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Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University


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Become one of tomorrow’s Visionary Leaders W

hen I began my own journey as an MBA student a little over 20 years ago, I never dreamed I would be president of my own school, let alone the largest business management school in Japan. Back in those days, “entrepreneur” was not a recognized career path in Japan, where the best and the brightest were expected to follow, rather than lead, and work their way up within wellestablished companies. This perception, however, is beginning to fade, and with thousands of students enrolled every year, GLOBIS is putting people in the driver’s seat of their career and helping them achieve their personal mission in life.  Finding your life’s goal – kokorozashi in Japanese – is a requirement for all GLOBIS students, and something that sets us apart from other business schools. We believe an MBA is more than a degree, and a career is more than a job. Whether you want to start your own company like me, or bring renewed innovation to the biggest names in business, GLOBIS will help you find your personal mission and give you the skills and network you need to make it a reality.

Yoshito Hori

President and Founder

Realize your dreams at GLOBIS and become one of tomorrow’s visionary leaders, who create and innovate societies.

Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University


20 students in 1992 7000 students in 2013


What is GLOBIS? A start-up venture that became a world-class educational institution. The Birth of a Business School

or other master’s degrees, real-world business

In 1992, at the age of 30, entrepreneur Yoshito Hori

experience and the ability to teach using the case

created ‘GLOBIS’ from scratch (combining the words

method – rather than the traditional lecture style. This

‘global’ and ‘business’), largely inspired by Harvard

unique approach to business education created a

Business School’s MBA program – from which he

surge in applications, prompting GLOBIS to build two

had graduated a year earlier. The school found life

more campuses in the cities of Osaka and Nagoya.

in President Hori’s central Tokyo apartment, with President Hori as the sole employee. After sending

The Largest Business School in Japan

letters to HBS alumni in Japan inviting them to teach

GLOBIS’ success and rapid growth was driven by

at the newly formed GLOBIS School of Management,

President Hori’s intense energy and by word of mouth

President Hori managed to assemble a team from

following his revolutionary approach to education.

his personal network and began to instruct the

The exponential growth GLOBIS experienced secured

pioneering class of 20 students, using the famous

its place as the largest management school in Japan,

'case method.' Today, GLOBIS is an expanding

bringing it one step closer to its ultimate goal of

educational institution and has instructed thousands

becoming Asia’s top business school.

of international business professionals. After reaching its 20th anniversary in 2012, GLOBIS The Highest Standards of Management Education

has continued to expand and seek further challenges,

The first GLOBIS students were knowledge-hungry

launching new campuses in Sendai and Fukuoka, and

individuals who funded their studies with their

subsidiaries in Shanghai and Singapore.

own money and therefore demanded the best: top-

quality education from world-class instructors.

With five campuses nationwide and two offices

GLOBIS demands the highest standards from all

abroad, GLOBIS is fast becoming recognized as one of

faculty members, requiring instructors to have MBAs

Asia’s fastest-growing business schools.

Total Number of Students Who Entered GLOBIS = MBA STUDENTS

Number of Entering MBA Students


(Japanese and English MBA Programs) 8,000

Shanghai and Singapore Offices




Ranked No.1 in Nikkei Career Magazine



Executive Education 5,000


Nagoya Campus


Online Education







Osaka Campus 50 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

Founded in Tokyo

Leicester (UK) Joint MBA Program

Original MBA Program in Japanese (GDBA)

Established Part-time GLOBIS University MBA Program in English

Full-time MBA Program Sendai Campus

0 2006



Kokorozashi – discover your personal mission GLOBIS exists to educate people who are ambitious— not for self-aggrandizing purposes, but for creating positive changes in society. This is why GLOBIS puts particular emphasis on the development of its students’ Kokorozashi. GLOBIS attracts people who are dedicated to improving themselves and eager to learn, and has been doing so since the very first class conducted 2 decades ago.

The Japanese term ‘Kokorozashi’ is interpreted by GLOBIS as having a personal mission, the very core of a leader’s strength.

We believe that the personal mission you will develop at GLOBIS will be your compass throughout your MBA journey and your life after that.


What You will Gain from Studying at GLOBIS GLOBIS is more than a business school. The network of people you will meet here, the invaluable skills you will obtain and the personal mission you will be encouraged to shape will help you become a ‘visionary leader who creates and innovates societies.’

