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GUEST EDITORIAL – BRING THE INSIDE OUT An award-winning designer teams up with grill maker Coyote to create a collection that enhances residential outdoor spaces.


PERSPECTIVE – GETTING INNOVATION RIGHT Ortal achieves its objective of producing high-quality contemporary fireplaces for both midlevel and high-end customers. By Maura Keller

By Kerrie Kelly


SPOTLIGHT – ALL AGLOW Manufacturers are optimistic about the season’s latest contemporary and traditional fireplace designs. By Greg Thompson



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INSIGHT – COMFORT UNDERFOOT Couristan’s expanded outdoor-rug collections offer many options for adding warmth and color to patios and porches. By Cherise Forno

INSIGHT – BLAZE OF GLORY Hargrove’s innovative vented and vent-free gas logs are known in the industry for their heat output, reliability, and ambience. By Cherise Forno

SHOP TALK – A NEW STRATEGY Recurring revenue can be obtained by developing programs and strategies that focus on existing customers. By Ryan Bloom

LAST WORD – THE INNOVATORS Casual-furniture maker OW Lee unveils a number of standout seating and dining collections for 2018. By Kimberly Rodgers

OUTDOOR GRILLING – SECOND-HOME GRILLS A Sedona retailer experiences a bump in grill and firepit sales as part-time residents transform backyards and patios into resortlike retreats. By Maura Keller


AS I SEE IT – FURNITURE AS ART Skyline Design’s ability to create distinctive outdoor pieces that resonate with discerning customers gives it a competitive advantage. By Sharon Sanders



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Dansons is king when it comes to pellet grills and smokers. By Kimberly Rodgers



HEARTH RETAILER – A HOT SPOT For more than two decades, Rettinger Fireplace Systems has been serving customers in the South Jersey, Jersey Shore, and Philadelphia Metro areas. By Maura Keller

Casual Marketplace’s longtime success is closely tied to its customer-service practices. By Sharon Sanders



A Florida store grows from a flea-market booth to a full-service, 13,000–square-foot showroom. By Kimberly Rodgers



PRODUCT INNOVATION – SLEEK WARMTH European Home’s striking hearth designs are perfect for customers seeking a modern look. By Greg Thompson

CORPORATE PROFILE – BORN TO BARBECUE Dante Cantal, the award-winning engineer and founder of Twin Eagles, is recognized for developing high-performance grills and accessories that are unmatched in the market. By Sharon Sanders

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ON THE COVER: Ortal | Follow us on Twitter: @patiohearth


#agioredefined You hold the key to the future of outdoor design. Agio has redefined the industry by offering retailers and their customers exciting new looks from an ever-changing palette of designs. Put more power in your mix and watch your sales soar with Agio. ®

Life Begins Outdoors.™

Agio ® is a registered trademark of Agio International Company, Ltd.

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n January, I attended Navigating ping experience, which is parathe Future: The International mount in competing with other Casual Furnishings Association specialty retailers—and especially (ICFA) Educational Conference in competing with big-box stores 2018, held in Fort Lauderdale, and online merchants. Florida. This second annual educaMany among today’s contional program offered a number of sumers are looking for a shopping excellent speakers who covered a experience, not just a place to buy number of timely and relevant topics things. This is especially true of that pertained to specialty retailers, young and middle-aged conmanufacturers, and manufacturers’ sumers. There’s a reason that representatives. RadioShack went bankrupt (and With close to 200 people in its brick-and-mortar stores have attendance, the conference had nearly disappeared). RadioShack something to offer everyone, and stores had plenty of things to sell, there were plenty of information and networking opportunities to make the event more than worthwhile. In addition, for those of us who participated in the opening-day golf tournament, there was warm weather (then in short supply across much of the United States), along with plenty of sunshine. If I had to pick one word to encapsulate the overall theme of the conference, it would be engage. The presenters—from Doug Stephens (opening speaker and founder of Retail Prophet) to Tony Ramos and Gensun’s Sherry Cai at the Adam Japko (founder International Casual Furnishings Association of Esteem Media) to Educational Conference 2018 Karen Galindo (president of Outside in Style)—made engagement their most but not many people would refer to prevalent concept. shopping at RadioShack as an expeFor specialty retailers, this rience worth remembering. equates with engaging with cusEngagement and creating a positive tomers: first, to bring them into the and unique shopping experience need store; second, to offer them a to be foremost in the thoughts of all unique and different shopping specialty retailers, regardless of the size experience; and third, to get them of their stores or the product cateback into your store after the initial gories and collections offered. This visit. The speakers also stressed that doesn’t mean that you must have positive engagement creates a shopdancing bears or an F-15 flyover at


your store every weekend, but it does mean that you must do things to draw people into your store. It also means that customers should be met by salespeople who consider themselves outdoor/hearth-design specialists, not just people trying to sell patio, hearth, grill, outdoor-furniture, outdoor-kitchen, and outdoor-living products. In his opening speech, Stephens shared the story of Howard Schultz, executive chair of Starbucks. Early on, Schultz described Starbucks as a place where people gather and can find a good cup of coffee. Schultz does not consider Starbucks to be a place where people buy coffee. Rather, coffee is simply what people purchase when they gather at Starbucks. Coffee sales are a byproduct of that gathering. The same thought process pertains to our industry. The patio, hearth, grill, outdoor-furniture, outdoorkitchen, and outdoor-living industry offers consumers the opportunity to create an outdoor-living area—and with hearth products, an area inside the home—where family members, loved ones, and friends gather to spend time together and enjoy one another’s company. All the products and collections that our industry has to offer bring this experience to fruition. Understanding what our industry is

all about—how to position it properly with the consumer; how to market, advertise, and promote it; and how to training salespeople to share and sell the experience (along with all of the products and collections that come with it)—is at the heart of how specialty retailers can effectively compete with big-box stores, online sellers, and other specialty retailers. Speaking of engagement, I would strongly encourage specialty retailers to attend conferences (such as the ICFA Educational Conference), trade shows, and other national and industry events. The information that comes from attending industry events and networking with peers and manufacturers is always worthwhile. Taking time away from the store is never easy, but it’s a necessary part of being a store owner, buyer, or manager. In addition, keep reading Patio & Hearth Products Report, and we’ll keep providing you with timely, relevant, and thought-provoking editorial content that will help you in navigating the future. Tony Ramos

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By Kerrie Kelly

Tony Ramos

BRING THE INSIDE OUT I have lived my whole life in Northern California, a lush and abundant region soaked in sunshine and blessed with fair weather. Although we certainly do experience distinct seasons, our winters tend to be dry and brief, allowing us to continue our love affair with the great outdoors all year long. My husband and I love traveling to nearby Napa or Lake Tahoe, but really love entertaining in our own outdoor space, as it’s truly another room in our home. In the past year, I have been working with Coyote Outdoor Living (Dallas, Texas) on a new line of outdoor furniture that truly transforms residential outdoor spaces into resortlike retreats. I’m excited about this new furniture line, along with my Coast to Coast weather-friendly outdoorrug collection from Feizy Rugs (Dallas). In January, I was thrilled to share these new products with you at KBIS in Orlando, Florida; at the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market; and at Las Vegas Market. I guarantee these outdoor collections will make your customers’ backyards, porches, and balconies as cozy, inviting, and functional as my own. If you are in a colder area, then it’s even more important to promote outdoor space to its full potential when the weather finally allows. Usually, outdoor areas are the last to receive design attention; however, by adding ample seating in a variety of performance fabrics, as well as by including grilling, entertaining, and kids’ play areas, customers can expand their livable spaces, essentially creating another room for their homes. By layering common design elements in the space— such as rugs, throw blankets, pillows, accessories, and even dramatic (yet functional) lighting—they can create attractive spaces that coordinate with a home’s interior design and provide space for entertaining and relaxation. Focus on selecting seating, side tables, flooring, lighting, artwork, mirrors, and accessories to pull together the look. The same attention to detail applied to designing the interior should be used for the exterior environment. Performance fabrics and rugs in an array of patterns and colors inspire a consistent overall home palette, while weatherproof candles and lighting create a sense of interest and ambience. Stylish fencing, shade structures, umbrellas, potted plants, and landscaping also create privacy from nearby


Kerrie Kelly

Kris Kyes STAFF WRITERS Cheryl Dangel Bartolini Cherise Forno Maura Keller Kimberly Rodgers Sharon Sanders Greg Thompson SOCIAL MEDIA EDITOR Greg Thompson CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Whitney Carrier BUSINESS MANAGER Susan Razetto CEO & PRESIDENT

neighbors and from more active areas of the yard. An outdoor fountain and fireplace add a nice element of calm, while an outdoor sound system can pump up the volume. When it comes to entertaining in our outdoor space, I enjoy using my outdoor grill, Asado smoker, and entertainment center from Coyote to serve beverages, veggies, and freshly grilled meats directly to the table. I keep a set of dishes, silverware, glasses, and linens specifically for outdoor entertaining ready in our outdoor kitchen’s cabinet drawers, and the refrigerator is stocked with favorite beverages for friends and family. All these details allow our guests to relax and enjoy themselves while taking in fresh air and beautiful surroundings. What could be better than that? The American Society of Interior Designers reports that we are spending 90% of our time indoors, and it’s becoming evident that there’s a huge disconnect between human beings and nature. Let’s face it: Our bodies were created to be outside and moving, not sitting at desks for eight hours a day. I challenge you to take care of yourself and your loved ones while enjoying the great outdoors—and I will join your efforts, too.

Tony Ramos

CORPORATE OFFICE Peninsula Media 21250 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 700 Torrance, CA 90503 (310) 792-7448 Fax (310) 792-7449 Tony Ramos Peninsula Media 21250 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 700 Torrance, CA 90503 (310) 792-7448 (310) 792-7449/Fax (310) 968-3962/Cell Subscription Inquiries: Patio & Hearth Products Report

Kerrie Kelly (Sacramento, California), FASID, is an award-winning interior designer, author, and multimedia consultant helping national brands reach the interior-design market. Kelly serves on the board of directors for the American Society of Interior Designers.


PO Box 2190 Skokie, IL 60076-7890 Subscribe online: Email: Phone: (847) 504-8466


H E A DQUA RTE R S – 9 4 4 9 8 t h S t reet | Ra ncho Cu c a mong a , CA 9 1 7 3 0 P h o n e: 9 0 9 . 9 8 9 . 9 9 7 7 | Fa x : 9 0 9 . 9 8 9 .9 9 7 0 | Toll F ree: 8 6 6 .9 6 4 .4 4 6 8 C H I CAGO S H OW R O O M – M erch a nd ise Ma r t Su ite 1 6 6 7 | Chic a g o, I L 6 0 6 5 4 G EN S U N CA S UA L. C O M

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indusTrYNEWS newly created acadia Hearth Builds Momentum Acadia Hearth LLC is a new venture, begun with considerable support from the venerable United States Stove Company (USSC), a 140–year-old business with firm roots in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. Kent Roeder, vice president and general manager, sales and marketing, Acadia Hearth and Breckwell, acknowledges that competition is heavy, but he sees plenty of opportunity. Patio & Hearth Products Report (P&HPR) sat down with Roeder to talk about the genesis of Acadia Hearth, new products on the horizon, and how USSC is helping the company gain a foothold in the market. P&HPR: How does Acadia Hearth fit into the specialty hearth market? Roeder: There is an open niche in the specialty hearth market. There are great companies out there, all selling in their own special ways. There is enough business out there to dive in and carve out our own niche, based on the resources that Acadia has available. We’re a company that has something to offer to the consumer in a manner that the current offering can’t provide. We’re very confident of that. P&HPR: How is the backing of USSC helping to make the process go more smoothly? Roeder: The acquisition of

Breckwell from USSC allowed for a wide arrangement of support from USSC; however, Acadia Hearth was actually formed by a group of investors based in Wyoming. Acadia Holdings has provided the working capital and up-front investment for what is already proving to be a successful initiative. As far as backing from USSC goes, Richard Rogers and August S.L. Jones from USSC are among a number of investors who have helped form Acadia Hearth. As strategic shareholders, they bring the company obvious resources, including warehousing and OEM opportunities. The investment group was looking for someone with experience to guide this specialty hearth company, and I have been given the opportunity to lead Acadia Hearth as the general manager and vice president of sales and marketing. P&HPR: What are some of the product introductions planned? Roeder: In the direct-vent gas market, Acadia Hearth will initially be introducing two different-sized inserts, one fireplace, two linear fireplaces, a freestanding gas stove, and a vent-free gas stove. Through our Breckwell line, we will be introducing our newly patented nonelectric, gravity-fed pellet stove—along with

revamping the entire Breckwell product offering to bring a more complete lineup to our dealers and distributors. We will also offer a lineup of gas patio heaters, firepits, and patio furniture that will be stocked, sold, and shipped as needed, to alleviate the need for large early buys that force dealers to stock large amounts. We are truly offering a wide range of highquality products sold through distribution to dealers at phenomenal prices. We want our customers to achieve great margins. P&HPR: What dealer-support programs are available or planned? Roeder: Acadia Hearth plans to sell through distribution all over North America. We are in discussion with key partners, but do have some openings in specific areas. Please call me at (833) Acadia1/(833) 222-3421 or email me at kroeder@acadia We will also have all of the

normal dealer programs (with aggressive burn programs) and are open to ideas from customers to cement our partnership for years to come. P&HPR: What type of presence will Acadia Hearth have at HPBExpo? Roeder: Acadia Hearth has secured indoor booth 2256. We look forward to showing off our new product line and discussing opportunities with all of our customers. P&HPR: How is your experience in the industry helping the new company? Roeder: I have been involved in all phases of the specialty hearth gas segment over the past 18 years. Design, marketing, sales, and management experience have put me in a great spot to help guide this venture. The opportunity to include a renowned brand of solid-fuel heating such as Breckwell gives me a further advantage in taking this venture to the next level.

oW lee showcases new pendleton Fabric collection at Las Vegas Market

Telescope To HosT educaTional seminar aT HpBexpo

oW lee debuted its new pendleton® fabric collection at las Vegas market in January. These sunbrella® fabrics bring two heritage bands together, combining pendleton Woolen mills’ distinctive aesthetic with the enduring performance of sunbrella fabrics. With the addition of the high-quality outdoor craftsmanship oW lee is known for, a collection of products that fully encompasses the rich artisanal heritage of three tried-and-true u.s. brands was created. These specially curated collections are unique to oW lee and are available on selected oW lee furniture pieces. Terri lee rogers, president (and vice president of sales and marketing), says, “We are beyond excited to be partnering with sunbrella and pendleton on this new collection; they

Telescope Casual Furniture will hold an hour-long educational seminar on the benefits of adding outdoor furni-

are both brands we have looked up to for years. When we first saw the fabric, we were in awe of the rich colors and OW Lee’s Creighton club chair, feapatterns. We turing Pendleton fabric by Sunbrella knew we had to create a program with it.” These fabrics have been composed into specific looks featuring top-selling oW lee collections such as creighton, classico, monterra, and pacifica.


ture and accessories to existing hearth businesses at 12:30 p.m. on March 7 at HPBExpo in Nashville, Tennessee. This elective course will feature current hearth and patio

retailers, and the discussion will focus on turning seasonal sales into yearround profit and growth. The featured retailers will discuss how they have been successful in increasing profitability by driving more (and new) traffic—both into their stores and to their websites— using additional product offerings. The discussion will include the benefits of adding this product category and how to overcome challenges involving space, employee training, and maintaining updated inventory. Telescope’s retailer panel will share how to generate positive cash flow in the off season and will demonstrate how the patio category complements established hearth operations.

pHiFer inTroduces neW luxe liFe collecTion Creating a sense of strength and dependability, Phifer’s Luxe Life collection of cushion and sling performance fabrics features glamorous neutrals that are ready to work. Heavily influenced by mixed-metal accents and organic brown, new yarn introductions such as mushroom and oyster zinc speak to the intricacies of neutral color. Classic black and optic white color pairings have been updated with trending taupe, gray, and walnut. This layering of neutral midtones feels relevant (yet extremely livable). Regarded as the must-have palette for 2019, this traditional grouping is a clean, minimalistic approach to outdoor design. Fashion-forward and functional, Phifer’s 100% recyclable

agio unveils 2019 outdoor collections at Las Vegas Market

Carmel by Agio, part of a Midcentury collection featured at Las Vegas Market

For the first time, agio, usa—a year ahead of time—introduced its outdoor collections for 2019 at the 2018 January las Vegas market. This unprecedented preview demonstrates the manufacturer’s commitment to what it sees as a seismic shift in the outdoor category. mike Gaylord, vice president, says, “With the outdoor sector’s continued growth, coupled with new tradeshow markets emerging to serve our industry, it’s now time to reflect on how manufacturers and retailers plan for upcoming seasons and to adjust our thought processes.” agio, working with international market centers and other industry thought leaders, is advocating that las Vegas market’s January trade show should become the industry’s bellwether event and new first-view platform for the following calendar year. “With a preview of new collections months before decision time in July, manufacturers will have the opportunity to incorporate comments from retailers and

GeoBella® indoor/outdoor high-performance fabrics and sling Phifertex® outdoor fabrics offer comfort, durability, and style and are suitable for any room of the home, from the sunroom to the breakfast nook. GeoBella features the soft, touchable texture of indoor furniture, backed by the stability and strength needed for outdoor-cushion applications. Phifertex, a high-end outdoor performance fabric, is ideal for sling products and can be used in awning, umbrella, and newer applications, such as wrapped furniture and padded slings. For more information on Phifer’s Luxe Life collection, call

give collections a custom feel before orders are written,” Gaylord explains. “retailers who take advantage of the opportunity to preview new products in January are gaining the advantage.” Gaylord envisions the entire industry benefiting from this approach. “From a manufacturing standpoint, it would certainly be a win for us, because we’d gain the ability to hear valuable feedback from retailers and have sufficient time to retool and make necessary adjustments in advance of July’s icFa preview show™,” he says. While agio’s 2019 preview items were not entire collections, attendees saw color blends; shapes; trending materials; and examples of wicker, cast, dining, and deep seating products, as well as agio’s trademark firepits.

(800) 221-5497 or email inquiries through the website at

norTHcape relocaTes WesT coasT operaTions NorthCape has relocated its West Coast operations from Fullerton, California, to a larger facility in Fontana. West Coast administrative and customer-service functions will be centralized at the company’s Illinois headquarters. Tom Murray, president, says, “Our focus is continuously to improve efficiency, capacity, and ultimately, cus-

castelle selects Winner of Social-media Contest Castelle has announced that Cassandra Lewis won its See, Sit, Select & Snap social-engagement contest, held during the fall 2017 High Point Market. Lewis was awarded a prize valued at $5,000 in Castelle casual furniture for use of the Castelle quick-ship selfie station and related social-media posting. The multiplatform social-media experience was created by Castelle to introduce its 2018 quick-ship program. Castelle outdoor lounge chairs from each of the program’s collections were displayed outside, with corresponding signs. Market attendees were encouraged to take a closer look at the chairs, try them, select a favorite, snap a selfie, and post it to

Instagram (using the hashtag #castelleluxury). Lewis was selected from hundreds who participated. Derek Ritzel, president and CEO, says, “With the launch of the quickship program, Castelle wanted to create an opportunity, during the busy market, to engage with attendees in a nontraditional manner. The selfies not only enriched our social media, but also provided valuable product-preference information and overall exposure for the quickship program, which was the fundamental goal.” Through the See, Sit, Select & Snap contest, Castelle acquired nearly 700 new social-media followers. As the winner, Lewis selected fur-

tomer satisfaction. To that end, we are expanding our domestic-manufacturing and distribution relationship with our operations partner, LeSaint Logistics. NorthCape is committed to continuous improvement and growth in North America.” NorthCape is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality, stylish, comfortable furniture at an affordable price. NorthCape’s three distribution centers minimize freight rates and shipping times for dealers, and domestic cushion-manufacturing facilities facilitate speedy delivery of quick-ship and made-to-order cushions. With the right mixture of style, comfort, and value, NorthCape is proud to offer exceptional casual furniture.

coYoTe announces neW producT FeaTures

Castelle’s quick-ship selfie station at fall 2017 High Point Market

nishings from the Castelle showroom that will be delivered to her home’s outdoor spaces.

Coyote Outdoor Living has introduced several updates to its stainless grills, ceramic cookers, and refrigeration units. Coyote is upgrading all Cseries grills to feature its signature Infinity burners and is upgrading the S-series grills with ceramic briquette flavorizers. The S-series will now expand to include the C2SL30, a compact 30-inch grill, while the new C2C42, a 42-inch grill, is the largest in the C-series line. Jim Ginocchi, president, says, “Design and value are at the heart of Coyote, and our passion is to elevate the outdoor-living experience with products that marry power and dura-




sunbrella introduces Architexture by Richard Frinier celebrated designer richard Frinier shares his strong respect and appreciation for the importance architecture plays in society with a new collection of sunbrella® fabrics. The architexture collection, which debuted at showtime® in december 2017, echoes architectural elements found in surface and facade design. The Architexture collection by Sunbrella, designed by “i became inspired by the architectural movement taking place that Richard Frinier involves the surfacing and resurfacing of buildings around the world,” Frinier says. tern infused with reflective fiber, for a shimmer “i am captivated by the many unique layers and that creates a sense of energy. Frinier based materials, such as metals, glass, concrete, and geometric pattern Hexspace on an architecturother new and repurposed materials, used to al window screen he saw on a French high-rise create these remarkable architectural facades. building. a facade seen on a shenzhen, china, The outcome is compelling.” skyscraper was translated into linx, a dimenarchitectural impressions continued to sional motif. manifest themselves throughout Frinier’s reimagined from the window wall of a new design process, and the result is a versatile York, new York, skyscraper, architex appears range of textiles with distinctive constructions, as a woven grid pattern. matrix is a honeytextures, patterns, and colors. Fabrics in the comb pattern originating from slate tiles. To architexture collection enhance and complecomplete the collection, struxture, the base ment both interior and exterior spaces. textile for all architexture patterns, is a versatile a synthesis of architectural forms and soarconstruction that references the appearance of ing skyscrapers, the pattern nYc translates the exterior surface materials and forms. vertical facades of the iconic metropolis into a colorways in the collection draw upon the tapestry of urban living. la is an abstract interbuilding materials, hardscapes, environments, pretation inspired by a modern building and skyscapes surrounding these structural facade. Kowloon, china, a densely populated facades. The palette offers a wide range of colarea of Hong Kong, was the inspiration behind ors, including vapor, daylight, sand, system, Hirise, a textured stripe of tiny windows. stone, steel, brick, green, glass, skyline, and Facade showcases an offset-window patmidnight.

