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Why Choose a Maple Leaf Home? • Maple Leaf Homes are some of the most energy-efficient homes in Canada. • Maple Leaf Homes has been manufacturing modular housing for over 30 years. • Your home can be built anytime during the year – spring, summer, fall or winter – regardless of the weather! • Maple Leaf Homes utilizes a computer aided design (CAD) system to allow them to customize any of their standard layouts.

Residential Styles • Cape Cod, Chalet and Two-Storey • Cottage Series • Recreational Park Models

• Bungalow/Ranch • Split Entry • Mini-Homes

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Contracted Services MacKenzie Builder Services is the official construction firm for on-site installations.

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It feels like the warm weather flew by in the blink of an eye, and now we’re back full circle to the land of hot cocoa and chai tea. “Sweater weather,” as folks these days call it – I just call it winter. (I can see how that doesn’t sound nearly as cute.) But this season does have some redemption: we can finally take a breath and relax. Was I the only one trying to cram a full year of home renos, beach time, visiting with friends, and quality time with the family into just three short months? To me, this issue is a celebration. A celebration to say, “We’ve made it. We’re here. And we’re doing well here on our little Island.” There are so many things to celebrate in this issue; the features I love so much that make PEI Living Magazine what it is. Our “10 Things” focuses on what to do this winter to stay happy, healthy, and inspired. Suggestions that make

you feel good, but also strengthen your community, because that’s at the heart of this place, and what Islanders are all about. Home Editor Susan Snow offers her take on this season’s finest in sharp, simple, and stylish decorating. From sleek black metalwork, to clean lines and crisp colour blocking, check it out in the Home and Cottage section. Food and Drink offers all the things you’ve come to love and expect from us here at PEI Living Magazine: from food, to wine, to recipes, we are here to fill your belly and fuel your body like a warm hug on a cold day. But that is only the beginning. While I could tell you all the details, I’d rather you see for yourself. So make a cup of hot cocoa, put on your reading socks, and keep flipping through this issue of PEI Living Magazine. I hope it makes you smile and appreciate the beauty of our sweet little Island home.

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Volume 4 • Issue 2 WINTER 2020 FEATURES 12. Wine Trends Just Desserts 42. Home & Cottage Inn Style 94. Style Local Fashion


112. Family Caring for Your Aging Dog 122.Women in the Spotlight Lindsay Ross 130. Meet the PEI Living Team Evan Ceretti, Photographer

ON THE COVER: PAGE 90 IT’S ALL ABOUT THE FALL Model: Amy Halman Photographer: Kimberly Rashed



8. Chef Profile Terry Nabuurs

90. It’s All About The Fall

1o. Good Eats Blueberry Vanilla Loaf


Fall Fashions From Local Shops

18. Foodie Fun Gift Ideas for the Chef

102. 10 Things...

20. Holiday Cocktails Five Cocktails to Make at Home



Winter Fun Ideas

118. The Book Report

When the World Stays Inside

24. Five Financial Products You Need



126. Electric Dreams

26. Acupuncture

What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

HOME & COTTAGE 46. The Getaway Plan An Island Cabin

54. Pillow Talk Styling a Neutral Couch

80. Quick & Easy DIYs

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Were you someone who scattered seeds this spring? Maybe you gave your support to local farm stands or visited the market drive-thru? Did you stockpile canned goods or stuff your freezer with baked goods? For some, cooking is not a priority, so ordering more takeout and/or delivery was where we found comfort. For others, including myself, the kitchen has always been a place of solace, a place to come together, to nurture ourselves and our loved ones and, perhaps just as importantly right now, to take control at a time when we feel like we have so little of it. My spirits are up, however. It’s the holiday season, my favourite time of year, when my family celebrates not only Christmas, but both my son’s and my birthdays. Needless to say, it’s a busy time! There’s still plenty to do to get ready for an entirely different holiday season.

In this issue I’ve detailed a few of my favourite festive things, including a locally produced gin. And, speaking of spirits, impress your friends with some traditional cocktails over the holidays. Don’t forget to substitute local craft spirits in those drinks! Local, local, local! I had a terrific Q & A with Chef Terry Nabuurs and look forward to featuring another awesome local chef in the next issue. I’m always keen on feedback from readers, who is your favourite chef? In the winter issue we’ll concentrate on getting back into those jeans, but for now, enjoy the season and all it has to offer; we deserve it. Happy holidays!

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www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

Jackie Herbert Food & Drink Editor jherbert@pei-living.ca Photo: Len Currie



On a cold blustery day, the thought of having a nice rich hot chocolate makes the weather outside bearable for me. At Your Service Creations sells the sweetest Hot Chocolate Bombs you simply add to your hot milk and stir. They are beautiful before and after use! I like to add a little shot of red wine and a sprinkle of cinnamon too. Grab some Hot Chocolate Bombs and handmade Cookie Kit to give that special someone on your list or enjoy for yourself!

It’s tradition in our family to serve charcuterie at least once over the holiday season. A really great bold red wine makes it even better! I found a local shop in Charlottetown, Cured Creations, that curates charcuterie of any size. My favourite part? It’s all local cheese, charcuterie meats, mustards, chocolate, and so much more. Visit them at their shop at 257 Queen Street, Charlottetown. (photo: Simon Reid)

CANDIED ALMONDS Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, or how about candied almonds? My family are in for a real treat Christmas morning when they open their stockings! These almonds come in a variety of authentic flavours too. You’ll have to be quick to grab them fresh from the Lucky Bee Homestead booth at the Charlottetown Farmers’ Market on Saturdays.



The Island is known for being an oasis for great locally produced food and drinks. These are just a few of my local favourite foodie finds.


GIN I love Myriad View Artisan Distilleri Gin. It’s a 200-year-old recipe adapted to distill in their beautiful copper vessel. With its smooth blend of eight floral botanical herbs and spices, I often enjoy it neat with a wedge of lime. This holiday season I’ll be making my version of a Cranberry & Gin Moscow Mule.

CLOW’S MEAT PIE Since we’re all used to the lineups this year, you’ll have no problem lining up at Clow’s Red and White for their famous meat pie! It’s no secret among those of us fortunate to take home one of these pies, they are absolutely delicious, traditional locally handmade meat pie that are well worth the wait. Last year there were no pre orders and with restrictions in place this year, Norman has informed me that you should secure your pie now for baking later. Their pies are available all year round and can be picked up at 1104 Route 225 North Wiltshire PE. WINTER 2020




What does Terry’s Berries, Terry’s Berry farm and Terry’s Berries Blueberry Lemonade all have in common? A trifecta of entrepreneurial achievements that Terry Nabuurs is humbly proud of.


abuurs is a Red Seal chef and owner of three local eateries on Prince Edward Island. Terry’s Berries Food Truck currently resting at Lone Oak Brewing in Borden-Carleton, The Wheelhouse in Georgetown in Georgetown, and his newest adventures, Thatcher’s Eatery located inside Bogside Brewing in Montague and a year-round kitchen at Lone Oak Brewing in Borden-Carleton. In addition to being a chef and restaurant owner, Nabuurs also owns Terry’s Berry Farm which specializes in producing low bush blueberries and is the main ingredient in many local craft beverages including his own Terry’s Berries, a new tasty craft alcoholic cocktail Blueberry Lemonade.


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

Nabuurs also shares his passion of cooking with the younger generation at Montague Regional High School where he teaches Culinary Arts to eager students. I caught up to Nabuurs and had a great conversation with him, and this is what he said. Q. Why did you decide to become a chef? To be completely honest, becoming a chef wasn’t really part of my original plan. For years it was something that I just viewed as my summer job before heading to school. Somewhere along the way I figured out that I actually enjoyed being able to work creatively alongside people who had the same interest in food as I did. Q. What back-of-the-house positions have you previously held? I was lucky enough to land my first restaurant job working in the dish pit when I was 13, and from there I just kind of hung around long enough to move my way up. I figured out early that if you are willing to do any task, and not think you are better than a job, then good things will come your way. I was a prep cook, and then spent most of my time as a line cook. I’ve had some interesting experiences catering, and once I started my own business I was soon “promoted” back to the dish pit! Q. What is your favourite ingredient to cook with? Why, the lowly onion of course. Laugh all you want folks - the onion is the best and most delicious ingredient known to mankind. Versatile, sharp, or subtle depending on how you treat it, and just a genuinely mandatory ingredient. Just don’t be that person that eats a whole raw onion like an apple. You have issues that need to be addressed if you do that.

Q. Celebrity you would love to cook for or celebrity dinner party guests? What are you making? Dave Chappelle and Gord Downie. I feel like it would be incredible to be a fly on the wall listening to those two intellects converse. I’d make an Acadian meat pie. Q. Highlight of your career...so far? It’s hard to pinpoint just one highlight. I think taking a moment to look out upon a full house at about 8:00 when the service push is starting to slow, and everyone is in a great mood is a pretty indescribable feeling. Throw a setting sun on top of that and it can make you take a second to take it all in and be grateful for all the positive aspects of the industry. Q. Guilty food pleasure(s)? I’m a sucker for a good, hard-fought battle with a late-night poutine. And dumplings. Any and all dumplings. Q. What’s your absolute must-have kitchen tool, something everyone should have at home? A good set of metal tongs. And not one of those horrible pairs that have a square tubing hole at the end that you can’t even grab a boiled hot dog with. Most chefs will go to the ends of the earth to obtain the most expensive hand-forged knife chiseled by the hands of God, but before you do that, if you are looking for a pragmatic, cheap game-changer, a $10 pair of solid Browne tongs will be your new daily driver.

Q. Five ingredients necessary in everyone’s kitchen, including yours? Montreal steak spice, eggs, onions, local low-bush wild blueberries and, homemade chicken stock Q. Proud moment? I had my young nephew Ethan work in the dish pit a couple of days this summer and that was pretty special. He made a great impression on some of our senior staff with his work ethic and they pulled me aside to tell me about it. Apparently, the kid’s got chops! Q. Who’s your biggest supporter? I have been truly fortunate to have amazing people around me, and I have to admit that I may have the best parents in the world. They have been amazing role models and are incredibly supportive of my business ventures. From cleaning and maintenance, to running the roads, to blueberry harvest, to business advice, and everything in between, my parents always seem to be the dynamic duo that help me keep the wheels turning and on level ground. Q. The greatest thing to happen to me in 2020 is…? I finally got my moped road legal. I get 70 miles to the gallon on that ole hog!





Blueberry Vanilla Loaf with lemon glaze

This delicious blueberry vanilla loaf with lemon glaze is a perfect breakfast, brunch, or snack. It’s a yummy, simple recipe; what more can you ask for? You can use frozen blueberries or fresh when they’re available, or substitute with your favourite berry - cranberries are especially good in this recipe and perfect for the holiday season.


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

INGREDIENTS Blueberry Lemon Bread 1/3 cup butter, melted 1 cup white sugar 2 eggs 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp salt 1/2 cup milk 2 tbs lemon zest, grated 1 cup blueberries, fresh or frozen 2 tbs all-purpose flour Lemon Glaze 2 tbs lemon juice, freshly squeezed 1/2 cup powdered sugar

METHOD Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Butter an 8x4 inch loaf pan, line the bottom and two sides of the pan with the parchment paper. In a mixing bowl, beat together butter, one cup sugar, eggs, and vanilla extract. In a separate bowl, combine flour, baking powder and salt; stir into egg mixture alternately with milk. In the same bowl where you combined flour, add blueberries and toss them in two tablespoons of flour. This will help prevent blueberries from sinking. Fold in lemon zest and blueberries into the batter. Do it carefully and fast. Pour the lemon bread batter into prepared pan. Bake in preheated oven for about 50-60 minutes, until a toothpick inserted into centre of the loaf comes out clean. Cool bread in pan for 40 minutes on a wire rack. Release the bread from the pan. Lemon glaze: Combine freshly squeezed lemon juice and 1/2 cup powdered sugar in a small bowl and beat, using electrical mixer, until smooth glaze forms. Drizzle the top of the blueberry lemon bread (after it’s been completely cooled) with the glaze. Some of the glaze will go down the sides of the bread.

FALL 2020 www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020 www.pei-living.ca



Just Desserts! Let’s face it, holidays are all about the desserts. Whether it’s festively decorated cookies, traditional pies, or decadent pastries, we all indulge during this joyful season. By Jackie Herbert, Food & Drink Editor


aving a heavy dinner followed by dessert can sometimes feel overwhelming. A great alternative is to sip on some sweet dessert wine! Dessert wines come in a wide variety of styles, like sparkling, light and sweet, sweet red and fortified.

The most familiar sweet wine staple in Canada is ice wine. Ice wine is available year-round, but ‘tis the season for harvesting these popular varietals like Vidal, Riesling, and Cabernet Franc. Icewine has long been a tradition at the dinner table, as a dessert, or around the tree during the holidays. Either way, offering it to your guests will be highly regarded. Remember though, the term icewine refers to the state of the grapes at harvest, not the method by which it

should be consumed. Icewine is best served at a cool 10-12 °C, in small flutes or wine glasses. For less sticky wines, look for Moscato, Riesling, or Gewurztraminer; even a beautiful late harvest wine can be a great substitute. If you are more into reds, try Merlot, Zinfandel and fortified Grenache. They are all fruit forward, which makes them give off the impression they’re sweeter reds.



• Trius Vidal Ice wine 375 ml $30.99-Canada • Rossignol Maple 375 ml $19.98-Canada • Via Vini Cabernet Sauvignon Slamove Vino 200 ml $61.99-Czech Republic • Inniskillin Cab Franc 200 ml $49.99-Canada • Graham’s 30 Year Old Tawny Port 375 ml $69.99-Portugal

Originally from South Eastern Ontario, Jackie, her husband and teenage son, moved to PEI in 2016. While taking on a rather ambitious home renovation project, she also started a tour operation. HOP|SIP|SWIRL TASTING TOURS is a private winery, brewery & distillery business focusing on the ever growing local artisan beverage industry. She's a true believer that life doesn't get better by chance. It gets better by choice.

Fortified wines like port and sherry are a couple of standout alternatives, especially when paired with cured meats, or strong hard cheeses at the end of a meal. Sherry, made exclusively from white grapes, ranges from bone dry to syrupy and will be clearly labeled for you. Don’t discount a dry sherry slightly chilled after dinner, it may surprise you! For ports, look for a ruby if you prefer

young syrupy sweet wine, and for an aged profile, consider a highly palatable tawny, with more of a nutty, caramel spiced finish. Although it is suggested that dessert or sweet wines are served after a meal, you can easily serve many dessert wines with dessert, before a meal or even while wrapping gifts! Next time you’re invited to a dessert party, bring a bottle of carefully selected dessert

wine instead, the guests will love you for it! The nice thing about many dessert wines is they remain stable for much longer than a typical wine. So, you won’t feel as though you have to drink it all at once. Your dessert wines will be just as delicious come the new year. Slainté! WINTER 2020



“We (L-R) Steve Murphy, Christine McQuaid

A Unique Gastropub Experience For Christine McQuaid and her husband, Steve Murphy of Slaymaker & Nichols, creating the ultimate dining experience doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to subscribe to the traditional definition of “fine dining.” By Lauren Messervey Photos Sara Bakker

see ourselves as casual fine dining,” says McQuaid. “You can go out grocery shopping in your comfy clothes on a Saturday and then pop in for a bite, or you can have a girls’ night or date night dressed to the nines. Either way, you won’t be out of place.” The concept and atmosphere of the restaurant followed a few basic principles that McQuaid and her husband, Steve Murphy, found to be crucial to an exceptional dining experience: good food, good drinks, and excellent service. In addition to an incredible menu helmed by head chef, Jamie Power, the approachable staff and friendly atmosphere were essential to the overall experience McQuaid and Murphy wanted to procure. “The restaurant, as well as the Inn, is definitely a bit of an escape,” says McQuaid. “It’s a place where you can go that’s worth a night out.”

Drawing inspiration from some of her favourite restaurants, including The Bicycle Thief in Halifax and Mallard Cottage in Newfoundland, the decor was entirely created by McQuaid herself. With a historic property as a framework, McQuaid produced a vintage feel that emulated all of the original integrity of the building itself, while also incorporating a unique aspect of the property - the story of the Slaymaker & Nichols Circus that had occupied the lot in 1864. “I wanted the decor to have a feminine touch, with a little edge thrown in,” says McQuaid. “Women were very much a part of the Slaymaker & Nichols circus back then, and were performing feats that, at the time, most people thought only men could do. I got a lot of inspiration in my design from these stories, just in what life would have been like in the circus, the moments of glamour, the costumes,

the colours. The inspiration from the female performers influenced the logo as well, which has a powerful feminine image that I think ties in with the overall theme.” Although there have been challenges for Slaymaker & Nichols during the 2020 pandemic, McQuaid cites their ability to adapt to new circumstances as a triumph for the restaurant. As both a married couple and business partners, McQuaid and Murphy’s business evolution has highlighted the complementing strengths both partners possess. “We really have a Yin and Yang in our personalities, which really works,” says McQuaid. “A lot of decisions we don’t even talk about, but we end up in the same place by coming at it from completely different angles. We naturally fall into a groove, which is essential during trying times like these.”

During the pandemic, Slaymaker & Nichols house a 35 person maximum capacity. Fridays and Saturdays are normally at full capacity due to reservations; however, the rest of the week is typically more open for walk-in dining. For more information about Slaymaker & Nichols, or to make a reservation, visit their website today. Read about Christine’s unique décor style on page 44 (Inn Style).

Slaymaker & Nichols 82 Fitzroy Street, Charlottetown 902.629.3411 www.slaymaker.ca





GRAPE HARVEST By Kristen Johnson Photos Evan Ceretti

Heather and Jaime Matos have had a busy fall, but that is nothing new for the husband-and-wife team at Matos Winery. Late October brings colder temperatures and grapes ready to be harvested.


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

WINES Chardonnay (dry, un-oaked) Gamay-noir (medium dry, un-oaked) Rose (dry, un-oaked) Dessert Wines Strawberry Chardonnay Wildberry Gamay SPIRITS Bagaco Angelica Orange Brandy PEI Apple Brandy Annisette


sually by early October Jaime starts to check the sugar levels on the grapes,” says Heather Matos. The Chardonnay and Gamay Noir grapes are picked at different times, once the acidity in the grapes has been transferred into fructose.

“Once he gets the colour, aroma and body, he presses the skins and separates the juice from the pomace,” says Heather Matos. “Nothing is thrown out. The juice goes back into the tank and the skins and pomace are used to make our Bagaco and other spirits.”

“We grow our own grapes and harvest them at the end of October and some years into early November,” says Heather Matos. “All the grapes are harvested and the whole process is done right on site at the winery.”

In addition to the award-winning wine, Heather and Jaime also produce a unique selection of spirits. “Some of these are family recipes passed down from Jaime’s family that he was taught to make as a young boy in Pico, Azores,” she says. They make Anisette, PEI Apple Brandy, Orange Liqueur, Angelica and Bagaco.

The white grapes are de-stemmed, then transferred to a crusher, followed by a press. The press extracts the juice without breaking the skin or damaging the seed. Finally, the juice is transferred into a fermenting tank. The process is similar with the red grapes, but the juice, along with the skins, go into the fermenting tank to give the wine more colour and body.

“For the Anisette we grow our own fennel and dry in the fall and early winter to place in the bottle, which gives it that unique look,” says Heather Matos. Their Bagaco, similar to an Italian grappa, is the base for

several of the liqueurs. Most of these products are best sipped chilled or at room temperature. She says, “Drink what makes you happy, but the true Portuguese way is to just enjoy it straight.” However you decide to enjoy the wines and spirits made at Matos Winery, you will appreciate the labor of love that went into producing them. “Jaime’s passion and love of what he does shine through,” says Heather Matos, “and we have always believed that quality comes first.” Matos Winery & Distillery 3156 West River Road., Rte 9, St. Catherines 902.675.9463 heather@MatosWinery.com www.MatosWinery.com




FOOD & DRINK - FOODIE GIFT LIST Kitchens Unlimited, House of Kitchens & Fine Dining, features a wide selection of stylish, functional top-quality kitchenware, from brand names you know and love.

Kitchens Unlimited Confederation Court Mall 134 Kent Street, Charlottetown 902.566.2252

Ann Chaisson, Manager

Midori Knives Wine Opener Do you find it difficult to get your favourite bottle of wine opened? This professional quality wine opener offers the same impressive performance and stylish design as corkscrews that are more expensive and works with all types of corks.

Midori comes from the Japanese word for green, because of the beautiful green handle. The blade is made of 67 layers of Damascus steel and each knife comes in its own individual wooden case.

stocking stuffers?

Mandolin The big benefit of the mandolin is how quickly and uniformly you can slice, shred and grate. Cuts your prep time to a minimum when it comes to slicing vegetables, fruit and even cheese.