Business Skills

Personal Mission Personal Network Personal Mission During your studies at GLOBIS, you will be given ample opportunities to think deeply about your own personal mission and discover what you are truly passionate about. By developing this inner drive, you will be able to forge a personal network and utilize the many skills you will gain during your studies.

you put into expanding your personal network. Try meeting as many people as possible during your studies at GLOBIS, as your network of contacts will be an essential tool in supporting your mission and success in life.

Business & Conceptual Skills GLOBIS students do not just learn hard business

Personal Network The contacts and friendships you make at GLOBIS may change your life. A diverse mix of students, a truly global faculty and associations with top business leaders will help start you on your path to success. GLOBIS peers, alumni and lecturers may become your future business partners, investors or mentors—it all comes down to how much effort

skills such as accounting, finance and marketing— they also study the soft skills needed to innovate and create value in a globalized world. Communication, negotiation, critical thinking and management philosophy are just a few of the many topics you will cover during your studies at GLOBIS, all of which will help contribute to your personal growth.


The GLOBIS Challenge ‘Developing Your Personal Mission’ At GLOBIS, students are challenged to think deeply about their own personal mission in life and to apply their passion to create and innovate. Leadership Development, Ethics and Values

President’s Session

GLOBIS students use the results of a 360-degree

opportunity to reflect upon their personal mission

evaluation, the GLOBIS Leadership Skill Survey, filled in by ten evaluators from their own workplaces (including superiors, peers and subordinates), to diagnose their current strengths and weaknesses. Students are then given recommendations for their daily skill development by defining how their ideal leaders perform and considering how they can gain the skills to become such leaders.

Keiei Dojo Unlike any course taught at conventional business schools, Keiei Dojo is a course where students are asked to study books and discuss their findings with classmates. The books that students are asked to read in Keiei Dojo are on topics that have had an impact on the lecturer teaching the course. Through lively discussion, students find out what the implications are for becoming leaders, what they may be missing, and where they may need to challenge themselves.

The President’s Session gives students the and on how to contribute as ‘visionary leaders who create and innovate societies’ by having a direct Q&A session with President Hori. President Hori will discuss in detail the challenges he encountered as an entrepreneur, leader and venture capitalist, and how he was able to overcome them. Students are also able to ask questions about President Hori’s own vision and future plans for business development, and the GLOBIS organization.

Reflection Session The purpose of the reflection session is to help students objectively look at their current weaknesses, their personal mission, and to construct a plan for their remaining studies at GLOBIS. The reflection session is unique to GLOBIS and is regarded as an essential tool to monitor the growth of our students and to help them revise and update their ultimate goal in life.


Aya Murota Japan, MBA of 2013 “GLOBIS is a place where you can expand your horizons and gain inspiration. Meeting so many amazing people from different backgrounds has really helped put my own goals into perspective and reflect on my personal mission in life. I’ve just started studying, but I can see a lot of GLOBIS graduates have gone on to start their own business, something which I never would have considered before.”


The GLOBIS Difference ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’ As GLOBIS was founded as a start-up venture, an entrepreneurial spirit is in our DNA. This spirit is shared by our faculty and staff, and is present throughout our curriculum. Entrepreneurial Courses

Established using the accumulated knowledge of GLOBIS Capital Partners, the Venture Capital

In the Entrepreneurial Leadership course, students

and Finance course is designed for current and

have the opportunity to think and feel what leaders would actually do when they are in an entrepreneurial setting or in a corporate reorganization setting.

future entrepreneurs, those currently involved in an entrepreneurial venture and those interested in extending their knowledge of finance to the

By looking at case studies, written reports and interviews with representative Japanese and global entrepreneurs, students are able to grasp the essentials of what it takes to become entrepreneurial leaders.

entrepreneurial area. The course will also be of benefit to many others, including those hoping to manage entrepreneurial ventures and those with an interest in the financial issues peculiar to start-ups.

