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Junior Leaders Conference “We value the creativity and innovation that come from diverse backgrounds and perspectives” - Vision &Values

Explore a career with Wells Fargo The Junior Leaders Conference is designed to increase your understanding of financial services and introduce the various businesses and career paths that Wells Fargo has to offer. A select group of high-performing students from diverse backgrounds will be invited to participate. During the forum, you’ll develop a deep understanding of Wells Fargo’s unique culture and values, which you will experience first- hand. You will also have the exclusive opportunity to interview with hiring managers for summer internship positions across the Enterprise before our spring 2019 recruiting season commences.

Target audience

Activities include:

 The Junior Leaders Conference is designed for

 Interview for openings in our 2019 junior summer

high-achieving students who are currently pursuing a

internship programs. Summer internship

bachelor’s degree in any major

opportunities will be available nationwide across

 Graduation date of either December 2019

multiple groups.

or May / June 2020  You must not already be committed to another 2019 summer internship in order to apply for the

 Professional development workshops  Networking opportunities

Conference locations and dates

conference opportunity

 Chandler, AZ: October 23 – 25, 2018

How to apply

 St. Louis, MO: November 14 – 16, 2018

Step 1: Visit to submit your interest in applying by July 31, 2018 at 11:59pm Central Time. Step 2: We will email those who submit an interest form with the formal application instructions in early August.

 Charlotte, NC: November 6 – 8, 2018 You will be selected to participate in one of the conferences based on your regional internship placement preference. All travel and meal expenses will be paid by Wells Fargo.

©2018 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. All rights reserved. Member FDIC. Relevant military experience is considered for veterans and transitioning service men and women. Wells Fargo is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer, Minority/Female/Disabled/Veteran/Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation. Wells Fargo will not sponsor visas for these positions, and will not hire individuals whose work eligibility is based on their F-1 or other student visa status. Candidates must be authorized to work in the United States on a permanent basis.



IN NUMBERS THOUGH WERE THREE! Phi Beta Sigma Makes History at Lake Forest College





Pi Chapter Collects 500+ Meal Swipes from Fellow Students, Give Food to Homeless

ON THE COVER The cover features some of the 100+ submissions of Phi Beta Sigma’s 2018 Graduates. SUMMER 2018


NU SIGMA SIGMA CHAPTER INVESTS IN ITS COLLEGIANS Supporting the New Administration’s Trilogy of Change in the African American Male




SIGMA WEEK ON CAPITOL HILL The Arthur W. Mitchell Leadership and Policy Training Institute

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Steve E. Ballard

LAYOUT & DESIGN Christopher Fleming Communications Manager


EDITORIAL OFFICE Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. 145 Kennedy Street, NW Washington, DC 20011-5294 (202) 726-5434

CONTRIBUTORS Charles L. Jones, Quantico McMillan, Bill Rabinowitz

Summer 2018


GREETINGS CONSCIOUS SIGMA BROTHERS! Throughout my travels during the recent regional conference cycle, it was so exciting to see the enthusiasm within our Collegians. I spent a lot of time visiting and talking about your hopes, dreams for your careers and witnessed the excitement in your eyes for this GIFT, we call Phi Beta Sigma. This experience re-enforced my commitment to the centerpiece of our programmatic focus, which is the Trilogy of Change within the African American community. Without a doubt, as A Brotherhood of Conscious Men Actively Serving Our Communities, we will impact our communities stronger by developing the African American male through our Sigma Beta Clubs and collegian Sigma Brothers. Welcome to The Crescent: On The Yard, our digital magazine focused on the collegiate membership of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. In this issue, you’ll read about collegiate brothers, and collegiate and alumni chapters carrying out the vision and mission of the Fraternity in very productive ways.


The Crescent On The Yard

Additionally, I want to call your attention to our 2018 Graduates. Congratulations to the academic achievers who’ve reached an incredible milestone in your lives. For many of you, this is your first major decision that will impact your lives for years to come. For others who’ve achieved an advance degree, you’ve added to the quality of life you will surely experience as a result of your attainment. Take a look at the Sigma Brothers who’ve shared their proudest moment with us. As the lifeline of this great Brotherhood, your leadership and alumni brethren will continue to strive to make your Brotherhood Experience an unforgettable one! Brotherhood First!