The outdoor Greatroom company Packs Holiday Meals for 640 Needy People The outdoor Greatroom company’s employees volunteered their time in november to pack healthy-meal boxes, called matterboxes, for families in need in minneapolis–st. paul, minnesota. This event supported matter, an organization providing access to health locally, nationally, and internationally. a part of that The Outdoor GreatRoom Company’s employees pack meal goal is providing healthy, balboxes for the needy anced meals to needy families. This companywide event included all Greatroom cares, hosted a Thanksgiving meal outdoor Greatroom company employees, drive, providing 394 pounds of food for local who packed 160 meal boxes in two hours. residents. during the christmas season, the each box fed a family of four over the holidays, company also adopted a local family, providproviding 640 total meals. The company’s ing gifts and resources to give them peace of charitable-giving committee, outdoor mind and joy.


bility with style. The introduction of the new grill sizes adds versatility when designing outdoor spaces, and the added benefit of Infinity burners elevates the cooking experience for all outdoor chefs.” Coyote will introduce a line of outdoor furnishings with interior designer Kerrie Kelly. Included are the Laguna, South Beach, and Catalina collections, which take their cues from a variety of regional styles, from transitional to warm contemporary. “This unique partnership with Kelly will offer outdoor enthusiasts the ability to design their own fully cohesive kitchen and entertaining spaces, without boundaries or constraints,” Ginocchi says.

TWin-sTar announces THree addiTions To leadersHip Team Twin-Star International has announced additions to the company’s executive team: James Junker, vice president of product management; Lisa Cody, vice president of marketJames Junker ing; and Todd Outten, vice president of sales. Lori Gonzalez, CEO, says, “These three executives bring incredible knowledge and experience in understanding consumer insight, Lisa Cody product design and innovation, and marketing and sales.” Junker brings to his role 20 years of experience in product management, brand development, design-rich thinking, and marketing Todd Outten strategy, with a focus on the consumer-products industry. He will lead initiatives related to new-product innovation and the product portfolio, focusing primarily on discovery and innovation, as well as new-product planning and introduction. He will also oversee trade marketing and industrial design. Cody brings the company more than 20 years of marketing-leadership experience for startups (as well as larger companies), primarily in consumer products and retail. She is responsible for online-commerce merchandising, consumer and retail engagement, digital marketing, and creative services. She will translate Twin-Star’s deep understanding of

July 29 - August 2, 2018 Save the Date at JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018 | PATIO & HEARTH PRODUCTS REPORT • 13 Circle Reader Service No. 13



memphis Hires David Carpenter memphis Wood Fire Grills has hired david carpenter as its territory representive for the northeast. carpenter brings years of experience to memphis from the solar industry, as both a regional sales manager and a sales consultant. an avid foodie, carpenter has even written his own cookbook. carpenter will be supporting and growing the memphis dealer network in the region. carpenter will cover Virginia through maine and joins memphis’ growing team of territory representatives, who cover the southeast, south central, midwest, and northwest regions. sharla Wagy, general manager, says, “We are very happy to have dave on board and look forward to working with dave to continue the growth in the northeast territory. dave’s successful sales experience (as well as his passion for grilling) makes him a great fit for our team.” memphis grills are high-end pellet grills with the ability to smoke, sear, roast, and bake on one grill—with amazing wood-fire flavor. intelligent temperature control (or iTc™) gives users precise control over their grills and added convenience: They can use an app to monitor and control the grill from anywhere. double-wall stainless-steel construction with true dual-fan convection means there is no need for a rotisserie.

consumer segments into effective communication that drives consumer conversion. Outten has 25 years of sales-leadership experience, including roles at Fortune 500 companies, as well as smaller organizations. He has extensive management capabilities in joint business planning and online-commerce, club, mass-market, and home-center channels. In his role, Outten will be responsible for sales activities across all channels.

Telescope announces Board appoinTmenTs and sTaFF promoTions Telescope Casual Furniture recently announced the promotion of three employees. Chris Ettori, vice president of manufacturing, was added to the board of directors, along with Greta Pisani, who was also promoted to the position of retail sales manager. Kathy Juckett, CEO, says, “Chris has over 23 years of experience at Telescope. He has worked in nearly every capacity in the factory. His talents as vice president of manufacturing made his appointment an easy decision for us.” Henry Vanderminden IV, president, says, “We are also excited to promote Greta, not just to the position of retail sales manager, but also to our board, as the first board member from the fifth generation of family members. Greta brings the board not only nine years of

artist/designer marc ange selects Sunbrella for Installation at Art Basel

David Carpenter

Sunbrella fabric was featured in Marc Ange’s installation at Art Basel in Miami Beach

artist and designer marc ange used luxe sunbrella® upholstery fabric for his art installation, “Les Araignées et le Refuge,” during art Basel in miami Beach, Florida, in december 2017. The installation combined le refuge, a pink daybed fresh from its milan design Week debut, and les araignées, a collection of sunbrella-upholstered armchairs evoking the shapes of spiders. The armchairs feature circular seats on hemispherical bases suspended by many metal legs in gold, silver, and copper. ange selected sunbrella for les araignées due to the upholstery fabric’s legendary performance, which allows the chairs to be used indoors and outdoors. Greg Voorhis, executive design director for sunbrella, says, “i have always appreciated design tensions that result from unexpected combinations. sunbrella fabrics are luxurious and soft to the touch, and they feature unmatched durability, stain resistance, and cleanability.”

sales and marketing experience, but also the millennial generation. She has that family passion and drive to keep our company a success well into the next generation.” Telescope also promoted Matt Pisani to the position of national sales manager. Vanderminden says, “Matt is a natural at sales management and an excellent choice to lead our sales team.”

HeriTaGe Home Group sells lane VenTure To BasseTT FurniTure Heritage Home Group LLC (HHG) has signed an agreement to sell its Lane Venture business to Bassett Furniture Industries Inc. Pierre de Villemejane, CEO of HHG, says, “Lane Venture is an exceptional brand that is uniquely dedicated

new online Tool available to Preview Phifer Fabrics phifer inc. has launched an online tool designed to take the guesswork (and stress) out of choosing the perfect outdoor fabric. The outdoor Fabric Visualizer allows website visitors to mix, match, and coordinate outdoor-furniture fabrics before making purchase decisions. The easy-to-navigate tool first prompts users to select a residential or commercial setting before customizing the look with wall and floor swatches and furniture frames that most closely match their current Phifer’s new Outdoor Fabric Visualizer outdoor spaces. From there, visitors can click through phifertex® sling and GeoBella® cushion fabrics, applying them to their virtual outdoor settings (including pillows) to see how different colors, textures, and patterns might coordinate with existing decor. design drafts can be shared via social media or email. phifer offers free fabric swatches upon request. Visitors can also purchase phifertex or GeoBella yardage or complete a contact form for more information on purchasing furniture upholstered with phifer fabric. To view the full line of phifer outdoor fabrics, visit For inspiration and ideas, see designed Fabrics by phifer on pinterest and browse the style boards.


to the growing premium outdoor-furniture category. We are proud to have found a new owner for Lane Venture in Bassett. Exiting the outdoor market will allow HHG to focus on its core indoor segments.” According to Rob Spilman, chair and CEO of Bassett, Lane Venture has been an important player in the outdoor-furniture market since 1972. “We have been contemplating our entry into the outdoor market for some time, and we believe that Lane Venture is the appropriate platform to become a serious participant in this growing category. We look forward to working with the Lane Venture organization to build an exciting future,” Spilman says.

courisTan BolsTers sales Team BY HirinG TWo HiGH-end Broadloom and area-ruG sales leaders

oFYr Hires peter Kalshoven As National Sales Managerr

Peter Kalshoven

peter Kalshoven joins oFYr Grills as national sales manager. in this newly created role, Kalshoven will be responsible for developing and growing the oFYr dealer network. Kalshoven brings extensive business-development, sales, and managerial skills to the company. Gerry clothier, vice president of sales, says, “We are pleased to welcome peter to our sales team. He has over 25 years of experience in the hearth and grill industry. With his background and eager, positive demeanor, pete will help us continue to grow.”

and a revolving-payment estimator allows retailers to help customers compare plan/payment options. STORIS reduced the time needed to upload special-order options and suboptions. Retailers can choose configuration options through a single scrollable display and can add more options. The View and Manage Open Orders (VAMOO) process was enhanced visually and functionally. The screen design was reconfigured for efficiency, and order inquiries and adjustments can be made within VAMOO.

Jeff Lynch (Greenville, South Carolina), a STORIS client since 2012, was a beta tester. Debra Hutz and Kathrine MacMillan, system managers, note, “The upgrade to STORIS 9.9 was conducted flawlessly. As a furniture and appliance retailer, we represented both industries. We especially appreciate the new design of the VAMOO process that our team uses daily.” Release 9.9 is now available and is certified for 2018 QuickBooks Pro and Premier editions. Learn more at (888) 4-STORIS or

Couristan has hired two leading sales executives to Troy Corey serve the Manhattan and Southern California markets. Troy Corey will ensure that dealers in New York, New York, have access to Couristan’s leading residential broadloom and area-rug collections, while Nick Maugeri will be responsible for the Nick Maugeri Southern California region. Both bring the company more than 30 years of experience in forging relationships with specialty and high-end retailers and will report to Len Andolino, executive vice president of Couristan’s Residential Division. Andolino says, “We are committed to developing the strongest sales force to bring our collections to market, and both Troy and Nick have unbelievable track records in the high-end floor-covering sector.”

sToris release 9.9 deliVers KeY FuncTionaliTY STORIS release 9.9 marks the software company’s continuing tradition: delivering new feature sets every six months. Simultaneous development occurs across STORIS platforms. Dom Costantino, vice president of application development, says, “We addressed key areas across our solution that help retailers manage their inventory, unified supply chain, and customerfacing interactions better.” Bulk data imports have been streamlined to reduce time spent maintaining in-store and website products and imagery. Radiofrequency barcode processes were enhanced to capture more detailed information. Calculations for vendors’ lead days were extended to warehouse and store settings. The ability to capture separate addresses for billing, delivery, and financing was added. Retailers can see open balances by customer,

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ALL AGLOW New models from top manufacturers heat up the fireplace market. By GREG THOMPSON


01 Empire’s 60-inch Boulevard linear see-through fireplace (VFLL60SP), with a multicolor LED lighting system

02 The FV34 Arch fireplace from Mendota

03 The BI-60-Xtraslim fireplace from Amantii

echnologies come and go, but the eternal appeal of the fireplace remains. Call it the bread and melting butter of the hearth industry. Rustic, modern/contemporary, transitional, traditional, or linear: There’s a customer for every fireplace variation. Today’s manufacturers are simultaneously scoping out trends and starting their own. The concept of the fireplace is old, but the approach to it is filled with innovation. Perhaps more than ever, architects and interior designers are helping consumers find new and interesting fireplaces. Daniela Lucarino is product manager for Regency® Fireplace Products (Delta, British Columbia). She says, “The market continues to be mixed between traditional and contemporary. While some regions are very excited about the clean, seamless fireplace trend, many staples of the traditional fireplace are still very popular.” Manufacturers are optimistic about both categories. Their offerings and insights can provide great new ideas for 2018. MILES INDUSTRIES The Valor® Fireplaces brand from Miles Industries Ltd. (North Vancouver, British Columbia) continued to expand its Driftwood and Splitwood firebeds to most of its gas fireplaces in 2017, with more planned for 2018. The LX2 threesided fireplace and the Madrona Modern freestanding stove were also striking additions to the lineup. Mike Powell, director of marketing, says, “Our linear fire-


02 03





places continue to be popular, reflecting a move toward interior-designed and architectural homes. If homeowners are building new homes or undertaking major renovations, they will seriously consider linear fireplaces.” While today’s styles are quite eclectic, “Many customers prefer a minimalist look. They are choosing slimmer, neutral finishes— particularly with linear and larger-format fireplaces, such as the H5 and H6 series,” Powell adds. Listening to dealers, installers, and users inevitably points to what works. It’s a strategy that the company plans to continue. Powell explains, “We want our radiant gas fireplaces to be an integral part of the home for the long term. Much of what we do is continual refinement of the design, installation, and overall experience (including maintenance) of our fireplaces. There’s every reason to feel positive about 2018. More than ever, gas fireplaces are an essential part of the home.” ORTAL An extensive, flexible product line serves Ortal® USA (Los Angeles, California) well. In recent years, the company has increased the size and diversity of its collections to include traditional fireplaces with a modern twist, as well as frontfacing, corner, three-sided, and tunnel units with an extended-glass feature. Spencer Lowe, general manager for Ortal North America, says, “We have a lot in store for 2018. We are launching a completely new line, Lyric. The contemporary line is an extension of the current best-in-class offerings from Ortal, boasting the same high-quality construction and popular finish options, but value engineered to give builders a midlevel price option.” Ortal’s linear products

continue to do well, thanks to consumers who crave the clean, frameless designs. “Our exclusive Cool Wall technology allows clients to design the fireplace surround up to the fireplace glass,” Lowe explains. “These products have done so well because we provide architects and builders the freedom to design whatever they dream. We are one of the only manufacturers that can do this,” he adds. Ortal has been growing quickly, building considerable heat for its innovative designs. Clients are expressing interest in contemporary and transitional styles, and Lowe believes that dealers looking for younger customers should pursue this category. “Many millennials want fireplaces, but they don't want the same fireplaces that they grew up with,” he says. “They look for a modern, clean twist.” WOODBRIDGE There have been several product launches at Woodbridge Fireplace Inc. (Mississauga, Ontario). The most recent include the DV36CV large direct-vent gas fireplace; the SV-36, -48, -60, and -72 indoor/outdoor see-through gas fireplaces; and the DV1800 12–inch-deep direct-vent gas fireplace. Tony James, president and CFO, says, “Our DVI750/751 series gas inserts and our SS-36, -48, -60, and -72 outdoor gas fireplaces are our fastest-moving product lines. That’s largely because of the conversion of wood-burning fireplaces to gas and because of the great upsurge in creating outdoor-living spaces.” James urges specialty retailers to maximize sales by displaying burning models creatively and showing a wide variety of choices. When customers ask about product placement in the home, have a response ready. “Strong knowledge of operation and installation parameters will help build

04 Napoleon’s AllureNEFL60H fireplace

05 Kozy Heat’s Springfield 36 fireplace

06 The PL60VO fireplace from Montigo

07 The Phoenix fireplace from Heat & Glo

consumer confidence,” James says. Despite the buzz surrounding modern and transitional looks, James sees something akin to a balance taking shape within the public mind. “After the introduction of contemporary products, there was great interest from consumers,” James says. “We are now seeing a return to an even mix of traditional and contemporary gas products.” AMANTII AND SIERRA FLAME During nearly 40 years in the hearth industry, Brian Richards has seen many changes. His latest creation, Amantii Electric Fireplaces and Sierra Flame Fireplaces (Vancouver, British Columbia), is almost a decade old, and the company is thriving, thanks to constant upgrading and updating. Last year, the three-sided Tru-View-XL was an innovative introduction to Amantii’s electric-fireplace family. Ideal for custom homes and rated for indoor and outdoor use, it’s a large fireplace designed to make a big impact. “This year, we went high— increasing the viewing area on our new Extra Tall series by 6 inches, to an impressive 18 inches in height,” Richards says. “The XT speaks to the popularity of the style of the




latest gas models. No feature was spared: It has multicolored Fire & Ice® flames, it’s 12 inches deep, it has ambient canopy lighting (to illuminate the decorative media from above), and it’s rated for for indoor/outdoor use (including bathrooms) and for heating up to 500 square feet.” Amantii is already known for its decorative media. Included with the XT is a designer media kit that boasts an 11-piece log set, Ice media, black glass, pebbles, stones, and embers, so consumers can achieve stunning looks. “The XT is going to see the inside of a lot of custom and high-end homes,” Richards predicts. “It’s available in 40-, 50-, 60-, 72-, and 88-inch lengths.” Those who like the thin look will also be pleased in 2018. Richards says, “We just introduced the slimmest built-in electric fireplace on the market, at just 4 inches in depth; it comes standard with all the features that make Amantii great.”

01 The front-facing 75x65 fireplace from Ortal

02 Regency’s Liberty® LRI4E insert


MONTIGO Linear fireplaces are best sellers at Montigo® (Langley, British Columbia, and Ferndale, Washington). This is thanks to what Kosta Lazos, national sales director, calls extremely clean-faced units. They are available in both contemporary and traditional configurations. The ultraclean, minimalist approach can be seen in fireplaces such as the Distinction 63-inch linear with Cool Wall Advantage and the PL42VONE outdoor linear, with cool-tothe-touch surfaces and an optional enclosure. An additional marketing employee has been added to oversee Montigo’s strategy and to work with the management team to spread the clean, minimalist look to even more dealers. Lazos points out that clean is not necessarily synonymous with modern. “People may think that a clean face or look only applies to a contemporary style,” he says. “What we are finding is that even in strongly traditional markets, people are craving a clean, uncluttered look.” Lazos emphasizes that once Montigo units hit the showroom floor, dealers should make every effort to show off their strengths—and above all, those shimmering flames. “Burning showroom displays—using modern finishes and clean, simple designs—show where the market is today,” he says. REGENCY Following the success of its 40-inch designer gas fireplaces, Regency kept the momentum going by expanding its City series™ to include left- and right-corner perspective fireplaces and, most recently, the 72-inch New York View. According to Julian Mills, senior


03 industrial-design manager, the company also introduced functional, on-trend accessories into the line, such as black-glass CV40 extended-view panels. “With more units in development, we look forward to introducing additional fireplace styles in 2018,” Mills says. “Encased by frameless glass, City series fireplaces offer an unobstructed view of lush flames capable of adding ambience and gentle warmth to a room. The are popular among designers and new-construction homeowners who want a beautiful feature wall that can be enjoyed year round.” For homeowners in need of powerful radiant heat, Regency continues to invest in its Ultimate line of gas fireplaces. Defined by its transitional design, Regency’s Ultimate line blends contemporary linear design with “a large, best-in-class traditional log set enhanced by a realistic, glowing ember bed. Inspired by the feedback we received after launching our successful 40-inch U900E, we introduced the


03 The Premium Arte U 70h fireplace from Spartherm

larger 50-inch U1500E in 2017,” Mills says. The environmental efficiency of Regency wood inserts, fireplaces, and stoves makes them a popular choice among ecofriendly consumers who want a traditional wood-burning fireplace without traditional emissions. Lauren Fabbi, product manager, says, “Our gas inserts are equally popular among homeowners who desire the clean convenience of instant heat, with contemporary styles gaining momentum.” Lucarino adds, “Fresh styles are resonating in all product categories, and homeowners are becoming increasingly creative with refinishing. For example, log features have become popular, even as complements to gas fireplaces. The City series is on par with this growing trend, enabling homeowners and designers to finish fireplaces in wood and wallpaper. This only recently became possible, thanks to innovative new technologies such as Regency’s Cool Wall system.” KOZY HEAT The newest fireplaces at Hussong Manufacturing Company Inc./Kozy Heat® Fireplaces (Lakefield, Minnesota) are the Springfield 36 and the Slayton 60—two highperforming additions to the company’s line of heater-rated products. Heather Hussong Reasoner, marketing manager, says, “All of our products are doing very well.” In addition, “We have always had a reputation for making products with a realistic look—at a great value. We take pride in knowing that our dealers and their customers are getting fireplaces that we are proud to put our family name on,” she notes.

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Matt Kolander, head of sales, advises dealers to lay out displays so that products in the same category are as close together as possible. “If all of the gas inserts, stoves, directvent fireplaces, and electric fireplaces are in the same general area, it is much easier for customers to look at their options,” Kolander says. “My favorite displays are the ones that stop you in your tracks: You find yourself saying, ‘I want that in my house.’” Kolander and Reasoner report gradual sales increases for their linear fireplaces, but sales of traditional fireplaces experienced a big boom during fall 2017. “The bigger the viewing area is, the better,” Reasoner says. “Overall, we see customers taking designs they love—whether traditional or modern— and going with them,” she explains. “In the end, they are looking for great flames and log designs, which we deliver with all of our fireplaces.”



HHT In spring, Hearth & Home Technologies (HHT), Lakeville, Minnesota, will debut its Heat & Glo Phoenix TrueView fireplace, in what the company calls a completely new category. Jeni Forman is senior vice president, U.S. sales and marketing, dealer/wholesale. She says, “It’s the first gas fireplace without a glass front. It pairs the ambience of a traditional open-front fireplace with the convenience, design flexibility, and easy installation of gas.” It presents the look of a large traditional fireplace, without glass, for the best view of the ultrarealistic logs, flames, and glowing ember bed. Forman reports that the Phoenix is a win for builders, particularly in design planning. “It offers the same clearances as a gas fireplace and uses horizontal venting, allowing for a quicker, easier installation than a wood fireplace—saving time and money,” Forman says. “It also uses new WhisperTone™ technology, an innovative three-part system that creates airflow while minimizing sound; an automatic damper stops air movement when the fireplace is off and prevents cold air from sneaking into the home.” Traditional offerings continue to perform well for HHT, and that is attributable to the “breadth of our portfolio, with a gas fireplace for everyone,” Forman says. That increased flexibility is a priority for builders, architects, designers, and homeowners. Forman adds, “They want the ability to put a television and the fireplace on the same wall, and they want to use unique finishing materials, such as barn wood. Our heat-management portfolio delivers that flexibility and allows them full control of their heat.”

Supreme’s Fusion 18 fireplace

02 The Ridgefield fireplace (open) from Twin-Star

He continues, “Transitional and contemporary styles are currently our most popular. We’re seeing design head in the direction of a combination of transitional and contemporary styles. In fact, we’ve adopted the term trans-contemporary to describe the latest style trend.” SUPREME As a manufacturer that prides itself on innovation, Supreme Inc. (Montreal, Quebec) introduced two products in 2017 that met the EPA’s 2020 standards. They are the Astra 24 and Fusion 18 fireplaces. The Astra 24 is a compact-depth, zero-clearance fireplace that Anastasia Marcakis, sales manager, describes as particularly well suited for retrofitting or for replacing old decorative units. Its compact depth means that it can easily be installed in existing walls. “The fireplace boasts a generous viewing area, and its large firebox can accommodate logs of up to 24 inches,” Marcakis says. “Among its many unique features, the fireplace comes with a patented air control that regulates combustion automatically. Cast-iron panels line and protect the stainless-steel firebox—for extreme durability and longer-lasting warmth.” The Fusion 18 is a compact insert that offers a proportional firebox with a generous viewing area. Ideal for smaller masonry openings, it can be installed with a 5-inch liner. Its sleek design, large glass panel, and flush-mounted surround have quickly gained momentum for it. Capital improvements have streamlined manufacturing and improved quality. Marcakis comments, “We recently invested in a new machine that gives us more flexibility in design. It’s a CNC laser-cutting machine (capable of cutting at high speed) and is very precise, allowing us to cut various shapes and designs in thicker material.”