In the Venture Strategy course, students learn how

Faculty with Venture Experience

to formulate strategies specific to the establishment

Many of our lecturers are seasoned entrepreneurs

of start-up businesses, as well as how to discover

or have actual experiences as venture capitalists,

entrepreneurial opportunities and plot a growth

having established promising businesses in Japan

strategy. Students will hear lectures from successful

and around the world. The unique mix of venture

entrepreneurs and experienced venture capitalists

courses, start-up experts and a venture spirit within

who share methods of establishing business models

the school makes GLOBIS the ideal environment to

based on their own experiences.

plan your future entrepreneurial endeavours.

“In the Entrepreneurial Leadership course, students learn in depth about the leaders and change agents of today and yesterday. Besides this course, students will have many more opportunities to grow as leaders at GLOBIS.” President Hori


Aleksandr Riabcev Lithuania, MBA of 2013 “GLOBIS is a breeding ground for new ideas and innovations, and you can see that the people here are serious about bringing them to life. The school itself is a startup venture, and there is so much entrepreneurial experience to tap into. Many of my lecturers so far have been seasoned entrepreneurs, and even some of my classmates have their own startups. Whether you’re looking at starting your own business or enacting change within an established organization, I think GLOBIS is the perfect place to put it all together.”


The GLOBIS Advantage ‘Practical Application’ Our courses cut to the heart of business issues, allowing you to immediately apply what you learn in real life. Our curriculum is highly practical and is taught by seasoned business professionals. Business Professionals Sharing Industry Experiences

Creating Knowledge by Developing the Companies of Tomorrow

GLOBIS lecturers are chosen for their professional

GLOBIS helps venture companies grow into

backgrounds and excellent facilitation skills. Our

the market leaders of tomorrow. As we actively

instructors share the challenges and issues they have

participate in the management of these companies,

overcome in their professional lives, ensuring the

we gain practical knowledge about start-up situations

GLOBIS curriculum is firmly grounded in the reality

and utilize that newly gained knowledge in our

of contemporary business.


Training Blue-chip Companies and Incorporating the Latest Industry Insights

Experience Real Business Situations with the Case Method

GLOBIS uses the curriculum to educate hundreds

situations by putting themselves in the shoes of

of Japan’s largest companies. These blue-chip firms truly appreciate the practicality of the GLOBIS curriculum and in turn provide us with the latest market information regarding their respective industries and current business challenges.

Case studies allow students to experience business management, facing business challenges that occurred in real life. GLOBIS uses case studies from the world’s most prominent business schools and produces case studies focusing on Japanese and Asian companies.


Ahmed Elansari Egypt, MBA of 2013 “The lecturers at GLOBIS are out there in the trenches day-to-day, so you know what they’re telling you is up to date and relevant. One of my favorite parts of GLOBIS classes is hearing stories from the lecturers about how they’ve actually applied the theories in practice. And because we use the case method, we’re able to put our skills and knowledge to the test. It’s really an education you can apply to your life, right from the next day.”






Beyond a Business School GLOBIS is more than a Business School. GLOBIS supports the development of human, capital and knowledge resources through its venture capital arm, corporate training programs, and publications. Venture Capital

training companies, most of which sold standard

GLOBIS Capital Partners is a Japanese venture capital firm established as a joint venture between GLOBIS and Apax Partners, actively developing companies

off-the-shelf training packages. Such innovative methods helped attract a stream of clients, allowing GLOBIS’ corporate training to become a new stand-

that reside in the technology, retail and healthcare

alone business unit.

sectors. Since the launch of its first fund in 1996,

As of 2011, GLOBIS provided training programs

GLOBIS Capital Partners has grown to become one

to more than 320 companies, with about 33,000

of Japan’s leading venture capital firms, investing

corporate managers and employees attending our

in over 100 companies and overseeing several IPOs.

sessions. Through customized corporate programs,

Many of GLOBIS’ faculty actively participate in the

we learn about the actual challenges companies

management of the venture companies we have

are dealing with and we actively participate in

invested in and add their experiences and findings to

formulating viable solutions to their problems.

our curriculum. Being at the forefront of these start-

The knowledge acquired through this process is

up companies gives us unique know-how that we

then converted back into teaching materials—thus

share with students eager to learn about the exciting

creating a virtuous circle between corporate training

world of ventures.

and our school.

