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Well, winter certainly showed up in a hurry these past few weeks! With all this snow to dig out from, our minds have definitely turned to thoughts of winter travel here at PEI Living!

This is our Travel Issue!


ur cover feature this issue is Stewart Travel Group. With so many amazing travel partners, Stewart Travel takes us on a journey (both figuratively and literally, if you’d like!) of adventure, highlighting many of the great excursions and vacation experiences available through Travis and Paula Stewart’s highly successful group. With seven pages of offerings, which will you choose for your winter getaway? I’m really excited to share the “Best of the Island” feature in our Food & Drink department this issue. There are so many amazing local food and drink products, from classic Island staples to the up-and-coming, and we’ve highlighted some of the best for you all to enjoy. In our Home & Cottage section, we’ve included a feature on energy efficiency—fitting for these cold months when days are short, and heating and electricity bills are high. Looking to decrease your energy consumption? Check out our useful tips to reduce your carbon footprint while lowering your monthly bills.

▲ Story Sheidow, story@pei-living.ca (Photo: Buffie Boily Photography)

To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold. - Aristotle

We’re excited here at PEI Living to announce a new regular feature by local Clara Deacon, “ProCRAFTinating,” where she will delve into the world of DIY crafting. In this issue, she speaks to her exploration into the world of PEI’s “Community Schools”: What are they like? What is there to learn? Are the snacks good? I can’t wait to read about more of her experiences as a young crafter in future issues. Don’t forget to check out our winter reading list with this issue’s installment of the Book Report. What better way to get through the winter than by challenging yourself to read all of these tried-andKristen-approved titles? I promise you, she’s got great taste in books! So, put down your shovel, throw a stick on the fire, get cozy, and settle in with this issue of PEI Living. We hope it warms you in more ways than one.

Story WINTER 2020



CONTE WINTER 2020 Vol 3 • Issue 3



With 20 years in the travel industry, Travis and Paula Stewart started Stewart Travel Group five years ago in Stratford, PEI. Today it has expanded across the Maritimes. The agency has 17 experienced travel agents in PEI, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, who are experts in vacation planning, specialized group tours, and destination weddings. Stewart Travel Group also introduces some of their travel partners - the people who make your travel an unforgettable experience. Words by Amanda Lee Cover Photography by Evan Ceretti Featured on the cover - Travis and Paula Stewart (Paula's hair by Sherwood Styling Salon)

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Smoke and Wine

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home & cottage 63. The White Stuff 64. One-Two-Three, DIY Thrifted DIY

To Paris With Love

70. Energy Efficient Options Save Energy Costs

88. ProCRAFTinating Community Schools

10. Good Eats

wheels 94. Is The Future EV?

Homemade Coffee Ice Cream

12. Oatmeal The Everyday Super Food

14. Will Travel for Wine

Why Brunello is "da bomb"

16. Founders Food Hall Charlottetown's Foodies' Destination

style 37. New Year - New Style Style Resolutions

46. Dreams Are Made of This Romantic Lounge Wear

50. Give Winter the Boot


Winter 2020 Boot Styles

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Winter Reading List

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Smoke and Wine

I’m starting 2020 off with favouring anything produced where there are or were wild fires!

WORDS BY Jackie Herbert PHOTO BY Melanie Shires


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

In recent news, Australian wildfires have taken a devastating toll on it’s people, wildlife and it’s land. Full damage assessments to Australia’s vineyards have yet to be determined. So far the reported estimates of affected areas are low. However, because the fire moved so quickly and sporadically throughout their vineyards, the severity of the damage is unknown. This is after all, the southern hemisphere grape growing season.

The wineries in Adelaide Hills, which happen to be producing some of the most exciting wines currently, are some of the hardest hit so far. Not only is there a risk of ‘smoke taint’ from smoke absorption, which can be absorbed through the skins during the ripening period, but the smoke filled skies limit sunlight exposure that is detrimental to the ripening of wine grapes. With their short term damage noticeable right now, long term damage caused by the high heat may not be fully established until much later. Needless to say, let’s start 2020 out by supporting Australian winemakers. PEI Liquor stores have a wide selection from Jacob’s Creek, to Yellow Tail, but one of my personal favourites is the 2017 Pinot Grigio from Wolf Blass. This Gris is more light bodied, crisp with just the right amount of acidity. Welcoming gorgeous flavours of pear and noticeable notes of ripe green apple. With a clean faint lemon finish, this food friendly dry white wine pairs exceptionally well with seafood, especially sushi. For me this is often a stand alone summer patio wine and it’s definitely on hand when lobster season starts! It retails for just $17.99. As the ashes settle in Sonoma California, one of the world’s most renowned wine regions, and home to more than 450 wineries spanning over 70,000 acres, this peaceful valley is assessing the Kincade Fire damage throughout this increasingly fire-prone region. Many of the well known wineries are now reflecting upon how fortunate that most of their 2019 grapes had been harvested and the vineyards remained nearly unharmed by the worst wild fire in the states history that started this past October. As climate change impacts extreme weather, wild fire events will certainly increase both in size and have the potential to become catastrophic to California’s wine country. Choosing my Chardonnays from this particular California region, not only makes for an easy choice, it in turn supports the industry.

Chardonnay drinkers all know that some of the best vintages come out of Sonoma County. Chardonnay is received as a clean, dry white wine that is very versatile. It pairs well with seafood, chicken, and pasta dishes. The PEI liquor store in Charlottetown showcases a variety of Californian Chardonnays. The 2016 La Crema Sonoma Coast Chardonnay, retails for $34.29, and is certainly well worth it. It’s a well balanced, mid-bodied table wine with a slightly intense mouthfeel. This Chardonnay opens with aromas of oak, with subtle hints of baked spiced apple. Complex tasting notes of white peach, a hint of creamy lemon, with a little river rock round out each sip, while the lively acidity helps to keep the flavours moving. My favourite dish to pair this with? Mushroom Risotto. Back in British Columbia, Canada, our west coast wine country is looking for ways to protect their Okanagan wine region. With the increase of surrounding wildfires and the heavy smoke that continually looms over the valley, growers are concerned about the impact of the smoke to the grapes. The taint is untraceable in the grape itself, and only becomes apparent when fermented, making it difficult to detect during harvest. Unfortunately, winemakers can’t simply eat a grape and know if its affected. With the constant fear of smoke taint, Okanagan winemakers worry they may have to list ‘smoke’ as part of their terroir. An aromatic hint of smoke can be found in the 2016 Cabernet Merlot from 5 Vineyards by Mission Hills. While both Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are dry ‘sister’ varietals, the Cabernet offers up it’s bold, robust richness but soon gives way to the Merlots delicately sweet fruitier flavours of lush wild blueberries. A bright flavour profile of black cherries, cassis, with an enticing unique tannic sensation on the tongue-finish out the tasting profiles making it one of my favourite blends, and it will soon be yours too. Reasonably priced at $21.99, it makes the perfect

accompaniment to any braised beef ribs, eggplant Parmesan or one I most enjoy, homemade Italian Bolognese. Without a doubt, the heavy smoke and ash that follows devastating wildfires, will surely affect tourism in all three of these wine producing regions, something we in PEI could relate to if we had the same devastating losses. The next time you’re dining out at one of our wonderful local restaurants, know that most carry a selection from all three of these regions. Choose wisely.

Orginally from South Eastern Ontario, Jackie, her husband and teenage son, moved to PEI in 2016. While taking on a rather ambitious home renovation project, she also started a tour operation. HOP|SIP|SWIRL TASTING TOURS is a private winery, brewery & distillery business focusing on the evergrowing local artisan beverage industry. She's a true believer that life doesn't get better by chance. It gets better by choice.

HOP|SIP|SWIRL TASTING TOURS 902-330-2739 www.hopsipswirl.ca





COPPER BOTTOM BREWING COMPANY As Montague’s Copper Bottom Brewing continues to dial in their niche on PEI, they’re also getting ready to expand elsewhere. WORDS BY Katie Ingram PHOTOS Courtesy of Copper Bottom Brewing Company

▲ Ken Spears and Ashley Condon (Photo Evan Ceretti)

Founded in 2017 by Ken Spears and ECMA-nominated singer-songwriter Ashley Condon, the idea of the brewery developed when Spears was working for Propeller Brewing Company in Halifax. “He fell in love with brewing and craft beer and started to expose me to craft beer a bit more,” says Condon, who initially was more of a domestic beer drinker. “I got to love it over the years.” As plans started to develop, and the business itself grew, Condon says they wanted to bring something unique to the brewery; they looked to her background as a musician to help. Since then, the brewery has developed their event programming significantly, having introduced Copper Bottom Presents, a monthly concert series. Copper Bottom Presents has featured several award-winning performers, including Dave Gunning, Catherine MacLellan, J.P. Cormier, and Condon herself. The brewery also hosts songwriting workshops, community events, and a weekly event known as Tunes on Tap, which hosts a rotating cast of fiddlers and trad musicians in the taproom every Sunday.

Copper Bottom Brewing’s passion for good beer and world-class entertainment has not gone unnoticed; they’ve been nominated for Venue of the Year at the 2020 Music PEI Awards in December. “This has really grown, and it has really become a part of our identity, like a grassroots, sort of small-town communitycentered place,” Condon says. “It’s like a community hall with alcohol.” Since starting their events, they’ve been well-supported by Montague. “We hosted an event on Levee Day, on January first, and there was anyone from 19 to 90 years old sitting in that room, tapping their toes and listening to music,” says Condon. “For me, I just really feel like that’s showing that I’m accomplishing what I went out to accomplish.” As Copper Bottom continues to build on this identity, they are also getting ready to expand beyond Prince Edward Island. The company’s flagship beer, the Broadside APA, will be available at select liquor stores

(▲Photo Evan Ceretti)

in New Brunswick beginning in February. Spears says that they’ve also been working with Bishop’s Cellar, a liquor store on the Halifax Waterfront, to carry Copper Bottom product this spring. Being able to do this, Spears says, not only helps Copper Bottom, but the entire PEI brewing industry—an industry that has only started building itself up in the last few years.

that we have been able to grow is a testament to people’s appreciation for our product,” he says. Despite their success, though, Spears says Copper Bottom is still “very, very small” compared to other microbreweries. “We’re not getting ahead of ourselves, but we’re just really excited to be able to supply more places,” he says.

“Every brewery is unique, we’re all making exceptional products on Prince Edward Island; this allows us to make more of it,” says Spears. Along with their products being available in more stores and provinces, Copper Bottom Brewing itself is growing. It’s adding more fermenters, and will be able to offer more varieties of beer. Some of their current products include the Centennial Stock Blonde, Parkman Ave Double IPA, and Ken’s Stout, all of which have taken home awards in Atlantic Canadian competitions. While the brewery has grown a lot in such a few short years, Spears says it was something they anticipated. “The fact

Copper Bottom Brewing Company 567 Main St, Montague 902.361.2337 www.copperbottombrewing.com






homemade Coffee Ice Cream This recipe is a favourite in my house. Serve with a topping of melted dark chocolate or drizzle with choice of liqueur for a decidedly adult treat. You can use a decaf coffee bean if you’d rather skip the caffeine.


No machine method


600ml (20 fluid ounces) of whipping cream 200g (7 ounces) of sweetened condensed milk (about ½ a can) 2-3 tablespoons of instant coffee powder 2 tablespoons of water METHOD In a cup dissolve the coffee powder with water. Add condensed milk to the coffee. Mix well. Now add the condensed milk and coffee mixture to the whipping cream. Whisk until it’s creamy. Transfer to an air tight container and freeze for three to four hours. Enjoy it cold. Yields 1.5 litres.


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

INGREDIENTS 1 1/2 cups whole milk 3/4 cup sugar 1 1/2 cups whole coffee beans Pinch of salt 1 1/2 cups heavy cream 5 large egg yolks 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/4 teaspoon finely ground coffee (press grinds through a fine mesh sieve) METHOD Steep milk with sugar, coffee beans, salt, and cream: Heat the milk, sugar, whole coffee beans, salt, and 1/2 cup of the cream in a medium saucepan until it is quite warm and steamy, but not boiling. Once the mixture is warm, cover, remove from the heat, and let steep at room temperature for one hour. Set remaining cream into a bowl over ice bath with sieve: Pour the remaining one cup of cream into a medium size metal bowl, set on ice over a larger bowl. Set a mesh strainer on top of the bowls. Set aside. Temper the egg yolks: Reheat the milk and coffee mixture, on medium heat, until again hot and steamy (not boiling!). In a separate bowl, whisk the egg yolks together. Slowly pour the heated milk and coffee mixture into the egg yolks, whisking constantly so that the egg yolks are tempered by the warm milk, but not cooked by it. Scrape the warmed egg yolks back into the saucepan. Heat egg milk coffee mixture until it thickens: Stir the custard mixture constantly over medium heat with a heatproof, flat-bottomed spatula, scraping the bottom as you stir, until the mixture thickens and coats the spatula. You should be able to run your finger across the coating and have the coating not run. This can take about 10 minutes. Pour the custard through the strainer and stir it into the cream. Press on the coffee beans in the strainer to extract as much of the coffee flavor as possible. Then discard the beans. Mix in the vanilla and finely ground coffee, and stir until cool. Chill and process in ice cream maker: Chill the mixture thoroughly in the refrigerator, then freeze it in your ice cream maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions.






Oatmeal is a far cry from the “new kid on the block” when it comes to breakfast, but it’s definitely had its fair share of makeovers. From the steel-cut oats of yesteryear, to the instant oats of our youth, from oatmeal bars to the more recent hip and trendy “overnight oats” craze, you just have to think to yourself, “There must be a reason for all this hype.” And you wouldn’t be wrong. You may be shocked to learn that this foundational food is actually approaching “superfood” status. I’m sure that many of you have noticed the way that oatmeal “hits the spot” like few other breakfasts can. You’re full quickly, and find yourself feeling satisfied for several hours. Though carbheavy, oatmeal is quite surprisingly low in calories, and equally high in fibre. This one-two combo makes it a great way to start the day.


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

Oats are incredibly slow to digest, and won’t spike your blood sugar, allowing you to feel satiated for longer, and less likely to crave simple carbohydrates such as those found in processed foods and refined sugars. This satiety is because oats contain a powerful soluble fibre called betaglucan, which can reduce cholesterol, decrease blood sugar, increase feelings of fullness, and boost healthy bacteria in the gut. This fibre also enhances the immune system’s response to disease and infection. On top of all that, oats can help relieve constipation and promote regularity, and have also been shown to help with weight loss. Now, how is that for a healthy start? You may be surprised to learn that oatmeal is abundant in vitamins and minerals, and also a great source of protein, serving up a whopping

WORDS BY Story Sheidow

13 grams. It’s rich in antioxidants, particularly avenanthramides— antiinflammatories known to help lower blood pressure. But isn’t eating oatmeal boring? Not necessarily. The beauty of oatmeal is its ability to take on a wide variety of flavours. An everyday bowl of oatmeal can easily become a pumpkin pie; try apple, cinnamon, and raisin; or a walnut and blueberry treat. Or, if you want to be adventurous, try adding chocolate and banana, pistachio and pear, peaches and cream, or matcha tea to your bowl. From savoury to sweet, oatmeal does it all well. So, the next time you’re reaching for breakfast, give oats a chance. You’ll be doing both your body, and your taste buds, a huge favour.


Chef Favourites From Kitchens Unlimited Kitchens Unlimited - House of Kitchens & Fine Dining, features a wide selection of stylish, functional top-quality kitchenware, from brand names you know and love.

Kitchens Unlimited Confederation Court Mall 134 Kent Street, Charlottetown 902.566.2252

Ann Chaisson, Manager

Produce Bags

Pizza Stone

This beautiful ceramic pizza stone is made in France, comes in two different styles and colours - red or black - and can be used in the oven and on your barbecue. This stone will help you master the art of grilling even the most delicate of ingredients. Made from BBQ ceramic, it can resist heat up to 500°C.

Here we are six months into the plastic bag ban on PEI and many people are looking for other ways to minimize their use of plastic. These produce bags have drawstring closures to keep your produce safe.

Packit Freezer Lunch Bags It's that time of the year when we're once again thinking about healthy eating and that often involves bringing your lunch to work. No fridge at your office? No problem. With these Packit freezable lunch bags you'll keep healthy food cool all day longÂŹyou'll never need ice packs again. Save hundreds of dollars annually and make healthier choices by bringing food wherever you go.

PEI Wine Tote & Wine Glasses Compact, reusable and a great gift idea. These canvas wine bags are made on PEI and make a great add-on to a gifted bottle of wine. We have a wide range of beautiful wine glasses designed and manufactured in Europe including a stemless wine glass that has a low centre of gravity, making it stable as well as an indent for ease of handling.

Ellen Degeneres Dinnerware Crafted by Royal Doulton, this contemporary tableware has been inspired by Ellen's love of nature. The unique collection of different designs and range of mix and match items allows you to express your own sense of style and personality through the various pieces.