02 NAPOLEON Napoleon Fireplaces (Barrie, Ontario, and Crittenden, Kentucky) has recently focused on its linear series of fireplaces: 22 models of singlesided and see-through units, with a variety of optional media, trims, and surrounds. Several units include the patent-pending Dynamic Heat Control™ and Premium Glass Guard systems. Stephen Schroeter, senior vice president of sales, marketing, and administration, explains that Dynamic Heat Control—included with the Luxuria™ series and optional with the Vector™ series—redirects heat away from the fireplace opening, making the use of combustible framing finishes possible. “The Premium Glass Guard system allows the Luxuria series to be installed without a safety screen,” Schroeter says. “These developments allow a significantly increased level of design flexibility for new construction and remodeling.” Napoleon has seen significant growth in linear gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces, and outdoorliving products. Specifically, the Vector and Luxuria series linear fireplaces, Allure electric wall-hanging fireplaces, and outdoor Riverside 42 clean-faced gas fireplaces have done well. “Linear fireplaces have been extremely popular and are still gaining momentum,” Schroeter says. “In addition, the technology and aesthetics of electric fireplaces have come a long way. That’s going to be one of the fastest-growing segments, in the near future. More homeowners are defining outdoor-living areas and using them as extensions of their homes. Outdoor fireplaces and patio flame tables not only improve the ambience of these spaces, but also help extend their season of use.”


EMPIRE Dealers who work with Empire Comfort Systems (Belleville, Illinois) are used to a steady flow of innovative products, such as a 72-inch direct-vent linear fireplace, as well as vent-free and direct-vent indoor/outdoor linear units. According to Nick Bauer, president, a new line

PL60VO installed in wood facing

Bring your vacation home. Montigo’s newest ventless outdoor replace is easily installed, almost anywhere. • Limitless facing options; zero clearance needed • Mount your television within inches • Full glass door with screen barrier

NOW AVAILABLE Standalone stainless steel enclosure • Cool to the touch • Top quality 304 stainless steel • Streamlined clean nish • Custom colors available Spring 2018

Available options: • Standalone enclosure • Multi-color restones or reglass • Speckled stones

• Enjoy a comfortable 8’ heat zone

• Driftwood logset

• Top grade 304 stainless steel

• Multi-color LED lights • Remote control

Dealer inquiries welcome: 1-800-378-3115 or Circle Reader Service No. 21



of direct-vent inserts using the company’s TruFlame technology is in the works for 2018. “Our Slope Glaze vent-free burner has been a best seller for almost 20 years, but more recent best sellers have been our entire lineup of linear products, from vent-free to direct-vent and outdoor models,” Bauer says. “A new product category for us is our TruFlame technology, with 36- and 40-inch fireplaces that will be followed by two inserts and a 50-inch fireplace in 2018.” A recent strategic move boosted the company’s already considerable ability to generate new products: Empire Group completed a majority purchase of SBI (Quebec City, Quebec). This gives Empire, which only manufactures gas products, a chance to enter the solid-fuel business. Bauer says, “The deal made so much sense for both companies because we didn’t compete on any products (since we make gas appliances and SBI makes solid-fuel appliances), yet we were selling to exactly the same customer base and are pretty aligned on core values. It is a really exciting time for Empire and SBI. I look forward to working with the Cantin brothers for many years to come.” Bauer sees expansion in consumers’ design preferences. “We see consumers asking for more choices, rather than a specific style, ” he says. “They want to be able to customize high-quality products to match their personal styles. This is something we try to embrace when we bring new products to market.” TWIN-STAR What consumers are likely to want most in an electric fireplace is a realistic flame effect, according to Twin-Star® Home (Delray Beach, Florida). It took that preference to heart and developed the ClassicFlame® 3D flame effect. Lisa Cody, vice president of marketing, says, “While they want the convenience and heat from an electric fireplace, they still want the ambience and appearance of a realistic flame. The patent-pending 3D flame-effect technology offers a layered-flame effect—to create a truly realistic fire experience. All our 3D flame-effect inserts include infrared quartz heating and a customizable flame effect with selectable flame colors, speed, and brightness levels.” Twin-Star’s electric fireplaces can be used with and without heat (for year-round enjoyment) with a standard, in-stock insert. Designers focused on safety can use patent-pending fire-prevention technologies, such as Safer Plug™ and Safer Sensor™. Both are standard on 3D flame inserts. Safer Plug has a sensor that continuously monitors the temperature of the plug and will turn off automatically if overheating occurs. Safer Sensor has two sensors that alert users when the heater is obstructed and will automatically shut it off to prevent damage. To boost sales, Cody encourages dealers to sell solutions, not just products. She says, “Furnishing for small spaces, creating ambience, and pointing out multifunctional use are



Woodbridge’s DV36CV large direct-vent fireplace

02 Valor’s L3 linear fireplace, with a Driftwood firebed

contemporary interior, a traditional log set, and a contemporary face, we can do that using plating, colors, and options. We live and work with small, family-owned businesses. That’s our dealer network. We are a small, family-owned business working for, and partnering with, other small family-owned businesses.”


all so relevant to consumers today.” Barn doors are very popular, and “rustic looks that blend with farmhouse chic are resonating with homeowners. There is also a lot of energy around the urban-loft look, which is modern and industrial,” she says. MENDOTA New log sets, new refractory liners, more depth in the zero-clearance fireplace lines, and more traditional fireplaces at Mendota Hearth (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) are evidence of a busy season of expansion. Ron Schinnerer, West Coast representative, reports that Mendota will also have two new fireplaces in the first quarter of 2018—an expansion of the Décor linear model’s sizes and an addition to the rectangular traditional-fireplace line. “We can fit any designer needs or homeowner requests—from interior, log, and front perspectives,” Schinnerer says. “We offer more options in decor and design than anyone in the marketplace. As we educate our dealers with that message, they are continuing to share that with customers, and we all reap the benefits.” Mendota makes it a priority to listen to dealers and to use their suggestions. The ability to bring new products to market quickly and effectively, based on partners’ feedback, “is what separates us,” Schinnerer says. “In the business world, inventory is important. You don’t want to be sitting on inventory. We have the ability to produce what customers want. We don’t limit them to what we feel they should have.” Schinnerer stresses the numerous U.S.–made choices that his family-owned company offers to dealers/customers. “They may want 70% contemporary and 30% rustic, and we provide those choices,” he says. “Dealers have increased their business by offering designers, builders, and homeowners the ability to have a percentage of design features—rustic, linear, and traditional—in a fireplace.” Schinnerer continues, “If someone wants a


SPARTHERM For Spartherm GmbH (Melle, Germany), with 15 appliances specifically designed and approved for the North American market, 2017 was a busy year. The number is impressive, but Timo Steinhauer, export-account manager, points out that there is a twist. “On top of that, we created the possibility of transforming the units into gas appliances,” he says. “This option basically extends the range to 30 appliances. Even retrofitting is possible.” Spartherm released an additional line of fireplaces: the Premium range. “It has polished glass, has no frames at all, and is very luxurious, with a minimalistic design,” Steinhauer says. Keeping up with the high-tech trend, Spartherm developed a new touch-based control unit, the S-Thermatik NEO. The unit can be connected to all the products in the Spartherm portfolio. Steinhauer explains, “It not only can control the combustion, but boasts plenty of other functions as well, such as controlling water input with our H2O line, measuring chimney draft, and more. It’s all controllable through the provided touchscreen or via mobile device—iOS and Android.” One of the best-selling units for Spartherm has been its medium-sized corner fireplace, the Varia 2RL-80h-4S. It features a modern, twosided design and can be installed in several different ways to suit multiple situations. It’s available in right- and left-oriented versions. Cornering the corner market is one way for specialty retailers to get the attention of customers. “The trend in North America is going toward linear design,” Steinhauer says. “It’s the corner models that I would suggest that dealers focus on: peninsulas, bay windows, and corner models are gaining popularity and look great in every showroom.”


R E D I S CO V E R R EG E N CY: Fresh new designs matching the very best of tradition & innovation.

ADD THE COMPLETE REGENCY LINE TO YOUR SHOWROOM TODAY! Learn how you can become an authorized Regency fireplace dealer at Circle Reader Service No. 23


The business has a lean advertising budget and passes on savings to customers

STRONGANDLEAN High visibility lets Patio Casual reduce marketing costs to benefit its customers. BY KIMBERLY RODGERS | PHOTOGRAPHY BY DAVID BRINKO


nne Othen describes owning her retail store, Patio Casual (Oldsmar, Florida), as a true labor of love. The shop began in 2014, in a 10x20-foot booth at the Oldsmar Flea Market where Anne and her husband, Thomas, started selling wooden Adirondack chairs. She says, “Then we evolved, somewhat organically, into a patio store.” They reinvested their earnings and soon brought in furniture lines (including deep seating) in wicker, aluminum, and cast metal. Anne and Thomas both had spent long careers in retail positions, and Anne had also worked in specialty retailing, including owning waterbed and futon stores. Opening a patio store was a perfect fit for their experience. In 2015, Patio Casual moved into a 13,000–square-foot building, but stayed within the Oldsmar Flea Market—a 20-acre shopping magnet with a fun, carnival atmosphere. It

offers everything from food and music to fresh produce and electronics. Oldsmar is near Tampa, and the market draws customers from three heavily populated counties along the Gulf Coast of Florida. The Oldsmar Flea Market has limited hours: It is open most Fridays through Sundays, closing at 5 p.m. With its own parking lot and store entrance, however, Patio Casual is able to operate as a freestanding retail business. The store is open to customers six days a week; however, it must follow Oldsmar Flea Market hours on the weekends. Anne comments, “It works out very well because the hours give our employees a good work/life balance, and the customers are very understanding.” In addition, the store benefits from excellent visibility from a major highway. She adds, “Being within the Oldsmar Flea Market gives us a fantastic draw—especially on the weekend, which can be a madhouse.”


Thomas and Anne Othen

With more than 1,200 vendors, the market generates a lot of activity, including thousands of visitors. Anne comments, “Patio Casual has become a destination in itself and now drives its own traffic, so we have tried to minimize some of the walk-through traffic from the market.” On some weekends, there were so many people simply browsing in Patio Casual that, Anne notes, “Employees could not move through

the store to help interested buyers.” The location helps Anne adhere to a lean advertising budget. The store uses its website (, consistent Facebook posts, Google AdWords, and Craigslist ads. Anne says, “Our location and lower advertising costs give us the opportunity to reduce the store’s overhead and then pass on the savings to our customers. We are sensitive to the fact that patio furniture can be somewhat pricey.”

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MARKETING MANEUVERS Online advertising helps keep down marketing expenses and reaches a broad array of consumers.

Furniture made from recycled plastic meets the demands of Florida’s weather

ABOUT THE CUSTOMER Anne’s goal for Patio Casual is to keep its focus on the customer experience. She says, “We have grown, and people seem greatly responsive to the products we carry.” When people walk through the showroom doors, she wants them not only to feel happy, but to have positive experiences throughout the entire buying process. “Customer satisfaction is what drives us here, every day,” she says. This customer-centered philosophy not only works for sales growth,

Bright, tropical colors in cushions and pillows are popular

but has also helped spread the word about Patio Casual. Over and over, the delivery truck goes back to the same neighborhoods. Anne says, “Customers are telling their friends and neighbors about us. The store has become a secret find for people who love to share it with their friends.” While Patio Casual carries the top casual lines in the industry, it also strives to keep a keen focus on accessories. “We want to be different and want people to come in and see items they don’t ordinarily see in a patio store,” Anne explains. This includes merchandising with colorful rugs, whimsical-quote throw pillows, hammocks, and unique Haitian and Peruvian decor accessories such as those from K&M Imports Inc. (Oviedo, Florida). The line has bright, vibrant products that fit the area’s coastal design theme. Furniture made from recycled plastic is popular with customers because it meets the demands of Florida’s

weather, which can include the damaging effects of rain, salt, and wind. Frames that offer durability, comfort, and style are important to the store’s clients, as are bright, tropical colors in cushions and pillows. In addition, employees continually learn about the needs of Patio Casual’s particular market. One example is seating height for an older population. Anne says, “Counter-height seating is much easier for them to use because it is easier to sit down in (and stand up from) a higher seat. It is important for us always to listen to the customer’s needs.” STANDING APART Anne regularly shops at competing stores to help her differentiate Patio Casual from the crowd. She says, “We will always be up against some of the bigger patio stores in Florida, so we try to stay away from the products they carry.” This sets Patio Casual apart


Merchandising focuses on accessories, including colorful rugs and whimsical throw pillows

and gives customer more options. It makes Anne happy when she sees commercials or hears radio advertising from other patio stores. “It only helps the industry by bringing awareness to the category, and it continues to challenge us to be different,” she says. The customer experience extends to the services that Patio Casual provides. These include design consultation at no charge. Anne says, “We are always encouraging people to bring in photos of the exteriors and interiors of their homes. We are very hands-on here.” Employees strive to help customers make the best buying decisions based on a home’s color, style, and available space, along with the vision buyers have for their own outdoor rooms. For a moderate fee, fullservice delivery is available within 100 miles of the store. Patio Casual is run as a lean operation. Anne and her husband both work full time in the business. A fulltime administrator, a full-time delivery

person, and a part-time decorator (who works only on the weekends) make up the remainder of the staff. “Our employees are great. When you have furniture people who are passionate about what they do, it doesn’t feel like work,” Anne says. Patio Casual did not sustain any damage from Hurricane Irma in September 2017. Anne says, “I have lived in Florida for over 40 years, and I have never felt the level of anxiety I did during Irma.” The store has a large outdoor display, and to prepare for the storm, employees brought every piece of furniture inside the store. Anne comments, “We were very lucky and lost no power—and had no damage— at the store and at home.” Anne is passionate about the casual industry. She is equally excited about the customers she serves. “It is all about them,” she says. “When customers walk into our store, they feel our vibe: both that we are here to help them and how much we love it.”

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The store’s full array of merchandise appeals to homeowners, builders, architects, and interior designers

From left: David Jr., Alyssa, Alexis, and Dave Rettinger

A HOT SPOT A strong retail team makes Rettinger Fireplace Systems one of the best in the business. BY MAURA KELLER | PHOTOGRAPHY BY BETSY BRODY

When Dave Rettinger, founder and president of Rettinger Fireplace Systems Inc. (Voorhees, New Jersey), decided to enter the fireplace industry, he was working with a local architectural-hardware company that also supplied fireplaces. As a visionary who was eager to explore the growing fireplace marketplace, Rettinger ventured out on his own. In

1995, he used his business knowledge and his extensive woodworking background (which had come from his father, Richard) to establish Rettinger Fireplace Systems. Partnering with a handful of builders to establish his initial client base, Rettinger, running solo, would install the fireplace itself, build the mantel/surround, and install the final product— all while working out of his basement. Within his first year of business, Rettinger created a 1,600–square-foot showroom for builders (and eventually, the general public), who began to visit the showroom to see his designs and craftsmanship firsthand. It didn’t take long for word to get out about his successful business. More than 22 years later, Rettinger Inspirational design ideas Fireplace Systems is a leading fireplace can be seen throughout supplier serving the South Jersey, Jersey the showroom Shore, and Philadelphia Metro areas.


Today, the company is an anchor store in the Voorhees Design Center, which caters to builders, architects, interior designers, and retail clients. Walking from showroom to showroom, customers can select design elements such as tile, stone, plumbing fixtures, and fine art. This location allows Rettinger Fireplace Systems to feature its creative designs, products, and services as part of one-stop shopping. While Rettinger Fireplace Systems began as a one-person operation, today, the company boasts 23 full-time employees who work closely with Rettinger and his wife, Alexis (who joined the business in 2000). After the Rettingers’ children, Alyssa and David Jr., graduated from college and explored various careers themselves, both decided to return to the family business. Now, this strong team works to provide fireplace designs for hundreds of customers each year. Rettinger Fireplace Systems is truly a family affair, but it embraces far more individuals than the four

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HEARTH RETAILER who share the company’s name. “Over 75% of our employees have been with us for over 15 years,” Alexis says. “Clients often comment that the showroom feels like home. They make themselves comfortable on a large sectional couch and comb through large photo books or watch televisions scrolling completed fireplace projects.” The showroom’s restroom even boasts a small, custom Rettinger Fireplace Systems electric cabinet model, kept burning each day. “Each customer is greeted with a warm ‘Welcome to Rettingers!’ from our awesome sales staff,” Alexis says. The company’s Where Details Make the Difference™ tag line can be seen throughout the 6,400–square-foot showroom, which features more than 70 burning displays, along with beautiful custom woodwork that showcases the unlimited design options from which clients can choose. In addition, the company’s full hearth shop offers fireplaces, stoves, inserts, gas logs, marble, granite, tile, doors, accessories, and maintenance supplies. While the experience of visiting the extensive Rettinger Fireplace Systems showroom has helped make a name for the company, it is the full wood shop that truly sets it apart from other local and regional hearth shops. The company’s 3,000-square-foot off-site wood shop features master craftspeople who create an extensive array of designs that customers envision for their homes. These custom pieces include mantels, built-in cabinetry, and the entire fireplace surround. That might be a simple mantel or an entire wall of custom bookcases, space for a television and components, or extra storage. “Careful consideration is taken with the brands we carry,” Dave says. “We select our manufacturers for their customer service, warranty process, and quality control.” Those brands include Heatilator, Mendota, Harman, Jøtul, Napoleon, Valor, Stellar, European Home, Ortal, American Hearth, Town & Country, Eiklor Flames, Stoll, Design Specialties, and Intercontinental Marble. Being named Heatilator’s number-

one dealer for six years in a row truly means something to the Rettinger family and its employees. The kudos and acknowledgments for high-quality products and services don’t stop there, though. The company has

The 6,400–square-foot showroom features more than 70 burning displays

received several accolades, including the Mendota Outstanding Sales Performance Award (for 12 years), and the company was a finalist for the 2015 Vesta Award for Hearth Retailer of the Year. Rettinger Fireplace Systems’ success can be attributed to the quality of its fireplaces and surrounds, but it is the employees who have helped the company experience tremendous success and growth. “Most of our six installers and two service technicians are factory trained, and we take pride in saying that we have seven National Fireplace Institute®–certified installers and sales associates on staff,” Dave says. “We service every product we install.” In fact, what the sales staff enjoys most is that completed projects produce exactly what customers envisioned. “We always strive for 100% satisfaction, and we love it when customers send us completed-project photos (with their family pictures gracing their mantels), wanting to


make sure their fireplaces make it into our next photo book,” Alexis says. The store also strives to give back to the community that has helped it succeed. “We support many local Voorhees and South Jersey fundraisers, including a local parade ushering in Santa, on a fire truck, at our town center,” Alexis says. “Our staff members and their families join the parade.” The company hosts myriad special events: At an annual fall open house held with the Voorhees Design Center, Rettinger Fireplace Systems hosts a dinner and wine tasting for builders, architects, and designers. Lunch-and-learn sessions offering continuing-education credits are held for architects, designers, home inspectors, and remodelers. In addition to working closely with customers on their design visions, Rettinger and his staff work closely with New Jersey’s construction (subcode) officials/inspectors and pay close attention to manufacturers’ changes. “Every mantel-production folder put through our shop is accompanied by the manufacturer’s specifications, even if our shop has built that same cabinet 100 times,” Dave says. David Jr. adds, “Having a television positioned over the fireplace continues to be a popular trend, especially with linear fireplaces. Several manufacturers have come up with different wall configurations and heat-distribution kits to permit safe installation of a television above the fireplace.”

To ensure that the company stays on top of trends that appeal to prospective customers, Alexis grew its social-media presence, connecting with customers who glean ideas from online sources. Today, Rettinger Fireplace Systems customers can find reviews (and more than 3,500 followers) of the company on Houzz, YP, Yelp, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Facebook—in addition to hundreds of idea books. The showroom features four large photo books of 12x16-inch glossy photos of completed projects to inspire clients. According to Dave and David Jr., the biggest challenges facing this evergrowing family-run business are logistics and scheduling—so that when a crew arrives, the job is truly ready for a rough installation, with the correct framing and clearances. “We understand that while working in a retail client’s home, we can face uncertainties and variables, so we try to equip ourselves in advance for those situations,” Dave says. Alexis says, “We often use tag lines such as Inspiration to Installation and Concept to Completion, but executing those is not a simple task. One thing, however, is certain: We will always finish what we start. In more than 22 years, we have never walked away from a challenging installation.” Both Dave and Alexis are excited that Alyssa and David Jr. have joined the staff and are transitioning the company into being a multigenerational business. “Our longtime staff has welcomed them both on board, having watched them grow since elementary school,” Alexis says. “We are also expecting our first grandson, Hudson, in 2018—and we hope that a third generation will take a liking to the fireplace industry.”

