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Issue Thirty-Nine, 11th October 2019

Updates from the Principal’s Desk Dear Panaga School Community,

Issue Thirty-Nine 11th October 2019

Panaga School

FIRE CERTIFICATION Panaga School now holds Fire Certification, with all requirements in place; including: operational fire alarm panels linked to the Bomba. Our school community maintains an average of 3 minutes to evacuate and sweep all buildings, accounting for all people.

IFM/4, BSP Company Sdn Bhd, Seria, KB 3534, Negara Brunei Darussalam (+673) 3375728/3372139 (Teraja/Melilas), (+673) 3372694 (Mendaram/Rampayoh) Principal: Cindy Bin Tahal (+673) 3372355/8777028

The team (pictured above) of BSP HSSE, Brunei Fire and Rescue Department and our Business Partners, along with Miss Zu and Miss Jalinah from our school administration team, have all worked together to finalise the infrastructure required to become one of BSP’s first Fire Certified areas in the business. Thank you and congratulations to all involved.

Head Teacher: Mark Walters

(+673) 3373972/8988224 Panaga School Senior Administration Officer: Jalinah Bte Ali (+673) 3375728 Admin Support, Rampayoh/Mendaram: Zurimah Bte Jumat Admin Support, Teraja: Hasmah Bte Hj Salleh

SHAPING PANAGA SCHOOL’S STATEGIC DIRECTION  Panaga School’s Definitions of Learning  What does International Mindedness mean?  Panaga School’s Mission and Vision Statements. Please have your say with Robin Belles, who is facilitating the finalisation of Panaga School’s learning definitions, mission and vision. TUESDAY 15th OCTOBER: 8am - in Rampayoh Meeting Room & 4pm - in Teraja Meeting Room (left of the Digital Education (DE) classroom) JIS FOOTBALL FUNDAY, 6th OCTOBER Congratulations to the large group of children who participated in last weekend’s JIS Football Funday. Panaga was well represented in awards, with all children offered a great day of physical activity and sportsmanship. Thank you to the large community of parents, coaches, managers and organisers who created such a successful sporting event. Special recognition and thanks to the coordinators: Andy McKay, Nathan Edwards and Melissa Sim.

Panaga School Weekly editor: Pictured right are our P5 boys, with coach Lee Damian Brady Watts, enjoying their winning medals from the JIS Football Funday. Regards, Cindy

Panaga School Weekly, Issue Thirty-Nine, 11th October 2019

Updates from the Head Teacher’s Desk Another week has flown by in Panaga School and our children have once again experienced so much new learning and development of their skills. P2 enjoyed their trip to Panaga Health Centre and apparently many budding doctors and dentists are now in the making. This again shows the incredible experiences we can provide for our children within the community. Early Years have had an enjoyable Maths Day today exploring so many application of mathematics in real life examples and they are ready to share these with you. Rampayoh Drop Off Please be aware that the drop off point on Rampayoh (for P2 and P3 pupils) is open from 7:20am. However, a member of staff is not on duty until 7:30am. Any children coming before 7:30am should go to the P2 and P3 benches. After the school bell at 7:40am, the gate remains open for a further ten minutes to allow any parents who need to access the drop off point. From 7:50am onwards, the gate is closed and pupils must be brought into school through the front entrance. A Very Muddy Mud Kitchen With all of the rain this week, the children have been dashing out at every opportunity. This week, Pre–Nursery were busy making some very delicious ‘soup’ in the mud kitchen. A very practical example of the wonders of play in the school. I wonder how many of us will be out playing in the mud and rain this weekend! - Mark

Panaga School Weekly, Issue Thirty-Nine, 11th October 2019

Whole School





Robin Belles



Panaga School

all week 8.00am: IPC Exit Point

Mendaram (PN-N) Rampayoh (P1-P3)


2.05pm: P1 Nativity ASA

1.30pm: P2 Exit Point

8.15am: Nursery and P1 Exit Point 8.15am: Nursery and P1 Exit Point

11.00am: PreNursery Exit Point No ASAs

Teraja (P4-P7)


Melilas (M1-M2)

No ASAs 28-Oct





Whole School Mendaram (PN-N) Rampayoh (P1-P3)

2.05pm: P1 Nativity ASA

Teraja (P4-P7)

P5 Exit Point

Melilas (M1-M2)

Under 13 Rugby vs JIS

10.00am: JIS/ISB presentation to parents & M2 students

Event information above is correct at the time of printing. To keep up-to-date with all school events, please go to:

Panaga Student Pupil Portal Pre-Nursery to P5

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Panaga School Weekly, Issue Thirty-Nine, 11th October 2019

Panaga School Weekly, Issue Thirty-Nine, 11th October 2019

Panaga School Weekly, Issue Thirty-Nine, 11th October 2019

We love rainy season in Nursery because it means MUDDY PUDDLES! We used our Personal Qualities of Cooperation, Enquiry, Communication and Adaptability.

Panaga School Weekly, Issue Thirty-Nine, 11th October 2019

Panaga School Weekly, Issue Thirty-Nine, 11th October 2019

As a part of our IPC unit: Treasure, P4 children had a field trip to Bandar to see the treasures in the Royal Regalia Museum and the Malay Technology Museum, last Thursday.

Panaga School Weekly, Issue Thirty-Nine, 11th October 2019

The Royal Regalia houses treasures given to the Sultan by different countries. Also, his chariots, items from his throne room and much more were on display.

