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EASTSIDE Baby From bump to bundle and beyond, the ultimate local resources guide for Eastside parents Hundreds of parent-tested, baby-approved resources for new families!

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hile humans worldwide are confronted daily by the challenges and disruptions of COVID-19, thankfully, not even a dastardly pandemic can stop the birth of breathtaking, precious babies. The perpetual and unpredictable pendulum swing of joy, love, frustration and exhaustion overflows our parenting emo-buckets daily. Since time immemorial, it’s been said that there is no greater role in life that can call upon our strength, wisdom, tenacity, empathy, love and humor more than being a parent. But a worldwide pandemic does complicate things. Young parents are coping with a lack of child care and family support — some are also saddled with the necessity of providing distance learning for their grade-schoolers — all while logging more family time than anyone could ever imagine. Parents with little ones are required to tap into something superhuman. Yet there are some magical silver linings to be enjoyed with life slowed down, calendars remaining empty and endless family meals that truly counteract our broken work-life balance. The hopeful potential outcomes of the pandemic were all captured magnificently in the viral (literally and figuratively) bedtime story “The Great Realisation,” created by filmmaker and poet Tomos Roberts (aka Probably Tomfoolery; probablytomfoolery.com). The blossoming of your babies is the prime time to investigate every aspect of early parenthood. However, I urge you to remember yourself and who you are as a friend, daughter or son, professional and community member. As the airplane adage goes, put your oxygen mask on first. Find time for friendships, moments of self-compassion or date nights. Our kids are miraculous sponges from day one. Remember that you are their first and most important teacher: They feel your love and energy and hear the tone of your words as they attach and grow.

Illustrations by Alli Arnold/alliarnold.com Cover photo by Gift Habeshaw/Unsplash

ADOPTION + FOSTERING AdoptUSKids National project that supports child welfare systems and connects children in foster care with families Nationwide; adoptuskids.org

Northwest Adoption Exchange Championing youth foster care and making important connections with potential adoptive families Serving Pacific Northwest youth; 1-800-927-9411 nwae.org

Agape Adoptions Highly personalized, professional international adoption placement services for children from China, Hong Kong, Romania, Bulgaria, Uganda and the Dominican Republic Nationwide; 253-987-5804 agapeadoptions.org

Olive Crest Outreach and services for at-risk children, including child abuse prevention, fostering and adoption placement, life skills training and mentoring, counseling and more Bellevue (425-462-1612), Tacoma (253-572-7888), Silverdale (360-328-1650) olivecrest.org

A Child’s Dream Licensed nonprofit adoption agency located in Poulsbo serving birth mothers and birth parents throughout the state with child placement services Statewide; 1-800-247-8280 achildsdream.org/washington-state Holt International Christian organization committed to keeping families in crisis together, caring for homeless kids and finding adoptive families; support for domestic and international adoptions 1-888-355-HOLT (4658); holtinternational.org

Open Adoption & Family Services Open adoption agency supporting pregnant women and couples in making decisions about their options — pregnancy, abortion, adoption — in an atmosphere of dignity and respect Greater Seattle area; 206-782-0442 openadopt.org Your Adoptive Family Licensed adoption agency committed to providing services to all clients without discrimination on any basis; offering therapy, home study, post-placement and consultative services Vashon; 206-408-7219; youradoptivefamily.com

BABY SERVICES Breastfeeding Support Breastfeeding Moms Helping new moms transition into motherhood with breastfeeding — from prenatal support to the early days of breastfeeding to weaning, and everything in between Bellevue and area home visits; 206-788-6903 breastfeedingmoms.org Health:Latch Niche health-care practice dedicated to releasing tongue and lip tethers to create more suction for newborns during nursing Bellevue; 425-310-8430 healthlatch.com La Leche League of Washington Accredited leaders providing mother-to-mother breastfeeding support through helplines and group meetings Statewide; 425-610-6119 lllwa.org Northwest Mother’s Milk Bank Not-for-profit milk bank providing health screening, pasteurization and prescription distribution of donor milk Portland; 503-469-0955 donatemilk.org

Our Perfect Baby Supplier of top breast pumps and verification of insurance eligibility; free shipping in Washington Online; 1-800-403-3895 ourperfectbaby.com PMSI ..................................................................................... 9 Insurance-eligible breast pumps; local and woman-owned since 1973; shipping or curbside pickup available Bellevue; 425-462-0577 pacificmsi.com

Diaper Services Andy Pandy by Hansen Kids, LLC ...........................4 Award-winning and eco-friendly baby products, including premium bamboo disposable diapers, that are good for your baby and the planet Shipping within the Unite States only andypandykids.com Baby Diaper Service .....................................................5 Service offering freshly laundered cloth diaper delivery; supporting Puget Sound families from birth to potty training since 1946 Puget Sound service area; 206-634-2229 babydiaperservice.net 3


3 Reasons Why Eco-Conscious Parents Love Bamboo Diapers Traditional disposable diapers are wasteful and bad for the environment. Cloth diapers just aren’t for everyone. This is why many parents are turning to eco-friendly alternatives such as bamboo diapers. Better for the planet Bamboo is fast-growing, sustainably grown and biodegradable. Bamboo diapers are more than 85% biodegradable, which decreases their impact on the environment. Absorbs twice as much as cotton Bamboo is highly absorbent and absorbs 60% more than cotton. This makes bamboo diapers perfect for sensitive skin and for preventing diaper rash. Naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial With bamboo diapers, you can be sure your little one will not have an allergic reaction. They are also antibacterial, so they help keep your baby clean and healthy. “I cannot recommend Andy Pandy diapers enough to new parents and families seeking a better option than traditional diapers.” — Dr. Emily Copeland, pediatrician

Choose Andy Pandy today, because your baby deserves a better tomorrow!

andypandykids.com support@andypandykids.com 4


Freshly laundered cloth diapers, delivered to your home each week! Locally owned Baby Diaper Service makes it simple and enjoyable for families to choose cloth diapers. We deliver freshly laundered natural cotton diapers, pH-balanced for baby’s delicate skin, right to your front door. No rinsing, no soaking, no dumping anything out — just toss the soiled diaper into the pail that we provide and let us do the dirty work! Healthy, simple, convenient, affordable, adorable. Cloth is the healthiest option for your baby and the safest option for our environment. We have an exclusive wash formula and wash process that result in the safest diaper for your baby. Our BDS team of cloth diaper experts provides the highest level of customer service as we support you through your diapering journey — from birth to potty training. 74 Years of Delivering Cloth Diapers to Puget Sound Families! Free BDS 101 Cloth Diaper Classes offered each month!

Supporting Puget Sound families with resources and community throughout their diapering journey, from birth to potty training.

babydiaperservice.net • 206-634-2229 Servicing from Bellingham to Olympia and North Bend to Poulsbo info@babydiaperservice.net 5


Super Smiles

Optimizing oral health for babies and toddlers By Malia Jacobson


very time you test the temperature of your baby’s bottle with your mouth, or share food, a straw or a utensil with your toddler, you’re also sharing bacteria that cause tooth decay. That’s right, cavity-causing dental decay is an infectious, transmissible disease that parents can unknowingly pass to their children, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH; nih.gov). After decades of decline, the rates of cavities in children under 5 are on the rise; experts blame a diet higher in sugary foods and drinks. The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, part of the NIH, reports that from one-third to one-half of children under age 5 develop cavities in baby teeth. Yet, like many infectious diseases, dental decay is preventable. Here’s how to protect your child’s oral health, even if those pearly whites are still months away from appearing. When to visit a dentist In the National Poll on Children’s Health, researchers at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital found that most parents weren’t sure when their child should first visit the dentist. Out of this majority, over 16 percent believed kids didn’t need to visit a dentist until after age 4, reflecting a common belief that cleaning baby teeth isn’t all that important — they’ll just fall out anyway, right? Wrong. Decay in baby teeth can harm oral health in the short term and for years to come. The bacteria that cause tooth decay in baby teeth can break down the enamel of permanent teeth as they begin to come in, making these teeth more vulnerable to developing cavities. And because baby teeth serve as placeholders that help guide permanent teeth into position, losing baby teeth too early as a result of tooth decay can create a crooked, crowded smile later on. Scheduling a dental visit by age 1, or six months after the first tooth pops up, helps safeguard oral health in a few important ways, according to experts at C.S. Mott Children’s 6

Hospital. First, establishing a relationship with a dentist early helps pave the way for smoother, less stressful visits in the future, when your child begins “real” dental cleanings or needs a filling. Visiting the dentist by 12 months of age also helps the dentist spot any early signs of trouble and then advise you on the best way to care for your child’s oral health. Little cavities, big deal What’s the dentist looking for at these early visits? Before tooth decay causes a cavity, it may cause white spots on tooth enamel, which signal that the enamel is breaking down. From there, a cavity may look like a small, light brown spot on your child’s tooth. If the cavity isn’t treated, the spot becomes larger and may turn darker brown or black. More advanced tooth decay may cause a toothache, sensitivity to hot or cold, bad breath and swelling. According to the American Dental Association (ada.org), tooth decay in baby teeth can affect a child’s overall well-being; kids with painful teeth are less likely to eat enough, and therefore

Young toddlers need just a dab of toothpaste — about the size of a grain of rice — while preschoolers can use a peasize amount.


won’t get the nutrition they need to thrive. What happens if my baby has a cavity? After giving your child a complete dental exam, the dentist may suggest X-rays to help diagnose tooth decay. In many cases, small cavities can be filled in a single dentist visit; the dentist removes the decayed enamel and uses tooth-colored material to fill the hole. Though the process may not delight your child, they’ll usually be able to eat or drink soon afterward and shouldn’t experience pain. Dead or seriously decayed teeth may need to be completely removed. This process may take two or more visits, and also may require sedation. If removing decayed baby teeth will affect the placement of permanent teeth, your child’s dentist may recommend a composite bridge (similar to a partial denture) that replaces the missing teeth and holds the remaining teeth in place until permanent teeth come in. Caring for gums and baby teeth Before your baby’s teeth appear, use a clean, soft cloth or small piece of gauze to gently wipe the gums after feedings. This helps prevent sugary

milk or food residue from remaining on your baby’s gums; such residue provides an environment in which the bacteria that cause tooth decay can grow. Start brushing your child’s teeth as soon as the first one appears, advises Stanford Children’s Health (stanfordchildrens.org). Young toddlers need just a dab of toothpaste — about the size of a grain of rice — while preschoolers can use a pea-size amount. After age 2, add daily flossing to your child’s routine. Does your toddler need an electric toothbrush? Most dentists say no — any child-size, extra-soft toothbrush will work. However, electric toothbrushes can coax reluctant brushers and help establish healthy habits, especially when kids choose the toothbrush (or at least the color) themselves. Pair the chosen toothbrush with a kid-friendly brushing app to create a fun routine that makes brushing tiny teeth a bit less burdensome. We’ll say “Ahhhh” to that! (Find other nifty tricks and tips for getting kids to brush their teeth at parentmap.com/teeth.)

Malia Jacobson is a health and family journalist. 7


We make cloth diapering easy! Less waste less guilt Whether you’re looking for a local full-service provider or need quality cloth diapers at home, Diaper Stork has a solution. Save time by choosing our weekly pickup and delivery service; save $$ by renting or purchasing a cloth diapering bundle for home washing. Babies go through 6,000 diapers, making disposable diapers the third largest single consumer item in landfills. We’re here to help make your sustainable choices more convenient and worth the extra effort. How service works: 1. You’ll receive 100% cotton diapers, a diaper bin, cute covers and cloth wipes. 2. Toss the dirty diapers in the bin. No rinsing! 3. Each week, dirties go in our reusable bags and our driver swaps them out for a clean set. Boost your diaper IQ! Join our free virtual Cloth Diaper 101, Infant Potty Training and Toddler Potty Training classes. Add us to your registry!

Diaper Stork is a mom-owned cloth diaper service and boutique enabling parents to make conscientious choices for their babies and their communities.

diaperstork.com • 206-928-6982 Serving the Greater Seattle Area service@diaperstork.com 8


Insurance-Eligible Breast Pumps, Support, and Supplies Specializing in breast pumps, home medical equipment, and compression stockings since 1973! PMSI is a local, woman-owned company with a strong focus on helping new moms find the right breast pump to fit their needs. Success starts with support. Our lactation specialists are ready and waiting to help with any questions or concerns. Follow-up care is always included. Preferred provider. PMSI is in-network with most major insurance companies and has a team of trained staff who will submit claims on your behalf and handle the logistics of billing. Shipping or curbside pickup available.

pacificmsi.com • 425-462-0577 info@pacificmsi.com Diaper Services continued

Bootyland Kids Center for hip kids and modern parents, promoting baby wearing, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, quality over quantity, sustainability Seattle; 206-328-0636 bootylandkids.com Diaper Stork .....................................................................8 Diaper service and baby boutique providing healthy and eco-conscious alternative to disposable diapers; free classes offered Greater Seattle area; 206-928-6982 diaperstork.com

Photographers Alicen Lum Photography Specializing in professional baby and newborn photography Federal Way studio serving Greater Seattle and Eastside; 206-484-7677 alicenlumphotography.com Anela Deisler Photography Specializing in lifestyle, maternity, newborn and family photography Greater Seattle and Eastside; hello@aneladeisler.com aneladeisler.com

Hardie Photography Onsite birth and family photographer Greater Seattle and Eastside; whitneyhardie@gmail.com hardiephotography.com Hey Baby Ultrasound 2-D, 3-D and 4-D ultrasound imaging services, including heartbeat, gender determination and reveal parties Kirkland; 1-844-777-2229 heybabyultrasound.com Kiley Riffell Photography Award-winning family, maternity and portrait photography Greater Seattle and Eastside; kileyriffell@gmail.com kileyriffellphotography.shootproof.com Lydia Brewer Photography Specializing in headshots, couples, weddings, babies, families, children and pet photography Greater Seattle and Eastside; 206-446-8674 lydiabrewerphotography.com

Sleep Consultants Belly to Bean Sleep Co. Certified sleep consultation that helps families with babies and toddlers get more sleep Greater Seattle and Eastside; 206-859-7094 bellytobean.com 9

BABY SERVICES Sleep Consultants continued

Pediatric Sleep Consulting — Seattle Sleep Doula Birth and postpartum doula specializing in sleep coaching and consultation Greater Seattle and Eastside; 206-999-6362 pediatricsleepconsulting.com Rebecca Michi — Children’s Sleep Consultant Realistic, gentle sleep support and training for newborns and toddlers Greater Seattle and Eastside; rebecca@rebeccamichi.com childrenssleepconsultant.com Sarah Oliver — Baby Sleep Consultancy Internationally certified infant and child sleep consultant dedicated to giving babies, parents and the whole family the good night’s sleep that they deserve Greater Seattle and Eastside; 206-747-1710 saraholiverconsultancy.com

Let's Sleep on It Sleep concerns vie only with feeding frets to top the new parent worrywart list. Here are two recommended resources to help: Taking Cara Babies • takingcarababies.com A neonatal nurse and mom of four, Cara offers popular online and live sleep classes, ebooks and by-appointment phone consults for parents of sleep-challenged kiddos ages newborn to 2 years. “Ready, Set, Sleep” • parentmap.com/parentmap-books Sleep journalist Malia Jacobson’s ebook offers science-based strategies and solutions for sleep success that are also compassionate, practical and doable.