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High-end grills, such as Napoleon’s Prestige line, are customer favorites

SECOND-HOME GRILLS Sedona snowbirds, Airbnb hosts, and locals shop for outdoor kitchens and grills at Red Rock Fireplace & BBQ. BY MAURA KELLER PHOTOGRAPHY BY M. SCOTT GALLES

Sunny climates and beautiful vistas: In locales such as Sedona, Arizona, decks, patios, and porches become sanctuaries—prime spots for relaxing or entertaining. These outdoor-living spaces are essentially extensions of homes. It is not surprising that homeowners and part-time residents in Sedona enjoy creating outdoor kitchens, barbecue areas, and firepits, and for good reason. Everybody needs a getaway: a private retreat for entertainment, rest, and relaxation. In 1999, Harold Gorny, owner of Red Rock

From left: Truly Walter, Harold Gorny, and Tom Tapia

Fireplace & BBQ (Sedona), recognized a need to offer high-quality fireplaces and outdoor-grilling products to discerning clients, many of whom make Sedona their part-time home. The town, 115 miles north of Phoenix, offers a scenic beauty all its own. Known for its pristine, serene setting in a beautiful red-rock landscape, Sedona is the ideal place to create carefully planned outdoor focal points that truly extend a homeowner’s living space. Residents


and visitors to the region enjoy spending time outdoors, especially in their outdoor-living spaces, many of which are complete with full outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, grills, smokers, and firepits. “Every year, Sedona gets a lot of both long- and short-term visitors,” Gorny says. “We actually get four to five million visitors a year, but the Sedona area itself has a population of about 20,000 people.” Because of the large number of part-time residents

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OUTDOOR GRILLING (with many using their Sedona second homes in more than one season), there is a significant opportunity for Gorny and his team at Red Rock Fireplace & BBQ to offer high-quality products and services that meet their needs. “Many visitors to Sedona might have a second or third home in the area, and these homes can be quite extensive,” Gorny says. Indeed, some of the homes that Red Rock Fireplace & BBQ serves are spectacular, boasting expansive outdoor kitchens and living areas, as well as multiple fireplaces throughout the home. Indoor–outdoor connections are popular in sunny climates as people realize that connecting their indoor and outdoor environments opens up entirely new options for living space and increases the usable square footage of their homes. In fact, today’s patios and decks have become outdoor rooms—complete with stylish furniture, fabrics, pillows, cooking areas, and entertainment zones. Consumers are extending their home makeovers to the outdoors using an enormous choice of products; these include wood-fired pizza ovens, firepits, expansive grills, refrigerators, dishwashers, built-in sinks, cocktail bars, and food-preparation areas. Approximately a third of Red Rock Fireplace & BBQ’s business falls within the barbecue category, with the remainder made up of fireplace sales and service. The most popular grill lines are from Big Green Egg, DCS, and Twin Eagles; the company also sells outdoor-cooking equipment from Napoleon, Viking, TEC, Alfresco, and Delta Heat. Gorny selects the lines of grills that the company sells based on reputation, quality, warranties, display discounts, and relationships with manufacturers’ representatives. Gorny, with nearly 20 years of experience, has become an aficionado of “all things fireplace and barbecue,” he explains. He consistently recognizes new trends and consumer interests that play roles in the outdoor-fireplace and grill markets. “For instance, we are seeing a trend in the contemporary look for firepits, as people now want glass beads in them,” Gorny says. He adds, “Local year-round residents are often content with kettle-type grills. What we sell, though, is a step above the normal grade of grill—with high quality

The store offers customers a wide selection of merchandise for interior hearth rooms and outdoor-entertaining areas

“WE ALSO WORK CLOSELY WITH CONTRACTORS, AS WELL AS ARCHITECTS AND DESIGNERS. THEY ARE THE ONES WHO MAKE THE DECISIONS—WHILE ALSO SENDING THEIR CLIENTS TO OUR SHOWROOM TO SEE PRODUCTS AND STYLES, INCLUDING THE SIZES WE OFFER AND THE NUMBER OF DIFFERENT BRANDS.” and built-in appliances that are not normally available in this area.” As many of Sedona’s residents are retirees, few are looking for the largest grills. Instead, 30inch grills are the most popular. Having such a long-term presence in the Sedona region means that Gorny has earned a reputation for providing exceptional quality and service. Much of his business is based on word-ofmouth advertising. He says, “In Sedona, the city restricts the use of signage and demonstrations in parking lots during the week, but on Saturdays, we can have some fun.” The store’s advertising program includes print ads in the local newspaper and in the region’s monthly coupon books. “We emphasize our policy of free delivery, assembly, and setup, such as connecting the grill to the natural-gas line,” Gorny says. “Internet retailers and big-box stores do not do that—and our customers want full service. Our selling strength is our service. We only service what we sell, so if someone buys a grill on the internet, we won’t service their product. If cus-


tomers buy a product from us, we service it for as long as they own it.” Gorny believes that the smallest element of service can have a big impact on establishing long-term customers. That’s why Red Rock Fireplace & BBQ not only delivers, assembles, and connects the purchased fireplace, grill, or firepit, but also provides training in its operation to the homeowner, contractor, or landscaper. After the product has been fully installed, Gorny or his team members will provide a demonstration, showing how the product works and giving maintenance instructions. “We try our best to provide exceptional service,” Gorny says. “We also work closely with contractors, as well as architects and designers. They are the ones who make the decisions—while also sending their clients to our showroom to see products and styles, including the sizes we offer and the number of different brands.” Then, the architects and designers bring clients’ visions to light by melding the style of their chosen fireplaces or outdoor kitchens

with the rest of the home’s design. While Red Rock Fireplace & BBQ works with individual homeowners and their contractors or architects, Gorny also partners with timeshare hotels and resorts that have patios and built-in barbecue areas for their guests. This kind of arrangement requires constant updates and maintenance for outdoor grills and fireplaces. “We have a gigantic tourist base in Sedona—and now, with Airbnb having become legal in the city, we are seeing a great need for this type of service,” Gorny says. “These types of customers want to update their grills because they might get a lot of abuse. They might be looking for something very sturdy and easy to maintain. We do quite a bit of business in this segment.” After 20 years in this market, Gorny thoroughly enjoys living in a smaller town, at a slower pace, where everything is nearby. He also is excited to see this industry evolve, bringing dealers new products that make using outdoor grills and fireplaces even more enjoyable for clients.


Housed in a historic mill dating to 1872, the store offers customers a unique shopping experience

CUSTOMERSCOME FIRST Retail powerhouse Casual Marketplace thrives because of its talent for treating customers like family members. BY SHARON SANDERS | PHOTOGRAPHY BY BETSY BRODY


etey Fleischut, owner of Casual Marketplace (Hockessin, Delaware), has a special connection with her customers. The store’s culture is all about making everyone who steps onto the showroom floor feel like part of the family. Fleischut knows the preferences of customers and works, over time, to give them what they want. “It takes so little to make people feel cared for and happy,” she explains. From Casual Marketplace’s handpicked product mix to its dedicated sales/service team and phenomenally popular Christmas shop, the store offers a personal experience that resonates with all who pass through its doors. Fleischut opened Casual Marketplace in 1995, after running a small beachside casual-furniture store for 10 years in North Wildwood, New Jersey. “I


wanted to have a year-round business, and the Wildwood store was only a March-to-September operation. I was ready for a new challenge,” she recalls. Casual Marketplace found its new home in a historic mill (built in 1872) in Hockessin. Its 13,000–square-foot, three-story showroom is impressive (to say the least), and its 7,000–square-foot exterior pavilion is the perfect showplace for outdoor products. At the time of the move, there were a few other casual-furniture specialty stores in the immediate area, so Fleischut knew that her store needed a niche. She decided that Casual Marketplace would be a destination store, offering both casual outdoor and some indoor furniture, with a large selection of indoor accessories such as lamps, mirrors, and pictures.

A one-stop shop for a custom Christmas

Inspirational mantel decor

Petey Fleischut

The store’s product mix has become one of its strengths: It carries luxury products from Alfresco Home, Brown Jordan, Castelle, Jensen, Klaussner, Lane Venture, Lloyd Flanders, Patio Renaissance, Ratana, Telescope Casual, Treasure Garden, Tropitone, and Winston. Fleischut reports that many shoppers don’t realize that they can create outdoor spaces that are just as comfortable and cozy as the interiors of their homes. She says, “I feel it’s my responsibility to show them what our industry does—and does well. I want to expose them to the best products available because I’m proud of what our industry offers.” Fleischut’s priority is keeping the showroom filled with a wide variety of the latest products, so cus-

tomers can easily furnish an entire outdoor room. She says, “I am always shopping at trade shows, looking for new and different products that my customers might like.” She explains that she keeps customers’ tastes—not her own—in mind when deciding on products. “If you are just pleasing yourself, you are not going to create a mix that your customers will love,” she adds. Fleischut is constantly redoing and updating the showroom floor to keep it interesting and fresh. “When I sell something off the floor, I already have in mind what’s going to go in its spot,” she says. Every January, the entire store is emptied, repainted, and refilled with new products. The store holds a grand reopening on February 1. Fleischut says,

“People get really excited to see how we’ve changed the store and what’s new. They come back at all times of the year, as well, just to browse. I’ve even had people tell me they come in to look around because it makes them feel happy.” Casual Marketplace has an impressive Christmas shop that is a destination for hundreds of shoppers every year. On November 1, the store is completely transformed into a magical winter wonderland, filled with more than 100 prelit trees (ranging in height from 4 to 12 feet), custom floral decor, wreaths, mantel swags, and Christmas accessories. All the decor is geared for an adult’s Christmas. “The big-box stores focus on kid-themed items, so the fact that we specialize in a custom, classy


SHOWROOM SHOWCASE Christmas makes us unique,” Fleischut says. Shoppers spend lots of time browsing and chatting with her and the staff. They often fall in love with the decorated trees and want to recreate them exactly in their homes, and she is happy to oblige. If a customer purchases a large prelit tree, someone will go to the home to set it up and decorate it. “People really appreciate this service because it helps take some of the stress out of the holidays,” Fleischut says. All of the trees are guaranteed for two years after purchase, so if something goes wrong with the lights (or anything else), it will be repaired at no charge. To kick off the holiday season, the store holds open houses (one private and one public) on the first two Sundays in November. Lunch is served, and customers who attend can browse the Christmas shop; they are offered special promotions for that day only. On the three days after Thanksgiving, the store holds a popular designer event. Customers are

invited to stop by the store to place orders for custom floral arrangements, staircase garlands, mantel pieces, bows, or anything else they want to have made for their homes for the holidays. Fleischut explains, “We do custom Christmas decor the whole season, but this is a special promotion, so they can get an early jump on their decorating.” Fleischut describes the amount of foot traffic the store gets during November and December as staggering. She adds that Christmas is an enormous amount of extra work (starting right after Labor Day) for her and her staff, but she doesn’t mind. “If I were to evaluate it in terms of profit margin, I probably wouldn’t do it anymore. The real benefit is that it keeps us in consumers’ minds, so they don’t forget who or where we are. The sales team initiates as much furniture business as it can while people are in the store, so we try to capitalize, one way or another,” Fleischut notes. In addition to the publicity that the store gets during Christmas, it has a strong presence on social media,

including Facebook and Instagram. It also relies heavily on direct mail and email. Fleischut recently implemented a scheduled email-distribution process that increased the frequency of promotional emails from once to twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. During the holidays, emails are sent on Sunday nights as well, so when people check their email on Monday morning, the store’s Christmas shop has top-of-mind awareness. Direct mail brings the biggest return for the business. The store does a mailing for its two holiday open houses, and on the first Sunday in January, for its Everything on Sale promotion. It also sends out a piece for its sidewalk sale in June. Fleischut says, “Our email and address mailing lists are touched many times a week, as they are an important part of our marketing strategy.” Everything that Fleischut does centers on two goals: creating relationships with customers and making them feel that they are cared for like family members. A major part of

meeting both objectives is providing quick, personal service—no matter what the problem might be. The store maintains a full-time staff of five people who are ready to deal quickly and professionally with any service issue that might arise. “I don’t think many retailers have on-call service people, as we do. They are also our delivery team and service people for Christmas. We want to be known for acting fast—because the longer people have to wait, the less satisfied they are,” Fleischut says. For 2018 and beyond, Fleischut sees the biggest challenge for Casual Marketplace as demonstrating its value in the face of increased competition from the internet. She sees the store’s biggest opportunity as continuing to build strong relationships with customers. She says, “We really get to know people through the sales process because we see all their shortcomings and their positives. My goal is to become like a family member, so they’ll come back to buy products from us for generations.”



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AS I SEE IT Skyline Design offers more than 15 elegant collections that stand out from the competition. BY SHARON SANDERS

The Strips living set


Marie Ferreira

There is nothing ordinary about luxury outdoor furniture from Skyline Design (Valencia, Spain). These distinctive pieces are standouts on any showroom floor. This global company has been creating designs for 40 years for markets around the world. This year marks the 10th anniversary of its North American division. Skyline Design North America (Miami, Florida) continues to gain momentum with customers in both commercial and retail sectors. Patio & Hearth Products Report sat down with Marie Ferreira, vice president, to find out how the company is causing a commotion in the industry. How has Skyline Design made a name for itself in North America? Ferreira: Skyline Design hit the ground running when it entered the North American market in 2007. Our signature daybeds and unique occasional pieces (such as hanging chairs and planters) were new and

interesting. We knew the outdoor-living industry was saturated with companies offering high-end products, but were confident that we had something to offer that the others didn’t. We exhibited at over 100 trade shows and introduced ourselves and our brand to specialty retailers and commercial customers across the United States and Canada. Over the years, we have launched numerous marketing campaigns in trade publications that have helped us create our luxury brand image. Do you think it is an advantage to be seen as a young, growing brand? Ferreira: Many of the casual-furniture brands in North America have been around for 50-plus years, so we are really one of the new kids on the block (with just 10 years in the market). This has its advantages and challenges. Dealers who are new themselves are usually willing to give an emerging manufacturer a chance: They not only are looking for a good company to work with, but can relate to us as well. On the flip side, longtime dealers who have been working with the same manufacturers for many years are a bit more reluctant to put our products on their showroom floors. Skyline Design has created a program that allows dealers to buy one piece, one collection, or a whole container, depending on their needs— and this has been opening doors to


The Sparta Kubu lounge

get dealers to give us a try, with minimal commitment. If they don’t have space for us on their showroom floors, they have the opportunity to take special orders by using our signature coffee-table–style catalog (which features gorgeous photography) to show customers our products. It is one of our most effective selling tools. How do consumers view outdoor living differently today than in the past? Ferreira: Outdoor spaces have become an extension of indoor spaces. People are spending more time in their backyards, and they want to make them homey, comfortable places to gather. Last year, for the first time, we organized our furniture by collec-

tion (instead of by piece) in our catalog, and the response has been even better than we could have hoped. The new concept makes it easier for people to visualize a fully furnished space. Dealers are happy—because now, we are a onestop shop that offers more than 15 full collections, in a variety of weaves and colors, as well as 18 occasional pieces. As consumers’ tastes become more sophisticated, how does Skyline Design plan to meet their expectations? Ferreira: The fact that we are a global company means that we are in the forefront of design trends, when it comes to style, color, and materials. All of our designs are made in Spain, where our head-

quarters are located. Our biggest challenge is that the North American market doesn’t evolve with trends as quickly as the European market does. For example, the color white has been very strong in Europe for the past three years, but it is not strong in the United States for us yet. People in the United States are typically attracted to dark colors, such as chocolate browns. Over the past three years, the North American market has slowly warmed up to grays—so while we are seeing an evolution, white hasn’t caught on in the mainstream yet. We have the ability to give our design team in Spain input while it is working on new products, so we can tweak them to appeal to the North American consumer. People love our products because they range from traditional to transitional to unique, which means our pieces can be adapted to any decor. Which pieces/collections have been consistent favorites? Ferreira: All of our products are commercial grade, which means there is no

difference in quality between our hospitality and retail products. This is something that sets us apart. Our daybeds are our signature. Anyone who has seen them knows they not only are comfortable, but are conversation pieces. Our Shade daybed combines a chaise with a daybed that is almost the size of a queen mattress—with full shade. The weave pattern is open to allow sunlight to filter through it. Our Sparta lounge accommodates eight to 10 people comfortably, sitting or lounging. It is available in two finishes and a range of cushion options. The Strips collection has done very well for us because it is a large-scale sofa that is ideal for parties and gatherings. It features an open weave, with exposed aluminum that combines two finishes. Retailers have also seen success with our Brafta collection, which is offered in our distinctive seashell weave—a combination of whites and beiges with dark, burnt edges. People love to combine this collection with their existing furniture because it blends perfectly with almost any finish.

Which new pieces/collections are you most excited about for 2018? Ferreira: I am looking forward to seeing the response to the Nexus, which is a smaller version of our Sparta lounge. It seats four to six people and offers a unique seating area that is designed to accommodate one of our dining tables, a firepit, or whatever someone wants to put in the middle. We are also introducing the Halo daybed sectional, which can be configured in many different ways to fit any outdoor space. Another new offering is our Dynasty collection, which is an expanded version of our best-selling seating collection: It will now include chaises, daybeds, hanging chairs, and other occasional pieces as well. It is offered in the same weaves as our daybeds and features comfortable cushions. How is the company partnering with retailers to help them grow their businesses? Ferreira: Retailers have realized that they need something unique and different on their showroom floors. They are taking advantage of our

mixed-container program, which offers them large discounts, yet doesn’t require them to buy in large volume. They can mix and match any furniture pieces from any of our collections in their containers. There is no minimum. We also stock our complete lineup in our domestic warehouse, so a customer can literally order one of everything from our catalog. This allows for backup orders as needed. Once a purchase order is submitted, the product can be shipped in as short a time as a week. What does this year look like for does Skyline Design? Ferreira: We look forward to 2018 being a record-breaking year for Skyline Design. It is the second year of our catalog, so our retailers and designers have transitioned and are ready to put in their early buys. We are gaining traction with North American dealers and designers because we have the unique pieces that their customers want. Once dealers open themselves up and work with us, they admit that they should have tried us sooner.

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CUTTING EDGE Retailers rely on Dansons to bring the most innovative products to the pellet-grill industry. BY KIMBERLY RODGERS


s the demand for pellet grills surges throughout North America and abroad, Dansons Inc. (Phoenix, Arizona) continues to exceed the needs of the marketplace with new and innovative products, unparalleled customer service, and strong brand visibility. Highly regarded in the industry for its two main brands—Louisiana Grills (LG) and Pit Boss—Dansons considers itself the family-owned pellet company with longest standing in the industry. It was started in 1999 by Dan Thiessen (CEO) and his sons, Jeff (president) and Jordan (COO), and all three run the business today.

The Louisiana Grills Estate series 860 cart model

to keep our customers on the cutting edge of what is being offered in the industry.” This The Louisiana Grills year, Dansons Estate series 860 delivers on this built-in model pledge with some exciting offerings that Dansons is known for bringing are already making an impact. new, innovative products to the marUnder the higher-end LG brand, ketplace. Indeed, the company’s sold primarily by specialty retailers, number-one priority is product the pellet-grill line and technology development. Jeff Thiessen says, “We are expanding, along with the other are constantly creating new products core barbecue-fuel categories of charcoal and gas. Thiessen says, “We are extremely excited about the recent introduction of the LG Estate series.” Among the few pellet grills on the market fully constructed of 304 stainless steel (including the cooking grates), the sleek grills of the Estate series are available in cart or built-in models. They feature a digital control center, a digital meat probe, a versatile cooking-temperature range of 180 to 600 degrees, an expansive cooking area of 860 square inches, double-wall construction, and ample storage space. Combining modern high-end design and performance in a pellet appliance, the Estate series extends the appeal of the products to a larger pool of customers, Thiessen


From left: Jeff, Dan, and Jordan Thiessen

reports. He is proud of the premium functionality and unmatched design of the units. “They are extremely price competitive for the quality of product we are providing,” he explains. Made possible through ample research and design, the Estate series represents a highend, high-function unit full of features, but available at a competitive price. Thiessen adds, “There is no better value on the market.” In LG’s barrel series, the company is planning some upgrades in 2018. Barrel products have a loyal following and offer the traditional look and functionality desired by many consumers. Thiessen comments, “Though the barrel design is classic, we’re always seeking ways to keep the product fresh. We don’t want anything to get stale.” Under the broadly available and easily accessible Pit Boss label, the company has developed a new line of vertical pellet smokers. The units are available in electric, wood-pellet, gas/wood-chip, and digital electric/wood-chip options. An analog electric/wood-chip vertical smoker is also available. Shipment of the vertical smokers began in late 2017. The product is readily available to specialty retailers. Thiessen says, “All models feature new, contemporary designs and include standard features such as glass doors, oversized chip trays, high-volume hoppers, leg kits, double-wall

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MY TURN construction, and dual burners.” The vertical smokers operate with an automatic feed system similar to that of traditional Pit Boss grills, but run at a slightly lower temperature, making long, slow smoking possible. There is already excitement growing in the marketplace, with strong interest from retailers. Thiessen attributes this to a number of factors, including the smokers’ appealing contemporary designs and the availability of digital technology. He says, “Digital control has changed the entire scope of pellet grilling. It adds to the reliability and ease of use of the product.” In addition, because Dansons is offering a vertical smoker with a large hopper capacity, a user can now smoke food for extended periods of time without having to stop to add fuel. This gives vertical

The Pit Boss 3 series Red Rock gas smoker

smoking a different dimension from what has been available in the past. Thiessen says, “There are no gaps in the cooking process.” He believes that the timing is right for this new product. Overall, demand for smokers has surged, in recent years, due to increasing consumer awareness. Thiessen says, “Pellet smokers did not have the


The Pitt Boss 2 series Blue Blazing analog electric smoker

same type of exposure as other types of grills. Cooking shows on television focusing on all kinds of barbecue methods and applications have helped to raise awareness and interest.” MEETING THE DEMAND Dansons is growing at an extremely rapid rate as consumer demand from across the globe rises. The company has aggressively increased its production capacities. Thiessen says, “Our focus is to provide units that are bigger, heavier, and hotter than those from our competitors—all at a better price.” This goal is resonating with customers and retailers of all sizes, throughout North America—and beyond, as interest from international markets expands. Inroads have already been made into markets in Western Europe, South Korea, Japan, and Australia. Strategic partnerships are being developed abroad to handle the demand. Thiessen says, “Inquiries and interest are coming in from all over the world, as our brand presence continues to grow.” Customer service continues to be a top priority. The company recently opened a customer-service center (in Salem, Oregon) with extended hours, seven days a week. Dansons has made a huge investment on this side of the business to make sure it is providing top-notch service to all customers. Thiessen says, “Our goal is to provide the best customer service available in the barbecue industry. It’s what we


The Pitt Boss 3 series Silver Star digital electric smoker

strive for every single day.” Dansons also provides dealer support through highly visible marketing for its brands. This is accomplished through many different channels, including print advertising and various social-media platforms. For example, Thiessen says, “We are increasing our social-media presence significantly and are adding more people to our organization who have passion and excitement to help with this effort.” Dansons believes in the importance of raising awareness of products through aggressive marketing. The company is dedicated to increasing its online marketing at a more rapid pace. To address the next generation of consumers, Thiessen says, “We have to adapt to social-media marketing, and we are fully committed to it. We believe it is the number-one way we can grow and support our customers.” Retailers can expect some exciting new developments. Thiessen says, “We are working on the introduction

of Wi-Fi controls and tying that technology into a new app we are developing.” An app for Pit Boss was launched in late 2017; an app for the LG brand is set to launch in 2018. He adds, “We want to make sure the control piece is heavily tested and very reliable before we release it.” Since its inception, Dansons has provided innovative products. Thiessen attributes this to a great team of people—led by his father, Dan, who has a passion for product development. New ideas also come from a talented productdevelopment staff. “It takes a great team, and I couldn’t be prouder of the one we are blessed with,” Thiessen says. Customer feedback is another important source of new ideas. Dansons takes pride in having close relationships with its customers. Thiessen says, “We listen to feedback, both from the marketplace and from our buyers directly.” As a privately run company, Dansons is able to operate quickly. This enables it to meet ever-changing consumer needs efficiently. Thiessen comments, “Our management structure is very effective. In some cases, in the span of one year, we can take a product from concept to retail.” In October 2017, Dansons received the Ernst & Young Canada EY Entrepreneur of the Year™ Award for business-to-consumer products and services, Prairies region. Dan, Jeff, and Jordan, along with their families, all attended the memorable event. “It was a great night to share as a family. We were very humbled and are truly thankful for all the blessings God has given us. I tell our staff, all the time, that this is God’s business; it is just nice to be along for the ride,” Thiessen says.