Corporate Training


We entered the corporate training sector after some

To disseminate our management wisdom, GLOBIS

of our students who were highly impressed by

decided to publish a 13-volume “GLOBIS MBA”

our courses recommended GLOBIS to the human

series, drawing upon our accumulated business

resources departments of their companies. GLOBIS

expertise. The books gained enormous popularity

Corporate Education aims to deliver customized

due to their practicality and unique MBA insights,

programs to each client with tailor-made curricula

with over 1.3 million copies sold in Japan. The

and case studies that we closely relate to the clients’

GLOBIS brand is now recognized by millions of

interests and needs. This approach was radically

business people, and has been a synonym for

different from programs offered by conventional

practicality and quality for the last two decades.

Our corporate training clients include: (in alphabetical order)

AEON Co., Ltd. ASICS Corporation Ajinomoto Co., Inc. BRIDGESTONE CORPORATION Caterpillar Japan Ltd. DAIICHI SANKYO COMPANY, LIMITED DENTSU INC. FUJIFILM Corporation Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Hitachi, Ltd. ITOCHU Corporation ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation Kao Corporation KDDI CORPORATION

Kikkoman Corporation Kirin Group Office Co., Ltd. Kumon Institute of Education Co., Ltd. Marubeni Corporation Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. Molex Japan Co., Ltd., MORINAGA & CO., LTD. NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS CO., LTD.

NTT Communications Corporation NTT DOCOMO, INC. OMRON Corporation SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION Shiseido Company, Limited Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited Sumitomo Corporation Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Suntory Holdings Limited TEIJIN LIMITED TERUMO CORPORATION The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Toyota Motor Corporation Yokogawa Electric Corporation


A Curriculum Tailor-made for Visionary Leaders Courses which help you build business skills and explore your personal mission.


Specialize yourself


Venture Management Venture Strategy

Strategic Implementation

Venture Capital and Finance

Strategic Reorganization

Creativity & Organization Management

Financial Reorganization

Marketing and Strategy

Apply your knowledge

Global/Asia Japanese Management: New Systems, Lasting Values Globalization of Japanese and Asian Companies Global Perspectives

Organizational Behavior and HRM

Marketing II (Marketing Planning and Implementation) Customer Insight and Branding Service Management

Power and Influence

Managing Technology-driven Businesses Internet Business Strategy

Marketing and Strategy

Learn the basics

Organizational Behavior and HRM

Essentials of Marketing and Strategy Marketing I

Human Resource Management


Organizational Behavior and Leadership

Operation Strategy

Critical and Analytical Skills

Build your foundation

Critical Thinking Quantitative Analysis for Business Business Presentation Facilitation and Negotiation

Elective Courses

Required Courses

Required Course for FT-MBA Students, Required Elective Course* for PT-MBA Students Elective Course for FT-MBA Students, Required Elective Course* for PT-MBA Students * Required Elective = at least one course required


Cultivate Your Personal Mission and Special Courses Research Project (PT-MBA) Integrated Learning Program (FT-MBA)

Explore your personal mission

Corporate Mentorship Program

Philosophy in Your Career GLOBIS helps students develop leadership abilities and personal philosophy through Management Philosophy courses. Courses such as Entrepreneurial Leadership assist students in discovering their own personal mission.

Acquire Entrepreneurial Skills and Perspectives

Accounting and Finance Accounting II (Managerial Accounting) Finance II (Valuation and M&A) Finance III (Mergers and Acquisitions)

Management Philosophy Courses Entrepreneurial Leadership Keiei Dojo Leadership Development, Ethics

Accounting and Finance Essentials of Accounting Essentials of Finance

and Values Corporate Philosophy

Courses in Creation and Innovation focus on developing the skills required to create new organizations and the ability to manage changes within existing organizations.

Develop Global Perspectives and Cross-Cultural Management Skills As globalization continues to accelerate and expand, a sense of international perspectives and cross-cultural management skills has become a standard requirement for today’s business leaders. GLOBIS courses such as Globalization of Japanese and Asian Companies and Global Perspectives provide students with the skills and perspectives necessary to succeed in global business.

and Social Values

Accounting I (Financial Accounting)

Enhance Critical Thinking, Analytical and Communication Skills

Finance I (Corporate Finance)

Business leaders must solve complex problems, make sound decisions, and communicate their vision simply and clearly. Courses in critical and analytical skills train students to meet these challenges.