CHILD CARE Nanny Services AuPairCare Award-winning agency matches PNW families with international live-in au pairs 1-800-428-7247; customercare@aupaircare.com aupaircare.com CareWorks Nanny Referral Service................... 11 Expert, personalized nanny placements since 1993 Greater Seattle and Eastside; 206-325-9985 careworksnw.com College Nannies + Sitters + Tutors Dedicated to helping parents build stronger families by creating smarter, happier kids Multiple Puget Sound area locations; collegenanniesandtutors.com The Nanny Consultant Placement services for nannies, household managers, doulas, night nannies and newborn care specialists Greater Seattle, Eastside, Tacoma; 425-512-3123 thenannyconsultant.com The Nanny League College-educated nannies and more Greater Seattle and Eastside; 206-349-1622 thenannyleague.com 10

Nanny Parent Connection Subscription-based platform where families and verified child-care providers can connect Puget Sound; 425-243-7032 nannyparentconnection.com The Seattle Nanny Network Long- and short-term nanny placement, plus sitters, tutors and specialists Greater Seattle and Eastside; 425-803-9511 seattlenanny.com West Coast Nannies Full-service nanny agency offering simple and affordable fee structure and one-on-one consultation Serving the Seattle area; 253-245-8538 wcnannies.com

Preschools + Day Care Centers Adventure Kids Playcare Unique, drop-in child care for infants–age 12 Bellevue (425-453-4444), Issaquah (425-391-5358) adventurekidsplaycare.com Bellevue College Early Learning Center Head Start preschool providing a warm, secure setting where each child can develop to his/her own potential — socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually Greater Eastside; 425-564-2240 bellevuecollege.edu/childcare


Because you want the best care possible for your child CareWorks has been voted “Seattle’s Best Nanny Service” and is one of the oldest and most respected agencies in the area, serving Seattle and Eastside families and nannies for over two decades. By listening carefully to our clients, and by providing unmatched personal support along the way, we create meaningful, lasting relationships that satisfy everyone’s needs. Whether you’re a family looking for just the right care arrangement, or a nanny, household manager or family assistant looking for the perfect family, CareWorks will be with you the entire way.

careworksnw.com • 206-325-9985 careworks.seattle@gmail.com

Meaningful Play + Dedicated Guidance = Learning The FISHPOND Preschool is a part of Newport Presbyterian Church. We offer a developmental Christian program for kids age 2 thru Pre-K. We focus on the importance of play because play provides children with the opportunity to actively explore, manipulate and interact with their environment. It encourages children to investigate, create and discover; and it motivates them to add to their understanding of their world. Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of each child. Our staff gives children the room to discover who they are, and encourages them to become creative, self-assured individuals who are ready to enjoy and participate in the learning experience.

newportpres.org/fishpondpreschool • 425-736-4392 fishpond@newportpres.org 11


Preschool Shopping 101

Top tips for finding the right fit for your child and family By Sarina Behar Natkin, LICSW


he process of choosing a preschool can stir up plenty of anxiety for parents, because this is often the first decision they make about their child’s education. It’s easy to put a lot of pressure on ourselves, and to feel like we have to get this right and not make any mistakes. What’s important to keep in mind is that preschool is a wonderfully positive opportunity for your child to experience time with peers, learn how to separate from a caregiver, and build their social and emotional skills. Ultimately, the “right” decision is about choosing a preschool that works for your family, addresses your child’s individual needs and reflects the type of early education community that you want to be a part of.

Understanding different preschool learning philosophies There’s a variety of different early learning philosophies that we hear about from schools and other parents, and I think it’s helpful for parents to have a general idea of what the key differences are. Montessori programs focus on individual learning. These programs take a very self-paced and self-directed approach, with not a lot of group work. Teachers act as guides to help children progress to other activities that might be right for them. Reggio Emilia programs have four main principles. One of these principles is collaboration, with children working in both small and large groups. Another is project-based learning, giving kids the opportunity to study one subject in depth. Representational learning is also emphasized, presenting a subject through various forms, so that kids with diverse learning styles and needs are able to engage with the material. Reggio Emilia teachers also follow an emergent curriculum, meaning they create and adapt the curriculum to what the children are interested in at the time. Waldorf schools prioritize a focus on engaging and opening the child’s mind, spirit and soul to a love of group-based learning within the natural environment. These programs favor lots of time 12

outdoors; also, classrooms tend not to include technology, plastics or synthetic items. Cooperative preschools rely on a lot of parent involvement in the running of the classroom. Such schools are often run by the parents themselves and include a board, with the board being responsible for hiring teachers. Academics-based preschools are teacher-driven classroom settings that emphasize rigorous preparation for elementary school, and there is not as much emphasis on what the children are motivated by or interested in learning and exploring. I can’t recommend this model, as it moves kids away from the way they learn best: by playing. Play is the work of children, and it allows them to focus on developmentally appropriate tasks, which act as building blocks to naturally move the child forward to their next stages and discoveries. How do I find the right fit? When thinking about the right preschool for your child, start with your child. Think about who your child is and what activities they enjoy. Focus on their unique attributes and preferences for activities — and make sure that those qualities and options are supported by and reflected in the school. Next, think about yourself and your family. Although you’re choosing education for your child, it’s important to think about what kind of community you, as a parent, want to be involved in. Thinking about your own child and your own values helps you tune in to a preschool that will be the right fit for everyone involved. Play is the thing When supporting your child’s early education and development, it’s really important for parents to keep in mind that learning happens best through play with other young children. During play, kids learn how to share, solve problems, delay gratification, regulate their emotions and practice flexibility. In addition, play gives children ample

CHILD CARE time and occasion to develop empathy. This is a life skill that is critical for solving problems and dealing with conflict. More and more findings from research confirm that social and emotional skills are the critical building blocks for future academic success, which means we need to prioritize play in order for our children to be ready to learn when they enter elementary school. Sometimes our drive to ensure that our children are prepared for success later in life can create unrealistic expectations for what we want them to know coming out of preschool. For example, having an expectation that our kids should be able to read and write in preschool would not be a developmentally appropriate objective or outcome, because focusing on those skills might come at the expense of tasks and experiences that would be more developmentally appropriate and essential for that age. Of course, if your child is interested in reading and writing, a teacher supporting and providing opportunities for your child to further develop those skills is great. Realistic expectations about what your child will learn from preschool include having ample time to practice skills without fear of making mistakes; developing social and emotional skills through learning how to interact with their peers; developing confidence in their abilities; and discovering that school and learning are fun. How do I make this decision? The first step in the preschool decision-making process is to identify your priorities. This includes taking child-care needs into account — do you need part-time or full-time child care? Carefully consider the location of the preschool. There might be a terrific preschool across town, but are you willing to drive there on non-school days to support your children’s developing friendships? Consider what curricular activities you would like your child to experience. Is a second language important? Is music or the arts important? Is it important that the program or school philosophy is affiliated with a cultural or religious practice? After identifying your priorities, you need to do your research. This involves talking to other parents, attending preschool fairs and evaluating available programs online.

After doing your research, it is imperative to visit schools and ask a lot of questions. Submit your top choices to the kid test: Bring your child with you and notice how the teachers and staff interact with them. Also pay attention to the environment. Is it bright and well lit? Is it clean? Are there any safety red flags that you notice? When you have a chance to ask questions of teachers and administrators, it’s important to inquire about their discipline philosophy and strategies. Keep reflecting on the values you identified

as priorities for a preschool fit for your kid and evaluate whether those seem to be a part of the curriculum and environment. Lastly, trust your instincts. You know your child best, and you will be able to find the right fit for them. And if, for some reason, it doesn’t feel like the right fit after your child has started, know that children are incredibly resilient, and if you need to switch schools, you’ll be able to do so. My biggest piece of advice is to try not to let the preschool hype overwhelm you. When you shift your focus to the bigger picture, the decision becomes less about the “perfect” preschool and more about the best fit for your child and family.

Sarina Behar Natkin, LICSW, is a parent coach, speaker and author in the Seattle area. 13

CHILD CARE Preschools + Day Care Centers continued

Bellevue School District Preschool, Before& After-School Programs Inspiring young minds through discovering the joy of learning; preschool for kids ages 3–5; beforeand after-school programs for kindergarten–fifth grade Bellevue; 425-456-4030 bsd405.org/elp Child Care Aware of Washington Family Center Helping families find quality child care in Washington state • Child Care Aware Family Center: 1-800-446-1114; childcareawarewa.org • Kaleidoscope Play & Learn playgroups: 206-329-1011; childcare.org • CCR Homeless Program: 206-329-5842; childcare.org Encompass...................................................................... 15 Offering full-day and half-day preschool, caregiver and toddler playgroups, summer camps and an in-home early literacy program Snoqualmie Valley, Issaquah, Sammamish and greater Eastside; 425-888-2777 encompassnw.org The FISHPOND Preschool......................................... 11 Child-centered, developmentally appropriate Christian education for children ages 2–5 years Bellevue; 425-736-4392 newportpres.org/fishpondpreschool Goodwin Connections............................................... 16 Connecting families to educational opportunities that build financial stability and create generational change Serving King, Pierce, Snohomish county families; 206-526-7944 goodwinconnections.org Great Futures Preschool — Boys & Girls Clubs of Bellevue Children ages 2–5 learn through play how to create, socialize, grow and become themselves Bellevue; 425-454-6162 bgcbellevue.org The Jewish Day School Early Childhood Program............................................................................ 16 Early childhood program serving children ages 2 and a half to 4 Greater Seattle and Eastside; 425-460-0200 jds.org


Kiddin’ Around Child Care and Discover‘Me’ Preschool......................................................................... 18 Introducing infants through preschoolers to their amazing world and their endless potential Bellevue; 425-890-6699 kiddinaroundkids.com Kid’s Country Early Learning Centers............... 17 Infant program providing a safe, loving environment that encourages little ones to love, laugh, learn and grow Multiple Greater Seattle locations; 360-668-5145 kidscountry.net Kids Klub Child Development Centers.............. 18 Offering infant and toddler day care; evening and weekend program available; flexible hours Bellevue; 425-502-8837 kidsklubcdc.com Lake Washington School District Preschool Program............................................................................ 20 Comprehensive early childhood learning experience in preparation for kindergarten; Head Start and SNAPS programs offered Redmond; 425-936-1201 lwsd.org LegUp Service matching busy parents with available childcare seats at licensed, high-quality centers Greater Seattle and Eastside; team@legup.care legup.care The Little School........................................................... 19 Preschool–fifth grade progressive education school offering dynamic programs focused on balanced social-emotional and academic development Bellevue; 425-827-4609 thelittleschool.org Mountainside School................................................. 20 Year-round, full-day educational programs, including day care, infant care and extracurricular activities for children ages 6 weeks–6 years Issaquah; 425-392-9366 mountainsideschool.com Sammamish Montessori School........................... 21 Licensed, accredited, authentic Montessori school for toddler, preschool and kindergarten students; STEAM, summer and extended care available Redmond; 425-883-3271 sammamishmontessori.com SJCC Early Childhood School................................... 21 Reggio-Emilia-inspired program offering full-day and part-day options for infants to pre-K Greater Seattle and Eastside; 206-388-0825 sjcc.org/programs/early-childhood-school


We Partner With Families to Build Healthy Foundations for Children At Encompass, we know that what happens early in life is crucial to a child’s development. That’s why we are here to support your entire family as you embark upon the journey of raising a young child. Through our early learning, pediatric therapy and family enrichment programs for children of all abilities, we work to ensure that ALL children in the Snoqualmie Valley, Issaquah and greater Eastside communities thrive. Whether preparing your child for school success through our high-quality early learning programs, identifying and treating developmental delays as early as possible in our pediatric therapy programs, or connecting you to the support and guidance you need to be the best caregiver possible for your children, our expert staff is here to help. To learn more about our vast array of programs, call us or visit our website today.

