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endless opportunities to ooh and ahh When customers walk into your showroom, they want to be wowed. TUUCI, the industry leader in shade design and durability, does exactly that. The perfect complement to any outdoor environment, our shade systems take up minimum oor space, yet provide maximum return. To learn more about the limitless opportunities TUUCI provides, visit Made in Miami. Inspired by the world.

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Your see-through happy place. Show your customers the way to peace, warmth and comfort with the Montebello® See-Through gas fireplace. Its stunning features and indoor/outdoor installation flexibility are designed to provide maximum appeal—and help you reach your happy place of profitability.

For more information, visit or call 1.800.9.LENNOX.

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Russ Faulk, vice president of product development at Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet and go-to guy for barbecue advice, explains how to enhance the flavor of grilled food.

In recent years, Twin-Star has been a pivotal player in the evolution of electric fireplaces.





SCHOTT ROBAX is a leading developer of specialty glass and a major supplier of fireplace ceramic glass.

With 4,300 square feet of showroom floor space, The BBQ Shop is one of the largest barbecue retailers in British Columbia.

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Shade manufacturers have introduced a wide array of stylish and functional products, giving consumers many solutions for sun protection.

Team Grill has experienced overnight success in the specialty retail channel by offering high-quality grills with licensed sports insignia.



This savvy South Carolina specialty retailer understands the importance of using the Internet for attracting new and repeat customers.






The Florida-based manufacturer of outdoor aluminum furniture has taken bold steps to increase its market reach throughout the United States.

Word is spreading quickly about Canada-based Leisure Design’s entry into the U.S. outdoor-furniture market. 40






Big Green Egg has introduced a bold new corporate identity that is generating a lot of buzz in the barbecue/grill industry.

Thousand Oaks Fireside and Design is a one-of-a-kind fireplace store that understands the necessity of dramatic product displays and novel merchandising techniques.




MARKETING MANEUVERS – A DREAM FULFILLED A Connecticut retailer reopens an outdoor-living store, much to the delight of new and former customers.




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Modern Home Products has performed well during the recession by specializing in the aftermarket replacement-parts niche of the barbecue/grill industry.

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GIVING Publisher’s Viewpoint and Editor’s Message






Superior customer service is the key to Hart & Cooley’s success in the HVAC industry.











To remain competitive in the casual-furniture industry, Homecrest created a new image for itself, which has attracted a lot of attention from retailers and consumers. ON THE COVER



Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

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are stacking up with Agio

Retailers across the country have come to depend on Agio for bold, exciting collections that propel sales forward at higher margins. With exceptional sales support and programs that keep your showroom stocked with collections that are sure to sell, becoming an Agio retailer is just the beginning of your best season yet. ÂŽ

To become an Agio retailer, call 888.997.7623 or contact us at

Agio is the registered trademark of Agio International Company, Ltd.

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n the September/October 2010 issue of Patio & Hearth Products Report, we featured Lone Star Backyard (Carrollton,Texas) in our outdoor-grilling profile.This top-notch barbecue/grill retailer is in the forefront of helping consumers purchase the best in barbecues/grills and accessories, and helping consumers develop and build the ultimate outdoor kitchen. In addition to getting a lot of positive feedback on our profile of Lone Star Backyard, we recently received information from Adam and Scott Williams at Lone Star Backyard about a unique business and philanthropic company in Central America. Lone Star Backyard recently started doing business with a company named Grupo Boochi, with the brand name Caravari, in Antigua, Guatemala. Caravari makes handmade, premium leather products, including leather cooking aprons.At first glance, Caravari sounds like just another company making barbecue and grilling accessories. Yes, it’s in the business of outdoor grilling and the business of barbecuing and grilling accessories. When you dig more deeply, however, what you discover is that the company really is in the business of giving. Caravari was started by Andres Cordon, a young man who comes from a prominent family in Guatemala. Due to his family’s financial resources, Cordon graduated with Adam Williams from St. Edward’s University in Austin,Texas.With the help of his family, Cordon (as founder and CEO) and his sister,Anna Cordon de Porta (as cofounder and general manager), started Caravari a few years ago. Caravari employs many skilled artisans who live in Guatemala. Without Caravari, these artisans would otherwise be making leather products by spending their own money for materials and selling their products for very little in the streets of Antigua. Getting these skilled artisans off

the streets, Caravari provides the artisans with their materials and pays them handsomely for making topquality handmade leather cooking aprons. Caravari then brings the leather cooking aprons to the United States and sells them to specialty barbecue and grill retailers and dealers. The proceeds from sales are then donated back to the community in Parramos (near Antigua), where the artisans live and work; this helps to buy such needed things as school books and medical products for the community. Under the direction of Cordon’s mother, Margaret Townsend de Cordon (who is the administrator of the family’s Adolfo Cordon Foundation, named for her late husband), the company also donates part of its profits to Catholic charities in Guatemala. The Cordons are a very wealthy family that does not need to have a company such as Caravari.The Cordon family didn’t start Caravari to get rich, but actually to help its fellow countrymen—in a country where corruption and greed are very prominent, and where the unemployment rate is much, much higher than it is in the United States. The artisans who work for Caravari have been given the opportunity to use their craft to produce unique and sought-after items, and to do so for a company that appreciates and values them (and treats them with honor and respect).While this type of employer–employee relationship is fairly abundant in North America, such is not the case in many countries in Central and South America. Caravari lets its employees know that family comes first, and it puts its words into action by allowing its employees to work flexible hours. Caravari likes to say that when consumers buy its products, they are not just buying premium boots or leather cooking aprons;

rather, they are buying art, culture, and history. Scott Williams took on the handmade leather cooking aprons as the exclusive distributor for Caravari not just because he admired the company and the quality of its products, but also because he understands that if you’re going to be a specialty retailer, you need to carry and sell specialty products. As Williams knows so well, barbecue and grilling aficionados take their grilling and outdoor-kitchen experience seriously, and they seek out those barbecue and grilling products and accessories that set themselves apart. Handmade, premium leather cooking aprons from artisans based in Guatemala are not off-the-rack items that you’re going to find at a big-box store. Products such as these tell a story—and they will get consumers to drive the extra mile, pay the extra dollar, and tell others about your store. Carrying unique and high-quality items that consumers can’t find at a typical retail establishment is what helps set specialty retailers apart from their competition. You can learn more about Caravari at, or contact TONY RAMOS PUBLISHER TRAMOS@PENINSULA-MEDIA.COM

from the editor


he other day, I was driving my car while listening to the radio when a cheerful announcer described Lowe’s new outdoor-living collection of patio furniture, grills, firepits, and patio heaters. It was a catchy message and probably appealed to many value-conscious consumers on that sunny Southern California day. A few days later, I found an ad in a magazine for The Home Depot’s Martha Stewart Living™ Augusta sevenpiece outdoor-dining set.The ad included a photograph of a tranquil backyard setting and a tag line that urged readers, “bring Martha into your backyard.” I found both these ads a bit worrisome. I know that a mass retailer’s ad can help increase sales for independent stores as consumers shop around for different choices, but if they end up making their purchases at the bigbox stores, it’s not a good thing. Specialty retailers simply don’t have the large advertising budgets needed


for splashy advertising campaigns. We know that the big-box stores are here to stay, but that doesn’t mean that specialty outdoor-living stores can’t prosper as viable alternatives to large mass retailers.This issue of our magazine is packed with information on how specialty retailers (and the manufacturers who supply products to them) can develop and promote products that will appeal to consumers.When consumers of all types—from generations X and Y to baby boomers and seniors—understand the benefits of buying from a specialty store, they will remain loyal customers. As suppliers to specialty retailers, manufacturers play a critical role in keeping this industry strong by developing products that stand apart from those that mass retailers carry. Our Last Word column on Homecrest Outdoor Living (page 46) shows what a company can do to stay one step

Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

ahead of the big boxes. As Todd Wingrove, director of sales for Homecrest, explains,“Even if we don’t want to admit it, our competition is the mass merchants.They are experts at copying what we do, and that is our challenge. If we are going to continue to succeed, we need to be leaders.” Homecrest has met this challenge by retooling its product mix to include richer, more stylish lines that appeal to discerning, value-oriented customers. Just as manufacturers need to develop products that are superior to those of the big boxes, specialty retailers need to distinguish their stores by creating shopper-friendly experiences that not only drive sales, but build loyalty. We selected Casual Living in Columbia, South Carolina, for our Showroom Showcase feature (page 36) because of the owners’ innovative staffing and marketing strategies, which have resulted in a dedicated customer base. Recognizing that consumers were no longer responding solely to traditional advertising media, co-owner Dottie Reynolds quickly embraced social media and has been very pleased with their impact. Her blog, outdoorli-, is the perfect example of a powerful (yet low-cost) promotional tool that reaches customers. As a small retailer, you probably don’t have the advertising dollars to compete head-on with giants like Lowe’s and The Home Depot, but there’s much that you can do to educate consumers about your unique products and services. Consider joint advertising campaigns with other independent retailers, as our featured outdoor-grilling store,The BBQ Shop (page 32), has done in Vancouver, British Columbia. Make your store a preferred destination by promoting yourself through the Internet and social media, or by supporting local (or global) causes, as Tony describes in his Publisher’s Viewpoint. People like to do business with those who understand the importance of goodwill. If you embrace your customers’ values and also provide quality products and personalized service, you’ll find that they will become loyal customers. CAROL DAUS EDITOR CAROL@PENINSULA-MEDIA.COM

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the gourmet


Tony Ramos EDITOR Carol Daus


Blueberry Pork Chops Russ Faulk


or both dining out and cooking at home, the culinary bar has been raised quite a lot during the past few years. Chefs have become celebrities, and for many, Whole Foods is the grocery purveyor of choice. It is only natural that the grill should elevate its cooking game as well—everything tastes better off the grill, right? Burgers, sausages, steaks, and beer-can chicken all still have their places, but the grill can go far beyond traditional backyard fare.The equipment need not be totally overboard, but the outdoor foodie will require a few key capabilities to pursue the range of his or her passions. Low and slow cooking: A great grill can hold barbecue temperatures for hours while easily adding the taste of wood smoke.You need to maintain a temperature of 225 to 250 degrees for hours at a time in the pursuit of traditional U.S. barbecue. An electric pellet smoker or other dedicated equipment makes it easy, but the right grill can more than adequately handle the task for occasional use. Hot and fast cooking: Searing temperatures of 800 degrees or more are at the opposite end of the cooking spectrum.The foodie can make best use of a grill that can sear food anywhere on the cooking grate, rather than wasting precious real estate with a single-task searing zone. Roasting: Not everyone needs a large grill, but it is important to consider indirect cooking techniques when evaluating size. In the simplest terms, half of the grill will be fired up and half of the grill will be off; the food being roasted has to fit comfortably within the off half of the grill. Power comes into play here as well. If a grill can maintain a temperature of 500 degrees in the indirect zone, a whole world of roasted delights becomes possible. Indoors, roasting temperatures need to be kept much lower because the food and oils need to be kept below the smoking point. Outdoors, the smoke is not an issue. Chicken roasted at this higher temperature is crisp on the outside, 8


This recipe serves four and is sure to be a hit with your family and friends. Pork and fruit (especially blueberries) are well matched. These glorious chops combine smoky, sweet, and savory flavors. The recipe is best prepared using a wood fire, but smoked salt will deliver the goods, even on a gas grill. The combination of direct and indirect grilling techniques results in the most succulent chops. Ingredients: 4 pork-loin chops (preferably, with the bone left in), about 1.5 inches thick 6 ounces pancetta, cooked until crisp and then broken into pieces 1/2 cup maple syrup 2 cups blueberries 1/2 teaspoon smoked salt (plus additional salt for the chops) Extra-virgin olive oil Instructions: Preheat the grill for a combination of direct and indirect cooking.The indirect zone should be at about 500 degrees. While the grill is heating, lightly brush the chops on all sides with olive oil, and sprinkle them with salt. Leave the chops sitting at room temperature until the grill is ready (up to 20 minutes). Wash the blueberries and measure out the other ingredients at this time. Grill the pork chops over the hottest part of the fire (direct heat) for about two minutes per side, and then transfer them to the indirect-cooking zone. Close the grill and cook the chops for about 20 minutes, turning once halfway through cooking, until an instant-read meat thermometer measures a temperature of 155 degrees (when inserted away from the bone). As soon as you have moved the chops to the indirect zone, combine the maple syrup, blueberries, and smoked salt in a large saucepan (although the ingredients would easily fit in a smaller pan, the broader bottom should help reduce the sauce more quickly). Bring this mixture to a strong simmer over medium heat. Stir the sauce frequently, and avoid reaching a rapid boil. If bubbles begin to build on top of bubbles, lower the heat to avoid burning the sauce. When the chops reach an internal temperature of 155 degrees, remove them from the grill and transfer them to plates. Let the chops rest for three to five minutes. During this time, stir the cooked pancetta into the blueberry sauce.Top the chops with sauce, serve, and enjoy. ASSOCIATE EDITOR Kris Kyes STAFF WRITERS Kimberly Rodgers Sharon Sanders Cheryl Dangel Cullen SOCIAL-MEDIA EDITOR Amanda Daus CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Paul Piwowar BUSINESS MANAGER Susan Razetto CEO & PRESIDENT Tony Ramos

Corporate Office Peninsula Media 21250 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 700 Torrance, CA 90503 (310) 792-7448 Fax (310) 792-7449

Tony Ramos Peninsula Media 21250 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 700

but tender and juicy inside.Add wood smoke for even better flavor. The key to great grilling is often a combination of searing directly over the fire and then moving away from the fire to roast or coast up to the desired internal temperature.Thick steaks and chops benefit greatly from the combination of grilling techniques. If a grill can effortlessly handle the range of tasks described, it should be the perfect tool for creating great food. The process of cooking can be just as rewarding as the delicious food created. Outdoors, the most enjoyable cooking experiences often include a wood or charcoal fire. It is both primal and artisanal. It

Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

also adds flavors that can’t be matched indoors. The ideal grill for today’s foodie should make it easy to add the element of real fire. For some, the tool of choice will be a traditional charcoal kettle grill or kamado. For others, it will be a well-designed wood-chip tray inside a gas grill. For a few, it will be a hybrid grill that cooks with gas, as well as with a charcoal or wood fire.

Torrance, CA 90503 (310) 792-7448 (310) 792-7449/Fax (310) 968-3962/Cell

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Russ Faulk is the vice president of product development at Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, Chicago, Illinois. The recipe has been adapted from Faulk’s cookbook, “Cook:Out—Fresh Ingredients, Fresh Air, Fresh Flavors From the Grill” (Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, 2010).

Skokie, IL 60076-7890 Subscribe online: Email: Phone: (847) 763-9261

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Big Green Egg Unveils New Brand Identity For over 30 years, the Big Green Egg® has been widely referred to as the world’s best smoker and grill, and the unique kamado-style cooker (created by Ed Fisher, company chair) has been known for producing amazing culinary results. The passion of Big Green Egg fans and aficionados is legendary, and is a large part of the success of this amazing and versatile cooker. At HPBExpo in March 2011, the company paid homage to that legacy while introducing a new logo and a bold, fresh brand identity that incorporates a tag line that speaks to the very heart of what using a Big Green Egg is all about: The Ultimate Cooking Experience™. Fisher explains, “After all these years of making the Big Green Egg better and better, and introducing many industry-leading innovations and patented improvements, we decided it was time to take a look at the brand identity itself. While we had grown comfortable with the image, it was not at all contemporary and

did not adequately present the EGG as a versatile outdoor cooker with appeal to all consumer groups. When we named Ardy Arani as the new president of Big Green Egg to succeed me last year, I knew this would be one of the first parts of the business to get his attention.” Arani says, “Ed’s comments are right on target, as usual. When we embarked on a new identity initiative, the goal was to create a brand messaging platform that spoke to the attributes, both emotional and functional, that are part and parcel of what the Big Green Egg is all about. To call it the ultimate cooking experience might be to state the obvious, but in many respects, it resonates with our consumers as the perfect description of what owning a Big Green Egg means to them.”

Arani continues, “We bring people together over memorable meals and shared experiences of cooking on the most unique and versatile barbecue or outdoor-cooking product on the market, and we wanted our messaging to communicate that. With this approach, we think we have succeeded.”

Big Green Egg Company Launches New EGGzilla

Ardy Arani, president, Big Green Egg Company

At this year’s HPBExpo, Big Green Egg Company unveiled the latest addition to its already impressive line: the new and unprecedented EGGzilla™, in a size that stuns the casual observer. EGGzilla measures twice the size of the already impressive XL EGG, stands 64 inches tall, and provides over 1,800 square inches of cooking surface. Ardy Arani, the company’s president, says, “After all these years of making the Big Green Egg the best ceramic cooker in the world, and introducing many innovations and patented improvements, we decided it was time to stretch our technology and

Outdoor Lifestyle Unveils New Website Outdoor Lifestyle (Stanley, North Carolina) has developed a new website ( that allows users to view products easily by collection or category, in addition to previewing current frame and fabric finishes. Virginia Hamilton, business-development manager for Outdoor Lifestyle, says, “We have invested a substantial amount of time and effort in ensuring that both the consumer and the dealer can navigate through our website with ease.” The website also offers an educational video describing Outdoor Lifestyle’s manufacturing processes; this helps dealers with sales-staff train-


Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

ing. “We have created a dealer-showroom section that showcases how dealers blend Outdoor Lifestyle’s variety of frame styles and finishes with our fabrics,” Hamilton explains. “We welcome all of our dealers to contact us and submit their photography to be showcased in this section.” In redesigning of its website, Outdoor Lifestyle used search-engine optimization, which will drive consumers to Outdoor Lifestyle’s website to find retailers easily. The attention that the redesigned website has received is evidenced by a high volume of hits, inquiries about product information, and overall Internet visibility.

capabilities and see how far we could go. What you are looking at is testimony to the fact that there is only one original—and never equaled—Big Green Egg.” In anticipation of twice the fun, the company is also introducing an 80-pound bag of its branded natural lump charcoal to accommodate the massive culinary events that will sure to follow the launch of the newest EGG. “More and more, we are bringing larger and larger groups of people together over memorable meals and shared experiences, and we needed a larger-than-life EGG to accommodate all our fans and supporters,” Arani says.

Erwin and Sons Adds a West Coast Distribution Center

Greg Voorhis Appointed Design-team Manager for Glen Raven Glen Raven Custom Fabrics has announced the promotion of longtime employee Greg Voorhis to design-team manager, with management responsibilities for the team of fabric designers dedicated to the Sunbrella® brand. His new responsibilities will include the planning, development, and evaluation of new fabric lines. He will also work with the Glen Raven Custom Fabrics market managers and sales teams to oversee exclusive fabric-design work for the company’s broad customer base. Voorhis will continue to report to Gina Wicker, design and creative director for Glen Raven Custom Fabrics.

TUUCI Expands Its International Headquarters in Miami TUUCI, a global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative shade structures, has expanded its international headquarters facility in Miami, Florida, in response to its growing business and production needs. TUUCI’s new industrial manufacturing complex encompasses more than 65,000 square feet of production, office, and logistical space. “This additional space situates our enterprise for growth well into the decade,” Dougan Clarke, founder and CEO of TUUCI, explains. “It provides us with an adequate footprint to expand our capabilities and increase the velocity with which our orders are fulfilled.” He continues, “Our management team and manufacturing personnel have designed the new space to improve and streamline our production processes. In addition, this arrangement will provide a better environment for our Shadow Works creative division, as well as increasing opportunities for further specialization.” The addition to TUUCI headquarters marks the company’s fifth U.S. expansion since it began designing and manufacturing parasols, cabanas, lounges, and other shade structures in Miami in 1998. The company markets and sells its products around the world and is regularly recognized for design innovation through industry awards from the Industrial Fabrics Association International and the International Casual Furnishings Association. Its new Shadow Works division, which will be based in the expanded space, is a research/development unit specializing in shaping the future of open-air living and shade design for the company.

Erwin and Sons recently opened a West Coast distribution center in Long Beach, California, and will begin distributing three of its best-selling collections: the Sonoma group, a contemporary sectional in the mocha finish, with six deep seating pieces plus conversation and end tables; the Riviera group in the Savannah finish, with Riviera eight sectional and standard deep seating pieces plus coffee and end tables; and the 10-piece seating and dining collection, Homecoming, in the saddle finish, with marble-topped coffee and end tables. All feature Leisureluxe™ custom cushions in Sunbrella® or Outdura® fabrics. For more information, call Erwin and Sons at (770) 579-0414.

“Having the right people in the right dedicated spaces will make a difference in our overall effectiveness as an efficient manufacturer answering the demands of our new, swift economy,” Clarke says. This will have a positive impact on product innovation “and drive our sales as we extend our reach around the world,” he adds.

New Ventis Class-A Chimney System Wins Vesta Olympia Chimney Supply Inc. (Scranton, Pennsylvania) received the 2011 Vesta Award in the Hearth/Barbecue Components & Controls category at the 2011 HPBExpo in Salt Lake City, Utah, for its new Ventis® class-A chimney system. According to Will Kozlansky, cofounder of Olympia Chimney Supply, the com-

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March/April 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report



Couristan Launches Outdoor-living Merchandising Program pany’s employees, customers, and vendors all played a role in making this award possible. He says, “The development of the Ventis class-A all-fuel chimney system was a very long and challenging process that took approximately five years to complete. In order to make Ventis class-A more than just another class-A system, it took a tremendous amount of research, feedback from customers, building of multiple prototypes, and making sure that the UL process was understood and followed to specifications.” He adds, “The hard work finally paid off in January 2010, when Olympia officially received its UL 103 HT listing. Olympia would like to extend a thank you to all of its partners in the business.” For more information on the Ventis class-A all-fuel chimney system, call Olympia Chimney Supply’s customer service at (800) 569-1425 or visit


Sunbrella fabrics are currently being displayed at the Brooklyn Museum as part of a design exhibit.

