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Celebrating WOMEN in BUSINESS




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Contracted Services MacKenzie Builder Services is the official construction firm for on-site installations.

w w w. l e g a c y h o m e s p e i . c a Legacy Homes PEI Ltd. • 12745 St. Peters Road • 902.676.3200 • Darren: 902.969.0425


Building Supplies •Furniture • Home Decor • Appliances

Here’s How. Callbecks Home Hardware 613 Water Street, Summerside 902.436.1100

Summerside Home Furniture 205 Wyatt Crescent, Summerside 902.724.6000

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Tuesday: 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm Wednesday: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Thursday: 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm Friday: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm Appointments Only: Until further notice, we can only welcome people with appointments, following requests from Public Health to enable physical distancing Book your appointment by visiting or download our GiveBlood app

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felt like a long winter. It was only two and half months, but they were the longest two and half months ever. Now that spring has finally sprung, I’m eager to get outside. The bulbs I planted last fall should be poking their heads up from the ground anyday now to surprise me with their presence. That’s what I love about this time of the year. No matter how long and relentless the winter is, eventually it gives way to spring... every year! As I sit here in my office finishing up the spring edition, I’m reminded that PEI Living is a real team accomplishment. Behind the pages you’ll find writers, photographers, department editors and our copy editor, and each team member is passionate about putting the magazine together for you, the reader. I really love what I do. I guess that’s why my office is “my happy place.” This is our Island women in busness edition, my favourite issue of PEI Living

to work on. I look forward to learning about other women entrepreneurs, hearing their stories and being inspired by their success. In this edition we are profiling truly amazing business women, and though their ventures represent a variety of industries, the stories are the same. These women find a way to balance family, relationships, self-care and still work 80 plus hours a week. I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a work-a-holic, but I look at the sheer tenacity of Island business women and I feel humbled to know them. The spring issue also includes our Bride Guide. If you’re planning a wedding in the next two years, you’ll enjoy meeting the local professionals that will ensure your big day is monumental! That’s just a few features. I know you’ll enjoy reading this editon from coverto-cover. Make yourself a cup of tea, curl up on your favourite chair and enjoy this issue!

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Each spring we celebrate Island women in business. PEI has an amazing community of female business owners; we’re profiling six with our cover feature. We know you’ll be inspired by their stories! ◄ Pictured Here Top: (L-R) Ann Myers, Melanie Shaw Middle: (L-R) Melanie Snell, Tammy Roach Bottom: (L-R) Diane MacDonald, Carolyn MacKinnon




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VOL 5 • ISSUE 3 | SPRING22 |

Celebrating WOMEN in BUSINESS




ON THE COVER Back (L-R): Diane MacDonald, Ann Myers, Carolyn MacKinnon. Seated (L-R) Tammy Roach, Melanie Shaw, Melanie Snell Cover photo: Kimberly Rashed Wardrobe: Lady Slipper Boutique Melanie Snell Makeup: Nuala Casey Shot on location at the Delta Charlottetown




9. Good Eats White Wine Cake

62. Home Feature Downsizing in Style

10. Chef Profile Heart Beet Organics

70. Cleaning Tips & Lifestyle Hacks Make Spring Cleaning Easy

12. Good Eats PEI Potato & Seafood Chowder


16. Happy Hour Spring Cocktails. 18. Good Eats PEI Potato Salad: 3 Ways.

HEALTH & WELLNESS 22. Finding the Path Coping With Long-Term Stress 24. Dynamic Duo Anti-Aging



26. Cover Feature Women in Business

FAMILY 46. 10 Things Celebrate Spring 50. Five Steps to a Healthy Pupper Keep Your Dog Healthy 52. New Kids on the Block Island Hill Farms 54. PEI Family Violence Prevention Important Housing Options





14. Wine Cooking with Wine



56. In The Spotlight Artist, June Ellis

92. Hello Spring Fun Spring Fashions

THE BRIDE GUIDE 83. the 2022 Bride Guide Advice and Resources For the Bride 88. Fit & Fabulous Choosing Foundation Garments 90. Gel, Acrylic, or Dip Powder The Different Types of Manicures 94. Plan A Destination Winery Wedding Seek Out a Canadian Vineyard 98. The “Honey, I Do” List Your Twelve Month Countdown




is my challenge to you. Go out and have that discussion with the next maker you meet! Get to know them, truly. Let me know what you learned!

I pride myself on being a locavore. It’s not only reflected in my personal life, but my business life as well. My family supports local as much as we possibly can. Living on a small island puts a few things into perspective, and food sourcing is one of them. We’re avid gardeners—it’s ingrained in us. Having that food source is not only beneficial for our family, it’s just good for the soul. I encourage you to try it. Start with a patio tomato plant or a community garden if space is limited. Your efforts will be rewarded.

I’m excited to share with you this month’s chef profile. We’re featuring a couple of local organic growers who turn their gardens into glory. If you haven’t visited the Farmacy + Fermentary, or subscribed to a weekly garden box from their Heart Beet Organics garden, then please do so. I’ll be looking forward to supporting their restaurant and others this season!

Another way of supporting local is having conversations with different suppliers. Farmers, fishers, growers and makers—find out about where your food comes from today and where it will come from tomorrow, as well as how your food is delivered to you. It’s important to understand the impacts, demands and trends that suppliers face daily, and how a slight change in a single factor can disrupt the chain. Understanding and respecting these aspects will keep you connected. Here

The next issue already has me thinking of warm, lazy summer days filled with lemonade, ice cream and fresh lobster. To mix things up, I’ll be switching gears and broadening the wine section to include a local selection of craft spirits, cider and beer. Keep an eye out for some patio sippers and beach beverages. Until then—stay safe, stay healthy.

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8 SPRING 2022

Jackie Herbert Food & Drink Editor (Photo: Lisa Enman)


White Wine Cake

INGREDIENTS 2 ¾ C (344 g) all-purpose flour 1/3 C (45 g) cornstarch 2 tbsp (12 g) skim milk powder 1 ¼ tsp (6 g) baking powder 1/2 tsp (2 g) baking soda 1/2 tsp (3 g) salt 1 ¼ C (313 ml) white wine 2 tbsp (30 ml) lemon juice, preferably freshly squeezed 1 ¾ C (350 g) granulated sugar 2/3 C (151 g) butter 1/3 C (83 ml) canola oil 4 eggs 2 tsp (10 ml) pure vanilla extract

Try a local white wine for this recipe!

METHOD Preheat oven to 350°F (177°C). Grease and line the bottoms of three 8 x 2-inch cake pans. Dust with flour. In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, cornstarch, milk powder, baking powder, baking soda, and salt until thoroughly blended and no lumps remain. Whisk together the white wine and lemon juice. Set aside until needed.

Add one third of the dry ingredients into the batter, blending on low speed until just combined. Add in half of the wet ingredients, blending on low speed until just combined. Repeat process with remaining wet and dry ingredients, ending with the dry ingredients. Once all the ingredients are in the bowl, increase speed to medium and blend well for one minute; do not overmix.

In the bowl of a stand mixer, using the paddle attachment, cream the sugar, butter, and canola oil until pale in colour; three minutes.

Evenly divide and smooth the batter into prepared pans. Place cake pans into the centre of the preheated oven. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes, rotating tins 15 to 20 minutes into the baking time.

Add eggs one at a time, incorporating well after each addition before adding the next. Add in the pure vanilla extract, mixing well.

Remove from oven and allow to cool for 10 minutes in the cake pans Place onto a wire cooling rack to cool completely.


Amy Smith and Verena Varga

Heart Beet Organics

10 SPRING 2022


fermented cucumbers, and their lives changed. They quickly realized that covering cucumbers with a salt-water brine was way faster and easier than pickling them with vinegar in a hotwater bath. And the more they read about fermented food, the more they learned about its health benefits—high probiotics, Vitamin B, and complex flavours made fermenting a very appealing way to preserve the crops.

They’ve also landed on a few triedand-true recipes that quickly became farm favourites, especially the Dragon Bowl, Kale Caesar Salad, and Tempeh Reuben. Their lunches are packed with fresh veggies and ferments made from vegetables grown on their farm, and often other Island farms, with the guaranteed freshness that comes with harvesting within hours of being put on the plate.

In fact, “It [fermenting] is actually a better way to preserve the nutritional content of fresh produce, while making these nutrients easier for our bodies to absorb and digest,” advises Smith. “It is also the oldest and safest foodpreservation method around—safer than water-bath canning!”

When asked what the pair’s favourite vegetable is, Varga replies without hesitation, “The vegetables are always changing, and that’s the excitement of eating and cooking with whatever is freshest right now. Heirloom tomatoes are our favourite vegetable to grow and eat.”

Varga and Smith started experimenting by fermenting every vegetable they grew—some of which did better than others. The next year, they changed their crop plan to grow more veggies that fermented well, like napa cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, daikon radish, kohlrabi, and celery, to name a few. Their love of fermented foods expanded into making kombucha, tempeh, hot sauce, and sourdough bread, and the list continues to grow with their everevolving menus.

Smith and Varga’s menu coincides with the seasons. When tomato season is on, dishes like Heirloom Tomato Caprese Salad, a simple zesty tomato sandwich with farm-made pesto, or a freshly made batch of pico de gallo have their customers’ attention. Sadly, tomato season on the Island is short— but, when the weather cools, they get excited about all the different root crops and storage vegetables that will get turned into hearty, warming soups and vegetarian stews.

“We discovered delicious food doesn’t have to be complicated, especially when you’re working with fresh ingredients picked at the height of ripeness,” explains Varga.

In 2019, the pair opened the Farmacy+Fermentary—Prince Edward Island’s first Kombucha Taproom and Vegetarian Café, featuring their fresh produce and artisanal fermented products. You can also find a fresh vegetable market and retail store at the Farmacy+Fermentary.

The pair’s goal with their cafe is to make delicious, healthy food that everyone can enjoy, using the highest-quality organic ingredients that they can grow or source from as close to home as possible—which is good for the customer, and good for the farmers!

In 2014, the pair had a bumper crop of cucumbers, but didn’t have the time or desire to spend hours standing over a pot of boiling water making pickles. Then they came across a recipe for

While neither Varga nor Smith have any formal training as chefs, they’ve honed their skills in the kitchen over the last 10 years since cooking lunch for their crew of hungry farmers.

VARGA AND AMY SMITH ARE NOT TRAINED CHEFS IN THE TYPICAL SENSE, THEIR STORY IS JUST AS DESERVING. Varga and Smith started Heart Beet Organics, a certified organic mixedvegetable farm, in 2010—and so began their education in how to cook with what they grew and eating in season. As their farm grew, so did their crew; preparing lunch for the entire crew became part of their daily “to do” list. Menu-planning often happened while wandering through the field, seeing what was beginning to ripen. Lunches were created with whatever Varga and Smith happened to put their hands on—often with one or two special treats, like the very first of the baby carrots, sugar snap peas, or cherry tomatoes, or a bowl of charred shishito peppers or garlic scapes picked and fried just before eating. Meals were always vegetarian, and the two quickly learned how to adapt recipes to make them gluten free and/or vegan to accommodate people’s food allergies or sensitivities and preferences.

By Jackie Herbert, Food & Drink Editor Photo Story Thorburn

Real good food made from simple, organic ingredients nourishes the mind, body and soil.

Farmacy+Fermentary 152A Great George St, Charlottetown 902.626.1375

◄ (L-R) Amy Smith, Verena Varga SPRING 2022



PEI Potato & Fennel Seafood Chowder AWARD WINNING CHOWDER AT THE 2014 PEI SHELLFISH FESTIVAL! This recipe combines all of the best flavours of the Island.

12 SPRING 2022

INGREDIENTS 1 lb PEI baby red potatoes 1 onion (white, medium size) 1 rib celery 1 fennel bulb (finely chopped) 4 oz butter 4 oz flour 1 L white wine 2 tbsp peppercorns 1 bay leaf 1 garlic clove 2 lbs mussels 3 oz lobster (finely chopped) 3 oz haddock 3 oz halibut 3 oz scallops 8 oz soft shell clams 1 L cream 2 L milk METHOD Medium dice the onion and celery, then core the fennel bulb and slice 1/8 inch thick. Put butter in a heavy bottom pot and let melt, then add onion, celery and fennel. Sweat off until the onion is translucent and then add the flour and mix well. Add two liters of milk and one liter of cream and mix well with heat on med to med low. While you are sweating off the onions, celery and fennel, cook the two lbs of mussels in 250 ml of wine. In a separate pot, cook the soft shell clams in 250 ml wine as well. Put the remaining 500 ml of wine in a pan, add the peppercorns, bay leaves and garlic cloves and let reduce to 250 ml.




rd doua e-É

• Île-du-Pr inc and Isl


When the mussels are cooked, add the stock to the base (make sure you are stirring the base often so that it does not burn to the bottom). Cook flour out for around 30 minutes and then add your seafood (lobster, haddock, halibut, and scallops). If you find the chowder too thick, just add more milk or cream. Cook 1 lb of PEI baby red potatoes in water and chop them to a med to large dice, then add them in at the end, and season to taste. Serves 4 to 6 SPRING 2022



COOKING WITH WINE By Jackie Herbert, Food & Drink Editor

14 SPRING 2022

Cooking with wine is a simple way to elevate a one-dimensional dish. And it’s true—only cook with the wine you’d want to drink! Pantry cooking wine is of poor quality and not recommended. The ingredients in cooking wine are high in salt, and the wine often contains sugar and preservatives we really shouldn’t be consuming. A cheap bottle of wine is always better than pantry cooking wine. Good wine, when the alcohol has been cooked off properly, leaves behind beautiful, aromatic flavour compounds. Whether it’s a full-bodied, complex, and bold red, or a light, sweet and tannic white—there’s a wine for cooking that!


ine has three main uses in the kitchen—as a marinating ingredient, a cooking liquid, and by adding a splash to finish off a dish. Make that four—the “chef’s glass”! Wine adds acidity to any recipe, which helps to enhance a dish’s flavours. Fun fact: white wine is usually more acidic than red wine, making it food-friendly for fatty, salty, and sweet pairings! However, white and red wines behave the same way chemically, and can be interchanged for most any dish. When marinating beef, the acidity in wine helps to break down tougher cuts of meat like flank, skirt, or round. Choose a quality red for those flat cuts of beef for tender meat and added depth of flavour. For pork, the tenderloin is the most tender cut, and a quick marinade with wine will allow the meat to take on the intensity of a slightly sweeter red like a lush Merlot. Try adding a splash of “the people pleaser” Cabernet Sauvignon in your London broil marinade to impart a depth of flavour in the less-than-favourable cut—the people will be pleased! Remember, timing is everything when cooking with wine. Adding it during the simmering stage for dishes like stews and tomato sauces, and in braising liquid, will allow you to get the best flavour and cook the alcohol off. Pinot Noir’s fruitiness adds a bold flavour to lean meat stews, and pairs well with the sweetness from added root vegetables. Your stew will still be hearty and comforting, while the spice of the Pinot will give it a warm complexity. Malbec is dry, meatier, and more tannic than Pinot, making Malbec an exceptional ingredient for poached vanilla spiced pears. If you haven’t used wine in your cooking, start simple with a creamy white wine such as a buttery Chardonnay or a crisp Pinot Grigio, and add it to a white sauce for your creamy pasta dishes. Or add a dash of Sauvignon Blanc or a dry Riesling to your seafood dishes like steamed mussels or poached halibut. These wines will easily transform the dishes to the next level. Adding wines without cooking out the alcohol can be tricky. They can often overpower the flavours you were trying to achieve. Sticking to sweeter wines in desserts can be an easy way to incorporate wine without cooking. Some wine desserts include jellied Champagne, wine-soaked berries, or an unconventional wine smoothie. Consider substituting white or dessert wine in place of fats like oil or butter in a cake; it can be wondrous. White wine pound cake and chocolate-red wine cake recipes are widely available. Subbing out red or white wine vinegar for the real deal in a vinaigrette is delicious and uncomplicated. Get creative with wine and how you incorporate it into your cooking. Do you have an opened bottle of old wine that needs to be used up, or maybe it wasn’t the best wine you’ve ever had? Don’t fret, you can cook with it! Wine can be used for up to two to three months after opening—even if you think it’s unfit for drinking. Alternatively, non-alcoholic wine is great for cooking, too! Whether your budget allows for a $10 bottle or a $40 bottle, wine makes a great addition to any dish. These are not all masterly ideas—have fun and experiment!





