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remember long hot summers growing up as a kid in country NSW. It was always terribly dry and there was the constant threat of bushfire. The only relief was swimming in the dirty brown water of the creeks and rivers, although that too was often fraught with danger - the sand on the riverbanks burnt your feet as you took running leaps towards the water. Summer in the Pacific is my favourite time of year. The frangipanis are in bloom and mangoes in season and the almost daily afternoon thunderstorms welcomed like an old friend. In our second issue of Pacific Island Living we share tips on surviving the summer heat, from the natural goodness of coconuts to getting a decent night’s sleep. We’ve got summer fashion and décor tips for keeping you and your home cool and some terrific fresh seafood recipes to share, plus we’ve added another eight pages. We’ve been overwhelmed by the feedback from our first issue and so pleased you’ve loved sharing our home with yours. Thank you and enjoy your summer.

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Flying Direct to Nauru Our Airline provides return services from Brisbane to Nauru and Tarawa and between Nauru and Nadi.

CONTACT NUMBERS Our Call Centres are available during normal business hours, Monday to Friday to take your bookings or answer your travel questions.

NAURU - Our Airline within Nauru phone: 5577000 FIJI - One World Flight Centre within Fiji - SUVA phone: 331 5311 - NADI phone: 670 8156 AUSTRALIA - Our Airline within Australia phone: 1300 369 044 International Callers phone: +61 7 3229 6455

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news and views, the people and the places worth knowing about.

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PAINTER IN PARADISE Paul Gaugin, famous for his vibrant Tahiti paintings, led a life at odds with his art.



ISLAND STYLE A combination of the best of the Caribbean and Vanuatu make for a stylish abode.

an island beauty, here are the photos to prove it.


decorating colour of choice in the tropics.


is a reflection of the vision of a French philanthropist whose recreation of colonial Indonesia in the Pacific is a stunning tribute to his attention to detail and

FASHION FLASH Brilliant white and neon brights are the wardrobe must-haves for summer.


LONG DISTANCE LOVE AFFAIR Capri is one of the world’s most glamorous islands. It has over

TREASURE TROVE Long term British expat Clare SANTO SOPHISTICATION Ratua Private Island

THE WHITE HOUSE Classic, cool and fresh white, with a few brights, is the is the easy option and

the centuries attracted the A list celebs from Roman

Moloney shares her favourite things with us.


FAMILY ALBUM The Valele family dynasty is a success story built on the meeting of a Kiwi farmer and

BOOK LOOK Books to inspire you – or just to pore over again and again.


generosity. And fabulously simple but sophisticated.

BEACHCOMBER Every issue we will bring you the

emperors to Hollywood entertainers.


THE BEAUTY OF COCONUT Long regarded throughout the islands as a multi talented little nut the cosmetic benefits are now available to all.

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Above left: The stylish and airy tropical interior of artist, Diana Tam’s house in Vanuatu see more on page 16. Below left: With a spa view like this there’s hardly the need for a masseur, just lie back and relax. Page 22.


THE BEST REST Sometimes steamy tropical nights can make sleep difficult, here’s the answer.


THE MARSHALL ISLANDS 29 coral atolls and five islands - all waiting to be explored.


CHRISTIANA COOKS Surrounded by seafood, our food editor makes the most of the abundance.


EATING OUT A selection of South Pacific dining treats from Noumea to Fiji via Vanuatu.


GET A ROOM The resort report on the places to stay for holiday luxury and fun.


BLOOMING BEAUTIFUL In a climate like ours, it’s no wonder colour, lushness and beauty thrive.


BUY-IN Gayle Stapleton shares her investment tips for getting the best out of your mortgage.


PROPERTY PROFILE From a beachfront compound to rental investments, we show you some of the best island houses for sale.


FACE TO FACE Dean Perkins shares his passion for WWII memorabilia rescued from Pacific jungles.


PHOTO FINISH Some photographs are worth a thousand words!

Pacific Island Living No 2 | Summer 2013 EDITOR Tiffany Carroll email: | phone: (678) 77 47153 ART DIRECTOR Nicole Brown FEATURES EDITOR Georgie Gordon FASHION EDITOR Olivia Waugh FOOD EDITOR Christiana Kaluscha PHOTOGRAPHER Andrew Read CONTRIBUTORS Rod Henshaw, Andrew Read, Toby Preston, Craig Osment, Kerrie Lee, Pat Ingram, Pippa Weber, Tiffany Carroll, Julia Rahui, Nauru Tourism Office, Kiribati Tourism, Angela Evans, Marshall Islands Visitors Authority, Clare Moloney. EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Pat Ingram

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PUBLISHER Craig Osment ADVERTISING INQUIRIES Port Vila - Jackie Potgieter phone: (678) 77 23333 | email: Suva - Moreesha Chetty phone: (679) 9957567 | 9420952 email: Nadi - Aleem Mohammed phone: (679) 9245854 Pacific Island Living, is published quarterly by Photogenic Public Relations | Tiffany Carroll Telephone (678) 77 47153 | Fax (678) 23402 PKF House, Lini Highway | PO Box 322 Port Vila, Vanuatu COPYRIGHT All rights reserved. The contents of this publication may not be reproduced without the permission of the publisher. Articles express the opinions of the author and not necessarily those of Our Airline or Pacific Island Living. Printed by: APOL Find us on Facebook

The People: Behind Your Magazine Behind the scenes, or should that be the scenery, since we’re in the Pacific, we’re making your mag. TIFFANY CARROLL | Editor Tiffany began her career in journalism at GTV 9 in Melbourne before switching to print media with Rural Press newspapers in NSW. She joined the private office of the Premier of Victoria as Press Secretary in the second term of the Kennett Government. Since moving to Vanuatu, Tiffany has written for many clients and has been editing Air Vanuatu’s inflight magazine Island Spirit for four years. NICOLE BROWN | Art Director Nicole is working as a senior designer on Take 5 magazine at ACP Magazines when not immersed in island life on both Pacific Island Living and Island Spirit. Nic’s a graduate in graphic design with an advanced diploma to her name as well as a string consumer magazine design credits. GEORGIE GORDON | Features Editor Georgie’s university studies in communications, journalism and publishing were followed by a successful career in advertising. Georgie now spends much of her time writing about the things she has a passion for, design, food, travel, books, health and beauty. She now resides part time in the region allowing her to pursue her enthusiasm for promoting the pleasures of the Pacific. CHRISTIANA KALUSCHA | Food Editor Christiana studied languages and economics at Cologne University before taking up the life of a sea gypsy sailing the Mediterranean from Spain to Turkey and onwards around the world. Fluent in several languages plus the language of food. Christiana now runs the exclusive boutique B+B, Sarangkita, on the beachfront outside of Port Vila from where she also conducts cooking tours and classes as the creator of Vanuatu Food Safari. OLIVIA WAUGH | Fashion Editor Olivia Waugh is a highly regarded fashion stylist with a career in both retail and editorial. She has been Fashion Editor for the top-selling Australian weekly Woman’s Day and Fashion Director of the glossy monthly SHOP TIL YOU DROP. She is currently Fashion Editor of Australia’s top-selling bridal magazine Bride To Be and a fashion consultant to Westfield.

