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elcome to the summer edition of PEI Living Magazine.

For this issue I am serving as the “Acting Editor,” a new role and a new opportunity to share my voice, my point of view and my experiences. Of all the wonderful things I like about modern technology and the internet, I have never quite come to enjoy reading magazines online. I am firmly in the paper copy camp of people, which is why I appreciate the opportunity to be part of this magazine. Simply stated, I believe in it and the authentic experience it creates for our readers. Our editorial group strives to create articles of interest, promoting enterprising entrepreneurs, business profiles, timely advice articles, great food and drink recipes, things to do, cultural events and places to visit, etc. Also working diligently behind the scenes for each quarterly issue are numerous freelance writers, photographers, editors, designers and creatives working with one common

goal: to give our readers a uniquely PEI experience. Over the past few years, as part of that team, I have been in full learning mode, experiencing what it takes to create each issue; coming with story lines, pitching ideas for content, selling advertising, interviewing, writing, photographing, promoting, and working with graphic design to meet the deadline for each issue. I take a lot of pride in being part of this team that produces timely local content for our readers. Prince Edward Island is the most amazing place on earth. From the beauty of the scenery to the bounty of the land and sea to the kindness of the people who live here. Our little patch of paradise has it all, and it makes me proud to call this place home and to be able to promote our people, businesses, values and our way of life.

Susan Snow

“Summertime. It was a song. It was a season. I wondered if that season would ever live inside me.”

- Benjamin Alire Sáenz

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Mill River Resort Mill River Resort has an expansive and storied history, and the O’Leary, PEI fixture serves as a home-away-from-home to scores of folks.



The four-star, fourseason golf and family resort rests within a mature forest along the North Cape Coastal Drive. It may be a huge evolution from where it started in 1969, but the spirit is the same.

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CONTENTS VOLUME 6 • ISSUE 1 SUMMER 2022 FOOD & DRINK 8. Chef Profile Treena MacLeod 12. Good Eats Oyster Mornay


E D I TO R I A L T E A M Food & Drink Editor Jackie Herbert Home Editor Susan Snow Style Editor Kimberly Rashed Copy Editor Rebecca Spinner

22. Cold Pressed Just the Juice

Contributing Writers Jordan Parker Lynne McKenna Brianne Hogan Rebecca Spinner Susan Snow Jackie Herbert Kimberly Rashed Lori Gard Darren MacKenzie

HEALTH & WELLNESS 32. Solution Focused Thinking

HOME & COTTAGE 78. Nature-Inspired DIY 80. Plant Mom Houseplants That Thrive Outdoors

STYLE 86. Sweet Summertime Youthful, Fresh and Fancy Free 92. It’s in the Jeans Stying Denim

FAMILY 105. 10 Things To See & Do This Summer 112. The Dog Days of Summer 10 Essentials for your Dog



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18. Happy Hour Gin Cocktails

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114. Summer Reads Six Books Set in PEI

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THE SUMMER WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR! It’s finally here, the summer we’ve been waiting for! The summer of reacquainting with each other, with nature, and with ourselves. There are so many things that I can’t wait to do—concerts, festivals, and just simply enjoy the hustle and bustle of the Island that this season brings. I’m excited to get back out with family and friends to checkout what’s on the menus of our favourite restaurants. Seafood being at the top of the list, especially oysters! And PEI definitely has the best in the world—at least in my opinion. Whether you like them baked, barbequed or raw, get slurpin’! In this issue we talk oysters, and what goes great with oysters? Patios and cocktails! Cocktails are still a hot trend this summer, whether in a can from the local PEILC, or shaken or stirred at home—there’s a cocktail for everything. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with low alcohol and no alcohol cocktails, and it’s been fun to get creative and stay within my limit! I always use local spirits and other craft beverages when I’m experimenting, and I challenge you to do the same. There are many Island distilleries and breweries making great products that produce delicious cocktails ingredients—even non alcoholic varieties.

I won’t spend all my time surrounded by people, I’ll spend some alone time in the garden (our pandemic garden) and around the grill prepping for togetherness. Food is the grand unifier—it brings us together. It’s a conversation starter, a great debate topic and can bring a crowd of strangers together. With one quick sniff, it can take us back to childhood—a feeling so powerful it’s hard to explain. It’s a feeling I embrace every time it happens. Our chef this issue has already been named the Queen of Milkshakes— Treena’s Takeout is a great addition to Wood Islands, and the community is grateful she’s bringing people together at the wharf with her tasty indulgences! As I’m writing this, I see our patch of strawberries will be plentiful, and that always makes our neighbours happy. Perhaps strawberry jam and cocktails are on the horizon. Next issue, we’re looking for a local chef who you think readers need to know a bit more about! Let us know, and we may just pick them to be featured! This summer, be safe, be kind and enjoy the little things!

Jackie 6 SUMMER 2022

Jackie Herbert

“Because it’s summer and the memories are just waiting to happen”

- Unknown

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Strawberry Mojito INGREDIENTS white sugar, for rimming 2 large limes, quartered 1/2 bunch mint leaves 7 strawberries, quartered 1 cup white sugar 1 cup white rum 2 cups club soda 8 cups ice cubes METHOD Pour 1/4 to 1/2 inch of sugar onto a small, shallow plate. Run one of the lime quarters around the rim of each cocktail glass, then dip the glasses into the sugar to rim; set aside. Squeeze all of the lime quarters into a sturdy glass pitcher. Toss the juiced limes into the pitcher along with the mint, strawberries, and 1 cup of sugar. Crush the fruits together with a muddler to release the juices from the strawberries and the oil from the mint leaves. Stir in the rum and club soda until the sugar has dissolved. Pour into the sugared glasses over ice cubes to serve.


TREENA MACLEOD Treena MacLeod grew up in Beach Point, PEI in a fishing family. She had an interest in cooking, gardening and harvesting from a very young age. Beginning at the age of 13, she started working in the hospitality industry and quickly was hooked for life. By Jackie Herbert Photo Evan Herbert 8 SUMMER 2022

Why did you decide to become a chef? I worked in a local restaurant from ages 13 – 18 and developed a love for the pace of the kitchen and the satisfaction of being able to please customers by preparing food. I applied for the Culinary Institute of Canada in grade 11 and was accepted. Other than working in the culinary industry, have you had other jobs? Best? Worst? I packed market lobster for transport at the age of 10 at the local lobster factory (no age limit at that time). Looking back, it was a very odd first job experience for a young girl, haha. I moved into the meeting and event industry for the past 10 years and absolutely loved working in that industry. What other back-of-the-house positions have you previously held? I have done every position in the back of the house. I don’t think you can be a chef and not have done every job in the front and back of house at some point. You’re at home, what are you making? I have access to the most amazing fresh seafood, so I work and experiment with seafood dishes frequently. I love to make soups, stocks and sauces. A good ham and scallop potato meal with homemade mustard pickles makes it on the menu regularly as well.

Favourite ingredient to cook with? Having been classically trained in French cooking, I love to use butter, fresh cream and fresh herbs to cook and season. Anything in season; work the menu with the best of what is available.

What’s your absolute must have kitchen tool, something everyone should have at home? I have an attachment with my Victorinox zester I bought in 1988. It is as good now as when it was originally purchased.

Celebrity you would love to cook for or celebrity dinner party guests?

Five ingredients necessary in everyone’s kitchen, including yours?

I’m not a starstruck type of person, but I think a dinner party with Matthew McConaughey and a bunch of his cronies would be a good time.

Bay leaves, fresh garlic, cooking wine, whipping cream and patience.

What are you making? I think a beach lobster boil with BBQ steak, fresh veggie skewers and live music with good cold drinks would be the fare. End the meal with a flaming dessert to make memories! Highlight of your far? Well, anyone who knows me has heard me yammering on about opening a small place of my own in eastern PEI. Opening Treena’s Takeout is the highlight of my career. Foodie pleasure(s)? I love anything on thin crust dough or bread. Brushetta, pizza, mushroom toast points, anything crunchy and bite size. Foodie dislike? Eggplant, zucchini, okra… all of those spongy, slippery vegetables.

Best restaurant you’ve ever eaten at? McCormick & Schmick’s in Boston. It is a chain, but it was the most delicious, memorable meal I have ever eaten. Proud moment? Becoming a business owner. It has been a long time coming and a lot of work, but I am happy to be where I am today. Who’s your biggest supporter? I have some very supportive people in my life; my husband, my parents and other family, a very special couple who are always available to pitch in with advice and offer a listening ear. This business would not have been possible without all the support I have received. The thing you’re looking forward to most in 2022… Being able to offer great quality food in a fun-loving happy atmosphere. Supporting and employing local Islanders is a goal I have set high for myself.




10 SUMMER 2022


Entrepreneur and small business owner Jackie Herbert has carved out a special place on Prince Edward Island’s culinary and craft beverage market and she wants to share it with you!


erbert likes to say she doesn’t just drive guests around the Island and sample drinks all day, Jackie’s work is much more specific and detailed than that. PEI Tasting |Tours specializes in creating one of a kind tasting tours throughout the Island. This includes helping guests to decide on their preferred tour itinerary to local wineries, breweries, distilleries, cideries, organizing interactive tours at specific locations, or often choosing appropriate beverages that pair well with their guests upcoming meals plans. “Our Culinary Tours celebrate Canada’s Food Island by showcasing a variety of authentic food experiences across PEI. From tip to tip, we take our guests along the coastal communities, the interior rolling hills and to the water’s edge for the freshest seafood, local Gouda, mustards, chocolates, potatoes and so much more.” Herbert said, “We’ll meet the producers, talk to the experts and see how this small,

but mighty Island has an abundance of food to be proud of. From the land to the sea, and straight out of the soil.”

friendly, energetic and happy to meet and guide guests from around the world.” Herbert said.

We still offer our HOP, SIP and SWIRL wine, beer, cider and spirit tasting tours, but we’ve now expanded our culinary options to include local seafood, potatoes, chocolate and other artisanal delicacies with our LAND, SEA and SAVOUR tours. Our new oysters tours will kick off the season, and have guests shucking, and learning new skills with local island oyster producers and experts.

The craft beverage tours are a unique combination of showcasing Prince Edward Island’s finest craft beer and cider makers, vintners, and distillers.

PEI Tasting Tours will impress you and connect you with the island by creating lasting memories of your special time on the Island. These tours run Island wide and offer exclusive, experiential activities for all types of guests! “Everything is included; transportation, all tastings, and a take gift from us! Our tour guides are super

“Our all-inclusive tours include stops at one winery, one brewery, one cidery, and one distillery, giving you a unique experience.” Herbert said, “We take pride in being a locally run tour company that provides guests with exceptional experiences and great service. We are professional and experienced certified tour guides. We are committed to ensuring that your experience exceeds your expectations by delivering service, value and topnotch quality.” 902.330.2739


Oysters Mornay

12 SUMMER 2022

INGREDIENTS 24 PEI oysters (shucked on the half shell) 2 cups ADL milk 1 cup grated gruyere cheese 2 tablespoons parmesan cheese 2 teaspoons cornflour 2 tablespoons parmesan cheese (extra) rock salt METHOD Heat milk in a pan, when hot, mix a little water with cornflour, add to milk and stir until mixture thickens, it should be quite a thick consistency. Add gruyere and two tablespoons parmesan stir until cheese has melted. Pour enough rock salt into an ovenproof dish to cover the bottom, helps oysters to sit evenly. Place oysters in dish, spoon sauce over oysters to cover, sprinkle remaining parmesan cheese over each oyster (note: two tablespoons approximately enough). Grill oysters until browned and bubbling. Serves 4


If there’s any one classic pairing for oysters, it’s the alwaysbright, always-crisp Muscadet. This wine hails from the part of the Loire Valley where the river meets the Atlantic and is made entirely from the local Melon de Bourgogne grape, referred to simply as Melon.

PEI Liquor BIN#: 09632Z 750 ML



raising the


cart with Notables

By Jacqui Chaisson Photos Story Thorburn


ummer celebrations are here, it’s all about family and friends coming together, and the bar cart is an essential accessory for 2022. PEI Living and Notables have all the advice and tips to raise your bar cart! Obviously, the first thing you’ll require is a bar cart. Choose one that fits into your décor. It doesn’t necessarily need to have wheels; just ensure that it’s not wobbly or unstable. In addition to alcohol, you’ll need to stock up on juices, simple syrup, sodas and garnishes. Small bottles of vermouth, bitters, and quality mixers are useful. The proper glassware is essential: beer glasses, champagne flutes, and red and white wine glasses. The anatomy of a red wine glass helps to mellow the harsh tannins of most red wines. It also helps make spicier, bolder red wines smoother and more rounded. White wine glasses are designed to preserve the cooler temperature and delicate floral aromas of white wines. Collins glasses—tall and skinny glasses usually used for mixed drinks—should be included, as well as a martini glass, an iconic cocktail glass for mixed drinks like martinis and Manhattans. A rocks glass set is a staple in any home bar, and the glasses come in two varieties: single rocks glasses and double rocks glasses. Both are small and sturdy, with the double being slightly larger than the single glass. The addition of suitable glassware is an opportunity to collect and display unique choices. 14 SUMMER 2022

Notables by PEI Liquor at Founders’ Hall has over 6oo wines, beers, and spirits, 400 of which are exclusive to Notables.

Spirited Away A good bar cart needs a variety of liquors to suit multiple moods. Those who prefer fine spirits should stock their cart with mature scotches, tequilas and cognacs. For mixed drinks, balanced gin and vodka that suit various cocktails fit the bill nicely. Every home bar should be stocked with at least one or two different types of vodka. There are many styles of whiskey, each with its own distinct flavour profile and attributes. A good way to start your whiskey collection is to buy one bottle of bourbon and one bottle of blended rye whiskey. The bourbon should hold its own when served on the rocks or neat, and the rye will work in most classic whiskey cocktails like an old fashioned or Manhattan. Have one bottle of white rum for daiquiris and mojitos and a secondary darker rum to cover more adventurous rum-based drinks. A good rule of thumb for home bartenders is to have a cheaper bottle of blanco tequila on hand for margaritas and a nicer bottle for those who prefer tequila straight or mixed with soda. Some people are more enamoured with the taste of gin than others, but you should always have a bottle of gin on your bar cart, regardless of your preference.

◄ Cocktail Hour If at-home cocktails are your thing, you’ll need the right tools. Your bar cart should include basic tools for mixology, such as several cutting boards, a bottle opener, and a jigger (an hourglass-shaped measuring tool that is a staple of any bar set). A cocktail shaker set, a grater and an ice bucket are also great additions. A mixing glass, bar spoon, peeler and julep strainer should do you well too. We also suggest having dasher bottles and a small sealable bottle in stock, which make the addition of bitters and modifiers (such as vermouth or Campari) more elegant and controllable. Depending on whether you want to create a variety of cocktails or plan to specialize in one or two, stock your cart with the necessary spirits, liqueurs and mixers.

Wine Stock a variety of wine vintages. A bold red, a crisp white, and a fruity rose are the three essentials. If you plan to host a wine tasting, choose several vintages you would like to showcase. A nice dessert wine and an ice wine are wonderful additions as well. This is an opportunity to start your wine collection, so you’ll always be perpared for toasting special celebrations. ▲ Wine/bar cabinet available at Wicker Emporium, Charlottetown.






The best cocktails have the best ingredients. Investing in the best ingredients for your bar cart should include high-quality spirits and liqueurs.




Choose fine spirits for your at-home bar and curate an experience with each glass. Musthaves for a sophisticated bar are a great quality whiskey, tequila, rum and cognac.




Notables Essentials



“If food is the body of good living, wine is its soul” - Clifton Fadiman. Choosing a good vintage is essential for your wine collection, it will elevate every occasion and make every glass a celebration.

10. SUMMER 2022



Elevate Your Gin!

With the dizzying array of gins available today, choosing just one can be a daunting task.

Bar Cart Accessories Locally! The perfect at-home wine bar. Lots of storage for your wine collection!


Wicker Emporium 43 Babineau Ave., Charlottetown


3. 4.


is distilled (or redistilled) with botanicals, most noticeably juniper, to create a unique flavour. Being the base spirit for many modern cocktails, gin has a lot of different flavour variants, so there really is something for everyone when it comes to this iconic spirit.

Looking for unique bar accessories? Tosh Co. Home Store 53 Thompson Dr., Charlottetown

Choosing the best gin is a very personal decision to make, as everyone has their own preferences. Good gin brings out the aroma and flavour of the botanicals added during the redistillation process, so you should be able to notice the difference in the quality of the ingredients used. All gins have some level of juniper, which is where the pine taste comes from, but gin distillers are mostly free to choose their botanicals as they wish. Here are four premium gins recommended by Notables: 1. Steinhart Gin (BIN: 00932Y | 500 ML) Nova Scotia, Canada 2. The Botanist Gin (BIN: S0081Z | 750 ML) Scotland 3. Citadelle Reserve Gin (BIN: S0019Z | 750 ML) France 4. Deep Roots Honey of a Gin, Deep Roots Distillery, PEI (BIN: S0054A | 375 ML)

1. Courvoisier XO Imperial Cognac (BIN 00756Y | 750 ML) France 2. Patron Anejo Tequila (BIN 00971Y | 750 ML) Mexico 3. El Pasador de Oro XO (BIN S0098Z | 700 ML) France 4. Dalmore King Alexander (BIN 04562W | 750 ML) United Kingdom 5. Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin (BIN S0002Z | 750 ML) Ireland 6. Chartreuse Green (BIN S0056A | 375 ML) France 7. Deep Roots Limoncello (BIN 16030J | 500 ML) Prince Edward Island 8. Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao (BIN S0070Z | 750 ML) France 9. Masi Mazzano Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG (BIN 04100W | 750 ML) Veneto, Italy 10. Montes Purple Angel (BIN W0148Z | 750 ML) Central Valley, Chile 11. Ca’del Bosco Cuvee Prestige (BIN W0025Z | 750 ML) Lombardy, Italy 12. Belle Glos Clark & Telephone Vineyard Pinot Noir (BIN W0129Z | 750 ML) California, USA

Notables at Founders’ Hall | 6 Prince Street, Charlottetown | 902.368.4836 |

Kitchens Unlimited carries everything you need to stock your bar cart! Confederation Court Mall, Charlottetown


Negroni Gin Cocktail

18 SUMMER 2022

30 ml Gunpowder Irish Gin 30 ml sweet vermouth 30 ml Campari Orange to garnish METHOD Stir ingredients together over ice. Garnish with orange slice or twist.


