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BULLETIN Manitoba Charolais

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The official publication for the Manitoba Charolais Association


Herd Sire Issue 2018


Manitoba Charolais

President’s Message

BULLET I N The official publication for the Manitoba Charolais Association

Hans Myhre


For us here at Myhre Land & Cattle it’s bull sale season, for many it is calving season. No matter what your schedule, it is likely that you have been kept busy caring for your livestock in the bitter cold that we seem to be stuck with this winter.

Prairie Pistol Designs Melissa McRae RR 1 Box 57 Brandon, MB R7A 5Y1 204-573-9903

Photos Provided by Joan Airey, High Bluff Stock Farms, Rammer Charolais, HTA Charolais

On the Cover

BULLETIN Manitoba Charolais

The official publication for the Manitoba Charolais Association

Publications Agreement #0041265055


Photos: JMB Charolais & C2 Charolais CWA Champion Bull & Herdsire at Steppler Farms Ltd.

Once again this past fall and winter Charolais calves have commanded a premium at the auction marts. The increased pounds and the obvious identifiably of the Charolais sired calves make buying a Charolais Bull this spring an excellent choice. Please have a good look through our magazine and see what the MCA members have on offer for you. MCA members, your board has decided to put together a map and directory of all breeders in the province. This will require some (very little) effort on your part. A committee member should be contacting you in the near future to gather your information if we haven’t already. If you’d like to be proactive on this project you can contact myself or Michael Hunter. Hans Myhre President 204-648-6416



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To book contact Melissa McRae 204-573-9903 or prairiepistoldesigns@gmail.com

Publication Terms: Advertisers of breeding stock must be Manitoba breeders and current in the WHE with the Canadian Charolais Association, business cards are exempt. The Manitoba Charolais Association reserves the right to approve or deny any advertising. All accounts are due within 60 days of billing with interest at a rate of 2% charged pre month after 60 days. All advertising must be paid in full before any more advertising is accepted from that contributor. Breeders/ business’ requesting photo editing will be billed by the MCA as a cost recovery measure. Canadian Publications Mail Product Registration # 0041265055 Printed by: Western Litho Printers Ltd. RETURN UNDELIVERABLE MAIL TO: Prairie Pistol Designs - RR 1 Box 57 Brandon, MB R7A 5Y1


Manitoba Charolais Bulletin

Manitoba Charolais Board of directors

L-R: Ron McDonald, Shawn Airey, Matthew Ramsey, Jeff Cavers, Trent Hatch, Hans Myhre, Scott Johnson, Andre Steppler, Jim Olson, Rae Trimble-Olson, Jared Preston, Blaine Cline, Micheal Hunter, Tyler Stewart, Missing: Rob Gilliland

PRESIDENT H: 204-638-5664 C: 204-648-6416


Breeder Map

H: 204-242-3467 C: 204-242-4448



H: 204-435-2463 C: 204-750-1951


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Scott Johnston

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Bulletin, Commercial & Purebred Breeder

Ron McDonald

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Bulletin, Commercial & Purebred Breeder

Jared Preston

Box 790, Ste. Rose du Lac, R0L 1S0

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Juniors, Scholarship

Matthew Ramsey Box 214, Strathclair, R0J 2C0

H: 204-365-2729 C: 204-3650976


Ag-Ex, Scholarship

Tyler Stewart

H: 204-847-2213 C: 204-847-0612



Hans Myhre

RR 4 Comp. 9A Dauphin, MB R7N 2T7

1st VICE PRESIDENT Jeff Cavers

Box 237 La Riviere, MB R0G 1A0

2nd VICE PRESIDENT Andre Steppler

Box 340 Miami, MB R0G 1H0

Secretary/Treasurer Rae Trimble-Olson

Box 882 Portage la Prairie, MB R1N 3B7

CCA Director AT LARGE Jim Olson

Box 882 Portage la Prairie, MB R1N 3B7

CCA Director FOR MANITOBA Shawn Airey Directors

Box 26, Foxwarren, R0J 0R0

Herd Sire Issue 2018


canadiancharolaisassociation @canCharolais mreekie@charolais.com

CCA Message Mel Reekie

Charolais found itself in the spotlight throughout 2017 whether it was sales reports or the show ring. As we look to 2018 there are no signs of the high tide receding. Early sale reports are showing the demand for Charolais bulls is as strong as ever. The Canadian Charolais Association (CCA) has recently realized 10+ year highs with Whole Herd Enrollments; 2017 saw close to 24,000 breeding females enrolled across the country. Specifically, in Manitoba there was a six percent increase in enrollments for 2017. As many look to replace their bull battery this spring, remember the value of a registration certificate and the tools available to aide in your decisions. A registration certificate represents consistent quality; the breed association and breeder verify the correct information and they stand behind the quality of the information presented. A registration also represents an animal that is genetically stable and that behind the paper, breed improvement measures are continually being completed to provide value and sustainability. Registration and identification are cornerstones to the Association. The CCA collects performance data and monitors desirable traits for overall breed improvement made possible through maintained and detailed pedigrees. With over 1 Million performance records backing our genetic evaluation, the CCA supports and encourages the use of EPDs as part of your selection process. Over the years, birth weights have dropped, while calving ease, weaning and yearling weights have all improved. When the data is pooled together and evaluated, we have a scientifically sound and very powerful selection tool for use; a tool available to help producers reach their potential. If you’re not sure about the use of EPDs consider this statement from Sean McGrath of Ranching Systems and consultant with the CCA: “As with all breeds, the cattle are built by the breeders and their decisions. The current EPD are the result of a long evolution and they will continue to evolve and improve. Certainly, there can be arguments made about the direction breeders have chosen over time but there can be no argument about the effectiveness of EPD for ranking animals for a trait of interest. The biggest number often gets confused with the best number which is unfortunate, but the EPD ranking tool is still nine times more effective than an in-herd index or adjusted weight for determining the correct genetic placing of animals for a trait.” Getting out and being involved with the Charolais breeders is of benefit to everyone’s operation. There’s not only a common goal with the ongoing development of the Charolais breed but also the comradery that brings breeders together. There are many events throughout the coming year at the national level to participate in. We are gathering with the Ontario Charolais Association for the CCA Annual General Meeting being held in Collingwood, ON June 7 through 9th. Our Junior show is being welcomed by Manitoba this summer as CCYA comes to Brandon, MB July 25 through 28th and Alberta is hosting the National Charolais Show & Sale this coming November at FarmFair International November 7 through 11th. Plan to join us and network with fellow breeders! All the best this bull sale season, Mel Reekie General Manager, Canadian Charolais Association Judy Cummer of Canadian Charolais is retiring after over 33 years with the Association. Judy has been a long standing and dedicated employee of the CCA and Registry Manager for a number of years. Through her time, Judy’s been witness to many changes and efficiencies of the Association and beef industry alike. Although she’ll be missed by all, we sincerely wish Judy nothing but health and happiness in retirement. With Judy and Piper having moved on, it’s with pleasure that the Canadian Charolais Association family welcomes Sally Storch to the team. Sally joins the CCA staff in a full-time capacity and comes to us with agricultural experience; she’s been involved with ranching for several years with particular interests in dressage and ranch roping as well as cattle AI and management protocols. Sally is dedicated to the people and animals of our industry and considers this new endeavour a privilege to be a part of. Please join us in welcoming Sally Storch to the CCA office.


