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kid’s clubs By Olivia Wilson


e may still be trying to get into “back to school” mode, but what better time to think about upcoming holidays. As soon as one holiday finishes we get to planning the next, and to be honest, we barely give the kids a look in.

spent in childcare. Yes, the children loved having someone else to interact with (complete attention of two Thai ladies as we were out of season), and they loved the poolside art and craft, but that’s just not what holidays are about for us.

We thumb through tattered old city guides, we trawl the internet for all sorts of secret tips and wonderful hidden treasures that are off the beaten track, and we ask locals for tips! We try and fill our days with memories of exploring together, which we will all treasure.

On a recent trip to Adelaide, we ended up in the front room of a small winery, chatting to the wine producer about his wares. It was fascinating, (and delicious) and the children loved the theatre of swishing the wine around the glass and giving it a good sniff!! As we sat there in the original “Bank of Adelaide” around the family dinner table, I could see the children’s eyes dancing around the room. The bottles of wine were stored in the old bank safe, the door as thick as can be. The children were enthralled by stories of “olden days” with wool money being piled high in the little impenetrable room.

It’s so easy to throw yourselves into the whole “all-inclusive family package, with all meals, drinks, entertainment and full use of the kid’s club” but what a let-down. Having said that, the children made use of a kid’s club in Thailand last year. We stayed at Surin Beach which was spectacular, but once the kids realised there were computer games and full-time hair braiders at their beck and call that was the end of the exploring. Or so they thought. Kids clubs serve a purpose, and I know many parents who work hard all year look forward to lying by the pool without being splashed and begged to buy umpteen Mocktails from the swim up bar. However, I can’t help but feel depressed about a “holiday” being

When we road tripped in New South Wales we stayed in Coffs Harbour. We had an insane idea to wake extra early and head for the harbour to see the fishing boats come in. We were treated to fresh prawns straight from the boat, deliciously sweet, like nothing I have ever eaten! The children gobbled their prawns and then were handed scraps to feed to the local pelicans. It was amazing!! continued next page.....


Peninsula Kids – Autumn 2018

Autumn 2018  

Peninsula Kids Autumn 2018

Autumn 2018  

Peninsula Kids Autumn 2018