a Master of Science in Oral Biology and spend an extra year at Penn Dental Medicine doing research, resulting in a three-year commitment in which they will earn both their specialty certificate and master’s. “My goal is to have students work on important externally-funded research,” Dr. Graves says. “And I’m hoping if students are given the opportunity to do this, a light will turn on, and they will consider going into academic dentistry. We need Penn Dental Medicine graduates to play an important role in dental research and education.” This initiative benefits all involved, Dr. Graves says. Students will be assigned a research mentor and participate in high-level, funded projects that will expose them to a significant research experience. The researchers will benefit from an additional influx of talented young scholars working in the labs, and the clinical departments will benefit from an increased level of scholarly activities. And, he says, Penn Dental Medicine will benefit from the fact that more research — particularly in the clinical areas — is being done, resulting in more scholarly output and opportunities to present findings at meetings, all of which will add to the already strong reputation of the University’s dental program. “The clinical departments are enthusiastic” about this effort, Dr. Graves says, and will be considering whether to make the added research component a requirement of their

Bridging the Gap Between the Clinic & Laboratory

Above: Dr. Dana Graves and Rupa Bhattacharya, a Postdoctoral Research Scholar in his lab. Left: Johnah Galicia, a Postdoctoral Research Specialist.

postdoctoral programs, as it was for him. Currently, three postdoctoral students are opting for the added year to focus on research, and Dr. Graves expects that more will come on board each year. Forging Partnerships Across the Campus Since coming to Penn Dental Medicine, Dr. Graves is working on another initiative to encourage closer, collaborative ties with other schools at Penn. “We want to raise the level of scholarly activities in the dental school by partnering with other schools that have unique strengths,” he says. Discussions have been held with the schools of Nursing and Engineering and Applied Science, both of which he says are natural partners for Penn Dental Medicine, particularly in the areas of research, teaching, and shared faculty recruitment. This effort has become a high priority under Dean Denis Kinane, and Dr. Graves is welcoming the opportunity to work with his colleagues to help move this initiative forward. “The nursing school has substantial strengths in epidemiology, behavioral research and delivery of care,” the latter especially to underserved populations, he notes. “These are all areas of great importance for dentistry.”

Likewise, the engineering program brings tremendous expertise in simulation models, development of biomaterials, and CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) technology, areas that offer great promise for collaboration, says Dr. Graves, who envisions joint projects that could result in innovative products and materials being created that could be used to make new strides in the field of dentistry. Among his other responsibilities, Dr. Graves also is involved in helping to recruit new faculty and participate in the search process for faculty and leadership positions. Currently, he is heading a new search committee to recruit a Chair for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Wearing a number of different hats in this new position — facilitating research, fostering University collaborations, recruiting faculty, and doing hands-on research — Dr. Graves readily admits that he works long hours to fit it all in, but he is excited by the opportunities. “It’s a tall order,” he says, “but I hope to make a positive impact and that these efforts lead to something tangible.” PDJ

penn dental journal: fall 2010 9

FACILITIES UPDATE: New Spaces, New Technologies by beth adams






GOING DIGITAL Radiography within Penn Dental Medicine’s teaching clinics is going digital. As the first step in a complete transitioning to electronic patient records, computers are now chair-side in every clinic operatory. Approximately 200 computers were installed this summer throughout the School’s clinics, outfitted with a customized version of Dentrix patient management software for ready access to patient charts and radiographs. Digital sensors were acquired as well and the digital systems are up and ready for use in all of the School’s clinics. On September 10, faculty and students in the School’s Oral Diagnosis and Emergency Care Clinic (OD&E) evaluated the first new patient of the day with a digital panoramic and full-mouth series, and since that launch, all radiographs for new clinic patient admissions have been digital. At press time, the other clinics were at varying stages of moving to the sole use of the new digital capabilities.  A major capital investment, the introduction of digital radiography throughout the School’s clinics required the acquisition of approximately 55 digital sensors, underwritten in part through a generous agreement with Schick, the manufacturer of the selected system. Also introduced were new digital panoramic systems in the oral surgery and pediatric clinics in addition to one in the OD&E Clinic.

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In the works now are the next steps in the conversion to electronic patient records, which includes the use of Dentrix for treatment planning and clinical notes. “These steps are major milestones in our quest to eliminate a paper chart” notes Jeff Fahnoe, Senior Director of Information Technology, who is managing the technology set up and support for the conversion. “The ability of the faculty to electronically sign off on all students’ work, as well as the ability to accurately see the students anticipated experience based on their current patient pool is a big change that should add efficiencies on many levels.”

Facilities Update: New Spaces, New Technologies

3D IMAGING Building upon its advanced radiographic capabilities, Penn Dental Medicine has added a new system to its 3D imaging resources, acquiring a Kodak 9500 3D Cone Beam Imaging System in August. The School first added 3D imaging to its diagnostic and treatment planning tools in December 2009 with the Kodak 9000C 3D CT, receiving both systems through a generous agreement with Carestream Dental, LLC (previously PracticeWorks Systems LLC). The two 3D systems are part of the School’s Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Clinic, associated with the Oral Diagnosis and Emergency Care Clinic (OD&E) in the Department of Oral Medicine. “Both systems greatly enhance our ability to see anatomy and pinpoint pathology,” says Dr. Thomas Sollecito, Chair and Professor of Oral Medicine. “The big difference with the new 9500 is that it captures a wider view — from above the forehead to below the chin. This larger field of view helps advance our treatment planning abilities for those patients with craniofacial anomalies.” “As tools for identifying pathology and teaching anatomy, the capabilities of both systems are astounding. They have tremendous resolution, the ability to rotate 3D images 360° and to view up to 600 two-dimensional slices as well, in all three planes,” adds Dr. Arthur Kuperstein, Director of the Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology and Assistant Professor of Oral Medicine-Clinician Educator. The two systems complement each other and the addition of the Kodak 9500 will allow for the management of more cases with tools that best match patients’ needs. “Now with the 9500, we have the resources to shoot a full field view for an orthodontic or craniofacial case at the same time we may be doing a study for a single-tooth implant on the 9000C,” he says. “It greatly strengthens our treatment planning resources.” And in the area of research, the Kodak 9500 will enhance ongoing studies related to bone density, osteoporosis, and osteonecrosis.

EXPANDED CAD/CAM CAPABILITIES Adding other technological resources, the Penn Dental Medicine CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computeraided manufacturing) Ceramic Center expanded into adjoining space this summer with a 250-square-foot addition. The expansion added four new work benches and room for a growing inventory of state-of-the-art equipment. “Since establishing the Center [in early 2009], we have gotten so much interest and support from companies in the CAD/CAM industry through product loans and donations that we quite simply ran out of space,” says Michael Bergler, MDT, Director of the Center and of Dental Laboratory Technology. “In addition, our long-term goal is to bring more people into the lab through training/apprentice programs, which will provide added support for our students and enable us to handle a greater workload. So gaining the additional work benches is essential to accommodate that growth.” The Center has grown to feature six different CAD/CAM systems, including one that allows for the use of an intraoral scanner, two milling machines, and two sintering furnaces. Bergler notes that acquiring in-house milling and sintering capabilities has greatly improved efficiency and quality control. “This means I can scan the model, design the restoration on screen, select my material, and send it directly to the milling machine and then on to sintering. It is a big advantage to have the entire process – from scanning to creating the final ceramic restoration – controlled within our Center,” he says. “It saves a lot of time to not have to wait for outside milling, plus, if something needs adjustment, we can react much faster – you just change what you need to change and mill it out.” Along with advancing patient care, the Center’s growing resources are enhancing educational experiences for students as well. “The students are very excited and interested in the technology. They come to the Center to observe and we talk about the different systems and materials,” says Bergler. “When they go out in practice and look for a lab with this type of technology, they need to understand what is involved in making a full-ceramic restoration successful – from the process to the materials — so they can make the right choices for their patients.”

penn dental journal: fall 2010 11

ELECTRONIC CLASSROOM: SERVING STUDENTS 24/7 Outfitted with classroom-style tables, a laptop at each seat, and a projection screen, the former periodical room within the Penn Dental Medicine Library has been transformed into an electronic classroom and a 24-hour study area for students. While this facilities project involved limited construction — the addition of a door from the room to the hallway — that one element played a big role in this space update, enabling 24-hour accessibility. Students can gain key access to the classroom after regular library hours. The room is set up to create an environment for smallgroup classes that require internet access and/or for hands-on computer-based training programs. Penn Dental Medicine Librarian Pat Heller notes that those computer training seminars that she previously had to conduct at the University’s central Van Pelt Library can now be held in this new classroom — everything from sessions with students on how to conduct research in PubMed to faculty and staff seminars on using EndNote or PowerPoint. “It is wonderful to have a facility here for this type of instruction,” she says. “Without having to travel across campus, the convenience saves everyone time.” The room is a resource for all faculty and staff, who can reserve it for instructional and meeting needs. When it is not in use for teaching, the classroom is available to students as a study area. “The response from students toward the room has been great,” says Heller. “They like the environment. It is a little brighter than the rest of the library, and they seem to appreciate the smaller setting for studying; plus, they enjoy having the laptops to use.” Tethered to the desks, the laptops are available at all times to anyone using the space. Heller notes that during regular hours students have been predominantly using the room to study individually, but adds that it does create a group study room option if not in use by other students. “While we are looking to develop specific group study rooms in future renovations to the library, this is a first step in developing greater study resources for our students,” says Heller. PDJ

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ALLAN J. OLITSKY, DDS, CENTRAL REGISTRATION, SCHEDULING, AND CASHIERING SUITE The new Allan J. Olitsky, DDS, Central Registration, Scheduling, and Cashiering Suite, dedicated this summer, is located in the Henry Schein Atrium of the Robert Schattner Center. Streamlining clinic patient management, the Center handles clinic patient check-in, appointment scheduling, insurance pre-authorization and verification, scheduling of follow-up appointments, and fee payments. Its proximity to the main entrance is improving patient wayfinding within the School and enhancing security as well.

NEW OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS The Office of Admissions got a new home this summer with a bright new space for welcoming prospective students. Its location near the School’s entrance makes it easy for visitors to find as well. In addition to providing office space for the Assistant Dean for Admissions, Dr. Olivia Sheridan, and Director of Admissions, Corky Cacas (pictured), the area includes a meeting room for student interviews and use by the staff.

EVANS BUILDING THIRD FLOOR EAST A complete renovation of the east wing of the Thomas W. Evans Building’s third floor has opened up the space to reveal the original windows and vaulted ceilings. The 3,800-square-foot area, completed this summer, features modular office space for staff and faculty. The open desks in the front section are available for use as needed by visiting faculty. The space also includes lockers for faculty use; a Faculty Lounge, made possible through the estate of Dr. Frank D. Adshead, Jr. (D’37), see related story, page 23; and a conference room. In addition, staff members from the offices of Information Technology, Development and Alumni Relations, Communications, and Fiscal Operations have their work spaces in this area.

On Campus news

Penn Dental Medicine Awarded $2 Million HRSA Grant

Penn Dental Medicine has been awarded a total of $2 million over the next five years from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) in support of community and public health training programs within the School. Penn Dental Medicine is one of 12 dental schools nationwide to receive this type of HRSA training grant, available to academic dental institutions for the first time this year as a result of the Affordable Care Act, the comprehensive health care reform law enacted in March 2010. “The health care reform legislation includes provisions to support the ongoing development of the public health work force,” says Dr. Joan Gluch, Director of Community Health for Penn Dental Medicine and program director/principal investigator of the HRSA grant. “We are pleased to receive these funds which will play a vital role in increasing our predoctoral dental students’ knowledge, skills, and experiences to expand the workforce in public health dentistry.” The grant award will provided support on a number of levels within the School. Funds will be used to evaluate and expand community-based experiences for all second-year dental students through enhanced participation with four University of Pennsylvania-affiliated community health sites. Funds are also provided to develop and staff a dental facility within Sayre Health Center, a full-service, primary care health center located at Sayre High School West Philadelphia, which will serve as a site for dental student participation as well. In addition, the award provides funding for expanded support to staff a community health honors program and for students in the dual-degree Master of Public Health/DMD program. A comprehensive program evaluation will be developed examining process and outcome variables, including program

opportunities in both old and new community sites,” adds Dr. Robert Collins, Chief of the Division of Community Health. “While providing needed services to the community, our dominant goal is to produce graduates who value the community and preventive perspectives and will look for ways to incorporate these approaches into their future practices.” The HRSA grant will help support the evaluation and expansion of community-based experiences for students, which include screening and educational activities at sites throughout Philadelphia.

operation, the impact on students and community members, and student perceptions regarding public health practice. “The exciting thing about this grant is its many tiers of support,” adds Dr. Gluch, “which will enable us to examine and expand basic dental public health training for all predoctoral students in addition to offering an expanded honors experience (including the MPH degree) to talented students interested in a career in public health dentistry.” Currently, students and faculty in Penn Dental Medicine’s Division of Community Oral Health serve approximately 14,000 individuals in West and Southwest Philadelphia through PennSmiles, an oral health education and treatment program with the School District of Philadelphia; the LIFE Center, an interdisciplinary system of all-inclusive health care for frail seniors in West and Southwest Philadelphia operated by Penn’s School of Nursing; and other University-affiliated community health sites. “Penn Dental Medicine has had faculty and students involved in the community for many years. The HRSA grant allows us to build on that experience and to improve coordination and oversight of services and educational

New Honors Program Launched for DMD Students

Those Penn Dental Medicine students with the interest, motivation, and required academic achievement can now earn a DMD with honors in research, clinical dentistry, and/or community health. This new honors program — launched in October of this academic year — is designed to cultivate a leadership outlook in a select group of exceptional students and enable them to develop the skills to leverage their leadership potential in these three honors areas. “Through this program, our goal is to provide an opportunity for students to build on their interest and aptitude in research, community health, or clinical dentistry,” explains Dr. Kathleen BoeszeBattaglia, Professor of Biochemistry and the organizing member of the Honors Program Oversight Committee. “However, a student could actually earn a DMD with honors in all three disciplines if they choose to and meet the requirements, for they can apply to each area at different points in their dental education.” In developing the program, Dr. Boesze-Battaglia and the other members of the Oversight Committee — Dr. Joan Gluch, Director of Community Health and Associate Dean for Academic Policies, and Dr. Najeed Saleh, Clinical penn dental journal: fall 2010 13

Professor of Preventive and Restorative Sciences – established the application cycle and requirements within each area to complement the dental curriculum and the stages of students’ dental education. Students can apply to research honors at the time of admission to Penn Dental Medicine or the midpoint of their first or second years; community health honors can be pursued during the second, third, or fourth year; and the clinical honors program is open to fourthyear students, with applications submitted at the end of students’ third year. “Given that we just launched the honors program this fall, there is one exception to the application timing for this academic year,” notes Dr. Saleh. “Current fourth-year students will be able to apply for clinical and community health honors yet this year.” In the clinical program, students will be completing their honors requirements with advanced procedures within The William W.M. Cheung Advanced

Dental Care Clinic. This new clinic, created on the third level of the School's Robert Schattner Center and made possible through support from The World Dental Education Foundation Ltd., Hong Kong, features 15 operatories and will focus on esthetically and functionally demanding cases. Within the research honors program, students must identify a faculty mentor and plan, implement, and execute a hypothesis-driven research project over a one- or two-year period. And for community health, students will plan and carry out an in-depth community health experience of at least 120 hours over a one-year period. Students must maintain a 3.25 GPA in all their coursework to apply to an honors program and are selected by a committee of faculty in each area based upon their application proposals. In addition to their individually developed projects, all honors scholars will participate in a seminar series, pre-

The delegation from Peking University School of Stomatology with members of the Penn Dental Medicine administration.

Delegation from Peking University Visits Penn Dental Medicine A group from Peking University School of Stomatology visited Penn Dental Medicine on October 5 as a follow-up to Penn Dental Medicine’s visit to Beijing in March 2010, when Penn Dental Medicine signed a memorandum of understanding with the School of Stomatology. The memorandum will facilitate the exchange of students, faculty, and learning resources and foster collaborative research between the two institutions. Dr. Syngcuk Kim, Associate Dean for Global Affairs, hosted the Peking delegation, which included Tao Xu, Dean; Tiejun Li, Vice Dean for Research; Chuanbib Guo, Vice Dean for Global Affairs and Education; Lin Lue, Vice Chair of the Department of Endodontics, and Shu-ming Shen, Assistant Dean in Clinical Science. The group spent the day touring Penn Dental Medicine and meeting with the School’s administration with presentations on the School’s curriculum and research enterprise.

14 on campus: news

sented by Penn Dental Medicine faculty as well as outside speakers. “All scholars are required to attend the series for a full year, but we hope that once they become part of the honors program, they will continue to attend the seminar series throughout their time here and network with the other honors students,” explains Dr. Boesze-Battaglia. “We would hope that through the scholars group, strong mentoring relationships will also develop among the upperclassmen and underclassmen and among the scholars and faculty.” Penn Dental Medicine Students Join Leadership, Education, Policy Program

This summer, two students from the Class of 2013, Miguel Padilla-Hernandez and Vani Takiar, attended the Leadership, Education and Policy (LEAP) program, held July 5-9 in Washington, D.C. Also participating were Dr. Robert Collins, Division Chief of Community Oral Health, and Dr. Joan Gluch, Associate Dean for Academic Policies and Director of Community Health. The LEAP program prepares students to be leaders in the health professions and to work with legislators and staff to advocate for key health positions. Originally conceived by Penn’s School of Nursing and supported by a grant from the Provost's Office, LEAP introduces interested students to national leaders and decision makers in health policy, often Penn alumni, in seminar settings that facilitate interaction and active participation. Previously reserved for nursing and medical students, LEAP took a major interdisciplinary step forward this year by including students and faculty from Penn Dental Medicine and the University's School of Social Policy & Practice. During the one-week intensive program, students engaged in leadership training seminars at government agencies and also met with the staff of their state’s congressional representatives and various association staff members.

Miguel Padilla-Hernandez (D’13), center, and Vani Takiar (D’13), 2nd row, 3rd from left, and Dr. Robert Collins, right, with other students and faculty from Penn, who visited the Association of American Medical Colleges, Washington, D.C., as part of the LEAP Program.