Microplane One of the most useful tools you can have in your kitchen. Perfect for shredding hard cheeses like Parmesan, Romano and Asiago, also works well for spices like nutmeg and cinnamon and is a great zester for lemons, etc.


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

Coffee Press Many people believe that coffee presses make the best coffee, no paper filters to deal with, you just taste all the flavour of your coffee bean. This French coffee press come in a couple of sizes, from one cup to 4 cups.

Bread Boxes Looking to give your kitchen a little lift this Christmas? These metal bread boxes come in a variety of colours and are easy to clean.


Butter Dishes Are you looking for a better way to have your butter on the table? Look no further then these colourful butter dishes. They come in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes and some even hold one pound of butter.

These beautiful candles, in a great selection of colours, are made in Denmark. They are scent free and virtually dripless. They make an excellent addition to your table or just add a wonderful atmosphere to your home.

Pasta Maker

Perfect for everyone on your list !

Unlike labour-intensive yeast breads, etc. making your own pasta is inexpensive, easy and fun. You can also be very creative, adding herbs and spices to your pasta. This stainless-steel pasta maker has adjustable thickness and is simple to use.

Aprons Do you have someone on your Christmas list that would enjoy a lovely apron for the holidays? These linens are 100% cotton, wash well and will be a wonderful addition to your holiday festivities.




Holiday Cocktails Am I the only one who is excited to say “Arrivederci 2020”? Wow, what a year! The holidays will look different this year, so we’ve put together some favourite cocktails to ring in the new year and say “Welcome 2021!”

Boozy Hot Chocolate 2 ounces semisweet chocolate, finely chopped 6 ounces milk, heated 1-1/2 ounce spirit of choice Garnish: fresh whipping cream Put the chopped chocolate in a mug. Pour the hot milk into the mug and let stand for two minutes, then stir with a spoon until smooth. Pour in the spirit of your choice and stir to combine.

By Jackie Herbert

Cranberry Orange Bourbon 2 oz fresh squeezed orange juice 2 oz bourbon 1-1/2 teaspoons orange ginger simple syrup dash of bitters brandied cranberry syrup Fill a glass half full of crushed ice. Add orange juice, bourbon, orange ginger simple syrup, brandied cranberry syrup, and a dash of bitters. Stir to combine. Add additional ice, if necessary. Garnish with dried orange crisp. 20

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

Cinnamon Rosemary Old Fashioned Cinnamon Rosemary Simple Syrup 1/2 cup honey 1/2 cup water 6 sprigs rosemary 3 cinnamon sticks For the Cocktail 4 teaspoons cinnamon rosemary simple syrup 3 dashes Angostura bitters 2 ounces bourbon 1 orange peel rosemary sprig for garnish (optional) Start with making the simple syrup. In a small saucepan, combine honey, water, rosemary sprigs and cinnamon sticks over medium heat. Bring to a simmer, stirring frequently until honey has dissolved into water. Remove from heat and allow to cool completely. Once cool, remove rosemary and cinnamon sticks and transfer to an airtight container. When you are ready to make the cocktail, add four teaspoons of the cinnamon rosemary simple syrup and three dashes of bitters to your glass. Swirl syrup and bitters around in glass. Add bourbon, ice, orange peel and stir. Store extra simple syrup in airtight container in refrigerator. Enjoy!

Sidecar 2 ounces of a good brandy 1 ounce Cointreau 3/4 ounce fresh lemon juice, to taste Combine brandy, Cointreau, and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker and fill with ice. Shake well until chilled, about 10 seconds. Strain into prepared glass; garnish with a twist of orange or lemon peel, if the urge comes across.

Limoncello Gin Collins 2 oz limoncello 1.5 oz gin 1.5 oz lemon juice, freshly squeezed 1 oz mint simple syrup 2 oz club soda sprig of fresh mint and lemon wheels, for garnish Start out by filling a Collins glass with ice. Add the limoncello, gin, lemon juice and mint simple syrup to the glass. Top all of this with a bit of club soda. WINTER 2020




CRACKED DEVICE CO.’S PHONE-CARE PRIMER By Rebecca Spinner Photos Evan Ceretti

About a month ago, I left my phone on a park bench overnight during a storm. As it rained cats and dogs, I realized I’d never fully backed up my phone--packed with my travel photos and favourite podcasts. 22

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020


I understand why Lori Ashley—who owns Charlottetown’s Cracked Device Co.—is adamant about backing up your phone. “Protect your data by doing regular backups,” she emphasizes. “If a major issue happens and you have to replace your phone, you can get your information back.” You likely won’t need help from Ashley—nor Richard MacKay, Cracked Device Co.’s senior repair technician— to back your phone up. In most cases, Ashley says, a laptop or PC can create a backup next-to-effortlessly. However, she assures customers, “If you have issues backing up your phone, Cracked Device Co. can help.”

Even if you diligently backed up a lost or damaged phone, a brand-new phone is costly; cross-comparing phone models is exhausting; and shipping your chosen model may be slow. To ensure that a new phone is an enjoyable occasional luxury, Ashley urges readers to keep up on phone care. She cautions against allowing “waterproof” phones to produce false security. “Your phone’s not waterproof. At best, it’s water resistant,” she says firmly. “There’s waterproofing adhesive around the screen and frame that does help--but it breaks down with time, and dust and oils.” Humidity, she says, can degrade phones—but it’s most urgent to “keep your phone away from spilled drinks, showers, toilets, and especially salt water!” Water isn’t the only substance that affects phones; ironically, another risk factor is PEI’s red sand. “Sand does get into your phone, and it damages the waterproofing seal.” Ashley also recommends paying attention to your phone’s battery. “Batteries are a consumable product. They have approximately 500 full charges before they need to be replaced,” she notes. Cracked Device Co. can recommend numerous strategies to safeguard battery longevity; mild temperatures, for example, are crucial to battery life. “You can help your battery last longer by not letting it get too hot or cold. That could include not leaving it in your car in summer or winter.”

Cracked Device Co. does replace phone batteries for customers, as well as components including cameras, charge ports, and screens. Ashley strongly recommends preventing shattered screens via a tempered glass shield. “It’s an extra layer of glass that adheres to your screen,” she explains. “It’s designed to absorb the majority of impact in a fall or drop. It’ll break, but your screen underneath should be unharmed. It also prevents scratches, and doesn’t affect the touch or function of your phone.” Cracked Device Co.’s selection of phone-care products includes tempered glass and phone cases, in addition to accessories (credit card pouches, lightning splitters, phone grips, wireless camera remotes, and so on). They also guide customers on maintenance such as phone cleaning (charge ports ought to be professionally cleaned, Ashley notes, but other components may be cleaned by owners). “People rely on their phones for everything,” Ashley says, “and we do tend to take them for granted.” Both those factors make basic phone care imperative. In addition to providing phone cleaning and repairs, Cracked Device Co. helps ensure that phones continue to work flawlessly.

▲ (L-R) Lori Ashley, Richard MacKay

“We’re a fullservice devicerepair shop. We’re fast, friendly and dependable.” – Lori Ashley, owner

Cracked Device Co. 61 Capital Dr, Charlottetown 902.218.6344 www.crackeddevice.ca






By Brenda Spiering Submitted by Evan Patkai, Patkai & Son Financial Services Inc. 24

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

E X P E RT A DV I C E - F I N A N C I A L WITH THE RIGHT PRODUCTS, YOU CAN GROW AND PROTECT A HEALTHY NEST EGG. Here are five key financial products that should be part of your plan: 1. REGISTERED RETIREMENT SAVINGS PLAN (RRSP) As soon as you begin your working life, you should have a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP). It’s one of the most tax-effective ways to save for retirement. You’re allowed to contribute up to 18% of your earned income from the previous year to a maximum that changes slightly every year (see the RRSP dollar limit column on the CRA website). If you’re a member of a group pension plan, your contribution room is reduced by your “pension adjustment,” an amount you’ll find listed on your T4. Contributions are tax deductible, meaning you can net a tidy tax refund while building your savings. Plus, you can turbo-charge your RRSP savings by putting that tax refund back into your RRSP as soon as you receive your cheque. 2. TAX-FREE SAVINGS ACCOUNT (TFSA) A Tax-Free Savings Account is an ideal savings tool for both long-term and short-term goals such as a vacation or home renovation. Also, for younger Canadians who haven’t yet reached their peak earning years, a TFSA is a great way to start saving for the future. TFSAs came into effect in 2009. From 2009 to 2012, the annual maximum contribution was $5,000. It increased to $5,500 in 2013, and to $10,000 in 2015. From 2016 to 2018 the limit was $5,500 and in 2019 and 2020 the limit increased to $6,000. And while contributions aren’t tax deductible, there’s no tax payable on investment growth and withdrawals are tax-free.

3. LIFE INSURANCE While TFSAs and RRSPs help build wealth, you also need to think about protecting your financial future. That’s where life insurance comes in. If you’re married, have kids or own a business, you should have a life insurance policy in place in case anything happens to you. How much you need depends on your personal situation but it should be enough to cover any debts you may have (including your mortgage) and help cover your family financially for as long as possible.

plan accumulates tax-free until it’s withdrawn and then it’s taxed in the hands of the child (meaning usually no tax is payable). Not opening an RESP to save for your child’s education means you’re also turning down free money. That’s right. The Government of Canada will match 20 per cent of your annual contributions up to a maximum of $500 per year to a lifetime maximum of $7,200 per child. That’s a big boost in savings!

4. CRITICAL ILLNESS AND DISABILITY INSURANCE It’s important to not only have life insurance but also to ensure you’ll be financially protected should you ever become unable to work due to illness or injury. Would your workplace benefits provide you with adequate coverage? If not, what would happen to you and your family? Critical illness insurance helps pay the costs associated with a life-altering illness such as cancer or a stroke. You receive a lump-sum payment if you become critically ill and you decide how you wish to spend the money. Disability insurance protects you from a potential loss of income due to injury or illness. You receive a recurring monthly payment to cover ongoing financial costs. Even if you have workplace group disability benefits, it’s often wise to have your own personal policy to provide you with additional coverage. 5. REGISTERED EDUCATION SAVINGS PLAN (RESP) If you have kids, a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is a must. It’s a special savings account that lets you save for your kids’ education after high school. Income earned inside the

Contact me to build a plan that will fit your life. ▲ Evan Patkai, B.B.A. Financial Advisor Member of Advocis (Photo: Evan Ceretti Photography)

Patkai & Son Financial Services Inc. 184 Buchanan Drive, Charlottetown 902.894.8513 ext. 222 Cell: 902.940.6414 evan.patkai@sunlife.com www.sunlife.ca/evan.patkai




ACUPUNCTURE: What is it and why do you need it?

Acupuncture is a modality within the broader medical system known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) alongside other modalities such as cupping and herbal medication. By Adam Slamang, Acuflow Wellness 26

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

H E A LT H & W E L L N E S S


hen utilized by a trained and licensed acupuncturist (R.Ac) or a TCM Practitioner (R.TCMP) there is a laundry list of illnesses and issues that can be treated effectively, most commonly being muscle pain, migraines, stroke, IBS and infertility just to name a few. The harder job is to actually explain how and why it works.

The way the Qi is affected as pathogens move into the body is how disease arises. Back pain isn’t just back pain in TCM; it can have different root causes based on how the Qi is acting in the body. As soon as Qi has been affected signs will start to show up, the first are usually changes in the quality and feel of the pulse and shape and texture of the tongue.

Acupuncture and TCM as a whole are medical models that are thousands of years old and are rooted in the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism (pronounced Daoism) which, to strip down to the bare bones, teaches you to live in harmony with nature. Taoism teaches that there is a natural flow to the world and universe at large which you can see in the changing of the seasons and the flow of night into day and day into night. This energetic flow is called Qi (pronounced chee). Qi can be further broken down into Yin and Yang, which goes further to explain how these states of nature flow and change from one to another and back.

A trained acupuncturist will be able to look at these, along with asking questions about a patient’s overall health and personality, and put together a diagnosis and path the disease is taking through your system. With this information a selection of points will be chosen that will then be needled with the intention of directing the patient’s Qi in a certain direction. If, for instance, the Yin aspect of the patient’s Qi is low, you might choose a point that adds more yin or unblocks the flow of yin that might have been obstructed. If you are able to find what is unbalanced internally then, by choosing the right points, an acupuncturist will be able to rebalance the patient and ultimately fix the issue at the root of what was causing the imbalance in the first place.

The Yin aspect of Qi is related to nighttime, winter, cold, liquid, storing of resources, etc. while the Yang aspect of Qi is related to daytime, summer, heat, growth and the using of resources. For example, summer would be a Yang season and we might expect to see more heat related issues such as high blood pressure or constipation. Winter would be a Yin season in which we would expect to see things like pain, oedema or diarrhea. This same Qi and flow exist in the human body as well, and by understanding how Qi flows in the body and how external forces such as temperature/seasons/emotions and external pathogens (illness and disease) affect that flow, you can predictably explain how an illness or symptomatology will progress and change as it enters into a person.

By this logic we are able to treat disease in a wide range of body systems by directing the flow of Qi towards the organs affected. The thing that sets TCM apart from allopathic (western) medicine is that since Qi is usually the very first thing to get affected, before larger or more obvious body systems, acupuncture makes it possible for extremely early intervention before an illness has the opportunity to progress to a point where it is more serious and could become threatening to either your life or enjoyment of life.

Adam Slamang is the owner/ acupuncturist at Acuflow Wellness, located in downtown Charlottetown. Adam is new to the Island, coming originally from Vancouver, B.C. He focuses his practice on using the Balance System of Acupuncture. You can get in contact with Adam on his website www.acuflowwellness.ca or at @acuflowwellness on Facebook and Instagram or call 778-998-6483




H E A LT H & W E L L N E S S

▲ Reid Barnett (Photo Omar Broderick)


kincare is an important part of wellness routines at any time of the year but particularly in the winter. If you’re looking for a clean brand to add to your beauty regimen, Trillium Skincare is a locally founded company based out of Charlottetown that produces cruelty-free, non-GMO products that provide clinical grade results. “Our products are over 99 per cent natural with many organic ingredients. We do not test on animals and ensure our suppliers do not test on animals either,” says CEO and formulator Reid Barnett.



www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

Below, Barnett answers some of the most frequently asked pressing questions. What is the difference between moisturization and hydration? Hydration uses humectants like hyaluronic acid to attract and hold moisture in the skin, while moisturization involves using oils and butters to prevent the skin from losing its natural moisture by trapping and locking it in your skin’s protective barrier.

The testimonials of Trillium’s brilliance speak for themselves.

Where did the wrinkles go? Angi on Mar 12, 2020 i Awaken is the first product I have ever used that has actually lessened the depth of my smile lines around my eyes and my crow’s feet are barely there. The dark circles that have been under my eyes over the years are now gone. Brown spots are so [much] less visible. I am 55 years old and cannot believe how these products are working on my skin. Thank you for such wonderful affordable products!

Winter is here and my skin gets quite dry. What can I do to be proactive?

Can you provide a good skincare regimen using Trillium Skincare?

Adding a powerful hydrating serum combined with a moisturizer to your skincare regimen will help reduce dry skin from occurring. It is also important to keep your skin clean and decongested by using a good cleanser and exfoliant.

Step 1: Double cleanse daily with Coconut Cleansing Cream (to be launched) and Foaming Apple Cleansing Mousse.

Can anti-aging products really reduce the look of wrinkles? Absolutely! Products that include certain peptides and active ingredients can actually encourage the cells in your skin to produce more collagen and elastin, thereby reducing the number and depth of fine lines and wrinkles. The clock can be turned back with the right products!

Step 2: Apply targeted serum(s) like Skin Quench Moisture Infusion or others depending on your skin’s needs twice daily. Step 3: Use i Awaken if attention to the eye area is needed. Step 4: Finish with Vitamin Recovery Lotion for added moisturization and revitalization. Step 5: Regularly exfoliate with AHA Exfoliating Cleansing Mousse.

I have dark spots and bags under my eyes, and I need a solution! What do you suggest? Dark circles and bags can be caused by many things, including lack of sleep, allergies, dehydration, and genetics. If you can rule out dehydration and allergies by drinking lots of water or using antihistamines, then look to products to bolster the skin’s defenses to fight the underlying causes like Trillium’s i Awaken, which includes vitamin K and hydrolyzed rice protein, two powerful ingredients to fight dark circles and puffiness.

I don’t think you’re prepared for the power of Cerulean Dexter Wilkie on Aug 24, 2020 Cerulean is the first product I’ve tried from Trillium and I was not prepared for the sheer power this potent serum boasts. Starting with the packaging, it’s easy to dispense unlike other brands dropper systems, you know your product isn’t being oxygenated until the moment it leaves the bottle. The serum itself soaks into the skin beautifully and you can instantly feel the hydration and repairing properties get to work. My skin did an initial purge as this product lifted old contaminants missed by my previous line this initial purge lasted a very short period and faded beautifully after a short period of time. This has been my summer go to product and I can’t wait to incorporate it into my all year holy grail! Glowing Patricia on Jun 02, 2020 My skin has never felt better. I am 55 and constantly get compliments. I tell them to try Trillium. I don’t think anyone could be disappointed. Would love to try more. Major improvement to my skin! Savannah on Mar 12, 2020

Trillium Skincare www.trilliumskincare.ca

I’m in my 30s and generally have very dry skin in the winter to the point of getting red, itchy eczema patches on my cheeks. I noticed a huge difference to my skin’s texture and moisture within only a few days of using this Skin Quench, and the following weeks of using it have proven that my skin’s moisture is retained and much more supple! I also have to note that I love that this formula is not sticky or greasy - it’s almost like a watery gel that immediately soaks into your skin and doesn’t leave a weird residue of any kind. Love this product! WINTER 2020 www.pei-living.ca 29

H E A LT H & W E L L N E S S

DEDICATION TO THE COMMUNITY By Brianne Hogan Photos Evan Ceretti

Montague Pharmasave addresses the healthcare needs of the community within the city and beyond. As we shift into a new season and a “new normal,” Montague Pharmasave’s dedication to its community continues to shine through as its staff continues to put the health and well-being of their customers and patients first through its various services and products.


ccording to pharmacist and co-owner Jonathan Broderick, what helps set Pharmasave apart when it comes to customer service is its home health care department, which is managed by Brenda Campbell-Tesselaar. “The services and products provided by our home health care department can help people take more control of their lives and increase their independence,” says Broderick. “We offer everything from custom knee brace fittings to compression stockings and mastectomy bras, as well as scooters, lift chairs and other mobility products. Basically anything that can help people be more independent in their homes and in their daily lives.” Additionally, Montague Pharmasave offers a free delivery service for prescription drugs as well as some home healthcare products and services.


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

“We offer everything from custom knee brace fittings, compression stockings, mastectomy bras, as well as scooters, lift chairs and other mobility products. Basically anything that can help people be more independent in their homes and in their daily lives.” - Jonathan Broderick

The store offers delivery five days a week within the town area, and also offers free delivery to areas such as Georgetown, Cardigan, Murray River and Murray Harbour once weekly. “I think it is important that our patients can feel confident that they won’t run into a situation where they maybe can’t pick up their medication, and don’t have to go without,” says Broderick. “Delivery is mainly for prescription drugs, but if we are already heading out to their house, we don’t mind adding a few household staples like dish detergent or shampoo if needed.”

they are in a situation where they can’t make it in.” With fall here and winter around the corner, as well as the ongoing pandemic, Broderick says it’s crucial that people consider getting their flu shot this year. “It is covered for Prince Edward Island residents and in very uncertain times, this can at least take the risk of influenza down,” he says, adding that he and his staff “are always here to help patients with questions and health concerns. We really want the communities we serve to know that we are here ready to help and we have their back!”

The pharmacy’s delivery service is just one prime example of the important role that community pharmacies like Montague Pharmasave play in addressing the healthcare needs of the community. “With the current pandemic, it can be more of a challenge for people with mobility issues or health conditions to get out as much as they are used to,” says Broderick. “Being able to deliver patients their medications can decrease the risk that may be present when they go into stores.”

“We are located right in Montague, but a lot of our patients are either living in rural areas or another municipality close by,” says Broderick. “It can be more of a challenge for them to travel as much, so this service can really take the burden or the worry away because they know that we can help them out if

Pharmasave Montague 521 Main Street, Montague 902.838.2561 www.pharmasave.com




H E A LT H & W E L L N E S S

EWYN STUDIO IS MAKING WEIGHT LOSS PAINLESS AND FUN By Brianne Hogan Photos Sara Bakker Now that summer vacation is over, your weekly routine has a little more structure. Routines are key when it comes to forming long-lasting healthy habits, like making time for meal planning and physical activity, and getting a jump start on weight loss. If you’re looking to adapt some healthier habits, Ewyn Studio in Charlottetown is a great way to start. Connie Macpherson opened Ewyn Studio, located on St. Peter’s Road, back in October 2018 after completing the program herself while living in Ontario. “I realized that there was nothing similar offered in PEI, so decided to move back home and open the studio. It is a company and a program that I truly believe in,” says Macpherson. Ewyn Studio offers tools to help you reach your weight-loss goals by oneon-one health coaching and dietary plans designed to boost metabolism and promote safe and consistent weight loss. “We offer a sustainable meal plan with real grocery store food,” says Macpherson. “We don’t offer a fad diet or quick fix. We include a wide variety of food from all food groups. We don’t cut out any food group. We want this to be the last weight loss program our clients ever have to do.” Plans are individualized to clients to suit diet restrictions, including 32

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

vegetarian, vegan, and also glutenfree options. “Each person’s weight loss journey is unique, so we are there to meet each individual need,” says Macpherson.

