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Passion magazine

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issue one February 2006

tim cooper photo

issue one

intro.... Hindsight vision is said to be the root of all communication, whether it be from a gesture, a signal, written language or even through artwork. If a picture tells a thousand words, then maybe ours can speak for themselves. This is the belief that has led to the making of this magazine. Having a strong riding scene locally, we see a diverse range of riding and places and we hope to get as much diversity as we can, so please dont hesitate to get in touch. We hope you enjoy and welcome to Passion - Trigg

charlie ashman photo

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a.k.a the whips and airs partytime jam Jan 7th 2006

Well the 3rd annual bowljam went off at its home of Epic in Birmingham.The jam stills holds onto its laidback attitude where most people tend to rely on getting a little loose. Usual suspects were there along with new familiar faces. Hammers were dropped , plenty of alcohol was consumed and everybody seemed to have a real good time. So a big thanks to Mavis, Keith at the park and everyone else who helped organise, sort out melted amps and make good memories. Here’s a few pics so hopefully you should enjoy

Unknown Ripper, lookback photo by trigg

Passion issue one

Craig Stevens, lookback

photo by Charlie Ashman


Cross Legged Flair, Ben Wallace


photo by Charlie Ashman

Passion issue one

Craig Stevens, box whip photo by Trigg

Passion issue one

Unknown ripper, invert


photo by Charlie Ashman

Ben Wallace, box nofootcan photo by Trigg

Passion issue one

Ben Wallace , one foot invert


photo by Trigg

Glen Woods?? invert photo byTrigg

Passion issue one

Unknown Ripper, hip whip photo by Trigg


issue two dropping next month

bringmotivational back the summer winter trails article

photos byCharlie Ashman and Tim Cooper

a few photos from last summer to kick you up the ass to go and dig

Passion issue one


charlie photo

charlie photo

Jon, big whipper

It gets to that time of year when the weather is crap and even the best of us needs the motivation to pick up the shovels and get up the cold. leafy and frosty trails to get them sorted for when the sun finally comes out to play again SO heres a few pictures of last year to motivate you to get out the house and remind you that it’s all worth while Cal, turndown

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Ant, table

11 tim cooper photo

Robbo, lookback Gary, turndown


tim cooper photo

tim cooper photo

charlie photo

Chegg, lookback


tim cooper photo

charlie photo

Charlie, no foot can

charlie photo

tim cooper photo

above: Mansfield Baz, no foot can below left: Robbo, turndown right: Jimmy, opposite hip table


random session picture montage photos by Trigg unless otherwise stated

A few snaps of various recent sessions at Passions local park Ramparts, located in Stourbridge near Birmingham


Passion issue one

Bathurst invert above left: homer table above right: jimmy 1ft table


Homer, jumpbox indown

Passion issue one


Josh, kicker step-up hip turndown

Loughborough Robbo - Lookback photo by Charles Ashman


photo by charles ashman

Clockwise from above: Farmboy 1ft xup, Jimmy rubberarms, Homer footywhip + ds smith


Dave ‘Farmboy’ Needs, mini lookback photo by Charles Ashman

Passion issue one

Lee Hathaway, invert

photo by Charles Ashman


Jimmy, way up there wallride


photos / art by Homer, Sponge, Dan, Trigg and Liam

Passion Origins

Passion Origins

Passion started off as a website dedicated to bicycle motocross inspired art and photography. Pictures of not necessarily bmx but the images, sights and views that the choice of riding a bike has allowed you to see........


KB06 media productions

The Kiddy Boyz Banished from the Black Country in 1707 for its flambouyant use of carpeted stairs, Kidderminster has been responsible for the birth of many things, such as the safari park, the drive thru, the chav and now its latest grotesque addition - the Kiddy Boyz. Whether riding or filming, one thing is guaranteed with the KB. You will laugh lots, either at them or with them. It’s all good.



media productions

Tom Mann


KB06 media productions 22



KB06 media productions



KB06 media productions


Tim Cooper


Wolf parade - apologies to the queen mary -- Dear sons and daughters of hungry ghosts. .Against Me - the acoustic ep -- we did it for don Neutral milk hotel - In the areoplane over the sea -- holland 1945. Ugly Casanova - sharpem your teeth -- hotcha girls. Trigg Rjd2 - deadringer -- ghostwriter Mr Scruff - mrscruff debut -- chicken in a box

Money mark - 3rd version ep -- sometimes you gotta make it alone The Beastie Boys - pauls boutique -- sounds of science James Hughes Portishead - live in nyc -- mysterons Sway - This is my promo vol 1 -- London (new york dub) Dj Krush - code 4109 -- no more Jackson and his computer band - Smash -- Rock on Modeselektor feat TTC - Hello mom -- Dancing box Quantic feat Trinidad - mishaps happening -- En focus Jimmy Goodwin Virus syndicate - The work related illness -- Clockwork Le tigre - hot topic -- Phanta

Boy least likely to - the best party ever -- i see spiders when I close my eyes Razorlight - razorlight -- in the city Coheed and cambria - good apollo -- wake up Dr Hook - completely hooked -- walk right in Charlie Ashman


The Who - then and now 1964-2004 -- my generation Broken Social Scene - you forgot it in people -- cause=time The Notwist - neon golden -- pilot Jethro Tull - very best of -- aqualung Modest mouse - long drive with nothing -- dramamine

what we’re listening to.....


Contributors and Info

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Sometime March 2006

To everyone that helped and made this possible Next Issue Out


Trigg Tim Cooper Charlie Ashman James Hughes Jimmy Goodwin Homer - editor

PassionBMX Magazine Issue 1  

Published Feb 2006