HON. MICHEAL E. CRISTAL, International President

GREETINGS FELLOW COLLEGIATE BROTHERS! I’m pleased to welcome you to The Crescent: On The Yard. On behalf of your collegiate leadership team, I’m truly honored to serve you and welcome your thoughts on and contributions to this publication, which is focused on you. As an international Brotherhood, Phi Beta Sigma’s collegiate membership has, among its ranks, some of the best and brightest campus leaders serving today. I’m keenly aware of this because I’ve been fortunate to meet, greet and work with many of you over the last year. Many of you will be very busy this summer with classes, internships, summer jobs, travel or simply enjoying your summer break. During this time, I encourage you to view this publication and be reminded of the call to service, for which we eagerly volunteered. When you return to campus this fall, be sure to document your service and please share with us your achievements. Please send articles and submissions of interest to:, or Congratulations to all of the 2018 Graduates! Brotherhood First!

BROTHER FREDERICK BELL, International Second Vice President

Summer 2018



Phi Beta Sigma Makes History at Lake Forest College By Bro. Charles L. Jones, Vice Regional Director, Great Lakes Region

In ode to the founding of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. by three visionary collegians on Howard University’s campus in 1914, three young students were recently initiated into the noble band through Nu Lambda Sigma Chapter, Gurnee, IL to become charter members of the Gamma Pi Gamma Chapter at Lake Forest College. This history was made on Saturday, May 12, 2018. The new brothers represent the first alumni of Lake Forest College to experience membership in a Black Greek-Lettered fraternity in the college's 160+ years of existence. Congratulations to Brothers R.J. Pompey, Ryan Shalosky and Jenri Salonga for their academic and athletic (football) achievements. This historical moment would not have been possible without the vision and leadership of Lake Forest College's Head Football Coach, Brother Jim Catanzaro. - - The Fraternity of Firsts!


The Crescent On The Yard


Pi Chapter Collects 500+ Meal Swipes from Fellow Students to Give Food to the Homeless By Bro. Quantico McMillan

The brothers of the Pi Chapter at Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville, North Carolina are very creative when it comes to service. These young men recently went around campus collecting cafeteria meal swipes from fellow students, and used those swipes to buy food for homeless shelters in their community. In total, the brothers collected over 500 meal swipes for the homeless exceeding, their original goal. The service project, which was named “Piece of the Pi”, was started by Brothers Rodney Adams and Robert Anderson in 2016 as a way to assist the homeless in the Fayetteville area. Based on the success of the first event, the brothers decided to make “Piece of the Pi” a regular part of their service program, occurring at the end of every academic semester since 2016. Pi Chapter encourages other Phi Beta Sigma collegiate chapters, as well as other fraternity and sorority collegiate chapters around the country to follow suit, to make a difference in the communities where they attend college.

Summer 2018


MAJORING IN PHYSICS, OSU PLAYER DEFIES LAWS OF HIS NEIGHBORHOOD By Bill Rabinowitz, The Cleveland Dispatch Reprinted from

Cin’Quan Haney’s Ohio State football career consisted of one play. And it didn’t go well. Of the 189 OSU student-athletes, including 10 football players, who received diplomas at spring commencement Sunday, Haney’s playing career might have been the most modest of all of them. But his overall achievements at Ohio State might have been surpassed by none of them. Haney overcame a difficult upbringing in inner-city Dayton to graduate with a degree in physics, a notoriously challenging major. He also found time for various extracurricular activities, all the while becoming one of the mostrespected members of the football team despite his lack of playing time.

“My nickname for him was ‘Obama,’” said Ryan Stamper, Ohio State’s player development director. “I really think he’s a guy who can run for president one day.” A TOUGH START Haney grew up in the Five Oaks neighborhood just north of downtown Dayton with his mom, Cynthia, and sisters Cinquianna and Cinnquinniece. “My mom got real creative with the names,” Cin’Quan said. From birth, little came easily to Cin’Quan. He was diagnosed with a respiratory virus infection as a newborn and one of his lungs collapsed. He recovered from that, but at age 2 he wasn’t talking clearly. His doctor discovered that his adenoids had swelled to the size of golf balls and impaired his hearing. “He was talking like he was hearing things — muffled,” Cynthia said. “Once they cleared all that out, he started talking and has never stopped. “I’ll be honest: I thought something was wrong, like my baby’s not going to be the brightest. But he’s smart as a whip. He’s always excelled no matter what.”

Next week, he will start a career at Vencore, a private defense contractor in Virginia that serves, among other entities, the U.S. Intelligence community. If the Ohio State football program’s ultimate mission is to develop well-rounded men and not just football players, Haney is an embodiment of it.