Lodge Cast Iron The right tool to sear, bake, broil and fry. Seasoned for a natural easy-release finish that improves with use and is easy to clean. This premium cast iron cookware has been made in the USA for over 100 years and continues to be used by generations to create wonderful food and memories.




Why Brunello is “da bomb” WORDS BY Lesley Quinn


(Photo: Lesley Quinn)

nce upon a time, there was a square-topped hill named Montalcino that looked out on valleys kissed by sunlight. Upon that hill, a grape named after Jove’s blood grew bountiful, and was used to make a wine with tart cherry and strawberry aromas and savoury nuances of thyme and tomato. The wine was drunk almost immediately with pasta and pizza. Then, one day, a man named Clemente Santi was walking through his grandmother’s farm. He noticed that a pocket of “Jove’s Blood,” or “Sangiovese,” appeared to have a thicker skin and darker colour than he was used to seeing in his beloved Sangiovese. Santi took to calling that pocket the “brown one,” or “Brunello,” because of its colour at harvest time. Santi found that he enjoyed how much bolder the wines from the small patch of Brunello were, and he knew he had discovered something special in this steep patch of vines. Thanks to his knowledge of science and chemistry, Santi was able to isolate the grape clone. He was the first to bottle it alone, a feat recognized and awarded at the 1869 World Fair. He also developed longer neutral-barrel aging for these wines, and became a mentor to his grandson Ferruccio, who shortly thereafter released the 1888 Brunello Riserva, a mythic wine of incredible ageability. However, despite the initial awards, Ferruccio’s commitment to quality, and his grandfather’s vision of a single clone of 100 per cent Sangiovese, the wines from Montalcino and the Biondi Santi 14

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

F O O D & D R I N K - W I L L T R AV E L F O R W I N E

estate remained largely unappreciated. Almost 100 years would go by before Brunello captured the attention of the wine world, and popularity started to soar. In 1999, Wine Spectator named the 1955 Biondi Santi Brunello Riserva one of the “Wines of the Century.” Wines from the square hilltop town of Montalcino are now considered the “king” of Italian wines, rivaled only by Barolo, a wine made from the Nebbiolo grape, from an area north of Montalcino.

However, if—like me—you want to go straight to the source, join me in April on my tour of Tuscany with the Stewart Travel Group. We will visit that square hilltop of Montalcino, receive an insider tour and tasting at the historic Biondi Santi estate, and finish off with dinner at a Michelin-star restaurant. It is going to be “da bomb!”

This story alone makes Brunello “da bomb” in my eyes. Knowing you have something special, but having to wait a hundred years before you gain recognition, shows such tenacity and confidence—but tasting Brunello really is like a bomb for your senses. First, you enjoy an explosion of the most perfectly ripe cherries you have ever tasted, followed by dried rose petals and that broken-in leather jacket that you bought in your youth instead of paying rent. It is an in-your-face, “I will not be ignored” wine that can handle a porterhouse steak with a blue cheese crust with ease. It elicits moans of pleasure that can make some people blush. Delayed gratification is the essence of the winemaking philosophy of Brunello wines, not just their story. Brunello wines must be made from 100 per cent Sangiovese Grosso, and may not be released until the first of January the fifth year after harvest. (The Riserva cannot be released until the sixth year after harvest.) That means the 2015 vintage, a standout for the area, has just been released—an item a wine collector should consider investing in. However, Biondi Santi’s Brunello is best if you wait at least another ten years before popping the cork. As is the case in most wine regions nowadays, some producers have branched away from Clementi Santi’s original way of “delayed pleasure,” and use smaller barrels and less skin contact to minimize the intense drying sensation known as “tannins” in wine. Here in PEI, you can find three Brunello wines at your local wine store. Two are made in the traditional style invented by Biondi Santi: they are the Pian delle Vigne Brunello, by the Antinori family, and the Casisano Brunello, by the Tommasi family. The third Brunello is made by the Bottega estate for immediate consumption.

▲ Lesley Quinn (Photo: Kimberly Rashed) CMS & FWS SOMMELIER 2017 AtlanticCanada Top Sommelier 403.835.5939

Lesley Quinn was born and raised in Prince Edward Island. Her first opportunity in wine came as Junior Sommelier at the Ritz-Carlton in the Cayman Islands. They supported her as she completed the first two levels of the Court of Master Sommeliers to become a Certified Sommelier. Work has taken her to Calgary, Vancouver, Halifax, and Turkey. Wine has taken her to France, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Chile, and California. In 2017 she won the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers Top Somm Competition Atlantic division. Now back on PEI she’s sharing her knowledge under the guise of StellarSomm Wine Experts. Ask her what her favourite wine is and she says “I love all my babies equally.” Want to learn more about wine? Head to www.stellarsomm.com






& Market

WORDS BY Brianne Hogan PHOTOS BY Evan Ceretti, Rachel Peters Photography, Story Thorburn Photography


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

Islanders have probably noticed that the bottom of Prince Street in Charlottetown has become a little busier since the Founders' Food Hall & Market officially opened its doors last summer. The transformation of the space, which was formerly Founders’ Hall, was spearheaded by Port Charlottetown, also known as Charlottetown Harbour Authority.


ne of the main questions asked by cruise passengers is, ‘where can I try local food?’” says Joanne MacMillan, Charlottetown Harbour Authority Manager of Customer Relations and Tenant Leasing. “A study was done, and suggested a market-related use for the space would be perfect.” With this in mind, the Charlottetown Harbour Authority purchased the building, with a focus first on a local place for community to come together to experience our Island, as well as a fit for the busy cruise traffic May through October. “The plan was always with the intent of creating a community space that the public really embraced,” says Corryn Clemence, Cruise Development, Communications and Brand Manager at Charlottetown Harbour Authority/ Port Charlottetown. “Of course, on the flip side, we wanted local operators

“The plan was always with the intent of creating a community space that the public really embraced." - Corryn Clemence Facing Page: Top (L-R) Founders' Food Hall & Market, Prince Street entrance, Centre court, first floor. Middle (L-R) Green Fork, Fritz Chocolates (Rachel Peters Photography) Bottom: Stir It Up, (Evan Ceretti Photography) Rawsome Juice Bar. (Rachel Peters Photography) This Page: Top: Joanne MacMillan (Story Thorburn Photography), Founders' Food Hall, Patio (Rachel Peters Photography)

to have an opportunity to be on the Charlottetown waterfront to create an authentic Island experience for visitors to the Island as well.” After careful curation by MacMillan, the Founders’ Food Hall & Market is now home to nineteen independentlyoperated and localized businesses. With various companies ranging from Receiver Coffee Company to Rawsome Juice to Stir It Up to Founders’ Delicatessen to Happy Potter, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone. Besides the tasty and unique treats and goodies that are a must-do (and -eat), the hall itself, with its beautiful big windows and exposed beams and ductwork, is something to see. MacMillan says the food and market space was created with as much of the original building design as possible, resulting in an “overall feel of an old building modernized with added character and charm.”





While the hall is open year-round, its wintertime standard hours of operation are Friday and Saturday 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM, and Sunday 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM. However, Clemence says, some vendors are offering extended hours. In addition to its vendors, which will soon include a brand-new PEI Liquor store that will offer highend specialty product as well as a tasting room, Founders’ also hosts a variety of events, such as the recent Oktoberfest. Current events include the Live Music Happy Hour on Fridays, when residents are encouraged to come in after work to unwind. “We are always open to new and interesting ideas,” says Clemence. “Because of the amount of space in the hall, it lends itself to so many different opportunities for meetings and events, both big and small.” Limited parking space has been a concern for many Islanders, but Clemence says parking is available in the lot adjacent to the west side of Founders’ Hall, as well as the lot located next to the condos in front of the Marina. “This location offers parking on any non-cruise day, and every day throughout the winter,” she says. No matter what the weather, according to Clemence, the creation of Founders’ has been long overdue in Charlottetown. “[The hall] is a chance for us to showcase some of the best product on Prince Edward Island, and create a community hub for locals and visitors alike to come and enjoy,” she says. “The vendors have all taken such great ownership of the success and long-term viability of this space, we know it will be a mainstay in Charlottetown for years to come.”

Top (L-R) Holy Fox, (Evan Ceretti Photography) Soap & Candle, (Rachel Peters Photography) Middle: Truck N' Roll (Evan Ceretti Photography) Bottom: (L-R) Wren Sheidow at Doughnuts by Design, (Story Thorburn Photography) Oh Hey PEI. (Rachel Peters Photography) Facing Page Top: Rising Tide Oyster Bar, Bottom: Big Burger (Evan Ceretti Photography)

Founders' Food Hall & Market 6 Prince Street, Charlottetown www.foundersfoodhall.com


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

Visitor Information Centre

Ready to explore Prince Edward Island and its coastal capital, Charlottetown? Tourism PEI’s friendly and in-the-know vacation planners are eager to help you make the very best PEI vacation memories. Equipped with maps, guides, brochures, and an extensive wealth of PEI knowledge, they’ll get you geared up for an Island experience that’s suited to you, your budget, and your length of stay. Whether it be directions, dining, accommodations information/reservations or activity/attraction information, Tourism PEI’s vacation planners have it all… plus maybe even an “insider” tidbit or two. Stop by, say ‘hello’ and get ready to discover one of the most wonderful places on Earth.

Upstreet Pour Authority

Come for the best craft beer, stay for the camaraderie. That’s the standing invitation at Upstreet Pour Authority, where you’ll get a taste of the passion and commitment to quality that have propelled Upstreet’s craft brews to great popularity amongst beer lovers near and far. From their line of flagship beers to their many seasonals and super-charged one-offs (known as Neon Fridays), you’re sure to find a favourite (or three) to suit your style, whether you love a solid stout, want ALL the hops, prefer a light pilsner, or feel like going for a sour. The folks at Upstreet Pour Authority also love mixing things up and offer a selection of unique cocktails showcasing Upstreet’s craft soda line and your favourite spirits. Always keen to celebrate PEI’s craft beer scene, you’ll also find Upstreet pouring pints from some of PEI’s other beloved breweries. Wine and national brand beers are also on offer for those seeking something more familiar. Best of all, Founders’ Food Hall & Market is fully licensed, so you can sip your Upstreet brew while discovering other vendors and enjoying a tasty meal. WINTER 2020



Big Burger Remember when burgers used to be so big, you could barely open your mouth wide enough to take that first bite? Welcome to Big Burger. This family-owned burger spot has been serving up big, fresh beef burgers in Charlottetown for over twenty-five years. The not-so-secret recipe that keeps customers coming back again and again? Local beef and fresh toppings for an irresistible burger, along with tempting classics such as homemade gravy, crispy french fries, and milkshakes. Or, if you’re craving something a little different, Big Burger can hook you up with plenty of options including sweet potato fries, fish burgers, chicken burgers, crisp deep-fried mushrooms, and more. Now it’s your turn to experience the Big Burger difference.

Founders' Delicatessen

‘PEI meats, PEI made’ takes on a whole new meaning when you visit Founders’ Delicatessen, where you will find a wide variety of expertly-crafted Island meats, including bacon, sausages, salami, pepperoni, pastrami, ham, and more. With a selection of local and imported cheeses and Island preserves, you’ll find everything you need for your lunch, picnic or charcuterie needs. Or let their knowledgeable staff prepare the perfect charcuterie board for your next party or a night at the cottage. If you’re in search of lunch, choose from their selection of house-made sandwiches, hearty soups, and fresh salads, all made with local ingredients.

Doughnuts by Design Hand crafted Doughnuts recreated from Family Recipes with loads of unique toppings take the humble doughnut to a ‘HOLE’ new level at Doughnuts by Design. This one-stopshop for sweet treat lovers of every age is all about bringing fun, creativity, and incredible tastes to your doughnut experience. Made fresh daily, their inspired designer doughnuts showcase an assortment of classic flavours and unique Island toppings – products from Upstreet, Receiver, Rawsome, Founders Deli, Truck n Roll as well as fresh hot melt in your mouth minis made to order. Kids can now decorate their own doughnut and Kips has created mini designer Doughnuts on a stick – for those on the go! Remember the wonder and delight of trying your first doughnut? It’s time to rekindle those fond memories with an elevated doughnut experience at Doughnuts by Design.

Famous Peppers Forget what they say - you can have your pizza AND eat it too. Locally-sourced meats. inspired flavour combinations, and healthier options: these are the ingredients that make Famous Peppers Fiamma’s pizzas a slice above the rest. Whether you’re in the mood for an adventurous pizza experience or a familiar classic with a twist, there’s a Famous Peppers pie to suit your taste - from the Pied Thai to the Curried Away to the Holy Mole and many more. And you can feel good knowing that Famous Peppers exclusively uses fresh meats from Atlantic Canada that contain no gluten, hormones or preservatives. Fortunately, unlike some life decisions, you can’t go wrong with any choice you make at Famous Peppers - the resulting pizza will always be divine.

Happy Potter

Big smiles, bright colours, and a dash of magic awaits at Happy Potter. Unleash your imagination at this unique and inviting workshop space and rediscover the pure joy of creating. No matter your age or experience level, there’s a piece of pottery or blank canvas at Happy Potter that’s waiting for your signature style. Choose from make-your-own or paint-your-own pottery activities, play-with-clay parties, and other fun activities such as slime-making, fused glass, paint-on-canvas, and more. Embrace the rainbow of colours and brushes, create to your heart’s desire, and leave with a piece of pottery that’s as ‘aglazing’ as your imagination.

Holy Fox

For fox sakes, if you’re hungry for a meal or snack that’ll knock your socks off, make your way to the Holy Fox ‘hole’. You’ll find plenty to love at this approachable eatery, where everything is made from scratch and ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible. Choose from a menu of fresh and fast sandwiches, corn tacos, hearty sides, and pretzels. For something entirely different, try their ‘as-seen-on-TV’ YOLO stick - a coffee-candied piece of bacon dipped in milk chocolate and sprinkled with roasted peanuts. Hey, if not now, then when? Make your next meal a Holy Fox one.

F O U N D E R S ' F O O D H A L L & M A R K E T (Photos by Rachel Peters Photography)

Maritime Madness

Rawsome Juice Bar

Receiver Coffee

Ready to torture your taste buds in the best possible way? Maritime Madness is up to the challenge. With 31 (and counting) gourmet spicy sauces to choose from, you’ll find a sauce that takes your taste buds to their limits and beyond. Using locally-grown peppers from their own farm and partnering Island farms, and other local ingredients, Maritime Madness lovingly creates small batches of spicy sauces from their own kitchen. The result is a line of sauces with intriguing flavour profiles and varying heat levels designed to pair perfectly with your lifestyle and meals. Bacon Blaze, Hophead Habanero, Ghost Pepper, Candied Curry, and 27 other flavours await your taste buds. Sample them in-store and you’ll go mad for Maritime Madness. And if hot sauce just isn’t your thing, they also includes grilling sauces, butter brittles, beef jerky and other gourmet delights. Torture never tasted so good!

Jam-packed with nutritious goodness and flavour, Rawsome Juice’s line of raw, coldpressed juices are a delicious reminder that you are what you eat AND what you drink. Made daily with the freshest ingredients, there’s a Rawsome juice for every situation your busy life serves up, from The Detox to Power-Aid, Wake Up, The Garden, Beet It, Vanilla Coffee, and many more. Each bottle of Rawsome juice contains 10 - 15 servings of fruits and vegetables. Who knew being healthy could taste so good? Or, if it’s feeling like a smoothie kind of day, you’ll find your fix from their selection of in-house, madeto-order options such as Breakfast, Lunch, Happy Kid, and For the Love of Coffee. Head to Rawsome Juice Bar for your daily dose of plant-based goodness - your body and mind will thank you.

Sweet, exciting and ethically-sourced coffee: that’s the goal that propels Receiver Coffee forward every day and has won them many loyal coffee-loving customers. They believe every cup of coffee matters and so do the people who grow, prepare and drink it. And coffee isn’t their only jam. The folks at Receiver Coffee also get jazzed about creating unique, delectable food and baked goods for you to gobble up. At the heart of everything they do is a desire and dedication to cultivating community. Come see what all the buzz is about and enjoy a cup of exceptional coffee.

Rising Tide Oyster Bar

Stir It Up

Two Beggars

If you visit PEI and don’t try an oyster, were you ever really there? No worries, you can get your PEI oyster fix at Rising Tide Oyster Co., where a wide selection of premium varietals from across the Island are always on offer. Fresh and shucked to order, a PEI oyster experience at Rising Tide Oyster Co. is a unique chance to taste the distinct merroirs of the Island. Pair your PEI oyster selection with a local craft beer or wine for additional bliss. Having a party or simply want to shuck your own at home or the cottage? Rising Tide will pack your PEI oysters to go, so you can bring a shucking good time to your friends and family.