INGREDIENTS 1 1/2 oz Vodka Citron 1 oz Cranberry juice 1/2 oz Cointreau 1/2 oz Fresh lime juice METHOD Add all ingredients into cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well and double strain into large cocktail glass. Serve strightup (no ice) and garnish with lime or citrus wheel.

16 16 SPRING 2022 SPRING 2022

Blueberry Bourbon Smash INGREDIENTS 1 C Light brown sugar (220 g) 1 C Water (240 mL) 1 pt Blueberry (405 g), very ripe Ice 2 oz Bourbon (55 g) 1 oz Lemon juice (30 g) 1 oz Blueberry simple syrup (30 g) Ginger beer, to taste Lemon wedge, for garnish METHOD In a small saucepan over medium heat, combine the brown sugar and water. Bring to a boil, stirring to dissolve the sugar completely. Add the blueberries to the pot and boil until the berries begin to burst, about 15 minutes. Remove from heat and cool for five to 10 minutes. Transfer the mixture to a blender and blend until smooth. Strain the syrup through a fine-mesh sieve or cheesecloth. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to one month.

You can store the blueberry syrup in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to one month.

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, combine the bourbon, lemon juice, and simple syrup. Shake vigorously for 20 seconds. Strain into a glass filled with ice and top with ginger beer. Garnish with lemon wedge.





• 45% of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C • 18% of your recommended daily fibre intake • No saturated or trans fats • More potassium per serving than broccoli or bananas

12-16 small PEI new potatoes, halved 2 tbs (30 ml) sour cream 1 ½ tbs (23 ml) mayonnaise 1 shallot, minced 1/2 tsp (2 ml) lemon juice 2 tbs (30 ml) chives, chopped 1 tbs (15 ml) fresh sage, chopped salt and pepper to taste

But if you ask any Islander, they’ll say it’s simply about the taste!

Gently scrub potatoes to remove dirt and loose skin. Cut potatoes in half if necessary.

We’ve collected our trio of favourite potato salad recipes for you to try.

Place potatoes in a pot of lightly salted cold water. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for approximately 10-12 minutes or until tender. Drain and allow to cool.

One is a traditional Island favourite, a warm German, potato salad. Another is my preference, mustard potato salad with hardboiled eggs.

In a large bowl, mix together the sour cream, mayonnaise, red onion, lemon juice and chives and fold in potatoes. Season to taste with salt and pepper. COURTE IPE SY PEI Î.-P.-É


18 SPRING 2022

rd doua e-É

• Île-du-Pr inc and Isl

Prince Edward



For more recipes using PEI potatoes visit



Creamy New PEI Potato Salad

ccording to the PEI Potato Board, potatoes are nutritional powerhouses and are a very healthy component of a balanced diet. Potatoes contain:


German Warm Potato Salad

Mustard Potato Salad with Eggs

9 potatoes, peeled 6 slices bacon 3/4 C chopped onions 2 tbs all-purpose flour 2 tbs white sugar 2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp celery seed 1/8 tsp ground black pepper 3/4 C water 1/3 C distilled white vinegar

5 pounds potatoes, peeled and diced 1 1/2 C mayonnaise 1 medium onion, finely diced 1 medium red pepper, finely diced 1/4 C yellow mustard 1/4 C milk 3 tbs butter, cut into pieces 2 tbs sweet pickle juice 1 tsp salt 1/2 tsp ground black pepper 1/2 tsp ground paprika 10 medium sweet pickles, diced 6 large hard-cooked eggs, divided

Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add potatoes and cook about 30 minutes. Drain, cool and slice thin. Place bacon in a large, deep skillet. Cook over medium high heat until evenly brown. Drain, crumble and set aside, reserving drippings. Sauté onions in bacon drippings until they are goldenbrown. In a small bowl, whisk together the flour, sugar, salt, celery seed, and pepper. Add to the sautéed onions and cook and stir until bubbly, then remove from heat. Stir in water and vinegar, then return to the stove and bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Boil and stir for one minute. Carefully stir bacon and sliced potatoes into the vinegar/water mixture, stirring gently until potatoes are heated through.

Place potatoes into a large pot and cover with salted water; bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium-low and simmer until fork-tender, about 20 minutes. Drain. Transfer potatoes to a bowl and blend with an electric mixer. Add mayonnaise, onion, mustard, milk, butter, pickle juice, salt, pepper, and paprika; blend until smooth. Blend in pickles. Dice five eggs and blend into the mixture. Taste and adjust seasonings as needed. Transfer to a serving bowl and smooth the top with a rubber spatula. Slice the remaining egg in half lengthwise and press on top. Garnish with paprika. Refrigerate at least 30 minutes to blend the flavours. Mix in the chilled chopped potatoes, and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. Serve cold.

FOOD & DRINK - ANN’S SPRING CLEANING ESSENTIALS Kitchens Unlimited, House of Kitchens & Fine Dining, features a wide selection of stylish, functional top-quality kitchenware, from brand names you know and love.

Kitchens Unlimited Confederation Court Mall 134 Kent Street, Charlottetown 902.566.2252

Ann Chaisson, Manager

ECOLOGIE SWEDISH SPONGE CLOTHS Bring a little thoughtful beauty to your cleaning routine and say goodbye to single-use paper and hello to these reusable alternatives. Versatile, effective, and highly absorbent sponge cloths that look great in your eco kitchen.

FULL CIRCLE Full Circle dish cloths are designed with loops for added scrubbing power; 100% organic cotton keeps things clean and green and extra soft, absorbent and long-lasting. The cellulose sponge cloths are durable and reusable, reduces paper towel waste, and tackle spills, dishes and household cleaning. Microwave and dishwasher safe for disinfecting.

20 SPRING 2022

RAINBOW SCRUBBY Rainbow Scrubbys are the outrageously useful household, outdoor and automotive scrubber. Durable, textured cloths that are tough on baked-on food but gentle on dishes. Machine washable and chemical free.

OXO POP CONTAINERS Stackable, clear containers make kitchen and pantry organization easy. The push-button airtight seal ensures freshness, and BPA-free durable plastic expands the possibilies of organization!

JARWARE SOAP PUMP Upcycle your mason jar. The Jarware soap pump fits regular mouth mason jars. Recommended jar size: 16 oz. BPA-Free and made from recycled materials! Dishwasher safe.

Make spring cleaning fun!

DUST BUNNIES These machine washable, reusable mop covers will leave your home spotless, all the while keeping hundreds of disposable cloths from the landfill. Easy care and a cute pattern will make sweeping the floor an easy task. Compatible with leading sweepermop brands.

LE MARCHE NET SHOPPING BAGS These French-inspired shopping bags are lightweight and can carry a load but compact enough to fit into your handbag. 100% cotton, wash in cold water and line dry.



H E A LT H & W E L L N E S S


Female entrepreneurs have been especially tired, scared, and weary throughout the past two years navigating the COVID-19 pandemic.

2222 SPRING SPRING2022 2022


he threats to femaleled businesses prior to 2020 have amplified as the need for unpaid childcare, homeschooling, and family responsibilities were added to an already challenging workload for woman entrepreneurs. The Business Development Bank of Canada Wellness Report* highlights that two-thirds of business owners are feeling low energy and tired at least once a week since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. Despite the fatigue and distress of COVID-19, female entrepreneurs continue to show up in their businesses while managing the financial, family, and fight that comes with navigating the business world. Entrepreneurs are accustomed to the stress, challenges, and uncertainty of owning and growing a business. Tenacity, drive, and determination are the foundational traits of many entrepreneurs which have carried them through turbulent changes, stress, and uncertainty. Humans, by nature, are not made to withstand the long-term effects of stress. Worry, anxiety, and stress can have lasting effects on one’s physical and psychological health. According to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, the more prolonged and more extensive the stress, the greater the risk of anxiety, depression, substance misuse, and other mental illnesses. Stress can severely impact physical health, and is connected to headaches, stomach issues, and a weakened immune system.

WHAT IS WITHIN OUR CONTROL Empowering ourselves to focus on what we can control can shift one’s perspective from a stress mindset to a coping mindset. Keeping strict daily routines, prioritizing commitments, and organizing various tasks significantly reduce anxiety and create predictability. Practicing structured sleep hygiene, restarting a gratitude practice, engaging in everyday movement, and finding time to get outside are the fundamental self-care practices to employ to reduce additional stress. Even in the smallest forms, finding time for enjoyable activity can redirect stress responses and improve mood. HOW WE CAN CONNECT Connection with others can reduce perceived stress and diminish stress hormones. Connections can include playing a game with a family member, walking with friends, visiting a local shop, and spending time with pets. In-person and virtual contact focused on empathy and connection can help to reframe stress and improve mood. Sharing one’s personal experience with others can foster a sense of belonging, community, and connectedness. HOW WE CAN COLLABORATE When things seem overwhelming, collaborating with a therapist is a safe and proactive way to address prolonged toxic stress and prevent further disruptions to mood and mental health. Mental health therapists create safe spaces to provide individuals with support tools, resources, and skills necessary to navigate challenges in their business and personal life.

Magan MacDonald is a private therapist and professional trainer at Your Life Design Inc., a Prince Edward Island-based company offering online therapy and training. She also holds a position with the PEI Public Schools Branch. Magan has bachelor’s degrees in Family Science, Education, and Social Work. She also has a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Toronto and is a Ph.D. candidate at Queens University. She has provided training to hundreds of professionals during the COVID pandemic. She specializes in working with children and their parents, young adults, couples, and families. She lives in Charlottetown with her partner and their three preschool children. 902.316.0745




H E A LT H & W E L L N E S S

24 SPRING 2022


Two derm-recommended skincare ingredients to By Alana Lauren look for in a skincare routine.


hen researching skincare, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of products with different ingredients. To make matters more complex, some ingredients might be effective but are harsh on your skin if not formulated optimally or used correctly. To cut through the skincare chaos and help you find gentle yet restorative solutions, consider advice from the experts. The key is to choose products with effective, proven ingredients that provide both immediate and long-term benefits. Since we are all short on time, a few of these power-packed products used consistently is ideal. It’s easy to get confused when it comes to skincare. Here are two anti-aging ingredients for nourished, younger-looking skin: Anti-aging superstar: Retinol A type of vitamin A, retinol is applied to the skin to help reduce the effects of aging and acne. This powerful skincare ingredient increases collagen production

and promotes cell turnover, so skin appears fresh and renewed. This is why many people who are prioritizing wrinkle prevention or wrinkle treatment opt for products with retinol. To go one step further, look for products with time-released retinol. This helps provide your skin with a steady dose of this effective ingredient throughout the day, helping smooth lines and wrinkles without irritating side effects. Hydration Hero: Hyaluronic acid Your body’s natural production of hyaluronic acid declines as we age, so it’s important to try and replenish it. Topically, hyaluronic acid is a humectant, which means it helps the skin retain water, so the outer layers stay hydrated. This can also help skin appear more youthful and glowing, helping to eliminate dryness and even some fine lines.

product with a time-release, fragrance-free formula, this type of hydrating cream gives you that youthful-looking complexion with zero irritation, so you can feel confident, even if you have sensitive skin. Ingredients to carefully consider Fragrance in skincare is a personal preference, so you should look for the option that works best for you, but be aware if you have sensitive skin, fragrances can sometimes be irritating. Some additional ingredients often found in skincare that you might consider avoiding include aluminum, which can dry the skin and cause irritation, or dyes because they are not necessary for the skin and can be irritating or drying. With these guidelines, skincare can be simplified. Embrace powerful ingredients that are also gentle on the skin and you’re sure to love the results.

Some products combine both ingredients - retinol and hyaluronic acid. Look for a





Each spring PEI Living Magazine focuses on Island women who have chosen the entrepreneurial career path. Being an entrepreneur is challenging, terrifying, frustrating and most of all, rewarding.

26 SPRING 2022

By Jacqui Chaisson

Building a business—and maintaining its success—takes confidence, determination and the ability to take risks. According to Statistics Canada there were 1,050,000 (2019) self-employed women in Canada, accounting for 37% of all self-employed persons.

According to Statistics Canada’s report Impact of COVID-19 on businesses majority-owned by various sub-population groups and visible minorities, third quarter of 2021.*



Over three-quarters of businesses majority-owned by women indicated that they have an optimistic future outlook over the next 12 months.



Women are less likely to seek and receive financing than men (32.6 % vs. 38 %) and firms owned by men are more likely to receive venture capital or angel funding and other forms of leverage such as trade credit or capital leasing.


Women account for 37 per cent of self-employed Canadians or 1,050,000 (2019).



last two years have been a marathon of challenges for small businesses on the Island. On top of the everyday stress from COVID-19, women have had the added workload of being full-time mothers and part-time teachers while running business ventures. But it’s brighter days ahead! The pandemic restrictions are slowly lifting and we’re all eager to return to an almost normal life again. From the onset of the pandemic, women business owners have exhibited amazing tenacity, driven to adapt and pivot regardless of the many challenges. Woman entrepreneurs on the Island have banded together, supporting each other; they have empowered and supported woman-owned businesses from all backgrounds and walks of life, helping each other to grow, thrive and succeed. Over the last two years, the local business community has not only experienced challenges due to the pandemic; in addition, the first quarter of 2022 was plagued with a snowstorm almost every weekend. How did some local businesses innovate? Many have increased their online presence and offered delivery for many of their products. Local coffee shops, breweries and restaurants are used curb-side deliveries and created online ordering systems. Many of these innovations are still in effect, and local businesses have seen a rise in support from Islanders.

According to the study The State of Women’s Entrepreneurship in Canada 2020*, the first annual report from the Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub (WEKH) synthesizes government, academic, and expert research to highlight some of the structural barriers facing diverse women entrepreneurs

in Canada. The research shows clearly that COVID-19 has amplified structural barriers, has affected woman entrepreneurs more than men and has affected Indigenous, racialized and other diverse entrepreneurs most of all. • Women are majority owners of about 15.6 per cent of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with one or more employee—about 114,000 companies (2017). But women account for over 37 per cent of self-employed Canadians or 1,050,000 (2019). • Woman entrepreneurs are more likely to be in the service, social, health and beauty, and food sectors than in manufacturing and technology. • Women are less likely to seek and receive financing than men (32.6 per cent vs. 38 per cent) and firms owned by men are more likely to receive venture capital or angel funding and other forms of leverage such as trade credit or capital leasing. • SMEs with under 20 employees have been the hardest hit during the pandemic and women are more likely to own newer and smaller businesses, making them the most affected. • During the pandemic, the percentage of woman-owned businesses that laid off staff, 40.6 per cent, is about equal to the percentage of male-owned businesses overall (40.5 per cent). However, the percentage of womanowned businesses that have laid off 80 percent or more of their employees is substantially greater than that of businesses overall (62.1 per cent vs. 45.2 per cent). The following pages are dedicated to some of the inspiring women in PEI who have taken up the challenge of business ownership; we encourage you to support their ventures.