Manitoba Charolais Bulletin

Herd Sire Issue 2018


CCYA Report Keegan Blehm The 2018 CCYA Conference and Show will be held at in Brandon, Manitoba, Wednesday July 25 to Saturday the 28th in the Canada Room of the Keystone Center. Cattle can start arriving on Tuesday the 24th. Entries will be coming out in the May Banner along with a schedule. There is a block of hotel rooms booked at Canad Inns under Manitoba Junior Charolais Association. Right now we are looking for sponsorships. Attached is an information sheet giving a breakdown of the levels of sponsorship available. If you would like to find more information about CCYA Conference and Show you can visit the CCYA website. It gives breakdowns of all the events and programs that CCYA has to offer. It also shows the CCYA national board who you can call and they would be happy to answer any questions that you have.

Keegan Blehm

July 25-28, 2018 Brandon, Manitoba

Watch for entry information in the May Banner or on the CCYA website.

CYL now accepting applications for 2018 program The Cattlemen’s Young Leaders (CYL) program is accepting applications online for 2018. The CYL program is an exciting opportunity for young producers between 18-35 to engage with the Canadian beef industry. Each year, 16 enthusiasts in the cattle industry are awarded a mentorship with an industry expert and a travel budget that allows them to get the most out of their time in the program. Selections take place at the Canadian Beef Industry Conference each year, with the opportunity to attend the conference in conjunction with selections. CYL also offers many exciting travel opportunities including the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado, and the International Beef Alliance, which travels around the world each year. Please visit cattlemensyoungleaders.com for more information.

CCYA @charolaisyouth charolaisyouth@gmail.com

Travel Opportunity

The CCYA is very excited to provide a scholarship opportunity for members of the Canadian Charolais Youth Association. The scholarship opportunity provides youth members with a chance to receive funds in order to travel while attending an event involving the Charolais breed or the cattle industry in general. Applicants must fill out the application form and submit a write up which includes the following: - Your involvement in the cattle industry, specifically with the Charolais breed - Where you wish to travel and what event you will be attending - What you hope to gain form the trip - A detailed summary of your travel plans and itinerary - An estimate of your expenses for the trip

Travel Opportunities include: - American International Junior Charolais Association (AIJCA) - Australian National Youth Stampede - Canadian Beef Industry Conference (CBIC) - Any other cattle industry or Charolais breed conference/ event that would beneficial as an upcoming member in the breed. Upon submission of the application form and write up of the travel opportunity and event you wish to take part of, the application will be reviewed by a committee who will determine how much funding successful applicants will receive to go towards their stated travel plans. For the event outlined by the applicant, the CCYA will cover 100% of the cost of the conference registration.

Visit the CCYA Website. 6

Manitoba Charolais Bulletin


Brandon Manitoba - July 25th- 29th 2018

The Canadian Charolais Youth Association (CCYA) is a national, non-profit, youth organization. Every year the hosting province organizes an annual Youth Conference and Show. This year the Manitoba youth are hosting and planning a conference in Brandon Manitoba, that will be attended by families across Canada. CCYA has become a prominent, highly anticipated event among youth involved in the Charolais breed in all regions of Canada. Every year a conference is held in the summer, which is a four-day event that includes a variety of individual and team activities that develop valuable skills for future endeavors in the agricultural industry and in various other disciplines. Our aim is to provide participants with practical knowledge and experience in the agricultural field, while bringing them together for a fun and enjoyable few days with family, friends and new acquaintances. We feel that the Conference and show would be an excellent marketing opportunity for your company. The National Board through the CCYA conference provide partners with an opportunity to promote their organization, and highlights the company’s involvement in community and youth activities. We invite you to join our current partners, in supporting our nation’s youth and future. Please find enclosed a sponsorship package. This package includes descriptions of the various sponsorship levels and the benefits associated with each, as well further information on the Canadian Charolais Youth Association and this event. Support does not have to be in the form of cash. If you have a fantastic idea for an alternate method of expressing your support, we would be pleased to consider your proposal, or help organize an exciting alternative that would benefit both of us. Please feel free to contact me at (204) 384-6913 or keegb34@yahoo.ca Thank you for your consideration and support, we look forward to working with you. Sincerely, Keegan Blehm CCYA planning committee


Platinum Sponsor- $2000 and up • Logo on one piece of conference clothing • Company logo in the May Edition of the Charolais Banner • Logo in show catalogue • Recognition on signs/banner at conference • Two CCYA Conference Banquet tickets

Gold Sponsor- $1000- $1999 • Class sponsorship to be announced during show and stated in show book • Logo in show catalogue • Recognition on signs/banner at conference • Two CCYA Conference Banquet tickets

Silver Sponsor- $500-$999 • Logo in show catalogue • Recognition on signs/banner at conference • Two CCYA Conference Banquet tickets Bronze Sponsor- $250-$499 • Recognition in show catalogue • Recognition on signs/banners at conference Breeder Sponsor- minimum $100 • Recognition in show catalogue


There are also other opportunities for specific sponsorship requests such as meals, special events and volunteering. Please contact us if that would be of greater interest to you and your organization. Any support from our industry is very much appreciated.

• We wish to contribute $__________ Cheques can be made out to Manitoba Junior Charolais Association

• We wish to make a token contribution in the form of ____________________________ - Meals,Volunteering, etc...

Return completed forms & cheques to: Keegan Blehm Box 237, La Riviere MB R0G 1A0

Contact name _______________________________________ Business/Organization__________________________________ Address____________________________________________ City_______________________________________________ Province_____________________ Postal Code______________ Telephone____________________ Cell ___________________ Email______________________________________________ *Platinum and Gold sponsors please email copy of your business logo to: keegb34@yahoo.ca

Herd Sire Issue 2018








HANS & MARY MYHRE T: 204-638-5664 C: 204-648-6416 hans@ myhrelandandcattle.com

myhrelandandcattle.com 8

Manitoba Charolais Bulletin


Selling: 51 Yearling Bulls • All are Polled

TLJ 908E

Pleasant Dawn Chisum x PleasantDawn Marshall CE 1.5 BW 0 WW 59 YW 109 M 24 TM 53


Our goal... Customer Satisfaction TLJ 19E

Pleasant Dawn Chisum x SVY Monument Pld CE 9.1 BW -3.6 WW 45 YW 87 M 24 TM 47

Our yearling bulls are fed a growing ration to insure their healthy development while maintaining sound feet and legs.

TLJ 701E

LT Ledger x Eatons Big Bud CE 11.1 BW -3.6 WW 55 YW 104 M 21 TM 48

DELIVERY AVAILABLE Bulls can be kept until May 1 at no charge

Call today for a catalogue or for more information

TLJ 903E

Pleasant Dawn Maxwell x PleasantDawn Razor CE 7.1 BW -.7 WW 45 YW 91 M 28 TM 51

View catalogue online at

TLJ 675E

Rawes Duke x Pleasant Dawn MVP CE 8 BW -.9 WW 48 YW 104 M 30 TM 54

www.pleasantdawn.com Trent & Ashley Hatch Box 132, Oak Lake, MB R0M 1P0

Trent 204-855-3078 Cell 204-721-3078 trent.hatch@gmail.com

Sale Manager: 306-584-7937 Helge By 306-536-4261 Candace By 306-536-3374 charolaisbanner@gmail.com www.bylivestock.com Herd Sire Issue 2018


22 Two Year Olds 51 Yearlings • Most are Polled • Some Red Factor YEARLINGS that will add the PERFORMANCE YOU WANT TWO YEAR OLD BULLS that aren’t leftovers, but DEVELOPED TO SERVE MORE COWS

