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e was the Bachelor 2015 and chose single mum, Snezana Markoski, declaring his love on national television. A year and a half later, life could not be more different for former bachelor Sam Woods, with Snezana and her daughter, Eve, relocating from Perth to Melbourne to be with him.

Peninsula Kids Magazine talks to Sam about life, love, step-parenting, and his successful “28 by Sam Wood” program.

HOW DID YOU FIRST BECOME INVOLVED WITH "THE BACHELOR" IN 2015? It was driven by a lady who came to my gym and used to give me a hard time that I was single. One day she said “Sam, you are going to apply for this show”. I had never watched it before and, by the advertisements, I didn’t really know if it was my thing but applied anyhow. I never thought I would get it though, so was very pleasantly surprised.

HOW WAS YOUR EXPERIENCE OF "THE BACHELOR" AND HOW DID IT CHANGE YOUR LIFE? Well how didn’t it change my life? I had been single for five years and never expected to meet a girl who is a mum on a TV show and then be getting married to her this year. If anyone had told me that two years ago, I would have laughed.

WHAT IS LIFE LIKE FOR YOU NOW THAT SNEZANA AND EVE HAVE MOVED TO MELBOURNE? It is fantastic. I love having them live with me and it’s more than I ever hoped for. We are taking it slowly and our main priority is getting Eve settled into her new school, making new friends, and showing her around Melbourne.

HOW HAVE THE GIRLS SETTLED IN WITH THE MOVE? It is a massive adjustment for them but they have both settled in well and Eve has already made great friends. I’ve said from day one that the pace my relationship with Eve develops must be dictated by her. I just want to be her friend and love and support her and her mum. I’ve only ever experienced the single mum thing with Snezana.

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