ANDREW READ | Photographer Andrew worked as a freelance photographer for editorial and commercial clients including New Musical Express, Sounds, Rolling Stone, The Australian Newspaper and The Age. His photographs have appeared in Time, Life, The Bulletin and Newsweek magazines, as well as ABC, BBC and GTV 9. In 2006 he made his permanent base in Port Vila, Vanuatu where he runs his business Vivid Vanuatu and has concentrated his photography in the Pacific region since then. GAYLE STAPLETON | Investment Writer Gayle is the Founder and Director of Stapleton Solutions, a business specialising in finance, consulting and coaching. After a career with ANZ Bank during which she held numerous Chief Executive roles and led the business across the South East Pacific, she established Stapleton Solutions to provide high quality personal, finance, coaching, team and organisational capacity development services to the region. In September 2011, she joined forces with Australian mortgage broking firm Smartline to offer expert home and business loan advice across the Pacific. PAT INGRAM | Editorial Director Pat Ingram has a long and passionate association with magazines. She edited Australian Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar before her 10-year stint as Publishing Director for ACP Magazines’ 16 women’s titles including Woman’s Day and The Australian Women’s Weekly. She currently works as a publishing consultant and editorial director for Fairfax Media. She is a resident of Vanuatu and dreams of spending most of the year here. CRAIG OSMENT | Publisher Craig has over thirty year’s experience as an independent publisher of consumer magazines, books and trade titles. Originally a graphic designer, he was art director of Australian Cosmopolitan, The Bulletin and POL magazine. As a publisher, he has created many consumer magazines including Australian Country Style, The Picture, The Tradie, Australian Country Living along with various motoring, youth, and lifestyle titles. He is also the publisher of Island Spirit the Air Vanuatu in flight magazine and a resident of Vanuatu for the past nine years.

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Beachcomber Every issue we will bring you the news and views, the people and the places from all around the Pacific. BACK TO THE ADIRONDACK Originally designed early last century for a holiday home in Westport New York in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, this simple plank chair, in spite of its mountain heritage, has become synonymous with seaside living and is the beachside chair du jour seen on verandas around the world. The original was made from eleven planks of wood cut from a single piece of timber and featured the wide armrests which distinguish the design. Today they are available everywhere from eBay to Big W stores in Australia and can be shipped flat packed and assembled in minutes with just a screwdriver making them ideal for the Pacific. Although mostly painted white, we love colourful versions too, and this one with optional ottoman.

MANGO AU GO GO Make the most of mango season. This delicious and healthy fruit abounds in the tropics and you can gorge yourself on a whole basketful for just a few dollars. They are perfect eaten fresh but while they are so plentiful you can buy up big and keep mango on your menu all year round. • They freeze well so cut off the cheeks, put into a well sealed plastic bag or container and pop them in the freezer. • Try your hand at making mango ice cream or frozen yogurt • Purée them and freeze in plastic containers or ice block trays • Make mango jam or blend them with other fruits for a great tropical toast topper. • Mango chutney is yet another option, the ideal accompaniment for any curry BAG BARGAINS Give the designer bags a rest and opt for the beauty of basket weave bags this summer. Stylish and practical in classic natural or bright coloured weaves they work for every occasion and go happily from the beach to shopping to dinner out. You’ll find plenty to choose from in every shape and size in the local markets right throughout the tropics, Ours is from the handicraft market in Port Vila where basket weaving is traditionally a women’s handicraft pursuit. Soft woven pandanus baskets with long shoulder straps are used throughout the archipelago with different styles unique to particular regions. Because they are so commonly used as everyday practical items the skills used in making are often overlooked but closer examination reveals distinct artistic styles and intricate designs.

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Beachcomber And if you have anything that’s worth knowing about, get in touch and let us in on the secret. SUNSET SOJOURN Why not get on the water for a close up of the sunset over Vanuatu harbour and Mele Bay. Meridian Charters casts off nightly for the 5 to 7pm leisurely float around the bays which includes gourmet finger food and drinks while you get to see some of the town’s best real estate along the way. The cocktail party-like ambience makes for a great romantic outing before dinner. Jump aboard at the Iririki jetty on the town side.

SHARK FRENZY Looking for something to keep your heart racing for days and you’re not too keen on Mr. Grey? Well, you’ll find 50 shades of wow at the Warwick Fiji’s SPAD Dive Centre. The Warwick Fiji on the Coral Coast offers the only direct boat access straight from its shores to the famed Beqa Lagoon. The Beqa lagoon is full of soft and hard coral dive sites, around 100 in fact, however for those willing to push the boundaries of wow even further, the Shark Dive is a must. Without doubt this is one of the definitive shark dive’s in the world - diving at Lake Reef Bistro with many species of shark. Imagine a close encounter with a Tiger shark, Bull shark, Silver tip, Grey reef, Tawny nurse, White tip, Sicklefin, Lemon shark, Blacktip Reef shark all from one dive site in the wild – in a marine protected area dedicated to protecting sharks. Shark dives operate every Saturday from SPAD at the Warwick Fiji, with reef and other dives available every other day of the week.

AQUATIC EXOTIC The Aquarium des Lagons in Noumea is not only a spectacular visitor experience it is an organisation with serious scientific intent. It’s set near the edge of the lagoon from which it takes water so that the specimens are actually displayed in water nearly identical to that found in the wild. The aquarium’s mission is to give visitors a glimpse of the beauty and diversity of New Caledonia’s aquatic ecosystem by leading them through a variety natural landscapes. Each tank is equipped with its own filtration unit and skylights to allow natural light to penetrate so that the live corals thrive on the microscopic algae they need as food. Education is at the core of what the organisation is about and school children are encouraged to share in the beauty of the marine environment, particularly on December 19 when Santa Claus will be visiting.

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Book look: The Pacific On Paper Our part of the world has been the inspiration for many great reads. By Georgie Gordon TALES OF THE SOUTH PACIFIC (1947) | James A. Michener This classic novel, winner of the Pulizter Prize for Fiction in 1948, tells the story of soldiers, sailors, nurses and natives amid the drama of the Second World War in the exotic South Pacific. The New York Times claims it is ‘Truly one of the most remarkable books to come out of the war.” Rodgers and Hammerstein turned the novel into the huge Broadway hit and it was later made into a blockbuster movie of the same name. The author went on to write Return to Paradise (1951) a collection of essays and short stories describing the island post war before the tourists arrived.

THE HAPPY ISLES OF OCEANIA: PADDLING THE PACIFIC (1992) | Paul Theroux Travel writer and novelist Paul Theroux takes us on his solo voyage through fifty-one islands in the South Pacific by a collapsible kayak. In this real life adventure he paddles through treacherous waters, meets fascinating characters and explores exotic and dangerous destinations. Reeling from a recent split with his wife Theroux takes off on an expedition of self-discovery beginning in New Zealand, through Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu to Tonga, Samoa, Fiji and Tahiti, ultimately ending up thousands of kilometers away in Hawaii. With his usual candid, often dour but always amusing prose this is a fascinating journey to follow.

MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY (1932) | Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall The most famous of all novels set in the South Pacific, Mutiny on the Bounty recounts the tragic saga of Captain James Bligh and his ill-fated ship HMS Bounty culminating when his crew, led by Fletcher Christian, mutinied in Tahiti in 1789. Touted as one of the most thrilling sea adventures ever written this novel has sold millions of copies around the world and inspired no less than three films. A true classic.

HENDERSON’S SPEAR (2002) | Ronald Wright This compelling novel is an exploration of family ties spanning across a century from England to Polynesia and back again. A tale of love and loss, it captivates the reader with the plight of the protagonist Olivia from a Tahitian jail and the dual narrative by her late father during the war, both following a similar geographical and emotional journey. Author Ronald Wright demonstrates how one’s actions can affect and be reflected by generations to come. Henderson’s Spear is an epic and moving novel that also provides a wonderful understanding of the cultural landscape of the South Sea Islands.

THIRTY DAYS IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC (2005) | Various Authors Thirty true stories exploring the wonders of the South Pacific, from Tahiti and Samoa to Palau and Vanuatu. Engaging stories of escapes to paradise and some witty and entertaining musings of the road less travelled. Thirty Days in the South Pacific gives readers an insight into the many island groups that make up this beautiful part of the world and opens up possible experiences for both the experienced and novice traveller.

THE MOON AND SIXPENCE (1919) | W. Somerset Maugham A fictional account of the life of painter Paul Gauguin, whom author Maugham makes British and changes his name to Charles Strickland. The Moon and Sixpence depicts the artist in the grips of obsession with his creativity after he moves to Tahiti to paint. All books featured are available at

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OD-N AIWO HOTEL Situated on Nauru in the midst of town, just near the Civic Centre, Aiwo Hotel is a family owned and operated hotel. Rates are available for both long or short term stays. Self contained suites, double and single rooms available.