Cucumber Collins

30 ml Deep Roots Distillery Gin 20 ml elderflower cordial 20 ml lemon juice 4 thin cucumber slices 100 ml soda water METHOD Pour the gin, cordial, lemon, and half the cucumber slices into a glass, and gently stir. Fill the glass with ice, then top with soda water. Stir gently again and garnish with final cucumber slices.



F O O D & D R I N K - S U M M E R E N T E R TA I N I N G Kitchens Unlimited, House of Kitchens & Fine Dining, features a wide selection of stylish, functional top-quality kitchenware, from brand names you know and love.

Kitchens Unlimited Confederation Court Mall 134 Kent Street, Charlottetown 902.566.2252

Ann Chaisson, Manager

Trudeau Oyster Knife

seafood feast ready!

Oyster knife with a sharpened stainless steel blade to pry open even the toughest shells. Built-in finger guard keeps hands safely away from the blade. Soft, anti-slip handle helps you keep a steady grip, even with the juiciest of oysters. Dishwasher safe.

Outset Oyster Grill Pan Made from heavy duty cast iron, this oyster grill pan is built to last. The non-stick coating allows for simple upkeep and maintenance. Capable of grilling up to 12 individual oysters at once. In addition to oysters, this pan is perfect for cooking and serving countless other goods.

Trudeau Seafood Set Trudeau seafood set includes shears with durable stainless steel blades—easy to peel and devein shrimp. The stainless steel seafood cracker blasts open thick, wide lobster and crab claws and snaps through thin, delicate legs with minimal effort, thanks to its two cracking positions with shell-crushing teeth. The picks have non-slip grips for lobster and crab. Dishwasher safe.

Outset Pizza Stone This cordierite pizza baking stone is 13.5” in diameter and is heat safe to 1450°F. It works in the oven or on the grill and can be used to bake pizzas, bread, rolls, tortillas and more. Before cleaning, allow it to cool, then wipe clean with damp cloth only.

20 SUMMER 2022

Houdini Flask Carry favourite beverages anywhere with this pocket-sized flask. Carry up to six ounces of liquid in this lightweight and convenient container. Stainless steel construction resists corrosion and will not retain flavours. Discreetly carry this flask in a pocket with its gently curved contour.

Houdini Electric Corkscrew

Trudeau Whiskey Stones

Designed to fit all traditional wine bottles, this electric corkscrew pulls all types of wine corks, including plastic, at the touch of a button. Durable stainless steel and battery operated.

The whiskey Stones from Trudeau provide the perfect solution for chilling whiskey, tequila, gin, rum, and more. The great thing about these whiskey stones is that they will not dilute your drinks the way ice cubes would. To use, simply put the stones into your freezer and take out when your drinks need to be chilled.

Cold-pressed juice at home! Breville Juice Fountain 1000-watt juicer with two speed controls, high (13,000 RPM) and low (6,500 RPM). Die-cast steel housing; stainlesssteel micromesh filter; titanium-plated cutting disk. Circular three-inch feed tube accommodates whole fruits and vegetables. Voltage is 110-120 volts and over 40,000 filtering pores.




COLD PRESSED just the juice

uring the lockdown I found myself scrutinizing food labels, searching out healthier choices. I looked for juice that did not contain added sugars or preservatives, and wasn’t overly processed— surprisingly, it wasn’t easy. Eventually, I discovered cold-pressed juice. Yes, it’s more expensive than your typical fruit or vegetable juice, but it’s well worth the extra cost when you consider the ingredients— juice, and nothing more! So...what does cold-pressed really mean? This is going to shock you to learn, but cold-pressing is the process of separating the fibre from the cells of fruits and vegetables—you know, juicing—without the aid of any heat. Machines and tools built to aid in cold-press juicing are also called masticating juicers, because they use hydraulic power to effectively chew

22 SUMMER 2022

and crush the juice out of otherwise fibrous plants. Why choose cold-pressed? Coldpressing takes longer and produces less juice, though, in theory, the juice created is richer in nutritional content. When you cold-press your juice, it retains more of the vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and antioxidants than regular juice. This makes it a healthier alternative to traditional juicing. Cold-pressed juice is never exposed to heat during its juicing process, which is important for producing more fruit per serving. And are cold-pressed juices any better for you than the alternative? The benefits of cold-pressed juice are boundless. Whether you are a hardcore fitness junkie, diehard vegan, proud carnivore, or chill couch potato, you can use cold-pressed

By Alana Lauren

juice to improve your overall health. Who’d say no to promoting fullbody health, right? Drinking coldpressed juices assists your body in detoxification. Although there are machines you can buy locally that cold-press juice, alternatively, you can purchase ready-made cold-pressed juice with a multitude of fruit and vegetable combinations. There are local cold-pressed juice options. If you’d like to cold-press at home, Kitchens Unlimited can set you up with a cold-press juicer. Be warned, having only one sip is basically impossible.


When you cold-press your juice, it retains more of the vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and antioxidants than regular juice. This makes it a healthier alternative to traditional juicing.


By Jacqui Chaisson Photos Evan Ceretti 24 SUMMER 2022

Get Your Glow On!


2012 Melanie Dufour suffered from an extreme eye infection that was a result of severe Candida. “I didn’t know I was intolerant to eggs and ate then every morning and I had has digestive issues for years prior to finding out the culprit. Dufour said, “I was put on the Candida diet and juicing was suggested.” At that time Dufour was stationed in the Northwest Territories from 2011 to 2013 with the RCMP, “I was up North with not much access to fresh fruits + vegetables but made the most out of it. I bought a Breville juicer and juiced as much as I could.” When Dufour would come back to visit the Island she struggled finding healthy places to eat or get juices and smoothies, and that’s when the dream to one day open a juice and smoothie bar was born. “While spending some time in Alberta, I visited all the juice places and met with the owners, picking their brains on how to get started. My goal was to transfer back to the PEI with the RCMP, take a leave of absence and then open a juice bar while continuing my career with the RCMP.” While in Edmonton for work, Dufour came across Glow Juicery, and it instantly resonated with her. “The moment I entered the café, I had a moment: that place was beyond what I could have imagined on my own. It was exactly what I wanted.” Dufour checked their website while sipping a juice, and saw “for franchise information, contact Marnie” and she did. “We met for coffee the following morning, and a week after I put my first deposit down on the franchise. That was back in 2013.”

After being diagnosed with PTSD in 2017, Dufour realized that she did not want to heal herself and return to the environment that contributed to her emotional overload. “I had the dream of opening Glow Juicery, so it was an easy decision for me to retire an rebuild my life.”

The health benefits are plenty, the cold pressed blends are almost instant nutrient, a live enzyme absorption, they give the digestive a break from breaking down food and it’s a great, tasty way to get your daily requirement of fruits and veggies as every bottle contains between four to six pounds of fruits and veggies. Glow offers eight Glow Blends: Glow EnerG, Sky Glow, Skinny Glow, PURE greens, Glow Boost, Citrus Glow, VitaminG, and Earthy Glow and offer pure celery, carrot, beet, or seasonal juices and they also have an incredible line up of lemonades: Classic Glow lemonade, Glow Basil Lemonade, Dark Side, Watermelon Dragon fruit Lemonade, Beyond the Blue Lemonade and a spicy lemonade.

to get your daily requirement of fruits and veggies as every bottle contains between four to six pounds of fruits and veggies. “As a bonus, the juice is unpasteurized as well.” Dufour said, “Pasteurizing juice actually kills off all the beneficial bacteria that allows your body and cells to heal and repair! It also takes away a lot of the delicious flavour that raw produce has, so not only is unpasteurized better for you, but it also tastes better too!” Dufour recommends placing a weekly order online, “Orders can be picked up at our production location in Tignish and delivery time vary on the orders. Delivery days will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting midJuly.” Personally, I’ve been drinking coldpressed juice every day for the past two months and I can tell you I find I feel more energized, my digestive system works better, and I’ve managed to drop a dress size. My next step is to have Glow Juicery set me up with a juice cleanse!

The health benefits are plenty, the cold pressed blends are almost instant nutrient, a live enzyme absorption, they give the digestive a break from breaking down food and it’s a great, tasty way SUMMER 2022



THE HALF By Alana Lauren








S , w h w u SUMMER 2022



he cold waters off Canada’s east coast produce excellent oysters, for years, the enjoyable briny-sweet Malpeque from Prince Edward Island has been the best-known and most widely coveted around the world. Briny and flavorful, these oysters off the coast of Prince Edward Island benefit from the ice-cold conditions of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and results in oysters that are a touch sweet with a light mineral finish. Housed in a large, shallow shell, these oysters are the source of pristine sips and satisfied palates at some of the world’s finest tables. These delicious bivalves are also rumoured to help your love life. “PEI Oysters are so special because of the waters they are grown in.” Kendra Mills, of Brackley Bay Oysters, “We have such clean, cold, pristine environments on PEI and that’s reflected in the product.” Malpaques are PEI’s most famous local oyster variety and are found on menus all over the world, from New York to Beijing. “There are many varieties of oysters, all with their own unique taste, texture, and size. The flavour differences between each brand will reflect the waters they are grown in.” Atlantic Aqua Farms Oyster Product Manager, Lisa Prosper said, “Oyster flavour changes depending on their growing environment and the nutrients in waters they are grown in. Each region will have its own distinctive attributes.” On the Island, bivalves are known by the waters where they grow. If you haven’t experienced it for yourself, now is the time. Colville Bay oysters with aqua-green shells are farmed in the waters of

Colville Bay at the mouth of the Souris River. Grown at the bottom of the bay, the sand is soft and silty which helps to create the perfect environment. The distinct salty-sweet flavour will leave you craving more. On the north shore of PEI, Raspberry Points are grown in off-bottom cages. Keeping them off the bottom of the bay provides a lighter flavour and nicely manicured shells. Their characteristics are a salty flavour, a clean finish and a bit of crunch. Bedeque Bay and Summerside cultivated in Salutation Cove, this spot receives two strong tidal surges each day, giving oysters in this area extra nutrients. This environment helps them grow twice as fast as others on the Island. They are also stronger flavoured than the typically light flavour of Maritime oysters. Oysters grown wild in the glacial depths of Malpeque Bay are harvested by hand-tonging out of small skiffs. At a Paris exhibition in 1900, the Malpeque Oyster was judged as the world’s tastiest oysters with a meaty bite as well as a quick, clean and sweet finish. “In terms of taste, I would say there is not a lot of difference between a wild and farmed oyster.”Prosper said, “The main difference would be in the shape. A wild oyster does not get handled prior to harvest so they tend to be a little rough around the edges, whereas, a farmed oyster is handled throughout its growth cycle which allows the farmer to control the shape giving a consistent shell. Farmed oysters are not fed and grow naturally, fed by Mother Nature. Farmed means they grow in a controlled environment where the farmers can ensure they grow strong, and have a beautiful shape.” Both Prosper and Mills agree it’s all about the flavour,

you when shucking an oyster, “Keep your cup side down to maintain all the “liquor” inside the oyster as possible. That’s salty seawater!” “My favourite way to eat an oyster is raw and nothing on it so I can enjoy its merroir, but there is no wrong way to eat an oyster!” Prosper said, “When I started eating oysters, I was always told to swallow it whole, but I feel you need to give it a couple of chews to aerate the meat, this releases the amazing combination of flavours inside.” “My favourite way to eat oysters is fresh shucked with some Maritime Madness Heavenly Horseradish sauce.” Mills said, “If I am going to be a little more adventurous, I have a baked oyster recipe with panko, lemon and butter and I love a good, crispy fried oyster. But my go-to is fresh shucked with Heavenly Horseradish.” Prosper encourages you to try a simple squeeze of lemon, hot sauce, horseradish, or your favourite mignonette. Or try them all! “Oysters used to have an old wives’ tale to eat in months that end in “R”.” Mills said, “While oysters stop feeding as the waters get cold, and go into dormancy, that old tale likely came from lack of refrigeration.” When oysters are feeding in the summer, they have a shelf life of about a month (if stored properly), but when they go into dormancy and stop feeding, they have a shelf life of up to three months! So, before refrigeration, oysters were shipped more after the waters cooled down. But now, with modern refrigeration, oysters are kept at proper temperatures all the time, so they can be enjoyed all year! If you’ve never had a PEI oyster, make 2022 the summer you introduce yourself to the famous bivalves and get slurping!

When enjoying a raw oyster Robbie Moore of Brackley Bay Oysters reminds SUMMER 2022


­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ •

First mussel company in the world to receive certification from Global Aquaculture Alliance and Best Aquaculture Practices

Farming site and practices certified to the Canadian Organic Aquaculture Standard

Farmed, processed, packed, and shipped coast-to-coast across Canada and the US, backed by rigorous food safety and traceability protocols



Mussels are nutritional powerhouses, packed with Vitamin C, lean protein, Iron, Antioxidants and a source of Omega 3s.

Oysters have more protein than a large egg, twenty times zinc than a 6oz steak, more Vitamin D than a serving of farmed salmon, and as much B12 as thirteen cups of yogurt!


By Robbie Moore Photos Evan Ceretti

1) Find the hinge of the oyster where the shells meet. A place where you can firmly feel a groove for the knife. 2) Twist the knife back and forth with some pressure to work the knife further into the hinge. It may take a little time to keep twisting with pressure, and continually moving the knife further into the shell. Don’t hesitate to take the knife out, wipe off any bits of shell or sand that may accumulate on the knife. You want a clean knife when the oyster is opened. 3) Once you feel confident the knife is worked in, give it more pressure to snap the hinge apart. It may take a little work between steps three and four to get that snap, which is ok. 4) Take your cleaned knife, and run it along the top part shell to cut the abductor muscle from the top shell. Keep your cup side down to maintain all the “liquor” inside the oyster as possible. That’s salty seawater! 5) Run the knife along the bottom of the oyster to cut the bottom muscle. Try to keep as much of the oyster intact as you can! 6) Loosen the oyster fully from the shell 7) Dress with any lemon, seafood sauce, mignonette - or nothing at all! 8) Tip the bottom shell up, ensuring all liquor from the oyster is eaten along with the oyster itself. It goes down in one fluid motion. It should taste like the sea, briny, fresh, cold. Delicious!












Brackley Bay Oyster Company long-time local delicacies available through two Island storefronts

Kendra Mills and Robbie Moore

30 SUMMER 2022

September will see a second Brackley Bay Oyster Co. location open in Brackley Beach. When it does, partner Kendra Mills plans to display a “timeline” of the oyster lease in the store. She and partner Robbie Moore trace its history back decades. (right) Photos courtesy of Schafler family

Oysters are among Prince Edward Island’s most exceptional locallysourced foods. In addition to perfect beach days, the water surrounding the Island offers superb oysters. In fact, the delicious oysters caught between Brackley Beach and Stanhope have been exported internationally for years. Since 2020, that oyster lease has been the purview of Brackley Bay Oyster Company, founded by partners Kendra Mills and Robbie Moore. Their stellar Brackley Bay oysters are available in several spots around the Island. Restaurants including Landmark Oyster House and the Pilot House source oysters from Brackley Bay Oyster Co.; customers can also purchase Brackley Bay oysters to prepare at home from Foodland and MR Seafoods. Readers should consider a visit to Brackley Bay Oyster Co.’s West Covehead storefront, since Mills and Moore serve customers directly at that location. “Robbie and I both feel strongly that, when you come into our business, it’s like coming into our home,” Mills says. “We know so many customers; we’ve met so many new people who are now friends.”

“We’re meticulous about quality.” – Partner Kendra Mills

Visitors are welcome to consult staff on which oyster size to purchase, as well as how oysters are farmed and caught. Staff can also explain the company’s unique specialties; for instance, “Wild Caught” PEI oysters, which may especially appeal to customers focused on sustainable seafood. The location also offers seafood ingredients in addition to oysters to round out a customer’s purchase. If a visitor is tentative about shucking their own oysters, Moore is happy to coach them. In fact, Brackley Bay Oyster Co. will soon offer shucking workshops. “If you can shuck, there’s no ‘preparing’ oysters. You don’t even need a plate. You can eat oysters off the shell,” Mills explains. “And it’s cool to know how to shuck an oyster! Isn’t that a key life skill, as an Islander? To be able to shuck an oyster, dig a potato and open a lobster?!”

Brackley Bay Oyster Company 802 MacMillan Point Rd, West Covehead 902.439.5393



H E A LT H & W E L L N E S S


32 32 SUMMER SUMMER 2022 2022

What difference would that make if you were to achieve your best hopes, how would that change your life in a meaningful way?