Forget everything you thought you knew about comfort food. Full-flavored, completely vegan, locally-sourced, and organic - that’s comfort food, Stir It Up-style. Find your favourite new comfort food at this friendly vegan cafe, where your hardest decision will be choosing what to order from their fun, inventive menu of vegan burgers, sandwiches, salads, soups, and sweet treats. Fancy a healthier version of a fast-food classic? Try their Mooless Mac. Searching for a filling ‘sammy’ that’ll tantalize your taste buds? Order up the Chick’n Buffalo Ranch Sandwich. Want a salad that’ll satiate? Try their Winter Salad or Caesar Salad (complete with fakon bits). Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian or omnivore, you’re going to fall in love with the food at Stir it Up!

Fashionable and functional, Two Beggars is a boutique shop dedicated to serving a very furry clientele. Specializing in making pets and their people happy, you’ll find all manner of canine-friendly products in shop - from dog treats to over-the-collar reversible bandanas, leashes, collars, paw wax, embroidered items and much more. You’ll also find many other handmade dog-related items created by Island artisans. While dogs are the main focus, Two Beggars loves all animals and there’s something for every pet and pet lover at their shop. The staff also love seeing your pet photos, so don’t be shy about taking your phone out and sharing your favourite snaps.



Canada’s Food Island is a culinary adventure and a mecca for locally grown and locally produced food and drink. There is simply something to delight anyone’s palette - sweet to savoury, bold to subtle, we explore and highlight the very best of the Island! So pull up a chair, grab a napkin and lets dig in! 22

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020


Redwater Rustic Grille's locally sourced Belle River rock crab cakes combine delicate, succulent crab meat with scallions, jalapenos, and lime zest. Topped with their tangy bacon, corn, cherry, and tomato succotash, and finished with a sweet and spicy honey Cajun aioli, this dish is a seafood lover's must-try. RedWater Rustic Grille 123 Grafton St., Charlottetown 902-367-8340 www.redwatergrille.com






From preserves made with brilliant combinations like strawberries and Grand Marnier, to lemon ginger marmalade infused with Amaretto – PEI Preserve Company is perhaps the Island’s finest purveyor of preserves, jellies, honeys, and syrups of both the sweet and savoury variety. With a large array of offerings available at local retailers, online, or at their beautiful New Glasgow location, The Preserve Company knows how to balance local flavours with authenticity and elegance.

Escape to your castle in the air on this journey of intoxicating flavours blended especially for those tea times when you wish to feel uplifted and restored to a mind of peace and meditation. The perfect beverage to instill a little calmness into your hectic day! A Lady Baker Signature Blend of Cream Earl Grey and Lavender.

PEI Preserve Company 2841 New Glasgow Rd. New Glasgow 902-964-4300 www.preservecompany.com

Lady Baker's Tea 35 Fitzroy St, Charlottetown 902-370-8327 www.ladybakerstea.com


Premium loose leaf teas that are ethically produced at the finest tea gardens in Asia and Africa.

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www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020





Nothing added, nothing taken away. Ready-todrink with over 850 wild blueberries in every bottle and 140 berries per serving.

ADL's two-year-old cheddar was named grand reserve champion at the 2017 Royal Winter Fair. ADL uses pure, sweet milk from the finest Island dairy cows, traditional craftsmanship and a timehonored, natural aging process to create this award-winning cheddar with unique and wholesome taste.

Squeak-ies PEI cheese curds are made with pride in MontCarmel.

Oh Fudge, Potato Fudge is OMG, the best fudge ever! Made from PEI potatoes and available in over 20 flavours - Chocolate Cheesecake, Salted Caramel, Lemon Cranberry and Maple are just a few to tempt you. Drop into the shop in Souris when it opens for the season or order your fudge and have it shipped to your door! Makes a delicious gift and, be sure to order some for yourself too.

Using a patented process with TEKMASH technology, the whole berry - juice and peel, seed and plup - is used to create this antioxidant-rich, whole-fruit purée. Pour it on ice cream or add it to smoothie.

Amalgamated Dairies Limited 400 Read Drive, Summerside 902-888-5000 www.adlfoods.ca

Healthy Berries Ltd. 902.838.3777 www.superfruitpuree.ca


Known to be eaten as a snack right out of the bag, they are also the goto topping on your poutine. However, Squeak-ies cheese curds can also be used in salads, pastas & pizzas. Charlottetown retailers include: Founders Hall Riverview Country Market Kent ST. Market Charlottetown Cheese Company Mel's on St-Peters


Add Superfruit Puree to your morning smoothie or your favourite beverage!

Fromagerie PEI Info@fromageriepei.com 902 215 8737

When it's fresh it ‘squeaks’ as you chew, hence the name SQUEAK-ies.


Oh Fudge - PEI Potato Fudge Shop 112 Main Street, Souris 902- 940-9171


Oh Fudge is made with real PEI potatoes and has 2/3 less calories than traditional fudge



ADL products are made from fresh Island milk, compliments of PEI's happy cows! WINTER 2020






Kombucha is a delicious and nutritious tea tonic brewed in Darlington, PEI by Heart Beet Organics. Enjoy by the beaker, pint, flight or mixed into a cocktail or mocktail at the Farmacy + Fermentary. Also available by the 750 mL refillable bottle at the Charlottetown Farmer's Market and across the island at finer establishments.

Founders’ Delicatessen offers a wide variety of processed and valueadded meat products, all produced on PEI with Island meats. From bacon and sausages to house-made sandwiches and salads, Founders’ Delicatessen is sure to be a local favourite.

A fresh and fun unique charcuterie experience! You call the shots with dressing up the board. Want a spread of just mouth watering meats? You got it. Rather treat your taste buds to a delicious variety of cheeses? Done. Or create the perfect combination of both! No two boards are made the same. The greatest selection of what we offer is locally sourced, and what’s not to love about that.

Heart Beet Organics Farmacy + Fermentary 152A Great George Street Charlottetown, PE 902.964.3060 www.heartbeetorganics.ca

Founders Delicatessen Founders' Food Hall 6 Prince St., Charlottetown 902-314-2132 foundersdeli@gmail.com

The Lucky Bean Cafe 576 Main St., Montague 902-838-3883 Info@theluckybean.com


Refill your bottle at the Farmers' Market or the Great George location!



Deli meats, crisp vegetables and fresh bread from Buns & Things and of course a www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020 2020 pickle! www.pei-living.ca WINTER

9 26 26

Watch for The Lucky Bean in the charcuterie feature included in the Spring issue.




Only the freshest ingredients are used to make this incredible salsa. Whether you choose mild or hot, this handcrafted salsa won't disappoint.

Gourmet sauces and condiments made with premium ingredients. Whether you're looking for something on the milder side, super spicy to torture your taste buds, or something in-between, this is the sauce for you!

All of our ferments are loaded with probiotics, made with organic produce grown on PEI by us or farmers we know. Perfect pickles, so many sauerkrauts, spicy beans, turnips, hot sauce, kimchi, tempeh and more! Vegan, gluten free, with no sugar or preservatives added, totally raw and delicious!

Pick up at the Souris location and now available at Mr. Seafood in West Royalty. Another favourite is the Pickled Preserves but you need to try all of their small-batch sauces and condiments.

Souris Sauces 396 PE-2, Souris West 902-330-4243

Gourmet hot sauces that are world-famous for their quality, heat, and most importantly, flavour. Made from jalapenos, cayennes and habaneros grown on PEI! Maritime Madness 570 Main St., Montague 902-583-2984 www.maritimemadness.com

The perfect compliment to fresh Island oysters. Check out their Founders' Food Hall location!



Heart Beet Organics Farmacy + Fermentary 152A Great George Street Charlottetown, PE 902.964.3060 www.heartbeetorganics.ca

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The following topics will be covered over four three-hour sessions. By the end of the workshop series, you will be able to understand and complete the basics needed to write a successful business plan as well as information on business supports, services and grants.

DESCRIPTION OF BUSINESS • Business Concept & Location • Management & HR needs

TYPES OF BUSINESS • Legal Entity • How to register your business

PRODUCT OF SERVICE • Pricing Strategy & Suppliers • Production

MARKET ANALYSIS • Research & Market Segmentation • Who are your customers?

COMPETITION • SWOT & Who is your competition? • What makes you unique?









ADVERTISING & PROMOTION • Marketing Strategy • Web Strategy/costs

FINANCIAL • Start up costs • Personal Contribution

CASH FLOW • Sales projections • Expenses

UNDERSTANDING • Income Statements & Balance Sheets • Terminology


To register for an upcoming session of the SBP program, please contact the Rural Action Centre in Montague by email: krista.mckeeman@cbdc.ca or by phone at 902.838.4030 ext 224. Please pre-pay your $50.00 to secure you seat; bring your laptop, and out of respect for other participants, please be on time.



“When I started the business, you’d see a couple come into your agency holding a brochure,” says Travis Stewart, who co-owns Stewart Travel Group with his wife, Paula Stewart. Instead of meeting in a traditional brick-and-mortar store, Stewart Travel Group meets their clients where they are.

▲ Travis and Paula Stewart (Photo by Evan Ceretti)

Stewart says that means meeting clients in their home, or over a coffee, to help plan a dream vacation. “Life doesn’t close down at five o’clock,” he adds. With 20 years in the travel industry, Stewart started Stewart Travel Group five years ago in Stratford, PEI. Today it has expanded

across the Maritimes. The agency has 17 experienced travel agents in PEI, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, who are experts in vacation planning, specialized group tours, and destination weddings. As well as meeting clients out of regular business hours, Stewart Travel Group strives to connect with new clients throughout the year through their travel shows. “Our shows are opportunities for clients to learn about programs and tours that aren’t available anywhere else on the market,” explains Frances Gertsch, Trusted Travel Advisor and Marketing Manager with Stewart Travel Group. WINTER 2020




▲Front (L-R) Paula Stewart , Travis Stewart , Hailey Paynter , Jessica Chaisson , Michelle Hayward , Kevin Hayward , Glen Earle , Tara Turner , Stan Bobar , Kathy Bobar , Julia MacCormack , Wendy Doran Back (L-R) Kelley Gowan, Terri Clark , Kelvin Jones , Frances Gertsch “When cruise ships come in at Charlottetown or Halifax, we’ll invite our clients onboard to experience the cruise line and have dinner, lunch, or a glass of champagne,” Stewart explains. “It’s about bringing the experience to them.” Whether that’s an air ticket to Toronto or a lifelong-dream tour of Europe, Stewart Travel Group wants to make it an exceptional experience for everyone who books with them. “It’s important we take care of people extremely well and keep communication lines open,” says Paula Stewart. With so much to experience, how does Stewart Travel Group help its clients narrow down their vacation plans? “Most times, people know what experiences they want, they’re just not sure where that will take them,” says Stewart. Their travel advisors ask the right questions to help clarify what’s important to clients, and suggest a holiday for them–whether that’s recharging batteries on the beach with family and friends in 30

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

Jamaica, or an unforgettable Peruvian culinary tour. “Dealing with a travel advisor makes that process much easier and more confident,” says Stewart. “Our relationships with our partners are paramount. We have a number of preferred partners, and that’s important to us.”

New this year, Stewart Travel Group will host tours to Tuscany with a local wine sommelier. Former CBC personality Kevin “Boomer” Gallant is also hosting a group trip to Ireland in the fall. “We have an amazing time, and it’s also about peace of mind,” says Paula Stewart.

One of Stewart Travel Group’s specialities are their group tours to destinations around the world. “I’m really proud of all our programs; they’ve very unique,” says Stewart. This year, they’ll bring the East Coast to Europe when they host Jim Cuddy, lead singer of Blue Rodeo, on a river cruise along the Danube. Another important trip is their 13-day faith-based tour of Italy, which culminates in Oberammergau with the Passion Play. “It only takes place once every ten years, and offers an exclusive departure,” explains Stewart. “No one else in the world has that date.”

Stewart Travel Group 43 Birch Woods Lane, Stratford 902.894.9389 1.844.660.7329 itstime@stewarttravelgroup.ca www.stewarttravelgroup.ca

Collette Tours Jack Collette’s first tour was a jitney bus on a three-week sojourn from Boston to Florida for $61.50, in 1918. “No one else has been doing this for 102 years,” says Shane Coupland, Collette’s Atlantic Canada Business Development Manager. Collette remains the oldest family owned tour operator in North America, with small group tours to more than 60 countries across the globe. Coupland says Collette’s all-inclusive tours offer exceptional value and a life-changing experience. Stewart Travel Group works with Collette because they know that everything is covered for their clients from start to finish, including door-to-door limo service and guaranteed departure dates. When it comes to travel, Coupland explains it’s all about “bucket-list” destinations. “Greece and Croatia are unbelievable,” he says. The three “I’s” of travel also remain popular – Italy, Ireland and Iceland. “With Collette, it’s about getting off the beaten path and taking a deeper dive into these countries,” Travis Stewart adds. “Experiences are what our clients are looking for, and partnering with Collette allows us to offer a diverse range of exceptional experiences around the world.” Collette’s Small Group Explorations tours offer travellers adventure and an immersive experience, including homestay meals and staying in boutique-style accommodation. “We also offer incredible once-in-a-lifetime experiences through our Impact Moments,” says Coupland. One experience is sowing seeds of change in Africa where visitors have the chance to help replant the forests by scattering seed balls in Kenya. From taking an Arabic cooking class to feeding giraffes at a giraffe sanctuary in Kenya to breaking bread in a 16th-Century French vineyard, “Our clients that travel with Collette are in awe,” says Stewart. “It truly is a trip of a lifetime.”

Top: Amalfi Coast, Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula. Middle: Taj Mahal, Agra, India Above (left): National Park of Kenya, (right): Godafoss Waterfall of the Gods, Iceland




Globus Travel Globus Travel began 90 years ago with a boat ride across Lake Lugano, Switzerland, and has grown to 480 different vacation packages in 77 countries. With Globus, travellers can visit iconic Machu Picchu in Peru with a side trip to the Galapagos Islands. “We’ll help you knock off two bucket-list items on one trip,” says Chris Jones, Director of Marketing for the Globus family of brands. Along with popular destinations like Italy, Britain, and France, Globus gives travellers the opportunity to explore destinations less travelled and experience local cultures on their Undiscovered Tours. “What makes these tours unique is we bring travellers to secluded ports and towns that other tours don’t,” explains Jones. New this year is our Undiscovered Mediterranean tour, during which guests can stay in stylish hotels set in historical towns or tiny whitewashed villages. Globus now offers an 11-day tour of Croatia, from Zagreb to Dubrovnik. “It’s a beautiful part of the world,” says Jones. “And with Game of Thrones, people are flocking to Dubrovnik.” The research, planning, and language barrier of organizing a vacation can add stress before you even leave. “Simply put, a Globus tour is a perfectly planned vacation package,” explains Jones. “Globus’s fully escorted tours, VIP access to must-see sites and hand-picked hotels are why they are one of Stewart Travel Group’s preferred partners,” says Frances Gertsch, Trusted Travel Advisor and Marketing Manager with Stewart Travel Group. “We aim to make the vacation carefree, but we also care for the people and places we visit,” says Jones. Sustainability is important to how Globus operates, 32

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

and the company partners with The Ocean Cleanup to remove and reduce plastics in our oceans; Globus also offers trips to children through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Jones says that Globus also partners with Landmine Design, a social enterprise that provides jobs for women in Cambodia. “We want to make sure the destinations we visit are fruitful for future generations,” he explains.

Top: City of Dubrovnik, Croatia Middle: Machu Picchu, Peru Bottom: Island of Procida, Italy

Avalon Waterways River cruising continues to be one of the fastest-growing travel styles, according to Chris Jones, Director of Marketing for the Globus family of brands. “It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in historically significant smaller towns, without the hassles of unpacking and checking in multiple times.” River cruising is also a throwback to how people used to travel. “You’re retracing the steps of history, but in a more stylish way.” That starts with Avalon’s one-of-akind Panorama Suites, with floor-to-ceiling windows that open out from luxurious suites to views of life on the river. Stewart Travel Group has been hosting river cruises for over ten years, having taken more than a dozen groups on river cruises along the Rhine and Danube Rivers. This November, Stewart Travel Group set sail for an exclusive Danube Dreams river cruise aboard the brand new Avalon Envision with Jim Cuddy, lead singer of Blue Rodeo.

On shore, Avalon Waterways offers guests a variety of unique experiences. “You could take a guided morning run through Vienna, where you’ll learn a bit of history at the same time, take a cooking class, or jump into a canoe and paddle along the river,” explains Jones. Avalon’s shore excursions are curated by expert cruise directors and local guides. While river cruising in Europe has long been popular with travellers, Avalon Waterways also offers Asian river cruises on smaller, more intimate ships with only 36 passengers. “Because they’re smaller, you’re able to cruise along the massive Mekong Delta at a relaxed pace and sail right into Ho Chi Minh City,” explains Jones. Avalon Waterways also travels along the mighty Amazon River in a 169-foot-long luxury river cruise ship with a dedicated naturalist. “You can only imagine how many different plants and animals there are on the Amazon,” says Jones, explaining the

value of the naturalist’s presence. “If you didn’t have that expertise available, you wouldn’t know what to look for and could miss some of that joy.” “Once people try river cruising, it’s hard to go any other way,” he adds. “It’s such a wonderful way to travel.”

