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racerco’s field proven subsea technologies deliver real-time condition monitoring of subsea assets. Established to provide 100% accurate, safe and reliable pipeline pig tracking, Tracerco’s GammaTracTM instrument provides fast, effective and complete control of subsea pig tracking, pig positioning and pig location. Implementing GammaTrac and the use of optimised radioactive sources attached to each pig as part of a pigging campaign, is a simple operation that has a proven track record in the industry. An operator will know exactly where a pig is during inline inspection (ILI), cleaning and de-watering activities, as well as the speed of the pig when multiple GammaTrac instruments are used. Pipeline operators can use this data to minimise the risk of damage to the pipeline and maintain maximised production throughput. Rapid pig detection also ensures that time is saved in locating any lost or stuck pigs, preventing any significant production/financial losses for pipeline operators. Our GammaTrac instrument is also optimised for use with work-class ROV’s and/or divers for up to 3000 m water depth, providing real time results that enable operators to quickly locate a lost or stuck pig and proceed with inspection. With proven reliability, our pig tracking systems

can be deployed throughout the full life cycle of a pipeline – from pre-commissioning through operational requirements to de-commissioning. Whether it is during activities such as tool isolation and positioning (accurate to +/- 5 cm), flooding, cleaning, gauging or dewatering, inline inspection in steel, rigid or pipe in pipe systems or within buried pipelines (up to 0.5 m burial), operators can be secure in the knowledge the location of the pig is known. Accurate and reliable pig tracking can also be applied to foam pigs as part of a pipeline cleaning testing run. Our technologies are used in the non-intrusive subsea pipeline inspection of both unpiggable and piggable coated and uncoated subsea pipelines, to help oil and gas operators better understand flow assurance issues and ensure the integrity of their assets. This ensures that maximum production is achieved.


• Tracerco is involved in a project in Papua New Guinea using intelligent pigs with acoustic resonance technology (ART) to inspect the integrity of a pipeline. Tracerco will monitor the passage of pigs from an onshore metering station to the oil facility onshore through a 34/36 in. production line. • Tracerco will tag and track over 25 pigs using Tracerco’s GammaTrac instruments on multiple FCG pigging projects in Western Australia. • An Australian subsea pipelay project requires Tracerco to accurately confirm the positioning of 2 subsea blocking pigs. Tracerco’s proven pig tracking services will enable the customer to accurately confirm the exact position of the pig and provide the option to confirm the position during TRACERCO’S GAMMATRACTM INSTRUMENT PROVIDES 100% ACCURATE, SAFE the various stages of the AND RELIABLE PIPELINE PIG TRACKING. project.