2013 Academic Year


Meet Our Faculty GLOBIS creates an educational environment that is academic, yet practical, and led by lecturers with actual business experience.


Key Facts

1 Top Business Professionals

GLOBIS lecturers are top business professionals and executives with real management experience in a wide array of industries. As experts in their fields they truly enable students to cross the line between “knowing” and “doing.”

2 Excellent Facilitation Skills

Excellent facilitation skills are a key requirement for all GLOBIS faculty, and one that is constantly assessed. As most of our classes are discussion-based, it is extremely important for lecturers to guide the discussions and make sure everyone has the opportunity to contribute to class. Rather than provide the answers, GLOBIS lecturers strive to ask the right questions, challenging students to come up with their own solutions, thus deepening their understanding.

3 Passion for Students’ Growth

Lecturers at GLOBIS are dedicated to students’ personal growth and future success, and continue to support them even after graduation. Lecturers are also easily accessible, and often enjoy an after-class drink with their students. Long-lasting friendships and business partnerships between lecturers and students are not uncommon.

Deputy Dean John Vandenbrink Accounting and Finance, Management Philosophy PhD, University of Chicago Deputy Dean Vandenbrink began his business career in the Chicago Office of Booz Allen, the consulting firm. He then moved to J.P. Morgan, working in New York and Tokyo in financial consulting, capital markets, corporate finance, M&A, commercial lending, and credit risk management. He was Managing Director and Head of Credit Risk in Japan first at Deutsche Bank and subsequently at Morgan Stanley.


International business professionals, experienced in the opportunities and challenges of global business in the 21st century. Dean Tomoya Nakamura Organizational Behavior & Leadership

Gil Chavez Critical Thinking

MBA, Harvard Business School

M.S., Journalism, University of Kansas Mr. Chavez has spent more than 12 years working in international business in Japan – as Senior Vice President of communications firm Hill & Knowlton (WPP group) and in corporate and marketing communications at IBM Asia Pacific.

Mr. Nakamura joined Marubeni Corporation and while seconded to Advantage Partners, worked on the reorganizations of invested companies. As General Manager of Fuji Machinery Mfg. Electronics Corporation, he contributed to the rapid reorganization of the company.

Mark Ford Venture Strategy

Megumi Taoka Accounting

PhD, Boston University After working for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Dr. Ford worked across various sectors in Japan. He was actively involved in corporate venturing, strategy, restructuring, M&A, and alliances for a range of multinational companies.

MBA, Graduate School of Business Sciences University of Tsukuba Ms. Taoka was involved in accounting for the fashion and entertainment licensing industry in London and New York. She also specialized in royalty accounting, consolidating subsidiaries of Japanese corporations, and financial control of local firms.

Michael Shell Critical Thinking

Masaru Hoshino Finance

MBA, Thunderbird School of Global Management Mr. Shell has been a Leadership Coach and Corporate Trainer for the last 11 years. As the President of Global Leadership Partnership Asia, Mr. Shell is spearheading evolutionary leadership development and coaching programs for global companies in Japan.

MBA, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University Mr. Hoshino worked for a major Japanese trading company engaging in project finance for natural resource development projects in Southeast Asia. He is currently in charge of developing financial courses and materials at GLOBIS.

Xia Qiu Marketing and Strategy

Masahiko Kon Accounting

MBA, University of Bath Ms. Qiu has abundant experience in the international licensing business, marketing and joint-venture business. Her work experiences in Japan and China allowed her to become an expert in international communication, negotiation and trading.

PhD, Waseda University MBA, the University of Chicago US Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Dr. Kon has held senior positions in the accounting and finance field at Fast Retailing and international and domestic subsidiaries of General Electric. He currently serves as an Executive Officer at Sumitomo 3M.

David Sigaty Accounting

Adam Kassab Organizational Behavior & Leadership

BA in Accounting and Finance, Michigan State University US Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Mr. Sigaty has served as the Asia-Pacific financial controller for a major investment bank, was the CFO for a global asset management group, and CFO of a Japanese life insurance company.