Top: Avalon Envision Bottom: Panarama Suite, Envision WINTER 2020



Air Transat Air Transat was been named Best Leisure Airline in the world two years in a row, and for more than 12 years, Stewart Travel Group has partnered with the tour operator on trips to the Caribbean and Europe. This year, Transat is once again the preferred partner for Vacation Rendezvous, the annual group getaway hosted by Travis and Paula Stewart, that provides an opportunity for Maritimers to relax and unwind. This April, Stewart Travel Group are headed to the Dominican Republic to stay at the Be Live Collection Punta Cana Adults Only resort, on Cabeza de Toro Beach. Transat has recognized Stewart Travel Group with the Top National Sales Award at The Travel Agent Next Door Award. Transat also caters to families and the Atlantic Canadian winter is often a time when families want to escape to the sun. Transat’s Family Collection means parents can enjoy drinking a cocktail on the terrace or watching the sun sink slowly over the ocean, there are plenty of exciting activities for kids at the kids’ club and teens’ club. “Our all-inclusive packages are designed to take care of families from the moment they check in until they return,” says Susan Kooiman, Senior Business Development Representative with Transat. Kooiman says favourite family hotspots include The Fives Beach Hotel & Residences Playa 34

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

del Carmen, in Riviera Maya, Mexico. From splashing in the pool, to building sandcastles on the beach, to whacking pinatas at the Azulitos Playhouse, younger travellers will be well catered to at this luxurious resort. Kooiman also recommends the Fantasia Bahia Principe Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. The fun-filled family resort centres around a fairy tale castle, with fireworks in the evening. Another great choice for families looking for a new destination is an all-inclusive vacation at the Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica in Runaway Bay. “It’s a Transat favourite,” says Kooiman. The prestigious resort is on a secluded beach with two kids’ pools, a kids’ club, and mini-disco. Another perk is Transat’s Kids Club program. “Mini-globetrotters aged two to 11 can join for free,” says Kooiman. The Kids Club provides a dedicated family check-in, preboarding, and on-board surprises, as well as a member’s kit with travel goodies. Transat understands that when it comes to families, it’s not one-size-fits-all. They now offer vacation packages for single parents. “There’re no additional supplements for solo parents on select properties who want to vacation with their kids,” says Kooiman. Multi-generational vacations are also increasingly popular, and Transat provides all-inclusive stays at resorts with luxury suites and adjoining rooms available, so grandparents can enjoy a winter getaway too.

Top: Fantasia Bahia Principe Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic Middle:The Fives Beach Hotel & Residences Playa del Carmen, by Karisma, in Riviera Maya, Mexico Bottom: Grand Bahia Principe, Jamaica

Gateways International Gateways International Tailor-made Tours works with trusted travel agents across Canada. “Our partners at Stewart Travel do an excellent job of knowing their clientele,” says Martha Tavio, Sales Director with Gateways International Tailor-made Tours. “Together, we build programs that are unique, high-quality, and memorable.” When it comes to top destinations for 2020, Europe remains a hot commodity. Tavio lists the Czech Republic, Portugal, and Greece at the top, while Italy and Spain remain popular. “For those seeking adventure and wildlife, the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador never disappoint,” says Tavio. She also suggests that snowbirds consider an extended break in Costa Rica, exploring its serene landscape. Not only does Gateways International Tailor-made Tours have on-the-ground knowledge, they’re also experts in planning an itinerary, so you’ll experience everything at a relaxed pace. “We really focus on offering experiences rather than just the usual tourist stops,” says Tavio. “We know the true value is in taking you to a café the locals visit.”

travellers to any of the over 40 destinations we offer around the world,” says Tavio. One such trip is an exclusive group tour to Prague, the Czech Republic, and Bucharest, Romania. “It’s a hot destination now!” she adds.

Top: Lisbon, Portugal Middle: Santorini skyline, Greece Bottom: Costa Rica coast

In this age of technology, service has become transactional. However, Gateways International Tailor-made Tours treats each request with care. “We build each itinerary as though we are going along with the passengers,” explains Tavio. As a result, no two trips are the same, and each is fully customized. A proud all-Canadian, family-run business, Gateways International Tailor-made Tours considers Stewart Travel their premier partner in Eastern Canada. “Stewart Travel can customize an itinerary for individual WINTER 2020



F R O M T H E S T Y L E E D I TO R ’ S D E S K

New year - fresh start! The new year brings with it fresh starts and good intentions. And well, snow...quite a bit of snow, but enough about that. It’s a fresh beginning for whatever you can imagine. Last year was my year of “yes”. I opted to say yes to things I might have passed on previously. It brought me a new career, amazing new experiences and lots and lots of fun. This ‘yes’ gal is a real keeper. So what about 2020? Like so many others, I am getting my fitness and nutrition game on. It’s not new territory for me however I’m pushing myself a little harder. I’m setting some goals this year. In my health, career and personal life. Big, exciting goals. Goals I’m hellbent on crushing. Reflecting on 2019, it brought some amazing new clients and wow moments. I always love me a style “aha” moment, but there has been a real shift. We’re stepping away from self-criticism. Our confidence is building and we’re preparing to take the world by storm. If you haven’t joined the Love Yourself Revolution, 2020 is your year. I challenge you. Nourish yourself. - Pamper yourself- Get to know you. Fall in love with you. My trend forecast for 2020..... Self criticism is out, Self love is in.

Kimberly Kim Rashed, Style Editor kimberly.peiliving@gmail.com 902.628.7403 (Photo: Jenna Keenan)

"If you're not comfortable in your own skin, you won't be comfortable in your own clothes" — Iris Apfel


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020



Edit your current wardrobe by letting go of the items that aren’t serving you and focus on those that make getting dressed a treat. When you’re overwhelmed by too much “stuff” it’s hard to see what is right in front of you. Take advantage of this opportunity to get organized and take the guesswork out of your day to day.

Replace that not-sowhite tee, your faded duds and tattered boots. It’s finally time to dry clean and tailor those items that have not seen the light of day in so long. Fix that button, remove the pilling from your comfiest sweater. You love them too much to let them go so show them some love.

CHALLENGE YOURSELF Try experimenting with clothes you already own. Revisit that dress that you just had to have. Pull out the pieces you struggled to pair and challenge yourself to make head to toe looks you can really get excited about.



NEW STYLE RESOLUTIONS This is your year! It’s time to step into your own personal style. Make "you" a priority and take the time to find style that makes you smile. What makes you feel fabulous? Find w hat feels comfortable and above all what is truly you.

Shop and dress with purpose. Invest in staple pieces that you’ll feel great in and will wear time and time again. Choose classic pieces that say who you are. When you choose to shop smart you don’t need to shop as often.

- Kimberly Rashed, Style Editor

STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE Add some color or try a new trend. Taking some fashion risks can be very empowering. Start adding some wow pieces to your repertoire and it will give you the confidence boost you needed to kick this fashionable year off right. WINTER 2020




Resort Vibes Bring on the palm trees and ocean breeze! Resort season has arrived and we’re ready for a break from all of those layers, because it’s always ummer somewhere. This resort season is all about extra! No wall flowers here. From bold punches of colour, to big blooming prints, we are making our mark on vacay this season.


Just add sunshine with one of the season’s top hues. Tumeric is a fab shade of yellow that has a warm golden tone, gorgeous here on Paula. This punch of color just makes us smile. The rhinestone detailed boho top pairs so beautifully with this statement print pant. Top and pants by Frank Lyman. Available at Lady Slipper Intimate Apparel & Accessories. Model: Paula Stewart WINTER 2020




There’s nothing that says extra like a sultry animal print. Amanda is killing it in a subtly hued snake-skin print dress. We love the sexy vibe of the print paired with the simplicity and ease of the knit. And obviously, pockets! Need we say more? Dress by Joseph Ribkoff available at Dow’s Fashions. Model: Amanda Dover


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

One-pieces silhouettes that flatter are always on trend. We love a look that takes the guesswork out of day-night dressing. Bold stripes speak volumes in this jumpsuit paired with a casual slide for day, and a kitten heel seen here on Kimberly for evening. Jumpsuit by Joseph Ribkoff available at Dow’s Fashions. Model: Kimberly Rashed (Photo: Jenna Keenan)




o k o i L n e g r ' Fo e r W H

oes er

Celebrating Island Women in Business 2020 42

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

PEI LIving Magazine - Spring 2020 Our 4th Annual Women in Business FEATURE BE A PART OF IT! Contact Lorraine MacAulay lorraine@pei-living.ca 902-213-6463

We’re craving some salty air to go along with our ocean hues. These two babes are perfectly coordinated in top resort trends of the season. Donna’s knit jumpsuit is an easy travel piece with an elegant touch of draped skirt panel front and a faux wrap bodice. Amanda is glowing in this rich floral high-low dress with bow detailed halter neckline. These sisters have destination dressing locked down.

Models: (L-R) Amanda Dover, Donna Welsh

Dress and jumpsuit by Frank Lyman available at Lady Slipper Intimate Apparel & Accessories. Bag by Louenhide available at Lady Slipper Intimate Apparel & Accessories.



Let Us Rejuvenate Your Senses WORDS BY Katie Ingram PHOTOS BY Evan Ceretti

For those taking a trip down south this winter, vacation prep includes more than packing, booking a hotel and activities, and buying plane tickets.


the winter in Canada we bundle up, but when we go south, we unveil our bodies again,” says Virginia MacIsaac, manager of Grand Senses, an Aveda Lifestyle Spa, Salon and Boutique in Charlottetown. “There’s a different type of body care we do from a winter season to a hot, summer season.” Grand Senses, MacIsaac explains, offers a variety of services to help clients get beach- and warm-weather ready. One thing MacIsaac highlights is nail care, with manicures and pedicures that include gel polishes. “It allows the nail to breathe,” she says. Gel polishes are also specifically designed to help improve nail growth, and are useful for those with weak or brittle nails. They can’t be removed using regular nail polish remover, but MacIsaac does caution that being in a chlorinated pool can weaken the formula. Grand Senses is more than just nails, though. “People tend not to be as concerned about their body hair during the winter season as our bodies are covered trying to stay warm. Traveling to hot sunny climates where our wardrobe changes, creates a need for waxing services that the Grand Senses provide.” Some of these services include, but are not limited to, stomach, chest, full leg and bikini line, bikini line only, Brazilian, underarms, and back. The spa also sells products for those looking to continue care at home, such as an aloe vera hydrating mask, a product MacIsaac swears she never leaves home without. 44

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

▲ Virginia MacIsaac

Sun care isn’t always about the skin, she adds. It’s also about the hair, so Grand Senses offers other products, like the Aveda Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque. “After you’ve been in the sun, you can put it in your hair for a few minutes. It hydrates your hair,” MacIsaac continues. “It puts back the moisture that the sun—or the chlorine—would have taken out of our hair.” Grand Senses also has an Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil which acts as hair sunscreen. It can protect hair from UVA/ UVB rays for up to 16 hours, while moisturizing with vitamin E. “It maintains, as much as possible, the integrity of the hair under the heat, salt water, and chlorine,” she says. There are even more reasons to choose Grand Senses. It has a commitment to quality, not just for its own services, but for the products themselves. “One reason is, all of our products are plant-based, so they are natural-oriented,” MacIsaac adds proudly, noting that having these types of products is part of the Aveda mission statement. “We believe in doing fair trade, so we deal directly with the suppliers, and we have certain criteria that those suppliers have to work with in order to do business with us.”

Grand Senses Spa at the Holman Grand Hotel Confederation Court Mall, 123 Grafton St., Charlottetown 902.894.8332 www.grandsensesspa.com





Dreams are made of this Romantic Lounge Wear

WORDS AND PHOTOS: Kimberly Rashed Models: Amanda Dover, Donna Welsh WARDROBE: Lady Slipper Intimate Apparel & Accessories, Charlottetown SHOT ON LOCATION: The Holman Grand Hotel


omance is in the air and we’re crushing hard on sweet and sexy sleepwear. Whether you’re just curling up for a little "me time" or have a date night on the agenda, you’ll stun in these styles available at Lady Slipper Intimate Apparel & Accessories.

Unwinding by the fire on a brisk evening calls for soft luxurious knits and versatile lounge wear. Pair a brushed knit jogger, so soft to the touch, and a little peeka-boo of a delicate lace bralette. Donna’s playful look is draped in a pillow-soft blush pink robe cardigan making this entire look a fave to cozy up in.

Model: Donna Welsh Pant & Robe by Coffee Shoppe, Bralette by Wacoal

We’re turning up the heat in a tantalizing lingerie look. Amanda wows in this vibrant teal negligee with a nude lace detail under a floral kimono. A little flirtation goes a long way with satiny fabrics and sultry draped silhouettes. Impossible to resist.

Model: Amanda Dover | Negligee by Wacoal, Robe by Najerika WINTER 2020



YOUR DOWNTOWN SHOPPING DESTINATION The Confederation Court Mall WORDS BY Brianne Hogan PHOTOS BY Evan Ceretti

The Confederation Court Mall has been a mainstay of Charlottetown since 1979, located in the heart of downtown. While its various shops are familiar to many Islanders, it’s fair to say that Confederation Court Mall is not your standard mall. In fact, thanks to its emphasis on local owners and stores as well as its passion and dedication to community, it might just be the heart of the city. 48

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

Many of the shops at the mall like Luna Eclectic Emporium, Norton’s Jewellers, The Bookmark, Golden Fox Home Décor, Dow’s Clothing, Isla Clothing & Accessories, ecospirit Clothing Store, Chameleons Hanger, Bob’s General Store and FormFree, are privately owned. This creates a geniune connection that is evident throughout the mall, which, according to Emma Hill who owns Isla Clothing, is what makes it truly special. “I’ve always thought the Confederation Court Mall had a certain charm to it,” she says. “You really feel a sense of community working in the downtown area and also working with the other mall merchants.” While Hill only recently opened her boutique in November, she says she already feels “so welcomed

▲ Top (L-R) The PEI Co. Store, Blair Myers Property Manager, The Bookmark, Seacy Pan - Formfree Branding. ◄ Peter Norton - Nortons Jewellers, Emma Hill - Isla Clothing, Joseph Dow - Dows Fashions, Redwater Rustic Grille

by other store owners and the regulars who shop downtown.” As new immigrants to the island a few short years ago, Seacy Pan, who owns FormFree Branding, a print and design business in the mall, is thankful for the sense of community she found at the Confederation Court Mall. “When I started my business four years ago, these companies and stores helped me a lot. I won’t forget that,” she says. “The stores in the mall are connected together like a big family. Many employees here have been servicing Islanders and tourists for years; they are willing to help each other, introduce customers to each other, and help newcomers get familiar with the environment and people.”

That sense of family is palpable throughout the customer service provided at many of the mall’s stores, including the mall’s linchpin, Dow’s Fashions. “We go above and beyond to ensure every client receives the care we ourselves expect,” says Joseph Dow. “We are a family run business that treats all clients like they are a guest in our home.” In addition to the various shops, the mall maintains its community roots by supporting a variety of festivals and events throughout the year, including the Charlottetown Christmas Festival, the Jack Frost Winter Festival in February, an Easter event, and a fashion show, which will be held at the end of March. It’s also home to the only escalators in PEI, which makes it accessible for many.

Whether you’re looking to buy the perfect gift or wish to take in a local event, Pan says from her experience, you’ll never feel like an outsider. “You will always get advice from people working with you in different stores or departments. You can talk to them about anything from business to life. Cooperation seems to be more important than competition here.”

Confederation Court Mall 134 Kent St., Charlottetown 902.894.9505 www.confedcourtmall.com





four ways to give winter



WORDS AND PHOTOS: Kimberly Rashed MODELS: Amanda Dover, Donna Welsh BOOTS, SCARVES & BAGS: Luna Electic Emporium, Charlottetown SHOT ON LOCATION: Confederation Court Mall, Charlottetown

1 50

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020


Boots that kick winter’s ass? We are braving the cold temps in style. Super warm, durable, fashion meets function looks are paramount. Bonus points for footwear that is cool enough to step with you right into spring. If your footwear wardrobe needs a refresh these styles from Luna Eclectic Emporium have got you covered. 1) The slouchy boot trend is a standout this season though a daring look for some. We love this Taxi version with a western flare. It maintains a long lean structure while adding just a little slouch for a casual style. How to wear: We love this boot with a sleek denim or a full midi skirt.

