High Point 2019 Bull Sale

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8th Annual

High Point

Charolais Breeders Bull Sale

Saturday, March 30, 2019, 6 p.m. Sunrise Charolais, 1287 Conc 6 S, RR#4, Stayner, ON

Featuring: 27 yearling bulls


Welcome to the 8th annual High Point Charolais Breeders bull sale. Eight years, 240 bulls to many repeat buyers and using a conservative number of 30 cows covered per bull, that’s over 7,000 calves each year that will be stamped with High Point genetics. Multiply that by the number of years these breeders have been raising and selling quality Charolais bulls, even prior to High Point and the result is an incredible number of calves. Now I lead you through that exercise in mathematics simply to say that this sale offering wasn’t something that happened over night. These bulls represent years of practical experience, of trial and error, efforts to take something really good and make it even better.

Gathering information in any business, making informed decisions, knowing the trends or better, getting out ahead of them eventually leads to profitability. In the cattle business that can be a slow process. If you’re looking to make replacement cows it will be four years from breed date before you really know if your decision was right. So why risk the unknown when you can purchase time-proven genetics that are known to work. This holds true and I believe even more so for the person selling calves directly from the cow – good bulls produce good calves and it’s so much easier to sell quality in any market. This year we have five breeders represented, each bringing their unique program and experience to the sale and I’m confident there is a bull or two here that will work for you. We have also included what I feel is an enlightening article on the importance of not only birth weights, but other factors that must be considered as well in any bull-buying decision.

Sale day phones:

Carl Wright (cell): 519-369-7489 Jim Baker (cell): 705-888-5061 Doug Briggs (cell): 705-890-8458 Brian Aitken (cell): 519-323-7036 Ryan Briggs (cell): 705-718-9005 Evan Moyer: 519-993-5010


Holiday Inn Express, corner of First Street and Balsam Street, Collingwood: 1 877-660-8550 Days Inn & Suites, 15 Cambridge Street, Collingwood (beside Metro): 705-444-1880 Samm Houghton, Jim Baker Sunrise Charolais II Jim’s cell: 705-888-5061; jbaker@hurontractor.com


Please come early Saturday to view the bulls and enjoy supper on us from 4 p.m.–5:30 p.m., sale will get underway at 6 p.m.

Terms and conditions:

All bulls sell under the terms and conditions of the Canadian Charolais Association. Settlement for bulls must be made in full sale day. All consignors to the High Point Bull Sale reserve the right to draw semen on any bull sold in the sale for in-herd use only, at the consignor’s expense and the buyer’s convenience.

Accidents: Brian & Doris Aitken Bridor Charolais 519-323-2538; bridorcharolais@yahoo.ca http://www.bylivestock.com/ bridor/

Although every precaution will be taken to protect the safety and comfort of buyers, neither the owner of the property, sale consignors or auctioneer assume any responsibility and disclaim any liability, legal or otherwise, in the event of accident, personal injury or loss of property.


We will take your bull home and deliver him on or before May 1 free of charge within 100 km. After May 1, there will be a charge per day.


Bulls become the buyer’s risk and responsibility at time of sale. If the bull is returning back to the breeder he must be fully insured by the purchaser. We will care for your bulls as our own but accidents can happen.

Absentee bids:

If you cannot attend the sale, please contact any of the breeders or sale staff and they will handle your bids in a professional manner. Doug, Earl, Ryan, Cory & Stephanie, Erin Briggs Echo Springs Charolais EMB Charolais 705-487-5840; briggserin@hotmail.com

Spring 2019 Breed EPD averages: CE: 4.5

BW: 1.1

WW: 43.3

YW: 83.1

M: 21.2

TM: 42.8

Register at liveauctions.tv prior to the sale for online bidding Jesse Milne Smith, 613-224-7073

All videos will be online at charolaisbanner.com/newcbsite/events/ Moyer Cattle Company 519-993-5010; moyercattleco@gmail.com

Thanks again to all of our repeat buyers. We look forward to seeing you again and extend a warm welcome to those joining us for the first time, you’ll be glad you did. See you sale day!