INSPIRING STUDENTS, PARENTS AND TEACHERS A Q&A with Ann Myers of Sylvan Learning By Jordan Parker Photos Story Thorburn

28 SPRING 2022

WHEN DID YOU LAUNCH YOUR BUSINESS? I started my business in the fall of 2014. Education has always been a huge part of my life, both as a student and as an educator. When I heard that Sylvan Learning Centre was for sale, I knew it was the perfect fit for me. I researched and studied the business before making the final decision. The more I learned, the more I could see myself doing this. No matter the obstacles, I just kept moving forward and believing that it was going to happen. I had no idea how much my life would change once I signed on the dotted line. Starting a business on your own is not for the faint of heart! You need to believe in yourself 150 per cent. WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT YOUR VENTURE? When I first started Sylvan, I didn’t realize how much parent contact I’d have. I love that I get to have genuine conversations with parents when they reach out looking for help with their child’s needs. That contact continues throughout their time at Sylvan. Progress meetings celebrate successes and focus on upcoming skills to master. It’s a fantastic feeling when a parent reaches out and you can offer them the help they’re looking for. Our Centre is very welcoming, with parents often feeling more like friends than clients.

It’s amazing what word of mouth can do on the Island. I love hearing that a parent was referred to Sylvan by a friend who had a great experience here. That means I am making a difference and that’s so important to me. WHAT INSPIRES YOU? I am inspired every day by my staff, my students and my families. I’m so fortunate to work with incredible teachers who have a passion for helping children. At Sylvan, we have students as young as four all the way up to and including university and college. Many are struggling with one or more subjects, and some may be several grades behind. Our first step is always to build a relationship of respect and trust. It’s an incredible feeling to see a child’s confidence grow and to be able to try new things or succeed in an area that has been a real challenge for them. I know that I am being completely biased, but we have amazing kids! WHAT CHANGES HAS YOUR BUSINESS EXPERIENCED SINCE OPENING? My business has grown in several areas since I started. One area is with children who have been diagnosed with a learning challenge or who are on the autism spectrum. Sylvan has a very structured setup and form of delivery.

It works very well for all students, but especially for those who require some extra assistance or feel more successful with routine. We’ve also seen growth from our immigrant families; many are looking for help with their child’s English proficiency. Like all businesses, since Covid, Sylvan has had to adjust to a new normal. ADVICE FOR WOMEN JUST ENTERING THE BUSINESS WORLD: Setting realistic goals is key. My personality is one where I want to know everything right away and that’s just not possible. Take on only as much as you can handle and then add on as you can. Having key people around to help you is crucial. I am very fortunate and have incredible teachers to help me build my business. Finding a healthy balance is tough, especially as a single mom. It’s very easy to get consumed by your business. Recognize opportunities to celebrate, relax and recharge. Talk to other people in businesses, both similar and different to yours. They can offer a wealth of experience and support for you. Some days you think you are invincible and that everything is great. Other days you think, why am I doing this? Just remember that internal dialogue is normal, and we would feel that way no matter what job we were doing!

Sylvan PEI 902.367.3678

(Photo Evan Ceretti)




SOUL LUX WELLNESS ILLUMINATED By Lynne McKenna Photos Evan Ceretti

People who rely on holistic medicine, or those who want to find out more, will find that Melanie Snell, founder of Soul Lux Wellness Illuminated in Charlottetown, is an expert in this approach to health. She’s an acupuncturist, holistic nutritionist, reiki master, craniosacral therapist, cognitive behaviour therapist and herbal medicine enthusiast.

30 SPRING 2022

“Holistic medicine’s primary goal is to get to the root of the problem by considering the whole person, mind, body and spirit, and integrating conventional and alternative therapies to prevent and treat disease and pain,” explains Melanie. “This ‘whole body’ approach includes a person’s mental and emotional health, attitude, personality, spiritual beliefs or lack of belief, nutritional habits, work and home environment, and lifestyle to promote a patient’s optimal health. You could say that holistic medicine wants you to feel seen and heard in every way.” Soul Lux offers a full range of holistic medicine services: acupuncture, Mei Zen cosmetic acupuncture and facials, Tui Na massage, cupping, Reiki, craniosacral therapies, and holistic nutrition. Helping people is what Soul Lux is all about. “I love watching people go through their very unique healing journeys; some people who end up in my clinic have lost hope, and I am their last-ditch effort to get well. Some don’t even believe in alternative medicine practices, but quickly understand thier power in a couple of sessions. In those moments, witnessing my clients go from feeling disempowered and lost in their healing journeys to feeling better and in control of their health and wellness truly makes me feel like I am making a difference in this world.” Before becoming a health professional, Melanie specialized in merchandising and visual display in the fashion industry in Vancouver. She credits that decade of experience and her extensive training with making Soul Lux successful, giving her clients the best possible experience that they’re looking for.

Soul Lux offers a full range of holistic medicine services: acupuncture, Mei Zen cosmetic acupuncture and facials, Tui Na massage, cupping, Reiki, craniosacral therapies, and holistic nutrition.

Soul Lux clients are very enthusiastic about those experiences! “If you want a well-rounded approach to your health, Melanie has the ticket. Her mix of Eastern, Western and modern modalities hits all the buttons.” - M.S., BC. A client who loves the acupuncture sessions says, “…I always leave feeling as if I went to another planet, no joke, some of the best naps I have ever had have been on her table. …Thank you so much, Melanie!” - T.R., BC For clients new to holistic medicine, another client emphasizes that Melanie “…is very easy to understand when explaining her work. She often knows her patient’s needs just by observation before you even sit to discuss why you came to her and what is needed to be corrected in your body and psyche.” Melanie’s goal is that all her clients will have the same great experiences. “Our lives are so chaotic and stressful and we need our self-care clinics to help us relax and feel cozy,” says Melanie. “That is and always has been my mission in life: comfort.”

Soul Lux 549 North River Road - Unit 3 Charlottetown 902.978.1211 Online booking available




A VISION FOR THE FUTURE By Alana Lauren Photos Bobby-Jo Goudreau Model Lynn MacKay, Gulia Usanova Location Shoot Sydney Boutique Inn


ady Slipper Intimate Apparel & Accessories has been a downtown Charlottetown fashion retailer for many years and Carolyn MacKinnon has been part of that history from a very young age. In the early days her ambition was to work in retail to save for university and get her business degree and maybe become an accountant. Once Carolyn accomplished her goals, she realized that the challenge of retail was more inspiring and dynamic than sitting behind a desk. Following graduation and a trip through Europe, Carolyn accepted a position as Merchandise Manager for a group of retail stores including the Lady Slipper Intimate Apparel & Accessories. Today, she is part of the succession plan to continue to operate Lady Slipper into the future using every experience and lesson learned from the women she worked closely with over the years. Now, a mother of three young children and a busy entrepreneur, Carolyn has successfully navigated through this difficult period for many womenowned businesses. “I’m very fortunate to have great family support and a talented team of women to back me up. It allows me to do what I love”. Fashion, style and design allows me to show my creative side”, says Carolyn. Carolyn is excited about the direction the business is taking. “We are so appreciative of the support from our customers that it inspires us to do our very best for them. We want to make it an enjoyable experience to shop with us and make them feel at home the minute they walk through our door. The community support of our local shop has been overwhelming and sometimes very touching by making their support personal, like sending a 32 SPRING 2022

“When offering our customers brands to shop, we look for fashion proudly Canadian made, run by women, or made from sustainable fabrics.” - Carolyn MacKinnon

handwritten note, beautiful flowers, or much appreciated treats.”

“When offering our customers brands to shop, we look for fashion proudly Canadian made, run by women, or made from sustainable fabrics. Sometimes all boxes get checked. Our key suppliers insist on contributing to the Canadian economy by employing hundreds of local fashion specialists and tradespeople. They operate their facilities with fair wages and best practices and produce quality fashion with every woman’s shape in mind. That fits our vision for who we want to be,” says Carolyn.

Lady Slipper Intimate Apparel and Accessories 65 Queen Street, Charlottetown 90.892.6525

►Nothing says spring like a flirty, floral dress in light as air chiffon from the Joseph Ribkoff Signature Collection. There will be more opportunity this spring to dress for the occasion and this Signature Collection has it covered. Model: Gulia Usanova

◄ (facing page) Getting down to business and staying comfortable is effortless with this Joseph Ribkoff print blazer. Worn over essential pieces from your wardrobe, you can up-date your style in a flash. Model: Carolyn MacKinnon ► Comfortable knits don’t have to be only casual athletic styles . This Chanel inspired classic striped dress from Frank Lyman Designs is so comfy and chic at the same time. Model: Gulia Usanova ▼ (right) Embrace colour this spring with bolder brights as a great up-date to your wardrobe. This fabulous Joseph Ribkoff blue unconstructed blazer is a perfect add on to the fun leopard print Up Pants. Model: Lynn MacKay



PAVING THE ROAD FOR WOMEN By Lynne McKenna Photos Evan Ceretti

34 34 SPRING SPRING 2022 2022

Adam Williams

Tammy Roach of Charlottetown Mitsubishi is a rarity in the automotive world. According to Automotive News Canada, while 85 per cent of women influence car buying decisions and 65 per cent buy new vehicles, only 38 per cent feel confident in their decisions, and only eight per cent of car dealerships are fronted by women. “I didn’t go into this thinking, ‘I’m a woman.’ But I have a daughter, and I do hope I’m paving the road for women in the future,” she says. “But I didn’t do anything to get where I am just because I wanted to represent women. I did it because I love what I do. I work at 120 per cent all the time and made sure I always reached every goal that I set for myself.”

While women will receive an understanding welcome, Tammy’s goal since starting with the dealership as a bookkeeper and receptionist has been all about excellent service for every customer. Being in the automotive industry for 22 years and full owner since 2018 meant that she could control all aspects of the customer’s purchase and service experiences. “I am wholeheartedly dedicated to creating a welcoming and respectful environment for all customers and families.” Her dealership lives up to her slogan “Just Like Family,” with three generations of her own family contributing to its success. Prospective buyers looking for new and certified pre-owned cars, service, parts, and car detailing can drop in at the dealership

on the corner of Sherwood and Mount Edward Road, or investigate Mitsubishi’s website, assisted by live chat, calculate accurate vehicle payments, and use an online calculator to get an estimated value for their current car. Her commitment to customer service is clearly paying off. Satisfied customers recommending the dealership say “It’s one of the best dealerships in town,” “has brilliant non-pushy service,” and that “everyone was welcoming and they are fantastic people to deal with.” Tammy is as enthusiastic today as she was when she started her automotive career. “I love it. I absolutely love the automobile industry. It’s so much fun,” she says. “At any time, give me a call or send me a note. Our family is happy to make sure your family feels supported and welcomed to join the Mitsubishi family.”

Charlottetown Mitsubishi 451 Mount Edward Road, Charlottetown (at the corner of Sherwood Road) 902.367.7676 Toll-free: 1.833.PEIMTS Sales New/Used: Service/Parts/Detailing: Finance: ABOVE (L-R): Robin Roach, Tammy Roach, Steve Hennessey




Melanie Shaw of The Shaw Team at Royal LePage Prince Edward Realty had been a Realtor® for over 30 years. Her motto is: “YOUR HAPPINESS IS OUR GOAL,” it’s something she feels passionate about. “It’s exciting to feel like I am truly helping people reach their goals, build the lifestyle they desire...beyond the house they buy as it’s the building of a community,” she says. PEI Living sat down with Melanie Shaw to talk about her approach to business.

36 SPRING 2022

TELL US ABOUT WHAT YOU DO FOR A LIVING? I’m a Realtor® at Royal LePage Prince Edward Realty and Team Lead of the Shaw Team here in beautiful Prince Edward Island. I have been selling real estate for over 30 years now. I spent many years working on developing systems and creating sales techniques to help buyers and sellers achieve high levels of happiness and solid proven results from the professional service that I offer. I started in the business in 1989 in my early twenties and, was a member of the Toronto Real Estate Board for over 25 years. I’ve seen and experienced so many different types of markets and worked with and helped people from all over the world. I’ve been involved in and worked on real estate training programs. More recently I have curated a team of Real Estate professionals, the Shaw Team. We work together to provide exceptional customer service and to serve clients

effectively at an even higher level than I can do alone. The Shaw Team consists of myself as the Realtor® and Team Lead, Kelly Reddin as a Team Realtor® and Andrea Bright, our Transaction Coordinator and Client Care Manager.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE REAL ESTATE AS A CAREER? I was going to university to become a physical education teacher and during the summer I decided that it would be interesting to learn more about real estate. Real estate is typically one of the largest investments that you will make in your life, so it seemed like a great idea to take the real estate course and become well educated in the process. After taking the course I realized that I absolutely loved learning about real estate and decided that this was a career I wanted to be in and knew that this is my life endeavour. And that’s when it all started. Through team development and training, as well as educating clients, I still get to fulfill my teaching desires.


was when I created my lifetime business motto: “Your happiness is my goal” and now as a real estate team our motto has become “YOUR HAPPINESS IS OUR GOAL.”

When I’m helping people find their home here in PEI I’m not only helping them find a house, it’s a place where they’re going to have a “full lifestyle.”


It’s exciting to feel like I am truly helping people reach their goals, build the lifestyle they desire...beyond the house they buy as it’s the building of a community.

Royal LePage is my real estate family. Royal LePage is a Canadian real estate company with over 18,000 Realtors® in Canada. Royal LePage sells over one-third of all homes in Canada and locally we have a brand-new office located at 87 John Yeo Drive in Charlottetown.

HOW HAS THE CURRENT HOUSING MARKET AFFECTED YOUR WORK? The current housing market in PEI, where do I even start? PEI has never seen a market like this in the entire history of this beautiful province. Pricing has seen an increase unlike any increase in the past. Last year the average price increase was about a 20 per cent increase from the previous year. The housing market has most certainly affected my business as many clients are coming and buying from other provinces and I’ve helped so many people coming specifically from Ontario. The buyers coming from Ontario I really understand because I used to work in that market. I understand the differences between Ontario and PEI which has been extremely helpful in this market. The one thing about real estate that never changes is the fact that it goes up and down and up and down and as a lifetime realtor you learn how to work within every market. Because I have had so much experience with large fast-moving increases from many years working in the Ontario market, I have the experience to help buyers and sellers navigate through this market that has now come to PEI. People can often underestimate the importance of having a highly skilled experienced negotiator like myself working for them when listing a property for sale. We are now seeing a high chance of multiple offer situations. These types of negotiations require skill and expertise to ensure you can max out financially and don’t miss an opportunity without any missteps. I am here to help you navigate these decisions and the ever-evolving real estate market.

Because we have such a large network of salespeople it drives a lot of traffic to our advertising.