As part of Padilla-Hernandez’s LEAP experience, he met with the health advisor of California Congressman Dennis Cardoza and discussed the growing need for dental care in rural areas of central California and the future of a medical school at the University of California, Merced. Since their conversation in the summer, the University of California, Merced has announced the start of the Rural-PRIME medical program, associated with the UC Davis Medical School, designed to produce physician leaders who are trained in and committed to helping underserved communities. “I realized through LEAP that more health care providers from all of the professions should be actively involved in policy discussions and that presenting issues to decision makers increases the likelihood of resources being allocated to these issues,” Padilla-Hernandez says. “I hope that more health professionals will take a proactive role in health care policy following their participation in this great program.” Penn Dental Medicine to Provide Care for Haitian Earthquake Survivors

Penn Dental Medicine faculty and postdoctoral residents will be providing much-needed dental care to a group of Haitian earthquake survivors through a collaboration with Partners in Health (PIH), a Boston-based health care nonprofit serving the world’s poor.

The School connected with PIH through Dr. Ernesto Lee, Director of the Periodontal Prosthesis Program at Penn Dental Medicine. After being approached by one of his private practice patients, Dr. Lee learned that the organization had brought a group of

Dr. Ernesto Lee, left, and periodontics residents Dr. Sandrine Barakat (GD’12) and Peter Tawil (GD’11), are working with Partners in Health to provide dental care for Haitian earthquake survivors.

Haitian children and other earthquake survivors to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for medical care and a number of the patients and the individuals accompanying them were in desperate need of dental care as well. “When I learned about the situation, I approached Dean Kinane and Dr. Fiorellini [Chair of the Department of Periodontics] about the possibility of treating them at the School, and both

were enthusiastic about involving Penn Dental Medicine in the humanitarian effort,” says Dr. Lee. Dr. Lee indentified two Frenchspeaking periodontics residents — Dr. Peter Tawil (GD’11) and Dr. Sandrine Barakat (GD’12) – to help in providing the care and overcome the language barrier. In an effort to minimize patient anxiety, it was determined that all treatment would be provided through the Periodontics and Periodontal Prosthesis Program rather than requiring the patients to visit the various departments and clinics involved in the regular new patient admissions process. “None of these patients had ever seen a dentist before,” explained Dr. Lee, “so we felt it was important to make the process as convenient and stress free as possible.” The treatment is being provided free of charge in the D. Walter Cohen and Morton Amsterdam Periodontal Clinic. Dr. Tawil reports that to date four of the Haitians have been seen for an initial evaluation and treatment plans have been developed; at press time, they were scheduled to return to the School to begin treatment. “These patients are in need of a primary level of care that is in stark contrast to the work we do in our graduate program on a regular basis,” says Dr. Lee, who has also worked with a mobile unit providing basic care to isolated rural communities in his native Panama. “However, providing this essential level of care is a way for our students to reconnect with the reason we all became dentists in the first place — to be healers.” Editor’s Note: Penn Dental Medicine alumnus Dr. William Roberts (C’72, D’77, GD’78) was among those named a “Top Dentist” by Philadelphia Magazine in its February issue; he was recognized within the specialty of orthodontics. His name was inadvertently left out of the story that ran in the Spring 2010 issue of the Penn Dental Journal, listing those Penn Dental Medicine faculty and alumni recognized by Philadelphia Magazine as a “Top Dentist” in the Philadelphia region.

penn dental journal: fall 2010 15

Congratulations Class of 2010, Welcome Class of 2014 Commencement 2010 Penn Dental Medicine held its 132nd commencement on May 18, celebrating the achievements of the Class of 2010. The graduation ceremony was held in the University’s historic Irvine Auditorium with Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell serving as this year’s keynote speaker. And where is the Class of 2010 now? Sixty percent went on to postdoctoral study, 34 percent are pursuing private practice, and 6 percent are in government service. Here is a breakdown by the numbers of their postgraduation plans:

Advanced Education in General Dentistry/General Practice Residency


Endodontics Residency


Government Service


Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Residency


Oral & Maxillofacial Internship


Oral Medicine


Orthodontics Residency


Pedodontics Residency


Private Practice


Prosthodontics Residency


2010 White Coat Ceremony Penn Dental Medicine welcomed the Class of 2014 to the study of dental medicine with its annual White Coat Ceremony, held August 16 at the University’s Zellerbach Theatre. Sponsored by the Penn Dental Medicine Alumni Society, this annual tradition — now in its seventh year — holds symbolic significance for the incoming class as they declare their commitment to assume the responsibilities and obligations of the dental profession. The 117-member class includes 57 women and 60 men and represents 23 different states and the District of Columbia, three foreign countries, and 30 different undergraduate majors. Five members of the freshman class are legacy students with relatives who are also Penn Dental Medicine graduates; pictured left, they include Mark Forwood, son of Francis Forwood (D’77, GD’79); Courtney Kilkuts, daughter of Arthur Kilkuts (D’80) Zachary Korwin, son of Robert Korwin (D’82); Ted Tso son of Vincent Tso (D’85); and Anthony Sconzo (not pictured), grandson of Anthony Egitto (D’46). Remarks were presented by Dean Denis Kinane; Dr. Keith Libou (D’84), President of the Penn Dental Medicine Alumni Society; and Dr. D. Walter Cohen (C’47, D’50), Dean Emeritus, with the keynote address by Dr. Arthur H. Rubenstein, Dean of Penn’s School of Medicine.

16 on campus: news

On Campus people

Maren Gaughan Named Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations

Maren Gaughan has joined Penn Dental Medicine as its new Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations. Her appointment was effective on August 30. In this position, Gaughan will serve as the School's chief development offiMaren Gaughan cer with senior managerial responsibilities for all fundraising and alumni activities. She will also have oversight of the School's Office of Communications. Gaughan, who holds a B.A. in International Studies from Gettysburg College, comes to Penn Dental Medicine from the Coriell Institute for Medical Research in Camden, N.J., where she served as Executive Director of Development. Prior to that post, she was the Executive Director of Development for the Kimmel Cancer Center at Thomas Jefferson University. She also spent 13 years in several leadership positions at the City of Hope National Medical Center and Beckman Research Institute, including having served as Associate Vice President for Development. At all of these institutions, she was key in creating new programs to increase giving; developed a track record for raising major gifts; and was recognized for motivating both her staff and key volunteers. “We are confident that Maren will take our fundraising program to a new level of excellence,” says Penn Dental Medicine's Dean, Dr. Denis F. Kinane, on her appointment. At the School, Gaughan is developing a series of initiatives to connect with the School’s strong regional and global alumni networks.

She also plans to forge lasting bridges with recent graduates and current students. “I am honored to have been selected for this role at Penn Dental Medicine,” Gaughan says. “I look forward to getting to know the alumni and joining the Dean, faculty, staff, and students in building on the past and advancing the School toward a bright future.” Dr. Martin Trope Named Director of Postdoctoral Endodontics

Dr. Martin Trope (GD’82, D’83) has been named Director of Postdoctoral Endodontics at Penn Dental Medicine; his appointment was effective July 1. In this role, he will oversee the direction of the curriculum for the School’s twoyear postdoctoral certificate program in endodontics, which accepts seven students each year. He received a BDS from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa in 1976 and worked in general practice until 1980 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Dr. Trope earned his certificate in endodontics and DMD at Penn Dental Dr. Martin Trope Medicine in 1982 and (GB’82, D’83) 1983, respectively, and has been part of the School’s associated faculty since 1995, serving as Clinical Professor of Endodontics. From 1993 to 2006, he was the JB Freedland Professor of Endodontics at the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry, serving as Chair of the Department of Endodontics from 1993 to 2002. And from 1989 to 1993, he was Chair of Endodontology at Temple University. Dr. Trope was the 2002 recipient of the Louis I. Grossman Award for Cumulative Research by the American Association of Endodontics.

Dr. Beverley Crawford Appointed Director of Diversity and Community Outreach

Dr. Beverley Crawford, Clinical Assistant Professor and staff dentist at Penn Dental Medicine, has been appointed Director of Diversity and Community Outreach. Her appointment was effective July 1. In this role, Dr. Crawford, who joined the School in 1989, is working with the Offices of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Admissions in overseeing the recruitment, retention, and mentorship of underrepresented Dr. Beverley Crawford minority students. Formerly named the Office of Minority Affairs under the leadership of Dr. Rose Wadenya (D’97), Assistant Professor of Pediatric DentistryClinician Educator, the department has historically presented several diversity initiatives. These programs include the Summer Mentorship Program in conjunction with the University’s Office of the Provost, which allows promising high school students in the Philadelphia area to immerse themselves in the experience of a Penn graduate school of their choice for a month during the summer. Students who choose dentistry participate in a full schedule of events which reflect a freshman-year dental school curriculum. The Office has also facilitated the Short-Term Enrichment Program (STEP), which seeks to expose interested minority high school students to careers in dentistry over the course of an abbreviated two-day schedule. In addition, the Office has offered arrangements for STEP participants to shadow Penn Dental Medicine alumni practicing locally; a mentorship program for current students to network penn dental journal: fall 2010 17

with alumni; and a system to provide academic and advisory support for incoming freshmen. Beginning this academic year, the Office of Diversity and Community Outreach also looks to build stronger bridges between the many cultural clubs within the School, such as the Student National Dental Association, and the Hispanic, Indian, Korean, and other

student dental associations. She also hopes to encourage the groups’ faculty advisors to develop stronger mentoring roles with the student members. “I would like to have the smaller cultural groups interact with and support each other,” says Dr. Crawford. “All students at the School will benefit from greater inclusion and collaboration.”

OKU officers and the 2010 inductees at Senior Farewell in May.

2010 OMICRON KAPPA UPSILON INDUCTEES Penn Dental Medicine’s ETA Chapter of the Omicron Kappa Upsilon National Dental Honor Society (OKU) held an induction ceremony for graduating students and honorary members during the Senior Farewell Dinner for the Class of 2010 on May 11. Established to promote and recognize scholarship and character among dental students, the Society selects a number of seniors consisting of up to 12 percent of each year’s graduating class from a list of at least the upper 20 percent based on scholarship, exemplary traits of character, and potential qualities of future professional growth. This year’s inductees included: Sooyeon Caritas Ahn, Sirisha Bhandaru, Daniel Marshall Cummins, Heather Colleen Desh, Raha Ghafurian, Stephanie R. Golubic, Kaushal P. Kapadia, Lauren M. Kovaleski, Victoria Lindsey Martin, Banafsheh S. Mehrbakhsh, Eric Jordan Novison, Shruti Oruganti, Prem Bharat Patel, Julee Christine Plastow, and Seung-Won Yoon. Additionally, Dr. Olivia Sheridan (D’90, GD’91), Clinical Associate Professor of Preventive and Restorative Sciences, was inducted as a Dental Honorary member and Susan Schwartz, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, was inducted as a non-Dental honorary member. OKU also presented the Dr. William S. Kramer Award of Excellence, given to a rising junior student who has demonstrated scholarship, character, and the potential promise for advancement of dentistry and service to humanity; this year’s recipient was Justin Messina (D’11). Following the ceremony, a special award was given to OKU Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Arthur Steinberg, Clinical Professor of Periodontics, who was declared an honorary alumnus of Penn Dental Medicine. Dr. Steinberg was recognized for his dedicated service to the School and his long-standing commitment to its students. Dr. Thomas Sollecito (D’89, GD’91), Chair and Professor of Oral Medicine-Clinician Educator, was elected President of the ETA Chapter of OKU, following the tenure of Dr. Uri Hangorsky, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Director of the PASS Program, who served in the role since 2008.

18 on campus: people

Dr. Shalin Shah Receives William S. Kress Research Award

Dr. Shalin Shah (C’99, CGS’02, D'06, GD’10), Clinical Associate in the Department of Orthodontics and 2010 graduate of Penn Dental Medicine’s postdoctoral program in orthodontics, was recognized for his research with the 2010 William S. Kress Dr. Shalin Shah (C’99, CGS’02, D'06, GD’10) Research Award, presented by the Middle Atlantic Society of Orthodontists (MASO). He was honored during the Member/Business Meeting at the MASO Annual Session, held October 1 – October 3, in Palm Beach, Fla. The William S. Kress Research Award is presented each year to a graduate resident with the most outstanding research thesis in MASO's geographical area. Dr. Shah was selected for the Kress Award for his thesis titled "Type III Collagen Deficient Mice Exhibit Altered Craniofacial and Skeletal Development.” Composed of 1,150 members, MASO’s region includes the American Virgin Islands, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, District of Columbia, and the states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania (east of the Alleghenies). MASO is one of eight constituent organizations that comprise the American Association of Orthodontists. “I am a strong believer in research, and I was thrilled to learn that MASO supports the work of residents,” says Dr. Shah. “I share this award with my advisor Dr. Sherrill Adams, Professor of Biochemistry; Dr. Robert L. Vanarsdall, Professor and Chair of the Department of Orthodontics; and the Penn Dental Medicine community. This has been a gratifying and humbling experience.”

Penn Dental Medicine Student Receives 2010 Colgate Research Scholarship Award

Penn Dental Medicine student Syeda Bakhtawar (D'11) has been recognized for her research activities with the Colgate Research Award 2010, sponsored by the American Association of Women Dentists (AAWD). The award is presented annually to 10 third- and fourth-year dental students nationwide who have shown academic distinction and demonstrated excellence in research. Established in 1980, the purpose of the award is to honor and encourage women in dentistry to excel in the field of research; this year’s recipients were announced at the AAWD 89th Annual Meeting and Conference, June 24-26 in Chicago. Bakhtawar’s key research is related to the risk stratification for adjuvant radiotherapy in oral and oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma. “Attending the conference in Chicago was a great experience,” says Bakhtawar. “I was very proud to represent the School on a national level.” Bakhtawar is a student Syeda Bakhtawar (D’11) within the Program for Advanced Standing, designed for graduates of foreign dental schools who want to practice dentistry in the United States. She also holds a BDS from Santosh Dental College and Hospital, Ghaziabad, India and a Member of the Faculty of Dental Surgery from Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, UK. Dr. Andres Pinto Named Scientific Committee Chair for AAOM

Dr. Andres Pinto, Assistant Professor of Oral Medicine-Clinician Educator, has been selected as Chair of the Scientific Committee of the American Academy of Oral Medicine (AAOM). His appointment was effective July 1 for a three-year term. The Scientific Committee, consisting of oral medicine faculty and Academy members from across the United

States, directs the Academy's scientific development and research. In addition, the Committee is in charge of planning the annual meeting of the Academy, selecting Dr. Andres Pinto abstracts and topics for presentations, coordinating the Lester Burket Award competition, and fostering academic and scientific development of residents and recent graduates of Oral Medicine programs. Dr. Pinto reports that the planning process for the 2011 AAOM meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico has already started, with a central theme of “The Pharmacology and Therapeutics of Oral Medicine: An Evidence Based Review.” The AAOM is dedicated to promoting excellence in education, research, and patient care in the field of oral medicine. Its membership of approximately 700 clinicians include an internationally recognized group of health care professionals concerned with the oral health care of patients who have complex medical conditions, oral mucosal disorders, and/or chronic orofacial pain. Dr. Chun-Hsi Chung Named an American Board of Orthodontics Director

Dr. Chun-Hsi Chung, Associate Professor of Orthodontics at the School of Dental Medicine and Director of the School’s Postdoctoral Orthodontics Program, has been named a Director of the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO), serving as one of the Board’s eight directors and representing the Middle Atlantic Society of Orthodontists (MASO). The directors represent the eight regions of the United States and Canada that comprise the constituent organizations of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), including the Great Lakes, Dr. Chun-Hsi Chung

Mid-Atlantic, Midwestern, Northeastern, Pacific, Rocky Mountain, Southern, and Southwestern regions. Directors from each region of the Board are nominated by their respective constituent organizations and elected by the House of Delegates of the AAO, sponsor of the ABO. Dr. Chung’s term as a Board Director, which was effective May 2010, will run through 2018. In this position, Dr. Chung works on the Board’s Written Examination and Legal Committees and is a liaison to the AAO Council on Orthodontic Education. He will become president of the ABO in May 2017, acting in a dual role for a oneyear term. Dr. Chung, who earned his certification from the ABO in 2002, has been a member of the Penn Dental Medicine faculty since 2003. He received a BDS degree from the National Taiwan University School of Dentistry in 1981 and also holds a DMD degree from Penn Dental Medicine (1986) and a Postdoctoral Certificate in Orthodontics and MS in Oral Biology (1992) from here as well. The ABO was founded in 1929 with the primary purpose of elevating the level of orthodontic care for the public by encouraging excellence in clinical practice and specialty education. The Board is the only certifying board recognized by the Council on Dental Education of the American Dental Association for the specialty of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics and presently has more than 4,800 Board-certified members.

penn dental journal: fall 2010 19

Scholarly Activity Awards & Achievements Dr. Faizan Alawi, Assistant Professor of Pathology • Recipient of the 2009-2010 Award for Outstanding Service to Students, awarded to a faculty member who goes beyond the expected standard of high performance to make noteworthy contributions to the development and education of students, presented by the Penn Dental Medicine Executive Student Council. • Co-recipient of the Basic Science Award, awarded for excellence in teaching within the basic sciences, presented by the Class of 2010, May 2010. Dr. Carolyn W. Gibson, Professor of Anatomy & Cell Biology • Presented the keynote address "The amelogenin proteins and enamel development in humans and mice," at the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association for Oral Biology, Tokyo, September 2010. • Presented the seminar "Dental enamel structure is altered by expression of Rho-DN in ameloblasts," at Tokyo Medical and Dental University, September 2010. Dr. Elliot Hersh, Professor of Oral Surgery and Pharmacology • Co-recipient of the Basic Science Award, awarded for excellence in teaching within the basic sciences, presented by the Class of 2010, May 2010. Dr. Daniel Kao, Instructor of Periodontics, Director of Predoctoral Periodontics, • Presented “An Innovative Technique for Elevating the Schneiderian Sinus Membrane” with Dr. Harold A. DeHaven, Jr., Clinical Professor of Periodontics, at the American Academy of Periodontology meeting in Hawaii, October 2010.

20 scholarly activity

Dr. Arthur Kuperstein, Assistant Professor of Oral Medicine-Clinician Educator • Recipient of the 2010 Senior Outstanding Teaching Award, awarded to a faculty member who has gone beyond the scope of his/her responsibilities to significantly impact the class's education at Penn Dental Medicine, presented by the Class of 2010, May 2010. Dr. Margrit Maggio (D'87), Assistant Professor of Restorative DentistryClinician Educator • Recipient of the Earle Bank Hoyt Award, awarded for excellence in teaching to a Penn Dental Medicine graduate who is a full-time junior faculty member, presented by the Class of 2010, May 2010. Dr. Scott Odell (D'82), Clinical Assistant Professor of Oral Medicine • Recipient of the Joseph L. T. Appleton Award, awarded to a part-time faculty member for excellence in clinical teaching, presented by the Class of 2010, May 2010. Dr. Francis Smithgall (C'79, D'83), Clinical Assistant Professor of Restorative Sciences • Recipient of the Robert E. DeRevere Award, awarded for excellence in preclinical teaching by a part-time faculty member, presented by the Class of 2010, May 2010.