WHAT DIFFERENCE? What difference would it make? I often ask clients this “difference” question at the beginning of a conversation. “If you were to achieve your best hopes? How would that change your life in a meaningful way?” As a solution-focused brief therapist, I am always looking for ways to shift people’s thinking toward considering their preferred future. We know that ruminating about the past or worrying about the future can cause distress. Being stuck inhibits movement. However, contemplating a desired outcome can bring about hope. A PREFERRED FUTURE If someone suggests that their best hope for our conversation is to gain acceptance about a certain situation, my next question to them is what difference that would make to gain acceptance. I am curious about the details, as we are now on a path leading to change and desired expectations. Micro-questions around this new hopeful path that the client has suggested they are desiring will elicit details that lead toward a preferred future. Every decision we make brings about a difference in our lives. When I lead solution focused brief therapy sessions, I am interested in the difference or change that the ideal will bring to an individual’s life. I want to hear about how elevated hope will make a difference, increased motivation will make a difference, strengthened resolve will make a difference, amplified clarity will make a difference and how many other things will bring about a stark contrast between “what is now” and “what can be.” SOLUTION FOCUSED MINDSET I use solution focused interviewing in my work with adults, but also with

children. As a school counsellor, I believe children are drawn toward hopeful ways of thinking and being. After several sessions with a young student, I recently met her in the hallway. This student would have traditionally been problem-focused in her thinking. This day when we connected, the first words I heard her say were: “things have been going better.” She was responding with a solution focused mindset, thinking about possibility and hope. That’s the power of thinking about “what I’d rather” instead of dwelling on “how things are.” QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER What difference would it make to you if one thing changed? What would be the first thing you noticed, signaling to you that change was possible, perhaps even underway? What difference would that hopeful thinking bring to your life? FIVE ASPECTS OF HOPE ACTIVATION Five key aspects of hope activation are important to be aware of when thinking through a solution focused lens: 1. Awareness about the outcome you are desiring. 2. Awareness about times when the problem was either not happening or was more manageable. 3. Awareness of how important this goal for change is for you. 4. Awareness of what those VIPs in your life might notice is different as a result of your change. 5. Awareness of what could help you cope and manage along the pathway toward change.

Lori Gard is a registered counselling therapist at Your Life Design Inc., a PEI based company offering online therapy and training. Gard is also a Canadian Certified Counsellor and holds separate bachelor’s degrees in history and education. Gard also has a Master of Science degree from the University of West Alabama, as well as a Master of Education from UPEI. She has a certificate in Solution Focused Brief Therapy through OISE at the University of Toronto, and she is currently studying her Advanced Certificate in Couple and Family Therapy at the University of Guelph. Gard specializes in working with children and their parents working with youth, teenagers, couples, and families, and offers Solution Focused Brief Therapy to her many clients. Gard lives in Mill River East with her husband Brian, and their four children. 902.316.0745

What difference would it make for you if you were to try thinking in a solutionfocused way? I would wager it would make a big difference. SUMMER 2022


H E A LT H & W E L L N E S S

(above L-R) Melanie Faye (Business Manager), Jill Stewart (Founder), Dr. Laura Campbell (Clinical Consultant), Heidi Lutz (Therapist), Magan MacDonald (Director), Karen Miligan (Therapist)

Get Online Counselling with Therapists from Your Life Design By Brianne Hogan Photo Jacqui Chaisson

Jill Stewart is the founder of Your Life Design Inc., which provides professional therapy services online to help people improve their quality of life by moving forward in their lives with as much resilience as possible. She has been a registered social worker for 25+ years.

34 SUMMER 2022


think the biggest reason for creating my own company was so I could be part of helping as many Prince Edward Islanders as possible,” she says. “I want to make going to mental health therapy as normal as going to physiotherapy for a sprained ankle.” Stewart launched her business in the fall of 2019 with the intention of offering remote virtual services for people who live in rural areas or busy professionals who have limited time in their daily lives to schedule counselling sessions. Since then, her company’s team has offered thousands of sessions for people during the highly stressful period of the COVID pandemic. Your Life Design’s original focus was on aiding helpers and caregivers, but has expanded to offer therapy to children age 4+, individuals, couples, and families. Your Life Design specializes in working with people with differing abilities and neurodiversity, and their families. Jill says her current and former students at Holland College for more than fifteen years inspire her to do this. “I want to stay connected to frontline work in my field which makes my teaching more relevant,” says Stewart. The Your Life Design team provides clients with online virtual remote counselling and training in both English and French. Clients can get matched with a therapist that aligns with issues they’re wanting support with, including ten therapists who are Registered Social Workers and Certified Canadian Counsellors. Your Life Design therapists also have access to regular clinical supervision by a Ph.D psychologist, Dr. Laura Campbell, and together, says Stewart, they have “over 100 years of experience in counselling people to be their best selves.”

The Your Life Design senior management team includes Magan MacDonald, who provides clinical support and direction. Magan’s mantra is “connection is protection,” valuing our need for connection as a means of managing our anxiety and stress especially during these difficult COVID times.

“I want to make going to mental health therapy as normal as going to physiotherapy for a sprained ankle.”

that living on Prince Edward Island has exceeded her expectations. It means so much to Melanie to be a part of Your Life Design and make a difference to the lives of so many Islanders. “We will continue to grow so there are no wait lists for people wanting private therapy,” says Faye. As for what Stewart enjoys most about her work, she says it comes down to the people she works with, whether it’s her own team or clients. “I always want to be doing work that is making an impact on others. I like that Your Life Design can provide opportunities for all sorts of social workers and counsellors to join this online private practice. I like working with a fantastic team that supports people with differing strengths, and also the people that I meet who participate in our training. Most of all, I am inspired by clients that I work collaboratively with to redesign their lives so that they can be the best that they can be.” To book a free consultation, email or visit the website and use the self-serve option at

- Jill Stewart

Magan provides the Your Life Design team with the opportunity to have a private practice with zero business headaches as well as clinical support and supervision. Her goal is for Islanders to have top notch clinical intervention and she works hard to be sure all processes are in place to make that happen. Your Life Design’s business manager, Melanie Faye, is new to the Island, having moved from British Columbia. An experienced business owner herself, and fluent in Japanese, Melanie says

Your Life Design 902.316.0745



S P E C I A L F E AT U R E - 1 0 U N D E R 2 0 - 2 0 2 2

10 under20 Ten Talented Islanders Under 20 to Watch


When we think about talented Islanders, we often focus on adult accomplishments. But young people can—and often do—exhibit outstanding talent. They are driven to succeed and work undaunted towards their goals. We’ve put together a list of ten talented young Islanders who stand out and show promise before the age of twenty.

By Jacqui Chaisson Photos Story Thorburn, Hayeon Baek

36 SUMMER 2022


Actor Morgan Saunders is a 9-year-old actress from Charlottetown. Her acting journey started in 2020 when she was cast in a national PEI Potato commercial. Furrow Studio asked her back for two more national commercials. Local film director Kelly Caseley took notice and cast Saunders in three episodes of the national TV comedy, Aww Shucks.

▲ Morgan Saunders Photo by Hayeon Baek


Saunders was bitten by the acting bug and enrolled in acting classes via zoom with the Toronto Academy of Acting. Her instructor thought she had “great acting instincts” and

recommended her to a talent agency. An interview followed and Saunders was offered a three-year contract with Susan J Talent in Toronto. She works extremely hard at her craft; weekly lessons with the LeBlanc School of Acting (Vancouver), coaching for auditions with Diggstown star Shailene Garnett (whom Morgan met while doing background work while they were filming in PEI). A highlight was being coached by actress Eliza Roberts (American actor, Eric Roberts’ wife.)

campaign for the US company Buddy Wipes (three commercials and print modeling), and a social media marketing campaign for Fredericton Airport. Saunders has just finished filming season two of The Community Players, playing the role of Cindy Gallant. Saunders is represented by Scott Carlson Entertainment and is currently auditioning for Hollywood movies and network TV shows. Morgan’s motto is “Dream big and work for it!”

Other credits include an international marketing


For 12-year-old Lexis Francis dancing has been a way to connect to her cultural roots. “Dancing has always been part of the Mi’kmaq culture. I can feel it through my body when I hear the beat of the drum or the tune of a song.” Francis explains, “Song and dance is part of our traditional Mi’kmaq Mawi’omi (or gatherings) and a way for us to connect and share our culture with others.”

brings me great joy and happiness.”

Francis started dancing at the age of three. “I love being able to express myself through dance and movement, it

Fancy shawl regalia is worn by the dancer and often has elaborate colours and designs, with ribbon fringes along

Francis performs jazz, ballet and pointe with the Island Dance Academy and fancy shawl and hoop dance with Mi’kmaq Heritage Actors. Fancy shawl dancing is a style of Indigenous dancing that includes fast-paced footwork and centers around a fancy shawl draped over the dancer and their wingspan.

the edges of the shawl, as well as a skirt. The dancing often resembles a butterfly with swift movements, dancing like they are flying in the air. “I want to be a professional dancer and eventually open my own dance studio to teach others how to dance,” Francis says, “I will be performing at various venues across PEI this year, including being back at the Confederation Centre of the Arts for noontime shows in the amphitheatre in July.” ▲Lexis Francis Photo by Story Thorburn




▲ Akira Lane Photo courtesy of Akira Lane


Entrepreneur - She Rocks! Akira Lane may only be 11 years old, but she has just started her second business. “I started with the Young Millionaires Program last summer in a partnership with my friend, Peyton, and our business name was the Mini Makers of PEI. We did well and were the recipients of the Award of Excellence.” Lane says, “We were invited to ‘Breakfast with the Premier’ and spoke to the Greater Summerside Chamber of Commerce and Premier King!”

semi-precious stones so I thought the name She Rocks! would fit my business perfectly,” Lane says, “I design and create custom bracelets and rings and offer hand-painted seashells, coaster sets, and bookmarks.”

The partners decided to dissolve their business and in January of 2022 Lane launched her new venture, She Rocks! “I make jewellery from

Lane is looking forward to the summer so she can devote more time to her business. You can find She Rocks! at the Charlottetown Farmers’

“I have big plans! I want to continue with my business for as long as possible. I’m learning the practice chanter at the College of Piping in the hopes of one day earning some extra money playing the bagpipes for events and one day I would like to be an engineer or an architect. Or maybe an astronomer. Or study fossils. It’s good to have dreams!” says Lane.

Entrepreneur - Chloe’s Designs

Twelve-year-old Chloe Schurman is the owner of Chloe’s Designs. Launched in June 2021, Schurman creates vibrant, intricate resin pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets, and key chains.

of the week I had made $100. That got me quite excited and shortly after I decided to join the Young Millionaires program for the summer to see if I could make it into a business.”

“It started when I received a resin kit for Christmas from my parents. I really enjoyed experimenting and creating different jewellery,” says Schurman, “It started to become expensive, so we decided to try to sell some of the jewelry. I took some rings and earrings to school to sell for five dollars to my friends and by the end

2022 is the second year she has been a part of this program. “I am so happy to be part of it. I attended some classes initially, and they coached us on how to start a business. Throughout the program, they gave me opportunities to sell my products across the Island at various craft shows/fairs. It really is an amazing program.”


The debut for She Rocks! was at the 2022 Etsy Atlantic Spring Market. “It was an amazing day!” says Lane. “I’m very proud of my finished products and hope everyone loves them as much as I do.”

Market and many craft fairs from now until December. Also, her products can be found at the Handcrafted House in Travellers Rest, Red Island Handcrafted in Charlottetown, the Makers Place in Rusticoville and the Chotto Shoppe located in the Delta. SUMMER 2022

You can find Chloe’s Designs at various businesses across the Island such as Handcrafted House in Summerside, The Hen House in Travellers Rest and Little Black Dress in Charlottetown. “I love the creative side of making jewelry, I like to experiment using fun and vibrant colours, and doing different styles of resin jewelry,” Schurman says. “I really like seeing the joy on people’s faces when they buy my jewelry, it makes me feel very proud, and I am glad that my jewelry makes others happy.”

▲ Chloe Schurman Photo Story Thorburn


Entrepreneur - Seaview Candles Porter Doiron was nine years old when he launched his venture Seaview Candles in 2018. “I went to the Young Millionaires’ Program for three years. I wanted to create something that people liked, and used, that was a great idea,” Doiron says. “My parents work in the tourism industry, and I have lots of opportunities to sell the candles.” Seaview Candles are soy candles free from parabens, phthalates and scented with essential and fragrance oils. His

best sellers are nineounce candles in jars. “This year we will be adding a new line of candles in modern cement vessels. “We also have a line of ‘Porter’s Misfits’ that are created in pottery vessels, that are not quite perfect, misfits from some local potters.”

that are available. You can find Seaview Candles at Cottage Life Boutique, PEI Preserve Company, Gagnon Beach Campground, and two more wholesalers. Doiron plans to grow the business to include more customized candles to wholesale and level up the vessels and packaging.

The scents for Seaview Candles are inspired by Doiron’s memories of growing up on the Island. Nannie’s Cinnamon, Poppa’s Orchard and Cavendish Coast are just a few of the fragrances

▲Porter Doiran Photo by Jacqui Chaisson


Country Singer/Songwriter

Keira Loane is a 17-yearold country singer/ songwriter living in Kilmuir, PEI. Originally from Cape Breton, NS, Loane started singing onstage at only four years old.

supportive. “It really shows how close we are in the industry,” says Loane, “Robbie Doherty, a local singer/songwriter, has helped me figure out my next steps, and, I can’t wait to take them.”

In 2019, Loane won the PEI Youth Talent Competition at Northumberland Fisheries and took home first place at the final competition. She has been involved in this talent show since 2017. She has also sung with Island talents such as Maxine MacLennan and Kim Albert and her band Faces.

Loane currently plays gigs at Bogside Brewing, Lone Oak Brewing and The Local, and is working on recording her own music with Jon Matthews.

Other Island musicians are very helpful and

Loane’s music is really a story of her life. Her favourite original song is Mac’s Song, about a little boy who has had a big impact on her life. Music has shaped Keira to be who she is.

When she isn’t performing and writing music, Keira lives on a beef farm and owns two rescue donkeys. She likes to be kept busy, so she is involved in 4-H, MADD and Agriculture in the Classroom. Loane also plays flag football for team PEI. Loane is excited to be graduating high school in 2022, and while singing and writing music will always be a focus for her, she hopes to pursue a career in law advocating for children. In the future Loane hopes to have her original songs on streaming platforms.

▲Keira Loane Photo by Story Thorburn




Singer/Songwriter Thirteen-year-old Thatcher MacKay has been a musician for nine years and has been playing guitar for audiences from the age of five. Currently MacKay is a student at the PEI School of Guitar.

▲ Thatcher MacKay Photo by Story Thorburn

IYLA KILBRIDE Many of us have dogs as pets and although we love them and consider them a part of the family they come with an unfortunate by-product. Each spring our backyards are dotted with smelly deposits. Pet Poo Pick-up is a yard clean up business essential for anyone who has a dog, a backyard and lives in Summerside. Fifteen-year-old Iyla Kilbride launched her business Pet Poo Pick-Up when she was only ten years old. “I wanted a source of income, and I was too young to apply anywhere. My mother

“I really enjoy preparing to perform for an audience,” MacKay explains. “I love reading the room and seeing the enjoyment my music brings to people’s faces. It’s always fun to make connections with people through music. My cousin, Dave Woodside, is an Island musician

and he has introduced me to playing with other musicians on stage, which has been really amazing.” MacKay’s grandmother is a pianist and has played and performed piano since she was a teenager. His younger sister also plays piano and is a dancer. This summer Islanders can see MacKay busking in Victoria-by-the-Sea, Lone Oak Brewery and Piatto Pizzeria. “I am always open to new opportunities and places to perform my music.”

When he is not performing, MacKay loves anything to do outdoors; fishing, dirt bikes, hockey, and baseball. “After I graduate high school I’m interested in both engineering and architecture. I sometimes think about teaching guitar to younger students when I’m in university,” MacKay says. “But if I was offered a record deal right now, I’d sign it.”

Entrepreneur - Pet Poo Pick-up Summerside

helped me come up with the business idea.” Five years later Pet Poo Pick-up has grown to include regular clients and new clients each year. “Most customers just want one spring clean-up, but some book regular weekly visits,” Killbride says. “I like that I get to meet a bunch of dogs and can help people who aren’t able to clean their own yard.” Killbride has learned important money management skills over the past five years but

admits, “The worst part of my business is having to work on nice spring days when other people are hanging out with friends or doing fun activities,” she adds, “Also, sometimes it smells a little.” Killbride is finishing grade nine at Summerside Intermediate School in 2022. “I think I’m going to let the business slow down a bit because I just got hired at another job and I am busy. I am hoping to become a pilot someday.” ▲Iyla Killbride & (dog) Clara Hudson Photo by Story Thorburn


Drummer Levi Dawson’s parents noticed from an early age that he was always tapping on things and creating different beats and rhythms. Dawson got his first drum set for Christmas when he was two years old. “I received a new drum set each time I outgrew the current one, Dawson says. “I started playing the drums in music class at elementary school.”

