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Third Annual

High Point Charolais Breeders Bull Sale

Saturday, March 29, 2014, 6 p.m. Deer Lake Farms, Singhampton, ON

Featuring: 27 yearling bulls


Welcome to the 3rd annual High Point Charolais Breeders Bull Sale. We are very excited to be offering another set of high quality, high volume, high performance bulls to the North American beef industry. When we started this sale three years ago almost every cow/calf producer I talked to then was cautiously optimistic that things were Jim and Susan Baker and Family Sunrise Charolais finally starting to turn around in the beef business. Interesting that here we are three 705-428-3205; years later and those better days have truly arrived. The price of feed is down to a more manageable level and feeder calves and fats are selling at record prices. Cow numbers are down, consumer demand remains strong and maybe, just maybe, it’s finally the cattleman’s turn to make a few bucks. However, history has shown that one of the Brian & Doris Aitken great dangers of good times in any business Bridor Charolais 519-323-2538; is complacency. It seems easier to make a dollar and so the tendency is to let our guard down. We become less desperate for those extra few pounds on our calves; we settle for average prices rather than striving for the top end. All because we can—we’re doing ok. But consider for a moment the unique opportunity that currently exists. Those extra pounds are now worth more Doug, Earl, Cory, Ryan & Erin Briggs than ever. Those good char-cross calves Echo Springs Charolais that always seem to top the market are now bringing home as much as a finished EMB Charolais 705-487-5840; steer would have only a couple of years ago. Friends listen, this is not the day to slack off on the throttle—today is the day to manage your cow herd better than you ever have before. The reward for your efforts in this market is phenomenal! I know I’ve said it before but it’s as true as ever, Charolais bulls will put more pounds on your calves and dollars in your pocket at the end of the day. And with the diversity of this sale offering there is most certainly a bull or two here that will work on your cows. Whether it is calving ease, maternal traits, performance, stretch, muscle, hair, hip, feet or even temperament that you want to add to your herd, you will not be disappointed. These bulls are as good as you will find anywhere and you won’t have to re-mortgage the farm to own one. Be assured the bulls all come from vaccinated herds and have passed a semen test prior to the sale. They are guaranteed breeders and if you have issues with one of our bulls we want to know about it. We encourage you to call or stop in for a tour on farm or early sale day and we will do our best to help you make the right selection. NEW THIS YEAR – we will be offering a $100.00 discount off the purchase price for any bulls that are taken home following the sale. If this is not convenient for you we will gladly take your bull back home and deliver him on or before May 1st free of charge within 100 km. After May 1 there will be a charge of $3.00 per head, per day. Looking forward to seeing you sale day!

Jim Baker

Sale staff:

Carl Wright — Auctioneer: 519-369-7489 Bill McConnell — Ringman: 705-689-0176 Jim Baker — Blockman: 705-428-3205

Sale day phones:

Carl Wright — cell: 519-369-7489 Doug Briggs — cell: 705-345-0157 Ryan Briggs — cell: 705-718-9005

Jim Baker — cell: 705-888-5061 Brian Aitken — cell: 519-323-7036


Holiday Inn Express, corner of First Street and Balsam Street, Collingwood: 1 877-660-8550 Days Inn & Suites, 15 Cambridge Street, Collingwood (beside Metro): 705-444-1880


Please come early Saturday to view the bulls and enjoy supper on us from 4 p.m.–5:30 p.m., sale will get underway at 6 p.m.

Terms and conditions:

All bulls sell under the terms and conditions of the Canadian Charolais Association. Settlement for bulls must be made in full sale day.


Although every precaution will be taken to protect the safety and comfort of buyers, neither the owner of the property, sale consignors or auctioneer assume any responsibility and disclaim any liability, legal or otherwise, in the event of accident, personal injury or loss of property.


Bulls can be taken home immediately following the sale and you will receive a $100.00 discount off the purchase price, but if you prefer, we will take your bull home and deliver him on or before May 1 free of charge within 100 km. After May 1, there will be a charge of $3.00 per head, per day.