There were plenty of no-matter-whats. He said his father, Benny Coleman, has been incarcerated on drug convictions for most of Cin’Quan’s life. His neighborhood was dangerous enough that Cynthia rarely let him play outside without close supervision. Haney was a talented athlete, and Cynthia wanted him to play sports to stay busy. But academics were his passion. At Chaminade-Julienne High School, he was a member of the National Honor Society and played football only reluctantly.

Summer 2018


“I didn’t really have an interest in football, but I played it so I could be with my friends,” he said.

But Haney stuck with it, gradually improved his technique and developed into an important player on the scout team, whose job is to run opponents’ plays during the week in practice. “At Ohio State, you have to know you have a role on the team,” he said. “Even though you may not be in the position you want to be in, you’re in the position that you’re in for a reason. You’re significant to the team for a reason.

When he enrolled at Ohio State, he had no thoughts of playing anything except intramural sports. But after his first semester, his late stepfather, Willie Mitchell, urged him to try out for the football team. So did some of his high school friends, including Malik Zaire, then the quarterback at Notre Dame. Haney was ambivalent but decided to give it a shot. A week after tryouts, he got an email saying he’d made the team. It wasn’t easy at first. The Buckeyes were coming off the 2014 College Football Playoff championship. Haney, a cornerback, was unsure if he could compete with scholarship players. In truth, his fears weren’t unfounded. “When I first saw him run, I thought, ‘This kid won’t make it,’” Stamper said. “Awkward running, awkward moving. It was awful. “He had some speed and he had some size. He had toughness. But his backpedal and change of direction, it was the worst thing you’ve ever seen.” Haney didn’t immediately accept his role. “Yeah, there were times, earlier when I first got on the team, when I asked myself, ‘Why am I doing this? Why am I putting up with this? I don’t need to be here,’” he said. 10 The Crescent On The Yard

“Once you realize what your purpose and role is on the team, it makes it easier to connect with the team. If you’re always like, ‘I don’t understand what’s going on with the program’ or ‘Things aren’t going right for me,’ there’s always going to be that pullback, and you won’t be able to build that relationship (with teammates).” In his first 36 games, Haney never left the sidelines. But in the next-to-last regular-season game in 2017, Haney was summoned into action to block on a punt return with three minutes left in what would be a 52-14 win over Illinois. “I was on the sideline and they were calling my name and I was like, ‘Why are they calling my name?’” he said. Rain was pouring and Haney was nervous. It showed. Haney unwisely got too close to the ball as it rolled to a stop. If he’d touched it, Illinois could have recovered and regained possession, something special teams coordinator Kerry Coombs and coach Urban Meyer made quite clear to Haney as he came off the field. “I got a few words from coach Coombs and coach Meyer after that play,” he said with a laugh. “It wasn’t the best job, I have to say that.” And thus began and ended the playing career of Ohio State’s Moonlight Graham.

By the time Ohio State did its video review of the game, Haney’s near faux pas had already become fodder for jokes. “A lot of laughs,” receiver C.J. Saunders said of the viewing of Haney’s not-so-shining moment. But the Buckeyes were able to laugh because Haney had become such a respected teammate. “He cares so much about each individual guy on the team,” said Saunders, a walkon recently rewarded with a scholarship. It’s one thing to ask how someone’s doing and continue with your day. He never had a problem with diving deeper and really seeing how you’re doing and help cheer you up. That’s something I can never pay him back for.” FOOTBALL HELPED GPA For every Ohio State player — walk-on or scholarship — football is a full-time job with practice, film study, etc. To play football as a physics major is a monumental task. Haney enrolled intending to major in engineering, but he wanted an even-bigger challenge. “If you can major in something as hard as physics, you can do many things that you want outside of physics,” he said. His courses included electrodynamics, quantum mechanics and interferometry. “I was a pretty smart kid in college, and I couldn’t imagine doing that,” Stamper said.

Summer 2018 11

Yet Haney said he succeeded academically not despite his football responsibilities but because of them. The academic resources available to him as an athlete enabled him to have a significantly higher grade-point average after he started playing football. He had a 2.3 before he joined the team and at least a 3.0 every grading period afterward.

Somehow, Haney also found time for other pursuits. He ran a write-in campaign for undergraduate student government president. Frustrated that he had trouble communicating with deaf people he encountered, he learned American Sign Language. He joined the Delta Omicron Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity. Haney also got particular fulfillment as a volunteer with a Franklin County Children’s Services program in which he mentored high school seniors. “Being an athlete puts you on a different platform in our society,” Haney said. “People look up to athletes. It’s good to have athletes as a mentor, especially from Ohio State, to have an impact on the younger community.”