Dr. Yan Yuan has been promoted to Professor of Microbiology, effective July 1, 2010. Dr. Yuan has been a member of the Penn Dental Medicine Standing Faculty since 1997.

Selected Publications A selection of recently published work by Penn Dental Medicine faculty and members of their labs (all indicated in bold). Alawi F, Lin P. Loss of dyskerin reduces the accumulation of a subset of H/ACA snoRNA-derived miRNA. Cell Cycle. 2010 Jun 15;9(12):2467-9. Anderson DG, Markova D, Adams SL, Pacifici M, An HS, Zhang Y. Fibronectin splicing variants in human intervertebral disc and association with disc degeneration. Spine. 2010 Aug 1;35(17):1581-8. Ando ES, De-Gennaro LA, Faveri M, Feres M, DiRienzo JM, Mayer MPA. Immune response to cytolethal distending toxin of aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans in periodontitis patients. J Periodont. Res. 2010 Aug;45(4):471-80.

Faculty Promotions

Atanasiu D, Whitbeck JC, de Leon MP, Lou H, Hannah BP, Cohen GH, Eisenberg RJ. Bimolecular complementation defines functional regions of herpes simplex virus gB that are involved with gH/gL as a necessary step leading to cell fusion. J Virol. 2010 Apr;84(8):3825-34.

Dr. Elisabeth Barton has been promoted to Associate Professor of Anatomy & Cell Biology, effective July 1, 2010. Dr. Barton has been a member of the Penn Dental Medicine Standing Faculty since 2003.

Atanasiu D, Saw WT, Cohen GH, Eisenberg RJ. The cascade of events governing cell-cell fusion induced by HSV glycoproteins gD, gH/gL and gB. J Virol. Accepted for publication. September 2010.

Dr. Kathleen Boesze-Battaglia has been promoted to Professor of Biochemistry, effective July 1, 2010. Dr. Boesze-Battaglia has been a member of the Penn Dental Medicine Standing Faculty since 2002.

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penn dental journal: fall 2010 21

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Grants Recently awarded research grants. Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology Modulation of Muscle Regeneration 6/21/2010 – 4/30/2015 Funding Source: National Institutes of Health Principal Investigator: Elisabeth R. Barton, Associate Professor of Anatomy & Cell Biology Department of Microbiology Studies of Herpes Simplex Virus Glycoproteins 6/1/2010 – 5/31/2015 Funding Source: National Institutes of Health Principal Investigator: Gary H. Cohen, Professor and Chair of Microbiology Department of Oral Surgery & Pharmacology Cardiovascular Effects and Pharmacokinetics of Intranasal Kovacaine Mist 9/2010 – 6/2012 Funding Source: St. Renatus, LLC Principal Investigator: Elliot V. Hersh, Professor of Oral Surgery

and Pharmacology and Director of the Division of Pharmacology and Therapeutics Department of Oral Medicine Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act of 2009 3/1/2010 – 2/28/2011 Funding Source: AIDS Activities Coordinating Office, City of Philadelphia Principal Investigator: Andres Pinto, Assistant Professor of Oral Medicine-Clinician Educator Part B Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Modernization Act 7/1/2010 – 6/30/2011 Funding Source: AIDS Activities Coordinating Office, City of Philadelphia Principal Investigator: Andres Pinto, Assistant Professor of Oral Medicine-Clinician Educator Outpatient Early Intervention Services With Respect to HIV Disease Part C 7/1/2010 – 6/30/2011 Funding Source: Drexel University Principal Investigator: Andres Pinto, Assistant Professor of Oral Medicine-Clinician Educator

Department of Pathology Analysis and Intranasal Treatment of the E2F1 Neurodegenerative Paradigm 2/1/2010 – 1/31/2012 Funding Source: National Institutes of Health Principal Investigator: David R. Marks, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Pathology Department of Periodontics Building Clinical Research Capacity - Diabetes Research 6/28/2010 – 6/30/2011 Funding Source: Proctor & Gamble Company Principal Investigator: Marjorie K. Jeffcoat, Professor of Periodontics Department of Preventive & Restorative Sciences Expanding Public Health Experiential Learning in Predoctoral Dental Education 9/1/2010 – 08/31/2015 Funding Source: Health Resources Services Administration Principal Investigator: Dr. Joan I. Gluch, Director of Community Health

WITH W WISE ISE S AND D THOUG GHTFUL PLANNING PPLANNING, ANNING, THOUGHTFUL wee all have w haavve the power powerr too mak make ake histor hhistory. ry. Gifts that Fund the Future

For mor For more o e information inforrmationn on bequest u ggifts, ifts, contact: co FFrank rank B Barr, JJD D Barr, P enn’s O ffice of G ift Planning Planning an Penn’s Office Gift 800.223.8236 2 / 215.8 898.6171 8 215.898.6171 fbar r@de @ n www w.upenn.plan .upenn.plan a yourllegac © University Univerrsity s of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania,, Office Office of Gift Gift PPlanning lanning nin

Plan a gift today that can provide for the future of Penn Dental Medicine by including a charitable bequest in your long-term plans. Create your legacy gift by naming Penn Dental Medicine as a beneficiary of your will, living trust, through a retirement plan or life insurance policy. Benefits of an estate gift allow for alumni and friends to give in ways that may not be possible during your lifetime and because of the estate tax charitable deduction, a bequest can reduce the tax burden of your estate. More importantly, such a gift offers the personal satisfaction of knowing your commitment will fund the future of Penn Dental Medicine.

Planning does make the difference!

Philanthropy highlights

Estate of Frank Adshead, Jr. (D’37) Funds New Faculty Lounge

Left to right: Mrs. Gwen and Dr. Allan Olitsky, Dean Denis Kinane, Tamar Olitsky, and Dr. Stephen Olitsky at the dedication of the Allan J. Olitsky, DDS, Central Registration, Scheduling, and Cashiering Suite.

Allan J. Olitsky Central Registration Suite Dedicated

The Penn Dental Medicine community celebrated the opening of the Allan J. Olitsky, DDS, Central Registration, Scheduling, and Cashiering Suite with a dedication ceremony on July 22, recognizing the generosity Dr. Stephen Olitsky and his wife Tamar, whose $250,000 gift made it possible. Dr. Stephen Olitsky, a Clinical Associate in Penn Dental Medicine’s Department of Preventive and Restorative Sciences and a Penn Dental Medicine Overseer, made the gift for this Suite in honor of his father, Dr. Allan Olitsky, Director of the Penn Dental Care Network. “This was a very appropriate way for us to honor our father,” says Dr. Stephen Olitsky. “But I also wanted to give back to Penn. The School has been a great home for me as part of the faculty and I know my father feels it’s been the same for him.” Dr. Allan Olitsky has been affiliated with Penn Dental Medicine in varying roles since 1996. The new Suite, located in the Henry Schein Atrium of the Robert

Schattner Center, was established to streamline management of the School’s clinic patients. It handles clinic patient check-in, appointment scheduling, insurance pre-authorization and verification, scheduling of follow-up appointments, and fee payments. It is situated by the main entrance, adding convenience for patients and enhancing the School’s security as well.

Penn Dental Medicine has been the beneficiary of an estate gift of the late Dr. Frank Adshead, Jr. (D’37), funding the creation of a new lounge for Penn Dental Medicine faculty. The dedication event for the lounge was held October 12, recognizing Dr. Adshead’s children — Dr. Frank Adshead, III (D’71) and Didi Adshead Owens (CW’63), the estate trustees — for generously designating this gift in honor of their father. Dr. Frank Adshead, Jr. was part of the Penn Dental Medicine community for 34 years, serving as Assistant Professor of Operative Dentistry and Prosthetics from 1937 to 1971. He also maintained a private practice in the Frankford section of Philadelphia. Creating a space for faculty to relax, the faculty lounge is part of the newly renovated east wing of the Thomas W. Evans Building’s third floor. In addition to the lounge, the 3,800-squarefoot east wing includes a conference room, faculty lockers, work stations for use by faculty, and office space for staff.

Left to right: Didi Adshead (CW’63), Dr. Frank Adshead, III (D’71), and Gail Adshead in the faculty lounge made possible through funds from the estate of Dr. Frank Adshead, Jr. (D’37).

penn dental journal: fall 2010 23

Philanthropy honor roll, july 2009–june 2010

Thank You! LAID OUT ON THESE PAGES before you are the names of those who have so generously supported Penn Dental Medicine for the fiscal year July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010. It is significant that these donors are listed in what was the first year for the new Dean, Denis Kinane. The name of the University campaign is “Making History” and there is no doubt that is what is happening, has happened, in the last year at Penn Dental Medicine. Penn Dental Medicine could not move forward without your annual and capital support, and we thank you for what your past generosity has made possible, and ask you to continue to support this great institution. But we don’t ask without stating that we are listening too. Through many venues — a survey in the Penn Dental Journal, meetings with the Board of Overseers and the Alumni Executive Board, student and faculty forums for discussion and problem solving, and simply by word of mouth — we are listening to what you are saying and taking action. For example, approximately 70% of you who responded to the alumni survey said you would like to become more involved in the life of the School. To that end, we are planning a more comprehensive outreach program that will include the Dean travelling throughout the country to meet many of you. We have heard from the students and faculty that the infrastructure of the School is in great need of updating. The Dean is right now rolling out a comprehensive campaign to renovate the School clinics, labs, and student spaces. In the last year, we have achieved several large and small changes that I would like you to know about; you will find them highlighted in this issue of the Journal as well. *

Quality of Life: To create a more efficient environment for our patients, we have moved patient registration, now known as the Allan J. Olitsky, DDS, Central Registration, Scheduling and Cashiering Suite, to the Henry Schein Atrium within the Robert Schattner Center. This crucial move has freed up space to be utilized for faculty offices, improved the traffic flow throughout the building, and streamlined patient care and management.


Research Excellence: We have recruited new researchers to enhance our national position in relation to other dental schools. We are proud to welcome Dr. Dana Graves, Associate Dean for Translational Research and his team.


Technology Advances: Digital radiography and electronic dental records are being introduced within our teaching clinics, preparing our graduates for real world practice.


Student Amenities: The new Dental Library Electronic Classroom offers a quiet study area for students, accessible 24 hours a day, and a space for small-group instruction.

Quality of life, research excellence, technology advances, and student amenities are only the beginning of what we can do with your support. We are looking forward to becoming more connected with you, and we continue to listen. Please reach out and help us make Penn Dental Medicine the best it can be. And again, we extend our deepest thanks to each of you for your support and generosity in the 2009-2010 fiscal year. Maren Gaughan Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations

24 philanthropy: honor roll

Annual Giving Donors This list includes all donors who made unrestricted gifts totaling $250 or more to Penn Dental Medicine’s annual giving funds in 2009-10. By providing essential support to help Penn Dental Medicine meet its annual needs, the generosity of our donors is critical to the School’s success in adapting its programs to stay at the forefront of dental medicine. Their commitment sustains Penn’s preeminence in dental medicine, and advances the School’s mission of preparing its graduates to become dentistry’s leading clinicians, educators, and researchers.

benjamin franklin society The Benjamin Franklin Society is the University of Pennsylvania’s leadership unrestricted annual giving group. Members of the Benjamin Franklin Society form the most critical base of support for the University and serve as a powerful motivator for garnering greater participation. Through their vision and generosity, members of the Benjamin Franklin Society are an inspiration and example to others. Founder ($10,000–$24,999) H. Russell Bernd, Jr., D'53 Marian W. Bernd William W. M. Cheung, D'81, GD'82 Linda J. Gilliam, D'89 Robert I. Schattner, D'48 Peggy Frischer Schwartz, WG'80 Steven Alan Schwartz, D'76 Catherine Y. Waung Fellow ($5,000–$9,999) Morton Amsterdam, C'43, D'45 Laurence B. Brody, C'52, D'56 Loretta T. Brody D. Walter Cohen, C'47, D'50 Richard Copell, D'80 Dr. Mary N. Doyle Dr. Matthew J. Doyle Lawrence A. Friedman, D'62, GD'65, GD'67 Lewis J. Greenky, GD'49 Ronald J. Gutman, D'74 Dr. Ellen Heuman Hope Rothenberg Kessler, CW'67, ASC'69 Lawrence Kessler, C'66, D'70 Irving M. Rothstein, C'38, D'41 Lorain R. Rothstein Robert E. Weiner, C'72, D'79 Associate ($2,500–$4,999) Nina V. Aks, D'01 Clement C. Alpert, C'32, D'34 Sandra K. Alpert Frank R. Besson, Jr., D'94, GD'96 Geraldine L. Besson, D'94, GD'95 Michael J. Feldman, D'89 Harry S. Galblum, C'42, D'43 Velma Galblum Janice M. Gian-Grasso, GNU'77 Joseph E. Gian-Grasso, C'67, D'71 W. Darby Glenn III, MD, M'56 Frances B. Glenn, D'56

Barbara Franco Hudson, DH'82 James D. Hudson, D'82 Bentha Johnson Edward P. Johnson, D'72 Anita Nayar Joy, D'81 Christopher H. Joy, D'80 Fred B. Kastenbaum, D'77 Denis F. Kinane, Ph.D. Allan D. Klenetsky, D'74 Gerald H. Kreinces, D'68 Bernard W. Kurek, D'73, WMP'03, WEV'04 Martin D. Levin, D'72, GD'74 Susan Levin Keith D. Libou, D'84 Donald F. Major MAGD, D'70 Matthew A. Mandel, D'68 Estate of Harriet Worrall Mershon Randolph L. Mitchell, D'81 Lewis E. Proffitt, D'73, WG'80 Thomas D. Rittner Phyllis L. Rosenbaum-Libou, SW'83 Louis E. Rossman, D'75, GD'77 Jay Kevin Selznick MD, D'90 Tara Sexton, D'88 David Tai-Man Shen, D'79, GD'81 David Richard Silver, D'85, GD'86, GD'88 Thomas L. Snyder, D'71, WG'74 Eric H. Spellman, D'76 Linda Spellman David S. Tarica, D'83 Margaret S. Williams, CW'62, GED'85 Robert H. Williams, CHE'59, D'63 Deirdre Woods

thomas evans society Named after Thomas Evans, who left his estate to Penn Dental Medicine, the Thomas Evans Society honors those donors who, like Evans, want to support a dental school that is “second to none”. Fellow ($1,000-$2,499) Jeffrey W. Anderson, D'90 Ann Kearney Astolfi, D'92 Nancy L. Baker Natalie Baker Edwin C. Bartine DO, D'76 John David Beckwith, D'87 Dr. Marion O. Bergman Stanley M. Bergman Frank R. Besson, D'65, GD'68 Daniel A. Bomberger, D'55 Gayle M. Bomberger Robert A. Brody, C'80, D'84

Corinne “Corky” Cacas Ellen Caplin Robert Caplin Paul J. Carpinello, D'86 Chun-Thai Chung, D'95, GD'97 Gail Spiegel Cohen, C'76, D'80 Martin A. Cohen, MD Leonard A. Cole, D'57 Bruce W. Corbin, D'92 Marc Anthony Cozzarin, D'87 Dr. Diane H. Cymerman Jerome J. Cymerman, D'80 Richard E. Derrick, D'65 Mark B. Desrosiers, D'84 Jeffrey D. Dorfman, C'81, D'85 Cecile Arlene Feldman-Zohn, C'80, D'84, GD'85, WG'85 Arthur Fertman, D'60 Richard J. Fraebel, Jr., D'70 Anita Garazi Isaac Garazi, D'81, GD'84 Albert F. Giallorenzi, D'71 Myron S. Graff, D'72 Daniel B. Green, D'60 George L. Grillon, D'80 Sidney Gutsin, D'68 Aaron M. Hader, D'58 Robin David Harshaw, D'71 John L. Hayes, GD'86 Sharon Kift Hayes, D'80 Mark A. Higginbottom, D'74 Benjamin P. Iuvone, D'74 William E. Jacoby, Jr., D'64 Mark A. Judy, D'71 Lynn Jalens Kay, PT'79 William Kay, D'80 Joseph T. Kelly, D'69 Arthur W. Kilkuts, D'80 Dorothy A. Kinney, D'52 James Koretz, D'81 Jeffrey Koslow, D'80 Ilze Lakstigala, D'54 Ronald J. Lascoe, D'82 Kenneth W. Laudenbach, GD'73 Sung H. Lee, D'89 Marc F. Lipkin, D'80, GD'81 Robert N. Lipner, D'77 Robert Litowitz, D'43 Patricia A. Ludwig, CW'74, D'81 Philip L. Michaelson, D'99 Arthur Mokuda Ann Nasti, D'81 Jay M. Neuschatz, D'74 Diem-Trang D. Nguyen, D'91 Kenneth M. Pearson, D'70 Thomas Paul Petrick, Jr., D'87 Donald C. Phillips, D'66 Laurence D. Popowich, GD'81 Ronald Michael Pross, D'74 Dr. Susan Hymes Pross, GR'75 Robert P. Reiner, D'73 Steven Jay Reubel, EE'75, D'80 Robert N. Reynolds, D'53 Vincent Reynolds Bertram H. Serota, D'60 Phyllis Berman Serota, CW'58 Amy Schild Spiegel, D'80 Louis Spiegel, D'79 William C. Stavrides, D'53 Debra Kamerling Stern, W'87, WG'92 Robert Marc Stern, D'87 Jun Sun, D'94 Edwin S. Sved, D'51 Gary P. Swistak, GD'83 Timothy Tam, GD'77 P. Deborah Weisfuse, D'77 Arnold S. Weisgold, GD'65 Myra Chernoff Weisgold, CW'61 Michael D. Yasner, C'79, D'83, GD'84, GD'86 Valerie Eisenberg Yasner, C'79, D'83, GD'86 Harry Kenneth Zohn, GD'86

