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What Learning Has to Do With My High School Reunion

Challenging K-12 students in an intellectual community through early entrance, and outreach learning programs.

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n July, I went to my high school reunion. It had the For more information, expected yearbooks, drink visit our website: tickets and sheet cake. Not Phone: 206-543-4160 Email: expected: The photo booth. The glow sticks. And the fact that I had fun. I did not anticipate enjoying myself. Indeed, I was actively dreading the evening. But as soon as I plastered on my name tag and cashed in a drink ticket, I remembered just how much fun nostalgia can be. Over there was that kid I’d sat next to in AP Lang. And there, by the bar, that one guy I had a crush on but oh baby, am I glad that didn’t go anywhere. And could that really be…? No way! She looks so different! I remembered these kids — now adults, many with kids of their own — better than I remembered any set of coworkers I’d had in the years since I’d graduated. Why was that? I wondered. What about school makes us remember so hard? It’s probably the learning, right? The And could that fact that you’re stuck in a classroom with these suckers for eight hours a really be...? day, five days a week, for at least four No way! She looks years and often much longer (I’d known many of these people since so different! elementary school). Years had passed and still, I could tell you just what so-and-so was like in high school or what sport they played or who they took to homecoming. I knew how many siblings they had and what classes they were good at and which teachers liked them best. We had so much shared history. Which is what this issue attempts to capture. Every year, we take the very broad topic of education and distill it down into the handful of stories we feel are most topical, right now, for your student. It’s a daunting task but, if my high school reunion proves anything, it’s an important one. School’s where we start and learning makes memories that last. At least until you use up all your drink tickets. — Elisabeth Kramer Managing Editor

We offer on the UniversityCh in • Transition School • UW A th • Summer Programs •ou

We offer on the University of Washington Seattle c

• Transition School • UW Academy • Saturday Enri We offer on the University of Washington Seattle campus:

• Summer Programs • Professional Developme

Transition School • UW Academy • Saturday Enrichment For more

Summer Programs • Professional Development • RC Online visit o For more information, visit our website:

www.Robin Challenging K-12 students in an intellectualPhone: community 206-543-4160 Email: Phone: through early entrance and outreach learning programs. Email: SATURDAY ENRICHMENT Current Grades K-8 Spring Session: April 7 – June 2 (Registration is now open!)

The Saturday Enrichment classes provide intellectually ambitious students with challenge, inspiration, and fun, in a collaborative, supportive learning environment. Classes meet for one or two hours per week on Saturdays at the UW Seattle Campus to explore topics not usually covered in the K-8 curriculum.

SUMMER CHALLENGE Current Grades 5-6 July 9 – July 27 (Registration is now open!)

Summer Challenge is an academically advanced summer camp for motivated children seeking an intensive, hands-on, fun educational experience. The program runs for three weeks, five days a week from 9:00am – 2:20pm, on the UW Seattle campus. There is also an After-Class program available for an additional charge from 2:20 – 4:30pm. Classes are small, and instructors are all specialists in their field. Application criteria can be found on our website.

SUMMER STRETCH Current Grades 7-10 June 25 – July 26 (Registration is now open!)

Summer Stretch offers in-depth, intensive learning experiences as accelerated courses and enrichment courses. Summer Stretch runs 3 days a week (9:00am – 2:30pm) for five weeks beginning June 25 on the UW Seattle campus.Classes are taught by specialists in their field with a high adult:child ratio. There is a substantial homework load; courses are graded and final transcripts are provided. Application criteria can be found on our website.

RC ONLINE Current Grades 9-12 (Registration is now open!) RC Online is a new accelerated learning opportunity, bringing advanced college-prep curriculum to an online platform for high school students. RC Online provides an inspiring, expansive educational experience as a window into what college-level work will be like; to move students rapidly from novice to advanced writers, readers and thinkers via specific skills, practices and tools. These courses provide challenging curriculum without the logistical, economic and other barriers that come between a student and educational opportunity. Additional information can be found on our website. Phone: 206-543-4160 Email: ParentMap Learning 2018 • 7

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