“Whenever I would have a problem with a class, I would talk to my adviser and got help,” he said. “That tutoring kept me focused.” He named Andrew George as a particularly helpful tutor and cited the Real Life Wednesdays, started by Meyer and run by Stamper, as invaluable. The program is designed to get players ready for the business world. Last summer, Haney worked as a paid intern at Vencore. Stamper said players are required to stay in town for summer workouts, but Haney’s internship opportunity was so good that the Buckeyes gave their blessing to him to take it. He was offered a job last year and will start full time with Vencore on Monday. Asked what he’ll be doing, Haney took a long pause. “I’m going to work with them as a systems engineer,” he said. “I’m not really sure how much I can say.”

12 The Crescent On The Yard

That Haney has done, even if his own playing career was over in an instant. Ohio State players have told him that they want to work for him one day. “The mark he’s left, maybe not on the football field but in the locker room, and the imprint he’s left on the team in leading guys, it’s been incredible,” Saunders said. On Sunday, Haney received the diploma for which he’d worked so hard. Cynthia Haney was in the crowd, beaming with pride. “I just felt a sense of relief that he’s not going to be a statistic from the streets,” she said. “You can rise above your circumstances. He did have obstacles and he chose the right route, and I’m proud of that. I raised him, but it was all his doing.”


Supporting the New Administration’s Trilogy of Change for the African American Male

When Phi Beta Sigma’s Conclave 2017 came to an end in the Motor City of Detroit, Michigan, a new breeze of leadership ushered in a vision and platform that would embrace the accomplishments of the previous administration, but also add a layer of fresh inspiration to the purpose of the organization. The newly elected International President, Honorable Micheal E. Cristal, described in great detail his vision for the future of Sigma. He made “crystal clear” that as an inclusive and trusted leader, his over-arching purpose for Phi Beta Sigma is to be intentional on impacting the communities served by the fraternity.

Cristal proclaimed that Phi Beta Sigma will strengthen the African American community by strengthening the African American male via the Trilogy of Change. Sigma chapters will be strategic in their efforts by mentoring male youth through the Sigma Beta clubs and continue cultivating the positive impact with collegiate members. Finally, Sigma will more actively support the young alumni Brothers transitioning into adulthood. Focused and continuous mentorship will allow for smooth transitioning on every level, thus helping to develop strong leaders in the community.

Summer 2018 13

The Nu Sigma Sigma Chapter in Harford County/Baltimore Metro, Maryland, heard the call and realized that the new programmatic thrust was perfect for them. Quite honestly, it’s been a longstanding priority of the chapter to be seriously engaged with the building future leaders. The chapter’s Sigma Beta Club has a unique brand, focusing on activities and programs geared at STEM development and education. Their engagement with the collegians ranks high on the list of initiatives.

“They are the lifeline of this fraternity and it’s our responsibility to assist with the development of strong leaders—not just for the Brotherhood, but for our communities. This is why we serve.” Roughly 30 percent of Nu Sigma Sigma’s active membership are alumni of Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD, where Gamma chapter resides. In addition to Gamma chapter, the alumni chapter also advises Theta Omicron chapter at Towson University, Towson, MD. At various points throughout the year, the alumni chapter holds its meeting on the collegiate chapters’ campuses, exposing to how alumni chapters operate and engaging them on how fraternity programs should be implemented. Collegiate chapter advisors are fully engaged with the collegians’ operations and provide monthly progress reports. Each year the chapter budgets support dollars targeted to assist the collegiate chapters. The collegiate chapters also receive financial assistance for their delegates to attend regional and international conferences. They’re also benefit from discounted ticket admission to the chapter’s annual major fundraiser.

“We realize that we MUST make a significant investment in the collegians we advise,” shares Brother Don Basilio, President, Nu Sigma Sigma Chapter.

14 The Crescent On The Yard

Graduating seniors receive significant support. For the second year, the chapter sponsored “I Am My Brother’s Keeper: Suits 4 Seniors”, a support initiative that provided each graduating senior with two business suits and a shirt. Alumni members gave generous donations to the cause, while the chapter matched the total funds raised. In May 2018, 11 brothers from Gamma Chapter and 4 brothers from Theta Omicron received the special gifts. To emphasize the importance of achievement for Nu Sigma Sigma, each year in May, collegiate chapters are

invited to participate in the presentation of certificates and Sigma stoles to graduating seniors. Each graduate shares his area of study and his post-graduation plans. To assist the aspiring new professionals in establishing a network base, Nu Sigma Sigma provides each new graduate with a manual of chapter biographies and profiles. This helps newly graduated brothers discover and seek those alumni members already established in his respective career field.

