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Galatians 4:4-7

SANCTUARY WORSHIP December 22, 2013 | 8:45, 10:00 and 11:15 AM Services | 4th Sunday of Advent

ASSEMBLE IN GOD’S NAME Prelude *Congregational Introit

Angels, from the Realms of Glory - #168 (verse 1) *Prayer of Adoration

GIVE PRAISE TO GOD **Hymn of Praise

*Congregational Response

Joy to the World - #161 (verse 4)

LISTEN TO GOD’S WORD Breath of Heaven....................................................Marnie Crumpler Galatians 4:4-7..................................................Pew Bible, page 1813

GO IN GOD’S NAME *Invitation and Benediction

God Rest ye Merry, Gentlemen


Lighting of the Candles


Lighting of the Advent Wreath Placement of the Bible Prayer of Confession Gracious and Loving God, in the fullness of time you sent your son into our world. We confess that we have often questioned your timing in our lives. Things we hope for seem needlessly delayed. Things we never asked for come without warning. Forgive our pride in seeking to manage life according to our own desires. In sending your son you gave us exactly what we need – a savior to rescue us and mend what we could never make right on our own. Teach us to trust you in these days of Advent, knowing that you will do what is right at just the right time. Hear us now as we offer our silent confessions . . . Assurance of God’s Forgiveness *Congregational Response (all singing, remain seated)

O Little Town of Bethlehem - #171 (verses 1 and 4) **Life of the Congregation *Carol Medley

While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks It Came Upon a Midnight Clear The First Noel Pastoral Prayer and the Lord’s Prayer Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors, And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen. Offering Our Gifts

For Unto Us a Child is Born from Messiah

Marnie Crumpler, executive pastor - 8:45AM Vic Pentz, senior pastor Vicki Harrington Franch, pastor for pastoral care Marnie Crumpler, executive pastor - 10:00AM Vic Pentz, senior pastor Mark Crumpler, pastor for teaching and spiritual formation Marnie Crumpler, executive pastor - 11:15AM Vic Pentz, senior pastor Jay Madden, pastor for mission


The Chancel Choir Mary Hoffman, director of music ministries Nicholas Bowden, principal organist Andy Bayles, staff pianist Amy Little, soloist Guang Wang, cello


Today is the fourth Sunday of Advent. Advent is a season of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus on Christmas. Advent candles help us keep watch for the coming of Jesus. We begin in darkness, lighting a candle each Sunday until Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve we light the Christ candle, celebrating the birth of Jesus, the Light of the World. Today we relight the candles of hope, peace and joy; and we light the fourth candle of Advent.This is the candle of love. As the coming of Jesus, our Savior, draws nearer, our love for the Christ Child grows with our anticipation of his birth.

*Those who are able, please stand. ** Ushers will seat latecomers at this time. If your young child needs attention during worship, live broadcasts of the service are available in The Williams Center, and the Mothers and Infants Room off of the Williams Center.

LIGHTING THE CANDLES - 8:45 & 10:00 Addie Ellis & Matt Ellis Thomas Eidbo & Will Eidbo LIGHTING OF THE ADVENT WREATH 8:45 Laura and David Axelson, Emma, Mary, Margaret and Rachel 10:00 Vivian and Sam DuBose 11:15 Anne and Lee Cross, III ELDERS PLACING THE BIBLE - 8:45, 10:00 & 11:15 Lynn Thomason Wendy Turner Emily Veazey FLOWERS IN WORSHIP The beautiful flowers in the Sanctuary this morning are dedicated to the “holy elves” who decorated our Sanctuary and campus in celebration of our Lord’s birth.