For more information contact: Phone: +(674) 5569203 | Email:

art smart

Painter In Paradise in

u g u a G Paul

Paul Gauguin was probably the world’s most famous painter of island life, having sailed to Tahiti in 1891 he ended up spending the rest of his days in the South Pacific having been seduced by, not only the culture but apparently numerous young women along the way. By Toby Preston.


The man himself, one of numerous self-portraits, this one from 1893. In spite of having escaped to the South Pacific, poor old Paul was never, it seems, an entirely happy man even though his glowing, colourful and inspiring paintings radiate life and contentment. He died without the recognition he deserved.

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orn in France in 1848 Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin, the country’s leading post-impressionist painter ultimately became disillusioned with what he described as “everything that is artificial and conventional” and sailed off for French Polynesia where he recorded on canvas the “primitive” and exotic lifestyle of the South Pacific. Prior to his flight to the Pacific, Gauguin was a peripatetic and depressive individual in search of an ideal life. His travels began as a child when his mother took him to Peru and, later at seven years old returned to France to live in Orléans where the family had originated. While his father was a journalist, his background was that of a market gardener (gauguin means "walnut grower") and after several years back in France young Paul, at seventeen, joined the merchant marine as a pilot's assistant after which he joined the French navy and sailed for the Caribbean, and his first taste of island living. Upon learning of his mother's death, he returned to Paris in 1871 where he became a stockbroker and successful businessman for eleven years. He married Mette-Sophie Gad, a Danish woman in 1873 and later moved to Copenhagen which was not good for either his career or his marriage which fell apart prompting a return to Paris in 1885 where he took up full time painting. Some time later he set off for Martinique in search of more idyllic landscapes and work as a labourer on the construction of the Panama Canal, which was a short-lived career choice. Finally in 1891 he sailed for the first time to French Polynesia where he wrote Noa Noa describing his experiences in Tahiti. In 1895 he again left France, never to return after which his time in Tahiti and Hiva Oa Island in the Marquesas was to become the subject of much interest due to his notorious reputation for his sexual exploits with numerous young Polynesian women many of whom became the subjects of his famed paintings, as well it seems in some cases the mothers of several more children. His quest for a less "conventional" life

Above: Manau Tupupau (The Spirit of the Dead Watches). Below: Femmes de Tahiti 1891, from the Musée d’Orsay collection.

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Islandistyle t r a g n tati Life im

South Pacific artist Diana Tam and her husband Lindsay Barrett open their doors to Pacific Island Living.

16 | Islandliving paciďŹ c

The Tam-Barrett house has both formal and informal dining rooms. Diana's collection of Asian art and dining ware strikes a lovely pose

18 | Islandliving paciďŹ c






island getaways

Fabulous Folly n o i t a c i t phis

o s o t n a S

Ratua Private Island is the stunningly beautiful brainchild of a French philanthropist whose private folly is now shared with the lucky few discerning travellers. Craig Osment was among them.


he sleek, canopied motor launch glides to a stop at the jetty. A platter of iced towels is offered along with a tall fresh fruit juice, which is more like a glass of fruit pulp than a liquid. The beachside BBQ is already alight, with two lobsters standing by, as we are led to our suite of villas to freshen up before lunch. The table is a huge plank of rough-hewn hardwood long enough to seat up to 20 people. Today it is set for two in the dappled shade within two metres of the perfectly limpid waters of the channel on which Ratua Private Island sits. The silence is so complete that a deliberate noise is needed every so often in order to remind yourself that you aren’t going deaf. This is absolute tranquillity and serenity in a climate close to blood temperature. It’s a form of total immersion that is all-enveloping. If I weren’t so practical and connected with modernity, I imagine it might be the embodiment of a Zen-like transmutation. Are you getting the picture? There simply aren’t enough travel brochure clichés to do justice to this place. It is another world but within another world, as I’ll explain. The genesis was in 2005 when the owner was sailing across the Pacific and found himself enchanted by

22 | Islandliving pacific

Vanuatu’s untouched lifestyle. So as you do, you buy your own island. You then create a private paradise before deciding to share it with paying guests and then donating all profits to the local community’s education system – simple. The slightly more difficult part is the architectural style. All 40 dwellings date back to the 19th century and originate from Java and Sumatra. Each was carefully disassembled, shipped to Bali for restoration, then shipped to Espiritu Santo and then to Ratua where a team of Indonesian artisans faithfully reconstructed them on the shores of this 146-acre island in the South Pacific. The final result is a slightly schizophrenic Indo-Oceania ambience – a sort of Bali without the belly or the bombs, right down to the outrigger canoes, which usually adorn the beach at Sanur but now rest in water that is so pure that if it weren’t salt you could drink it. It’s also Sanur without the sewage, and Kuta without the cutthroat street vendors. The detailing is a wonder in itself: there’s no TV, no radio, Main picture: The overwater spa sits on the pristine waters of the Canal du Bruat just off Santo in Vanuatu. Right: The accommodation.

islandliving | 23 pacific

Above: Ratua Private Island is five star, barefoot casual in the Pacific. Below: A beautifully restored Indonesian day bed on a villa veranda.

24 | Islandliving pacific

Above: The open air spa has private and double rooms, all with breath-taking views. Below: Lunch on the beach in perfect peace.

no plastic, no glass and nothing to disturb the impression that you’re enjoying the simple splendour of a Dutch colonial existence in the East Indies a century ago. The electrical switches are circular dark brown bakelite, the modern efficient fridges are shrouded in beautiful teak cabinets that at first glance appear to be ice chests with old fashioned brass catches, the electrical cabling is covered in braided fabric and attached with traditional brass clips. The bathroom hand basins are polished granite scooped from irregular lumps of stone, the shower room is just that – a timber room with a floor waste and a copper pipe with a shower rose plus a shuttered timber window. The entire interior of each villa is timber with that impossibleto-recreate patina of age, and worn to a velvet-smoothness that is a tactile sensation on bare feet. Stunning colonial artefacts and Indonesian antiques are casually scattered throughout and the cool is courtesy of ceiling fans suspended from the 4 metre timber shingled pitched roof. The verandas nestle under wide eaves that plunge to within a couple of metres of the ground and protect netted daybeds and bespoke leather stitched and upholstered lounge chairs and cane armchairs. Our villa consisted of three interconnected individual bungalows,one for sleeping, one for lounging and one for washing, all linked by covered verandas with wooden fretwork decoration.

islandliving | 25 pacific

Above: Balinese outrigger canoes for guest use moored outside the Yacht Club at sunset. Opposite from top: The spa; breakfast freshly prepared:

All 15 villas are surrounded by lush tropical planting and face directly on to the sea and include beautiful boardwalks and decks over the water. Direct access to sandy beaches, an outdoor shower and sun beds complete the picture. The three public pavilions that make up the Yacht Club are in fact restored silos, or granaries with thatched (natangura) roofs and include some of the beautiful original millstones mounted on plinths as part of the décor. The atmosphere is cool and club-like with cowhide rugs, carved leather club chairs, beautiful circular pedestal dining tables and antique dressers. All three buildings – the dining room, lounge and bar – open on to a courtyard for outdoor dining facing the sea. The service is cheerful and impeccable with two staff for each guest at full capacity and the Ni-Vanuatu laconic charm is absolutely compatible with the pace of life on Ratua. Then there’s the food. In line with the simplicity of the total experience, there is no menu (guests are asked in advance about food and wine preferences and the chef is happy to hone a menu to specific guest requests). Whatever is fresh on the day is cooked to perfection and presented with pared back flair. Whether it’s lobster, beef carpaccio, freshly-made mango or coconut sorbet, local beef fillet, free range island chicken, or a fresh fruit sabayon, every dish is irresistible and the portions perfectly calculated for three courses. A large part of the kitchen’s secret is the organic freshness

26 | Islandliving pacific

of the produce. The island sustains its own market garden, its own herd of beef (50 head), pigs, chickens, goats and an endless supply of seafood (lobster, poulet, mahi mahi, yellow fin tuna and wahoo) from the surrounding waters and delivered to the jetty daily. In fact, sustainability is at the core of the management philosophy for Ratua. The island aims to be fully self-sufficient and is well on the way already. All water is harvested in tanks and all produce is either grown on the island or comes from the neighbouring islands of Santo, Aore or Malo. With the exception of the wine list – Australian, New Zealand and French, some of which (the Espiritu Maligno) comes from the owner’s own vineyard – almost everything is home-grown. The environmental sensitivity doesn’t end there. As I mentioned the most extraordinary aspect of Ratua, is that in spite of the luxuriousness of the guest experience all profits are returned to the local community through the Ratua Foundation. The foundation concentrates on providing educational facilities and equipment to local schools and assists with materials, expertise, labour and money. There is a building on the island dedicated to the foundation and its works which displays the results of its efforts and encourages participation. This could be as simple as donating text-books or stationery, new or used, as believe it not there are local kids who have to share a pencil in class or tear pages out of their exercise books to share with other students. But wait there’s more … for those with an equine inclination

riding in paradise; the Yacht Club.