Sunbrella Fabrics Displayed at Brooklyn Museum

Sunbrella® fabrics, long known for performance and design excellence, has joined the ranks of paintings by Norman Rockwell, photographs by Sam Taylor-Wood, and rare Egyptian mummies as part of a unique design installation at the Brooklyn Museum. Known as “reOrder,” the transformative installation in the museum’s great hall includes more than 2,000 yards of Sunbrella fabric donated by Glen Raven Custom Fabrics. Gina Wicker, design and creative director for Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, says, “This is a unique opportunity for Sunbrella fabrics to be part of a highlevel installation that will be seen by thousands of people. We are honored that Sunbrella was selected and cannot imagine a better way to illustrate the continued evolution of the Sunbrella brand during our 50th anniversary year.” Conceptualized and fabricated by Situ Studio of Brooklyn, New York, “reOrder” transforms the 10,000–square-foot great hall from a classically designed space with 16 columns into the hub of the museum where visitors can gather or view temporary exhibits. The space has been reimagined using 2,440 yards of Sunbrella canvas natural fabric that is pleated and stretched over metal frames to create the illusion of growth and change among the columns. The fabric structures vary in size and volume and are completed by the installation of benches and tables, at the bases, made of LG Hausys HI-MACS® acrylic solid surface. Sunbrella fabric was selected for the project because of its strength and performance characteristics, including resistance to fading, stains, and spills. Aleksey Lukyanov-Cherny, a partner at Situ Studio, says, “The material’s weight, body, weave type, and durability were among the many characteristics that made Sunbrella fabric a perfect fit. Most of all, the fabric’s ability to capture light and its overall aesthetic appeal helped us achieve the effect we desired for the ‘reOrder’ installation.” Also important to the architects was the fabric brand’s commitment to sustainability at the Sunbrella manufacturing center in Anderson, South Carolina, and through the Recycle My Sunbrella program. Glen Raven and Situ Studio are already considering creative ways that the 2,440 yards of fabric can be repurposed at the end of the exhibit.

Couristan’s annual outdoor-living merchandising program (offered from March 21 through June 30) provides dealers with savings on its full assortment of outdoor/indoor area rugs, as well as two dynamic display options that help drive summer sales. Designed to showcase all seven of Couristan’s collections of weather-resistant area rugs, the new Without Walls display unit gives dealers the ability to customize their featured assortment fully and provides an easy-to-browse shopping destination for today’s hottest outdoor/indoor area-rug trends. Housing 40 2x4-foot area rugs, Couristan’s new Without Walls display Couristan’s new Without Walls display unit measures just over 5 feet tall by helps customers select outdoor/indoor 3.5 feet wide by 2 feet deep. This mul- area rugs. tifunctional fixture is available with an optional base with wheels, so you can display Couristan’s weather-resistant area rugs in outdoor retail spaces. Due to popular demand, Couristan is also offering its Outdoor Living merchandising display box, which comes free with an initial order of 20 area rugs from the Five Seasons®, Recife, and Urbane collections.

Leisure Design Adds Charles Sudlow and Kevin Gardiner to Its Sales Team Leisure Design, supplier of high-quality outdoor woven furniture, recently announced the addition of Charles Sudlow and Kevin Gardiner to its sales force. Sudlow will be selling products to dealers in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and Gardiner will be professionally serving dealers throughout Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Iowa. Mike Friedrichsen, director of U.S. sales and marketing, says, “Charles brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, as well as a level of professionalCharles Sudlow ism that is second to none. Kevin brought a young and fresh perspective to this industry when he came from a corporate human-resources management and recruiting career seven years ago. In that short amount of time, he has earned the respect of specialty retailers.” Leisure Design supplies a full line of outdoor woven products, including sectional pieces, seating, dining, and accessories. The company offers domestic warehousing and quick-ship programs, and it will be introducing a custom special-order program in the spring. For more information, Kevin Gardiner contact Leisure Design at

M&G DuraVent CEO/President Stephen Eberhard Resigns The M&G Group, B.V., reports that Stephen Eberhard, CEO and president of M&G DuraVent, Inc., has made the decision, with the acceptance of the board of directors, to resign from his positions, effective May 31, 2011. The board will oversee the process of identifying and selecting a new CEO and president. The company does not expect to make any additional structural changes or executive-leadership changes in the near future.

Cal Flame Presented 2011 Vesta Award Cal Spas’ new Rays of Light™ firepit has been presented the Vesta Award in the Art of Fire category by Hearth & Home magazine—an honor only given to the top hearth manufacturers. Casey Loyd, president of Cal Spas, says, “Cal Flame is thrilled to be honored as the recipient of the Art of Fire Vesta Award. This prominent award is a result of our hard work and dedication to our new 2011 Home Resort product line and symbolizes the beginning of a successful selling year for our Cal Flame brand.” The new indoor/outdoor Rays of Light firepit displays an ultramodern design and marks a new direction for Cal Flame. It features a round, table-height design with three cylinders, within the base, that create three illuminating points of light.


Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

Rays of Light firepit

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Glen Raven Teams Up With Outdoor-living Specialist Marcia Blake Wim Straver, CEO of M&G Group, says, “While the board searches for new leadership, it recognizes the considerable value that Steve has contributed to DuraVent over the past eight years in establishing us as a leader in the industry. He has worked tirelessly to improve the value of DuraVent, and we greatly appreciate his efforts. This departure is not related in any way to the company’s operational performance or financial condition, both of which remain strong. The board recognizes that this change in leadership is unexpected news for everyone associated with us, but we have strong leaders driving our businesses and strong teams of employees driving performance.”

Kingsley-Bate Launches New Website Kingsley-Bate has launched a new website at The substantially redesigned site underscores the company’s forward-looking vision and its commitment to meeting the expanding needs of dealers and consumers. The new homepage features a clean, uncluttered design with large scrolling images of the three furniture categories offered by Kingsley-Bate: teak, stainless steel, and all-weather wicker. Other feature enhancements include improved site navigation, an updated dealer locator, an online catalog with a realistic pageturning experience, an improved image library, a dealer page with downloadable forms, and a new Facebook community. Clay Kingsley, president of Kingsley-Bate, says, “These days, most consumers begin their search for outdoor furniture on the Internet, so investing in a website that provides the content and features that people need—and then helps them locate the nearest dealer—is an important part of our promotional effort. I think consumers and dealers alike will be impressed by what they discover at our new site.”

Pelican Reef Wicker Opens Showroom in Chicago Pelican Reef Wicker has opened a permanent showroom on the 15th floor of the Design Center at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, Illinois. The manufacturer and distributor of fine rattan and wicker furniture (now more than 25 years old) has exhibited at the Chicago International Casual Furniture & Accessories Market™ since 2007. Having a permanent presence in the Pelican Reef’s outdoor collection is Merchandise Mart is expected to help grow made of high-quality fibers that its business with architects, designers, and contribute to the furniture’s high retailers in the Midwest. tensile strength. Allen Calzadilla, executive vice president, says, “Our indoor and outdoor wicker and rattan collections are extremely successful, based on their price points, quality materials, and domestic quick-ship warehouse program.” Based in Miami, Florida, the family-owned furniture brand has immediate in-stock inventory available. The showroom manager is Dianna Gniadek, who can be contacted at

ICFA Announces New Retail Council Members

As part of its continuing focus on promoting the outdoor-room concept with consumers, Glen Raven has retained the services of a nationally recognized outdoor-living specialist, Marcia Blake. Blake will work with the Glen Raven marketing and sales teams to further the development of a Sunbrella® fabric-kiosk program and Solair™ awning program for specialty retailers. The Sunbrella kiosk program from Marcia Blake Glen Raven provides consumers with information on Sunbrella fabric design options and access to cut yardage. The new Solair retractable-awning program includes in-store awning displays and assistance with retractable-awning installation. Both programs will help to transform decks and patios into outdoor rooms. Suzie Roberts, vice president and business manager for decorative fabrics for Glen Raven, says, “Marcia is helping us combine the knowledge and experience of specialty retailers with her own design expertise and aesthetic for outdoor spaces. By promoting the outdoor room, we believe we can create growth opportunities for our retail specialty partners.” Blake, president and creative director of Outdoor Interiors®, will work with specialty retailers to gain a better understanding of current best practices. At the same time, she will offer her assistance as a consultant and design authority focused on outdoor lifestyles. “Specialty retail is the ideal venue for marketing the outdoor room to consumers,” Blake says. “The goal we share with patio stores is making this concept come to life through merchandising, visual displays, and integration with the sales process. Our success will result in a more enjoyable shopping experience for consumers and opportunities for retailers to offer not just one or two products, but an entire lifestyle.” Blake’s company, Outdoor Interiors, is a full-service design company specializing in creating outdoor environments, including her own collection, Outdoor Couture®. Through her company’s website,, Blake is the author of a blog, retail-ol-ogy (which also appears on and offers merchandising and visual-display recommendations). She is a regular contributor to national consumer and trade magazines in the home segment and is a sought-after speaker. Park, Illinois) and David Schweig of Sunnyland Furniture (Dallas, Texas) have joined the council for a two-year term. Continuing in leadership roles on the 2011 Retail Council are Greg Martin of Kolo Collection (Atlanta, Georgia), chair, and Cathy Galbreath, ABSCO Fireplace & Patio (Birmingham, Alabama), vice chair. Joanne Clime of Stauffers of Kissell Hill (Lititz, Pennsylvania); Keith Guidry of Percy Guidry Hearth & Patio (Lafayette, Louisiana); and Larry Talbott of Fishel’s (Portland, Oregon) are serving terms on the council that will conclude at the end of 2011. Gary Ecoff of Carls Patio (Boca Raton, Florida) and Kristine SchultzHutchinson of Patios Plus (Rancho Mirage, California) are serving terms that conclude at the end of 2012. Paul DeMerlis of The Sign of the Skier (Toronto, Ontario); Mary Fruehauf of Fruehauf’s Patio & Garden (Boulder, Colorado); and Becky Stover of Stover Hearth & Patio (Frederick, Maryland) are serving terms that expire at the end of 2013.

The International Casual Furnishings Association has added two new members to its Retail Council. Bruce Erickson of Williams All Seasons (Highland

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Casual Creations Expands Its Manufacturing Capabilities Casual Creations (Sarasota, Florida) has moved to a new manufacturing facility of just under 200,000 square feet, doubling the company’s production space. It has also added a new paint line. This new facility allows the company to produce top-quality patio furniture, at competitive prices, while growing its business to new levels. Arthur James Jr., president/CEO, says, “We have tried to make this transition as smooth as possible, without any interruptions to production. We have been moving areas of the factory one stage at a time, and all areas of operation are in full production. We have kept this quiet so no one would get worried during this transition; however, without losing a beat, production has maintained ontime delivery.” continued on page 77


Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

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glass experts SCHOTT ROBAX is known for a lot more than just making pretty glass. by CHERYL DANGEL CULLEN


t first glance, it is clear that SCHOTT ROBAX® is a manufacturer of glass ceramic for fireplace and stove manufacturers, but the company wants the world to know that it is much more than that. Cofounded by Otto Schott as the SCHOTT & Associates Glass Technology Laboratory in 1884 in Jena, Germany, SCHOTT ROBAX is credited with revolutionizing the science and technology of glass. Schott has since been called the “founder of modern-age glass technology,” according to Karen Elder, marketing manager for SCHOTT ROBAX, based in Louisville, Kentucky. The company puts that technology to work as a leading developer of specialty glass, supplying solutions to a variety of industries (ranging from national defense, solar energy, and pharmaceuticals to architecture and household appliances).Telescopes, solar panels, glass syringes, fire-rated glass, cooktops, and (of course) fireplace ceramic glass are just a few of the thousands of products that SCHOTT makes. Today, SCHOTT, with worldwide sales of approximately $3 billion, operates in 42 countries and employs more than 17,000 people. In North America, SCHOTT’s holding company (SCHOTT Corp.); its subsidiary (SCHOTT North America, Inc.); and their affiliates employ about 2,500 people in 14 production


operations with six sales offices. SCHOTT ROBAX works closely with its customers and partners and has a 25-year membership in the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association. Because of this, Elder says, “We have developed a unique understanding of the hearth industry, which really works to the advantage of our customers.” She continues, “SCHOTT is not the type of supplier that just drops off the product at the dock and drives away. We’re proud to form true partnerships with our customers and the industry. We conduct market research on both consumers and hearth dealers and share our findings with customers. It’s a great way to make sure we stay on top of the needs of the market and latest trends and helps us provide our customers with the best solutions. We also invest in engineering to help our customers develop innovative uses of glass ceramic that enable them to make better products.” When purchasing a fireplace or stove that uses glass, there are a number of important factors to consider about the type of glass that is used. Heat and fuel efficiency, safety, and cleanability are some of the top concerns that consumers have when it comes to picking a fireplace with glass. “If you’re looking for an inexpensive and effective room warmer, an

Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

open fireplace probably isn’t the way to go,” Elder says. “Fireplaces without a glass panel are energy and heat hogs. Between 60% and 85% of their heat goes straight up the chimney. In comparison, fireplaces closed off with a panel heat at least 75% more efficiently and use nearly half the amount of fuel.” When considering a closed fireplace or stove that produces high heat levels, glass ceramic is essential because it withstands higher temperatures. For example, ROBAX, which is SCHOTT ROBAX’s transparent glass ceramic, can sustain temperatures above 1,382 degrees (750 degrees Celsius) without shattering. Ceramic glass such as ROBAX also has high heat transmission, which allows more of the heat produced inside the box to transfer through the glass and into the room for efficient heating. “As a result of allowing the fire to burn hotter, fireplaces and stoves with glass ceramic also burn fuel more completely,” Elder explains.“More carcinogens are burned off and fewer pollution particulates are released up the chimney.The EPA has determined that glass-ceramic hearths and stoves are energy efficient, and ROBAX is a key element that qualifies a stove for EPA certification.Without the ability of the glass to take heat, the fire could never be hot enough to burn off these harmful carcinogens.” Homeowners can enjoy this major

benefit while maintaining the mood created by the fireplace, too.“You can enjoy the sights, sounds, and ambience of the fire without having to worry about smoke, sparks, furniture damage, or little hands accidentally getting into hot embers,” Elder says. SCHOTT ROBAX is doing its best, these days, to keep its customers—fireplace and stove manufacturers—out of any hot embers, too.“It’s a tough business environment for hearth dealers right now,” Elder says.“The industry is down, and some (especially small dealers) are having a really tough go of it. With 125 years of glass expertise under our belts, we’re now turning our focus to equipping dealers with the tools they need to sell fireplaces and stoves that contain ROBAX.We are investing resources in helping dealers take advantage of every sales opportunity who walks through their doors.” To that end, the company has worked to solicit customer feedback on the types of resources and materials that retailers need to increase their sales. Elder says,“We’re using that information to inform the development of the dealer-education program that we’re launching, this year, to meet small dealers’ needs.” She adds,“We want readers to know that we are working hard in the industry to deliver more than just a piece of glass.We are true partners and innovators within the hearth industry.”

SCHOT T ROBA X ® glass-ceramic not only warms a room, it heats up sales too. SCHOTT ROBAX® has engineered a glass-ceramic that enhances both the enjoyment and efficiency of a fire. Our German-designed glass withstands temperatures up to 1400° F without damage, while it radiates heat to evenly warm up most rooms. Best of all, our glass-ceramic is easy to clean, ensuring years of clear viewing. Demonstrate the difference of our glass to your customers, and they’ll see why SCHOTT ROBAX® is the ideal glass to keep them warm and safe.

Find us on Look for the Warm & Safe promise only on products with SCHOTT ROBAX® glass-ceramic.


ROBAX is a registered trademark of SCHOTT AG.

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Shade-product makers have introduced a wide range of designs and color choices for today’s discerning customers. by CHERYL DANGEL CULLEN


shade solutions

onsumers have become picky about shade, which gives a whole new meaning to the phrase made in the shade. Consumers want their shade—their way. They are not looking for a one-size-fits-all solution, but a shade solution tailored specifically to their needs. Bryan Sanches, sales manager for California Umbrella (Pomona, California), says, “Consumers not only want to upgrade the setting in their patios, but want to make that space totally their own. We are seeing more and more special orders with color combinations and canopy cuts that run the gamut in creativity.” Homeowners are getting creative about what they want to put under that shade, which means bigger umbrellas. Jeff B. Dorough, vice president of


Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

sales and marketing for Treasure Garden/Shademaker (Baldwin Park, California), says that sales of his larger styles are on the upswing—and he isn’t alone. Dougan Clarke, founder and CEO of TUUCI USA (Miami, Florida), says, “The amount of shade is increasing, as is what people are doing beneath that shade. They are putting sectional sofas under umbrellas, and the need to shade those large seating groups is paramount. We’re responding to that. We’re making shades that go up to 20 feet square. What you can do beneath them is fantastic.” They also want their shade in different shapes. “Not everyone wants the traditional market umbrella,” Clarke says. “People want extreme function and extreme style. There’s no reason shapes need to be triangle or dome. Why can’t an umbrella look like a manta ray, a stingray, or another shape?” Consumers aren’t all about just looks, either. They are also particular about construction, according to Jeff Leisen, national sales manager

for Galtech (Newbury Park, California). He says, “We are seeing more requests for umbrellas with fiberglass ribs in residential applications. Typically, this has been more of a contract/commercial demand; however, consumers are now embracing the fiberglass-rib concept.” TUUCI has introduced a large cantilever umbrella that ranges from 8 feet square to 12x24 feet. “That’s a giant amount of shade on one mast. It resembles the mast on a sailboat, which is in keeping with our marine roots, and it looks like a large piece of teak lumber,” Clarke says. A unique telescoping system allows the umbrella to be closed above tables and chairs without moving them. “You can have a dining group on one side that seats 12 and—on the other side— have a deep seating sectional area,” Clarke adds. As far as color trends go, what Leisen calls organic colors are coming into broad use. “Color is in demand; however, the color is more subdued than the bright colors that were popular a few seasons back,” he says.

Page 18, top: Treasure Garden’s contract/hospitality line, called Shademaker, is available in six styles; the line uses awning-grade Sunbrella® fabrics and parts made of durable fiberglass/resin, and it has silver-anodized, extruded-aluminum frames. Page 18, bottom left: California Umbrella’s 11-foot collar-tilt umbrella features high-density fiberglass ribs that can bend up to 90 degrees without breaking. Page 18, bottom center: TUUCI’s Ocean Master MAX Dual Cantilever Classic™ is a double parasol that allows for two unique outdoor-living areas beneath one parasol unit. Left: TUUCI’s Plantation MAX cantilever collection offers a new, state-of-the-art hardwood finish called Aluma-TEAK. Bottom left: Guy Harvey’s popular billfish art covers the polyester canopy of FiberBuilt’s 10x10-foot popup tent, which has a frame of aluminum or powdercoated steel.

Another trend favors longevity. Sanches notes, “Consumers are responding very intently to our new EZ Lift series, as they look for something other than the traditional crank/tilt umbrella that they have to replace every few years. Having an innovative design option has proven a boon to our retailers, even at this early stage in the season.” California Umbrella’s EZ Lift series is a collection of market umbrellas that feature a simple canopy lift operation that works without the use of any cranks, cords, or pulleys to open the umbrella. “The response from retail consumers and contract designers alike has been tremendous,” Sanches says. “Our design shows off some of our strengths as well: We use the thickest and strongest fiberglass on the market in our canopy support for the EZ Lift series, so it truly is the ultimate commercial umbrella (which does double duty as a perfect solution for a residential setting).” California Umbrella has also gone green. “We are proud to be offering 100% recycled fabrics on our top-selling

collar-tilt umbrella models, which feature fiberglass ribs, and educated consumers have taken note,” Sanches says. The company plans to release new meranti-wood umbrellas, which will feature teaklike performance and Forest Stewardship Council certification; meranti is a wood from the shorea group. The meranti umbrellas will be available with 100% recycled fabrics at “a fraction of the cost of a teak umbrella,” Sanches says. FiberBuilt Umbrellas (Lauderdale Lakes, Florida) has a new Guy Harvey 10x10-foot pop-up tent with a powdercoated steel or aluminum frame and a polyester canopy that showcases Guy Harvey’s popular billfish artwork. The Palm umbrella that FiberBuilt introduced at the 2010 Chicago International Casual Furniture & Accessories Market™ was well received, according to Paul Knapp, president and CEO. The umbrella is custom manufactured in the company’s Fort Lauderdale plant using the same patented process as its FiberTeak line. Both the finial and the hub are fiberglass and are molded from a real coconut, explaining their authentic appearance. Another addition to the FiberTeak collection is an aged-teak finish. FiberBuilt has also added new finishes to match the

new Prestige collection’s finishes, including a granite finish. This spring, FiberBuilt will introduce a new line of bigger umbrellas, with the first introduction being a 10x10-foot square umbrella that will feature a larger nylon hub and redesigned 0.75-inch fiberglass ribs. FiberBuilt has made a number of changes to its patent-pending fiberglass bases. Currently, the 110-pound and 150pound bases can be ordered with wheels; one more heavy size will be added this spring. Galtech’s new 887 cantilever umbrella was well received at Casual Market, according to Leisen. He says, “We have implemented an innovative tilt-control wheel on the frame to enable the canopy to tilt both left and right at a 30degree angle. It’s arguably the most efficient tilting system available on a large cantilever umbrella.” The company has also added more commercial-grade aluminum umbrellas to its lineup for 2011. “Our new 7.5-foot 722SR model provides a very high-end appearance at an affordable price point. We use double-wall–thickness aluminum, solid resin hubs, and machined hardware on our commercial series frames to elevate their durability for use in the contract market,” Leisen says.

Bottom right: A high-end appearance is available at an affordable price with Galtech’s new 7.5-foot 722SR model.

Galtech is paying attention to consumer demand for ease of use as well. “Our auto tilt provides the user with access to the tilt function, with very little effort required to engage the tilt. The system is designed so that the stress is placed across multiple pulleys (as opposed to one pulley); thus, the tilt position is much easier to achieve. The stainless-steel cable has been proven to outlast other materials used to crank up the umbrella, such as nylon cording,” Leisen says. Galtech issues a full twoyear warranty on the cable. Treasure Garden’s recent introduction in the contract/hospitality sector is its Shademaker line. The collection features six styles in a silver-anodized extruded-aluminum frame, durable fiberglass/resin parts, and Sunbrella® awninggrade fabrics. “Architects and designers love the nautical design, and we are getting key placements,” Dorough says. Treasure Garden itself has introduced a new 12x12-foot Garden Pavilion. The style features an extruded-aluminum frame, an O’bravia awning-grade fabric

March/April 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report




New in Treasure Garden’s collar-tilt series is a new bronze anodized finish. “Along with our lower 2011 collar-tilt prices, this new finish is more durable than powder coat and will provide our Treasure Garden dealers with a strong competitive advantage in the marketplace,” Dorough notes. In May,TUUCI will introduce a Plantation cantilever umbrella and a double cantilever parasol umbrella. The Plantation line features the Aluma-TEAK finish. It looks like an “authentic oiled-teak finish, and it fools almost everyone who sees it,” Clarke says. “It has the durability of aluminum and the warm look of teak, without the maintenance of a natural-wood product.” TUUCI is also introducing the Ocean Master MAX Dual Cantilever Classic™, a modern, new-world version of the double cantilever. Clarke says, “Now, we have a new-world style and an old-world style.” Most manufacturers are taking their production a step further to secure sales. Sanches says, “One of our strengths is really in our production capability and speed to market. Our factory has one of the largest logo-printing operations for umbrellas in the world, and

roof, decorative corner fabric draperies with tiebacks, and two choices of fabric walls (privacy or sheer), “all at an affordable price point,” Dorough says. “There is no product in the marketplace of this quality and at this price point.”