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The Lucius 140 room divider MKII fireplace by Element4


SLEEKWARMTH European Home’s eye-catching fireplaces are coveted by those seeking clean lines. BY GREG THOMPSON

The Bathyscafocus fireplace by Focus Fires The gas direct-vent Sky T MKII fireplace by Element4

Holly Markham, founder of European Home (Middleton, Massachusetts), first began to appreciate the European fireplace-design aesthetic as a college student, during a trip to Sweden. Later, while traveling as a sales manager for a software company, she saw similarities throughout the Nordic world. “Many designers from those regions like to use natural light, wood, and white paint and furnishings to reflect the light,” Markham says. “The wood gives warmth to the cool, stark white.” It’s been about a dozen years since Markham took those design lessons to heart and entered the highly competitive world of fireplace manufacturing. Since then, European Home’s impact has been sizable, based on designs that instantly grab the attention of prospective customers. The company’s first fireplace was the Vision model. Introduced in 2005, Vision has no louvers and uses stones (rather than logs) as fire media. “It was revolutionary in 2005,” Markham says of the fireplace, which was designed by Gavin Scott Design Ltd. (Birkenhead, England). “In 2011, I designed our H series trimless, linear, vent-free fireplace—also revolutionary for the time,” she adds. From the beginning, European Home found its

The H series 3S fireplace by European Home

way into old, stately areas of Boston that craved the company’s eye-catching creations—combined with practical features. Markham explains, “Our first vent-free linear model was installed in Beacon Hill, a very old and traditional part of Boston. The architects (Hacin + Associates) were a bit con-


cerned that a 72-inch gas fireplace could look so simple and be safe—and be allowed in Boston— but it was allowed.” Markham continues, “They could not put a vent termination on the side of the house due to historical regulations, and they could not vent vertically due to the units above the project. The vent-free fireplace was a great solution, since they didn’t have to compromise on design.” A year after the H series came the Element4 line from the Netherlands. As an admirer of the clean, multisided, trimless design made famous by Dutch companies and available in Europe since at least early 2000, Markham had longed for the Element4, but did not yet know enough about direct-vent units in the early 2000s. After a decade of study and prototypes, the new Element4 became a perfect addition to what was quickly becoming an iconic lineup. Markham confirms that the Element4 line was worth the wait, describing it as successful with

many dealers displaying the three-sided models. “We don’t look for ways to cut corners,” she says. “We look at how to make sure that the quality exceeds the customer’s expectations. We don’t compromise.” That extends to safety, where European Home is the only company that uses a second thermocouple on direct-vent fireplaces, according to Markham. The detail is important because when the pilot is lit, it heats the primary thermocouple. “Once heated, the valve opens, and a cross-light is expected in a certain amount of time,” Markham says. “What can prevent the quick light can be a weak pilot, fire media blocking some ports, or a pilot installed incorrectly. A second thermocouple, installed on another section of the burner, will sense if the burner has been lit. If it has not, the second thermocouple will close the gas valve, preventing the risk of a delayed ignition.” Another area of innovation at European Home is the concept of controlling the heat in ways other than a summer kit or heat-management system. Keen to avoid the inefficiencies of outdoor heat dumps, Markham encourages dealers to tell customers that they can control the heat of the fireplace using a multiburner/thermostat system, rather than putting the heat outside. “They might see an outdoor heat dump as a good thing, but many customers won’t think of the consequences,” Markham explains. “It is only right to explain that this happens by putting the heat outside of the house. Presented with that information, they will understand that the more responsible way to use a fireplace is to enjoy it on cooler nights and use the thermostatic features. Although some customers want to be able to have their cake and eat it too, we are committed to offering responsible fireplaces.” All European Home fireplaces have electronic ignition systems and thermostatic controls that shut off the burner or lower the flames, based on the room temperature and thermostat setting. That’s a great way to maintain a preset temperature in the room. Markham adds, “The E-Save control system on Element4 fireplaces can use an option that makes the burner automatically adjust the flames. You see movement in the flame height, and you will use 40% less fuel, compared with running the unit at the high setting only.” Many fireplaces also have multiple burners. By shutting off a second or third burner, users can control the heat output. The Element4 8foot fireplace, the Modore 240, has a Btu range of 25,000 to 84,000. “I like the idea of turning one burner off and turning the flames down when the room is getting warm, rather than releasing that heat to the outdoors,” Markham says. “Customers can also run ducting to direct the heat into other rooms.” Those who have trouble envisioning European Home’s products

in their homes can use the company’s surround builder ( MADE IN NORTH AMERICA Dealers interested in partnering with European Home might not know that despite the company name, not all products come from Europe. In fact, the European Home and Gavin Scott fireplace brands are made in the United States. The name evokes another continent, but applies to the style types coveted by customers looking for what Markham calls breathtakingly beautiful fireplaces. In the early days, when fewer dealers carried the brand, homeowners personally visited the office. Perhaps motivated to visit by seeing a European Home product at a commercial establishment, these potential customers were typically 50 to 70 years old, drove fine cars, “and they were usually well traveled or foreign,” Markham reports. Now, there are more than 100 European Home

dealers across North America, so customers come to European Home in the more traditional way. Dealers who carry the brand report that the demographic range of customers has expanded to include those over 40 who have disposable income, as well as a desire for modern fireplace designs. Those designs have seeped into the industry’s consciousness, often transcending the idea of mere heat provision to become works of art. With such iconic designs already on the market, it would be tempting to stand pat, but Markham has other ideas. “We ponder design changes and updates all the time,” she says. “I like to look at design magazines, and many architects and designers inspire me. Where fireplaces are so different from soft furnishings and a one-off building is that due to the testing, listing, and production aspects, we have to be sure that we want to change something. We do, however, have lots of ideas—all the time. Some are for now, and many are for later: Wait and see.”

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CORPORATE PROFILE Twin Eagles grills perfectly blend technology and beauty

Dante Cantal, a mover and shaker in the grill industry, uses innovation to grow Twin Eagles. BY SHARON SANDERS


o be a leader, keep moving forward: This is the mantra that Dante Cantal, founder of Twin Eagles Inc. (Cerritos, California), lives by every day. After 40 years in the cooking-appliance and grill industries, this award-winning engineer and designer still has his hand on the throttle. In 2017, he was recognized with the Donna H. Myers Barbecue Leadership Award for his lasting impact on the field.

Cantal has created a company known for its meticulously engineered grills and accessories, which are unparalleled in the market. Twin Eagles has risen to the top of the luxury-grill market because Cantal has instituted a company culture that never rests on yesterday’s success. Cantal started his career in appliance design immediately after earning his degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Santo

Fannie and Dante Cantal


Dante Cantal

Tomas (Manila, Philippines). His first job was designing residential kitchen appliances for WhiteWestinghouse and General Electric. “The job was the perfect fit for me because I was able to use both my technical knowledge and creativity,” he recalls. In 1982, with multiple years’ experience under his belt, Cantal moved his young family from the Philippines to the United States, where he landed his first job at US Range, as a designer of commercial cooking appliances. He found out quickly that designing cooking equipment is both an art and a science. He explains that restaurant-grade equipment requires the perfect marriage of high temperature, quick recovery, the right Btu levels, and exact gas composition. “It was a chal-

lenge that I took on gladly,” Cantal says. “All clients had their own specific sets of specifications for their equipment, so I had to learn to be a good listener and a creative thinker.” By the early 1990s, Cantal had become a sought-after designer in the commercial-appliance industry, known for his efficient designs and creative work. He became heavily involved in the industry, serving in various posts and honored with numerous awards. In 1996, Cantal took a major step in his career when he cofounded Lynx Professional Grills. By this time, he knew that he had found his professional niche as an engineer/designer of high-performance grills. He says, “I felt that each grill I created was a unique culmination of my past experiences, and it

innovation outdoors Step into an aficionado’s outdoor kitchen. Admire the sleek, luxurious, meticulously engineered grills, as beautiful as they are high performance. Get up close and personal. You’ll appreciate the unique and innovative designs, precisely cut and shaped by our master craftspeople from the finest stainless steel. Enjoy grilling, eating and spending time together as much as we do – making memories that linger long after the grill cools down.

twin eagles. innovation and inspiration on fire.™

Circle Reader Service No. 49 Call 800 789 2206 to learn how you can become an authorized dealer.

CORPORATE PROFILE was challenging and rewarding.” He partnered with the owners of Jade Range to create HDS Grills (later purchased by Maytag). Cantal was offered the opportunity to stay on with Maytag, but he decided that the time was right to start his own company—without partners. “I am an entrepreneur at heart and had so many ideas I had yet to bring to life,” he explains. Twin Eagles was formed in 2000. Its name pays homage to Cantal’s twin children and the majestic eagle, known for strength and power. The familyrun business found its direction, early on, as a grill designer/manufacturer that concentrated exclusively on OEM business. Its clients included Ducane, Cal Flame, Dynasty, Maytag, Jenn-Air, Lynx, and Viking, to name a few. While the company was doing well as an OEM manufacturer, Cantal knew that OEM business inherently comes with ups and downs. He says, “We decided our company would never have true strength at its core unless we had our own consumer brand, so that’s why we designed and introduced the Twin Eagles line of outdoor-kitchen equipment.” Today, Twin Eagles manufactures four brands of grills and accessories: Twin Eagles, Delta Heat, Extreme, and an OEM line for a major appliance manufacturer. Twin Eagles operates in a state-ofthe-art manufacturing facility in Southern California that is equipped to build grills around the clock. Cantal’s years of experience have allowed him to assemble an expert team and create a company culture that makes performance and the wow factor its top priorities. According to Cantal, when it comes to performance, a grill must be able to let users cook the way a restaurant chef would cook. “We are on the high end, so when our customers grill their own steak, they want to duplicate the way it tasted at the five-star restaurant they visited. What I’ve learned in commercial cooking is what we, as a company, have applied to our grills,” he explains. He emphasizes that the wow factor must also be a priority in working for the residential market. He says, “It’s not just men buying our grills; women also have input. The grills have to be beautiful and have prestige. We want Twin Eagles owners to take pride in owning one of our grills.” Cantal and his seasoned design/engineering team focus a lot of effort on the visual appeal of

An outdoor kitchen featuring the Twin Eagles teppanyaki griddle (left) and the Twin Eagles 42-inch gas grill

Product differentiation is in the details

Solid construction is a top priority

their stainless-steel grills. “When you see a sea of stainless-steel grills on a showroom floor, they all start to look alike. It is very important to us that we make something that stands out from the rest,” he says. Twin Eagles equipment has a distinctive style, with an iconic geometric design and fine details. Twin Eagles invests not only in its products, but also in its infrastructure. The company’s manufacturing equipment is some of the most high tech and efficient available. “We have laser-cutting equipment that can run 24 hours a day—working at night, with the lights out,” Cantal reports. The company has also made a huge investment


“MOST OF OUR DEALERS ARE FAMILY-OWNED COMPANIES. BEING FAMILY OWNED, YOU KNOW HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO WORK HARD TO GET WHAT YOU NEED AND TO GET POSITIVE RESULTS.” in its personnel, with a handpicked, talented team that shares Cantal’s passion. He says, “We have grown to over 150 employees—and we’re ready for further growth.” Two of his children currently work for Twin Eagles as well. Cantal emphasizes that no matter how big the company gets, its soul is that of a family company, and that is what connects it to its dealers on the deepest level. “Most of our dealers are familyowned companies. Being family owned, you know how important it is to work hard to get what you need and to get positive results. We aren’t just talking about numbers; we are talking about relationships,” he says. Cantal knows retailers have many options for grills and outdoor-kitchen equipment, but is thankful that so many have decided to support Twin Eagles. He says, “Dealers need to believe in the products they are selling, so we are proud and honored that they have chosen Twin Eagles. We hope they recognize that we are a company that always moves forward, listens to their needs, and shows them that they are important to us. Without them, we would not be successful.”

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reativity, innovative design, and a touch of streamlined elegance define fireplaces from Ortal® (Hod Hasharon, Israel). For more than 30 years, Ortal has been among the world’s premier designers and manufacturers of high-end contemporary frameless gas fireplaces. Spencer Lowe is general manager for Ortal USA (Canoga Park, California). As he explains, architects, builders, and consumers appreciate Ortal’s meticulous attention to aesthetics and its leading-edge fire technologies. The company designs its fireplaces to meet the most stringent requirements and has built its reputation on uncompromising quality in materials, finishes, safety standards, ease of installation, selection, and endto-end service. Luxury fireplaces are certainly no novelty in Europe, and for the past seven years, Ortal’s designs have also been available to the U.S. market, allowing consumers to enjoy contemporary fireplaces that exude character, quality, and exceptional craftsmanship. From classic to contemporary and from subdued to eccentric, Ortal’s fireplace designs offer a mixture of features—all of which work with today’s lifestyles. Whether the design calls for a casual or more sophisticated look, Ortal offers something for everyone, with hearth products that inspire, delight, and surprise consumers. “For over 30 years, we have innovated and mastered the art of luxury European fireplace design,” Lowe says. “We’ve noticed the trend of European, contemporary-inspired fireplaces becoming more popular in the U.S. marketplace, and we’ve received a strong response from U.S. builders, architects, and designers who appreciate that Ortal products bring their design visions to life and cater to their clients’ design sensibilities.” The experts at Ortal understand that it shouldn’t take a lot of effort to transform small, featureless rooms into rooms that are welcoming and exude architectural presence—all thanks to having a sleek, elegant fire-

The Traditional 110 fireplace

Ortal is an industry trailblazer in design and product development. BY MAURA KELLER

The Lyric 110 three-sided fireplace

place as the focal point. What’s more, advances in technology and home automation are making way for homeowners to incorporate some of the most innovative features available into their fireplaces. While the Ortal team strives to create hearth products that exceed clients’ expectations, it also uses timehonored methods of design and construction. The company’s architectural prowess, attention to detail, and use of the finest materials have earned Ortal accolades and numerous industry awards. According to Lowe, Ortal is the


industry leader—thanks, in part, to its meticulous attention to aesthetics and to developing exclusive fire technologies. “We complement the whole room’s design,” Lowe says. “This is due to our exclusive, patented Cool Wall technology.” This technology allows an architect or homeowner to enhance a room’s design possibilities, overcoming virtually any design obstacle, because the walls surrounding the fireplace, including the wall directly above it, remain cool. This means that artwork and televisions can safely hang directly above the fireplace. “Our customers appreciate Cool

Wall technology because it allows them to design the fireplace surround up to the fireplace glass,” Lowe says. “You can use wood up to the glass. In fact, you can use anything you’d like, in terms of the face of the fireplace. Our products allow architects to achieve whatever they dream when designing the fireplaces they create. They can literally do anything with Ortal.” With its global reach, Ortal is committed to market-leading excellence and to expert service/support for customers, builders, and industry partners. In addition, Ortal’s fireplaces

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I spec from their product “Whether line or collaborate with them for a custom fire feature, I trust HPC for our projects. The products are tops, and HPC’s technical folks always take good care of us.” Scott Eckenrode VP of Construction Lead Designer Stonewall Design & Construction Shrewsbury, PA

Project Profile: Lauer Compound, Dover, PA Size of Project: Renovate existing pool and equipment 3100 sq. ft. of Techo-Bloc Pavers, 20'x24' Custom Outdoor Bar Area, 14'x14' Custom Outdoor Spa Area Fire features: Two HPC H-Burner Kits with 150K Burners; One HPC Penta Burner Kit with 250K Burner

For over 40 years, our fire pit technology and safety innovations have led the industry. Igniting passion in more than a few of our customers. Learn more at

Hearth Products Controls

Fire-inspired since 1975. Circle Reader Service No. 55


US © 2018 Hearth Products Controls Company TES-1-1


The Cottages collection


Couristan’s colorful outdoor rugs convey coziness and charm. BY CHERISE FORNO

COMFORT UNDERFOOT Couristan® (Fort Lee, New Jersey) brings more than nine decades of experience in delivering beautiful, elegantly crafted area rugs, carpeting, and other flooring products to the industry.

labor in its facilities. In addition to making traditional designs, timeless Oriental rugs, and contemporary patterns, the company has been a leader in the outdoor-flooring market, offering both commercial and residential products that can be customized to elevate any space— indoors or outdoors—all year long. As a family-owned In 2003, the company and -operated business, introduced its Recife the company has collection, which built a pristine has revolutionreputation and ized the indushas continued try. This colto offer inspirlection is ing designs and designed to high-quality colendure the elelections for two ments, but it generations of the brings eye-catching Couri family. designs to indoor Built on a vision of spaces as well. It is crafted From the Covington bringing handmade with 100% Courtron collection Persian area rugs to the polypropylene, and it is United States in 1926, Couristan resistant to mold, mildew, and damnow offers more than 20 diverse age caused by UV rays. “We were the collections of handmade area rugs original pioneers in this category,” alone. The company remains as Mahurter says. innovative as ever by consistently Since the introduction of the introducing new collections and Recife collection, Couristan has venturing into diverse corners of the expanded this successful category, marketplace, such as the offering dozens of products in popuindoor/outdoor-flooring industry. lar indoor/outdoor collections that Larry Mahurter, vice president of include Covington and Outdoor marketing and advertising, says, Escape pieces. In addition to being “We were originally viewing these as made with the company’s renowned seasonal products, but this category Courtron material, these collections has grown so much that it is becomare handhooked and are available in ing a nonseasonal product.” both rectangular and round shapes. Couristan still imports hand“You get a true handhooked feel made rugs from China and India, to the rug that adds texture,” enforcing a policy of using no child Mahurter explains. He adds that


these collections are on trend in the marketplace, with vibrant colors and bold patterns. “These are very, very colorful, with large florals and contemporary designs,” he says. The Outdoor Escape collection features nautical designs that bring the look and feel of the beach to customers. Mahurter explains that it is important for Couristan customers to know that these collections contain year-round rugs and carpets that are perfect for indoor spaces as well. Even though they are built to stand up to the toughest outdoor environments, they were made to deliver impeccable designs that enable homes and businesses to use them anywhere, during any season. Many customers use these products for sunrooms, porches, and mud rooms. “They are far more universal and versatile than ever before,” Mahurter says. Building on its history of ingenuity, Couristan set out to improve what was available in this segment of the market. “We elevated it with more colors, bigger patterns, and more texture,” he adds. Couristan’s strengths lie not only in its position in the forefront of innovation, but also in its ability to understand what consumers are searching for (and responding to) in each category. “The handhooked category has been dominating the outdoor industry,” Mahurter says. Customers continue to appreciate the craftsmanship and texture of these rugs—and all the unique designs Couristan offers in these col-

lections. Covington, for example, features palms, florals, and colorful stripes. It is available in three colors, including mocha and navy. Covington Accents is another collection in high demand that has taken inspiration from coastal motifs for its 3x5-foot rugs. “These are very popular for beach and coastal properties,” Mahurter says. Other options for customers are the company’s flat-weave rugs, which feature more geometric designs, in addition to florals. “It’s about versatility, with these products,” Mahurter says. Many of the company’s flatweave rugs are manufactured in Belgium and Turkey, while many of its handhooked items are crafted in China; handloomed and handwoven products are also made in India. In the past few years, Couristan has continued expanding its offerings in the indoor/outdoor-carpet marketplace. The consumer-conscious company recognized the potential for growth in this category (beyond area rugs) and has created numerous beautiful designs and configurations. Wall-to-wall carpeting gives consumers the ability to make areas of transition from indoors to outdoors comfortable and elegant. “Outdoor carpeting has been growing by leaps and bounds,” Mahurter says. He explains that Couristan lets consumers select products that are visually appealing, as well as functional (a departure from the flooring products of the past). Another continued on page 93

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GLORY The Country Blaze vent-free log set


The vertical log burner system for Rumford–style fireplaces

The Rustic Timbers log set

For more than 30 years, Hargrove Premium Products (Sand Springs, Oklahoma) has delivered exquisite gas logs, which are both efficient and realistic, to the marketplace. While the company has evolved and grown to meet customers’ demands, it has stayed true to its roots by maintaining and improving its vented gas logs and adding other product lines. Mark Hitchcock, director of sales and marketing, says, “Last year, our most popular gas logs were still our vented radiant-heat gas logs.” Hargrove was established in 1984, capitalizing on the booming popularity of gas logs in the marketplace. In the 1990s, the demand for vent-free logs also grew, which helped propel sales for

Hargrove’s vented and vent-free gas logs add warmth and visual appeal to fireplaces and firepits. Hargrove. “A lot of growth happened for the company in these early years ,” Hitchcock says. He adds that sales of vented gas logs remained high, even as the market for vent-free logs continued to expand. Hitchcock explains that the company’s radiant-heat products were released in 2007; since then, their success has soared. “In that time frame, we’ve seen a real resurgence in their popularity,” he says. Hargrove’s realistic radiant-heat logs use Radiant Riser technology to direct heat output efficiently. “Our radiant-heat logs put more heat into the room,” Hitchcock says. “They put out three times more heat than a typical concrete gas log. It gives us a distinct place in the market, which improves our sales.” The company’s Charred and Fresh Cut vented collections offer customers handpainted logs, for an unparalleled design. These logs are also built to withstand temperatures of more than 2,000 degrees. The Kiva set, which is available in a 10inch size, uses a vertical grate system and log stack. This product is ideal for smaller fireplaces and works with either LP or natural gas. Hargrove has also expanded its offerings in vent-free products. In 2017, Yukon Char was introduced, in addition to five other styles in the company’s vent-free lineup. Yukon Char—available in 18-, 24-, and 30-inch sizes—puts out warmth while creating a cozy feeling, with naturallooking flames and embers. The Log Glow series, which is certified for both vent-free and vented use, has burners that can be operated manually or by remote control. These products showcase Hargrove’s commitment to offering more options for customers while still providing detailed designs that create a realistic fire. Hitchcock notes that Hargrove has been working on providing customers with more choices in ventfree collections, as well as on giving consumers styles at price levels that range from entry level to premium. “We have a better selection,” he says. In both vented and vent-free collections, Hargrove has con-


temporary fire-media options that include cannonballs, blue glass, river stones, and driftwood, which can be used to create a stunningly beautiful look. Components for firepits make up another fastgrowing category, and Hargrove’s burners, media, and log stacks have been successful in 2017. “One of our very popular items is our firepit log stack,” Hitchcock says. The Wilderness series of firepit log stacks (consisting of Char, Split, and Oak styles) is increasingly popular and conveniently fits on gas firepits. These three designs are available in various sizes (up to 50 inches in diameter). Hitchcock explains that products in the outdoor category will continue to experience growth as people increasingly invest in fireplaces and firepits to enhance their outdoor-living spaces. The company also plans to introduce quite a few new products to the market during 2018. These include improvements to its vented burner, a vent-free coal basket (in addition to its vented version), and wood-burning grates that provide a heavy-duty option for wood-burning fireplaces. The vent-free coal basket will be an ideal choice to fit smaller applications, such as Victorian-style fireplaces. In an effort to continue to improve existing products, the new vented burner also will have hidden valve controls, for a sleek look. “I think this will be a very big hit for us,” Hitchcock says. Set for release this year is a new vertical stack of logs that offers more height. “This is a really good application for taller fireplaces,” Hitchcock explains. Hargrove’s innovative spirit has enabled it to envision these new products because the company recognizes that customers want complete products that deliver performance and ambience—in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs. Hitchcock notes that the company will continue to be attuned to trends in the market and will respond to the desires of consumers by providing improved product models and stunning designs. “The goal is to develop products that ultimately meet and exceed the customer’s expectations,” he says.