PICTURES: Craig Osment and Andrew Read

there is a horse ranch and riding facilities, there are electric buggies for the more sedentary, there’s abundant snorkelling and diving equipment including wetsuits, and guests are welcome to take the outrigger canoes with either sails or outboard motors for around-island outings. There are also canoes which you can paddle to the nearby blue hole or mountain bikes for a quick circuit around the palm plantation. You can also venture further afield and catch the many Santo sights. Or for some true pampering and a relaxing remedial massage try the overwater spa which opens wide to spectacular views of the channel. For the game fishing fraternity there is a dedicated ‘fishing village’ which accommodates ten and includes all facilities for cleaning and preparing the day’s catch straight off the boat. This place is the essence of elegant simplicity and sophistication; its raison d’être is to deliver an island-paced, informal and private experience to people who understand. Ratua Private Island is wet-hair casual, you can literally snorkel from your villa to the Yacht Club, grab a beach towel and sip a cocktail in your swimsuit if you choose. Equally, you can dress up for dinner in a Camilla kaftan and thongs, or shorts and a t-shirt (depending on your gender preferences) and you’ll feel just as comfortable. It’s come-as-you-are; the sea turtles do. If you just want to evade the paparazzi, from one to 28 people can rent the entire island. POA, see: •

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Valele Family Dynasty A Kiwi farmer won the heart of Miss Santo 1978 and today they’re a formidable farming success story


WEDDING BELLS ON ESPIRITU SANTO Kiwi expat Peter Colmar married Madeline Valele, the only daughter of Chief Titus Valele of Tatuba Island in Vanuatu. They wed at their family home known as Master Mi, an old plantation house in east coast Santo. Built in 1936 the home is famous for its hexagonal shaped rooms and it is believed parts of the book Tales of the South Pacific were written here.


CHECK UP FOR A 14 YR OLD CHIEF IN WAITING Chief Titus Karu Valele in August 1943 having his teeth inspected by soldiers. During war time Chief Titus and his father Paramount Chief Samson Vurosole Valele were friends

28 | Islandliving pacific

with many soldiers who occupied Tutuba Island. Chief Titus still lives there to this day.


BEAUTY QUEEN Winner of the Miss Santo Beauty Pageant, Madeline is pictured with Miss New Hebrides 1978. Madeline now works for the family kava export business Valele Trust and is an avid gardener.


SHAPE SHIFTER Paramount Chief Samson Vurosole Valele was the paramount chief of Tutuba island, and was known for having







special healing powers. It’s been said that when a patient of his was struck down by black magic he could shape shift into an animal to go into the bush and find the appropriate kastom medicine (leaf) that was needed to heal the patient.

BIG BROTHER Before independence, the British government kept a card file on all expats living in Vanuatu. The Colmar’s received Peter’s in 2011.


8 9

JUST GRANDPA TO US Christopher (Kiki) and Charlotte Colmar with Chief Titus Karu Valele.


LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON Peter with eldest son Christopher (Kiki). Kiki grew up dreaming of working for his father on the family farm. He studied at agricultural college in Australia and now lives in Vanuatu with his Kiwi girlfriend Julz, his Toyota Hilux and four dogs.

LIFE ON THE FARM Peter with Nicole (standing), Charlotte and Kiki.

HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS The family today: from left William, Kiki, Madeline, Charlotte, Peter, Nicole. William and Charlotte live and work in New Zealand, Kiki and Peter are in Santo, Madeline is based between both countries. Nicole is in Australia working as a freelance writer and news editor. •

islandliving | 29 pacific

working with white

Cane chair: available from

Above left: A whitewashed daybed dressed in its best stripes. Below left: Vivid coloured cushions enliven a white sofa. Above: White to the max with a gallery of framed art. Right: Classic white mozzie net with timber and tans. Below: A new take on the cane armchair.

islandliving | 31 paciďŹ c

white plus bright Above left: When not in use, use jugs filled with flowers for decoration. Far left: A classic chair reupholstered in stunning white leather. Left: Lunch table set with white and stripe. Above: Bright cushions add impact to a white daybed. Right: complement white with an angelic neutral.


he tropics are the perfect backdrop for decorating with white. Its fresh classic timelessness adds instant style. Don't be afraid about keeping it clean, loose covers need simply to be thrown into the washing machine with a cup of bleach to restore them to their original pristine state. You can opt for the all-white house but picking up on the gorgeous vibrant shades of hot sunny climes brings the outdoors inside and adds that burst of colour that contrasts so spectacularly. White need not be limited to your walls and furnishing. Try lime washing your floors or get handy with the paintbrush

on favourite pieces of furniture that would benefit from a makeover. Here are a few tips for making white work effortlessly: • White is not just white, there are so many shades. Be careful to choose one that is not so brilliant it is blinding in the daylight, or too blue or yellow which will either look grey in some lights or dirty. • White does have to be washed regularly so choose fabrics for your furnishing that can be easily removed. Cottons are not only eminently suitable but retain their crispness, are cool to sit on and not expensive to replace over time. 

islandliving | 33 pacific







12 1 JETS by Jessika Allen Embrace in White Lace moulded cup bandeau with zig zag trim and boning $110.00; 2 Converse Canvas plimsoll $63 available from; 3 Millie Loves Min ‘Summer Sandals’ in Cream $139,; 4 The Shanti Butterfly: She’s Got Wings Top $139.00; 5 87/16 Classique Steel White Ceramic $375.00 www.; 6 Sheike Forever Maxi Dress $149.95; 7 Helmut Luxe jersey t-shirt $88 available from; 8 Witchery hat $49.95; 9 River Island Silver metallic oversized clutch, £28; 10 Ben Amun white chain link necklace at Trilby Phoenix $385.00; 11 Harris Scarfe Tie Shorts $39.95; 12 Seed Heritage scarf $19.95.; 13 River Island White studded longline vest, UK£20; 14 Rachel Gilbert ‘Evie Sleeve dress’ $750.00

14 islandliving | 35 pacific






11 1 Bex Rox Neon rose gold chain cuff $198 available from; 2 Elliatt Fluxus Shorts $74.95 for stockists call (+612) 8065 1666 or www.; 3 Karen Walker Harvest sunglasses $329 www.zarabryson.; 4 Missoni x Havaianas $69.95; 5 Diva Pink watch $22.99; 6 House of Holland Oversize Silk Tee dress $310; 7 Lovisa Bracelet $19.99; 8 Millie Loves Min ‘Hush Dress’ in Jewel. $109; 9 Aila Neon yellow spike clutch $300 available from; 10 Sheike Havana Dress (Neon Yellow) $119.95; 11 Seed Heritage Pink Sandals $89.95 12 MoltenRelic Necklace $129 www.moltenstore. com; 13 Sheike Pacific Skirt (Emerald) $89.95; 14 Nancy Ganz Chic Control Swimsuit – Fiesta Red $169.95; All prices RRP in AUD.