Left top: FiberBuilt’s Palm umbrella has a fiberglass finial and hub that look like real coconuts because they were molded from one. Left bottom: California Umbrella’s EZ Lift umbrella series features an 11-foot square canopy (shown here) and 9- and 11-foot octagons. Right top: Galtech’s 737 series is one of its most popular lines, available in eight colors.

Go beyond ordinary.

Design-edly Different! beach patio market ZIPJACK


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Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

Right bottom: Treasure Garden’s collar-tilt collection is available in four styles and provides the consumer with an advanced, infinitedegree tilting system.

it has more material and size variations on just one model of an umbrella than some umbrella companies have in their entire catalog.” He continues, “With a production model that sees orders completed either in China or in California, our ability to cover almost any design or consumer specification in a timely fashion—and at a truly competitive cost—is unequaled at any point, including at the height of the season.” Clarke suggests that TUUCI’s Shadow Works department gives the company an edge. The department consists of the company’s best engineering, marketing, sales, and production personnel, all of whom have input into product design. He says, “We took the best of our departments and established a group that can create these shade systems for where the market is going. All the innovations we have done in the past few years have come through this department, and we’re proud of what they’ve done.” Ultimately, manufacturers won’t have it made in the shade without one thing: Clarke says, “Exceeding expectations and postsale follow-up are extremely important and will keep customers coming back—and referring others to us.”

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marketing M A N E U V E R S Right: Products from Seaside Casual, made from superior-quality, high-density plastic lumber, have been a big hit with Porch & Patio’s customers. Below: Jeff Heitmann, owner

a dream fulfilled A Connecticut retailer attains his goal of owning the business that he worked for in high school. by KIMBERLY RODGERS photography by ADAM KOHUT


ince he resurrected Porch & Patio, a Connecticut retail landmark, Jeff Heitmann is more than satisfied with the outcome. “Our first year is right on pace with where I thought we would be, in terms of sales volume and numbers, so I am very happy with that,” Heitmann says.“More important is the response to being back open that we have received from the community and the customers.” The original Porch & Patio was founded in 1951 in Orange by Sid Teitelman, who ran the business with his wife, Hilda. Porch & Patio grew to include six locations in the Greater New Haven region. It built a rock-solid reputation by offering top-quality brands, excellent customer service, and loyal staff. Teitelman sold the business in 2003, and Porch & Patio remained open (under new ownership) until it filed for bankruptcy in 2006. Heitmann is especially close to the Porch & Patio brand because he began working at the original store in 1990, when he was in high school. He stayed with the company for 15 years, eventually becom-


ing vice president of operations for all six stores. After the business closed, Heitmann opened two other patio stores (with another former Porch & Patio manager) in Wethersfield and Canton. When the opportunity came for him to reopen Porch & Patio—in its original location—Heitmann jumped at the chance to bring back the legendary retail name.

OLD AND NEW Customers will continue to find the same high-quality furniture and unmatched customer service they expect from Porch & Patio—along with a few changes. The store’s location and telephone number remain the same; however, the building’s owner completed an extensive renovation of the site, bringing it up to the latest standards and codes. It is now one of the nicest buildings situated on Orange’s bustling commercial corridor, Boston Post Road, and it has an interior space of just over 6,000 square feet. Heitmann also brought back the

Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

store’s original logo, which depicts an umbrella and table, and modernized the wording to give it more prominence. Historically, Porch & Patio was the place to shop in Connecticut for products of a higher level of quality, and that concept will remain unchanged. Heitmann will also focus on varying price points (within the midrange to high-end category) to appeal to a broader range of people and accommodate just about any budget, he reports. “There was always value in what Porch & Patio carried, but in this economic climate, you have to be sensitive to many different aspects. We want to focus on the value we are giving people, and at the same time, offer them different choices,” he says. Customers will still enjoy the same high level of service that they came to expect when visiting Porch & Patio. “Mr. Teitelman was my mentor, and he taught me everything I know about this business,” Heitmann says. “One of the most important things was that you have to let your customers know they

are valued and that you appreciate their business.” In today’s service businesses, Heitmann notes, many customers have come to accept mediocrity. He says, “We bend over backward and treat people the way we think they want to be treated. People are not coming in here every year to buy this product. You only get a short window to make an impression on your customer, so we go above and beyond to leave a lasting impression.” Porch & Patio carries products from some of the best outdoor-furniture manufacturers in the industry, including wicker lines from Lloyd/Flanders, Acacia Home and Garden, Ratana, and Braxton Culler; cast-aluminum products from Hanamint and Gensun Casual Living; and aluminum furniture from Tropitone, Woodard, and Winston. In addition, there is wooden furniture from Jensen Leisure Furniture, New River, RockWood Teak Furniture, and Gloster, as well as synthetic-wood products from Breezesta and Seaside Casual.

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marketing M A N E U V E R S In 2010, Porch & Patio saw big sales in the categories of high-density plastic lumber from Breezesta and Seaside Casual and Forest Stewardship Council–certified ipê wood from Jensen Leisure Furniture. “Customers were really in tune with the high-density plastic because of the low maintenance factor and the comfort. Ipê appealed to many people who came through our showroom because of its look, style, and design,” Heitmann says. Porch & Patio also sells fireplace systems, gas logs, and accessories. Heitmann is committed to building this side of the business over the next two seasons, and he also plans to add an outdoor-kitchen display.

BACK IN BUSINESS Heitmann celebrated the grand reopening of Porch & Patio on April 9, 2010, with a large gathering of family, friends, members of the business community, and Teitelman, the man who started it all. “Mr. Teitelman passed away in September, so I was very happy to get

Porch & Patio back open and that he was able to see it,” Heitmann says. “He was 95 years old, but he would come down to the store almost every other day. He would see old customers and really got a big kick out of it.” The reopening also received attention from the local media, including coverage in the New Haven Register and an interview with Heitmann on a popular Connecticut morning television show. In his first year of business, his advertising focused on the traditional media avenues (television, radio, and newspapers), primarily to spread the word that Porch & Patio was open again and to advertise sales and specials. “My philosophy on advertising and media is that there is no right or wrong combination. I try to find different mixes and come up with what I think is the best game plan,” Heitmann says. Social marketing is gaining traction with small businesses across the country, and like many other independent retailers, Porch & Patio can also be found on Facebook. “In the next five to

10 years, I feel there will be less advertising in traditional media, and we will need to focus more on social media,” Heitmann says. A good deal of marketing effort was also directed toward developing Porch & Patio’s inviting and easy-tonavigate website. Heitmann is working with interior designers and landscapers, and he hosts meetings for local community organizations at the showroom. “It might not result any direct sales, but at least it gets people in the store and gets them talking about the brand. The name of the game is to get people in the store on a regular basis to keep the revenue stream consistent throughout the year,” he says. To that end, Heitmann plans to expand Porch & Patio’s interior-accessories selection; he has reserved 500 square feet of the showroom to include a new line of totes and handbags that he recently ordered, along with other traditional gift items.

CONTINUING A LEGACY The reopening of Porch & Patio has

touched generations of people in Connecticut, giving them a chance to reconnect with their past and build for the future. “There is a tremendous amount of brand recognition and a very loyal customer base that Mr. Teitelman built over 60 years. I had old customers bringing me homemade cookies and small gifts, saying how happy they were that Porch & Patio was back in business because now they had a place to go to buy high-quality outdoor furnishings and accessories. That gave me a great feeling and a sense of pride that I did the right thing in getting Porch & Patio back open,” Heitmann says. Ever since he began working at Porch & Patio, Heitmann had a vision that one day, he would be running the show. In fact, when he first started working there, he came home and told his grandmother that he would own the store one day. Today, Heitmann is very thankful that he was able to realize his dream from long ago. He says, “Everything really fell into place. It was just meant to be.”

Casual Creations Expands Its Reach Nationwide by KIMBERLY RODGERS


s Casual Creations (Sarasota, Florida) ramps up its efforts to expand its reach in offering high-quality outdoor aluminum furniture nationwide, Arthur James Jr., CEO, plans to ensure that the core business values on which the company was founded remain in place. His father, the late Arthur James (1939–2009), started Casual Creations in 1979 and sold the business in 1985. The company was subsequently held by two different owners until the younger James and his father reacquired it in October 2002. “Since that time, we have been rebuilding and restructuring the company with new designs and styles, and growing the business based on customer relations and quality service,” James says. “I have my father’s legacy to continue.” Today, the company is still family owned and operated. Casual Creations offers over 250 frame styles, which are available in dozens of finish colors and with a multitude of fabric options. All furniture is proudly made in the United States, and it incorporates top-quality aluminum construction. Frames feature sturdy tubular walls that are never less than 0.063 inches thick, providing long-term durability and greater resistance to denting. Full-circumference welds are also used on each piece to provide superior strength. Each frame is thoroughly cleaned and dried; it is then treated with a special sealant, before painting, to prevent corrosion and add longevity to the painted frame. “We have an incredible breath of product— backed by quality, service, and value pricing—to let customers know they are important to us,” James says. “We have everything from introductory price points to high-end, fully cast collections.” For the 2011 season, Casual Creations offers two new lines that are both top sellers. The clean, simple design of the Regatta col-


lection’s tubular construction offers great comfort and style in any outdoor setting. Regatta is available in deep seating, sling, and cushioned dining pieces with coordinating tables. The plush cushions feature detailed, contrasting welting. “The Regatta collection has a simple style that really sets it apart. It has its own class and uniqueness, and has been a handsdown winner for us,” James says. The Hemispheres collection is another new hit for the company. It features an Asianinspired design with comfortable high-back seats and is available in deep seating, sling, and cushioned dining options. The highlight of the collection is the sectional, which offers a corner section with a seat. Casual Creations also has a number of goto collections that have long been popular with its dealers, including Siesta, at an introductory price point, and Sterling, at a midrange price. Both are fully rounded collections with sling, comfort sling, and dining options. Paradise (a traditional collection) and Tribeca (which features a contemporary design and contoured seating) are also big winners for the company. James says that he is seeing a slight trend among younger patio-furniture purchasers; they lean toward a contemporary or transitional style. “Our current lines are based more on traditional styling, with a few contemporary and tropical influences thrown into the mix. We don’t want to lose touch with the traditional, which is our everyday sale,” he says. Looking further ahead to the 2012 season, James is excited about some innovative designs and colors that the company will be introducing. He says, “We have some great ideas coming up in both our contract and our retail sides.”

BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE Until recently, most of Casual Creations’

Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

focus has been on the Southeastern United States. With the recent appointments of Chad Harper (vice president of sales), who will oversee specialty/retail and contract/commercial sales, and Frank Duran (vice president of business development), Casual Creations’ presence in both the contract and retail marketplaces will soon increase nationwide. “We are aggressively going after both markets simultaneously,” James says. He continues, “The synergy in our group is phenomenal, from our management all the way through to our staff. We are young, ambitious, and in a growth mode. We had a great 2010, with double-digit increases.” To meet the needs of its escalating growth, Casual Creations recently moved to a new facility, nearly doubling its manufacturing space (from 97,000 square feet to 180,000 square feet). “We are still located in Sarasota and are operating under the same management and personnel, so there were no hangups in our transition,” James says. “The move was executed almost without delay, and we experienced no downtime in production or delays in shipping. The whole process of moving

Top: The Hemispheres collection is available in sling, cushioned dining, and deep seating. Middle: Detailed, contrasting welting is featured on the Regatta collection’s plush cushions. Bottom: The Paradise collection is one of Casual Classics’ most popular lines.

was very smooth and seamless.” The new plant features a state-of-the-art powder-coat line, allowing the company to quadruple its capacity and meet growth projections. “With the economic times, we took advantage of the opportunities to grow the business. We have high expectations for the 2011 season and for going into the 2012 season,” James says. He adds, “We want to be a world-class company, doing what we say and saying what we do—shipping a quality product on time, every time. I would put us among the top manufacturers in providing what is as good, if not better, than what everybody else provides in the industry. Our customer service is impeccable, and relationship building is one of our main goals.”

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hearth R E TA I L E R

Top: Thousand Oaks Fireside and Design is known for its progressive, fashionable style of retailing hearth, barbecue, and home products. Bottom: Opened in late 2010, Thousand Oaks Fireside and Design was the vision of Southern California hearth retailer Bob Vartanian.

HOT hearths

This California retailer wows customers and designers with showstopping fireplace displays and first-class service. by SHARON SANDERS


hen Bob Vartanian was designing his newest hearth store in Thousand Oaks, California, people walking down the street would stop and ask what kind of restaurant he was opening. Nothing could have pleased Vartanian more—because his vision for Thousand Oaks Fireside and Design was of a space that is as far from a momand-pop fireplace shop as one could get. Every inch of the slick new store is about bringing color, design, and motion to one’s lifestyle. Vartanian is known as a visionary in the Southern California hearth market. As the owner of three other fireplace stores in the greater Los Angeles area, he has built a loyal following of interior designers, home builders, architects, and homeowners who trust him to provide the finest products and service. His connection with his customers has taken hearth retailing to the next level. In November 2010, Vartanian made his next move when he opened Thousand Oaks Fireside and Design. The store’s design-focused showroom is filled with showpieces that are intended to ignite its clients’ passion for everything hearth related.

LIFESTYLE IN MOTION When a visitor walks up the front steps and between the glass doors of Thousand Oaks Fireside and Design’s urban storefront, the first thing to catch the eye is an enormous, ultramodern, seethrough gas fireplace with a red porcelain facing and a circular opening. Made by Heat & Glo™, it is 26

Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011


the only one of its kind on display in the United States. Manager Tom Malinowski, who has worked as a patio/hearth retailer in Thousand Oaks for nearly 30 years, says, “When people see the fireplace, they instantly know they’re going to find something special at our store.”As one explores further, there is a surprise at every turn. The 4,000–square-foot space features fireplaces of every shape and size, in addition to many one-of-a-kind displays—and the latest in technology, including a showstopping, 60-inch, linear gas fireplace with flaming crystals. The store’s red-carpet room, which has floor-toceiling red draperies and crimson carpeting, serves as a plush backdrop for high-end custom tool sets and custom firescreens. The barbecue room, with its green simulated grass and ceiling sky mural, is an outdoor gourmet’s dream, featuring custom barbecue islands, pizza ovens, and a selection of grills from top maker s—which include Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, Twin Eagles/Delta Heat, Luxor™ Outdoor Kitchen Products, and TEC® Infrared Grills (to name a few).There’s also a room dedicated to electric fireplaces, and another with an artful display of mailboxes and weathervanes. When the sun

goes down, the store takes on whole different vibe. “We have dim, nightclub-style lighting that really makes our burning fireplaces come to life,” Malinowski says. All of the store’s huge windows are fitted with well-lit turntables that spin slowly throughout the night, showing off each window’s most interesting pieces. “We are facing a major boulevard, so passersby see the motion and flickering light through the windows and do a double take,” Malinowski says. Vartanian’s dream is for the store not only to give people a place where they can purchase fireplaces, but also to provide them with a spot where they can relax, get inspired, and visualize fireplaces in their houses. “We are filling in the palette for our clients,” Malinowski explains.

WOOING CLIENTS The store’s grand opening, in November 2010, was executed with Vartanian’s signature easygoing style, not with over-the-top hype. “We had a neighborhood

REDEFINE ART. The Stone Studio Surround from Majestic Makes An Impression Long Lasting Quality

Easy Installation

Create a Custom Look

Twice as strong as concrete but half the weight.

One-piece construction with installation brackets built into the casting.

Paint or polish it to a gloss ďŹ nish for a truly authentic and elegant look.

Stone Studio Surround featured on Majestic Echelon. Also available on Majestic Solitaire. Visit Majestic is a brand of Monessen Hearth Systems Co.

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Twin-Star’s Electric Fireplaces Heat Up the Marketplace by SHARON SANDERS


lectric fireplaces have long been regarded by hearth retailers as purely decorative luxuries. Over the past 15 years, however, the electric fireplace has undergone a transformation that would impress even the most diehard hearth purists. With the advent of new technology, this often-misunderstood appliance has become an easy, cost-effective way to add ambience to any room in one’s home, in addition to becoming an efficient zone-heating source. Everyone—from the apartment dweller to the homeowner—is warming up to the idea of today’s modern electric fireplaces, and sales are reflecting that fact more every year. As a result, hearth retailers are dedicating more of their precious showroom space than ever before to electric fireplaces. Twin-Star International Inc., manufacturer of ClassicFlame electric fireplaces (based in Delray Beach, Florida), has been a pivotal player in the evolution of electric fireplaces, stoves, and heaters. It has poured a tremendous amount of effort into research and development, creating a fresh niche and a new generation of customers for electric hearth products. The company started, in 1996, as a manufacturer of heirloom-quality home furniture. A few years later, CEO Mark Asofsky (and his partner, at that time) began looking into the business of electric fireplaces. They recognized, almost instantly, that all of the major players in the electric-fireplace business were heater or appliance companies that possessed little or no knowledge of how to showcase their products. “The companies would put their fireplaces in a simple wood cabinet that did nothing, visually or functionally, for the fireplaces,” Asofsky says.

A NEW ERA As a company with furniture roots, Twin-Star saw an opportunity to take electric fireplaces to the next level by producing heirloom-quality furniture and mantels to frame the electric inserts. “It was the perfect marriage. We were able to turn a simple fireplace into the focal point of a room,” Asofsky says. The company quickly caught up with its competitors, in terms of fireplace technology, and it has become a leader and innovator in the electric-appliance category. TwinStar created the ClassicFlame brand in 2004 and began selling its fireplaces to specialty hearth retailers. ClassicFlame quickly pulled away from the pack when it became the first manufacturer to develop and use LED technology in its fireplace inserts. LEDs were able to create


a realistic flame effect that had never before been seen from an electric fireplace. Alexia Rouquette, director of marketing and public relations, says, “I’ve witnessed many people walking up to our fireplaces and actually trying to warm their hands over the flames.” LEDs make a huge difference in energy savings as well. A typical electric fireplace uses incandescent candelabra light bulbs, which require up to 120 watts just to operate the flame effect. LEDs use only 11.2 watts. Rouquette explains that energy savings vary, depending on a number of factors—including how often the fireplace is used, its temperature setting, and the local cost of electrical power. “What is unequivocally true, however, is that turning down a home’s heating system and using a zone heat source—only in the room you’re in—can save money overall,” she says. All of ClassicFlame’s electric fireplaces can be used with or without heat and are perfect for zone heating. “The power that an electric fireplace is drawing from the outlet, except for the watts for the flame effect, is all converted to heat, so the cycle is 100% energy efficient,” she adds.

NO LIMITS Now that electric fireplaces can rival their wood-burning and gas cousins, consumers are taking notice and looking for opportunities to incorporate them into their living spaces. “With electric, the romance of a fireplace is possible in a bedroom, den, playroom, kitchen, and even a man cave,” Rouquette says, “without the mess, danger, venting, and negative environmental impact.” She adds that many homeowners who already have wood-burning or gas fireplaces in their living rooms are interested in electric fireplaces as well—because they can easily add them to other rooms that lack fireplaces, for a fraction of the cost. She says, “Especially in a housing market like the one we have right now, it is really one of the most cost-effective ways to change the whole look and feel of any room.” ClassicFlame was founded on the premise of marrying fine furniture and electric fireplaces, and it continues to innovate in that area. A few years ago, the company began

Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

Top: ClassicFlame combines heirloom-quality furniture with electric fireplace inserts to create a beautiful, functional focal point in any room. Left: The Baxter console is a consumer favorite that has been recognized for its design innovation.

putting its fireplace inserts into media consoles; today, these combinations are one of its best-selling products. The consoles include a fireplace insert, electronic-component storage, wire management, vented shelves or back panels, and storage for CDs and DVDs. “Media consoles are the modern alternative to the huge armoires of the past,” Rouquette says. ClassicFlame introduced one of its newest consoles, the Baxter, at the 2011 HPBExpo in Salt Lake City, Utah. The unit artfully combines the functionality of a media console with an electric fireplace insert and a thermoelectric wine cooler. It also has solid-wood stemware racks, adjustable shelves, and locking cabinets to protect wine and entertainment collections. The Baxter was a finalist in the furniture category for the 2011 Housewares Design Award (from HomeWorld Business, the New York International Gift Fair, and the International Housewares Association), which recognizes product innovation. “We feel that we are perfecting the art of functional furniture,” Rouquette explains. “By taking our electric inserts and putting them into high-quality furniture, we have raised the bar once again in the electric category, which has become our passion.” ClassicFlame recently partnered with Duraflame (Stockton, California) to create a line of electric stoves and small home heaters, as well as an infrared quartz heater that is generating a huge buzz (and huge sales). The PowerHeat by Duraflame is resonating with consumers because it

can heat a space of up to 1,000 square feet using evenly distributed, radiant heat. It is small but powerful, at 15 inches wide, 20 inches deep, and 17 inches tall (about the size of a small side table). It is sold as a cash-and-carry item through specialty hearth retailers, hardware stores, and a number of other outlets. The company sees the demand for this product continuing to grow, with no signs of slowing. In 2011, ClassicFlame is committed to partnering with specialty retailers to increase exposure and consumer awareness for electric fireplaces. The company has developed an in-store display, called an H-Wall, that retailers can use to showcase up to eight fireplaces. “We’re often asked to help our retailers merchandise our fireplaces, and this is a great way to create an impressive display. All they have to do is power up the wall and then plug the fireplaces right into it. There’s no need to run a ton of cords across the floor or from the ceiling,” Rouquette says. The company also offers customized literature and point-of-sale materials to major customers at no cost. It places a large emphasis not just on the satisfaction of ClassicFlame’s own customers, but on the satisfaction and overall experience of retailers’ customers as well. ClassicFlame is excited to be a part of the future of electric fireplaces. Going forward, it plans to continue to put money behind research and development so that it can continue to manufacture the most cutting-edge technology (in addition to designing beautiful electric fireplaces). Rouquette says, “Consumers will continue seeing more on-trend, high-quality, functional products from ClassicFlame and Twin-Star in the coming years.”

