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16 - 31 October 2017


Foreigners and forms It’s estimated that a longterm farang in Thailand might fill in as many as 200 forms a year, dealing with assorted bureaucracies such as immigration, embassies, landlords, insurance, banks, etc. One American expat said he had used over 2,000 photocopies of paperwork and signed his name 1,300 times during the five years he has been based in the Land of Smiles. Earlier this year it looked like at least one form might be ditched – the TM6 immigration form which everyone must fill in and show to the officer on entry and on departure. However, the Prime Minister has used his supreme authority, under Article 44, to scrap the form only for Thai citizens. Aliens must continue to use the current TM6 until stocks run out, when a newer form with fewer questions will be introduced. Many foreigners assume that the main reason for the TM6 is that it requires the arriving person to fill in his Thai address which

is then transferred to an allembracing data base. But a senior immigration source said that the address is not so transcribed and that, in any case, the handwriting is often only semi-legible. That is the rationale for the form TM30, which all hotel managements and home occupiers must fill in and report to immigration every time they have a new tourist, guest arrival. What the airport TM6 is

actually used for is to assist the Tourism Ministry to compile statistics about the country’s tourist and visitor profile. This is not necessary for Thai nationals as their personal data is already stored on government computers. Whether the abolition of TM6 for Thais will actually help shorten queues at Thai airports is a moot point as Thai nationals have their own immigration lines in any case.

In reality, the TM6 would not be necessary for anyone if the government invested in the high-end technology now available. As from last August, Singaporean tourists do not need to register with Thai immigration and can use the automated lanes at Suvarnabhumi airport. The system simply records their information and fingerprints at the gates for identification Continued on page 4


16 - 31 October 2017



16 - 31 October 2017



16 - 31 October 2017

News Continued from page 1


during future trips. It is not known when and if this pilot scheme will be extended to other nationalities. Another problem for formfilling foreigners is the variation in the requirements of different government offices. A prime example is the yellow book – a kind of local ID for aliens living at a particular address. In some areas, the local city hall or civic authorities readily accept applications for the yellow householder book and the accompanying ID card, provided that certain documents are presented, usually passport with record of non-immigrant visas, proof of local address and written support from Thai neighbours. However, other city hall administrators seem determined to throw as many hurdles into the application route as possible. They require proof the passport is genuine and demand that the birth certificate is validated back

in the home country. A few local authorities refuse to issue any yellow books on principle, usually arguing that they lack the technology to print the necessary documentation or the ID card itself. Much the same – local variations – can be said of bureaucracies such as opening a Bank account or obtaining a one-year visa. There is a huge amount of paperwork discretion built into these systems. A spokesman for the interior ministry said, “Thailand has not yet fully embraced technological solutions to all visitor problems, but we are aware of the issues. Also, there is a long tradition in the country of allowing local bureaucracies some latitude in the light of local circumstances. But that is changing too.” In the meantime, we are a long way from the much-predicted “paperless office” procedures of 20 years ago.

Hanging man hangs in

Sommai Hanchana, aged 36, was found hanging in his home by his girlfriend. The young man’s mother told police that he often argued with his girlfriend and was feeling depressed. So he sat alone drinking beer in his room. When neighbors called his girlfriend to report that Sommai was talking about suicide, she rushed to his room and found him hanging. He was rushed to hospital where he was diagnosed with neck injuries.

Truck rearended by van A van crashed into the rear of an 18-wheeler on Road 336 near the Regents School. Truck driver Uthai Kitnunam was making a U-turn when the collision occurred. He found the van driver unconscious. Police are waiting for the van driver to wake up to learn his identification and to hear his side of the story.

Pattaya Taekwondo Championship

Some 200 players from 14 schools took part in the 2017 Pattaya Taekwondo Championship at the Chill Mall Soi Khao Noi. Boys and girls aged six to 18 competed for 40,000 in cash. Rayvin Boonsung, president of Pesuso Pattaya Club organized the event where World Champions Onravee Sisahakit, Napatsorn Pittinanon and Thansinee Mukda demonstrated their techniques. Proceeds will be donated to Hand to Hand Foundation.

Paul Music Pattaya musical recital

School owners Sangakit Samret and Patcharee Rattaman welcomed guests, students and parents to a musical recital at Garden Cliff Resort and Spa featuring about 70 students from Paul Music Pattaya. For more information, visit their school in Soi Siam Country Club or call Paul Music Pattaya at 095-9379797, 088-2296556.

Mob accosts Iranian

Iranian Ah Khadem was accosted by group of Thais on South Pattaya Road. When the tourist tried explaining that he could not understand their language, they struck his face and body and then fled. Police are reviewing the CCTV footage.

Woman escapes rapist

PCST has Criminals running scared

The Pattaya Crime Suppression Team says it has improved Pattaya’s crime rate, providing tourists with peace of mind. Since the inception of the multipart police agency, it has arrested 19 foreign prostitutes, 11 drug users, and six ladyboys suspected of being snatchers. Also, the Team has solved two cases of drug pushers as well as the snatchers from Cambodia. The Team said they are bringing together police officers from all agencies to clear crime from one of the world’s famous tourist attractions and create confidence for foreign tourists relaxing in Pattaya.

Bangkok dangerous

Car self ignites

The Economist magazine last week identified Bangkok as one of the world's most dangerous cities. In a study ranking Safe Cities of the world, the Thai capital was near the bottom of the list (number 49 out of the 60 cities analyzed). Bangkok residents were determined to be the fourth most at-risk in terms of crime, violence, and terrorism.

Parinya Rungratsamee was asleep when her car seemingly set fire to itself. Witnesses said flames engulfed the engine of the car parked on Soi Kaotalo. Parinya, who bought the used car two years ago, said she had changed the battery only days before the incident. Police investigators attributed the fire to faulty electric wiring.

While drinking with friends at a night market, 30-year-old Nang was offered a ride home by a local loan shark. Instead of driving to her house, however the loan shark drove into a secluded wooded area and demanded Nang remove her clothing. Her screams alerted a passing group of teenagers who stopped to help the distressed woman. The suspect fled.


16 - 31 October 2017

News Honda LPGA Thailand 2018 scheduled for February 2018 leading lady golfers to compete for championship

Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd., in partnership with IMG, is hosting the 12th annual Ladies Professional Golf Tournament, “Honda LPGA Thailand 2018,” from February 22 to 25, 2018 at the Siam Country Club Pattaya, Old Course under the aspirational theme, “Dare to Dream.” Sixty of the top female players from the LPGA Tour including “Mo” Moriya Jutanugarn and “May” Ariya Jutanugarn are scheduled to join the tournament. Pitak Pruittisarikorn, chief operating officer of Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said, “The LPGA tournament in Thailand has become an exciting and important annual event that ignites passion for golf and encourages young golfers to pursue their dreams on green. As a company that strongly advocates the power of dreams, we would like to emphasize yet again the significance of self-confidence and motivation. The women who are joining this tournament are perfect examples of individuals who never stop chasing their dreams and become successful. Spectators will witness a series of spectacular shots as well as the emergence of new faces

with amazing playing skills during the upcoming competition. “The Honda LPGA Thailand 2018 prize purse is US$ 1.6 million, which is approximately 57 million baht. Our strong partnerships with IMG and LPGA will enable us to continue building the tournament as we continue to use our tournament as a world-class platform to provide as many playing opportunities to Thai players. We have seen great results from 12 years ago where we had zero Thai players playing on the LPGA tour and now we have 14 players playing on the best tour in the world. This is a great achievement and we want to continue to play our part in the development of golf, especially in bringing young golfers to play in international tournament.” Next year marks the 12th anniversary of the LPGA Thailand tournament, which started in 2006. Since then, the event has welcomed a number of high profile and rising female golfers from across the globe, and become one of the most highly regarded institutions of its kind. As part of the celebration, the “Dare to Dream” theme is meant to inspire pro golfers, golf enthusiasts, as well as juniors and promising amateurs from around the world who are working hard to achieve their goals. In addition to promoting golfer development, the Honda LPGA Thailand has played an important role in putting Thailand on the world map as the golf destination and the country to visit. Friendly people, warm hospitality and comprehensive facilities make Thailand the dream destination for both golfers and tourists. Honda LPGA Thailand therefore significantly contributes to the country’s economic growth and tourism industry development, which also corresponds to the government policy to promote sports tourism. The event will be telecast live for

more than 200 hours, across more than 150 territories in major cities around the world reaching more 550 million households. The tournament is aligning with MCOT, who will take over as the official host broadcaster to televise the event and make it accessible to all Thais who want to catch the tournament on screen. Kematat Paladesh, president, MCOT Public Company Limited said, “MCOT is glad to be the official host broadcaster, the only free TV company to own this right. During the tournament, viewers can watch this exciting sports event on 9 MCOT HD on Channel No. 30. This cooperation with Honda Automobile (Thailand) and IMG brings our commitment to delivering good sport content to life. We believe that our comprehensive media channels, including television, radio and online, will provide greater convenience for viewers to have equal access to Honda LPGA Thailand 2018 and enable the viewers to be inspired by the “Dare to Dream” concept of the sports event.” Grant Slack, senior vice president, IMG Events said: “Thanks to the longterm support of Honda, the Honda LPGA THAILAND has become the flagship LPGA tournament in Asia. Over the past 12 years, we have grown the tournament to attract top players to Thailand, while also nurturing the next generation of Thai golfers. With strong partners such as Honda and Siam Country Club, we were able to embark on multi-year improvements to the tournament, both on the golf course and off. Further, with MCOT’s support in TV broadcast nationwide in 2018, the Dare to Dream theme will be able to reach millions of households across Thailand, inspiring Thais to dream big and to chase their aspirations.” With the tournament returning and firmly anchored at one of the best golf courses in Thailand, Siam

Hong Kong Cyclothon wraps up successfully, with over 100 Thai Cyclists taking up the challenge in Asia’s World City

Organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), the Hong Kong Cyclothon was held on October 8 with the participation of close to 4,900 local and international cyclists. This event was held as part of the celebrations marking the 20th Anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), under the theme “Together - Progress - Opportunity.” Enthusiastic participants from many countries flew in to Hong Kong to join the challenge, including over a hundred avid cyclists from different parts of Thailand. “Joining an international cycling event is about commitment and perseverance. Most of us joined for the experience and the camaraderie, and also to make new friends outside of our comfort zone,” said Klongthip Teerarassamee, who travelled to Hong Kong with 110 other fellow Thais to be part of this landmark cyclothon. “They closed up many roads for this challenge so it was an awesome experience to cycle across imposing bridges including Tsing Ma Bridge, through several tunnels

and among famous buildings. The sites we passed along the racing route were so spectacular. Although none of us went home with a prize, there’s nothing more rewarding than the sense of accomplishment we felt when we crossed the finish line. We hope to inspire others to take up cycling as a sport, because it is a healthy activity you can enjoy with family and friends anywhere.” “One of our cyclists was an 80year old gentleman from Bangkok, a member of the Thai Cycling for Health Association (TCHA). He was in his element, and he certainly motivated all of us,” added Klongthip. The Hong Kong Cyclothon featured nine categories, including the Men’s Open, Women’s Open, Team Time Trial and the popular CEO Charity and Celebrity Ride. One of this year’s main prizes was the “HKSAR 20th Anniversary Trophy”. In addition to the intense battles on the race courses, the Hong Kong Cyclothon was also a charitable event. Part of the enrollment fee for the various activities were donated to worthy causes.

Country Club Pattaya, Old Course remains as one of the favourite golf courses with the LPGA players. Fans and spectators can expect more on-course and off-course activities, with improved offerings such as plenty of catering options and interactive activities, which will create a better experience for the fans and families. Set to become one of the biggest events of the season, many expect that the Honda LPGA Thailand 2018 event will help solidify Thailand’s position as one of the world’s most attractive golf destinations and position Honda LPGA Thailand as a must-visit, world-class LPGA event. Ariya “May” Jutanugarn and Moriya “Mo” Jutanugarn are the tournament’s local heroes whose fans will no doubt be watching closely and supporting. Ariya, who is currently ranked number five in the world, has participated in the Honda LPGA Thailand on nine occasions since 2007 when she was only an 11-yearold amateur player. Ariya and her older sibling Moriya

share the same dream and said in a joint statement, “It’s great to be back again at the Honda LPGA Thailand. This place is home to us and the tournament has empowered so many female golfers in so many ways. We grew up with this event and have learned a lot about ourselves and our game of golf from the opportunities we were given at Honda LPGA Thailand. We’re looking forward to playing against the best in the world again and receiving good support from Thai fans as always.” Partners and sponsors are integral to the success of the tournament and include Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Siam Country Club Pattaya, MCOT, Betagro, Siam Daikin Sales, Siam GS Sales, Aero Media Group, Pepsi-Cola (Thai) Trading, Diageo Moet Hennessy (Thailand), Boon Rawd Brewery, Under Armour (Thailand) and the Thailand Ladies Golf Association. For more information about the Honda LPGA Thailand 2018, visit: and


16 - 31 October 2017

News Get ready for the Senior Thai sport leads the way with ITF Championship Level 60 submissions making the 2 at Fitz Club local finals of SPIA Asia 2017

Let’s heat up the Tennis courts! Bohemia REI and FITZ Club – Racquets, Health and Fitness are the joint official organizers for the upcoming Senior International Tennis Federation (ITF) Level 2 which will be held from October 28 until November 2. Vitanart Vathanakul, executive director of Royal Cliff Hotels Group along with Jiri Cermak, the managing director of Bohemia REI (Thailand) and Daniel Rajsky, the tournament director, are the organizers of this much-anticipated International Tennis event which is expected to bring in more than 200 participants from around the world. Spectators can expect many thrilling matches in this tournament which will be held at the Fitz Club – Racquets, Health and Fitness, a leading luxury sports centre in Pattaya. The tournament director anticipates that this will be a very interesting tournament with many high quality players. The categories and age group for the tournament are as follows: Men’s Singles: 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70 Men’s Doubles: 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70 Women’s Singles: 40, 50, 60 Women’s Doubles: 40, 50, 60 Mixed Doubles: 40, 50 Sponsored by Pattaya Property Finance - Real Estate Agent in Pattaya, Pattaya Sunny Rentals - Holiday Rentals in Pattaya and SEARA International,

this prestigious event will help promote Pattaya and Thailand as an excellent sports destination especially for Tennis. Royal Cliff Hotels Group and its luxury sports centre, Fitz Club, was the chosen venue because of the property’s outstanding brand reputation. As one of the most iconic properties with a rich heritage in Pattaya and Thailand, guests staying at the hotel can expect to experience superior service, amazing amenities and a great culinary experience. For sports, the Royal Cliff also offers facilities that are second to none. Fitz Club - Racquets, Health and Fitness is Royal Cliff’s cuttingedge luxury sports center which has been frequented by top ATP players namely Nikolay Davydenko, Mikhail Youzhny, Dmitry Tursunov, Denis Istomin and more who set up camp here every year. Renowned as the leading sports club in Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard region, this will be the perfect venue for this event because the standard of the tennis courts are comparable to the Grand Slam courts. Players coming to this event will be in for a treat as they will be playing in practically brand new courts recently resurfaced with beautiful colours and Plexiplave material. For more information on the upcoming tournament, contact the Fitz Club manager or any of the Fitz Club team via email: fitz@ or visit http://www. php

Organisers of the 2017 SPIA Asia – Asia’s Sports Industry Awards & Conference revealed the Thailand finalists in Bangkok today at a live announcement presided over by Minister of Tourism and Sports, Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul. 60 leading Thai sports organisations and brands made the final shortlist in the six national categories: Best Sponsorship of Sport, Team or Event in Thailand, Best Amateur Sport Event in Thailand, Best Sport Event Arena, Venue and/ or Training Center in Thailand, Best Sport Youth Development Program in Thailand, Best Event Organizer in Thailand, and Best Sport Event Supplier in Thailand while a further eight Thailand submissions also made the Asian finalists shortlist in Best International Sporting Event sanctioned by an International Federation, Best Sports Tourism Destination of the Year, Best Football Organization of the Year recognized by the AFC, Best Extreme Sports Event of the Year, Best Integrated Marketing Campaign for a Sports Event, and Best Sports Event Hospitality Offering. Open for governing bodies, federations, sports brands, agencies, marketers and other sports organisations from 47 countries across Asia, finalists in the six Thailand and 17 Asian categories will be judged on November 6 by a panel of 20 industry experts and the winners announced on November 7 at a lavish awards gala at Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld. Founded and organised by MMC Sportz Marketing LLC, SPIA Asia is endorsed and supported by Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Sports Authority of Thailand and the Tourism Authority of Thailand. “This year’s Thailand entries are exceptional. We’re very pleased to see such a large number of submissions all of which are of a very high standard. The list of finalists reads like a who’s who of Thailand’s sports industry and showcases the breadth and depth of talent throughout the industry. “Leading sports events such as the Bangkok Airways Boutique Series, FC Bayern Munich Youth Cup Thailand 2017 and the Buriram Marathon 2017 have all been shortlisted for Best Amateur Sport Event in Thailand while a record number of submissions for Best Event Organizer in Thailand reflects the rapid growth of sports events in Thailand. With such high caliber finalists I expect the competition to be very close in all categories,” commented Eric M. Gottschalk, CEO of MMC Sportz Marketing LLC, organizer of SPIA Asia . Thailand finalists, together with finalists in the 17 Asian categories, will next be rigorously judged by a panel of independent sports professionals and Bronze, Silver and Gold awards will be presented to the top performers during the Awards Gala, the highlight of the

2017 SPIA Asia. Speaking at the official announcement of the finalists, Wattanavrangkul said, “We are honored to once again host the prestigious SPIA Asia - Sports Industry Awards and Conference 2017 together with MMC Sports Marketing here in Thailand for a second year. Sport is growing in popularity in Thailand and sports tourism is a key part of the government’s national tourism strategy, and SPIA Asia will help us raise the profile of Thailand’s sporting credentials further and position us on the global stage.” Sakon Wannapong, governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand commented, “SPIA Asia offers Thailand’s sports industry an opportunity to meet and learn from the world’s best. Many of the industry’s key leaders and stakeholders have already confirmed their attendance for the two-day sports business conference, sharing innovations and ideas for development and best practice, while the Awards Gala Dinner will recognize the best-of-the-best and celebrate their achievements in Asia and I’m very proud to see many Thailand sports organisations and events have made the final shortlist.” SPIA Asia – Sports Industry Awards and Conference is a two-day event with the main objective to develop and bring together Asia’s sports industry, and to support Pan-Asia industry growth and best practices. This year’s third edition of the Sports Business Conference, titled “The Business of Sports – Asia’s Sports Industry in the Fast Lane III” leads up to the Awards Gala. Three main topic streams presented as keynotes or expert panel discussions are: 1) “Sport As A Strategy” including a look at Asian government initiatives to use sport as a strategy to develop tourism and welfare in their countries including case studies from Thailand, Singapore and the UAE; 2) Sports and Business looks at top tier sports market outlooks in Japan, India and China; taking a look behind sport investments by rights holders and brands in Asia as well as the rapidly growing discipline of eSports in the region; and 3) Sports and Technology, which looks at new developments of technology on sport,

how digital sports content can be monetized and sheds light into the future of OTT vs broadcasting among other subject matters. “The conference programme is as diverse as the Asia sports landscape, covering the latest industry trends, technologies, and best practice, with key industry stakeholders and thought leaders sharing experience and insight. More than 35 international speakers have been confirmed including representatives of the biggest organizations and brands in Asia like IMG, Lagardère, beIN Sports, Twitch, Visa, Twitter, RedBull, La Liga, German Bundesliga, Chelsea FC, Rugby World Cup, International Cricket Council, Australian Open, Abu Dhabi Formula 1, World Badminton Federation, Rio Games, and many more,” added Gottschalk. (The full conference programme can be viewed at SPIA Asia 2017 culminates with the black-tie Awards Gala Dinner on November 7 which brings together the industry’s movers-and-shakers, including global agencies, governing bodies, international sports federations, global and Asian brands, event organisers and industry suppliers. In partnership with Helping Hands, the evening will raise money in an exclusive sports memorabilia auction for a Thailand sports development program nominated by the Sports Authority of Thailand. Exclusive items across motorsports, tennis, football, boxing, cricket, basketball as well as money-can’t-buy hospitality and holiday packages will be on offer for the expected 350 VIP guests that attend the awarding of the top SPIA Asia 2017 performers from 47 countries in 23 award categories. SPIA Asia 2017 is sanctioned and supported by the following partners: Ministry of Tourism and Sports (Thailand), Sports Authority of Thailand, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau, Lagardère Sports, RSportz, SMG Insight, Juice Plus+, Centara Grand at CentralWorld, Nielsen Sports, TrueVisions, Asia Sponsorship News, Luxury Society Asia, Infinity Communications, The Sponsorship Experts, with Helping Hand Group as the Charity Partner.