Associate ($500–$999) Gerald Adachi, D'86 Eugene G. S. Adams, D'50 Pamela L. Alberto, D'80 John D. Andrews, D'63 Deborah Rosenblum Arlick, C'84, GED'84 Jay Lee Arlick, D'85 George S. Atebara, D'55 Gail Downs Baer, DH'65 Dr. Robert L. Baer, CHE'65, GEE'67, GR'71 Julie A. Barna, D'80, GD'81 Joseph Bartoloni, D'80 Jeffrey A. Bassin, D'70 J. Mark Bayless, D'81 Edward J. Beatty, Jr., D'64 John Allan Bier, D'54 William J. Bisignano, Jr., D'70 Colum J. Boyland, D'53 Deo Rhodes Boyland, D'55 Ralph J. Bozza, D'79 Harold S. Bressler, D'65 Dennis M. Byrne, D'76 William C. Caddoo, D'70 Matthew S. Cantner, D'01, GD'04 Andrew B. Casabianca MD, D'79 Philip Po Cheung Chan, D'55 Seong H. Choi, D'05 Sidney Chojnowski, D'78 Jane Ellen Chonowski, GED'77 Yung S. Chung, D'83 James E. Clayton, Jr., D'82 Richard G. Commons, D'53 Errikos Constant, C'52, D'54 Jeffrey M. Cooper, D'80 Stephen A. Cooper, D'71 Francine Trzeciak Cwyk, D'82, GD'84 William K. Deal, D'65 Francis J. Dermody, D'67 Gary A. Di Santo-Rose, D'79, GD'80 Steven R. Diak, D'74 Robert J. Diecidue MD, D'88 R. Allen D'Innocenzo, D'88, GD'94 Mark L. Dunayer, D'85, GD'86 Reginald B. Edmonds, D'75 Stephen E. Ellender, GD'65 Margo B. Faier, G'72 Barbara Fine, ED'57, GED'59 Gerald L. Fine, D'59 Craig W. Fischer, D'70 Robert A. Fischer, D'60 Mary L. Fosnocht, CGS'77 Thomas A. Fosnocht, D'55 Ruby A. Gelman, D'98 David G. Gifford, D'62 Jerome B. Goldberg, C'78, D'80 Stephen H. Grossman, D'79, GD'80 William N. Hanafee, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Richard Hayashi John P. Hellwege, C'56, D'59 Donald L. Henson, D'51 Brian P. Hogan, D'84 Jesse H. Hogg, Jr., D'53 Michael L. Iczkovitz, GD'79 Aejaaz A. Issa, D'99 Irena Jug-Weiss, D'87 Edward S. Katz, GD'83 John J. Keating III, GD'81 Joseph L. Keefer, D'84, GD'85 Patrick M. Keeley, D'71 John A. Kerchoff, D'74 Steven J. Kerpen, D'81 David A. Kessler, C'96, D'00, RES'00, M'02, GD'05

Jerome A. Kleponis, D'81 Melissa L. Lee, D'96 Barbara Lenk, D'79 Brett R. Levin, D'00 Joanna Z. Levin, D'96, GD'97, GD'99 Robert A. Levine, GD'84 Deborah Pollock Levitt, CW'69 Richard E. Levitt, C'68, D'72, GD'77 Jay J. Liu, D'98 Vernon Loveless, D'73 Warner E. Lund, Jr., D'64 John T. Lynch, Jr., D'80 John R. Mann, Jr., D'55 Beatrice Mann John G. Manning, D'74 Bruce D. Manson, WG'87 Cynthia Keller Marra, DH'80 Frederick J. Marra, D'80, GD'80 Robert B. Martin, D'72 Laurence S. Masuoka, D'83 Francis S. Matarazzo, GD'75 Paul J. McKenna, Jr., D'79 Mark J. Mele, C'86, D'90 Anita Marie Milici, D'90, GD'93 Frederick R. Molander, Jr., D'72 Deborah Nash Molander, CW'71 Robert S. Morgenstein, D'65 Dr. Susan Morgenstein Joseph M. Nastri, Jr., D'58 J. Paul Ovens, D'54 Douglas E. Peterson PhD, D'72, GR'76 Dallas L. Pulliam, Jr., D'85 J. Anthony Quinn, D'70 Peter J. Rattigan, D'76 Dr. Penny E. Resnick-Graulich, D'80, GED'80 Cathy A. Reynolds, DH'73 Richard D. Riddle, D'84 Linda E. Rigali, D'83 Louis A. Rigali, D'57 Charles M. Riotto, D'80 Alan B. Rosenthal Pc, D'79 David A. Rosh, D'94 Lawrence N. Rouff, D'63, GD'66 Walter F. Russo, D'83 Robert Gerald Savarese, D'82 Thomas R. Schneid, D'79 Gail Ellen Schupak, D'83 Robert D. Schweitzer, D'55 Gary W. Seldomridge, D'81 Lawrence H. Shendalman, D'74 Vincent J. Smith, D'54 Theodore A. Souliotis, D'65 John R. Spagnola, D'71 Katherine R. Sporn, D'86 Susan L. Stern, C'77, D'81 Paul Michael Tedeschi, D'88 Orhan C. Tuncay, GD'74 Barry A. Turner, D'73 John A. Weierbach II, D'81, GD'82 Jack Weil, D'75 Patti Lee Werther, D'78, GED'78, GD'81 Andrew T. Wilson, D'98 Harold P. Wittman, D'60 Kijin Woo, D'08 Peter C. Wright, D'74 Member ($250-$499) James L. Ackerman, D'60 Ira Adelman, D'78 J. Craig Alexander, D'82 Peter J. Alizzeo, D'72 Lawrence A. Amsterdam, D'78 Murry A. Awrach, D'68 Alexandra A. Baker, D'77 Lawrence W. Bandoni, D'77

penn dental journal: fall 2010 25

Alan M. Barnett, GD'74 Frank Joseph Beale, GD'89 Pamela S. Benedon Robert M. Benedon, D'81, GD'84 Raymond L. Bitzer, Jr., C'50, D'54 Peter T. Bliss, D'91 Craig Yale Bloom, D'71, GD'76 Joseph R. Bonacci, D'59 James V. Bordoni, D'80 Alvin T. Boyd, D'71 Charles M. Brenner, D'73 Charles Bromberg, D'65 Peter Brothman, GD'77 David J. Cantor, D'65, GD'67 Peter Chin, D'84 Joori Kim Cho, D'98 Richard E. Chodroff, D'79 Susan Dean Chodroff, NU'80 Barry S. Chudnofsky, D'81 James D. Ciancarelli, D'81 Dennis N. Cohen, D'73 Michael E. Cohen, D'89 Robert J. Connelly, Jr., D'82 Michael G. Cook, C'72, D'76 Philip A. Cooper, D'76 Edwin Cowen, C'49, D'51 Heidi C. Crow, D'85 Bonnie Field Crowley, DH'78 Richard P. Crowley, GCH'80 Charles R. Dagati, D'66 Alvin F. DeSiena, D'70 Gregory S. DiRenzo, D'87 Helen Haynes Direnzo, NU'85, GNU'88 Mark J. Doherty, D'74 Charles R. Dufort, D'70 Jay D. Edwards, C'49, D'51 Natalie O. Edwards, DH'51 Dana Eisman, C'88 James R. Elder, D'69 Bruce M. Elliott, D'66 Ira Michael Elliott, D'71 Sheila Anne Elliott, NU'67 Joseph P. Falcetti, D'54 Carol Falcone Fetter, DH'75 Kenneth Allen Fetter, C'72, D'76 John C. Ford, D'82 Spencer Z. Forman, D'75 Bennett F. Frankel, D'67 Gregory L. French, D'85 Rosalia Gallo, D'85 Dongmei Gao, D'98 Harold V. Garrity, Jr., D'49 Daniel J. Gesek, Jr., D'91 Marc Phillip Gimbel, D'88 Harold B. Ginsberg, D'56 Gregory L. Goding, D'85 Erick M. Goldberg, C'02, D'07 Tatyana S. Goldberg, NU'05 Bruce Goldman, D'89 Mitchell S. Greenberg, D'84 Arnold G. Greene, D'60, GD'61 Stewart V. Haggerty, C'54, D'65 Robert S. Hall, D'64 Payam Hanian, D'99 Jeffrey H. Harnett, D'66 David J. Hauss, D'81 Alan R. Hecht, D'94 Marc W. Heft, EE'70, D'74 Bonnie Berman Henick, D'80 W. Grant Hennigar, Jr., D'74 Jennie Carcaud Hennigar, D'71 Lawrence T. Herman, D'72 Christopher B. Hill, D'82 Rowland A. Hutchinson, D'58 Joseph J. Iuliano, D'84 Andrew G. Jacobson, D'78 Karen Rones Jacobson, GED'77 Syamala Jasti, D'94 Myron E. Katz, D'66

Louis P. Kenyon, D'84 Michael J. Kish, C'67, D'71 Gary N. Kitazawa, GD'76 Jeffrey C. Kleiman, EE'75, D'79 Edward Arthur Krukowski, D'87 Jerome M. Laffer, D'67 Steven D. Lasser, D'73 William S. Laubach, D'68 Robert A. Lawton, D'64 Paul Y. Lee, GD'84 Eric J. Lepine, D'84 Lawrence Mark Levin, MD, D'87, GD'92 Robin S. Levin Captain Eric Lewis, D'76 Gary A. Lewis, D'68 John F. Lhota, D'85 Donald G. Lovejoy, D'59 Richard J. MacFeeters, D'83 Arnold I. Maloff, D'77 Laurene Alyse Marks-Wolf, D'94 Deborah Stutz Marmor, D'03, GD'04 Alex R. Matera, C'51, D'53 Walter E. Maust, Jr., D'67 Ingrid G. Mcgee, CGS'74 Raymond J. McGee, C'70, D'74 Barry D. Meiselman, D'58 Toba R. Meiselman, CW'56 Evan C. Moll, D'68 Randolph C. Myerson, D'73, GD'78 Joel I. Nathanson, D'82 Franklin D. Niver, D'66 Afolabi O. Ogunleye, D'01 Emmy Omoto, D'86 Larry Pepper, D'78 Michael M. Perl, D'64 Phuong T. Pham, D'89 Leighton R. Philbrick, D'86, GD'87 Richard L. Pickett, D'66 I. David Popkin, C'59, D'63 Sadhana Prasad, D'88 Lin Qiu, D'99 Monroe H. Rackow, D'66 Steven L. Rasner, D'80 Joanne S. Reiffe-Fishbane, D'79 Jeffrey H. Rempell, D'72 John H. Rey, D'51 Robert Roemer Cindy Rosenbaum Neil B. Rosenbaum, D'78 Lysa N. Rosenberg, NU'85 Harry E. Rosenstein, D'83 David M. Roshkind, D'76, WG'76 Dr. Marian G. Royer, D'80 Richard W. Ruby, D'74 Ronald V. Runyon Anthony J. Russo, D'52 Louis Sandor, Jr., C'57, D'61 James N. Sarantos, D'59 Peter K. Schaeffer, D'56 Diane Hyman Schneider, ED'56 Herbert A. Schneider, D'58 John W. Schreiber, D'73 Drew F. Seibert, D'56, GD'58 Alan J. Seltzer, D'78 Francis G. Serio, D'80 Behnaz Shakoori, D'00 Solomon Shapiro, C'38, D'42 John W. Sheffield, Jr., GD'61 Albert J. Simkins, Jr., D'58 Maria A. Smith, D'85 Dr. Andrea K. Solomon, C'78, GED'82, GR'88 Robert M. Solomon, D'78 Stephen A. Solomon, D'84 Robert M. Sorin, D'74 Robert J. Steinberg, C'43, D'44 Shirley R. Steinberg

26 philanthropy: honor roll

Alan M. Stoneback, D'57 Sheila A. Strock, D'80 David A. Tecosky, D'79 Dr. Idit Trope, GR'85 Martin Trope, GD'82, D'83 W. Michael Tuman, C'75, D'79 Alexander Waldman, C'95, D'00 Guangqiang Wang, D'00 C. Robert Waters, Jr., D'68 Mark M. Weiman, D'78 Morton S. Weinstein, C'53, D'56 Arthur Z. Weiss, D'75 Robert A. Werner, D'53 Michael A. Wernick, D'73 John C. Wheeler MD, D'66 William Wolfson, D'74 Jonathan Zamzok, D'80 Bernard J. Zeldow, D'56

Capital and Endowment Giving Donors This list includes all donors who made restricted gifts to Penn Dental Medicine’s capital and endowment funds in 2009-10. Their gifts in support of enhancing and developing new programs, providing scholarship aid, and renovating facilities, and upgrading equipment and technology are an enduring legacy and provide for the future of Penn Dental Medicine. I. B. Bender Endodontics Fund Lyon J. Schwartzben, GD'83 Morris Bradin Memorial Library Fund Bernice Bradin Vera Bradin Lester Burket Fund Charles Dumas, D'57 CAD/CAM Ceramic Center William W. M. Cheung, D'81, GD'82 Noritake Dental Supply Co., Ltd. Quintessence Publishing Co., Inc. Catherine Y. Waung Cheung Family World Scholar Fund William W. M. Cheung, D'81, GD'82 Catherine Y. Waung Class of 1971 Endowed Scholarship Fund Brian C. Dubin, D'71, GD'73 Kenneth A. Ingber, D'71 Class of 1972 Main Clinic Renovation Paul Gingras, D'72 Susan M. Lee, D'72 Richard P. Simitis, D'72 Class of 1982 Endowed Scholarship Fund James H. Doundoulakis, D'82, GED'82

Dental Orthodontic Clinic Normand S. Boucher, GD'82 Dental Periodontic Clinic Astra Tech Inc. Nobel Biocare Dental School General Fund Robert I. Schattner, D'48 SDM Endodontics Gift Fund Louay M. Abrass, GD'00 Rosalind Atkins Seung-Ho Baek, GD'95 Michael Dustin Brown, GD'04 Selina W. Chan, GD'07 Peipei Chang, GD'03 Jeffrey P. Chen, D'98, GD'00 Jason C. Cho, GD'08 Denny Y. Fang, GD'01 Ruth E. Flagg Janice M. Gian-Grasso, GNU'77 Joseph E. Gian-Grasso, C'67, D'71 Terry G. Han, GD'05 Spencer Hinckley, GD'08 Yeung-Yi Hsu, GD'95 Dr. Ho K. Hwang Hiroshi Ishii, GD'06 Mary Kane Jamie S. Kang, D'98, GD'01 Jean Kang, GD'00 Robert B. Kennedy Aimee J. Kim, D'04, GD'06 Andrew M. Kim, D'99, GD'02 Dr. Dae-Ub Kim Eui-Seong Kim, GD'99 Jessica S. Kim, GD'05 Dr. Miri Kim Sahng G. Kim, GD'08, GD'09 Sung-Kyo Kim Eunah Koh, D'00, GD'03 Meetu R. Kohli, D'02, GD'05 Joanna T. Ku, GD'07 Lyudmila Y. Kuznetsova, D'05, GD'08 Dr. Tae-Kyung Kwon Seung J. Lee, D'06 WooCheol Lee, GD'01 David Li, D'00, GD'03 Hsin-Fong Liao, GD'08, GD'09 Jung Lim, GD'04 Donald Tsung-I Liu, D'96, GD'99 Michael Stephen Marmo, D'95, GD'98 Mid-County Endodontic Group P A Cezar M. Mitrut, D'99, GD'01 Royeen Nesari, GD'08 Dr. Tae Seok Oh, GD'94 Hyunjung Holly Park, GD'02 Louis E. Rossman, D'75, GD'77 Steven Ingyu Ryu, D'95, GD'08 Bruce Segal Weilin Shih, GD'08 Su-Jung Shin, GD'04 Jin-Seon Song, GD'05, GD'06 Clara M. Spatafore, MS, PC Brian A. Suh, D'98, GD'01 Patricio J. Sumaza, D'97, GD'00 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph I. Tracy Dr. and Mrs. H. O. Trowbridge Michael D. Yasner, C'79, D'83, GD'84, GD'86 Valerie Eisenberg Yasner, C'79, D'83, GD'86 Endodontic Clinic Renovations Fund David W. Belardi, GD'73 Judy Brown Michael D. Brown

Terry G. Han, GD'05 Eui-Seong Kim, GD'99 Jeffrey A. Levin, D'91, GD'99 Michael Stephen Marmo, D'95, GD'98 Spencer-Carl Saint-Cyr, D'97 Lenore and George Feldman Scholarship Jennifer L. Conry Fordham Family Scholarship Fund Kenneth C. Fordham, Jr., GED'81, D'82 Suzanne C. Fordham Victor Frank Memorial Fund Victor H. Frank, Jr. Goldin Seminar Fund Harriet Krangel Goldin, CW'62 Marshall J. Goldin, C'60, D'64 Morton A. Langsfeld III, D'64 Judith Korman Langsfeld, CW'67 Dr. Bal Goyal Memorial Fund Alan M. Atlas, D'86 Suman Goyal, MD Peri M. Greenstein, D'81 Graduate Periodontics Symposium Astra Tech Inc Biomet 3i G. Hartzell & Son Medtronic, Inc. Nobel Biocare Straumann U S A Indian Student Dental Association Fund Adrian J. Donaghue, D'81 Vrishali Gujar, D'09 Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Kobrin Nasrin S. Larijani Jeffrey A. Levin, D'91, GD'99 Keith D. Libou, D'84 M. Jeffrey Morton, D'76 Francine J. Paladino, D'82 Margrit Mary Palmer-Maggio, D'87 Ira S. Rosen, D'83 Karen Knopf Rosen, C'82, D'85 Phyllis L. Rosenbaum-Libou, SW'83 Stephen P. Rounds, Jr. Francis J. Smithgall, C'79, D'83 Dean Ford Sophocles, D'87 Nipul K. Tanna, D'90, GD'91, GD'08, GD'10, GD'11 Mitchell L. Weiner, D'90 International Friends of SDM Scholarship Fund Bucknell University Laboratory Technician Fund Etkon Usa, Inc. Main Clinic Renovations Richard Copell, D'80 David Brian Ettinger, M.D., D'87, GD'93 Fahmida Hussain, D'98, GD'99, WMP'02, GR'05, GRD'09 Jacqueline S. Leder-Ettinger, GNU'87 Dr. Roger Levin David S. Tarica, D'83

This issue of the Honor Roll represents activity in Fiscal Year 2010 (July 1,2009 through June 30, 2010).