▲ Levi Dawson Photo by Story Thorburn

LAUREN DYKEMAN Dancer and performer Lauren Dykeman is nineteen and started her first dance class when she was only three years old. “After about six years, I decided to try something new and started in recreational musical theatre classes at InterAction School of Performing Arts in my hometown, Saint John, New Brunswick. I took several classes there over the years including acting intensives, musical theatre dance classes, and group performance classes.” By seventh grade Dykeman picked up a

“I find performing fun. I really like the rush of adrenaline as soon as we start to play. I feel happy when I’m playing music and I like making the audience happy with

our music too. When I’m performing, I forget about all my stresses.” Dawson lives with a condition called arthrogryposis (AMC) that is caused by low amniotic fluid in the womb. “Due to the lack of movement while I was developing, my muscles and tendons didn’t develop as expected, leading to joint contractures,” explains Dawson, “I do not have biceps so I cannot actively bend my arms, and my left knee only bends to about 20 degrees. My shoulders, feet, and hands are also impacted. I had

to be creative in learning how to hold drumsticks and accommodate for my lack of mobility. My arms/ shoulders/hands can get tired easily by drumming, as well.” “I am the drummer for Canorous Paradise, which is a band that me and three of my friends started this year at school. We have played for the school a few times, we have played a set at the College of Piping for Band Blast, and we are playing this summer at Rock the Boat. We are playing on the same stage, on the same day, as Our Lady Peace!”


guitar. “I was able to land a few gigs singing and playing and it grew over my high school career. I ended up performing in the summer for several years at local patios, restaurants, and festivals,” Dykeman says. “At the same time, I was doing musicals and playing euphonium in the concert band at my high school, Harbour View High.” This summer Dykeman will be dancing with the Xclusiv Crew, led by Dawn Ward and Joe Dames in their brand new show, Island Vibe!.

“When I was younger, I did more jazz and musical theatre. Since I started dancing with Dawn in September 2021, I have focused more on hip-hop, Afro jazz, contemporary, and several other styles that she has exposed her groups to! My horizons have broadened since meeting her!” Watch for Dykeman on stage this summer at the Confederation Centre of the Arts outdoor amphitheatre!

▲ Lauren Dykeman Photo by Story Thorburn




Mill River Resort

A home for happy guests!

Mill River Resort has an expansive and storied history, and the O’Leary, PEI fixture serves as a home-away-fromhome to scores of folks. By Jordan Parker Photos Courtesy of Mill River, Buffie Boily


he four-star, four-season golf and family resort rests within a mature forest along the North Cape Coastal Drive. It may be a huge evolution from where it started in 1969, but the spirit is the same. “For owner Don McDougall and his family, creating a welcoming resort that serves families from near and far is so important,” says Geoffrey Irving, president at the resort. “He is quite passionate about golf and growing the next generation of players for this sport. For this reason, our team puts a lot of time and talent into our golf instruction program and our junior programs.” The main resort has undergone extensive renovations that included the main resort lobby area, all 81 guest rooms, conference facilities, the creation of Callaghan’s Restaurant & Bar, new spa facilities, and a pro shop. 42 SUMMER 2022



C O V E R F E AT U R E It was also important to McDougall to create resort facilities that allow families to spend quality time having fun together. Mainstays from the early days, including resort general manager Louise Arsenault and course superintendent Blair Duggan, remain and provide value and an eye for details some may miss. They’ve been on-hand to watch the evolution from a seasonal golf resort to a year-round destination for corporate and leisure guests. In 2019, Mill River added a twobedroom guest chalets that sits steps outside the pro shop overlooking the practice range. Its stunning design was the inspiration for the new Residences at Mill River, a resort lifestyle development on the property that continues to expand with phase two of the development set to break ground in 2023. Many of the residences that were built during the first phase of development are now available for guest stays through the resort-managed rental pool. People love the privacy these units provide while still allowing guests to experience

(above) Twobedroom guest chalet overlook the practice range. (right) The chalets have a modern open plan perfect for entertaining.

(above) Flooded with natural light, the living space is bright and inviting. (right) The bedrooms are designed with relaxation in mind.

44 SUMMER 2022

everything the resort has to offer. There are also private homes overlooking the 13th and 14th holes at the Mill River Resort Living community as well. With an incredible year-round focus that allows for activities in all seasons, the Mill River Resort plays host to incredible amenities, and there’s something for everyone. “Inside the resort, our guests enjoy our full-service Callaghan’s Restaurant & Bar that hosts regular live music by local artists, a full-service Aveda spa, gift shop, games room, fitness centre, squash court, and two Foresight Hawk golf simulators that each have a dedicated full-service lounge,” Irving says.

(above & left) The Junior suite offers one king-sized bed, coffee maker, pull-out sofa in the separated living area with sliding barn doors, air conditioning, hairdryer, satellite television, private bath, small fridge, iron and ironing board.

(below) Offering personalized treatment and customized care for everyone, the professional spa services are delivered with the Aveda product line and include aromatic massage, body wraps and polishes, facials, hand and foot care, make-up applications and much more.

C O V E R F E AT U R E The outdoor components, including an array of activities and spectacular sights, are a major attraction for visitors. “Outdoors, our guests enjoy seasonal access to our 18-hole golf course, practice range, putting green, and additional 3-hole short course. Our pro shop is fully stocked with apparel, equipment, and more,” Irving says. The course canteen, affectionately known as Hunter-Duvar House, was built in 1860 and was the original homestead of John Hunter-Duvar, a prominent Scottish settler whose family later donated a part of the estate to create the Mill River golf course. There are activities throughout the summer that run far beyond golf, and they include bonfires, nature trails, tennis courts, playgrounds, bike rentals, disc golf, and a beach volleyball court. When winter rolls around, the resort still has a huge assortment of things to do and is proud of its offerings. “When the snow falls, our winter program begins, and our groomed tubing hill opens. Our volleyball court is converted to an ice-skating rink, and our nature trails are groomed up daily for cross country skiing and snowshoeing. It really does become a winter wonderland here,” Irving says. “Our winter activity programs are really popular. Families and groups of friends love coming here to get outside and have some fun together on our groomed hill and trails, or lace up their skates and hit the outdoor rink.” But make no mistake, the golfing is of course the main attraction for guests. It’s a beautiful course sure to delight all those who play a few holes. “Thanks to the dedicated turf maintenance team and the golf team, the course at Mill River is in pristine condition and the membership has never been stronger. Throughout the season they have Islanders and vacationers coming to the resort for golf events and golf vacations.”

46 SUMMER 2022

Irving says, “Golf has seen some significant change over the last three seasons. It’s no secret that the pandemic had a very positive impact on participation rates all over North America and thankfully as things opened up again in 2022, we are still seeing the volume of players. What’s changed is how players are consuming golf. For example, once upon a time there used to be waiting lists for more competitive stroke play events, like those you see on TV. Players are preferring scrambles and team formats over competitive tournaments.” Another interesting trend Irving notes is digital golf or simulators and that some players prefer indoor golf, with one frequent user of the resort’s indoor simulators noting, “I like the simulators because I don’t lose any balls!” The truth is a golfer can play a simulator round much faster than a conventional round of golf and that’s appealing to many. With an increased appetite for clinics and lessons, the resort’s junior clinics and ladies’ clinics sold out again this year, even after increasing the number of participants. “People are just really happy to be in social environments again, especially on a beautiful summer night on the Island,” Irving says. It’s not just golfers who are excited to enjoy summer at Mill River Resort. Their resort-living community continues to grow. Their next phase of development is ready to get underway, and Irving is excited about the future, which includes 30 new residences that are slated for 2023 and will be privatelyowned. There are also plans to expand the Shops at Mill River as well, a major undertaking. “This new professional and retail services centre is located off the main highway, just past the Mill Road turnoff to the resort. There’s nothing like it in this area and reception from businesses and professionals looking for high-traffic space has been phenomenal,” he said. “We are actually constructing another 10,000 square foot commercial building right now.”

(left) General Manager, Louise Arsenault (right) Resort President, Geoffery Irving After rough tourism seasons due to COVID-19, Irving says the resort is excited about the summer season. “It’s been a long two years for businesses big and small in the hospitality sector. Mill River Resort has been fortunate to weather the pandemic well thanks to our loyal members and guests coming from across Atlantic Canada to enjoy a getaway,” he says. “This year we’re looking forward to moving on from the uncertainty of the pandemic and creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere for our guests and our staff.”

Mill River Resort 180 Mill River Resort Rd. Route 136, Woodstock, PE 902.859.3555 Toll free: 1.844.375.3555




50 beaches and a whole lot more! By Lynne McKenna Photos Courtesy of Rodd Resorts, Island Nature Trust, Evan Ceretti

48 SUMMER 2022

Points East Coastal Drive 50 Beaches invites you to come holiday in the “most beautiful area of the Island,” says Marcia Carroll, Executive Director of the Island Tourism Group. “Our members offer something for everyone! We’re the best place to visit for the essential and authentic Island experience.” Top of the list of must-dos is discovering the sun and sand on the more than 50 beaches along the Coastal Drive. They’re easy to find as the Drive is well-marked, so that you can be lying on a beach soaking up the sun in no time. There are hundreds of places to stay: campgrounds, country inns, beach houses, cabins, cottage and resort hotels, available for short- or long-term visits. “Many of our campgrounds, resorts, inns and cottages are near the water,” says Carroll, “so that visitors with a modest budget to those who are seeking a more high-end experience are spoiled for choice.”

You can decide to cruise along the Drive finding new surprises or try one of the pre-planned itineraries. Visitors looking for adventure can try lobster or tuna fishing, kayaking along the shore, or the many bike trails or walking trails in the PEI National Park at Greenwich, the Basin Head Provincial Park, and at many other locations in the Points East Coastal Drive area. A popular activity among visitors and locals alike is to discover the Island by biking or hiking the Island Walk, which allows you to circle the Island from your start in the Point East Coastal area on its 32 sections covering 700 kilometres. Businesses in the area are committed to providing accessible facilities so that everyone can participate. There are also world-class golf courses, often with breathtaking views. For those looking for that special something to take home to preserve the memories of their visit, there are many creative artisans, jewellers, and other unique art forms along the Points East Coastal Drive.

When it comes to dining, there is everything from lobster to tacos and pizza to surf and turf, certain to please families looking for the familiar or foodies looking for the brand new. “We have the best chefs anywhere!” Choose from pubs and bars, seafood restaurants, roadside stands, patios, and cafes. There are also two microbreweries, a cider house, and a winery so that you can take tasting tours, spending your day enjoying “adult” beverages and trying every kind of dining along the way. It’s a good idea to plan your trip in advance because the choices before you will be overwhelming! It’s important to book your stay ahead of time to avoid disappointment. Come visit the many heritage buildings in our picturesque towns along the Points East Coastal Drive or simply spend the warm days on the shore with your toes in the sand and the sound of the waves while you relax and enjoy.



Belle’s Boutique, an Island Fashion Destination Since 1941 By Alana Lauren Photos Story Thorburn The original Belle’s Shoppe was opened in 1941 by Belle McGowan. Then, as now, women came from all over the Island to shop at Belle’s. Owner Nancy McKinnon takes pride knowing that Belle’s Boutique caters to women of all ages. “We’re like a big city store in a small town and are well known for our amazing selection,” she says

Belle’s offers women’s fashions for all occasions, from everyday casual to a semi-formal night on the town. Belle’s carries all the top brands in fashion; Charlie B, Tribal, Bali, Pure Essence, Hue leggings, Yest and French Dressing, just to name a few. To top off your outfit, you will also find accessories like jewellery, purses, scarves, gloves and slippers.

“We consider customer service our primary goal. If you like to browse and take your time, we’ll be there if you need us,” McKinnon says, “If you like to have some assistance, we’re there to help.”

Belle’s Boutique, an Island fashion destination since 1941.

Belle’s Boutique 557 Main Street, Montague 902.838.4055

Messy Crow Studio - Unique and Colourful Art in Souris Located a few minutes from Main Street in Souris, the Messy Crow Studio was hatched in 2017 in order for artist and owner Lisa Freeman to have a home-based shop to work on her needle felted pieces. Since then the quaint and colourful shop has grown into a gift shop and workshop venue that’s been welcomed by the community. “The artisan community in the Souris area is so supportive,” Freeman says. “The interaction with clients provides a daily boost of positivity and joy. Seeing faces light up when they enter our shop is priceless. We strive to show happy and whimsical artwork to make people smile!” The Messy Crow Studio showcases needle felting, framed works and dimensional pieces all made in the 50 SUMMER 2022

studio by Freeman. It also carries the work of 10 other Maritime artisans, including pottery, paintings, soaps, candles, crocheted items, jewellery and cards. Workshops are also available for budding artists where groups of one to four people can learn the basics of needle felting and leave with a framed piece. Says Freeman, “It’s wonderful to witness a workshop participant see what they’ve created, it’s big smiles all around!”

Messy Crow Studio 470 St Catherines Rd, Souris 416.523.6090 By Brianne Hogan Photos Story Thorburn

Authentic Island Experiences By Lynne McKenna Photos Story Thorburn Owner and operator Perry Gotell initially started Georgetown’s Tranquility Cove Adventures (TCA) to help generate more household income. “Fishing lobster wasn’t always as lucrative as it is now and I wanted the best for my family,” he says. Fifteen years later, his business continues to thrive. TCA, which offers deep sea fishing and a giant bar clam dig as unique culinary experiences, is designated as an award-winning Authentic PEI Experience and has been designated as a Destination Canada Signature Experience. “We pride ourselves on being the first tour boating operator to open on June 1st and the last tour boat to close shop (October 15th or later) on PEI.”

This summer Gotell says guests can enjoy all the fun and authentic Island experiences that it’s known for, from giant clam digs and deep sea fishing off the coast of Georgetown to starfish hunts and shell painting on the land. New this year the company is offering oyster tonging adventures throughout the fall, winter, and spring, “Where you get to tong wild oysters and eat all you want.” Gotell says he loves his job just as his father and grandfather did. “As a retired 3rd generation lobster fisherman, spending time on the water is a way of life I love. Sharing this gift with others is quite a bonus.”

Tranquility Cove Adventures 2 Kent St, Georgetown 902.969.7184

Your Summer Mecca By Lynne McKenna Photos Courtesy of Rodd Hotel & Resorts The perfect place for friends, families and couples, Rodd Brudenell is an outdoor mecca located directly on the river within the Brudenell River Provincial Park. Resort guests have access to hiking and biking trails, canoeing, kayaking and SUP, tennis, horseback riding, a fitness centre and an outdoor and indoor pool featuring a whirlpool and sauna. Cottages or suites, standard or deluxe, there are accommodations for everyone. It’s also the perfect place to spend a day on the greens or being pampered, with two golf courses on site, Brudenell and Dundarave, and the Aveda spa which is open to the public. The spa offers massages, wedding and special occasion makeup, manicures and pedicures, a Rodd Signature Chocolate Body Wrap and more.

Looking for a casual fun place to grab a bite? Stop by Club 19, the menu will be sure to delight everyone in the family.

Rodd Brudenell River Resort 86 Dewars Lane, Georgetown




Make Your Summer Special With Pauley Charter & Adventure Tours Female-owned and operated Pauley Charter & Adventure Tours wants to make your summer a special one.

tour, a hop on and hop off brewery tour, Green Gables, the North Shore, and much more.

Owner and operator Sonya Pauley says she started Pauley Charter & Adventure Tours to showcase Prince Edward Island and its rich culture along with its “kind and genuine people.” In addition to providing a service that was in huge demand and needed within the community, she says her business was also an opportunity “to meet and greet visitors from all over the world; to entertain and show them our way of life and to let them know firsthand what it was like to grow up here.”

Pauley says she loves her job because she loves people. “I love meeting folks from all over the world and showing them our beautiful Island and sharing its rich history and folklore. I also love learning about where they are from and their culture. I love meeting, reconnecting, and transporting the locals, keeping them arriving safely to their destinations, and I love happy customers and want their experience to be the best I can make it.”

The five-star rated company, which is female owned and operated, offers a variety of tours including customized tours as well as planned tours like a lighthouse and winery tour, a distillery

Pauley Charter & Adventure Tours 902.213.5177 By Brianne Hogan Photos Story Thorburn

One of Atlantic Canada’s Most Luxurious Resorts With its tranquil setting overlooking PEI’s panoramic North Shore and a wide variety of activities offered on-site, Rodd Crowbush Golf & Beach Resort is a favourite of visitors to the Island. The resort offers direct access to The Links at Crowbush Cove, stunning Lakeside Beach, an onsite spa, and a variety of accommodations. More Islanders are taking advantage of Rodd Crowbush to escape close to home either for a few nights, a day at the spa (open to the public), or a special treat at David’s Restaurant. Offering a laid-back vibe, the Clubhouse on the Links has indoor seating and a sunny outdoor patio

overlooking the 15th hole and the North Shore. It’s open early for breakfast so you can grab a bite before your morning tee time. It’s easy to see why this spot has a loyal following of locals who enjoy the cold drinks, delicious meals, and friendly service. Children are welcome and a kid’s menu is offered for those 12 and under.

Rodd Crowbush 632 Route 350, Morell

902.961.5600 By Lynne McKenna Photos Courtesy of Rodd Hotel & Resorts

52 SUMMER 2022

Fortune Bridge Farms is Fun For the Entire Family In 2015 Crystal Burke-Cheverie, a fourth-generation farmer, along with her husband, opened Fortune Bridge Farms, specializing in growing turnips, carrots, parsnips, and cabbage. Two years later they started a roadside stand and offered farm-fresh produce to the community. This venture has grown to produce over 100 acres of vegetables. This summer Fortune Bridge Farms will host the first annual sunflower festival. Toby’s Sunflower Festival will take place August fifth to 14th. “We have planted dozens of sunflower varieties, including giants sunflowers, and numerous picturesque display gardens. This spring we strategically planted our blooms in phases to allow for a succession of blooms throughout the duration of the festival,” Burke-

Cheverie says. “Take a stroll through the acres of floral beauty that includes 100,000 blooms.” Local vendors, artisans, musical talent and more will be set up on the weekends in farmer’s market style. Sunflower Minis will be offered by local photographer Erika MacDonald. Limited time slots are available so be sure to get your tickets online now. While you’re visiting the farm be sure to stop into Toby’s Takeout, located at the bottom parking lot, where chef Matthew Burke a 2014 culinary graduate, leads the team to deliver farm-fresh takeout. New for this season is the licensed deck and beer garden that offers a selection of local wine, beer, and coolers to enjoy with your meal.