14 islandliving | 37 pacific

islandliving | 39 paciďŹ c

long distance love affair

The Isle OfeCapri vita c l o d a l

Glamourous visitors, wealthy residents, peerless literary connections, dramatic scenery, stylish street-life, Capri has it all and qualifies as one of the world’s must-see islands. Craig Osment takes the short speedboat trip from the very colourful Naples to la dolce vita on the jewel of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

islandliving | 41 paciďŹ c

islandliving | 43 paciďŹ c

Above: The view across the Marina Piccola to the Faraglioni from the Terra Ciro a Mare restaurant which sits on the beachfront. Below: The colourful little beachside huts of the Bagni Internazionali.

railway or a car to the top of the hill and the famed Piazzetta.

After exploring the eastern end of the island which should include a visit to the Marina Piccola, and a meal at Terrazza Ciro a Mare, right on the seaside at Bagni Internazionali, a trip to Anacapri is essential. A scenic three-kilometre drive from Capri, Anacapri is the quieter sibling of the glamorous and relatively bustling main attraction. It’s home to the more traditional version of Capri and where you’ll find local craft and access to some of the best natural attractions. 

islandliving | 45 pacific

‘Indian Fusion Restaurant & Bar. Lunch | Dinner | Drinks. Pizzas Friday & Saturday nights.

Located at Anibare Bay, Nauru. (between Capelle and Menen)

Our Airline is the national carrier of the Republic of Nauru, operating passenger and freight services to and from the Central Pacific. Our Airline provides return services from Brisbane to Nauru and Tarawa and between Nauru and Nadi. islandliving | 47 paciďŹ c

1. Barlean’s Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 473ml $12.50

7. Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Crème 125g $8.50

Coconut oil has a super hydrating effect so it’s great as a moisturiser to soften dry skin. It can be also be used as a deep cleanser due to its antibacterial properties and acts as a natural sunscreen, protecting skin even further. There are also claims that ingesting it improves circulation and restores elasticity in the skin. Supermodel Miranda Kerr swears she can’t live without it and reportedly takes four teaspoons every day. Available from

Get your soles sandal-ready with this indulgent foot creme. Enriched with a blend of super-saturated coconut oil and other natural emollient ingredients to prevent dry, cracked and rough skin and maintain super soft, smooth feet. Available from

2. EMINENCE Coconut Sugar Scrub 250ml $47.00 An antioxidant rich moisturising scrub comprising of coconut oil to hydrate the skin blended with raw sugar cane granules full of Alpha Hydroxy Acid for natural exfoliation. Containing comfrey to strengthen skin and cucumber to refresh and tone. This is a great preparation for all skin types. Available from

3. LAURA MERCIER Almond Coconut Milk Honey Bath 300g $57.00 Spoil yourself and create a spa experience at home with this luxurious moisturising bath creme. Twirl the wooden honey dipper in the jar and place under running water to create fragrant bubbles. The coconut milk prevents your skin from drying out. Emerge relaxed, cleansed and softly scented. Available from

4. KIEHL’S Extra Strength Conditioning Rinse With Added Coconut Oil 500ml $50.00 All Kiehl’s products are formulated with naturally derived ingredients to produce optimum results and this conditioner is no exception. A moisturising and detangling rinse that actually works this will leave your hair extra soft and smelling gorgeous. Available from

5. Organic Fiji Fragrance-Free Nourishing Soap $7.50 Gentle enough to use on your face as well as your body this soap contains no harsh ingredients and is paraben free. Made in Fiji from 100% certified organic coconut oil it acts as an effective moisturiser and cleanser. Available from

6. Pure Fiji Hydrating Coconut Body Mist 207ml $25.00 Nourish your skin with this refreshing body spray. A soothing combination of coconut milk and exotic leaf extracts. This is the perfect hydrator after too much tropical sun that will also give you a luscious glow. Available from

8. Palmer’s Coconut Milk Creamy Body Butter 170g $10.00 Pamper yourself with this luxurious body butter containing combined organic coconut oil and pure coconut milk to drench dry skin with rich concentrated moisture. Non greasy formula that will soothe and smooth. Almost good enough to eat. Available from (All prices in AUD)

Tips on how to add coconut oil to your beauty routine: • Massage coconut oil directly into your skin and remove the oil gently with a warm damp flannel cloth to wipe away impurities and cleanse the pores. • For a weekly hair conditioning treatment rub some oil into your dry hair before bed, tie it up and wash out in the morning, your hair will turn from straw to silk in no time. The fortifying acids penetrate the hair shaft and reduce protein loss, giving you added shine and less split ends. • Rich in moisturising fatty acids, coconut oil is an excellent moisturiser, it strengthens your skin’s connective tissue and has antioxidant properties that will leave it softer, smoother and youngerlooking. Apply a little at a time so that it is absorbed properly. It is also great for dry chapped lips and applied directly to problem areas such as elbows and knees. • Ingesting coconut oil is said to increase the body’s metabolism and enhance immune system function resulting in possible weight loss, increased energy and overall health improvement. We suggest adding a tablespoon to your breakfast smoothie or porridge and replacing your preferred cooking oil with it.

islandliving | 49 pacific


re you sick of counting sheep? Do you need an alarm clock to wake you in the morning? Do you rely on coffee to get you through the day? Do you try to ‘catch up’ on sleep at the weekends? Six to eight hours of good sleep is the optimal amount for most people, but many of us are getting a lot less and would answer a resounding yes to at least one of these questions. Sleep deprivation is extremely common today and can be very detrimental to your health. Beyond the physical effects such as weakening your immune system and accelerating tumour growth, sleep deprivation also has a major impact on mental and emotional health, affecting work performance and personal relationships. Here we reveal five simple principles to help you achieve the perfect night’s sleep to leave you refreshed and productive throughout the day and generally healthier and happier.

your sleeping environment

It is very important to create a relaxing ambience in your bedroom to prepare your mind and body for rest and sleep. Create a sanctuary for yourself with a comfortable and supportive bed, cotton sheets, low lighting and scented candles. Eliminate television, computers and turn off your phone at bedtime. Electromagnetic fields disrupt melatonin and serotonin and in turn disrupt your sleeping patterns. Make it as dark and as quiet as possible. Try using earplugs and an eye mask if you are not able to control the noise and light. Keep your bedroom cool. Body temperature and the brain’s sleep-wake cycle are closely linked. More than 18 degrees but less than 30 degrees is ideal. Use cotton or wool blankets as heavy doonas can tend to cause you to overheat.


preparing for sleep

Winding down physically and mentally is essential to getting a good nights sleep. Try and stop any work at least an hour before bedtime and engage in relaxing exercises or rituals. For example take a warm bath. Try to avoid planning and worrying. Professor Leon C. Lack, author of Sleep Well, Live Better, advises establishing a nightly routine, that once commenced will signal to the body you are ready for sleep. Also try to go to bed and get up at around the same time everyday, even on weekends, create a pattern for your body and mind to follow.

modify your lifestyle choices

Your diet and overall health can have a dramatic effect on how well you sleep.

Caffeine is a powerful stimulant that increases your alertness, it is best to avoid it from lunch time onwards so it doesn’t reduce your ability to fall asleep. Ideally you should eliminate caffeine altogether, if you choose to do so Professor Lack advises reducing your caffeine intake slowly to avoid withdrawal symptoms such as headaches. Although alcohol has the opposite effect to caffeine, acting as a sedative, it is still detrimental to your sleep. Even though it may help you get to sleep once the alcohol wears off withdrawal symptoms occur leading to disturbed sleep in the second part of the night. Regular exercise helps promote a deeper sleep along with all its other health benefits. You should avoid vigorous exercise in the late evening, however something light such as yoga or stretching before bed may be beneficial. Eating a large dinner may cause indigestion and heartburn making sleep difficult. A lighter meal two hours before bedtime is recommended. Also, avoid drinking large amounts of liquid to reduce the number of night-time bathroom visits.

control napping and drowsiness

A nap may seem like the perfect refresher at the time, especially after a big meal or a terrible sleep the night before, however be careful about sleeping during the day. Try and ward off the drowsiness by getting active, take a brisk walk or do a quick chore. If you feel you must nap keep it to a maximum of 15 - 20 minutes. And try not to dose off in front of the television or whilst reading after dinner as you will more often than not find yourself wide awake at bedtime.