16 - 31 October 2017

Our Community WHA Group gives back by Amari Phuket welcomes local students for First Step Project supporting education : New canteen tables for Baan Pansadejnok School

Sunya Baopoonthong - corporate affairs manager, Hemaraj Land And Development PLC, a subsidiary of WHA Corporation PCL, hands over 10 canteen tables and benches to Baan Pansadejnok School located close to Hemaraj Chonburi Industrial Estate 2 in Chonburi province. As part WHA Group’s ongoing CSR program, this donation aims to improve the school canteen’s facilities and create a clean, safe and healthy environment for all students.

The Amari Phuket team welcomed teachers and students from Pluk Panya Municipal School during their visit to the hotel for the key annual CSR activity named “First Step 2017”. The purpose of this project is to link the hotel to the community by supporting

EQUINE-ASSISTED THERAPY ABLE THE DISABLED FOUNDATION, HORSESHOE POINT PATTAYA Volunteers needed Able the Disabled Foundation (ADF) Thailand is a foundation that provides therapy riding for special needs children. A horse’s movement is therapeutic and improves the child’s balance, coordination, behavior and muscle tone, along with confidence and self-esteem. The warmth of the horse’s body and rhythmic gait relaxes spastic muscles and stimulates muscular development. The horse’s movement naturally in walk simulates the movement of the human walk. ADF Thailand relies heavily on volunteers for its operation, and community support for its funding. There is a constant need for motivated, cheerful and reliable people to help. It is not necessary to know anything about horses, or disabled children, to make a big difference in the lives of these riders. ADF teaches its volunteers what they need to know in order to walk alongside a rider or lead a pony. The classes are held at Horseshoe Point on Tuesday and Thursday mornings between 10 am to 12 pm. Private lessons are available afternoons from 2 to 6 pm weekdays and weekends. If you wish to know more about volunteering, contact Sandra Cooper on 086 848 3684. If you are a parent with a special needs child who would like to join this programme, call the Riding School office on 038 051 676 or 083 988 7860 or call Sandra on the above number.

education and introducing students in grades 11 and 12 to the hotel industry, possibly encouraging them to become professional hoteliers in the future. The students observed and learnt about hotel operations under the guidance of Amari Phuket’s experienced senior

team from the Food & Beverage and Housekeeping Departments. The students learnt about mixing beverages, making beds, folding towels into various shapes, and setting up full dining tables. After the tour, the students and Amari Phuket team had lunch together.


16 - 31 October 2017

Our Community

CSR at Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya

Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya led by Chuleeporn Promchai (2nd left), human resort manager, along with staff joined an activity big cleaning as a part of the project “Centara Care�, cleaning the pond and surrounding public areas at Ginger and Lime, one of the hotel restaurants to help maintain the good environment.

Centara Hotels and Resorts donates to the Elephants World Foundation Supatra Chirathivat (4th left), senior vice president Corporate Affairs and Social Responsibilities of Centara Hotels and Resorts, recently donated 107,133.50 baht gathered from the Centara Hotels and Resorts group to Kanchana Silpa-archa (3rd left), to provide benefits for a purpose of saving Thai elephants to the Elephants World. The presentation was made at Centara Grand at Central Plaza Ladprao Bangkok. Seen in the photo from left: Franz Sanchez, executive assistant manager of Centara Grand at Central Plaza Ladprao Bangkok; Phetcharat Promasit, director of Sales of the hotel; Silpaarcha; Chirathivat; Wim N.M. Fagel, general manager of the hotel; Sucheera Leelasathitkul, director of Rooms of the hotel and Pradapporn Chantaworaluck, public relations manager of the hotel.

Blood drive at Centra Maris Centra by Centara Maris Resort Jomtien will be organizing a blood drive in cooperation with The Thai Red Cross Chonburi. The blood campaign will be on November 2017, from 9 am to 12 noon at Maris 3, Centra by Centara Maris Resort Jomtien. For more information and hotel direction, contact 038 103 333.

Pattaya Today's lifestyle, travel and culture guide

Vol. 05 No. 20 | Oct 16-31, 2017

L iv I N G

i n

stY L e

Hilton Pattaya Donates 250,000 baht to Habitat for Humanity Thailand

Silverlake Wine & Grill


rendezvous L2

dining out L8

upcoming movie L10

Siam@Siam Design Hotel Pattaya

by Mick & Di Barker


his remarkable hotel is situated on Second Road in the heart of Pattaya’s best shopping zones and within easy walking distance to the myriad of tourist attractions. It is the home to a beacon of light in the form of a lighthouse which shines brightly across the Pattaya night sky while a traditional Thai temple bell takes pride of place at the highest point of the building. Intriguing architecture….and there’s even more to come. The opening words from their brochure sets the scene for the extraordinary experience at the Siam @ Siam Design Hotel, “Step into an underwater world of vibrant colours and eccentric detail”. This remarkable pleasure dome oozes, screams and shouts with raw industrial design and vibrant colours inspired by modern pop art, folklore and fantasy. Eclectic imaginings of visual artists have been inspirational in creating an uber-modern art gallery hotel which houses 268 exquisitely designed guestrooms and suites.

Enter the lobby and you will truly be gob-smacked by this idiosyncratic hotel. Drawing on their rich motoring heritage of the founding Phornprapha family, cars are inspirational in its design as is the ocean and its fishy inhabitants. The Car Bar on the ground floor reveals surprises at every turn, jeeps, rickshaws and even a suspended flying car form the decorative element while exotic molecular cocktails and traditional Thai snacks (with a twist) are given the inimitable Siam @ Siam Pattaya stamp. Take the lift to the 6th floor to their all-day dining outlet and you are thrown headfirst into the fantasy world of the ocean; it is here in the Big Fish restaurant that the nightly seafood BBQ is held and at lunch time (11.30 am to 2.30 pm) a new 3-course “Business Set Lunch” is now offered for only B.350 net. Three themed sets offer Thai, Fusion and Western cuisine. The Thai collection presents a starter of marinated pork skewer with spicy Sri Racha sauce followed by yellow chicken curry with rotis and jasmine rice plus mango and sticky rice to complete the trio. The Western style starter is a delightful mélange of crab meat encased in a smoked salmon roll with salad and a basil, lime and chili dressing followed by a spicy crawfish etouffee with tomato salsa and a mango panna cotta for dessert. Creamy pumpkin starts the Fusion set and is followed by Australian beef steak with potato wedges and a kaffir lime sauce before the dessert of lemon crème brulee with vanilla ice cream.

>> continued on L5



Vol. 05 No. 20 | Oct 16-31, 2017

Pullman Pattaya Hotel G receives Loved Forever in our hearts Art Exhibition opening ceremony by Guests Award 2017 by Pullman Pattaya Hotel G recently received a Loved by Guests Award 2017 from, a leading online booking site. The Loved by Guests awards are based upon guest reviews and experiences and are awarded to hotels that achieve a score higher than 4 out of 5. "Our guests rated us at 4.2 out of 5 for the services and facilities provided by the hotel during their stays. We wish to give special thanks to all staff members for providing exceptional dedication to duty, and most importantly, to our guests for showing their satisfaction and support”, said Nattakarn Ratchatanunti (right), director of Business Development.

Wildlife Conservation by Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya

Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya led by Daranat Nuchaikaew (front row from right), director of Human Resources, along with staff joined a CSR activity at Banglamung Wildlife Breeding Centre, as they fed the bears to raise awareness, protect the environment and conserve natural resources. The team members were happy to have been part of this great experience.

Hilton Pattaya donates 250,000 baht to Habitat for Humanity Thailand

Hilton Pattaya led by Rudolf Troestler, general manager (2nd from the right) joined Habitat for Humanity Thailand in supporting 250,000 baht for sponsorship of building a house for a family in need in Chonburi. Moreover, Hilton Pattaya’s volunteers also participated with the team from Habitat of Humanity in surveying the local area, meeting with the selected family and building the house, The ‘Teddy for Charity’ campaign was established in 2015 incorporated with Habitat for Humanity Thailand to support the hotel’s mission for social responsibility and strengthen the local community. The main purpose is to donate funds raised from the sale of teddy bears for charity. The previous projects included a playground for autistic children and a house for a family in Pattaya.

Supatra Chirathivat (4th from left), senior vice president for Corporate Affairs and Social Responsibilities of Centara Hotels and Resorts together with Assist. Prof. Suchada Kampanartsanyakorn (4th from right), assistant dean of Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility of Siriraj Hospital presided over Forever in our hearts Art Exhibition Opening Ceremony by Dinhin Rakpong-asoke (3rd from left), Gulached Kaochaimaha (2nd from left), Sahashanat Tagoenggorn (far right) famous artists. Some proceeds will be donated to Siriraj Hospital to provide medical equipment at Navamindrapobitr 84th Anniversary Building, Siriraj Hospital.

Pullman Pattaya Hotel G receives Green Hotel 2016 Certificate

Thiti Chantangphol (1st from left), Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration regional director, recently presented a Green Hotel certificate for 2016 to Prarinya Charoenrat (2nd from left), the executive assistant manager of Pullman Pattaya Hotel G, who said "The Green Hotel award certifies that we care as much for the environment as indeed we care for our guest’s enjoyment and satisfaction. Our team aspires to raise awareness and to provide input alongside our service on a daily basis. The most important task for our green team at present is to continue their commitment to reducing detrimental environmental impacts whilst driving sustainable tourism forward. Following its global CSR principles, the resort is committed to sustaining nature resources. Pullman Pattaya Hotel G promotes energy and water saving and uses LED lighting in every room. We also focus upon waste management, recycling strategy, and purchasing all perishable goods from local suppliers, in addition to encouraging our staff to participate in fund-raising activities."

Amari extends its collaboration with Chulalongkorn University

Amari representatives led by Chatrapee Kantariyo (second from left), general manager of Amari Residences Bangkok and Anna Rohm (third from right), hotel manager of Amari Watergate Bangkok hand over e-waste products collected from hotel team members and their families to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sutha Khaodhiar (first from left), director of Chulalongkorn University’s Centre of Excellence on Hazardous Substance Management (HSM), as part of the Amari and Chula Love Earth Campaign. All of the e-waste collected will be professionally managed by TES-AMM Thailand, a specialist in technology deployment, recovery, remarketing and recycling. A collaboration between Amari hotels and resorts in Bangkok, Pattaya and Hua Hin and Chulalongkorn University’s Centre of Excellence on Hazardous Substance Management, Amari and Chula Love Earth is entering its second year and is aimed at raising public awareness on the importance of proper disposal and recycling of electronic waste such as old digital cameras, notebooks, mobile phones, printers, mobile phone batteries and chargers.



Vol. 05 No. 20 | Oct 16-31, 2017

Royal Cliff Sets a Record with 11th TTG Hall of Fame Award

The Royal Cliff Hotels Group once again shined at the celebrated 28th Annual TTG Travel Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner as it received its 11th Hall of Fame Award during the star-studded event. For more than a decade, the uniqueness and legendary hospitality of the Royal Cliff Hotels Group have consistently been acknowledged by its renowned peers in the travel industry as well as its guests from around the world. Standing out from a surplus of luxury hotels is no easy feat but with its unrivalled services and facilities, it has set a benchmark for extraordinary guest experiences and elevated hospitality standards. For many years, Royal Cliff has been a consistent part of Asia-Pacific’s most anticipated annual travel industry awards ceremony which honors stellar organizations and individuals for their achievements and amazing contributions in the industry. In 2002, the Travel Hall of Fame award was created to establish a permanent home in honour of the region’s most exclusive and outstanding organizations. The Royal Cliff Hotels Group outshined all the stars in 2006 by receiving for the first time the TTG Travel Hall of Fame Award, and has resided among an elite group of top organizations in the Asia-Pacific ever since. Consistently providing its unique brand of Thai hospitality, it has received over 200 awards from well-renowned organizations around the world.

Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok celebrates seventh anniversary with classic ‘Khon’ performance The Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok celebrated its seventh anniversary with an impressive ‘Khon’ performance by members of the Fine Arts Department at the Ministry of Culture. This traditional Thai classical masked dance, based upon Ramayana (or Ramakien Epic), was taken from an episode from Ramayana Epic called, Phra Ram and Thotsakan in Combat or The Royal Battle. The performance was accompanied by narrators and a traditional ‘Pipphat’ ensemble playing Thai music on wind and percussion instruments. Hotel guests and visitors witnessed the performance and toasted the seventh anniversary after a welcome speech by Hotel Manager Andreas Magnus. The evening concluded with a lighting ceremony conducted by one of the hotel’s famous ‘Ladies in Red.’



Vol. 05 No. 20 | Oct 16-31, 2017

Signed Agreement

eve n ts c a le n d a r the best family Halloween Party Date: until 4 November 2017 Venue: Breezeo, Royal Cliff Pattaya

The management executives of to Centara resorts in Pattaya, led by Austin Robinson (4th from left), group director of Operations-East Coast Thailand of Centara Hotels and Resorts recently signed an agreement with Dr.Piyadee Prasertsom (5th from left), director of Hai-Itoh Technology Vocational College to support the cooperative education and provide the opportunity for their future careers at Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya. In photo from left, Wuthisak Pichayagan, hotel manager, Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya, Andre Brulhart, general manager, Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya, Supamit Sirakantamakul, Chonburi Provincial Education officer, Austin Robinson, group director of Operations-East Coast Thailand, Centara Hotels & Resorts, Dr.Piyadee Prasertsom, director of Thai-Itoh Technology Vocational College, Dr.Suradej Prasertsom, manager of Thai-Itoh Technology Vocational College and Jonas Sjostedt, general manager, Centara Pattaya Hotel & Centara Nova Hotel & Spa Pattaya, Centara Boutique Collection.

Activities: Royal Cliff Hotels Group is once again hosting the popular family-friendly vampire-themed Halloween party on Saturday, 4 November 2017 from 6:30 to 9 pm at Breezeo- Be Yourself Dining! Experience your own haunted adventures as this stylish beachfront restaurant.The venue will be vibrantly decked out in the spirit of little vampires, funny mischief and show-stopping Halloween music. Put on your favorite costume and bring the kids along for a fun Saturday night packed with spooky games and special vampire-themed treats. Every game has a winner and every winner gets a prize. Dress to impress as fantastic prizes will also be awarded to two kids and 1 adult with the best Halloween costumes. Admission is only THB 200 for all hotel guests and THB 300 baht for outside guests. Other delightful perks include complimentary Halloween mocktail, vampire photo op, fun face-painting, freaky food, spooky tunes and lots of special Halloween prizes. For more information: Marketing Communications Department at 038-250-421 Ext. 2878 or email

MINI ROADSHOW 2017 Date: until 8 November 2017 Venue: Provinces across Thailand Activities: MINI Thailand is teaming up with MINI authorised dealers to organise the MINI ROADSHOW 2017, a special on-the-road experience that will bring the latest MINI range to delight fans in several provinces across Thailand. MINI lovers will have a chance to get up close and personal with new MINI models – including the All-New MINI Countryman, which transformed the premium compact car into a Sport Activity Vehicle that retains MINI’s trademark “go-kart feeling”, and the new MINI John Cooper Works Clubman – as they discover first-hand the vehicles’ uniquely British heritage while enjoying exciting test drives in true MINI style throughout the latter half of 2017. The MINI ROADSHOW 2017 will march out to meet fans in: • Udon Thani from 28 September to 1 October at Central Plaza Udon Thani • Nakhon Ratchasima on 5-8 October at The Mall Korat • Bangkok on 2-8 November at Central Plaza Ladprao

Maris Sport Day

Chaiphun Thongsuthum, general manager, led the resort management team and all staff in organizing the first Maris Sport Day at parking area of Centra by Centara Maris Resort Jomtien on October 4. The sports day has brought the team to work closer together, create a good relationship between the staffs and the executives and encouraged the team to live healthy. Four teams competed: red, pink, blue and green, on 4 four sports activities such as tug of war game, eating game, chairball game and sack race. The winner was the red team led by Chef Pie, executive chef at the resort.

For more information: BMW Group Thailand Tel: 1-800-269-269,,

BANGSAEN42 MARATHON Date: 19 November 2017, Sunday, 3:30-10:30 am Venue: Bangsaen Beach, Chonburi Activities: MICE and Communication with Chonburi’s Saensuk Municipality gears up to hold the BANGSAEN42 Marathon under the theme of “The Passion of World-Class Marathon”. The organizer is aiming for the event to be certified as IAAF Gold Label Road Race Standards and is looking to attract Thai and international runners to join in this unmissable event! New innovation developed in Thailand will also be utilized to make Thai running events reach world standards. BANGSAEN42 Marathon will be Thailand’s first running event with a single distance. The route will start from the Beach Road at Bangsaen Heritage Convention Center to Bangsaen roundabout, then to Chonburi’s new landmark, the 84th Anniversary Bridge, pass Ang Sila Market, the Shrine for Nezha’s Tai Tzu, Khao Sam Muk, Laem Tan, and along to beach to the finish line. Register for BANGSAEN42 Marathon at The registration fee is 1,500 baht. For more information: BANGSAEN42 Marathon Tel: 02 266 4465, Email: info@BANGSAEN42. com,,



Vol. 05 No. 20 | Oct 16-31, 2017

>> from L1

Siam@Siam Design Hotel Pattaya by Mick & Di Barker

Grand Lobby

Mick and I stayed the night recently and can personally vouch for the creature comforts that are extended when staying in one of the hotels impeccably designed rooms. The décor is truly vibrant with rich splashes of orange and soothing strokes of green with calming hues of aquamarine. Our Junior Corner room had dazzling sea views and a bathroom complete with a big, spacious soaking tub which overlooked the bay for complete relaxation. Other features include luxurious toiletries, robes, slippers, the comfiest of beds, free high speed Wi-Fi, and a flat screen TV with USB connections. “My Club Lounge” offers a higher level of benefits when staying in a Biz Class room or Presidential Suite. Free tea, coffee, juices and soft drinks are served throughout day with elegant snacks. From 5.30 pm till 7.30 pm exclusive evening cocktails are complimentary while relaxing in the lounge pondering on your Seafood BBQ dinner which can be taken in the lounge or in the Big Fish restaurant. Breakfast too can be enjoyed in the Lounge with it’s a la carte menu offering over a dozen carefully prepared dishes such as stir fried egg noodles with barbeque pork, egg en cocotte with cheesy creamed mushrooms, Wagyu beef patties with scrambled eggs and sausage wrap and many more breakfast plates to arouse your gastric juices for a morning feast. Smoothies and a state of the art coffee machine complete the early morning experience. Head for the Roof Sky Bar as the evening draws on for sweeping views out over the seascape and dip your toes in the cool waters of Thailand’s original wet bar while sipping on the mixoligest’s latest cocktail. Siam @ Siam is an unexpected, astonishing, bizarre and truly amazing experience. It’s a modern art gallery crafted into a contemporary hotel against the backdrop of an industrial canvas of daring design. Siam @ Siam Design Hotel Pattaya is situated on 2nd Road, North Pattaya. Tel: (038) 930 600.