By Alana Lauren Photos Story Thorburn

Open daily from May to October is the Fortune Bridge Farm Corn Maze. Get lost for the afternoon in their challenging corn maze or choose the Mini Maze or Sunflower Trail. Return in October for the Halloween Haunted Maze, or Flashlight Nights for a different kind of date night! Bring your own flashlight, the maze is especially challenging at night! There is so much to experience at Fortune Bridge Farms this summer that it’s a must for your 2022 Island bucket list.

Fortune Bridge Farms 1444 Veteran’s Memorial Hwy, Souris 902.215.0219

From Goat Yoga to Goat’s Milk Soap By Rebecca Spinner Photos Berni Wood, Reel Media Photography , Alana Belair

Photo: Berni Wood, Reel Media Photograhpy


hen you show up at Island Hill Farm this summer, you’ll find Farmer Flory and her team have created even more unique ways to spend time with the goats and other animals. On a “goat walk,” for example, guests can enjoy the summer sun alongside the farm’s caprine residents. “It’s a wonderful experience where you get to run and play with the goats in their big field,” explains Island Hill Farm spokeswoman Emily. Teacher-led “goat yoga” classes will also be available during Summer 2022. (Island Hill Farm’s website—and past issues of PEI Living—refer to the farm as “the cutest place on Earth,” which sounds like a great spot for a yoga class.) Although the teacher will focus on traditional yoga moves, the goat drop-in guests will definitely make for

Photo: Alana Belair one of PEI’s more unpredictable yoga sessions. “Sometimes baby goats visit and bounce along,” Emily says. “Sometimes it’s our bigger goats, like Thelma, that like to steal the show with their beautiful stretches!” Speaking of baby goats, it’s not too late

54 SUMMER 2022

to spend time with the baby animals PEI Living’s Spring 2022 issue featured. “We have babies year-round for bottle feeding three times a day, except on Mondays. Space is limited so book early!” says Emily. “We’re more than just goats.” Flory said, “I’ve created a unique educational

experience for visitors from all over the world. Island Hill Farm is the largest agritourism destination on the Island.” In addition to goats, the farm is home to chickens, sheep, alpacas, miniture horses, Khunkhun pigs, Flemish giant rabbits and a donkey named Gavin. Returning for the 2022 season is Story with Farmer Flory for the kids. This summer, the layout of Island Hill Farm itself has changed; Flory’s Café and Farmer Flory’s Shoppe are now accessible. They’re also free of admission, Emily adds. “You can swing by [the shoppe and café] without visiting the farm.” While you’re at the café take home the fresh farm-to-table meat, eggs and cheese (while available) and top it off with a delicious ice cream or a freshly brewed coffee.


Photo: Sam Sharpley

Photos: Berni Wood, Reel Media Photograhpy AT FLORY’S CAFÉ Guests can enjoy Baker Joe’s delicious refreshments (and needn’t pay admission to do so). “With the summer season starting, we’ll see Baker Joe back in the café, frying up donair meat, turning out fresh bread, and whipping up baked goods,” Emily confirms. On certain Saturdays during Summer 2022, visitors will also be able to indulge in cuisine created by guests Los Nopales, described by Emily as “an up-and-coming authentic Mexican restaurant.”

Photo: Sam Sharpley

FINDING THE FARM Island Hill Farm isn’t tucked away somewhere tricky to find. Its Hampshire location is just slightly over ten minutes west of Charlottetown. It’s easy to pair a morning or afternoon visit to the farm with any other summer activities you’ve planned! The farm is bilingual, and we have a fantastic team that is looking forward to your visit.

Photos: Berni Wood, Reel Media Photograhpy

“We’re open year-round--rain, shine, snow or wind!”

Island Hill Farm 351 Route 225, Hampshire, PEI 902.218.1673 Island Hill Farm participates in Harvest Host and Terego.

– Emily, Island Hill Farm SUMMER 2022


All year round, there’s loads to do in Summerside, but now with the warmer weather and sunny skies, we can add some of our favourite summer activities and sports to our list of ways to live our best #seasidelife! By Millicent Mckay, Explore Summerside Photos Explore Summerside

56 SUMMER 2022

Dining al Fresco It’s no secret that we love dining outdoors! Let’s start with a picnic! There’s no lack of greenspace in Summerside and a picnic along the water or at the park is the best way to capitalize on enjoying good food and sunshine! Whether you pack your picnic yourself, or you pick one up, eating outdoors is a fun way to experience the waterfront! Next, we suggest enjoying a cold treat on the boardwalk! With dairy bars being an Island staple (we have several in the city) why not enjoy your cold treat when you stroll along! Birds will be chirping; a chipmunk might make an appearance and you can get your steps in while you cool off with your favourite flavour! Dine on the deck! We have multiple restaurants with outdoor seating, including a handful that are right on the water, allowing you to eat right next to the ocean wether you’re eating surf or turf. Spend time at Spinnakers Landing There’s no shortage of favourite shops in Summerside, and it’s always exciting when the shopping at Spinnakers Landing opens for another season! It’s one of the markers that summer has come! This year there are some new additions and favourite familiars on Spinnakers! Outdoor Fun With the warmer weather, getting outdoors sometimes feels a lot less daunting than the wintertime counterpart; and with that in mind, there’s a bunch to do outside in the seaside air! First stop, the Knot Beach Bar and Rentals! If you’re looking to get your heart rate up by spending some time on the water, you can enjoy kayaking

or paddle boarding by renting gear from The Knot! The crew at the Knot can also set you up with cruiser bikes if you’d like to actively make your way through the city on two wheels! If you’re looking for team or individual activities, head back to the grounds of Credit Union Place and take some time at the outdoor tennis courts or beach volleyball courts. Get your gang together and spike the ball for a volleyball round or grab your rackets and serve a mean game of tennis; for access to the courts, check in at the front desk of Credit Union Place. If tennis isn’t your favourite, but you’re still looking for some similar fun, head to the pickleball courts at Wilmot Centre! Set on a smaller scale, pickleball might be your new favourite sport for the summer! And, if you’re a skater or BMX rider don’t miss some fun at Summerside’s skatepark with a bowl and other obstacles to send it! The Dome While it offers regularly scheduled programming, the Summerside Dome also offers pop-up sports nights, drop-ins, and other fun public events you can take in! As one of the city’s newest sporting and activity facilities, the 60,000-foot turf field often features flag football, soccer, baseball, inflatables, yoga and other activities every week! To stay up to date with fun activities, make sure to follow The Dome at @summersidedome on Facebook and Instagram! Credit Union Place If all things sports are your jam, don’t miss the chance to celebrate Island sports history with the PEI Sports Hall of Fame and Museum. Featuring stories, memorabilia, and more, the display set up at Credit Union Place is a great way to learn about the impact sport and leisure have had on PEI and the Island!

Speaking of Credit Union Place, whether it’s a rainy day or clear skies, there’s always fun to enjoy at the city’s premier facility. While you’re at the CUP, you can enjoy time at the Aquatics Centre in their lap pool or leisure pool! On weekends they open up their water slide and rock-climbing wall for added fun! On occasion, they also have aqua sports like underwater hockey and waterpolo. Also at Credit Union Place are The Lanes—the city’s bowling lanes. You can enjoy seven-pin bowling, cosmic bowling, arcade games, and pub food in the licensed area for some fun time for all ages! Active Living in Summerside Like the Dome, Active Living Summerside offers regularly scheduled programming, from single activities to multi-week programs; there’s no reason not to sign up for some fun to keep active in the city! From Spikeball pop-ups to kids’ camps, if you’re in Summerside, following along with Active Living is a great way to find activities for all ages that can also be done as a family! So, where will your next adventure take you as you embrace your best seaside life in the city by the sea?

Explore Summerside: The City by the Sea



GO GIRL FASHIONS Fashion As Unique As You Are! By Lynne McKenna Photos Buffie Boily Models: Jana Weatherbie

Amber Bagnell, Karla Love

Go Girl Fashion designers specialize in finding items as unique as you are! Whether you visit the Go Girl Fashions store in Summerside, take advantage of their Fashion Mobile, or visit their online store, you will know they search for entirely new brands that will fit your taste and personality perfectly. Achieving your full style potential is their number one goal. “We take pride in caring for each of our customers and adding real value through fashion,” says owner Paulette Barke. “We want all women of all age groups to feel confident and look great. We want every woman to feel special when they access our store.” Go Girl Fashions features classic and trendy styles for women of various body shapes and style personalities. “We love to bring the latest fashion trends to the women of PEI.” In August 2009, the dream of Go Girl began with a pop-up store, with events at the Credit Union Place in Summerside. In May 2015, Paulette opened a brick-and-mortar location in Summerside. “Having a permanent year-round location allows us to engage with the community, as well as serve Island women whenever

they need a new look,” Paulette says. “We are involved in the Rotary Club, 100 Women Who Care, Toys for Tots, Harness the Hope and many other fundraising events, helping people in the place where we live.” In 2016, Go Girl Fashions expanded to a Fashion Mobile, an exciting new way to shop that allows them to bring fashionable clothing to women all over the Island through pop up events and private parties at home. In 2021, the online store, Go Girl Fashions, was created. Customers can shop from the comfort of their home, relying on the reviews, carefully constructed size charts, and excellent fashion variety. Renovations are currently underway to further expand their services with their latest adventure, “Shoe Craze,” offering chic and attractive footwear. “You can never go wrong with a good pair of shoes!” Paulette says. “They will help create your perfect look so that you can know you look your best from head to toe. Adding a shoe store completes our boutique by bringing beautiful footwear from Canada and Europe.” The success of Go Girl Fashions is the culmination of Paulette’s dreams. “I love the fashion industry, seeing how each season changes and how our styles change, regardless of our age. There is always something new to discover and to offer to the women on PEI. We love engaging with women and helping them be the best of themselves through fashion. There’s nothing like it! Our excellent staff make it fun and keep the excitement going.” (L-R) Kelly Bagnell, Nikki Moulins

“We want all women of all age groups to feel confident and look great.”

Go Girl! Fashions & Accessories 215 Wyatt Cres., Summerside 902.436.2122

- Paulette Barke SUMMER 2022


Rewilde, Confidence Building Style! Spinnakers Landing is home to Summerside’s newest style destination, Rewilde. Rewilde offers body confident clothing for men and women in inclusive sizing from XS - 3XL. You’ll find a nice selection of highquality fashion, everything from t-shirts to jeans, jewellery and accessories, there is something for everyone in this great little boutique. Rewilde, located in the orange cottage, Spinnakers Landing, on the beautiful Summerside waterfront, is open for the 2022 season. Owner Ellen Darys Velez

is happy to help you find fashion that builds your confidence. In addition Rewilde is available online 24/7 with delivery and shipping to Canada and the United States.

Rewilde Spinnackers Landing (Orange Cottage) 150 Heather Moyse Dr, Summerside 902.314.2428

(above) Ellen Darys Velez

By Alana Lauren Photos Karrie Costain

See You at The Deckhouse! The long winter is over, summer is here, and it’s time to head to The Deckhouse Pub and Eatery at Spinnakers Landing in Summerside! Thanks to our wonderful community’s continuing support, we’re open for our 30th season, and ready to welcome you to our pub and restaurant! Relaxing in a seat on our patio is the ideal way to spend an afternoon or evening, enjoying the amazing view of Summerside Harbour while devouring our famous food. Enjoy a beer with your friends or dine on old and new favourite dishes. We’re proud to offer you our popular hand-battered fish and chips, other traditional pub fare and a wide range of local beers on tap and summer-infused cocktails. We’ve got kid-friendly options certain to please the fussiest little people. Rain or shine, see you at the Deckhouse, we look forward to serving you! 60 SUMMER 2022

Owner, Barb Hunter

The Deckhouse Pub & Eatery 150 Heather Moyse Dr, Summerside | 902.436.0660 | By Barb Hunter Photos Karrie Costain

Rose Cottage Antiques Opened in 2012, Rose Cottage Antiques is located along the busy boardwalk overlooking the beautiful harbor in Summerside. This beautiful shop is a mustsee if you’re a connoisseur of quality antiques and collectibles. Rosemary and Rollie Cantin have curated a beautiful selection of furniture, tableware, glassware, linens, vintage clothing and so much more. Everything is elegantly displayed making it easy to imagine how you can fit it into your decor. You’ll find an incredible selection of Pyrex™ and quirky kitchenware that’s perfect for the cottage or to simply add to your collection. The fruniture pieces are in

wonderful condition—no need to paint or restore them—just take them home and enjoy them. Antiques are always in style; whether you live in a downtown condo, a heritage home, a cozy apartment or modern bungalow, a specially chosen piece or pieces will add that special something that truly makes your house your home. You’ll also find a solution for those used candle vessels. Bring them into Rose Cottage Antiques and have them refilled to enjoy over and over again.

Rose Cottage Antiques 401 Water St Summerside 902.724.3399 902-.439.4693

RC Estate Management Are you looking to downsize your home or closing an estate property? It can seem overwhelming to dispose of or sell your unwanted home contents. “We now offer in-home estate sales across PEI.” Rosemary Cantin says, “Whether downsizing, moving, or settling an estate, through our onsite estate sales we aid our clients with the compassion, respect, patience and the dignity that is deserved.”

price everything. In addition they will take the time to present everything for a neat and professional sale. “At RC Estate Management Services, we strive to minimize the stress of rightsizing or relocating by focusing on the planning part of the move. We aid our clients ​with the compassion, respect, patience and dignity that is deserved, so that you can focus on enjoying your next phase of life.”

RC Estate Management will come into your home, sort through the contents, tag and

RC Estate Management Summerside 902.439.4693

By Alana Lauren Photos J. Chaisson SUMMER 2022


Saving our Island

ISLAND NATURE TRUST By Lynne McKenna Photos Courtesy of Island Nature Trust

“We need to protect more land, connect more patches, and mend and maintain this natural resource on behalf of Islanders.”

- Bianca McGregor

62 SUMMER 2022

We all call the Island home, and as climate change continues to negatively affect our natural ecosystems, it is increasingly important to mitigate its impact through the protection of the natural spaces that sustain us. For 40 years, Island Nature Trust has been working to ensure the Island’s land and wildlife is preserved for future generations. This year, the Trust is relaunching their Saving Our Island campaign to celebrate the past acquisitions of ecologically rich properties, made possible by matching campaign cash donations from Islanders. The Trust hopes to find new donations of land and cash to reconnect our natural home. With the growing threats to nature and the environment, the Trust plans to bring the remaining untouched patches into protection, and through conservation efforts, mend the ones that have the potential to combat climate change. “Anyone who has looked down on our Island from the air knows it looks like a patchwork quilt,” says Bianca McGregor, Executive Director. “We need to join up the patches that have become disconnected over time, so

that we can pass a quilt of connected and conserved areas on to those who come after us. We need to protect more land, connect more patches, and mend and maintain this natural resource on behalf of Islanders.” Owners of ecologically important land can “Add a Patch” by donating land so it is protected for the benefit of all into the future. Owners can choose to give the land now or later and can decide to hold a life interest in it or make a sale/ donation arrangement. Land donors may also qualify for tax incentives under Canada’s Ecological Gifts program, or Ecogift. The program offers significant tax benefits to landowners who donate land or a partial interest in land to a qualified recipient like the Island Nature Trust. The Trust ensures that the land’s biodiversity and environmental heritage are conserved in perpetuity. You could also decide to “Mend-APatch” by donating to the Stewardship Fund. “Once land is under our care,” says Bianca, “we annually plant native trees and shrubs, maintain the trails, and actively restore the network of natural areas.”

If you donate to the campaign, you’ll help reach the Province of PEI’s target of protecting 10% of the Island. Both the Province and Island Nature Trust’s conservation partners will multiply the contributions! All donations are tax deductible. By visiting the Trust’s website www. you can find out more information about the campaign and the ways that you can help protect the irreplaceable natural areas of our Island home forever.




H O M E & C O T TA G E



elcome to the Home and Cottage section of the Summer 2022 edition of PEI Living Magazine. Is it just me or did summer suddenly appear? This year I found it amazing how quickly the trees, bushes and lawns greened up and became lush almost overnight. I think it’s been the right combination of sun and rain. In this issue we introduce something new, Design Notes, featuring designers based in and working on PEI. With the construction boom showing no signs of slowing down there is plenty of work to go around and certainly plenty of design talent.

In our interior design feature, Steeped in History, we are featuring a beautifully restored heritage home’s kitchen. I hope that the quick and easy DIY project on page 78 will inspire you to try your hand at a stylish summer DIY. It’s a simple project for any age and a fun activity to try with your kids. Wishing you all a very happy summer full of fun times, good health, and beautiful summer weather.


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64 SUMMER 2022

Susan Snow Home & Cottage Editor

“We might think we are nurturing our garden, but of course it’s our garden that is really nurturing us.”

- Jenny Uglow


“All great kitchens regardless of the style have one thing in common, they are well planned. The three most important things to consider in order of importance are function, practicality, and form.” - Susan Snow NEAT AND TIDY Limit items placed on countertops. When loaded with small appliances your kitchen will just look messy. Allocate cabinet space to store appliances in easy to reach drawers or behind doors for a clean look.

ALTERNATIVES TO STAINLESS STEEL Most major appliance brands, including GE, are now offering customizable colours and finishes. Elevate the look of your kitchen with white or black appliances trimmed with stainless steel, copper, bronze, black or brushed gold handles and/or knobs.