Masters Degree, Organization Change, Ashridge Management Center Doctoral Research, Hitotsubashi University Dr. Kassab has extensive business experience across Asia as well as in Europe and the USA. He has held senior positions at Japanese and American firms such as Sanyo and Mercer.

Mayu Gilmore Business Presentation

Yoshimitsu Kaji Marketing and Strategy

MA in International Development, Nagoya University Ms. Gilmore worked for Toyota Tsusho, where she was responsible for developing overseas national staff, global executives and HR managers. She is currently Vice President and Managing Director of Nameless Media and Productions.

MBA, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University After a successful career at Coca-Cola and Time Warner, Mr. Kaji worked for Nissan Motor as a marketing director and developed marketing strategies for luxury cars such as the NISSAN GT-R, Fuga, Skyline and many more.



countries represented at GLOBIS North America Canada Mexico USA

Trent Messec USA MBA of 2012

8% Matthew Bailey USA MBA of 2013


Aylin Shu China MBA of 2013

Ballaji Vijayan India MBA of 2013

Koji Torigata Japan MBA of 2013

Aya Murota Japan MBA of 2013

Note: This data includes both Part-time and Full-time MBA students at GLOBIS

Part-time MBA


9% Southeast Asia


Full-Time 60% Japan


Start Date: September Length: 1 year Format: Weekdays, Daytime 6% 2% Government Credits: 48 credits12% South Asia IT/Telecom 17% 9% Admission rounds: Nov, Jan, Mar Services Europe Tokyo Campus17% 9% Campus: Chemical/ Oceania 11% Pharmaceutical/ Program Intake: 40 Consulting Food Industries 2% Language: English East Asia 3% Trading/Retail Tuition: 3,909,000 JPY ( ≈ 39,208 USD*) 2%




North America

Manufacturing *Exchange rate: 99.7 JPY = 1 USD


30 96% 39% 12%


Average Age


Central Asia


25% Europe




Semiconductor/ Electronics/ Machinery



Chemical/ Pharmaceutical/Food


North America





South Asia



Southeast Asia

Note: As of August 1, 2013

10% East Asia 4%


31% Services



14% Finance







Start Date: April Length: 2 years Format: Evenings & Weekends Credits: 36 credits Admission rounds: Sep, Nov, Jan Semiconductor/ Electronics/ Campus: Tokyo Campus Machinery Program intake: 45 Language: English Tuition: 2,930,000 JPY

Part-Time MBA

( ≈ 29,388 USD*)

Part-time MBA

*Exchange rate: 99.7 JPY = 1 USD

35 40% 37% Average Age




Southeast Asia





South Asia








East Asia


North America

11% Consulting







17% Industries

Chemical/ Pharmaceutical/ Food



11% Finance




Advance Your Career with the GLOBIS MBA! Find out what our Career Services can do for you. Corporate Mentorship Program

Corporate Research Projects

Through partnerships with top western and Japanese

Students bring the knowledge gained in their

companies, GLOBIS University provides the following

studies to the real world, working hand-in-hand

opportunities for students to deepen their learning and

with selected companies to find effective solu-

open the door to exciting career opportunities.

tions and propose new business opportunities. Through this action-learning format, students

Internships A wide range of intensive and hands-on internship opportunities are available for students to further expand their skill set and strengthen their professional

acquire a higher level of project management skills.


Strong connections with the biggest and the brightest


Through our corporate training and venture

Including both student visits to companies and vice

capital arms, GLOBIS offers a gateway to a wide

versa, students share ideas with business profession-

network of local and global companies, from the

als and future leaders to gain insight into the challeng-

biggest names in the business to the brightest

es faced by companies and the innovative solutions on

start-ups. These links provide practical insights


for our curriculum and career opportunities for our students.

Special Courses CEOs and other business leaders bring their expertise, insights and the latest innovations into the GLOBIS

A fully personalized service

classroom through in-depth and practical special

GLOBIS offers a fully customized, highly per-


sonal service. We encourage you to perform brilliantly as visionary leaders, whether in Japan

Career Days

or in other countries. From counseling, mock

Students have an exclusive chance to meet face-to-

interviews, resume and cover letter reviews, to

face with partners’ HR staff and find the right career

language lessons and seminars covering busi-

for them.

ness cultures and manners, we will support you

GLOBIS University has over 40 Corporate Mentorship

during every stage of finding and preparing for

Program partners, both Japanese and non-Japanese.

your ideal job.