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Vol. 05 No. 20 | Oct 16-31, 2017

Massaman Lamb Slow cook Australian lamb shank in Massaman curry This curry is specific type of curry based on Muslims (or Massaman) They are wide-based in the south of Thailand. We use Lamb as our main protein as Lamb Shanks tend to marinated well with spice.

INGREDIENTS 300 g Australian lamb shank 100 g Massaman curry paste 400 mls coconut milk 15 g plum sugar 15 mls fish sauce 50 g boil baby potatoes 05 g peanuts 20 g Tamarind paste 30 g onion 2 pcs Cardamom 1 pcs Cinnamon stick 2 pcs Bay leaf


Niran Mahayothee @Siam Performing @: Big Fish, Siam Design Hotel Pattaya

Full name:

Slow cooking Lamb shanks. Spice and aroma seeps in body of the soup and marinated your Lamb into southern Thai remarkable curry dish. To cook In medium size of pot put coconut milk to boil over medium heat. Add lamb shank in coconut milk and stew for 45 minutes or until tender. keep on a side. Heat vegetable oil in a large pot over medium heat add massaman curry paste, bay leaf, cardamom, cinnamon stick in the cooking oil and stir for 2 minutes or until it gives out nice aroma. add the brown sugar, fish sauce, tamarind paste, peanuts, onion, potatoes, and coconut milk. Bring to a boil then reduce to medium-low heat. Sit simmer until potatoes are tender Once potatoes are tender, add the lamb shank in the curry and bring to a boil for 5 minutes.

Featured dish:

Massaman Lamb

This menu is available at Big Fish, 6th floor at Siam@Siam Design Hotel Pattaya from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm.

To make the dish and assemble Serve with fresh coriander and jasmine rice

Siam@Siam Design Hotel Pattaya is located at 390 Moo 9, Pattaya Sai 2 Road, Nongprue Banglamung, Chonburi. Tel: 038 930 600

Hotel Promotions Spend 4 special nights with “Koh Chang Spa Holidays Package”

ASEAN International Fleet Review Offer

at Centara Koh Chang Tropicana Resort

at Avani Pattaya

Enjoy a relaxing and pampering spa holidays with family, friends and love one and relieve yourself of your choosing from your daily stressful routine with the wonderful Koh Chang Island and its natural surroundings. Koh Chang is one of the places that should not be miss (available until the end of October 2017). The special “Koh Chang Spa Holidays Package” includes: • Four nights in a Superior room, Deluxe Cabana, Premium Deluxe Cabana or Cabana Suite • Daily buffet breakfast for up to 4 guests • Thai set dinner or buffet dinner for 2 guests (excluded of beverages) • 90-minute Aroma & Foot Massage for 2 guests • 90-minute Herbal Thai Massage for 2 guests • 90-minute Body Scrub & Facial treatment for 2 guests • 10% off a la carte spa treatments at Spa Cenvaree • Saunas available before each spa treatment • Free Wi-Fi access throughout the resort • Welcome drinks upon arrival The prices of Koh Chang Spa Holidays Package begin at 17,800 baht++.

Enjoy special savings at the 50th anniversary of ASEAN Fleet Week in Pattaya Join these incredible celebrations to mark the 50th anniversary of ASEAN Fleet Week from 12 – 23 November 2017. More than 40 ships will participate in the International Fleet Review, hosted by the Royal Thai Navy on this auspicious occasion. AVANI Pattaya is the best place to get involved with all the activities honouring the Bangkok Declaration, signed in 1967. Book your stay for this historic event and receive 10% off our Best Flexi and Advance Purchase rates. Join over 10,000 navy crew from around ASEAN and the world, for momentous celebrations in Pattaya Bay.

For more information contact our reservation centre at at 02101 1234 or visit our website at For hotel’s booking visit at http://www.

For more information, call AVANI Pattaya Resort & Spa: 038 412120 or email: pattaya@


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Vol. 05 No. 20 | Oct 16-31, 2017

F&B Promotions Saturday Night Seafood Bonanza

All About Prawns

Saturday Evening Grand BBQ Buffet

at Oasis Restaurant, Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya

at Larn Thong - Authentic Thai Traditions, Royal Cliff Hotel

at Larn Thong - Authentic Thai Traditions, Royal Cliff Hotel

You will experience Southeast Asia’s very popular grilled meat dish like never before. Explore our exciting All About Prawns promotion at Larn Thong - Authentic Thai Traditions.

Experience the ultimate international barbecue buffet with an exquisite selection of Thai, Chinese, Italian and Japanese dishes. Savour in imported meats, fresh seafood and other goodies straight from the grill along with a varied dessert menu every Saturday night at Larn Thong –Authentic Thai Traditions for 1,450 baht ++ only!

Seafood lovers will enjoy the wide selection and variety of freshly grilled seafood including salmon, king crab, rock lobster, tiger prawn, fresh oyster trolley, and much more every Saturday night at only 1,499 baht ++ per person with half price for children from 6 to 12 years. Enjoy a sumptuous choice, taste and services, which will make the buffet a great choice for friends and family together. Live Circus show from 7 to 10 pm. Saturday Seafood Bonanza Night at Oasis Restaurant opens every Saturday at 6:30 to 10:30 pm. Located at lower main lobby near the water park of Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya For more information or reservations contact 038 714 981.

Canadian lobster king of the seafood at Oasis, Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya From the cold, clean seas off the coast of Canada comes the big, meaty Canadian lobster, prepared in a variety of ways at Oasis, Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya, throughout the month of October. All five of the special lobster dishes are priced at THB 1,400++, with lobster salad, roasted lobster, stir-fried lobster with black pepper, steamed lobster with spicy lime sauce, and lobster thermidor on the menu. Oasis has both indoor and outdoor seating, and is open from 6 am to 11 pm. For reservations please call 038-714981.

Culinary Truffle Hunt

For more information or to make reservations, contact Guest Relations at 038 250 421 or email gro-main@

Thailand journeys at Sala Rim Nam, Avani Pattaya Taste cuisine from the south of Thailand, with unique, hot spices from original recipes. All dishes are authentic and truly delicious. Prices start at 150 baht ++ per order. Available every day from 12 noon to 10 pm. For more information and reservations, contact AVANI Pattaya Resort and Spa on 038 412 120 or email pattaya@

Experience chef’s signature dishes from F&B Masters Culinary Competition at Hilton Pattaya

at T55 Grill Room, Mövenpick Siam Hotel Na Jomtien Pattaya

Forest mushrooms combined with homemade pasta are on the menu at Italian restaurant Acqua, Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya, throughout October. An authentic chicken and mushroom risotto with a pasta made from white truffles is priced at 840 baht ++. Wagyu tenderloin beef, gently seared and served with morel mushrooms and tagliatelle, is available at THB 990++, while the full succulent flavour of Canadian lobster is perfectly complemented by chanterelle mushrooms and herbs, and is priced at 1,890 baht ++.

Hilton Pattaya invites you to experience a variety of signature dishes and desserts from the culinary competition ‘F&B Masters 2017/2018’ that allows talented chefs to showcase their creativity combined with choices of premium ingredients. Chef Piyanudda from Flare Restaurant proudly presents her Authentic Thai signature dish ‘Grilled Beef Spices Mushroom with Thai Herb’, grilled beef with Thai herb, shimeji and champignon sauce served together with egg noodle at 650 baht nett. Available every day in October at Flare Restaurant on level 15 from 6 pm to 10:30 pm. Drift Lobby Lounge and Bar invites you to indulge in an array of homemade desserts including ‘Coco Crunch’ by Chef Nittaya, coconut mousse with honey, dried coconut and mango at 300 baht nett, ‘Mae Jah’ by Chef Orapan, coconut mousse with young rice at 300 baht nett, ‘Coco Banana’ by Chef Chanyawan, coconut mousse with banana at 150 baht and ‘Chocolate Mille Feuille’ by Chef Chatchaya specially created for chocolate lovers at 150 baht nett. Enjoy your favorite at Drift Lobby Lounge and Bar on level 16 from 11 am –to11 pm. Savor the delicious set menu at Horizon Rooftop Restaurant and Bar. Starting with an appetizer from Chef Suratda ‘Soft Shell Crab Salad with Chayote and Spicy Sauce’. Followed by main dish from Chef Mukda ‘Braised Beef and Mushroom with Egg Noodle’. And do not forget to complete the meal with a dessert from Chef Chatchaya ‘Pumpkin Tart & Peanut Butter Ice-cream’. All together priced at 1,800 baht nett. Available in October only at Horizon Rooftop Restaurant and Bar on level 34 from 6 pm to 11 pm.

Acqua is open every day from 6 pm to 11 pm. For reservations call 038714-981

For more information or reservation, call 038-253-000 or bkkhp_fb@ or

Follow your nose and join the hunt all the way to T55 New York Grill Room, which is on the trail of truffles this month with a special menu. Gourmands are invited to take a luxurious culinary tour, sampling the rich and earthy taste of these rare and exquisite delicacies, starting with a Truffle Garden of salad leaves, pomegranate, radish and shaved truffle. Nothing is as richly divine as a Truffle, crab and lobster bisque, especially with creamy saffron rouille garnish as the perfect complements. The pièce de résistance, Truffle Rossini, is a French classic. This culinary masterpiece is made with beef tenderloin, foie gras and brown Madeira wine and truffle Périgueux sauce. Praline Chocolate Truffles bring the tour to a wonderfully sweet finale. For reservations, call 033 078 888 or e-mail

Forest mushrooms and homemade pasta at Acqua, Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya

For more information or to make reservations, contact Guest Relations at 038 250 421 or email

Smile, it’s a Vistas Smurf cupcake! at Vistas, Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya Here are some cupcakes to make you smile at Vistas, throughout the month of October. The Smurfs are represented with a chocolate mud cake, and a Smurf chocolate roll, while with Halloween coming up later in the month you may like a Dracula-red velvet cupcake. All are priced at 110 baht ++, and are served between 9 am and 10 pm. For more information or reservations, please contact us on 038- 714-981.

Daily special BBQ Buffet at Big Fish restaurant, Siam@Siam Design Hotel Pattaya This October faced the next thrill of BBQ every day! If you choose to stay with us, you’re welcome to our daily BBQ Buffet for your dinner. We include seafood in this BBQ Buffet. Secure to you our best New Zealand mussels, shellfish, freshwater lobster, shrimp etc. The buffet starts at 6pm and last until 10pm. Choose the choice that fits your value the best. Go with 700 THB for whole BBQ Buffet or pay 950 for a buffet with soft drinks. For alcohol lovers, have you BBQ buffet with Wine start at 990 baht or pay for 1090 baht and have your BBQ with Cold Beer. This buffet also presented to you with evening live music. For reservation contact or Tel. 038-930600

Signature dishes at Dynasty, Cantonese Cuisine Anyone who is familiar with Cantonese food will know that this particular cuisine is complex, versatile and incredibly wideranging – a fact reflected by Dynasty’s extravagant 102-item à la carte menu is a list of delicious appetisers designed to whet your appetite, such as the Dynasty Prawn Salad, Chilled Jellyfish and Drunken Chicken, Stewed Duck Tongues with Soya Sauce, Sashimi Maine Lobster and Barbecued Whole Suckling Pig. Signatures include Fried Maine Lobster with Garlic, Black Beans Sichuan Style or X.O. Sauce, Baked Goose Leg in a Casserole, Sauteed Sliced Pork X.O. Chilli Sauce, Fried Red Garoupa Cutlet with Pineapple and Sweet & Sour Sauce, “Yao Chin Chao Faan” Fried Rice with Shrimp and Fresh Scallops, Double-boiled Bird’s Nest with Coconut Milk in a Whole Young Coconut. The special Abalone section features Sauteed Whole Mexican Abalone Steak, Braised Fresh Sliced Abalone and Goose Web in a Casserole, Braised Whole Fresh Abalone with a Rich Oyster Sauce, Sauteed Whole Fresh Australian Abalone with Oyster Sauce and Shiitake Mushrooms. Dynasty at Centara Grand CentralWorld is open daily from 11.30 am to 2:30 pm and 6 pm to 10:30 pm. For more information or reservation contact dining reservation at 02-1006255 or email at

For food promotions, email press release at


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Vol. 05 No. 20 | Oct 16-31, 2017

Mick & Di The Food Lovers

SILVERLAKE WINE & GRILL Where the Sixties were alive and well for one night only while Chef Alberto cooked up a storm There’s always something happening at Silverlake Wine & Grill. The owners, Surachai and Supansa, had a vision way back in 2002 to bring together their trio of passions, good wine, good food and good music. Through the dint of their enthusiasm today this truly extraordinary destination, which covers over 480 acres of cultivated land, oozes with breathtaking scenery. The vineyard bears both wine and table grape varieties and boasts the latest wine making and juicing technology from Italy to promote Thailand as a new-latitude wine region. Plus, it has gained a reputation as a venue for exceptional live music performances. The eclecticism and diversity of the musical genres is legendary, bringing to Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard the very best of local and international artistes. It was “Yesterday” recently at the restaurant as the sounds of the Sixties reverberated to the roof with memories of the beat movement from 50 years ago and the rabid fandom that pursued. Pattaya’s very own tribute band were the chosen genre to entertain us with the sounds of the iconic groups, The Beatles and The Beach Boys. Executive Chef Alberto Bruni had orchestrated a 4-course gourmet dinner in his own inimitable style to complement the proceedings. After aperitifs on the terrace, the evening was launched with a baby spinach leaf salad with sea scallop enfolded in bacon as the first appetiser. Extremely tasty with the salty wrapping of the scallop providing the on-trend umami factor, it made an ideal dinner companion to the first Beach Boys number, “Good Vibrations” that was being performed by Barry Upton and friends on the stage. The first pouring of the evening was a refreshing unwooded Chardonnay, straw coloured with an abundance of fruity flavours, it provided the perfect aperitif and also the ideal partner for the first appetiser.

Barry and the boys were now deep into their renditions of the celebrated 60’s Californian band with “Surfing USA” and “Ba Ba Ba Ba Barbara Ann” resonating to the delight of all present. Toes were tapping, arms were flaying as the 60’s were being relived for the night. The second appetiser was a delightful saffron scented cream soup of Blue Fin crab. We love bisque and this one was rich, creamy and delicious; the bottom of the bowl appearing far too quickly. A rousing version of “Help Me Rhonda” brought the set to a close and Mick and I were asked our choice of main course. Our options were braised slow cooked lamb shank, home style Angus Intercostal beef stew or the fish alternative, grilled salmon fillet. My penchant for fish is well known so that was definitely winking at me while Mick chose the 12-hour beef stew. The salmon was simply cooked allowing the taste of fish to speak for itself, the interior was soft, sweet and iridescent while the peas,carrots and sharp, piquant capers provided a pleasing accompaniment. Meanwhile, across the table Mick was enjoying his hearty beef stew escorted by creamy mashed potatoes. The wine pairing was the award-winning Silverlake Cabernet Sauvignon . Deep garnet in colour with a nose of dark fruits and herbs, it was the ideal cohort for the richness of the beef. The band now returned and were kitted out in Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club costumes to perform a selection of numbers from this legendary album released in 1967 plus many more. The title song initiated the set which sent the assembled diners into raptures of recall, the younger set wondering just who were the Beatles. ”Yesterday”, “Hey Jude” and “Yellow Submarine” followed, proving to be the greatest favourites of the evening and communal singing filled the rafters. Dessert then arrived. Italian

baba cake with berries provided the sweetest of accompaniments to another successful musical evening reviving the sounds of those Bussaba Ex-Weisse iconically famous Sixties. Silverlake Wine and Grill is truly unique. The surrounding countryside is spectacular and the pleasure of

just being in this beautiful location is immense. Come here to escape the hurly burly of Pattaya and to relax in an idyllic setting plus, of course, to enjoy a glass of wine or two. Silverlake Wine & Grill is located on Soi Khao Chi Chan, Bang Saray. Open

daily Sunday, Monday – Thursday from 11.00 am to 9.00 pm and Friday and Saturday 11.00 am to 10.00 pm. Tel: (089 896 5166) or visit their facebook page for the next musical evening. The restaurant has capacity for 200 people including a private Chef’s Room that seats up to 40 people.


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Pizza Art

Vol. 05 No. 20 | Oct 16-31, 2017

La Dolce Vita when you have the dough…

Did you know that Pizza Margherita dates back to 1889? The story goes that the Napoletana pizzaioli, Raffaele Esposito, created it in honour of the Queen consort of Italy, Margherita of Savoy, which he garnished with red tomatoes, white mozzarella and vibrant green basil to represent the national colours of the Italian flag; thus making Naples the spiritual home of the pizza. There’s even a definitive booklet produced by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana which describes in precise detail what constitutes an authentic Napoletana pizzeria with edicts on acceptable toppings. Why am I telling you all this? Well, Jomtien now boasts it very own Napoletana pizzeria/trattoria and garden manned by a master pizza maker from Naples, Vincenzo and his charming wife Pookie, a trained pizzaiola herself. Pizza Art is a meticulously authentic Napoli pizzeria, its pedigree wood-fired oven blasts out the blistering heat (1,000 degrees F.) to cook the pies in the requisite 60-90 seconds, and the high protein “OO” flour bestows the unmistakable flavour. In keeping with tradition, the dough is hand-kneaded, the sauce spooned on and spread into a thin layer and the other ingredients carefully placed atop and “Eccola!” the perfect Napoletana pizza. The interior expounds on clean, uncomplicated lines with whimsical touches of faux railed balconies with a pair of socks and t-shirt comically hanging out to dry. There’s a lovely rear garden and bar landscaped with flowers and plants for a cool sojourn under the stars sipping one of their many cocktails, the “Sex and the City” Cosmopolitan, (vodka, Triple Sec and lemon juice) is a sensational mix at B.200. The main focus of the menu is naturally pizza with 26 variety of

toppings from the quintessential Margarita through ham and mushroom, seafood, salami, four seasons, bacon and so on. We tasted a traditional and much loved, Estiva pizza. All Napoletana pizzas are typically thin and soft with a pillowy crust which bubbles up due to the high temperature and is dotted with the requisite charring. Simple and delicious and topped with tomato sauce, creamy mozzarella and fresh rocket and basil leaves, a swirl of extra virgin olive oil is added as an accent before being released to the table. Stuffed pizza bread is also very popular and comes with a range fillings the likes of grilled chicken salad (B.120), grilled vegetables, blue cheese, or Mozzarella with crudo ham. All are accompanied by salad. What else could we sample now but pasta. There is an official statistic for pasta consumption in Italy, it is believed that the average Italian eats something like 28 kilos of pasta per year. That’s a lot of pasta

so no surprises that it is so close to every Italian’s heart. Here there are three to choose from, spaghetti, linguine and penne with a host of sauces including naturally, ragu Neopolitan, seafood, ham, cream and mushrooms, pesto, carbonara and tuna. Gnocchi alla Sorrentina (potato gnocci in the manner of Sorrento) is another house special, mixed with tomato sauce, basil leaves and topped with mozzarella and Pecorino cheese before it is baked in the oven until molten and bubbly with cheesy goodness (B.260). We tasted another speciality dish of Vicenzo’s, melenzane alla parmigiani. Fried chunky aubergine slices had been fried till crisp and then swathed in a robust tomato sauce and covered in grated Parmigiano, dotted with mozzarella and then baked in the scolding oven. It was absolutely delicious, the aubergine a joy with such an amazing meaty texture and generously treated with the tomato and class A cheeses. Secondi (main) dishes include

pork, chicken or beef steaks grilled and served with French fries, Italian sausage, or grilled meats offered as a sharing plate for two and the house beef a la pizzaiola which celebrates the pizzaioli’s craft with a succulent piece of juicy beef. The wine is Italian centric with house wine by the glass coming in at B.90, or a ¼ litre for B.180 and ½ a litre for B.280. Bottles start at B.1,000. Fresh fruit juices and shakes are another speciality.

Vincenzo is one of those dedicated pizzaioli who are not only keeping the tradition alive but also chasing perfection with his pies and Pizza Art is definitely worth seeking out, specifically for its devotion to the classic Napoletana pizza. Pizza Art is located on Thappraya Road, opposite Jomtien Complex next to View Talay 2 and TMB Bank. Tel: 087 608 6888 or visit www.http://pizzart.