Measey Foundation Dental Scholarship Fund Benjamin & Mary Siddons Measey Foundation Thanhdung N. Nguyen, D'97, GD'98 Orthodontic Clinic Technology Fund Dr. Frances Dunn Butterfoss, NU'72, GED'75 Thomas W. Butterfoss, EE'72, D'78, GD'88 John Michael Capogna, GD'88 Carolyn D. Forwood Francis G. Forwood, D'77, GD'79 Jeffrey M. Gelb, D'07, GD'09 George Georgieff, GD'62 John Michael Hamlin, GD'88 Louis Jameson Hardy, GD'88 Guy Horowitz, GD'83 John I. Kershman, GD'85 Matthew J. Pershing, GD'05 Betty S. Vodzak Louis S. Vodzak, GD'67 Douglas W. White, D'85, GD'88 Warren D. Woods, GD'82 Donald C. Yu, D'79

Dr. Barbara J. Steinberg Arnold S. Weisgold, GD'65 Myra Chernoff Weisgold, CW'61 Schattner Lobby-Third Floor Evans Renovation Fund Frank Adshead, Jr., C'35, D'37 Dr. Steve Olitsky Tamar Olitsky School of Dental Medicine General Fund Estate of Herman S. Beam, D'38 Eastern Dentists Insurance Company Andrea Berry Laporte, NU'69 John H. Laporte Estate of Stanley G. Pensak, C'39, D'41 Estate of Frances E. Peters, ED'36, G'38 Serap O. Yigit Umit Yigit, C'81, D'86 Straumann Term Professorship in Periodontics Straumann U S A

Orthodontic Department RLV Silver Jubilee Fund Jenny C. Chung, GD'79 Johnson Chung, D'81 Blanca Font, GD'03 Adena M. Goldman, GD'01 Leslie W. Kuo William B. Martin, GD'79 Charles W. Mason, GD'73 Julian Mayro, MD, C'54 Rosario F. Mayro, GD'76 Joyce A. Perih, GD'89 Lawrence N. Rouff, D'63, GD'66 Deanne M. Schmidt, GD'92 Sun Dental & Orthodontics Co., LLC

Alumni Donors by Class Year

Paletz Clinic Fund Mark Sciumeca

Class of 1941 Irving M. Rothstein

Penn Dental Medicine Oral Cancer Walk Fund Corinne “Corky” Cacas General Pipe Cleaning William N. Hanafee, Jr. McNeil-PPC, Inc. P&G Pharmaceuticals Inc. UPenn Dental School Executive Student Council

Class of 1942 Solomon Shapiro

Periodontal Research Fund Jonathan J. Coslet, W'87 Alan N. Winnick, GD'62 Periodontics Implant Fellowship Biomet Inc. The Drs. Samuel & Louis Rossman Endodontic Scholarship Fund David B. Block Corinne L. Cacas Dr. and Mrs. E. J. Dellheim Dr. Alan Feldman Robert A. Gittess William N. Hanafee, Jr. Annette Kravitz Dr. and Mrs. G. A. Markowitz Louis E. Rossman, D'75, GD'77

This list includes all Dental, Graduate Dental, and Dental Hygiene alumni who made a gift to any Penn Dental Medicine fund in 2009-10. If a graduate has multiple degrees from Penn Dental Medicine, they are listed under the class year of their first degree. Class of 1934 Clement C. Alpert

Class of 1943 Harry S. Galblum Robert Litowitz Class of 1944 Robert J. Steinberg Class of 1945 - 65th Reunion Morton Amsterdam Class of 1948 Robert I. Schattner Class of 1949 Harold V. Garrity, Jr. Class of 1950 - 60th Reunion Eugene G. S. Adams D. Walter Cohen Class of 1951 Edwin Cowen Jay D. Edwards Natalie O. Edwards Donald L. Henson John H. Rey Edwin S. Sved

Class of 1952 Dorothy A. Kinney Anthony J. Russo Class of 1953 H. Russell Bernd, Jr. Colum J. Boyland Richard G. Commons Jesse H. Hogg, Jr. Alex R. Matera Robert N. Reynolds William C. Stavrides Robert A. Werner Class of 1954 John Allan Bier Raymond L. Bitzer, Jr. Errikos Constant Joseph P. Falcetti Ilze Lakstigala J. Paul Ovens Vincent J. Smith Class of 1955 - 55th Reunion George S. Atebara Daniel A. Bomberger Deo Rhodes Boyland Philip Po Cheung Chan Thomas A. Fosnocht John R. Mann, Jr. Robert D. Schweitzer Class of 1956 Laurence B. Brody Frances B. Glenn Harold B. Ginsberg Peter K. Schaeffer Drew F. Seibert Morton S. Weinstein Bernard J. Zeldow Class of 1957 Leonard A. Cole Louis A. Rigali Alan M. Stoneback Class of 1958 Aaron M. Hader Rowland A. Hutchinson Barry D. Meiselman Joseph M. Nastri, Jr. Herbert A. Schneider Albert J. Simkins, Jr. Class of 1959 Joseph R. Bonacci Gerald L. Fine John P. Hellwege Donald G. Lovejoy James N. Sarantos Class of 1960 - 50th Reunion James L. Ackerman Arthur Fertman Robert A. Fischer Daniel B. Green Arnold G. Greene Bertram H. Serota Harold P. Wittman Class of 1961 Louis Sandor, Jr. Class of 1962 Lawrence A. Friedman David G. Gifford Class of 1963 John D. Andrews David Popkin Lawrence N. Rouff Robert H. Williams

Class of 1964 Edward J. Beatty, Jr. Robert S. Hall William E. Jacoby, Jr. Robert A. Lawton Warner E. Lund, Jr. Michael M. Perl Class of 1965 Gail Downs Baer Frank R. Besson Harold S. Bressler Charles Bromberg David J. Cantor William K. Deal Richard E. Derrick Stewart V. Haggerty Robert S. Morgenstein Theodore A. Souliotis Class of 1966 Charles R. Dagati Bruce M. Elliott Jeffrey H. Harnett Myron E. Katz Franklin D. Niver Donald C. Phillips Richard L. Pickett Monroe H. Rackow John C. Wheeler, MD Class of 1967 Francis J. Dermody Bennett F. Frankel Jerome M. Laffer Walter E. Maust, Jr. Class of 1968 Murry A. Awrach Sidney Gutsin Gerald H. Kreinces William S. Laubach Gary A. Lewis Matthew A. Mandel Evan C. Moll C. Robert Waters, Jr. Class of 1969 Joseph T. Kelly James R. Elder Class of 1970 - 40th Reunion Jeffrey A. Bassin William J. Bisignano William C. Caddoo Alvin F. DeSiena Charles R. Dufort Craig W. Fischer Richard J. Fraebel, Jr. Lawrence Kessler Donald F. Major, MAGD Kenneth M. Pearson J. Anthony Quinn Class of 1971 Craig Yale Bloom Alvin T. Boyd Stephen A. Cooper Ira Michael Elliott Albert F. Giallorenzi Joseph E. Gian-Grasso Jennie Carcaud Hennigar Robin David Harshaw Mark A. Judy Patrick M. Keeley Michael J. Kish Thomas L. Snyder John R. Spagnola

Class of 1972 Peter J. Alizzeo Myron S. Graff Lawrence T. Herman Edward P. Johnson Martin D. Levin Richard E. Levitt Robert B. Martin, Frederick R. Molander, Jr. Douglas E. Peterson, PhD Jeffrey H. Rempell Class of 1973 Charles M. Brenner Dennis N. Cohen Bernard W. Kurek Steven D. Lasser Vernon Loveless Randolph C. Myerson Lewis E. Proffitt Robert P. Reiner Cathy A. Reynolds John W. Schreiber Barry A. Turner Michael A. Wernick Class of 1974 John A. Kerchoff Steven R. Diak Mark J. Doherty Ronald J. Gutman Marc W. Heft W. Grant Hennigar, Jr. Mark A. Higginbottom Benjamin P. Iuvone Allan D. Klenetsky John G. Manning Raymond J. McGee Jay M. Neuschatz Ronald Michael Pross Richard W. Ruby Lawrence H. Shendalman Robert M. Sorin Peter C. Wright William Wolfson Class of 1975 - 35th Reunion Reginald B. Edmonds Carol Falcone Fetter Spencer Z. Forman Louis E. Rossman Jack Weil Arthur Z. Weiss Class of 1976 Dennis M. Byrne Edwin C. Bartine, DO Michael G. Cook Philip A. Cooper Kenneth Allen Fetter Captain Eric Lewis Peter J. Rattigan David M. Roshkind Steven Alan Schwartz Eric H. Spellman Class of 1977 Alexandra A. Baker Lawrence W. Bandoni Fred B. Kastenbaum Robert N. Lipner Arnold I. Maloff P. Deborah Weisfuse Class of 1978 Ira Adelman Lawrence A. Amsterdam Sidney Chojnowski Bonnie Field Crowley Andrew G. Jacobson Larry Pepper

penn dental journal: fall 2010 27

Neil B. Rosenbaum Alan J. Seltzer Robert M. Solomon Mark M. Weiman Patti Lee Werther Class of 1979 Ralph J. Bozza Andrew B. Casabianca MD Richard E. Chodroff Gary A. Di Santo-Rose Stephen H. Grossman Jeffrey C. Kleiman Barbara Lenk Paul J. McKenna, Jr. Joanne S. Reiffe-Fishbane Alan B. Rosenthal Pc Thomas R. Schneid Louis Spiegel David A. Tecosky David Tai-Man Shen W. Michael Tuman Robert E. Weiner Class of 1980 - 30th Reunion Pamela L. Alberto Julie A. Barna Joseph Bartoloni James V. Bordoni Gail Spiegel Cohen Jeffrey M. Cooper Richard Copell Jerome J. Cymerman Jerome B. Goldberg George L. Grillon Sharon Kift Hayes Bonnie Berman Henick Christopher H. Joy William Kay Arthur W. Kilkuts Jeffrey Koslow Marc F. Lipkin John T. Lynch, Jr. Frederick J. Marra Cynthia Keller Marra Steven L. Rasner Steven Jay Reubel Penny E. Resnick-Graulich Charles M. Riotto Dr. Marian G. Royer Francis G. Serio Amy Schild Spiegel Sheila A. Strock Jonathan Zamzok Class of 1981 J. Mark Bayless Robert M. Benedon William W. M. Cheung Barry S. Chudnofsky James D. Ciancarelli Isaac Garazi David J. Hauss Anita Nayar Joy Steven J. Kerpen Jerome A. Kleponis James Koretz Patricia A. Ludwig Randolph L. Mitchell Ann Nasti Gary W. Seldomridge Susan L. Stern John A. Weierbach II Class of 1982 J. Craig Alexander James E. Clayton, Jr. Robert J. Connelly, Jr. John C. Ford Christopher B. Hill

Barbara Franco Hudson James D. Hudson Ronald J. Lascoe Joel I. Nathanson Robert Gerald Savarese Francine Trzeciak Cwyk Class of 1983 Yung S. Chung Richard J. MacFeeters Laurence S. Masuoka Linda E. Rigali Harry E. Rosenstein Walter F. Russo Gail Ellen Schupak David S. Tarica Martin Trope Michael D. Yasner Valerie Eisenberg Yasner Class of 1984 Robert A. Brody Peter Chin Mark B. Desrosiers Cecile Arlene Feldman-Zohn Mitchell S. Greenberg Brian P. Hogan Joseph J. Iuliano Joseph L. Keefer Louis P. Kenyon Eric J. Lepine Keith D. Libou Richard D. Riddle Stephen A. Solomon Class of 1985 - 25th Reunion Jay Lee Arlick Heidi C. Crow Jeffrey D. Dorfman Mark L. Dunayer Gregory L. French Rosalia Gallo Gregory L. Goding John F. Lhota Dallas L. Pulliam, Jr. David Richard Silver Maria A. Smith Class of 1986 Gerald Adachi Paul J. Carpinello Emmy Omoto Leighton R. Philbrick Katherine R. Sporn Class of 1987 John David Beckwith Marc Anthony Cozzarin Gregory S. DiRenzo Edward Arthur Krukowski Lawrence Mark Levin, MD Thomas Paul Petrick, Jr. Robert Marc Stern Irena Jug-Weiss Class of 1988 Robert J. Diecidue MD R. Allen D'Innocenzo Marc Phillip Gimbel Sadhana Prasad Tara Sexton Paul Michael Tedeschi Class of 1989 Michael E. Cohen Michael J. Feldman Linda J. Gilliam Bruce Goldman Sung H. Lee Phuong T. Pham

28 philanthropy: honor roll

Class of 1990 - 20th Reunion Jeffrey W. Anderson Mark J. Mele Anita Marie Milici Jay Kevin Selznick MD Class of 1991 Peter T. Bliss Daniel J. Gesek, Jr. Diem-Trang D. Nguyen Class of 1992 Ann Kearney Astolfi Bruce W. Corbin Class of 1994 Frank R. Besson, Jr. Geraldine L. Besson Alan R. Hecht Syamala Jasti Laurene Alyse Marks-Wolf David A. Rosh Jun Sun Class of 1995 Chun-Thai Chung Class of 1996 Melissa L. Lee Joanna Z. Levin Class of 1998 Joori Kim Cho Dongmei Gao Ruby A. Gelman Jay J. Liu Andrew T. Wilson Class of 1999 Payam Hanian Aejaaz A. Issa Philip L. Michaelson Lin Qiu Class of 2000 - 10th Reunion David A. Kessler Brett R. Levin Behnaz Shakoori Alexander Waldman Guangqiang Wang Class of 2001 Nina V. Aks Matthew S. Cantner Afolabi O. Ogunleye Class of 2003 Deborah Stutz Marmor Class of 2005 - 5th Reunion Seong H. Choi Class of 2007 Erick M. Goldberg Class of 2008 Kijin Woo

Friends Donors This list includes all friends who made a gift to any Penn Dental Medicine fund in 2009-10. We are grateful for their support as their generosity sustains Penn’s preeminence in dental medicine. Sandra K. Alpert Jeffrey M. Altbush, WG'80 Deborah Rosenblum Arlick, C'84, GED'84 Rosalind Atkins Dr. Robert L. Baer, CHE'65, GEE'67, GR'71 Nancy L. Baker Natalie Baker Bonnie Baldassano Mr. & Mrs. Bob Battaglia Blake Bayley Renee Bayley Estate of Herman S. Beam, D'38 Mary Ellen Beideman, GNU'88 Pamela S. Benedon Dr. Thomas R. Berardi Dr. Marion O. Bergman Stanley M. Bergman Marian W. Bernd Phyllis Bienstock Jerome Blafer Living Trust, D'58 David B. Block Gayle M. Bomberger Bernice Bradin Vera Bradin Anne Smyrski Brent, HUP'65, NU'69 Loretta T. Brody Judy Brown Michael D. Brown Jeanette Burghy Dr. Frances Dunn Butterfoss, NU'72, GED'75 Corinne “Corky” Cacas Ellen Caplin Robert Caplin Joann Cappetta Wendy W. Chen Joan K. Chodosh, CW'64 Susan Dean Chodroff, NU'80 Jane Ellen Chonowski, GED'77 Martin A. Cohen, MD Jennifer L. Conry Jonathan J. Coslet, W'87 Robert S. Cramer, W'80 Richard P. Crowley, GCH'80 Dr. Diane H. Cymerman Barbara R. Dean, PT'77 Dr. and Mrs. E. J. Dellheim Deborah A. Denham Helen Haynes Direnzo, NU'85, GNU'88 Dr. Mary N. Doyle Dr. Matthew J. Doyle Betty Drane Mr. & Mrs. Carl Drucker Natalie Zellat Dyen, CW'66, GED'67 Dana Eisman, C'88 Dr. Mohamed A. Elbasty Sheila Anne Elliott, NU'67 Margo B. Faier, G'72 Dr. Alan Feldman Barbara Fine, ED'57, GED'59 Ruth E. Flagg Maxine Fleisher Suzanne C. Fordham

Carolyn D. Forwood Mary L. Fosnocht, CGS'77 Victor H. Frank, Jr. Peggy Frankel Velma Galblum Ina M. Galer, GED'68 Anita Garazi Joan Gerber Janice M. Gian-Grasso, GNU'77 Robert A. Gittess Dr. Elena Gizang-Ginsberg, C'81 Eleanor Behren Glat, GED'60 W. Darby Glenn III, MD, M'56 Tatyana S. Goldberg, NU'05 Susan W. Goldenberg, OT'72 Harriet Krangel Goldin, CW'62 Criswell Cohagan Gonzalez Suman Goyal, MD Brenda J. Guber William N. Hanafee, Jr. James M. Harrison Janice Harrison Dr. & Mrs. Richard Hayashi Dr. Ellen Heuman Elise V. Hurrell, D'11 Dr. Ho K. Hwang George O. Isaacson Karen Rones Jacobson, GED'77 Paul B. Jennings, Jr., V.M.D., V'64, GV'70 Margaret Jessup Mr. & Mrs. Jin Jin Bentha Johnson Mary Kane Jacqueline White Kaplan, MT'74 Linda L. Kaplan Mr. & Mrs. Fred Kaplowitz Jo Ann F. Kay Lynn Jalens Kay, PT'79 Shahin Kazemi, GD'97 Robert B. Kennedy Hope Rothenberg Kessler, CW'67, ASC'69 Mr. & Mrs. Munawer Khan Dr. Dae-Ub Kim Dr. Miri Kim Sung-Kyo Kim Denis F. Kinane, Ph.D. Carolyn T. Kitchin, MD, CW'53 Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Kobrin Annette Kravitz Leslie W. Kuo Michael G. Kurcias, Esquire, W'55, L'58 Dr. Tae-Kyung Kwon Nan A. Lamm, GED'71 Judith Korman Langsfeld, CW'67 Andrea Berry Laporte, NU'69 John H. Laporte Nasrin S. Larijani Valerie Laudenbach Jacqueline S. Leder-Ettinger, GNU'87 Debra Levenson Robin S. Levin Dr. Roger Levin Susan Levin Marlene S. Levine, CW'54 Deborah Pollock Levitt, CW'69 Marie J. Lowrey, CW'50 Michael Lozman Dr. Daniel Malamud Beatrice Mann Bruce D. Manson, WG'87 Dr. and Mrs. G. A. Markowitz Marian Schmidt Marschall, CW'62

This issue of the Honor Roll represents activity in Fiscal Year 2010 (July 1,2009 through June 30, 2010).