Unlike most businesses, Macpherson says she and her team don’t look for repeat clients. Because if a client doesn’t return, that means they’ve done their job well.

When meeting with a new client, Macpherson says they discuss the client’s health history, eating habits, and exercise routine. She recommends new clients visit the Studio every day for the first two weeks into their coaching and then at least three times a week after that.

“Once a client hits their goal weight we take them through several weeks of stabilization and maintenance,” says Macpherson. “Once that is completed, healthy eating habits are ingrained and just become a way of life.”

“Visiting often helps keep the clients on track and accountable and allows us to troubleshoot early if there are any issues,” she says. “Support, motivation and accountability are important parts of our plan.” Clients also have access to Ewyn’s exclusive, high quality health supplements designed specifically for the program.

“I love the fact that every one of our products is Canadian-made,” says Macpherson. “High quality is extremely important to me. I would never be able to stand behind a product if I didn’t fully believe in it. These are products that my family and friends use, so they have to be top of the line.”

That’s not to say that when the program is completed, Macpherson loses all connection with her clients. “We still have clients come back in to see us. We form personal bonds with our clients. Weight loss can be a tough and emotional journey and we are with them every step.” As someone who’s done the program herself, Macpherson says she knows that weight loss is never easy. “But we are there to make it as painless, and even as fun, as possible. This program really works.”

Ewyn Weight Loss Studios 15 St. Peters Road, Charlottetown 902.892.1011 ewynstudiocharlottetown@gmail.com




H E A LT H & W E L L N E S S



www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

“In the winter, snow, ice, and slicked road surfaces reflect a high amount of UV radiation even on overcast days.” - Dr. Janalee Canfield


ost of us remember to wear eye protection in the summer, but we probably don’t think about it as much during the colder months, even though that sun exposure in the winter can be just as dangerous.

In order to properly protect yourself from harmful UV damage, Dr. Canfield says it’s important to ensure you select the right type of sunglasses for optimal protection. “Wear sunglasses that block both glare and UV-A and UV-B rays, and select frames that shield the eyes from the sun’s rays at all angles. Wraparound frames is a good choice. More coverage means more protection.”

“Sunglasses are important to use yearround. UV radiation is harmful to the eyes no matter the time of year,” says Dr. Janalee Canfield of Family Vision Centre in Charlottetown. “In the winter, snow, ice, and slicked road surfaces reflect a high amount of UV radiation even on overcast days.”

Another tip? Look for sunglasses that are labelled full UV protection against UV-A and UV-B, or that say UV 400 protection, which means they block light at wavelengths up to 400 nanometres, which covers UVA and UVB.

As such, Dr. Canfield recommends wearing sunglasses for driving and all outdoor sports, such as skiing, snowmobiling, and hiking. “UV-A and UV-B rays can contribute to cataracts, which are a permanent clouding of the lens inside the eye that reduce vision. Age-related macular degeneration (a degenerative change of the central retina) has also been associated with UV exposure.”

examination is not just important for visual ability, but for ocular health and for protecting our vision for today and the future.” Dr. Canfield, who grew up in Crapaud, has been practicing optometry at Family Vision Centre in Charlottetown for twenty-three years. A graduate of the University of Prince Edward Island with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology, she received her Doctorate of Optometry at the University of Waterloo in Ontario. Dr. Canfield says her favourite part of her job is interacting with her patients and the relationships that are formed from her dedication and care for them.

Polarized lenses are another great choice, says Dr. Canfield, because they “reduce glare by way of a special filter in the lens that blocks glare-causing reflections from flat surfaces like water, snow, and roadways.”

“I have many long-time patients who I have seen for twenty years. I enjoy getting to know them and feel fortunate to be part of a health profession that has such an important impact on our patients’ quality of life on a daily basis.”

The wintertime is also a perfect time to make an appointment for your regular eye examination, which is available at the Family Vision Centre in addition to an array of sunglasses. “An eye

Family Vision Centre 111 Pownal St, Charlottetown 902.566.4418 www.familyvisioncentre.com

By Brianne Hogan Photos Kimberly Rashed




H E A LT H & W E L L N E S S


In 2020, Islanders will likely postpone some fall and winter traditions. Still, plenty of seasonal activities will surely go ahead. And Pharmasave Cornwall owner Wally Kowalchuk points out that some annual routines shouldn’t be skipped. ▲ Wally Kowalchuk


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020


he flu shot is more important now than ever,” he tells us. “If a second wave of COVID-19 appears, you’ll want the protection it gives.” Kowalchuk clarifies that coronavirus isn’t prevented by a pre-emptive flu shot. Nonetheless, he says, a flu shot may help you avoid becoming physically worn out. “You wouldn’t want to get both viruses at once, or back to back. Your immune system would be weakened.” Pharmasave Cornwall (“Wally’s Pharmacy”) has adjusted their process for walk-in flu shots, enabling customers to socially distance. Wally, his wife Nancy, and the business’s pharmacists and staff—Alissa, Colleen, Jerri, Madison, Scott and Royden—are working together to ensure that flu immunizations are streamlined and hygienic.

“We preprint flu shot authorization forms and have them available for pickup, or customers can download them from Pharmasave’s website, or the Wally’s Pharmasave Facebook page,” Kowalchuk notes. “This year, the forms include COVID-19 screening questions. Clients arrive with their form, then leave a contact phone number and wait in their car until we’re ready.”

“It’s the best way to prevent yourself and your loved ones from getting the flu. This year, we’re able to offer patients over 65 years old a highdensity shot for better stimulation of their immune system.”

Once a pharmacist reviews the authorization form, the appointment continues in a private room (“counselling room”) where both customers and Pharmasave Cornwall staff wear masks. “After the injection, we ask patients to wait in the store, if they came alone, or return to their car and wait fifteen minutes to ensure they don’t have an adverse reaction. We prefer family groups, as everyone has an eye on each other during the waiting period. After that, if everything’s okay, the patient is free to go,” Kowalchuk concludes.

This reassuring, proactive attitude toward Islanders’ health is characteristic of Pharmasave Cornwall. “When we opened in 2015, my dream was to have a pharmacy that gave great personal service and had a family feel,” explains Kowalchuk. “I enjoy it when I feel I made a difference, really helped someone. This location allows me to do that.”

While emphasizing the urgency of a 2020 flu shot, he points out that it’s not a one-time precaution. Since fall and winter flus can be debilitating, a flu immunization is an annual necessity.

He also corrects a misunderstanding he’s encountered. “I can’t stress enough that the flu shot can’t give you the flu!”

Throughout 2020, the Pharmasave has been an impressive example of a local business safeguarding customers. Phone-based and online prescription renewals are available, and customers can arrange home or curbside delivery. At the same time, to protect instore customers, the Pharmasave Cornwall team has installed Plexiglass barriers

and follows an intense daily sanitization schedule. Pharmasave Cornwall’s PPE selection includes hand sanitizer, face shields, gloves and masks, stocked near longstanding offerings like giftware and funny greeting cards. Regarding merchandise, Kowalchuk says, “We’ve also been looking at more local flair where possible.” As customers choose holiday cards and gifts, as well as get their flu shots, “We want to wish everyone a safe and healthy autumn.”

Pharmasave Cornwall 25 Meadowbank Road, Cornwall 902.629.6870 www.pharmasave.com




“IT REALLY IS LIFE-CHANGING” Greg Cormier Coaching helps busy moms across North America lose weight through self-acceptance, accountability, support. By Heather Laura Clarke Photos Evan Ceretti

Greg Cormier may be a fitness and nutrition coach for busy moms, but he’s interested in a lot more than the number on your scale. He believes in digging down deep and tapping into his clients’ inner strengths so he can help them transform their lives. 38

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

H E A LT H & W E L L N E S S

“It’s not just about weight loss. It’s about what your life could be if you felt your best,” says Cormier, the owner of Greg Cormier Coaching in Vernon Bridge. “It’s all about creating a bigger vision for your future, and how being happy and healthy and strong will help you accomplish that.” Armed with diplomas and certifications in kinesiology, nutrition, personal training, behavior change & preand post-natal coaching, Cormier takes his clients through a 12-week transformation program where he works with them one-on-one online. During the weekly coaching sessions via video call, he provides direction, accountability, and support to meet people where they are. Self-sabotage and emotional eating are common issues, and he says our limiting beliefs that cause these often linger from childhood. For example, that we have to clean our plate at mealtime, that we’re not good enough, that we’ll always be overweight, or that we’ll have to give up junk food and exist on nothing but salad to maintain a healthy weight. “A lot of my clients say time is the biggest obstacle, but it’s really that we don’t make ourselves a priority,” says Cormier. “If you don’t love yourself and believe you can accomplish your goals, you’re not going to feel like putting in much effort.” Since starting he’s coached more than 350 busy moms from across Canada and the U.S. Most of his clients tend to be moms between 35 and 50, and many have tried everything from Weight Watchers to Keto but nothing has provided lasting results. “Diets don’t work. You need to address what’s on the inside and come up with sustainable lifestyle habits that

supports that,” says Cormier. “And sometimes you just need someone who believes in you until you can begin to believe in yourself.” Now in his third year of business, Cormier credits the team at Community Business Development Corporation (CBDC) for their help and support. “If it wasn’t for CBDC believing in me, I wouldn’t be here helping my clients — and there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing,” says Cormier. “I’m so blessed to be able to help people change their lives for the better.” Along with his 12-week personal coaching program, Cormier also runs a free Facebook group called Strong Moms Unite where he shares free tips and advice, and many of those busy moms decide to become coaching clients.

(Anyone who sends Cormier a message and mentions “PEI Living” qualifies for a free 45-minute coaching call to see what it’s like to work with Greg.) “Greg understands that for a lot of moms, investing in yourself and making yourself a priority is one of the hardest things to do. Making that commitment is scary, but it’s worth it,” his client, Lynn, describes in her emotional testimonial video. “I’m undoing 42 years of bad habits. It really is lifechanging, and I feel like I can do anything now.”

Greg Cormier Coaching www.GregCormierCoaching.com GregCormierCoaching

902.838.4030 www.cbdc.ca




H O M E & C O T TA G E

Home Sweet PEI Home Welcome to the Fall 2020 edition of PEI Living magazine. Where has the year gone? As we transition through our fall season and into winter, we can all be grateful for the good weather that has carried us through this rather unusual year. It has enabled us to spend lots of time outside enjoying fresh air, outdoor activities and a bountiful fall harvest. Hopefully, this great spell of weather will continue right through the end of the year and into 2021. Fingers crossed. In this edition of PEI Living magazine we invite you to shop local and, through our pages, introduce you to the many businesses and services that serve our communities. We are all in this together and I hope that supporting local businesses remains top of mind for everyone. In the Home & Cottage section we are delighted to highlight two very different design aesthetics. What both homes have in common are real people with a knack for thinking outside of the box. We hope you will enjoy reading about these lovely spaces they have generously agreed to share with you, our readers.

For A Getaway Plan (page 48), we venture into the PEI woods to visit Walden Cabin, where the owners built a comfortable space away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A place secluded in the woods, where one can find some rest and relaxation while embracing the quiet solitude and the benefits of getting back to nature. See Inn Style (page 44) for a sophisticated yet classic take on decorating in black and white. We meet up with a local boutique hotel owner who has created a cozy upscale environment for their guests. In the DIY section you’ll find projects using items that were upcycled for next to nothing after a visit to a local thrift store. I love projects that reuse everyday items, turning them into something fresh and new for very little cost, time or effort. Have a wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas and all the best to you and yours in 2021.

Read PEI Living Magazine online: www.issuu.com/peilivingmagazine


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

Susan Snow susan@pei-living.ca

“One kind word can change someone’s entire day.”



BLACK LIGHT From modern to farmhouse to cottage to classic interior design styles, black lighting fixtures are the “go to” for lighting. A quick and relatively inexpensive upgrade to any room is swapping outdated lighting in favour of black. Or you can always try spray painting existing fixtures or lamp bases for a fresh new look.

With so many people installing dark cabinets, appliance manufacturers have jumped on the black bandwagon. Black stainlesssteel fits right in with dark colours and provides a seamless look in the kitchen. Unlike regular stainless steel, black stainless is more resistant to fingerprints, water marks and smudges, making cleanup a breeze.

ARTFUL BLACK Is there anything with a cooler vibe than an oversized piece of artwork or a photo grouping of black and white photography to instantly update a wall? Consider family pictures or landscape images printed in black and white. They are guaranteed to add a timeless appeal focusing on the subject matter, while not getting lost in a sea of colour.



A secret weapon in every designer’s creative toolbox is incorporating black in home design. Black will always remain a constant in decorating because it adds drama, contrast and looks undoubtedly chic forever.


Daring, bold and never boring. If black has you a little nervous, you can always consider using its closest cousin, deep charcoal, for a similar effect. When painting walls in very dark colours, it is essential that your spaces have a good balance of light, warmth and texture in your furnishings and surface selections.


DOORS Painting builder-grade interior doors black will automatically make them look more expensive. Contrary to popular opinion, a black door is easy to clean when finished in a slightly shiny paint sheen for durability. Black doors are perfect for hiding fingerprints and dirty hands. Tip: If you can’t decide on a colour for your front door, black is always a solid choice.

A perfect fit for a feature wall, a cozy bedroom, office, laundry room or adding a sophisticated vibe to a small powder room. Look for black and white graphics, moody Dutch Master large scale florals or faux linen papers. If black feels a bit too heavy for your room, choose wallpapers with light backgrounds. WINTER 2020



H O M E & C O T TA G E

INNstyle With an eye for detail, and a well-executed plan, Christine McQuaid—co-owner along with her husband Steve Murphy—recently renovated a century old home, creating a new restaurant on the first floor and three guest suites on the second floor.

Words & Photos: Susan Snow

This suite is named “Miss Frank Nixon” after a dancing performer from the Slaymaker and Nichols circus that came to Charlottetown in 1864. (photo Sara Bakker)

It’s obvious that Christine McQuaid has creativity flowing in her veins. Having no formal design training, with her education in science and biology, she took on the project with no outside help. Channeling her inner designer, she set the stage for her unique design by choosing to go with a dramatic black and white theme softened with accents of pink, creating an ambiance that is as glamorous as it is comfortable and relaxing. McQuaid’s vision was to create a luxurious and romantic dreamy space for her guests. Says McQuaid, “I imagined this as a space where Miss Nixon would be busy getting glammed up for her circus act, having her costumes strewn across the bed while listening to music and then returning at the end of her performances for a long relaxing soak. A private space she could call her very own away from the hustle and bustle of the busy circus atmosphere.”

▲ Thinking of her guests, little European touches like the black washcloth are a smart solution providing no guilt, no stain make-up removal.

Painting the walls black was a bold choice that paid off when paired with strong white accents found in the suites’ trim details, white bedding, the white guest towels, wall tiles and the bathroom washbasin. The feature wall at the head of the bed was papered in a tone on tone lacy floral wall, breaking up the all black walls with a feminine touch. Far from feeling gloomy and dark, the room exudes a cozy warm inviting charm with a modern chic vibe. ▲ A velvet chair upholstered in a blush pink tone and topped with a floral cushion perfectly contrasts the black walls. The suite also comes with a walkout deck for their guests. Wall colour: Benjamin Moore - Onyx

The bathroom was left open, thereby making the room larger and adding a focal point at the same time. There is a separate water closet for privacy. The clawfoot tub was a lucky find on the side of the street; it found and was reglazed and painted black. Vintage details like the black plumbing fixtures, the porcelain washstand, patterned floor tiles and the black chandelier in the room add to the period character of the house.




Making Your Home a Haven By Clara Deacon Photos Sara Bakker

If you’re looking for a rustic showpiece to add to your home or a unique gift to surprise someone special, Wicker Emporium may be your next destination of choice.


anadian owned and operated, Wicker Emporium is a retailer of solid wood furniture and home décor items. Located in West Royalty next to Sobeys, their products are highly sought-after and can’t be found anywhere else on the Island. Most recently, they have expanded their décor section, adding a range of affordable and stylish options, allowing customers to find the perfect gifts for all occasions. “PEI is truly a special place, filled with charm and beauty. We wanted to bring interesting and special pieces to the Island that would add even more character to people’s homes,” says store owner Stephanie Briggs. Staying connected with both artisans and designers, Briggs works tirelessly to bring a perfect balance of quality and affordability to all of the products available in the store. With a background in engineering and supply chain management, she is actively involved in the furniture’s manufacturing, as well as the design. Wicker Emporium’s collection is also produced in small quantities, in order keep that distinct and unique feel. “Many of our pieces in the store are one-of-a-kind,” she says. “Our selections are very special, many destined to become future heirlooms, taking a place of pride in people’s homes for generations to come.” The intuitive nature of the store is stellar due in part to the effort of store manager Cedalia Brum, who works hard to create a positive customer experience, and goes above and beyond to

▲Store Manager Cedalia Brum

provide those in the store with attention and support. “When people walk into the store, we want to take them on a pleasant journey to find what they are looking for, and that means having the right space and experience to take it all in,” she says. Wicker Emporium is anticipating new arrivals this fall, including a variety of dining tables, accent pieces, and coffee tables, all made from solid wood. These selections are in high demand, offering a live or natural edge style of solid wood furniture, in some cases with material sourced from ancient forests. While the pandemic proved to be a challenge for the store, the community spirit has been strong for Wicker Emporium. “There is no denying that this year has been difficult globally. It has been for everyone,” she says. “We are fortunate to have customers who have been very supportive throughout the whole ordeal and for that, we are very grateful.” As Wicker Emporium looks ahead to 2021, they recognize the importance of helping people build a comfortable personal space, especially given the amount of time spent at home. “Our homes have always been our havens, and we see that now more than ever. Our goal is to enhance every Islander’s environment, and to add something special that gives a ‘feel good’ factor. We all need that now and again.” Wicker Emporium 43 Babineau Avenue, Charlottetown 902.370.9245 www.wickeremporium.ca wickeremporiumSpencerDrive




â–˛ (L-R) Stuart Hickox, his son Jasper and Riley (the corgi)


Getaway Plan Words and Photos by: Susan Snow Design Advice by: Moving Designz


a peaceful hillside nestled away in a forest on Prince Edward Island lies a hidden paradise, Walden Cabin. It was thoughtfully named by its owner, Stuart Hickox, who was inspired by writings from Henry David Thoreau.

Having a cabin tucked away in the woods is something most people can only dream about. For Hickox, it is a peaceful sanctuary that nourishes his soul. A secluded retreat where he finds joy and balance connecting with the outdoors, pursuing creative endeavors and working the land while making lasting memories with his family and friends. The cabin, planned and conceived with design ideas by Hickox, reflects its natural surroundings with simplicity and rustic charm, something that is important to Hickox. The woodsy cabin features pine plank floors, pine wainscotting details, vaulted pine ceilings, beams made of tree trunks, reproduction period lighting and oversized windows that let in a maximum of light. Character fills the cabin with antiques, custom furniture, personal mementos, and family memorabilia that Hickox has collected and curated over the years.

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Hickox decided to treat his quaint cabin to a mini makeover. The interior walls were lightened up with cream coloured paint, the kitchen was refreshed, and new furnishings were added. A new pair of mid-century armchairs that sit atop an authentic cowhide rug are a touch of modern dĂŠcor. The large window floods the space with western sunlight in the late afternoon and early evening. An old bucket was cleverly wired and hung to create a moody reading light. To the right of the chairs is a wood stove that keeps the space warm and cozy on cool mornings and nights.




▲ Top: The kitchen’s pine cabinets were transformed with green paint, enhancing the tones of the large expanses of wood surfaces and complementing the butcher block countertops. A new white penny tile backsplash was installed to complete the update while maintaining a heritage look Hickox prefers. ◄ An addition in 2014 added a spacious kitchen and gathering area. Hickox planned it carefully so the soaring ceilings fill the space with volume, making it feel much larger. Encircled with windows, the room feels light and airy. A built-in window bench is topped with a twin size mattress, making it ideal for dining, sleeping and providing storage underneath. A sofa bed offers queen size sleeping accommodations. The kitchen dining chairs, which date back to the 30s found a new life here and are paired with an antique pine drop leaf table. ▼ A bright red door welcomes you into the living room. A new, modern sofa is equipped with another pull-out bed. In total the cabin can sleep at least six adults and two children. Bedding can be hidden away in the rustic blanket box/coffee table.