Consignors CATTLE LAC CHAROLAIS Tyler Wilkinson 204-448-2181 C 204-447-0284

JOHNSTON CHAROLAIS Scott & Shelley Johnston 204-749-2247 C 204-723-5030

C2 CHAROLAIS Jeff & Jackie Cavers 204-242-3467 C 204-242-4448

R & G MCDONALD LIVESTOCK Ron & Gail McDonald 204-466-2883 C 204-724-2811

DOUBLE P STOCK FARMS Jared Preston 204-732-2054 C 204-647-5416

SUNBLADE CHAROLAIS Tyler Stewart 204-847-2213 C 204-847-0612

HAPPY HAVEN CHAROLAIS Kevin & Crystal Stebeleski 204-234-5425 C 204-365-6010

LEJ CHAROLAIS Jim & Rae Olson 204-252-3115 C 204-856-6357

Sale Manager

306-584-7937 Helge By 306-536-4261 Candace By 306-536-3374 charolaisbanner@gmail.com

View the catalogue online at www.bylivestock.com 10

Manitoba Charolais Bulletin

Bulletin Board

Hunter/Wenzel Congratulations to Michael Hunter, of Roblin, MB and Candace Wenzel of Minitonas, MB who celebrated their wedding June 17, 2017. They run Charolais cattle north of Roblin as part of Hunter Charolais. Michael is a son of Doug & Marianne Hunter.

Jackson/Doonanco Congratulations to Autumn Jackson and Remiel Doonanco on their marriage August 19, 2017. Autumn is a daughter of Carman & Donna Jackson, High Bluff Stock Farms

Emily Ramsey was christened in April, 2017. Daughter of Matthew and Sarah Ramsey, Rammer Charolais.

Elaine Digby January 13, 1943 - November 4, 2017 Elaine Digby of Dropmore, MB passed away after a battle with cancer on November 4, 2017 in the Russell Health Centre. Audrey Elaine Morrison was born January 13, 1943, in Roblin, Manitoba to her parents Anne and Wilbert Morrison. Robert Digby, from the Castleavery district and Elaine Morrison, from MacNutt, SK didn’t have to go far to find love and at a rather young age the two began on the adventure of a lifetime; first getting to know each other as friends through church and community events, then girlfriend and boyfriend, and in 1961 as husband and wife. Elaine and Bob were not scared to take on a challenge; they kicked off their first year of marriage with a baby, Cheryl, and starting a farm. Not long after came Brian, Donna, Barb and Jason. Elaine and Bob started farming and in 1966 they purchased and moved to the Bartley Carmichael farm at Dropmore. They grain farmed and ran a commercial cow herd. The purchase of three purebred Charolais females in 1978, followed shortly by the purchase of a herd of Full French females, was the start of Bob and Elaine Digby’s “Rolling D Charolais” herd; for the past 40 years, the Digby family has been involved in the Manitoba and Canadian Charolais cattle industry. The Family Tradition Bull Sale has been hosted on the Rolling D Charolais farm for the past 14 years. Elaine was a full farming partner and has been an inspiration for many women working in the agriculture industry. Bob and Elaine worked hard on their farm, but also played hard with their friends and family. With a seasonal camp spot at Pyott’s West Campground, friends would gather around the campfire late into the night telling jokes, fishing stories, sharing laughs and having a few drinks. Elaine and Bob liked to travel, making a trip to New Zealand, Ukraine, and Cuba, and to both the West and East Coast of Canada. They would travel with family, to see friends, or to see cattle, but enjoyed the adventure of each trip and especially the many friends made along the way. One of Elaine’s most amazing qualities was her never ending generosity. She was always willing to put another leaf in the table, add a few more potatoes to the pot, donate her time to helping out a friend in need, or to spend endless hours teaching her grandchildren to knit, cook, bake, farm or fish; Elaine’s time was dedicated to helping others. She has made quilts for every one of her grandchild’s high school graduations as well as their weddings, and has crocheted hats for many new babies born in the Yorkton hospital. Over the last 10 or so years, Elaine and the MacNutt quilters have made and distributed quilts to hospitals, cancer care units, new Canadian families, care homes, homeless and women’s shelters, for hundreds of people in need each year. Elaine is survived by her five children, Cheryl & Ron (Funk), Brian & Robyn (Benson), Donna & Carman (Jackson), Barb & Ray (Airey), Jason & Jodi (Reichmuth), 13 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren. Elaine was predeceased by her parents Wilbert & Anne Morrison and grandchildren Breanne Digby & Clark Elder. Elaine was laid to rest beside her husband, Bob at the Castleavery Cemetery, casket bearers were her 13 grandchildren. Edmond (Ed) SeatEr August 3, 1933 - September 19, 2017 On Tuesday, September 19, 2017, Mr, Edmund (Ed) White Seater of Osoyoos, BC passed away peacefully after a long illness at Sunnybank Centre in Oliver at the age of 84 years. Ed was a long time and well known farmer and purebred Charolais Breeder, owning and operating Ed-C-Dor Farms at Rivers, MB. Remembrance luncheon was held in Rivers, MB on October 28th, 2017. Ed will be fondly remembered by his loving family including wife, Dorthy, his children and many grandchildren.

Herd Sire Issue 2018


Commercial Charolais Breeder of the year Allan Farms - Ron and Shirley Allan - Rathwell, MB By: Scott Johnston Ron and Shirley operate a 3rd generation mixed farming operation northwest of Rathwell, MB. Their 180 head herd consists of approximately 140 head of strong percentage Charolais as well as a group of 40 Black Angus Cross all bred Charolais except their home raised heifers bred Red Angus. Calving starts in March and they usually background all their calves till a year of age, bunk fed a corn silage base ration. Previous to BSE they fed all their calves finishing them through to slaughter. Having butchered both Charolais and Angus fed on their farm Shirley feels the CCA could better promote the Charolais carcass as it is as tasty and tender as Blacks, commenting how they are fed and the age at slaughter is what makes the difference. Ron’s late father Joe Allan was a pioneer commercial breeder started and continued to use Charolais from the late sixties. Although they feel the hybrid vigour adds to the performance of the Angus calf, their strong percentage Charolais feeders of tan and white colour have always weaned heavier and gained better post weaning on their background ration. Over the years they have supported Manitoba bull test stations as well as many Manitoba breeders.

JMB Fisher 604D


JMB Charolais & C2 Charolais Grand Champion Manitoba Ag Ex Grand Champion Western Canadian Agribition


Manitoba Charolais Bulletin


by Private Treaty

MAy/jUnE AnD fAll 2016 BOrn fOr ExTrA AGE feaTuring sons of

LT sunDance 2251

growth, docility, sound feet & legs

LT Long DisTance 9001

calving ease, structural correctness, muscle & milk



Mike Bertholet Pipestone, MB c: 204-522-5469 h: 204-854-2952 whitemeadowcharolais@live.ca

Bulls are backgrounded as yearlings on a high roughage ration and summered on grass. They are now being wintered on a mixed ration of corn silage and pellets along with grass hay. a few wouLD be suiTabLe for heifers.