William E. Mathews, WG'56 Julian Mayro, MD, C'54 E. Jean. McDevitt Steven W. McDonald Ingrid G. Mcgee, CGS'74 Toba R. Meiselman, CW'56 John A. Mengers Estate of Harriet Worrall Mershon Arthur Mokuda Deborah Nash Molander, CW'71 Dr. Susan Morgenstein Ellen J. Moscow Ivan W. Moskowitz, Esq., W'67 Dr. Tae Seok Oh, GD'94 Dr. Steve Olitsky Tamar Olitsky Valerie Seidman Parad, SW'83 Dorothy Parmet Bhavesh Patel Estate of Stanley G. Pensak, C'39, D'41 Diane N. Peterman Estate of Frances E. Peters, ED'36, G'38 Jordan F. Posner, WG'86 Dr. Susan Hymes Pross, GR'75 Florence Banks Reilly, CW'44 Margaret Dillon Reuter, MT'56 Nancy Reyes-Svarcbergs, GNU'82 Vincent Reynolds Judith Richards, CW'65, GED'68 Thomas D. Rittner Robert Roemer Helen M. Rosan, SW'77 Cindy Rosenbaum Phyllis L. Rosenbaum-Libou, SW'83 Lysa N. Rosenberg, NU'85 Julia L. Rosner, W'80 Lorain R. Rothstein Stephen P. Rounds, Jr. Ronald V. Runyon Lois Brown Schaffer, ED'59 Diane Hyman Schneider, ED'56 Eugene F. Schulze, W'50 Mr. & Mrs. Alan Jay Schwartz Peggy Frischer Schwartz, WG'80 Mark Sciumeca Bruce Segal Phyllis Berman Serota, CW'58 Mr. & Mrs. Joe Shanley Dr. Irving M. Shapiro Roy Shinmachi Barbara Ruche Shoulberg, CW'62 Eloise K. Sitrin Susan F. Slatkoff, MD, CW'73, M'78 Dr. Alan Slootsky Dr. Andrea K. Solomon, C'78, GED'82, GR'88 Clara M. Spatafore, MS, PC Linda Spellman Dr. Barbara J. Steinberg Shirley R. Steinberg Debra Kamerling Stern, W'87, WG'92 Angela M. Stout Edward O. Swartz, V.M.D., V'67 Dr. Melody Troeger Sweet, GR'85 E. Michael Tarazi, MD Jeanie G. Tarazi Susan G. Toubman, C'79 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph I. Tracy

Mark A. Trager, MD, C'78, RES'85 Alison Slap Tress Dr. Idit Trope, GR'85 Dr. and Mrs. H. O. Trowbridge Betty S. Vodzak Catherine Y. Waung Myra Chernoff Weisgold, CW'61 Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Wesolowski Susan B. West Margaret S. Williams, CW'62, GED'85 Deirdre Woods Serap O. Yigit

Tribute Gifts This list includes all donors who made tribute gifts of any amount to any Penn Dental Medicine fund in 2009-10. For many, a gift to the School is more than just a financial contribution — it is a meaningful way to honor or remember someone special in their lives. Louay M. Abrass, GD'00 Pamela L. Alberto, D'80 Rosalind Atkins Seung-Ho Baek, GD'95 Jerome Lionel Blafer, D'58 Michael Dustin Brown, GD'04 Philip S. Caplan, D'60 Selina W. Chan, GD'07 Peipei Chang, GD'03 Jeffrey P. Chen, D'98, GD'00 Jason C. Cho, GD'08 Denny Y. Fang, GD'01 Dr. Alan Feldman Ruth E. Flagg Joan Gerber Joseph I. Gerber, D'53 Janice M. Gian-Grasso, GNU'77 Joseph E. Gian-Grasso, C'67, D'71 Robert A. Gittess Jerome B. Goldberg, C'78, D'80 Terry G. Han, GD'05 John L. Hayes, GD'86 Sharon Kift Hayes, D'80 Spencer Hinckley, GD'08 Yeung-Yi Hsu, GD'95 Dr. Ho K. Hwang Hiroshi Ishii, GD'06 Margaret Jessup Mary Kane Jamie S. Kang, D'98, GD'01 Jean Kang, GD'00 Mr. & Mrs. Fred Kaplowitz Robert B. Kennedy Arthur W. Kilkuts, D'80 Aimee J. Kim, D'04, GD'06 Andrew M. Kim, D'99, GD'02 Dr. Dae-Ub Kim Eui-Seong Kim, GD'99 Jessica S. Kim, GD'05 Dr. Miri Kim Sahng G. Kim, GD'08, GD'09 Sung-Kyo Kim Eunah Koh, D'00, GD'03 Meetu R. Kohli, D'02, GD'05 Joanna T. Ku, GD'07 Lyudmila Y. Kuznetsova, D'05, GD'08

Dr. Tae-Kyung Kwon Andrea Berry Laporte, NU'69 John H. Laporte Seung J. Lee, D'06 WooCheol Lee, GD'01 David Li, D'00, GD'03 Hsin-Fong Liao, GD'08, GD'09 Jung Lim, GD'04 Donald Tsung-I Liu, D'96, GD'99 John T. Lynch, Jr., D'80 Michael Stephen Marmo, D'95, GD'98 Cynthia Keller Marra, DH'80 Frederick J. Marra, D'80, GD'80 Francis S. Matarazzo, GD'75 E. Jean McDevitt Anita Marie Milici, D'90, GD'93 Cezar M. Mitrut, D'99, GD'01 Ivan W. Moskowitz, Esq., W'67 Royeen Nesari, GD'08 Dr. Tae Seok Oh, GD'94 Francine J. Paladino, D'82 Hyunjung Holly Park, GD'02 Penny E. Resnick-Graulich, D'80, GED'80 Thomas D. Rittner Louis E. Rossman, D'75, GD'77 Irving M. Rothstein, C'38, D'41 Lorain R. Rothstein Steven Ingyu Ryu, D'95, GD'08 Ronald S. Sambursky, D'90 Lyon J. Schwartzben, GD'83 Bruce Segal Jay Kevin Selznick MD, D'90 Francis G. Serio, D'80 Weilin Shih, GD'08 Su-Jung Shin, GD'04 Mary G. Maddox Silverstein, DH'49 Francis J. Smithgall, C'79, D'83 Jin-Seon Song, GD'05, GD'06 Clara M. Spatafore, MS, PC Dr. Barbara J. Steinberg Brian A. Suh, D'98, GD'01 Patricio J. Sumaza, D'97, GD'00 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph I. Tracy Dr. and Mrs. H. O. Trowbridge Sharon M. Verdinelli, D'90, LPS'08 Arnold S. Weisgold, GD'65 Myra Chernoff Weisgold, CW'61 Michael D. Yasner, C'79, D'83, GD'84, GD'86 Valerie Eisenberg Yasner, C'79, D'83, GD'86

Tribute gifts were made in memory of the following alumni. Mrs. Fay Amsterdam Eugene M. Coven, D’44 Harold Fink, D’41 Donald M. Good, D’60 Bal K. Goyal, D’81, GD’81 Mian K. Iqbal, D’03 Robert Schwartz, D’49 George G. Stewart, D’44

This issue of the Honor Roll represents activity in fiscal year 2010 (July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010). We have made every attempt to ensure the accuracy of this report. If your name has been omitted or misprinted, please accept our sincere apologies and notify the Penn Dental Medicine Office of Development and Alumni Relations at 215-898-8951.

Tribute gifts were made in honor of the following alumni. Class of 1953 Class of 1958 Class of 1980 Class of 1990 Lawrence Kessler, C’66, D’70 Louis Rossman, D'75, GD'77 Ronald J. Scornavacca, D’68

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Alumni news

Alumni Weekend 2010 More than 130 alumni and guests returned to Penn Dental Medicine May 14-16 for Alumni Weekend 2010. This was the reunion year for classes ending in “5” and “0.” Some of this year's activities included “Swashbuckling Dentists,” a presentation about Penn Dental Medicine's legends, including Thomas Evans, Zane Grey, and Doc Holliday, a state-of-the-school presentation by Dean Denis F. Kinane and student-led tours of the dental school. Also part of the festivities was the traditional alumni picnic and the parade across campus. The reunion class dinners were held at the Union League of Philadelphia.


Mark your calendars now for Alumni Weekend 2011, May 13 – 14. It will be the reunion year for classes ending in “1” and “6.”




2 30 alumni: news


1 Dean Denis Kinane leads the parade across campus with Penn Dental Medicine alumni. 2, 3 & 7 Alumni reconnecting at the alumni picnic. 4 Penn President Amy Gutmann (center) stopped by the Penn Dental Medicine tent at the alumni picnic, welcoming back alumni. 5 & 6 Recipients of the 2010 Alumni Award of Merit: Joseph Foote, Jr. (D’75, GD’80), given posthumously and accepted by his wife, Susan Foote, and son, Joseph Foote, III (D’10), photo 5, and Thomas Sollecito (D’89, GD’91), pictured with his wife, Carolyn, photo 6. 8 Class of 1980. 1st row: Marian G. Royer, Pamela L. Alberto, Angela Collins, Sheila A. Strock, Gail Spiegel Cohen, Corky Cacas, and Julie A. Barna. 2nd row: Michael C. Meyer, Ramon T. Arreola, David A. Nusblatt, Ira A. Rhome, Richard L. Fiese, Robin F. Gallagher, Donald G. Rebhum, Andrew G. Rosenfeld, and Jerome J. Cymerman. 3rd row: George L. Grillon, Frederick J. Marra, Marc J. Lipkin, Robert A. Miller, Ronald W. Zartarian, Jeffrey R. Blum, Francis G. Serio, and Frederick J. Lacey. 9 Class of 1960. 1st row: Winfield S. Danielson, Jr., Gabriel C. Garber, Irwin I. Getz, Norman Bluth, Harold P Wittman, Frederick L. Cox, Jack S. Ginsberg, Frederick M. Parkins, and Stephen F. Goodman. 2nd row: James L. Ackerman, Arthur Fertman, Arthur S. Cobin, Philip S. Caplan, John A. Shattuck, William R. Silverman, Rein Maavere, Robert A. Fischer, and Frederick J. Ferari. 3rd row: Samuel S. Kissel, Jerold W. Miller, George G. Hess, Robert D. Hooper, David A. Loomar, Daniel B. Green, Arnold G. Greene, Melvyn Greenstein, Barry Benn, and Hugh C. Howarth.



9 penn dental journal: fall 2010 31

Penn Dental Medicine Dental Hygiene Alumni Reunion

The Penn Dental Medicine Dental Hygiene Alumni Association gathered during Alumni Weekend 2010 for an interactive workshop titled, “Connecting to Our Legacy, Planning our Future.” Held May 14, it focused on celebrating and considering the Penn Dental Medicine Hygiene program’s history and contribution to dentistry as the group plans for the future. Lisa Solden Schildhorn DH’75, RDH, BS, MS, organized and facilitated the workshop, which included specific activities that led the group from valuing the past, understanding the association’s current challenges, and visioning options to perpetuate the Penn Dental Medicine Hygiene legacy. Special guest Dr. D. Walter Cohen (C’47, D’50), Penn Dental Medicine Dean Emeritus, also participated in the workshop. Common themes, such as professionalism, a strong academic foundation, and an emphasis on leadership, emerged out of the group discussions on the impact of their dental hygiene education. The day also included sessions on change theory, collaborative decisionmaking, and qualities of high functioning teams, which provided background information for group members in planning the future direction for the association. The workshop ended with a focus on the future and a discussion of options to perpetuate the Penn Dental Medicine Hygiene legacy. A committee was formed to further investigate these options, with plans to report back at next year’s meeting, scheduled for Friday, May 13, 2011, as part of Alumni Weekend 2011. Dental hygiene alumni are reminded to contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at 215-898-8951, or to update their contact information.

32 alumni: news

Above: Members of the Penn Dental Medicine Dental Hygiene Alumni Association at this year’s meeting and workshop, held May 14, 2010 at Penn Dental Medicine as part of Alumni Weekend 2010. Right: Beverly Bizup Hawkins, RDH, MA, recipient of the University of Pennsylvania Dental Hygiene Alumni Special Achievement Award, with Dean Denis Kinane. She was honored for 35 years of outstanding leadership, scholarship, and dedication to advancing the profession of dental hygiene.

Alumni Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who completed the Alumni Communications Survey in the spring issue of the Penn Dental Journal. The feedback is playing an instrumental role as we look to strengthen ties and reach out to alumni in new ways. In response to the results, we are: • Reviewing the format and frequency of alumni communications. • Planning to develop more local and regional alumni gatherings. When asked how you would like to become more engaged with Penn Dental Medicine, the highest percentage of respondents said “by attending local alumni events.” One such gathering will be held in Lake Worth, Fla., March 27 and 28. For more information, call the Office of Development and Alumni Relations, 215-898-8951. • Developing content within the Penn Dental Journal aligned with your interests. When asked to rate those subjects of most interest, the top four areas among survey respondents were: alumni in their professional lives; campus facilities and growth; faculty selection, promotion, and achievements; and curriculum. In response, we took steps to enhance the Class Notes section of the Journal (rated the section of

most interest by respondents) where we share news from and about alumni — thanks to your responses this section has nearly five times more items in this issue than in the spring. Also in this issue are stories on facilities updates, a recently recruited member of the school’s standing faculty, and a curriculum-related story on introducing first- and second-year students to the clinic setting. • Encouraging alumni to visit the Penn Dental Medicine web site more often. Among the survey respondents, 27% visited the web site only once a year. By visiting, you can keep up with news from the School, submit your own news through a Class Note, learn about upcoming alumni events and continuing education courses, read an electronic version of the Penn Dental Journal, and much more. You can also find Penn Dental Medicine on Facebook. If you did not have a chance to complete the Alumni Communications Survey, you still can — it will remain posted on the School’s web site through December 2010. And you can submit feedback on an ongoing basis through

ALUMNI PROFILE: Dr. Umit Yigit (C’81, D’86)

By Alandress Gardner Dr. Umit Yigit (C’81, D’86) is not your average dentist or typical business man. A new member of Penn Dental Medicine’s Board of Overseers, he has built, owned, and operated dental practices, high-capacity nursing home facilities, and constructed new home developments, all while maintaining a 60-hour-a-week work schedule, and hasn’t stopped yet. “I have always had a strong entrepreneurial spirit within me,” he says. “That same passion applies within my profession and outside of dentistry.” Appointed to the Board in June for a three-year renewable term, Dr. Yigit’s extensive experience building thriving health care facilities and

the fruits of my parents’ labor and wanted to continue that trend — to take it as far as I could go,” he says. While attending Penn’s School of Arts and Sciences, he became focused on dentistry, partly because it offered a fixed schedule, unlike that of his father who was on call. Years later, Dr. Yigit would find this time outside of the practice an invaluable resource for planning what would be many successful entrepreneurial ventures. In 1986, he earned a DMD from Penn Dental Medicine and went on to train in prosthodontics at Columbia University. After relocating to the greater Washington, D.C. area, he began to build a family and establish his first dental practice. Over the course of 13 years, Dr. Yigit constructed, owned, operated, and sold six more practices in the area. With sharpened business skills and the desire for a new challenge, he then successfully reached into the highly-regulated domain of large-scale nursing homes, building and operating two 150bed facilities, located in Maryland and Virginia, which were later sold to national health care chains. “I was swimming with the sharks,” Dr. Yigit says with a chuckle of relief. “I took extremely calculated risks—there was no room for error.” He was later presented with an opportunity to invest in three acres of D.C.-area real estate and could not pass up the opportunity, building over 40 new home developments on the land. While all of his many endeavors have been extremely rewarding, Dr. Yigit makes it very clear where his passion lies. “I will not leave my profession,” he says. “The satisfaction of pulling a grateful patient’s tooth is much more gratifying than any business deal I have ever done.” For over 20 years, Dr. Yigit has made generous financial contributions to Penn Dental Medicine, including his most significant pledge this year, and says the urge to give back was always

“I am a product of my Penn education and I always have that in the front of my mind.” excelling in other businesses from the ground up is a strong asset to the School, focused on providing a comprehensive learning experience for students, including the area of practice management. Penn Dental Medicine’s Board of Overseers provides volunteer leadership for the School and acts as an advisory resource for the Dean and other administrative leaders, while stewarding the missions of both the School and University. Born in Bursa, Turkey, located in the country’s northwestern region, just south of Istanbul, Dr. Yigit is the son of a physician who moved his family to the United States in the 1950s to practice medicine. During stays in Denver and rural New York, Dr. Yigit says that his parents impressed upon him an expectation to follow his father’s path in the health professions and he was greatly inspired by the examples they set. “I saw

Dr. Umit Yigit (C’81, D’86)

present, even as a young alumnus. “I am a product of my Penn education and I always have that in the front of my mind,” he says. “I feel a moral obligation to help future generations of dentists succeed. I want them to have the best experience and training that this profession can provide.” In the spirit of giving, Dr. Yigit established the Turkish Heritage Scholarship at the University of Pennsylvania in 2007. This tuition subsidy is awarded each year to a uniquely qualified, financially disadvantaged international student from Turkey. He also plans to actively seek opportunities to connect with and advise Penn Dental Medicine students as a part of his Board of Overseers post. Currently residing in Boca Raton, Fla., with his wife Serap and two children, Dr. Yigit operates and works at his eighth and ninth dental practices. And just when it seems that he is ready to slow down, Dr. Yigit says, “By the way, I also own six pizza delivery businesses.”

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Alumni Gatherings >

senior farewell 2010

The Class of 2010 celebrated their time at Penn Dental Medicine and was welcomed into the national and international community of Penn Dental Medicine alumni at Senior Farewell 2010, held May 11 at The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia. Sponsored by the Penn Dental Medicine Alumni Society and the Class of 2010, 225 students, alumni, faculty, and staff members gathered for this special celebration. The evening featured a cocktail reception, slideshow of memorable photos, dinner, dancing, and the presentation of teaching awards voted on by the senior class (see Scholarly Activity Awards & Achievements, p. 20 for awards listing). Right: Recipients of the 2010 teaching awards with members of the Class of 2010. 1st row: Julee Plastow, Yvonne, Lee, Arthur Kuperstein, Chhina Parampreet, and Melissa Pauli. 2nd row: Dr. Francis Smithgall (C'79, D'83), Faizan Alawi, and Prem Patel. 3rd row: Philip Fava, Vijay Patel, Margrit Maggio (D'87), and Elliot Hersh.

Keith Libou (D’84), President of the Alumni Society Executive Committee, (second from left) with members of the Class of 2010. Left to right: Abhishek Pandit, Harrison Jo, Ho-Jung Cho, Daniel Kim, and Heather Desh.

President of the Class of 2010, Phil Fava.


american dental association alumni reception

Members of the Class of 2010 with members of the faculty. Left to right: Brianne Shanley, Sultana Parveen, Olivia Sheridan (D’90, GD’91), Davis Swiecinski, Bhavik Desai, and Sweta Nakkanna.