Café 36” Smart All-Gas Commercial-Style

Range Matte White with copper details

COMFORT Use bar or counter stools with backs to offer maximum comfort and back support. Design tip: know your size before ordering or purchasing. Countertops that are 36” off the floor require a counter height stool. Bar counters are usually 42” off the floor and require a bar height stool. ADD PERSONALITY AND FLAIR Best bets for accessorizing kitchen countertops or shelving include fresh flowers or stems, collections of wooden cutting boards, decorative utensil holders, knife blocks, specialty cooking oils in pretty bottles, hardcover cookbooks, interesting vases, and bowls filled with fruit. Design Tip: group accessories on countertop trays.

BRIGHTEN UP As a rule, you should vary the lighting in your kitchen using a combination of pot lights, under counter lights and decorative pendants. Task lighting is essential over the kitchen sink and prep areas. Pendant lights over islands or peninsulas add a decorative touch while providing function. Design tip: the proper height for hanging pendant light over an island is approx 33 - 36” from the top of the countertop to the bottom of the pendant.

AIR FLOW Having adequate ventilation is critical in any kitchen to rid the air of cooking odours, smoke, and grease. Plan your kitchen so that your stove is on an outside wall or within a few feet to allow for direct duct ventilation. In some spaces, like islands, downdraft vents are necessary but keep in mind they are less powerful than a hooded vent system.

H O M E & C O T TA G E

COTTAGE LIFE BOUTIQUE By Alana Lauren Photos Story Thorburn

The Island is all about the cottage lifestyle— relaxing on your backyard deck with a cold beverage, searching for sea glass on a red beach just before sunset, or curling up under a quilt-covered daybed on the sleeping porch during a thunderstorm. It’s a feeling and a state of mind.


ottage Life Boutique is like gathering all those feelings and memories and offering them up to enjoy, no matter where home might be. The boutique opened in June 2021, amidst a lull in the COVID-19 pandemic, and customers flocked to it. “We opened, and we knew what we were going into. But I knew we would be a welcoming venue for Islanders and tourists alike,” Marsha Doiron says. “We had a great season and ended up open full-time until Thanksgiving. We closed and reopened on weekends leading up to Christmas at that point.” Doiron has been an entrepreneur for a long time. She has worked doing her own gift baskets, run a bike rental shop, and operated the largest motorcoach company in Atlantic Canada with her husband, and has plenty of hospitality experience. She brings quite a pedigree to her current role. 66 SUMMER 2022

“I love hearing how our products allow people to have a peaceful state of mind. I love talking to people and hearing their stories.” - Marsha Doiron

“Owning this shop gives me a way to tap into my creative side. One of my favourite quotes is ‘desire to inspire,’ and I like to see people inspired by our products, our wonderful staff, and our overall vibe here,” she says. “Since the pandemic, we’ve all spent so much more time in our homes and surrounding ourselves with the “cozy and comfy” has been the vibe/feeling that we’re all craving.” You’ll see changes for the 2022 season. “We expanded to add coffee service in the shop with fabulous baked goods, and a selection of small batch artisan specialty food products from the Prince Edward Island Preserve Company.” Doiron says.

merchandising the shoppe, considering those little ‘oh so important’ details, and even made sure we had just the right CLB team members on deck!” Doiron and her staff are bringing Cottage Life Boutique to the heart of people’s homes. “I love hearing how our products allow people to have a peaceful state of mind. I love talking to people and hearing their stories,” she says.

(above) Olivia Morley

After learning what their customers were looking for, this year Cottage Life Boutique is carrying more canvas prints, small accent tables and accent lamps, and lots of decor pillows. “We have a lot of great decor and entertaining items such as unique coffee mugs, an amazing selection of pottery mugs, handcrafted signs, bath products, and healing stone bracelets. You will notice that the boutique carries products from local entrepreneurs— amazing pottery products from Tracy Stretch and Debbie McKie, healing stone bracelets from Nora Cummins, and macrame items from Rebekah Conohan.” Doiron’s son Porter returns with his popular line of soy candles, Seaview Candles, a number one seller in 2021. This year, Porter has added scents to his candles, but he has also added new vessels. “We have a great team and hired more staff,” Doiron says. “Olivia Morley is now managing the store. She’s been instrumental in getting the shoppe where it is today! The shoppe looks absolutely beautiful. Olivia is an amazingly talented gal that has the perfect eye for creating those ‘cottage life’ vibes I envision for customers to experience. She’s given her 110 per cent in curating our inventory,

Cottage Life Boutique 8572 Cavendish Road



H O M E & C O T TA G E


Submitted by Darren MacKenzie, Legacy Homes Ltd. & MacKenzie Builder Services Ltd.

68 SUMMER 2022

The pandemic impacted all aspects of our lives, it’s a new reality. The housing industry has seen long term effects and changes leading to a “new normal” which has led homeowners to rethink their priorities for future custom builds. SPACE AND NATURAL LIGHT


In general, there is a trend toward light-filled, airy homes with views of something other than the neighbour’s window. Living space and light have become a new priority.

Home security is being built in from the ground up, smart home technology has made it easier to monitor your property remotely. Everything from secure parcel delivery to closed circuit cameras inside and out mean homeowners can be assured their property is safe and secure 24/7.

PRIVACY Now that we’re spending more time at home and there is also a trend toward multi-generational homes, exterior and interior walls are built to keep day-today noise such as business calls or other family activities to a minimum.

MULTIFUNCTION Our homes must function as multipurpose dwellings, a home office is no longer thought of as a luxury as many are still working from home. Home gyms and media rooms are also becoming more popular in new builds to accommodate leisure activities that we are now doing at home.

DEMAND FOR ENERGY EFFICIENCY A green home or energy efficiency is no longer considered a choice when building a custom home. Home buyers who have been working and living at home 24/7 have a new appreciation for the cost of keeping the lights on, the computers running and the AC cooling!

KITCHENS The kitchen is the “hub” of the home. Now that families have grown accustomed to cooking several meals a day, expect a continued trend toward large open kitchens where families can gather to cook together.

OUTDOOR SPACE Outdoor living and entertaining spaces are a huge trend! Custom builds are including outdoor kitchens, expansive decks and multifunctional areas such as play areas for the kids, home gardens and pools or spas.


Legacy Homes Ltd. 12745 St. Peters Road, Ten Mile House 902.626.3200 MacKenzie Builder Services Ltd. 262 Howe Pont Road, Eglington 902.969.0425

Home owners are rethinking functional, yet stylish ways to keep future homes safe from the germs that might be lurking outside. We will see more mudrooms that elide (join together) with laundry functions. The utility sink for washing will also enjoy a second life as a handwash station, perhaps with motion sensor plumbing fixtures for touchless use.



H O M E & C O T TA G E

STEEPED IN HISTORY The roots of this house run deep. Built in 1867 for British Naval Admiral and surveyor Henry Wolseley Bayfield, and his wife Fanny Amelia Wright Bayfield, the home was purchased by Peter and Bonnie MacDonald in 2011.

After years of sitting empty and in disrepair, the MacDonalds rolled up their sleeves and took on the enormous project of transforming the neglected house themselves, tacking one room at a time. Words and photos by Susan Snow 70 SUMMER 2022


omeowners Peter and Bonnie have added their own personal style while thoughtfully renovating their kitchen in a welcoming traditional farmhouse flair, suited to the age of their home. Respecting the historical significance of the home meant adding period character and design details while incorporating all the conveniences of a modern kitchen. This husband-and-wife DIY dynamic duo designed, decorated, and tackled most of the projects themselves apart from building the kitchen cabinets. Pouring their hearts and souls into the project, they have created a one-of-kind kitchen where the combination of rustic, modern and bespoke elements come together to create a charming laid-back atmosphere perfectly suited to the authenticity of the home.

Thank you to the home owners for sharing their home with our readers. SUMMER 2022


THE WARMTH OF WOOD Shaker style wood cabinets with little ornamentation and constructed with quarter sawn red oak were the desired choice for this hardworking family and pet friendly kitchen. Quarter sawn oak is known for its inherent dense, even grain pattern, which not only makes it beautiful, but less likely to cup, split, twist, or warp in an ever-changing Northern climate. EVERYDAY FUNCTIONALITY The first thing you see when you enter the room is the sink wall. Outfitted with the sink and the dishwasher, it was planned for easy cleanup, prep work, organization, and storage for everyday items like cutlery, dishes, glasses, cooking utensils, and storage wraps. Next to the dishwasher is more everyday storage for trays, cutting boards and longer utensils. PURPOSEFUL PLANNING The unfussy open upper cabinets make it easy to unload the dishwasher and put dishes away efficiently and are a very traditional farmhouse detail. Plain white dinnerware is a classic choice against the wood background and age appropriate for the style of cabinetry.

ERA LIGHTING CHOICES Schoolhouse light fixtures were an economical choice and add another layer of character to the kitchen. EARTHY ELEMENTS The countertops and the backslashes are black soapstone. This natural stone is impervious to liquid stains, heat resistant/fire retardant and is easy to maintain. From time to time they treat the surface with a wipe of all-natural mineral oil to bring it back to its original patina. DECORATIVE CHOICES In lieu of artwork a replica oversized clock suits the room’s aesthetic making it the perfect choice over the sink. VINTAGE APPEAL A large apron front sink made of solid soapstone was a lucky find. The couple had been searching for such a sink while renovating. At a time when they were considering having one custom built, when they happened upon the piece in a specialty store while travelling. EASY CLEANUPS The modern black pull-down faucet makes cleanup a breeze and works seamlessly with the sink and the kitchen’s black and wood theme.



The original drywalled ceiling was taken down and removed, opening up the ceiling and exposing the original beams, which effectively created more height and volume in the room. The beams were painted white to bring a layer of lightness into the kitchen.

“We wanted to give the kitchen the attention it deserved, respecting the age of the home while making sure that we had all the functionality and conveniences of a modern kitchen. We are so pleased with how it turned out. It’s a great space for gathering, cooking, and hanging out.” - Bonnie MacDonald (Homeowner)

BALANCING ACT A wall of cabinets with a built-in refrigerator, opposite the sink wall, balances out the large rectangular kitchen. Glass front cabinets break up the expanse of wood cabinet doors. While this space is not your typical work triangle, it flows due to the open floor space centred around the island. RETAINING CHARACTER Two large windows flank the modern gas range. The windows are purposely kept bare of window treatments, allowing natural light to fill the space. As a designated heritage property none of the exterior features including windows could be modified or moved. Since the windowsills and trim work were below typical counter height by several inches, lower cabinets on that wall were out of the question. STYLE STATEMENT A feature wall of solid soapstone slabs was installed behind the large stainless steel chef style gas range. The modern chimney style vent hood was chosen to keep that area of the room feeling more open and for direct ventilation to the outside.



PET FRIENDLY As part of the family, Murphy, their Saint Bernard/Bernese Mountain Dog cross has his own custom built food station. Built from floorboards reused from another room in the house, the unit was made specifically to account for his size and stature when feeding. UPCYCLING DIY PROJECT A freestanding six by three-foot island placed in the middle of the kitchen anchors the entire room. It’s a great space for baking, cooking, and gathering around with family and friends. The entire island was handmade by Peter, with Bonnie’s help, using salvaged rustic beams and materials sourced and saved from other projects. ADDING STORAGE In addition to the kitchen cabinetry an armoire was also installed for additional storage. Extra dishes and crystal are showcased behind the glass doors, while hidden storage at the bottom of the piece tucks tea towels, place mats, tablecloths, etc. out of sight. CONQUERING THE CLUTTER Just off the kitchen is a hidden gem, a butler’s pantry. It’s a room that looks good even when the door is open, thanks to the panel wall detail, patterned tile floor and the wall of custom-made organizational shelving. It’s the ideal place to tuck away cookbooks, bulk food, kitchen appliances, and extra cookwear, keeping the main kitchen clutter free. 76 SUMMER 2022





1) Cosentino Silestone Quartz is our most popular countertop material. It is a hard surface made from premium natural minerals and recycled materials that’s highly resistant to stains and acids commonly used in kitchens and very easy to maintain. This material allows the installation of an under-mount sink. 2) Cosentino Dekton is becoming more popular. This product is ultra-compact and high performance, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor surfaces. It has high resistance to scratches, stains, fire and heat. Like the Cosentino Silestone Quartz you’re able to use under-mount sinks in your design. 3) Natural stone, marble, quartzite, granite and soapstone create beautiful unique counter tops. Expect no uniform colours or patterns and keep in mind natural stone is not as forgiving or easy to maintain as quartz and dekton. You can install an under-mount sink, but you will need seal the countertop to resist stains.






auren Williams, owner of TNC Kitchens, is a cabinet designer who holds an interior decorator’s dipolma and studied Construction Technology at Holland College. TNC designs, installs and supplies cabinets kitchens, vanities, entertainment units closets, countertops and more. They are your Island-wide expert in designing cabinets to suit your needs. 902.436.7710,

4) Butcherblock is available in many different types of wood, but it’s best to avoid installing near your sinks or water. Butcherblock is great for islands, but be sure to maintain regularly. 5) Post-form laminate is economical, easy to maintain, and available in a multitude of finishes. It’s not recommended to use with an under-mount sink as the base material will absorb water.



H O M E & C O T TA G E

nature-inspired DIY DESIGN Words and Photos: Susan Snow

One of today’s hottest home design trends is the use of flowers, plants and greenery, including potted plants, wallpaper with floral motifs, fabrics with bold floral prints and up to the moment botanical prints. Personalize your space with beautiful, nature inspired prints with the flick of a button. To do this exquisite DIY project all you need is a colour photocopier, some stems and leaves straight out of the garden and a frame. Simply place your stems on your copier, close the lid and press copy. If your copier has image adjustments, I found the copies came out better when lightened up. Once you are happy with the outcome pop the prints into a single frame or a series of frames.

Tip: Uue stems that can be easily flattened like ferns and grasses for the best results.

78 SUMMER 2022





hile bathrooms may be one of the smallest spaces in our homes, I also feel they are one of the most difficult spaces to get right. There are so many design elements that need to be considered and I am going to give you my simplified version of how I begin the design process! 1) Begin with your colour palette, keeping in mind that colours can have a profound impact on our moods: • Your colour palette can be determined by zeroing in on spaces that you tend to gravitate towards, by drawing inspiration from your surroundings (nature’s colour combinations will never let you down) or even objects. • Sticking to a maximum of three colours is a good rule of thumb. 2) Vary the size of your tile: • Using the same sized tile on your floors and shower walls can lead to a bathroom that falls flat and seems, dare I say…builder basic. • Don’t forget about your grout colour and even the width of your grout lines. Grout has the power to make a big statement or create the illusion of one large piece of tile. 3) If you can do it, invest in a custom vanity: • This alone will make your bathroom unique and more tailored to you.


esign has always been an escape for Sara Dykerman. “In all of my designs, my main goal is to ultimately change the way you feel about your home and how your home makes you feel when you are in it. At the end of my design processes, my hopes are that I have truly enhanced not only your home but your life,” says Dykerman. Plank & Pine offers a wide variety of design services from E-design, which is entirely a digital approach, to services such as assistance with new builds, larger residential projects, renovations, in-home styling, and consultations.

4) Don’t be afraid to mix your metal finishes, this adds interest to our spaces: • Balance your tones (warm vs. cool). • Mixing two different metal finishes is pretty safe. 5) Scale, make sure your lighting and mirrors are portioned to the vignette below (most often we scale too small). 6) Finally, thoughtful and functional decor pieces are what will give your bathroom that polished and personal touch you are striving for (less is always more).


Plank & Pine Interior Design | | 902.388.0088


Snake plant It seems like snake plants can seriously survive anywhere, including the outdoors. While snake plants can tolerate low light, they can thrive in a variety of light conditions. They prefer to dry out in between waterings.

Croton This flamboyant and finicky multicoloured shrub loves bright light and humidity, but is particular about its water intake. Croton leaves will drop if it’s getting too much or too little water, or if the temperature dips too low.

Ponytail Palm Plant parents (and pets!) love a ponytail palm, and the ponytail palm loves the outdoors. Ponytail palms prefer full sun, but can tolerate lower light atmospheres, as well. The ponytail palm’s water routine is much like that of succulent plants—let the soil dry out between waterings.


Houseplants That Thrive Outdoors for the Summer Not every houseplant is happy to be outdoors. For the ones that are, outside time can help boost their growth and health.

Hoya Hoya plants are beautiful hanging window plants, but they can also be happy on the other side of that window. They prefer bright, indirect light and moist—but not wet—soil. Hoya plants’ waxy leaves are able to hold a lot of moisture, giving them an advantage when it comes to outdoor heat.

80 SUMMER 2022

Ficus Even though some ficus trees get a reputation for being finicky—yeah, I mean you, fiddle-leaf fig—these trees actually can thrive outdoors.




yle Timothy Blood is known for his serene and inviting designs that impart an understated, timeless, and casual elegance. He specializes in residences along the East Coast, focusing on spatial flow, utilitarian ease, and functionality. After working at Martha Stewart Living for five years, he studied at the New York School of Interior Design before launching his own design firm in New York City in 2004. He moved to PEI full-time in 2018 with his partner. He is an Allied Member of both IDC (Interior Designers of Canada) and ASID (American Society of Interior Designers).



aving spent my childhood summers on the coast of Maine, I guess I come by “coastal living” naturally. When I embarked on a career in interior design, my “big break” happened to be a summer house in East Hampton, NY, for a young family. Since that first project in the early 2000’s, my favourite projects have been located on the East Coast, from New York to Cape Cod to Maine and now, in the Maritimes. As with any design, the success of the coastal living vernacular lies in a well-organized floor plan with plenty of storage. While open-concept living is popular today, we still need designated and well-organized spaces in our homes for all our activities and stuff: mudrooms, laundry rooms, kitchen pantries and cabinetry, powder rooms, bookshelves and cubbies, working surfaces, and closets, closets, closets! Once the floor plan has been nailed down, a flexible yet functional furniture plan is key: Dining, seating, and

sleeping arrangements need to accommodate both immediate family and guests. As far as a coastal aesthetic, it’s all about your personal taste. I always try to steer clear of trends and to devise a scheme unique to your vision, whether you know what that is or not. Minimalist, clean-lined beach houses can be as enticing as rooms filled with overstuffed upholstery and pillows. Comfort is paramount! Keep the palette light and airy, incorporate different textures, and don’t shy away from pops of colour and pattern. And no matter how beautiful your coastal home may be, nothing should ever be too precious.