Carl Wright — Auctioneer: 519-369-7489 Jim Baker — Blockman: 705-888-5061

Online bidding is available at liveauctions.tv

New this year we are also using the services of liveauction.tv for online viewing and bidding from the warmth and comfort of your livingroom. Of course, you will miss the delicious roast beef and mouth-watering desserts, but if it’s a stormy day or simply too far for you to travel we will bring the sale to you. If you have any questions, please feel free to call any of the consignors. We encourage conversation and viewing prior to the sale and would be happy to guide you in making the right decision for your cows. There will be no heifers on offer this year.

Sale staff:

Sunrise Charolais II


Sunrise Full Throttle 15F SSH 15F PMC747135 January 2, 2018 Polled BW: 98 ADJ 205-day: 846 ADJ 365-day: 1,419 Cedardale Tyrant 31T CML Distinction 318A Sire: Cedardale Zeal 125Z Dam: Sunrise Houdini JBF 34D Cedardale Miss 64T Gerrard Evetta 39Y EPDs:

CE 1.0

BW 2.6

WW 53

YW 93

Milk 11

MTL 38

So, if his name doesn’t get you “revved up” then seeing him in person definitely will. Shown alongside his mom thru to the Royal last fall, many have said had we shown him in the bull calf class he had a good shot at taking it. As wide as a shed door, thick, stout, deep ribbed with fantastic muscle expression, this guy will work in any program from purebred to commercial. We’ve shown his mom as a calf, a yearling and a pair and this handsome fellow could easily follow in those footsteps. After you take a second look - you best take a third and bid last.


Sunrise Focus 20F JBF 20F PMC747131 January 3, 2018 Scurred BW: 96 ADJ 205-day: 779 ADJ 36-day: 1,153 TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET CML Distinction 318A Sire: PZC Bottoms Up 5011 ET Dam: Sunrise Dixie JBF 25D Thomas Ms Impressive 0641 Cornerview Zinger 34Z EPDs:

CE 5.4

BW 1.7

WW 50

YW 91

Milk 18

MTL 43

Here’s a good Bottoms Up son I actually sold in my fall dispersal but ended up retaining. He’s out of a good milking, big framed Distinction heifer who has done an incredible job on her first calf. Bottoms Up is an impressive Fire Water son with good calving ease numbers also.

BIRTH WEIGHT & CALVING EASE Reprinted from the Prairie Distinction Catalogue University studies in Wyoming and data from Montana and Colorado lend credence to the following conclusions: 1. The birth weight itself influences calving ease by 65%. 2. The female has 60–70% influence on birth weight of her calf. 3. The bull has 30–40% influence on birth weight of his progeny. 4. Pelvic measurement and angle as well as the shape of the calf have 35–40% influence on calving ease. 5. Length of gestation greatly affects birth weight. A fetus can gain over one pound per day in the last days of gestation. 6. Weather and temperature the last 30 days affect the length of gestation. 7. Size and maturity of the cow influence calving ease.

Most commercial producers do not take birth weights. Guessing is as inaccurate as driving with a broken speedometer – what’s thought to be 55 mph may in fact be 65 or 70 mph, and what’s thought to be 70–80 lb. may actually be 80–90 lb. Remember, everything is relevant. Increased growth, frame and performance will increase BW. A longer-bodied calf will weigh more. If a calf is expected to have genetics for growth, it will display this prior to birth as well as after. As a rule of thumb, it takes a calf weighing 85 lb. at birth to finish at 1200–1250 lb. A cow should easily give birth to a calf weighing 8% of her own body weight. Thus a 1200 lb. cow should give birth to a 96 lb. calf with ease. Continued selection for light birth weights will ultimately reduce the mature sizes and performance of your cattle.

Bridor Charolais


Bridor Fox 5F BMA 5F PMC745069 January 2, 2018 Polled BW: 90 ADJ 205-day: 783 ADJ 365-day: 1,320 SCC Time Bandit 290W Merit Roundup 9508W Sire: MCF Bohannon 305A Dam: Bridor Braelynn 11B SS Miss Rain 305 PLD Bridor Wendy 28W EPDs:

CE 3.8

BW 1.4

WW 42

YW 76

Milk 16

MTL 37

This bull should add some performance to his calves. His Momma is a Merit Round-Up and his sire is MCF Bohannon 305A. Calving ease should be in the works here also.