Bulls become the buyer’s risk and responsibility at time of sale. If the bull is returning back to the breeder he must be fully insured by the purchaser. We will care for your bulls as our own but accidents can happen.

Absentee bids:

If you cannot attend the sale, please contact any of the breeders or sale staff and they will handle your bids in a professional manner.

Spring 2014 Breed EPD averages:

BW WW YW M TM 1.9 43 76 19 41


Bridor Awesome 2A BMA 2A January 1, 2013 Scurred BW: 80 ADJ 205: 709 Sire: SVY Freedom PLD 307N Dam: Bridor Awesome Pearl 37X (Sunrise Awesome 4T) EPDs:

BW 3.6

WW 43

YW 79

MC350517 ADJ 365: 1155

M 22.8

TM 44

Here is a Freedom son out of a Sunrise Awesome cow that is a favourite at Bridor. He is a stout, thick, rugged bull who will go out and make easy keeping calves. Don’t let his being a twin fool you, this bull carried his own. Make sure you have a look here.


Bridor Ajay 13A BMA 13A January 14, 2013 Polled BW: 90 ADJ 205: 787 Sire: SVY Freedom PLD 307N Dam: Bridor Upperclass 8U (SOS Polled Detonator 8M) EPDs:

BW 3.2

WW 51

YW 90

MC350529 ADJ 365: 1265

M 25.3

TM 51

Another Freedom son that stands out in the pen. His dam is a great milking Detonator daughter. She has had bulls in the last two sales that have sold to George McCall and Railhaven Charolais. This bull combines muscle, longevity and smoothness into a complete package.


Bridor Adrian 14A BMA 14A January 15, 2013 BW: 95 ADJ 205: 853 Sire: SVY Freedom PLD 307N Dam: Bridor Posy 7P (Baldridge Fasttrack 82F) EPDs:

BW 1.3

WW 52


YW 88

MC350521 ADJ 365: 1277

M 25.6

TM 52

Still another Freedom son and out of a Fastrack cow. He had a 95 lbs. birth weight and a 960 weaning weight. Don’t let this bull pass you by. A great herd bull prospect from a high milking cow family and performance to spare. Four generations polled.


Bridor Adam 15A BMA 15A January 16, 2013 BW: 85 ADJ 205: 782 Sire: D R Revelation 467 Dam: Bridor Yogi 8Y (2 UP Peugeot) EPDs:

BW 2.5

WW 53

YW 89


MC350522 ADJ 365: 1236

M 15

TM 41

Here is a calving ease son of Revelation. Very quiet disposition, smooth made with loads of hair. His dam is a 2up Peugeot.


EMB All In 4A XEB 4A January 4, 2013 Horned BW: 98 ADJ 205: 724 Sire: Jezabel Dam: Medonte Exclusive To You 7X (SVY Freedom PLD 307N) EPDs:

BW 3.5

WW 44

YW 74

MC351421 ADJ 365: 1220

M 14.8

TM 37

Here’s a lethal combination that is sure to be at the top of your list on sale day. The Jezabel X Freedom breeding combines muscle, style and performance in one awesome package! “All In” is a herd bull in the making and caught a lot of attention on the 2013 show circuit. Don’t miss out!


Echo Springs Armageddon 21A ESC 21A January 7, 2013 Horned BW: 104 ADJ 205: 737 Sire: PCFL Chieftan 25X Dam: Echo Springs Sandara 76T (PCFL San Antonio 131N) EPDs:

BW 4.3

WW 33

YW 65

Reg. pending ADJ 365: 1254

M 20.4

TM 37

Here comes one of our Full French bulls out of one of our top producing females! With a maternal brother walking at Echo Springs we are very happy with what this cow family is doing to our herd. Don’t miss out on Armageddon on sale day!