CAN: 902.316.0807 USA: 917.597.2312






82 SUMMER 2022

W H AT ’ S I N S T O R E

What’s in Store TOSH CO. HOME STORE By Alana Lauren Photo Tosh Co. Home Store

Entertaining this summer? Tosh Co. Home Store has everything you need to serve up in style. The Winnie Cutting Board is crafted from acacia wood and is the perfect size. Its density and hardness mean if properly maintained, these pieces will last decades. Made from mango wood in India, the Lucca Bowl has many uses, from serving fruit and nuts to a catch-all for jewellery, keys or those items that need a pretty place to call home. Serve it up in style with this beautiful glass pitcher wrapped in seagrass. It holds 64 oz and is nine and a half inches tall. Pair with this sweet textured glass tumbler, the Lev Souk Tumbler, and sip in style. A lovely addition to your kitchen or bar!

“Tosh” Noye has been a PEI-based professional decorator for half a decade. Her boutique Tosh Co. Home Store offers versatile home decor products, including unique second-hand pieces.

Tosh Co. Home Store 53 Thompson Drive, Charlottetown

Photo: Sara Bakker SUMMER 2022





ast season may have been filled with neutrals and earthy tones, but well, that’s enough of that. As a stylist it’s so easy for me to constantly veer towards basics and neutrals, because they are safe and pair so fluidly through anyone’s wardrobe. It’s called smart styling. However, if there was ever time to be bold and venture into the world of color, it’s this summer. We’re getting out to social events and leaping back into the world of loving life. Fill that social calendar up have some fun dressing for it!

The crop top may not be your summer jam, but cut-outs are an awesome compromise. I will show you how taking this trend from the runway to real life can be done in such subtle ways. Summer is time to bare a little skin, but for some, it starts with baby steps. This trend is just for you. I promise you, I too will be practicing what I preach. Let’s make a pact to dive into some fun trends and bold hues, you and I. Color truly does make the world a better place.

I’m obsessing over each and every trend I’m bringing to you this issue. From colorful sets, statement jewelry and all of the colors of the rainbow. It’s truly our time to shine. If the highlighter hues are not your vibe, pastels will do the trick. It’s all about finding those mood boosting pieces.

“Friends, sun, sand, and sea, that sounds like a summer to me.” - UInknown


Kimberly Rashed SUMMER 2022

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SUMMER TRENDS for your closet this season BRIGHTER DAYS In need of a mood booster? While summer is the time for all of the highlighter colours, no colour does more for your state of mind than yellow. If you struggle to find the perfect shade for your skin tone (like me), pull it in with pieces that aren’t around the face, such as a skirt, a bag, etc. CUT IT OUT We saw cut-out dresses making a huge statement on the runways for summer, but basically cut-out anything goes. REGENCY Well of course Bridgerton would have an influence on our trend list this summer. While we can admire the gowns of that era, we just need to steal little hints to thread through our summer wardrobe. Though lace-up bustiers and gloves were donned on the runway, I’d stick to some ruffles here and there, an empire waistline and top it off with some pearls.

SUMMER SUITS Two-piece suits are making their mark this summer in all the colous of the rainbow. Whether it’s a skirt suit, short suit or pant suit, monochrome vibes are still raging in every hue you can think of. ON TRACK We are all about that matching set. You don’t need to be a track star to take in this track suit summer style. We’ve really grown accustomed to that pandemic athleisure and I for one am not mad at it. Squid Game added to this craze, but I didn’t want to reference Netflix again, sheesh!

COASTAL GRANDMA Well it’s so big this season, it was even given a cool trend name. Hit up your granny for her high-waisted oversized shorts, baggy sweatshirts, and comfy oversized linen sets. Tip: if you really want to hit this one on the head, I’d throw a sun visor in for good measure. SUMMER 2022


Youthful, Fresh &Fancy Free


Fashion takes on a rebirth of sorts this season. We’re finding inspiration from a more carefree youthful sense of style. Bright hues, oversized silhouettes and athleisure are all on our radar this season.

Stepping out in the happiest of hues can only be boosted further with that perfectly bouquet-ed platform heel. Model Darrah MacLeod Wardrobe: Luxury Market Consignment Boutique



A peek-a-boo boho romper can take you from beach coverup to late night dinner and cocktails. Model Darrah MacLeod Wardrobe: Luxury Market Consignment Boutique



Bright coral shorts evenly toned down by pairing with a neutral button-down shirt. Model Jackson Saunders Wardrobe: Eastwood Avenue

88 SUMMER 2022


Oversized relaxed silhouettes balanced out with delicate florals are essential for that easy breezy summer day Model Alexis Rashed Wardrobe: KC Clothing




Puffed sleeves and soft pastel florals are made even sweeter in this smocked bodice tiered summer dress. Model Alexis Rashed Wardrobe: KC Clothing

90 SUMMER 2022

Easy breezy sun dresses that you can dressup or dress down. Perfect for any occassion this summer. Models (L-R) Jana Weatherbie, Amber Bagnell Wardrobe: Go Girl Fashions




Summer is here and the living should be easy, but we want to look our very best - effortlessly. We’ll show you how! 92 SUMMER 2022

Summer-Ready BEAUTY TREATMENTS By Alana Lauren

PEDICURE Sandals are your summer footwear so be sure to treat yourself to regular pedicures. Choose a durable polish that can withstand a busy summer lifestyle. MANICURE A good manicure makes you look stylish and put-together even when you’re wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Have fun with it and pick a bright summery hue. If you’re an avid gardener be sure to wear gloves and help your manicure last longer. HAIR REMOVAL Don’t suffer from stubble, bumps and other irritations caused by shaving. Waxing is a quick and simple way to eliminate shaving from your beauty routine. If you have experience, you can do this treatment at home. Laser hair removal can last much longer than waxing or shaving, but should be left to the professionals. BROWS & LASHES Looking for the perfect summer brow? With a combination of waxing and tinting you will have the perfect brows that define and highlight your facial features and structure.

Laminating your brows is a relatively new option. Basically, it’s a perm for your brows. It takes your unruly or thinning brow hair and smooths it out while also lifting the hair in a more vertical direction. The end result is super smooth brows that look like you have brow gel on them. Lash tinting and lifts are a good alternative to expensive lash extensions, or messy mascara. A lash lift can last up three to four weeks. No more raccoon eyes at the beach or pool! SUMMER HAIR Get a good haircut! The summer sun and heat will make damaged hair look significantly worse. A good trim for longer hair or choosing a shorter, more manageable style will ensure your hair looks fabulous all summer. At-home hair masks once a week will keep your hair looking its best. Covering your hair with a hat or scarf during the hottest part of the day will prevent fading if you have processed hair. SUNSCREEN

it also protects from wrinkles and sunspots that make us look older. One thing is for sure when it comes to SPF: It’s extremely important to wear it regularly, both for your skin’s health and look. Your sunscreen should be a minimum of 30 SPF, but 50 SPF is recommended. Be sure to reapply throughout the day. FACIALS Regular facials throughout the summer will keep your skin looking it’s best. Choose a hydrating facial if you’re prone to dry skin or a deep cleansing facial if your skin tends to breakout. Talk to your esthetician about a good regime for your skin. Weekly at-home facials or masks will help maintain your skin’s healthy glow all summer long. This simple face scrub can help exfoliate your skin. Mix two tablespoons of brown sugar with two tablespoons of coconut oil or honey. Apply to face in gentle circular motions, let sink in for five minutes, then wash off with warm water.

Always use sunscreen - everyday! Sunscreen not only protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun which can lead to skin cancer, SUMMER 2022 SUMMER 2022

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JEANS Denim trends are ever evolving but this season we find so many stand out looks to delve into. Laid back fits to raw hems, and always an ode to days gone by.

Switch up your classic denim jacket this season with a crisp white denim version. A nice bright swap for your summer layering. Model Darrah MacLeod White Denim Jacket KC Clothing


A wide-legged, light wash denim should definitely be high on your musthave list this season. Model Alexis Rashed Wide leg denim KC Clothing



STYLE Getting a little dramatic with this wide cuffed denim. Save yourself a trip to the tailor by adding a wider cuff when jeans are to lengthy. Model Darrah MacLeod wide cuffed denim KC Clothing

96 SUMMER 2022

Grooving right into this season with this patch pocket vintage inspired denim. Model Darrah MacLeod Patch pocket denim KC Clothing



So many trends in just one fab pair of denims. This buttoned pocket, cropped, flared, raw hem denim is covering all the bases all in one. Model Darrah MacLeod Cropped flare denim KC Clothing

98 SUMMER 2022


Accessorize Summer Words and photos by Kimberly Rashed

Accessories are highly exaggerated this season. From wider than wide belts, to a mass of chunky rings. Not only is more more but the bigger the better.

TOP LEFT - RIGHT: Walking sky high in these beautiful floral platforms pumps (Luxury Market

Consignment Boutique) Rocker chic vibes with all the chunky rings your pretty little fingers can carry (Luxury Market Consignment Boutique) BOTTOM LEFT - RIGHT: Love this Islander necklace from Kuriosities as an updated take on the personalized jewelry trend. Large tote bags are a must because when we go out, we’re in no rush to get back. This Kate Spade bag from Luxury Market Consignment Boutique if perfect to pack all the things. SUMMER 2022




​ raised for her “full, gleaming sound” (Chicago Tribune), P Canadian soprano Tracy Cantin “has it all - agility, power and dazzling coloratura” (Chicago Sun-Times), not to mention “vocal and physical allure, with interpretive intelligence and stage presence to boot” (Chicago Tribune). 100 SUMMER 2022

By Jacqui Chaisson Photos Courtesy of Tracy Cantin

PEIL: When did you start singing? I started singing at quite a young age, around 10 years old if I remember correctly. I began taking voice lessons with Beth Cassey, who was an extraordinary teacher and to this day remains a very dear friend. I certainly never imagined that I would grow up to become a professional singer, but Beth saw something in me, and she fostered a spark, that grew into a dream, that became a reality and I will be forever grateful to her for that.

PEIL: What professional training have you had? I began my university training at UPEI and studied there for two years before transferring to the University of Alberta where I completed my undergraduate degree in Music Performance. I then attended the University of Western Ontario, where I graduated with my master’s degree in Voice Performance and Literature. Next, I spent two years at McGill University where I received my Artist Diploma in Voice Performance. Then I moved to Chicago, where my “on-the-job” professional training truly began—I spent three years as an Apprentice Artist at the Lyric Opera of Chicago, one of the preeminent training programs in the world. I was the only Canadian selected during my tenure, and it was an incredible learning experience! The Lyric Opera of Chicago is one of the most prestigious opera companies in the world, so for three years I was able to watch and learn from the very best in the business, including none other than Renée Fleming!

PEIL: What was your first professional performance? Technically I made my professional debut during my 1st year as a Young Artist at Lyric Opera of Chicago in 2012. I played the 5th Maid in Strauss’ Elektra, and even got a couple of good reviews for my small role. After I had completed my many years of training though, I made my true professional main stage debut in 2017 with Edmonton Opera. I played Chrysothemis, also in Strauss’ Elektra. It always felt particularly poignant to

me that my professional debut was made in the very same theatre where I saw my first live opera so many years before!

PEIL: What is your favourite performance or role? That is always such a difficult question, because every time I start to learn a new role, it quickly becomes my favourite! It is so hard to choose just one, but I prefer to play the more dramatic and fiery characters, like Anna Bolena (Anne Bolyn). I think my very favourite role that I’ve performed so far, though, would have to be Miss Jessel in Britten’s The Turn of the Screw. She’s a ghost and I’ve never had so much fun diving into a character. In fact, I distinctly remember a particularly terrifying stage entrance that was so effective that someone in the audience very audibly gasped and then briefly fainted!

PEIL: You’ve won some very prestigious awards, can you briefly describe what that is like? Opera singers are often compared to Olympic athletes, and for good reason! We spend our entire lives meticulously training our bodies and minds to do extraordinary things, and competitions are a great way to showcase not only your talent, but your dedication to your craft and your point of view as an artist. I have been so fortunate to have had some success in the competition circuit over the years, but I’d like to stress that winning isn’t everything. Even in the competitions that I’ve lost, there was always an opportunity to learn something. Presenting yourself in front of a panel of judges is difficult, no matter the discipline, and having the fortitude to believe in yourself and believe that you have something special to offer is what truly matters! Win or lose, being an artist is a lifelong journey, and competitions are merely a pit stop.

PEIL: You’ve performed all over the world, where do you call home? Sometimes it feels like my home is wherever my suitcase is! I do travel quite a lot for work, but when I’m not

performing I generally split my time between Chicago and PEI. Nothing beats an Island summer!

PEIL: Which role do you consider your “dream role?” I think most sopranos would answer “Tosca, hands down!”, but for me, I have always dreamed of playing Lady Macbeth in Verdi’s Macbeth. Not only is Verdi’s music absolutely sublime, but the character of Lady M is just so exquisitely layered and interesting. I would love the challenge of bringing her to life, someday. Anyone who knows me, though, knows that one day I would absolutely love to play Marilla in Anne of Green Gables. We went to see that show every summer when I was growing up, and nothing would make me happier than to play the eternal matriarch!

PEIL: What upcoming performances are you looking forward to? Later this summer I’ll be joining the roster at Opéra de Montréal for Verdi’s Il Trovatore, and then in the fall I’ll be making my debut with Calgary Opera as Micaëla in Bizet’s Carmen. I have recently begun a lovely relationship with the PEISO, and I look forward to performing with them next January for their long-awaited Beethoven’s Symphony No.9. I am especially excited, though, for a recital tour through the Atlantic provinces next February. Presented by Debut Atlantic, I’ll be joined by fellow Maritime artists tenor Marcel d’Entremont and pianist Dakota Scott-Digout, and we will be presenting a wonderfully diverse program that we’ve been developing entitled LOVE LANGUAGES. I hope to see you there!

PEIL: Any other interesting facts about you that you’d like to share? Well, you might be surprised to find out that I am a licensed auctioneer! Believe it or not, auctioneering uses so many of the same skills that I have honed through my singing training, it turned out to be a very natural fit. Sold it!

A R T S & E N T E R TA I N M E N T


The cast of Anne of Green Gables–The Musical™ (photo: Louise Vessey)

Confederation Centre of the Arts is an expansive arts complex nestled in the heart of Downtown Charlottetown. Six iconic sandstone pavilions bring together Victoria Row, Province House, and the shops of Queen and Grafton Streets. Venture up or down one of the Centre’s many entrances and you’ll find a treasure trove of rich arts experiences—the envy of any major city. ▲ Mi’kmaq Heritage Actors


onfederation Centre is host to the long-running Charlottetown Festival, a three-month musical affair featuring seven productions across three venues. “The 2022 Festival is a celebration of our region, and the people who help to define what it means to be from Atlantic Canada,” explains Adam Brazier, artistic director of performing arts. “There is a common thread of East Coast resilience and community woven throughout every show this summer.”

performed by Island singer-songwriter Ashley Condon. The show is based on the true story of her mother, who was one of the first women to captain her own lobster boat in Eastern PEI. The hilarious coming-of-age story takes you through the perils of raising a saucy teenager in 1990s rural PEI (July 5 – 29, The Mack) Hey Viola! is a cabaret-style show about Viola Desmond, a black Krystle Dos Santos Hey Viola!

The Charlottetown Festival kicks off in June with the world premiere of Tell Tale Harbour, a new musical comedy co-written by and starring music icon Alan Doyle. It tells the story of a struggling Atlantic fishing village looking for a miracle when an opportunity arises to bring a stateof-the-art frozen French fry facility to town. Realizing this might be their last chance to save their beloved community, the townspeople come together to secure the factory. Part heist and part farce with lots of music, the story of Tell Tale Harbour is as relatable as it is ridiculous, as hilarious as it is heartfelt, and full of East Coast pride. (June 14 – September 24, Mainstage Theatre) After a two-year hiatus, PEI’s most iconic redhead returns to the Centre in Anne of Green Gables–The Musical™. With a company of 28 amazing Canadian talents and a 14-member live orchestra, this classic family musical has delighted millions of people at Confederation Centre. This humorous and touching show will inspire your imagination, tickle your funny bone, and mesmerize you with its exhilarating singing and dancing. (June 18 – September 3, Mainstage Theatre) The festival also includes two productions about pioneering women from Atlantic Canada playing at its cabaret-style venue, The Mack. Betty’s Song is a new play written and

Nova Scotian businesswoman who challenged racial segregation at a cinema in 1946. The personal and powerful show features the dynamic and inspirational music that filled the life and home of the civil rights trailblazer, including hits like Dream a Little Dream of Me, Smile, and A Change is Gonna Come. (August 3 – 13, The Mack) The Outdoor Amphitheatre comes alive in the summer with highenergy, family-friendly productions. Munschables brings the exciting and silly world of beloved children’s author Robert Munsch to life. It stars members of the cast of Anne of Green Gables—The Musical™. Mi’kmaq Heritage Actors are back for an exclusive three-week engagement of the new show Epekwitnewaq Mi’kmaq Voices. The Xclusiv Dance Crew also returns with the new show Island Vibe, which explores hip-hop, Afrojazz and contemporary movement, as well as breakdancing and tap. The Outdoor Amphitheatre program runs July – September, and admission is by donation. The Confederation Centre Art Gallery (CCAG) offers engaging exhibitions of Canadian visual art. Enjoy a short visit or spend the whole afternoon in the CCAG’s spacious setting discovering a fascinating array of historic and contemporary pieces. Admission is by donation; open year-round.