We provide early learning, pediatric therapy and family enrichment programs for children ages 0–8 and their families.

encompassnw.org • 425-888-2777 Two locations in North Bend and one in Carnation info@encompassnw.org 15


Where Brighter Futures Take Root Goodwin connects families to educational opportunities that build financial stability and create generational change. When families are accepted into the Family Connections Program, they become eligible for childcare or preschool tuition assistance. Support for childcare and preschool expenses enables parents to attend college full-time, focus on their studies, graduate in a timely manner and ultimately embark on a career that pays a living wage. At the same time, their children receive a quality early-learning opportunity — giving them a great start on their own educational journey.

goodwinconnections.org • 206-526-7944 program@goodwinconnections.org

Each day is filled with inquiry, exploration, creativity and play. Our EC program strives to nurture both the hearts and minds of our students. We seek to teach our youngest learners that school is a live laboratory primed for cultivating their curiosity and growth, for building friendships and resolving conflicts, and for developing their understanding of themselves, universal values and the world. Through our inquiry curriculum, children are provided the opportunity to foster self-esteem, independence and cooperation. Our students construct meaning through noticing and wondering, exploration and discovery, critical thinking and problem-solving.

jds.org • 425-460-0200 admissions@jds.org 16


Where Children Love, Laugh, Learn and Grow! Infants do a lot of work in their first year of life! They are discovering the world around them by absorbing the words, emotions and actions of their parents and teachers. Kid’s Country’s Infant Program offers a warm, caring setting specifically designed for infants as early as 4 weeks of age. Together, parents and teachers work closely to develop engaging daily routines as partners in care. We provide: • Safe and secure open classroom spaces designed to promote movement and exploration • Language-rich environment intended to build a foundation for speech and literacy • Caring family partnerships built on open communication • Research-based approach focused on physical, cognitive, language and socialemotional development Kid’s Country Learning Centers provide fulltime care for infants through preschool. Visit kidscountryinc.com to learn more about our unique approach.

We provide your child with a safe, loving environment that encourages little ones to LOVE, LAUGH, LEARN and GROW!

kidscountryinc.com • 360-668-5145 Ten different locations around the Puget Sound region info@kidscountryinc.com 17


Where Every Day Leads to New Discovery Kids Klub Bellevue’s infant program provides the highest level of quality care and supervision. The first floor is a dedicated environment where we have gone to great lengths to create a safe, clean, stimulating experience with low student-teacher ratios, which allows a hands-on approach to caring for your baby. Our teachers are skilled and prepared to make each day at Kids Klub a fun and loving experience, leading age-appropriate activities within our spacious indoors and unique outdoor play area. This stepping stone to preschool provides the building blocks necessary to promote your baby’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.

KidsKlubCDC.com • 425-502-8837 FrontOfficeBEL@kidsklub.us

Supporting Diversity, Respecting Abilities, Building Partnerships, Savoring Childhood You are your child’s first and most important teachers! We collaborate with you; building upon the knowledge and skills you’ve instilled; support your child as they develop a solid sense of ‘self,’ and celebrate as they begin to recognize their own, brilliant mind! With hugs and encouragement, we guide learning through ‘intentional play;’ providing opportunities to explore their curiosities, ask the ‘why’ questions, and discover various ways to find the answers. Your child is supported as they [safely] test limits, discover gravity, comforted and reassured as they begin to understand occasional failure is a necessary part of future success. We help them safely test limits, wipe their precious tears as they discover gravity, and offer reassurance as they begin to understand that an occasional failure is a necessary part of future success.

kiddinaroundkids.com • 425-890-6699 kiddinaroundchildcare@gmail.com 18


Where Big Futures Begin Nestled in 12.5 acres of woods and meadows in Bellevue, The Little School provides a natural setting for its community of students to nurture their curiosity and creativity while exploring the wider world. We provide a safe environment on our wideopen campus where children build upon their inherent strengths. We teach them to expand their knowledge, build their learning skills and deepen their sense of stewardship. Each student is known by the whole community. Children develop interpersonal skills so that they can learn and play well with others. Our commitment to community includes stewardship and care for our natural surroundings. The classrooms extend into the outdoors, providing plenty of chances for children to explore, learn and grow with their peers. We are a welcoming and inclusive community. The Little School admits students of any race, color, and national and ethnic origin.

We are a preschool–fifth grade progressive education school offering dynamic programs focused on balanced social-emotional and academic development.

thelittleschool.org • 425-827-4609 • reganw@thelittleschool.org 2812 116th Ave. N.E., Bellevue, WA 98004 19


Lake Washington School District — Child Find • Do you have a concern about your infant, toddler or preschooler’s development? • Do you have questions about whether your child has a disability? • Do you know your child has a disability and are looking for appropriate educational services? Lake Washington School District can evaluate children and adolescents ages 0–21 years with a suspected disability who live within our district. Children with a disability may qualify for free services. For more information, contact the Special Services main office at 425-936-1201, or for children ages 0–5, email the Child Find office at PreschoolChildFind@lwsd.org.


Parents and Teachers Working Together to Shape Future Generations. Mountainside School is a full-day program for children ages 6 weeks–6 years. Our well-staffed infant room is a large, open space that accommodates eight babies who receive individualized and loving care. At age 12 months, children progress to our toddler program. Mountainside has been teaching local children since 1980. We believe that learning through fun and hands-on experiences helps children grow and blossom. We are proud of all of our graduates, many of whom have gone on to attain college degrees.

mountainsideschool.com • 425-392-9366 mtnsideschool@aol.com 20


Authentic, Licensed, Accredited Montessori Toddler, Preschool and Kindergarten in Redmond Founded in 1977, this family-owned and managed school is a vibrant multicultural community preparing more than 300 preschool and kindergarten students with strong academic and social skills, and a love of learning. Our certified teachers have years of classroom experience and are able to academically challenge and nurture their students within supportive classroom communities. We take pride in our well-equipped, organized and child-centered classrooms, and in our multiple spacious and exciting outdoor play areas. STEAM, summer programs and extended-day programs available. Accredited by the American Montessori Society and National Council for Private School Accreditation. Conveniently located in Redmond near Microsoft.

sammamishmontessori.com • 425-883-3271 info@sammamishmontessori.com

A Reggio Emilia-inspired program that prepares children for kindergarten and beyond The J’s Early Childhood School offers full-day and part-day options for infants to pre-k with an environment where children become compassionate, curious, and confident learners. You’ll find innovative learning experiences that help build a strong foundation in language, math, and literacy with low child-to-teacher ratios, small class sizes, outdoor spaces to explore, music, swimming, art studio, library, and gym. At the J, everyone is welcome and when your child attends ECS, your whole family becomes part of our community.

sjcc.org/programs/early-childhood-school • 206-388-0825 NicciB@sjcc.org 21


Baby Bump? Time to Brush! Did you know? • Baby teeth begin to form in the first 6–8 weeks of pregnancy. • Morning sickness and increased consumption of sugary and starchy snacks may change acid-producing bacteria, which can increase cavities and enamel erosion. • Advanced gum disease has been associated with early uterine contractions, premature birth and low-birth-weight babies. • Your baby’s teeth begin to come in at six months of age. • Start a routine of wiping the mouth out after feeding, even before teeth come in. • Brush any baby teeth as they come into the mouth. • See a pediatric dentist around your child’s first birthday.

eastsidepediatricdentalgroup.com • 425-392-4048 office@eastsidepediatricdental.com

One real movement for healthy kids You’re probably wondering what “Everyone by One” means. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Academy of Pediatrics, all children should see the dentist by Age One. At Everyone by One, our name reflects this goal and mission. Our practice believes that education is a large part of the equation when it comes to preventing oral health problems from arising. We are BIG on prevention, education and forming relationships with all of our families. With the new addition to your family, partner with us to start your child on the right track to a healthy and happy mouth. We can’t wait to meet your little one!

everyonebyone.com • 425-289-1918 hello@everyonebyone.com 22


Natural Dentistry for Your Whole Family Natural Dentistry means using the least invasive procedures and least toxic materials available. That means NO mercury, fluoride, nickel, latex or fragrances! Our holistic approach to oral health includes natural methods to remineralize tooth enamel. We work with young children over several appointments if necessary to help them learn what to expect and what is expected of them, and we proceed at a pace appropriate for each child. We welcome parents to stay with their kids, and to hold babies and toddlers on their lap. Most babies can have dental exams and gentle treatments without sedation or general anesthesia, and without “shots,� too. We use a gentle touch for a relaxed, fun and stress-free dental visit! We use comfortable orthodontic expansion appliances to correct crowding, midlines, tongue space, airway and jaw joint alignment. This is followed by kids, teens and adults clear aligners or Invisalign, to finish straightening if needed.

Natural Dentistry is the dental complement to natural medicine. NO mercury, fluoride, nickel, latex or fragrances in our office.

naturaldentist.com • 206-257-4921 appointments@naturaldentist.com 23


Healthy Smiles Are Happy Smiles! At Redmond Kids’ Dentistry, we treat each family like our extended family. We help each child achieve optimal oral health in a caring, gentle and fun environment. Why a pediatric dental specialist for your kids? From age 1 to 18, kids grow and change year after year, and our doctors and staff are well trained to help guide you through all of those stages of development, starting from your baby’s first tooth until they go off to college. Children with special needs are also provided with an environment of TLC that meets their needs. Dr. Stephanie Su and Dr. Purva Merchant have been nominated as top dentists by Seattle Met magazine for the last nine years. Our greatest reward, however, is in the number of smiles we see!

redmondkidsdentistry.com • 425-558-4562 Info@redmondkidsdentistry.com Dentists AirSync Integrative Dentistry Comprehensive dental care for the whole family; cosmetic and restorative dentistry and infant laser frenectomy services available Issaquah; 425-392-4888 airsyncwellness.com Bothell Pediatric Dentistry Dental practice designed specifically for infants, children and young adults Bothell; 425-486-6300 bothellpediatricdentistry.com Eastside Pediatric Dental Group.......................... 22 Specializing in children’s oral health care; ages 1–18 Issaquah; 425-392-4048 eastsidepediatricdentalgroup.com Everyone by One.......................................................... 22 Specializing in pediatric dentistry for infants and children through adolescence at two convenient locations Bellevue (425-289-1918), Lynnwood (425-967-8240) everyonebyone.com Highlands Kids Dentistry Superior dental care for children Issaquah; 425-557-5437 highlandskidsdentistry.com 24

Natural Dentistry Group.......................................... 23 Natural dentistry, custom-made orthodontics, TMJ and sleep appliances for comfort, and the best growth and development in children Mercer Island; 206-257-4921 naturaldentist.com Redmond Kids’ Dentistry......................................... 24 Comprehensive pediatric dental care for infants, tots and teens in a child-friendly environment Redmond; 425-558-4562 redmondkidsdentistry.com Woodinville Pediatric Dentistry Comprehensive dental care for infants, toddlers, adolescents and children with special needs Woodinville; 425-402-8393 woodinvillepd.com

Pediatricians Allegro Pediatrics ....................................................... 25 Committed to helping children grow up happy, healthy and strong 8 Eastside locations; 425-827-4600 allegropediatrics.com Mercer Island Pediatrics Children’s health clinic offering comprehensive medical care for newborns through adolescents Mercer Island; 206-275-2122 mipediatrics.com


Where Healthier Futures Begin For more than 50 years, our physician-owned practice has been helping Eastside children grow up happy, healthy and strong. We are devoted to providing your family with the personal experience and quality care we expect for our own. With more than 90 providers across eight neighborhood clinics, we are committed to being here when you need us. We offer: • Same-day appointments for injury and illness, seven days a week, including holidays • Yearly checkups to answer your everyday questions • Sports, school, and camp physicals • Complimentary “get to know you” visits for new parents looking for a pediatrician • Quick visits to get flu shots or other vaccinations • Special one-on-one visits focused on specific concerns about your child’s development or behavioral health • Onsite lab and X-ray services

Our mission is to partner with families to heal, nurture, and empower each child in their journey to adulthood.

AllegroPediatrics.com • 425-827-4600 8 Eastside locations 25


Solving Summer Sleep Woes

Why your baby isn’t sleeping right now, and how to help them catch their z’s By Malia Jacobson


irst, the good news: Thanks to social distancing and travel restrictions, fewer children are experiencing ear infections, colds and other minor illnesses this year, says Maida Chen, M.D., director of the Pediatric Sleep Disorders Center at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Because these illnesses routinely disrupt slumber for babies, toddlers and young children, fewer parents are calling about illness-related sleep complaints. However, that doesn’t mean everyone is sleeping soundly in 2020. In fact, more parents are reporting sleep regressions: Babies and toddlers are skipping or dropping naps, suddenly waking at night or taking ages to fall asleep at bedtime. With COVID-19 disrupting family life for the past few months, daily routines, including sleep schedules, may be shifting, says Chen. Here’s how to cope. Redefining regression The term “sleep regression” describes a temporary but troubling return of an undesirable sleep behavior that a parent or caregiver assumed the child had outgrown; for example, sudden night awakenings months after a child had begun sleeping through the night. While sleep regressions can happen at any time, they’re common around 4, 9, 12, 18 and 24 months of age and can coincide with developmental milestones. One 2015 study found that learning to crawl temporarily disrupts nighttime sleep for babies between 5 and 11 months of age. Another study found that transitions in napping patterns in 26

toddlerhood can shift melatonin production and delay bedtime. Sleep regressions can stretch anywhere from a few days to a few weeks or longer, often involving fussy behavior in overtired babies during the day and long stretches of light sleep or crying at night for irritable infants. It’s no wonder that parents want to rush through these regressions and get sleep back on track, stat. Although sleep regressions are real, whether or not they’re a problem may be a matter of perception, says Chen. In about half of the cases, a sleep regression is developmentally appropriate; it’s normal for babies to wake more often after they’ve acquired a new skill, such as learning to roll over or stand. “A sleep regression is really just a change in sleep that’s perceived as undesirable by a caregiver,” says Chen. “It’s simply a misalignment with our expectations of how a baby should be sleeping compared to what’s happening with their sleep.” Why regressions are worse this year It’s true that childhood sleep disruptions seem to be worse this year, despite fewer illness-related sleep complaints from parents, says Chen. But the changes may have more to do with parental stress than actual sleep problems. “The issue is more highlighted now because we’re spending more time at home and traveling less, and parents have zero time away from their kids,” she says. “When you rely on your toddler’s nap or bedtime so that you can work or have a break, you’re going to be more upset