Vol. 05 No. 20 | Oct 16-31, 2017

Water Fitness v Land Fitness

Spa & Fitness Promotions

by Rory Coughlan

Escape the city with Spa Cenvaree’s new Floral Spa Journey

Ketosis for weight loss

• When you drastically cut down on the amount of carbohydrates or calories you’re eating, and there aren’t enough carbohydrates from food to burn for energy, the body switches to the state of ketosis. • Once in ketosis, the liver uses the body’s fatty acids to make molecules known as ketones to burn for fuel.

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Ketosis on a low-carb, ketogenic diet works because it helps suppress your appetite unlike other ways of eating. Not only that, it can also support increased focus and mental clarity. Imagine no longer obsessing about food or worrying about eating too much because your appetite is just… under control. A ketogenic diet might even be able to help you lose weight faster than other methods while keeping the weight off. If this idea appeals to you, you might be ready to try a ketogenic diet for weight loss. Before you can use a ketogenic diet for weight loss, it’s a good idea to have an understanding of how it works. Here are some important points about the ketogenic diet: • A ketogenic diet is centered around bringing the body into a state of ketosis. • Ketosis is metabolic process in which the body burns fat for energy instead of its primary fuel, carbohydrates.

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Experience “Pampering of eforea” Package eforea spa at Hilton Pattaya introduces “Pampering of eforea” spa package exclusively designed for your ultimate relaxation. Enjoy a deep relaxing massage using the power of aromatherapy oils and traditional Thai massage techniques to melt tension and harmonize the body. Followed by an exclusive half-hour choice of herbal hot compresses or hot stones placed on key energy points. Complete with a pressure point facial massage and de-stressing scalp treatment to maximize relaxation and a completely new body experience. “Pampering of eforea” package is priced at 4,500 baht per person and 8,000 baht per couple for two hours and available until October 31, 2017. eforea spa is located on level 17 of Hilton Pattaya and open daily from 10 am to 10 pm.

There are many benefits of ketosis for those looking to lose weight on a ketogenic diet, including: • INCREASED FAT BURN WITH KETOSIS When you eat low-carb and your body starts burning fat as its primary source of fuel, you’re essentially in a fasting state where your body is using your fat stores directly for energy. Those experiencing stalls in their weight loss or having trouble getting rid of unwanted fat can benefit from a ketogenic diet for this reason. • HORMONE REGULATION WITH KETOSIS Ketosis can help sustain weight loss by regulating hormones that affect weight. After you eat, the hormone cholecystokinin (CCK) is released by your intestines. CCK is responsible for stimulating fat and protein digestion and inhibits the emptying of the stomach, which reduces appetite. This makes CCK a great regulator of food intake. Losing weight can cause your body to secrete less CCK, leading to less satiety after a meal. But this is where ketosis can be helpful. A ketogenic diet can help you avoid cravings for food all the time after losing weight, reducing the chance of gaining the weight back. • APPETITE SUPPRESSION WITH KETOSIS Ketogenic low-carb diets may be helpful in reducing appetite by altering the concentrations of hormones and nutrients that affect hunger. It’s no wonder ketosis is used as a strategy for weight loss; it removes the need to eat more or respond to cravings for unhealthy foods. This means you can better listen to your body’s true hunger signals without worrying about counting calories or going hungry. • BLOOD SUGAR REGULATION WITH KETOSIS When you’re eating a ketogenic diet full of healthy fats and proteins plus an abundance of vegetables, you experience more stabilized blood sugar. This is much better than traditional diet foods that are usually high in refined sugars and other carbohydrates, leading to a spike in blood sugar that leaves you feeling hungry again soon after. As you can see, those on a ketogenic diet have an advantage over other forms of weight loss because they increase the chance of maintaining weight loss, reducing cravings, and eliminating the need to stress and obsess over every calorie or food portions.


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at eforea spa, Hilton Pattaya

by Rory Coughlan

upcoming movies at Major Cineplex The Avenue Pattaya Geo Storm


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Say Bye to Boring Crunches and Hello to Fun Pilates at at LifeStyles on 26 Our Pilates classes here at LifeStyles on 26 involve performing slow and precise movements in repetition, with an emphasis on developing your overall balance by gradually working those cores, abdominal and lower back muscles (which mean no nasty crunches). You can find us on the 26th floor of Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld, with Pilates classes held every Friday from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm and Saturday from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm. All you need is your gym clothes (we provide mats and towels for when things get sweaty). Plus, with our special pay-as-you-go fee of 400 baht per session, not being a member of our fitness center is no excuse…You can save even more by purchasing 10 sessions for 3,500 baht or 20 sessions for 6,000 baht. For more information and advance bookings, call us on: 02-100-6299.

Release Date Lead Actors Director Genre

October 12, 2017 Jeremy Ray Taylor, Gerard Butler, Abbie Cornish Dean Devlin Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller

When catastrophic climate change endangers Earth's very survival, world governments unite and create the Dutch Boy Program: a world wide net of satellites, surrounding the planet, that are armed with geoengineering technologies designed to stave off the natural disasters. After successfully protecting the planet for two years, something is starting to go wrong. Two estranged brothers are tasked with solving the program's malfunction before a world wide Geostorm can engulf the planet.

Release Date October 19, 2017 Lead Actors Ellen Page, Diego Luna, Nina Dobrev Director Niels Arden Oplev Genre Drama | Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller Medical students begin to explore the realm of near death experiences, hoping for insights. Each has their heart stopped and is revived.They begin having flashes of walking nightmares from their childhood, reflecting sins they committed or had committed against them.The experiences continue to intensify, and they begin to be physically beaten by their visions as they try and go deeper into the death experience to find a cure.



special feature

Vol. 05 No. 20 | Oct 16-31, 2017

Amara Bangkok unveils the latest hangout event ‘Hipster Night’ at Element, its indoor dining and refreshing al fresco dining area CASIO GZE-1 ACTION CAMERA

Borrowing G-Shock technology from the company's ubiquitous watch line, the Casio GZE-1 Action Camera is a rugged shooter for extreme sports enthusiasts. Its circular resin body has a urethane bumper that helps it withstand drops. The camera is also water-resistant to depths up to 150 feet, dust-proof, and can operate in freezing temperatures. Spec wise, it captures Full HD video and 6.9 megapixels stills, with the ability to mix slow-motion in with full-speed action in the same sequence. It can be controlled from a smartphone, Casio Pro Trek Watch, or with an optional remote control, and may or may not see release outside of Japan.


mara Bangkok announced the latest hangout event ‘Hipster Night’ at Element, its all day dining restaurant with indoor dining and refreshing al fresco dining area featuring the famous artists from one of Thailand’s popular reality television series, The Voice Thailand. This follows the successful launch of international lunch buffet at Element since late 2016. Hipster Night, every Friday night from 6:30 pm until late at this 145-seater restaurant, Element on level B1 without entrance fee. Guests can enjoy an array of snacks and party food and drinks featuring a live band and fun on stage activities lead by two famous singers and entertainers from The Voice Thailand, one of Thailand’s popular reality television series, Ping-Pong Chatupot Sinlapaphichon and Title Suttichart Saen-arch. Guests also can request songs via the event’s Line@ application and get complimentary special food of the night while enjoying this latest hangout on Surawong road. Other special offers include two rounds of happy hour for selected drinks during 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm and 10 pm to 11 pm plus beer buffet available at 399 baht net per person throughout the Friday event. “We’re thrilled to introduce this hangout concept originated by our creative and talented team members who aim to offer our guests an extra mile memorable hospitality service while they are here in Bangkok,” said Viranat Silananda, general manager, Amara Bangkok. “Amara Bangkok’s Hipster Night will be an event to talk about, a venue not to be missed and a party on Friday with affordable and delicious food, drinks with hip and cool music where everyone on the road, in the city will be envious not to join in the heart of entertainment district of Bangkok.” Guests can enjoy this Bangkok’s most happening vibes every Friday night and catch the trend by following the hash tag #HipsterBangkok


So far virtual reality systems have been split into two main groups: cheap, plastic holders for smartphone-based applications, and more expensive rigs that rely on PCs or gaming consoles to work. The Oculus Go VR Headset is neither. This all-inone device has cameras on the headset to figure out positional tracking, a highresolution fast-switch LCD screen, next-generation lenses, and integrated spacial audio. Breathable fabric and elastic bands keep it snug yet comfortable on your face. It also works with both Oculus Go and Gear VR apps, so there will be a built-in library of apps ready to go when it launches in early 2018.

GOPRO HERO6 BLACK CAMERA It doesn't look much different from last year's Hero5. That doesn't mean the GoPro Hero6 Black Camera hasn't got new tricks up its sleeve. Powered by the new GP1 chip — the company's first processor developed in-house — it shoots 4K at 60fps, 2.7k at 120fps, and 1080p footage at 240fps. It's also outfitted with the company's best image stabilization yet, offers improved dynamic range and low-light performance, and uses 5GHz Wi-Fi for faster transfers.

For more information, call + 66 (0)2 021 8888 extension 5320, e-mail or visit the hotel’s website at


Indoor Swimming Pool

The prior Envy Curved was a good desktop. It was just a little... ugly. The new HP Envy Curved AIO 34 Desktop has no such problem. Like the Envy AIO 27, it hides its key components in a sleek tabletop box, letting the Technicolor-certified Ultra WQHD micro-edge display float above your desk. The same box also serves as a quad-speaker sound bar, tuned by Bang & Olufsen for immersive sound, and for the paranoid out there, the Windows Hello-compatible camera and mic pop up only when in use, and stay hidden otherwise.

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Business News China Airlines celebrates 50 Years of Bangkok-Taipei route page P7/27 >> Volume 6

Issue 20

1-15 NOVEMber 2017

Announcement of the winners of the 12th Annual PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards 2017

Winston Gale with his right-hand and wife Sukanya Gale.

Terry Blackburn, managing director of the PropertyGuru International (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Kamolpat Swaengkit, Thailand country manager of, and Suphin Mechuchep, managing director of Jones Lang Lasalle (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and chairwoman of the judge panel, celebrated the winners of the PropertyGuru Thailand Property Continued on page 4/24 Awards 2017. What's Inside:



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Business News

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PropertyGuru Thailand Real Estate Summit 2017

Thailand Social Security Fund

TripAdvisor certifies Royal Cliff with stamp of excellence

Malaysia launches Southern Thai packages to Malaysia in Southern Thailand

P2/ 22

Volume 6

Issue 20

1-15 NOVEMber 2017

Property PropertyGuru Thailand Real Estate Summit 2017 Recently we witnessed the development, technology and finance industries being represented by some of the most respected names in property and these top industry experts made their presence as speakers for the PropertyGuru Thailand Real Estate Summit 2017. This gathering of Thailand’s most impressive business leaders and industry experts represented the finest in Thailand’s property sector and the speakers, moderators and panelists filled an entire day on Thursday, 14 September at the Plaza Athenée Bangkok (a Royal Meridien hotel). The full-day forum included meaningful presentations on current real estate trends and financing options in Thailand and covered such topics as the robust hospitality segment despite the market downturn, inbound investments, a case study on the future of mixed-use design, the branded residences that now define many luxury properties, iconic skylines, up-and-coming investment destinations, and the potential impact of the economy and policies on the property sector. In a keynote address, Deputy Commerce Minister Sontirat Sontijirawong focused on the Thailand Real Estate Outlook while former Finance Minister Korn Chatikavanij reviewed

‘Innovative Financing in Real Estate Development’. Other interesting and informative speakers included Woraphong Leksakulchai (managing partner- Bangkok, Hughes Krupica); Jessica Cheng (CEO, Lion King Agency); Wisanu Tuntawiroon (advisor to The National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission); Nicholas Ho (deputy managing director, hpa, Ho & Partners Architects); Frank Khan (executive director/head of Residential, Knight Frank Thailand); Andrew Gulbrandson (head of Research and Consulting, JLL Thailand); Paul Ashburn (comanaging partner, BDO), and Southeast Asia hospitality sector expert Bill Barnett (managing director, C9 Hotelworks). Other commentators included Dr John Leslie Millar (chief strategic development officer, Ananda Development); Kipsan Beck (managing director, MahaNakhon); Dr. Suriya Poolvoralaks (managing director, Major Development); Kittipol Pramoj Na Ayudhya (managing director, Sammakorn Public Company Ltd); Anthony McDonald (CEO, Bespoke Hotel Management Asia); Micah Tamthai (vice-president of Real Estate, Minor International), and Dr. Pun-Arj Chairatana (executive director, National Innovation Agency of Thailand).

by Clayton Wade Managing Director

Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd.

PropertyGuru Group Chief Business Officer Lewis Ng moderated the panel for ’Thailand’s 4.0 Economic Policy – Why Technology and Innovation Needs to be the Core of Your Business’, and Winston Lee, PropertyGuru’s regional head of new projects, led the panel discussion on ‘Reaching the Right Foreign Investors’. The panel entitled, ‘Meet the leader's: 10 years vision in real estate,’ was moderated by Clayton Wade, managing director of Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd., and a member of the board of directors for the National Association of REALTORS® in the US. Prestigious panelists included Micah Tamthai, vice president of Real Estate, Minor International and Dr. Suriya Poolvoralaks, managing director, Major Development who shared their real estate insight, strategies, challenges, anecdotes and secrets to success in the industry. The chemistry between the moderator and speakers was great and the responses received by the two speakers from the moderator made for an interesting, insightful and sometimes humorous session indeed. Tamthai and Poolvoralaks spent almost as much time fielding questions after their session as was spent in the entire panel discussion. They were both a big hit and appreciated by all. Another popular presentation was made by Liam Aran Barnes, who heads publishing at PropertyGuru Property Report.

Our very special thanks to Clayton Wade, managing director of Pattaya’s Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd., for preparing this Pattaya Today column. Clayton Wade is managing director of Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd., the Eastern Seaboard’s leader in exclusive property sales and rentals, and managing director of Premier Land and Development Co., Ltd. Clayton Wade has been running Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd., with his wife, Khun Supap, for more than 20 years. He himself has been in the real estate industry for over 30 years, having started his career in the United States where he was licensed and practiced both real estate sales and property management in Seattle, Washington. Wade is a Certified International Property

The informal chat session on ‘How to Build an Icon of the Skyline?’ featured Scott Duncan, a design partner at Som - Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP. Entrepreneur Amarit Charoenphan, CEO and cofounder of Hubba Co-Working Space and, gave a short presentation on the rise of property technology and trends in the tech and innovation space in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Well over 100 regional experts, C-level executives and senior managers from the real estate, design, finance and government sectors participated in the conference the day before the twelfth anniversary gala dinner of the PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards 2017. The PropertyGuru Thailand Real Estate Summit 2017 was well supported by Thailand’s property website DDproperty. com, the official portal partner; THAI Airways International,

Specialist (CIPS) and a CIPS certification instructor with the National Association of Realtors (NAR) in the United States. He is an instructor with the Thailand Real Estate and Business School (TREBS) and heads the International Marketing Committee as vice president for the Real Estate Sales and Marketing Association of Thailand. He also is a council member with the Gerson Lehrman Group, the New York-based international research and consulting firm, and is a registered consultant with the Coleman Research Group in Hong Kong. He has been a national panel judge with the Thailand Property Awards for 10 years. Having done business successfully in the Eastern Seaboard/Pattaya area for over 20 years, Clayton Wade is known throughout the Asia-Pacific region for his public speaking and television presentations as well as

the official airline partner; hpa, the official breakfast and lunch sponsor; supporting associations British Chamber of Commerce Thailand, Startup Thailand, and the National Innovation Agency, and media partners Oxford Business Group, Techsauce. co, and PropertyGuru Property Report, Asia’s leading luxury real estate, architecture and design publication. The Real Estate Summit is part of the PropertyGuru Asia Real Estate Summit 2017 conference series, which debuted in Malaysia last August, keynoted by Malaysian Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Lee Chee Leong and REHDA President Datuk Seri FD Iskandar bin Mohamed Mansor. After the Thailand leg, the Summit moves on to Singapore for a two-day regional conference on November 7 and 8 at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre.

having written regularly for leading newspapers and magazines (Bangkok Post, Thailand Property Report, Tropical Homes Magazine, Real Estate Magazine Thailand, Big Chilli Magazine, Tattler Magazine, Homes and Condos Magazine, etc.). The American-born entrepreneur is known throughout the Asia-Pacific region for his many accomplishments in promoting real estate on Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard include having been a guest speaker with several of Thailand’s top political and business figures on CNBC’s Managing Asia. Premier Homes is Pattaya’s leader in exclusive property sales and rentals. Visit their website at Clayton Wade may be contacted at +(66) (81) 634-2915 or at

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Volume 6

Legal Advice L E G A L A DV I C E

Issue 20

1-15 NOVEMber 2017

by Magna Carta Law Office

Road Accident Victim Protection The Road Accident Victim Protection Act is for the victims whose life, body or health is injured from the conveyance using or being on the way, or from the goods carried or installed on such accident. This covers the driver, passengers and the person who is not one of those conveyances. The victim also includes the legal heir of the deceased victim. This protection act does not cover the property of the victim. What kind of conveyance is covered by this act? In this Act, “Conveyance”means conveyance under the law on vehicle, conveyance under the law on land transport, vehicle under the law on military vehicle, and includes other conveyance prescribed in the Ministerial Regulation. The owner of conveyance who use or possess for use of conveyance must provide an insurance against loss for victims. The conveyance owner who has already insured against loss for victims which includes loss occurring to victims and properties, no more insurance against loss for victims is required. It is prohibited to use the conveyance which has not provided insurance against loss for victims.

the basic compensation? The victim can authorize the hospital, representative, relatives or legal heir to request the basic compensation from the insurer by the following: 1. Causing injury - The daily report from police station certified by Police Inquiry Officer - Receipt of the medical fee from the hospital - Certified copy of Thai ID card, Alien ID card, passport, the document must be issued by the government that bears the name of the victim 2. Causing death - Certified copy of the death certificate facilitated by the legal heir - Certified copy of the ID card of victim or the legal heir of victim - The daily report form police station to prove that the death of victim is caused by the conveyance accident.

What are the duties of the insurer? The insurer shall pay the compensation in two parts: The first part is the basic compensation such as healing expense, funeral and including compensation for damage and other basic expenses necessary for the victim’s recovery from the damage. The insurer shall pay to the victim within seven days from the date that of receipt of request from victim, without pending on investigation on liability. In the request of the basic compensation, the victim must file an application within 180 days from the date the damage has occurred. The second part is the compensation which exceeds from the basic compensation. The insurer shall pay after the accident investigation, and the insurer shall pay to the victim who does not have liability. The receipt of basic compensation shall not prejudice the rights to claim for additional compensation under the civil and commercial code.

The Victim Compensation Fund The victim also can request for the basic compensation from the victim compensation fund from the following conveyance accidents: 1. Such conveyance has not been providing an insurance against loss for victim and the owner of conveyance fails to pay basic compensation to the victim or pays incomplete amount of basic compensation to the victim. 2. Such conveyance is not under possession of the conveyance owner when the accident occurred due to misappropriation, fraud extortion, theft, blackmail or robbery which has already been reported to the police inquiry officer. 3. There is no one claiming to be the owner of such conveyance and such conveyance has not been providing insurance against loss for victim. 4. Such conveyance escapes or no one knows which conveyance caused the damages. 5. The insurer fails to pay basic compensation or pays incomplete amount to the victims. The victim compensation fund shall completely pay the basic compensation within seven days from receiving the request from the victim.

