Glamping Business Americas | February 2021

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Eagle’s Nest TREE HOUSE RESORT Clifford Kistner is CEO of Eagle’s Nest Tree House Resort and is seeking investment to create the world’s largest treehouse resort. With plans for 160 treehouse units and an additional 40 commercial/ retail spaces with room for expansion, Eagle’s Nest is set to become a truly one-of-a-kind location. Glamping Business Americas Editor Will Rusbridge caught up with Clifford to ask about the project.


am a visionary and I have a deep desire to make a difference in the world and bring joy to the lives of others. This all came from the pure joy I felt as a child in the treehouse I built in my backyard.” Clifford’s enthusiasm is contagious and his dreams are big. The property that Eagle’s Nest Tree House Resort will be built on is located on the East Coast of the United States, in North Carolina, “The land borders with the states of Tennessee and Georgia, making it a very unique but perfect, exquisitely beautiful location nestled in the convergence of the Blue Ridge Mountain Range and the Great Smokey Mountains. The property consists of 400 acres of old woodland that abuts to 640,000 acres of U.S. Forestry land which is known as the Appalachian Trail. This trail is a 2180-mile-long footpath that traverses the scenic, wooded, pastoral, wild and culturally resonant lands of the eastern United States from Maine to Georgia.”

Treehouses are incredible structures that can withstand all kinds of weather and capture a sense of magic and nostalgia, but they are also among the most difficult types of accommodation to build. Clifford adds, “As a builder and an environmentalist, I have always had an affinity to nature and specifically to trees. As a kid growing up in small town in Massachusetts, I loved the magic of treehouses. Kids in the neighborhood

“Each treehouse will have its own personality and style. Some will feature an extravagant style while others will be more whimsical.” 3 4 | G l a m p i n g B u s i n e s s A m e r i c a s | g l a m p i n g s h o w. u s

always came to me to build a treehouse, a secret space to let our imaginations run free. As my vision took shape, I shared my ideas with others. Most became enamored by the idea of being high in a treehouse and once again feeling the freedom and joy of being a child again. One of the first questions I would be asked is when my resort would open? I could hear the eagerness and excitement as they began to imagine what the