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A NEW STRATEGY Now is the time to focus marketing efforts on existing customers and their sustained interest in products and services. BY RYAN BLOOM

As we begin 2018, many of us are in our winter season: In many markets, sales and general enthusiasm about grilling and outdoor living are at their lowest points of the year, making it a great time to reflect, strategize, and plan. Some people consider the seasonality challenges of the outdoor-cooking business to be major negative factors. Of course, it would be ideal to have 12 great sales months each year, but in many regions, this is neither the norm nor reality. We can choose to use the down months to hibernate, or we can use this break to work on our businesses (rather than simply working in them). As I reflect on 2017 and our successes, mistakes, and lessons learned, some fundamental truths should be shared. First, our future clients have more access to information, content, pricing, and reviews (both consumer and professional) than ever before. Second, customer-acquisition costs continue to rise, and using creative marketing/advertising campaigns to attract new clients is increasingly challenging (and expensive). Third, we—as specialty retailers—have both the opportunity and the challenge of needing to add value to our clients’ experience constantly to ensure the we collect ongoing dividends from our customer base. With these three factors in mind, explore ways to keep growing your business in 2018. The lifetime value of a customer is an important term to consider. With the increased cost of acquiring new clients, we should focus on maximizing the revenue and exposure we can gain from existing ones. All too often, retailers focus on making the big initial sale of a grill or outdoor kitchen, but put little (or no) effort into understanding the economics of recurring revenue. For example, a client might purchase a kamado-

Ryan Bloom

style grill for $1,000. Many retailers and their sales staffs think about the profit, commission, or upselling potential of that initial transaction. The greater measure to consider, though, is the lifetime value of that client. Over a 10-year period, how much business can be done with this client if strategies and programs are in place to maximize the experience and the economic relationship? During a decade, clients have a value almost three times that of their initial purchases. They will need a source of expert advice and ongoing service. They will want charcoal, smoking woods, accessories, replacement parts, spices, sauces, cooking classes, and grill cleaning, to name only a few of their ongoing purchases. It is far better to invest resources in ensuring that each client is a long-term one—by developing incentives for repeat visits—than to look for new customers constantly. A loyal, happy, and passionate client is also more likely to refer new business to you. How do we stay connected to customers while


remaining unique in the marketplace? Many techniques are effective and low in cost, and they allow us to shine in ways that big-box stores or internet sellers cannot. Personal after-sale follow-up calls (not just emails) from owners or managers are critical for ensuring that the sales experience was the best it could be. Monthly newsletters about new products, recipes, promotions, events, and demos also are effective in encouraging repeat business. Socialmedia posts about relevant topics, such as the availability of service and maintenance programs (for cleaning, winterizing, and tune-ups), play a vital role. Workshops, classes, and events should be held throughout the year to bring foot traffic into your stores. None of these activities are costly, and all can be managed with a small team (in 2013, we started with just two people). They all have major impacts, however, in setting your business apart in your local market. You don’t have to implement all these programs; just pick one or two for 2018 and invest your time in them. Paying for television, radio, and flier advertising is, in many cases, a diminishing return on investment. I am not saying that they don’t have value and should not be part of an overall marketing strategy for a business, but I am saying that too many businesses (in every industry) put all their resources into attracting new customers and not enough time and effort into meeting the wants and needs of existing ones. Do the math, and consider how many grills you sell per year and what the lifetime value of each of those grill owners could be. Add it up for a five- to 10-year span, and you will quickly see that it is low-risk, high-margin revenue: the lowest-hanging fruit of all the revenue you can create to help grow and sustain your business for the long term. I wish you health, happiness, and success in 2018 and beyond.

Ryan Bloom is the owner of Urban Bonfire (Montreal, Quebec), a highly successful interactive retail store that specializes in selling grills and outdoor-kitchen products, as well as outdoorliving experiences.

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THE INNOVATORS OW Lee excels by introducing fresh, stylish designs that exceed customer expectations. BY K I M B E R LY R O D G E R S

OW Lee (Ontario, California), manufacturer of high-end outdoor furniture, firepits, and accessories, continues to meet the demands of the marketplace with several exciting and innovative product introductions for the 2017–18 season. Founded in 1947, OW Lee is now led and owned by the third and fourth generations of the Lee family. Casual-furniture retailers and dealers know that they can depend on this respected company to create high-quality, consumer-driven products, and this season’s offerings are no exception. There are many highlights in the lineup that incorporate new materials—developed to increase comfort and durability—into the latest on-trend designs.

One of the biggest standouts for this season is the Pacifica collection. Featuring clean lines and gentle curves in tubular iron, the line offers a new option for retailers seeking more transitional furniture for their customers. Terri Lee Rogers, president (and vice president of sales and marketing), says, “To date, the Pacifica collection has been our most well-received introduction for this season. This line now gives us a stronger offering in transitional designs for our dealers.” The complete line features modular deep seating, dining, and lounge pieces. Pacifica also includes a modular outdoorentertainment center. Terri explains, “The entertainment center has

The Ridgewood collection, with a Marina-top firepit

been a big hit with consumers. It gives the buyer a modular option for furnishing a complete outdoor room.” The unit provides a center console and tower with ample areas for electronics, disThe Zen firepit play, or storage. and Pacifica sectional Pacifica is available in 13 frame finishes, 14 tile options, four parabolic-fabric options, and more than 100 stock fabrics. In addition, Pacifica uses OW Lee’s new Flex Comfort™ seating system. This technology offers the easy maintenance of a sling product, but with a more conforming flexibility than traditional slings, for supreme comfort. Paul Rogers, director of newproduct development and design, says, “We worked with one of our furniture-component suppliers to develop a material—currently used on office furniture—viable for use outdoors. This project was ongoing for over a year to achieve the highest levels of comfort, durability, and aesthetics.” Flex Comfort technology is incorporated into


Pacifica’s dining, bar, and counter seating options. OW Lee is working to expand the concept to other pieces in the Pacifica line, as well as to new collections for the 2018–19 season. MORE HIGHLIGHTS Also captivating consumers is the Ridgewood collection. The design is inspired by the classic logand-beam trestlework of railroad bridges found throughout the Western United States. Made from handforged wrought iron, Ridgewood features transitional lines with a rustic flair. A ladder-back style, hammered rivets, and wood-grain embossing enhance the frames’ natural, rugged beauty. Paul says, “The collection was designed specifically to appeal to those buyers who own mountain or lake homes and who want a rustic design. Certainly, with Ridgewood, we are giving them an option other than Adirondack chairs.” OW Lee has seen a strong response to the collection from retailers catering to mountain/lakehouse clients. Paul believes that Ridgewood will also do well regionally and with customers who seek a rustic look that uses metal material. The collection includes deep seating (with proprietary Plush Comfort™ seat cushioning), dining, and lounge pieces and is available in 13 frame finishes, 14 tile options, and more than 100 stock fabrics.

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LAST WORD In addition, the line’s tables feature the new Marina tops, with an on-trend boat-wood look (made of porcelain, for easy maintenance). Over the past few years, these products have exploded in the flooring industry. OW Lee helped develop the trend, early on, for the outdoor/casual market. Paul says, “We have been working with porcelain for over seven years and have been offering the design for about five years. Luckily, we spotted this trend, and consumers have responded to it.” Shipments to retailers began at the end of 2017. The Marina top has the look of salvaged boat wood, diving more deeply into the wood-look trend. Response from retailers has been mixed. Paul comments, “They either love it—or not so much. The look is unique and definitely received a lot of attention at our markets.” The company, Terri says, is anxiously awaiting word from retailers on how the look will be received on the showroom floor. The Rio tabletop series expands OW Lee’s porcelain offerings. In Rio, OW Lee is combining porcelain and

elegant glass tiles in a sophisticated, seamless look. Rio offers an abundance of tile options and sizes. Paul says, “In our evolution of working with porcelain, we decided to introduce a new material, mosaic glass, to complement the porcelain.” Mosaic glass is already widely used with porcelain in the flooring and pool industries. Therefore, it was a natural progression for OW Lee to incorporate the look into tabletops and hearths. Paul says, “This was developed for the customer who wants a design element with a porcelain top—similar to the mosaics we see in stone tops.” In the Rio tabletop series, two glass colorways, crane and sandpiper, will be available. They can be combined with any of OW Lee’s 14 porcelain tiles. A ZEN MOOD OW Lee continues its march as a leader in outdoor fireside products with the introduction of the Zen firepit. The firepit’s square 42-inch design features a modern look that uniquely brings together the elements

of light, fire, and color. Terri says, “We are delighted and surprised at how many Zen firepits we have on order.” The Zen firepit features a unique LED display at its base, with lights in 1,600 color options. Firepits are already the ultimate outdoor-entertaining piece—and with Zen, OW Lee has taken the category to a new level through customizable LED lighting. The firepit offers beautiful fireside ambience using propane and comes with a natural-gas converter. A custom-built stainless-steel burner (certified by Omni-Test Laboratories) and a 60,000-Btu adjustable flame give the warmth and comfort of a campfire, without the hassles of smoke and ash. Shipments to retailers began at the end of 2017, so the company doesn’t yet have a gauge of consumer response. Terri notes, however, that initial consumer inquiries from social-media platforms has been positive. She says, “We are getting interest from Facebook, email marketing, and magazine advertising.” Overall, the company’s firepit sales continue at a brisk

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pace as consumers extend the outdoor-living season. OW Lee’s biggest sellers in the category are its 42-inch round and 30x40-inch rectangular chat-height models. In September 2017, OW Lee was honored for the sixth year in a row with the Manufacturer of the Year Award from the International Casual Furnishings Association. Terri reports that the entire Lee family is truly humbled by the recognition. “It seems impossible to us that we have been able to achieve this award for six straight years,” she says. She is grateful (and gives much credit) to OW Lee’s superior team of employees, along with the immense pride that all employees take in their work. This includes the company’s production and customer-service staffs, its research/development team, and its sales/marketing personnel. Terri says, “Every component of our organization works to create a great product and offer outstanding service. Without them, we never could have achieved this significant honor.”

We have a VENTIS® solution for every venting application.






Visit us at the HPBExpo, Booth #2008 or call 1-800-569-1425 or visit WWW.OLYMPIACHIMNEY.COM Circle Reader Service No. 65



EARTHCORE INDUSTRIES Maximus, the first-ever masonry direct-vent gas fireplace, connects you with the beautiful, captivating, power of fire— in the comfort of your home. It features an expansive ceramicglass opening with Invisi-Barrier and the triple Stadium burner for exceptional appearance and flame presentation. With an array of options, the Isokern Maximus comes complete and includes exclusive Stadium burner electronic ignition with three log options—and as always, your choice of firebrick. Contact: (800) 642-2920 or Circle Reader Service No. 95

KINGSMAN FIREPLACES The new Barbara Jean outdoor-fire collection (featuring an array of customizable burners, firestands, tables, and linear fireplaces) allows you to create an enticing ambience for the cocktail hour and alfresco dining on your patio or deck. Special times just got a whole lot warmer with the beauty of the new Barbara Jean collection. Come see it today. Contact: (855) 539-3304 or Circle Reader Service No. 96

MONTIGO Montigo’s new outdoor fireplace, the PL outdoor, has a patented windproof design with glass doors and an InvisiMesh safety screen, requires no venting, and is rated for wood-frame construction. Made with highquality 304 stainless steel, this unit also features two dual blowers, providing a curtain of warm air on a cool evening. A stand-alone stainless-steel enclosure is now available for both 42- and 60-inch versions, with custom color options to be available in spring 2018. Contact: (800) 378-3115,, or

LANDMANN USA The Avalon PTS+® 6.1+, the latest generation of Landmann USA’s premium gas barbecues, comes with state-of-the-art features (such as the company’s patent-pending PTS+ cooking system) and is made from high-quality grade 304 stainless steel. Contact: (800) 321-3473 or Circle Reader Service No. 99

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TELESCOPE CASUAL Beautiful contours are possible with Telescope Casual’s marine-grade polymer (MGP) Jetset dining chair. The Jetset chair’s contours pull double duty, providing unmatched style and excellent comfort. The chair’s MGP is cool to the touch on hot days, and the chairs stack for added efficiency. Contact: (518) 642-1100 or Circle Reader Service No. 98

Skaal is the latest creation of designer Claude Robin for Les Jardins. Modern (yet comfortable), Skaal’s asymmetrical lines are as unique as the surface of the tabletop used by the French brand. Italian high-pressure laminate is now used by Les Jardins for most of its tabletops. Skaal’s teak components receive a six-coat finish—guaranteed for five years. Combined with the finest Batyline® sling (Eden), these features make Skaal a sensational group: the symbiosis of 20 years of teak-furniture production and design innovation. Contact: (213) 745-8883 or Circle Reader Service No. 100


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dENvEr firEPit CHat GrouP

dESiGNEr SurrouNdS for H SEriES firEPlaCE

Elegant angles and curves bring a new, trendsetting look to all-weather wicker with Agio’s Denver firepit chat group. Outdoor fire continues to be a featured item on homeowners’ wish lists, and the Denver collection fits the bill, with four deep seating chairs that surround an elegant rectangular firepit with a slatted tabletop finished to resemble genuine wood. Contact: (888) 997-7623 or

Whether it’s industrial, coastal, or minimalist/modern, showcase your unique style with a custom fireplace surround. Using European Home’s new Digital Surround Builder, you can now design your perfect surround for the H series fireplace. Choose from premium-quality materials such as patina finished metals and Italian tile. There are over 200 possible design combinations. Contact: (781) 324-8383 or

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ECofaN airMax biG GrEEN EGG CaSt-iroN CookwarE

The Ecofan AirMax delivers unrivaled performance with second-generation patented technology. This unique hearth accessory is designed to sit on top of your wood stove and circulate warm air through the room, quickly and efficiently—powered only by the heat of the wood stove. Genuine Ecofans offer over 20 years of Canadian quality and innovation. Contact: (800) 567-3556 or

High-quality Big Green Egg cast-iron cookware is customdesigned with oversized, easy-to-grip handles to work perfectly with the EGG. The Dutch oven, deep skillets, grilling planchas, and sauce pot are all built to deliver a lifetime of cooking enjoyment. Contact: (770) 938-9394 or

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Clarity 2118 The Clarity 2118 is a modern gas fireplace designed for smaller applications. This fireplace has crisp lines and luxurious features, including twotone shroud finishes, a blackglass Reflections firebox floor, Infinity mirrored firebox sides, a Sand Dunes fluted-ceramic firebox back, a crescentshaped burner, nonreflective 21x18-inch glass, and an Invisimesh safety screen, all designed to create a spectacular flame experience. You can add the optional fan, the River Washed high-definition log set, and City Scape or In the Woods firebox insets (or customize your own inset). The Clarity 2118 fireplace produces 27,000 Btu with a 50% turndown and comes with an ignition choice of SIT standing-pilot or intermittent-pilot valve systems. Contact: (509) 522-2730 or

Introducing the latest addition to the bestselling Carmel series by American Fire Products: The new Harbor gray granite is the perfect contrast to an evening of mesmerizing fire reflections, with the lighter tone resembling the sand of the moonlit beach. The high-quality all-aluminum base includes some subtle (but appealing) changes, with recessed corner supports and a softer-looking satin finish. To top off these improvements, each American Fire Products firepit also includes 0.5-inch premium fireglass, a metal burner cover, and a vinyl firepit cover. Contact: (888) 264-1017 or

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aMEriCaN firE ProduCtS Harbor Gray GraNitE firEPit

The Great One. A Place Of Abundance, and Rural Peace.

“Land of Plenty” The Debut of

ACADIA HEARTH at HPBExpo Booth 2256 in Nashville, TN! Distributors & Dealers wanted.

1-833-ACADIA1(222-3421) @ACADIAHEARTH

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bull 6.6–CubiC-foot kEGErator Extra SliM SEriES Introducing the incredibly thin Extra Slim Panorama series: At just 4 inches in depth, these units are the thinnest built-in electric fireplaces on the market today, the company says. They don’t sacrifice any of the dazzling Fire & Ice® flame presentation for which Amantii is known. Designed to be recessed, the Extra Slim is available in 30-, 40-, 50-, and 60-inch lengths. The Amantii Extra Slim fireplace is rated for indoor and outdoor installations (shown: the BI-50-Xtraslim). Contact: (877) 850-9458 or Circle reader Service No. 107

An outdoor kitchen for beer lovers is simply incomplete without a draft-beer system. Bull proudly announces the release of the Bull kegerator, so you can take your pouring power to the great outdoors. Constructed of highquality 304 stainless steel, the Bull kegerator can withstand everything Mother Nature throws at it. This kegerator comes loaded with attractive, useful features and functions. Standard features include four durable wheels for easy maneuverability, an automatic-defrost setting, a digital thermostat for precise temperature control, and enough interior room to fit a half- or quarter-barrel keg comfortably (or two sixth-barrel kegs, if you upgrade to having a second faucet). Best of all, it comes with a complete tapping kit (for one faucet), so you can start pouring pints right away. Contact: (800) 521-2855 or Circle reader Service No. 110

artiSaN toPS by GENSuN The new Artisan tops from Gensun are constructed of a high-pressure laminate solid-core material that is extremely durable. They can be used indoors and outdoors in both hospitality and residential applications. They have a high resistance to scratching, abrasion, impacts, UV rays, bad weather conditions, and heat. Artisan tops are used with Phoenix tables and are available as gas firepit tops. Contact: (866) 964-4468 or Circle reader Service No. 108

Joi laMP Your patio is your playground. Light it up with the JOI lamp by Caframo. This innovative lighting solution is powered by the heat of a single tea-light candle. The JOI lamp is compact and portable, weighing only 5 pounds, and can be used all around the yard. Whether it is a centerpiece to light up the table, lighting around the barbecue for grilling, or a spotlight on the backyard dance floor, the JOI is perfect for any lighting task. There is no need to worry about pesky extension cords, failing batteries, or solar chargers that never seem to work: As long as you have a tea-light candle, the JOI will light the way. Contact: (800) 567-3556 or Circle reader Service No. 111

HiMalayaN Salt CHillErS HEatilator ravE Rave adds a modern, linear style and proven value to any home or office. Contemporary design elements are highlighted by a long, mesmerizing ribbon flame rising through attractive modern media. Explore unique placements and create a custom look with a choice of finishing options; include the optional SmartWall heat-management kit to enable placement of a television just 12 inches above the fireplace, with no mantel. Enjoy total control while operating your fireplace. It is simple, smart, and safe with the IntelliFire Touch. Select the touchscreen remote control or the wireless wall switch for the solution that fits your life. With unsurpassed dependability and exceptional value, the Rave gas series is another way Heatilator has been keeping the United States warm since 1927. Contact: (800) 927-6841 or Circle reader Service No. 109


This set includes 10 cubes, so everyone can play mixologist. Top your drinks with cubes right out of the box, or chill cubes before serving to keep your cocktails cool. Himalayan salt has a naturally low moisture content, which allows cubes to be heated or chilled to extreme temperatures. Contact: (800) 521-0505,, or Circle reader Service No. 112

CouNtry blazE vENt frEE Hargrove introduces the massive Country Blaze vent-free log set. It incorporates rugged, beautifully detailed logs, along with a wide ember-glow presentation, to achieve a premium vent-free look. Country Blaze is available in 18-, 24-, and 30-inch sizes, with manual, millivolt, or variable-flame valve options. Contact: (800) 725-4166 or Circle reader Service No. 115

NortHStar Pro-StylE Six-burNEr dual-fuEl raNGE It’s retro inspired, with high-end modern features, chrome trim, and vibrant colors. Also available are refrigerators, microwaves, range hoods, splashbacks, and dishwashers. Create your dream kitchen from Elmira Stove Works. Contact: (800) 295-8498 or Circle reader Service No. 113

C2C42 Coyote Outdoor Living, a leader in the design, development, and production of high-quality outdoor-kitchen equipment, will introduce several new updates to its already celebrated line of stainless grills, ceramic cookers, and refrigeration units. In this highly competitive market, Coyote is upgrading all the C-series grills to feature its signature Infinity burners. The C2C42 is a 42-inch grill with a 1,275–square-inch cooking area and five high-performance Coyote Infinity burners. The C2C42 has interior lighting and 304 stainless-steel flavorizers. With up to 100,000 Btu, it is the largest grill in the C series. Contact: (855) 520-1559 or Circle reader Service No. 114

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St. bErNarduS St. Bernardus is MLW Stone’s latest and most cost-effective natural-stone fireplace facing. Available in three standard sizes, St. Bernardus is a sound and durable honedlimestone fireplace surround that is consistent in color from piece to piece and set to set. Its warm, clean, and neutral color lends itself well to any traditional or contemporary decor. For samples, email Contact: (800) 477-7665 or

Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens, a premier manufacturer of stainless outdoor kitchens, has introduced its Post & Panel system (PPS), a first-of-its-kind outdoor-kitchen solution designed specifically for multifamily properties. Constructed of stainless steel for a modern aesthetic and exceptional durability, the PPS integrates the look of Danver’s existing residential cabinetry line while eliminating unnecessary storage areas and weight. Engineered to provide strong countertop support, the simple inline design accommodates a wide range of lengths and features removable panels that can easily be switched out without having to replace the entire unit. Contact: (203) 699-6838 or Circle reader Service No. 119

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HPC CoPPEr bowl SEriES Fitted with CSA–certified match-lit or remote electronic ignition firepit inserts (MLFPK or EI) and available for use with LP or natural gas, these oilrubbed bowls come in either hammered or smooth finishes (based on the model). Contact: (877) 433-7001 or

boulEvard 48 liNEar SEE-tHrouGH firEPlaCE The new Boulevard 48 direct-vent see-through fireplace features a true 48inch viewing area, a fully recessed burner, and white LED under-floor lighting. This system installs in an interior wall to brighten adjoining rooms—or in an exterior wall (with the optional stainless-steel outdoor kit) for a beautiful view, indoors and out. Customize the look with liners, logs, fronts, and decorative glass. It’s available through White Mountain Hearth and American Hearth dealers. Contact: (800) 851-3153,, or Circle reader Service No. 120

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alPHa Pit boSS vErtiCal PEllEt SMokErS Innovation meets the outdoors with the new Pit Boss series of vertical pellet smokers. Never before has smoking been this versatile. The doublewalled insulation lets you smoke at temperatures of 100 to 450 degrees, unlike any other smoker on the market today, the company says. The large front window eliminates the need for peekaboo cooking, and the elevated frame makes transferring your meal from the smoker to the table a breeze. Retail prices start at $399. The smokers are also available as built-in models. Contact: (877) 303-3134 or Circle reader Service No. 118

The Alpha 36S is a cleanfaced, traditional-looking fireplace with a realistic, classic wood-burning appearance. The frameless design of the Alpha provides an open view of the fire, with enhanced radiant heat and efficiency. Complete with the Komfort Kontrol remote, a fan kit, and an accent-light kit, the Alpha 36S is available in an arched or rectangular design and has multiple options for customizing your unique fireplace project. Contact: (800) 253-4904 or Circle reader Service No. 121


barbara JEaN The new Barbara Jean outdoor-fire collection (featuring an array of customizable burners, firestands, tables, and linear fireplaces) allows you to create an enticing ambience for the cocktail hour and alfresco dining on your patio or deck. Special times just got a whole lot warmer with the beauty of the new Barbara Jean collection. Come see it today. Contact: (855) 539-3304 or

ultiMatE 5 GaS loGS

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The artistically created, ultradetailed Ultimate 5® gas logs from Eiklor Flames are made of high-heat (2,600degree) ceramic refractory material and are heated by the company’s patented five-burner system, with unique stainless-steel components and heavy-duty iron grates, to give you an extraordinarily realistic, energy-efficient, toasty-warm fire. Sizes range from 18 to 36 inches. Contact: (888) 295-5647 or Circle reader Service No. 122

fluSH-MouNt kit for iNfratECH Patio HEatErS There is no better way to heat any outdoor space than with an Infratech electric radiant heater, the company says. The popular flush-mount option is the cleanest way to install Infratech heaters, complementing any style of architecture. The 304 stainless-steel flush-mount kit is available in six standard colors and can be custom powder coated to match any surroundings. Contact: (800) 421-9455 or Circle reader Service No. 123 Circle reader Service No. 73



bvEtto The warm embrace of fire has captivated human beings since the dawn of humanity. Today, Isokern can help give your home fire an inspired look worthy of 21st-century amazement. The BVETTO series has the largest finished opening height (up to 52 inches) and can be installed directly onto combustible floor systems. Along with its proprietary quick-start firing system, the Isokern BVETTO comes complete and includes exclusive Stadium burner electronic ignition, with three log options and (as always) your choice of firebrick. Contact: (800) 642-2920 or

vENtiS dirECt vENt Ventis® direct vent is manufactured by Olympia Chimney Supply using Smooth-Weld™ technology— which means you can hardly see the seams. Ventis direct vent can be powder coated in eight colors to match a stove or home decor aesthetically. Contact: (980) 313-8281 or Circle reader Service No. 128

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aMbiaNCE AEI proudly announces the introduction of the Ambiance stainless-steel fire feature (PC14SS), adding to the most complete offering of outdoor comfort heat available from any single source. Ambiance’s features include a 4-inch Ambi-Fire borosilicate-glass tube, the Ambi-Glo emitter-grid system, the Pyromid ceramic-burner system, and Ambi-Brite reflectors (at all three corners) to enhance the dancing flame. Ambiance is backed by AEI Corp., which is celebrating its 48th year in the premium–gas-grill and outdoor–comfort-heat industries. Contact: (949) 474-3070 or Circle reader Service No. 126

Extra tall SEriES Amantii has increased the height of its new Extra Tall series by 6 inches, to an impressive 18 inches (versus 12 inches for its other models in the Panorama series). No feature was spared here: Units have multicolor Fire & Ice® flames, 12 inches of depth, and ambient canopy lighting (to illuminate the decorative media from above). They are rated for indoor/outdoor use, including bathroom placements. Included is a designer media kit that boasts an incredible 11-piece log set, Ice media, black glass, pebbles, stones, and embers. Fireplaces are available in 40-, 50-, 60-, 72-, and 88-inch lengths (shown: the BI-40-Deep-XT). Contact: (877) 850-9458 or Circle reader Service No. 129

firEviEw aNtiquE-StylE HiGH-EffiCiENCy woodburNiNG CookStovE Fireview offers the latest advance in the way things used to be. It has a viewing window, a spacious 3–cubic-foot oven, and optional gas burners—and it heats up to 1,800 square feet. Contact: (800) 295-8498 or Circle reader Service No. 127


wEatHErEd oak vENt frEE Weathered Oak is a reasonably priced vent-free log set that has two rows of flames and wonderfully crafted logs. It’s available in 18- and 24inch sizes, with manual or millivolt control-valve options. Contact: (800) 725-4166 or Circle reader Service No. 130

trENtoN dEEP SEatiNG Clean, elegant lines never go out of style, and Agio’s Trenton deep seating collection will illustrate just that, as customers will enjoy years of entertaining and relaxing on this elegant all-weather–wicker collection. With a sofa, a love seat, and a 360-degree swivel rocker, there’s plenty of room for entertaining. Two matching ottomans and slatted coffee and accent tables also feature handwoven wicker and include built-in shelves for storage. Weather-resistant, neutral-toned cushions are ultrasoft and comfortable—and set off by four modern, geometric accent pillows. For more information on Trenton or any other Agio looks sure to cause a stir on your showroom floor, visit the company’s website. Contact: (888) 997-7623 or

SuNGlo PSa265 The Sunglo model PSA265 is a permanently mounted gas infrared patio heater. It’s ideal for patios with limited space and access to natural gas. Its heat-coverage average is a 10-foot circle of quiet warmth. The Sunglo PSA265 heater can be manually operated, with no electrical connections needed; the PSA265E version offers a completely automated ignition system. Contact: (888) 317-5255 or Circle reader Service No. 132

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all-NEw dElSol GrillS Delsol products are designed with passion and are engineered to perform. Perfected by a passionate group of experts in high-performance grills and outdoor-kitchen equipment, Delsol products are engineered with the lasting satisfaction of your customers in mind. Final assembly and a detailed quality inspection are conducted at the company’s factory in California. Every grill is fire tested and packaged in the United States. A wide range of built-in accessories will complement the 40-, 32-, and 25-inch built-in grill models. Built-in grills’ retail prices start at $1,199. Contact: (800) 422-0091 or Circle reader Service No. 133

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HPC MatCH-lit iNSErtS MillENNial burNEr SEriES by aMEriCaN firE GlaSS Tougher, safer, and easier: When it comes to building and operating a firepit, American Fire Glass has pulled out all the stops with its new Millennial burner series. Now, you can open just one box and complete installation of the entire burner system within minutes. Beyond their simplicity is the confidence that each system exceeds North American safety standards, with tough construction and a unique antiwarping design. Contact: (888) 264-1017 or

This is the company’s simplest CSA–certified firepit insert: easy to operate and requiring the least amount of maintenance, at a price level that can maximize your profits. Since it is an HPC product, you can count on the quality of the firepit inserts. Contact: (877) 433-7001 or Circle reader Service No. 137

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biG GrEEN EGG kitCHEN aNd Poultry SHEarS The new Big Green Egg stainless-steel kitchen shears are ideal for a multitude of tasks, from trimming poultry, meats, and seafood to snipping herbs and cutting pizza, vegetables, and flowers. The shears feature ergonomic, textured handles for a secure grip, and they lock for safe storage. Contact: (770) 938-9394 or Circle reader Service No. 135

MaJEStiC JadE The Majestic Jade fireplace helps you unwind and rebalance with a ribbon of continuous flame and soothing style in a popular linear design. Customize the interior with fade-resistant, reflective black-glass interior panels; driftwood logs; natural stones; glass firebed colors; and LED accent lighting—and add a SmartWall kit to mount a television 12 inches above your fireplace, with no mantel required. With the easy operation and reliability of Majestic, life is better. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your home with the Jade fireplace from Majestic. Contact: (877) 486-9123 or Circle reader Service No. 138

SilvEr bullEt outdoor kitCHEN

boulEvard 60 liNEar SEE-tHrouGH firEPlaCE Empire has expanded its popular vent-free Boulevard linear-fireplace series with the addition of the 60-inch see-through model (40,000 Btu). The unit installs as a conventional see-through fireplace on an interior wall or as an indoor/outdoor see-through unit on an exterior wall. With a true 60inch viewing area, an integrated multicolor LED lighting system, and an optional handpainted log set, the newest Boulevard fireplace makes a bold statement—indoors and out. It’s available through White Mountain Hearth and American Hearth dealers. Contact: (800) 851-3153,, or Circle reader Service No. 136

Food suddenly became significantly tastier following the arrival of the Silver Bullet® outdoor kitchen, made by Sunrise Metal Shop—a fourth-generation family-owned business. Constructed of premium 304 stainless steel, this exquisite high-quality kitchen is recognized for its aesthetics and durability. The Silver Bullet outdoor kitchen appeals to backyard chefs who desire a first-class grill that lasts a lifetime. Contact: (260) 463-4026 or Circle reader Service No. 139


CoNtrol SyStEMS froM iNfratECH PEllEt kEttlE Landmann’s pellet barbecue makes possible smart fuel-supply control, fine adjustment of the temperature, and holding the temperature stable over an extended period. The versatile appliance can be used for grilling and smoking. Contact: (800) 321-3473 or Circle reader Service No. 140

There is no better way to heat any outdoor space than with an Infratech electric radiant heater, the company says. Infratech offers three custom control systems, each job specific, tested before leaving the factory and assigned a UL listing number. With the custom controls, you can set up zones (controlling one or more heaters on a single switch), timers, and true intensity control. With the company’s new Universal control system, you can use any dimmer switch you want. Contact: (800) 421-9455 or Circle reader Service No. 141

bx24 Introducing a clean, modern-looking wood stove loaded with all the features that Blaze King offers—and more: With a 2.3–cubic-foot firebox, the BX24 offers incredibly long burn times, guaranteeing important overnight heating. The built-in thermostat allows you to regulate the heat output, from high to low, by 70%. The stove delivers this heat in a steady, consistent manner at every heat level. The BX24 has a large 24x11-inch glass size, takes logs of up to 22 inches, and has a built-in wood-storage area. Contact: (509) 522-2730 or Circle reader Service No. 142

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PRODUCT PROFILES lfP7218 liNEar firEPlaCE MadroNa ModErN

Golden Blount proudly announces the arrival of its newest linear fireplace, the LFP7218, for a truly unobstructed view. It features an open-front, 72x18-inch opening. There’s no hot glass—and no fixed screen. Also available are 60- and 42-inch models, all at unbelievable prices, the company says. Contact: (800) 833-1139 or Circle reader Service No. 144

The new Madrona Modern freestanding stove offers the ultimate in comfort, with the tradition of Valor’s radiant gas warmth complemented by a modern, Scandinavian–inspired style—an original Valor design. It’s available with either almond or pewter sides; choose from Traditional Log, Driftwood, or Splitwood firebeds. The Madrona Modern joins the Madrona family as part of Valor’s Freestanding series. Valor products are made in North America. Contact: (800) 468-2567 or Circle reader Service No. 143

bull Ez fill SMokEr box Outdoor grilling gives your food a touch of fire and a kiss of smoke impossible to get from indoor cooking, and with the new Bull EZ Fill smoker box, you can achieve an authentic, slow-smoked barbecue experience in your own backyard. Constructed of high-quality 304 stainless steel and designed to fit perfectly between the burners of the Bull grill, the EZ Fill smoker box revolutionizes the way you add flavor to your food. The sliding lid makes refilling the smoker box a breeze. The box can be filled with wood chips, pellets, or liquid to add moisture to your grilled food. Upgrade your barbecue today with the Bull EZ Fill smoker box. Contact: (800) 521-2855 or Circle reader Service No. 145

Skaal Skaal is the latest creation of designer Claude Robin for Les Jardins. Modern (yet comfortable), Skaal’s asymmetrical lines are as unique as the surface of the tabletop used by the French brand. Italian high-pressure laminate is now used by Les Jardins for most of its tabletops. Skaal’s teak components receive a six-coat finish—guaranteed for five years. Combined with the finest Batyline® sling (Eden), these features make Skaal a sensational group: the symbiosis of 20 years of teakfurniture production and design innovation. Contact: (213) 745-8883 or Circle reader Service No. 146

duratECH PrEMiuM DuraVent introduces DuraTech Premium, a 2-inch chimney that keeps the exterior cool, while ensuring high temperatures (for optimal draft performance) on the inside. DuraTech Premium features a twist-lock coupler system, which keeps installation time to a minimum, and it can be installed as close to combustible materials as 2 inches. It has been designed for use with wood-, gas-, oil-, or coal-burning appliances. It’s listed to ULC S629 standards for 6-, 7-, and 8-inch diameters. Contact: (800) 835-4429 or Circle reader Service No. 78


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PRODUCT PROFILES MoMbo GaS loG SyStEM The Mombo® gas log system by Eiklor Flames is an exclusive, patented, large two-burner technology for small and huge fully vented commercial and residential fireplaces or firepits—for indoor and outdoor use. Sizes range from 3 to 10 feet long. Contact: (888) 295-5647 or Circle reader Service No. 149

GraNd tErraCE baCklESS bENCH froM GENSuN

kitCHENquE StovEtoP SMokEr

The new Grand Terrace backless bench is lightweight and durable, and it can be tucked under your table. The design captures the essence of Gensun’s beautiful Grand Terrace collection and is available in 23 different finish options. Contact: (866) 964-4468 or Circle reader Service No. 148

Master foods such as brisket, ribs, chicken, and seafood—or even appetizers, including stuffed mushrooms and smoky hummus—all from the comfort of your kitchen, with the KitchenQue™ stovetop smoker. Explore new tastes and make smoking a tradition in your home—not just outside it. Contact: (800) 521-0505,, or Circle reader Service No. 150



Wood Cookstove The Fireview is a high-efficiency, airtight, wood-burning cookstove that is perfect for home, cottage or camp. It serves as a high-output room heater, a cooking appliance and, with an optional water jacket, a source of hot water. For even more cooking versatility add the optional gas side burners. Models also available in all-gas, all-electric or dual fuel.

Let us build one for you. 1-800-295-8498 ȩ2 ! . ' % 3 ȩ s ȩ 7 ! , , ȩ / 6 % . 3 ȩ s ȩ 2 % & 2 ) ' % 2 !4 / 2 3 ȩ s ȩ - ) # 2 / 7 ! 6 % 3 ȩ s ȩ $ ) 3 ( 7 ! 3 ( % 2 3

C2Sl30 Coyote Outdoor Living, a leader in the design, development, and production of high-quality outdoor-kitchen equipment, will introduce several new updates to its already-celebrated line of stainless grills, ceramic cookers, and refrigeration units. The S-series aspires to exceed the highest standards and will now expand to include the C2LS30, a compact 30-inch grill that features two high-performance Coyote Infinity burners, one infrared rear burner, one Coyote RapidSear infrared burner, 700 square inches of cooking area, up to 70,000 Btu, 304 stainless steel, interior grill lighting, LED illuminated knobs, and ceramic-briquette flavorizers. Contact: (855) 520-1559 or Circle reader Service No. 151

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PRODUCT PROFILES lyriC firEPlaCES by ortal Lyric by Ortal is a new line of gas fireplaces that lets builders enhance the profile of any home— without exceeding project limitations. High-quality, value-engineered Lyric fireplaces come in front-facing, two- and three-sided, stand-alone, and tunnel models. With popular options that include a selection of media; a safety-screen barrier for safe, crystal-clear viewing; and Cool Wall and power-vent technologies for installation anywhere, Lyric fireplaces are a smart fit for any project. Contact: (844) LYRIC-FIRE or Circle reader Service No. 153

alCott GaS firEPit tablE

louiSiaNa GrillS EStatE SEriES

The Alcott gas firepit table by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company has a modern-farmhouse aesthetic, featuring antique-timber Supercast and a whitewashed-shiplap base. With a 12x24-inch honey glow brown UL–listed burner, the Alcott delivers a warm glow that is both relaxing and enjoyable. Contact: (866) 303-4028 or

Louisiana Grills is pleased to introduce the Estate series. Welcome a luxurious, stainless-steel outdoor kitchen designed for any setting. The digital control center, in union with the famous LG burn system and standard flame broiler, can create temperatures of up to 600 degrees, while cooking your food evenly. Complemented by an elegant stainless-steel body, extensive storage space, and LG’s prominent power cycle, the Estate series is made for those who like to barbecue in style. It’s also available as a built-in unit. Contact: (877) 303-3134 or

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Where every


fireplace starts. st arts. ar ts. | 800.642.2920

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broil kiNG built-iN GrilliNG CENtErS It’s built-in grilling on a smarter level. Finally, a built-in grilling center gives you smarter options to design and build an outdoor-grilling area. Broil King® built-in grilling centers give you a new level of flexibility with the unique modular pod cabinet system and components. Combine this level of flexibility with Broil King high-performance grilling technology, and you’ve got a smarter choice to offer your customers. The Broil King built-in grilling center gives you a choice of the six-burner Broil King Imperial™ XL through to a four-burner Broil King Regal™, either as cabinet models or as grill heads only. In addition, the system features a cabinet for the Broil King Keg kamado and a wide selection of components and options to take built-in grilling to a smarter level. Contact: (800) 245-5138 or Circle reader Service No. 155

MoNtiGo CuStoM ProdiGy vittoria C duCtablE

From the engineers responsible for leading design in the custom-fireplace industry, the Prodigy is a robust, commercially rated fireplace built and priced to enjoy at home. Featuring the patented frameless Cool Pack glass technology, the Prodigy delivers a completely unrestricted view, anywhere from 3 feet by 12 inches to 8 feet by 60 inches. Dealer inquiries are welcome. Contact: (800) 378-3115,, or

The Vittoria C ductable is the latest addition to the Ravelli range for North America. This stove can be ducted into two other rooms and can control three different temperatures. The Italian manufacturer is introducing the new touch-control remote, for full and easy management of the stove (along with some diagnostic features). On top of that, this stove has the Ravelli self-cleaning solution, which drastically reduces weekly cleaning needs. Contact: (781) 569-4933 or

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dElta HEat outdoorkitCHEN ProduCtS The grill is the cornerstone of any outdoor kitchen, but it is the complementary products that bring it to life. Delta Heat has thought through your customers’ cooking, storage, and entertaining needs. The company’s offering is complete, giving customers the products that they need to create a space that is unique to them: a space that suits their personal cooking and entertaining styles. The company invites you to explore the complete Delta Heat offering. Contact: (800) 422-0091 or

GlaSS SafEty barriEr for ElEMENt4 firEPlaCES The glass safety barrier for Element4 fireplaces is a system that allows air to be vented between two glass layers, reducing the heat of the outer pane. Hot air travels up the chase and is then efficiently distributed into the room, so no heat is lost. This clean and stylish look maximizes the trimless modern lines of fireplaces and maintains safe glass temperatures. Contact: (781) 324-8383 or Circle reader Service No. 159

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zEN firEPit by ow lEE New for 2018: The concept of Zen is centralized in the idea of being one with all that surrounds you. With the new Zen firepit, OW Lee brings together elements of color, light, and fire to create an extraordinary place to entertain. With more than 1,600 color options on the LED light display, it is easy to bring together all aspects of your backyard to a single oneness. Contact: (800) 776-9533 or Circle reader Service No. 160

PEllEtvENt Pro ClEaNout tEE This redesigned PelletVent Pro cleanout tee has been engineered to simplify the cleaning of your pellet stove’s vent system by featuring a revolutionary one-handed twist-release method. This new method uses a push button that releases when you turn the cap, allowing easy removal, and it makes quick work of a messy situation. It will be available to order in March 2018. Contact: (800) 835-4429 or Circle reader Service No. 84


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Cool wall tECHNoloGy: lyriC by ortal Cool Wall technology eliminates building obstacles to expand your design horizon. Available on all Lyric gas fireplaces from Ortal, Cool Wall technology lets cool air flow freely between the fireplace and the surrounding walls to reduce temperatures. With Cool Wall technology, you can safely hang artwork or a television above a Lyric fireplace by Ortal without worrying about heat damage. That means you can confidently design beautiful fireplaces into any space. Contact: (844) LYRIC-FIRE or

rv80 CEraMiCa The RV80 is the most successful product for Ravelli in North America, proving that this Victorian look is appreciated from East Coast to West Coast. This pellet stove is decorated with Italian ceramic tiles on the front and sides, with a choice of four colors: Bordeaux, white, black, and parchment. The Ravelli dynamic system (or RDS) controls the flow of air constantly to guarantee better performances and low emissions—from day one to the end of the season. Contact: (781) 569-4933 or Circle reader Service No. 163