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Left: The store's stylish showroom, with one-of-akind displays, was designed to inspire customers. Right: Bob Vartanian (left), owner, and Tom Malinowski, manager, Thousand Oaks Fireside and Design

party all weekend long, with a blues band, grill demos by two of our vendors (Twin Eagles and Luxor), and—of course—lots of food and fun,” Malinowski says. The store also hosted an exclusive dinner for manufacturers’ representatives on the Friday prior to the grand opening, so that the representatives would be among the first to tour the new showroom. “We wanted to get our partner vendors as excited about the new venture as we are,” Malinowski adds. As Thousand Oaks Fireside and Design heads into its third quarter of operation, Vartanian and Malinowski are focused on increasing the design community’s exposure to the store and on building its client base, which consists primarily of home builders, architects, and interior designers. They have plans for a number of evening events and mixers for chamber of commerce members and local building and design experts; these events will introduce them to the store, its products, and its services.

Malinowski explains that Thousand Oaks Fireside and Design is different from Vartanian’s other three stores, yet it is the perfect complement. The other stores (in Encino, Pasadena, and Glendale/Burbank) run the whole gamut, when it comes to products. They cater not only to the price-conscious customer, but also to the customer who wants high-end designer merchandise. Malinowski says, “The market has changed, and there is a growing market for an exclusive designer showroom. Our clientele has become more design oriented, and the fireplace has become a primary focal point in a room, not just a forgotten black box under a mantel.” While there are other fireplace shops in the area with similar products, Thousand Oaks Fireside and Design approaches fireplace design in way that differs completely from the methods of its competitors. “When people come into the store to start a project, we have everything they need, including the perfect showroom, to make it happen,” Malinowski explains. “We want every client to

feel that he or she is our most important client, and we serve customers with that in mind.”

POSITIONING FOR THE FUTURE Thousand Oaks Fireside and Design is on the road to becoming everything that Vartanian had hoped it would be. Longtime customers from his other stores often stop by the new location to see what’s hot—and to bring their clients. “This company is in a great position; when the economy turns around, we will be here to serve our clients with the attention they deserve,” Malinowski says. People are improving their houses instead of buying new ones, and Thousand Oaks Fireside and Design is positioning itself to be the store to which they turn to make a statement with their hearths, or to create beautiful outdoor rooms centered on fireplaces or custom barbecue islands. “Our job is to inspire people and show them the value of what we are selling—which is a not just a hearth, but a lifestyle,” Malinowski says.

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Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

Do You See the Green Flame? You do – you just don’t realize it. The revolutionary new G-Class exceeds 90-percent-efficiency, just like our traditional Mantis fireplaces, but with an ultra-contemporary twist that satisfies your taste for modern design while fulfilling your desire for a more green lifestyle. The polished black interior reflects the flames to add depth and dimension. This stunning flame combines with the G-Class’s exceptional technology and amazing installation versatility to form a gorgeous fireplace with clean lines, unparalleled efficiency, and the lowest emissions per BTU of any heater-rated fireplace. Do you see the green flame now?

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outdoor G R I L L I N G Top: Since opening in 2007, The BBQ Shop has built a solid reputation for offering a wide selection of high-quality, value-driven products (along with top-notch service and technical expertise). Bottom: In addition to offering one of the largest selections of grill products, accessories, and parts in Vancouver, British Columbia, Nash Shivji is expanding The BBQ Shop's outdoor-furniture segment.

barbecue in British Columbia Barbecue addicts flock to The BBQ Shop to buy high-quality grills and accessories.



photography by JASON LANG

ash Shivji opened The BBQ Shop in 2007 in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, but his roots in the barbecue industry run much deeper. After Shivji and his family emigrated from East Africa in the 1970s, they opened a successful hardware business that featured a store-within-a-store concept. Shivji says, “We strengthened the barbecue section within the hardware store, so we have been familiar with


barbecues for a long time.” After his family sold the company in 1999 (and his parents retired), Shivji knew that he still wanted to keep his hand in the barbecue business. “I went ahead and bought the domain name and parked it for a few years, and then, in 2007, opened the store,” he says. Today, The BBQ Shop is one of the largest barbecue retailers in British Columbia, serving the greater metropolitan Vancouver area. About 4,300

Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

square feet of The BBQ Shop’s 6,600–square-foot location are devoted to the showroom floor, with the rest of the space used for warehousing. Shivji carries a wide selection of grills and smokers in natural gas, propane, electric, and charcoal versions, as well as portable, marine, and condo models. Of course, there are also outdoor fireplaces and firepits, patio heaters, outdoor campfires, and accessories. The store has a large parts department, and it routinely fills the hardware needs of any customer who requires special parts for mobile-home and other customized grill connections (no matter where the grill was purchased). The BBQ Shop offers only products at midrange to high-end price points from a wide selection of top manufacturers, including Weber, Broil King, Napoleon, Vermont Castings, Grill Pro, Dimplex, Jackson Grills, DCS, Traeger, Bradley Smoker, and Primo. “We did not want to get into the low end, where people become frustrated when their barbecues end up in a landfill within 18 months—like those from a big-box store,” Shivji says. “We find that our strength is mostly in the midrange. More and more people don’t mind spending money, if they see value in what we are offering. Price is not an issue, as long as customers can get use of the

barbecue for a long time.” Shivji adds that his customers’ primary goal, when they entertain, is to have fun with family and friends. “People don’t want to have to babysit a grill and worry about flare-ups, or about the grill not heating up properly when they are trying to cook a good steak. We find brand-name, midrange barbecues work really well,” he says. The BBQ Shop does not build outdoor kitchens, but to give customers examples of all the options available for their own backyard spaces, Shivji displays a few kitchens in the showroom that feature built-in grills, side burners, refrigerators, warming drawers, and beer (keg) dispensers. The staff can refer customers to local contractors, but more often than not, Shivji explains, his clients are “handy, do-it-yourself types.” He points out that unlike U.S. consumers (who often desire a turnkey project), Canadians tend to complete their own home improvements. These do-it-yourself customers also benefit from the broad knowledge of Shivji and his employees. “Because of our hardware background, we have experience on technical matters, so we can give advice to people on materials, how to be safe, and how to build something that will last a long time,” Shivji says. “We can tell them what pitfalls to avoid.” Since the Vancouver area has many

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outdoor G R I L L I N G

Team Grill Scores With Sports




very year, millions of people purchase licensed sports merchandise, including everything from T-shirts to umbrellas to coffee cups. This specialty industry is thriving, as diehard sports fans can’t seem to get enough of items emblazoned with the logos and colors of their favorite teams. Over the past few years, there has been a growing interest in higher-end merchandise, such as barstools, custom stained-glass lighting fixtures, and even pool tables. In March 2009, Team Grill, a spunky barbecue company based in Acton, Massachusetts, made its debut at HPBExpo with a line of five professional-grade gas grills. These have sports fans drooling—not just over the food cooked on them, but over the grills themselves. After just two seasons, more than 500 specialty retailers across the country are already giving showroom space to Team Grill. Ed Thomas, director of marketing, explains, “When we first sat down to design our grills, we talked about the stigma of inexpensive licensed merchandise and decided that’s not who we wanted to be.” The company has invested extensive time and effort in building a professional grill platform that

supports the price points of its unique grills. The Team Grill product lineup consists of five gas grills; they range in price from $999 (for the MVP patio grill) to $399 for a handy, portable tailgate grill that folds to the perfect size for game-day parties. Every grill is decked with the official logo and colors of one of over 150 college football, NFL, NBA, and professional baseball teams, which makes these grills the perfect way for sports fans to show their team spirit. The licensed artwork is applied using a triple-fired porcelain-enamel finishing process that can withstand the high-heat environment of the grill, as well as the challenges of the weather. “It is an auto-quality finish that will last the life of the grill. As far as I know, there is no other product on the market that offers what we do, in terms of

newly constructed houses that come with gas outlets, Shivji says, natural-gas grills are his number-one seller; charcoal models come in second. The Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker™ is also a big hit with customers and is often used in barbecue competitions (which are quickly gaining popularity in Canada). Sales of firepits are also increasing. The BBQ Shop carries models from Napoleon, Weber, FMI’s Ban Buster, and Jackson Grills. “This area has grown tremendously for us, although we are a little bit behind the United States,” Shivji says. Since he founded The BBQ Shop, Shivji has carried one imported line of patio furniture, and he recently expanded his casual lines to include collections from Mallin and Ratana. Shivji, who was looking for new revenue streams, spent about a year researching furniture lines and deciding whether it made sense to grow this segment further. “I talked with other retailers whose businesses focused primarily on patio furniture, spas, and a few grills. They highly recommended that patio furniture would be a good combination sale,” he says. In December 2010, his staff began making space for the new lines by further expanding the showroom into the warehouse. Even before the furniture arrived, some sales were already booked, and Shivji is excited about future opportunities. “We concentrated first on barbecues and are comfortable with those sales and suppliers, so now we can move ahead and look at some other areas,” he says.

A SUPERIOR STAFF Shivji’s wife, Zinat, and his daughter, Aalia, work alongside him at The BBQ Shop. His brother, Al, who 34

quality and style,” Thomas says. The company has had almost overnight success in the specialty-retail channel because the quality of its grills rivals that of any grill that retailers currently carry, yet these products offer something fresh (not black or stainless steel). Team Grill especially resonates with football fans because football and grilling go hand in hand. “If people aren’t tailgating at a game, they are at home, watching the game on television and grilling in their backyards with friends,” Thomas explains. “No matter what time of year it is, there’s always a sporting event that our grills can be tied to, whether it’s Monday-night football, spring training, or the Final Four.” Team Grill has been spreading the word about its products to dealers through email blasts, advertising in industry publications, and a presence at industry trade shows. The company is promoting its grills to consumers using social media (Facebook and Twitter) and the Internet. It uses banner advertising on major sports websites, including and Yahoo! Sports, as well as on college teams’ websites. Team Grill has also been featured in a number of consumer magazines and has been mentioned during many sports broadcasts. In 2010, during a spot on “NBA on TNT,” the show’s hosts cooked on two grills before a Los Angeles Lakers playoff game.

divides his time between Ontario and British Columbia, serves as webmaster. Shivji also has a staff of approximately 12 full-time and part-time people in the spring and summer, and about half that many in the off season. Shivji has a high regard for his employees, and he says that each brings an important level of value and service to the business. “I have a gentleman who works for me part-time who is close to 68 and is very experienced—and a very good salesperson. When people see maturity, it also gives them trust and comfort, and we have that in our staff,” Shivji says. Many members of the sales staff also cook food for the store’s regular Saturday demonstrations. Shivji says, ”Our part-time bookkeeper is also a very good cook. While the sales staff is busy on Saturdays helping customers, he is out there cooking and keeping everyone happy.” The sales team’s philosophy is to educate every customer on the differences between purchasing a high-quality grill at The BBQ Shop and buying a model available at a mass retailer. “When the lid is closed, you don’t see the price difference—until you open the lid and explain the differences. Once we do this, the customer can make an informed choice. It’s a learning curve for them,” Shivji says. “People who are not familiar with barbecues really appreciate the tips and hints we give them.” The BBQ Shop offers special packages to customers with the purchase of certain grills. Along with the grill, these value bundles also include a cover, a rotisserie, a cookbook, delivery, and assembly. The packages are a big hit—and another way that The BBQ Shop separates itself from the competition.

Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

“Our website went crazy with inquires,” Thomas says. The company also generates excitement by using its mobile showroom at football games and at outdoor events for its dealers.

GETTING STARTED Team Grill wants to make it easy for retailers to give its grills a try, so it has put together a special program: Order $5,000 worth of product (about 10 grills) and the freight is free. Retailers can mix and match teams and grill models as part of the order. They also have access to the entire catalog of teams, not just the teams represented on the grills that they order for their showroom floors. A special order can be shipped in less than a week. “Our grills are a great staple for retailers because they not only are a hit with sports nuts, but also are popular gifts for Christmas, Father’s Day, and birthdays,” Thomas explains. Team Grill understands that it will take time to build credibility in the industry, especially with specialty retailers, because the competition for showroom space is stiff. “The feedback we are getting from the people who are registering their warranties or chatting with us on our Facebook page is that they genuinely think our grills are worth the money they paid for them. That’s on top of the fact that they love cooking on grills that celebrate their favorite teams. That means the world to us because we want to be known as a high-quality grill company,” Thomas says.

SENDING THE MESSAGE Shivji uses a number of different advertising methods, including taking advantage of suppliers’ funds for cooperative radio and print advertising campaigns. The BBQ Shop’s website is also an integral part of the business. “We continually are working on optimizing our site. When a customer first contacts us, it is so much easier to take him or her to the website to go over products. In fact, about 99% of the people who first call us already have our website up,” he says. To maximize his advertising dollars, Shivji has shared fees with a couple of competitors by running joint newspaper ads. “There is enough business out there for everybody; I think if we cooperate, we are each going to get a lot more. I am on good terms with my competitors, and we help each other out,” he says. Since 2007, business has steadily increased each year for The BBQ Shop. Shivji assumed that store traffic would slow down when Vancouver was the host city for the 2010 Winter Olympics. “I thought people would have other things on their minds, yet we were very busy during the games,” he says. The BBQ Shop has also developed a solid reputation as the place to go in Vancouver for any type of barbecue need. “A customer came in who attended a Christmas party, and at his table, two people had bought their barbecue grills from us—and they both told him to come see us,” Shivji says. “It was just phenomenal to hear that word-of-mouth recommendation. You can’t buy it; it’s something that has to be earned. I am glad I can say that my staff members are doing a fantastic job. I am very lucky that I have them.”

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showroom S H O W C A S E

the store

This South Carolina retailer uses innovative tools to attract new and repeat customers. by SHARON SANDERS photography by JOSHUA THOMPSON


ike many retailers across the country, Casual Living (in Columbia, South Carolina) is trying to make sense of what the retail landscape might look like as the economy recovers. The store’s husband-and-wife owners, John Chamberlain and Dottie Reynolds, are wrestling with questions like these: What is our niche? Who are our customers? How can we reach our customers? How do we stay profitable? All of these questions are lingering in their minds as they head into 2011. Although neither would ever claim to have it all figured out, they have decided that the best way to move forward is to focus on their proven strengths, in addition to searching out and testing some new ideas. Casual Living opened its doors in 1976, at a time when it enjoyed the luxury of being the only retailer


Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

in the Columbia area that sold outdoor furniture. Chamberlain and Reynolds purchased the store in 1986, with big plans for the future. Like any new business owners, their first move was to create a personality for the store that reflected the image that they wanted to present to their customers. “We already had a pretty solid customer base because the business had been around for 10 years, but we wanted to kick it up a notch,” Reynolds recalls.

BUILDING ON STRENGTHS Reynolds, an interior designer by trade, changed the product mix to include higher-end furniture and to incorporate more accessories and gift items. The store also began to offer design-consultation services, at no charge, to customers who were going to make a purchase. Competitors were starting to spring up

in town, and Reynolds knew that design help was something that mass merchants—and many specialty retailers—weren’t able to offer. The service included (and includes, to this day) an initial design consultation, a visit to the client’s house, and a design proposal. “It’s very important to determine exactly how people are going to use their spaces so we can make the right recommendations,” Reynolds says, adding that she really emphasizes this point to customers. “We want to get it right the first time so they

Far left: Dottie Reynolds and her husband, John Chamberlain (not pictured), have made Casual Living the go-to store for outdoor furnishings in Columbia, South Carolina. Page 36, bottom: Reynolds started her blog,, to encourage people to embrace outdoor living as a lifestyle. Left: Casual Living has a strong focus on design and works to help clients create outdoor spaces that are comfortable and personal. Bottom: Reynolds and Chamberlain purchased Casual Living in 1986 and have transformed it in many ways.

don’t end up with the wrong furniture. It saves them money, in the end, because they don’t have to replace furniture that didn’t work out,” she explains. Over the years, Casual Living has also gained a reputation as a retailer that cares for its customers; Reynolds attributes this to the dedicated staff members (many of whom have been with the company for five to 10 years). “Their knowledge and experience are noticed by our customers and are valued by John and by me,” she says, adding that the store was voted Best of Columbia in 2010 by the readers of a local newspaper. Reynolds admits that the honor came as something of a surprise because the store didn’t solicit any votes from customers, as many winning businesses do. “We look for ways to inspire and delight our customers each day,” she says, “and we continue to build on our strengths because we know that they will help us secure our future.”

GETTING SOCIAL One of the biggest challenges that Casual Living and many other businesses face today is how to reach their customers; traditional media channels don’t bring the return that they once did. “People listen to satellite radio, which has no commercials; they bypass commer-

cials when they record their favorite television shows; and they get most of their news on the Internet, instead of from newspapers. We had no choice but to look at social media,” Reynolds says. “I figured that if big companies like The Coca-Cola Company and Ford Motor Company are using blogs, Facebook, and Twitter, that it was something a small business like ours could benefit from,” Reynolds explains, adding that she was a bit apprehensive about

how to get started. “My husband and I are from the baby- boom generation and didn’t grow up with computers, so it wasn’t something that came naturally to us,” she says. She decided that the best way to approach social media was to take baby steps. The first step was to launch a new website, which has now become an important part of Casual Living’s identity. Reynolds used an online Web designer to build the site. “It was a little stressful, building the site March/April 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report


showroom S H O W C A S E remotely, because it was technical territory that I wasn’t familiar with—but I made it through alive and came out with a dynamic site,” Reynolds says. She has since hired a staff IT person to help her with the daily maintenance of the website because she is constantly updating it with information and photos of new merchandise. “Many people will decide if they are going to visit your store based on what’s on your website,” she explains. Reynolds took the next step in spring 2010, when she started a blog called that appears on the website. According to Reynolds, the whole idea behind a blog is to give one’s company a personality, not to advertise. The focus of her blog is on how to embrace outdoor living as a lifestyle. “It’s not just grilling or relaxing in one’s backyard; it can also be going for a walk in the woods, visiting a flea market, or having a lobster dinner on the beach. All of those things can be outdoorlicious,” Reynolds explains. She tries to talk about outdoor furniture in everything that she writes.

In February 2011, Reynolds started a Friday feature, Outdoorlicious Weekends, that’s geared toward discussions of weekend activities that can add fun and relaxation to one’s life. “The blog has really been a lot of fun, and I look forward to building up its frequency and content,” she says. Casual Living now has a presence on Facebook as well. Reynolds says that she is still trying to determine the best way to make it work for the business. Right now, when she posts a new blog entry, she puts it on Facebook, with a link to the blog. She also posts pictures of new merchandise, adds tips for outdoor design, and writes casual status updates related to outdoor living. Reynolds does all the Facebook posts herself. “I check our page every day, and when somebody posts a comment, I make sure to acknowledge it. I figure if people are taking the time to come to our page, I want to take time to acknowledge them,” she says. Reynolds admits that one of the biggest challenges is building up a following for the store’s Facebook

page. She says, “I’m trying to create a compelling reason for people to visit and to keep coming back.” She adds that the business hasn’t started using Twitter yet, but plans to do so in the future. “We are exploring one thing at a time, to get comfortable, before we jump into everything,” she says.

LOOKING FORWARD As the economy starts to improve, Casual Living plans to continue looking for ways to build its business back up to previous levels. Chamberlain and Reynolds know that they are going to face different challenges than they did before the recession. That being said, however, the Casual Living team has made it clear that the one thing that truly matters most—and drives it to succeed—is seeing its customers get excited about the products, service, and expertise that it offers. “We have families who have shopped with us for over 20 years; now, they are bringing their children and grandchildren,” Reynolds says. “That is the biggest compliment we can get.”

Leisure Design’s U.S. Launch by SHARON SANDERS


here is a new resident of the 17th floor of the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, Illinois, that dealers will want to get to know in 2011. Canadian-born Leisure Design (based in Toronto, Ontario) introduced its outdoor woven designs in the United States last year, and the buzz is already starting to build. What many people don’t know is that while the company is just getting its feet wet in the United States, it has deep roots in the industry as CanaFoam, a trusted Canadian brand. Mike Friedrichsen, director of U.S. sales and marketing, says, “We are thrilled to open a new channel of distribution in the United States as Leisure Design.” Founded by Cecil and Donald Bockner in 1964, Cana-Foam has been a mainstay for cushions and umbrellas for more than four decades for Canadian retailers, including the retail powerhouse Sears Canada. In 2000, the third generation of Bockners involved in the business, Andrew and Richard, launched a high-end commercial casual-furniture division called Andrew Richard Designs (ARD). Its products can be found in the finest resorts, restaurants, and businesses around the world. ARD has managed to set design trends, both on its own and in collaboration with design-industry leaders, including celebrated HGTV interior designer Sarah Richardson (with whom the company launched a joint collection). In 2005, Richard started the company’s retail casual-furniture division, Leisure


Design. The division specializes exclusively in outdoor wicker furniture, with a focus on style and affordability. The company quickly became a favorite of specialty retailers across Canada. After Leisure Design had enjoyed several years of success, the next logical step, in Richard’s mind, was to introduce Leisure Design to the U.S. market. While many people thought that it was crazy to make such a bold move in a down economy,

Richard confidently jumped in with both feet, in July 2010, by opening a showroom at the Merchandise Mart. “When I first met the Bockners, I was instantly struck by their down-to-earth personalities and the straightforward way that they approach business,” Friedrichsen says. “I was drawn in by the passion the Bockners have for their business. There is something special about them that makes Top: Augusta seating Center: Bungalow dining Right: Cityview seating

Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

you want to be a part of their vision.” Friedrichsen has spent the past four months surveying retailers, and based on those surveys, handpicking and assembling what he believes is going to be one of the best sales teams in the industry— because that team will be pivotal in building the brand. What sets Leisure Design apart from other companies offering outdoor wicker is that “it is a relationship company. A dealer can buy this product from anyone, and it will probably sell, but this business is all about relationships. Dealers (and ultimately, their customers) will buy from those they trust, and building trust is what Leisure Design is all about,” Friedrichsen says. Leisure Design introduced four collections last year: Cityview, Bungalow, Parosa, and Augusta. Cityview and Bungalow are simple, clean-lined woven collections that will appeal to a broad range of customers. Parosa and Augusta

Mike Friedrichsen, director of U.S. sales and marketing for Leisure Design

both have a contemporary feel that stays on trend with today’s modern design silhouettes. All of Leisure Design’s fabrics will be exclusively from Sunbrella®. The Bockners have nothing but high expectations for Leisure Design’s future in the U.S. market. After 50 years in the industry, they have experience under their belts when it comes to building a brand with a reputation for quality, reliability, and longevity. Leisure Design is moving forward in full force in 2011, with a new website, trade advertising, and a presence on Facebook and Twitter. “Dealers should expect our sales reps to be knocking on their doors,” Friedrichsen says. “I know the passion this company has will overtake dealers, as it overtook me— and every one of our sales reps. This is a company you will want to know.”