avoid sleeping pills

According to Professor Lack, sleep medication should only be recommended for short term use. Many sleeping pills only have some benefit for a couple of weeks and then once you stop taking them cause a rebound effect including feelings of anxiety and poor sleep that can be as bad or worse than before. Opt for more natural remedies such as a valerian supplement or chamomile tea. Lavender on your pillow is said to have a calming effect and may also help you sleep. Lastly, if you find you still can’t sleep don’t lie there worrying about it. It is better to get up and do something that relaxes you to distract yourself, then go back to bed once you feel sleepy again. Sweet dreams.  If you’d like to know more about overcoming sleep problems then, the definitive book Sleep Well Live Better, 3 Steps to Better Sleep by leading experts in the field, Dr Leon Lack PhD and Dr Helen Wright PhD from Flinders University in South Australia, is available at:

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As one of Port Vila’s iconic hotels, The Melanesian has recently undergone an AU$1,000,000 renovation. Oasis Poolside Bar and Grill | Adult & kids pool | Le Melanesian restaurant BBQ and Culture Entertainment Night | Club 21 Casino and Gaming Lounge Located a short walking distance to Vila’s vast array of restaurants, markets and shops. The Melanesian……arrive as a guest, leave as a friend!

t. +678 22150 | f. +678 22678 |

■ A tiny jewel in the Vanuatu archipelago, White Grass Ocean

Resort is situated on the remote island of Tanna, a 45 minute flight south of Vanuatu’s main island. ■ 14 Ocean View Bures are nestled amongst beautiful tropical gardens, 100m from pristine coral reef. ■ Each bure has a balcony, ceiling fans, ensuite, small refrigerator and coffee & tea making facilities. Our facilities include; oceanfront bar & restaurant, swimming pool, massage bure and a jetty for easy access to our spectacular reef. ■ Other activities include ; Volcano Safari, Custom Village, Blue Cave & Black Magic Tours, Game Fishing and Waterfall/Black Sand Surf Beach Safari.

Phone: 678 30010

Fax: 678 30011


From our rooms to our restaurant... ...come see for yourself... ...why we were voted Best Hotel 2010.


. 2010 WINNER


Fatumaru Bay, Lini Highway, Port Vila

p: 27079


Dreaming of the Pacific way of life?

Islands. Resorts. Business. Living

AQUA | sanctum is a premium realtor and broker specialising in the sales and marketing of islands, resorts, commercial land, businesses and quality residential property in Vanuatu, Fiji and the Solomon Islands. If you’re looking to buy or sell a significant asset in the South Pacific, view our website or contact AQUA | sanctum today for a wealth of experience and professional advice. Mark Saville tel: +678 554 9277

Visit Vanuatu’s most trusted real estate agent

Sue Bedford Telephone +678 7742095

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Made up of 29 coral atolls and five single islands makes the Marshall Islands unique among island nations with stunning views to match.

islandliving | 55 paciďŹ c

there are countless species of marine life and myriad arrays of colourful coral which make the Marshall Islands a scuba paradise.

islandliving | 57 paciďŹ c


Fr8 Logistics is perfectly positioned at 1 Wharf Road, Port Vila, to look after all your shipping arrangements, both into and out of Vanuatu, via Air, Sea or Courier.

Allow us the privilege of serving you by contacting us on or

+678 27744

Beachfront Resort For Sale ‘Lots 10 -20 Beachside’ ‘Lots 3 - 9 Beachfront’

‘Lot 2 Resort & Villas’

Efate Island, Vanuatu

21 acres with 450 metres beachfront (approx.)

Invest or live in your own “Slice of Paradise”. Surrounded by lush tropical landscape, beautiful blue ocean & coral reefs ideal for snorkeling, the Benjor Beach Club & Resort is fully operational with resident managers on-site. The resort ensures total relaxation for guests staying in the 15 beach villas scattered throughout the grounds with pool, tennis court, mini putt putt golf course, 150 seat restaurant and superb position overlooking the beach. Resort & Villas (Lot 2) for Sale by Private Treaty. Additional Lots (3 - 20) for sale by negotiation, individually or as a parcel. The property lends itself to various options including construction of an International Hotel. See Web Link:

Neil Hamilton

Mob:+678 7739672

For further information, contact exclusive agent

Carol Carter Mob:+61 414 760 305

Tangy Marinated Fish Salad (serves 4) ingredients

• 400g white fish fillets (parrot fish, whiting, snapper or other fine fleshed fish) • ½ cup rice vinegar • ½ cup lime juice • 1 red onion very thinly sliced • 4 Tsp caster sugar • 2 Tsp sea salt • 1 heaped Tbsp minced mint • 1 heaped Tbsp coriander • 1 chilli, seeded and minced • 1 Tbsp minced ginger • 1 Tbsp crisp fried shallots • 3 Tbsp crushed roasted peanuts • 2 Green tomatoes or grapefruit filets • Coriander for garnish


marinated fish salad with mint and coriander.

• Wash and dry fish fillets and cut into 1 cm thick and 5 cm long slices • Place fish in a bowl and cover with the vinegar and lime juice. Mix and marinate for 1 hour. • After 30 minutes, put the onion slices in a separate bowl, sprinkle with the sugar and 1 tsp. of sea salt and massage everything into the onions using your fingers. • Marinate for 30 Minutes • After fish has marinated 1 hour, transfer to a sieve and rinse briefly under water. Pat dry with paper towel and move to a bowl. • Squeeze the onions to remove as much liquid as possible. Combine the onion, fish, and 1 tsp. of sea salt, mint, coriander, ginger, chilli, peanuts and shallots and mix well. • Garnish with green tomato cut into slices, or peeled grapefruit slices and coriander leaves.

front of my doorstep. I’d like to share some recipes with you and hope you will enjoy preparing and eating them with family and friends as much as I do.

Vanuatu food safari

Christiana Kaluscha is renowned after 20 years in Vanuatu as a culinary maven and operator of Vanuatu Food Safari which offers food tours and cooking classes for locals and visitors alike. These one-day culinary adventures can be booked by visiting

islandliving | 61 pacific

Moqueca de Bahia - Brazilian Seafood Stew (serves 4) I first encountered this dish cruising in the archipelago of Los Roques in Venezuela. My South American friend Lucretia prepared it for us on board. It is delicious and easy to prepare! I have been a devotee ever since. The waters of these remote islands were full of fish and lobsters and a new recipe was always welcome. Moqueca is a seafood stew with the fresh flavours of lime and coconut and finished with Brazil’s favourite dendê oil (optional).


• ½ kg of white fish filets (cod, snapper, wahoo), cut into small medallions • ½ kg of green prawns (peeled and deveined) or raw lobster tail (cut into chunks) • Juice of 2 limes • 1 Tbsp of white vinegar • 1 onion, sliced • 6 cloves of garlic, crushed • 1 Tbsp Tomato Paste • 1 Tsp Sea Salt • 1 red or yellow capsicum, cored, seeded, deveined and sliced into rings • 5 medium size tomatoes, peeled, seeded and chopped • 1 Tbsp grated ginger

• 5 chillies, medium hot, chopped • 1 cup fish stock • 2 - 3 Tbsp dendê oil (optional) • 1 bunch of spring onions, finely slice 1 bunch of coriander, chopped • 1 cup of thin coconut milk • 1 cup of thick coconut milk • Black pepper and salt to taste


• Make a marinade with the lime juice, onion, garlic, ginger, chillies, vinegar and salt. • Marinate the fish and prawns or lobster for 30 minutes. • Put mixture into a saucepan and add ½ the coriander, tomatoes, tomato paste, capsicum and black pepper to taste. • Add fish stock and thin coconut milk and cook over low heat until the prawns or lobster and fish are just cooked (3 - 4 min) • Add the thick coconut milk, bring to the boil, and immediately remove from the heat, add the dendê oil, cover and let stand for 5 -10 minutes. • Decorate with remaining coriander and serve with rice.