Echo Springs Aladdin 25A ESC 25A January 8, 2013 BW: 105 ADJ 205: 724 Sire: PCFL Chieftan 25X Dam: Echo Springs Jazz 41X (JSR Unite 41U) EPDs:

BW 3.6

WW 39


YW 73

MC354610 ADJ 365: 1316

M 20.1

TM 40

Another good chieftan son that has a ton of mass and style! Out of a good cow family that has left us with some quality offspring.


Echo Springs Alcatraz 36A ESC 36A January 10, 2013 Horned BW: 90 ADJ 205: 740 Sire: D R Revelation 467 Dam: Echo Springs Darcy 204Y (PCFL Beauregard 11W) EPDs:

BW 1.4

WW 37

YW 67

MC354612 ADJ 365: 1172

M 19.9

TM 38

A favourite from day one! Here’s a bull that we are very excited to introduce. Out of a Full French cow and the popular Revelation bull, Alcatraz has it all. With lots of spring of rib, low birth weight, style and thickness, we can’t wait for his calves to hit the ground. If his picture doesn’t sell you, wait till you see how freely this bull moves!


Sunrise Boomer 2A JBF 2A January 1, 2013 BW: 92 ADJ 205: 762 Sire: Gerrard Montezuma 6T Dam: WHC Xtra Cute 17X (EC No Doubt 2022P) EPDs:

BW 1.2

WW 54


YW 100

MC31098 ADJ 365: 1276

M 24.8

TM 52

If you’re looking for a bull with some stretch and width to him then take a second look at 2A. He is a standout in the bull pen and comes from a really good milking, easy keeping No Doubt cow. He strides out really well and coming from our 2013 show string he is also halter broke.


Sunrise Warden 28A JBF 28A March 14, 2013 BW: 106 ADJ 205: 860 Sire: HC Yourman 137Y Dam: JMB Ms Elegance 768T (BXB Dateline Son 65R) EPDs:

BW 5.3

WW 66


YW 128

MC352888 ADJ 365: 1409

M 17.3

TM 51

Here’s a son from our newest herdsire “HC Your Man,” a Junction son we purchased from Hunter’s in Manitoba, and out of one of our very best Dateline cows. He’s just a March 14 baby but has done nothing but pack on the pounds from the day he was born. He’s an easy pick in the bull pen and he has depth, hip and hair to spare. If you want performance don’t come up short on this one.


Sunrise Major 17A JBF 17A January 20, 2013 BW: 98 ADJ 205: 668 Sire: Merit Roundup 9508W Dam: Charburg Greta 22W (LAE Texas 705T) EPDs:

BW 1.9

WW 49


YW 98

MC351100 ADJ 365: 1170


TM 47

17A is a good Merit Roundup son out of an LAE Texas daughter I purchased from the Charburg dispersal. Roundup is creating a great legacy in the Charolais world and Sunrise Major will be sure to stand strong in his own right. He is smooth polled and has a well balanced set of EPD numbers.


Sunrise Reload 6A JBF 6A January 2, 2013 BW: 98 ADJ 205: 643 Sire: CSS Sire Gridmaker 2W Dam: Charburg Victoria 7W (Sparrows Cossack 11L) EPDs:

BW 1.6

WW 37

YW 64


MC351104 ADJ 365: 1203

M 20.7

TM 39

Here’s a Sir Grid / Cossack mating that I really, really like. He’s shown fantastic numbers all winter and he’s got the guts and length to pack on the pounds. Get around to his back end and there’s nothing missing there either with hip and muscle expression galore. There’s a lot of things right about this future herdsire.


Bridor Allstate 25A BMA 25A January 18, 2013 BW: 85 ADJ 205: 667 Sire: Keys All State 149X Dam: Bridor Tamara 27T (KCM Rio Chico 429P) EPDs:

BW 1.7

WW 42


YW 80

MC350524 ADJ 354: 1208

M 18

TM 39

Here is a Keys Allstate son, out of a great KCM Rio Chico cow. Smooth polled and should add performance to your herd.