▲ (standing) Kelly Reddin, (seated L-R) Andrea Bright, Melanie Shaw

WHAT IS YOUR APPROACH TO BUSINESS? This is a lifetime business for me. Everything I do on a day-to-day basis revolves around ensuring I make good business decisions, commitments, and sometimes sacrifices to be able to work with your schedule. Along the way, I ensure that I help people in a very professional, elevated, and structured manner that brings top results. Real estate and specifically helping people sell or buy their personal residence can often become an emotional and sometimes stressful experience. My job is to help my clients by educating them and guiding them through the process with knowledge and understanding that helps at a high level.

TELL ME ABOUT “YOUR HAPPINESS IS MY GOAL?” Goal setting has always been and will always be a huge part of any sales industry. During my many years of intense real estate training, I realized that goal setting was important, but I also realized that my goal was always and still is about creating that happiness for my clients. When I had this realization that

Royal LePage Carriage Trade Luxury Properties harness the power of international exposure by providing exclusive marketing tools that generate branding and elevate appeal. Many of my listings receive this designation which helps find the right buyer for luxury property listings, this is exclusive to only Royal LePage. Locally, the owner of Royal LePage Prince Edward Realty is the most supportive Real Estate broker/ owner and is dedicated to ensuring our needs are met along with our fantastic administrative staff! We as a team are thrilled to be part of this professional company.




Melanie Shaw - The Shaw Team Royal LePage Prince Edward Realty 87 John Yeo Drive, Charlottetown 902.213.5235


Diane MacDonald makes a Second Career with Youthful You MediSpa By Brianne Hogan Photos Evan Ceretti

Business was a second career for Diane MacDonald. She formerly worked as an Registered Nurse in acute care for 25 years before her passion for skincare led her to open Youthful You Spa in Charlottetown.

38 SPRING 2022


a believer in ‘better grade, better quality— safer, more effective, better results’.” - Diane MacDonald


became more interested in skin and skin issues as I aged and saw the negative effects the environment was creating in my own skin as well as family and friends,” she says. “As I searched for solutions to correct and prevent, it became very apparent that the treatments, products and procedures to reduce, prevent and repair these common concerns were not available anywhere nearby.”

easy to stay passionate and love what you do if it’s the path you want to follow and not someone else’s vision.” According to MacDonald, skin care should be simple and include good quality and effective products to maintain skin. “Simple means people will stick with it. Good quality means you get your money’s worth. Without good quality products skin will deteriorate faster from environmental exposure and natural aging.”

Her interest immediately peaked and her journey into skincare began, leading her to take courses and receive training across North America, including Toronto, California, and Florida. “The more I learned, the more passionate I became. The field of medical aesthetics never stops advancing so you never stop learning and advancing and I love that.”

Good quality products and effective methods are what MacDonald prides herself on when it comes to best serving her clientele. She continues to seek out the most up-to-date education, training, and technology so she’s able to offer the best and most efficient options for her clients and their concerns. The spa helps clients solve a multitude of skin issues, including face and body contouring and skin rejuvenation, and provides innovative technologies to promote, correct, and enhance vibrant skin in both men and women. Among the technologies the spa uses includes “SkinPen,” the only medical grade micro needling pen on the market that helps reduce lines, wrinkles, and acne scarring. The newest device at the spa is “Plexr” plasma generator, the only Health Canada approved plasma

Soon after her training MacDonald opened Youthful You Spa to offer people the services that were not accessible on the island at that time. “I had planned from the beginning of my interest in the field that I would always own my own business and not be restricted in the way I progressed the business, including my vision, my successes, my failures,” she says. “It’s

generator to date, which has the ability to remove and tighten sagging skin, and to remove a mole, keloid, scar, brown spot etc with no residual mark left behind. Says MacDonald: “I’m a believer in ‘better grade, better quality= safer, more effective, better results’.” Because no two people have exactly the same skin concerns or want to use the same methods to improve their skin, MacDonald likes to meet with clients so they can explain to her their desires for their skin. From there she will assess their skin and offer individualized treatment plans to achieve their goals. When people leave her spa, “they love the results and looking in the mirror and feeling happy with what they see.”

Youthful You Medaesthetics 902.394.6500 (message/text) 902.566.4780 (message)



Staged To Sell MODERN HOUSE STAGING Owner/Operator

Sarah Waterfield Contact Information 902.330.6776

“I always tell my client to treat selling their home like it’s about to have an interview for its dream job.”


always tell my client to treat selling their home like it’s about to have an interview for its dream job,” says Sarah Waterfield owner and principal home stager of Modern House Staging. First impressions are everything and potential buyers decide in eight seconds if a house is their next home. So just like you wouldn’t show up to your dream job interview in your worn in track pants the same principle applies to selling your house.” Eight seconds might feel daunting to make a sale but when you’re in the hands of Waterfield – who was recognized this past year as a Top10 Rising Star in home staging in North America through the Real Estate Staging Association – that’s more than enough time to seal the deal. 40 SPRING 2022

Waterfield says she always had a passion for colour and design right from an early age. Eventually she graduated from interior design at Georgian College. She became interested in staging when she and her husband were selling their first house. “I had staged it without really knowing what staging was (at that point it was still a newer thing) and it sold within an hour of hitting the market. At the time I thought it was just luck but when we listed our second house to move to the Island and it happened again, I knew there was something to it.” As her passion for staging grew as well as her desire to help other homeowners, she upgraded her credentials through a program offered from the Real Estate Staging Association.

With her own business, Modern House Staging, she offers two main services for staging, including a consultation in which she evaluates the condition of the house and how it relates to the seller’s specific financial goals. The second part is the staging where she creates a lifestyle setting to appeal to a wide range of potential buyers. According to Waterfield, the homes she has staged sell on average in 11 days and within 90 per cent of the asking price. “You want to have your house looking its absolute best so that it appeals to a broad range of potential buyers, sells quicker, and most importantly sells for top dollar.” By Brianne Hogan Photos Story Thorburn


Connected to the Community DOW’S LADIES WEAR Owner/Operator

Mirna Dow Contact Information 145 Great George St, Charlottetown 902.566.3566

“The brands I get have quality fabric, the manufacturing is superb, and if it looks good and fits good, it has the value I want to bring in.” By Jordan Parker Photo Story Thorburn


ommunity connection is the beating heart of Dow’s Ladies Wear, and has been since its inception.

Her role has grown over the years as she’s become more comfortable and excelled in the business.

The upscale fashion shop in Charlottetown, PEI is a family affair, and Mirna Dow has used her work to make residents happy for 23 years.

“When I first arrived, I had worked with my husband in men’s wear, but I didn’t have much fashion experience. I wanted to do this, and working in the industry wasn’t in the cards until this opportunity through my father-in-law,” she said. “We hired a buyer at first, and they took me to Montreal and introduced me to agencies. But once I got started, with the valuable experience of the staff in 1998, I was able to do it on my own. Now I do the buying, work with people, do office work, and love it all.”

“I’ve absolutely always loved fashion, and my father-in-law sold men’s wear. He had it for years, but the space above it was always empty. In October 1998, he asked me to open the ladies wear component,” she said. For Dow, part of the appeal of the role is that each and every day is different. “We have different clients and I’m catering to all separate needs. I could never sit in a cubicle, and I get to talk to people here,” she said. “When we first opened, I was new in town, and I met so many people. I made so many friends I can now call by their first name.”

It truly is a family business, and Dow is surrounded by family as she runs the space.

said. “My father-in-law is still the main owner, and he comes and goes as he pleases. But my husband and I run the shops full-time.” Known for carrying elite brands like Joseph Ribkoff, Micheal Kors and more, she has a simple motto when buying clothing. “I buy things that I can see people wearing. I buy things I would wear, in terms of quality. I think of others when it comes to height, colour styles and so much more. I believe in quality over quantity,” she said. “The brands I get have quality fabric, the manufacturing is superb, and if it looks good and fits good, it has the value I want to bring in.”

“My husband works downstairs and I run upstairs. We get along really well,” she SPRING 2022


Proud PEI Roots MARSHA WEEKS PEI REALTOR® Owner/Operator

Marsha Weeks Contact Information 902.314.1865

“I’d love to be a part of your PEI story.”


arsha Weeks grew up on a family farm in rural PEI and is both a proud Prince Edward Islander and a proud farmer’s daughter. She credits her dad for teaching her the values of hard work, respect, honesty and being yourself. In her spare time, she loves to play the fiddle and spend time with her nephews and niece. Marsha has been a PEI wedding officiant since 2013, a career she adores for too many reasons to name! She absolutely loves to help people celebrate important milestones in life, which is why becoming a REALTOR® felt like such a natural fit for her and another way she could incorporate helping people into her life. Marsha understands the incredible confidence and trust you have to have

42 SPRING 2022

in your realtor with such a large sale or purchase, like a family home or property. Marsha is detail-oriented, and a good listener, and her warm, downto-earth personality will make you feel comfortable and at ease right away. Marsha wants her future clients to be assured that she’s working hard every day to stay current on market trends and all the details you need to know when buying or selling real estate on PEI. She’s not afraid to ask questions and is also pleased to have a mentor, who has over 30 years experience in Real Estate on PEI, to offer her guidance and support as she navigates her new career. Marsha also has a keen eye for marketing and storytelling and likes to stand out from the crowd. With her

professional background in business, sales and marketing, she’ll bring these talents and experiences with her as she lists your property and ensures it gets noticed. Marsha’s professionalism and hardworking approach to life, her proud PEI roots, and her sincere love of helping people are the perfect trifecta to help you make the transition to home ownership, relocate to or from PEI, or locate that perfect recreational microfarm, farm or income property. Reach out to Marsha for any real estate needs. She would be happy to start the buying or selling process with you! By Alana Lauren Photo Cheryl Perry Photography


Following Her Dreams STORY THORBURN PHOTOGRAPHY Owner/Operator

Story Thorburn Sheidow Contact Information 902.313.0359

“I find marketing so fascinating and exciting.”


hen Story Thorburn Sheidow decided to pursue a career in photography and marketing consulting just one year ago, she knew that passion, hard work, and focus would be essential. Thankfully for Sheidow, she’d spent her entire career, over 20 years, managing the businesses of others. As a teen, Sheidow was drawn to the arts. After high school, she approached her parents about enrolling in the Photography Program at Holland College. Her mother, feeling uncertain, persuaded her to take something more “employable”, and she enrolled in the Marketing and Advertising Management Program at ATHI. “I fell in love with the science of marketing,”says Sheidow. Once she had finished, she left the Island to chase her dreams in the big city of Halifax.

It was there that she first explored photography. “I would sneak into the darkrooms at NSCAD with my friend Paul,” she said. “He taught me everything I know about film.” She learned how to shoot and develop her own film, and even began to set up a darkroom at home. As time passed, her career quickly led her down the path to management, running several successful businesses over many years. After the death of her father, she moved back to the Island. Sheidow eventually become the editor-in-chief of PEI Living Magazine, and it was there that she revived her passion for photography, gaining an immense amount of experience in those four years. After the birth of her second child, she decided to pursue self-employment. Building a business focusing on her

strengths, she began Story Thorburn Photography & Marketing Over the course of four private sessions, Sheidow works with clients to improve on their unique branding, marketing, and social media content, teaching them hands-on skills and organizational techniques to not only improve marketing strategies, but also streamline workflow. Then, she tops it all off with a professional photo session. To Sheidow, it’s a passion project. “I find marketing so fascinating and exciting,” she says. “And I absolutely love helping people. With online marketing being more important than ever, it’s hard decipher it all. That’s where I come in!”

By Alana Lauren

Photo Story Thorburn Photography SPRING 2022



CONNECT TO WHAT MATTERS Xplornet to Connect 20,000 Rural Homes and Businesses in Prince Edward Island to Fast and Reliable Internet

Xplornet is proud to support women in business.

▲ Cathy MacDonald, Chief Operating Officer, Xplornet

44 SPRING 2022


average, each year over the last three years, Xplornet has filled half of its available positions by promoting qualified candidates from within our organization. This approach to hiring and development has had a very positive impact on Xplornet’s gender equality. It is well-known that the telecommunications industry is predominantly male, particularly in senior management positions. Because of Xplornet’s focus on development from within, we look different from other telecommunications companies. One third of Xplornet’s leadership team (Vice President and above) are women. Its executive team is 50 per cent women and Xplornet is the only one of the ten largest telecommunications companies in Canada to have a woman as Chief Operating Officer.

“By offering skills development training and promoting qualified candidates from within our organization, we have created an environment that gives women the opportunity to succeed, and we are proud of how many women have achieved positions of leadership at our company,” said Cathy MacDonald, Chief Operating Officer, Xplornet “While there is always more work to be done, creating opportunities and mentoring women in leadership roles is making a difference.” As one of their six strategic imperatives, Xplornet believes in investing in and developing future leaders. While there is still more work to be done, Xplornet is proud that their leaders are increasingly reflecting gender equality.

Customers are saying great things about Xplornet’s UNLIMITED data Internet package in PEI! Like Michelene from Johnstons River who recently switched to Xplornet. “We absolutely love our Xplornet. We had [a different provider] when we first moved out here and we were lucky to get 4 Mbps. We are now running between 60-65 Mbps. Who wouldn’t be happy with that?” she said. Xplornet District Sales Director Corey Hallett says that happy customers like Michelene are a result of Xplornet’s ongoing investments in its network throughout PEI and he’s excited for what’s to come.

“We’ve seen large growth in Internet demand in the last two years and we’ve reinvested in our network to add capacity and meet that demand,” he said.

his Xplornet Internet connection. “I have the 50 Mbps package and couldn’t be happier. We can now video chat and watch streaming services at the same time,” he said.

Xplornet has been hard at work building new towers and rolling out over 600 kilometres of fibre optic cable across the province. Once the work is completed, over 20,000 Islanders will benefit from fast speeds and unlimited data.

There’s never been a better time to choose Xplornet. Call 1-866-3511821 to sign up today.

These innovations mean Xplornet is bringing faster speeds to their customers!


Customers like Mike Cheverie in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island have noticed a difference since switching to a faster plan. “Moving to the 50 Mbps plan, there was a noticeable difference in download speed,” he said. And, Dave from Waterside has appreciated being able to do more with SPRING 2022






Although the winter of 2022 was somewhat relentless, spring is finally here! Everyone is eager to get outside and enjoy the return of warmer weather. Here’s our favourite things to do this spring.

Island Hill Farm Spend an afternoon at Island Hill Farm— #cutestplaceonearth. Pet the baby goats, cuddle the rabbits and treat yourself to an ice cream at Flory’s shop! (photo: Alanna Belair)

Take an Island road trip Hop in the car and take a road trip across our beautiful Island. Explore the quaint towns and villages and be reminded why PEI is a favourite destination.

Nature Space Eco Resort

Come join us on an authentic PEI experience. In warmer months (May to October), we offer kayak and SUP tours and lessons both on and off the property. Many of these tours are paired with culinary experiences featuring local foods.

46 SPRING 2022

Wild Rose Horse Sanctuary Wild Rose Sanctuary is a non-profit horse sanctuary committed to the prevention, rescue and rehabilitation of neglected, abused and homeless horses. Volunteer, donate or sponsor a horse!

Get Your Garden Started

It’s Patio Season

After a long, cold winter, we look forward to getting our garden started for 2022. Visit your seed store or local greenhouse and prepare to get dirty!

Get out and support local restaurants; celebrate the return of patio season. PEI is famous for great food, friendly service and fabulous patios.