Durable stain-proof fabrics were chosen when reupholstering the window bench. Benjamin Moore Peale Green HC-121 was used on the kitchen cabinets.


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

A handmade rack for hanging clothing has hooks made of pieces of birch branches found on the property.

Up the stairs from the living room to the loft is the cabin’s cozy sleeping area. A skylight above the bed lights up the room during daylight hours, and at night one can either look up at the stars or use the blackout shade for complete darkness. The headboard is handmade of birch logs and equipped with simple reading lights. A built-in dresser under the eaves maximizes the small room’s storage. A separate bathhouse is mere steps away from the main cabin. The delightful bathroom is clad in pine, has a vaulted ceiling, a dramatic wood chandelier and a closet with a washer-dryer combination. Under a pergola covered in vines is a unique outdoor shower for those who dare to go au-naturel. The star of the bathhouse is a clawfoot tub that Hickox was lucky enough to find by the side of the road and had refinished. With its location in front of a beautiful arched window, one can only imagine the pleasure of a long soak while admiring the natural landscape outside.

Thank you to Stuart Hickox for sharing your cabin with us.

H O M E & C O T TA G E


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

Fabulous Fabric Finds at Material Girl Fabrics By Alana Lauren Photos Sara Bakker Q: How can fabrics increase the appeal of a space? Material Girl: Too often when designing a home’s interior, fabrics are seen as an afterthought. I feel they should be thought of throughout the design process from beginning to end. Before choosing paint and flooring or furniture, imagine the overall look you would like to achieve and have fabrics be a part of that vision.

It is okay to be matchy matchy, as it can make for a very calming space. That being said however, it does not mean your room has to be boring. You can still add plenty of visual interest by mixing patterns. Make an effort to use multiple patterns, solids or textures that fall within the same colour palette and you will get pleasing results. Another way to add visual interest to a space is through a variety of textures. Fabric is both a visual and textural experience, so choose fabrics that feel good when you’re sitting on them and make you feel comfortable. Personally, I feel fabric should provide the colour and texture for a room, leaving the walls and flooring to be subtle and neutral, which allows you to change up your look as often as you’d like.

If you are up in the air about what you might like, Pinterest is a handy way to help narrow down a general look, whether it be bright and bold, sleek and modern, or calm and classic. Then creating “boards” is an effective way of collecting fabrics, colours and samples as a whole. Having customers give me as much information as possible helps me narrow down fabrics that will best fit their space.

Q: People have been spending much more time in their homes recently. What are some home projects that can really liven up a space?

Q: What types of fabrics do you carry? Material Girl: We are unique in that we have hundreds of books to choose fabrics from; whether it’s for window treatments, pillows, upholstery, patio cushions or boats. We may carry exclusive brands such as Stout and Studio G. We are also unique in that we not only offer material, but can sew custom upholstery, window treatments and more. Fabric is just the first step!

Interior design by www.simplyhomedecorating.com

Q: Do you have any specific advice about using fabrics? Material Girl: It is better to mix patterns rather than colours. Once you have settled your color palette, stick to it. Using too many uncoordinated colours in a room can make it feel hectic and confusing and therefore less comfortable.

Material Girl: Customization! Rather than settling for massproduced store-bought items, let your home reflect your individual personality. We can customize anything and everything beginning with something as simple as throw pillows all the way up to coordinated window treatments and new upholstery.

Winter happens to be our off-season, so now is a good time to get the most value for your money. A more intimate relationship with our shop means a greater experience in the overall design process. Seeing and feeling firsthand what might inspire you towards a new look sparks ideas and we are happy to help you select fabrics or work with an interior designer on your projects. Check out a few of our fabulous fabric options on the following pages.

◄ Christine Zareck, owner of Material Girl Fabrics WINTER 2020



Fabulous Fabric Finds at Material Girl Fabrics

JF Fabrics


Unique Fine


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020





















Studio G

Material Girl Fabrics 565 North River Road, Charlottetown materialgirl.pei@gmail.com 902.218.7128




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Perhaps your biggest purchase and the most important element in any well-designed living room is your choice of sofa colour. Neutrals like white, cream, beige, brown, black or grey will stand the test of time, allowing you maximum flexibility to create entirely different looks and ambiance from season to season. Pile on the pillows to create chic designer looks with ease. Toss pillows are decorating game changers. Inexpensive and readily available, they come in limitless shapes, sizes, colours, prints and textures. Start your pillow collection by selecting toss pillows that are filled with feathers. Feather cushions are softer, plush and plump and just sit more nicely on your sofa.

Pillow Talk Styling a Neutral Sofa

Words and photos by Susan Snow, Home Editor

Here are five very different looks that illustrate the “superpower� of pillows.

Show your sofa some love by giving it a light vacuum several times a year to remove dirt and dust that inevitably built up. And be sure to flip your sofa cushions regularly for even wear.

Classic Modern Most sofa purchases typically include a pair of pillows. A smart option is going for a classic colour that you love and can use, reuse and rethink time and time again. For this sofa look, a pair of soft velvet pale blue pillows visually anchor the colour scheme. Mixing in store a couple off-the-shelf store-bought pillows in warm browns with blue patterning lends itself to a harmonious and visually appealing pillow arrangement. 54

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

Graphic Black & White A neutral sofa is anything but boring when paired with notes of black, as seen in the choices of pillows and the toss throw. The thick chunky-knitted pillow adds texture, while the worded pillow incorporates a happy touch of whimsy. A pair of cream coloured linen pillows balance out the dark tones and keep the strong black elements in check.

Spring Fling When spring is in the air, it’s time to swap out your sofa pillows in favour of a striking and invigorating combination. Here we used a bright pink pillow as the starting point to add a juicy punch of fun spring colour. The pretty floral pillow, the fun zebra print, the playful bird motif and the large neutral pillow combine just the right amount of pink without overwhelming the space with too much of a good thing. All you need now is a bouquet of fresh tulips on your cocktail table to officially welcome the spring into your home.

Holiday Casual Reworking the black theme, we made some changes to incorporate a stylish holiday feel. An oversized buffalo check pillow in black and white with modern tassels is paired with a classic plaid pillow, setting the tone for a Christmas theme. Adding a faux fur toss blanket into the mix instills a sense of seasonal coziness and warmth.

Calm Comfort If you are craving softness and comfort, consider a refined light and airy look. Rethinking the blue velvet cushions, we added subtle layers of depth and dimension in the pastel tones of the yellow floral pillow, the linen coloured pillow and the striped throw blanket. The appealing lightness of the pillow arrangement layered with the casual pattern of the blanket invokes a pleasing feeling of quiet and calm sophistication. WINTER 2020



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It’s the one thing we never want to think about, it’s also the one thing we all strive for – the privilege to grow old. Ask anyone what their hopes are as they age: to remain independent, healthy and to stay in their homes as long as possible.

By Darren MacKenzie, Legacy Homes Ltd. & MacKenzie Builder Services Ltd. 56

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

Many homeowners are choosing to either retrofit their homes to include some well-established principles of universal design or custom build to create a safe and comfortable home they can remain in as they age in place. It’s difficult to imagine what you’ll need to ensure your home is always a safe haven as you age, here are a few things to consider. Build It In Consider “building in” for the future. Plan your custom home with your future self in mind. Make sure doorways and entrances are accessible, and modifications are easy to add as you age in place. Safe Stairs or One Level If you’re planning a new build, consider one level. As we age, living on more than one level stairs can be especially dangerous. Handrails are a must, on both sides of the staircase if possible. Lighting is also critical, so make sure the entire stairway is well lit from top to bottom. Clearly defined steps that show where the edge of the tread is can help prevent falls. Friendly Floors Flooring should be level throughout the home, avoid thresholds or transitions that can become tripping hazards. All floors should be made slip-resistant, such as by adding non-skid mats under area rugs (or getting rid of the area rugs completely). Easy on the Hands You probably don’t think much about turning a doorknob, but it can actually be quite a chore, even painful, for someone with arthritis or other conditions. Simply replacing doorknobs with lever-style hardware can make life easier for residents. Levers are also best on faucets and illuminated rocker switches are better than the standard toggle light switches.

A Well-Lit Space A dark room is an invitation to a bump or a fall, so make sure there’s adequate lighting in every room, hallway, and doorway. Entryways are especially dangerous if not well lit.

For seniors, it’s important to keep indoor temperatures mild, as it is possible to experience hypothermia and heatstroke indoors. If mobility within the home is limited, smart thermostats allow you to manage the temperature without getting up and manually changing the settings.

Safe Welcome Fumbling with keys, packages, the mail — all can distract and unbalance someone entering or exiting a home. In addition to providing lighting at entryways, be sure to have a table, bench, or other surface nearby for putting things down. Your exterior entry should have good lighting and some protection from the weather, whether it’s an enclosed porch or an awning or canopy over the front door.

Smart lights are a good idea for aging homeowners as you can quickly turn lights on with your voice or smartphone when you need to get up, preventing falls and injuries caused by unseen objects in the dark. A little bit of planning means your dream home can be a safe place for many years to come.

Better Baths Most people think of shower grab bars as the best way to make bathing safer, which is as simple as choosing a step-in shower rather than a tub. Single-handled faucet control reduces the chances of scalding at the sink, and a pressure-balanced control does the same in the shower. The addition of a handheld showerhead is often easier to use than a fixed shower head. Smart Home The benefits of smart home tech extend beyond the individuals themselves and offer benefits to family, friends, neighbours, first responders and more. Smart home devices offer the ability to manage a home from a mobile device in the comfort of a bed or seat. For example, if someone was at the front door, they could see who it is, talk with them to confirm, and unlock the door without getting up and risking injury. Smart locks are particularly helpful if there is an emergency. A care provider, neighbour, or first responder can be easily granted access from an authorized mobile device without having to physically damage the property to get in.

Darren MacKenzie Master Builder/Owner MacKenzie Builder Services Ltd.

MacKenzie Builder Services Ltd. 262 Howe Point Road, Eglington 902.687.1508 C: 902.969.0425 darren@mackenziebuilders.ca www.mackenziebuilders.ca




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There’s Bottled Lightning Behind the Scenes at Powerhouse Realty By Rebecca Spinner Photos Evan Ceretti 58

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020


ichele Harmer’s energy is astonishing. When she trained in real estate and joined PEI’s Powerhouse Realty, she’d scarcely finished an Englandto-Summerside move with her husband. While her family grew to include two preschoolers, Michele Harmer came to thrive in PEI real estate—a profession, she explains, that requires dazzling energy. “It’s actually a very challenging, demanding job,” she says. “Professional realtors have lots of work happening in the background, which may not be obvious when you first meet them.” The “background work” Harmer describes requires a striking number

of distinct strengths: not just broad categories, like advertising or hospitality, but modern niche skills like social media management. “I’m constantly switching from showing houses, to creating marketing material, to answering client questions and listing properties for sale,” she notes. She’s also responsible for “scheduling showings, organizing photographers, editing marketing material, updating social media, completing continuous education and finding new clients.” Although real estate’s scope is daunting, Harmer’s prior career was in a likewise demanding field—law. Still, she says, “becoming a realtor meant I had to adapt and learn new skills quickly.”

“Working with Michele was great! She’s smart, honest, and super responsive.” – Facebook review (July 6, 2020)

“We still have a crazy amount of people looking to relocate to PEI.” – Michele Harmer

She adds, “The biggest learning curve was managing my own time. In the beginning, I ran around like a headless chicken from one meeting to the next! Now, I’ve learned to value and manage my time.” As Harmer describes her schedule, it’s clear she’s reached a “happy medium”: her routine is busy, but not strict, and contains enough flexibility to accommodate clients.

Harmer’s legal literacy must be an asset during these team calls; she says it also gives customers an edge. “Clients have been impressed with my attention to detail. I believe it comes from my legal education and experience. I pick up on the little errors in a contract or listing sheet that’d come back to bite you a few months later!”

One touchstone is a daily video call collaborating with Powerhouse teammates. “We go over our objectives for the day, and discuss any pressing matters... It’s really great to have the support of my team so that we can bounce ideas off each other, and work through any unusual property issues we come across.”

Harmer says real estate is blossoming on the Island. “We still have a crazy amount of people looking to relocate to PEI. Things are only looking good in terms of house prices increasing, and the demand from buyers has never been so high.”

Michele Harmer Powerhouse Realty PEI Inc. 902.940.7382 michele@powerhouserealtypei.com www.powerhouserealtypei.com




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WINTER ELECTRICAL PROJECTS By Kristen Johnson Photos Evan Ceretti


may know M.B. Eye as a leader in the field of solar energy, but they offer many other services as well. “We offer an array of electrical services for a single office or home to large-scale apartment buildings,” says owner Matt Eye. “Our team is always innovating, creating and researching with leading industry partners to find efficient smart solutions for our clients.” ► Matt Eye

The team at M.B. Eye includes Red Seal electricians who are available to work on new home construction, renovations, commercial projects as well as servicing exsisting electrical. During the fall and winter season, they have been especially busy with the installation of heat pumps and backup generators. Heat pumps have recently become quite popular on PEI. They can be used for heating and cooling, which makes them ideal for our climate. Rather than installing two systems, one for heat, and one for air conditioning, a heat pump can do both. There is also a provincial rebate offer to help with installation costs. Matt Eye, owner of M.B. Eye Electrical, says “As a supplement to your primary heating, a heat pump can reduce your heating costs substantially.” He recommends using the Tosot brand pump. “It is one of the most efficient on the market, and it comes with a ten-year warranty.” Eye says they have also been installing many standby generators lately. With the threat of power outages due to winter storms, many people are opting to install these generators that are wired directly into the electrical system. This eliminates the need to plug different devices directly into a generator. “Sit back and relax in a power outage and let a Cummins standby generator take care of it for you without leaving your chair,” says Eye. The team at M.B. Eye install Cummins generators, a world leader in power generation equipment. “It is a brand homeowners trust for reliability, durability and power,” says Eye. “With a Cummins automatic home generator, your family won’t be left in the dark.”

M.B. Eye Electrical Inc. 60 St. Peters Rd, Charlottetown (by appointment) 902.892.8839 matt@mbeyeelectrical.com www.mbeyeelectrical.com




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The Complete Real Estate Package – Expertise, Experience, and Exceptional Service By Laura Jean Grant Photos Evan Ceretti


uying or selling a home can be an emotional time in anyone’s life, so real estate agent Melanie Shaw prides herself on alleviating the most challenging parts of the process and educating her clients so they have the confidence to make solid, informed decisions. “I focus on giving exceptional real estate service. I have systems in place that help people with the sale of their home or with the purchase of a home and I want to make sure that every single person that I work with is happy,” she says. My motto is “Your Happiness is My Goal.” A veteran of the real estate industry, Shaw brought 20-plus years of experience in the Ontario market to a new province when she and her husband, a native of PEI, moved to the Island six years ago. It was a big adjustment and it took time and hard work to build her business from the ground up with Royal LePage in PEI. “In a smaller place like PEI… if you offer a really great service it gets known very quickly,” says Shaw, adding, “I’ve been living full-time in PEI for over six years now and absolutely love it. I really enjoy selling real estate here. I find that the houses are really beautiful and well-constructed and there’s lots of uniqueness to each home, plus the buyers and sellers are so genuine and kind.” Shaw, who has developed a real love of interior design and décor over the years, said a key to her success is ensuring each home is showcased in the best possible light for the professional photos and videos that are featured with each of her listings. She works directly with sellers in completing a room-by-room custom staging process, because presentation really is everything in real estate, she says.

“I focus on giving exceptional real estate service.” - Melanie Shaw


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

focus on A special focus for Shaw these days is the Foxwoods subdivision, a 68-acre property on Kinlock Road in Stratford, PEI, where she is working closely with Flourish Development Group on the exciting project. There are a number of homeowners who already happily call the Foxwoods subdivision home, and many new homes are currently under construction and will soon be available for those looking to join the growing community. Nestled between the renowned Fox Meadow Golf Course and Kinlock Beach, the Foxwoods development is truly unique, with approximately 30 percent of the entire property being devoted to parkland and preserving the natural forest, giving residents access to parks and walking trails. There are options to buy a lot and build your own home, but the homes being constructed and sold by the developer are ideal for people looking for well-constructed, move-in ready homes with high-quality finishes and design, and the added benefit of a new

▲ (L-R) Melanie Shaw, Robert Chang, CEO and president of Flourish Development Group home warranty. From smaller semidetached homes to larger, two-story family homes, Shaw said there really is something for everyone at Foxwoods. “There’s a variety of housing that is appealing not to just one type of consumer, there’s something that appeals to everyone,” she said. “It’s a great place for large or small families, seniors, people looking to upsize, people looking to downsize, even firsttime homebuyers.” Currently in phase one of its development, Foxwoods has been generating lots of buzz and plenty of interest from local, national, and international buyers. “Everyone that has bought at Foxwoods so far has been really nice and really great people to work with. I see this beautiful community coming together as each home gets moved into,” said Shaw. “I’m really proud to be a part of the Foxwoods development and I love seeing all of the happy new homeowners.”




Melanie Shaw - The Shaw Team Royal LePage Prince Edward Realty 902.213.5235 melanieshawhomes@gmail.com www.shawhomes.ca

◄ Foxwoods subdivision, Kinlock Road in Stratford




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A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP By Kristen Johnson Photos Sara Bakker

Islanders are buying more and more of their goods from local sellers and producers. You buy locally roasted coffee and books from independent bookstores, but what about a mattress? Sleep Concept owner Makan Rakhshan explains how his store is different from the big box stores. “As a locally owned and operated business, we have many benefits for Islanders.” he says. “We have almost everything in stock and deliver within a day or two.” In addition, they offer competitive pricing and a wide range of mattresses available in the store to try. “We carry a full range of mattresses, from high-end super luxury brands to budget choices, as well as electric adjustable bases,” says Rakhshan. Sleep Concept carries several Canadian-made brands, and they are the most popular choices among Islanders. In addition, they carry brands that are delivered in a box. “A mattress that gets delivered in a box is the best solution for customers who may have difficulty getting their new mattress in their room,” he says. Mattresses purchased from Sleep Concept come with free delivery Island-wide as well as free mattress removal. They also offer several payment plan options. “As a local 64

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

business, we try to understand the customer’s needs,” says Rakhshan. “We want to make it easy for you to shop with us.” A few services have helped to make it easier for Sleep Concept as well. Rural Action Centre has provided assistance, as well as PEI Connectors and the Eastern Chamber of Commerce. “I had been in the mattress and furniture business for 14 years before moving to Canada,” says Rakhshan. “They have all helped me set up my new business in Montague.” In additions to mattresses, Sleep Concept also has a very large selection of pillows. “We do offer a high-quality pillow collection for a very reasonable price,” he says. They also carry mattress toppers and weighted blankets. Next time you are in the market for a mattress, think outside of the big box stores and stop into a locally owned business. You will not be disappointed in the wide selection and superior service.

Sleep Concept 518 Main Street, Montague 902-838-2718 www.sleepconcept.ca





GOLDEN FOX HOME DECOR’S HOLIDAY CHARM By Rebecca Spinner Photos Sara Bakker

▲ Janet Qian

The most endearing thing about Golden Fox Home Decor is how perfectly it suits PEI and its residents. Since opening the boutique in Confederation Court Mall in 2019, owner Janet Qian has created a decor shop that reflects Islanders’ interests, needs and requests. 66

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020


e’re always doing our best to forge friendly relationships with our customers and community,” Qian says. “Every time we see a repeat customer at Golden Fox, we feel our efforts are rewarded.” Qian keeps an eye on local tastes and hobbies; during summer 2020, for example, she noticed that customers were discovering succulent gardening. “I think the lockdown time actually gave people a good opportunity to retreat... to pick up a hobby, such as growing succulents.” Golden Fox’s small ceramic planters provide local succulent gardeners with numerous options. Some are understated; others come in playful woodsy shapes like foxes and owls. “We’re trying to bring in a great variety of planters, so--whether it’s for a bookshelf, or your indoor garden-there’s always one type that fits.” Qian is happy to teach customers how to assess a potential planter. “Choose planters that are breathable; ceramic or clay pots with drainage holes are suitable choices.” Much of Golden Fox’s selection is seasonal. In early autumn, the boutique carried Thanksgiving and Halloween decor; throughout late autumn and early winter, the updated selection will include holiday candleholders, fairy lights, tree skirts, wreaths, and “pre-lit” Christmas trees. “Who doesn’t like the warm, cozy feeling of a holiday mood?” Qian laughs.