Visitors Always Welcome Herd Sire Issue 2018


40+ yeArlings | 2 twO yeAr Olds

On Offer White & red faCtor | PerforManCe & heifer bulls

250e VeloCity son

232e VeloCity son

233e KinGston son

254e Geddes son All bulls sOld by PrivAte treAty

Visitors Always Welcome... Brad, Juanita, Logan & Kendra CLine

Belmont, Manitoba 204-537-2367(house) | 204-523-0062(cell) email: bjcline@mymts.net | www.clinecattlecompany.ca

Plan to attend the Manitoba Charolais PiCniC and aGM at our farM July 14th 14

Manitoba Charolais Bulletin

Proud to consign to the

Sire: HTA Toledo 448B EPD’s: BW 1.4, WW 52,YW 107, Milk 19, TM 45 BW: 79lbs Adj WW: 672lbs Adj YW: 1563lbs

Sire: HTA Toledo 448B EPD’s: BW 2.6, WW 59,YW 124, Milk 19, TM 48 BW: 96lbs Adj WW: 658lbs Adj YW 1466lbs

Rammer Edward 728E

Rammer Edmond 732E

neePaWa manitoBa

Rammer Elijah 723E

hta Bull sale 1 PM

MARCH 21, 2018

Sire: HTA Toledo 448B EPD’s: BW 4.3, WW 70,YW 133, Milk 20, TM 55 BW: 110lbs Adj WW: 741lbs, Adj YW: 1473lbs

Rammer Eden 719E

Sire: HRJ Canadian Gold 518C EPD’s: BW 3.4, WW 34,YW 69, Milk 21, TM 39 BW 111lbs Adj WW 556lbs Adj YW 1306lbs

Matthew, Sarah, Claire, Myra & Emily Ramsey PO BOX 214 • STRATHCLAIR, MB R0J 2C0 204-365-2729 (home) 204-365-0976 (Matthew) 204-764-0429 (Sarah) EMAIL: rammercharolais@hotmail.com www.rammercharolais.com

24 years in the Charolais business! @rammercharolais

Where Quality , Performance and integrity is guaranteed Herd Sire Issue 2018


It’s Calving Season

by: Marshall McDonald, DVM

It’s that time of year again; calving season is upon us! We are all a little short on sleep, help and patience. There are many things that make a successful calving season, but in the end, the more live calves that you sell the better off you are going to be. So hopefully I can give you a few tips to help you out. There are a lot of good web pages available that can help you prepare for calving season. If you search “calving do’s and don’ts” there is a good fact sheet written by the Alberta government which goes over all of the different birthing presentations. Even if you are an experienced cattleman you can always pick up something new.


Manitoba Charolais Bulletin

What I am going to go through is things that you should have in your barn and in your fridge to help you have a successful calving season and get your calf crop off to a good start. Equipment Maternity Pen Chains or Straps Handles (2) Calf puller Calf Warmer

Tools OB Sleeves Latex gloves Wash Bucket Rags or Towels Lube Calf Bottle with nipple Stomach Tube (2) Naval Clamps (optional) Thermometer


Medications Epinephrine Oxytocin (Rx) Vitamin AD Selenium & Vitamin E Vaccines Anti-inflammatories (Rx) Antibiotics (Rx) Electrolytes Frozen or Freeze dried colostrum Disinfectants Iodine (Betadine) Chlorhexadine

Maternity pen: You don’t need anything fancy, but you do need an area where you can restrain the cow, for your safety and theirs. ALWAYS ASSUME SHE WILL GO DOWN. This can mean having a full fledged maternity pen with multiple swinging gates and sections or as simple as the cow being tied with a halter behind a gate. Just remember safety first! You have to be able to calve out the next cow! OB sleeves with latex gloves: Putting latex gloves overtop of your OB sleeves will give you a better grip on the chains/straps. This will decrease the time it takes you to place your chains and get the job done quicker. Chains or straps: I prefer chains myself but that being said, whatever you use, make sure that they are placed properly on the legs. This means using a double half hitch with chains and getting the straps above the wrists of the calf. When placing the chains on the calf make sure that you put them on two front legs or two back legs whichever is coming first, This sounds easy until you are dealing with a set of tangled up twins. Front legs have two flexible joints below the elbow and hind legs have one flexible joint below the hock. Calf puller: Know your limits! Just because you can … doesn’t mean you should. If you are unable to get the calf ’s shoulders into the pelvis by hand then you should not be trying to pull it with a calf puller. If you run into a situation where a calf gets hip locked, try to push the calf back into the pelvis and rotate the calf ’s hips vertically this will create more room in the pelvis. Photo Credit: High Bluff Stock Farm

calving insights and tips from veterinarian, Marshall McDonald

Plastic bucket, towels: It is important to start with a clean area to work. Clean the back of the cow, before entering the vagina. Iodine or chlorhexadine scrub should be used as a disinfectant and added to the water and the back of the cow. It is also handy to clean up your chains and puller so that they are ready for next time. Lubrication: Everything is better with lube. Especially when the calf has been in the cow for an extended period of time things can start to dry up. Before entering the cow it is always a good idea to lube up your hands and sleeves. You can purchase a product called J-Lube which is simple to mix up and will last you a long time. You should always have a pre-filled container of lube, an old ketchup or mustard bottle works great for this and is inexpensive. Epinephrine & oxytocin: These are optional medications to have around mainly because you are not

Herd Sire Issue 2018


Oxytocin is used for milk let down in cattle. It is a naturally occurring hormone that is released when the calf is suckling the cow. If you are dealing with an anxious mother and she is not letting her milk down when you are trying to get the calf to suck this can help. Oxytocin is a prescription product so you will have to get it from your veterinarian. Iodine: Dilute Betadine is useful especially in situations when you have had problems with naval infections in the past. This helps to decrease the amount of bacteria that can travel up the umbilicus during the first few hours of life. If the naval is bleeding excessively you can always tie off the umbilicus with a small piece of string, naval clip or even the clip that you use to keep you chips fresh. Calf feeding equipment (calf bottle and nipple & stomach tube): This is one area where cleanliness is very important. A newborn calf has an underdeveloped immune system. If you are introducing a calf to bacteria early in life this can set them up for illness in the future. That is why you need to keep your equipment clean. I suggest having two stomach tubes, one labeled for new born calves and is used only to give colostrum and one that you use for sick calves to give electrolytes and milk. This stops the transfer of bacteria from sick calves to the naïve day old calf. Frozen or freeze dried colostrum: Colostrum is essential for a calf ’s immune system to develop. Calves are able to absorb antibodies from the colostrum for the first 12 hours of life, with maximum absorption occurring in the first 6 hours! If the situation arises that the mother has no milk or the calf is too weak to suck then tubing or bottle feeding them colostrum is essential. Stored colostrum can even be used to supplement calves from heifers, since they do not have as much colostrum as a mature cow. Be sure that when the cow is in the chute to strip out her teats, this ensures that each quarter has milk and that the teat duct is not blocked with stale milk. Frozen colostrum from cattle on your farm is the best solution because there will be antibodies to any pathogens that are prevalent on your farm. The easiest way to accomplish this is to milk out a cow that may have lost her calf or has extra milk for the calf she has and freeze it in 1-2 Litre ziploc bags. This makes it easy to unthaw and gives enough milk for one calf. The alternative to this is to purchase freeze dried colostrum which comes in either a supplemental bag 60mg/IgG or full replacement with 100mg/IgG. Calves from heifers that do not have much milk should be supplemented with colostrum to ensure that they get the start that they need to thrive. Injectable vitamins A, D, E, and selenium: Injectable vitamins are especially important if your cattle are being fed low quality forages commonly seen after a drought year. Unfortunately this year Vitamin A & D are in extremely low supply and are hard to come by. This is ok because the calf gets the majority of vitamin A & D from mothers milk. The majority of SK, MB, and ON is deficient in selenium, which can cause white muscle disease, heart defects and weakens the calves immune system which leaves it susceptible to disease. An injection of Selon-E or Dystocyl will prevent this disease from occurring. Vitamin E can also be supplemented using tablets that you can get from your


