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Water tested in Pokfulam 薄扶林驗水結果 We have tested water samples in Pokfulam in July and August 2015. For results and story, please see inside. 我們於七月及八月期間 進行了驗水工作,詳情及 測試結果請見內頁。

Voters: Update your address 選民登記:更新地址 Make sure you have updated your home address before the deadline: 25 August 2015. 提提你:請於截止日期2015年8月25日前更新選民登記地址。


Faulty Stairs 扶手電梯故障 One year later, and the escalators fall again foul of the rainy weather. And residents will once again have to bear with long repair time as spare parts are not available in Hong Kong. There appears to be a systemic problem with the escalators, and it is time Cyberport faces up to it. Especially now that all short-time roadside parking has been banned, Cyberport should make sure that these escalators are operable. Rest assured, we asked them so. 數碼港扶手電梯再次故障。跟以往一樣,由於零件需從外國預訂,從而 怠慢了維修進度。我們已向數碼港反映他們需要從長計議,研究措施避免 電梯再因天雨問題而受損壞。

Safer Road Crossing 提升行人安全 Both lanes of Cyberport Road have been narrowed at the pedestrian crossing. Together with the updated road markings this will force vehicles to pass at lower speed, and it shortens the crossing time for pedestrians. We have also created a lay-by for the minibus stop away from the crossing. The minibus operator has swiftly installed a sign following our requests. We have submitted an application to the council for a shelter, as well as requested Transport Department for restrictions prohibiting parking by other vehicles. Meanwhile, do remain vigilant whilst using the pedestrian crossing. 貝沙灣一二期對出的過路處剛進行了改善工程:因行車路的闊度收窄和之字線延長了, 車速會減慢。行人停留在路面的時間亦會減少。同時,當局亦增設了小型避車處供小巴 上落客。小巴公司應我們的要求於該處增設了站牌。我們亦向區議會提出增建避雨亭及 要求運輸署研究道路標記禁止其他車輛停泊於避車處。請大家過馬路時繼續小心。

Bisney Road Crossing 碧荔道過路處

Illegal banners spotted 非法橫額

Works will start in September.

FEHD has been asked to stop real estate agents littering the neighbourhood with advertisements.



Growing the Waterfront Park 擴充數碼港海濱公園 The Government confirmed in July that it will extend the waterfront park towards Telegraph Bay. The Highways Department will link the waterfront promenade with Cyberport Road. (See the illustration). Details of greening and amenities are being drawn up. Cyberport Management has applied for the area to be included in the existing park. Now that the MTR and Drainage Services Department are finally vacating Telegraph Bay, years of unrelenting efforts by the community are paying off. I thank the members of the Barging Point Task Force, the Community Liaison Group, and the Pokfulam Residents’Alliance for their hard work. 隨着港鐵及渠務署遷出鋼線灣工地,政府於七月確認將 會於數碼港道興建新行人路(見左圖)以便打通海濱公園 北面。當局正在商議該段新海濱用地的綠化計劃以及 休憩設施。數碼港管理公司已入紙申請將用地納入公園 範圍內。我在此感謝各位多年來的努力及堅持,特別是 卸泥口關注組、社區聯絡小組及薄扶林居民大聯盟。

Feral Cats and Dogs 流浪貓狗 AFCD has caught stray dogs near Bisney Road and near Mt Davis after complaints to my office and the Police over strays. It is yet unclear whether this included the aggressive leader of the pack. We urge everyone to please refrain from feeding feral dogs and cats. Feeding attracts more, boosts the birth rate and leads to complaints. In turn, this forces the AFCD to take the animals out and put them down. SPCA offers a variety of programs that aim to help manage the cat and dog populations humanely including a free de-sexing and inoculation program for mongrel dogs and a feral cat programme. To find out more visit their website. 收到投訴後,漁農自然護理署已經在碧荔道及摩星嶺附近捕捉了數隻流浪狗,目前仍未清楚當中是否包括較具攻擊性的 首領。請各位市民避免餵飼流浪貓狗,此舉會吸引更多流浪貓狗過來,增加繁殖率,引起投訴,最終只會令到漁農自然 護理署不得不捕捉牠們及進行人道毀滅。另外,香港愛護動物協會有一系列的計劃以人道的方式減少流浪貓狗的數目, 包括動物絕育資助計劃、唐狗絕育計劃及貓隻領域護理計劃等,詳情可瀏覽他們的網站。

Widening Baguio staircase to Cyberport 擴闊連接碧瑤灣至 數碼港的樓梯

Illegal parking along Victoria Road 域多利道違例泊車問題 STEP – Selective Traffic Enforcement Policy – is an acronym I never knew existed. It means the Police tolerates parking of goods vehicles at unauthorized locations during the night as there are insufficient parking spaces. However, this has attracted an increasing number of vehicles along Victoria Road. We have asked the Police to reconsider this policy for the area after complaints over safety and obstruction of footpaths.

The tender for widening the staircase has been awarded. We expect the works to start in October.