What are the necessary documents in requesting for

Reference: Office of Insurance Commission website

MAGNA CARTA LAW OFFICE 193/126-8 South Pattaya Road, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi, 20150, Thailand Telephone : 038 373735 MOBILE NO. : 082 479 1204 Fax : 038 373736 Email :

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Volume 6

Issue 20

1-15 NOVEMber 2017

Special Feature Announcement of the winners of the 12th Annual PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards 2017 Continued from page 1/21


his esteemed 12 years consecutive event held by the Ananda Development, Co., Ltd., the Best Developer honored. Accompany with other leading entrepreneurs, awards were given to Sansiri, Charn Issara Development, the Riviera Group, MontAzure and Major development. Together with Mrs. Supaluck Ampuch ‘the female tycoon of the retail industry’, she was awarded as the Real Estate

Personality of the year. This honoring event recently took place at the Plaza Athenee Bangkok, a royal Meridien. For further information of the PropertyGuru Thailand Property Awards please contact or the website :

TripAdvisor certifies Royal Cliff with stamp of excellence Royal Cliff Hotels Group celebrates receiving the 2017 TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence for all of its award winning five-star hotels namely - Royal Cliff Grand Hotel, Royal Cliff Beach Hotel, Royal Cliff Beach Terrace and the luxurious Royal Wing Suites and Spa cementing its star status as best of the best. Now in its 7th year, the Certificate of Excellence recognizes highly-rated establishments that consistently earn great TripAdvisor reviews from worldwide travelers making it a real source of pride for hospitality professionals. It is one of the most genuine and sought after awards for hoteliers as winners are determined based on authentic and honest feedback from real travelers and is awarded to accommodations, attractions and eateries that make perfect trips possible. Reflecting Royal Cliff’s commitment to hospitality excellence and exceeding its guests’ expectations, all of its hotels have constantly been commended by travelers from around the world and praised for its unparalleled services and wide-ranging facilities.

“In our quest to provide extraordinary services to our valued guests, we are thrilled that sll of our hotels have received the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2017”. Mr. Vitanart Vathanakul, Executive Director of Royal Cliff Hotels Group said. “Due to the tremendous and gratifying support of our guests, we are delighted to have our unique type of Thai hospitality continually acknowledged to be among the best in the world. To receive consistent favorable reviews from all types of travelers is a source of pride for the Royal Cliff team as they reflect the remarkable experiences we fervently sought to give to our guests.” Thailand and specifically Pattaya, is one of the most sought after travel destinations for tourists. Staying in the right awardwinning hotel can guarantee a luxurious experience that goes

above and beyond the norm. The Royal Cliff Hotels Group operates 4 luxury hotels providing tourists from home and abroad with the ultimate experience. Its superior service has been paramount to this latest achievement that has created a new high point for the Group, which has impressively won over 200 national and international awards to date. “TripAdvisor is excited to announce the recipients of the 2017 Certificate of Excellence, which celebrates hospitality businesses that have consistently received strong praise and ratings from travelers,” Heather Leisman, Vice President of Industry Marketing – TripAdvisor said. “This recognition allows us to publicly honor businesses that are actively engaging with customers and using feedback to help travelers identify and confidently book the right property at the right price.”

P5 / 25

Volume 6

Issue 20

1-15 NOVEMber 2017

Business News Marriott International expands its resort portfolio in 2017 across the Asia Pacific region Marriott International is on track to open 16 new resorts in Asia Pacific across seven brands in 10 countries and territories this year, giving travelers more choices when booking holidays, business events or special occasions. Marriott currently has 130 upper-upscale and luxury resorts in the Asia Pacific region in countries including China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand. The new hotels range from tranquil resorts such as the beachfront Weligama Bay Marriott Resort and Spa, which is the company’s first hotel in Sri Lanka, to The Ritz-Carlton Haikou, which presents travelers with a new experience as Ritz-Carlton’s first golf resort in China. “This is an exciting year for Marriott International in the Asia Pacific region as we deliver innovative, new ways to cater to today’s and tomorrow’s travelers,” said Peggy Fang Roe, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for Asia Pacific. “Our new openings demonstrate our promise to be where our guests want to be and provide them with everything they need to relax, recharge or celebrate a special milestone.”

These new properties will benefit from growing demand from Chinese travelers, who today are the world’s No. 1 source of outbound travelers. China National Tourism Administration estimates China’s travelers will take 700 million trips over the next five years. As incomes rise, China’s middle class is looking for higher quality products and travel experiences – such as stays at Marriott’s newest resorts. Earlier this year, Marriott launched a joint venture with Alibaba to help capture this growth by redefining their travel experience. “Marriott International is proud to offer picture-perfect paradises for every occasion,” said Paul Foskey, chief development officer, Marriott International Asia Pacific. “We continue to cater to its ever-expanding customer base by introducing new brands, exciting destinations and unique experiences to its resorts portfolio.” Here are the new hotels the company is opening across the region: Explore Marriott’s Fastest Growing Destination - China The company marked several milestone openings in China this year including The Ritz- Carlton,

Haikou, the brand’s first golf resort in China; the Shanhaitian Resort Sanya, Autograph Collection, the brand’s first property in China; the Element Chongli, which brings its eco-conscious concept and extended-stay brand to the mountainous Taiwoo Ski Resort of Zhangjiakou, co-host of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics; and the Westin brand’s first hot spring resort in Taiwan, The Westin Yilan Resort set amidst stunning coastline scenery. Discover New Properties and South East Asian Charm Marriott International debuted several new properties across South East Asia, including The Ritz-Carlton, Langkawi, a tranquil oceanfront resort on the Andaman Sea in Malaysia surrounded by an ancient jungle and sheltered by trees. The resort is designed to incorporate influences from local culture to create a private retreat with an authentic touch. A luxurious spa is home to five cocoonshaped pavilions that float above the sea and features rituals inspired by indigenous healing and beauty ceremonies. The Ritz Kids children‘s program brings an exciting array of culturally and environmentally focused experiences and activities for families including a Langkawi Treasure Hunt and Nature Discovery. The award winning JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort and Spa, which opened earlier this year, allows travelers to discover one of Southern Vietnam’s newest resort destinations. Designed by Bill Bensley, the whimsical resort reflects the architect’s vision of a fictional ‘Lamarck University’ with venues that represent school facilities such as ‘Chemistry’, the bar where guests can order inventive cocktails in test tubes.

In Thailand, the newly opened Renaissance Pattaya Resort and Spa is a tranquil beachfront retreat with playful touches while The RitzCarlton, Koh Samui allows guests to focus on revitalizing their mind, body and spirit through design and amenities. The hotel’s design reflects a modern interpretation of the island’s environment with natural materials of ceramic and coconut. Its spa offers holistic wellness treatments, and guests can join fishfeeding experiences in a temperate Swim Reef nestled within the resort. Scheduled to open this month, the Renaissance Bali Ulutwatu Resort and Spa in Indonesia will appeal to families spanning generations. It will offer three pool experiences, a playful beach club with activities for kids of all ages and a selection of restaurants to delight even the pickiest eaters. Broaden Your Horizons in Japan and Korea This year, Marriott has expanded its presence in Japan’s scenic destinations with the openings of five Marriott resorts. Guests can explore the lake area at the base of Mount Fuji when staying at the Fuji Marriott Hotel Lake Yamanaka and admire the white sand beaches and mountain trails at the Nanki Shirahama Marriott Hotel near Osaka in Western Japan. Located close to Kyoto, Lake Biwa Marriott Hotel showcases the beauty of Japan’s largest lake and natural ‘onsen’ hot

springs district, and Izu Marriott Hotel Shuzenji boasts a Pacific coastline location set in the densely wooded hills of the Izu Peninsula. Apart from authentic and distinctive cultural experiences, the five resorts feature integrated digital-savvy online platforms, allowing travelers to switch off yet stay connected. Later this year, the Jeju Shinhwa World Marriott Resort & Spa is schedule to open and mark the brand’s first property in South Korea. Located on Jeju island and part of the highly anticipated mixuse resort—Jeju Shinhwa World, which will include a casino and amusement park - guests will have access to premium leisure and world-class entertainment facilities. Celebrate with a Getaway in the Exotic Destinations of Fiji and Sri Lanka Marriott International opened two properties in Fiji and Sri Lanka in 2017. The Fiji Marriott Resort Momi Bay marked the brand’s debut in Fiji. An innovative resort, it features the first overwater ‘bure’ bungalows on Fiji mainland which dot an idyllic manmade lagoon. Another exciting new resort, the Weligama Bay Marriott Resort and Spa, marked Marriott International’s entry into Sri Lanka. The beachfront resort, which features a modern take on authentic Sri Lankan décor, occupies a prime location near famous attractions such as the Galle Fort and blue whale watching hubs.

Ascott appoints new assistant director of sales and marketing and marketing manager for its Thailand cluster CapitaLand’s wholly owned serviced residence business unit, The Ascott Limited (Ascott) has welcomed new members into its family. Thitirat Ditpanya has

joined as the new assistant director of sales and marketing and Tasanee Ua-Aksorn as the new marketing manager. The newly appointed Thitirat

is a Thai national. She brings with her over 18 years’ experience in the areas of sales, team management, strategic planning and a wealth of expertise in the sales and marketing. She has previously worked with various five star hotels and serviced residences groups including akyra Thonglor Bangkok (Formerly Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Bangkok), Compass Hospitality, Chatrium Residence Sathorn and President Park Group. Thitirat will now oversee Sales and Marketing team for Ascott Thailand Cluster, representing 11 existing properties as well as more under development projects. She leads the effort to provide room booking ease for a combined total

of more than 3,000 rooms across Thailand. Subsequently, Tasanee UaAksorn has been appointed as the new marketing manager for Ascott Thailand cluster. She has a previous background in marketing and communications in leading hotel groups including AccorHotels Group Thailand and Bespoke Hospitality Management Asia. Currently Ascott is the largest international serviced residence owner-operator in Thailand, with 18 properties and more than 3,000 units across Bangkok, Pattaya and Sri Racha (including under development projects). All wellappointed properties are nestled in prime business and entertainment

districts, designed for discerning expatriates and travelers on business or leisure.

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Volume 6

Issue 20

1-15 NOVEMber 2017

Business News Akaryn hotel group appoints Thomas Singenberger as opening hotel manager

Swiss-trained talent to infuse contemporary, personalized hospitality management style into Bangkok’s newest boutique luxury lifestyle hotel. Akaryn Hotel Group, the pioneering Thai hospitality company with an appealing collection of luxury hotels and resorts around the Kingdom, has announced the appointment of Swiss native Thomas Singenberger as hotel manager at

akyra Sukhumvit Bangkok, which is set to open in the first quarter of 2018. A high-calibre hospitality professional, Thomas brings more than a decade of executive level experience to his new role at the 50room akyra Sukhumvit Bangkok. He was trained at one of the most respected hotel management schools in the world, Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland, and more recently held senior positions in the Thai capital at The Okura Prestige Bangkok and Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit. Fluent in Swiss-German, German and English, Thomas boasts a strong background in food and beverage and understands the sophisticated global appeal of Bangkok as a travel and lifestyle destination. “Thomas’ modern style of management, creative F&B experience, and new concept

development background fits perfectly with the energy and experiences on offer at akyra Sukhumvit Bangkok,” says Anchalika Kijkanakorn, founder and managing director of Akaryn Hotel Group. Akyra Sukhumvit Bangkok draws in its dynamic surroundings in an area that exudes urban energy and diversity. Two of Bangkok’s acclaimed high-end shopping malls – The Emporium and The EmQuartier – are within walking distance of the hotel, as are two of the city’s most attractive public parks, one of which is Benjasiri Park, opened to commemorate Queen Sirikit’s 60th birthday with jogging, cycling tracks and a boating lake. The hotel is the closest boutique luxury accommodation on Soi 20 to Sukhumvit Road, which is often referred to as Bangkok’s cosmopolitan artery, and the chosen address for a vast choice

of world class restaurants, stylish cocktail bars, sophisticated spas and independent galleries, including Adler Subhashok Gallery, which is the Bangkok version of its Parisian counterpart and hosts exhibitions by big name international and Thai contemporary artists. Bringing understated luxury and a new sense of style to Bangkok’s most vibrant tourism zone, akyra Sukhumvit Bangkok will present guests with an artistic aesthetic designed to inspire a lifestyle as much as a stay. The hotel will offer casual gourmet dining experiences whilst making the most of its

location with a sophisticated rooftop pool bar serving signature signature craft beers, snacks and barbecue dishes overlooking the metropolitan skyline. “As a new concept luxury urban retreat, akyra Sukhumvit Bangkok is all about creating an intimate atmosphere in the heart of one of Asia’s most iconic cities,” explains Thomas. “A personalized approach requires a distinctive personality, and with this in mind, the new akyra Hotel will offer guests a contemporary blend of classic hospitality and intriguing experiences.”

ONYX Hospitality Group in Bata Thailand welcomes new country manager The international shoe strategic partnership with manufacturer Bata welcomes Paolo Grassi to Thailand, where he will be taking over the role of managing YOO Hotels and Resorts director, Thailand. Named the

ONYX Hospitality Group has entered an agreement with UK-based YOO Hotels & Resorts to manage and further develop YOO Collection and Yoo2 hotels across Asia. As a result, ONYX Hospitality Group will expand the presence of the two YOO brands across key city and resort destinations in the Asia Pacific region, contributing to further growth of the YOO Collection and Yoo2 brands. The first YOO Asia hotels to be developed will be in Phuket and Bali, both scheduled to open in 2019. Douglas Martell, President & CEO, ONYX Hospitality Group, said: “As we continue expanding the reach of the ONYX Hospitality Group portfolio and entering new market segments and new destinations, we are excited to be in partnership with YOO Hotels & Resorts to grow our footprint in the lifestyle hotels segment. We look forward to a mutual exchange of unique strengths, including YOO’s design-led philosophy and our regional management expertise.” John Hitchcox, Chairman of the YOO Group, said: “We are very

excited about this partnership between YOO Hotels and Resorts and ONYX Hospitality Group as it has created the perfect platform for operational excellence and growth of the YOO brands across Asia Pacific. This expansion opportunity in some of the world’s fastest growing hotel markets will ensure that even more travellers will soon be able to experience YOO’s unique designs and guest experiences.” YOO is a global design brand specialising in design-led property and hotel developments around the world. The YOO brand was created by leading property developer John Hitchcox and international designer Philippe Starck with a vision to enrich lives with extraordinary living spaces. YOO Hotels & Resorts is inspired by YOO Group’s vision and offers two lifestyle brands: YOO Collection, luxury hotels which blend creative input by some of the world’s most renowned designers with sublime locations and personalised service; and Yoo2, upscale lifestyle hotels which provide unique interpretations of local influences, location and living space.

new Managing Director of Bata Thailand in August 2017, Paolo Grassi is coming to Thailand to promote both the company's global and local strategies. He has over 22 years' experience with Bata, of which he spent the last eleven years in Managing Director positions in Singapore, Italy and Malaysia. In these roles, he oversaw the countries' retail networks, the franchising and wholesale operations, and streamlined team structures and business processes. Grassi has a Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus on Economics from Universita Ca Foscari in Venice, Italy. At Bata Thailand, Grassi is working on realizing the company's vision of being the leading international fashion retailer in Thailand by providing high-quality,

stylish and comfortable shoes at a surprisingly affordable price. To gain the necessary exposure and achieve this goal, Grassi will lead Bata in building partnerships with popular local retail destinations and establishing collaborations with respected personalities as brand ambassadors. "I am thrilled about the chance to work with Bata Thailand to

further develop the brand and its perception here in the country. People here in Thailand have a strong fashion sense and are always on the lookout for a new look at a good price. With Bata's hip style, frequently released new collections and focus on high-quality products, I am sure we can become the country's top international footwear retailer," says Paolo Grassi.

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Volume 6

Issue 20

1-15 NOVEMber 2017

Business News Best Western® scores a hat-trick at Travel Mazda captures Thai customer hearts, Weekly Asia’s Reader’s Choice Awards Best Western® Hotels and Resorts is celebrating this week after it completed an impressive hat-trick at Travel Weekly Asia’s 2017 Reader’s Choice Awards. The world famous hotel group won the title of Asia’s Best Mid-Range Hotel Chain for the third consecutive year, as voted for by the readers of Travel Weekly Asia – one of the largest travel trade publications in the Asia Pacific region. The award was presented to Best Western at a glittering award ceremony, which took place in Singapore on October 23, 2017. Olivier Berrivin, Best Western Hotels and Resorts’ managing director of International Operations – Asia, said he was delighted to have won the award for the third time in a row. “We’re incredibly proud of this achievement; to have been named as Asia’s Best Mid-Range Hotel Chain for three consecutive years is a great honor,” Berrivin said. “The readers of Travel Weekly Asia represent the region’s travel trade, so it is incredibly gratifying to know that the Best Western brand is resonating strongly with so many of our highly-respected industry partners. We would like to thank Travel Weekly Asia and their readers for this award, and for their continued support.” “In recent years, Best Western has undertaken a major international expansion strategy, including the launch of several new brand concepts and exciting new hotels in Asia. We will continue to set the bar for innovative, industryleading midscale accommodation across the region in future,” he added. Winning its third consecutive Travel Weekly Asia Reader’s Choice Award continues Best Western’s recent winning streak, as last month the hotel group was named as Asia’s Best Mid-Range Hotel Brand at the TTG Travel Awards for the 11th year in a row.

Jetstar Asia tops the table in punctuality Local LCC is the only Asia Pacific airline to attain five-star rating for On-time Performance

Jetstar Asia has attained the top ranking for its punctuality amongst all Asia Pacific airlines, achieving a fivestar rating in OAG’s biannual on-time performance report. Based in the United Kingdom, digital flight data analyst OAG, released its standings for on-time performance for airlines and airports twice annually, based on 52 million flights arriving within 15 minutes of the scheduled times. Only 14 airlines achieved the five-star rating, of which, eight are full-service carriers and six are low-cost carriers. Jetstar Asia is the only local airline in Asia Pacific to have achieved the five-star rating, with an on-time performance of 86.4 per cent. With its performance, Jetstar Asia was ranked the world’s 14th most punctual airline among the 390 airlines across the globe reviewed by OAG. The ratings are part of an ongoing accreditation programme that awards all airlines and airports twice yearly based on a rolling performance from October 2016 through September 2017. ‘On time’ is defined as arriving no more than 15 minutes after the scheduled arrival.

Jetstar Asia CEO Bara Pasupathi said that the worldclass recognition is a strong testament of our team’s efforts in championing operational efficiency and exceptional customer service. “We have always known that the hallmark for air travel are safety, punctuality and convenience. “In recent months, Jetstar Asia’s adoption of a new customer feedback measurement tool has enabled the airline to use real-time customer feedback to deliver exceptional customer experiences. “We are honoured to be the only airline in Singapore and Asia Pacific to receive the five-star rating and are encouraged that our continuing investments in our technology, processes and people has made travel more reliable and seamless for our customers,” said Mr Pasupathi. Mark Clarkson, EVP of Product Management at OAG, said: “From an airline perspective, while Jetstar Asia was the only ASPAC airline to receive 5-stars, Qantas Airways (Australia), Japan Airlines (Japan) and Skymark Airlines (Japan) were all awarded four stars, with over 85 per cent of flights on time.”

ready to step up to premium brand status

Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co. Ltd., the official distributor and service provider of Mazda vehicles in Thailand, is moving ahead in customer satisfaction after introducing the new MCI (Mazda Corporate Identity) showroom concept, improving after-sales quality and raising staff capabilities countrywide. According to the J.D. Power 2017 Thailand Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) Study released recently, Mazda was ranked second with 827 points, shooting up from last year’s fifth position. The study, now in its 18th year, measures new-vehicle owner satisfaction with the sales process at an authorized showroom center by examining dealership performance in sales facility, sales initiation, sales negotiation, vehicle delivery duration and sales personnel. This year Mazda, with 827 points out of a maximum 1,000 points, finished close to the leader, and showed significant improvement over last year’s 806 points. This is proof of the improvements after going through a countrywide showroom and service center upgrade during the past year. Chanchai Trakarnudomsuk, president of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co. Ltd., said Mazda employees are delighted with this year’s achievement. “We are all very happy and proud for being able to capture the second position, after working hard for our customers,” he said. “Mazda continues to deliver our full commitment towards improving our dealer network, particularly in terms of showrooms and service centers under the MCI concept that truly reflects Mazda’s image, helping us to seamlessly connect with the customer.” Chanchai said Mazda had laid out an integrated service system for increased efficiency. The Mazda Activ Service program goes in harmony with the 6 major factors that determine customer satisfaction as follows: • Convenience – Integrates body and paint repair shop, warm

elegant customer lounges plus twohour express service bay. • Fast – Express service bays, parts inventory, express approval for accident repair, quick parts delivery and 24-hour service. • Standardize and Efficiency – Same high standards at all showrooms and service centers. • Price Transparency -Customers are informed of all parts prices, labor fee and scheduled maintenance cost, all of which are competitive against other brands. An important factor that affects customer satisfaction is the sales team, and Mazda has been determined in developing highlycapable salespersons who can best serve the customers. Attention to details and sharing of experiences to the customers also contribute to a memorable servicing experience. According to the J.D. Power study, Mazda’s strength lies in sales initiation and delivery period, and the study also serves as a good indicator for Mazda’s improvements carried out the past year. The 2017 Thailand Customer Service Index (CSI) Study, now in its 18th year, is based on responses from 2,458 new-vehicle owners who purchased their vehicle between August 2016 and April 2017. Before making a purchase decision, Mazda customers study information from various sources including current Mazda owners, and are satisfied with sales and delivery processes. In terms of marketing communications, television commercials play a major role in relaying true customer stories about Mazda, in order to enhance the confidence towards the brand, and making customers feel like family. Mazda is also preparing to stimulate the Thai auto market further during the last quarter of this year. For more information click and Mazda Thailand official Facebook/ Yo u Tu b e / I n s t a g r a m / L I N E accounts.