CHILD HEALTH + WELLNESS when those regressions happen.” Yet it’s also true that there may be genuine triggers for disruptions in sleep patterns, such as fewer naps or later bedtimes. For example, spending more time at home might mean that a baby is sleeping later in the morning or taking a longer afternoon nap, two factors that can cause a later bedtime or nighttime awakenings. “Without school or day care for many children, there’s a major lack of structure and daytime cues,” says Chen. These cues help organize sleep patterns for babies, toddlers and children; without them, schedules drift and sleep routines slide. Families are also battling the normal, seasonal early sunrises and late sunsets (at about 10 p.m. by midyear) that disrupt melatonin production and delay bedtimes. This year, summer’s extended daylight combined with a decrease in physical activity and hours of extra screen time can negatively affect sleep, says Chen. How to help First, take inventory of your child’s supposed sleep problems, recommends Chen. “Parents should really do a gut check about what their child is experiencing in terms of sleep, and how big of a problem it really is for the child and the family. Is your child really being affected adversely from a developmental standpoint, or is it really just the stress of upholding what life is supposed to look like?” Determine your family’s sleep priorities. If you’re operating in survival mode and just need to nab enough shut-eye to get through the next day, don’t waste a moment worrying about bringing your toddler into bed with you if it will help everyone get more sleep, says Chen. Only bring your baby into your bed to feed or comfort them, and then place your baby back in his or her own sleep space when you are ready to go to sleep. On the other hand, if keeping your child’s daily routine running smoothly helps keep stress at bay, don’t feel guilty about prioritizing a consistent sleep schedule. “If the family thrives on routine, and survival is not the main concern, then this can be a good time to teach the baby or toddler self-soothing skills.” That could mean allowing

your baby some extra time to fall asleep unaided or encouraging your toddler to play alone if they wake too early or aren’t taking a nap. During periods of sleep slipups, such as skipped naps, early-morning awakenings and later-than-you’d-like bedtimes, gently reinforcing the idea of a “read and rest” period with books and quiet toys can reduce stress for everyone. Whether your family is staying at home most of the time or not, build in regular movement, especially in the morning, when light exposure helps regulate sleep patterns and paves the way for a smoother bedtime. Aim for 10 minutes of outdoor time within the first hour of waking up; try an a.m. walk around the block or a game of hopscotch in the driveway. Investing in inexpensive blackout blinds from a big-box store can also help keep sleep routines intact during the bright spring and summer months, says Chen. Limit screen time, especially in the final hour or two before bed. “This can be a time to establish family routines that support rest, like taking time at night to unplug as a family and relax,” she notes. “Parents can model healthy habits like taking a break from phones and screens at night.” It’s normal to feel stressed when things seem to be falling apart, including your child’s sleep routine, says Chen. But like everything else in babyhood, the change is temporary; children with healthy sleep patterns will nearly always get back on track after a developmental milestone, life change or seasonal disruption passes. If you’re worried about your child’s sleep issues, don’t hesitate to contact their health-care provider with any questions or concerns. “Right now, what parents need most is to give themselves grace,” says Chen.

Malia Jacobson is a health and family journalist. Sponsored by



continued Stepping Stone Pediatrics Medical clinic utilizing traditional and complementary medicine in an integrative model Bellevue; 425-941-9540 stepping-stone-peds.com Swedish Medical Center — Pediatrics............... 29 Comprehensive, coordinated care, including multiple pediatric specialty departments, for your child from birth through adolescence Serving Seattle and the Eastside; 1-800-SWEDISH (1-800-793-3474) swedish.org/services/pediatric-specialty-care/ our-services Valley Medical Center Pediatrics Only dedicated pediatric unit between Seattle and Tacoma, including a NICU, specialized pediatric services and comprehensive rehabilitative care Renton; 425-228-3450 valleymed.org Village Pediatrics Personalized pediatric care at convenient location in the heart of downtown Issaquah Issaquah; 425-651-4242 villagepediatrics.biz Woodinville Pediatrics Committed to providing appropriate, high-quality health care to each patient at every encounter Woodinville, Mill Creek; 425-483-5437 woodinvillepediatrics.com

Specialized Therapies Benoliel Speech & Language Providing assessment and treatment of speech-language communication delays and disorders, specializing in stuttering disorders Bellevue; 425-803-8050 benolielspeech.com Bothell Pediatric & Hand Therapy Highly individualized occupational, physical, speech and hand therapy Bothell; 425-481-1933 bpandht.com Children’s Therapy of Woodinville Multi-service program of occupational, physical and speech therapy serving children from birth to age 10 Woodinville; 425-486-7710 childrenstherapyofwoodinville.com Evergreen Speech and Hearing Clinic Speech-language therapy provided at three convenient Eastside locations Redmond (425-882-4347), Kirkland (425-899-5050), Bellevue (425-454-1883) everhear.com 28

Sammamish Children’s Therapy Results-based pediatric speech and language therapy for infants to teens; tutoring services Issaquah; 425-557-6657 sctherapy.com Seattle Children’s Bellevue Clinic and Surgery Center................................................................................ 30 Offering 30+ pediatric specialty clinics, including urgent care and outpatient surgery Bellevue; 425-454-4644 seattlechildrens.org/bellevue Stepping Stones Therapy Network Providing occupational, speech and feeding therapy; other services include social groups, handwriting development, fine and gross motor development Bellevue, Bothell; 425-502-9440 steppingstoneswa.com Susan L. Cohn & Associates Specializing in the evaluation and treatment of pediatric speech and language disorders Issaquah; 425-985-8515 susancohnandassociates.com Children’s Eye Care Routine, medical and surgical eye care for children and for adults with strabismus Kirkland; 425-823-EYES (3937) childrenseyecare.org

Required Reading: Baby Care 411 New moms rave about the “Moms on Call” reference book series, coauthored by pediatric nurse practitioners Laura Hunter and Jennifer Walker — great, they say, for parents who want to establish a consistent sleep, eat, play — repeat! — routine. Armin A. Brott’s research-based “The New Father: A Dad’s Guide to the First Year” is a must-have for any new dad, offering practical advice on caring for his child and supporting the new mama. Dawn Dais’ “The Sh!t No One Tells You” books are hilariously frank reads, keeping it real with honest anecdotes and wisdom from moms and dads who aren’t at all afraid to tell it like it is.


Swedish cares for kids. At Swedish Pediatric Specialty Care, your child will have access to board-certified pediatric physicians and integrated care teams. Comprehensive, personalized care for children and families is our top priority, and we care for children from birth through adolescence. Specialties include: · Pediatric Aerodigestive Diseases · Pediatric Bowel/Bladder Care · Pediatric Gastroenterology · Pediatric General Surgery · Pediatric Growth and Integrated Nutrition Service · Pediatric Infectious Disease · Pediatric Nephrology · Pediatric Neurology and Epilepsy · Pediatric Nutrition · Pediatric Orthopedics · Pediatric Pulmonology · Pediatric Sports Medicine · Pediatric Therapy Services · Pediatric Urology We offer convenient scheduling at both our Seattle and Issaquah locations. Every year, more than 20,000 families turn to Swedish and discover one of the finest and most complete pediatric programs in the region.

Multiple pediatric specialty departments, convenient scheduling, Seattle and Eastside locations, and comprehensive care for the entire family within one system.

swedish.org/services/pediatric-specialty-care/our-services Serving Seattle and the Eastside 29


In the Neighborhood for Better Childhoods With more than 30 pediatric specialty services, including outpatient surgery, urgent care, radiology, lab, sports gym and more, Seattle Children’s Bellevue Clinic and Surgery Center brings world-class pediatric care to the Eastside. Our state-of-the-art outpatient surgery center is designed just for babies, children and teens, and when it comes to treating kids, our team of pediatric surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and specialists have more experience than anyone else in the region, with skills to do it right the first time.

And, because kids don’t just need care during office hours, we offer Urgent Care for minor illness or injury seven days a week, including holidays. Urgent Care is open Monday through Friday, 4–10:30 p.m., and weekends 11 a.m.–8 p.m. Convenient same-day appointments can be made online or over the phone. Visit seattlechildrens.org/urgentcare or call 206-987-2211.

With more than 30 pediatric specialties and services, Seattle Children’s Bellevue Clinic and Surgery Center brings expert care closer to home.

seattlechildrens.org/bellevue • 425-454-4644 1500 116th Ave. N.E., Bellevue, WA 98004 30


Supporting the HEART of Parenting New this year: an expanded doula team from WeeWelcome Doulas! Established in 2015, The Perfect Push is here to provide expert support through your pregnancy, birth and early parenting journey. Our comprehensive, evidence-based perinatal care and education is completely customized for your needs. Our founder, Rue Khosa ARNP, IBCLC, and our trained and certified doulas are here to ensure that your growing family has the best support available in the Greater Seattle/Eastside area. Lactation Support + Birth & Postpartum Doula Care + Specialized Classes

theperfectpush.com • 206-909-1063 hello@theperfectpush.com Birth + Postpartum Services Belly to Babies Providing a wide spectrum of doula services to help new mothers through pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period Greater Seattle (206-390-4377) and Eastside (425-894-3475) bellytobabies.com Birth Matters Northwest Labor doulas, postpartum doulas, massage, placenta encapsulation, belly binding Greater King and Snohomish County areas; 425-835-3872 birthmattersnw.com Blue Cascade Doula Services Informational, emotional and physical support to guide your birth and postpartum journey Bothell; 425-287-6526 bluecascadedoula.com Doulas Northwest Compassionate and unbiased expertise and support for today’s families; overnight support from postpartum doulas Greater Seattle and Eastside; 360-602-1564 doulasnorthwest.com

Eastside Doula Circle Collaborative of professionally trained birth and postpartum doulas Based on the Eastside and serving King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties eastsidedoulacircle.com Exhale Birth Services Midwifery and doula services, childbirth education Greater Seattle area; 727-667-8039 exhalebirthservices.com MultiCare Midwifery Offering a complete range of health-care services specifically for women at clinics conveniently located in neighborhoods throughout the area Multiple Puget Sound locations; 1-800-342-9919 multicare.org Overlake Medical Center — Mom & Baby Care Center Offering a range of postpartum services for mom and baby after pregnancy and childbirth, including lactation help and classes Bellevue; 425-688-5389 overlakehospital.org



Access the power of your body-mind connection for better births! Nancy is a clinical hypnotherapist and counselor, serving the Seattle area since 1993. She provides private childbirth preparation hypnosis sessions, teaching skills to promote a more relaxed and confident birth. As a longtime birth doula, Nancy’s experience provides a solid foundation for her empowering approach. The Hypnosis for Birth sessions complement, and build on, other childbirth classes and methods. Regardless of your birth plan, having skills and tools, to focus and deeply relax during your birth can make a big difference. Childbirth Preparation | Birth Doula | Counseling | Free Monthly Information Sessions

HypnosisForBirth.com • 425-827-9498 hello@hypnosisforbirth.com Birth + Postpartum Services continued

The Perfect Push ......................................................... 31 Certified specialists provide the safest evidence-based care, enhanced with comprehensive parent education for childbirth, lactation and newborn care Redmond; 206-909-1063 theperfectpush.com

Maternity Health Care 3W Medical for Women Empowering women through evidence-based medical services and education to make the best medical decisions Greater Seattle area; 206-588-0311 3wmedical.org Bellegrove OB-GYN General obstetrics and gynecology services, including high-risk obstetrics, infertility, in-office surgery, family planning and cancer of the female genital tract Bellevue; 425-455-0244 bellegroveobgyn.com Eastside Medical Park Women’s Group Women’s health practice with specialization in obstetrics, gynecology, urogynecology and vaginal atrophy Bellevue; 425-454-5758 medparkobgyn.com 32

Eastside OB/GYN at Evergreen Hospital Medical Center Specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, including the examination, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of all aspects of women’s health Kirkland; 425-899-5000 eastsideob.com EvergreenHealth Midwifery Care Hospital-based midwifery service with 24/7 coverage offers high-quality, low-intervention care, including birth experiences for women and their families in a safe and welcoming environment Kirkland; 425-899-4012 evergreenhealth.com/midwife-care Hypnosis for Birth.......................................................32 Offering private birth preparation, counseling, clinical hypnotherapy and birth doula services since 1993 Greater Seattle area; 425-827-9498 hypnosisforbirth.com Issaquah Obstetrics & Gynecology Board-certified female obstetricians and gynecologists committed to providing clients with the highest level of patient care Bellevue, Issaquah; 425-391-8886 issaquahobgyn.com

CHILDBIRTH SERVICES Kaiser Permanente — Women’s Health Centers Obstetrics and gynecology, pregnancy services and other women’s health services; serving patients at multiple locations across Washington state 1-888-874-1620; wa.kaiserpermanente.org

Unified Center for Women’s Health at Evergreen Experienced physicians and staff provide complete obstetrics and gynecological care, including minimally invasive surgery Kirkland; 425-899-4455 womenshealthcare.org

Swedish Medical Center — OB/GYN Specialists Complete range of obstetrical and gynecologic services for women from adolescence through menopause; state-of-the-art outpatient procedures Multiple locations; 1-800-SWEDISH (793-3474) swedish.org

The Women’s Center From gynecology and obstetrics to osteopathic treatment, compassionate and respectful care for all stages of a woman’s life Bellevue; 425-827-0100 thewomenscenterbellevue.com

Swedish Midwifery — Issaquah Experienced, certified nurse-midwives pride themselves in partnering with you to create the most personalized childbirth experience possible Issaquah; 425-313-4141 swedish.org

Women’s Hormone Clinic Bioidentical hormone therapy and obstetrical hormone testing; personalized treatment and tailored natural solutions Bellevue; 425-278-4820 womenshormoneclinic.net