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as i S E E I T Right: Ardy Arani, president, Big Green Egg Company Below: The company’s new brand identity, introduced in March, focuses on the versatility of the Big Green Egg.

a new look

Big Green Egg’s bold new corporate identity is expected to attract new customers. by SHARON SANDERS


or over 30 years, the Big Green Egg® has been widely referred to as the world’s best smoker and grill, and it has been known for producing amazing culinary results from the unique kamado-style cooker created by Ed Fisher. The passion of Big Green Egg aficionados is legendary and is a large part of the success of this versatile cooker. In March 2011, at HPBExpo in Salt Lake City, Utah, Big Green Egg Company (Tucker, Georgia) paid homage to that legacy while introducing a new logo and a bold, fresh brand identity. Patio & Hearth Products Report sat down with Ardy Arani, the company’s new president, to find out what this exciting news means to the company, its dealers, and the industry.

Why have you introduced a new brand identity—and why now? Arani: That’s an interesting question, but an easy one to answer. I’ve spent the past couple of decades working on marketing and branding initiatives for Fortune 200 and Fortune 500 companies, so when I came to Big Green Egg Company, that is the mindset that came with me. As the new president, I initially spent quite a bit of time familiarizing myself with the brand and was amazed at what I uncovered. Never in my imagination would I have expected a product like the Big Green Egg to do everything from searing a steakhouse steak at 750 degrees to baking a pecan pie in the same device. 40

Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

I was also struck by the fact that the Big Green Egg has a loyal following (everyone from backyard cooks to professional chefs) who actually cook on one daily. After finding all of this out, it hit me that the company wasn’t fully communicating to consumers everything the Big Green Egg is really capable of doing. It had locked itself into the very narrow smoker/grill niche, and the product is so much more than that. In addition, the company hasn’t done anything significant to update its brand image (from its logo and tag line to its sales materials) since it started, 36 years ago. All of these facts together, in my mind, were a call to action.

rience. That really jumped out at me—the fact that it’s not just a way to grill a steak. There are a lot of cooking devices that that can do that. The difference is that the EGG has a culture that has sprung up around it; there is a certain camaraderie associated with the EGG that reinforces, in our minds, the fact the Big Green Egg truly is The Ultimate Cooking Experience.

How did the Big Green Egg’s new tag line evolve?

What was the thought process behind the new logo?

Arani: One of the first things that we decided to tackle was to update the company’s tag line,World’s Best Smoker and Grill, to reflect the fact that the Big Green Egg is a versatile cooker. After a rather lengthy process of getting feedback from focus groups, EGG® owners, and professional chefs, we came up with our new tag line, The Ultimate Cooking Experience™, which we believe says it all. What the EGG does is bring people together to share a love of cooking and an interest in food. Very rarely does someone go to a friend’s home for a meal that is cooked on an EGG and the food is just plopped in front of the guest to eat.There is always commentary about cooking the food on an EGG and how good it tastes. It becomes an expe-

Arani: The company has basically used the same logo (a simple drawing of a Big Green Egg with the lid up and a turkey inside) since the day it started, in 1974. We thought the time was right to create a fresh logo that shows today’s consumers that our ceramic cooker does more than just smoke meat. The company’s design team came up with many ideas, from flying Gs to stylized versions of the EGG. We tested our favorites with focus groups and decided (based on their feedback) that it was important not to lose the immediately recognizable image of the Big Green Egg that has become our identity. That’s the direction we took. Now, what we’ve got is a fresh, new repre-

Bottom line: We are going to be arming dealers with the tools they need to communicate just how versatile the Big Green Egg is, and that is some-

We are adding an in-house interactive-communications division that will give us the capability to create, stream, and produce a variety of online content. We are also building an in-house creative-services studio that will give us the ability to design and produce all of our point-of-sale and sales materials ourselves.

What are you personally

thing we think they’re going to looking forward to this year? Arani: There are many things that I be excited about. Big Green Egg Company’s family of products

sentation of the EGG that we call the logo (the words and the device) and the new tag line (The Ultimate Cooking Experience); taken together, those make up the branding that we launched in March.

underrepresented in many markets across the country, in terms of retail touch points. We will be working to increase the number of dealers we have based on where our research tells us most of our customers reside.

year. To support our new branding initiative, we’re making massive investments in our infrastructure, so we can provide dealers and distributors with more sales tools than they have ever seen coming out of the corporate offices.

look forward to, but I would say I’m most interested to hear feedback from our dealers and consumers as our new identity begins to come to life. Ed Fisher put this wonderful company into motion many years ago, and I feel that we’ve been able to take his icon and buff it up a little bit so we can reach a whole new generation of customers.

What are the biggest What is the changes that dealers will see? biggest Arani: There is an old saying that the opportunity? Big Green Egg sells itself, and our job is to generate enough interest with consumers that it can sell itself. It’s important that our dealers know that our new branding is more than just a new logo and tag line—it is a platform that facilitates the launch of a whole series of selling tools. Starting in 2011, dealers will see a much more brand-centric approach to our marketing and promotional communications. They will see things coming into their showrooms that might involve point-of-sale displays, promotions, and different ways that we bundle the assets of the Big Green Egg. Bottom line: We are going to be arming dealers with the tools they need to communicate just how versatile the Big Green Egg is, and that is something we think they’re going to be excited about.

What is the biggest challenge that the company faces in 2011? Arani: Historically, our biggest challenge has been to make enough EGGs to satisfy demand, and that continues to be a nice challenge to have. I see our number-one job to be keeping our dealers and distributors completely stocked with all the Big Green Eggs that they need. We are addressing this issue very aggressively with some strategic increases in warehouse and distribution locations. This year, we are tripling the capacity of our Atlanta warehouse and are adding a satellite warehouse/distribution facility outside Atlanta so we can better serve the middle part of the country. The second challenge is that we are

Arani: I think the biggest opportunity is that we are going to be able to help increase consumer interest in ceramic-style cooking and cooking with natural lump charcoal. All of the manufacturers in this category, put together, make up only a small part of the overall outdoor-cooking segment, and I think there are tremendous strides to be made. While we obviously want to grow our brand, it’s our sense that anything that is good for the industry is good for the Big Green Egg. We plan to do our part to open people’s eyes to cooking outdoors in a different way.

What do you think 2011 holds for Big Green Egg Company? Arani: I think it’s going to be an interesting and exciting

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March/April 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report




Modern Home Products has thrived during slow times by focusing on the aftermarket parts business. by CHERYL DANGEL CULLEN

Tom Nitz, senior vice president, Modern Home Products/ProFire Grills

fixing what’s broken a sk Tom Nitz, senior vice president of Modern Home Products/ProFire Grills (Antioch, Illinois), how the company has fared during the economic downturn, and his surprising answer will be that business has not been too bad. “We’re fortunate. A lot of our business is in aftermarket replacement parts,” Nitz explains. “We were the first company to come out with them, in 1977. A lot of companies produced grills in the 1970s, and by the middle to late 1970s, there was a big need for replacement parts. Now, 40 years later, we have seen a really nice increase in the replacement-parts business. Any business dips we had in the grill part of our business were easily replaced and offset by the replacement-parts business.” In this case, the gray economy proved to have a silver lining for Modern Home Products, which makes replacement parts for grills sold by Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart, and Costco, among others. “We’re in a unique position. We are the only one who makes replacement parts for other companies’ grills,” Nitz says. He joined Modern Home Products in 2005, after he had worked with the company as its Wisconsin distributor.


“Our parts are often better than the parts that came with a grill,” Nitz says, noting that most consumers can install the parts themselves. If they can’t, they can find dealers—who offer repair services after they see this niche as a new profit center—who will do it. “It is surprising how many people will spend $100 to replace a part for a grill they bought for $199,” he says. Why would owners put that much money into old grills instead of replacing them? “They don’t want to shop around for a new grill, buy it, and then assemble it. They are familiar with their grills,” Nitz explains. Making parts for other manufacturers’ grills isn’t easy. The cycle times for repairs are ever changing. Fifteen years ago, grills were built better, Nitz says, and consumers would repair them three times before investing in new ones. Now, that cycle time has shortened; they

Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

Top: The Phoenix four-in-one grill is manufactured by ProFire Grills, a division of Modern Home Products. Left: Modern Home Products manufactures an array of replacement parts for dozens of other grill brands.

repair a grill once and then buy a new one. Nitz says, ”It is very cyclical. It is a major project, and it’s very challenging to predict which parts to carry.” Modern Home Products is the parent company of ProFire grills, a wholly owned subsidiary. According to Nitz, Modern Home Products has the whole package, defined as mak-

ing a wide variety of products for the grill industry. He says, “We’re a one-stop shop. A lot of people cherry-pick what they want. We have gas lamps, UL torches, grill accessories, replacement parts, and grills. We have a lot of products that appeal to a lot of customers.” It was Modern Home Products that produced the original Charmglow gas grill in the 1960s. The company started out making gas lamps, then introduced the first residential gas grill, which was connected to an outdoor lamp. Nitz says, “It was the precursor of the outdoor room. You’d hook your grill up to the lamp, and there it was: the first outdoor room, in the 1960s.” This innovation was driven by the utility companies, which wanted to sell more gas. “Gas companies were encouraging it. They would do a promotion and encourage homeowners to put the gas on their home gas bill,

I don’t think there will be a turnaround overnight in our economy. It is a slowly building

process, but now, you’ll find that people want to entertain more than ever at home because it is more economical than going out or taking a vacation. so they got extra gas sales out of it,” Nitz explains. “Now that gas grills have become commonplace, everyone is trying to save on the gas bill.” To that end, Modern Home Products manufactures three different grill lines: its own Modern Home Products freestanding grills, traditional aluminum grills, and ProFire grills. ProFire, a brand of stainless-steel grills for the outdoor kitchen, is currently promoting its Phoenix four-in-one grill, which grills, roasts, steams, and smokes. It incorporates indirect cooking to allow the preparation of some foods (like beef briskets) more slowly, at lower temperatures. Nitz says, “Prior to the economic slump, the popularity of outdoor rooms was growing quickly. We bought ProFire in 2006 to capture that business. Prior to that, we didn’t have a lot of business in that area. We got it set up, and by 2007, business started sliding.” Fortunately, Nitz sees the tide turning. He says, “Last year, we saw a nice pickup because the Phoenix four-in-one grill really took off, but so did ProFire’s core business. This year, we’re see-

ing a pickup over last year—which was an up year. It isn’t dramatic, but it is moving in the right direction.” In coming months, Nitz predicts, people will be buying even more accessories for their outdoor rooms. He says, “They are doing bigger things and planning on staying in that location longer, so they are getting more elaborate with their plans. Individual sales are becoming larger-ticket sales.” To sell the outdoor-room experience, Nitz suggests that dealers emphasize the quality of both products and service. He explains, “Dealers, in general, haven’t necessarily exploited their quality. They have to remember that they are in the community in which the homeowner lives and shops. It isn’t like buying from Home Depot. They are there after the sale, or if the homeowners want to expand. Dealers need to promote their services, in conjunction with our quality and warranty.” Quality and longevity are big selling points, Nitz adds. “Modern Home Products is a conservative Midwestern company. We’re about the quality of our

products, and it shows. We’re here after the sale. We’re still owned by the same people who owned the company back in the 1960s; it is still a familyheld company, as it was when Wally Koziol founded it,” he says. He continues, “That’s nice because a lot of companies in our business were bought by a holding company or larger company, and you hear that the corporate culture changes when there isn’t a common thread.” For Modern Home Products, Nitz reports, the future looks good. He says, “I don’t think there will be a turnaround overnight in our economy. It is a slowly building process, but now, you’ll find that people want to entertain more than ever at home because it is more economical than going out or taking a vacation.” He adds, “For us, no matter how the economy swings, we can help them out, even if they want to replace a burner in a Home Depot grill that’s over seven years old. We’re in a win–win situation. It doesn’t make it easy, but it does put us in a better position.”

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March/April 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report




Becoming the


Hart & Cooley is a leader in the HVAC industry because it constantly focuses on the needs of its customers. by CHERYL DANGEL CULLEN

c Above: Hart & Cooley and Selkirk venting products: all-fuel chimney, gas vent, direct vent, pellet vent, and chimney liners Right: Hart & Cooley’s industryleading product line includes grills, registers, and diffusers for residential and commercial applications. Below: Hart & Cooley’s UltimateONE is a totally new allfuel Selkirk chimney line for hearth professionals that offers the latest technology (with superior durability, safety, and performance) in factory-built chimneys.


Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

an you improve upon success? Hart & Cooley Inc. thinks so, and it has been busy doing just that. Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Hart & Cooley is a leading manufacturer of air-distribution and vent products for forced-air heating and airconditioning systems, as well as myriad other products for the commercial HVAC, refrigeration, and roofing industries. Its products include grills, registers and diffusers, flexible ducts, gas vents, and chimney systems, as well as commercial products (duct-system components, venting and grease ducts, equipment curbs, roof drains, roof flashings, roof hatches, and drywall access doors). Tomkins, Hart & Cooley’s parent company, purchased Selkirk Corp. in 2006. In August 2008, the Selkirk and Hart & Cooley businesses were brought under a common leadership team. There is strength in numbers, and this approach has paid off for the company. As Curt Monhart, vice president of marketing for Hart & Cooley, explains, “This resulted in expanded product offerings for each brand, the ability to share technologies, additional sales and marketing tools, and increased logistical capabilities. This consolidation further strengthened our already industry-leading market positions.” Monhart joined Hart & Cooley in May 2008. In October 2010, the company decided to retool its structure when it established separate marketing and sales teams for both residential and

nonresidential business segments. Previously, the functions were combined. “That is, there was a marketing and sales leadership team for the residential business, and one for the nonresidential,” Monhart says. He led the residential team, while Sean Steimle, senior vice president of sales, led the nonresidential team. Steimle now leads the sales function, while Monhart heads marketing. “The purpose of establishing dedicated teams was to provide the focus necessary to drive overall performance,” Monhart says. “With regard to marketing, this includes defining where we have the best long-term chance of winning, especially in the development of new products. For sales, this means focusing on the right customers—that is, those who can most benefit from our products, services, and overall capabilities, and can best help achieve our growth objectives.” Changes have not been limited to the business structure, either. There’s been a lot of activity in product development, too. At HPBExpo (in Salt

In January 2010, we launched a totally redesigned “website for all our business areas. The objective was to provide a common corporate look, ease navigation between business areas, and share the functionality that Curt Monhart

each area offered.

” Sunbrella® is a registered trademark of Glen Raven, Inc. Chair by Summer Classics®. Umbrella by Treasure Garden, Inc.® The GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified mark is a registered certification mark used under license through the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute.

Lake City, Utah, in March 2011), Hart & Cooley launched UltimateONE, a totally new all-fuel Selkirk chimney line for hearth professionals. UltimateONE offers the latest technology in factorybuilt chimney design, providing superior performance, durability, and safety. UltimateONE’s inner liner and outer casing are of 304 stainless steel, providing resistance to corrosion in excess of that required by chimney standards. UltimateONE’s brushed finish gives a very rich and distinguished look. Its one-inch wall space is filled with insulation that has extremely high temperature resistance, providing excellent thermal protection. The stainless-steel inner liner and outer casings include laser-welded seams for a professional appearance, added strength, and resistance to moisture. “This new line will further solidify our leading hearth-market positions, both in the United States and in Canada,” Monhart says. The company is making use of the Internet to communicate about its products. To date, social marketing has played a minor role in Hart & Cooley’s overall marketing efforts, but “its website is a different story,” Monhart says, adding that the company has made a significant investment in overhauling the site. “In January 2010, we launched a totally redesigned website for all our business areas. The objective was to provide a common corporate look, ease navigation between business areas, and share the functionality that each area offered,” he adds. Today, Monhart asserts, Hart & Cooley has the broadest product offering in the industry. Products go hand in hand with service, and this is where Monhart thinks that Hart & Cooley stands apart from its competitors. He says, “We believe our customer service group is second to none. This includes our technical-support and engineering capabilities. We offer the most advanced sales and marketing tools, and we have a national distribution footprint augmented by four regional distribution centers that stock all Hart & Cooley brands, providing bundling advantages for customers purchasing multiple product lines.” Changes are unlikely to stop in the near future. Hart & Cooley is committed to strengthening its industry-leading position—and will do what it has to do in order to maintain that position. Monhart says, “We’ve made major investments in our enterprise resourceplanning systems, as well as in new products that leverage our existing sales channels and customer base. We’ve also invested in those areas that further strengthen our operational excellence. When the markets finally rebound, we will be especially well positioned to capitalize on the upturn. We’ll be very tough to beat.”

Even with sophisticated patterns and luxurious textures, Sunbrella® performance fabrics stand up to all the elements can deliver, backed by a 5-year warranty. Plus, GREENGUARD® certification means Sunbrella takes a strong stand for the environment. For more information, contact Glen Raven Customer Service at 336.221.2211 or visit OUTDOOR FURNITURE - INDOOR FURNITURE - WINDOW TREATMENTS - AWNINGS - UMBRELLAS

Use your smartphone QR code reader to learn more.

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March/April 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report




Right: The innovative Airo2 collection is part of Homecrest's new lineup of fashion-forward casual furniture. Below: Cirque American Classic is a perfect example of how Homecrest is incorporating interesting fabrics into modern designs.

embracing change Homecrest redefines itself by introducing products with panache and purpose.



here is no denying that the landscape of the casual-furniture industry is changing. What it takes for specialty furniture manufacturers and retailers to be successful is changing as well. Todd Wingrove, director of sales for Homecrest Outdoor Living, L.L.C., says, “Competition is tougher for specialty retailers because consumers have more choices of where to shop. Even if we don’t want to admit it, our competition is the mass merchants. They are experts at copying what we do, and that is our challenge.” He continues, “If we are going to continue to succeed, we need to be leaders. We need to lead the industry in everything we do—from style to service—so people don’t even consider mass merchants as an option.” Homecrest has taken this challenge very seriously, and for 2011, it has created a whole new image for itself that has everyone taking a second look. Since the 1950s, Homecrest (based in Wadena, Minnesota) has had a tradition of creating products that revolve around comfort and quality, but fashion always seemed to take a back seat. In 2010, however, the company embarked on a new mission that took its comfort and quality and infused it with fashion.


Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

A NEW FACE “People flip through our 2011 catalog and can hardly believe it’s Homecrest,” Wingrove explains. The company’s fresh furniture styles, eye-catching colors, and interesting fabrics have transformed Homecrest into a company that is ready to deliver the products that consumers really want. Wingrove recalls that when he started in the furniture business (in 1986), if a company had a strong style, it could milk it for 10 years. “You can’t do that anymore,” he says. “You have to continue to evolve and change because there’s a much shorter window in which to be successful. When a company has a good year, it has to continue innovating so it can have a good year the next year, and the year after that.” Homecrest is proud to introduce a rich new lineup of products for 2011. One offering that is causing a stir is the Airo2 deep seating collection. This patented, retro-style group is an original in terms of comfort and fashion. Homecrest has taken its soft Sensation fabric and stretched it horizontally to create a cushy seat without using a foam or fiber core. “Dealers are going crazy over this because it combines the comfort of a cushion with

the easy care of a sling,” Wingrove says. It has a modular presentation that can be tied together to make a sofa, love seat, or single seat. Airo2 comes in 10 fabrics and 10 finishes, with sterling and brown being the most popular. Homecrest’s Legendary collection introduces a whole new take on classic steel furniture, which Wingrove considers to be an underrated material. “People love the hearty feel of steel and associate it with quality, but they worry about the rust factor. With the right exterior treatment, there are no rust issues at all,” he explains. Legendary has a wrought-iron feel, with hammered arms, square stock, and twisted styling that complement the company’s patented Butterfly Basket® sling. Another collection that is central to Homecrest’s new DNA is Cirque. The clean curves of this group are opening retailers’ minds to the possibilities of modern design. It includes a versatile double conversation lounge, a pneumatically adjusting chaise, and a funky personal umbrella that can be attached to any Cirque chair or lounge. Homecrest has also taken a hard look at its most popular products and redesigned them for maximum style and comfort. Its Tri-Sling incorporates an extra layer of soft acrylic fabric in many of its signature sling pieces. The company has upgraded its

deep seating collections with comfortable foam cushions (with a density of 1.8 pounds per cubic foot) wrapped in waterproof ticking. It has revamped its tabletop materials to offer the Sorrento and Tuscan models and faux granite, slate, and sandstone, as well as adding new styles and finishes.

MAKING IT EASY While consumers are looking for products that are superior in terms of design, they also want it to be easy to realize their visions for their outdoor spaces. With this in mind, Homecrest has created color stories that make it simple to mix and match its fabrics and finishes. The company has also upgraded its fabric selections and eliminated fabric grades. “Eliminating fabric grades makes for a much easier sale, and frankly, it makes the whole presentation go more smoothly on the floor,” Wingrove explains. When it comes to delivery, customers want their purchases right away so they can enjoy them in the summer months, and they usually don’t plan ahead. Homecrest has created a program for dealers that includes shipping in 15 or fewer working days; this helps eliminate unnecessary early buying and allows customers to choose the products they want, instead of settling for what a retailer has in stock.

If a retailer decides to invest in an early-buy program, Homecrest makes that easy, too, by paying for the freight. All prices are landed costs, so dealers know exactly how to price the items in order to meet target margins on their retail floors. “Bottom line: To be a leader, we need to give consumers exactly what they want through style, quality, selection, and service,” Wingrove says.

2011 AND


One thing that Wingrove feels strongly about, when it comes to the future of the casual-furniture industry, is the fact that specialty retailers and manufacturers need to recognize that they are all on the same team. “We all lose when we lose to the mass mer-

Above: The chunky, rustic feel of Homecrest's new steel Legendary collection blends well with any outdoor setting.

chants. I personally want to see other specialty furniture manufacturers succeed because it strengthens our industry,” he says. For Homecrest, the future looks bright, as the company rides the wave of its new persona. Homecrest has grown dramatically over the past few seasons, and this year, it is looking at growth of 40% to 50% or more, based on early-buy figures. “I think it’s a good testimony that the things that we are doing are working—and that’s good news for us and the industry,” Wingrove says.