Golden Fox’s most versatile item is probably their removable pillow covers. At the moment, numerous Christmas designs are available, such as plaid patterns, snowmen, and winter landscapes. After the holidays, however, pillow covers can be updated based on homeowners’ interests or a home’s atmosphere. “We have a great collection of cushion covers here in the store, be it for Christmas, Saint Patrick’s Day, or summer nautical flavour,” confirms Qian. “They help people change their seasonal decor easily, without spending a lot of money.” PEI Living recommends exploring Golden Fox’s social media accounts while holiday shopping; the boutique frequently showcases cards, jewellery, tote bags, and similar potential gifts on Facebook and Instagram. Holiday gifts can be purchased as safely as possible from Golden Fox; Qian confirms that the boutique provides both delivery and “touch-free” pickup. While Golden Fox’s selection is varied, its whimsical tastes are consistently appealing. The holidays are an especially rewarding time to visit this lighthearted local boutique.

Golden Fox Home Decor Inc. Confederation Court Mall, Charlottetown 902.314.0962

BALLOON BOUQUETS Despite 2020’s impact on celebrations like birthday parties and graduations, Golden Fox Home Decor owner Janet Qian says the boutique’s signature balloon offerings remain popular. “Our tailor-made balloon garlands, bouquets and birthday kits were well-received during the lockdown,” she notes. “People wanted to put something cheerful up. When friends or family members can’t make the trip to join [an event], people want to shoot a nice video with a colourful, fun background and share it with them online.” Golden Fox’s custom balloon orders may include foil and/or latex balloons in wide-ranging colours and shapes (such as dinosaurs, mermaids, pets, unicorns, and vehicles) and even luminous LED-light balloons.




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Spotlight On Elaine Nguyen: PEI’s First Vietnamese Realtor By Lauren Messervey Listing Photos Rudy Chong Elaine’s Photo Sara Bakker

When Elaine Nguyen first came to Canada six years ago, she wanted to find a way of meeting new people, while also establishing a career that she loved. “I was used to working a lot,” she says. “I wanted to buy a house and start a business, so I decided to take a real estate course to learn more about the market. When I took the course, I decided I wanted to work with real estate on a more professional basis as a licensed realtor.”


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020


guyen was determined to take the next step on her realtor journey, but finding the right real estate company for her was a learning curve. “Initially, I didn’t know what was best for me,” says Nguyen. However, Nguyen found a home in Royal LePage, and was met with unwavering support from her leadership and administrative team. “They are very supportive and professional - extremely helpful, right from the beginning,” she says. “From there, I started to work on my career path, finding a way of establishing a business in PEI.” What started as a passion for the real estate market and finding the perfect home quickly turned into exactly what she was looking for - a fruitful

► MLS® # 202015619 62 England Circle, Charlottetown 5 bedrooms | 4 baths ► 14 Smallwood Crescent, Brighton 4 bedrooms | 2 baths

◄ MLS® # 202018125 1 Strathmore Lane, Charlottetown 5 bedrooms | 5 baths

► MLS® # 202021825 240 North River Road, Charlottetown 5 bedrooms | 3 baths

career. Nguyen started small with her first transaction - a lot that sold for approximately $60,000. Now, five years later, she’s selling homes and businesses valued at over $2 million, many of them newly renovated, stateof-the-art properties. “Conducting a real transaction is very different from what you learn at school,” she says. “There’s so much involved, and it’s great to see your clients’ faces when you sell them their first home. It is both exciting and fulfilling at the same time.” Nguyen’s latest listings are indicative of the “something for everyone” type of variety that she likes to bring to her clients. One of the homes, which is only a year old, was built by the owner himself and features high end materials and all-new appliances, all of which have never been used. Her other listings all feature spacious properties, three to four bedrooms, and prime locations - all accessible to Islanders who want a taste of both city and country life.

The growth in her career is not even the most exciting aspect of Nguyen’s work as a realtor. In 2015, Nguyen was the first and only Vietnamese person in the real estate licensing course, making her a trailblazer for PEI’s real estate industry. Although diversity is becoming increasingly common in all industries province-wide, Nguyen says that it is a point of pride being able to carve a path for other Vietnamese realtors in the province. This was an incredible step, not just for Nguyen, but for PEI real estate overall. “Being the first Vietnamese woman to be a realtor in PEI is big,” says Nguyen. “The industry has come a long way since I started, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing where it will go in the future. For me, finding the right home is so important, and I hope that I can do the same for many more people here.”

Elaine Nguyen Royal LePage Prince Edward Realty 177 St. Peters Road, Charlottetown 902.314.7356 dreamhome.pei@gmail.com www.royallepage.ca

To find out more information about Elaine Nguyen and her available properties, view her listings or check out her profile at Royal LePage today. WINTER 2020



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Holiday Arrangements …by You! Janet and Alan Preston of Hearts and Flowers love taking walks in nature. “Though we don’t always look for flowers, foliage, and branches, we always see potential,” says Alan. “We let nature settle on us as we smell the fragrance of moss in the forest, feel the fresh dew on the grass in a meadow and see the wind bend the grasses by the shore.” They have taken inspiration from each of these natural environments and have shared ideas for these three beautiful winter arrangements.

By Kristen Johnson Photos Story Sheidow

▲ Mary Langille, floral designer 70

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

BY THE SHORE the clean moist fragrance. That is heaven.” He suggests taking some of the moss home for the base of an arrangement. “Cover a baking dish, add lines of pinecones, rose hips, Christmas ornament balls, fir, pine, cedar, holly berries and cranberries,” he says. “You really can’t do it wrong!”

Head out to your favourite local beach spot and start looking around. “By the shore, you can often find bayberry that stays fresh in water until Christmas,” says Alan. “Grey berries add a rustic texture to wreaths and arrangements.” If the winter frost is delayed, he suggests looking for beach peas to use as a trailing vine and dusty miller for Christmas displays. In addition to the flora, Alan suggests scouting for driftwood pieces. “Used with clam, mussel, moon snail and oyster shells, these greens can really accent the character of the driftwood,” he says.

Alan also suggests looking at a magazine and copying what you like. Your skill will surprise you. Always remember to ask before walking on someone’s land and never cut flowers, branches or greenery without asking permission.

IN THE MEADOW Keep your eyes open for greenery on this walk. “In the meadow, or on the way to the meadow clip some balsam fir and pine,” suggests Alan. “You may also find hemlock, cedar, more bayberry and rose hips. These are all you need to make your own centrepiece.” When you get home, add a couple of candles, your favourite ornaments and a few pinecones. You can also pick Queen Anne’s lace that has gone to seed and add it for a rough texture. These can also be sprayed gold. “A few years ago, we discovered a different shrub in the ditches near Wood Islands called autumn olive (elaeagnus umbellata),” says Alan. “It is a silver leaf shrub with pink and burgundy clusters of tiny berries. It makes a wonderful accent for summer and autumn designs. It is an invasive species in much of Ontario and New England, but seems to be limited to a small area on the Murray Road in Wood Islands.” IN THE FOREST The forest is a natural place to find lovely holiday décor. “When you enter the forest you really should find a plot of moss and sit”, says Alan. “Just sit or lie down or roll around and smell

▲ Alan Preston

▲ Alan and Janet Preston

Hearts and Flowers 149 Great George Street, Charlottetown 902 566 1499 flowers@heartsandflowers.ca www.heartsandflowers.ca




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Get to Know the Kris Fournier Team – Let Us Guide You Home! Kris Fournier, along with his team, which includes his daughter, Catherine Fournier, who’s also a realtor, and their full-time client care manager Shannon Munn, works on various residential and commercial projects for their clients. By Brianne Hogan Photos Evan Ceretti


hen working with me you get the power of a team. We walk our clients through the entire process of buying or selling a property,” says Fournier. “No question is ever too big or too small. We offer our clients our knowledge of the real estate market combined with honesty and integrity. We pride ourselves on staying up to date on technology and industry standards, negotiation and communication skills.” While their team is small, it’s mighty. “No matter where, how big or small, or what type of real estate, we look forward to helping you make your next move. Your success is our success,” says Kris. What they love about their roles

their dreams.” The workday always begins with checking voicemails, sending texts, checking his book for appointments and deadlines. Kris’s priority each day is his clients. He is in contact with his clients through phone, text, email and face-to-face meetings. “A lot of the workday is spent in the car, on the road, going from place to place,” says Kris. Catherine In a short time, Catherine has consistently seen that people are people no matter where you go. “I love the sense of achievement that comes from helping people make one of the most important decisions of their lives.” Catherine considers it to be an honour and a privilege to be able to work with so many people at different stages in their lives.

Kris Shannon “I enjoy working with first time homebuyers and the excitement they have in finding the home of 72

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

Shannon manages the social media, marketing, and website management, as well as handles the daily office

needs from listing to closings and more. “I enjoy engaging with our clients and ensuring all of their real estate needs are met. I love the everyday hustle. It’s always exciting, ever changing and no two deals are alike.” What makes them such a great team “Our attention to detail doesn’t go unnoticed,” says Catherine. “We pride ourselves on always answering inquiries in a timely manner. Clients appreciate the instant gratification and word of mouth goes a long way in this business.” “We work well together, playing off each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes we can even finish each other’s sentences. We all are very good communicators and that is key to keeping things running smoothly,” says Shannon. “We are working hard to survive these COVID times. Although things might be handled a little differently it’s still business as usual. We were also recently recognized by RE/MAX as one of the Top 50 Small

“No matter where, how big or small, or what type of real estate, we look forward to helping you make your next move. Your success is our success.” - Kris Fournier

▲ (L-R) Shannon Munn, Catherine Fournier, Kris Fournier Teams in Residential sales in Canada.” Adds Kris: “What we offer uniquely to clients is simple: we work hard for them,” says Kris. “We try to always go above and beyond to help them with whatever they need to get the deal done. It doesn’t matter the square footage, we treat every client and deal with the same level of service. It may not be our biggest deal, but it might be the biggest one of their lives.”

RE/MAX Charlottetown Realty 268 Grafton Street, Charlottetown 902.629.4889 kris@krisfournier.com www.weknowpei.com ▲ (L-R) Catherine Fournier, Kris Fournier




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STITCHED WITH LOVE, FROM HER HOME TO YOURS Valerie Nicholson works textile miracles for her V.E.N. Design clients

By Heather Laura Clarke Photos Evan Ceretti

Armed with a sewing machine and a pair of good scissors, Valerie Nicholson can do just about anything. She was just 12 years old when she started sewing, but it remained nothing more than a hobby as she grew up and began a career in nursing and healthcare management. It was only when she neared retirement that she realized the casual sewing she was doing for family, friends, and neighbours was quickly becoming a busy side hustle. By 2011, she had officially launched V.E.N Design Interiors and built a solid business through word of mouth 74

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

advertising across the Island. A Facebook page and website helped share her services with even more potential clients looking for custom draperies, valances, Roman shades, bedding, upholstery, or interior design. Shopping for ready-made draperies can be frustrating, so Nicholson’s clients love being able to choose the exact fabric, texture, backing, length, and width that will work for their windows. The results are spectacular. “I was installing draperies for a client yesterday and she said ‘Oh, I want to hug you! I just love them!’” says Nicholson. If it’s made of fabric, chances are that Nicholson has made it or altered it, from patio cushions for patio furniture to remaking entire bedrooms with custom duvets, shams, bedskirts, draperies, and upholstered headboards. While it’s a labour of love to reupholster furniture — especially when it’s damaged and needs to be stripped right down to the raw wood — Nicholson says there’s nothing more satisfying than keeping a vintage piece out of the landfill and breathing new life into it.

When she isn’t working on interior design projects, Nicholson also does alterations so people can look and feel their best at life’s important events, like graduations and weddings. Her sewing talents mean she’s able to take on virtually anything her clients can think of, like “taking in” a pair of too-wide leather boots. “I love the variety of projects because it keeps things interesting,” says Nicholson. “It’s not just the same things over and over. Whatever someone is looking for, I’ll see what I can do.” The studio in her New Glasgow, PEI home has expanded to three full rooms, including a showroom where she can sit down and chat with clients while they browse different samples during their free consultation. She has access to fabric and hardware from top designers like Casper Hill, Robert Allen Design, Four Seasons, George N. Jackson, Alendel, Charlotte, and Unique, so it’s fun to pore over their options and find just the right selections. “Our homes have never been more important, as places of comfort, safety and peace,” says Nicholson. “So I love

meeting with people and working with them to make their vision for their home into a reality.” Wanda Weiner called up V.E.N. Design Interiors when she was looking for custom Roman shades, and she loved Nicholson’s work so much that she’s had her back many times to create pieces for her Charlottetown home. “You get exactly what you want, tailored to perfection,” says Weiner. “Her work is impeccable — not just something off an assembly line.” Weiner once provided Nicholson with a piece of fabric and asked if she could use it to make a headboard for her granddaughter, and says Nicholson “worked a miracle” — creating a pleated, tucked, perfectly-stitched, one-of-a-kind headboard. “Valerie is an artist in what she does. She can create anything,” says Weiner. “She’s like magic.”

V.E.N. Design Interiors vendesign@eastlink.ca 902.963.2625 Cell: 902.218.0405




GOING WITH THE GRAIN By Kristen Johnson Photos Evan Ceretti

McAskill Woodworking has been in business for over seventy years. During that time, the business has changed, but the commitment to quality has stayed the same.


father started the business in 1947,” says owner Joe McAskill. “At that time, he was mainly making windows, doors and church furniture for the post war baby boom of the 50s and 60s.” They had a furniture repair and finishing side during this time as well. “When I joined the business in 1978, we decided to expand the furniture building,” says McAskill. “One constant in our business has been our commitment to quality. Most of our staff has been here for 30 to 42 years.”

Beautiful bed with tufted headboard and matching bench commissioned for local homeowner (Photo Susan Snow)

McAskill has been asked to create many memorable pieces over the years, but a favourite was a fairly recent build. “In 2015 Parks Canada, in collaboration ▲ Unique handcrafted bench


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

▲ Pottery jug

“In 2015 Parks Canada in collaboration with The Confederation of the Arts, commissioned our shop to recreate the furniture from Province House’s 1864 Confederation Chamber.” - Joe McAskill

with The Confederation Centre of the Arts, commissioned our shop to recreate the furniture from Province House’s 1864 Confederation Chamber,” says McAskill. “Province House was closed for extensive renovations and Parks Canada wanted the Island visitors to be able to experience the historical room. We reproduced the meeting table, twenty-six chairs, two settees, one armchair and the speakers’ chair.” They measured the original pieces and ordered the correct mahogany wood for the reproductions. After carefully building and carving the furniture, the pieces were set up for public viewing. McAskill explains, “One of the nice things about the display is that people can sit on the furniture and get pictures, something not allowed with the actual pieces.” Not all of their work is so glamorous. They are well known locally for repairing and finishing all types of furniture. “On the service side of the business we replace broken parts, reglue and modify tables and beds to suit clients’ needs,” he says. “Our furniture finishing department can refinish all types of furniture old and new. We do kitchen finishing, painting, and refacing to allow clients to update their kitchen and bath cabinets.” They also do commercial work for hotels and offices by refinishing furniture on location.

So much furniture comes from big box stores these days, but McAskill is able to offer something completely unique. “People want their furniture to express their taste and personality. You cannot always buy that off the rack,” says McAskill. “That is when we come in. We can start with a client or designer’s ideas and make exactly what they envision. They get to choose the wood, colours, upholstery, and the exact size to meet their room’s and personal, needs.”

▲ Wooden pens - learn to make one for yourself

In addition to beautiful furniture, the folks at McAskill have a studio gift shop where they sell wood crafts as well as products made by over fifty different artisans. They also make beautiful wooden pens and invite you to learn to make your own. “We offer a woodworking experience that lets individuals or groups learn how to use the lathe and design and craft your very own pen,” he says.

McAskill Woodworking 26 Beasley Ave., Charlottetown 902.566.3416 www.mcaskillwoodworking.com




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TAKING REAL ESTATE TO THE NEXT LEVEL By Story Sheidow Photos Sara Bakker 78

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

When choosing a realtor to help you find your dream home or sell your current one, you don’t hire just anyone; it’s the skills and assets that set them apart from the others that help to determine your choice.

clients, addressing even the simplest questions or concerns so they can be comfortable and well-informed while buying or selling their properties, and that really goes a long way with any realtor’s reputation.

Thamara Paparoni offers a variety of unique qualities that appeal to both buyers and sellers here on the Island. As a property investor herself, Paparoni knows what to look for, and how to get the most value out of an investment.

Much of Paparoni’s focus is within the high-demand areas of Charlottetown and Stratford. With many people searching for housing in those key locations, Paparoni knows what it takes to match buyers with the perfect real estate before it’s snatched up off the market.

Along with her husband Steven, Paparoni spent over a decade buying and renovating properties prior to her entrance into real estate in 2015. “I have been investing in homes for a number of years; bought and sold, renovated and rented out. I love the business, and love the negotiation side of it,” she says. Some agents consider real estate a job, but for her, it’s a lifestyle. And Paparoni’s passion expands far beyond the business side of things. Her kind and caring attitude and attention to detail make her clients feel at ease and remain confident during the entire process; Paparoni truly loves helping people with the endeavour, one that can often be overwhelming and intimidating for first-time buyers and sellers. “I know what it takes to make major life changes, and I understand the concerns, emotions and uncertainties that come with buying and selling homes,” says Paparoni. Often described as “knowledgeable,” “enthusiastic,” and “trustworthy,” Paparoni always makes time for her

And if your focus is selling a property, her large network of buyers gives her the upper hand when making a match, and she goes the extra mile to make each viewing a memorable one. Realizing how important it is to make a good first impression, Paparoni stages each property with up-todate furnishings and interior design touches that perfectly complement the space and bring out its unique selling features. She also captures the listing with professional photos and video, giving sellers a huge advantage in the market. Presentation is key when selling a home, and it’s a balancing act she executes flawlessly. No detail is overlooked. Thamara Paparoni has proven to be a key player in the real estate market on the Island today, and continues to deliver expertise and results– all with a reassuring smile. Thamara’s clients speak highly of her passion for the business, her knowledge of the market and her ability to make the process enjoyable.

“We had just moved to PEI from Ontario when we found Thamara to help us find our dream home. We instantly had a connection, as Thamara had also lived in our home city – London! That connection was priceless, because she was able to guide us to what to expect with the PEI realty market. Thamara was really flexible and was available for our home tours, etc., and this added a lot of clarity to the decision-making process. I would definitely recommend Thamara, especially to anyone looking to buy a home on PEI… from ‘away!’ Thank you, Thamara!“ -Joe and Darcy “From [our] first meeting with her, we knew that we were in good hands and that she really cared about our needs and wants for our future… I have worked with realtors in all of the Atlantic provinces. What made Thamara different and what I believe sets her apart was her humanness. No matter how minuscule our questions were, she always had time for us, we never felt like we were a bother and she always made us feel important. She made us feel like more of a friend then a client, someone we could really trust. She helped us find a number of potential options, and in the end, we found the right property. …When we decided to sell our home in 2019, there was no decision, there was no other realtor. If you want someone who will be there for you, look at you as more than just the client, Thamara is that realtor.” -William Harper and Stiana Qiu

Thamara Paparoni - Provincial Realty | 18 Great George Street, Charlottetown 902.316.1623 | thamara.paparoni@provincialrealty.ca | www.thamarapaparoni.com





DIY PROJECTS with spray paint Words & Photos by Susan Snow

I love that there are so many things you can easily repurpose and recreate using nothing more than an inexpensive can of black spray paint. Some examples of quick and easy painting projects: doorknobs, hinges, heating grates, cabinet knobs and pulls, house numbers, mailboxes, lamp bases, light fixtures, mirror frames, fireplace surrounds, candlesticks, wicker baskets, shelf hooks and/or brackets. Furniture pieces like wooden bar stools or chrome stool bases, dressers, and tables can get a new lease on life with a fresh coat of paint. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. A can of spray paint is a steal at only about twelve dollars. I prefer to buy the quick dry versions that have a built-in primer, cutting down on the time it takes to complete a project. I also find that matte black is best for most jobs as it hides most imperfections. Wear old clothing, and wash and fully dry anything you plan to paint for the best finish. Spray in a well-ventilated room away from any sparks or flame using a protective mask. Outside is best on a windless day. Protect any surfaces you are spraying over with newspaper or tarps, as the small particles of overspray travel. Spray in light, even coats approximately 12� away to prevent drips. 80

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020


Transform glass vases into stunning “new” accessories to create chic eyecatching tabletop vignettes in your home. In less than an hour, I gave these outdated vases a new lease on life. So, the next time you are thrifting, even if it’s in your house, be on the lookout for interesting shaped vases that you can magically revamp.