COMMUNITY SERVICES Community Centers Boys & Girls Clubs of Bellevue National leader in innovating new strategies and programs for youth ages 2–18 Multiple locations; main club: 425-454-6162 bgcbellevue.org Boys & Girls Clubs of King County 34 clubs serving more than 25,000 young people with hundreds of programs Multiple Greater Seattle locations; 206-436-1800 positiveplace.org Crossroads Community Center Offering programs for all ages in sports, fitness, arts and enrichment; over 64 languages spoken Bellevue; 425-452-4874 parks.bellevuewa.gov Highland Community Center Offering drop-in toddler play time, sports programs and adaptive recreation opportunities Bellevue; 425-452-7686 parks.bellevuewa.gov North Kirkland Community Center Offering quality recreation, classes, birthday parties, day camps for kids ages 5–8, drop-in “indoor playground” for kids ages 9 months– 5 years, more Kirkland; 425-587-3350 kirklandwa.gov

Redmond Community Center at Marymoor Village Meeting room rentals, drop-in fitness studio and activities for youth, teens, adults and families Redmond; 425-556-2300 redmond.gov Stroum Jewish Community Center..................... 34 For more than 70 years, the JCC of Greater Seattle has been a place where friendships form, traditions thrive and community strengthens Greater Seattle and Eastside; 206-232-7115 sjcc.org YMCA of Greater Seattle Offering child care for kids ages 0–12; youth and family programs and social services; camps, classes and fitness Four Eastside locations; ykids.org YWCA Eastside Women’s Center Supporting a healthy community transformed by racial and gender equity, where women and girls of color have equal access to opportunity and there is social justice for all people Seattle, King, Snohomish Counties; 206-461-4888 ywcaworks.org

Family + Social Services Bellevue Schools Foundation................................ 35 Preschool scholarships, social and emotional learning, parent education forums, pre-K–12 computer science initiative, STE(A)M education, mentoring North King and south Snohomish Counties; 425-456-4199 bellevueschoolsfoundation.org 33


Everyone Is Welcome For 70-plus years, the Stroum Jewish Community Center of Greater Seattle has been a place where friendships form, traditions thrive and community strengthens — a place everyone is welcome. We remain as committed to this as ever as we navigate 2020 and beyond. Our Reggio Emilia-inspired Early Childhood School prepares children from infants to pre-k for kindergarten and beyond. As your family grows, we offer opportunities to attend camp, join after school classes, play with friends, learn to swim and volunteer together as you forge lifelong friendships with other families. There is something for everyone in the family at the J.

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CISC Early childhood education, youth development, family support, cultural navigation, senior and disabled adult services, and health-care access programs for immigrants and their families King County; 206-624-5633 cisc-seattle.org Eastside Pathways Partnership of more than 60 public, private and nonprofit organizations working collectively on the Eastside to attain better outcomes for kids, cradle to career info@eastsidepathways.org; eastsidepathways.org Hopelink Social services nonprofit agency assisting with food banks, energy assistance, housing, a family development program, transportation and adult education Located in Redmond, serving north and east King County; 425-869-6000 hopelink.org


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Transforming Education. Supporting Students. The Bellevue School Foundation partners with the Bellevue School District, parents and the community to ensure all students have the tools and resources they need to thrive — in school and in life. During the COVID-19 health crisis, the BSF shifted its focus to emergency services for its most vulnerable students — food for students who typically rely on school breakfast and lunches, and online mental health services for middle and high school students experiencing anxiety and depression. We also helped fund online educational platforms and hotspots that are currently allowing our children to complete their schoolwork from home. Since 1979, we’ve contributed more than $30 million to programs that transform education and support every student. From preschool scholarships to college- and career-planning resources, the Foundation is here for every step of your child’s educational journey.

Proudly partnering with the community for 41 years of exceptional education for every Bellevue School District student

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Federation’s Jewish experiences designed just for you and your family! Jewish Federation is here to help your family figure out how Jewish works for YOU — whether you’re looking for an easy way to bring Jewish songs and stories into your life or a supportive cohort learning experience with other parents (child care included)! Every Jewish family has a home with Federation. Get involved today! • PJ Library® Books — free to your mailbox every month jewishinseattle.org/pjlibrary • Bim Bam Baby! — Shabbat song and story time jewishinseattle.org/bbb • Jewish Parenting Together — support for parenting the oys and joys with child care included jewishinseattle.org/jpt There is something for everyone, from Bainbridge Island to Sammamish and beyond, to create a supportive Jewish experience for you and your family, designed with you in mind.

We can’t wait to see you!

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When to Go to a Pro

Expert advice on when you should take your sick baby to the doctor By Malia Jacobson


f it seems like your baby is always coming down with something, there’s an explanation. Because babies are still building critical immune-supporting antibodies, they lack protection against viruses and bacterial illnesses that circulate during cold and flu season. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (aap.org), babies catch as many as 10 colds per year, more if they have older siblings or attend day care. Since each illness may result in from two to three weeks of symptoms, your baby may be sick as many as 140 days out of the year. But not every sniffle or sneeze warrants a visit to the doctor — and going in for unnecessary office visits may expose your baby to more germs or spread them to others. When you’re considering a doctor visit for your baby, here’s how to know when to go.

VIRAL ILLNESSES Although viral illnesses like influenza (aka the flu) are more common during the winter and spring months, they can happen at any time. “For viral infections, we treat symptoms, but because the illness is viral and not bacterial, antibiotics are not needed,” says Frida Pena, M.D., a family medicine physician at Overlake Medical Center in Bellevue. RSV and bronchiolitis Respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, is a common respiratory illness that can progress to a lung infection called bronchiolitis. RSV usually begins like a regular cold, with a stuffy or runny nose, a mild cough, fever (temperature higher than 100.4 degrees F/38 degrees C) and decreased appetite. As the illness progresses, the afflicted child may breathe rapidly or have trouble breathing, wheeze or make a whistling sound when breathing, or have a severe cough. When to go: Many children with RSV or bronchiolitis do not need to see a doctor. But parents 38

should watch for some important symptoms, says Pena. Call your health-care provider if: • You can see indentations between or below your baby’s ribs when they breathe. • Your baby’s nostrils flare (get bigger) when they breathe. • Your baby is younger than 3 months and has a fever (temperature greater than 100.4 degrees F/38 degrees C). • Your baby is older than 3 months and has a fever (temperature greater than 100.4 degrees F/38 degrees C) for more than three days. • Your baby has fewer wet diapers than normal. Erythema infectiosum (better known as fifth disease) Erythema infectiosum, or fifth disease, is a common contagious illness with mild symptoms that include fever, headache, sore throat, cough, diarrhea, vomiting and muscle aches that last from two to five days. After these symptoms fade, children may develop a lacy, bright pink “slapped cheek” rash across the face, arms and upper back, along with joint pain. When to go: Most children feel better within a week and don’t require a doctor visit. See your pediatrician or health-care provider in the following situations: • If your baby has an immune or blood disorder and has symptoms of fifth disease. • If your baby has symptoms for longer than a month. • If you develop fifth disease during pregnancy. In rare cases, fifth disease can be dangerous for an unborn baby. Hand, foot and mouth disease Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) is a common babyhood illness that causes painful sores to form in the mouth and on the hands, feet, buttocks and, sometimes, the genitals. The condition is un-

FAMILY HEALTH + WELLNESS comfortable but usually short-lived — symptoms fade within a week or so. When to go: It’s best to keep kids with HFMD at home to avoid spreading this highly contagious illness, says Pena. Call your pediatrician if: • Your baby is drinking less than usual and hasn’t had a wet diaper for about four to six hours. • The condition isn’t improving after several days or symptoms seem to be getting worse. Croup Croup is a term for a group of infections that affect the trachea (the main airway through which we breathe), causing a distinctive cough that sounds like a seal barking. Croup infections are most com-

Call your baby’s pediatrician if: • Your baby’s cough won’t go away. • Your baby starts to drool or can’t swallow. • Your baby makes a noisy, high-pitched sound when breathing, even while just sitting or resting. • You see indentations between or under your baby’s ribs when breathing. • Your baby is younger than 3 months and has a fever (temperature greater than 100.4 degrees F/38 degrees C). “All these diseases can be prevented by washing your hands and your baby’s hands often with soap and water, or using alcohol-based hand sanitizers for older children; staying away from adults and children who are sick; and making sure your baby gets all the recommended vaccines, including the flu shot,” says Pena. While you’re at it, get a flu shot for yourself.


mon between 6 months and 3 years of age, and are less common after age 6. When to go: In most children, croup goes away on its own. However, in some cases, croup warrants a doctor visit or may even require immediate medical attention in an emergency department. Call 911 if your baby: • Starts to turn blue or pale. • Is breathing with extreme difficulty. • Can’t speak or cry because they can’t get enough air. • Is very upset, very sleepy or doesn’t seem to respond to you.

Many common babyhood illnesses, from strep throat to whooping cough, are caused by bacteria. “For bacterial infections, recommendations in terms of how to prevent them are the same as for viral infections,” says Pena. The main differences between these illnesses and viral infections: Bacterial illnesses require either oral or topical treatment, and an office visit is usually required. Strep throat About 3 in 10 sore throats are caused by streptococcal bacteria, resulting in strep throat. Strep throat causes severe throat pain, fever and swollen glands in the neck. Strep throat is less common in babies than in older children; babies with strep throat may be especially fussy or disinterested in eating. u 39


When to Go to a Pro continued from page 39

When to go: If you suspect strep throat, contact your baby’s health-care provider, since this bacterial infection requires treatment. Additionally, contact your baby’s doctor if the baby: • Has a fever of at least 101 degrees F or 38.3 degrees C. • Doesn’t want to eat or drink anything. Call 911 if your baby has trouble breathing or swallowing, is drooling much more than usual, or has a stiff or swollen neck. Scarlet fever The same bacteria that cause strep throat can also cause scarlet fever, a condition that includes a red rash. Children with scarlet fever usually have a sore throat along with a spotty, red, sandpaper-like rash on the head and neck that spreads to the body, arms and legs. Your baby’s tongue may appear bright red with white spots. When to go: Scarlet fever is treated with antibiotics, so it’s important to call your baby’s health-care provider if the baby has a sore throat accompanied by a rash. As with strep throat, seek medical attention if your baby: • Has a fever of at least 101 degrees F/38.3 degrees C. • Doesn’t want to eat or drink anything.

pect impetigo; the condition requires treatment with antibiotics to avoid spreading the illness to others. Also, be sure to call your baby’s doctor if the sores: • Continue to spread after beginning antibiotic treatment. • Don’t begin to improve 24 hours after starting treatment. Whooping cough Also called pertussis, whooping cough is an infection that causes a severe cough that can last for weeks or months. The distinctive “whoop” sound occurs when someone tries to breathe after a coughing attack, but not everyone with whooping cough will make the sound, says Pena. Symptoms include sneezing, a runny nose, and a cough that lingers and gets worse after other symptoms resolve. This illness is preventable through vaccination; children should get five doses of the whooping cough vaccine by age 6.

Call 911 if your baby has trouble breathing or swallowing, is drooling much more than usual, or has a stiff or swollen neck.

When to go: Whooping cough requires treatment with antibiotics for the person with the illness as well as family members, even if they’re not sick. After your baby begins antibiotic treatment, watch for the following signs that may require another doctor visit. Your baby: • Develops a fever. • Vomits repeatedly from coughing. • Loses interest in eating or drinking. • Appears dehydrated, with fewer than four to six wet diapers in 24 hours.

Impetigo When bacteria get into cuts and scrapes, a skin infection called impetigo can cause red, painful bumps on the skin, usually on the face, arms or legs. These bumps go on to form blisters before scabbing over; scabs are often yellow, gold or brown.

If you still have questions about when to take your baby to the doctor, pick up the phone. Caregivers should always call their baby’s health-care provider anytime they have questions or concerns about their baby’s health, says Pena. Here’s to a healthier first year with fewer sick days!

When to go: Call your baby’s doctor if you sus-

Malia Jacobson is a health and family journalist.



Helping Children Rise to Their Full Potential Hope RISING Clinic for Prenatal Substance Exposure serves children from birth through 12 years of age and their families. This innovative clinic specializes in assessment, diagnosis, and therapy for children exposed to drugs or alcohol during pregnancy. Our uniquely trained team of providers, including mental health specialists, occupational and speech therapists, are dedicated to helping children rise to their full potential. Services are available to all families regardless of income, insurance, or ability to pay. Hope RISING Clinic is a division of Wonderland Child & Family Services, a nonprofit agency serving children with developmental delays, disabilities, and prenatal substance exposure.