Bridor Fisher 20F BMA 20F PMC745082 January 26, 2018 Polled BW: 90 ADJ 205-day: 684 ADJ 365-day: 1,158 TR PZC Mr Turton 0794 ET Merit Roundup 9508W Sire: Moyer’s Danny Boy 2D Dam: Bridor Blaze 33B Moyer’s Snowflake 29X RPJ Marilee 911W EPDs:

CE 5.8

BW 0.3

WW 33

YW 67

Milk 22

MTL 38

Here’s a stout, moderate frame prospect, out of a Moyer’s Danny Boy 2D. He’s a Turton son and his dam is a Merit Round-Up. Danny Boy has stamped his offspring.


Bridor Frankie 22F BMA 22F PMC745084 January 27, 2018 BW: 90 ADJ 205-day: 771 JWX Fifty Shades 706Z Bridor Ultimate 4U Sire: JWX Downtown 7C Dam: Bridor Yona 33Y JWX Mercedes 20Z Bridor Justina 28J EPDs:

CE 2.2

BW 2.7

WW 50

YW 91

Polled ADJ 365-day: 1,219

Milk 17

MTL 42

As long as a freight train! A Downtown 7C son that is very docile. The dam adds Whitehot and Cigar to his pedigree.


Bridor Forest Gump 23F BMA 23F PMC745085 January 29, 2018 Polled BW: 90 ADJ 205-day: 738 ADJ 365-day: 1,183 TR PZC Mr Turton 0794 ET SVY Freedom PLD 307N Sire: Moyer’s Danny Boy 2D Dam: Bridor Cara 4C Moyer’s Snowflake 29X Bridor Uptown Girl 1U EPDs:

CE 4.1

BW 2.1

WW 38

YW 71

Milk 22

MTL 41

A good bull by Moyer’s Danny Boy and out of a Freedom dam. Moderate framed and should add thickness to his calves.


Bridor Farley 25F BMA 25F PMC745087 January 30, 2018 Polled BW: 95 ADJ 205-day: 751 ADJ 365-day: 1,315 TR PZC Mr Turton 0794 ET Merit Roundup 9508W Sire: Moyer’s Danny Boy 2D Dam: Bridor Bree 5B Moyer’s Snowflake 29X Bridor Awesome Pearl 37X EPDs:

CE 2.2

BW 2.8

WW 43

YW 86

Milk 19

MTL 41

Bridor Farley 25F is another Moyer’s Danny Boy 2D son with extra performance and style, and out of another Merit Roundup cow from a great cow family.


Bridor Fireball 31F BMA 31F PMC745093 March 4, 2018 Polled BW: 90 ADJ 205-day: 734 ADJ 365-day: 1,156 TR PZC Mr Turton 0794 ET SVY Freedom PLD 307N Sire: Bridor Chevy 12C Dam: Bridor Candice 26C Moyer’s Snowflake 29X Bridor Unity 40U EPDs:

CE 1.9

BW 2.3

WW 37

YW 69

Milk 26

MTL 45

This guy is out of a Turton son that we showed 3 years ago that was Reserve Grand Champion at the Royal. He is the youngest of the bulls.

Moyer cattle company


Moyer’s Ferdinand 2F STLN 2F PMC744640 January 3, 2018 Polled BW: 96 ADJ 205-day: 809 ADJ 365-day: 1,205 SCC Time Bandit 290W D R Revelation 467 Sire: MCF Bohannon 305A Dam: Moyer’s Zoey 13Z SS Miss Rain 305 PLD Moyer’s Snowflake 29X EPDs:

CE 4.9

BW 0.7

WW 35

YW 56

Milk 23

MTL 41

From the top of our show string Ferdinand has been a standout since birth. We showed him at the Royal where he was Bull Calf Champion and Reserve Champion Bull. He is a deep bodied, attractive and true over his rib and into his loin. When you get him on the move, he is athletic and mobile. His mother has been a foundation female for us, producing a top end calf every year. A heifer calf was high seller at the Uppin the Ante sale a few years back and went on to be a donor for Circle Cee. A bull calf was a high seller in a previous High Point bull sale to Randy Pendleton and we have retained a full sister for our herd. His sire, MCF Bohannon 305A, was a national champion and was admired by many for his outstanding phenotype. Ferdinand has many possibilities, and we think he is a bull that could be a contender on the show circuit next fall. We would like to possibly show him in conjunction with the new owners and therefore would like to retain half interest in this exciting young sire. Selling half interest and full possession.