Manitoba Charolais Bulletin

local pharmacy. Vaccines: I believe that the best way to treat any disease is to vaccinate for it. There are many things that you can give your calf in the first few weeks of life that will help it have a healthy life. If you have had troubles in the past with calf pneumonia there are multiple Intra-nasal vaccines (Inforce 3, ONCE PMH IN) which can be given to help protect the calf against respiratory pathogens and are not interfered with by maternal immunity. There is also a calfhood treatment/vaccine for coccidiosis if you have had trouble with coccidiosis in your calf crop in previous years. Treating them with totrazuril (Baycox) within the first week of life will effectively eliminate coccidiosis in your calves. Pain relief: This is my biggest area of passion because it is so helpful, and the industry is going to mandate that we use more and more pain relief in our cattle, so we might as well climb on board. Anti-inflammatories such as meloxicam (Metacam) and flunixin meglumine (Banamine) which are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) are great at decreasing pain and inflammation in cattle. They also come in many different forms including, and injectable, oral and a transdermal (pouron) forms. Every time that you have to pull a calf and it was a tough pull that animal should be getting some type of pain relief. This is beneficial not only for your cow, but for you as well. The better your cow feels the faster she is going to get up and give that calf the attention that it needs. She is also going to eat and drink better which is vital in those first few days. Everyone has had that calf that spent just a little to long in the birth canal and has a swollen face and tongue. This calf is unable to suck and generally feels like crap. If this calf gets a dose of meloxicam the swelling will decrease much quicker and will be able to get back on the cow where it was meant to be. It is important to be properly prepared for the calving season, and it is always better to have something before you need it. When dealing with a calf in those first few days of life cleanliness is essential. Now is the time to go out and clean you calving pen, pull that calf jack and chains out of the cupboard and give them a clean. Maybe go out and buy that second handle that you said that you were going to buy last year and make sure you have all the things that you will need. I know nobody likes to call a vet but we are here to answer the questions that you have and help you out of situations that nobody wants to be in. We are here to help you, and just because something costs you money doesn’t mean that it wont make you money in the future.

Photo Credit: Rammer Charolais

likely to use the whole bottle during a calving season, but they are relatively cheap and handy to have in your fridge. If a newborn calf is having trouble getting going 2ml of epinephrine (aka adrenalin) injected under the base of the tongue with increase the calves heart rate and respiratory rate and hopefully save it’s life. On a side note epinephrine is also handy to have around when you are running calves through for vaccinations. If a calf suffers an anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine (think peanut allergy), epinephrine can be given to the calf as a life saving measure.

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PICk A BULL fROM ThE PEN - BULLS fOR SALE fROM ThE yARD. Call for more information 204-252-3115 or 204-856-6357


Jim, Rae, Kiernan and Erik Olson Portage la Prairie, MB H: 204-252-3115 | C: 204-856-6357 lejcharolais@gmail.com

New this year... consigning 4 head to the




Manitoba Charolais Bulletin

R & G McDonalD livestock Here is a sample of the

6E RAMM 6E Sire: Merit Roundup BW -0.3 WW 44 YW 89 M 12 TM 34 BW: 96 WW: 985 Jan 17 1518

3rd Gen Pld

16E 4th Gen Pld

RAMM 16E Sire: Montezuma BW 3.7 WW 45 YW 84 M 22 TM 45 BW: 108 WW: 934 Jan 17 1477

11 bulls consigned to the

29E RAMM 29E Sire: LT Sundance BW 2.8 WW 52 YW 93 M 18 TM 44 BW: 105 WW: 933 Jan 17 1485



3rd Gen Pld

RAMM 34E Sire: RAMM Whistler BW 0.0 WW 47 YW 88 M 15 TM 39 BW: 98 WW: 949 Jan 17 1444

2nd Gen Pld

Distinction Bull Sale March 27 in


RAMM 50E 3rd Gen Pld Sire: Steppler Elite BW 1.5 WW 47 YW 92 M 22 TM 46 BW: 98 WW: 1028 Jan 17 1535



Dbl Red, 3rd Gen Pld

RAMM 61E Sire: Tri-N Yangster BW 2.9 WW 57 YW 107 M 20 TM 49 BW: 105 WW: 1021 Jan 17 1545

Ron & Gail McDonald 204-466-2883 (H) Box 85, Sidney MB R0H 1L0 204-724-2811 (C) Email: rgmcdonaldlivestock@inethome.ca

We have a great selection of 1 1/2 yr olds and yearlings for sale by Private Treaty. Herd Sire Issue 2018


National Show RESULTS Judged by Cole & Jill Harvey, AB

Female born in 2017 Split 1 1. McCaw Misty 669C, McCaw Livestock, SK; 2. Whitecap Ms Lois 142E, Howe Family Farm, SK; 3. McCaw Miss Delta 32E, McCaw Livestock, SK; GWL Nightline 4E, Zachary Graham, SK; 5. McCaw Pandora 2E, McCaw Livestock, SK. Split 2 1. Elder’s Revealing 92E, Elder Charolais, SK; 2. High Bluff Experenze 101E, High Bluff Stock Farms; McTavish Pure Cream 24E, McTavish Farms, SK; 4. JMB Luann 739E, JMB Charolais, MB; 5. HC Georgia 6106E, Hunter Charolais, MB & Wilgenbusch Charolais,SK. Split 3 1. Elder’s Nataleen 70E, Elder Charolais Farm & Wilgenbusch Charolais, SK; 2. Charla Moore Abigal 10E, Charla Moore Farms, SK; 3. JMB Elisha 717E, KMB Charolais, MB; 4. Beck’s Maude 24E, Beck Farms, SK; 5. Charla Moore Wednesday 5E, Charla Moore Farms, SK Junior Heifer Calf Champion McCaw Misty 669E, sired by MCL Sparrow Moty 411C; McCaw Livestock, SK Reserve Heifer Calf Champion Elder’s Nataleen 70E, sired by KAYR Extender 804C, Elders Charolais Farm & Wilgenbusch Charolais, SK Spilt 4 1. C2 Miss Reality 2E, C2 Charolais, Pure Country Simmentals, MB and Dodge City Simmetals, SK; 2. Beck’s Heartbreak, Beck Farm, SK; 3. TWN Electra 7E, Sunblade Charolais, MB; 4. Rosso Ms Thumbs Up 2E, Rosso Charolais, SK; 5. Rammer Emilia 724E, Rammer Charolais, MB Split 2 Steppler Miss 228E, Steppler Farms Ltd. MB; 2. WJS Bootylicious 733E, Big Johnson Charolais, AB; 3. JWX Eclipse 254E, Wilgenbusch Charolais, SK; 4. Nina Echo 51E, HEJ Charolais, AB; 5. Hopewell Kiwi 10E, Hopewell Charolais, SK. Split 5 Happy Haven Elypsys 12E, Happy Haven Charolais, MB; 2. Steppler Miss 164E, Steppler Charolais, MB; 3. HTA Purity 714E, HTA Charolais, MB; 4. Hicks Elegance 73, Hicks Charolais, ON, Pleasant Dawn Lady 217E, Pleasant Dawn Charolais, MB