1 - 15 November 2017

Business Opportunities

(ptmbo-sn1315)Ice cream shop with external seating for customers at a major tourist attraction in Pattaya. The business is easy to run and maintain. Open 7 days a week from 9am to 6pm. Sale Price: THB 450,000. Contact Sven on 087 283 5349 or email: sven.tbac@ ( p t m b o - s n 1 3 1 5 ) Bar & Guesthouse for sale in Central Pattaya. New lease available 3 + 3 years & NO KEY Money. Security deposit on the lease THB 200,000. Large ground floor bar tastefully decorated with separate Jacuzzi suite, 6 large rental rooms (all with air con, en suite bathroom, balcony and furnishings), small office, laundry room, large staff sleeping quarters/studio apartment and a 65 sqm one bedroom top floor apartment with its own kitchen and large en suite bathroom. Separate rear entrance to gain access to rental rooms. Priced to sell. Sale Price: THB 1.7 million. Contact Sven on 087 283 5349 or email: (ptmbo-sn1115)Resort for Sale. A beautiful resort set in over 2 Rai of land in a tranquil area of Pattaya, but within 20 minutes drive of


the town centre. The resort comprises of 9 (nine) chalets, a swimming pool, a large clubhouse/bar/restaurant with full kitchen facilities and seating for over 100 customers + 2 staff rooms. The land is leasehold with 11 years still remaining. The lease has been registered in a company name at the land office. The land rent is paid annually and is fixed for the full term of the lease at an exceptional rate. There is room for expansion and building permits can be obtained to build a further 9 chalets. This is a rare business opportunity and viewing is highly recommended. The business comes with a limited company. Sale Price: THB 7.80 million. Owner Finance Available. Contact Sven on 087 283 5349, Email: sven.tbac@

Services Provided

Magna Carta Law Office can assist you in securing loans from 1 million up through various financial institutions with no credit checks or black marks and no penalty for a bad credit history. All loans are secured against either land or property and we are able to lend you up to 50% of the appraised valuation of your asset.   The funds will be available around 10

days from the start of the application. Loans can be for a period of 6 months to 1 year and can be extended for longer if needed. Call either 038-373735 or 081-9833620 to make an appointment. Service for set-up company, accounting, balance sheet, visa, work permit, application of social security. Contact Korawit Accounting Co., Ltd. 084 754 4214 Nattakit Construction Renovation Company. Need office, home, garden, swimming pool improvements? Very reliable contractor, high quality standard job with reasonable price. Please call 038 373 145 (English), 086 831 8879 or 087 509 0102 (Thai) PAC Co., Ltd. Can renovate your condo at a very reasonable price with very good standard of work. Ring 087 139 1539 for estimates Eng, 087 150 4845 Thai If You are Having a Problem with Your Computer either software or hardware, please phone 0868202577 or 0972549072 (Thai &Eng). I will go to service at your place.

Education & Training

(pta-tk0008)Do you want to Study Thai Language or Thai Culture in Fun & Easy Way? Come to Thankful Knowledge Learning Center. Learn with the native professional teachers. Affordable price & friendly environment call 038 373 175 or 038 416 493.

Houses for Sale

Spacious Home! Truly one of the finest homes in the area. Selling price is 9.5 million baht. 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and 164 square meters of beautiful

interior design set upon 135 Tarang Wah (540 sq/mts). For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR2567) Quality Phoenix Gold Golf Club Home! Live the life at Phoenix Gold Golf and Country Club. Selling price is 22 million baht. Spacious 4 bedroom/4 bathroom with 420 square meters of interior space and 220 tarang wah of landscaped gardens. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR3644) Two Homes One Great Price! Selling Price 6.4 Million Baht 4 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms/Full Basement with spacious interior of 270 Sqm interior/132 TLW of Land. Fully Furnished including a fully European Kitchen. This will not be on the market very long before it sells! For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR6422) Gre a t D e a l Ho m e i n Huayyai! Selling Price 6.99 Million Baht, 5+1 Bedrooms/3+2 Bathrooms, 450 Sqm/169 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co.,

E-mail: | Fax: (038) 076063

Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR7018) Beautiful Home in Jomtien Yacht Club!! Selling Price 2 5 Mi l l i o n Ba h t , 4 + 1 Bedrooms/4+1 Bathrooms, 390 Sqm/212 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR5846) Great Phoenix Lakeside Family Home! Se l l i n g Price 9.9 Million Baht 3 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms, 180 Sqm/200 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR5035) Great Family Home Near Town! Selling Price 2 0 Mi l l i o n Ba h t , 5 + 1 Bedrooms/7 Bathrooms, 1 R a i / 6 6 0 Sq m . Fo r appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR6363) Magnificent House with a Grand Palace Style! Selling Price 75 Million Baht, 5 Bedrooms/ 5 Bathrooms, 620 Sqm/ 320 TLW, For

appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. At (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR6686) Charming Detached House with swimming pool and lovely gardens in Wongamat Location! Selling Price 21 Million Baht, Baht, 3 Bedroom/3 Bathrooms, 300 TLW/300 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR6075) Beautiful Private Home Village For Sale! Selling Price 16,000,000 Million Baht, 3 Bedroom/3+1 Bathrooms, 111 TLW/289 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR1158) Great Jomtien Park Villa with Very Nice Modern Furniture! Selling Price 26 Million Baht, 4 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 238 TLW/500 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com. (PR4176)

SUZUKI Swift RX – 2015 Honda City 2010 sell 350,000 baht.

Call 085 146 1499

Purchased in Pattaya for 590,000 Baht + only modification is changed standard wheels to Lenso Mags 17” & DunlopTyres = 22,000 baht Total on road cost 612,000 Baht • Top of the line model (RX) -No accident (slight mark on rear r/h corner) • Driven only in Chonburi province, total kilometers = 15,800 km - Used mainly by lady for resturant shopping supply • Serviced only by the Suzuki Dealer. (there has being no unscheduled repairs)

Sale Price 435,000 Baht (ono) Call 087 7432319

E-mail: | Fax: (038) 076063

Houses for Sale

Gorgeous Lake View Thabali Home! Selling Price 7.5 Million Baht, 3 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms, 90 TLW/206 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR4465) Great Home in the very popular Siam Royal View! Selling Price 33 Million Baht, 4 Bedrooms/5 Bathrooms, 1 R a i / 3 6 0 Sq m . Fo r appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR4211) A Really Unique Estate on One Rai of Land! Selling Price 27 Million Baht, 6 Bedrooms/7 Bathrooms, 1000 Sqm/440 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR5052) Wat Yan & Bangsaray Are Home Villas For Sale! Selling Price 5 Million Baht, 3 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms, 170 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR1154) Un i q u e a n d Sp a c i o u s Beachside Townhomes! Selling Price 15.9 Million Baht or 28 Million Baht for both side by side Luxury Townhomes with each having 5 Bedrooms/6 Bathrooms, 356 Sqm/89 TLW. Great layouts high standard interior design and just a few steps to the beachfront. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931


and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR7006) Fantastic Estate Home For Sale! Selling Price 32 Million Baht, 4+1 Bedrooms/6+1 Bathrooms, 600 Sqm/291 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR4516) Ma g n i f i c e n t C o u n t r y Estate Home or Resort for Sale with Great Business Opportunity! Selling Price 43 Million Baht, 7 Bedrooms/8 Bathrooms, 700 Sqm/2 Rai 285 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR6004)

Houses for Rent

Siam Countr y Family Home! Rental Price 125,000 Baht/ Month, 3 Bedrooms/ 2 Bathrooms, 220 Sqm/130 TLW, For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. At (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR6276) Beautiful Private Home For Rent! Rental Price 95,000 Baht/Month, 5 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 370 Sqm/188 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR5695) Reasonable and Well Priced Home! Rental Price 70,000 Baht/Month, 3 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms, 220 Sqm/149 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR3451) First Class and Exclusive Home! Rental Price 80,000 Baht/Month, 4 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 380 Sqm./125TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR5614) Beautiful Modern Style Home! Rental Price 85,000 Baht/Month, 4 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 210 Sqm/115 TLW For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR6507) Large Rental Home near Town! Rental Price 88,000 Baht/Month, 4 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms, 450 Sqm/187 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR1168) Spacious 4 bedroom home with large private pool! Rental Price 100,000 Baht/ Month, 4 Bedrooms/ 4+1 Bathrooms, 500 Sqm/ 1 Rai, For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. At (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR1601) Spacious Home! Truly one of the finest homes in the area. Rental Price 50,000 baht. 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and 164 square meters of beautiful interior design set upon 135 Tarang Wah (540 sq/mts). For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR2567) Baan Amphur Beachfront! Rental Price 50,000 Baht/ Month, 4 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms, 220 Sqm/74 TLW. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR6999)

1 - 15 November 2017


Pool Villa for Sale

Urgent! Luxury Pool Villa for Sale. Price reduced from 14M to 11.9M. THB. Fully furnished   3bed, 3 bath, private pool. Land is 340 sqm, house is 235sqm. Welldesigned and well-decorated. Must see! Contact 2THAI. ASIA Real Estate tel. 089934-04-50, line:

Condos for Sale

V N 3 Condo Pattaya. The V N Residence 3 condo has is located in the quiet and peaceful Prathumnak Road Soi 5. The condominium has 53 apartments spread over 7 floors, a basement parking lot, rooftop common area with swimming pool, gym and relaxation area. 3x1 Bedroom condos ONLY 2.79 MB per unit. 60% finance is available subject to terms and conditions. Call +66 (0)38 250 944 or +66 (0)856 981 023 The Cloud Condominium – Pratumnak. 2 Bedrooms 48 Sqm From 4.32 MB. Up To 60% Finance Available (subject to t&c’s). Features Include: 24/7 CCTV & Security, Fire Alarms & Escapes, Smoke Detectors With Sprinkler Systems, Atrium Garden, Infinity Pool, Modern Bathroom Facilities, Sky Gym, Sauna & Steam Room, Underground Car Parking, Key Card Entry System. Call +66 (0)38 250 944 or +66 (0)856 981 023 Incredible Sea Views and Right on the Beachfront! You will be impressed by this spacious 200 square meter fully furnished 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo apartment with gorgeous sea views. It is a very good value for someone looking for a great beachfront home or a great rental property. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR0359) Spectacular Penthouse For Sale! Selling Price 20 Million Baht, 3 Bedroom/3 Bathroom, 282 Sqm For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR6517) Wonderfully Designed Luxury Apartment! Selling Price 9.5 Million Baht, 2

Bedroom/2 Bathroom, 134 Sqm For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR1896) Charming Condo with Great Sea View! Selling Price 45 Million Baht, 4 Bedrooms/ 4 Bathrooms, 640 Sqm, For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. At (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR1667) Sp a c i o u s 1 B e d r o o m Pratamnak Hill Condo! Selling Price 2.95 Million Baht, 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom, 39 Sqm For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR3478) Sa n c t u a r y C o n d o f o r Sale ! Selling Price 11.765 Million Baht, 3 Bedroom/3 Bathroom, 149 Sqm For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and

081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR2548) Ocean front Super Luxury Condominium! Selling Price 24 Million Baht, 4 Bedroom/4 Bathrooms, 235 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR4468) High Floor View Talay III Condo Apartment!! Selling Price 14.4 Million Baht, 2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms, 198 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR5075) Luxury Wongamat Beach Area Condo! Selling Price 27.5 Million Baht, 2 Bedroom/3 Bathroom, 155 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR1871)


1 - 15 November 2017

Classified Condos for Rent

Condos for Sale

Great Sea View and Well Located on Pratamnak Hill! Selling Price 6 Million Baht, 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom, 95 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR6369) Gorgeous Sea View! Selling Price is 10.9 Million Baht, 2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms, 68 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR2507)

B e a c h f ro n t L i v i n g i n Jomtien Condo! Selling Price is 11.9 Million Baht, 2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms, 142 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR2185) Stunning and Gorgeous Pratamanak Area Apartment! Selling Price 6.39 Million Baht, 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom. 68 Sqm, For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR4979)

Great Marina Beachfront View! Rental Price is 70,000 Baht/Month, 2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms, 157 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR5853) Beachfront Living at its Best for Rent! Rental Price is 42,000-227,500 Baht/ Month, 2-5 Bedrooms/2-5 Bathrooms, 77-450 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PRC084) Spectacular ‘Designer Apartment’! Rental Price is 45,000 Baht/Month, 2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms, 99 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR1255)

Beachfront Apartment.... Definitely a 5 Star Lifestyle! Rental Price is 49,000 Baht/ Mo n t h , 1 B e d r o o m / 1 Bathroom, 80 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PR6284) G o r g e o u s Pe n t h o u s e Jomtien Beachfront Condominium! Rental Price is 80,000 Baht/Month, 2 Bedrooms/2 Bathrooms, 200 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR0359) Ocean front Super Luxury High Rise Residence on Wongamat Beach! Rental Price 55,000 Baht/ Month, 1 Bedroom/ 1 Bathroom, 68 Sqm, For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. At (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR6793)

E-mail: | Fax: (038) 076063

Condo with Gorgeous Interior Design! Rental Price 90,000 Baht/Month, 2 Bedrooms/3 Bathrooms, 153 Sqm. For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PR1866)

Apartment for Rent

Beachfront Apartment for Long Term Rent. 4th and 5th floors, 3 bedroom, 220 sq/m, 25 meters to the Beach 40,000 baht/month. Na Jomtien Penninsula. Contact via email for more details info@driftersbeachcafe. com

Land for Sale

Land for Long Term Lease. Location: Sukhumvit Road, right on the Pattaya Klang intersection, where the new tunnel has been made. Size: 8 Rai land, dimensions 40 meter wide 320 meters long. Suitable for driving range, full spa concept, school, apartments, storage, etc. Interested call Danny at 081 949 8702 or 090 786 9949 Wat Yan Area! Selling Price is 57,490,000 Million 16 Rai 200 Tarang Wah For

appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PLD0325) Phoenix Golfcouse Area! Selling Price is 12,000,000 Million 2 Rai 1 Tarang Wah For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PLD0711) Huayyai Area! Se l l i n g Price is 37.8 Million for 31 Rai 161 Tarang Wah For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PLD0718) Bang Sarey Beach Front A re a ! S e l l i n g Pr i c e i s 48,000,000 Million 324 Tarang Wah For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: premier@loxinfo. or visit our website at www.premierinternational. com (PLD0706)

CONDO FOR SALE (Serious buyer only, no agent please) Area: Naklua Condo: Wongamart Tower Room: Duplex with 1 bedroom and 2 bathrooms with large balcony (high floor, seaview) Room Area: 67 sqm. Price: 6.8 million baht Transfer: 50/50 Facilities: pool on 37th floor, fitness, car parking, 24 hrs security


0814461642 Thai/Eng


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Land for Sale

Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PLD0004) Na Jomtien – Bangsaray Area! Selling Price is 28,000,000 Million 1 Rai For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PLD1011) Pratamnak Hill Area! Selling Price is 34 Million 1 Rai For appointment and private viewing, call t h e Pr e m i e r H o m e s Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PLD0978) Na Jomtien – Huayyai Area! Selling Price is 21.5 Million 2 Rai For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PLD0013)

Koh Chang Area! Selling Price is 8,500,000 Million 83 TLW For appointment and private viewing, call t h e Pr e m i e r H o m e s Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PLD1012) Sukhumvit-South Pattaya Area! Selling Price is 170,000,000 Million 6 Rai For appointment and private viewing, call t h e Pr e m i e r H o m e s Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PLD0018) Jomtien Second Road Area! Selling Price is 96,080,000 Million 30 Rai 10 TLW For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PLD1010) Pratamnak Beach Area! Selling Price is 76 Million 2 Rai For appointment and private viewing, call t h e Pr e m i e r H o m e s

Solution Sudoku Issue 04 6 1 4 9 3 5 8 2 7

7 2 8 4 5 6 9 1 3

1 7 2 6 8 4 3 5 9

5 9 3 8 6 7 2 4 1

9 3 5 2 4 1 6 7 8

3 6 1 5 9 2 7 8 4

4 8 7 3 1 9 5 6 2

8 4 6 7 2 3 1 9 5

2 5 9 1 7 8 4 3 6

Na Jomtien Beachfront! Selling Price is 60 Million 343 TLW For appointment and private viewing, call t h e Pr e m i e r H o m e s Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PLD0983) Na Jomtien Beach Area! Selling Price is 22.078 Million 122 TLW For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PLD0988) Na Jomtien Beachfront! Selling Price is 135 Million 1 Rai 346 Tarang Wah For appointment and private viewing, call the Premier Homes Real Estate Co., Ltd. at (038) 231-931 and 081-634-2915 or by Email: or visit our website at www. (PLD0987)

Job Vacancies

Pe r s o n a l Ca re Gi ve r Needed. Thai woman (ages 18-30 years) needed to provide personal care for American male expat living in Pattaya. Due to illness,

expat needs help moving around inside and outside of his room. Experience with massage therapy is a plus, but will train good candidate. Some English speaking needed. Only original women will be considered. Salary: 8,00012,000 baht/ month plus expenses. Please contact 66+0647765910. Thai to English Translator. Thai to English verbal translator needed for work in person in Pattaya. Rate: 400 THB per hour. Please send an email if you are local and have good verbal English. altmail55@gmail. com 0927700984

Vehicles for Sale

Honda City 2010 sell 350,000 baht. Call 085 146 1499 Nissan Nivara Calibre 2.5 Turbo Diesel Sports Version 4 Door Automatic. 2012 manufactured (top model) silver with black leather uprated suspension factory alloy wheels two air bags cruise control electric Windows / door mirrors new stainless steel roll bar side steps roof rack CD player etc one lady owner 68000kms full service history. Immaculate inside and out and drives like new 1st class insurance and tax have all papers and blue book for transfer real

Pizzeria/Café for Lease

Fully furnished, Top Touristic Location, Running Business Owner wants to retire

Land for long term lease

Location: Sukhumvit Road, right on the Pattaya Klang intersection, where the new tunnel has been made. Size: 8 Rai land, dimensions 40 meter wide 320 meters long Suitable for driving range, full spa concept, school, apartments, storage, etc.

Retail shop for rent

Fully furnished retail shop on Pattaya 2nd road, near to Alcazar Show.