10 Moyer’s Firecracker 3F

STLN 3F PEMC744637 January 6, 2018 BW: 84 ADJ 205-day: 814 Silverstream Geddes G102 SVY Blitz 125Y Sire: SOS Chuck Wagon 54C Dam: Gerrard Evetta 1A SDC Bachelorette 44W Gerrard Evetta 2L EPDs:

CE 4.3

BW 1.0

WW 50

YW 92

Polled ADJ 365-day: 1,249

Milk 21

MTL 45

A Chuckwagon son that is a performance bull, thick, durable and rugged built with a wide top. He is a full ET brother to STLN 5F who we showed last fall and was Reserve Bull Calf Champion at the Royal. Firecracker is halter broke, quiet and ready to go to work.


Moyer’s Frontier 5F STLN 5F PEMC744660 January 11, 2018 BW: 94 ADJ 205-day: 846 Silverstream Geddes G102 SVY Blitz 125Y Sire: SOS Chuck Wagon 54C Dam: Gerrard Evetta 1A SDC Bachelorette 44W Gerrard Evetta 2L EPDs:

CE 4.3

BW 1.0

WW 50

YW 92

Polled ADJ 365-day: 1,253

Milk 21

MTL 45

Frontier is a very intriguing herd sire prospect. He was shown all fall and was bull calf champion at many fairs. At the Royal, he was Reserve Bull Calf Champion to our other bull, Moyer’s Ferdinand 2F. You’ll appreciate Frontier for his width and stoutness while still possessing that style and added eye appeal. We bought his mother from Gerrard Cattle Co. with Medonte Charolais. Her first bull calf was admired by many that fall and was sold out of the stall at Agribition. She had a heifer calf last year that Allan wouldn’t part with, so you know she’s good! With Chuckwagon, a former national champion bull, as his sire the possibilities are endless with this guy!

Echo springs Charolais


Echo Springs Felix 22F ESC 22F PMC761282 January 4, 2018 Polled BW: 85 ADJ 205-day: 721 ADJ 365-day: 1,193 HVA Upstate 8U D R Revelation 467 Sire: MVY Xplorer 21X Dam: Echo Springs Orianna 6D Bar EW Tanya 13T Echo Springs Orianna 121B EPDs:

CE 9.4

BW -2.5

WW 32

YW 48

Milk 24

MTL 40

¼ French. Smooth made, long bodied polled Xplorer son out of a great milking Orianna female who we think a great deal of.


EMB Fenway 24F XEB 24F MC761283 January 5, 2018 BW: 95 ADJ 205-day: 690 Hoodoo Slasher 1144 M&L Prince 49Y Sire: D R Revelation 467 Dam: PCFL Isabelle 30D DR WC Forever Lucy 372ER PCFL Aurora 38U EPDs:

CE 5.3

BW 0.4

WW 37

YW 64

Horned ADJ 365-day: 1,253

Milk 28

MTL 46

½ French. We can’t say enough good things about the Revelation bull and his sons! We have used a Revelation son for clean up on our heifers each year and have always had great success. Fenway fits the typical Revelation mold: moderate framed, easy fleshing, free moving with lots of thickness.


Echo Springs Farley 42F ESC 42F MC761285 January 6, 2018 Horned BW: 95 ADJ 205-day: 696 ADJ 365-day: 1,115 Hoodoo Slasher 1144 PCFL San Antonio 131N Sire: D R Revelation 467 Dam: Echo Springs Miss 87B DR WC Forever Lucy 372ER Cedardale Miss 38T EPDs:

CE 6.4

BW 0.0

WW 37

YW 63

Milk 26

MTL 45

¼ French. A bull that has always been a meat machine right from day one. Deep flanked with lots of middle.


Echo Springs Farrell 43F ESC 43F FMC761286 January 6, 2018 Horned BW: 102 ADJ 205-day: 703 ADJ 365-day: 1,149 Jezabel PCFL Valentin 77S Sire: Echo Springs Yagerbomb 11Y Dam: Echo Springs Quinn 203Y Echo Springs Orianna 14T PCFL Sanchia 106N EPDs:

CE -2.5

BW 5.1

WW 43

YW 76

Milk 19

MTL 41

Full French. Here’s a bull we could not be more excited to have on offer! His sire Yagerbomb was sold in our very first bull sale to KERR Charolais, Manitoba, and we were lucky enough to retain semen. His calves come easy and the females are great milkers with picture perfect udders. His mother is a big bodied, powerhouse cow who is a no miss every year. Farrell is deep sided, big hipped, with tons of muscle expression and dimension. He’s a bull you are going to be drawn to on sale day!