Manitoba Charolais Bulletin

Spilt 6 Steppler Miss CCYA 2018 41E, Steppler Farms, Ltd. MB; 2. Beck’s Mist 12E, Beck Farm, SK; 3. Happy Haven Evanfeline 1E, Happy Haven Charolais; 4. LEJ Emelia 701E, LEJ Charolais; 5. HEJ Ellouse 1E, HEJ Charolais, AB. Senior Heifer Calf Champion Happy Haven Elypsys 12E, sired by MVY Xplorer 21X, Happy Haver Charolais Reserve Senior Heifer Calf Steppler Miss CCYA 2018 41E, sired by Sparrows Braxton 519C, Stepplers Farms Ltd., MB Females born in 2016 Split 1 1. CRG Princess Valentine 42D, Oattes Charolais, ON; 2. Beck’s Charisma 71D, Beck’s Farms, SK; 3. Hicks Dorita 24D, Hicks Charolais; 4. LEJ Destiny 623D, LEJ Charolais, MB. Split 2 DRD Ledger Star 942D, High Bluff Stock Farms, MB; 2. Stepplers Miss 167D, Steppler Farms Ltd., MB; 3. Pleasant Dawn Lady 720D, Pleaseant Dawn Charolais; 4. JWX Dazzle 239E, Wilgenbusch Charolais, SK 4. JWX Dazzle 239D, Wilgenbusch Charolais, SK 5. McTavish Fayette 92D, McTavish Farms Split 3 1. Steppler 433D, Steppler Farms. Ltd., MB 2; 2. Beck’s Sarah 8D, Beck Farms, SK; 3. Elder’s Yolanda 139Y, Elders Charolais Farm, SK; 4. HTA Hot Stuff 643D, HTA Charolais; 5. TWN Desi 2D, Sunblade Charolais. Junior Champion Female CRG Princess Valentine 42D, sired by TR PZC Mr Turton 0794 ET, Oattes Charolais Reserve Junior Female Steppler Miss 622D, sired by Sparrows Hacienda 497B, Steppler Farms Ltd. Females Born in 2015 with calf 1. PZC Lily R5103 ET, Prairie Cove Charolais,AB; 2. SOS Count On Me 116C, Springside Farms, AB; 3. Steppler Miss 135C, Steppler Farms Ltd. & Dale McKay, MB; 4. TWN Cinderella Story 15C, Sunblade Charolais, MB 5. Rosso Ms Thumbs Up 74C, Rosso Charolais, SK. Females Born in 2014 with calf 1. SOS Jessicah 34B, McKeary Charolais & Springside Farms, AB.

Senior Champion Female PZC Lily R5103 ET sired by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET with calf, Miss Prairie Cove 716E, sired by Sparrows Kingston 139Y, Prairie Cove Charolais, AB Reserve Senior Champion Female SOS Jessicah 34B, sired by Winn Mans Chavez 826Y with calf SOS Countess 343E, sired by SOS Chuckwagon 54C, McKeary Charolais & Springside Farms, AB. GRAND CHAMPION FEMALE PZC Lily R5103 ET sired by TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET with calf, Miss Prairie Cove 716E, sired by Sparrows Kingston 139Y, Prairie Cove Charolais, AB Reserve Senior Champion Female SOS Jessicah 34B, sired by Winn Mans Chavez 826Y with calf SOS Countess 343E, sired by SOS Chuckwagon 54C, McKeary Charolais & Springside Farms, AB. Bulls born in 2017 Split 1 1. High Bluff Enforcer 103E, High Bluff Stock Farm, MB; 2. Whitecap Encore 87E, Howe Family Farm, SK; 3. McTavish New Era 79E, McTavish Farms, SK; 4. Rosso Catalyst 7E, Rosso Charolais, SK; 5. C2 Everest 50E, C2 Charolais, MB. Split 2 1. Pleasant Dawn Pinnacle 908E, Pleasant Dawn Farms, MB; 2. High Bluff Excalibur 69E, High Bluff Stock Farm, MB; 3. HC Eastwatch 18E, Hunter Charolais ,MB; 4. TWN Eastwood 18E, Sunblade Charolais, MB; 5. TWN Evolution 19E, Sunblade Charolais, MB. Junior Bull Calf Champion High Bluff Enforcer 103E, sired by High Bluff Casanova 13C, High Bluff Stock Farm, MB. Reserve Junior Bull Champion Pleasant Dawn Pinnacle 908E, sired by Pleasant Dawn Chisum 216A, Pleasant Dawn Farms, MB. Split 3 1. Elder’s Honcho 71E, Elder Charolais Farms, SK; 2. High Bluff El Paso 15E, High Bluff Stock Farm, MB; 3. Pleasant Dawn Chisum 47E,

WHEAT CITY CHAMPION Elders Honco 72E Elder Charolais Farm, SK Wheat King Reserve Champion High Bluff Excalibur 69E High Bluff Stock Farm, MB $1000 sale credits from the breeders below were given out thru a draw process to the producers in attendance at the Wheat King Jackpot Charolais show at Ag-Ex 2018. 2018 CCYA Donation Heifer Winner Paisley Baron Heifer donated by Steppler Farms Ltd.

Pleasant Dawn Charolais, MB; 4.JWX Engineer 421E, Wilgenbusch Charolais; 5. JMB Boy Wonder 721E, JMB Charolais, MB & Caul Charolais, ON. Split 4 1. Elder’s Hooch 21E, Elder Charolais Farms, SK; 2. Pleasant Dawn Reload 19E, Pleasant Dawn Charolais, MB; 3. Happy Haven Ehlers 3E, happy Haven Charolais, MB; 4. HTA Easton 706E, HTA Charolais, MB; 5. JWX Executive 364E, Wilgenbusch Charolais, SK.

Steppler Farms Ltd. - Nolan Vandersluis HTA Charolais - Murray Moffat Cline Cattle Company - Nathan Bootsman C2 Charolais – Kris Kristjanson

Senior Bull Calf Champion Elder’s Honcho 71E, sired by Elder’s Backjack 788B, Elder Charolais Farms, SK

High Bluff Stock Farm - Darryl Munro

Reserve Junior Bull Champion Elder’s Hooch 21E, sired by Elder’s Backjack 788B, Elder Charolais Farms, SK

Happy Haven Charolais – The Milliken’s Hunter Charolais – Jeff Beyak

Bulls Born in 2016 1. JMB Fisher 604D, JMB Charolais & C2 Charolais, MB; 2. SOS Gaucho 139D, Hopwell Charolais, Springside Farms & Bob Charolais, AB; 3. KMT Daniel 606D, LEJ Charolais.