“I am a landlubber now but live right on the ocean in Vanuatu. Cooking, especially with seafood, is still my passion.”

Christiana at the Teouma prawn farm in Vanuatu. Left the makings of a delicious, freshTuna Tartare.

islandliving | 63 pacific

Dining in the Pacific ranges from intimate and simple to sophisticated and fun, but if you choose well the ingredients and produce are always fresh. Try Wild Ginger in Vanuatu (right) Wicked Walu in Fiji (left) or Le FarĂŠ and Le Sextant at Le Meridien (above and top right) in Noumea, New Caledonia.

islandliving | 65 paciďŹ c



â– Offering warm island hospitality and service, Menen Hotel provides well furnished rooms with fridge, T.V and coffee making facilities at a scenic location. â–  Bar & Restaurant, ATM machine, internet access, Health and fitness centre and Coffeholic Section.

Contact: Phone: +(674) 5578020 | +(674) 5578021 | +(674) 5578022



OYSTER ISLAND, SANTO, VANUATU This magnificent tropical paradise is located on the eastern side of Espiritu Santo, the largest of Vanuatu’s 83 islands, and is a mere 15km drive from Luganville. The location allows for a variety of activities and the local knowledge allows Oyster’s fabulous staff to give you a genuine glimpse of Vanuatu life. Whether you are honeymooners, semi-retired or simply in need of a break from real life, Oyster Island Resort has an experience for you. Wake up to spectacular scenery from the comfort of your waterfront bungalow, and then spend a day leisurely enjoying all this unique island has to offer.

68 | Islandliving pacific

Snorkel the beautiful reefs and WWII plane wreck, go fishing, or kayak up the river to the stunning Blue Holes. The number one activity on Santo, the Mount Hope River and Waterfall trip is offered exclusively through Oyster Island Resort. Perhaps swinging in a hammock under the coconut trees or just picking up a packed lunch to spend the day on one of our nearby secluded islands is more your style. For booking enquiries:: T: (678) 36 283 E:


THE MELANESIAN PORT VILA HOTEL As one of Port Vila’s iconic hotels,


This magnificent tropical paradise is located on the eastern side of Espiritu Santo, the largest of Vanuatu’s 83 islands

The Melanesian has recently undergone an AU$1,000,000 renovation that has seen it transformed into a quality 3 star contemporary property. Located a short walking distance to Vila’s vast array of restaurants, markets and shops, the hotel boasts all the services and facilities that would normally be found in 4-star level hotels. The very spacious rooms have had particular attention paid to them in the renovation, with warm contemporary décor, designer furniture and quality fittings including high definition flat screen TVs. The Orchid and Superior Orchid rooms have also had new super quiet air conditioners installed making

The Largest Tropical Garden in the South Pacific. Come and Discover.

The Summit Gardens


The Summit Distillery

VIPA, Business Licence, Residency and Work Permit Applications Audit, Accounting and VAT Business Consulting Company Formation and Corporate Secretarial Services Body Corporate Administration Receivership and Insolvency MYOB Training, Implementation and Assistance

Enjoy Your Own


5/4/12 2:36:49 PM

Unspoilt Paradise

The Summit Cafe

The Summit Gift Shop

Vanuatu Jungle Zipline PH: 5550423

Admission Fee applies to The Summit Gardens only. Double + Family Bungalows • Restaurant + Bar open for breakfast, lunch and dinner • Saturday – Buffet lunch 12.30 to 2.30pm, VT1500 per person – lobster, fish, steak, and chicken • Weddings • 10 minutes from Champagne Beach • Camping VT1000 per night • Less than 1 hour from Luganville, transport available.

Devil’s Point Road. Mele Bay, Efate. +678 5660 713

70 | Islandliving pacific

Lonnoc Beach Bungalows On Santo, to Book: Call 541 6456 or 565 2342

glorious gardens

GrowolouTroppo n u s e h t r e r und every c

From robust pandanus to delicate water lilies, the South Pacific is a horticultural wonderland with a rich and fabulous selection of flora from around the world which now grows happily in the tropical sun, colours our days and enhances our plates and palates. By Pippa Weber.

72 | Islandliving paciďŹ c

Lilly pond in dappled sunlight highlights lilac and yellow flower, and banana in flower and fruiting, abundance is everywhere.

the 18th century by French botanist Philibert Commerçon who accompanied admiral and explorer Louis Antoine de Bougainville on his voyage of circumnavigation in the 1760s. In a romantic aside, it’s rumoured that the actual first observation may have been more accurately attributed to Jeanne Baré who as Commerçon’s lover and assistant was smuggled on board disguised as a man but in the process became the first woman to circumnavigate the globe. A colourful history for a colourful plant. Another Pacific favourite (and native as it happens) with a South American connection is the heliconia which is named after the Columbian town of the same name. Bunches of cut heliconias can be bought in the Port Vila produce market for as little as VT100, while the same bunch in Australia could cost twenty times that amount. These wonderfully geometric stems are also known as lobster claws (another glance at their shape will confirm why), wild plantains and false birdsof-paradise because of their similarity to the strelitzia. They are also related to bananas, which makes some sense when looking at a banana tree in flower. Hibiscus is the truly cosmopolitan bloom of the bunch. Its origins are unknown although its thought that they may have originated in China (as rosa-sinensis or ‘rose of china’)

74 | Islandliving pacific

and spread throughout the tropics and sub tropics. There are hundreds of related species and apart from the flowers being beautiful and colourful they are also used in infusions and as a food source as well as a dye for cosmetic use and as food colouring. They were also valued for their medicinal properties which were thought to include: an antidote to poison, a cure for boils and headaches as well as providing relief from venereal disease and fever. A very useful plant it seems. Apart from shrubs and flowers the islands are a source of abundant food which does literally grow on trees which in turn spring up all over the place – paw paws, bananas and coconut palms seem to just pop up at random and after a while start bearing fruit which in turn is harvested by neighbours and passers by. Coconut plantations are common throughout the region with the copra industry attracting a lot of colonial attention and investment over the years. Copra, the dried flesh, is used for the extraction of oil and milk, although the husks and entire tree has many uses from the production of building materials the creation of cosmetic products as well a growing (and trendy) coconut water industry. Another multi-purpose plant is the pandanus which is native to the tropics and sub tropics. Almost every part of the

Coconuts against a blazing blue sky, the exotic heliconia, the plentiful hibiscus, snake plants in pots and a canoe planter.

plant can be used, from cooking to weaving to the making of textiles and medication. Their characteristic prop-like roots are perfect anchors in sandy soils and they common on headlands and beaches throughout the region and make for wonderfully decorative frames to ocean views. Another interloper from the Americas is the papaya or paw paw which seems to grow like a weed in parts of the Pacific. It too has a fruit with a versatile number of uses from a tasty foodstuff to a folk medicine and now cosmetic products. Over time different parts of the plant have been used to treat a variety of illnesses and ailments, from jaundice to warts and corns and cancers. The ripe fruit is also supposed to be useful in relieving rheumatism, while green fruit is used in tenderising meat and as a local antiseptic. It is also rich in antioxidant vitamins A, C and E. An all round excellent addition to the garden, the table and the medicine cabinet. So, from robust pandanus to delicate water lilies, the South Pacific is a horticultural wonderland with a rich and fabulous selection of flora from around the world which now grows happily in the tropical sun and colours our days and enhances our plates and palates from pepper and vanilla through to coffee and coconut, there’s something for everyone at the bottom of the garden. 

islandliving | 75 paciďŹ c


Taxing, it isn’t Efaté Island, Vanuatu is the new hot spot for future development says Carol Carter.


anuatu (more precisely Port Vila on Efaté) is the premiere Pacific financial centre for administration, management of offshore companies, trusts, banks, insurance companies and shipping registration. There are secure privacy provisions and Vanuatu has not signed any international tax treaties further ensuring confidentiality regarding business and investments. Vanuatu has no personal or corporate income taxes, estate or gift duties, no capital gains taxes and no exchange controls. Coastal property including elevated locations with magnificent views over the islands, are heavily undervalued. There are seriously good investments to be had for both current and future use. Resort/business opportunities can provide a very healthy tax free investment opportunity. A standout property just released for sale is Benjor Beach Club & Resort, located 12 minutes from town and 10 minutes from the International Airport. It comprises approximately 21