Our Corporate Mentorship Program partners include: AEON Co., Ltd. A.T. Kearney K.K. Bayer Holding Ltd. BMW Group Japan Boehringer Ingelheim CyberAgent, Inc. Daimler Financial Services Japan Eli Lilly Japan K.K. GE Japan Corporation GREE, Inc. Hilti Corporation Hitachi Consulting Co., Ltd.

Industrial Growth Platform, Inc. JATCO Ltd Johnson & Johnson K.K. Lawson, Inc. LIXIL Corporation McKinsey & Company Mercedes-Benz Japan Mitsubishi FUSO Truck & Bus Corporation NISSAN MOTOR CO., LTD. Omron Corporation ORIX Corporation

Pfizer PHILIP MORRIS JAPAN K.K. PwC Japan Tax Rakuten, Inc. Richemont Japan Limited Ricoh Company, Ltd. Co., Ltd. Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Suntory Holdings Limited (see our website for the full list)


The path to your ideal job Enrollment Module 1

Internship Module 2-3

Self Assessment

Target Career Research

Module 4 and later

Job Search

• Orientation

• Mock job interviews

• On-campus Job Fairs

• Career Counseling

• Internship information sessions & selection

• CV Book

• CV Preparation • “Job Search in Japan” seminar

Start your ideal job

• Company Visits • Company-specific Interview Preparation

*Please note that this chart represents the flow for students in the Full-time MBA Program. *In order to work in Japan, a certain level of Japanese ability may be required.

Miguel Herrera Mexico, MBA of 2012 “My internship at a global pharmaceutical company has been a real eye-opener so far. As an MBA student, the company has very high expectations of me and is giving me projects where I can apply everything I learned in my studies. This coupled with the comprehensive career services provided by GLOBIS leaves me confident and excited about my opportunities after graduation.”


GLOBIS Student Events & Activities

Top Seminar by Dr. Tina Seelig, Stanford University

Field Trips in Japan

Japan Study Tour in Tohoku (tsunami-affected areas)

Christmas Networking Party

Teambuilding trip at the start of the academic year

Various club activities

Joint Session with HEC

World Economic Forum Tokyo, 2012

Top Seminar by Alan Patricof Founder of Apax and Greycroft Partners

G1 Global Conference


Support for Living in Japan Customized services for you and your family. Housing Assistance

Family Support

GLOBIS works hard to ensure you a smooth

GLOBIS takes extra care to make sure that every

transition to living in Japan. Our housing services

student’s family has a wholesome and fulfilling

offer practical information on renting cost-effective

experience in Japan.

apartments. GLOBIS can act as a guarantor for apartments, which is often required for house rental

Your family will be supported through visa

in Japan, saving you time and money, and ensuring a

sponsorship, international networking events,

comfortable relocation.

bilingual information services, introductions to Japanese language-schools, nurseries and

Immigration Procedures We assist you with all immigration issues during your stay by helping with documents and negotiating with the appropriate government officials.

everything else your loved ones need to live safely and comfortably.

Living Costs We help you apply for a range of scholarship

Health Insurance In addition to Japanese national health insurance, GLOBIS provides special insurance policies offering

opportunities from Japanese foundations. You can also receive discounts on transportation, meals, cellphone plans, and more.

additional coverage for overseas students at low premiums. We also have a 24-hour emergency phone service in English.

Other Services To make your transition to living in Japan as smooth as possible, GLOBIS holds orientation sessions covering tips on how to settle in Japan, learning Japanese lifestyle habits, and enjoying Japanese culture. You can learn more through the “Japanese Life Guide” published by GLOBIS. We also offer individual consultations upon request.

Christina Tsao Taiwan, MBA of 2012 “Anyone who has lived abroad will understand how the simplest task can become a daunting ordeal. Thankfully, GLOBIS was there every step of the way, and just a phone call away at any time of the day. They lived up to Japan’s reputation for world-class service, allowing me to focus on my studies and enjoying my life in Japan.”


Japan, a fascinating country combining spectacular historical beauty and leading-edge innovation.