警方於夜間(晚上十時至早上八時)採取「靈活執行交通 法例政策」,包括容忍車輛於夜間停泊在道路上,前題為 沒有導致阻街或影響道路暢通。可是域多利道違例泊車問題 牽涉車輛停泊於行人路上,影響到行人及道路安全。我已 促請警方檢討該政策及正視問題。

擴闊樓梯的工程已有公司中標,我們預計工程會於 十月展開。

Snakes in Pokfulam 蛇出沒 Snakes have been sighted in the park (twice), in a tree at Bisney, and one on the slopes below Baguio since my last newsletter. Snakes are part of our ecology and when one is removed, another one will take over the abandoned territory. Experts suggest to move slowly away when encountering a snake and to leave it room to escape – as that is what snakes want to do when encountering humans. Cyberport has placed warning signs and increased their expenditure on trimming grass and vegetation, and a snake catcher inspected the waterfront park several times. No snakes, tracks or dens were found. The park is safe to visit but one should always be alert near densely vegetated areas in Hong Kong. 早前有居民於數碼港海濱公園兩度發現有蛇出沒。於碧荔道 的樹間及下碧瑤灣附近斜坡有目擊個案。蛇是生態環境的一 部分,即使捉走了一條,亦會有新的蛇到來掌管牠留下的地 盤。專家建議大家遇到蛇時應慢慢遠離牠們及留給牠們離開 的空間,普遍來說,蛇是怕人的,牠們會選擇遠離人群。 數碼港已於公園內張貼告示,並已加密剪草次數。蛇王已經 檢查了海濱公園數次, 確認沒有蛇的足跡或巢穴。希望大家 能提高警覺性。

For the park, spotters are encouraged to call the 24 hour hotline 3166 3111 immediately upon sightings of snakes. For snakes near or in your property, call the Police at 999. 如閣下再目到蛇出沒,請立即致電數碼港24小時熱線 3166 3111。若於住所內或附近範圍發現 蛇出沒,請即致電999尋求警方協助。

Water tested in Pokfulam 薄扶林驗水結果 WHO Limit 世衞標準

Bel-Air Phase 1-3 貝沙灣 一至三期

Bel-Air Phase 4-6 貝沙灣 四至六期

Upper Baguio 上碧瑤

Lower Baguio 下碧瑤

Scenic Villas 美景臺

Sassoon Road 沙宣道

Northcote Close 羅富國徑

Lead 鉛 (μ g/l)

≤ 10








Cadmium 鎘 (μ g/l)


< 0.5

< 0.5

< 0.5

< 0.5

< 0.5

< 0.5

< 0.5

Chromium 鉻 (μ g/l)

≤ 50








Nickel 鎳 (μ g/l)

≤ 70








Soon after the news broke over contaminated drinking water we contacted the larger private housing estates in Pokfulam. They confirmed they were planning to conduct water tests for metals. The good news was that those results were below the limits. In response to concerned residents, our office arranged further water tests for metals at different buildings in Pokfulam. We followed a stringent protocol collecting the first draw of water from taps which had not been used for 8 hours. The samples were tested for lead, cadmium, nickel and chromium at an HOKLAS accredited laboratory. Again, the news was good, as no exceedances of the WHO standards adopted in Hong Kong were found. 鉛水事件曝光後,我們聯絡了薄扶林區內的大型屋苑,他們有計劃/已就食水金屬含量進行測試。直至截稿前,收到的測試 結果均符合世衞標準。我們亦以隨機抽樣形式從區內單位抽取隔夜水辦,然後交到香港實驗所認可計劃的化驗所測試當中 的重金屬含量,包括:鉛、鎳、鎘和鉻。好消息是所有水辦都沒有超出世衛的標準。 We continue to liaise between concerned residents, owner committees and laboratories for additional water quality tests, assistance with the distribution of clean bottles and collection of test samples. The charges imposed by the laboratory is HK$250 for each sample. 我們會繼續與關注食水安全的居民、業委會/法團及管理公司保持聯絡。我們會就食水測試提供協助,包括提供專用水樽及 運送樣本到化驗所。如有興趣,化驗所的收費為港幣250元正(每個水辦)。

Feel free to call 9096 3070 or email info@paulzimmerman.hk for our assistance. 如有任何查詢,歡迎致電 9096 3070 或電郵 info@paulzimmerman.hk 聯絡我們。

Traffic Warning: Back To School 九月份的交通提示: 學校開學了 Schools are starting up again. Families are all back and busy getting the year organized. After the quiet summer, our records show a pick-up in reports over transport delays in September and an easing off after mid-autumn. So do start your journey earlier and plan for a longer trip, especially when it rains. 踏入開學期,交通擠塞情況將會變得嚴重,小巴及巴士的實際班次亦會 受到影響。請大家應提早出門(尤其是下雨期間),預留更多時間。根據 過往經驗,中秋過後交通擠塞情況才會稍為舒緩。

Join the Pokfulam Appreciation Walks 參與薄扶林導賞步行團

The first Pokfulam Appreciation Walks were held in May. We scaled fences and railings, sweated a lot, listened to stories of ‘Old Pokfulam’, witnessed swimming of East Lamma Channel, walked literally through a tree, visited monuments, cemeteries and century old buildings, and had to cancel one walk because of torrential rain. There is much to appreciate on foot in Pokfulam. The Pokfulam Appreciation Walks are announced via email or SMS. 我們於5月首次舉辦「薄扶林導賞步行團」,與居民一同漫步薄扶林,欣賞宜人景色及分享薄扶林鮮為人知的歷史及故事。 我們經過及參觀了區內富有歷史的故跡、見證市民於東博寮海峽暢泳、了解區內的墓地等。當中其中一次步行團因天雨 關係而取消。我們通常透過SMS或電郵宣佈步行團的詳情。

You can register your contacts via info@paulzimmerman.hk or 9096 3070. 歡迎致電 9096-3070 或電郵 info@paulzimmerman.hk 登記接收有關資訊。

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