This is amazing. The treasures are beautiful.

Wow! There is so much gold everywhere.

Panaga School Weekly, Issue Thirty-Nine, 11th October 2019

The Malay Technology Museum contains treasures in terms of the skills that the Bruneian people had in the water village and on land. We saw different houses, crafters and skills that have now sadly been lost. By the P4 team

It was sad to hear that some of the skills we learnt about are no longer used or taught.

Panaga School Weekly, Issue Thirty-Nine, 11th October 2019

Exploring watercolours in P5 P5 had the privilege of having an artist from the Panaga community in last week. Christina Landry-Boullion shared some of her passions for watercolour painting and taught the children some of her skills. This was part of our IPC Explorers and Adventurers unit and came off the back of studying the explorer and botanical artist, Margaret Mee. The children learnt new knowledge (what equipment a watercolour painter uses) as well as improved their skill of using watercolours. The children were greatly enthused by the visit, and as teachers, we are really excited to see what art the children will produce next week! By the P5 team

Panaga School Weekly, Issue Thirty-Nine, 11th October 2019

P6’s History Research and Recording in CE 900 History 3.10 – To be able to find out about aspect of the past from a range of sources. We used a variety of different sources to research about the daily lives of the Mayans (Kings, Slaves, Farmers, Craftspeople and Priests). We recorded our research in a variety of ways and gathered lots of new knowledge while practising our skills of research.

Ask us what Personal Qualities we used to help us be successful in this learning.

We recorded our learning by making a video using the ‘green screen’ technique.

Do you think there is any International learning in this activity?

By: Miss Maura & Miss Suzanne

Panaga School Weekly, Issue Thirty-Nine, 11th October 2019

Nigeria’s 59th Independence Day Assembly

We thank our Nigerian Community for providing such a sensational learning opportunity through last week’s Nigerian Independence Day Assembly. Teraja and Melilas students were super engaged as we learned about the sounds and beats of Nigeria. We were introduced to various musical instruments and were entertained by rhythmic dancing. Special mention of thanks to Aunty Beverley who led our students in planning and performing this memorable assembly. On behalf of the Panaga School Community, I would like to acknowledge and congratulate Nigeria, for celebrating your 59th Independence Day. - Cindy Bin Tahal

Panaga School Weekly, Issue Thirty-Nine, 11th October 2019

The MFL department welcomed a new language in Melilas recently - Mandarin. The lessons are taught by Miss Jesmin. Miss Steph helps out with the planning and lesson ideas. Since the middle of September, 11 students have taken up this very difficult language. Initially, it was meant to be spoken Mandarin only, however, the students have asked to learn to write in Chinese, using both Pinyin (European lettering with different tones) and Hanzi (Chinese characters). For the first two weeks, the students have learnt greetings and feelings. Except for Miss Steph, all students have made fantastic progress. In the last two weeks, they have been asked to draw a comic using both Pinyin and Hanzi.

Panaga School Weekly, Issue Thirty-Nine, 11th October 2019

Soubhik - M1P

Henry - M2P

Dhurga - M2S

Alfie - M2S

William - M1P

Nana - M1S

Miss Jesmin

Hannah - M2P

Raymond - M2S

Juan - M1S

Joanna - M1P

Miss Steph

Panaga School Weekly, Issue Thirty-Nine, 11th October 2019


For the last month, M1 pupils have been plotting the 24 hour average concentration of PM2.5 particles in the air. This is in response to the recent haze situation which saw concentrations rise to as much as 126¾g/m3 at its worst. Each day, a different pair of pupils took the previous day’s reading from the Teraja air monitor and added it on. We were able to identify weather patterns that led to temporary and longer term reductions in these pollutants. It provided a small focus too for the M2 pupils to help consolidate their learning in the recent chemistry topic of separation techniques. This week, M2 began looking at the processes that drive ecosystems. They started at the production of glucose in plants by looking for evidence of photosynthesis in leaves collected from around the school site. Here they are preparing the leaves for the addition of iodine. One pupil is particularly excited by the changes observed in his red leaf... M2 showed off their learning on the Periodic Table. Pupils produced timelines of discovery for their choice of elements, detailing their uses, abundances, extraction process and any other fun facts! Here we see everything you wanted to know about lead, mercury, hydrogen, nitrogen, uranium, iodine and aluminium but were too afraid to ask. By Mr Simon

Panaga School Weekly, Issue Thirty-Nine, 11th October 2019

Lots of sporting success for Panaga! Results from yesterday’s BJSL: Boys Tag Rugby P5 - 1st P6 - 2nd P7 - 3rd

Girls Netball P5 - 1st P6 - 2nd P7 - 3rd

It has been a busy week in Panaga School Sport: JIS Football Funday, U13 Football and Netball and BJSL Tag Rugby and Netball. Panaga School are victorious bringing home trophies! Big smiles, tremendous effort all around and great school spirit. Fantastic job everyone! By Melissa Sim

Panaga School Weekly, Issue Thirty-Nine, 11th October 2019

This week, we were joined by Small World Role Play ASA from Rampayoh and Orchestra ASA from Teraja. Huge thanks for all of your help to make the beach a cleaner place for everyone.

By Miss Laura and Miss Gina

Panaga School Weekly, Issue Thirty-Nine, 11th October 2019

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