MILESTONES............................December 22, 2013 BIRTHS Sarah & John Bottini Boy: Charles (Charlie) Pentz Bottini, 12/12 Grandparents: Becky & Vic Pentz

Katie & Scott Weaver Boy: Jay Thomas, 11/12 Ann Marie & Andrew Johnston Boy: Callan Alexander, 12/7 Grandparents: Marianne & E.G. Lassiter Kim & Matt Williams Girl: Kathryn Kaye, 12/13 Grandparents: Kathy & Alec Williams IN THE HOSPITAL Manor Care Golden Living Eleanor Cool Jeff Currier

Daniel Eidson, 12/8 Grandson of Joe Taylor

Each year we experience the miracle again. Through music and message, the wonder of God’s incredible love in the baby Jesus shines on that Holy Night. Worship at Peachtree this Christmas Eve. 10 AM – YOUNG FAMILIES SERVICE, SANCTUARY Justin Anderson, one of Atlanta’s premier young actors / directors, brings us a delightfully crazy version of the Christmas story, in a special service designed especially for young children. 12 NOON – COMMUNION SERVICE, KELLETT CHAPEL Come and adore Him through instrumental music, the singing of familiar carols, and Christmas communion. Mark Crumpler preaches. 12 NOON - A SUMMIT CHRISTMAS, THE LODGE Celebrate Christmas with familiar carols led by the Summit band and a message from Bryan Dunagan, followed by a special candle lighting experience. 2 PM – FAMILY SERVICE, SANCTUARY See the little town of Bethlehem come alive through drama, the singing of carols, and the telling of the great story of Jesus’ birth with our pastor, Vic Pentz. 4 PM – FAMILY CANDLELIGHT SERVICE, SANCTUARY Experience the drama, carols and story as presented in the 2 p.m. service followed by candle lighting with our pastor, Vic Pentz.

Robin & Neal Malmanger Boy: Peter Jerome, 9/11

FAMILY MEMBER DEATHS Jean McCain, 12/6 Mother of Brooks Campbell

ChristmasEve Services

MEMBER DEATH Sally Patterson, 12/10

6, 8 AND 10 PM – TRADITIONAL CANDLELIGHT SERVICES, SANCTUARY Celebrate the majesty of Jesus’ birth with powerful music and a message from our pastor, Vic Pentz. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CHILDCARE: is available for all services– birth through 5 years old. PARKING: is available on campus and at our Peachtree Express Satellite locations.

PEACHTREE EXPRESS SHUTTLE SERVICE CATES CENTER LOT Located on East Andrews between Roswell Road and West Paces Ferry, 3:00 -7:30 p.m. POWERS FERRY SQUARE LOT Located at Powers Ferry and Roswell Road , 1/4 mile north of church, 3:00 - 7:30 p.m

POINSETTIAS IN MEMORY OF December 22, 2013 Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Abernathy Janis Basista Abernathy Bill and Rena Adams Marian B. Adcock Bette and Harold Andersen Mary H. Arnold Adrienne Thompson Bailey Mrs. Shari Baird Albert Barber Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Barber Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Barnhardt Thomas Warwick Barry Willie Baxley Ken Beacham R.S. Beacham Elizabeth Beard Dr. and Mrs. C.R. (Ruth) Bender Joann Bender Jack & Miriam Benson Virginia Berend James P. Bing Lottie C. Bing Mr. & Mrs. Lesley Harding Binkley, Sr. William N. Blake Paul and Odette Blumensaadt Mr. and Mrs. William Bruce Boggan Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kelley Bogle, Jr. Mr. Louis P. Bondurant, Jr. Linda and Leon Borchers Mrs. Joyce Bourassa Mr. Lee Bourassa Grace and Paul Brinkley Sam Brooks Charlotte Brown Margery Brown Mary A. Brown Louis F. Bunte Raymond G. Bush Kenneth Byers, Sr. Mr. M. Van Cannon Dorothy Card Margaret Willins Chandler Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Clark Monye Connolly Mr. and Mrs. Alden E. Coward Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cox Charles J. Currie, Jr. Peter K. Daniel Mr. Robert C. Davies Betty Davis Patsy DeBorde Charles and Lois Deriso Dr. and Mrs. Charles Dille Mr. Sam Dominey Rev. Randy Driggers Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Eavenson Mrs. Augusta “Dolle” Eckert Linda Louise Edmiston W. Edward Ellis Katharine Cameron Evans