Interested call Danny at 081-9498702 or 090-7869949

1 - 15 November 2017

bargain. Call 087 139 1539 Chevrolet Colorado 7seater Mpv 3.0 Turbo Diesel 4x4 Automatic all roader built by thairung using all mechanics from Isuzu basically the same as Isuzu mu7 car was sold new in 2010 it’s finished in metallic black with beige hide interior refinements such as front and rear a/c two TVs cruise control electric Windows alloy wheels and so much more magnificent looking all purpose vehicle drives superb such value. Have everything for transfer. Call 087 139 1539 Suzuki Swift RX – 2015. Purchased in Pattaya for

P11 /31

590,000 Baht + only modification is changed standard wheels to Lenso Mags 17”& DunlopTyres = 22,000 baht. Total on road cost 612,000 Baht. Top of the line model (RX), No accident (slight mark on rear r/h corner), Driven only in Chonburi province, total kilometers = 15,800 km, Used mainly by lady for resturant shopping supply. Serviced only by the Suzuki Dealer. (there has being no unscheduled repairs). Sale Price 435,000 Baht (ono) Call 087 7432319. (ptmvfs-0716)Ford Fiesta Auto 2015. Only 8,600 km. Price 425,000. Consider PX. PCX 150 and cash. Mobile 086 102 5400


Issue November 1-15 Please forward your classifieds by 5 PM on October 23 E-mail:

Fax: 038 076 063

or drop off at our office 263/119 Moo 12, Soi Chaiyapruek 2, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150


1 - 15 November 2017

Youth Focus

Putting the Community at the Heart of the School by Jill Ross

The new academic year is in ‘full swing’ at MIS and our students in Key Stage 4 are off to a busy start. In addition to studying towards their IGCSE’s, our Year 10 students are taking a leading role in MIS’s new Community Service Programme, which seeks to promote volunteering and civic-mindedness in our local community and beyond. Under the guidance of their teacher, Mr. Matthew Coutts, the Year 10 students have enthusiastically discussed ideas about what community service means to them and formulated a charter of guiding principles to follow in trying to achieve

their goals. Even though many of the students have had little previous experience working in the community it is clear that they are all very excited about their involvement in this type of extra-curricular activity. A discussion about the problem of stray dogs (and cats) in Pattaya has led the Year 10 students to promoting awareness of the importance of spraying/neutering homeless cats and dogs. It is well-known that Pattaya has a problem with feral cats and dogs, and many of the students have their own stories about particular ‘soi dogs’ and how they lived.

Many of these dogs end up in overcrowded local shelters and are forced to live out their lives in very unpleasant conditions. Although it is difficult to alleviate the living conditions of many of these animals due to the numbers involved, it is indeed possible to prevent the continuation of this problem through the sterilization of local soi dogs/cats. According to the group, Spray USA, it is estimated a female dog can have up to three litters in a year, with an average of seven puppies in each. Theoretically, therefore, one female and her offspring could lead to 67,000 dogs in six years! The

statistics for cats are even more staggering, with many times this number potentially coming from one female. After learning of the problems surrounding stray animals, Year 10 started a fundraising campaign to help a small local organization which is dedicated to helping care for stray animals in the Pattaya area. ‘Dave’s Dogs’ is run by an Ex-Pat from England who has dedicated the past few

years of his life, as well as his own money, to helping feed, neuter and provide medical treatment to stray cats and dogs. Through his hard work and commitment Dave has looked after many abandoned dogs and cats and has provided funding for the sterilization of at least 50 animals, which as the aforementioned figures suggest, must have made a significant impact on the number of strays roaming

Pattaya’s streets. Over a twoweek period, Year 10 put their plans into action and raised over 8000 Baht by growing vegetables and baking cookies for sale. The money was presented to ‘Dave’s Dogs’ at the Thailand Animal Sanctuary on Wednesday 18 October, where the students from Year 10 were introduced to many of the animals that have been helped by Dave. The students all felt really proud of their efforts to raise money for such a worthwhile cause and feel they have learnt a great deal from the experience. Next up for the MIS Community Service Programme is a plan by the Year 10 students to volunteer their help to a school in Northern Thailand. Watch this space! Jill Ross is Year 2 teacher at Mooltripakdee International School.

10 ways to talk to kids about events in the news Limit graphic images News channels often replay the same event over and over, but very young children may not recognize that they’re watching replays of an event. Instead of an earthquake shown again and again, young children may think that earthquakes are a daily occurrence. Turn off the TV if a traumatic event is shown repeatedly. Limit your child’s exposure to graphic photos, as kids are more affected by images than words. Explain what happened When your child wants to know more, explain the basics. Through early adolescence, kids perceive all events as happening nearby. If they see a picture of a plane on fire or soldiers fighting, they may not realize that they’re seeing something from halfway around the world. Use a map or globe to give your child some perspective. But don’t over-explain Avoid giving away too much information. If your child

sees an image of a wounded soldier returning from the war in Iraq, for example, you can tell her that it’s a soldier who’s going to the hospital to get better. You don’t need to explain where the soldier was, or that our country is at war. Take fears seriously Your child's behavior may change—from talkative to quiet, for example. Encourage any communication about what she’s thinking. Ask her open-ended questions about the event she saw. What did you see? How did you feel when you saw that? Letting her tell you what she saw ensures that you won’t overwhelm her with too much information. Learn together Older children may want to research an event. Understanding more about hurricanes or earthquakes may actually relieve their fears. Research natural disasters online, or check out books about a location that’s been in the news. You may just

by Samantha Cleaver

replace an abstract fear with a new interest! Be a calming influence When there’s upsetting news, your child will look to you for guidance. Keep calm, no matter what images are flashing across the screen. If your child seems upset, acknowledge her feelings and reassure her that your family is safe. “I know it was scary to see pictures of the war, but there is no war here.” Keep your schedule If your child is upset about an event, keep the daily schedule as normal as possible. This helps kids understand that people’s lives remain normal even when news is happening all around them. Still, if she needs extra support going to bed or transitioning to school, take time to lend support and comfort for a few days. Encourage play Kids often play through their worries or fears as a way to cope. If your child is re-

enacting the news, pretending to be a firefighter running into a burning building, or using toy helicopters to rescue people from a tsunami, encourage it. Only intervene if this play becomes aggressive toward other children. Emphasize the positive After some events, like a terrorist attack, there’s the risk of immediately focusing on the negative, by talking about the

“bad people” who attacked us. Focus on the positive instead. Talk with your child about people and organizations that are helping the people who were hurt. Be part of the solution In response to any event, from a local emergency or a national crisis, ask your child if she’d like to help. Then, find a way to donate money or time, or raise awareness about

a cause. You may not be able to fly a young kid overseas to help build houses, but small local acts of charity event may spark an interest that your child can put into practice as she gets older. Regardless of what today’s top headline is, don’t try to explain it away. Take the opportunity to encourage your child to build her connection to the world, one newscast at a time.


1 - 15 November 2017

This & That Popular Conspiracy Theories Mankind has long believed that extraterrestrial beings of one sort and another might be visiting us. In ancient Greece, Socrates was forced to commit suicide because he corrupted young people with the heresy that the Gods are nonsense. Some have even argued that

Stonehenge or the pyramids of Egypt were built with supernatural assistance. It’s comforting to imagine that aliens visiting our planet are wellintentioned. Perhaps they want to rescue us from the threat of nuclear war or teach us to be brothers in the

Aliens might want to eat us alive wider cosmos. Everybody remembers cuddly aliens such as ET who only needed a bit of help returning to his own world. But not everybody is so sure about benign visitors. Stephen Hawkins has reminded us that there are perhaps 100 billion universes, so the chances of extraterrestrial life out there are very strong. Hawkins thinks that we should not be trying to contact alien life but, rather, to be avoiding it at all costs. Those beings from outer space could well want to exploit or enslave us. Shawn DomagalGoldman of Nasa’s planetary science division has compiled a list of plausible outcomes that could come in useful if a close encounter does occur. Yes, we could be lucky. The space creatures could be kind and helpful, but that is not a foregone conclusion. For example, if there is a shortage of food in the cosmos, aliens might even come

here to eat us. That was the theme of the 1980s TV miniseries “V” in which birds and small mammals were initially the favourite food for the carnivorous, reptilian humanoids. However, these lizards took to swallowing people whole for the main course in later episodes. Or the visitors could be bringing, accidentally or on purpose, diseases which our biological make-up could not resist. Humanity could be wiped out when a more advanced civilization released an unfriendly artificial intelligence or performed a catastrophic physics experiment which rendered parts of our particular galaxy uninhabitable. In the most extreme case, aliens might decide to destroy us because we are a threat to them. Planet Earth is fast becoming an environmental disaster with greenhouse gases in danger of getting out of control, leading to a total environmental disaster. “Green” aliens might object to the environmental

damage we have caused on our own planet and exterminate us to prevent our pollution spreading. Extraterrestrials could well be wary of civilizations that expand too quickly as they may be prone to destroying other life as they grow, just as humans are pushing our own species to extinction here on Earth. Aliens could notice that we are now probing space and even intending to populate our nearby planets with our own kind. If so, we will doubtless export our damaging environmental policies as well. Somebody or something out there

may decide that enough is enough and annihilate us for good. So if we do make contact with other civilizations, we should not rush to conclusions about what lies in store. Aliens may just be passing through or curious to learn our languages or feeling lonely and wanting to make friends. Equally, they might come in the guise of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse with only death on their minds. In which case we can all stop worrying about rising prices, the cost of medical insurance and what to do when the pubs are shut.


1 - 15 November 2017

This & That

Points to Ponder The Thinking Man’s Column By Paul James

The Name Game – Filipina Style


hinese kids are happy to adopt normal English nicknames like Jimmy, Charlie, Susie and Lisa. Nothing wrong with that you might think, but sometime soon, the Chinese government will inevitably crack down and jail anyone who has a western nickname, especially if they call themselves Google! Visitors to Thailand are often bemused by the crazy nicknames that Thai girls bestow on themselves, like, Nok, Nee, Poo, Bang, Boom, Oy, Ploy and many other equally baffling names. In some instances, (especially in Soi 6) it seems the naughtier the nickname, the better. One real Thai name is one that often begins or ends with Porn and that can be a little misleading to farangs due to its western interpretation! Some Thai nicknames make sense, some make no sense at all, but most mean whatever you want them to mean, depending on how much booze you have consumed. However, Thai nicknames have got nothing on the Filipino variety. Budding dads with Filipina wives or girlfriends would do well to heed the following advice. Do not let your girl choose the baby’s name. Whether you met the light of your life in the hot and sweaty fleshpots of Angeles, or in the malls of Manila, under no circumstances give her the go-ahead to name your kid, or your little darling is going to grow up with a name that will make you cringe when you tell your mum and dad what name to write on birthday cards. As sexy as your Filipina princess might be, when it comes to naming children, give her a body swerve and do not take the chance that she will call your baby something normal like George, Dennis, Linda or Joan. She will not. Her suggestions will have you booking a flight or running to the toilet if she is ready to pop and you are in another country. “Come on Bum Bum, your dinner’s ready.” Can you imagine calling that out in public to your beautiful little daughter or son? How about your offspring carrying your surname with a pre-fix like Bogie, Pretty (boys are called this also, but they are obviously destined for the seedier ladyboy side of life) or Bum Bum? While you are struck dumber than dumb by that well-known farang disease called love or lust, those names might sound cute, but what if their full names were Bogie Green, Pretty Dick and Cheeky, Cute and…Cocky? Bum Bum Brown? Not so cute! (Photo courtesy Babe is another common nickname in the Philippines, but tends to be met with a few squirms when she - or he reaches forty-years-old. Nicknames are to be found in all levels of society and we need look no further than the Philippines president and his family for evidence. The name that the president was christened with was Benigno Aquino. Fair enough, but he is known as Noynoy. That is not so bad when compared to two of his sisters’ nicknames; Pinky and Ballsy. The mind boggles as to why the girls were called those Soi 6 style names, but possibly, when they were born, they were just hanging around at the time. There is a well respected senator in the Philippines whose name is Joker Arroyo. Does this name instill a feeling of political confidence? That is his official, registered Christian moniker which was given to him by his parents, due to his dad’s love of playing cards. Joker’s brother is called Jack. It is not known if there is another brother called King, or another nicknamed Queen. Dad is obviously keeping an Ace up his sleeve. For some strange reason, champion Filipino boxer Manny Paquiao named his daughter Queen Elizabeth, after his professed love for the British monarchy. That is somewhat mystifying, but it still won’t get him a knighthood, no matter if he calls the rest of his kids Charles, Diana, William, Henry…or Kate. When the Philippines was under Spanish control, the concept of nicknames came into play and later, in 1849, a decree was issued which stated that every Filipino also had to have a surname. Most Philippine surnames are Spanish. Where the hell those crazy Christian names come from one can only guess. Come on Filipinas, give your child a name that can be respected all over the world, stop the boys from becoming prancing little dyed blonde hairdressers, prevent the young girls from becoming overseas maids who are used and abused, especially in the middle east, and let the kids grow up with a name that every Filipina and western or Filipino dad, granny and grandad can be proud of.

Sex lives revealed of nearly 300 popes


new history of the papacy (The Popes: A History by John Julius Norwich, pub. Chatto) is unlikely to bring any religious waverers rushing to the Roman Catholic banner. But that’s hardly its purpose, one assumes. In 506 pages, the author manages to discuss all 264 popes, even though at least one, Pope Joan of the tenth century, was certainly a fictitious character dreamt up by heretics to discredit the medieval church. It’s a remarkable legend of a peasant girl who concealed her femininity enough to be elected pope. However, she was murdered by the mob when she gave birth to a child in the high street. Game, set and match to the muck rakers. About three quarters of the historical popes aren’t that interesting. They were old men who kept their head down so to speak. But attention inevitably centres on the remainder, especially those with a scandalous sex life. The Renaissance Pope Alexander VI kept several mistresses and sired a whole host of children. He even hired 50 prostitutes to cavort naked as they crawled on the floor to pick up chestnuts. After the pontiff’s death in 1503, there was a terrible stink coming from the coffin which indicates he might have been murdered with poison, perhaps by his own son. Same sex scandals were not unknown either. Pius II died in 1471, apparently as he was being sodomised by a page boy. Or maybe it was the other way round. But this papal supremo wasn’t all bad news fit only to print in the Sunday papers. He introduced the printing press into Rome and built what is today known as the Palazzio di Venezia. It is important to keep a sense of balance when discussing sex crazed monarchs. The author also finds hints of homosexuality in 20th century popes which should not surprise us too much. Bachelors do make up a fair proportion of gays when all said and done. The point made continuously in this book is that even the most sinful of popes had a good side. Boniface VIII, a silly man if ever there was, none the less introduced one way traffic lanes in and around the Vatican. Others faced humiliation in this life or the next. Innocent III had his body stolen the night after he died and his decomposing body was later found in a box with those of two other popes. In 1958 pope Pius XII was disastrously embalmed and one of the Swiss guards in attendance fainted because of the pong. Of the modern popes, one of the most likeable was Pius X whose dad was a village postman and his mum a seamstress. He was one of the very few popes to do nothing to promote the interests of his family and his brother remained a postal clerk. This pontiff remained essentially a parish priest even in high office, and he gave The mythical female pope Joan was invented by catechism classes heretics

Pope Paul II allegedly died during sodomy

every Sunday afternoon, even hearing confessions every Thursday. Of course, you needed to know which box he was in to reveal all on the latter occasions. Pius X was a holy man and it’s no surprise that he was canonized. Some popes died in most odd ways. John XXI was killed when the ceiling of his study collapsed without warning and buried him beneath the rubble. Lucius II was killed during a civil war and Benedict VI was strangled by his jailors. More recently, pope John Paul I died mysteriously in 1978 and there have been many suggestions he did not drop from his perch by natural means. Actually that tale is probably not true. If it had been, the truth of the murder would have emerged by then. You can’t keep secrets in Rome for very long. In spite of its coloured history, the papacy has survived the centuries with surprising ease. Not even Hitler dared to invade the Vatican and depose the pontiff though he certainly thought about it. The papacy may have been at its most newsworthy in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries when there were several warrior popes with scintillating private lives. But we have to remember that the papacy in those far-off days was a temporal as well as a spiritual force. There were the papal lands to protect in central Italy, so you hardly wanted a pacifist to inherit the mantle of St Peter. The author is silent on the question of the future of the papacy in the 21st century. What is surely needed is a reforming pope who can bring the Vatican up to scratch on social issues such as abortion, gays and the role of women in the church. It may be doubted whether a group of conservative cardinals in their 70s and 80s will dare to do that when the time comes. If they don’t, then expect Roman Catholicism to continue to die on its feet everywhere except Africa. For whatever reason, it is expanding there even as it collapses in its traditional European heartland.


1 - 15 November 2017

Local Sports

Bunker boys weekly golf Mountain Shadow After a weekend of rain of biblical proportions with Pattaya flooded in many areas Monday dawned bright and sunny with clear blue skies and bright sunshine. Most looked forward to a pleasant days golf at Mountain Shadow. The course was virtually empty so play got underway ahead of schedule and proceeded to close without delay within four hours. This difficult course was in fine condition however the heat was oppressive and many wilted under the extreme heat. This was reflected in the scoring which was again on the low side.

Geoff Cox enjoying an extended purple patch again took the honors with a round of 33. Neil Carter continued his good run of form to take second a shot back and Alan Sullivan took third with 29. Near pins were shared with Les Hall and Geoff Cox taking two each. We are expecting a big influx of visitors at the weekend so next weeks numbers should be significantly better than of late. Results: 1st - Geoff Cox (15) 33 points 2nd - Neil Carter (12) 32 points

3rd - Alan Sullivan (15) 29 points 4th - Michael Brett (16) 29 points Near Pins: Geoff Cox x 2, Les Hall x 2. Pleasant Valley T'was a beautiful day and the few who showed up for a day of golf at Pleasant Valley were ready to take on the well groomed course that had been reserved for them. Greens were in great shape as per normal when we play PV, Fairways mowed proper althouhgh a little damp in certain areas do to quite alot of rain in over the past days. But that is behind us now as the day was sunny and shiny. Wish we could say the same about the scores. James Carr came in as the winner, followed by Ken Davidson who just arrived back from the UK, and trusty old Les (eagle eye) Cobban with three closest to pins, also with not his best showing but still able to reach the podium today in 3rd place. Results: 1st- James Carr (33 points) 2nd- Ken Davidson (32 points) 3rd- Les Cobban (30 points) Closest to Pins: Les Cobban x 3

by Neil Carter

Ken Davidson 1 Wangjuntr (Valley Course) Oh how we love to wake up and see the blue skies...We had a better showing of lads today as we hit the road to Wangjuntr, a course we play maybe once a year as the trek there is not favoured by many. Glad we were given the option on which course to play, so we chose The Valley Course over the other two they offer. We felt like we were the only ones on the whole course. No hold ups, no pressure of play moving up behind us. But a tough course none the less. Today's honours were taken by Keith Norman who just returned to us from his homeland, welcome back Keith. Followed up by our beloved James Carr with not the greatest of scores but good enough for 2nd place. In 3rd a man who has been very consistent with his golf lately and closest to pins, Les Hall. We are starting to see some of our snowbirds come back to Pattaya and look forward to more. Results: 1st- Keith Norman (34 points) 2nd- James Carr (30 points) 3rd- Les Hall (28 points) Closest to Pins: Keith Norman, Ken Davidson, Les Hall, Geoff Parker

Mashi zero’s in on the monkey course! by Peter Grey Bangpra It was A Bakers Dozen that headed out to Bangpra with dark threatening clouds overhead, we were not sure what we heading in for. The weather changed for the better and the day turned quite good for golf. We had a feeling that the rain would not arrives as there were plenty of monkeys out with their young. If there was any chance of rain they would not be here. The course is badly in need for some maintenance, grass on fairways was okay but the first cut left a lot to be desired. Golfers were losing balls in the first cut and that should not be. We only had the one division given the numbers, and victory was awarded to Mashi Kaneta who returned with the best score for the day, 34 points was enough to get the nod from the judges. Second place was filled by

Patrick Poussier, three points behind. Third and fourth went to the count back with “Buffalo” Bill Steinmann getting the nod and the prize over Rudy Regenass. Unlucky Rudy you have seem to have no luck with count backs! Results: 1st - Mashi Kaneta (16) 34 points 2nd - Patrick Poussier (27) 31 points 3rd - Bill Steinmann (12) 28 points NTP’s 2 - Not Filled 8 - Bill Steinmann 12 - Not Filled 17 - Alex Field Long First Putt 9th- Mashi Kaneta 18th - Glenn Smith Back at the Growling Swanwe enjoyed some cool refreshments (cold Beer), even

though the temperature was quite mild in Pattaya for this time of year. We took the opportunity to welcome back the following golfers, Buffalo Bill Steinmann, Mashi Kaneta and Gordon Clegg. We hope you enjoyed your golf. On a side note it was good of Mashi to ring “The Bell” shouting us all a drink! Well done Mashi! Alex let D-For off his chain to collect donations, the Swan’s players and punters are a very generous bunch and keep giving to D-For. All are thanked for their continued contributions to assist the needy children of Pattaya. For serious golfing with a dash of fun (and compulsory sledging), the Growling Swan welcomes golfers of all persuasions. We generally

Winner Mashi Kaneta play on Mondays and Thursdays at any one of the fine courses around Pattaya. We also encourage women to play. Contact Peter Grey for bookings or any information on 086 1503 086.