Go for a bold feature in your home with a plate wall made with re-loved plates. I bought eighteen old plates of various sizes and shapes for about two dollars each at a local thrift store. Once painted black and hung in an asymmetrical pattern, they add a “wow factor” to an otherwise boring hallway. I made the hangers using paperclips glued onto the back of each plate with epoxy glue. If black isn’t your thing, consider using any colour that complements your home’s décor. Voila, instant art! WINTER 2020






his issue’s style section has a very distinct inspiration: Parisian fashion. I’ll be completely honest and tell you it’s in part because I frivolously binged Emily in Paris in one afternoon, but also because it’s 100 per cent what’s happening right now. Paris’s “laissez faire” attitude is seen in a relaxed style of pretty ensembles. It’s precisely what we need in our lives right now. That combination of comfort and style is truly captured in each of this month’s fall looks. For those of you pining for a chic trip to Paris, I’ve brought a little Paris to you. We’re feeling extremely fortunate to be living so freely right now. It’s time to take advantage of that, and enjoy the little things. Wear the pretty dress. Add a new jacket to your repertoire. Try a fun accessory. Our local shops

are hitting it right on the mark this season. I often know my direction for the issue before I’ve chosen the looks. I’ve already got the style section partly written prior to venturing out to fill in the blanks. This season was the most seamless issue I’ve had to date. From the bishops sleeves to the flocked sheers fabrics, I quickly gathered everything I had on my list. Phew! In this issue’s interview about my role with the magazine I was reminded how my work as a stylist, as well as our readers’ feedback, propels each upcoming issue. It truly does. My hope this issue is that you’ll be inspired to create your own ode to French fashion, be it in the simplest of ways. Shop our local boutiques and I’m sure you’ll agree this is one of the loveliest seasons to be getting dressed in.

Read PEI Living Magazine online: www.issuu.com/peilivingmagazine


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

Kimberly Rashed kimberly.peiliving@gmail.com (Photo: Alaina Rashed, Wardrobe: kc clothing)

“The joy of dressing is an art.” - John Galliano



Brighten up your colour palette for an instant mood booster. You’ll find this rich floral tone in everything from head to toe. Fall tends to lean toward natural neutral tones that can be a bit of a snore, but this perfect pop of marigold is what you need to shake your look up.

More is more. Tiers of ruffles and tie neck blouses are making tops the statement piece you need in your closet this season. Quick tip: always pair over-the-top pieces with a dialed-down classic that trims your silhouette.

SLIPPERY WHEN WET Who doesn’t love a great metallic piece heading into the holiday season? This time around, we are focusing on lamés and sequins for that slick metallic wet look.




The virtual runway roundup is in, and here’s a rundown of what all the cool kids will be wearing as the weather gets cold. We’ve narrowed down the top six ultra fun pieces you’ll want to be on the lookout for.

Pump up the volume, but keep fabrics light. Delicate sheers in exaggerated volumes create drama while holding your silhouette. Sheer fabrics like lace, flocked velvet and pleated organza add that little bit of drama to any look.

We’re bringing the drama this season and making zero apologies.

- Kimberly Rashed, Style Editor



Statement sleeves are still on the radar this season. You’ll see a fab addition, bishop sleeves, which are such a fun look in sweaters, blouses and dresses. We love how they’re taking this year’s sweater season from comfort to fashionista status.

Leather is always a staple on the trend list, but this season we’re screaming for some colour. We’ve taken the safe path of basic black for long enough. Time to mix it up. We already saw a hint of this coming last spring, so it’s safe to say we can all jump on board now.






“Where did you get that?” At Luna Eclectic Emporium, the pieces you find are bound to spark a conversation. Offering a variety of clothing, accessories, home décor, stationery, footwear and more, Luna’s collection is anything but ordinary. “I spend a lot of energy hand-picking and searching for items to bring to Luna that are unique, and that people will enjoy,” says owner Jennifer Ridgway.


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020


nstead of providing niche products for a particular market segment, Luna accommodates all customers by having a wide range of products that are compelling for both people who live here and people who visit the Island. At Luna, their style is broad and comes from a variety of sources, some of which are new brands to PEI. One thing is clear; the Emporium is inclusive and there is surely something for all. To keep their selection fresh and interesting, Luna has a rapid rotation of new inventory, making it an enjoyable shopping experience. “I always have my eye out for cool things that are out of the ordinary,” she says. “Luna is never the same store season over season, or even visit over visit!” Part of Luna’s approach is mindfully listening and paying attention to the needs and interests of their customers. Jennifer describes it as a puzzle, where the team is continuously evaluating what will work well in PEI, and what makes sense to source for the boutique. “We want to meet the needs of a lot of different people, and to do that well, we need to hear from our customers, whether it be in person in our store or on social media. We want to make sure people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, because their perspectives are important to us.”

with amazing accessories to complete an outfit, such as Pixie Mood bags, jewellery, hats and scarves. “At Luna, we love browsers and we are always ready to help you find the perfect gift for yourself or everyone on your list,” she says. While the volume of in-person traffic posed a bit of a challenge as a result of the pandemic, there has been positive community support for Luna in this “not-so-normal” year, and they remain optimistic as they look towards the future. “There is an amazing amount of really forward-thinking, interesting businesses in downtown Charlottetown, that are working so hard to provide a memorable experience,” she says. “To be a part of that supportive community of businesses is very special. Our downtown is amazing!” Don’t forget, Luna is also open late on Friday evenings and on Sundays.

When it comes to buying gifts this holiday season at Luna, there are options for all ages, sizes and interests, and all within a reasonable price range. From funky plant pots, to boiled-wool Glerups slippers, clever greeting cards and progressive kid’s toys, Luna offers quality goods for individuals with assorted styles and tastes. There are also new clothing arrivals from Habitat, RD Style, Papillon and Angela Mara that blend comfort and style, with a great fit for real-sized women. And, their fall lineup includes new footwear styles from Fly London, Mjus and Relife vegan footwear, along

Luna Eclectic Emporium 111A Grafton Street (Confederation Court Mall) Charlottetown 902.892.5862 WINTER 2020



For Moments Like No Other By Susan Snow Photos Forevermark, Susan Snow


ortons Jewellers is your locally owned and operated jewellery store where receiving that little blue box represents the highest level of quality, integrity and trust.”

Over the past 46 years Nortons have made it their passion to provide Islanders with a vast array of hand selected pieces of fine jewellery to suit every special occasion in the lives of their customers. Step inside the store and you will find the most beautiful and largest selection of diamonds, coloured stones, fine jewellery, sterling silver and timepieces on Prince Edward Island. It is the store where dreams have come true. Peter Norton, his son Craig and their knowledgeable professional sales staff are always there to help you select the perfect piece of jewellery for your special occasion. Shopping with confidence at the boutique is just one of the reasons Nortons has a loyal customer following and the reputation as the jewellers who deliver exceptional products and expert advice. Over the years Nortons has developed long lasting relationships with their clients and continue to develop new ones. From engagements, weddings and anniversaries to graduations, 86

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

holidays and birthdays, a self-gift or a job promotion, there is something special waiting for you at Nortons. Whether it’s a diamond you are after, a birthstone or a timepiece, Nortons carries celebrated brands including Forevermark, Canada Rocks, Noam Carver, Simon G., Swarovski, Pandora, Citizen, Fossil, Tissot and Elle Jewelery to name a few. Along with their fine selection of jewellery, Nortons offers in house services including watch repairs, battery replacements and jewellery repairs. And if your wish is for something custom, they can sit down with you to design, craft and create your one of a kind dream piece.

Forevermark x Micaela Bridal collection Less than 1% of the worlds natural diamonds are eligible to become a Forevermark diamond. Invisible to the naked eye this inscription includes the Forevermark icon and the diamonds own unique number.

Norton’s specialty has always been their exquisite and comprehensive selection of diamonds, which they carry in stock or can easily source. They offer natural diamonds in every size, shape and colour. Norton’s knowledge, standards and passion for diamonds remains unrivaled on PEI.


“When people think of diamonds, they need to remember that diamonds were formed deep in our earth millions and millions of years ago, making each and every diamond one of nature’s greatest gifts. When you wear a diamond, you are not only carrying a piece of your journey on earth, but a piece of earth’s long history that is special and unique to you.” said Norton “We are especially proud to carry the Forevermark brand of diamonds, which includes the Forevermark Black Label Collection featuring the most brilliant cuts of diamonds in the world. Forevermark is a diamond brand from De Beers Group, which has a long history of diamond expertise spanning back 130 years. A perfect expression of love and integrity; a diamond you can be proud to give, own and wear.” Every Forevermark diamond is given an inscription with a threefold “promise” that the diamond is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. Worldwide, the Forever brand is known not only for its stunning diamonds but its sourcing, collection and conservation values. Forevermark is committed to preserving natural habitats and wildlife, supporting local economies

and providing communities with work initiatives in all the areas where they mine diamonds.

▲(L-R) Tracey, Laura Lee, Janis, MacKenzie, Rufei (back) Peter, Craig

A Forevermark Grading Report produced by expert gemologists comes with your purchase of a Forevermark diamond from Nortons. Your Forevermark diamond can be registered at Forevermark.com to store your unique identification number and diamond details, providing reassurance that your diamond is uniquely yours.

Nortons Jewellers Ltd. 160 Queen Street, Charlottetown 902.894.3922 www.nortonsjewellers.com





NEW TO YOU There is so much to be excited about at eco.spirit this season! There are some very special vintage pieces being showcased, a new interactive blog, “The Movement” and a call for new and emerging collaborators. By Kristen Johnson Photos Evan Ceretti


any people are becoming interested in secondhand shopping for environmental reasons, but really, vintage has always been in. “We are showcasing some handselected, truly vintage pieces. It is a passion both of us share, and it is a form of sustainability and recycling,” say founder Kimberley Milette and Partner Viena Jayde Ålander of the new Naturally Canada Emporium. “It is always nice to be able to do things that you love, that are also helping the environment, even if it is in a small way. Every little step is certainly part of a larger picture,” adds Ålander.

1960s Vintage Paco Rabanne metal bustier 88

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

While all of the vintage pieces are special, there is one shining star of the bunch. Up for auction is an original Paco Rabanne metal bustier with a lamè skirt from the 1960s. “My mother purchased the piece at a

Kathryn Saunders is a Charlottetown, PEI based artist who is blessed in what she does. She has been commissioned on many occasions and has appeared on the cover of The Buzz and been talked about on Rogers, along with appearances in local newspapers. Not having done any artwork since she was nine or 10 years of age, and after having a profound dream back in 2001, Kathryn was encouraged to do her art again. With no training but raw talent, she began. She is very passionate about capturing the spirit of loved ones, whether that be people, pets, landscapes or architecture. Using acrylics, coloured pencils and graphite pencils as her medium she will capture the essence of all her subjects with love. Saunders can be reached at herart@gmail.com or 902 314 7309

renowned boutique in Montreal,” says Milette.“This dress drew quite a stir at the time and was written up in the style section of The Montreal Star.” In addition to the lovely vintage items, the website also houses their entire inventory of sustainable clothing. To help people find the perfect fit while shopping from the comfort and safety of their homes, the team at eco.spirit. emporium is committed to assisting buyers any way they can. “As always, we will continue to provide our customers with sizing charts as they become available to us, but we are always happy to help one-on-one if anyone has any concerns with size or fit, because we want everyone to fall in love with their sustainable pieces, so they stay sustainable,” says Ålander. “Our planet is our primary concern, and that’s just what it will always boil down to.” In addition to providing all of their unique products online, eco.spirit is working on creating a community collaboration page called “The Movement.” Ålander says, “The Movement is a brand new addition to Naturally Canada. Our ultimate goal is to create a completely interactive, sustainable realm where like-minded folks can come to share ideas, seek out ideas or advice on sustainability, or simply socialize.” People can post about what they are doing to help the planet, and offer advice to others that may be looking for earth-friendly projects. “We really want to inspire

people to be earth healthy, because we really are in this together, and everyone and every action counts,” she says. eco.spirit is also looking for new collaborators. “We are seeking out new sustainable designers, fresh out of school or fresh out of their garage,” says Ålander. “We are certainly going to be acquiring more established brands in the very near future, but are over-the-top excited with curiosity and interest for brand new designers that are interested in sustainability, because these are the people with their hearts in the right place.” If you are looking for sustainable clothing, a place to collaborate about earth-friendly living, or just starting out as a sustainable clothing designer, head to the eco.spirit online emporium at naturallycanada.com to connect. ► Above Right: David Francis, founder of Hurd Solutions and Collaborator of naturallycanada. Right: (L-R) John Dart of The Hunters Horn, Antiques and Art (located at eco.spirit) Lin Enger, George Palmer of eco.spirit

eco.spirit.emporium Confederation Court Mall 134 Kent Street, Charlottetown 902.790.6323 www.naturallycanada.com





Fall in love with rich hues, and exaggerated silhouettes and step out into the wonderment that nature has created this season. Stealing Mother Nature’s paintbrush and a Parisian way of dressing for the absolute prettiest combination of style you ever did see. “She dreams in perfect French.” ~author unknown

Fall It’s

all about the

Model: Amy Halman Wardrobe: Luxury Market



www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

Wardrobe :kc Clothing Model: Stephanie Andrews WINTER 2020




Wardrobe: Dress, Luxury Market Hat, JEMS Boutique Model: Amy Halman


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

Wardrobe: JEMS Boutique, Model: Amy Halman WINTER 2020




Wardrobe: KC Clothing, Handbag: Dows Model: Stephanie Andrews

Wardrobe: Dress, kc Clothing, Handbag, Luxury Market. Model: Amy Halman WINTER 2020




Wardrobe: Dress, Isla Boutique Boots, Luxury Market. Model: Stephanie Andrews 96

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

Wardrobe: Sweater & Jeans, Isla Boutique Model: Amy Halman WINTER 2020




THE ISLAND’S FASHION DESTINATION By Clara Deacon Photos Evan Ceretti Model Alanna Jankov, CEO The Guild, Charlottetown City Councillor Makeup Merle Norman Cosmetics

If you’re looking for a new style for your next event, or the perfect accessory to complete an outfit, look no further than Chameleon’s Hanger.

Operating in downtown Charlottetown for close to 40 years, Chameleon’s Hanger is an independent boutique that offers fashionable clothing for women of all sizes. Their selections are available at reasonable prices and showcased to customers in a casual and welcoming environment. Owner Debra Wellner began her entrepreneurial journey by opening a franchise of Merle Norman Cosmetics, based out of Los Angeles, and later went on to expand the business to include clothing and accessories.

years, and for that I am very thankful.” Debra recalls that in learning the fundamentals of business, and out of the “5 Ps” (product, price, place, promotion and people), the “people” component is one of the most important.

“I always knew I wanted to create my own job,” she says. “I enjoy being a small business owner and coming to know all of the customers over the years.”

Chameleon’s Hanger offers a versatile range of clothing and accessories. Top brands available include Tribal, FDJ, Softworks, Soyaconcept and many more. Merle Norman Cosmetics includes premium skincare and makeup products that are exceptional in terms of quality and are also well-priced.

The passion for the work extends to the team at Chameleon’s Hanger. Some of the dedicated staff have been working at the store with Debra long-term, in some cases over 25 years. “We have a lot of fun and enjoy what we do. I know that our team has been instrumental to my success over the


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

“From my experience, the people element is so critical. That means having a great team working in the store, along with returning and satisfied customers – which is something I am happy to say that we have.”

“Whether you’re looking for guidance on what cosmetics to purchase from Merle Norman, or advice on which earrings should go with which dress, our sales associates are available, knowledgeable and willing to help.” For aspiring entrepreneurs, young and old, Debra also offers some kind words of wisdom.

“Retail can be an excellent career choice and be very rewarding. The market is always there for someone with a good idea and a passion, who is willing to put in some hard work.” While this past year has been challenging for many businesses, Debra is appreciative of their loyal clientele. “We plan to forge ahead and continue doing business as we’ve always done in beautiful downtown Charlottetown. And you can rest assured that we will be having some fun along the way.”

▲ Top: red leather jacket, FDJ Jeanswear. ▲ Above: (L-R) Debra Wellner, owner (Chameleon’s Hanger) Alanna Jankov CEO(The Guild), Charlottetown City Councillor

Chameleon's Hanger & Merle Norman Cosmetics 134 Kent Street, Charlottetown 902.566.1063 www.chameleonshanger.com www.merlenorman.com

▲ Top: Coat by Tribal, Sweater Soyaconcept, jeans Charlie B ▲Above: Vest by Soyaconcept, sweater by Alison Sheri. ► Above Right: Merle Norman Cosmetics.




“My favourite part of the job is when a client truly feels confident in what they are wearing. Confidence is key.� - Kimberly Rashed


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

Style Becomes Her!

By Laura Jean Grant Photos Kimberly Rashed Photography

From playing dress up in her grandmother’s attic to the pages of PEI Living’s style section, fashion has always been a fun and fundamental form of expression for Kimberly Rashed.

“It was an ‘aha’ moment when I found an old sewing machine in a spare bedroom and realized someone had constructed the clothing we were using for dress up. My aunt had literally sewn clothing for all of her siblings. Up until that point, as a child, I thought that clothes just appeared on racks at Kmart,” she recalls. That realization helped inspire a curiosity and a passion for clothing that has lasted a lifetime for Kimberly. She is an image consultant, stylist, photographer, and for the last two years, the style editor at PEI Living magazine. There, she works to make fashion accessible to the magazine’s diverse readership. “I always consider our audience,” she says. “I’m very conscious of who my readers are and what they want to see, what they want to hear, and what they want to know. So even though you may see a high-end fashion magazine talking about the trends off the runways, I live in reality. My goal is to filter through the passing fads and translate the latest fashion into everyday life. As a busy mom who lives and works here, I concentrate on fabulous yet relatable style that caters to who our readers really are. I let the amazing feedback I receive propel the next issue.”

Style Becomes Her | 902.628.7403 |

Kimberly says her approach to each issue changes with the theme, season, and what’s going on across the Island and around the world at the time. Her experiences as a style consultant also help in her work as a style editor. The challenges her clients face are the same ones many people deal with, whether it be finding a perfect pair of jeans, or discovering new ways to style what’s already in their closet. “It’s important to realize we’re not all ‘off the rack.’ That is sometimes the toughest battle to overcome. My favourite part of the job is when a client truly feels confident in what they are wearing. Confidence is key,” she says. “I’m really lucky to have built great relationships with our local boutique shops here, giving me great access to current fashion while supporting the retail community,” adds Kimberly. “This is such a fabulous publication to be involved in, so it’s a winwin for everybody.” A mom of four and a real estate agent on top of the many job hats she wears in the world of fashion, Kimberly wouldn’t have it any other way. “When I took fashion in college, I’m not so sure I had a concrete idea of what I would do with it, career-wise,” she says. “Like many, I had a passion and chose to pursue it and was willing to follow it wherever it led. Of all of the hats I wear these days, this one fits like a glove – a perfect pair of leather gloves, that is.”

stylebecomesher |









I think we’re all going to be glad to see 2020 end and a new year on the horizon. But winter on PEI is going to look a little different this year.

Have a holiday pajama party Celebrate with a few close friends or family and make it a pajama party, complete with festive PJs and your favourite bubbly.

Midnight walk Bundle up and go for a midnight stroll. Ring in the new year surrounded by the silence of a winter night.

Bring back family game night Family game night is a fun way to strengthen family ties and create unforgettable memories. Take turns choosing the game and include everyone. Board games are making a comeback and you can find games for every age or skill level. Check out local shops such as Owls Hollow on Capital Drive. They have a great selection.

Owls Hollow 95 Capital Drive, Charlottetown www.owlshollow.com


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

Get outside The Island has so much to offer for winter activities! Skating, snowshoeing, cross country skiing or simply hiking the many nature trails —make a point to get outside this winter, it’s a great way to stay healthy and build immunity. Check out the Confederation Trail or spend a day at the Breadalbane Nature Trail, and be sure to take your camera as there’s lots to see. Breadalbane Nature Trail Hilltop Road, Breadalbane, PE C0A 1E0

Become a foster

Hit the beaches I just can’t say this enough: PEI beaches are incredible in the winter. Peaceful and strikingly beautiful, the beach is a great place to take a quiet stroll and let your worries simply float away. Be sure to bundle up and wear comfortable, warm footwear.

Visit your local shelter or rescue and volunteer to foster an animal in need. A shelter or rescue can be a scary and stressful place to live and, you never know, you may find your next best friend.

Help a neighbour

This year, it’s more important than ever to help your neighbours. Be available to run errands, clear snow or volunteer to help in any way that’s needed. The pandemic has been especially difficult for seniors or those with special needs. Be kind, it’s the Island way.

Learn something new Knitting



Build something Get yourself some power tools and build something this winter. You can start with something easy, such as a birdhouse and by spring, you’ll be able to build that she-shed you’ve always wanted. Be sure to use safety equipment and learn to use your tools properly.

Awaken your creative side! With so many different options—watercolour, oil, acrylic and more, you’ll find the medium that inspires you. Put on your favourite playlist and create something special or something abstract—it’s art!