Coley Evans, Jr. Emily Francis Fallon Mr. and Mrs. James L. Fischer Floyd W. Fite Millie M. Fite Harold S. Floyd Mrs. Lucille H. Friese Mrs. Mabel M. Friese Mr. Richard G. Friese Mr. Robert M. Friese Margaret Ann Gannon Mr. and Mrs. F.D. Garrard Gregory Carl Garrett Mary Grace Garrett Mary Grace Garrett (MiGi) Burt Gay Bill Glass Mr. and Mrs. Marion B. Glover, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Gordon Melissa Grady Darcy Grathwohl Sara and Dick Greenway Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Griffin Martha James Hagood Molly Lane Hall Jean M. Hansen Rev. Dr. W. Frank Harrington, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert L. Harris Jim Harris George L. Harris, Jr. Michelle Gignilliat Harvey Winifred Hazelton Mr. and Mrs. George Head, Jr. Wayne and Florene Heflin Mr. and Mrs. William C. Heinz Patrick Hennessy James E. Henry Mr. Bob Hilliard Mrs. Carroll Hilliard Naomi Hood Mr. Jon A. Hooker Mr. Roger F. Hooker Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Hoppe Caroline Howard Mr. and Mrs. R. Earl Howard Ridley Howard Thomas Owens Hutchinson Jerry Hux Charles H. Hyatt Mr. Hugh Inman David R. Jarema, Jr. David R. Jarema, Sr. Mr. Gordon L. Johnston Dr. I.W. Joines Mr. S.I. Joyce, Jr. Paul Keb Mae and Arthur Kempton Mr. and Mrs. Cecil W. Kent Laurie King Richard E. King

Mr. and Mrs. Basil Kistulinec Chip Koella Mr. and Mrs. Donald Krafft Mr. and Mrs. George M. Kryder, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lanham Bill and Fabie Lasseter John Laubach Jim, Gwynne and Chris Letts Deborah Dunagan Liebman Jerry Douglas Lindauer Mrs. Mary B. Linhart Jimmie Livingston Horace and Jeanette Lund Clarence J. MacDonald Jacqueline A. MacDonald Nita Macy Robert Macy Prevost (Nick) Marshall Helen L. Martin Martha Lee Mathews Mr. and Mrs. Turney McAskill Alma and Hoke McCartney Mae and Henry McGee Josephine McElroy Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. McLain Donald and Claire McLean Leila McLellan Marshall McLemore, Sr. Ellis Gordon McNeel Dr. Frank Millians Helen Millians W. James Mindrup David Mizell Aunt Sally Mizelle Rev. and Mrs. J. Fred Moore Lucy Moose Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Morse John C. Nemesnyik Dr. and Mrs. John & Scottie Newton William (Al) Nix, Jr. Dr. Roderick O’Connor Mr. Joel V. O’Neal Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Owens Kent Owens Steven W. Owens F. Camden Owens, III Nancy Fraser Parker Clay Parramore Joyce Payne Robert D. Pee Brandon Pentz Joseph Petroski Mrs. Vol K. Philips Joe Pinson Jim Pittman Dr. and Mrs. James E. Poe Mrs. Alma W. Porter Edward Powers William T. (Tom) Prim Mrs. Nell S. Pritchett

POINSETTIAS IN MEMORY OF December 22, 2013 Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Randolph Fred and Louise Ratchford Helen Ratcliffe Junius Ratcliffe Mr. and Mrs. Jack & Miriam Ratigan Jacqueline T. Reblek Sarah J. Richardson Jackie Sadler Dorothy (Dot) Bush Sasnett Mr. and Mrs. H.G. Savage Curt and Marcine Scheible Scott C. Schroeder Mary Seward Major William H. Seward, USMC Mr. Frank W. (Bill) Shipley Mrs. Clarice S. Shipp Anne Owens Shippey Mr. and Mrs. Nunzio Signore Richard and Betty Simmons Mr. C. Elmer Smith Dr. Robert Boynton Smith William Robert (Bob) Smith Mr. and Mrs. Geo L. Smith, II (Sally) William Robert (Bob) Smith, Jr. Joseph M. Spang Mae E. Spang Louise Stackhouse