Circle Reader Service No. 47

March/April 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report



A Really Big Show by CAROL DAUS

photography by DAVE CASTEEL


ith more than 7,000 attendees and 288 exhibitors, this year’s HPBExpo (held in Salt Lake City, Utah, on March 3–5) was a huge success, suggesting that this year’s sales of hearth, barbecue, and outdoor-living products will be stronger than they have been during the past few selling seasons.The strength of HPBExpo 2011 was largely due to the enormous array of innovative, affordable, and easy-to-use products displayed by some of the most respected companies in the hearth, barbecue/grill, and outdoor-living industries. Lennox Hearth Products, Hearth & Home Technologies, Napoleon Products, and Weber were some of the larger companies participating in the annual event.The retailers and distributors attending the show were thrilled to learn about emerging trends and new products. Pictured here are some of the influential leaders of the industry; they were among the exhibitors who showcased groundbreaking products and networked with dealers, distributors, and specialty retailers. Patio & Hearth Products Report is proud to spotlight each of them for helping to make HPBExpo 2011 a successful show.

Blaze King Chris Neufeld

Napoleon Products From left: Ted Scott, Greg Thomas, and David Coulson

EcoSmart Jeff Anderson

DuraVent Karen Josephson (left) and Andrea Ricket

California Outdoor Concepts Clint Blevins

Big Green Egg Ed Fisher (left) and Ardy Arani

48 Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

BDS Enterprises Bruce Spangrud (left) Patio & Hearth Products Report Tony Ramos

MLW Stone Rob Taylor (left) and Henry Onians

AEI From left: George Speicher, Duane Kroeger, and Greg Burks

ClassicFlame/Twin-Star From left: Kevin Killough, Alexia Rouquette, Mark Asofsky, Andy Bandremer, and Bill Caples

AEI Peter Arnold (left) Infratech John Mazzota

The Companion Group Chuck Adams

Empire Comfort Systems Nick Bauer (left) and Joe Brueggemann

RH Peterson Company Julie Velasco (left) and Elaine Remy

Golden Blount From left: Bill Romans, James Blount, Steve Blount, and Bill Bentley

Earth’s Flame Lisa Leighton

Looft USA From left: Nisse Persson, Richard Looft, St. John Wiles, and Pia Wiles

ENERVEX Gitte Hagensen and John Altiere

Selkirk Corp. Curt Monhart

Two Dogs Designs for Outdoor Living Sharon DeFelice

Hargrove Manufacturing Cindy Hargrove and Doug Vineyard


March/April 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report 49


SunBriteTV Christie Rossi

Hearth & Home Technologies Mary Williams

Bull Outdoor Products Mark Nureddine

Onward Manufacturing Ken Hempen

Kamado Joe Bobby Brennan (left) and Kerry Coker

FMI Products Mark Klein

Valor/Miles Industries Paul Miles

50 Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

Wittus Alyce Wittus and Niels Wittus

American Fireglass Matt Doll

Select Outdoor Kitchens Mike Miller

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Ross Johnson

Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association Jack Goldman

Hearth Products Controls Greg Steck

DiversiTech Ray Shelor

Hearthland Products Bob Borgerding

Lennox Hearth Products Cathy Scott

Omega Mantels Henry Medeiros

Circle Reader Service No. 51


Pizza Oven Bull Outdoor’s pizza oven fits the bill if you’re looking for an easy way to grill pizza outdoors. Made of heavy-duty stainless steel, it features a separate oven and firebox, smokestack, and cart shelves. With four durable locking casters, it weighs 115 pounds. The oven measures 19.5 inches wide by 14.25 inches deep by 55.5 inches tall. Contact: (800) 521-2855 or Circle Reader Service No. 101

Deluxe Traditional Fireplace The new Deluxe traditional fireplace from Empire Comfort Systems delivers that clean-face, no-louver look in a trim footprint, for easy installation in tight spaces. Available in 32-, 36-, and 42-inch models, each measuring just 16 inches in depth, these fireplaces are ideal for new construction and remodeling, with or without a mantel. Accentuate the clean-face design with tile or stonework overlapping the fireplace frame, or finish the installation with the optional trim kits. Discreet openings at the top and bottom help circulate warm air, with or without the optional blower. Choose millivolt (available for LP and natural gas) or direct ignition (offered for natural gas only) for even greater efficiency. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 102

Jazz Collection Crafted in A356 aluminum, the Jazz collection includes an armchair, a swivel rocker, a swivel barstool, a stationary barstool, a love seat, and a 36-inch square table (also available as a rectangular table). All pieces offer a 15-year limited warranty on furniture frames and a five-year limited warranty on paint finishes in residential use. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 103

Hot Pink Sunbrella® fabrics has added hot pink to its color portfolio, bringing a versatile and fun color option to outdoor living. Fabric designers and textile engineers devoted several months to identifying the right hue of pink, making it an ideal accent color for landscaping or brightening shady spaces. The color is available in two new fabrics: Canvas Hot Pink and Steeplechase Malibu. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 104


Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011


Get the Selkirk Advantage...


Selkirk is the original innovator of prefabricated venting systems. Over 85 years of manufacturing expertise ensures our products, made from quality materials, have the tightest tolerances and we back that with the industry’s best lifetime warranty.

Insulated Chimney Systems

Stove Pipe

Direct Vent Pipe for Gas, Pellet, or Multi-Fuel

Flexible Aluminum Chimney Liners

Stainless Steel Chimney Liners


The Ultra-Temp® All-Fuel Chimney features a unique EOHQGRIPLQHUDOÀEHU6RO id Pack insulation which provides superior insulating value to blanket-type alternatives.

DSP® Double Wall Stove Pipe features a stainless steel inner liner & ¼” insulating air gap to allow only 6” clearance on all diameters. Saf-T Pipe® is a heavy duty single wall 24 gauge black pipe.

Direct-Temp® systems for use with Gas or Pellet Stoves. New Direct-Temp for Multi-Fuel Stoves features an AL29-4C Stainless inner liner for the best corrosion resistance available on the market.

)OH[L/LQHU® is a tough rip-resistant product built with a unique seaming process that allows an apSUR[FRPSUHVVLRQUD tio for increased strength, PD[LPXPÁH[LELOLW\DQG smaller cartons.

Versa-Liner® is the most versatile stainless liner system around. Use high-end common components with HLWKHUULJLGRUÁH[OHQJWKV in between. An optional insulation wrap completes the job – the way you want it done.

VP Pellet Pipe® includes a 304 Stainless Steel inner liner and gasketed joint system. VP is available in either black or galvanized ÀQLVK1RZOLVWHGIRURQO\ 1” clearance to combustibles

All Hearth Products Are Not Created Equal. For complete information

1.800.992.VENT [8368] 1.888.SELKIRK [735.5475]

Circle Reader Service No. 53


303 Products Offers Free-sample Program 303 Products, Inc., Palo Cedro, California, will be launching a free-sample program for retailers in the United States and Canada this summer. Retailers participating in the program will receive a display containing free consumer samples of 303 Patio Furniture Protectant™. An informational color pamphlet will be attached to each sample, and each display will contain 50 samples. A toll-free number on the back of the display will prompt the retailer to call when sample supplies are getting low. 303 Products will then ship a replacement display to the retailer. 303 Products will pay for all the costs of the program. Contact: (800) 223-4303 or Circle Reader Service No. 105

New SLSeries Slimline Single-element Heaters Sleek and streamlined, Slimline single-element heaters incorporate a specially designed electric quartz heating element that produces safe infrared energy. Radiant energy is only absorbed by solid objects and is not wasted heating the air. With crisp modern styling, brushed-stainless trim with an optional dark contrasting housing, and narrow profiles, Slimline heaters virtually disappear into the surrounding decor. These heaters feature a durable anodized-aluminum housing with an architectural finish that is capable of withstanding years of outdoor use. The Slimline design also includes a T slot for flexible mounting options using the included brackets. Slimline heaters are available in 1,600-, 2,400-, 3,000-, and 4,000-watt models. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 106

Pellet Stove by Hearthland Products Made in the United States with over 65 years of manufacturing and engineering expertise, Hearthland’s innovative hearth products deliver the ultimate in performance, design, and reliability. The new Itasca appeals to both contemporary and traditional design preferences. It features advanced engineering for high performance, superior-quality craftsmanship, elegant design and impressive aesthetic appeal, an expansive glass viewing area, easy access for cleaning and maintenance, and longer burn times. It heats up to 2,500 square feet. Contact: (888) 883-2260 or Circle Reader Service No. 108

Tel-Tru Temperature Gauge Big Green Egg Company has added an upgraded Tel-Tru temperature gauge and a stainless-steel cooking grid as standard components for all five EGG sizes. Both components are made in the United States. Contact: or Circle Reader Service No. 109


Infrared Outdoor Patio Heater

Agio continues to bring new, modern looks to the trend of outdoor fire with the Springfield portable gas firepit. With a lovely slate top in earth tones with blond accents—and plenty of space for entertaining—the Springfield’s firepit chat group creates a warmth and glow that will extend your customers’ evenings and their outdoor seasons. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 107


Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

The Vintage series by Patio Comfort combines the classic and elegant design elements of old-world, handcrafted aluminum components integrated beautifully into the latest in safety-oriented, functional, high-performance, long-lasting comfort heating products. The Vintage heater is protected with an antique bronze polyurethane powder coating that is electrostatically applied. The textured finish and color are designed to complement and enhance your outdoor entertaining and dining areas. Contact: (949) 474-3070 or Circle Reader Service No. 110

More Than A Way to Cook e f i L f ! o y a W …a

Circle Reader Service No. 55

To request a catalog please call 800-521-0505 or email to, sales @


Cedar Picnic Table The cross-legged design of this 26-inch cedar picnic table recalls that classic cookout design, but the detached benches make it versatile and convenient. Easy slide-out benches make getting in and out of a seat at the table a breeze. The benches can be stored in trestle form under the table, and they can also be stacked on the tabletop for efficient storage. Contact: (724) 444-5361 or Circle Reader Service No. 111

Enjoy Greener, Cleaner Heat

Memphis Three-in-one Outdoor-cooking Centers Sear a steak at 650 degrees, smoke ribs over a slow heat, or even bake a pie. The Memphis™ three-in-one is actually three appliances in one (a high-temperature grill, a low-and-slow smoker, and a convection oven). The Memphis three-in-one makes it possible to enjoy delicious wood-fire flavors with the convenience of an indoor oven. The digital intelligent temperature control (ITC) with meat probe automatically sets and maintains precise temperatures from 180 to 650 degrees. The ITC regulates the feed of 100% natural wood pellets automatically, to provide delicious flavors and convenience—set it and forget it. The Memphis is made in the United States. Contact: (888) 883-2260 or Circle Reader Service No. 112

We are all concerned about our environment. With Infratech heaters, you can entertain outside without producing negative environmental effects. Efficient Infratech electric heaters convert over 90% of input energy directly into infrared radiant heat, and they operate for just pennies per hour. Electric heaters are safe for use outdoors or indoors, operate silently, emit no greenhouse gases or unpleasant odors, and do not require ventilation. Infratech Comfort heater components and packaging are also completely recyclable. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 113

Empire Comfort’s New Loft Empire’s all-new Loft see-through, direct-vent, 36-inch contemporary fireplace requires barely 18 inches of wall depth and uses 4 by 6 5/8-inch venting, which helps conserve floor space in your home. This chic fireplace packs plenty of features into a narrow space. The radiofrequency remote-control system handles flame height from the linear burner, as well as the dimmer lighting and the variable blower speed. Empire’s exclusive Green Earth Preferred technology eliminates the standing pilot for enhanced fuel efficiency, yet still allows the fireplace to operate from a pilot light in the event of a power outage. Complete your fireplace with decorative fronts, available in matte black or in black and stainless steel. All Loft direct-vent fireplaces are available for LP and natural gas. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 114

Margarita Bistro Collection Alfresco Home introduces wrought iron to color, style, and fun with its Margarita bistro collection. These brightly colored, retro-styled wrought-iron bistro pieces will put the fun into function, as they are perfect for any patio setting. Each bistro group comes with two chairs and one table. They are available in four gorgeous colors. Contact: (610) 731-0440 or Circle Reader Service No. 115 Circle Reader Service No. 56


Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

Big Green Egg Accessories

Chopping Block Bull Outdoor’s chopping block is designed to fit in the same cutout as the company’s current single side burner. This makes it easy for the contractor, installer, and designer. This item is built from 304 stainless steel and includes a cover. The chopping block and its housing can double as an ice chest for small sodas or other favorite beverages. Contact: (800) 521-2855 or Circle Reader Service No. 118

Big Green Egg has launched a line of fun decorative-accessory items available in time for the spring/summer gift season. The new products include EGG-shaped salt/pepper shakers, tablecloth weights, and corn holders. There are also EGG-shaped citronella votives and filled ceramic candles. The decorative-accessory collection is a part of a set of 27 new items introduced to Big Green Egg dealers last fall. Contact: or Circle Reader Service No. 116


Island Series

Agio brings the Willowbrook dining collection (traditional, yet bold in its simple elegance) to the outdoor arena. Your customers will love to entertain outdoors with its intricate porcelain-tile–top table. Alumicast® chairs feature lovely, scrolled back detailing and comfortable, earthy, caramel-colored cushions. Willowbrook offers all of the pieces that your customers will be looking for to enjoy the outdoor room fully. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 117

Redesigned for even bigger impact in a small space, the Island series by California Outdoor Concepts steps it up; now at 24 inches tall—and with side-door access to the propane tank—the Island delivers on its promise to spice up your outdoors. Hot colors are still the rage in home fashion, and the series is offered in lime green, burnt orange, and deep blue, along with standard colors (sage, adobe, chocolate brown, and black). Complemented by glass in 11 colors or by gas logs, the fire will take center stage in any size. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 119

Circle Reader Service No. 57

March/April 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report



Planet Barbecue Spice Rubs and Pastes

Cedar Twin Ponds Bench Set Create an outdoor sitting area with plenty of space for meals, drinks, projects, books, and magazines. This coordinating collection includes a comfortable, deep seated, 5-foot garden bench; a sturdy coffee table; and a matching end table. Each piece of this high-quality set is handcrafted from western red cedar in the United States. Contact: (724) 444-5361 or Circle Reader Service No. 120

This hot new product line from Steven Raichlen features four explosively flavorful spice pastes (from Colombia, Morocco, Malaysia, and Jamaica) and five bold spice-rub blends (from North Africa, Spain, Morocco, Argentina, and Germany). Raichlen spent years on the world’s barbecue trail, documenting the live-fire culinary traditions of cultures around the planet. The spice rubs and marinade pastes are an extension of Raichlen’s bestselling cookbook, “Planet Barbecue,” published in 2010 by Workman Publishing. Suggested retail prices for the spice rubs and pastes are $6.99 and $9.99, respectively. Contact: (800) 521-0505,, or Circle Reader Service No. 121

Tradewinds Hemingway had the right idea—and so does California Outdoor Concepts. The Tradewinds series really has that romantic air. Deep-mahogany resin-bamboo shafts and an extremely realistic basketweave background set these firepits apart from all the rest. Multiple units, in sizes from chat to bar height, will wrap your outdoor-living area in casual sophistication. Marry that deep mahogany with sea-green granite and you could just about move it into the living room. With two other granite colors—and the availability of multifunctional accessories (for dining, for chilling, and for heating things up)—there are endless possibilities to ponder. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 122

The Finley Island

The Finley Island offers all you can desire in an outdoor-cooking cabinet in a compact, sleek design. The single drawer is the perfect place to collect your spices, sauces, or grilling utensils. Underneath the drawer is a larger storage area perfect for all those necessary bags of charcoal. Additional storage underneath the grill ensures that all your cooking accessories can find a clean, dry home within easy reach. The Finley also sports an umbrella insert for those hot summer days. This cabinet has two swiveling casters and two rigid casters, ensuring that your cabinet goes wherever you need it to go. Contact: (800) 624-6512 or Circle Reader Service No. 123 Circle Reader Service No. 58


Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

Christmas Trees Can Help Green Your Bottom Line The number of Christmas trees that decorate homes and untold other locations during the holidays is truly staggering. As a retailer, you don’t have to sell Christmas trees to benefit financially from this favorite holiday tradition. This year, a new product from DiversiTech, called the Christmas Tree Stand MAT™, is going to solve one of the problems that holiday enthusiasts have wrestled with for years: how to keep the tree fresh, moist, and green for a number of weeks while avoiding water-stained floors or carpets from constant watering. This 30-inch, lightweight, long-lasting round tree-stand mat is something that no tree owner can afford to be without. Its suggested retail price is $16.95 to $19.95. You will love the generous margins (50-plus points). Contact: (866) 474-5572 or Circle Reader Service No. 124

Foligno by Domus Ventures The new Foligno group from Domus Ventures includes both seating and dining, and all pieces are stackable and can be used with or without seat pads. Contact: (800) 888-5293,, or Circle Reader Service No. 125

New Wickford From Dimplex The new Wickford media console from Dimplex North America solves that predicament of modern living: the conflict over a room’s focal point. How does one accommodate the new flat-screen television and the fireplace in the same space, but not have them competing for attention? LCD and plasma receivers are the only viable television choices these days; they require a wall-mount system or stand for comfortable and safe viewing and also demand lots of storage in close proximity for electronic equipment and media. The Wickford media-console fireplace provides consumers with an attractive and practical solution to both the focus-of-attention dilemma and the television-placement and storage issues by combining a state-of-the-art fireplace with a commanding media console. Contact: (800) 668-6663 or Circle Reader Service No. 126

As Much a Trophy as it is a Grill. The Next Revolution in Grilling. Other than size and color, Kamado grills have remained essentially unchanged for over 40 years; until now. Our engineering team used the advantages of the ceramic grill as a starting point, then added a generous blend of innovative design and the latest technology. The result is a Kamado grill unlike anything available; until today. The Pro Joe by Kamado Joe carries a larger cooking diameter, higher thermal retention, more precise temperature control, and an ergonomic and aesthetic design that maximizes efficiency and makes this grill a true work of art.

Become a Dealer at: KAMADOJOE.COM

2011 Vesta Award Winner

Circle Reader Service No. 59

March/April 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report



Moistly Grilled It’s really quite amazing that such a basic concept, adding humidity to the grill, can make such a big difference. Moistly Grilled® is a two-piece, cast-iron vessel with a vented lid that goes into the grill and holds water–or any other flavored liquid–to add humidity to the grilling environment while food cooks. The result is succulence defined: quite simply the juiciest, most flavorful grilled meat you’ve ever experienced. Contact: (800) 521-0505,, or Circle Reader Service No. 127

Grand Terrace Firepit Gensun Casual Living has added a firepit to the popular Grand Terrace collection. This collection represents elegant design with exceptional value. The new 54-inch firepit features full cast-aluminum construction, a copper bowl, a firescreen, a poker, and a fire grate, and it is available in 11 frame finishes. Copper bowls are also available separately for use as beverage coolers during those wonderful summer days. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 128

Circle Reader Service No. 60


Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

Thatch Galtech’s faux tiki thatch has been a perennial best seller for several years. The realistic-looking polypropylene thatch canopy is featured with Galtech’s exclusive handpainted-bamboo aluminum autotilt umbrella frame. Contact: (805) 376-1060 or Circle Reader Service No. 129

Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill Get great grilled flavor every day from this compact, high-performance grill. Its small format can be put almost anywhere for ultimate convenience. Although the grill is compact, its 145–square-inch cooking grate is large enough to cook most family meals: eight steaks, eight hamburgers, six to 10 chicken breasts, or over 4 pounds of fish. This 5,500-Btu grill heats up very quickly, and it uses far less gas than a full-sized grill. Best of all, with its great portability features, this grill can cook your meals wherever you go—the beach, the game, the campsite—anywhere. Folding legs, a grill-lid latch, a generous carrying handle, and the spill-resistant drip tray all enhance portability. Visit Cuisinart at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, at booth #10437. Contact: Sean Carr at (617) 467-6390,, or Circle Reader Service No. 132

ENERVEX ENERVEX is introducing a loaner program for local home shows to help introduce the chimney fan to your customers. It is absolutely free to use, and the company even takes care of the shipping charges. Included in this unique loaner program are a chimney fan, a model chimney, a press release for local media, and a poster. Contact: (800) 255-2923,, or Circle Reader Service No. 130

Fireview Elmira Stove Works’ Fireview wood-burning cookstove features antique styling, a viewing window for monitoring and enjoyment, high-efficiency secondary-burn technology, and a spacious 3–cubic-foot oven. Optional autoignition propane burners can run off the barbecue

tank. National advertising support and protected dealer territories are available. The model shown has an MSRP of $4,995. Contact: (800) 295-8498 or Circle Reader Service No. 131 Circle Reader Service No. 61

March/April 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report


A Hot Add-on for Retailers


DirectVent Pro Co-linear Kit M&G DuraVent has added a new direct-vent co-linear kit, featuring a new decorative cap design, to its offerings. The 4 by 6 5/8-inch Prairie cap, painted black, includes built-in wind baffles and has been tested for high performance under high-wind conditions. Available aluminum flex diameters are 3 and 4 inches, both in 30-foot lengths. Contact: (800) 835-4429 or Circle Reader Service No. 133

Hamptons Summer Stripe Deluxe Cushioned Double Swing Classic and contemporary come together here in one of the most ample double swings available. The curvy, polished white-oak frame supports a pillowy seat of cottony-soft, all-weather DuraCord® fabric sandwiching a lavish layer of polyester fiberfill batting. The fabric, part of the Hatteras Hammocks® Mariner collection, features bold stripes in alternating blues, golds, and whites—seemingly lifted straight from some nautical flag flapping atop the bow of an ocean-bound yacht. Vinyl-coated steel cables bolster strength and add a distinctly modern, artful flourish. Contact: (800) 334-1078 or Circle Reader Service No. 134

The common denominator of popular-priced gas barbecue grills and high-end solid-stainless models is the worry over stains, drips, and grease and what they can do to a deck, dock, porch, patio, or pool surround. DiversiTech has introduced The Gas Grill Splatter Mat™ to give the customer real, low-cost relief from a high-ticket potential problem; in the process, DiversiTech has given retailers an easy, high-margin add-on sales item. Made in the United States, The Gas Grill Splatter Mat protects the surfaces under gas grills, covers existing stains, and is easy to clean. It is also reversible, and it will not harm composite decking. The standard 30x48-inch size enables it to fit under most gas grills on the market. Contact: (866) 474-5572 or Circle Reader Service No. 135