RAINY DAY FUN Confederation Centre Art Gallery

At the gallery until May 22, renowned Canadian painter and printmaker John Hartman captures the intimate relationship between Canadian authors and their personal places of inspiration in large-scale portraits. (John Hartman, Sara Tilley, Elliston, 2017, oil on linen, 121.9 x 137.2 cm. Collection of Dennis Pieprz. Photo: Joseph Hartman)

Take the Ferry!

This 75-minute ferry trip runs across the Northumberland Strait between Wood Islands, PEI and Caribou, NS, just outside of historic Pictou. Walk or drive aboard—then relax, stretch your legs, and experience the beauty of the Maritime sea and sky. Relive the memories. Create new moments. Take the ferry.

Beaconsfield Historic House

The PEI Sports Hall of Fame & Museum

Beaconsfield Historic House stands as a beautiful example of Victorian architecture with many original features, and has a fascinating story to tell! It’s open year-round for tours and hosts lectures, concerts and other special events in the Carriage House.

Since its inception, the PEI Sports Hall of Fame has inducted more than 200 individuals and teams. Induction to the Hall is a prestigious and sought-after honour, and only the very best are invited to join this select club.

2 Kent Street, Charlottetown

511 Notre Dame Street Summerside



This one’s for the dogs! By Alana Lauren Photos Evan Ceretti

Fifty-six per cent of Canadians have at least one pet in their household with dogs and cats being the most popular. In 2021, the annual cost of caring for a dog in Canada amounted to $3,724 (CAD). Canadian dog owners’ highest expenses included food, pet insurance, and professional dental care, respectively. It is estimated that there are approximately 5.9 million dogs in Canada and approximately 35 per cent of Canadian households have a dog. It’s pretty obvious that dogs are an important part of the Canadian household. In PEI dogs are one of the most popular companion animals, and we treat them like family members. Blue Ribbon Pet Supply has the same philosophy, pets are family! ◄ BACK-FRONT: Odin, Spartan, Timber ▲ ABOVE: Scully 48 SPRING 2022

▲ ABOVE LEFT: Emma Spence with Odin, Spartan, Timber ► LEFT: Alexandra Brown with Scully ▼ BELOW: Colin Scales “We understand how important your pet is to you,” says Colin Scales owner of Blue Ribbon, “We feel the same way and, that’s why we insist on offering the best products available to ensure your dog has a long happy and healthy life.” That’s the reason, Alexandra Brown and her 20-month-old Boxer/American Pit Bull Terrier/German Shepherd mix, Scully are such loyal customers. “Scully is quite high-energy, but she is also a pro at laying around and snuggling on the couch,” says Brown. “She eats a fully raw diet, comprised mostly of Big Country Raw, a premade commercial raw available at Blue Ribbon. In addition to the Dinners, Blends, and Pures, Scully also gets a few different supplements, including a fish oil for omega-3s, goats’ milk for probiotics, pureed pumpkin, and whatever veggies we have laying around! I try to keep her diet as unprocessed as possible. She also gets the occasional frozen chicken neck or frozen rib bone.” Brown loves to hike with Scully, and says Scully’s favourite games are chase, keep away and tug. “I keep her treats as natural and unprocessed as I can,” says Brown, “Scully’s favourite treats are simply freeze-dried beef liver, second only to cheese!” Emma Spence is a passionate dog owner, an outdoor enthusiast, and a student teacher. Her three dogs,

Spartan, a six-year-old mixed breed, Odin, a five-year-old Great Pyrenees and Timber, a one-year-old Husky get on average two hours of exercise a day. “That does not vary year-round, we simply switch out the bike for a sled in the winter.” Says Spence, “I strongly believe dogs thrive with a life rich in daily fulfillment.” All of Spence’s dogs are on a half kibble-half raw diet. “I would rather be feeding fully raw, but to be honest as a full-time student what I can feed is limited now. Feeding some raw is better than none! Most people believe you must go fully raw or not at all, but that isn’t the case.” Says Spence. “They all eat Acana kibble for breakfast and Big Country Raw or Bold by Nature for supper. I buy all these brands at Blue Ribbon Pet Supply where they are always kept in stock.” Spence will switch up proteins often, to get the benefits from all different kinds. Her dogs are also all on daily Triacta joint supplements to ensure their joints can keep up with their active lifestyle. In addition, they get daily fish oils for coat health, goat’s milk for probiotics, and weekly raw bones for dental health. “It’s vital to have your dog on an appropriate diet that suits their age, activity level and addresses any health concerns.” Says Scales, “We’re always happy to discuss the diet that ensures you have years with your best friend.”

Blue Ribbon Pet Supply 420 Queen Street, Charlottetown 902.370.3373





Spring is a popular time to build good habits and work on life goals. If you’re making plans to improve your life in 2022, think about setting health goals for your dog as well. Here are five ways that you can invest in your dog’s health this year and strengthen your bond with your furry friend.

50 SPRING 2022

1. Create a daily exercise routine Daily exercise is essential to maintaining your canine companion’s physical and behavioral health. Beyond the obvious health benefits of weight management, daily exercise will help curb destructive behavior from excess energy. How much exercise is suitable for your dog? Factors like age, size and health can help you determine the appropriate activity level for your pup. Ideally, a dog should get 30 minutes of mild to moderate activity every day. For most dogs, this can be accomplished by a comfortably paced walk. A leisurely walk is ideal if you have an older dog, while a puppy or younger dog will need longer and rigorous workouts to burn off their energy. If it’s been a while since you’ve regularly exercised your dog, begin with short periods of activity at slow speeds and gradually increase the time, speed and distance. At your pet’s annual checkup, ask your vet about appropriate exercise routines for your dog.

2. Incorporate supplements Once you’ve incorporated exercise into your pet’s daily routine, add in supplements to help ease joints that are stiff due to normal daily activity and exercise. Even dogs as young as a year old can experience joint stiffness. If you’re curious about dog supplements but don’t know where to start, you can talk to your vet or your local pet supply store.

3. Make time to bond Bonding with your pet is good for your relationship and positively impacts their holistic health. For example, playing with your dog builds their social skills, and it’s beneficial for your pet’s mental stimulation, which may improve their mood and behavior.

It can be as simple as grabbing a ball and playing fetch or, if your dog needs more mental stimulation, you can teach your pet new tricks. If your pup has a knack for retrieving, place some objects around the house and teach them to bring them to you. For a foodmotivated canine, you can hide treats in their kennel or other areas indoors and outdoors. Don’t forget that physical affection is an essential aspect of their well-being. Physical touch helps increase your dog’s release of oxytocin, the “love hormone” found in humans and dogs that reduces stress, promotes relaxation and creates feelings of trust.

4. Prioritize dental health Just like you, your dog needs daily dental hygiene. To make teeth brushing a positive experience for your pooch, introduce dog-specific toothpaste with your finger and progress to a toothbrush once your pet becomes comfortable. Brushing a dog’s teeth daily isn’t feasible for everyone, but you can still prioritize your dog’s dental hygiene with functional chews.

5. Evaluate diet Last, but not least, make sure your dog is getting the proper nutrition and enjoying their food. This is especially important if your pet is entering a new life stage that could affect their diet. Keep an eye on your puppy’s development. Puppy food is formulated to support a young dog’s rapid growth, development and high energy. If you continue to feed your dog puppy food past the point of maturity, it could result in weight gain, which can lead to other health issues. Once your dog has reached adulthood, you can transition to an adult food that meets their nutritional and caloric needs.

Regularly check your dog’s body condition to help you know when to adjust your pet’s food portion size, if needed. Three easy ways to assess your dog’s body condition and bond at the same time are described. For an ideal body condition, 1) feel the ribs as you pet them, you should be able to feel each individually and depending on their hair coat, you should be able to slightly see the ribs when they breathe, 2) their body should have an hourglass shape when viewed from directly above and curving in at the belly, and 3) when viewed from the side, their belly should have a slight tuck and curve up compared to the bottom of their rib cage. These physical signs are a good indication that your dog has an ideal body condition, and is getting an appropriate daily portion of food to meet their life stage and physical activity needs. Consult your veterinarian for additional information on how to assess your pet’s body condition and any recommendations to gradually make changes to their food portion, if needed, to get them to a more ideal body condition. Many dog owners are unaware that a seven-year-old dog is considered a senior. As dogs age, their needs change, so make sure to consider a diet that helps keep dogs active and energized in their senior years. Whether you start by engaging in a more rigorous exercise routine, spending more time cuddling, promoting dental and joint health or switching diets, every change counts. Start small and build on these healthy habits for lifelong benefits for you and your pet.




NEW KIDS ON By Alana Lauren Photos Alana Belair, Story Thorburn

It’s the best time of the year at the #cutestplaceonearth! Island Hill Farm (IHF) is welcoming the new kids on the block, and they’re arriving in singles, twins, triplets and even quads. “We love spring on the farm, it brings such a feeling of renewal,” says Farmer Flory Sanderson. “With sixteen new kids and fourteen does still waiting to kid— it’s the busiest time of the year and we love every minute of it!” The kids need to be bottle fed four times a days for the first few months. “It takes about two hours to get everyone fed. The process includes bottle washing, making the formula and then actually feeding each kid,” says Flory. Everyone at IHF has a favourite. Flory’s daughter, Rebecca, named one of the new quads. Number 7 (her favourite number and the seventh kid to be born this spring). Farmer Flory also named one of the quads, Tina. Tina is also the mascot for the 2023 Canada Games, of which HIF is a sponsor. My personal favouriye is one of the new bucks named Sue, in honour of the Johnny Cash song A Boy Named Sue. In addition to the kids, you will find bunnies and lambs have multiplied as well. Farmer Flory invites everyone to come out to IHF for a unique experince bottle feeding one of the latest additions. The hours for bottle feeding from April to June are 8 am to 9 am, 12 pm to 1 pm and 4 pm to 5 pm. General admission is 10 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 4 pm. While you’re there, be sure to visit Flory’s Café for a special treat and the Shoppe to pick up IHF’s goat soap. And remember, “Have a goat day!” says Farmer Flory. 52 SPRING 2022


Island Hill Farm | 351 Route 225, Hampshire | 902.218.1673 | | SPRING 2022



PEI FAMILY VIOLENCE PREVENTION SERVICES Providing important housing options By Jordan Parker Photo Evan Ceretti

PEI Family Violence Prevention Services Inc. is committed to supports for women and children fleeing abusive situations, and housing is among the most important things they provide. “We are a non-profit dedicated to the eradication of family violence on PEI.” said organization Executive Director Danya O’Malley. They began in 1981, and soon opened emergency shelter Anderson House in Charlottetown. They’ve expanded since then to outreach as well.

PEI Family Violence Prevention Services Inc. Executive Director, Danya O’Malley. (photo: Even Ceretti)

54 SPRING 2022

“We try to also work with those who need services, but not necessarily shelter. In a year, our outreach programs help 300-to-400 people. In our shelters, we help 70-to-80 people a year,” she said. “We deal with everything, including one-on-one supportive counselling, advocacy, case management, and help with financial security, housing and childcare.”

O’Malley is proud of the work they do day-to-day, and the people they’re able to help. “We focus on prevention also, and go into schools,” she said. “I oversee a lot of the prevention work, then we have middle management and frontline staff as well.” She began at the non-profit by accident and ended up finding a job she adores. “I was doing my Bachelor of Social Work at Dalhousie University, and you must do two placements. At the end of the first year, I did one with Anderson House,” she said. She was placed for three months parttime and became very involved around the shelter. “The director soon decided they wanted me to stick around. I answered phones, worked hard, and formed great relationships. When I finished school, I

“In a year, our outreach programs help 300-to-400 people. In our shelters, we help 70-to-80 people a year.” - Danya O’Malley

became the Operations Manager,” she said. They have both transitional shortterm and more, permanent housing. Included in that is Second Stage Housing, meant to give women an opportunity to plan for their future, with residency up to a year. The rent is also geared-to-income, and there are apartments available in O’Leary, Summerside, Charlottetown, and Montague. “Second Stage is what you’d typically call transitional housing, and it’s for women fleeing domestic violence. It’s an important step between an emergency shelter and living independently,” she said. “In emergency shelters, people are supported and protected from harmful situations. Second Stage allows people to gain some intermediary time. They have their own place, but additional security and support.”

Though provincial emergency shelter Anderson House is a safe space for women, trans and non-binary individuals and their children, it isn’t a long-term option. “There is a high level of support and there are different pieces to keep those who need us feeling like they can change their lives. We offer a supportive program where people can identify their barriers to living independently,” she said. “We want people to be free from abuse longterm, and whether it’s school or access to things to help them feel better or live better, we offer a place for healing.” O’Malley says the housing crisis in PEI and Charlottetown makes it incredibly difficult for everyone to find housing, especially those she helps through the non-profit. “Pre-pandemic, there was a zero per cent vacancy rate. The pandemic gave some breathing room, and shortterm rentals became affordable at a monthly rate. People were leaving the shelter in short order to find housing. We hadn’t seen that since 2014,” she said. “Now with post-secondary and tourists coming back, things have gone back to how they were. There are developments, and UPEI is building a new residence, but that won’t be open until closer to 2023. There are housing issues with no short solutions.” O’Malley says issues with housing are made more difficult for those who are facing barriers in their lives. “Whether it’s having a dog or mobility issues, these things can make it difficult. A big one also is wanting to live in a certain school zone. There’s nothing more tragic than a child who has broken free from violence, and has to lose their friends and change school zones for a place to live,” she said. The Second Stage Housing apartments are geared-to-income or rent ceilings set by the Department of Community Services and Canada Mortgage and Housing.

“CMHC does not own our buildings, but we do have a funding subsidy, If we make a small profit, they take it. But if there’s a loss, they cover it. We are a net-zero operation, and it’s terrific,” she said. “If we need a new furnace, there is funding. If there’s damage that needs to be fixed, it’s no problem. It allows us to keep the places in good repair and do geared-to-income rent.” The rent itself is 25 per cent of gross income for those living there, which helps the communities O’Malley’s operation serves greatly. “These are affordable, and for those we serve it’s unbelievable. It allows people to not go into poverty due to their rent. This only happens because we’re subsidized,” she said. “Our provincial partner, Social Development and Housing, oversees housing, financial assistance, and child protection. The supports we give happen because they’re involved, and we work with them in every way.” She says the department works to remove barriers to leaving violence, and PEI FVPS works in a supportive capacity. “Things like homelessness and access to work affect people’s ability to leave violent situations. In some areas of Canada the organizations serving the homeless and those fleeing domestic violence can be in competition for the same resources,” she said. “On PEI, acknowledge how connected these issues can be.” There are always ways to help create a better system and O’Malley is committed to helping those in need. “We do everything we can to be a support, and housing is a huge part of that. We just want to make sure those fleeing domestic violence know that there is somewhere they can go,” she said.


Q& A

with June Ellis


thoroughly enjoy painting. It is a part of my identity. Many afternoons, I can be found in my home studio creating a new painting either for a gallery or a piece that has been commissioned. I love to see the joy on my customers faces when they see their completed piece. Some of my work has gone to every province in Canada, USA, Italy, China, and Japan. One of my proudest moments has been seeing two of my paintings enlarged to 48x65 inch prints on the walls of the Mill River Resort. Most recently one of these prints was again enlarged to 48x65 inches and is on the walls of a client’s home in Calgary.”