Sally and Glade Staflin Dorothy R. Stahle Douglas C. Stahle Jack Stanton Mary Gladys Kincaid Stephenson Mrs. Polly DePass Stephenson Mr. Robert M. Stephenson Frank G. Stevenson, Jr. Arless Stonecipher Irene Stonecipher James Stout Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Strasser Mr. and Mrs. William E. Strasser Mrs. William E. Strasser, Jr. Dorothy Sturges Mary-Sustine Banner Swick Mrs. Eva S. Taylor W. Jack Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Thompson Jack and Charlotte Troutman Virginia Tumlin Mr. and Mrs. John Turinsky Martha Turner Jones Betty Vason Hamp Vason, Sr. Anne Walker Dr. Henry F. Warden, Jr.

Mrs. Henry F. Warden, Jr. (Sally) Helen Wartman Diane Washman Roy Weathersby Shirley Weathersby Alma and Hoke Welch Mary Elizabeth and Ray Wheeler Marion White Eloise Whitlow George W. Whitlow, Jr. Charles C. Williams Eugene and Ellen Williams Ethel Williamson Gwen Williamson Henry Williamson Ms. Katherine Williamson Mrs. Annie C. Wilson Estelle Wolfe Harriet Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. G. Fred Wolters Mr. and Mrs. William M. Woods Dr. and Mrs. T.D. Worthington George W. Wray, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Wright Rev. and Mrs. Harold Wright J. Warren Yoder Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zazworsky

POINSETTIAS IN HONOR OF December 22, 2013 Ellen Blake Nick Bowden Harold and Jeneve Brooks Lou Bunte Rachel J. Bunte Justin S. Carr Anne Carson Wray Marnie and Mark Crumpler Judson P. Cuttino Annie and Wheeler Dunagan Bryan Dunagan Edith M. Floyd Vicki Harrington Franch Mr. and Mrs. Dick Freeman Malcolm Gailey Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Vanns Gibson Joanne Grady Shannon Hagood Judi Harbin Ruthe Harrill Sara Harrington Jill Heiser Oma and Opa Heiser Bob and Nan Heuman Mary Hoffman

Hank, Lori, Henry and Lucy Hultquist Steve Huntley Mrs. Betty Ann Inman Diane Johnson Janet C. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Jones Don and Mary Jordan Richard M. King Mr. and Mrs. David Kirpatrick Andy Laws Lindsay Laws Ruth and Eddie Laws Win Laws Will Mack Blake Maguire Christine Maguire Liam Maguire Matt Maguire Virginia Maguire Virginia Blake Maguire Joseph Matthew Maguire, Jr. Albert Simpson McGhee Vic and Becky Pentz Griffin Rees Lawson Rees

Dr. and Mrs. Chuck Roberts Frank Skinner Lottie Stonecipher Lois Stout Joanna VanOoserhout Hawkins Wheeler Carlton and Caroline Whitney Kathy Williams Jan Williamson Todd, Kerin, Ethan, and James Wright Mr. Brandon H. Young Coley T. Young J. Hailey Young Jana H. Young Laura M. Young Mr. and Mrs. R. Earl Howard Young S. Talbot Young Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Young Mr. William D. Young, III Mr. and Mrs. William D. Young, Jr. Peachtree’s Sextons The Andrew Simpson McGhee Family The Chancel Choir The David Axelson Family



READ THE WHOLE BIBLE IN A YEAR FOR ONLY TEN TO FIFTEEN MINUTES A DAY! ROSS Save the Date | JanDOUTHAT 22, 2014 | Ross Douthat Author of the bestselling book, Bad Religion, and the ADVERTISEMENT youngest ever op-ed columnist for The New York Times, is coming to Peachtree.

“Not only is Ross Douthat’s account of orthodox Christianity’s decline provocative, but his critique of today’s ascendant heresies is compelling. This volume is a sustained proof of Chesterton’s thesis that when people turn from God, ‘they don’t believe in nothing—they believe in anything.’ Everyone who is interested in why the church is faring as it is in U.S. culture today needs to get this book.” — Timothy Keller,

Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City

Doors open at 6:30 | The provocation begins at 7:00

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