Knit a sweater, a cozy pair of socks or a simple scarf. Knitting can be relaxing and when you’re finished, you’ll have a useful item. This is a great hobby to share with your kids and the bonus is you can do it anywhere and at any time.

Whether you want to make something easy like pillows or an entire new wardrobe, it’s a useful skill that has endless advantages. If you’re looking for incredible fabric for home décor pieces check out Material Girl Fabrics on North River Road.





An Oceanfront Mini Farm: Where Relaxation and Adventure Meet By Story Sheidow Photos Sara Bakker

Kim MacLeod is all too familiar with the peace and tranquility of animal companionship. Having grown up on a farm; animals are an integral part of her life.

“My mini farm is a part of who I am, and I want to share the calm, peaceful enjoyment that my animals give to me each and every day,” says MacLeod. Now she has the ability to do just that with her two unique getaway experiences at waterfront property Serenity Mini Farm and Vacation Home. A place where farm meets beach, it’s nestled 15 minutes from both Charlottetown and Montague; right on the river’s edge with its own private beach. With two unique and different accommodations to choose from, Serenity Mini Farm is sure to be pleasing to all. “Living at the water’s edge also brings a different type of relaxation that I also want to share with my guests. It’s a very serene place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A place where animals and the ocean can bring our minds and bodies to a calm and relaxing state and where we can be happy,” says MacLeod.



The genuine care and concern she feels for her guests is obvious, and her passion for what she does shines through. “I love having guests come and stay at my rental home, and I love showing them our Island way of life.”

The first vacation rental, referred to as “Up on the Farm,” is a luxurious three bedroom unit that sleeps seven people. With a large rec room, full kitchen, and deck overlooking the river, it can accommodate families, couples, and groups of friends easily. A swing set and large fire pit can be found just off the deck, but that’s only the beginning for entertainment. Beyond the front porch there are many other offerings.

“We have canoes and kayaks equipped with life jackets, and we have the mini farm on site for guests to enjoy at no extra cost,” says MacLeod. “We currently have three horses, one Newfoundland pony, two miniature horses, two miniature donkeys, six goats, and two sheep. As well as nine chickens, lots of kitties, two bunnies and several dogs,” she adds. As a host, MacLeod has thought of everything. “There are lots of extra sheets, blankets, and pillows in the linen closets, and a variety of extra toiletries. I also make sure the bookshelves are stocked and that there are a variety of games available for rainy day activities. I have a cot for an extra guest and a pack-and-play and a high chair if guests have a baby with them. I provide lots of literature and tourism maps and guides about things to do on our island.”

“DOWN ON THE FARM” The second home sits right along the river’s edge, nestled in the heart of the farm. This off-grid solar-powered cottage sleeps four, and offers an open concept design, with a full kitchen, including a propane range, and a cozy sitting area around the woodstove fireplace. The cabin has two verandasone overlooking the farm animals, and the other the river views.

Serenity Mini Farm & Vacation Home 902.393.0668 serenitymfvh@gmail.com www.airbnb.ca/rooms/25885531





SUCCESS WITHIN REACH By Kristen Johnson Photos Sara Bakker

What can parents do at home? It seems so simple, but reading with your child is the single best thing you can do. Some form of reading should be done every day for a minimum of 20 minutes. If this is a real struggle, try changing up the material they chose. It does not always have to be novels. Try magazines, newspapers, sports journals, animal books - as long as they are engaged, it is helping! Another way parents can get involved in their child’s education is to help them become more of a problem solver and critical thinker. Ask them questions about all kinds of things. Big ideas or little, it doesn’t matter what the topic is, just get them thinking about the world around them. We want to develop a culture of asking in depth questions from multiple sources so we can make our own informed opinions. Remember, it’s not always about getting the one right answer, it’s also about all the different possibilities. To quote Albert Einstein, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.“ Technology in schools Technology has become a huge part of our education system. The one parents are probably most familiar with is Google Classroom. Basically, it’s like a digital agenda. Each teacher updates their class with homework, assignments, tests, and any other important information. It allows parents, students, and teachers to feel connected and keep up to date on how the child is managing their workload. Chromebooks are also very common to see in classrooms. Students have many different forms of assistive technology available to help them write notes or complete assignments. Each student has an account which allows them to work seamlessly from school to home.

What is the process if someone wants their child to go to Sylvan? Typically, a parent contacts me with concerns or questions they have about their child’s academics. First, it’s important to clarify how many subjects the student is struggling with and for how long it has been a concern. For students K-9, I recommend getting a Sylvan insight assessment. The assessment analyzes proficiency levels in math, reading and writing. It determines what academic skills the child can do and which ones they are not ready for yet. Based on the Sylvan assessment, I create an individualized learning plan that will target their specific skills needed to move forward with more confidence. Suggestions: Don’t wait too long. If you sense your child is struggling, take steps to help as soon as you can. Communication is key. Check with his/her teacher and see what they notice. Perhaps they need to reach back to help build some foundational skills. Your child’s teacher can also tell you if a school resource is available. Keeping a positive mindset is so important. Once a child’s confidence increases, you’d be surprised how quickly things improve.

Sylvan offers assessments, academic coaching in reading, writing, math, study skills, homework support, and French. Also, enrichment, exam proctoring, and video game design. Sylvan PEI ann@peilearning.ca 902.367.3678 www.SylvanPEI.ca





SPEAK UP, SAVE A LIFE By Heather Laura Clarke Photos Sara Bakker

PEI Family Violence Prevention Services urges Islanders not to be afraid to say the wrong thing

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring, not everyone was doing puzzles and watching Netflix. Some Islanders were locked in their bathrooms, whispering into their phones and hiding from violent partners. http://www.fvps.ca/news/2020-2021-annual-financial-campaign/


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020


Danya O’Malley, Executive Director of PEI Family Violence Prevention Services, says the isolation brought additional layers of risk as many struggled with job loss, addiction and heightened mental health challenges — but family violence is nothing new on the Island. “We serve about 400 families a year, and there’s a stereotype that abuse is more common in poorer families, but abuse happens across all socioeconomic classes,” says O’Malley. “Some families go to great lengths to hide their dysfunction.” PEI Family Violence Prevention Services is a community volunteer organization dedicated to the eradication of physical, sexual, and emotional violence in families. It started back in 1981 as an emergency shelter for women and children, and it has steadily expanded to include four outreach offices across the province providing services like one-on-one support, support groups, and second-stage housing.

“People can be aware someone is in danger, but they may be paralyzed by not wanting to do the wrong thing, so they do nothing,” says O’Malley. She says it’s important to approach the person with a gentle, nonjudgmental attitude. Even then, O’Malley says the person may not be ready to discuss it. “I onced asked someone about some bruises I saw, and she laughed it off. It was only years later that she told me what those bruises were really from,” says O’Malley. “But just because someone isn’t ready to talk doesn’t mean there’s no value in you asking. It shows that you care about them, and that they can come to you later when they are ready to talk.” Even if the person isn’t experiencing violence, O’Malley says these questions are a way of modeling good behaviour and helping to change the culture of “minding our own business.” It also helps to develop your skill of checking on people who may be in danger, so it’s easier to do the next time.

PEI Family Violence Prevention Services is approaching its 40th anniversary, but its annual fundraising dinners and golf tournaments all had to be cancelled because of the pandemic, so O’Malley is hoping the organization can survive through generous Christmas donations. “We can stretch a dollar like you wouldn’t believe, and we’re really counting on the community’s support,” says O’Malley. “Our fundraisers also help by building awareness of what we do, so we’re hoping people can also spread the word about us and our services. It could save someone’s life.”

Danya O’Malley, Executive Director PEI Family Violence Prevention Services Inc. 902.894.3354, ext. 225 danya@fvps.ca www.fvps.ca

O’Malley says sometimes people don’t consider themselves “abused” unless they’re being physically harmed, but says emotional and verbal abuse can leave “tremendous, lasting scars.” “Nobody’s abusive on a first date. It starts off very slowly with little things you can rationalize away, and then it evolves,” explains O’Malley. “There’s still so much shame and stigma around having abuse in your family, and oftentimes the abuser is very skilled at making the victim feel like it’s their fault.” Thankfully, she says more people are learning to identify abuse and speak up. When it comes to what O’Malley calls “bystander intervention,” she says the PEI Family Violence Prevention Services team is working hard to educate the community via tip sheets and educational videos online.

▲Back Row (L to R): Gloria Dennis - Outreach Coordinator, Dara Rayner – Operations Manager, Michelle Buttery – Children’s Services Coordinator, Front Row (L to R): Danya O’Malley – Executive Director, Lindsay Merrill – Development Coordinator http://www.fvps.ca/news/2020-2021-annual-financial-campaign/





How To Choose and Prepare For Your New Puppy By Lauren Messervey Photos Sara Bakker


lanning and preparing for a new puppy is an exciting experience, especially for first-time pet owners. For Joyce Robertson, Head Trainer at Red Dog Training, a dog isn’t just a pet - it’s a new family member, and a commitment. “A word of caution - never get a puppy on a whim or impulse,” she says. “You want to be sure that you are ready. The commitment means devoting a great deal of your personal time to your dog, including exercising and training them on a daily basis.” Although there are many factors in choosing the right puppy, one of the most important decisions for a firsttime owner is finding the right dog for their lifestyle. Some of the criteria to consider include your dog’s energy level, exercise requirements, ease of training and learning, personality, typical behaviour, and grooming requirements.


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

Once you have decided which dog or breed of dog is a good match, you will want to do some homework on finding a responsible breeder or rescue organization. “It’s best to check with the Canadian Kennel Club, with local veterinary clinics, and other dog lovers,” says Robertson. “You will want to meet with the breeder or rescue organization in order to assess which puppy is best suited for you, as some dogs will require more socialization and introductions than others.” When bringing a new puppy home for the first time, it’s recommended to have a specific area secured (e.g. a crate or gated area) where the puppy can first become accustomed to their surroundings. Since it can be difficult for puppies to learn to relax in a restricted area, the key is to make the experience comfortable by filling the area with things that will comfort them, such as blankets, soft toys, and a dog bed. It takes time, but if you remain

patient and stay close by, your puppy will eventually settle into a sense of security and reassurance. Aside from a safe space for adjustment, your puppy’s basic needs will include a water and food dish, a puppy collar and body harness, a four-foot leash, and a fifteen-foot training leash. The Pet Nutrition Alliance is an excellent resource for discovering which type of food is best for your specific dog’s needs. Always purchase high-quality food from a veterinarian or from a trusted pet supply retailer and ensure that your dog has ample access to water during the days. Owning a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have, especially considering the unconditional love you’ll receive from your pet. “Dogs need us to show them kindness, respect, and patience in order to thrive,” says Robertson. “If you are a first-time dog owner, and have difficulty

understanding your dog’s behaviour, it’s important to educate yourself on their needs so that you have a more realistic expectation of your puppy.” In addition to educating yourself about puppy behaviour, Robertson also highlights the importance of enrolling your puppy in a socialization and skills program, as this will ultimately enhance their learning, and curtail any developing behavioural issues.

242 North River Rd., Charlottetown 902.213.1043 www.reddogtraining.ca






By Jacqui Chaisson Photos Fabian Gieske

Caring For Your Senior Dog

Thirty-two per cent of Canadian households include a dog. Overall Canada is home to roughly 5.9 million dogs, and we spend $6.6 billion a year on our pets. We become emotionally attached to our fur-babies and as they age, we sometimes forget their needs can change. 112

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020


hen a dog is considered a senior mainly depends on the breed. Smaller dogs (such as Chihuahuas or terriers) don’t reach their golden years until they’re 10 or 12, while an Irish Wolfhound is considered a senior at the age of five or six. Beyond size and breed, genetics, diet and environment all have an impact on a dog’s heath as they age. If you want your aging dog to have a long and happy life, consider adding these changes into your pet care routine. Just as modern medicine has extended the lives of people, with the right combination of attention and preventive care, it can also extend the lives of dogs.

DENTAL HEALTH Dental hygiene is particularly crucial as your dog ages. Regular brushing and professional cleaning can prevent painful dental disease and decay (and help your dog avoid the chewing problems). If your dog doesn’t enjoy having his/her teeth brushed, consider dental treats and toys instead.

DIET Mature dogs often have food issues, including problems chewing, lack of appetite, obesity and digestive difficulties. Consult with your vet on the best diet and exercise plan for your aging dog. Dietary changes may include adding more fibre to aid with digestion or decreasing carbohydrates to maintain optimal weight. Supplements such as fish oil or glucosamine can be added to alleviate joint pain.

issues and visit their doctors more often, aging pets benefit from more frequent visits. Older pets may need additional blood tests, dental care and examinations. Additionally, many breeds have predispositions toward certain ailments, including arthritis, hip dysplasia, cancer and diabetes. Early detection can help catch these before they become major problems.

Like people, aging dogs experience pain and have difficulty performing physical activities they used to enjoy. However, exercise continues to be imperative to their health and wellbeing. Take your dog on short, gentle walks and monitor his/her breathing and gait to make sure nothing is amiss. Your dog’s brain needs plenty of exercise as well. Stimulating toys such as food puzzles help keep your dog sharp.



Take your dog in for a vet checkup at least twice a year. Just as elderly people need to be aware of health

Taking care of an older dog may involve a little more work than you’re used to doing, but caring for a lifetime companion is a deeply rewarding experience. Your dog has been good to you (and for you) for years—now’s the time to return the favour!

SENIOR FRIENDLY HOME Just as you once puppy-proofed your home, you now need to provide your older dog with special accommodations. For dogs with hip dysplasia or joint issues, consider a special ramp or stairs so they can still get in the car or join you on the bed. Keep food and water in areas they can easily reach, especially if they are vision impaired. Heated beds can soothe achy joints, particularly if you live in a colder climate. Finally, non-slip surfaces will prevent falls and help your older pet maintain traction when rising.


lesions and bring them to your vet’s attention. (A journal is a great memory aid.)

Monitor changes in behaviour; appetite; weight loss or gain; dental issues; and any lumps, bumps or WINTER 2020




Global Pet Foods celebrates the 12 Gifts of Woof-mas By Brianne Hogan Photos Evan Ceretti


holiday season is a purr-fect way to celebrate those we love, including our furry friends. “Pets have become an important part of our everyday lives,” says Kieran AtkinsonHardy, business development manager of Global Pet Foods in PEI. “To us at Global Pet Foods, celebrating the holidays with our furry family members means giving them that extra special treat, or making their tail wag with a toy you know they’ll go crazy for. It’s a way to say ‘thank you’ for the unconditional love they give us every other day of the year.”


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

With locations both in Charlottetown and Summerside, Global Pet Foods is your one-stop shop for your pet’s holiday shopping list, including everything from nutritious food to fun toys to cozy beds for those chilly winter months.

If you’re stumped for ideas on what to gift your pet this holiday season, peruse the 12 Gifts of Woof-mas from Global Pet Foods for some festive shopping ideas.

“The 12 Gifts of Woofmas is our fun way of suggesting gifts that will provide safe enjoyment for pets throughout the holiday season,” says AtkinsonHardy. “We want to ensure that pets experience the same joy they give us each and every day.”

Global Pet Foods 405 University Ave., Charlottetown 902.368.1326 454 Granville St., Summerside 902.724.1326 www.globalpetfoodspei.ca

1.HOLIDAY TREATS Pets love treats just as much as you do during the holiday season. Fromm Crunchy Os® are a fan favourite – and happen to be low in calories too!

2. WARM BLANKETS Pets need a warm place to curl up on during cold winter nights. These super soft blankets from Be One Breed™ will have you wishing you had one for yourself.

3. CATNIP TOYS Some cats go crazy over catnip, and these Yeowww! Catnip® Sardines will certainly do the trick. With a potent blend of catnip inside, they’ve been known to amuse cats for hours. 4. COZY BEDS Every dog needs a dedicated spot to settle down for their long winter’s nap. Whether your pooch enjoys curling up or stretching out, the BeOneBreed™ Cloud Pillow will be the perfect fit.

5. ADVENT CALENDARS When the countdown is on for Santa and his sleigh, these OvenBaked Tradition™ Advent Calendars for your dog are all that’s needed to help get your pet excited for the holiday season.

7. BOTTLES OF DOG NOG Don’t let the name fool you – Primal™ Raw Dog Nog is good for cats too! Packed with natural health benefits, it makes the best holiday addition to your pet’s bowl.

6. SILLY STOCKINGS These adorable Huxley & Kent Holiday Stockings include cute phrases as well as a spot to display your pet’s finest photo. They’ll look great decorating your home, and even better filled with goodies.

8. PERFECT PUZZLES Puzzles and other interactive toys help to prevent boredom as well as keep your pet active. Your cat will love batting the PetSafe® SlimCat™ toy around to get the yummy treats inside.

9. TURKEY FEASTS The holidays are a great excuse to let your pet try something new to eat. Your pet can experience a homestyle turkey dinner just like you, thanks to the Homestead Turkey Gently Cooked Recipe by Open Farm®. 10.FROZEN KONGS Fill a Kong® with mouth-watering mixtures and freeze it for a long-lasting treat. We suggest keeping three on hand – one for the freezer, one for your dog, and one to be washed for next time.

11. TASTY BONES Natural bones are great for keeping four-legged friends busy when company comes for dinner. These meaty bones from Benko Pet Foods are what every dog wants to find in their stocking.

12. AND A CUTE DOG IN A HOODIE The RC Pets Revolve Hoodie will ensure your furry friend remains stylish wherever he or she goes. It’s cozy and warm with a pocket for snacks, and comes in three different stylish colours!





Go“Glamping” at Nature Space Eco Resort Autumn is a time of transition, and lots of change is happening on the eastern end of PEI. Down a quiet road near Morell, something magical is beginning to take shape.


ature Space Eco Resort and Retreat Centre was a dream of Heather and Jarrod Gunn McQuillan’s for more than a decade. Their vision matured over time; however, their initial objective to create a tourism business based on experiences in nature has never changed. That vision’s about to turn into a reality. “Mongolian yurts will arrive at Nature Space late this fall and completely transform this property,” Jarrod Gunn McQuillan says. “We’re so excited to offer year-round glamping rooted in nature and culinary experiences.” Jarrod’s partner Heather, a registered yoga teacher and certified mindfulness instructor, adds, “Personal wellness will be a major focus, and we all need more of that right now! These have been challenging times. Now, more than ever, we’re learning how important it is to take care of ourselves and each 116 www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020 other.”

By Alana Lauren Photos Evan Ceretti In addition to Nature Space’s four Mongolian glamping yurts, the resort will feature a 30-foot event yurt—the perfect venue for unique yoga classes, wellness retreats, and events like small weddings. “We hope to offer this venue for the community to come together, once that’s safe again. We’d love to host music events featuring local talent,” Heather says. “Music has been a huge part of my life. I’m a trained opera singer, and I play piano and guitar. Going to live music really heals the soul; when we lost our local venue this past summer, we felt its absence.

We’re hoping that, in some small way, this helps bring music back to the community.” “The yurts are pretty amazing,” says Jarrod. “They’re like staying in a work of art. Hand-painted in vibrant colours with intricate patterns, and furnished with reclaimed-wood furniture from old barns and buildings from PEI, they have a rustic-but-luxurious feeling. Add a woodburning fireplace, personal hot tub, and deck overlooking your own private natural space, and you’re in paradise! We know most people can’t travel this coming year and will be looking for long-weekend getaways.

“Our autumn paddles are some of the most beautiful ever... the changing colours, the warm air, and incredible full moons have led to fantastic kayaking conditions on the lake.” - Jarrod Gunn McQuillan

▲(Back L-R) Heather and Jarrod Gunn McQuillan, (Front L-R) Emma and Finlay

We’re hoping this new offering here on the Island makes Atlantic Canadians feel special, even if they can’t go south.” Nature-based adventures at Nature Space Eco Resort will continue throughout fall, winter and spring. “Our autumn paddles are some of the most beautiful ever,” says Jarrod. “The changing colours, the warm air, and incredible full moons have led to fantastic kayaking conditions on the lake.” Once it gets too cold to paddle, yoga and walking opportunities will become available; throughout the winter months, skating and snowshoeing are highlights. Many tours and experiences incorporate culinary adventures. For example, the Snowshoe & Fondue tour pairs Island chocolate with delicious fruit and cookies, complemented by hot cocoa or hot apple cider. Covid has caused significant delays; however, the Gunn McQuillans hope to open to the public later this winter. “We’re probably looking at a January or February grand opening, which is later than we wanted, but plenty of time to satisfy Islanders looking for a getaway,” says Jarrod. “Regardless of when we open, we’re just so pleased that this long-term dream’s becoming a reality!”