PSC Tropical golf from BJ's by Derek Brook

Daryl and the boss, Lek Bangpakong Riverside Country Club (Stroke) Well it rained and rained in fact most of the day it threw it down. I walked out of the hotel and immediately realised it was raining when I got very wet, so it was back into the hotel and down to the shop to buy an umbrella. Next a quick walk to BJ’s and all that got wet was my feet as sandals do not go well with a downpour. During our wait at BJ’S we checked the internet to see what the weather forecast at the course was and naturally it said it was likely to be fine, so in heavy rain off we went. The drive up there was not particularly pleasant as the weather varied from dry to heavy rain and as we came off the motorway the heavens opened and we arrived at the course in a downpour. Being smart!! we left the clubs in the car and went down to the coffee shop to watch the rain hammer down and turn the course into a series of lakes, there was no way we were ever going to play in this weather, mind the coffee was good. After the best part of one hour the rain slowed and having come so far and noticing the lakes were slowly draining, we made the decision to play. It was obvious we were going to get our feet wet but it would not be the first time. The decision was made to ‘Lift, clean and place through the Green’ in the hope we could actually find a dry spot to put the ball. Some hope at times. So off we went and it was exactly as we thought. Soggy and wet everywhere with very little run, the ball plopped down, dug in and when it hit water stopped dead. Exciting. The fact we were playing stroke for the monthly mug did not help either as we could not just pick up the ball.

Then it started to rain and the end was glimpsed, one group even went back and claimed ‘Rain Check’, but by then the rain stopped so back they went to complete their round. The greens were naturally slow but seemed to have drained well, but the rest of the course was a bit of a quagmire. Still golfers are tough! So, in the end all battered on. However the rain stopping and a bit of sun showing through, only lead to a rise in the humidity and to go with wet feet we also got soaking wet in other areas we will not mention. At the end of the round we were absolutely shattered and everyone agreed we had had a great day. Aren’t golfers brave? So it was into a hot shower and a quick bite in the restaurant before into cars and back to Pattaya. And if we thought the drive up there was no fun, the drive back was far worse, with for long periods it rained so hard the windscreen wipers could not keep up and many cars had to park alongside the road. Being brave I took the easy option and as Mashi was driving I rested my eyes for a period. Back late at BJ’s and tired it was soon into the results, and despite the trials of the day we had some good scores. The winner on the day was Daryl Evans with a fine net 65 ahead of Brian Gage in second with net 66 and Brian Parish in third with a net 67. In fourth was Mashi Kaneta with a net 69 ahead of a countback on Net 71 that saw John Davis in fifth and Steen Haberstaat in sixth. Sad to say one or two decided to stay for a cold one or two, or three. T.T.F.N. Near Pins: John Davis, Peter Bygballe, Walter Baechli, Steen Haberstaat and Mick Coghlan


1 - 15 November 2017

Local Sports Pazza returns to pick up the chocolates Silky Oak Golf Club It was only the one bus that was required for today’s outing to Silky Oak, nine players in total. Maybe now the courses will realize that high season does not exist. Today’s nine is a follow up from Mondays four (hence no report). With our nine eager players we set out and played 3 x 3 balls in what was near perfect conditions. Asking the caddies if carts were permitted on course, the standard response was “yes no problem”; well of course no carts on course was the rule for the day. The weather was on our side and as per usual this course was in perfect condition, with out doubt this will be the jewel in Pattaya’s crown. With its five par threes and par five’s that all look impossible to conquer it sets a challenge for all that dare to take it on. Tee time is always a quiet time; as we congregated on the first tee, nerves come into play as the first drive has a decent

water carry, with the prospect of going in the water that early plays on a lot of people's minds, drop zones can be used if you (as a society) choose to play. It is a 150 yard carry off the white tees and with the yellow tee another 30 odd yards further back. Ian Parry (Pazza) joined us for the first time in a little while and showed he was here for business. He returned with a very good 36 points holding out Alex Field via the count back system. With a small field we only had two placing’s today! Results: 1st – Ian Parry (12) 36 points 2nd – Alex Field (18) 36 points Near the Pins: 3 - Ian Parry 8 - Ian Parry 14 - Alex Field 16 - Rudy Reganess Back





Results: 1st – J.P. Thomas (31) 41 points 2nd – Richard Kings (28) 39 points 3rd – Gary Emmett (15) 36 points Kabinburi – Eclectic – Yellow Tees Up the 331 again for another easy getaway to Kabinburi. This time we were stopped by two police roadblocks on the way, but no problems as we are all good and legal anyway. We always stay with Oliver at The Serenity Spa and Onsen which is a fantastic hotel with great French and Thai food. It is the best lodgings we have on our tour rota. The Kabinburi Sports Club is the longest golf course in Thailand at 8,075 yards from the back “Kato” tees. We chose the Peter Sellars option “not now Kato” and played the

Sandy Stuvik ends season on high with 5th place!

Bernie McCart and winner Ian Parry welcomed Harry Wszola, Brendan Devlin, Ian Ward and Ian Parry. D-For the Charity Dog was once again the recipient of generous golfers' handouts, with almost all players giving something toward the funds raised by the Growling Swan Golf bar for the less advantaged in Pattaya. All donors are thanked for their continued support of this fine charity drive.

Serenity in Kabinburi! Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees All courses in Pattaya are wet these days. It is just something we have to deal with this time of year, but so far we have had pretty good luck with most of the rain coming at night. As per usual in these conditions, we play lift, clean and place to make it fair for everyone whether starting early or late. It was warmer and a bit muggy out there today; it did not rain but we did get drenched! The lady took the top prize today with an impressive 41 points. Jareeporn Thomas is the (far) better half of a much slimmed down Peter Thomas and so far his investment has paid off well. Second place went to “The Sheriff” and Richard Kings 39 was a solid score. We don’t play on Wednesdays, but our buddy Gary Emmett does and is running this outing from our mates at I-Rovers just a lob wedge away from The Golf Club. Gary is one of our regulars and off his 15 ‘cap turned in 36 points for third. If you are looking for a Wednesday game then get hold of Gary. Rounding off the results, Pierre Gaymer got the caddy smile near pin again, and is getting good at it!

by J Olsen

yellows. They played 6,250 yards but with little or no roll, it was the correct decision. The golf course is a beauty, and keeps getting better. They have added dozens of big palm trees on the 16th par-3 tee box making it one of the prettiest holes on the course. On our first day, there must have been 100 workers on the course and nearly every hole was being attended to. After the first round, it was back to the pool for our wine and cheese party sponsored by the C.E.O. of T.G.C., John McHugh. As usual, too much was consumed and the results from day 1 were a bit muddled. Never mind, back in the pool for another session. Weather was all around us but we never had a drop on the course. It was humid but overcast and the trip went very well indeed. The scoundrels who scored were Jimmy Brackett, who likes this course, Chaten Patel, always in the mix, and stalwart Mark Wood taking control of the situation for the eclectic win. Results: 1st – Mark Wood (11) 45 points 2nd – Chaten Patel (10) 42 points 3rd – Jimmy Brackett (5) 41 points Parichat Links – 1-Man Scramble – White Tees This is a bit of a wacky golf course, hence the unique format of a one-man scramble. This game allows for a mulligan on every hole, either on your drive, approach or on the green and makes the game a lot more fun and interesting. We heard a lot of complaints about the difficulty of this course, but now it is much more popular when getting another shot comes in play. Your score does not count to your handicap and it is really just a fun day of relaxed golf. Our mate Kiwi Rob had a good time and returned 36 on his card for sole third place. Newcomer and local Charlie Domingo had a blast out there and was rewarded with 39

The Growling Swan is a friendly golf outlet and caters for and encourages all golfers young and old, male or female to have a hit on any of our weekly outings. We generally play Mondays and Thursdays at one of the many fine golf courses in and around Pattaya. Contact Peter Grey if you are interested in playing on 0861 503086 or call into the bar and put your name down.

by Steve Ellison stableford points. J.P. rounds off her terrific week with the win, and obviously chose well which shots to take over again. That turned out to be a good thing as hubby Peter needs to pay for about 14 golf balls he left in the waters here. Results: 1st – J.P. Thomas (28) 40 points

Mark, Jimmy, Marco and Adam on the 16th tee at K.B.S.C. 2nd – Charles Domingo (18) 39 points 3rd – Rob Knight (13) 36 points The Golf Club is “The home of golf in Pattaya” and located in the Heart of Pattaya on Soi L.K. Metro. We broadcast all PGA, EPL, UFC, NFL, MLB and NHL games live. Our kitchen is open from 7 am to 10:30 pm with our famous Steak Nights on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Just call 085 434 3377 or see our website and for more information mail us: pattaya4golf@ and see updates at www.facebook. com/golfclubpattaya... all handicaps welcome.

The sixth round of the Blancpain GT Series Asia took place at the brand new Zhejiang Circuit, which lies just outside the city of Shaoxing, in Zhejiang province. Thai racing driver Sandy Stuvik would have a new german teammate yet again this season in Christopher Dreyspring. Dreyspring has contested the European Super Trofeo Pro/ Am Championship with VSR this season. As the format was slightly changed for this final weekend of Blancpain GT Series Asia, Friday would consist of two practice sessions and the qualifying sessions. The Thai driver used the practice sessions well to get used to the all new tight and twisty circuit. Come Qualifying 1 and Dreypsring took a surprising pole position for the team, meaning they would start Saturday's race from first position on the grid. Sandy managed to go faster still, but in the tougher Qualifying 2 session, this meant the squad would start from 10th position in Sunday's race. Race 1 on Saturday took place in wet conditions. The rookie Dreyspring got off to a great start and could defend his position in the early stages. As the others began to catch him again, the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 never seemed to develop the pace of the cars around it. Dreyspring handed the car over to Sandy in 3rd place. However, a problem with the locking mechanism on the door meant that the team lost 12 seconds in the pits, dropping them down to seventh as Sandy exited the pit lane. The Thai struggled to find grip in the wet conditions which he was famously quick in. At the end of the race, he managed to salvage one point

for 10th position. During the post-race investigation conducted by the team to find the reason for this lack of pace, they discovered a crucial piece of information which could give them an edge in Sunday's wet-forecasted race. Come Sunday Race 2, the team had implemented the changes to the set-up, and the results were clear. The Thai driver started the race from 10th position and steadily kept the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 in the hunt for a top-5 position. Visibility was very limited due to the spray being given off by the cars in front, which made the race very dangerous. Sandy continued fighting and handed the car over to Dreyspring for the final stint. The young German driver drove very well and brought the car home in fifth position. This would mark the end of Sandy Stuvik's first year in GT racing, with some great performances and a wealth of knowledge acquired, the Thai driver is more confident to hunt for Championships in the GT class for the 2018 season. Sandy Stuvik is honored to be supported by The Pizza Company, Singha Corporation, Thai Airways, Thaiwings Travel Agency, Dacon Inspection Services, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the Sports Authority of Thailand, and the Royal Automobile Association of Thailand.


1 - 15 November 2017

You & Your Pets A word or two about hairballs If you have an adult cat or two, you also have a hairball or two. Hairballs can be a threat to your furry friend’s health and repugnant to your senses, but you are not helpless. You can take steps to minimize these nasty orbs. Why hairballs and how to limit them? Hairballs develop when your cat grooms himself. Tiny hooklike structures on his tongue catch loose and dead hair, which is then swallowed and passes through the cat’s digestive tract. But too often, some hair stays in the stomach and becomes a hairball. You see it in the form of a tube-like object when your cat throws it up, leaving it for you to clean up. While long-haired breeds are more likely to have hairballs, all cats will have the problem if they shed a lot--as most cats in Pattaya do, given the year-round hot weather—or if they groom compulsively. Both result in swallowing a great deal of fur. Why adult cats and not kittens? Because cats become more adept groomers as they get older. They are better able to remove fur from their

Cats for You in Pattaya Cats for You is a great and much needed service in our area, but Paul and Sandra point out that adopting a cat or kitten is a longterm commitment with costs such as feeding and veterinary fees. Many adopters find it’s a good idea to adopt two animals so that they can enjoy each others’ company as well as yours. Contact Paul and Sandra on 0852875004 or look at their useful website

Celia and Wilson

coats. Although most hairballs are eliminated with little problem, the experience can sometimes be disturbing to watch and listen to as your cat gags, hacks, and retches before vomiting a furball. Such infrequent symptoms pose little danger, but contact your vet if there is constant vomiting, gagging, retching or hacking and no hairball is produced; a lodged hairball may cause a life-threatening blockage. You cannot totally eliminate the problem of hairballs, but you can limit their frequency. Begin by brushing or combing your cat daily to remove excess fur. Most cats enjoy the experience, and it helps you bond with the little guy. Daily grooming is particularly important for long-

haired cats, who also should have a haircut two or three times a year. You might also feed your cat a hairball formula cat food. These highfiber foods are designed to improve the health of your cat’s coat, minimize shedding, and encourage hairballs to pass through the digestive system. Look for packages marked “hairball.” If you determine that your cat has a problem passing or vomiting hairballs, ask your vet about products or mild laxatives to alleviate the condition. Finally, discourage your cat from excessive grooming. Motivate him to enjoy other activities; play with him when you see him licking his coat; introduce him to a new toy that he can play with on his own or a fun toy you can play with together.

This lovely mum and son combination were rescued from our local temple. Celia had 3 kittens 2 of which have already been re-homed, leaving just this little black and white rascal Wilson. This "Purrfect pair" would love to go to a new home together if possible.


This friendly handsome boy has been with us for a few years now, he just loves playing in the garden and is a good cat for catching vermin. He would love to go to a new home where he could be the centre of attention, but could also be a good friend for your lonely puss.

Temple kitten 1

This lovely kitten was born here just 6 weeks ago: we found her mum at our local temple. She was heavily pregnant. Just a few days later she gave birth to 5 beautiful babies. This one is called Moley and has many lovely colours.

Some tips to help provide for your pet’s well being. If you’ve got a pet, odds are at some point you will need a first-aid kit. Prepare one now, before an accident or illness sends you scurrying for emergency supplies. A book on pet first aid would be a good start. Add that to your kit along with a list of telephone numbers for your vet and animal hospital, and your pet’s medical records. Plus a nylon leash, bandage that stretches and sticks to itself but not to fur, and a muzzle. Basic first-aid items in your kit should include absorbent gauze pads, adhesive tape, antiseptic wipes, lotion, powder or spray, a blanket, cotton balls, hydrogen peroxide, an ice pack, gloves, rectal thermometer, tweezers, and blunt-end scissors. Keep these items together and handy in your home, and take them when traveling with your pet. It might be

wise to store everything in a pet carrier which, too, may come in handy in an emergency.

Temple kitten 2

This next lovely kitten is an unusual ginger girl as most ginger cats are boys. Just like her sister above, she is lively, friendly and very naughty as most kittens are. It would be nice to re-home her with one of her brothers and sisters.

Going to the Dogs...

Cat Corner Smelly Cat

“My cats inspire me daily. They inspire me to get a dog!”

~ Greg Curtis

Killing or even just hurting a cat in ancient Egypt was punishable by death. To survive, every bird must eat at least half its own weight in food each day. Dogs do not have an appendix.

Cats have an olfactory organ behind their front teeth, on the roof of their mouth, which is virtually unique. Called the Jacobson’s organ, it’s connected to the nasal cavity. When a cat smells something that sparks its curiosity, she opens her mouth and inhales, allowing the scent molecules to flow over the Jacobson's organ. This intensifies the odor and provides more information about the object she’s sniffing.


1 - 15 November 2017




1. Tetley unit (2 wds.) 2. Must (2 wds.) 3. Mines’ output 4. “Treasure Island” monogram 5. Olympian 6. Goldberg of “The View” 7. ___ beans 8. Shallow dish 10. Four-star officer (abbr.) 11. There are 24 to a day (abbr.) 17. Break, as a law 18. Psychic’s skill (abbr.) 20. Excite 21. Gangster Al ___ 22. Makes amends 23. Paths 26. Comic Caesar 27. Compass dir. 28. Sudden thought 29. Cry of dismay (hyph.) 31. “Sesame Street” channel (abbr.)

up think

year back


first after

Solution Issue 03

time day










WHAT’s the WORD? new







1. Norse god of thunder 5. Piercing tool 8. ___ Harbor 9. Leg’s upper part 12. Bathes 13. Bart Simpson’s dad 14. Lincoln and Burrows 15. Advances 16. Tit for ___ 17. Biden, informally 19. Having an “I” problem 24. Desire eagerly 25. ___ loss for words (2 wds.) 26. Eddy’s feature 29. Current with (2 wds.) 30. Gandhi’s home 31. Cell ___ 32. Resided 33. Dogs’ treats 34. Microbrewery product 35. “___ Come Undone” (Wally Lamb bestseller)


Identify which word is being defined. 1. Definition: Give a detailed and comprehensive account of something. First letter: D Answer: __________ 2. Definition: Joining of a thing to another thing. A thing or part added, such as a porch onto a house. First letter: A Answer: __________ 3. Definition: The centralized intelligence that includes the physical body. It is the central organ that makes use of the body’s nerves, glands, etc., to gather and distribute information. First letter: B Answer: __________ 4. Definition: Having succeeded or being marked by a favorable outcome; “a __________ architect”; “a __________ business venture” First letter: S Answer: __________ 5. Definition: Characterized by great determination; “a struggle against a __________ enemy” First letter: D Answer: __________ 6. Definition: To __________ is to give out the cards during a hand. First letter: D Answer: __________

7. Definition: Introduction of a new idea into the marketplace in the form of a new product or service, or an improvement in organization or process. First letter: I Answer: __________ 8. Definition: To acknowledge. First letter: K Answer: __________ 9. Definition: Provides one point; scored when a puck goes between the goalposts from the stick of an attacking player and entirely crosses the red line between the goalposts; also the informal term used to refer to the area made of the goalposts and the net guarded by the goalie and into which a puck must enter to score a point. First letter: G Answer: __________ 10. Definition: A taste taint giving the coffee brew an herbal character due to an incomplete development of the sugar carbon compounds in the roasting process. Results from insufficient heat during too short a period. A taste associated with that of a raw fresh vegetable leaf, often found in early new-crop coffees. First letter: G Answer: __________










Solution on Page 31

7 9 3


8 6 2 4 1

9 5 9 5

1 8 7 8

3 5

Answers: 11. Describe; 2. Addition; 3. Brain; 4. Successful; 5. Determined; 6. Deal; 7. Innovation; 8. Know; 9. Goal; 10. Green.

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Pattaya Today Vol 17 Issue 03 - 16-31 October 2017  
Pattaya Today Vol 17 Issue 03 - 16-31 October 2017