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continued from page 37 Bellevue Family Medicine Patient-centered practice providing a full range of preventive care, including annual physical exams and pediatric care, as well as prenatal care for expectant moms Bellevue; 425-366-7031 bellevuefamilymedicine.com Eastgate Family Medicine Family medicine micro-practice providing high-quality, personalized family health care for newborns to seniors Bellevue; 425-644-3066 eastgatefamilymedicine.com Eastgate Public Health Clinic Public health services including Women, Infants and Children (WIC) supplemental food program, health screening, nutrition and health education Bellevue; 1-800-244-4512 kingcounty.gov EvergreenHealth — Primary Care Clinics Primary care clinics offering personal care and the convenience of multiple locations close to home and work Multiple locations; evergreenhealth.com/find-a-doctor

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Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Vaccinated! It is more important than ever for babies and children to stay up-to-date on their routine vaccinations. Clinics have changed to make it safe for your child to get needed vaccines, so that they can be protected from 14 serious diseases. Talk with your doctor or clinic today about the immunizations your child needs to stay healthy, and to see what safety measures they have put in place to protect your family during COVID-19. Vaccinating children on time is the best way to protect them from vaccine-preventable diseases, such as measles and pertussis.

immunitycommunitywa.org • 1-800-322-2588 ic@withinreachwa.org Family Medicine — Naturopathic + Homeopathic AIM Center for Natural Healing Natural healing practice that integrates aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine, homeopathic and naturopathic medicine, and conscious medicine Bellevue; 425-289-0188 aimnaturalhealing.com Cascade Natural Medicine Naturopathic practitioner focused on primary care pediatrics, including preventative care, treatment of acute and chronic conditions, and allergy testing and treatment Kirkland; 425-820-7700 cascadenaturalmedicine.com Dynamic Natural Medicine Grow a naturally healthy family from conception to leaving the nest with naturopathic medicine and acupuncture Snohomish; 425-298-5366 dynamicnaturalmedicine.com Eastside Natural Medicine Naturopathic family medicine and acupuncture; facilitated drop-in groups for breastfeeding moms and babes Kenmore; 425-814-2045 eastsidenaturalmedicine.com 42

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Consejo Counseling and Referral Service Award-winning agency providing behavioral health services to the Latino community in the state of Washington 11 locations around Washington; main office: 206-461-4880 consejocounseling.org Inner Wellness Counseling A strong therapeutic relationship anchors mental health counseling and play therapy Kirkland; 425-628-2999 innerwellnesscounseling.org OptimalLife Wellness Center Relationship counseling, depression treatment, anxiety therapy and more Bellevue; 425-646-2778 optimallifewellness.com

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ROAR Fertility Comprehensive natural online fertility program helps couples have a healthy conception, overcome recurrent miscarriages and succeed at IVF Redmond; 206-249-ROAR (7627) roarfertility.com

THIRA Health Solutions as unique as every patient, with an emphasis on sustainable journeys, whole-person treatment and dialectical behavior therapy Bellevue; 425-454-1199 thirahealth.com

The Vasectomy Center Advanced no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy technique, performed by board-certified doctors with decades of experience Swedish Medical Center – Issaquah; 425-394-0773 vasectomyclinic.com

Wellspring Family Services Nonprofit organization providing a range of therapeutic services, including parent-child counseling, parenting consultation, and classes and workshops Multiple King County locations; 206-524-9055 wellspringfs.org

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Youth Eastside Services Nonprofit behavioral health service provider offering counseling, substance abuse treatment, psychiatric services, and education and prevention programs for youth ages birth to 22 and their families Multiple Eastside locations; 425-747-4937 youtheastsideservices.org

ADDing Solutions Individual therapy and neurofeedback for children, adolescents and adults who have ADD/ADHD, addictions, trauma Bellevue; 206-861-9577 susanross.com Amen Clinics Bellevue Providing psychiatric and brain health care to Bellevue as well as the greater metropolitan Seattle area Seattle Metro area; 425-455-7500 amenclinics.com/locations/northwest Center for Anxiety and Depression Private, confidential, personal treatment of psychiatric issues, mood disorders, anxiety and depression Mercer Island; 206-230-0330 centerforanxietyanddepression.com

Public Health + Human Services Sea Mar Community Health Centers Community-based organization committed to providing comprehensive health, human, housing, educational and cultural services to diverse communities, specializing in service to Latinos in Washington state Statewide; seamar.org Seattle and King County Public Health Centers Adult and child health-care clinics, maternity support and infant case management; immigrant clients are encouraged to access services without fear Multiple Puget Sound locations; 206-296-4600 kingcounty.gov/depts/health 43


Tiny Tummy Trouble

The scoop on poop and other first-year digestive drama By Malia Jacobson


in the poop or problems with the baby’s growth.

What are the top digestive issues you see in babies? Most babies who come to see me are brought in for fussiness or excessive crying. The vast majority of the time, the baby is otherwise fine. The top issues I see and treat in babies are feeding problems, difficulty gaining weight, vomiting, changes in bowel movements, like diarrhea or constipation, and reflux. Conditions like digestive tract birth defects or bowel obstructions are much less common.

Does a breastfeeding parent’s diet create gassiness in their baby? While by-products of some foods that make a mother gassier can also occasionally cause gassiness in her infant, this type of gas typically shouldn’t cause severe pain. The gas produced within a mother’s own digestive tract after she eats certain foods doesn’t get passed through her breast milk to her baby. I tell mothers that it’s wise not to eat too much of any one food, but to eat a varied and healthful diet while breastfeeding. Broccoli, beans and yes, even chocolate, are often okay in moderate portions!

abies, especially newborns, spend most of their waking hours feeding and pooping. So, it’s understandable that digestive issues are a top concern for new parents, says Uma K. Pisharody, M.D., a specialist in pediatric gastroenterology with Swedish Medical Center. “New babies mostly eat, poop and sleep, so anything that makes them fussier than normal often leads to an assumption that there’s a problem with the baby’s digestion.” Happily, most babies have healthy, functional digestive systems, she notes — even those who experience an occasional bout of gas, diarrhea or tummy pain. But because common digestive issues such as spitting up, reflux, diarrhea, gas, constipation and changes in bowel movements top the list of concerns for new parents, they’re well worth clearing up. From the first poop to the first birthday, Dr. Pisharody answers your questions about first-year digestive dramas.

What’s the first step you take when a new patient comes in? I ask the parent or caregiver a lot of questions around feeding: What’s going on in the home during feeds? When do feeds occur? And how do feeds relate to fussiness or other symptoms? I then look for specific red flags that tell us that there could be a digestive problem. Those red flags could be extremely forceful vomiting — which is noticeably more forceful than normal spit-up — particularly vomit that has a fluorescent yellow/green color or blood, any blood 44

When it comes to spitting up, what’s normal? How much is too much? There is actually no “normal” or “abnormal” amount of baby spit-up, as each and every baby is different, and it’s best not to compare babies to each other. What I look for first and foremost is whether or not there is any forceful vomiting. Second, does the spit-up contain bile or blood? And third, is the baby gaining weight? If a baby spits up dozens of times per day but the spit-up isn’t forceful, doesn’t contain blood or bile, and the baby is happy and growing well, I don’t consider that a problem. On the other hand, a baby could spit up hardly a few times each day, but if those issues are present, there could be something going on.

A newborn’s poop is already so watery — how can a parent tell if their baby has diarrhea? When I examine diarrhea in newborns, I am looking specifically for a significant change in frequency of bowel movements more than a change in consistency. If a baby who was having about six watery bowel movements each day suddenly begins having 10 to 15, that’s probably diarrhea and worth a call to your pediatrician. But with constipation, we look for changes

HOSPITALS + BIRTHING CENTERS + CLINICS not only in frequency, but also in consistency. A baby should pass the first black, sticky stool, called meconium, within 24 hours of birth. From there, a baby’s bowel movements will vary in frequency from many per day (for example, after each feeding) to as long as one every two weeks for breastfed infants; the latter is not typical, but certainly can be normal. So we look for changes in each individual baby’s routine: If a baby is having three to four stools each day and then starts going a few days between stools, or if the stools suddenly become more firm, that’s something to bring to your health-care provider’s attention. Until solids are introduced to a baby’s diet, we want bowel movements to be fairly runny, not hard or firm. What’s a common myth about baby tummy trouble? One big misunderstanding is that all babies with reflux are experiencing acid reflux in the same way adults do. Reflux in babies is different from the acid reflux experienced by adults. When infant reflux is treated with medication to reduce acid, the medication may end up harming a baby’s digestive process in the long run, instead of helping, since natural digestive acid is essential for normal, healthy digestion. Another myth is that mucous in the stool is always a sign of a problem. In fact, mucous in stools can be normal for babies, particularly those who are breastfed. The amount of mucous depends on the baby’s specific microbiome, or types of bacteria present in the digestive tract. What is colic and how common is it? Colic is inconsolable crying that starts around 1 to 4 weeks of age. Around one in four babies have it. It’s thought to result from immaturity of the nervous system, rather than digestive problems or gas, as many parents assume. What are signs that a baby is experiencing gas and how can caregivers help? Any adult can tell you that gas can certainly be uncomfortable. One way to tell that your baby’s discomfort is from gas is that the pain seems to be relieved by burping or passing gas. I haven’t found OTC [over-the-counter] gas drops to be particularly helpful, but I don’t have a problem with them, if parents want to use them

or find them helpful. For babies, gas in the digestive tract is usually caused by swallowed air. Along with regular burping after feeds, I recommend working with a lactation consultant to improve a baby’s latch during breastfeeding to reduce air swallowed during feeding. Gentle abdominal massage can help a baby who is experiencing gas pains. For a new baby, you can place the baby tummy down on your lap, with the infant’s knees tucked in towards the chest, and gently massage the abdomen with your hands. This has the added benefit of lifting the baby’s bottom up, so gas rises upward and can more easily pass. This can help the baby pass a gas bubble. For older babies, laying them on their back and gently bicycling the legs can help. When should a caregiver seek help for a digestive problem? What are signs that something is wrong? Feeding aversion — when an infant seems disinterested or actively opposed to feeding — is a red flag that needs medical attention. When a baby is not gaining weight or growing, that’s something to bring to your health-care provider’s attention right away. Prolonged jaundice — or jaundice lasting longer than two weeks — is a reason to see your pediatrician. We also worry about stools that lose their normal brown or yellowish color and become white or creamy, since that might signal a problem with the baby’s liver and bile ducts. Belly distension, extreme or sudden fussiness, forceful and/or bilious or bloody vomiting, or bloody stools are other reasons to contact your health-care provider. When in doubt, contact your provider with questions about your baby’s digestion. If you do head online to search for answers, Dr. Pisharody recommends the GIKids website (gikids.org). Here’s to happier tummies and fewer troubles, starting today!

Malia Jacobson is a health and family journalist. Sponsored by



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Additional resources for new mothers • From first latch to solid foods, find support and information for feeding baby from PEPS (peps.org; search “feeding”). • For help finding a lactation consultant, attend a La Leche League (llli.org) meeting. • For general breastfeeding support, visit the Office on Women’s Health website (womenshealth.gov/breastfeeding; or call the helpline at 1-800-994-9662) or the Breastfeeding Coalition of Washington website (withinreachwa.org). • New moms swear by the plethora of evidence-based information on breastfeeding and parenting found on KellyMom (kellymom.com).


Offering Parent & Child Classes We see early childhood as a developmental stage that should be lived fully and savored. Programs allow children the time and space they need to gradually develop capacities in a safe and nurturing environment. Non-directed free play fosters the growth of social capacities and self-confidence. Artistic activities, crafts and practical work develop small motor skills, coordination and concentration. Our early childhood program builds a strong foundation for future success in school and in life.

eastsidecommunityschool.org • 425-598-2914 info@eastsidecommunityschool.org Camps + Classes Eastside Community School .................................. 47 “Inspired to learn, prepared to thrive”; preschool– grade eight, inspired by Waldorf education, helping students fulfill their unique purpose Bellevue; 425-598-2914 eastsidecommunityschool.org Gymboree Play & Music Themed parties and dynamic classes for kids ages 0–5 to support social, physical and intellectual development Bellevue (425-452-1400), Seattle (206-783-3741) gymboreeclasses.com Joyous Noise ................................................................. 53 Research-based music classes for children ages 0–10 at multiple Eastside locations Redmond, Kirkland, Bellevue, Woodinville; 425-385-3636 joyousnoisestudio.com Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center Ignite your early learner’s curiosity for nature and science with fun, hands-on education programs Bellevue; 206-443-2925 pacificsciencecenter.org/mercer-slough

Music Works Northwest Music lessons, camps and classes; all ages and levels Bellevue; 425-644-0988 musicworksnw.org Samena Swim & Recreation Club........................ 50 Preschool, before- and after-school care, summer camp, swim lessons, fitness; serving Bellevue’s Lake Hills neighborhood community since 1958 Bellevue; 425-746-1160 samena.com Sponge Instruction in Spanish, Mandarin and more; ages 0–10 Seattle, Kirkland, Issaquah, online; 206-227-7138 spongeschool.com Sunshine Music Together........................................ 51 Award-winning early childhood music program for children ages birth to 5 years and the grown-ups who love them Multiple Seattle-area locations, including Redmond; 206-281-1111 sunshinemusictogether.com The Little Gym Gymnastics, parties, camps, karate, dance, sports skills 11 Puget Sound locations; thelittlegym.com 47


Tips for Creating a Reading Culture in Your Home By Sanya Pelini, Ph.D.


any experts agree that the earlier in life children are exposed to books and to broad vocabulary, the more successful they are in learning new words and the more they benefit from everyday experiences. There are multiple advantages in reading to kids, and there is plenty of research to back that up. • Reading to your kids awakens their curiosity, imagination and critical thinking skills. • Children who hear stories are more likely to fall in love with books. • Reading provides a bonding experience with your child and can be comforting. • Children who are read to from their earliest moments express themselves better and therefore become better communicators. • Reading promotes two-way communication. • Reading opens up kids’ worlds. It introduces them to new things and new places. • The earlier children learn a word, the better they master it, even in adulthood. • Reading takes kids away from screens. • And — my personal favorite — reading keeps kids quiet! A recent study compared the vocabulary in picture books to adults’ spoken vocabulary and found that, whereas adults frequently used the same words, a more extensive vocabulary was most likely to be found in picture books. Books therefore increase vocabulary and are effective in helping build kids’ language and literacy skills. Here are six simple steps to help you create a reading culture in your home:

Establish a reading tradition. Choose a

comfortable reading space and a regular reading schedule and try to stick to it. Start with short reading sessions and vary your reading material. If they stop paying attention, it means it’s time to stop. Don’t insist.

Be a model. Kids learn from example.

Children whose parents read and seem to enjoy reading are more likely to become readers themselves. Talk about what you’re reading with your partner and kids.

Get into it. Sometimes parents are so obsessed

with “the idea of reading” that they fail to explore how reading helps kids. Getting into it means being aware of what you’re reading and of what your kids understand. It means encouraging their comments on the stories or illustrations in the books: What do they understand? What do they see? How do they feel? What do they think?

Don’t forget the power of making up stories.

While it might be difficult at first, making up stories is a great way to teach your kids about creativity. It’s important to involve kids in this process, as doing so develops a multitude of skills: creativity, critical thinking, imagination and others. If you have trouble starting, try using creative story cards.