Nature Space Eco Resort 902.916.0136 info@naturespaceresort.com www.naturespaceresort.com





When the World Stays Inside Shares a Positive Message By E. Christie Photos Story Thorburn On March 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, forcing families around the globe to retreat indoors with no idea when, or if, the world would ever return to “normal.”  It was an uncomfortable reality for everyone. But for Mikey Wasnidge, self-isolation presented him with an opportunity to pause and reflect. His thoughts quickly pivoted from the anxiety quarantine induced within him as an adult, to the challenges being stuck indoors would present for families, and, particularly, young children. He wanted to do something to help people view the situation through a positive lens. 118

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020


nder the pen name Mikey Woz, he wrote When the World Stays Inside (Two Fools Publishing), a warm, witty and heartfelt reminder that, to dust off an old cliché, within every dark cloud lies a silver lining.  Wasnidge, 34, is not a parent himself, but he and his wife are active volunteers with Big Brothers, Big Sisters. They are what the organization refers to as, “a big couple,” meaning they mentor a child together, rather than individually. He credits this experience for providing him with some insight into the world kids live in.  In When the World Stays Inside, Wasnidge, using clever, Seussian-style rhymes and imaginative illustrations by Halifax-based graphic designer Sara Panchaud, gently prompts young readers to be creative and find new ways to play when the weather or other external forces cause them to stay indoors.  “Now and then there are times when the world must stay in. It might be the rain, or the snow, or the wind. But sometimes it’s because we don’t want to get sick. And from inside we’ll wonder, how did it happen so quick,” he writes. “We’ll have time to get cuddly, curled up on the couch feeling all cozy and lovely. But that isn’t all, there’s so much we can do. There’s fun to be had and it’s all up to you!”  Since March, a slew of pandemicthemed children’s books have hit the market. But while most of these books tackle topics like mask wearing, distance education and learning to manage germs, When the World Stays Inside takes a refreshingly positive tone, reminding the reader that sometimes it’s better for our mental health to focus on all the things that can be done, rather than on the things that cannot.

time together is priceless and can help us all learn, grow and change for the better. When the World Stays Inside was released on Amazon.com on June 8 and was an immediate hit, soaring into the top 10 in two separate categories: top-selling children’s books and topselling new books. Since its release, When the World Stays Inside has generated praise from parents and reviewers across North America, and received official kudos from PEI Premier Dennis King and PEI’s Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Heather Morrison, as well as award-winning authors Eric Walters, Sheree Fitch, and journalist Jackie Burns, author of the Condo Kids series. When the World Stays Inside is currently available at The Bookmark and Indigo Books in Charlottetown, in select bookstores across Canada, and on Amazon.com. To learn more about Mikey and When the World Stays Inside, visit www. whentheworldstaysinside.com. 

What people are saying about When the World Stays Inside: “Absolutely charming! A keeper. A gentle reminder of lessons we’ve all learned in unforgettable times. This is heartfelt proof that when the world stayed inside and paused, creativity flourished and what matters most is to understand what matters most.”     - Sheree Fitch, author of Summer Feet  “When the World Stays Inside is a delight! I have often made reference during this pandemic about the importance of an attitude of gratitude and about having hope. This book captures all of this and made me smile.”       - Dr. Heather Morrison, Chief Public Health Officer of Prince Edward Island    “A gentle, kind story to provide comfort in difficult times. “ - Eric Walters, award-winning author of Don’t Stand So Close to Me “A timely story. Highly recommended for families and teachers with anxious young children returning to schools”     - Lana Shupe, Atlantic Book Reviews “When the World Stays Inside is a beautiful juxtaposition to the 24-7 news cycle, a reminder that every cloud has a silver lining and opportunities arise when you least expect them. This delightful story may have been written as a keepsake for our children, reminding them of all the bright sides to staying inside, but parents will be equally uplifted and inspired.”    -  Jackie Burns, author of The Condo Kids series

While the book is aimed at children ages four and up, When the World Stays Inside has a universal message: our




A R T S & E N T E R TA I N M E N T

MUSIC & C N I Y T I N COMMU By Kristen Johnson Photos Sara Bakker, Story Thorburn

Get ready for a lot more music! Trailside Music Hall has moved to Charlottetown and the reviews are fantastic. Husband and wife team Pat and Meghann Deighan decided to make the move to the new Arts Hotel on Kent Street. “It was bittersweet leaving the previous location in Mount Stewart as it was such a special space,” says Meghann, “but we feel that we have created another great music venue in Charlottetown with a unique ambiance and feel.” The Charlottetown location is larger than the previous spot, and that was important to the Deighans. “The new space allows us to have a good capacity, which is needed for performers to earn a warranted income,” says Meghann. It also allows for more music lovers to see each show.

It is important to the pair to keep the magic of Trailside, while adding improvements as well. “You will be treated to the same intimate, Trailside experience you’ve always known,” says Pat. “The Trailside will always be a listening room with your enjoyment of live music being our number one priority.” In addition to the music, you will also have the opportunity to order food and drinks from the Salvador Dali Cafe located in the Arts Hotel. When you purchase your ticket, you are automatically booked for a table and dinner reservation. Even with room for more audience members, shows have been selling out and more are being added all the time. “The public is proving that they are hungry for the arts and tickets are selling fast,” says Meghann. “In response, we have been booking triple the number of shows originally planned.” Many artists are playing multiple shows, and there is music on almost every night.

(photo Story Thorburn)

(photo Story Thorburn)

Trailside is happy to host several artists this holiday season. Lennie Gallant is playing four shows the first week of December, followed by Ledwell and Haines the following week. You can see the lineup (and purchase tickets) on their website. Tickets are also available at Back Alley Music, the other well-known record store for music lovers on the Island. Back Alley is also owned by the Deighans. The two businesses really work hand-in-hand. “Back Alley and the Trailside have quickly become intertwined in a very good way,” says Pat. “The shop has become a major part of the Trailside’s business, as it now houses the box office.” The Deighans’ love for music shines in both of these businesses. They are able to support and promote up and coming, as well as established, artists. “A local, mom and pop record store working hand in hand with a grassroots music venue has been a dream come true,” says Pat.

▲ (L-R) Ryan Kirkpatrick, Meghan Burke Back Alley Music 257 Queen Street, Charlottetown www.backalleymusicpei.com

▲ (L-R) Pat and Meghann Deighan (photo Story Thorburn)

www.trailside.ca instagram: trailsidemusichall fb: trailside music hall






Lindsey Ross of Lindsey Ross Fine Art


Lindsey Ross is an illustrator who works full-time creating artwork primarily in pen, with a splash of watercolour here and there. She loves to create with Sakura Pigma Microns and Faber-Castell archival ink. “A lot of my art was created while travelling and homesick!” says Ross, who now lives in Charlottetown with her hairless guinea pig Gordon.

Q. Describe your artwork technique, is it done with ink?

wildflowers- I love going for a long trail walk and stopping to look at plants and the patterns on their leaves.

My technique is a real collection of ink drawing styles that I’ve practiced over time. It’s primarily linework enhanced with hatching, cross-hatching and stippling. These are all common ink drawing techniques- fancier terms for lines, crossing lines, and dots. I often pair the ink with watercolours when I want to add a light wash of colour in the piece.

In previous years it was really nostalgia. I have a lot of artwork inspired by Prince Edward Island that was created while living elsewhere and dreaming of home. Q. How long does it take to complete a piece of art? A piece of work can take anywhere from an hour to forty hours. I have three or four pieces that are in the forty hour range, and they’re always the ones with much less white space and likely items hidden inside. I really struggle to do a quick drawing, honestly.

Q. How long have you been an artist? I was always artistic, but I really focused on ink and drawing when I was 18. It remained a hobby for a long time while I followed other career paths, but I can happily say I’ve been in business as an artist for a year and a half. Q. Are you self-taught or did you go to art school? I’m self-taught. I did try to get into NSCAD and wasn’t accepted. The gentleman who called me to discuss why I wasn’t getting in was quite harsh, and I often joke that I’ve created this entire career out of spite! Q. Many of your pieces are black & white - is this a personal preference? Absolutely. I greatly prefer black and white images, and I understand that most of my clients prefer colour. I can always colour a piece later on down the road, but I rarely feel the same about it. Q. What inspires you? My inspiration has changed many times, but currently I’m very nature inspired. I really adore birds, I love

Q. Do you have a personal favourite?

I have a lot of artwork inspired by Prince Edward Island that was created while living elsewhere and dreaming of home.”

My current favourite is likely the Fortune River Heron. It’s watercolours and ink, and it reminds me of kayaking Fortune River- There’re always so many herons and you feel like you’re just chasing them down the river. Q. Where can people find your artwork? I sell my artwork through Etsy (www. etsy.com/ca/shop/LindseyRossPEI) and for local buyers on the site they can use the coupon code LOCALPICKUP to skip the shipping fee and pick it up in Charlottetown instead. I can also be found at a few local shops, listed on my website. Q. Are you working on anything new or special for the future? It’s October and for ink artists that means it’s Inktober. There’s a 31 day challenge of an ink drawing each day. It’s tiresome, it’s a lot of work- but it’s really good to try to draw each day and it’s helping me master the “quick drawing” that I struggle with so much.

- Lindsey Ross





A SAFE AND COMFORTING SANCTUARY By Brianne Hogan Photos Evan Ceretti

Lincoln’s 2020 lineup proves that you can experience inspired driving, even during the coldest months. 124

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020


Islanders, we know that winter weather does not make for the best driving experience. Snow, sleet and freezing temperatures all take a toll on the roads, not to mention our state of mind while behind the wheel. Luckily, Lincoln’s 2020 vehicles are steeped in warm, comforting features that will make you forget all about the weather and immerse you in an embrace that’s truly and uniquely Lincoln. “Winter can be the perfect time to experience all the wonderful things a 2020 Lincoln vehicle has to offer,” says Lucy Gotell, marketing manager at Fair Isle Lincoln in Charlottetown. “There are some that may already be familiar, but likely a few that will take you by surprise.” Let’s start with the Lincoln Embrace. This suite of features welcomes you back to your Lincoln in a unique way, inviting you to get inside, warm up and enjoy your private sanctuary. Approach Detection, using your key fob or smartphone, activates a glowing “welcome mat” that illuminates door handles and the ground beneath the door, allowing you to avoid ice and enter your vehicle safely. The exterior lighting feature helps guide you to your vehicle by gradually illuminating your headlamps and taillamps as you approach – a welcome benefit during those darker months. Ever wish you could just stay inside your vehicle a little bit longer? Lincoln Connect has an embedded modem that lets you and your passengers easily access a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot (data subscription required). Up to 10 devices can be connected at once, so you and your family can get more done without leaving the comfort of your Lincoln vehicle. So feel free to wait for that downpour or hailstorm to stop before stepping out. Visiting friends and family can be a highlight of the holiday season, but sometimes you just want the drive to be over. Not when you’re driving a Lincoln! The available 28-speaker Revel Ultima 3D audio system lets

you immerse yourself in your favourite albums, podcasts or soothing nature sounds while on the road. “This is a truly three-dimensional audio experience, a perfect addition to any holiday road trip,” says Gotell. What about those days when you really don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, but your vehicle is due at the dealership? Let Lincoln take care of you when the temperature drops with their Pickup & Delivery service. When your Lincoln vehicle needs service, a member of Lincoln’s team can pick up your vehicle and then deliver it back to you once the work is completed. So you can stay home, snuggle up and let your local Lincoln dealer take care of the rest. There are so many reasons why a 2020 Lincoln will make this winter’s driving experience easier, more comfortable and (almost) as enjoyable as sipping a mug of hot chocolate in front of the fire. Visit Fair Isle Lincoln online or in-store and find your favourite feature, just in time for winter.

Fair Isle Lincoln 116 St. Peters Road, Charlottetown 902.368.3673 lgotell@fairisleford.com www.fairislelincoln.ca





THE ACTION PLAN TO LOWER EMISSIONS: What Is Our Government Doing to Help? By Story Sheidow Photos Sara Bakker

▲ Ronnie McPhee

Prince Edward Island holds the most roads per square kilometre of any province in Canada. It’s no surprise, then that transportation accounts for 44 per cent of the total greenhouse gases here on the Island.


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

Last fall the provincial government released The Sustainable Transportation Action Plan- their new strategy to reduce the Island’s contribution to greenhouse gases. The Action Plan, a twenty page report, is available online to the public. The action plan includes 27 items – some which have already been completed over the past 12 months, and some which will be implemented over the course of the next several years. In the past year alone, huge strides have been made in areas such as an increase in the number of electric

vehicle (EV) chargers, the widening of 34 kilometres of road shoulders on Island highways to accommodate cyclists, and the dedication of a portion of the annual transportation budget to active transportation by establishing the five-year Active Transportation (AT) Fund. Applications for funding for the 2021 construction season will be released in the coming weeks, and municipalities and organizations are encouraged to apply. So, how can we improve our emissions within the Island’s current transportation infrastructure?

PUBLIC TRANSIT The Sustainable Transportation Action Plan will prioritize reducing emissions within the Island’s fleet of public transport vehicles. This includes replacing gasoline cars with electric alternatives within their stock of personal compact vehicles, as well as throughout the school transit system. In fact, twelve new electric school buses are scheduled to arrive in the coming weeks - a welcome addition to the current inventory. Next, we need to focus on public transit ridership. The T3 bus system has been steadily increasing ridership since its inception. Moving forward, the government plans to work in partnership with them to improve affordable, safe, and inclusive transportation services in rural areas, and break down barriers to accessible public transit for low-income riders. This plan includes expanding routes and schedules, and focusing on converting the current roster of buses to low-emission vehicles. “The province of PEI wants to build off of the success of the capital region transit system, and work towards a tip-to-tip Island wide transit system. Having more people utilize transit in the province would substantially reduce our carbon emissions in PEI,” says Ronnie McPhee, Policy and Outreach

Coordinator with the Department of Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy. Through a program offered by the City of Charlottetown and the Town of Stratford, students are able to access free T3 bus passes, allowing them to integrate public transit into their lifestyle at a young age - a habit they can maintain throughout adulthood in an effort to reduce emissions longterm. The government supports this initiative and is looking for ways to expand programs like it so that more Islanders will turn to public transit as means of travel. ELECTRIC VEHICLES Electric Vehicles, or EVs, are another integral part of the Sustainable Transportation Action Plan. “Right now we offer free registration for EVs. We continue to look at best practices in other jurisdictions on their rebate programs around North America. Islanders can expect that once we move towards an incentive that it will be equitable for all Islanders. We are working with the PEI EV Owners Association and the PEI Automobile Dealers Association on this and other aspects of our STAP to assure we have their voices, expertise and opinions at the forefront of our conversations about how we move forward on an EV rebate; such as charging rebates, and new/used rebates,” says McPhee.

ACTIVE TRANSPORTATION Besides the 34 kilometres of new cyclist-friendly highways, the PEI government aims to expand active transportation opportunities in several key areas. This work starts from the ground up; with much of the focus on future urban and rural planning opportunities. Encouraging future development and planning in all Island jurisdictions to include active transportation is essential in lowering emissions. Accessible walking and biking infrastructure and municipal planning with active transportation in mind are key concepts of the Sustainable Transportation Action Plan. For more information, please visit the official Government of PEI website to read The Sustainable Transportation Action Plan in full.

Department of Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy 11 Kent Street, Charlottetown 902.368.5100 www.princeedwardisland. ca/en/publication/sustainable-transportation-action-plan


HILLSIDE CADILLAC PUTS THE SPOTLIGHT ON THE CADILLAC XT6 There are plenty of vehicles likely to catch your eye when you pull into Hillside Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac and the Cadillac XT6 is no exception. It’s a fresh, fun, and functional model that launched in 2020 and put Cadillac into the midsize luxury crossover segment for the first time. By Laura Jean Grant Photos Evan Ceretti From its aggressive styling to its unmistakable lighting signature to its spacious interior, the Cadillac XT6 is both sophisticated and distinctive, according to Neal Noseworthy, general manager of Hillside Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac in Charlottetown, PEI. “The XT6 looks great from every angle,” he says. “It has three luxurious rows of seating for family, friends, and then some. It’s available in either six-orseven passenger configurations and it has first-class interiors with premium leather, exotic woods, carbon fibre and metallic décor finishes.” The performance of the XT6 is also top-notch.


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

“Powered with either a 2.0L turbo or a 3.6L V6, combined with SportControlled AWD—available on the Sport model— you’ll be able to corner your way through turns or Maritime winters,” he says. “The

Sport-Controlled AWD continuously monitors and distributes torque to the wheels that need it most to deliver unrivalled responsiveness and handling in almost any condition.”

“Right now, you can save over $2,000 on remaining 2020 models, as well as take advantage of 0% financing for up to 84 months, or lease at .9% OAC,” notes Noseworthy.

When it comes to safety, which is a top priority for any consumer, the Cadillac XT6 has a number of features available that drivers will appreciate, including front pedestrian braking, forward collision alert, lane keep assist with lane departure warning, and night vision.

And there’s a great sales, financing, and management team at Hillside to guide you through each step of the car purchase experience and make it an enjoyable one, said Noseworthy.

On another key metric that consumers care about – fuel efficiency – the Cadillac XT6 gets a 10.2 L/100KM combined highway and city rating, which is certainly competitive in its segment, according to Noseworthy. Price-wise, the XT6 starts at $59,898, including freight, for a Luxury model; while Sport and Premium Luxury models start at $64,598.

Whether you’re considering buying a new Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac, or looking for a pre-owned vehicle, there really is something for every consumer and budget at Hillside. And beyond the purchase, the service team at Hillside is there for all your needs, including parts and tires, regular maintenance work, repairs, and detailing.

Hillside Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac 113 St. Peters Road, Charlottetown 902.368.2438 www.hillsidecadillac.com




MEET THE TEAM It takes a team of creative people and almost three months to get each edition of PEI Living to your coffee table. In the upcoming issues we thought it would be fun to introduce you to the minds behind the magazine. PEI Living wouldn't be possible without the passionate dedication of everyone involved.

CAPTURING MOMENTS AND CREATING MEMORIES Q&A with Evan Ceretti, Photographer lived in Charlottetown all of my adult life, other than spending three years travelling abroad during various roundthe-world trips.

travel, and landscape photography. I love meeting new clients for family sessions and couples’ shoots and trying to diversify my portfolio.

Q. How long have you been working with PEI Living?

Q. What advice do you have for someone wanting to get into professional photography?

This will be my eighth issue of PEI Living, marking two full years that I’ve been working with the magazine.

Q. What is your favourite thing about being a photographer?

Q. How long have you been a photographer? I’ve been passionate about photography for as long as I can remember. However, what really made me fall in love with photography was travelling - being able to capture foreign and unique landscapes, diverse food, smiling strangers, street scenes from around the world, and to take those memories home with me. On PEI, I’ve been working as a photographer for four years.

My favourite things about being a photographer are being able to capture a moment in time and having the ability to convey emotion through my lens. I studied journalism at both Holland College and UPEI and pursued a career in writing prior to photography. I did journalistic writing as well as creative writing and had my own travel blog because I loved telling stories and sharing experiences. What I later learned is that I love telling stories through photos even more than I did with words. There is so much to love in this profession, including, but not limited to, meeting people, making new friends, showcasing beauty in nature, finding that perfect light, capturing magical scenes on the street as they unfold, bringing news to light, making memories for clients, and telling lengthy stories with just one click.

Q. What kind of camera do you use? I currently shoot with a Sony A7II. My favourite go-to lens is my Sony Zeiss 55mm 1.8.

Q. Are you from PEI?

Q. When you’re not shooting for the magazine, what do you love to photograph?

Yes, I was born in Charlottetown and I grew up in Borden-Carleton. I’ve

When I’m not shooting for the magazine, I love to do portrait, food,

Practice and practice. There are endless resources available online that will make you a better photographer every day you get out and shoot. Watch tutorials, listen to professionals, learn the rules but don’t be scared of breaking them. There are so many wonderful photographers on PEI follow them and support them, learn about their styles, and try to create your own. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice from those in the profession, as many are willing to share their experiences. The learning is never-ending.

Q. What do you like the most about being a photographer for PEI Living? Working with PEI Living has allowed me to meet so many kind and creative Islanders. I love working with small businesses and local entrepreneurs, trying to capture their visions through photos and to share that with fellow Islanders.


4 YEARS/80,000 KM MAINTENANCE INCLUDED All new Cadillac models come with 4 years or 80,000 KM of Premium Care Maintenance, whichever comes first.

Services Include: • Oil Change • Tire Rotation

• Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection • Air Filter Replacement • Courtesy Transport

DRIVE IT TO BELIEVE IT SCHEDULE A TEST DRIVE 113 St. Peters Road, Charlottetown |

902.368.2438 | www.hillsidecadillac.com



See Lincoln’s 2020 Lineup Online or In-Store

Fair Isle Lincoln | 116 St Peters Rd, Charlottetown | 902.368.3673 | www.fairislelincoln.ca Find us on Facebook @fairislelincoln

Profile for PEI Living Magazine

PEI Living Magazine Winter 2020  

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PEI Living Magazine Winter 2020  

The Island's only lifestyle magazine.