3) Chunky soles and studded embellishments add that cool girl vibe to your wardrobe. This Olteya lace-up ankle boot is a must have for its versatility and strong, empowered flavour. How to wear: Mix a little bold and sweet: pair a cute little mini with opaque stockings for a rocker-chick look.

2) Stand tall in a platform boot with the added stability of a wedge heel. Fly London has comfort on lockdown and style "feet first" with this deep teal suede bootie with metallic detail.

4) A black combat boot is always an easy choice to update your collection; this sleek style it really never strays far from the top of the trends list. We love the simple styling of these MJUS boots. That little pop of red has them standing out above the rest.

How to wear: Throw on your fave distressed denim or sleek legging and slouchy socks.

How to wear: With everything. We promise. Try them tucked into a jogging pant.


4 WINTER 2020



H E A LT H & W E L L N E S S

Travel Health Words by Brianne Hogan Photos by Evan Ceretti

It’s that time of year when many Islanders are looking forward to escaping the cold winter months for a sunny and warm vacation. While you know you need to pack a bathing suit before your trip, thinking about what you might need health-wise before travel is another essential must-do on your pre-vacation list.


,what should you be asking yourself? According to Wally Kowalchuk, pharmacist and owner of Cornwall Pharmasave, it varies from remembering to pack the basics like Band-Aids and antibiotic ointments to getting specific necessities, like vaccinations and antibiotics. “Have you had your required vaccinations? How about preventive antibiotics to help with travellers’ diarrhea? We can make suggestions for you,” says Kowalchuk. The Cornwall location also has a diet program called Ideal Protein. “So, if you want to lose those extra pounds before you travel, or get rid of the weight put on from your travels, contact us and we will help.” 52

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

Because every patient has different travel needs, Pharmasave pharmacists in Cornwall, Montague, and Souris will provide advice, including what medications to pack. They will also administer many appropriate travel vaccinations, depending on where patients are travelling.

make sure there are no gaps in coverage. Also, for people travelling down south, we can provide advice as to what they should include, as far as over-the-counter products like antihistamines for a reaction or products for travellers’ diarrhea.”

“Usually, vaccinations for hepatitis A and B top that list. We are able to prescribe and administer those to patients over 18,” says Jonathan Broderick, pharmacist and owner of Montague Pharmasave.

Pharmasave also sells an array of products for your journey. Whether by airplane, a long drive, boat or train, compression legwear promotes healthy circulation during your journey, says Main Street Pharmasave in Souris owner Karen Creighan.

He adds that his store also offers advice to patients travelling for longer times. “We will sit down and make sure they have enough medication for their stay, which also involves working with the patient's insurance to

Taking care of clients’ needs and providing that extra TLC, whether Islanders are staying home or going abroad, has been important to the Pharmasave in Souris since it opened in 1991.

“‘Community matters’ is a Pharmasave slogan, and we take that to heart here at Main Street Pharmasave,” says Creighan. “Our long-term employees have built up relationships with patients and customers over the years.” That special connection is a key part of the Pharmasave locations across the Island, which helps them stand out. “Having trust in your pharmacy, and trust in your pharmacist, is so important,” says Kowalchuk. “We are the health professional people tend to see the most. We are in your neighbourhood, so we treat you like neighbours, because you are.” Adds Broderick: “Being the most accessible part of a patient's healthcare team is not just an honour, it's also a responsibility. They may have ten minutes with a physician or nurse practitioner, but we see them on a much more regular basis. They rely on the pharmacist to explain why they are taking what they are taking. We also like to help coach them if they have an appointment coming up. Knowing what to ask can lead to less confusion about their conditions and treatment options. A more knowledgeable patient is usually a healthier one.” While there’s a lot to remember before your trip, Broderick says the best travel trip would be “to enjoy yourself, first, and second would be to be prepared and always have a plan before you pack. We can help with that!” ▲ (L-R) Wally Kowalchuk, Karen Creighan, Jonathan Broderick Pharmasave Montague | 521 Main Street, Montague | 902.838.2561 Pharmasave Cornwall | 25 Meadowbank Road, Cornwall | 902.629.6870 Pharmasave Souris | 175 Main Street, Souris | 902.687.4104





February and March seem to be the longest months of the year but they don’t have to be. Here are ten things that will combat your cabin fever!

Cross Country Skiing With a multitude of trails across the Island, cross country skiing is a wonderful sport for anyone. It’s great exercise and a fabulous way to get out this winter and explore the Island, so start a new family tradition this winter.

Read More Reading can be relaxing, educational and entertaining all at the same time.

Small Print Board Game Café Master a game and challenge your friends at Small Print Board Game Café in downtown Charlottetown. The focus is on playing games and socializing with friends. Small Print is a 19+ venue that serves gourmet coffee, local craft beers and a concentrated menu of game snacks that can be shared with friends. Here’s the scoop: For $5 you can play as many board games as you want and stay as long as you want. There are over 300 games to choose from, open: Tue-Thu: 5pm - 11pm, Fri & Sat: 5 pm - midnight * NOTE: minors are permitted if accompanied by parent/guardian up to 8:00 pm. 119 Grafton St. 2nd Level Charlottetown info@smallprintcafe.com 902-370-2456

Felting at Belfast Mini Mills Card felting class - $20 (2 hours or less) This is a really good starting point for someone who has never needle felted before.

Quarter Sheet - $40 (2-4 hours) This is good for beginners or for intermediate needle felting

Full Sheet - $120 (a full day) This is for more advanced or intermediate felting.

For more information or to register please call 902.659.2202 or email linda@minimills.net

Curl at the Charlottetown Curling Complex The Charlottetown Curling Complex is a great place to get together with your co-workers, neighbours or friends! They have five sheets of curling ice, a licensed lounge, and a large banquet hall capable of seating up to 200 people. Ice rentals are available during the curling season, while the air-conditioned lounge and banquet hall The Charlottetown Curling Complex are available to rent year241 Euston Street, Charlottetown round. www.charlottetowncurlingclub.ca

Learn Something New A New Language

Have you always wanted to speak a second or even a third language? Check out online learning, visit the library or find a friend who can teach you.


Yoga can help reduce stress, increase flexibility and fitness level in addition to maintaining a healthy body and mind. Take a class with friends or your significant other.



Skating is the perfect way to spend time with your family and friends, get some exercise and enjoy our Island winter. Find an indoor community rink or a neighbourhood rink.

Keeping a journal allows you to express yourself and work out daily stress and frustrations. Share it with your partner or keep it for your eyes only.


Meditation is a great way to de-stress and teach you how to relax and calm your body and your mind.


Teach yourself to paint. With so many options, you’re sure to find your inner artist. Painting kits are available complete with brushes, paint and accessories to get you started.


The PEI Provincial Home Show is the show homeowners trust whether they are building, buying, renovating or landscaping their home. The event offers a glimpse into what’s new in the market and features leaders within the homebuilding and renovation industries. The 2020 event will inspire homeowners with new exhibits, innovative ideas and show specials and pricing. This year marks the show's 36th year and according to the Show Manager, Denise 56

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

Miller 2020 will be a huge success: "This is the event Islanders really trust and look forward to every year. " The 2020 PEIPHS is once again completely sold out with over 100 vendors filling the Eastlink Centre in Charlottetown. Representing every aspect of the industry, this event is a must-attend for every Islander. One of the big advantages of the home show is getting a glimpse of everything needed to create a dream home. It allows consumers the opportunity to shop

and compare and to actually see the products and representatives face-to-face. Exhibitors bring their A-game to the show so expect to find a large range of new products, show specials and innovative ideas to put into your home building, buying and renovating plans. CBC will be back at the PEI Provincial Home Show as well with live broadcasts and personalities onsite. Be sure to stay tuned for announcements on who to expect in the CBC booth each day. Visit the kid's mascot and meet on-air

"This is the event Islanders really trust and look forward to every year. " ◄ Denise Miller, PEIPHS Show Manager

personalities at media sponsor CBC’s booth. Families will enjoy the kid-friendly presentations and activities – further details to come! Visitors will be given a reusable bag at the door, courtesy of sponsor Xplornet. Make sure to purchase an ice cream and support Special Olympics PEI, and don't forget to enter to win a mosquito free summer from Atlantic Graduate Management & Lawn Care – a pest free package, valued at over $750. The PEI Provincial Home Show will be held March 6-8 at the Eastlink Centre In Charlottetown. For complete details, please visit the show’s website at www.PEIHomeShow.ca and follow PEI Provincial Home Show on Facebook (@PEIProvincialHomeShow) and Twitter (@PEIHomeShow).

Show hours: Friday, March 6- 12 noon – 7pm Saturday, March 7- 10am – 6pm Sunday, March 8- 10am – 4pm

PEI Provincial Home Show Eastlink Centre, Charlottetown March 6-8, 2020 www.PEIHomeShow.ca

Atlantic Graduate Pest Management






At Global Pet Foods, our Healthy Pet Care Specialists go through rigorous training to provide the best advice and education on which products are best for your pet’s individual needs. In honor of Dental Health Month, here are the top ten questions we get asked regarding pets’ dental health.


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

My pet won’t let me use a toothbrush on them. What can I do?

How can I freshen my pet’s breath without brushing?

If you aren’t able to get near your pet with a toothbrush, provide them with lots of natural chews that will help scrub and floss their teeth.

Aside from brushing, one way to help freshen your pet’s breath is by using a water additive (the pet equivalent of mouthwash). Water additives can be unflavoured, if needed. Just put a capful in your dog or cat’s water dish to help kill bacteria and freshen breath.

I give my pet one dental treat each day. Is that enough to keep their teeth healthy? One dental treat per day isn’t enough to prevent plaque and tartar from forming. The most effective way to keep your pet's teeth healthy is by combining brushing action with a water additive to help keep bacteria at bay. What’s the best dental chew for my dog? The best chews are natural and allow pets to scrub their teeth naturally. They include bully sticks, dental tendons, and similar products that won’t break down into sugars that stick to the teeth.

Can I get toys to help clean my pet’s teeth? Some toys allow your pet to brush their teeth while having fun, like the Bristly Brushing Stick, which releases toothpaste as pets chew. I have a small animal (for instance, a rabbit or guinea pig). How can I keep their teeth healthy?

Will feeding my pet canned food make their teeth worse?

It’s extremely important to keep your small animal’s teeth nice and healthy by providing lots of natural toys to gnaw on. The chewing motion files their teeth and keeps the teeth from growing too long.

Feeding wet food to your pet will not worsen their oral hygiene, provided the food is made with quality ingredients. Starchy ingredients break down into sugars that stick to the teeth and feed bacteria.

Why is my pet’s breath so bad? Bad breath is caused by bacteria living in the mouth and digestive tract. When you’re treating your pet’s bad breath, it’s important to kill bad bacteria in combination with treating plaque and tartar buildup.

Are dental health products for pets expensive? Dental health products are inexpensive compared to regular dental cleanings. Oral hygiene sessions can cost hundreds of dollars, not to mention the stress that anesthesia puts on the body. Remember, prevention is always better than cure!

Does the food I feed my pet affect plaque and tartar buildup? Absolutely! Make sure you are feeding your pet food and treats that include natural, good-quality ingredients. That, combined with brushing regularly, will help prevent plaque and tartar from forming on your pet’s teeth.

Global Pet Foods 405 University Ave, Charlottetown 902.368.1326 454 Granville St, Summerside 902.724.1326 www.globalpetfoodspei.ca








my opinion, the cold, dark days of winter pair perfectly with a warm fire and a good book. Here are some of my favourite new books across several genres. I hope you find a cozy spot to enjoy some of these titles.


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020




This Is How You Lose the Time War by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone

The Body: A Guide for Occupants by Bill Bryson

Grand Union by Zadie Smith

What happens when a Canadian poet and an American fantasy author write a book? You get the single most lyrical science-fiction work I have ever read. It is a co-authored, epistolary novel in which each author writes the part of one time-travelling operative. This Is How You Lose the Time War is beautiful, fast-paced, and unreservedly unique. ECO LIT Greenwood by Michael Christie Many works are popping up in this new genre after the success of Pulitzer Prize winner The Overstory, but Greenwood is the best I have read. Following the story of the Greenwoods down to the heartwood and back out again, Christie masterfully weaves this narrative of family and forest. FANTASY The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern Fans of Morgenstern’s first book, The Night Circus, have waited eight years for this one. Secret societies, magic, and underground worlds abound in The Starless Sea, a story of fables and fairy tales.

Here is another meticulously researched, yet completely readable, book by Bryson. He takes the reader through the human body from head to toe, describing all of the amazing processes that make us tick. It may sound dense, but I assure you it is a joy to read. SATIRE

I love it when a book surprises me. Grand Union is a wild departure from Smith’s novels, which tend to be set in contemporary England. The stories in this collection range not only in setting, but also in time period, genre, style, and voice. Kudos to Smith for taking this imaginative leap. FICTION Akin by Emma Donoghue

The Captain and the Glory: An Entertainment by Dave Eggers Hilarious and terrifying, this little nugget of a book speaks volumes. An inexperienced and inept man is chosen to captain a ship named the Glory. He steers the ship into increasingly dangerous situations while throwing all the manuals (and much of the crew) overboard. I’ll let you figure out the metaphor.

Donoghue is known for portraying interesting character dynamics (see The Wonder and Room), but in her new novel Akin, she depicts a unique duo. Noah, a septuagenarian man, is given temporary custody of his pre-teen (and previously unknown) nephew Michael just before a trip to research his upbringing in Nice. Donoghue’s dialogue between the two makes this book shine.

MEMOIR I Miss You When I Blink: Essays by Mary Laura Philpott Are you a Type A person who needs to do everything? Is it exhausting? If so, this witty memoir-in-essays is for you. Philpott writes so earnestly about motherhood, work, and family, it is as if she is confiding in you over a cup of coffee. Kristen Johnson is a homesteader and homeschool mom who lives in Eastern PEI. She loves to spend her free time between the pages of a book.






with Ellen Darys Velez of Soul Play PHOTO BY Buffie Boily

Ellen Darys Velez is from the Big Apple, and with her dance studio, Soul Play, she uses movement, creativity and selfexpression to get women living that siren-red-hot lifestyle they want and deserve. Soul Play is about a life lived with no apologies.

Soul Play 61 Broadway, Kensington, 902-314-2428 www.soulplaypei.com


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

Q. You’re originally from New York. What brought you to PEI? As cliché as it sounds, honestly, it started with my mom buying the Anne of Green Gables book for me when I was nine years old. Prince Edward Island and its lifestyle were just so magical, and like nothing a girl from the Bronx could ever imagine. I visited PEI for my thirtieth birthday. A really special part of my whole coming-to-PEI story is that the BnB that I stayed at when I first visited the Island on my birthday is actually now our current home. I think it’s pretty fabulous to see things come full circle like that. Q. What is your creative background? At about four years old, I started tap and jazz classes through the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre of Harlem. My claim to fame is having performed at Carnegie Hall. Then, when Dancing with the Stars became a thing, I found a studio, a dance partner and started doing the competitions in the Latin divisions. I then began teaching at that studio, and also started a competitive team for the students at a college I was working at in Massachusetts.

opening a dance studio was also because of the many times when dancing helped me in my own life. I want to share that with the women who come into my studio. The studio has recently moved to 61 Broadway, the King George Building, in Kensington on the second floor. Q. What types of classes do you offer? Overall, there are group classes and private lessons for Latin dance, movementbased confidence coaching, weddings, and dance-fit exercising. I teach many of the Latin styles, and occasionally some of the ballroom. For those looking to add a bit more of a feminine flair, I teach FEMME. It’s a beginners’ class where you learn to pose, walk, turn, and dance in heels, as well as getting to learn a mini-routine. For dance-fit exercising, there’s the Flexy class, which I describe as the hotter little sister to the common yoga class. I’m also, right now, developing a stretching and movement class that’s like a “Mommy and me” class. I also do choreography-based classes, whether for a wedding couple’s first dance or the Soul Dance class.

Q. Tell us a bit about your diverse talents.

Q. Where does/should dance fit into our lives?

I’ve always been a do-it-yourself type of gal. Part of the reason for moving to the Island was to actually homestead, and I started a hobby farm. My other talents include slime-making, slime-removing, understanding Minecraft and other boyspeak from my two sons, and making Barbie clothes for my daughter. And I bake a mean cheesecake.

I think dance fits everywhere. That’s why Soul Play is not just a “dance studio.” I really believe that the way you walk and move has a lot to do with the way you think about yourself. Also, dance is great for couples, and obviously, dancing gives all sorts of health benefits. Besides the calories you are burning, you are building and toning muscles and getting more fit. And honestly, it’s more fun and exciting than just pumping weights at the gym, right?