Bridor Amon 34A BMA 34A January 30, 2013 BW: 90 ADJ 205: 725 Sire: Gerrard Montezuma 6T Dam: Bridor Wings 30W (BXB Dateline Son 65R) EPDs:

BW 3.5

WW 49

YW 92


MC350525 ADJ 365: 1235

M 27.3

TM 52

Length and thickness easily add pounds of meat on this guy. Loads of hair, thick and muscled to boot, with a moderate frame. He is a Montezuma and out of a milky Dateline cow.


Bridor Amos 35A BMA 35A January 31, 2013 BW: 90 ADJ 205: 703 Sire: Bridor Bluegrass 7X Dam: Bridor Shirley 28S (KCM Rio Chico 429P) EPDs:

BW 2.4

WW 48


YW 94

MC350526 ADJ 365: 1143

M 21

TM 45

Look at the birthweight on this guy at 90lbs. His sire is Bridor Bluegrass and he is calving ease also. His dam is a Chico daughter with loads of milk. He is deep sided, with extra length.


Bridor Andres 38A BMA 38A February 4, 2013 BW: 90 ADJ 205: 709 Sire: Bridor Bluegrass 7X Dam: Bridor Paisley 24P (Bridor Myron 23M) EPDs:

BW 2.5

WW 45

YW 84


MC350527 ADJ 365: 1274

M 18.7

TM 41

Another Bridor Bluegrass son out of Bridor Myron daughter. This fellow is a nice moderate-framed bull with a lot of guts and thickness.


Echo Springs Apollo 62A ESC 62A January 16, 2013 Horned BW: 100 ADJ 205: 744 Sire: PCFL Chieftan 25X Dam: Echo Springs Mirabelle 4 (PCFL San Antonio 131N) EPDs:

BW 4.3

WW 32

YW 65

MC355325 ADJ 365: 1256

M 19.9

TM 36

Apollo is a long bodied, deep sided bull who, at buyers request, can be registered as Full French. 62A comes from an outstanding cow family! He is sure to add the pounds to your steers and produce excellent brood cows that will leave their mark in your herd!


Echo Springs Ace 84A ESC 84A January 20, 2013 Horned BW: 100 ADJ 205: 729 Sire: PCFL Chieftan 25X Dam: Echo Springs Uptown Girl 137U (PCFL San Antonio 131N) EPDs:

BW 4.1

WW 31

YW 62

MC354613 ADJ 36: 1183

M 20.6

TM 36

Ace is out of the CCYA 2009 Grand Champion female. He comes from a cow family of great maternal instinct and eye appeal. He is sure to add some muscle and performance to your herd. You’ll be glad he’s yours when his calves hit the sale barns!


Echo Springs Aftershock 87A ESC 87A January 21, 2013 Horned BW: 104 ADJ 205: 787 Sire: PCFL Chieftan 25X Dam: Echo Springs Orianna 136X (PCFL Vandelero 5S) EPDs:

BW 4.3

WW 34

YW 67

Reg. pending ADJ 36: 1187

M 21.3

TM 38

Another long bodied Full French bull out of one of our founding cow families! His great grandmother at age 14 is still walking at Echo Springs and producing top notch calves. Longevity is in this bull’s blood! His mother is a full sister to Echo Springs Orianna 14T who was the dam of Echo Springs Yagerbomb 11Y—the high seller at our 2012 bull sale. Excellence surrounds this cow family and Aftershock won’t disappoint!


Echo Springs Amarillo 99A ESC 99A January 24, 2013 BW: 106 ADJ 205: 717 Sire: PCFL San Antonio 131N Dam: Cedardale Miss 33R (HFCC Calypso 1N) EPDs:

BW 4.3

WW 41


YW 72

MC34614 ADJ 365: 1349

M 16.6

TM 37

Here’s a bull coming to you out of our favourite herd bull of 12 years. Amarillo 99A shows all the features of his sire. This French-influenced bull has lots of spring of rib and screams muscle and performance! You can’t go wrong with this smooth made free moving bull.