EMB/Moyer Finch 44F XEB 44F PMC761287 January 7, 2018 Polled BW: 98 ADJ 205-day: 717 ADJ 365-day: 1,236 TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET Echo Springs Webster 8W Sire: JIL Thunder Roll 69Z Dam: EMB Seduction 67C JIL Sensation 71S Medonte Seduction 3S EPDs:

CE 1.1

BW 3.0

WW 35

YW 69

Milk 22

MTL 40

¼ French. One of the first Thunder calves to be born in Ontario. Finch is a very attractive, smooth jointed bull out of one of my favourite cows at EMB.

17 Echo Springs Corporate Lee 45F

ESC 45F FMC761288 January 7, 2018 Horned BW: 96 ADJ 205-day: 721 ADJ 365-day: 1,134 Éclair PCFL Amiral 116U Sire: PCFL General Lee 15B Dam: Echo Springs Jolie 208A PCFL Utasha 102R PCFL Vejolie 124S EPDs:

CE -0.1

BW 2.4

WW 27

YW 58

Milk 23

MTL 36

Full French. We have never had an animal halter break so easy! This full French bull has the best disposition we have ever encountered. He’s long necked, smooth shouldered, long bodied and standing on an excellent set of feet and legs. He has herd bull written all over him.


EMB Fonzerelli 48F XEB 48F SMC761289 January 8, 2018 Scurred BW: 92 ADJ 205-day: 699 ADJ 365-day: 1,139 TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET SVY Freedom PLD 307N Sire: JIL Thunder Roll 69Z Dam: Medonte Exclusive To You 7X JIL Sensation 71S Medonte Madison 6M EPDs:

CE 5.0

BW 1.6

WW 36

YW 64

Milk 17

MTL 35

If we had to use one word to describe this bull it is smooth! Smooth shouldered, smooth jointed, a bull you just can’t help but love. Out of a Freedom cow who has been an outstanding bull producer over the years.


Echo Springs Private Lee 67F ESC 67F Reg. pending January 10, 2018 Horned BW: 106 ADJ 205-day: 738 ADJ 365-day: 1,104 Éclair PCFL Chieftan 25X Sire: PCFL General Lee 15B Dam: Echo Springs Sandara 154C PCFL Utasha 102R Echo Springs Sandara 76T EPDs:

CE –2.9

BW 4.0

WW 31

YW 64

Milk 22

MTL 37

Full French. Big boned, big hipped with lots of middle.

20 Echo Springs Finley 74F

ESC 74F SMC761294 January 11, 2018 Scurred BW: 90 ADJ 205-day: 699 ADJ 365-day: 1,177 Cedardale Tyrant 31T Rollin Acres Target 804U Sire: Cedardale Zeal 125Z Dam: Echo Springs Serendipity 112B Cedardale Miss 64T Echo Springs Serendipity 66S EPDs:

CE 1.

BW 0.8

WW 37

YW 64

Milk 15

MTL 33

¼ French. A long fronted, square hipped bull out of an exceptional cow family. His full sister sold in the 2017 Uppin The Ante sale for $9500 to Steppler farms in Manitoba.


Echo Springs Jagershots 87F ESC 87F FMC761296 January 14, 2018 Horned BW: 109 ADJ 205-day: 714 ADJ 365-day: 1,154 Cooper PCFL San Antonio 131N Sire: Jezabel Dam: Echo Springs Orianna 14T Oasis PCFL Orianna 43J EPDs:

CE -2.4

BW 4.8

WW 44

YW 76

Milk 18

MTL 40

Full French. It’s not very often we hope a cow has a bull but, 14T is what we like to call our “super cow”. Creating exceptional replacement females and cranking out Yagerbomb and Jagermeister, two bulls who are phenotypical masterpieces! Jagershots is following right in their footsteps. He’s long bodied, smooth shouldered, deep middle and as free moving as they come!