When President Cristal speaks of the centerpiece of Phi Beta Sigma’s programmatic focus being the Trilogy of Change within the African American community, Nu Sigma Sigma Chapter set his very idea in motion at the chapter’s inception. The five chapter founders understood the necessary ingredients for perpetual growth; investment in the youth. This is the future of the African American community and the bloodline of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity.

Summer 2018 15

It was once said that the greatest gift a collegiate brother can give the fraternity is an earned degree. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity is a cadre of college-educated men, each fulfilling his commitment to enhance the opportunities of those less fortunate, underserved and underrepresented in our communities. Since its inception, Sigma has stood for the rights of others by instituting programs that encourage all people to achieve their absolute best. In this issue we congratulate conscious young Sigma Men on the achievement of completing their respective degrees. The following is a list of 2018 Graduates who desire to share their achievement with the brothers around the globe:

16 The Crescent On The Yard

2018 GRADUATES Charles Harper Kelechi Dike Chetachukwu Agwoeme Epsilon Nu Sigma Chapter - E Theta Omicron Chapter - E Kappa Rho Chapter - GL University Of Baltimore Towson University University of Wisconsin Madison

Bachelor Human Service Administration

Bachelors of Science Functional Biology & MB3

Bachelors of Science Rehabilitation Psychology

Brandon Soto Epsilon Chi Chapter - GL Illinois State University Bachelor's Degree Information Systems - Systems Development/Analyst Sequence

James Norman Dr. Calvin Brown Daniel Jackson Larryon Johnson Epsilon Chi Chapter - GL Gamma Beta Alpha Chapter - E Kappa Beta Sigma Chapter - E Omicron Epsilon Sigma Chapter - GL Illinois State University Susquehanna University New School Bachelor of Science Southern Illinois University Bachelors Ph.D. Elementary Education Business Admin Public and Urban Policy Carbondale Dr. Odo Butler Mark Dunham, Jr. Mu Iota Sigma Chapter - E Sigma Sigma Sigma Chapter - E Northeastern University American University Washington Doctorate in Law and Policy College of Law Robert Browne Gartei Epsilon Kappa Chapter - E University of Pittsburgh

Doctor Corporate and Business Law

Dr. Andrew Lofton Sigma Sigma Sigma Chapter - E Howard University School of Divinity

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelors of Arts Anthropology & Africana Studies

Joshua Woods Epsilon Psi Chapter - E Univesity of Maryland-College Park

Timothy Morris, Jr. Iota Delta Chapter - GL Eastern Kentucky University

Bachelors Of Science Information Systems Technology

Kenneth Williams, Jr. Epsilon Tau Sigma Chapter - GL Michigan State University

Bachelors Biology

Child and Family Studies Health Sciences

Master of Arts Public Relations

Davonte Miller Mu Eta Chapter - GL University of Illinois at Springfield Depaul Turner Epsilon Gamma Chapter - GL Northern Illinois University Sociology

Marcel Guyton James Hamlin Social work Iota Epsilon Chapter - GL Omicron Iota Chapter - E Tony Jones, Jr Saginaw Valley State University Old Dominion University Omicron Epsilon Sigma Chapter - GL Doctor of Ministry Bachelors Bachelors of Science Southern Illinois University of Criminal Justice Religious Education Criminal Justice Carbondale Brian Medley-Kersey Maj. Bryant Wellman Jamar Nash Bachelor Liberal Arts Gamma Iota Chapter - GL MAL - Eastern Zeta Upsilon Chapter - E Art History Wayne State University Webster Univ. Leiden Netherlands UMBC Joshua Nelson Bachelor of Science M.A Bachelor of Arts Omicron Eta Sigma Chapter - GL Global Supply Chain Mgnt Information Technology Mgnt Psychology, Social Work Western Kentucky University John Akpan Jemar Bather Jordan Williams Masters of Arts in Education Kappa Psi Chapter - GL Lambda Lambda Chapter - E Epsilon Epsilon Chapter - GL Student Affairs University of Iowa New York University Kent State University Sidney Leavell Finance & Ethics, Public Policy, M.S. Bachelors Epsilon Theta Chapter - GL Business and Liberal Arts Applied Statistics Educational Studies Western Kentucky University Sidney Leavell Demitrius Ramirez Billy Nduwimana Siyomvo Interdisciplinary Studies Gamma Upsilon Chapter - E Gamma Omicron Gamma Chapter - GL Epsilon Theta Chapter - GL Health Western Kentucky University Delaware State University St. Cloud State University Keith Wilson Bachelor of Science Bachelors Bachelor of Science Xi Sigma Chapter - GL Interdisciplinary Studies Health Studio Art Biomedical Science Indiana Wesleyan Seminary Rev. Don Darius Butler Jenabu Williams Darrien Dartis Master of Arts Delta Xi Sigma Chapter - GL Chi Sigma Chapter - E Alpha Epsilon Alpha Chapter - GL Leadership Duke University Divinity School Montclair State University Wabash College Derek Simoneaux Doctor of Ministry Master Bachelors of Arts Leadership in the Christian Iota Tau Chapter - GC Education Leadership History Tradition Louisiana State University Kevin Amos Gregory Gibson TyWayne Wiggins Bachelor of Science Theta Omicron Chapter - E Gamma Mu Gamma Chapter - GL Construction Management Nu Gamma Sigma Chapter - GL Towson University Lindenwood University Belleville David Alexander, Jr. Bachelor of Arts Interactive Media and Web Design Anchor Theological Seminary Masters Delta Theta Chapter - GC Sociology & Anthropology Video Production Theology (Criminal Justice Concentration) Prairie View A&M University Kendrick Washington Bachelor of Science Gread McKinnis III Epsilon Iota Chapter - GL Electrical Engineering Member At Large - GL Indiana University Robert Morris University Bachelor of Arts Community Health