56 SPRING 2022

How long have you been painting?

What inspires you?

About 25 years.

The scenery of Prince Edward Island is my inspiration. The sandy beaches, the unique lighthouses, and the rolling farmlands.

How did you get started creating artwork? I started taking an evening oil painting class that was taught by Nan Ferrier through the PEI Community School that was offered at Ellerslie Elementary School. I was hooked on painting. Afterwards, I began attending Emily Durant’s art classes once a week. I continued to take courses from other artists learning different techniques. What mediums do you work with? I started with oil as my medium of choice. I have also created some paintings in acrylic and have taught several art classes in acrylic. I have tried watercolor but find it much harder and less forgiving, but plan to challenge myself to do some more in this medium. Which do you prefer? I prefer working with oil as it is what my passion for painting originated in and I am most comfortable with. It takes several days for oil to dry, therefore, taking longer to finish a painting. I blend my colors a lot and started off working with just three colors red, blue, yellow, and white. And mixed all the colors from those. One of my instructors would not let us use black, we had to mix it as well. This was challenging, but it made me understand the importance of colour mixing.

What are your favourite subjects to paint? My favorite subjects to paint are the beautiful beaches on Prince Edward Island. I like the sand and the rich red cliffs. I find they are calming and peaceful. How do you get started with a painting? Is it an idea, a scene, something else? I get started with a painting by taking pictures when I am out exploring the Island. I may drive by a scene, and back up to take a few photos either on my phone or my camera. From there, I crop it and decide what is the best dimensions. I then print the photo off on my color printer and begin to sketch it out on a stretched canvas. It is important to get the right proportions in any painting. I begin at the top of the canvas with the sky and work my way down through the painting. I then shade and highlight where it is needed. When I think the painting is completed, I leave it for a few days so I can determine if there are extra touches that are needed. Do you prefer working on large canvases or small ones? I prefer to work on 11x14 canvas as it is easy to manage, not too big and not too small. I have painted small paintings for quick sale, and I have also completed much larger paintings for commission work. I presently have some large canvases that I want to challenge myself to start and complete. Do you work on more than one piece at a time? Funny you should ask. Yes, I have been known to work on three paintings at a time as this allows the other ones to dry when I am working in oils.

How long does it take to complete a painting? I have been asked that questions several times. It depends on a few factors. The size, the complexity of the scene, and whether it is going right at the time. For a 11x14, it generally takes ten hours. Are your paintings available to view somewhere on the Island? Yes, my paintings are for sale on my e-commerce website, on my Etsy Shop and during the summer at The Dunes, Kensington Art Cooperative, La Palette Cooperative, Little Red School House, and the Fox Den. Do you offer classes? Where, when, and the cost for a class? Yes, I have offered classes for groups and individuals. This has been reduced drastically because of Covid-19. Before it began, I offered paint night type of classes at Sleepy Hollow Correctional centre for women twice a month during the day and at the Youth Centre in Summerside once a month for residents and staff. I have also offered group classes for ‘Ladies Night Out’. This past year, I have offered classes at the East Prince Youth Development for the students. These classes are generally $30 per students with me providing all the materials to complete a painting. I have taught classes one on one guiding the student from start to finish with a painting and charge $20 per hour lasting for two hours. Having an art business also has its challenges. My biggest challenge is marketing and promoting my art and the time spent out of my studio away from my easel and instead in my office trying to market my business on my own.



H O M E & C O T TA G E E D I T O R


Welcome to the spring edition of PEI Living Magazine. Finally, the days are getting longer, the temps are slowly rising, and the sun is once again heating up the earth. It’s a time of fresh beginnings. It always makes me a little happier when I see buds coming to life on the trees and shrubbery, and early spring flowers popping out of the ground after a long winter’s nap. In this edition we are featuring a newly renovated space by Christine Zareck. She recently downsized to a new smaller home and is sharing her beautifully decorated space with our readers. The choices are fresh and bring about a feeling of spring with her colours. We

hope she inspires you with her choices of colours, patterns, fabric, textures and DIY projects. With spring, most of us take on the task of putting winter gear away for another year, doing a good house cleaning along with taking on organization projects for a fresh start. In the DIY section I am sharing some tips and household hacks that I personally use on a regular basis or have tested to see if they actually work. I hope that you will discover some new ideas in the article. I wish you all a wonderful year, with good health, happy times and the ability to return your lives to the new normal. Sit back, relax and enjoy the spring edition of PEI Living Magazine.

Susan “I must have flowers always and always.” ― Claude Monet

58 SPRING 2022

Susan Snow

Read PEI Living Magazine online:


Regardless of whether your style is modern, minimalistic, traditional or falls somewhere in between, choosing where to follow the trends and where to remain neutral will keep you loving your home year after year.

Timeless design choices that are tried and true. WOOD FLOORING

NEUTRAL WALL FINISHES Pale wall colours are calming and provide the perfect backdrop for splashes of colour in artwork, area rugs, toss cushions and/or soft furnishings.

Forever a practical and natural choice. Wood floors are easy to keep clean and they go with everything. Always.

GREENERY AND FLOWERS QUARTZ COUNTERTOPS Long lasting appeal, durable and chic for kitchens and bathrooms. Invest in countertops that are gorgeous but neutral enough to work with most paint colours and tile backsplashes.

PROPANE FIREPLACE No fuss, no mess. With a simple click of a button warm up your home with a fire, adding coziness, ambiance, and an extra heat source in your home.

Breathing life, freshness and welcoming prettiness into your home is as easy as including a few plants, herbs, or in-season flower bouquets. Not a green thumb? Instead of real, opt for faux branches, stems, plants, or florals.

BUILT-IN CABINETRY Creates opportunities for displaying and seasonally rotating your favourite home accessories. Builtins are a homeowner’s secret weapon for finding extra hidden storage. SPRING 2022


H O M E & C O T TA G E

NORTH RUSTICO HOME HARDWARE BUILDING CENTRE Brings family feel to known brand By Jordan Parker Photos Story Thorburn

“My parents instilled the values of community and service in me from my early childhood. This is a family venture through-andthrough.” - Chris Buote

At the heart of the seaside community of North Rustico, PEI, lies a family business run by Chris Buote and family. North Rustico Home Hardware Building Centre is a bustling home and construction supply operation that sets itself apart from industry competition every day. The Buote family have owned and operated the local Home Hardware for more that 30 years and have seen it grow from a small business employing a dozen or so employees into a bustling retail enterprise employing over fifty people and supplying construction materials across the Island.

Home Hardware is known nationally for its focus on customer service and Buote’s operation is a shining example of this commitment. “I started working in the family business after high school in 1993. At that time, I was working in the lumber yard. There were three of us, one flatbed truck and a forklift,” he recalls. “Now we have twenty-five guys in the yard and three boom trucks. I’ve seen so much growth in my time.” His parents, Wayne and Lise first purchased the North Rustico store in 1990 and moved to the current location in 1996. Wayne passed away in 2010, at which time Chris took a more central role in the

operation. His mother Lise coowns the business with him and contributes to the direction of the business. “My parents instilled the values of community and service in me from my early childhood. This is a family venture through-and-through,” he says. “My mother has stepped back a lot from the day to day, because she worked hard for so many years but she’s always checking in. The store keeps us together and busy, and I love that we continue to work together.” Buote loves what he does and takes pride in helping his clients achieve their renovation and building goals. It is not at all uncommon to find Buote or the store’s General Manager Jim Clark on the sales floor assisting customers. “Home Hardware emphasizes service, and I just feel good coming to work. A lot of people think of owners being out of sight, but I love being out on the floor. My days aren’t always typical and at the heart of what I do is buying and selling. We pride ourselves on dealing directly with people every day,” he says. Buote considers his customers and suppliers to be partners in business. “We do a lot of contractor sales and finding solutions for our

contractors motivates me every day,” Buote shares. “It’s also a busy retail store, even though we don’t experience the same walk-in traffic that you would expect in an urban location. Like the rest of the Island, we have really been growing a lot over the last number of years. The population growth on the north shore and across PEI has resulted in significant increases in traffic and sales.”

The work they put in to know and service the needs of customers individually is where they shine. “Our focus is on the customer, plain and simple. I’m not an invisible owner off-site, I love dealing with customers and that really distinguishes our store’s shopping experience. We have the products; we have the service and we can hold our own against any larger retailer in the country.” Buote adds.

Buote credits the talent and commitment of his employees with the stellar reputation and growth of the North Rustico operation. He highlights the contribution of Sandra MacGillivray, a new employee serving as the resident interior designer and says that she has recently brought a new service to the store.

“I am proud to be a part of the Home Hardware family and we look forward to what the future holds for the brand and our humble operation on PEI’s north shore.”

“Sandra is a terrific asset and is able to enhance our service offering with her expertise in design. We have also hired Lais Robinson as a drafts person to help with home design and construction plans.” “People used to think that we couldn’t compete with big-box stores like Walmart or Canadian Tire but the brand has come a long way nationally, especially in terms of image,” Buote reflects.

North Rustico Home Hardware Building Centre 7381 Cavendish Rd, North Rustico 902.963.2040



H O M E & C O T TA G E

Downsizing in Style

Successfully downsizing and moving into a smaller home always comes with its own set of challenges. However, with a well-executed plan, a small space can live large and most importantly give one the freedom to decorate to their heart’s desire, as is the case with this newly renovated home. By Susan Snow Photos MovingDesignz Interior Design Christine Zareck

The focal point of the living room’s seating arrangement is the custom built entertainment unit and cabinetry designed by Zareck to house her television, provide shelving for displaying pretty accessories and hidden storage compartments.

Christine Zareck recently completed the renovation of her 1050 square foot builder basic condo. Drawing on her innate skill and expertise in pulling colour, pattern and fabrics together, she has filled her home with carefully edited furnishings, small space innovations and a decor style that blends harmoniously from room to room. Although her new space is small in footprint, it is huge in style and decked out with beautiful fabrics, accessories, and customized furnishings. “I wanted it to feel like a big hug the moment you walk in the door,” says Zareck. With thoughtful planning and creative thinking, this open plan living space was completely transformed using a unified colour scheme of white, cream, sea foam green and soft pastels along with custom design-built furniture, dual purpose furnishings, and clever DIY projects. Being a creative person, it should come as no surprise that she is also an avid DIYer who likes to up cycle, restore and create things from scratch, saving money so she can splurge on custom purchases. The result of all her hard work is an elegant, pretty and serene haven where she can relax and unwind at the end of a busy workday. Opposite Page: Christine chose to keep the existing white kitchen cabinets but added upgraded finishes such as stainless-steel appliances, durable white quartz counter tops, and a show stopping tile back splash along with all new plumbing and light fixtures. Right: The cathedral ceiling that encompasses both the living room and the kitchen adds a sense of openness, creating volume that makes all the rooms feel much larger.



BELOW: Wall paneling

installed in the entryway, along with artwork and hooks for coats and bags, create a welcoming entry setting the tone for the entire space. One of Christine’s “fabulous finds” was an inexpensive faux grass cloth patterned peel and stick wallpaper. She installed it on the entry wall paneling, as well as on the living room’s built in cabinets. One would never even know it wasn’t authentic unless you closely inspected it.

Christine’s original painting “Young Christine’s Dream” takes centre stage on her living room wall.

ABOVE: In the living room a set of custom sewn tailored Roman shades provides privacy and light control. The sofa is adorned with lots of plump pillows, drawing one to sit down, put your feel up and relax. Due to its extra-long length and depth, it can also be used as an extra sleep space if needed. RIGHT: Creating the perfect living room conversational area are two custom upholstered armchairs, a floor pouf and a generously sized custom sofa. The sofa is slipcovered in a neutral off-white fabric which balances perfectly with the floral motifs on the chairs and chair cushions. Conveniently situated between the armchairs, this dual-purpose piece can be used as a side table for both chairs.

64 SPRING 2022

RIGHT: The dishwasher is cleverly disguised within the kitchen cabinets thanks to the addition of drawer front cabinet panels. With two separate washing drawers, washing cycles can operate either together or independently from each other, saving water and energy.

LEFT: The dining room table allows for everyday seating for two people, but when necessary, a bench in the hallway can be moved in to accommodate seating for four.

DIY PROJECTS: The antique

buffet/server was refurbished with a DIY painting project. Originally a brown wood finish, Zareck painted in the same soft sea foam green used throughout the space and refinished the wood top. She also framed the six seashells herself. They were modeled from similar artwork she found online; she was able to reproduce a similar look at a fraction of the cost to purchase.

The team behind the dream CHRISTINE ZARECK, Homeowner and Business Owner Meet Christine Zareck, the business owner of Material Girl in Charlottetown. On any given day she and her staff are busy at her design shop helping clients select and procure finishing touches to their homes, including fabric selection and custom window treatments, along with sewing and upholstery services.Turning to her own home for this renovation, it was now her time to create a home that not only reflects her personality and taste but allowed her to decorate to her heart’s desire.

CRESCENDO Founded in Montreal in 1986, Les Papiers Peints et Tissus Crescendo Inc. is a company of import and distribution of high-end quality fabrics for interior decoration. Material Girl carries a vast selection of fabrics from Crescendo suitable for all of your fabric requirements.

We would like to thank Christine for sharing her lovely home, her imagination and her tips and tricks for small spaces with our readers.

SANDRA MACGILLIVRAY, In-House Designer North Rustico Home Hardware Building Centre Christine purchased many of her building supplies at her local Home Hardware Building Centre in North Rustico. While meeting with Sandra, their in-house designer, Christine mentioned she was having a tough time finding the perfect kitchen backsplash. It was during the conversation that Sandra said I think I might have the tile for you and proceeded to pull out a bag of pale green tiles reminiscent of sea glass and beach waves. The tile was exactly what Christine had envisioned and the rest is history.

As a dealer for the Lexington brand of furniture, Zareck was able to get the chairs she wanted by customizing the fabrics and finishes to her specifications. 66 SPRING 2022

MARTIN A. SCHELLEN Having a trusted finish carpenter was essential for the renovation. Working with furniture designs Christine drew up, skilled artisan Martin was able to take her plans off the paper and custom build them into reality. A master craftsman with attention to detail, Martin took on numerous projects during the renovation, including building the entertainment centre and custom furniture pieces and overhauling her existing sofa. ► Completely tucked out of sight is a hidden compartment within the built-in cabinets. A pull-down door reveals a dedicated space for all Christine’s art supplies.

◄The dining table was another of the custom pieces Martin built, allowing Christine to design and determine the appropriately sized table to perfectly fit her small space.

The artwork in the entertainment cabinet is actually the Samsung Frame TV. The unit can display artwork to the owner’s taste when not being used as a television.

► Christine’s original sofa was built by Martin and received a fully customized makeover, he took the sofa completely apart, right down to the springs and frame. It was then rebuilt to be longer and deeper. Once it was rebuilt, a new custom slipcover and pillows were custom sewn to complete the overhaul.




HOME CONSTRUCTION INCENTIVES FOR ISLANDERS efficientcyPEI is offering incentives to Islanders to ensure their home will energy efficient and reduce their home’s environmental impact. Everyone benefits! Submitted by Darren MacKenzie with information from efficientcyPEI.