Pleasant Dawn Charolais - Tim Jackson

Junior Champion Bull JMB Fisher 604D, sired by KRF What-A-Boy 014Y, JMB Charolais & C2 Charolais, MB

Myhre Charolais - Alvin Foster

Reserve Junior Champion Bull SOS Gaucho 139D, sired by Winn Mans Chavez 826Y, Hopewell Charolais, Springside Farms & Bob Charolais, AB

CattleLac Charolais - Terry Sliworsky

Bulls Born Prior to 2016

Rammer Charolais - Allan Nykoliation

1. High Bluff Cowboy 84C, High Bluff Stock Farm, MB; 2. Hicks Cryptonyte 24C, Hicks Charolais, ON; 3. MCL Sparrow Moty 411C, McCaw Livestock, SK

R&G McDonald - Leonard Macksymchuck

Senior Champion Bull High Bluff Cowboy 84C, sired by Silverstream Geddes G102, High Bluff Stock Farm, MB

Johnston Charolais - Ken Foster

Reserve Senior Champion Bull Hicks Cryptonyte 24C, sired by Hicks Indiana Jone 7Y, Hicks Charolais, ON Grand Champion Bull JMB Fisher 604D, sired by KRF What-A-Boy 014Y, JMB Charolais & C2 Charolais, MB Reserve Champion Bull High Bluff Cowboy 84C, sired by Silverstream Geddes G102, High Bluff Stock Farm, MB

Double P Stock Farms - David Senderewich LEJ Charolais- Vince Wilkinson Sunblade Charolais - Bryce Olmstead

Progeny of Dam Hicks Charolais, ON Breeder’s Herd 1. High Bluff Stock Farms, MB 2. Elder Charolais Farms, SK 3. JMB Charolais, MB Get Of Sire 1. Elders Charolais Farms, SK 2. JMB Charolais, MB Premier Breeder High Bluff Stock Farms, MB Premier Breeder Steppler Farms Ltd., MB

Herd Sire Issue 2018


The future of Charolais looks bright


Manitoba Charolais Bulletin

July 14, 2018 Plan to attend

The 2018 Manitoba Charolais pen show/ AGM will be Held Saturday July 14th on the farm of Cline Cattle Company, Brad and Juanita Cline. Located 2 miles east of Belmont on #23 highway and half mile north on Woodbine road. Road #86. Watch for signs.

change to the expression of the CCA Calving Ease EPD The Calving Ease (CE) EPD expresses differences in calving difficulty between calves born to first-calf heifers. When comparing two sires, the larger value indicates fewer potential calving difficulties when used on first-calf heifers. The new presentation will help to provide more separation and describe differences among animals that are at the ends of the CE distribution.

Only the expression of CE has been changed in order to better describe the genetics for CE in first-calf heifers when bred to Charolais bulls. The EPD model remains unchanged and is calculated using calving ease scores from first-calf heifers, birth weights from heifers and cows, and gestation length information from AI breedings. It is important to note that the EPD is based on calving difficulty in first calf heifers and that bulls with average or slightly below average CE EPD may be effectively and safely used in many situations with mature cows. The CE EPD is expressed as the expected difference in assisted calvings when sires are used on first-calf heifers. A larger value indicates MORE calving ease or fewer assisted births. Spring 2018 Breed Averages - the latest EPD Evaluation has been completed and now released. Please contact the office with any questions that you may encounter.

GOLD STAR DAMS Of DISTINCTION Presented at the 2017 AGM - Saskatoon, SK

Gold Star Dams of Distinction are females recognized for their genetic contribution to the Charolais Industry having produced five consecutive registered calves have attained a 205 day index of 100.00 or more.

C2 Charolais

HTA Charolais

C2 Miss 28X

HTA Bridget 714T

Tee M Jay Farms TMJF 286X & TMJF Xuzette 289X

Defoort Stock Farm

Trent Hatch

GDSF Miss Hot Rio 23T

Pleasant Dawn Lady 317Y

Herd Sire Issue 2018


JFc 645D

JFc 680D

JFc 600D

JFc 653D

Selling in the


Distinction BULL saLe

March 27, 2018

Neepawa ,MB We have a strong group of summer 2016 born bulls on development off of balanced sires such as Steppler’s Intuition, Merit Roundup, Silverstream Geddes. off farm sales as well

JFc 674D


JOHNSTON rathwell, mb


Manitoba Charolais Bulletin

Scott, Shelley, Madison and Gavin Johnston Home: 204-749-2247 • Cell: 204-723-5030 h.scott.johnston@gmail.com

contact us for more information or view catalogue online at bylivestock.com

Commercially Driven Performance Bulls



ECG 137E




Carman & Donna Jackson & Family, Inglis MB

Phone: (204)564-2547 Cell: (204) 773-6448 www.highbluffstockfarm.ca


www.facebook.com/highbluffstockfarm Instagram Highbluff_sf Herd Sire Issue 2018


Calving cows and ranching in Hawaii’s Climate

Different than our Canadian climate By: Joan Airey On the Parker Ranch in Hawaii purebred Charolais and Angus cows calved in January winter temperatures of plus 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the pasture. While back home In Manitoba that day family were calving out cows in -30 Celsius making sure calves were born indoors so they would not be chilled or their ears freeze. Parker Ranch is presently owned and operated by the Parker Ranch Foundation Trust and its beneficiaries are the North Hawaii Community Hospital, Parker School Trust Crop, Hawaii Trust Corp., Hawaii Preparatory Academy and The Richard Smart Fund of the Hawaii Community Foundation. The Ranch was founded in 1847 by John Palmer Parker a sailor from Newton, Massachusetts. He married Cheifess Kipikane, the granddaughter of King Kamehameha I and they purchased the first two acres of land for the sum of ten dollars. The ranch has been in operation for over one hundred and seventy years.

“The calves are mostly weaned at five to six months when they weigh about four hundred pounds and shipped to the United States mainland to be finished. We lean in the spring and fall.” said Leon.

“Our purebred herds of Charolais and Angus herds are all artificially inseminated to using frozen semen imported from the mainland. We breed the cows to bulls that will produce cows suited to do the best for us here on the ranch. We want easy Brian told us he calving cows, with good feet and was using some of legs, than can survive on our the same bulls that different pastures. Weekly we feed cows the minerals especially we have used in HTA the the copper they need.” said Brian Charolais herd. the purebred herd manager.

Our tour guide for the day Leon said “Now we run nine thousand cows on the ranch. Twelve cowboys look after the herds on Mondays and Fridays and every herd is checked to make sure they are healthy and have a water supply. Each cowboy is responsible for a certain herd. When it comes to branding, weaning a herd, the cowboys all work together. We raise purebred Charolais and Angus bulls to use in our own herds. When the bulls are five years old we sell them to local ranches as we prefer to use young bulls. The ranch breeds twenty-five mares each year to AQHA stallions owned by the ranch. Each cowboy has


eight horses assigned to him and they are responsible for the care of their horses. After the horses have been trained by a professional for sixty days the cowboys are responsible for work training their own horses. Besides horses the cowboys have new half tons or crew cabs to get to their pastures

Manitoba Charolais Bulletin

“Some of the calves are now grass finished since we partnered with the Ulupono Initiative to study the feasibility of largescale grass fed beef production. The Paniolo Cattle Company was subsequently formed and beef from the ranch is available in Safeway stores in Hilo and Kona.” said Leon. It takes approximately three hundred breeding bulls to service the cows. The cows are divided into winter and summer calving herds. Besides the dozen cowboys approximately nine employees in support positions do fencing, welding, truck repair and maintenance to support the cattle operation. Because of the year round supply of grass pastures there is no need to grow feed for the cattle.

The Purebred Charolais Cows and Angus cows calf in the same pasture - the purebred cows are all A.I. bred

Harry at Parker Ranch in Hawaii with Leon our tour guide and Brian the herdsman in Charge of the Purebred Charolais and Angus Cows.