Masters in Management Sports Administration

Summer 2018 17

2018 GRADUATES Zachery Marshall Nicholas Settles Dedrick Hilton Matthew Trice Zeta Iota Chapter - GC Beta Chi Sigma Chapter - SE Beta-Beta-Beta Chapter - S Upsilon Chapter - SE Northwestern State University South Carolina State University Clayton State University Livingstone College Bachelor of Science Business Administration Accounting

Computer Info Systems Science

Master Individual & Family Development

Bachelor's of Science Political Science

Bachelors of Science

Medical Field

Master of Social Work Social Work


Bachelors of Art Communication


James Boyd, Jr. Omicron Tau Chapter - GC University of Texas at El Paso

Rico Biggs Byron Harris Kayelyn Gathers Nu Phi Chapter - SE Rho Gamma Chapter - SE Beta Beta Iota Chapter - S University of West Georgia University of North Carolina at Coastal Carolina University Bachelors of Social Sciences Psychology Psychology Charlotte

Dwight Blue, Sr. Gamma Xi Gamma Chapter - GC UNT Dallas

Jerrod Brown Psychology Eric Hobson Upsilon Chapter - SE Darryl Vaughn Alpha Beta Chapter - S Livingstone College Beta Chi Sigma Chapter SE Jackson State University Bachelors Degree Bachelors of Science Computer Information Systems University of South Carolina

Multidisciplinary Studies Education

Bachelors of Arts Human Resource & IT

William Jackson II Upsilon Chapter - SE Myron Sanders Livingstone College Beta Delta Chapter - GC Hospitality Management Texas Southern University Music Industry Business & Club Bachelors Business Finance

Facility Venue Aspects

Clifford Adderley Kendall Morrison Beta Beta Lambda Chapter - S University of the Bahamas Beta Xi Chapter - SE Bachelors of Arts St. Augustine University

Jarrod Benjamin Beta Pi Chapter - S Christian Pellot Florida Memorial University Kappa Iota Chapter - SE Bachelor of Science University of South Carolina, Bachelors of Science Business Administration Computer Information Science Columbia Criminal Justice Bachelor of Science Ronza Anderson, Jr. LaRona’e Leak Engineering Civil Engineering Jared Shar Alpha Beta Chapter - S Upsilon Chapter - SE Zeta Beta Chapter - GC Jackson State University Tevonte' Smith Livingstone College University of North Texas Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Science Kappa Iota Chapter - SE Bachelor of Sciences Mass Communications Business Administration University of South Carolina Integrative Studies (Computer Bachelor of Science Deion Fields Alexander Boulware Science, Business, Technical Chemical Engineering Alpha Beta Chapter - S Upsilon Chapter - SE Communications) Vincent Edwards Jackson State University Livingstone College Christopher Turner Science Bachelor of Science Kappa Iota Chapter - SE Theta Beta Sigma Chapter - GC Biology Business Administration University of South Carolina Nicholls State University Bachelors Montez L. Johnson Todjrei Graham M.Ed Experimental Psychology Gamma Epsilon Chapter - S Upsilon Chapter - SE Educational Leadership: Higher Alabama A&M University Jaymel Dash Livingstone College Education Administration Bachelor of Science Business of Science Kappa Iota Chapter - SE Brent Jones Criminal Justice/Sociology Business Administration University of South Carolina Eta Chapter - SE Bachelors of Science Tevin Tillman North Carolina A&T State University Adam Horne Computer Science Theta Eta Chapter - S Upsilon Chapter - SE Bachelor of Science Jaquavis Batchelor Univeristy of Southern Mississippi Livingstone Computer Engineering Bachelors of Science Bachelors in Science Pi Chapter - SE Albert Dunn, Jr. Biological Sciences Business Administration Fayetteville State University Rho Epsilon Chapter - SE Bachelor of Science Carmchael Posley, Jr. Qua’-Shaun Henning University of North Carolina at Criminal Justice Gamma Beta Chapter - S Rho Beta Chapter - SE Wilmington Alabama State University Yann Mondon University of North Carolina at Bachelors of Music Bachelor Science Pi Alpha Chapter S Greensboro Music Education Biology Pre Health Bachelors Georgia State University Andre Mccoy, Sr. Elementary Education Bachelors of Business Devon Southlea Tau Sigma Chapter - SE Administration Marketing Chi Chapter - S Miles College Morehouse College Bachelor of Science Talmadge T. Bookert, Jr. Nilesvan Flowers Upsilon Chapter - SE Beta Phi Chapter - GC Livingstone College Texas College Bachelor of Science