Mortgage magic Arranging to buy property offshore is often a fraught experience, Gayle Stapleton can help.


nyone who has tried to arrange a home or investment loan to buy property in Australia while living and working overseas knows what a time-consuming, confusing and frustrating process it can be. That’s why the services of an experienced, knowledgeable and client-focused mortgage adviser are absolutely invaluable to ensuring you can secure the finance and property you want. Personal mortgage advisers work for their own clients, not the lender, which means we approach the whole process from a very different perspective. I negotiate with the lender to secure my clients a great deal, and then liaise with the lender throughout the entire application and settlement process, keeping the clients fully informed. Being experienced in the finance industry and understanding the life of an expatriate means I speak the same language as the banks, I understand what to ask for to meet the needs of my clients and I know whether or not the bank is offering a good deal. One of the many benefits of working with a mortgage adviser is the opportunity to be able to work together and build

acres sub divided into 20 separate lots. The resort on a land area of 42,962 m2, includes a 150 seat restaurant, pool, tennis court, putt putt golf course and 15 ocean view villas on approximately 300 metres of beachfront and is surrounded by lush tropical landscape and coral reefs abounding with fish and colourful sea creatures. For sale at AUD$3.5 Million, Benjor Beach Club and Resort has a positive cash flow and substantial land to further develop an International Hotel in the future, while the remaining lots are for sale by negotiation. Tthe future potential of this property is exceptional with many options for development whilst providing substantial income. Check it out in this issue of Pacific Island Living. 

a long-term relationship over the course of many years. This consistency and ongoing understanding of your situation and needs compares with the fact that there’s a fair chance your previous personal banker has now moved on. All banks assess applicants differently and will lend varying amounts. I use a comprehensive software system which provides access to the lenders’ assessment criteria and policies so I’m able to direct clients to the right bank to lend the money they need. It’s so important to understand your loan options. There’s an almost endless array of home loan products available to Australian property buyers, with new loans being regularly introduced and changes frequently made to existing products. I recently assisted a client and secured them a loan package which saw the client able to access an additional $150,000 for investment purposes and a reduction in the interest rate of 0.9%pa, saving them about $2300 annually in interest. Chances are, if you haven’t reviewed your home loan package in the past 12 months, there’s a fair chance a mortgage broker can secure you a better deal. Next edition: Tips for investment property financing  If you’d like a no obligation, free home loan health check or to be placed on Gayle’s mailing list for regular updates, please email her at

islandliving | 77 pacific

20 Years Experience In The Vanuatu Real Estate Market

islandliving | 79 paciďŹ c

homes by the sea

Island Property m a e r d e

h t o t n buy i

An island home is an affordable dream if you act now, here’s our selection of current properties.



VILLA CHAMPAGNE WHITE SANDS This probably is one of Vanuatu’s finest beachfront estates, comprising six bedrooms and six bathrooms, a swimming pool and spa as well as BBQ area and tennis court. The main residence

is set over 750 m2 which is supplemented by two identical self contained two bedroom villas. Located in the famous White Sands area and adjacent to the renowned Tamanu On The Beach resort and restaurant and about to be joined by

White Sands is only a 15-minte drive from Port Vila

another resort to the east, Villa Champagne sits on three acres of absolute beachfront land and is only a 15-minute drive from Port Vila and a thousand miles from care. Contact Douglas Patterson Tel +678 24 630

islandliving | 81 pacific


road and bus/taxi route. Excellent snorkelling and kayaking can be enjoyed in the protected bay – and you’ll often see dolphins frolicking in Mele Bay early in the morning. This is the perfect tropical retreat for your family to enjoy year round or on occasion whilst receiving an income. On over half an acre and with 25m of water frontage, the cottage is situated to enjoy the gentle south-east trade breezes which are so sought after in Vanuatu’s summer. Off a private right-of-way, fully fenced and with pretty hibiscus hedges and lush tropical gardens, these cottages are private, safe and tranquil. The property is conveniently located

13 minutes from town and 8 minutes from the international airport. Contact: Mark Saville, Aqua Sanctum Tel +678 554 9277


MOSO ISLAND This superb brand new island subdivision lies only 25 minutes from Port Vila and offers 32 beautiful residential blocks all with private beach access. The lots start at 1500m2 in size and have been cleared ready for landscaping and building. The area is a natural anchorage for boats while collecting light cooling breezes from nearby Undine Bay.


ISLAND LIVING Ever dreamed of owning your own island? It sounds far reaching for many of us, however you can own your own piece of paradise at Moso Island from just $AUD48,000.

This is truly a paradise for the lucky residents who want to get away from it all and have a very private retreat yet have access to fabulous fishing grounds and the nearby ‘The Havannah’ resort. Powdery white sand beaches invite you to enjoy the warm azure waters for a swim or snorkel. Natural shade is provided by the emerald green rainforest and gently swaying coconut trees. Get in early to secure your piece of island paradise! Contact: Neil Hamilton, First National Vanuatu Tel +678 29014

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Tamourée VILLAS

Phone: +678 77 43 069 Email: Website:

PHOTOGENIC Photogenic is Vanuatu’s only public and government relations consultancy service. With 13 years experience in Vanuatu, Photogenic can assist with product launches, issues management, writing and editing, staff training and media management. T: Vanuatu:+678 77 47 153 T: Australia:+61 417 512 233 E:

VANUATU’S LUXURY L TA VILLA REN SPECIALISTS Tamourée Villas offers a range of spectacular private villas in the Whitesands/Narpow Point area of Efaté. Contact Geraldine Smelik for full-service villa rental.

A$450k Resort Quality Waterfront Land - Vanuatu 7 Oceanfront Titles - Over 270m Waterfront

Entire Subdivision

FOR SALE AUD $450k Priced to Sell

7 Hectares of land - Subdivision Completed - Resort Area Contact owner Richard +678 7764477

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Luxury waterfront rental apartments Spacious, air conditioned, fully furnished 2 bedroom luxury apartments.

for a wealth of experience and Islands. Resorts. Business. Living professional advice. Mark Saville Islands. Resorts. Business. Living tel: +678 554 9277 Mark Saville AQUA tel: | sanctum is a +678 554 9277 AQUA | sanctum is broker a premium realtor and premium realtor broker specialising in theand sales and specialising in islands, the sales and marketing of resorts, marketing islands, resorts, commercialof land, businesses commercial land, businesses and quality residential property and residential property in quality Vanuatu, Fiji and the in Vanuatu, Fiji and the Solomon Islands. Solomon Islands.

The best value accommodation in Port Vila.

Phone: 25137

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Mark Saville tel:Mark +678Saville 554 9277 tel: +678 554 9277

VIPA, Business Licence, Residency and Work Permit Applications Audit, Accounting and VAT Business Consulting Company Formation and Corporate Secretarial Services Body Corporate Administration Receivership and Insolvency MYOB Training, Implementation and Assistance


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International Freight Forwarding Specialists How Can We Help? Air Freight Sea Freight Air & Sea Charter Customs Clearance International Logistics Warehousing and Distribution

â– Cargo Transport System offers a complete range of freight forwarding and international logistics services, including importing and exporting, air freight and sea freight, Quarantine and Customs clearance as well as warehousing and distribution. With a truly global freight forwarding network, Cargo Transport System can take care of all your international shipping needs. â–  As we have our own warehouse and a team of qualified international logistics experts in-house, we can provide a personalised service and customise a freight forwarding solution specific to your needs. We have shipped cargo as small as 200 grams through to equipment as big as 200 tons.

Head Office: 2 / 101-103 Buchanan Road Banyo QLD 4014 Phone: (07) 3267 3012 | Fax: (07) 3267 3740 | Contact David Brough:

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Summer in the Pacific is my favourite time of year. The frangipanis are in bloom and mangoes in season and the almost daily afternoon thunde...

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