MariNa firEPit SEriES by ow lEE Marina is reminiscent of the cracked and sunbleached boards that have been painted and repainted, throughout the decades, in portside towns across the globe. With this firepit series, the company has captured that distinctive look in low-maintenance porcelain tile. With eight color variations and several patterns, no two Marina tops will be alike. Contact: (800) 776-9533 or

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MENdota Ml47: luxury witH EvEry look Create a spectacular view with the FullView Décor linear fireplace by Mendota. Handcrafted detail and award-winning flames are only the beginning. This stylish fireplace features eye-catching elements such as the Swedish nickel Grace front, the Concrete Wave interior lining, and the Birch log set—accented with the sophistication of a blue metal wall finish. Enjoy the perfect balance of high style and high performance. Contact: (800) 553-5422 or

The Springfield offers the distinctive design of a 36-inch deep-box heater-rated fireplace; combined with the company’s handpainted high-definition logs, ember-bed lighting, and impressive flames, it will make you forget that you are not sitting by a traditional wood-burning fireplace. In addition to being the perfect fit for any of your gas-fireplace projects, this unit was uniquely designed to be the perfect fit for tearout jobs, too. The Springfield offers low mantel clearances and has been tested for multiple venting options, making replacing an older wood-burning fireplace a breeze. Enjoy the safety and convenience of a gas direct-vent fireplace, and customize your fireplace with a variety of front and interior options. Contact: (800) 253-4904 or Circle reader Service No. 166

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SuNbrElla MakErS CollECtioN Representing innovation, craftsmanship, and heritage, the new Sunbrella® Makers collection is centered on the principles shared between time-honored handweaving and modern manufacturing, bringing the character of traditional artisanal techniques to the industry. Fabrics in the Makers collection incorporate the performance qualities of Sunbrella with authentic designs tied to generations of makers. The collection portrays the importance of preserving the conventional element of craft while advancing technologically. By combining new, experimental techniques with traditional style, these artisanal fabrics are perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor upholstery. Contact: (336) 221-2211 or Circle reader Service No. 167

MEMPHiS GrillS doorS aNd drawErS Built with 304 stainless steel, this line of Memphis accessories provides beauty, durability, and convenience in your outdoor kitchen. The line includes two- to four-drawer stacks in 15- or 21-inch widths, as well as trash and built-in controller options. Lower drawers and access doors match the width of the Memphis built-in grill options. Contact: (888) 883-2260 or Circle reader Service No. 86


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CaSt blaCk SEriES GrillS The Saber® Cast Black series features three full-sized freestanding gas grills, including an urban-sized two-burner grill. Cast Black series grills have an enclosed easy-assembly cart with a sleek, on-trend black powder- coated finish and commercial-grade stainless-steel control panels and handles. The grills feature grate-level temperature gauges and a push-button electronic-ignition system with electrodes at each burner. Saber Cast Black grills have the same patented high-performance infrared cooking system and all the same performance features as other Saber products, including 304 stainless-steel cooking grates, burners, and emitters; adjustable warming racks; highstrength side shelves; and front access grease trays. The Saber Cast Black 330 B two-burner grill has 445 square inches of cooking surface and is priced at $899 (MSRP). The Saber Cast Black 500 B three-burner model has 675 square inches of cooking surface and is priced at $1,099 (MSRP), and the Saber Cast Black 670 B four-burner unit, which features a side burner and stainless-steel side shelves, has 895 square inches of cooking surface and retails for $1,549 (MSRP). Contact: (888) 947-2237 or Circle reader Service No. 169

kENwood CollECtioN The Kenwood collection by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company includes two gas firepit tables, a full-sized dining table, and a smaller chatsized table. Both feature an easy-to-care-for composite deck top and base, bringing a modern (but warm) look to any outdoor room. The unique elevated stainless-steel Crystal Fire™ burner is UL listed for safety and will wow guests. Contact: (866) 303-4028 or Circle reader Service No. 170

CHarrEd boNfirE vENt-frEE loGS For the look of a vented gas log in a vent-free set, Golden Blount has launched its new Charred Bonfire vent-free logs. This highly detailed series features a stainless-steel burner, a remote-ready valve, and logs that resemble the company’s famous Texas Bonfire series. The logs are available in 18-, 24-, and 30-inch sizes. Contact: (800) 833-1139 or Circle reader Service No. 171

oSlo CuSHioN Meet Oslo: simple, contemporary aesthetics, featuring Mallin’s patented back-cushion design with a clean, vertical-line back. While smaller in scale, its plush cushions meet Mallin comfort standards. Oslo is available in both dining and deep seating pieces. Contact: (800) 251-6537 or Circle reader Service No. 172 Circle reader Service No. 87



SCHott NExtrEMa burNEr SHiEldS Long-lasting and almost maintenance-free burning, visible and protected: Transparent glass-ceramic material allows a user to receive visual flame response. In comparison with sheet metal, NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic material is noncorrosive and can withstand temperatures of up to 1,700 degrees (925 degrees Celsius), meaning a much longer lifespan than current burner-shield materials. Its nonporous surface means that drippings can burn off at high temperatures, making cleanup and maintenance almost nonexistent. It has near-zero thermal expansion. Contact: (502) 657-4417 or Circle reader Service No. 173

HaNdCraftEd loG SEtS oNly by MENdota Capturing the essence of a natural fire takes creativity and an eye for detail that only Mendota craftspeople are able to achieve, the company says. Every log set has its own unique style and story, is handpainted, and is designed to provide a stunning view from every direction. You will have an experience only a Mendota fire can provide—whether it’s a roaring fire or a quiet, intimate flame. Contact: (800) 553-5422 or Circle reader Service No. 174

ElitE SEriES GrillS The Saber® Elite series is a line of powerful, high-performance gas grills meticulously manufactured using 304 commercial-grade stainless steel. The line includes the Saber Elite 1330 two-burner grill (MSRP: $2,799), an urban-sized grill perfect for a rooftop terrace or garden patio; the Saber Elite 1500 three-burner unit (MSRP: $3,349), with a two-door cart and dual-control side burner; and the Saber Elite 1670 four-burner grill (MSRP: $4,499), which features a single-door/two-drawer cart and a dualcontrol side burner. Two built-in units—in three-burner (MSRP: $2,449) and four-burner (MSRP: $2,899) sizes—complete the Elite series. Saber Elite carts are made with accents of bright, annealed 304 commercial-grade stainless steel for superior durability and have sleek, handpolished mirrored edges and handles. The grills feature ambient LED lighting over each control knob, as well as internal halogen lights for easy nighttime grilling. Each comes standard with a 304 stainless rotisserie rod and kit, a stainless-steel condiment basket inside the cart, a dual-control side burner for low- and high-heat cooking (on three- and four-burner models only), an easy-slide stainless tank tray, and a marine-grade grill cover with a three-year warranty. All Elite series grills have the same award-winning cooking system as other Saber grills—which means that they use 30% less propane than traditional convective gas grills— and feature 304 stainless-steel cooking grates, grate-level temperature gauges, push-button electronic ignition at each burner, and multiple-position warming racks. Contact: (888) 947-2237 or Circle reader Service No. 175


48Hf320fGt HElEN wall-HaNGiNG ElECtriC firEPlaCE This black-finished 4,600-Btu heater provides supplemental zone heating for up to 400 square feet; the flame effect can be operated with or without heat, providing the ambience of a gentle, rolling fire all year long. Spectrafire® flame-effect technology offers three blue and three amber flame-effect options to create the perfect ambience. There are two installation options: build it into the wall or mount it on the wall with the included wall mount. The unit includes an owner’s manual and easy-to-follow instructions for installation. The digital thermostat allows you to decide the temperature of your room. Decorative LED uplights have five settings: amber, blue, amber and blue, color cycling, and off. A tempered-glass front display includes three media types: white rocks, crystals, and a traditional log set. The unit is safe for use around children and pets. The remote control has two AAA batteries included. Contact: (866) 661-1218 or Circle reader Service No. 176

vENtiS ClaSS-a The Ventis® class-A all-fuel chimney system is manufactured by Olympia Chimney Supply and is constructed from stainless-steel inner- and outer-wall pipe. Ventis class-A is a UL–listed system and is the only class-A system to feature a Forever Warranty™. Contact: (980) 313-8281 or Circle reader Service No. 177

aMEriCaN fyrE dESiGNS rEClaiMEd wood CollECtioN Combining the look of real wood with the durability of GFRC, the new Reclaimed Wood collection by American Fyre Designs® brings a unique and natural look to any outdoor room. Finish options include rustic French barrel oak and the new weathered silver pine. Fire-table styles include the tapered Cosmopolitan and the low-profile Contempo. Both versions feature the black lava finish and black burner pans. Fuel choices are natural gas or propane (Cosmopolitan bases have a removable door to house a 5-gallon propane tank). Contact: (800) 332-3973 or Circle reader Service No. 178

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MEMPHiS wood firE GrillS: Pro Double-walled stainlesssteel construction, ovengrade gaskets, and convection fans provide the ability to smoke, sear, roast, or bake with the superior flavor and moisture of wood-fire grilling. This award-winning grill makes any grilling novice into a gourmet chef at the touch of a button. Contact: (888) 883-2260 or Circle reader Service No. 179

wEbEr SPirit ii The new Weber® Spirit II series features two- and three-burner gas grills that are available in four colors: sapphire, red, black, and ivory. This line features the GS4 grilling system, an open-cart design, and a generous 10-year warranty. Contact: (800) 446-1071 or

rEGENCy CoNtura ri50 A wood fireplace designed for modern homes: Finally, European style is now available across North America. The Ri50’s clean, contemporary lines add bold style and warmth to any room. This functional (yet artistic) statement fireplace can be installed in any home without the expense of completely building it in; the guillotine-style door was designed for beauty, but offers complete servicing as well. Contact: (800) 442-7432 (United States), (866) 946-5155 (Canada), or Circle reader Service No. 180

Circle reader Service No. 182

MadroNa ModErN The new Madrona Modern freestanding stove offers the ultimate in comfort, with the tradition of Valor’s radiant gas warmth complemented by a modern, Scandinavian–inspired style—an original Valor design. It’s available with either almond or pewter sides; choose from Traditional Log, Driftwood, or Splitwood firebeds. The Madrona Modern joins the Madrona family as part of Valor’s Freestanding series. Valor products are made in North America. Contact: (800) 468-2567 or Circle reader Service No. 183

SCHott robax MaGiC: dESiGN oriENtEd aNd fuNCtioNal ROBAX® Magic opens up new design options for improving the appearance of room-heating devices that require low thermal expansion and high temperature stability. The impressions of additional reflections created by dancing flames make the fire look even bigger than it is. The ease of cleaning glass-ceramic panels makes ROBAX Magic an alternative to the conventional materials used inside combustion chambers. Contact: (502) 657-4417 or

Clean lines and classic style: This rectangle fire table from Telescope Casual is perfect for a multitude of applications. The unique marine-grade–polymer top provides a stylish (yet highly durable) tabletop. An optional glass surround is available. Contact: (518) 642-1100 or

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rECtaNGlE MGP-toP firE tablE


SwEdiSH ClaSSiCS CollECtioN CoNvErtiblE MaNtEl 28CM7541-H438

wEbEr GENESiS ii S-310 Introducing the Genesis® II S310 gas grill, the newest addition to the Weber® Genesis II line. This stainless-steel gas grill features the GS4 grilling system, an open-cart design, and a generous 10-year warranty. Contact: (800) 4461071 or Circle reader Service No. 185

The Swedish Classics collection emphasizes rosettes, simple carvings, dentil molding, and reed paneling. The mantel can stand alone or be integrated into the wall. The suggested retail price is $1,399. The unit features a Baltic white finish, a touch-latch barrister door with reed paneling for media storage, Swedish Craftsman style, and removable molding (which can be paired with other collection pieces). A faux-brick firebox accommodates a log set or an electric fireplace insert—such as a 28-inch 3D infrared quartz electric fireplace (not included). A 5,200-Btu heater provides supplemental zone heating for up to 1,000 square feet. A patent-pending 3D flame-effect technology offers a layered flame effect to create a realistic fire, with five adjustable brightness and speed settings. Contact: (866) 661-1218 or Circle reader Service No. 188

PENdlEtoN by SuNbrElla Born from the idea of bringing two heritage brands together, the new Pendleton by Sunbrella® collection combines Pendleton Woolen Mills’ distinctive Native American–inspired aesthetic and the enduring performance qualities of Sunbrella fabrics, which are easy care, fadeproof, and bleach cleanable. The collection comprises 53 fabrics and is grounded by five hero patterns: Lahaina Wave, Eagle Rock, Canyon Lands, Zapotec, and Mountain Majesty. The hero patterns are supported by a range of textural solids and coordinating patterns. Contact: (336) 221-2211 or

rEGENCy GraNdviEw GP765E Regency’s new Grandview gas fireplace celebrates the beauty of fire. A complete reinvention of Regency’s popular P36 gas fireplace, the GP765E offers a remarkable clean-faced viewing window that provides a grand fire view. New traditional and contemporary design options make it possible to customize this gas fireplace for any interior. Designed using feedback collected from Regency dealers, this fireplace combines style with performance perfectly. Contact: (800) 442-7432 (United States), (866) 946-5155 (Canada), or Circle reader Service No. 189

Circle reader Service No. 186

aMEriCaN outdoor Grill: Grill ENHaNCEMENtS aNd NEw iSlaNd buNdlES

SilvEr bullEt CHarCoal Grill

This season, all American Outdoor Grill® (AOG) T and L series grills will boast Diamond Sear cooking grids with a flat-top design that delivers more contact surface for faster grilling and restaurant-style sear marks. A new larger and heavier warming rack has also been added. All AOG L series grills will feature backlit control knobs. New AOG island bundles include a dedicated GFRC island, featuring an AOG 30-inch built-in grill with some of the most popular AOG accessories. Contact: (800) 332-3973 or

Food suddenly became significantly tastier in 2014 following the arrival of the Silver Bullet® charcoal grill. The company designed and manufactured this premier charcoal grill, which is constructed of premium 304 stainless steel. Since its debut, the Silver Bullet has shattered all expectations. Its appealing aesthetics and durable exoskeleton make it the most sought-after insulated grill on the market, the manufacturer says. Burgers desire to be prepared with supremacy. With four sizes available, the line provides perfection for all your grilling needs. Exquisite, full-scale stainless kitchens are also available. Contact: (260) 4634026 or

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INSIGHT COURISTAN Skyway SliNG Windward’s Skyway sling collection has been redesigned for the 2018 season with a two- piece seat bucket. This new look lends more to the contemporary feel of the collection and has generated renewed momentum in both retail and commercial markets. This classic table-base design pairs well with any Windward collection. The top options are marine-grade polymer, aluminum, or the new Terra design (a beautiful faux-wood look requiring little maintenance). The X base is available in numerous sizes, from side tables to large-scale seating. Contact: (941) 359-0890 or Circle reader Service No. 194

biG GrEEN EGG SEaSoNiNGS Your customers will return again and again for the new line of Big Green Egg seasonings. There are four delicious flavors, all gluten free, MSG free, and Kosher. Ancho Chile & Coffee seasoning is a robust blend of poblano peppers and coffee. Citrus & Dill seasoning is a tropical blend of citrus, herbs, and spices. Savory Pecan seasoning is a nutty blend of sweet and savory flavors. Sweet & Smoky seasoning is a traditional smoked-paprika barbecue flavor. Contact: (770) 938-9394 or

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attractive feature of the carpeting is its customization option. Customers can use any binding tapes to create a carpet that is unique to them and to the Covington accents living area they are outfitting. This is also a feature that is becoming more popular for Couristan’s other collections. “Custom rugs are taking off,” Mahurter says. The Cottages brand is a unique line that showcases Couristan’s inventive spirit. This handwoven, reversible collection is made of PET recyclables. Stripes have been successful in this line, and Mahurter sees the company adding more creative looks to this sophisticated collection. “I think you’ll see more novelty come out of it,” he says. Mahurter adds that customers can expect more natureinspired designs and colors reminiscent of the forest. “In the future, I think you’ll see bold striped patterns, along with bright multicolored rugs and carpets,” he says.

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Acadia Hearth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(833) ACADIA1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .69

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AEI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(949) 474-3070 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15

Agio, USA ..............................................................................................68, 75

Agio, USA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(888) 997-7623 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5

Amantii ..................................................................................................70, 74

Amantii . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(877) 850-9458 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19

American Fire Glass ................................................................................68, 76

American Fire Glass . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(888) 264-1017 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .59 Big Green Egg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(770) 938-9394 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54 Blaze King . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(800) 456-8818 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27 Bradley Smoker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(866) 508-7514 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41

American Fyre Designs (RH Peterson) ..............................................................88 American Hearth (Empire Comfort Systems)......................................................72 American Outdoor Grill (RH Peterson)..............................................................92 Barbara Jean Collection (Kingsman Fireplaces) ............................................66, 73 Big Green Egg ..................................................................................68, 76, 93

Bull Outdoor Products . . . . . . . . . . . . .(800) 521-2855 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33

Blaze King ..............................................................................................68, 77

Caframo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(800) 567-3556 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .73

Broil King (Onward Manufacturing)..................................................................83

The Companion Group . . . . . . . . . . . . .(800) 521-0505 . . . . . . . . . . . . .51

Bull Outdoor Products..............................................................................70, 78

Coyote Outdoor Living . . . . . . . . . . . . .(855) 520-1559 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .78

Caframo ......................................................................................................70

Dansons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(877) 303-3134 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43

The Companion Group ............................................................................70, 80

Earthcore Industries/Isokern . . . . . . . .(800) 642-2920 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .82

Coyote Outdoor Living ............................................................................71, 80

Eiklor Flames . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(888) 295-5647 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45 Elmira Stove Works . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(800) 295-8498 . . . . . . . . . . . . .80 Empire Comfort Systems . . . . . . . . . . .(800) 851-3153 . . . . . . . . . .29 European Home . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(781) 324-8383 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47

Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens ..................................................................72 Delsol (Twin Eagles) ......................................................................................75 Delta Heat (Twin Eagles) ................................................................................84 Earthcore Industries/Isokern ....................................................................66, 74 Ecofan (Caframo) ..........................................................................................68

Gensun . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(866) 964-4468 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9

Eiklor Flames ..........................................................................................73, 80

Golden Blount . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(800) 833-1139 . . . . . . . . . . .75, 77

Elmira Stove Works ..................................................................................71, 74

Hargrove Manufacturing . . . . . . . . . . .(800) 725-4166 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .85

European Home ......................................................................................68, 84

Hearth & Home Technologies . . . . . . .(800) 669-4328 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .96

Gensun ..................................................................................................70, 80

Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (703) 522-0086 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .79

Golden Blount ........................................................................................78, 87

Hearth Products Controls . . . . . . . . . . .(877) 433-7001 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55

Hargrove Manufacturing ..........................................................................71, 74

Informa Exhibitions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(888) 869-6522 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .91

Hearth Products Controls..........................................................................72, 76

Infratech . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(800) 421-9455 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .71 Kingsman Fireplaces . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(204) 632-1962 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .89 Kozy Heat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(800) 253-4904 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .64 Landmann USA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(781) 929-2997 . . . . . . . . .84

Heatilator (Hearth & Home Technologies) ........................................................70 Infrared Dynamics (AEI) ..................................................................................75 Infratech ................................................................................................73, 77 Kozy Heat ..............................................................................................72, 86 Landmann USA........................................................................................66, 77

Las Vegas Market/IMC . . . . . . . . . . . . .(702) 599-3046 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13

Les Jardins ..............................................................................................66, 78

Les Jardins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(213) 745-8883 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3

Louisiana Grills (Dansons) ..............................................................................82

M&G DuraVent . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(800) 835-4429 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .87

M&G DuraVent........................................................................................78, 84

Memphis Wood Fire Grills . . . . . . . . . .(888) 883-2260 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .83

Mallin ..........................................................................................................87

Mendota Hearth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(800) 553-5422 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7

Majestic (Hearth & Home Technologies) ..........................................................76

Miles Industries/Valor Fireplaces . . . .(800) 468-2567 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31

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MLW Stone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(800) 477-7665 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .86 Montigo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(800) 378-3115 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21

Mendota Hearth......................................................................................86, 88 MLW Stone ..................................................................................................72 Montigo ................................................................................................66, 83

Olympia Chimney . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(800) 569-1425 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .65 Onward Manufacturing . . . . . . . . . . . . .(800) 245-5138 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .81

Olympia Chimney ....................................................................................74, 88 Ortal ......................................................................................................82, 85

Ortal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(844) ORTAL-HEAT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .53

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company............................................................82, 87

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company . .(866) 303-4028 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38

OW Lee ..................................................................................................84, 85

OW Lee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(800) 776-9533 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .63

Pit Boss (Dansons) ........................................................................................72

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Ravelli ....................................................................................................83, 85

Regency Fireplace . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(800) 442-7432 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23

Regency Fireplace ..................................................................................90, 92

RH Peterson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(800) 332-3973 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .67

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Saber Grills . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(888) 947-2237 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .61 Schott ROBAX . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(502) 657-4417 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57 Sunbrella . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(336) 221-2211 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 Sunrise Metal Shop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(260) 463-4026 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .93

Schott ROBAX ........................................................................................88, 90 Sunbrella................................................................................................86, 92 Sunrise Metal Shop ..................................................................................76, 92 Telescope Casual ....................................................................................66, 90 Twin-Star ................................................................................................88, 92

Telescope Casual . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(518) 642-1100 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39

Valor Fireplaces (Miles Industries) ..............................................................78, 90

Twin Eagles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(800) 789-2206 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .49

Weber....................................................................................................90, 92

Twin-Star . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(866) 661-1218 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .95

White Mountain Hearth (Empire Comfort Systems) ............................................76

Weber . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(800) 446-1071 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35

Windward Design Group ..............................................................................93




new innovations To The Fireplace Industry GIVE YOURSELF OPTIONS Swedish Classics™ Wall Mantel with optional ClassicFlame® Electric Fireplace. Customize by choosing a ClassicFlame® electric fireplace insert with patent pending 3D flame effect featuring a more realistic flame or opt for an open hearth fire brick and an electric logset.

CONVERTIBLE use with insert or logset Swedish Classics™ Wall Street™


ENJOY THE VIEW This ClassicFlame® panorama electric fireplace sets your home apart with a fireplace that features an expansive, three-sided view of your brilliant 3D flame effects from every seat in the room.

The Urban Dweller™ Wine Cabinet with ClassicFlame® Infinity electric fireplace. The edge-to-edge, frameless view of dancing flame effects makes every room feel big.



Donʼt miss the excitement at our newly renovated showroom! Las Vegas Market A1016

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