Sunbrella High Point Fabric Collection Expands Sunbrella has added six fabric groups to its High Point collection, with 30 new styles that are available to customers as cut yardage for integration into existing Sunbrella offerings. Each group is highlighted by a graphic pattern with a wide range of stripes, textures, and new colorways in traditional solid fabrics. The entire collection coordinates with the Sunbrella awning fabric collection, allowing customers to offer a cohesive look for outdoor living. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 136


Looking for Qualified Dealers and Sales Representatives 888-883-2260 Circle Reader Service No. 62


Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

Made in the


Galtech’s LED autotilt umbrellas provide the perfect blend of daytime shade and nighttime fun. The on-board LEDs provide a soft amber glow that repels insects and blends in naturally with surrounding landscape lighting. Contact: (805) 376-1060 or Circle Reader Service No. 137

Heat & Glo’s Metro 32 Grand Terrace Geo Table The 72x102-inch Geo table from Gensun Casual Living accommodates 10 to 12 guests for those wonderful gatherings under the sun or the stars. The table further enhances the beautifully detailed and popular Grand Terrace collection. Grand Terrace features 49 different furniture pieces to decorate any outdoor

The Metro 32 is an affordable, modern-style, direct-vent gas fireplace. It has the simple lines and seamless presentation that many homeowners are looking for today, and is available as both a see-through and a single-sided fireplace. Designed to fit into smaller living spaces, the Metro has a shallow footprint for easy placement. It is equipped with a porcelain-interior firebox, and there are several choices for rich finish colors for the front. Homeowners can also choose from four cool custom media options. The Metro requires little space, has many options, and can fit into almost any living space—all at a price point that your customers will appreciate. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 140

room in beautiful distinction. Over 280 fabrics and 11 frame finishes are available for additional design customization. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 138

Rustic Timbers by Hargrove

Rustic Timbers™ is the latest offering in Hargrove’s Vesta Award-winning Radiant Heat vented log series. Rustic Timbers further refines the company’s Radiant Riser™ technology, giving radiant-heating efficiency comparable to that of a vent-free log set while retaining the beauty and realism found only in Hargrove vented gas logs. Hargrove’s innovative new molding process reproduces the intricate textures of nature in ceramic fiber, creating a warm and inviting glow in the heart of the log set, with all the detail of Hargrove’s traditional refractory log sets. Rustic Timbers works with standard Hargrove vented burner systems, and is available in 21-inch through 36-inch sizes and in see-through configurations. Contact: (800) 725-4166 or Circle Reader Service No. 139

Circle Reader Service No. 63

March/April 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report



Northstar Northstar retro-styled appliances from Elmira Stove Works are great for kitchens, recreation rooms, and cottages. The Northstar line includes refrigerators, ranges, microwaves, range hoods, and dishwashers. They are available in nine colors, plus infinite custom colors. For the model shown, with an optional keg system, the MSRP is $3,995. National advertising support and protected dealer territories are available. Contact: (800) 295-8498 or Circle Reader Service No. 141

Hargrove Premium Products has introduced a new series of replacement refractory panels. Multiple sizes are available, and panels can be cut to fit sizing requirements. Each panel is steel and fiber reinforced. Some models are available for UPS shipment. Contact: (800) 725-4166,, or Circle Reader Service No. 143

Fireplace Draft Damper System (FDDS) The environmentally friendly ENERVEX FDDS is the first completely automated draft-and-damper system for use with gas fireplaces. The FDDS quietly manages a perfect draft and prevents excess heat from escaping through the chimney when the fireplace is not in use. It eliminates the need for glass doors, opening up many new design options while allowing for a larger view area of the fire and a more natural look. The system consists of the RS chimney fan, the mechanical fireplace damper (MFD), and the ADC 100 control. Contact: (800) 255-2923,, or Circle Reader Service No. 142

Refractory Panels

Cuisinart All Foods Portable Gas Grill The Cuisinart All Foods gas grill is a versatile cooking system that expertly grills fine foods. Solid grilling performance is provided by a 12,000-Btu stainless-steel loop burner, a heat-distributing panel, and a porcelain-enamel–coated cast-iron cooking grate. The grill is compact in size, making it ideal for smaller yards and patios. Despite its small size, it is more than large enough to cook meals regularly for your whole family. For grilling on the go, features such as folding stainless-steel side shelves and two large carrying handles make it convenient to carry to the game or beach. Features include a precision temperature gauge, the Cuisinart Twist Start ignition system, and a removable drip tray. The grill comes equipped to use 16- or 14.1-ounce portable LP bottles. Visit Cuisinart at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, at booth #10437. Contact: Sean Carr at (617) 467-6390,, or Circle Reader Service No. 144

Royal Red Stripe Large Quilted Hammock

Circle Reader Service No. 64


Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

Part of the new Hatteras Hammocks® Equestrian collection, the simple, elegant fabric pattern is based in rich, royal red, recalling an old-time jockey’s vest on race day. Woven from the surprisingly soft outdoor fabric DuraCord®, the royal red stripe large quilted hammock resists staining, fading, rotting, mold, and mildew. The spreader bars are richly grained South American cumaru, among the hardest, most durable woods on earth; hanging hardware is zinc-plated steel. The hammock body measures 55x82 inches, and its total length is 13 feet. Contact: (800) 334-1078 or Circle Reader Service No. 145

Circle Reader Service No. 65


Looking for originality? Elmira’s unique vintage-styled appliance lines offer exclusive territories, national advertising support and excellent profit potential. Choose from Antique or retro-cool Northstar.

Custom Flex and Custom Kits There is always a flexible solution with DuraVent’s DuraFlex custom lengths and custom kits. Choose exactly the length of flex needed from four different stainless-steel flex products: DuraFlex Pro, DuraFlex SW, DuraFlex 316, and DuraFlex 304 (minimum order of 10 feet). Custom ovalization is available, too. Then, add exactly the components needed to complete a kit. Contact: (800) 835-4429 or Circle Reader Service No. 146

Harman Oakleaf Wood Stove Ideal for smaller spaces, the Harman Oakleaf wood stove is compact and convenient. With Harman’s exclusive Firedome technology, the Oakleaf is highly efficient, producing long burn times and steady, even heat. The top-load feature means that it’s easy to add wood, and the stove will hold more wood than other stoves of the same size. It also has an optional stainless-steel cooking grill that’s easy to remove and clean. The Oakleaf is easy to maintain and has a large ash pan, which means less frequent emptying. With high-quality castings, it is available in three finish colors. The Harman Oakleaf brings warmth and comfort to any room. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 147


Adorned with nickel, brass, copper or chrome, each custom-built appliance is true to its era. Models available in gas, electric, wood-burning or dual fuel.

Think outside the stainless steel box. 1 800 295 8498 Circle Reader Service No. 66


Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

Adirondack Made from Highwood’s next-generation synthetic wood material, the Highwood Adirondack collection is stylish and functional. True year-round performance makes this the only furniture set you have to buy. Proudly handcrafted in the United States by Amish craftsmen, the Adirondack collection is ultralow maintenance and boasts an amazing wood look without upkeep. Regardless of the weather, it never splits, rots, warps, or cracks. All items in the collection fold for convenient storage. Contact: or Circle Reader Service No. 148

Hitzer 30-95 EZ-Flo Hopper Stove The Hitzer 30-95 EZ-Flo hopper stove is an outstandingly efficient and convenient heating source. With a 30-pound hopper, this stove has extended long burns and produces over 60,000 Btu of evenly warm temperatures. The advanced technology of a removable hopper is an added convenience of this top-choice stove. Like all Hitzer stoves, the 30-95 is thermostatically controlled, and it provides heating without electricity. With heating capabilities of up to 2,000 square feet, the EZ-Flo meets your heating needs, as well as providing beauty and charm for one’s home. The full-view firebox window allows easy viewing that creates cozy, warm relaxation. With a stove color to match your home, the Hitzer 30-95 will decorate your home, produce cost-efficient heat, and create a warm and soothing environment. Contact: (260) 589-8536 or Circle Reader Service No. 149

Trenton Homecrest Outdoor Living offers a variety of deep seating collections for 2011. Featured here is the Trenton deep seating collection, which emphasizes unadorned, clean lines, evoking an Arts and Crafts aesthetic appeal. At home in any setting, the uncompromising Trenton collection sets the stage for lively entertaining, fun, and games with the family, or a relaxed evening at home. This inviting setting features the Trenton motion chat chairs in the Sedona finish. The comfortable cushions are done in the beautiful (and truly authentic looking) ultra leather (color: Waylan). At the center of this serene setting is Homecrest’s cast firepit, also in Sedona. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 150

Ironhaus Screens Ironhaus is proud to introduce the new addition of freestanding screens to its popular fireplace-door line. Available in rectangular or arched shapes, and in all the

finishes and textures that your customers love, this much-anticipated line is sure to be a hit on your display floor. Screens are available in stock and customizable sizes. Call Ironhaus for pricing and details. Contact: (866) 880-0900 or Circle Reader Service No. 151

Pro Joe by Kamado Joe Pro Joe has the largest cooking area, the highest thermal retention, more precise temperature control, reengineered ergonomics, and an

exceptional aesthetic design. Pro Joe is intended for planned or existing outdoor kitchens. It is made in the United States; a cart is optional. Contact: (678) 866-0642 or Circle Reader Service No. 152

Circle Reader Service No. 67

March/April 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report



Outdoor Dishwasher by Kalamazoo Outdoor

Legendary Homecrest has introduced Legendary, where classic old-world styling blends beautifully with today’s modern flair. Steel’s strength and weight have never looked better on a chair. Hammered arms, square stock, and twisted styling—coupled with Homecrest’s patented butterfly sling—make the Legendary collection by Homecrest the ultimate in craftsmanship, comfort, and style. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 153

Hitzer Stoker Coal Stove Model 608

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet has introduced the first outdoor dishwasher specifically designed to work outside and withstand the harshness of the elements, featuring a unique wash system designed to clean dishes that have been sitting outdoors or pots and pans that have been over the heat of a grill fire. The outdoor dishwasher was designed with an extra-large tub to accommodate the special demands that come from cooking and serving meals outdoors. Its adjustable-height, dual-rack system offers maximum flexibility. At $4,990, the outdoor dishwasher will be available for purchase in summer 2011 through the network of dealers carrying Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet equipment, from certified design professionals, or directly (at the company’s website). Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 156

Kamado Joe Rib Rack

The Hitzer Stoker coal stove model 608 is a superior-quality product that your customers will love. Its features include a Btu range of 7,000 to 90,000, an integrated Coal-Trol thermostatic-control combustion air system, the ability to hold up to 90 pounds of coal, cast-iron doors, pewter or gold accents, double-wall construction, a 2-inch rear clearance and 4-inch side clearances, a 320-cfm circulation fan, and a galvanized-steel hopper (optional). Every Hitzer heating system is carefully handbuilt by Amish craftsmen. Only the finest materials are used, and no shortcuts are taken. Each system provides efficient burning with effective consumption of secondary gases. The result: more heat with less fuel consumed. Contact: (260) 589-8536 or Circle Reader Service No. 154

Kamado Joe’s durable rib rack allows you to cook more ribs by placing the ribs vertically into your grill. You can also place other cuts of meat, such as chicken pieces or pork chops, in the rib rack. It is made of 304 stainless steel for years of use and easy cleanup. Contact: (678) 866-0642 or Circle Reader Service No. 157

H Series The H series hybrid unit features heavy-duty, combined stainless-steel and cast-aluminum end-cap head construction. The burners and cooking grid are of commercial-quality cast-iron construction. The Fire Maxx ignition system is truly amazing. The units are fully assembled; just attach the side shelves, hook up the natural gas or propane, and you are ready to rock. The units are in stock and ready to ship for spring. They are sold to and through independent dealers only. Contact: George Speicher or Pete Arnold at (949) 474-3070 or Circle Reader Service No. 155


Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

Security Chimneys BIS Ultima CF With either a clean-face style or traditional louver option, the BIS Ultima™ CF wood-burning fireplace from Security Chimneys™ offers large rectangular doors and is designed to fit any contemporary or traditional interior. The latest entry in the BIS family features unique, all-in-one, double air-combustion control to help manage wood combustion and allows faster ignition. Learn more about the aesthetic and operating features of this EPA-certified, 86.6% efficiency-rated fireplace at the company’s website. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 158

Trinidad Trinidad masters the art of graceful living with double-faced cane sides, arms, and backs that add an unmistakable sense of style and casual elegance. The rich, kona-colored all-weather woven resin is full of character and warmth. Trinidad cushions are available in a wide range of fabrics, allowing clients to personalize their selections. A sofa, a love seat, an adjustable chaise, an oversized chaise, and dining pieces are available to round out this distinctive collection. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 159

Berkshire Create a timeless look in any backyard with NorthCape’s new Berkshire collection. Berkshire features a handwoven, thick, rich cappuccino weave, with elegantly shaped arms that will add texture to your porch, deck, or patio. The sophisticated open-weave sides and back create style and comfort for lasting enjoyment throughout the summer. Berkshire offers many pieces in this collection, including plush deep seating, swivel gliders, and dining options. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 160

Valor Ledge Balancing seamless design with crisp profiles, the Ledge features a beautiful collection of three complementary finishes. Available in black, brushed nickel, and artisan patina, the Ledge is the company’s latest addition to the highly successful Portrait series gas-fireplace family. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 161


^^^YOWL[LYZVUJVT Circle Reader Service No. 69

March/April 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report



MLW Stone, L.L.C., Introduces StacKIT Natural Stackedstone Fireplace Kits This new product has the look and workmanship of authentic, natural stacked stone. Integrated with today’s innovative technology, it reduces significantly the cost of installation. Most natural stacked-stone fireplaces are cut and installed in individual pieces—but StacKIT surrounds are prefabricated into panels that are cut to standard fireplace-kit sizes and can be installed in minutes, just as you would install a marble or granite surround. These kits are stocked in MLW’s three standard sizes and include a header, two legs, a riser, and a three-piece hearth; 6x24-inch interlocking panels, complete with corner pieces, are also available to accommodate raised hearths and wall applications. The product is available in two colors: Carden gold and multicolor. Contact: (800) 477-7665 Ext. 127 or Circle Reader Service No. 162

RH Peterson’s Outdoor Campfyre RH Peterson’s Outdoor Campfyre is ready to use right out of the box, or you can use your creativity to design a custom firepit. Available in assorted shapes and sizes—and with remote or manual operation—it uses LP or natural gas (70,000 to 120,000 Btu). Complete your firepit with Beachwood logs, river rocks, coals, or 30 different Fyre Glass and Fyre Gems colors. Contact: (800) 332-3973 or Circle Reader Service No. 164

Prestige Pro 600 Series The new Napoleon® Prestige Pro™ 600 series comes loaded with all the toys needed for complete outdoor entertaining. Among its features are up to 1,062 square inches of total cooking space, up to 95,000 Btu, 3/8-inch stainless-steel WAVE™ rod cooking grids, a deluxe high top, a space-saving roll-top lid with chrome trim accents and handle, an attractive pedestal base with concealed casters, electronic ignition for easy starting, a ceramic infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ integrated side burner, an enclosed ice bucket and cutting board, an infrared rear rotisserie burner, and more. Contact: (877) 588-2220 or Circle Reader Service No. 165


Dave Lennox Signature Collection Estate Series The new Dave Lennox Signature™ collection Estate™ series by Lennox Hearth Products features a spectacular 50x36-inch wood-burning fireplace as its flagship. One of the largest wood-burning units available on the market, it makes a grand statement for custom builders and the homes of their clientele. Newly designed brick-patterned liners with large grout lines and exquisite detailing replicate the look of hand-laid brick, and a high dome design ensures that smoke is drawn out of the room. Easily converted to be ready for gas logs, if so desired, the fireplaces are also available in 36- and 42-inch widths. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 163


Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

The Lucia collection is a transitional wicker collection that was designed with the traditional wicker chair in mind. Lucia is composed of all-weather woven resin on an all-aluminum frame with comfortable, plush cushions that accent the elegance and timelessness of this new collection. The Lucia collection includes a sofa, a love seat, a chaise, an oversized chaise, a coffee table, and dining pieces. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 166

Valor Windsor Arch

New Garden Pavilion by Treasure Garden

The Windsor Arch evokes an era when the art of cast fireplace surrounds flourished and an open fire warmed every room. Handcrafted castings highlight exquisite detail and beautiful craftsmanship. The Windsor Arch is available in two finishes: handpolished chrome or all black. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 167

This introduction is in perfect timing with the megatrend of outdoor rooms. Treasure Garden’s 12x12-foot square pavilion has all-aluminum construction, an awning-grade fabric top, decorative corner draperies with tiebacks, and three choices of fabric side walls, as well as several other innovative and exclusive features. It’s smart, solid, and sophisticated. Shown is the GP12120 in the bronze finish. Contact: or Circle Reader Service No. 170

Montrachet Collection by OW Lee French renaissance sophistication and antebellum charm merge beautifully in the 100% handcrafted aluminum Montrachet collection. The Montrachet collection uses unique detailing applications such as a hexagonal extrusion, a fluted bar on the arms, and arched castings in the back and sides to create distinct details taken directly from European renaissance style. Handforged wrought aluminum—coupled with comfortable pillow cushioning—creates a collection of exceptional comfort and beauty. High-quality T6061 aluminum alloy, used throughout the entire frame, enables Montrachet to withstand any climate. Contact: (800) 776-9533 or Circle Reader Service No. 168

Grill Mat

Modern Home Products Corp. is now offering a grill mat made of 100% recycled materials. Made in the United States, this sturdy mat protects patios and decks, is vented to help prevent mold and mildew, and is UL 94 HB burn-test approved. The mat is relatively maintenance free and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Available in two sizes, 42x30 inches and 60x30 inches, the mat also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 169 Circle Reader Service No. 71

March/April 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report



WHD31 Wall-hanging Gas Fireplace Phoenix Charcoal Grill ProFire Grills, a division of Modern Home Products Corp., has released the new Phoenix charcoal grill. This innovative new design combines high-quality construction with unique temperature controls, including independently adjustable dual charcoal trays and upper and lower vents that can be fully opened for searing or partially closed for slow cooking. The vents can also be completely closed to extinguish the fire–saving the charcoal. The grill’s heavy-duty construction is backed by a lifetime warranty. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 171

Majestic Direct-vent Echelon Wide View and See-Thru Series A wide viewing area (but compact design) lets you install this model almost anywhere. Bronze glass beads, natural stone, and an optional driftwood log offer customers a modern interior look. Majestic offers the only linear see-through fireplace on the market that can be installed between an interior and exterior wall. Both models come standard with the exclusive Total Signature Command™ system and touchscreen remote, plus interior lighting to showcase the fireplace even when it’s not lit. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 172

SunBriteTV: Model 4630HD Your customers can now enjoy quality outdoor television viewing in their backyards with SunBriteTV’s new model 4630HD, a 46-inch, full-HD (1080p), all-weather, outdoor LCD television that is designed for permanent outdoor installation. Model 4630HD is engineered with an outdoor-rated ASA plastic resin exterior that protects the internal television components from rain, dirt, insects, and extreme temperature ranges. Built into the exterior are 20-watt speakers and an antireflective, impactand scratch-resistant window that protects the LCD screen. Contact: (866) 357-8688 or Circle Reader Service No. 173


Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

The WHD31 Plazmafire™ is a modern gas fireplace that simply hangs on your wall. Ideal for modern and contemporary rooms, Napoleon’s WHD31 Plazmafire features easy installation, plus all of the conveniences of a gas fireplace. It offers virtually endless installation possibilities; installing it is almost as easy as hanging a picture on the wall. With an impressive 30x15-inch viewing area and an output of 20,000 Btu, Napoleon’s Plazmafire is a great addition to the company’s modern fireplace collection. Contact: (800) 461-5581 or Circle Reader Service No. 174

Malibu Grande Malibu Grande is a new addition to the already-successful Malibu collection. Malibu Grande’s crescent-shaped sofa and wedge-shaped end table can be arranged by themselves or with pieces from the Malibu collection, in a variety of different configurations. Choose from the high coffee table (which features an umbrella hole) or the oversized circular ottoman as the Malibu Grande centerpiece. Malibu Grande has a lightweight aluminum frame; durable, UV-protected polyethylene woven resin; and plush deep seating for added comfort. Influenced by a rich chocolate texture, the Java flat-weave style and unparalleled durability are perfect for the Malibu Grande collection. Pictured in orange and wheat hues from the company’s newly expanded fabric library of over 150 textures and colors, Malibu Grande is sure to make a huge statement in your backyard retreat. Bring a fresh new approach to your outdoor room with NorthCape’s new Malibu Grande collection. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 175

SCHOTT ROBAX Magic SCHOTT ROBAX® Magic glass-ceramic panels are designed for use as a highly resistant interior lining for stoves/fireplaces. The material reflects the flames, providing a remarkable view of the fire. The view will last a lifetime because SCHOTT ROBAX Magic is easy to clean, compared with conventional materials used inside combustion chambers. Contact: (941) 831-2200 or Circle Reader Service No. 176

Palazzo Collection by OW Lee The Palazzo collection brings a sense of classic elegance to the most fashionable outdoor spaces. Using Grecian style as its inspiration, the Palazzo collection offers a transitional look while maintaining the strength and durability of handcrafted wrought iron. Palazzo’s details, including its understated finials, create a sense of casual elegance. Contact: (800) 776-9533 or Circle Reader Service No. 177

Phifer SheerWeave Look to Phifer SheerWeave interior sun-control fabrics infused with Microban® antimicrobial product protection for an additional level of cleanliness protection. Built into the shade during the manufacturing process, Microban protection helps prevent the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew that can damage the shade. SheerWeave is available in a variety of weaves and colors. Contact: (800) 633-5955 or Circle Reader Service No. 178

Seville Collection The Seville collection features a formal dining set for 2011 with sleek lines and crisp angles of aluminum complemented by large, handwoven-aluminum backs. The single-cushion seat style provides the formal touch for a transitional design. Hand-applied detailing adds a designer look to the weather-resistant powder-coat finish. Stationary and rocker seating are available for the set. Contact: (954) 735-9800 or Circle Reader Service No. 181