On October 9, approximately 40 alumni gathered for a reception during the American Dental Association Annual Session in Orlando, Fla., reconnecting to Penn Dental Medicine and each other. Dean Denis Kinane attended the reception along with Maren Gaughan, Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations.

Alumni and friends visiting at the alumni reception held at the American Dental Association meeting in October.

34 alumni: news

Alumni class notes

1940’s A Message from the Alumni Society Executive Committee Synergy at Penn Dental Medicine THE ENERGY AND ENTHUSIASM at Penn Dental Medicine is nothing short of electric. For the last six months, we have felt a significant change in the attitude of the administration, the students, and certainly on the part of the Alumni Society Executive Committee. It is truly an exciting time for the School, and in my role as President of the Executive Committee, it is rewarding to see and help support this new era of growth and development at Penn Dental Medicine. What has excited the Penn Dental Medicine community so much? It seems to be a variety of things — not the least of which is Dean Denis Kinane. Since his arrival in July 2009, Dean Kinane has radically changed the atmosphere at the School. There have been the physical changes like the new registration area for patients, a spruced-up Dean Denis Kinane talking with students. Main Clinic for the students, and a “can do” attitude among faculty and administration. The key to this synergy? Working in a collaborative manner with those you are there to serve. It may sound simple, but it is not. The Dean and top administrators are launching a comprehensive plan to overhaul the School in several ways. Key aspects include building renovations, student quality of life, expanded research, technology advances, and increased communication with students, faculty, and alumni. Further, the Dean has made himself available to talk to students in a forum where their concerns can be addressed in a comprehensive way. Additionally, new efforts are being made to reach out to alumni. New plans have been launched to create a tighter Penn Dental Medicine alumni community, allowing for increased communication, mentoring opportunities, and receptions and gatherings to help you stay in touch with your alma mater. In fact, in response to the Alumni Communications Survey in the last Penn Dental Journal, steps have been taken to share more news about fellow alumni through an enhanced Class Notes section of the magazine (this section is nearly five times larger in this issue than the last). I encourage you to continue to reconnect to the School and each other by sharing your news through or by calling Development and Alumni Relations at 215-898-8951. The Alumni Society Executive Committee has a new set of priorities as well. We are reaching out to the alumni community to establish a creative and energized group to help make the advances that will keep Penn Dental Medicine at the top of the list for national and international dental education. I invite you to join in our efforts. Keith D. Libou, D’84 President, Alumni Society Executive Committee

Nicholas D. Saccone (D’44) was profiled in the May/June 2010 issue of Dental World, the publication of the Pierre Fauchard Academy (PFA), recognizing his service to PFA and his leadership in the field of dental medicine. Dr. Saccone was Pennsylvania State PFA Chair from 1988-1990 and International Trustee on the PFA Board from 1990-1994. He was honored with the PFA Pennsylvania State Award of Excellence in 1994 and served as PFA President in 1995-1996. He was elected to the PFA Foundation Board in 1994, where he continues to serve, and has filled many significant roles. In 2009, his service was recognized by the PFA International Board with its Presidential Award of Excellence.

1950’s Gifts were given in honor of the Class of 1953 by Joan Gerber Joseph I. Gerber, D’53 Gifts were given in honor of the Class of 1958 by Jerome Lionel Blafer, D’58 Anthony Moreschi (C’49, D’54, GD’61) writes that he is “alive and well in Arizona. Looking forward to hearing from classmates.” Email address: Karl F. Arbogast, Jr. (D’55) and his wife, Charlotte, were honored with the Spirit of Philanthropy Award for 2009 by Luther Acres, a retirement community in Lititz, Pa., where they have lived since 2000. The award committee writes, “ they have consistently supported the campus and inspired others to do the same; this is especially true when the campus needed capital funds. They supported the Wellness Center in 2001 and helped fund the purchase of a new bus for the residents in 2008. Their generosity is a reflection of the care and concern they show to their fellow residents — the spirit of philanthropy is alive and well in Lancaster County.”

penn dental journal: fall 2010 35

Robert S. Feller (D’56) of Mammoth Lakes, Calif., passed away unexpectedly on September 2, 2010, while traveling to visit family in Washington State.  After earning his degree at Penn Dental Medicine, he was appointed 1st Lieutenant, Army Medical Service Officer, and proudly served in the U.S. Army Dental Corps in New Cumberland, Pa., and Korea. In 1958, he was commissioned U.S. Army Captain, and during his service, he earned the National Defense Service Medal, Korean Defense Service Medal, and the Armed Forces Reserve Medal. He opened his first dental practice in Harrisburg, Pa., in 1958, moved to California in 1962, and shortly after, opened a practice in Thousand Oaks. He continued to practice dentistry there until January 31, 2002 when he retired. He had fond memories of many patients and friends he made while in practice. He was a lifetime member of the American Dental Association and an active member of the California Dental Association and the Santa Barbara/Ventura County Dental Society.  Dr. Feller developed and founded the Conejo Valley Dental Study Group and helped develop the Eastern Sierra Family Dental Clinic in Mammoth Lakes, Calif. He is survived by his wife of 42 years, Jean, and four children — Craig Stebbins, Susan Bader, Carolyn Bruce and Jennifer Tucker — as well as five grandchildren. Abe M. Finton (D’58) of Meadville, Pa., was honored by the Meadville Medical Center Foundation Board and the Medical Center for his nearly 20 years of volunteer service on two of the hospital’s main boards — the Meadville Medical Center Foundation Board of Directors and the Meadville Medical Center Board of Directors, serving the maximum limit of three consecutive elected terms on both boards. He was chairman of that Medical Center Board of Directors from 1997 to 1999 and was involved in nine annual capital fund campaigns for the Medical Center that raised more than $1.6 million toward equipment for the hospital. He also has served the community in other areas, including 10 years on the Crawford Central School Board from 1981 to 1991 (president from 1986 to 1991). He is a past chair of Academy Theatre Foundation and was a scoutmaster with the Boy Scouts for 13 years. While Dr. Finton is stepping

36 alumni: class notes

down from volunteering on the hospital’s boards, he is still active in his dental practice with his son, Dr. Dennis Finton. The elder Dr. Finton still sees patients two days a week.

Gerald Hirsch (D’63) has been appointed president of the International General Dental Institute of Implantology and Gerontology. He reports that the Institute’s mission and his responsibility as president is to foster continual education, including hands-on workshops in implants and gerontology by establishing new teaching protocols utilizing art-of-narrative medicine to arrive at total patient disease assessment and treatment.

Joseph R. Greenberg (D’72, GD’76) writes that he is “now practicing in a charming, historic building in Villanova, Pa., and enjoying the opportunity to teach dentists and dental students at both Penn Dental Medicine and Temple.” Recently he was approved by Penn's IRB to begin a research study of stroke patients at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital; they will be seeing if improving their oral health will diminish future cardiovascular incidents.

Steve Baron (D’67) is still enjoying active full-time practice in Suburban Tel Aviv, Israel. He attained FAGD and several local and Israeli milestones.

Robert P. VanValin (D’59), who retired from dentistry in July, visited the School this summer to donate dental books and other materials, along with the photograph he holds. Taken on March 5, 1918 at the University of Pennsylvania, the image shows the graduating class of his father, Francis P. VanValin (D’18), observing a dental procedure. Dr. VanValin comes from a family with many Penn Dental Medicine graduates, which also include: Clyde A. VanValin (D’1895), grandfather; Forest S. VanValin (D’29), uncle; Mendal VanValin (D’55), cousin; and Guy R. Welty (D’60), brother-in-law. Dr. VanValin is photographed in Penn Dental Medicine’s Leon Levy Library.

Joseph B. (Buz) Hanley, Jr. (D’67, GD’69) retired in 2003 as a Colonel, oral surgeon, from the U.S. Army after 34 years of service, with tours in Vietnam, Germany, Panama, and the United States. He is now practicing oral surgery part-time for the Veterans Administration in Massachusetts. He and his wife of 45 years, Pat, enjoy travel, going on cruises, sports, and their two sons and grandsons. Home is in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Leslie Hill Soble Needleman (DH’67) is married to a pediatric dentist. They have four children and two grandchildren with two more on the way. They love to travel, play golf, read and spend lots of family time together. Her husband, Howard, is a graduate of Harvard School of Dental Medicine and a professor there. While still practicing a little, he is heading toward full retirement.

In July 2010, Joseph M. McManus, Jr. (D’ 72, GD’76) was named Senior Vice President for Dental Practice/Professional Affairs with the American Dental Association. Previously, he was on the full-time faculty at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, serving as an Associate Professor of Pediatric Dentistry and Community Health, the Executive Director of the Faculty Practice, and as the Associate Dean for Admissions. Dr. McManus, who is a Fellow of the American College of Dentists, also served as a transition and management consultant for Paragon Dental Practice Transitions.

1970’s 1960’s John B. Gworek (D’60), who retired in 2000, is enjoying life in Sanibel, Fla. He was in an Army rotating internship, 1960-61, spent two years in an Army clinic in San Pedro, Calif., and was in general practice in Windsor, Conn. He and his wife, Janet, celebrated their 50th anniversary in June with their two sons, one daughter, seven grandchildren, and one great grandchild.

Barbara Miller Ingham (DH’71) is still living in the Tampa area. She has her own interior design business, Barbara Ingham Interiors, and is a realtor with Caldwell Banker in North Tampa. She writes, “I would love to hear from my classmates and see how they are doing.” Paul Gingras (D’72) announces his retirement from private practice. He will continue to serve as a volunteer dentist in public health clinics in Florida and Montana. Paul and his wife, Sally, will spend their time between their home in Palm Beach, Fla., and their ranch in Big Timber, Mon.

Debra More Williams (DH’72) writes, “retirement is a beautiful husband Jack and I have recently sold our large summer resort on Prince Edward Island, Canada, and have purchased a lovely year-round property with just two summer cottages (piece of cake!!) Please visit our website at, and come for a visit. Miss you Betsy.” After having taught in the graduate orthodontic program at the University of Manitoba for nearly 30 years, Jay Winburn (W’69, D’72) began teaching in the University of British Colombia's new graduate orthodontic program this fall. He

is looking forward to being able to help form a new program and participate in the enthusiasm that normally accompanies something new. For the last four years, he has also been running a research project at Canada's National Research Council's center in Winnipeg. They are developing a knowledge engine that they hope can be used as a point-of-care decision support system to encourage the use of "best practices" in clinical health care. He writes,” continuing to enjoy private practice, and as of now, retirement has no appeal.” Michael Fitzpatrick (D’73, GD’75) is happily retired for three years — splitting the year between West Palm Beach, Fla., and Tinton Falls, N.J. He would like to acknowledge Augustus Trask Ashton and his scholarship that made it possible for him to attend Penn Dental Medicine — “thank you Augustus.” Stuart M. Hirsch (C’67, D’73), who practices Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, has joined Union Dental Holdings, Inc., a provider of multistate dental services for union members. Deborah Zall Rosenberg (CW’73, D’77) is practicing full-time in Maplewood, N.J. She writes, “we have two wonderful children, both college graduates and working!” Walter I. Chinoy (D’74) has been sworn in as the New Jersey Dental Association’s speaker of the House of Delegates for 2010-2011. This marks the 20th year Dr. Chinoy has served in this capacity as he builds on his record as the longest-serving speaker in the Association’s history. Also at the conference, Dr. Chinoy was the sole recipient of the Presidential Service Award, honoring his years of dedication to organized dentistry. Dr. Chinoy is a general dentist in Scotch Plains, N.J. He is serving a four-year term on the ADA Council on Ethics, Bylaws and Judicial Affairs. In his spare time, Dr. Chinoy is an avid coin collector, and is a past president of the New Jersey Numismatic Society. Dr. Chinoy and his wife, Elaine, live in Scotch Plains and have two sons, Adam and Evan. Mark Portnoy (D’77) writes,” I am a 30-year survivor of marriage and dentistry with three kids, two grandchildren, and one dental chair.”

1980’s Gifts were given in honor of the Class of 1980 by Jerome B. Goldberg, C'78, D'80 John L. Hayes, GD'86 Sharon Kift Hayes, D'80 Arthur W. Kilkuts, D'80 John T. Lynch, Jr., D'80 Cynthia Keller Marra, DH'80 Frederick J. Marra, D'80, GD'80

P. Deborah Weisfuse (D’77) has been elected Vice President of the New York State Dental Association (NYSDA). The association is one of the largest state constituents of the American Dental Association and represents more than 13,000 of the state’s dentists. Elected by her peers, Dr. Weisfuse will serve as the Association’s first female president in 2012. Dr. Weisfuse is an active participant in dental and philanthropic organizations. She previously was a member of the NYSDA Council on Government Affairs and has served on the board of directors of the New York County Dental Society, a component of NYSDA. She has also served on numerous committees with the New York County Dental Society and the Greater New York Dental Meeting. Dr. Weisfuse practices general dentistry with her husband, Dr. Robert Lipner (D’77), in Manhattan.

Kenneth Cameron (D’78) served four years as a college president in the 1990s while maintaining a dental practice. In February 2010, he was appointed President/CEO of a multimillion-dollar company and is in the process of transitioning out of dentistry. “I always look forward to hearing about the Class of 78,” he writes. Linda Himmelberger (D’79) was selected International College of Dentists (ICD) Regent for District 3 (Pa.) and was elected delegate to the 2010 ADA House of Delegates.

In November 2009, Francis G. Serio (D’80) was appointed Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs at East Carolina University School of Dental Medicine. Prior to assuming this role, he served as Professor and Chairman, Department of Periodontics, University of Mississippi School of Dentistry, from 1993 to 2009. In addition, he co-authored Manual of Clinical Periodontics, 3rd edition, with another Penn Dental Medicine graduate, Charles E. Hawley (D’62). Dr. Serio is the Founder and Co-director of the Dominican Dental Mission Project. In 29 years, the Project has provided in excess of $8.4 million in dental care to 54,000 of the rural poor of the Dominican Republic and received an award from each President Bush for this work. Dr. Serio is married to Cheryl L. Serio, DDS, University of Maryland, 1986, and they have two college-age children — Andrew, a senior at Washington University in St. Louis, and Grace, a sophomore at Rice University.

Marc F. Lipkin (D’80, GD’81) has achieved the designation of Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology, honored with the other 22 new Diplomates at the American Academy of Implant Dentistry's annual meeting in Boston in October 2010. At that time, he was also inducted as a Fellow in the AAID. He writes, “Implant dentistry has become a passion of mine and the AAID along with the ICOI have provided me a wonderful learning opportunity. These organizations have allowed me to become a more complete practitioner and expand my dental knowledge." Dr. Lipkin is the owner of Indian Valley Dental Associates, a comprehensive family practice in Souderton, Pa. He is on the medical staff of Grandview Hospital in Sellersville, Pa. After graduating from Penn Dental Medicine in 1981, Steven Clark (D’81) completed OMFS at Columbia/Harlem Hospital, earned his MD at Hahnemann, completed a general surgery residency at St. Barnabas Medical Center, and a plastic surgery residency at the University of Chicago. He has been in solo practice in Destin, Fla., for the past 12 years and feels what he does everyday is where "art meets science.” He writes, “In my opinion my dental and OMFS training has separated me from the rest and is where I first developed a sense of shape and three-dimensional form. I never thought carving a wax pattern in "form and function" would help me shape the face and body.”

SHARE YOUR NEWS We want to hear from you. Share your news on personal and professional accomplishments with your fellow Penn Dental Medicine alumni through the Class Notes section of the Penn Dental Journal. We have made it easy for you to make a submission — simply go to where you can quickly send us your information — we welcome photos as well. Or, you can send your submissions to: Robert Schattner Center University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine Office of Development and Alumni Relations 240 South 40th Street Philadelphia, PA 19104-6030 215-898-8951 (p)

penn dental journal: fall 2010 37

Frank Celenza (D’86) was awarded the prestigious Leonard Hirschfeld Memorial award by the Northeastern Society of Periodontists, on Oct 1, 2010, "For Contribution to the Advancement of Periodontology Through Dental Research, Education and Literature".

After practicing 26 years as a pediatric dentist, Jeffrey Ginsberg (D’81) writes that “I finally decided to go through the board certification process and became a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry in 2009. I knew I would get around to it eventually!” Stuart Lieblich (D’81) is the President of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (ABOMS) for 2010. The ABOMS is the national certifying board for oral and maxillofacial surgeons. Dr. Lieblich is in private practice in Avon, Conn. and he has faculty appointments at the University of Connecticut as Associate Clinical Professor and is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Tufts University. He is active in the specialty and is a frequent presenter at national meetings along with being on the editorial boards of journals in the field. He and his wife, Janot Bente (D'81), in general practice, live in Canton, Conn., and write, “they would like to catch up with other alumni.” Robert A. Giantomas (D’82, GD’86) has been sworn in as the New Jersey Dental Association’s Secretary for 2010-2011. Dr. Giantomas is a periodontist living and practicing in Toms River, N.J. Dr. Giantomas has been actively engaged in the affairs of the Association for 23 years. He was a charter member of the Council on Young Dentists, and has served as President of two different NJDA component societies.  He has served terms as Chairman of three Association councils, and was a member of the NJDPAC Executive Board for five years.  He recently completed his sixth term as State Trustee, representing the Monmouth- Ocean County Dental Society.  As a PADI Master Instructor and accomplished underwater videographer, Dr. Giantomas has visited and filmed many of the world’s most intriguing scuba destinations.  He also enjoys skiing and golf, and is an avid fan of the Philadelphia Flyers.

38 alumni: class notes

Dr. Robert A. Levine (GD’84), a Clinical Associate Professor of Periodontics at Penn Dental Medicine, was honored as the Distinguished Speaker at the University of North Carolina Department of Periodontology’s 13th Annual Straumann Dental Implant Lecture. Dr. Levine also was an invited lecturer at the University of Bern Department of Periodontology, Prosthodontics and Implantology in Bern, Switzerland and at Harvard University’s Department of Periodontics. In addition, he was appointed to the International Team for Implantology (ITI) of Basel, Switzerland, a nonprofit scientific organization that meets every five years to create treatment protocols for implant dentistry. Dr. Levine is Founder and Director of Northeast Philadelphia’s Pennsylvania Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics, where he focuses on surgical implant placement, cosmetic oral plastic surgical procedures, bone/tissue regenerative therapy, and advanced periodontal treatments. He writes, “I praise Penn Dental Medicine for giving me the educational foundation for what has turned into an illustrious dental career.” Dr. Levine is married to Dr. Sheryl Radin, a Bucks County pediatric dentist. Both were named 2010 Top Dentists by Philadelphia Magazine. The couple has two children: Ross, a second-year student at the Kornberg School of Dental Medicine at Temple University, and Bari, a recent graduate of the University of Maryland. Christine Gerwels Weiland (DH’84) writes, “Hi classmates! I have spent my entire career in periodontics. Currently, I work part-time for Steven L. Atlas, DMD, in Exton, Pa. I have been with this practice for 15 years. My husband, John, works for Vanguard. We have two children —

Jack, a senior at PSU (main campus). We are enjoying being "empty nesters”. I would love to hear from my classmates, especially, Julie and Rika (Rika - where are you?!). Best regards to all my classmates.”