Q. What led you to open a dance studio? Where is your new studio? A few years after moving to the Island with my then-husband and our three kids, my marriage ended. My university degree is actually in psychology and counselling, but dance was my first love. I went big with opening my own studio, not just running a class here and there at the local community centre. Besides it feeding my entrepreneurial appetite, my reason for

Q. What’s your best advice to women wanting to pursue selfemployment? Soul Play is all about encouraging women and helping them to build their confidence. To a woman who is thinking of starting her own business, I say, “Go for it!” And to not wait until you think you have all the pieces perfectly lined up, or feel “ready.” Be open to taking your heart and emotions out of

the equation—just even for a short moment, enough to make needed tweaks—and staying focused on the bigger picture. Q. What or who inspires you? I’m inspired by… Quotes: one of my favourites is, “She believed she could, so she did.” [ed.: attributed to R. S. Grey] Music: that’s probably very obvious, being a dancer. But based on the beats, the lyrics, the flow, and the intensity, I can envision a whole choreography. My own challenges, situations, and realities: whatever is currently going on in my life can inspire my movements, the choreography, or even what song I chose to use. Q. What plans or dreams do you have for the future? I will be participating in Hospice PEI’s Dancing with the Stars again this year. Soul Play is also going more fully online, providing pre-designed classes for those who want to participate in a class with me, but for whatever reasons are more homebound, or their schedule doesn’t line up with the studio schedule. Think of it as Soul Play, Netflix-style. One real exciting plan is The Barn to Ballroom Challenge. This should be really exciting to see develop! And, on the personal side, there are plans for getting my book published—an autobiography meets self-help book meets life- and business-coaching—and a Scotland trip. I’m totally an Outlander fan. Q. Why Soul Play? Soul Play is for the woman who wants more than a new mantra, a new hobby, or another random trendy gym class. It’s about someone who wants a lifestyle change by a method that has less sweat and more sass. Soul Play is for the girl who wants to rock her inner mamacita and be more-thansatisfied with her life. Find out how Ellen and Soul Play can be one of your biggest life-improvement assets at www.soulplaypei.com. Intro class special: take a full 60-minute class for two people for $20! WINTER 2020



F R O M T H E H O M E E D I TO R ’ S D E S K Welcome to the Home and Cottage section of PEI Living Winter 2020 edition. My favourite days of winter are the ones where the sun is shining on a fresh layer of snow. The whiteness of it all makes everything look so pretty, crisp, and clean. In this issue we're focusing on the many rebates and incentives available to Island homeowners. It's a fabulous way to upgrade your home and take advantage of saving through many local businesses. Our home feature this issue is a house that is stylishly decorated in shades of white. White is always a classic choice because it offers a blank slate to show off your design personality and meshes with so many design styles including modern, traditional, farmhouse, boho or eclectic. I hope that you will find inspiration in this beautiful house. The DIY section shows you how you can repurpose home décor out of everyday items. I enjoyed putting this together along with spending time thrifting for inexpensive home décor. A new section this year is Destination Design. With more and more of us escaping winter, I will be looking at destinations, restaurants, hotels and resorts with inspirational interior designs ideas. Have a wonderful, safe and happy 2020. I hope you have lots of opportunities to enjoy getting outside whether it’s for a crisp winters’ day walk or taking in your favorite winter sport. If you have a business or service that fits into the Home and Cottage section and are interested in advertising with us in future issues please feel free to reach out to me at susan@pei-living.ca.


▲ Susan Snow, Home Editor (& rescue cat, Charlotte) | susan@pei-living.ca (photo: Evan Ceretti)

"Kindness is like snow - It beautifies everything it covers." - Kahlil Gibran 64

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020



If you are hunting for the perfect backsplash or shower tile look no further than the classic white subway tile. Whether they are the typical 3" x 6" size or a larger version, white subway tiles are always in style and present a feeling of cleanliness.

That perfect piece of artwork you have will look smashing in a white frame. White frames are a particularly lovely way to frame artwork. The image here is a great example of how a white frame accentuates the artwork making it look fresh and modern.





Spruce up your kitchen by investing in white dinnerware. Look for white dishes, serving ware or ceramic pieces.

Decorating with white accents is a tried and true way to add a feeling of lightness to your home. White accessories are always a good choice. Crisp and fresh, they fit in with any colour scheme or season. Here are my top six ways that you can easily incorporate white into your interior dĂŠcor.


A perfect backdrop for any dĂŠcor style. Having white walls will lighten up your home and give you a blank canvas for your furniture and accessories. Some of my favorite whites are from Benjamin Moore including Simply White, Cloud White, Oxford White and Chantilly Lace.

Invite elegance into your home with a simple bouquet of white flowers. At this time of year look for greenhouse tulips as they are inexpensive and readily available in flower shops and supermarkets.


Create that spa-like feeling in your bedroom with all white bed linens. White linens are a chic and classic choice that will never go out of style and are easy to maintain. Keep all your bedding basics white and layer in texture, colour and interest by adding a few toss cushions or throw blankets.

one two three ← do it yourself WORDS AND PHOTOS BY Susan Snow

When most people think of thrift stores, clothing comes top of mind. However, second hand and vintage shops are amazing destinations for sourcing inexpensive home decor pieces that are perfect for upcycling. Here are three easy to create projects all for under fifty dollars, that will leave you feeling good as you do your part in recycling, reducing and reusing other people's cast-offs. ROCK YOUR WALLS



Add a touch of boho style using an assortment of wicker baskets. It’s super simple and easy to create your very own art installation. Basket walls are hot in home decor right now and on the trend of using natural materials and textures in the home with very little effort or expense.

Easy, fun, and with a little imagination you can reuse black artwork frames and pretty leftover gift wrap to make silhouettes of just about anything from maps to animal shapes to portraiture profiles. The possibilities are endless. Here I chose to create artwork to lean on a mantle. This would also be a great project to decorate a wall in a child’s bedroom. Frames -$6 each, roll of paper $3, glue and cardboard on hand. Look for black frames in good shape preferably with white mats. Cut out whatever shapes you like from gift wrap and glue them onto a piece of white cardboard cut to the size of the frame. I used the shape of PEI and a humming bird.

Matte black accessories are a really popular way to add drama and style to your home and that’s because black works with so many different design stylesfarmhouse, contemporary, glam or minimalist. Making your own black accessories is one of the easiest projects you can do because all you need is a can of quick dry spray paint and an item to makeover. Think statues, ceramic pieces, or lamp bases to name a few. Brass candle holders $15 for 10, matte finish multi-surface spray paint $7. Clean and remove dust and any surface wax prior to painting. Apply a couple of coats of paint until the finish is covered. Tip- spray light coats and be sure to spray in a well lit and ventilated area.

Items purchased: baskets - $6 and, wall tac adhesive putty - $5 at an office supply store. Use the wall putty to adhere the baskets in any design you like. The removable putty allows you to play with the arrangement until it looks perfect 66

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020


m o r F h t i w s i r Pa e v o L Words by Susan Snow





There’s nothing like taking a trip away from home, whether it’s to explore new places or find some rest and relaxation from the daily grind. I firmly believe that, if you have the chance to travel, you should embrace every opportunity that comes along. Not only is it good for recharging your batteries, but there is so much to learn about different cultures. Being a designer, wherever I go I’m always checking out what’s going on in the design world, and taking in the moment with snapshots of architecture and interior design inspiration. A couple of years ago, I was lucky enough to travel to France. This was my first time visiting France and was definitely a bucket-list trip. 68

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

I loved everything about the “City of Light,” Paris—the history, the food, the wine, and the Parisian lifestyle. The architecture of this old city is pure eye candy to this designer. I found so many inspiring exteriors and interiors, from restaurants to shops to hotels. Great design is everywhere, as it should be in this fashion capital. Arriving in Paris, we chose to stay at a small boutique hotel, but there are so many choices in accommodations: small hotels, B&Bs, larger chain hotels, hostels, and home stays like Airbnb. It all comes down to budget and preferences. Look for a place that’s reasonably close to some main attractions; in our case, we chose a neighbourhood that was close to the Eiffel Tower.

We wasted no time walking through the Champ de Mars, which leads right up to the main attraction in Paris, the Eiffel Tower. I was very surprised at the tower’s sheer size. I don’t think pictures do it justice, as the base of the tower is massive. We arrived just in time for sunset, and as darkness fell, the tower lit up with a sparkling light show. You can buy tickets to enter the building, or even grab a bite at the restaurant in the top of the tower, but be prepared for huge line-ups and throngs of people. One thing I highly recommend is taking the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus. It seems cliché to do it, but it’s a nice way to get a general layout of the city. Taking the bus, and staying on through its entire route, will give you an overview

of the city’s famous landmarks and help you get your bearings. After that, it’s time to do some walking, and central Paris is a very walkable city. A point to remember is to take comfortable walking shoes, because you’re sure to put in lots of miles. The Parisians either walk everywhere or take the metro. We far preferred to do the walking. In the central area of Paris, there are so many landmarks and sights. With every turn of the corner, there is another pinch-me moment, and a new sight to behold: famous museums like the Louvre, churches and basilicas, beautifully maintained parks, dozens of statues and monuments—and then, there’s the stunning architecture of the buildings. A must-do in Paris is taking a boat

cruise on the Seine, which runs through central Paris and divides the city. The boat cruises are plentiful and begin just below the Eiffel Tower. The cruises run all day and into the evening, floating by more famous landmarks and under ornate bridges. There are dinner cruises or tour boats to choose from—so many options.

miniature lights, making it a breathtaking walk in the evening. It has every type of store you can imagine, from upscale designer boutiques to chain stores, with plenty of restaurants to grab a glass of wine or sample French cuisine. With only four days in Paris, it truly is impossible to see it all, but you can certainly scratch the surface and enjoy this fabulous city.

You will find bistros and shops lining practically every street. Some of the prettiest flower shops I have ever seen were in Paris. Parisians love their flowers. They also love to sit and enjoy afternoons people-watching from sidewalk cafes. No visit to Paris is complete without a visit to the Champs-Élysées. The avenue is lined with trees adorned with

When Susan isn't busy making homes look fabulous or working on PEI Living Magazine, she loves to travel with her husband Peter.


WORDS BY Brianne Hogan PHOTOS BY Evan Ceretti ▲ Brandon and Dayna Canning


usband-and-wife team Dayna and Brandon Canning had dreamed of opening a family business for years before deciding to take the plunge in March 2018 with their Montague-based store, Pigeons. While Brandon is originally an East Coaster, the couple moved to the Island from Squamish, British Columbia, and set their sights on Montague after spending a summer in the area in 2016. “We fell in love with the eastern side of PEI,” says Dayna. “The business community in Montague is absolutely amazing. Every business is so supportive of each other. We feel that it is an exciting time to be a business in Montague, due to the growth that is happening here.”   The multifaceted crafts store offers a slew of services and goods, which Dayna says 70

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

keeps the business “interesting.” Services offered at Pigeons include the upcycling of furniture, custom furniture- and woodbuilding projects, and flooring installations and consultations. Refinishing furniture is another popular service that’s often requested. “Our DIY workshops and upcycling of furniture have become quite popular over the last year,” says Dayna. Past workshops had customers creating their own planters and string art, while upcoming workshops include sign-making and Macramé. In addition to its services, Pigeons sells many unique, one-of-a-kind handmade items ranging from paintings to wood turned pens to baby products, upcycled furniture, and felt art. All of these items are created by over 50 local PEI artisans and artists, as well as a dozen from across Canada and the USA.  

“We are continuously bringing in new artisans with unique items, which keeps the store fresh,” says Dayna. “We enjoy working with so many talented artisans on the Island and across Canada.” While different items sell well at different times of the year, currently, the Cannings love the soup mixes, shower steamers, goat’s milk soap, microwave bowls, and wool dryer balls. “We use these items at our home regularly.” Dayna says what she and Brandon love most about their business is “meeting and interacting with different people, whether it be someone looking for a special gift, or a client wanting a custom piece or new flooring.” Dayna says that what makes Pigeons stand out is their hands-on approach to customer service, whether creating items via their DIY workshops, or giving a client a 101 crash course on how to install flooring. “We also

love assisting our clients in finding items they want by doing our best to source them out or create it for them,” says Dayna. She adds that they like going above and beyond for their devoted clientele. “When upcycling furniture or doing a build, we work closely with the clients, and make sure they end up with what they had envisioned. We love the interactions and relationships we have with our customers. We have met so many wonderful people through our business that we now are privileged to call friends.” When it comes to adding local artisans to their shop’s inventory, Dayna says, the more, the merrier. “The talent on this island is incredible, and if there is anyone who would love to join our shop, we would love to hear from you.”

Pigeons of Montague 518 Main St, Montague 902.326.0075








ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Using less energy to provide the same level of energy output.


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020


nergy efficiency is one method to reduce human greenhouse gas emissions. There are many factors in home efficiency, from the cost of the energy utilized to the renewability of the energy’s source. Winter tends to be the time when we assess our homes for needed improvements, especially regarding efficiency. High bills are top of mind, with the cost of winter heating and electricity at the forefront.

containing hot water to heat your floor, instead of electrical wiring. This can work with a standard water heater, making the switch even more economical for those with boilers already in place. Looking to make a more dramatic change to your home efficiency? For a larger impact, think of upgrading your electricity source to a renewable resource like solar. Not only will this lower your carbon footprint, but with rebates and loan programs in place, it can also dramatically lower your monthly expenses.

for Islanders on more than just solar. From heat sources, to insulation, to caulking around windows and doors, they have hefty rebates for almost everything efficiency-related. Not only that, but the paperwork is easy, and the staff are there to help. Energy efficiency is not only good for the environment, but for your pocketbook as well. Take the time to explore your options, and consider making at least some small changes in your home. Every little bit helps.

Energy efficiency has a broad scope. There are a wide variety of ways to improve your home’s efficiency, some so simple that you can do them yourself for very little cost. So, why don’t we start with the most obvious: heat. There are many options and innovations in home heating beyond the traditional oil-fired furnace. Wood often gets overlooked when home-heating sources are discussed, yet it’s actually an excellent option. Wood is relatively inexpensive, is a completely renewable resource, and leaves almost no carbon footprint. From woodstoves to woodfired boilers, there are many options to choose from, and wood gives off a very dry heat—perfect for our cold, damp winters here on the Island. Another heat source many Islanders turn to is heat pumps. There are three main types of heat pump: mini-splits, geothermal, and air-sourced. Depending on the type, heat pumps can provide up to three times the heat of a traditional electric baseboard using the same energy consumption. That translates into big savings on your monthly bills. In-floor heating can also be a great option in our climate, especially with the new hydronic systems now available. Unlike traditional radiant in-floor heat, hydronic heating uses PEX tubes

Take, for example, efficiencyPEI’s solar rebate program. With this new rebate, you can acquire up to $10,000 toward a solar array for your home. Partner this with the financing available, which offers interest rates as low as five per cent, and you could potentially spend less monthly on solar than on your current electricity bills. So, why not make the change? We are incredibly fortunate to live in a province that places energy efficiency and green energy at its forefront. efficiencyPEI is an excellent resource for Islanders looking to lessen their carbon footprint and save money on monthly bills. They offer a wide variety of rebates






As a homeowner on PEI, it’s essential to be prepared for the cold months of winter and to ensure your house is properly insulated and heated. However, trying to save money on energy while combating the cold can be a constant struggle. ◄ Mike Proud, senior manager at efficiencyPEI. (Photo by Evan Ceretti)


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

“In our climate, winter is the season where we use the most energy. The colder it gets, the faster your home loses heat, and the more energy you need to provide to keep your home comfortable,” says Mike Proud, senior manager at efficiencyPEI. Which is why, if you’re seeking to reduce your energy consumption to keep household costs low—in addition to finding ways to do your part when it comes to climate change—the programs and rebates available through efficiencyPEI might be exactly what you’re looking for. “As community-led energy generation becomes a reality in Prince Edward Island, we have to make sure that the energy we do use in PEI is used as efficiently as


We’re going to be doing even more to make energy efficiency easier for Islanders, so stay tuned.” - Mike Proud

possible. That’s where efficiencyPEI can help,” says Proud. “The province has been investing in energy-efficiency programs for Islanders for quite a while, and we are taking up the challenge to do even more to meet our climate targets.” Proud says that the government offers rebates on just about every type of energy upgrade—from energy-efficient refrigerators, toilets, and washing machines to heat pump installations (those that are installed by a registered contractor), as well as ENERGY STAR® -certified heating systems in your home—“which means real savings for Islanders who take part.” According to Proud, everyone is eligible— regardless of income—for all residential rebates. The province does offer specific low-income programs including Winter Warming, a free weatherization service provided to anyone with a family income of $50,000 or less. “We send a tradesperson to the home to complete weather-stripping, as well as caulking all the leaky areas of the home,” says Proud, adding that they will also install gaskets on most electrical outlets and switches, as well as a programmable thermostat and a low-flow showerhead. They’ll also supply the client with a voucher

to get a heating system tune-up. “This is all provided free of charge, and clients typically save approximately $250 in energy costs per year.” Another popular rebate is the Solar Electric Rebate Program. Solar energy can not only lower energy bills for Islanders, but also, solar incentives help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 500 tonnes annually, and create approximately 20 jobs in PEI's renewable energy sector. The solar rebate does require pre-approval, says Proud, but most other equipment rebates entail just a mail-in application. If you have questions about any of the rebate programs offered, Proud recommends checking out efficiencyPEI’s website at https://www.princeedwardisland. ca/en/topic/energy-efficiency. “Our staff is always ready to help answer all your questions.” Ultimately, Proud says that the program is about “reducing energy and trying to help Islanders save money. Energy efficiency is always the most cost-effective way to do that.” Looking into the new year, he says, “We’re going to be doing even more to make energy efficiency easier for Islanders, so stay tuned.”