EMB King Bob 100F XEB 100F MC761296 January 19, 2018 Horned BW: 100 ADJ 205-day: 723 ADJ 365-day: 1,259 Cave Bastille 115Y WC Benelli 2134 P ET Sire: CWW Bobby 181B Dam: EMB Queen-B 115C Cave Queenie 119Y PCFL Beaujana 51W EPDs:

CE 4.3

BW 0.3

WW 39

YW 72

Milk 22

MTL 42

¾ French. A bull that just keeps getting better with age and who is quickly becoming a favourite. King Bob is free moving, thick topped, with an explosive hip. With an ideal hind leg structure, we can’t wait to see the calves this guy produces.

23 Echo Springs Finnigan 111F

ESC 111F MC761297 January 21, 2018 Horned BW: 100 ADJ 205-day: 715 ADJ 365-day: 1,161 PCFL Maximillian 106G PCFL San Antonio 131N Sire: PCFL Five Star 25A Dam: Echo Springs Sneak Preview 164Z PCFL Wild Rose 137T Echo Springs Sneak Preview 75S EPDs:

CE -0.9

BW 4.2

WW 32

YW 61

Milk 24

MTL 39

¾ French. A thick, big hipped bull with lots of muscle expression.


Echo Springs Flash 112F ESC 112F Reg. pending January 21, 2018 Horned BW: 101 ADJ 205-day: 729 ADJ 365-day: 1,181 Cave Bastille 115Y PCFL Five Star 25A Sire: CWW Bobby 181B Dam: Echo Springs Mirabelle 118C Cave Queenie 119Y Echo Springs Mirabelle 44T EPDs:

CE –1.5

BW 4.5

WW 39

YW 75

Milk 22

MTL 42

Full French. A big framed, hairy bull with lots of muscle shape and eye appeal.


Echo Springs Francisco 174F ESC 174F Reg. pending February 15, 2018 Horned BW: 108 ADJ 205-day: 846 ADJ 365-day: 1,278 Éclair PCFL Whiskey Jack 21T Sire: PCFL General Lee 15B Dam: PCFL Cheyenne 34X PCFL Utasha 102R PCFL Otessa 140J EPDs:

CE 0.3

BW 2.5

WW 30

YW 61

Milk 21

MTL 36

Full French. Another General Lee son that we are very excited about. This is a big framed, deep bodied, thick topped, sound footed bull, out of a big bodied, clean fronted, heavy milking Patton cow.

26 Echo Springs Fraser 177F

ESC 177F Reg. pending February 16, 2018 Horned BW: 98 ADJ 205-day: 689 ADJ 365-day: 1,135 Hamm Charboneau 2N M&L Prince 49Y Sire: Hamm Mogo U23 Dam: PCFL Gennavive 31B Mogo 2003 0094 PCFL Allusion 39U EPDs:

CE 1.9

BW 2.0

WW 34

YW 61

Milk 19

MTL 36

Full French. A moderate framed, smooth made, deep bellied Hamm Mogo son.


Echo Springs Freeman 182F ESC 182F FMC761303 February 22, 2018 BW: 104 ADJ 205-day: 744 ADJ 365-day: 1,176 Hamm Charboneau 2N Toulon Sire: Hamm Mogo U23 Dam: PCFL Cherizanne 15X Mogo 2003 0094 PCFL Rebelanna 70M EPDs:

CE 1.6

BW 2.0

WW 35

YW 63

Milk 19


MTL 36

Full French. A Hamm Mogo son who has lots of dimension and thickness

Thank you to our 2018 bull buyers Alvin Weber

Don Reid

Dan Graham

Lyle Noble

Phil Cairns

Rusty Jackson

Adrian Franken

Tom Cunningham

Alan Pendleton

Ed Wright

Hicks Charolais

Lee Timbers

Andre Hebert

Alan Crawford

Dale Tucker, AB

Kevin Frieburger

Kevin Quinton, AB

Ed Pridham

Wayne & Curtis Shelswell

Joshua James

Matt Ferraro

Wayne Mack

Mike Ferraro

Gordon Doughty

John Crow

Randy Pendleton

Mark Wainman

Jason Boyd

Ron Stewart

Edward Butler

Lee Spry

Reference Sires

Cedardale Zeal

Yagerbomb 11Y

DR Revelation 467

MCF Bohannon 305A

SOS Chuck Wagon

General Lee

HAMM Mogo U23

PCFL Five Star 25A











Guelph: Head Office 1-519-837-0510

Shelburne Mill: 1-844-435-2500

Sales: Steve McHaffie 1-705-828-3387

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