Japan Welcome to Japan, Welcome to GLOBIS Japan is a stimulating country that blends ancient culture and awe-inspiring world heritage sites with leading-edge architecture and technology. As Asia’s most advanced country, Japan offers

Honda, making it the perfect place to study for an

incredible opportunities for international business

MBA. An incredible, exciting country, Japan offers

professionals, from bringing the world ground-

unsurpassed opportunities for budding leaders. It

breaking engineering projects like the Shinkansen

is truly a fertile ground for studying, investing and

bullet train, to industry re-defining electronics

living. If you want to become a world-class business

and eco-vehicle technology. Japan is home to

leader, Japan is the ideal country for you.

innovative companies like Nintendo, Sony and


Tokyo, a vibrant metropolis. Asia’s leading business and cultural capital. A city of constant innovation and regeneration.

Tokyo GLOBIS is located in the center of Japan’s capital, making it the perfect choice for internationally minded business leaders. Tokyo is a buzzing, first-class metropolis, home

stock market in the world (by market capitalization).

to dozens of blue-chip companies and the world’s

Tokyo is a ‘command center’ of the global economy

largest metropolitan economy, with a GDP of

and yet a highly efficient, extremely safe, very

US$1.412 trillion.* It is a leading city in design,

liveable city. From fashionable Shibuya, Ginza and

fashion, architecture, engineering, technology

Harajuku, to bustling Shinjuku and Marunouchi,

and finance.

Tokyo is truly a world-class metropolis. *Source Pricewaterhouse Coopers 2008

Tokyo has a very highly developed infrastructure, financial and political stability, a large number of global financial institutions and the second-largest

John Christian Penafiel The Philippines, MBA of 2012 “Tokyo is an incredible city, unlike any other in the world. There’s just about everything you could ever want here – all kinds of amazing food, shops, and sightseeing attractions. On the weekend you can go to the beach in summer or the mountains for skiing in the winter. And with more Fortune 500 companies than any other city, what better place to learn about management?”


Discover Our Scholarships GLOBIS Scholarships are available to students who demonstrate the potential to contribute to the GLOBIS community through strong academic performance and exceptional leadership qualities. These scholarships are primarily offered to non-Japanese applicants, to compensate for difficulties in acquiring educational loans and other costs associated with living abroad. In addition, there are a number of non-GLOBIS scholarships available to both Japanese and non-Japanese students. Please contact us for more information.

Part-time MBA

Full-time MBA

Non-Japanese applicants: scholarships covering

Non-Japanese applicants: scholarships covering up

25-50% of the tuition are available.

to 100% of the tuition are available.

Japanese applicants: Please ask us about non-

Japanese applicants: scholarships covering 25-50%

GLOBIS scholarships and educational loans.

of the tuition are available.

Bhola Sapkota Nepal, MBA of 2012

Erdina Oudang Indonesia, MBA of 2012

GLOBIS Scholarship Recipient

GLOBIS Scholarship Recipient

“As a foreigner living in Japan it’s sometimes hard

“An MBA is a big investment no matter where you get

to be able to receive a bank loan or scholarship. The

it. Thanks to the scholarship from GLOBIS I was able to

scholarship provided by GLOBIS helped tremendously

live and study in one of the most exciting cities in the

and allowed me to begin my MBA journey at Japan’s

world. And without the burden of a huge debt I know

largest business school. I’m really thankful that they

I can focus on achieving my personal mission right

considered me as one of their scholarship recipients.”

from the moment I graduate!”


Get Started Admission Requirements • At least 22 years of age • At least three years of full-time work experience • A bachelor's degree from a recognized four-year University or equivalent Applicants who are at least 22 years of age but do not meet the other requirements can apply through our Preliminary Screening process. Visit our website for details.

Application Deadlines September




Part-time MBA

Sep 11, 2013

Nov 6, 2013

Jan 22, 2014

Full-time MBA

Nov 6, 2013

Jan 22, 2014

Mar 12, 2014

We recommend applying as early as possible, as competition increases in the later application rounds.

Visit our website to start your application.

Pre-MBA The GLOBIS Pre-MBA Program offers students the chance to take MBA courses before officially enrolling in our Full-time or Part-time Program. Students can take up to 10 courses over a period of one year. See our website for full details.

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