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Paul Zimmerman 司馬文

Pokfulam, Hong Kong

I am a Hongkonger and served as an elected district councillor of Pok Fu Lam from 2010 to 2023. I arrived in 1984 and soon started my own business. In 2004, after years of corporate work, I felt compelled to help improve our society. Since 2010 I have dedicated myself full-time to public service. I'm a fiercely independent democrat. While we are fighting for democracy we have to make our city strong. I am determined to promote sustainable development. Hong Kong is my home – an international, modern, pluralistic and diverse society.​ 我是荷蘭裔香港人,2010年至2023年為薄扶林區議員。我於1984年來港,並建立了自己的公司。工作多年後,有感自己應在其他範疇為改進這個社會出一分力,故於2004年開始服務社區,並自2010年起全身參與公共事務。身為一個獨立民主派人士,我認為我們在推動社會民主化的同時,亦要以可持續的方式推動社會發展,讓我們的香港繼續發揮香港多元、現代及國際化的特色。