Alan Doyle (photo: Heather Ogg)

Ashley Condon, Betty’s Song

Shannon Bool: The Shape of Obus Bool foregrounds her recent research on the erotic drawings and interior spaces produced by the influential and controversial architect, designer, and urban planner Le Corbusier. In various mediums, including tapestry, collages, and sculpture, she explores modernism in visual art and architecture. (May 7 September 18) Re: visiting This exhibition tracks the changing careers of eight notable Canadian artists by bringing their recent work into comparison with earlier pieces in the Confederation Centre Art Gallery’s collection. (June 4 - December 31)

▲ Shannon Bool, Oued Ouchaia, 2018, jacquard tapestry, embroidery, 209 x 325 cm. Collection of the artist, courtesy of Daniel Faria Gallery, Toronto.

▲ The Summer Trade (Photo: tourism promotional image, postwar era, PEI National Park, courtesy of Earle MacDonald.) The Summer Trade Using images and artifacts, this exhibition chronicles 150 years of Prince Edward Island tourism through thematic modules such as promotion, attractions, and souvenirs. It is a tale of tourists in search of what travel brings: entertainment, experience, and the recovery of innocence. (June 11 October 9) Matues Revisited A collection of vibrant porcupine quillwork art created by The Quill Sisters collective, three artists from Epekwitk who have dedicated their time, passion, and creativity to reinvigorating the unique and dynamic tradition of Mi’kmaw quillwork embellishment on birchbark forms, will be featured in the Fredric and Ogden Martin Concourse Gallery. Matues Revisited is presented in partnership with the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, the Centre for Craft Nova Scotia, and the Mary E Black Gallery. Curated by Aiden Gillis. Historic Walking Tours and The Story of Confederation Replica both offer immersive experiences with Indigenous and colonial histories, including selfguided visitation or guided walking tours.

◄ Ron Shuebrook, Plea, 1982, acrylic on linen, 244 x 167.5 cm. Purchased in memory of Roy and Helen Bruce, 1990, CAG 90.4.2.

Historic Walking Tours Join a variety of guided tours to learn about the defining moments in both Prince Edward Island and Charlottetown’s Pre-Confederation history. From Mi’kmaq histories to French and English colonisation to the union of Canada, discover how this city became known as Canada’s birthplace. Each tour is approximately 75 minutes. The Confederation Chamber Replica Explore The Story of Confederation—a striking replica of Province House’s Confederation Chamber. “A Building of Destiny illustrates” through video the significance of the 1864 Charlottetown Conference and nearby Province House National Historic Site. Keep an eye out for tour guides around the Centre and nearby historic district as they interpret stories of Canada’s Birthplace. Also, check out the artifacts, interpretive

panels, and exhibits to discover more about the founding and ongoing evolution of the nation. Visual and performing arts and Canadian heritage come alive at Confederation Centre throughout the year. This is the go-to space for the very best in live concerts, art classes, family entertainment, and so much more. Visit their website for full listings and tickets.

Confederation Centre of the Arts 145 Richmond Street, Charlottetown 902.628.1864





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Experience the Island’s premium quality culinary tour company PEI Tasting Tours! Explore Canada’s Food Island with the ultimate in fully-arranged, small, private escorted tours. Everything is included—transportation, all tastings, and take a gift from us!


Go bird watching! There are confirmed sightings of 363 bird species on PEI. How many can you spot this summer? Explore Summerside, The City by the Sea for an authentic Island getaway filled with culinary, cultural, and coastal experiences. The Brackley Drive-In Theatre is a place “where families can afford to have fun.” Come out and enjoy current first run Hollywood blockbusters.


PEI is the perfect province to cycle. The Confederation Trail is 435 km and runs tip-to-tip.

Don’t wait for a rainy day. Drop into the new Charlottetown Library Learning Centre—located in the Dominion Building at 25 Queen Street in Charlottetown.




For people of all ages, deep sea fishing trips in the scenic Gulf of St. Lawrence are a true Island experience.

Tranquility Cove Adventures

Island farmers’ markets are the best places to experience Canada’s Food Island! Fresh food, local art—the best of PEI!

The Points East Coastal Drive is 475 km of red cliffs, unique harbours, beaches and farmland. Discover hiking and cycling trails and local artisan shops, and immerse yourself in small town culture.


We don’t mean to brag, but PEI has the best ice cream! Drop into one of the many roadside ice cream stands across the Island!



A R T S & E N T E R TA I N M E N T

Another Exciting Season of Drama and Laughs at the Guild! THE GUILD - WHERE COMMUNITY HAPPENS

The Guild’s CEO, Alanna Jankov, says that their offerings this year show their strong support for performers. “The Guild operates under the values of Reconciliation, Inclusion, Professionalism, and Transparency, aiming to create a safe space for all to discover their passion, hone their skills, and thrive.”

C By Lynne McKenna Photos Courtesy of the Guild

ome experience The Tunes and Tales of PEI, a brand new show for tourists and locals alike! And it’s a gameshow too! Written by Lori Linkletter & Rob MacDonald, this fun and fast-paced show will offer you a crash course all about PEI, plus plenty of Island tidbits you won’t find in any tourist brochure. It’s an evening filled with great tunes from some of the Island’s best songwriters, lots of tall tales, and some silly games that’ll test your knowledge about our Island’s history, culture, folklore and more!

Justin Shaw will present a progress showing of Tales from Island Boy Public Journal: The 70 Mile Yard Sale, inspired by the real event. It’s a madcap journey across the Island to retrieve a lost (left) The Ross Family (photo Heather Ogg) (bottom) Excited to welcome Kate Lynch to The Guild as director of the world premiere of The Two Horsewomen.

106 SUMMER 2022

family heirloom, a story both funny and heartfelt.

Abaire. This musical is sure to captivate the entire family!

Flyin’ Solo: A Hilariously Heartwarming Dragsicle is an interactive one-woman show bringing together classic drag performance with musical theatre. The story of a woman looking for love and her place in the world is set to Broadway hits, such as songs from Legally Blonde, Shrek, and The Addams Family.

Disney’s 101 Dalmatians KIDS is a furraising adventure featuring Cruella de Vil, Disney’s most outrageous villain, and 101 of the most adorable heroes to set their paws onstage. A high-spirited score and lovable characters are certain to surprise and delight all audiences.

The Two Horsewomen, a comedy by award-winning Canadian actor/ playwright Robin Craig, will have its world premiere this season. Two veteran theatre actors face the state of their careers as they not only share a dressing room, but also the most challenging role of their lives. The Ross Family Ceilidh explores the Celtic and Acadian roots of Island music. The driving fiddle tunes and stunning step-dancing will keep you enthralled. But expect the unexpected!

In addition to a wide range of shows, the Guild is also the site of the Hilda Woolnough Gallery. It provides an Some of the amazing staff at The Guild accessible space for emerging and professional artists alike as well as community programming throughout the year.

Some of the Guild’s musical theatre students

East Coast Celebration Series puts the spotlight on three great musicians: Keonté Beals, an R&B powerhouse who pumps up the pulse of the crowd from the moment he takes the stage; Heather Rankin, the Canadian singer, songwriter, and actor best known as a member of the iconic musical group the Rankin Family; and Joel Plaskett, one of Canada’s most engaging performers and respected singersongwriters. The next generation of talented actors can be seen this summer during the Musical Theatre School Summer Festival.

Honk! Jr. is a hilarious but deeply moving celebration of being different, seen through the eyes of animal characters. Audiences of all ages will revel in its charm and memorable score. Based on the DreamWorks Animation film, Shrek: The Musical is a Tony Award-winning fairy tale, featuring all-new songs by Jeanine Tesori and a sidesplitting story by David Lindsay-

(above, L-R) Alanna Jankov - Chief Executive Officer Lori Linkletter - Artistic Director of Children’s and Community Programming The Guild | 111 Queen Street, Charlottetown | 902.620.3333 | We live, work, and play on Mi’gmagi, the traditional territory of the Mi’kmaq people, original stewards of this land. SUMMER 2022



MAKE WAVES! By Alana Lauren

Ready to make the most of your summer? Grab your friends and family and get out on the water. Getting on the water gives you a completely new perspective on the Island. Whether you choose kayaking on our rivers and inlets, cruising off-shore in a small motor boat or spending the day exploring the ocean on a charter, there’s adventure beyond the beaches!

108 SUMMER 2022


water is open to everyone and provides the perfect summer escape. If you’re looking to get away and spend time with your loved ones, it doesn’t get much better than being on the water where you get to choose your own adventure, experience the unique joys of disconnecting from stress on land and have fun.

Many offer lessons and guided tours for beginners or equipment rentals for those with experience. The tours often include outdoor adventures such as digging for clams and completing your experience with an outdoor cookout.

From day cruising to deep sea fishing, sailing and kayaking, the water offers something for everyone, and it’s more accessible than you may think.

For all ages and all different skill types, deep sea fishing trips in the scenic waters off PEI will create memories that will last a lifetime.

There are an abundance of ventures across the Island that have kayaks and canoes available for daily rentals.

Most charters supply the equipment you need and they’ll clean and bag your fish at no extra cost. It’s not

If you’re looking for the quintessential Island adventure, book a charter and try your hand at deep sea fishing. This is an exciting and unforgettable experience for the whole family.

uncommon to be treated to whale and seal sightings, so be sure to take your camera to capture these unforgettable moments. For the serious big game fishermen, book a tuna charter and fish for blue fin tuna. These large fish have an average weight of 750 lbs and can get up to 1500 lbs. Step into the shoes of an Island fisherman and experience an authentic lobster fishing boat. End your day with a feast of world famous PEI lobster. It doesn’t matter how you choose to make waves this summer, just get out there! SUMMER 2022



FEEDBACK FROM OUR FIRST XPLORE FIBRE CUSTOMER: How Xplornet is Enabling Online Work and Learning By Alana Lauren Photos Story Thorburn


argaret Rooney was recently connected to Xplornet’s 100% pure fibre network and is now benefiting from gigabit download and upload speeds.

“When Xplornet offered me fibre, a direct connection, I was pleased. Plus, I have six children and when school was shut down, they were all on the Internet at the same time as I was working. For example, this past weekend we had two computers, a telephone, and the TV on and all of it worked well,” she says.

This spring, Xplornet launched fibre Internet in Prince Edward Island! The first customer to be connected to Xplore Fibre was Margaret Rooney in Orwell Cove, PEI.

“Now, where my entire job is online the Internet has to be efficient, effective and reliable. And it doesn’t matter where you live, if your job is making you work online, from home you’ve got to be able to access it, otherwise you lose your job.”

“When the team was here, they said I was the first person in Canada and I was so surprised. How did I, in little Orwell Cove, end up being the first in Canada?” Margaret says. Xplornet is all about having great Internet, regardless of where you choose to live. Margaret describes her backyard as “rolling farmland, looking out on the ocean.” “We know our neighbours, and the kids can run free in the back woods and have fun, and I don’t have to worry about them. It’s beautiful, we can ride on trails through the woods and up into the back forest or go down to the shore and ride the beach. It is very nice,” she explains. Before she was with Xplornet, Margaret had a difficult time with her home Internet connection. “It was so slow that when I taught vet college online, I couldn’t play the videos, join Zoom meetings or upload presentations,” she says. “When you’re teaching from home you need to be able to do these things.” Margaret originally switched to Xplornet because they offered faster service.

“Now, where my entire job is online it has to be efficient, effective and reliable and it doesn’t matter where you live, if your job is making you work online from home you’ve got to be able to access it otherwise you lose your job.” Xplore Fibre is now available to more than 270 homes and businesses in Prince Edward Island, including the communities of Vernon Bridge, Millview, Vernon River, Pownal, Mount Mellick, Alexandra, Alberry Plains, Belfast, Summerville and Eldon, with more communities across PEI coming soon. Call 1-866-488-2865 or visit xplornet. com/peifibre to see if you can get connected to gigabit speeds today or if the service is coming to your neighbourhood!

- Margaret Rooney

When the team arrived to get Margaret’s fibre connection hooked up, they were pleased to find that she had made them a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies!


“The team was fantastic. They were helpful and polite, and they listened to my concerns. They were so pleasant. They wanted to help and wanted to make it better, and it’s rare to see that now. I would make that team cookies any day,” she says. Because Margaret is currently working from home, a strong Internet connection is key to her making a living.





ten essentials for a safe summer

By Alana Lauren Photo Angelo Pantazis

112 SUMMER 2022

The dog days of summer are here, and that means spending all day outside with your pooch. From dog cooling mats to paw protection, these summer must-haves will keep your pup having fun in the sun for longer.








Whether you’re on vacation or simply taking a summer hike, be sure your dog gets home safe should he/she become lost. Every pet should be microchipped! Before putting it on your dog update your pet’s tag with contact information, your dog’s name and your name and phone number.

Similar to a dog cooling vest, an ice bandana is a great accessory for pups who love to sunbathe. Fit the bandana to your furry friend, remove it, run it under water, and place it in the freezer for a few hours (around a frozen item like an ice cream tub to keep its shape). And voila, you’ll be left with a superchill, comfortable and wearable canine ice pack.


COOLING COAT The fabric of the coat is designed to work with the natural cooling process to create a “sweat-like” system and evaporate water on the jacket when it gets hot. All you need to do is soak it in water for a couple of minutes before putting it on your dog.


FLEA & TICK PROTECTION It’s essential to protect your dog from fleas and ticks this season. Visit your veterinarian and get a three-month supply to ensure your best friend is safe from pests all summer long. Always seek professional advice when choosing flea and tick protection.


PAW WAX All season pet paw protection against heat, hot pavement, sand, dirt—great for dogs on trails and walks! With Musher’s Secret paw wax, the semipermeable shield is absorbed into the paws, allowing perspiration to escape through the toes. It’s 100% natural, food grade wax that forms a breathable barrier for your animals’ paws.

COOLING MAT Dogs who suffer from excessive panting on hot days need somewhere to lay that helps, rather than overheating them even more. Cooling mats come in a variety of sizes and are simple to use—just add water, and your pooch will have somewhere icy-cold to hang out for hours.


WADING POOL If your dog loves water, invest in a kiddie wading pool for those hot summer days. Avoid the inflatable variety, for obvious reasons, and instead look for firm-sided pools that can withstand your pooch’s shenanigans. Be sure your dog can get in and out without assistance, and empty it at the end of the day to avoid a breeding ground for mosquitoes. CBD FOR DOGS Sometimes the best place for your pet is safe at home. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, there are many safe options. CBD treats or oil are ideal for stressful situations, including separation, travel, grooming and summer storms or fireworks.

COLLAPSIBLE WATER DISH The perfect accessory for summer walks or a day at the beach, the collapsible water dish clips to your backpack for hikes or on your dog’s leash, ensuring easy access for your buddy to stay hydrated.


WATERPROOF GEAR Spending a day at the beach? Be sure to have your waterproof leash and collar. Easy to keep clean—no matter how many rolls in sand—and available in fabulous summer hues!





Mud, Sweat and Tears

Beach Reading (by Lorne Elliott) takes us back to the early 1970s on the North Shore of PEI, where a hilarious and colourful cast of Lorne Elliott characters are engaged in uproarious political, financial, musical, amorous, and ecological shenanigans.

(by Bud Ings) tells the story of Bud Ings’ adventures as a rural veterinarian in the 1950s. As one of Prince Edward Island’s first professionally trained veterinarians, Ings set up his practice in the eastern town of Souris before moving to Montague.




Micmac by Choice (by M. Olga McKenna) is the inspiring account of a remarkable woman, Elsie Sark, and of the remarkable community she chose as her home.


Beyond the Tides (by Liz Johnson) When Meg Whitaker’s father

decides to sell the family’s lobster-fishing business to her high school nemesis, she sets out to prove she should inherit it instead. Though she’s never had any interest in running the small fleet—or even getting on a boat due to her persistent seasickness—she can’t stand to see Oliver Ross take over. Not when he ruined her dreams for a science scholarship and an Ivy League education ten years ago.

114 SUMMER 2022

3 The book about the red-haired girl needs no introduction. Anne of Green Gables (by L.M. Montgomery) is an iconic Island read.

6 Chung Lee Loves Lobsters (by Hugh MacDonald) Mr. Chung Lee is a retired restaurant cook who buys one lobster a month with his old age pension check, takes the lobster to the seashore, and releases it into the sea. This book, a PEI favourite, was originally published in 1992 by Annick Press. New illustrations and fresh text will make it a favourite for a new generation of Islanders. This story won the L. M. Montgomery Children’s Literature Award in 1990.

The Number One Property Marketing Company on Prince Edward Island.


Drone Operations Certified and Insured 902.439.0675 902.240.8041



EAST COAST CELEBRATION SERIES: Keonté Beals July 31ST • 8:00pm Justin Shaw Album Release August 7TH • 7:30pm Heather Rankin August 13TH and 14TH • 8:00pm Joel Plaskett August 27TH and 28TH • 8:00pm

THE ROSS FAMILY CEILIDH Founding Member of Theatre PEI

Popalopalots Live Comedy Improv • Select Dates • 902.620.3333

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