Florence Sectional Lounging Collection Outdoor Lifestyle’s Florence collection is crafted in A356 aluminum and offers an armchair, a swivel rocker, a swivel barstool, a stationary barstool (both available in balcony height), and a love seat. Pieces offer the company’s 15-year limited warranty on frames and a five-year limited warranty on paint finishes in residential use. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 179

Dartmoor Collection The Dartmoor collection is handsome and sturdy, with subtle design features adding a surprising sophisticated look. Two bar tables measuring 28 inches wide allow for easy conversation and closeness while providing space for four to twelve people. Seating is available in a backless barstool and bar chair. Both have an ample and sturdy footrest for added comfort. The entire Dartmoor collection is available in finishes of natural shorea wood and stained shorea wood (in brown umber). Contact: (877) 866-3331 or Circle Reader Service No. 180 Circle Reader Service No. 73

March/April 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report



Real-Fyre’s New G21 Contemporary Burner Light up indoor and outdoor rooms with Real-Fyre’s new G21 contemporary burner. It features polished-stainless construction, a remote-ready valve system, and vented/vent-free certification, and it is specially engineered for glass and gems. Dazzling with Fyre Glass or Fyre Gems, the burner is available in 18-, 24-, and 30-inch sizes. Contact: (800) 332-3973 or Circle Reader Service No. 182

UltimateONE UltimateONE offers the latest technologies in factory-built chimney design, providing superior performance, durability, and safety. UltimateONE’s inner liner and outer casting are constructed of all-welded 304 stainless steel for superior strength and corrosion resistance. Engineered with a web coupler design using an inch of Superwool insulation that makes contact at the seam, UltimateONE allows for pipe expansion and eliminates cold-air infiltration. Because UltimateONE is locked together with a latch-type locking band, no-tool installations are quick, solid, and secure every time. Contact: (800) 433-6341 (United States) or (888) 735-5475 (Canada). Circle Reader Service No. 183

Atmosfire Dry Wiper SCHOTT Home Tech, a division of SCHOTT North America, Inc., has introduced Atmosfire™ dry wiper, a cleaning pad developed specifically for ROBAX® glass-ceramic viewing windows in fireplaces and stoves. The ergonomically shaped sponge features a textured surface that is tough enough to remove soot and dirt without using chemical cleaning fluids or scratching the surface of the glass. SCHOTT worked with Oscar Weil GmbH to develop, test, and approve the Atmosfire dry wiper. Fireplace owners can clean cold ROBAX glass-ceramic panels by wiping the dirty or sooty surface of the panel with the rough side of the Atmosfire dry wiper. The sponge can then be cleaned and reused simply by knocking off the soot. Using the Atmosfire dry wiper before or after every fireplace or stove firing ensures a clear view of a warm and safe fire for years to come. Contact: (941) 831-2200 or Circle Reader Service No. 185

Be a Leader and Back It WoodMaster’s Flex Fuel series offers a money-back guarantee and 13 years of proven reliability. Engineered using world-leading technology with WoodMaster quality built right in, it offers efficiency levels of over 95% and the ability to burn cordwood, wood pellets, and/or wood chips. Your customers can choose the least expensive fuel and burn less of it—guaranteed. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 186

Baxter Monessen Direct-vent Belmont BLDV Series Featuring a contemporary clean-face design with no louvers, the Belmont series provides an expansive viewing area. With a variety of interior options, including traditional logs, stones, or a glass burner; a black porcelain liner; and a variety of firebrick options, it’s the perfect addition to any room. An optional lighting kit allows consumers to enjoy the unit as a showpiece all year long. In addition, the convenience of the exclusive Signature Command™ system comes standard, providing safe and efficient operation. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 184


Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

Twin-Star’s Baxter, with its handsome transitional style, features a combined wine-storage cabinet, media console, and electric fireplace in a beautiful empire cherry finish. The mantel features multiframe mitered left and right locking doors with smoked glass and brushed-nickel pulls measuring 7.75 inches long. Storage on the left side features a stemware rack and an adjustable wood shelf, while the right side stores 18 wine bottles in a dual-zone thermoelectric cooler. The Baxter is stunning from top to bottom, with a matchbook pattern crowning the cabinet and a sturdy box-style base that features a shadow-line accent. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 187

AERO Market Umbrella

Select Cutting Board

The ZipJack AERO market umbrella changed the look of the classic market umbrella forever. Its patented canopy design gives the umbrella distinctive styling, while crosswinds and updrafts pass right through the canopy’s venting system. Easy maintenance enhances its attractiveness. The ZipJack AERO market umbrella can help every specialty patio retailer stand out above the crowd. Contact: (914) 592-2000,, or Circle Reader Service No. 188

Select Outdoor Kitchens is pleased to offer its newest product, Select cutting boards, exclusively to dealers. Every cook needs a great cutting board, and the company has developed one that will become your trusted sidekick in the kitchen or at the grill. The cutting boards are 12x18 inches, oval shaped, and available in 10 colors. The material, approved by the Food and Drug Administration and the National Science Foundation, is the same material that you will find in the best restaurant kitchens in the United States. Each cutting board has an attractive depression to catch any cooking juices. Cutting boards can be sold as is or customized with store logos. Contact: Mike Miller at or Circle Reader Service No. 192

Ocean Master MAX Manta

SunBriteTV: Model 5510HD

Inspired by the depths of the sea, TUUCI’s Ocean Master MAX Manta creates an open-air space that is tranquil and aesthetically pleasing. It features maximized components that increase shade coverage and provide unparalleled durability. This combination of beauty and function boasts an inviting shade escape. Contact: (305) 634-5116 or Circle Reader Service No. 193

In an effort to expand its market reach, SunBriteTV recently introduced two new televisions to its allweather outdoor-product line. SunBriteTV’s high-end introduction is model 5510HD, which sports a 55inch, 1,080-pixel full HD LCD screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. This television is ideal for homeowners who are looking for home-theater–quality viewing in their outdoor spaces (see page 72 for SunBriteTV’s other new product). Contact: (866) 357-8688 or Circle Reader Service No. 189

Team Grill in 2011 Make 2011 your championship season with the Team Grill. These high-end barbecue grills, featuring the colors and logos of your favorite sports teams, are now in their third season. This unique product is now sold at 500 retailers—but not at big-box stores. For more information on becoming a Team Grill dealer, visit the company’s website. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 190

WeatherReady Outdoor Covers for Fountains Two Dogs Designs for Outdoor Living has introduced WeatherReady™ fountain covers, featuring heavyweight polyester, double stitching, a PVC lining, and Velcro® tab closures on four sides. For even better protection against the elements, the fountain covers have Velcro midtie fasteners and elasticized bottoms. Representing good quality at a very good price, they are available in three sizes, and they come in black or khaki. For more information, contact Two Dogs Designs for Outdoor Living. Contact: (866) 896-3644,, or Circle Reader Service No. 194

South Terrace (All-weather) South Terrace is one of two debut collections for Biltmore®, the largest privately owned residence in the United States, located in Asheville, North Carolina. Inspired by pieces on display in the winter garden of Biltmore, South Terrace brings a distinctive sophistication to this selection of all-weather seating and dining options. Crafted with resin over an aluminum frame with Viro® weave, it is ideal for year-round outdoor use. Exposed, bamboo-inspired legs and a unique fretwork design draw the eye with this refined aesthetic. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 191

Viento Viento is one of eight new collections that Summer Classics has unveiled for 2011. Just as winds pass over the earth in wave patterns, the Viento arm curves to meet its leg. Viento (the Spanish word for wind) is crafted in solid-aluminum stock with N-dura resin. This collection offers simplicity and sophistication with its clean lines and design details. Perfect for any outdoor space, whether small or large, the Viento collection includes a variety of dining and seating options. In this collection, Summer Classics offers a rectangular dining table, as well as a unique hexagonal dining table. Both armchairs and side chairs are available, in addition to barstools. The entire collection can be viewed at the Summer Classics website. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 195

March/April 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report



Mercury Bed and Sun Lounge TUUCI’s Mercury bed and sun lounge is constructed with TUUCI’s polished-titanium Armor-Wall™ aluminum frame and modular marine-grade components. High-performance fabric cushions, bed coverings, and sheer privacy curtains, all topped with shade, create the ultimate in open-air relaxation. Contact: (305) 634-5116 or Circle Reader Service No. 196

Team Grill and MLB Play Ball Team Grill has introduced the newest members of the Team Grill MLB lineup. Joining the team for the 2011 season are the Cubs, Mets, Phillies, and Cardinals. They join Team Grill’s already formidable starting lineup, which includes the Red Sox and Yankees. For complete program information and to join the company’s team of over 500 retailers, visit the company’s website. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 197

Collar-tilt Umbrella by Treasure Garden The elegant and durable collar-tilt collection from Treasure Garden sets industry standards for fashion and design. This premier collar-tilt style makes shade as easy as rolling your umbrella into place, twisting the collar once the umbrella is cranked up, and tilting the canopy to obtain infinite degrees of shade and comfort. Shown is the UM8004 DC7 in the Firenze finish. Contact: or Circle Reader Service No. 198

Taste the Potential Achieve old-fashioned, smoky flavor and smoking hot profits with the WoodMaster pellet grill. It’s easy to envision the sales potential—and even easier when you get a bite of the tasty, wood-fired results. Add sizzle to your sales. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 199


Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

SMART ERV Energy-recovery Ventilator SMART air & energy solutions™ is a collection of HVAC products designed to enhance comfort, improve indoor air quality, and save energy for homeowners. Today, everyone understands that we need to explore options for saving energy—while remaining comfortable in our homes. SMART air & energy solutions offers products designed to provide economical options while maximizing comfort. The newest addition to the SMART product lineup is the SMART ERV energy-recovery ventilator. This unit provides a fresh-air supply and humidity-control unit for residential housing. The unique poly wheel yields up to an industry-leading 80% heat-recovery efficiency, and the twin variable-speed fans allow the installer to adjust airflow from 50 to 240 cfm—so the single unit can be adjusted for a residence of almost any size. Contact: Circle Reader Service No. 200

Shade, Safety, and Fun, All in One ZipJack Custom Umbrellas introduces a new line of patio umbrellas designed to provide colorful, shaded play spaces for youngsters. KidBrellas are a great way to protect kids from the sun. KidBrellas easily convert from table umbrella to play space and feature bright, bold silkscreened animal illustrations with extended side panels that provide extra coverage. Contact: (914) 592-2000,, or Circle Reader Service No. 201

Klassic Character Outstanding good looks and classic style are a standard with the Klassic wood-burning stove, designed by Bent Falk of Denmark and produced by Wittus in the United States. This well-crafted, multifunctional stove can be the home’s best secondary heat source—and a baking and roasting oven, to boot. The modern, EPA approved firebox can accommodate logs of up to 24 inches, and the self-cleaning glass door feature is a bonus in every cook’s eye. Contact: (914) 764-5679,, or Circle Reader Service No. 202


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Capel Rugs Names Mark Jerdon Regional Sales Manager Capel Rugs (Troy, North Carolina) has named Mark Jerdon regional sales manager for its MidAtlantic territory. He brings more than 25 years of experience in selling to dealers in the Mid-Atlantic region to the position. During his tenure, Jerdon has proven himself as a top-performing salesperson, establishing many beneficial connections with retailers. Allen Robertson, vice president of sales, says, “Mark’s outstanding track record and high level of regard in the sales industry make him a valuable addition to the Capel team. We’re excited to see the positive changes he will surely bring to our retailers in the Northeast.”

Skyline Design Unveils New Chicago Showroom To establish a stronger presence in the casualfurniture Industry, Skyline Design North America has opened a permanent showroom on the 15th floor of the Design Center at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, Illinois. Judith Calzadilla, vice president of Skyline Design North America, says that success at the Chicago International Casual Furniture & Accessories Market™ “is ultimately driven by great products, and now, with a permanent presence, we are excited to showcase some of Skyline Design’s innovative outdoor furniture.” The showroom manager is Dianna Gniadek, who can be contacted at

Groovystuff Partners With Auburn University Groovystuff (Dallas, Texas), the manufacturer of unique home furnishings and accents produced from reclaimed teak, has renewed its commitment to young furniture designers by partnering with Auburn University to offer a program for students. Sixteen students, including two graduate students from the College of Architecture, Design & Construction, will gain exposure to the home-furnishings industry by participating in a design project that gives them real-world experience, a chance to earn royalties on a successful design, and a reason to choose the home-furnishings industry after graduation. Chris Bruning, cofounder of Groovystuff, says, “We need to embrace these talented young students from across the country and encourage them to seek a career in the homefurnishings industry.” Bruning adds that in order to appeal to consumers from generations X and Y, the industry needs designers who have fresh, young perspectives. Under the leadership of Professor Tin-Man Lau, and with creative direction from Chris Bruning, the students have been challenged to design (using sustainable manufacturing practices) a residential indoor or outdoor homedecor accent, furniture, or lighting collection that refines the Groovystuff product line to attract a more modern and contemporary audience represented by the Dick Idol celebrity brand; to submit presentation boards describing their inspirations for the products that they have

designed; and to create miniature models of their products for display at the April 2011 High Point Market and at the July AmericasMart® in Atlanta, Georgia. The student whose design has the most popular votes will be presented with a $500 cash reward. Groovystuff will then produce the student designs and determine the grand prize winner by measuring which student design generates the most sales at the October 2011 High Point Market. “In October, we will display the original drawings, along with the finished product, so buyers can see the transformation of the concept into a fully executed consumer product. We’ll ask the buyers once again for their comments and votes—but also for their orders. The final winning design will be the one with the top sales,” Bruning says. “That student will not only win a $1,000 cash prize and a permanent royalty on all future sales, but will also be included in the prestigious and celebrity-endorsed Dick Idol collection of home furnishings.”

Federal Tax Credit Extended for All Morsø US Wood Stoves With all U.S. wood stove models qualified for the IRS consumer tax credit, Danish manufacturer Morsø and its large network of authorized dealers welcome the federal biomass tax-credit extension, which provides a 10% tax credit (up to $300) for the purchase of a new biomass heating appliance in 2011. Craig Shankster, Morsø US president, says, “The original tax credit and this recent extension give an incentive to smart homeowners who are adding energy-efficient zone heating or replacing dated heating appliances sooner, rather than later, and have also helped spur the green-living trend.” This tax-credit extension was part of the $858 billion tax package that President Obama signed into law on December 17, 2010. By extending this tax credit, Congress signaled its support of the renewable-fuel industry. The 2011 federal biomass credit now includes a 10% consumer tax credit (up to $300) for the purchase of 75% efficient biomass-burning stoves (such as energy-efficient Morsø wood stoves or fireplace inserts). For more information, visit or call (866) 883-9619.

HD Expo to Attract Thousands: May 18–20 The Hospitality Design Exposition & Conference (HD Expo), to be held at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, on May 18–20, is the premier event for the hospitality-design industry. With exciting competitions, idea-generating conference sessions, panel discussions, and special events focused on having an impact on industry change, HD Expo will provide attendees with the tools to succeed year-round in this ever-changing, ultracompetitive field. Presented by Hospitality Design (HD) magazine and produced by The Hospitality Design Group, the show draws more than 7,000 attendees each year to view the most innova-

tive products from more than 900 exhibitors, showcased in over 260,000 square feet. Products and new solutions range from accessories, artwork, bedding, electronics, furniture, and case goods to flooring, lighting, plumbing and bath fixtures, textiles, wall coverings, and window treatments. The trade show brings together interior designers, architects, purchasing agents, hotel owners, and operators, as well as other buyers, sellers, and hospitality-design influencers.

Wittus Selected to Import Bodart & Gonay Hearth Products Wittus – Fire by Design was recently appointed to serve as the exclusive importer for the Bodart & Gonay product line, previously managed by Lucky Distributing. The collection includes the Optifire 783 (currently available with flat or curved door options), and in the future, it will include a selection of new products from the Bodart & Gonay collection that are not currently available in the United States. Bodart & Gonay, which has been in business for over 50 years, is a Belgian manufacturer of top-quality wood- and gas-burning appliances. Bodart & Gonay’s latest developments combine aesthetic and technical performance with new product lines, delivering high power, high efficiency, and extremely low pollution. For more information, visit Launched as Holding Company of Multisite Marketplace Concept With the launch of, online retailing veteran Tim McTighe and his Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, online-commerce technology team have created the structure for the latest initiative in consumer online marketplaces. By harnessing years of successful online retailing and the collective expertise of its team of project advisors, features five specialty shops that work together as a high-quality market district. Providing guidance in specific areas of expertise, these shops will operate under one holding site and benefit from centralized customer service and order fulfillment. McTighe, owner of FifthroomMarkets and numerous successful Internet-based retail sites (including, says, “We believe that the online-shopping experience has reached a point where it has to move beyond just clicks and carts. We want to create a total experience that incorporates a unique, highend, and specialized shopping experience. has been created as an online marketplace with shop sites featuring products for home, garden, and family living.” While drawing upon the small-town marketplace concept, FifthroomMarkets incorporates 21st-century capabilities with a depth of products. “We are poised to create dedicated specialty-shop experiences through individualized sites with the benefit of proven customerservice features across all six websites,” McTighe says. March/April 2011 Patio & Hearth Products Report


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AEI ..............................................(949) 474-3070

303 Products ............................................................................................54

Agio ............................................(888) 997-7623 ............................5

AEI ....................................................................................................54, 68

Big Green Egg ..............................(770) 938-9394 ....................41 Bull Outdoor Products ......................(800) 521-2855 ............................33 California Outdoor Concepts ............(877) 274-6773 ....25 Companion Group..........................(800) 521-0505 ..............55 DiversiTech ....................................(866) 474-5572 ........................60 DuraVent........................................(800) 835-4429 ..........................65

Agio ..................................................................................................54, 57 Alfresco Home............................................................................................56 Big Green Egg ....................................................................................54, 57 Bull Outdoor Products ............................................................................52, 57 California Outdoor Concepts ..................................................................57, 58 Companion Group................................................................................58, 60 Creekvine Designs ................................................................................56, 58 Dimplex ....................................................................................................59 DiversiTech ..........................................................................................59, 62

Elmira Stove Works ........................(800) 295-8498 ................66

Domus Ventures ..........................................................................................59

Empire Comfort Systems ..................(800) 851-3153

DuraVent..............................................................................................62, 66

ENERVEX ......................................(800) 255-2923 ......................63

Elmira Stove Works ..............................................................................61, 64 Empire Comfort Systems ........................................................................52, 56

The Fulham Group ..........................(617) 467-6390 ..................73

ENERVEX ............................................................................................61, 64

Galtech International........................(805) 376-1060 ......................79

The Fulham Group ................................................................................61, 64

Gensun Casual Living ......................(866) 964-4468 ....................13

Galtech International..............................................................................60, 62 Gensun Casual Living ............................................................................60, 63

Glen Raven/Sunbrella ....................(336) 221-2211 ..........................45

Glen Raven/Sunbrella ..........................................................................52, 62

The HammockSource ......................(800) 334-1078 ............58

The HammockSource ............................................................................62, 64

Hargrove Manufacturing ..................(800) 725-4166 ................30

Hargrove Manufacturing ........................................................................63, 64 Hearth & Home Technologies..................................................................63, 66

Hearth & Home Technologies............(800) 669-4328 ....................80

Hearthland Products ..............................................................................54, 56

Hearthland Products ........................(888) 883-2260 ............62

Highwood USA ..........................................................................................66

Highwood USA ..............................(262) 501-2580 ....................61

Hitzer ................................................................................................66, 68 Homecrest ..........................................................................................67, 68

Hitzer............................................(260) 589-8536 ................................64

Infratech ..............................................................................................54, 56

Homecrest ....................................(877) 599-4803 ........................47

Ironhaus ....................................................................................................67

Infratech ........................................(800) 421-9455 ......................11

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet ......................................................................68 Kamado Joe ........................................................................................67, 68

Kamado Joe ..................................(678) 866-0642

Lennox Hearth Products ..........................................................................68, 70

Lennox Hearth Products ....................(800) 9-LENNOX ................................3

Mallin Casual Furniture ..........................................................................69, 70

Mallin Casual Furniture ....................(800) 251-6537 ....................39 Miles Industries ..............................(800) 468-2567 ..................29 MLW Stone ..................................(800) 477-7665 ..........................56 Modern Home Products ..................(888) 647-4745 ..........................43 Monessen Hearth Systems ................(800) 867-0454 ................27 Napoleon Products ........................(800) 461-5581 ................7

Miles Industries ....................................................................................69, 71 MLW Stone ..............................................................................................70 Modern Home Products ........................................................................71, 72 Monessen Hearth Systems ......................................................................72, 74 Napoleon Products................................................................................70, 72 NorthCape International ........................................................................69, 72 Outdoor Lifestyle ..................................................................................52, 73 OW Lee..............................................................................................71, 73 Oxford Garden ..........................................................................................73

NorthCape International ..................(708) 563-2890 ........15

Phifer ........................................................................................................73

Outdoor Lifestyle ............................(800) 294-4758 ..........................23

Pride Family Brands ....................................................................................73

OW Lee........................................(800) 776-9533 ................................9

RH Peterson Company ..........................................................................70, 74 SCHOTT ROBAX ..................................................................................72, 74

RH Peterson Company ....................(800) 332-0240 ........................69

Select Outdoor Kitchens ........................................................................58, 75

SCHOTT ROBAX ............................(914) 831-2200

Selkirk Corp. ........................................................................................74, 76

Select Outdoor Kitchens ..................(800) 624-6512 ..........35

Summer Classics ........................................................................................75 SunBriteTV ..........................................................................................72, 75

Selkirk Corp. ..................................(800) 992-8368 ........................53

Team Grill............................................................................................75, 76

SunBriteTV......................................(866) 357-8688 ..........................51

Treasure Garden/Shademaker ................................................................71, 76

Team Grill......................................(978) 635-1800

TUUCI ................................................................................................75, 76 Twin-Star/ClassicFlame ................................................................................74

Treasure Garden/Shademaker ..........(626) 814-0168 ..................21

Two Dogs Designs for Outdoor Living ............................................................75

TUUCI ..........................................(305) 634-5116 ..................................2

Whitecraft ................................................................................................75

WoodMaster ................................(800) 932-3629 ......................57 ZipJack Custom Umbrellas ................(914) 592-2000 ................20

Wittus ......................................................................................................76 WoodMaster ......................................................................................74, 76 ZipJack Custom Umbrellas ......................................................................75, 76

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Patio & Hearth Products Report March/April 2011

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