Check out books for your kids. Head to your

public library with your kids and check out books, magazines and comic books, and keep them visible and readily accessible. Keep in mind that it’s the quality rather than quantity that matters. Not sure what is the appropriate reading level for them? Ask a librarian — they are always happy to make recommendations!

Follow your rhythm. It’s not

always easy to find the time to read with your kids. Don’t get into the trap of thinking there’s just one way to do things. Work around your schedule, talk to your kids or make up stories in the car or over dinner.

Sponsored by

Sanya Pelini is a parent who holds a Ph.D. in educational research.

Tell Me A Story: The KCLS story time companion for parents and caregivers The children’s librarians at the King County Library System have created a website, Tell Me A Story (kcls.org/content), with directions to hundreds of fingerplays, rhymes and 48

songs to inspire early literacy. Fingerplays are an interactive and fun way to share language and encourage children to practice their fine motor skills and follow directions.


It’s Never Too Early to Learn at KCLS.org The King County Library System (KCLS) ensures that the youngest among us grow and learn through online resources. For new parents and babies, KCLS offers a world of discovery through streaming story times, virtual sing-alongs and rhyme times, and other digital activities. These free resources, based on the latest research, offer fun while supporting brain development and early literacy skills. Parents and caregivers can explore an extensive range of activities and support for babies through kcls.org. Find ideas and activities on everything from best baby books to expert advice on child development. KCLS children’s librarians have created an extensive booklist for babies, including interactive titles, to provide age-appropriate stimulation and entertainment. Or access hours of rhyming fun, including videos, at Rhymes and Songs for Babies. Find all this and more at kcls.org.

With the library, learning never stops — and with babies, it’s a great time to start!

kcls.org/newparents • 800-462-9600 50 Libraries throughout King County 425-369-3323 49


Samena Preschool — Where Swimming Is Part of the Curriculum! Located in the heart of Bellevue’s Lake Hills neighborhood, the Samena Swim & Recreation Club has served the local community since 1958. With three pools, two tennis courts, a fitness center, before- and after-school care and a vibrant preschool, the Samena Club connects and enriches the community through wellness, education and fun. Samena has offered a play-based preschool focused on swimming, socialization, creativity and play for over 50 years. Our emphasis on social and emotional learning supports our students’ exploration of emotional literacy, social interactions and problem-solving. Come explore all that Samena has to offer. The character of the community is reflected in the diversity of Samena’s programming, which includes swim lessons, swim team, summer camps, fitness classes, before- and after-school care, special community events and a preschool where swimming is part of the curriculum.

Connect and enrich your community with wellness, education and FUN! Preschool • Before & After School • Summer Camp • Swim Lessons • Fitness

samena.com • 425-746-1160 15231 Lake Hills Blvd., Bellevue, WA 98007 info@samena.com 50


We Need Music Now More Than Ever Sunshine Music Together is an eight-time Golden Teddy Award winner for Best Music Program in Seattle! Registration is now open for summer online classes! Locations in Queen Anne, Capitol Hill. West Seattle, Redmond and Green Lake and Online. Music Together is a researched and evidence-based internationally recognized Early Childhood Music Development Program for children birth to five years and their parents or caregivers. The classes include songs, rhythmic rhymes, movement, and instrument play - forty-five minutes of pure fun with your child every week!

sunshinemusictogether.com • 206-281-1111 info@sunshinemusictogether.com Camps + Classes continued

Waterbabies Aquatic Program Safety-focused swim instruction, babies to adults Multiple Puget Sound-area locations; 425-643-3533 waterbabiesusa.com

Libraries + Museums KidsQuest Children’s Museum ............................. 52 Hands-on, interactive children’s museum that encourages learning through play, with an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, art and math Bellevue; 425-637-8100 kidsquestmuseum.org King County Library System.................................. 49 Resources for new parents and babies at your library 50 King County locations; 1-800-462-9600 kcls.org/newparents

Playspaces + Playgroups English Language Learners Alliance Volunteer-run organization offering multiple free drop-in ESL classes and conversation groups; citizenship and job search assistance; family playgroups and story times Greater Seattle and Eastside; 425-312-3552 ellalliance.org

Funtastic Playtorium Active indoor playground for kids ages 1–10 Bellevue (425-623-0034), Lynnwood (425-412-2991) funtasticplaytorium.com Jumping Beans Playspace Well-designed playspace for younger kids features Montessori-inspired imaginative play options, jungle gym, ball pit and an infant area Redmond; 425-305-9998 jumpingbeans.us The Nest Drop-in, arts-based preschool and playspace offering daily enrichment classes, age-appropriate open play, camps, parties and more Woodinville; 425-415-NEST (6378) thenestkids.com Romp Unique playspace and learning environment offering engaging classes for kids ages 0–6 and parties Bellevue; 425-748-4497 romp-community.com WiggleWorks Kids Indoor play and party center for kids 48” and under Bellevue (425-641-2186), Puyallup (253-445-6551) wiggleworkskids.com 51


Love of Learning Starts Here. A whole new world of exploration awaits at KidsQuest Children’s Museum! Exhibits and programming introduce children to the joy of learning through hands-on experience. KidsQuest encourages learning through play, with an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM). Exhibits and programs are geared towards children 0–10 and their families. KidsQuest offers nearly 300 unique programs throughout the year, including early learning classes, summer camps, school-age workshops, free art and science programs, and many special events. Free programming is offered every day with admission or museum membership. KidsQuest is for everyone! Admission discounts are available for families with Provider One, EBT, WIC, Apple Health, or Chip cards, and membership scholarships are available. Free passes are also available through the King County Library System. Low Sensory Evenings are offered the first Wednesday of the month for families with kids who have sensory sensitivities.

Climb, splash, crawl, build and pretend indoors and out!

kidsquestmuseum.org • 425-637-8100 1116 108th Ave. N.E., Bellevue, WA 98004 info@kidsquestmuseum.org 52


Kindermusik Classes for Children Birth Through Age 10 We know that humans have been making music since before they could make fire. Music can make us happy or sad; it can make us dance and soar with joy, fortify us in times of trouble and lift us from despair. Music has power in our lives. We’ve known this for millennia. Research now tells us that musical play, like you find in a Kindermusik classroom, stimulates all areas of the brain at the same time. We help our children to understand language structures and acquire vocabulary, learn self-control, develop mathematical and cognitive processes, and grow gross and fine motor skills when we sing and dance, bounce and chant. Our research-based curriculum, combined with love and excellence in music, come together for the most important class of your week. Who knew learning could be this fun?

Join us for a free preview class: Redmond, Bellevue and Woodinville, PLUS virtual classes you can attend from anywhere!

joyousnoisestudio.com • 425-385-3636 allison@joyousnoisestudio.com 53

PARENT EDUCATION + SUPPORT Parenting Resources Down Syndrome Community of Puget Sound..55 Nonprofit organization serving and advocating for individuals with Down syndrome and their families Puget Sound area; 206-257-7191 dscpugetsound.org The Heartful Parent Parent coaching services, parent education, public speaking and mission statement creation; coaching by phone or Zoom Redmond; 206-380-3100 theheartfulparent.com Lake Washington Institute of Technology Parent Education Program .................................... 55 Providing parenting education for parents and caregivers along with classroom experiences for children ages 0–5 Kirkland, Bothell, Redmond, Woodinville; parent.ed@lwtech.edu lwtech.edu/academics/parent-education Overlake Medical Center & Clinics — OBaby App From pregnancy to parenting, the OBaby app provides free access to resources and trustworthy information from Overlake Eastside; 425-635-6393 overlakehospital.org/obaby WithinReach No-cost information referral and helpline connecting parents with the support and resources they need to encourage their child’s healthy growth Statewide; 1-800-322-2588 withinreachwa.org Woodinville Family Preschool NAEYC-accredited, Nature-Explore-certified cooperative preschool offering parent education as early as prenatal Woodinville; 425-481-9707 woodinvillefamilypreschool.org

Support Groups Babywearing International of Seattle Supporting families to adopt the tool of babywearing through membership meetings, education resources and baby-centric activities Greater Seattle/King County area; info@seattlebabywearers.com seattlebabywearers.com Community of Mindful Parenting Connecting parents and caregivers in pursuit of mindful living through signature programs, Listening Mothers and Finding Calm, that are designed to help focus compassion, reduce stress and enhance secure attachment Classes held all over the Puget Sound area and virtually; 206-829-2660 communityofmindfulparenting.com 54

Eastside Mothers of Multiples (EMOMs) Nonprofit, volunteer-run organization dedicated to fostering mutual support between families who are facing the unique joys and challenges of raising multiples Eastside membership area; emoms.org English Language Learners Alliance Volunteer-run organization offering multiple free drop-in ESL classes and conversation groups; citizenship and job search assistance; family playgroups and story times Greater Seattle and Eastside; 425-312-3552 ellalliance.org Families of Color Seattle (FOCS) Nonprofit dedicated to building a strong community by supporting families of color through parent groups, community resources and events, and racial equity consulting Greater Seattle and Eastside; 206-317-4642 focseattle.org India Association of Western Washington Promoting and providing social, educational and cultural programs that enable children of Indian heritage to understand Indian traditions Greater Seattle and Eastside; 253-234-9989 iaww.org International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) of Seattle Cesarean recovery, peer-to-peer support, VBAC support, cesarean information Greater Seattle area; 1-800-686-ICAN (4226) ican-online.org Lake Washington Toddler Group (LWTG)........ 57 Nonprofit parenting education co-op program serving parents of children ages 5–39 months Kirkland; 845-863-3845; registrar@lwtg.net lwtg.net PEPS – Program for Early Parent Support........ 58 Parent peer support groups led by trained group leaders facilitating weekly for 12 weeks Greater Seattle area; 206-547-8570 peps.org Redmond Toddler Group Nonprofit program for parents with children ages 0–42 months offering fun classes for kids and discussion groups for parents Redmond; 425-869-5605 redmondtoddlergroup.org Woodinville Toddler Group..................................... 59 Cooperative parenting education program where parents and their infants and toddlers create, learn and explore Woodinville; 425-224-6822 woodinvilletoddlergroup.com


Building a Caring, Understanding, Supportive Community The Down Syndrome Community of Puget Sound’s (DSC) unwavering mission is to empower people with Down syndrome and their families through life-long learning and experiences, while building an accepting and inclusive society. Our First Call program assists parents who have just received a Down syndrome diagnosis with information, support and resources, as well as facilitates connections with other parents. For over 25 years, the DSC has proudly provided individuals with Down syndrome and their families with programs, events, and resources. Our passion is to share and nurture a climate where every human being is recognized, their strengths are appreciated, and their accomplishments are respected and valued.

dscpugetsound.org • 206-257-7191 contact@dscpugetsound.org

Parents, Caregivers, and Children Learning Together The first five years of life are an important time in the development of a child. Our Parenting Education Program guides parents and caregivers through this important time with parenting discussions and speakers, hands-on experience in our classrooms, and opportunities to spend time learning alongside your child. The LWTech Parenting Education Program is made up of six cooperative schools. Our toddler group programs serve children 0–48 months of age and our preschool programs serve children 2 and a half to 5 and a half years old. Each class consists of open exploration/play, sensory experiences, art, snack time, music and movement, and our preschool classes have outdoor time.

LWTech.edu/parented parent.ed@lwtech.edu 55


Brain-Building Games to Play With Baby By Malia Jacobson


or babies, getting smarter is child’s play. According to researchers and child development experts, simple, everyday games can boost your baby’s brain development, encouraging growth in language, science, math and organizational skills (called executive functions), along with social and emotional learning. Babies at play are learning about themselves, others and their world, says Sarah R. Lytle, Ph.D., director of outreach and education for the Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences (I-LABS; ilabs.washington.edu) at the University of Washington. “Babies are these natural scientists. They’re always playing games that are actually experiments. Every time a baby drops their spoon off their high chair, they’re figuring out their world and how it works.” Here’s how to assist your little scientist by introducing games that benefit cognitive development from birth through age 1. Back and forth Quality interactions with loving caregivers are vital to cognitive development in general — things such as responding to babies’ coos and cries, gazing into their eyes and making silly faces. “In a high-quality interaction, you want to see a true back-and-forth exchange between a parent and a baby. When the baby babbles, the parent responds like they’re having a conversation,” says Lytle. Where’s the cup? By 4–7 months of age, babies begin developing object permanence, or the knowledge that something still exists even when it’s not visible. Simple games such as moving a cup just out of sight and asking your baby, “Where’s the cup?” help your baby attain this memory milestone. Baby gym No, you don’t need to take your baby to spin class. But physical activity — think tummy time, 56

crawling, scooting, walking practice or parent-child swimming — can boost brain growth. Canadian researchers found that physical activity benefits cognitive development, especially executive functions and language skills, in children from birth through age 5. Why, thank you! When your baby hands you a toy and looks at you expectantly, they’re initiating a game that develops social and emotional intelligence, says Lytle. Play along by responding with delight (“Thank you so much!”), waiting a beat, then handing the toy back. Keep the back-and-forth going for as long as your baby stays interested. Bust a move Exposing babies to music introduces the concept of rhythm, which benefits mathematical skills, says Lytle. Encourage this learning with mini dance sessions as early as the newborn stage (holding your baby, of course), spending 5–10 minutes bouncing and swaying to the beat of songs you know and love. Rhyme time Reading books filled with rhyming words, such as “The Cat in the Hat,” helps your baby develop phonological awareness, an important component of language and literacy, says Lytle. “Books work well for this because, as parents, we don’t normally speak in rhymes. And we tend to get into verbal ruts and use the same words over and over again. Books expose babies to words and rhymes you might not normally use.” Face it Gazing at faces seems to support babies’ visual development and cognitive growth. Just hours after birth, babies show a preference for gazing at faces. Stanford researchers found that by 4 months of age, babies have facial recognition


Children and Parents Learning Together Lake Washington Toddler Group (LWTG) is a nonprofit parenting education co-op program serving parents of children between the ages of 6 and 39 months. Our classroom environment is designed especially for this age group. We promote the development of knowledge and skills to create and support strong and healthy families. Caregivers attend with their child, experiencing social and creative activities together during the weekly class session. While in class, children complete art projects, engage in fine-motor activities and play alongside their peers. Parents take part in weekly parenting education classes and have the opportunity to network with other local families.

lwtg.net registrar@lwtg.net skills that are on par with those of adults, and those skills are more highly developed than other cognitive abilities. A simple game such as placing your face 10–12 inches from your baby’s face, then switching with another person or even a stuffed animal and waiting for your baby to respond can help babies hone this important skill. Building skills That shape-sorting toy you may have received at your baby shower is great for developing spatial awareness and mathematical ability, says Lytle. Once babies get a bit older, building blocks can help continue that development. “With blocks, babies are testing their environment and really getting into some complex concepts related to math, such as volume, distance and how structures work,” she says. Baby comedian “Parents sometimes think that in order to build language skills they need to ‘fill their baby’s bucket’ with a lot of words,” says Lytle. “But the back-andforth interaction is what really benefits cognitive growth.” Try responding to your baby’s early coos

and first words with a hearty laugh, a squeal or a surprised face. The sillier the better, since babies are often delighted by these responses and more interested in keeping the interaction going. I get it Playing together provides opportunities to boost social and emotional skills by helping your baby understand and process emotions, says Lytle. “When your child becomes frustrated, talking about the emotions they’re feeling is important. When parents say, ‘I understand why that made you upset,’ they’re scaffolding [or supporting] important social and emotional concepts.” Focused, attentive interactions with loving caregivers are the best brain builders, says Lytle. When caregivers play with babies, they can make the experience even more beneficial by focusing on their baby and tuning out their phone and other distractions. “To create a high-quality interaction, it’s important to be fully present and really focus your attention on your child.”