18 The Crescent On The Yard

Bachelors of Arts Economics

2018 GRADUATES Gabriel Myles DeShon Jones Theta Iota Chapter - S Chi Chapter - S Mississippi State University Morehouse College

Kinesiology Sports Pedagogy

Bachelors of Science Pre-Medicine

Darren Barnes Dr. Carroll Brown III Gamma Eta Chapter - SW Delta Psi Sigma Chapter - W Phillips Graduate University Lindenwood University Bachelors Athletic Training

Doctorate of Psychology Organizational Mgnt & Consulting

Jaquarius Wilson Bradford Porter A'Darius Ellis Johnell Murphy Delta Nu Chapter - SW Theta Iota Chapter - S Zeta Nu Chapter - S Lambda Xi Chapter - W University of Memphis Mississippi State University University of Georgia Arizona State University B.A. in Communication & B.S. in Kinesiology Communication & Sport Studies

Bachelors of Arts Political Science & Communications

Maurey Bland, Jr. Theta Iota Chapter - S Mississippi State University

Michael Collins, Jr. Beta Theta Chapter - SW University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

Kinesology Sports

Bachelor of Arts Criminal Justice

Bachelor Exercise & Sports Science

Bachelor of Science Communication

Brandon Cristal Kappa Upsilon - SW University of Arkansas

Demetrius Watts Omicron Theta Sigma Chapter - W Oregon State University

Bachelors of Arts Business, Marketing

Bachelor of Science Human Development & Family Sciences and Human Services John Malone

David Thomas Mu Gamma Chapter - SW Jaylon Wallae Beta Rho Chapter - S American Baptist College Delta Nu Chapter - SW Bachelors of Arts Tougaloo College University of Memphis Bachelors Economics

Allie Braswell, Jr. Gamma Delta Sigma Chapter - S Webster University Master of Arts Human Resource Management

Bachelors Journalism and Strategic Media

Dr. Okechukwu Nwaneri Cleodis Colbert Delta Beta Sigma Chapter - SW Rho Phi Chapter - SW Louisiana Baptist University and Arkansas Baptist College Theological Seminary Bachelor of Science Criminal Justice

Le’Obie Bullard Issac Freeman III Chi Chapter - S Beta Zeta Chapter - SW Morehouse College LeMoyne-Owen College Bachelors of Science Biology

Behavioral Studies

Bachelor of Arts English Literature

Doctorate of Ministry Pastoral Leadership

Kendrick Jones Alpha Upsilon Chapter - W Calfornia State University, Dominguez Hills Master of Arts Education

Davon White Kappa Lambda Chapter - W University of Washington Bachelor of the Arts Communication

Darren Myers Lambda Kappa Sigma Chapter - W University of Phoenix

Masters Adult Education and Training

INSPIRING AN UNSTOPPABLE MENTALITY SWOCH Selects Collegians for an Unforgettable Brotherhood Experience


hi Beta Sigma Fraternity made its presence felt and heard in Washington, D.C., in the halls where the nation’s laws are crafted. Sigma Week on Capitol Hill brought nearly 100 Sigma leaders and members to the nation’s capital to support legislation covering several critical social issues that disproportionately impact the African American community. The gathering on Wednesday, May 23, 2018 was titled Sigma Legislative Day on the Hill, which was a part of a week of activities aimed at arming Fraternity members with the tools needed to affect positive change in their communities. This was an opportunity to meet with Congressional leaders as advocates on current legislation proposed to improve the conditions of African Americans.