Sunrise Overload 7A JBF 7A January 2, 2013 Polled BW: 95 ADJ 205: 698 Sire: Gerrard Montezuma 6T Dam: Blackbern Xanthia 23X (JDJ Smokester J1377 P ET) EPDs:

BW 2.0

WW 45

YW 78

MC351099 ADJ 365: 1167

M 25.0

TM 48

Overload is certainly our thickest offering in the sale. He caught the eye of everyone who walked our pastures over the summer and he continues to impress in the bull pen. If you’re looking for a bull that will add some thickness and muscle expression to your big-frame cows, this guy will do the job.


Sunrise Evan 16A JBF 16A January 19, 2013 BW: 92 ADJ 205: 740 Sire: CSS Sir Gridmaker 2W Dam: Sunrise Eva 2X (LT Bluegrass 4017 P) EPDs:

BS -0.9

WW 42


YW 74

MC351105 ADJ 365: 1311

M 22.8

TM 44

With a 92 lb birth weight and heifer-approved bulls on both sides of the pedigree, calving easy should come naturally from this big boy. The good news is that calving ease doesn’t take anything away from his performance side. All winter he’s stood second in line for the heaviest bull in the pen. Whether it’s heifers or big tall cows, this guy has the genetics and the size to get the job done.


Sunrise United 18A JBF 18A January 23, 2013 BW: 100 ADJ 205: 657 Sire: Gerrard Montezuma 6T Dam: Bridor Wishlist 10W (EC No Doubt 2022P) EPDs:

BW 1.7

WW 47


YW 93

MC351101 ADJ 365: 1206

M 28.7

TM 52

Sunrise United comes from the mother of our 2012 Royal Grand Champion and she’s an absolute milking machine. He’s long, clean sheathed, and sired by the renowned Montezuma. A nice made, moderate frame herd bull prospect.


Sunrise T Bone 24A JBF 24A February 19, 2013 BW: 104 ADJ 205: 647 Sire: HC Yourman 137Y Dam: JMB Ms Dateline 947W (BXB Dateline Son 65R) EPDs:

BW 3.7

WW 53


YW 109

MC351102 ADJ 365: 1241

M 21.1

TM 48

One of three Your Man X Dateline bulls that we have in the sale and he’s good. We purchased his mom out of the Western Agribition sale a few years ago and her eye appeal carries over to her offspring. A nice smooth neck extension, hair and hip make this one a good choice. He’ll put some muscle expression and punch in his calves.


Moyer’s Archie 16A STLN 16A January 16, 2013 Polled BW: 85 ADJ 205: 671 Sire: D R Revelation 467 Dam: Cornerview Exceed 21X (Winn Mans Original 548R) EPDs:

BW -0.5

WW 35

YW 63

MC350643 ADJ 365: 1161

M 14

TM 32

Archie is very quiet natured, good footed, and strides out well. He is smooth polled with a clean front end and a low birth weight and should work well on heifers.


Bridor Austin 43A BMA 43A February 19, 2013 BW: 85 ADJ 205: 796 Sire: Bridor Bluegrass 7X Dam: Bridor Wazing 2W (SOS Polled Detonator 8M) EPDs:

BW 1.9

WW 52


YW 100

MC350528 ADJ 36: 1298

M 20.9

TM 47

Another Bridor Bluegrass out of a Polled Detonator daughter. His birth says it all. His disposition is second to none. A smooth polled bull that is sure to add some muscle expression and spring of rib to his offspring.


Sunrise Ty Man 32A JBF 32A April 24, 2013 BW: 95 ADJ 205: 867 Sire: HC Yourman 137Y Dam: Bridor Wiggles 8W (BXB Dateline Son 65R) EPDs:

BW 3.0

WW 56


YW 111

MC352563 ADJ 365: 1430

M 22.4

TM 50

Our youngest consignment to the sale, this low birth weight “Your Man X Dateline” mating is once again showing the performance that consistently comes from our Pld Junction line. He’s equipped to sire those hairy feedlot cattle that can retain their energy during the winter months.

Pictures from our 2013 sale

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