Malia Jacobson is a health and family journalist. 57


Find support, resources and connection for your family! For nearly 40 years, PEPS has been connecting and supporting new families, helping to build parent confidence in the early weeks and months of becoming a new parent. PEPS Groups are fun and social, with a focus on babies’ development. Trained facilitators host weekly discussions, helping parents cope with the challenges of adjusting to their new roles, and offering a community of support. Daytime and evening virtual groups are available, with more than 340 groups a year offered to families living in Bellevue, Kirkland, Snoqualmie and everywhere in between, with new areas added each year. Flexible pricing options are offered on all groups, with additional financial assistance available. PEPS makes it easy to connect with other new parents with babies close in age to yours. Register for a group today!

Support. Resources. Connection.

peps.org • 206-547-8570 All around King and Snohomish Counties peps@peps.org 58


An educational community for parents and children (birth to pre-K) Woodinville Family Preschool is a cooperative preschool offering research-based early learning experiences for infants, toddlers and preschoolers, in addition to parent education lectures. Classes are designed to engage children from birth through pre-K, and education and support for parents begins as early as prenatal development. Woodinville Family Preschool is one of several cooperative preschools affiliated with the Shoreline Community College Parenting Education Program. We are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and certified as a Nature Explore classroom. Our program is unique in that our infant class includes pregnant mothers in class.

woodinvillefamilypreschool.org • 425-481-9707 director@woodinvillefamilypreschool.org

RETAILERS + E-TAILERS Clothing + Furniture + Gear BooginHead Feeding and soothing accessories and solutions that save money, time and energy Issaquah or shop online; 1-888-660-6964 booginhead.com buybuy BABY Baby registry service and retailer offering a comprehensive selection of merchandise for infants, kids and their parents Tukwila; 1-800-462-3966 stores.buybuybaby.com

Wee Tots Children’s Store Modern children’s store carrying a best selection of toys, books, baby gear, furniture, accessories and more Bellevue; 425-502-7182 shopweetots.com

Consignment Stores Cruzin Kidz Boutique Family-owned boutique for used children’s clothing, toys and furniture, plus a selection of new items Woodinville; 425-939-0418 Facebook, “Cruzin Kidz”

Little Bipsy Offering a hip and modern assortment of apparel for stylish babies and toddlers Shop online or at Edmonds store; 425-778-7600 littlebipsy.com

Hopskotch Kids Consignment Quality children’s and maternity consignment Lynnwood; 425-778-6200 hopskotchkids.com

My Traveling Baby Product reviews and gear buying guides for expectant and new parents (product purchasing through Amazon) Online; mytravelingbaby.solutions

Jack & Jill Consignment Events Consigning opportunity and kids’ clothing and gear sales Lynnwood; info@thejackandjillsale.com thejackandjillsale.com 59


Healthy, Safe Sleep Soaring Heart Natural Beds has been building all-natural and organic mattresses and bedding for over 35 years. As a certified-organic manufacturer, we can guarantee that there are no flame retardants, fumigants, perfumes or petroleum products used anywhere in our products. We handcraft every one of our products and stand behind every stitch we make. Now cautiously reopening following strict COVID guidelines to protect both our health and yours! Call for an in-store appointment or visit us online.

soaringheart.com • 206-282-1717 soaringheart@soaringheart.com

Party Planning, Design, Décor, Sparkly Tutus and So Much More! • Parties for any event, any way you can dream it • Tutus in all sizes and any color • Capes to empower all abilities and superheros • Glittery, shiny shirts for all occasions Every child is special! Our creations and events are customized to be as unique to the individual being celebrated. We have planned, designed and coordinated birthday parties for all ages, bridal showers, baby showers, anniversaries, graduations and more.

turtlesoccasions.com • 425-502-5301 turtlesoccasions@gmail.com 60

RETAILERS + E-TAILERS Consignment Stores continued

Just Between Friends — Everett/Monroe Kids’ and maternity consignment; shop or sell Sept. 16–19, 2020 at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds Everett/Monroe; everett.jbfsale.com Small Threads for Kids Clothes, furniture and gear for babies and kids Issaquah; 425-427-5430 smallthreadsforkids.com

Maternity Wear + Products BellyMoms Maternity and Nursing Wear Shop collections of maternity and breastfeeding clothing, ranging from tops, dresses and nursing bras to swimwear and labor gowns Online; support@bellymoms.com bellymoms.com Cake Maternity Offering fashion-forward, high-quality maternity clothing, lingerie, swimwear, nursing bras and pads, more Shop online; support@cakelingerie.com cakematernity.com

Village Maternity Stylish maternity, nursing and baby wear; hospital-grade breast pump and baby scale rentals; childbirth and child-care classes Seattle; 206-523-5167 villagematernity.com

Specialty Services + Products Soaring Heart Natural Beds .................................. 60 All-natural bedding, mattresses, pillows, blankets and comforters Greater Seattle area; 206-713-4490 soaringheart.com ThriveBerry Healthy home consultants teach families how to get rid of toxic products in their home and replace them with healthy alternatives Greater Seattle and Eastside; 206-280-5130 thriveberry.com Turtle’s Occasions ...................................................... 60 Offering party planning, design and décor services, tutus and more Greater Seattle and Eastside; 425-502-5301 turtlesoccasions.com

SPECIAL NEEDS Autism Spectrum Disorder A.P.P.L.E. Consulting Providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to individuals ages 0–21 with autism Bothell, serving King, Snohomish and Kitsap Counties; 206-437-5412 apple-asd.com The Autism Exchange (AEX) Custom software and interactive tools for securely accessing, organizing and interlinking information for and by autism caregivers Online resource; theautismexchange.com Basic Beginnings Providing children with autism and other special needs the opportunity to gain the necessary basic life skills to build confidence and independence Kirkland; 425-922-7720 basicbeginnings.net Connections Behavior Planning & Intervention Home-, school- and center-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy for children with autism (ASD), reactive attachment disorders and developmental disabilities Lynnwood, Kirkland, Kent; 425-658 3016 connections-behavior.com

Integrated Developmental Center ABA, occupational therapy, speech therapy and psychological services Bothell; 206-573-0964 idc-wa.com International Center for Autism and Neurodevelopment (ICAN) OT, PT, ABA, SLP, psychological services and summer camps Bellevue north location (425-644-6328), Bellevue south location (425-657-0620) i-can.center Jigsaw Junction Center-based organization providing behavior analytic intervention to children on the autism spectrum Kirkland; 425-307-1815 jigsawjunction.com Northwest Autism Center Information, awareness, education and training to build our community’s capacity and competency in providing services and access for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) Spokane, statewide; 509-328-1582; info@nwautism.org nwautism.org 61


Embracing Children of Diverse Abilities and Their Families Since 1962, Kindering has embraced children of diverse abilities and their families by providing the finest education and therapies to nurture hope, courage and the skills to soar. Our services are offered in-person or virtually through tele-therapy. Kindering supports children (birth to 11) during critical windows of brain development with a comprehensive menu of services, including: developmental evaluations; physical, speech, behavioral, and feeding therapies; early learning supports and inclusive toddler preschool. You don’t need a pediatrician’s referral to enroll. Visit us online to learn more about your child’s development and how Kindering can help your child and your family thrive.

Kindering.org/referrals • 425-747-4004 info@kindering.org Autism Spectrum Disorder continued

Washington Autism Alliance and Advocacy (WAAA) Providing workshops and education/resource coordination expertise to help children and adults with ASD and other developmental disabilities thrive Redmond; 425-894-7231 washingtonautismadvocacy.org

Learning + Developmental Differences

The Arc of Washington State Advocacy for quality services and necessary funding to meet the needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families Olympia, statewide; 1-888-754-8798 arcwa.org Bellevue Schools Foundation ............................... 35 Preschool scholarships, social and emotional learning, parent education forums, pre-K–12 computer science initiative, STE(A)M education, mentoring North King and south Snohomish counties; 425-456-4199 bellevueschoolsfoundation.org 62

Brock’s Academy Offering premium, one-on-one tutoring and private school classes to K–12 students who need support in specific subject areas Woodinville; 425-483-1353 brocksacademy.com CHADD Eastside Support and information for families and individuals living with ADHD Greater Eastside; eastside@chadd.org eastside-chadd.org CHILD – Children’s Institute for Learning Differences Providing innovative school programs, therapies and training that promote social, emotional and academic development for children with special needs Renton; 425-336-3260 childnow.org Children’s Therapy Center Highly trained pediatric therapy staff creates a supportive environment to meet every child’s needs Burien, Kent, Tacoma, Maple Valley; 253-854-5660 ctckids.org

SPECIAL NEEDS Cogwheel Clinic for Neurodevelopment Assessments for the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders, ADD/ADHD, learning disorders Bellevue; 425-748-7000 cogwheelclinic.com Encompass...................................................................... 15 Offering early intervention and outpatient behavioral health, feeding, occupational, physical, social skills and speech therapies for kids ages 0–8 Snoqualmie Valley, Issaquah, Sammamish and greater Eastside; 425-888-2777 encompassnw.org Hope Clinic...................................................................... 41 Personalized therapy to benefit visual system dysfunctions such as learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADD and ADHD, TBI, autism and more Bellevue; 425-462-7800 hopecliniconline.com Kindering......................................................................... 62 Inclusive preschool, early intervention, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, autism resources, developmental evaluations, family support Bellevue (425-747-4004), Bothell (425-747-4004), Redmond (425-747-4004), Renton (425-747-4004) kindering.org/referrals Lake Washington School District — Child Find Evaluation and education coordination services for children with a suspected disability who live in the Lake Washington School District Redmond; 425-936-2760 lwsd.org Learning Disabilities Association of Washington Promoting and providing service and support to improve the quality of life for individuals and families affected by learning and attentional disabilities Statewide resources directory; 425-882-0820 ldawa.org The Center for Child Development Psychiatric assessment and psychotherapy for children, adolescents and adults; neuropsychological and psychological evaluations and more Bellevue, Issaquah; 425-877-3484 centerforchilddevelopmentwa.com Wonderland Child & Family Services ................ 41 Nonprofit early-intervention development center serving children ages 0–3 with special needs and their families North King and south Snohomish counties; 206364-3777 wonderlandkids.org


Allegro Pediatrics ................................................. 25 Andy Pandy by Hansen Kids, LLC .......................4 Baby Diaper Service ...............................................5 Bellevue Schools Foundation ........................... 35 CareWorks Nanny Referral Service ................. 11 Diaper Stork ............................................................8 Down Syndrome Community of Puget Sound .................................................... 55 Eastside Community School ............................. 47 Eastside Pediatric Dental Group ...................... 22 Encompass ........................................................... 15 Everyone by One ................................................. 22 The FISHPOND Preschool ................................. 11 Goodwin Connections ........................................ 16 Hypnosis for Birth ............................................... 32 The Jewish Day School Early Childhood Program ................................................................ 16 Jewish Federation of Seattle ............................. 36 Joyous Noise Studio ............................................ 53 Kiddin’ Around Kids Child Care ........................ 18 Kid’s Country Early Learning Centers .............. 17 Kids Klub Child Development Centers ............ 18 KidsQuest Children’s Museum ......................... 52 Kindering .............................................................. 62 King County Library System .............................. 49 Lake Washington Institute of Technology Parent Education Program ............................... 55 Lake Washington School District Preschool Program ................................................................ 20 Lake Washington Toddler Group .................... 57 The Little School .................................................. 19 Mountainside School .......................................... 20 Natural Dentistry Group .................................... 23 PEPS ....................................................................... 58 The Perfect Push ................................................. 31 PMSI ..........................................................................9 Redmond Kids’ Dentistry ................................... 24 Samena Swim & Recreation Club .................... 50 Sammamish Montessori School ...................... 21 Seattle Children’s Bellevue Clinic and Surgery Center .................................................................... 30 Soaring Heart Natural Beds .............................. 60 Stroum Jewish Community Center ............21, 34 Sunshine Music Together .................................. 51 Swedish Medical Center .................................... 29 Turtle’s Occasions ............................................... 60 WithinReach ......................................................... 42 Wonderland Child & Family Services .............. 41 Woodinville Family Preschool ........................... 59 63