Bro. Keon N. Berry

Bro. George Miller, Jr.

Bro. LaTerrance D. Carter

Bro. Juan F. Mireles

Bro. Kayelyn Gathers

Bro. Isaiah J. Perry

Chi Chapter Morehouse College Southern Region

Gamma Xi Gamma Chapter University of North Texas Gulf Coast Region

Beta Beta Iota Chapter Coastal Carolina University Southeastern Region

Bro. Christopher Harrison

Beta Beta Iota Chapter Coastal Carolina University Southeastern Region

Alpha Omicron Alpha Chapter Mississippi Univ. for Women Southern Region

Delta Nu Chapter University of Memphis Southwestern Region

Bro. Matthew Trice

Alpha Chi Alpha Chapter University of Pennsylvania Eastern Region

Beta Beta Beta Chapter Clayton State University Southern Region

Bro. Christopher A. Marshall

Bro. Dane Norvel, II

Bro. DeQues McClain

Bro. Jalen Porter

Gamma Xi Gamma Chapter University of North Texas Gulf Coast Region

Beta Theta Chapter Univ. of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Southwestern Region

Bro. Jaylen McKinney

Epsilon Mu Chapter University of Michigan-Flint Great Lakes Region

22 The Crescent On The Yard

Delta Nu Chapter University of Memphis Southwestern Region

Lambda Chi Chapter Arizona State University Western Region

The week-long training institute was developed and coordinated by Bro. Chris V. Rey, International Director of Social Action. Each day provided participants with thoughtprovoking workshops and seminars aimed at introducing them to executive-level corporate professionals and exposing them to some of the the critical career and social issues they’ll soon encounter.

Sessions included Greatness in Your Leadership, Running for Political Office, Criminal Justice Reform, and Where Do We Go from Here. Between the first day’s sessions the participants engaged in real talk with some of the fraternity’s present and past national collegiate leadership. Discussion leaders included Past and Present International Second Vice Presidents, Bro. Chris V. Rey, Bro. Brandon Wallace and Bro. Frederick Bell. Others who shared in the dialogue were Brothers Michael Facey and Darian Hayes, current Collegiate Members-at-Large. The young men shared their personal experiences as collegiate representatives on the fraternity’s General Board.

International Headquarters, Howard University, The Centennial Memorial Monument, and The Smithsonian Institute’s National Museum of African American History & Culture.

The closing day featured a unique seminar, luncheon and an open discussion forum hosted and presented by SodexoMAGIC in downtown Washington, D.C. Sigma Executive Leadership Council members Brothers John E. White, Vice President North American Operations and Rodney Brown, Senior Vice President, Universities North America-West, both from Sodexo, served as featured speakers for the session, along with Frater Cedric Hodo, Resident District Manager, SodexoMAGIC (member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity) and Hon. Bro. Micheal E. Cristal, International President and Vice President of Operations, Kroger Corporation.

The city of Washington, D.C. has a major significance in the history of Phi Beta Sigma, and the coordinators made sure Institute participants visited the fraternity’s Summer 2018 23

We came from all areas of the country to unite under the umbrella of brotherhood and political awareness. What lasted for a week will change us for a lifetime.“

I’ve learned so much about myself…I am speaking into existence that one day I WILL become President of a HBCU.“ Bro. DeQues McClain Southwestern Region

Bro. Matthew Trice Southern Region

I will always cherish my experience on Capitol Hill as one of my most memorable experiences in the fraternity and I encourage every brother to apply for the training, if they are able.“ Bro. George Miller, Jr. Southeastern Region

My time on Capitol Hill was impactful and life changing! This experience should be shared among all brothers in the future.“ Bro. Jaylen McKinney, Jr. Great Lakes Region

I never imagined that in only two short months of becoming a member of Phi Beta Sigma, I would be sitting next to our International President. Spending a week in D.C. with different brothers, having those intense conversations, meeting government officials, and gaining influential mentors has inspired me and lit a fire inside of me that's continuing to grow! It's something I hope other brothers take advantage of, because it will only get better.“ Bro. Isaiah J. Perry Southwestern Region

If for no other reason, Sigma Week on the Hill was successful, because it provided a group of collegians a unique opportunity to see and experience the workings of our nation’s legislators. This experience will enable these young men to see what is possible, and encourage them to consider how they can make an impact on the world as part of this brotherhood of conscious men!

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