1990’s Gifts were given in honor of the Class of 1990 by Francis S. Matarazzo, GD'75 Anita Marie Milici, D'90, GD'93 Dr. Penny E. Resnick-Graulich, D'80, GED'80 Pamela L. Alberto, D'80 Ronald S. Sambursky, D'90 Jay Kevin Selznick MD, D'90 Francis G. Serio, D'80 Sharon M. Verdinelli, D'90, LPS'08 The North Schuylkill Spartans will designate their football field the “Ghosh Orthodontics Field at Spartan Stadium” in honor of Swapan S. Ghosh (D’93). Dr. Ghosh, who has orthodontic practices in Hazleton and Allentown, is paying to revamp the scoreboard at the field and has been a regular contributor to local schools. Dr. Ghosh lives in Orwigsburg, Pa., with his wife and three children. Bernard J. Costello (D’94, M’97, GD’00, RES’00) is Chief of Pediatric Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh and was recently promoted to Professor. Dr. Costello was also the recipient of a $4 million grant from the Department of Defense for Regenerative Techniques of the Craniofacial Region using a Novel Bone Cement. Robert Myers (D’94) is an Oral Surgeon residing in Camp Hill, Pa., with his wife Christine and their two sons — Tyler, 12, and Carey, 8. Eric T. Stoopler (D’99, GD’02) and his wife, Melanie, together with their son, Ryan, are delighted to announce the birth of their son and brother, Ethan Kyle, on October 29, 2009. Dr. Stoopler serves as an Assistant Professor of Oral Medicine - Clinician Educator and is the Director of the Oral Medicine Residency Program at Penn Dental Medicine.

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Melisande J. Wolff (W’97, D’02) received a Fellowship from the Academy of General Dentistry and attended the convocation in New Orleans, La., on July 10, 2010, where she was presented with her award by her father, Jeffrey H. Wolff (D'72). She also was nominated and accepted as a Fellow of Academy of Dentistry International this year. She attended the ADI convocation ceremony in Orlando, Fla., on October 7, 2010. She is currently serving as Vice-President of her local dental society, the Central Palm Beach County Dental Association, and continues to participate in organized dentistry just like she did back at Penn Dental Medicince during her ASDA days. She is currently in private practice in general dentistry in West Palm Beach, Fla., and welcomes any alumni to visit when down in Florida.

Joe Lamendella (D’04) passed away on October 17. After earning his DMD at Penn Dental Medicine in 2004, he went on to complete an Orthodontic Residency at University of Medicine and Dentistry at New Jersey. Dr. Mark Koup (D’04), a former classmate and friend writes, “Joe had many passions in life. A devoted “gearhead” (his words), aficionado of Chinese cuisine, and talented scholar describe him briefly. A friend to many and passionate man of faith and family describes him for those who knew him best. Upon graduating from his orthodontic residency, Joe joined his father’s practice in Staten Island, New York. He was well on his way to becoming one of the most successful orthodontic providers in the area. The Penn Dental Medicine community will always remember Joe as an unparalleled scholar, skilled clinician, and loyal friend.”

Dr. Lamendella is survived by his parents, Dr. Joseph and Mrs. Marie Lamendella, and his younger sister, Gina. A memorial Facebook page has been established by his friends in his honor.

where I provide dental care to Marines and sailors as part of the 2nd Dental Battalion. I expected to attend my 10th high school reunion in October.”


Chris Shakespear (D’04) relocated from Salt Lake City, Utah, to a group practice in Eugene, Ore. They were expecting their fourth child in October. Pamela Moses (D’08) writes, “I knew in high school that I wanted to be a dentist. I entered the challenging pre-med curriculum at the University of Florida and earned straight A's on my way to a degree in zoology with a minor in sociology. I then entered Penn Dental Medicine on a Navy academic scholarship. In 2007, I married Gregory Hartman, an urban planner. The next year I was awarded a DMD and entered the Navy as a lieutenant. I was stationed in Okinawa as part of the 3rd Dental Battalion and served aboard the USS Essex and the USS Harper's Ferry. I was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal and Sea Services Deployment ribbon, which was a huge honor for me. I am now stationed at Camp Lejeune, N.C.,



Hojung Cho (D’10) and Harrison Jo (D’10) were married on June 20 in Seoul Korea. They were together for four years, dating since the first day of class. They will be living in Pittsburgh, Pa., where Harrison will continue his education with a residency in orthodontics at the University of Pittsburgh and Hojung will work as a general practitioner.

Penn Dental Medicine’s Board of Overseers will be hosting a special alumni event March 27 and 28, 2011 in Lake Worth, Fla., (Palm Beach area). Join members of the Board and Dean Denis Kinane for a chance to reconnect with fellow alumni and learn more about the latest projects and priorities at Penn Dental Medicine. The event will be held at The Falls Golf & Country Club, Lake Worth, Fla., opening with a dinner the evening of March 27 and a continuing education course and golf outing on March 28. For more information, contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at 215-898-8951.

Making History ... One Gift at a Time ne of the nonfinancial goals of Making History: The Campaign for Penn is to grow the number of alumni who support Penn’s commitment to educational excellence through their annual gifts. Please help sustain Penn Dental Medicine’s leadership in the profession by making your gift before June 30, the end of Penn’s fiscal year. Whatever the level of your support, your gift will make a difference to our students. For your convenience, gifts to the Penn Dental Medicine Annual Giving Fund can be made in several ways:


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penn dental journal: fall 2010 39

In Memoriam Eleanore H. Steckman (DH’27) Hollidaysburg, PA, September 2, 2009

Horace W. Clarke, Jr. (D’48) Hammonton, NJ, May 6, 2010

Edwin R. McDevitt, Jr. (C’50, D’53) Jenkintown, PA, April 30, 2010

Susan Goldberg Friend (DH’62) Auburn, CA, July 12, 2007

Dorothy Deiss Steeley (DH’34) Quakertown, PA, March 9, 2010

Lawrence I. Shepard (C’44, D’48) Fair Lawn, NJ, March 23, 2010

Emil R. Blaukopf (D’35) Delray Beach, FL, October 21, 2007

John M. Wayman, Jr. (D’48) Pittsford, NY, May 24, 2010

Richard D. Field (D’54) Manhasset, NY, August 4, 2010 Survived by his daughter , Amy D. Field (D’90)

Armand A. Lugassy (D’62, GR’68) San Rafael, CA, July 8, 2010 Survived by his wife, Ruth Rodgers Lugassy (DH’63)

Norman Kaplan (C’37, D’39) Clifton, NJ, November 6, 2009

Lois Killan Johnson (DH’49) Indiana, PA, January 1, 2007

Paul S. Honda (D’54) Honolulu, HI, February 24, 2009

John B. Hoffman (D’63) Lebanon, PA, August 19, 2010

Gordon R. Sanctuary (D’39) Bemus Point, NY January 1, 2008

Edward T. Wentworth, Jr. (D’50) Pittsford, NY, January 1, 2010

Erwin S. Raffel (GD’63) Baltimore, MD, September 13, 2010

Catherine I. Reardin (DH’40) Port Saint Lucie, FL, January 17, 2007

Jack P. Baine (D’51) Hartford, CT, November 15, 2009

H. Bruce Fellows, Jr. (D’55) Pottsville, PA, February 1, 2008 Survived by his son, Scott H. Fellows (D’84)

Morris M. Ducoff (D’41) Providence, RI, February 12, 2009

Barbara G. Delguidice (DH’51) Homossassa, FL, June 1, 2009

Harold D. Fink (D’41) Shaker Heights, OH, January 24, 2010

Nevin C. T. Shaffer (D’51) Allentown, PA, January 20, 2010

Victor Glasser, (D’41) Princeton, NJ, August 10, 2010

Walter W. Ambler (D’52) Monroe Township, NJ, January 28, 2010

Evelyn Forrest Wells (DH’41) Blue Bell, PA, May 13, 2010

Alfonso E. Estefan (GD’52) Longwood, FL, November 28, 2009

Lois Marcus Hunt (DH’43) McLean, VA, January 1, 2008

Donald B. Blair (GD’53) Lakewood, OH, December 28, 2007

Ralph B. Weil (D’43) Wynnewood, PA, April 22, 2009

Alvin Bodenstein (D’53) Boynton Beach, FL, March 10, 2010 Survived by his son, Lawrence Michael Bodenstein (D’86)

Frank L. Levine (C’43, D’45) Sun Lakes, AZ, March 21, 2010 Virginia Simmons (DH’45) Lecanto, FL, August 16, 2010 J. Gordon Rubin (D’46) Sarasota, FL, August 25, 2010 Doris Juni Spell (DH’47) Havertown, PA, January 10, 2010

Rosaline Dolak Dedan (DH’53) Egg Harbor Township, NJ, March 21, 2010 George R. Devine (D’53) Longboat Key, Fl, August 26, 2010 Walter E. Knouse, Jr. (C’51, D’53) Lumberville, PA, September 16, 2010

Arnold Friedman (D’55) Woodland Hills, CA, July 19, 2008 Daniel G. Genthner (D’55, GD’59) Bethlehem, PA, May 21, 2010 William S. Szypula (D’55) Amsterdam, NY, August 14, 2010 Joseph E. Deitch (D’56) Coopersburg, PA, April 7, 2010 Robert S. Feller (D’56) Mammoth Lakes, CA, September 2, 2010 James R. Iverson (GD’56) Woodinville, WA, September 24, 2010 Sam H. Brock, Jr. (GD’57) Houston, TX, January 1, 2005 Donald M. Good (D’60) Lancaster, PA, January 1, 2010 Guy R. Welty (D’60) Apton, CA, March 11, 2010 B. Jerome Kurz (D’61) Merritt Island, FL, December 31, 2009

James K. Green (D’64) Monticello, NY, March 27, 2010 Lt. Dennis D. Hammer (D’68) Summerville, SC, September 16, 2008 Arnold R. Keilies (D’68) San Jose, CA, December 30, 2009 James G. Catron (D’69) Nellysford, VA, May 29, 2010 Gerard J. Gadbois (D’69) Worcester, MA, March 7, 2010 Gery F. Habansky (D’69) Bridgeport, CT, June 26, 2010 Alan M. Tenen (D’74) Malden, MA, July 21, 2010 Arvind, K. Nayar (D’76) Germantown, MD, July 29, 2008 Laura F. Cohee (D’94) Dunmore, PA, May 3, 2010 Joe Lamendella (D’04) Staten Island, NY, October 17, 2010

Herbert N. Appel (D’62) New York, NY, August 15, 2010

2011 Alumni Award of Merit Nominations Sought

2011 Nominations are being sought for recipients of the 2011 Alumni Award of Merit, which will be presented during Alumni Weekend 2011, May 13–14.

The Alumni Award of Merit recognizes love for and loyalty to the School of Dental Medicine, excellence in the profession of dentistry, and community involvement. The award is given to those graduates who have maintained their ties with the School through their support of alumni activities, who have demonstrated leadership in the dental profession, and who have fostered and maintained the ideals that the School of Dental Medicine has stood for since its founding.

Members of the Alumni Society Executive Committee will select the recipients from the pool of nominees. No more than five persons per year shall be honored with the Alumni Award of Merit. Nominations are due no later than december 31, 2010. For more information or if you have any questions, please contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations, 215-898-8951. For a list of previous Alumni Award of Merit recipients, please visit

40 in memoriam

Please send nomination letters to: Mary McCarron Office of Development and Alumni Relations Robert Schattner Center University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine 240 South 40th Street Philadelphia, PA 19104-6030

Penn Dental Medicine Alumni Society 2010–11 Executive Committee

Penn Dental Medicine Board of Overseers 2010–11

Dean’s Council Academic Year 2010–11

Keith D. Libou, D’84 President

William W. M. Cheung, D’81, GD’82, Chair Linda J. Gilliam, D’89, Vice Chair

Martin D. Levin, D’72, GD’74, Chair

Bernard W. Kurek, D’73, WMP’03, WEV’04 First Vice-President

Stanley M. Bergman Laurence B. Brody, C'52, D'56 Richard Copell, D’80 Matthew J. Doyle, Ph.D. Lawrence Kessler, C’66, D'70 Stephen Olitsky, D.M.D. Lewis E. Proffitt, D’73, WG’80 Irving M. Rothstein, C’38, D’41 Robert I. Schattner, D’48 David S. Tarica, D’83 Umit Yigit, C’81, D’86 Robert Zou, WG’94

David Richard Silver, D’85, GD’86, GD’88 Secretary-Treasurer Members-at-Large John David Beckwith, D’87 Jeffrey R. Blum, D’80 D. Walter Cohen, C’47, D’50 Marc Anthony Cozzarin, D’87 Howard P. Fraiman, D’91, GD’93 Marshall J. Goldin, C’60, D’64 Gautam Govitrikar, D’07 Lawrence M. Levin, D’87 Michael B. Rulnick, D’74, GD’76 Donald H. Silverman, D’73, WG’74 Thomas L. Snyder, D’71, WG’74 Dean Ford Sophocles, D’87 Robert Marc Stern, D’87 Robert J. Tisot, GD’70 Orhan C. Tuncay, GD’74 Robert E. Weiner, C’72 D’79 Patti Lee Werther, D’78, GED’78, GD’81

Joseph E. Gian-Grasso, C’67, D’71 Roger Levin Glenn R. Oxner Louis Rossman, D’75, GD’77

Ex officio Members Martin D. Levin, D'72, GD'74 Chair – Dean’s Council Keith Libou, D’84 President – Alumni Society

Past Presidents (last 7 years) Ronald Gutman (D’74) Spencer-Carl Saint‑Cyr, D’97 Tara Sexton, D’88 Marc B. Ackerman, D’98 Anna Kornbrot, D’79, GD’82 Lewis E. Proffitt, D’73, WG’80 Margrit M. Maggio, D’87 Ex officio Member Dr. Jaclyn M. Gleber, DH’74 Student Representatives Kim Farrell, D’11 Student Council President Stefani Cheung, D’11 Class of 2011 President Matt Sones, D’12 Class of 2012 President Matt Ryskalczyk, D’13 Class of 2013 President Lamarr Holland, D’14 Class of 2014 President

Members of the Penn Dental Medicine Board of Overseers and the Dean’s Council with Dean Denis Kinane (right).

School Administration Denis F. Kinane, B.D.S., Ph.D. Morton Amsterdam Dean Professor of Pathology and Periodontics Maren Gaughan Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations Sarah Burton Director of Annual Fund and Alumni Relations Mary McCarron Annual Giving and Alumni Programs

The University of Pennsylvania values diversity and seeks talented students, faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds. The University of Pennsylvania does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, creed, national or ethnic origin, citizenship status, age, disability, veteran status or any other legally protected class status in the administration of its admissions, financial aid, educational or athletic programs, or other Universityadministered programs or in its employment practices. Questions or complaints regarding this policy should be directed to the Executive Director of the Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Programs, Sansom Place East, 3600 Chestnut Street, Suite 228, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6106; or (215) 898-6993 (Voice) or (215) 898-7803 (TDD). Specific questions concerning the accommodation of students with disabilities should be directed to the Office of Student Disabilities Services located at the Learning Resources Center, 3820 Locust Walk, Harnwell College House, Suite 110, 215.573.9235 (voice) or 215.746.6320 (TDD).

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 2563 Philadelphia, PA

Robert Schattner Center University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine 240 South 40th Street Philadelphia, PA 19104-6030

Calendar of events Alumni Programs & Events December 1, 2010 Greater New York Dental Meeting Alumni Reception New York Marriott Marquis Cantor Jolson Room New York, NY 5:30 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

April 13-16, 2011 American Academy of Endodontics Alumni Reception San Antonio, TX May 10, 2011 Senior Farewell Warwick Hotel 6:00 p.m.

January 28, 2011 Yankee Dental Congress 36 Alumni Reception Boston, MA 6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

May 13-14, 2011 Alumni Weekend 2011 Reunions for classes ending in “1” and “6” Philadelphia, PA

March 2-4, 2011 Valley Forge Dental Conference Alumni Reception King of Prussia, PA

May 13-17, 2011 American Association of Orthodontics Alumni Reception Chicago, IL

March 17, 2011 International Assoc. for Dental Research (IADR/AADR) Alumni Reception San Diego, CA 6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

May 16, 2011 Penn Dental Medicine Commencement Philadelphia, PA

March 27 and 28, 2011 Penn Dental Medicine Alumni Golf/CDE Event Falls Golf & Country Club Lake Worth/Palm Beach, FL

June 24-25, 2011 New Jersey Dental Conference Alumni Reception New Jersey, NJ

Continuing Dental Education Penn Dental Medicine alumni receive a 25% discount on course tuition. December 10, 2010 Optimizing Geriatric Oral Health Care: Thomas Sollecito, DMD; Markus Blatz, DMD, PHD; Elliot Hersh, DMD, MS, PHD; Joseph Fiorellini, DMD, DMSc 6 lecture credit hours Radisson Plaza - Warwick Hotel Philadelphia 1701 Locust Street (GPS address: 220 South 17th Street) Philadelphia, PA January 8, 2011 Decrease Your Stress & Increase Your Focus on Patients to Reduce Medical Errors: Joel Weintraub, BS, Med 4 lecture credit hours The Robert Schattner Center Penn Dental Medicine 240 South 40th Street Philadelphia, PA

For information on these and other alumni events, please visit or call 215-898-8951.

January 22, 2011 Implant Overdenture Therapies: Vicki Petropoulos, DMD, MS; Arnold Rosen, DDS 4 lecture credit hours 3 hands-on participation hours The Robert Schattner Center Penn Dental Medicine 240 South 40th Street Philadelphia, PA For information on these and other Penn Dental Medicine continuing education programs, visit or call 866-Penn-CDE.

Penn Dental Journal Fall 2010  
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