68 SPRING 2022

The easiest way to ensure you have an energy efficient home is to make it part of the plan before you build. Your new home will cost less to operate, be more comfortable and help reduce your environmental impact. PLAN ENERGY EFFICIENCY The New Home Construction Program is available for new construction. The first step is to plan your design with your builder, then contact one of efficiencyPEI’s energy partners. They will arrange for a certified energy advisor to evaluate your building plans before you build. To be eligible your plans evaluation must be submitted before or within 30 days of receiving your building permit. You must have your plans evaluated before the footings are poured. If your building permit is over 30 days but construction has not yet

Either the homeowner or builder may register the home. The rebate will go to the homeowner, unless the homeowner requests that the builder be paid directly.

Solar Photovoltaic Equipment (EELPSERP)


Eligible applicants can apply to receive a repayable loan of up to $10,000, towards 100 per cent of invoiced costs for eligible activities that have been pre-approved by efficiencyPEI under their rebate programs.

Solar energy is quickly gaining popularity on the Island. The use of solar energy can lower energy bills working hand-in-hand with other efficiency upgrades. The solar program makes solar power more affordable than ever before by providing financial incentive for Island homeowners, farms and businesses to install solar PV panels. Solar incentives will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 500 tonnes annually and create approximately 20 jobs in PEI’s renewable energy sector.

How much financing is available under this program?

The loan will bear interest at the fixed rate of five per cent per annum and is repayable over a period of up to seven years.

In addition to solar rebates, financing is available through the Government of Prince Edward Island to assist with the up-front costs of solar installation. Incentives for residential homes: $1,000/kilowatt installed, up to 40 per cent of installed costs, to a maximum of $10,000. started, the energy partner will arrange a site inspection to verify this with efficiencyPEI. Step two is to use the energy advisor’s customized recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of your design. Work with your builder to implement the efficiency recommendations when you build your new home. The final step to receive your rebate is to have your certified energy advisor conduct a follow up assessment on your new home within 12 months. Your home will be assigned an EnerGuide rating that tells you (and future buyers) that your home is comfortable, efficient and saves money. Depending on the efficiency of your new home, you could receive up to $5,000 in rebates.

THE ENERGY EFFICIENCY LOAN PROGRAM This loan program will provide financing for PEI home-owners who are approved applicants under either of efficiencyPEI’s Energy Efficient Equipment Rebate and Home Insulation Rebate programs. This will assist with the up-front costs associated with the purchase and installation of products and/or building envelope upgrades that will improve the energy efficiency of the homeowner’s existing primary year-round residence. There is also financing available to assist with the up-front costs associated with the purchase and installation of solar equipment that can lower energy bills for Islanders through the Energy Efficiency Loan Program for

Legacy Homes Ltd. 12745 St. Peters Road, Ten Mile House 902.626.3200 MacKenzie Builder Services Ltd. 262 Howe Pont Road, Eglington 902.969.0425



H O M E & C O T TA G E

Cleaning Tips and Lifestyle Hacks By Susan Snow

70 SPRING 2022

By definition, a lifestyle hack is a simple and clever tip or technique to make a familiar task easier and more efficient, which is why I love them. Life hacks, as they are known, generally fall into the category of a win or fail. Time is precious, and let’s face it, we are all too busy to do something that doesn’t work. Here are some tried and true hacks to get the job done quicker, easier, cheaper and with less work involved. Remove stubborn baked on grease or burnt food from pots and pans without any scrubbing. Simply drop a dishwasher tablet along with warm water into the offending pot and let soak overnight for a quick clean up the next day. It magically removes all traces of cooking dirt. Renew your wood surfaces with a treatment of mineral oil applied with a clean lint-free cloth. Butcher block tops, wooden cutting boards, salad bowls, wooden spoons and wood knife handles will be restored and protected from harmful bacteria. With so many of today’s devices requiring cords, cables, and chargers, it can be difficult locating the one you need. Easily find the proper cord for your chargers, adapters, cameras, toys, and other electronic equipment by identifying the cords. Use white electrical tape and a Sharpie marker to make labels, then simply attach to all your cords, chargers, and wires. For multiple users, write their names on their personal cables. Banish water marks on everyday stainless-steel silverware. Place the silverware in a glass dish, cover the utensils completely with vinegar and

warm water and soak for five minutes. Remove from water, give them a good rinse, and follow up by polishing with a microfibre cloth. This also works well to remove any residue or spots left on drinking glasses. Deep clean and remove odours from your microwave. Place a wide rimmed glass bowl or a glass measuring cup with equal parts of water and vinegar inside. One half cup in total will do. Add a lemon slice if you have one. Run the microwave for a couple of minutes and leave it to sit for another ten minutes. The steam will lift the grime so all you must do is give it a wipe and volia, clean as a whistle. Create a cleaning caddy for all your cleaning supplies using a large rectangular bucket with handles, making it convenient to carry around the house from room to room. Fill it with rubber gloves, paper towels, and the cleaning supplies you use on a regular basis. And place permanent bins under the sink in your kitchen and bathroom to contain your everyday cleaning supplies. Extend the life of your fresh flowers by giving the stems a fresh cut and adding a tiny drop of liquid bleach and some sugar. The bleach will kill bacteria that form in the water, keeping the water fresher while the sugar feeds the flowers. Unfortunately, hydrangea blossoms usually wilt within a few days. To restore the flowers, give the stem a fresh cut and cut upwards into the

woody stalk. Place them in a vase filled with boiling water and within hours your beautiful hydrangeas will be restored. This trick only works once. Use the inside back of cabinet doors to share and keep important information readily at hand yet out of sight. Post-it notes can be used for appointment reminders, passcodes for wifi, grocery lists, recipes, reservations, and other important household information. Use this same technique in the laundry room for easy to access fabric cleaning tips. Baby wipes have superpowers beyond their intended use. They can be used for removing makeup thus, eliminating facecloth stains. Use them for wiping down toys, spills, and baby faces. They can be used to give shoes and purses a quick wipe. Keep a pack in the car to clean up spilled drinks or to wipe dust or dirt from your seats. For quick and easy pet hair removal from furniture or clothing, use a heavyduty tape like duct tape instead of a lint roller. Got a tough clothing stain? Make your own stain remover using two equal parts of blue Dawn dish soap and household hydrogen peroxide and a half part of baking soda. Mix into a paste and apply directly to the stain on machine washable items. Let it set for a couple hours and wash as normal. The stain will miraculously disappear. I’ve even used this on old stains that nothing would clean and had great results.




TAKE HOLD OF YOUR CONFIDENCE My true hope this season for all of us is to take hold of our confidence and take back the fun of dressing. As a stylist for more than 20 years I have always believed in fashion as a way of empowering those to find their voice through fashion. This season we’ve got a little something that speaks for everyone. We’re shedding our inhibitions along with all of those winter layers. With a new invigorated confidence choose to dress in what truly makes you shine. Playing it safe for so long has taken

its toll and it’s fine time we take our style back and choose dressing with conviction. As with each season we take inspiration from the runways. This season, take heed not to dilute those looks too much. Thoses runway chicks have got nothing on us. Embrace the boldness that the runways are offering and find ways to weave it into your aesthetic keeping in mind to truly make it your own.




Featuring Fall 2022 Collections for pre-order Date: Thursday, May 19th | Time: 3:00pm - 7:00pm Lady Slipper Intimate Apparel & Accessories 65 Queen Street, Charlottetown Light refreshments will be served. | Joseph Ribkoff gift with purchase!

Kimberly Rashed (Photo Jenna Keenan)

Read PEI Living Magazine online:

We are here to reinvigorate your wardrobe. Take a peek at some of our fave Springs mood boosting style trends. Fun styles you can weave into your wardrobe seamlessly to carry you into a fresh new season. BLACK AND WHITE - From stripes to chevron prints to monochromatic looks, these shades will give you the effortlessly chic vibes you need for spring. If you’ve already got a wardrobe full of basics you’re set, and investing in this trend will never do you wrong.

ROMANCE IS IN THE AIR - Carefree flowing fabrics are here to put you in a frivolous mood. Dreamy maxi dresses in delicate florals, blouses with puff sleeves and ruffles, or full tulle skirts are the ultimate in feminine dressing. I for one am ready for glamour to make its way back into our repertoire.

PLEATED SKIRTS - This sophisticated piece is ideal, giving the body smooth and feminine lines. An obvious keeper, as a classic made new in various textures, prints and lengths.

VACATION MODE - Resortwear is making a major impact this season. Whether you’re headed somewhere special or staycationing close to home, we are in love with the ease and comfort that resortwear brings. From relaxed silhouettes, linens and tencel, and soft pastel hues, you name it we are emanating all the wanderlust feels.

READY TO DITCH YOUR SKINNIES? The oversized pant trend is here for you. This trend has been on the rise and is now showing up in a big way. You can choose to balance the silhouettes with a fitted top or follow in the footsteps of Katherine Hepburn and Lauren Bacall with a button-down for an andro look.

NEON YELLOW - Spring is synonymous with color but break out your shades, we are turning the hues up. It’s intimidating, I know, but hear me out. If you can find a way to bring in some neon, be it an accessory, or find prints featuring hints of neon, then you’ve got yourself a statement making aesthetic. SPRING 2022



CONSCIOUS BEAUTY By Alana Lauren Photos Story Thorburn Model: Denise Gormley

Artistry and education are at the heart of Jacqueline Peters’ beauty business, Urban Daisy. A passionate advocate for the well-being of women and the planet, Peters opened the doors to her natural make-up studio on Charlottetown’s Victoria Row in 2019.

74 SPRING 2022

Since then, Peters has been helping Island women ditch the toxic products in their beauty bags in favour of greener brands. With a Masters in Make-Up Artistry, Peters also offers her talents to brides and clients interested in learning how to accentuate their beauty. Many of her customers are interested in learning how to best adapt a makeup routine as they enter their forties and fifties. Peters advice is always the same: less is more. “I generally recommend they focus on defining their eyebrows, which frames the face and draws attention to the eyes. Mascara, a little blush, and some lip color will complete the look. Foundations and eye shadows should be used sparingly to avoid drawing attention to fine lines in the skin.” Of course, she also suggests that the best way to combat signs of aging is to use natural beauty products. That’s because, ironically, the ingredients in mainstream make-up and skincare products can cause skin to age prematurely.

Peters adopts a fun, non-judgmental approach to helping her clients make the transition to natural make-up brands. “I get where they are coming from, because I only started learning about natural make-up six years ago. For 12 years before that, I worked make-up counters at drugstores and chain retail stores.” Today, Urban Daisy carries 23 natural make-up brands. Each brand and every product go through a rigorous sixmonth assessment. Peters is wholly committed to ensuring that the brands and products she carries perform to the highest standards, contain the best ingredients, and are sourced sustainably. Ultimately the products must be good for people and the planet, or they don’t make the cut. “I love helping my clients accentuate their beauty and I love the artistry of make-up. What I really love though, is helping people discover that ecoconscious living can be easy and fun. You’re not giving anything up, you’re getting premium performing products that are good for you and the environment.”

Urban Daisy Boutique 162 Richmond Street, Suite #20 Charlottetown 902.213.8871

Hello Spring

Romantic feminine floral print in maxi lengths from Isla Boutique. Model: Brigitte Carroll


(Youthful You MediSpa), KIMBERLY RASHED 76



The color of the moment multiplied. More is more with this adorable knit triple set from Isla Boutique. Model: Brigitte Carroll



A classic silhouette in the perfect never-go-wrong shade of navy from Lady Slipper Intimate Apparel and Accessories. Model: Diane MacDonald

78 SPRING 2022

Think beyond the average pair of jeans. Dressed up denim from Isla Boutique is a modern take on the ease and comfort of an age old fave fabric. Model: Brigitte Carroll



It only takes a hint of yellow to work the season’s ultimate hue into the simplicity of basic black and white ensemble from kc Clothing. Model: Kimberly Rashed 80 SPRING 2022

Black and white prints are an easy classic like this spectacular printed faux wrap dress from Lady Slipper Intimate Apparel and Accessories. Model: Ann Myers




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Forevermark Icon™ Collection


At the heart of De Beers has always been one story: the story of Forever. We are the storyteller of Forever, helping our clients to express and eternalize their most profound moments and emotions, turning them into something tangible that they can share with the world. Our diamonds and diamond jewellery are the closest thing to Forever one can hold in their hand as a physical representation of the extraordinary feelings it represents.


Forever starts today at Nortons Jewellers. The statement “I do” is one of the most emotional and immediately lifechanging expressions of commitment. It is a promise between two individuals to share a future. Nortons Jewellers Ltd. has served Charlottetown for nearly half a century, meaning that this iconic Island-owned and family-operated jeweller has long been a part of Islanders’ celebrations. Peter Norton and his son Craig are continuing the tradition that began in 1974 and has made Nortons Jewellers the place where Islanders get engaged.

are also options for the precious metal of the band; yellow gold, white gold, platinum or rose gold, it’s completely up to the bride to decide what style she truly loves.

Getting engaged is one of the most important moments in your life and so is choosing the perfect diamond. Not sure where to start when it comes to selecting the perfect ring? We’ve got some insight into what’s trending this year.

“We always search out the very best for our customers,” says Craig. “That’s why we’re so pleased to be able to offer De Beers Forevermark diamonds to our clients.”

This year, brides-to-be are leaning towards simple settings, specifically solitaire engagement rings, allowing the diamond to be centre stage. Brides can also choose the diamond’s shape; including round, pear, cushion, oval or princess, to name a few. There

The knowledgeable staff at Nortons are always happy to sit down with clients and discuss all the options available when choosing the perfect diamond and setting, knowing that a De Beers Forevermark diamond is something you can be proud to own and wear forever.

Each De Beers Forevermark diamond comes with the promise of being beautiful, rare, and responsibly sourced. De Beers Forevermark is committed to supporting the advancement of women, ensuring each diamond is natural, untreated and conflict free, and preserving and protecting the natural world. By Alana Lauren Photos Courtesy of De Beers Forevermark

Where Islanders Get Engaged 160 Queen Street, Charlottetown 902.894.3922




Noam Carver, Bleu Royale trio


FOR A LIFETIME AND BEYOND By Alana Lauren Photos Courtesy of Noam Carver and Bleu Royale

Noam Carver

86 SPRING 2022

At Nortons Jewellers they understand that wedding jewellery is more than simple adornments, they are symbols of love. Not just personal statements of style, they serve to mark a special moment that punctuates a lifetime. For thousands of years, people have been using jewellery to express who they are, and in a world of mass-produced jewellery it can be hard to find unique pieces that express your personal style.

Exclusive to Nortons Jewellers are the Noam Carver and Bleu Royale collections. “We are committed to bringing the finest best quality jewellery to PEI.” said Peter Norton, “We are very pleased to be working with Noam Carver.” Noam Carver is a Canadian jewellery designer who is always striving to innovate and create meaningful objects that are meant to last a lifetime and beyond. Inspired by nature, travel, history and, most importantly imagination, Carver’s expertly crafted designs are unique and artistic and made bespoke for the individual. “We have an extensive collection of unique designs however we often modify our design to customers request and even design one-of-a-kind originals.” Craig Norton says that trends to watch include the following, “Yellow gold is roaring back, white gold and platinum has been the dominant color choice for engagement rings for the last 10 years however we see the re-emergence of yellow gold and its racing to the top.”