Herd Sire Issue 2018


R&G McDonalD livestock

Kevin, Crystal, Kory, and Shaylin


Box 266, Oakburn,MB

Cell: 204-365-6010 Res: 204-234-5425 happyhaven@goinet.ca

Quality Polled Charolais

Ron & Gail McDonald 204-466-2883 (H) Box 85, Sidney, MB R0H 1L0 204-724-2811 (C) email: rgmcdonaldlivestock@inethome.ca

You will never been seen if you don’t advertise! Book today Rae 204-252-3315


Charolais influenced presort sale on November 8, 2017

# of head avg wt price/lbs avg $/head 10 tan steers 802 2.1325 1710.27 43 tan steers 739 2.25 1662.75 89 tan steers 677 2.3375 1582.49 12 white steers 633 2.3125 1463.81 99 tan steers 615 2.3475 1443.71 12 tan steers 618 2.3325 1441.49 21 white steers 569 2.335 1328.62 53 tan steers 541 2.41 1303.81


Manitoba Charolais Bulletin


# of head 28 tan heifers 46 tan heifers 12 tan heifers 33 tan heifers

avg wt 673 673 651 547

price/lbs 1.925 1.925 1.93 2.2775

avg $/head 1295.53 1295.53 1256.43 1245.79

Please contact

PrairiePistolDesigns@gmail.com or call 204-573-9903 to be added or removed from the mailing list.


75 Bulls 45 Charolais Yearlings (17 white, 28 tan & red) 15 Red & Black Angus Yearlings and Two Year Olds 15 Simmental Yearlings and Two Year Olds Select pen of Open Heifers

Herd Sire Issue 2018


Calendar FEBRUARY 10 Ste. Rose du Lac, MB Myhre Land & Cattle Co.,/Bar J Charolais Bull Sale MARCH 11 Miami, MB Steppler Farms 7th Annual Bull Sale MARCH 16 Inglis, MB Family Tradition Bull Sale MARCH 17 Virden, MB Pleasant Dawn Charolais 16th Annual Bull Sale MARCH 21 Neepawa, MB HTA Charolais & Guest Bull Sale MARCH 27 Neepawa, MB Prairie Distiction Charolais Bull Sale MARCH 31 Virden, MB Tri-N Charolais Farms & Guests Bull Sale APRIL 5 Roblin, MB Hunter Farms 6th Annual Bull Sale JULY 25 - 28 Brandon, MB CCYA Show & Conference SEPTEMBER 25 2018 BULLETIN FALL EDITION DEADLINE

Index By Livestock . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IFC, 9, 10 C2 Charolais. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Cline Cattle Company. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14, 30 Defoort Stock Farm. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Fountain Tire, Virden . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Happy Haven Charolais. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 High Bluff Stock Farms. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 HTA Charolais . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . OBC Hunter Charolais . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IBC Johnston Charolais. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Keystone Livestock Services. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 LEJ Charolais . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Murray Chev Cadillac GMC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Myhre Land & Cattle. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Pleasant Dawn Charolais. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Prairie Pistol Designs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 R&G McDonald Livestock . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21, 30 Rammer Charolais. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Scarth Cattle Company. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Steppler Charolais . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IFC, 1 Sunny Ridge Stock Farms. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Tri N Charolais. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 White Meadow Charolais. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13


These meatballs past the taste test with 90% of my grandchildren one likes them with out the sauce. I prefer to use cider vinegar in the sauce. If you don’t like peppers you could omit the pepper I think it improves their presentation having a little added colour. .


In large bowl combine ground beef, eggs, breadcrumbs, salt pepper, garlic powder and onion powder. Use your hands to mash everything together until the ingredients are well mixed. Roll the mixture into 1.5 inch balls. Place meatballs side by side in a single large in the bottom of a greased crockpot. Add pineapple chunks and red pepper. Prepare the sauce by whisking together apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, garlic powder, onion powder, and ketchup. Pour over meatballs in crockpot. Cover and cook on high for 1-2 hours or on low 3-4 hours. About thirty minutes before serving, in a small bowl whisk together cold water and cornstarch. Pour into crockpot and stir. Cover and allow thickening for about 30 minutes before serving. You can cook meatballs in oven on tray for 20-30 minutes. While they are cooking make sauce on top of stove and add meatballs to sauce when they are cooked. I prefer the slow cooker if I’m having guests in for a meal.


Manitoba Charolais Bulletin

Ingredients 2 lbs. ground beef 2 eggs ½ cup bread crumbs 1 teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon pepper 2 teaspoons garlic powder 2 teaspoons onion powder 1 cup pineapple chunks, drained 1 red pepper, seeded, steam removed and chopped Sauce ¾ cup sugar ½ cup apple cider vinegar (may substitute white vinegar I don’t) 2 Tablespoons Soy Sauce 1 teaspoon garlic powder ½ teaspoon onion powder ¼ cup ketchup 1 Tablespoon cornstarch


Yearling Charolais Bulls HC 721E • 4th Gen Pld • BW 86, Adj 205 DW 650 LT LEDGER x ELDER’S ZEUS CE 9.2 BW -.3 WW 53 YW 100 M 18 TM 44


HC 731E • 3rd Gen Pld • BW 94, Adj 205 DW 766 JWX DOWNTOWN x HTA BLOCKER CE .6 BW 4.3 WW 58 YW 110 M 18 TM 48

Yearling Hereford Bulls

HC 7117E • 3rd Gen Pld • BW 94, Adj 205 DW 783 ELDER’S BLACKJACK x HTA BLOCKBUSTER PLD CE 4.7 BW 1.7 WW 38 YW 76 M 25 TM 44

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HC 789E • Dbl Pld • BW 110, Adj 205 DW 791 KCM ULTIMATE x CS PLD JUNCTION CE 2 BW 4.6 WW 45 YW 85 M 20 TM 43

Catalogue and videos will be available at www.huntercharolais.com

Sale Manager: By Livestock Helge By 306-536-4261

HC 7152E • 3rd Gen Pld • BW 106, Adj 205 DW 776 CEDARDALE ZEAL x JWX SILVER BULLET CE 1.6 BW 2 WW 46 YW 89 M 21 TM 44

LPH 707E • BW 90, 205 DW 735 HWCW 2Z BANKER 101B x PCL-Y-NOT ME R117 1Y CE .3 BW 4.1 WW 61 YW 104.2 M 24.7 TM 55.2

Hunter Charolais

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HTA exCLuSive 784e dam’s weight - 1620 lbs

ReMiNgTON X NOBleMAN BW 104 Adj 205 - 764 lbs Adj 365 - 1431 lbs BW 3.2 WW 50.9 YW 108.6 Milk 19 TM 44 Out of the grandmother of last years’ high seller, HTA Contender 605D

HTA in FOCuS 721e dam’s weight - 1785 lbs

HTA geneTiC eDge 770e dam’s weight - 1665 lbs

CHAlleNge X ReMiNgTON BW 104 Adj 205 - 796 lbs Adj 365 - 1478 lbs BW 1.7 WW 49.6 YW 95 Milk 25 TM 49

ReMiNgTON X All STATe BW 95 Adj 205 - 827 Adj 365 - 1457 BW 3.5 WW 58.1 YW 117.2 Milk 17.1 TM 46

ReMiNgTON X BRAviA BW 104 Adj 205 - 799 lbs Adj 365 - 1457 lbs BW 3.9 WW 57.8 YW 119 Milk 15.3 TM 44

HTA BrigHT LigHTS 742e dam’s weight - 2010 lbs

lANzA X MeRiT COBB BW 103 Adj 205 - 747 lbs Adj 365 - 1473 lbs BW 2.1 WW 45.6 YW 102.2 Milk 27 TM 50 Maternal brother to 2015 High Seller

HTA FirepOwer 723e

HTA eASTOn 706e dam’s weight - 1480 lbs

Annual Bull Sale

dam’s weight - 1255 lbs

ReliABle X NOBleMAN BW: 89 lbs Adj 205: 788 lbs Adj 365: 1399 lbs BW 0.1 WW 40.5 YW 76.3 Milk 23 TM 43 Out of a first calf heifer

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