Efficiency PEI 69 Belvedere Ave, Charlottetown 902.620.3690 www.princeedwardisland.ca/en/topic/energy-efficiency





M.B. Eye Electrical CELEBRATING 10 YEARS

WORDS BY Amanda Lee PHOTOS BY Evan Ceretti

M.B. Eye Electrical is proudly celebrating 10 years of business this year.


he company offers homeowners and businesses electrical services ranging from something as simple as moving a light switch, to designing and installing fully automated electrical and solar tracking systems.

“A wise man once told me that ‘honesty is integrity,’” says Matt Eye. The owner and operator attributes the company’s milestone to this principle and to their wonderful clients throughout PEI and the Maritimes. ◄ Matt Eye


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

M.B. Eye Electrical prides itself on offering clients suggestions and options, based on the team’s experience. Their experts will suggest a solution that best suits the client’s needs, rather than simply going with the same system their friend has. “It gives us an edge in the industry,” explains Eye. Eye says he’s always looking into new technology, which in this rapidly-changing industry, keeps him on his toes. “We place high importance on things like warranty, product and brand reputation,” he adds. Another service M.B. Eye Electrical offers are free solar information sessions for

homeowners. These sessions provide a basic understanding of solar energy and how a solar power system can benefit the lives of homeowners. “Not only is using solar energy right for the environment, over the long term, homeowners will save money as power rates increase,” explains Eye. Eye explains the sessions include an interactive discussion, where homeowners can have their questions or concerns addressed by previous clients. The information sessions are designed to educate homeowners on the topic of solar power, address any concerns they might have, and get advice from contractors. “We want our clients to go away with enough information and feel confident with their investment,” says Eye. After all, solar energy is a long-term investment, both financially and for future generations. “My son already asks me why other buildings don’t have a solar power system. I can see a change in mindset,” he adds. Over their 10 years in business, M.B. Eye Electrical has been involved in projects across the Maritimes that have been tested and proven to work. The company is an industry leader and a certified ConvectAir installer, as well offering efficient lighting upgrades and Heat Pump Installations. “We work with local engineering firms to ensure our products are the correct solution for each specific project,” says Eye. Installing solar energy systems has proved to be a great way to reduce the cost of building operations. “By designing and installing high efficiency electrical systems, we can reduce the size of the system that’s required,” he adds.

Eye says the team at M.B. Eye Electrical love what they do. Their goal is to offer clients quality workmanship and service, coupled with the best options for their solar and electrical needs. It’s the little things like sweeping up and wiping down counters after installing cabinet lighting, or taking boots off at the door. “We listen and build trust with our clients, so they know they’re working with the right team,” says Eye.

M.B. Eye Electrical 60 St. Peters Road, Charlottetown 902.892.8839 www.mbeyeelectrical.com





Your Plumbing & Heating Experts HIGH VALLEY PLUMBING & HEATING WORDS BY Brianne Hogan PHOTOS BY Evan Ceretti

Winter might not seem the ideal time to start a renovation project, but according to Stratford’s High Valley Plumbing & Heating owner Brad MacAulay, “The reno world really ramps up in the wintertime. I always find our phone really gets busy after the Christmas season and will stay busy right until the spring. I think a lot of homeowners get cabin fever and want a fresh look.”


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

"Most people will want to change out fixtures or remodel that kitchen or bathroom," says MacAulay, who thinks the wintertime is really a great time to renovate. “You’re not missing the hot days outside, and you are avoiding the busy new build season!” When MacAulay heads up a renovation, he organizes it from start to finish, including the design (if required), handling the initial first steps and all details related to project management, as well as recommendations on subtrades for clients. “What people need to grasp about winter renos is making sure all your trades are ready,” he says. “There’s nothing worse than having a renovation booked, and a certain amount of time allotted for it, and have a trade ‘no show.’ That’s why it’s nice to have a set group of trades working together and knowing each other’s schedules, so they can make the timeline on the project.”

cold home with you. I find, with hydronic heat, it warms you to the bone.” Another common household issue that MacAulay tends to during the winter months is plumbing problems. “I advise people, you should always keep a good plumber as a friend. Especially on PEI,” MacAulay says with a laugh. “We deal with a lot of frozen homes, busted pipes, and very confusing heating systems.” Although MacAulay keeps a busy schedule in the winter, he says it’s rewarding helping out Islanders. “We have been there for many families on a frigid PEI night. We just love what we do!”

Of course, winter isn’t always a time of doom and gloom. “Wintertime on PEI has always been my favourite,” says MacAulay. “I love taking my kids to hockey, spending time outside, and seeing just how pretty the Island looks after a nice snowfall.”

High Valley Heating & Plumbing Inc. 26A Myrtle St, Stratford 902.569.5212 After Hours: 902.940.6547 www.highvalleypandh.com

Winter is also prime time for stepping up the heating in your residence. After all, no one wants to feel that winter chill while in the comfort of their own home. High Valley offers a variety of heating products, including high-efficiency steel and cast-iron boilers, electric water heaters, smart controls, and thermostats. Being a part of the Island’s “Network of Excellence Contractors” means that, not only does High Valley meet provincial regulations and standards, they also sell energy efficiency products supported by the efficiencyPEI Rebate Program. “I often recommend that, if you’re going to switch out your boiler, to go with a cast-iron cold start for many reasons,” says MacAulay. “Efficiency being one, run time being another, and savings on oil, as well.” However, MacAulay’s personal favorite is hydronic heat. “I love in-floor and other hot water heating products. We live in a very wet, cold, and damp part of the world, and I always say you ‘wear’ the WINTER 2020





Aquaman Technology

WORDS BY Katie Ingram PHOTOS BY Evan Ceretti


“I think, especially in this age, we’re trying to move as far away from oil as possible, to more of a green, efficiency-friendly way to heat houses and save costs in the long run,” says Aquaman’s office administrator Thomas Molyneaux. “We’re getting to a point now where we are going to be able to just have a heat pump in our house; it does need a little bit of oil, but it can handle minus 30 degrees.”

▲ Kham Ngo, Thomas Molyneaux.

“I think, especially in this age, we’re trying to move as far away from oil as possible, to more of a green, efficiency-friendly way to heat houses and save costs in the long run." - Thomas Molyneaux. 80

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

or Islanders looking for a more efficient heating alternative this season, Aquaman Technology has the perfect solution: a heat pump.

Spending less on oil, or another heating source, isn’t the only reason Molyneaux recommends the device. The expense of a heat pump, which ranges in price depending on the type and brand, can be offset by the Energy Efficient Equipment Rebate from efficiencyPEI.

“It’s like if you’re buying a TV; you want to get the best TV,” says Molyneaux. “Lennox, they always have all of the newest technology with heat pumps; they’re one of the first ones to [get a heat pump], one of the largest, and just a very established brand.” Choosing something reputable and reliable is important, Molyneaux says, because it will help ensure not only that the technology is up-to-date, but that it’s a quality product. Aquaman will make sure everything is as it should be as they help clients through the process. “We want people to understand the rebates, and understand the opportunities,” says Molyneaux. “We want to be the company that can provide that experience for them, and make it less stressful.” Aquaman Technology was founded in early 2019 by Kham Ngo. For your heat pump and other heating, cooling, and ventilation needs, visit them at https://aquamantech. ca or at 500 Queen Street, Suite 106, in Charlottetown.

Aquaman Technology 500 Queen Street, Suite 106 Charlottetown 902.940.9181 902-388-6365 www.aquamantech.ca

“I just think people should take advantage of the benefits that the government gives out,” says Molyneaux, adding that, even after a heat pump is installed and the rebate is received, the monetary benefits continue. “Putting oil in your house every winter, it’s not cheap; [a heat pump’s an] investment in your house and an investment in your pocket,” he says.

Customers agree. “All the customers love it,” he says. “We did one for a business here, and the guy loved it so much he got one for his house.” Although there are many different brands of heat pumps out there, Aquaman recommends Lennox.





Corrigan's Stove Centre The Largest Stove Showroom On the Island WORDS BY Katie Ingram PHOTOS BY Evan Ceretti 82

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020


eating trends have helped turn Corrigan’s Stove Centre from a small welding shop into the largest hearth showroom

on the Island.

“It was not planned at all,” says Juanita Corrigan, co-owner of Corrigan’s, which first opened in 1976. Currently, Corrigan’s sells wood, pellet, propane, electric, and outdoor stoves, among other products. Wood stoves, especially, are designed to help homeowners stay warm, while being both energy- and cost-efficient. However, in 1976, wood stoves weren’t popular. Furthermore, Corrigan says, oil was becoming expensive, so she and her husband, Pat Corrigan, looked at heating alternatives. Pat Corrigan, who is also the Stove Centre’s co-owner, was working in a welding shop and asked his boss if he could build a wood boiler after-hours. As his project took shape, more people started to notice. “The owner of the welding shop said, ‘You know, I think you have something here,’” says Juanita Corrigan. “And (Pat) said, ‘I think I probably do.’” After the boiler was finished, Pat Corrigan heard about a made-in-PEI contest from the federal government. He sent in his boiler design, The Patlyn I and II, which became

CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approved. From there, Corrigan’s Stove Centre was born. When the heating market began to shift in the mid-1990s, so did Corrigan’s. “At that particular time, oil kind of became more stable price-wise,” says Corrigan. “People weren't as interested in the wood boilers anymore.” She says wood stoves became popular for small spaces and for “ambiance,” but if Pat Corrigan was to make stoves, he’d need recertification. The couple decided that, instead of being a welding shop and making boilers, the business would be a retail store. Along with adapting to market changes, Corrigan says they also want to make sure customers are aware of the bonuses of owning a wood stove. One benefit she mentions is rebates: one at $1,000, and another at $1,800. Since the stoves are expensive, Corrigan says, these rebates can help offset the cost. “The rebate is definitely a break for people that want to upgrade to a new EPA stove,” she says, adding that more of their customers tend to choose the $1,000 rebate. Like the $1,800 rebate, the $1,000 is only for EPA-certified wood stoves. Along with their ability to adapt to

a changing market, Corrigan’s Stove Centre has also expanded into a multigenerational business. The couple’s daughter, Rae-anne, is now a full-time employee, after spending most of her life around the shop. When Corrigan’s was a welding business, Rae-anne could be found in the office, colouring, working on puzzles, or watching TV while sitting in a little rocking chair as her mother worked. “It’s a cute story,” says Corrigan. “She’s lived this store; she’s lived this life.” As for herself and her husband, Corrigan says she never thought, when they started, they’d be where they are today. “I never thought that far ahead,” she says. “It just became part of your life, like your everyday life. It’s just kind of our extended home.”

Corrigan’s Stove Centre 100 Kensington Road, Charlottetown 902.629.1205 www.corrigansstovecentre.com

◄(L-R) Juanita Corrigan, Pat Corrigan, Rae-anne Corrigan




H O M E & C O T TA G E

Neutral Territory While design trends come and go, choosing a neutral colour scheme will lay a solid foundation for your home decor and will always be in style. WORDS & PHOTOS BY Susan Snow, Home Editor DESIGN: Moving Designz


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

Design Tips: A master bedroom is an obvious place to hang favourite wedding pictures. In place of more formal artwork black and white wedding photography in black frames are hung symmetrically to either sides of the window. Carnations are an inexpensive purchase that with a little care will last for weeks.

â–˛ A simple posy of pink carnations add a feminine touch while bedside drawers store books, phones and other clutter. â–źIn the adjoining master en-suite bathroom the soaking tub clad in espresso wood adds a touch of drama and elegance. The colourful abstract artwork was a house warming gift painted by the home owner's sister.

This house feels brand new although it was built ten years ago. By making careful and calculated choices for the surface selections and following up with a neutral decorating plan, the homeowners have achieved a comfortable welcoming home with staying power. The master bedroom, with its pale blue walls, minimal window treatments, white bedding and furnishings is a decidedly calm environment making it the perfect oasis to end or start the day. Using a carefully edited mix of essential furniture it is a serene space that is packed full of luxurious personality. The layers of texture and patterns make the room come alive - tone on tone wallpaper, the fur blanket, button-tufting details, and toss cushions all add to the final design. WINTER 2020



Design Tip: Adding lots of toss pillows in various sizes, colours and textures will create a feeling of luxury and coziness This light and airy home proves the point that if you start with a good mix of neutral basics, add in important elements of various textures and thoughtfully accessorize with either soft or bold colours, it is possible to create a comfortable chic home that stands the test of time.

ABOVE: The focal point of the room is the modern linear fireplace that is flanked to one side by a custom built credenza. The interior of the cabinet allows for plenty of space for hidden storage.

The expansive main floor plan consists of four distinct areas - a living room, a seating nook, a casual dining room and a large kitchen. The walls are painted off white with much of the furnishings including window treatments in shades of creamy white punctuated with tones of rich espresso in the cabinetry, select furniture and hardwood floors making all the areas work in harmony with each other. The generously sized living room is defined with an off-white rug. An oversized sectional is topped with a plush assortment of toss cushions along with two occasional chairs, and two cube style ottomans offering plenty of space to spread out relax and watch TV or entertain. Design Tip: If you cannot find a rug large enough for your space have one custom cut from a roll of carpet at a flooring shop. 86

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

Thank you to Kate and Gordie for inviting us into their home and allowing us to share it with our readers.

The seating nook was originally intended as a formal dining room but since there was already a dining space next to the kitchen a second dining room did not make sense for the open plan space. Opting to create another seating area with four identical chairs surrounding a round ottoman was the perfect choice. A large capiz shell chandelier visually anchors the space and is a decorative nod to the homes' waterfront location.

ABOVE: In lieu of artwork the homeowners collection of vintage Fiestaware plates is artfully displayed adding colour, personality and a modern whimsical touch.

The large kitchen is a cook's dream featuring lots of counter space for preparing meals. or entertaining. The inner island sits within the frame work of the kitchen work triangle and the other creates bar seating. Having the outer island at bar height creates a natural break from the living room. Not shown on the bar island is a beverage fridge and another sink on the side facing the kitchen.


Eight Upgrades That Add Value to Your Custom Build WORDS BY Darren MacKenzie


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020


hen you’re building a new home there are a lot of things to consider. As you work out the details that will make this your custom home, you have to also factor in the cost of upgrades. Staying in your budget when there are so many options to choose from can be difficult, but if you’re careful you can spend your money on the things that add the most value to your home. You just have to know which new construction upgrades give you the most bang for your buck. The following are eight upgrades that will add value to your custom build without breaking the budget.

decide to finish the basement it will be easy to add another bathroom to your home.

The Kitchen Don’t feel you have to upgrade every single detail of your kitchen right away. Items such as upgraded appliances and countertops can be added in later, but you do want your kitchen to have good bones. Consider upgrading to taller cabinets, a kitchen island, and LED strip under cabinet lighting or a pantry.

have of it, and it also makes the day to day functionality of your home just that much better. Adding in innovative storage solutions like built-in cabinet organizers and pull out trash and recycling bins aren’t expensive.

Carpet Padding If you choose carpet (it’s becoming popular again) upgraded carpet padding will make your carpet feel cushier and more pleasant to walk on, even if you don’t splurge on the upgraded carpet itself.

More Lighting and Electrical Adding additional lighting and electrical outlets are things you can never have too much of, and during construction is the best time to consider this upgrade. Think about how each space is going to be used - kitchens are more functional with various types of lighting – task lighting and ambience, and good lighting adds not just brightness but also warmth to a space.

Always talk to your builder about the best options for your custom home.

Energy Savers

Deeper Basement An additional foot or so of height in your basement can make a big difference in the way the space feels and how it can be used in the future. It’s not necessary to finish the basement right away; it’s something you can complete at a later date. Although it will add considerably to the budget, you’ll never regret spending the money.

Roughed-in Plumbing While we’re on the subject of basements, if you don’t plan to finish it during the build you should think about having your builder rough in plumbing for either a full or half bath. That way, when you ever

If you’re provided with the option, spend extra on things like energy efficient windows, appliances, space heating and cooling devices, and more. The more efficient you can make your home, the more you’ll save in utility costs every month. There are lots of incentives available to choose green builds, so talk to your builder.

Darren MacKenzie Master Builder/Owner MacKenzie Builder Services Ltd.