Bleu Royale collection offers precisely that. Its thicker profile and heavy weight will endure the wear and tear of everyday life and will be cherished for generations to come. When it came to wedding bands, Craig wanted to be able to offer something extra special and Bleu Royale fit the bill perfectly. Bleu Royale is a growing collection and new styles, and configurations are added each year. Some special features in the collection include rings that combine precious metals with accents like tantalum, forged carbon fiber and hand painted enamel. Some men want the dark grey look or a black finish. Styles are customizable and you can add white or black diamonds as well as colored stones. The possibilities are endless! When looking for a wedding band you want to choose a precious metal, something with intrinsic value that will stand the test off time. You are looking for something that is well made, comfortable to wear and unique to you.

“I honor the traditional legacy of fine jewelry making with impeccable attention to detail, highly skilled craftsmanship and hard work.”

- Noam Carver

Craig explains, “Larger center diamonds have also become popular, 1.5ct to 2ct and above specifically set in thin dainty rings.”

Where Islanders Get Engaged

When choosing your ring, Craig advises, “It’s most important that couples take the time to try on a range of styles, even some that they are not sure of. This process will reinforce their opinion on which style they are truly in love with.” “Working with Noam Carver we are able to customize each piece to our clients taste and style.” said Peter.

160 Queen Street, Charlottetown 902.894.3922

Bleu Royale wedding bands

A man’s wedding band is the one most important and significant jewelry purchase of his life. He needs a band that will stand the test of time and the SPRING 2022



Fit & C Fabulous

hoosing the correct undergarments for your wedding day starts with the basics; the cut of your gown and being comfortable.

By Jacqui Chaisson

Congratulations, you’ve said yes to the dress! Now it’s time to build the foundation that ensures your wedding gown fits and feels fabulous. 88 SPRING 2022

Many gowns have corsets built into the design; if this is the case you can choose to go braless. If you’re not comfortable with that decision, and you feel the combination of corset and bra is too much, there are alternatives. Pasties These are small, slightly padded stickers meant to cover your nipples. They won’t offer any support, but if you feel comfortable going au naturel, they are perfect under slinky or backless gowns.

Tape strips Also called body tape or fashion tape. Do provide coverage and a moderate amount of support and are available in a variety of skin tones. They are not the most attractive solution, so you may want to remove them before your wedding night.

A perfect-fitting bra If your gown does not have a corset and you need or want the support of a bra, be sure to have a professional bra fitting. If you can’t bring your gown to the fitting, have pictures of you in the gown available to ensure your bra will suit the dress and your comfort.

Stick-on silicone cups They are meant to resemble flesh and can be found in different skin tones and sizes. They are often triangularshaped for low v-cut gowns, will boost your cup size a few sizes and most are sweat and water-resistant.

Depending on the style of your wedding gown, you may need a strapless or longline bra. A longline bra looks like a regular strapless bra, but instead of stopping under the cups, it continues all the way down to the waist. Most longline bras have boning like a corset that helps to hold up the cups, allowing them to cut the back lower than a normal bra. They also help to cinch the waist, because the closure overlaps the waistline. This is a great style for a strapless gown with a low back that has a natural waistline.

Stick-on bras These look like strapless bras without the back closure. They provide more support than the silicone cups, but less than tape strips.

Shapewear Finally, shapewear shouldn’t be ruled out as unsuitable for your wedding day. It’s come a long way in recent years and is surprisingly comfortable to wear. Be sure to choose the right size— don’t make the mistake of thinking the smaller the size, the better the result. Shapewear should be comfortable and smooth the bumps but let your gown flow perfectly on your body. No matter which option you choose for your big day, be comfortable and confident as you celebrate the happiest day of your life.




GEL, ACRYLIC OR DIP POWDER? A Guide to the Different Types of Bridal Manicures By Alana Lauren

90 SPRING 2022


here was a time when a bridal manicure meant one thing: simple filed nails with a few coats of basic polish and a shiny top coat. The weeks leading up to the wedding were spent protecting your length and treating your cuticles. Inevitably you would break or chip a nail just before the big day.

Times have changed. With the option of a gel or dip powder, your manicure can last up to a month. You can choose any length or shape, embellish your nails with crystals or beads, have your initials or wedding date added, choose your bridal colours or a classic French polish—the options are simply endless. There is always confusion about manicure options. We’re going to break down the differences.


DIP POWDER Each nail colour comes in the form of a pigmented powder, which your nails are dipped into after a nail technician applies a clear liquid formula. There’s no drying or curing time needed. The benefit is that you don’t have to wait whilst dip powder nails are cured under UV light. Typically, you can expect the look to last slightly longer than gel nails too. The drawback is that some people prefer the smoothness of a gel manicure. With dip powder, the texture is slightly different, and nail thinning may be a long term concern. Because the bonding process is similar to acrylics, it’s best to give your nails a rest between dip manicures.

ACRYLIC What is an acrylic manicure? It’s basically a combination of liquid and powder polishes that are applied over your natural nail and false tips.

Think of it as a souped-up version of a basic manicure that uses a UV light to cure and harden liquid polish, which is why a gel manicure can last up to three times longer than a regular manicure. There is one big drawback—you will need to go back to the salon to have it removed. This is not a manicure you can pick or peel while binge watching your wedding video. Trust me, don’t start! They can last up to three weeks before they need to be “filled,” the process where they add gel to the new nail growth.

A nail technician mixes a liquid (monomer) and a powder (polymer) and works to create a solid nail overlay, or enhancement that sits on top of your nail. They can be in traditional nail shapes, but they can also be in all sorts of shapes dependent on your technician’s skill and creativity. As well as benefiting from the standard elements of a manicure, the acrylic nails are often applied and polished using nail art. Acrylic nails also come ready-made. They are what most people are thinking of when talking about false nails.

One great benefit is that these nails are strong! I’ve opened boxes with my gel manicure. The colour choices seem limitless as well; don’t expect to become bored with your new nails.

A benefits of acrylic nails is that you can have a fabulous nail shape, no matter the shape of your real nails. They can add length, and they also provide an excellent canvas for

wonderful works of art for skilled creative nail technicians. The biggest drawback acrylic nails have is a tendency to pop off through everyday use. The new nail growth around the bottom of the acrylic can also be quite noticeable after a few weeks. They can also be quite expensive. You should have gaps

between applications, more than with any other type of manicure. Whichever option you decide suits you best, a manicure for your wedding day will add polish to your bridal ensemble.



Nuala Casey Make-up


FREELANCE MAKEUP ARTIST AVAILABLE Weddings, Photoshoots, Tutorials Special Occasions

1. A SPECIAL TIMEPIECE A watch is one of the most traditional wedding gifts for a groom from his bride or groom. (In fact, timepieces are sometimes given even earlier as engagement watches!) If you want to get one for your soon-to-be husband, consider his style and interests. 902.213.6952

2. A CUSTOMIZED STAR MAP A personalized print is wonderfully romantic and really creative too. The center features a re-creation of the night sky on your special day; surround it with your custom vows or the lyrics to your first dance song and you’ve got a supremely sentimental wedding gift for your groom. 3. ENGRAVED CUFFLINKS Cufflinks he can wear on the special day become heirloom pieces he can cherish and pass down to the next generation. Have them engraved or monogrammed to make them extra special. 4. A POCKET WATCH Still like the traditional wedding gift for a groom: a watch? If he’s all about vintage-inspired gear, a pocket watch is the way to go. 5. A LUXURY GOLD CHAIN Up his jewelry game with a luxury gold chain. It’s the perfect mix of modern and timeless, and the linked design subtly represents your strong connection.

92 SPRING 2022


“It’s a privilege to be invited into one of a relationship’s most special moments.”

MARSHA WEEKS OF “YOUR PEI WEDDING” The Officiant Behind Hundreds of Island Ceremonies


he warmth and charm at many weddings have less to do with date or location than with the wedding couple’s mindset and comfort. PEI-based wedding officiant Marsha Weeks deftly helps couples create and conduct their ideal wedding ceremony. Weeks has been an officiant (also called a “marriage commissioner”) for almost a decade, and she’s still thrilled with her vocation. “To me, being part of a wedding is an honour,” she smiles. “It’s a privilege to be invited into one of a relationship’s most special moments.” Weeks usually helms a hundred or more weddings per season, which has allowed her to fine-tune her professional presence. On her website and in conversation, she often uses

the same words to describe the atmosphere she cultivates: “My signature style is light, airy, personal, romantic, and meaningful.” The assistance Weeks offers couples is flexible; she’s happy to craft a unique plan alongside each couple (and can conduct bilingual ceremonies if desired). Her preplanned wedding “packages” range from functional to distinctive (such as the “Anne Elopement Package”). At an Anne Elopement, Weeks says, “There’s always a wildflower bouquet, raspberry cordial to toast, and I often play a fiddle jig to announce the couple!” Small weddings are practical in 2022, Weeks adds. “As each year passes, more and more couples choose an elopement-style wedding. I’ve become a bit of an elopement specialist.”

Weeks outlines her wedding packages at; the website also provides information on resources including venues and photographers. In addition, Weeks uses the site to publish short posts on weddings she’s officiated and insights she’s gained; the page is a helpful, reassuring touchstone for couples at any stage in their planning. By Rebecca Spinner Photos Cheryl Perry Your PEI Wedding 902.314.1865






imply attending a loved one’s wedding is always thrilling, but certain venues are especially easy to get excited about. Vineyard and winery weddings are always festive and enjoyable; well-planned destination weddings are equally delightful.

94 SPRING 2022

When it comes to

choosing between two

stunning destination venues, an exquisite

sparkling wine may be

the tiebreaker!

Couples getting married in Canada have the opportunity to combine those categories, since vineyards throughout the country can be booked as wedding venues. At a destination winery wedding, couples and guests can explore another province as well as appreciate the venue itself. Since COVID-19 has complicated international travel, a romantic-yetunusual domestic destination is especially appealing.

incorporate their preferred sightseeing destinations into the trip. But if your guest list is short—or if lots of guests live in Western Canada already—the Okanagan might be an ideal choice.

If you’d like to plan a destination winery wedding, start by choosing a region. Consider your family and friends’ locations; if you have an especially long guest list comprised mostly of Islanders, a Nova Scotia or New Brunswick winery that’s easy to reach by car may be most convenient. (A Maritime winery is also a good choice for couples who want to ensure they can visit their venue easily in advance.)

the many Ontario vineyards situated near Niagara Falls.

Approach your planning for an outof-province vineyard wedding as you would for an international “destination wedding.” Try to choose a winery in an appealing, accessible location that’ll intrigue guests—for instance, one of

Many wineries share similar interior aesthetics—natural materials like wood and stone are common—but otherwise venue details vary widely from place to place. Acceptable group size is difficult to predict, as are the accommodations and resources available.

Meanwhile, Ontario and Quebec vineyards are great for couples inviting guests and wedding party members from across Canada. A Central Canadian venue ensures that no one will need to fly coast-to-coast.

This article doesn’t delve into specific regions’ wine styles or individual wineries’ products. That’s by design— it’s more practical to create your shortlist based on size, location, accessibility and availability than by sampling and evaluating a dozen vineyards’ wines.

From PEI, the most remote Canadian wine destination is British Columbia’s Okanagan. Hosting a large wedding in the Okanagan might be challenging— both because of the long flight from the Maritimes, and because the region is some distance from Vancouver and Victoria, making it tougher for guests to

Once you’ve chosen a venue shortlist, though, factor in your wine preferences as early as you can. When it comes to choosing between two stunning destination venues, an exquisite sparkling wine may be the tiebreaker!




KURIOSITIES JEWELLERY Inspired by the Island By Brianne Hogan Photos Courtesy of Kuriosities

Jewellery & Rachelle Monique Photography

Kuriosities owner and jewellery designer Kimberly McIntyre finds inspiration from love for her new collection. Kuriosities is a handcrafted jewellery studio and gift shop located on beautiful historic Victoria Row, in the heart of downtown Charlottetown. According to owner and jewellery designer Kimberly McIntyre, the name of the business is inspired by a quote from her favourite book, Alice in Wonderland. “I wanted something that captured that moment of awe and wonder in the discovery of something new,” she says.

Photo: Rachelle Monique Photography 96 SPRING 2022

With a professional background in e-commerce entrepreneurship (she’s been running e-commerce stores since 1999) and an educational background in writing (she completed a BA with Honours in Creative Writing and English Literature from Concordia University), McIntyre began her career as a jeweller by creating a line of

memorial jewellery for mothers who had lost a baby during pregnancy as a way to heal from her own loss, in addition to a line of fertility jewellery to help support mothers who were struggling with infertility. “My early pieces were quite simple, but as I progressed, I became passionate about the craft,” she says. “I strive for excellence in the execution of my craft, while expressing my creative vision, and telling my client’s stories.” Since then, McIntyre has travelled regularly over the past ten years to study under master jewellers who are the top of their field in the next skill set. Most recently she has studied under the industry’s top stone setting teacher and graduated from Advanced Stone Setting (“My instructor recently taught the jewellers at the newest Tiffany’s production facility how to set!”). Among the many gorgeous collections in the shop, McIntyre’s most recent is the Bespoke Wedding Collection, which, she says, is inspired by Prince

Edward Island and the love stories of the couples who wear them. “The bands in my pieces are, for the most part, embossed with sand gathered from the shores of PEI, creating a unique texture. My clients have the option to further personalize these pieces by providing me with sand that they have collected themselves from their own special beach—even the beach that they plan to be married on!” What’s special about the Bespoke Wedding Collection is that it “allows our clients to have a hand in the design of their own ring without the traditional higher cost of custom design, by providing them with a selection of design options to choose from to modify their ring,” says McIntyre. “They can choose from a variety of choices for the centre stone, their stone setting style and metal, their band style and metal etc., to create a piece that is truly their own. This also allows for clients with a wide variety of budgets to be able to create their dream ring.”

McIntyre’s love for jewellery stems from the fact that there is always something new to learn, and that there is always room for growth and discovery. “I love to be challenged, and to push myself to always do better as an artist and as a craftsperson. Staying still is never an option, and jewellery has limitless possibilities in terms of techniques and materials,” she says. “This is what I love about business as well. There is always so much to learn, to improve, and so many ways to grow. It is exciting and inspiring.”

Kuriosities Jewellery 142 Richmond Street, Charlottetown 902.626.2277




Your "honey, i do" list Establish a budget

Book a venue 1 Hire the essential team Find the pros and book them—photographers, officiants, wedding planners. Register and create your online site Create a wish list and share it online with your guests. A nuptial website is a great way to update everyone. Create a paper trail Choose your wedding paper, design, thank-yous, signage, and send out invitations.

2 Gather your crew Choose your wedding party and involve them in the planning process.




6 Plan the parties Plan the stag/doe, rehearsal dinner, wedding day brunch and morning-after breakfast.

Pick your theme Rustic, urban, destination or a simple backyard ceremony; decide what you truly envision for your big day.


Say yes to your dress Find your dream dress as soon as possible; give yourself lots of time for fittings. Decide what the wedding party will wear and arrange for fittings. Get the marriage license Ensure you have all the documents you’ll need for the big day. Buy the rings If you’re considering custom rings be sure to give your jeweller plenty of time to complete them.

8 Finalize your cake & flowers Order your wedding cake and flowers for the wedding party, decor and your bouquet.

Choose your music DJ or live music—or both? Plan the music for the ceremony and the reception and of course, choose "your song.”

9 Plan your honeymoon Choose your honeymoon location and plan the details well in advance.



12 Say "I do"



To go all in but never lose ourselves along the way.

I do. Forevermark Icon Collection

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