Bigger Garage You can never have too much storage and building a larger garage during construction just makes sense. Consider storage for more than just vehicles; having a place to put your patio furniture during the winter is something you’ll be thankful for.

MacKenzie Builder Services Ltd. 262 Howe Point Road, Eglington 902.687.1508 C: 902.969.0425 E: darren@mackenziebuilders.ca www.mackenziebuilders.ca

Innovative Storage Options Storage is something every homeowner looks for. Like lighting, it’s one of those things that’s more obvious the less you WINTER 2020



ProCRAFT Pro CRAFTinating inating Nurturing your craft at PEI Community School WORDS BY Clara Deacon


of the things that makes PEI very special to me is the community spirit. I was reminded of this having recently moved back to the Island after spending the last six years in Calgary. I’ve always enjoyed making things myself, even when it meant delaying activities like cleaning the house or finishing an assignment. In ProCRAFTinating, I will explore all things DIY, including classes and workshops to attend, as well as easy tutorials for the home. This past fall, for the first time, I attended one of PEI’s community schools in Donagh with a group of friends. I had never heard of community school before, but my friends assured me that it would be fun to learn something new, get out and socialize, and at the very least, have some good snacks. Open to all ages, community schools in PEI have been around for more than 50 years, offering 10-week courses over the fall and winter semesters to inspire and teach new skills. Hosted across 30 locations, these schools are led by around 700 volunteers, and offer courses with diverse topics such as music, crafts, and other leisure activities. There are 100 course topics to choose from, ranging from Ukulele and Guitar 101, 90

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

to Rug-Hooking and Knitting, to Historical Buildings and Intro to Spanish. The cost is between $10.00 and $20.00 for the semester, with the potential for additional costs, depending on the supplies needed. Came for the snacks, stayed for the good times After some heated debate in the group chat, my friends and I settled on Braided Rugs as our fall semester course. In the world of rug making, in which I am a novice, consider the braided rug a cousin of the hooked rug. Instead of yarn hooked through burlap, braided rugs use strips of fabric braided together and then sewn in a round to create a decorative mat.

myself. I learned that community school wasn’t about becoming an expert, but rather, bringing people together. If you are interested in learning a new skill, or energizing an old one, consider a local community school for a weekly night out during the colder months and an excuse to practice your craft. If you’re looking for an opportunity to volunteer, community schools are also looking for teachers to support programming. To attend a local community school, or to volunteer, visit peicommunityschools.com for more information.

In Braided Rugs, we learned from our instructor and our classmates, week by week, how to prepare and choose fabric, braid the pieces, and eventually lace them together to make a rug. By the end of the course, we had each finished our own unique rug, and we proudly displayed them at our local community school graduation and potluck. In hindsight, I probably could have made a bigger rug if I spent more time braiding, and less time chatting about whether the sandwiches contained homemade mayonnaise. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed

Clara Deacon is a communications specialist from the South Shore of PEI. Outside of writing, she also enjoys dancing, knitting, cooking, and playing the piano.

Leigh Jenkins WORDS BY Alana Lauren PHOTO: Jenna Rachelle

When it comes to buying or selling, clients should take time while choosing their realtor, says Leigh Jenkins, a realtor with Century 21 Colonial Realty in Charlottetown. Jenkins says that a good realtor is one immersed in the town or community they serve. With an understanding of factors like the community, taxes, regulations, and school zones, the buying or selling process is much more efficient. Jenkins’ primary focus areas for listing or selling are Queens and Kings Counties. It’s important to find a property that fits each client, Jenkins says. However, people purchasing a home also have some responsibility. Being preapproved for a mortgage is key in the current market, so buyers need to be ready to move quickly. Knowing the paperwork involved in a purchase and sale is also important, in order to be aware of the conditions of sale. Jenkins meets with clients to go over paperwork so there are no unanswered questions. Taking the time to make the right decisions is key in finding the right home. Jenkins says the process moves quickly, and all involved must feel that they have made the right decision. CENTURY 21 Colonial Realty Inc. 144 Greensview Dr, Stratford 902.388.0526 leigh.jenkins@century21.ca www.century21.ca/leigh.jenkins





Advice First, Product Second for Sound Financial Planning with Credit Unions WORDS BY Margaret Prouse PHOTO: Evan Ceretti


redit Unions offer full-service financial advice, including insurance and estate planning, group retirement planning, and group health and dental plans at locations across Prince Edward Island, available through Credential Financial Strategies Inc. Not limited to Credit Union members, the services are available to any member of the public. Advisors will meet with clients either at their office at the Credit Union, at the client’s home, or at the client’s place of business. The first meeting provides an opportunity for advisor and client to get acquainted, 92

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

and identify the client’s needs and wants. At subsequent appointments, they work together to address those needs. Focusing on selling a financial product before learning what the client needs is like putting the cart before the horse. “If you don’t know what a person is looking for, wanting, or needing, how do you match a product to that need? It is advice first, product second,” says George Weatherbie, representative at the Charlottetown office, “and we don’t sell you anything you don’t want or need.” The term “wealth management,” frequently used in the financial business, can be intimidating to people who don’t think they

have much wealth to manage. Krista Ahern, representative from the Summerside office, says there is no need to be intimidated. You don’t have to have a lot of money to meet with a financial advisor at the Credit Union. “Everybody’s wealth is important,” she says, “and wealth management covers both ends of the scale, helping people to build wealth as well as maintain the wealth they have already built.” Financial advice is a personalized process, and a plan that works for one person may not work for another. Ahern explains it this way: “Not everybody needs the same amount of money to be happy and live

on. It depends on their personal situation, wants, and needs. It’s all about lifestyle.” Lifestyle is also a key consideration in retirement planning, which is an important part of an overall financial plan. There is no formula to determine how much a person should save for retirement. It depends on a person’s current financial picture, and what they want it to look like after retirement. A financial advisor can help to determine the amount of savings needed to support the lifestyle a person wants to have after retirement.

The will is another important component of a financial plan, making it easier for those who must act on your behalf. A financial advisor can help you prepare to have a lawyer draw up a will. Sharon Gallant, Alberton office representative, explains, “We can do an inventory of people’s assets and liabilities, and help them identify what some of their wishes are. The more detailed it is, the easier it is. We don’t draft the document; a lawyer does that.”

Through the entire process, discussions between advisor and client are the key to developing a good financial plan. Weatherbie emphasizes, “It’s advice before product, and it’s difficult to give advice if you don’t understand someone’s situation.” Credential Financial Strategies Inc. is a member company under Aviso Wealth Inc., offering financial planning, life insurance, and investments to members of credit unions and their communities.

281 University Ave, Charlottetown 902.626.3545 305 Water Street, Summerside 902.888.5530 1 Commercial Street, Kensington 902.836.2454 566 Main St, Alberton 902.853.6020

To find a local Credit Union branch, go to www.creditunionspei.com ◄ (L-R): George Weatherbie BBA, CFP gweatherbie@provincialcu.com 902.626.3545 Sharon Gallant sgallant@tignish.creditu.net 902.853.6020 Candace Champion cchampion@mb.creditu.net 902.836.2454 Krista Ahern BA kahern@ccupei.ca 902.888.5530 Joe MacDonald CIM, CFP jmacdonald@provincialcu.com 902.626.3545 WINTER 2020




LINCOLN’S NEWEST SUV: The Ultimate in Comfort, Safety and Style WORDS BY Katie Ingram PHOTOS BY Evan Ceretti

The all-new 2020 Lincoln Aviator is described as a luxury vehicle, but “luxury” might be too general a term for the experience it offers drivers and passengers.

“It’s a very high-end machine; it has incredible ride control, comfort, and is so quiet,” says Gary Conohan, general sales manager at Fair Isle Lincoln in Charlottetown.

“These features seem high-tech until you actually use them. They really help keep your journey as seamless as possible,” says Lucy Gotell, Fair Isle Lincoln’s marketing manager.

The Aviator, which can seat seven passengers in total, offers a slew of up-to-the-minute safety features designed to keep all occupants safe and secure. Lincoln Co-Pilot360 Plus bundles Adaptive Cruise Control, Evasive Steering Assist, Reverse Brake Assist, and Active Park Assist. Many of these features are new to the market.

While safety is undoubtedly important, these aren’t the only conveniences the new Aviator offers. Lincoln Connect comes with a built-in modem and a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot allowing up to ten devices to be connected at one time inside the vehicle.

Adaptive Cruise Control is a step up from what most drivers may be used to. It uses both a camera and radar to detect nearby cars, and adjusts the Aviator to their pace. “It’s an unreal option,” says Conohan. “Say, on a two-lane highway, it will slow down to the speed of the vehicle in front of you automatically. Then you can pull out into the passing lane, and it will go back to the speed you were at, and you can go by.” Evasive Steering Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking detects vehicles ahead, and automatically applies the brakes when needed. In the event of an impending front collision, this feature helps the driver steer to safety. Reverse Brake Assist can detect when an object is missed by the backup camera, stopping the vehicle before a collision, while Active Park Assist helps with parallel parking by manoeuvring the Aviator into tricky spots.


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

“If you have kids in the car, they can watch a movie and be entertained, while everyone else is connected too,” says Gotell. For those who like to listen, instead of watching something on a device, the Aviator includes a 28-speaker Revel Ultima 3D audio system. To help with any tension or soreness associated with long drives, the Aviator’s front seats have a massage feature for both driver and passenger, and can be equipped with 30-way adjustable power seats. “It’s the ultimate in seating position and comfort,” says Conohan. Speaking of comfort, Aviator owners don’t have to worry about using a key or key fob to open their vehicle; that can be done by phone. “You can use your phone as a key using the Lincoln Way app,” says Gotell. “You open and lock the vehicle with your smart phone, and it allows you to start it with the tap of a button.”

Starting this year, Fair Isle Lincoln will offer a plug-in hybrid Aviator, known as the Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring, along with the gas-fuelled models. The Aviator Grand Touring can be easily charged at home or at other charging stations, enabling it to be driven in a quiet and smooth all-electric mode. For more information on Fair Isle Lincoln, and the all-new 2020 Lincoln Aviator, visit www.fairislelincoln.ca or stop into the dealership at 116 St. Peters Road in Charlottetown.

Fair Isle Lincoln 116 St. Peters Rd, Charlottetown 902.368.3673 lgotell@fairisleford.com www.fairislelincoln.ca

▲ Lucy Gotell, Gary Conohan ◄ (L-R) Fair Isle Lincoln’s sales team: Jim Carragher, Jerry Heartz, Leith Doucette, Gary Conohan, Ryan Williams





EV Is The Future

WORDS BY Story Sheidow


www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020


Electric vehicles (EVs) can not only reduce your carbon emissions, but also save you money. Electric cars once seemed like a pipe dream for many Islanders. High purchasing costs and few public charging stations made these expensive vehicles impractical and inaccessible for a number of drivers. But with used EVs now on the market for purchase, and EV chargers popping up all across the Island, these innovative vehicles are quickly becoming a feasible option for the eco-conscious consumer. So, what makes EVs a great choice? Well, to start, you can “fill up” at home. By installing an EV charger at home, you’ll never be sitting with a low tank. And the cost to charge your battery, versus fill up a tank of gas, is remarkably lower—which offers drivers daily savings.

But just how long does one charge last? EVs can travel at least 200 kilometres on a single charge, with many models offering an even farther range. With at least five charge points in Charlottetown, one in Summerside, and more on the way, there’s no need to panic over long treks to the city. With fewer moving parts, electric vehicles also require less maintenance. No more oil changes—your only regular maintenance is your brakes, which also tend to last longer than their gas-powered equivalents. And you’ll never hear a sound; electric vehicles are virtually silent. You’ll be amazed to find that the only noise coming from your vehicle is the air conditioner or car stereo system. What about the price of purchase? It’s dramatically decreased as well. EV pricing is now comparable to gas-powered vehicles, with a new model costing $29,000 and up. With so much to consider when buying a new vehicle, why not consider your carbon footprint as well?





HILLSIDE CHEVROLET GMC BUICK AND CADILLAC An Island Tradition in Excellence for Over 45 Years WORDS BY Amanda Lee PHOTOS BY Evan Ceretti

The premium Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, and Cadillac dealership has been helping customers find the right vehicle for 45 years. “We’re now selling vehicles to the third, and even fourth generation of the same families,” says Neal Noseworthy, general manager of Hillside Chevrolet. At Hillside Chevrolet, it’s all about transparency, Noseworthy explains. “Even before you come to our dealership, you’ll find everything you need on our stateof-the-art website, such as pictures of our actual inventory, instead of typical stock photos like most dealerships have.” “We also disclose all of our rebates and incentives on our website,” he continues, “as well as options to complete financing applications and trade in prior to coming in. Customers find this transparency 98

www.pei-living.ca WINTER 2020

welcoming, and it also speeds up the time that they physically have to spend in our dealership, which is more important today than ever before, where everyone seems pressed for time.”

ensure that our customers find the vehicle and options that fits their individual need.” The team pride themselves on being honest and fully transparent with anyone who walks through their doors. “It is very important to fully disclose all programs and credits with the customer, and help them to understand their options,” says Falls.

Customer retention is also something Hillside Chevrolet prides itself on. “Our clients are very loyal because of the level of care they receive,” says Noseworthy. “The sales ▲ Cadillac specialist David Falls team takes time to greet existing customers Cadillac specialist David Falls has been each time they visit our dealership, whether selling General Motors vehicles for 20 years it’s to install winter tires or just for routine now. “Our dealership is Island-owned and maintenance.” At Hillside Chevrolet, “it’s operated,” he says. “We work very hard to about more than just selling a vehicle.”

As well as providing great customer service, the Hillside Chevrolet staff are also active members of the local community. Noseworthy says the staff volunteer at the Lions Club, the Boys & Girls Club, and coaching a local baseball team. Chris Whitlock, a sales manager at Hillside, is on the board of directors of Camp Gencheff, a summer camp for youth with special needs. These are just a few ways they support the local community. “While it’s important to help our community with charitable donations, it’s just as important for us to contribute with the donation of our time, as many organizations are always looking for volunteers to help out,” explains Noseworthy. Cadillac XT6 Inside Hillside’s state-of-the-art showroom are some of the best Chevrolet, Buick, and GM vehicles, as well as the all-new Cadillac XT6. “This is the vehicle you didn’t even know you wanted, but you most certainly will,” says Noseworthy. Combining luxury with utility, the XT6 SUV is the first of its kind for Cadillac. It features three rows of seating, designed to accommodate either six or seven passengers (depending on configuration), making it an ideal choice for families or individuals who love to travel with friends. Inside, the Cadillac XT6 is equipped with exotic wood, leather appointments, and metallic accents that put this vehicle in a class of its own. “It’s a very spacious, stylish, capable vehicle,” says Noseworthy.

▲ Chris Whitlock

▲ Neal Noseworthy

The nimble Cadillac XT6 features different drive modes, allowing users to shift from sports control to touring mode with a press of a button. This vehicle features a Front Pedestrian Braking system for enhanced safety, while its Night Vision infrared sensors notify drivers of any hazards, so you can drive with confidence.

“There’s a reason why people in other industries will say, ‘This is the Cadillac of fridges, or big screen TVs,’ for example,” says Noseworthy. “The Cadillac XT6 is premium luxury.”

The Cadillac XT6 is also equipped with Cadillac User Experience. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto give users access to entertainment and communication, all with a simple touch. Built-in Wi-Fi is also available, so kids in the back can stream entertainment, making family road trips even more enjoyable.

Hillside Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac 113 St. Peters Road, Charlottetown 902.368.2438 www.hillsidecadillac.com




“Not just an Islander. I’m your neighbour at heart.” As a real estate professional in my own community, I am dedicated to providing the finest service with that personal island touch. My heart and family live here and so does my passion for selling real estate. The real estate industry today is constantly evolving, and you need a professional who understands this diversity and is positioned to stay ahead of the game. To be successful you need the right tools to set yourself apart from the rest. I can do just that. I offer professional photography, virtual tours, drone footage as well as innovative technology and marketing.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect get-away, investment property, or a place to call home... “Helping you is what we do.”

902.628.7403 kimberly@royallepage.ca

Prince Edward Realty


Improbably spacious. Impressively stylish. Effortlessly capable. The first of its kind XT6 is the vehicle you didn’t know you were waiting for.


113 St Peters Rd, Charlottetown |

902.368.2438 | www.hillsidecadillac.com




Available now at Fair Isle Lincoln in Charlottetown

Fair Isle Lincoln | 116 St Peters Rd, Charlottetown | 902.368.3673 | www.fairislelincoln.ca

Profile for PEI Living Magazine

PEI Living Magazine Winter 2020  

The winter edition of the Island's favourite magazine. It's our travel & adventure issue with the Stewart Travel Group on our cover. In the...

PEI Living Magazine Winter 2020  

The winter edition of the Island's favourite magazine. It's our travel & adventure issue with the Stewart Travel Group on our cover. In the...

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